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The Mail Herald Sep 11, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
For ease ol operation and perfection
in results produced, thi' machine
is unsurpassed.   Price, $SU 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
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Start it up and it will run for five minutes
Water Motor Washing Machines in stock.
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A Successful Exhibition and Well
Contested Sports
The second annual Fall Fair
under the auspices of the Kevelstoke
Agricultural Society, was held at the
Society's Grounds, in the West end,
on Thursday and Friday. The Fair
itself was a great success both in point
of exhibits and attendance, lhe receipts on the first day alone being
within $18 ol tbe total amount taken
ou tbe two days of last show. The
exhibit of fruit was not so large, but
tbe fact that it was all locally grown,
marked a deoided score for tbe pio-
greeB of RevelBtoke a", a fruit growing
diitrict, ind astonished outsiders who
visited the Fair. The opening duy
wm hot and dusty, but thanks to a
refreshing Bhower of rain on Thursday
night, Friday opened cool snd pleasant for visitors and sightseerB, so that
on the whole the weather was excellent (or the purpose.
We publish   herewith  the report ol
the Gun Olub shoot and results of the
two days' racing.    A full report of the
Fair itself will appear next issue:
thursuay's racks
1. Half-mile Trot, bests 2 in 3—
Louie Nort (Lewis)     1   1
Satin Bird (McCarty) 3    2
Lady (Skene) 2    3
Time—First heat   2  mins., 2nd heat
1 min. 58 sec.
2 Half-mile   Dash, local.    2  iu 3—
Revelsloke liirl (Watson)   1    1
Whoo Whoo(Hillman)       2    2
Spider (Fleming) 3   3
LeBeau  and  Butcher Maid a'.BO ran.
Time—1 min.
3 Half-mile Dash, open. Trallic
(McAbee) 1; RevelBtoke Girl (Watson)
Whoo-Whoo (Hillman) 3. Sandy
(Smith)alio ran.   Time 1 min.
•1 ljuarter-iuile Pony race,14J bandB
and under. Tommy (Smith) I; SJud-.r
(Fleming) 2; Btitblicr Maid (Maundrell) 3,    Time 59 sees.
5. Quarter-mile, Boys' race. Mc-
Miliums Tommy 1, AbrabaiiiMiuH
Prince 2, LeBeau's 3    Time 80 sece.
While the public were disappointtd
that outside horses were wanting, the
day's racing canie nil' in nice shape,
and everything went ill' smoothly
The track was in good condition. Dr,
McAhee was etarier and A. McRae
judge. Messrs. A. McRae and A. J.
MeDonell were the committee 111
charge ol Ihe racing part ol the Fair
programme, and adoptel the policy et
encouraging home sport with a view
to inducing local men to get in better
km day's rack
The following were the results.—
1. Half-Mile Handicap — Trsffic,
(Mcabee) 1st.; Spider, (Fleming) 2nd;
Butcher Maid (Maundrell) 3rd. Revelstoke Girl, Whoo Whoo, Priuce,
Dunk, aud LeBeau also run.
2 One and One-half Mile Dash,
Trotters—Satin Bird (McCarty) 1st;
Lady (Skene) 2nd.
3. Half-Mile Dash—Tommy (Smith)
1st; Spider (Fleming) 2nd.
4 Three Eighth Mile Dash— But
cher Maid (Maundrell) 1st; Prince
(Abrahamson) 2nd; Sauoy (Smith)
5 QuarterMile Dash—Dunk (Howson) lat; LeBeau (LeBeau) 2nd
ti. Consolation—Whoo Whoo (Hill-
man) 1st; Spider (Fleming) 2nd.
Successful Annual Event in Connection With the Fair
The annual Gun Club Shoot in con-
nentiiin with the Fair celebration, and
under tbe auspices of tbe local club,
took place on tbe Gun Club grounds,
McKenzie Avenue, on Wednesday.
Tbe professionals visiting tbe meet
were:—H W. Mayuard, of Vancouver,
representing tbe Dominion Cartridge
Co.; E. C. White, of Ottawa, repre
uenting Dupont Powder Company;
Garrison, of Olympia, Wash., representing lhe CMC. and Remington
Companies. Mr. Garrison cashiered
tbe shoot and bandied it splendidly.
A. Evans, ol Armstrong, won the
beautiful medal given by the McLen-
nan-McFeely Company, Ltd , ul Vancouver, for the high amateur aggregate.
Mr. Garrison won the Revelstoke
Club's gold medal for the highest pro
fessional aggregate. The day was not
favorable for tbe best shooting, a brisk
breeze blowing and tbe atmosphere
being hazy with smoke. The result
was the scores were low.
In tbe team shoot Armstrong tied
with Revelstoke for the Revelstoke
Cup and in the shoot-off Armstrong
won by seven birds. Tbe visitors are
to be congratulated on tbeir achievement, and hold the cup for tbe year,
the trophy being a very handsome one.
In the professionals Garrison won
the high score with 144, Maynard
being second with 142 and White
third with 136. The lollowing were
tbe amateur scores:
A. Blafr, 109, W. A. Sturdy, 1)9; W.
M. Lawrence, 99; W.J. Jolnston, 111;
T. Holtby, 70; N. Toll, 84; A. Evans,
112; W.J.Armstrong, 38 out ol 70
shot at; L. H. Irish, 90; L. B. Stokes,
95; C. R. Skene, 72, not shot out; B
Francis, 72, not shot out; A. J. MeDonell, 99; A. ForBlund, 72, not shot
out; F. W. Aylmer, 71, not shot out.
The cash earnings were very evenly
distributed, being as follows:—
A Blair, 121.70; \\. A. Sturdy,
$21.60; W. M. Lawrence, »23 55; W.
.1. Johnston, $28 li.'i; C. Holtby, $2,60;
X.Toll, $3 80; A. Kvsus, $36 50; W.
J. Armstrong, $2 26; L. H. Irish, $15.-
10; L. B. Stokes, $27 90; C. R. Skene,
$15.95; A. J. MeDonell, $21.15,
Tbe committee in charge ol lhe
arrangements were well pleased with
the results. Everything went oil'
well. Mr. Gairiaon, who has attended
every shoot in Canada and the western
states, declared tbe meeting was cue
of the best he has ever attended. Next
year the RevelBtoke Club expect tbe
shoot to be the largest and best attended ol any Gun Club Shoot in the
west and are laying themselves out tor
the realisation of that ambition. The
local club have decided to join the
Interstate Shooting Association which
will improve their standing and prestige and help the objects tbey have in
During the day E. F. Tucker took
several photograph* ol the events.
Meeting of Revelstoke Poultry
A meeting ol members of the Revelstoke Poultry snd Live Stock Association was beld at the City Hall
Thursday evening to meet Mr. Waby,
judge of the poultry exhibits at the
Fair. J. J. Devine presided. The
questions of prizes and a winter poultry show were discussed and it was
understood that the beginning of
December would be the most suitable
time for such a show.
The American Plymouth Rock Club
sdvised terms on which they would
•live prizes and a trophy for competi-
lit.n iu Barred Rocks.
Mr. Waby testified to tbe great
value of the Barrfd Rock as a layer.
He slid the show at the Fair Bbowed
Revelstoke breeders were Btrong iu
Brown Leghorns and Boll' Orpinutous
though weak in other breeds, in which
1 bey would doubtless Boon improve.
Police Make Smart Capture and
Culprit Gets Four Months
As the result of tlie prompt work of
Chief of Police Parry, Ueorge Hicks,
one ol the men concerned in the robbery ol $200 from the lumber-jack, J.
