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The Mail Herald Jul 16, 1913

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m m
fr>|   Railway     Junction  and   Divis-   m\
gl   ional   Point.   Headquarters  for   g
/ C\
Columbia    River     Navigation.
Hub of   Timber    Belt, Mineral
Zone,   ' "licultural    Lands and   g)
Vast A Powers of B. C.        g
"Revefctoke, the Capital of Canada s Alps.'9
g ■
Circulates  twice  per  week am-  H
H g g g g g sv^i
ong the prosperous citizens of  g
Canada's Premier Province.
The recognised advertising
medium for Kootenay and Interior British Columbia.
Vol. 19   No "*>
$2.50 Per Year
Unique Opportunity to Obtain 40 Acres in
Glorious Kootenay.-Homestead or Purchase on Easy Terms.    First Date for Filing
lm  Revelstoke,
,    Already  th.'  tickets  are  selling fan
July     17.     Member    for    Kootenay   Predicts aad 1000 people W a most pi*eseut con
Rush for Lands by Local Residents. j80™*"™ ,;stl1l"!,l,\'"'.*" nttBbw wl"
J will attend i lu- picnic.
Tomorrow, Thursday,   July   17ih,  is   way; in  the hearl of a sporting para- Bid   DYNAMITE  BLAST.
From presenl  appearauoe  the Mon-' —■
hiii- I'ieiiic given by  the     Revelstoke
Merchants to Bt. Leon Hot Springs, Although   Attendance    Small,   an    Excellent1'
on the 23rd, will he'a reco.d breaker '
Contest Was Held.   Revelstoke Marksman
Distinguishing   Themselves.—Shoot   Continued at Armstrong To-day.
di.se;   with a  moderate  competence
an. auspicious day in thc history     of al8Bi  wuu u mouqinw compeiome eu-     it is being arranged by a     »peulal
Revelstoke. marking    as it doeB     the BUred hy IU)minul ubor fmm 'l terWla « aittee to eet ott a huge blast    ot
sod;  the proceeds of industry secured  dynamite on Mourn  Reselsioke at   ii
dawn of a e.a in     the     agricultural ^ & ^ l,nU(,ll„.n(!(1|     dem0otatlc ' tt.m.  on the  23rd.   This  original idea
development   of  our  district, for     on 8yStOTn o£ ^.government; living in a   *.„ a good one as the  blast will    wake
th„t day than,-s io the efforts of RfF. cltamte and Bool(l| nn,| pontioal     af|„il  the cltlsens s*o  there will be     no
Green,   M.P.  for  Kootenay, the  lauds moaphere admirably adapted     io the  exousa  for  missing   the  south    boun
within ihe railway belt will be thrown phyaical  und  mental   welfare  and  de
The Women's Canadian Cluh had thu
ilu pleasure oi meeting a di-tinguish-
visitor and learned woman on Monday uftemoou, whm Miss Narlon
l'earse. I..L.U. oi Bristol) England,
uas ili.il* gue>t. Miss pearse in addition io her high educational achieve •
ments, haa been toi mainy years mis
Mr. Huntley an amateur trees of the elementary training department oi Bristol, and also speeial
excursion train.
The tournament of the     Revelstoke  IOU straight,
(lun cluh was held here last Monday,   made a lorn; run of 114 Btraight.
wlnn, although ihe number of marks- j    Un account of ihe rather small   at- lecturer on education ai Bristol I'm -
men present was not as' large as   had  tendance, the program for both days versity,
been expected yet practically all points ' was shot on Monday, July 14, 1913.    |   The meeting wan held at the   home
in   western     Canada and the   United     The following, is the individual score of Mrs. Robbins with Mr.-.  J.D. Sib •
Slates were represented.   The local ro-' made'hy  all  those in attendance Uoth bald, president of the Canadian Club,
,   pres'cniatives did exceedingly well,   as amateurs  and professionals at Revel- in the chair.   Miss Pearse delivered au
ihe following s.-ore will show.                j sioke.   The tournament will be c0ntiu- ut.le and bruadminded addres.-',  taking
upon  io settlement,  upon    the eondi - Vl.l0pnicnt  of   the   hest   type of  Anglo-                                                                             ^	
tions primed under the great seal   of Baxon citizens, r'gh< In North Ko0te- j    b'1UKBia ut,JSW ««*"'*' oawunnj ,.,,,,   w|,lrn    wa8   won by ReVL.istoke
the Dominion governmenl elsewhere in miy, are to be found all  those congen. !    As Wednesday, J.lrd,  tho big day of Following is the individual score:
•this issue. iai causes and effects, which combined  ***c lk'ftlc wUl *-**'u ''ivic holiday,   a11 Name                       Obtained   Possible
lt is muny years rfince anything   iu ,_,0 t0 muke-up the nearetft approach io   lUe sl0"'* Wl" '"' doArt., but they will A   j   McDonell   19           au
the nature oi a •'Land Rush" occurred the Perfect Homeslte, which could be be opsnthe even.ng before, -o do your w   A   Bturay    19           2„
at Revelsloke,    and this will    he   tho discovered anywhere in the world to-   -hopping the evening before. V\\  A.  Foote   , 19            20
lirst occasion upon which the younger (luy-                                                                             PROGRAM UF SPURTS. J. CJuy Barber   20             20
generation of citiiene haVe been given People best acquainted with this dis-     Following is the program oi sports     In   the contest for     the   Dominion
an  opportunity   to  realise  Horn      tho m,.t,  are  those  who  will  most      ap • ' m ,„. DullBd u„ ttl tho Merchants    As- Cartridge Co.  gold  watch fob, Mr. A.
^■^■M HH     r      ,-,     i „..,!., i   ireiKienn,  in inv as her  suhiect    "K.liu ation  and      the
ln  the contest shoot  for Revelstoke  ued at  Arnistion,' to.iay. "      .     ,,  *   .        ...        ,      , ,   .
One hundred and fifty-five bids wer,'  Empire.     After thanamg the club for
evidence of their own eye-, what       a predate the unique opportunity    pre-  v„ ia. j"un ,,i,nic on
inarvcllou- attiactlve  power lies hid-  seated Iiy  the throwing open of these   ljl>uU Hot gprlngs;
den behind the words "Free Govern
ment  Lands."
Owing  to  the remoteness  of  Reve
mt of a possible of 310.
land-.1 to settlement.
During liis  last  visit to Revelstoke,
tho matter of tho   throwing open
1—Boys raco, under 16 years, 50yds.—      The Dupont  Powder Co.    Gold Pin,  q.E.  Desmona,  Kaslo
was won by J, Uuy Barber
with   a(A. J. McDonell, Rev.
W. A. Sturdy, Rev	
Mr. Frank Reihl,    representing     the  W. A.  Foote
I   ist, Brownie Camera; 2nd, Knife.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ oi  o—Gi,ls race under 16 years, 50yds.—  score of 276 out of 310.
tftokc hum great centers of population   ihese  lauds,  and  tho class of settlers ,    lst>  urowni,.  Camera;  2nd,  Box    of
and to  the .ttaracier of the land     do-Vbo would occupy samo, was discussed      chocolates. ; Western Cartridge Co., made two l0ng   J.   U.   Barber   	
dared open, lying as -ame does scut- at considerable length by R.F. Green,  8—Merchants only, raoe 5U yds.— 1st,   runa ona 0[ 121 straight     and one of  L.  G.  Drake,  Nelson
tend over the     valley- ;lnd    timbered  M.p.,  whoso lo.-al  knowledge aud ox- |    Military Brushes; 2nd, Box Cigars    |
tract- oi  a district   difficult  of  ueces's,  perience have contributed so much   to   4—cli-iks   race,  .'lOyds.—   1st.   Military
and the geography oi which is almost  the successful end of the long negotiu
shot at  in each event:
1st D.
S.  L.  Burti'h.  Vancouver 124
E. G. White, Ottawa   llii
H. Ricklefson, Vancouver 128
A. Evans,   Armstrong  1-14
C. E.   MinU,   Vancouver... 147
F. C.  Reihl, Tacoma,   150
D. R. McDougall Nelson... 130
S. A. Huntley, Van., Was. 148
J.  Brassfleld, Nelson   10$
^^_ ^^_ .    Brushes: 2nd, Box Cigars,
unknown  except to   old  residents      of   (ions with thc Dominion government.   Is—Married ladies race, 50 yds. — Ut,
the  vicinity,  it is not  expected     that     Mr. Green then stated, that it would 1    VaM   .jud|  chocolates,
there will  be a  tremendous rush
Analysis of Tournament Shooting at  Nelson
F. C.  Riehl of Tacoma,  Wash., was high man in the 10' 15-bird events
the opportunity  of  this    meeting and
2nd D remarking on the wonderful beauty 0t
X34  Revel-ione's     forests    and  siie>\v clad
119 mountains, Miss Pearse spoke of the
133 dedght she had experienced in discov-
139 eiing the community of interests aud
US ideals between this new land and the
150 old. About M or 40 years Ujjo there
1^7 was a general tear that th.' tu^k oi
133 holding the    eolonieb 10 the mothei -
, laud would be found all but hnpossfble
120 >'el- time had proved this' to he success
136 iudy achieved and the .-iron^est boni
14-j in the union was that of seaiinieui
111 and ideals.   Sentiment is ai.er all   a
137 very     real     thin.',    a:o..sing   euthus •
I lasm ior similar ideals of canduci and
character which become embodied iu
systems oi law. England and the colonies ure equally sensitive about id -
of  bo found, the land when opened wouid  g—Bingle  LadicB  Race,  5oyds. —  l-i,
would-be  purchasers  or    homesteaders be eagerly  taken up  by   present   lv-i -
from  the outside world,  anxious     to den'.s  and settlers, and that    a large
avail themselves of their privileges   in numlier of Revelstoko railwaymen and
obtaining  po--ession  of forty acres' of small businessmen would liud and oag-
tbe  fertile  opened up   territories;    but erly grasp, the opportunity which     a
the absence of Buch, will be more than reusonuble       purchase      arrangement
counterbalanced by the very large num might afford, of     obtaiuiug a holders
ber oi  persons  thoroughly    acipiaintod shale of the soil  of Glorious    Koote-
with the  topography  and soils of  the nay.
district,    who     will  be on hand very.    This prediction is destined  to        bo
very early on thc 17'lb. to tile upon the amply verified, conditions havo     been
carefully      selected    portion  of    their expressly  prepared with a  view  to en-
x-hoice.   This  Interior  0[  British  Col - abUng all classes of our community to
umhia.      with its     mountains        and get in on this irood laud, at the min-
streams, plateaus, flats, and fertile val lmum of hardship and experience; every
Hand Mirror, 2nd, Hair Brushes.
7—Boys race under 10, 50 yds. — 1st,
Baseball  Glove;  2nd,  Baseball bat-
8—Girls rase under 10, 50 yds. — 1st,
Mesh Bag; 2nd, Jewel Box.
9—Sack race, hoys under 10, 50 yds.—
Ut, Fountain Pen: 2nd, Book.
10—Throwing    hall,    ladies.—1st, One
box  handkerchiefs;  2nd,  Chocolates. '
a  common literature   and.
tQUi-aiiou.   The same gr^'at masters ot
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ eais    of      statesmen.   Another  strong
in the first day's shootiug of the annual  tournament  of   tho    Neisut.    Gun   |.011(i ijt.si jn
club yesterday.     Riehl broke 140 birds of  the possible 150 and now  stands
as  high  professional.    S.  A.  Huntley of Vancouver, Wash., was second with   [Oetry and prose arc studied in     our
115, and CE. Mink of Vancouver, B. C, third, with 143. schools and we have a common inter-
In the first 25-bird handicap event H.E. Kelley of Nelson, was first, est in British history. The historical
breaking 25 birds straight. S. A. Huntley was second with 2*2. Thc sense iu England is very strong be-
second 25-bird handicap event wus carried off by tbr Revelstoke contingent, cause the surroundings tend to ablit-
W. A. Sturdy winning with *24 birds to his credit, and the veteran A. J. eraie a sense ot time and there re-
Mai-donncll carrying off second honors wiih ^3. 'mains as effects ihe evident good     re-
The weather was again ideal and several  hundred were present to    en-   suiting from generous and noble deeds
joy the spoil.     Twenty-one shooters from all parts of the northwest    took   in the  past,  wiih a corresponding ob-
11—Three legged  race,  50  yds.—1st,  2    part iu the  tournament yesterday. 'ject lesson of the evil results of greed
The scores in each of the 10 15-bird events were: and selfishness in former     men     and
governments.   Enjli-h history and literature are the bu-es of public spirit.
I'ocket Knives, ^^^^^^^^^^^^
1 a—Smoking  rue, 50 yds.—1st,  Pipe;
2nd, Box Cigars.
KI—Men's    race,  open,  50  yds.—  1st,
Fountain  Pen;  2nd,  Necktie.
leys, possesses for tho-e who have once present appearance points to the   tui- j 14 potato  race,  girls—1st,  Handbag;
■trayed  within the ma'.'ic circle of its tillment of  ibe  prophesy  in that a very j    2nd   Chocolates.
inHu.nc.',  a'harm and interest unequ- large share indeed of the lands thrown ! 15—Tug-of-War, Married vis.    Single—
nihil    by    any     other portion of tho open, will he snapped up by discerning
broad  Dominion of  Canada;  sheltered inhabitants of Hevel-toke district, will
from  the sharpest   blasts  of  Northern grasp the chane-c offered in the genet -
winter, thc nestling valleys present to ous terms upon  which the lands    oan
the  home-buikler  ideal  sites  ior     tbo lie ncured, intake up forty acres, and
building   of  ihat cosy  house  of    their turn the same within the time spedB*
own,  which is thc ideal of true man - ed, into a home upon which their  l„i-
hood in every country; lure, surround- cr years can securely an 1 cnjoyubly be
ed by  natures  wonderland,  within easy passed, amid     the     -'urroiiuding- and
leach ni civilisation by road and rail- friends which ih.-y lovq So dearly.
Old Lakesider Dead UNCLE
It is with regret that we have to au-
nounce the death in Victoria hospital
of the late William Major of Celista,
on Shuswap lake, who died 011 the 14
inst. I twill be remembered ihat the
deceased was brought 10 the hospita'
•some two weeks ago by Dr. McPher -
non of Salmon Arm, an I never rallied
fiom the complaini.
Mr.  John Major    and     Mr.  Ranald
Box Cigars.
