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The Mail Herald 1908-04-18

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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Vol. 14.-No 28
^^fipr ease of operation and perfection
)/m^results produced, this. Machine
*Ts unsurpissed.—Price: $6(100 cssh.
Inte/ior Publishing Co, Agents
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
ThiB is one of the times of the year
that the good housewife likes to have her
dining and lunch tnbleB draped in spotless
linen.    We have them.
70-INCH MERCERIZED DAWASK-Lovely floral and
conventional designs, the patterns bIiow up iu
strong relief in pure snowy white
At 85 Cents Per Yard
EXTRA HEAVY PALL LINEN-70-inches wide, very
fine spn   thread and close  weave,  absolutely
ure Irish Flax in the newest patterns, dainty
At $1.25 Per Yard
FIVE-EIGHT SIZED NAPKINS in mercerized damask,
lovely patterns, pure snowy white, all ready
hemmed and laundered for use, at
$2.25 Per Dozen
FIVE-EIGHT SIZED NAPLINS-In Pale Linen, handsome and unique patterns, pure white, superior
quality, ready hemmed and ready to use, at
$3.00 Per Dozen
our Dressmaking Department. Miss Brima-
combe is in charge and will be pleased to
look after your wants.
C..B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Spring Good* An**-* **»■ thmemaUem and wran**j» Rooms, ind Floor
Garden tools\
Spades and Shovels from $1.00 Up
Spading Forks, •       $1.25 Up
Garden Rakes      * -   50c. Up
Garden Hoes - 50c. Up
We have the best assorted stock ol Lawn Mowers ever shown in
B. C , ranging in prices from $4 to $10.
Rubber and Cotton Hose fully guaranteed.
Wheelbarrows, Lawn Rollers, Garden Sprays, Pruning Shears/Tree
Spray and Sprayers, Tree Primers, Garden and Grass Shears.
^Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited^
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OfTIc* -Toronto, Ontario.
Ilr.noha. Id th. Provlnee*. ol M.olUib.. Alberta, 8a.kalrl.awan,
British Colombia, Ootarlo, (jaebeo.
Oapital Authorli-Ml -        -        •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ...        -    •
RoMrvo Fund .... •4,02B,ooo.oo
D. R. Wilkik, President; Hon. R. Jahiway, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from dale of de|Kislt ami credited
quarterly. .
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Kootenay to Have Doukhobors |
Nklsqn, April 17.—Prior Veregin,
the Doukhobor leader, bus olosed a
deal for 2700 Soros on the Columbia
river two miles below West Robson,
and a MOtlOU ol the Dtmkliob i community will lie placed on the land at
unco. Veregin is ins|ieotlng some
other lands on the Nelson A Fort
Hheppsrd Railway, and expeots to
scours aboat 8000 aores there this
Thu very Uteat lo picture frame
mouldings at R. 0, Patterson's,
A Line to Yellowhead
Edmonton, Alts, April 17.—The
oontrsct for grading the Grand Trunk
Pacillc Railway Irom McLeod river (or
a distance of one hundred miles west,
will be let on May Kith, and (or the
grading of the next eighty miles to
the west on June 12nd. The 1*0
miles added to the IHO mile division to
McLeod river is now being graded and
will take the lino through the Yellow
head Pass In the Rooky Mountains.
If you want material for spraying
fruit trees, etc , go to C, R, Maodonald
—be keeps all kinds.
Provincial  Convention to  be
Held Here in October
The first Sunday School convention
in tbe history of Revelstoke was held
in tbe Baptist Church on Monday and
Tuesday ol this week. Of those from
the outside there were present only
Mr. Stuart Muirhead, aud Rev. W. L.
McRae of Golden. Of the ministers,
teachers and workers of the several
Sunday Schools in tbe city, tbere was
a good attendance especially at the
evening session.
Tbe first session met on Monday
night at 8 o'clock with Rev.T.W. Hall
presiding. Good addresses were given
by Mies Atkinson and Rev. W. C Calder on thesubject "The Sunday School
in Relation to Good Citizenship." It
was a disappointment that Mr. Muirhead could not- be present at this session as was expected.
On Tuesday morning the general
subject of "How to Improve the Sunday School," was fully considered and
many practical suggestions made.
Addresses were given by Mr. J. G. McLean, Revs. J. R. Robertson, T. W.
Hall and W. P. Freeman.
Tuesday afternoon session opened
by a carefully prepared address by Mr.
F. Laing on the Sunday School Officer's Work. This wss followed by reports from the various Sunday Schools
of the c ty and district. These reports
were interesting and showed good
work being done among theohildren.
The subject of tbe S. S. Teacher's Responsibility was taken up by Mr. A.
E. Miller, whose address was one of
the best things of tbe convention.
On Tuesday evening there was a
good attendance at the convention,
and Mr. Stusrt Muirhead was given
the greater part of tbe evening to take
up these very important subjects, vis.,
"Demands of Primary Work," "Lesson
Construction and Piesentation," and
"Present Demands in S. S. Work."
These were all very interesting and
illuminating. Short sddres es were
given by Revs. W. L. McRae and J. R.
Robertson on tbe subject, "The Place
of the Home in the Religious Education of Children." Many questions
were asked and hearty discussion
characterised the closing session of the
Before tbe convention closed the
following officers of the Reveletoke
Di-trict of the International S. S.
Association were elected for the ensuing year, viz.:
President—Mr. A. E. Miller.
First Vice Pres.—Mr Clay.
Second     "       —Mr. Stevenson.
Sec-Tress.—Mr. J. G. McLean.
These officers together with tbe
ministers and superintendents comprise the executive committee.
Preparations are also now under
way for a large Provincial S. S. Convention of the Interior of B. C. to be
held in Revelstoke next October. ThiB
will be an important affair and will be
looked forward to with interest as it is
probable 100 delegates may be in
Wedding Bells
A very pleasant event took place in
the homo of Mr. Swan Carlson, of this
city, lust Tuesday evening at six
o'clock, when Mr. Carlson and Miss
Helgu Johanson, of Ofverum, Sweden,
were united in tbe bonds of holy
matrimony. Rev. T. W, Hall officiated
and tbe marriage took place in the
presence of a few friends of ttie contracting parties. After the ceremony
all sat down lo a magnificent wedding
We ar, pleased to learn that M r
and Mrs. Carlson intend making their
home in Revelstoke
Tbe extends tbeir
congratulations to the bappy couple
aud wishes Hum every success in their
future life.
Ill II.-.H-I.I.OVI)
Adjutant Thomas Hloss, Financial
Secretary of the Salv.itinu Army for
British Columbia and Ensign Agnes
Lloyd, of the local corps and formerly
of Revelstoke and Nernon, were married at tbe Salvation Army barracks
Isst evening. The ceremony was performed by Major Morris proceeded by
the usual marriage service,
The happy event wss graced by the
presence ol many friends of the contracting parties, and telegrams uf congratulation and felicitation were received from all parts of Canada and
tbe United State, where friends of
Adjutant Blues reside.
The bride and groom wore their
Army uniforms during thu service.
Capt. Hannah Knudson, of Viotoria,
made a very pretty bridesmaid and
the best man was Mr. William Wakefield, son of Adjutant Wakefield. Little Ivy Collier, daughter ol Captain
Collier, made a winsome (lower girl in
a dress ol white silk with sash to
Tbat tbe happy couple was beld In
high esteem waa evidenced by the
many beautiful presents tbat tbey received. Adjutant and Mrs. Bloss left
(or a short visit with friends at Victoria and other plaoes on Vanoouver
At The Old Mine at Canmore,
Alberta—Three Men Dead,
and Four Injured — Mine
Closed Pending Investigation
Calgary, April 17.—Three men
were killed and four others seriously
burned by an explosion at what is
known as tbe Old Mine at Canmore
yesterday. The dead are Gum Capel-
son and Matt Starr, Finlanders, and
W. |Wilmott, an Englishman, acting
as fire boBS. The latter leaves a wile
and family of four little ones, who
only arrived from England a few
months ago. The injured are all Fin-
landers. The cause of tbe explosion
has not been determined yet, and the
mine has been closed, pending an investigation.
.. Asleep at Duty's Post
London, April 18.—The editorials
in this morning's newspaper all reflect tbe intense disquietude of tbe
public mind arising out of the report
of the Board of Trade that tbe wreok
on tbe London A Northwestern Railway at Shrewsbury, on October 15th
last, in which 15 persons acre killed
and about 40 were injured, was caused
by the driver of the engine falling
asleep at his poet. It appears that
the engineer had been working at bis
duties for from 10 to 12 hours during
the four previous nights. The newspapers suggest a similar cause for
other great wrecks, and insist that tbe
railway companies use greater precautions to secure their employees
proper sleep. The incident is beiug
used to resist the agitation for shorter
hours for railway employees.
Nine Months for Negligence.
Milton, Ont., April 17.—Riohard
Newton was sentenced to nine months
imprisonment without hard labor tbis
morning by Judge Anglin, after tbe
jury had found him guilty of criminal
negligence in causing the death of
Engineer Charles Armstrong, of Toronto Junction.
The latter was on a special C. P. R.
train bearing the Mystic Shriners from
Toronto to London, March 11, and
Newton tbre w the wrong switch at
Guelph Junction.
Overseas Subsidy Continued
Ottawa, April 17.—The Dominion
Government has succeeded in getting
the British Government to reconsider
its decision to withdraw from tbe
present agreement with Canada regarding the payment of tbe subsidy to
the Canadian Pacific Railway now
giveu for tbe Imperial Overseas mail
service to China and Japan, through
Canad.. The British authorities are
now disposed to continue tlie subsidy,
or at least a large part of it.
Narrow Escape From Serious
Fire in Lawrence Block.
