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I i.oi;ai, auhxt. J
Vol. 12,-No 125
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
IWt   AKL    I     Adtmi I      run    int
A few of those Misses' and Children's Cats that wc are clenr-
ing at $2.96.
40yardsoIHoyal Blue Velveteen, 2-t incheB wide, fine pile,
gotd color—make lovely children's dresses. Regular 75c. per
yard—a Bargain at 39c.
A lot cf Blnck and Ciilnred Snteen Underskirts, worth $1.60
to $2.00 tor 95c.
A number of Ladies' Belts, in black, white and colored Silks,
and are worth$1.00 and $1.25.   Selling at 45c.
It would be worth your while to call and see sume ol our
striking patterns in Five o'clock Tea Sets, Cocoa SetB and Chooo-
late Sets, all ol the latest design.
We are aUo showing daily something new in Fancy Plates,
Cream and Sugars, Biscuit Jars, Bon Bon Dishes, Berry Bowls,
Fancy Jugs and  Vases.
We have just unloaded one carload of assorted Wintor Vegetables aud will be able to supply you with any quantity ol tho
following : Turnips, Carrots, Beets, Onions and Parsnips
These vegetables are in first-class condition and special rates ..re
given on 5 sack lots.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Rubber Goods
We have a line supply
ol the Famous
without a doubt the ...nsl reliable
rubber goods manufactured anywhere
in the world.
We recommend and guarantee thorn
Fountain Syringes   Breast Pumps
Hot Water bottles   Atomizers
Bulb Syringes       Rubber Nipples
Try a pair ol
Red Cross Drug Store
HALT COAL -The only
Satisfactory Domestic Cal,
I'm- Cook .Stnvi*, Heater ...*
Grate, clc'in und freo from
Dry Kir und Mich Wood,
uny Length,
Huy, Outs, Wheat and
('In .| il'i-t'tl.
Express und Draylng In
any part nf tin* city.
Fii.-iiitiiii- Stored ul lloson-
ul.lt* Hull's.
Office Noxt P. Burnt'
Moat  Market.
TELEPHONE       •      -       73.
A. .v. .♦. A A A A At A A A A A i'l*. A A A A A A -ti'i A A A A A
t * W W W w 'X   *   "V V X   * "   +   +   + "   + "   4*   *   4*   +  +  ▼  W • "
Plumbing Work—Estimates Given,
Tinsmith Work,—Estimates Given.
Repair.Work a Specialty.
Electric Wiring lor Houses.
Electric Bell Fitting.
Electric Supplies, Shades and Globes*
We carry a complete stock ol Tilden-Gurney Stoves and Ranges
We invite you lo look nt uur btsutilul selection ol China,
including Coalport China and Mmogcs China.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc, Plumbing and Tinsnilthing.        A
iTi itt itt iti itt iti iti iTi iTi iTi iTi in iti 1T11T1 iti I ft hi iti itt itt itt itt itt 1T1 itt
Premier McBride is Willing io
Meet Liberals on the Public
Platiorm to Discuss "Better
Victoria, Nov. 3.—The suggestios
made by tl.e Victoria Liberal Association that a j'lint public meeting be
arranged fur the discussion of the subject of "better terms" is favorably received hy members ..I the provincial
govern.ne.it. Ilnn. R. G, Tatlow,
inininter ol finance, points nut that it.
«;.* quite apparent lhat the supporters
of the opposition felt lhat Premier
Mollrlde's action in maintaining a
linn .-lanil for Britiih Columbia's
rights wub destructive ol their |inlitieul
cl.ai.cesiiudtli.it it would likely tell
in favor of the present administration.
While he was not in a position to
make any official announcement he
considered it sale tn say that the
Premier would be quite willing to
meet J. A. Maedonald, M.P.P, or any
other liberal on the platform for the
purpose of explaining his attitude at
the recent conlerence. Even il the
meetings proposed were not held, it
was quite likely that the Premier
would take the earliest opportunity to
give to the whole province an accurate
account of tlie deliberations at the
Ottawa conlerence upon the question
of "better terms" together with his
reasons Ior withdrawing Irom the conference. At any rate it could he taken
as assured that il Premier McBride
were not able to again outline his side
ol the case on the public platform the
issue would be thoroughly debated on
the floor of the House at the next
Hon. Mr. Tatlow further stated that
the date of the next Bitting of the legislature had not been considered by
members of the administration ia
council assembled and, therefore, a
definite decision could not have been
arrived at. But personally he believed
that the House, would be called together at the usual time, about the
middle ol January.
J. A. Maedonald, M.P.P., tl.e leader
of the opposition, is now in tlie Okanagan country, It is understood that
he intends visiting the coast in the
near future and that during his sojourn here an invitation will be tendered him tn deliver a number ol
addresses upon Ihe subject ol "better
terms." In view of the statement
made by Hon. Mr. Tatlow, there is no
doubt that should tl.e Victoria Liberal
Association remain ol the sume mind
ili.riug his visit to the coast and give
Premier MoBride and other members
of llie gnverument an opportunity to
be heard at these gatherings, the invitation will lie accepted with alacrity.
Martin   Doyle  is on  Trial
Charged With Shooting a
Farmer in Manitoba.
MliKDKR, Man., Nov, 1.—A sensational feature of the trial nf Martin
Doyle Ior the alleged murder of Vincent Weiler at Snowflake on November 20, 11105, which commenced
yesterdny, was the arrest of Christopher Foley on u charge ot attempting
to intimidate witnesses from North
Dakota. Foley is a former clnuu ot
Martin Doyle. He was locked up it.
Morileu jail.
Doyle is accused of shooting Weiler
to secure possession ol a farm which
he owned ut Mount funnel, N. II,,
where loth lived. Weiler'* body was
lound last spring in the woods near
Snowlluke, Man., with l.uliet-wounds
in his head. It is said that the defence will endeavor to show that the
body found some time subsequently
on tl.e piairie near Morris, Man., but
which afterwards disappeared was that
uf Weiler, and that he was seen in
some part of the Cauadiuu West subsequent to the date on which tl.e body
was lound at Snowflake. When arraigned, Doyle pleaded not guilty. He
was defended by R. A. Bonnar, of
Winnipeg, while G. A. Stewart Potts
ii prosecuting lor the Crown.
The trial promises to be one of the
most sensational in Western Canada.
The accused is wealthy, and intends
to put up a still' light. Dr. Specheley
ol Pilot Mound was the principal witness, and stated that the bullet-wound
through the back ol the head, passing
upward toward the front ol the brain
iiad lieen the cause of death. Tlie
body which he examined had lain for
months in the woods, and tho face
had been almost entirely eaten away
by rodents. He was positive that the
wound could not have been sell-in-
dieted A large number ol witnesses
are Americans, who arc anxious to get
back to the elections next Tuesday, as
three of them are running for state
The funeral ol tbe late W. Simpson
took place on Wednesday afternoon
last The deceased who had sustained
spinal injuries several months back
was well known and respected in the
city and his death will lie much regretted by all with whon. he has come
in contact. The luneral took place
fro... Knox church and a large number
ol people followed the remains to the
cemetery. The services both at thc
church and graveside werc read by
Iht R«V, J, R. Robertson,
PHI tho Opora House for
Harold Jarvis and Wallace
Qraham on Monday night
Music and Feasting at the Y,
M. C. A.
It has been said "thc world has been
reared in superstition." May. be yes,
und may be no, but ol all the nights
thnt came the year round, the Eve ol
All Hallows gives the greatest delight
lo both young unj old. Tha very
name breeds mystery and those beautilul Hallowe'ens of one's Golden Age
come tripping back like fairies us the
mystic night approaches. Such memories iveie recalled on Wednesday
night, the Eve of All Hallows at tl.e
p.irlo.s ol the Y. M. 0. A. when Rovelstoke turned out in force to participate in the banquet prt-pniel lor them
on tlm festive occasion; Tlie gymnasium had baon robbed of all iis paraphernalia for the development ol till!
muscle, and instead had received
altoge: her new appliances and material
for the development of good cheer,
pleasure and satisfied appetite. Long
tables were placed down the halt
covered with spotless damask and
gleaning with silver, glass and china
and bearing its loud ol delicious
delicacies from dainty creams to the
more homely "pork and beans." Such
indeed was the feast prepared that to
do lull justice to the whole one had to
"eat not too wisely but well." The
ladies in waiting did their part well
and with that adroitness and genuine
pleasure that will ever place the Revelstoke fair sex in the front of successful social organizers The tables were
under the control of Mrs. T. Kilpatrick, Mrs. Elson, Mrs. R. H.
Urquhart and Miss Atkinson, ably
assisted by many charming servers
who kept tl.e wants of the supperites
well supplied, In the outer parlors
a candy and fruit stall had been
erected, appropriately decorated with
branches ol autumn leaves, rich lined
in their crimson glory, bitter sweet
with its scarlet berries, evergreens and
dishes oi rosy apples and brown nuts
to put ones late to test. Caudles were
placed in sconces and in the centre a
gigantic pumpkin, cut with eyes, nose
and mouth as a Jack-o-Iantcrn was
grimly surveying the bright and lovely
scene belore him. Miss V. Coleman
and Miss N. Smith presided over this
attraction, and by the large crowd,
chielly male, that centred round then,
a thriving business was being done.
Mews. Veitb and Doyle gave instrumental selections during the supper,
and until Ihe arrival of the Independent Band, who rendered a liist-cluss
programme ol popular music which
was thoroughly appreciated by all.
This social event is a distinct leal ure
in the entertainments organised by
the ladies of Revelsloke, and tl.e
Ladies' Auxiliary ol tl.e Y. M, 0. A.
deserve great praise for their endeavors
in adding in such a delightful way to
the influence and general popularity
of the Y. M. C. A. ol Revelstoke, already so largely evinced in different
lorm-, It can he said that no other
city of its size in theprovince has sueh
a well organised, better maintained,
more influential and mure progressive
Y. M. C. A, branch than Revelstoke.
During the evening the young people indulged in games ot Hallowe'en
lame, while others patronised thc pool
and billiard room, anil kept thu pins
Hying in the bowling alley. A very
Interesting basket bull match wus
played in the gymnasium, allowing
what facilities there are for winter
evening amusements,
A Brilliant Musical Achievement
The Roscian Opera Company played
before a packed house lust night. It
is very seldom that Revelstok.! bus
had nn opportunity of witnessing
operatic productions of this description and it can be said that the house
Inst night was oneol the biggest on
record in lilt* city, The action nt the
piece is lively and lull ol vigour. The
chief roles ure excellently sustained,
and no better aggregation of vocal
talent has been seen in the Opera
House More. Miss Lucia Nola makes
a dainty and charming Lady Harriet,
passing as "Martha" in the Richmond
Servant Fair, and tins a winsome aud
sweet manner that at once captivates
the hearts nl those who hear her.
Ifc'r easy bearing and graceful carriage
are refreshing to watch while she
possesses a line soprano voice, powerful yet sweet and clear, "The Last
Rose ol Summer," sung in a sweet and
pathetic manner wns perhaps tho best
item in tl.e performance, and visibly
nlV.-cti-tl the whole audience, Miss
Winuilred Crowley, vivacious and
charming in manner, captivated the
hearts ol all with her sprightly acting
snd pleasing voice, Mr, F, W. Walters, is seen to advantage as tl.e hero ol
the piece and has an attractive role;
liis voice whicli is a magnificent tenor
has splendid range and ono which is
ol rare power and feeling, Mr, Hil-
Hard Campbell, as Plunkett, carried
out his part in a striking manner end
is heard to advantage in the solos and
part songs, Carl HotVman as Sir
Tristan created roars ol laughter and
as a comedian has no equal, Jack
Dewey as Sheriff was distinctly novel
and good, aptly suited to bis part,
which, although short, is full of good
soting. The piece is well set and the
chorus well trained and capable, the
voices as a whole deserving of great
credit while the personality individually is decidedly attractive. Revelstoke
is well satisfied with "Martha" and
will look forward to-night to "Girdle-
Girolla," whioh should bo a huge success judging by the reception given to
the company last night,
Ssuegi. the great cough cure at
Bews' drug store.
Fernie Outlook Hopeful—San
Francisco Grafters Made
Millions—A New Railroad
Opened—Canadian  Exhibit.
Fernie, Nov. 3.—A conlerence between Gen,-Manager Lindsay and
Supt. Drinnan, and Messrs. Burke and
Sharpe was held yesterday afternoon
at Mr. Lindsay's olliee, beginning at
2 o'clock nnd lusting for over two
hours and it half. Neither side is disposed to discuss the nature of the
negotiations, hut the public is hopeful
of settlement.
Ottawa, Nov. 3.—In reply to I.nur-
icr's congratulatory telegram to New
Zealand, Premier Ward said; " New
Zealand heartily reciprocates and appreciates Canada's good wishes. Our
exhibition is n magnificent success.
Canada's di-play is a credit to your
country and, I hope, a lorerunner of
increased commercial relations."
San Francisco, Nov. 3.—One million dollars is the amount Mayor
Schmitz and Abe Ruef have made
grading on building permits according
to evidence in the hands of the prosecution,
Cranbrook, B. C, Nov. 3.—A train
of 14 passenger coaches, mail and
baggage cars have arrived here Irom
St. Paul, Minn., tor use on the Spokane International railroad, It proceeded to Spokane over tho now road.
A passenger service will bo inaugurated
in the course of the month which will
be largely patronized by Cranbrook
nd other towns on the Crow's Nest
Train Strikes Three Men in a
Tunnel Near Kamloops
Ka.mi.oops, Nov. 2—Tliree men were
seriously injured near hero early yesterday morning by being stiuck by
tho engine ol the lirst section of No.
97 west bound. The three men were
walking through Telegraph tunnel
when the train struck litem, One
laid his right log cut off and the lelt
terribly smashed. The second received it nasty scalp wound and tlie third
esca|ied with less serious injuries. Tlie
train was stopped and medical aid
quickly summoned. The men were
brought to Vancouver and removed in
an ambulance to the general hospital
where their injuries were attended to.
A later despatch Irom Vancouver
states that Andrew Roberts who was
so terribly injured by being struck
by the engine ol No. 97, while l.e and
two other men were on a hand car in
a tunnel near Kamloops, has bucciiiii-
lieil to his injuries.
Possible Charges Amount to
Over $6,000,000
Finih.av, Ohio, Nov. 1.—The Standard Oil Company has been fined
$5,000 and costs of prosecution lor
operating in restraint ui trade in Ohio.
The dcler.ee wns allowed 40 daya to
file u bill of exceptions and sentence
mis suspended (10 days to give tl.e
defense lime to file petitions in error.
It wns also ordered that criminal information pending against J. I).
Itockclellei', the Buckeye Pine Line
Co. and the Manhattan Oil Co. lie
co.i'iniied until the next term of the
court. The line imposed by Judge
Backer was tlie limit lor one offence,
I hough the law stipulates that end.
dny that tl... illegal combination
business is carried ou, constitutes a
separate ofTonoo, Taking this view ol
tho stntut.es, it was possible Iur the
court to impose an aggregate nl lines
amounting to over $11,000,000.
l-'i'.n.i om-own i-ini-i-i.iiiiiili'iil.
Mrs, Sullivan and Mrs. Peacock
jointly gave an entertainment on
Wednesday evening in Mr. Peacock's
house in liouur of the Misses Simpson,
who have identified themselves with
tl.e social life ot the district hi a most
genial way during their sojourn of
twu years in our midst, and who are
uow leaving to reside permanently at
Vancouver. The now wing ol Mr
Peacock's house was thrown open (or
tl.e occasion, the glowing hours panning all to., quickly with games, cards
and dancing to excellent music, discoursed .... the piano by Miss Sullivan,
while earnest couples took advantage
of the various cosey comers, where tl.e
"entente cordiale" could bo most intensely cultivated.
Tho residents ul tho Lake Twonsl.ip
who approve ol working between meals
started to build the new hall on Monday and it is rapidly nearing completion.
We think that tho time is now ripe
Ior a store and post olilco at lions-
tridges Landing, and a single line
telephone'cal I olilco, lor tl.e benefit of
tho lake dwellers and lumbermen
passing up and down tho lake, desirous of communicating with the railway,
Something real tasty in Iruits arc
our Malaga Grapes, choice eating
Apples, Bananas and Oranges. Hobson & Bell.
PHI tho Opora House for
Harold Jarvis and Wallace
Qraham on Monday nighl
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Hard and Dry.
A large supply ol this wood has been received at our
yards and is now ready for delivery at
$4   FOUR   DOLLARS   PER   CORD   14
Tlie best and cheapest coal Ior all purposes. It is free
rom dust and dees not clink...-. We guarantee satisfaction
or will refund money.   Leave your orders for fuel at our office
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Moltone Bank Building.
This space is reserved solely for tlie best special real estate
bargains on our list last week.
The double corner we advertised last week has been sold and
taken off the market.
A io-roomed dwelling with modern convenience*, and two fifty
foot lots on comer, for the remarkably low price of $2,100.
Tbe owner is in need of ready cash and is sacrificing the
We will loan you $1,200 on the property and also you finance
tlie balance.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Hrnm-tin* in Uio I'm,inr tt, ol Mill.iu.bii. Alberta. Sii-i.ntj-litiw>t!i.
Hrili.-I. Columbia, OnUiriu, Qitot.ec.
Capital Subscribed - '     - •5,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....    $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $4,280,000.00
I). R, Wilkie, President; Hon, H. Jafbhiay, Wca-Presldent.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Depautment Deposits received .md Interest allowed
ul highest currant rule from date .if opening; account, und compounded half-yearly.
Drafts Bold available In all parts of Ciinudii. tJnlte.1 States and
Europe,   Special attention given in Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phippn, Manager.
Import direct from Country of origin.
liii-..n<i.,ii,-,l bf AH tl F.iUMtrn., iv,-,
Wm. MiiIjH.in MAOPHRMON, I'res. 8. :H. Khinii, Vice-Pres,
Jamkh Kllikt, General Manage..'
Capital paid up, $3j000j000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything In way of bunking bi.Bi.iess transacted without un-
necessary delay,
Interest credited twice n year at rum mt .rates on Savings Hank
deposits. ' . . n
W. H. PRATT, Manager,     T".     Revbuttoke, B, C.
For the best situated RESIDENTIAL and VILLA Lots
in the City or on its borders, and for choice FRUIT
LANDS, Call and see fi. M. SPROAT Soon.
Farwell Estate Office,   -   Cowan Block KfiVELbTOKE, B.C..
i ll.l.AN & ELLIOT!*.
L&rri.ter,. Solicitors, Etc.
C. R.GU.U.V IM c. I...,.HIT.
Offices:  IimmiAI. Bank  Hlock,  I.kvelJ
'STOKK, B. I*.
Money to loan.
Office-: Ilevelstoke. B. C; Fort .Steele, B. C.
Geo. B, MoCabtkb,
A. Sl. l'lNKUAM,
Revel-wkc, II. C".
J. A. Habvev,
Fori Steele, B. C.
J. M. Scott l.L.I.
W. I. Briggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
solic1tobs for molsons bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
iini.1 Land Surveyor,
Mine Suivoylng
McKenzie Avenue.
Box lui, Revelstokh
•pDWARD A. llA(!(il-;\,
Minimi Bnoineeb,
(Mem. Amerloan lii-iimie Mining Ktiglnt-ers)
Canadian Mining Instlttito.)
Revelstoke, B, 0,
Kxaitiiiiatioit of and report, on Mineral Pro
jii-riii'- a Specially.
same plane as other occupations she
would do a great deal towards removing any social stigma lhat may now
uttncli to it. The trouble is that when
She attempts to do it she assumes an
obnoxiouB assertiveuess rather than a
dignified appreciation of her own
worth. There is dignity attaching to
labor in any field proportionate to the
individual bearing of those engaged in
it, nnd among women who preside
over the household today there is a
growing liberality ol attitude toward
their help and just as much willingness to lavish tlie idea of social stignm
as is displayed by the proprietor of
shop or factory. So soon aB the girls
themselves retuse to admit that there
is any social stigma they will find
that lhe better sentiment of the com
munity is with them. If the girls who
come to tliis country in seach of occu-
pation could be imbued with thiB idea
tl.e difficulty ol domestic service
would be eliminated and consequently
Candian home life would resemble
what home should be.
Bankers k Brokers.
Dividenil paying mining, oil inul Industrial
Investments Richest ipeoulatlve i.ro.lt,* coin,
bined with bank security: COW divided
cheque* mailed every month lo client*. Cull
on me or write for particulars.
Agent for Kootenai.
Sbe flftatl43eva¥
"I would . . . oarjestly mlvlsoUioni for
theirgocl to order tblipapcr to bo punctually
served tin, and lu be looked i.|ioi. as a partol
ibe tea equipage."—Ann.son.
SATURDAY, NOV. 3, 1906
Particularly gratifying to Canadians
inuet be the following table issued by
Bradstreets ol the g.oss earning! of
railways on this continent lor the nine
months ending September 30. The
prosperity of the country is reflected
in its railways and that the Canadian
Pacific leads the best ie but confirmation of the wave ol plenty that is
sweeping over Canada. When one
Hops to consider tha tl.e main source
of revenue for Canada's trunk line, is
moving the go'den harvest ol the West,
the showing of the figures is all the
more remarkable. The Canadian line
handles little of the ore that swells
the revenues o! its competitors in the
south, that great source ol income for
a railway is as yet almost undeveloped
in the Dominion. When, in a lew
years, this is added to the steady stream
of golden grain which at that time
will be moving westward as well as
eastward—Canada's railways will have
even a still more satisfactory showing.
The figures issued by Bradstreets
are as follows, lor the nine months
ending Beptember 30th:
Canadian Pacific $10,960,715
•Northern Pacific    7,436,S32
•Baltimore it Ohio    7,195,353
Great Northern    7,164,310
New York Central    6,084,839
"Eifht months only.
The problem ol domestic service is
ever present and ever us dillicult of
satisfactory solution in Revelsloke at
the present time, and now that the
season lor social entertaining U approaching the want of domestic service and reliable help is still lurtber
felt. The problem is all the more
serious in thai litis scarcity ol domestic help hns been proved to be, not
only in Canada but the whole Britisli
Emp re.the main cause lor the decrease
ol home life aud the inevitable decline
of the birth rate The lads are easily
seen. A woman when she marries has
a duty to perform to the husband, the
duty ol being neat, attractive and
sociable with the- friends amongst
whon, they live. Xatur.tlly lhe Bociul
sideof a woman's life is very great,
and to those who have large familir-
without domestic help it is impossible
to cany out tl.e many duties ot the
home and at tbe same time take part
in the social am isements that society
has ordained tc be necessary to murk
sc.cial distinction. To attend these
(unctions and .ii tbe same time to
properly conduct . ;. ime ll an utter
impossibility, consequently with the
only too isrio u res ill pe .pie will
not be hampered with (amities, will
not devote their lives to et, rn .1 bouse*
keeping and thus the li melile and
national prestige, ita ■,,..,■ uno wanes
and iht wc- undei such     nd
will pass.    In iiiiiny h ii---,     - tods)
tl.e lack of  help  is tlm anguish nml
anxiety to housekeepers and s source
--I continual disc intent and dluatii-
factinn.    Prom nm'- to time - iggi
tions  arc  made  loi overcoming the
difficulty, y,-i ihey tail to produce iw-
desired betterment ol conditions,   1-
is Irciuently asserted that the laull
.fs-. noi lie In the work ... tl.e n mini the service but iu a n.i-iakoii popular attitude ol mind lowsrd Ihal pur
ticular das- ol  work and it is urged
that  il the social stigma k removed
relief would le found.   There is a goo I
deal  ol trulli in this but it does not
present ii complete  remedy,   l-'ron. u
national point ol view there should bo
110 stignm  attached  to domestic service and in the minds ol very many
persons there is none.   Household
work should   in- considered as not iu
degree inferior to work in factory or
shop  and  is  so  viewed   by sensible
menders ol society.     But Iho rising
generation is dosed with high forms of
e.luciitii.. and. unfortunately for them,
this  education   has  taught them to
despise domestic service,   The trained
■erviint   is  an   unknown   quantity
today snd where pure service In a
comfortable home was considered sul-
The Ambitious Commonwealth
Would Leave Britain's
Protecting Wing.
"Australia first," not "the Empire
lirst," not tho race lirst. No, it is "Australia lirst,"—that is the real strong
vibrating note ot the development of
this si.\ year old Commonwealth, says
the London Daily Chronicle. It may
irritate you ns an ngrcssive tiling
without light or shade, but yuu cannot
get away from it, if you live in Australia "Shall we continue for ever to
hire our defence and our maritime
protection? Or shall we now, as we
are well able to, accept the responsibility that properly belongs to us and
begin by easy stages to lit ourselves
for the performance of that greatest of
all national duties—self defence—by
laying forthwith the foundations ol an
Australian navy? We have no doubt
as to the answer which the vast
majority of patriotic Australians will
return to these questions."
