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•51.3 (»o
<-i«* -a.
The iviail-riepaia
Vol. 12.-No 148
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a disturbing element ol the audience
was ejected.) He urged that there
was no boundary line to the workers,
and tbat coal mines, mines and timber
in B. C. were privately owned in the
United States and it was i crime to
give away the resources ol the province to outside capitalists when Ihey
should lie reserved for B. C. people
and developed by them. He vigorously asserted that after tlie elections
there would be enough socialists in
Victoria to tie up both  parties and
*        ...
Prof. W. T. Mills Makes an
Eloquent and Forcible Appeal in the Interest of the
Socialist Cause.
An evidence of the public spirit ol, victoria 10 ne ..,. ™...  ,,... -
RevelBtoke citizens  was ehowii on | force the government to defend the
Thursday night, when a large crowd ■ working 11 en,   lie asked the electors
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
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Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
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and Tomato Ca.sup. ^H^B
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
gathered in tlie Opera House to hear
W.T.Mills, a well known ejpona.it
on socialism, lecture on the great
socialistic platform that is taking such
an active part in tbe present campaign.
H. Hough took tbe chair, and after
bringing tbe meet ing to order, culled
on W.W. Lefeaux, tbe socialist candidate lor the riding, tu address the
Mr. Lefeaux  referred to Mr. Mills
as a great   authority 011  socialism
whicli being such a deep subject wiib
not rightly understood by many, hut
after heanng Mr.  Mills'  address  lie
hoped the situation  would  be  more
r..,ln,    Hc said it was not so much a
political meeting tonight as it was a
lecture; the speakers who bad been in
Revelstoke of bile had  not attacked
tlie socialists, but had sinipl, displayed
ignorance  at  which he  was  much
surprised, especially with Mr. Haggen
and Mr.  Bowser, and  he suggested
tbey should  go back to school and
learn.   He said it was not his intention to make a speech but would simply
touch  dl.   one point as defending a
comrade, Mr. Hawthornthwaite, who
had been accused of being in league
with the government over the C. 4 W..
deal, and had been accused ol betraying tbo interests ol the people.    Ho
briefly pointed out and explained tbe
lull meaning ol the C. & W. matter
and said that il Hawthornthwaite had
supported the opposition and tbe 0,
V. R. had been done out of the sub.
sidy on legal grounds, the result would
have  been  utter stagnation of B, 0.
development, il the McBride government had been turned down.    He
to vote for Mr. Lefeaux who con d
do good lor Revelstoke. The socialists
needed the country to do business and
they meant to have it. Tbo Ilevelstoke
people should vote for themselves and
noffor liberal or conservative parties
who demand that a man shall bring
homo to bis lamlly only u part ol what
he creates ami that alter the capital-
isle have bought yachts, etc., "no
man's liberty is sure," he, exclaimed
"white men are slaves to bo robbed
and Bweatod, and cast into the junk
heap when done with!" (Cheers.)
Capitalism was .1 crime and il lasting
will damn tbo lives ul unborn millions.
Political parties delended capital and
despoiled the earth, but tbe socialist
party iu Kevelstoke was tlie only one
that stood lor luir play, lie urged all
to let no ohauoe puss to Ivqlp on the
cause whicli leads to domestic joy and
peace. (Cheers.) And tlnit very soon
the socialists will own both railroads
and then there would lie no occasion
for any partiei to live longer.
A collection was taken up and the
meeting terminated.
B..I. aad Sloes. Men's Furnishings, Belly-ma.. Cl.tl.inj
Corporation Discloses Plan
Which Indicates They Will
Parallel Grank Trunk Through
Yellowhead Pass.
Mon'thkal, Jan. 25.—Vice-President
ment had been turned down,    iie WillUin Whyte having concluded his
referred to the prosperity of the pro- conference with Sir Thoiiias Shaugh
..   .......:.. m.u.ij.   naait   ...  ia  announced   tbat six 01
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Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
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Orate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Eipross and Draying to
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Furniture Stored at Reson-
able Rates.
Office, McKeniie Ave.
Next Burnt' New Block
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1U.1IVU   .v.   .-.  r t .        „
vince mentioned by Premier MoBride,
who had Bald nothing about tbe workers or better wages, It was time the
workers did their own thinking, ln
conclusion he exhorted the electors to
think of what was right and just to
themselves. (Cheers.)
Mr. Mills commenced bis address by
reviewing incidents in his career showing  the  general erroneous  idea  ol
socialism.     He defined it as not an
attack  on  the  government and tbe
socialists don't want to tear .to.,n tho
Hag, but put it on places  wheie the
government   lias   never   placed  it.
Socialism  waB  not an attack on the
rich but au adjustment nl affairs that
will abolish poverty and  make   man
rich by liis own labor.    He pointed
out tbat religion was unnecessary in
politics  and   that   i.iitb   questions
could'n". be settled by a majority vote.
Capital violates religious precepts and
in the golden rule as adopted by business people it was simply that "others
must do for yoo more than yon do for
them."'   He referred to the last wotds
of the  New Testament  as being a
plank out the socialist platform.    In
touching on divorce aB an alleged outcome ol socialism, he said that there
were over a million devorced people in
the United States, but icarcely any
were socialists among them,    There
are  2,000,000 people in  11. C. who
ought to be married simply to prevent
tbe shadow ot gloom  to lie  cast  by
tli.tsc without a domestic fireside or
those who have one.    Capital makes
wages  small  and  Hie uncertain nnd
prevents the increase ol home lite in
British Columbia.    He explained the
three points ol capital as directly proceeding those of socialism.    Firat the
private ownership, second the private
management  and third  the private
appropriation,   all, by  part of the
people of the work and wealth created
by the people's toil.   He humorously
explained the difference between tlie
man and the mule, saying the mule
was better off.    Those  who do  the
work should manage the work and the
result ul the collective  labor should
belong to tbe workers in proportion to
bis labor,    industrial democracy was
a successor lo industrial  despotism.
He referred to ibe C. 1', It, as doing
business in politics through tl.e conservative government and the G. T, P.
through tlie grit government, and that
J. A. Maedonald ia grumbling because
he bad'nt a railroad or a railroadhad'nt
got him.   (Cheers.)    Both  MoBride
and  Maedonald were capitalist robbers and tre -quibbling ever who will
get tbe biggest share.   (At tbis point
nessy, it. is announced tbat six or
seven million dollars will be sprat,
next year, and that the independent
line fro... Winnipeg to Edmonton via
Saskatoon will be pushed ahead with
all possible speed. A number of
bunch linos will also be built, and
although it is not stated, the belie! iB
general that the C. P. R. will parallel
tbe Grand Trunk Pacilic through tht
Yellowhead Puss.
The principal additions to this new
mileage will be the completion ol the
new trunk line across the prairies by
way of Saskatoon, which.will give the
system an alternative route from
Winnipeg to Edmonton. There is
every reason to believe that the line
will be completed in time for this
yours harvest all the way from Sheha,
tbe present terminus ol tl.e Manitoba
i Northwestern to Wetaskiwin on the
Calgary and Edmonton branch.
Another line that will be extended
to the. point of junction with tbe one
just described is tlie Pheasant  Hills
branch,  which   is  now completed aB
lar ns Strasburg.   These will give the
cumpauy control of the  regions ol
Saskatchewan an.l Alberta, and  will
mean   practically   throe   Canadian
Pacilic systems through tbe prairies.
It lias also been decided that another
forty miles shall be added to the line
which is being built in a northwesterly direction Iron. Moose Jaw to tbe
Saskatchewan  river.    The management hopes to get through the whole
of the heavy rock work that has to be
done in connection with the double
tracking between Winnipeg an.l Fort
William.   The distance between tl.e
two points is   lour   hundred   and
twenty-six miles.    It is expected that
three hundred miles  ol tho double-
tracking will bo ready lur tbe taking
out ol the 1907 crop.
iSwettenham's Strange Acts-
Mormon Invasion-London
Sensation-Traffic Demoralized  Nests of Disease.
Kingston, Jan. 26,—Kingston
citizens propose, lo call nn indignation Hireling lo express their
disapproval u! Gov. Swettenham,
win. suys ho will dissolve the City
Council, is bullying the people and
acting more strangely than ever.
Swettenham doesn't want to give
any rebel supplies unless the
sufferers first earn them.
Montreal, Jan. 26.—An application granted by Justice Davidson
in the supreme court marks Ihe
further invasion of Mormons in the
Canadian west.
London, Jan. 26.—Mr. William
Whiioly, tlie founder of the first
big departmental store in London,
was shot nnd killed this alternoon
by a young man who alterward
attempted to commit suicide. At
tlie hospital the assassin gave the
name ol Cecil Whitely and said he
was tht. son of the murdered man.
The relatives of Mr. Whitely, who
have Heen the assassin, say they do
not recognize him.
Edmonton, Jan. 26.—The Legislative Assembly of Alberta opened
here to-day. In the Speech from
the Throne, reference was made to
the unparalleled prosperity of
Western Canada, and the result ol
the Conference ol Premiers at
Ottawa, which it is said could not
be but gratifying for the provinces.
A uniform law governing railways,
and the protection oi game birds
werc other points lonohed on.
Winnipeg, Jan. 26..—All reports
available last night indicate that
the storm in the far West Ib the
worst in the history or the C.P.R,
Demoralization of trallic is almost
| complete beyond Moose Jaw.
Chicago* Jan. 25.—Raids on
tliiee thousand three hundred
"home swent-shops," Irom which
danger nf most sweeping epidemic
ol scarlet fever and diphtheria in
the existence of Chicago Btarted
were made to-day by State Factory
Inspector Davis, who was aroused
by the report of a young woman
that icarlet fever existed in a shop
which was sending out quantities
of finished garments daily.
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Etc.
Two Ricks, stove size $3 75
Three Ricks, stove size |5 50
Furnace and Stove Coal |9 00
Nut Size, auitable for Sell  Feeders,    B—
Burners and Ranges	
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
t iwinder*
Moltont Bank Building.
1 UQftl il ON \m
Have made m-st ol their wealth investing in Real Estate, and it
would not be unwise lor the man having money at low rate ol interest
to follow their lead by investing in tbe best buy on the market which
we have selected as our Special Snap lor the coming week.
LISTEN I Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable lor stable and in fact everything that goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
■fric«;»li3SO.   T«rms MOO Down, Ualano* en Tim*.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Untieing i). ttie I'niviiictjMif Uanttotu, Alberta. Saslti.lcliiwf.iJ.
British rtiliintliia, Oulariu. Qnetoc
| Capital Subtcribed
Oapltal Paid Up
Reserve Fund
I). It. Wilkie, President:
Hon. R. .I.utkay
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Montreal, Jan. 25.—The outgoing
council ol the Board of Trade held its
final session yesterday alternoon. Ae
a parting shot they prepared a memur
ial to the government, asking that
the present headtax on Chineao be at
least tempoiarily removed. A draft
petition to thc Ottawa government
was approved, which set forth that in
view ol tlie present Bcaroity of unbilled labor all over the Dominion,
Parliament Bhould be asked to con-
BiderthedeBirability ol temporarily
removing, under certain restrictions,
the poll tax now imposed on Chinese
immigrants, or thc adoption ol such
measures as Parliament in its wiidbm
may deom advisable to meet thc
United States Government Will
Pay No Attention to Swetten
ham's Actions.
Washington; Jan. 26.—President
Roosevelt has finally dismissed the
Swettenham-Davis incident as is
shown in the lollowing letter made
public at the state department,
addressed by Acting Secretary ol
State Bacon, to C, Howard:—
State Department, Washington,
Jan. 21—To Mr. Kbiiib Howard,
olitir-fge d'affaires, and interim, the
British embassy, WnKhington i
Sir,—I have tlm honor to acknw-
ledge receipt ol your note of yesterday's date, by which you communicate the substance uf the instructions received  by you Irom Sir
Edward Grey in reference to the
Jamaica incident.    I  hasten to
assure you, on behalf of the president, that this government will
pay  no heed   whatever to   the
matter and very much appreciate
the lrank and ready courtesy and
consideration shown  in this despatch by Sir Edward Grey.   I can
only repeat to you in this formal
way what I said to you personally
last evening, assuring you of the
president's sincere appreciation ol
tho cordial spirit shown by your
government.   It is specially gratifying to the president to feel that
it has been possible for this country
to show in' any practical way,
however small, its friendship to a
community ol your people at a
time ol such suffering and need.
received and Interest allowed
opening account,  and   com-
S.ivixiis Dki'ai.tmkxt Deposit
.it current rate fnnn dule of|
pounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In nil parts of Canada,-Unite.) Slates and
Europe.   Special .itlentinn given to Collect ions,
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C—A, E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
M. SPROAT, Real Estate Offiiet, Cowan Block.
CluNWlOOK, Jan, 25.—Play at
the bonspiel competitions was continued yesterday morning at T a.m.
with the ice in the verv Iiest
condition, Its keenness was rather
increased during the day, and with
the temperature steadily approaching the zero mark as the evening
came on. Thc finals, will lu. played
to-morrow under conditions favoring thc most perfect exposition ol
the game.
In the B. C. Curling Association
trophy Walley and Fox of Nelson,
play off the final in this competition.
In the semi-finals lor the Oliver
cup, Fox of Nelson, beat McCallum
of Cranbrook, and Carrie, of Nelson
beat Judge Wilson, ol Cranbrook.
This leaves another final in two
Nelson rinks
brook, meets Forin, of Nelson, in
the semi-finals of the Walkerville
Cranbrook is still in the Grand
Challenge cup, and will meet
Carrie, ol Nelson, in the final in
the morning.
i the  bride  by   MiSB
In the All-Comer? final Forin of j(r am| Mr<  S|lliW
Progress in tlie local competition il
a little slow only three games having
taken place since our last issue as
Calgary Cup—Naim li), Kincail 8,
Burns Cup—Nairn 13, Kincaid 8;
McCarter 14, Jaokson 6.
On Wednesday evening Jan. 23rd,
at 8 o'clock, George I). Shaw and Emma A. Rogers, both ol Revelstoke,
were united in marriage by Rev. J. R.
Robertson. Tbe ceremony took place
at the pastor's residence. The groom
was supported by J. D. Maboney and
bride  by   MisB  Frida Johnson.
Nelson, will meet either McNicoll
ol Phoenix, or Walley, of Nelson.
To-morrow Pinkham, of Cran-
^^^^^^^^ 1 take up their
residence in Revelstoke and their
many fricndi wish them a long life ol
happiness and prosperity. .mi
7T'i »     /H\i-i{f^1l'%/»».i-itS   opinion upon the "cure fnrcorruption"
means i i avoiding lhu truub'-a nnd expense o( getting oul the vote.   Somo
= voters will not go to the polls unless
. JcArringCH  i,' M'ut for ihunijHdiiie will
lit ;u 'ii.,; -tK-;..?i '." i-i.■:'. nn1., "* ' .i
..... in England,
.:.I * '.imidii.
llv tbe v, .- [thn igh ;-. -■■ ftici |    $2.50
Half      "      1.30
■yuart-er "       *' 1,00
■jB t- I'.l *; tNQ promptly executed at retwon*
ir'..- rn ■ -.
rEBUS- n-h,   BobscnptlODB pnynl-k in ad;
ORRESrnNDENCK hi vital on man em of
public intercut. UommuidcaiiunH io ivli-
tor muM be ftccuiuimiiictl by name of
writer, nut neeesearuy fo publication, bui
w evidence of m»d faith. ComspoiKlcncc
should be brief.
Legalnoti eilOcenlB per line flint insertion
5 cental per line each subsequent Insertion.
Measure neiit- Nonpartcl [12 Iim*- ni iku on*
inchl- ^".ore ami geii-tra.! bubinosa un
nounccnn nil 12.50 jut Inch per nmnih.
Preferred positions, 23 per tent, ad*
ilitiivil, Births Mtrrinue* nnd Dontlu,
:■. eaeta Insertion, limber notices $5,00
Lind ii ■■.ice* 9?.*5Q All ulvertUementi
.- ibject io tbe Approval of the management
Wanted and Condensed Advertisement*:
Agent-* .\ anted, Help Wauled, Situations
wanted, Situauong VnceoL Tenobcrr
Wanted, Mechanic .VaiiLod, 1> wutdi ui
lea 'if-:., each additional line lu cent-;
Changes In standing advertisement* must
boln bj '.< a. li. Tuesday and t'rldny
btth week to Beoure /ood di-pluj.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office ;\gents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Morphv,       Haiioi.ii FlSHEE
Birrliteri, n*.1i (tors. Etc.
a::*. l.i i  im. thoutlake,b. u.
.    I   . II.UV f. 0. Kl.l.lOil.
babkisters, s..i.1c1t..hh, etc.
Offices: Imimu.u. Hank iii-ock,  Hkvri.
'stoke, B, 0,
Money to loan.
Offices: Reveliloke, B. Ci Eon Steele, II. t!.
Geo. S. McCarter,
A. -M. l'lNKUAM.
Revelitoko, B. C.
J. A, Harvey,
Eor. Steele. B. C.
J.M.Scott 1.I..1.
W, I. BrlKKi.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
Solicitors for Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.(J.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveylng
McKenzie Avenue,
bos 100, bevelstoke.
not un to the polls until the man
with money calls (or them. The pro-
. tC-.l ! nv would il ■ uwuy entirely
with lb--i- heavy expenses and would
compel the bribe waiter to gu to the
p-tllr, or cease to be .1 voter. The ex
biting hiw of course bus undertaken :o
deal with the "gettingout of the vote"
evil, Hut tt6siunlug tlint a voter ivill
not vote unless lie is sen! for und
i- ...veyeil to tbo polls, is it piobabli
that the fear ol boinj; disfranchised lor
u lew years will induce him lo go to
the polls voluntarily? If a candidate
believes that he will lose the vote ol a
friend int merely in tbo pending
election but in that which is to follow
if l.o sends no conveyance, is lie not
more likely to send a conveyance,
under the preient conditions whicli
deprive him ..I but ono vote il the
conveyance be not sent" Those who
strongly advocate compulsory voting
have worthy aims, They want to put
an end lo present duy evils, but let tbo
matter bo argued out thoroughly su as
to prevent the curing of one evil by
introducing others equally deplorable.
The one feature of the proposition
open to criticism is the coercive phase.
Many electors refrain frnm voting as a
half-way measure, They do not want
to support their own party and they
do not wish to vote lur the other
party. These electors are expressing
their opinion in thoir own way.
Gbe fl&aiMberalb
"I won! . . . earnestly a vise thorn for
their good to order this paper to tie punctually
*ervt..l ui.. .intl to be looked upon a* 11 purl of
the tea equipage"—ADDISON.
SATURDAY, JAN. 26, 1907
That tbe compulsory vote in Canada will be really satisfactory is an open
question. Certainly it is not eaBy to
believe tbat it would be a ease for corruption If a man is base enough to
sell his vote is be not as likely to dispose of it when he ia compelled to cast
it as he is when tbe marking of the
ball t is a voluntary process? The
really corrupt elector would not bc
s'l'ected in the slightest degree by the
institution of the compulsory principal Tuday he votes, if bought, and,
failing thai, absents himself from the
polls. Under the compulsory plan
be will vote it ix.ugl.i. and,failing
that, co to the polls and spoil
his ballot. While some advocates oi
tbe  compulsory   principle have their
Revelstoke bus ideal robustness,
Only a few years ago she was a ami-
parutively small town, but now she is
a eity with a rapidly growing population which is tbo least evidence of her
increase in si/.e and importance.
Business blocks, buildings and residences rivalling anything in the interior fora city of like size while a
setting of superb natural boautiea is
evidenced and wonders distancing any
other oity, practically, in tbe province.
And beyond all this in suggestiveness
is tlie march of medium.priced residences on all sides especially to the
east. The best ol Kevelstoke ia the
toneol tbo community, Educationally tliis is clearly demonstrated and
religiously it iB as noticeable though
not as easily shown. Tlie rapid groivili
of the • schools has been a distinctive
feature and here we have an overgrown school which has leaped ahead
almost phenomenally in the few years
of its existence with a principal who
has been installed only practically
recently and boys and girls who carry
out their daily tasks without monitors
or spies upon their behaviour, and
tbey are manly und womanly in bear
ing as any school in the Dominion.
Best of all there has been the triumph
of school morals over conceit und
vandalism and 1.0 higher niojiil standard can be lound anywhere in liritish
From i'ur Own ("orruapondoii.,
Mr.   Keen,  l.boral  candidate   for
Kaslii, spout .1 duy in town on liis way
to Trout Lake,   ivb.-ie   lie   will   bold
Mr. lt. F, Green has returned Ir	
Trout Lake uud is speudihg a day in
Owing to connections being cut ull
between Trout Lake and Garrard, the
truffle bus to pass via Arrowhead now,
The young conservatives ol Ilevelstoke arrived here by special train on
Wednesday evening and hnd a lively
lime amongst, tho young liberals and
conservatives hero in town.
Our hockey team arrived Inline all
0 K and not much tho worse tor their
Tbe Liberal Assooiation ia having n
special wire put in for to receive the
returns ol elections on the 2nd of
February, lit their rooms.
Corporation of the City of
Financial Statement for the Year 1906
The Ladies Auxiliary to the Brotherhood ol Railroad Trainmen, extend
their thanks to all tlu.se who assisted
in any way to make their "At Home"
such a success.
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
liuuse and Lot on Second Street, 50
feet, one Itlock from School
houae. Brick, ten rooms with
furnace and all modern plumbing, closets, pantries, basement
stone foundation.
House and Lot, on comer First strict
und Boyle Avenue, a business
Warehouse and Lot on Corner Smelter
Tr ck anil Third Street a ith
spur to warehouse,
Villa Lot adjoining City Limits on
Big llend Road. A good stone
quarry and first-class gravel
and sand for building purposes,
A good bod of Brick Clay und
tliree acres cleared suitable fur
fruit growing.
Six Lots iu Hlock 40.
One Lot in Blo;k 44, 60 foot.
Two Lota on Eighth St., 100 foot.
One Lot, Block 1)7, with olilco
F .in- Lots, Block 08, 26 tout, Cor.
Third Street and Connaught Avenue.
One Lot, 60 toot, ou Douglas Street
Hill. Contuins.goed building, gravel
and saml.
A well bred Mare, Cutter, Democrat
Wagon, two sets harness—(1 set of
driving, 1 set ol work.
Farm Lands in Okanagan.
Interest in good mining propel ty
and timber limits.
Twenty aerea good land in North
Vancouver--$00 per aero.
G.od Farm lands in Buckley valley.
Four lots in the town of Golden.
First-class residential property.
One Cement Block Plant in good
working order with all attaclnnei is
Fur lull particulars imply to
Nntii-i'is lu-i-eliy given thai Mi daya
after date I intend to apply to the
Chiel' Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred .....I forty acres of land lying
in the Foslhall Valley on tho weal sid..
of Cpper Arrow Luke, described as
(' leneingnt n posl marked "William Harlow's north-easl corner posl,"
planted II" chains wesl of Ln! LYili,
Group  I.  K..nti'...-.vi  Ihence wesi HO
ehnins, thonc llth 80 chain-., iln	
east **" chains, thehce north SOcbaii -
in the pi ice ol !•......... -t.M. -ii.-ui. mi u
Ininiii-.: ''-I" ion -.:n  i- -i !■ --.
Dnted Ihis ilti. d i\      Soveniln'r,
no. 28 wcil   Pel T. 5. McPI
Ii.-ui Properly Tiki, 1899
I 1,90*1 IK
Ileal Properly Tn.u-a. l'..-.:ii
l-..,*l.'i ft'
I.....U on laxe* Iron. M..1-
son* lin..!.-	
7,t tin un
US .9
77J SO
Weighing Foci	
111 85
JU 0.1
Bale of oltl Typewriter...
Rotunda, nioiie. paid by
111 JU
Government   Grin!   lo
2,189 40
Accrued Intereit, Deben-
...re "1"	
77 10
Fog Tax	
1.0 00
I'e-nelerv Loll	
-.80 00
Int. on .Slutting Fundi...
•J9!l 10
jt:.:",sui 83
Water  nml  !.ig!it littles
Meter Hents, lnslulln-
liniis, nnil   Tniiplug
80,019 ;:4
(33,881 17
lll.G'.ll ls
Constituency—Retiring Member Liberal Conservative -    tliei  .■■*      rlndepei    nl
Atlin—Dr. Ycine, Con	
Alberni—Wm. .Manson. Con. .   .
Cariboo—J, Murphy, Lib	
2nd feat—II. Junes. Lib	
Chilliwack—C. Munro, Lib,
Colombia—W, C. Well.. Lib....
Comox—R. Grant, Con. 	
Cowichan—J, 8*. Evans, Lib. ...
Cranbrook—Dr. King, Lib 	
Delta—John Oliver, Lib	
Dewdney—R. McBride, Con.
E«quimalt—0. E. Pooley, Con..
Ferine—W. K. Id*,, Con,
Grand Forks—Geo, Fraser, Con.
Greenwood—J !'.. Brown, Lib,
lilandi-T. VV, Paierson, Lib,
Kauiloope—F. J. Fulton. Con,
Katlo— R.F. Green, Oon	
Lillooet—A Mn I ion aid, Con.
Nanaimo—J   Hawthornthwaite,
lelson—J. Houston, Con	
fewotttle— 1*. Williams, Soc.   .
Jew Westminster—T, Giffoid, C
Okanagan—P. Ellison, Con	
Revelstoke—T. Taylor, Con	
Ri-hmond—F, I. Carter-Cotton,
Capt. John Inin
H. Brewster
lt. Vnrst.iii	
H. Jones	
C VV, Monro.,.
VV. C Wells,
,1. li. Bennett
.1. N. Evans ,.
Dr. King..  .  .
John Oliver
Robert Jardine
John .lardine.
Win. Dicken .
Herbert Gregory
E, Naden 	
T, VV, l'aters.on..
.1. D, Swanson
Juhn Keen	
Mr. Eagleion...
