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The Mail Herald Dec 8, 1909

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'• Empire " Typewriter
For ense ol operation and perfect iou
in results proiiiioul, this niaohine
is unsurpassed,   Prior—$011 Cash.
Interor PubllhlngCo.,     -    Agents
fhe Mail-Herald
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dinner if yon let ns supply you with
imeii.   Whether il I"'
Fine Poultry, Beef, Veal
Lamb, Pork or ( hops, <bn' Steaks are
known to be veiy tender and .juicy.
Manitoba Farm, Bologna. Liver and
Blood Sausages. Tender Loins, Spare
Hib.-, Pigs Feet, Lambs, bVtes.
Swift's Premium, Uiillin's Premium,
Armour's Star, whole, halved or sliced
Hams aud Bacon.
Green Bones chopped For chickens   ally.
Phone   251.
P. 0. Hox ISI.
Barbarous Work—-Fighting is in
Progress at Rama
Bluofields, Nicaragua, Uec 3.—It   is
reported here today thul the bodies of
Cannon and Grooe, the Americans executed at Managua, were cut all lo
pieces and  burned,   lt is  allegod    that
I the barbarous work was done at    .ae
iilireotiou of President /Ce'ny:
Indications     are thul lighiiuy     i.s
been iu progress  at  Rama uow       far
two days, aud that  the troops of the ,
revolutionists have fared well. Reports ,
irom Managua are thut   the army   of.
[the revolutionists, under Provisional,
President l-nirudu, are in better con-,
ditiou than  that  of President  Zeluya.   |
Sad Accident        j
Armstrong,  B,  C—Tho four-year-old i
son of Mr. and Mrs. T. N.  Hayes,   of I
hurkiu, was accidentally killed by his I
! elder brother.  Hurry.    It uppeurs  thut i
. Hurry had picked up a 22 rille     thut
llad fullen ou the floor, aud us he was j
picking it     up it    went off, the bullet j
1 striking his younger brother.   The bul-
let entered the chin, going down thru'
and lodging iu the spinal column.
The butting averages compared well
with last year, W. Prior with IS heading the list.
Brief reference was made to the Ok-
anagaii matches and the high stand -
ard of Koutenay cricket.
Two presentations wore made during
the evening. P. Bourne presented W.
lirier with a magnificent Piggott cricket but for huving the highest balling
average,  and    C.   Holten presented XX.
Liberals and laborites Unite to
Defeat House of Lords
The  Uritish  Parliament   will  bo dissolved on January Mb and tho elections will extend Irom Jan.  lfltb      to
11.  Humphreys with a hhndsome   por-  the lUat.
trail  group of  the   ll'MU  team, for see-      I'he Lords, for the Bl'St lime iu three
vices rendered  ill  organizing  the club,   centuries,    rejected    the budget by .'I.V
The      figures     below  will  give sume   to 75,  and  the  Liberals have accepted
ideu of the cluh's work: ] this us a challenge to  the issue as  to
XX'. lirier heads the list of baiting , whether the upper house shall longer
averages witb lb, V. Bourne second cumber the legitilativn ground to set
with 10, In bowling Vi. W. Foster ut defiance the will and rights of the
comes first with 6 runs per «;.'.c, elected representatives of the poople.
v-ith 92 overs;  Brooks  seci.id,  xvi !i  7  Premier  Asquith s   resolution   iravers -
and with 80 overs.
In mnichos with  outside clubs,
Brier and C. Norris head the   Da
average list with 15 und  11 rosp	
ly.   The year's results are, with—
Vernon—won  one  and   lost   >"i -.
Kamloops-—won one.
.South Okanagan    Sports Club—I
Calgary—lost one.
iug the action of  the   Lords wa
•V, 'lied by 310 to 131.
ig     The Conservatives  are attempting to
■i-idivert  the issue  to  that of a protective   tariff    and   reciprocity within    the
'empire on      the    lines advocated      by
st     Labor   Leader  Henderson says      lhe
, Liberals will     have the whole-hearted
support    ol    the      labor party  in the
F. Rniiriio was captain of home mat-  fight, which is the most bitter in many
dies, B.   It.  Atkins captain of ma'.cites  years.
away.    F.    Bourne heads the list      if |   The budget which the Lords rejected
Maundrell Meat Market
B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Accident to Mail Carrier
Atlin, B. ('., Dec. I.—While carrying
mail across the ice irom the mail
'steamer which wus frozen in lukc Atlin, near Portage, Dan Holland and
I Fred Taylor broke through the ice. A
! companion extricated the men with
j great difficulty. The mail was alsu
j saved.
I Uolluud and Taylor .started for the
I nearest shelter, u miner's cabin, several miles away. Both of Holland's
'feet and/Taylor's hands were frozen.
I lho men were taken into Atlin last
I night. Holland is in a serious ,-ondi-
' tion.
greatest   number of   runs
season, 392.
Branches "i- Agents al all principal points In Canada.
Ageulsin Ureal Britain and United Stales—London, huglHUd,
Lloyds-Ban!:, Limited. Chicago-Kh'«t National Hank, Corn Lx-
clmnireN«Hori*l Hank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, ganFran-
clsco—Wells Fai^o Nevada National Hank. Spokane—Esnhau««
X.itionul Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
cm i ent cite fiv-iu dale of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Warning to Smokers
.New  Vork, Dec.   1—Three lives were
lost iu a lire  that destroyed a     tone- '
ment building uu South street     early
today.   Jesse     Ames lighted   his .pipe
without  getting out  of bed and iguii-
i ed the lied covering,   Ames was bur -
j ued to  dimth  and  Maria Brun,      who
I lived  iu  nu  adjoining  apartment   with
her three-year-old child, was out oil by |
ihe Uames.    The woman nnd her child '
died in the fire.
Masquerade Ball To-night
Tonight   the    great   Masquerade  Ball
under the auspices of Fire Brigade No.
1   will  take place iu  the opera  hoiliie.
The public are     assured of a  rousing
good   time   nnd   the  firemen   have    hit
nothing undone to ensure  lue     .ignnl
success   of   the   undertaking.       I),
tions  on a lavish scale lave   I' u
iiu-d the hall into an nitracii.e
magnificent  "place a  la  danso"
with excellent    music provided,
iug should be perfeot,   A large
is anticipated,     and    some costumes ,
both stunting and gorgeous,  will     be
seen, original aud tustelul   The Gru id
March will commence sharp at 9 p. m.
proposed to raise the revenue to meet
the demands for Dreadnoughts caused
by the action ol Germany, a policy demanded  by  the great  financial  inter -
ests of Britain.   The Government suid
if the wealth of the country demanded
that policy  they  must pay for it, and
while the budget leaves untaxed     tho
food  stuff.-, of  the poor,  as flour,  sugar,  tea and beer, it levies heavy duties on whiskey, and tobacco, raises the
income   tax   to   18c.   iu  the pound    on
ora- j incomes     of $10,000 aud over to $25,-
nsfor- 000, nnd 2.4 per cent on incomes over,
end inheritance tax of from 1 per cent ou
•inf 'estates of $25,000  to  15 per cent,    on
t.nn.! - j estates of $6,000,000, a laud tax based
actual   values   and  an   automobile
tax     of froiy $10 un a 6-h.p, machine
to $2011 on a IjO-h.p. machine.
Papers like lhe      Times defend      the
House of Lords, but a large sectiou of
irowd | ou
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Can be Secured for Your Friends,  anil at the
same time Save Money,   by making' your selections of Christmas Gifts from us.
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Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
4HH"fr$ $ $ $ '* ***' $ ♦ fr '* '* '* ♦ ♦ ♦ *' ♦ ♦ '*' $
 —   *
The Little Folk's Store   %
A Store Full of Toys from 5c. to $20
Each and each article at a very reasonable price.
A Nice Place to Shop; everything on the
Ground Floor.
Remember Manning's for Fresh Camly
They are made To-day.
Ship Wrecked
N'euh Bay, Wash., Dec. 1.-1U- British
doretl "0 miles uii Umatilla roof, Nov,
Imrk Mat tfihoni, Capt. Salter, foun*
-7, and the lirst mate, Bteward and
• ►uo woman wero drowned. Tbo re -
maining 27 members ut tbp crew were
saved, reaching the Umatilla lightship
in tho Captain's boat.
and it is hoped that all who wish to,the press domawln its abolition. The
take part in this splendid spectacle Chronicle nays it hru; committed sui-
will be ou hand promptly at that oide and sought t<> establish an oli-
hour.   The     prizes     for the best cos -  garohy.
tunics ifill be valuable souvenirs of! The Liberals aud Laborites will
the occasion. For the beat lady co« • not put up a candidate against Joe
tume, a handsome, gold and garnet Chamberlain in Birmingham on au-
sunburnt brooch of real design. Best count of bis illness.
gentleman, n first-class ln-iar pip** and i In the course of hin speech ut South*
case. Best comic, a silver mounted port, on Saturday, Mr. Churchill eaid:
clock, and a special prize for ont1 Dr."We aro face to face with n period
more persons making up a set, a pair when parties are necessarily grouped
of handsome tiffany gla^s vases. Kev-'on violent linos; when brute force and
dstoke id asked to patronize her lire- class hatred, instead of forbearance
men and help make  tho ball a      com-   and     public    spirit, are becoming   tho
pleto BUcoess.
Tickets are $1.50 per couple.
extra lady 50e,
"Our Boys"
Aliens Sent Back
Vancouver, Doc. L.—The Dominion
immigration authorities deponed to
the Stales several aliens who had
■■ome to Canada trom that country.
Indian Shoots Boy
Halbury, Deo. 3,—Dr White Cloud, an
Indian patent medieine man, known
throughout Ontario, ib iu jail. Wednesday night while performing in a
hall he claims to have been disturbed
by small boyr-. One of the "doctor's*'
i ricks is rille shooting, and failing to
,|iiiet the bmoll boys he .-hot one of
ihem. After lingering u night und a
day the boy died in Coppor Clitfo hospital last night.
characteristics of British political life.'
and an | Mr. Lewis Harcourt compared the
present issues with those of the timo
of Cromwell ami the French rovolu -
• tion.
, Sir Edward '.rev, iu his addles- at
l.eith on Saturday, said he was glad
Arrangement?! havo lieen made to the House of Lords was barred from
,'lmnge the date of tho production of retreat, and lhat there would be no
the famous comedy "Our Hoys'* to opportunity for repentance,
Monday, December Kith. To aecom - Lord I.yvedcn deseribod the Lords as
modate -Manager Tapping of the opera "rebels against the crown."
house, ihe Amateur Dramatic 'Club Dr. Clifford, the reverend loader <»f
have ugreed to give up their original the Free Church, hoped thai the poors
dato Friday, Dec. 10tli, und play "Our would be drowned ill tho Ited Sea, as
Hoys" ou Monday, Dec.  13th., when it   was Pharaoh,
is hoped that the public will show Mr. William li. llyles, Liberal mom -
iheir appreciation ol tbo Amateurs' l'or of tho House of Commons from
talent by a record attendance. "Our Salford North, said; "We have goi
Hoys" run continuously (or over 1600 iho Lords by the throats, and ure
nights iu London und is a comedy of going to strnnt.de them. If the men of
unusual vigor and life. The caste is a England have the same spirit as they
particularly strong one, and each had .'10(1 years ago, they will be ready
member is  well   up   to  the  work.   The   'or civil  war."
following i.s ihe full caste: j    Mr.    Balfour,    Conservative Leader,
Sir Geoffrey     t'lianipneys      (u  county   suggested n banner which the  Liberals
magnate I. H. Hayes  might cany in  lhe  Hyde I'ark demon-
Talbot  (his son)   W. .I. Vi. lirown   titration.    It   should   say:   "i'he  Lords
l'erkyn   Middlewhk   (a   relired   butler-   have insulted you  hy asking your op-
nmn)  Vi.   A.    Sturdy | inlon.   (Unionist    cheers).    Tako oare
M, It.,
Cricket Club Smoker
The annual Smoker under lhe auspices of Ihe Revelsloke Cricket Club
was held lasl night In the Selkirk hall.
What was la<-king In ipinntiiy ,,f nl-
• ittondan,',; was made up in quality
and enthu.-iasui, and as the evening
wore ou the "pipe of peace" and the
"glass that cheers" spread a geuiul
warmth over the assembly.
W. W. Foster occupied the chair,
supported by W. H. Humphreys, the
club secretary, and F. Bourne, home
captain. An excellent vocal and instrumental programme was rendered,
including selections by the Kevelstoke
Symphony Orchestra, and songs by
Mensr.-. Bracewell, A. Annan, Nelson,
C. Norris, W. 11. Humphreys, Goring
and others, with selections from
Messrs. Watson und Meek.
The chairman, in a brief address
dealing with the season's work, stated
that the club had made good progress
and although not as successful as Inst
year in outside mutches, had put up
some excellent cricket. Tho games and
practices were well attended, there being over fifty regular players. ibe
grounds were perhap. the besi in B.
, , and tho bib doservod groat credit
inr the manner in which ihey had u'"'
,,' wurk and i-lenred nml Improved
■Ii'-ni. f'riekot w,i^ a popular manly
.11.   M
Charles  (his son) I)
Kempstor   (Sir  G's  servant)....
I'addles  (lllddlewlck's  servant)
Violet Melin-e  (an  h,-ire>s..,Mis
Mary   Melm.-e   (her   poor   cousin)
A.   II.   While.
Clarissa    Champnoy*    (Sir G's sister)
Mrs. D. M. Hae.
Belinda   (Lodging  house  slave)
W.  A.  Sturdy.
Act 1.—Middlewick's House,
Act II.—Sir Geoffrey's drawing room
Act III.—Mrs.      Halchnm's    Lodging
A dance will  be held at  the close of
tho performance.
Tickets ut popular pricos. All should
tako    this     opportunity of having     a
good ovening's amusement.
to give such a vole that your opinion
never will be asked again." (Applause)
The sanest judges on both sides agree that the electorate has no intention of  following   lhe  Labor and Kiuli-
cal sections ni ilu. ministerialists in
demanding tlio abolition of the Seoond Chamber, or even the destroying
,,f their pari  iu  legislation.
lhe Conservative .Sunday Times, describing the scenes in Trafalgur Square
Mrs. Buya t^t there is no usu in attemp •
ting to belittle the demonstration.
The 50 speukers included a do/en ol
tho members of tho House of Commons. The sue of tho gathering ut,, h
was urrangod at short notire, tnys
tho paper, was surprising. It w.is t-n-
inistnkeubly the most notable end
most effeotive demonstration in leorl
Every Inch a King
Stockholm, Dec. fi.—King Gustavo ol
Sweden inaugurated a new departure
lor sovereigns on Saturday. Ho spent
sovernl hours in disguise, working ns
ii stevedore carrying sacks iif eoal
from a lighter, When it was ovor lhe
king mid lhal lhi-' was one of lhe
lirst of a number of similar at tempis
l,<< will mnki' n> fully  acquaint      bini-
-elf   with      llie   w.ilkillL'   ,',,millions       nf
litis country.
Westminster Wreck
Vancouver, Dec. 6.—Ths Coroner's
jury in the accident on the B. 0, Elec-
Iiic ruilway, in which 15 persona lost
Iheir lives three weeks ago, rendered a
verdict freeing tho crew of the freight
(rain from all blame,
The jury -uggi'sted thai freight ,'MH
should be controlled by air brakes,
mi,I thai l-lllos for llie operaiinn ,,i
ihe .team railway, it laid ilown In
lhe railway commission, should be ail
,,pled by the 13. C, Klootrlo,
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Choice Teas.
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fresh Fruits and Vegetables.   Special prices on these before winter sets ii.
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Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recenll) been completed undci  which the branch**
of this Bonk
are able to issue Drafts on iho principal paim»
In the following ^,^_Junt^lc^:
Finland                          IreUnd                        KiMiTta
Formosa                  haly                     SsrWs
lira nl
france                           'ajMti                          Sum
FrVh Cnth.u China   Java                            Sootil Africa
Germany                    Manchuria               Strait* S*nU«aaa*"
Great Britain            Maxlco                  Bwadan
GfCtCa                              Norway                        Sw j(frrlaMl
Holland                         Pei -"-i                         Tiirlt^r
Ireland                           Philli|  ne Island*     UrM fndlM           m
pur Oi Nlimli
India                          Rouinai la                     and r'«*wtov«
Xmas Presents
TOYS of every description—Dulls, Dulls Curts, Hnnd Sleds,
Rucking Bones, ete.
FANCY  DRESSING CASES, Maninure Pieces, Military
Briinht-s, tient'sHiiii indies' Travelling Sets.
PERFUMES   Best French and Btiidlah niHkcs, Atomizers,
PJpes, Smokers' iiuilli.-. Olgar and d^mettr Case*.
KODAKS and Camera* and everything yon need wiib them,
XMAS CARDS   Thousand! lo choose from.
BOOKS hy Hundreds   lhe  Poets,  .ill   benutifrtlly bound In
Lent bei and lhe Newest B,„ks in Cloth,
. i >Mi: IN  tsii LOOK AROUND AT
C. R. Macdonald's Drug Store THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
dbe fl&atl-lxralfc.
RCVCL&rOKE.  B.   C.
Jntettot publishing Company,
Subscription   Rates
■ *- ■.■•-iw ' • England, United Stale*
ai d (,'fiDada.
roar (through postoffloe].., $2.50
i.y ■
Uj ••■
Qoaru r
J JU    UIN1 ING promptly t seen ted at rtvteoii-
able rate-.
FEBMS—Cub*   £ub6cnptfoui parable in a-,!
