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The Mail Herald Dec 1, 1909

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" Empire " Typewrit er
Kor ease of operation and perfection
in retults produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price—WHI Cofh.
Interor Publihing Co.,     -    Agen Is
The Mail-Hepald
Visiting Cards
Make a Suitable Christmas Gift
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Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 15-No. 86
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$1000   worth of
A chance of a lifetime to get  your
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We have all kinds of High Class China, iu Wedge-
wood, Crown Derby, Coal port, Koyal Worcester,
Copelands and also a large assortment of Hand Painted
Lsmnges   China.      See  our '
Every piece marked in plain figures.
windows for a selection.
The whole comprisieg Teapots, Sugars
Creams, odd Cups and Saucers, odd Plates, Vases
Hon Ron dishes, Salads and many other small pieces
If you wish to make a selection wc will keep it for yoi
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A great Snap in Cutlery for this
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Tungsten Lamps
We have at last got the sole agency of a good
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the prices are right. We have them in 25, 40 and 60
candle power and the prices are $1.00, $1.25
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liglit bill.
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
6 Tinsmlthing Plumbing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches ur A^enis ut all prlnolpal points in Oanada.
AgeniH in Great Britain and United Suites—London, England,
Lloyds Bunk, Limited. Chicago—-First National Hank, Corn Kx-
rhanKO National Hank. Seattle—Sent tie National Bank, San Francisco—WeUs Pargo Nevada National Hunk. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Maundrell Meat Market
B. C.
$2.50 Per Year
Many a Royal Roast
tender, juicy, appetising, disappears
to re appeal' on the tables of housekeepers appreciative
of high giade meats kept in ssero temperature and sanitary surroundings.    Our Lamb, Veal, Pork, Sausages,
etc., are carefully handled from our ice chests to tlie
consumers and protected on the way, We're '-friends
for care," hut meat sanitation adds to the health of the
consumer.   Attractive priees.
Crlffln'e Premier Hams and Baoon.
Armour's Star Hams and Baoon.
SMOKED FISH     Salmon, Halibut, Finnan Haddie Bloaters, Kipper
FRE8H FISH   8turgeon, Cod, Salmon, Halibut, Smelts, Crab
8AU8ACE8   Manitoba Farm, Pork, Bologna, Blood.
Head Cheese, Jellied Tongues.
Creen Bones Chopped for your Chlokens Bally.
Quick Delivery Guaranteed, Ulve Us i Wai,
The regular meeting of tbe city couu-
cil was held Friday night with Eayor
LUidmurk iu the chair, uud   Aldermen
Sawyer, Wells, Pradolini present.
No communicuiious were received.
A petition signed by u number of
rate payers wns rend requesting thai
a crossing be placed on the west side
of Campbell Ailenuc, across First St.,
as there is no crossing between Boyle
Avenue and Coiinaiight Avenue: across
First Street, being a distance of over
nliii feet. The petitioners requested
that the work be effected ihis year.
lhe mailer was referred to the rub-
lie Works  t'uniluiltee.
Cement Walk-.
Aid. Sawyer reportod ou h\> e.saiuin-
iiiion of the cement side walks uu
Frout alroet ninl on Ist and 'Jud sl.,
stutiny i luu he did nut consider thu
work very satisfactory iu many places,
.■rucking liming developed.
Aid. Pradolini corroborated ihis
sltilcineiit and asked who was responsible for the work, if il wus not Hie
engineer  in uhargoV
'the .Mayor pointed out that the engineer had passed the work aud usti-
I males sent in and asked the eoun il
what amount should be kept back
frum the eoiilrueturs till repairs vere
Aid.- Hell-: "Whal would oe me
eust of repairs?"
Aid. I'l-adolinl: About 830U."
Aid. Wells: i wuuld sny tlmt wc
huld back §500 on half 111? amouut ol
the estimate till the walks are fixed.'1
Moved by Aid. Sawyer, seconded by
Aid. Wells ihut F. Iv Sinclair, i'e
contractor, be paid the amount estimated for the side wulks, but £500 out
of the §1000 guarantee deposited to be
held back until lhe repairs were otloc-
ted to the satisfaction of the Public
Works Committee.—Curried.
Hevclsiuke Land Company.
I'he .Mayor reported ou the interview
that he uud Aid. Sawyer had hud
with the Hevelstoke Lund Company
regarding llie Humus to turu the creek
running through the city, stating that
if the council approved, they should
slum! the expense of the Hume, ubout
JOOO, including ubout ¥300 worth uf
lumber, aud also provide the suburbs
wilh water at lhe usual rutes, uud
construct a roud iu order that, access
be givou lhe city; mciinwliilc the creek
could be turned into the culverts running along -nd street.
The matter was left over till     next
Sewer Connections.
The  sewer   pipe     connection   assess -
inenl bylaw      was  then     taken up ami
llie  eily  clerk's  report  on   the      same
adopted.      According  tu  the eity   engineer's  figures  the  estimated  cost   lu
llie  properly   owners   wuuld   he:   l-'UUS
lin. feet uf  J-in, cement  pipe at  Hi els.
a foul amounting lo     §2079.08,     .unl
1:2008 Hn.  feel   ui   1-iu.  cement pipe in
pluce  including excavating  ami  rclill-
ing trouch ai  UUe. a    foot  amounting
tu §3809.10, ami nu bends (l inch) at
13c.  amounting     lo    525.80  the total
coat  being  §0,001.88,      The cost to the
eity uf  -'still feel   uf pipe anil 2869 feet '
uf pipe  in  place  including excavating
uud     200    bonds,  would  be §2694.02.
'lhe payment  fur the work would     bo
spread over a period of live years, the
whole  work  costing  §8599.60,  the rate
per  liucul   foot   fur      properly   owuers
being §11.1070, anil for lhe eily §0,901-1
ll   was moved  by  Aid.   Sawyer,  and
seconded by Aid: Pradolini, ihut     in
view of the fact     that  tlio connoction
uf cortain  properties     in   ihe conlral
section  of  lhe  sewers  uf   lhe eily      uf
Hevclsiuke benefit* the oily al largo it
is  deemed   inoquitablo   lu   assess      the
whole cost of the connections     upon
property owuers,   nml ihut  the    city
ut hirtfe bear a portion uf I lie expense
lu lhu extent  of §2,694.01,  und      lhat
payment uf ihe amount oxtood over S
years.- Carried,
Previous iu ihe discussion un general business at lhu opening uf theses*
■Ion, Mr. Mil. hell, i.f th,. I,,,,, .,f Mil,
• hell A- M. Kiljliin. uf Calgary, whu
have ieiiili-i-eil fur iho new power dam
...une.tiun, waited ou lhe eoun.'il and
said lhal in legal.I lu ihe lender
ihel'e hail boOU a blunder un Ilu- purl
uf lhe engineer whu figured un llie tender, and asked fur the engineer's report su   thul   I unlil  puinl  uut      lhe
engineer's mistake.
Tin- Mayur said  lhal  lhe mat ter waa
yet in  ihe bands     uf ihe Fire, Miner
and Light Committee who would meet
ui Monday.
The mei-iiiic  then adjourned,
donald ami Pradoliiii.
Power Plant Contract,
Regarding the dam contraot Aid,
Macdonald- said un behalf of the Fire
Water and Light and Power Committee, that their engineer, who wus tu
be there to discuss the contl'uct with
thorn, bud not arrived owing lu the
delayed train and consequently a report could not  be made.
A meeting was    arranged fur Tiles -
day evening tu award the coutract.
(Jas Producer.
Mr. .Marshall, uf the Canadian Con-
oral Klectrie I'u., was prosonl, iuul
spnke on the new' rectifier tubes for
the power house, slating the term uf
their agreement emihl he relied upon,
and that the tubes wuuld last nn nn
average 600 hours. The .Mayur made
particular notice of tin- carrying out
of the agrei'im-nt hy the Canadian
General liloctrie Company, uml impressed upon Mr. Marshall that
company shuuld liusl,.|i shipment
I'he    council    decided lo i
terms offered for lhe lubes.
The striking uf  tlio yeurly
was  then    taken     up,    il"'
rending out   tlio  figures uf  ll
ted receipts und expenditures.
'The total assessed value uf ihe city
now  §1,099,915.
Estimated    expenditure   for...
schools 817,5110
l-;.xtra for plans         100
epl    llll
Less (i,
Less taxes
v't Grant  	
on oulside prop'ty.
Worst Ever Known at Coast—C.
P.R. Blocked for Days
The beginning of this week auw tho
worst storm over known in thu history
of Vancouver. Raiu fell in sheetn. Tho
wind blew a gale. Widespread havoc
is the result. There hus been uo tele-
graphic communication witli PuLjet
Sound Points si nre Sunday, nil tele-
graph and   telephone  lilies  being down
Rivors   uud streams     rose   to high
lod mul vast areas of the Count
country are under    water.
The telegraph service between llovel-
istoke and Vancouver has boeu badl\
Railway trnttic is completely ul u
standstill. There nre slides ull the
way between Speucu's Bridge and
Vancouver, and it i> stated u mile of
truck along the Thompson river has
gone out. N'» irains havo urrivod
/rom the Const since Sunday, but it
is stated   lhe   truck  "ill  be sufficient 1\
cl cured this    afternoon i<
Kailway oJHuials stati
never known tratlie sn In
i/ed on tin- Pacific Divisi
l ru hi-
I hey have
illy demornl-
.u      of      the
which equals    9.5 mills
for school tax.
Interest und Sinking
which equals   11  mills <
Ceneral  rate to cover
the dollar
Fund  un
■n  the dollar,
the balance of
expenditure     6.5 mils    on  the dollar,
making a total of .'IM mills for the rate
for the current year.
The Mayor pointed out the city had
lost much revenue during the shutdown of the plan! in January and
June, although the receipts were much
the same us last year. In spite of
that considerable expenditure hud also
beeu made od permanent works, while
lhe ordinary general expenditure had
been less than lust year.
Moved by Aid Wells and seconded
by Aid. Mucdonuld. that the tux rule
for the current yeuc be 30 mills on thi
December 31st was the date fixed for
the taxes lo be puid on in order to
secure the usual discount.
Lund for Dam.
Letter from Harvey, McCarter and
Pinkhum, in regard to the city's building its new dam and works on the
property owned by an Italian named
Marino was vend, claiming that compensation  should be mude,  or that the
city should buy the ground  (HI acres)
The   Mayor said  ihul   there  was      a
standing  agreement  between   the   citj
and  this  man,     that   ttie former eould
use the land for any  purpose,  but    it
would be best    to     purchase thi' land.
The mutter  was  referred   to   the      citj
... |
solicitor. |
Engineer's Otlice.
The plans of an otlice build'ug foi' |
lhe engineer at the new dam woiks
wero discussed and a resolution pa-scd
to cull for tenders for tho structure (a
three-room ollice), tenders to be in bv
noon on Friday, Dec 3rd.
Sanction was given to lhe chairman
of Public Works to finish the sidewalk between 5th and Oth streets.
Aid. Stone,    as    chairman    "f the
Health und By-laws committee, reported on a cu.se of small pox discovered
on Saturday at   tho Union  Hotol. The
cuho had boon     removod to  the     pest
house   und   all   prei*aulions   taken,    the
room     whore    the patient was having
been fumigated.   The    man Iuul      bcou
several  drtyn,  bul  small  po\  >ynip-
ms did not show  till Saturday. The
oaio wa- pronounced by the city medial   Health   Officer  us  a   very mild  one,
and was being nursed by  .1.  Shardlow
The  accounts   were passed   and      lite
meeting adjourned.
Cariboo Stage Robbery
Inspector Mcllulh-u, of Victoria, and
Constable Fernie, uf Kamloops, who
have beeu investigating the recent
mail stago robbery in Cariboo believe
that in Clark, who is a brother of Mrs
Render, Iuto ol* the ISO-Mile house they
huve secured one of the culprits of
tin- hold-up.
A charge of perjury wus laid against
him, as ho swore thut he hud not beeu
nwny from the 158-Milo house for
three days, and the Crown secured a
witness who testified that only a few
hours before, at I., J. Crosiuu's at
the loJJ-Mile llouse, after the robbery,
Clark had eaten a meal. Chief Constable Burr is looking after all the
evidence in connection with lhe robbery.
Superintendent of Police llussey has
under consideration a plan whereby a
patrol constable will always accompany the mail stage botweeu Ashcroft
ami Barkerville. This constable will
also have charge of all prisouers
brought down the road to serve timo
in any of the different gaols.
Mrs. Keider, of the Mountain Uouse,
was also placed under arrest as
the police believe hor to be implicated
in the crime.
The police arc also in possession of
information which iucriminates othor
Occupants of the Mountain House ami
further arrests may In- effected at any
'lhe investigations prove that the
robbery was a carefully planned crime
ami wore it not for those clues which
the police wore able tu bring to light
at the M-eiie uf the hold-up great difficulty would be found in bringing the
robbers to justice.
No tracks could be discerned in the
police or  the   Indian  tracker-   ai      the
scene of the robbery ami it was evident that the robbers had covered
their feel with .-.acks or something
similar aud hud walked for some distance lo their hordes.
Nova Scotia Elections
High Class Groceries
We have an ever increasing sale for these
Choice Teas.
Have yuu ever tried Barrington 11.ill  steel   i tit ehaffless
Coffee.''      ll   nut   you   have missed a   splendid   Coffee,
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cans is excellent value   lor   large  consumers,   while  our
well known fresh roasted ground-as-you-want-it  Coffi-es
at from ;o to 50 cenls per lb. cannot be beaten tor flavor
and strength.
Carrs, Christies and McConnii.ks Biscuits
Ali tin- Best Kinds.    Frys,  Webbs. Robertsons    and     McCormicks    < hocolates.
Fresh fruits and Vegetables,   Special prices on these before winter sets in,
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Crockery    Glassware    Sherwin-Williams Paints, etc.
be afraid of
your shadow
make a. good
You can't cast a shadow in the dark, and you
can't stand the light unless you are dressed well.
