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The Mail Herald 1908-12-30

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 '• Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, this maobine
Is unsurpassed.   Price, $00.00 rash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
-The Mai
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKenzie A.e.
Vol. 14.-No 97
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd
_____________________________    *
Store. at Arrowhead ami Revelstoke.
VUe are sincere in our Thanks
to the  Public for the tremendous Chrismas Trade of 1908.
May the Season's Greetings,
Prosperity and Happiness attend
You and Yours.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead. D
Greetings of 1909
We  extend to one
and all A   Bright
and Prosperous
New Year.
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches er Agents at all principal points In Oanada.
Agents In Great Britain and United States—London, Bngland,
Lloyd's liank. Ltd. Chicago Dint National Hank, Corn Bhtohange
National Blink,   .Seattle   Seattle National Hank,   San Franolsoo—
Wells Fargo, Nevada National Hank,    Spokane    Exchange National  Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of %l and upward, received, ami interest allowed at
current rule froin date of deposit,   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch— A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
For the Gents
Kings, Looketn Ouff Links,
Watch  Charms  and
Chains, etc.
Every article giiarantuod.
For the Ladies
I'i'ii  Slippers, in all sizes
Side  anil   Hack   Combs,
Purses, etc.
Kaney Hat Pins.   -
Son my stock boforo liuyiim elsewhere
Opposite Olimai Hutel, Kirst Street,
Principal Miller of Revelstoke
Appointed School Inspector
Mr. A. K. Miller, who for ths past
five years has heen Principal of tho
publio schools here, was notified on
Monday of his appointment to the
position of Inspector of public schools
fur the Province of   British Columbia.
Mr. Miller lelt last night fur the
coast to confer with tbe educational
department. The citizens of Revelstoke generally will regret tbat Mr.
Miller is being lost to the public
school statf here, but will be pleased
to hear of his promotion to one of the
most important positions in tbe educational department of the province.
The Maii.-Hi.ralu extends congratulations to Mr. Miller ou his advancement, by merit, as well as to tbe
province, which has secured one of the
ablest educationists iu B C.
The Public Schools
The pui'iic ic.niula will re-open
on Monday next, January 4;b, witn
Mr. J. T. Pollock as Principal. Tbe
news uf Mr. Pollock's appointment to
tho princip.ilship will bo received
favorably throughout the city. In bis
position of assistant principal during
the past five years, Mr. Pollock has
given the retiring prinoipal, Mr. Miller,
valuable aid, and recognising bis
ability the trustees have promoted him
to tbe positiou of head of tbe scbuuls.
Mr. B. D, Col pit t, ol Grimsby, Ont.,
has bicii appointed assistant principal. There will be no other change
in the personnel uf the schoul staff
from last term.
Knox Church Christmas Tree
Knox church presented an animated
appearance last night ou the occasion
of tbe annual Christmas tree and entertainment uf the Sunday school.
Tbe building was taxed to its utmost
capacity to hold the throng of merry
ctiildren, with their pareuts and
friends, who had assembled to celebrate
tbis great event. A short programme
of songs, recitations, dialogues and
choruses was creditably rendered by
the little folks, after which Santa
Claus made bis appearance, and with
his able assistants distributed the
many handsome presents which bedecked the gaily ornamented Christmas tree, amidst much fun and
laughter. A feature of tbe evening
was the presentation to the pastor,
Rev. J. R. Robertson, of a well tilled
purse from the congregation, us a
token of the respect aud esteem in
which he is held by tbem. On leaving
for home each child present was given
a hag of candies aud nuts. The event
was voted one of the moBt successful
in the history u! the Sunday school.
St. Andrew's Xmas Festival
The children of St. Andrew's Sun
day School, with parents and friends,
to a goodly number, assembled in tlie
church on Wednesday evening last to
enjoy their annual Christmas festival.
A very interestiug programme by tlio
children uf song and recitation waB
given and greatly enjoyed. Tha chief
feature of the entertainment for tlie
little ones was the Christinas tree.
Laden with gifts it waa a source of
keen interest and excitement for those
of the infant class, each one eagerly
waiting fur their special gift. After
the disposal of these, with candies aud
uiimges, the very pleasant gathering
wns brought to a close by singing the
National Anthem and the benediction by the pastor.
Baptist Christmas Tree
Last evening tho baptist Sunday
School held a very successful entertainment ami Christmas tree. The
first part of the evening wss taken up
with songs and recitations frum the
children, sli of whom gave a good
account ol themselvos, and relloct
credit on the committee in charge.
Later presents and candy were dis
tributed to all tho children from a
well-laden tree Miss Jessie Byrd, as
organist of the school, was prosented
with s handsome manicure set, a gift
from the ollicers anil teachers; and the
members ul I he church presented tbeir
pastor with a gift of a purso of gold
The school, under the leadership of It.
Huw'ou ard E. M .Clay, is in excellent
condition, every department is doing
its work well.
St. Peter's Sunday School
yesterday afternoon the children of
St. Peter's Sunday School  wore given
\their holiday treat, a sleigh ride almut
tlie city.   In the evening refreshments
were served to the little ones in the
(iililfellow's Hull. A most enjoyable
afternoon and evening was spent, and
Si an early hour the SOhool children
returned tn their homes in good spirits
alter their plcssaut outing.
75,000 Killed by Earthquake
and Tidal Wave— Disaster
Worst in History of the World
—Relief Committees at Work
Rome, Deo. 20.—A late edition of
the Tribin... here today estimates the
number of earthquake aud tidal wave
victims as between (iii.OOO and 75,000.
The Tribune says that twice that
many are injured and are suffering
desperately from hunger and exposure.
Relief committees are nulling food,
supplies and medical stors s to the
stricken sections. King Emmanuel
is on his way south and will assume
direction of the relief work. The fearful 1 ss of life uud horrible suffering
of the viciims is appalling. Reports
contiuue tn men n. e ihe h rroi of the
di-tister.   Hundreds ol thousands are
ll   llll.-lens null  must of   till III    alt   Willi-
out food. All the seismic iippurntus
in Italy was broken by the shocks.'
The soldiers ure doing good work in
tho sections visited by tho disaster.
In Dearly all citiej orders have been
given to shoot down looters, and those
ord' rs have been carried out in many
cases. The heaviest damage was done
at Messina, iu Sicily, and Beggio, in
Calabria, across the straits [rum Messina. Few reports have come from
Reggie, but they indicate that lho city
was shaken terrifically and that the
lots of life was heavy. It is the capital
of the province of Reggio tli Calabria
aud is a city of about 60,000 inhabitants.
The destruction of Messina was more
tbe result of the tidal wave than of
tbe earthquake, according to the testimony of a trainload of refugees who
bave arrived at Catania from Messina.
Tbey say the dead officially reported
at Messina cumbered 1800 but asserted
tbat this would fall far below the correct estimate, which tbey Baid should
be at loaBt 12,000.
A serious clash between the soldiers
and looters at Messina today resulted
in a number ol deaths. The soldiers
lired on the looters and drove tbem
into the mountains.
General Costa, who in addition to
bis military position, is an archbishop,
commander of the garrison at Messina
is among tbe dead.
Several hundred foreigners, including many English and Americans,
were iu Messina at the time of tbe
disaster. No word has been received
from any of tbem and it is (eared all
hnve perished.
Revival of  Guillotine  Due to
Increase in Murders
Paris, Dec. 29.—The guillotine, after
two years of euforced idleness, is to resume its grim functions iu Prance.
The vote of the Chamber of Deputies
bus definitely settled thut important
During the period in question the
law of capital punishment has been
in abeyance, Ior the President of tho
Republic, iriespective of public opinion
has commuted every death sentence,
sparing, iu ull, the lives ol almut 105
assassins, lint since tlie hoad ol the
State entered upon his cumpuign of
mercy the number of wilful murders
has Inoreased considerably. .lories
throtightiut the country protested j
again I what they described as the I
misguided clemency of M. Palieres,
while the electors urged tlieir parliamentary representatives into activity.
The parliamentary commission which
was appointed reported in favor of the
maintenance ul the death penalty,and
by itltO vi iters against 201, the Chamber
decided in IftVOr uf the retention of
capital punishment.
So Says Head of Greatest Lumber Company
Chicago, Dec. 2'J.—Edward 1-Iincs,
the newly elected president'oi the
Virginia and Rainy Lake Lumber
company, the largest combine of its
kind in the world, predicts, cheaper
lumber, and a new era in its production, as a result of the new organization.