Legal noUee» 10 cen to per lint* 3i>t insertion,
a oentt per Une oach ^ib^i'tent in-ertloii
tteuun mt at» N'onp&riel [12 llnoe innke one
:noh|. Store ^ud R-trueral bu.inixjts un-
Donneemenu ;- '• per Inch per mun tli.
Pratened positions. £5 per cent, ad*
diU* ft*L liirth-. Marriages mid Heaths,
s.c   each  inn r\    ■
Uiivi notioOfl |7.60 AU adveiiineniuuto
ratgect to the appru^itl ol the inanoKeineut.
*VRDtt>d and Condensed AdvorUsomootB:—
AirenUi Want"d, Help Wanted. Situations
trantadi Situation* VooanL Teaehera
Wan'»;yi. Mf*l_anu* w-anted. 1^ words or
late -•'. ee (. additional line 10 cools.
■> w-- Id landing advertlBauienta muDt
win by y a. ro. luoaday and bMdaj of
w eb week to Beenre axxri iii^-piny.
i tRRKHPONDJEKOB Invltad on matter of
public i merest. C'<iimnuniCR'ion» to Fxli-
'cr mad be accompanied by uanu- of
writer, no*, necessarily fo publication, hut
M evidence of tfood faith. Oorrftvpondenoe
ihouid be brief
Ofrlcic.i :   iMilihlAL llAXB Bl ili-isu ItKVKi.
S.OI_.k., B, C,
Moiiej" .V ...ft:..
(iffloen Etareutoka, li I .   Orsnbraok, Hi U.
K.  M.   l'lMiUA* J. A.  HiHVKV,
Cranbrook. 11, 0.
Solicitor, etc.
l-Jight Roomer] Hutine 011 Second Street, close in to
centre of Town, al $25 PER MONTH.
six Roomed House ou Fifth Streel. all modern except
Furnace; exceptional! v warm for winter, at $25 PER
Seven-Kuouied Houee on  Third Street. plumbing com-
I it»   t $25 PER MONTH.
Five-Roomed House on loa&ed land ior sale at $200
Four-Roomed   House on   Kiftv Knot  Lot,  for  sale  at
May Raberts-Gillard Company Sale of Clearview
Solicitor for;—-
The Ca>aih.\n Dank ob COMMKROH,
The .Mhi.sons Bank, Ktc,
Provincial baud Surveyoi, j
.Mining Suiveyor
Engineering I
Iius luu, Rbvbwtoke
WE   HAVE   A   CAR   OF
Christmas Poultry
Turkeys, Ducks
Geese, Chickens
P. Burns fi Co., Ltd.
j    fin  Thunulny,   Friday  unci  Saturday
-if t1>!<   n it  May  Robprts-Ollliird   and
hpr   'cmtpany of associate pluyorH, arc ,
[coming to tho     opern    housn iind uro
putting on tliffoiuiu   pliiys t«ver>   night,
Th"  company  consists  of  nine people j
and   they  come  hi'iv wit!)   n   nival    ro- ,'
' put at ion  straight   from  ft  sis      weeks'
engagement  at   Calgary,  nnd  ■">  weeks-
in Kdmontun.
I    In both cities the press have showered praise on May iioborts-Gillard with
no     unstinting     hand,   'rhe    Calgary
Daily Herald     says:   "Mi*,     and Mrs. '
Oillftrd   are   ihe  best   actors   who   have
visited  its  for  a  very  long  time.      As
Matilda      .May   Roberts Oillard  looked!
as  well   as   noted   Iter  part   In  perfec * ]
■   The  ICdmonton Bulletin In a column ,
notiee Mays;    "Without  a doubl      May
iRoborts-Gillard     is    the finest comedy j
I actress  Edmonton has ever seen."
I    In addition     to thin     the company
should especially appoal to tho ladies
of our  town  as we nre  informed   that !
the costumes in all these productions
were brought      direct  from   Paris     by j
May Koberta-Gillwd for this her final I
Canadian tour beforo retiring.
The balance of tho company contain
sueh strong support us the old western
favorites Johnny und Florence Pringle
both too well known in thiy country
to need mention here. Also Mr. Ar •
thur Chute, who has created quite a
furore with his magnificent baritone
voice whieh should be heard to ad •
woutage ou Friday nighi when tbs
company put ou  "Wanted a Wife."
To-morrow evening (Thursday i at
7.30, the first Auction Sale of town
lots will be held in this city It "ill
be well for the Kevelstoke citizens lo
take advantage of this -ale. as the
property as a home wile is ideal. As
a speculation it is of the soundest, ns
the present demand for homes is sn
much greator then  the supply.
We have assurance from the C. 1\ R.
that the shops are to bo .run at their
fnl! capacity, and this will necessitate
the building of more houses. From a
scenic poinl of vtow, and the sheltered
sunny outlook, Clonrview lots cannot
be excelled for these new homes. The
sale will take place nt the Edison Parlor Theatre, which will be mado warm
nnd  comfortable  for intonding buyers.
j tor of     finance     promptly announced
his intention of retaliating iih soon ns
I the Dominion      Parliament  met,    and
'• ^'.his     announcement    appears  to  have
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H      i had good eiTecti for steps utrend}
Ail eouiiuumialions iddressed to Po*-l   \}l:u,,_,  taijeu iH  Washington to remove
ollice   Kevelstoke, will have piompi '   .     . .      ... . ,   „
uuitc.ii»'-,<1'1 t,uc features  in   the   \ldnch-ra\ne  tur-
atteution. .
i in  which nave caused  so much rcsebr-
C.   W.   O   W
Mountain View Camp, No. 228
■ Meeu Second and Fourth Wednesdays in
each month, m e-Ikirk Hall, VlslUn Wood*
men corfliiUlj" invited to attend.
J. McINTYHK, Clork.
F. O. E.
Tb» ie«ui»: "i
Tueidny     evoning    at     Eigl
-. ■•-    Visitina '■"'.: -»i, cordially invited,
I. J, WALSH, Pbrsiuekt.
W  E. ilcLAC(_'HLIN,fl«o»lil*lii
Kootonay Lodge, No. IB, * F- * *• **■
o-Mi«ll, :o
1LBRT iBMAN, .v.i.
ment  this side of the line.
While  on   tins  subjeet   the  Cauadiau
and British Government a should instal
-•a  Iho  United States  keeping faith  in
tho matter of tho Rush-Bagehot treaty
and recalling     the American warships
which aro beiu^ equipped nud manned
on tli*- groat takes in dofiunco of   thai
treaty.    I'l\i      Canadian     Government
  '-oiuplh'd wilh  ib»* request   of   tho  Am
etin^s are held rn tLfl 6«iitW^ erioan     Government     lo allow    these
ship^  to  b<*  tHk*»n  in  there on coudi ■
tion  they shouJd Ik1 ucetl merely     as
training ships.   Now   it  i-  stated tho}
have beon converted into  n  llotilln  of
battleships.   Canadiaus     «ish   to live
TLu regular Djroi- uu      t«ruib      of peace  and  amity  with
mat are tiola in tno r
UASONlUTEUPLIi their neighbors to  the south, but havt
Oddfelluwa Hall, on .        .  ,             ...               .
the third Metidaj■ iu also  rights      which   must   be  respected
Tl fAiU- b>' Anrericans.
"m.C0'd "''"I     0i   C<jUr''1'   "   '«   "I"'"   '"   ''","''        ''"'
I uiioJ State, "i   Britaiu to nbrogati
the treaty by six months uotice.   I"i,
','unt troiily w»o ontfliod into in n Inii
spirit. on t..nnH agreeable t,i both •
'lonb, ati<l it    ii     discreditable lo tin
npirit   ,,( the I'nited Stan
that it- govs_m__nool  vhotild t-nsorl
i dsspleablo .ubterfiige to
• v_.de thn -...rm.- of the trenty,     whil,
■it     the    fomn     uui« uxpucting thew
-.huultl Ix- maintained b)  om  govern
mod in ii iiiattt-i whii'li (alls wil liiu thi'
deparimont ,,i the militia. Tho Dc
partment ol Militia, however, asks
that the educational authorities will
encourage, or at least, pltico no obstacle in ill- way uf tln-ir tenchere be-
looming oliU-orw of lh?ir nchool oadol
oorp.s. Tin- militiii departmenl will, oi,
its part, aid lho odui-ation doparl
tu,,nl by alTording tho ueceHHiirj lacili-
tios t,, ilu- toachcrs of l)6th .exes to
qualify thoinselvos in physical ti-.iin
iiii:, b> providing instructors unlil
such t ini.- us the provincial nuthnri •
iii--, are in 11 po.-ition ,<> undertake
this dutj llicinselvcs.
lli,1 inilitiii  depurlmelil  will  also nf
i-,1',1  ,-, tin' leathern  the i essary in-
utructiou In ralliturj   • I. ill  require.!    i"
enable  tli,-in   to In mc ollicers ol end
"t   corps   under   the   «ame  iidvnntiigi,>
a    ni,' already nllowed  t,, ollicers     ,-f
ihe active militiii, and »ill grant ,-,-i
titii-mcs nf qualification, nnd will also
ipny the authorized grant, to the teachers qualified and acting ,is Instruc
I tors nf cadet corps, nnd will supply
these ,'<»rp-. .uch arms and equipment
as nr,- needed     under ih,- regulation.
I applicable t,, pa,*li     i ie
Meet-- every Th, '-■
'lay  ftvouiLrf   in   tie!.
kirk Ball st 1 o'clock   uationnl
_    Viitiag brethren ■ire
to utiand.
JAB   MATHIE. !-.-•
Cokl Range Lodge, K. of Pi
«io   26,   Revolstoko, B C.
|SKTr  _-.l-.KV  >'• BONESDtV,
8i'-t-;,t ;_, id NVednesdaj
rimri, a"-".!.-.. Mlell -w '
li.V. .      ,'.''./CK.      Vlsiuu ■
Kliigi,>-- ■- c rd-alij-   □vi!'..1.
UHll.l   IN  8GUO01 -
Ta«rc mutt have been
Hraall jKitrtio.^  hi   -h--  D   (
MWW^kWWW_^_ _ _   Trustees Convention whi>i,  ih„j   'urn.-l
"" ""   dowti     th,     proposal
Cbc nDciil^lDcrcilb '&,k" "'a
 -  ..   _    .- publi    school.    Canada   I ■
JHtlioli     i«ell-wi^her   ind   ,.•-,. II
Lord Sti ,,l, out
i   i_uon.'tar;.   j, ,, I   I,    '-    lev,   ■
ihysica]  training   ii.-i milil
iht puiiii" iiliui-i- of Cansdrf
Strathcona'. objsot .      the
trust  i- twofold;  ll>  :n>- improvemenl
,  ,,f '!,.' pby.ii -il im.i Intsllw I is
;.i  mean- ol   , proper    i <t«ni nl
. ■  ■ npi
I-    Slo| :,., ,'  ' I    I
to in -
lei Una. pi tm|
T   P   SMITH, C.C.
G. H. :iHoi \   K. uf ii   4 6.
J. B. S'OTT. ii.
'/U- -it>  j-;.-     ri i •■   ■_.,','
li   DO   tb.   -'-I-   'I,--' nuv.,   Ink"".
...mi   • i,_             I it. :<■!
' r.h<ji' -
Wit and Humor
.   1(1 i UM!
rorke      i    ■
ist havi 	
De  Porkc      Yi
H   nil  liO'-k
De   Porkel    "Y,        I       Imel
buy the hon
.    • •
■ in.
•n-   lor he     pi ■;   ■
III    M\M\   \|
,i  ,.,   -,...,-
priaj''      I      I . :■  I
l»*   ''<>  '••' '-" "     Vppl-iu "i-',.h„ |Mt«ring of a spirit „f pntri
ilwulsi •    It  ,    food snd med ,h ,r„, ,„,j ,.     leadinji  -I   io
l< '■     U>osi      ■■-.     ire      . -t'i,    u ,.„.   ,,„. ,.;.     . ...    ,, „ ,, ,
igsiatl m»a-  -1,1      \  »ord oil    i    -    ,u prepared •■. dolend I tr;
-....- bu ■;■-■■■   -     , l.f.-,--! n      ,   ,.„, ,,  ... |     |
•oooatagsmsBl  to renew thi   fight possible, be givei     .„ 0pp.jrl   iiii
',   »--n.   II you «t" .  -'i,..- .Inl cli-rk     t oequiring   i laii   n quain
,-ikI a h'Vint band ••, those whi    n   ,.  _.,i.,.,,].  .,,•,   .,,.,■„,    _i,. ,   .,
not _.-ettin^   ii  so well.   Truly     preol t ,    ,,
ineo irt kit'l U   lhi  > • ,,     Appre-iaU-
th.   "ii,- • leli"' ' •    ifl ind     li
kiin> overcoms then     You will l»
paid   , tb< '...ti ■        . . .     .-,.., -.
■ ■el fov   perform     \i-pKu-l lhe   ■
essfuL   I .-nd uj mpath]   I    u.-
iree.   You  h M f nH  happiiiem
I, ■ .
the >'•■ ■
I of tani
' .
I III Kl     'I'iKli
i/n       ■!■
< hi, .      II
The Poultry Yard
11. A. Blanohard, of Puyallup, Wash,
an expert on the raising of poultry,
emphasised I lie necessity of keeping
poultry yards and houses clean, if n
profitable return was to be expected
from ilie money invested in tho business. Good thrifty layers cannot be
expected to be raised wilhout lhe
silkiest attention lieing paid to the
oleanliucas of the fowl. In the winter
season 'this i-, oi mine importance
iliun in  summer,  for then nature   pro-
'vides ilie hen with ,t dust bnili by
which she enn rid hoi'solf of vermin. In
ilm winter iliis  Bhould lie provided f,,r
.her by keeping n box ol road dust in
the hen house. This gives tho i, n
ohanco lo rid herself of iho liltlo _' ,y
Met-, which although uol lho v.,,-i
ijesl of the hen, was n continual source
■ ii uunoyaucc to her. Tbe ,;;! mite is
the biggest pest thai infests the 'ton-
house. Tin-} are a small insect lint
crawl upon the poulu-y while up-m ihe
ton-is uud feed upon them, bui ..i -
iln_.   the day conceal   lliein-,-1  ■■-  in   lho
cracks  and crevices of llie  r ts  nud
wall-.   Tu couibiit  these, lho ln--i  way
i-   tn   puiut   tli.-   uii.l.-i >i.In  ul   lhe   riio-1.-
.iiid llie walls ,il  ilu- hen house     «iib
carbo-liuium.   Do nol  paint   ihe upper
side of    the     r ts      wilh  it, as      il
would  have a  tendency   t.i causa   sore
feet amongst the fowl.   This prupnrn ■
tion  is  being extensively used  in      the
Washington   State  experimental   poul -
try stuiions and enn be recommended,
Iu .peaking ol keeping poultry   for
profit   Mr.  Blanohard suin:   "Everyone
knows    that      tli"     hen |,a\ -  the Ix-sl
I turn  . JK -   in   tbi   highesl   priee     nnd
■   ■        i ,, r .   lhe winter sensou," To
"Ij'ui'   -,, ii.t",     , it ■■,    th,-  poultryinen
mv-    to    ■<! > hi, 1,-     J ho  beat -
■   I"   mon li Hock,
H    nidolie,    hoiild   lie
I, ■ '    ire early win ■
from  ilie   time
■  ,ubl  be kepi
etbo I,   One greal
■   ..i , keep
il   nighi     In   the
■•■ -ii in,
,-,. and
■ ed from        toi
• .■ ,■
fin.1  j.--
i on
",      ould
'-      lllll.I",,/.'.
• 'i   in
-. tu    n! ■
■ '
Labors Call
the Vancouver Trades and Labor
Council will build a new hall, site and
building to cost 8100,000.
Nowhere OD the continent ot Europe
has the cause of Socialism made greater progress than in Germany. Its
ter progress than Germany. After years
ot" steady progress, chiefly shown in the
fileotiona to the Imperial Reichstag
held under universal suffrage, in
1907 tho Socialists sustained a serious
reverse and the result was hailed by
its opponoute ns an indication that it
was beginning to lose its hold upon
the German people. This idea, however, ban been rudely dispelled by tho
extraordinary iuoreab-c in tho'*strength
of the Socialist vote as displayed at
tho elections for the lower chamber
Saxon Diet whieh concluded in
tho present month. In the preceding
diet there wan only one Socialist-—
now there will be 25 deputies favoring
Socialism. Ttie gain has Immui made
largely from the Conservatives and to
a lesser extent from tho moderate Liberals, ami the Socialists also captured all tho nine new constituencies created by the recent change in the Saxon
election law.-
Down in tho province of Ijuoboc the
Labormon have got a step ahead of
Manitobn, for they have elected Francois Langlois, Labor candidate, to
the Quebec legislature from the St.
Sauvour district. Of this Cotton'«
Weekly says: The election of I.anu ■
loi.s marks an epoch in tho politics of
Quebec. The French of this province
arc forsaking their church.. Uut haug-
lois is the first symptom of labor
coming to its own."
" You May Break -You May Shatter
The Vase If You will,
But The Scent of The Roses
Will Cling To It Still."
You May Use Every Grain ;
Throw the Wrapper Away:
But One Thing- Will Remain :
And For Many a Day
You'll Remember The Delicate Fragrance
And Say:
Royal Crown Witch Hazel Soap:
Is a Dainty —Efficient—Toilet Expedient
And Produces Beautiful Complexions.
P.BliBNS & CO., LTD.   Phone 21
lidmolilon, Alta., Nov. 'Jii. George
; I'liiish, of London, Eng., editor ,,f
, the London Satirist, i- in Kdmonton.