Thus voices the Australian press,
and goes on to say that meetings are
being held in thc great secondary
schools with the object ot Btirring up
in the minds ol the youth of the nation
a purely Australian enthusiasm and
devotion. "Australia first."—"The
Motherland second!" It makes one
shudder a bit, but alter all Australia ii
the motherland to the majority ol her
inhabitants, It is therefore but
human nature that she should take
first place in the hearts ot her sous
and ihvughters. Were this rupture to
take place in all probability the down
lull ol Australia would be assured.
We in Canada are content to remain
us wo are with Great Britain bohind
our Dominion.
Majority   Over   Dr.
Halifax, Nov. 2 —The bye election
in the constituency ol Queen's She)-
burne to fill the vacancy in the House
of C..n.n.ons, caused by the unsealing
of Hon, W. 8. Fielding for corruption
by agents, was held yesterday and resulted in the re-election of Mr. Fielding by a majority ol 805 with two
polls to hear from, over Dr. Weldon,
Conservative. Tne vote polled was a
large one lor a bye election.
■— , m-.	
Pleases every smoker tho "Marc
Diepenaing always carefully and
promptly attended to at Bews' drug
Calling Cards
fl Your name engraved in grace-
ful P.yne Script on a Copper Plate
will be furnished by our Stationery
Department for f1.00. The supplying and plate-printing of one hundred
Calling Cardi will be done for an
additional JI 00
IJ The card stock used is made
specially to our order and is of the
thin "snappy" sort,   that denotes
qua I ity'elegance,
J] Our Catalogue contains specimens of engraved Wedding Invita*
tions. Society Stationery, Etc
Dnf ui a fitful card and m vffl
lend pQUfrft of zh.irgf uur farTi ...V.-
Iriitfd (nt i! gut nf.lm*lry, \il\trm*v*,
Leetker U i, tt,-.
That's Itoynl Orown kind—
iiiinlt- in Vancouver—Largest
8oap factory west, of Winnipeg, House .-.I.-lining and
washing are easy with ilshelp.
Ami the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what, ive give for
Royal down Wrappers, Send
for It—Froo—Alio try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
II feiuij
All Kootenay
Steel Range
wearing parts
are made extra heavy
London-Toronto- Montreal
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
In wniil! or large Lots,from 100
lbs. to a Carload.    For price
E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Fresh Hay      New Potatoes
All K'nds of Vegetables
COMPANY ol Canada
Head Office—4-6 King St, West, Toronto, Onl.
Revelsloke Office—Molsons' Bank Building
Capital Subscribed, 31,000,000.00  Paid Up Capital, $200,000,00
Oovernment Deposit,    100,000.00 Reserve Fund,       60,000.00
Special attention paid to Accident and Sickness
Insurance fnr railway men. Policies being issued on
the mosl approved plans nnd at low Premium Hates.
Investigate I ho following Policy Benefits! Payments
for loss of life, limb or sight; weekly Indemnities for
total nnd partial disablement! Optional Indemnities.
Medical Fees. Travel Indemnities! Sickness Indemnities; Hospital Indemnities and face value of policy
for Total Permanent Disablement.
See oui' Speeiul Combination Policy for Select and
Preferred Risks, covering $2,(100 Accident Insurance,
$1,000 Health Insurance, Weekly indemnities for any
Accident or uny Illness,—Costs $1.(10 per month,
Hnnds issued for Dominion nnd Provincial Employees, Municipal Corporations, Banks, Loan,
Financial and Commercial Institutions, Fraternal
Societies, Administrators and on nil parties occupying positions of Trust. Absolute security and Low
Revelstoke Insurance Agency, (ity Agents
H. F. McKinnon, Special Railway Agent,
E. H. Lewis, General Agent.
Produces the most wholesome and
nutritious bread, //'s very superior
Hour, milled from specially selected
hard wheat, and will produce more
loaves to the sack than any Hour on
the market Say Moffet's -BIST"
lo your Grocer	
Columbia Flouring Mills Company,Ltd.
The denerdl Accident Insurance (ompany of Canada
1'i.l.K  .   IN
ll   ,       , M|„
ninl mi i i;,ivi i itokea.i.
I i, ■     mptil ..   „ i. ', ■! will
ll li,- mil Lilt-   .    li
i   Perth    Hi  tlund    wl	
mi..mil t,, ,,m     ....     	
- . Idem Si  Imi-iu ' II ■
, nil  Hi .  m    II ■    I .lll.'tilil.     Thc
m \ iie Co. a] II-1 ■
...i     knees pull
The   li ki ■ i'"li- j     nvei  111
■ .- Ipcrd M. foi - '- h ■■' -
L-ri.       j m.ii iiiii-t-i! !'.-   '.     !
i tin m I The Company
,ii...   i poll, i   -.- ■ ■:■! | mv disease o. sick-
• -n Indi mnll -. ip to IHUI per week,
i ,i. ,n ti< L'l.i'l ...furnish ...ii <rl.li i" i ni.. .    ,:    nn
minium Ilic polkl. in       laml nl ,
....ri.i.i- i muii in ' -1"'1 Ur. Ill orkil it. iml Hi n i-
wilkli' liii-,-ii-r Mi-i i'r,',i'i. im .i tl linwirlal Hani .11 mail,
iro roipoi lively Prc.lrlsnt mil
E. A ,*,.,
Central Hotel
./ -a^-REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built,     Flrst-oln.BR iii 'ivory rMpSOt.    All modern OOflVSnienCM
Luge Sample limn™.
Rates $1.60 por Day, Special Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Front Street, Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Sales and Furniture,
Ceneral Draylng,
Office: McKenzie Ave,
Next l,itivreiici'
lliirilivurc ..Ik.
Offloe Phone Ne. 71.     House Phone No, 7.
Deer Uoaita, Animate, Birds, Kl.li, Etc.,
Atlltlllll   1.111,1, Mnullleil.
. 1). 1.11X111,
stiiilio: OPPOSITE P. 0.
Revelitoke, 11, C.
for .  .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management nf
Harry McIntosh,  Hoffman  Honso
cyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, tmlu.nl remedy for
nl) Neivous nnd Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure-cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails airive and depait every day.
Telegra h communication with iill
marts of the world.
Tebms- $12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu Lake. B, C
the thin! Monday it,
-.act. month at *
p.m. Visitingbrcth-
itii   cordially  wel
(J. A. 1'KOI'l'NlKU. Skcuetauv.
Meet* every Thursday
Hall at 8 o'clock
Visiting brethren i'or
filially invited to a.
ti. J.TAGtUBT, N.O. J. MATHIE, Sec
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Large DliiiiigriK.ni lor
nonquota, Suppers, etc
Furnished Rooms To Let
Cold Range Lodgo, K. of P.
Na. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
In Oddfellows' Hall at 8
o'clock Visiting Knights are
cordially invited.
HOWE, (l.O.
G. H. BROCK, K. of R. it S.
F. O. E.
Tlio regular mooting! nro hold in tho Solklrk
Hull on the 2ml antl lth Tuesdays of the month
ut 8 u. tn.  Visiting lirothr.ii oro cordially
E. Q. IU1RHIDUE, Pbbs.dwit.
H. COOK. Secuktauy.
The Revelstoke Hospital Society
A special peneral meeting ol the
Revelstoke Hospital Society will be
held at the Ciiy Hall, Kevelstoke, on
the 21st day ol November, 19011, ut 8
p.m., lor the purpose ol electing directors and receiving and considering
the financial statement Ior the year
muling 31st July, 1906, and Ior'the
transaction ol such other business as
is usually transacted at the annual
general meeting.
Dated Oot. 17th, 11)06,
good potatoes, onions, carrots,
sauerkraut, home made pickles,
jam, etc., chicken or eggs, or
// there is anything wrong
About Your House
that wants fixing, from opening your safe to cleaning your
'Phone to
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
I have clients who wish lo
obtain houses, rooms and lots
Ior building purposes, aid shall
be glad if parties having auob
will advia* me of samt.
Real Estatt and Insurance Agiui.
Rtvelitoks, 11. 0.
Henry's Nurseries
Extra la rue importation of
pill DO   tn arrive frnm Hollniid, Franc*
l VbU-j  flII(j Japan in Septombor
For Fall Planting
TluiiiHiiiuls nl Fruit and Ornamental
Trues, Rhododendrons, Roses and hardy
plants now growing on our own grounds for
futuro planting.
No expense, loss or delay of fumigation,
inspection nor customs dutius to pay. Head-
quurtors for Pacific ('oast grown und imported Garden, Field ami Flower Seeds.
Visitors are always welcome to inspect
our stock.
Greenhouie Plants,
(lut Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilizers
Hem Hives and Supplies, Spray Pumpu and
Spruying material.
No agonts-therefore you huve no commission to pay. Our catalogue tolls you
about it. Let me price your list boforo
placiugyour order.
We do business on our own grounds—no
rout to pay, uud are prepared to moot all
competition. Eastern prices or Ull, White
labor.   Catalogues Free.
Greenhouses: - 3010  Westminster   Road.
Branch Nurseriosi-South Vanoouver.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs. § I
Certificate of Improvements
Silver Hell Mineral Claim, situate in the Rev-
elstake Mining Division o! West Kooteuay
Whoro located:   Keystone Mountain.
"J'tike notice that I, Jatttos I. Woodrow, F.M.C.
Nn. B88M0, niienl tor Alex. W. Mcintosh, P.M.
I*. 1161*1. (Ico. Johnson, F.M.C, 11881;., and
Blliobeth McMahon. F.M.C. No. H881HI, iutond,
siity .lays Irom the date hereol, to apply to the
Mi I Recorder lor n Cortillcate of lmprore-
mouls, ror tho purpose uf obtaining 0 Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further tithe notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dntod this 28th day ul October, A.I),. 11106.
oot!. JAS. I. WOODROW.
Notice Is hereby fli-on that W days aftor data
1 In loud to up., 1 to. l.e Chief Commissioner of
Jjiinds uud Worka (or a tpoolal llooiiH to out
ami carry awi y Umber from thc followlnj descrilied lands iltual din llio BIk llend district
of Woit Kooiiiiiiy:
1. C0...1111 ,iulnK 1.1, a post mnrkod "Oua
!,iii.d a sou.I,-cast corner post," planted about 1
utile up lIuMlcIt or One Mile Croek, und ubout
1 mile fnni thu west lli.nl nf Columbia River,
thonco 1 nr It n clmins, west SO chains, south Sll
chain,., 011-1 Hu clmins to jiolnt of coitiitienco-
2. CoiiiiiionoillB nt a post marked "Oua
Lund s smith west corner .lost," planted about 1
mile up lloldiclt or One Mile Creek, and about
1 mllo from the west bank of Columbia River,
thonco north 811 elinins, east Sll chnlns, south 80
chains, west SU chnlns to point of commencement,
3. Commenting at a post marked "Qui
Jjiintl 1 south-east comer post," planled about, 1
miles up Holdlcl. or One Mile Creek, cost bank,
and almut 2 miles from Columbia Itiver, tlionco
north 811 chains, west 80 ohalni, south 80 ohalni,
ouat 80 ehalus to point of commencement.
1. Commencing id a poit marked "One
Lund s south-wesl corner post," plan ted about 2
miles up Hold id. or One Mile Creek, east bank,
and about 2 miles from Columbia river, thencu
north 80 chains, cast80 clialns, slluth 811 chains,
west 80 chnlns to point of oomn.onoon.ont.
Located Oct. 21st, 1900.
nov3 GUS LUND.
Notice is hereby given that »0 days afterdate
1 intend to apply lo the Chief Com mis-donor of
Lauds and Works fnr a special license to cut
and carry timber from the following described
lauds situated In West Kootenny dirtrlct:
8. Commencing at a post marked "litis
Lund's soutb-west corner pust," plauted at the
north-wust cornerof Timber UmltOWl, thence
mirth 40 chains, east JOU ehnins. south 40
chains, wesi 160 chains to poiut ol commencement.
Dated Sept. Ibtb, 1U0G.
2d. Commencing at a post marked '(ius
Lund's iiorlb-east coruer pust," at thu norlh
west corner ol Timber Limit 0200, thenee south
bo chains, west 40 chaius, souih 4U chains, west
4u i'h ni ns, north bO chaius, east 40 chaini*, north
40 ebains, east 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. i'lrd, 1907.
octal GUS LUND,
Notice Is hereby irlven that 30 days after .lute
we Intend to apply to the Honorable tho Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works fora speoial
For Sale or Rent
Containing 110 acre., aliout three-quarten ..eil
I with Timothy.  Suitable for trait growing
llouie and outbuilding, in good condition. HltnaM
at CralgeUaehl.. > l.w tails, wait ol llenlitoko.
Apply to R. TAPPING, ltenlltokt.
ii you arc looking for some.hing nice in 8POON8 AND
SPECIAL" (or Souvenirs, we liuvu Ihem here.
a p.
a«M««UU'M-HU«Ut%U«%tU-MMV I
HKAD OKKICK :   CauAltv,  AlaWRTA,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork I'lii-ksr, iinil (.tiiilitr   In Live Stock.   Markets In nit tho principal Cilius and
Iim.iii*.,! \!l„-itii. Itrilisli M„iinnlila iiiiiI tlin Viikon.   Puckers ol tho (letebrnteil Itrilnd
A  "Impi-i-i.iir" l[.-tiii, iiiii! Iliu-ini, nml Shamrock Itrituil, l.u.if I nnl.
U%%V%%V'«^^^\%«VV^'i%%%«A'i«%«y«l VII
llcenie to cut and carry awny timber front the
following described lands:
1. Commencing- at a post marked "G. B
Campbell and C. B. Kirk's north-west coruor
post, planted on tbe east bnnk of the north fork
of FifoCreok, Hi miles above the fork., thence
east .0 chains, tlience 180 chains south, theuce
10 clmins west, thence llkl ohains north .0 point
of commencement.
2 Commencing nt a post mnrked "Q. B,
Campbell and C. 11. Kirks north oust corner
nnst. 'plnnletl 00 Hut east bank of the north
fork of Fife Creek, 3^, ...Ilea abovo lho forks;
tlienco 10 chains west, thence KKI ohains aouth,
tlienco K. ciniins enst, thenee llkl chnlns north
to pointof col uncelilonU
3. I'uiiiiiionolng nt 11 post mnrkeil "... 1).
CiimplHiU and C. 1). Kirks north-enst, oorner
post,'planted on the east bank of tho north
fork of Kit. Creek, ill iniles above the forks;
thonce 10 ohains west, thouco 100 chains north,
thenoo 10 chains imt, thenoo 160 chains south
I. Conimonolmr ut a poet marked "Q. II.
Campbell uml C. B, Kirk's louth west corner
post, plunted on the east bank of tho north
ioik of FifoCreok, iU mllei above the forks;
thonco 80 chains east, thenco 80 ohalni north,
thence 80 ohains west, thence 80 chains south
to point of commencement.
t. Coinmeneing ut a post marked '0.11.
Campbell and 0, B. Klrkanorth-west corner
Post,' plnnU'd 011 the west, buuk ol the north
fork of File Oreok, 8 miles above the forks;
thouco 80 ohnlns cm., thenco 80 chains south,
thenco 80 chaius west, thenoe 80 chains north
to point of commencement,
S. CiiiinciiciiiK at a poat markod "U.K.
Campbell and (!. 11. Kirk's south-cuit corner post," planted on tho wesl sldo of th.
nortl. fork of Flf. C.-.ck, 8 miles above tbe
forks: thence 80 chains west, thenee SO chains
norlli, thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
eaiith to point of commencement,
7. Cotiiui.noliiK at . post marked "Q, B,
Cnnipbcll and C, II. Klrk'i south-west oornor
post, plnnted on the weit ildo of the north fork
of Fife Crock, 8 miles above the forks; tlienc.
80 chains east, thonco 120 ehnins north, thenee
10 clialns west, thenoo 80 chains suulh, thenoe
10 chains west, thenco IS chains south lo point
of commencomonl,
8. I'luiiiiicneliu- tit a poat marked "Q. II.
Campbell nnd 0, II. Kirk's louth-east corner
post,'iilanled on the wesl sldo of lho nortli
fork of Fifo Creek, 10 ...lies above the forks;
thenco 80 chains woit, theuco 80 chnlni north,
thenco 80 chnlns eait, llienco 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
9. Commonoinir nt a pout markod "G. B,
Campbell and ... 11, Kirlt'e north-east cornor
-insl,'plnnl.id on the west ilde ol the north
'nrk of Fifo Crook, 10 miles above lho fork.;
Ihence 80 chains west, thenoe 80 ohains south,
tlience 80 elinlns east, Ihenee 80 chains north to
point of commencement,
October 2ilth ,1W.
Under   New   Management)
B.   C,
Kirnt-.ili.K accommodation for travellers.
Beat l.r.nulB ol Wines, Spirits, und
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Queens ftotel
Bust brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars,   Travellers to
Fish CreeU will lintl excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNQ, - -        Proprieto
NOTICE 18 HRHKBY GIVRN tha. thirty
days aftor dale I Inlenil to apply to Iht
Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and Worki for t,
special license to out and carry away tlnilie.
from the following described lnnds situated
In tlm dislricl. of West Kootoiniy:
1, Coimm-noltig ut a ..est mnrkeil "Alex, Mc-
Crae's north-wait oorner," planted.... the llunimll
Cieek trail, aho.lt IB miles from Argrntn, running
east ion ehains, Ihem-.' smith 111 ehains thence
west ISO i-hal.is, theai-ti north ,0 chains to 'pluctt i.f
2. Commoneliig nt a po-l innrkeil "Alox. Mc-
I 'nin'ii iiiii-Ui wnsl, oornor," plantod on lho Hum-
milt'reck Irail, uliuui 111 miles from Aivollln,
running en*i um chuius, thence luuth 10 chains,
tlii.iu.li wesl 100chnlns, llienee north 10chnlni
lu point uf cumimi.icoi.ient,
I. Commonolng at a imst marked "Alex,
Mel Iran's lliirlh-i'iisl tio.-l.er," planted on the
lln.innii Creek trull, nboul 10 tulles from Ar
gimlii, running wosl iui uliulns, thence .tiulh III
chnlns, I Im- cast tflu chains, thonce north III
chnlns tti jiolnt uf cimiiiiciicitu.c.il,
liiili-il October ISlh, 11X10.
oct 31 A, Mol'ltAK.
Of Concrete. Hollow Dlocks, Ijtono, Drink or
Frame Dnll'llnns, DIALER In Cement, Lime,
Concrete Hollow Blocks, and ntlinr building material*,  All labor nnd initurli-.li ttrst-clms.
Plastering and Plutirlng Supplies a Specialty.
suitably furnished with the. choicest thc
market affords, Iiest Wines, Liquors and
Clg|lr8,   Katus $i a day,   Monthly rate.
Miiiiufacturetl lor nil classes of buildings
All klndH of building nnd plastering
Rocky Mountain Rangers
Number rive.
A .pcrin i drill .-Un lm- n-w.lt* will he held In
tl.e Drill Hall on Tl.uriday, Nov. 8th.
,,»'doesn't stave off   appendicitis,    nnil     "H'hal do |iaina In the back  sign!-  .< ,
iln- i-i'sulls iu-|. fatal, you will (Ind nil  l,v?"
'. on, I J
* '.        (Sing In must, any old uir.)       i .
J  .li... sii..|ikins mis n hired man, niii!| J
.........   ,|,, borse's hem! aud let It drop bn.k
-   uilli it bang, uiiii say:
• iinillOrniO   IITrOT   rIT    I  mv business papers iii Hi,' sale," hu       llli.-i itlsm, generally. •
• flUWStnS LAIES! Ill, :,«i.r«,,„sho,«-n.i .™„. ::a„„^u,>.^r
• . ■   "'\.-iv well. A rolrt. .
•                                             •     "Vou will nol lie forced to nmif.v "And    when your teeth seem    tool.
,                                                 * tn keep ti i-iiui* over \mir hend." long?" *
,      llK    GOES    HUNGRY     TO J     •■-,„.•• "A little neurulgla    In-, the   inns. •
. (THE APPENDICITIS.        ,     "Xniurally,  I  would    rather   you  Why, wha  you think nils you?" ,t
'                                                    »  would tint 'iiiiii-i-y nl nil. luu    I   nm "I was told by a doctor this morn- ,
 not  going tu exact any  promise.   I ing I Inn  I hos symptoms heralded an .
do  wish, however, that  you    would utinrk of appendicitis. —
Mr.    Bowser didn't  sksoin l» enjoy  ,ivi|    „iv crave once In n  ivhllo    I "Herald vour grandmother!   Pome-                                                               „
bis breakfast tho other  "ning, and „,,.,„•, k,,0„ „   „, „,„,.„, |„„ u W||| body  lms I,  making a (.,..1 ol you     "ben I got along to Farniei  Hard- bull—tho color i! uus red,
You  may have    appendicitis man's the other day (ho good    wliu With spots ol ivhlto ..lung    Itssplnoi'
. . a llil'i-il limn mis In
IIE   lUlOl'S INTO MII'STM-,   Ami ,|1(, „.1IV ,,,„, ]„.   ,,M1|(|   nust|J
"MER   POETRY    ON    HIS..      'round was a caution for to sees
ROUTE. J      Hu always hod a job, ili.I Jlm-
Ilo always worked with fervid vim—
......»».»•«•.•♦»•***  And ne'er wont nn Iho spi'
"Fellers, it's a fuse of broken heart
—just uluit ails nie. Thc old Lag
iitt.s in luu- antl his girl w.-nt   fcock
  *  on him,   Lot's take- him by the   '.nil
^^^^^H *  and run him down the street."
IIE    LOSSES  A ,IOB    AM),     "You let him alone!"   commanded
HEAPS HONORS, • Humpy in tones of   authority,   and
i thus   drawing the attention   ol Ibo
t«....... ........ #*••••  buys in himself.
They looki-tl at him fnr a   mi mont
,    Humpy Skinner was trying lo make  and there was u rush lr.nn nil siduS.
Twos    l-'iii-ini-i-  lliirdmiin  bought    n'       ,      ■   ' "     V, .,   ,,        „ .    " , ., „ ,,.
,,„,,,     ,,,....     , iii   liin.ii    ""I    "i "" "'" I' He mis seized and thrown   ovor Hu-
Mrs. Bowser, who look mental   notu |„,|., ,,,,, „„,  |„ f0i'gt-t mo." luruln.l
ol Uu- fact, mild.- u|i hot* iiiiml i'i"1     --| shall visit ii onco in Lwo weeks somo dny, bul ll ivon'l ci
on ilnn   was nl n,,, gatc uith a look ot
friitn tail milt. Iho head;
I..-   should linn- n good   dinner   to during gno(|    „,,,„|,,.|-.-- K|„. t-cpllod, way,   Whal  did tho so-called doctoi ,       on |ier |aco  „„„■ as I hand-     ,h"  ";"""' "f lh»l mighty l»"11
n.akti (.yen.   Knowing how fond    ho „„ sh(, mw |,|s m, tnunlillng. tell ynu io do?" , ,        ,   ,     ,„,,,. Wns like Niagara at Ils full,
was nf an  old-fashfoncil hulled   din- -Thnt is nil I ..sk   The doctor ns- "Drink    milk and wator,"   sighed cu ber a lottoi sue saiu. And sometimes raised tho (load.