We can dress you well let us coat you over
with one of oui Blue, Black, or Grey Beaver overcoats, lj will please you. We satisfy om custom-
eis. We say "customers" because when a man
once lets us clothe him he becomes a customer for
A dealing sale oi Boys' and Youths1 Overcoats
anu Pea Jackets, sizes from 22 to 35—$1.85 to So.75
Special Council Meeting
,f un
••ll V
X special meeting
• il wns beld mi M'
following pnrposos
1.   Tu strike  ilu- In*   iiiii'.
'..'      In aw ntil  lit,- iii-iv limn  ci,nl rail;
;i,   'l<i receive the report  nf tho Firo
Wat,'I-. Light mul Power t'niiiiniiloo mi
ilu- nbovn routraUl.
I      I"   pi-     1I1. ml
.Y-    * .I'lKTIll     Ijll-HH'
l'i."-,i,t.   Mayor   Undiaurk,  and VId,
I'inii'u Slvue,   Nollii, Kimberley, Mag •
'.M,~ In   of
ovor witnessed      in
1.   A,     IC, Miu-I,oiui,
wiih    oloeloil  In    5015
VV,  Mnrgosou,   Oon-
l.iiiii'iiliuru   Ijy-oloc •
Halifax,    Nm.
grealosl strugglon
Nuvn Si-iitiii,   Uol
majority ovoi- .1.
sorvntlvo,  in  Um
lion yesterday.
,1.  II.  Livings!   Liberal I'lindldali
in ('iiiiilicrliinil, alsQ ivnii 11 handsome
victory in a thi'so-coraerad light, d«'
fniiing T, S. ttogers, Consorviilivn
hy over 'iun majority-. A, Landry, ilu
Labor candldalo, lost his doposil.
Albert Parsons, Conservative, »■■<
oleotod by '-'" majority ovor IV. M
Christie In liana county, holding   tin
S0&I hi-lil liy ll"' Ind' (', S. Wil.i,,
loader "f lhi' opposition, Iii Vlotorii
county A. Bwchah, Llbornl, wm olm-l
local Option Vote
The Local Option vote has heei
eclipsed hy tho general oleetious.
Coast advices indicate that there
were more votes east foe local option
than against it, hut that thousands
of voters who voted for tlie candidates
cither did no I vote for local option or
dpoilcd   their   ballots,   in   either       case
ooounitting thomsolvos against heal
In Vancouver, which vfM thi' largest
poll, 0,890 voted for local option and
■t.tiOl against.
Advice, from Victoria state lhat ihe
actual   L'OSUltN   of   lhe   voting   for       and
ngainsl  local option throughout     tha
province will not he known till the
result uf I In- plchi-'iic 1 official IJ
compiled and reported In lhe logishl-
At UUVOIitoke llie voir \\u> l!83 foi
end   'J7H  against j   Iiiii   Mt   ImlhilH   wore
spoiled and alsu count against.
Al lUecilliwuot lhe vole was one foi
and six against; Camborne fi foi and
II ugn lust; OlanwllUam I for mid 5
against; Arrowhead, 0() for ami 38
ugalust, rejected li; Hall's Landingj l*
for (1 against; Comaplix U for, 7
against. Other tottU'nfl are nol jet
lilies Hospital Guild
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000      Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been completed undei   uliifjh tlie branches
of this bank aie able in Issue Hialis mi tin- principal points
in the lull,i<* 111$ countries:
l-'*i,i« [alsMf
It .-land
Fr 'ch Cochin-China   Java
Great Britain
I, ,-I..ii,I
Philllpine Islai
Sooth Africa
Straits Scltl
I ut key
West Indiea        m
and • l»ewh«rt>
ud by    ni'i'liimiiiioi!
tin- standing    nf   ilu
linllun   iih   lii-fnri',   niiin
unl nt 'In- government
whilo tin- opposition
Iiui.- Iiiiivinii
piii'tiei in ilu1
Ugh ilu- iii'i'f-nii
in strengthened,
in   ivillmul     a
Al  lho ln>i  ni'
Hospital Guild
ulootod into olllci
Hon.  Pros.- Mrs,
Pi-osidonl   Mrs.
liny- Mini'
toting ill il"'     I.ailii'
tin- following      «i'n
i, foi  ih" Homing year
W,    11.   Snlli.ila.nl
A.   II.   McClenoghun
«. .1.    -I.  Porter; aocre
S.  M.rait.i. Trensurei
I .'I \\ ii'ticr.
Hi" Lmlios  MoHpitnl Uuild Imvi
liilml in    Imiii   a     [irogrosiivn W'h
T'Mii'iiaiiii.'iii  in aid 'il ilu, Qoi.plIn!
'lucsduy Docembjl 'JSth.
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
jour Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies ltd., Agents | THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Zbc  n&aiUHxtalfc.
Jntertor puBUsblno Company
Subscription   Rates
It,cltiiin_( po-w^c to Keulaud, United States
and Canada.
By the year (through postofflccl
.   1.0U
Wuarlcr "  	
J jti   HINTlNii promptly executed at reason-
rEBMS—Cash. Subscription.! payable iu ad
" "advertising rates.
Unjsl notice- lu cents per line tti-»t Insertion,
ioenu per line each .ul«*nucnt Insertion
MeaaoiemenH Nonpariel 112 linen make one
inehl Store ami general business an
nouneemelit. **•» per inch per mouth.
Preterred posiliuna. io per cent, aa-
dim-..L llirthr. Mamagen and Doathn,
aoo. each Insertion.
Laud noUce. fl.® All adverlisenicnta
t io lhe approval ol the management.
Wanted and l_k)nden«ed AdvertUenieuU:—
i„-._. - Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted. Situations Vacant, roaohera
Wanted, Mechanic Wanted. 10 word., or
leaa !4c. each additional line lu centa,
i hanges In standing advertisements must
oe in D) 'J ... in. 1 UOSday mid I rliliiy ol
etch week to secure good display.
i lURKsPONDENCE Invited on matters of
public interest, CommunloaMons to bailor mu.t be sooompanled t>>; """"■"
writer, not oeooesiirtfy to nubiloatlou, imt
v evidence ot good faith. CorTOsponaonOI
«houid be oriel.
Kif-Jit [loomed  House on  Second  Street, close in   to
ueutre of Town, at $25 PER MONTH.
Six Roomed House on Fifth Street; nil modern except
fnrnnee; exceptionally warm fur winter,   at   $25  PER
Seven-Roomed House on Third Street; plumbing com-
plete, at $25 PER MONTH.
Five-Roomed House on leased land for sale at $200
Four-Roomed  House on  Fifty Foot Lot, for sile  at
it belongs, especially «li   ns we fear
i, t'ti'ti happens, faoti lhal     would
throw li^'lit    "ii     ih" true causes nre
h m bolter to save Iii" than havo to
compensate foi   it- dostrtiilloii.
.ri'lin Oliver writes;
"Kindly oblige iue by euuveyiug my
hourly thanks tu all those who accorded mn thoir support  in the elections
I just passed.
I   Although defeated 1 nm able ui leant
to look back with pleasure upon   thu
whole-hearted manner io which     niy
supporters    put  ilieii    time und iotju-
eu«> ut my service.
■    I     also     dcniri-  to   thank   nil  those
I throughout   the  province  who   fought
.for  the cantlidatos on what bus proved to lie the losing side.     Everywhere
j thoeo who had faith in  the policies oi
the Liboral party havo mado r olean,
haiil right; that tho result is, us it is,
is iu no way attributable to any lack
' of vigor or enthusiasm un thoir part.
_^ammmmmm^a^am^amaaam^^—  \   Again    convoying      my     heartiest
___^^^_^_i^^>^_^__iw^>mim__i______>__> I thanks  to  all  those who  workod   and
I voted for myself or for the policies of
ihould bo placed in u position to   so-  ti„, pnl.ty „|ii,h honored me bychoos-
euro its share of this businoss,     nml  u , llH, nH ],.,u|c.,f i ulu
mi" of th" first works thut should   be .tours truly,
pliiicd in hand is the completion     of JOHN  OLIVER.
il,,- noc-ossary roud ivorks to give,   in PREMIEI! MoBRlDE.
loii.iiiii.'iiun with ih" stoumor,     direct |    |  ull, deeply—very dooply grateful t
uroly th" awful lull "i death levied  communication     between      Kovelstoke  ,|„. | p|,, ,,[ British Columbia for tho
i__ii-iiii.ii. Hakk Bi-iloiho R«vbl- j bj  tho railways     could   bo materially  uud the Urand Trunk Pacilic Ruilway   rec-o(rtiitiun which lho governmenl  and
'sroKg, B.C. reduced; ,-i inlly  in  view   of  British  works tit Tote Jamie Uacho, whilo the  lnv „olil.y |ulV0    ,. ■n,.,l ,,, llle |H)||S.
Inan i .... ..... _. ■ .     - > . *      '
0 ricss
OffleeK BevSitoke, B C    Cranbrook, B, C,   |,-ailway stalistiiis.   There ol  irse the ]Canadian      Northorn     Kailway   works ^'iiorosull  did  mil  come wholly ns   a
\.  M.   1'ISKHAM
.   ,   ,,.,.,,., I public  inii'i'i-i      is      boltor  protected, 'will bo     Irom twenty     to forty  miles ' gurpriM (,„.  |  n-fls convinced from  ilm
Vrtniiiiouk ii. i'.      | he people aro  o loyal to     lhom    siill nearer Uovolstoke, indications  thul   tho Altoniey-tleiioriil
selvos, Their public men are alivo to Thou provision should bu made for and I met with all over tho country
their duty to lhe people they ro(>ro - completion of tho wagon roud between timing our lour that ii would bo
sent uud lhe protection whioh it is ,Revolstoke uud Arrowhead, und for'pretty nearly u clean sweep for tlu;
Iheir duty !•> provide, When will Can- eomplotion of ih" road between Kovol- Conservative policy in British Ooliim-
ndians,  and  more  particularly   British' 3ioko    and    Malakwa     through Eagle  bin.   Tho people of the province   huvo
Solicitor for-.— ».«__ __.__.«. arm    Columbians, attain s • sense of the!pnas i„ connect with the road     from'shown  unreservedly  thoir confidence in
Thk Canadian Bank OS OoMMBROE, ] ^ ^.^ .^^ ^.^ ^ ^ .
Solicitor, etc.
Thk Molsons Bank, Etc.
1,1 it I    Ml'
the public life of (lionl  Britniii?
there io ilie Okuiiugaii  \'-• 111,■ >■. the proposuls     to bring    iu the Cana-
\li. Taylor lias staled hu  lias ari-iiii- 'li,u'  Northern  railway  lino, and to ox-
!ged for placing in  lho estimates      the "'ml ,h'' Kotlie Hiver Vulloy railway's
U,,,,       .   _-,....,                                                                                                         ' necessary  granls     for     u  now  court- operations.
Ulll-.ttl s.uiin h || ||   i(     |    .,„,,.„    „ni| '    ?,       ,      i it •      '     Botw-con   now   und   llie   i, I    Ilu.
1                        hoiis" at   Revelsloke,  and  For opening im.iiii.ou  now   unu  un   _>essiou oi   uu
Provincial Laud Surveyoi',   public organization,,   Ihroiigl     Bri                 u lobilo road east ol   Itevol- Logislatuie, which il   is expected   will
Mining sun e_j i"    t-,8|, f„ bia deinandod thai  the civil   J|kr    ,,,,.,„„ t
'l Vullej   road  al   IJonuld.
Pi-ovision   nhoiild  ulso   be  iiitide    foi
lextousii t   ih"  Liiidniiirk   nail    ovei
to  iiiiiii"'!      wiih     lli,-   I.at,uui"  Crock
I trail ami thus give ii line lourisl route
.. : A', i   from   Itevelsluku   Ihruuicl
• li   -latuiai'i   "JU,   no   linn- will
Engineering I '                                                                      sink"    lo connect     with the Columbiu "I"'1
SdcKBNzm AVKMK. ,-"nir   ,l'" l""v""v '"' "•"""""l"":Vall,.i   mud  ai   IJonuld. lost  i ncli.ding   the liual  iigrbemeul
BuX llXS, KKVKLSTOKB: the 1    of lho    llntii^   civil service,      t>     j -,        |u,iilil ulsi    bo  made    for 1o ,,() sllbmiUwl <■" parliument,     con-
 ,"1" -'";" ,';• '";f"; !,r,u""...m ;.;,. ,/u," u, ,„i, „a,i over • «-^':^ :>"tl,e "■"- ihi" '
pxALUlN&sEVBLEIGIl, j.-mln.l, and solely  or the| mn.iagc   _ ,,„„.,„ „      ,„     „„. , ,,      ,-,,,
II                                                               I '" "'  "  noii.polilu-ul hoard, govern-                                                        . ruilwui     h-g slntioii     -will     have lirsl
* .    _,,  ,   . ,     . -, ■   ,      i    ii lltai    ami   1 iii^  give  a    iik:  l,,uii~l  null"
via HIT.-.'  1- . .-. I   li>    l-egllllltions   win. li   shall    "ii-ili"]   , ...... pluce   ill   ill"   sessional   nioinani _:,n,l
I    , , ,. ■        i    • • ,       l ,        ; i 'll I    ll'illl     li"\"!-l',k"    llirolli_.ll      somi'   ' '        ■
„...-..,   .,,„ i     I',   ('    the piibhcserviio boing ill thu hnnils of , , |„,      ,   ,s    w      |>n pnssed us expi'i
ViMufVKIi   ^s" It I- - I'L-i'iKi ,   "■ '■ ,,l   |,"  lini'sl   uiniiniaiii   ami  park seen                                                                 '
NA                                men ol   ability,   ipiuhlied  bj   "Minima -i                                           •,.,,,          ,      oust   as  puss be.
-    - ,       ,.,..                  ...        ' en-  in  In*  mul.    _\   nail   will  al-o      !»'