Mr. I'niisli slated ilmi the principal
obieet of his  trip is  to ascertain what
In,,  !>."•.■!! f  thii!   £300,000,000   thill
England hus loaned t,, Canada, "Noxi
t" tho budget," said Mr. Pnt-ish, "the
luosl talked of snbjocl in Eaglanil to-
jd.-iy in lhe mniier of Canadian hnuis,
j Hi,. UHiiii.iiiiii.niiii ihut hus already
1 been invested in C'liundn is being
increased nl lhe rate ,,f I'.'ln.iinii,-
IKMI ,i venr, and liuglish linnneiers
hnve L-i'e.'it faith in the future of the
Dominion. Ai present ihe bnili ol Ilio
loans aro railroads, bul us iiu-y open
up ilie new districts i,, the north,
\ihi«-li country lins been well studied
by ihe representatives, lho English-
mun uiil pour in ii wcnlili of capital
foi developments nnd expects to reap
_r"ui  profits "
li is quiic lil.eh ilie utuittiiit of
liritish nud foreign capital finding ils
uoy i„-vi yoar lo Cnunila will equal
"i ,\ d ihe    many billions brougbl
11, l"   fur  ililleieiil   purposes   ,|iiriiiL.    the
present year,
Hriii.li Columbia Electric hull year's
dividend \> „i Ilic rnto ,,f - per cent,
p.r nunum
WHIN   VOU    IUV    80D*a
We make Eoley's Sodas tin
pUod-upold Bfneli    ull fresh
We  ship  only  in   ninii
Foley's sn,la« rea
•weet, palatable c
The most frequent disappotnlUMBt
iu buying sodae is In finding then flat
in tnsi,- and old in appearance. T*i
never find that in Foley's kodu.
Inv Ihey nre shipped,    No shipping tntm
-ni i 1" the day they go out.
iro-proof, diHt-proof, sir-proof tin pails,
ynur lioiui in exaotty the same jH-rfeet. freek,
litim iu ivhlch thev Icavii tho facUiry.
eWCCl, paiLiui'-e u ,., uw, -,, ,,,   ".,,,,, ,iu-v   ma.u i uu ,.'_e„j,
Folej-s arc well-flavored, woll-mado and properly paeltcd freih
Foley Bros.  Larson & Co.
Will lulcanze lumber
, ibl
Poi ine 6r„t '.nn* In '.!,,■ hlstorj
the i-'iation* t"-lw«e- i .iniiHe and
United statue, oui Deighbon to
outh have bero bluffed al lhi li
-unu The Udrioh-Paync inril! p
s<si nt laat  ;,--ion of congn
T,,||''; IS   i.
'•Bade     11,",
discriminate agn
w   s,  Pi*ldn.. a
i hi   -"." uu vi    ouu,.. oi  l ",',  Sim
thcona'a  1 rusl  ,li-«-nis  i,  i  ,
require lhal ,<    provinoe befon
i,ni ti'ipuie in ihe liem-lit   iif the I, u I
i  pledge il icll    In in, hide in  die
I'OgUlai       '   ,,, ll'',l|,|ll,      "I      I 111, I   lr',"i
dm  il •  control instruci ion in  I'h;  ,
I t iiinint'   i-ir nil  children  -•!'  hoi I,    l
.        :,t ,, ' llll thi       11 ,1" I It;       ,,,],,,,
in. nt  appeal    ■', bo ■ leaiI-   iindei ii I
hy all, ;it,,I there hava I u,   ,, fai  n
' hi   < ,e,mi-.'e     '''inu,-il  i- uu me,     no
erioU.   ',li.i",ti,'lf,   Iliised   lo   ll,e   ,11,1',,
!  Inlrodui tion "I ,,  well  le ""I
lom    "f phv ii al     training In all  ilu
public  ichool   "i i.iiiudu
riu propel    iniliini -.   i> i*li.mi
.,    ,,,   -t 'i„.   tiiiet oorpi  when loi
Burned to Death
I)       I.   Am      -I ,, liuu
,i n. ,1    il       hei
, ,,,u .        lie   flljlirj, ■ < , ,"',
■    ■ . ,      ,       .   ■' 11 ,
he II lied ' ■     ■ nel .,1  hoi
tune nml ,,i ,t|mi l,it,I ,,i die ttxtn
,,'. i, er,* lefl ,, Iheli || irenl plneiiii/
In   thi    i'",, ,      llll   11,'i,   ,,,,,,,    1 lie fine
• ni , fouii'l lhal   \ni,i,■'■  , lolhlni      In,'I
, aiighl     ',,,■      pr, ibnhh    n an npftfi
l„ nrlli     mil     'i,    lil Ile   ',,"    ' lothi
linrneil   ,'i nnd lim botlj hod
'. ioof, I,,i-i ,,,,,I burned
■ ■
prot, li •
1 il I,
Hi!   Ol
Mr    «
viil     l||
lhe [ior,
,1      ill,|,e-
"ill     ll,
 I ,'
by   llie  pro
mnhognn)     i,
',,,,1   ,     '!,.,,    I,
proper I In    li
nli,,, ,
oil- kiln
;.,!   ■ I        it,,,.
I   ,..        I
i   I,   ,
I1    II
,., h will
sl '   '
ileen;      I he pi	
ilu ibli   I',.,    , jii
",     ,1   "    lie    poll   hei|
I     11    111*     tl Milile
.. rifmi III     ml    llllil
,.     Intel
'"   ',  and   then
 I  'ie   'It,
ii i I   iill I
 fi', ibl
1 ,,r ago, Oee.l    Rio    Uuited   Stuts.
llirenloued with    Ihe grenleel   rail ■
, i ike   in lhe history of     iln-'iiu
l'i ie te iilv  every  railroad line in ilu-
country, east and weet r> in imminent
dangoi  nl bninn    nmpletoly tied up by
.'r   fit ,,u the    pari     ••! 'i Inrge
■   ■   riperollug einployeos ihis
I "'   - il    I 111       i.' uu/ , l loll   "I       on
 u, ii linmen and   ' " iteli
have ogriMsl >,p.u, u unlfortii demand ol , !'' |«'t ent ■ ,<i', ne ii use,
- ule, i uiipronil e
i -    n i   i   npproai hlng rnpiil
,    iieie,,,. i '. i  lerdny bj  the ""
i, •       il     New   %'.,iU by ,,lli, ni
Rl     tl    ". I   "I    Ifniliwii     Iiiiiii
ihe;   ."it.1.1 |,ie en,  theii de
ll'    ' rr,I" ,     1 I I I,,     '.viil-, II
III  Im.^ihi [leoemboi   IS       Al
■ i   mil  In-  mnde      III
- tn , al    'ile   ll  ', Impossible
■•    pi  '     " III "llie    "I    'lie
ill be
1,   '      million  ii,, i   .' ill engagi    ,'i
,n ii baflli      -i'i, the inllroad
fori inu ie ' ii' mn lances
■ "        tin    in,i ilile      Mun
,i,ni,  i'.,,.no,, ,,,,1,-   ..I noli,,inI     truck
,i Id
Customs Revenue
I he    Hoi ,'l   lolo-   I  11 • I ■ .III    III	
|,    , '      Uleit.lill-     1,11    ill"   -,     foi i In-
lieilill,   "f   \<,\einliei       I lie   following   l«
11,,      Inleiii, ,,l    ,,f   i,-lui ie,   ,,(,   lo      V", .
Ii uue i nl le, led *;, 180 Ufi
\.„     rn , pm- ;,i,m,i;
Your Xmas Gift
I'm a Siiilnlile, S n ibl-. and
Pleuslng Present for I'm ber,
Mother, Brother, sistei or
l-'rienil, there in nolhii.^ to
coin pure witb a Handsome
Plaoe of furniture.    Wo have a
Vow Slock.
Oi nn1 and ohooso your Kinna
R. Howson & Co.
U   The Vernon fire showed the need
t  gf our I	
Tin- best sufe-guard In which you can invest, livery hotel should
lie fitted «idi ihese ns ti Matter of salety. to occupants. fvvery house
should have one on its roof.
Only 45c. a foot.   Sample on view here.
? Revelstoke, B. C. £
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Mas ii"> ({ranches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
In all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branoh**,    Interest allowed at highest current rat*.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Import direct from country ol origin.
. '1 jh
Scotch  Whisky
Protecting the Consumer.
When you buy Watson's Scotch by tbe
bottle you can be sure of getting tbe genuine
article, because we brand our corks and use an
adhesive capsule bearing our name, tbat cannot
he removed without tearing.
Unfortunately we are not so well able to
protect ihe man who buys Watson s by the
glass—some dealers will refill bottles.
But, once you become accustomed to the
use of Watson's, any attempt on the part of a
dealer «tp substitute an inferior article is almost
sure to attract your attention—fir Watson's is
a Whisky so distinctive in flavor and so far
beyond imitation, that those who once use it,
can usually detect the difference between it and
other brands.
Insist     on
"THRE    STAR"—A mil,), thoroughly inatur.il Scotch.
"NO. 10"—A lull.hod;*,!, richly llnvoreil Scotch.
JAMBS WATSON & CO , Limited  -  Dunc'ee.
Political Patronage
Tho following ure excerpts from a
discussion on political patronage,
which took pluce in ilu- House of
Commons at Ottawa:
J. ll. lui lor, M. I'-. im New West -
minster: I believe we nre I'titiilcd io
have ii laid down und olearly understood by llie government und by nil
applicants for oflico, thut publii' ollice
im not to be given as tt reward for
.participation in h political  campaign.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier:   1 huve   to   Bay
NOTICE in  hereby  given   I lint   the to ray lion, friend thul it will be   our
Municipal Council of tin- City of Rev- | dul   'lo canvasu lhu condition of things
elstoke intends to underlate the con-1      » . ■
..Miction of certain works of local und try to make tho best appoint -
improvements, viz.. the construction ment possible in British Columbiu. I
• if branch sewers to the line of street | go further. 1 huve no hesitation in
and for oonstruetinK branch sewers to       . appointment which we
connect the lands or re.il property ana i ■ "
buildings thereon with main or common sewers laid in or under l be streetR
and alleys upon which the Baid land
or real property fronts the said streets
ind nllevs in or urder which main or
common sewers are now Ini I being as
follows:- -
In Une between Victoria Road and I
First street, from  liovernment  street
shall make in British Columbiu will
bo uniinpeuchablo oven in the very particular eyes of my hon. friend,
Mr. Burrell:    Il  is n  timely   thing to
insist that, whether on,, party or au -
other is in power in lho Dominion, or
in a provinco, good government is imon the west to lane between  Campbell   possible  und  it will  bo impossible   to
and B.-yle avenues on the east. ; iill high positions which should        bo
In lane between First and Second "hove P*rty> «"* °» appointments to
streets from Charles street on the west the judiciary und Lieutenant-Governor,
to lane between Campbell and Hoyle „hips. 1 do hope lhat in lho interest
avenues on the east. | (|( guQ(i goverumen,  ,,„ ovel. ,he „,„„.
Iniiini- between Second and Third ' ,ry the i>rjm0 Minister himself—uml
streets Iroiu   Kooteuav  street  on   the- ,    .   ,. .  ,      ,   ,  ,     .
.     ' , ,   . ,-        i   ti   .,,.1   we recognized,  I  think,  thut ho is not
west  lo lane  between  C.iinpliell  and ■ ' '
Boyle avenues on the easii always driven by the exigencies      of
In lane between Campbell aud Bovle P01t>' l,0,iu,H-     lhnt '" mUBt rlcttrl-v
avenues   from  Victoria  Road on the see how subversive it is of tho     best
north to Third street  on   the   south, interests of the country—wo will     see
Ihence along north side of Third street, 1(wl) ot thes(, pl.H,.,k.cs which havo been
to t'oiiiiuii/lit avenue: ..       .     ,                 D
followed   ol   late   in   liri lish   (.olumbia,
Along Connaught avenue from First mltl that th wM, t t,H,se , • ,, ofl|.
street mi ih« norlh lo Lily   boundary
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans,
Barley, Breakfast Foods. Mayer's Celebrated
lish Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
1 'eas,
The Paget Supply Coy.
E. W. B.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate
on   ilie   south,   thence   to   Columbia
Along First street fiom lane hot ween
MnKeinsie and Orion avenues to Connaught avenue;
Iu lane between McKenzie and Connaught avenues from Victoria road on
the norlh to City boundary on the
In     Iriio   between   McKenzie    snd
ces so much above political partisan -
ship that they will bo entitled to the
respect of every member of tho com •
munity, whether he bo Liberal, Con -
servative,  Socialist or  Independent.
Hon. Mr. Fielding: I rose specially
lo tuko excoption to soma very dan -
gerous doctrines thut were Iiud down
by my hon. friend from New Wostmin-
Trade With Alberta
I'-dnionton  Bulletin.
The future wiil show more economic
trade relations between Albertu und
British Columbia,'.' says Jas. Bower,
presideul of tho United Furmoru of Alberta, who came up from Red Deer to
Edmonton recently.
"(in behalf of the farmers' organization in this province 1 have boon investigating the difficulties which stand
in tho way of u moro reciprocal trade
between the two provinces which, 1
think cun ussisi one another wonder ■
fully iu disposing of their respective
exports. Everywhere I wont and in
my conferences wilh tho Bourds of
Trudo in tho various centres of population, my mission was givon every
consideration, and as u result there
is an assurance that the difficulties iu
tho wuy of freer interchange of trade
will be removed.
"The great iujustice to our inter -
uommunioution is the difference l>«-
tweon the loeul uud the export freight
rates. Wo cuunot ice why Alborlu
produce going to Uritith Columbia
points hus such u high freight into
tucked onto it, in comparison with
what goe* through to Vancouver for
export to other countries. 1 think us
a result of the negotiations 1 have
conducted und tho mutter being tuken
up by strong orguuizutions in both
provinces, this excessive ruin for produce will bo reduced.
"1 found ull British Columbia producers fttvorublc to bettor trude relu -
tious with Alberta with the exception
of the lumber exploiters who ure rather 'sore' ou the Alberts furmers for
opposing high tariff on lumber imported from  the United Stutos."
conneclion with railway
i was rushed forward us
possible  throughout       the
anticipation of the   close
ton   of  outdoor   operation- .
curious camps through*
Orton uvi nues from Victoria  road  on   ster  (Mr.  Taylor).   I   took  down    the
lo  City  boundary  on  lhe
and  Sn-uid
lhe   nurth
s lUtll
In lane between Fir.
streel, Block SO;
in lune belweeii  Second  and Third
streets, lllock 1)7:
lu lane between Third and   Fourth
streets, Block P8i
In lane bet u cen Third and  Fourth
streets. Block H'J;
Along Foui tb street Irom lane  be-  .        ,. .   , , . , ,
tween AlcKi-ii/.ie and Orton avenues lums0" 1,ollls »» honorable and impor-
on the easl tu Connaught Avenue 'ant office as a member of this house,
nn the wesi; and 1 have no doubt he received thnt
In   lane   but ween   Fifth   and Sixth'office as a reward for his political ser-
stieetsbetwieiiOrtoii avenuei ou   the   vi„,s   in       ,it;    , . ,-
easl and the lane between  McKenzie  .        _■•>,., ,
nnd Orton avenues on the wesi: , hon- ,l'10ncl ,ll(l "'" get his office      ill
Iu lane between  Fourth  and   Fifth   l|mt  "'">'•  '  should  think ho did   not
streets between McArthur avenue on   very  well  deserve  it.    In   my  opinion.
words of my hon. friend, and ho says
lie wants this governmenl to lay down
us o priuciplo lhal public ollice is not
to be given to any one as a reward
for Bervico in u political campaign.
J. 11. Taylor. Ueur, hear. •
Fielding. My. hon'. friend says
hear, bin 1 refuse to subscribe to
doctrine.   The    hon. gentleman,
|    Mr.
I Mr.
A reputation for being reliable is
tho key to most of life's successes.
Friends, work, houor, all gravitate to
tho reliable person. It takes day niter day and year -utter your of patient
acceptance of responsibility, of pick -
ing up lin- threads thut tho cureless
drop, of being in pluce und on hand
in emergencies where others tail, of doing uninteresting faithful work, ihut
others lire of and slight--it takes ull
this to innke the dependable inun
known und valued. But how good
they ure to know, and how valuablel
To bo depended upon nml not fail any
ono who trusts us—this is worth liv -
ing for, und makes lifo better worth
tin* living.--The Frisco-Man.
Canadian Navy
i* *
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry, Cut Glass, Silverware,  Watche*
the east and the lane between Mc-
Keuzie und Orton avenues on llie
In lane between Third and Fourth
streets between McArthur avenue on
lhe eaat and the lane hetween Ma.
Keii'.ie and Orton avenues on itie wesi;
lu lane between  First and  Beeond' citizens In this country
streets between Block  2n on  ihe east •   , ,   ... .   *
und-he line   between   McKenzie  .mil; "' ?V.er>   ROO(1 c,u"'"  to Participate IU
Orton avenues on the west; politics,     and far from being u eauso
In lune betwoen Victoria  Roud and  of condemnation, participation in po-
First street between Orton avenue on  litical campaigns  ought   under  proper
ondilions to bo u cause for reward. I
participation     in  political  campaigns
is not a ,-iiiiip. Polities is the business of tho people ul large, and tho
men who engage in politics, according
, to their respective views of public affairs ought to be rogurdod ns tho best
lt is tho duty
of every
Doyle and Allum, Limited
I be east aud lane between .Mclxi-n/.ie
and Oiton avenues on the west;
Along liobson street liet ween First
and Thiid streets.