II Shoppard ..
It.-, i, A  li Hal!
,|-  W. llnwuy
-Hr. Maedonald
Robert Caley
,,l. W. Wen.!
g Or. Young 	
Wm. Miinson.
. Charles Wilson
. I.. J, Champion .
,8, A. I'u'.il'-y...    .
II. G Parsons
R, Grant
VV. II Hayward
.1 A. Harvey   ...
I* ll. Mackenzie
l;  McBride
0 E Poole)
VV. R R -■
Emeil Miller
E, il, Warren	
.A. E, Mcl'billips
F J. Fulton ..
Neil F. Mackay
, A. McDonald 	
llr. S. O'lirbiu .....
1 A Kirkpatrick
I. it Cairn's
T.i iilionl       .    .
Price Ellison	
Thos, Taylor	
l-\ I.  Carter-Cotton
mi..- i .ii--.- igh   - i
C a Mackintosh Ind; Richard*. Hoc
i*. i-; Ki     Sou
Vi   II  Mure Soo	
lohn Mi I i.i.- -. -- -
Edgar E Dynes Soc
w, .1 Ledingl u
ltos.-lai.d-J. A. Maedonald, Lib.
laaniob—H, Tanner, Lib	
Similkameen—L. VV, Shatiord, Con,,
Skeeno—('. VV, H Clifford, Con,
Slocan—Wm. Davidson, Lab. Sue. .
Vancouver. I —!!. G, Tatlow, Con,
•!_('. Wilson, Con	
"       !(—.!, F. Garden. Con.
I--W..I. Bowser, Con	
6—A.H.II.Maer.'.nun, dm
.1. A. Maedonald  borne A Campbell
John Piorcy        D, M. Ehcrts
Smith I'm-ii-       L VV. Shutlord
Dr. Kergln VV, It, Lord
A ll Dookstoador. VVin, Hunter
I; 1". McLennan ,lt G.Tatlow
.1. VV. Hell. FarrliDr. (I. A Mcduire,
Judge II.-rnInr*..n .1. V. Garden	
T. F. Norlands . W. J. Bowior
VV'.W. II MelniiwA. II. II. Macgowan
Victoria, 1—R. L. Drury, Lib,        ,|R I. Drury It. MoBride
2—W, G, Camorou, Lib....  W. G, Cameron.  H, B. Tompson
II—J. D. McNiven. Lib J, D. McNivim... Henry Bohnson
-l-R. Hall Lib R. Hall F, Davey.......
Vaie—Stuart Henderson, Lib  Stuart HondornonO, A. Somlln	
Yinir—H. Wright, Con |j. F, Iluinc I, Schoflold John Houston, Inil.
I. II  llii.iiii,,i-f,iii. ..*-   Si
Frank Phillips, - -
I'. Williams -■ <■
J 8. Rainey, Lab
I VV, Lt v" Boo
VV. VV, Leleiu*. 8oo,
i i arlei Kill - v- Soc
\. I*   I!-:.-"  H..C
in., I-. VVInkl.r Soo
li. Sergeant	
Wm Davidson. Soo.
If I' Pettipiece, Soo
I, II MoVety.Snc,
I II Dubberly,Soc
\. I,* Htehhinus, Soc,
K, WilliamH, Lab.
AH  I'erry, Lab
J, C, Walters, Soo
.V, II. Maroon, Lab. ..
Dr. I'l, Hall, Lab.
E. Johnson, Lab.   .
..    i ..
llillii-li'C.lll. I. I'l-l     Sll. II
Streets Ptl'l Sl'lowalUa, new ,
nor.   OiK'MI
Benin ...Nri-i'i*  158 7.)
I in. Brigade li|tilpmc;.t.. 1,309 911
No.. lii-elliili  loooo
l-'Uel     376 71.
Ins..mure, buildings  607 60
"      Firemen  160(H)
lileelioll expenses  Ititi 111
Slek niul liealllulc  3.6-17
.ennuis, Road Tax  78 id
Snow Service  list..
found  jjsj st
Olliee Furniture  i'l 55
1'yj.Cwrl.li.g and lliing by.
laws   jfi 7.)
lle]iiu.ls,i.ioiley paid ioeity JS 61
Scalea, liiipootton lee  ;; 10
Oommliilou col, Road Tux 105 00
Premium!,Clerks' bond*.. IffiOO
Telopi-iiue Heutnl  s:[ iVJ
l!c].iiynient uu Tux tomi ., .1.077 35
Interest on Tux Loalu  I.iii-j lo
Civic Salaries  j,.7,'i mi
Police Snlarlea  9,805 00
I'olloe lieneru. Expenses... 701 10
l.ojitttn and utalntunanco
ol buildings  Bun.
lieulib liet.nr.iue.it  ;i,i 05
Repairs lo tools tun! I...pie
incuts  76 70
lui.tiesls  ur, oo
humping ground  su 2..
Murveyi  ,'>u u.'>
li.iil.siinti suo.v plow  -jjs 50
..'.-Hieleiy  |0 15
hiylnel.ls lit l-'iieinen  li-jti ;si
I'rlnliug ami siiiiiouery... int mi
Postage and Telegrams.... un 00
Prisoners.' Keep  -.-II ..o
1-iro Alalin repairs.  7 ;.u
l.i.niiii.iiis  800 nu
Debenture lutcroai",.1 ... 7.'>n nu
"IS"... Iini.ll
"    ".'".... -JJ..IIII
"     •'..."....      15	
"             "      "I-".... iljuilll
"         "    "ii".... .on on
"         "     "-ii"... ii.iijjii
"               "       "I" .... 1,0.10 1X1
Sinking Fuil.l. Ileben, "A" 177 IJ
.•B" 05 85
••If" If. IU
I.                       Iljjl, ,,;;m,
"I... SH 01
,,;., W|   ||
"'            "          "II" I SIS 78
"I" 659 .VI
I'l'lil.lr Sellool,-
■l'eiii-licrs(ti 800 00
■l.inititi'. 510 On
Seeretary I ll llll
Inetd'n.'l 188 28
Bepalrs 94186
Fuel 061 14
Viipj.llcs 781 113
Furnll're 185 05
lirounils . .171. 45
 10.ll.il i.i
Until Si-Hfitii,-.
TeaCers I.SSJ ihi
Janitor 55 nn
Fornll'ro 961 10
A Her'.'.is 820 93
l.lbrnr). 201 .'..'.
Inr-ltl'iil'l 111 US
SIIJ.plies       11 It*.
 112,708 in
I 1. MeH.ll:. Clmiriniiu. |    —	
i ll FiOTi.,Secretary. I
I.lgl.l .iiniii     fl.ll.2 .tl
Wnler   "     1,180 '.rj
lii-iiilliiiii.iiiniiit-i-iitls.,.. 1,102 .-'i
I....1-  lllillfl
I'rlulliig ami Slatlonery, 7:: m
i.-i.|i!ii.n.- r.-iilnl   72....
Waler r'f[...irsiv maiiilen. mw 21
Hie-In  I,-.'..:.....
'■e.ii-ral expeiuu  f-..i 17
*in-li Ico  333 6n
Fii-I  IMllj
Sularlci    .. .'...mil on
snrvoya  5 nn
Iniuriiico.  mil ou
Wnter r.-iilnl   58 Wl
Dynamo nnl Motors  3,901 70
im mill lien -.-.-nrk mi
I.......                  . 7,|:10|.|1
'.int. m-i f Motor! 118 "
WAlJiK  t\L\U   JUlVJni   Uliim-i.,,.^..
Profit and Loss Account.
To l.i.-ei.u.i..-	
" t'rluliuKund Sliilimiory	
■' Wator Ropaira and Muiulonnuce,
" .leiier.il Expense	
" Euol	
" Electric llo..alri.it.d Maintenance
" s.il.iric-	
" Survey	
" Insurance	
•• Waterltout.il ...."". ',!7.'.T
" Ho.tiiii-.- Iii ltit.it]	
" InsjK.cttn.1 ol .Motors	
- 1.3111 J.li Ily Wnler lln...-	
illWl    " Llgl.l     *•    	
72 iu! " Tapping Mali..* 	
3U2 21! " [nilnllatlnnami Elxtiirea...
an n
llllll Ml
389 ta
1,255 (1!.
:, oo
*""" ;.s tin
1 IIS 5.1
$18,891 fil
llaluncolprolltl     11,5111 ll
Haw. 78
Cenilied (■(..•;eot-B, A. LAWSON, City Auditor.
January 12th 11107.
"" M"lei- ll......
$ I'.fi.:. 7n
:i-.i n
mi !»i
820 .vi
1*1,18.*. 7*
City Treaiurer.
lo Tin* Electors Oi Revelstoke iinf
GENTLEMEN:—Having been norainntcd to contest this
Hiding, I beg to offer you my best services, nnd to state that
if elected lo represent you, 1 will do tny utmost at all times to
advance the interests of the Hiding.
1 believe in clean Government, mid that tbe party in power
should l.e, beyond the suspicion of wrong doing.
In the matter of Public Works, I will see that we gel appropriations commensurate with tlie large amount of revenue
we turn into thc Treasury, nnd suitable to our extra heeds of
roads, trails, und bridges, and the proper maintenance ol same.
I believe in tlie return to n system of State Education,
which will allow proper salaries to our School Teachers; will
mnke provision for tlio up keep of Schools in the Rural Districts, and the free distribution of school books, etc.
1 will at nil times oppose lhe introduction of tlio Asiatic
element into our midst, or the bringing of aliens who cannot
be assimilated, into tliis province.
[ believe in tlio conservation of our lands and other assets
nml will strongly oppose tlio giving the same to Corporations,
1 believe in ibo reorganization of thc Lands Department,
niul would favor tin- surveying by Provincial Land Surveyors
of tlio binds suitable tin* agriculture or fruit raising, so lhat
proper information can be given intending settlers; also assistance to settlers in clearing the land and milking the same
"'available at an early dnte.
Awaiting the honor of your call, gentlemen, on the second
of February, 1 bog to subscribe myself,
Your Obedient Servant,
Winter Carnival
February 124344-15 and 16
Five Grand Trophies and .82,01111 in prizes.   Twu hands in attendance
HOCKEY—International and iu tor-Provincial championships.
SNOWSHOEING—Ohiiniplonshlp of British Columbia.
TOBOGGANING—A mile a minute down lhe "ZIP."
SK1-ING—Jumping nnd lincing.   Championship of Canada,
SKATING RACES—For championship of British Columbia.
CURLING—A Provincial Bonspiel.
Horse Kucingi Miisi|uoradi.ig, Tug-ol'-War and other in.cresting evenis,
I'or further particulars npplv!..
E. ADAMS, Seoroliiry,
Reduced railwiiv rates.... all lines
|. S. C, FRASER, Presidcnl,
I 77,601 Hi
BALANCE   Current Revenue and Expenditure Account.
.   -
- ■ i -
'  -     .'.     I '    MII..III
llyT.. Arronn, l-'*i-l!.il     I   8M51
j.,...,, lien IM 11
,, , imi noi u
.....  ,.                           I'M  . 2,:|-,.I3I
I            2,818 11
i'u                    . 1,102 01
■ ■ : nn unpaid toxo. s-'m •"•!
id . »hl ice ti dot Ui City. n,8!l '.»l
118,9)3 it
ii ......   8,006 21
•l!7,*.-.8 2-
InrurpDnitwl hy Acl cf I'ltrllninont, 185!>,
Will. M.II.S..N MAOJ'HKIIBON, Pies. S, II. I'lwiMi, Viee-P
Jamkb Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid ua, $3,000,000
Resem, $3,000,000
I'lvi'i-ythiug iu way of hanking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
interest credited twice a year at current rates on Havings bunk
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, £. C.
* ■    '
.   . .
■     -
*■   tl
-   I
... -
1   .                I-.,I,.I
.. '          II
1188 18
1-n ill
Wl J
l.l.l.Illll' 11 1 l.illlliltlil.
IIW77 1         I Ml,' I'	
. II..II.I III' I...I fl. I
I  .. llllll
Imiii |lrif.l|.|n 1'f 11| I .llllllll.
lfin     irmB) 	
n.-.-ri- ii (Iroi.ml
. ni iiiii
1...1 I in 19, lin-'. ,;
Ofllos Pnrnltnro
Iliiiltliini. Ilniiinil
inul i mul lni.ilii.il'.nl
1,1 "*l'"  Iiiiiiiii.-.. Iim ni. I i.-.i l,..i
»lll-l,,,ili I*
..   ..' 10
'...i.-if „
I      Ml   Mi
- . ::
'jIu is
1,022 -ji
I  Ml   II
1,801 nt
1,180 It
260 hi
mm -ii
l-i-ri Ul
no tu
Nolice la lioroby given I'.al 30 tluya aflor dale
.- 'illilciul lo..|i,:(y lo I' r.(:lilcl(."ii...n.laal....ct..l
! -mils ami ..'i.ka l-.r iiapcelal lleense in em
nml earrv auav ..i.nbor Iron, llie (iillo.vlng
rl.. c.ll.cl Inula In Weal Kooicnay dl.trlct:
I (lummnnclng n a post planleil abuul 1
....I.- it ..ril. Iron. ilu. norlli -west coruor of ll.e
K, .V S. clock son, an.l marked "lllg llend
Lumbor .'o.u|.iiiij'* snulb-eial .iirner post,"
lli.-.i.-e norlli sinjiiiiiiH. ihenee weat SOehllua.
<liel.ee alt.III. 80 ellllltla, lllttlll-e  Ml*. *" flllllll*
to pninl tti commencement,
:   (-..uiu......-Ing a. n poil planted ibonl I
ml!.- ntirlli mon Um unrlli-ueai corner of K. .*
H. Itlock 80(1, nml uuu tul "lllg Hi-mi l.iilnliiT
i:inn|iiitiv.| ii.irlli-eitsl eurner posl," llienee
it ci. sn elinlli*. tlionco sontli 8" clialns, thenee
.-..*. SO i-l.itn.*, Il.cl.ee ..... ll. 80 ohal.li to pollll
... en.......-..(-.'luel...
.-. Commoneliig ... a imst iilanled aboul 2
mil"* ..is. ..-iiu liuni nick 1'i.lul. mi rpper.. r-
tun Lake, ..ml ...arke.i "I1,II.Ij.Co.'s souih-ona.
corner poll!" Ihoiieu nurlb su ohalm, tlience
iveil... -....!..*, Ibenco iouth80oiiolni, llionoo
mist Sll eliittns ... ]nil..tol eoillineneemellt
I. ...in.lieu.-!.... ... ft p.... nlatileil aboul ll
miles .vest from Ilniu k p..lut, on Upper Ar-
row lake, inul marked "ll.ll.l/.Cn.'l lOUlh-OIlt
corner poit," tlicn.au norlli 80 el.olni, thouco
m-i. in elialm., Iliuncciuull. OUclialni, lliuncc
ca i. Bo. tun..- in poll.. ..I i iiiii-net'iui'iii.
Iniliil I.CCCIIlllCI lull, nw
■aijiii.:.      III'. I1ENI1 I.HMIIEH CO., Mil,
Nnl i.r
.ii.-I iIr|*<
III... .1.111 ll'
i'iI I.link,
ill    Illll   .01
l.iU ni lln
I '	
M. I'l.n
planlrd nl
80ji ih,-in
Hn clmins,
WCsl Him I
1195,581 Ml    uov iS w«U
lu'ivlij Kivi'ii l',M, (k' l'u)'R
iinil u. npply io iln- Cliifll'
ol l.in.l*. k \\'or\i* I'm per*
ili.i-i* ilic followinKdtfMCrib'*
icil in Mm* U't'si Kooianay
wi'.«.i nitli' of I'ppi'i Arrow
hi hull ViilU-y:
iy ,*u ;i pici marked "T. M.
uilh'weal  corner   piisi,"
ie norlh-wcsl corner of Loi
north Sn rlinins, thenca east
ice seuili Ho clmiiis, lllOIICO
lo poinl of dbmmcnccroent)
jicics, more or loss*
il day ol Novflraberj 1906.
\ul ice U lii'roby Klrfeu thut :fi) dnys After tilt* 1
inluml tn npply tu tlio Ohlef QuiDiniHaluner uf
l.;i ml< ami \\ urlis for a Hiici-lal llcunne to cut uml
cniry uwuy tlmlxir frnm Uie followinK d-oicrllirkl
liuni-. mi Mh lu-1 Creek, tributary tu Adunnt Lake,
l.illuii.'I Dlittrlct, II, C, un wint Hide;
1, Comiuenclnif nt ft post plnnted nn thu west
Imnk nf ciml furk Mleliel Creek uhuut uluhtiiitlbH
frutu A.I;.in-, Lake, murked "A, Mut'oimt-Wn
.-milli"iviM. fi.inei Mklml Creok, Lluilt Nn. 1,"
i iiniiliii; Hi) ehuillH eiiHt, bit fliaiii-*! imrtli. BU (.hulli-*
weit, Ml I'liuiiH huiilN tu point of cmuHieiiuemi'iit.
I!. 1'iiiiiiiifiii'iiinat u post planted un thfl wont
Imul. nf lhe <*u-t fnrk Michel creek ulmut elalit
mllen frum A<1iitDH Luke, marked "A. McConneU'ii
iiiTlli-ttrst. punier Michel creek, Limit No. i,"
inulling fin ciiains .-mt, Ml i-hniiH nnutli, W)cliains
went, mi . li.iiiH north tn point of cnmn-aiu-oment.
ij,  ('( iii'n'-'inx ut u pout plnnted on the rant
lm uk uf Michel creek about ilx miles fmni Album
l,n ki*. iiinikud "A. Mi'iiiimi'U ^ Huiitli-went eorner
Miihel creek, Miull Nu, 8," miming mi ehuins fust,
hi clialtm imiili, -JU elmlim nest, Ml elinlns Miuth tu
pluce of cum mem-elm* i it.
1. ciniiiiii'ticiiin at u post planted uu thi' enst
Imnk uf Michel ereek ubout six milos frum Adams
Like innrkeil "A. McOptihelt'a nnrtli-ffesl eurner
Michel creek, Limit Nu. 4," running Micliaiiw east,
»ii I'lmliiH snulli, 8U ehuins west, Hii elm Ins nnrtli tu
plui'DOf cnnillieillt'lliciit.
0, Com iictii'iiiK ul u pusl planted on the ne.-i
Imnk o iMIcliol ereek nbmit seven miles from
AdiiiiH Ifcike, marked "A. McCuniicir** Hnuth-east
cornor Miihel creek, Limit Nn, .V" vuiiniii-' li,fi
.'llllllis llinlll, -III 1-llllilH West, 1(10 ullftillH -,1.11111,-111
elm in*, uaat tu pliue id eoiiiiiiein'Cinciit,
MuU'iIDit. i,Hi, l!HHi,
Innltwnl A. McCONNKLL.
Notice in Innelij ulvuil that 80 iIuysuMonlftU I
Inl'•ml in apply tu the llmi. the Chief Coin mission
ci* ul 1,'imli nnd Wurks fur a upectal liceu-io tu rut
nnl miry auay tlmlici frmn the following de-
m'lilieil liunh in Weit Kni-leiiay district;
Onii in i'in* I nn at a pnsl plnuteil tu chains west nf
tin- wuth-winl o mer of Timber Limit ww und
innrkeil "(.'. .Skiiiticr's iiuitli-eust enrnor," theiii'o
i-'1* eliains smith tlience lu cbulns eust, thence IC"
clmins nortli) thenco to clmins west tu plnce uf
LucuU'dllwuilierlst, ltKHJ.
-le'* Yi "ut A. M.Kymonn. Agent,
Nothing tMtttr Own our "tpKlal. 1ACT1AL All Al f 1TIIE Itt,
flafeFbomOctf&ilfa ?/37%<?J?or<fer>
WHEN in tolerable prnsor-
vation and paaaabla in
appearance, carpets aro
a discouraging feature
in the autumn.il domestic upheaval.
They Luve riathored dust .luring the
absence of the family—no matter
how carefully the sun lias been excluded by closed shutters ni-d low-
*red similes, tbe colors have suffer-
ed from heated light, producing a
general effect of dingincss peculiarly dispiriting to the frugal housewife.
For. ns none of ns needs to be
told, floors ninl windows ure tho
most serious items in computing
the probable cost of housefurnish-
ing. Vour notable manager will
tell you lhat, when hangings arc
up nnd enrpots (or rugs) tire down,
the rooms are "more i inin half furnished." What follows i; mem l»ust soon I"
child's pluy by comparison. Tables,
beds, chairs, solas and sideboard,
arc optional with the mistress. If Take that as your starling point,
there nre few, ingenuity is brought Have tlio carpet beaten fret- of
into exercise to place them to the dust; tako it to tlie least-frequeiiie.l
best advantage, and no conventional decree in this our day obliges
creased cost of living anu
ward tendency of everything, . x-
cept wages. tSl.e is sore of henrl—
poor woman!—and, although she
may never have beard tbe word, a
pessimist of a pronoineod type,
Nevertheless, it is she, and at
this season, with whom 1 would
hold converse today.
You may not bo able to make
money. Vou and evory oilier woman—even a busy cdilor—can make
time to do what must be done. And.
since your carpets are past.vorthy,
it follows that they must bc reuo-
Regin we with the dining mum.
It has not escaped your housewifely
eye that tho,breadths ne*:t tlio walls
are comparatively unworn,
"Of course1" you interrupt, sarcastically;   "jiis-t  where  thoy  aro
room in your house; rip tho scams
nnd shift tho breadths.    Put tl.o
us to buy parlor and chamber, or
oven dining-room "sets." Carpets
and curtains arc obligatory and immutable. Xor is it worth our while
to pretend to ourselves that tim
wholesome fashion of hardwood or
painted floors emancipates us from
the bondaj'O of expensive lloor coverings. We need not buy carpeting by the hundred yards, but wo
do not sit nnd stand, on nuked
boards. The rich mask parquet and Sa«>'ver~"to' yourself a
mosaic with cosily rugs; the diy
laborer's wife spreads rag carpeting in her kitchen, and set imps hor
fninily bill-i.f-fnro all winter to get
what she shows ns "n genuwine
lirussil" (singular number, accent
breadths together again, piecing ingeniously, so as to bring the best
bits into the light and thru-ling
disreputable portions into dark corners, or where they will be shaded
by tho heavier articles of fund
turc.   A wint
an atrocious two-yard strip A
sidoboard is n friend in need, uml a
hearthrug a boon. You will lind
real pleasure in the task when yoll
talent for
matching figures and discerning
possible lit?.
if.     .11 urn.-)    i'i     '... »"       , ,
low bench may cover   1<lWV {f <*n*
—each vy.nj
its neighbor
//ow 76 eJ'eiv
(Strict 7hgp&t£er
contact with it.
'or smart they will be. and new
to all intents .Mid purposrs, with a
world of honest wear in them.
I bi've omitted in the inventory
of pastworlhy floor coverings ihe
grievous disappointntenl of tho
"filling" you laid down in vour own
bedroom four winters agone, in the
fond hope thnt it would be as serviceable as it was cheap. Vou bought
it for 1". cents a yard off nt an auction—a bankrupt sale, lt was soft
green in color—"Nile green," said
the auctioneer—nnd rested the eyes
with its modest uniformity of hue.
You mentioned to John, one unseasonably warm spring day, that it
reminded you of mosses and young
It began to fade by the Iir*! of
April, and has been nt Iho evil
wnrk ever since. Il has faded in
spots—"greenery yallow" an.l "yal-
aftron and sage color
in hideousness wilh
A more depressing,
hopeless carpet it would be hard to
imagine, and impossible to manufacture.
Why not rid your eyes and spirits
A7hv-7bmd &@ Sfofe From ffojeai of T,vo Ir/Imger
mnnv saucepans as you havo colors
or shades, an.l keep them hot while
you work. Use a bvoud painter's
brush—four inches in width is not
loo large—and apply with long,
straight swoeps. Paint toward you,
as you kneel on the carpet, receding ns the painted area broadens,
If you paint in stripes, or patterns,
let each dry before you begin another, that the colors will not run
into each other. If you would
have a border running around tho
main carpet cut out a conventional
design in stiff pasteboard, tack or
pin il to the carpet, and npply  'ye   churn it tr
within tl.e openwork of the design,   of gn«oliii.
shifting as ymi go.   This is known
by fresco painters ns "stenciling.'
P.. not step upon the dyed carpet until it is perfectly dry.
Our descending scale has brought
us to the home-made and vulgarly
dirty kitchen carpet, Were it mine,
I sliould wash it on the Hour.
Choose a fine, windy dny, when
John and the boys are safely oil to
work and to school, for lhe operation. Shavo a bar of old white
snap  into  a  pail  of  hot  wuler;
suds anil stir in a cup
(Have nu tire ill llie
In another pull, close at hand,
have plenty of clean hot water for
rinsing. Vou shoiil'd be provided
with a new, strong scrubbing brush
and abundance of clenn, soft cloths.
When everything is in order, scrub
that carpet as you would a lloor,
but with less slopping. Wash n
space the width of a breadth.and n
foot wide, rinse quickly and wipe
as dry as you can get it before Hiking the brush in hand for another
scrub. Proceed in this way until
you havo been ever .he whole carpet. Iini. the badly soiled pnrts
hard, applying the suds several
times bet'..re rinsing.
The ll.iur will be dry' in an astonishing short time, if von hnvo
not been too lavish with the water.
Leave windows nnd .lours ripen,
and let the air and sunshine do the.
t/Uctiluh. /ian£on*4
MENU FOR ONE DAY-By a Contributor
, . -. ,., "ill,   mi'/iii   »   *.>...    n^-----.   .—.   -
on last syllable! for the parlor. Wo   fore—and more thai, once—wliu set
the   table   "so   ns   to   humor   the
Wlu.n lho carpet is a harmonious of thc nightmare by dyeing it i   I
whole nnd on the floor, imitate tho am assured   by   six  incorruptible
example of n happy-go-lucky liuuse- witnesses that this is practicable,
wife whom I have quoted hero be- Hake up your mind what sehr
must have carpets, As axiomatic
is the assertion that carpets will
wear out, and lhe cheaper they ure
lhe sooner they give w..y, Furthermore, a worn or ragged enrpet imparts n poverty-stricken look to
room and house. Nu smartness of
furniture can banish or conceal tho
squalor of a dingy lloor'covering.
