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The Mail Herald 1906-10-17

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 .-*'-'      ■■:'.-      '.'■     £   /'?• .        s-
'    '' ?'vV"
apt  1     IfAflR
"Empire Typewriter"
The Mail-
Empire Typewriter
VoL 12.-No. 120
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
Is what you will find in our Teas and Coffees,
particularly the following brands :—
Bam Lai's Tea in \ lb., 1 Ib. and 5 lb. packages.
Five o'clock Tea in 1 lb. and 5 Ib. packages.
Ben Hur Tea in 1 lb. packages.
Pure Orange Pekoe Tea,, iu bulk at 75c. per lb.
Woodcrolt Tea in bulk at 40c. and 50c. per lb.
Fresh Ground Mocha and Java Cotl'ee.
Our O. O. Blenk of M. & J. Coffee,
Lipton's Ten in three qualities, No. 1, No. 2, and No, J,
Blue Ribbo'i Ten in Hail lb. and 1 Ib. packages.
Salads Tea in two qualities.
Ceylon and India Teas in 1 lb. packages.
Our  Coffee  List comprises  Blue Ribbon, Chase and
Bourbon and Planters in 1 lb. and 2 lb, tins.
BS     «      * * -*       —
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Spokane Firm Buys Valuable
Timber Holdings—$175,000
Cash Paid—Industries which
Benefit Revelstoke.
A sensation lus been caused in general commercial circles and especially
in those who make timber their theme
by the announcement that one of the
biggest and most important deals ever
put through iu the history ol interijr
timber, was consummated on Saturday
last when Messr*. Hood Bros, ol Spo-
ka*e capitalists, purcbaied 13,000
acres or a little over twenty square
miles of timber lands on Crazy Creek,
about ten miles weet of Ilevelstoke,
Irom the Eagle Biver Lumber Co, for
the sum ol 1175,000 cash.
Local enterprise and ability has
been responsible for this most important transaction, the deal having been
directed by Messrs. Alex. MoRae and
A. Mundy, the latter being vice
president ot the Eujle River Lumber
Co. These gentlemen have carried
out all the arrangements in connection with the deal in a clear and
thoroughly business-like and satisfactory manner, and the purchasing
parties have been completely satisfied
with tlie tniiisacti.ii and tlie manner
in which they have been approached
in bringing tl.e deal to a head. Tlie
important nature ol the deal is further i tacks ure tlie r
Ease the Tickle
Tickling throats and Coughs
that disturb your rest may be
ol little consequence now, but
il allowed to endure they
will give you trouble at this
time of the year.   Try our
Black Cherry Cough Balsam
Red Cross Drug Store
D, NAIRN, Phm, B.
c. w. o. w.
At the regular meeting of Mountain
View Camp on Wednesday last, four
candidates for membership were initiated into the mysteries ol Woodcraft, being Mayor McLeod, Dr. Curtis
and Messrs. Shaw and Redding.
An interesting and instructive programme provided by the Camp Physician Dr. W. Graham filled the hmir
Ior recreation. It consisted of a talk
on the incidents which came under
his personal notice while on duty nt
the front during the Boer war. The
doctor's pleasing conversational style.
and graphic account, kept attention
centred on him, nnd the photos of
battlefield horrors, illustrated vial ly
those tragic times. The talk ended
all too soon in the opinion of the
members. On Wednesday next, Oct.
21tli, the recreation hour will include
a whist contest (or prizes,   '
Western Australia Secedes
Loss of a French Submarine
—Hindoos Tabooed in Vancouver—Princess Murdered
Perth, Australia, Oct. 17.—The
Legislative Assembly to-day by a
vote of 19 to 8 adopted a motion
that the state of Western Australia
secede from the rest of the commonwealth.
Biserta, Tunis, Oct. 17.—The
French submarine boat Lutin left
this port ihis morning for plunging
experiments. Signals received nt
10 o'clock to-night reported hei
disappearance. Two torpedo boats
and three tugs have gone out in
search of'the submarine.
Paris, Oct. 17.—The Minister ol
Marine has received an official
despatch confirming the sinking nf
the Lutirf. The boat lies in 130
feet of water.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 17—A bomb
exploded to-day in the stove in the
office of the managers of Noble's
petroleum depot here. The manager was slightly wounded. The
aku managt-r uf the company was
murdered lasl Sunday. The at-
sult, ol ,M. Noble's
appeal to the government for
military assistance at the time of
the January strikes.
Warsaw, Oct. 17.—The police
today discovered the headquarters
of an elaborately organized band
ef teit-orist? and captured 49 of its
members who are charged with
having committed many robbeiie.-
recoguised by the fact that this particular holding, winch i6 situated ou
Dominion lands, is considered the Lest
tract uf timber in the.interior ol this
province, and also has certain features
which particularly lend themselves to
the comparatively easy form of log
transportation. The timber is chiefly
cedar of tine quality, white pine and
fir all of an extremely high grade
description. The new owners propose: ami murders,
to commence, at once, the construe-,    ,, D   n    n .    ,-
.. .', ,    '     , .    ,.     I      VANCOUVER,   B.   C„    Oct.     I/.—
tion ol a railway from the main line i .   . ,   .
i.k n u v . .i   i. u-       k. k Acting on the instructions of Mayor
of the C. P. B. to the holdings, which L. , :
is a dhtanceof abjut 3 miles, and: Buecomhe. the Vancouver police
next spring the erection uf a first :are guarding lhe Dominion Gov-
class and up-to-date mill and other 'ernment immigration sheds here
commodious buildings will be com- with instructions to prevent the
menced and rushed through to com- landing of the Hindus now held
pletion. The new company is to be there. Just what right a city has
congratulated upon securing sueh a to take this action will have to be
valuable holding in tnis district, val- decided later,
uable, not only in its wealth of magnificent timber, but also in the fact of Tangier, Oct. 17.—A revolt has
its being so near to the main line and broken out in the Kehainse die-
coutaiuing many facilities for hauling, trict, and communication with the
cutting and transport, such as are coast is interrupted. The invasion
not enjoyed by many other mills. of Algeria and the inauguration of
Messrs. McRae and Mundy must be H holy war is feared. '
congratulated also upon the business- D.„_ r. ,    ,-,,     .„.     r,   ■ .
,.,        ,         .   , *              ... Rome, Oct.  1/in.—Ihe Cannui
like  anil  practical manner in which ,    .,     ,             .    ,
.,,,..,       ,      , .      , family   hns   receive,    news   from
the deal was put through, and in aid- ,    ,
ing Bevelstoke  to the extent of in- P»"S ol the assassination there increasing its  already  great popularity da.V of the Princess Carini.
and fame as a timber centre. i    New York, Oct. 17.—Mrs. Jeff-
In consideration of the vast import- erson Davis, widow of the President
ance a transaction of such magnitude of the Confederate  States  during
Revelsloke and the distiict in the civil war, died at her residence
in this city tonight.
*BouiR:Kr:E bbos x
High Class Grooeries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Hard and Dry
A large supply of tliis wood has been received at our
yards and is now ready for delivery at
84-Four  Dollar*  Per Cord   S4
The best and cheapest ccal lor nil purpurea. It is free
from dust and does not ciinker. We guarantee Satisfaction
or will refund money    Leave your n-ileis for fuel at our olliee
Molsons'   Bank   Building
M'-f'-H- it 'i' 't' it ■$ it' -I- fluHMH-t1 'fr -3 it 'i''t' it it *
Plumbing Work—Estimates Given.
Tinsmith Work.—Estimates Given,
Repair Work a Specialty.
Electrio Wiring Ior Houses.
Electric Bell Fitting.
Electric Supplies, Shades and Globes- $>
We carry u complete stock ol Tilden-Gurney Stoves|and Ranges
_ Ve invite you to look nt otir beautilul selection of China,
including Coalport China and Limoges China.
is  to
general, it redounds greatly to the
credit of all those principally concerned iu the deal, that such an extremely satlifaotory arrangement has
been ar.ived at. Without a doubt
the deal was by far the biggest and
most   important  that has ever been
j recorded iu the hiitury ol the district
Revelstoke is surely iu the very heart
j of tlie best and richest timber aieas in
Canada to-day, and timber holdings
in tliis part of tbe province are fast
becoming most valuable assets. Revelstoke is suri-uunded on all sides by Rossu.Nii, Oct. 17.—Tlie ell'ccts of
the euor.uous treasures of the bound- the strike of the coal miners of the
less forest, whicli niture has placed at Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company aro
the disposal of man to "work antl i beginning to he felt here in the redue-
fashion by labor and ikill" for bis own tion ol shipments which have been
use, and time will show the immense thc lowest In tlie year during the last
and lasting benefits that this city will I two weeks, The Trail smelter has
derive from such industries. I ratified tlie Le Roi Oompany that it
 "•-  will not receive any mure ure and has
'clnse.1 down. Tlie Le Roi, however,
will ship its ore In N'orthport lor some
time yet and store it In bins nnd yards
there until a supply uf cuke can be
DealeiB in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tininiitliing.
■########## i|i it> i|i $ il> r$
Mines Will Take Advantage of
"Crow" Strike to Effect
f7.  J.  BOURNE,
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing \
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Hrauelie-i iu the Provinces ol M.mitutia. Atlanta. Haikatchewan,
liritish I'tiliiinliin, Outline, ijh,•!,<■<■,
Capital Subscribed ...       $5,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $4,280,000.00
D. R. WlLKIB, President; Hon, It. Jaffkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department—DBposite received nnd Interesi allowed
at highest ourrent rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United .States nnd
Europe.   Speciul attention glvon to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
The manager of the Canada Drug
Jc Book Co. has found it necessary to
increase liis staff, and bus secured Ihe
services ol Mr. Clav.
Give us a call lor your Thanksgiving Delicaciei, as we have a large
assortment in all lines.   ('. B. Ilium
& Oo.
Duplicating macliines will make
Inn,ilrul* ol copies of the original, snid
at tlie Canada Drug Store.
obtained, The Le Roi is tnkinn advantage ol the lull to effect several
repairs ..ml to break down nre. The
Centre Stnr will f«r u considerable
period keep its lorce ol men at work
in developing, installing a new hoist,
Compressor plant and in utlicr wnrk,
while the Trail smelter intends to
keep most of its men at work in making Improvimints to tlie plant,
And Motor Bicycles.
1 will offer for sale by Public Auotlon at my itoro In Victoria,
Monday Eve.. Oct. 22nd. 1906.
a number of Automobiles and  Motor Bicycles, among them tho
following :—
One While Steam Touring Car, Hi h, p,   Roi des  Bolges Model,
with canopy top, lias run less than 2,000 mile*, and Is In perfect order.
One 10 h. p Olds Mobile, in good order, wllh first-class leather top.
Due ft li. p. Runabout.  One ill li, p. Minerva Motor Bicycle, new.
with 2-spced gear,
One lil h. p. Singer Motor Bioyolo, Gear (Liven with Magnet.
One ;.| h. p. Werner Motor Bloyole, with lure carriage,
A quantity of spare parts for Automobiles and Mottr Bicycles,
such as tires, gears, axles, etc.
Wrlte.for Catalogue and full list of all machines and |iart«
snid, with description ol tho same.
■    Bicycle and Automobile Dealer
——Willi l\**iSmt!.::,'.*:jf
I, in
Who is Responsible for California's Inland Sea?—Sheet
of Water Like Great Lakes,
Washington, Oct. 12,—Who is ro-
spnnsilil- for lhe creation of the inland
nn, in Southern Cu ilornia, which al-|
ready cuvcrs an area of four hundred
square miles, and threatens in spread
over "2,0 0 squire illiles il some means
ui diveiling the C.ilnratln river cannot
bo deviseil?
This question is perplexing Mexioa i
and American diplomats, but for the
time diplomatic representations have
been suspended and both countries me
bending every effort to check the river
-which Ins been accidentally turned
from its course through the efforts of
the California Development company
to irrigate lands in Northern Mexico j
antl Southern California.
Interesting complications of su in-l
ternational nature are threatened
when the two govern ments atte:i p; o i
settle their differences and make goud |
the damage which has Iw-pm wrought
Iy diverting the Colorado river from
.Isold channel, Tin' California Development cunipany originally tapped
the river below Yuma, Arizona, nnd
car inl ivater Irom Arizona through a
canal into Northern Mcx co in d back
into a great val'ey in Southern Cnli-
fo'iiin. In IHUI it was [mind that
this canal was inadequate to supply
wator required (nr the irrigation pm-
jeel, imd a Mexican curp tiatiuu, cun
trolle.l by the California Devclopineni
company, w..u organized to take water
from the Coloind,*, in Mexico, a short
dist.il.cu suulh ui Viiiiia. The irrigation canal was i.nly a quarter of a mile
friini the river at the point in Mexico
where a ditch was dug through tin*
sandy bank ol tie river culineotillg
witii ihe great irrigation canal
No gates were provided and with the
high ivaler ot 1906 the Colorado river
was diverted from ita course, cut away
it* hunks and went raging into the low
lands in California far below sea level.
Repeated attempt, have been made to
liun ihe river back into its old clinn-
nei, Imi without success.
Again and again the Southeru Paci
lie Railway cunipany lias  been  compelled to move its tracks,   which   ran
through tht'   Sullen   sink   and   have
been I need  onto  ih"  foothills  Bur-
rounding  tbe great   basin, which is
being converted iu.o a  sen.    Several
small  towns  arc now  beneath   the
water which the Colorado has p ured
into the Dasin, und  in   many  places
only the tops of  tbo   telegraph   poles
indicate where the  roadbed  lormerly
wns.   In ibe lowest part of tlm waler.
il is mm 70 feet deep.   For a time th-
ivater from the  Colorado  raised   the
sea at the rate uf six  inches  a  day.
ami it lm-  i-'-i. estimated that granting the lailine ol engineers  to check
the river in dirt,' years, all tlie   liasin
locale I beneath the n n i   c   rse   -
the Coloradi    •
wil' r      A   pari   of   tbe   hnsii
Mexico, and the failure to i  nl
river would give  United   States  and
Mexfco a lake comparal '•■ I  thi i Ir. al
Lakes separating the   Unite I   Stati
ai I Canada      Al pn sen! tin
gn nti. tl an any b dy ol wati
iv.-.     the I nit. i! States, ■-, epl  jo
I.        d I..-*'  Michigan,
Saskatchewan Pioneer Steamboat Man Compliments the
Revelstoke Navigation Company.
A. I'liifie, who has nuvigatt-il the
Saskatchewan river for many long
years, hns been spending a few days in
the citv during which tire be was
enabled to take a trip up the Columbia mi ihess.Revelstoke. Mr.Pearce
states that tho .cenio attractions of
the river are  unparalleled and that
wonderful handintss ill working both
up and down stream He said tha*,
tbe general handling of the boat was
the finest Work lie had ever seen, and
remarked upnn .he splendid sy.-.teni uf
communication between captain and
engineer, the engines fulfilling tlie
cum mn uds from ihe bridge almost before the signal had left lho indicator.
Tbe handling of a boat in such a current as rushes ilu-nugn the canyon's
gorge, must bo absolutely perfect, In
order t-i make lhe safe passage, and
for nil the years that Capt Forslund
and liis trieil and trusty crew have
made that trip, not once  bus  there
Incur [him ted by Aot of Parliament, I8V1.