,,      ,,     ,    lion l"-l-   loi        ilie   ,hll"ii'iil   positions
Ml   oiiiii'iiniiatii'ii- nliiii-ss.il lo i om i-eiiiiirod      lo   col cl   Revo stoke   i
•U!,C: Revelstoke, will have p. >'">  ;"" ",.1 led  io  up,        pro    ^' ^ ^ 	
c. w. o w.
of  -"iii,".    This   is   iin
which   ih.-   publio  -an
Mountain Viow Camp, No. 229 service,   and   Ihu   ptlbli
Socoud .md  i-'oiirin  WedjietaajTsBi   lo  be  ihe     besi   and   nu.-i   e potenl   railway  | >
'      that  "an bo     goi  within  llie provinie   wuuld  be  lo i
m   Bhould   In- .1
,.«b; month, in SeUdrk Hull-   Visltin   wuo,
meu eoniiAU) inviled toattouJ.
JOHN CARliSON. Con. Oom. or dominion.
j  MclNTYKK, Clerk. ||m. )H|h|„,  jwv-m _,,,„,, ,  ,„. ,,
• . -., olat xeetiims ars held iu the Btiklrlj   ions  may  b
Ml ,4 „___--        ...,.-    ;:,mi [Ll CalKll1
I  length
onl"  sliol   lor
ai        in '
,st      Then .soniethi
In   IP'
pi-iu-tieal   >l. p
■mpplemonl      the
Dominion grain     im   the    Arrowheail
and   hooii'iiai   Ituilivuy   lo   secure    the
i   tin-     work,  und I
,    This may In- taken a-  lhe ,,„„ nee-
 in  hi   ilii-     goviTutiienl of a     very
siibstiuitiul ami progressive policy of
development   Iii   railwai   building.
I    Ami   I  n inn   speciully   to  lliaiik      the
Revelstoke some benelit   inun   lhe  ,• ,- ,'       ,
I onseivutive pro-- throughout llie province; nil th" speakers who have a--
-ish'il upon ihe pliitfui-iii during the
iust-entled i-aui[iiiign; the workers
whose iinrcmitlenl  indusiry ha- solar.
play-thing of party, as public servants  onth   completi i  lllis     work,  -i"-1 ' ._r,.u- ,.,,„,, il,U|,„|  ,,, success; ami luslly
RKVBL8T0KJB AEK1E No. 423       ,ln, [jaid  ,-,.,„„ thl. pub)u, ln!0gury> um|   the  developmenl     of   the   rich   minernl   ,  w.n|(  (o la.|(llow|e(Ige ,,, ,| ,,„,,,„
F. O.  E. 'are  therefore  lhe  servants  of  all  tux-   section  ol   the    l.nrdouu,  nnd  co t   |hl, ,.,h, j.-,, t     ami    inviilimble  -"ivi
.____. I payers,  whatevor  thoir  political  opin-   "I' lh" ' '""" N"-> "'•"l uilh thomuin
When   ,.   "iiw.'i,   goon   lo   u"<- '"'   ''"'  ■'    ''    ,f"   following   round
u public oflico  lo do businoss tho con-   ,h"  H''"'1'  '"     ,u   "  brunch  line  from
dition  of  tho public  service sl Iti  he   ,h" '"'""I  Trunk  I'acilic oi   I     X.    R,
such  thai   th" poorest  citizen  in      the  i,'s"'1"     ""'     Uomini tiveiniueiiI
no. is, * F. Jk A. M.     land can depend on receiving tho same   "'" prepared      to    n-sisi     t|„.     (irand
courtesy and uttontion us  the richest.    1|11"1,   '" extend   to   Kevelstoke      und
,.,      ./■.";? The regular moot ;       Allow   Lakes.
-s-%      • f  _. las}  are held in the I ,
Jj-<^>'\       -"*•   MArfONlfTEMl'1.1.:   II,,.,,  „   |ll|ld      legistn     oUice  ,-   rn
• I,.- A*       .-        ,   Oddfellows Hall, ou I llll-.  till   Sl nihil.>
I      '£■ \1 xf^     '•    ihe third M.mday iii , rpiircd  nt   Revelstoke,    lin-  public con
Vi' oBt     ,   jt each   in.'nih   at    B      With   the      new     year   the  nmni.-ij■ 11   ,, „ ■ „        1,111 11;
W   " S*T.      ).;SiDm. Vlsltlnabrsth-I.._ ,    _,       ,  ... . vonionce  should be  pushed   Forwurd   to
a.V     even     Tuesday;   oieuiua    at     •
?"   .     Vllitlol brethren Oordialb mvlK
OClovk.    '"-■<'-"'J    S^LJU.   1-BE8IDESI.
Kootonay LodBO.
0, A. 1'KIH IUN1KK, Skckktahv.
.IT eaeh   in"»uih    al    B      nun   ine      new     year   lhe  niiiniispal
nrfgl n.ni    Vi?itiui;brelh- .       , ,
7 -fl* «K3*i?   '•"   c"rdiaUy   wot ,uud    school     oleotions      UgUIU    "ome
tt ^"■-S^ZZL^ ""*"■ round.   The election ol school trustees
Ior tbe coming year "ill be more important  than "ior    The present school
SELKIKK LODGE 138, I.O.O.F.        huilfiiu^  '"»-' outgrown  their  useful
Meet,-every Thu„-  ,l0BE'    and the     now   year should see
■lay evening  In  Sel-  provision mail" for an addition to the
,.   -.  Hall at 8 o'clock        .,. ,       , ,
 FTUltlng brethren nre   public BCQOOl  and  a  new  high      school
coraially lartud to attend. building.     Ihoso     will invite qui
ALBtRT ABMAN. N.U.      JAS   MATHIK.SE, . . 0f pu|i,.y     whieh   He   think   ti."     il
_,"" '" [should       in-i-i       on       huvini
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
no. 2b,  Revelstoke, B. C.    ,-v     understood      when    the
dates wmi' before them for election.
MiSTi _.'i.BY IVIONESOAY, ;     , ,.
except rand Wodnesdu, As  regards   the  publi     ichool,      lhe
HmD^'.T ■   VolMk^'mUn   ii9SUl>  Wl"  lx'  whethcl    '      '
inn ' rtlallj  iiTite'j.      policy, which 1- approved b;   ,;
T P   HMrrB.i   i_. rst authorities, shall b.   idopleil
t3 B, BBOCKj t,   ol H^ic. whether there shall be >eparate
J.  B, SCOTT, .v. ,.f F.   , . -     ,
lor each end  m   ih"  city.    I he
- — ~--—    " * school questiou  will  m-	
Che HDaiUlbctalb MW buildin8
    maueni   site.
Then  the    problem  of tochni
■ ition should li- taken up.
In the event of its adoption  1 hi
-ont high   - ii"".  bui
useful for lhat pur]	
hool  population ol  Revelstoke,    ind
w-      >•**    ••■   '      '        '■■ 1 mil the   demands    for ample    iccon
»t. :. wa live 1 everything we   1     -.... equipment    I     1    •
U KJi.NK-ha ■    DEC   1   1908
n ,. tr;,   « thai be   •
"•   a It ini .„•■    Ou        , ■ •■ -     ;
peril)   mi   1     • . more to u
i:,nn ton .■
We should bear <
!_,     sl,.     .. ''I
iur botm lair |
v an , 1 -" ihun      end
if, .;.    1 ■_   ■ ■ •   • 1 l
■loll..i  our
. u   .
nd pu".
,   any    it   :, imi
ih,- uttermost, und nn assurance "ii
tained ihul il will be pro' ided al ull
evouts  wiili  Hi" new  provincial  build
1 li..-"  ivorl      .■■     cci     u     tu I ■ •   li
volop   " ■' md  nre  du       thi
it d -h-' 1; •      whi, h    bus  alreadt
contributed  in reven       t
amount   expend)
ither in 1] I ,.      time     lm«
■oi,,.   when Iti
-ii", m 1 it
that       -■■       ■  ■
: lh,   ■
i-mbi-r I
Forest fires
luring 1
unusu ■
vs i 1
■ ..
•   IS,
.        '■
AA1LWA1    VI I llll.VI -
'.   IJ    -illae   tl..' ■      ll   the   _"
...    t: - ■,'■';'   I-     ■ I   -
■< durul  "i   pi •■. 11.    il,   lool     top •
hold -trin^en' ind impiirtial inve-li
Rations into rsilw ,1 n, ridentj 11 ■
'...-    onsidei   thai     ■ ■   ■ ",., ii"
is wn]    1 ■   - "qj ^   brnkemei    ind    ,"
have ]"-l t lieii   liv ,1   the   I'
. ilii  d vi ■ ii lie fact i
palling,   -        lion     1   ike
well   ■    thi   railway comj
und employees ask whether tbh
death ,.unnot be reduced, if it   conn,
I,,  .luni'isttyi.
I - ■■     men  app".' led nvestii
these railway accident-    bould be
wuy      eif-rt     The    average com
and the ai. rni?"    jurymu     an-   "I
., .■■    ,   ibh   Ui plai' ih" ''.I'im" «
I I. ■ .
|,,.„,  I,
A, in t  11
11*0 laugbi
1 dungoruii    pliii-i
1 lire poinl ol
d, ii,.e,
■ ■ • . , ■ /hi  i
I ime,   will leqll
he 011,   ighl  ill  iho  1 11
f  the pro si
ni 1 uinmodul iun    I bul    1 1 In
ml of 11 ■     ,   1    po   ible
fl "III
In    llll     :      ■
'illll.,: 'I'
I he   pro' ill, , il   legi  lal ill c  it il
ll lh
111      iini'i "■ i'i,	
1" >■! ,'.'."    i, Ml 1
"ni  .   "i   the  ■ nliir  nl   -' Ifl     ",,"  quin
or ni 11,-ini/,   uiai'l  hi
• ■<I ..-.on. mul .<.-,.l-', ,,i
-Ii'iitl;,  and  il   would be .\>-li  ii      lho     inoo proven I
Ilu .1 I ol 'I lad" ti.'tii   liill)   mi,,  the n I he
tpiirctuonl ol the I,'." el luko l."lih_.
foi thi ■ oming yeai. and tibmil led ".
Lhe Hon. Mi. I a) loi, mombei foi 1 )"■
district, ,1 snhnduln of lho work which
houtd In- provlrlod foi In view ,»f
the grea! development which in aboul
io tako place in thn norllh il i iin
portanl  Ihul   I(• ■ ■>-.■ I itoke,  11    ll  11
, -,-[   11   Rghl
ing   Iii"     1        1 iled      nl    "".o.   .unl        ih"
umounl   ot 0  pen 0       itn u-retl   reached
lho     in,  ol      -l |,tl07 Is  nvponrtod      in
wae," and  I ,l„.i      Salaries   irn  nol in-
Thi  di U      |,ati,,ll".l    wn   08,130
I'ifl     '■'      iufui rn ii        ,' "i"   laid
 ninl  centre to t1"'   ue lnnil anil Iwoui,    ,.      nnvii-i blnini-rl
gotoway   of    tin     Volluwhciid    I'ossjjand lhi  gum ol WOO levied ill llnei
rendered during lhe cumpaign by mv
colleague, the ilon. Vi. -I. Bowser, Xo
leader could huve n more faithful and
energetic  lieiitenaiil   than   I   possess    in
lhu    \ttorney.l i nil.
Encouraged  ami   mpported  by      the
strongly  oxprc I   ''oiiliih.'iii'o  ,,i      iho
people, I hope lo so 'any forward tin-
iliair- of British Columbiu ns tu se-
■ui" tn th" province the fullosl and
ii-''  asiire of -iih-tantial progress   in,I   |irosperity.
Ott.-iwn,  i" • ,   S'ot    L'I).   Speaking of
I'remii r  M, Bi ide's  i i, tory   I!    I.,   hui-.
"Mr,   M, Bride's  mngnilicent
--■in-      lo have     been more
; .ind complete than either pnr-
'   ipat,       li     musi     have been
■    ' ■ lion  i" him Uml his
idminisl rai md  i-.li, y hnve roi-eiv-
in endorsement From
I liritish  Columbia.   I  had
much plea  iu  lending him 11   tele-
■ ttions."
a,  So-    _!6
.   ''I Undo,
■ns   from    the
position in  Ilu  In
lure "
1"   W    G    IIAir.iAIN
II II    M\
I ironto,  S'ov    >
H ■! j'
■ •   ■      ,.,. irtjl
.-.  .
■ I   llri.l.
lool. Dr. ,1. G. .Stewart, a veterinary
surgeon, of IB2 Simcoe street, had tha
wildest  tune of hi* life lim night.
Aboul ten o'olook at night a jninll
buy came to his house and snid to
him lii'il he H',15 wanted to so" n pick
horse at lhe Repository at Nelson and
Simcoe streets. He wont and things
When J got thnn- lo see Ilio nniuial
it was lietl to « hitching post, and
pawing iis front foot in the oir and
made desperate elforts to gel al mo.
1 kept away ami told tho others to
be oureful us the horse was mud. It
hnd phrenitii or inllninmation of the
brain nnd the only thing to do was
to kill it.
They gave tun a polo axe and I was
waiting for n good chance to givo tho
aiiimnl u good tap in lho righl place.
1 could get no one to got anywhere
ueur it aud so whon I did make a
swing at it tho horse, which was renr-
ing nil tho lime, moved its bead end
I struck it in tho wrong place,
11ml lu run for his Life,
The animal went to its knyes. IS lieu
ii got up again ii mado a furious
plunge, tore the tie posl out of the
ground and made for mo, 1 run ns
hunt us 1 could with the animal right
ut iny heels. I yelled Iu 11 young fellow who wus standing near to run for
his   life.
Upstairs 1 wont and the animal right
after mo. The watchman, who hud
wanlod to let tho animal go loose on
the streets when he found it wns mad,
had goi up ahead of mo ami when I
wont to go up to tile lii-vl slorey ho
hud the door locked against mo. I
lushed with the young fellow into 11
wash room and bunged  the door.