Appreciating the fell truth, our
housewife of narrow means surveys with dismay tlie threadbare
breadths in the middle of the dining room, defining where restless
feet have stirred or beaten tho pattern to death; tlie lines of grnv
blank spaces, stretching from doors
to hearth in the family parlor; the   die belli
spots" on lira cloth. Dispose your
furniture charitably, with an eye to
tlie weak points in your handiwork.
Tho parlor carpet, if good at
heart, may bo manipulated successfully in like inaiiner. The task is
easier, since the widest license prevail! in the disposition of rugs in
a drawing room. One expects lo
ft-o a nur under tlie plan >, whera
the feet of thn performer mii-l rest,
A smaller, east carelessly down diagonally, here an.l ihere, excites in.
suspicion of the bare space bent-nth.
Vou may not havo au open fireplace, but the sham chimney ami
mantel demand the corresponding
sham of n hearthrug—the bigger,
of color yuu will adopt, nml purchase patent dyes with this end in
view.   Mix wiib boiling water in as
RIUKFAST: Oulmcal porridge,
frloo* r.pjilos ainl bucon, Indian
meal griddle cukes, fruit, loa,
Oatmeal Porridge.
Peak thc liie.il a!l night ln the inner
vecsel of a rice boiler In plonly of
lukewarm water. Set tin- boiler ut tbo
back i.f Uk- move, covored, where It
will keep ivu.it. wl.liout cooking. In
.lie morning .1.1.1 ...ore war... walor, If
nece33.iry, to make It very soft; salt
to tasto nnil cook It ail libitum; 1. c,
aa long ns you can.
It should bo ot a Jelly-like consistency.
Fried Apples nml Eacon.
Pry thin slices of breakfast liacnn
ilowly until they are slightly brown
ed and crisped ... lire edges. Tako
llie... from tile pan uml keep hot in a
colander set in the oven. Have ready
uiij.lt.1 sliced, but not pared or corntl.
Fry tlioin In tht- bacon fut left In ll.o
pnii, turning once to brown both Bides.
(Serve In n healed dish und lay tlio
bacon ahout thorn. Pass powdered
sugar wllh .hem for I how- who tlnd
the apples too tart.
Indlnn Menl Griddle Cakes.
Wet two cups of Indian mn.il to a
mush with boiling wnler al night and
cook for on hour, stirring ofl.-n to
make It imoolli. Beat for Uin-e minutes and leave lt Io col. In .he ....tilling l.t-iit In a talilespnoiifiil of melted
buller ainl one nf moluaiCB, 111.-**" "gg»
beaten light, yolka and wiilt-s lo-
gotlior, alternately win. threo cups of
At rut
a till
l'« ai
holes worn in thc 75-ccnts-a-yard
ingrain, promoted only last year
from "mother's room" to the nursery. Tlie hand-made rag carpel in
the kitchen, n present from John's
mother, threo Christmases buck,
was turned Inst winter—but, bless
your soul! you can't expect ally-
thing but weir and tear ia a l.oust
when li.oro arc liiree boys, nil under l.V Tlio homc-mnde carpel
holds ils own, so fur as thnt own is
represented by warp and woof. i!"i
it is dirty—vulgarly and unor*
cnlly dirty! f
Our houseiiinlher is nut easl)} „,..
proached while sho ponders thoso
things in her henrl, ...id couples
them with n gloomy Inlk she held
with John last night upon the In*
Now for Ibe nursery i.grain, too
gnu.I to be thrown aside, even il yuu
could afford to do it, yet unpresentable in ils present dwhevcliuont.
Take it Up ainl bund!.! it up—nov. r
111in.l about slinking it—nmi send in
une uf a dozen factories, where i:
will be cleaned, torn inlo shreds,
woven inlo rugs nf lhe size desig-
n.ite.l in your letter uf instruction!
and returned lo you in such guise
as reminds you of the spring resurrection of leaf, bud and (lower from
the unsightly root buried in soil.
Meanwhile, have lln* nursery (loot
p.iii.le.l-i'r stained ...id oib'd let-
ling the children sleep ol«owhore
for threo nighis to allow pain! er
slain to dry so thoroughly thai ibe
smart new rugs will not sutler fnnn
T I-'HtST OLANCE I. lecm*. Jus.
ill*, fn,.'i.- '. that theie ihould
any doubt In a mailer of tlili
kind. Wiii-.i a ihii.K ia clean
why lla clean, und that i hi. end of it,
blit-lt lin't.
Said a b'jiy wuma.t not many days
since, I nm obliged to change my
boarding pluce and 1 dread tlie move,
but 1 ...un l.e where it li clean."
"I llioughi Mra. H wus a model
housekeeper," objected a byitander. "I
nm sure i.e. houic luoks Immncuiute."
"Weil, toe home does,' nd.nl.ted lhe
(In! ipeaker, "bu. 1 hud to B" inl., Uie
kii li- . day or io ;iso. while she was
i" il m u i aki nnd I hav. n'l been able lo
eai .i iii'uiliini ail,... v.uii i.ny degree of
comfort 01 coune, what you dun't
know ... .iii, world mnsn'i litm you, but
once having had ocular (ii-inniiaiiuiion
that vujr look testa lhe flavor of her
tutter with her liHi-r^, and lucks dip-
crlmlnatlon In lhe use of knlvei and
s, i. >.hi aient ujit to forget it. My
only chalice now ia ... move Intu .. new
hoc steer cloar <.f tiie kitchen."
. i i... -.. .*- ihal * one's persona! Ideu
of i-,-itt.ii. ess, varies according to up-
I ringing nationality, an-l inborn In-
ll.:..: Given .i '.-!'.. f. degree nf refine-
men., linger nails above reproach me u
mailer -f courie: ;--i haven't you mei
two members nf tin same family whose
notl-ilii .... .I.,- allium., of sua., und
wnler r.-.|.iirerl in keep .lie l.u.n.in body
iu presentable ihapo were ai widely
lilverRoitl ..a lhe Iwo polea?
A  frenchman look, askance at the
Kngiiah.nan a dally tub. u French tlr.-sa-
maker told tne that one of the grciilcal
(rials, of her life was titling a iiiiignlll-
...... gown on a l.nsslnn lady of IiIr..
rink over a rorn-t cover thu; hml been
worn for ill weeks! but you don't aip-
pole for .in Inalnnt thai woman i!i.n.i-lii
ah- w.is dirty.  Possibly if yob hail gut
Into a  ...an.allot.  ...ton   a.if-h  a matter
wllh her. ahe would have called your
i.tention lu lhc :.,..i of the peaian.i a.
one ..f the greatest eourrei of their
The.f wai once a .raveling man.
oonneoted with a big corporation, who
!.. lhe courie of his lourneylngi put
up al u hotel that Will very niueli lo
his liking. "1 huve a prlvato bathroom," hi- wroii. bulk ... one of hi..
f. II..W uorke.i, in il"- hiinie ollli-e,
■•fiiul tin. tub Is ii ilm.a-.- I t-ii.i hardly
wait for Saturday nighl to luko i"*-*
Wihliini) Down Quilts
VOWN (fUlUfl uml Bin rtl I feather or
pillows   wliu.ii   hnvi-  bo-
SOIllll    (Mil    111'    WllSllOtl    III
home, with very little trouble ur expense. Firsl choose h good dny, for tin1
drying is Imlf ihe battle, mul ymi need
Plenty ..f summlm* und *' gentle wind.
Uie lukewarm wator ami otto of the
many pure Boapfl thul arc li. tin* market Juhi nuw, antl avoid a washboard.
It won't be of nny holp, ami it will certainly jiull yonr quill or pillow oul of
Rli;i|>e. Hul) thoroughly wiih the soap,
squeezing ami putting wild your hunfla
as you mighl ilm* woolen underwear,
Rinse In two ur threo clear waters ami
hang up to Hry In the sunlight, A (lanh
i.f *salt in iho wnlor will kcop the colors
from  fading,
Cleaning a Rusty Orate
AHI'STY   grate   Ih  an  eyesore,   yet
grates will runt olthor from damp
or neglect, ami 1 hIh Ih how they can
bo made presentable again.
Cover ihe unite thoiOUghly with black
lend, and leave It io diy on—perhaps
for three or four (Jays. This will eat
awny th" runt. Then clean in tlm usual
way' wllh black lead lo which a little
turpentine linn been added, With this
treatment your grate will be as good
as new.
bath," Throe out of lhe live men who
happeuml to hm' llmi letter smiled
broadly, and the other two are alii]
pondering u.h to the whereabouts of
tho Joke.
Whal U one man's poison la another's meat. Whal In fastidiousness
to one Ih ordinary comfort to another. The Russian Jew brought from
the slums to a hospital receiving
ward considers ihe Immersion of hin
body by.thfl authorities thoro an much
a work cf super oro gallon na does iii"
man who "taken a hulli one,, a week,
whether he n la il. or not," the dally
abhiliotiH of Ills daintier neighbor,
I know women whose hiiUH'H are in
a continual turmoil of disorder; yet
they arc satlslled bocauso "the corners an* ele,in" 1 know others who
present a .shiniim. HpoiiesH front to
tin* world; yet their neighbors hint
darkly of untidy cupboards, mouldy
vogotttblos in the collar, and Impossible back yards, 1 know women
whoso bathing propensities ore a Joke
in llieir families, who pry into cake
boxes, miliT down lamp chimneys and
squander thnlr last pennies ou antiseptic preparations, who will mil shy
al a sollrd collar or a Btnlnod skirt
binding or oven at a handkerchief a
little the worse for wear. And I
knew one woman, the daintiness of
who.He small belongings were the admiration of all h. r friends, who told
me quite frankly that she ilet^stod
the outward application of water, und
only took a bath In order lo bo sanitary,
Of coiirne, Ihere ought lo be an ae-
copied standard of cleanliness, to
which Wo might all strive lo attain,
hut I um afraid it would he almost
as hard to decide upon as n standard
nf beauty, or brains, or attraction,
Kor the present, we'll have to Ing
along In the old way, eneh one believing his or her own idea of cleanliness Is tho true ono.
milk, added gradually, When all an.-
weil compounded add a cup of flour
Which had been sifted twice with Imlf
a teaspoonful of salt ami an even teaspoonful of soda. Give a final hard
beating of one minute and bake un a
BOapstone griddle, if you have one.
No hotter cakes than those come to
our  table.    1  ;;ul  tile   recipe  from  one
of Marlon Harlar.d's bookB twenty
years ago, and we have been grateful
to her ever since.
linked mince of beef, cheese straws,
roasted sweet potatoes, whole wheat
bread and bulter, light r.ikes and tea.
• 'hop tlie beef—cold roast or corned
—qultfl nne, removing gristle and
string:-, and mix with a third the
quantity of cold mashed potatoes
Walt an.l pepper to taste. Hav.* rea 1*.
In a Baucepan a cupful of weak stock
seasoned with a little made m us tar i
ami a teaspoonful of union Jul- ■.%'■.*
per '*cnt, of our cooks ruin mim-i* l.v
using too much onion.> Bring the
liquid lu a boll, stir iu the mine., and
cook two minutes, Now turn Into ,i
buttered bake dish, strew with fine
ciihuIh aud bake, covered, ten mi;:
tiles before hrownlnc quickly.
Pass pickles with it.
Cheese Straws.
Make a good pastry Of you do not
chance to have nome left over from
vision lay's pies), Cut Into shreds,
about the si7.e of pipe macaroni, and
roll in Parmesan cheese 'powdered)
Coat them thickly with this, and bake
quickly In it buttered nan Line a
healed dish willi a napkin an.l lay
ihem in It Kohl Hi.- napkin ov< r the
pile of straws and «■ rr(> itt once.
- Old   hare -soup,   breast    of   mutton,
braised wlm macaroni; cauliflower a
la oreme;   mashed  potato.-       trar»")
i UStard,  coffee.
"Old Hnre" Soun.
i A Souther i IWipc )
Skin, clean and Joint a pair of w:..,
hares.    Leave them  in  cold   salt  ami
waier fur one hour,    fhoti nn- and
wipe dry    IIive ready in a deep fry-
liig pan CllOUgh good dUppli.g to
cover lhe meat, fry in it a sliced
onion, then the pieces <.f ban- When
slightly browned turn the cun tents
of tbe pan inlo llie soup kettle; strew
uver the meat foui tablespoonfuls of
chopped salt park, and rover with
cold water nn inmi deep. l»u* un the
lid of the kettle and simm»r slowly
Ihree hours, or lunger, sbojild the
hares deserv the name bj which the
born Southerner knows ihem from
the time they are a day old When
the bones have fallen .rom the moat,
take the kettl* frnm the lire, and set
nside until tne soup Is cold Take
lhe fat from the top. lit will make
delicious dripping) Strain out the
moat,  squeezing  hard  and  dry.  stir
intu the liquid, when yuu have
heated It, two tabU-hpuunfuls
browned hour cooked to a boll
two tablespoonfuls of butte ; boll ap
once and add a pinch of cayenne, tha
Juice of a lemon, nd. Jusl before It
comes from uie lire, a glass of i-lierry.
i If the length and Sotalls of this
rei Ipe remind vou of your "distracted" Martha's "uiock turtle." take my
word for it that even a tyro need
not err therein.)
Breast of Mutton, BinJsed With
Chop half a pound of salt pork and
sprirkie it thickly in lh" biiu.ni of a
broad pot, Lay the mutton mi this;
strew With small din- "f carrots, unions
and tomatoes, bits uf celery and parb-
ley, There should b.. enough tl bury
lhe i'i'*: " ji "f sight   Add twu cupfuls
. '   : ■ .. * c v..f"r, cover Cl ■*"!> and OOOK
slow y for i early three hours, ur uiml
tend" r. II ilf 'in li - ii i» : ire yuu take
It , h ha : a ;io ind of ma. aronl
lender In salted K.i*'-r Take uui ihe
menl snd l iy on a hot platter lv *v
\\ warm "*'*r boiling water, Strain the
gravy lefi ui ihe pot, rubbing li through
ler, back Into tho keiiie. put
th.* macaroni Into tlm-.. bring to a boll,
.i*  :   ;    ir   all   around   the   meat   un   the
.    .'  * :
a i ivory snd sn economical dish.
N is 'iiu- mutton musi in- freed of
every Iiii of iis j?wn Ul before It Is
cooked i
Cauliflower a In Creme.
Hml th" cauliflower In two waters,
when you have trimmed it properly, ex*
changing lie hrst water for bulling
fn-sh ut ilu* end of lea minutes. Salt
Slightly, ainl ' ""k tor half an ln*ur longer Irani and dish ilu- cauliflower, and
cover with a g*'od drawn butter, Sot
over boiling water for ten minutes and
Caramel Custard.
Make tin* custard In the usual way,
»ake in a buttered mould, and let n get
.old. Set on lie unlll you are ready
,o use n. Then 'um out on a glass dish
and pi ';i ivcr .nei about it u cupful ot
caramel made by browning half a cup-
fijl of s.ig.ir over the Ure and. when It
in melted and bulling hot. adding a half
cupful of boiling water, Cook one minute and cool, This is especially tilea
made or maple s;igar.
Mrs. A   \K T. (Atlanta, Ga.)
Taper Flags for Decorations
TIK  prettiest  lags  for decorating
rhunh fair booths may be mad*
of ennkbd paper, and art only a
matter of a few minutes' work
Cut the paper, not Into a stiff oblong,
but with undilating edges, as though
the (lag were flapping in a breeze, and
paste ..ne end of it lo a handle of wood.
For these handles an ordinary woodea
box, provided the boards are fairly thia,
may be split up without much trouble. tti    *   VjL»'l»BWr'S
v-^.7.'-        '
-w.,.,.i£ns« _--i-v.-' .-'-      •■   '
/ry^mffik i
■;■ I-; ;■'■'-•-   -.■*.-*:::■■■; ^-^
. •    . •    - - -■:. .--.-- ■ j .   '■   • m
i. tj       iu   -....•-• Hi'
 Pk     ?r
i*^''-"*\ flS^v> ili-,: tol
I 11\\4STmE
j /
wc have: JUCHAN'
To-DAY-lTS Too BAD'   ,(Q
To MISS IT    ,-—d^T
*-—-——{     WM
(  *   0
L^   "j
*/r" ■
/ /K ,   -' -.
v.-/     *
mm   '
mi  /
,-5sA"..    ■'.
''Htl ,
»C!5-   "'Wfl ,.-
RE .5 OWED .'
I'm hot a snob But I only Ljke w
SAME CLASS      flu.
/ *r* 'WTo i V¥° \r/rf'h im
■■>    a-^    S*^ ^s    &a^>«>A       p^r i/   I
\    fei/J  —-IMH"., _
i voattror iron
—-* cawmt
Hand Tailored Garments, Completely Finished.
The Double Breasted
It's more than warm
and comfortable. It's
stylish. Fit-Reform tailor-
men know how to
combine all three of these
Made in th
e hand-
and Irish
eeds yuu ever saw.
McKinnon I Sufherl-oii-d
.:*. Ig ' 3a ..  BJ -.lij-'SiMSa-SBSlttsa
Knitted Mouses
as   1
-  t-.-.-.   V.'i.riii cl:
i r iill winter.sporl
Wo fi*..: lake
'fif    .JfftAi-,,
T -..-. willi   i'l
-.-, ■ ■ ; m- ill    •
i' frr. nt, with blouse
ty, Ju-.t the thing
>iue". wear.
i .■ .       ■ 0
for mm. -
all co
f   ,M    IIS  lit
... if yo-j   ileal'.!
***! ■'! 11 ItNG CO.
iWUKbl WlNlttf inzu itftna
C.P.R. Doing lis Best to Relieve Suffering.
MONTREAL, Jan. 25.—Mr. William
Whyle, ^second vice-president of (lie
Canadian r.icific and General Manager
o: .vestern lines, wliu is here in consultation with the president regarding
the nature, extent and provision for
the work of the current year, stated
that never since tho Canadian Pacilic
hull entered the weet and never during
his ownjresidence there of more than
twenty years had storms oi such
violence heen experienced as there ha,
been this year.
ltwas solely owing to the great
resources tlmt were now .available f. r
copingjwith it that the people were
bnvtil from a great amount of fullering and death. The most serious
(eature'ol tbe case was tlm fnct that
the M'tllers hud heen deprived ol their
usual [stacks of coal by tbo strike at
Letlibridgejand were thus without tho
proper kind of {fuel required (or their
Tho only local cal that was suitable Jfi-r consumption under western
conditions wus the lignite produced
at J.ctl.bridge. But the company was
doing its best to relieve the situation
by letting the people have its own
supplies—thecoal it had] shipped for
its own use In in the Pennsylvania
minesjto Fort William, lt was selling the coal[nt ;ctst price, plus the
bare'eost of^freight.
The company felt that in thus disposing of |,its own coal whicli was
stored at Fort William, it was running a risk of having the Bj-rvice lied
up in tho wett, but they considered
they would l-cjustilied in risking that,
" Human life," said Mr. Whyte, "is
m .re precious than tbe hauling of
traffic, and if we prevent suffering and
death we shall feel that we have dune
better than if we simply regarded our
own interests. But we sincerely hope
this weather will not continue."
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meet* s.-i-tjii.l ...nl Fourth Wednesdays hi
t-ft.-li ....nil li, in Solklrk Ilii.Il.  Vialtlitff Wood-
liiL-i. cordially invilu.1 to attend.
w. li. ARMSTRONG, Con.Com.
II. w*. EDWARDS, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
Tho roijttlfi- mooting! nre hold it. the Selkirk
Flail overyTitt-'ifiy ovenlng nt8 o'oloo*. Visit-
int.- brethren nrf. cordially invited.
E. 11. BDBRIDQE, Pwsside.it.
Kootenay LojIko No. 15 AF, & A.M.
•if    *M>
If  I'M %*d "        , the third Moiidu;
.•teji saoh mouth  at
|V%.*i VVVV1*^'%*%%^%'*i-v»^M^'%^^^Mi *tit'«rt
For Agricultural Implements, Cnrrlngea, Wagons Etc., John
Dooro Ploughs, Miilino Wagons, Cnnida Cnrrlnge Comunuy'i
I:-..---.-. Planet jr., Garden Seeder* and Cultivators, Wheel-
Wright fiiul Blacksmith Work attended to.   ll..r.*r Shoeing a
VVt.VVfcVVVVV^'fct^'.i.vq. HMUHHH
New   Management!
First-das Accommodation for traveller*,
Best brands of Wines, f-niriu, and
RATES   Sl   AND   £150   PER   DAY
New'.;, buii:     First-class in every respect.   ,\11 modern conveniences
Large Sample Booms,
Rates SI.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest thi:
market afford-. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cip-ars.   Ratus $i i day,   Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, ■ ■        Proprietor
Further Continuance of Cold
Spell from North
Another cold wave is coming. This
snd oflicial intelligence has come fiom
the provincial forecast .llice at Victoria and corroborated locally. The
wave, however, is not such a cold one
as was the last. It is spreading southward, accompanied by fresh north
winds whicli being split up when tbey
reach here assume as a keener phase
and sweep in sometimes through the
Jordan nnd Eagle Passes nnd some
times through the Illccillewaet valley.
The temperaturo may tail to ahoul 20
below zero bul there is little indication to show that it will fall below
tlmt point nliln ugh the local precipitation may in a measure alleviate
somewhat the extremi cold.
Many Men Walking Streets in
Search of Work,
London, Jan. 26.—The Canadian
A-s iciated i'r---- understa -.- that tbe
government of the Transvaal lifts
cabled to ti.- i'- lonial 09 ce th ; a
large nun b. r i i men are walking the
.-:■-.... bannesburg and I r. t. ria
::. .1 i !.. - btaio work I - -... '
thai I.- rdStrathc nab. i    -'- I
U to whether : ■ I
government would pay . ;
-..■•■ ; en's fares    Can da
- Full Court..; Briti   -
i- Vicl i i.i gave judgment on I
insl. -   '!.- ..   -..- - »li
ippeal  nl   l    -   Bun  ii
lagan." ih" Arrowhead   Lnmbei
.    ■-..*.   i!  l;.,- y . -■ iti :
115,000 damage! over a 1
! tract.   Tl.e trial jink" at Nelsol
luttice Morrison, decid        linst 1
iim!  1..   appea id  to the full I   irl
ai.|i the above rest, t,    - - Taylor
K.C.i  and  K. C, Elliot! repr. -1 '■
Hun in the action and the iucci -
defendants were represented by E i'
Davis, K.C., ami Harvey, McCarter 4
I'inkhain, the company's solicitors
Two qualified dispenser!
Urug Store, bring your prescript!  i,
ami have prompt service,
The regular meet-
lug- are hold in the
Mn'onlo Tomplii.
Idd Ki'ltov/a Hul,
iPiiti. VlHitiuc broth *
1-ilii.lly  wo!
U. jl. I'llrCCNIF.!'., SBCltliTAHY,
SELKIRK LODGE, NO  12, I. 0. 0. P,
Meets ovoryThnridAy
'f^w evening in Selkirk
Hfill at o* o'.-lock.
VlaittuK brethren cot-
dially ...villt'l lo al-
11. .I.TACII.'.IIT. N.I.. J. MATHIE, Slid
Colli Range Lotige, It. of P.,
Ho. '.", Revelstoko, E. c.
"i ex i. Third Wcdnoailav nl
.-...-!. .uui., in the Oddlelluiva'
o'clock, .'lining
h.nlgl.1.1 . cordially mVlled.
',. CC.
RBOCK, li. or u. & s,
H. A. IIHOWN. Jl. oil?
Beauty Unfolded
Eye Delighting
has residence in our show rooms,
will have residence in youi' home
if you need :i lli...i- covering. Appreciate the elegance of the designs spread out before you, and
have a thought of youi' pocket
hook. Many real carpet bargains
.ue here ready for your choice.
Avuil yourself of them.
R. Howson & Co.
li you are looking for something nice '... SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" iur Souvenirs, we have ll.o.n here.
Wi J-  GUY  BARBER, ■    3S8&,
&   r C. P.R.   WATCH   INSPECTOR.
ri. W. LDWASD3
- l!.-.i'.*, Allium!!, lllula, l-'iali,  l-'.te.,
Animal li.i.   ..' ...niei!.
loi 'Comer ..I First St. and Boyle Ave.
l: -vi-latttk,., 11. e.
Mrs. II. .1. lla..bury,. Manngress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
Lnrge Diningrooni I"r
I'm t,ttui.*, Suppors, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
Alice J. Rohiiisoii, my wife, having
left my bed and bonrd, 1 will not be
responsible for any tlebis incurred by
her on and alter this li'.li day ..I Jan-
uarv 11)07.
Of  Furniture, Heal   Estate,
Live   Stock    and    General
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed,
none 71. liuuse Phone 7
HO'l EL—One of best looted and
most profitable businesses in
British Columbia—.1115,000,
HO'l EL SITE—Immediate business assured, im; ortant min-
.,_■ and ..fii;-trin! enterprises
projected in vicinity $1,5(10.
the lies: citio in the Province.
To L
HOI SE—On First Street, Revel-
--ilk.-.   $16.00 per month.
Arrowhead Ranches
Half Br.
liHl V ..- -
Kii.i:..- - '-
.'   lil V   .cri      i   rii i   allut'ial
i water  Partly
impro - d     i':. ■■ $1,200,
For ol a ove
Appl- :-i
Insurance Agent, Revelsl ike, B, '
Import direct from Country of origin.