Fire broke out in-the second storey
of the Lawrence Hardware Co. premises about half past five on Thursday
afternoon, at the result of au explosion of a gasoline stove. It appears
that Earl ileal, C. P. R. brakeman was
preparing his supper ever a plumbers
ordinary gasoline stove and while
sitting at the table in his room in the
Lawrence Block, the stove exploded,
severely burning bim and setting fire
to tbe room. W. A. Sturdy bearing
the explosion and the noise being
made by Bcal, htin-idly ran out from
the Btore to see what was the matter,
and getting the alarm from Beal,
promptly turned in the alarm to Fire
Hall No. 2, the brigade arriving with
tbe fire fighting apparatus in an incredibly short time.
Tbe Lawrejce staff, however, bad
got tbeir own hose to work and extinguished the flames in their store
room, which, by some inexplicable
manner had crept through the door
cracks or wall from the room where
the explosion took place, to the store,
where many inflammables were   kept.
Beal managed to stamp out the
flames in his room before much damage was done, and the services of the
brigade were not called up. Beal is
now in the ho.pital, where his burns,
which are serious, are being attended
to. Tbe explosion was of such force as
to blow out a large section of the roof
skylight, glass, metal frame and all,
at some distance away from'and above
tbe scene of the accident.
Prompt measures on the part of the
Lawrence staff prevented what undoubtedly would have ended in a
disastrous conflagration.
Nelson Chief of Police Dismissed
Nelson, April 17.—Peter O'Carroll,
who was appointed Chief of Police last
September, when tbo whole foroe reigned over their treatment by the
then police commissioners, was yesterday dismissed from the force fur conduct uf a highly reprehensible nature,
the board refusing tu accept bis resignation. C. W. Young lias been appointed Acting Chief of Police.
Englishmen Kick Too Much
Tokonto, April 17.—Regarding tbe
complaint ul alleged discrimination
against Englishmen ou city work,
Engineer Rust says that newly arrived
Englishmen are a grumbling lot uf
men and raise trouble. After thoy
are in the country lor two or three
years and get sett led down, they are
all right. He says the city gets better
work out ol Italians.
From Our Own Correspondent.
S. Sutherland intends leaving here
shortly for Prince Rupert.
Messrs. McKinuon snd Sutherland
bad intended disposing of their stock
and shutting down their store here,
but owing to the improvement in the
business outlook, they will probably
oontiuue it.
Lew Thompson hss obtained good
prospects uf ore in the tunnel -he hes
been driving on the Baltimore and
Brooklyn claims in which he is interested, on the north fork of the Lardeau
river a mile and a half above the town.
Work will be resumed shortly.
The provincial government iuteud
building a road up the north fork. The
road will connect with the south fork
road and will cross lo the west bank
of the north fork a mile and a half
above tlie town.
J. Stauher intends going north to
Prince Rupert in a few months.
J. Kirkpatriok, jr., is now in charge
i of tho school and between running the
electric   lighting   plant    and   school
teaching, is tbo busiest young man in
I Dr. Mure is running the hospital
single-handed, as we have been fortunate in having no accidents of late.
County Court"
fudge Wilson held a session nf the
County Oourt here on the 15th Inst,
when he disposed of a ease of aggravated assault. From tbe evidence it
appeared that each party had got
about what was coming tu him and
the judge discharged the prisoner who
had been in jail two weeks.
Campbell vs. I amb-Walsun Lumber Co.—An setion for 92(H) claimed
as balance duo on log contract. Judgment was reserved until 21st iust.
Gillan A Elliott for plaintiff, (1.8. McCarter for defendant.
Lawrence Hardware Co. vs. A. Cowing—Action for hardware supplied.
Defendant disputed the olaim on tbe
ground that tbe goods should be
charged to another Arm. Judgment
Oourt will be held again here on
21st inst.
From Our Own OorrsponilSllt,
The Provincial government intend
building a wagon rosd between Nakusp
and Burton. Three miles of tbe rosd
has been built north from Burton and
a start will shortly lie made Irom the
Nakusp end. Mr. Hunter, M.L.A.,
having secured a grant for this purpose at last session ol thu legislature.
A great many ties are lieing cut and
shipped Irom tbe Summit, where
Messrs. Gallagher and Fred, Robinson
have tie camps at work.
Y. M. C. A. Notes
Thu paper cbssu which took plaoe
yesterday morning, was very successful.
Messrs. I.oFeaux and Watson laid a
good hard trail through snow, mud,
water, scrub and rocks. However,
some of the hounds were travellers
and Mulholland overhauled them on
tho home stretch The men finished
in good shape, though very muddy.
The course was almut five miles.
It was very unfortunate that both
the challenging teams in football and
baseball did not get slung wilh the
goods yostorday. The weather was
rather against good play, but tbey
could have been played off alright if
the teams had shown up,
Lscrosse practise Monday night on
Y.M.C.A. grounds.—All out.
Football practise Tuetday night
Y.M.C.A. grounds.
We sell the best paints, varnishes,
floor finish, furniture polish, etc., that
can bt obtained.   Bourne Bros.
Now wall papers—latest fashions—
sold atC. R Macdonald's,
You did if you dealt here,
because we keep none but the
choicest qualities in the greatest variety and our prices are
reasonable. We want to
have your custom and to get
(.we promise to tempt you
with the finest qualities of
That are offered.   We also make   a  specialty   of  Fruits and  Fresh
Vegetables as they come in.
Carpenters' Tools, Garden Tools, Lawn Mowers, Hose, Paints,
Refrigerators, Enamelwarc, Stoves, Ranges, etc. Our stock in these
is very complete and we invite inspection.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at  89.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood and last as long as hard coal,
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Self Feeders and
open grates.|
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
wiirjHU your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
I never^fdid see such fly
"Swell Dresser*
ifOU   MOT   THE AT   ifOUH   SKIM   WELL f
McKjnnon   CSL   Sutherland
Fit "Reform Clothing.
At 8 Per Gent.
insurance: notaries public loans THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
-     <   vTEDrl  SDaY AND BATUR
11A V   AT
(tBVXLSr . SE, B.C.,1
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Pate..t Office Agents
Practice beforetRail\vay
Chas. Mcbphy.        Harold Fisher
Barrisitersj, JSol c t-ira, EU*.
C. S. uilla* I- C. Elliott
Omen :   lu 'krial   Bans  Block,   Rxvxl-
' stock, B. 0.
ilmtj to loan.
Offlcea: Hevelatoka, B.C.; Craubrooli, 11. C.
Oeo. S. McCartkx,
V M. PnncHAM, J. A. Harvey,
RevoUloke, B. Cranbrook, a. ( .
J. M. Scott LUD W. I. Brlrnia
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
solicitors for Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
ASSAYER & chemist
Aiaaj   ol all Ores,   sample, hy mail or eipre.s
receive prompt attention.
Terms Moderate.
Adubbu      ■      -     -      Box li.' Kaii.ii. B. 0
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box IW, Revelstoke
Pupils prepared lor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
BTCDIO-At   Mrs.   3.   C   Hutchison's   Con-
naugkt Avenue.
Mining, Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
Compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C.
Cbc fl&atUUcrafo
Phei • to :nt:cfc hna in the best of us,
Aud        aad. „- vni :n trie wurjt of us,
Tl nrdl) behooTti any of ns,
Tui        tuuat tat) re*i of lis.
Easter belongs lo neither sect
nor country. It is as broad as the
sunshine and as universal as life.
Nature now bursts the chrysalis of
the grave and pule on her beautiful resurrection robes. !So should
humanity rise above the corruption
of tierli to higher spiritual being.
As individuals may we learn the
lew on tbat "men may rise on the
stepping stones of their dead selves
to higher thing " After all, the
highest good we can get from tbe
truth of H after lies not in the hope
of life beyond tbe grave but the
new life of which that to come is
but tbe continuation. The call is
tu a Utter, higher life, built upon
the old dead self: let us hearken.
"Thut which thou lOWWt is not
quiuk«ii»d except it die,"
amount, he does not even deserve
the sympathy which one up against
depression in business at any time
should receive. If a merchant,
either wholesale or retail, or any
other person, is not prepared to
meet a fair demand made by a
creditor, it is an easy matter to
write a line or two explaining the
circumstances. It is discouraging
to be handed a returned draft by
tbe bank labelled, "no response,"
and to wait for an explanation
which never comee. The effect of
this can only be injurious in the
eyes of the one issuing the draft
the credit of the man offending, It
is bad enough to fail in making
payment and give excuses, but it
causes utter lack of confidence to
fail to pay and not even make an
apology. The only conclusion the
drawer can come to is that the
drawee is either dishonest or else
ignorant of business customs. There
is another matter worthy of attention and that is the practice of returning drafts for the slightest kind
of reason, frequently just because
there may be a trifling error in the
amount. Men that have business
relations with each other should
understand that it does not pay to
refuse to correct mistakes and why
should one return bank paper for a
little discrepancy in ligures. It
looks as if the one refusing the
draft doubted the honesty of the
drawer to put the error right. A
wholesaler for instance cannot
afford to -sacrifice his customer's
good will by refusing to allow for a
mistake, neither can the retailer
afford to refuse to make up for mistakes in dealing with bis customers.
Why then should any business
man put another, if he is of any
consequence at all, to any unnecessary inconvenience for the sake of
a little oversight. Co-operation in
commercial life is essential for the
mutual advantage of individual
merchants and when the ordinary
courtesy and attention to the details is observed there will be no
rupture. A "square deal" in business is often worth thousands of
cash in capital, and the man who
gives attention to business courtesy
can get more credit and time than
he who annoys his creditors by unnecessary neglect.