Thut horse followed us lo the door
and evidently iniulo up ils mind il was
going to got us. lt proceeded to
smash everything in sight, li couldn't
open th" door s,_, it tt-ietl lo broak
through, 11 .li,I lii'i'.ik 11 big hole
through ih" double Ilo..ring und gnawed posts  of hardwood!
Killed Animal ui  Las,.
Al   lust  it   moved a   little fr       lhe
door ami seeing my chance I inn .nu
Inn ill,- horse hoard me and turned
righl round ami cumo galloping down
lh.- stairs  nl   full  speotl  ufler mc,
I got out of tlie place itliend of ii
mul we slammed the door. After
pounding away fur a lime with it-
t'oei we opened the door. The beast
turned but bci-uuic tangled up some
lion and fell to ii- knees. Then I
sw uiig  the axe nnd killed  it,
1 dou't want nny moro experiences
like thai. Thul horse was bound to
kill ui" if ii cuuld. 1 hadn't 11 chance
i,1 use a rovolver on il us il- bead
was always in the air and llie best
way   was to try and a-" (he axe."
Banishment of foreign iI.il:- from
provincial parks ;ui«l othor mmi
liuuis where tourists unci Imlidny seek
era are wont  lo locate is a  regulation
which  will shortly !»■•  atloj I hy  th.
Ontario I lovernmenl.
Employment Wanted:
A Big, Healthy, Hearty, Happy,
Able-Boilied, Three-Pound Package
Golden West Washing Powder
Competent to Do All Kinds of Cleaning.
Washing Dishes a Specialty.
Neat, Pleasant, and of Good Character;
Can Refer to Everybody Who Knows Me.
Will Nut. "Sleep In," Chew Gum, or "Talk Hack."
Wages No Object:
1 Want a Place in Your Happy Home.
Meet Me at The Grocery Stoic.
P.BIBNS&CO..LTD.   Phone 21
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Knlnigeil uml lilipiuvoil,     Kirst-l lass in every ri'K| I.     All modern uoiiveiiietu.vM
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
'Corner Third 5-& Campbell Ave
■. Horse-Shoeing & farriageMrka Specialty
.•-.' *
All the little improvements
that go to make for goodness,
comfort and stylo are here—tho
Best Leather, the Finest Workmanship, and a last to fit most
,   .
'      1
Hl.lt   L'lil'.l 1
it, ,i,i,..
■1  i
■ a i
■ >l n'     on     ■■■ii  ipleu
! rl
'   iii r|u      nnd v [hi, ia I
i 1      |     .,M,.
I!     P     l.'lll'.LIS
A Mad Horse
lh,    1
i.i.,o.,i,. mil. ii,e foi
loivin .,    i,,,-,
'l "I  boi in  it hi, li  ■ iiiiiii
■ "t..   is n       killing  Inn, with il    '"t"
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie  Avenue
Meals 86 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Oash Prices Paio
F.    B.   WELLS.
Exporter of Piirn
The Vernon fire showed the need
§f our
The Lest sufe-guard iu iiliich you can Invest. Kvery hotel should
be littcd with these us a mutter of safety to occupants. livery house
should huve one on its roof.
Only 45c. a foot.   Sample on view here.
} Revelstoke, B. C.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
-    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohoa.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
4ft RN9
".A   ,   WATF.UPWOOr
*Y     OII/ED
'   WEAR WELL and
_jk*-~     soid mr stir
tVAttn ivmmitr
«rtn Canadun OmtCuimcCanToMm.Cu
Iir;»'-r-»-   -
1 J. «'J'- ,V .,' -<■'"   ' -'      ,
. ,-1 — ,**,'l__.'„ •  * ft   ..   '■        ■     "'
Make Your Home Beautiful
with ono of uur limidn- nu- parlor pets,
upholstered in hipl) mnde eilk, or
damask, with frames l luu nre in every
conceivable design, »ml Uinde to won r
null Hnilely. We have i.niny new and
I'Ciiiitiful parlor aets and itll pieces (or
beautifying the borne Unit are tasteful, etl'rctive and inexpensive, and wil
eliow your rooms to the liest advantage.
Import direct from country of origin.
BEVELSTOKE    1=1.  O.
I ■
Scotch  Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are hundreds of brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky."
Many of these are not genuine.
For your health's sake, confine your choice
to standard brands ; use a whisky of recognized
> Watson's Whisky is one of these; distilled
io the Highlands of Scotland—the district
acknowledged to be the best in the world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Whisky in Sherry wood, and,
after careful blending, it is bottled in our warehouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Every such bottle carries with it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
Insist     on
"THIEC STAR"—A miU. tkor.ujMy _n.tur._l St.Ick.
"NO. 10"-A lull.lioJI.il. nchlyll.v__.___l Scolck.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited • Dundee.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed anil Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods. Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $t a day.    Monthly rat«
iT.    A.XT3E1__RT     ST03STE      PBOI;.
School Trustees Convention
(Continued fi-'-m Inst issue)
11. .U VSNIM.'s .vlimiKBS
Mr. Horn.".. Mini' iug. •.!' Kevelstoke, i
Rritish Culiiiiil.il delegate to the.
Alberta Convention lust year, in a
happy in.'inn.T. began nn exceedingly
interesting address. Speaking of the
Alberts Board, he snid it wns their
year and yet without encouragement |
from the Alberta Government, " If
then- ivu-Vine time," h" suid "when I
felt, |ii'ond*'li:il our Government was1
in sympathy witb our cause, it was to
Hnd how little Alberta had gained and
Hie grett tiling oue Government bud
granted us- I wae sti uck among other
things with ihe numerous members
who were there. At Edmonton there
were oyer luO delegates. In Alberta
they have a school section in every i
five miles of the district, and in each
they huve three trustees, wbile here
there are only five trustees represent-j
ing us many as lilteen section-, so il is
not lack ol enthusiasm, but lhe difference in systems. I bud tho Idea that
we bad the greatest ndvuneeuipnt in
schools in British Columbia of any |
place iu the Dominion, and we have
advanced in comparison witb those in
the Bast, but we have got tn take our
hats off to the Alberta schools. I was
astounded to find such grand schools
and equipment and accommodation |
for tin- teachers in Edmonton In
one school there is what Is called the
teachers' parlor. Eaoh teacher has
a private room oil tbe school room;
they also have their own clunk room
and place of meeting—everything
perfect. We have gut tu get the
people educated to the fact that although education is somewhat expensive they are getting their money
ret ii rued to th"in tenfold. The entire
taxation Hi" average man pavs tu the
Stale is not us much us for music
lessons nl.me in a family where two
children are taking lessons.
Ill Alberta some uf the ablest men en
the Board are clergymen—in direct
contrast to uur Province they are not
allowed on the Board."
Mr Manning touched upon recreation rooms in  the  Kilinnn'on school
up in one room a party of girls, une
of the numhei playlug the piano nnd
tbe others dancing, while in another
room the hoys had all manner of
athletic appliances.
The discipline in the schools was
exceptionally good. Tbey also had a
cadet corps with uniforms and etpiip
ment. 11 ere also tbey hud manual
training for boys and domestic science
for gii-is.
Wm. Hope, architect, of Vancouver,
rend a paper on School Architecture.
On motion of Wm. Hope of Vancouver, and Trustee McGregor, of Salmon
Arm, tin- convention urged tbe government to insist upon medical examination of school children.
All address by Maxwell Smith on
sohool matters from a trustee's point
of view, cluse'J the afternoon's proceedings.
Ai toe evening session it, was resolved that step, he taken to render
the teaohlng profession more attractive to males, lhe government being
urged to off .-r inducements to male
teachers to lake the normal school
Inspector Stuart suggested that the
salaries of inspectors and other public
servants In the education department
should be increased,
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Shocking Accident
Detroit, Nov. 26.—Fivu people wore
drowned by 111«- oapBi/,ing of u launch,
on Luke Muskegon. The party wus
going to a wedding, when mi explo -
sion of gusoliue occurred and tho oc-
cu punts rushed ti> the stern of the
boat. The eruft upset and the five victims perished not q hundred yards
from shore.
Volcanic Devastation
Santa Cruz, TencriffO) Vov/25.—The
volcanic crruptions continued with increasing violence yesterday. The great
-tream of lava, flowing inward Santa
Cruz, is moving more rapidly and
threatens greal damage throughout
the valley <>f Santiago, where many
people have already suffered by des -
true tion of houses and laying waste of
lauds. Two streams of lava from
neighboring (Inters huve united at tho
base of the volcano and this stream is
proceeding 3600 feet in 'Jl hours.
Railway Wreck
Spokane, S'ov, SS.—The worst wreck
iu the history -.1 tli" Northern Pacific
ailway occurred at tniduighl lust
night.     X Ureal   s.nil,"in train,   us-
ng the opposition trucks because ol u
washout, dashed lull speed into a bol-
per engine. Aa d resull ol tli" impact
ihe boiler of the big mogul exploded,
nntl the pasaungor ears caught fire.
The pusscngers were rescued with dilli-
. uliy. The engineer and fireman "f
.lie Great Norihern I rain were killed
outright nii,l ih" engineer .mil firomau
i.f Hi" lighl "iiL-iii" were (.iiiiiii hurt,
Mu,i nl th" in.,,1 uuil buggugo rn,.
your money, is
the Fit-Reform
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It Sad Story
ChicagOj No\ 23.—A pathetic Iulo
•f unselfish devotion, even unto deuth
wan disclosed when the farts in eon*
•tion witli the suicide of Ueorge H.
l-eiijfitiiin. former truth'- managei <»f
i he Springfield Coal Company, eamo
to light.
Mr. Bonjumiu hud failed lo pay the
interest on maorgagea long pasl duo
»n his residence at Frankfurt, Ind.
lhe last day of grace had been reach*
I'd, There wns only one way in which
money might be raised to save his
wife and theii 'hildren from gunger
.■ml fold—all other mean-- having fail*
He carried foui insurance policies on
ii- life, aggregating 820,000, lie made
inquiries  from  a life Insurance export
n 1 <•;ir11 if the suicide clause In     lho
policies   would   make  llu-lii   void   if       Iir
killed himself    Ho was told the money would have to 1)0 paid, nnd he com
united suicide to «<•   in   bume
<i. S. Hill, C. V. R. engineer on the
(rows Nest road, writes the Herald:—
"I do know that ■'* «reat number
of llie members of the B, h, E. and
other labor organizations ure actively
opposing the McBrido railway policy,
which threatens disaster to this provinco und which totally disregards the
interests of the Kootenays. J and
ninny of my labor friends are Btrongly
opposed to a policy which will result
in booming Vancouver at tho expense
of tho interior."
The Columbian says: • The Canadian
Northern railway, a third transcontinental, to the coast within four yours;
the Similkameen and Boundary s,','*
tions of the provinco brought iulo
closer communication with the Coast
cities; the country to the south of tlio
Lower Fraser served with another railway; ami New Westminster advanced
to the status of tho lirst terminal
port of railway system whose ramifications cover the country that is British Columbia's' natural and profitable market and whose trallic connections extend to far oaBteru Canada
and American centres of trade and
commerce—such will In- the outcome of
tbe sweeping victory for the McBride
governmenl at the polls.
At   last   week's dinner of  the Liberal
Colonial   Club in   London,   Joe   Martin
let out In     pungent,    biting sentences
against      tho  Cauadiau   government's
naval   policy.   Ho ridiculed  what      lie
called the  'tin pot   navy,'   which could
be no      possible     help  to  Kngland in
| timo    of peril and     would only make
; Canada tho     laughing     stock of   tho
world, and serve to fill tho pockets ot
certain candidates with ill-gotten gains
ttt lho public   expense.    "Kor eighteen
years,/  ho said,  "we had  to lighl the
graft of the     Tory    party in Canada.
; Now      we      must   turn  round   on   our
[friends and tight il in the Liberal party."
Kamloops    Standard:—"Thai the Mc-
I Bride Railway 1'olicy is one of great
benefit   to  the country and one      that
; spells prosperity lo the loyal residents
of this province was evinced in nu
mean manner by the splendid success
of the Conservative parly.     The result
j was even beyond the dreams of the
most optimistic supporter of the guv-
ornmeut, ami bui plainly and conclusively shows lhat many of  tlie electors
1 throughout tho province. puL party
politics aside aud voted for a     policy
I thai assured a reign of prosperity   iu
! lhe country.*'
The S'ictoria Tune.- suggests lhat
j Premier ilcBridc follow tho example
sot by ."Sir Wilfrid Laurier, when Li.
' L. Borden was defeated, by arranging
for his election for Carlton by acclamation, Premier McBride resigning
Vale, and allowing John Oliver, leader of the Opposition, to be elected for
' thai  seal  by acclamation.
The Ashcroft Journal -ays:- " The
province .-poke with no uncertain
voice at the polls on Thursday lust
almost to a unit heartily endorsing
Premier .McBride and his railway poi
. icy. British Columbia from top to
'bottom, and east to west, has sel its
seal of approbation on a policy which
j provides for the lirsi real march of
progression in this province—brushing
aside the doubting Thomases and pessimists with their thin cobweb criticisms—and making room for a healthy
forward Ktride having for its goal ihe
opening up of all our natural re
sources in the timber, coal and mineral wealth and laying tho foundation
of homes and employment for three tc
hair millions of people."
Mr. Johu Oliver, leader of the Libo
rals, announces he has retired from
The Toronto Telegram says; "If
mistakes were majorities tho Ottawa
Opposition would have Sir Wilfrid
Laurier out of power before these lines
meet  the public eye.'1
Popo Pius has declared war on the
French governmenl over the school
question and separation of church and
Victoria Times: -"The result of the
elections held yesterday was surpris ■
ing, noi to say startliug. The most
sanguine Liberal in the province hardly expected, after summing up the situation in hia mind, to carr) a majority of the constituencies Neither did
he  anticipate  such   a   veritable      I rt rn I-
tdido. The sweeping victory, in our
opinion, mny be aacrlbod to four
primal causes: The thorough di ior •
gunUation of the Liberal party, the
change    of   leadership of the Liberal
purty just on tin- ovo of an oleotioi
the superb organization of lho Ct
servative party, nud the railway poi*
icy brought  down by   tho  Premier."