W A N T E I)
Couple t.l ytiiiiig ladles willing to
- - n.--  room,  'jiiii  procure
honrd and co.nforti.hle lodging with
!,, ill   f.nnil','  -i-i   Ml K'-ii/i.-   Avenue.
Apply Mail Hkbalii Offlei-.
I IOR SAI.M   F'-t.t  lu!l iili-i.ili.il Fox
I'   fcrrlersjj   Apply at Union ilolel
!:■■ if.i.........
l/il.H   HA I,K-Mag
I.I...I".'..    ami
Hi.-, ll.it- plant
iiiiiii.-hiini  Street,
I'   Slid
W    ,\l.   liii.....
Vil  ll Illll.   II.   'm
I   OH'I*   At llie lU'.K. di'pi.l, ii gold
I i ring will. g.>l.I nugget nmi Initials
Inside .1.11. Kin.le. will ....-.-iv.. lil...nil
reward by lenving same ».t   Mail-
lllilllAl.li i.lllee.
ANTKH llontractinr orders fnr
nrn.tinentiil and plain plaster-
nig. .-<>>.cn1!.', Mini... dressing ..ml
g.'ni'r.il in.isonry. First-class work
guaranteed,  Apply at Maii.IIkhai.i.
Dnyoiienjoytli.il well diessed feellug?  We all know what T
it feels like'ut he hot, to bo cold, or to be tired, and it is U
just as true llrnt we all know what it feel.-, like to l.e well A
dressed.   It feois good, and it's good to feel good,    Vou can jf
never bo well dressed If your clothes lire nol made l.y the O
light maker, Q
(let (..know- we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS Q
and ynu will lind what a pleasure and satisfaction it is to he T
well dressed. Y
Suits and Overcoats  SIS, $18, and $20.] 9
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25 (,*)
Right Overcoats, up-to-date-Prices: $18 and $20 r\
Special Trousers i-i* and SE. A
Tailoring Is out- business.   \Vc make ft mnn look well Q
and be knows it. *.
,.Cressman  and Morrison.. 9
\ \ -. *^ *.'■■'..'
V-\  \£     m:.1
..*-"'t'\' :■■,;/-«.?■■<,
To checkinatc tlu* dishonest uso of
In* mime of " JAEGER," look for the
l;iln-l ou each article, and insist that
wi iln* goods he invoked as " JAEGER'
Sici.t.isd Agknt.s in Rkvklstokk
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
Exceptionally busy Summer and Fall selling has placed
mi our hnnds a large number of second-hand pianos and
organs, taken in exchange on new styles of MASON &
ItlSCII and PIANOLA PIANOS. Our "Upper Country"
warehouses—In Nelson and Revelstoke—lire now comfort-
ably crowded— we've winter shipments on way from
faotory, too, Those used goods must he s..ld, we wish
theni to move rapidly. You'll appreciate these unusal
... . — ■■ —
Good, sound, No. "1 Apples at
Sue. per b;.*:, f.  . n. Vernon.
In small or large Lots, fronl 100
lbs. to a Carload.    For prioe
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malaiiwa
Has.. .{.nd Btu'-lc 'if Groceries and
.. Iii.it ...i-ii-.-iii.-.-ii: i.i J..|...n.vo China.
Agent im- Ilevelstoke Farming
Oompany, growers of nil kinds ol
Farm Prodirie Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
'n*:u'.riin\T. 2B.
Raw Furs Boughi.
Gash Prices Paia    }rf
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Mimufucturod fornllclftssosJor butlilin^
mm Alio ume m sale
All klndslof ImlldltiR nnd iilastortnn
l Kmmm, ■ minim
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Sanriurk.'.y.ri. *
Under the new iu.iiingeu..'nt of
Harry McIntiisii, iliii'iuui ll........
\_   cy.ii....... ii." ii...*; cur-alive i:. llie
world.  A perfect, ....I....-.'. ri-.ue.ly I'...-
all .Volv..us nml ftlti-i-ulifi' diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stnnuicli iiilnie.il,s
and Metallic Fiii-nmlnit. .'. sure cure
fur "Tlnit Tited l-Vi-lin.r." Special
rates on all boats and t.i-iuns, Two
.nails iui-ive ...k! depiwl I'v.'iy day.
Telegra h ciiinniuuicatinii ivii.l. all
marts of 1,1... W'irlil.
Terms- $12 i.. $13 |.-i- week.  For-
I'liillit'i' partic.dors npplv to
s'alcyon Hot Springs
Arroiv Lab. B, C p
ary's Nurseries
Itendqiuutora tor l\u*ilic llnnsl grown
mul iiti|>nrtoil Cardn'M. Field and
Flower S«cd!i.
Tlioii.-tiiuils of Fruit nnd Ornnmontnl
Troc, Khododotidroiw, Rihih nnd  hardy
[.Ijliils ti'iwt'riiwiii;* mi ourn\vii:;i"..ino.-- fnr
liiuirn plnullitK.
Na oxpoiiso, l(ia3ardolnj ol luu i.,it ion,
Visitors nro always wolcomo tu Inspect
our stock.
Grcetiho'JGU Plants.
Cut Ploworsand Florid DosIkiis, FortUlzors
Hpi) Hivos uml SuptilloBi Spray Pumps and
Spraying material.
No BBonts—thorofnro you hnvo nu com-
mission to pny. Our catnloffuo (ells ymi
nbout It, Lot mo prloo your list boforo
placing ymir order.
Wo du businoss o.i our own ground!) - tin
rout to pay, und nro proparod tu moat all
competition. Eastorn prices or loss, Whito
labor.  Catnlognos Froo.
\\ o. Address aud Qroeuhousosi
mltutor Himd. Brauoh Nursor
Evans & Woodrow*
Dealers in Heel, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish nnd (laine in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
Small Upright "Lull ,1 Sinn" "Simon * ltl»."l." Piano, largo
piano, Englltl iko, a otUvoa, A nn    Uprlglit Omnil, laiui.i.l.il in..-
walnut call    * "•    liogimy oaao,. ll.iilii.liit.|i,oiu..
allKl.lly nitirri...!, ..t!.L.r..iai. liin-
Comjitl  B|llo.llll.l ...In.   Wna
■nlii (m »-..-,'!, inki-it (nr	
I octavea, 1 II  I ill. in hllgllt,
l'-|i'llill Hfltllllt rfiiif, atinill fltitll
"Hull" Organ, J IL lilgli, nnl-
nnl c:i.*i', "i ntflfivi-a, "J!, llta ...   fl*   Jill
I..-.I- B*.i.|.i. Ingnotl I....... ..    * tw
Ml. ill A Mi......-I'|..-lal.l I'l...ut
. Miln.., .ft.   i in.   i.iuli,  ...ll
inn. fiiiiiii-. ...I'.-ll.-ni mine nt
•100    ii'iiia I...	
"Nugont" 1'l.uii., New Vuik. 7
ili,|'-.|j IlUll r'ltn-.  il giir.il    &1QE
liiiynl    9HU
"Boll" I'liui... fiiii-liili. 7! 	
>  Mi'- II,Mill.-II    I  I Mil. ll    lllllll...
...i,i..t.i,..M|i,irli,.lll„llii]i,.|.|l,l   fljicfl
-uilfilil.. I,.I hull iii Inilff OI3U
■' Miutnii. liiai-lt '• Piano, T|
U.-1..VI-I, III. I'M...  Iiith. Hill,llMll
in  sun   Domingo ulniin
.«-.!■ I) -   s I Ul
Will -.'« ' ..nil -i-llili^iil
"Mifiiui.V HIboIi" l'liimi, l>
iinin firaiul iu ah tliiiHlu'd inul
wiiliiui oiHn, praotlcally nuw,
innii' i*"i. 11i«.it. iii'ifi'i-i inm' o/infl
Wax S6SU, extraordinary vain.' nl wHUU
11 llniiiiiii'in"  Organ,  wnlnui
cftBo, j fi, iitaii, fi ootavos, t\i
si*t.t nf r K" «t»|w( Vox lln-
iiiiiiiii, (iii'ai, nml (imml orgnii  *  4A
hwoIIm   9 «U
"Hell" Orgaili uihhhIvu wain'l
oaaoi Hcrull frniit.il-u'lii nfnteih.
10 mi.jm,   iioiii -iv-ii*..   Vmril  *»  cn
lll.l. IUI'IUI Ull.H in    w  W
Crot/'s Nest
Soft Screened Coal
Sacked if Required
$10 a ton del ivi red
'Phone 6G       McKeniciG Ave.
"lliilii'ily" (.iuiiii. liliiek wai-
...ll i'imi-   .Villi  li.'li-lli'il   Fti'llllll
l.l.ltv ...Iiiki, i'iniilu.ra. IJa..|Hitl
null, 10 <to.il. ...I*- nml iral.lti
(.-(.Illllitu flllif lift.-i  .Willi, it|ili-li
ili.liiilii.Mil tin*ll»iirii	
We've also a number of others, Full list sent upon
i-...|i.esi. Vou mav liun in any ..ne of these Instruments
ni lull value, .ih partial payment on a new MASON k
RISOH I'l A NO, wil bin lwo years nl'ter purcliasi*.
That'll Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancuiiver—Largest
8oap Factory west ol \Viiiiii-
peg. House cleaning and
washing .ire easy with it-help.
And the money wiving It the
MASON & RISCH PIANO Co., Ltd. I*-*- **»
Booklet tells what W" give for
NELSON, B. C.    P*e.5B0X llll Koval Crown Wriippon. Send
for   it—Free—Also try  the
r^-*t%%^%%%*%^%v*v%%^%%**%%%**%^^%*^ Roysl Soao Co., Ltd*
* P.   BURNS   &  COMPANY,  LIMITED. \ Vancouver. B.C
IIKAI) OKHrK:   l*..l.i.*l.v,   Al.llllllT.l.
Wholo.alo and Retail Meat Merchants
I'ort Paotior. »n.l Donler   In Clva Mock.  Marlii'ti ... ill llio |iri...-i..il I 111 lea nml
T.iin.a ..( Allwrl... Hrllial. ......ii.itilii mil Ull Vakil...   Plfklll ..I Ull I'llolfflltwl lllnn.1
"lm ..r,t..r" llfii... ...'I Bacon, md Bliainrook Brand, Unl Laid
^quarters  f^^ ,
t.     .
^ [ Jobn E. Wool's Furniture Storff,
OARPKTS, I.lNol.l'H'Ais.
$ &r * V-SJCX**
TI1KSK bodies ol ours-wli
derful things they nre:
Huh any one over talked to
vou boys -ind girls about the re-
narltuule manner uf your own growth,
gradual but eeaselesfl, from the big-
headed, Bhort-legged baby that you
were Into the correctly proportioned
men and women'that you expert some
day to become? Why, thero is miihing
more marvelous under the heavens!
This growth Is constantly changing
yon; nnd yet tho changes nre sn gradual and systematic as to be almost im-
Ono (Kid thing is that while many of
the relative proportions of different
farts of tho body vary from time to
tin ie ns yonr growth goes nn. your ears
•ever change their relative size. They
are always twice as long ua your eye is
Th y were so when you were a
and will be so   when   yon   are
r foet  and  head, on   the   other
\ irj 11 tl elr proportionate size nil
tlm mi
-ih the period of your growth.
. at the picture above and note a
)g   feature Bbotit   the  heads and
feot i
if thi* three boys    The youngest
boy b
fool  measures considerably less
than ihe length of hla head; the foot
and head of the IQ-ycar-old bpy are
equal in length; while the foot of the
eldesl lad is decidedly longer than his
I irlng babyhood the head Is out or
ul! proportion to the rest of the body;
ii oi.enpfes, in fact, one quarter of the
total Irtiglh of the body.   Being already
so large at birib. yonr head
grow as rapidly  ns the rent
hudy, and by the tunc you me grown it
v.i.i hi  nnl;   twice as large as it was nt
In order Ui mnko up for lost time, as
it were, tin body grows much faster
'than tho head, while the legs show
un even gi eater proportional Increase
than the body.
Bublcs' bodies, In the early stages
of growth, measure three limes the
length of the head, but by tie Urns
POLITENESS pa s, boys.
Here is something Polly Evans
saw with her own eyes the
other evening, A lady who lud
Just purehased an evening paper from
one of a group of newsboys, accident*
ally dropped it. Immediately and Instinctively one nf im. group stooped
and picked it up for tin* lady, but
tin in*.l away almost before she could
say thank you, with the air of being
half ashamed of ins deed,
'l he next day the same lady, walking
down the strei t. was gn eted with the
usual inquiry, "Have a paper, lady?"
and was about to say, "No," when she
recognized the little fellow's fnco, Ho
wa.- her gentleman id' the evening
bofi re! She smiled, changed her "no
to "yes" nnd Bald Bho hoped she
sliould see him again.
On this occasion ^ollieness paid the
newsboy to the extent of a cent, Hut
If lie cultivates the instincts of a gentleman which Ood endowed him with,
he will some day iind his politeness
paying him to the extent of—who can
guess how much? i-erhaps a million
A gmtl^mnn talking on this very
suiiji'rt nf polltencBB In buys, the other
dny, said this:
One wnuld tnii.k that politeness was
not as hard to learn ns decimals or
history dotes, but buys—I say It sadly
—boys nnd tho task of being polite
to their sisters their elders and their
comrades one of the hardest of lessons to learn.
I have known girls who were not
any too polite to their brothers, and
there may bo faults on both sides, nut
even at homo, boys should remember
thnl girls are girls, am) are to be
treated ns such, and not as targets
I'm missiles or ns try-ymir-strength
Girls aro more delicately framod than
buys, and boys ought to consider ihem-
selves the girls' natural protectors and
clmmpl us. Some boys do, All honor
in | hem I Hut I hn\> seen n glil*s arm
upon nidih uvery llnger-mnrli showed
Where ber brother had gripped her in
his rough nlay, Well, thai is where
play ends und hurt begins. .Mind, I um
talking about politeness, nol about cruelty. The boy who treated his sister
as ihmmh she were another boy did not
Intend to bo orUfll; he w:is only rough.
Hut Hie polite boy, although he may he
rough with a big, strong, healthy dog,
Is never rough wllh his sisters.
Buys must get rli] of (he notion that
politeness mainly consists in lifting your
enp when you meet a lady or your
schoolmates on lhe street, Lots of boys
who uro not n bit polite do Unit with
great regularity and distinction, oh
yes, It Is usually easy to raise one's
hat, Iml It Is not nl nil eusy lo earry lho
spirt of llioiiglilfulness and klnunoSH
nod nnurtiisy Inin lhe i-oinition aris of
s.*i h -,-    * i <,.-.,.„*     it |M one
< f tho hardest tasks your tea titers and
1 aiinis bav*.* to face in (raining you up—
"To tench high thought
And nmlnble words and courtliness,
And the di sir.- of fame and love of truth
And all tltnl make,- a man,"
■is the great pool Tennyson says.
/ .t the truly pi
pull over tin' roug
Kin.tnesH and his I
comfort and convi
him friends when
his mother when,
Hme to sii down
not ice a boy shyly
man who has Just
may sll down; if I
do-when ho parts
eorner; if I see a 1
brother aero*--, the
of dragging him r.
or leaving him in
when I Bee a lad y
or football, even
causo to think lie
That boy will mi
illte boy has a great
i-mannered boy. Ills
houghtfulness for the
'iileneo of others gain
'ver he goes.
un to gi t ;. chair for
in length, sin- finds
for live minutes; If I
stand up that the old
entered the Btreet car
seen boy lift bis cap
Ister-a bard thing io
from her at the street
iuy lift his utiiH kiddy
mud-puddles, instead
oughly through them,
wade through alone;
leld a point at marbles
when he hns somo
is right, I say to my-
ike a MAN!
Board and Ball Trick
GET the cover of a rlgar box or
any other thin board about flvo
Inches li ng and cut two small
holes in ii. Tluii arrange the smugs
and bnjls as shown in the diagram,
The trick  is bow  to get the largo
ball  off lho  string  without  untying
It. or   removing uny  nf  u.e  small* r
Push the ball close up to the right
hand hole and pull the right loop of
string as far toward tho left hand
hole an ll will coui', then pass the
loop through the hole and ovor the
lelt b.ll, as Indicated In the second
•diagram, This will causo ilm two loops
to separate, and tin n the bull will
come   off   Willi   case.
Reversing lhe operation you can
easily pul :iie lall back Into its original on dtlnn
ihoy arc grown, if they arc well proportioned, their bodies and legs to-
gether will hnve increased to seven
half times the length of their
So, suppose you measure yourselves
carefully today, buys*, and see whether
from your chin down your body measures Just seven and a half times the
length of your head.
During the first three years of his
life a child's legs double their original
ength. At that rate you can imagine
• sow long ymir legs would be at H
• r 12 years of age! You would tie us
toll as that boy on stilts! And your
legs would be your stilts! Wouldn't
you be an awful Bight, thoughl And
imagine how you would look at the
hge -i 20!   You would not need any
-. All children who knew him, doarly loved
Blehn-i Y Mips Brooks, an.l although ho had
io little sans and daughters of Ids own, ha
dearly loved -children,
Whenever he went away ou his t;a\cls
lie wrote lung. l.v.l>- letters to some of his
little friends, especially to Idi 11.tie noes.
Thc following letter frmn India was ud-
■iressc.] to his little niece, Gertie. It may
ke f nind in a receni !> j ul ltd ed lo-. k i al cd
"Children's Utters."
JKYi'i.i.i*:. January 7, ii»2,
n Y Dear Gerlle-1 wish you had been
L\\ with me lore yesterday. We wi ud
* have bad a beautiful time.
you ivould huve had to gi t up at ..
•'clock, fur at ti the carriage was at
the door, and we had already lui
our breakfast. Uut In this country
you do everything you can very ear;...
."■■o as to escape the hot sun. It I *
very hot In the middle of the dny,
but quite cold now at night and In
the morning- and evcnlngd Wo.i, is
we drove into the town nor the bungalow where we ore staying is Just outride), the sun rose and the Btreets wore
full of light.
The town is all painted pink, which
makes it lii.* queerest-'ooktng place
vou ever saw, and on the outside of
the pink houses then are pictures
drawn, some of them very solemn and
some very' funny, which • makes It
very pleasant to drive up the street.
Wo drove through the Btreet which
was crowded with camels antl elephants and donkeys, and women
wrapped up like bundles, and men
chattering like monkeys, nnd monkeys themselves, and naked ilitio
children rolling in the dust, and playing queer Jeypore games, All the lit-
i!,. girls, when they get to be about
jour age, have jewels in their noses,
and the women all have their noBes
looking beautilul In ibis way. I have
got n nose i« wel for you, which I
shall pm in when 1 get home, und
also a little button for the side of
Susie's nose, such as the smaller children wear. Think ho v the girls at
school  will adinir.   ynu
Well, we drove oni the other sldf
ef the queer pink town and went on
toward the Old town. Which they deserted a hundred, years ago when
thev built Ibis. The prlcsl mid the
rajah, or kirn,-, that they ought not to
live more than a Ihousand years In
one phi'*'*, and sn, ai the old town
was about a thousand ye irs old, the
king WU It: and Hor.- H stands about
five miles oft, with only a few beggars and a lot of monkeys for Inhabitants of its -tplendld pu'areB and
temples,   As we drove along toward
It,   tn.*   Held*   were   f ill   of   |inn Its
and all ports of brl/hl-wlnged birds,
and out of tin pond and B'roums the
crocodlh"" stuck up iheir lu/.y heads
and luoked at us,
The hills around are full of tigers
and hyenas, but they do nol come
down to the town, llv ugh I saw a
enge of them tin re which Ind been
captured only Hbmil ei month and
wore *.- rj Hi rco,   Poor thing*1  When
WS   cam.-  In   the ililritlice of   llie   old
town, there was a uplcntlld grout tie-
ph .ni waiting '.ov ,-..- with li the rajah
it ..I bi nt u- s< nl tho carriage, too.
The eh pliant hud his Hunk aud head
beautifully painted, and looked alii isl ns I ■■ Jumbo, lh knelt
down, an 1 .v.. . li.nl.' .1 up l.y n lad lor
• ' .on 111 * back nud then ho
tolled up the hill. I am afraid he
■ i'.iM be very
heavy, ond i dc - ol know whether he
could have carr ed >. i, Bi lumi us, us
wc wt ni up the hill, came a man leoolng
i littlo ek o t, and when I aske 1
* hot ti ■■■ ii : i'. :-.'■■ Bald it was lor
:*-*•■ i ,. horrid old god-
ii • tern| h on the hill, and
y.eai -.1 to sacrifice mon
lo her, io m ike her happy and kind
J: ,i . ■. Ifii .■■ h stopped ihnl, and
■■ ■ I- ■■■ i goats instead
an! no *■■■ ■ this horrid nld
y!:. . ' "' """-ning. and
she likes it  j i>l ft!   well
Into the nid town, H
- sevi n-leagiic boots, A couple of
strides would tako you down the entire length of any ordinarily short
Hut nature has providnd against sueh
an alarming result hy lessening the
rate of growth of our limbs In proportion as we grow older.
Betweon babyhood nnd grown-up-
ness, while the trunk of your body Increases three times, your legs should
increase to live times their original
length. The legs.'however, sometimes
miss the mark—some people's legs
growing longer than they should, and
other people's legs stopping short boforo they havo reached the proper
length. This Is what makes some people look wrongly proportioned, and
not anything about their heads or
Hoys anu girls grow In somewhat different proportions. Girls, for Instance,
should, when full grown, measure In
body six and a half times the length of
tholr heads, Instead of seven and a half,
This rule does not apply beyond the
Anglo-Soxon and Latin races, however.
The Japanese, for Instance, from their
custom  of  si" ing on  their feet, have
developed longer   trunks   uhd
legs than we have.
Perhaps you have been told that very
few people develop equally In their right
■and left Bides. Most people have larger
right hand, right hip and right foot
than left. But In some people's oaBes,
the left side Is larger than the right;
while a few peoplo have lurger right
hnnd and hip, but their left feet aro the
If you carefully watch yourselves,
boys and girls, standing squarely on
both feet, learning to tread with equal
firmness on both feet, and to work and
write und sew with the left hand aa
the right, you are likely to develop perfectly proportioned bodies
Oftentimes one sidt of th< face differs
from ihe Other, one eye sees better than
the other, one ear hears better than Ihe
ether, just us one hand is more skilful
than the other.
Even our legs are oftentimes unequal
In size. It has been found that 50 per
cent, of adults hate uhorter left legs
than right.
Our very fingernails vary in their rate
of growth. The thumbnails grow much
more slowly than the fingernails; the
nails of the middle fingers grow faster
that the other fingernails.
Take good care of your bodies, boys
and girls, and give them a chance to
become ns perfectly proportioned ns
nature Intended they should be.
Similar, But Not the Same.
See if you can find what tho words
Jn  the  following  list  arc     They   a-i*
Round alike, but do  not  look alike n,.r
mean the same things:
1. Thc female of a certain animal.
2. A musical note.
*J. Unbaked bread,
1. T !n-«.
2. To lift.
3. To demolish,
1. A certain animal,
!. Part Of the bead.
1, Observes.
2, Bodies of water,
3, To lay hold of.
1. Comes  from the eye.
2. A vow.
1. Naked.
2, Au animal.
The Picture Puzzle.
IN THE picture puzzle you see n diagram showing tin layout of the
various shalls and tunnels of oi e
of the great De Courrlers mines In
France, where the dreadful disaster occurred some months ago that caused
the death of several hundred pour
io-'. diagram shows where thc mouth
or enti ince to the mine ia located,
Now some of ibo miners happened to
be at the point marked A at the time
tin* accident occurred, and later succeeded In reach.ii,; the mouth of the
mine safely.
The puzzle is*, 'low did they do il'
That is, what route did they I ke 11
reach the moulh of the mine'.1 '
The cn Bs-llnes ban Ing ■ ome of the
tunnels show where ruins b id * il * n
and completely obstruct) d tin ■.*, Thc
miners had to avoid all Hi ■<■ i I U e-
See if you can trace with a le i tpem il
the route ihey followed nnd escaped bv.
With a Doll's Churn
NY ONE who ! a5 once acquired &
ta te for unsali   . b i tei I ■ i omi ■>
almost pa thi'.-  In his desire for
-., re of It   Hid   sn     -. sing off
of bi Iter, from whi h   h   ...    frei hm -i
lms ;..... .1, n ndi '* ssli le uhi i y< u c it
ii in its um ti I it i e, and fn ih butter la i delight tn ..*■ If to-epi iui u J
tha  ordinary   mortal  blessed   with   a
dolls    affairs—
■   . i,| ,.,  i leftover bit of cream
,,-      ,.    en ■ *.   ip In a llttl i while Into
tter    nd tht butt rml k, al-
ous    m    -'--   '-   i   quantity, will bo
,erj   | *.;. nt  fn m  the best Bor?  the
..v.-,. ; ,   used to.     J
\, | thi       am   lirst.   and   ktfj.   it
ir, pj ■.**,.,'',   ■ ou are working with it,
...  the *   y   :■ her with   a   will*
*..,...,   the   butter    i omes,"  woik  the
,-,,-.       •:  •  with -i wooden spoon;
pr,     • le ev*»ry drnp of moisture,
■»« little balls with butter
(Contiimud from Page 2)
was a purfitct wililrjrin.-.ifi of. beautiful
things—lalcoy, temples, palaces, pur-
liens, ..li sorts of tliiitiis in marble ..ml
fine st.nitfs. wllh sa.-n-'l long-talletl
iiii.nki-'-s runn'ne; ..-■■- -.'' '11' '
must tt-ll ynu almut tli» ffotldoss, and
llio way they uut oft the poor gout's
little black head, and all the rent lhat
I saw, whi-n I t'ot home. Dun't you
wl .1. ynu i.-til been with me?
l.n   not   fnivet  yuur  afCrvtlonalo  u.l-
close upon it that it was hard to say
whence ii came; but involuntarily people's
Rlaiices turned toward the bench rather
than lhc chair behind tlie prisoner. Thc
Judge sank buck into bis seal, and with
his characteristic movement put up hi-
handkerchief lo his face, ll seemed as if
a century of care had rolled from his
heart; lhe blood came back to his c leek.
the energy lo liis arm. Once more the
faces before him were something more
than a moving blot; once more life was
love and love was divine. In the blessed
relief thai bad come to him, in the sweet
renewal of a hope lhat was dead, he forgot llu.l lie was there io rule, and so nude
in. motion to quel the tumult of ilic room.