The lake trip from Arrowhead on a
specially chartered steamer will be
more than worth thc pine of a return ticket alone. At tbis season of
the yeai the lake is    at it- bott.     A
silvery  sheei.
On. e more we wish  te.  Im| s upon
ih«. public th' advisability of pur-
ihasing your tickets early. These tickets yuu will have'10 exchen^c for
railway tickets ai the C.P.R. ticket
Bveryone is nquesten to bring 1 hen-
own ba-keiB, then you can eat when
and where you choose.
Remember the time, place an.l event.
Wednesday, July 33rd, St. Leon Hot
Spring*, Merchants Monster picnic.
0 2 3 4 5 G 7 8 9 10 Total
E. J. Chingren  13 14 U 15' 16 14 11 13 14 13 — 1S9   ..      ,  ,        .        .              ...
n   si    _• •                                              „.„... . ,,.,-,,,- .,,,*-*lcat  literature isa  woudertul
E. G. White  J3 12 13 15 15 14 14 13 14 15 — 14*2
H.   Ri.klefsoii   12 12 ll 14 11 10 13 12 12 13 — 120
W.  A.  Sturdy  13 13 11 10 13 14 12 12 13 14 — 125
A.  J.  Macdonnell  13 15 13 15 11 15 14 14 13 14 — 110    ,              ...                        „    ,     .  t
K.  0.   Riehl  .                                i« 11 '-t i« i« is v. n 1-**. m _ ni*   deavoro{ a11  «»ncauon.   England ha-
great moral training.   Preparation for
citizenship should be the foremost en-
15    11   M   15   15   15   13   14   13   14   —  116
two distinct systems ot schools.   The
H.R- Cramer   8   13   14   13   13   11   12   14   12   14   -  124   ^   chooU ^ a8 ^
S.   A.  Huntley   14   15   bt   13   15   15   13   15   15   14   —  143       .    .
J. Brasstield    13 14 10 14 13 .14 12 11 13 1*2 -- 1*29
H. E.  Kelley   13 9 11 11 13 12 14 13 12 13 —  121
0. E. Dsmond   li 10 10 11 11 12 13 14 14 14 —  115
A. J.  Wat-on   10 12 12 13 14 12 11 14 14 10 —  122
W. A.  Ward  14 13 15 12 14 12 13 10 11 11 —  130
H. Bush   II 12 11 12 12 8 13 13 8 9 — 112
G. W.  Steele   9 12 11 9 14 13 13 8 11 12 —  113
0. B.   Min' *..H 11 13 14 14 14 13 15 14 14 -  143
D. R.  McDougall  14 15 11 13 1*1 12 12 15 14 11 — 130
R. L.  Thomas     12 11 11 11 11 10 10 12 12 14 —  114
C. L. Burt h   13 11 14 12 12 11 13 13 13 12 — 126
L. Drake     '.• 6 7 7 7 '.I 9 11 9 7 —    81
H. D.  Birl*beck   11 10 13 11 —    45
Harrow, foster -tron^ sentiments of
fraternity tbough th.'y are accu-ed 01
lacking modern methods In educuting.
It must he boinein mind that theso
schools and the corresponding girls'
schools have for iheir primary ouject,
character training. They foste. a public spirit with a sensitive sense ot
honor. The boys leam to rule themselves und.-i supervision, and to make
law-' for themselve- which they themselves will obey.
The elementary sch eol-  on  the oth-
Ask any metropolitan theatrical
manager to name the biK_e-l money-
makin 1 play pro lu.-ed during, the last
thirty years and he will unhestiatindy
Bault of Oelinta were hare during ibe reply;*-Stetson's '"Uncle Tom"- Cabin" j q-qi.^.^ -
last week and were with ihe lece.tsol That this is true there can be no doubt KLtjtLfLiA
»>p to the end. j It ii a well-known fact that sca-on af- '
The late William Major was 13 years  Ul. ^on   wborev9r (he Sl(.lMm com.
«>f ag<" unel unmarried, he was a native
,    ,,   _    ,.     .   .,_ . .   , pany appears, it i-     patronl/ed,     not
of old   Scotland,  his  home being     at
Carthom, Kirkbean, Dumireece, Soot- "n|y b* *•*" "•-lll***T theatregoers   bul
land.   Some four years ago ho   came by  devout  church  members   a-    well,
to this country uad  settled on  Shus - The Stetson ■ ompany, which will ap-
,-wup lake, where he took up lund.6 He p,,„r at ,h.. Opera Hou-e. July 28th is
was a  great      favorite     with all  who '  . . , ...
ithe only one to have received the un •
knew him, and his death has cast a
gloom over thc neighborhood where
he had been lUch a prominent figure
for the past  few years.
The remains will tie taken to Celista
tomorrow. Thursday." for burial.
1 qualified approval   of Harriet Beecher
The peilili, 0( Revelstoke and di- ■
trict are iu for u gr at musical and
-peciiiiidar tn-at tomorrow, Thursday
evening. When the Cuutata Kcbcn-a
Stowe, thc authoress1 of this famous j will be pres"ntt<d a* the Empress
and widely read book.   Southland be-1   Tha music is     bright and sparkling
ei hand are mon- utilitarian,  their ob-
The program today includes anothof $1.30, and two special 25-bird even ject being more the acquirement       of
>f $1.50 and two special 35-bird handicap events for special prizes. education for its own sake.   Yet   pub-
Th.- pri/es in tho first handicap event will bo fir-t     prize, fishing     pole lie spirit and personal hon.ii  arc more
and automatic reel-.  Second prize, ciijar case. important  for  th'  pupil  than eduoa-
ln th rond handicap event   the prizes are :     First, Winchester     shot- lion.      The  ideal  -,-hool   will aim for
gun; se.ond.  fishing  t<rd. ihe-e two eliitnat.-.   In  England     a.
A spee-iul prize of one of the firsl Canadian  $5 gold coins  10     be minted present   thousands aii.oig   the   .v0r inj
is being offered for the hi^h professional for both days. presenl thousands among tbe working
The visiting shooter* taking part in the     tournament are:   F. C. Ri.-hi classes are engaging in th.' study    o;
of Ta(oma, Wash.; H.H.  Ricklefson and C. E. Mink, of Vancouver, B.C.; E. literature social    eon.eir.i-.     A moni
J,  OMngren,  Bpokane-;  S.A. Huntley, Vancouver,    Wah.;      R.  L.  Thoma-, the teaching profession there H a great
Proctor;   A.   J.   Watson,  Crawford  Bay;  O.  E.    Desmond,    Ka-ln;      W.   A. desire  to limDariie  the systems'       oi
Sturdy and    A. J. Maodonnell.  Revelstoke:  ('   L. Burtch, North Vancouver.
B. 0 ; an.l E   G. White, Ottawa. Ont.—N«l«on News, Saturday, July 12'.h.
Killed on the Track
!■!      All changes of ads must pos-
H    ltively    he   handed into this
This morning about 3 o'clock, the Cn Monday afternoon the four
flrc alarm called about 100 oitizens to o'clock west bound passenger train
First street, west. From the height ran over a Chinaman, a short dis-
the blaze leaped with the air, „ person   tance from  the circus    grounds.     Tho
• .V.:. «    .__..!.;•   I   1  ,      j. """.   "a _  "     fa,   m„tnrtt«i  at a distance would have thought that  tfttfne  apparently  struck the unfort-
fore the wans faithfully depicted   *, throughout  and many of "od^  fl„m„  ,0        buiMi      WMM  flre.     It  unnt(. munon  the head,    killing him.
the Stetson company in the time hon- ] are really catcby.   The centre of    tho . . ■ ».
ored drama, wfclc* never fails to amuse, please and Instruct all classes and
ages. From the flrst to the last curtain    Ihere    is    Just enough tears and
I laughter, pathos and comedy artictic
^_ . ,  „     , _   „_,iv proved tn be  the tailor shop of     Mr.   It  is thought the celestial was
PaJ  £.\££T5   ?ulf,l eastern Mitchell,     which     had     accidentally   nnd did not hear the train,
ened hy  bright andI   b.*u dui^^stern ' J~ 	
cnsiumes and appointments.   A glance ,  "•" | . ,
at  the program printed elsewhere    in "^ "* cmtentsjer,- consumed, while      His Honor Judge Howay, of     New
Saturday's issue must be
handed in not 1 ater than
Thursday evening of each
week. Business men please
take note of the above.
training -o ihat colonist and British
tea'hers . o .1(1 tind tbeir position* 111
ter<faang:able. It would l>e a vast
food foi the Empire if British aivd colonial tea. her- ould change place's foi
a tun . In no way .ould the spirit of
imperialism Iw so readily fostered,
Miss Pearse then briefly outlined the
teacher* training system of Great
Britain which proved to Iw very much
like that of Canada though the old
e ountry system links closer with the
University, Miss Fears'' remarked on
he.w she had been mu.-h impressed by
tbe Individualism of Canadians. Each
■ itizen felt a per«onal relationship existing between himself and the com -
At ihe conclusion of the address Mrs.
thc issue will revial the fact that Rev the ™' 0!>taW offl"° *' °*8* RoM'M.   Westminster,   has  received word  from
_.  ..      .    a..        _. -       u ~i""li -. I 1 . b •. t r ...„ t     m,<Mmi    onanrfl wlli'h  'Ontain-d   many  valuable   pap-   Mr.   E.  S.  0.      Schofleld,    provincial ,..,„,
i   office by Monday evening   in   ■;.!!, blended ,0 produ.e ftn ideal ^^^^Jj^J^^J^ ers had „n ezceptionally Cose call.      nrc„ivi-,  ac Victoria,    to    L   «.t BMt^ m„ved aDd Mrs. LnW.on „
ipal parts and theso are well backed                                       I 'ha» «" original diary of Simon Fra- ondl.(1 „ ,„.al.ty vow „,  th„ukg tQ the
by a chorus of »ome forty voices ably Count  Felix Carl von Stutterheim a   Ml il  now  in his  possession,   lor tbe gpeakpr. for ner mo„. ^jfying ttddre8g
trainci and well balanced. (lerman officer, died in Winnipeg last  past fifteen     years    historians     have MiJ>  c,nri,t*e ^u^j  upon  (or a ,€W
1 week of typhoid fever.
been     searching for    this    interesting
order     that the change shall    8ja|>lay  which     becomes more popular
appear in Wednesday's  Issue,    S|with ca.-h new year.   Always unappro-  .
and any changes intended for   H^ch.il.le ,n ipackUttM     and handsome
stage     pictures, tho Stetson company
(his sea-on ha- rclip«od Its     previous   	
H record in the matter of „*nic, median ine .sanation Army announces tnat »« a.«.ua. report o. ine new no- i-eeon. o. '«»"'»•»■ °l °""*Q ment had already Kt aside a sum ot
H teal and rle.-tr.cal ifltcts, costumes «nd of nearly right thousand emigrants minion Copper Co. shows a profit for Columbia. M."■ 9«*o*« »* ^P"1"* money to enable Canadian teachers to
5 vaudevill,  fea.ti,.-.   The  same  popul-   sent to Canada during the laH twenty   the past fiscal year of $116,949, as com   a copy of this diary to be   lodged  In  J0    to Ellg,and     Rnd    gtudy E    u,n
1       Ti,!--.' Mimer .a-ons will   'pre-  years,  .nl, one ,*r cent prov.,1 fail-   Pa*-! with a defl.it of more than $11,-, tbo archives of the    Provincial   Gov-    .
•ai   during forthcoming ingngen^nt.   '.res. ,"0° *<* «•» nu brfore. -ernment. |        (Continued on Page Blight.)
The Sah at ion Army announces that     The annual report of the New     Do-  reco.d of the early  days of     British
remarks   said   that   the  B,C.   govern FAQH TWO
WEDNESDAY, JULY 16th, 1913
Drug Store Goods
In Season
Nearly all the headaches, nausea and dizziness are the
results of a slow acting, sluggish liver. The liver is
one of the most important organs of the body, its principal duty being to separate from the blood the waste
products of the body. If it fails in its action or becomes
slow and sluggish, headaches, attacks of biliousness
aud nausea, heartburn and constipation are the result.
Liver troubles can be quickly and surely overcome by
thc use of
35c and 60c
Foot Powder      25c
Foot Bath Tablets     25c
Cream of Almonds     35c
with every REXALL SALE.   Secure one  before  they
are all gone.
Rem"mb' r, We Look Alier Your Dei/e/oping and Printing
Just received a fine stock including 600  Sponges  from
Greece and Turkey.
Big, tough, thirsty Hath Sponges—Mandrukas 25c to $1.50 each
Fine Malic Turkish Sponges 25c to J1.00 each
Turkish Cup Sponges  Sl"*1 to 53 00 each
These are  25c cheaper than usual—having imported
same direct from England
Bews Drug Store
IqXC&L Store
A ne
Hay, Grain and Feed
Office :
Cumming's Transfer Co.'y
Second Street
Like the fly that set'les on the nose
of a monarch, fire visits us unher-
alc'ed and unannounced. 1'repare
for this worry-bringing contingency.
Insure Your Worldly Possessions
I,ct us write you a policy that will
cover any loss you may sustain fro'u
fire or water damage, The premium
is so trilling that few people Indeed
arc willing to run risUs that judgment and common sense forbid.
Take out a policy to-day with the
A. E, Kincaid, Manager.
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,   Hot Air and Furnace
work a Spec'alty
Ofinnnuarht   Avo.    -    Novolstokn
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.    WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoko, B. C
before baying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the hush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
reauifed invourhiiNiueNH
The 223rd anniversary of the Buttle,
of tha Boyne, was celebrated by the
Interior oi B.O. Orangemen at Enderby on Saturday last. A special train
carrying the Reveistoie lod^e and
their friends accompanied by t'ho Revelstoke City Hand left the depot here
0t 7:1(1 a.in., arriving alter ft splendid
run at Enderby al   10:8U,     where they
wer et hy ihe Enderby lodge    and
escorted to their lodge room, where,
they were heartily welcomed and accorded the freedom of the city. About
noon lodges from Salmon Arm, Notch
Hill, Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon and
Kelowna arrived, Dinner was served
both hy lhe ladies at ihe recreation
grounds and in the restaurants , and
hotel-. At. 1:30 o'clock the grand par-
ads too'i place, in which were bands
fiom Revelstoke, Kelowna and Salmon Arm and was the largest     pro-
cession ever lull in the north Valley of
the Okanagan, nnd was watched by
the hundreds of Endarby citizens and
others who lined the streets. The city
of Enderby ha 1 prepared fo:* lhe celebration by crcitin; a number of arches un.l other decorations while the eiti/ens wore orange lillies, and orange
nnd blue ribbons, which 'gave a most
pleasant effect. There wns only a sprink
le of ran but bhe weather was somewhat cull dur'n; the parade, but on
arii.alal lh? uro tt-ls tie sun came
out nir! a ploasant aft'rnooi was
spent iti sp.'cchm tkin-. baseball, football and athletic s Oils, e c. Music
by tir K.'leewni a 1 t allium Arm
tanl- enlivened the afternoon nroceed
in;s hy a number of tin;. Selections.