We notice that many cities of
the province have instituted what
is termed an and cleaning
up day, which means that a special
day has been declared a public
holiday by the mayor, for the Jpur-
poBe of enabling every citizen to
devote his whole time to cleaning
up his premises and the lane and
street adjacent thereto, as well es
to the planting of trees and other
means of beautifying and tidying
the city. We would urge that the
civic authorities of Revelstoke,
follow the general example which
is, at this time being put into practice all over B. 0., of calling a holiday on a day to be chosen for the
express purposed having a general
all round clean   ap,      No one can
How the Railway Problem Will
Be Solved
" Only through a thorough understanding and appreciation of each of
the difficulties, trials and limitations
of the other, will come the final just
determination of the relations between
the publio and the railroads, and what
is due from each other."
Such was the declaration of Paul
Slump, Assistant General Passenger
Agent of the Southern Pacific Railroad, in a recent address.
" The affection we have for our
friends," Mr. Sboup continued, "and
our steadfast confidence in them, are
not created solely through knowledge
of their strength and virtues, but as
well through knowing tbeir troubles
and their limitations.
of shippers in other sections of the
country, may be thousands of miles
" He doe. not know that no railroad
can tell a day in advance, the volume
or direction of the tide or traffic nor
gauge accurately what kind of traffic
or where, at anv of its two thousand
stations, it may be offered the next
day. No matter how great the magnitude of the country's commerce, nor
what unexpected demand may arise in
some remote place, our friend will
insist that the railroad must immediately furnish ca.B ordered or suffer
" Perhaps witb honesty and sincerity, but without any investigation
into the cost of railway maintenance
or transportation or construction,
without consideration for changing
commercial conditions or the nature
of the different classes  of  t-anBporta-
Formality and exactness are the
principal essentials of all business
and unless the very - mul l'-et details of commercial relationships
ore carried out the mechanism becomes out of gear and the knock is
heard, "Of all lhe discourteous
tilings in litirinifs, one of the most
aggravating is the neglecting tn
make a reply lo a hank draft,"
says the Commercial. This is true
and if a man finds that he cannnt
meet a draft upon bim, there are
but lew too unreaBonsble to accepl
au explanation when made promptly Bnd in the right way. Hut the
one wbo simply ignores such paper,
regardless of consequences does not
deserve any of the usual busiimn"
considerations, and If he ignores il
through   Uing   unable to pay the
"The railroad man in a place of \ ^°n afforded, or the varying country
responsibility who has no interest in i through which transportation is to be
the business and welfare of the road's! g'ven' he will be in an overnight
patrons, but performs his work in a committee session prescribe blanket
purely routine way, is not fit for bis freight and passenger rates. If there
job, With changing conditions and be objections he says cheerfully, 'Let's
new problems that man will have no try it on anyway and see what hap-
way ready to meet tbem. On tbe pens.' following tbe example of the
other hand the shipper wh^ blindly doctor who always hoped his patient
plans and blindly demand-   a   certain   « >ii"l -urvive even though he did pre-
seriously question  the   imperative J unvurying service   the  railroad,  icribe for biro.
necessity   of   placing the city in a   knowing   nothing   of    transportation       'Also   our   friend  will instruct the
-limitary condition,  to say nothing  and caring   r.o'hir.g   [or   the factors  railroads   :i«   to   double   tracks  they
of making it as tidy and attractive that give it uncertainty, in bis criti- .1  uld   build, tbe new depots  they
as   possible,   and  should a day he cism helps t' < r.-r-   .    ,.. nstruot,   the   hundreds  of
••ct and proclaimed a   holiday  for
such a purpose, the great  cnajorit;
f citizens will do their duty in the
Though the scenery surrounding
tbe city is the   admiration   of    ill
visitors,   the   streets   present a far
from being attractive appearance,
in many cases garbage ami tefUM
Wing heaped in (runt uf residences,
mure over paper ami oilier rubbish
ioi accumulated In the main bust-
um  thoroughfares   which   ih  an
eyesore to any one who take" pride
in their city and a cause of Oritloal
comment on the part  of  visitors.
Wilh a little money and time devoted to cleaning up and planting
and rearing Hiiitable tre«H, the result attained will be well worth
the outlay. However, it, ih hoped
thai the matter will be taken up
by tho civic authorities withoul, delay, and we feel sure that they will
receive the hearty support and cooperation of the residents. It ih
imperative for all I.hone who have
Revnlsloke's interests at heart, to
m-c that this movement is well and
expediently taken up, uml realizing
that what is attempted is ho clearly
for the general welfare of the city,
the response should be unmistakable and thorough.
mental to all—! •                  u ngines   ind   thousands of  oars tbey
'* A third person need al - con ■■ '•' buy, snd above all tbe new lines
siderod, one wbo ma)   bs linoerc inknown country they must lay,
honest, but   Is   neither   shipper    oi but all this without a bint nto where
railroad man, ami il api t.i Ih- withoul   the mi Di v ll   to   OOms Iroui to do Ibe
knowledge of tbe reel needs of either   work.
Too "ften he  believes   bimsell a Ian - • -
giver.   He  spends  one da)   ci two Easter Clothes
Investigating transportation probli mi
that three generation ol iblppersand     rboMeeof having  new articles of
railroad employees aod managers have dress for Easier   aeem.   i,, he the one
struggled with    After a session of an oostom wbleti  through   tbe igw hn
hour with himself and tbo  study ol '"" '  ^"H'ik1)' preserved,and tt
magailne and newspspei slippiogs, hi   "  "'•'   ■"'>'  probable thai all of the
formulates solutions   vhloh hi   t,.-1.< >
may be accepted by tbe public
1 He never hmi oh ii ."■ .1 s train In
the face of a mile wsshoul In i itorm
with an site a crowbar snd a lantern
to make repairs,    lie   knowi   nothing
of tbe game of chesi Involved In keep.
The Origiu of Easter.
The word Esster, derived from the
Anglo-Saxon "Eastra," or, in Teutonic
"Ostara," the goddess of dawn or
spring, whose chief fe. tival wss celebrated about the time of the vernal
equinox, is probably of the same root
with Esst, signifying "bright" or
"shining." The Germans to this day
call April tbe ' Osterraonas."
L O. T. M. O. T. W.
Hold their regular fortnlghtljr Reviews the
Second and Fourth Thursdays In eaeh month,
at 3 p.m. in the Masonic Hall, Second Street
L. UcDONALD. Lady Commander.
J. M. MORAN, Record Keeper.
I.   0.   F.
, - t Beat   .
ith Mondays in Oddfellows Hall, next to Opera
House, Visiting brethreu oordlally invited to
J.W. Oakland, C.B.
H. W. Edwards, R.S.
c. w. o. w.
Mountain view Camp, No. MB.
Mont* Second and fourth Wodne days in
oach month, in Selkirk Hall. Vlsitln Woodmen cordially Invited to attend.
W. D. AKM8TK0N0, Con. Jom.
J. MclNTYKE, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
Tlio rei/ulnr meetings are held lu ths**Jelkirk
IIsill every Tuesday evening at 8 o'cloca. Visit-
inn brethren are cordially invited.
J. LESLIK, President.
w. e. McLauchlin, heckbtaet.
Kooti nnv  Lodtro No, 15 AT,* A.M.
'lhe regular   numl-
■sig. are held In the
laaonlo Temple,
'd Kullowa Helfm,
e third Monday In
oh  month   at   8
,i.m. Vlsltlnghroth
n   oorr,'airy
U, ,\. I'I tot'UN I Kit. Ms.chkt.hv.
art KIRK CODOE No. IS. I. 6. O. T.
Meet- evory Thursday
evening   In    Hulklrt
,llnll    at   (   o'olook
ng brethren oor
Invited  to al-
lUIIKK, N.ll.
Cold I ii <i   Lodge, K. Of   P.,
No. ih, Hsvalstsks, I. 0.
cieopl i imi<i Wi'ilnuailay of
ri'ii luniiiii iii the Odilleiinwa'
Mali   in   a  o'clock,    vi.iiiiig
Knlghtl an- I'isiillally invited.
M ITH IK, 0 C.
tl   II   HltOf'K, K. of II. ft H.
II. A. IIXOWN.tM. of r
To Trappers
W. H. Tool and H. Crilly aro updating suooetsfully a lease on the
Nugget mine, south of Nelson,
ing a dozen trains of Constantly varying speed OapSOitiei moving nn a
single track over a mountain tup
against another dozen to bs kept
moving in the Opposite direction, and
all within a few   hours   of   SSflh other,
But In tn hour's speech ha can tell
you that the railroad must he made to
move its freight with unvarying exps
dition or suffer.
" lie does not consider that a railroad bas not the slightest OOOt'ol over
the destination Ol its own ".ars or lhe
oars in its service. He don't rimlizii
that the shipper ssys win re these tiara
shall go snd givn t beiii deal am'is.ns.
all over tbn United States, and that
tbn rars received by the road am
largely dependent upon the directions
nmny young laiin-s vhooould noi g>
im shun | Raster r/itboul new bou*
nsti    ■ of   ths y"'ing gentlemen who I
•   SntfODSly Visit   then a I
fsw weeks   before Easter, know of tbe
old  superstition   that    nes   apparel
worn on Raster would bring good for-  Raw Furs Bought
i.b.e In love sffslrsduring tbe ensuing Uash Prices Paid
ycir.       II    they    iiul   the Brush at the
tailors   .n.ll the demands on tb" dress     f "D "1a7T*T T Ct
Exporter of Furs.
maker- would probably be
snorn oui
■thing ;
who can eat Manning's candies
without having sums little feeling of gratitude lof the donor,
i if OOUrH you've got to light your
own love buttlnH, yuiing man, but
uur confections you'll find to be
ii strong ally In your wooing.