"It is our intention to cheapen the
coBt of manufacturing, und, of course,
to cheapen the cost to consumers proportionately," says Mr, Hines. "We
will not do this, however, at the expense of tho country hy wrecklesa or
wasteful lumbering methods.
"We will work in harmony with the
forestry departments of the United
States nnd Canada, and we hupe to
make money out of the things that
tb y will ask ub to do. Pur instance,
we Will Utilize all the timber on ihe
grninil we cut over. We wiil noi
"imply pie- out the ub ice 'iei-s,.leaving dead wood a d h.u-h to Iced l i-
est fires, We will clear lands, bo thin
instead of being a worthless wilder-
neSB, after it is cut over, it will he
valuable for farming purposes.,
"We are also hupiug that u further
reduoliun may he made in the eust ol
lumber to Anioric.in consumers by the
tuking off' of the tariff. The greator
part of our land is iu Canada, uud this
would enable us to bring thcCauudiun
lumber iutotb U.S., a thing thut the
turiff practically prohibits now."
At the Revelstoke Opera House
January 4th
There is no room for doubt that the
concert by the Pulmutier Sisters Or*
chest 1 a and Concert Co. at the Revelstoke Opera House on Monday, Jan.
■Ith, will be the most pretentious
musical event of tbe season. They
are too well known here to need much
introduction, and one can have a
good idea ol the concert and the
ability of the artists by reading tho
following notice from the Edmonton
Bulletin, where tbey recently played a
week's engagement, under a heavy
"The Dominion Theatre was filled
to capacity lust uight with an audience
wbo went to critici/.e the Polmatior
Sisters if tbey failed to make good, but
they did. The work of the girls was
of tbe very berttclasB, the various members were eucli gems in themselves,
itinljt be audieuco called for encore after
encore, to which the gii Is graciously
responded. The quality of the work
uf the-e talented artists cnu best be
judged by the dillicult selections they
attempted uml rendered to por Ieo tion,
Tbo world fniiious iiiterninsso Irom
Mascagnis' Cavalier Rtisticanna was
a delightful item, while tho well-
know Anvil Chorus was received with
Hjiptuiotis  applause,     That   the   Pol-
matter Sisters have made a'hit' with
lho citizens ol Edmonton is unquestionable, as at the close of the concert
they were each presented with a
bouquet of chrysanthemums hy the
young and handsome men of the city
known as the law students."
Edison Parlor Theatre.
Among Homo of the features to he
presented on the programme at the
Edison Theatre, at the end of the
week, commencing Thursday night,
wiih Friday iifternoin matinee, and
Friday and Saturday nights, will be
the groat " Dreippc Circuit" automobile racing. Showing thn lastflsl
and largest automobiles in the world,
in tho last est moos ever tukon place
in Europe aud also showing the accidents thnt occur when fast races are
Inking place. Those are actual picture!
ol those fiiiiiuiiH races and shows a lull
1,000 leet, There is also "Rip Van
Winkle" (colored), "The Specter" anil
"Pecular   People" (colored).     Trans-
Opera House Tonight
.1. C Lewis, tlmt ever popular character comedian und his company will
commence an engagement at the
Opera House tuniglit, (Wednesday
Doo.80tb.) An exchange says; "Wncn-
! ever the inline of Si Pliinkartl is mentioned where it has been before, the
dullest face becomes bright with lhe
thought ol lhe gootl niitureil young
!unuor who has caused so many lo
hold their sides iii laughter. Hu i
not an imugimiry character, but one
ivhicb you can meet every day by
visiting small cuiiutry towns. Ilu is
not a man of education, but simply a
siii'on-ptiro farmer whoso home is
always opon for the weary traveller.
'Hi Pliiukurd, is not a jumble, but a
well devised and exceptionally strong
anil Interesting oomedy witb a plot
taken from evury-day life. It is a
play any one can take a lesson from
I'he play abounds in bright specialties
liy the funny comedians and clevei
little Ailettu Lewis." Tho company
will give their famous and origins.
funny country band street parade an
nounoing tbeli arrival in the city.
Big Timber Deal
Thn biddings n1 the British Colum
bia Timbers, I,unite'. nn the upper
Eraser River—soino 4J billion feet—
will be taken over by eastern capital
Ir-tH. Several parties have been enquiring after tin si' properties, tlmt
ire oouventeotly sltukted for lumber
ing   Operations.      The   II. C. Timbers
formation ploture, different Irom others limited is a Montreal company, will
shown, us woll ss good oniuedy. head ollice Ioi I). C. in Revelstoko
We wish the Compliments
of the Season to our Friends
and thank them for their
liberal patronage. We hope
that all will experience '' A
Happy and Prosperous New
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
Yku*%dont study long
[|yn our store.
[Fit Reform Clothing.
b. e. walkek, President       Paid-up Capital,$l 0,000,000
alex. laird, oen. Mgr.      Reserve Fund,   -  6,000,000
Branches throughout Canada, and in United Slates and England
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of 11 antl upwards are received and interest
allowed at current rates, and paid twice yearly. Accounts
may lie opened in the names of two or more (tersons, withdrawals lo be made by any one of tho number ur by the survivor.
     by t*.r Ou-t.au" NY.
Come to our store once'and buy your clothes
and  after  that  you   will   never  study where to go.   ||
You will always come straight to us.      We will give    ,,
you good cloth; a good tit; proper cut and the prices   ))
(l(    will not he   high.
We  sell   clothes  made  by   FIT-REFORM.
[J    Their name on a garment assures the quality, THE _Y_AII_liI_l{ALI), REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Zbc fl&ativibcva.b.
UA1   AT
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc.
0 T T A W A
Supreme and Exchequer Court
(.gents. Practice in Pateni
Office    and   befoie    Railway
'. >mm"--: )n
H .v. i __ar_._._Mi bphy, M.i'
i; .      I] u FlSHKB.
Ifordlkeimer Pianos
iiequalled   (or  purity   ol
beauty ol design.
■ - ■   ii   •     .... ttors. eis.
• ■■: ■■:. rBOCT 1 IKK
. i.Eu on
,. .     ■,.        l-l-VKIAI.  B_XK_Cl  0 DIKO  llKVU.
STOKE, 11. C.
... -...... n ■
liiu. B, Ml lAKlKR
)     M     >■ SKIIAW
).. .■■-••JS.C.
frauhrool   11  I ■
J. A. Ilu. - iv.
Uranbrook li. i
J. M. SOOU l.L
W. I. BrlgKs.
Barristers, Solii itor
Money tu Loan
solicit irs fob Mm,sun- Bank
Firel Street. Reve«ioke, B.C
Provincial Land Surceyor,
Mining Butveyor
McKenzie Avenik.
Box 106, Revelstoke
I.  O.  F.
ian Mount Ue.bn;. Si . S481, meets' 2nd anil
ith Mondays in Oddfellows Hall, unit ts. Opera
Home.   Visiting brethren cordially Invited lo
attend _.
J.w. Garlaxd, C.R.
H. W. Edwabds R.S
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain  View Camp, No. 1-9
Meet* ("rscotid ami Fourth Wednesdays in
each month, in (Selkirk Hall. VlslUn Wood.
nun cor-lially invited to attc-nd.
w. n. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
J. McINTYRE, Clerk.	
F. O. E.
* The rsgnlar meetings ure held tu lhe Solkirl
Ha'.i every Tue-day ciium.: nt » oeioos
Visitine brethren are cnriliatiy invited.
W. E. McLAL'i'HLIN.Skckktabi.
ew JCAie
II* "P<
ihams ii
mams i lanos
t of the 1 Ii'jli Grade
ie head ol tne us
Pianos in ilu* Dominion,
These High Grade Pianos cun bo purchased on the monthly
payment plan, A payment of $10.00 will secure one of these
beautiful instruments in your home. We nre also agents for
the CHASE &  BAKER and   ANGELUS Piano Players.
Call and see the New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Kootonay Lodgo. Na
IS, A  F. _. A   M.
'-.lur meet
iiolil in the
-^ .  *.S-     -v       tigs nre lial'l in tin*
Jj<Ay\        Tl   MlSONICTKUPLB
fWGf'JS-      ll  Oddlellows Hall,on
,   y>  Vj£*' .    the third Moinliiy in
%.«*     ,   W each   mi'titli   nt    «
__T-*-__ri.-    -   • ■*-*-»"
Visitiug breth
cordially   wel-
l*. A. i'l'.'l' I. SIKlt. Sn-KKTAItv.
SELKIRK LODGE N". 12, 1.0,0. F.
Meet- every Tlinr--
iny oi-iliiuir In Sol
kirk Hall at 8o'clock
Visiting brethren are
I..)    .SI   .H I   *..     ist
JAS   .MATIIIt: -i*   ;
Cold Range lodge, K ol P-
No   26,  Revelstoko, B. C.