Rev. Mr. Stewart of End >• y, nnl
Rev. McLeod of thi- rity, and Past
Grand Master Thos. Cunningham of
Vancouver, were the principal speakers who delivered splendid orations on
the events fh? day commemorated.
In the ever, in • he fe/elstoke band
gave, a band concert at the Enderby
band sta •&, on main slice*. which
wa lis md toby everyone with a
great deal of pleasure and many remarks of thorough appreciation of
their music Was  hrard  on every  hand
Tne Revelsloke Bpecial train lelt En-
eerby at  20: (."> with its load of Orange
men and f i-it ndtJ who had spent a most
'enjoyable and profitable day.
THE PLANS for tjood plumbing differ
from the ordinarv kind. You may not
be able to note the difference, but every
good plumber knows. OUR PLANS
include    onlv   materials that   will   give
• ,.:■; m  and   workmanship
that w ll proi e ''...
X., •• ■:.•  irt int   or how mi
nt   the  j'eb  ma.   I e,   we   never
Special Summer Sale
Ladies' Coats
Ladies'    Long    Tweed   Coats,   to
Ladies' Tweed Suits
This Spring s Styles.     Si/es 34 to
36.    Ohly   a  few   to   select   from.
To clear at
$12 and $15
House Waists
Ladies' Washing House Waists, to
50 Cents
Ladies' Hose
Ladies' Black Cotton Hose
8 Prs. for $1.00
Men's Boots
Regular  $4.50   and  $5.50   lines   to
clear at
$2.50 Per Pair
Ladies' Oxfords
Odd lines to clear out at a bargain .
$1.50 to $2.00
Misses' and Children's Boots
Odds and ends of stock sizes   from
10 to 2, to clear at    	
cTWillinery!  Millinery!
New Summer Felts just
arrived by express.
J+lleid (SL Voting A
i   \ t.  .**o -' £»
Durin.; tie next couple of weeks the
agreements under the Aid to Agriculture Bill Which was passed last .-ees -
-ion will be i.n'l between the provinces and The Dominion. The agree
mint- for Ontario and Prin'-e Edward
1-land have already been si n d ami
negotiations in regard to the o.hers
are now in progress.
Under the act whieh Hon. Martin
Burrell, Minister of Agriculture had
id lasi - on—and which by the
way the Liberals oppo-'ed—no less
than, ten million dollard is appropriat
ed  for  the' encouragem nt  of agricul-
■ t ■■ the amount te. be spread over 10
years.   The sum  of STOO.O'K) is alloled
nd  ;hi- amount    will
be increased   by  8100,000 annually un-
til   1917  from   whi'li  yi'ar  until    1938,
,000 will be prov led yearly. Tho
i i growing equipment ■ f 'h   pro' n   al organisation i it
fall   will be      met in  tVii-s  way  more
ly    Imn  by    * if tin - .,t    b i mil
■ n n i
The  money m being spent  largely to
.ti   ■ uct onal
ni educational wmk.   The purpose ol
i..t be better sei forth
im bis speech delivered
d the measure was in-
educal "ie .I (lirec-
an   I ■ • icr  farm -
. I bei tei mnl
ten,   Th.- pin Menial   fom       . I. e may   take
may •                             ,t oeedi and
n  each   pl   .Min,    It    will
Ing of tho
ef    Oil .     the I'H
tural     hools, oi
i.ii    boi ioU,    of
'   i«(   lh"  inii-
a<ie,n e.i a [ricultural  »   I bfog in   the
public   chool    iii<i work hy travelling
or  located    | i    I ltd   in 11U torn. It
might well ni'hide the valuable (daea-
tiOfml   work   'arriiil   ,,n   by me.iOs    of
ilcim.iiH'iiition   Iran,-,   training   of tea-
><i     m  mituie- -nuly  und  tbe  invnlu-
aide w.ik nt done tic •oicnoe    eon-
.villi  ihe  Koin.ii and  cirl*     o(
., ,i  e iinmuniticf, who e influeo a will
iiIwhVH constitute  ..ne nf  th"  mot) po-
lend   force"!  in    olving  tb.- problems wo
me  ''oiiHrdiTlng."
Sherwin    ID 0 i -n -f o
We carry a full range of colors in the above, both
for inside and outside work, also floor finishes,
Stains, Varnishes, Oil Turps, Johnson's Wood
Dyes, etc. For best results see that S. W. P. is
marked on the can. Everything in up-to-date
Paint Brushes.
STOVES—A Kootenay or Saskalta Range made by the
largest firm in that business in the British Umpire; will give-
more heat ou less fuel, hist longer, look and cook better than
any stove on the market to-day, we can prove this to you.
Camp .Stoves, Camp Outfits, Baseball, Lacrosse and Tennis
Goods, Bicycles, Pishing Tackle.
GROCERIES, Bruit and Vegetables. We do an ever
increasing trade in these; Quality Goods, Pair Prices, Correct
We arc headquarters for Poultry Supplies, chick food, extra
Grade Wheut, Hay Peed, etc.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
A Remarkable Expression
of Public Confidence . . .
is shown in the statement of this Company for tho fiscal year
ending March 31st, 1913. As compared with ono year ago, the
following figures are exceptionally interesting:
ASSETS MARCH 31st,    1913   |45(i,!»15.72
ASSETS MARCH 31st, 1912  $111,268.GO
Rhowing a net gain of $S4.*>,G47.12
This remarkable gain is positive evidence of tho convenience  nnd  practicability  of the C. H. I. 0. plan.
If YOU Desire n Home of Your Own—If you Would Be Independent  of a Landlord—Investigate This plnn—Now.
The Canadian Home Investment Co., Ltd.
"Canada's Old Reliable"
Home Office:    PACIFIC BUILDING, Second Floor
Revelstoke Office :     -      J. B. WATSON REALTY CO.
P. BURNS & GO., Limited
Fresh Roasted Brazil, per lb     35c
Fresh Roasted Mocha and Java blend, per lb    50c
Old Country Chicory, per package     20c
Ceylon Tea, in bulk, 3 lbs. for $1.00
Other teas,   including Tetleys,   Liptons, Ridgways,
Silver Spoon, etc. -■.---
John McIntyre & SON
First Street. Telephone No. 93
WE   H-A^^IE   IT!
For a nice roast, steak or
chop of any kind, try us.
Swift's Premium Hams
and Bacon, Premium
Cooked Hams, Silver Leaf
Lard, Banner brand Eggs
or a nice plump Chicken
or Fowl-
Don't Forget we Sell Brookfield Butter
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd. WEDNESDAY, JULY IGth, 1913
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
Sash and I>oor Factory on KX) foot lot.
MCKENZIE AVENUE—8-rooined bouse on 50-foot lot $7500 00
1st. 8TBEIT—5-roomed bouse on 50-foot lot __ $4000 00
2nd. STREET- 8-roomed bouse on 50-foot lol. J3000 00
Double house ou 75-foot lot #5000 00
5-roonied house on 50-foot lot __ $3000 00
5-roomed house on $1500 00
3rd. 8TREET-4  houses _   _ $2100 to $3400 CO
10-roomed house on 300-ft. lot $8500 00
Z lots (the pair) _ - $ 800 00
2 lots (the pair) „._ _.... $1500 00
4th. STREET -6-roomcd bouse, nearly new » $2200 00
6-roomed hou'-e on 50-ft lot $3000 00
Bth. Street-3 6-rrx.med houses.    Kach $3200 00
9-roomed  house $3800 00
7th. 8TREET-4 lots, each. $ 300 00
8th. 8TREET—2 lots.    The pair $1600 00
5-roomed house near C.P lv Shops $ 650 00
3 Shops and room- on McKenzie Ave    $ 16,000
Dominion Express Money Orders For Sale.
W. H. HOROBIN, Manager.      Local Agency American Casually Co.
l'ire, Life and Accident Insurance     Government Lands       Money to Loan
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
1906 1911
Capital                                       % 3,000,000 % 4,000,000
Reserve 3.000000 4,600,000
Deposits      ---      -        23,677,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments         -      27.457,090 38,854,801
Total Assets        -      -      -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all
the Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
Another consignment in tbe
above lines just to hand    .    .
Infants White Silk Robes, Long and Short
Cream Cashmere Cloaks, White Embroidered Shortening Dresses    ......
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Although among the     many appli -
atK-es    wiib    which    inventors     have
' sought to aupidy  the modern need Ior
portable telephone and telegraph com-
' munli-ation   ihere are   none  which meet
J the requirements of the Forest Protection organisation of  tlu We>'t, yet it
is hoped that  the 'day is  not  fur  dis -
, tanl  whe'n lire wardens wandering     in
t thu Woods will be able to summon help
in fighting tires without the delay caus
ed in reaching  a telephone line.   Mean
1 while,   however,   the  manufacturers  oE
elei-trh-al      appliances    have  done      u
great ileal to meet tbe needs of forest.
ry uflicials.   At  meetings of the Western Forestry  and  Couservatian Association lumbermen huve bein particularly interested in tbe exhibits of these
companies.   For   instance,   thero      are
not  only the light  telephone lines such
jus    those    ihai   the    Forest    Branch
.strings from  tree to tree so as 10   ex.
tend  telephone communication    in    a
rough    ai i       ;  ly    manner '.nto    the
. woods, but there are also still lighter
[wires,  four miles of which can be carried on a man's back, which can he us- !
ed as   temporary  feeders  for  tbe main
'forest lini's.   When this field  telephone
system  is  Installed in any district the
efficiency  of a fire warden will  be
creased  to a tremendous extent.     For
instance,   suppose he  discovers  a    fire
ill ils  earlier  .-taMes,   instead  of going
back  to the nearest settlement he can
rush to the nearest point  of one of the
forest   telephone Unas,  and, taking ths
portable      instrument  that  he carries
with him,  can connect with tho   wire
and call  for aid.   Should he need    to
■ eniaiii in charge ofa fire that is     iu
some    portion of     his district  remote
from loads ai'jd settl 'ments he can con
nect one ol the very light wire.-.' to the
main wire and trail it  out through the
woods for 2 or 3. or ev<;n 4 miles and
as long as the weather is dry  io   thut
moisture does not spoil the conductivity of the ground     wire, his portable
Instrument attached to the end of this
will enable him  to keep in touch with
headquarters without leaving  the site
of the fire.   Of course, all  this installation of field telephone is a very different  matter io  ihu building 0f regul-
at  lines »uch as  those established    by
the  telephone companies for th; ser -
vice of ihe public, and it may be noted
also  that the Forest Branch will    install its field     lines     only in isolated
timbered districts in which there is no
prospect   whatever of public telephone
lines  being constructed,  following out
the practice already developed so extensively  in Ihe American  States     to
the south of this Province where    the
lumbermen handle the problem of forest fire prevention through the' agency
of their own voluntary associations.
Office: Lawrence Hardware Block
W.  H.  WALLACE,   M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 313. Revelstoke
Civil Engineers
Dominion and B.  C. Land
Surveyors  and  Contractors.
P. 0. Box 317       Kamloops, B.O.
Barrlitnn   Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial  Bank   BuildinR  Rev.l-
stoks, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revnl«tok».    H.    O.
Craubrook, B. 0.
Gso. 3. MeCarter,
A.  M. Pinkham,
J. A. Harvey
COURT     UT.     BEGBIE,   No. 14(1.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in I. 0. O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
snd fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
WM.   8.   CAMERON,   Rec.-S.c
SELKIRK     LODGE 12, 1. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE. Oddfellows' Hall
on ths Third Monday In each month
'at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
A. G. BROOKER, Becretary.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 829.
Meets Second   and     Fourth Wednesdays   in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Olerk.
y/       H, J. McSOfiLLY, Frcpntior. ^\y
Strictly Fist Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
Ask   for   Pin no   Certifl
cates at Lawrences
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rates.
CT.   .A-XilBIHlIRT     STONE      PEOP.
Victoria, B.C., July 11—Heavy rains
pust we^'k are reported from diflerent
,-entres and there huve been no material Io-sms through forest tires. Among
the reports Just received by the Forestry Department arc tho folloving:
Lilloomi—First part of week hot with
heavy rains. On Thursday the weath-
| er wus cool and is now overcast. General conditions safe.
Tete Jaune Cuehe—Rain for four
days ol this week and othei days
cloudy. Today July 11) Light winds.
No lires  reported.
Kamloops—The past week hai been
cool and cloudy with frequent showers. There is steady rain toduy. Veg-
etatlan is green and wet. One fire ia
reported ut Mile 105 but there is no
; danger from it at present.
Vernon—Weather is co ol and ,loudy,
with heavy rain. The lire at Bear
Creek burned two s iimrd mile* of
second growth. Warden Hogg was in
charge ot the lighting force which Was
engaged. The diimnge was $246.
Vane'ouver—The past week ha9 been
cool with heavy rains. There have
been no flies except under permit-conditions safe throughout district.
Hazelton—Much rain fell during tho
week. There is no danger from forest
fires. Warden Allen left Thursday for
a trip through the eastern and southern parts of district.
Nelson—The past week was generally wet, cloudy and windy. Vegetation
is green and ln wet condition. No
MOOSE No. 1081
Meets every flrtrt and third Tuesday ln Oddfe.lows Hall. Visiting
brethern cordially Invited to attend.
A. Grant, Dictator.
H. L. Haug, Secretary.
Read " Mail-Herald" SALES AND WANTS for Snaps
* Mine his visit to the Royal show
at Bristol last Friday, His Majesty,
King George went througa the Can -
adinn farm exhibit , -ftbi.*n he) char -
notorized to his guide ai very good
nnd most interesting. Hi* Majesty
spent a long time viewing the exhibit
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
m Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
ierta, the Yukon Territory, the
siorth-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased ior a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rent-
il of fl an acre. Not more than
2,560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
:>y the applicant in person to the
"igent or Sub-Agent of the district
n which the rights applied for sre
Tbe lease will include tbe coal mia-
ng rights only,  but the lessee    may
-• permitted to- purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary (or the working ol
the mine at the rate of $10.00 an
In surveyed territory the land mum
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in un-
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked out by the ap -
plicant himself.