Wm. Molson Macphersiin, Pros. S. II. Ewino, Vice-Pres.
;James Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Rank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
For Agricultural Iuij.lemoiits. Carriages, Wanuns Etc., Jnlu.
Donrti Ploughs, Mnliiifl Wagons, Ciinnilii .Carriage JCompany's
Buggies, Plauot jr.. Gnnloii Senders uuil Cultivators] Wheelwright und Blacksmith Wnrk attended to. Horse Shoeing a
, %"V**«v**% *%%*«VW %-%*-%%% "VVVV%%%%%*V-V%*I
like it. He was particularly
sti.- i.v.i- tl.e passage of the
mul snid that, us experienced
tl.e peoplo if ui her provinces  have I been a single false judgment, a wrong
wind of command or an accident of
any nature. This speaks well ior the
excellence cl llio men in charge ol all
departments. And not only can the
oompany be complimented on its possession of skilled inen, but also on the
boat itself which is a spio and span
up-to-date handsome loosing cralt
and one that, is a credit to the cily
and district
noilm g
a- the Alberta steamboat men wire,
sii 1 the canyon would cause many ol
then, serious misgivings before attempting in enter it.
He complimented the Revelstoke
Narig.llinti Company on llieir p .'session nf such u line bout,  und on   her
A City of Graceful Homes and
Beautiful Gardens,
Movement to Hold Occidental
and Oriental Exhibition at
Vancouver 1910.
A movement of great imp rinnce to
Can a din n and British c. mmei'ce has
been inaugurated inwards holding an
Ocoidental-Orientnl exhibition in
Vancouver in 11)10. The Hundred
Thousand CL.b ol that city bus taken
the project in hand and has begun
campaign in hu ,. ;' -i the undertaking,
The id™ has been enthusiastically
receive.! ami ha-  already   taken  such
shape that suggestions for making it
the fai * ; :i! in two h Msea  are  c..n-| s
Perhaps no cily in the province
has advanced quicker or made such
rapid itii.lt* in the last lew years as
our own fair city on .lie Columbia
An evidence ot tin- distinctly artistic
eye and restful architectural skill of
o'ii local  contract, rs  and  designers
 y bo seen on nil - di -. and whnt is
tartio.ilnrly striking to the visitor is
Houses and Lots
Tendon for a Liconso to Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands In the Province
of British Columbia.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to tlio Com*
missioner of Dominion Lumi-, Dopurtmont
the Interior, nml mnrked on tlio envelopo
"Tender for Timber Berth No. •WO," will be received nt this Department until noon on Wednesday, the 1th duy of November, ItKM, for a license
hi cut timher on Perth No. 409, situato in the
Province ol liritish Columbl n in about Township
21.RuiiKel,Westof thoflthMoridianunCrunborry
Crook l'ommonciii(i at u imst planted on the
Wostorly Imnk of said Creok whoro tho sanio is
intoraoctod hy the upper boundary of Hlock '1 of
Timher Iiurili No Kill; thence up snid Croek
two milos in direct distii'ico with a depth of Ul
chains ou tho Wostorly sido and 20 chains on
the Easterly sldo thereof, inonsurod at right
a twins lo tlio uonoral hearing of I 'rook within
tho berth, the lower boundary to ho tlm upper
boundary of said Hlock It of Timbor Berth No.
833, nnd tho same produced South Westerly,
nml the upper boundary to bo pnrallol theroto,
containing an Area of two square milos, more or
Tho berth must ho surveyed by the grantee
within one year aftor tho granting of llio Imrth.
Tho regulations under whicli a licenso will he
Issued) also printed forms of lander and on vol*
opo, may be obtained at this Department or at
lho olilco of tho Crown Timbor Auontat Now
Wostminster, H.C.
Each tender must be accompanied hy an
accepted choline on a chartorod bank in favour
of tho Deputy of tho Minister id tho Interior
for tho amiiuntof tlio bonus which the applicant is prepared to pay for a liconso
No tendor hy telegraph will bo ontortalnod.
Department of tho Interior,
Ottawa, rjoptotnbor 28th, 1003.
Certificate of Improvements.
Under  New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands nf Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Adventurer, Iron Dnko, Watchman, Outlook ami
bundling minora! claims, situate iu the Arrow
Lake Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where locateili-On the  north side of  Pingston
Crock, ahout 5 miles west of Arrow Lake
Take notice that 1, .Mm   I ii 11111111 1 Anderson.
P.L.8., of Trail, 11.0.. agent for Thomas Abriel,
F.M.O. No. mUi\ tttchowl Smith, F.M.C No.
B05246, and Blteaboth Scott, F.M.C No. 1195268,
intend, sixty days Irom the date hereof, toapply
tothe Mining Hecordor for Certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants
of the above claims.
Ami farther take notice tlmt action, under section 87, must be commenced before thu Ishiiuhcq of
such Certificates uf Iinprnvtuuents,
Dated Ibis ii.M.lnl;iv i.f .Ium>, llHUi.
septa J, D. ANDERSON.
Notice is lioroby given, thai. I, Sam Walker
make application to the Board of Licence Commissioners for the Royelatoko Licencing Die*
Iriot for n transfer of my liquor licence for the
Li'liiu.l Hotel, Nakusp, to L. V. Mcllouguld, of
Daled Sept. 3rd, 1900.
Pursuant  to  the    " Oreditobs
Tbust Deeds Act, 1001."
;,   i - v,/
f >->■'*'.',
>..-,'- *
strncti ,1 alike. Ainu sl in every esse
the 'I-- gn differs a;:'! there is scarcely
one hu ■-- in the whole ol the city
that i- an eye* re ' ihe geni ■ vien
I tl      I'ldi'.iss as a    vholi      Gi ic
not .nly u national hut an inter
I empire event have already been
advanced in the too . u- ivspiipers. The
leaders ol tl -- n ovement urge that
ui t only na- 1, mi i ii iu 11 and fruvincin
■ ,
nil.lings and, stu
■    :      .
- ■       ■
■   ■ live  tin
■ ng       ■
,   ■! . ll
nt si
* iverim euts I m dn the British and
,1 ipunesi g iv in. .,-.. - . mid  propjrly
r in
be 'Mi- iled tu I      ni.ds tu carry  llie
iti in ill     ..:. ■.;■•: . ■ fully.
■ - ■ [ii-ii     itt tile C in.uli.iii
-  Vancouver Inst
i Irevly i| luted in slip-
. port       i in.   . -   - im mi,i   thai .in
i.ibition repre-
lentlllj        :   i . .-...-,.- mi-
tween    Asia   tnd    Mistral-
I and I .ii..da and
•  ■      *      ithei  could
the  r.i-■■!'„
Nu, 283,
"t'.i.Mi'ANii-'.s' Act, 1897."
"Smith Creek Mining and Development Company' lias this day been
registered as an Extra-Provincial
Company under the "Companies' Act,
18117," to carry out or cll't'.-l all or any
nf tbe objects of the Company to
which the legislative authority of the
Legislature of liritish Columbia ex-
The head office of the Company is
situate nt I'hi.'iiix, in the Territory of
The .-111101111! of the capital of Uie
Company is Hve hundred thousand
dollars, divided into Hve hundred
thousand shares of one dollar each,
The bead offlce ol the Company in
ibis Province Is situate on First Street,
Revelstoke, and Joliu Manning Soott,
barrlstcr-at-law, whose address is the
.iuin-. is the attorney for the Oomuiiny
mot empowered to Issue nnd transfer
Th.- iiu f lln* existence of the
Notice is hereby given lhat imi days after date
I intend to apply to the chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works lor a special license to out
and carry away timber from (he following
described'liinds.n the district of Wost Kooto-
nay, Kevelstoke Division:
Commencingat a pnst planted on thc east
sideof the Columbia river, and about 2 miles
from river on tlu- north side ot a small crook,
and about 2 miles above Carnes Creek, tbonco
north Hi) chains, thence cast so chains, thence
souih Hi olialns, theuce west 80 chains to point
of commonneinent.
Dated 22nd davof September, llHKi.
out8 A. F. JOHNSON,
Company i- twenty-five years from
« ,"■*>' the 10th day of July, 1008,
C, P, R. Places Order Totalling
in the Aggregate $7,000,000.
It bit.  i - ■ .   '..-  unc ri  thai   tin
u ii .gi...        tin I!. P  R
... ■  .   thee nsl  icti, n  ■ ., .,
■- till    M , i . ."-
typi    An irdcrl r fifty now ones     ■ .,,..       ,  : . -,,,.
ie Ci
| ci
1 ■ ■
tbe nev
n    n ''  -' •
,.    ,- ■-.,   ,,! ti)   I'   I! ,  M-
will   In ■   '    ■-
'  ■'       ' .i- Mm
It IS to In
t   ,.-     it inc.   I
ml    *   ,-i     -■..-' ■*■   li'
■■I - -"..
|  '       MU'l.l!
ii llcation
.'in   ibe
Can ids, an
. i -     .  . ,. ,-.- •   --,   thai
t e not1   rdera li [ oni   liun
i .   -      repres intii    ■- sxpi ndil
. ...it n dollars, Ei
!.- ,■ in otivi     ill   -
by i     :.   oi   five   -■    II M-iiiii,   i
Monl i -    and   the   bul mcc   .1   tin
c mipaii; - Anvii- shops,     Tlie   C in-
panj riler al  tin    Ing ■
sii";.-  -     two      indred    pussi
coacii' ,i.        kin I.   mil   i ur
thousiii.il rcigl - i iiu, ,■!,-],..• nn
outlay  ol  Imi-  million  dollars,   or
I -.-ii million dollars ior  loco.n :i
and i:ai*.
'Jim Matron ol the Hospital     li •
II thank Mi    Bun; an for do
oi llowei tlio l.iuii,' * ,,iiil iu. i, ni;
Jli-. W i I lit. ii i * ui lor bo nd nnd i-nl.i-;
and Messrs, llnhinn & Boll for jellioi
anj in the  province,  and
-    ■
-   ihatyo.i       Id
he truth in quarters is truth
in in:.      . .
till       llllf
11   ,1-
*■■ ■ e ,
■ m. that
....I Ior
ill in dollars
,.   cheaply
,   -    .       -  .ur
idyp.-o] . ii,,-
■ - bition pi -
Bt    llll ;,    --I
■' i es of tin m,iii,-ii!.-i
- ■   thai iin-
ii- ■   |iicl ml m i   puhll I ed  in exhibition - - and
M   -    i  i,l   rn-   V .iim ■   Printing  ipi rale id   . >.. oroduoo
Mm  '    v C. ii., u|,, it*,,, uh as niiu,ni'   the material (or the a,    ruction ol
Ing isl,i ,..   Tho "I li in Pictorial    tho ill bo  re-
. ill tinctly biwli clans, the ilhistra- quired
, nepti ii ally line sped-
ii the mo
iln- truth to ilit-i-
ivi ri -■ veil ii"- lire
I  '■   !■
-  .     •
monn,,; ':,ii iRi iphic work, aud ol an
interesting antl up-to dijto nature,
Plonsos ovory amokar  tho
1 Murou
Tin' ('i.in|.,iiiv Is limited.
Given nndei  tny  liund and seal of
office al Victoria, Province ot British
Columbia, thi* 10th day of September,
one tnoiwund nine hundred and six,
i . , s. V. VVOOTTON,
i:, ,.i Joint Stock Companies.
Tli.-i.iiji'i i- foi which the Company
has been •■ i ibllshed and t'ORiftored
Tooperali and carry on the business
of piai'i i' and tjuavtz gold mining in
ii,,   r   . ,,,,. of   British Oolnmuia,
i ,,ii fi 1 elsewhere; to Iransnorl
Koi 'i ".'. merchandise by vessels or
otherwi i jtopurchase and hold timber
land ■ ri engage in the manufacture
,uui iir of lumberi to own and null,,, i jtore and trading posts, and
generally tn have the rlgbl of engag*
,i,:. [n  tn.' and ill kinds of business
thai  . natural per mighl or could
in the U -il BtateHorany pail of the
world. sop 22 Iw
Notice Is hereby given Hint 80 days after date
1 intend toapply to the Ch lof Commissioner of
Landsaud Works fora sper-lnl licenso to cut
and parry away limber from the following
described lnnds situate In the Yule district:
1, Coinineneilig at a post marked "8. Hill's
north-cast corner post," plauted about one
mile east of the Shuswap river, about fi miles
north ol Cherry Creek, Ihence pomb 80 chains,
thenee west fin cbnins, tbenee north Hi) chaini,
thenee cast SO cliains to pointof commencemeni.
Dated Sept. lotta,1006.
2. Commenolng at a post marked "8, Hill's
south-east cornor post.'1 planted on tbe west
bank ol the Shuswap river, about 4 tulles south
of sutrnr Lako, thenee west BO ohains, thenoe
north 80chains, iheneeeast -|Q chains, theuce
south 80 chains to i»»iui of commonoemont,
'A, Commencini; nt a nost marked "8. Hill's
BOiUiVuo.il corner post," plnuled on the west
hi* nk of the Shuswap river, about G miles south
of HugarLake, thonce west hu chniu«. north 80
ohains, east80 chains, tiience souih su chains
to point of commencement.
■I. Commencing atanost marked "S.Hill's
norlb-east corner post," planted on tbo west
bank of tlieStiuawap Rivor abont Smiles south
of Btlgar Lake, thence west HO cbnins, ihence
south 80 chains, thouoe east80chains, thenoe
north Hit chalna to point of common -enieut.
o. Commencing at a post marked "S. Hill's
northeast corner post," plantod on tbo west
bank of the Bhuswftp Kiver, about li iniles
south of Sugar lnke. tbenee west 40 ehains,
thonce south ino chains, thence east40 ohains,
thonoo uorth 100 chains to point oi commencement.
Hated sept, 17th, 1900.
octS B. HILL.
Putin *■ *■ i days ofler date
:.  1.1   - !,■;-.- ti tin  ii rat.io tho Chief
i . nf I stid  m i Works i ir pewits-
1   ■ the following di ii rlbed lauds
::. Wb ■ >- * 'tpnaj .■  Irloti
I   i inarkod "ilariarel Haw-
nr        ■., .I-* cornor." nnd pli -i mi
ipfli Arrow i-nli' ab -ul ono
- '.i • apo Hoi ii ; thon ■  uortli ft)
* i ,     ni e * ■ ii 10 Ji hains, >.i ire or less, to
I Arrow Laki   ihouoi (oIIowIuh the
[nIce ti   *   i   i nn rs   ■ miherlj indr nsterly
dlreotlon      - an n i. ra lesi, to poinl ol
commenci ment; containing tec acres, raoroot
Dated thl  I I la) ol October, I	
Hy l' I., Hammond, Agent.
