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The Mail Herald 1908-10-03

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" B-npire " Typewriter
I'.ii enso o' iipiiiniii>n ninl pcifni-limi
in rolllta (il. dliciii, It-i-i machine
ie it i-.inpi-_.-d      I'iii-i, .flliillO ('unit
2   Interior Publishing Co.,   ■   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Slieoial Prices on
Five Conl Lots
E. W. B. PAGET, tMcKenzie Ave.
Vol.  14.-NO   74
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume
Stor_-_> at .ur_--ii,ead and Revelstoke.
" The 5-.-U. or Certainty u
"'   SHOE   •',
A/«7         M
Vj               OOOOTTLAJt. VklT, §mm                *j
Special among our Fall Shoes is this
shoe as cut. This is a medium weight Shoe
made in Vici Kid and Box Calf. For a shoe
for men who wear a medium weight all the
time, it cannot be beat.
Ladies' Blucher cut Laced Shoe with soft
kid mat top and plain patent front. A lovely
shoe, verv dressy and neat Goodyear Well.
Boys' Patent Leather Blucher Laced Boot
—a nice little Gentleman's Shoe,
toe, tioodvear well.
Misses' New Style Patent leather
Shoe welt, Fancy Tan Top and large
eyelets, one uf the seeson's novelties.
A very dressy shoe for young  ladies.
Buy " Peter's" Overalls, Union
made, and live up to Union principles.
Wear Hansen's Union made Gloves
and you not only have the best glove
made but you are living up to the
I'nio,l requirements.
Settlement Rumors Prove Unfounded
Montreal, Oct. 2.—C.P.R. strikers
here are surprised at n revelation in
tlie trial nt three men fur intimidating
strikebreaker.-. The ringleader of the
group urrPHted eniifeesed that lie wait a
Thiel detective disigtiiseit au a sympathizer in order to obtain evidence
apt in.-1 the iin'ii. He was acquitted,
and t"HSili"l a.Hintst- the oilier twn,
whu were fined $10 eaoh.
Tin' Canadian I'a ilic mill maintain
a policy of silence. O'Cniiuell says
mediation between the company and
the men is being arranged.
Montreal, Oct. 2—The Canadian
Pacific nuii.d house at Mile End, was
gutted bv tire early this morning.
Three locomotives were almost completely destroyed. Ten locomotives
were in the building when the fire
started, but seven were removed. Tbe
damage is in the neighborhood of
Contrary to expectations the strike
situation remains unchanged according to the latest reports. Rumors of
a settlement today have not been
substantiated although it wat thought
that negotiation' between the strikers
and tbe officials at Montreal would
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Stores tut Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
We have as usual got one of the best assorted flocks of
"Sporting Goods in B. C, In tue small "Arms" we banal! the 22-cslibre rilles nude by Ihe Winchester, Savage,
.S'cvens and Hamilton Arms Co. In the military and
spurting sizes we have tlie Ross Ride, Savage 303, Winchester 303, 30 w.8., 32 Spec, 30-30, 3H 5D, and all the
nioKt popular arms made.
Shotguns, sin'.-l" and double 1 arretted—Parker,
Winchester and Stevens makes. Loaded shot shells in
all the bent makes, Military cartridges in Canadian,
English ai.'I American makes.
-   nnd Vests.    Dags  ami  Cartiidge  Kelts.
Shooting ('..iii«
Tents in all «i/."
Ktiook-dowu Cump .Stoves.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Golden   Engineer  Undertakes
Work in South America
Because of the merits ol construction of the Euir-vshcds on the C.P.R.
ti'tiiiscniitiiieiitnl line at Koger<t Pass,
the building of wbicli be superintended while in the engineering service ol
tbe C.P.K., Mr. J.E Griffiths of
Qolden is now in receipt of an offer to
proceed to South Africa to build
suownheds on the Trans-Andean railway. For ten years Mr. Griffiths has
been out ot the service of the C.P.R ,
and at the present time he is provincial government a.eut at Golden,
Recently the English capitalists,
who are building tbe transcontinental
railway in South America, one terminus of which will lie Buenos Ayres in
tbe Argentine, and the other Val.
paraiso on the Paoific, were faced with
the problem of snowBbeds at the great
divide of the Andes. In seeking an
engineer qualified to undertake the
work lhe builders of the line remembered that the C.P R. suowshi'ds were
tbe most extensive and scientifically
built iu the world und liny got into
communication with the company. It
is said that if satisfactory arrange
incuts can be made Mr. Griffiths will
leave shortly for South Ameri a to
root in tbe Andes.
Rear-end Collison-Elkins Wedding—Vast Grave—Pioneer
Dead—Auto Record—Gigan
tic Strike
SKi.Kh k, Man., Oil, 3,—A rear end
collision i it ween two west bound
freights "••• urred on the Canadian
Pacifiiial East Selkirk at 1.80 o'clock
in which Georgo B.iiley of Kenora
was seiiniisily injured and two others
badly cut and bruised.
Paiiis, Oct. 3—A iprci il dispatch
received bere from Rome says that tbe
Duke de A'hruzzi and Miss Catherine
Elkins, daughter nf Senator Stephen
B. Elkins of West Virginia, will be
married on or about December 10.
Official notification ot the wedding
will be given out November 10
BOMBAY, Oct. 3.—The correspondent
of a local newspaper who has reached
Hyderabad, 'he oapi'al of th? flooded
district, describes that city us a vast
grave. The streets and bazaars have
been tram-formed into a grewsonie
mass of stone, mud and decomposed
Victoria, Oct 3.—Mrs. Joan Olive
Dunsmuir, widow of tlie lite Robt rt
Dunsmuir, disc-nvfrer nf the Wellington eoal mines on Vancouver island,
died inis. illuming Mrs. Duns tiuir,
the richest woman in Caned •, w ■.< 80
yearf ,,' „gV,
Brighton Beach, Oct. 3.—R.,|ph
De'lama, driving a 00 Imr-e powi r
Italian car, broke the track recotd for
the mile in the autnmobile r»c-s today, covering the distance in 52 1 6
London, Oct. 3—A strike which
threatens to involve balf a million
railway employees and to indefinitely
tie up tra ispartation all over the
United Kingdom, may be called in a
fortnight aB the result of a referendum
vote being taken by the railway employes. Tho dispute relates to scale
of wages and hours.
Officers Appointed—Successful
Last Wednesday night the Y.M.C.A.
track team met. for an informal (-upper in the y.M.C.A. supper room.
Twenty of our athletic young men sat
down to a good table and promptly
went out of training, judging by the
amount nf pie that vanished After
supper the buy discussed athletics in
general and decided that it was necessary to form a recognized association
truck team which lliey decided to do
at once.
An indoor athletic meet will be put
on during the coming winter and
most of the hoys will stay in training
all winter.
J. Lyons was elected as president of
the track t.i am, W. G. Astle captain,
and A Woodland secretary.
Tbe past year has been very success
fill and the boys are looking forward
to an even better year ahead of tbem.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Until further notice this Bank will be
open C. P. R. Pay Night and following night
each month, from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Open every Saturday evening from
7 to 9. p. m.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed tin deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Coursier v. Rex
VANCOUVER, Oct. 2—Sir Thomas
Taylor if the Exchequer Court of
Canada took his seat on the bench at
the court house yesterday morning to
conduct tbe trinl of Coursier v. Rex,
but it had been agreed by counsel to
submit the case to a refer, e anil appli
cation for leave before tho Exchequer
Court at Montreal had   beeu  granted
H. N. Coursier is a resident of Revelstoke and be is claiming damages
for injury lo his property by lhe construction of a dam across the river and
the flooding of his orchard and other
Mr. Bourne explained that application to permit the case to go before
an arbitrator had been made because
of the expense of bringing the witnesses from Revelstoke to Vanoouver,
The arbitrator wiil be Mr. Justice
Martin. Mr. KM lam appeared lor the
government side.
Trainer Paris Must Leave the
New Westminster, Oct. 2—The
remanded case against George Paris,
the trainer of tbo Vane mver Lacrosse
Club, who was charged with shooting
with intent to do bodily harm and
with pointing a revolver, came up for
bearing before Magistrate Corbould
yesterday morning. The case is the
lesult of the melee that followed the
Vancouver-Westminster games. The
prosecution pressed Mr. Russell for
the defence to givo bis word that Paris
would sever his connection with the
lacrosse club. This was agreed Magistrate Corbould then said he would
take a lenient view of the case and
fined Paris $50 and costs on the first
charge and $10 and costs on the
second.   A minor charge was dropped.
I iutend wilding iny nt dee for Furs at the end of
An) i,in- wishing In iii'dei- any special Kile can run
see Catalogue and get prices tit tbo Store before (hen.
opposite Climax  Hotel, First Htro.it.
Edison Parlor Theatre
Tbe billowing is the programme for
1 Overture—Mr. Veith.
2 Clog Making in Brittany.
3 "Merry Widow" Hat—Comic.
4 False Coins.
5 Illustrated song — "Neath the
Acorn Tree"—Mr. Collins.
ti "Beautiful Butterflies"—beautiful colored pictures.
7 "Locked Up—Full of fun and
funny incidents.
Hospital Report
Tbe   followiug  b spital   report
the month   ot   September
banded in by tbe Matron.
Hospital days  486
Patients     41
Operations      6
Dressings     213
Outdo ir Patients    106
of   Two   Cents  Across
York, Oct. 2—The
new reduced postal rate lietween this country and England went into effect on
Thursday. Many persons in New
Yotk and I'liilirularly many business
houses, have beeu holding back mail
to get tho benefit of the new rite, aud
some of the tidal waves ot mail
came just after midnight to catch two
steamers that leave then.
The new letter rale between the
two es, unl lies has lieen cut down to
less than half what it was. Letters
mav now be sent to Knglanil for two
cents provided that tbey do not weigh
more than one ounce. Formerly it
cost five cents an ounce for tbis postage. In England tbo same sort of
Change will bo made, a letter coming
to ibis country for a penny.