Each applicant must be accompanied by a fee of ,b which will be refunded If the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of flve cents per ton.
Tbe person operating the mine Bhall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated, sucb
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full information application
should be made to tbe Becretary of
tbe Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to tbe Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Lipped Saucepans - 20, 25,30 35c
Straight Saucepans - 25, 30, 40c
Pudding Dishes - 10, 15, 20, 25c
Rice or Double Boilers - 75c
Covered Pails - J 25,35, 45, 50c
Dish Pans       - -     50,65,75c
Preserving Kettles, 20, 25, 30, 40c
Pie Plates, - 10c and 15c
Wash Basins - -     20, 30, 35c
Watch this Space for Weekly Bargains
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Agents for GURNEY'S CHANCELLOR Ranges.
Choosing One's Clothes is a very personal matter indeed. Every particular
dresser knows that. In nine cases out
of ten the careful dresser will say :—
" Hohberlin Tailoring for mine," and
he's absolutely right.
Stylish, Well-Made Suits
as Low as $20.00
McRae Mercantile Co.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates j
. . It Mioht Be Hot. .
It is always fine in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Spring,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the rrmat wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located amons: the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Howson £& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson CS> Co., Ltd. PAGE FOUR
Even if you think you have alt you need
for that outing you have planned; come
in and look around, you may find something that will increase your pleasure or
your comfort.    We have them all.
Tents to ho!d a good parly. .$800 up
Camp Stoves with Pipes.. .$3.50 up
Hammocks, from $3.00 up
Aluminum Cooking Utensils (light to pack)
FISHING   SUPPLIES  in   every   detail.
Guns. Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition,
Prospectors' Axes. Hunting Axes,
Sheath  Knives	
*   W7\: ,'>
Use them outside, in or
near the garbage barrel, as
well as in the house or store.
All Druggists, Grocers
and General Storekeepers
sell W'Ison's Fly Pads.
IH flDafl-lbecalb
H.EVB1.STOKT?. B.   C.
interior ipublisbtna Company,
R. Z. CRAWFORD, Contracting Painter
Cut 0ass Values
We have just received a large shipment of
finest CUT GLASS obtainable at values
hitherto unknown, and are making a
special effort to interest you. Our window will be a revelation to you. Come
and have a look. Every piece is marked
in plain figures and the prices will surprise you. It is up to you to benefit by
our good buying and we are waiting to
show you
J. Qui/ Qarbers
Revelstoke's pioneer Jevteler
J.  K.  JOHNSON.  Manager.
RALPH   C.   St'KUTON.   Editor.
Local Reading Notices and Business
locals 10 cents per line each insertion.
Minimum leal ad charge 25 cents.
Display advertisements 25 cents per
inch each insertion, single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government and Munieipal NotieeB 12
cents per lin;.' first insertion and 8
cents per line suhse-jucnt insertions,
allowing 10 lines to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.
Applications for Transfer of liquor
Licenses $7.50.
Land purcbase noti.es, $7.00
Water  Application     Noties,   up to
100 words, $7.50, over 100 words in
All  other classes of advertising not,
included in above to be charged at
rate to be arranged with manager on
loss of any monies invested therein,
as funds collected are never devotod to
ostensible objects, being always divert
ed into the pockets of their promotors.
Beaton, B. 0., July 10th, 1913
Mr. Byun ;>f Victorial who with associates bus purchased the Mackay
; Bros, property, consisting of 320 acres
1 of land midway between Beaton and
Camleo, has expressed himself as' well
pleased with his purchase and signified bis intention to clear-up tho laud
and to erect several houses on some of
th:' sttb-tlivMons with the i'dea of in-
:lucin; settlers to locate on the property, this laud embraces both l>eneh
and bottom areas, therefore both
fruit and celery can be raised as well
as mixed crops, timothy, clover or
[alfalfa will grow anywhere in this valley, on what appears to be river wash
At the present time small fields are
producing not less tha'i four tons to
the acre if there are doubters, let me
again repeat, come ami see.
Arthur Evans has put in *J00 young
fruit tree's this season and they are
all doing well, Iim lias imported about
20 young pigs from Alberta, they are
cding We'll now that they have got
establish d in the bancna belt, When
Ihey arrived howerer, they were the
wo*.*-i  lot of runts  I ever saw.
Mr. Burbridge has .frgen tho first here
to cul and make hay, the crops generally will not be fit for a'o it tn days
hut then Jimmy is al.vays a little
ali-a l . i the rent, location and good
cultivation are in his favor.
James Fraser, who has gone to Duluth, to live with his aged parent has
sold 10 acres of the 3:2 he owned here,
and still has for sale 22 acres of fine
alderbottom land io dispose of, an
ideal site facing Kisb river embracing
alderbottom and sloping ground.
Illustrating the good limes prevail -
rg here, quite a number of our citizens have had their holdings surveyed
recently including A. McOormick, Jas.
loiiei, Qeo. ©dge, an.l Jns. Burbridgo
besides there an1 no idle men here.
B. E.  DREW.
Fire Alarm Boxes
All during  thii month   I   wlll   place   on   sale   all   my
LADIES' AND MENS SUITINGS   it   greatly    re
duced prices.
All   Ladies'   Suits  at   $34   and up and   til Mean's Suits at
$32 up.
A deposit is required 'in all orders,balance i\,e:-. linjfc*!-
Your credit may beirood, but I need the mone
Last part of August I will receive from eastern hoi; •
large stock of woo'ens for Fall and Winter wear and will
then need the money to pay for same
Soliciting vour  order,   which   shall   ri	
attention,  I am, yours [.er busin
H-  F.  c^VIORTENSEN,  Ladies" and Genls. Tailor
No. 2-2x4
No.    1-2x8
No.    1-2 x 10
2x 12	
We are overstocked in No. 2 and No. I Cedar
dimension and offer above prices as long as
material lasts,
Globe Lumber Company
During th.' pa-', few Weeks, Revel -
stoUe has been visited by a continuous
Stream e.f itenerant grafter-, intent
epon relievinj ..ur eitizens irom any
inr.!:.. whi' h they might "suffer as a
,,:. uc f pos - ■' .i superfluity
■n y.
•ry,      have
through   our
. I  ■'■.,■   prevailing
t.ite and  .-;
n    mini thi
.!.; b   en■•>>•-
:...   th I  large
;      :.
•   ■
ted  I y
ence- and totally  ul
■    •
ings in  wlrirh du
last flve yeai s.  they have mad
h- ••  pet
e and non-produ
,■   .'■  -Te ■     •
ly  I Ik*
peal   t., ii.
able  me'bol      il,   open   whereby     they
ran    OntiOUfl   tO (Mil   working;
army        of
petty grafters rei Influx of rs-
emits, mala general stimulus is given
to the   ex. r'e |       .    whole'   n'lml»T
who live  upon  fundi pro i'l'-'I  I.y   thn
it   boiibi i,e unnecessary to     point
e.ut   thnt. nil   fAtCl | • eoi"'l     by
these   travelling  fnUirw.   whither
or otherwi ■■, are bound to end In ths
Signals are given thus*.
Two rflrokes, interval five seconds,
four strokes; Box 24. No. of box will
also  be shown indicator at fire hall.
1'ra'ti c si-nal—Six (6) -trokes of
lell  slowly.
T.stin; signal—Three (3| stroke.-' of
bell slo.vly.
Fire Out signal—Two (2) strokes of
bell slowly.
Defect -ignal—One ill stroke of bell
Box No. 14—Corner First street and
V Kenzte avenue, C. B. Hume & Co.
Box No. 15—Corner First street and
;..,'.el.y  avenue,  Post Office.
1'ox No. 1'—Cornr s>ond street
and     Governxent     Load and Opera
Box No   17—Comer     Third     street
nl  Campbell avenue,    Globe Lumber
v No. 1*—('. P. R. Station.
Box No. 21—Corner Fifth street and
■! Kenzie  avenue,  ('atholi**; Church.
Box No. 2.*—Corner Sixth street    &
n    i    nue,   W,  A. Foote
Box Nn. 2m—Comer    Fourth   street
\lc\arthur  avrnue.
Box No.  27   t oi n ir Kourth street &
v avenue.
Mot  No.  i!    Corn' r    Second    street
00    iventte,  Mrs.  Baker.
I    ;•*      I (all No. Two.
Ho* Hospital.
Bos entral    chool,
Bot N'o.   .       slklrk school.
Box No. (4—Firs Hall No. One.
Be,x No.  •*'•   Fronl -ueet west, near
.■    '.ridge.
Bor No.  46   Corner King and Doug-
a   sree'H    Pal        M al  Market.
N'o.  47—Gomel    Second    street
anl Wales street, back 0( Courthouse
omer Third and Char-
.  Cowan hloek.
Th.' F re Alarm  Boxed     to M kept
• ■ -n not In use.
Card of Thanks
The   • i r-iativeH of ths late
M .       of  Oell ta,  wish     to
'bank   JI   ih'. '■  Irlends and neighbors
.•. :. i i,'Ne■ i a   Istane* during .he lad
,f  ibe  .I...a*..I   md especially
do tbsy Wl b to thank the elo. tor- and
niiif'R a* Victoria b'.si'itnl for th"ii
i:icmi' tm/   kindness   and   ear.'   during
ths in t hours ol the    late    Wifliam
For  Quick  Sale
House, Corner Second and McArthur, 50
Feet, Easy Terms  $2950
House,   modern,   Fifth   Street,    50  Feet,
Easy Terms  $3000
House, Corner Robson and Fourth Street,
50 Feet, Easy Terms   $2900
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
J. D. SIBBALD, JR., Sue.
CURTAIN—8:30 Sharp
AlintliHin. whn wtw <1 wetting at Beer-sln>im, ha-t n son, Iimac. in whose pnsterlty (lad had
declared,—**all the nattoim shall be i»Il-sh*h.i " hlleser whh Ahrah iiu'h eldest Bervnnt, wbo hud
lived with him and Isaac many year-*. Abraham, who wm imw an old man, den(reil to see Ida
son married, and settled In life before he should himself die. s<» lm railed Eltescv and told nlm
to k*o to Mesopotamia! Abraham a ul1 home, ami there find a wife fur Isaac.
Blteser obeyed; he took ten of his master** camels and a sufficient number of his servants,
toactasaguard, t*gef>her w.th numerousprasentefor Lire future bride, and went away on his
Jwurni y. al Nahor Klie/.er saw a young woman, of very heauthTiil personal appearance, coming
to the well; she oa^rted a pitcher, and she went to the well aud tiltuii the pitcher with watit;
Blleier asked her to give bim soma w.it**r, tuls she did, and also drew wator fur his camels,
she told Iiim that her name waa Rebecca, tbat her father's name was Uethuei, and that
her father ve* .1 relative <>f Abraham's. Then hIu* ran to the house nnd soon returned « ith her
brother Laban. who invited Rlleier aud his company to their home. After Kllexer had done his
errand, partaken ol the hospitality of Ills Mends, and reatwl through tlm nfght, he departed for
liis home a e. iup inted by l.ebeoca. hih! lur ulUiutuutH
Tht y were met t»y Isaac when near iKime, and subsequent J y .she became his w|f«.
(lud hlessed them with children, health, prosperity and a long nnd happy 1 fo.
Isaac ...
ABRAHAM  (Isaac's lather)
Eliezer fAbraham's eldest servant)
Skiia    I Kliezer's riniici-j
Oiikii    pal  companions}.
Jobi.    I on  liis  journey J
IvABAN (Rebecca's lircitlier)
Rictiiuki. (Rebecca's lather)
AcilSA (Kliezer's wife)
Ivlna (Seba's affianced)
Mrs. Waller Hews
-    Mr. Paul Samson
-   Mr. l;rank Paulding
Mr. Ralph Lawrence
■   Mr. R. Tyson
Mr. A. I)   Tourner
Mr. B> C. Cameron
Mr.  Albeit Duck
- Mr. W. M. Lawrence
Mrs. K. Davis
- Mrs. R. Squarebriggs
Herdsmen, Damsels, Hand Maidens, Dancing Girls, Servants, Btc.   Chorus
Musical  Director
Ice Cream and Candy on Sale between Each of thc Seven  Scenes
ADMISSION,     Reserved Seats,  $1.     -      Unreserved, 75c.
'     OPERA HOUSE     I
Revelstoke, July 28, 1913  5
A  Grand   Rev'vsl cf that      #
Play that w.ll Live Forever       j
'Uncle Tom's
or life among the lowly
On s Stupendous an<l Magnificent scale, with all the added
(eatt res dial have made famous
(Irand Transformation Scene
and Mechanical Kflects
Stetson's   Military   Band
11     The   Real   Man-Eating   Blood     m
,fejts on Sale at Mao
(IihmIiI's  Drug  Store
i%%^^»vtv%.*»y»v«v«v«v%*% •
While King George was driving to
open the Royal Airricnlturnl show at
Hri^tol, last week, a woman, ;>eliovod
to lie a suffragette, rushed at his car-
linKf and threw a |«lition at His
Majesty. She was immediately or-
rested. i
'l'li. United Stutes district court oi
appeals lias rejected the appeal o! Mar-
t in Powell at-ninst a decision of ths
lower courl ordering his extradition
to Canada on a ' harge of boing implicated in lhe rohliery of the Bank
Oi Montreal in New Westminster, 1911
wh.u $271,000 was stolen.
Perfect Scale, Purity of Tone, Susceptibility of Touch, Beauty of Finish, Workmanship and Durability.
with human-like control contains all the
latest improvements and deviees. They
are perfect in tone, artistic In design
and capable of giving life-long service.
The very best material and the best
skill that money can secure are employed in their construction.
McKenzie Ave., Revelstoke, B. C.
Head Office and I-'actory, Toronto, Ont.
Phone, 262
sickly Hops coughi,  cures colds, and  heal*
rhe throat and lunci. ::       ss cent*.
Think of It, a Piano
Given Away WEDNESDAY, JULY 16th, 1913
I i
Free Public Telephones on Each Floor
Rest Room for the use of the Public on the Second Floor,
New House Furnishing and Carpet
Department on Second Floor.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. B- J*ume * Go- Aimited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During This Month
Look at Price Tickets.