Victoria   Tost:—"In   all   the  elements
which justify the title, tho success of
tho McBride administration at the
polls yesterday was "a famous v
tory." The most, pronounced feature
wus itH thoroughness. At the com*
ineiieeinent of the campaign the Post
Venturis! to say that wilh a splendid
policy liu- Premier had to present lo
the constituencies the  result  would bo
to leave the leader of the Opposition
with "a oorporal's guard," but iho
predictions of the Post wore too  mo«
dost for tho corporal himself has gone
under, and even if he had survived,
(he return^ Indicate that his guard
would have consisted of the members
l"i AIIhiui oud Ksipninall. There aro
komv people,    und uniony them a (gw
timorous Conservatives, who any that
the victory is loo sweeping, and that
a more numerous opposition would
lune been conducive to the public interest. As an abstract proposition
there is something in thi- but, in view
of the importance of the policy on
which the election turned, it is impossible to have a too emphatic and
thorough endorsement.'1
Armstrong Advertiser: -A pCOgl'OS -
aiVO railway policy with a record of
good government behind it has swepi
the province, Premier McBride has received an overwhelming endorsement,
It iH not our policy lo crow or make
too great a noise ovor the magnili -
•ent victory, the railway policy was
left to the people and they havo decided; in exactly the same manner the
province to the east did. The defeat
Lof Mr. Oliver was not unexpected; pou*
ilbly a seat may yot be found for
him.   Tho Premier's majority is a huge
'lie. and may be considered too large
though with his past record there will
be uo danger whatever of his not doing his duty by tho province.
As for the result iu Okanagan it was
grand; what else could be expected V
The Hon. Price Bllison thoroughly de*
nerved il, il was coming to him; and
as for the vote in Armstrong it, was
greater than his committee counted
ovory doubtful vote wus for
Mr. Ellison, and it is gratifying that
this was the case. Wo had occasion to
cast a heavy vote for the man who
has nevor let an opportunity slip to
do his utmost for us.,
Duncan Marshall, editor of the Olds
Gazette and the uew minister of agriculture, replacing W. IL Finlay, of
Medicine* Hut, was re-elected Wodnoa-
day by over BOO majority over A. M.
Welch, Socialist.
The Vancouver correspondent of the
Free Press says:
"There is a rumor lo-niglit that
Premier McBride, being elected in two
places, will ask hia constituents of
Vale lu allow John Oliver, the leader
of the Liberals, to lake that seat.
Though Oliver announced today that
he has retired from politics fur good,
it is likely hu would readily agree to
sit in Vale. The Conservative leaders
here declure that Oliver fought a
square light, abstaining from personalities. Oliver is an experienced legislator too, and many Conservatives
Openly declare that tlio House would
be all the belter for his assistance.
Without Oliver the Opposition would
be a joke, and it would require hard
work in the House to prevent tho pio-
readings   approaching   the   ridiculous."
John Burns, the Social ist-Labor
President of the Local Government
Board, will replace Herbert tJladstnie
as secretary of state fur home uffai-'y,
Mr. \\. K Know le-, member fur
Moose Juw, has given notice that he
will move in ibe LLousu oi t!ominons
the following resolution:—"Thai in
the opinion of this House, i* is desirable that lho Ooverninen' should ai
iin early date take into serious consideration the necessity for the reJuc-
tiou of the lariiV unties of Canada,
jospociully with respeot to such articles
and i'iimmoditio as are the necessaries of the agricultural classes."
Before 1'arliauieni met the Western
Conservative members of parliament
were busily engaged in rebelling
against Mr. Borden in the columns of
the eastern press. When the Huii*e
opened and tho western M. P's reached Ottawa, it became evident tinu
their revolt was entirely confined to
the Liberal press, says the Indian
Head Videtto, and ihere was absolutely no question about their loyalty
to Mr. Borden and to tiie Conservative party. The lirst thing that the
party did on reassembling was lo hold
a caucus and the first thing that the
caucus did was to cheer Mr. Borden
to the echo, the shouts resounding in
tho corridors outside the room where
the guthcring wae held.
Medical Standard
Ihe movement in which British Co-
lumbi a nmmberh of the profession havo
borne a prominent part, to standardize ilu* professional qualifications an(]
registration of medical practitioners
throughout western Canada, it having
be*;n regarded as n griev ance in 1 he
past that graduates of a sister province upon moving oui Lo British Co
lumbia have been rcquiri*! to lake
virtually n secondary examination
prescribed bj   those with whom   lhoy
aspired to become competitors, in order to secure legal acceptance an prac
A conference wo. held at Banff in
September to ndvance this centralization schomOi and net ion I hernon do*
fotTod iu view of n suggestion that
lhe whole Dominion might be brought
into (he standardisation, as nuggested
I by the Bean of ih" Faculty in Mont
real, Dr. Iloddriek.
The promised conference on Dr. ttod
rick's proposals was held at Montreal
representative physicians from al
parts of Canada being in attendance
and Dr, Roddlclt elaborating his feder
nl bill for Dominion medical e\amina
tion  ami  registration, which lias      the
8Approval now of all the provinces, ami
It is promised that action will be (al
eu during ihe presort Bcnalon of th
Dominion parliament) Lo be implemei
d-d b\ coneiirronl legislation in th
province**, upon which Dominion rogh
nation will bi an accomplished fait i
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I34-1J8 Yoni.c Streel
Synopsis of Canadisn Homestead Regulations
I 4 M avsimtjie Dominion i.aint> within l\m
a\ Kailwar Holt ib iimiih Colombia, may
' be hn m ah leaded by any per.-uii who U the sole
1 head of a family, or any male o»er 11 years of
i a«e, to the extent of one- juarter MOttOO °' 1*W
1 acre.' more or !e?s.
j     Entry mu-l He made j»ersoually  at the local
j luud MSice for the district in which the lind it*
I .-utunte:    Kntry  by   i>roij;   may.   however, be
mnde   on   cerium   rondition*   oy   the   father,
mother, sou. dauKhter.  hrother nr lister of an
intend iur homesteader.
The homesteader i- re-juirwl to perioral the
conditions connected therewith under one of
the following plana i
li At least _-ix months' residence npoa aod
cultivation of the land in each year for throe
.1) If the father tor mother, if the father is
deceased) of tbe homesteader resides upon a
farm in the vicinity of the land entered for, the
re<iuiremenu u to residence may be satisfied
by such perxju residing with tne father or
'ii If the »ettler ha* hi* permanent residence
u[m>u farming lund owned by him in the ticin-
ity of hib bomenteRd. the requirements as to
residence may be Minified by residence upon
the mi id land-
Six mouths' notice in writing shoold be gi»en
to the CommikhioLier of Dominion Lands at
Ottawa of inteutink to apply for patent.
Coal. Coal mmii:K rights may be leased for
a period of tweut>-oiie year* at an annual
rental ..f; ll per Here. Not more than 1,M0
acres bhall be leaded to oue individual or
rompany. A royalty at the rate nf five eents
per ton fball beeollectod on the merchantable
coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
N H. 1'uanthorir.ed publication of this ad
vertiaeuiont will not be paid fur.
Manufactured for all cla^ea nf   bnildiugs
for pale ir- large or small quantities
ut the :owesL prices for cash.
Ml Mud* of iiuildlng aud^plusicring
ijl ''ertalteu. .
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Hume grown Iruit and ornamental
trees, grown on upland noil without irrigation in the only part of
the American continent not infested with the .Sun .lose acale—
Garden, Field and Flower Beedr—
Tented stock (rom the best growers in the world—Wire fencing
aud Galea—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Bee Supples, Cut (llowers,
Spraying materials, etc.—White
labor only.—New 157 page Cuts-
lugue iree
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery     -      South Vancouver
Union Hotel
I'mler New Miiuagement
Stewart Macdonald
Revelstoke IjiikI District.
Distiii-i of Weat Koutenav.
Tnke Notice thnt I, M. K.. LaWSOt},
of Hevelstoke, housekeeper, intend to
npply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at tho
south-east corner of I_.it 8,1168, and
marked "M. K LawsonVi North weat
Corner Pom"; tlience 40 chains aouth;
hence 40 chains west; tbenee 20 chains
north; theuce 21) chains east; thenre
30chains norih to line of Lot 8,068;
hence along said line to place of commencement.
Dated October I8th, 1909.
Nov. 17 tf.   MINNIE K. LAWSON.
RevelBtoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Roderick William
Lindsay, of Ferguson, H.C.,occupation
merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following
described land;
Commencing ill a post plantod on
east boundary line of Lot7806 about
40 chains north of south-east corner of
said lot, thence east 2D chainB, thence
north 20 chaius. thence west 20 chains,
theuce south 2u chains to point of
Dated Oct. Ith, 11109.
Agent for It. W. UaJHKf.
THE KAII.WAY  lll-:i.T.
[lomesteaders who desirm to cut and
remove timber   off   tlieir   homesteads
should apply if'i permit.- to the agi-nt
of dominion lands (or the district, ami
those who have not Umbei ou theii
homesteads and desire to cut on dominion land should apply to the same
official for permits.
Acting A-_:e_nt  Dominion Lands,
Nov.  13-4«ks. kamloops Agency.
Kevelstoke Land District.
Dislricl of West Kootenay,
Take notice that Waller P. Don fair,
of Winnipeg, Manitoba, occupation
printer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at n iwst planted at
the re-entrant soiith-we^t corner of
Lol 7070; theuce wesi Ul chains; tbenee
south 10 chains: thence east 40 chains;
thence north 10 ehains to the point of
cominencemenl. and containing 1»K)
acres, more or less.
Date Sept. 27th, I90H,
"The Ohocolatee with
the Whipped Or«am
Both    our      superbM       a1, I
Oanadisn  Olrl"  Chocolates  an
iarnoua  for  their   rich,   dslldous
'Whipped   dream   Centres."
Description won't desoribe
them. You must lute ihem fo'
All Foley's Cboeoletes pleat
he palate and are good fer jov
Ask for Foluy'-i wherever He*'
, andy is Kepi
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
jRevelstoke'l-wiud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Annie Louisa Cop-
Ian, of Cniontown, Pennsylvania, U,
S.A.. occupation married woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following descrihed land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner of Lot 71*6'';
theno south 20 chains; thence east 'J*
chains: thence south 20 chains; thence
east 10 I'ha'ins: thence notthw cbains;
theuce west 80 chain* to the point of
commencement and containing '200
acres more or less,
Date, September 27th, 1000.
Fm people IV'hp use milk. |t Is very
iiiipoiianl that Ihey should insist upon having a certilicate from a qualified
veterinarian that the cows which pro-
iliice it are free from TubereulopU and
all ulherdiwMM-e genus.
It in calculated that over 50 p.c. of
tbi. rows in B. I', arc more or lens effected with Tuberculosis, and a family
which is now in town lost one of th*jr
children through milk from a cow
affected with tuberculosis. But perhaps the worst leature of these germe
is tbat thev remain in tho human system for al leasl 1.1 years and then, under favorable circumstances, develop
disease and death.
Our cows are all certified to be free
(nun all disease. We sell clean milk
iu covered buttles. Special milk in
half pint bottles for bafyrs.
T. Lewis' City StniUry Dairy
During my absence in Chinadnring
thu next three or lonr months my
business as merchant and restaurant
keeper on McKenjio Avenue, in tbis
cily, will he managed hy Wah Ohung.
A. H.8INO.
ReveUtok* ". C, Not. Uth, 11HW. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Magnificent Oftices for Vancouver Corporation
Domini,,11 Stork and Uond Corporation of Vancouver, Ltd., installed in
new Winch building.
Vancouver's commercial progress is
aptly illustrated by the growth and
prosperity ol her financial institutions
Chai ges are being made on every
I . . ind offlce accommodation that
was more thnn adequate a year ago
.-:. is llsregarded as 1,,-ing InsuHic-
ient ',,, hand r the volume of business
transacted. Among those recently
Installed in new quarters is th,- Dominion Slock an,I Bond Corporation
,-i Vancouver, Ltd., whose premises
innk with the flnusi in Western
These new offices an- exceptionally
spacious ninl impress the visitor at
once with :, sense of architectural
substantiality ami munificence; the
high ceilings make lor an abundance
of light and nil: the Root's of polished
haulwood, the counters and interior
fittings ol massive quartered oak, and
the electric fixtures of polished brass
richly ib-sigiieil and carefully executed.
The location is most cent rai. being in
the recently completed Winch building directly next door to Vancouver's
new postoffice ,,n Hastings street.
The corporation carries on a large
general real estate, financial and
insurance business. They buy nml
sell really of all kind*, purchase agreements ,,!' sale, make loan.-, colled
rents, ami engage in company promotion. They have extensive connections in the old country. The offlce
stall' is composed of capable and
reliable men whose lie,rough knowledge of the intricate details of real
estate, financial ami insurancehusiuess
qualities them to serve clients advantageously and I lion Highly.
It is the purpose of the Dominion
Stock and Bond Corporation of Vancouver. Ltd., i" erect a modern ten
storey brick and stone ollice buil,ling
in a central location on Hastings
Btreet, nud arrangements are being
made to rush the work tn completion,
A lilllnbel ,»f representative business
an,I financial men are interested iu
this enterprise, which will add another
imposing structure to Vancouver's
rapidly growing li-l nf sky scraper.-.