Laundrey, who has been working for
the AdaniB River Lumber Company,
was captured at Vernon. He was this
morning brought belore Police Magistrate Foster and sentenced to four
months' Imprisonment in Kamloops
Accused is a young man of 18, who
hails from Winnipeg, carries a shooting gallery and lias been following the
fairs. Laundry gave evidence ol two
joining him on the river bank, when
one of them knocked bim on the back
ol the head, made him dizzy, and when
ho recovered he (ound his money gone.
He positively recognised accused as
oue. Chief Parry produced bills lound
on accused corresponding with tbe
money Laundry received from the
Imperial Bank, and stilted part uf
it was found in accused's stocking.
Accused said it was his companion
Creiner wbo struck Laundry and took
the money He admitted leaving
suddenly without even taking hiB
grips or paying his hotel bill.
The Magistrate, in sentencing accused, warned him against the life be
was starting out to lead.
John Stover, who had also beeu
arrested on suspicion of being tbe
other inun cuueerned. was discharged
on application of Chief Parry, who
said he was now satisfied Stover took
jo part in the robbery.
The money found on both men was
ordered to be restored to Laundry.
Present "Confusion" at Opera
Tlie opera house was crowded last
night on tbe occasion of tbe p-esenta
tion of tlie farcical conn dy "Confusion" by tbe Revelstoke Dramatic Cluh.
We have never seen a better all-round
amateur performance, the different
parts being well sustained by those to
whom they were entrusted, while the
audience were kept in roars ol laughter Irom start to finish with an interest tbat never lagged.
The curtsin opened on a beautifully
furnished Btage effect. Mrs. Lawrence
took the comical part ol the old maid,
Miss Lucretia Tickleby, which she
acted to perfection, bringing out tbe
lull humor ol the situations of the
piece with striking effect. Mrs. D. M.
Rae was excellent as the waiting maid
Maria, bent on keeping tbe secrets of
wife and mother, the knowledge of
which at Jersey Lodge would, it was
feared, endanger the position of herself and husband in a service already
presenting difficulties, The representation of Rose Mumbleford, the young
hride already having trouble witli her
husband, could not hnve been curried
through its dillicult features mure
effectively and nicely than in the
hands ol Miss Buck, whose acting well
merited the appreciation shown by
tbe audience. The part ol Violet, lhe
girl in love, was web played by MisB
Ella Watson.
Mr. W. M. Lawrence made the
character ol Christopher Blizzard a
great favorite and proved himself at
home in the part of fatherly counsellor on one band and in winning the
heart and band of a rich old maid on
the other. Mortimer Mumbleford, the
disgruntled young husband and victim
of other people's mistakes was an excellent piece ol acting on the part ol
Mr. W. J. W. Brown. Mr 1). M. Rae
personated James, the family butler,
and intimidated husband and lather,
and did H well. To Mr. C. W.Gordon
was allotted the part ol Rupert Sun-
berry, the simple lover ol Violet, with
an idea that all the troubles ol life
were due to tbe liver, and he sustained
the part well. Mr. W. A. Sturdy
made an excellent Dr. Jones, and Mr.
R. Ackmun appeared effectively as
Michael Muzzle the detective. The
stage management was creditable to
Mr. R R. Ooptland who handled that
end ol the performance; wbile Miss
Frances Lawson presided acceptably
at tbe piano.    A dance followed.
Peary Denies Cook's Wonderful
Copenhagen, Sept.   8.—Daugaard
Jensen, inspector of Danish Norlli
Greenland, told a representative ol the
Associated Press to-day he was perfectly convinced ol the truth of Dr.
Cook's narrative. Jensen lirst heard
that Dr. Cook bad attained the Polo
from Eskimos. He then met Dr.
Cook, who confirmed the story.
NEW Vork, Sept. 8.—The text ol
Commander Peary's message to his
wile was:—
"Delayed by gale. Don't worry about
Cook; Eskimos says Cook never lelt
sight ol land. Tribe confirms. Meel
mo at Sydney. Bin 1.
We don't run 11 bargain store, but
yuu will lind bargains iu every oue ol
our departments, (let our prices belore buying.—C, 11. Hume it Co,
Many Difficulties Attending Development.
.I.F. Moodie, manager of the Big
Bend Mien Company, Limited, telle a
hair .raising story ot tlie difficulties at-
tendiug dfvcl.ipmi.nl work in the
northern part ol the Big Bend. Owing to the bad state of the Government trail at Mica Creek he has al
ready bad three horses killed in transporting bis supplies, and con-plains ot
the unnecessary delay of the Government iu starting construction ol the
trail via Big Mouth Creek to tbe mica
fields. The present trail, even with
the limited traffic so far, is in an impassable condition, and borses have to
lie pulled out ol the mud daily.
Mr. Moodie is well pleased with the
appearance of the ground he is work
iug. He is getting two classes ol
mica, pure white and green, nnd samples have stood the highest teet recorded for mica, nainly 115,000 volts.
He expects Sir Heury M. 1'ellali
and other capitalists to visit the Com
pany's properties uext week.
A Successful Ascent of Mount
An Edmonton telegram advises the
successful ascent of Mt. Rubaon by
Rev. G. B. Kinney. He made the
summit in 20 hours from the  Glacier
It is a great achievement for a member of the Alpine Club of Canada. Mr
Kinnear and Prol. Coleman, Toronto,
made the attempt and had to abandon
it di-ring each OI tbe past two years.
The mountain hss hitherto been regarded as inaccessible, though this
year Mr. Munn and other members ol
the Knglish Alpine Club Started out
alter Mr. Kinney to capture it. Mt.
Robson is the highest mountain in the
Canadian Rockies and has an altitude
of 13,700 leet. It commando the western gateway of tho Yellowhead Pass
J. 1'. Forde, O.K., of Revelstoke, ie
one ol the most activo and successful
members nf the Alpine Club of Can-
aJa. This season he made several
interesting ascents, including a very
dillicult climb ol one of the virgin
peaks of Mt. Goodsir. On Tuesday be
and Mr. I'anpiliiir made a climb of
Ml. McKenzie, Mr. Forde remarking
that it seemed absurd for Revelstoke
climbers to seek lar-otf fields when
they bad not yet taken the trouble to
climb some of tbe mountains at their
Physical Instructions
Mr .1, 0. Worth, the new physical
Director of lhe Y. M. C. A.. iB a tlior
ougbly ellicient man, having had a
Dumber ol years iif experience in
practical work and taken a course ol
training at the Training school in
His commendations as to character
and ability are the very best. He is
expected bere on Monday. The regular work in tho "gym" begins 011
Oct. let.
While playing cricket at the Oval
grounds, Vancouver, on Saturday last,
between I'nited Service Club v. Bur-
rardors, Richard Kntwistle, ol Revelstoko, made tbe remarkable score ol
14 runs with the bat, and took seven
wickets  with the bowling for 14 runs.
Don't forget that   Keigbley  has the
silver "km pickling onion,
Tlie Groceries carriedi
in our establishment are.j
from everv .standpoint, perfectly satisfactory. Their
excellent quality is conceded
by all who have tried them
and we can guarantee their
purity. It will be money
in your pocket to deal here
because you not only get
ihe highest grade of goods
but pay the lowest price for
Carrs'. Christies', and McCormick's Biscuits
Chase and Sanborn Coffees
Tetleys. and Brooke Bonds Teas
Headquarters for Choice Fruits and Vegetables
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing j
The Picture tells a Story
How its a TwoTiece Suit Sale.     Just the left-overs
of our own choice stock
per cen
Fit Reform Clothing
b. s. waixih, president I Paid-up Capital, $10.000,000
AtxxAHBtH iAiED,G«nerinau»ger   Reserve Fund, -   6.000,000
Tb« twrn Traveller*' Cheques recently issued by this Bank are a most i
wmr Wu wtetch to carry mono whrn travelling-.   They are issued m denominations <rf
$10,  $20, $50,  $100 and $200
aad tha eaaci amount payable m   Austria,   Relginni,   Denmark, Franco,
Germany, Great Britain, Unhand, Italy, Not way,  Russia, Sweden
ud Switzerland is Staled en the face  of each  cheque,   while  m otber  iimmtlitm
tfcay mrm payable al current rates.