1 w e'lnesiday ..
.'.-, ick.     V liltlll
rdieliy   DVlteu,
BETS     •' ■-1
excei-t Tn
•41 :. i mil
H,,..    »
O. H. BBOi K   K   ol   K   i t-
j  it >' orr. m.
Cbe _TDa(l-1beralb
The   Colored Fighter Defeats
Tommy Burns in 14 Rounds
Sydney, N. 8., Deo. lib.—The big
Oylvestou colored lighter, Jack John
son, defeated Tommy Burns, the bolder
of the world's heavyweight pugilistic
obampionsbip, at Rushcutter's Bay,
un Saturday, iu a fourteen round battle, which was brought to a close by
the iuterfereuce of tbe police. Tbe
tight wus Johnson's from start to finish
and tbe timely interference of the
p.ilice was all that s.ived Burns from a
knockout. Johnsou is uow tbe heavy
weight ohampion ol the world, being
the lirst man to defeat Burns since
Jim Jeffries relinquished claim on the
Although the end ciine in the Uth
round, from the very first it was apparent tbst it would be just a matter
of time before the white man must
Buccumb to tbe inevitable. Johnson
was the heavier and biggor nmn by
many pounds and inclieB, and possessed an advantage in reach, combined with great science and nkill
wbicli all wurketl together for victory.
Previously it bad lieen arranged that
should the police iutorfere, which was
not unexpected, tbo battle should be
decided un points When the interruption came in the llth round,
bums was completely at Johnson's
mercy, nnd Referee Mclnto-h did uot
hesitate In awarding a decision to the
There was not a feature of the lighting in wbicb .loluisiuii was not easily
superior to Burns.
HtiriiB weighed in al Hit* and Juhn-
s ,n at 192, Betting was, 7 to 6 on
Burns at the start, but a low rounds
a um brought it around to '•! to I in
favor of Johnson
Men to March in New York Next
Saturday as a Protest
New York, Dec. 29.—Two hundred
thousand working men will mnrch in
a parade next Saturday to illustrate
the protest of labor against the recent
decision ol Judge Wright sentencing
Samuel (lumpers, John Mitchell and
Frank Morrison to jail for contempt of
court. An executive committee ot the
Central Federation Union is today perfecting plane f ir the great demonstration.
A despatch irom President Qompers
was received by tbe union during the
day Buying that on account of the application ol the Sherman anti trust
law to unions, the Federation would
cease temporarily from publishing the
" We Don't Patronize" list.
Tbe union adopted a resolution suspending its unfair list until Congress
shall amend the Sherman law so that
it will not he applicable to unions.
The Arrow and Slocan Lakes
Farmers' Institute
, a .*_a_.
A 3_s tr.     -"
II...  . ..   ,   -   bad in the best pi tu
Ad ■ *    I    the worst ol as,
Tbat It herd ly be      ■ -  ■   i ol >:..
. isar.it the re-t   '
Dry Wood Tor Saie
Four-loot dry ivi    : ipp > I
J.ms   Lkhui UWOU      ' l.'l   '•  :'
The lollowing is a list of the ollicers
elected at a meeting uf the Arrow and
Slocan Lakes Farmers Institute on
Dec.   LOtb,  1008,  to serve until Dec. completion of
Mayor's Actions re Administration of Law Endorsed
A special meeting ol tbe city council waa bold uu Monday night for the
transaction of regular and any other
business which inigbl be deemed advisable.
Mayor Lindmark oooupied the chair,
und Aid, Foote, Woodland, Lofeauz
and Sawyer were present,
Minutes ol tlie last regular and
special meetings were rend ninl up-
A   communication   was   read from
Ioity  electrician  North, reporting  fire
alarm   system  working 0. K. but calling  attention  of council to state of
locks ou  alarm boxes, sonic of which
1 had   to   be   forced   open, and  others
when opened could not be re-locked.—
Moved by  Aid. Woodland and Sawyer
, that steps be   taken to bave unid locks
repaired at once.   Carried.
A largely signed petition wis presented from taxpayers asking the
oouncil for a donation of $200 inwards
the maintenance ol a public rending
room for men in connection with the
Ry. Y. M.C.A.—As line been tbe
custom in former years the request
wns granted, uu motion ol Aid. Foote
and Woodland.
On motion of Aid. Lefeaux and
Foote a resolution was passed appointing C. J. Aiiitiu returning ofHoer for
the civic elections to be held on Jan.
14th, 1900, and authorising bim to
take the necessary steps in preparation
tor the holding of same
Mayor Lindmark presented a report
to the council dealing with his actions
in regard to tie stale of all'airs existing in the city arising out of the
meeting of the police commissioners
held on Deo. '22nd. In presenting his
repoit the Mayor stated that he
wished the council, ns a council, to be
acquainted with the facts in coniiec-
t'on with this matter, and naked the
oounoil tn buck him up iu his endeavor to enlorce the law. Every
step he lind taken had been after careful consideration. He had no desire
to be unfair to anyone but he wns
determined thnt the law would have
to he enforced.
The   report,   as  presented   by   the
mayor, reads ns follows:
Gb.vti.eji en,—
I beg to advise you tbat during the
course of the past few days certain
matters in connection with the ud
ministration of law within the city
have aiiseu. Certain instructions
were given by mo as Mayor to the
Chief of Police, and after a partial
lho   duties, lie   haviug
Clauses Act, the police have instruct
lions to carry them into elTiCt so that
a lull measure of justice will be
C.   F.   LlNUMAliK,
Mayor Lindmark explained in detail
his actions from the time of the meeting on Dec. '22nd; the appointment of
Stuart McDonald us nctnig Chief of
Police; nnd the re-instatement of Sergt.
Terry, who had expressed a willingness to give the acting chief every
assistance in the performance of his
duty. Acting Chief of Police McDonald would enter on bis duties the following (Tuesday) morning. The Mayor
further etated lhat the law with respect to Sunday closing had been duly
observed, and that only two siot machines were nuw iu operation, Instructions had also been issued to the
noting chiof of police to notify all
keepers and inmates of disorderly
houses or houses of ill fume, that tbey
ituiat within 90 days close their plucts
Ior all illegal and immoral purposes.
After   full   disoussion   tho  council
unanimously   eudors'd   the   Mayor's
'actions   by   adopting    the   lollowing
resolution  and attaching  tbeir signatures thereto:
Moved by Aid. Lefeaux and Sawyer:
That the action of the Mayor in bis
suspension of ollicers and leave of
absence granted to the Chief of Police
and the appointment of a man to act
as chief of police during the absenoe
of the Chief ol Police, anil the instructions issued by him to the police ollicers of the city as to tbe carrying into
effaot of the laws of Canada and tbe
by-laws of the city be, and the aaine is
hereby approved, and that be take
such further or other steps ns mny be
necessary to have the laws of the
country carried into etl'ect.
During the discussion anent this
matter it developed thai Kevelstoke
was tho only incorporated city in
British Columbia that permitted the
operation of Hlot machines.
Aid. Leleuux asked for information
re the new tire alarm system.
In reply the Mayor stated thnt it
had been found expedient to change
the lire alurni boxes ordered for tbe
new system, which necessitated the
cancellation of the original order. Negotiations were now in progress for
substituting a more improved kind.
The accounts for the month were
then passeil and the meeting terminated.
Special to the Public.
From 10 a.m. to 2 p tu. these short
days nre the best hours to have baby
or group photos taken Nu nbjeotion
to cloudy weathei during these hours
Experience of more than lh years, not
as travelling photographer, but stationary in Eastern ciiies has proven
this fully to mc. Studio open every
day in the your in Revelstoke and for !
Rovelstoke people, " aeo my sp-cial
E F, Tucker, Photographer.
A. H. SING, Proprietor
President, Thus.
.'list.  1908
Nakusp.   P. C;  Vice-President. S.   V.
Brockmniij Rosberry, H C; Secretary-
Treasurer, R. II. Baird, Nakusp, B.C.;
Directors, Geo. Williamson, New Denver .I.C. Hums. New Denver: F. W.