""'■-* '"'•'-'I, •'"" ''"''•    I"""- s,„i-l me ilm. milk,„„!,in.,-,-wotiltl M,-. Ib.ws,,- "Well, Abe, what do you think hns j                                                                          n   the- way eery for sugar and soap,
ties, carrots, cabbage and parsnips. „,„,„ „,, „,„ h M(|lng danger; ,„„ ,     -v„„ mighl t kept on that   Iol hn),,M.n,.,i.-■ Jim   Slmpklns win   lo  nnd   htm            ■           „,„.„      „   got     „*W|) ,    ^  ,       ,'b      ,,,,   ..,
|*h.. dinner was splendid ns lo qua..- ,„„,, „ ,„,.s,,„ ,„. „,.,,   nnvvKC,*-n for    lho rest nr your natural   lie, ,        t      ,    ,.,,.. home-to load this old bovine,    - "..                                             s|h,    kJ       h                ■
1 Who tl roamed around tho pasture lot
clothes   line iii tho back yard    Hie body back and forth nvo or six limes,
ilii'i- day whon bis mother called him ami when the gnng left he was   out
i nmi snid: of breath uml badly mussed up.   He
"I mmi ii now broom   Iron,   tho might have shed tears over It but for
:uii', nml | wnnl ii  wllhln    fifteen the coming ol n girl about fourteen
tics,   Hn m While's ...ul got    It, years old.   She hml been lo tho gr<>-
III)  und quality, mul ii  was     will.    ,..„,.,,„.,„„  „ml    n,,i„.n(||HtlB   will  Didn't   Mrs.  Bowser sny  tho    Inllow       • ' , .
i-m.s .l..i-,il,l -lin Hml   she niiiiniiiif-    i     ,.. »  „ „  lun,iinil.'. M"lp  lllipolianl   iniin  mai.
mil   In
■('iui n boy H>.'" iiroteslod Hum-    "Tryin' to lick mo.'
i:l,-i-„l.l,. pi-i.li' ilm! she ttiinuiini- ,,„,,, „„,| i,,,.,,,!,,,,,,. iniiiiiy."             wns a liuinbug?' """  ""!""""' '         and many ll.li.gs hail seen;               *           •    : * "And you made them all run' Say
I" ""'' «'h«i. lm arrived ho, -     ...*,„,! , ,, .,, „.■,„„„, that r|   "Woll-e,-you know—"                know    ■    hire, in, -  Simp-    The hull looked gem loin lho eye    [ W- ! *<J 'l» WM iu. t. ^ And *m, mad, them all rnn.^ay,
'•1'»'k; ,              ,„.. ,        ...   shall somo duy „ I ihnl (,,,,1   nl aj   "Of course she did, and ol con so ki„s„-.                                                ,.,„, ,,„,„„,, pPnVP,| ,„ ,,„ „,-.       ' <>•    " ,     l(, a  ||m(.- ,-               «          J
. boiled dinner, ch?    lm r.'|,li.:l. ,,„,,,„. (lniM,.|| ,lim „-',:,. I il.ink ol !,.- is.   (in   homo   and oul a hoait. ..Yrtl I've seen him."                     Or coiitnnkci a and mean.               ,',.„,,» vnii'd do'vour best to    fly.  Aro vou used to bossing    lobs    Uko
ms verj  in,-.- ,.l you, Im smv; hill|,   ,.■„ illfil |,|||(„IK,„,BN   thnl   nil inor.   Eal    as much ns you want '    ■  . ■ ,.-  ,h,.,*„                         h
unlortunatolylor me,   1   canno, vml, „„„ „ ,I(1W, ,„. ,„,, ,„   ,,llo„,„| ,0.mo,,'ow, and limn lake some cal- «   l-        I   tta hod-     lh .,vllh    „„„,_„,„  Uin.llv .■„.«;»"        h«1'^       Ike in I   and I.     -n, ,  ln„llons o( dead horeos
•kuoMt; would st-t you to singing. Tlmro aro1 oniol.   Say, man, If you Irndn t   Ibo broken   ribs.  Happened two   days         -,!„, Slmpklns led lhe way,              ', before this," answered lluinpy as his
lut  why'?                                             __^_                                    , ago. llm Iml! In- Itiuki'il us pi-nt-i-fiil ns   n  "''""„   .        .,   ,, „,,  „_,,, .,,.,  ,„. , ,.,,,„,„,
"1 got a littlo warning to-day that
I ihink Imst it. hoed."
"What sin-, tif warning?"
"Iiu.-lot- Muci'trcady wits in llm nf-
flce nn sunn- business, and, hearing
nn' utter nn Involuntary groan us I
roso up, he lii'giiu to question mo. It
wasn't live minutes boforo h'' nn-
niiiint'i-d ihnl I would have to be very
careful or fall n victim lo appendicitis. Hi- said I lind all the symptoms
ol it."
"1 dun*, believe any such lei.'. Mr.
Bowser, 1 havon'l heard vou groan,
Involuntarily or otherwise, for u
yenr, Hid he charge you u feo for
tolling .nu this-?"
"lb- made no charge, hut naturally—'*
"Nutiirully ynu went nml handed
hint over at Imst live dollars while 1
am in need of a dozen different little
things, Ynu have nu mnn- t-ntise to
be afraid of appendicitis limn I have
ol the Indian plague. Why do ynu
let peoplo wurk you like Ihis?"
"Softly, now—soltly," he snid, as
In- led Hie nny to Hie dining room.
itisn-uil ol shouting "Woman!" at
her. "Mrs. Bowser, 1 cannot be
classed as an alarmist. Thousands ot
tliiiies have ailed mo. aim I hnvo
novor   snid   n   word to vnn about    ,
il    I wasn't going to say a thing .".'J.',"*.'. "'l'""
in this cusr, lutl, lieing put on a diel
"You don't sat!   I'id be full
have.   1'w-    iil-
•W.-ll, keep it there until yon get  pride returned.
„., "I'1' ".". •-"""""-1" ""-V   , i,1m.l   nml ihon I'll lake the   longs    "Yes, I'll bet vou
the Plow?" .   . \l    I;;"'::,. "':i";r;f11:^: J!: -I  ,.,ll ll out.  Anything   else  tho ways said 1,1 nover marry „„> but a
•■1.1111*1 make fun. Abe.   .lliu   is   a   ,     ' , - *  imiii,,.-?" brave boy, and I've found him.    I'm
good fellow,   My husband bough,   n  An" *"ln "'""  "' """ K"y "Oneol my sus|iendei*s has busted."  willing m bo engaged if you arc."
bull, and when .Iim uus   leading Ihoi, , . .. .       "Never mind lhat.   *in..'d    bust a     Humpy wus blushing and    looking
animal    home it attacked lilm.   The    '""* "'* .,**', *_      do/on pairs a week il you hud 'em.", confused when an nld man    »ith   n
doctor sn.vs tho poor follow won't be '[*'   "        ° ''"".. ,.     ..    .     "Bul 'spose I'd meol lhe Mayor on  i-iiim tame along.   He wasn't looting
nut fur a month.  He wants   to  see  ino flcnomo ii was to i ui niiusou   oi  tho ^j.^ „„,, ne'd stop l0 Mk what .for doad horses, but he had   to  see
iyou." i,     '"    '",' ,,       "". ' |    , tlnte it wns'?" argues liumpy. tins unc, and no sooner hnd bostop-
"llut how can I help him? I'm sor-     "a gnio a upiiow ami a nooa- ,|rB. gklnner   looked   around   lor j pod than he called out:
i-y, but Hint's ..11 I can do." uenenin ine arm om Jim was iook.i Mmclh)     ,„ „Bl, „s „ weapon, nnd     "Young man, I wnnl to know what!
,   ".Vo,    It ain't.   You can come   In ;Aml SMIt "P "'" a '""* Hnding   that ho must go, lho   boy | this means!"
and sin-ilk n few words lo him, nml mails n start.   II  wits a milk of un-     "Il's a dead horse."
you ...... write a piece ol poetry.   I     Ihoy thought him dead, bul ho sir- ™au« ^ ^ |h| ^^   ^   r     „q( ^^ .^ & ^ ^   ym
know he's gol his mind sot   in    ll, M,0li   " "-'* " low yenis moie-   -... v      ,  ,    ,    1|rB(, h(, ,1,,,,,-,  „„    fll0l    j  ,|jlhll ,hinK it  ,VRB    H
but fears lo ask yo... Don't ho niean,'0 always have lour aching ribs and «i™ff    ^    |Iimi|    |.nm.S(,    Th|U  |)Ht.k hm|w   Hhal , wanl ,o   ^
Abo.   If   ,lim   thinks   poetry .-,,-i.ld j   ^J^"^"^nw wo n't havo boon like a boy.   He' Is how he came here?"
somell,1 „«' 'ib'Tl send coulos   of   It     Thai whon .. lu.il has grown to sine ^ K01"* clBht hM*- and wos """-     "llp,VV11S w»lki"8 *imB «"J he Wl
sonitiniig.   in- ii sinn (opus   o.    ..       b ,        h ,(| m|lke t|)  d   d„
ti twentv different |ientile, and il you , "ls """nig uayt, alo ti ei. .     i ,      , i „, ,„ ,,i, ,.,     ,,ti      ,.,,.■ n   , ,    ,
-..'''       i ,   ii twelve, whon Im came along to whole       He did, eh?   Well, he was n   liol
are ever mil ol a Jon as   mini main h ! f||||i , tlj,.,, in    lhu    f     ,10rs        h ]A ,   .   djed ,
car or I. may help yon to gel ono as  .^^cM to fi ^-lU S|1W|-   A P"11™" »"s lhere'   """ hla sta"le*   ' *""">« "» "»">'    »»'
I wanted lo oblige the whole   f.„n-  his   hands und cried like a child.   I »s """'I'-1 '"""' UP' thc' ofl,cer   sald  «° '" Packingtown and I* made Into
Ily, antl so I wont in and   spoke   a don't  think it was because    I    hod ,0.,1'1"1* ni      . s""s"fs'.. „
• ,      .       .,       ,     ,,-      hin-l   1,1.-   feelimru   .1,,,   , „,,,-,> Sl't'    U"'C,     nil.   1   Mntli    tit   RO   Utlll 1 t'h,   Slf,
lew encouraging, words   o tho bull » nun. nis i ncs um nu...', i • , ,,„,..      ...-      ,     ., .,, ,
... ,   Vl .     , i     , When    I    luu)    i.,tr,„„l   „1m,i„   ,1,.„„   Im HU'    II    l''UUI   til   draw   llllfi   lll-llll llOl SO 108,    III     1 lllllldt-f,       it      Will,       lind
victim iiiiiI Ihen sat down uml chop-     '•"'"  '  '*"" !"W" along .luwii in ,   ,.        ., . '   ..,        ,, .
ned out tho following' Parmer   Don  Williams'placo   Unci,. awn-v'   H I leave you In charge ol the somebody ought to go lo btato8Pn-
" n,.., one,- n,p from ii,,, |iark dn,,,. „( linily dn you think you ..in manage son    lor    it.   \oung mnn. what are
you hanging around hero lor?"
yellow streaks under your eyes, and wife ynu have somebody would   get
biliousness and    ....thing tho socks nil ynur feet."
Mr.    Bowser didn't jaw hack,    lie
Mr.    Bowser   shook'his head   nnil tins inn olaled.  Ten minutes    later
by   tho doc.or, I Inul to mnko   some ,  ; :    ,     ,,                    , ,          ,           ,              ,            ■       ,
explanations    I     havo   km.hi.     for heaved a sigh that Dually terminated lho cook wus heaping .he remains nf
months and months thnl Un n mil- '" » >-"'™" "ml h*'0,lSW ""'   ™t ""'   """ '""'" T'*' "" lk* tablc'  ""(1
i-iiis was alter me   I hnvo    ligiu'etl '''"'" under llm piano.   Tlmi. he start- ho was eating like h Michigan   luin-
..... ........ t .'..,..   m... i ed down tho hall and put on his hat. borman.   Mrs. Bowser came home and
ilm. when i! overtook n t lasl  I
v.-,uh! iiiiiIm- it sin-tik for the hospital
and have the operation performed lie-
fore    .'.uu knew nny.hing iti-iiui    ii
"Are yuu going nut?" was asked,    surprised him in It.   "Well, you snw
"I'm going after n quarl of   milk, tho druggist?" she queried as he ro-
I mnv v.-ike up 111 lhe night nnd want lilli'd bis plate.
|nii.    miii   knew  nii'llutig  tii'o'it     ...    .'   '  ' -;  ,
Tin.I  is lln   wnv milt me;  I    do mv  " ,!,'i"k    '  uiuy ulso tnl!<    with tlm     "lhc druggist? What nlioit!','
own woiTviiig nnd planning " druggist, if he Isn't busy.   I inn sure     "About your threatened appondlcl-
"Wi-ll. wb.i!    symptoms   lmvo you ho would help .mu nbout tho funeral Hs.**
fell''" she asked niTniigouionts." -    "1 hiidn ! hcat'd anything nboul bo-
"Pains In the back, roaring In Iho     Vry- H|IB!"1'1' lvi,s F1'"1 '" havo him  ing threatened."
hond,     wakefulness,    nnd    ul| that.  *■'"■   s'"' *""'"  ""' dnuviai    wns   u     "Ilul. ynu gave up live dollars to a
There    oro    dins when black snecl-s  blnnt-s'ioken mnn. and would    diag- foul of a doctor litis morning tn .ell
before ri.v ens.   Tho     ollmi' ""•""   ""' ''"Sl* I"'*"?  "I <"'.v-    Sim you to live on n milk nnd water diet I
therefore ran inlo a neighbor's   for for lbs next four days."
nn hour.   Mr. Boivsei* made his way     "My th-at- woman," said Mr.   Bow-
iR in .ho dniggisi's. and noi llndinghlm se.r, boLwoen huge bites, "please   go
rushed, !m Imgnn: away.   You are laboring undor a liul-
nppendlcltlS! "Hoc,  ink.- u careful    look at my luclnatfon.   Yuu have somehow    got'
■'re. will you'?" I mo mixed up with your t'nele .lue or,
"Cert,   Thinking of iiiuliiie ii    off your brother Sam,   Go away while 11
for n new one?" |get a fow li-milhfiils to eat!"
"Iloes my I'lii'. ii-H .""i anything?"   I
"1 nm going to lollow tho   dime-     "Not miich.   ll nevor did. Tho ycl-i     	
tions given mo hv tho doctor " ""    streaks under your eyes   show,     (Copyright, 1006, by P. C, East-
H.ni you un- bilious." I mont.)
sei-iiu-d tun long.'
"And    this ass of a doctoi' made
you  lielievo those wero syin|ilotus
-I   knew  they  woro Irelnro lm
liriiied me.   I have boon saved by just
one week."
Ben .
the house and I doscondod to   lind a Hiings.
;bag    of hiirvest awaiting me.   When       "ll, yes, sir,
ure 1 mn.
I'm in charge," replied Humpy,
g    ol harvest  nwail.ng• ms.   When '■   .* ..„,.„ ,J ^     ^   „ eDV
I hnd sampled   hr,',. or four   spool- »',. ' I'- ' fc d   « d     ^
metis of lite iruit  I nclo lli-ti snid: ",'    ■ .,,                       ,, ,         .       .     ,
.ni     ,u     ,,                ■ •,  ,   i-  . uus Kiv'i ion 11   get yoursell in a »iapo.    1
Abe, iiu nd w.u...... nint  feeing """ ""•'• ... u ....   t ........   i. Jl.
mine ton good to-day.   Sim gut. word "i "'"• sir-                                    ; l""1 l h,lv" "' '   "", >0U"   U S8t» ™
that ,. littlo orphan'hoy living  wilh ! ",'*"r '»*"" arrested? to my nerves, and at my age nobody
.       . .       ,'     .    .,'      ,7,     ,,. "Nevor. bus nny business getting me all   oi-
her sis et-   inini    in   lmiieli . uiiitly ...         ,    ,. ,    ,                 ,       ,■,,,,
was drown, , llm ,-ist,.,-,,. We never     " ''""'         '' o. '    ''"",         J m'    „ -.    „ «,    ,      iv
saw Iho bov, bul thoy say    lm   wns 'I''"' """"' ''W here, and d any ono Ihon the man who lived    In    the
, ,          -.    .,,,       i    ,,    ,             , goes In slen   Hm Imt v shout lor   ns- liuuse  Ins   opposite where llm horso
awful smart,   I hev dun I    hnv»    no *-.            ' '.'             •               „u,i„ ,   , ,   ,              ,           ,,             ,k„
poetrv lu Branch Countv, ami If you *-"•""""       9 " P0"Hi™ "'   terr'b.1' *ml ,al10'  C»"K ho,"e*   lle R'".   ,t'°
could step off ,i few versos to   send  responslblllly, bul  I guess   you   .-an horse and he saw Humpy    Skinner,
to lho sister It would (ley her tears, '"'anngo It.                       ■              , and ho saw the crowd,   and ho was
Can't vnn spare ten mlnute-V?"              'T|I,"P-V (or«?t "" al?01lt 'hyh"")m mad.   Ho came up and gave tho body
iiiiii   bis waiting mother,  Only once a kick nml demandeu.
in bis life before hud be seen n ileail U'ho li'ft tliis here?"
horse, mul ho hud just ached to s^e'   "He f.-ll dead," explained Humpy.
another.   Hero he was with one   at "But why di'l he fall deed in front
his feet, nnd ho could not only  gaze of my house?"
Or,                              as long as he wanted to, but he was "I—I dunno, sir,"
THE WET FATK OP WA1.TKK HOU-  ^ |,oss 0f ihn job.   His chest   was "Hut some one must know. I'm a
fNSON,                         swelling out with pride when   nlong citizen and a taxpayer, and the dly
#No particular air.)               came thai Chester boy with his eyes has got to protect mc.   Again 11*!*,
1 replied ihni   I rotilri,    nnd    a-ft
1 making a few Inquiries the following
'The shades of night were    closing [bulging out.
who left ihis ilead horse here?"
"M»d lie lell vuu to sleep with your
feel uiu of ifli and break fas I. dine
anil sup on rat nip?
When Mrs. George McGhce,
Who lives In Hodden City, near
The romping, roaring s(.n.
"Oot ou) a story honk and rend
•HE   GAVE   A nEU*0W AND   Ai    A lelo to orphan lad-
IIOOK, Ii wns almut » monster whalo
 And the story made him glad.
• Nn, ma'am,    ho didn't    lie told l,v night, and with what  force they' count  my .-ash.   v"      I  did    so    I   ''According to the writer of
in.- to live mi milk and water for iln-
next four days.  Thai boiled   dinner *
smells m Heaven, bul  I can'l touch *
h    mouthful    of it.   It's either mil-. J
nud water or deatli for me." •
"Look here, now," she said, deter- *
will, bin ilm bottle rn' Alleviator alt".- found   thai not onlv mv own   had     ''h" !*'"''-v '" ""' ll"ok'
ting „n the parlor table will r ..in  boon restored, but I had forty   dot- lhu •('hal0 ""*s n)amlnS ''')unl1
1 day
Ily George, but what's this, Hum- No ono could answer and the irate
py?" he exclaimed, citizen picked up a club, spat on his
"A dead horse." hnnds and was making ready io lay
1   "And who's In charge ol him?" j about    him    when    the crowd Hod.
j   "I am." Throe hours nft.-r being soiil*" lor tho
"Who put ynu in charge?" broom Humpy Skinner walked    into
|    "The police." llm house with il nml said:                 I
"Yuu    dun't say!   Thon you    are "Mother   dear,    lhe broom-making
'Just, ns big as a policeman?" machinery had lost two tf-o.h and   f
".lust as hig." had to wait for the dentist   lo   put
I    "Well, woll.   Sny.   Mump   Skinner, them in.   You sec-—"
haven't I always saitl you was just Thou    llm hoys out  al  lhe    gate
as smart as Cicero?   I've said .hat a heard one wild -el! as Humpy    was
In/oii llines ovor, antl here Is   prool seized by the nock, and Ihey ron   n-
.            ■ undisturbed mid bo an asset lo begin lars belonging (o the blond and smil-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^         * business on anew
.                                   •                                 J \l    1!.-   (iilllesl            	
•                                               ^ . i,i,ii!m* il..in.-,l across to lho Wosl In- never io doubt Integrity agin.
J      A  MAS' OF INTEGRITY    IS . ,||,,H „m]  enroll  four  patients    when Two days Inter I wns jogging   u-
,        AIjWAYS (i. lv,                   • opened.   At  tho Sun  Francisco    fire long botwoon tho towns of Hell Benl
.                                                    . one tins warped lo tho shape of tho nnd    Angels' Boost, when | encoiin-
  letter s nml still preserved lis  con- tored a fomalo,   It is agin my   prln-!„
hit's. clplos to encounter one when   i( can
S1"1" ms hnvo been mndo by on- Ascertain that your family   drug- possibly he avoided, but this   female-                      n   , i   •                    fooling that it was tho greatest dav'
linns rivals In husiness Hml mil tor gisl is nol .. horse-thief boforo asking  was weeping, and ll socmod my thiolv,„„", '","    Pa>'>'"\ »«>''■                      . .,*„.      .          „,,, ,,.„„,„„ , '      ' I had been un a spree for a week
, denial.   M.  Pilgrim Pain Al- " ' ■» <*"« eilgrin, joc*s Alluvia-  „, ,-h • Imr up.  she was going my "". fif'"' ""'''> "' ''"l""""8,*1                 ,      She   stonneri and d ow i    k "h"" ' s"""rfl1 "P "ulBclontly to airway, and I oltorod hor a lift.   Tear*     Aml l""1" ""' "hl11" ",,"v: !! "L. „? ,". K   ,.!,,i ,il „".  lisI j" tho United States Arm;'," said
'""""' '"'      When he esplod n honk. °' "■   '" 'aet, ynu nre smarter,   I'i- way and sot down under n tree   and
nld kitss who was coated    with                             ' corol ns   lur ns we can loarn,    wns wondered whether his death   was  as
uf my lar.   lt uns the,, thai  1 determined  „]k ^./m] ||w Ml ^       f ,lev,.l. |efl in char(,0 „, tt drad hor8(., mMm ns lhlU „, ,hc ,)oor h0|>e 0D
And siiitlli.wetl hunk and all; ' '  ™s is lh" ''eglnnlng ol your  career, i the street.
And stnrtod off for other sens '*'""" n,JM' onward ynu 11 he climbing                          	
\s ihoitgh he'd hud u call - "P-   H'1-v couldn't I have   had   such (Copyright, 1908,   by   Eugene   Pur-
! luck?" cells.)
"Bul    hook   and    lino were In (he     Hump   m.s   walking   round   and              .— .
lmm|s round   Ihe body, arms folded,   and VETERAN VS. RECRUIT.
muii' hi   ll Trust.   I
li-unlur  is ^^^^^^^^^^^^
a'11    ""' (irlglnnl nnd sole Inventor, ,,,| n,.„ ,„„, dn> |ast vu,.k, ruling in  when I had given hor liv hills to     .... .     .
am! I am pulling ii out from hiima- m\  usual, good speerita and wonder- subdue hor i .lions,  I asked' P''"P''' saw '"s sl"
I was .....king for the town of Bust-  fully  she i-liinheil up besldo me,   nnd.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      along.   She    slopped     ^^^^^^^
al sight of the horse, and then itsk-
In lime the whalo was landed, nnd ed:
"Hubby, is Hint horse dead?
"Yi-s'tii," replied Humpy,
iiiii-iiin inotlvi'S   If I can mnko 30 lug   whs    all men c  not   llggor     "l-'eltor wninnn, hnsl lho world glv-|Til° l"',v ",UB ]'"n'''1 "" [}w l""'k .,,,-,„ , h„ ,,:„ „,.,-
^^^^^■^^^^^"™ " I-or I.nuking such it prize. "Iwl '"" "'  '"" ul-       |^^H
"ill—ul liver i-nlliplninl. mii'ntil
in. nnd keep m,\ humanitarian out thnl Integrity paid 80 per   cent,  en you the Icy heart?"
olives l.i the front nl lho snmo timo  pi-nlll uiul no after-clap, when I mol
I shall usk hu- nn greater reward,     up wltih nn uld cuss on    fool    who
Alas! il's nil Ico!" she replied,
Is it ii I.. nit lhe nld mini
ihe high private, ns he snt at lhe
camp (Ire. *"1 mis ntblu-d off to lho
Philippines before 1 was used to the
feel ol my uniform, and next day alter landing wo wero rushed up lhe
country to clenr oul n lot ol    l.nd-
My    Allevlntor en.iinins no break- M'liu'd lo I"- mndo up ul .smiles ami     "Sho he.   He gul lired ul my looks
lusi foods. hhiiiiliu-ss.   Wo slopped to   pass   lho and budo mti lake n sknlo,"            i„    ,         ,   ,       ,.       .,  .    .
It hns nolliing in do nub bf" iii- nu.- n' day, nml hi and b, lis snid-     Then I looked moro closely nl her, Ho llri'!"",nl1 "' cfttchln«    ll""*    "''
Miraiii'i-. "I'llgrl.u, ii warms tho cockoa   ol nmi did nnl limi ii i v heart   to     ,. ,« ,,  .   -
Then- is tu. i-ehale nitii.-li.--l ii. Ii.     my heart to i tih".'.   I havo   lust hlninn htm, though I hold lhat    no       "" "" '""    ""s   '""'*
Thee,, is im "yellow .iii^" behind II    boiigbl ii su., for nn orphan usil  womnn is lo l.lnmo lor Linking   un-
I have un I'nllcd Stnlos Honalors nml I wouldsl have vour opinion on lion ul If ul.  she rnn'l  help i.  n.oi-e'n
in uij I'liy. Hn. sum...   Come uiih me and   ileu n    muloy ran mn hoip being   born
I lm., nevoc bribed ineniheis ot lho ii,.- ipni    wiiet-.- .Itn Intherless    will wilhoul horns.                                 I
Legislature i ul„- ii go, gnmbol bj  tiny  and s p liy night.     "And whoro goosl thou?"   I   enn-'
From iliujiiug Ihe I'tints In ivnxlng Lnlo.' on, ll il  sees lit, thou   mny (Iniiod.
in ilm cork, Hi.-,-., is    iii mnl.rili.ile lo .In- grand chni'lty?"         "I goolh In sn.-.-h "                        "V    '" ""' ''Isld'n gnli.y wonl,
I    And iiiiiI-i  n geiille gale
Ul night   that   orphan   boy   did     "sh""'  '""■''-• H"* r.rst ti„„. I eve, ',.;;*,'|.'"" j"",',n",i'').', v'.'.',-"^.V...'i'i'.'-,I"",..«','I"r"
heard nf a horse hnving   liver mm- "*"s-      """    M ',   '""   '   l"""r
plaint.   I    spot*    thev   do have anil as ar as 1 could SIM mysoll up,
' I iin*nt nuiiig to do anything   vory
di-i-nm- ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ten times he droamod ihe same
"When morning enme lie dug liis bail,
Ami hunk um! lino pi'eparod;
And finin his liri'nkfn.l i*"( ..way
As sunn as e'er ho dnred.
lllilli'il  In  it.