Inland Revenue
The following is the statement of
collections for month ending Sept.
aOtb, 1008:
Kevelstoke  if 7,181 _4
Asbcroft         560 06
Golden        1,360 64
Kamloops           882 88
Vernon      3,761 38
The  fnllowiug   basketball schedule
has   been   arranged   for  tbe opening
series at the Y M.C.A.    Following tbis
will come the Lindmark trophy series,
for which   it   is   expcc.ed   additional
entries will be made:
Oct. «, C.P.R Road Team v Gym Team
" 14, Intermediates v Shamrocks,
" 21, Roid Team i* Alerts.
" 28, (liiu T,ant v Shamrocks.
Nov. 4, lutermedittes v Alerts,
" 11, C.P.K. Ro nl Team v Shamrocks
" 18, Gy.ii Ttsa n v Alerts.
•' 25, Road Team v Intermediates.
Dec. 2, SliHiiiiocks v Alerls.
" 9, Gym Team v Intermediates.
A small iidmis.-iiiii lee wiil be chared to ee" the games: lie. for gentle
men, 10c. Inr ladies, l'lj. for chi.dren
unless acci-mpanied i-y tbeir parents
in winch cent they will be admittid
free ol charife.
tin the evening of tin 6th there will
Im a social evening in the association
parlor and it will be the opening of
the taiket l>, 11 reason. The social ii
free to all and all friends and members
of the association ure invited to attend.
Tbe gymnasium seas i i commenced
on Thursday night wi. n a class of 20
men, who (or the lirst nigbt put on
some good work. W. G. Astle playid
the piano fnr the musical drill ai:d
tbis makes a very pretty thing ti
watch wh' n a gr-itp of men meal
working in perfect time.
The class tonight should lie well
attended and any wbo intend to get
into the classes should join at once
and get a full season's exercise.
Don't forget the road race on
Thanksgiving Day.
Dominion Timber Lessees Must
Guard Against Forest Fires
A new set of rubs ill connection
with timber licenses on rDominion
lands is publ abed, Tbey provido for
the prevent ini of lorest fires, and
order that nil debris left in taking off
timber le gathered together and
burned within a suitable safeguard,
Kvery operator is also to have an
efficient fireguard omul bis works,
and there aro other regulations which
the livens will be bound over to perform in a sum to be determined by
the Minister of the Interior.
Yon Will Wait
in Vain
If you vv?it with the expectation or hope of finding better grades of Teas
and Coffees than we are
now offering to our cus-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   tomers.
Bntb are chosen on account of tlieir select quality and both give
the Ki'entest satisfaction U  thnse who are used to the best.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily
Watermelon-*, Cantaloupes, Apples, Plums, Pears, Peaches.
Green Oom, Tomatoes, Celery. Cauliflower, Cabbage. Cucumbers, etc.
Hardware, Ctoves, Paints, Etc.
We have a line of Fishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition and
Camping equipment—the best Stoves anp Ranges on the
market. Sherwin-Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes and
dry colors.
Bourne  Bros.
that's a tony
ml. Swell
Dry  Stove  Wood, prompt delivery,
H. N. Goursisr,
913,736 80
Col, for Sop, 1007.   12,355 80
Increase  9 1,381 50
Tooth brushes for 25c,   Hundreds
to choose Irom at 0. R. Macdonald's.
Canada's Ten Parliaments
The Parliament ol Canada, just dissolved, was elected un November 3rd,
11)04, and thus lasted three years and
ten in,,nl ha.
Thn first Parliament elected in IKI17
was dissolved in 1872, four years and
nine months later.
The second lasted from September,
1872, to January 1874, one year snd
four months.
Tbe third dated from February, 1874
to August, 188H, (our years and five
The fourth dated from 1878 to 1882.
The tilth from August 1882 to January 1887, four years and five months.
The sixth from April 1887, to February, 1801, three years and nine
The seventh from March, 1891, te
April, 1806, five years and ten months.
The eighth from July, 1896, to Oct,
1000, four years and two months.
The ninth from December, 1900, to
September, 1904, three years and nine
W.J. Curtis, Piano Tuner, will visit
Rovelstoke in October. Orders left
with Mr. It. Howson or Lewis Bios,
will receive prompt attention.
In the cool evenings to come, not only will one
of our tony top coats look well hanging from your
shoulders, but it will keep off that chill.
The earlier you buy your clothes the longer you
have the use of them.
Fabric, fit, finish, style, prices—these are the
live things to look out for—one for each finger and
your thumb.
When you go to buy an Overcoat, Raincoat or
Suit of Clothes, look at your thumb and let it remind you that it is a duty you owe yourself to come
to our store and sec what good clothes we can show
We also carry the best assortment of Men's and
Boys' Shoes in the City.
McKinnon _*•& Sutherland
to L
At 8 Per Cent.
School Attendance.
The attendance at the public schools
lor August was as loi lows:
s    _■_
=            O S
5.      a.
blic School—Div. I.   15
95.67     9
—   "11.   27
93.00   20
—   "III. 38
84 42   15
—  "IV. to
89.93    14
—   "V.    81
91.12   12
—   " VI. 43
H4.46   22
—   "VII. 50
85.62   17
—   "VIII50
'.14.36   28
—   "IX   62
8983   28
— "   X   62
8914   24
—-_— —
89.25 189
Advocates Bimetallic Standard
Victoria, Oct. 1—Mr. Moreton
Frewen, in an address before the
Canadian Club here yesterday, urged
the formation of a Canadian party to
advocate a bimetallic standard. He
stated tbat tbe issue would in tbe
next four years be revived in the United States and would again enter the
arena of practical politics.
Tbs programme for the Edison Par*
lor Theatre for Monday and Tneeday
next week is as follows: "Tbe Dance
of Death," "In Brazil," "Justice of the
Bed Skins," Illustrated song, "Red
Wing," ' Tbe Haunted Castle," and.
"The Students' Jokes." THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
tXbe flfoafMbc valb.
i      -;,:...   Y\ EIINE311AY A.N !■ S4TUU-
liAl   AT
'll BVEI.STOKE, B.<1
Barristers, Solicitous,  Ivrc.
O 1  r A W A
Parliament .i>,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
i sli-. MtlRPHY. IIakoi.h Fibher
, n.i.\N _. KI.L10TT
BarrlaU-rn s.,li,it,,r.. etc.,
., ., .11   I'.i.i.niri
AND I■.      .11A.M,
IPFICK.      Im'm.im.   Hank   I.mxjk,   iti_v__i.
SliiKK,   li. r,
.Money _o loau.
:■:        III vt\ i"k.', H i      i ruubrouk, H  L'.
IBO. _3,   Ml I     .HTML
A.   M.   I'tM-lIAM. J. A,   HaHVKY,
|{< i'-iiatoko, i!  i .      (J run brook, U.
j. M. Scan LL VV. I. UrigRs
H'OTI   ..    BRIGGS
UARRisTKHd, Solicitors, Ki
Money  in Loan
solicitors yon Molson"1 i!a.\
E u-pl Street. Hen- -.oke,  IL I
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Stttveyi.e
lingineui mg
■Ii Kknzie Avknce,
( i iti lien ted Teacher of
l'i.iius. Vocal Theory.
.V usiciil Kitidergiu ten
i lasses Ior young chilli "ii.
Studio nver
Black Walch
Black Plug
Hie Chewing Tobacco
of Quality.
Banff Hard Coal
We are now'receiving a lull supply of the
different sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market,
All orders will be promptly and satisfactorily attended to,
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open Grate.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Arrangements   Completed   for
Shipment to England
The ai'iangeuiiuils Inr the shipment
nf British Columbia liuit. to the fall
fairs nf the Old Country have teen
completed, ai.d lhe special cur will
leave Sicamous for Quebec, en route
for l-'ngland October Uth. It will liiu every sense of the wind a provincial
exhibit aB shipments are lieing collected and forwarded frum every pail
of the province.
U. II. I'ltlnier, deputy minister of
agriculture, goes ill charge of the
shipment, which will he shown in all
the principal shows in Kngland.
The. 0, H R. has shown every dis-
positimi to assist the government in
all possible ways in putting the re
sources of Uritish Colillil> ia before tin
Uritish public. It has provided a cold
storage cur free o' charge which will
lie bitched on to the express and
taken across the emit inenl in fast
At Sicamous ihe car will hu at
tached tn the transcontinental t.iprcss
train, and ou Ois.nl. r Uth, will start
on itb journey In I'J ebec in order to
conned "ith th Km pi ess of Ireland
•vbieh I-uvea that port October 10th.
Che ADafMberalb
Tt.tir. ',- -i, imicti Ins' ... , a, i.»,-t ul ,i ■
An i -■> .:.....1 *,.,„, ;;  tlie w.sr.l ,,t tl.
Tl it ll i.-r.tiy tititi,,.>,_.. an. ol i
T.. ml. .,'....ii the ru-t ,,f u..
IH.\ kl.Ol'MIJNT.