VU'l'll'i; is liornliy slveu that Sll illij-l
j^N aftor data I Intond to apply to the Hot.o.*-
lllili" tlio I'ltitif ('iitiitiii**iiinnr nf Liilnl, and
Wurk* fur a *.nii.'i-il lit-tia-i! tu cut. ami curry
nwny timbor Iruiii lln' fnlloivliiB iloscrilioii
liun!.* in l-lii-l liiiiitiiiuiy Dl.trloti
I. ('iiiiitntiiKiiiti.' ut ii im*t. morkod "Otto
l.iti-liiniiiitl'.* nortlt-ooil oornor poit," iiluniod
mi tin., riel.t Iiiiiii, of Windy Ilivor at lioiuluf
Kttllllllkol   Lnko,  nm!   H'.j  IllllOI  frnm  lnko,
tiiDiitii) -iiti.li ii'jii-liuiii-. woit in ohalni, nortli
nm t-iiiiiii*. oast in i-ii.tin* tu placo uf com-
'I, r,iniliit!iiciti;r al n.|itt*t mnrkod "Otto
!.i.rlitntiti<r* ti'irili-iiii-i corner pim.," planted
iiii tliorialil. Inini,,,! Windy Ilivor, at lio-iil nl
Kinlta-1,',,1 Lako, nnd -'■■. milo. Irom Lnko,
thonoo Biiutll lm, i-liiiiii*. litisl til cliiiia.,, mirth
IBO chaini. ivn-l !u ,-liains to pllico nf coin-
Dulod Siiiti, fall, inn,
a.   <' louotna nt a pnst mnrkeil "Ottn
Ijiiclittnanr- -inilli-wn*. oornor post, plnntoil
mt .In, right Imnk of Windy Itivnr, -J', milo.,
from liiiilin-kt'! Lnko, iliuimo nnrtli hn clialns,
east Hiii-liiiiii-, *,„iili hu claiin*, wost mi ohnlns
in place uf commoncomont,
I C(iiii!ii'-n''i„i£ nt u poit miirknd "QLUi
l.ncliiiiiiiiil'- tintlh.wc-t enrnor pusl." iilantiid
un rlalu tide of Windy flltor, M miln-frum
Kinii.i ui-i  Lake and Imlf n miln wc-ifrum
river, Ihoi outh so ,-iiuiu-. east 80 chnlns,
north -i--i Mn-, wi-i vi,'linia* toplaoeofcom-
moat; oni'nil,
;.. ('.niimi.in-ill*' nt it poit marked "O.in
Lnclniiiiiiil'- -inili.nn.. cornor post," plauted
uu tlio rii;lit liank of Windy Ilivor, 'J inilti* from
head nl Kluba.kot Lako, tlionco uorlh 80
chains, weit 80 ohalm, south mi chains, east 80
'■linin   Lo place of i-tinuiiDiicoiuoiil.
DatedSipl Uth.ltOO.
8. Coinmenolna m u .m-i marked "Uut.
LachBiiiutl'sioutu-vreit, curuer imst,   .ilnntod
, nnii bank u! ttlubaiket Lnko mul 1 milo
i fool ol lake, tl e north 80 chnius, out
S-, chain*. *iniili ivi chains, wail 80 clmins to
plaon of commencement.
Dated Sopt. mil,, IWO.
John George Maodunuld of tho Oity of
Revelstoke It, the Ptovince of British
Cil.....liin, Merchant, lms hy deed d.it-
uil the 28th .lay of Septeuihw, A. I)..
liUKl, nt.8lgt.ed ..II his pt'i'suinil pi-oper-
ty, i-.'.il estate, credits uud effects,
which may lie si-i'/.i-d ami sold under
execution to Allan Y. Anderson ..t'tlu*
said City of Revelstoke, Accountant,
in trust for the botielll of his creditors.
The said deed wns executed hy the
said .lohn George Maedonald and /Ulan
Y. Anderson .... tho 28th day of September, A.D., 1000.
All persons having claims against tbe
s.ii.l Juhn George Mnedniiiikl ure re-
quired on or before the Ul day of November, A.D., IIHHI, to send lo the
trustee full particulars uf the same
duly verified, together with the particulars of the security, if any, held
by them.
Notice is hereby further given thnl
after the snid 1st day of November,
A,D„ IIHHI, tht! trustee will proceed to
distribute the assets among those
credit.us whose claims have been
lodged with hini, and that he will not
he i-esponsil.il' after suid date for the
assets so distributed, ...- nny part
thereof to any person or persons. H.-.n
or corporation, of whose debt or claim
be shall not then hnve received notice.
A meeting of the creditors of the
said John George Maedonald will be
held nt 1 he offices of Burns k Walkom,
Barristers, K .: 1, Plitok Block, Vancouver, B. O.. on Friday, the 12th dnv
of October, A. I)„ 1000, at the hour of
four o'clock in tl.e nfter.....m.
Dnted nt Revelstoke, 11. 0., this 1st
dny of October, A. IJ.. IIHHI.
Revelstoke, B. C,
Solicitors for I lie above Trustee,
Notice is hereby given that thirty days alter
late I intend to apply to the Chlel Comiiils*
Hloner of Lnnds and Works fora speeiul license
lo rut and curry away timber from the following described lands in West Kooienay District:
1. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles smith of Capo Horn, onouBt sideof Upper
Arrow Lake nml mnrked ''Philip King's north-
west corner," thence BQ elinins east, thence 80
ehiiiim south, thonco hu elinins west Ihence hu
cha-hiH north to point of commencement,
ii, Commencing at Philip Kimi's south-west
corner, one mil.- fnnn the Lnke, thenco SO chains
north, theuce 811 chnlns east, thence HO elinlns
south, thenco 60 chains west to point of com-
Dated October 6lh, 1906
oetlO *        PHILIP KINO.
Voters' List, 1907.    «
HOLDERS ni*." hereby notified, that,
in order to have their names placed on
the Voters' List for the 1907 Municipal
Elections, they are required to make
the statutory declaration, and deliver
the biime tn tht' Cily dmk during
the month of October
Eiii-iiis nun In. obtained at my ufllce
on and after October 1st,
Hevelslokc, .Sept. 25, 1900,  ,      -It THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELS?'TX. n C.
Fnnn our unit OiinuHponihint..
The Governor General and hie party
sfent Monday of last week at Field
and Emerald Laks.
Mr. Sam Cnmpbell, who has spent
the sum mer hert ie oharge ol his
brother's outfitter! business, lelt for
his home in the east lasl Friday morning. On Thursday aftming ninny of
the people ol Field met in the Buck-
ham hull to tender him a farewell,
Tl.e evening was .pent in playing
gari.es. An Impromptu programme
was also rendered. The meeting
broke up before midnight. Mr. Campbell during liis short stay hai. made
many friend* here. He will be very
much misBcd especially in the church
to which he his given his most hearty
suppoit. The people here will give
him a cordial welcome should he chose
to return next summer
Mi's Palrick has Ntnrned .ilt.-r having spent a |il.-ii.-ii»l hnliday on the
coast and at Revelstoke.
Mrs. F. ni.d Mrs, J. Newett have
also returned after spending six weeks
with their mother and brothers in
Fictou Co., Nova Scotia. We are
glad to see them all back again.
Miss Black, ul Revelstoke, has gone
home having spent a week with Mrs.
W. A. Clark.
Mr. I3ol Campbell, of Laggan, spent
last Thursday night in town.
Miss McLean, who lias been staying
for sonic weeks with Mrs. McGillway,
has returned to her homo at Moose
Mr. Win. Ad.ii.ison leaves on Tuesday lor Montreal, to meet his mother
and sister, who nre coming from the
Old Land to live with him here.
Mr. Wm. Renolds has purchased
the house occupied by Mr. Muoklo-
juhn, Mr. Muckli-john bits gone to
Revelstoke tu run between Revelitoke
nml Field. His wile will follow him
The Ladies Aid Society of the
church, purpose holding i concert uud
tea in the Buokham hall on the evening ol Thanksgiving Day. A splendid
prog.-amme will he rendered consisting
of readings, instrumental music,
qtinrte'ites and solos. A one act
comedy will -also be given. Afler the
programme there will he a stile of
work, fur whioh the ladies have been
preparing lot sume time. Alter the
side, lea will he served.
Dean Small, of Lyton, B. C, culled
on Mr, and Mrs. Lew Warner on his
way west la5', week.
Point, tho result is she bad to go on
the ways at Naku-p fur rtpairi,
Mrs. Kane returned from a visit to
Roy Thompson is at llis Big Bend
Co's. mill again.
S. Irwin is building a blacksmith's
Mr, Holbert has moved into his new
bouse on Nob Hill.
The citizens are asking each other
how tbey expect, tu keep law and order
in town when the police gamble and
allow titihuins io play their cruoked
worn to lleece lhe nnwaiying lumberjack thut comes to low., lo buy his
winter clothes.
Dr. Hamilton is expected back Irom
California un the Kith.
E. A. Haggen wna in mini on business un Monday.
.Mis. F. Warner is back from New
Westminster, she also made a visit to
Seattle and speaks v.ry highly of
her trip.
Borx—To the wile ot Ray  Lnne, on
the 9th inst., a bouncing baby girl.
ior   .   .   .
The oven in
The Kootenay Steel Range
is ventilated
London -Toron to * Mon rr«al
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
From our own correspondent.
The Pallisor Lumber company have
closed their mill for the pr«-entseason.
During Ihe fall and winter many
changes sill U made in and abuut
the mill whioh will very greatly increase lhe cflicency ol the plant. The
mill is tu lie extended fifty feet. Gang
saws are to be put in, a small dynamo
will also In- installed, The dam is to
be repaired and much enlarged.
Mr. Diokason, the genial president
ol tlie company, whoso home is in
Kansas Oity, is here at present. He
brought with him Mr. Davis the treasurer and a partner in the concern.
His home is in Mai'i.icit, Wis. Alter
leaving PalUser l.e purposes going on
to the const cities ol  Vni over and
Sun l-'ini M-i---
11.-. McAI| in, wil ■ of Mi. II. Mo-
Alpin, 0. r U ageni al Pallisor, li .-
returned home alter having tpent a
month's holiday with her people near
Mr. Finn is to he here in u lew days
Irom Marinett, Wis, to inki the position ot manager ol tin! Pallisor Lumber company.
The month ol October is passing. It
is the mouth ot the ingathering.   The
moBt glorious and best  uf  Canadian
days and delightful  visions  is  now
gliding by.   Springtime brings returning warmth with tbe springing blades
of grass and fresh tender leaves ol the
trees.   Everything ia moist wilh tbe
quickening life; the ground  ia damp
with a promise that summer hasten1!
to tullil.    Yet neither in the spring,
time nor in the summer can tbe (arm-
er truly enjoy the richness nor feel the
glory that is lavished upon him.   The
crops are in their initial stage.    The
"to ue or not to  be"  of  the  harvest
rivets his attention.    Rut in autumn
this feeling of uncertainty lias passed.
He rests himsslf content ivilh  what
lius passed.    He so-'s  nature iairly
groaning under her fruitage and  he
gathers for the winter.    October under Canadian  skies  is u   beautilul
picture to the farm-loving man.   Out
on the pleasant farmsteads tlie quiet
days and the cuul  moonlight flooded
nights tell oi visions of plenty during
the coining winter.     The earth is dry
and comfort is complete, as the admirer uf the season  strolls hy  the
hedge rows or down the maple lanes.
The days may be shun, its the re.renting sun sinks to re-t.    Hut in yonder I «
humesteud  the  lights  twinkle   out J *
visions oi fried potnties,  rich  cream,
and pumpkin pies,    The farmer in
October is king ol men; anl the heart
oi the jovial country nun gr,,-\s warn:
and tender.   He fet-16 the ios.ne.-s inst
gathering lu the  frost-bitten  shrubbery around him.    With  the  black
birds that flock the turning fields and
the cruws' long flights he feels a comradeship,  All things are satisfied.  It
is tbe ingathering lull, the brief season
ol test that issodoiicious and welion.e
to the a; ns of the soil.   The snooks oi
plenty hold out itiviliiig ears of gold,
anil peace  settles  uver   the  "niglits
benign demeauor."    October's glory
is sublime.
The expansion  ol Canada is the i|
greatest event in tho British Empire'*
This  Bhould  end tlie complaint that
Canada is no*, doing her share in the
Britisli system ot nations.
John r. Wood's Furniture Slort
inns, carrots,
made pickles,
or eggs, or
good potatoes,
sauerkraut, h»n
j.,1.1, etc., chick,
// there is anyihing wrong
Ubout Your House
that wants fixing, lion, opening your si.lo in olennlng your
'Phone to
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
ft**, n-i <v«±* 'l-V^-*»-%%"V%-«Vy%."^*4"V**fc** tfclt-VV-t-y* -**•*• V»
HFjAD OPKICK!  Cai.ii.iuv,  ..mu n.i-.i. 4
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants \
.,   '-In
.'■kn* ,
"f Alb.
Iter*.  Marten
ml the Yukon.
Iiaiurock Brand,
■ ,   ,y,. a     ii ynu are looking for somelhing nice in SPOONS AND
£Bm     pins,   BELT   BUCKLES,   WATCHES,   "BUNN
^s^   SPECIAL" (or Souvenirs, we have Ihem here,
"id.   GUY   BARBER,  *    gRgffi
Notice is hereby given that 30 dnys
after date I intend to npply to the
Hon. Chief Commis-iuner uf Landi
and Works fur a special licence to cut
and curry away timber Iron, the following described lands situated in
West Kootenay district, B.   .
1, Commencing at a pest marked
"J. M.Keliie'enorth-east corner pnst,"
planted about til) chains nurih of Buyd
creek, nnd about 2J milts (rom Fish
creek, running south 80 oh ins, tlience
west SO chains, thence nortli 80chains,
thence east 80 ehnins io lhe point ol
2. Commencing at a p st mnrkrd
' .1. M. Kellie's nortli-west corner post,"
plnnted ahout (ill ehnins north of Boyd
creek nud nbout 2J miles frum Fish
creek, running south 80 chains, thence
east 80 cbnins, theuce north 80 chains,
thence west 80 cliiiins lo pi int ot
.-uniiiii iicenii'iit.
Daled 12th October, 1601),
J. M. Keixie, Locator,
Ily his agent George Edge.