In Block -I, between Connaught
and McKenzie avenues:
In Block HI, between Connaught and
MoKenzie avenues:
Tlie expense or cost of said winks is
lo be asocsai-d upon llie lauds or real
property fronting or abutting on the
streets, lanes and alleys aforementioned and in be benefited thereby,
>uid works to be carried out according
lo specifications anil eslimates prepared by tin-Cily Engineer under the
provisions     of     I. ical    Improvement
Branoh Bewers By-law No. 113, won.
A sl,item,'tit showing the land or
real property liable to p.iv the assessment therefor uud llie names of the
owners there f no far as ean he ascertained together with the specifications
and est in,ales of lhe t'ily Engineer
aud the proposed assessment and rc-
pori thereon of the < it v Clerk are now
on Iih-in the offlce of the Cily Clerk
nnd open for Inspeotloil dining otlice
The estimated eo.t of lho work is
hold a rather important office in tho
governnienl of the country, and I
venture to say ihut hud I not taken
n part iu a good many political campaigns 1 would noi havo lhu pleasure
of occupying it. This idea thai u man
is to be ignored and condemned because ho takes part in a political campaign is cortainly n very strnngo notion.
Bev. Dr. Hunter recently delivered a
lecture at Edmonton ou lhe "Alarri -
ago Question," nnd in course ol his
-remarks made ilic followiug pithy hits:
"Man wus created after animal life,
woman after man, and she lias boon
after him ever since,'' and tho sterner
half of the audioncc apparently agreed
with the lecturer.
.uid   the   preacher,
68,689.00, of which ll is   ntenueo that vuu ,,.,„,,. ,., „„, ,.,, ■  ,   ,   .
the city ill  large -ball l„-.-„  $2,0W.O2 'N        U8'a ,   *Bl """'l'H but many
und the property ownorsof $0,0W.88,     tt *om»n-  It was a weakness in   our
Any objection to  the  proposed  tin- B0.C»B'  syslcm  ihut a  young man  was
ilerlaking    and   assessment   therefor | uot permitted     lo see his prospective
Central Hotel
hall be made by petition to llie City
Council Within lilteen days from thu
date of the tirst publication of Ibis
notice, the persons untitled to petition
being the owners nf Ihe lands I hereby
e Heeled.
Dated lllis a»lh day nl  Nov,, HMO.
City Clerk.
Dale nl His,   publication lsl, dav of
Hie. num. Dec. l-ll.
wife, except in the full bloom of tlit
drawing room uccouiromuuts, and su
it wus rulhor dillicult for him to know
"jusi wlioi hu was marrying.
1'OU should neo hor in th0 kiluliou
dross, aud when she has no Imii ex-
,«pt hor own."
"Dou't marry for beauty alone, and
don't many for money. Marty for
love uud work for riches," wus iho
only motto lo follow.
The London Times publishes u loiter
from Sir Charles Tupper to K, L. Borden duted Nov. 20, on lhe question of
tho Cuuadiun  navy.    He says:
All that is required is lhat tho gov
eminent ot the day should carry oui
tho resolution pussed in lhe House of
Commons at Ottawa pledging parliament to proceed vigorously with lho
construction ol the    Canadian navy."
Sir Charles canhoi undorstand tho
demand for Droudiioughts nml cannot
avoid ihiuking thai a foarful responsibility will rest on thosJ who disturb
or destroy tho compact entered into
ut tho Imperial Dofonco couforouce ou
this vitally important question.
Tho Times editorially says lhal Sir
Charlos Tuppor's letter should contribute strengthening concord between
Laurier and Bot-don on iho uuvulques-
tiou. The Time-. Bays Limner's speech
ou November lolb contains tlie true
ideal of imperial unity.
"Ii is uot really derogatory," ii
Says, "lo ihis lofty ideul to BUJ as
Sir Willrid also suid on lhe .-iiuio
question, 't.'uuada would haven lluvy,
and ihut navy would not go to war,
unless ihe parliament of Canada chose
to send il.' In lhe ubsiiuci such u
proposition is indisptuble, in ihe abstract it applies to any nml every
lorm of co-operation or contribution
for ilie purpose of imperial dofenco,
but in ibe coooroto ii is certain     tlio
eoiisidi'1'nlions und motives whi,h have
served to bring ubout the present situation will also serve to maintain nud
develop it."
Work   in
rapidly   us
mouth, in
of  the sense
Stuffs In   lh,
out Cunudu wore heavier than in any
previous mouth of ihe vein und workmen were in demand in muny local] -
in couuooiiou with the buildnit, "i
the National Transcontinental line one
of lho most imporiaul features of the
month was tho drix'iug ol tho lust
spike near tht crossing of the Wabi-
goou rivor ou ihe section known us
section F, completing the section between Winnipeg uud tbo head of the
lukes. I'he roud, however, will not bu
opened lor general trsflic for some
timo. The '241 miles oi lino from Winnipeg to Superior Junction has proved ono of tho most difficult sections of
tbo entire road. Since the inception
of the work from li.OOO and b.OOO men
have been smployed continuously ou
it. Good progress w'hs also mnde during iho month on the other coutroots
uuder way. According to the annual
report ol the National Transcontinental Commissioner., issued during October, the total expenditure on the
lino ut the close of ih« last fiscal
yoar wub 951,960,717. On March 31,
19011, T25 miles of road had beeu graded und 315 miles of track laid.
Un tho western sections ol the Grand
Trunk Pacific railway line iLo month
was iictivo. West ot Edmonton, 66
miles of track has been lnid to the
I'embinii river crossing, und on tho
other side of tlio river the grading ia
completed to Ldson, a further fifty-
seven mile. At the I'him:" Rupert end
of the line a contraot has been lot lo
Foley, Welch ami Siowart for tho construction ol nn extension along tho
front of tho townsite to Seals Cove,
35 miles. The work will involve some
very heavy rock cut ling. Work on the
second 10(1 coiHract ou the section
irom Kitsalas Canyon to Aldermere,
It. C, wns begun.
The completion of the line from Sns-
km oon to Wetaskiwin in Norihern Alberta by tho Cnnudiuii Pacific railway
Company was reported during Octo -
ber. Passenger service over the liiu-
wns inaugurated in the i-losing week
of the month. It wns announced thnt
the Canadian I'n,-iii,- railway maiu lino
would bo double tracked westward
from Winnipeg to Brandon, Man.,
within the next couple of years.
Synopsis of Cenaoiin Homestead legulititns
4  NX iraUabU Dominion Laud* wiiLIii tli*
Xi.   KaJlwHi  Belt ib British <'oIoml>U. i««j
|  !,•' l.":i ■■-■.•rx..*i  hy mny   (xtraOQ who   ia   tk«   rtlt
head of a fstnilf.or •:..» male OTtr   I y»»r*i»f
*»". t-' il.-: ei'.r:.; >.r <>:,«' ,'inner   •c. ,••»   of  1AU
\ acre? mure or !««.
1 Bntrj pwjt I-** man* peNOoallg at Uii Uical
I Und office for tha district id which tba Uml I •
' situate: Eutry bj p^*J' oiay, howtr»r. ba
i made   on   certain   coadiiioQ*   by   tha   father.
mother, hjij. dautfbter,  brother or -i»tarofan
iuteodiug ho [repleader.
The homet'-eader it ;# ,ii_.* . to perfotm tbe
...rn. 'i','.,.:. ■ (Kmoected therewith uodar oue of
tbe following ; hi,- :
t At least six tuODtba' ;e .'tpu»-« "i-'U >ud
oultivatioD of the laod ia eaob year fc-r tbree
I li the father wt mother, if the father i>
deceaseaj of tbe homesteader re-ide« opon a
furm in the virioity of the iao<i eut*red for, ibe
[•■ "..''-1. «__.*. - u Uj retideuce may be -di;.f.*«i
by Mich pe'^on resi'lics with tho father or
,'•11 If the SVtUer bat hu ^rr%KL«L t re^jdeuce
upon farming Ixnd owned by bim ia the rial**
ity of bit homestead, the reqniremeota »• to
rc*ideoce may be MfUefleg by re5ideaee n(K>D
tbe said )aod.
Six Oionthf Dotlce [q writiui should betfl*aa
to thu ( '_iu._i..- ■ ,•>.- ff i't'Ri'uiou Lfcxid* at
Ottawa of intecti(% to *pply for pataat.
I OAt,.—I oal Dtiniog : w'l-' ■ may be leeaed for
a (-ertod of tweLt) odc }eart at au annual
rectal n.', ll [«r acre. Not more than 2.MQ
acres shall bu u-aeed to one lodividael or
ciimv»o.T. A myal'v at tbe rate of £*% ceole
i •■■ t-.Ti ,t\m: oe collected oo ibe merebeotable
cottl mined.
deputy oi the UluUttr of tbe Iatenor,
S B, -fnantborirtd pohlication of thip ad
Teriisement will not he paid for.
Kevelr«tok.t' Ijhi.i1 Pieli ici.
iJlstllut ot   \\ val KuuteliaT.
X«k.« Notice thul 1, M. K. LawvoDt
of KfwiMuk*-, hou-fkfuper, ltitvud tu
ttpply tor \>*'i ujikMuu to purctiM^e tbe
tollotwtJK ni'Mii'ilH-a lu!i<U:
v uuiiiit'iii iuk kl m poui planted at ihe
bOUtU-eabl cotner ol i**>l 8,WWt autl
ni.iiKL'ii " Al. K. Uunnuii Nurtti-^Kfit
Cuttiel I't'M : tbeuce 40 obtUlM aoutu;
LUeuue 4U cUalUb ue»i; ih*>ni.e A) chaini
uollh; Uieuce 2U cbHitie eael: liieoc*
iMciiuiiih uonh to aue ot i^t 6,0(14;
LUeuce Hloiig mHii. hoe to place of com-
Um\UAi October I8th, 1000.
Nov. 17 U.    AilNiSib K. bAWSON.
Abrahamson Br08,, Prop9.
EnUrgft'I ind Impioved.    Plnt-OlMi in evny raspeot,    All modern rontoniencoi
l.nruo Sample Kootn«.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
liepuirs of nil kind- Molly carried ou
Bicycle mul tinu uurk nspecialty
Bstlinales ulven on any eluss
of work.
nt    St
r e e t.
I     I _      -11. ..' IU
ARR'J VIIK All, B.r.
H i"iiil  Attention glfell   to   cointnereiiil
I  en   iuul   tourists,    l-'irst-t-luH.  sample i
i run.. Finest scenery In British Colum-1
1 s. overlooking Upper Arrow l.ske.       I
W. J. Lightburne. Proo.
A Great Waterway
.sir Ailfnd    Laurier replying to tho
ileiunudii    of  u large deputation that
the Wullnud cunul should be immediately deepened declared  thru  the     time
would come when Canada's waterways
system would extend via tho grout
lakes, Kniuy lake, Luko Winnipeg aud
the Saskatchewan river to the Itotky
Mountains, and snid that Cuundu in
lime would bavo to both deepen
ihu Welliuul and build the Qoorglau
Bay ,-iinul, and when bolh ore completed the entire trade ol bolh
ihe Cuuudian uud Anicriruii we«tn
would pans through Canadian eliiiu-
uels. 'I'ho premier predicted that the
w«Hl would al nu diutuut date grow
880,000,000 busheln ol groin for ex-
Fire at Prince Rupert
Prince Uuport, Uee. ^,—Sixty thous-
und dollaro went up iu unoke ot
I'rinie liupiiii lasl evening when tha
mill at ihe B. Ci lie uml Timber Co.
burned down. Vory little of tho lum
ber iii the yurdit was destroyed, but
the mill in completely wiped onl ,,f
existence. Hu- loss i> fully eovurad bj
The priuciplo holders ol the stock
wore Messra, Hobt, Kelly, D, il. (lays,
H. D. Wilson    nnd Q, lionildos,    As
Hum  mill  Hiippliinl   llie  eity   with  Olod
trio lighl, I'riniii  ltupeit i« in     diuk-
Palace Restaurant
McKensie  Avenue
Krui t,[Candies, CigarF,Toba ceo.
Meals 35 cents.
f\. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
flaw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter cf Puis
For Fall Planting
from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Hi nu. grown fruil and ornamental
trees, grown on upland soil without irrigation in the only part of
ibe American continent not infested witb tile San Jose ncale—
i iurden, Field slid Flower pihiU —
rested itock from tbe best grow-
i th in the world—Wire fencing
i ml QfllOl—Spniy piimpi,   Frrlil-
ixers, lhe Suppl'is, Cm Bio were.
Spraying materials, etc.—While
I tbor onl; —New 167 pig* Cuts-
I igue Irto
Kevelatoke Land District-
Lll.lllcl ol >\ est Koolenay.
'take notice liml Kuuenuk WilUmn
LttuiDuy, ot r'ergiiHou, i>.t'.,occupation
uieiriiniii. lutei.u. lo apply tor p«r-
iiii&Moii lo putchN«e luu lultowing
ae.ci'iiied i.iiKi;
Commencing at a post planted on
east iioiiiuini y line ut Lot JnOo snout
ill ciiuiue north of soutti-eiui! c<riier tit
euid lol, ilieuee eo»i _W cnnius, inence
in iih iM iiiiiin-, Ihence ntwi _AI cluuia,
tbenee eoutli '2d chains to (aunt of
LMteil I let. tlb,  1900.
or 80
Ai.bxamiKK Mi Hai,
Agent for ti. \\. Undsay.
M.   .J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Narstrits
3010 Westmlniter Rosd,
Brunch Nursery South Vancouver
liouiiMleaderti who dt-iit. lo cul tjui
reinovo timber oft iheia' houM^ieads
should apply lor permit.-, lo Om> agenl
of dominion land-, ior ths district, and
those who have not timber on tfceir
homesleads and de-.ny to cul oa dominion land should npply lo tbe tam*
ollicial for  permits.
B. lt. WHIGUT,
Acting Agent Dominion Lauds,
Nov. 13-4wlu, Kninloup- Agvn.-y.
Kevelstoke LlUld Uihlllct.
Llislrict of We»l Kooteiiay.
Tnke notice that Walter 1*. CuiiUn.
ot Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupation
printer, Intends to apply for permission io purchase ihe lolloning described hind:
Commencing «t a post planted at
tin   re-entrant  south-west coiner of
Lot 7tJ7l'; Ibence west Pi chains; ilieuee
soutb   In chains: Ilieuee east I'J • h.i lil
tbenoe north 10 chains to thepointet
commencement!  und containing  16"
acres, more or IcoS.
Date Sept. *7th, iwuti,
oo80     WALTKlt P. CUM-'AKK.
Kevelatoke i-uul Dlstriot,
District of Went Kootenay.
Take notice that Annie Louisa Coo
Un, uf 1 iiioiiiown, 1'ennsylranu, C.
S.A., occupation married woman, in
tends to apply for permission to pur
chose ihe following described lead:
l oiniiKiiclug nt a pet planted al
the   south-west  coruor   of   Lot   "IW*;
thenoe loath SOebalui ihence v*m »,
cli,mis; thence soulli '21 chains; thence
e.isl In chainm tlience north 40 ebains;
ihi'i,,, west ii i imiii. to the point of
loliiini'li, eiuelll and • ..nt ■ inib_k 300
acres inore or less.
Date, September 87th, iwwi.
Improve   thn  llavor  ol  your
meat,   with   n  little  apple  cider.
0,  W.  Bell's.
Switchmen's Strike
Minneapolis, Hen. 'A.—It wu« reported this afternoon on rolinblo author!
ly that the strike ol the switchman's
Union ol Norlli Amei'ii-n, would bu
ended within lliree hours. Tile I'oporl
i-, \eritiei.l by men who are in closo
touch with the situation,
Chicago, Doc, 3,—Grand Master Loo,
of ilm Brotherhood of Railroad Train-
men, snid todnj ihut the striking
switchmen in Ilulutli, who nre mem -
lieiH ol his ordor, Iuul boen instructed
lo rot urn lo work, and that many ol
them had already complied wiih ihe
Union Hotel
I'nder New  Management
Stewart Macdonald
For people who use milk it is v»r>
iiiipoiiunt that they ahould insist up
on having a certiflcatu from a qui lifted
veterinarian tbat the cows which produce it are froo from Tiilwculom's and
all other diN.'usc germ*.
It is culi-ulntisl that over 60 p.c. of
tbe COW! in It. 0. are more or leaa effected with Tuherculosle, and a family
which is now in town lost one of their
cliililren through milk from a ,■»«■
affected with tutwrculosis. But perhaps the worst leature of theee R*r_ti»
is that tbev remain to the human syn
iem for at learn I.S year, and then, un
der favorable circumstances. Her*k>p
di«ea*e und death.
llur BOWS .u-e sli certified to be free
from all disease. We sell clean milk
in covered bottles. Special milk in
half-pint bottles for babies.
T. Lewis' City Sanitary Dairy
1   ',,   i/1 "*/' -T- ■■-■
jSjpjP--^''.'^ # Q
ofe.cr~ "-*"j*»/> "i tr    ■ |
-ssB^a-a-tat-^L':.' w-..--____._is- ■- r~— -r-.
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you never tire oi
We've  ju-ii   received  s"inc  ol  the  latest   Standard  Silver
designs and we would like to show them to you.
Will  ymi call in ?
Round Trays $2, 3.25, $5, $6
ijl       OblongJYays, $10. 12.50
Man's Best Friend A Safety Razor
All the new Gillette Models in Gun Metal. Silver and Gold Cases
'-^^--'._. ___._.:    ...-'--"
The Autostrap and Arnold's Fountain Safety at $5.   Clauss Safety in
leatherette cases at $2 50; The Ever Ready $1; Christy Hoe Razor $1
Shavewell Safely Razor 35c; and The Marvel at 25c.
A Christmas Gift
of Silverware
Wc would like you to sec our Christmas display of
silverware. We have sonic very handsome pieces and
sets in the very newest designs—and tbey are plated to
last  lor years.