.- founding orphan   asylums   hns    --of nnolher man?"
I nffor ' thotiBiind dullars In gold  nlwnjs been i-lghl in mj line, I Hini-     "T|,n same,  'nml Is, I was In inrch
Throw lu his Imnk in luipis in ,-uiiii
lm- every  drop ol nlcnhul lound   In'ml nslrlo u'oi- iho pralrlo and liillem.1 ,,{ another   lun  I hnvo found    iiim,     ""' '''f*'" ll""' "' "ll"1"-
"IX Too SPIHITI FI.I.E TO STlNI. Ilh  Alli-ih *. him.    liter wnlklng  for hull I.   mllo  Whoro ihni. goosl I will go "
Micil ms." li ci s uothliig iii maki Um old i„ stu| d nud said: She si.de !,.-,- arm around my wnisl  ' A "'"l*",'l■  ""'i *'"' " """'""
di-iinkiii-il uui'se   II coulnlns nothing     "Behold Hu- spnt'   Uoro is    peace nnd snugged up to mo, nnd tho toars
Il's   llllllll'..   lull   SIISpl'I'l
miiu'-l    ' no, last argument;    "1 to start the child on n cmwc ol vice and ivst nnd i|nl,'inesfl,   li    is   tlvcWont   awav   and suiishlno Illumined "'!','." I!',,*,,'s s '' " 'T1"""
liun kiiuw.i ul us iiiuiij as livo cases My enoml.'s poim iu Hie (ni'l lhat miles to the nnl hnbltallon. N'o cor- her fnco,   ' "     """' "        "'■  K'
ul "I'l Ileitis rlglil  nround     h , p (all  nllovlnle n mnn in Con- nor i i-nn ward hoolers  no Iroii-     "| nm nol Iree to marry " I   said
ami nol turn m* thorn hml tho simp- ,,.-i,i.,....  who i-.us i,hum up   hy  a hi- nnd travail,   licit, shall tho or- nfi-i- nwhllo   "Hack In lho' sun,, ,d "l"t" ""' ''lsl'"'" '"" ""' '" *
toiiis yoi tion.   All Unit nils you ,„,w,|,.r iniigiizlni'.  Xothlns    bul his ,,|mi) ,, M „Mi sing his sung and (oar ||U||unn dwells nn old woman    who     Ui"' S|'"""''* '' "" "'"'    '"",;
is   it    Illll- biliousness ui- i-lmuniiit- |,,f| eur wns (niinil, nnd I ilu not pro- ..n .(anger,
ism." lend in nil-, im- Iraginenl
And he wns drowned 11.uie uml then
wntcl.es uml nails Inr mo,   Sh- muv     ,. ,      .,         ,  . .
• ,™"\   Bi'foi-n limy gul 1.1 ul
ovor ,.
•Bul yuu haven't ru! II    from our , .'„ „ i..-n...ift.I yard ornament al selling my All-viator on the   public ,,',,,-t nf ii still ilo'liiii!"Tiiva and ma-
niv.l   tli.ct        ^^^^^^^
"tine doctor is thu   sun
othor whon l.'s a case as
li mis ufi.i- .link when l gol Into n,nii • in watch .....l wall Ior years I
|J"1       In Ihls piielie tale
I   havo   gut    mj   warning,   mj     There nrt* forty-elghl full doses   In lown, nnd whnl wns mv surprise to nnd yenrs lo como  lm- nil she'll ever'
.-i-.i  bottle, nml il- -uiiii-,    bottle Hnd .hnl old smiling and bland  win  .„-  'me,   |,„. novnrtlieloas tha l-gnl "'l'1"' """'"' ' wou cnnvcy
i-lce is lln
it|i.nro uml imssliiB himsell off for in
I guv- Iiiiii miii-,, rope, and tln-n nl
ur- mil  for .In
S'-ii-i- in ihls win world will    I
Is:   Nover Iol an orphnn boy
(In llshlng for n .vhnto,
Ions as 'round,   I.    cures fi-osi-bllos In Wi..- critical    Jimcturo   closed In on him. : i,.| thoo g sins Hie womnn  wl.hn'
this,   lu, ns liiingi-i us ii null.   Iiiii  i,.,. nnd iing-hites Iii Sin r.   After ui,,.,, tho |.npulaco found Ihal ii hud1 great donl of fervor ' ""'''" ,Ml "'"' P1'"1"'1' "' '"' "'"'
ll"" '    tompt mu. Ono    lull    menl licking lho bliitle of nn ux on n frosty | ,   deceived   Ihero   wns ni ire I   It was thon that j en Hod .mon In-'   With nealoualj inul vim; (
would ineiin llm niiihiiliiiu-i-  iiiiiI   tlm Hi ,- morning nothing will   suuth,. work for mo to do,  Thn pooplo   did .--i-ity i„ K0| n hump on hor   nml ',"t*   "'"'"   '"'   """ 8    '
hoH-iltnl.   I might possibly con t y • Injured feelings like mj   Allevla-It themselves.   During tho fervid   <-v-  ,,,,.1 ,, t of a bad hole    ami   It "''"''"*
alive, but Um i-lii.nces ui-... iinly ono In tor. ellcmonl I manngeil to turn tho vie  uiis also thon Ihal mv faith   In hor    Tl"' wl*  I|IIS *""'" K"'  '
,, hiiiidrod.   I s-iii lu ho l.n uml so- The bntlle is bo thick thai the Hill- Urn's pockols wrong sldo   out   and - tt„s reworded.  The off Inro ul.-.-l fell
lui, Mrs. Ilnws-r, hut ns u mailer ol .11-,.,, enn pim lit                                            ^^^^^^^^^   ^^^
luel    I    Illll luu H |. i, 1111. -111 ■ t
brilliant In u •• Drsl lighl l can't
t.-il you Insl hnw it happonod, but
when in- Inul sklrmlahod wllh the en-
i-iuv for niihii- I found myself and
.    . Id veteran cui oil Irom tho n aln
I . .'■ nml 'Ml li'.I l|P(|, II'' gOl ill'U 11
' . lOW, Mini i. h'1-l..-.l 10 Ul- ..s ' '!.'.
I ii*e  IllNtl"''    IIS   lll.il   I In'' .1
11.ir, nro onlj fourt. I ilu iu,'
lho old vol .ti'i counting, ..,d
le it   li-re's ynur  ihni,— '
- 'Chani • I'i ii - ?' I (|tii i loil,
" 'Hie nothing!  \ ou no -i  it and
i un thoso fellows off    I wa.il a t|ulut
"Ho filled and llghtod bis pj,,. ,,,„|
lay il'iun mi Hi- broad ol his bach
nnil I'-" me to do nil lho fighting 1
Inul his v. .ipni- in nddllfon lo i ne,
nml Uu>iieh my ."'ih wero i • • ing
tog! III-'. I I'.iin'i ,1 n-.i.i\ nml du! lhu
i - -: I could, s,t n word ol ndvlco
or encoi.ragomo.il did I got from ...y
i. mrado When I hnd liialllnilcil tor
a quarter ol .... hour tho Lm!. ncs
withdrew, nnd tho vcti mn -.m up mid
led the way ovor lo n here Hn-i  had
hn--  thickest,   Tln-li- wo f I    two
dead mul ono wounded mnn, ...: I -1 i-
 ■ .1, iii-'-s llm. two inure iititiinleil    had
AV, SONNY, YOU'RE A CHEAT cruwlod away,
BOY." Humph!' sneered lho old vol,
■' 'What's tb- matter?'
though,  Hn you know   I li i   nsl mo-    " 'II you can'l do better than ihls
monls woro peaceful?" you'd bolter gel detailed   Into   tho
'*'' "'  (Iron 1*1111 ph.}  horso wllh It.   In the possess myself of their contents, nnd I |„to ft mi uml tho lomnlo mis illicit-        ''''"     "' "ll""'. I"il'1' '"•""'' '" "''*     -||,, never i-v-u kicked, ma'nm, II, i-oinmlssary department,   Why, in my
*1"1"1  Wi'«l " is a fnvnrlli. missile lor inr- ivhon Invited lo see him larrwl   nnd !,.,| out on ilm s„fi  pralrlo on    her I '"'""''' ""        " "' "'    " i"*"1 M[ '""I i*'"!"'1  -" " llr" '"-1-1 ' *-'"'"1 °" li,lv ""'' killl-"J
""' I" ""*"« "' 'l«K« ""Ihore id ridden out ol mnn on (hand,    and    by tho timo sho    had C0n      ,   "'" '","!'" ',"""' '"       "",'' ' "I'm glad of ihnt   That's tho wny lei,!' "
'"* "l"""'' «'hni  t so-called Al „ rail I was prosonl in   lhe    Irnnt L,Pa, , , i hnd lho old Loss un- °;'!' u 1(l "'" ''""''' '"" B)',"",k  '"''', I '"'<" " ■'■- '"-- '    H" «'■'.' i ■"- -—: =	
lln,;"s "l;1 !' ,iM  '"',   I1?    ""', ™,k"    ln,*',-'nV   "f1" "' f    lh° dor inoshim, nnd her efforts lo over- " ^  "l'|1"" "'""  '',"'„„   , o"im,"!  '"'"N ' '" l" i,"v"'    '"'' '" '* Con.,,.. Block. ». M.chin.r,"
deceived.   \*l, for :i - ,-',1   and blggi'sl  Irlumphs ,f the dreads     It   (ttko mo wero In vain. I1"""- '"   "' " Nl"ol"n"' !"" '   '" *' sl,-.-,, nisi us well lo. all that."      y   ...
Illlll'll iniin."  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Mrs,    Dowser had to laugh.   Sho
.VOllId     have    Inul    tu  Inul  In-   bcvll |
Slllllllltlg   Ilii'i'   lll'l-   llilll   till   IIV Sll- |     	
Inl  th-  wny upstairs, nnd    wns hu in,,,, i it-,-... iiiiiI lnke nn other. wns    uh I  ns good us uncovering
dropping tho subjecl, hut Mr,    Bow      ail. n.u- i   nt In Int,    all  il    ..peral Ions of n coal rond    I had
scr liixli.' r IiiiiI his sni  i-l, bottles    will     he    mu i  cni-Uunui :ii - ■  much amid tho plaudits ol
"In t'lisi' this milk uml iini-r   iln-t L]-,,,(,   ty . ko.« i n;  con ,,n    oi   tin     muii i -<    lioforo I thought  to
I'up.', .ighl, Jllnil, by Ruby lii.i.g
lus, j
grander Hung tu hu u pool niul pm?      niien she had passed un along c„ THE MILES Concrele BoildiniBlockMschlniIs
01 ' " i"p'p-»i|,|"B»*      Hv ■ six iin.,.8 m, i  .I.-, ij^tvisaiijass^^
(Cupyrlghl   1000, hv II .t        wen- lui hv n hoy aboul fifteen years purcoinniuii ntmichlne. Send for uiiioiu.
*   * spiiigiu'.j ' ,nld,   and hla first ..it was to raise io\miniBrw.MfrCo.,NlatsnF«IU,Ontario.ag
i™ Fascinating Cloaks Share Honors With Coats    Voiles and Grenadines Better Than Ever This Season
SIN'CE London — tin* home of
tailor-made clothes—has do-
creed .ha. separate coats, o{
in-.-..- and varied kinds, an- to be
w,:-. this winter, the long, loose
wrap, whether it be coat or cape nr
a combination, has become oven
in ire if an iii'li-p'-i- <; le,
ti mustn't be to - dressy, unless
yn '•■• one "t lii- mortals who are
I/. .-■ | ' ir cursed - with automo-
|, -:, i carriages galore, y-i it
be radically unlike the coats
thai I mdou has advanced; regular
,.'-■ -• .- i raglans and interesting
thi ..- if sturdy Sc leh plaids, nun
e- if fairly short coats for .ill
tii i the short - iBts   ill
tb ■       few years ag
, ith or   "' •■ ■
,f tl     Id-fasl
ed    -     ir
inl -      - -   '"-■ ■■'■ - [i
in ita circular lii
•' . - -     -
marked.   The i r sk ri -.
I . iy, are built upoi
.... - ... •  (In
ri   - ■     -.    -
nf   rip; ling   '   ' theil
Btl     '    '.
I-. ..,,..,,. .,   .
.' ■ ■  md h ilf   i--   *-.
in -   •  in   idi itin.   . •'
1:1  •    lik    ll.-- -!..-:..:..:     if old
fined wrap-!, with odd facings set
upon the openings like absurd littlo
Some fascinating little cl  are
very like thoso that everybody who
came from London throe - ' iur
years ngo fell in love with at Liberty's snd brought ulong in her
train. Only, like the cireul ir ape
they nr- cui on very much more eir
-ular lines. They boasl the
hood, and a heavy silk cor I
in front by w iy   ' fastening.
The pretties! --:' them all are   f
light blu- -the palest, most silvery
tlnl   ""'   :-    I - mdoloth,  lined  wi'h
silk ut tl.e -.iiu-  ih
with '.in' of the pomp 11
with whol is evi n lovi
ueh wonder rings    Old
:  ; ul'-. too, for
Red I,
11 est
09, Ol
■   ■
:   ■ :i,ul- "I
clotl -       I- . -. im-  p
follow. . .     .
1  ;     . ' '.I    '....: i
broidery with a bit nf velvet—black
>-r some rather vivid shade—makes
th- -.:-,!;.■ trimming,   And i'or that
matter, m :--:: trimming tipi i a -  at
■ • ■■ led '   be worn at all sorts of
ild 1 ■   it! rly    tl        lai ■-
01LES mul grenadines nnil
their numerous kin nre to
b,. better than ever this
winter—plain mi.-.-, of course, luu
a. many -f them interestingly em-
bn   ler :d, or ..- interesting in the
wav shadow effects Imve been do-
veluped and applied In stripes and
.-lieeks and even in curious broken
Often   lhe  plain ones nre  trimmed with bands of embroidery, dime
Notes of French Fashions
ill- high
-!-. of old g Id
I     -lid silver is worn with flow-
- red muslin -In ■--,, the touch
of metal repeated upon Hi-, corsage,
Xine women out of ton w -,ir I -ng
laee .ear!'-. Tin— nr- at leasl thr—
yards long, with ruUmr heavy ends
snd Ij— centres. They ur- pul ">i
witt -ven tb- simplest cotton gowns
arid lond u touch of olegn.   lo
older women, especially to lln* very
-liin type    I -,r young girl,, how
ovor, .In--.- appear in the American
i;.- .. little ii"i pictun  re lj
mental for .my lm' evi ning ■■   t
Wlnt- sliu-i invariably nod mpnn,'
.ueh costumes, T! -■ .ir, madm ither
ul -ui vas or of kid which is more
fashionable iln. yenr lhnn Inn k I n
High shuns are morn ftishi mnhli
than low oni -., and ihey ur- usually
fastened with linnvy llnl penrl buttons, giving a glove liko offoct.
R'-- - -,! ,11k .   '
. ■ ,|OW
ip thl
toned mi
month.. ■ -    .  ■< %
■   ■ ■
it Ui.
.     .     | ;   -    ■
-■  ■ -
i      il,.-
■   ■  . :
 m   i    ■     '
m  ■ -    ■
M ' .'       ■'
i   ■   .      i ry everyday p
r lllltim . . ll I
I-   •
Ml ' ,1 M. .    M'     I    fl,.,
I   '   ,     '
■ ■ I'        I
I", is us well n - .i
in.I,'  ev ii   ,,'.,»"!     ' ,
li,   i  j ll.. | laplUdS,    Tin I lllttl
»   ■■    - nol .-lv.-..: ,i- ii:- material
ill wil      ibblng,
' ' .'   'I ,. "i  Of  lius
. ,   Mm r all. I li rgt lj dependent
rseli   ti beauty li un-
' the i -M i   i" !• i ■
■ posi  ;. nl
'.'i:t pinkish
,:. , .mm,, or In
■ - -link ho-
.MMI      I.IIM
'     '
'     ■   -.
il iiruni
|   . •  :.' h     I'l M
m 'i  .   . whf.e, v
... • ■   .
'*., I- in      irl ■
single  nr  - luster  hatr-lli	
■>.■ ih IIII -       - - - 'i'11 u '
Ive wns a Hul," dress Ihnl top's llm
liin... m. ;i summer silk. This lind nn
ash-brown nml white j>l,i stripe, wilh n
lomewhnl doBhlng figure like a Bmall
cosmos in shadowy white, li wns simply trimmed wllh a very ill,lo Duo tor-
lhnn lace, with plain hrown silk lo
match iln- deeper nm- uf Un- material,
uml n touch nf hi ni.
Sum,. ,,!  ti,,  radium silk hus almost
il 1,1 f,,ilinul designs, hm much moro
irl •. iiii woven,   A charming uiu- in
whin- nmi  French   hi ilrlpoi,  ihe
■tripe broken nmi tonod down by pinpoint white 'i"'s. was covered wllh nur-
■   ; ihadowy figure! In white.
- i ■'- m .-. very protty
ire  "...  pink,  l.lue   or   lavender   nml
.:,,',,' MM...       Willi
■     ■ nu in res ui
10 "I   i  l"i In .1
....      , ,  i; i.i,,   ,„i   pink
pah   blue nmi royal
Thl "   lacqu 'I  i     hm by  ll"- wny.
.  :,-. inin li iii evldoi -, Hi.
,,,     10    i ilii,I    fnnn    III"
m -I iln- process ,,i w.iv
pi  . whi' ii 1.1. novo.
i ii imiii '.< 'i upon, w.i'i nothing mure
 i - " i   which lifted i't
,   :   ii ii-. sin. um nf ihe way
tl pe nl       iilnle.Ileal h     wen.
.    " .    ■  mil   i.in i ic in; thrown
■    , mi-mi. un lop
II   - ii-" h used in whit'-
,   , ilm i:     mm iii, , win, ilinmund-
 "Ulii llnlnh
,    .MM"     nl   l.lll'it  SIlllS  IIUlll-
I      mon popular lhnn ihh, silk.   II
 - ■ ii ii,- iin-.ii.iiiie mulling
ii ii important In making up nullum
i  M, lint n iIiimikIimii! wllh Ihe -uui"
material,  u> u l« n i sh lo lake
ii ■   nu I the liiii'u:   'im-  iiuiilliy Is
i lined v nli '!■ lll.lilfnl I'miIIi.   "I"' hi
,.,- (own.,  where whllo Ih
n uh  up .....m .i pink rn- iiiu" lining, oi
 II i ,uk over :i deeper Ions, giving
■ lovely Hi'ii'i'-i-m iffi-ii.
iu silks of exactly the sunn, lone ns
the material, or in Persian colors,
iheir barbaric tones softened tn ilm
quiotesl of tints, yet preserving
iheir character wonderfully. As
oflen us wilh lhe foulards lhat
I'nris has mndo sueh fascinating
In,use gnwus nl, plain uml embroidered voiles are combined, with the
prettiest  nl* results—th inbiiia-
1 ion. iu sum.' mysterious way, .ml
interfering at nil wiih tht- scheme
of trimming.
On a few voile house dresses ol-
l.niv sleeves ure seen, bill uflener
llie sluirl slueve of voile is eked out
with a deep eull uf luce.
Touches uf black are upon almost
..11 of them, usually black velvet.
Velvet, for ihui matter, promises t"
be ns piipulnr ns il was lasl winter,
mid llm! is saying a great dca). fnr
lust winter snw velvets al lhe height
nf their popularity,
As lu crcpo de chine, it-even in
ils palest tints ur while—is .... ecu-
iiniiiieiil investment Inr lhe womnn
whose liuuse gowns have lu ,|n dinv
over several sciniiius, I'ur il ileum
nnd washes ami dyes as practically
nu other silk dues, und lends itself
In all lhe wonderful dressings and
shirring thai everybody nlfeels these
days ul pliable materials.
Subdued Effects Promised For Fall
Tlllll <-xtri-.ii.si will In- unlmppy
this coming seiison ilm day
nl' lund uml gnrlsh eull,rs is
our, I'ur ilu- limo being, ami nd-
mn— models show n iva-timi in
fnvor uf suliilii-d offcctS bulb I'm-
Strool und evening tvi-iii'.
Brown, which has boon ovoiduno
snmnwlial   '.liis irjnmor.  wiib  llie
lOUcllOS uf il  llllll   wen- lu In- u-li
mi ovory nrtiolo of woariiiR op-
parol, I'loin sl s mi lull, refuses Iii
Iii, ousted, nnd is ono uf tho lending
lulus I'm- ilu- ruining winli'i—especially fm- tailor soils, lt is undoubtedly moro appropriate for -nld
weather lhnn Iml, as il lms a particularly iv.'.in. comfortable Innk
whon worn by lho fow women lu
whom it is absolutely becoming.
drays nlso are lu lie guild again,
Iml im! lln- pill- dnvi' tOI.OS In
which we bav- grown ii—.tislnnit-il.
Tb- stools mid di.ik bluo-gvuys me
iu evidence uml Iwo-toncd effects
rather than n solid color. In choosing a gray gnwn I'ur winter street
w.-ar select nm* of Ibe finn-v suili.igs
- --ileal Stripes, diauunal weaves or
invisible plaids rather than a plain
i'ur reception dresses and after-
nuiili wen.- nothing is lovelier (Inm
ii dolionto gray in lho thin, soft,
materials martiuisotto, voilo, rn-
dium rn* crepo do chino -that will
In- su popular.   .Nu woman who enn
wi-iii- this color shuulil ever be willi-
mil such n gown, us it tills many a
Light gray, by ilu. way, is more
generally becoming by artificial
light, especially if .. shndo with
pink rn* lavender undoi'tones is
chosen in pri'l'-rciici' in n blue-gray.
Despair not,you woman win. looks
"n friglu" in black—plain nr combined—and dislikes the Quaker
grays and browns. Vuu will not Iw
"lhe udd sheep" shuulil ynu sternly
refuse (u make yourself hideous.
There iB a wide color range from
whioh you mny ehnuse to array
yourself—mnrlllC, t-zur, gazelle, garnet, ruse and myrtle are all among
lhe new Dines thnt premise In be in
vogue fur street wear—not to mention plaids,
jC-l I" f
dry. Then they bring them In and Iron
with a rather cool iron, pressing very
hard; but l will tell you what Is ever su
much better.
"After 1 am sure my flannels are
clean, I press aa much of the waler as
1 can nut uf ihem wilh my bunds, shaking them well afterward, 'ihen 1 slip
them un shaped shirt-boards. You see,
1 have them here to tit nil of our flannels. These 1 hang out in the air, If it
Is clear (and it should lie. for flannel
flhuuld not be washed on a rainy day,
for the sin ami air are such cleansers
and purifiers,), until the shirts are perfectly dry. if yon i-annoi dry theni out-
doors, lung them near a steam radiator
ur register, bui not too near, as hm air
will harden and shrink theni almost as
quickly as hot water.
"Of course, drawers, flannel petticoats
and nigh!g"wii8 cannot he, put on
boards, but should be pinned very cu refill ly to tlie line, so as not to get out uf
"l do not Iron my flannels at nil. fur
1 think it makes them silff and disagreeable, Instead, 1 pull ihem Into
shape and smooth ihem with the hand.
If the muslin band around tbe neck of
a shirt or thc waistband of drawers Is
a liitlt) rough, 1 run an iron lightly
over li.
on the back of the stove with u little
water, adding more as It cooks, until It
becomes a clear, soft jelly, men buttle
it and keep some place where lt will
not freeze and harden."
"Sure, ma'am, but It sounds a uuare
way to wash, but I'll be tryin' It next
wake. Like the blankets, now, do yes
be just cleanin' tlie in without wa.shin',
"Well, Bridget, you can use hotter
water for blankets, but yuu must not
rub theni. Just sop them up and down
In a tub half full of strung soapsuds,
and twu or tliree tablespoonfuls of dissolved borax. After you have theni well
washed in one tubful of suds, put them
in arfother and repeat the sopping. Then
rinse in a clean waler. run through a
wringer that has been made very loose,
and hang out in the wind and sun to
dry. I'ln them well to the line so they
do not sag out of shape nor fall to tbt
ground Willi their own weight.
"When the blankets are entirely dry,
bring them into the laundry and get
cook to help you pull them till ihey nre
perfectly straight on the edges, then
fold them neatly. Some people press
their blankets by coveting ihem with a
White muslin and putting Ihem between
a large hunk nr a letter press, but they
really get smooth enough liy careful
■'And how's it about the temperyehoor
of the blankel   waters?    Must  thev  be
'    _   ...   for Willie shlrls?"