.,,.,.                ,ii ner  post,"  Ihence cast  Kill elnius
.1.   Conimencing m a pusl marked ^ ^ w Ml!f,h, e8t
1110 chains, ihence nun ll 4(1 el   ina 10
the point of I'limmeuc.-.npi.i
li. Cum mencing at a po-t pl-uted
nn till! wesl sale ut '.! e i mlh |, ik uf
McDonald Cm. k nl.oiil '-J ni is u ve
tho in,,uth ol suid norm 'oik and
mark.d ".I. McClay's ronl.-wcsi corner  pi st,"  il ence  t-i.-t  80   elm ns,
,   ,      ,.|,                   . -   ,,i, thence souih  80 chains, thence .est
p nuteiUliuui ullf in n* 1 inili ol IimJiI  .,,.   i  .     ,,             ,,i   n              ,
1    ,       ,    .      ii    -i    , i- i   80cbnins, tbenee n..-!b 8'jCi u s to
creek  nnd  about 4J miles fr, in I'nil I,,. ,... «,......,	
creek, running  east Siiclmi is, il.ei.ee
south 80 chuius, thence west 80 ehains,
thence  ninth   SO  eliains to point uf
a. Commencing at n post marked
"J. M, Kellie's north-west corner post,"
pointed about 25 ciniins nnrth ot Boyd
creek and alout 5J miles Irom Fish
creek, running east 11.0 chnius, tl ence
south 40 chains, theuce west Kit)
chains, thenee north 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated 12th October. l'JOli
.1. M. Keuie. Locator,
oet 17    By his ..gent ,1. II. McKenzie
Notice is hereby giv. -. thai 30 days
alter date I intend lu apply ti the
Hu... chiii Commissioner nl Lnnds
and Works lur a special license to cut
and carry awny timber Iron, tlie following di-serilwd landa situate on ihe
enst side ol Upper Arrow bike, West
Kt.uicnay District:
1. Commencing at a post planled
about 1 mile east uf Arrow ljtke on
Ihe bank ul a ..null i-.eek emptying
inti. Arrow Lake a.miii J mile north
oi the mouth nl McDonald Creek nnd
marked "J. HcClny'snorlh-»estcorner," thence east 80 cliains, thence
souih 80chaius, thence west SO chains,
thence norlh 811 chains to tl.e puint ot
2. Commenolng at n pust planted
about ii miles east of Arroiv Lake ou
Ihe hank ol a small creek emptying
inly Arrow Lake, about 1} miles north
oi tho .....uth uf M.-l 'miaid Cr.-ck, and
marked''J, McClay'a nortl.-nest corner pusl," theuce east SO cliHinB,
thence tuuth 80 ehuins, ihence west
80 chains, tlience nnrth SO chains to
ihe pnint ol commencement,
3. Comint'iioiug at a post planted
al'OUt 8 mile-I'lo-t nl Armw Lake on
the bank of a small creek emptying
inlo Arroiv Lake, .ibin.it 11 miles nurth
of the mouth ol McDonald Creek and
niarked "J. McClay'a south-west corner post." thence cist 80 chains,
ihence norlh 80ohains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains tu ihe
point of iomiucnceme.it.
4. Commencing at a pust plai ted
about 2 miles enst of Arrow Lnke on
the In.nk of a small creek emptying
inlo Arrow Lake, ..hunt 11 mil.s north
ol the mouth of McDonald Crtek and
marked "J. McClay'a louth-wett corner post," thence east 80 chaini,
thence nonh SOcliaii.B, thei.-. wis.80
chains, thence south   Sll i'liains lo the
int of commencement.
5. Commencing al a post planted
on ihe en-t bunk ol the nurth |,>rkot
McDonald Creek, aboul LJ mile- above
the mon' li ui sai.i nortli lorl and
marked "J. McClay's nurih i'i--i i-ur-
"J. M.Kclli-.-'s north-enst corner pi -st,'
planted about OOclniins nnrtli of llnyd
creek ui.il nbuut 4J miles iiom Fi-h
creek, running west SO chains, thenc.i
south 80 chains, thence e.o.t 80ohnins,
thence nortli SO cbnins to the point o*
4. Commencing nt a po>t murkid
J. il, Kellie's north-wen eorner po-t,'1
I kind*, t-l* up-tn-dn
and house lui
anil leliniilu furniture
lings go In
(From (lm Own Correspondent).
Culey Bros, are moving Into
now City hotel.
Mr. Wnlliu, the druggist, has returned fi'oni u visit to tlie coast.
A gang of bush mini cnine [in Sunday from the east for the Big Bend
Lumber Oo.
The Big llend tug, Adam Hall, me
witii an accident thn ulher day, -vvl.il,
racing with the steamer I'ipor, nli<
tried to cut oil' a  piece
i J R.. Howson & Co., Furnishers j
I i>«**i*.^w*wvvw*>v*a»a*vvw *^a,'-i'vv*'-vv*^^i'vvv>>vvvvv*jvvw'
and mending at
Diamond Ball
Promptly and well -and ut reason-*
ableprices—we Attend 10thei ■■
ing of Watches and Jewelry of all
kinds. A special mailing box in
which to forward your watch to ut
will be sent you free on request.
We haveunequailed facilities, loo,
for ihe designing and manufacturing
of special articles in Jewelry, Silverware, Lodge Regalia, Insignia, Etc.
We buy old Gold Jewelry at high*
est prices.
Wi send upon rnjutstfrtt oft korgt
Our large illustrated catalogue.
B. C
I . .'.MM  '!. Ul. -1(11!,. IV
i.a. . Sample Rooms.
Rales Sl.oO per Day, Special Wcukly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
ul  llannock
Fish Creek will find
client accommodation at this
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rale.
Notice is hereby given that 30 dnys
nfter date I intend to apply to lho
Hon. Chief Comniiss.oncr of Lands
and Wnrks for a special licence to cut
., "d carry away drain- Irom the following described lands sitnnted iu
WeBi Kootenay district:
I. Commencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-west oorner pusl,"
nbuut | mile up north lork oi Gold-
stream, thence north 40 chains, east
160 chains, south 40 chains, west 100
chains to point ol commencement,
3,   Commencing nl a post marked
'Gns Lund's south-west comer pnst,"
limit I mile below tl.e iiiuiuli ol  the
north  lork  ol    Goldstream,  ihence
rth 40 shains, en-t IliO chains,
souih 40 chaini, wesl Hi i chaina to
pnint ot cominencmont.
II. Commencing al a | ost marked
"Gus Lund's iouth-wo i corner p ist,
planted ahout il miles b ,|ow the m rth
fork oi Goidstroam, i In nee nonh 80
chains, ensl 80cliahi», smith so chains,
.vos! so cbnini a poinl il oomiu n i
in, nt.
III. Commencing .1 i. posl marked
"Uus Lund's north-wi -i c irner posl
planted uliuui II mill - lv - n tho nor li
furl;  ill  (u,I,I*iii'«mii, 1.1 ,.r.    outh   SO
ul nu  ,  i n-i   80 chains,   -
chains, ivesl 80 chai.u m the p iim   I
,.     fl    It)    Ml  ' "I   '
il.    ( in. null' illj  at tt p .   !
"(lus Lund'i iouI li-cas corner |
planled about 2J mllei up Camp
crook, thence wen 180 ohalm, north
40 chaini,, ast 180 chai it, south in
clmins iu Um poinl ul commencemoi ■
Dated June 12th, 1900,
UCt   17 ''I I   I.'-MM
Certificate of Improvements.
811mBoll ami Laurel Mineral i'l...:
In tlm IlloolUowuol Illnln   Dlvl lo
tiiiuy District,
Whoroloontodl-'r!ui)ii..|ii'irlitiM ,,i
Tub' nut um iimi I, J. A. Kirk, act i
f„r Juliii Nowoll.Frno Minor1   -
ll.WCi'.il; o   lliilmri I'nlil Froo Nl	
ci.tu No. II. 88608. and Qoorao W. ■;
Ulnor'i i uriiftcntu Nu. H. B8595, inloiid, ixty
iln;. Iron, tho dato lioroof, to apply to tbo .Mining llntiurilur Inr a Cortlfloato ol Improvements,
fnr ilm purpose uf obtaining a Crown Qraul ol
till! hIm.vo uioim-
Aitil  fnrllitir  laki) antii'ii Ilinl itcliiui, ni,,l,-t
noetic. H7, iin.it Itn "iiininn I   boforo tbe
issiiiincoiif muili Cortlfloato ol ImproYomoul
Dated Ihls (Olh day nl Bjptombor. A.D , ltKW
oot!0 J. A  KIUK.
the point ol cnu'iueineitient.
7. Commencing nt a posl planted
uno mile en-t Irom a pu nt on ihe
north fork ol McDonald C.eek, about
21 miles nhovo thc mouth 11 -aid
north lork and mnrkul "J. McClay's
north-west corner po-t," thenceeast
80 ehnins thenco soutli 80 chainB,
tlienco west 80 chains, thenco i. rth
80 chains to the point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a po-t planted
on-1 mile east from a pi int on tlie
nortb fork ol McDonald Creek situate
nbout 9J uiili-s nlmve Ihe mouth of
said nonh lork and mnrked "J. McClay's Bouth-iiest i,,nur |„.-t." theoce
.'..*, 80 chains, I hence north SO ehnins,
llienee  .veil   S-i chains, I hence E uth
80 chains to tho pointof commencement.
i). Com...('..('iii'.' at a |i -i planted
on the euft tide of the north fork of
McDonald Creek, about 3j miles nlmve
mouth of said north furl; and marked
".I.McClnv's north-wesl iornw,"thence
t-ast SO chains, thence touth 80 chains,
thence ivesl 80 cbaii - iln uci imrth
80 chains lu the p int oi coi..menoement.
10, Commencing al n p ■; planted
on the west side of the    rth lork of
McDonald Creek nl I 1' miles almve
the mouth oi said north lork and
marked "J. McClay's - itl -oasl corner," thei ce nortl •' cl, iin», ll nee
«-, *■ 80i. aii ., tin - ith • i ci lina,
theuce - asl SO cl aina I point of
oon.nieni en cnl
11. C mn one i * '.-iited
mi iiu-'. *! id ol lho nortl - : ol
McD nalil Cr.
tho  -: i ind
narked   J. Md    .'•■     I cor
ner | tlience nurth
thei,..-:-' - - nth
- :■ Iiom
I. cited
i .    , -i
M    I.A V.
!   tic
ii!     Ill-    II 11101      '.   A -ii
miy i
-  -■ .
t lm
'i -
i;:' .iii
claiin- upon  I      - nustb
date in-"  :
ei.,1* will  e dietrib
partiei lawfully l
Dated tin I      I       Oct.      1006,
G ".-.   ■  ith McCarter,
oot I Wl      Ofloi   Ad-.' Istrator.
Gbe nDaiUlbevalb.
laolullng poitago to KiirIiiwI, United State
.....1 Canada.
. l.si
. 1.110
Ily tin- year [through poslollloo]
Half     "      " •        .
yuarii'r"       "
Logal notices IS cents ner line flr-nt Insorllon,
A cents per linn eaoh suhsoquont In-i-iiim.
Mflrwiircnm.il, Konparloj 11- Hues ...uiiii one
incli). Store uml Ktniiiral business nil-
iiiiiiiii-t-uii nl- S--..V1 pop int;). pur ....mil..
Preferred positions, itf por cent, u.l-
illlli ->-.l. Hlrilu. Marrlngos uml Deaths,
fieo, i-iicli Insorllon. Timber notloes99.00
l.aml notloes $7,(10 All advertisements
M.itijeol tothoapproval of ilu- management,
WiiiiiihI iiiiiI Condonsod AilvcritJi'mcnis:-
Aki-iii* M'tuilt-il, lli-l.t Wunti'il, Siiiialiiin*
wanlod. Sltunilons Vacant, Toaohors
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, lu words or
lo*. -.'.'.i-.. each a.iiiitin.iiii line in cents,
Chnnaos In standing ad-*orll.omeiit# must
bob. by li il in. *la,-s,li> uiiii Krlday of
»-■ cii ivi-uii lo -I'i'iii'i, irutwl display.
JOU   IUNT1NU proniptlyoxeootodatroasou-
ilii.- r.ilu-
TKItMS-.'u-li.  Subwriptlons payable in ml
tuitllKSI'iiNliKNCK Invited ou mutters of
public Interest. Communications io Kill-
:or niii-t lie aocompniiied bv luuni! of
writer, nol nooo-tsarlly fn ptibltoatlon, luu
a* evidiuiu'i uf i*uinl faith. Corrci*poiiilcnce
-liuni!! bu brief,
Barristers, Solicitors, En-.
<!. K. Ull,UK. I-'. <\ Kl.l.lnl.
OKniKs: Imi'Kk.ai, Bank  Iuh-k.  Iim-k.;
'bvokk, n. i*.
.limit')- ui loan.
Ofllcw: llevelstoko, Il.C: Korl Steele,B.C.
Gun. s. JlcCi.tTKH,
A. Al. l'lNKUAM.
I..'i.'lsi<ikc, B, 0,
J. A. Hakvkv,
Fort Steele .11. l".
J. M.Scoii I.L.Ii W.I. Brlggs.
noo't'i' jV.nd iiitiiiiis
liAiimsTK.is. Si.u.-it.irs. Etc.
Money ti. Loan
sui.iciTiiiisi F"i. ,\;.ii.-i'Ns Bank
Fi.^l Street, ltev.-1-l..k.-, Hi'
Proviiu ial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sini-eylug
McKknzh-: Avenue,
Ii,i.v |ii!i. Revelstoke
Mining Engineer,
<Mem. A'norimii Institute Mining Engineer*]
fauudlan Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke. B. U.
Examination of nnd rpportfi on Mineral Pro
portion a Specialty,
BANKERS & Brokers.
Dividend paying, mining, oil nnd Industrial
Investment*, fliirhesi speculative prollts com
bined with bank seourlty; iUhki dividend
cheque*) mailed every month to clients, ('nil
im moor write for particulars.
Agent ror KootCliaV,
Ube ilfoaiMbevalb
"I would . ■ . t'.iriii'-!ly,Hlvi.f tlu.Mii for
their good to ordor this paper to bo punctually
served up, and to bo looked upon as u pari of
the toil equipage."—Addison.
WEDNESDAY, OCT  17. 1906
Thanksgiving   Dav
lm-   once
more come round, nnd lhe  eurth
has yielded up ln.-r manifold tren--
ure.- lo the calling of man.    Mnn;.*
changes have there been since  ue
last returned thnnks lor the many
ami varied gifts of nature and assembled  .-n tlmt festive  -■'  isii n,
putting aside many '.:.-.\   diffei -
that in every   day   life   mar   the
harmonv of our social life as -
zen.-.   Let us now i onjoin in
accuni tu  rejoice  in   the  boui t;
that w- nave rei eived in the
sea-ion an i  make   I
Li}* wl, i* il :- .:.*- i
festival wherein  ui..   ni    matte
what iti'- i rn- dei
I ■-.*       I the Iruil     I the i
'i'lifiii...-.- -..ii.-11.-,  peouliarl
An* ■ - in holid i;.      tt   irigina   I
iu. *     i ontinenl and   *.|   in  the
pre.cn time its  observation  has
i,ii* ■ st.ndcrl beyond 'i'  limits,
Tii'- history ol ii- iii-*.* ■
1„. t.. v. i,, pome'!'-.' re i ler?  who
perh ip- are obsi rving it thin
ii-:  he firsl iiu.-     .
tin- "lil world will, the  new  verj
closely.    Durin   the reign nf the
lir-i cf ilu- Slew     .
on the barren const of Massachusetts thev named the spot Plymouth in memory ol the last
English port at which they touched.
This was in the fall of 1620 and
the following winter, with its unaccustomed cold was a time of
terrible hardship, there being times
when "they knew not at night
where to have a bite in the morning."
In the late summer of 1621 when
the first scanty crop was gathered
in, u whole day was set apart in
whicli the entire community
"thanked God and took courage."