"Dolores, Dolores, Dolores!" he was saying over to himself with a passion of joy
that would not be repressed.
■ And then there followed one ol lhe
strangest scenes ever enacted in a courtroom, Suddenly, above the comment and
criticism and hubbub of movement, a voice
blew like a trumpet that imposes silence:
"Mr. Sheriff, the man Kule has been
proved innocent, and innocent he is; bu.
I say again the man is in this room. I
have here a warrant for his arrest; and,
Mr. S leriff, I call upon you to serve it."
With the last word- the speaker sia-do
i .-. the aisle and thrust a paper into tbe
S -; IT's hai Is. Thc crowd stood up-eh
r.ii- ... eager, breathless,dominant, Tlw
officer, in iml lin; s imething about "when
irt closed,' glanced helplessly from
t.-. pap . - ardi -.-- Judge, who towered
a1. >-..-1 i.-n all, rigid, motionless, pallid as
i i-.iM-.-i statue, Involuntarily the eyes of
i • ... - ibly followed those of the ufli. -r
iu fa cinated doubl and horror.
"jv-rvj Ihe warrant, Mr. Sheriff." His
white li;.< formed the words, seemingly
wil i nit liis volition.
■'I'.mi, V mr Hi.nor," answered tlia
officer, stepping forward, "you are my
For a moment no one moved, no ono
even breathed, Ihen a woman's agonized
scream tore ll.e silence apart, and the spell
was broken, lie recognized lhe voice,
aud turning toward the gallery whence It
came, m."l the grey eves with a look lhat
wa-confc.-siun, Then with an answering
the real murderer is here -the man who I cry, such as a lost soul gives when, witii
for len lung years has made yonder pris- j Paradise in sight, il sinks Into Purgatory,
oner a homeless wanderer and his wife a I he lossed up his arms and swayed lorward.
lonely widow   1 say that man is here!" They picked him up from where he Inul
Every eye went lo the man by the post, j fallen | rone on the ste|is oi the high Irl-
forgciful even of llie Judge, who ai lhe bunal of justice, and carried bim awav to
lirsl wools of llie unusual Interruption had j the privacy of his retiring-room, wlulc the
risen to bis feel, gavel in hand, i  nd, with muffled footsteps, emptied it-
"Most of vou know me," went on the '-^<y> 1*e "eci.  Then ihe excitement
speaker, unabashed by lhe rap upon lhe - broke over the town liken tidal wave
desk.  "My name Is Duncan, and I i ave a ,.s «"« '  T,1' w?re Y -v "' H™ai"  °<
story to tell you.  There were three pis-i'1"" l!e fu" P"cc.°< lm crlrai" M'
toll lound by Hole-man's body; two of
tl.e.n were known to be his, lhe lllird had
never b'cen In Clayton lm: a few I ours, li
was one ol a brace which Iwo frici di had
divided between Ihem as pledges ol faith
after a dUliciily over a ■ amc ol cards,
Accidentally I i und lhc mate of this curiously carved wcaiipn while doing some
detective work in a distant cily lasl *.....*
mer, and from the owner I learned the
name of lhe man who had carried ihi
thill played so land a pari i'. o.ir ... .. ■
borlioo.l. ll was a name we have all
known and honored. A month ago, in the
cily of Frankfort, Ky., I saw the man who j ne added"io tiie ShcriFwal'tTng'
.- ers, more merciful, guaged from tha
! . ,i   ,i id White lialr the penalty of
:    ii-i-.- In- had paid.   Kxc. ration and
.ration  were alike heaped upon
i i -.  Bul none ol it reached iini
.-. lit. .i d Still ..ii thc narrow louugo
lip '.tf .
"No medicine can .ure hlm; he will
ncvci be ' ii i on* again," the physician
s.-..d. "Brain nerves arc liko harp suing*.
stretch them loo lar, and'thcy snap; and
nature has no repair shop for such accidents.
To move him w.ml.1 bc Instant death,"
l.o.-e this name posi a letter, ll caught
tin- .Iol ol the box, and mj quick eye i :ad
the address .1 wa* to that little worn in
silting yonder behind the prisoner. M.
friends, Sally Kule has bad but one letter
iii .ill these weeks, ai d thai one carried lhc
Frankfort postmark, and contained a liity-
"Vou can leave yum- deputy here ai tha
door if you like, bui l.e will be tried ia
other courts lh:... ours."
And the man of medicine was right,
1.1   oveni ing justice waitlngoutsidc and)
with death al Ml pillow, lie lay for a week
,„   , ,„,  ,. .,. on llis narrow bed and knew no face of
dollar bill    Do you not read them)    rj  „.,,,, „r ,,K,  Then suddenly one day he
for yours. Ive..;    hu, w . i ll is man, pi   - ,   .,.,,,.,,     .„,,, ried a,0'od,
pcrous through lliclt and murder, stnvini        . ' ,,  ..,    „..
lo alone to the heartbroken wife f. r lhc      »rvc lhc warla'"" M"*- -Slicriff.
guilt thrust wrongfully upon her hu bai d     And Death obeyed the order, I   />   Nil an jou dm. t    think   Unit
i  \ Clayton Is a very    promising
I'law (or a poor   young law-
yvr to mart Uie In""
"Woll, r.o, Btranger, 1 nhouldn't
lay li was. You ice, there are live
lawyer., hero already, and th.-y don't
hnv.. moro thon hall a dozen good
mm... among them during tho year.
Thore'i old Squire Bumey
he'a rirh ,
itakod out a*big claim when imml- their wake an Indefinable Impression easy to follow thc trail hack and rae- thing   of   tho heavy rain that had get his identity.   Hut to go burls to
of blush™ and tender eyes. tify the mistalc. and he opened his (alien nltor midnleht.                          Dolores llurney—I used to think  I'd
Nenr iho end tt tho street   stood lips to cull after the man nnd    ask Eight days later he snt in u Louis-' kill the man she favored above
(ration sot ihls way ten years ago.
he ran afford the luxury of a small
praclloo,   Lawyer    Steel teaches La- tho .nost pretentious rcsldenco he bad  what    hud befallen his horse that it ville cluhroom iini read tin-morning but you are worthy ot her,   and tin
yut passed, a roomy house, set back .was so lime
somewhat from the road, In a grove    Then suddenl
'.In    and    mathematics in the town
academy between cases—and Ids time
ll mostly that  way—to help    make of maples.   By the small gate which mine a pricking thought, just
buckle    end    tone".- meet.   As    for Hanked tho more imposing    carriage hell-Bnake turns hissing in its
Smith  and  Carruthors, they   formed entrance stood a slender girl, scarce-  His clinched teeth shut hack th
his heart there
s a
paper.'  There were no telegrams
thos.. davs, and news traveled slowly.   Under   n    glaring   headline    he
found the following Item:
The pioneer town of Clayton, Tcnn,
has had it*- first s".isatton since the
days ol the Indian raids. On Friday, the 15th, Sim Holeman, paymaster    for    11... A   It '/.. road now
a  partnership, ns vou  see  by    Hint   ly more than child, a scarlet    gem- and   crushed    the thoupht,    bul    it
sign    up llH-re; but the biggcsl pari   nium at her throat, the radiance of struck him again with its   venom.-d
o( their practice is on their   potnto the    darning    west on her upturned lang.   In the saddle hugs across the
crops, nnd they lay down more law face limping  In..-km was the nionoy    that
t-    two   old mules ami a couple of would lifi him out nf debt and glvo building through lhat district, wont
11 it    p'ints   lhnn to any judge   or  Eyes that hold thc shadowed gray him his old place in .].,. esteem of his out ns usual wilh the funds to pay
jury "                                                 of 'be storm-cloud's prisoned strife. Icomrades.   Again he fought back the off    the hands and some othor   ox-
Tho stranger laughed.    " And how thought, and pulled his horse    r.-so- pens s nf lhe week
about the fifth fellow?"                        Somothlng Beomod to catch  at tho lutely about.   Should he forswear his to    S1.000.  He started   alone   on
'Nathan 11 nl-** '   Oh, he turned up man's heart, e.s he quoted the couplet bettor nature, go buck .„. the teach- horseback   Iron.    Clayton to go   lo
h -. with a bran' new license   about  under his breath and ho   struck  his Ings ol a Christ nn mother?   No,    a  Rodvlllo, lenvlne the for r place at
.   titce.     months ago," replied    th- hois- sharply nnd rode on. thousand times no!                             4 p.m.   The nest morning   nbout   H
|.mm.:.<-.,i- - townsman, rnning a Iresh     Outside ol tho vlllttgo tho road lay Hot the tempter   was   still   beside o'clock his bud-, wns found In ii lone-
u,it.■!.„ |, .    on   top ol .. dry goods  up a long bill, not very steep nud do- him.   . lines Mophlstopheles   make no lv part ol the rood.   His rifled Buttoning those wlm    sal  void of trees.   At th" top   ot   this bargains   wiih   the modem Faust?)  die-bags nnd three pistols lay beside
eminence   hc drew rein and    lookod Nay, that money would .1.. more than
back.   Under tho drilling glory of tho pay his debts; the surplus, staked on
II sunset clouds crouched   tho   drowsy tho rlght-colured card might put him
with pioneer village, which needed but the once more .... the high road Lo   lux-
fucc quickening pulse of tbo coming  r..|l- urv and pleasure   One nf these davs
. tween ms iwu uiiuruuy» sai a bob.ii,
Btoop-shouldored, shabbily dressed
jman, with a shock ol laded landy
hair about his brows, and ln his
eyes an animal terror that carried
Ills own appeal
"Ain't much changed,'" was a whispered comment ■•always did have a
Skeerod-up look."
There were only two people in the
room    who were nut observing   tho
,   , ,   , ,    ,  "r1*""10/ M his attorneys mndo   his
cited listener, who launched out with P'oa of not gulltv-the* man bv the
a history of the celebrated murder, l'ost nnd the Judge on the bench
Ihrough it all tho man sitting at Th« OS-en of the latter were straight
us desk smoked passively. What need ahead of him, as though on the oniio
had ho to listen? Hut when the vis- site wall was some rare picture
i or was gone ho bolted his floor, painted by a master hund Was ii a
grasped gave buck none ol lus pros- dropped his pipe on the hearth and .Pauol of roll fence, with the "moon
nor that .... tho loco   opposite | over his features crept a grayness ol -light quivering over it and lighting
'up a man's head .,,,,1 shouldors?     "
in the question was lost on the
in greatest    proof of my Irion.Iship    is
that I eon say 'good luck" ... you."
lie did not notico that tho band ho
hini had gathered n sorrow that was'despair
us a   pes.fii.ii  of   self-reproach.    Ho Caught at last, this man whom ho
lounged nwny, and tin-   now   Judge had sought unsuccessfully     for   livo
stood looking after him for a    mo- years, and then given up lor den.l-
inont  with the shadow slill    In   his caught an.l brought back ... Clny.on
...v.-s.  Then   lie    resumed   his walk, for trial,   And. then camo the slckon-
Btcpplng    resolutely, ns though    ro- Ing realization that he himself   wns
amounting In nil solved not oven in think. Looking at tlio Judge boforo whom the case would
him carefully, one would   havo said come,   Ho could no. -he could    not'
that bis habitual    self-control    had Men who had voted for him  because
.-oii.e only nfter .. I.....: struggle wilh he s led evor so calm, s .awayod |section hml thin
his will.  Tho sinrin ihnl often raged l.y passion, would have boon aghast
In his soul novor cnine to the siii'Iui'o , to see Hit* storm-swept  face    oi-o ho
,Tho proceedings wenl forward quiet-
,v:   nil   so  widespread  hml been tho
about hin  under tb- shade of the eli
  i-   street corner to help their
selvt *    When th- pink ...out
gon    - im his slice b.* wenl
hi* *' .r. "Nathan
and fi im "shod it wil
. -.-!■. md then -iff
(  •     li  -,-*     Hut   tlu-
nl .-'■
b two chairs and road   to make it a thriving   town
i down to   wait. Peaco and beauty scorned   the
nover guardians of the clustered hone
ell -t.ls
came, and .oils do st.\ thai if Na- color-flocked gardens. With a hall
ii ,.. hadn't married Squire Hurnoy's whimsical, half expectant glance, hli
lesl ! .lighter and gon- to live wilh eyes wont to tho limits ol tho town,
the old man the shortfl would hnvo ns though he thought to soo thorn
been und.'i the painful necessity ol tho angel with tho flaming sword
selling those two chairs and lhe ta- keeping guard ovor this new parable to pa> his board bill." disc. The cross upon a church s;>lro,
Again the stranger showed the bathed in the red radiance of tho
bun l.v.in,- white teeth in u good- dying day, became a startling sym-
temperod smile.   "It's o wise lawyer bol of that greater cross when crlm- the jlgn  of n habitation anywhere;
ho could quietly return .his borrowed
twin stake. Again tho horse's hond was
turned about, tins tin..- more slowly.
Railroads are grasping corporations, and this one will never mist
this paltry sum, wont ,„, the wheedling voice of the tonipter; tho man
who carries it need not bo hurt Thon
over his falnt-hoartodnoBs Ihen. came
a sudden evil decision, lie held his
rein steady Ior a moment, and i.uok
n Int.--, sonrchlng look around.    Nol
him, niul h
I n hurl i
A heavy rain whi.
nighl hod wiped -
trucks nl tho inurdi
horso wns a good
reached this poinl
dark, nnd there In
which ntiisl have
.teas, since it  wus
in n nearby field.
-. fell late in the
-t nil traces nml
ror. As liol-man's
uiu- lie must hnvo
i.i lho refill about
... waylaid. Thero
in public.   Al....-   l.o   mighl.    break burled it in his
.low... us though Home strange grief lion Hide's wife had dwelt    in her
gnawed nl bis heart; but   lhe   world house during all theso years   awi.it-
ki.ew l.l... only ns .. ....... nf iron will, ing i.e.- husband's    return.   Hul   she
llis walk ended ui a Bido gate thut had not waited in penury; ....   woll
was a Ftrunger it. Clayton thntoftor-
noon, but bo .'if' nnl leave Ibo town  at  his heart
for an hour afle
I'll'.',    nud iriqul
mi...  reached   H
before 10 o'cl.icl-
llnnkod the carriago entrance of ma-
ple-slmded grounds for hero thero
.il..ml .. yiuttiM woman in a white
dross, n scarlnt blossom ... hor tl.rni.t
uiul tin- sunset clouds living like victorious banners nhovo her. lb- Btnp-
I'.'.l  ,.I.nil.Ily,   will,  .i  sudden    cnl
had evor howled m i.,.,- humblo door,
Ti.ul I,.-
up by Hi.
I lutein;.Il's
show thai this
. his destination,
o it  would    have
us if tl... picture   woro
ii of sttitn- nld n.o.norv:
who feathers his own nest so woll
he remarked.   "How long is :. since
you had a murder hereabouts?"
' .Hi, I don't know."
' Ain't l-.-i. but two murders in
this doestrick sence tl'- redskins was
rut. .mi," put in tii- grocerymnn.
wlm. up i-t this poinl. had been u silent member of the party sitting in
front .■:' his rl." r
*.' my --'I.I -i'. s1'*'
"N 'I    Ul 1 SS   Mm   Count   those    (-11.11-
n '...I ...i iho henroosts nnd     Imi
patches," answered the lirsl towns-
:i: i. 'You can travel Ibe Stales
over, fuiii you won't find ;-. safer districl .r I- more honest people ib....
thi Th re's nn Illustration of Hi"
fact." ho continued, pointing tn a
uiiii. just about to mount o hors-
!-•■ is. lhc street .'ro... lho.... "Tr
Sim llolcnian, paymaster for tliis
new lilroad they fire building
thr .ugh f* - .-iiiiiiii> To-morrow is
i nv ' . ..ml he is going up to lled-
\ m ... section station, ibis evening wi"- the money for lhe surveyor! .■ I ' .-.iids. Reckon he's em near
t i st 000 in his saddlebags."
. if course he takes   n    guard   a-
sonod with tho blood of immortality, not a moving figure In all tho land
l.t-ssMt- spires woro nlso louched with scape except that horseman ahead
tho huo, nnil tho statue of Justice walking his boost leisurely along tho titled
.... the .-.....-. house turret stood out grass-grown path. Tho B'hlny leather
in mammoth proportions against tho of the saddle bugs glistened i.. the
beaten gold of a flying clodd. Was It moonlight.
fancy, or did n rny Irom the oncrlm- With .. ..nick instinct nf solf-eon-
snn.'.l cross flash lightning-like down- cealment, iho man whipped nut bis
ward to a gate where fluttered the handkerchief nnd ti--:! it mer the
white <lr.-ss ol .. dreaming girl? With lower pnrt of his face ami turned
.... Impatient gesture the men drew down his hat l>i-hn. Cautiously ho holds hand ncross ids eyes. What ailed gun lo follow, ,Jus| v.;,,,,-,. lM.lt ,,.,,,
hi... this afternoon? Then he smiled threw its shadow over lho path was
cynically ...id shook his rein. "Yea, lb.- plnre for the allnck.
an l-'ih-n," In- snid. "Who will lie All unconscious of any danger, the
the Borpent to enter it?" rider   ahead   Jogged up nrross   .he
As ho rod.- on through the gathor- moonlit stretch niul entered the shall.; shadows bo foil to dreaming    of (low    Then the chestnut mure behind
a bis life, ils pasl  triumphs    and   Its   felt  the Spurs prick deep    into    her
it-  now    trials,   llis pampered boyhood, flanks and the taut rein bold I.e.- in
t's his successful college career, his gnv hor course.   There wns ..    stealing
liis life  in   lho  lutlinnal capital,    where shadow upross   lho   moonlight,    the
•■"-'  for years l.o bail iir....Is ceaselessly at  sound nf .. collision, a l.o:..-so cry. a
spring of pleasure- all swine ine blow from .. hnnd grasping
before him wilh    n  vivid ib- bun end of n pistol—and then a
Then that quarrel   over a  whit" horse went riderless nut of the
■arils, .l.o flash uf   pistols, shadow Into ibo moonlight    beyond,
I in Inn!.; bnck
boon Impossible for him lo hnve gone
so far out of his way ns this point
on tho Redville rond, where the murder und robbery wore committed.
Holow  followed   u paragraph   cn-
It now .lev..lops tliu. near the body
nf the do...! man there wns found a
tattered brown I -it hat which has
boon ni.oily idont
nf It;-.. Hul.'. it w
house is nol nl.
from the fn...! si
011 his last trip !■
this  ....in about
fifty-dollar bill
shoot of paper.
Always it cam
placo, lirst from one oily and then
Iron, anothor, which seemed to prove
Hint lho son.ior was ever nn the
i .....ve; ..eve.- any word nr message,
the only Ibe money. It wns Hen who
sent it, Ior hor nnd ih- babies, po0-
| pie said; nnd wild rumors were u-
I final as to Ilu. fortune ho lind made
ho said softly to himself, ns though; **vil|i Uuu. Illcllod $1,000 us the cor-
con.pleting spine unfinished quota- norstoro. Men said to oach othor
lion. Then I." nml forward In meet ",al '"' ''ould not hnvo been sn stu-
her, I'i'l. after nil, and lho public    disup-
"I havo come I'm- ....  answer, l.nl- probation uf him began to be lonv-
...vs.'* ho said, when .hoy Inul reneh-l ollDcl '** """ Indefinable regard which
original notoriety nf lho murder ihnt
the    clns.ng    of court   for the    day.
found only the jury empaneled. Then
for two more days tho case dragged
on.   The    young attorneys    mail.,   a
gallant light,    uml   cautiously    the
' '"'■■'■ !|"' '*il tbe... up.   Hm .he pro-
thoir own    way,
down the Irail defenses, sot
opposition.   Then .he prisoner was nllnwotl to speak for him-
self,    t was a Jumbled and   pit ilul
story he  told of having witnessed ,
light between two mo,, ,„, thn    |,.,rt.
ville rond, finding hln.soll discovered
by ll.e victor, and having fled   awny
ry quarter there .-111110 to her j to keep from tiring shot.   Later   on
ujnystorlous envelope containing   a ho hod crept  buck  1.1 g0.  his    hat,
folded  in a     blank ' which he hml dropped, bu. could not
I lind it in Hie .lurk.   Next dnv,   when"
fro... a    dllToront '"' learned ii hml I n found   hv tho
byes   who.
Eyes Hint hold ll
lours shell drown
pain of life.
.he pi
le 1.1
and 11 white fnco turned toward him and stopp
beseechingly,   For ell    tho    quarrel, fear fur il
th- man waa his friend, and he wuuld rider    wa.
nut loavo hi.11 there to bo caught by ward, whi
lho ofllcors already pounding nt the eye-, stork
•|'|-      lioso
noty than 500 yards
iM...   II seems   Unit
Sim was accosted by
tho money In-   carried, but ns ho was only nboul halfwitted,  Hole..tan took no notice    uf
it.   If    further    proof of the mail's
guilt were needed it would bo found
in lho fad  Ihal   Rule is missing.   II,
s.vins thnl. on -r-iiig homo, ho   told
his wifo a bungling story of a fight
ho had witnessm! .... lho public road
and uf Ids having 1.1 tun for his own
life.   The    next    morning   he dlsap-
poarod; and the woman   protends to
know mulling of his whereabouts.   It
...I the house among
lln- gray e;
light of lm
ns she iinsv
Later, us
a knowledge
coupled wiib
happiness bo
in Hi.- word!
sliould care
so much nidi
"Ohiel I
the maples. And
os, holding now only Ibo
■. looked steadily inin bin
ec.-fl:    "I. is 'yes.' "
they sn! in the starlight.
■ oi llis own imwoi'tliini'ss
1 lurking dread lest Ids
ml real, betrayed ltselt
"Strange   Hint     ynu
r ui". i nm su worldly,
than you."
in yeurs, I huvo nl-
wnys boon sober in tastes beyond my
ago. Nurse says iho shadow nf my
mother's coffin fell mi my cradle and
made mo serious-minded. Ynu know
il wan once my Ih.night in go Into
tin. Sisterhood, but you broke .hnl
up." in her tune was only a sweet
gravity, Presently she nddod: "Hut,
aflor nil, there uro only fourteen
yours between us in spile uf your
How cuiiii- it, so    white
authorities and, being Identified! was
hold as evidence against him, bo hud
bocomo frightened, und hid in the
swamp. For weeks ho hnd lived
Ihere, hoping things would bo cleared up. Hut learning through Ids wife
who enme sometimes ... his hiding
place, Hint the fooling aguins. him
was unabated, bo had gone nwny 10
(he far Sou.I. mil ,.[ .|„, ,„,,., ,,f tht>
bitter winter, uml ever since had lived lho wonry wandorlng life of a
tramp. Broken i,. health nml longing to see his fninily once again lie-
lore ho died, hu hnd ventured   back.
and lin:! I n laden by ll.o officers
"A  trump's life?   Whom,  then,  did
years thnl had tu.-n.-il her babies .vou got so much money lo   send t»'
'■ill-grown girls had marked her ."""'    wile   ''nch year?" asked    the
was ..Hi
.1.    .....I
success, even in ..
dors.   Ilul num. tin
woman's condition
face with the unmistakable evidences cross-examiner,
of sorrow. lb,    ||,o stupid, sallow fnco
" "I'tiiu'l  like she wns a fur    suro gathered  11  look  of wondering
widow," saiii a  neighbor, co ilscr- ploxlty.   "1  ain't  never sent
any money.
"Four limes
for the hist
Hid yon
- int*
"Yes " with .1 significant touch to
the belt; "a pair of loadod    pistols   rloor.   The nthr
No mdy's going to monkey witii Son   nn open windo'
i he., he has bis shooting-Irons on— to the root with the wounded man In ily t
I       ,,   sue!- a reputation for a cool  his arms,   Unit of that freezing night  perl
1 . - and .-. Bleady aim. He's col a the two bud lain on ibe tiles, keep- open was lho work nf ,. moment, nnd tale pallor, head? That swinging
f ■ .- i- ride ahead of him; Hint is ,ng the cold out, of their veins by the coveted nionoy whs in liis grasp, blow hud then dono ...(.ro than stun
wh. ho starts s.. early in tb" alter- hugging the chimney pots Finally .-.-* Hut us ho rammed il Into his pork- his victim. A murderer! Ilo who
no .-     \re >   1 stopping In the   vll-  lief cn.no, and they parted with    tho els,  tbo sharp snapping    of   a twig  loved life so had  taken 11  tcllow-bo-
:-til     will.
liis    eyes
[rom the total lines: ih.-y   careoiod,
hnd fled  Thero was     "lb- is but stunned," said his   ss-     gy Bheor vjh power the man hold 1 two causes, piety and
and he had sprung salient,    shuddering: and wool  Last- the   paper   In bont of his fare   as j   "Then   you' i.u.i:t h
vll- lie. came
1 .-■■ over night?" former friendship cemented.   Hut the caught Ids ear, nnd, I00KI1    up,    be jnu,-s life- bis hands were
N 1     I only stopped to rest   tny disgrace of tho affair clung to   hlm saw above tho rail fence the heud and blood1   I!.- could not tear
I- -■    .hiring the heat  of the    day, Then bad come the hasty    summons shoulders of a man.   Even In tho per- [mm lho fatal lines: lh
atlngly, "for (bon she could lnko anothor inan    Hen nlwn.vs   was  d.incy
ubout  her, for ull his simple    ways, ton yours, she hns rocolvod
nnd I believe he jus. sends that mo- the ......Is .. Ilfty-dollnr bill
ney often enough to keep hoc   from nol Bend il tn hor?"
getting married uguin; and    I don't A light, almost  derisive, cam.
know but whul, I  think  it's    sorter tb'- water eves,   "Why,  Mr. Cut
low down in hin.," ers, I ain't never seed a whole
It was this woman win. wont    to dollar bill in my llfo."
tell Hn- lonely wlf,. uf hot- husband's Cnrruthers looked disconcerted. Out
capture, one October morning,    nud in    lho    crowd,    lho    man leaning
saw ll.e reflex of lho tragedy enacted against the post, gave utterance tn
ull ..ver again in Hu  humblo cabin, n long, sll Hum "All!" and tho Judge
"And bo's como bock in rags   and bent  mi.  nf bis chair to rccovor   a
tatters, like l.o wan done busted   ull dropped  paper.   That   was all;    anil
to pieces; and I'd jusl make liin. tell then tl.e proceedings we... ..... Yos.it
what he's dono with th" fortune he's was    .1 lame story, the lawyers    a-
lieeii making and spending, if I were greed; but one man In the room l.o-
you, Sally Rule," sho said, r,s    thoy sides the  speaker  knew   that    eviiy
bent their stejis toward  the    spired word was true.
animal |s H clear case against him. ..nil jus- gray  h
eratwhile rider. But that tioe will clulin hor own    when   he is at HO?"