Mdiiniifs Candy Palace
$5   TO   $10
High Grade Watches
' \  Hastings, Doyle & Allum
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new designs in carpets. Our stock is
eemplete. and the colors rich
and effective, thedesigns artistic, and Ihe " lout, ensemble "
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown audi a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have net eif placed such low
pi-lees upon so much high
quality before,
ar*, ■»*#. •*► «*• .tJfcra..^
!>'%'%^^%^^'%^%^^k%^%^^%^%%%^V»%>«^«^V»' %**
Pur Agricultural Implement*. Carriages, Wagons Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Mollne Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet Jr., Oardeu Seeders aud Cultivators, Wheelwright and   Blacksmith   Work   attended   to.    nuns Shoeing a
P Sl.nciiillj"
SV% %%^'%^V%%%^%^%.%^%%%%«'%s'%%%i%^% V%*k%/%%1
r^%^**e**>*V» <^*V%%^%%%%%«%^%%^%% *A/V%4*^%%<%*a
HKAD OK-KICK s   OAT.nAnv.   Ai.hkkta. f
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants d
I'ui-k Packer* find Dealers in Live Slock.   M ukels in nl ihe iiihiifl f
iiul Oilies mul Tim ns of Alberta. British (liilniiilils and the Yukon, d
Parkers of ibe Celebrated Kraii'l  " Iliiprrnl i" Hams and IWmi, i
j    ani " Sbnniioik" Brand Leiif|Lniil. 4
-L%% *Wa^%'% V%^^^^%^k%*»/»Ay%.%.'**'%^^%% VTA-VW^ -%^5
Import direct from Country of origin.
Central Hotel
^t—     REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.      First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Ratss SI.60 par Day. Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens J+otel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOU NO, - - Proprietor
Manufactured fur all clanMos uf buitdiiw
for Mile in l»r«e ur Htimll <|iiittitit,«H
at the lowest prioe-. for coah.
tmildii.K and plaiteriuf
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
SI. John
Hill., Mill. 24. Like Kiln.
I'YI.,   Apl.   .'I. Kinp. Ireland
Hat.,    "     II. I.k. Mniiiloliii Mcb.-a
I'YI.,    "     17. Kmp. Britain Apl.   .'!
Mat,,   "    20. Iik.ciiiiiupliiin  "    H
Winter Season From St. John
1st, CIhss .ml, CIhss .inl. Class
$80 00   $47 50 SM 75
1 si. Clasi .nd. CIhss 3rd, CIhss
$6«, 00       $jj 50 $.7 jo
mil, Class jrd, Class
$45 00 $27 su
Cheap rales lo Aliunde Heahoard
poitilH in von miction with ntuatii-
ship tickets
Passengers IsHikeil to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hambui'i' uml
nil ntbet contltie hii ports,
l'or fin thei Information apply tu
T. W.Braishaw,   E. J. Coyla,
Agent, A. (».I*. A.
Ilevelsloke. Vancouver,
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruitjind
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the [Farm, |(iardcn,  Lawn
or Conservatory
■tellable Varieties at reasonable prloes
No Borers. No Seals, No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents lo
annoy you. Huy dhecl and gut trees
and sends that grow.
I'Vi'tili/.i'i'ii, Iiei-Supplies, Hpniy I'limps
Spraying Material, (lilt I'lowets. etc.
Oldest established
mainland of 11. i),
iwei-s, etc.
nursery   un   the
(Ireenliouses and Heed Houses
VANCOUVER,       -     -      -     B. C.
D raying
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Desler in Wood, Coal and Peed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Iin.r UasiU, Animal., Hinla, PlilblKtc.,
mount nn      ■*■""*
' *        Animal  Iiiii. MnuuM,
P 0. B.n SI.
Stiiilin:   OOfySf ol FIl.lW. ADdBS'llAvi.
asvs|stt|s, a 0 THE MA1L-HEHALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
For improvements and alterations
to a residence, corner of Kootenay
nnd Third streets.
Plans and specifications oan be seen
rn application to tbe undersigned.
Tenders to be in bv 6 o'clock p.m.
un Saturday, April 18;b.
Gus Lund.
Notice is herebv given that the City Council
have appointed Mr William Klominj*. night aud
day scavenger for tha City, and have authorised the followiug chnrgus to be made by hlrtlj
For the removal of Night Soil $3 per lo d
11 "  ! of Garbage if      "
Any person requiring the services of the
Scavengor may sond Dot ice thereof to him. to
tho Chief of Police, or to the City Clerk's office
Citizens nre requested to have their s avenging at tended to as soon as possible, so that the
wont may not. be^ndonged into the summer.
By Order,
Revelstoke B.C., City Clerk,
April Uth, miS 2t
and ellleflll allention to Rents
Settlements of Items mnde montbly.
Collections iniide everywhere i>y ex-
perl collectors and adjusters—Columbia Agencies, Limited, McKenzie A\e.
Bevelstoke, B. 0.
LOST-Gulil nuguel brooch pin. be
I ween Post Office ami Hotel Rev-
eUliikeiui Thursday lasl, Finder will
be ii'vvni-ileil on relill'liilig same to the
LOAN WANTED fin lespon.-ilile
i lienl. if $1,800 on hVst-l'las*. free-
hold security. Apply to Columbia
Agencies. Limited, MiKctizie A.eiiue,
MATERNITY Cases taken   at   my
home or   otherwise.     Fo-   p .r-
ticulara apply Mrs. A.  E.  Bennison
Second St.. West, or P. O. Box 211.
feb. 12. Im
URSING-Mrs.   Alice  C.   Lee. of
Fourth Street, is prepared lo go
out nursing.
TO   RENT—Front  room,   with  or
without   board,   use   of  piano-
Apply Mail-Herald.
^0 LET—Two Houses, apply lo Cul-
w    uiubia Agencies, Limited.
rRBNI—Front  room,   with  or
without   hoard,—Use  of   piano.
Apply Mail Hkhald Office.   _^^^
South African Scrip, Apply to
Columbia Agencies, Limited.
Apply to Columbia Agencies,
LIMITED, Revelstoke. 7 11-H
fruit lands at Galena Buy. 160
ari-es. Price for inteiesl $800. Apply
Columbia Aokncikh. Ltd. Revelstoke
WANTED KNOWN-You can get
one of the best snaps to be had
in City house properly from us. Two
bouses and 100 ft. front age lo 2nd St.
all for 92,600 of which only $1000 cash
is required nnd balance can remain on
mortgage.—Apply at once to Columbia
Agencies, Limited,
General Store or straigh Grocery
Business. Fruit growing district pre-
fered. Address Box 42, Gananoque,
WANTED—A young girl tn mind
baby and assist in house work.
Oan go to school if desired. Apply
Mail Hut aid office.
TAKE NOTICE that the shareholders of the above named Company
have by special resolution resolved to
change the name of the Company to
" Revelstoke A-t.-icilltiiral Society,
Limited," and intend to apply to the
Lieutenant (lovei-nor-in-lJoin cil for an
Order changing thu name accordingly.
Dated lith January, 1D08.
feb8 8iu
A. Y. Andkiihon,
Lcc etary.
Kevt.lN.tiki; Laud UUirlei.
DJilrlct ul Went Kooteuav.
Take uotice that Oidayu after date 1 Intend
toauulyto the ChiefCominimduuerof I.amis
aud Work* for permission to purchaHe tha foi*
lowing described lands:
('oinmeuclug at a ihmI plantod at the uortb*
aaat ooruer of Lot 7tXfi ti. ..on FUb Hlvar,
tbeuce east It chaius more or Iosh to west Hue
of A. A. MacKinnon'* |ire*emptlou, theuce
south (Hi chaius, theuce west I cbalua mora or
leaitoaaHt Hue of Lot 7Wi, Q. 1, theuce uortb
HO chaiiiH tti (Hiiiit of Ofimmeuuemeut.
Locate<l thin Hrd day of Feb. 1006.
sat feh H THOS. W   WILLIAHH. Localar
MARRY, DOOTOR or "Don't do •
thins " till you ami clearly
whata Ihss.1, by aid of
"Flasbltghts on Human Nature"
on health, iltaoaan, love, inari luge anil parentage
Telia what you'll oak a, but, don't like To
'.illpage., lllusl ralnd, III)oenlei but toIntroduce
Tolls what you'll aak a doctor
M0 page", inual.ralwl, IM oentsi „„„,„,....„,,„„
II wo wind one only lo any adult for ihisI«k«.
1(1 oonu.
«1S Saet leth Sir***, NSW VORK.
Certificate of Imp. ovements.
11.venue Miiisral (Malm. altuiiU In ths l.anlmu
Mining Division nl Wa.i Kisoteii.y lil.nlisi.
Wher»lnoiitodi-()n Pop] ('reek.  h"ln« «u ...
lenaliiii  nt the Tariff  mineral cl.ilm, ami
parallel with Ihe Mo-Dow ami Miihawk nu
ilia minili-wi'.ierb sine.
Take notice lhat I,  K.  Hnilth, No,
Mill! II,  iiumit  lur Qlla Abellng, Hpeclal Kroa
Minor" i  t'etlllli'iile No. Wit), luleue, silly days
fiom lhe date  hereof, In apply lo Hie  Mining
Itemirder fur a lertllli ale uf Improvements, for
iba purpose of iihialuliuj a Crown (Irani of the
above elnlm.
Ami  further  take uotlee that arilun, uuiler
Keellmi ni, mu,,! be commenced before Ihe
imca uf mil li ('ertlfliinte nf Improvement.,
p. 1*1 thia Kith day of Maroh A 11   loot.
-ms 11 wed «. b..nn.
What Cincinnati Mine Investors
are Doing in Lardeau
Eighteen months ago tbe mining
possibilities of the Lu doau attracted
the attention of Angu- W. Mishiuv, a
svell-known Cincinnati broker. Mainly through the inlinenee of A. G.
Frai-er, the Trout Like ineicliiint, Mr.