The custom wns never dropped,
but the various stales observed it
in response to the proclamations of
their governors, until in 1863 by
order of President Lincoln it was
made a national holiday in (lie
United States and is more widely
observed than any oilier holiday
in the republic with the exception
of Christmas and the Fourth of
July. Canadians borrowed the
idea and used it for a time, choosing the same day (the third Thursday in November usually,) but
making it more of a movable feast
:is far ns time is concerned, This
year tlie 18th of October has been
chosen by the Governor General ns
Canada's Thanksgiving Day. It
would seem that tlie little band of
men and women who instituted
Thanksgiving Dny, had precious
little to he thankful for. They had
endured a terrible winter and had
faced famine in the spring when
the scanty supply of grain had to
l.e used for seed, had lived in con-
slant fear from savages, had seen
many of their dearest give up the
struggle for existence on this unfriendly shore. Yet, when the
little clearings stood shorn of their
yellow harvest, they faced another
win'.er not a whit downcast, and
set aside a day in whicli to give
thanks that their pressing physical
necessities had been supplied and
that in ilii- wild land there wns
freedom uf .-oul for them. Thank
fill ior small mercies is snid nlmu-t
scornfully in lorgetfulness that the
small blessings mnke up the total
of happiness, a- the small miseries
make up th.- total -if unhappiness,
The great thing3 ol  either joy  or
sorron are the extt is -:.  the  ; n
Toronto, Oct. 8th, 1006,
Editor Mail-Herald,
.Dear Sir.—My attention hai been
called to a letter in your issue of 22nd
September, signed "J. A. Davidson,"
containing a long creed in support of
the Saturday-Sabbath heresy with
whicli a lew foolish people scattered
here and there throughout tlie Dominion have recently taken up as a result
ol tl.e efforts of missiomiriesand agents
sent over from the I'nited States to
evangelize Canada, which is su benighted that Dill percent nl ber people
believe that the lirst day oi the weok,
which commemorates the resurrection
of our Saviour and Lord from the
dead, is the Lord's Day, and whose
parliainent has chosen, by almost
unanimous vote, to make this Lord's
Day one ol our National Institutions
I am quite too busy tn waste time
and energy in entering into controversy with any of these people, for
whom I entertain no unkindly
thought, though I regret their delusion .villi its consequences. I write
simply to point out how unreliable
are tlie statements and quotations
made by your correspondent. He
quotes section 0 of the Lord's Day
Act as follows: "It shall not be lawful for any person on that day to en
gage in hunting or lishing, tn shout at
any target, mark or other object, or to
use any appliance, gun, rifle, or other
engine Ior that purpose." ^Now, as a
matter ol fact, section 9 ol the Act
prohibits thc importation, sale and
distribution of foreign newspapers on
Sunday. And the section that he
announces through your columns to
the public as sec-ion 9 of the Act, is
not found iu tlie Act under any other
number, neither is hunting or fiBhing
anywhere dealt with in tbe Act, nor
were they mentioned in tbe Draft Act
submitted by tlie Lord's Day Alliance
and afterwards adopted by the Government, Hunting, as a matter ol lact,
is prohibited in terms of your Provincial Statute, but L not dealt with
by the Dominion Act at all. II tbe
rest of Mr. Davidson's assertions are
as reliable as this specimen, I leave
your readers to judge whether he is
worth reading.
General Secretary L. D. A.
Kootena   Loliire No. 15 AF, ft A
The regular meeting, aro held In the
Mii-milc Temple,
M.lFellows Half, on
the third Monday In
•jiich month at 8
pan. Vlsltlngbroth-
rcn cordially wel
' como
Meets overvThursda'
Hall at S o'clock
'Visiting brethren cur
dially invito! to al
Cold Rung:* Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 18, Revelitoke, B. c.
la 11.1,11,'ll'iws' Hall at 8
O'clock Vlsltlax Knight* are
cordially invited.
A. J. HOWE, Cl".
.1. H. BROCK, K. of R. k S.
H. A. BROWN. M. of F
Editor M.irr..HKHAl.!i:
Sir,—Alter seeing the Cl' R. Team's
reply tj our challenge, in your last
Saturday's issue, ive do not think
anything better Call he dune than to
let both our challenge and the 0. P.R.
Team's reply speak Ior themselves.
We issued a definite challenge, and
are prepared to hack it up, and gave
the necessary indications where the
Manager lor the C. 1'. R. Team could
if they ss desired—arrange matters to
suit both parties, Our Manager can
-■ii. I'- interviewed, and accordingly
•v.   do  :, !   intend  to trouble your
gramme if life.   The cultivation if j correspondence columns   with   any
-    thankfu     .-.      and  content- more letters after this one.
,       , . But. Sir. tliv indications are that
ment mi st taking noti '    '
•;.-- I   I   I!   Ie !i, ll ive  I.a.i enough
Thej .       ests fished a reputation,
ind  lo no!     ,:■    :■     i -   it.   They
■-   _-
da hns reci   ed of  ll   ■     .—■ ngs
*ingl .
er havi
■ -   hi -    li
P ■   -
... winter
. : -  -        ■
•-.     [I i- the
gifl ol i /imi luii- pr
■ ol merit.
re ■    tl •- iportsn an who only
Bred a j in bis life.   He then
,. k ily •-   ed , bullieyi    ind would
even        gaii. for, don't yoo know
ig ■   i   ,., uie i ■ miss,'and then
i- bii   .pul ill   -     I'n ily
:■'..- ,        ..    ippi n.   tt    —
■! >• -.-I el   - -  .11 wi d I     • ■•    pu
'A •■ -a-, ot it is a   finish
F. 0. E.
Tlio roKiil.tr meetiugs ..re hold iu the Selkirk
Hul! on tlio 2nd. and 4th Tuesdays ol tlie month
ut 8 ii. m. Visiting brethren aro cordially
E, G. HtiRRIDUE, Peksmibxt
In small or large Lots, from 100
lbs. to a Carload.    For price
L E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Business will be oonduoted on
a CASH BASIS after Oot 15th,
Croat Riduotlon In Prioes after
thli date.
Orders Promptly Attended to.
W. Fleming
Mrs. H. J. Ha.ibury Managrcss.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Lento Diuiiigronm for
liiimiinil*. Suppers, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Lst
Henry's Nurseries
Extra largo Importation of
Rill RS   '" lirr've fr'1111 Hiilliiinl. Fnuico
dvldo Hm] Japan in September
For Fall Planting
Thousands of Fruit aud Ornamental
Trees, Rhododoudrons, Rosas and hardy
plants now ((rowing mi <>nr own grounds for
future planting.
No expanse, loss nr delay of fumigation,
inspection nor customs duties to pay. Headquarters for Pacific ('oust grown and imported Garden, Field ami Flower Seeds.
Visitors are always welcome to inspect
our stock.
Greenhouse Plants.
Cut Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilizers
Boo Hives and Supplies, Spray Pumps and
Spraying materia
No agents—tl
agents—therefore you have no commission to pay. Our catalogue tells you
about it. Let me price your list bofore
placing your order.
We do business on our own grounds—no
rout to pay, and aro prepared to moot all
competition. Eastern prices or less White
labor.  Cittaloguos Fret-.
Greenhouses: -8010   Westminster    Road.
Branch Nurseries!—South Vancouver.  |
Notice is hereby Riven tlmt Itn days after date
we intenil In apply to the Bon. thu Chief Commissioner "i Lands and Works fur a special lirt-n.se tn
cut and cam away timber from the following
described lands in West Kuuteiiay District:
Commencingat a pnst marked "Bowman Lumber Cu.'s north-east coruer post," planted nn the
east side uf st.itiber Luke, at the north-west corner of Lot No. 6698, thence south 80 chains, west
. H eliains, mirth 60 chains, east 8" chains ta point
of commencement.
Dated this 12th day of September, 1006.
1L'[> 11)
Notice is heroby Riven that 3(1 days
lifter date I intend to apply to tin*
Chiof (lommissiimoi' of Lands and
Works foi-.. npoci.il license lo cut and
carry away timher from the following
.Ies.'. ilieil lands situated on tin* west
side of the north-east arm of Aitow
Luke, West Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted about
40 ohains weBt from Bhore an the
south side of survey line of the M. 0.
Young Canuck, tlience west 150 cliains,
south 40 ehains, east HU) chains, norl li
Hi chaina to place of commencement,
bated lllth Sept. IIHHI.
sep 22     WILLIAM PABTON.
Notice la hereby givon that 60 davs after date
we intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commis-
Honor nf Lands.aud Works for permission to
Surchasfl the following described lands iu tbe
[strict of West Kootenay:
tCommencing at a post plauted 2ti chains west
from the north-east coruer of Lot 4,|i4H, and
marked "Big Rend Lumber Company's southwest corner post," thouco north UO chains;
thenceeast 4(1 ehnins; thenco south 65 chains,
more or less, to tho lnko shore; theuce west
alongshore to south-oast corner -if Lot 4,040:
lb*nco uorth 7 chains to north-east cornerof
Lot 4,040: thence west 20 chaius to point of
Dated October 2nd, I HUH.
oct rt Bm Rknii Lumber Co,, Ltd.
NOTICK is hereby given thatOOdaysiift-or
dnlc I inlenil lo apply to Mm Hon. the
Chief Comnitatfonor of binds and Works for
permission to purchase the following di'serHmd
lands, ulttlfttod In Weal. Kootenay, wc-t sldo
Columbin rlvnr, Fire Vnlloy:
Comiiiini'liig nt a poat 10 eliain- north of
Langel'H nortb wesl, corner imst und mnrked
"Harry MolntOflh'S imrlli easl. conier poat,
thence west, W) chains, llionce south 80chains,
thenco cast. W chains, ihoncc north 80 chains to
placo of eoiiiineiiceiiH'iil,.
Dated June l'tth, IIM
Notice Is lioroby given that 3(1 days aftor date
wo Intend to apply to tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner of I .anils and Works for a speoial license
to out nnd carry awny timber from the following doscribod lands situate on Upper Arrow
Lake in West Kootenay District: *! ,- 5
Commencing at a post planted al, tho Hrst.
south-east, angle of K. & S. Hlock Sll, and
marked "lllg Hond Lumber Company's northeast corner post." Ihenco west .0 chains, thonce
.mil. Iimi-liiiins, thence east 10elinlns, thonce
iiniili nil ehains... point of commencement.
Sept. uth, limn.
sop 19     BIG REND LUMBKIt CO.. LTD.
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All Kndsof Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
Notice Is hereby given Mint (in ilnysfroui date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
missioner of Lands and Wnrks for permission to
purchase the following described In ml-* In the
West Kootenny District:
Commencing at a postmarked *'L K. Mc-
DOUgald's south-west comer," planted on the
east side nl Cpper Arrow Lake, ti miles north of
Nakusp, B.C.i thence north '.'d chains, thence
east 4>i elinins*, llienee north ~o chains, theuce
cast 40 chains, thonco south tin chains, more or
less, to Arrow Lake, thence westward 80 chains
more or less, along the Arrow Lake to point of
coinmeiicenient. containing 2U0 acres more or
Haled thlB 10th day of October, 1006,
oct 14 L. K. McDOKJALD.
Notice is horoby given that 80 daya after date
I intend toapply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works fnr a special licence to cut
nnd carry away Umber from tho following
described lands fn Lho Big Bend dlstrictof
West Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post planled mi tlie south
Hide of     eystoue trail  at  Half-way Creek nnd
marked "J, tl. White's south-west corner post,'
and running north 8(1 chains, thence cast 80 chains,
tlience south 8(1 chnlns, thenco west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
2. Commencing nt a nosl plnnted ou the south-
side of Keystono Irail, ! mite cast of Half-way
Creek and marked "J.H. White's north-west corner post." and running south 160 chains, thence
east 40 ehnins. thenco north 16(1 chains, thenco
west 40 chains to place of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted on the south
sideof Keystone trail, 1 mile enst of Half-way
Creek and marked "J. H. White's north-west corner post," and running smith 1C0 ehains, thonce
cast 40 ehnins, thonce north 160 chains, thenee
west 40 chains to place of commencement,
Dated October 1st, IU0B.
oct 14
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese,
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
NOTICK in hereby given that 60 days after date
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner nf Land* and Works for permission to
purchase tlio following descrilied lands in the
Wedt Kootenay District, on tbe east side of Upper
Arrow Lake, about 0 miles " -th 11 Nakusp!—
Commencing at a po   planted near tho Lake,
thence nnrtli 40 chains, tlience west 2n chains,
thence north 20 ehalm, thence west B0 chains,
theace south iio chain.-*, more or less, to the Arrow
Uko thei  tint oo chains alonij thi like to
puim uf cmnmencement, containing UlO acres
more or leu,
Dated this 17th day of Sept., 1006.
sepW L J. EDWARDS, Locator.
Tea sorvlces flower Pots
hates Uinorella Stands
Hank ms Lunch Baskets
Cane Chairs
Finest stock of candies and fruita in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Smoking Jackets
•Silk Goods.
Notice la hereby given that 80 days
afterdate I Intend toapply tothe Hon.
lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a speciul license to cut und
carry awny timber from H.e following
described lands In Wesi Kootenny
i nmuioncliig at n pusl nun-kcil  ",l.
Thei   I' i   --I-    '-    il ri den md  Porter's north-eml   'ner poit," at
., - ii c     ••- pu      I   -        - *        [| nli "i-i i'of Thomas Pear-
-un* n 11j[>ii-.i..  thenco  i-milli 80
chains, thence wesl BUol is, thenoe
,   ■-   ,.-           .              wai, il nnrth81) ohnlns, thonce east80chains
litac        to point ui'i-u i ni.-iii.
n  -   , ■
,     ,        ii
- —Harvi -   -
■ iui,I nn Thai
ll   - '    .
s .im! Hi-,     Evensong al 1 10
Sermons i|
li mi'.-.m    -      ii .ei  ci   - ill 1" hold
on   >! ij    the        ti ■■!'■ .
freedom in En    nd
be dead, n little pari    .1  I' n I in      '■" -1'' ''     1:--:'- '    ['
101    ■ ii-ijv.'i-1 ,- nf   N'elsol -   i.n-iil
triumph   and   victory,   approp iate
driven beyond  endurani -       li
in the Mayflower, a barque ol 180
allusion! will I"- inini'- in tho i voning
tu!,-, lor the now ivorld.    Landing sermon
i ,.. . .,    ■       tabli
,;   II . : '      '
i -       Roys   * d—
■     !,'
i! i
Premium System
ili • ■..     • c for
i".    *. thi
Royal .Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C
I-ocated Sopt. 17th, 1000.
ep2f) .1. PORTER,
M fn* I ,"■   ■        ols iei "f buildings
AH ki.        bu   line and plastering
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding: and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Safes and Furniture.
Ceneral Draylng.
Office: McKenzie Ave. EMSTK
Office Phone Ho. 71,     House Phone Ho, 7.
Um,,1m Aiiiimil., Illnlj, Flail,  Kt.-..
..ulmul  Itn.* .Mfitllili-il,
Studio: OPPOSITE I', n.
Iluviil.loktt, II. (J.
Notice li hereby given that UOilnyx nfter date I
Intend lo npply to (he Olltof ('oiiiiiilHHiinior of
Lauds inul Wi.ii,-fm* |ii'rini->sinii in purchase tho
following ileserllieil land In West Kootenay, two
i Commencing ,.i n posl inarked **.l. IL.l.'n northwest cornor,'1 tlience so chains oast. 40 clialna
south, 80 chains west, {0chains nnrth to (dace of
cominencomeiii, containing B!0acres more or less.
Located Sept, i4th, \W\
leple ,). lt. JAMIESON.