Canada Takes to the Water
L'hti Coveruuiont oi the Dominion
has decided, says il„: '.lobe, __.nl»j.-,■ i
to lhu approvul ol parliament, l,>
give order, i"i lho construction <>i
thicc .tii--.'- ol thu lii'istol class, cos-
ling _fl,9UO,U00 • i ' . uud lour destroy
m.-. osting $400,000 each us a nucleus
uf L mada's naval Eorco, lho numbei
ol officers aad men repined for these
vessels will be  l,4ltt, und tho payroll
ind   ■. ' , tlJii -   « isi  aboul  $500,-
"""  a year.      lhe  t^tal  cost ol      lhe
sl   : 'i
NOTICE is hereby given that the
Municipal Council of the Cily of RuV
elstoke intends to undertake the construction of certain works ol local
improvements, viz.. the construction
of branch sewers lo the line of streel
and for constructing branch -ewers t<
connect ihe land-or real property and
buildings there,,n wilh main or coin
iiiiin sewers laid in or under the streets
and alleys upon whieh Ibe said I,in,I
or real proper! v fronts the said streets
and alleys in or urder which main
common sewers are now laid being as
In lane hetween Victoria Koad and
Kirs! sheet from I ioveriiiiienl sti,el
on Ihe wesi to lane between Campbell
and Boyle avenues on the east.
In lane hetween First and Second
streets from Charles street on the wesi
to lune between Campbell and Boyle
aveinii s on the east;
In lane between Second and Third
streets from Koolenay street nn the
west Io lane between Campbell and
Boyle avenues on the easl;
In lane between Campbell and Uovle
avenues from Victoria Koad on lhu
norlh to Third .street, on the soulh,
Ihence along north side of Third sireet.
to Connaiight avenues
\l,,ng Coniiaiigbl avenue from first
street on the north to City boundary
on the south, thence lo Columbia
Along Kirst street from lane between
McKenzie and Orton avenues to Con-
naught avenue;
In lane between McKenzie and Con-
naught a venues from Victoria road on
ibe   norih io t'ity   boundary   ou the
soul li:
Iii Inn,- between McKenzie ami
Orton avenues from Victoria road on
Ibe north to City boundary ,,n the
In lane between Kirst and Second
sti I, Block9(1;
In lane between Second and Third
streets, Block 1)7:
In lam- between
streets, Block UK:
In lane between
streets, Block Oil;
Along fourth street from lane between McKenzie and Orton avenues
on Ihe easl lo llonnaiigbt Avenue
on I In- wesi:
In lane between I'il'lh and Sixth
streets butween Orton avenue ,,n  the
easl  ami lhe   lane   belvveell    McKen/.ie
and tli ton avenues on tbe west:
In lane between fourth and fifth
streets belweeii McArlhur avenue on
lhe n-ast and lhe lune bel ween Mc
Kenzie and Ol-tou avenues ou the
lu lune bel ween Third and Kuiutli
streets belweeu McArlhur avenue on
the east, and the lane between McKenzie and (Irt.on avenues on the west:
In lane between Kirst and Second
streets between Block 20 on the easi
und lhe lane between McKenzie and
Orion avenues on the west;
In lane between Victoria   Road  and
irst street between Orton  avenue on
More bread m-x rnmx
 And the Reason for it
ml Rdiflv bread
Third  and   Kourth
Third ami  Kourth
estimated at 2,000,000  the east and lam- between McKenzie
n )ear. I ins will include lhe main -
tenance of efficient dockyards ai Ituli-
lax and Esquimalt, which will bo available tor ihe large ships ot the
Koyal -Navy,
The Bristol* aro tho most recent
'ype ut Bcout adopted by iho Admiralty, lney displace l.MMJ tons, ami
nave a. speci ot 25 knois uu hour, ',,
pruviue wnicn turbine engines develop
22,000 i.or__*pciwer. luey aro urine I
witn two aijc-uicu auu ten four-inch
quick-firers, as well us smaller weapons.
loo destroyerb aro small and vory
speedy crali, inieuue*! to war aguui_.i
lorpvao ooais. luey also carry tor-
t*^c^s, to u« used :i opportunity sei-
ws in auac&iny    ugei  .iun.
Ui i-.vliU -,»„,,„'• to tne Bnstols,
■jdriiiaDy nas uui eight ai ma present
lime, wiide bntdin nan 21 ot Jo-knots
■pueo. iu addition to scouting, ihe.-e
•up. wcuid 0» Ojuial in lune- oi uur
ior Uis protection oi ocean trade
Auiumuuiie Fatality
Oakl&odj Nov. j.. J ive people were
killed viLtQ au auto, jeturiu^^ with i
party '..um a I r___.mft____biWL^ dmue.,
orotbtd iiaU, a trolie) ai, the dm-
chiM *_iS *._.;..-i forty feet, two
era, wno were lerioiuly injur**!, u -
OOt eApc-'K-.; to Uw lot ii "■
ma tiefr-i eua injured to I be •'„> wae
Ul a SoUuiOO ■-*■- ■••--' ■•&'-" Ol I;" ti :
•*t)r..- Nho . -.,-
Milk Famine in Manitoba
Llraii lou, '-l
.,.'• i lilk hen
._.-.».■: I)
.. ibis  : near thi
ply   requ..        . Ian
i,.S    ■    ■■    ■ ',, 'bilge,
dong  on  a uiilkli Iii ',    •'   i«rio
:   :.,;     nihil '.    ,j-i --i.m,,:
through   ■'   ■ - ui.
und Orion avenues on Ihe west;
Aloug Hobson street between Kirst
and Thud streets.
In Block 21, belweeii Coiinaiighl
and McKenzie avenues:
lu Block 1(1, between Coimuught and
McKenzie avenues;
The expense or cost of said works is
to be assessed upon tin- lands or real
properly fronting or abutting on the
streets, lanes and alleys aforementioned and to be benefited thereby,
Baid works to be- carried out according
to specifications and estimates prepared by the City Kngineer under the
provisions of Local Improvement
Branch Sewers By-law No. 11,1, 1900.
A statement showing the land or
real property liable to pav tin- assess-
ment therefor and the names of the
owners thereof -o fat as can be ascertained together with the specifications
and estimates of the Ciiy Engineer
.md the proposed assessment and report thereon uf the City Clerk are now
on file in the offlce of 'he lily Clerk
and open I'm inspection during offlce
The estimated cosl   of the work is
88,609.50, ot which il i-  intende
the city at  large  shall  beal   SI2.5W.82
and the property owners,,f $6,004 -vv.
Aoy objection t,- the proposed
dertaking    and   assessment   therefoi
shah b ■ in.ui-- by pel Ition :,•  I ',>■ I
Count il >   thin lifteei    lav -  from  the
date ,,f tlie  iii ,i   pui li, ation
notice, the persons entitled to petition
being the owners , >t the laud- theieb;
Dated in,- 28th day ,,( Nov.. 1009.
•       i lerk
Date ol in-: publical ion 1st, dav if
li.c  1806 Dec. I It
Students Riot
;.,,:,,).,,;,   Nov.    .'I    Despatches
- j,        might  i i;     hal  Lhe medii
• ■    ,,, ■•■!   igaii     i       ,1'  the ■
» ,i   aftei     iiuashing   windov
.,i      . :.i. ■■ p ds<s(      by   lin:   puli
W   ■  i •  Bo ..■ ■  the   illeg?d  mnsmei i
.....   ,. iin  ■, •• ob •   t ■ : theii   bo ';,
,,\ ,  le vv ; king ■ ',  i pile driver .
he    (tetania    Klvel   I umliei   <'.- .
Shuswap I, ik.    .   yuiing   K>
lishman, ii,mie,I   l-f. Tauslu)    had
iMll,|  I |,1 -ll'd   I,    plllp Until I   lb"'   In-1
Weight A. ||   .Ies,■end,-,I Oil '" tllepilc
TENDERS   Will    be    lecei-.ed    .1,1    I he
oHii, ol ihe i ity Clerk, when- plans
and specifications can he seen, fm un
nfflce building at the I'owei lions,-
Tenders to be in bv i i un Dec, •'.
The lowe-l   ,,l  .HIV   I i liili-»  ,. ,'     Her,
, • dv accented,
Bin i I! A. Law -un,
Cil v  I'leik.
KeVflHlukc, B.i ■■ Nuv. !*>Hi,  l!l""-
lice     |   111
A STRONG FI.OT'R can nn:..-
be made from strong vv heal.
Manitoba hard wheat is acknowledged the strongest in the world—
and that is the kind used for
Purity Flour.
But that's not all. Every grain
of this wheat contains both high-
grade and low-grade i ropertics.
In separating the high-grade parts
from the low-grude the Western
Cnuiula Flour Mills put the hard
wheat through a process bo exacting
that not a single low-grade part
has the remotest chance of getting
in with the high-grade.
of course this special process is
mote expensive lo operate but it
means a lot to Purity flour users—
Unit's why we use it.
Il means that Purity Flour is
made entirely of the highest-grade
flour parts of the strongest wheat
in the world.
It means a high-class, strong flour
and therefore yields "more bread
aud better bread."
Purity may cor.t a little more
than some ('ours, but results prove
it the cheapest and most economical after all.
Western Canada
Ollice, Winnipeg, Man.
rich, Brandon
\ m RENT
Small  I louse in Suitable
$15.00   PER   MONTH
Residences,   Building   Lots
and   Acreage
Money to Loan
Indus*, iai   Stocks
For Sale
First Street
AI! Ilu V UK All,   li.c.
Special Attention given  to  commercial i Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
men   and   tourists.    First-class  sample'!        Pipe and  Furnace Work
rooms. Finest scenery iu Uritish Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelatoke
lie pairs of nil  kinds  neatly  carried  oil
bicycle and (lun work a specialty
Kst iin ales given on any class
of work.
Front     Street.
V&.iv'"";'" AmesHolden Shoes
for men who work—
for men who are much
on their feet—for artisans,    farmers,    fruit
growers - all those live
an oii.d: or life—these
shoes are particularly
well suited.   They are
made strong', serviceable, practically impervious to the weather,
well sewn throughout.
They are built to definite standard, for every boot must pass the most critical
n be;i re le dng Ike factory.   We have put a
e of ex. orience into the making of these s!:oes.
They are t! e most, perfectly dependable slice on sale in
this Province to-day.
P.S.—You cannot get mere out of a boot than the
maker has put into il, and thai is why wc are emphatic
upon this point— the quality of the Ames-Holden Shoes—
wc know what we have put into I hem.
THURSDAY, DEC. 9th, 1909, 7:30 p.m.
iif' ffoch lo
 —u  „ "-, ~~SZIT7F tVai/    -fOOO fr r*r*m   Tratft Centre
...  _,/>  C P Railway     "'J*' °r ""/    ^
Crntrf     «
,      C P   Hmlkrny    Thtk
North of the C. P. R. Hotel, Revelstoke
Best I e   dential Site in City.   Buy a Good Home-Site
REVELSTOKE is coming to Its  Own.
Prosperity is Assured for Next
Watch the  increase in number of men employed at C.P.R. Shops.
P R., has given definite assurance
A. J. Bury, General Manag r o
and is backed up by w
Whyte, 2nd. Vice President,
REVELSTOKE is fast becoming the Centre of an Important Fruit-Growing District.
REVELSTOKE   is   tho   acknowledged   Centre   for    the   Lumbering
Industry of North-West Kootenay.
Investments in this Realty is better than a Savings Bank Account THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Shop Early—the regular
Christmas rush will soon be
Only three short weekB till
So much to do and Ruch
little time to do it.
Saturday Nov. 27
Saturday Nov. 27
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding towns and settlements.
Our aim is to place before the purchasing public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Order.'.
Telegraph Orders.
Send the children to the
Come to the store yourself.
Have our city traveller call
at your home lor orders.
Steam up! All aboard for Christmas. Christmas the Glad Season, the Gift Time, only a short
Four Weeks away. Are you with us. Multitudes of Timely Donation Articles in all the Departments attractively put in special Holiday packages, Fancy Cartons, and Holly Boxes, that add
Holiday Attractiveness  to the every day worth of the goods.     Here are some good Bargains.
Appreciated Gifts
Albums $2 to $5
Waist Lengths $1 to 1(3
Skirt Length 3 00 to 10 00
Fancy Waists 2.00 to 10 00
Fancy Neckwear 25c. to $5
Boxed Ruching 25c. to $1
Belts 25c. lo $5
Belt Pins 25c. to $5
. Belt Buckles 25c. to $5
Lace Scarfs 50c. to $10
Wool Mufflers 50o. to $2.50
Stick Pins 50c. to 3.50
Collar Pins 50c. to $5
Duster Clucks 1.50 to 7.50
Fancy Barretts 50c. to $5
Table Linen fl to 25.00
Manicure  Sets  $1 to 7.50
Bootees,   Bibs
Toilet Sets
25c.  to $2
$1 to $10
Children's Sleighs
Baby Push Sleigh $2.50 to 12 50
Boys' Bob Sleighs 75c. to 5.00
Girls' High Sleigh $2 to 5.00
Swell body curved dash board,
extra well braced side rails,
handsomely upholstered in
velan, white enamelled with
gold transfers, a magnificent
baby   push cutter—<412.50
Silver Plated Ware
Several pieces of silver plated
flat ware, a line of samples.
We do not stock these regularly so will let tbem out at a
bargain, nicely boxed for gift
purposes,   each T5G.
getting these
Beauty Dolls
dressed for
Good Little
Children in
Dried Fruits
in Bulk and in Hygenic
Sealed pkgs., Fine New off
stock of Raisins and candied Peels. California
table Raisins in Fancy
Cartons       - 25c
Fresh Confection
G. B. Chocolatep, the high
grade, sweet meat, pure
confection, made and put
up in sanitary and modern factory. The new
Evangeline line in Fancy
Boxes at per Ub.   -    40c.
Canned Fruit
A welcome news item, this
Canned Fruit Bargain for
Monday    and    Tuesday,
Nov. 29 and 30, two  days
6 Tins Raspberries or
6 Tins Strawberries for
Choice Produce
Get our new price liet on
Hams, Bacons, Lard, Butter, Eggs, Cheese. The
price of these lines of pro-
. duce is up among the stars,
but we can still quote you
Saving Prices
Furs for Her
The royal gift, most seasonable
of all gifts and the most appreciative. New styles in Cushion  Muffs   and   Neck   Pieces.