Thai   Revelstoke    has   n   greui
future   before   her  with   her   un-
• I situation nnd remarkably
iiii' climate, w t- llie  general o|  n
io    if tin ■•      liton last wi ek,
.     .i    ■ I .' USlinl   -la.elllclil   nf
' i. Alio have . pent any length of
linn       ll .  -, i inily and had oppor-
■ —• ..i   i tidying   the coniJiiinns
. lions thai  go In mnko
:   ' Our i itizeii! grunt thai
tin      ..I.. |iini ut-  are tt ne and
• |i    <•   in the [not, hnl if   the i ity
v. ishee   I i   re ich thai   stage of im-
■   to which iti- ent itleil a ml
unong   tht    hig i ommert-inl
il lhe Province and eveni n-
i       '. •  I ■ •.. ■ tion, local indusl t , -
i.i    lev eloped   to   a greati r
A determii eil effori musl
:•■ to   et tie the vacant land,0
•    hhorh tod   n ith  n good
i ...--   of   setth i-   an i   this can he
: ndh idual  ■ fforl   on tho
I in "I local •■'un i-t n- than hy gin ■
nnl   -   slam •■    Wi ha t p nun-
dm i-   o|   at rs--   nf   rich, valuable
■■.I-,, distance of  the
iid   everj    (ai Hit)  should he
_■".••:  ■     ntemlin-   | ircl i •■■- and
i ire the en nn    M ;i. ,,
.... •■;..!   :,.   much  -
,--•_•••    .        ol development,
•  •    n out   important part   of   i he
s   . be   | erfoi ini-'i  I
i     rd ol   l'radi    mil tithi r irgani
.lions who ire able to gel it lie Iter
.-.-■  .•!   M-ttlei    ind investoi th in
tht   govt mmi ot agent,     We need
■ ma lidi . eltlere and investor.
rts will go to building up
' '■•■ district and add to its material
' int ement < Irgnnizcd offort is
needed and Bhould il lie forthcom-
tht ri i.Its- would he well worth
thi trouble and expense incurred,
Public Meetin
Friday, Oct. 9th
Candidate of the Conservative Party,
and other prominent men will address
the Citizens of Revelstoke in the
Opera House
Candidates of Opposition Parties or
their local representatives are invited
to be present and participate in the
Meeting to commence at 8 p.m. sharp.
The    Revelstoke   Independent  Band
will be in attendance.
"G-od Save The King'
leptitntio'i is a p ii-nt f.n"'if  i.i  La eon-
*-s    s- ilt ri il    -is   it    i-   «. >ii>s.Vilnius-   nilli   the
■ '-■iility, nn rii   uml   pi
>>7   jj^-tv^^SC^  'l'"'hty, "   'lll!|  I" '''" "f :"-•-•" •''-
Xftft&r ':vJ  UMklf'-*"\■''• ""ll1     It vu il',il a'.   Hastings,   fmyle   _
/..''*..   j. 'I4_].'~'tjiV-jA | A Hum's   y.'ii   will   kn.-w   you   will   I.
.^'.AA/' ^h.':~y'-■■ ■'.'jKtiL**!^ li.il.il f.iiilv. im   " si'er   how  yoo   niav
iill    t
BMHWrl '''"' ''ickiiiK iii tivhiiii-al knowledge ol tin
ffijAA^r'- value and quality of jewels of  any  kind
i*^; ' £j'. - We keep   onl)    llie   best   and   t-hi.luesl
'j&ffjfflib Where (fold is u<ed it is marked with tbs
i../'"/5'-;Sj« ' carat, siuuip. witb silver it is sieiiine,  is
*>\C„ fghf tieins .ml piei-iniis stones llteii   tpiality i-
,^f___|( hilly guaranteed.
Hastings. Doyle & Allum. Limited
A New Carpet    m MWgggN
from onr choice and handsome
slock of AxiniiibtiT, Wiltons, etc.,
will give you both pleasure and
satisfaction when you see the rich
and beautiful effects of the colors
and patterns and the durability
of the fabrics Our carpets are
made by tbe best manufactures,
and are made to wear well, as well
as to look well.
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branches.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Import direct from country ol origin.
_.   P.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Furk Packers and Dealers In Live Stock. Maikeis lu all Ihe prhii-l
nnl Cities and Towns of Alberla, Uritish Oiiliimbbi and lhe Yukon.
Packers r.f ihe tVlebrated Brand " Inipirnl i" Hiuiih and Baeiin,
aol " Sliiinnoi k" Biiind L"iif I. nil.
-i^%-«^^%^«^%^«^-«^%%^%%%«%«^%'%^'%-%« *
Pot Agricultural InipUimetii. . t'lirriages, Wnguus Ktc., JmIin
l-O'io Ploagbs. Uoltua VTaguii^ Oanadii Carriage C'oinpanjr'a
llnggioi, Ph not jr., Qarden Seeder* and Pultivatora. Wheal-
wright ami ninck iv.ith Wnrt ntlenderl t<» Hnrs-a Ixieing a
Central Hotel
______ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly luiill        H'ir-t■('Ihhh in every W_>w*l.     All modern convenieno«r
LiirKi' Hiun|il« Uiihiiim.
Kales SI.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
siiitiilily furnished with the choicest the
markc- affords. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBEET      STO-CsTTH      _P_R.O_P.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For His Furrn. (Union Lawn
or Conservatory
Re liable varieties ai reasonable prices, No borers, Scale
or fiiititgatioii lo damage stuck.
Nn windy agents i,i annoy you.
Buy ilirecl and get trees antl
•.ceils that grow.
Fertilizers, ISec Stipplies,Spray i
I'liniliv,  Sprayiii); .Material,  Cut I
■'lowers, etc. Oldest eslab-l
lislieil niii'Msty on llie mainland
of 11.(1.    Catalnyne free.
ti teen Houses and Seel Houses J
VANOOUVER, B. C.       «
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
BH_.Sop.__ Lk.Mniiitob*.
I'Vi. Oct. 2 Biun. Britain
Sal.  "   IU Lk.Ohaniphi.inKri. Sep.211
I''ii.   " lb Kmp. Ireland Kri. Oct, 2
Sut.    " 21 Luke Kiic     Wed.    "   7
Kri.     •"    I Kmp. Hiiliiin Kii.    " Iti
Iatermediate Season from Monti eat
and Quebec
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Clans
$911 00    $.-8 75 ' $28 7,s_
1 st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$;j ,.o       $42 50       $27 50
O'l'iiiiii I.akk Boats -
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap mien to Atlantic Seiiboind
points  in connection  with steamship ticket:.
PiiHscngeti. Iiiiukcil to Norway,
Swnden, Antwerp, Hamburg nnd
all other eonliiie tat ports.
Kor forth i* iu format ion nppl    to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.O.P.A.
Ki'velsluke. Vancouver.
Dray in£
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
SAFES, pianos; etc.
Healer in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 1
TENDERS are requested for the
purchase of Lots 12 and lit, llli.uk fi7,
situate on Eighth Street near McKenzie Avenue, in the Cily of Revelstoke. These fine building lots belong
to tho McDonald Estate, mid will be
Hold at n 8»ciilice to olosc up lhe
estate. The highest or any tender
not neccHsarily accepted. Forward
tenders on or lioforo 1st of October,
1008, to tho undersigned.
Barristers, Vancouver.
Itw. -WIS.
Queens ftotel
Host brands 01 Wines, Liquors anil Cigars.    Travellers to
l-'ish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
l'\K'l V U0VJ_KN_.__.-iT
I in   warmth  ol elections i.u per-
■■ 1 ■ My  tilling the blood ol e\• 1;.
.' 1 man. be he  [liberal, 1 'onHor-
live, or  Socialitst, and campaign
ardor is making itself fell "it every
-i'ls       Neither  side will lone nny
1 .int. im   matter   how   minute in
order   tu   gain   a  man li un their
opponent and not uufrequenlly   re
tiie methods adopted tree from   1  -
pit ion It iin,-t I,, admitted lhat
part) gnu-riiHiini ilm-- noi ., .. ,
bring out the "aweetnesi nnl light"
that exiet in humanity I he virtues ol tionesl .. ' andor, truthful-
ni--', men > and open faced action
.ire often (trained and .treb hed by
.! to breaking puint ami sometime?,
unl very frequently, beyond it,
It if invariably lhe 1 aee, that the
real issues of elei tion 1 ampaigns
are apt to be I«»--1 dghl ol when the
prize ot odloo and power and their
accompanying ai ccsHorios is sel up
111 tin* Ihing In in attained ur rc-
1,'iincil when one party wishes to
stav in and tin other to get In,
Knelt party trusts lis >,»n virtues,
and itf opponent's vices foromost;
they charge and countercharge;
they endeavor lo lay trap- for lho
other lo (all   iti, und  thoy  try by
any tne m-       to
opponents   in   I he •■ ■- n    In
low, thej unite iher hip and
thigh, and imile disbelit i .it each
other's   statemenl       t)i  ■    when
1 the battle is over and the blind ng
Bmoke uf it has rolled .1 ••• i* ire
the oontastanti  able  to tee 1 .ear
nnd think straight, Then tbey
sometimes almost wonder what
they fuuglitoac.b other (ur and nt-
tic down again lo wail for the time
to come    when    the  battle mny be
fiittglit nil over again. They are
always ready fur another figM—
both sides—ami ibis is the hope of
lhe world I
NO   l'OMTK-8, rtlCMUION,  OR
Such  in  tin1 heading of a not Ieo
which   will   be   prominently din-
■ I in di the   i-iri- Halls in tbe
"   "I   I'.iin-ii  Columbia, loi-
lowing Hu    ■ I. ,1   one ,,f   ti„-
Pin   • h ef.   111 ihe  r ml conven*
'    H    '     Hire Chiefs at New
Lmin-Her Him has found it
"i antageous In striking
contrail to A merit an institutions,
it was generally agreed that politics and political exigencies bail
nothing whatever to do with up-
point orients lo fire brigades on tin-
side ui the line Religion, pollth i
.nnl whisky nre njright In their
right, plane ami ivlien mil abused,
but when they are used as ■> moans
of controlling any ituatlon, organ
i/niiiiii, ur public iii'iniii depart
ment, then llioy are n "hell on
if   you   iiini Ooiirslor'seoa/, order
well abend
lU'velslnki) Land Dlstriot,
in ii 111 ut W'i'si Kootenay,
T.iki- nolice I Iiii I .luim .Mii'linel llnyle
,,r itevi'isiiike, n.I'.. Maniixei, Intends
11,apply for permission to purohiMiOtbe
following ili'si'lllii'll In inl'.