Notice is hereby given that the (i.tn-
...liui. Pacilic Hallway Oompany has
tl.i* ilny ninl In ilu' Distriot Lumi
ileglstrv Olilco al Kamloops, B, 0„ a
plan, puilllu and book ,-t' reference
*lnniiiijt Hu- proposed location of n
branch llm- iu llm Mundy Lumber
I Company's sawmill near Three Valley
[Lake, Province of British Ooltnnbl.t,
mul llmi luur weeks after thlsdfttc
the Mini  Canadian  Pacific   Hallway
i' puny  inii'iiil* in   upply to the
Ilnn.! nl* Kailwuy Commissioners fnr
Onnifhi ui.iler Section 175 of the Rail-
way Act, for authority to oonstruol
ilm sniil Branch,
Dated this *-'Juil dnv uf September,
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor BBp20       Oei    superintendent,
Arrowhead, B. C.
( bun gl}  iiuiii-il un Hi
"I Aim,i Lake,
Good Tir.nl Pishing,
lloal  always for hire.
Sii.npli- Ilnn...* in connection,
|-il,il class   house:   fm-   Tniili  i, uiul
('iililincriijil ..mn.
Notice is horoby given thut 30 dnys nfter date
I intend toapply to thc Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Works for a special liconso to cut
and carry away timber from the following de*
scribed lands iu Big Hend district, of West
Kootenay i
1. Commencing at a post planted about '4 mile
from eastbaiik or Columbia river, about 1% miles
below Roekv Point, inarked "C. '•'. Liudmark's  .
south-west corner post," thence east lull chains,
north -to ehnins, weal Hid ehains, south -X) chains
in point of commencement.
2. Coinmeneing nt a pnst planted about ' mile
from eaat bank nf Columbia river, and about IM
miles below Rocky Point, marked "0. K. Lind
mark's north-went  corner post." thenee east 10
halns, south 40 chains, west nm chains, uorth in
chains to poinl of commencement.
"Dated Oct. 0th, 1900.
8. Oommenceing at a post planted abmu ■; mile
from cast Imnk of Columbin river, and about U
mile below Itocky Point, "ninrkml "C. 1'. Liudmark's south-west corner post "thence ninth 100
chains, east 40 chains, south 160 chains, west 40
chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted about 1 mile
from oast bank oj Columbia river, and about U
mile below Rocky Point, marked "C.KLiiiil-
niark's south-west eorner posl,' llienee north 100
chains, east -111 ehains, smith 100 chains, wost 40
chains to point of commencement,
Dated Oct. fith, 1900.
6. Coinmeneing at a post planted about l%
miles from east bank of Columbia river, ami about
J^ mile below Rocky Point, inarked "O. K. Limi*
mark's south-west corner post,'' Ihenee north 100
chains, east 40 chains: suuth ltio chaius, west 40
chains to point of commencement,!
tl. ('iiiiiiiii'iii'iiii: at a post planted ubout 2 miles
from east bank nf Columbia river about j mile
below Rocky Point, marked "C. V. Liudmark's
smith west corner post," Uumce north nm chains,
east 40 chains, south 100 ehalm, west 40 chains to
point of comiuoncnment.
7. Commencing nt a post planted about2W
miles from east bank of Columbia river and abmit
1-4 mile below Rocky pnint, marked '*('. V. Llmi*
mark's south-west corner post," thenee north 100
chains, east 4o chains, smitli 100 chains, wesl 40
chains to point of connnenceinent.
8. Commencing at a post planted about!!
miles from cast bank of Columbia river and
about % mile below Hooky Point, marked "C.
i Llndniark'ssouth-west corner post,"' tbenee
north IHO chaius, easi 40 chains, south 160
cbnins, west 10 clialns to poinl of comincnc-
9. Commencing at a post planted about ■>'.*
miles from east bank of Columbia river, and
about J mile bolow Itocky Point, marked "C,
F. Llnamark's south-west corner post," thence
north 100 chains, test 40 chains, south 100
chaius, west 4o chains to pointof commence*
Dated Oct. 0th, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter date I intend to apply to the
lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands
nnd Workn for a special license lo cut
and curry awny timber Irom tlio following deioribed lands situated in
West Kootenny district, B. C.
Commencing at a post niarked "A.
Payne's smith-west curuer poit,"
plnnted on the north-enst corner of
Berth 7112, on thc Dig llend trail,
tlience north 40 elinins, caat 180
cliains, south 40 cliains, west 160
chains lo point ot commencement,
Dated October 10th, 1906,
oct 14 A, PAYNE.
Notioo is hereby given that within
30 days from date we intend to apply
to the Hun. tbe Chic! Commissioner
nl Lands i Works for n »nceial license
to cut and curry away timber Irom
tbe following described lnnds, sitnnted
in West Kootenny district:
Commencing at a post planted at
tbo north-east eurner ol Lot 5094,
..bout 10 cliains nortli ol the Trout
Lake wagon road, marked "Bowman
Lumber Company's southeast corner
posi," thenco north 80 ohalni, west
IliO cbnins, stiiith 20 ohains, eait 80
ohains, south 20 ohains, oast.60 chains,
south 111 chains, east 30 chnius to
point oi commencement.
Dated this 10th day of October, 1906.
oct 13      Bowman Lu.miikh Co, THE MAIL-HERALD. REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Premier McBride Withdraws
from Quebec Conference-
Stands By His Guns in Spite
of Coaxing Cajolery.
The Inter-Provincial Conlerence has
concluded its labors, but with one
province unrepresented. That Province was British Columbia. Hon.
Richard McBride this week has put up
tho light of liis life, and although lie
has not succeeded bo comes back to
his native province a greater man
than ovor. Ho has compelled recognition oi just claims of British
Columbia to additional compensation.
An offer of $75,000 subsequently raised
to $100,000, to meet this contention
wub promptly rejected by him as
wholly inadequate. Coaxing, cajolery
and bluff were tried upon Premier
McBride, and when he found that
nothing better was coming to him,
he formally bade adieu to the conference. An idea of. the Premier's
position can lie gathered Irom the
text of his proposal *' That in ense tl.e
prop .sed readjustment ol subsidies as
set out in tbe resolutions of tlie
Quebec conference ol provincial
premiers be accepted by the Dominion
Government, there shall be paid to tbe
province of British Columbia eacli
and every year, in addition to the
payments and subsidies otherwise
provided, an amount understood to be
what tlie Dominion of Canada is
willing to pay and the province of
British Columbia to receive as a
nominal recognition of the disabilities
borne bv the province owing to Ihe
peculiar physical conditions and Ior
tbe other causes set forth in the case
of British Colombia lor better terms,
and tbe accompanying memorandum
that tbe said annual amount be tiled
in .be following manner:—
"One dollar per head until the
amount reaches $300,000, to remain
fixed until the population is 400,000:
75 cenls per bead oi the population
thereafter until the amount reaches
$400,000 per annum, to remain fixed
until the population is 800,000: 50
cents per head of the population
thereafter until the amount reaches
-$500,000, to remain fixed until tbo
population is 1,000,000; 33 1-8 cents
per heal thereafter until the amount
reaches $600,000 to remain fixed until
the population is 2,500,000; 25 cents
per head ol the population thereafter."
Sir Wilfrid Laurier is responsible
for this blow to our province's legitimate hopes. The Liberal majority
in conlerence had promised not to
go beyond the$100,000 offer, and had
had tlieir instructions from the federal
Premier. McBride's withdrawal Irom
tbe conlerence was a staggerer and Ior
a time tlie other delegates know not
what tney were at. McBride followed
up his withdrawal by sending a formal
letter to tlie conlerence, putting bis
reasons lor his actions on record and
protesting against the decision of the
.Mr. McBride states that the special
considerations to which B. O. was entitled were recognised, but the sum
offered was simply absurd. Hs regarded it a strange thing that 18 months
ago the Dominion Government could
undertake two new provinces without
nonsuiting the other members of the
confederation; and now the Dominion
lays down a doctrine that no special
claims can be considered without tho
consent of all provinces.
Premier McBride returns home in a
few days to make a lull report to his
executive. His action has put the
impecunious provinces like Quebec,
Nova Scotia, etc., in a blue tunk.
Laurier has been urging unanimity.
It is now admitted that any change
in the subsidy arrangement! must be
given tbe force ol law by an amendment to tlie British Nortli America
Act. With B. C. standing uloof it is
extremely doubtful whether the Imperial authorities will consent to introduce an amending hill. Mr. McBride told the other delegates that lie
would make London bis final court of
appeal, as did Premier U'liikeni in
187-1. Premier Hoblin and Attorney-
■•General Campbell ol Manitoba were
ardent supporters ol Mr. MoBride.
(Pupil of Dr, A. S. Vogt, ol
Toronto Utilvorslty)
is prepared to tako pupils iu Piano
Instruction,   Residence—Fourth St
Compulsory Home Law
Killtur Jlill.-llKiiAl.li.
8m : The distinguished organizer
ol Socialism for iho Dominion, Mr.
Kingsley, editrr of the Western Clarion, published nt Vancouver, has come
and gone alter making his little spiel,
(spell it squeal).
One nl the errors whicli the Socialists make is their attempt to revolutionize society and governmental
methodi- all at once. II they would
ba satisfied to advance step by step to
effect reforms nne by one, tbey would
accniuplisb much more than tbey can
under the methods adopted in Iheir
propaganda, hope lodo. They have in
iheir platform many admirable planks
on propositions. Unfortunately for
them sn far as thoir political prospects and aspirations are concerned
those proposals are n.l new as they
claim, lui arc ..- uld us tl.e hills, and
lot years anil years have been Incorporated in the platforms ol all groat
political parties H.c wide world over,
save such autocratic countries as
Russia, Turkey and countries ol minor
Tlie object of the writer is to introduce a novel suggestion which he
considers worthy of thoughtful con
sideration at the hands of politicians,
statesmen, editiors and educators,
premiers and members ol tbe House
at Ottawa and premiers of provincial
legislative bodies.
Compulsory voting is a gocd thing,
the law compelling lathers to support
their children is a good law, the Act
making it compulsory not to steal, or
commit adultery or murder iB a wise
Act, the ordinances making it compulsory to sell only pure milk, pure
beverages and who'esome lood is
excellent in its aim, ill hough not as
well enforced as it ought to be. And
a hundred more compulsory laws
made for the general good might be
cited, but as every man possessed
of oven the commonest capacity is
more or less familiar with these, I do
not need to enumerate them. But at
least I have dissipated that foggy
bug-a-boo entertained by some silly
people that compulsion is bad, curtailing instead of protecting the
right of tl.e people at large. Such
people would rebel against compulsory
education, compulsory quarantine in
times of dire epidemics, eto The
final analysis of the question discovers the only and inevitable
conclusion that compulsory laws are
good and necessary in Canada as
Let ub consider how many people in
this great Dominion are homeless. I
hazard tlie guess that at least 60 per
cent, of the male citizens over 25
years ol age have no home. Tbey
board in hotels and boarding houses,
in mining and lumber camps, aboard
ship canal boats, rooming houses, on
farms where they are employed, etc.,
etc. But they cannot sing " Home,
Sweet Home !" so far aB they themselves are concerned—they know
absolutely nothing in many cases oi
its joys, hence they cannot fully
realize the limitations and sorrows nf
a boarding house or hotel except
perhaps when they spend a few days
in some friends' home where they see
and recognise the difference between a
boarding bouse and a neat and happy
home, the abode ol thrift and happiness.
Compulsory legislation can and
ought to remedy this at once belore it
is made much more difficult owing to
tlie great increase ol population we
know will come to Canada in the next
ten years, It is easy to colh-ct taxes
in a municipality—it will also lie easy
to enforce compulsory home ownership. When a man lias arrived at
tho age of 24, il be does not own a
home he sliould be assessed so much
every three months a sullicient amount
lo pay say in live years fur a neat
cottage and the land it is
located on and in instalments
covering a period oi ten years for 25
acres of arable land whicli would supply him and his family with the
moans of comfortable subsistence.
The cottage and tbe land need nut
necessarily be in the same locality.
That prescient and illustrious Canadian, Jim Hill, tlie greatest railroad
men on earth, stated in a recent
speecli that Canada would in fifty
years contain so many people that
millions of them would be forced back
upon the soil to get a living. Tlie
speech was pregnant with prophecy
bucked up liy sane and Incontrovertible argument, lie build his proposition uu hypotheses thnt wore sell-
evident. Mo.that it is to the interest
ol every adult of 2-1 years of age to
givo careful consideration to this pro
posed compulsory legislation. There
would have to be many clauses in this
act of compulsion to which I shall not
attempt to advert here, further than
to say that for years I have thought
tliis matter out and not only fail to
find any insuperable dilliculties in tbe
way but deem it an easy job to pass a
b-11 in tliis connection, Of course
the wise damphool barnacles who are
forever living in the past and clogging
the wheels ol progress will pronounce
tliis plan "impracticable, silly, visionary," and so forth. They will in
frenzied tones clamor "Away with
paternalism ' These jackasses don't
know that in all civilized counties
paternalism lias for centuries been,
and ii today, universal. Iu the concrete every act ol parliament or congress is paternal. There is nothing
evil in paternalism per se and righteously administered. Yet the idiots I
hive referred to, shout in strident
tones in their ipse dixit ex cathedra
manner "down with paternalism,"
w thoiit being aware ol the fact that
if we down it we utterly wipe out and
destroy our constitution and the lawi
created under it by our legislative
I would like to have tree discussion
on my propos:tion opened up in the
columns ol the Mail Herald. Contributor!, such as our school-teachers,
members of legislatures, preachers
men ol advanced ideas ought to take
up this matter and discuss it in open
letters to the people. I am satisfied
that Revs. Proeunier, Robertson, Calder, Father Pecoul and other preachers whom I do not know personally,
could do as much good by way ol
practical Christianity in a letter,
which thousands would thoughtfully
peruse, as in a sermon to oue or two
Here would be one ol the direct
results. Give a boy a cage and he will
want at once a bird to put in it. Give
a man a neat cottage of his own (with
title to it which cannot be alienated
except under conditions approved by
the government officer Ior that purpose appointed) and straightway hi
will put a wile in it and raise Canadian children that will beat Galician,
Chinese, Japanese. Doukliobor, Italian,
Mormon, Russian, and ibe scum of
loreign nations all to pieces. His
land can be worked on shares and pay
Ior itself in a lew years.
Here I  pause and challenge the
thinking men ol the West Kootenay
country to show that my compulsory
home law is not as wise as feasible.
James Kerr.
Revelstoke, B, 0,,
Oct. 13th, 1906.
Kaslo Contractors Will Operate
It on a Large Scale.
An important deal has been made
whereby J. W. Power and Jas. Speirs
of Nelson, will immediately commence
operations on logging, telephone pules
and railway tie contracts, aggregiting
in all an eventual turnover of a sum
ol money amounting to $30,000 or
$35,000. Operations are to be carried
on at Mackison's Landing, near Burton City, on the Columbia river, about
65 miles due west ol Kaslo. Work,
under Ihe terms of the contract will
be carried on until the end ol the year
1907. Tlie sawlogs will be used by the
Big Bend Lumber Company whose
mills are located at Arrowhead. The
price paid for these will be $5 per
thousand. The telephone poles and
railway lies will be handled by Liuds-
ley Bros., a Spokane firm, who make
a specialty ol supplying tlie prairie
market with these commodities. Tlie
timber is to be taken Irom several
thousand acres ol preemptions controlled by the last named firm. The
timber will be used forsawlogs, smaller
stuff Ior poles and ties, so that the
sweep will be a pretty clean one.