Miobuw became interested iu the
Broadview, ou tbe hill behind Ferguson, at d whose dump of copper and
silver-lead ores would nuke most men
dream of rich mines, mills a\d smelters. Mr. Mishaw organised a company who purchased the Itroadview
from the Trout Lake owners, and inaugurated further development work
by the extension of tbe No. 3 tunnel,
which was last winter run several
huudrid feet on tbe Droadvi'W vein
towards the shaft,. Tbis work did not
develop any shoots of clean ore save a
4-inch streak of grey copper running
from If 150 tn !fI00 a ton in value.
Results, however, showed the vein
mineralised for a width of from 14 to
28 feet. The values run about .$10 a
t in.
Near the Broadview, however, was a
group of claims whose big tne bodies
outcropped over an area of four acreB,
showing an immense amount of low-
grade ore, interspersed with rich
shoots, who.-e values run up into hundreds of dollars per ton This group
of claims included the St. Elmo, owned by Messrs. H Mcl'herson and
Edge, of Trout Lake, ai d T. Taylor,
M.P.P. of Revelstoke; the True Fissure
owned by Messrs. Holten and Downs,
of Revelstoke; and the Blue Bell
owned by J. Stunber, of Ferguson,
ami A. St. G. llamiiierslej', of Vancouver. Tliis group a tructed the
ambitions of the mating! ment of Ibe
Broadview and they engaged E. A.
Haggen, M.E. of Kevelstoke, to examine and report un it. On bis report the group was purchased for a
large sum, and all payments due have
been met, the final payment next
July being all tbat is required to complete the purohase and secure to the
new owuere full title to the property.
Last fall cabins were built, including a kitohen and dining' room 20ft.
by 30ft. and bunkhouse 16ft. by 20ft.
Owing to tbe financial conditions in
the States the commencement of development work was delayed till January last, where a trail through the
snow was dug out from the trail on
the north fork of the Lardeau river to
tbe mine, a distance of three miles.
A force of seven men, under the superintendence of Newton W. Emmens,
M.E., of Trout Lake, and witb J. Parisian as foreman, was put to work.
The drift on the main vein from tbe
crossout tunnel on the Blue Bell was
extended, an underhand atone run on
a shoot of galena, and a trial ship
ment of tbis ore was made to Trail
The ore shoot in the St. Elmo vein
was then attacked, but tbe vein was
found to be broken up and displaced.
However, it carried from 12 inches to
four feet of ore showing a good deal
of grey copper, witb galena, zinc
blende and pyrites' The vein iB here
here much decomposed and carries a
large quantity ol carbonates. At one
point there were two feet of grey copper. This ore wss so easily handled
that, with three men breaking ore,
one mucking, and two sorting, as
much as a hundred sacks a day was
put up lor shipping.
The ore sacked for shipment will
amount to three carloads of a probable
value of $80 u ton. As the trail is
now breaking up no more ore will be
shipped at presont but permanent
development will be begun by the
diivingof a cross-cut tunnel into the
big vein at an elevation of 5,700 feet
or 300 leet below the present workings
on tbe St. Elmo.
The St. Elmo vein has straightened
up as work proceeded to a dip of 65
degrees. In the old days of the camp
prospectors claim to have traced it by
its grey copper Uoat lor hundreds of
feet to lhe west uf the present opening.
This vein is a cross-course on the
main system, The mass ol the ore
carries silver, lead and line, the latter
being a prominent constituent of the
ores. The metallurgical problem is
the principal one atTeoting this property, aud if that oan be successfully
solved theie is every reason to believe
the True Fissure Mining and Milling
Company has a great future ahead of
Tho ore will have to he treated in
the vicinity of the mine, and witb a
successful plant In operation the mine
will be a large employer of labor and
bring new life blood to the neighboring towns uf Ferguson snd Trout
Development Steadily in Progress.—Large Ore Shipment
The Silver Cup mine has been tbe
stand-by of Northeast Kooteusy from
a mining point ol view (or well nigh
fourteen years. Other properties have
started up and shutdown; some have
started shipping and sesrtled tbe community with their trumpetings of
fabulous returns, till the ore run out
or the treasury run dry; but the Silver Cup, year in and year out, has
stripped its high grade ores, paid its
way, and employed steadily from 50 to
75 men.
About two years ago tbe mine
passed into new hands, with George
Alexander, of Katlo, as general manager on behalf of tbe English owners,
and J. Merry, M. E., as superintendent.
Development has steadily proceeded
from the lower level tunnel run by the
former owners to tap tbe ore shoots at
a depth of 900 feet from the collar of
the shaft and a shaft has now been
sunk 100 feet below this tunnel with
good results.
A new compressor, operated by
water power, was installed last year at
Nine Mile, the terminal of the Silver
Cup's aerisl tramway on tbe south
fork of the Lardeau river, and this
compressor supplied the greater air
capacity required for development and
for operating tbe hoist whioh was put
in to sink the shaft to still further
depths on the Silver Cup veins.
Owing to an sccident to the flume
by the winter's snow and ice, the sinking of the shaft had to be suspended,
but will shortly be resumed, when the
shaft will be sunk another 100 feet, or
200 in all below the present low level
tunnel. II the resuits continue satisfactory another low level tunnel will
be run.
The Silver Cup last mouth shipped
100 tons, the largest month shipment
in the history of the mine. The ore
averages 150 una., per ton silver, jj oil,
gold and about 40 per cent. lead. Last
month's shipment was worth about
|18,000—not s bad showing for a mine
ciinliui'il In the mining and shipping
of clean ore.
The zinc contents are less than
formerly, minimising the penalties
thejinini- used to pay ou its /.inc.
The mine is at present employing
00 men. Without the Cup's shipments and the labor employed in
producing them, tbe Lardeau would
have been a lifeless camp of lute.
$30,000 FIRE.
Victoria Sustains Another Disastrous Blaze.
Victoria, B. C, April 17.—Fire
started shout six o'clock Wednesday
morning in tbe Malum block un Guv-
ernmetil and Lsngley streets, gutted
Ibe buildings before the firemen got
the upper baud. The lire started in
tbe furnace room, near the Lauglv
street frontage, and completely bu ned
out the upper stories, The damage to
the building will amount to $10,000
and tbe stocks, ruined by water and
smoke, will summit to twice that
Victoria Fruitgrowers Join the
Central Exchange
The Victoria Fruitgrowers Association have decidsd to come in to the
British Columbia Central Exchange
after a conference with James Drum-
mond,the new manager and organizer.
Tbere are at present about 130 members of the association, but Mr. Drum-
mond starts out on the rosd on Monday, and hopes to get all the fruit
growers of the island into the association.
The organisation is the outcome of
the great growth of the fruitgrowing
industry of British Columbia during
the past few years. Nelson, Cliilli-
wack, Vernon and other fruit growing
centres all boait their associations,
which are affiliated with the B. C.
Central Exchange with headquarters
at Revelstoke. The central body has
representatives in all the principal
markets, and directs the shipments
and fixes the prices, thus putting an
end to the former haphazard method
of doing business, which was of benefit neither to the grower nor the consumer, placing both at the mercy of
chance and the wholesalers.
Trout Lake.
Prom our owu correspondent.
Mr. Moore, provincial government
rosd overseer, has started work on the
bridge ou Victoria stroet, over the
Lardeau river, and a large number
have found employment here. The
river protective work is also to be ex
tended in front ot the Mining Record's
ullice, tu att'ord better means uf confining tho Lardeau river to its channel
and preventing it from making further
inroads un the townsite.
Capt. Filzsiinniiins deserves the
thanks of the community fur tlie manner in which he kept navigation upen
on thu lake this winter, the ore shipments frum the Silver Cup mine
affording business which wsnunled
the 0. 1'. II. in running the Procter
all winter.
We had a visit from F. C. Elliott
uur former resident sulicitor this week.
Mr. F.lliott senilis tu enjoy living and
practicing in Huvclstoko.
Mrs. Nicholson has purchased Mr.
Elliott's pretty home here.
Newton W. Emmens, M. E., manager for the True Fissure Mining and
Milling Company, has gono to Trail
smelter with the first carluad of ore
from this mine while it has been under bis tiiamigciiiiiiit.
Thu directors of the True Fissure
Mining and Millit.g Company intend
coming here in .hum to go ovor. their
property and decide on future opera
The school litis been closed for u
week on accuuut ol a case of measles
having developed. So (ar Dr. More
the bniill h officer, has succeeded in
confiding thu epidemic to ono  family
W. Glenn has an enormous pile ol
logs on Trout Creek, and  expects lo
start driving them down Trout Creek
in a few days. They will be boomed
in the lake at the mouth of the creek
and towed to the mill at Gerrard.
The roads are now breaking up and
tbe end of the month should see tbe
snow gone.
It is stated that in view of the dullness cf the lumber business, nothing
will be done this season to establish
the saw mill we have been expecting
to see started up.
W. Shunter, cruiser for A. McRae,
was here this week examining timber
limits, and was aocompanied on his
trip by Alex Biggar.
A. Gowing bas left here for Prince
The C.P.R., it is rumored at Win-
nipeg, will issue a notice to reduce the
wage schedule of shop mechanics tomorrow. The men arc declared to be
determined to resist the cut.
Advertisement of Sale of Mineral Property.
In pursuance of the Order of the
Honouiable Mr. Justice Morrison
made in thu matter of the Winding-
Up Act and in the matter of The El-
wood Tin Workers (iold Mining Company nf Lardeau, British Columbia,
Limited, Non-personal Liability, and
in pursuance of directions thereunder
of Robert Gordon, Esq., District Registrar at Revelstoke, British Columbia,
tenders will bu received by the undersigned for the purchase, of the assets
ol the above named company consisting of lhe following property situated
in lhe Lardeau Mining Division of
West Kootenay, British Columbia:
Nine Orown (ii-uiited Mineral claims
to wit:
Thi>   Iron   Dollar   being   l„.l   70T»f,
Group I. Carbonate Hill being Lui
7000, Group 1. Carbonate Hill fraction being Lot 7001, Group I. Little
Johnnie being Lot 7002, Group 1, Cop
per Dollar   being   Lot   HUNT, (iroiip I.