"Yes, Indeed, Bridget. I m glad you
thought of that, for It is one of Ihe
most Important things about blanket
"Many people nowadays send their
blankets to be cleaned,   They eortulnly
    home looking   just like new,
for they nre ail combed, you see; but ns
fl is very expensive, I'm going to let
you try those nice white ones with tin
blup border that are on Willie's bed
T'm sure if you dn Just as I've told you
Soap <fe?fy
ii \ l\ AMA. I ain't doln' to cat no
more bwead and milt io
make me drow. for Ise
drowed so much since last
weel dnt I t'ant del my arms down,
and I'se all pinched up in my shirt."
ami little \\ ilhe stood with arms akimbo
ami red, warm little face that fairly
proclaimed tight undergarments,
llis mother laughed, removed the nf-
f end lug shirt and immediately proceeded to investigate the methods of her
laundress before making complaint at
the store of new flannels sold but a few
weeks hack as unshrinkable.
"Bridget," she asked, entering the
kitchen, where an energetic Irish woman was vigorously plying an Iron,
"Bridget, how do you wash Willie's
"Sure, ma'am, jest as I wash ivery
thing else, with plenty of hot water
and soap, a good rubbtn' on the hoard,
and a ptpln' hot Iron," repealed the
gui complacently.
"Ub, Bridget, Bridget!" Id her nils-
tress with a sigh—for ruined shirts and
the money she could not ask to be refunded. "Don't you know that Is all
wrong—every single thing you did?"
"Wrong, is |t? Sure an' I've washed
flannels long afore yez were born, an*
It's the furrst time I've Iver been tolt
I didn't know bow," and Bridget sniffed indignantly.
"But. Bridget, just look nt these expensive shirts I bought Billy not a
fortnigbt  ago!"
"Well, an' what's wrong with them.
It's mighty dirty they were, and not
the speck of a smut Is there on them
now—an' It's hard rub-bin1 It took, too,
ma'am, to get them that clean."
"Yes, but see. they are stiff us aboard,
and so shrunken that they must be
thrown away."
Bridget, who was more Ignorant than
sullen, looked a trifle abashed, and said
"Weel, ma'am, it's sorry I am If the
shirts don't suit yez~-perhaps you'd
be tellin' me how to do lt better."
"Certainly I will, Bridget After all,
there has only been one shirt spoiled
and I'm sure you'll uo better next
"In the first place, vou should not
have used hot water-lukewarm Is
the only heat that does not shrink
flannels. What is more Important,
every water through which you wash
and rinse them should tie of exactly
the same temperature
"Then vou should no. have soaped
them at all. Instead, you should have
shaved up some pure white soap, dissolved ft In hot water and added
iinough lo the water *n the tub to
make a strong suds. If. as you say,
Willie's flannels   were   so soiled,   you
they will he just as nice aa it i sent    ^^^^^^^^^*«^w^WlB*M«<«l»r ^
them out, for you are such a good laun-    Jin JngeMDW Dtt ufffOTn^  (.*&rP$72tePmQ
While sucb i protection undoubted!j
saves ice, n ; •-.< not save food as well,
which is, a t r -ill, the ralson d'etre oi
a n fr'gerat. *.
Few women need to be told to always
keep the doors light shut, but not every
one realizes the absolute importance ol
keeping a strainer over the water outlet
on tbe inside. This not merely prevents
the escape of cold air, but does away
with the possibility of insects creeping
up ihe drain pipe.
This matter uf insects, ants, snails and
so forth ln a refrigerator is a serious
one. Theoretical!*, it should bf impossible; but practically, where maids are
constantly (hanging and careless and
mistresses are neglectful of the over-
■seelric eye, horrible :ue the results.
Absolute cleanliness Is Imperative It
should be .leaned twice a w-ek, ofiener
if possible Everything must be taken
out and given a thorough w.isblng and
then wiped perfectly dry. In moat
places where market days are observed,
Wednesday -md Saturday ar* an excellent time for this overhauling before lha
new supplies are put in.
Contrary to the usual bell f that the
best way io clean a refrigerator Is to
us*" boiling water, plain or mixed with
soda, cold water and ammonia is preferable as in- hot water, even wiih the
greatest cat- rut-- tic- w i. Pay particular attention t<- the drain pipe, running a flexible wire ihrough it every
cleaning day.
Another precaution npainst ants—
which, if once allowed to get In. are al-
mosl impossible to eradicate—la to stand
tin* legs ol a refrigerator or vegetable
safe ii; cups fllled witii water, That In-
sects will nol - russ Tins Is ;t fact well
undc rBtood mi in.pt. ..I countries and
Bhould be better known here,
Sever put warm foods Into a refrlger-
ator. or moisture and obnoxious odorl
are s tre to aim ind. Keep .ill food tight-
1.. Luven i, moreover, especially milk,
butter and eggs, which quickly absorb
im; urltles There .ii-- refrigerators
guaranteed odorless, lun lids arc a wis*
precaution, nevertheless.
<5osJt Thzm m Teprt
%/crsep w//h 5fave<?$ozp
might have added a tablespoonful of
borax dissolved ln a little hot water
to every four gallons of the water, or
two tablespoonfuls of household ammonia may be used Instead.
"Vou must remember, though, Bridget, when I put In WllHe's little pink
and blue tUnnel suits, to use the borax Instead of tbe ammonia, or those
pretty suits of which he Is bo proud
will be alt faded.
"Then you should not have used a
board at all, for nothing thickens
flannel like hard rubbing. Instead,
you should havo shaken the garments
out well to get rid of as much dust
and dirt as possible, and afterward
put them In the first suds and simply
squeeze and sop them up and down
and turn them over In the water.
Bub Just as little as you can and get
the flannels out of the water as quickly as possible.
"You can souse them through two or
three suds, If you must, and then
through clear water, with a littlo bluing
In it; but, remember, all these watprs
musl bo of just the same temperature.
"Some people put their fine flannels
through a wringer, shake them and
hang them out In the air to gel almost
Jnsfeatfof a
"Another thing, Bridget, never use a
yellow soap on flannels, for the resin
in It Is bad for woolens. And never rub
any soap on a garment Itself; instead,
you might make a soap Jelly and keep
it on hand,
"This Is easily done by putting soap
dres-i, oridget, in everything else, that
I'm sure your flannels will look lovely."
"Well, it do be seemin' a quare way
to wash, but I'll thrv it next wake,
ma'am; so that blessid Willie don't be
lookln" like a stuffed, rld-faced Baddy,
as he did this morniii', ma'am."
The Housemothers in Weekly Conference
1AM o TrnneKaeeun. and I have always
been ncouMlomed to tin- lavish table of
the Smiihi'rner uf comfortable circum-
atances. Plnce I have kept housv In Iowa,
us a mnrrlnl woman, un.l paid eunh for
everything, 1 And 1 have to live very differently from whnt was tln-n tny habit. For
example, I think one hot bread at a meal "a
decent ■Uflletency." and my Tennessee visitors think I have 'crown to be a veritable
Yankee." i nm trying to bear up under tin*
dreadful chaise, utnl hope to live It down in
wtiai I have come i" you about li my
tal,i.i expensei My husband ilvei me P a
-week fm' the table alone On tlmt I feed my
husband, two children (11 ami B yam old),
a niiilil and myself, and have my father
with un always fur i,nnkfu.-*i
i iur breakfast ci iiMm-* «r coffee, n cereal
(in.l  create   and   somi   kind   of   cases  nml
waffles, i* r .iiiim-i and I um nu fortunate
uh lu have nn husband come horns to thin
un ai wa have meat, two w-i-eiuhi."* and
either a mhIu.1 or dessert Our supper con-
nimh of iiieii', potatoes und somo hot dl-di,
Mii.-ii un celer) loaf, fried inimh, etc.
1 hm*,, never i-mi-tiit si rlei in lurK*
<liiiilitlll*K.   Inn   1  am   lii-KlnntliK  to  belli"* •■
thut it ii ilu- lieut way    When one keeps
bame en uu iilluwuiiii* It Ik Imj.oMble, f,,r
in,, at least, t" buy staples hv wholesale, i
Km n unit- discouraged trying tu corns cut
Would you kindly tell me If ymi .-unshler
nn< extravagant, und what you think u[ buy
ing things in uunniillMT
iKoi-kua,  ■"■-.i. ■
So fur from thinking you extravagant,
I consider that you do wonderfully well
to feed Ave people and what may bo
reckoned as a third of an udiill, on your
allowance, Your menu for nne day
shows that they are not underf*)d, You
are n good manager to give tlu-m meat
twice a day without exceeding your
Now for the gist nf your letter, It
cannot be denied that It Is ecnnnmleal-
In the long run—to do one's piirch' fling
by wholesale, whan the purse is long,
too. To advise a housekeeper who must
keep hor table expenses within Ci or J pi
a week to lay lu flour by Ihr barrel,
and sugar by the hundred weight, and
butter ny the flrkln, Is more than absurd.   It Is unkind ami disheartening.
Thirty-odd years ago, dining a residence of some years abroad. I kept
house In Parts nnd In Borne, and slored
up much wisdom of a practical type
which has stood me lu guod Btcud a I nee.
Apartment life was almost unknown In
America at that date. When I found
In my pretty suite of rooms In Paris,
fitted up for family use, no storeroom—
not so much as a bin for vegetables, or
fruit by tbe nuantlly-I was dismayed.
A dear friend who wus living abroad
to educate her children came to my
hel[i. Frum her I gathered one secret
of culinary and economic successes of
the French housemother of r oderftte
means, fihe buys from day to day Just
what Hhe moans tn use within the next
twenty-four hours. At the end of that
time not n morsel of food Ih left in kitchen nr cupboard, and nm u crumb has
been   wasied.   There Is no opportunity
for -pilfering, for the mistress can account for every bit and sup.
1 Imve said but lately that It Is comparatively easy for a woman to ki't'P
down running expenses, if she does her
own work.  The economy or -wholesale
purchasing Is obvious In her case, supposing always ihnt she can raise the
money for the original outlay without
pliirlihiK it out of Rer allowance a dime
at a lime. She will not throw half-a-
dozen polatoes into ihe garbage pall
"because thars U a barrel oi them In the
cellar"-as a Milesian conk pleaded as
her excuse fm* a similar ftOI when her
mistress chanced to espy the discarded
polatoi-H. Her hand is no heavier with
flutter for Uie thought or the pot of It,
[lounhi directly from a farmer ot five
cents a pound less than she could buy
It from the corner grocery. She does
not burn bread-cniHis lu the stove becuuse uf lho barrel of Hour laid In
when flour was down, or—as 1 caught n
cook In the net of doing-kindle the
morning lire with a saucerful of sugar.
"Sure, an' It's a dale safer nor karri-
sene!" was her explanation of the astounding performance. "There is ihem
what makes no bones o" pour •' n cupful
of lie on the tlie of a mornln'."
Your maid of all—or of any--work may
he depended upon to eat, or ln some
manner tu make way with more food-
Stuffs than any member nf your family
proper, a growing boy not excepted. She
Is, Invariably, "a light eater, according to her own showing. But accept
with what iihllosophv you can summon
to your aid the fact thnt nobody except yuur veryjjwu selfjvlll care for
your Interests wisely and well.
In brief, then, so long as you must
furnish your table upon an allowance
that Just suffices to do the work by the
exercise, on ynur part, of watchful, Ingenious management, buy stores In
small quantities, continuing your practice of cash payment. To pay as you
go may pan- down your resources closely, but the habit nddeth no sorrow
A New Use for Stocking Tops
An I have had many helpful suggestions
frum your ''ornrr. I hereby pass one on lo
thr n*'it member who ha* little onei to
dress and no money to throw awny.
My lister writ I'll to ine that the makes
thn   "dandiest"   il ran err*  fur   her  Utile  girl
ent nf slocking tops, ''ui the epickiim legs
down to tht U-nutn of Un* lent un.l MW
th, m  together,    Then   up*n  them  on each
hide nml pul a hund "n the fN.iu un I
the bach Juki an the knitted drawer! oni
biiyi at lhe ihopi .ui' mude They ilv-iild
turn*-* no h.*er than th-* knee Tin* Inns
•la-vklnKi* are drawn uver the drawers, und,
behold' all is snuK from LOl    to voiIm
The above MiKKeMinn u from u mother
whim* meana «ic ample, hut WhQ wisely
c'lMlileri thrift a uttiit- and wtUlefUlnesi a
Kin   li mav ln-i,. some mother nti,. in limit nl in to mranji and clever with her needle,
i. Ri v  (Irving Park, III.).
As the ''old wi a ther Is not many
months off, when knitted underwear
win bo needeu, the prudent mother
will do well In laying aside stockliiBs
that are sound as to the legs and worn
ln the feel When heels nnd toes have
become g maws of darns, the hose are
not pleasant wearing, and even thrifty
women consign them to ibe rug-hag.
Her.- Is a new use for them. If the
grown women of -th*** family wear silk
stockings, they may be utilized thus
and form dainty garments which could
not be bought new for ti and \'A apiece.
Wants Clematis Roots
I hnve noticed severs) reoucsts for a
r«*neJv fur bedbugs, t have found ilsii carbolic acid and turpentine are sn effective
preventive.   To 10 centa'  worth of lhu ucld
add !• cents' worth of turpentine,
A ihnri 'itnr an-' we purchased our tiutne
and moved mi* it 1aM Ni>rlnir- Nol ti.i-.nn:
dreamed of -nch a horror, yon may Ini'iKlm*
thai we were distressed beyond eii.ri'KKiun to
find the uan* iimont ready tu walk away by
itself, "tbey" were mi plentiful. I used the
quaniiiy or ingredients designated ualous-
ly.   It Is nriv. two weeks slnee we hav.- icon
a single "creeper." <>f course, I have dons
n great deal of bind work with tho
wretchri, uin-Ji ns plastering hoh*K In the
wills ami stripping ..if paper, puIiuihk ami
scrubbing, etc,   nn.- cunnot depend upon
the acid  aliuii',    A   vast  deal  of  labor ami
ennHiant care an- required to cleanse He*
premises thoroughly l bIbo burned milphur
10 purify rooms. My lioUBfl Is not yel Ifli*
lied, nur ahull I le. I ai homo null! we uro
free (rum the terrible iiuits,
I hops thli mnj be ul iim" to hoiim'imitlu'rs
who really wish i<> n,- ncal and to rid tbulr
homes of ibe Invaders.
Perseverance li tho true secret ot moceii
whore i.>-.n ui;--. are concerned.
Nuw for a petition! Is there uny une uf
Our Kainllv who has i:-""i. healthy clematis
routs and whu iviu give a rooi to one who
winin-H to beHuili'y ber home?  1 lmvo bean
*..:■■*.'■ , r -in!  with (h>-  ' ■   ■'■•  1 have huilnht.
Un, II C 11 (Buffalo, N. v i
\\ ill you kindly let me huve your address In full'.' I am sure the roots will
be Offered to vou, and I should like lo
direct mt,ihg.nil-, those who apph to
mc for your name and homo. "Jjumtlo"
Is good as far us it goes, bul It lulls
short of uxpllcKnoai
Diabetes Dietary Asked For
u'e biiie u dlabolps putioni iii .nu* family
nnd tlmi ii liuul in keep bun mitiHiied on llll
dietary uiluw.*<i iu tbo •uftcror tnuu tlmi
W" have u list of vogj-labloa. rtc, allowed
by hiH physician, imt i havo ih"iii;iii perhaps y«u could HiKK'-*-t some icmptinif mm-
[.im.ilun or .indies, nlso some desmais thut
may pleum. Ida cuprii hum appetite,   Wc get
very n"*i ttiuieii broad.
Mrs. M. A. II, (Mlnm-iipollH).
You have, sei a hnrd tusk fur me. I
know tho caprices uf tho sufferer's appetite. Your mention of gluten oread
brings buck In ine ilie anxious endeavor
nf month}- lo Induce a beloved Invalid
tn login tu like this, the only bread she
was allowed to cat. Sweels of all klndu
were forbidden, uiul most fruits, In
the case I speak of we found Junket,
sllghlly sweetened und flavored with vanilla; loppered milk, collage cheese,
eaten with cream, acceptable substitutes
for the desserts enjoyed by well people, We toasted (he gluten bread and
inmlf- of li baked cream tonnl, which
was a dei'i-ec less distasteful Uiau lhe
plain bread.
WITH the fashion of the da» to
lay all our refrigerator woes
on the grasping [ce dealer, few
women have the Judicial
trend of mind that will permit even a
tiny peep at the other side. Are housekeepers never at fault when ice melts
unconscionably soon, and Sunday's
chickens must be taken out of the refrigerator In the "wee ama' hours" to
be treated to copious washingB with
vinegar and water?
It is much easier to rail at under-
weighing and overcharging of dealers
than to see tn It that nothing warm Is
ever put Into the refrigerator; that It
stands in exactly lhe right place tu Insure the least w ste In 106.
In the first place, there Is an art In
buying a refrigerator. Those of us who
must put up with the old-fashioned ones
that have seen years of service musl
learn to make the most of them; but
when the happy hour comes that a new
one Is to be purchased, It Is well to be
forearmed with a slight knuwledge of
the subject.
Now, as a refrigerator Is a distinctly
practical article of housefurnlshlng. use,
and not looks, is the first consideration.
Most women, so far as appearance Is
concerned, would iinhesltaiiigly declare for white enamel eases and sanitary, glass snclves; but, alas! icemen,
with many n hundred-pound lump to
drop In the course of a day, nre none
too gentle In the process, and the most
glistening enamel has n fashion of
cracking, whije glass becomes exceedingly brittle wllh cold. So, ll Is safer.
On the whole, in fall back on a good
•Bine*lined refrigerator) with a covering
nf soft wood ibat will mu warp, Though
the zinc may corrode in time, it IH not
dangerous lo the food contained wllhln
It, as many believe.
Sec to it ulso thai tho Ice compart*
ment mny lie tilled from the from, In-
stead of ihe top, for die constant strain
of huge nieces or Ice being dropped to u
shelf win soon loosen io pans; moreover, the man who brlugK lln- Ice K entitled io snme consideration, and ho
finds shoving «<f his wares much pnsler
than lining it to tin- top ..r a refrigerator uud ihen carefully Idling n drop
The Ice OllOSt, sn long iu favor, while
cheaper to buy mid mor Ohomlcnl
In tin- running Ih-m the rofrlgPl'tttoi
since wiih less snnco i ivor H  is
colder on less Ice than uny other kind
•Is not sn coiiveiii'ot. it has no circulation In the ilrsi plnce, which
means quicker mustlncss, and, secondly, two lids (o llfl and everv shelf to
he (liken oul elicit (line Ice Is put In Is
distinctly a trial. The newer chests,
however, have a sepunile crmpurt-
meni fur Ico, which Is a decided Improvement,
Th.'ii see to It Hint there Ih u drain
pipe instead of n tank: tin- former allows free circulation nf inld. dry air
through every compartment, while
tin* latter causon a cert1 in dampness,
Tin- light, nlckol-plated woven wire
shelves an-  iiiiii* islly cleaned and
permit freor circulation of air than
uny oilier kind, either galvanised
Iron or Wood, The latter absorb food
After n refrigerator Is bought Ils
disposal musl be curefu'ly considered,
The ideal spot for it .s undoubtedly
\ Illlle-USOd outer kitchen that IS easy
of access. In default of that, have It
lu the kitchen proper.
"All, but the heat!" seme one remonstrates. A good refrigerator
properly packed with a dead air space
should not be affected ay heat. Even
so, if the Ice should melt a little more
rapidly than you like, It is far better
than to keep It In thi cellar to be Injured by dampness or ir. tlie open air
-even though under a roof—where It
Is exposed to the w ather. Whatever
the chosen place, see to It thai the refrigerator stands perfectly level.
In lillliiK n new refrigerator see that
from twelve to twenty-four hours elapse
after the ice has been put In before
using. Natural, rather than artificial.
Ice produces greater cold; hut whichever
is used, It Is a matter nf economy to
keep the compartment well filled. As It
melts about a third of Its capacity dally,
It Is cheaper to buy large pieces several
times a week thun small chunks every
Ice should always be .shed before It
Is put In, and, contrary to the general
belief, should not be covered with newspaper, as lhe cold air cannot circulate.
The surest way never to have warm
dishes put ln a refrigerator Is to Invest
In a vegetable or meal safe. The housekeeper who lias always kept her hot
soups, meats aud desserts standing
round till they are cool, in constant
danger of flies and dust, will never
know true comfort until she Indulges in
one of these  useful contrivances.
They nre very simple in construction;
indeed, no simple that they may easily
be home-made, bv any t i.e with a
knack at carpentry. They are nothing
more than a plain wooden frame tilled
with wire netting and furnished with
shelves and a door. Sometimes they are
double, with an upper and lower compartment, and are made either to hang
or stand. The latter are found more
convenient, as a rule.
An Ingenious bit of house-carpentering, planned and executed for a bit of a
house where room was r* a high
premium, was a tiny refrigerator, which
was hidden away under a trap-door In
the kitchen, and was easily drawn up
Into place Both trap-door and refrigerator were made air- and dust- and
Lnnf Com Bread.  (By RequeBt)
TWO cupfuls of cornmeal and halt
as   much   wheal   flour,   sifted
iwl.e with ;i leaspoonful of salt
uud two nl baking powder.   Twu
nnd u hull cupfuls of milk
Thr ggs, whites and yolks I ■ aten
Om- lablespoonful, • sen, of butter snd
of while sugar,
Warm iln* butter and slir to s i ream
with Uu- sugar; ad I the beaten yolks,
then  the milk, finally, tho Iiom
imal.   ul" ri..i'1-l-.    with    Hi"    whipped
WhlIt'S Of  Hie   Oggl
H.at fm two mlnuti s hare, pour Into
a well-greased bakepun and bake half
on hour, covered, then brown.
Steamed Corn Bread.
Hlfl Into a la gfl howl two cups of
cornmeal and one of Hour, with two
tablespoonfuls of while sugar and a
leaspoonful of bakln0 soda, also a lea-
spoonful or salt, Mix all together with
llie hand, and hollo*.*/ the leap In the
middle.    Melt a luhlcspoonfnl uf butter
and stir it into three large cups uf buttermilk, or "f loppered milk lieut this
inin ihe tlour and meal slowly, at first,
Ihen hard ror three minutes, to Insure
thorough mixing- Pour into a greased
mould with a closely fitting top, sei In
a pni of boiling water and keep It at a
steady boll fur two hours.
Turn mil OH a (date and set In lhe
oven for five minutes la dry off. a soft
crust will form upon it, rendering cutting ensler than If it hud been sent directly to table,
In cutting corn bread hold the knife
pei p. ndb i;..iri> nnd cut toward yuu,
slowly and carefully, not t- crush the
li ndi r loaf,
Com Meal Mu 111ns.
s ft i rounded teaspoonful of soda
three limes, with n teaspoonful of salt,
■:: gl two even i tips of Indian meal
i thn e eggs light, Lhe whites and
yolks separately. Whh into the yolks
it lablespoonful of sugar, stir into ihis
wo rgi cuns of buttermilk, add the
prepared meal. Peat haul for a minute,
..id n.e stiffened whites, and fill muffin
rings wllh lhe batter, .lake in a steady,
hot oven, covered, tor ten minutes, then
Indian Menl Qcms.
Blft Into a large bi three times, a
cupf il of meal und half as much flour,
togother with a rounded teajpoonful of
baking iMiw.br and hull a teaspoonful of
salt. Whip three eggs llKht. whites and
yolks separately. Add the yolks to two
cups of sweet milk, stir In u table-
spoonful of j   wdere.i sugar beaten to a
cream with a tables) nful of warmed
butter. Now. pit In the prepared meal,
gradually, beating hard all lho time.
After five mi ui-'s oi this sort of work,
the batter should be smooth and spongy.
Whip In the frothed whites, and pour
ir.to greased and heated "gem-pans."
Hake, covered. In a quick oven for ten
minutes, uncover and brown.
Turn out upon n hot plate, covered
wiih a heiit".i nut-kin. snd send at oao*
tu the table, as the;- joon fa*.
lm^y\^- •^-v*.     ■''      / ft*.
few ^^\i^md
Hm%iX-'^:;u'% \Mri>'^M\*L* Uud* mid Work* fora special HoenS"it0out
nud carry away Umber from lhc following
described land* situate in thu Vale Distriot!
1. Commencing nt a post planted a*, Ihe uorth-
east cornei ofthuboi license No-SitSO, un Cherry
Creek and marked " D. Woolsey's nortli-wu.it
corner punt,-' thencu south ltio chains, thencu east
40 cliains, tlience north 100 chains, thenee west -ni
chains tu puint uf com nieiicemeiit.
Located 2-Jth September, 1900.
2. Commencing at a poit plunted at the loulh-
went corner uf'timber license No. 8274, un main
Cherry Creek and marked " D. Woolsey's southeast coruer/' thence north 80 chaini, thence weat
80cliahn, tlience south 80 cliains, tlience eaat 80
chains tu the puint of commencement.