Tba ChSMSes »»»! all information retarding ihem may be obtained al ermrf ettYcm
ml lh* Bank. Ul*
The Best Meats
iu tin- nnirki-i 1 iu always be obtained
here, nil the ynu round, li in young,
tender and Juicy, any eut or quantity
delivered on ihorl notli e.
mul game In season. You will timl it
most economical in the end to buy tin-
vi'iy lii-st that 11111 be had. Onr prices
ore alwaye reasonable.
Sausages  and Cooked  Meats a specialty,
ens dally.
mu chick-
Maundrell   Meat   Market
We Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
Moving pictures tonight.
How almut your I'inner Sets. Cups
and Hsucits and Toilet rieto We 1
arc showing a oompiete line ol eacb Fresh Iroui our ranch this morning,
anil tlie price will suit JfOU aleo. | Celery, Radishes, cabliage, ripe Toms-
Come in and look ibi'in over.—C. B.ltuee, Caulillowcr and Plums,—0. B,
H\ the year [through postoffice]
Zbc flDafMbcralb.
Jnterior publtsbtno Company,
Subscription   Rates
Including postage to England, United SlaUu
,111,1 Canada.
... »_!..*
...     LUI
yu.irter " " LM
J IB    HINTINO iiroiiiptlyiotecutedftl reiihon-
nble mu-.
IF.RMS—i'a»h.   Subscriptions payable In art
l ,:.• • .
Legal notices 10 cent* per line first Insertion,
5 cents per line each aubseguonl in-i-riion
MeASiiremenli Sonpariel [12 linos make one
inch], Store and general business announcements J2.5H per Inch por month.
Preferred positions, i'- por cent, ad-
duii nsi. Births, Marriages and Death-,
50c.  each  initeriion,
L, ; .... .- <:.'.' All mlU'l'ti.-onieiiln
:...;;:.. i] ..i the management.
Wanted and Condensed Advertisements!
■__.-•■'- Wanted, Help Wanlod, 81tuatloii»
.. ,:.'..I. Situations Vacant, Teachors
Wanted, Mechanic. Wanted. 1" words or
lesn Mc, each additional lino m oonts.
i :.,.••- in standing advortlsomonts must
twin by I- a. m. Tuesday and Krlday ul
esch week lo secure good display.
i IRRESPONDKNCE Invited on mattors ol
public Interest. Communications to Kdl-
ior   tuti.i   !»•  aooompanlod   l'i    name  nl
writer, not necessarily In  publioal I'n'
m evidence of good faith.   Correspondence
-hould he brief.
Omen:   Imperial Hank Bviluino luvti.-
sruKK, li. C,
.Money lo loan.
oiBce-i l-.eiel-iokf. II ' .    I raubrook, It. I.
._..   M.   I'INKIIAM J. A.   H.lllVKV,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook, n. i .
Solicitor, i'li'.
Solicitor fori—
Thk Canadian Ham; of Commerce,
The Molsons Hank, Etc.
1 >l.lHi'.Kl' SMITH
Pi ii im nl Land Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
McKenzie Avknik,
Hux li mi, Revelstoke
E.   A.   HAGGEN
Mining Engineer
Ruvelstoke, B.C.
Mem. American Institute Mining
l-.ii._ini i'li.
Mem. i nn Min. Inst.
Kxaniiiialiuns   ami   Keports   on   Mines,
,;, I Mining   Investments s specialty.
blue Prints -u|i|.lii'.l ol plain- ui' Land,
Minks anil  11.MHKH.
i nl le Aiidrees -"Kaiiagaii," Kevelstoke
t ,.,i,.—Moreing and Neill, Bedford McNeill, Western Union, Clough.
teacher  of
Piano, Voi al, Tiusuhy
Certificated  i i Trinity   University
aud Ti ronto Conservatory
Sxi |,,.,,; _\i v i .\| ui.-iii it M.n Office
aug -'i lm
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp   No. 119
Meets  Beoond and  Kuurth  Wednesdays in
eich month, in Selkirk Hall.   Visitin   Woodmen cordially invited to alteud.
J. M.ISTVRE, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tte regular meeting; are held in the Selkirk
Ball aranr tod and iti.   Tue-lay evening   at a
•■ c. ck.    Visiting bre-.t.r..-ii c.irdially invited.
Vi. K. McLAL'i'HLIN.Secbetabt.
Kootenay Lodge No. IB, A  F. m A. M
The regulnr meet-
log srs held m tl.o
i' idlellawi 11 b . ou
-.tie third Monday it.
.drh mi-tilli at &
,, ui. Vi-ilitigbrelli-
ran   cordially   wai-
.'SIKH. Skcretahv.
SELKIRK LODGE 12, 1.0.0 F.
M--.- S»S17 Ti.ur--
la, evr.:....fc. : 9sl<
.  -.   li ill Bt ■
tins t.ratl.ren afa
cor IIa   i stland
Cold Range Lodgs, K  of P.
Ho   26,  Revelstoke, B C.
Mill - . ■ m.i ■> BDXKSU iV,
i   . A .!:... 1
. t,                   , Idfell-ie
Ma.,    at    -     - 'eS
-' .. tits I.
KITH  '    '
ii   H   BUCK i>   h     •   It   A -
j  ii gi i/rr m    i v
Zbc fl&aiUlbcvafo
'   ujOfhA--'.  AMI.
BAl i BDAY, -Ml.  11, 1909
The committee ol t li<- Revelsloke
K.iir are to be i ongratulatcd on the
■no --- attending their second an-
nu il cell l r ition.     It  wa.- a thorough -'.''-■   uio an effective demonstration of   Ui-'   steady progress
thi- ili-u.''. i-  making in bortii ul
ture, home arl and Industry, fruit
gr'iwiii^. poultry breeding agrioul
ture.     Tbe accommodation fur lhe
exhibits mi- imiiih  belter than Ian
year, and will   bave to be still further extended by the time anothi r
Knir   cornel   round.   The ground
ure ideally favorably fur a fail aud
be had at a bar''ain
Fruit  Land one and a half
milt's from   Revelstoke, tn
Qfl APDCQ partly improved, two miles
OU Hl/llLO from Revelstoke. Will sell
live stock and implements.
2APRCQ   vv't'1   r'ver   frontage;   good
MOnLO   land, partly cleared and close
to the city.
exhibition, and will be better
adapted to the improvements effec
ted from year to year. The fact
that the fine display of fruits and
vegetables shown was home-grown
wan ii surprise lo visitors and furnished ocular proof that no part of
British Columbia offers greater inducements than Revelstoke to the
settler in the way of fertility of
soil, variety of production and resources, and value of home market,
•he City Council have bad an
unusually heavy and responsible
lerm of ollice this year. The sewage and drainage works, one of the
most important problems I lit-city
lins yet faced, and yet one that
could be no longer delayed, have
lit-en well-nigh carried to completion, and all difficulties overcome,
while tlm expenditure has been I
kept considerably under the estimate.
The severe cold of lust winter
put the power plant out of business
and the unprecedented lluod
which followed and destroyed the
llunie. presented further difficulties.