Sec   this  display  now.      Wc
arc   sure   it   will   help   you
settle    the   Christmas   gilt
Thi* handsome sol with tray
Fish Sefc
in   Leatherette cases   silk-linod; silver-plated blades ant
pearl handles,   Makes a handsome  present  at
$7.50 a case.
Children's Knife, Fork and Spoon Sets 50c.
In Leatherette
Cases, plated
Pearl Handles
In Leatherette
Cases,  plated
Pearl Handles
Skates !    Skates !
A very acceptable present at this season
is n handsome pair of skates. We keep
theiii in nil makes, shapes and sizes. We
cau lit tbe I'lii'd of ' to the num with
the large feet.
A good present at this season. We have
the heavy Rocky Mountain pattern at $6
Men's Club Shoe at H, and the Ladies
Club Shoe at $3 50. Nu hi.rin to look
1 lie tti o er.
Carving Sets
We bave  three-piece sets, in   Buekhorii or Hone Handle,
guaranteed finest ,|unlity steel, in handsome plush-lined
eases.   An appropriate ami seasonable gift at
$4.50, 5.00, 6.00, 6.50, 7.00 to 15.00
Boys' Tool Chests
Wt have the sets in a small box for the
very smaii boy ami we lune better setg lor
the largei boys, and we have sets that every
household Bhould have with good tools in
them from 35 cents t,, if»i
Ladies'   Companions
We  havi   a small assortment of this line
that we g<'  iroui a traveller - samples got
tbem at ooet   Selling at $! 25 1.50, 2.50, *4
Electric Goods
If you want to please tbe Old Folks givi
then, a nice p irtnble Klectrii Lamp • i a
new Chandelier for the Bitting room, tome
unu make n -• lection. W e hai ■■ -ome
beauties with si k shades at *:, ana 13.50
-ome with fane, dome- from ci '" to      50
Burnishe1   Brs      ■ ban lelier i
t light   .it   iron,    f-   li    Ub   Com   .-   •    ■   ':.
-i ades and lac
■'V-/ &3rJ&
HTHERE'S nothing .Hi ac-
*     eepttble lor a w. dding
i!;it as a piece ol silverware
Ol course, yon mutt be mr*
thnt it will wear well     1 hi
I ■ date  ci i ■ 	
t'linty of lone      /§pg   ''h,
wear   ii  a *
sured   when
you  see  this,
trade   mark.
That   nr in»   t',c   beet   ■  i- ,r-
". are made Rich in d i |n,
p riett in w ml metuhii nnd
plated to lusi -i lifetin t
l all m tnd wc II - iw
you son'.,' ■,( ihe late ae-
ligo    in b  tndard Silv i
Berry Dishes
$4.oo to $7.00 e< ch
Rifles     Rid
Rich, Sparkling Cut Glass
:- ■■--
tions ■
is   nothing you can give a lady that will
her  more  limn a handsome piece of cut
U'e oiiei   you this season the best selee-
f ihe world's markets, in beautiful designs
, ,'.   - ;'
Glass Water Sets
The  popularity  of   this  line  last season
induced us to'otter theui again this year.
Colored    Pitchers   and   Six   Tumblers  at
prices ranging from % 1.25 to $2 Per Set
Covered   Glass   Cheese    Pishes.   New  and
Handsome '&c
Four-Piece Table Set, comprising 1 Sugar,
Creirtn, Butter und Spoon Dish at
$1.00 and $1.50 Per Set
Vinegar   Bottles.    Ketchup   Bottles    and
Pickle -lure at          25c each
H bat will plei ,i   22
Rifle '   Ask him '    We   have   then
xtylea and mak- i al    >     14,14.fl5, %* 50 I
Fancy Glass Lamps
In your Irnnil- on I   6 Mr1,   i Lamp i-    BI
, apl ible and w i   [ivi   pou   l  bean 1j   foi
81, *l 25   -    ,0   tt.00 «
This Handsome Water Carafe Only $6.50
Here we give n i tbei   ill istration ol une of  our
i   meroui       .-       ..-;•„        Note the exquisite
li   gn      Therein something superior about our
linctivi in-- which fascinates.
Look at this gem. only $4.50
Fkl Ware
Here is where we shine. We certainly can
show you a stock to select from thut will
astonish you. Knives, Forks and Spoons
in all the best makes. Rogers' 1S-I7, Wallace 1865, Roger Bros., Meriden and English goods. Oneida, 25 years' guarantee.
Fruit Knives in Cases, Pearl and Ivorv
Handled, Butter Knives in Pearl, Ivory
and Stag Handles. Sugar Shells in silver
and gold. Pickle Forks, Nut Cracks and
Picks.    Pie Knives.    Berry Spoons, Codies.
Nice Chinaware
There is nothing more suitable, more highly
appreciated and more often shown to friends
than a good piece of China.
We have tt selection here that is second to
none iu the province. We are showing tlie very
latest designs in Crown Derby, Coalport, Royal
Worcester. Copeland's and Aynsley, and in 11
Koyal Dotilton we have all the favorite pieces,
Couching Scenes. Bay 68112 Tapestry, Knights
in Armor and many others In Wedgwood we
are showing an entirely now line, just tho line
hIii-ii you want a single plate for your plate
rack.    Prices ranging from 50c up
Lawrence Hardware Company
Do Your Christmas Shopping Early. Do It Here. Do It Now
We have a beautiful Assortment of the
Famous   LIBBEY Cut
Glass.   Salt Diahes, Bon
Bons,    Salads,    Nappies,
Candlesticks, Water Sets,
Knife Rests, Sherry Seta,
, Cream and Sugars,  Cake
Plates, Celery Dishes,
Whiakoy Sets,   VaseH,
Water Bottles, etc.
Call and See our Magnificent Display of the
most pleasing of all
A despatch from New York quotes
Newman Erb, president of the llriiisli
Columbiu Copper Compuny, uh stui •
ing thut tho company's profits for tho
month of October, partly oetimatnl,
wore approximately 1538,000. Ioclud -
ing selling und other charges tho cost
was 8.8 cents. In April of the preeent
year tlie company produced oopper at'j^^j to , h,
a fraction less than S rents.
Tho Company will commence the erection of un addilionnl furnace for
thn Greenwood smelter. The expectation in that the new furnace will be
completed in three months, When oom-
'lho C.   P,   li. hnve ordered  two new j
bouts for the Pacific count service,   io '
cost 8i,suo,ono.
Duncan Ross hus now no men work- |
ing on his G. T. P. contract, building
rouds nnd oamps in preparation     lor I
grading operations.
0, P. It- conductors nre preseulitig a
ompiiny  ior ,i  iw.-u -
per cent,  increase in pay,  und will be
supported by tin- engineers and trainmen.
An acceptable Cbristmae gift,
bluck  cocker spaniel  pup,  from
See .1.  J. Ikivine.
Kumloops is inaugurating an aotivi
umpuigu to induce tho Canadian Nor
plotud it will be used as a reserve and   thorn t0 run its lin" through the cily
the capacity  of the present  three fur-1instead    of passing by on  the     other
side of the rive
naves will bo increased from l^nil ions
to between    2T>00 and     3000 tons per |   Owing    to the   violence of the storm [off the
duy. This will give the British Col- on Okauagun lake the steamer Okan
mnbia sufficient capacity to handlo gaa failed to make connections Satur-
tho ores of tbo new Dominion Copper day; it wus found impossible to call
lompnuy, which it will buy outright ut Peacnland, so the captain tied the
under u contract that hus recently boat wp {or ,h0 uight between thut
lieen concluded between tbo two i-od-' pl^ and Summerland. Nouiicol mon1
r«rno. . and old     timers say It wns the worst
In regard lu lie possibility of a di-   storm in their recolloction.
vidend being declared  now, Mr.      Erb I , ,  ,     •
,, , n- •    .      Speaking ut    the annual banquet of
the   company   has a sufnciont    .  '        ,.     ,,     , ,.,
I tbe Inu,eli,ui  Muniifuclurers, Hirlho-.
I .Shaughnessy gave un out line of the
wonderful growth of the railway* of
ihe Dominion, uu instance of which
was thut of the C. I'. I), which n few
years ugo hud 3,000 miles of truck,
uud today hus 10,000.In four yours it
had spent £20,000,000 ul the Angus
shops ui Montreal,
,-iock in Amerl
A despatch irom Hazelton says thut
thu ringleader of lhe recent trouble
among the Indians, Stephen Morgan,
hus been arrested and sentenced to 3
months  imprisonment.
The  Week     says:   'No
man who is familiar with
, lions will  deny  thut Civic  affairs      in
Victoria     nre    not only in u hopeless
1 muddle but in a disgraceful state."
Wm. Gou, of Vancouver, a commercial traveller, hud a narrow escape at
'Michel Thursday. A* the train rounded a curve he lost his balance and fell
train,     receiving some nusty
scalp wounds and other injuries.
At the meeting of Fire  Brigade   No.
Monday niglu nomination of olli-
I power nt  the junction would be      not
jinore than two minutes.
The wealth whieh western United
ed or States farmers i-urried into Cumnla
best this year .s estimated by the secretary
of agriculture ol lhe United Suites ut
pi\ty million dollars. The importance
ol the exodus hus alarmed the department of agriculture of the Republic
I   Many of the railways are arrnuging
to employ    telephones  Ior train      dis-
, . ,  .patching, the Northern Pacific    having
fair-minded  '        ,    ' .,       ,     ,    , .
, ,,    already  170 miles of telephone service
the  conili - • ,        ,,.,,.,
and ___50 more projected, while the New
York Central will havo ils whole route
to Chicago under telephone control ,
when °00 miles of equipment, in addition to the present 1250 upon tho Ml*
chigun Central, is couiplMe.
The secretary ol an eastern agricultural Bociety received the following
remarkable letter: "Please liml enclosed the sum of seventy-five cenls.
This is restitution money. I took
some pouches     or     pears from whero
says     the    company
nmount ot cush     in il-,
make  n   distribution   to
ilers,  ufter paying the c
treasury In
its stockhol •
ist  of  tin;   cr
eation of the new furnu,-P, but that
the policy of ihe company now is to
put the property In Iho best possible
hope end to accumulate a large cush
surplus, so that when dividends are
onoe started thev can be maintained
without question. Mr. Erb says thai ' Word has been received in Keremeos
the profit* of the company for three thnt the (>. N. It. Co.'s right-of-way
months will pay lor the furnace. The agent- has orders to proceed at ou'-e
,'ompsny has paid only one dividend, to tbe upper valley and comploto the
and the declaration oi that was im- purchases of right of wm along the
mediately followed by u strike umong survey west of Princeton; nlso thai
the employees of tho company, so that tbe contracts for a considerable dis-
payment had to lie stopped, tauce will be lut  ut ome -,, ihul work
Mr. Oliver, of Vancouver, ha-   com-  can be continued during the winter in
eers for election  for  tbo coming  year  they wore being exhibited  some yearf
hief order of basinets.   C.      Ab- ' ug0.    I want to have, 'a  title clear to
rahamson was unanimously chosen as mansions in the skies..'"
chiel   iiguin,   with   Sam   N'eedham      us | . 	
.,., ... ,      ,       , Tho Grand  i rank Pacific is finished
assistant.    Ihere will be a few changes .
,, .    , . -. , to Pembina     river, aboul   sixty  nines
in  the rest  ot   lhe executive Stan. , „ , __,,.,.
west of Edmonton, Steel     is    being
Tho site for tho new  school to     be'placed in  the big bridge which spans
built  in tho Mt.  Begbie district     will J tfaia river, and ii will lie completed by
lie mi  tlio corner of Julius Cnsbato's  thn end    of November.   Boyoud Pen ■
properly,   li   i-   likely   tli.u      another' burn river the grade is finished lo' ill-
school dlstriot  will be asked for eest'olhor seventy miles,  to McLeod rivet,
of the city bouudury, nnd the site for
which will probably bo about Mrs.
Moran's pluce, across the lllecilliwaot
us the mosi central for thut section,
where it  is mostly ror.k
those portions
Sinking of ihe Uritish Columbia
guarantee to ihe C. P, I!.. Dan Mann
snid ut Toronto:—"A government
guarantee of railway bonds menus n
low rate of interest tor the initial
construction of the road. This moaus
low fixed charges in order to ejure
low freight rates. A railway which receives aid of this kind, if economically
built and honestly managed is sure to
be successful in the end nml sntisfao ■
I lory both lo the people of Canada
and  to the railway ,-umpaiiies."
I Two now ieo breakers of nn improved type nre just being completed nt
Nakusp for service on the Arrow lake,
I lu describing      the    new    ice-breakers,
pluted the purchase of the Bonanza
group of five claims for himself und
ufsociatotj. Mr. Gracey, who has been
so successful iu h like capacity with
thn Nugget min.-, hus been engaged as
'■onstilting engineer, and u force of
men put to work.
Tho Bonanza adjoins ih,- Qucenmino
ind is cousidnred by mining men one
of the most promising properties in
tho district. Several hundred feet of
tunnelling has lieen done nnd a good
-ized ore Bhoot discovered currying
very profitable milling values.
Sloping of ore n ilt lie carried on in
preparation for a stamp mill which
will lie erected on lhe property nt an
early date, sufficient wnter power to
operate some being available on tho
lower end of tho pro[>erty.
'Capt. Core, superintendent of the   C,
Tho Sally mine on the West Fork p, R lnke nnll rWn fm,vv> sttUe_.
shipped another car ol its high grade thev hav„ ,,.„ (orm (_( hnr^_ ,JU( nrp
ore to Trail smelter last week. The completely sheathed with iron. The
'hipmeut, which amounted to 21 tons, ica breaker3 now- in Mrvico ,m ,,,„ r)if.
is tho seventh mode this >enr, the ore fcrenl |ftk(w ,iro oalv C(.V(,red with ir(>n
of which runs ubout J125 to the ton.    jplatm     whow    ,hey  coule  in ,._,„,„„
At a recent meeting of tho executive with tho ice. Each of tho new craft
committee     of     the British Columbia  cost between 85000 and 90000.      When   bino shttfl "nd lhl
The hoi water heating nppurutus i-
now being installed ill tin* new wing
of the hospiuil and every offorl to
complete the interior tilting is being
made. A comploto sot of twenty-four
beds, easy chairs screens elc has
boon ordered, nnd the hospital board
hope to open the new wards in Jauu-
Editor W. J. Clement, of the Penticton Press, has tho Bymputhy of tho
entire community in his bereavement,
Mrs. Clement having died lifter u
brief illness, last Friday, aged 33, The
deceased lady hnd been a resident of
Penticton     but eleven    months,   whon
she came  there a bride, from  Van i- ^
or _!(W miles irom Tele Jaune Cache.
The Canadian Tungsten Lamp Co.,
Ltd., Hamilton, Out., Ims been formed
io manufacture and sell "Kolloid-Wol-
from" tungsten metallic filiimcut electric lamps. It is claimed this mnko
is one of the best constructed and
most satisfactory "tungsten" lumps
nu the market today, ns the central
supported spiral filament makes il
possible to burn I houi successfully at
any angle. To show 'he groat saving in consumption of current, ii is
claimed that a 32-c.p. "tungsten" will
only consume a little over the amount
of an ordinary 8-c.p., and give nearly
four  times lhe light.
Acme Stock Company
The uow Otis FtMisnn electric elevn -
tor installed in Messrs, C. B. Hume's
store was put in operation for the
first time for passenger traffic Saturday /light. A large number of people
took advantage i>f the novelty, the
machinery working smoothl
noiselessly. The plant has beet
installed in a little nver three weeks
and is a splendid pip<'o of mechanism.
.■Superintpndi.ml Duck, of the power
housp report that tho slush iff is
fuming doWU the lllecilliwaot in ment
t)uautith»H, although nt present ihure
is a good volume n\ water entering
tho power Hume. Tomporary repuiv*
huve ln*en elicited on tho broken lur-
wnter plant l* now
The Acme Stock Company now pleasingly acquainted with the citizens of
Revelstoke tjave a superb, clonn-cut
production of that well-known high-
class fane comedy "Capt, Rnukett''
on Monday, Doe. 6th. Respective members of the company are well known
and liked and their performance wns
and equal if not superior to a ^renl
fully jority of "all star'' oasts which
visited Revelstoke in tho past.
Citizens  of out city   may  woll
pleased  with  tin' fact   that   they
the opportunity     '»f witnessing
pleasing performances at stick
prices.   Watch for dates.
mull ave
g< tod
Copper Company it was decided to
wait for mill hotter prices before sell -
ing the metal on hand, which at pre*
M>ut amounts about 1,500,000 pounds.
The eighth eai urged furnace at the
Granby smelter was blown in ou Wed-
u«w*diiy, whieh brings tho capacity of
tho big reduction works close to 6000
tons ©very twenty four hours, The
Lnoreaee iu the consumption of ore by
tho full bftttery furnaces will bo reflected in the smelter returns next week.
tho  new  Ice breakers go  into servic?  Ix)iu<>r used,     assisted by the producer
there will be four in fill on Arrow-
lake, one on Kootenay lake and a
converted barge on Trout lake.
federation of labor for B. C,
Active steps are to lie taken towards
tho establishment of n provincial Federation of Labor in llriiisli Columbia.
All tho unions nnd executives are to lie
communicated with and asked  io give
An  important  strike was  mudo  lust   <hoir v;nws all ,lu, quoslion ns to ',,„.
week on the Tip Top mine at Skylark feasabllity of the scheme, and as to
cump, says tho Pioneer. In the niaiu ' theit ,flUtogMsa to co-operate linnu •
shaft about 60 feet from lho surface a |ciallv At ,bo fi0mc lim0 tbev ,.,.., ,()
cross vein of ore, measuring from  ton  h<, nsk(Mi to appoint delegates     to     a
The convention lo be held when the mn' -
gus engine.    The new shaft will lie   m-
'stalled immediately on its arrival.