-11 Hie ground, face up- caught and i-elurned to the district. Iff started slightly, thon answered
ns tho wan starlight, llis _\ot only Clayton, but the whole with 11 forced smile: "Thoy say the
ml staring. country is inn used over the crime,     head of youth turns white but    (or
  ,. boon    very
the white horse, nnl ....snip- though still absorbed in its contents,  good all of your life." nnd ho lot ber  tow...   Hut, a merciful jailer shut the     At Inst, on lhe third dny, lb
the ..fiiilrili'hugs    'i'u .-ii-.    Ib.t.i  si„me insiiiu-i bade bi"' hide bis toll- have her way uncontradicted. door of the cell when tho wil,.   had  deuce was nil in, the orators o
A new glory dwelt upon the earth entered, and the gaping crowd with- ther side hud spent their   logi.
for   this    ....... who, for long years. 01.1 never know thc details   ol that their rhetoric, and the Judge r.
hud looked nl life *ns through n
smoked glass. Now- I i.e gluss hnd
suddenly cleared, so that the prismatic beauties beyond were unobscurod.
Dolores said it wos but tb." frost
touch on the forests thai made them
on have 0 tropical sun here   .11  homo, and the double tragody nf his  ii „f the moment he noted    tin-   un- then steadied themselves to burn
I sl ill ril"   ns   far   as father's financial ruin nnd death. lie  kempt hair nnd ragged shirt. For .me Ba|n j„tn t,is brain,   A cold sweat ol so beautiful, but ho knew (hnt   some surrounded it, und also because
meeting. to charge lhc jury. Thos,. who "tart
It was to be one ot thc most note- hlm ..ever forgot the light in bis
worthy cases tho district had ever eyes, the ring In his voice Hy .1
known, this murder case. Tho old phonomonnl effort he held himself
i..lores, was rekindled tenfold from J within the bounds ol his Judicial pre-
the remarkable   ciremuslances    that, rogative, hut    through    the     whole
Boon  10-nlghl    I  believe 1 catch the wns wonderfully shaken by tho   sor- brief second the urn stared into ran
norl lilm...ul stage 111 that  point?"   ^ row of it nil, for he was moro pleas- other's faces
Yes   ri-   twelve milos   to   U16 ure-lovlng than vicious, and possess- npiirt    Then
north, ynu can get thoro by bodtimo od that ready quality of repentance h * pistol, but with a yoll Hint och 1
... , never blow your horse, antl. the which belongs to impressionable   na- fiendlsU;     through th- dark recesses
i-    -.-  being full, vuu will hnvo    no tur-s.   A now scheme of life had been  ,-f ll - -.-   hi tl her man threw up
difficulty. |plnnnod, and ho had so. himsell   to his hands and Hod Into tho    under-
:I1.1t is how I put it up In   my- save whnt  was possible out  of    tho Ir       of tl     field beyond.
ini.l lh- stranger.   "1   confess wreck ol his father's fortune,   It was The    strap er    started   -  pursuit,
gain into his bruin.
horror broko out
bis brow.     A   subtler spell Iny
lhe face of 110-
stnn'ling not ten Bteps murderer—what would thoy do with tiu-e. (To had made .1 supreme elTort
he stranger reached (or hj,ni 1 against this passion which had    bo-
Then     he    rond   ..gain   how     the sieged    llis    heart.   Success    in    all
Btranger was hold blameless nnd the other lines   came   to him i.nbi.l.l-
bloodstain    on   the fugitive laborer,  but he sei his face against luve.  I
wus to bo the lirst murder   case
it I charge there ran 1. subtle appeal 1*
tho I the sympathies of the jurors,   which
popular    new Judge bad snt    upon.
Speculation rnn riot us to the fugitive's life during those absent years,
.... his supposed affluence, Ills present do-1 was his presentation that .bov knew
flo stltllte appoaranco, and what defense not where.lo pick the flaw. When at
henrls of stool could no. have resisted. Thc prosecution Bquirmed in
.heir   choirs    und vet so Ingenious
1 ,- 1  1 ii'i.i.- Mm .1-. about th- night I now 0 y-ur since ilu- old man's  . .••!•  but     -mm • oughts
ri "• Hr ugl   . strangle country, bul  and though Ids Industry had pr -     :: ■       ,
.      1.     |,U(       lonrs to rest   wllh od for his mother's comfori     It   had  i: 	
jn... ,1            f       fh-- law and nr- noi raised the necessary lund    ■■ would bo
dor thm  reign hereabouts.    PorhapB —tn  liquidate some debtn    standing Impps '.-              -      Irom
will give ii- some directions   as against him. dobys called     - ts  ol tl
The twisting ho.it in his lliront    ro- never Intended to in.ir.-y: bis proles-1 bis     lawyers    would    make. Pooplo
taxed.    "Walter!" be called sharply,  sion was to be sweetheart, wife and could talk of nothing olso.
"bring me a brandy and soda,   an.l child to hini; nnd so for six months j    Anil yet not, one of all tl.e chatter
The  p., iiijiels ahoul it!" ho hud even absented himself    from
Sim     Ten  years went  by.   Tlie    railroad  Hie eity of bis adoption,  that    ali-
hud done for Clayton what the pro- sonce might, do for him what    will
t    mj  f   id?'
.ih, its a straight enough way.
V ,-i (urp in tb.. right where you seo
th ■• 1, ,..-■..• pol -. ■ . and jusl fol-
I .-. the i-ij road stralghl t" the
1   ■■;    /vhoul six m '.-    out    you'll
< 1    •    1 1  ■     l forks; your
lies    still   t.   tl    right-you
r...:     :  .. Istal ■    I ■■ thc 1 ther
Is —lift-'    .   -.-  than 1. i ri lle
1-       •                   11 try tu tho Red-
m . • ,1" i-
• m .   .    •       picloi   hn 1 beep dls-
.    .sl ol. tl      'fi-. shook
b.s-ni.s" rooted  loop    in    , -
■    n the
Until thoso obligations were   .,
hod, it would bo impossible for   h
to return to thi        he
Hn- fa.- capital    II- ro-;
way  the haughty eubhioss such   1  lorl   '
an't ure of hla word  would   :r.,-■-■
fnrk  him    It  was In th
nib   Hns money on some :,.'-ii- I .
had pur i'.'s.:  if prlmitl
h- had   :tfil,|.,   ' if *     ":--.,     ■ •
nossee.   Hut tho .-.-." 3 la;
rtruder hn
-   ■ :  ■-.      .-   1
■ ....
' - -MM ;
• ■■ had foretold. The (own hud
rropl fur up the valley, and tlio now
r -...-ili-il so close upon each
other Hi,.1 flower gardens wero mil
of thi- question. Among the signs
lhat glittered in lb,, sun or swung in
th    ■ ■ ■ wur.- ninny that  bore    tbo
power could not accomplish. Hut the
very day of his return the joy of u-
galn   beholding her swept away all
bis austere resolutions and betrayed
him into a confession he. had   never
........it  tn make.   Aftor    Ihnt,    thero
was no going backward, and be gave
' - 1 - win
. ■      11  ..,.-..
•   •
t-.wl his ho
1 obnnr "I
to        'I
. !     v ■   ■      • m. -   ■ . .
-    ■      •  :        -    mail
1, nl my prol       1 '    ' *
■ ■    i     ■ 1  . ••      an-
NI    name
it       ■.'.'• !        '       ■
wilderness, nm! there was •
nodded 1 hen.; so he was goii    bom.
ther loungers, and  handed    nml    bitter!;
, I] .- :■ n    Hi II  \lii-.  -.v.ts mone; 1
n th.   tr -■'   ban!    to got?   II.- had alv
n fronl   it the  such    -i   high hi ■ '.
.1       ....... .  ,    1.
...     :  ■     0 nol
....        .       lu., next monl
gains with I nt-d
1 ■
lions 1 I noi
[till- linn tnd tht
. l.l        I .ml
.nd he fell
.   • Id mak.
... ...
-, ning sens., ol
"Attorney    nt himself up to the joys of love      In
- i-  under the rose   uf   pro- her doop piety, her cnlm-oyed purity,
serpent  hud entered lho ho found a now baptism fur his  own
„,..,,. Eden spirll   and life, which for   su   many
-,.,l ror-j-r.Mv bo.-n hold   on years   hml   been all disappointment
.- ni,|..e   of   th"   criminal nnd depression, suddenly hold in it a
-.: -.... Mi"   mil.ling Hi,, nn.,, uf redemption.
candidate   on ih" si.v... But nil dreams havo an hour ol   n-
|  him warmly by wakening,  Ono   day   Stephon     Hill
......... hastily int.. his private olllci
wilhoul waiting for nn nnswer in his
summons, nud said   "1 have    news
fm- you ihis morning.   Whom    ihink
ilhorilies   nubbod   lust
"Oreal   victor;   for    you,
e   .mil ynu deserved i', I was
lllng Carrutl era ihnl you
■ ,-,■-.'  .,f the
... ,-nnil  scrape  together ynu   tin
, I-,  lei      trai        how night?"
- -    i: im in1 ir    "Hooker, the horso il
nming nf     "Horse thief?   Higgi
■ .- 1 11   ■ ■ .  in mn- ylllng
•1 ou pal     ' ;r wny iu
,   thi     ' * hai    one
dn-.    ■ .  .-..nib! i" - hero
'If j I
Hint1   You'll   havo   i.   murder
Hint win t,.st. your logal    ..bil
Whv,   tho.V    callghl     Hun Rill"
ing gossips (.bought of It half
much ns one man to whom it was necessarily a sealed subject of conversation. In liis office, on llie street,
alone or In a crowd, by day and by
night, It pursued hlm; haunting even
tho hours bo spent with his love, and
shriveling into nothing the new glory
of earth and sky, llis lirst dote.'...illation was to usk 11 brother Judge to
to exchange benches with him when
iho ease came to If inl Such an ordeal was out of all reason, all humanity; neither body nor mind could
slitml such a strain. Hut the Judge]
to who... ho wrote could not oblige
him, having already un Important on-
gngeinc... Ior that time, Another to
whom he applied was desperately III,
and so he found the whole thing forced buck upon himself. 'I'l.en followed
11 sensm. of feverish snt.Infliction;   af-
lifst be had finished and sat duwn,
nnd, under cover ol wiping bis brow,
had hidden his lace in his handkerchief, thoy looked helplessly at each
other, while the paliont wife sobbed
aloud, and Ibo man by lh" posl muttered, "Magnlficont!" below his
It was sundown when lho jury wont
out. On the lounge of his retiring
room llio Judge lay all of thai long
night, with no eyes save those of tho
blinking slurs to witness his agony.
A note fron. Dolores lay unanswered.
unread at his hand. No sleep came
to him, no morsel of fond passed his
lips; he asked hi...self but ono question: What if be bad tailed and tho
verdict should bo "Guilty?" Asked it
over and over ngain, and never answered it.
A breathless Bllonco reigned In the
courtroom the next morning, when
lho clock began lo toil oil 11. Evcrj-
seat was flllod, and through the opes
doors    ..    crowd gaped in from the
I ■
 e you of the     11
-   I   '
right    al
1 .1 i
■   •    •
. ;  „ii 1 »»'.-
:    - ■
Ihon |et I      ■   ■
it n   th
il wu
iv.do, worn
' •        :
:     ■ ■    de by n I
md on thi    ther
. -    ■.. ■ Id hi    turn
-, •   -  • ■       - ■       ■ -. md Sis'k another truck? A
I ■ - - I In the I am
glunrlng froi to hi ( si retch ol
, Men and      men sat wl Vnd
,■-.-.-.     hildren romped      n  in 1 l. nn
• i     mh *   , ,.-    irl    md boyi      :   ,1  -.- ,t    thei 1 mm       :
■  .    ,    _.,.,. .1      ... 1, •   1 alone   tho man wi mil   n
1   ti-   boned
ild wil
.',,.  .it  -,    fork .1. Hi   M-.
Inken the wro.
r ja.lt li
I been In the si I. lho ill . .
- ■,.. - m   thi
. :
it day- 1 . ,." a.
1        -      .
t have me,       igh 1 ■■-■ •--1
, - '
.1- ■    I     -   LSI
.   t
low and ■
I I do a little ol
... ... tool
■ I
nil. Ibe rulings of Hie presiding
Judge so for in the matter of filial hall. The man by the middle post
decisions, and who would so favor thought what 11 pnthotte picture the.-
lhe prisoner as himself? Willi tliisiiiii.de, At the luel stroke of the
thought thoro camo a conviction that clock the Judge's door opened and
I was his duty to sit .... lho hunch, ho entered slowly, He held to the
1..11I so (ar as in hlm lay lo turn the. knob 1. moment, as tin.ugh lo steady
Bcnles of Justice toward tho unlor'tun- himself, and be was so deathly pale
nighl while It" wns trying to get tolnl ilprlt. II became purl ol bis thai an old lawyer said 10 his colli:, info's bn..-.-    ,\ couplo of officers 1 punishment, and ho nerved himself .0 leagues:   "ll is ol course a I..si case,
stumbled .... lu... in tbo swamp    by 11 1 It; but as the days wenl l.y hejaml being lhe first time he has   hud
Ut real accident        'Sdeth,   man, agod even to the eas.ml observer.        to pro........re lhe death soul.-nee   he
1      .ni Ilul. liin   ilinf'" The 1110ruing    of the trial dawned  is naturally a good deal shaken; but
"I   I iiu:  trying 1 call who Bon clour and lino,  Tl.o llrsl. snow of the'he'll get ..sod to It."
<  ...ul   whal   in-   .li.i."   'iio- season   glistened   .... the housetops,;   The comment was whispered about,
"   -i    imt   ui.! oven, bn.   Iml    Hi.,   fur sky aliove was (ull of and kindly glances of sympathy ful-
1   1 rn   hi    desk  was    .'Inn.n.y  turquoise light.  The courtroom was lowed hlm to the bench, while up in
  lb-    throw   H." long .row.led Iron. ..isles to walls and   a the gallery .. young Woman hiirrio.l-
111  uum bb, forehead with   11  tremor    ol    oxpoctntlon  pulsed and  |y removed ber veil and loaned    for-
 1    shako nf tii.- head,    nnd throbbed through the room, 'l'ho las. ward, .. world ol lender   oncourage-
,1 cloud uf ..iiniii-o from lus pipe   Btroko of '.1 rang out, but the Judge'., mont in her gray eyes.
".:.uh" ni  lui uf    .. ling, tliiiir 1 iiioil closed.   Out    in    the,    When    lho   Jury   were seated    tho
.-  -.;-.-. 1,.im   lid imt  know  ii   crowded   room   one    ninn,   leaning Judge    opened his inoulli to speak,
"Oo?" Hul r.-|. I.    Why, ii was against  a post, took out  Ids watch but.   the    contracted    muscles gavo
ii robbed anil murdered    Sou ns if in time lho delinquent; Imt the lorth no sound.   The man    by   tho
next n nl multiped it to,   tor th,. post leaned forward, intently   alert!
Sin-rill's voice announced shrilly Uiul thu crowd heaved and rustled.   Was
i- I was open, nnd ll.e door lo the he   going to break down?  Hut    tho
right swung upon. Tho Judge   look next moment his voice rang out clear
Im. pi.no on Hi,, bench, lurnod   over nnd distinct,
Huh......., lho   pny.1...stor    Hi
.- Ho-  pistol  li,,  USi'd  1111
''ll IU    ll."    -.IMI III  M
l.Ul      -uu      I     lull,     ,     lliu,I .'11,    III
' I'
1.. ||g.,i| I-   ml  ,,i ih.  , lei I     I
llll.lei   uit".--  II  .-... i.
papers for .. moinont, while tlio
In tho
houi    ' ■        nd then n    hlgl
„ im      •-• . ■     hli
'' ,- mature . en     I      -       I fm
,,.. .       ....   ,    mm     ridden I
- .-        i.m...       j/ept by, leavlj
'... I - ii
■i;,mi,   m.i,i,,i.|i., curved; ussoiulilj composed Itself; thon, wllh-
Il.l..0 foi .1 1  ..He I   l.ii run  raising bis eyeu, ho called    the
'■■..■■   Ihln        11    nr..1   .1    Ten in : case   "The Statu ol   Tennessee,
'or                      i                 ,-       lodged 11     ,'t      imi .        County,   vs,   Benjamin    I'.ulo.
n tho to               [oi iu.: -.-.    11   ".'   Um m-i Murder
liinl wh ii-i-i 0. le. .   I-I-11, inl in, .he luwyers made   answer
11   did  10.     ti.-.. tl                                         I," hn laughed      I don't j.lon'I you ren thai tin--  wero .-.-...H, ovory oye wont
mi.dd;      mill   I                                                                        nnil to   nl        '■' ■'   he'1"'Tl          »hn.|.  ■     ln.,1.1 in   11 tnliln on the lefl. where,    hc-
"Mr. Foreman, are you agreed?"
"We are, Your Honor."
"Guilty or not—guilty?"
"Not guilty."
Wns it a won..ill's or a man's cry
of relief that startled the stillness.
Con......lb... and,question followed <*.
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1*2*-^-	 MUUNLIIitll   '
Young Conservative Associa
iion Spend a Pleasant Time
at Arrowhead.
A most enjoyable evening was spent
here on the 23rd, when members ol
the Revelsloke Young Conservative
Association to the number ol about
forty journeyed down and gave a
public entertainment to a large and
appreciative audience. A splendid
programme was excellently rendered
ib follows: —
Mesiri. D. McEaehern abd D. McKenzie, bagpipes; Messrs. W.Smythe,
P. Murphy, W. Humphreys, Hopkins,
and Dr. Morrison, songs; Mr. \V.
Humphreys, recitation. Messrs. B,
Crick, R. Veith and P. Murphy, instrumental selection!; Mr. Dickson, step-
dancing and Dr. Morrison, elub
W. W. Foster touched upon some
important political questions of the
day and advised his hearers not to be
misled by the interested statements
made by the Yellow Press ahd others
but to think earnestly lor themselves.
He bad, for a considerable time past,
very carefully studied the effect of
different administrations upon the
welfare nl the Province, and was
convinced that in order to insure the
cjiitinuiinoe ol the present prosperous
conditions ol B. C, a goud, stable
government was absolutely necessary.
The MoBride administration had succeeded in bringing us Irom prospective
I.*, kriiptry lo achieved prosperity,
un.l why change, when no plank in
the Liberal platform offered ua anything better, nor as good. He
therefore asked his hearers to support
the McBride administration by voting
for Mr. Taylor. At the conclusion ol
llie programme cheers were called for
Mr. Taylor and the McBride ministry,
Successful Function tor the
B. of.lt. T.
A succesBlul and most enjoynlle
evening was spent on Tuesday night
when the Ladies Auxiliary ol the Brotherhood cl Railroad Trainmen gave
au 'at home" in the opera house. The
ladies ai usual had got sll the arrangements down to a line point the reception work and management being in
the hands ot a committee consisting
ol Meedames Aghcw, T. Culey, Cormier and Pettipiece. The hall was
tastelully arranged with lounges and
cosy corner?, dancing and cards forming the evening's amiiienient. The
Independent band rendered a choice
selection of popular dance music.
About two hundred gueits sat down
to a well ordered supper the viandi all
beiug home made. The "at home"
besides being thoroughly enjoyed by
all was also a tinitiicial success.
Y. M. C. A.
Work in Western Canada,
The great advance in Y. M. C. A.
work during the Inst lew years has
warranted the Western Canadu committee ol the association in s curing
an able man to act as provincial
travelling secretary. The new man
Bicurod for tbe position is Charles R.
Saycr, ol Toronto, and he will travel
all over the prairie provinces and will
aim take up considerable work in
British Columbia, Many of the towns
in Alberta, Manitoba and Britisli
Columbia have at present building
operations underWeigh end others are
raising money lor new buildings. Mr.
Bayer his been connected with the
association work since 1887 and has
always been working in Canada.
The lirst real match ol tlie year
was played oh Thursday night in tlie
rink against a team Irom Arrowhead.
The match was called Ior 8 p. in. snd
by the lime the game commenced a
large number ol spectators were
present. From start to finish the
game belonged to the home boys, who
commenced by playing a good scientific
combination game and this combined
attack proved more than the Arrowhead boys cuuld withstand, although
they put up an excellent light, Individual play was good in both teams,
but the combination game, lor whicli
Keyelsloke boys in all sports are noted,
told heavily against Arrowhead, who
despite their valiant attempt tu break
their opponunls defence, were completely out manoeuvred, The game
roBiilted iu Revelstoke nine, Arrowhead (I.
Mr. Iliiiin has accepted Hil" Willrid
Lsiiricr's challenge at Ottawa, and
gave notice ol a resolution, In tho
house, deoliiriiig it expedient to get in
a hill this session to prohibit the importation, mauulacture and sale ol
io me tiectors oi
Revelstoke Riding
GENTLEMEN: —Having again received the honor of the
unanimous nomination as the Conservative candidate at the
approaching Provincial elections, 1 tike this opportunity of addressing those ol my supporters and friends whom I may be unable to
meet personally, or who may be unable to attend thc various meetings oi electors whioh I shall address during the short campaign
which ia now on.
My record as a public man during tbe eight years I have bad the
honor to represent you is before you, and I challenge a:,y man tu lay
his linger on one single sot ol mine that was not in tlie interests oi
British Columbia and my own Riding, and I challeuge any man to
shew a single instance in which my own private interest wus forwarded or the public interest neglected l.y me. Practically my
whole time has been devoted to the public service, and, while my
private interests have in consequence suffered, I have been honestly
endeavoring to give the affairs ol this Province and Riding my best
attention and, these (acts being well known to the majority ol the
electors, I leel confident that on election day a sub.tantial majority
ol the electors ol this Riding will shew thcii appreciation ui my
efforts in the public interest by placing me at the head ..[ the poll,
It was largely owing to my efforts that the timber laws were so
amended as to make "she title to timber licences absolutely renewable
for extended terms ol years, thus rendering such titles secure and
inducing capitalists to come in and purchase ami develop our timber
resources and creating a high state of prosperity in the lun.her
industry in our midst.
I have been and am .. consistent supporter ol the Government
of Hon. Richard McBride.
That Government lias done more to bring about confidence in
tlie administration of the affairs of this Province and tu bring
about the present high state ol prosperity, credit ami stability in this
Province than any any previous Government wo have had, When
you recali the bad condition into which affairs had drifted prior to
Sir. Mc Bride's Government taking office, you will at once ugiee with
mo in the statement I have just made. Such lieing the case, 1 say to
you that no good reason can be shewn by the opposition why a
change should take place.
ln the matter of public works, the Government have ileult as
liberally with the different parts of the country us their limited
resources would permit, but now that the credit of the Province has
been re established and the public income has beeu so largely increased, it will be possible to undertake with confidence many important public works which will serve to develop the rich natural
resources ol the Province, and tliis will mean increased prosperity to
the miner, the lumberman, the larmer, the railway man and all
With regard to the Civil Service, I may say that my policy is
aud always has been to retain in the service men who are competent
and honest, irrespective ol their political leanings.
I am opposed to the granting of subsidies to railway-corporations.
The demand made upon the McBride Government by the Grand
Trunk Tacific Railway Company lor a land subsidy and other enormous conceiBious lor building through the northern part ol British
Columbia, I regard as an attempt to riile this Province ol some ol its
richest territory and rights, and, il elected, I shall oppose with all my
might the granting ol anv such proporty or concesiions to that or
any other company.
All of you are familiar wilh the cost uf opening up this vast
country in order to reach our mineral, timber and agricultural
resources. Thc provincial subsidy now paid by the Dominion to this
Province is wholly inadequate and entirely out of proportion to that
granted to the older and more settled Provinces and still more out ol
proportion to the share ol Dominion revenues this Province pays per
capita into the Dominion coffers, and I feel sure that every elector
knows lull well that it is only by taking such a firm stand as tlnit
taken by Premier McBride belore the Conlerence ot Provincial
Premiers at Ottawa recently, that this great wrong can he remedied,
and that if this Province is to he placed where she belong", namely,
in the front rank ol Canadian Provinces, it is only by endorsing
Premier McBride and his Government, in their fight (nr " Better
Terms lor Britisli Columbia " and Provincial rights, and that il a
Government made up of the present Opposition be placed in power at
this time, only a compromise measure suitable to the Ottawa Government and unlnir to this Province can In expected.