While the llunie bus been temporarily repaired Ihe injury to the
dam was such that the city is up
against the necessity ol building a
new one, and this involves the problem of puttiii}; in ini proved hydraulic works and making an absolutely permanent job of them.
Hydroelectric plants are notoriously costly to instal in a permanent way, but once the work is done
properly it is there practically for
The question that Revelstoke
has now to face then is tbe construction of a lium of concrete and
masonry, supported by concrete
uionolilbs, so designed as to give
urge capacity to allow for storage
of water and yet afford n catchment
basin for frazil ice, while at the
same time the head of water should
lie increased to create more power
from the volume of water available
it low stage, and have a force sufficient to overcome tlie blocking of
tlie generator by small ice Boi -
When tbis work is heing done
provision Bhould be made for many
years ahead, and the power plant
should In- put in BUCh n shape that
local industries can depend 'in it.
and that it   will havt : in
tended of building up an industrial
Revelstoke. The nr- et - I 'his
service should : • le a first-
.'.-- nnd reliable _ i power
to tin- i   l'i:  shi : lo enable
the company   I t its shops
here   i-   ■ ■ t-  on any
other part ol stem
S ' :...-■       .. i   better illue
tbi      ii i fide growth of  Revelstoke
tHni. thi -i ." power p u
fbree ears ■■ l was ons dered
thai the power provided fur till
now would supplj the citj lor some
yean  bul the I it   slread
the demand on thi inl ia grown
to ii- fnii ' apai.' ■ ind lui I hi t
power must be proi ided   with   the
leasl possible delay      I h st  ol
the initial improvi mi nl n uding
the new dam in estimated al flfi.1 -
250, '" luthorise which .1 b 1 •■
will have to be submitted I he
city bas already Bpenl (70 000 on
this light and power plant. 1 he
value iif tbis expenditure   and   Lhe
great ,1-11  il  1- to lli"   city,   iMiiild
in- deslroyed  if  the dam were al
lowed lo go withoul provision
made against a catastrophe, which
ih< engineers' reporl    how   to ho
seriously imminent.      I' 1- wise lo
take lime hy the foreloi k  in sui h
cases, nnd ii would be well  it  il e
Oity    Counoil   would convene   a
meeting of the ratepayers and lay
ilu-   position   fully   before   Ihem
llevelsloke bu-   never yet   failed ill
linn- of crisis.     The   crisis   ill   llie
history of the power plant is here.
and should be dealt with promptly
and in a businesslike way, tbe
opportunity being taken advantage
of to place the plant in a position
of absolute strength and reliability
of service. When it is considered
that since the city purchased tbis
power plant, it has earned little
short of 20 per cent, on its capital
value, Ihere is no city in Canada
that can show a wiser or better
investment. That, the time lias
come when the dam must be replaced is not much a matter for
astonishment, though it has been
hastened by the heavy Hoods of
last spring. We advise our readers
who take an interest in this problem
to read carefully the report of
Smith, K'eiiry and Chace which
appears in another pari of tbis
issue, and when the public meeting is called to ask the cooperation
of the citizens with the Mayor and
Council in dealing with it, there
are no doubt many who could offer
suggestions winch would materially
aid tlie Council in the responsible
work ahead of them. If the work
is lo be done—and it must lie done
unless the city is to face the entire
loss of the power plant and the
inconvenience resulting therefrom
as well as the loss of revenue—the
Council should he in n position to
have the contract let and the work
started just as soon as low water
stage is reached and before severe
wintet weather sets in.
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three years ago, is a menace to the
bona tide development of British
Columbia and if continued will
tend to bring ahout a recurrence of
financial d pression. .Money sunk
in land speculation does nothing
to increase production and give
employment lo labor. The warning uttered by Mr. Laird, General
Manager of the Hank of Commerce,
in another column, applies more
forcibly to city and suburban land
speculation than lo increase in farm
land holdings. If it is true in the
litter case, how much more bo is it
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"Poblio Inquiries Act."
TV] OTICK is hereby given lhat siltings
i^l    of   the    Commission   appointed
under the  "Public   lnquiiies Act," for
the purpose of making inquiry into all
mallei's iii connection with the timber
resources of the Province will be held
at lhe following points on the dates set
opposite each, namely:—
Vancoiivei—Aug. 23"d, 24th and 25th.
Seattle   August 26th, 27th and 28th.
Kamloops —September 7th.
Vernon—September 8 and 9.
Revelstoke—September 10 and 11.
Nelson - September 18.
Cranbrook—September 1-1 and 15.
Fernie    September 1(1.
Grand Forks -September 18.
Owing lo lhe members of the Coin
mission having accepted an invitation
to attend the meetings of lhe First
National Conservation Congress of the
United States, to be held in the Auditorium of the Alaska-Yuktin-Pacifie
Exposition, Seattle, Washington, on
August 26th, 27th and 28th inst., the
meetings on the last day of the Coin-
mission in Vanoouver, advertised for
the 20lh, and the meetings at New
Westminster, August 27th and 28th,
have been cancelled. Arrangements
for lhe holding of meetings at these
places will In- announced later. The
meeting ilt Kamloops will be held on
the 7th uf September, and not on the
301 h August, as originally advertised,
Otherwise lhe itinerary remains the
Announcement will be made later if
it should be decided to be necessary inadvisable to hold meetings at other
I_ands Department,
Victoria, B, O, 12th August, 1900.
aug 25-sep 18
RevelBtoke Ijind District.
District nf West Kootenay.
Take nulice lhat Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following ill-scribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the lake shore at the north-east corner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
iiliniit half a mile trom the north-east
eoiner of Isit 7065, thence soutb 40
chains, tbenee east IO cbains, thence
north 80 chains to lake shore, thence
along luke shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated .1 uly 26, 1909. aug 7
Take nolice that I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, aftei lhi ily days from the date
nl the tirsi publication of this notice,
for a transfer of lhe hole! licence held
by me Ioi'i tie Kootenay Hulel at Uur
ton, B.C., to Stephen Podbielaiu-ik.
Dated at Nelson. li.l'.. llth llf August, am.
Wll.I 1AM  tiOVATT,
By his Solicitor Edward A. Crease,
aug 11—sep 11
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney Plumton of
Arrowhead, occupation Holelkeeper,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west corner of Lot 7685, thence
south 40 cbaius to T.L, 12166, tlience
west 20 chains, to the corner of T.L
12156, thence south 40 chains along the
western boundary of same, tlience
west 40 chains, tlience ninth 10 chains
to lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Barney Plumton.
Dated July 20, 1009. aug 7
llevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Tike notice that Nels Bodine, of
Trout Like, 15. C, occupation Miner,
intends to apply for pei mission to put-
chase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the ninth shore of Trout Lake between
llaskins and American points and
about four miles fioin the root of the
Lake and maiked the S. K. corner
post, thence 20 chains north, thence
20 chains west or to Like shore, tlience
following the Lake shore to point of
Located this 25th day of August, WOO.
sep 8 60d      NELS BODINE, Locator,
Revelstoke Land District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice  that  A. VV, Dickinson,
of Arrowhead,oooupatlon Lumberman,
intends to apply for permission to purohase the following desorlbed lands:
Commencing al a post planted neat
the north-east oorner of Lot 71)65 and
■narked A. W. Dickinson's N. W. c,
thence siiulh 40 chains, east 40 chains,
mirth III chains to lake shine, thence
west 40 cliains following lake shore to
place of commencement.
Dale Aug. 18th, 1000.
ar, occii.
Kevelstoke Lind District.
District of West. Koolenay.