From 20 to 30 men will be employed
Irom the start. Bert Hilton, formerly
af the Idaho-Alamo mines staff has
been engaged as foreman, although
the work as a whole will be under the
supervision ol Messrs. Powers and
Spiers. Both parties will place a
number of teams in the woods at once
and in the course ol a week or so work
will be going on merrily. The contract is indicative cl the tremendous
activity prevalent in the Kooteuay
lumber industry shows Kaslo men
are not behind hand in securing thoir
share oi the benefits,
The camp supplies will probably be
purchased ia Revelstoke in preference
lu Kaslo, owing to the lower freight
M Printers 4 Mli..
ij (oiPl
Notice is hereby given that 80 days
alter date I intend to apply to tue
Ohiof Ooinmlssloner of Lands ana
Works fur n spei.ial license to out ami
carry away timher Irom the following
described lands situated on the west
nid., nl Upper Arrow Lake, West
Kiinlvnuy district.
1. Commencing at a pusl planlcd
at the north-west cornor of Lot Ira*,
uud marked "A. M. Symons eoutlr
oast cornor," thenco west 180 ohains,
nuiili to chnlns, oast 160 chains, soutn
40 ohains to plaoeol commencement
•l Commencing at « l'"-*;! .P'M
at ii„. north-wesl lornerol Lui '••>
a i ku.1 ""A.    ■ »>•»•'«»","   ,
eaat corner post," thonce west J
.lulus, south in ohnlns, easl. »»
XJlni, north 40 ohains to point ol
;i.  Commencing al a post planted
40 cliains south of the north-wed, cornor nl Loi 7534 mul »«*<»   ')-J]:.
Sniiinis*   north-east   corner   posi,.
?Kowos lbOohalns,south40cfiains,
Zt 100 chains, north 40 chains to
nolnt ol commencement.
1 ,|,  Coininencing al a post planted
80 liains south ot thu not-lh-«et co.
.„., „|  |,„, 7534 anil maiked  A. W.
f0"8' riroUreeouft
&%SWd,ah,s:north 40 chains
tn puint nl commeiicomont.
5   C inonoing ul a I'-1 P»'J^
120 chains snulli of the north-west
corner of 1,017634 and marked  A.M.
Hvinuiis*   norlh-easl   corner   pusl,
E°e west 100 chains,  snub
elinins,  cast 100   chains,  north    "'
chains to place of commencement..
- li.   Commencing at a post V»f jf
one and oiie-hah iu le.toi* h  '
south-wesl  corner of Lut    -       »
i,i-,ili-il "A.  M, Symons soutu-easi
Sopos" thenoe west  I60chan.
^ ,'|!.,-l,i.i,is.,is.ll«l.*bim-;^;"l
Jo ciwl„8 to pb.ee oiconi.nei.ee. lent.
7.   Commencelng ul a I"""' I' "in."
south in .l.iiiiis i" pent "I commuici
NOTICK IS UKRMBy UIVKN tlmt sixty tl&ya
After date 1 intend tn apply in tin- Ilnn. Chief
Commissioner of I.innli ami Works for permission
tn purchase lhc following described lamia situate
In tlie Weat Kootenay district.
Commencing nt a post planted al tlm north'flaet
corner nf Lot '2417 nml inarki'il "J. Paxiliti's north-
wenl corner," tlienco east -iii clialna, thence nnutli
W) clialiiH, tliL'itt'c west 4<i clmins, tlience nnrtli 80
clmins to place ol commencement and containing
USO iutc.h in.iri! nr |08H,
Dnl cil this lulli ,l;ty ol September, 1000.
sep 15 Wm. Toye-Agent.
Nntlra l» horeby glvon thai ss *Wjjj?A,l|J
i iniciiil tu mike suit rm nn lo UnOBIli una
, lin. .," l"utli Works fur PWfM»S
„i,rc..n«e llm lollowllit. doiorlbed Und ilt»«°
In tlie West Knoteuay dlnirlci:
Com.nsncli.il ... s post P'»»¥„5Ul!K
wait cornor'.'. I',. TW. »»'•»"■*«' CM j,,
Suarrls'i lOufMOil cornor, tlenca north IW
cW theuce em 40 cf a Ins, Uiencesouth w
chains thence west 0 ehahia to place of com
meneement, uml c. ..miningsn acresraore.iruss.
a relocation of Sangetors proornptlon,
iiatcil tliis lOlh ilny nl September, 1800.
sep is M lt,McQuarrie, Agent,
Ul*; IS IIKHKIIY GIVEN tlmt sixty days
nite I Intend to apply to llie Hon. Chief
('omiii 'slonor nf hands ami Works for permission
to pin uue the following dcsciibeil lands In tlm
West Kootenay district, on west side of tlm Columbia river, about three miles frmn Arrowhead:
Commencing at a post plunted at William Greg-
hoh'8 north-west corner, Uience west w chains to
T. - iirtis1 north-enst enrner, thence  .-ninth 41)
■liains to Wyne's north-west coiner, thenceeast
*lll chains In' Day's smith-west   nirner, thence
north 10 chains to point of commencement, and
iiitiilntng IW) acres more of loss,
Located Sept. 4th, UM
J. C. HAKI.uW,
sop 8 Ily his Ancnt, S.J. Harlow
ITT%^lsiut!;.east cornoi
post," thenoi* west lffld»»h
ll chains, easl  Hi" chains, soutli
chains lo place of commencement.
,i.  commenci!,,? at a P°f A1 £
al lhc soulh-wesl corner ul Lm .-tit
Notico is hereby glvon that 30 days aftor date
I intt-iul toapply lo tho Chlof Commissioner of
lumi* uml Works fm- permission lo out uml
carry nwuy timber from tlm lullowiiig iloserlb-
i-il lunils BUuato in West ICouteniiy district:
1. Commencing ut. a imst plnuled on the
norlli liuni,- of Downlo Crock, ubout threo
mill-* above Canyon I'ivi;!*! uiul innrkoil
"ll. H. Nagle's nortli-eosl cornor post," thenoo
west su chains, thenco south su chains, tlionco
cast Ml chains, thenco north SO cliains lo the
..t planled,
an.! market
ensl comer
chains, nmi I
suulh 10 ehui
llnli-il IStl
sep 22
ul Iliiln
M. Syim
post,"  thence .
to ehuins, eusl lOOchnu.
„* i„ pluce nf commenci
Seplembci'i UKKI.
A. ill. SYMONS.
Notice i:
after date
Chlel i uwu
Works, I'm -
cany nwuy 1
described in
]<uuliiia\ I'i
1.   I
> tin
hereby given tl
I  ii.l.ii.l  i" »1.   .        ,
,i„ i-   ul    Lands mul
ial Itirii-' to cnl iinil
,., ti-oui the following
situated   in    *^'*M
nm.oncing at  n l-t I;!'""'-''*
„,,, n,il, ,,i»l ois i.ul." li"'""
puiui uf coniiiit'iicc   ^^M-^__^_^__^__
2.   Commencing nt n post plnuled on the
south-wesl imnk uf Downie Creek, about 200
yards below lhe mouth uf Pass Crcokand
marked "U. l\, NiirIo's Bouth-oast corner post,"
thenoo north till cnains. thonco "west 80 elinins,
tlience ."-uiiih H» chains, I hence cast Ni chain-i
tu the point uf commencement,
I   3, Coinmeneing at a post plantod on the
j south-wesl  bank nl  Downlo   t'reek, about
l.'iii yards above lln- month of  Pass Creek
.nnl murked "G. H. Nugle'a north-wist eurner
posl," thonce west B0 chains, thence south 80
chains, thonci cnsl BO chains, thence nonh so
, chains in iln* poinl ut commencement.
I. Commencing at a posl planted on the
•rjouth-west bank uf Downie Creek about one
. ami a hall mile* above I be moid h of Pass Creek
land marked "(!. H. NaKle'a north-oast corner
post," tbenee west mi clmins, thence touth80
1 chain**, ihence east hi cliains. thence nonh 80
chnius iu ilu* point ofcouimencemont,
.'). Commencing nt a post planted on the
-imiii woM lank of Downlo Creek, about one'
and n l mi if miles above the mouth of Pass
Crcokand marked "G. B. Nagle's north-west
corner pout, ihenco south bO chains, thenco
m-i ■' iiinn., thenco uorth SO chains, Ihence
tm -i mi -1.nu;- in tin- puiui ui commencement, i
Dnted this •.'Sth day of acpt,, 1000.
ii. B, NAQLK.
lliu Bend Iim!, iiini murked "Oi i
Laforme's suulh-west corner,'* thence
easl 100 chains, thence north 10 chainB,
thence wesl Iim chains, ihon. u south
'Ochains in ;iit poinl ol i uumience-
:;. Coiumi neing :,i -i posl planted
abuul j ul ;i iiiiii mi.*! ii ilii 8 mile posl
nn Hit; Hend 1 mil ami marked "tleo.
Luli'iui''* north-wesl conn
m-i 100 cluiii lieiu-i -i mi. "- - i i -.
thence wesi int1 chains, ihence i
■I lain
Notice is hi-reby pivi'ii that mi davs alter date I
to the Honou   lih the Chief Com*
1     ■       iirl   V\ .-1';,- lm- p. nnL-'-i..u i..   ,|K,
wing -1* -crlbed landa in thedls*
\\i . i.   ',    .. t.
i   . Led on tin ■■■ it bank
■  * i. ■ ■  ,■■   12 M ti .   i
.n-i ; .,il.-*. "i.   S.Mel
them •  north 20
River, tl
Cohiml    U
!■  .-     mi .
. ■
Notice is hereby j^iven that thirty days
afler date I intend to apply to the Chief
Com missioner oi Lands and Works I'or a
special licence to eut and earry away timber from the following described lands,
.situated in the Yale District:
9. Commencing al a posl marked "J.
Barry's north-easl corner post,'' planted
about three miles north oi the east fork ol
Shuswap river and aboul one-half mile
easl of Main rivor, thence soulli So chains,
thence west Ho cliains, llienee north So
eliains, tlience easl 80 eliains lo point oi
10. Cominenciiijsr:ii a post niarked "J.
Harry's soulb-easl corner post," planted
aboul three miles norlh oi the oast fork oi
Shuswap river, ami about one-half mile
east of llie main river, thence uorlh So
eliains, ihence wesl So chains, ihenee
south So chains, llienee east So chains lo
point of commencement!
11. Commeneing at a posl marked "J.
Barrs's north-wesl eorner post," planted
about three miles norlh oi the easl fork oi
StlUSWap river, and aboul one-half mile
easl of the main river, ihence soutli 40
chains, thence easl 160 chains, thence
uorth 40 chains, Ihence wesi ibo chains to
point of commencemeni.
12. Commencingat a post marked "J,
Harry's soulh-wesl corner post/' planted
aboul three miles north ot the eKst fork oi
Shuswap river, and about one-hall mile
east oi the main river, ihence east 80
chains, tlience north So ehains, ihence
wesl So chains, Ihence soush So chains to
point of commencement.
13. Commencing al a posl marked "'J.
Harry's north-east corner pest," planted
aboul four miles nortb oi ilu- easi lork of
Shuswap river, ihence south 80 ehains,
ihence west So chains, thence north So
chains, ihence easl 80 chains, to point of
14. Commeneing al a posl marked "J.
Barry's south-easl corner post," planted
about four miles north of ibe easl fork oi
Shuswap river, tlience norlli 80 chains,
thence wesl 80 chains, llienee south 80
chains, ihence east 80 chains to poinl of
15. ■ Commencing al a po->l marked "J.
Barry's soulh-wesl corner post," planted
about lour miles uorlh ol' the east fork ot
Shuswap river, ihence nortli 80 chains,
thence easl So cliains, tlience soutli So
chaius, tlience west So cliains lo poinl ot
t6. Commencing at a post marked "J.
Barry's north-wesl corner post," planled
about six miles north of tbe easl fork ol
Shuswap river, ihence soulh 80 chains,
Ihence easi So chains, theuce north So
chains, thenee wesl 80 chains to poinl oi
17. Commencing al a post maiked "j.
Barry's north-east corner posl," planted
about six miles nonh of ibe easl fork of
Shuswap river, ihence south So chains,
theuce wesl 80 chains, ihence north So
ehains, thence casi So ehains 10 poinl of
18. Commencing al a posl marked "J,
Barry's north-east corner posi," planleil
on Uie south fork oi Shuswap river, and
aboul one mile from ihe mouth, Ihenee
wesl So chains, ihenee south So cliains,
thence east So chains, thence norlh 80
chains 10 point of commencemeni.
19. Commencing ataposl marked "J.
Harry's north-west corner post," planled
I ilu- MnnT^^^^^^^^
aboul   one
Notice is hereby given lhat application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province of British Columbia at the
next session, for an Acl, incorporating a
Company iu build, equip, maintain and
operate a line of lines of railway of standard or other guage, wilh any kind of
motive power from a poinl on Upper Arrow
Lake, Wesl Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
thenee following the Columbia River
northerly on eilher side lo a point at or
near the confluence oi Canoe River wiih
lht* Columbia River and tbenee following
along Canoe River on eilhw side, lo a
point al or near Tele jaune Cache, on
Fraser Kiver, wilh power lo construct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway; and wilh power to construct, operate'and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries; and lo
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith) and lo conslruet, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and oilier vessels and boats and operate ihe same on
any navigable waiers, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along tbe routes of lhe said
railway and ils branches, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes; io generate electricity and supply light, heal and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
lhe necessary buildings and works, and to
generalc any kind of power for ihe purposes aforesaid,or in counectioiUherewith,
lor reward; and to acquire and receive
from any Government, corporation or person1., grants oi land, money, bonuses,
privileges or other assistance in aid ot the
construction of the Company's undertaking; and lo connect with and enter into
traffic or oilier arrangements wiih railway,
sleamboal or oilier companies, and to
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 aud 5 oi the " Waler Clauses
Consolidation Acl "; and I'or all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to lhe premises, and for other
Daled at Revelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
of August, 1906.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
1 fork oi Shuswap river and
mile from  iis mouth, thence
asl 80 chains, thence south So chains,
* west So chains, ihence norlh So
110 point oi commencement,
Commencing al a post marked "J.
Barrj 's south-west  corner,"  planted on
the south .ork oi Shuswap river and about
.111 ;,ls moulh, ihence norlh So
chains,   thence   easl  So  chains,   ihence
south 80 chains, thence wesi So chains in
poini of commencement,
z\.   Commencing al a post nnrked "J.
th-v. ■■' corner posl,'1 planted
v: ■. jwap river about
from it!  mo ith, ihence easi So
-      .,     -   ■     -   ■> hains,  thence
io chains, ihence north 80 cha ns to
„,,„,. , , L-oramoocngatat.
I-*;-*-; ^S&^S?SSSsk
Nutico is hereby given that 80 dnys after rj
I intend tn apply tu the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and \VorkB fur a special licence tu cut
and carry away limber frum tin1 following described land.*; situate in East Kootenny district.
1. Commencing at a posl planted uu the
suuth-ea.-i haul; uf Wood River about 2 miles
bolow the we-l furk ami marked "E. McHean's
south-west curuer." theuce north 80 chains.
theuce easl Hi chains, tlience touti Mii'liains.
llienee west Ml chains tu tho puint tif cum*
2. C«mmenciug ar a post planted on tlio
south-east bauk uf Wood River nbout 'J miles
liotuw tlie west furk and marked "E. -McBean's
liiirth-wesl eurner.'" thencu ua->i S" ehnitis,
thence south 80 chains, tlience wosl SOcbnius,
thence north mi chuius tothe pointof commenoement.