Commencing al a post planted ou
ihe easterly bunk uf the Columbia
River at tlie north-weal coiner of l/ot
_j771 Group I, Kootonay, and marked
"John Mi Doyle's souln-wosl corner
pusi,"  ibeiK usi.  in elialnsi thence
imilli IHi'hiiins; Ilii'iui' west III chains
more   or   less  lu  ll iislerly bank of
the Columbia riven tin  southerly
along Ibe liitok of suid liver 10 chains
inure ut less to I lie poinl uf I'oiniueilcc-
111, nt,  oontalning  100 ocii«s mote or
Ily bi- nuenl, (Iwi, H, McCaiU'r,
li.itcl June -nib. ii"<«. i'2'i mill
Notice Is bernby given Unit tbo uu-
tlcrslgncd will, nit be ex pit a tion uf une
llliilllll,   apply   III   llie  Supelilltelltb'lll
of Provincial Police for a transfer lo
('iiiiituiiiiin Hotel I'uuipuiiv. Limited,
ul' the hotel license now beld by me In
ri'Hpeei of ibe Coronation Hotel al
< '.iiitbui ne, ll, ('.
Haled Ibis Hid ilii) ul   _UgUS.fl.l_-,
migii Im       I'onv Mkmiinkk.
TAKK NOTICK Hint I, Sauiml
.lames Hallow, ui Nakusp, 13. (.!., Ill-en,
putioii, farmer, intends to apply for
jut mission Iii pint lis"'' lb'* fnllowlrg
desi 1 ilicd laud '
CouillienoitIK lit a iHs.st. plaiiteil at a
poinl twenty (211) iliatni. east of a point
eight, cbaius south of thu southwest
coruer of Loi No. 8.140: tbenee suutb
III chains, ibence oast 10chains, Ihence
um Ih II) chains, ih'iice west 40 chains,
to poinl. nf 1 uiiiini nceiiicnl and containing 0111 liiinilicil nod, sixty ilOOi
ilcles inure ur le.'l.
(Bgifi sami-kl Jahbb Harlow.
Dated July II, 1008,
Hcvl.tiila l.mi'l lie.lricl.
Ili.lrlrl ul U'r't Ksmlcniij
I .k. in,'.1, r ilinl 1, Nurtimti I. HuLsod ol
1 - im.ri.It,,., \''h , i„t.i|.miioii Hroltisr, lulen'lD
in sppl** inr I'tTinls.ii'ri to purcbssslos lollow
mu .tiss-Mitlss-.l J.ui'i ;
' ..,,,ini.|ii.|ii.' al 1, 1'iisl I'lmut'il ftt lbs Ruillli-
•Ai'sl corner (>f Lot bltn 111 ' cihul] '. »;io\
p-.1j.miI H'i iuiIcn '.l-:si ,,t tht-vvpsit Hlinre of Ar-
rnu l,..,s fttel 1,1.st, .1 "H j'. Mats', N, W.
cicH.r.' tlieui'd 40 chalna nouiii, ihoiica-to
islialnir-aat, IbSUFSW "ii.lim north, thouoe JO
. iiain   weal, contalnlnK en acraa, more or tosh.
lute Sept.4, IM,
■ i'i. li sod Hy John K, Taylor, hia s|«m.
Sixty ilu vs. after date I Intend to
apply io tbe Child' t'liiiiniissioner of
Lauds nnd   Works  for  permission to
purchase   the    I'ollowiiiK   described
Hi'Hiiiuiiiu ul a post planted at the
soul b-etist cm nil' of Lot No. SullO pur-
chased by Julius liuugiil, iiinniiig
west 211 chains; theuce south 211 chains;
theuce cast 20 clialos; thence north 211
cbains to point of ciilllllletlcenient.
Dated June 24th, inns,
KiiWAim Woi.k, Applicant,
jly 1 I>. Dewar, Agent,
Certificate of  Improvements
Min,i ll 1111i11i.il (Iiiiiii, nlliluL-uflit Ilia 'J rout l.i'Vr
Mlninu Division of Went Koottumy l)l.til<:t,
Whi-ri' Iih.iUmI. At thn Inuiii nf Uoat Cieek Hc-.^lu
HiljuiilUK Ilu- t-.ils.iui mtiii i,il 1'1,'ilrn, Lot J.'>*7,
(Iroup I. 9
Tnke imiii-.) tlmt |,« It .Smith, I'.M.C. WlIwH.
at-tiiiK iih iiicfiit for J. II. Mackenzie, F.M.,5. No.
I_!t__u,\ inU'ihl, rtixi) iliijh (rom thn fl.it*' liercof, tn
apply t-i tut MlniiiK Utsn-rtlerior a CfllilflCttfl of
Iii))itovi.nieutr-, for lhe piiipn-ii of ohtnlntii-f k
Crown (JriLiit. of tin' iiimvi' ciitiiti.
Anil further Ink-a m.tire that action, ini-iei
twcttoU 37, iiuwt Imi cotnuiencitd before tlielMtl-
111 iff; of _.in. 11 (>Hi-lo.il.o of IraprnTeinuntri,
linlwl thlfi Uttl day of Jiine A.])., I0U8.
hu     _7 H. MMI HI.
llevelsloke Land District.
llislrict of West Kootenay,
Take not ice that O. Brink, of Halcyon, II. C, Cruiser, Intends to apply
for permission to ntiruboss the folloiv-
ing described binds,
t'liinineui.'lii',' at a pout pliuited oil
the mist side of Upper Arrow Lake, al
the south-east oorner of Lot 2151, and
marked "ii. K. Hiitik'H North-West
Coiner Post"; Ihence east, 20 chains;
thence soulh 20 chains; lbeuce west
ISO ohains to tho lake shore; tlience
northerly along the lake shore 211
chains more or less to the point of
coimiicuccincnl, containing 10 acres
mure or less.
Dated AtiKii'-t oib, 1008, THE MAIL-UEltALD, KEVELSTOKE, li C
_*—■——_——    ii  ii
Why have an oven
Emfflcient only for three
pies when "Sask-alta"
Range oven will take
four pie3 and other
cooking? The more
baking space you have
—the lees fuel you rife- the lees work you do.
Fuel and work are just about the main items
of expense in  th.   kitchen.     "S_fsk-altaM
Range saves both   for you.
ton.: .'. Io.onto,Montreal Wlnnlpri. Vancouver, St Jehn, damllten,-_J_M.
l-'Olt SALE BY
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
the Muntcipal CnlUtcil of lhe L'ui pol'a-
tinu ot the City of Re.elstoku Intends
to undertake lhe constriietiou of
Boulevards on certain streets within
the City of Revelstoke, to wits McKenzie Avenue on both sides from the
north sib-,,(' Third .Street to the nurtb
side of Eighth Street; nnd on both
sidesi of Third Stivi I, Fourth Street,
Fifth Street and Sixth Street, from the
east side nf McKenzie Avenue to the
west side of Vernon Avenue, and on
both sides uf llmit-lae Street from
KiiiR west lo C.P.K. right of way,
according to specifications and estimates prepared by the City Rn(.lneer
appoinled tor tbe purpose, and In
assess the expense or cost thereof upon
the land ul real property J hill ting Oil
the parts ol such streets as almvoinen-
ti iiied and lo Ih; lienelilted thereby;
and that a statement showing the land
in- real properly lialile to pay the
as-iesHiuent Itieiei'or, and the names of
Ihe owners thereof, as far as they can
be ascertained, together wilh Ihe specifications and estimates of tbe City Engineer, and the proposed assessment
and report thereon of the City Clerk
are now on llie in the office of the Citv
Clerk and o|ien for inspection by all
persons during office hours.
The estimate 1 cost of tbe work is
$1430.04. to 'ie Iminc by the owners nf
such nropei'iics as abut on Ibe putts
uf such st reels us ,-ihove mentioned.
Ally objection to the proposed un-
dertakiii'/ and assessiin'iit t.lieicl'ot-
sb.ill lie iitaile by petition to lhe City
Council within FIFTEEN (18) days
from the dale hereof, lhe persons entitled in petition being the owners of
the lands nIfected thereby.
Oily Olerk.
Dated I bis 10th dayof Septe 1008
! Certificate of Improvements
skookuio, Di'iimhimmon and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Revelstoke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located: On the norlli side of
Cougar Creek.
Take notice that I, William I. I!rigj.s
of Revelstoke. IJ. V., Sudeitov, Free
Miner's Certificate No. HO 1288, acting
as agent for and on behalf of His Majesty King Edward VII, in the Right
of tile Dominion of Canada Free Miner's Certificate No.1101287, intend sixty
days from date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining t.'iown ("rants of tho above
And further lake notice lhat action
under section 37 must be commenced
liefore Ihe issuance of such Cert ideates
of Improvements.
Daied this 2nd day of Julv, 1008.
jlv 4 \V. I. Brums.
Certificate of Imp ovements.
Vivian Luck No, 1, Vivian Link No. 2
Vivian Luck No •■- Vivian Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck Nn _, Vivian
Luck No. ti ami Sit.- r I i.'Wii mineral cla iius, sit iiateu iu the landrail
Milling Division of West Kootenay
Wheie    located; - At   Head   nf   Knlil
Creek, a tributary of Boyd I'lvpk.
TAKE NOTIUK that   I,   O.   II.  N.
Wilkie, acting   as   agent    for   Hector
Poirler, F.M.C. 117181. and George
Johnson, F.M.C lllC-n.il, intend, sixty
days fl inn dale hereof, lo apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Curl Innate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Orown Grant of Ibe above
Aod further take notice t Imi action,
uuder section 37, must be commenced
before tbe Issuance of such Certificate
uf Improvements.
Dated tbis 28th day uf May. A. D.
0. B, N. WILKIE. B.C.L.B,
w my27 Trout Lake, 11. 0,
Rovelstoke Land 1 list iiii.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George McCarter,
Bl'., of Revelstoke, B.C., Agent, In-
lends lo apply for permission to purchase lhe following descrilied lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the west bank of tbe Columbia River
at I be south-east corner of Lot 81"0o,
Group I, Kooteuay, and marked
"George Mel'alter, Sr., north-east cornel posl," tlience west 10 chains!
thence south 2n cbaius; thence easl 20
chains more or less to the west bank
of the Columbia river; tlience northerly along Ilic wist hunk of (he Columbia rivet   io the point of commence
inenl. containing -i'i acros more or less.