Western Star being Lot 7854, Group I.
Western Stiu fraction being Lot 7355,
Group 1, Hi. Kcw being Lot 7868,
Group I. Ami (iiiiiinu fraction la-iiig
pari ul l.i.i nisi. Group I.
Millsile   being   Lot  0988,   Group  I;
Train way i Stamp MllhSaw Mill: Com
pressor plant and   pipn Hue; Assaying
plant; water Record No. 48) about 70
ions of Cunri'lil niti's; buildings; Im ilk
bouses and all goods, machinery and
chattels ou ihi< eoiiiiiiiny's properly,
Such tenders in ne made in wilting
nnd sealed and marked "Tender for
Elwooil Company Property," addressed to the iindrisigned (iiiiiiiii l/ii|iii-
Alitor, P. (i, Hox :w Rovelstoke, British Columbia, on or before ihe Fourth
day of ,1 , HUM.
The highest or uuy lender will not
ncecssai'ily be acaopted,
[further particulars of tho property
will be iiuiiisbi-ii su, application lo thi'
uildci-slgncd,   or   to   Messrs,   Seott Ai
llrlggs, his Solicitui'H, Kevelstoke, British Columbia,
Dated this IStb day ol April, Imw.
sat up IH ull      Official Liquidator!
Certificate of Improvements
Mayinii'Minsk. Mine  II,  Mail, ami Leila
Kracilnn   mlui'ial   claims,  altuate   In the
Nmiii ' uin- Milium luuiiiiii nt Weal Knot..
, nay M.iriui.
wsiTs.iuoaieii:  In Celt Creek n»in ..i|
Iuk Ih. Ilealili-e i.unu..
Take uolloe that I, It. smlik, K.M.C No
liSs7i*, acant for J It. Msoktnils,r,M,0. No. II
mm uud Archer Martin, f.M.ll. Me. BIT-US,
Intend, llnty day. Iroui da In lieriml, to apply
to lhe Minion Kocoriler lor a l.'ortlllnale el
Improvement., lor Ilm piirno.n uf obtaining a
lirown (Irani ul Hie above oialma.
And lurllior t-.fci- nollue that aetlon, under
vi.Hun 117, tuii.t be -' before the
l.iaauoe of aiinh Curtltlea.e ol Improvement*.
Iiati'd tin. n.ib ilev ol April, A.P. ItOS.
ll. SMITH.
Just write
on a postcard, "Send
Booklet A,"
and mall
to nearest
branch. The
rest we'll
gladly attend to.
One Cent
Brings It
—Just how correct principles say i*
should be constructed?
—Just why no other  plin of con"
struct ion will do ?
-—Just wherein lies its ability to be easy
on fuel, quick in action, simple in
The story is briefly told in a little booklet
called " Furnace Facts." It's not tn advertisement. No furnace name is mentioned,
and you can read the whole story in 5 minutes.
To the party ccntemp'ating purchasing a furnace it points out the
snags and pitfalls, and s1 ows exactly what to demand of an architect, contractor or deaJer, in furnace construction and installation.
BORNE BROS., Local Agents
) Bout ne Bros.
Local Agents [ Hob   m & Bell
J Wo   sey, Lefeaux & Oo. Limited
Best Local G own.
Fruit Trees for Spring Planting
Most suitable varieties for this soil and climate. Ore and 1 vo
Year-Olds. Prices 100 and under 25c. each; over 100 20c. each.
Varieties are: Duchess, Gravenstein, Jeffery, Wealthy, Mcintosh
Red, Winter St. Lawrence, Laurence, Jonathan, Kins, Northern 8py,
New York Wine, Red Cheeked Pippin, Spitzenberg, Salome, Wagner,
Winesap, Newtown, Pippin, York, Imperial Apples.
Hyslop and Transcendent Crabs.
Orders Received by
Incorporated b, Act cf Parliament, ius.
Wm. Molson Macphekson, Ptes. 8. H. Kwi*JO,*,Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixty-four  branches  in   Canada  and   Agencies   in  all parts of the
Interest, credited four times a  year at current rates on Having*
Bank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revxlstokx, B. C.
Imperial  Development   $450 00
liank of British Columbia  110 00
Nlcol.t l.'oal and Coke  100 C3
Columbia Fruit and Land  100 (."J
British   Canadian   Wood   Pulp
and Paper  100 00
Itnval Ciiflicrii'H  'Si
II. 0. Copper  4 75
Consolidated M. A: s  72 ou
Diamond Vule Coal  l»
International Coal  80
Sullivan   08
(Hen   Hayes  Coal  Mining ami
Development  50 00
Above subject ti) contltmation.
Particulars concerning any of these
Companies on application.
Mackenzie Avenue.
Meals at  all Hours
Kvery tiling I'p-to-Date
1 .liimlslsi In the Metier nl the "Wlnillnf
l'|i Act", being chapter lit ot lhe Ueviaed
Sstatule. of ('iina.l;.
In the Matter of Tbe Klvmal Tin Workers Gold
Mining Company of Lanleau. KrltlahColum*
bia, Llmile.l, Ns.ri ,,tr..iu;il Liability.
Nn'Ili'K la hereby Risen tbat by an onler mail*
by the Honourable Mr. Ju.llce MorrbHin in Ibe
alas*. w.iUer tlaled the '-'7lli January. 190S. Jntin
K June. wa. appoint*.) Ollicial Liquidator of the
above named t'titapany.
Dated thi. luth day of April, mm.
HOHI   OOKflllN,
utAplllvlw. Iii.irici Itegl.lrar.
It 1. the iiitiiiiiiiiu of the ll. I', Oovetnojasal to
brine ml" force the following amendment, lo
tbe Act as cited below, at tbo neit slitting of
the Logi.lature.
Hum. , iiiar CoatatiuioiiM
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
Certifinte  of Improvements
Ilia lliipo Friiotliin Mineral claln Nss. J.
Hltuale In llieTniiil Lake Uiliiug llivlalon nf
tlio Kooteuay   District.     Located  "U   P"l'lar
TAKK HOTJCB that I, I' J A. S.l'a.llor,
Free Miner , Terminal* No. II SMlii. in lead SO
•Iny* the.|al. hereof to apply lo the allu-
ii. - llisc.irdar fisr u f'ertlflcalo of Improvement1.
fs.r lhe purls. sf iihtiiliiing a I'ruwn  (Iraiit of
Um above claim.   Ami furliier take notie* lhat
ir ii.,ii uader Hectlnii 10 mini be commenced
In I,in.    the    ..-n.inei   of     ucli   i anil,rat*   nf
Hated this IU. d.y nf April. IW*.
< . J. A.N. PADLKV,
No. «.-, | | in*
An   Act   to   umend   the   " Highway
Traffic Ki-i'iiliition Act."
I 1 Irt HAJK8TY, by aud with Ibe advice and
II niii-eiil i.f lhe l.agi-l.lli. A.-.mblj of i nlu in Oi., ouactaa. ollows:—
I.   Tbis. Act way Im i-llod a. lb*   ' lli.hw.y
Trallic ll.tfiil.tion Act Auienslsnaiit  Act.  1SSS.
:.   s...iiiiii « „| ib* ■• Highway TrafDa rteerula-
linn Ait, being ilinptel Ut nf Ibe Kovtaed
ili.tule . I.'..;, a- onacted by wrtlon 1 nf cliapUr
>i of the Hi nl.,ia. nf Ilu:, la hereby r*u*al*d and
lhe fnllnwnii/ section I. siubatltul*d iherofur:
s*l ll .hall is* unlawful for any waggon or
sehirle carrying a load nf mor* tbau two
Ihnii-atid i-.ii,ml ■ I-, lie drawu or driven nn any
publio bignway ni.le. lhe tiros, uf .ucb waggou
nr '. s-li sle -hall tse al leant four Inch*. In width.
S. rtoctissn id of -aid chapur H la b*r*by ro-
pealed aud Ibe full-iwtug .ection I. .ub.tilut*d
"10. It lull lie unlawful for any person, or
peristals, todrag log. or limber ov*r or along any
public highway."
I. Thia Act shall not come into foro* so far
aa tbat portion of lhe I'rovlnc* of British
Ciliimbia altuatoea.t of the I' Kauge nf
mountains I. cucerued, until tb* lat day of
January,,WO». __^	
IN   1HK   Hl'PI'.KMK   (Mlt'RT   !>>   UUITIB8
r..Iiiiiilu. In lhe Matter of tk* "Winding
I'p Act , being ohasttr 1(4 of the llevlaed
statute, nf Canada
III ilic Matter "I The Klwoud Tin Workers  Hold
Wining! . .mpany s.f Lardeau, British I oliim-
bia, Limited. Non Liability.
ihe!ns. of lhe above liaised cemfMny ar*
required on m laifure the Kant day of Jsne, 1008
Ui .end lloii nana, and ..Mreeeea, and tbe pax-
IS-utar. uf ih.ii data* m cleita., and lk* name*
tii'l of tbeir eulk-IUirs, if any, lo John
i- June., P. I). Hon tns, Kevelitoke, British Cot
n.' i. the inin i .1 Liquidator nf lb. aal.l Com-
pa.iy, ami If an reoulreil hy notice In writing, from
ihe aalii i nil, i I Li.,in<iaiot. an by their koliclter.
tn la aad prut, .eld d.H. or claim, at
.in li lime and a. alia.11 Is. a|sisrlfleS In each
notice, nr In default they will be Sirladed
ti in th.. In si.hi nf »ny li.iril nili.ii mad* before
.sub deist, a-- prilled.