Take notice that L. A. Dew...,
nation  Housekeeper, Intends to apply
for permission to purohase the following described lands:
Commencing at n pust planted on the
west side of Upper Arrow Like, aliout
one and a half miles south of Bannock
Point, thenco west 20 chains, thence
north 20 ihains, thenoo west. 20 chains,
thence north 00 chains to the K. A S.
line, thenoo following the K. & S. line
east 20 chains, soul h 20 chains, east 20
chains, south 20 chains to lake shore,
thenoe   following   lho   lake   shorn  to
point of commencement,
Agent for LA. Deivni'.
Dated July 29, 100(1. aug 7
Tho farm of the late Joseph Dolan
situate near Revelstoke, being a part
or the N. !•; Quarter Section 20 To, 2:1
and oontalning hi aores more or less.
Application! for the purchase of above
property   are   Invited   and    will    he
reoelved by tbo undersigned up to and
Including September 80th, 1000.
W.  I,  BllIOUS,
Solicitor for Dolan ISslatoi
lUted at lteveliloke, II, ('., August
Will, I Will. Iin.in
Notice is hereby given that the lirst
sitting of the Court ol Revision, to
revise the Assessment Roll for the year
1909, will be beld in the Council
Chamber, City Hall, PeveUtoke, B. C
on Monday, October 11th, at 2 p.m.
September 4th  1909.
ee.pi lm Citv Clerk.
City Water
Until further notice no more water
can be used for lawn sprinkling.
City Clerk.
Sept. ist, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that an appll-
ition will be made under Part V. of
the  "Water  Aot,   1900,"  to obtain a
licence   in   the Division   of
Kevelsloke Distriel.
(a) The name, address and occupation of the applicant Hugh Iv K.
Smythe. Rancher, Kevelsloke.
If for mining purposes) Free Miner's
Certificate No	
(b| The name of the lake, stream or
source iif unnamed the description isi
A small stream   rising on the N. E.
Section   A,   and   running  in small
swamp 011 N. W. ',, Section 8.
(c) The point of division Where
watei* drains into swamp.
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second)   Ll
(ei The character of the proposed
works- For irrigation purposes on dry
bench lands.
|f) The premises on which the water
is to lie used (describe same)—Bench
lands sloping to west of no use without irrigation,
(g) The purposes for which the
water is to be used—Irrigation and
(li) If for Irrigation describe the
laud intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage Irrigating 85 acres stoney
and dry bench land on east, half of N.
W. I Section A, Township24, Range 2,
West 0 Meridian, comprising 85.
(i) If the water is to lie used I'm
power or mining purposes describe
the place where the water is to lie
returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in altitude between
point of diversion and point of return.
(jl Area of down land intended to
be occupied hy the proposed works....
(k( This notice was posted on the
10th day of August, 1909, and application wiil be made 10 the Commissioner
ou the 19th day of Sept. 1909.
(1) Give the names and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely In be
iilfected liy the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet. - None.
(Sigiiiliuel II. to. R, SMYTHE,
sepl       I P.O. Address)    Kevelstoke.
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city you will do well to
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Arrow Lakes. Our registered marks
air letter "1." ami letter "8."
UHg  14 lm H"M'Uli.kl     11   0,
An Expert Report by Hydraulic
Engineers-Dam in Danger
and Extensive Improvements
The lollowing is the report on the
City power plant and dam by Messrs.
Smith, Kerry and Chase, hydraulic
engineers, of Toronto;—
The Mayor and City Coincii., Bevelstoke, B. C.
Gentlemen:—Acting under your
instructions we hnve made an examination ol your hydro-electric plant on
the lllecillewaet river and beg to hand
you the following report:—
We lind that the spring freBhets
have washed out about loo feet of the
Hume, and part of the cribwork
foundations below the gatehouse and
dam; and lhat the foundations of the
latter are being considerably undermined and weakened, to au extent to
make it unsafe under Hood or high
water conditions. We Iiud also that
you are operating with a temporary
Hume, utilizing only a part of the
available heud and water as a temporary condition pending the adoption
of a policy in regard to the measures
to be undertaken to provide nerma-
□eut headworke, and amel. ate the
c iiiditions which obtain at low water
in the winter months, as a result of
which you were forced to install an
auxiliary gas eogine about two years
We estimate the low water How of
the river tu be about 250 cubic leet per
second of time, and at Hood, such a*
occurred ibis year, about 8,000 cu ic
leet. The conditions at low winter
water, are, we understand to be, as
would be expected, that the water is
impregnated with lloat and Blush ice
to an extent to necessitate the slur
ting down of the present plant at
different times Moreover this ice
bas been known tu block the channel
of the river fora considerable distance
down the stream below the power
house, and back water up iuto the tail
race and Hood it.
Our recommendations to you are
oa»ed on the necessity of amending
these conditions as far as possible, And
to provide you with a permanent plant
that will allow of extensions and alterations as outlitied, as the demand lor
power for all purposes does, as it must,
increase. The final development will
in effect give you about 1200 k. w., as
against 400 now Installed, nl direct
connected units with three phase
current. It will allow of th - necessary flexibility and provide a proper
margin lor safety, will utilize the
present power house and water wheel,
and retain in its present position the
auxi iary g«B producer plant now
installed. We bave upon analysis of
existing conditions decided to recommend this development in three stages
as "inlined, and attach a ■ sketch
showing tlie liual result.
The lirst stage includes tlie construction of a permanent Monolith
concrete dam, with intake for two
pipes and one or two blowolfs, situate
at a point about 140 leet below tbe
present dam. The present Hume
bench will be utilized to carry the
water Irom this dam to the power
house, snd the present dam with a
temporary Hume will be used to un-
w-iter the site ol tbe new dam during
construction. This Hume will be used
temporarily to provide additional
water for the plant at once. Tbe
present Hume will be replaced by a
six foot wood stave pipe, using trepresent stave pipe for part ol the distance at Us upstream end.
The crest ol the dar.i we propose to
raise to an elevation ol 12 leet above
that ol the present dam, and provide
piers and Stop logs fur an additional
head ol 10 leet iu low water, and at all
stages of water giving you a bead ol
80 feet.
The itl'ect nl tbe adoptiou of this
dam would be fivefold, It would provide a settling basin witli an area ol
alsjtn ten acres, in which the float ice
would cume to the surlace, would
provide a meaus Ior Hushing out the
sediment tbat must Accumulate in
this stream at thiB point, and assist in
getting rid of the slush ice; would in
low water and ice conditions give the
necessary additional power and much
better operating conditions; would
lessen tbe cost ol the conduit pipes to
the power house and provide storage
loi a peak load.
It is apparent tbat the present turbine under the head available from
the prt'sen' dam cannot meet with a
proper margin lor peak loads, the (ull
demand lor power and lights during
the coming winter. At present il is
only able to supply this during the
daytime, making it necessary to run
the gas engine at night. This entails
considerable cx|k.iibc.
In meet this condition and lo provide lur the increased head, we  there.
The oven door
of the Kootenay
drops down and
' provides a shelf
upon which to
rest the pans
drawn from the
The door is
strongly braced
8     If you can afford to use ihe best buy
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour thai: is Different
fore recommend for the lirst develop
ment the installation ol a new and
Bingle-runner wat ir wheel of 700
b p. capacity, with valve, designed to
run the present generators installed
at the new head. This will meau the
setting aside of the present water
wheel until the Becond development
takes place. The lirst sbould be gone
on with without delay, the second, it
will, we judge, be necessary to provide
for within the coming year.