Bv bin agent, Geo. S. McCarter.
Dated June atltu, um-. .27 nod
Wkst Kootenay Land District
Take Notice tbat 00 davs after dale
I Art bur E. Evans, of Beaton, B.C..
net opal ion, prospector, intend to
apply for permission io pm chose ibe
following described lands situated on
Fish River. In West Kootenay dis-
li id.
Commencing nt the north-east corner if A. D. M ii kay'sprei mpli Hi No.
7,806, ami marked "A. BS, Evan-,
Norlb-west (turner Rust," lhe,ice 8
chains lo west line of McKllllllill's
preemption; Ihence 50 chains snul.li,
Ibence,S chains west io Mar Kay's,
thence uortb GO chains to point nr commencement, ctiulHiitiitg 40 acres more
III- b'»s.
I ted August 3rd, isi is.
A. K. EVANS, Lncator.
for Lhe -Mtue nf u linplioiir Ccrtlilentu of Title
to I.ul. 11.17, ^roup One, hist riot of Kootenay,
" Ti in- Ftnuro" Mineral Claim (excepting an
im ilvidcd one-twelfth Interest therein].
NOTICK is HKRKBV tilVKN that It is my
inf i ni um to lime at tho expiration of one
month itftcr lho rir-t publication hereof a
ilitiiltVi.it- nf the --ertilloj-te of Title for lot
1097, Uroup Ono, I'iHtrict of Kootonay "True
Ffnuru mineral claim (eXOOpttngau undivided
one-twelfth Inter-eat theroin) in ihe name of
lhonia-4 Down*, whlrh Certifloate in dated the
I7lh nf    arch, 1*07. and mmioered MBS ('.
District Retfi.tra.'.
Land Pegiett-Jr1 Nflta-B. Nclnon, B. 0.
Beptember 10th, 190ft.
Not lUU   is   liereliy   glvitn   Hint II. c.
lillgs, Doyle &   Allum.   Limited, will,
llli'ic monlhs  after dale, apply lo Ibe
liii'iiieiiiiiilloveiuoi iii Council for nu
< li iii r-in I 'iiinicil   changim.   the Coin-
(inti\ s, iiituie lo "Doyle A Allum, I,ini
Iiiiiiiii lin _10t.liiliivuf June, inns
Haiivkv, Mili.-iUTicii *. Pinkham.
Solicltois   for  lliisiings,   Doyle .. Al
lum, Limited jly 4 Bin «
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Star, ....siren Star, Grand
Vic a , 1 loiai n. II anil Rurakfi inincral
_l.iims   mIuuU-   in   llie  Revelstoke Mining
Division of Wss. Kootsnsv Districts Lo-
ostsd oil tbo Ninth siiU' of tin* IVorlh-eaat
branch oi I.a.orm.* 1'ivek
Tsks notios thai I. r.u. L. Wiiii-un-.,
Proo Mlnor'a Ooiilflcvlo lt._-t._65. as sgsni
lor Charles Walsh, l-Y.v Minfr's .Vrtili-
cats B94S66. inr Ktl. Adair, Prsa Mlner'a
Oertlfloala B94J51 i SamuslMcMurtyi Krai
Minor's Csrtlncsls Dp4_i6ai Walter Walih,
Five Miner's Certlffcntd H-.4-1(151 K. Ci.
Walsh,  Krai Minor'■ Oortlflctta 8041641
Ciilhert Wilson, Krai Miner s OsrtlHoate
Hi(.|j'n, ami K. V. Graff, l*"ret* Miner's
Osrtlfli'fttS B9446J1 inteinl 60 tlavs from
ilate hlrsof to apply lo (he Mining Ke-
i'order for a CSrtlnCfttO Of improvenu-nls
tor the purpoM' of obtaining Orown Grsnti
Ol the above flainis.
Ami I'mlhe 1 takt* uotiir lhat action un*
drr .Section ,1" must be commenced before
the ivtuancc ol'   such  certificates  ot   un-
Dated this 171I1 day of September, 1908,
nop j.t-nov aj BUY L Williams.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prioes Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
»nnv, DOCTOR nr
. spitlr. " Don't do ■
thing " till you smms el.-1.rl3-
» tint - l„-l h) itlil  ol
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
nn li..iil!h..li.,;, ... Imi., iiiiirrliitfoanil |iitr.iitn_(i
Tell-i wine r.ni a -tsik rt itm'tor, tint ilon'l like to
ill! |i iy,-,-. lllil-.l I ill,-.I. H0t-U| tlllt t.i in: Ms 1 sir-..
It wi. .,'inl une only Iii mi) ml,ill for ixs-t-mo.
10 ci-iiti,
lit laat MIH lt-«l,        MIW yohk
Boulevarding of Streets will be
Commenced at Once
There having bieu no complaints or
objections  riiis.il  agsinst  llie scheme
it ibe City Council for boulevsrdinp
certain .treete in the oity,.to be paid
for l>y Iruiitiijie tax, the work will be
entered upon at once and arrangements   made   lor carrying it through
wilh the utmost despatch. Suitable
trees have already been secured and a
system of planting will be adopted
whereby each street will differ from
the next one in 'he species of trees
planted iu it. We under-Hand that J.
Maley will be placed in charge ol the
work, wbicli bring the case, as Mr.
Maley is a practical gardener and hor-
t'.cult uralist, tbe city will get tbe best
results. Boulevarding is one of the
chief features of many European continental cities, besides others allovir
the globe, and its value to a cily not
only from a monetary poiut ol view
cannot be overestimated. Tbat thiB
schema of ln-autilyiug Kevelstoke is a
generally popular one, cannot be de
nird, and when tbe boulevards are
complettd and the tree* plauted the
attractiveness of the city will be
greatly enhanctd. While tbe tax on
each citizen directly benefitting by
the work will not be excessive still at
the same time tbe public as a whole
must assist in protecting the lawns
and trees by preventing any rubbish
or n [use from accumulating on them
as is friquently the case today. Strict
pound regulations will bave to be enforced and the nonsensical and uncalled practice of herding cattle on the
streets must be abolished.
Tbe followiug streetB will be boule-
varded: McKenzie Avenue Irom Hrd
to 8'h streets; on lird, 4th. 5th nnil
(ith street?, trom McKenzie Avenue to
Vernon Avenue; on Douglas street
from King street to the C.P.K. track.
New Officers are Elected—Next
Meeting at Revelstoke
New Westminster, Oct. 2.—The
closing session of the H.C. Fire Chiefs'
and Firemen's convention was held
last night in the council chamber.
Several valuable papers on subjects of
interest to the general public as well
as the firemen were read by various
members, and officers were elected Ior
the ensuing year. A vole of condolence
for the family of the late Capt. Acker-
man, who was once chief of the New
Westminster brigade was passed.
Tbe billowing officers Ior the next
year were elected: President, Chief
Fink, Cranbrook; vice-preBid»iit, Chief
McDotlgall, Fernie; treasurer, Chief
Knight, Chilliwack; secretary, Chief
lleasy, Nelson, reelected; executive
Committee, Chiefs Savage, ('rand
Forks, ("hiet Foote, Revelstoke, and
Cbi"f 1,sit Iiiiiii of Kaslo.
The 1909 convention of I! 0, Fire
Chii fs wi'l be held at Revelstoke.
The ipieation of publishing a repott
of the papers read at the 1908 convention coin posed of Chiefs Savage, Fink
and Fonte, who will also take up Ibe
dm a" of providing ways and means if
it is decided to publish the reports.
Among the papers vend was that by
Chief Sivage ol (jrand Forks on "Protection against Fire," making a strong
appeal against carelessness in build
ings and tbe manner in which people
often courted disaster. Chief Foote of
Revelstoke also read an interesting
paper on "Fire Pieveution," holding
out some valuable bints and suggestions guarding against lire.
Hther papers were read us follows:
"Duti s and Responsibilities of Fire,
men,'' Chiel Cnnvell; "Firemeu's Coo
veutlons," Chief Knight; False
Alarms," "Firemen's Conventions aud
Associations," "An Ounce of Prevention," and "Modern Fire Escapes."
A Pretty True Picture
It ia the business ol h newspaper
mail to boom lite town (or ull it is
worth, inonlli alter nioiitb, and tbn
see fin worth ol printing go out of
town because IH cents can be saved
by so doing. It is llie business ol the
newspaper to give every local enterprise enthusiastic, and frequent send-
offs,' and then catch tbe mischief because be failed to record the fact that
some prominent citizen has had his
delivery wagon painted. To subscribe
liberally to every public, charitable
and church enterprise, advertise tbem
(or nothing, pay his own way to everything, and then be called prejudiced
and mean spirited because a column
is not devoted to that particular
affair. Do you wonder that there are
so many cranks in tbo newspaper
business? It is bound to make either
a crank or a philosopher out of a man.
The (..llowiug unique claim notiuo
is posted on a minu in thu (irand
F.iicainpment, Wyoming, I'. H. A.:
"We Ii ki nd it nnil we claim it by the
right ol lounding it. It's oiir'n, Its
100 feel in every direction except
southwest and norlhoasl, and   there in
300 feet, on each s'de n' this writin*.
It's called ' I! y Horse" hiuI iiii ilon'l
want, nobody jumping ou this bay
horse. That's wlmt these trees is
around here Inr, ami we've got lhe
siitne piece of rope thut we had in old
Missouri —Signed.