Jordan, CJ B, Humbling. 1. .1 Edwards Nakusp. l.itiy-si'visn persons
were present, including representatives
from Koeeberry and New Denver
After the organization meeting the
d   ii I (in ctt . - met and di :ii    :
Abriel, before that lime asked fora leave of
ai sence, il was grunted to him, and
the Sergeant ol Police waa, by mo,
asked to act as thief during the absence of the chief. On being asked to
curry uut the instructions as given to
the I bief ol Police the Sergeant refused to il so and wss for a time stia-
pended, and I huve appointed a man
as acting chief of police in the place
ol lh. in.- llitiii during his absence
in.! have re-instated tbe sergeant who
bold   tin'.:   an    lal   meeting
. :    including adi   gs
t.. tin  C :.    lanuiry
27th. 1909, in   the  Workmen -   II.. I
N'akusp   B  '
appears   willing   tu  do  his  duties ns
-•: g. ml,
As i ..  ,.  are eust on
the city in   tbe administration ol jus-
section  235 Municipal   H nisi on Monday next.
Capt. Tatlow Expects Big Demand for Fruit Lands
British Columbia ia so well advertised in Great Britain lhat it is uow
one of the best known of the pruvinces
of any of tbe colonics. This is tbe
information conveyed by Hon. R. G.
Tatlow, Minister of Finance aud Agrl
culture, who, on Thursday night, re
turned from a trip to the old country
which extended over ton weeks. Captain Tatlow says he came across a
huge number of people who have in
vestments here und are funning comj
panii'B fur invest.nent purposes. He
expects that one of the results will In
a heavy demand for fruit lands during
the coining year.
The Polniatier Sisters at tho Opera
Keep il     it of tbi     ipei     :- D."
. ■ ■ .        el       in        ■   i
- .    ...... beard     I
■ -, - •" ■. ■ •■.
makes tbe n , • it  thinki   the
granting scarcely .    I   wying"tb»nk
:   -       .     ....
I    : . .    ttie public's i ■        • •'
,:..i • • i    - •' -   ■ ■ -
,.   :  - - '    ' .
L      -      . men I
; •:,    n ael ■ . "
s legitimal -        p
...   rna   I   tb    •■
editor i     I   i   I   ■
,.   | .,;...     11.     I,*  day  tbi)  eon*
•    ■    I  •   - pa pel
party'i   tl
■ M ..  tiling        -      Ibing
..   |. . .•      •    were guilty
rgi  ting    i| ; srently   tbeir lite
newipe i     I • w
sr    .mi . have noi  ' ri
gt wbicb ihi . I iy rigl i   t
|, blicati m  but yel nrhicli bave i sued
...       mi sliced   i >   the uei «•
1 . in u u- ■. ci loi
stand  • sdy to e       n        ir neif hi i r
■ :  tliiok  tl I it  be 'l ies wn ng
.    uld   be   li  :-"!  si r   id,    Agitators,
.... ,.i thi v. I) iu I whu would
make   »  very  miserable   ihowing   .1
■ | came under tbe ligbt ol investigation,
Freeh Oui Berried Holly, Miitletoo,
c .■ Flowers, Qreenhi use Plsnti fur
Ubriitmss, Henry'i Nurseries, 8010
Weetminiter Rosa, Vancouver, B. C
,\ le* pieces uf cu* glass china and
lane) articles lelt.    Did vuii get your*I
Come in and look thtm over,   C. B
Hume ik Co.
Board by week
Single   meals
25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS. •   $.500
Here's a Happy Couple
starting on the road to owning
properly, nnd they'll be living
under their own roof when
thoiufriends will still bo paying rent. We are offering them
thai ivilliin live years, will
double in value. Can do the
- same by others. Best lots in
vicinity, righl alung the road
to impiovements—Get on the
band wagon for Hevelstoke.
Real Estute nnd Insurance Agent,
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For tha Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reason
able prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation lo damage slock,
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct and gel trees and
scctls that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying: Material,   Cut
Flowers, etc. Oldest estab-i
lisltcd nursery on the mainland'
of H. C.   Catalogue free.
Green Houses and Seed Houses'
Certificate cf Improvements.
Kingston, Maggie R, Tongue, Senator,
and Pittook Fraction Mineral claims,
situate In the Lardeau Mining Division of West Kootonay District.
Where located—On the western slope
of Lexington .Mountain near Camborne, B. 0.
Take notice that I, P. R. Blochbor-
get-, F.M.C. No. B, 211022, agent for tbo
Coiled Kingston Hold Mines Limited,
non-personal liability, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B 94842, Intend sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to tbe
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, fur the purpose of obtaining Crown Crania of llie above
tVud further take notice that action,
under sect iim 37,11111st be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated this 21st day of December,
A.D., 1908.
I'\ H. BuiciiiiKitiiKU, Agonl,
Certificate of Improvements
Wlnslow Mineral Claim, situate in tlie
Trout   Lake  Mining   Division   of
West Kooteuay Dlstriot.
Where  located; -At  head  of Seven
Mile Creek, Trout Lake,
Take notice that I, O. H. N. Wilkie,
deling ns agent for Neil O'Donnell,
Special F.M.C. 8763j William Bennett,
B.M.O. No. B9S877; Bruce White, F.
M.O. Blir„-I:,ind P. II. Murphy, P.M.
V. B22987; intend, sixty days from tho
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of I mprove-
ments, for tbo purpose of obtaining n
Orown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under Seclion 37, must he commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 31th day of October, A.
D    lllliS
octl-l-edd O. B. N. WILKIE.
Cut Flowers
Wreaths, Bouquets
If you want. Wreaths, Bouquets,
OroiSOS, eto., made tip from the
choicest flowers, by a fully quail
lied artiste at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
They look 1st Speolal Prize at the
Vernon Bhow on the Lflth Sept.
for the best Floral and Ilorticul-
liitnl Display.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Pri. Dec. 2o Ep, uf lb it.
Hnt. .Inn. 2   Lk. Manitoba
Pri,   .Ian. 8   l.'tup. ul herd  Dec, 2b
Pri. Jan. 22   "Corslonn" Jan.   8
-AM.in Mnisr. i-hnriisri'il I >■ i'lin. 1'itc   Ity 1
Pl'I. .Inn.  211   Kp. of Brit.     .Inu.  IS
Isi. Class _riid. Class jrd. Class
$S; -,,.    $.|K 7S ' $lH ;n
ihi. i I.I-.S .'nd. Class jrd. Class
|6j uu      *r.* 50 ' $*; 50
Othsr 1.mu. Boats
.•nd. Class, jrd. Class
$4j ou ' $.'7 50
( heap rules, to Atlantic final* ard
points In conned ion with steamship 1 Ickets
uHscngiTH buukeil lu Norway.
idi 11, Vnl wm p, Hamburg .md
ii lu-i conl iii.'nt.'il piit'is.
■ t'l'iulbi'i  iiifiuiii'ilii
T. W. Bradshaw,
' VI Is lull
apply tO
C.B. Foster,
A li.l'.A.
Viini onVOI ,11.1 '•
To Trappers
Raw Puis Bought
Oash Prices Paid
;F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Ns'ii. - hereby given I hal I Intend
iu appl) '"i lin supei itiii'iiilciit of Provincial I'niii'e for permission to trans*
fi'itu \iibnr Kvi'ii-. nf Beaton, H.C,
the mlnII llnunr license held bj me in
respeol of the premises at Beaton,
known as the Hotel Beaton,
Dated DM, 21st. 1006.
dec 80 WM. BOYD.
Take nolice thill it sitting of tlie
Court of Revision to bear uud determine any complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rules or
frontage tax proposed to be levied
.mil imposed on Hie lands or real properly affected under the provisions of
By-law No. 12,"), being known as
"Local Improvement Sidewalk Assessment Bylaw No. 126, IIKID," will be
helil in the Citv Hall at Iho City of
of Rovelstoke, on MONDAY, the lib
day of January, imsi, at die hour of
8 o'clock in the afternoon.
A statement showing the land or
real property liable to pay the assess
ment therefor and the names of the
owners theieof as far ns Ihe same  cun
be ascertained and the proposed assessment and report thereof] of the
City Clerk are now on file in the office
of the City Clerk und open lo inspection by all persons during ollice hours.
And further lake notice tlmt all notices of appeal shall be served on the
Clerk of the .Municipal Council at least
eight days prior lo such Court of Revision.
Dated this 121 b December, luu*.