Dated at IfviUtote, Columbia, till.
I "il. slay nf April, line.
eat Apl 1 I w iw.       rloiirltor. for th. eakt
John K. June., OBIrlal LtqaHdatev, Til!. AS \ IL Ul LiALD, HE\ ELSTOkh, B.C.
-*..    j. ...».»— %-t.      -w.%.:!
. •^**f-**?*e*w3U»Clffm.,SU'Wl*M'-.
'   '- ■ ■'..'. WAS**. •■ai.,.i*s*.'i*A*i_e., ■ r..y*f -
Easter Costumes
Ladies' Costumes selling at less than
price to manufacture. This should interest
economical buyers.
Large Assortment of Skirts
Never before have we shown such a handsome
assort mint of Voiles, Panamas, etc.
Kid Gloves for Easter
Wash Belts and Fancy Collars.    Easter novelties
Ladies' Waists
Lace and Net Waists, three-quarter Sleeves, tne
lined with Japanese Silk. Indian Linen Waists,
handsomely embroidered, selling at $1,50.
Boots and Shoes
Ladies' Men's ami Children's Spring ,uul Summer
Styles—our stock is complete in this line.
Men's Furnishings
Easter Ties, Hats and  Qloves,    Our showing
ise lines comprise the very latest Easter styles.
Men's Suits
All-Wool Tweed Suits -our Easter price $9.00.
Millinery ! Millinery I
Several shipments to hand this week,  keeping
our stock fresh with lhe latest styles.
Throughout our entire stock you will lind many
special offerings.   You will Ilinl our prices the lowest.
Easter decorations at the High Tea
will coti-isl of Easier lilies, daffodils,
carnations aud colored e^ns-
The McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.,
lias been i"oorpor»ted witb a capital
of $20,000 to en11y on business in
In the lust issue of the Canada
Gasctte, notice is giveu that the
Lamb-Watson Lumber Co. have
changed their company's name to
Arrow Lakes Lumber Co,
Mr. C. R. Sayer of Winnipeg will
address ihe men's meeting in the Y.
M. C. A. Stiuday at 4 o'clock. Mr.
S'ayer is a very interesting speaker
and is well worth hearing. All men
Among the many tlelicariei provided for Monday's tea will be hot potato
scallop, with cold spring lamb, tongue,
ham, etc., salads and jellies of all
kinds, lemon pies, turts, cakes and
brown bread.  Everything liome-made.
Social and Personal
<$i i|i $. il> ifr ifr -ft <b it' 't' 't' '$'$
Pure Drugs
Careful Compounding
Prompt Delivery
Canada Drug 6- Book Co. Ltd.
Revelstoke, B. C.
%     Hail Orders Promptly Filled     %
$ it' it' $ it' ft't' 't' $ 't' 't' m
McDonald—At Revelstoke, B.C., on
Thursday, April 16th, 1908, to Mr.
and Mrs. D. A. McDonald, a sou.
Weather Forecast
Ssturday, April 18. — Unsettled,
cloudy, probable rain. Temp., Max.
00=; Min. 42'.
Local and General.
First social dance after Lent at the
opera bouse Monday night.
'Ins; moving pictures tonight, Monday anil Tuesday, in Selkirk Hull,
b    well worth seeing.
The sawmill of   B-syden  A John*-
Salmon   Arm,   has commenced
.-,. ,.s 'nr Che season.
■ . iss '.he cracker eating eon-
•ecju'.ar   show   at   the
.   :.Jay night.
•    I ■-., was unanimous-
■   the lil era; con-
:, on Wednesday, as"
. Cariboo.
■ in- will commence
day nnd  will   be  dominion government work
wlii. the wing dam. Tlie
,r*« sill :m:: the vessel.
The annual Easter vestry meeting
of St Peter's Church will lie held in
thf; ebmch at fc. o'clock on Monday
evening April 30th, Every member
of the congregation is rei|itested to be
The Mail-Herald regrets to announce that J. M. Sjuit received a
telegram on Wednesday from Mrs. H.
J. Bourne, of !. ierra Madre. Cal., in
which she announced the death of her
'or. tln.r. A. E. Miller. The deceased
waa well known in Kevelstoke.
Our hut crisis buns at Qood Friday
are the only cakes which the pagan
Saxone ate in honor of their goddess
Easter ami from which the Christian
clergy, who were unable to prevent tlie
people   (mm   eating, sought   to expel
tin p.e -ism by marking ther., *ni,
a cross.
ng "K" ft r
mi   Batter
Il Ha. tli" privilege I
iinii tn beat tIn-1r wives
Day, bol tin- latter repaid the com
pllrosnt the licit day. Toil ceremony,
as fat si i'iiii Is- Issrned, was DOt provocative "I lawsuits or separation.
anil mt'. ii ■ doubt, a men loving cs-
Any    man   or    woman  whu SOOOfn
poshes a saving nl   one hour from the
long ti*lioii» day ul the store ass'-tant
is well worthy ol   a statue lieiti", erect
wl to tbeir memory.     Only those win
have   spent
weary,   bone
realite this.
without our hot cross buns!
Such delicious buns its we
make, too. Be sure and get
a lot of them, for you'll need
ii lot to satisfy everybody.
Suppose you order them
now. That will be the surest way of preventing disappointment. We never can
seem to bake enough fin-
late comers.
You'll Relish the
Easter Feast
if we supply the groceries.
For it we have a special line
of relishes, catsups, sauces,
etc., which wc guarantee arc
strictly high grade in everything except the cost. Include some of tliym in your
grocery order. They will
put an edge on your appetite
so that you'll be able to do
the feast justice.
K I N C All)     «Si.    A N D E R S O N
IU,                           F 1 R S T   S T R E E T -#i
G  U
whole   days at a time ol
aching     standing   can
have joined foroee anil are now
doing business ne*l the Hums
Block- with   an  efficient  staff
anil a large stork.
We cordially invite you In
Visit OUT store or send iu your
mall orders,
I    Drugcust 8i  Stationer
V*e**— ■ ■   ■ - ■   *
Marvelous Mills In hair-raining
fe&U on thi flyingtrapese st ihe opera
house Monday night.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the V M
0. A. are making preparations for a
Bocial entertainment in the Parlor on
Tuesday, April 2Hth,   which   promise!
to be novel, interesting uud amusing.
A fine stick ot timber has been cut
at Ganges Harbor, Sail Spring [alarm
The tree furnished a log of els-ar timber 200 feet in leiiglh anil ten feet in
diameter at some ^ighr or ten feet
from the ground.
Among the law< of Canute in England in 1033, hunting wa? forbidden
00 days and S'liiday, and a stm-'.
observance of I .cut waa enjoined, : ...
law ipiaiutly rending "If any one,
by fighting, marrying plundering nr
the commission ol -my otbsr ilagitious
crime, shrll violate the fast to be kept
in Lent, In' .hall pay a donble compensation."
lhe Heggar Prinos opera Company
concluded a throe days visit lien-
yesterday, produoing the Chimes ul
Normandy, "Tin- Circus Clown '
" Olivette,' and I matinee O. the
" Mikado." The 00 npany have in
e\ery oaas pleased the ainlience, vvlneh
although not large, win- appreciative
The Issding folss were well Tilled anil
an   efficient obolUS,   made    m-li   pro
diiction praiseworthy
see the great slide  for  life   at  the
"pern bouse Monday night.
.'nn''. (irget the Japanese tea at the
residence ol Mr. J. LangbtOD, on
Fourth street, nn Thursday. Apr:!
23rd, afternoon ami evening, andt '
the auspices of the Ladies Aid of Si
Andrew s church.    Admission, 2."m:.
Good   Friday   passed   off    qnietly
yesterday, the wet w»ather   putting
-ti,j, to all '■■"■■ iporti and   ball   game-
that had been arranged for   the  afternoon     A watery sua   did   its   best   t
clear things up a   little    but   witho-
The ladii - have spared
or   expense   in   providing  a ipleodk
■Upper for ...       ...     will enme to thei
tea on Monday   SVeoiog.      Anahund
anoe ol everything has been providsi
for, so tbat they will Ik- able lo sceom
models a large number of people    Di
not disappoint them
The Revslstoke Grieket Club  Um
srick contest olossa on Easter Monday
April 21 Ith and the winners will bs
snnounosd at. a oonosrt to bs  beld on
I hiirailay Ipril ''.'Inl. All those wh-
have not   taken    the     pportDOity   ol
pnrshaafog a oompstitlon sheet ihould
do to al once nnl try ,iiiii assure mi
of tbs handsome pritss offsrsd, This-
is the last ciiani'i. .mil ihe rssponss ol
ths publio is solicited
llll'  loOSl    police   11M v. -    I heir    Inl nil-
Wantonly   full |USt now Willi  the   vug   and   hoi ii
fraternity.    The   gaol    is     Constantly
full, every bed occupied as. well   ns> the
corridors,   While tin- night constables
are lining their best   to   he   in     half a
dozen   place*   at   once,    tbey   ruiuiot
boms person or   persons
and cruelly broke into the rabbit
hutches owned by It. Tapping, this
WSSk and stole several of his rabbits,
breaking the cages to pieces and from
evidences and marks nf torn skin and
fur, destroyed the animals.     Whoever j keep their eyes on   the
wore the perpetrators ol such an aot the «»m«  time   and
they deserv* severe punishment,   both   should    take   ordinary
for   cruelty    to   animals   and also fi
destruction ol private property
C. J. Wilkes of Epworth, B C , is
visiting in town.
Mrs. Hurry Scott, of Victoria, is
visiting in the eily.
Conductor J. II..pgooil,o' Kamloops,
is in the city today.