Local Assessment
The assessment figures for the year
are now available and the totals show
a large uml marked increase ovt r lust
year. The revision of tbe assessment
roll was a thing which was badly
needed in Kevelstoke, for in many
cases previously, certain properties
which had been built oo or otherwise
improved had been overlooked and
erroneous values placed on them. The
values as assessed this year are more
in accordance with what they should
be. Tin 1 llowiug figures will show
the total  i-iltics :
Land assi     ocnt .-(; 645,037 60
Improved cots   842,8411 0(1
Total $1,488,483 50
The following table, shows the assessment of lands, etc., outside the city
limits, but within the school district
for school purposes :
Land asaessnu nt !fl68,(i0'l 00
Improvements     20,000 00
Total       .178,500 00
Last y ar was tbe first lime that
tbe a.-si sMtieiit bad exceeded the
million doll ,r mark- and tbis year tbe
increase ia considerably above the
For Sale
Dry cedn curd wood—Revelstoke
iit-neiai Agencies   Ltd.
\, on stormy days
by wearing a
Low in Price
I.  O.  F.
Hiiuri Mount ltai-hi's, Ml . -4S1, moot. Iiul aud
41 li Mntiiliiyn tu (lililfollnws Hall, n_xt to Opera
House. Visiting liroltiren cordially invited to
J.W. Qabland, I'.K.
H. W. Kdwakds, R.8
c. w. aw.
Mountain View Camp. No. 229
Meets Second and Fourth Wednet-dava tn
each month, iu Selkirk Hall Vtsti.in Wood
men cordially invited to attend.
Vi. I). ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
J. MoINTYHK. Clerk.
F. O- E.
The rsmilar meetings are held In ttie Selkirk
Hall 1st hiiiI lird Tuesday nf end, in,,nth. 8 p.m.
VisitiiiK brethren are isnrdiully invited.
J, LRStitfC. PaaatDKNT.
w. e. McLauchlin, secuetabv.
Kootonay Lodge, No. IS, A. F. & A. M.
Tlm regular niest-
itnrs nre ti-l.l ill Ilii1
Oddfellows! Hull, mi
i .,s third M.'ii.i.iy iii
'illi-ll minitll nt K
' i.m. Vtsttlug brethren cordially,! welcome.
SKLKIRK LOIX'K No. 12. 1.11, O. F
Moots ovory Thursday
veiling In Selkirk
H at 8 o'clock'
Visiting brethren cor
dial     invited bo ut-
J. MATH1K, Skc,
Cold Range Lodge, K. of  P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
cx'si'it  to nl Wfilnusil. y
Hall    ill
Knight*- '
■ bllcllnw
,'•   •'<.       llsiliug
•Hill,,   'ivnnl.
tl. II. i'.lt'i. K   K. nf  It   _:s |
.1. It. Still'I', Jl. ut K,
Boarding   School   for    Girls
Children ol all Dtnioinbiallons ad.
milled, Complete Preparatory Similes,
lli^lt School Course. Music: Piano,
Instruments,      Kor   terms   and  other
particulars apply to   Sisti.ii Supkrior
OPENINQ    8EPT.    1st,     I0O8
I VRKS.SMAKIM' nl I'l-iiKiinahle
U << cms A| p'y Mt.-. li. W.Hri't n,
Fourth Nil eel.
J ..(III S.\i.|s; -Une 21 .0 re block nnd
' one III acre block of i hind" Iruit
.unl I'm tiling I.nnl shunted on Upper
At row Luke. Applv John N-lson,
Galena Biy. _«p801in
IT.OK KALE-AiTowheud Drugaioie
; for Stile, possession Novenib i 1.
Apply to M.J. Donovan, Arrow bend,
H.C, sep Hi It.
FOR SALE—Twu irood   Milk  Cows
Apply   to   Mathison   A    Orowe,
South Track.
FOR SALE-CHEAP - Nine llrst-
class D.ili'V Covvs.   Applv In Box
IHS, Arroivliemi. Hat 12 Hod
Notice of Sale
Pursuant lo the  Order of lhe County
Court of West Kootenay, holtleu at Rovelstoke, inailc in Hie action of Hi|< Bend
Lumber Company, Limited, v. Columbia
and Kootenay Kailway and Navigation
Company ami Charles B. Kirk and W. J.
Kane, thore will bo offered for sale wiih
the approbation of VV. E. McLauchlin,
l'"st|., Deputy Itoglstrar of snid Court at
lhe Court House, In lhe Cily of Revelstoke
on Wednesday, lhe jiat day ol October,
ioo8,   at    i   o'clock   in    the     afternoon,
all nud  singular   that    certain   parcel
or tract ol land and premises  situate,   ly-
Ing and being In the Town of Arrowhead,
B.C'i a1"'  being composed  of Lot No.
Pour t-|), Block No. Seven (7).
Oil Ilic lauds is said lo he   a   Iwti   stray
frame building iomti with seven rooms,
I''iii.Iiit particulars mny be ha,I  from
Harvey, McCarter ill I'inkliam, Solicitors,
Imperial Bank Block,   Kevelstoke,   It. C„
or from
Deputy Registrar et Rovolsloko,
Hated  al  Revelstoke thia isi day nl
October, 1908. oct 3 ^t
WANTED—Upstairs work or din-
iiiK'iooin hy experienced woman.
Apply ul once io' M, Abel. Gulden,
17UJK SALE  -Small Conl Self Fuedei
1    Stove In good condition.     Apply
ftlAIL-HHUALIl ullice.
I with abuut $75 Paying concern.
Write "Partner," office this paper.
mi) LKl' Ootid furnished room with
X    its llhoiil board. Apply Hox 806,
ANTKn-S.-ui.,^   hv    Ihe  dHy.
Apply lo Alihs  \i Ilii'Heck, Hid
strci'l west
\rOUNG    MAX   (li-.-iicK   lumiil   uml
iin'Tii,  m   I'liiuii Nepui'Hte.   Stale
Itui-iB.—T  V i i, c«im* Mail-Uei'iild.
The Emus Institute f»»r the euro or
tho drink* iind dm.,- titbits, estfthlishoil
in WiuttJpoR IIyears, and lu Vanniuvor
l yoar, witli entire success, Nuw removed to more onmmndious iiuiirtor.-" at
B50 Pari- Drive, Qrnndview, corner of
P-trker street.
Prospectus, t^stlmoulRls. etc.. scut
privately ou uupHetttiou. TUe superintendent nr secretary may bo consulted
at an j time.    Phone K 4020.
Powerful i ur, Keats live, fnr hire liy
the day or hour at reasonable terms.
Ii.ei.lll il oll'eel trips nil duy.
STANDS -Union Hotel, Phone 27.
Orien „i Hotel, Phone IS.
C. TURNROSS, Proprietor. Phone 41
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by weed   -   S5.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.  - $5.00
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Landing ( during stage of high
water) at li it.in on Tuesday and
Friday, fur Dimnie Creek and way
points, returning same day.
Freight must be ready fnr delivery to te una ol Revelstoke
Oarta*,'e Co.. Ltd,, ou Mondays and
Thursdays al  I p.m, and   must   be
Thn Cartage Company's Stupe
leaves for the Boat Landing at ,"1:3(1
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
en meets with the steamer on arrival
I nek in the evening, and makes
ilieciul trips, when required, on
iiiesibiy and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths aud good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
i--'*h.iiigo—-No. Hlll'.l. Dates of
tailings may he changed without
-' t M 4     -"i '^ & ^
Sc Cl-ar, So Shining and sn Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind   Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writintj  Machine
Kor ease of operation and
perfection in the results produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITE!* is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated tuov< ments,
while its manifolding .ilign-
nieni, marginal facilitipf,
nittomiitic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs lens
care than any other machine
because there nre fewer parts
to be cared for also title to the
strong lines of simplicity that
am part of the machine.
Tin- C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continue*] to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines,
The British Covernment
" French Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
ami all educational instilu-
tions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promp tlv
and Neatly Executed
All   kimU   uf   new
Dealers in
Wah Chang, - Front SI.
P.O. liox, 2011. PH0NB28
Miiiiufm'.iirnil  fur rli_.snf.-i nf   bttildlUgl
for hi.In in tarwn nr -.mull QUaottfe.61
nt tlm luw'wt (irloo-. fur rftHh.
ah Itiudiol bulldlDo ninl plaitoriDi
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Cull for Estimates and Advcrti.iiif, Rates
<t>..»'I' 'I' 'I' '|i »3< 'fr .£"£<£"£$
Tan and
Get a   Bott!..   u|   nnr   Eldei
tfc*  Flower   Cieara      .lust what   tt'
•Jf   you are looking t, ||t j
1$. So! h .. 1" +*£+
i    C. R. MACDONALD'S     *
ijj Ri PELSTOK1 .  H, C #|
_"_■_ iti it. it* tT_ tSfa tti itt it. dh it*! it. li'i
• jt fjf +£*T_fT ™ rji -r^f rp- rj^tjrt^t lyrrp
Weather Forecast
Saturday,   Oct.   _—Genera.Iy  far, |
i ot likely change.    Modem*■■ " ■ p1«i Iy
wind-     Temp. Max. 117 * ;  lion, ill!
Local and General.
M !*■!• McCarter 1ms been electetl
treasurer   i f    the   La lies'   11«i!-|iit-i 1
' ruild.
Dumonthas jinn-lia-eil llie Lar
lean hotel at Comaplix Irom Rues.
J   h'vans
Some men are so politic illy shortsighted that they only nee ''as leopard
but not bis spots
Representative   ot   Lady ware Co of1
New York  and  Vancouver, will he al
Cressman A Morrison'B, October 0-7-8 j
The council chamber iu the city
hall ii being painted and decorated,
which improvement ha- been badly
needed fora long tfnie.
Don't forget the dale, Oct. Uth,
when Mr. Roodive W'll iddrcBS the
citizen, of Revelstoke on behalf of the
Conservative Party Oct, 3-2t
A Bchenie it afmt hy the members
of the cricket club to make extensive
improvements on tlie ground this tall
so that a good pitch can he assured
next Beason.
H. A. Brown, of Sicamous, Grand
Chancellor for B, C, of the order nf
tlie Knights of Pythias, visited the
local lodte on Wednesday night, bis
vi.ii he,tif much appreciated by all
prese .t.