Cily Clerk,
Notice is hereby given lhal pursuant lo
lhe provisions ol Chapter i« of the Statutes ol Canada 7-n, Edward VII, Shuswap
and Thompson Rivers Boom Company
huve filed in Ilic ollice of ihe Dominion
Lands Ageni at Kamloops, B.C., anil in
ihe ollice of The Honourable lhe Minister
of Public Works ft I Ottawa, Ontario, plans
and ipcclflcations of certain booms and
other works proposed to be constructed
by suid Company in, over and along tin-
Norih Thompson Rivei In the Kamloops
Division ut \al.> Histriii In the Province
uf British Columbia and lhal on the 10U1
day of I'obninry, 1909,111 lho bum ol 11
ill-luck in lhe forenoon, or 10 soon I hereafter us 1I1. itiipliouiion run be heard,
application will he made by the under
•signed iii His Excellency lho Governor*
in-i niiiiiii ,-n Ottawa, Ontario, (or bis
approval 10 bo given lo *nich plans.
hilled this 4U1 dav of IVceinber,  HltiM.
sin sw ai   imi Thompson Rivers Boom
Bj Ono 1.11 liiinuij, Hecretary.
Dec, 9, iiul
Rootlf Ion tion of Grown Or .in.
1 thu .tt* li till)- of N.mim I'm, 1Wi(
Crown Qrant wai [mum fn
Whon.. , ,- ,„   ,,,.,. „
...   hoiinmoof Fredei-
lok ..ii'-lil.'iurtifj fnr L.it AH7, Urmip 1, Koott*
UR)'   DUtrlOti    Tin,I    rvldotlCO   lm.   much  limn
ln'in i roriuotd ■ l.nwinu thnt Ma r IH KnvM.'c*
.Vt-liboara* <l(««l on tho 7th of Antrim 1907
i-h.n-i Dim. prior tu tho IllUlllJO* of the Raid
''niYVu'.runt. That hy iik room tint 'Int-H "*(;lh
_i_irii_.t. UNA thoHiil-l KrcKlorlrt WuhboQ no
i.l»[|{U->_l all hit* u-tutu, TiKiit. iilh< uteri. I.
'■!:■ "ii ami uamQD.1 whHtnnovor In tho ■ „iil Inn.)
in Tinitnfti Bbjfedvi MrPhnnKiii.
NotiCO i- th'-roforo horohy kItijii. mi pUflU*
ROM of Hnctloii 00 Of tbi "iiHii'l Act,'1 that It if
ilia ii-tonthm in cnnrnl the said I 'rnwn Qrant
i-tMie'Hn Ihnimmo of Fnvlorirk WaioDOtinil
aii'l I- Imiii ■ a In Its itMQ 10 thonamonf
ThofTil BbBDbg Mcl'herwin ihroo montl fl frum
'hn d 11 'mt ii"nlii's«iMii) MOM Is shown In
' ho cciili.,rjr,
' iiiuf < niiiiniivMinor nf L(t!,(]j, »r,(| Works,
L.n 'I, and WatIi    OiLjurtni .ni,
Vltiurli, li L.. ».th Ootobtr, 1901,    w\ !I-lm
1 .
Fare   and   One-Third  for Round   Trip
Between all stations on Canadian Pacific Railway antl
on Steamers, Vancouver-Victoria and Seattle.
New Year Excursion Christmas Excursion
On Sale from December        0n Sale from December
28th to January 1st,
1909. 21st to 25th.
All tickets good to return up to and including Jan. 5th, 1909
For particulars of train service and tickets
Call on T. \V. BRADSHAW, Or write to C, B. FOSTER,
Ticket Agent, Revelstoke, B.C. A.G.P.A. Vancouver, B. 0,
Big Discount
on all
Cash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Among Preparations
I lining Room Furniture is partic
nlnrly essential, nnd io view of
this fHct we have selected a very
desirublc line ol elegant and
nrtistic dining tables, chnirs and
sideboarrls. An early inspection
should be made, ns the price we
arc asking for such superior furniture makes them a most desirable
miP*  iti -♦■ -*_*-. -♦. -*-*- -♦. m*T.   .*_►■, .♦. iVi .fi |*f| |*j*| |*f| Jl |T| |T| |Xa «Ta iTi ■*____*! ,f.   ■'t's ■♦a ■*_[%
ij^i ix1 "A* *i* "1' "X" "X" *V "A* 'X' *I* 'X* "A* "___ '-L* lm\.' "_£• 'X   X   +   A   4*   A   A   A   A
John  Dbrk
plows, hn now.s
wagons   and
fni in iiuiili-
inents  nf all
made  und repaired.
Horse Shoeing
a Specialty
]£ All Orders Promptly Execute-    -    First Class Work Guaranteed
Import direct from country ot origin.
IR-E'VEILiSTOlCEi  3=1. O-
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales 81.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   manae-emem
suitably furn .hed with the choicest the
market a' ords Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rate   $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   ALBIET     STOirsnEJ     _p-ROT?.
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.     Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
SrORlING NOTES ^   ^  g        ^
Gymnasium Exhibition  by  Y.
M. C. A. Classes
On Friday night, Jan. 1st, 1(101), tbe
V. M. C A. gymnasium will he a biiBy
place when the gymnastic men put on
their annual New Ye'r's display. A
feature of the exhibition will be the
apparatus work put on by the intermediate squad ol boys.
At tbe conclusion ol tbe gymnastic
programme, which will be about 9:30,
a musical and social evening will bo
spent, some ol our best talent being
on (heprogramme.
The ti3sociation boys take this opportunity to invite all Irionds of the
association to be present and spend a
social evening together. The program
will commence sharp at 8 o'clock,
Refreshments will le served in the
gymnasium at conclusion of the programme.
Last Wednesday night the Intermediates defeated the Road team by
one point. Tho game was one of tbe
hest of the season, the Road hoys although much larger than tho Inter
mediates, were not so e,ood on the
basket. The score at the end of time
was 20 19. After tbe game the Road
team handed iu a protest which will
bel'iokid iuto tonight by the protest
con nntiee, who are requested to be on
The Gym team play tbe Alerts tonight at 8 3U.-li.irp. This will In* a
g.„ d j;a'ne us ihe Alerts b.ive » e up'e
of i ew men on (heir line up lor I hia
series. iiuh teams ure piHCticmg
On New Year's afternoon the High
Sobool and the Public School meet in
the junior series aud a good gu> e is
A. F. & A. M.
Installation of Officers Kootenay Lodge No. 15
At the regular meeting of Kooteuay
Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A. M., on Monday evening last the following olhcers
were installed Ior the ensuing term.
In the absence of a grand lodge illicer
the installation ceremonies were ably
performed by Worthy Bros. Coursier
and Fraser.
Master—Hugh Smytbe.
Sr. Warden—J. T. Pollock.
Jr. Warden—11. Gordon.
Sr. Deacon—Bert Howe.
Jr. Deacon—R, Thompson.
Sr. Stewart—A. ti. Brooker
Jr. Stewart—W. Bews.
Inner Guard—Ed. Paget.
Outer Guard—H. Kington.
Seiretary—S. McDonald.
At the conclusion of the installat on
ceremonies the retiring master, Bro. C.
J, Aman, was tbe recipient of a handsome jewel and past master's apron as
a token of the esteem in which be is
held by tbe brethren of Kooteuay
lodge and as a mark of appreciation
for the laitlifuluo.s which he has exercised in the performance of his
duties during his term of office.
Alter tbe business of the lodge was
concluded an adjournment was made
to the banquet hall where a sumptuous
feast had been prepared, lo wbicb
ample justice was done, Songs and
speeches by a number of the brethren
present brought a most enjoyable
evening to a close.
May Erect Mill
Mr. R. R. Hall, of Pcterboro, Ont.,
one of the organizers of the Pacific
Coast Lumber Co , Vancouver, anil at
preBenl vice-president of the Big Bend
Luiulier Co., Arrowhead, B. C, was
recently in Vancouver. Mr. Hall is
also interested in a tract ol 13,000
acres of timber on the Indian river,
up tbe North Arm of Burrard Inlet,
aud although the question ol erecting
a Kin-mill there has been considered,
no action will he taken at present. In
reference to the limber of the province
Mr. Hall had the following tu say:
' Brltlcb Colombia timber is a sound
inv. 8 merit, lt will never approxi-
in t o anything like Iti real value until
tue government makes tbo lilies moro
secure. It strikes me as peculiar that
in au ft|;e when everybody is talking of
forest conservation the limber laws
sli'iiiil be framed to encourage thn
millmen to log their limits as last as
possiule. Tho right to cut in perpetuity should be granted, and ground
r*nt should be redncod together with
an increase in stiimprtgo tines. Th ■
higher prices of timi.er tracts in tie
State of u a-hi'gtiiii is not altogether
duo to lh" • iifii'i ce of a Ur IT Wall
against Catiid an lumber.
"B.itisrs Ooliiiiitiia might with sd
vantage nil pi Sim'* Icaltir.B III the
Ontario liinher reguliiii"iis. A lot •!
lhe tilllbef thireisnow worth #15 a
thousand on the stump. Of course,
t miser out bere is bound to iucientu
in value."—B c Tlmhermtn,
Remember the Pohnntier Sisters at
the Opera House on Monday night
Si. Plunkard Band and Orchestra
with the Big Show Dec. .')0th. A piny
to please the people.