300 Wash Petticoats at Each 1.00
100 Assorted Ladies' Waists 1.00
50 Children's SJand Blouses   1.35
100 Children's Rompers at 50c
100 Ladies' S Dresses at 1.90
100 Ladies' Sft* Dresses   3.90
Men's  Furnishing Department
This week will be a bonanza to any
person wishing seasonable goods at prices
which will make them smile.
SLATER SHOES ON SALE.—One hundred pairs at a price that has
never before been attempted. Box Calf, Patent Leathers, Kid and
Tan Calf.    All the one price $3.65 per pair
STRAW HATS---We must clear out every straw hat in the house at once
and to do so we must cut the prices square in half.
Any Stiff Straw or Boater in the Store for. .$1.25
Any Soft Straw for $1.35
Panama   Hats
Just a few left and we must finish   them   out.   Regular-
Si 0.00   Hats   for   $6.00
$ 7.50   Hats   for   $4.75
Knitted  Neckwear
We have just received from New York a shipment of Men's
Knitted Ties. All new and nobby patterns and at what we
consider phenomenal prices. For Friday and Saturday
only these Ties will be on sale at	
Oun Grocery and Crockery" Department
WIDE   TOP—In   Pints,   Quarts   and   Half    Gallons.
SEALING   GLASSES-Quarter Pints and Half Pints.
Have a look and a taste of our Strawberries before buying
elsewhere.   Fresh from the Ranche every morning.
Why waste your time and energy slicing ham and bacon with a knife
when you can come to our Grocery department and watch us do !t
with our V. B. P. Meat Slicer. It saves you time and worry and ensures satisfaction to your self and family. Every slice is the same
thickness, just as you like it, thin, medium or thick.
Try our Cooked Ham.   Every slice ready to serve.
Swift's Premium Bacon or Boned Ham sliced to suit your taste. Tell
us how you like it and we do the rest.
Wc have a large stock of WilBon's Fly Pads; Tanglefoot Fly Paper in sheets; Two-inch
Viper Fly Catcher, 50 to a box, $1.75; Four-inch Viper Fly Catcher, 50 to a box, $2.25.
•fl fl fl fl fl i|i fl fl »t» fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl 'I' fl flfl«H> fl fl fl fl 'ti <t' fl 'I' fl fl flfl fl fl
| Specials for Friday and Saturday $
J|   Post Tavern Special (breakfast food) per package....    15c
SJ   Lowney's Ground Chocolate, per tin     IOc
$   Chicken Tamales    i5c   -fl
A fl flfrfr fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl fl »♦♦<$* fl fl fl fl fl fl* fl fl fl fl 'I' fl fl fl fl fl %
House Furnishing Department
Clearing a lot of Muslin Curtain Draperies in
our House Furnishings Department—White,
Cream ami Colored Window aud Art Drapings
that sell at 35c to 50c.    On sale now at
All Our Carpel by the yard are going on sale at
ONK-THIRD OFF the Regular Frice. You
can buy
$1.50 Carpet for $1.00
JAP MATTING    Nice  for   Bedrooms   and
Summer Koonis, at
35c to 65c
CARPETS—A very  pretty   Brussels  Square
Carpet, 9x9 feet, good design.     Special Price
$14.65 PAGE SIX
The Symbol of Clean-cut
Modern Manhood
By making shaving so easy, the Gillette
Safety Razor has done much to develop the
typical man of to-day — that strong,
aggressive, successful individual who scorns
to disguise his features with a beard or to
appear with an unkempt stubble on cheek
or chin.
Shaving with the Gillette takes but three
refreshing minutes. You waste no time honing or
stropping—or fuming in the barber's waiting row. The
Gillette makes home shaving so easy and luxurious
that it is no more a task, but an agreeable Incident in
the morning toilet.
There are nearly 40 Gillette styles from which to
choose. Standard Sets, like the illustration, cost
$5.00 -Pocket Editions $5.00 to $6.00—Combination
Sets, with brush, soap and other toilet articles, run
from $6.50 up. From the assortment which your
Hardware Dealer, Druggist or Jeweler can show you,
buy a Gillette—you'll enjoy it.
Tho New Gillette Building.
Special Slaughter
Usual price 65c each.
n     3 for $1
Sale Price 40c Each
Cash with
Mail Orders
Revelstoke,   -   B.C.
Dominion Security Co., Limited
bei; to   announce that  they  have  ee;e,.-neil  up  offices at the
corner of l-"ir>t Street  and Connaught Avenue for  the  purpose of handling ruai estate, timber, etc.   It will pa;
call and get particular-, ind get   in   i n   ground 'floor prices.
We also make property.
A. McRae.
T. Kilpatrick.
I*. ii. Di iwi r No. 4     ."■•*•■• ■   ■■■• N
o O00000000000000<>00000000 q
0 Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad OfFic»-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branchea or Agents .ii .ill principal points In ( <n.iei,
Agent"- In Oreat Britain nnil   United  States   London,   England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited.   Chicago   Kirst National Hank. Corn  K«
change National Bank. Seattle -SeattleNational Bank.   Ban Pi en
cisco-Weill Fargo Nevada National Hank.   Spokane   Exchange
National Hunk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of fl and upward, received, and interesl allowed a)
Current rate from date i,f deposil.    ( oriPHpondenre lolioited,
Revelstoke Branch   A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
wmmmmmimmemmiimm—mmmmmmmmmmmmmt  i t——
Tbe status of a liti'tints* hoimr in
reflprted in iM Htationory. It pAYi
to have thf l>eit       ■ I - coin*    We
flviyofl (hi highest quality at It*
o*Mt pric*.    LfTM BitlflUkwIi
Mnl I-Herald
Electrlo Prone
We «tff*r yon txptrl Mtrli I frlnt
i» our baslnaai and oar hobbj loo
in tti" bast lelactlon f>f p»i>*t and
type we add originality ana imarl
noaa nf di'nij(ii iml rapid dtdlrery.
That thc Borden government is fully alive to the necessity of providing
proper transportation facilities (or
Oanadian commerce was shown hy the
generous appropriations which were
Voted last session for great national
undertakings from Halifax to Vancouver and tenders for many of which wjjll
"be called very shortly. The engineer -
ing staff of the Public Works Depart -
ment is al present working on many
of these plans and hefore the summer
is much older work will be started on
uli of them.
In ihe Maritime Province the gov-'
ernment is preparing t0 spend millions
to muke tlie intercolonial an up-to-
date road. New rolling stock and'
modern equipment is being installed,
and many improvements are lieing
planned, One of the most important
isa double track Irom Moncton to
Halifax io provide for the growing
traffic. At Halifax enormous new terminals are to be built which along
with the proposed new docks will,
make Halifax nne" of the groat ports I
of the continent. The cost will be
-ome' ei.jht io ten million dollars. A
car ferry service is being provided be.
tween the mainland and Prince Edward K'land whieh will give the Islanders at last proper commuiii'*atioii
with the mainland. At St. John there
is being built ihe extensive Courtenay
Hay harbor Works whieh will give St.
John one' oT the best harbors on thc
Atlantic coast. A dry do'k is being
Luilt  there as well as at Halifax.
Coming ou'.o Quebec it also is being
made a great national port capable of
handling ihe growing ocean trade of
the Dominion. Within the next couple
o: weeks a contract will be awarded
for the largest dry-dock iu America,
at Levis opposite the Ancient Capital
The Hiver St. Charles is being deepened and mnny new terminals futilities
added for railway and steamship service.
At Montreal the great harbor improvements there are being carried
1 out on a large seule. On the strength
of government advances improvements
uggregatin -r, $1S,UOO,UOO expenditure are
being planned by the Harbor Board.
Toronto i> lieing made a great na -
rional harbor as well and tenders will
be called probably this week ior works
to cost -*>i;,0iiu,i»Utl and which will give
the Queen City the best harbor on thei
Greal Lakes. Pirns to make Hamilton a thoroughly modern porl are also underway. In addit;ou there are
eppropriations for the improvements
like Port Stanley,
Fort Dover, Go lerich, etc.
Th"    a     .   .  "'anal project  is now
:. .v. . make .ne Welti indling  th.'  biggest
toa*- onth   Great   Lak".-.   The tend-
will be in     on
*     .
a , :. leted     it
• anal on the
:.        . idging
.vith its tremei.
is under
eu I      Kor      Wuiiam,
im is
ii.in.il -i<-   .
in -tatoon,
. . ;   Sill
inery fi
lll'l.SUN   I'.A*.   LINK.
\ I Hay  Kail •
• ii The
. i. ' Im first
The harbor, tei run,
ii   tnd  doi        i    Porl   NtiMO ■
■■ netted
'rn at  Vancouvei  ths tenders   will
.viihin   :h<".  ati      OUplS  of *''il(e
i'e.i »li.- new Aiil     moko
i,     |o
oapabli D    ng ti." growing Pad
Dc traffic,  Bimllai   works and a break-
Ratal   ue hell       ei,      ,t  Victoria,wliiln
ill       I  Ml !.,     k     '   HpuhlP
nf hoe: hip   m the I'a
rille   oi anv  llriti.h wm shipH is    to bs
Public Notice is hereby given that
cn Thursday, the 17th day of July,
1913, vacant and available Dominion
Lands in the Revelstoko Sub-Agency
will be opened for general homestead
entry to eligible applicants. Lands in
timber berth and lands otherwise reserved are not open to settlement.
Lands iu the Eagle River Valley are
included in this Sub-Agency.
Homesteads will be granted by legal
subdivision of forly acres or less;
duties, six months, residence in each
ol three years and a total of four acres' thoroughly cleared, stumped and
cultivated, ami four aires rough-cleared and cultivated, a* reasonable proportion each year.
Entry muy be granted on vacant
even-numbered legal subdivisions of
(orty acres or less as Conditional
Purchase Homesteads; personal application required; Price, Five Dollars
($5.00j per acre payable one-lifth iu
cash at time of entry, balance in four
equal annual instalments with interest at five per cent; total cultivation
required of eight acre.-, thoroughly
cleared, slumped and cultivated,
and 8     acres       rough       cleared
and cultivated-, residence ro piired for
at least six months during the last
year of earning patent in a houso
worth at least three hundred dollars
($:S00.O0i; commencement of cultivation duties required within six months
after date of entry; entry non-assign-
uble, cancellable unless reasonable proportion of cultivation duties done during each of the five years.
Cn thc 17th, 18th and to noon on
>he ISth of July, application for entry made at Revelstoke will have pre-
a dence.
Squatting on Dominion Lands in
timber berth or on any other Dominion Lund-', will not hereafter he al -
lowed, an 1 will result in loss of claim
and forfeiture of improvements.
Supt. B. C. Lands.
Ottawa, 14th June, 1913.
Notice is hereby given that tho Annual sitting of the Court of Revision
of the City of Revelstoko to hear all
< omplaints against the Assessment for
the year 1913 as' mudo by the Assessor
will be held in the Council Chamber,
City Hall, on Tuesday, August Sth,
at 8 p.m.
Dated at City Hall, Revelstoke, B.
C,   June 2Sth,  1913.
Acting City Olerk.
1st iss. July 2, lot.
Tho Citl/cns and Public. arc hereby
notified that July 23rd, Wednesday,
has boen sot apart as tho dato for the
holding of the Retail Merchants of
Revelsloke Annual Pi. nic, and that
in accordance with a resolution of the
City Couneil, I hereby request that
dale bo observed as a Revelstoko Public Holiday.
Mayor, City  of Revelstoke.
Notice is hereby given that meetings of the Provincial Agricultural
Commission will be held at the following places:—
Hevelstoke, July Tth, 10 a.m.
Ashcroft,  July 8th,  9:30 am.
Clinton, July Sth, 7:30 p.m.
Quesnel. July 12th,  10 a.m.
Kort George,   July  10th, 10 a.m.
Lytton, July 19(h, 9:30 a.m.
Lillooet, July 19th, 7:30 p.m.
The Commission will hear evidence
< n all matters affecting agricultural
conditions ia the' Province. All per-
Ions interested are invited to be present.
C. B. Christensen,
1st iss.  July 2,  6t.
d  the  Mutter  of  the  Land  Registry
Act, and in  the  Matter of Lot  17,
Block 21,      Revelatoke    City  Map
,  Whom it may concern*—
Whereas  the  following  title deed  of
tt a o Af nt,b,ne<l     property has
namely:—Conveyance dated
I ' March, 1906, from Frederick Wil-
iarn Brown to Minnie A. Brown
nut .    a .■   enoti •■ to anyone   Into
..hos"  posse sion      the  aforesaid   title
.!."«! may ha.e    '.me' and who bas any
knowii]*" of the (thereabouts of    the
..-ltd  deed to delivr  -am* to the un-
Mi   -San.ii-1   It.   Hoc.   E«q.,   Dis-
EUflltrar of Land Titles Nelson.
And  further Take  Notice that fail -
,ng ths production   of  thia ileod  within  four      w.i'kH from  the dato of tho
first   put/Una Mon hereof that tho said
Dlstriot Ke^ieetrar will prooeed t„, l<-
te a Oertiflcate of Title In th" name
i   Carrie Grant   Lawrence of Revel-
i oke, B.C.
Dated n' 'he I.nnd Retriiiry Ofllce,
•,>l*n, B.C., this 24th day of June,
.4.  It.  HOB,
District Registrar.
Jane ?•*, One month.
The   family   remedy   for   Cough,   and Colds
"Bhlloh coats   so   little   ond docs   so much I'
Tenders    For   High    School at
Revolstoke, B.C.
Tenders  will bc received by the undersigned up  to Wednesday,  July 21st
at 12 o'clock,  noon,  for  tho  erection
of a High  School at Revelstoke, B.C.
A deposil of an amouut equal to 5
per cent,   of    the tender      orcontract
price must be made with each tender
by     marked  cheque  payable  to      tho
School Trustees.
Plans and Specifications ean be seen
at the Architects ollice, or Dominion
Security Office, Revelstoke, B.C.
The lowest or any tender Dot
necessarily accepted.
Secretary  School Board,
Revelstoke, B. 0
1st iss.  J.5, 4t.   -
For a License to Take and Uso Water
Notice is hereby given that The
Canadian Pacific Railway Company ol
Montreal and Vancouver, will apply
for a license to take and use two
cubic feet per second of water out ol
a stream three-quarters of a m''e wesl
of Revelstoke station, which flows in
a southerly direction through and
within a portion of Revelstoke Town-
site, and empties into Columbia river
near Revelstoke. Tho water will be
diverted at a point one-quarter mils
from C.P.R. main line and will be
used for Industrial purposes on the
land described as Canadian Pacific
Railway Company's station grounds
at Revelstoke.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 21st day of May, 1913.