Dr Harvey has numerous testa,
including shadow or looking into the
eye, also others ot recent arrival,
many of which are the results nf his
.Mi research At Revelstoke Oct,
20th and 21st,
A S. Goodeve, tho Conservative
candidate for Kootenay in the approaching elections will address a
public meet ing in the opera house on
Friday evening, October IHh, on the
p ilitical issues of the day.
President BooBeveit has decided that
ail government employees who wish
t.. take part in politics must resign
their positions with the government
and that there is no hope of regaining
the position after the campaign is
The public arc reminded that application forms far licences und house
!., IJpra for euro ment ou the civic
vo|. !-.' list can be bad nt the city hull
Thi :-' close- at the end of October
and all those who desire a franchise
-!:    i ■! yet tbeir mimes in
lu..- Noil:, in Crown li mi. is in
-lulling its handsome new littinga,
counters and • Hi es which have just
arrived from the 'Set. The lining,
are up to dull- and when elected the
interior will be at- well arranged -is
any hank in tin  province,
nnd counters you will .ind
only the heal ol canned and
package goods, und the besl
of every kind. Whatever
you waul in line groceries
you will Iiud here, anil you
will Ilnd our prices tiglti on
leu-, coll'ees, canned goods
und everything in groceries,
We pride niti'selves on the
eotti-tcHy and efficiency of
e service.
tit yum house evei'y morning
anil leave you some of out
mice fresh bread ami toll-.
They will reach you in plenty
of time tot breakfast, anil
noi ,i member of ihe fain!
hut what will enjoy them.
'l'i v it tot il week anyway.
It we can gel you In do that
ive relyou the bread aod '"Ilio make ■,-ou eat them ti(.lit
Karn is King
The right Piano at the right price.
Cull am! see us before you buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.    Money to Loan.
i| Ies of   iron ore
t ies in Allieita
Eaton   Hurlbut
and Crane's
Note  Papers
Prices on  1-...W Good1-;
i rom      ,.     to ', ••'    .* •
'....-        - , -. *       ,',.v.
i.  i   pin ujff
S|       . '..'.* -        .:i. .
■ «■■■■■■» «_M_iaH_M__BaB«-»«
The recent block of city debentures
for $8,11011 issued for the new lire
alarms nnd city park improvements
have been sold this week through a
Toronto broking linn for 92J which is
almost the to li ires for municipal
hiinds nt the presi nt time.
Mrs Charles E, BcharlVer of Philadelphia, ivb ' has done considerable
I o'linical work in lhe Rooky nioiiti
luinfl, and Miss Adams of Cincinnati,
it geologist of some fame, are at Fii Id,
having returned from a three months'
trip north as far as Tete Jaune pass.
The ,1'onnsylvania railroad bus decided tii abolish the I it If of "conduc-
nir" oil all ol its Pullman trains now
called "conductor" will hereafter he
called   ' stewards.'    The   reason   put
forth is tlmt there are now   li mny
conductors on each   train,   one   being
deemed Bufllcient.
The trouble with too many folks is
that they won't lake the time to
bother aliout politics till it is too late
snd then they complain when thlngi
don't go right. Tbis is just as true
regarding hospital guilds, school
meetings, city counoils, provincial and
federal elections and city bylaws.
The C.P R have arranged to construct a new  sidewalk  from the depot
Io the railway crossing nl McKci ie
avenue. Thu new walk will be put in
nu the opposi e side ol lhe walk of
the road froin when' il ,ia  now.      This
improvement will be welcomed as the
present footway is most unpleasant il
not dangerous to walk on
A very significant side ol tie   U P.ll
strike was demonstrated this week by
lhe peouliai and unusual sounds thai
were emitted hy tin- yard engine while
at work Groaning, screaming and
uttering weird, wailing notes like an
tbandoned'soul the loco did in work
; • eping up iti inoessanl ci mpl iii l
day and night is if appealing for med
ical attenti
The   Eint i o  College  of Opbthal
m, logj -. nd gl    -•"- to nil pa is   111 hi
'...•million,   and   Dr,   Harvey -    uotl
has been  to givt    - il isfacl
....... taken ml, and the direct    -
,: n,e   (.'oil, gt    ll ivi   e  Mtiiimiii;.
, d Inn,   by ' " eting   him    is   'heir
I   Modi .,    .in !   placing    the     entire
,•   a ion I  department     nl   tht   I
i i der his direction     Hie  doctor  can
 lilted .0 Revelstoke on  ''
and _lal
Representative of l.alvwiir- Co. of
New York and Vancouver, will be at
Cressman A Morrison's, October ti 7-8.
The number nf pupils actually in
attendance at the Publio school ilnr
ing tlie month of September was 110
This is the llrat time in the history of
the city that the attendance for am
one month has gone beyond tbe -UKI
mark and such nn enrollment may h-
taken as marking a distinct advance
iu the growth of the city.
The general hoard and executive
Coin oiltee of the Missionary Society
of the Methodi-l Church arc holding
their annual meeting in Vancouver,
'Commencing on Thursday of this
week and continuing next week. This
important committee consists of till
ministers and Is1-, laymen. Tbe committee this year will appropriate to
tbe different conferences in the Home
and Foreign field about $500, The
work, and the demands of the work
have grown to great proportions,
The Enterprise Brewing Co are
creeling a large ice house on the block
aoroaae the lane adjoining the Brewery.    Commodious stables will also lie
elected It is the intention of the
company to extend the main premises
next Sprint; nnd   build   on   additional
cellars and rooms for the reception ni
new anil more extensive plant One
of the last additions to the Br weiy is
a line ami up lo date bottle washer
anil cleaner. The new machine lias n
capacity of 16 bottle! at a time and
To d /eu enn be washed  in  an   boor,
The w:i-her   consists   of   a   series   i f
scr ti bl,mg brushes and water jets which
do the work effectually and will he
connected up with the engine.
He ir M -, Gnndeie, the Conaerva-
tive i an,li,hii, , ni 11 , i 'pern House,
Oct   mil. Oct. 8 2t.
Entile change of programme for
\l 'i.ilav mul Tuesday and   Friday and
A large party havi  arranged  to  bit
th"   l.ioiiiii.i k    nn,I   to-morrow  mi
horseback, weathei permitting.
Repri -e, IntiM' of l.sidywille l'o ol
New York and Vancouver, will lie .it
Chessman A Mmiii/oiiV, October 0 7-8.
Mr Joseph Martin, K O, bus definitely iiiinnimcid thai, be will not
enter the election Ci nl st in   Victoria.
You will know how to mark your
ballot after hearing Mr. Goodeve nl
the Op- in House, Oct. 5-th. Oct. 'A 2t
W. King is erecting a oommodioiiB
workshop mi the hug ut tho intersection nl  Government   st ret and Third
St I'll.
I! )•'. Y .niig of tl,,. Lands 1 epnrt-
no m 'i ihe Don i i> ti in Governmenl
wiii it tlm coy yi_.ier.nu ,,M bisiin
uual inspection torn
A progressive uIhs-i ti.'lirna.nenl
n.der ilie auspices uf the Ltitlien1
ll s. pii Guild, uili he held in the
Cnj II ,11 on Thursday, Oci  her 22nd
E Mo \d im is spending :. •• n tl iy«
it re en route »iMt on n viei, lo his
family. Mr. McAdani has brougiil
over some line
from bis ir ,_, pt
I'he lower bouse of the Anglican
synod iii Ottawa has concurred in a
resolution passed by the upper bouse
providing lor the establishment of a
new church province west of the
Rocky mountains.
The assessment roll tbis year shows
an increase of $370,663 50 on .be land
md improvements nnd an i crease of
$81,110 nn the lands and improvements nutside the eily limits, assessed
for -ch. o! purposes,
Only four performances at. the Edison Parlor Theatre next week, Mon-
day, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
Change of prolamine on Monday
and Tuesday. Change again f ,r
Fl itlay and  Saturday.
The close season for willow grouse
.illioil has   thisycir been extended fir
ni" month, expired .it midnight Sept
illl'li. A number of hunting parties
,vill be  ai'iingul for  various points in
he dislriot lo scroll for lhe birds.
Lit Patrie, ibe well known French-
Canadian Liberal paper of Montreal,
il hough figuring out. a majority dr
Liiiiier, considers that British Colli nhie will return live Conservatives
;o two Liberals, ai.d Unit Yukon will
alio go Conservative.
Iii sotne of tne mountain towns ot
B. C. some of the inhabitants drink
loo much raw b inl w*ter. Tbey gra-
Innllv become ossified and incapable
oi responding I , anything that will
id valine the town they live in or 11 e
district that Burrtiimtls them,— Ledge
Since receiving lhe assessment
figures from lhe city ball l,.st night,
which figures appear elsewhere in this
issue, il wns found that an error had
In eo m le in addition and the total
$1,488,813 50should now read $1,408,-
88.1 50 Ton. $10,000 will also increase
■lie dilt'ereiici ill Ihe lig urea cum pa red
with I hose ol last yeui.
Social and Personal
li Smitii, P. 1, S , came down yes
'erday from Lloyd's raiicbe where be
mis been operating a surveying party
K.W. It. Paget left on Wednesday
for a \ i»it. lo the Ooiist.
'The Great. Refusal.'
A meeting of the It. velsl Iran
it the Britisl   Columbia   Timber  .nd Mr   ind  Mr.-.   U.K.  Hay   returned
Forestry  Chamber  of Com   erce  waa '," Wodimsday  from   a   trip   to   the
•   I       rbursday night        I in-  C   \ ' ' '"'
Hall.    President ' >    Lach ,  ind   took
the chair.    The   meeting    van  i ,.'   I ,„, Filday on iin
for the purposi   if electing   *   '.legit,. ,(l,  |j,., ,j
. attend I general meeting of  thi
C   I'Imt* ■ and  Forestry Cbaml ' '■'"'"*   ' '>'"''■   M.l'P,   returned
. , ,„,.„.,., .....   y,,.. ...     ., thin n     u tin fro it Vancouver
I   sad iy, Ocl In   meet   I'm       u   \   ,■ ,tir. iei has retm I   from a
'■xee il                      .'   ivincisl   gov. • . lo Vs  ci  iver
Mayor Lindmark   was
- -      He
stoke   up
Altel    i    goni   s     :-.-,--
resolntii in   »as   : ■--• ■!   '■ bal I'    I ■"
iiitind ii ie* Lumber ('■
of   Arrowhi .  '   be   ■ lected  a
■ .■nt   mo    i.        •  ..