Located 1st October, 1HHI.
I. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner uf timber license Nu. 8287 and marked
"D. Woolsey's south-west cunier," thenee math
UU chains, llienco east 40 chuhw, tlience ionth
ItfO chain*, tlience west 40 chains to the point uf
i*u in ui mice i n en l,
Located -2nd dny of October, im.
4. Commencing at s post planted at the
norlh-west eorner of timber license No. 8.'87
and marked "lb Woolsey's south-east corner
pust," ihriK-e north loo clialns, theuce west 40
chnlns, thonce south Ifioetmins. thence cast 40
chains o the point uf commencement.
Located .'nd October, itfuti.
,1. Cummencing ut a pusl planted ahout 1'j,
miles north-east of thu south-enst corner ot
timber license No. Mft and marked " 1). Wool-
ley's nortlifWi-s corner imst," theuce east 80
chains, them- -outh su chains, thence west 80
chflns, thenee in.rth Sji-haius to the p hit of
fomn enci incut.
Located Hm October, 11100.
6. Commencing ul a post pluuted nl the
south-east inini of timber license No.8278
and maikcd "11. Wnolney's south-west comer
post,' , le nee i asl 10 chaius (henco north 80
chains, il.oiice c.i-t 40 chains, tlience north 40
chains, iheinu west 80chains, llienco south \2\>
chnlns i u I In: poim of commencement.
Local, d 13th October, 1000.
Dal id ihis 20th October, 1000.
oct U D. WOOI-SKY.
Notice la hereby giTci* that (JO ilurnalti'l" ilntii
I Intenil to ami!)- to Hi. Chie! Ciiiiiinis-iomir o!
Landa nnil Works lor nernilstiloil to (nirdiiisii
the lollowlnif deacrlbetl laiuls iu West Roue
nn)1, on tho cut shore ot Upper Arrow Utai:
Commencing at a post adjoining T, I,. olUS
on th. aeutli-wuat oorner and mni-k.-.l "11.
Dewar". north-west coruer post," thenee Mat
80 ohalna. thence south 80 chains, thence west
N chains more or less lo the shore of said lake,
thenco north along the cast ahor. o! aaid Ink.
80 ohains to the point of commencement,
Dated Oct. loth. 1W0.
oct 21 D. DKWAR.
\rOTICE la hereby given that, 80 dajs alter
1> da.., I iuUnd to apply to the llhiet Com.
mission.i of Lands aud Works for permission
hi purchase th. following described lauds
situated iu Weat Kootonay district:
Commencing at a post plauted un the Lake
.here about nu chains from the iiorth-weat corner
of Lut llll and marked "Jas. Mcyuarrle's suuth-
east eurner pust," thence nortb W chain., to the
north.west corner of Lot nil, thence west ai
chain., thence auutli to Lake shore, tlience aloUK
the lake .hurt- tu place nf cumliieuceiuent, and
containing 10 acre, mure ur Ies..
Dated thl. loth day of September, 1906.
JAS. MctlUAltllli:.
up li J. E. Taylor, Agent.
Notice is horoby giveu that 30 dujrs aftor date
I intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Landsaud Works for a special license lo cut
and carry away timbor from tbsfolluwinir described lauds iu Big Beud district, of Wust
1. Commencing at a pusl planted about -i mile
from east bank of Columbia river, ubout 1) a miles
below Kocky Point, marked "C. F. Lindiuark's
itfuth-west corner post," thenceeast 160 chains,
uortli 40 c-haias, west loo chaini, luuth 40 chains
to puint of commem-emeiit,
i. Coniinenclni at a post planted about J mile
from east hank of Columbia river, and about l1-
milei below Rocky point, marked "C. K. Llndmark'i norlli »cat corner pout," thenceeast 100
haios, loutli 40 cliains, wesl luu cliains, nortli lu
chains tu puint of commencement.
Dated tlet. Uth. ltfOB.
s. Commenceitig at a post planted nla-tit J mile
from eust bank ut Columbia river, and about1,
mile below Rocky Point, "maiked "C. F. Liudmark's luutli-wesi curlier post." thence north 160
ohalm, east 40 chains, suuth IBO cliains, west 40
chaini to point of commencement.
4. Commencing ut a post planted aboul 1 mile
frum uast bank oj Columbia river, and about %
mile below Itocky Point, marked "C. F. bind
mark'* south-weit eurner post," thence north liiu
chains, eait 40 chains, south ISO chains, went 40
chains tu point i<( cummtincemt-nl.
Dated Oct. Mil, 1W0.
Ci. Commencing at a post planted abuut l}t
miles from east bank of Culumbia river, and abuut
4 mile beluw Kocky Puint, marked "C. V. Limb
mark'* south-west eurner post," tlience nurth 100
chains, eust 40 clmins; suulh 100 Chains, We»t iO
cliaiui tu point of commencement,
6. Commencing at a post planted alwut ii mile*
from east bank of Culuiubiu river alwut i mile
below Kocky Point, marked "C. F, Liudumrk'i
south-west eorner post," Ihence north 100 chaini,
east 40 chains, south 16o chains, west 40 chains to
puint of cuiuuieiiMiuent.
7. Cumnieucing at a post planted about 2Vi
miles frum oast Imnk of Columbia river and ubuut
h mile beluw Kocky Point, marked "C. F- Lind*
mark's south-west corner post," thence imrtli 100
cliains, vast 40 chains, south ltio clmins, west to
chains to point ot commencement.
8. Commenci up at a post planted about 3
miles from east bank of Columbia riverand
about K mile below Kocky Point, marked "C.
r. Llndmark'i south-west corner post," tbenee
north ltio chains, east 40 chains, south 100
chains, west 40 chains to point of cninmeuc*
0, Commencingat a post planted about 3Vj
mile* from cast bank of Columbia river, and
shout J mile below Kucky Pulnl, msrked "C.
F. Li nam ark's south-west eorner post," thenee
uorth loo chains, »ast 40 chaius, south 160
ehalm, west 40 shslns to pointof commencement.
Dated Oct. 6th, 1906.
Mode, la hereby gl.cn lb., do day. alter dat.
I Inlenil lo make application to Ibe Chief Com-
minion, r ol Lauds 4 Worka Ior per million to
purchase tbe following described land situate
Id the Weal Kootenay diatrict:
Commencing at a pust planted at the north-
wee. corner T. C. Wa, and marked "Clara Mc-
Quarrla'a aouth-wea. corner," thence north HO
chain., tlience east ,0 chains, tlience suulh in
chain., thence west .0 clialna lo place uf cumniencement, and c iitaiiiing 80 acu-s more or less,
a relocation of 8ang.ter's prccinp.lon.
Dated till. 10th day of September, las.
CLARA Mc.J.'All.ilB,
teplS M ... MCjuerrle, Agent,
NOTICK IH HEREBY UlVBN that iixtydays
after date 1 Intend to upply to the Hen. Chief
Commissioner u( Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following dosalbeil landi in tbe
West Kootenay district, on west side of Hie Col-
it m bia river, aliout three miles from Arrowhead:
Commencing at a post planted at William Greg*
iuii's north-west curlier, thonee west 40 chains io
T. « urtls' north-east corner, tlience suuth 40
chains to Wyne's north-west eorner, thence cast
40 chains tu Day's south-west corner, tlience
north 40 chains to puint of cummeiieumeiit, and
containing 100 ucrei more of less,
Locale.! Sept. 4th, 1006.
sep 8 Dy his Agent) 8. J. Harlow,
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honourable the Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described IuihIh In the district of West Kootenaj, Kevulstoke dlvlslon;-
Coinmwiclng at a post planted on the west bank
of the Columbia lllver oppusile 18-Mlle Rapids
ami marked "K. C. McCarter's south-east corner
post," thencu west ::(i chains, thence north HO
chains, tlienco east 20 rhnius more nr loss to the
west bank of the Columbia Kiver, thence smith
following tlm west hank of (he ('olumbia Itiver 20
chains morn or less to the pointof coniinetireinent,
Dated October lllth, 1H08.
oct 24 K-C. HcCARTKR
Notice Is hereby alien that 60 days after date I
intend lu upply In tho Honourable tin1 Chief dun-
missioner of bauds ami Works for permission to
piitrhase the following dcsi-ilhetl lands lu tho district ol West Kootonay, Reveutpke division:-
Commenolng at a post pluuted oil I lie weft hunk
nf thn Columbia lllver about hall a mile below
priest Rapids and marked "W, II- Siilli.nluml's
north-wesl rnruor post," tlience south 211 chnlns,
tlmimeeast KI ehalus more orless in the Hi'Kl bank
nf the Columbia Rlvori thenco In a north-wcitorw
direction nnd following the west hank "I the Columhin Itiver to the point ol nimiiiem-niut-mt.
Dated this Will day ol October. \m.
oct 2. W. U, SUTHERLAND.
liconso lo cut nod carry away timber from the
following doscribod lauds situated in West
Kuuteiiay district, R. (J.J
I. Commencing at a post marked "Uus
'und's south cast corner posl," about six
miles up French Creek, thence north 80chains,
west 80 chains, south 80 clialns. easi SO chains
tu point of commencement.
2 Cummencing at a post marked "'jus
Lund's south west comer post," about six
miles up French Creok, thenoe north 80 chains,
east 80 ehuins, south 80 chains, west 80 chuius
to point of commencement.
8. Commeneing at a post marked "Gns
Lund's north west coruer post," about six
miles up French ■ reek, thence enst 40 chains,
souih 160 chains, west -l" ehalus, norlh 166
chains (o point of commeucemeut.
4, Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-east coruer post," about six
miles up French Creek, theuce west 40 ebains,
souih 160 chains, eust 40 chains, north 160
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 16th, 1900.
5. Commencing al a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west corner post," about four
miles up French Creek, thence east 40 chains,
south 101- chains, west 40 chains, north 100
ehalus (o point of commencement.
6 Commenolng at a post marked "Gus
bund's smith-east coruer post," about one
mile up Goldstream from mouth of French
Creek, thence north 80 chains, west 80 chains,
loiiili .hi chains, east 80 chains to pointof commencement
7. Commencing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's soutb-west corner post," about one
mllo up Goldstream from mouth of French
Creek, thence north 40 chains, east 160 chaius,
south 40 chains, west 160 chains to poini ol
0. Coinmeneing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's south-west comer post," planted at the
nonh-west eorner of Timber Limit 7550, thence
nortli 40 chains, easi 160 chains, soulh 40
chains, west 160 chains to point of commencement.
10. Commencing at a post marked "us
Lund's south-west coruor post," about one
mile Irom mouth ol rench Creek, tlience
north 80 chains, east80 chains, south 80 chains,
west So chains to pointof commencement.
i tiled Sept. 1Mb, I'M.
II. Commencing sl a post niarked "Gus
Lund's north-west comer post," about 10
cnains north (rum north-east corner ol Timber
Limit 7658, thenco south 8) chains, cast 80
chains, north 80 chains, west 80 chains to
point of commencement,
Dated sept, lllth, PJ06.
12, Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west corner post," planted at the
north-east cornerof Timber Liutli 76*3, thence
south 80 chains, east suehalns, north 80 chains,
west60 chaini to point of commencement
13, commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west coruer post," planted at thc
south-west coruer of Timber LlmltG208, tlience
south so chains, east80chains, north 80chains,
west so chains to point ol commencement
14, Commeuelng at a post marked "Gus
l.n lid's north-west corner post," planted al tlie
south-west corner of Timber Limit 6204, thence
south 80 chains, east 80 chains, north 80 chains,
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
15 Commencing at a post niarked "(ius
Lund's uorth-west corner post" plauted at the
south-west corner of Timber Limit 7546, thence
south 60 chains, east 80 chaius, north 80chains,
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 20th, 1006.
16. Commencing at a post niarked "Gus
Lund's ii'irth-west corner post." planted at the
soutli-west uo ner of Timber Limit 7547, thonce
south 80 chains, easl 80 chains, north 80 chains,
west 801 liains to point of commencement.
17. Commencing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's north-west corner post," planled at the
south-west eoruer uf Timber Limit 7551, thenco
soulh 80 ehains, cast 80chains, north 80 chaius,
west so chains to puint ol commencement.
18 Coinmeneing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north--,*, est corner post," planted at the
north-east corner ul Timber Limit 7651. thenee
suulh 80 chains, cast so-chains, north 80 chains,
west 80 chains to poiut of commencement.
Dated Sept. 21st, 1-906.
19. ('ommenclng at a post marked "(ius
Lund's north west enrner pust," planted at the
suutb-west comer nf Timber Limit 7673. thence
south 80 dial ns, east 80 chains, north hi chains,
wesl SO chains to point of cum men cement,
20. Commencing al a {Hist marked "Gus
Lund's north-west comer post," planted at the
south-east corner uf Timber Limit 7673, thence
-.outh 80cbaius,easi su chains, north 8(1 chains,
west 80 chains to point oi com me ncemeiit.
21. Commencing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's north-west corner pust,"-at the southwest corner of No. 13, theuce cast 80 chiiL.s,
suuth 80 ohains, west su chains, north 80 chains
to point of commencement.
Dated sept, 22ud, 1906.
22. Commencing at a post marked 'Uus
Lund's north-west corner post," plauted at the
south-west curuer of No, 14, thence east KO
chains, south suehalns, west 80 chains, north
60 chains to point of commencement.
23. Commencing at a post msrked "Gus
Lund's north-wesl eurner pust," planted at the
south-wesl corner ol No. 16, thencu east mi
chains, south 80 chains, west 80 chains, nurih
80 chains lo point oi commencement,
24. Commencing at a post marked "Gns
Luud's north-west corner post," at the souih-
west coruer uf No. 16, thence cast 80 chains,
south SUebalns, west80chains, north 8iichain*
to poiut oi commenoement.
25. Commeuelng at a post marked "Uus
Lund's northeast corner post," at the northwest eorner of Timber Limit 7673, tnence soutn
80 chains, west 80 chains, uorlh 80 chains, east
suehalns to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 23rd, 1909,
oct 10
Notice Is hereby given that thirty dayi after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commls*
sfoner of Lands and works fora special license
to cut and carry away timber from the following described lands lu West Kootenay District:
1. Commeneing at a post planted about two
miles soutli of Cape Horn, on east side of Upper
Arrow Lake and marked "Philip King's northwest corner," thence 80 chains east, thence 80
chains south, theuco uu chains west thence hi
chains north to point of commencement.
1 Commencing at Philip King's south-wesl
corner, ono mile from the Lake, thunce 80 chains
uorth, thence 8o chaius east, thenee 80 chains
.ionth, thence 80 chains west to point of commencement.
Dated October 6th, IOCS
Certificate of Improvements*
Silver Bell and Laurel Mineral Claims, situate
iu the Illecillewaet Mining Division uf Kootenay District.
Where located:—Three-quarters of a mile enst
of Illecillflwaot
Take notice that I, J. A. Kirk, acting as agont
for John Newell, Free Miner's Certiilcati No.
H.SW.I4; O. Robert Dabl, Froo Miner's Cortiflcate No. R. 68696; and George W. Jells, Free
Miner's Cortillcato No.l). 88595. inteud, sixty
days from the dute hereof, to aiiuly to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section III, must be commenced  before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 30th duy ol September, A.D., 1900
oot 20
Notice Is hi-rnliy given l lint :m day. after dato
I Inlenil to apply to the .'hie! (.'iiininlsajoiler of
Limits and \\ oraa fur a special license to cut
ami tiiirry nwny timber fnnn ilm following de-
Horlbod lands on Upper Arrow Lakes. McKcn
sic Cri-iik. (liilunii lluy district, WeatKootonay:
Commencing al a pnsl, planted at the north
oust corner of Timber Limit No. 0113. mnrked
"II. H. HankM* north-west comer ihis..' running, aoulli mi ohnlns, thenco east 81) chains,
tlienco i...rt.li mi chalna, tlienco west m chains
to point of commencement.
llntod this llth day of Uotobcr, Uiul.
octal II. II. IIANK9.
Notico ib hereby Kivun thnt IK) dnys
nfioc dntc I Intend to apply to the
Chief   Oiiiiiiiii.ssii.iirr  (if   Lnnds nnd
VVoi'ks for iiui'iiilsnlini to purchase the
following described lnmln situated in
West Kootenay district!
( 'iiiiiiiii-neing at a post plnnted on
the north side of Downie Greek, nliout
bMC-fotirth  of a  mile soulh of the
Downie creek trail, near the 2j mile
post and 'innrkeil "Ernes! Mclleiin's
soulh-wesl oorner," thence north in
ehains, then ce east 00 ohains. thence
south III chains, thenoe weit (KI chains
to point of commencement! coniain-
lng 210 (lores more or loss,
linled Mils llth day of Sept., 1001).
sepai ERNES! UdBIAN.
and Works for n S| e ial license to cut
snd carry awny timber from the following descrilied lands situate on the
east side of Upper Arroiv Lake, West
Knoteuay Distiict:
1. Commencing nt a post planted
about 1 mile east ol Arroiv Lake on
the bank of a small creek emptying
into Arrow Lake about J mile north
ol the mouth of McDonald Creek and
marked "J. McClay's north-west corner," thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 cliains, thence west 80 chains,
thenoe north 80 chains to the point of
2. Commencing at a post planted
about 3 miles east of Arrow Lake on
the bank ol a small creek emptying
inty Arroiv Lake, about lj miles north
of the mouth of McDonald Creek, and
marked "J. McClay's north-west corner post," thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, tlience north 80 chains to
the point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post planted
about 3 miles east of Arrow Lake on
thc bank ol a small creek emptying
into Arrow Lake, about lj miles north
of the mouth of McDonald Creek and
niarked "J. McClay's south-weBt corner post," theuce east 80 chains,
thence north SOchains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains to the
point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted
about 2 iniles east of Arrow Lake on
the bank ot a small creek emptying
into Arrow Lake, ..bout lj miles north
of the mouth ot McDonald Creek and
marked "J. McClay's south-west corner post," thence east 80 chains,
thence noith 80 chaius, thence west 80
cliains, thence south 80 chains to the
point of commencement.
t>. Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank of the north fork ot
McDonald Oreek, about lj miles above
thc mouth of said nortl. fork and
marked "J. McClay's north west corner post," thence east 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains, thence west
IliO chains, thence north 40 chains to
thc point of commencement.
li. Commencing at a post planted
on tl.e west side of the north tork of
McDonald Creek, about 2J iniles above
the mouth ol said uortli lork and
niarked "J. McClay's north-west corner post," thenee east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, theuce west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
the point ol commencement.
7. Ciunniiiicing at a post planted
one mile eust from a point on the
north tork of McDonald Creek, about
2J miles above the ...outh of said
nortl. fork and marked "J. McClay'B
north-west corner post," thence east
80 chains, thence south SOchains,
thence west 80 chains, thence nortl.
80 chains to the point ol commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
one mile east from a point on the
north lork ol McDonald Creek situate
about 2J miles above the mouth ol
said north fork and marked "J. McClay's south-west corner post," thence
enst 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 cliains, thence south
80 chains to the point ol commence-
i). Commencing at a post planted
on the east side o! the nortl. fork ol
McDonald Creek, about 3J miles above
mouth of said nonh fork and niarked
"J.McClay's north-westcorner/'thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
tlience west 80 chaius, thence north
80 chains lo the pointol commencement.
10. Commencing at a post planted
on the west side of the north fork of
McDonald Creek ubout 2J miles above
tbe mouth o! said north lork and
murked "J. McClay's south-east corner," thenco north 80 cliains, thence
west 80cl.ai.is, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point ol
11. Commencing at a post planted
on the east side ol the north lork ol
McDonald Creek, ahout 3J miles almve
the mouth ol said north fork und
marked "J. McClay's south-west corner post," thence norlli 80 chainB,
theuce east 80 chains, thence soulli
80 chains, tlience west 80 chains to
the point of commencement.
Located September 25th, 1906.
Dated this 8th day of October, 1906.
oct 14 J. McCLAY.
NOTH'K IS HKRKBV GIVEN that sixty day
-AfterdateI intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Unds and Works for permlsnioii
to purchase the following described lands situate
in the Wost Kootenay district.
On mi cm* ing at a post planted at the north-east
comer of IM 2447 and marked "J. Paston's uorth-
west cornor," tlience east io chains, thence south
80 chains, tnence west 40 chains, thence north BO
chains to place of coimnsiicemont aud containing
■iiii acres more or less.
Dated this 10th day of September, 19U0.
Wm. Toye, Agent.
sep 15
Notice Is hereby given that sixty dayi after
date I Intend to apply to the Chlel Com*
missioner ol Lands and Works for permission
to purchase tbe following described lands Id
the dlsirlct of West Kootenay:
Commonolng at n post marked "Herbert Kod*
fnru's hurth-wot<t cornor [Hist," and plunted on
the east hank of tho Columbia rivor, about four
miles south of Nakusp; thenoe east 40 clmins,
theuce suuth 40 chains, thonce wost 40 chnlns,
tbonco north 40 chains to puint of commencement, containing pm acres moro or loss.
Dated the 20th September, A.D., 1906.
oct 21) ,     HKRRKHTRKDKKRN.
Nntici- Is hereby Kl.cn ilntt 10 days from ilnle I
Intend tn apply to tlie Honorable the I 'liiul Com-
missioner nt undsiinil Work, f.r nenn!..lon Ui
iniii-liii-i- the f.,ll-,wins- described landa In Die
West Koiilenay Dlalrlcl:
Commencing a. a pint inarkod "L. V. Me-
llougald'a aon.b-wea. corner." planled «u lhe
eai.aide nl Upper Arrow Uke.. mile, nortb ol
Nakusp, II.I"., tli.ni-c north 2*0 chain., thence
caat 40 chains, thane, uorth 10 chain., Ihence
eaat 40 chalna thenee soutu So chains, mora or
leas, to Arrow Lake, ihence westward SO obaina
more or less, along th. Arrow Uke to po.nl ol
commencement. conMlnlni 9UD.cretinor.cr
Dated thli loth day ol Octolxr, ItOS.
„i-l .1 ... f. XcUDlK.AI.D
ol lhe Province of British Columbia ai the
next session, for an Act, incorporating a
Company iu build* equip, inaiiiiain .tiul
operato a line or lines of railway of standard or other gunge, with any kind of
motive power Irom a poinl on Upper Arrow
Lake, West Kooicnay, near Arrowhead,
llienee following the Columbia Kivor
northerly on either side to a poini al or
near the confluence of Ca toe Kiver wiih
the Columbia Kiver and thenee following
along- Canoe Kiver on either side, to n
point at or near Tete Jaune Cache, on
Fraser River, with power to conslruet,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway t and with power to construct, operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries; and lo
construct, acquire, own aud maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith! and to construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and oilier vessels and boats and operale the same on
any navigable waters, and to conslruet,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along the routes of Ihe said
railway and its branches, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages lor
commercial purposes; lo generate electricity and supply light, heat and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
the necessary buildings and works, and to
generate any kind of power for the purposes aforesaid,or in connection therewith,
tor reward; anil lo acquire and receive
from any Government, corporation or persons, grants of land, money, bonuses,
privileges or other assistance in aid ot the
construction of the Company's undertaking; and to connect with and enter into
traffic or other arrangements with railway,
steamboat or other companies, aud lo
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 and 5 of llie " Water Clauses
Consolidation Act "; and for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to llie premises, and for oilier
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
of August, 1906.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Notice in hereby giten that OOdiyi afterdate 1
Intend to apply to tlm Chief Coimnlwdunor of
Intnds stnl WiirkHfiirprnnissiniito purchase tlio
(■ll.'«i«*j iHchtwd lind in West Kootenay, two
mill* loute of Nnkunp;
Connenclni nt a pool marked "j. R.J.'i north'
went corner," thrncr flu clialns east, 40 chains
smith, pirhslns went, 4n chains north to place of
romnn-ncrmfnl, CflhUtnlflg KQACfM innr« nr less
Located Sept, Uth, IW
»epie J. U, JA.MIBSUN.
NOTICE Ib hereby given that 60 days after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permisiiou to
niircha-ie the following described lands In the
West Kootenay Dint riel, on tbe east side of Upper
Arrow Like, about 6 miles north of Nakusp:—
Commencing at a post planted near the Lake,
theuce north 40 chains, thence west 20 chaiiin,
theuce north 20 chain**, thenee west '2D cliains,
theuce south (Hi chains, more or lens, to the Arrow
Lake, theuce eusl OU chains along the lake to
point of commencement, containing nto acre
more or less,
Dated tills Uth day ol Sept., 1906,
sepS9 L J. BDWARDS, Locator.