Very elaborate sett of Jap,
Mink large Stole and Cushion
Muff, trimmed heads and tails
Sett    -      -       -    #25.00
Rich  Sett   lsobella   Fox, new
style, wide Throw,  Elaborated
with    head    and   tails,   sett
New Neck Pieces,  odd   Muffs,
at S4.00, 5.00, 10.00
The must appreciated gift. Specially boxed for the Holiday
trade in neat Scenic
and Holly boxes. The
new Cape Glove,
Fownes Famous English Gloves. Gauntlets,
etc. A Special Stand
ard   French  Glove  at
Sixty Lace and nett
Waists, Kcru, Paris,
White, Black. Butter
and Grey are the
colors, the sizes are
3-1. 36. 38. You will
concede them to be
worth at least $7.50
Pick yours at
Fancy Hose are not
despised by the Fair
Ones. Indeed, they
are   among   the elect
whon    it   comcc    to   a
present from Mama or
Sister. French Lisles
Embroidered Silk
Clocked Hose, Silk
Plaited Lace Hose, etc.
In Fancy Cartons 50c.
Vases, Jardinieres
The little house decorations—Vases
and .lardiniereE—have an innings
at this season. We prepared for
this season's demands, now you can
view the results in our China lie
partment. Beautiful china piece.
magnificent Delft ware, chic French
modes, dainty Japanese brie a brae.
Royal Crown Derby china, Limoges
china. Come, get acquainted with
Nothing makes a more acceptable offering than a pair of nice slippers, or shoes.
We have them in all sues for Men, Womqji, and Children.
Men's Felt Slippers of Jaeger pure wool, leather sole—Low cut ifl.75; High cut $2.
Women's Felt Juliettes, leather sole and heel, fur trimmed, brown, black, red and
plaids.   Prices $1.50, $1.76, and $2.25
Undressed   Leather Moccasin  Slippers, fur  trimmed, brown shades, prices ifl 75
and $2 25 for women's sizes; Men's without fur trimming ifl.75
Children's ten-inch top button boats are the newest thing on tbe market.     Brown
vici kid  with superior oak sole, McKay sewn, Hat brass buttons—$2.75
Same as above patent leather vamp and white kid upper, large black buttons, $2 75
Women's Colored Slippers for evening wear,'made from  heavy corded  poplin on
the new pump last.     They are litted with ankle straps to prevent slipping at the
heels.   Colors—wtite. blue, pink and gray, all sizeB.    Price per pair $3 50
Women's Patent Leather Dancing Pumps.    These are the correct evening slipper
for the present season.     All are fitted with the new ankle strap and are
the product of the celebrated J. A- T. Bell Co.   Either Cuban  or French
heels, with leather or silk bows.     Price per pair  $1.00
Gift Umbrellas
The real thing for your gentleman friends. Silk top, with
heavy gold handle. All weights
$5 to $850
Cocoa Mats
We have received a
shipment of these A 1
mats direct from the
factory, which lands
them at 20 per cents
less than ever before
in Revelstoke. By
using one at your door
they protect your carpet from the wet and
grit of the trallic from
outside.      liet  one at
75c. $1. $1.25
Bed Comforts
Why should you use a Maish
Laminated Cotton Down Bed Comfort V Because Maish Comforts give
warmth without weight. It enables
you to completely relax. You get
the full benefit of your rest. It
gives you a sense of of ease you cannot conceive of until you try it.
Try the Maish, and fully  appreciate its worth.    A choice  rango  of
coverings in silk, silkoleneand satin
any size from  Bassinette and  Crib
to extra large.   Start at $1.75
Carpet Sweepers
Buy a Carpet Sweeper for
Mother or wife. It combines all
the elements of nicety and practi-
bility        $3-60
The largest showing we have ever had ol these most useful Christmas gilts, has
just been  opened.
The new Knitted Muffler of Mercelda, fastens with a Dome fastener, neat and comfortable.    Colore white, black, brown, fawn, grey and red.    Price,       75c
Men's Folders:—Thirty-six inches long by sixteen wide, made of heavy corded
Bengaline silk, colors black, brown and   purple.    Price $3.00
Same as above of heavy brocaded bengaline at 3.50
Men's Full Dress Mufflers:—High standing collar, button front, made of black
silk with white silk lining.    Price .$8.00
A full range of padded mufflers in blacks, browns and polka dot* 75, 1 00, 1.50 2.00
Gloves in fancy boxes for gift purposes. Gloves of all kinds; uulined, silk-lined,
fleece-lined and fur-lined, kid gloves, mocha gloves, dog-skin gloves and
wool gloves.    Brown, tun and grey gloves.   They are all here and  prices
are rigbt
75c to"$3.00
A Piece of Cut Glass—A Popular Gift
The essense of lovli-
ness -rich, Bparkling
Cut Glass. The piece
De Resistance with the
ladies the always-desired gift. Cut Glass
Knife Rests, Bon-Bon
Dishes, Celery Dishe",
Vases, Water Bottles,
Salad Bowls, Fruit
Wine and Liquor Setts.
Gifts for Travelling Friends
A shipment ol new trunks and grips has
jUBt come to hand. From the Telescope
Grip to the Wardrobe Trunk, we havo
them all. Wo draw your special attention
to the fitted grip, leather lined, and Bilvtr
mounted toilet articles.     Price—18.00
A ie Gift for The Baby
A beautiful line of Silk Bibs, French
made, embroidered, and have a Raffel ol
Fine Silk Embroidery   at only—500<
Toys and Taney Goods
The Toy and Fancy Goods Department
■ —up stairB—will be opened next week.
Bring lhe Children to see the Toys, an
unusually large and varied assortment
this Season.
Do Your Shopping Early
Anything you may wish to select we will
lay aside for you till you wish to have It
sent home. We respectfully advise early
shopping,    --tucks are complete now. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE B. C.
Musical Recital
Ladies' and Misses' Coats
No better prices were ever offered in
this line. This Season's Model of
Winter Coat.
Ladies' and Men's Underwear
Natural Wool Vests Ladies' Si/.es selling at $1 each. Ladies' Combination
Suits at $2.50! Children's Fleece-lined
Underwear at 30c. per garment. A lull
range of si/.es in Misses' and Children's
Blankets and Comforters
Beautiful Eiderdown Comforters. Blankets made from the' Best Australian
Boot and Shoe Department
In the last few days we have opened up
16 easi-s of New Fall Lines.    See ou1'
Boys' School Bunts before buying'them
I   The     resignation     of   Mis* Stevens !
from   ilu'  teaching  -mli' of  tho      local : ^^^^^^
school board haw been accepted     and t    .\  [uvge ,mmi,er ,,,- ,,,.,,.,.,„, ,,f     ,|„.
Mini  Francis   Paget  has I n  appoint-   mU8i(,  pupiu  of   u;„s   |ln||    UBB i,|,„|
1 I" hor pluce. ...a   !!„. i,,,,,,,. „,'  jji-a.  X\.  M.  Uwr e,
i    the hrin ,,f on Saturday in hear ilu- recital giveu
by ih,- L-hildt'eu,   About  forty     young
illi-tl upon, iiixl each
I   <»ut   her   piece  "iih   ci'etlil ill!,'
kill.    Tli,. recital  commenced  wiih the
wttm\\\mttttt.mtm^Hmm^^ youuger childuen concluding uitli dilli-
Miss  l'oai-1   Itobinsqn, ol   tho Kuvel -  '   , , ■ ,     .       ,
cull      und      intricate  works  by   thosi
, moro  ud\ nn
Imi,,.rial _____■____■ i    i
1 .null- ill tiir entire pcrlonnanco und the
'""•ii , , i.ii i
l.unl       K,-M-Ut.,k, ^^^^^^^
ltnj-ing   Hr,,-.      and   Clould,   nml   utter      ^^^^^^^^
whom thin cily  i- aaniod, made     his j musicians  were
lirst  S| li  in  ih,' lb,us,- of Lords on |curric
tin- budget lust week.
liuiiited stenographer al  th"
Hunk,  vice  Miss  Buck  who  I
transferred  to Vancouver.
The  Hev.
pulpit  ,,f Si
evening,  pri
'.   'I uu-lull.   !•
I'"-'   I   f?»
nuiini-si r
ired    nl      ilu
.    II,-  place
\l.. ul,,, hus for
ernmenl ngenl and
., Kuinloops, i^ i,,
end nl il,,- present
ill I.,- taken by ti.
lhe pricu ui aUunpiug powder, la
lhe members oi the Chilliwack Viw-
mers'   Lust ilu tu  hus  been  reduced      t<
$o per   .:■.-•■.
The  iluuicipulit_j
■,.-.i ■ _   ' ■■. er   the   wale
Iran' lin
■ ■ fling   Lhom.
lrt> I und is entering upou an era i
prosperity whieh euu i>e attributed u
inoatiy directly <<■ the ^p>«.ihl; thrj
■ ti  inu insh people.
Ok- low.
i   riuuimerlund    \~
irrigation au'l
from  ih»- company
Mr. Uossei, barbel
town, nt- i ah'-n the Lim- new promises
aUjoiiun^ ilie Uneulu] liutel, aud i-i
now  carrying  uu  business   there.
Forty tnuu.-anil dollars of ilie puw-
er aetx-murt'a lor iue city oi iiovol-
istvii.t.' nave Oeeu tutieu up Oy ilium,
_>u.\o_u unU t.u.  ul   luruulu, at Ub^.
ine latest electrical discovery id that
uy ujj^kuuuu    ui    an electric current
UJfc3   LiiU'j
UlUUc   tu
luu cut rout  iii
vuo i
^u\ iuu_wi.-ui  ui_uiiii^  at
., Ui.u_.p
a. W ui uWxi
lu  au..  v.«
U1C 1
,,  in
Kj t     M. ■. v.'-.
u    i.
U.I, .,
' Ian.' t
Ol ft.
Owing to the increasing demands of our BAKU
HOUSE PRODUCTS wo liavo greatly improved I i.m
quality of uur goods by procuring one of the hi t
linkers in the Province in lhe perenn of Mr, V.
Boyle, (lute of Vaucouver) who makes a specialty ,,(
blub class goods, and i', urder tu pruvs our Male
ments we invite our fiiends to try rone ol our
Almond aud Cocoanut (lakes, Marguerites, Kisses,
Russian Cakes, German Tarts, Cream Puffs, It,,lis,
etc., also an.' Fauoy Goods to order, A TRIAL
parents expressed     thomselv
pleased wilh lhe way in  whieh      their
I.  Rochester occupied lhe  children    hud succeeded     in mustoriuy;
Johns church on Sunday   the   rudiments      of   music.   .Miss   Hall
citing on  tlie  Lord's Day has mude it     n     practice of holding
iUlianre movenieul,    lie    also address-   these  recitals  from   lime  to  time      in
•il   the  congregation  of   the   Methodist   order  to g;ivo  her  pupils  confidence in
luii'h   lhat   evening, themselves  when  playing in  public and
aUn thai the parents may themselves
judge what progress is being made.
The results on Saturday could not but
give entire satisfaction, lhe children
showing thai thoy have profited by
the excellent ground work and technique that is ilu- principle uf Miss
1 Mall's teaching. Refreshments wetu
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ii-civetl ;ii the tluse uf the performance
Mi-- Buck, who has for several the young penple duing the honors.
years been mi tin- stall' of the Imperial
liank here, lefi ,,ii SundttJ fof Van
eouver, lim iny been transferred lo the
Imporiul Hank at that cily. Miss (||| ttVlll|MM(J(„ m>Nl, d.,,.,,,1,,., s!h,
Buck, durim-     he.   residence here,   has   ||hi  1|M,|nU.|v  /„•     V(    ,   ,:nii   |Vlgm|o
m;ul"     M   l:"'-"    |,|l'l,,u   "' f'^udswho  wil| ff.vo lhri|. n ,(|  MllKquol.IK|0 Ban
u,il "»*  ,"■,  ",Vf,,l>- in the operu  house This event     is
liov. «     \\    Bishop, who .,  uavelbne   porbapa   tho  moyt   prtpulnr  of  nnv  B0.
°" Mltl" '"' lil"  V"   N1   V- A" "f Ca,,-!cial  gathering during the  winte. '
\ c
;. i
1,1  ,
... 11
l in
ui 11
,   il
nl   the   pi
il    HI'
K.   Fisher  uii
■i. i-\ -i,'in.
le Bal Masque
See Our Fashionable Furs
We con Suit your Taste and Purse
ill,.    Mcthodisi
uight.   II-   spnli
the i-ongri'gatiun     in  i; ig i,opud lh:ll  [hl> V1,MI. ,|„, y.><ivl„.
,'l""v1'    ""     s !">'  iu,l,- will l«,. uu even more signal sue-
iss   ih,in   (hal   of   IDOS,    _\  largo mmi-
ol ilu
1.   M.   (
rk, pointing oui   thai   thu Y,
ii   diiiniiii'
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
M.  C.   A.  has    ii  great   Held of
uess in  ihnl   it  can  reach part
people thai   the church cannot.
The Bridge Cluh  mot   for  iheir weet
ill    be
fancy costume
present.  and
that every dancer
^^^^^^^^^^^^ -tunic ii I hoped
thai ns many as ean will do so, as it
is the intention of \o.  I  Brigade     to
it  i- not   imperii11
11(1 I should come    in
ly tournament at the home of Mrs. II.
Cunningham Muni-- on Monday nighi.
Those playing were Mr. and Mrs. A.
IC Kincaid. Mr. and Mrs. Hayes, Mr.
and Mrs. W, M. Lnwrence, Mrs. J. B.