A party of eighteen Manitoba farmers are at present inspecting hind at
Chilliwack with a view of purchasing.
Claus Speckles, the sugar king, died
at his home in San Francisco on
Saturday afternoon in his eightieth
Remember the matinee on Friday-
afternoon (New Year's Day) at the
Edison Parlor Theatre. A lirst-claBB
programme will be announced.
LOST—A new blue Berge suit of
men's clothing, on the eueuing of tho
l'.lth iust. Tho finder will he rewarded
by return;i g the same to McKinnon
A- Sutherland.
Engincei J, Gould, who was bo seriously injur d last week liy the explosion ol the dynamo on bis engine,
is progressing towards recovery as
favorably as can be expected.
The mechanical stall of the Mmi.-
Hkhaui wish to express their thnnks
to Messrs. Bourne Bros, for the kindly
forethought which prompted them to
prpBe.it the printers witb a Christmas
box of cigars.
The may ir and the members of the
city council sat for their p:ctu es on
Christmas Day. A copy of the picture
will be framed and hung on the wall
of the council chamber along wiih
pictures of preceding councils
A Hrist-clas" programme wil !»■ put
...ul ihe hills t. I'.iisi Ills-..tie r
New Year's D.y and Saturday nighi
Iu the afterii'ion on Frul_y ihere wil
be a niH'inee at. 2:UU o'clock, and In
p rlorniauces will coii.ru. nee at 8
Ti e". J. Wadman is appointed re-
turning i Ulcer fur the bye electiou t'
tnke pluce next month. The election
is in,nlc necessary by tbe appoint mem
nf Mr Taylor to lho pisiii.ui oi
Minister of Public Works in Premier
McBride's cabinet.
Tue discovery of a rich vein of silvei
said to be Bix leet wide, thut may m.iki
the eastern part of Halifax county a
second Cobalt, has been make ut Mus-
quodboit in Nova Scotia, after a search
of tweuty yearB. It was discovered on
the property oi Miss Bessie Dunhruck.
The engine of a C.P. R. freight train
jumped the track at the bridge near
tile, B. C, on Saturday afternoon.
Both the engineer and fireman jumped
the latter being severely injured. The
engine now lies at the bottom of the
emoaukment, the rest of tbe train remained on the track,
A joint meeting of the Local Option
League nnd the VV. C. T. U. was helu
in the Baptist church on Monday
afternoon. Matters utVecting the work
of the organization wered-ScuB^ed and
a committee appointed to present to
the government the wishes ol tbe
league in matters of temperance concern.
Chiel ol Police Maione, ol Simcoe,
Ont., who was recently arrested, being
charged witb shooting Constable Wil
kins, with intent to commit murder,
bas been further charged with assisting Const. Wilkius in a number of
robberies tbat took place in Simcoe.
Const. Wilkius has made that confession before witnesses.
The Pacific Const was visited by
severe BtorniB on Christmas Day.
Seattle, Vancouver and New Westminster street cars and electric and
telephone lines; were all out of business. The shipping suffered severely,
but nu serious damage wus done
ullliougb u number of close calls for
the big steamers were reported.
Earthquakes extending from the
Yellowstone Park to Virginia City in
Montana, continued for throe days
last week, but without much damage.
The greatest harm was done to the
old Town of Virginia Cily by several
shocks. Several buildings wi re cracked
and large rents made in tbe earth,
some of them three inches wide. A
report from Crater Lake is thut the
shocks uero especially severe there.
Fissures were made in the mountain
sides, some of them a foot or two wide.
The Crater Lakes are lorined hy tho
ctnlcm of thirteen extinct volcanoes.
A very SUOOSSslul   dance   *»»  given
I y the   local  hcandinnvian   Lodge, B,
li  E  F , mi  Saturday  evening,  Dec.
116th, in thi Oddfellow's Hali.   Tbere
was a good attendance aud  ma  enjoy-
ble time was spent.
AU   kinds   of  new
Dealers in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. 0. Box, 206. Phone 26
Manufactured fur all ct asses of  buildings
for salo in large or smal-'quanbtttoa
ut tbe lowest prices for cash.
Alt kinds of buildiiiL' and plastering
Notice of Assignment
Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to the "Creditors' Trust Deed Act,
1901," and amoud ng nets, William
Fleming of the City of Revelstoke in
the Province of British Columbia,
Livery Stable Keeper, did on the lMlh
day of Decern her, 1908, assign all his
personal estate, credits and effects,
which may be seized and sold imdei
execution to Charles Holten of the
.-.aid City of Kevelstoke, Brewer, for
ihe lieinlil of his creditois.
And notice is hereby given that a
meeting of the creditors of ihe said
tVihi.iin Ft-ini i ig will he h Id ini he
.'Hie nl lilli.iu & Eliot., Lulu i i-nce
lilock, Mi-li.iiZie Avenue, Ke.els.iOke,
U.U., mi Sin ui day Uut 2ml day of Jan-
ll ry, liKM, at lhe huUl* ol 2,_IU o'clock
in i he afiei-iiooii.
All persons hiving any claims
against the -nut William fcT.-uiiug are
required io forward particulars of the
.-..iiiie only verified, io the assignee al
Reveletoke, B. (J., on or before the
loth day uf January, 1900.
Anil notice is hereby given that
after that date, the assignee will proceed lo distribute the proceeds of the
estate, having regard only to the
claims of which he shall have received
nolice and be will not he responsible
for thn assets, or any part thereof so
distributed, to any person or persons
of whose debt be shall not then have
received notice.
Dated this 23rd day of December, 1IM8.
■Solicitors for Assignee.
Take notice that a sitting of the
Court of Revision to hear and determine any complaints or appeals
against the assessment of rates or
frontage tax proposed to he levied and
imposed on the lands or real property
affected under I he provisions of bylaw
No. 120, being known us --Local Improvements Boulevarding Assessment
By-law No. 12(1, lll.ll." will be held in
the City Hull at the City of Revelstoke
oil Monday, the 4th day of January,
11)011, at the hour of nine o'clock in the
A statement showing the land or
real property liable to pay lhe assessment therefor and the names of the
owners thereof as far ns the same can
he ascertained and I he proposed assessment and report thereon of the City
Clerk are now on Hie in the office of
lhe Cily Clerk and open to inspection
hy all persons during ollice hours.
And further take notice that all
notices of appeal shall he served on
lhe Clerk of the .Municipal Council al
least eight days prior to such Court of
Dated this I2ih December, limn.
City Clerk.
Kevelsloke Lnnil District.
West Kootenay, B. 0.
Take Nolice lhal IH) lays after dale
I R. W. Lindsay of Oamborne, IJ. 0.,
occupation, merchant, Intend to apply
jor permission to purchase the following desorl bed lands situated on Fish
River, Weet Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north-east corner of A.I). MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805and marked "It. \V. Lindsay's Norlh-West Corner Postl" thenee
8 cliains to west line of MoKtnnon's
pre-emption; thence SO ohoins south
ihence H chuins east to MacKay's
ihence  north   ill)  chuins  lo   point   of
commencement,   containing 40 acres
more or less:
Located Oct. loth, iwos.
R. W. Lindsay, Locator,
Cut Flowers
Chiysanlhi inuiiis, Carnations and
other Cut Flowers supplied by J.T.
Bcalhy, Nelson, B. C,  (P O. Box 8.7.)
WHITE WOMAN cook wanted
iu hotel.   Apply to Mail Uerald
I ..OR BALK—Airtight Healer,  self
1     feeder,   Price $111    Aiiplv   AlA.II.-
IlKKALU, Ul1'* fi	
FOR SALK-Ono bedroom suite,
also one tinee-quailer iron bed.
All iu Ibsl class condition. Cun lie
men between ID s.m. and 5 p.m. All
dies- P.O. B.ix 7211
GOOD I'i'li ible business men Wanted
to  H'll   subdivision  liils.lt nil" nl
lie uiiisi   iruiioi'i iiiii  Hi mid Trunk Pa*
rifle divisional lunula.      Quod I'nlllinlh-
•Ion allowed.    R (i-n-nces required,—
W   A. Campbell. Nun on B nek, Win-
n i pea.
IOST-B Isien Pull  OIII e mi Hi-
J    Pliail's res ilen.e,   u lur    P tui'
| mill i'i ii.     F.oier  please   le,,\ nl
Man. IIkm .rn.