The secontl stage includes the installation of additional machinery,
and changing from the single phase
to three phase system. It involves
the reconstruction of tlie present turbine with larger shaft, and addition ol
a valve,—the putchai-e of a 000 k.w.
generator, three-phase, with exciter,
aud added switchboard equipment,
and the necessary foundations, with
some wiring tu change from single
phase to three-phasecurrent. This unit
is installed directly connected throughout on the north side of the present
casing, and small alteration in the
buildiug only will be necessary to provide requisite space.
The effect of this new installation
will be to use lhe six [out pipe to its
full capacity with both wheels running, provide the necessary means lor
shotting down one while the other is
being repaired, and in effect to provide
altogetht r a tolal capacity of 1000
k. w., inclusive ol tbe present generators installed. This equipment will
give the city a good margin as the
demand increases for probably live
years, depending on development of
tbe dirtrict and increased industrial
UBis lor pow.T.
The third aud liual development
involves the addition ot a second six
foot stave pipe, from dam to power
house, tlie installation ol a third turbine with a capaoily of Ihu) h.p,, and
a 600 k. w. generator, same as iu No
2, connecting this unit hy two valves
with the new pipe, and tbo lirst unit
with the new pipe by valve. The
present single phase units could then
be sold, and probably the present
three phase machines, and a new 400
k. w. generator installed on the present jack shaft in tbeir place, connected up with the producer engine ns
at present. The jack shaft would r
quire to be strengthened. This will,
as mentioned, leave the plant direct
connected and three phase throughout,
ol a capacity of lliOO k w , without
counting the 250 h.p gas engine still
retained as auxiliary. Kach ol the
pipe lines will leed two of the ma
cbineB and the valve arrangement
permits ot this.
We conclude with preliminary
cstiiiiatus lor eacii stage in the development based on present prices lor
labor and materials, including ma
cbinery and cement. As soon as a
decision is   rcachi:'1   proper   plans and
estimate! ihould be prepared lor the
full development so that each stage
maybe camed mil intelligently in tl
aconomiciilly. The quantity ol water
on which we base our report should be
checked hy daily and weekly guagings
continuously timing the approaching
low water period and until the full
development is completed to permit
nl   whatever  modifications  may be
necesBary. We have not consider! tl
the renewal ol the transmission liiu1
and changing ot the distribution -iys
tern. Tlie former will require new
poles in a shun time, and will an soon
as plan Nu. 2 ia adopted rrquire a systematic remodelling aud considerable
nddition ol transmission cable to mett
increased load. A luud should be
provided for extension ul thin system
transformers, etc., at that time.
Now concrete dam  and   headworke,
six Lot sin ve pipe, gates, sluicis, blow
oil's,  and  connections,  new  700 h.p.
single runner turbine and  ono  valve,
SECOND development
Renewal and alterations to present
turbine, and sbalt, new valve and
foundations, alterations tn building,
new (MX) k.w. generator, exciter, and
new panel lor switchboard, 116,500,
Socoiid, 0-loot stave pipe, etc.;  sec
ond 600 k.w. unit with two valves and
exciter; new 400 k.w. generator, lesa
sale of present machines; foundations
and repairs to jttck shaft, and shifting
of antl addition to switchboard,
1.—400 k w $ (_.l,2<i0
2—1.000 k.w     79,760
:S— l.liOOk.w     111,000
Smith. Kkaky A Ciiaoe,
Vancouver, II.C
SYNnl'His    OL'1    CANADIAN      llnMK
Any ttVtultilile Dominion Ian-is within the
ruilwuv lu'li in liritish Uoltinitmi may he
lnHiicsh'iuh'il hv any person who is thu solo
betid of a tam ily. or any mule over 1* years
ofuge to the extent ol one ijuurter section
of i<>" ucrea more or lesa,
Knhy musl he imnie tu'i'suiiaily al the
local luud office for the district In which
the land Is situate, Entry liy proxy may,
however, be made on certain conditions hy
the lather, mother, son, duuuhter, orother
or sister ot an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform
the c* mt li tnms connected therewith under
any of the following plans:
(11   At leant hix  iiUih1  residence upon
ami cultivation of the land in each year for
three veara,
fi)   If the lather- nr mother tl the father
is deceased   of the lm slcuder resides np
nn a farm in the vicinity ol tin- land enter-
ed for the requirements aa to resilience may
he aatislied hy such person residing with
the father or mother.
(._( ll tho settler has Ins permanent roni-
(leuce upon funning land owned hy him tn
the vicinity of his homestead, the require
men is us to residence may he satisfied b^
residence upon the said land,
Six mouths'uotice in writitm should he
given t" tin' commissioner nf dominion
lands at Ottawa ot intention to apply loi
Cnal. Coal intnlim rights may ho leased
for a period <»i twenty-one yeura at an annual rental of #1 per acre, Not moro than
2.8C0 acres shall he leaacd to ono Individual
or company. A royalty ut the mte.oflive
cents per Ion shall he collected on tlie met
huntuhle coal mined.
w. w. t'ony,
Deputy Minister ol the Interior,
Ideal Furniture Store
New and Second  11 ninl Uouds
(', W. MH'Mi,
Itepairs of all kinds neatly carried on
liiivile and Outl work a specialty
ICsllinates given on any class
of work,
Front     Street.
Gillette |jg!S
V_# soiTRorriNa.KoiioHiso lV-ttZOr
Pocket Edition with   new process blades
Rubber Shaving Brushes   hair
guaranteed not to come out
Genuine Badger Brushes. $1
to $5 each.
Bews' Drug Store
,- . •   - - •
Next Hume Block
11  you   do   vou   will   find    that   the  cost   of
ROBIN  HOOD is smallest after all.
The  bigger  loaf i.s  one  difference.
Easier   assimilation   of  the bread is another
The sweeter flavor is a third dilleience.
There are other  points   of   difference.     Any
one of them worth the extra cost.
mc Saskatchewan flour Mi (o., im.
Moose   Jaw,  Sask.
lk>% %'%/%<%**%'%'%'%'•'%%%'%*'%'» %.■%•■%•■%•'%'%'%•■%.'%•'%. <v*-%.%v»
J   The Vernon fire showed the need   j
t   gf our i
The best safe-guard in which you cui invest, Ever) hotel should
be fitted with these as a matter of safetj to occupants. Every house
should have um. mi its roof.
J Only 45c. a foot.    Sample on view here.
I Revelstoke. B. C. %
4<% %<%>««'•'»%«'**%* %-%.^%^%.'*v%.%^'%-%.-%.-% <__.%.-%%•■%■% %-5
SPROTT-SHA W gggjgg,
The best equiqped school west o/" Toronto.    K. J. SPROTT, B.A.
oAutumn   Term opens  September First... oAlanager
Send for Catalogue. j31-s27
6Z[c. per acre cash
and CZ\c. once each
year for seven thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Columbia Southern;
Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the raising of
Fruit,   Grain   or  Stock
and may be purchased on these EASY
TERMS from
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for Settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps. Application   Forms.   Regula
tions and Literature.
Box in
mil 1
i Ini Men President
Calgary, Alberta
In youi
un- all facts petalnlng
in B. ('.
Notice to Exhibitors.
A  larue quantity ol Prairie
anil   Timothy    Hay    always
un hand
All up-town exhibitl in bread ami
preaervei must be delivered at the
City Hall before 2 p.m. on Wednesday,
8th intt, and any exhibit* delivered at
the gronndi mum be In the hands ol
r- I        1        | | the l-adieB1 Committee nut later  than
rrank A. Lackner, 7P.B.uWi^««taB.
Our new Fall Goods are
coming to hand and being
put into Stock as quickly as
Ladies' and Misses New
Skirts, in all the new cloths
and leading colorings for the
coming fall styles.