I therefore ask all fair-minded British Columbian.- iu this Riding
to study carefully the issueB ol this campaign and weigh curelully
the respective claims ol my opponent and myself to represent this
Riding, and 1 leel confident that alter jou have done so, you will
cast your ballot in my behalf on February 2nd and, il elected, I shall
continue to do all in my power to further the interests ol this Riding.
Your Obedient Servant,
Electors of the above meiitioneJ Electoral District, that in the
Election now pending, the respective candidates have appointed
the undermentioned person as his agent:
William I. Briggs, of Kevelstoke, Agent for Robert J. Caley.
Wallace VV. Lefeaux, ot Revelstoke, acts for himself.
Robert Smith, of Revelstoke, Agent for Thomas Taylor.
Of which all  persons are hereby required to take notice
and govern themselves accordingly.
Given  under my hand at Kevelstoke, this   Nineteenth
day of January, Nineteen Hundred and Seven.
Returning Officer.
Sittii-u in hereby given that*'days alternate
wi-iii tend m k|i|.Sir iu!li.-rhicf Commissioner m
l.mi'N ami Works lur as eoial llceuse to cm
nnd parry i mber frum Hil* following described
lauds situated in Lillooet dirttlet:
1, Commencing »l n p«s( marked "Britisli
('•ittiTiiliia Tim in**--, Lid, uortti-e*ist corner posl
So. i Limit." planted at tliu wnitInvest eorner nf
Timber Limit \... ;.i;ij. tlience woatU'i chains,
thenee snutli 2fl chains, tlience wesl Hflchnhw,
thence smitli 4ii chains, thenee east SO chaini.
tlience north zu chains, thence east bO chains.
Uience north -in chains in point nf commence
1 Commencing :ii :i post mnrkeil "British
Columbia limbers Ltd., north-west corner post,
Ni.. S Limit.'* planted on south boundary ol No, l
Limit ii lumi l mile frmn east end, thence sontli 60
chains, thence east no chains, tnence norths*
chains, thence wast 80 chains tp point of com
Dated Slit December, WCfl,
o. Commencing at a pout markod "British
Columbia Timbers Ltd., north-west corner post,
No, a Limit, planted at tlm south-west eorner nf
No. S Limit, tlienco south SO chains, tlience cast
SO chaini, thence nurth 80 chaina, thence west BO
chnlni to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. Uth, 1906.
i, Commencing at a post marked "British
Columbia limbers Ltd,, north-east corner post.
No.-1 Limit," planted at tlieMUth-west cornerof
Timber Limit No. 5416, thence south 80 chaini,
then iv west 81' chains, tlience north SO chains,
tlience easi tin* clialna to point of coinmencement.
*"i. Cnminenclng at a post marked "British
Columbia Timbers Ltd., north-west corner post,
No. .1 Limit," plnnted at the south-went corner of
Timlier Limit No. Mlli, thence smith 80 chains,
thence bonI Hi) clmins, thence north 8i> cliains,
thence west 8" cliiiins Vo pnint of commencement.
Dated Dec. '.'titlt, Mki.
Notice is hereby given thatGOdny*. ufiei dm
I Intend to apply io ihu Houoraiil** the chiei
Commissioner ui Lauds and Works I ir pormission io purchase the following described iniids
in Osoyoos division of Yale District:
I Commencing at a po-i planted about inn
feet from north-enst end of Keefet i-ftko,
markod,"W. H. Hollingsworth's 8. W. corner,
thonce north 10ohains, east 1" uhnins, south -Ju
chains, oust in ohains, south 2u ahtdiiH, cast so
clmiiis, south in chains, west SO chains, north
ill chuius, west 10 chains, north ilu chain.-, wot
40 clmins lo place of commencement.
'I Commencing ut n post marked "W, II.
Hnllliigswoi'tli's sunlh-fiasL corner." plauted
about 100 yards from the northeast end of
Kuefer I-akti. thouco west. 4ii clmins, north 20
ohnilis, wesi In chains north *Jd chains, west so
chains', nonh 40chains cast UN cbnins,south'.'"
chains, ua&1 10 chains smith ll) chains, mist 10
chain?, soulh III olouiis to place ol commenc
H Commenolng at. a post planted about 7*5
yards south from the west ond of Kcofor Lake,
marked " \V, H. Hollingsworth's north-east
corner," thenco west ft) clialns, south 80 chains,
east Wl chains, north 80 ghatns to place of commencement,
HaU'.U.lcl.-.'i, Mil).
4 Commciiciuij at a post planted about Vt a
milo north of the mouth of Polar Creek when
it runs into Barnes Creek, aud mnrked "W. H
Hollingsworth's north-east cornur," thence
south 40 chains, west Kii chains, north -ill
cliiiins, cast ItHi chains to point of commencement.
Dated Oct. 26th, 1900.
fi. Commencing at a post planted about !.j a
mile nort.li from the inoulli ot FolurCreuk
where it runs into Hume**-Creek, und iiiiirk-.il
"Wi H. Hollingsworth's south-east cornur,"
thenco uorth 40 chains, west 100 chains, south
40 chains, east 100 chains to place of commencement,
(1 Commencing at, a post planted about 1 of
a mile south-east of enst end of Marsh Lako,
mnrkod "W. H. Hollingsworth's north-east
corner," thenco south 40 cliains, west. 100
chains, north 4il i'liains, cast ltKI ohains to plnce
of commencement.
' commencing at a post plnnted about ] of a
mile cast ut west end nnd nenr south side of
Marsh Lake, marked "W, H, Hollingsworth's
north-east cornor," thonce south 40 chains, wost
lOOchains, north 40 chains, cast, 100chains to
place of commencement.
Dated Oct*, ftth, 1906.
8 Commencing at a post planted about 200
yards from the south side ana about half-way
of Kcefcr Lake,marked"W.H.Hollingsworths
north-west comer," thence souih 140 chains,
east 60 chains, north 60 chains, cast 20 chains,
north SO chains, west 60 chains, nortb 00 chains,
wost 20 chains to point of commencement.
0 Commenolng nt a post, plauted about 200
yards south and about half-way of Kcefer lake
ana markod "VV, H. Holttngaworth's north-east
corner." thence south ion chains, west 40
chains, north 160chains, cist 40clialns to place
of commencement.
10 Commencing at a post planted on tho
beach about % milo east of went end of Kcefcr
Lake, marked "W, H, Hollingsworth's northeast corner," thence south 160 chains, west 10
chains, north lOOchains, thence east 10 chains
to point of commencement.
U Commencing a' a post planted about \
mile south of Kettle itiver, alwut 2 miles west
of Keefer Lake, marked "W.H Hollingsworth's
north-west corner," thence cast 40 chams. south
20 chains, east, 40 chains, south 80 chains, west
10 chains, north 91 chains, west 40 chains,
nortli 60chains to point of commencement.
DuMhI Oct, 28th, woti.
12 Commencing at a post planted about 1
milu south of Keltic River, ahnnt; of a mile
east of Porcupine Creok, mnrked "\Y. H. Hollingsworth's northeast corner," I hence sout h lfin
chains, west 10 chains, north lm chuius, east
lOchains to point of commencement.
l;t Commencing al a post planted about \\
miles south ol Keltic Itiver on Trap Crude, and
marked "W. 11. Holli.igswimh's N W coiner,"
thence south 8U chains, east bU ehnins, north 80
chains, west mi chains to point of commencement, j
II Commencing nt a post planted nboniflO
yards above thu lorks on Trap Creek, nbout
one-half mile south of Keltic Itiver, and marked "W II, Hollingsworth's S.\V, enrner," thonoo
north Sn chains, east 80 chains- south Wl chains,
west so chains, io point of commencement,
Dnted October Wlh. Woo
If) Conimuneiug at a nost phoned nbou. ■)
mile westof llio forks of Trap Creek and aboul
800 yards wost of tho crook, marked "tt. H. Hot
liugsworth's north-west coiner," thencu soulh
8u chains, oust Hi chain-., norlh Ml chains, west
ni chuius to point of eonunenceiiieiit.
10 Commencingal a posl planted about 100
yurds to tbo smith nf Knit Creek uboui' t mile
south of Kettle Rivor, murked "W II Holllngswortli's north-east corner," thenee soulh fiiu
chains WOlt 40 chains, nonh ion chains, east 10
chaius to pninl of commenccntui.
Datod Oct. .list, 1906.
IT Cummencing nl a pu-i planted almul ,50
yards norlli of Keltic Ui ver about Ja milu below
Porcupine Creuk, marked "tt' |1. Hollingv
worths Houth-wcst corner," Ihouco east 40
chains, south 80 chain.-., east 4n clmins imrth 120
chains, west 8o chains, uouth Hi clmins lo
place of commencement.
18 Commencing nl a post plnuted on thc
suuth bank of Ilepscdnui Creek ubout U mile
up from Kettle Itiver, murked "W.H. Holllugs-
worlb's north-west coruer," limine south 10
chains, east 160 chains, north io chains, west
lfiO chains to placo of commeucemeut.
ID Commencingat a ikisI planted on south
bank of Hepscdam Creek, about ii mile from
Kettle lliver, marked "tt. 11. llolllngh wort h's
soutb-west cornor," thence north 80 chains,
east 80 chains, soulh 80 ohnlns, west 80 chains
to poinl of commencement.
tti Commencing at a post plantod on tbo
south bank of Hcpsedam Creek about U milo
from Kettle River, marked "W. H.HofllngH-
worth's north-uiiHt corner," thouco west 80
chains, south 80 chains, cast 8ii chains, nurth
8(1 chains to place of commencement,
21 Coimnuneliiit at. a post planted on tlio
soulh bank of Hcpsedam Creek about J mllo
frum Keltic River, marked "W. ll Hollingsworth's south'unnt corner," lhcnco nortli 40
chains, wust 10 chnius, north Ml ebains, west 10
north ttlchalus, west 80chains, south 10 ohains,
east SO chains, south 20 ohains, oast lo chains,
south 20 ehuins, east III chains to point of commencement.
initial Nov. Isl.hM
satjao 2ii       W. H. HOI-LlNUSWOHTit.
Notice is hereby given thai Oo .lays
utter itiile I i........I to ..ppl)' lo llie (Jliiet*
Commissioner ol Unds ami Winks tor
permission to purchase six hundred snd
forly ui-res of lund lying in lhe l'*oslliull
Valley on the wesl side ol  Upper Arrow
Lake, described ns l'..lli..vs.
(in......i-i..i..H al   i. post .narked "K.il-
s.-ii Nichols south-east corner posi,'
plained ai ihe north-Weil cornor o. Lot
hi,.., Croup ., Kooicnay, ilu'..ce mini. Ho
clmins, Ihenee wesl Hn chains, Ihence
south Hu chains, ihence easl Ho ehains to
the plan* ui commencement, containing
(.40 acres, more or less,
Daie.i this 231x1 day ul' November, .....it.
nov iH wed      I'er T. S, Mcl'liersun.
Notice In hereby given thut we the undersigned
intend, K0 days from dak, to npply to the lion.
Chief Oommlrtsloner of Lauds and Works, for a
special license lu cut and carry away timber from
the following descrilied lands 1
Commencing al a pnst planted about, one-
•iiiiiiiur of a mile east uf Klsn River und onu milu
from Camborne, llionce nortb HO chains, thence
east M ehains, thencesolth VIchains,thancr- went
wi chains to point of commencement. Hlgneil,
fl. lt.NORTHKV.
DA. MtlNTOHll.
Dated .lanunty 12th, 1007.
1 in nit,. 1 to ipjlty tti tin- Chief Ciiiiitnlislmiernf
Liiulsami Works fur a spocial IIcobchImcuI
uud curry nwuy timbor Hum the following do*
scrilie I lumi-:
Commcuelii.; .1111 piM plunled ul tlm uorlh-
wes' corner ul tliu •until wi-sl quarter of Sccllon
2f.TmviMhip.37, mnrked "W ill foi I jugs worth'*
suiilii-wwi enn.. r po-,1," theiioo eusl !d)chultif),
I linnet nh SO i-lu-iitis ib.'ii.v W'-q 80ohllllis.
lIUMCl*   .-until   Nl  ill,llll-111 -jil-livfil i-llltlllic|li-i
Tin- iili'.ve hictiilon l< Ihe norlh half of See
liuti'i-lunil Du*-.mlli Imlf nf .S.vlinu 20, Town
ship i»7.
Duii.il November 22ml, ISM,
sai jiuijSH     W. II. HOLLlNGSWOaTH.
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days afler date
I iuii'ini in apply lo ibe Hon. chief Commissioner of Lamls and Works for permission to
purchase lhe following described lauds:
OouiinenunK nlthe N. K. coru«»rof T, L. Nu.
7040, 011 thc shore of Wind Bay, Upper Arrow
Lakes tlienee south 10 chains, theuce cast80
chnius, thence north about80 chaius, tbeuce
westerly following the southern shore of Wind
Bay lo point ol commencement, containing
I'oui- liiit.ili-cil nud eighty acre- more or less.
Dated Ibis Mb day of December, 1006,
sntdcuia J   IL KKNNKDY.
Notice is hereby given that oodnys afterdate
iuieml In apply 'lo the Chief Coinniissionor of
Lands nml M oiks for permission lo imrchase the
ollowltitf descrilied lauds in Cariboo dislrict:
Cniniueiiqlng at a post marked "W. 11. Olive's
suiith-Misi lii-mur post,'' planted on trail leading
from Nmih 1 hompsmi Kiver to Vellowh.iad Puss
and about fi miles lua northerly direction from
Cranberry Luke, running uorth mi clmins, tbenee
west -fucli'iliis, ihence smith in chaius, thence eaat
4<i chain-' 10 point of commencement.
Dated I Kb day of November, IttHi.
uov 21 W, 11. OL1VK, Locator.
Nolice Is hereby given that 'Hi daya after dato
we in 1 cu-1 toapply tothe Chief'*nmiuisilouer of
Lauds aud Works lor a speeiul license to cut
and carry sway timber from the following
described luuds situated In Went Kuntunny
Commencing nt a post -planted \:, mile uortli
oit ii.-si.uth eastcorner of Lot 7917 apd marked
"L W.L Cu.'s N.tt*. eorner," thenee 160 chains
eust, theuce 10 chains soutli, tbenee 160 chains
west, llienee 10 ehalus uortli lo place of com*
[tuted December 81st, 1000,
Nut ice |s liereliy given that 30 dnys ufler dnte
wt iutond to Hpply tothe Chief Commissioner of
Liimls uud \\ orks for a speciul license to cut
and curry awny timber from thi following described  lands in district, of West Kooteuay:
CoiumeuciiiK at s post planted 1 mile west
from north-east corner of Lot No. 6140 and
marked "L, W, L. Co.'s 8, W. corner post,"
theme north 100chaius, tlience east w chains,
theuce south 100 chains, thence west 40 chains
tn place of commencement.
Dated Decein ber 20th, 1906.
Notice ih hereby given lhat Oo days
ufler date I inlend lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands k Works for permission to purchase three hundred and
twenty acres of land lying in the Fosth.il!
Valley on the west side of Upper Arrow
Luke, described us follows:
Com men eing at a post marked "Robert
Abbie's norlh-easl corner post," planled
al lhe north-wen corner of Lot 862,
Group 1, Kootenay; thence 80 chains
weit, thence 40 chains (south, thencu Ho
chains cast, thence 40 chains north to .the
point of commencemeni, containing 320
acres, more or less.
Dated the 23rd day of November, iqoG.
nov 28 wed        I'er T. S. McPerson.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
after (lute I intend to npply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds &
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred ami forty acres of land lying
in the Fosthall Valley on the west
side of Upper Arrow Lake, descrilied
as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "II
Harh.iv s north-east corner pout,"
planted 140 chains west of Lot -15711,
Group 1, Kootenny. thence west 80
clmins, thenco south 80 chains, thence
east 80 ehuins, thence north 80 chains
tn the place of commencement, con-
tailili.g 010 acres, more or less,
lluleil this 21th dav of November,
nov 28 ived   Per T. K. MePherson,
Nutlco Is hereby glvon that 80 days
nti.'.. .I.ile I intend to make application to the Chief Ooin.i.iaslonor of
Lands ..ml Works I'm- it special license
to ont and curry nway timber from
tl... followiug described landa situate
in West Knui.-iiiiy District:
1, Coinmeneing ata post planted ..t
i he north-west en. ner of Timber Limit
7.V1I ninl market) "A. AI. Symons'
north-oast cn.-i.ei-," tbenee south 80
chains, thonce wesi 80 chains, thence
.ninl. 80 ehnins, thence eust 80 chains
in plnce ..f commencement,
2, Conimenclng at a post planted
nl the south-west eorner of Timber
Limit 70H4, uiul mnrked "A. M. Syinnns' north-wesl cornor," thenco
BOUlll 80 ehains, thenee east 80 ebains,
tbenee north 80 chains, thence west SO
chains In place of oi.minencemcul.
II. Commencing at a pnsl. planled
at. Uu* norlh-enst cornerof Timber
Limit IKl'l", and mnrkeil "A. Jl. Hy-
niuns' south-east corner," thence west
100 chains, thence north 40 chains,
theuce east Kill chains, thence south
40 chains tn place of ci.miiienceii.ent.
Dec. 14th, UNO.
4. Commencing at a post planted
on the lake shore, three miles nortl.
of Nakusp, ou thc west side of Upper
Arrow Lake and marked "A. M. Symons' north-cast unru.ir," thence west
40 chains, thence south UN chains,
then*.* east 40 chains, thence north
100 chains to place of commencement,
5, Cmiinencing at a posl planted
on .lie west side of Upper Arrow I jike
..nd one mile norlh nl the north-oast
corner of No, 4 and marked "A. M.
Hyii.ons' northeast oornor," theuce
west 80 chains, theuce smith 80 chains,
thenee enst, 80 chains, thenee iii.rth 80
hains In place nf commencement.
Ilee. 15th, 1000.
wed jan 2 A. Jl, SYMONS,
Nolice Is hereby given ll.nl 00 days
after date I intend lo apply to the
Chief Commission.... ol* lnnds and
Works for a special licence to cut and
carry away limber from the followiug
described lands:
1. Commencing at  a post planleil
i  the north liank of Snow Creek
about eight iiiiles est ul* Burton City,
tbeuce west 80 chains, then.:., south 80
chains, thonce east 80 chains thence
iioill. 80chains to point.of commencement.
2. Coinmeneing at a posl plnnted
three chains nortb of No, 1 post,
thence east HO chains, thence south 80
chains, Ihence west 80 chains, thonce
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post planted
80 chains east of No. 2 post, thence
east 100 chains, thence south lOchains,
thence west 100 chains, thence north
40 chains to point of couiiuencement.
Dated December 20th, UNO.
wed jan 2 J. lUAJIIliSON, Locator.
I'l'f.iiii: l
I'i;..vim iM.i-'liitiTit-n l .'i.i hum i
Nli. hod,
THIS i-   In,-.-,lily tl..I ll .- '"Ill-ilish
Ci.li.nilii;. Timber.",' Limbed." it. null.-
oriseil,-....I licensed lo carry ".. husiness ttiiliin   ll.e I'rn.ioi I*   liriii-li
Cl.....li,., .....I I., curry out in- elTecl
all tn- nnv nl* ll.e objects iff the Com-
piiny I., which il... legi-hilivciiiilhoi"
ily of the Legislature nl Uiitlsh Columbia extends.
The head nlV.cc of ll.e Company i*
situate al Ihe Ciiy of M. enl, 111 the
Province of Quebec.
The in...nml ol* the cnpil.ij nf the
Company is one hundred thousand
dollars, divided into one thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each.
The head offlce'of tho'Company In
Ihis Province is situate on Kiis. Street,
Revelstoke, and William Irving
H.-ig^s, Biii-i'lstei-iil-Ijiuv, whoso nil
dress is the smi.ejIs lhc.attorney for
the Company.
(liven under my hand and seal of
oftlce.it. Victoria, I'rovirice of British
Cnlninliifi, .his 17th day of December,
one thousand uiu.' hundred and six.
(I..s.|     M. V. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock C mpaiiles,
■flie objects for .yhlch Ihu Company
has been established and licensed are:
1. To carry nn throughout Canada
and elsewhere the husiness of lumberers, timber merchants and manufacturers of timber and ami lumber in all
its branches, and all other business
incidental thereto or connected theie
with, including the iiianul'aetiiie of ull
products of the forest or lumber industry.
2. To acquire by purchase, lease or
otherwise and to own. utilise, and
operate timber limits, timlier lauds,
and timber berths, nnd rights in such
timher lands, timber limits and timber
berths, licences or rights lo cut timber,
liuiilier yawls', mill and factory sites,
water lots, docks, wharves, piers.dams,
slides, aqueducts, viaducts, sleu.ubont.s,
und other vessels, sawmills, pulp
mills, water und steam powers,
hydraulic powers, plants, improvements in lakes, livers and
creeks, und other waterways for him-
bering or transporting logs, timher and
nil other rights nnd interests of every
kind appertaining to any ik the aliove
enumerated property so acquired, as
may he necessary for the development and purposes of the Company,
and the said property above specified
or any of it, to Improve and develop,
sell, mortgage, exchange, lease or dispose of for cash, or upon rentals, infer any other consideration us may be
in the interests of the Company:
3. To construct.opernte, charter nnd
employ vessels of all kinds for the purposes and business of the Company,
and for the purpose of transporting
products of the mills and works or
other materials or manufacturers for
any place within Canada or elsewhere,
and to do a transportation husiness in
Canadu or elsewhere, to lease or acquire all accessories necessary for the
proper working of the snid vessels, and
to lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of
said vessels, or accessories, or moveable effects in relation thereto ns it
...ay Is. advisable in the interests of
the Company:
4. To construct, or aid, or subscribe
towards the construction, maintenance and improvements of roads,
docks, piers, .Jams, slides, nqueducls,
viaducts or other works nnd buildings,
including flumes, bridges, ditches,
water, steam or other hydraulic rights
or powers, and any other works necessary for the purposes of I he Company
or for the currying out of the Company's powers:
5. To establish shops or stores on
the property of Ibe Company, and lo
sell merchandise thereon, in so fur ns
il may he necessary for the Company
to curry on ils said business:
0. To acquire, own, sell, lease an.l
dispose of shares, debentures and securities in any other company similar
to this Company, artd lu acquire or
ninnlguinulc will, any compnilj having objects similar In the Company
hereby Incorporated, on such terms
nnd for such considerations as the
ilireetors may decide, and to pay for
the .icquisitioi. uf any such company
in shares of the Company lully paid
up and made non-assossable for calls:
7. To make, allot and use In payment or exchange in whole or In pari
for any real or personal property,
rights, licences and privileges which
mny be purchased, taken on lease, or
otherwise acquired by the Company,
shares of lhe uusubseillieil capital
slock of ll.e Oiuupany as paidii.nand
ninde non-assessable for culls in ao-
cin.ii.net> with the terms ..f an agree-
nienl executed by and bet ween lhe
Company nnd any sueh vendor, lessor
or Other grantor on or before the issue
of such paid-up shines, and which
shares shall thereupon ho deemed and
lake., to have In's-ii fully paid up, ami
shall not thereafter I"' flame for calls
or.futiire assessments:
8, To make, allot nud issue us paid
up slock, sharea of the .inscrllied
capital slock of the Company for services rendered to the Cunipany or to
tbe promoters thereof, provided a bylaw of the directors is passed specifying thnt the value given tothe Com-
puny is equivalent. In Ihe value of the
shares so mudepuld up und i ssued und
allot.-il Ior sueh services, uud suid by.
lit iv hns been passed and sanctioned l.y
a vote of not loss than two-thirds ol
tho shareholders ol the Bald Company
present,  iu   person  or  by proxy at a
special general mooting ol tlioOoni*
pany duly called for the approval of
said by-law:
i). To sell or dispose ..I the undertaking of the Cotnpan) for s..el. eon-
sldernlloii us the Company mny think
III, nnd in particular for shares, debentures and securities ..I any company
having objects similar, or iu part siov
illll1 lo those of this Coiiipauy,nr..vided
a by-law is passed by the directors
specifying lhe consideration which the
Company will receive lor the said sale,
and the said by-law shall bav.' been
passed and sanctioned l.y u vote of not
less iiii... two-thirds of the shareholders of the ('.....pany. passed ut n speciul
general meeting of the Company culled fo. th.-Jpiirposes of considciing nnd
approving of said by-law.      wed Jan 2
after il Le   I Intend  lu apply !■ the
Ihni." chiel  Cititiiiii--i..i.. t  ol   I..... t-  an.l
I Wm k-lii.|.......i*-i.... It. purchase lhc
following il..M-ril....l I I  situated in
. Wesl K.Mile...... ili-niei:
,i hum . ■ ,
l .............-.....'  ;.i   ii  .j.*. plnnted on
1 lhe ..nnl. side of l...wi.ic Creek nlsnil
; ...   ..   n.ili. ...... I. id* the 2| mile post
nn Un- Downie (L.eek Trail .....I marked "l-i. M. llf.ui * so..tl.-wesl cornel."
.hence north 18 chains, I hence east 09
chains, thenoe south Ul chains, thence
.vest Oil chains to (mini of commencemeni, ci .nt.-lining-IU fiiTi-s nunc or less.
Dated December huh. 1880,
wed jan 2 K. MeBEAN.
NOTICE li hereby given that flu days after date
I Inland to apply t-. the Hon. Chief Con
missioner of Unds and Worta for perm in inn to
«ure hue the following described lamb  In tti*
'estKootenay District;
('ommencina at a pout planted tn cbalru tut
from the sunlu-went Corner ul Lot WA and mnrkod
"K. C. Trafford'H north-sait con erpmt," thence
Ionth 40 chains, thence west *#) chains more or
less to Lake shore, thence north alnni ihon t"
Mouth-west corner of Lot 1453, thence cant •&
•halns to jmlnt of commencement.
11 If IK
Dated NoVimber iRth, 1900.
Rivilitoki Cigars Union Mat**) Our
Speoial* Tha Union, and Maroa Vutlta
aroahatdof aHothin.