In the laBt Issue of the Fori Gebrgo
Tribune, Editor Houston attacks the
illegal sale of liquor in the camp, and
adds:   -'The  editor of  the  Tribune has
I seen liquor drunk that wns snid to
have lieen  purchased by  lhe bottle in
. Fori rieorge. lie hn- not drunk or
purchased liquor in Fori George himself. Personally, and through 'he
Tribune ho will stand, as he did at
Prince Hupcrt, for the strictest regulation of the sale of liquor and the abolishment of barrooms altogether."
fernie Election
Fernie, Hec 3,—Tho official cauvuss
of lhe votes in the Fernie dislricl was
completed last evening nnd Returning
Ullicer Blensdnll declared the result as
Number of votes east 1893, spoiled
ballots 4-1; W. R, Ross 796, John Harrington (>1P, A. 1. Fisher 105.
Mr. Blensdnll declared W. li Ross
duly elected.
11. A. McDonald, on behalf of Harrington, nsked lo u finding as to repealers and impersonators as shown
by tho canvass, but the returning ollieer refused to do so.
More than *0 repcuters and persouu-
lors nnil,',I up on lhe lists, but it will
tako some time to determibe     all tho
to twelve feet, was encountered
ore is    copper,  gold     and silver,  and
runs Irom If 16 to 100 por ton
According to tho statement of tho
Tivthw ay Mine Cobalt, there ure on the
dumps ut No. 1 and No. 2 shufta
about 46,0011 tons of milling ore, estimated to be worth over 8150,000. An
independent report on the south workings by ii prominent mining engineer,
showed -2,800,01X1 ounces in eight. All
the veins at the north end of the property are high grade, assaying from
throe tn over four thousand ounces to
tho ton. Allowing for recent iiu-reusiH
ill the south reserves a conservative
i-ntluiute     of     tho     total ore in sight
would be between five and six million
H, Calhoun, foreman of the Nugget
gold mine at Sheep Creek, who is in
iho city, says tho News, purchasing
supplies, states that the Nugget never
looked Un ter "We are driving three
luunoln," he said, "and have got a
-■bowing of four to eight fool of loud,
good milling ore. The mill is running
full capacity all the time, in fuel, it
is tho steadiest running I have ever
seen of any mill for a long, long time.
About 10 men aro working at present,
tho force being larger than usual us
we aro getting out timber lor lhe winter."
ter   has
Shocking Murder
t |     The  Hev.  XX.  C.  Calder is   thf      for
.   lunate     possessor of a line   thorough' 'note.   In some eases it  is known   the
more practical  bred   Newfoundland puppy three months' persons named and numbered on     the
| old.   The     animal,    which  is perhaps! lists did  not  vole  at all,  lieing      nb-
  the only one of its kind in liritish Co- Uont from the district.
lumbiu, this breed being veiy rare | A few cases of nctiiul repeating have
now, was shipped last week from one been detected, the person registered
of the fslands adjacent to Newfound - having actually voted in two places,
lund by     Mr.     Calder's    nephew, and   Enough hus been     discovered to war-
Pittsburg,    Kansas,     Deo.  I— Misi
Goldie  lulling was murdered  and rob
bed at  her home hoi's today.  Hor    as
nailanl forced  carbolic  acid down  hei
throat, robbed hor of her diamond ear- |    "wing  to
rings,      and      then dragged
on     the front     porch,   where she was I
found  later by  hor mother,  who   was
awakened     by her     daughter's moans
and calling.
travelled   by   express.   The   puppy
make a valuoblo and useful dog.
lhe fact  lJuit   no  poll
1„„   ,„,.   taken at Canoe Hiver through  the re-
I turning offioer C. Harvey, being unable
Ki'iftr et Vancouver
Vancouvor, Deo, I.-Hushing iulo'he
police station lasl night about 6:30
uud 'T.ting hysterically Hint she hnd
shot hor lover, 3, Scurry. -Inlin Lowll
it colored woman gave horself up to
Hui police.
Detective Jackson found lho body
of Scurry lying on lhe llour with n
bullet wound over tin- hearl The body hud to all appearances been   dead
houm timo, und evidences around      lhe
loom   (bowed   plainly tlmt a scuffle
had oceurred previous tu ths shooting.
o reach there in     time, tho returning
ilficer for  Kevelsloke, .1.   D.  McDoug-
ill,   finds   he    cannot  niuke an  official
Mi-,., inl...,,..'   .■„.,„„_.   ici ,',-"„ ;,,„ I announcement of the result of thoelec-
from her ears. ' tiou 'or Hevelstoke Hiding  iill the poll
, ig taken then--    A date hnd therefore
I to     be      fixed      by  order • ill - council
Hew Lieutenant-Governor    ^ K::K!
of [ can be made.
Says tho Toronto World: ''Always
,i picturesque figure by reason of his
iip'-tiinding virility, outspoken pmi -
tlvcness   and   Initiated   humanity,
Uttuwa, Dec.  I.—The resignation
the Hon. .lames Duusmuir ha,- lieeu j
accepted and Mr. ThoniKs W. Paler - |
son, ol Viotorio, is appointed Liouten- j
iiut-Goveriioi   of  British  Columbia
Mr. Peterson sui us mombur for th»
Islands  in  the  British   Columbiu  Leg
islut%e from  1903 to HH'7, when     he'
was doleutcd hy Mr. A.  F.. MoPhlUlpa,!
the present   member-elect  for the some I
constituency,   lb-     is  Liberal in poll • j
ties, nnd came wost °o years ago.
The Week.
Tho Week is glad lo be the first toi
congratulate Mr. T. Vi. Peterson on i
Ida appointment le tho position of
Lieutenant-Governor In Briiish Colum-1
bin. Il is easily tho bosl appointment
that could have lieon inudo from
among      lie     mon   available nnd   will
give general satisfaction. Mr. Peterson bus long been the itrongest man
In his parly in Briiish Columbiu. lie
has always been more of n business
man lium a'politician
rant the inference that a premeditated
plot was mnde to use names for tho
purpose of electing snmo ono of the
candidates and that a few numes were
discovered to have been used twice
does nol cover all lhe ropoatiug and
personating that was done on the day
of election.
At leasl 60 illegal votes have been
■list, but judging from the moth,id evi-
lently followed il   is  impossible to tell
how many n
were illegal.
have  been  easl   which
May Roberts-Gillard
"Wanted A Wife"
Saturday' Matinee and
Evening to Be
Prices, $1.00 75c. and 50c.
Matinee 50c, III Over the House
New and Different
There is never anything
commonplace about Fit-Reform
Suits and Overcoats.
We create styles — we select
patterns at the mills—we show
effects that are confined exclusively to Fit-Reform.
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Anu mmi
your money, is
the Fit-Reform
At Canoe River
WIIKKKAK Uu- 25th day of Nov.,
Ilinil, was fixed as the day I'm holding
Ibe I'oll al t'anoe Kivei in in,' Kevul-
stoke Ulocloriil Uisliict, and. wIk-hiih,
llie polling place at Ciuhk River could
not bo reached in lime lo hold n poll
on the 25th day of November,   11100,
llolii.e in In I'eliy given lii.il n pod hai
In en gi allied and uiil l,e held III Canoe
Kiver on llie 111*li dav of December,
.1. D. MclKlU.AI,!.,
Helm mng Ollieer.
llf ANTED    In,. WaitreHSHS. Good
V>        Wig.■_,     In      g0U||     p,nios   _   nt
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TT     imiutlin ,i i nni-iiiu in,use from
ei d   of    Deceiiib, i.     Applv  ut    .Mail
Herald i III.c
Fill! S.U.I-.-l|.,l| ,,„ i  ,.|' in,,,!
and l-'oiir-roomeil house „m| ,,ul.
0milling ni Comaplix, Hearing oi'.iliard
Prill-8SU0. Apply lo I'. Gllrald, Kev.
el-li k,'.
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own home. Secures lol in Clearview
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l-l  ,'" b'
I rueiuuu's   Photo   Sllldi,
January lit,    IMO,  Bt»
offer (ot thii month oub
open   until
oui ipoclal
A. Galliber, e\-M. P., will now adorn
the bench of lhe new court of appeals
in Uritish Columbia, nnd carry to his
dutie" the -living grace of common
-enno, so needful to a legal mind, and
io often wanting,   Judge Galliber   is
ivell rend in the law, thoroughly conversant with every liyht nnd shadow
,,f the i/reat west, and will make ft
V'ood judge. Ihe World predicts that
ha will not strain the tpinlitiea of
Tho  Canadian   I'acilic  ruilway      will
■diortly     lake   an   important   step   toward the abatement of the smoke Iiui-
I "mice in 1,, far an it is caused by rail-
I way trains beiui; drawn into tbe   city
of   Montreal.   The   means   pioposwl    is
,,, transfer power at Montreal Junction from -team to electricity, »„ thai
nil train-- entering tho Windsor station
will be brought ilt by high poww eloc-
iiric cnginon The time taken t<> make
th«  tr»n»f»i     'com »t«am to electric
TO OUH PATRONS having heard
thai a rumor i- boing circulated lhat
other partiea,  other  than   the owncm,
have the   management   of lho   Opera
House, in1 wish lo assure our patrons
and   the public  lhat   the  statement   n-
not correot,  All date- roqulrod by our
locul patrons, or lhe travelling shows
will be held nnd protected by lho un
derslgnod, I li,,,,lu,.i' the local patrons
for their liliernl u-.e of lhe opera house
we remain,
Vows truly,
sV-MJl-Slh    ue    ItKOL'LATIO.NS    llll
Vi'iv'i'-X1' TH^ piavo&AX. of uo
l;.lil.\iA\ UliLT I.N THE I'liei
■\ LlCll.N'Sli to cut timber oun bu <k
quired uui} .a public ceuipoUUoii. a
rental or & j,,..,- tciuarc auic is uiiurgeu
tor all Umber borllii except ticsu sun
ateu west ui lulc iur which Hie reuiui it-
in ne rati ut i emu per aero per annum
in iiuuiiion rn uiu rental, uti'.., at ihi
tu.luwliijj rules are charged;—
sawn lumber, iu oents pei tiiuuauuo
leet   i'.-U.
Hallway tlos, ululii anu uin
I l-a ana i 3-4 cenu. eucll.
shingle bulls, 'ii, cents u curd.
Ail uincr products, ■', per cent on tin
A license Is lauucd su __m.ii aa a berth
Is granted, um ,„ gurveyod lurrlton ao
UrabCI' can bo cut un u belli, uinu Un
lie, nsou has made a survey thereof.
Permits '.u cut limbm an- alsu aianlcd
at public compsUUon. except in tno casc-
oi actual setUei'S, whu require the Um-
,i r tor tl , It own me-.
aelllcra   and   others   may   alsu   ubuln
permits tu cui up iu iue cords ui w,jo,i foi
salu   wllhuut    coiiiiieiltiiin.
The dues pa}able under a I'uuiu ur,
11.ed per thousand feet B.M., for squar*
Umber uud suwloga of any wood ex-
oepl cult; frum 1-; to I l-'S cculB iier lineal
fuut rnr building luga; irom ii 1-2 to a.,
oents per i uid for wood; 1 cent for fence
pusix; 3 oents fur railway Uob; and K'
cenls per cord fur shingle bulls.
Leases for grazing purposes are issued
fur a tin in uf Iweiiiy-uau yuai-g, ul m
rental of two oentg per acre per annum.
Coal land:, may bu puiciume.i ul 111,
per iicru for »uft coul uud |'_S0 for unUira-
cite. Nol mule tbun X!0 ucres may be
ucuiilri'd b} une lndJvlduul or uumpuny.
Royalty at the mie of le cenls per ton
nl ;'1M' pounds Is collected un tlie grosi,
Iilnirles for land for agrlcullur.i. pui-
j,uses uia>' lm mail, pc.sunnily ul the lo
cal land ullice lur ihe distriel In which
the land lu be lakea up is situated, ui
n t.. homesteader desires, he muy, on
appllcutlon In ihe Minlslcr of Ilia Interior
.il UUaiv.i, the t'liiiiinissluiier of Immlgiu-
llua at Winnipeg, ur the lucal agenl foi
lhe tilslili'l, wllhlii wind, the land li
situated, receive uutborily nu Mom. one
io make entry tor him.
A foe ui Ilu is charged fur bum, stem!
A sette r Who haa reeoned an entry ful
a humesiead, is required lu perfunn the
Conditions connected therewith under on.
uf Ibe following plans:—
il, Ai leusl six ni,',,in tesldeliCu upun
ain] ciiJtlvailun uf tlie iuml in each ycur
during lhe term uf three years.
lt is Uu.- i'liii'i. . uf Um Department tu
reoulro a 1.111.1 lu bring 16 acres und.i
ouitlvallon, bui if he .., ei.rs he may substitute stuck; and '_» ne nl of cattle, tu be
actually his own property, with budding*
Tor iheir accommodation, will be requlreo
instead uf cultivation'
(_.', II' lhe tuiher (or mother, If the fa
:Ii.t Is deceased, ot on} pencn who Is
eligible to 11111U1, u bumeHtuMd .ntry uudei
Un: pruvlsluna of the Act, realdea upon
1 fiiriu In Uie vicinity of Ib. land an
lurid fur by such person us u iiotneataod
tlm' requirements of the Act as to rest
il.uce prior to obtaining patent may be
sntlsllcil by audi pcrst.n residing witb tbe
.Umi or mother.
<3i If Uu, settlor bus his permanent
resldenee upon fstmlug land owned by
iilin In the vicinity of his homestead, the
M-iin, "ii,'-nis of Ihe Act ss to residence
may be fliiliufled by residence upon tht
uid   land.
Appllcnl'On for patent ahould b. madt
,U the end ,,f Dire, wiirs before the loosl
igenti sub-agent ur a hom.st.od tnapec-
Iiefuie making appllcallon fur a pal.nl,
tli, sottler musl give sIt months' nntlof
• n wrlllng to the Commlesloner of i>o
minimi 1.1.mis at inlaws, of his Inten
Unu I., du au.
W     W    IX1KT
r>«piiiy 'ifiiiiiier of'th. Intartoi
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_ Go outside of Revelstoke to make
Ei your  Real   Estate   Investments.
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I Kootenay Agencies Ltd^ Agents
■i.-ftrmo m »-M"»,i^Jp
\'v',.' would not pul our name on these- shoes if we did
not liiiow them know .iu.st what is in them—know
what in back of them.
Our immense factory equipment gives us a tremens
ilnu- advantage in making these shoes. It reduces
factory expenses and enables us to bay material more
cheaply, and tosecuremore skilled and competent labor.
Ami the laboi unta for much in the making of a perfect shoe. After all il is pretty nearly the same paint
Una paints the wagon box I lal makes ihe artist's mas-
terpiece. Thediffere ■ ■- in the workmanship—to
tiio use of the mater als and this is where these shoes
excel excel in superiority of workmanship. You will
note this in their finished appearance you will feel it
in the perfeel fii you will detect it in their wearing
quality, and Rbove all in the fact that Ames-Holden
shoes not only lit at the first, but "stay fitted"
throughout the life of ihe shoe.
Kor  Sil*  by   I ajuHlU  t'- .Un
moil  e-vt irwK'tf THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Domini'-- Gollic-ono appeared belore
the police magistrate on Monday on
n charge ol selling: spirituous liquor
without a  license,  inforinnlion      being
lid by lhe chief of police.
XX. I, Briggs appeared tor iho prose-
.,iti"u, and i '•■     ■"-      McCarter foi  tho
.:', odant pleaded  nol  guilty.
B A I awson itj lurk, testifiod
that tho defendant had no liquor li ■
en.se but only a tinders license,
K    Morrison  was  called  as  lirst "it
■ -•, ior the prosecution, and stated
-.0 had rooms at Gallicano's. On Sun-
lay lakiH defendant ior two bottles
il oeer for hi- wife, who was sick.
Hr. Gallicano brought the beer nnd
witness offered nun 81.00, which defendant took but gave back no change,
Vf-.er dinnci witness asked defendant
iur two more bottles «hi,-h he brought
and this time refusing to take anymore money saying that 81.00 was
"Uouj;h for the   four hot lies. Thia oon-
efnRtlOU   took   place   r'l,   'he    -mirs   of
be coiisc.
Later   it.     lho   day      witn    askod
ked defendant lor sonn- wine, but de-
oodant said lie hadn't any Wilnoss
then asked uim to sell him u botllu of
the spinl, the same as he had given a
fc-lasi- of to his wife previously us she
■van nek. Defendant said he would ,
•.no price being 82.00 cash. Witness
gave hnu all the money he had, namely tl.TU. Ihu wine was called Ferro-
Chinu bitters, and couiaiucd 'AA per
cent, oi alcohol. Witness suid that
quite a number of people visited (Jul-
liceno's hou>e during Sunday,
lc answer to li. b, McCarter, wit-
said he went to Gallicano's house to
hire a guud quiet room, lie wus ut
tho city restaurant before, but hnd to
leave because they wanted Ins room.
He trie'.i ••'eiui piuce- befoie for
looms, lb hail been 2~ years tending
bar oil and on, although 'JT year-, ol
nge, and had visited n large number
A place- workiug ut different trades.
He denied pom lively thut ho had been
employed bv the police or nnv one to
caich deltndont nclling liquor. Ilm
police had come io his rooms on Sunday morning  at  -. p.  m.,  i,       hia
marriage ertiCcale, nnd il wus thun
that -.1- selling ui liquor waa made
known ;-.- .he police. I'he police 'uok
the i"_." bottles away with them, Mr.