,    ..    ii ...
md  M  -   Lytt lei, H' gina,
..'•!-    mil   Mrs  F  0. Elliot.
M.l : ■ iuoip ii of t h.. Church
•  ;|   .,, |r,    ■   |', .. . ,
Cathoi.io. — llov. Father Coccola
pastor, Services ate In Id on the First
nnd Third Sundays in every nuuiili
nt tho following hours; 8 a.in Com
iiiniii,.ti Mass; 111:30 a.m High I ass
nnd Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:80
p.m. Sunday School; 7:80p.m. Roaery
Instruction and Benedict ii u,
St ANinti:iv's PresbvtkkiAN—Rev.
W.C. Calder, past,,r. Sundny, Out 1.
Services II u.m, 7:30 pm., Sun.iny
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednes'-
(hiy 8 p.m. Choir practice and tern h
trs' meeting, Friday 8 p m.
Methodist—Rev T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
Morning service nt. 11 o'clock. Sundny School nnd Bible Class at 2*80 p.
in. Evening service at 7:30 p.m
Morning Biibjeot, "Conditions of Et
feclnal Prayer" Evening subject,
"The Mockery nf the Wine Cup "
Epworth League. Monday nt. 8 r.u
P.ayer meeting, W.dnesday it 8 p to
A hearty invitation in extended to all
these servicer, It. is expected that llie
anniversary fistival of ihe uhuroh will
be held inuiii the direction ol tl.,
Lnilus' Aid, on Tuesday, Oct. 20lIt
Full notion will tie given next, week
Knox Pkeubyterun—J, It. Robertson, B.D., minister, Sundny Bervieea
at 11 a in. and 7,'tH |i in. Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible ('hiss at 2'80
The Communion of the Lord's Supper
will lie held at the morning seiviee
when all communicants are urged In
lie present. At the evening service
the pastor will preach on "True Statesmanship." G ml music. All are
welcome and strangers nre specially
invited. The prayer meeting on Wednesday night at 8 o'clock.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, HA.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p m. Sunday school and Bible class at
_30 p m 'it. Y. P. U. Monday tit 8
p m. Prayer nit-cling Wednesday 8
p in. Ail are invited to tbet-e services
Morning mil jet, "Christian
ship."   Evening,
St. Pktek's (Anglican)—Bev. ('. A
Procunier, M. \ , h'ector. . Services ou
Sunday ns follows: 8 a.m. Holy Communion. At. II a in Matins, and
Sermon, 7 80 p.m. Evousoug. 2 3(1
p in.    Sunday School.
Card of Thanks
Kililor MAIl.-llKIIAI.ll.
Dkak Sut,—Will yuu allow toe sp,.ce
in your paper lo acknowledge the do
nations and thank the people of Hevelstoke for their liberal response, The
promptness and generosity logetbei
with tbe into esi taken it be hospital
by the public is re.I y amazing. It
is certainly a tuuidciful incentive to
my sel I and the rest of tbe stall' to feel
we have such hearty co-operation from
the people. in asking (or doll ill,OS
my object waa to help the management of the hospital in a small degree,
as during the past year they have
found it rather difficult nt times to
meet expenses and naturally I thought
to ask was to receive. I will give a
list ol the donations and you will
understand my gratitude at such
W. H. Armstrong, $5; V. W. Hess,
$0; Mrs. Patrick, 2 jars of fruit; Mrs.
Elsoo, 1 jar of fruit; is. F. Cameron,
magazines; The Club, magazines;
Mrs. Foote, 2 ins of fruit; Mrs. .1. M.
Doyle, li jars ol fruit; Mrs. McPbnil, 2
jars of fruit; Mrs. Hobbs, pickled
cabbage; 0. B. Hume, I box of upplcs:
Mrs. W. 0, Culdei, 1 crate of peaches.
Lawrence Hardware Co., I granite
dish pan, 1 double boilor, I dustpan, 1
2 gallon jar. I pudding dishes; Mrs
Willis A i inst rung, 2 jars of jelly.
Yours sinc.siely,
A   B. Wnii'i;, Matron.
Attractive showing of Indies full
costume., coats and skids. Mr. .1 S,
Davis, Vancouver Lady Ware Ci , will
b ■ at UrosBinan A Morrison's, Ocl. 0th
"th and Mib, witb nn up-to-date slock
of ladies high  class suits, skirts, coats
and furnishings,     We will be pleated
t,, bay the ladies call nud Inspect the
very latest novelties iu ladies goods.—
Cressn an & Monismi
I   UN
. llll
You should buy your
Furs early and have
so much more good
out of them. A nice
Fur neck' piece is
almost a necessity for
the cool evenings.
We are showing a line assortment iti Isabella
, Persian Lamb, German Mink, Alaska Sable,
h, etc., in neck pieces and muffs, and can give
splendid values.
in While Lamb, Thibet, Ermine, etc., and some
I'iiie Warm Lamb Ruffs for the little tots lhat can
lie washed,
Northern Crown Bank
_-l-<:A_- OKlvLgK—WINNIPEG
Capital (authorized)      $6,000,000
"        paid up 2,2oo,ooo
Rest, and undivided profits       225,ooo
President    Sir D. II. McMillan, IC.O.M.Q,   Vice Presidents—Edward Our-
iieyand dipt, Win. Robinson,    lien. Man.-J. W. deO. O'Crady.
Special attention paid to Savings  Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from date of deposit and credited ipiarteily.
Open every C P. R.   Pay Night, also Saturday Evenings from 7 to 9 p. m.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted
The sin.idea'   llccoillll receives   from   us   lhe  saute  careful attention
as I he largest one.
Office   Corner First  St. and Connaughl Ave.
A.  F.  D.  LACE,   Manager   Revelstoke  Branch
Business Locals
Pure cod liver oil emulsion—easy to
take. A bottle for .1. Sold at (' H.
Neat house, nicely furnished, conveniently situated, for rent. If. N
Wc have some Crown sealers iu
pints, (punts ami half gallons, Order
early.    Bourne Urns.
Special cough syrup foi horses.
New shipment of horie and dog midi-
oin.es just to baud nt C. H Macdonald's.
We are now showing the liuest improved Kootenay and Sutiknlta ranges,
hot blast heaters, liaee burners, eio
Bourne Bros.
Charming novelties in ladies costumes. Mr. J, S. Davis, \iw York
and Vanoouver Lad,waio Co., will be
at  Oressiiiuii (S M> i it-on's,  Oct, (ith
7th, inl .Sib. K y Oiistuuc is a
New York creation ..ml materials include broadcloths, Venetian, cheviots,
chevron suitings, wisteria, piune, purple, mode, elephant, guy, smoke color,
brown ami bronze. A perfect lit
Liberal Committee Booms
Ola Salvation Army Hall, Flrat Strum
All Interested in the elect ion of Mr.
.Smith Curl Is us member lor Kootenay
Biding; iu the Dominion House of
Commons, cordially welcomed,
Open Daily from 9 a.m toll p.m.
Arc a sale aud sound investment. This was proved
conclusively during the re
cent financial depression.
Every   one    of    our    large
assort ment is
Guaranteed to be
Ollicial Issuer uf Marriage
City Bakery
Under Now Management
.lust ...tiv.-il, a lurgoconsignment
of first-cltisB confectionery* A pplen*
ditl nt.-tortmen. of Bread .imi Oakes
delivered daily. Wedding and
Birthday Cakes a i.peclaUy. Special
terms to partirs and Iw-in.juris. U
I on toon Teas.    LuiicIiua put up*
J. L. H ADRICK, Prop.
We are keeping in loin h   with  the
Eastern Wholesale Houses,
Making our displ ty of New < rood i
.ill the Latest Styles,
U ' men v*. ho an ■ irrn
thing entirel   nf.w  tnd e>
M i:tt.|o |   should     e_   i nir   Mantlet
I )epartini:ni
Hosiery and
Knit Underwear
Wc H' showing ill the besi makes,
I In     I lepartmeni   is   overflowing
wilh New ' ioods    Women i ( asl
mere I lose from i .i   o  pair to $i.
pnii       i  hi   ire   i   Hired  ol
bargain    .i   #e plai e i »n
.  alii pairs
Blankets and
\ll wool blanket .. lull size, omul
■v ighl ii f, | Reg \A nil-woo
blanket for I/. 50. Blankets worth
1*9.50, now telling ti   |>8
A gi"id range ■ il 'lomforters 11   .ill
Ladies' Costumes
ii'   per   1 cut     I liscount    on   al
1 lostumcs,
Clothing Department
Odd Pants at $j.j,5 por pair.
Worts led Suits at $11.511.     Regular
llnyvs' Suits selling  from $^.50 up.
Men's Overcoats,   Keg. $fa     Now
Men's   Best  Overcoats with   Satin
Lapels.    Ue),-. $16.    Now $11.
Men's Odd Pants
100 Pair put in stock this day,
good, heavy Tweed Pants at $1.33
per pair. Heavy antl dark grey
tweed, double and twisted wool,
the kind that regularly sells at JI3,
Now Sale Price $2.a<.
Snaps in Footwear
Women's Shoes  at  $1.50.    These
ate odd lines picked   out of stock.
Reg. $-.50 and $_■.
Men's Tan Oxfords.       Reg. $5.50
Now $3.50.
Men's Balmoral,    Reg. $5.50; now
$.. .0.
Men's Heavy Working Shoe.  Reg.
$,..50; now $2.50,
Mackenzie  Avenue        \^ J£ J J)      4^     \^C } \J _N Cx Revelstoke,  B. C.


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