Kennedy, Mr. ami Mrs. T. Teller, Mill. ( nnningliam Morris. Miss White,
Mr. Crony tii  Mr.  Gigot,  Mr.    Harbor ,
popularize ihis lending annual event
in Revolstoko and make it ,ni object
of pride and pleasure  lo every oue.
Ticket- are on sale at all the drug
stores, cigar stores etc., oi from any
member of   \o.   I   Brigade.    Handsome
prizOS   will   bo     awarded        In      tho   best
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ costume and universal judging will
Mr. Maedouuld, Mr. Brown. The decide thi' winners. Good music, good
handsome  prizes      wore won  by      Miss |floot\   gorgeously   de-orated   hall,   bril
White, Doullon Jug; A. E. Kincaid,
Tobacco dar. A dainty supper
brought   a  pleasant  evening  to u close.
■ - ■ tut)       ji_j_).i.i.im.-!tiu''      t,v .*•-
ia**   tuei_uw.-     ■>   piieot   ov/.it   hhh.ua my
tO     UM   Ui_si.iuOUiU.-_i    UiUuti    LU    mui      0__)     .1
pOUi^'Ut IL ia    UUL    lUlUiUUUU   l-U  W UUt    UC
ur bUo coiuebseO to tuo pnesi. bo
■juage iii.iuiu oruered i\«v. rattier
'LravuMOt), n priest oi Uio Komun
Catnotic church, to pay $5U damages
to ilauuel Amuiuio ior telling hii
wife she was noi marriod al all, aud
shi .'.:• bel husband, whu theruupOu
iiiod Lhe priest. i
Speaking al L'oronto l'i Shearer]
advised the womeu to tight the double
-lauduiu betweon -nxe . ihi- was t"1'
A Man's World," aud be saw no
reason in discriminating between scarlet mun and scarlet women There
were ten scarlet men in the world fm
ever)   scarlet   woman   whu  hud   fallen,
.   ;  yet  l b< ■•■  mi u   ■■ mtertaiued  in
..Lr     best ol •■ ;     and  assoi i ited
with ii.tr  bes     am ■ •
TL" Minnesota  Federation ui  \Sum
i_-u's      Club    be     :" gun      a   tight  foi
'germleas  bread."    I'he  phra •■   ■
batUe-cty      in u     ampaigi   wliich al
ready ha    bi • ■        t •-',  bef  il"- citj
■ oun< U in St    l*au      ml     I bi i
pal bodies    J he tbwomet
■ ever f ball go ft
he ovet                         uuei      rapjw I
por.    I be>   have   mi ilii ■ itiu
,'    ... 't
rob«i by the    millions    on its
.   ■
[■■    v     .        t:. i   .
•b •
m 'invention
f -'■ .     .
- ..  • , i.       -1.   .     ■.
■ ■    -^l -  ■ ■     ■ '..    EU
ind  whili    I cranl
•i". ■ long  an<I •
broug]   thi ■ i   ■■
■-!_-- a
bOJ(   lk'   :      i"   ■--
■..   100(    ■
auccessuis to Kincaid 4 Anderson
HOUSE TO RENT on Third Street, I   Owing  to the     railway  trallic boin
near the  school.     Apply  to   II.  N   ,,,.iiu,v] ,  ,.    h    h     ,	
( iiiii'sn-r.
gagod  •  mil     wiih ilu- oitv conn
li.  l'icard  has     leased  Wall  I huug's|d]  „„   ,,_,.      |)()W(jl.  ,|((m
store on   trronl    street  and  will   op
a pool room  ihere
power (lam question
i ,'i - boon mablc to get liere coiim-
qttent t>   lu it   night's  meeting   of      I In
rruemau's Vltolo    Studio open   until
J anuat >   1st.,   1910.   >(''' oui      Spei inl
i lllot  [i.I   ihia moul ii "uiil    l     I;      Smj th.   hn I fi.u     ■
res of  land  adjoin iug  his  farm I hi
west ,-i,.i of the city to (J. i
Mel enuan  \   Co    annoi
w ill uh'ei   some exi ep
pi i/.'-   i, u   i Ueii    i 'Upon
A      peci i  '..
church   comtiiil Lei
le-' loi ;   - m   VVedne iduj     t '•  embi i
ai   5  p.m.
• .' U . ■ I    . _.        . -,     I.II
, ■' ',.■   ■ ip   tin
i he   Ue  ■
i a.., • i      -.     -»miik ii.
uouucil  lo  award   lhe    onti it  I   f«i   i   ■■
work  had tn !••■   ibandooed-
n    ■
.-• -.'i- iiinnn        ■ • ■ i.Tiioii   with
• hn  Mel .   ■ .
\)■       I!     l '
■ , ■
II. -
St. Peter's Church
The vestry of .St. Polur's church
aovo decided thnt efforts will be uiude
to iuaugurato a vigorous campaign
for the raising ,,f funds tor u new
church nexl year. Already a number
of substantial donations huvo been
promised locally, and with tho assistance of friends who have beeu interested in England, it is hoped that
sufficient money will lie on bond to
oommence the proposed new brick nud
stone -tni'-ttirc early in the year. Owing to thu fact that tho Anglican Synod of the Kooteuuy Diocese will in,-el
horc next summer, the committee ure
anxious  to make preparation!
limit costumes, und u crowd of lir,"
inen who know Imw t,, make tilings
"luim"' will attract a largo crowd. Be
sum and intend the greal "Bal Masque," lhe winter carnival indoor, the
happy "I'hurivitri" of Revelstoke's social season,
'* All 'he world's a stage, and nil
hn n»en and women an* mprely
• 'tyt'tH," is piohibly one of the   most
idely quoted of all the writ ings of lin
Immortal Hud. It is one of the mum
•ueaty pliia-esin "As Vou Like I ,"
considered ns the prNUeat of alt b
Sb.ikespearinn comedies. Ii will le
giveu here Thutsday, Dec. 2nd, by 'h
•ou I lainoiis   ICngHsh   players   under    the
Ladies Suits
Special Prices This WeerX. Every
Suit in the Store is Guaranteed to
be This Season's Style. Come
and be Suited.
f-OR GCJC3D ticaOOS.
as po -ible for
new building.
Acme Stock Company
erection ol     tho I lireotlon of 0. P.Walker, and with n
! most,  elaborate  Bcenlu  nnd   costume
[equipment, the engagement promises
to lu- one of the dl-amai In uml literal')
even is ,n the history of the city.
Card ot Thanks
THK Kli-:i Ton vn: of Hi:vi:i.-
II11ii mi :
I he  i pic nl  Hevelstoke     will     b
I ■,, learn f<,, the li,-i iime i
tbi \,t", t ■,', theii cit> llie) .it,- t
lt.i\ ■•   i   p..n,iun,in   block  . ninpniiy,
■ ■ii,pun-    of     .',,||i|M-t.-iil    .-ul'ir-,
.   aes     known   .,-   the   X, MV. 0BHT1.KMKIC!
STOCK    im\II'\nn    The miiiiugei  oi plwlM  ''^''''l"    '">'    ",,M    slneefe
.,,.,,      ,,.,.   lookinu  over     llie tlimiks for the most milgnlflruit lim-
 idu   finalh   ,|n.id«i IJorlty by whioh I wm again returned
.... i.,.,-|„.,,.„- little ,iti „f it.- ilJ y«r representallve on Thun-day
..  of i le      il-ul lMt'    Tbe  1"S"U   '"'   ""'   I"'11  ('lt'1"'lv
..ppr- .                                    .. ,.   , indicates that my CJonservatlve and
.   .„„„|. i     ;,, Liberal 'Vi, .ids alike united in iheir
endorsement ol my pnsl sei vices, and
rede i. I      in  thanking  my friend. I'm- their un-
ill endeuviu  -    kc tilin«   ''M",,s   ,,'"'i"K    lhe   l"lNl    f,'w
weeks. I  would  ass....-  then.  I lint  no
, ..„,,     .,„,, effort on my pari will be spared to lie
,_.!„  i, „.,„,   worthy of .1 onfldence reposed In
..lie     .»f
■  . he ii ■
|      '.V f.'k,
sinci id)  yi ms,
Tuo-. T\yi on.
Christmas Goods!
Holiday Buying Should be
Done Now
, iur stock i- complete     Wi
lu^ltl' yotl to our store when
you nmy have so unlimited sup
ply ol Fancy Goods, Books, etc
Ir.jui which to ttilect gilts.
We arc aiwaye pleased tu pul
aside gumis selected early, and
deliver llicm st any time
Bews' Drug&Stationery Ston
KBX1  iir.Mi-. ii I., n K
It     \
.-''....             .    ■
i     ..
.    .            i                ..
■  .
Mr   1'.
1'.     '        jr-liuul
i visil	
... in.      II.    ...      ...... i.
,,j   Mr.  II       11
;;.   .
pn    . ■]      bi      deligl
"Our Boys"
; ■ i
pi ,,.,>   ,„.. uine    in   i
ii.   I,',.. ■
-.,; i  Lb.   Hon   ,',,,.   I,.,.,    in   i  ,.■
• .in,    p I,   at  IVuif ton       i -■
uot ship fruit <In  . ,i   ,un
ii.-1  al   1'i,'l-i  boi utiHC   ' lie    <>,'ikn   ipoil
thu  fruit.      Ihis    ,•   ertion   va    made
,n ordei to bol ",<  up a , ondnmnation
,ii tin-   boi t lm,. ovei   ' bo llopo I,,,,,,,,
Linus.   J i      is      ridioulous,    I'u   migei
inun    nru  riinniiig  through  thai   tun
nnl every day und hn aro Imii     oai
and  wo have     yot to hear lhu       lirst
complaint from    consigucos -,f I'-iim ii
Columbia fruit lhal shipments      havn
li.-.-i, iui,,,-I    because    "f thi    tunnel
,| i      .   i'   .i , . ■
,    IJiidgn M'.i.'l ,
Hi      \    11    Ui I Ien , 	
nrl   '!,-    I'     I - ine     oi nnd
\|,      W     11
p.i i-i  .      Ins.
throe ■ 'i,i tkiug up ,hi          I _rt.
!•,,',■.  Wl  '•.  Hi     I     M    VII ,,.
M,      111	
i.    Bell,  ...,„„,i.   i,l   i'   Hum     , ,'i
<,l   l,'<" ,1 ,,il I-.  and  n,iw   mi,,:, ''■,       r,|
' I ,,,|. , ' ,.     lllll II.     Ml
ver,  wai    ,     visitoi   to  'be ell)      on
.      lm
i    um.mui.
• ,11   pi ixluct   i In
■ -i  . .i,i.      ,,.,,
li ii    i ■   ■
I    Mill   il
,   Hi--   pp.. in- .■-   and   li ■
' i niin
- ■ juili
mllon tl    i    Uur Hoy«
.,    ,ii.     - i   ii     , ■   l.      , ■ ■ p    lhe
I    in  i ' li
,i ■ '.       mi dei ibii    u     i
penl   ovei    slecl ng   ! be
; ii in, ,• Ic i lull sre i onlldonl
_- tnotl ,,,i -id'iiii^
i 111 in i li- n pop,dm ii \    Iter
,,  h*    ,.i , (/,„,d evening
.i in,, nd 11.,,-i,'"I   when   "inn
put   ,,ii.   nn,I the amateurs
the wine liberal  patronage nn
i,     .mli .is hus i um ii ,.i,l, ,i i ii tbem
li    ... i i i
V   working on i. pile drlvei   o
\.|.,l,i.     Km l     l.iniil'i'l    Co.,     Hi
( I, i n, Sim w up l.nki    ii   i hi   Kng
i limaii, iiiiiii'',!   il   TmiMley,  had  his
Inuiii imisIhiI iii pulp uml. i ilie heavy
»"'Ktil iih il ileHet-iiileil nn Ul Ih,'pile.
PHI -IM.-    I III
.-'-uin ipwre'i
Uellglltlul I'oimily
Opora Houat
Ono Nl|(ht Only
Wm. Yule nnd Violet nnly
Ks| II) Kngaged,
I'noes,   * I 00.   750 ,   60o.
S»sl Bsls '" M  ' I Minl'l'-l'r,ili-i,.
The Cily Bakery lo our slore, .1 Garland managing ilm bakiii'.r department, ant) is liii'iiitif;
out a very tin,' quality of bread and cakes, j t
like liiHiii-iinidc, -,ui solicit a trial. Our grocery
s!ock was never morn complete A full line of
Christinas goods  just opened up.
C;.   W.  BELL,    ■    -
Groceu   ami   Baker
Ladies Fine Shoes
Tlm Ames Holden uliot-s are made lor Comfort
and Service from specially selected material by
competent workmen. A complete stock always
on band in Ladies anu Children's sizes, nnd at
reasonable prices. A pair of shoes make a sensible and appropriate Christmas gift.
MRSS.   A.   Ci.   CRICK
First   Street      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Christmas Toys
Now on View
Mountain Supply Company
C onoral Merchandise
Telephone 248
Have you seen Tucker's special otter
and prizes given from Nov.. 15th until
Peg.81, It is worth youi whilo to
ylllt bis sti.dio. tf.
WHY I'AV KKNI' ' Own ynur
own bomS, Secures lot in Cleorvieiv
at Ibe • UOtIon snle to be held in this
city Dec. 'J. Lots aie lur^e, the view
is iinolulnii'tod, llie price is your nwie
choice Bt ths auction. Make further
eiipiiries Irum 11,Manning, aticlioneer,
ur J. D. Blbbsld,
FOIt SALE-One large Oak Kide-
boanl, nnd one medium sixedcoal
slove, in goml eoi.dition. Applv at
Mail Herald offlce.
WANTKD—Gentleman with smne
rapllal is looking for partner-
ship in go,ul luisincss in Hevelstoke.
Apply A. B.C. Postoffice Box 140 City.
Come to tho  Union Restaurant lor
Oysters, any style, or a fried  chicken,
nu turkey   hot  or   cold.    We   lave
everything  thst  is   on   tbe   market.
| Bhort orders a specialty.       nov 20 4l


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