Notice ia hereby given that 30 days after date
I intend to apply to itn- Chief I' ini**iiiiu-r
ol Landa uud Worka for a ajiecial license to mil
and carry away timber Irom tlie following
described landa In the district of Went Kootenay, KevelBtoke 111 vision:
Commencingat a poat plautcil on Ibo east
sideof lhc Columbia river, and nbnut -2 miles
from river on tlie uorth sldeol a small creek,
aud about -2 miles above Carnes Creek, Ibeuce
norlh so chains, thence eiisigo chains, tlicm-e
auuth sn eliains, thence wesl SU chains in joiinl
Dated Hind day of September, lm.
■   oct!. A. K. JOHNSON.
uuu.   Vlllt'l    v uiniiiin-nilli'i   Ul     J.llllUB
uml Works fur a special licence in cut
and carry away umber from the Iol-
lowing described lands situated in
West Jvoo.enay district, 11.1.
1. Commencing at u pust marked
"J. Jl. Keliie's north-east corner pout,"
planted about (iU chuius north oi Doyd
ereek, aud about 2£ ini.'es Irom 1'isli
creek, running south 80* ehnins, thence
neat MJ chains, thenco uorth 8(1 chuius,
thence east 80 chains tu tbe point ol
2. Commencing at a p st innrkeil
'J. Jl. Kellie's uortli-weBt coruer post,"
planted about 60 chains north ol Boyd
creek uud about 2$ miles from Fish
creek, running south 80 chains, theuce
east 80 chains, theuce north 80 chuius,
ihence west 80 chains to point ol
Daled 12th October, 1900.
J. AI. Kellie, Locator,
iiy his agent George Edge.
3. Commencing at a post marked
"J. M. Kellie's north-east corner post,"
planted ubout 00 chaius north ol lloyd
creek aud about 4J miles Irom Fish
creek, running west 80 chaius, thence
south 80 chaius, thenee east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to the point ol
4. Commencing at a post uiarked
"J. M. Kellie's north-west corner post,"
planted about 00 chains uorth oi Boyd
creek and about 4J miles Irom Fish
creek, running eust 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, theuce west 80 cliains,
thence north 80 chains to poiut of
5. Commencing at a post marked
"J. M. Kellie's north-west corner post,"
plauted about 25 ehuins north of Boyd
creek and about 5} miles from Fish
creek, running east IliO cliains, thenoe
south 40 chains, theuce west ltio
chains, theuce uortli 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated 120. October, 11)00.
J. M. Kellie, Locator,
oct 17    By his agent J. B. McKenzie.
Notice Is hereby given that GO days aftor date
we intond tu apply to the Hon. Cliiof Coinuiis-
siuuerof Lauds and Works for permission to
Surchiise the following described lauds in tho
istriot of West Kootonay:
Commencing at a pusl plauted 20 chains west
frum tho uorth-oast enrner of Lot 4,!di-, uud
marked "Rig Rend Lumber Compuuy's suuth-
west oorner  post," thence north GO chuius;
thenceeast 40 chuius; theuce south U5 ehuins,
more or less, to the luko shore; theuce west
alouff shore to south-east cornerof Lot 4,919]
thence uorth 7 chuius to north-oust corner uf
Lot 4,1*49: theuco wost 20 chnius lo point of
Dated October 2nd, 1900.
octC Rio Hksii Li*viieh Co., Ltd.
Notice Is hereby given that 110 days after date I
intend in apply to tlie lion, chief Commissioner
of Lauds and Works to purchase the following
described lauds sii uated iu the district of West
Commencing nt a post placed ut the north-west
corner of Lot L44tl't, uiniked '-J. li. M-icken/ie's
south-east comer," thenee went 4(1 chains, thence
north 4U chains, thence east 4U chains to shore of
Lake, tlience following shore of Lake to M-iriiiii*
point.  (-ontalnlng hid acres.
Dated the lfith duy of Sopt. 1900.
sep 10 Ry J. A, Mftgee, his agent.
Notice Is hereby given that(H) days afterdate
I Intend to apply tu the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ot Lauds and Works fur permission lo purchase thc following described lands
In West Kootenay District:
.Beginning at a post market) "Margaret Hammond's south-west comer." and planted on
tho east shore of Upper Arrow Lake, about one
mile south of Cape Horn: thenee north HO
chains, thence wem -lu Jelnuns mure or less, to
the shore ol Arrow Lake, thence following the
lake shore ln a general southerly snd easterly
direction m chains, more or less, to puint of
commencement; containing 82U acres, more or
Dated this 1st day of October, 190G.
Oct 10        MAMiAHKT HAMMOND,
By V. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that an days after date
I Inlenil to apply to the (,'blcl l.'ominlsslouer of
Lands nnd Works for a sjieelnl license to eut
and carry away timber Irom lhe lollowlue
descrilied landa situate In lhe Vale dla.rlc.i
1, riiininiinelng ala nosl marked "8. Hill's
nortli-i-iial corner post, planled about one
mile ens. ol the Hliuswan river, about tmlle.
north ol Cherry Oreek, Ihence south su clialna,
thonce weat SU clialna. tbent-t- north sn elialm
llionce oasl SU chalna lo point ot commencement.
Ilall-il Sl:|,l. llllll, I'JOIi.
'2. Cnmmeaclnn; a.a posl uiarked "H. Hill's
aoulli-caa. corner pint,'' planted ou the wea.
bank of the Shuawap river, almut 4 tnllcasouth
ol .-"uunr Lake, thonce weal to ohalna, .heuee
mirth so chains, theuce eaal an ehalus, .honco
aou.h mi chalna to point ol coin mencomont,
il. Goiiimouclug at a nosl marked "H. lllll'a
snuth-i-iiai corner poat,*' planted oo the west
buuk nl the Shuswap river, abuut fiiullea aouth
ul sugur Lake, theuce west 8U chains, north w
chains, eaat SU chalna, thence soutli SU chalna
to point o. coinuiencomont,
4. Cuiiiiiieiii'liig at a post marked "8. lllll'a
north-east oornor poat, jilanted on the west
bank ol th. Shuawap Iti tor about t mllei aou.h
ol Sugar Lake, .hence wea. unchains, ihenc.-
aou.h su chains, .hence east su elinlns, Ibenco
norlh ki clialna to polil ol commeiicomont,
6.   i ini-iiclng at a noat marked "8, lllll'a
norlh .-ast curuer .mat,'1 iilanled on tbe west
bauk u! the Shuawap Itiver, .bonis mllea
south ol Sugar Lake, thence woat 40 chalna,
thenci- south 100 chalna, thenco oaat 4U chains,
.hence north Hill chains lo jiolnt ol commencement.
Jilted Sept. 17th, lout).
OKI* B. 1111,1..
nun. umei -..iiininisiMiiu-r m minis
and Works lor a speoial licence to cut
and carry nwny limber Iron, the following dereribed lands sitnnted in
West luiolenuy district:
I. Coinineneilig at a post maiked
"Gus Lund's south-west eurner post,"
ubuut I mile up nortli tork of tlold-
stream, tlience north 40 chains, east
IliO chuius, south 40 cliains, west 160
chains to point of commencement.
3. Commencing nt a post mnrked
Gus Lund's south-west corner post,"
about J mile below the mouth of the
north- lork ol Goldstream, thence
north 40 chains, enst 100 cliains,
south 40 chains, west 100 chains to
point of commencment.
II. Commencing at a post niarked
'Gus Lund's south-west corner post,*'
plunted aliout 9 miles below the north
fork of Goldstream, thence north 80
chains,east 80chains, south 80 chains,
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
13. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's north-west corner post,"
planted about 9 miles below the north
tork of Goldstream, thence south 80
chains, east 80 chains, nortl. 80
chains, west 80 chains to the point of
24. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-east corner post,"
planted about 2J iniles up Camp
creek, thence west 100 chains, north
40 chains, east 160 chains, south 40
chains to the pointof commencement.
lilted June 12th, 1900.
oct 17 Gns Lc.VD.
OTICK IH HKIIKUY 01VBN that thirty
l|   daya nflnr daU, I Intond to apply to the
lilcf Coniniisalonor of Lands and Works (or n
apodal llconao to out, and carry uwav timber
Irom lho following; iloaorllind Innila In Woat
Kiiuli-iuiy dislricl,:
I'liiuinniu-liig ulii post marked "II. II, Haulm'
north-wont oornor," and planted at tho aouth-
weat oornor ol Umbor Limit No. 0113, nt Galena Ilny, running aouth 10 ohalna or to poat
No. 7111.1, tlionco weat KI clmins or to poat No,
"(H3. thonco aouth 111 elinlna, thonoo oaat SI)
chains, thonco norlli SI) ohains, thonoo west 00
ch.lna to Plata] uf rijiiiiiinnciiiiuint.
Iiiiiml thia lllth October, mm.
oet 21 II, H. HANK8.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
afterdate I intend tu apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Lauds
und Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber irom the loi-
lowing described lauds situated in
West Kootenay district, B. C.
Commencing at a post marked "A.
I'ayiie's south-west corner post,"
planted ou the north-east corner of
Berth 7112, ou the Big Bend trail,
tiience north 40 chains, east 100
chains, south 40 chains, west IliO
chains tu puint of commencement.
Dated October lllth, 11)00,
oct, 14 A. 1'AYiSE.
Notice is hereby given that within
30 days Irom date we intend to apply
to. the Hon. the Chief Commissioner
oi Lands & Works for a speoial license
lo cut and carry away timber Irom
tlie following described lands, situated
in West Kuutcnuy district:
Commeueiug ut a post planted at
the north-east comer ol Lot 5694,
abuut 10 chaius north ol tl.e Trout
Lake wagou road, marked "Bowman
Lumber Company's south-east corner
post," thence nortli 80 chains, west
160 chains, south 20 chains, east 80
chains, south 20chains,east 60 chains,
suuth 40 chaius, east 30 chains tu
poiut of coinmencement.
Dated this loth day of October, 1906
oct 13      Bowman Lumhkk Co.
Certificate of Improvements.
Adventurer, inm Hu!,.), Watchman, Outlook and
bunslilno mineral claims, situate iu the Arrow
Uke Mining Division of West Rooteuay District.
Where located:—On tlm nortlitutlo of  Pingston
Creek, about.'»iniles went of Arrow Lake.
Take notice thut 1, John Drummond Anderson,
P.L.S., of Trail, U. C, agent for Thomas Abriel,
P.M.O,  No. IJ95244; Richard Smith, F.M.C. No.
Ii!i.v.!l;,, and  Klizuheth Scott. F.M.D. No. li%m,
intend, sixty days frum lhc date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder fm* Certificates of Improvements, for tho purpose of ubLuimng Crown Urants
of the above claims.
And further take imtieo thai action, under section nr, must he commenced befuie the issuance of
such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this Mb day of June, I wn).
Notice Is In-Hiy given that 0(1 days from date I
Intend to upply to the Hun. the Cliief Commissioner of Lauds ami Works for nuriuiasiniito purchase tbo following described lauds, lu thu West
tfontenny district, west shuru of Upper Anow
"Commencing at a post marked ",J. L, HInch's
soutli west corner," atthe soutli east enrner of
Lot 41,7*8; mid abont 1) miles south of Kosthall
Creek; thence nortli no cliains, thence east 4(1
chains, thouce south 8U elislns, thenco west 10
clialns to point of efliumenuemunt, containing NO
acres more or less.
Dated this tElst dav of May, 10Ofl.
j. l. mrwcii,
oot IK Per Ralph Hlye, Agent.
JN date Hi
thu Chief Coi
OTICK Ik hereby given lhat 00 days after
' ■ ' intend to apply to the Honourable
lomuilssioncr of ].niidsunil Works
for permission to purchaau tho following du*
scribed lands In the WvA Kooicnay district,
Oah'iui Hny. oast side of Upper Arrow Lake:
Cummencing at a post plantod nt I' Mutter'-**
south-cost corner and markod "llrtico A. Uw
son's north-east corner post," thonco south 4(<
chains, thonco west 40 chains, thunce nortli #i
ehains, thenco cost 20 chains, thmico north Jo
ohnlns, thenco cast 20 chains lo plnce of com
iheni'i'iiionl and containing 12(1 acrcH moro or
Dated U leim Day, this lllth day of Hupt. MOO
Notico Ih hereby glvon thut HO dny.*. nfter ditto
I Intend to nmily to tlio Chlof Cumtiii.-sionor of
Liiiuls and Works for a speciul liooucotoout
nnd curry away timber from the fnllowiiiKilu-
sorlhod lauds situnto In Wost Kuutetiny district:
CommeiiciiiK nt a post mnrkod "L, II. FfeJM'i
iiortbwo.il cornor" nud plantod ubout .V, miln*
north of Cupo Homo ou the oust sldn uf Cppnr
Arrow Lako, nboul ouo Imlf mile from tbo
shore; thence oust 40 chains, thouco smith 100
chains, thoneo west 4(1 chains, thonco north 100
chuius to the point nf cumtnoucemonl.
Datod this 9th day of October, liKHt.
oet 20| L. R. I'ltABHK
OTIOK Is horoby given that90days niter
date I intend lo npply to thn Hun. the
Chlof Com mission or uf l>aiids and Works for
permission to purchase I Iir fulluwing described
lands, situatod ln West Kootenay, on Ihe oast
shore of Upper Arrow Lako:
Coinincnolns nt n post adjoining T, 1., (f sn un
tho north slilo nnd marked "L. A, Dewar'*
nnrth-west corner," thonco east 80 chillis
thonco south [80 chain*.. Ilieuuo west 80 clialnn
inoro or less to thc east shore of Upper Arrow
bike, thencu norlh following llm slioro of said
lnko I'll ohains to thn point of commencement,
Dated Oct. 16th, I Wi.
00121 U A. DEWAR,
following described lauds In the West Kootenay district,
L CoiiiHU'iicing al a po*,t planted about 2
miles south of I1. Tt. ,>und about lj miles west
of the Upper Arrow Ijtkf. marked "C. skinner's north-west corner." ihenco south BO
bain*-, thence east 91 chains, ihence north 80
ihalns, thence west w chain?'to place of com
'.'. Commencing al a post planted about 2
milt* south of P, It, 5^ and li miles west of the
Upper Arrow Lake, niarked "C, Skinner's
north-easl corner post, "thence south SOohains.
thence west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains.
Uience tact &) chains to place of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post planted 1 mile
south of No, 1 and marked "C. Skinner's northwest corner post." thence south 80 chains,
thenceeast* chains.thence north 80 chains,
tbenee west Su chaini to place of coramenco-
Dated Ostober 17th, l*aJ6.
A. M. Symons, Agent,
4. Commencing at a post planted lj miles
norlh ol T. L 7534 and 1 milt west of Upper
Arrow Lako, marked "A. M. Symons' northeast corner post," theuce wost 80 chains, thence
souih So chains, ibenco east SO chains, Uience
sorth ;*j chains io place ot corauiencement.
Dated October ML, Wr'-.
oct 2-1 A- M. SYMONS.
YJ OTICE Is hereby given that 3u day-i after date
ll I intend to apply to the Hon. The Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a Special
License tu cut and carry away timber frmn the
following described lands in West Kootenay Diatrict:
1. Commencing ut u (Hist murked "E. R.
Schoimmukor's north-wesl corner post." planted i!i iniles south of Qoldstream. uud about IW
milos east of Hig Heud trail, thonce east 160
cbnins, soutli 40 chuius, wost 100 chains, north
40 chains lo pointof com in once ui ent.
2. Commencing at a post msrked ''E. R.
Schonuinuker's north-east corner post," pluutod 24 milos south of Goldstream, nud ubout I'i
miles eustof Hig Hond trail, thence west 100
chains, south 10 chains, eust llll) chaius, north
■10 chains to point of commencement.
3. Commencing ut a post marked "E. R.
Schooumaker's north-west corner imst," planted 31 miles south of (loldstrcum. und ubout IJ
miles oust of Hig Hond trail, Ihence oast UKi
chains, suuth 40 chains, WOflt IGO chains north
lo chuius to point uf commoncement.
4. Commencing at a post markod "E. K.
Schouiniiaker's north-oust corner post," pluuted
about 8} miles south of Qoldstream, and about
Id miles oust of Hig Hond trail, thonco wost 100
chains, south -.Odiums, oust lOOchains, north 40
chains to point of commencement.
Dated October l!th, 1000.
5. Commencing at u posl mnrkod "E. R.
Sclioonmakor's north-west comer post," planted about 8K miles soutli of Uoldstream, und
about 3) miles east uf iliif Hend irail, thence
east 100 chaius, south 40 ehuins, wost ltiu chain.,
north 10 chains to point of commencement.
0. Coinmeneing at u imst murked 'E. R,
Schcwumnkor's north-enst coruor post," planted
ubuut 3,. miles south uf Uoldstrenm, aud ubout
8W milos east uf Hig Hond irail, thouco west 160
chuius, south 40 chains, oast 100 chains, nortb
40 chains tu puint of commencement.
7. Commouciug at a pusl marked "E. R
Behoonmaker's uorth-wost enrnor post," plauted ubout 4 miles south nf Uoldstroum, uud
ubout ^ milos east of Hig Hend trail, tlienco
na.-1 tOO ehuins, south 40 chuius, wust 10U chains,
north 40 chaius to point of commeucemeut.
Dated October 18th, 1900.
8. Coininouciug ut a pust marked "E R.
Schoou nm ker's south-oust corner post," planted
aliout 1 mile south uf l.'i-milo tree, at the south-
wost corner or H. A. Lund's Timlier Limit No. 1,
theuco west 40 chuius, north 100 chuius. oust to
chuius, south lOOeliuius tu point .d cummouce-
Dated October Olh. 1906.
Notice Is hereby given that30 days afler date
wc Intend i> apply to the Hon. Chlel Commls-
sinner of Lands nud Works for a special license
to out and carry away timbor frum the lollowlng described lands, situate In Wesl Kootenay
district: '
i. Commonolng at a post plained about ono
mile north from (lie norlh-west comer ul K,&
S, Block BOO and marked "Hig llend Lumber
Company's soulfa-eatit comer post." theme
north 80 chains, theuce west so ehnins, thence
smith hu ehalus, thence east wi chains t. point
of com nieiicemeiit,
2, Commencing Hta post planted about one
iiillc norlli from ihe north-west corner of K &
S. Hlock m,, and marked "Hig llend Lumber
Company's north-east corner post," thence
wosl HO chains, llienco souih w chains, iheiu-o
east 80 chains, thencu nnrtli m chains to point
of commencement.
Dated Oct. 18th, VM,
Notice is hereby given thai 80 davs after dad-
we intend toapply tothe Hon -'hk-f Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license
to cut and carry away limber frmn the following described lands, .situate in Wesi Kuutenav
dlstrict: '
1. Commencingal a post planted about two
miles west from Bannock I'.dnt on i pper Arrow Uke and mai ked "H. II L. Cu's south-east
curuer post," thence north flu chaini,-.hence
west 80 chains, thence south MJ chains, theme
east 81) chaliiH to point uf commencement,
2, Commencing at a post planted about
threo miles west from llannock poinl on Upper Arrow Lake and marked "It. H. L. Co.'-.
south-east comer post." thence north su
chains, thenee wesi 80 chains, theuce south su
chains, thence east Su chaius topolutol commencement.
Dated Oct. 18th, 19(16.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Landsaud Works fgr a special license to cut
arid carry away timber frum Lhe following rtO
scribed land.-, situate on the east side of t pper
Arrow Lake. We-t Kootenny district :—
1: Commencing ala post marked '"Harry Mc*
Intosh's iotlt3>west corner post," about 8 miles
east of Nakusp, on a small creek tributary to Na-
kuap cret-k, and ataut 10 chaius wesl from the
imrth-east corner post of timber limit No. 7350,
Ibeuce imrtli ltW chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence south 160 chains to above named corner
post uf timber limit No.7860, thence west $0 chains
on the line of limber No, fUO to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Harry Mc
Intosh's south-wesl corner post,'1 40 chains west
frum post No. 1, and on the north line of timber
limit No. 7350, theuce nurth 100 chains, thence
east 10 chaius, Uience uouth 160 chains to north
line uf timber limit No, 735U, thence west40
chains on the line of timber limit No, 735uto
point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post marked "Harry Mc-
lutush's south-west corner post," 40 chains west
from post No, 2, and on the north line of timber
limit No, 7850, thence north leu cliains, thence east
tu chains, ihence south 16" chains, ihence west 40
chains on line of timber limit No. 7360 to point of
4. Commencing at a post marked "Harry Mc-
lutosb's south-west corner post,' 40 chains west
from post No, I, and on tho north line of timber
limit No, 7Wj. ihence north lOOchains, thence
east *y chains, thence si uth 160 chains to the
notth line of timber limit number 7350, thence
west 4u chains ou the Hue of timber limit No. 735U
to poini of commencement,
.i. Commencing at a postuarkedJ'HarryMC'
Intosh's south-west comer post,'* lu chains west
from lhe uorth-oast corner post of timber limit
N'o. 7851. thenco north luu chains, thenceeast 10
bains, (henco south 100 chains to north-east corner posl..(limkr limit No- 7351, thence west 40
ihalns mi line of *. in, i "-i limit .No. 7351 to point of
0. Commencingat a post marked "Hairy Me-
Intosh's soulh-wesl corner pest,'1 to chains west
from post No. 6. and on the imrth line of timber
limit No. 7861, tlience north 100 clmins, tlience east
lu chatui, theme south lttu chains to the north
line ol timber limit No.  ,'351, thence west 40
li.tni.- on the north line of timber limit No, 7351
to point of comiuencemeit.
..   Commencing at a post marked "Hairy Me*
Intosh's south-west corner post,'' and on the north
line  of   timber limit No. 7351, tlience north 100      _
chains, tlience eaal 40 chains, thenee soutli 100     >u
chains to the north Hue of timber limit No. 785L    W
theuce west on the noith line of timber Halt No.
7351, 4ii cliains to point of commeiicement,
8, Commencing at a postmarked "Harry Mcintosh's soutli-easl corner post,''aboul 3Q chain*
north of po-l No. 7, thence west -IQchains, tlience
north 20 eliains, tbenee west -20 chains, tbenee
north -A1 chains thence west 20 cliains, thenct
north 2u clmins, Uience vest 2u chains, thence
nonh 20 ebaiis, thence wesl :',, chains, thenee
iioith 25 eliains, thence tail 105 ebains, tbenee
south I  ■ chains to uoiui of c.> jimencemeiit.
Dated October isth, 19-K).
HARltV McINTOSH, Locator,
octr ByhuagentG. K. Rriuk.
NOTICE is hereby given* that 30 days
alter dale I inteud toapply to tho Honorable tho Chiof Cum missioner of Lands and
Works fur a special liconso to cut aud carry
away timber from the following described
laatfs in East Kooteua)' District:
1. Commeueiug at a post murked "Otto
Luchinuud's nurtb-east coruor post," planted
<m lho right bunk uf Windy River at head of
Kiubaskot Luke, and -'!■., milos from lake,
tbonco touth Itin chains, west 40 chains, north
1*60 chains, eu-i 40 ehuins to pluce of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Otto
Luchinuud's iiortn-wosi comer [tost," planted
"i, the right buuk of Windy River, st betd of
Kiubusket Luke, uud 21, miles from Lake,
thence suuth 100 chains, oa«l 40 chaius, nurth
100 chains, wost 4l> chains-to place of com-
Daled Sept. 15th, 1906.
3. Commeueiug at a i«-.»i marked "Otto
Lachmund's -south-wost comer post," planted
ou llie right bank of Windy Hirer, 21-, miles
from Kinbasket Lako. theuce north 80 chains,
east wi chuius, south 80 chains, west 80 chains
to place of cumnieucemeui.
4. Commencing at u post marked "Otto
Lachmuud'- uorth-we.-t coruer post," planted
on light side of Windy River, 4^ miles from
Kiubu-sket Lako uud half a mile west from
rivor, tbonco south 80 chaius, eust 80 chains,
nortli BOchaia-, west 8U chuius to placoof commencement. |
Commeueiug nt a post marked "Otto
Laohmund's south-east comer tost," planted
>u the right hank of Windy River, 2 miles from
head uf Kinbasket Lake tbenee north 8U
chains, west SO chaius, south 80 chains, east tW
chain.1- to place of commeucemeut.
Dated S-jpt. Rh. h«»..
6. Commencing at a post marked "Otto
Lachmund's soutn-west corner post," plauted
ou north bank of Kinbasket Lake anal mllo
from foot of lake, theuce north DO chains, oast
00 chains, south 80 chains, west 80 ohains to
place of commenoement.
Datod Sept. 12th, LOO.
Notice Is hereby given thnt 30 days after date
1 intend toapply [O thc Chief CommlssiarMr of
Unds nud Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timber frnm lho following
described lauds lu the Hig Hond dlstrictof
West Ivuotenay:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the suuth
side of .-)■*,(.-in- truil al Half-way Creek and
marked "J, 11. Whiten south-west corner post,'
and running northSOchalni, thence east W ebains,
thenee uuiitTi 80 ehshis, tlience wenl *> chains to
place of I'liiiiiin-aii-inijiiiil.