Notice is hereby given Hist thirty
days after dale I intend to apply to
the Honorable Ohlef OoiDnilssior.er of
Lnmls and Works fora special license
to cut and carry away timlier Irom
lhe following descrihed land situated
in the West Kooleuay District.
Commencing at a post planted j of
ii mile east of Boulder Creek and abotll
three-quarters of u mib north of
llownie Creek and mnrked E. McBean's south-east corner, thence nortli
811 chains, Ihence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 i'liains, t hence east 80 chains
lo lhe poinl of t'ouiiiieiicemeut.
Datisl the lSih day of Dccember.lOOO
wj2, '    K. MeBEAN.
Notice Is hereby given thnt thirty days after
date I intend tu apply to ibe Chief Commls
•.toner of Uud." and Work-- fora spveial licease
lo Olll itii'l carry away timber from tbe lollowliiK described inlet* --itiiated on Hock Creek
tribuiary to AdamH Lake in Lillooet District:
L Cnmmencin*! nt a nnst planted on south-went
corner marked "A Met iiimeH'B south-west copier
Knek Creek. Limil  Sn. l,"  situated alu-tit seven
mllea from Uie mouth of Hock Creek, running t*o
chains north, mi chain*, eaat, W chums smith, so
clmins west to pluce ol commencement.
*J. Ctfbimencmc .it a post planted on south-east.
corner marked "A. McConnell's south-east corner
Km* Cr.-ek, Limit Sn. 2," situated abont se fen
iuiiii from mouth of Huck Creek, running 80
cliain.s iiurtli, -n chains west, 80 chains south, B0
chains eut to place of com meneement.
3. Commencing at s -pomt plauted on northwest corner marked "A. McConnell'fl north-west
corner Hock ('reek, Limit So, 3," lituated alwut
seven miles from mouth of Hmk Creek, running 1*0
chains south, 80 ctiainn cast, tti chains north, SO
cliains west to place of com me ncemeiit.
1. Commencing at a poat plunted on north-
cast corner marked "A. McConnell's north-easl
corner Hock Creek, Limit No. 1," situated
about seven miles from mouth of Hock Creek.
runninK 80 chains soulli, 80 chains west, 80
chains north, 80 chains eaH to place of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post plauted on south-
nest corner marked "A.McConnell s south-went
corner Hock Creek, Limit No. A,' situated
about five miles from mouth of Hock Creek,
running 80 chains north, 80 chains eaut, «i
chains south, fti ohalm.- west lo place of commencement.
li. Commencing ul a posl on soulh-east corner murked *'A. Md'oimcH- south-east corner
Rock Creek, Limit No. 6," situated about tlvu
miles from mouth of Hock Creek, Limit No. 6,"
situated about hve miles fiom mouth of Rock
Creuk, running 80 chains north, 80 chain* west,
80 chains soum, ti'i chains cast to place of commencement.
7. Commeucinfe at a post planted on northwest corner marked "A. McConnell's northwest corner Rock Creek, Limit No. 7," sulfated
about five miles from mouth of Hock creek,
running 80 ebains south, 80 chains east, hi
cliains north, i<o chains wcfci to place nl commencement.
5, Commeuelng at a post piloted on northeast corner marked "A, McConmll's nortb-aist
corner Kock creek, Limit No, 8," situated
about live miles from moutb of Hock Creek,
running 80 chains solth, 80 chains wtst, 80
chains north, 80 chains east to plietofeom-
me nee Kin t.
V, Commencing at a post planted on northwest corner marked "A. McConnell's northwest corner Rock Creek, Limit No. 9," situated
nn north bank of Rock Creek about on*-*-half
mile from creek aud about four miles eut of
Adams Lake, running so chains iouth 8U
ohains eut, so chains north, 80 chains west to
place ol commence men i.
Daled December Huh, Itti..
wed jan'J a, MoCONNKLL.
Notice is hereby given thai (hi day*
after dale I inlend io apply \o the ('hid
Co m mi mi ion cr of Land-*. « Works for per*
mission to purchase six hundred and forty
acres of laud lying iu the Fosthall Valley
on lhe wast side of Upper Arrow Lake.
descrihed as follows:
Commencing al ;i y>ok\ marked "Fred-
ei iik Washburtie's south-east corner post,"
plained Hu chains west of ibe north-west
comer of Lot So.', Group i, Kootenay)
Ihence noith s<> chains, thence westoo
eliains. iheuce south Ho chains, thence
easi Ho eliuiiis to the place ot commencement, containing 040 acres, more or less.
Dated tliis .'3rd dav ol November. 1906.
nov 28 wed       Per T. S, MePherson.
Certificate of Improvements.
River Eden Mineral claim, situate in the Ilie-
clllewacl Mining Division "f Kootenay dislricl.
Where located:- Kish Creek.
Take nolice tlmi 1, John Allien Kirk of the
1 own of Uevelstoke, B.C., acting ns agoot for
.1. B, i' Kra-.fr. Kaq,, Froe Miners Certificate
No, BT6T40 .nnl Maiuaret A. Kl-im. Krcc Miner's
Certificate No. BS&Sfi, intend, sixty days from
tin* dnte hereof, lo upply to Hie .Mining Re
conier for a Cert ideate of Improvements, for
the |.iii*j-n-t* uf obtaining a Crown tiruni of the
above claim.
And further lake notice that action, under
section 17, iniixl be commenced before the issuance of tuich Ccrtillcate of Improvements.
Dated this ilth day of September, A.D., woo,
nov 11 J. A. KIKK.
Notice in hereby giventliul .10 days nfter dale
1 intend toapply lo the Chief t'ounnl-wionerof
Unds nnd Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described proporty situated ou Fisher Creek.
emptying into the head of .Adams Lake in the
District of Lillooet, B.C.:
1. Commencing at a post pluntfd on Die wesl
1-i.nk 'if Fisher Creek, South h.rk, ahout four
mile, fi.itit Admit* Uk-) marked "A. McConnell's
S, K. Comer," running 8ti chains sru.b, thence N
chains ui-ii. thence bo chains nnrtli, Ihence 10
■ Imiii- enst to point of commencement
& Cmu-iU'ii* in*-, nl n [mst plunted on the west
lank of i-ihln-i Creek, south folk, marked "A. Mc-
(Jonnall'B H. W. corner," ai-out i-.ur mil.- fnnn
A*i.»uis Like, lunula** so claim- south, Uieiice KO
rh-ilui east, tlienee ta chains mirth, theoce 80
chains ». •>• tn (Miintof cmmeucemtint.
■■ Commenctni at n post planted on ihe west
im nt ol Klaher Creek, MouUi I* nrk, about live miles
(mm Adams Uke, isarked "A, McO-nneH'a N. li.
corner. Limit N't, It t-iiher Creek,* running 80
rhalns soutli, su chniui west, N ehalm north, go
ihrtlns e-tftt tu plnreof« ftt.ua*-m .-imni.
1 Commencing al a post planted on tin went
bant i.f Fisher Creek, South Fork, altstut Hve mile-
Irom Adams Lake, marked "A. McConnell's K.W,
Corner, Limit No. 1," running 80chains south,
thence 80 chains eait, thence N chains north,
llienee W chains west to place of .ii.imiii. iK.'inent.
5. Commencing al a post planted on the west
bank of Fisher ('reek. South Fork, about six miles
(mm A dans Lake, marked "A. JIcConnell'iN.K.
cornel, limit No. V running SO chains south, 80
chains west, 80 chain* nortli, su chalna east to
place of couniieiicembllt.
a. Commencing at n post plant"! on the west
hunk-if Fisher Oik, Snulli Fork, aliout six miles
from Adams Lake, marked "A. McConnell's N.W.
corner, limit No. -3," ruining 80 chaini solth, 80
cliains cut, -So chains north, 80 chains west to
plac« of commencement.
January-.'ah. 1907.
sat Jan 19 A. McCONNELL.
V'OTIi K is heribr given that thirty days
1> nfrer date wi intend to apj*l» to the Chief
CommlsBlonirof Lsnds and Wurks for special
license to oot aud carry away timber from the
following diseribid lauds situated In Wist
Kootenay district, B.C.:
Commencing at a (tost planted on the southeast hank of Pisb rivet, about one mile south
of Johnson Creek and marked 'D McTotOsh
and Wm Hoya's norlh-west cornor," thine*
emtio chaius. thiuce sooth 80chiins,thenci
west 8" chains, thenco north 80 chains to place
of commencement.
DatH January 7th, lOT.
jan 14 wed
D. MclNTOflH,
WM. BOYD. mtmmmvmKm   7. " j
We are clearing up our odds and ends regardless oi' Cost.
All Furs at less than manufacturing prices.
Men's Overcoats at your own price.
Boys' Reefers and Overcoats at less than Wholesale Prices.
Ladies' Jackets selling at just half price.
Children's Jackets-Prices ranging from $3 to $7 each.  Any
Child's Jacket Now for $1.50 Each.
Trimmed Millinery at Half Price.
***♦+***♦*♦+$; FRESH DAINTIES
I Sore Hands
i and Faces
We lave the nicest preparation you Imve ever tried,
called " Benzoin mid Almond Cream.'' Only 35
.-.-lite ii lii.ttle. It heals in
a night.
Canada Drug & Book Co.
Saturday, Jan. 2C—For U hours:
Moderate northerly winds affected by
local conditions; cold nnd line; indications ol abort sharp spell; temp. mux.
14 deg , min. Udeg. below zero.
Wuabi-Koski— By the Kev. C. A.
Proeunier, ut i-'t. Peter's Church,
Revelstoke, 11. C , Jan. 2,1907, Kuet
Wuari to Albertina S. KoBki, both
of Three Valley, Il.C.
Boyii-I.i:vf.kington—By the Rev. C.
A. Proeunier. a; St. Peter's Rectory,
Revelstoke. B. C, on Jan. 21, 1907,
George Bond so Florence M. Lever-
ingtou. both of Arrowhead, B.C.
Local and General.
Mr.-, and Miss Anderson hnve lelt
lor Chicago and Vicsburg.
Miss i}ueenie McCoy will sing at the
evening service in Knox Church tomorrow.
The grippe ha' ensnared many
victims oi late and lew have been able
to elude the toils. Chief T. W. Bain
il tie last victim and has been suffering from a very severe attack.
The last  B. C, Gazette announces ii
the  appointment  ol  VV, J. Goepel, and an experienced journalist
deputy commissioner  ol   lands aud
works to be a gold  commissioner in
tlie province ol British Columbia.
A number of supporters oi the lilt
eral party went down to Arrowhead
Catholic—Kev. Father K. Pecoul
7„ ,i„. lilienl O.M.I., pastor.   Services every Sunday
this in..rniiig 1.0 take m  Hit- litieul ,.
.,,,,..   ..„„.„,„ at the nl owing lioiir-.    9 a.m. I nn
ally tonight at which E. A. Haggeu,       „_ b„,,„   ,,,„
R, Caley and others will address tho
The usual Sunday  talk with men
will be conducted by Mr, John Gale in
Nevor before has our Btock
been po complete in Fancy
Grocerieb, including New
Nuts, London Layer Raisins, Figs, Dates, Oranges,
Bananas, C r a n berries,
Lettuce, Xmas Slocking!!,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe an.l !loll v.
To Buy :i I louse.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
Tu  Buy Splen.11.1  Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
seai3rr.c.£sT-r-w.y»-x5-,-- i.-t.*i «wt*i.- ^. irfr^fff*.--,.;«««*-. tt-v-J,* n*oir*J*u-*c&--*»i«*fi-.a«
A public meeting will I-e held in
the opera house on Tuesday. Jan. 29,
under tin- auspices ol the Young Conservative club, when M. J. Burrill. of
(li-.inil Forks, T. Taylor, M. P. P., ami
others ul nil parties will give addresses
The regular monthly meeting of the
I.atlies' Hospital Guild will be held in
tie, city linll on Tuesday. Jan 29th,
at 11:1(0 p.in. The secretary-treasurer
will hand in the financial report of
the hospital ball which took place in
November last.
"Uncertain and coy" can be very
well said of the electric lights during
the past week, and the citizens will
surely take steps to remedy the inconvenience and urge the insinuation ol
an auxiliary power plant.
The business men's gymnastic and
physical exercise class is iindet weigh
now ir. the Y. M. C. A. and is being
well patronized. This sliould form a
pleasant and healthy amusement nnd
slight break in the strenuous life ot i.
busine s man. These classes are held
nu Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
mornings from 10:4.'i to noon.
A new weekly to be called the
"Financial Post," with .Col. .1. II.
Maclean as publisher and Mr. Stewart
Houston ns managing editor, wiil
appear to the public, which will nin.
to present to the peoplo in a popular
manner, accurate information relating
to financial interests nml legitimati
investments in Canada, Mr. II luston
is a graduate ol  Trinity,  a   barrister
linci iiiiii Anderson
*^Real Estate and Insuranco Agts.
the Y. M. 0. A. tomorrow at 11:30 p.m.
A hall-hour or so will 1* given over to
-ireing. Tliis makes a dull Sunday
alternoon go off happily. Every man
can take it in.
Rich Blood
Keeps You Warm
II your blood is thin and p'.or
the winter wind' blow right
through you,   You get chilled
I,, the bone. Vou aie only
comfortable when nb.se tn the
will enrich the blood, improve
the appetite and so supply the
necessary warmth Irom within
W. BEWS. m. b.
Iiruggist and Stationer,
Mail orders promptly attended
.nuiii.ii Mass;  10:30 a.m. Higl
and Senium;  2 p.m. Baptisms; 2 30
p.m. Sunday School;7:30p.m, RoBary,
Instruction mul Benediction.
Sr. Andrew's (Presbyterian —Services at II a in. a- d ' 30 p.m Evening subject, "The Plight of S.i-inlisn.
Sunday School nml PaBtor'u Bible
Cl...-.* at 2:30 pm. Bible reading
Wednesday fit 8 p.m. Choir praotioe
Friday at 7:30 p m., ami Teachers'
meeting at 8 p.m. in tlie Manse
St. Peter's.—R.v C \ Proeunier
rector. Boptungesuna Sunday Service) as follows:—8 n ni. Holy Communion; 11 a.in. Matins and Litan;
7:30 p.m. Evensong. Sunday 3oln .
at *J .'ID p.m.
K.sox Presbvteruk.—J, it Robertson, B.D., minister. .Morning s. r-
iie.- at 11 o'clock, subject, "The Religious MesBageol the Family Tragedy."
Evening service .a" DOo'clnolc, subject
"God'sjudgmentagait.st Inhumanity,
Miss Ijueeiiio McCoy will sing at the
evoning service,   Su .Iti Hcl I and
llilile Class nt 2 30 p.m. The \ ..uuu
Peoplo's Society will In.Id tin ii mo th-
ly anciiil gathering in tin- .'l.ur.il.
parlors on Monday night, GottngB
prayer mooting on Woilm silny night
at li o'clock, and choir practice....
Friday night.
Mi/imu.isi.--Ilev, J. H. Woods,
worth, ll I'. th'* piiiniiiiii-iil supply of
tin- ohuroh, will conduct services
...oriiing and evening.
Canadian Stilton, McLaron's, Ontario and Llmburgor Ol.eoso atO. II,
Hume A* Co's.
The Scutch element of Revelstoke
was much in evidence last night niun
a goodly gathering assembled in Hie
Opera- Hiiuse to celebrate Burns'an-
niversn.y in music anil patriotic
Scottish song. Miss Queenie McCoy,
who appeared belore a Rovelstoke
audience a short while ago, was heard
to better advantage in the Opera
House and in all her numbers she
received n warm reception, tlie nnst
pleasing of nil being ''MaoGreg. r'a
Gathering," which is l.y fnr her besl
performance Mrs. Melville Parry, ol
Nelson, who made her lirst appearanc
before a Rovelstoke audience oreated ..
very favorable impression, In r * ic.
being a clear, rich si pram , tin tr.
' i.h. notes being particu nrlj iwci i and
lull, Her besl numbers wore l .
••Eckert'a Echo Song" which is .. vi j
mii.iiu! a. d strikii md '.M <
n charming ballad r.I
\Y.   Halt, ns   uslia
and stirring nianni ; •
,...  ni   Mi.-   Smitli   -
applause      I iliec anki
mad.   a distinct hit
captu      the audience by his
ous rendi ring       tl
elections gave     li       I Scotl
loncert        the i
noted ton
hearts of a '
i -;
McLennan  and   Mi
.... i  a* |.r..i-
means a  lighl    me
tastefully  dee trated   with   leri -
i nml and ' i" i
ted.   Tin- t'-'-f i the.'" -
-..nil.■ ,i rlecidi I I tfei	
the g   I::i- i.,-   •
rather depress ...
un.l   p. rl mil i -'■   ,
Iim-   i' mc. rl   -.
their .-n. getli      i snt, and in
t ,-
h. • ever n i
Iuiiii      i,    . M ',        „
t -i- .lino i-m, i. in. discus
.-. nl.-iK-.i-. the ;.i.-> bi light in   i    -
dii i nl not guilty Is
ni Edward Bridant charged   '
murdi i   I his wile, l.y f.irni li r
'■ nli im..   i. ■ ih iiii!   discharging    Bri.l ml
Justice  Meredith   r.-. ke.l     m  h
ilul .mi agree ,v.ili ' in- .< fill-: mi    i. ■
rn the evidence given      ll .-
yon ami lln-  All.liglitJ     mm
.in-   guilty   .-I-   i --'       t    .   ..  ■    '
i-M,iriM-i|,'    .ve.-.-   thn   jll.lgl! •   pi.rt.illg
words tn Brldanl
Alter revinwing i lie  - vi.li i.iin,  bis
lordship inked Would a  woman,
Inn.ni...;  she   Wil .bOUl  I', pass ml.-
eternity, a-1: Iter mollior to kneel .....I
repeat iln- words .-f thc Lord's Prayer,
uml inpi-iii. tl... words till hnr strength
li.il.id, swear falsely?"
I'm.-:.."iiim..- for llio mining
(ixl.il.P nl the Alaska Yukon-Pacitic
oxpir.-ition fire now being luuilc. A
feature of the display will In* a
department of original research on
subjects of direct interest to Alaskans.
The    Arctic   Brotherhood   will
ereol n substantial club liouso unci H
install an exhibit  of an  Alaskan
miner's cabin  and  outfit nl lh..
Alaska Yukon-Pacific exposition.
It is the desire of tho management of the exposition to have
Massachusetts erect usher building
at the exposition a reproduction of
historical Faneuil Hall,
Rainier Chapter, I). A. lt., at a
recent meeting decided to misc. a
large sum for the erection of a
statute of George Washington at
the expnsition.
Director General I, A. Nadean,
of Ibe Alaska Yukon-Pacific exposition, bus gone to Ottawa, Canada,
to officially invite the Dominion
Government to participate in the
An international musical department bus Li-en suggested ns a
feature of the musical department
nt tin- Alaskan Yukon-Pacific exposition. Musical organization!)
ami individual musicians from all
over the world will be invited lo
The California Promotion committee will rend a .iel.'^iilinn to
Seattle iii lhe iii-iii luture In .'.liuuse
a situ for the California building nl
the expm iiton anil,afler. unferriug
with lho exposition officials [to decide upon tlm size of the .appropriation California should make lo bo
adequately represenli d.
Tbe Pennsylvania Society of
Washington organized lo cii-nper-
i.le .villi lhii inin.-..-..in.-i.i of ihe
Alaska Yukon-Pacific exposition in
the work of securing participationI
from  the  Keystone    stale,   will ,
' IK
request tlie legislature of Pennsylvania to appropriate $100,000 for
exhibit and building. It is hoped
to have a reproduction oi Independence Hall with the Liberty
Bell installed therein,
tourist Travel
Mr. II. Lon-.-, who has been in the
city for sevor.il days in tho interests
of tourist promotion and tourist advertising mailer, gave a brief nynop'is
t. the editor on Canndian affairs
which   bad  come under his notico in
li '*i- H w
We ll'nvc some broken lines in our Cornel stock that we want to close out.
'*.. / Tbey arc new slock, but we need the room -to say nothing of the money—and
vou will iim! liuni good litters,   Tbey are the well known P. C. make and you
couldn't limi ti belter.    Not every size in a kind, but every size in the lot.
)   |    Ihey Sold at $1, S1.25, $1.50.   Now 75cts.
SeEtSts"    remnants     remnants
We Lave lots of Remnants of all kinds, Dress Goods, Table Damask, Flannels, Prints,
Ginghams, Flannelettes, that we have marked at clearing prices.
Come in and Save Money.
We have a large assortment of all sizes and qualities
and can give you some Bargains.
Penman's Unshrinkable guaranteed—Only $2.50
Per Suit. '
Stanfield's UnshrinRable- none better made. We
guarantee even* garment aad will replace any that shrinks in
The least.   $,1.40, $4.00 and $5.50 per Suit.
20 Per Cent. Off All These Lines.
^ia-*t*,*Jjv '.-J
f - m/.ac.t.iaMjJV'raTJirmi!*«' <wrw£»Jl
Bews'  Ci 1.1  Tablets'  and    Senega
Cuugh Syrup loi'i.i nn ell'ectivo combination lo break up a col 1, sold i.nlyj
.1 Hew*' Drug Store.
,1 up Oranges, tin- last of the s-a-nn,
today only Wc, per b. ... at C B.
lln..... .V Co's.
INU'tW^K'...1".'..11" lfl"l""l,<rTn -*c*1"*Jtf'''j|
Hnve theni attended to now foi*
Ihere ia no telling when they
might fall you.
Tired eyes, s.n-e eves, inflamed
eyes. ISyes that get tired and blur
after a show time, We enn remedy
all the I roubles.
Our Optical Department is In sole
charge of Mc, M..S, Hastings, Kef,
D., wl,.. has hnd athoroi.gr, naming and wide experience in the
treatment of the eyes l.y gimmes,
If you. eyes give you trouble, don't
delay in having them attended to.
Pitting children's eyes.. specialty,
of Grand Forks
AN i)
\ tt\ ffc ili itt itixtiitxitx At ttti tti rfi il1! it'i Aiti '^>* ■^>> '*^' »*fr* ■**** •'*'■ ***■ ■***« **fr'
$ Carries the best L
wn.cn   nan   come iinuei ...s n..ui-e i..|. . (I J l\ I\Ij   fo
tn.ii.-t trallic, nl which he has a very J J ll 9
ine of Goods to be had from
iiiton-.;.-  k vledgc,   be  spoke in a j
pli, ."tj   mil   t'iii!ifi*ia-:ic   manner.
that | "-,....-*.-i king al a long
1 .      e|        i.onu   was   conlined
M... i.. i coiiq irnl'.v ly
i. fi.::, lyduc It. uu ilth,
i .li , -. ing di -if loi' change
is . vi iywhei'1   t- day,
lite  i e  lead
a . mm.    The
.1 .1 I'l    tiiilw.ij   com
...   i .i ...I i -  greal
- lie cbiel aclor.
,. i iiiiii ■                 Kockies antl d. Lirl.
;.. ; _ ■ ii.|   til '*   i1" ro
.. .,- .1  thi   -i    -     In
i   i
,  -         ■ ii .* ,i ■ -i hot.     ...ii!
II      ,, ■      i. ■    ini]
.. as a  I urisl   centre,
,. <;   mil   perm	
Ill     |.mM '     ■
■   ■      " Long
-   -   '   '   .
. i Rcvi Isi -:.. ind its
....    rank iniong
 H the tl I' ll.
mted  to I luriil
i -■ i. . s and  id,
Business Locals
and others
Will address a
PUBLIC lllid
in be held in tbe
f MACKENZIE   AVE.,     ■    REVELSTOKF li. C  |
Luis Specially Invited
Pntron./fj   Home   Industry.     Smuko
Rovolstoko Cn ars.
i       . : i     ,      :       ■
V ■ f enl    '.
Ini, al
C.B, liuni.
i   i .cored Premier
i'. i. - -'    .     -if
...       Hum.
I    . l fen trj
11  ' nly,        |', „,|,| |      I'lnni, i...,- ,i md
;■ . i I      M   .- '    II .. K.
- i   m Ilnn-.., .-.   I' pil   :■ I'pnn I (in   \ a
. |. ,, •    ,. ih.i tion    in   tapestry
under the auspices ol llie
Youiuj   Conservative   Club
A cordial invitation is also
extended to
Messrs. Caley
W. W. Le Feaux
im he present and
ite in ilu- Meclin ;.
God Save the King
D E A 1. 1* R S
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E N T   F O R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Dwelling and Lot. Second Street             ,
Dwelling nud Lot, Second Street   ....
,   1,701)
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street	
Dwelling nnd Lots, (ei.i-ne.-) Kll'th Street
.   11,200
Double ('iii-nei', Second Street, near Y.M.O.A,
Lots on Second St., easl of MoKennta Ave,, each   .
.      260
Lots on Third St., east of .Melieuzie Ave., each   .    .
.   200
Lot son Pout'lh 81,, oast of MoKonsiio Ave., each   .
.      175
Lots on Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .    .
.   150
Miss Millet (icifli
ciirp.-ttf and lloor nil i lnl.li lor iwlni.ee
of Ht    i   i:. II ■    I -
Mi-i in - ,lellj I'ii-'Ii r« ii" in.nl.
,,[ pure Imn ilinul-. ihi-n-iiii an- tin
best, in I- inul only nl Hob nn ■*-
it.,.) I.
l-'oil Iim nl   .nnl Dairy
|'|   l|l. .       V|| I)'fl    "I, | | in s,     Ll.-.
|.'|.| .ii i - k ii   'm arriviug al
-, i pricci
IL.vi j- jusl received a lnrge shipment ol Pipes, Imported
Cigars, oonfeotioiiery, statiuiiery and Tobacco, we arc now prepared i i llll your orders with the highest grade goods at the lowest
pricei in the City,
wmu Subscribe for Mail-Herald
■ i»


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