New Hats, Ties, Underclothing, etc., for this fall's
New French Flannel Shirts
with detachable collars of the
same material, just what you
want if you are taking a trip,
soft and comfortable to wear.
A. McBae calls tenders tor the construction "f si.x houses.
The police have abandoned the hunt
for Hanpy, the bandit, who shot Const.
Decker at Ashoroft.
J. P. McLennan and Co, are insli
tilting a system nl Saturday bargain
All parties having bills against, tlie
Trades A Labor Cuuncil kindly have
same in on or before Thursday,  liith
Tlie subject for t in rruw evening in
the Methodist pulpit will he "Racing
lor the Highest Prize." All will be
Mr. Tapping his been studying the
Scriptures. His new Balutation to
hie friends is "Get Thee Behind Me
The Kebeckah Lalge wish to announce that they are changing the
dan- uf their dance Irum Friday, Sept.
24th to Tuesday Sept. 2Nth.
With hie skull crushed in, the body
uf a man was found last week in a
louely cabin on Silver creek, Harrison
lake,"about l'i miles (rom Harrison
Hot Springe
Harvey Leary was arrested Wednesday for drunkenness and ioul language
aud was brought belore Police Magistrate Foster on Thursday, wheu he
was sentenced to a month's imprisonment.
Tbe value ol toe Mail-Hkhalu as
an advertising medium is shown by
the fact that a lost article advertised
in last issue was returned to ite owner
within three hours ol the issue of the
The lecture by Walter XV. Baer announced lur Sunday uight in the
Opera House has been cancelled, owing to more recent engagements by
Mr. Baer. Further announcement
will be made.
At tiie lJrill Hall Thursday evening
His Worship Mayur Lindmark, pre-
-eiitedthe pruts won at Monday's
matchesof the Kocky Mountain Hangers. Ao enjoyable danee was held in
the drill hall to celebrate the occasion
the Bandprovidiog the music.
Ou Thursday nigbt, at the Edison
I'arlur Theatre, was shown au excellent tilrn representing the inaugural; u of President Tad at Washington
besides other good features. The new
program last night, aud which will be
replayed to-night, represents the
pageant at the Caignry exhibition,
including 700 mounted Indians, also a
run of the Calgary Fire Brigade anil
two other views.
The boxing match arranged at tbe
ritik Thursday evening was attended by
about 300 pet pie. Walter Bell was
relerrec. Unly once had th« police tu
interfere when C Datable Kington
warned the contestants to con lice
themselves t i straight boxing, Prior
tl tbe main event ol the evening com-
log IT, an excellent display ol boxing
waa given by Matters McMahon aod
I ii   row
Mr. Harbecli representing tbe C. P
I; 1' .i licit* Department, visited Rev
■ st »  Wednesday and took several in ving pictures   I city  net, in-
, Hog  the 'i.-in ual ol the  sobooi
children and the   lair.    Theee   pie-
i ires *ili lurin a pait   .1 the  -i rles
moving pictnres arranged by the C, I'
K,  t" advertise Canada  in  different
parts of the  world as well as nt the   A
and V. Exposition m Heattie Arrangements bave been made for their
exhibition al an early date at the Edl
sun   Theatre   at   Kevelsloke,    These
pictun." will be great advertising lor
thi« city.
are now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity is very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee delivery, otherwise you are
i|iiilc liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT JARS m three sizes Pints, Quarts and
Half-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to fit
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one nl   the   innsi   important   items
in ynur hnsiness
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
The ollicial prize list of the Fair is
not yet available, mo we are obliged to
hold over our report till next issue.
The secretary to the F'air. Mr. C. It.
Macdonald  notifies winners   of   prizes
at the Fair that these will lie available
for  payment   on   anil   after  Monday'
week, Sept. 20th.
The   Forestry   Commission   visited
the Fair yesterday.      In the afterno u '
they took tlie evidence ol   Mr. Brewer,
manager  for the   Big Bend   Lumber
Company, at Arrowhead,  and   Mr.   s
H. Bowman,   head   of   the   Bowman
Lumber Co.   The  evidence  was very 1
strongly in lavor of the adoption ol a
title similar to   that  adopted   by   the!
Dominion government.
A. C. Flummerfelt, ol   Victoria,   S
H. Bowman, ol Minneapolis,  and  W.
M. Brewer, manager uf the Big Ber il
Lumber company, ol Arrowhead, were
visitors to Revelatoke Thursday and
took in the Fair, which they declare)
was an agreeable surprise to them
especially in its Iruit and garden
Mr. A. S. Doyle, uf Carman, Man .
is visiting liis brother, R.N. Doyle,
fur a few dayo while enroute to Seattle
Wash where he will lie the tiratul Etc
presentative l r tbe tirand Lodge ol
Manitoba, In 0 F., at the f oven
tioD iif Grand Lodge representatives.
Mr. Doyle nas ni t n-ei, hie brother
for twelve ye»rs
Mr.Cronyn lias arrived from Toronto
to Bucoeed Mr. Cook as accountant  in
thu Molsons Hank.
A filled hardwood pencil hon
wiih i nlei combination given
five lu every pmchiuier of
si bool i ksal
Bews1 Drug Store
Public   and   High    School
Books on Hand
linii'i   forget   the  place
Bews' Drug&Stationery Store
. I   K I    III   Ml     111.iii  1.
Mr- Neil McEachern returned tb -
morning from a two  months  visit   ti
friends in Ontario.
Ed. Hilluiai came in Irom Beaton
for the fair, bringing Ins horse Hoo-
boo with bim,
0.0 Illel ll relieving J. L. Stark,
1' nn:,i i, Express Agent, whu is on a
-ix weeks holiday in the east
Mrs. Harry Morris and    (aiuii;
turned last, week   Irom a   months   trip
to Irlends at Beattie and Vanoouver
K W.  Hsggen,     f   the   Itomlnion
survey oame io Ir im   Qrand   Prairie
i,   1 bursdsy   tn spend  a lew da; - it
Kev. i   i:  Robertson    ( Revel it
win. is upending a muni n on i he I
preached in tbe  Presbyterian ohurch
ii Ladner on   Sunday.    He  will  also
supply tb-. -ni,i   pulpit next Sunday
tin Wednesday evening Mrs C, Hnl
ion gave a   reception   and   dance  in
honor of the  visit  of   Mrs,  ami  Miss
remple,      I be   Band     provided  the
music ami ibe guests Found the even
ing one of the most enjoyable nl the
Mr. and Mrs. W. w. fraser, nl
Winnipeg, stopped   off  on   Thursday
morning en route, to Winnipeg  to   see
tbe Revelstoke Fair, with which  tbey
expressed    themselves  at   delighted,
Tbey resumed Iheir journey   east,   on
Thursday evening.
The marriage ol Mr. George II. Taylor, express messenger "ii   the   Cans
diaii Pacific railway between Vane.oii
ver and (lalgary, and Miss Isabel Penelope Fraser look plane on Wednesday
afternoon ol last week at the residence
of the bride's lather in (lalgary. Mr
and Mrs. Taylor are visiting the
mountain results and will spend Home
lime in the fji.und cilice.