The application will he filed in the
office of the Water Recorder at Revelstoke.
Objections may be filed with the said
Water Recorder or with the Comptrol
Icr of Water Rights, Parliament Build
ings,  Victoria, B.O.
Canadian Pacific Railway Company
Applicant. By E. W. Bateman,
Agent, Vancouver, B.O.
Revelstoko Lnnd District.
District of West Kootonay.
Tako notice that Claude Watson
Cameron of Nakusp, B.C., occupation
I'ruit Rancher, intends to apply for
in i mission to purchase tho following
described lands.
Commencing at a POrft planted at
North Kast Corner of Timber Limit
Number 5378, thence south 60 chains,
thenoe east 40 chains, thence follow -
ing tho meandering of the lake to place
of commencement, containing one hundred acres more or less.
Dated  June 2nd, 1913.
1st issue June 7, GOd.
W. H. I'ottruff, Prop.
There is n character ex-
pressed in Tourner IMuito-
irraphsthat arrests attention. Models of artistic
and scientific skill,faithfully reproducing* tlie'tt Indefinable "something" thai
makes a photo a "speaking" likeness.
Why endure the usual
stilled and repressed style
when you can get something different—and better—lor the same price?
Look Us Up!
A. Douglas Tourner
so promptly uud perfectly as you are
at this restaurant. And the service is
only a foretaste of
It is suid that the way to a man's
heart is through his stomach. We ure
sure to reach yours if you'll drop in
and try our bill of fare. If perfect victuals, perfectly cooked and perfectly
served, will gain your friendship, we
arc absolutely sure of yours.
A. (J. Tiiiakison Manager. Jj
Come and look at our Triangle Sail
Irons- guaranteed for ever.
PRICE—6 LB. IRON, $3.90
Estimates given free.
We solicit a share of your patronage
Special   attention   given to children
We have just opened
a shop iu tlie   .
After Six Years Service
to the Revelstoke public we
scarcely need an introduction
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42  -    Night Phone 85
July 17.—Dramatic Cantata "Rebecca."   Empress  theatre.
July 2H—Merchants Monster Picnic to
St. Leon Hot Springs.
August 25—The Making ol the Panama Canal and Balkan War, Kinemacolor Pictures, Empress thoatre.
August 86—Billy Cliflord, Empress
August.—.—"Satan" 6000 feet wonderful Motion Pictures, BmpreM theatre..
\i WEDNESDAY, JULY lllih, 1913
is the even si/.e and color of the
bean. Thc next is the decree of
fragrance; the final is the taste
of the coffee when mude. Yon
will find ours come up to uud
excel vour expectations.    Try a
pound and you'll know whut a
real good coffee is. Our teas also
ure exquisite in flavor and body.
They muke friends every duy.
Hobson's Grocery
News in Brief
Phone 41
Box 734
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship anrl wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
Consisting of every conceivable size and muke of
Huts, Gloves, Shoes and Underwear; also a most
extensive stock of Neckiies of every shade and
We bave also a specially fine assortment of sample"
for our Spring Clothing Order Departmeet.
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson Hats Foot-Rite Shoes
Everybody Knows the Value
of a Combination Safe .   .   .
I>ut there are still a few people who don't
know what a safe combination Bell's Bread
and   New Zealand Uutter make	
P. O. Rox 208
Phone No. 23
Aa a result of the enterprise of lhe
women ot Kaslo, a jam and canning
factory will be in operation by tha
time the fir-i of the season's ciop of
small fruit arrives, whkh will lie a
matter of two or three day»' now
Hitherto surplus small fruits from this
section have had to be shipped to the
factor; at Nelson, but with ono established at home this will no longer bo
necessary. The ladies who are tvspon-
ilble for the venture intend to start
in a modest way nt first, but expect to
turn out a strictly high quality product and anticipate no difficulty in so-
•urine a market at home. The latest
addition to local industries will be operated under the Kaslo and Distiict
Women's  Institute.
Thi" Canadian-Australian reciprocity
I negotiations, started by Hon. G. E.
I Poster during his recent visit to Aus-
j tralia, will be tontinued by the suc-
; lessors to the Fisher administration.
Relative to the plans of reorganiza -
i on outlined for the Canadian Coal
& Coke Co., and its subsidaries, it is
utielerstood that new financing is to
take (he form of an issue of short -
term notes. Plans can hardly be matured until the bord holders have met
and passed on the proposals' on July 18
and 19. Should the necessary approv-
I al be given, it is understood that the
;$l,f)0O,00O which thc company and its
subsidiaries require immediately will
be raised by an issue of short-term
To Our Friends and Neighbors
You know us. You know we would not — that we could not
afford to — go back on our word. Nor can you afford to Ignora
this money-back-if-iiot-satisfied offer on this splendid laxative.
We honestly believe we have tho
beat bowel remedy ever mnde — tho
most plcasnnt-to-take, most permanently beneficial laxativa fur relief
from the miseries and dangers arising
from constipation.
Wc wouldn't say this if wc didn't
believe it to bo true. We wouldn't
risk our reputation by making such
statements did we not feel sure you
would find them true.
, Our faith is built both on tho
knowledgo of what Rexall Orderlies
are made of and on observation of
very many severe cases in which they
I have proven their merit.
Try them at Our Risk
1 If they do not abundantly prove
their merit with you also — if you
are not entirely satisfied with them —
we will refund your money — and wo
will do that on your mere say-so.
Wi' don't ask you to risk a penny.
Isn't that fair?
' Just let tbo bowels fail in properly
doing their work — just let their
action be delayed and incomplete
and tho entire system and every
Other  organ  suffers.   Wastes  that
should havo been dispelled remain
to poison the system.
Headaches, biliousness, nervousness and other tormenting and serious ills are common when the bowels
fail to act daily as nature intended.
All this may be avoided, if you will
accept our advice.
taste just liko candy. They are
soothing and easy in action. They
do not cause griping, nausea, purging or excessivo looseness. They
tend to tone and strengthen intestinal
nerves and muscles. They promptly
relieve constipation, and help to permanently overcome it.
Rexall Orderlies promote better
spirits and better health. In all of
these things they are vastly superior
to old-fashioned, harsh salts and
other purgatives, which are not only
unpleasant to take but which usually
leave the bowels in worse condition
than before. Wc particularly recommend Rexall Orderlies for children,
iged and delicate persons.
Rexall Orderlies come in vest-
pocket tin boxes. \'l tablets, 10c;
36 tablets, 25c; 80 tablets, 50c.
CAUTION: Please bear In mind that Rexall Orderlies aro not sold by all drutf
gifts.   You oan buy Rexall Ordorlios only at tho Rexall Stores.
You can buy Rexall Orderlies in this community only at our store:
Store      British Columbia
There ta • Itexoll 8to» In nearly overy town and oity In tho United 8Uto», Cuiids »nd
Ore«t Britain. There ta » ililtorcnt Itoiall Remedy for nearly oronr ordinary human Ul —
eaoh Mpoolally Unaignad lor tho particular ill (or whioh it ta rooommended.
The Rexall Stores ore America's Greatest Drug Sttorea
India has produced about 2,500,000
tons of sugar annually for the past
two years, or more than any other
country in the world.
Rossland has produced a total of
$56,.ri77,l".2, according to the Rossland
Winer, an 1 is still producing at thu
rate of $2,7011,000 a year.
A condensed report of the working
of the Manitoba telephone lines,
shows a net profit balance for May ol
$41,639.97 and a total profit balance
for the six months ending May, 1913,
of $282,069.40.
By an order just passed any Canadian who enli-'ied on thc Rainbow or
the Niobe will lie granted his discharge on application. There is nothing t.i prevont him slaying on the
navy payroll even though his ihip is
dismantled, the enlistment having (been
for live years.
Actord;ng to the government return
nee inly Issued, tho ollicial history 0f
South Africa war cost ;fl 15,580. This
.-omuls a  big sum, but  it is quite small
by comparison with that expended by
the Germans on their official history
o. the Fran o-Prusslan war. This colossal wmk cost -Sl.iiOO.OOO, and is il-
lustiated by nearly one million maps
und plan-.
Following are th." me-nbers    of   the
Biiti>h  House  of  Commons  who   will
I visi:  Canada en route  to    Australia, '
i sailing  July 16:   Lord Bmmot,  P. B.
| under secretary of state for the   col-
cnies;  Lord  Sheffield,  Ri.  Hon.  C.  B.
fcUuae't    Wortley,  Rt.    Hon.    Thomas
Lough, Sir E. Hildrei Carlile, Arthur
Sehrwell,    sir Anhur    Priestly,    Mr.
Donald McMaster, Mr. Hamar Green -
wood,  C'ait.  Pine   Wil     Crooks, Sir
Stephen     Collins,     and  Mr.      T. W.
Another thousand Doukhobors will
come to the Kootenay section of British Columbia from Saskatchewan this
year, bringing the total number in
British Columbia to 5,000 and reduc -
Ing the number in that province to 3,-
C00 according to Mr. M.W. Cuzakofl of
Verigin, Sask., general manager ot
the Doukho'oor society of Canada, who
was in Nelson on Thursday last. With
him is Mr. J.A.M. Patrick of Yorkton
Sask., legal representative of the society in Saskatchewan.
The Privy Council has allowed the
appeal in the case of the Canadian
Pacific Railway versus the King Lumber Mills, to be withdrawn. This is
an action for damages in respect ton
fire alleged to have been caused by a
locomotive. In the lower court, a|
judgment given at Hamilton- r ten
months ago gave the King Lumber
Oo. $150,000. damages. The timber was
■ n ths Yah!*, river. The C.P.R. appeal
ed to the Privy Coun il, but, according to thc above despatch, decided to
A setback to women's ambitions to
qualify as lawyers in England, has
betn given in the case of Mis* Gwy-
neth Webb, who lost her action against
the Law Soiiety. Mr. Justice Joyce
who dcckLd against her. ck-clnivd
that he did not doubt that, before the
legislation of 1843, women were disqualified by their sex from becoming
or practicing as solicitors or attorn -
in England. He said there Was no
indication, in subsequent legislation
of any intention to alter the law on
this point.
In view of the attack made by Mr.
Horne-Payne on Canadian municipal
londs the following return on the earn
ings for April of companies more or
less closely connected with the British
Empire Trust, of which Mr. Home.
Payne is chairman, are interesting .
The return states that the net earnings of the Canadian Northern railway
wire $.iO3,100, an increase of $1110,000
compared with April, 1912. Tho net
earnings of the British Columbia Electric Railway were $14(',*;30 an increase of $10,042. Thc Toronto Railway and Toronto Power Companies'
net earnings were $362,801, an increase
of •*-1913. The net earnings of the Winnipeg Electric Railway were $149,098,
an increase of $9,999. The lumber sold
by the Canada Western and Columbia
River Lumber Companies realized
$163,040, a decrease of $108,493, the
Fraser River mills having been clos'od
down for three weeks to |>ermit of the
installation ofa new refuse burner and
for a genernl  overhauling and repairs.
As the steamer B. X. was coming
down the Fraser river one day last
week, the purser, Stewart Adnmson,
thought he heard &. call from the
wilderness on the left hank of tho
river, and springing up the ladder to
tbe pilot house to Capt. Brown, that
officer put thc boat about, and noon a
man was discovered at the water's
edge waving his hat. There proved
to be four men in the party, Robert
Willie, of Toronto*, Cap). Proud, of
Ottawa; J. Manning, of New York
state, and Charley Blake of Ontario
These     men had been rafting on the
This is the Piano We Give Away
OM   DECEMBER   27th.   VALUE   $400
Since we first announced that
we should due uway this beautiful UPTCN Parlor Crand Piano
to some one of our < ustomers on
June 27th, mir buslneS9 has
shown .i Big increase in Every
Department. (if course the unusual values which we are offering have helped to make this
increase and we Bhall contlnuo
along these lines. We are daily
receiving New a* d Attracti o
Offering's from the Fashion
Centres .nnl you nill find i ur
stocks compiete in all lines
rnji'irdi'!! s of tbo hoavy daily
Name of Contestant will not be known,
Name of Contestant will not be published.
Everj' Contestant is credited with 2,000 Votes to
start with.
Kvery Contestant gets a number.
Standing  of    Contestants,   numbers published
All Voles must be brought  in for recording on
< (>.VJ
7.   Votes must not bewrittej upon
eS.   Tie Votes in packages   with  Contestant s  number and the amount on top slip only.
9.    Color of  Vote-t   will  change  an I must   be  recorded we. klv.
1".    Votes are transferable on'y h-f'ire recording.
11. Contestants having the largest number of Votes
on DECEMBER 27 TH. wins the Piano.
12, Candidates not bringing in pers nal Votes   will
be dropped.
upper Fraser for Foley Brothers, and
had quit and were descending the
river in a bout, intending to work in
the meadows about Quesnel. They
left Fort George last Thursday, and
the lirst night out tied up their hoat
and camped on shore. In the morning
their boal wiih all their provisions
was missing. From that timo until
picked up they had subsisted on a half
pound of tea and some dandelion
greens. The four men were almost
worn out with their long tramp
through the woods and for lack of
food. They were brought to Quesnel
and landed near Iheir meadowing destination.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale. Dealers.!
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer PAGE EIGHT
WEDNESDAY, JULY 16th, 1013
Iiii. Mossn of Ottawa, is in thc city
Buy your tickets early for the Merchants Picnic at St. Leon.
J.N. Black ol Nelson, came in on
: nth train on Sunday last.
Mrs. H.M. Daly of Vancouver, is
among western visitors in town this
Mr. and Mrs. Tho.. Pluty of Sau
Francisco, are in town thi- week, on
a  ; leasure trip.
Mrs, Nadeau aud daughter of Three
Valley, took In the Wild W.'st Snow
on Monday last,
1. A Campbell, M.P.P, for Rossland
dis paid   Revelstoke a visil     the
fo     ; ai t v:  l his w.'ek.
Miss C ara Fra er, unfortunately had
.'       iding pony killed last Monday ev
: j ac   :. -oui.ii.: train.
Jas. Watt of Toronto, is in the city.
A.  E.   Anthony  of Winnipeg, is     iu
the city.
'    J.J. Hurster of Oaigary, was aotic-
: e.l on  ilie streets yesterday.