WANTED   Heir *  '•> !•*'   fur
niched, lm ud il I'' q I, icnii-
moderate.   Apply A GUIu. 4.h »ueot,
corneru(Mi Kensio A--        m Min,
WANTED—A Hr»i-class Pianeruian
uud lltni-t lass Rdgeiman, JMusl
Ue fhsi cliiss aud  iible  to  look   after
their own machine und turn uut well
manufactured  lumber,    In  replying
State wages required.     Address "K.'
care of Mall-Herald, Revelstoke,
of.lohnKuiii.il, late uf  Malakwa,
In tho Province of British Columbia,    Deceased.
NOTIOE is   hereby   given   pursuant.
to  Ihe Trustees and   Isxeootors  Act,
io uii creditors of the estate to deliver
to the undersigned before the 27th day
nf January, iuuo, full particulars of
claims, verified by Statutory Declare
tion. After suob date the Exeoutor
will proceed to dlitrlhuto the assets
ace irdlng to law.
of Davio Chambers, Vlotorla, li.c
Solicitiirs for ibe Exeoutor,
Hull 11 ilu .  I'fl h   day   of   Deeeiuehi,
A.D.. 1008,
Notice in hereby given that iho
time for the reception ol tenders for
Vernon, B 0. 1'ul'lic Building bus
heen extended to Docoinner BO111,
Plans and speolflostlonl are silo to
ise siieii at Vo'inia a d Vancouver,
B.C. By Order,
Nai'oi.ion Tkbsikb.
Departm**nt •■! p.ioi. w.ii-u,.,
Ollawn, N"V. .Dili, lUiiM
"ovi'Mokc I.Mii'l |H-.irlPt,
iHwinci nl -Vm. KoottnuN
Im.i-  ll'itl. ■■   l!i«l   1       U      It.    Ulilh    Of     Mintl"
ai-oHli  iiiTiii.uium   mill  i.vkm-r.   mil n't',   to-
n'l'ii for i ■■! nii»-i'iii io jiurciiiiM* ii,.* [,.i|,,u itik
I'xir.ii."!   hurl
r oiuiiH'iii'liiK At a i*"-t I'lKiiii'd at tlin «outh
WMt  corner nf   .el  7<iiri and  lorlbtd   0. K
..aniii's  iooita*flMt oorner poit,*' thence so
('hullo-) norlh, tbVDOO '-M chains v. ont, ihetirf 80
- hnitr ■.uui i,, thoncc .'ti rhaiim eant tu jhiIiiI ol
I'oinnioncoincul and 00QtftiQlll| W Ural mon*
or lent.
OHAKC-H .lOii'-HT L41fBi
O. li  ... wilkie, Agent.
baUd Ni.utunjr Mth, lim_
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind   Man's   Eye
A  Canadian   Made  \\ riliny   Machine
For ease of Operation and
perfection in ihe result- produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
Tho" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum ol noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs lese
care than any other machine
because there arc fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Reid & Young
We wish our many friends
and pa irons A Happy and
?ro*.perous New   Year.'
(><KK>-CKK^O-CK)--0-<>0- 0-0<>->0<KKH>0-0<K>
Heal Estate, Insurance- and Commission Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Hull
5E To all our Customers and
fc Friends   we   extend   the
_>-- -__■
|£: Season's Compliments.                    __S
gE __J*_^_j£_4__.                            2
£ Macdonald's &rug & Rook -Jtore 3
i__^- "                                                        -pj
Chief Bain is very ill at hia home,
suffering from an affection of the
Hopgood, of Kamloops,
the  guest ol Mrs.  Mur-
Mrs.  John
is in tho oity
j ray 11 uire.
Mr. Copp, of Kelson, has joined the
staff of the Bowman Lumber Company
Mr. I'.stey, of the Yale, Columbia
Lumber Co. of Nelson, is in the city
on a holiday visit.
Misa Joliffe, of Vancouver, is spend"
ing the holidays »ilh lier parents. Mr,
and Mrs. Joliffe of the city.
Miss (lift tide Dent came in from
Vancouver Christmas Kve to spend
the holidays with Mrs. Dent.
Local and General.!
Skating at the Kiuk tuiiight and
i.i ry afternoon and evening from this
Big dunce after the Si Plunkard
show, I'ec. 30th, music hy the band at
tbe Opera House.
Stuart McDonald has beeu appointed acting chief of police, during the
temporary leave of absence of Chief
The Mail-ID ru.is takes thi.* opportunity of extending to its readers best
v:.-i,s_- iijr s happy ami prosperous
New Vear.
the independent Bund will begin
the New Ytar right by giving an open
lire ncert from the McKenzie avenua
hand eland New Years afternoon,
weathar permitting.
Co-morrow, Thursday, my lust day
this visit. VVieb to thank all for lib-
oral patijuage extended, and wishing
all a happy and prosperous New Year.
—K  11. Trueman.
The cricket club Bmoker last night
was » most successful ail .ir. Space
will uot permit u detailed report in
this issue, but lull particulars will
appear in Saturd y    pa|
The Mau -Hkk u.d is in receipt "I u
let;e: •- si rrespondeul in reply to
Mr. J, M. K' Die's i tt( r _a the writi r
i: ■ : .- gned hi- own name to tin
• 'id Mr, Re.iii-. this paper
v II :. ; publish the correspondence
S . ..  ut the came oi the writer
Mr. A.O Wheeler, F R U.S   ,■•■-
id:ni ■.'   thi   -. pii ' Club ol   '.' inada,
t- ndered a banquet in the t'
Ni c.a."'.   Monday nigbt, Ian, Ith.
I ..-•  banquet   is   '-ing  given by the
li cal Alpine members and ia in < !>«rge
• f a cornmitte  lonaisting ol M< aa
I     Forde    Mayi r   I indmark,   i    M
ie and Mi    Hobbs,   Each Alpine
I._    ii   expected   t.-   bring   tw
.   ,' tre - can tn   'i uii I
tl •  abovt  u entiooi i. r immil lee     to
Rev. .   U.K. berU
rbere  -..ni a  large congregation al
..-.:. h._   ■ \i i,ing ■
-Iceisl I isn-tn.u- lervice ol praii
lm.   antbenia  by   tbe |i .
H.ik. What  Celestial Sounds.
1    I bee My ' iod snd Savi   u        rs
well rendered, reflecting oredii
leader bi] Mr. K. N. Doyle     I be
-   i y Mr-  1-  Can i roe   "Tbi i ni-
v rsal King     ind G      id's   Kepi
s!m. '    0 Ri teenier Uivini.    by Mr
Duncau of  Vancouver, were mucl eu
j by ihosc | rest BI I hi past i
gave a pithy 16 min iti .-•. u n appro,
prist, t'. tne j-iccu-i.n Tbe hearty
eongn gatl .n»i    inging     ■■- a leal i e
I tbi    '    - .'■•    * iiii'u   a • gi * ..■ i '■■ i-
:,• I tbi ,i. st ht Iplul -i •! en ioyabli
ever beld iu the city.
A Happy and Prosperous
New  Year
To You and Yours.
Hobson & Bell
Baiters and  Grocers
McKenzie  Ave.
Runts Collected.
Notaky Public
»oo-o ooa oo-o o-o-ooo-o ckk><_kh>o-o-o-6
Nice Five   roomed
House for     $1,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House  lor    SI.^00
Other   Houses at reasonable
prices.    All kinds of   Insurance.    Agents  for the cele-
bratcd   KARN   Pianos and
Piano   Players.    Money   to
Real Estate, insurance 1
nd Anderson
Financial Agents.      Money lo Loan.
nstallation of Officers Arrow
Lodge. No. 4-7.
'in Monday tbe second installation
of officers took place in Arrow Lodge,
A. K. ,v A. M , No, 17, Arrowhead.
There was a large attendance of niein-
b.TB and visitors. The following offia
core were duly installed und invested:
"\V. M,—L. H, Fraser.
S. W.—J. Iluigh.
.1. W.—.1. E. Bland,
Treas.—M. J. Donovan,
Secy.—J. R. Thompson,
Chaplain—VV. T, Johnson,
8. D.—H, <_. Iloppins.
1. D.—II. A. McCarthy.
S, h.—a, tl. Findlay,
,1. S.—F. D. Boyer.
I. C— H, Fraser,
li. C—D, MoKilli p.
Tyler—W. (■. .Smith.
The new Master then presented VV.
Bro. VV. R. Reid, with a i'ti^t Master's
Jewel, given hy the lodge in recognition of lhe giod work Bro. Reid has
done for this lodge as its lirst Master
After closing the brethren gathered
around the festive hoard, till the "wie
sma' 'ours 'ayont the twal'."