General Manager laird, of Bank
of Commerce, Optimistic
-   ; '   -.— I Ins year s crop
I will . west purobsaing power
id tal  gold  amounting
'" IS a  statement    maili
by Mr Alexander Laird, geneml manager ol ■ in Bank uf C.m
ink   i be commercial
reased tu, oonsidersblj
1 iv III      But   in   .luly   a  year
t.'   tbe . ."limit" were reducing tbeh
Itockl an MSUra ynu   that in   my
I •■  trade    '  tbe  laal tbn s
is  been   bigger   than my
si   ijontbs ui the et
llie people uf the west will is- able
in pay tbeir own lulls comfortably
lii'il themselves amply and tbey »il
still have |7b,000,000oi  K""1 to emu.
i-   QUnl ry
' People don I   like being  preached
mil   '" have nut. always got   ir"-! '
for the warnings uur bank, through
\tr   Walker, lias  given.     But   we   wfll
i,I., m be very oarelnl.   A disposition
'lm" exist   infongst  some   farmers to
get mors land    If I had a little more
im reasons, I would have done better '
Hi tak a11"  ;i .ney be gets and  .-   •
■ i n ■ if r    i tract   to    buy    mon.    I_t nil
llur'     i-   the   ilHiiner.     When   a  lia-l
■elson comes around tie Sndl himie I
face in lace with the problems of look
ing aftor two or i ■•• leotloni Instead
nl that '. imiii he eniilil com-
'iiiii.iy handle with tbe oapital he
Tin Merchants limit has purchased
'lm mil Melbourne lintel p'operty at
Tbe Fair li over, but come  in and
me mu   exhibit   ol   Hriipei,   Pi i llBS,
Plums,   Apples, Oranges,  Osiltolotipr,
ninl Pears,—C. 11. liuuic it Co.
Saturday Night Shopping
Something New for Saving Buyers
\K7E are going to make it worth your while to come to this store for your Saturday night shopping.
Our prices are always the lowest in the city, but Each Saturday Night, Beginning To-Night, we will hold
an •• After Supper Sale." from 7 p.m. Till Closing Time. The best bargains you have ever seen will be
the feature of these " After Supper Sales," Every Saturday, we will select a number of special lines
of seasonable goods, and we will make, the prices so attractive, that you will be sorry if you do not come
and buy.    " After Supper Sale" Specials cannot be purchased before 7 o'clock Saturday Night.   Lots
are limited, so conn: ear
ly.    A few of our "After Supper" Specials for to-day are:
WASH BELTS and COLLARS, regular up to 40c, After Supper Sale Price 15c,
WASH BLOUSES, this seasons goods, regular up to $1.75, After Supper Sale 75c.
JAP AH TAFFETA SILK, 27 in. wide, good range of colors, regular 50c. per yard,
After Supper Sale Price, 25c. per yard.
LADIES LISLE HOSE, in black, navy, grey and tan; open work and plain, regular
values up to 75c, After Supper Sale Price 40c per pair.
Besides these, you will find a lot of specially priced lines, in all parts of  lhe store, and you will find ihis
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
P fiifif iff Iff Iff iff ffwfif iff If Iff • f f *■•■■■ ■tiff • ■ ^
Forestry Commission
The Forestry Commission opinttlat
• House yesterday.     Hun  K.
0. Fulton occupied the chair and the
other commiMIooen were Messrs. A.
V in merfelt and A 8. Oo ideve,
M I. I.n-lirst witness called was Mr
Boynton wbi occupied the wholeol
,M giving ins evidenoe In
favor ', i iieUer title tu timber licenses.     |   ,\. Harvey, of Vancouver, and
\\       -       secretary to the lumber-
 i ions, appeared on bebsll
of imp! lore   .1 licenses.
II   uut   stale—All    kintls   of
■ 'I eai   beaters    I   McCiary
Bteel    R«nge     Dressers   and    Stands,
kitchi i. iteosili eto   Come ami net a
ii ile staiis Saturday   Sept.
ith     ; • ■ Be s -'■ ki Nen aud -• i ond
i ip#o even!  •-
■i!y  uio nen   ul prhtsi
that inch will   bn  available   I r  pay
in ii iltei M nd '.    ■ |.t. Wih
C.B   M     o  'in,
.-i creiary
For Sale
i. trucliom Irom i
'-ir fur    ,'   ''.' lollowing
b e residential properties
Tenders wanted lor the election of
six houses in the Oity of Revelatoke.
For particulars,  pi i'im ami specifloa-
liiins, apply to
Sep II AI.I-.X. MillAK.
room available iu k<ioi| borne.
$12per month. Apply in llrat Instance
to M mi.-IIihi.m.ii ofllce.       sep ll 2t
lent e   snd   three   lots on
Mi Ke- m Avenue
;. ii-.  ■ 11, lot ii nd one li i if
,i,i ige on Mi Ki n/.ie Ave
l>-   I.-ri' e    and    tWO    lot i     on
ni, Street
good building lob with GO
fi "i  Iron tn go on   Mi Konide
v .in ic
5,    [looming IIouhi-, i 16 rooDis) on
I mirth Street.
Termi   to null purchasers,   Kor
prices ,mil particulars apply lo
sup II   lui        Kiral St., Ilcvelaloliu.
WANTKD   Olrl foi domestic dm ies
in  -.mall  family,    flood   home.
For address apply Mall-Herald office.
I"i|{sAl.K   Ao Kilison Phonograph
pi-Ice  £8500.     Apply  al   Mui.-
liiu ilii Office.
fvilt H \I,K   A Ouerney Range, list
n.   ill   holes, in good condition)
ll   '      i    I'lilio   in    i-Xi .-Ill-Ill     einilltl inu,
Applv I.. |(. N. lit,vi.i .
W\ vi |.;i>   Mill ry apprentice hy
t . It. Ill Ml. ind Oo.
WANTKD   Olrl   for  bouse  work.
flood home and  good wages.
I inly ibri e in family.    Apply i lib■>• i f
M Ml. Ill'.ll MU,  Kevelstoke.     Mep I 111
II IST    Iiii    l.,ibul    Day   a   small Ite
J   bekilll pill, bearing lhe ball iiiiiiiii,
i.ii wet n ilu- lli.it M.n ullice ami Mr.
Howson's resldeiii e, Finder w ill please
leave at "iiw e, sep s
"dmine Sale of Summer tinl*
To make room for Shipment of Fall
Stock all our Summer Goods must be
cleared out. Now is an opportunity
offered you to buy goods at a great
reduction in prices.
MRS.   A.   G.   CRICK
First   Street
Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off ice-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Ilium lies mi- Ageuta at all principal (minis ill Canada,
Agenta in Ureal, liritain and United Stales—London, Knglaiid,
Lloyds Hank, Limited. Chicago--First National liank, ('urn Kx-
obange National Hank. Seattle—Seat tie National Hank, San Fran-
cisco -Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exobange
National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,  received, and Interest allowed at
current rate froin date of deposit.    Correspondencu solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
It- _> l.ilnkc I,uml Iliatrlcl,
In  11 H I ul U'i-hI Kiiulmiiiv.
Take notice that I. M. K Lawson,
u| it-1i-isiuki',uci'iip'iiimi housekeeper,
,iiiii, i in applv fm permission to pur-
. -lm .I- ihe following iii'Hii ibeii landsi
Oiimmonolng ut   a  posl planted al
I he soul henst   Corner of    Lot    MIWtH ilinl
marked   "M    K. Lawson's northwest
oorner  post,    thence 40chains soutbi
theiii'i' IT) chains wesi; Ihence 20 chaina
nm i In thenoo '2D obalns easti t bottce 2d
clm iiih north to line of I sit. houm; trance
allium laid   line lo place  if I'omiiH'lice-
Ilntetl Sept. Tlh. IIIIII. sep tl
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Koyal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
drain, heed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Mountain Supply Companyiimited
Big Slaughter Sale
Starting from Saturday, August 14th, we are
selling at ridiculously low figures all our Stock of
Hoots and Shoes, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Caps,
etc.    Must cleat our stock to make room for new goods


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