Mi-Carter accused witness of tolling
untruth aboul hi.- past employment.
■md the tuannei in which he goi the
Morrison  said  tlm knew   nothing
oi '.he scheme t<, get a conviction
igninst Gallicano, denied talking to
any oi the girls of tho hone,', and asserted thai hi , ud given money to
the defendant for 'he beer and bitters.
those bottl i>- produced by   the
■-ur- and exhibited.
Mrs Morrison corroborated her hut,
band'-, statements except that it was
uot hot wish to go to a room at do-
lendsnt's houso rather lhan u hotel.
She denied she knew of the scheme to
catch (jullicanu selling liquor, but admitted her husband hud said that he
had Douglil beer irom defendant iu oi •
der to outam u conviction of violui -
mg the act. Witness theu broko into
hysterics and had to leove the '-ourt
Dihcer l'»rrj testilied ho hud gone to
Morrison'* room «• Gallicano's >»it!i
the cniei, nnd askod him ^nereho had
go1 the liquor, an-1 was told from
Gallj ano, ' ho denied rei.;- „ ii ble
then woe; down 'he cellar oud found a
large quantity of liquor oud spirits ,
ir.a uut«<J it finding it al ohol Uo-
fenasc; contended it nm for his
fnejCr Ha admitted '-hai he had
Board rumor tha'. Morrison wai em
pioyeu in order  to eaten Gallicano.
del ol folic* 1'arry admitted io
hao .-.a- u .. lei finding wnn Moi •
nsoc 10 buy oquor from defendant in
vrd-.r -.o get a conviction, and hud
£!•••:_. „__u. money He r.id ban many
-oaipia.i.-... agaiust deiendant ■ -
ling liquor without a licsut.- Mi M -
Tartar &:w,t.,;*'. ■•, it..o» ;i,. ;.,,.r:.'S
ol cott.pio.L0L-- but -he Chiel .-efns J
to divulge l«:;. 3i •:." ,round., tl -.
it would c«u«e trouble to '..'."i fam. •
~y"    •          • dng
the     Wsndant •           ..     ...    Ch ii
claimed Um pi,_-.--
tc«, "■;..:.. was gri Witnea
Morrison bad   .-.-.      found
'    U ' ' Ig .-    ;-. It .'■      lUt 8
i-   m      >l     iunds)    be  ;orrobi rs
«•■    rerry's   s  -
Li      ... . ,. ',]
on'a room.
iir. id.Lu■ .. .„ _.i,„i
had   -»•_..   ..:,.. .• [jog    .,.
that     M.:..,   given I
. 'Tee    Witm  i denied  th
Mon    n fa       ...    ,-	
Itlenda it *       ...       His d .-..
.■      -••   - ...   ibe
law, nnd he was goin)
■   bats  ol i t
Dr. Hami ts tilled I lei
|uei tion wa . men-,
ly   .-■     a oui ,  and  not
'-■■ • igs    .1,0  ■ .'..;       ntaiued   13
•■n:  u'.   al "hoi I    ...      h ,i    tho     il
Peruna or ■•thci  patent  nn di ine,
..-   dru,-  ••    -:, ft,...
50 i- -   em    loot
Wht    asked   -y  V     ,'•.._,_.    ■ 11,i
per  ,-eblagt    il  ilcohol   tfa   was     n
to   bo wai prepared   o boj .
Mi  '.iai'.icanc   twtified  he had  i<i ■
■iy, beer at a present to Morrison I u
nit  (rile,  m-  Morrison hod -hi   mom
but he had told the bitters in the n
•ernoon loi   11.7c    He  denied    tali
the beer up to Morrison but sunt
,p bv  bit boy Mid ..      Asfoi
man thy   •    i i     ,■, bi ■ I ■■
• .■ had
. -      ,..        ■ ..   .
drinking it, and also lor his many
triend.,. The bittors ho eold over tb»
,-ounler ns a pateni medicine, and had
been recommended by Dr. Hamilton as
a good tonic. Hn had only II dozen
heer iii the house on Similar for his
friends, The witness denied tliat Mor-
n-oii Iiud Offered him nny money for
tho beor, "i   that  ho had taken an.v.
Mr. Briggs said it was strange that
defoudaul     should    keep such   a largo
tore of liquor in his house     for   his
friends'  use.   Evidence  was  given   by
Miss Gallicano     that she had     taken
beer up to   MorriMiu's room.
In dosing his defence  Mr.  McCarler
dwelt   on   the   unreliable   evident f
Mr. Morrison, and lho fact that no
money had passed for the beor. There
was no reason why the defendant
should not stock liquor for bis
friends, und it was not right thai the
police should   have  people up ill court
imply bocause thoy have fl lot of
spirits in their cellar. Defendant hud
[-ouccalod nothing, and had done no
harm in soiling the pateni medicine.
He urged that those who had to complain agaiust defendant Boiling liquor
should como out and decline thomsel*
Mr Briggs poiuted out it was ub-
-iiinl that lho defendant should givo
away liquor, As for the bitters it
was distinctly alcoholic, and as such
its selling wus a contravention of the
by-law, Su.-h a quantity of liquor iu
defendant's house was decidedly sue-
The Magistrate pointed out that the
matter hinged on money punning ior
the beer. Morrison had said il had,
and defendant denied ii and he.would
give Gallicano the benefit of the doubt
comparing him with Morrison. who
wan rippuivutly un reliable in his statements. A- t,, lhe bitters lie advised
defendant to get export evidence on il
as it iiii^ht lie injurious to him to
keep it if ii was counted na a spin-
urns liquor, It un- not necessary for
inoiie> Io pits:, for selling liquor but
any other conviction would be liable
to bring him up against the by-law,
and it was very unwise to give his
roomers liquor, which fact might In-
used aguinst him as „„ atlruction to
ids house, A strong warning against
keeping so much liquor on the premi-
-.'-. nu- given ninl the case was dis-
Premier McBride
t'romier McHride'., success will, Hays
the Free Press, give renewed Htreiiglh
to tlie idi':, tlmt lie is the man of destiny whom tho stars mark out for the
Dominion leadership ,,f tho Conserve •
t-ivo party. Thn prediction waa made
a couple of weeks ago by Mr. W, Y
Mel,nun, who is a figure of some importance on the Conservative nido ol
tho II,nis,, at Ottawa, in lii» paper,
the Toronto World, thnt by Christmas
Mr. Melinite would have displaced All.
K. I.. Borden. Though thnt proiic
tiou ean hardly be roalized within the
brief lime specified, it may be thnt
Mr. McBrido i- the JosllUH destined to
succeed tl," Moses wh,, foi nine tears
has boon leading tho Dominion Conservatives through thn wilderness
Value of Advertising
Thn I'olUiwiDjj item uppenrcd in n
country papoi' of recent issue: "Tho
other duy n merchant huw n farmer
receiving goods at the station from a
mail order house, Tlio goods wero in
hia Hue, nud tho sumo had been car ■
riod in Iii* store for yearn. Ito ap -
proached tho farmer and snid: '1
could havo sold you every articlo you
have for loss money than you paid tho
mail order house, and saved you tho
freight besidcR.' 'Thon why on earth
don't you say so?' answered tho far
mer. 'I hiivo taken tho local paper
for years und have nover scon a line
about your soiling  these yoodn.      The
mail nrdor honpo seat advertising mat-1 fl C IUI Jt M T     P I (X f 1/ Q
ter to mo asking my trade,   and   they   UCItIC;!   I       D LU V l» 0
'got it."'
Thm- -e  nil   »oH     of  wny*  of  nd -
vprtiK'tif* on«'s •"•ids. The mail order
method lias been developed alone a
Hineutffte bunin ami it brimr* result-',
t ubli-ity oi Mi evMli betlt'i niiaiity cun
he obtained by judicioun tidvertiriiug
in the pveH8. This is no biibinesri ox*
aggertvtion bul n plain busiuesn fuel,
the truth of which has boon proved
timos  beyond  number.
Toys, Toys, L'oya.—Only good, sub
Htatl tin I up-to-date ones handled at
Macdonuld'a drug store.
UMiiafaotnr-d for nil olHflfles uf  hnildmift
for suit- mi lawyer "mail gnHinltf«a
nt tl ■ I 'W»*m prt ■«.- for ra>h.
Ai, mini   ul ImildiuK m <1 pUiler i u
A Suffragette
lh" dome- ,,( the siifirntrettes are
now 'oming lo be regarded ss purely
psychological ph.'in,mens. Uno of thorn
Mini Kitty Marion, released from prison this week, told a story which in
ite way i- illuminating regarding hot
• i:   in oxperienco.
Her iir.it   ■ ■■   laid,   >,. •
ricade the dooi     ol tier cell by uicaLs
■A ft  plank,   the bed,   and the f**w  fur ■
nishinR'i ol the apartment    She      d»-
'.-larod  she  would   refusi*  to   allow    iho
door  to be opened  until   'lin Goveti
men*,  rushed  tbo woman's onfrancbise-
ment. bill through  tho parliament
X'     length    thi     hinges wen   laltei
fi' in , he doi     '—. I       " ■;     I wai
• ■ . , |. ir, d
• bing     This     she rei voa
liut slm was lorcibly   Ires led
moved t,    inotho    • ■,■'!,!)
1 iviug  refused  food    ihe   raa  lor ion
fed        -I 0    I • ' .
■ '      ;.       . ."   fel,    in   ii   the    '  ■ ■■■:
..kn ■    murdei   lomo o ■■
in lie      .UUIM   of    iiei .1'
Mm,   ■    .      . ...:    ti       e'    Bro    tl     ' n-'
- .. ihe gnawi
.. er teeth unl
■ I md
HI. liM.li HliU.I
s..-   .. id ni 1 ;'":■•'■ 1 and
",■ , be   „■ .        tore ii
king il
■ kindle ,i I
-inasl.c■:      ' •'.•       ni.  gls-n,   nnd   witb 11
;.,u^.i        ...     ible, put  " ligbt '
0 'eil.,,'  lib ■   and    he flames  iho I   i
' ■    ■ iling    I tbo
dde 1   Mis    Marion, bin      ihe
,  , . . moke  ,',"1  ', •    nenl
hi   ie..., ;',i.ei"ij was being    ai
ried '.,-.    Dei     leet were wet,   o   I ■
imagined water hnd boon used  to   ,
linguii i, -1.,* fi,,-    So ' l," wn i I lien pii
Salvation Army Immigration
iliiiiinv.  lie,     1    lim!  6,000   younii
men mul women will reach ihese shores
during :li" coming yeai' from tho liri
. ,|.   I-1.-   .■ ne  tne  nin   inge  brought   In
lie Dominion by Colonel  Howell, heud
•1  'I,,  salvation „,;,,y immigration tin
pm unci,1 in  1 nniidn,  wl I    li
" ' e       "|    ll,'
"T^HE All-purpose  Flour, and
superior  for  every  purpose.
Highest  grade in the world.     Purity
bel guarantees success, or your
money back.
"More bread and better bread."
Cl'ii;.', Winnipeg, Muiilobt,
rpHlS Colliir Bag is tmlvremark-
I     obi; \ ilufl ot tiiis r<"'cc.
'  i-i mode In beautiful tan leather,
lin. d with silk, nud liohls 15 collars.
li.'.iM-rt'i po&t-paid, for$1,00, to
any a hires* in Canaua—except tho
V'ukun -Order by th j number—C57«
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Indue nl Diiiiuf'tit , Jewelry, oilvwvart«
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Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
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Dwellings,    Building Lots
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Also Business Property
First Street
HorseSlioeliiB & fimage Worka Specialty
THURSDAY, DEC. 9th, 1909, 7:30 p.m.
1 ?^ -
?  i* J \ eio,
li .-]','. 1 ' '
kl  sj, - rs*; -       ..".i.I;i -'  •  l      I
:   «   A^i «■ *yi* "
'■" '<*rarnjsrrn—
■ "1 I
Sli BrT*
■aoul„ary., cir^^r^^1^ v*0"
fr,*.   TraeeT C«"tr«
North of tbe C. P. R. Hotel, Revelstoke
Best Residential Site in City.   Buy a Good Home-Site
REVELSTOKE is coming to Ils Own.   Prosperity is Assured for Next
Watch the  increase in number of men employed at C.P R. Shops,
A. J. Bury, General Manager of C. P. R., has given definite assurance
and is backed up by Wm. Whyte. 2nd. Vice-President.
REVELSTOKE is fast becoming the Centre of an Important Fruit-Growing District.
REVELSTOKE   is  the   acknowledged   Centre   for   the   Lumbering
Industry of North-West Kootenay.
Investments in this Realty is better than a Savings Bank Account THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE li. C.
Come uml fee Ilio
First Parceligi'r Klevator in a retail
uiure between Winnipeg nnd the coast.
Saturday Dec. 4
Saturday   Dec. 4
" The Worries of the Season,' Let us lighten the strain on your purse (for everybody's
is too small at such a time). Hundreds of Fancy and inexpensive Novelties from all the mar-
kets of the world, conveniently arranged for inspection. The useful medium-priced article,
attractively packaged, seems to be the favorite gift.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Order*.
Telegraph Order?.
Send lhe children,
t'ome yourself.
Have  our   traveller
call for order!"
Choice Fancy Groceries for Christmas
Xmas Table Fruits and Dainties
Wc- have just placed in Block this week a Choice assortment of Xmas Fruits, comprising Lemon
Peel, Orange Peel and Citron Peel, New Raisins in Package?, Sultanas, Valencies, Loose Muskatele,
New"Currants in packages and hulk, Pulled Figs, Pressed Figs, Dates in packages and bulk, Shelled
Almonds, and Walnuts, new and the best quality, Layer Raisins in bulk, (an extra good quality) Almond Paste and Apple Cider.    Everything needed for your Xmas Cakes and Puddings.
Canned and Smoked Fish
Our Fish Department is now complete, Lobsters in >, lb. (ilass Jars, fclb. cans, j| lb. cans and 1 lb.
eens 1909 Rook Salt Herring in l barrels, Holland Herring in keg*, Salt Trout in kegs sold by the lb,
Codfish, new, in 2 lb. boxes, Digby Herring, smoked, in small boxes, Salt Mackerel in kegs, Kweedieh
stock fish, 10 different varieties nf Sardines, inducting smoked, mustard and in oil, canned Oysters,
Clatns, Kippered Herring, Bloater, Herring Tomato Sauce, Shrimps, wet and dry, Salmon, and everything that looks like fish.
Delicious Jams, Jellies and Pickles
A large import order of Crosse & Blackwell's goods just arrived. 100 cases of the newest and besi
stock including Olives in quarts, pints, and hall-pints; Anchovy Paste, Bloater Paste, Crab Paste, Lobster paste, Sardine paste, Potted Chicken, Potted Turkey, Russian Cavair, Patte de foie gras, Capers,
Curry powder; Mixed pickles in quarts and Pints, White Onions in quarts and pints. Pickled Walnuts
in quarts and pints, Chow Chow in quarts and pints, Girkins in quarts and pints; Orange Marmalade
in lib. and 21b. glass jars, and 41b. and 71b.cans. All kinds of .Tellies in lib. glass jars, and Jams in
Ub. glass jars, and 41b. and 71b. cans. Lucca oils in half-pints, pints and quarts: Vinegar iu qt. bottles
lintels, boarding houses and oamps would do well to get our prices on gallon pie fruits, a large
assortment of the best fruits packed this year—Pears, Peaches, Plums, Pumpkins, Apple?, Rhubarb,
Blueberries, and Corn on the cob.   The cheapest and best fruits for pies.
100 Teapots at 20c. Each
One Hundred Teapots ol the newest and latest design just arrived and will sell them on Monday
and Tuesday only at the small price of 20c. One hundred customers can be made happy with a new
Teapot. Come in early aud be sure you get one. Remember this price of 20c. each is for Monday and
Tuesday only.
Put up in separate
fancy boxes of neat
and attractive designs,
just right for mailing.
All colors.    Prices:—
75c $1.1.25. 1.50. $2
Suspender Sets
A most suitable gift
for a man; lhe best of
embroidered silk
suspenders in different
shades of blue, green,
brown and red, with
hose supports and armlets to match. In neat
fancy boxes ut
$1.25, and $2 per set
A splendid hoi-e put
up in fancy lmliduy
boxes that add holiday
attractiveness to the
worth of the goods. An
appreciated gift, only
Always   an   acceptable   Xnms   gift   for   a   man;   good, lorg, t''■(', Mi.tl-.   l.-atliei
backed, with sterling silver mounts.
Prices $1 to $3.00
r\NOK IN A YEAR, very, very near the
^ end of the twelve month, there coiur-s
a Certain Night. It is a night of Happy
Thoughts—or dear, pleasant memories. Little children go, all too soon, to bed, and the
kindly old Sandman delays his coining, for a
time at least, reluctant to interrupt their
childish hopes and fears. Grown-up folks
ll'ui' grown folks havo u strange babil of
silting up on such important nights! tip-toe
-'i-altliily ant creakily almut tin- house.