Mrs. H. Shields of Minneapolis came
iu from the east on Monday.
R.S.   Kelsah  of  Montreal,  is  in  tiie
city.   He is at  the Hotel Revelstoke. •*>'
R.   W.  Alker ot Oafgary, and J. J.
Whalm of Vancouver, are in the city.
Canadian Club Meeting
(Continued  from Page One.)
The following pupils have wou  pro- Donald Fleetham,  Bert Warner,
motion as a  result of their work  dur-1 McKellar.
ing  the   term  just closed.   The names
V. . anel Mt-. A.H. Rohrer of Port-
are among ih.' many American
is te.  \ i-it this city  thia wee >.
Tae adjourned meeting of the Mount
Begbie =cliuol  will be held, on  Friday,
W.N.  Fas  oi  Seattle,  came  iu      on
j Monday's  Imperial  limited  from    the
wes t.
Fred S. Cross of Bdmonton, is am-
oiim the many Alberta visitors her*
I this week.
Mrs. E.. M. Brickell, of Edmonton,
| and Mr, and Mrs. c.B. Sissons, of
Toronto,  are in the city.
J.G. Millard of Vancouver, aud W.
J. VauLion of Chicago, are business
visitors  to  Revelstoke this week.
Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Wilson of GMon-
treal, are mid-week visitors to Revel •
Btoke,  guest at the Hotel Revelstoke.
Miss Jean Schliehauf of Olives, Alta
and Miss Lill'iau V. Cchliehauf of
West Lorn, Ont., were arrivals from
the east on Monday.
bracketed arc equal in standing:
school  systems.    She referred  also    to
the  thoroughness  with    which  British
history is  taught  and mentioned    the
appeal Canadian history makes   ,hru'
its romantic side.
Mrs. Stevenson was then cafled upon
„.       _ . ,    .     ,as a     teacher    who had experience in
From Junior First Primer to Senior   . • , .     .   .   ,     ,
„     I four provinces.   In a short  but clever
Stevenson spoke of the
impressions she had received when visiting   English   schools,    noticeably   in
hu* sou of the
are arranged in order of merit. Those,First Primer—Stuart Laughton, Har-1ad,dresg  Mr
' old    Mellmoyle,     Norman Mcllmoyle,
Mundy  McRae,  Alfred Burridge,  Margaret     Ewing,    Millie  Bruce,  Robert .^ ^^ of liWura.   There u
Fourth Reader to Entrance Class -IHamilton,    Isabel     Coursier,    Walter ] movement ,miiPrway here now to in
(Marion Lawrence..  Mabel Simmonds), I Whitby, George Mclven, Martin Metk- j t(H.cnange Urlt,igh 0olumbian atl.d Aus
Tommy  Mortis, Reginald. Calder, Mae^on, Dvino Fulette. tralian teachers.  University   graduates  ed from    a  trip
Whittaker,   Garry    Tomlinson,    Doris ..i.,T.-imf  oennm. I mav touch in .rnin nrovince nn nDoltca  leaving  here  last
MeCarter,  Arvid Lundell,  Harry Hack ■
Stanley Manning, Hiia Tomlinson, El- '
Hobson, Sophie Moran, Dorothea Lyttle, Cecil Johnsou, (Ida Hay, Mark
Guodwin), Donna Hume, Lemuel
Briggs, Beatrice Hay, Annie Morgan,
Jack Brown, Kate Morgan, Burroughs
Mrs.   Reid
Imperial Bank.
Mrs. R. Gordon, returned Thursday
afternoon from a short, holiday at the
hot springs'.
Messrs. Barber, Sturdy and McDonnell left this morning Eon Armstrong
trap tournament. The Vernon shoot,
has  been cancelled
Senior Third to Junior Fourth—Leo
may teach in .any provinco on applloa
'tion for a certificate.
25th, at the school house at
J. Williams  Jones and Miss    Jones,
Waterloo,   the  well    known Liverpool
suburb,   paid  Revelstoke a  short  visit i
The lawn social to be given I.y  the  ^  .^  pan Qf   ^   ^ on      ^
way west.
1-. Altar  Society oi the Cathoflc
Church  on   th--'   17th  inst.,   has      Ix-.'n
Ihe cricket match played .r Salmon Arm 1 i-t Saturduy, between the
[Revelstoke ami Salmon Arm teams,
•Wd' a tie.
the     Mi
vera Johnson Annie McLean, Victoria
Joliffe, Diina Eraser, Te»sie Bain, Ar.
tlmr Fraser, Earle Donaldson, Pearl
Stacey, Irvin Clough, Sophie Turk,
Willie    Fleming,      Mary      Armstrong,
Tommy    Lee.   Recommended,  Douglas  Sc°a* *Vank Porta* Willie Blail'' Dor
Division III.. Dourth Reader to En-
tranoe Class—Oscar Lundell, Alma Cor
son, Frank Dunn. Rufus Stone, Paul -
ine Lonzo, Willie Smith, Agnes Sutherland, Pat Skene, Agnes McGiveu,
Graham Bruce, Grace Jackson, Bella
Laughton, John Robertson, Domenic
Porta, Sam McMahon, Recommend -
id—Irene Donaldson, Everett Eaton,
Albert Leslie.
Senior Third to Junior Fourth—
Donah Leigh, Elizabeth Tapping, Gertie Field,  Blanche Williamson,    How -
Votes of thanks were passed to Miss
Christie and Mrs. Stevenson, and to
Mrs. Robbins for the use of her
Mrs. Robbins assisted by Miss Hardy and Miss Sibbald, served a dainty
tea. Amon^ out 08 town visitors present were Mrs.' Pearse of Kelowna,
Miss Moir of Winnipeg, Mrs. Reid.
Mrs.   Telfer  and   Mrs.  MacDonald    ot
Mr. and Mrs. McQuarrio have return
lown the okanagan,
Thursday antl re -
turning Monday morning.
Mr.  Leonard Howson and bride'  ra -
turned Saturday evening from thole
honeymoon trip to California. They
will occupy Mr. Jack Hume,s house
for three or four mouths, until their
own is built.
IOc. line   ::   Minimum 25c
Mrs.  R.    Tapping   in
Spokane  and   -outhern  pohts.     They
arc prominent residents of Providence
Thompson, Wood and Hodsoa, left lu»t  RUo.l
Friday on a
Vau ouver.
ks'  pleasure irip     to
On Friday  night
■; -on and Mr
leave for the ''ast
in about a month.
on No
Mr. and Mrs.  W.
Hot Springs,  were
Uie visitors to attend
trhow on Monday.
Boyd oi
I Ml A.
K Giflord,
will  leturu
I Halcyon
Wild West
ard Bradshaw, Helen Bradshaw, Tom
Mrs. Walter H. Stearns, aceompan. Maley, Richard Lawrence, Robert'
ied by her daughter Margaret and ber Sha\v. Gordon Williard, Charlie Davis
sons Henry and Russell, arrived from Aian Fleetlmm, John Lonzo, Leonard
lhe east last Sunday and left on the Maley. (Cassie MeKinnon, Ethel
-outh  train   yeste'day   morning     for  Williamson),     Lilly Petterson,     Sam
Neeriham,   Albert  Daniels,  Alau  Gran-
strom,  Jessie'  McGregor,   James  Calder.  Charlie Holten,    Karl' Granstrom,
Walter  Nelson, -Apiy   Smythe,     Jumes
Uourne'.    Re' ommended—Harvey   Rob -
Prom  Junior Third to Senior Third __ ,^^_
ii i, ie    i-.i a, r>       „    ,-,       Young,     F.  McCarty,      C.  Lee,     W.
Muy  Bell.   Florence  McDonald.  Es -  ._    .f" "
tella Shuttlewood,     Myrtle Hamilton,
Florence  Bourne'.   Irene  Morgan.   Ross
M Given, Muriel Southworth,    Doreen
      Smythe,  Kathleen    Sutherland,  Luzie
Robertson, Joyce Fleetham, Lisle Bon-
We  were on a  fishing  trip tor    bass  ,,a,.d(  victor Madden, Clarence Lyons,
aud mus. allonge—and had very  plea=?-  Cecil Stone,  Esther Abrahamson, Roy
ant  quarters,   but  the  mosquito* were   [j11VVi   u,,*].,,   peterson,   Robert   Gorelon
Institute, wlll be held ihi- evening   simply   fierce    Every   night  they    in-  Dorothy  Garland, Dora Bruce,     Lina
•sday) at the Y.M.C.A. at  vaded our t"tU ami through the night  McGregor,  Sadie Allen. Gordon Camp
A full attendance is requested  made
othy Laing, (.Annie Cashato, Edith
Mackenrot). Muriel MeClcneghau,(Lco
Goodwin, Leonard Manning), Tom
Camoz?,i, George Forde, Margaret Mac ","'" "."""
Leod. Willie Cameron, Naca Goch, ,
Oamllle Casliato, Hector GaUicano,
Horace' MacDonald, Vera Hunt.
Junior Third to Senior Third—Laura Beech, Elsie Frey, Robert Beech,
Chester Laughead,    Edmund Kincaid,
.Ruth Lindmark,  Margaret    McMahon,
' John Guz/o,  Jack Patrick,     Dominic
I Orltelli, Frames Turk, Frank Donald -
I son, Elsie Davenport, Tilly Frey, Muriel Lyttle, Hazel  Hughes,  John Pugsl  FOR      SALE—A     good  second  hand
'ley, Mary Cancellelre, Jennie Smith,; bicycle in splendid condition, cheap.
Jack Murray, Tony Blati touch.', Mary
Parto. Esther GaUicano, Alma Lee,
.Marie Goodwin, Fred Cttrveon, Beverley Kenward, Joe Goch, Carmine
Junior Second Reader to Senior Second Reader—E. Frey, E. Macdonell,
E.  Comozzi,  D.  Purvis,  J.  Crawford,
B. Mackenrot, J. Moran, L. Hayward
T. Jacks,,n, h. DeBlas, (A. Lawrence
C. Como/zi),      E.   McCleneghan,     G.
W. S. in care Mail Herald Otlice.
WANTED—Maternity Nurse. Superior,
wants engagements, cheerful and reliable.   Apply  81, Third street,  City
lm.  July 16th 1st iss.
WANTED—A girl for general housework. Apply to J. A. McMillan,
Seventh street. Will pay $25.00 pcr
month  to right girl.
An important
!■ p.m.
eting ot the Farm-
poii oi our bodies', 0 tea'" •
[for u>, was but a troubled dream,
Mrs. w. shuttlewood and daughter |we dozed al al,
:-- and Muriel .Mi'Vu-ghan, lott a 0ne fi^\xl there was a dance at the
few days ago ona visit to Carmwood tQwn at lhi. |,,u.„r ,,,„■ of tUl. lake ,a|,.
Banch at Oeliata Shuswap Lake where n fo(]r mUeg fi.om ^m cauM,u TftJ
they will spend the next few weeks. bQyg wenj ben, on .ut,.nQin ._ ims
The Ten.us Club will meet in th- lance, while I remained in camp. 1
ICity Hall Thursday, July 17th, at told my companions that when I
Busine--To di-cu--   thedatt  tinned iu that evening 1  would    hang
i   I .m.        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
J arrangements for tournament
and other business.
a lantern on a big pine tree,       which
■.•od  een   the edge    A   he  island   some   Went}   Smythe,
twent>     feet    iron, our u-nt, and the  Willi.- Jamieeon
Mr. w.  C. Braphy, repreeenting the , .... u,,. , ,„. ,),<,;,. ,Tlli,j„ oa      their
'double tracking   contractors,     passed  return acro.s the lake in arowboat. I
:. the city yesterday on his way   lurnea* .   X\,A,_    evening       after
i which place he will make   his  hanging up the lantern on
: ei '.ers  for      the      next      twelve   ,,.  ai(i,. 0[  tao  ue,.  jl0U1  our  t(,a Q
juo- h in the shadow
Five or  ten mi  Itea   liter I  had
upthe  lantern  1  entered    our
. tind     that
moequitoi in the tent.    I !.
.,ud Mis.  Uraiburu  RawsOU,   ol
ouriits to 1111 H'V-
elstoke the na-t few day> Thy were
greatly imprt   e I witki
lat   * indpolnt,
bell, Peter McKellar, John MeKinnon
Maud Daniels, Willie McRae, Williard
Dunn, Florence Cooke, Edna Johnson
Myrtle Sbaw, Noi man Bruce, Russell
Armstrong, Billie Whittaker, Eva Mc-
Mnhon, Ri>< ommended—Bertha Nelson
Promoted from .iinior Se'ond Read
er to  Senior Second     Reader—Arthur
N lham.     Dorothy     Bunnell.  Ernest
Bradshaw.  Hugh McCrae, De.ris  Siegfried, Chri-tina Owens,     Eva   JolitTe,
Gladys Barra' lough,
^^^^^^^^     JaeI Madden,  Pat
Cowan.   \ •    - Cressman, Teddy Gordon, T .. George Williamson,
Bell,  Dr.-nan Holten,  Adam Rob
Godfred  ('ail-on.   Arthur Cart-
Myer,    Arthur Davis,
Vrthnr   Coueffin,
Wa*son.  Jim  M Rae,  Ada Les-
- ithei and,  Ethel  Ab-
os,   Recommended—  May Bond
fr f.     First   Rea ler     to
I  Rea ier—St'-wari  Burridge, Al-
Hughes, R. Cashato, C. Hows'on, H.
GaUicano, M. Ringer, V. Hooley, J.
Beech. V. GaUicano. R. Bell, R. Pag-
dln, M. Fittante, M. Goch, R. Cummings, E. Scott, W. Cormier, H. Ctlr-
First Reader to Junior Second Rea,
der—V. Palleck, H. Porter, (G. Mioiel-
li,  Jack     Carmichael|,  L.  Luther, F.
Doiiald-ou.  C.  Kimberley, R.     Good-   	
win, R. Hove, J. Mllar, R. Micielli, MISS
C. McSorley, N. Ballard, B". Pagdin,
J. Cretelli, R. Fittante, P. Lonzo, J.
Fuoco, I. Donaldson, M. Blair, (Willie
Morgan, D. Collison*, R. Trimble, C.
Defeo. Recommended— J. Blair, J.