Mrs. G. 0. Kuowlton, of Golden, is
visiting her sister Mrs. H. Keays.
Mrs. A. E. Solluway, if Vancouver,
is visiting her sister .Mrs. Purvis.
Fred. Lynch, of New Westminster,
was iu Hie city on Thursday.
Neil McEachetn and his son have
returned from a visit to the coast.
Miss Orr, of Victoria, arrived ibis
week and is lhe guest, of Mrs. B. A.
Miss Frances Paget arrived on Saturday from the coast on a visit to her
H. O. Churchill Carter, ol the C.P.R.
ollice staff, has been visiting at Van
Miss Peters, of Three Valley, is
spending Easier with Rev. and Mrs.
J. R. Robertson.
Rev. and Mrs. J. R.  Robertson   eu
tertaincd the youug people   of   Knox
church ou Thursday evening.
Mrs. Harry Maundiell and family
left on Tueeday'a delayed train on a
visit to friends iu Winnipeg.
Miss Hildu Hobbs arrived from
Vancouver yesterday to spend the
Easter holidays witb her parents,
H. Colbeck has arrived in town to
resume bis duties as chief engineer of
the S. S. Revelstoke.
W. A. Coburn, accountant at the
Imperial Bauk, has been transferred
to Toronto.
G. Bridges, of Arrowhead, has been
appointed accountant ut the Imperial
Bauk here.
S. F. Quick, ol Ihe Columbia Fire
Insurance Cum any, of Vancouver, is
in the city on business.
Miss Alina Patrick arrived from the
south last night and will leave for
Vancouver to, attend the Teachers'
Convention during Easter.
Ed. Adair, who has been to England
in connection with the Salvation Army
immigration scheme for Canada,
passed through this week en route to
the coast.
Mr. Moore, of Hong Kong, and Miss
Moore, of Nakusp,are in the city the
guests oi their sister Mrs. Derbyshire,
for a few days Mr. Moore is travelling
in Canuda for the benefit of his health.
Robert McKernan, one of the best
known farmers at Strathcona, Altu ,
where he his lived for over thirty
yearn, died from apendioitis last week.
I ion, W. J. McKernan, lives in tins
A very enjoyable and novel evening
was givi-ti by Mrs. Walter Hews on
Tburtday night to a number of her
friends The guests had each gone
bsck to their childhood days and as
children again, liefr icked and with
ted tresses, indulged in the games
I , ing ago. und enjoyed themselves us
only children free from all care and
worry, know how. The costumes of
tbe girls was exceedingly clever. A
dainty supper wound up a charming
evening's amusement
Special Easter Praise Service
Die following   i|iecial Easter service ,
of praise will lot held on Sunday even- |
Ing in Knox Church •
Postluds in (■ ( E. Head ,, "Our Father" j
I'.unu Selection '.i7  Handon.
Borlpturs Bssdicg
llyiiiu ft! Victory
Solo    'Hai,   Hark  My Soul,"—Miss I
Orchestra, -acmi Beleotloo,
Hymn   13      St. I  SphSB
Ssrmnn- Life's Qrsatesl Memorial."
lothem—"Christ the  Lord  is Risen
lala)  '—Choir.
llyinv  M,     I he Sands of Time "
Dismissal anthem--" IP,w Down Thine
Catholic. — Rev. Father Ooocola
pastor. Servicea everv Sunday
st ■be billowing hours: 8 a.m. C.iini-
iiiiininn Mass; 10.HO am High i ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:80
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosury,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Peter's Anglican—Rev. 0. A.
Procunier, M A., rector Easter Sunday: 8 a. m. Holy Communion, 11 a.
ni. Matins, and Holy Communion.
7.30 p.m., Evensong. Sunday school
2 30 p ni.
Knox Presbyterian—J R. Robert-
eon, B. D., minister. Sundny services
at 11 am and 7:30pm. Sunday
school at 2:30 p.m. Special Easter
services both morning and evening.
Young People's Society Monday 8 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Wednesday at 8
p.m. and Choir practice, on Friday
night. A cordial welc une to all and
strangers especially invited
8t Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Ap. 10th.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Morning, "Communion"; evening Mr. Sayer, travelling secretary ol
It. R. V M. 0, A., will speake, Rev.
Mr Calder will postpone his sermon
on gambling till Sunday, May 3rd.
Young People's Mieiing Monday
8 p. m. Praye- lueelillg Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir pi:i.-;ii'c and Teach
ere' meeting Friday S | in.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B A.
pastor. Setvitesai II a in and 7:30
pm Sunday school ut 2.30 p.m
Morning subject, "A Grave." Evening, 'Mmiiittimel." Young Peoples
meeting on Monday at 8 p.m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday at 8 p.m. Every
one ia invited to these services.
Methodist—Rev T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows. :—
At 11 a.m., morning service; 2 30. p
m., Sunday school and Bible class;
7:30. p.m. evening service. Morning
subject, "Tbo Angel's Announcement
of Christ's Resurrection and what it
Meant"; evening subject, "The Great
Importance ol Christ's Resurrec'ion
and the Obligation under which it
places Mankind " The sacrament of
ihe Lord's Supper will be administered
at the morning service. The praise
service for the day will be in keeping
with the event. Special music—1st
anthem, 'Christ Our Anthem," Schilling; Solo. "The King of Love,"
G .unod; 2nd anthem, " Unfold ye
Portals," Gounod: Trio, "I Hive
Waited lor the Lord," Mendelssohn.
The Epworth Leagued C. E. on Monday evening will be merged in the
Easter Monday entertainment, directed by the Ladies' Aid at the church
Prayer meetng Wednesday evening at
8 o'clock. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all these services.
S as lor Hats i
They are in strong favor this season and we have a new lot
just opened. The come in both rough and smooth straw,
and are just what you need for a knock-about hat.
We are showing our usual large range of Children's
Headgear. Bonnets in silk and muslin for the little tots and
straw and muslin hats, tains and caps for the larger children.
You will find our prices right.
This is one of our strong lines. You cannot get
better qualities or lower prices anywhere. Ladies' Hose in
pretty open work effects in Black, White, Tan, Navy and
Grey. Children's Hose in all sizes in Cotton, Lisle, Cashmere and Wool.
Long and short in Lisle
Silk and  Kid.
Try a pair.
The many Iriindl ol A. M..lohnsl.oii,
who, lor a number ol years has been
the managing director at Vancouver
of (Irectishields and Co. Lid , will he
pleased to learn that he ami his brother, A. w. Johnston ol Winnipeg,
formerly managing director al, Win
i ipeg of (ircriishirlils Western, Ltd.,
have arranged to purchase the .tinskin-trade of (Ireonshields arid Co,, Ltd.,
the transfer to take place about June
1st, 1II0H Messrs. Johnston Urns,
will hereafter conduct a wholesale
drygoods bttsinoss in Vancouver.
(Ireciishielila A. Co. Ltd., art! giving up
a warehouse in thin province for a
period of live years,
whole   city   al
the   residents
precaution   to
protect t.heir   property   from   possible
marauding by the vagrant, fraternity
who will after stop at nothing in order
to gain their own ends
.1. Mcl'hail is making active prep
• rations for the roller skating rink
this glimmer and is now laying the
new floor. The llonring is composed
of the best maple anil comes in sections, nach section being marked ami
lilted in its proper place. F. Twsedsle
is superintending the work. Nearly
2(H) pair ol the heal, bull bearing roller
skates has been secured mid the sport
promieSS tO l» extremely popular this
year. Facilities for spectators have
belli specially looked after. Tbe rink
will hn open to the publio in about a
We Can Clothe You for Less
In made to-measure clothing—Why
—Because we import all our materials
direct from thslesdlng manufacturers
and keep or, hand a staff of *x|Hirt.
tailors. Clothes made hy us are
guaranteed to lit perfeiily, while lhe
workmanship is the best, Km stylishness, distiiiciiviinesH and PXOluilvMlMI
tbey »re nnteil, anil we are not
fill I ir' "I to urgnn nn the quality ol Ihe
material Its alter a few weeks that
the Superiority "f our garments becomes evident.     Then, too, the prb ns
are nearly half of    what   the ordinary
custom tailor would charge you
Agents wiinted
Taii.oiiino OO,
mh Hustings Bt,, west,
Vanoouver, 11. 0.
Picture framing. R. O. Patterson,
agent lor Singer Sewing machines.
Glsss nest eggs sold at C. R. Macdonald's.
Ripe tomatoes, radish, lettuce, rhubarb, cabbage, Irish daily at Bourne
Don't forget to come to the Easter
tea in tbe Methodist Church Monday
evening, April 20rh, from half-past
five till half past eight. Good music
Disinfectants of all kinds sold at C.
R. Macdonald's.    .    .  .
Onion sets, multipliers, buckwhest
and all kinds of seeds at Bourne
Two suitable mollis for people in
•001118 for people
room, etr
Modern house
Address P. 0.
piano, In
Box IKK).
Monday Night
Professional Stock
Moving Pictures
'Trapeze and Acrobatic Work
Ten Dollars in Gold Will be
Given for the Best Talented
Social Dance
After Show
Prices 2, 4 & 6
McRae & Company
Taylor Block.
Revelstoke, B. G.
15 Per Cent. Discount on
15 PER CENT. DISCOUNT °" all Suits sold
hetween now and Saturday, iKth. Our stock is
large and you can make a good selection.
SEE OUR TABLE OF $3.50 SHOES which are
good values at $5.50 and $6.00, but we are compelled tn clear them out in order to make room for
our new stock.
SPRING ARRIVALS—°ur new stock of hats-
caps, clothing, underwear, etc., has arrived and
we are filling up our stock daily with new styles.
We cordially invite the public to inspect the
same and solicit your patronage.
Taylor Block,      -       -      Revelstoke, B. G.


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