The little empty stocking hangs ut the
chimney piece—a dear llttlo, quaint little
stocking that is all too small to hold lhe
precious things the loving Saint will bring
before tho dawn will hre.-ik on Christ inns
morning. Perhaps Hip little stocking will
he a bit larger at each recurring t'liristnias-
llde, and hang alone. Or, in years to come,
other and Bl 111 tinier stockings may hear it
company; pot baps even there will come a
dreary lime whin ihe the place is bare,
whin longing eyes turn away ami the flick-
i-i ing light of the- fire i.- hard and cold. Hut
no mutter what the years bring or tako
away, the spirit of Friendship and Kindness
remains: At the end of the busy year, full
ol etfoit and struggle, comes lhi- season
when we forget the (rials and welcome the
opportunities—when wc count our friends
nntl find them many when we choose for
tin-in remembrances (noi hastily ami because
of theii cost, but because of the pleasure
ihey will bring) when wo realize to the full
that life is worlh living, because for once it.
i> unselfish, •
French Kid Gloves
When in doubtjlgive
Gloves,1! always welcome, and if you don't
get right size the first
time we are always
here to change them
for the receiver. Standard French Gloves in
fancy   holly   boxes  at
Bigger, brighter, jollier than ever—The Holiday
Toy Department (upstairs! sends its invitation to all
the Little Folks whose parents can bring them on a trip
to Santa Claus Land (Upstairs.)
The present style of Hair Dressing requisites is more
hair than any lady possesses. Tbe province of hair
goods is to dress your hair becomingly and to conform
with what is required with the new hats. Our Hair
Goods Department is showing new coiffures, switches
etc., in New Sanitary French Hair.
In  Fancy  Holly   Box.    A   pretty   gift   suitable   for   any-body's    Dressing   Table,
he Price is marked at   9*
Christmas Handkerchiefs for Men
What man has too'many of them and what man would uot be pleased> have
more? Linens, Exeeldas, aud Silks, a vast variety to pick from in plain colors
and fancy borders. We will box any Silk Handkerchief, or any three Linen
Handkerchiefs, in a neat fancy box, free of charge. Prices 20 cents to $1 each
I INKS HANDKERCHIEFS in fancv boxes, half do/.en to the box, best of Ir^h
linen   $1.60 to *3 per box
MEN'S INITIALED LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS, Irish linen, hem-stitched, six
to a box  Price *' '75
Hockey Boots for Men and Boys
Men's "Fisher Patent" Hockey Boots, black box calf, light and durable, $8.60 pair
Men's Mule skin hockey boots, black witb ta i facings and toe cap, ankle protected
•nd strap   Prioe 14.00
Boys' box calf hockey boots, "Fisher Patent" . Price $3 .(H)
Gift Umbrellas
The real thing for your gentleman Irieuds. Silk lop, wilh
heavy gonl handle. All weights
$5 to $850
Xmas Gloves for Men
A specialty with us for the Xmas trade—the
the best of Old Country and Domestic makes.
Fowne's silk-lined Mocha, dark and light lirown,
lho neatest and dressiest glove ou the marktl.
Our Special Fleece-lined Mocha, made by one
of our Best Canadian firms, light and dark shades.
Smokers' Sundries
Any man who smokes always appreciates somelbing in tils line for
PIPES—The best of Meerschaum
with amber mouth pieces in Ira igbt
and curved Bteras—from $3 to §7.50
of two pipes in a case made of Best
Briar, either straight or curve stem.
Prices—$« 00, 87.50 and $9.00.
POUCHES—Undressed Deer Skin
plain, at $2, silver mounted $2 50
Rubber Pouches, 75c.
CIGAR and Cigarette Holders in
anv style and shape. From 50c. to
CIGAR CASES in a large variety
of leather, all sizes. Prices $1 to $3.
Leather Suit Cases and Bags
A most acceptable gift for anv man; Suit Cases both linen and ieather|lined irom
12.50 to $11.00 each
Travelling Bags, bolh linen and leather lined, ranging in price from #'2.00 to $7..i0
Our Special Suit Case Offer
Made from Solid Sole Leather, steel frame, dark brown color, 24 inches long, lined
with Moire Silk and Ikted with sterling mounted Toilet Articles, including military brushes, shaving brush, etc ...        PRICE—$18 00
Some Choice Bargains in a Few Odd Lines
•riOc. Lithogragh Pillow Tops, for 26c.
75c. Tapestry Pillow Tops for 36c.
50c, Baby Bibs 26c,
$1.60 Child's Sleepers   *1.0<l
$1.50 Dress Goods
.'i.'ic. Wool Hose
$1.00 White Cot ijuilts
$6.50 Lace_.Waists
A Piece of Cut Glass—Papular Gift
The essense of lovli-
ness- rich, sparkling
Cut Glass. The piece
De Resistance with the
ladies, the always-desired gift. Cut Glass
Knife Rests, Bon-Bon
Dishes, Celery Dishes,
Vases, Water Bottle",
Salad Bowls, Fruit
Wine and Liquor Setts. THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Useful and Pleasing Christmas Gifts
Fanc\ Neckwear. Goli Coats, Lined and Unlined Kid
Gloves, Dressing Jackets, Dressing Gowns, Christmas
Umbrellas, a beautiful range of Silk Waists in assorted
colors, Fancy Net Waists, Silk Underskirts, Fancy Hose,
Fur Sett—Separate Stole, Separate Muff, Table Cover,
Table Linen and Napkins, Hand Bags. 'Xmas Handkerchiefs. Eiderdown Comforters. Children's Golf Coats,
Sweaters Windsor Ties, Tarns, Toques. Men's Xmas
Half Hose, Ninas Ties in Fancy Boxes Mocha Lined
Gloves, Suit Cases, etc.
Warm Winter Coats for Ladies and Children, Latest Styles.
Buy Your Xmas Hat   Now—while  you   have   an   opportunity  to   take  advantage   of the   greatly   reduced  prices.
Moving Pictures Friday and Satur -
day nighw.
An endeavor is beiug made to form
a Kocky Mountain  Kongern Corps
it Trail
On Fnda-, aud aoturdoy night there
wil) be a new programme ol first clfiat
-aoving picture*) put on at the Edison
Parlor Theatre. The Bubjeott will be
<ini_.ounc«d on th* programme* Friday
tj oming
A hockey meeting will be held on
Fridsy night at 7.80 in the Y M C,
A Ail those iatureit-i in the game
are earnestly r»-|ue.'t*d to ulteiid
Plans "nil I-0 djsouimxi for formiDR a
i»»gue, and election of officers
Thu meetiug ol the Board of Trade
Ltt had to b« postponed till Monday
night o^ing to many of the members
aapreftnzu; e *-isb to attend the »»)♦
of tbe Clearview addition to be held
at the Educe Parlor 'Ihestre tomorrow night
[« »kaung ««;• opened at the null
last night with a good attendance nf
skaters. The ice surface wan smooth
-ind le»el. The mauagemout will ensure the public pertect ice this wintor,
and now -.lint tii" -_'tt_iou hu» ooinmen-
-ed  the rnik   v.aii   be  ti popular resort,
As an evidence ui -.he interest taken
iu Reveletoke cricket, the lollowing incident, vouched for us authentic, wus
told at ihe "ricket club Smoker laat
night The uptain of the locul tuuin
F. Bourne waB at the barber Bhop
having iu- nnil cut, wheu the time
•sine for parting the huir ihe barber
i»kwl Mr Bourne "< entre Sir?" No."
-aid  Mr.   Bourne,     Middle mul log!"
Come and danoe with Our Boys" :u
'' ■    ;-'i ■■      Monday night.
Owing to the increasing demands of our BAKE
HOUSE PRODUCTS we have greatly improved the
quality of our goods by procuring one ol the beol
Bakers in the Province in the person ol Mr. Y.
Boyle, (late of Vaneouven nho makes a specialty ot
high class goods, aud iii order lo prov? our ttate-
ineuts we invite our friends to try Bonie ol our
Almond and Oucnaunt Cakes, Marguerites, Kisses,
Russian C«ke», German Tarts, Cream Putt's, Rolls,
etc., also am- Fanoy (innda to order, A TRIAL
Do You  Know::
that I have taken over the City Bakery
and can supply you with the Best
Bread and Cakes, as well   as   Groceries.
PnoNB su Car.    W.    KISLL       P.O. mix 21m
Grocer   ami  Baker
■MP«^—»——i—M M   ■■   ■ <WWP»WIW—i#^<l_<l^Hp
Ladies Fine Shoes
The Ames Holdeu shoei- are made for Comfort
and Service from speoially selected maleriuI by
competent, workmen. A complete slock always
011 hand iu Ladies and Children's sizes, nnd at
reasonable prices. A pair ot shoes make n sensible und appropriate Christmas gift.
MRS.   A.   Gc.   CRICK
First   Streot      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Christmas Toys
Now on View
Mountain Supply Company
General Merchant!*! e
»a»'s_»«_ir-_jr--?5HS*'»»iji__--.Ji: 1
Telephone ?-»8
business incus
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
I   Christmas     Globe—just   received—al
j Mew's Drug Storo.
Eatou Hui'lbtii   Sinus    stationery ui j   Seo our Block of dressing ease,;   etc.,
Bnwii' Drug Store beforo    you     purchase      Maoilonald'f
Vou run got any sized doll you wish  Uru8 Storo
all prioea at Macdonald's Drug Store. J   Tucker will K;VI, yolj roa, .,,,. j(	
Huylcr's Clioi-olates—frosh—   al Bows how to use Kodaks oud dims ho sells
llrug Store you. If,
The newest  in Christmas rords     111 j   Improve  tins llavor ol youi      minco
Macdonald's Drug Store, taunt, with a little apple elder,   from
, „       ■ ,    , ,;' W.  Bell's.
1 invite 1 oil  lo 'ill unu look al   tin-
line  line  ol koduks  und a.l kinds      nf      I'ruoinaii'f   I'lioto  Studio  open   until
supplies now   leudi   for you   to      bu,\   January Ist,     19111,   See    our special
for your Irieuds 'offor for ihi.< month onlv.
Our Coupon Gifts were so much appreciated
last year that we decided to greatly enlarge it this
season. Last year we confined it to Children's
Gifts, but this season we will make it interesting for
the "grown-ups." and instead of two gifts we are
offering five suitable to the larger people antl two
for the Children, or seven in all.
The arrangement will be the same as last year,
beginning THURSDAY, DEC. 9, with every
25 Cents worth purchased we will give a duplicate
coupon; deposit the stub in a sealed box in the
Store and keep the coupon. At 8 o'clock p. m. on
Dec. 31st the box will be opened and seven stubs
drawn out. The gifts will be distributed as follows to the first seven numbers drawn:
1. A Beautifully Worked Sofa Cushion
2. Gut Glass Jug
3. Mantle Clock, Cathedral Gong
4. 9-Inch Cut Glass Bowl
S>, 8-Inch Cut Glass Bowl
6. Doll's Folding Carriage
7. Moving Picture Machine, (7 Films).
Tliese are  now on exhibition at our Store and
will nil be given away to our Customers.
We will also give Coupons on all Bills paid this
Goods! I
Christmas Goods
Holiday Buying Should be
Done Now
■ lur nti - ■ -.npleti Wi
iir. ite- you to 'jur store where
yon may have an unlimited cup
ply oi Fancy Goods, Books eie.
from which to select gilts.
We art- always pleased to pm
aeide goods eelected early, aod
deliver them at any time,
Bews'Orug&Stationery Store
.'KX'i   BOTE   Bl
iin Fridaj and Saturday night thon-
will hr new programme nf moving pic-
tun ■
Excellent   skating  was  obtained   ilii*
weck  nn  the Columbiu  river below tin
wing dam j  when  a  large    t retell
good  ice    was  available.   Snow   h
over, has roughened th»« surface
mnde it vinupablo
Monilav nighi i- the night of the
great English comedy, "Our Boy*"
whieh ran for loflO consecative nights
in London, Don'l fail to >■<■,■ 'r. and
remember tii.- dance aftei
The  Sal ioual  I !lub  tiavi        ited   Sir
Wilfrid  I  i irie      - t*      .-■■   guenl    ai  n
banquet to be held ai  Toronto 01   "■■
"f January.
A*. Nelson, Justice Martin
ded J.  H. Carrigan    damages  againsi
thi   Consolidated Mining and Smelt ini.
<'o.   Carrigan waa a brakeman on  thi
electric train iu the Phoenix mine   ind
mot  with an accident in which bi
wan crushed     and afterwards  lin't    I
be amputiitod
\ deputation representing the ~
African  Veterans1   associate
premier  and  Frank   Oliver  and
an extension uf twu from  De«
ember ;il for Belling land ■■   the we
They pointed oul tf fori ed
.►•ll  at  am e it     ould        the ad* ant
age "f thi     md    pi 11 ■
jues< will probabh  be granted
Don't Wait! Come at Once!1
Cut Glass  Best in Town
Silverware, Sterling Silver
Purses !  l'urses '     Ladies'  Hand Bags !.'
Everything in the Jewelry Line.
Vi.  I.   :>.,_._
Mi -     1    '•!   R .- - ".   ■
morrow (Thursday) !!»■■
'■'.. >.
,    fl    ii-       ,f thi -     -
mill ' jht for Vai
B  (    i  .
-u"-' .
it--    ',!-.■    that   -'"il.  "',       lbs
liig irrig itii ■.   rap
idly, -
it,, . _,  ■ ' I li
', wn  f" 'Hi   ' "-   ,'   • mpauied
l>y hi., wife and 1160,  .-■■'■' du
bound fnr San Francisco.
The weekly    meeting   -if tha Bridge
Club waa held  I i .        ■■   the home
"f Mr. ,J T Telfer, Tbe mual time
was spent, over tbe carda foil wi
it dainty supprr. rbe prizes were won
by Miss White, a dainty lace doyley,
nnd Mr. I Ouy Barber, ■ loat.h.-r
mounted whisk,
To Correspondents
KOMI'; ma km; i ifout letteT on
tlm action of the local con lr actors in
r«-funiriif tbe power house contract in
received, but nn you have not enclosed
your name it is contrary to our rules
to publish »uch communications,
■X ^-MJJJ   :^^:T
Sii»l»   il
Christmas Gift Buying
Made Easy for the Ladies
A \isit to pur store will readily convice yon
ol this fact. We have this season the most
elaborate and varied stock of Men's and
Boys' wearing apparel ever shewn in Revelstoke. These goods have been carefully
selected from the best wholesale houses of
the Bast. The most appreciated present is
the Useful Present. Our goods all make
Useful Presents, and they appeal particularly
to tlie Ladies, We have something here
lor father, husband, brother, lover, or gentleman friend, and at   prices to suit all purses.
look over This List of Holiday Preseots for
Men and Boys.   Call and Examine Our Stock
v tn
J. Guy Barber
Artificial Carnations,    Mistletoe and
Holly ni Bow's Drug Store
1/ you baven't you better bavo your
photo ink,in ni Tucker's ytudlo,- and
gat in "ii In    pi" ml offer
Don't, forget  wo nr,'  headquarters ful
alldren'fl Toy Books, fanoy Ohrtitmai
ll Books   aii t.ho latest, ut Maodonald'i
___^:# Drag Storo
li g in  appi npi.""   in
i holiday gill   We h.i.    tbe I i '
■lii'-iit in .ill the Lit. -i -'\' ■,
md iliodi -     l'i   '     SS    In 11 2i,
Our Special Fanoy  Hdk Nei i,
i ui up in iimki holly i"
• iii '-.ily u, m.nl.     \ cboli i- line
for  th,-   dipssy    youiiK    man.
176c to 11 ii.
vv,- ar.-  eap6cfaUy   itrong in
Ine    Plain   Sill   and with
Initial 7.",'', i'. fl,
With fancy ulk bordei  . ■
Exceldahandkerchlf'nU f"i WJc
Pure  lii i'   liuen   • 'iii uii il,
I for tl.
i.ini'ii Ijanilken bn i■■ 16c fo Ift
Ml pu' up in fancy boxa
I' foltallll     and
splendid v.uui .
Mocha -ilk lined 101,76 in fi SO
Wi ol lined .nl to $2.60.
Kni,   lined  in   unlined  from
•■til li.'i in 12.60,
All tin- lieKt makes, put up in
fancy boxes, speolal for Xmas, a
mohi useful und appropriate gift
lor men und hoy.',. - 60c. to $2
l-'.inry     t'oinliiniilion     ScIh
Suspenders, AruiloU  nnd   flatters In all popular shades, put up
in holiday hoxos,   tjll t,, 12.60.
,i luigi aesortiueiil iu plain
.nul iui' y colors, pul up in in hi
1"... ■ Something nvwy man
i,"i"l i,    i'i Ices 25c, i" 12.60,
Always iu good tiinii-. Make
n handsome preseni We uarry
n splendid linn in up-to-daie
patli'in.-' Inuii $2..Vi to $0.60.
Ask in see om American
"Tw,, in One" Vehi, something
new and noliliy 06.60
Just the tiling for liuusewear.
Evei y man appreciates one of
these, Some real swell ones,
Prices $4.60 to $10.
iii-i'Kh yoni' Boy like „ gentle*
lllilli. Wl>     IlIlM-     llll-    gllOlll, III
nn oiinliiv piiui--. lit iiini mn
with one "f uur nubbj suits for
1 In iniiini". Mat-,, capa, bouts,
shoes, '.bill., stockings, suapon
dors, iiei.ktii•-. glovi", milts, etc,
Bverytblpg yotli boy needs
( inn- in nil,I see mil- sloek
Bradley lull fatbioucd inuffier
in- tight around thn nock, n
grual seller at 7iic.
I'buenix Mnlller in nil colors
at 76c.
Neckucuifs in fancy silks mill
poplins, a dainty gilt, $1 to $2.75
Full Dress Scarfs $2.50 tu $1173
Imported goods. Something
every man bhould hnve. Piu-es
$4,60 to $20.
When yuu lake yotli' Xuias
Imlidiiys you need a good suitcase
We have jusi what von want.
Prices $'^.u0 to $10.50.
Solid Leather Suitcase lluud
witb Moilu silk, and ilHt-d wiib
loilut articles, sterling Hllver
mountings.    Price $17.5(1.
McRae Mercantile Co. Ltd
The Home of Good Clothing


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