Senior Second I'rimer to Junior
First Reader—W. Porter, L. Stacey,
E. Fraser, O. Johnson, H. Briggs, W.
Henderson, R. Siriaunl, A. GaUicano,
E. Robbins, A. Jackson.
Junior Second Primer to Senior
Second Primer—Rosie Frey, Jessie
McRae. (John Goch, Mary Howson,
Elvyne Ford), Fred Skene, Linda Pradolini. Frank Fittante, Teresa Pugs -
ley, Joe Pantus, Mary Melx-od, Arth.
nr Collison. George Wilson, Walter
Senior See ond Primer to
U-aiter—Charlie Mackenrot,
FOR SALE—Two Houses   and     Lots
on     Third      Street,  west, also lour I cup
Suburban  Lots,  size fiOxllO.   Apply
to A. W. Connolly, Itevelstoke, B.O.
Alderman H. MeKinnon, Mrs. Mc -
Kinnon and children, reached home
Sunday noon from a vacation of several weeks in the coast cities. They
report a very pleasunt holiday in
spite of  the weather.
A numlier of ladles were invited by
Mrs. Sturdy last Saturday aftei noon,
to meet Miss Moir of Winnipeg. The
time passed pleasantly in sewing and
conversation. After refreshments, a
littlo music was en.oyed, Miss McKay
singing' beautifully.
Mrs. Sibbald has had for guests this
pust week her sister, Mrs. Pearse, of
Kelowna and Miss Marion Pearse, L.
L.D., of Bristol, Eng., who is enjoy -
ing a vacation visiting friends iu western Canada. They returned to Kel -
ownn Tuesday morning.
Messrs. Sturdy and McDonnell returned Sunduy evening from ihe Nel-
BOn Trap Tournament wiih a fair
share of prizes. Mr. Sturdy won tb,-
handicap aud was awarded a UrBt-
class lishing rod; while Mr. McDonnell
had the honor of capturing the silver
WANTED—Married couple want position in hotel Man as bartender and
wife as chambermaid. Both experienced.   Apply    to  box 914, Revelstoko
PORTER—Graduate Maternity
Nurse, competent, experienced, open
for engagements. Prepared to take
entire charge or home. Box 3011,
Kevelstoke. lm.   J.lli.
About every grown-up in town took
the chikben to the Wild West Show
on Monday. As it proved to bu ueitb
er very wild nor much ofa show, the
general census of opinion was ihat
the accent must be upon the "West''
about a lu''c too far west for con\en-
Among out of-towu shooters at the
traps' Monday were Messrs. McDoUg-
al, Drake and Bossflold of Nelson, Mr.
Little of Mara, Mr, Evuns ot Arm -
strong, Mr. Desmond of Kaslo, Mr.
Burtch of Vancouver, Mr. White of
Ottawa, Mr. Mink of Vancouver,   Mr.
WANTED—To rent, a 4 0r 5 Roomed
house.     will take lea-V for     year if
house     suitable.   Any  party  having   lUAM  „, Til, omtti   Mr.  Ricklefson      ot
suitable house  to tent,  pleasn write   Scat(1,.j  ,ind Ml,  Hyntley of  Vaucou-
to Box 911, Revelstoke, B. C.
ver, Wash.
You '-an buy
for SOc. at the
granite dish     pan
Revelstoko Hardware
Senieir 1st
Rosie Row
ett, Archie
The Executive of the Political Knn-
ality League met last evening to m ik,.
the acquaintance of Mrs. Lashley Hall
who is well known ns an ardent sui -
fragist. Mr.-'. Hull gave an informal,
but interesting talk on the history ot
suffrage in this province', with thu pro
gnss an I aims ol tbe movement up
Merchants   to  the  present time, also ..milium-,    a
lichttl. ag  withOU ...        ■ ,-, Alfred
•   Lady of the Lak
..  .        Scott,  in  three  pert-.  Pathe^
I      .>, showing Mis. Pankhun
her way to the old Bailey; The w.auu
and Boston iu ba
to Oi Mut*. ^nd Je:'. .    Mei   o.
D .ny    oth e  T •.
•ni^at, Star tneatre.
Tm>m i-  Ke ly   ft  3i l        ^.i'.i i trded -.h-    n
tl  i    o!      Man.t..lm'-  n ■>   ;•
isgi in    Win
.was a***
t ■■■::■
in.   i ilT,      whi 'hi
an   a ball Hum.
a ni" tiag       thoil in- r
,stoke- Musical Su •
beii'Ot,   wa-  I.    : cry ball
on Tiesday nurht.   Mr   W 1*   ,.,
id  the    hair.   The object!    '     B
po-iety are t., organise a male
choir,  whilst several  high    lasi mini -
«*' pio lu tions   m -■■■:,
i  '-.   date.   After   tnin   iCtin      ■•'n-ral
I    -ness  the  mewling     tarminited  at
9 U5 p.m.   Tbo»- in'eri ■  -;
full  parti   dai-  'rom ibe chairman or
(-' letary H.V   Morgan, Boi 317 ci y.
candi''.    1   -ie; -
^.        .-ht.  wrh'
any n  the  boys
'.    *.n in the early twiligl
g I atose. an 1 .*om; o:i*
. iH'-m d '■
■cured  wi'h dea*:
■ . ■ '   ■ l    '
Thc lante'm     w .
ted     y  th*   h ir -
* i        *    -1-—al-
•ha*   your
tea      sn   you
■a  mov
K H    K- , tt
Ralph Morris,  A....u:r   McRae,   .Ko'e-rt  M K.u -
'.  Dc b e .    Geo
i,t,r,t.- )■.-   inai,  Duncan !.••  ■
en.    -
■•  ■ i ■ Lou
I.-an   Glad]
•    ■ •
-i- . -.      Re
it. om rr B
v   a:
M irie
.mer —
J   hn   n ,  a.
, ■  - ■
^  ,n  fOOt   Pis ■ ••   V n't*
to   'h^   I.i"    ■■ ••   Hardware.  Company   ■'
• ,^lav , Wedneaday following ,
\ otei  ■ ■  • -i ;■ ichagpj
i., ka
it, 'Donald Dilpatriok,
Lawrence, Joseph Row
Rowlett, Aura Corning, Ernest Pot-
tiitrt, Jumes filantouche, Alice Harris.
Emma Smith, Willie Robinson, Tony
Cashato, Emily Ballard, Fred Trim-
;,.•'. Lionel Laing, Willie Crawford.
Edith   N'eerber-j.      Gordon,   Bla'kwell
'  I     POi
Senior  Firsl   Primer  to  Junir     iec-
', primer   A. Lees, K. Squarebriggi
Andei on,   li.   Bruscio, A.  Hobson,
t     Desimone, R   Beol I.   K.  ..in ,, I),
in,   H.   Mclntyre,   It.   Hume,    A.
Pristel •.  i.    Hooley,   J.  sin;nr,
D el   on.   M,  Guzzo,  N.
.     ■   ,    ■ -111■• ri,   i!     Hum.
**    I.   Cretelli,      \'.  Lonzo,
i    Mictelb,  it   Laughton.
..   f    ft Pi mei t., Senior Pint
M      Pradolini,    L. Purvis),
V.  DeFoe,     .1    Hooe,  J,  Crawford),
T   Lund       B   Kin. dd),  A   Ce,, b. M
D   Tivine,   (P   Harris,    R,
t,   VI A,   llri'i^o -
Hi - '!•   IOD     A     Kimberley I,
Ir. Biantouhe, a   Cameron,, 3. i.ew
t.,n. C.   im, 'ron,'.  .1   DeFoe, K.   De
ii   Shepherd    Recommended
j   !).■>,.. '  immii •
Tickets  for   ihe  Monster 	
Picnic at  .**>t.  Leon Hot Springs, now  course of procedure for the future. Mrs
on sale at both drug stores and   thc ! Hall   is the  provincial  organizer    ami
McRae Mercantile Co. lms   met with  great  success due   boib
. : to   her splendid   peisonul  ability    ami
Do you waut an Income investment        .      .   ,. .  .    ,. ..
J      , " to Inr belief in  Ihe lonverluig power
or desirable residence property— Con-    ,  _       _       ,      ,.  , ..
'     v of   r.a-on  ami  enlii'lit nun nt  on     tho
suit H. N. Coursler. ;   ,,. .    ,     , ,.     ,       ..
subject of the franchise.
GALT COAL is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoke Gcn-
Frank  Prestelle, Romy eral Agencies, Ltd.
Coursier's Clean .Smokeless Coal is
the  kind for cooking.
See the Revelstoko Hardware Co.'s
add for Bargains in Granite Ware.
Remember the tickets for the merchants Monster Picnic to St. Leon hot
-prings on Wodnesday, July 23t\l, ure
i ow on '-il- at both drug stores and
the McRae Mercantile Co. store.
i, J.
,  H.
eM nn
MrB.   Counter  has a-   i'r ytitv     foi
e few   days  her  neph w.   Mi.   Preotloe      1,0(1 imi-n'   pel    «*i
Steed, of Log Angeleie, Cat., wbo is num nta now manufa tin •!
en-route to his old houi'* in Hamilton wa-ite -lag of blast firnacen.
Ontario,  after an absence of     seven
yea;-. Mr. Steed is by profession i
pipe organ builder, ha'in.' bained it
f-Om the making of tbe partu to (he
eettingupof  the    flnishcl   inst'um.-nt.
imi' fair to th .
mn royal fninlly It ocCUpylog th-   a
■    • '  •        • ..iT-t   in Muni h    Thn
He-mot membei 'if uie reigo n    bouse
> .      ht-, two real "bi Dude i.udwig
tly made The marriage o' former King
;   i*       if Alfred   Aii^'in, l«el   o'   Portugal   and   I'rln'.'i'   Angus-
,'"•    Vici'iiie,    da'ightsr    of    Prince
lie       Dr    Hei.l.'...     ,, Wilhelm  of  Hub'-n/ollero,  uas  been  r,.i
!         .'. 04   Beptembei       The   civil    ri'ia.uony
h,s  tiO«ms   ar' will  lake place  rm Ihe  third, and    the
Promethi n        'Tix-     Fire Giver," religioun nervie,. ,,„ the tonrtli.
"The and      Kro*
and   I'sv he
la«t summer being engage.1 installing broihei In-law of     the
of the   largest Au irin, tm.   entered
Bmparoi     of
en   instnimeiii  in one ot ne   largen  au inn, nn.   vm*™ -uit for divorce
i,.. hei in New Voik.   He pl ,ye    a egainsl bl        irgwrt Kr»u
vto:.ninan m hostra of fifty p.e-sin  In otae Vim   Bartolf  who  is  40  yean
«  leading  ch.irch  in Los  Angel**' and   lei     royal       h.mlmnd'q  |nnlor,      The
Will   be  heard in a   violin  select!.,a    in   grouodl  of  th"  mit wmn-  not  publicly
* hn's church Sunday ev-nlng.      ( tat<Ml
i 'n     .Hiiiier  , partj of   geologi it i
undei    Itewarl J, s.hofleld ofthe ^e..
logic;.! .     ,'nnrh   of   the   ile|. III
men) ol mim   -,   Ottawa will make *
II   '.   of   'i ml    nin  of   Kootonay
lake,    between ''rHwfo'd     Uny     »nd
lanOi Another party is now working
from the Sl .Mary's river country nail
*ill  meet Mr. Schoflel'l nt. lhn summit
The United . 11,, t. -   |overnmenl   has
made ioi appropriation e,f approshn -
t"iv 141,000,000 for the development
■ >l an Indian policy, designed to arrest
leterloration end itimtriate the race
'lhe f ii ti . I makes providon for general
education, health, sanitary work and
in-et,riiriinti in ngrietilture. and marks
the flint reilly romprehfrnsive i-ffort
put forward to perpetuate tho red race
in the United States.
The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company, operating ,, smelter und
mine-iu iho Iioundary, Rossland, Nel-
100 ami Slocan districts, lias announced a emi annual dividend of |.'::u,(ii»ii
payable duly Iith. Tbe disbursements
i-" ImihikI on a rate ol *•< |ht cent per
annum on the Issued capitalisation,
ml will bring the total payments of
1 I.e ' ompuny  to $1,234,061.
\    i,rding   to  the    Financial     Post
■ ■ .-Iiiii-   HtutiBlics for  the  flrst      live
nuntil    ol  this  year,    which   appears
in    th'-lr    Issue of June 14,   Kelowna >
takes  premier  pluce in Western    Can - j
ada  (or  increased percentage,  and   is
■•..nil oa   ih..  i «t i'n   tht    whole    oil
the  Dominion.     The building permits j
already amount to   more    than thoso
ut  I ant   year.
The International Coal and Coke
Company, limited, of Coleman, Alta.,
one of the largest e'orporations operating in the Crow'* Nest Pass, has just
issued the following production ftgures
io the directors and shareholders relative to the operating department for
the month of June* Tons of coal
mi noil, .Ifi.OOO; ton» of coke produced,
.r),300; men employed 575.
Mrs. Lnwrene-e eniei tamed on Tues-
: day utternoon for her siBtcrs, Mrs.
Telfer and Mrs. MuDonald of IOdnion
ton, who are visiting her this siiiniuur
i From four to six the spacious druw -
ing room wai tnle<l with handsomely
gowned ladies, coming and going in
groups of two- ami tliie.H Great,
bowl* of white m-c- and .InpancHC
|M"onie< were mil'h adniiied. and tb<*
same decorations weie carried out iu
pink in the dining and sitting rooms
.Mrs. Bibbal I provided over the coflcw
nin ami Mrs. Holton potm-d lea ut a
beautifully nppoinli-d table. Mi-s Ks-
pliny, Mi-s Maude H.witl ,md Mi-H
Koote assisted in serving. In ihe sitting room Mrs. KobUim . ill tho ices,
ami Mis* Gladys (Trquhart, and Mi ■
Jean Hyatt norved.
Interior League Baseball.
July 16—Kamloops at Kelowna.
July 16—Revelstoke at Vernon.
July 2i—Revelstoke at Kamloops
July 24—Vernon at Kelowna.
July 30—Kclowna at Kamloops.
July 30—Vernon at Revelstoke.
Aug. 6— Kamloops at Vernon.
Aug. 6—Kelowna at ReveUtoke!
Aug. 13—Vernon at Kamloopi.
Aug. 13—Revelstoko at Kelowna.
Aug. 21—Kelowna at Kamloops.
Aug. 21—Revelstoke at Vernon.
Aug. 27—Kamloops at Kelowna.
Aug. 27—Vernon at Revelstoke.
Sept. 3—Kamloops at Revelstoke
Bept. 3—Kelowna at Vernon.


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