Death of Ida May Robinson
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
.1. H. Robinson, formerly of the Queen's
Hotel of this oity! will regret to hear
of tlie sad bereavement that has
recently befallen them iu the leitb of
their yuungeat daughter, Ida May,
Duly three veuro ago lnsl .''ily Mr. und
Mrs. Rol'iu.iun buried iu this eily
their young daughter, Pearl, nnd this
second bereavement will be indeed a
s.d one. Tiik Mail Hkiiai.h joins
with tlieir many friends here in ex-
iending to them iheir heartfelt sympathy, The Cannington Cleaner says:
'•Thursday, December JOth, 1908, at
Caniiiiigtoii, lint., after an illness of
about three weeks, Miss Ida May,
youngest daughter nl Mr. ami Mrs. .1.
II. Robinson, of the Queen's Hotel,
passed peacefully away. She was a
bright, cheerful girl, in her fourteenth
year. Her death is mourned by a
large circle of [fiends, lhe deceased
being very popular amongst the resident" nf Cannington. The funeral
I look place Saturday in .ruing, Decem-
I'lsi.r 12th, interment takiug place at
Brechin. The bereaved parents and
I family hnve the heartfelt sympathy of
Cannington and vicinity in their
Liberal Association
A general meeting of the Liberal
Association is called for January -1th,
1909, at the old committee rooms,
First street, at 8 p. in.
H. CoOKE, Sec.
powers of sale contained in a certain
mortgage which will be produced by
the undersigned (default uaving been
made in payment of the moneys there
hy secured) tenders will he received by
the undersigned up till \2 o'clock noon
of the 21st day of Jauuary, inon. for
the purchase of the following property,
namely, all und singular that parcel
or tract of land situate In the Cily nf
Revelstoke in the province uf British
Columbia, described as the North
ISast half of lots numbers 9 and 10, in
llloi'k it, according lo a plan of part of
the suid City of Revelstoke approved
.iiul confirmed at Ottawa the 21st day
of October, 1890, by Gdoward Deville,
Surveyor General of Domiuiou Lands
and ol'record in the Depart men I of
Lhe Interior together with any build
ings in improvements thereon.
The mortgagee may refuse to accept
the highest or any tender,
Duted nt Revelstoke, H.C, this29th
day of December, 1908.
Solicitors for lhe Mortgagee.
New Year cards at Bews' I hug Store
Try some  uf our lorty-ceol   Coffee.
Its delicious.   Mclntyre <S Sun
Fancy Art Calendars at Imlf   price.
i Bews' Drug Stni'c.
We extend to   one
and all   a Bright
and Prosperous
New   Year.
ii, if, <"t, ,1,
tp l_J,l l$l IJ.I
I'siii'i forgets Si Plunkard, the hest
if all  rural eon    I il    the
. ipera ; louse I'ec. 30.
the Bank ol I e is the first
Canadian bank ti  issiu i  . . ai trt ■
.. .,    chi qui -    thua   perl irming
same  aervioe aa done hy  th
.nler book -   ' I li -: resa
Booke 'i. ■   Baui d in vari   is dei
. .ii.- aud i■■■ :1    ih
;.ice . 1 ■ . ' am  unt for
it may b_ cashed in il    •• in . •
nil tbe European countries.   A   lei
■ • dii al ioi     -
,.   i  .1 *
ice value when
Che . \11 ■
■■   ■  -
-* evening by l Leaving
I aome I urn   a
noise  belped    ul   tbs lui
I . . M
the gs
•   ■        ite        the   itraina
. ii    isppy party rel
,...,,.   refresl
t.il     Bung snd a
.   .  in, and at 11 no  I ■■     uu
■ iperai d, vol be d iva i
li ii,j   . *.• IUCCi II
rhere wil no V
I   mi he  Hi I li ll
•in     li'.tii .      rs an    x\ acted I,
practii i he    Id
'Watch >• igbt' aeri ice a     bi beld "ii
I'bui    ij . .mg ii   ten I.
■-!..' lei "■    clock p, in   md closing
ediati .;.   ... er   12   o.
i '-in abort addresses will be
iven by Re\ J I: Robertson hikI
•li'. Pagdio, recently from England
Kvery person will fie welcome to tbia
■ervico to spend the Irlat bour ol the
Did Year in worship of Cod and the
irst moments ol the New Vear in
' ingratnlationa,
Social and Personal
E, C. Fromey ia spending the holiday! witli his family at the ooait,
VV. F. Ogilvie, of the behind Hotel,
Nakuap, is in the city on a business
Miss Heywood is visiting at. the
hoiiic of Mr. and Mrs. Tail, at TnfI,
I'he two sona      ■ ■..■■•      -     iwaj
mvei    nr"   in    tbe   cil ■.  tl
gueata      their a ml   M - i
- . i i
i er parents, Mr. and M ri   '
McCarti        Irs. Md
.  ■ -
I Dougla
1 irk        Cbrisl
I tbe Do*
pari ■ ■ -    od
..  -
laya il l  a
Mrs. I    li
nl   Mon
day  eve
Wedding   BeH5
retty wedding l ies a
'•Irs    \      ■■
street,  lea
i etweeu M a  -    I    -
tlarali Hettlt
Mr. II irold A Iberl   Man
;   il    ice   and   Frei   K   Ma
thia oity.
hing in 11.' ■   •'
lend n charm to tbe occaaion Mr
I:. B, E Hurry of Armstr ing und
Miss M ii Burrie 'if tbe R*
publio school, supported the bride and
groom, while little Nellie Manning
acted us llower girl, and Jim Muy
Manning played the Wedding    i irob
The happy couple loft on tbe mid
night express fur the east, where they
expect to visit Winnipeg, Ohloago,
Toronto, Hull'alo and other point!,
niter which they will return tn make
their home in Kevelstoke
11 rapes  antl   hn nanus  for Now Venr
at MclntyrcV
129—the i ure cough   remedy—80c,
ill. Hews' Drug Store.
New Year's  Dance
•>'■   i' .1   V ear  Out  ami the
'   Hi  II ill. I '
■ freshmenta.     Pickets
tra   idyfiOc
The Season's Greatest
Musical   Event
Revelstoke Opera House
, Jan.4
Orchestra nnil (Jowl Company
'I'll.    in.'.-I   unii|ue and  lirilliant
itiiisicul organization iu the world.
Special elaborate scenic und electrical equipment,
Seats Belling al C. li. Macdonald's
Din;;.*.- Book Store.
Prices:   $1.00,  75c, 50c.
* -      I „ I"    ■
Ai i<p
To all our
and Friends
we wish the
D. & A.        W. B.        P. C.1
We carry the inosl oompiete line of
Corsets in town and have just tilled up on
Hisses uud styles we were short of. We
would  particularly cull attention to the
D. C& A. Corset
us combining all the best points of corset
manufacturing. Model No, 212 i.s for tall
and average height medium llgures, nnd
will give you the hest figure you ever expected to hnve, and will niiike your new
gowns lil  perfectly.
We have Corsets for all figures, long
or shull waists and stout, medium or
slender figures,
Children's nnd .Misses' waists In all
styles from one year to seventeen years.
End of the year bargains
We have had a splendid Christmas trade, but of course
there are some left-overs, and we went to oleai them out. Set-
out'li) cent nnd 2.', cect  counters.     They arc full  of  bargains,
McLennan & Co,
Tho Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
Pipes  in
hest  and  largest   Stock   of   Cigars and
and made
Original Mac's Mixture now on hand
expressly  for  us by 1). K. McPherson.
11 rv Ceil ne, Ut inch lengths, full oord of 128 cubic feet -I.&.51) per cord.
Dry Hemlock, Hi inch lengths, full curd of I2S cubic fuel    ,S7 per  cord.
Special quotations on four foot wood und on  huge
orders  for stove wood of any  length.
This conl is equal to any domes- Maiuifaeturud  from hard   coal,
lie sofl coal on the market.    No The  best and  cheapest  fuel  on
clinkers, and makes very little the market,    free sample given
smoke. to any who havo not tried it,
$8.60 per ton $8.75 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
& *
* ■■
p.tl 0
HKAD OFKIOK :   eACOAiiv,   Auikhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Packers and Dealers In Livestock, Markets iu nil the princ,
ities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon,
era r.f ibe Celebrated Brand "Imperatur" Hams and Bacon,
"Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard,
Extend their Best Wishes
to one and all for a Bright
and Prosperous New Year
Watch for our Big
, Advertisement   in
Saturdays  Issue. _>
Special Bargains


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