2. Co in tn end ii-*; al s post planted on the south
side i.f Keystone trail, j mile east of Htlf-wsy
Creel ami marked "J. II. Wliiu-'n north-went cr
net p«st,'' and running south 1B0 chain*, thence
«asl in chains, tlience north 180 chains,thence
wpst 40 chains to pi in.* of cummencumriit.
1. Commencing at n post planted on the soutb
sideof Keyntuiie trait, 1 mile lOStof llalfw»y
Creek and marked "J. II. White's north-west cor-
nor post]" aud running south leo chain-. Ounce
oust 4U i-lmin*, tfalhoi north 100 chains, tlionco
west 4o chains to place of commencement.
Dateil HcluiVr lit, 11*00.
'»'i U J. ft WHITE
Notice Ih hereby given that X dnys after dale
welnli'iidlunnply tothe Chief Cotninisiloncrof
Lnnds ami Works for permission tn cui and
earry nwuy timher frum the fullow'ing described lands -.iliiiiic In Wesl Kooteuay district;
Cniuiiri-clngut a post planted W elialm north
ofil rth-oost cornor ol Lot 7587 and marked
"Lamb*Watson Lumber Oo,'i north-wesl comer,"
thonc-* Mi chahix soulh, thence-o chains oast,
(In rn'" m cliains imrth, thenco to rkulns went to
point of imiimoiicuitu'iit,
Loc-iii-d October I7H1, VM.
Arroulntad, B. C-, Oot.tfth, 1W6. eet 81
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
dnlc I Intend to apply to th" Hotiuntblo Chief
Commissioner of Laiidiiuid Worki furaspouinl
llceuse to cut and carry nwify titnbflr from the
follow ing deserlbwl lands iu Went Kootenay
CminneuclUB at a pout planted Indies up Big
Creek, on north tide of (reek, and minted "Rob*
srt Armstrong's south-west cornor," thenoe last sn
ehalm, ihence north hi ohains. th-mes west 80
chains, thonee Houttii SO chain* to point of cm
Dated Sept. Mli, 1905.
oct 3
Notico u hereby given UstSO days afler date
I iuieml to apply tothe Cbiel Commissioner
of Lands sud Works lur a n-ei isl license to cut
and i-arrv away timber from the following
described'lands sltusied about s bait mile
tt est of t he i pp-* ■* A rrow I ake, and ocruiis lbs
lake Irom Nakusp, B.C., in tho dlstrictof
Wenl Knntenay:
l. Commencing at a post narked "Ell
iegaso/s south-easl comer post" running
West 80 chaini, thenoo mirth BO chain*, thonce
tost * chiiiim, thenco uouth 80 chains io point
of coinineiiccuicid
_ Commencing al a pesl planted nt the
southeast oornif of No. 1 tluilwr limit and
markod "Eh U-gos*-j * norlh west corinr post,"
running wml M'-hatim, thenoe MUU 80 chnlns,
[hence WHI 80 chains.thence north at ohains
toiKiinl 01 cununenceinint,
_ ' umm-'iiciiig at a poll Pluiw) at thu
north-wast comer of timber limit No. 2 and
marked "Ell Lmnft touth*WOitearnerjpoit,
running Dortn U chain-. I hMOQ ca-t 10 chains,
ihence south **" chains, thenoo west mi chains
tc point of immmeiioomonti
Located Sept. 3th. IWO.
oot II E. Provost, Agonl.
Kot.M ll l>«.bT|lT.D )UI lllllll). iill.T ilal.
K.IOMIlJ IO .pplj Ul tb. Cl.i-'ll un-- ru.
Undianil Woru lor ."lu-ii   mi.- , ,  int-iii
ana c.rry .wa. timlier Irow (In- uiiiiuilna
ilr-crilicil laml. lu Weal Koo.ona.. million
iiimniuiiclnH a. a poat |ilaiite-t about ml"
ii.iri.in! ii luilo we-t ol ilu. furl* of l-'iiailiiili
Jre.lt ami markM "in.iii.iiii LumberI'oni-
jjaDj'a aouib-eaat oorner ixi*t," tbenee woat I-
cliniuB, llienee north 4(1 chain., tbenoe eaat >m>
chain., (,'i.nc. Math 40 chaini to point of emu
ii.ii.-ii (i.-ii-i.ai Sml. rn.*.
net *.'; iiiii Ilniu LumiiR Co.
NoUoe is hereby given lhat SOdays aflor dato
I Intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of
l-indsunii works for a special llcenootocut
nd curry away timbor front thc following de*
i.Tibcd land- situated in the Dig Hend district
■t West Koulenay:-
Commoncing at a post murked "James An-
dirsOD I uorth-wost coruer point," pluce-1 alongside II. hoiiiiidl) • uorth-oast corner (mstou
tho west id.' of frisby Creok, running south
pi-"*! .nn-, thonce east 80 chsius, thence nurth
00 chaius. theuco west 40 chain.-, theuce north
in chains, thence woit 40 chains tu place uf
DaftdHipt.liitb, 1900.
oct 27
Our Range of ninnkets nevor as good in. now. Nice, Bolt, all-wool, unslninkablo lilankets
selling at $3 60, *|IS.00, $fi.S0, $8.00 and $10.00. Tlienc Blankets wcro bought from Hip best
n.ills in Canada before the rise in price, making the value nml prices lower tin... uny in the
at tin- present time.
COMFORTERS—We have Comforters—all the Iiest kinds—Prices ranging Irom $1.75, $2.50
$3.00 nnd $4.50.   Down Comforters at $8,511, $10 and $12.
FLANNELETTE SHEETS—White and Grey.   A lull assortment in stock.
PILLOWS—Good Feather and Down   Pillows.    Prices, 75c, $1.25. $2.50, nnd $3.00enoli,
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that never     REID    Qt    YO U N G   that never
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$1.00 bottle
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ul our Port W'iiii"
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! Canada Drug <& Book
,.    Company, Limited,
-, ,t, tti .Ti iTi iti iTi i*1i iTi tTi il*i iTi i'
* w V +   +   +   V 4-   *   +   -I-   V '
Why do you bake your own bread
when we can deliver it to you fresh
from the oven every day. There is
none better, if iinyns good.
Cakes and Pastry
A  large nBsortn.unt of Cukes  and
Pastry on band.
Quality and workmanship A 1,
Saturday, Nov. li—For 24 hours.
Easterly winds, cloudy, cold with rain
ur sleet.
WniDi'OMiiE-TiiuMAS—On Oct. Hist,
1906, at St. Peter's church, Revelstoke. B. 0, by the Rev. C. A. Proeunier. M. A, Juhn Widdicon.be,
to Elizabeth Grazebrook Thomas,
Mb of Arrowhead, B. C.
Local and General.
Choose your Christinas, giftB at the
llazaar un Nov. 10th.
The Scboula commenced their winter schedule yesterday morning.
Mi*» Mignon Duke, the young Vancouver singer, will give a recital in
this city the last part of next week.
Mr. Harold Jarvis will sing at the
eveningservk-e in St. Andrew's church
Fill the Opera House for
Harold Jarvis and Wallace
Qraham on Monday night.
The Forget-me-not Club will give a
prize fur the best couple dancing Two-
Step. Prize may be seen in the window of Hustings, Doyle and Allum.
Fill the Opera House for
Harold Jarvis and Wallace
Graham on Monday night.
Eari Gr.y lias purchased 01.1 acres of
ranclie land on the Knoteuay Lake,
twenty miles below Procter, of which
15 acres are cleared and planted with
iruit trees.
C. P. McQueen, general ageut for
the Great West Life Insurance Co. of
Winnipeg, is spending a lew days in
town and speaks very highly ol the
general progress and prosperity of
West Kootenay,
With a capital of $*.,000,000 the
Trans-Alsska-Siberian Railway Co.,
has.been iDC-irpor.ited in Jersey City.
The company will cunstruct a railway between Alaska and Siberia with
a tunnel under the Behring Sea.
A member ol the senate at Washington created a sensation recently by
the assertion that England is inciting
Japan k> war with the United States
iii the hope ol securing cuutrnl of
Pacilic commerce.
Tht Department ol Labor at Ottawa
lias offered to intervene in tbe coal
miners' strike at Fernie. The company ia willing but the men think
they can arrange it themselves. j\i
Lethbridge neither side wants interference.
Tin- Magazine >,l Commerce says
that the ontftrpr.se ol the C. P. R. in
establishing it. all-British mute to
tbe far east, deserves encouragemenl
rather than attempts to belittle it
which li ivs been ra ide In somo not
wholly disinterested quartern,
Hollowc'en was kept up in true
style by several lively and boisterous
spirits ol the Kevelstoke community
Many of the tricks played were harmless enough, while others certainly
were scuacely the sort ot things that
could be termed jokes.
The 8 torm and tidal wave sepni to
be the rage nt the present, time. The
Bouth of France has been visited by a
hurricane, snowstorms and a tidal
wave th lit destroyed much life and
property at Toulon and Nice, where
the streets werc Hooded and the slores
nearly i rushed out.
Wo are glad t sec that the city
iiuthoiiliies have at Inst nwiikeued lo
the fact that the crossing between tl.e
Canada Drug & Book Oo. and H. N.
Coursict's oliice on McKenzie avenue,
required repairing. The wnrk has
now been done and in luture dry leet
will be enjoyed at that particular
The New Zealand Exhibition at
Christchurch opened on Thursday
Sir Wilfrid Laurier sent tho following
cablegram: "Premier Wnnl, Christ
church, New Zealand. Canada sends
greetings to sister colony on opening
exhibition nud best wishes lor its
success. Much gratilied to participate
and trust. Canadian exhibits will add
interest.   Signed, Laurier."
A quiet wedding took place at St.
Peter's church on Wednesday last,
tl.e contracting parties being John
Widdicoinhe and Elizabeth Graze-
brook Thomas, both of Arrowhead.
The affair was confined to a few of tbe
most intimate friends. Rov. C. A,
I'rocunier otliciated. The happy part
lelt on the evening train for a visit tithe coast.
" The Independent," Standish,
Michigan, says: " Like a king was
Harold Jarvin received. The crowd
was held spellbound by his wonderful
voice, llis voice has wonderful scope,
bursting forth with all the depth and
volume of the great pipe organ,toning
down again to the silliness and melody
ol the aeolian harp, till the air fairly
bb-SBOins with its sweetness. In "The
Huly City" he showed wonderful
volume. The hall seemed too small
tu accommodate his voice—and the
audience sat dazed with its thrilling
effect. It was a musical treat and
those who attended will never forget
Harold Jarvis." With Wallace Graham, elocutionist, at lhe Opera House
on Monday, Nov, 5th. Reserve your j
seat-at the Canada Drug *v Book1
On Wednesday night ol next week I
Mis- A. E, Evans will visit, Revelstoke
on her return trip to India, nnd will
address a meeting in Knox Churoh,
Miss Evan- has spenl ciejit and a half
year.- in missionary work in India and
therefore knows her subject al llrsl
hand. Besides giving an intereiting
talk  on   India  she will dress In the
natlvi -tiiiiii- ol the Women of India
As Mis- Evans h i ■ been serving under
tbe Bapti.t Union and there being no
Baptist Church tn Kevelstoke i ipeci .1
request is made to all the Baptists ol
Kevelstoke a* well •- to all ithers to
intend this meeting on Wednesday al
."■ p.n.    A collection .-ill be taken
"A im i| eg Teli gro n      Mr Wallace
Orahnn . '.I Brandon, an .-I ticuist
I mai .ed ability, made his Winnipeg
debut, creating i highlj lavornble impression. Ills readings, grave and
I uy. were well selected ind won hearty
appreciation and insistent i.ppimne —
Will. Ilnriild Jnrvis at the ll|n:r:i
Hondo -ii Monday, Nov. 5, Reserve
your scats i.t Canada  Drug i Book
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
in.Ml pastor. S-. ii.-isevi-iv Suiibi
al ihe lollnwing limns: 8 a.m. c nn
iiiiii.i n Mass; 10:30 a.iu High '• ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:80p.m Rosary,
Instruction ami Dciipdietkn.
St. I'imit.ii's—The Ilev. O, A Pro
cunier, rector. The twcnty-lirsl Sunday alter Trinity. Holy Communion
al Saml II a.m. Evensong ul 7.3.1
p.m.   Sermons by the rector.
Sr Andhkw's—(First I'.osbyterian.)
Rev. W. C. Calder, pastor, Services
11 a.m. and 7.HO p.m. Pastor's Bible
class and Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
Biblo reading Wednesday at 8. Choir
pi-notice Thursday at 7.30 p.m. Teachers' meeting Friday nt 8 p.m.
Kxox Pkesbytkhian.—J. R. Robertson, B.D, minister. The usual
Sunday services atlla.ni and 7:30
p.m. Morning subjecl: "The Infinite
Compassion of Jesus " Evening subjecl: "Amos and His Message Ior
.Modern Times." Sunday School at
2:30 p.m. Young People's Guild on
Monday night, nt 8 o'clock. On Wed
ncsday night in place ul the regular
prayer meeting a missionary address
on India will tie given by Miss A. E.
Evans. Choir Practice on Frd.iy
night at 8 o'clock.
Methodist—Sunday sorvioes at 11
n.ni. and 7,30 p.m. Tbe Kuv. Jas.
Turner will preach at both morning
niul evening services. Sunday school
and Bible class at 2.30 p.m. Epworth
League Consecration meeting Monday
evening at 8 o'cl ick. Prayer meeting
Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock.
The ntteudance at the public schools
lor October was as follows:
Good work is being done on the
new channel by the Government
dredge in the river bed and only a
small amount now has to be taken
out, On the completion of the dam it
is hoped that no further orrosion of the
bank will take place.
Social and Personal
W. II. Brown hna returned from a
visit to Chicago.
Cory Menhenick lias been appointed
acting mining recorder at Camborne,
for .he l.i.rileiiu mining division.
Dr. C. II. Smith has returned Irom
a long visit to the coast, where he
regained his health, He will re-corn-
inence his practice.
Mrs. B. A. Lawsiin cave an alternoon
" at hnnie " on Wednesday last, a
large number of invitations being sent
out. The event was one uf the smart-1
est uf the seasu.i.
Business Locals.
W           d.
High School-
-Div. I.. 21   94.25
"II.. 20  93.08
Public Schoo
-Div.l.   19  82.50
ii      ii
-  "II.   21   8725
..      .1
-  " III. 40  80.10
ii      ii
- "IV. 35   81.08
ii      ..
- " V.  46  71.15
,i      ,i
- "VI. 31  77.03
ii      .1
-  "VII.37   83.86
ti      ii
- "VII1.00 75.83
Totals 330 81.30 136
Summary of Report.
The investigation uf the zinc resources of B. C. was undertaken in
response to petitions from the Silver-
Lead Association and the Associated
Boards ot Trade of Britisli Columbia.
The work was divided amongst the
most experienced men that could be
obtained and the investigation wns
intended to cover the following points
(1) The examination ot the present
development of mines to determine
the tonnage ol zinc ore immediately
available; its occurrence and character
and the future prospects, together
with the cost of mining. (2) Examination of the present method ol milling. (3) Investigation of the adapt
ability of the ores to the new methods
of concentration (magnetic, electrostatic, etc.) (4) The study ol conditions affecting the marketing of the
concentrate, including the question of
smelting iu the pruvice or elsewhere
in Camilla. (5) Thc investigation of
the possibility ui the special utilization of the zinc nre if ol high silver
It was found that zinc in large commercial quantities could be produced
in B.C. With respect to the occurrence and character oi zinc ores these
have, in every case, been carefully examined and described in detail. The
report i.- accompanied hy plates illus-
trating their geological features. Tbe
luture prospects ul milling are that
correct methods ol treatment must be
adopted (or tbe different classes of ore
and that liy observance of the suggestions made by the commission, a
-table zinc industry will be established. The cost ol mining in every pos-
ii ,, ease was determined and amount-
, •■ .S-2..-.0 per tun ol raw material
taken it in two ol the largest mines;
this sum includes general and engineering expenses. The proper method
oi milling uf each class ol ore is clearly set forth in the report and il closely
followed will enable these non-produc-
en to resume operations at a profit.
Several schemes lor milling with bust
appliances -im uso enumerated, ll.
.i-e Iiinn! possible to produce zinc
concentrate swaying upwards ol 10
per i-i-ni /mi: and sometimes -'iK per
rent /.in'-, I i. in 1906 the production
ol /.mc. .ii i British Columbia was
approximately 11.mil)tons which was
chiefly ex| nrted --- lie United -- ties
Bine, tin eaiiiiiiaiiinent ul Canadian
smelting "- ■ '■- il Allu-rta, Canada
lm- i-n-l ni the market for Hies,-   ires
The qui - | - siting in British
.'.iiiitiiiii.t  -  i |gi., ,ep- ii, Canad i -
■  i-...-- ly tn   led in the report.    P.. 0,
ii the better situat I because coal enn
in-  pro, , ed   lor  about 11.60 a '- n
ne imi - .1- ■ i -      is ol
inieltmij,   li was demomtrat-
I ed Hint /in--   ire -melting is commi i
i-inlly fen      i - i .ml,i    I le- report
1st     .   IS il     - -     illi tin-  metal orgy
' zinc, is lhc onl) --ne 'J it." kind in
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seals, paper knives and other novi tie, existence and is nlready recognized as
i an aim   ytiiiiwi   iiuio
We are showing n large line of Winter Hats in all the best
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that sell up to $8.60 and have put then, on sale at $2.60 each.
Children's Felt Sailors
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Walking Skirts
The styles and materials are equal tn anything ever shown in the
town, lint the prices nre much lower. Fine Venetians, Mohairs, Tweeds,
8erge8 and Homespuns, in carefully selected colors and styles—mado in
the host manner, and wc can give yon a perlect fit, Prices run from
$3,00 to $12.00 each.
Have you tried Klostersilk lor Fancy Work ? It works easier,
looks as well and about ball the price ol embroidery silk.
Any kind ol InkB you may ask Ior,
marking, writing, drawing, copying,
hectograph, stamping, indelible, gold
and silver, all lor sale at the Canada
Drug Store.
Immigrants who become insane
within two years ol their arrival in
this country under the Dominion Immigration Act are returned to the land
of their birth at tlie expense of the
shipping compuny thnt transported
them hither,
Ontario officials are deporting a
number of persons under this law whe
are now inmates of the provincial
a8yluins. Eight have already been re
turned, one to Russia, two to the
United States and five to England,
while four more English and a Swede
will probably epent Christmas in
their fatherlands,
Tlie province eaves, it is estimated,
about $2000 a head for maintenance.
In luture stricter measures will be
adopted to prevent the passage of such
undesirable immmigrants, and the
steamship companies iuc being warn
cd to govern themselves accordingly.
Our southern neighbors, it is said,
are not above quietly Bonding insane
people over the bordei to get rid of
them, and a close watch will be kept
for such cases. The United States ol-
licinis are particularly Btrict under
similar conditions.
Pleases every Smoker
the "Maroa
I will sell by Public Auction the
entire Furniture ol Mrs. Lee Anderson's home.
Everything must le sold.
Friday, November 16th,  1906
at 1 p, m. Sharp,
H. MANNING. Auctioneer.
G. M. SPROAT. Office, Cowan Blk.
Notice |g hereby glvon that 80 dayi after date 1
ii'ii'l In appl) In tlie llmi. i In- Chief OoiimisHioii
t .I Liuni!* and Works for a H-jim-lal Ma-line to cut
nd carry away Umber frum the following ilc-
icrlbed landi In Weit Kootenay ili.4rlct;
Commencing at ft post mnrkeil ".I,  Porter's
nortli-eruit corner pout, at tin- mm Hi-onst cornur
if TboDiti 1'nars.m -i |.o* ftm-pUim, tlir-nct* loiltll 8-1
haliu, thenee mul B0 chaini, thence n.n-tli wi
halm, tlience eaal hu ehalm to point of com-
i,,* .i-.i lepl i/ih. 1900,
ii.-vH ,1. I'UltTKH.
il the Canad}! Drug ■'■ Hi i k 3tori
More of Baion  Hurlbut'a noted
Sate Pa peri   j hand,    A» yon
nre judged by thc stylo anil qua)*
•    t* papci yo i use In your
'■,-iviiil. irt, so you mayjudgc
-\ *i bj 'In'** ock of Papers
■ j Wi ling Materials we i nrry.
WRrwq  Phm  R DruKKist & stationer
. DL-rtb. ri'.ll, D.    nmi Hume Block.
high siitti ir ty in these mbiei ti
Tin- demand i if copies '.l thi-- volume
.11 iim, ■, ..... It. consist ■ ,:' 378
page.,  beaatilully  illustrated    with
i-i: . picl - md with repnt. by
th     <■!         i'-.'- i| today
A parade of the officer, and members 0) LO, L, Nn. H'i'iH will take
place on Monday .-veiling to Ht. .Andrew's Church, All members and
visiting brethren in the city are corili
ally Invited, Tho brethren will assem
hie  nt   the   lodge   room  at, 11:30 nnd
pnrnde at 7 o'olook sharp,
By order W, M,
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Bool,  I'm k   Mutton,
Poultry, Fish .uui (litine in
Season, Orders priunpllv attended In.
First St. Revelstoke
Buys one nf lhe mosl roomy,
comfortable and convenient residence! in lhe lily. With IWO lots,
corner site, In first-class location,
Terms mny lie arranged, Particulars on application to
Real Estate ft Insurance Ageni,
. .*7f, itfa is*, itt .i'i i1*i i*ti t*& ,1*i ii*, 1*1*1 ii*i {ti ii*i i*q it* i*fi i**-11*6 i*r, .Ti iTi ,*Ti i****.,'
4.1 '4» '4.' w 'J,- 'Xi '+■ -J,' -X' "X-14.1 -X' '*i H' 'I? 'If 'If (J.1 •!,' 'J.- -X- 'X '4< 4- *
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
1 ifi tii 1T11T11T11T1 tTi 1T1 iTi 1T11T11T11T11T1 itt 1T11T11T1 tti itt iti itt '*^* ^ •
r *-I," 'V *X" *4* \L* 'X1 'X1 'X1 'V *«L* "JP "X1 'X1 "IP "X" 'X "X' *V 'V "V "X1 "X Wsiv *
Fresh Groceries      Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Dairy and Creamery Butter
First Corner East
of Imperial Bank
►OOOOOO t>0-aCKHHK><><H><><><X><H><>*l
Houses and Lots
For Aurionllurnl Implements. ('iirrtaKe.t, Wdgons Eto., John
Decro PlouRhs, Mul ino Wbruun, (-aniulu Cnrrlago If-ompany's
lluii'ifios, PlmioL jr., Oiinlmi Seodora and (.ultlvntors, Wheel*
writ*lit und Hluuksinltli Work iHtteuded to.   Horse Shoeing a
Por all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
.'iiiil.tinuse fiiiuishiugs go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
WANTED--Dressmakliig   by the
dny nl. Iiiilieii' homes by experienced dressmaker,   Apply I.Iiih olliee.
1 OST-Yesterday on the Hig Hend
I i road, between city und cemetery,
a hiiuil hn.; ciinliiining a nuuill purac,
iu which wn*, nu amount of money and
a culling card, Kinder will plenae return In ll Illce of 111,* MaiI.-HKHAI.I1.
WANTED   Young Lml to do'lighl,
wurk,    Apply nt Y. M. 0, A.
i—^^—^^.    ft Onllii" I'uii,
1    black anil white    Itetuiu lo.l.D.
■ ost On Thursday
McLennan, First Slieel
ANTED  Two llrst-eliisa Cm-pen
leis.   Apply to K C. Fiiomky.
ANTED Uy expelienied young
women,   p,. ---i 1 i- >-.   aa  house-
keeper.   Apply i" tbi*- on
WANTED-Piu" 11 lew weeks  liy  11
couple  Willi aiuiill child,   well
furnished and heated bed   and sitting
iiuim, wilh or without,  board.  Oive
full  particulars.   Address A, J. O.,
-mi' Mail-Herald Office,
Tlm Clothing mid (leiitlumenV KurnisliiiiB
Buslnosaof J, G. Maedonald of Rovelstoke, H.
0. Mi. MaciloiiiiM lms usslfttiod but tlio liusi
ness la still lioluir currlodon. Sinol. umount»
lo ulnmt ijli.i-O'i.ini anu Is new nml in lirsMas.i
cumlitlon, Full stock is ou order nndgrentor
part now in Revelsloke roiuly lor delivery.
1'iirclntser buy inn at once can secure fall trade.
ToiiiiiT. nre nsked nnd will be received by tho
nsstgbeo, A. Y, Aiuliirsnii, Kevelstoke, II. C, up
to the 1st November, MA. For further imr-
lictilurs n|)|,ly to the Asiilgneo or Durns It
Wnlkoin, tlollcltors for Katnte, Vnncouver, Il.C.
(Pupil of Dr. A, S. Vogt. of
To ro llio University)]
ia prrpnrcd to take pupils in Piano
Instruction.   Itenidcnoe—Fourth 8t
Carpet Squares at llowwn'i Furni-
tyre Store,


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