.'1. Commencing a: a tost planted un the
south-east bank ul W.-u.l River, opposite ihe
mouth nf tl.e west fork aud marked "E. McBoan's north-wesl cnrimr,' theuce south U'di
chaius, theneo east W chains, theuco uorth 100
chain-, thenl-o west 4U elinins in the [mint
uf commencement.
Dated thi- I8tb day <if Ani:u--rt PJ00,
4. Commencing at a post plauted ou the
nonh-we-t hank nf Wood River just above tbe
mouth of the west fnrk ami marked "E. Wc*
Bean's -south-east curuer.'1 tbenee uurtb Mi
chains.thence we-t su chnius,thenco couth80
chains, thence east to chains tu ihe point of
Dated this 20th day uf August, 1900.
.". Commencing at a post plauted tm ihe
-nuth-eii.-i bank nl Wuud River opposito tbe
mouth of the west fork nnd marked "E. lie-
Beau's Honth-west cmicr." thence north SO
chain-, thence east Mi chains,thencosouth 80
chains, thence west Ml chain- tn tho puint nf
ii. Commencing ut a poat plnntod un thu
north-west bnnk uf Wood lliver ahout I mile
below the mouth nf tbe west fork nnd marked
"IC. McBean's south-east coiner." ihenco uorth I
■lOchains, casi m chains,uorth Klcl-ai • v•■ 1
RO ehuins, south 10 chnius, wait H1 el, 1.... -i-i.tn *
40 chains ea.-t Ht chains tu the point of ci
pn-1. pim
mom-ill.,'  .
north-west iiiiiii, ol Wunil Ri
In-., v. iiu: wi'*! lurk am! nnid'nl "E. MoBenil':
Di.rtl.-oas. corner," tl.oin-o soutli 1<I clium*.
theuce wosl -in chnius, thonco south lOoluins
chains, tlionco north in chnius
. llH.'UCC
,it!ii HI
, In
,■,■,1,! ,
Sofa mile t-.i-i ,,-i'On 1%
I'm nu
tlllll"    IM
I '    '
ll" ut,
I.     I. Hi..
!   ' ■
1    .
,outb-«i-i comei
M'*l   '"ill I'l
it. '
*, siiai aboui four miles from
oci ains, thenco
■ i
;(.,. chains to ; i inl 11 com-
L pOSl    ' ■
t,' I   nti
.ii,, ihenc *
■   . .*    . ■
.    - -
asl forkol
Wood h'r-
md marl
I i"
ulmut In
l"E, McBe
,i*i liIi'ii cl.i
uth mucin
■„,ii:,l nf  .
he ■..-■ i Foi It
-■ roer."
        chninS| theuce
v.,-*    in   ch.iiii:    " ' *^___^_^
mei ■■■ mi m
Dated tl I$21s1 dny of August, l^i.
■ omn eucln * il  a  posl  plnntod un the
ac ■ I rn :      Wi '■•! River ami ■> milos
*■ . ■  ■■■!  i- *,. md marked ■ k. MoHouns
thi  ce -m-i   i-'u chains,
tb 4*   ch ins,  I ''i 11' ft ■•* Uio chain.-*.
■   !;   i■- chati    tn the -joint of com-
mi '■■ i ant,
i   ■ lantcil on Ihe
-1 ■■'• ii I i: *,-!■ ii'cii 2mllea
nd marked "K Ale
Hi  in i >.    hence   ivi I   80
nortl      L-haliw, tin nee casi mi
■li '0 chains tnthp puint of
i> i,
No'ice is hereby given that 80 dayi
alter date 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a speciul licence to cut and
carry away timlier from the following
described lands situated in West
Kootenay district, west side of Upper
Arrow Lake:
1. Conimenclng at a post marked
"S, Carlson's north-west corner post,"
planted on Ihe west bnnk of Pinuston
Creek, about 14 ...Ilea from mouth of
creek, und iu a westerly direction from
Bannock Point, thence soul I. HO cbnins,
thenco east Kll chains, thence .....11.811
chains, thence weal mi chains to point
of con....ence.nent.
2. Commencing at a post marked
"S, Carlson's north-eait corner post,"
plunted un west bunk uf Plngitnn
Creek, ubuut 11 miles from mouth nnd
In a weaterly direction from llannock
Point, thence south 80 chnlns, thence
wesi Hi clmins. thencu nnrtli 80 chains,
thence east SO chains to point of commencement.
H. Coinmeneing at ll post mnrked
"S, Carlson's north-wesl corner post,"
pimiled mi ilu* west hunk uf Pingston
Oreek, about 11! miles from mouth
uiul in n westerly direction from Bannock Point, tlience south 40 ehuins,
thence east IHO chaius, thence north
■It) chains, thence west 100 cliains to
puint of commencement.
•1. Coinineneilig at a pust marked
"S, Cni-lsim's north-east corner post,"
plunted on the wesl bunk of Pingston
Creek, about 111 miles from mouth
.ind in a westerly direction from Bannock Point, tlience south 10
chains, Ihence west 10(1 ehuins,
thence north ID chains, Ihence ensl IHO
cbnins to pninl of commencement.
ii, Coniii.eucl.tg at n pust marked
"S. Carlson's south-west eurner post,"
planted on the west bunk uf Pingstnn
Creek, uliuui 14J iniles from mouth
nnd in n westerly direction frum Bannock Point, thence nortli 40 chuius,
thence eust 100 chains, Ihence south -III
chnius, thence wust hit) chains to point
0. Con.men.-ing at a pnst marked
S. Carison's south-east curuer pust,"
planted on the west bnnk of Pingston
I'li-i'... .,!„,iii 11*. ii,He.-, fn iu niiiiiili
und in n westerly direction Irom Bannock Puint, thence north -111 cbnins,
Ihence west HKI cliiiins, thence sooth
Hi chains, thence east Uiu chains to
puilll of cu...u..-..i-e....'111.
Dated August ffith, 1000,
7. Commencing ai :. pnsl marked
"S. Curlson's north-west corner pust,"
plnuled on the east bank of Pingston
Creek, aim.it Hi miles limn mouth and
in it westerly direction frnm Bannock
Point, thence smith 80 chains, tiience
east 80 chains, ihence north sii chains,
thence w.-st 80 chains to puiui of commencement.
8. Commencing al a postmarked
"S. Curlson's north-easl corner pust."
planted ou the east bank of Pingston
Creek, aboul IH miles from mouth nnd
ton westerly direction frum il.ium.ck
Pnint. thence snulli 80chains, thence
.vest 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thunce east SO chuius to poinl of cuin-
ll. Commencing nt a pnst. marked
"S, Curlson's south-east cot ner post,
plunted one [mile'.east of Pingston
Cu-ck uud iiliniii Ill miles from mouth
nnil in a westerly direction from llnii-
nucu Point, thence north so chains,
thence west 80 .-hains. thence suuth Sll
chains, tlience eust 80 ehuins to poinl
of commencement.
lu. Commencing al u imst .narked
"S. Carlson's north-east corner post,"
planleil about three mib'.* nnst ul* Pingston Creek uml iilionl In n.ili-s from lhe
mouth nml in u westerly direction
It-nn Bt...nock I'ui..., thence south 80
chitius ihui ■!• w<..' SO cliiiins, ihence
nu.il. ':•■ i' ■-. ibi'ii.-ii in.*! SO chains
tu puilll uf I'uiiinii-ii-I'tni-iit.
II. Commencing ai a post innr'tjd
"S. Cuts..n's s.iiiiii-.-iis! corner post,"
plunted :i miles ensl of Pingston i'i k
nml i.liu.ii 10 miles from mouth and in
n westerly iliiection from Bannock
Point, thencu nortli 80 clmiiis, tiience
wns. so rlinins, thenco smith 80 chains,
iln iht eusl SO clmins to poinl nf commencement,
\2. Commencing ill n post marked
"S. Carlson's north-easl corner pust,"
planted I miles easl ul Pingstnn Creek
...nl nliiuii Hi mii.s frum-mouth, in u
weaterly direction fiom I inn...ink Point
thence souih -su chnlns, thence wesl SO
chnlns, thence north SO chains, thence
east SO chuius to point uf commence
Ill Ctimiiiencing al .. posi marked
"S, Carlson's io.itli-e.isi corner post,"
plauted I inll.-s easl of Plngstun Creek
.....1 uliuui. HI uiili-s from ninntli mul in
,t westerly direction fmni Bannock
Point, thence north mii-1i.ui*. theuce
wesl 80 chains, llionce south 80 cbulns,
tli.'.i.:.'enst 80 chnlns to point nf com-
Notice ii hereby given that 30 days-
alter date we, tbe undersigned, intend
to make application to the Hon.
Cliief Commissioner uf l-ands and
Works for a special license to cut und
carry away tinibor from the following
(lescr.hed lands situated in tho West-
Kootenay district, about Iti miles from
Borton City:
1. Commencing al a post planted
un the east side ol Cariboo Creek,
.hence south 160 ihains tlience east-
40 ch«ins, thence north Hill cbnins,
tlience west 4.0 chains to iioint oi commencement,
2. Situato in the West Kootensy
district about 1*1 miles Irom Burton
City. Commencing at a post planted
30 cbnins from the Cr.-ok and on the
west side I lie.ice loutb 100 chains,
thence ens. 40 cliains, tlienco north
ItiO chains, ihence west 40 chaini to
point ol cuininenciment.
3. Commencing al a post plunted
on tlie west side ot Cariboo Creek
about 13 miles Irom Burton City,,
tlience suulh 100 cliains, tlience east
40 cbnins, tlience norlh 100 chains,
tlience west 40 cliains to point ot
4. Cnnimencing at a post plnnted
about 35 chain on . be south side ol
Carihou Creek about 13 miles from
Burton City, thence enst 160 chaini,
thence nurth 40 chains, thence west
l(-.i) eliuiiis, tlience south 40 chains to
puint of commencement,
5. Coinnieiiciiig at a poBt planted
about 00 chains on the south side o[
CaribooCreek almut 7 miles from Burton City, tlience uouth ICO ciniins,
thenee west 40 chains,! nonce notth 100
chains, tlience east 40 cliains lo point
of commencement.
0. Commencing ut a post planted
about 8 clmins on tlie enst bunk of
Cariboo Creek, about 5 miles Irom
Um tun t,U)'i llltu.ee .-ast SO ehnins,.
tlience nurth SO chains, thonce west
80 chains, tbenee uouth 80 chains to
point of commencement,
Located tliis 15th Sept., lilOli,
sep ill J, A. DOUGAL.
Notice is hereby given that W days after date 1
intend in npply totne Ilnn t'lih-f Commissioner of
UmlH and works fur a speciul license to eut and
carry away timber from the following described
lands situated in West Kootenay district:
1.  Coinmeneing at u imst planted aboul % mile
east nf Iii): Hi'ilil trail aiulabout 6-J miles from
ilstrentn 'tnd mnrked "George I*nfnrmo'ssouth*
ner post,*'tlience east 160 cliains. tlienco
nortli ioclmliw.Veut 100 c
Iinins, south 41) c
hains lo
puint ui commencement.
'.*. Commencing at a pn
-t planted one-h
nlf mllo
cost of Big llend trail ami
ahmit Gl wiles
south of
Goldstream and maiked "l
wt-st eurner,'   thence urn
[Icorso Ufornie
sl 100 chains.
s north-
south 40
chains, wesl 100 chains, t
until W chains
In puint
of cnuuueiieemeiit.
Dnted Hli day nt Sept,, 1
::. Commencing at a post planted one-third of a
milo east uf Hig Bend trail and about 0J miles
south of Unli-Utraun nud marked "UeurgeJ-a*
forme'*south-went eurner post," thence enst liii)
chains, nortli 10 eliains, west 100chains, south tn
chains in pnlnt nl commencement.
I, Commencing al a pnst planted ono-tlilrd
mile east of liig Bend trail and about O^fJ miles
Bouth of Goldstream ami marked "George la*
fuvim-'s north-west cnrwi post," tlience cast itw
chains, south 40 chains, we-t iflo chains, north 40
ehuins to point ol commencement.
.', Commencing at a ptst planted 2!i0 yards east
..I Iii*.. Bend trail! and aboutHi00|yards frmn
Seven Mile (reek nml mnrkud "George hafnium's
north-west corner post," tlienco cast 160 ohains,
mh 4-i iliaitis. we ii ibo chnlns, nnrtli 40 chains to
ilnt .if commencement.
Dated p |h da-ft:
. m
(iKuUlll'.UAl'illtMK. b<
* li-.t-i.:
Illll' l
... .lm. ffl ilny- iitlor
Hull, t'liii-f i-uiiiiiiissiiiiii'r
Wnrks to «..rcl.a»o the following
-tiiuii'il in llioillitrlcl... wvst
Mil.    ll!
...   un tlii'OI.I
n-i    in.,
Um iit.lmot com-
■     •
o.i'- '
n., til
WxMh 'JlxlIT F0f) SALE.
.'VMS'.' ■'   Id
'I I    "    I
-, C.-iliu   ii f
Hon   ii
m,  Kiir.iii.Hlin.!-
Trout lako City, n. C.
n.i nl
-t MX ■■
nil |  on sout'i
-.I--   thi -• ill
west 80 r'
eaal *.n chain   to
;   Comniem ll      iiulh nl
lin'ii' i eaal I' II i ti in   Ihenci  -    i II
. hali  , then. HU   hull!
nortb -Hi chali   i i.f c. mnn m ■
i j   L l on n nm li
•   !
- ni ei     thei   fl   VOKl '.
nl com
. . , . .      i
.    i     ■
-   , i
.*.! of aom
i   '  ii :■ - on the i
■ ■ 11. tl '■  ■
R .-■■ i ,;   :- * patrlck1
ne 80  c
180 cl
tin [mini of wm
■   i.
'i     '
.   rk ,,  aon Newman's
* ■'
■      .nt* ilW -"
.. '*■ i-mti .Unly,lQM.        avwuMU
i,,,  ,, .,      u     m rl     -       Brlcl
,,,      , DIALIR III ',t,„i'l, Llm-
,,.,.' nil ntin-,   mll.lfi.il "i»
n.tinl.    All In I'T nml n «n !"1   m-i-Iius
PliulnrloB nl'll PlnelM-inK 8u|.pllm «IpKM.Iy.
PB1CM nifiin
— ■   I   Dnted August 27th, HUH),
|    II.   rmiiiiii-neing nl i. posl mnrkeil
■ -S. Curl mi . i.,.i-ili ,-.,*' cornel post,
.  ,M..,i un il." wesl si.l   ,.f lv, ,v s.
no, ii  Imlf.i mil.'ii .: i rn Timher
ii  u    ni ly ilm i*llun
...     I'l'i.uillii*  inl Upp    Irruw Luke
" '     ' ii,,.,,,,,   ..,     Kill elinlns, iheiict. south
.,  the    ii I  I"1   ehiiln .
i.niib liii.li - - -1" I"- i '■ ■
15   Commencing  il n posl marked
mi un's -ninth ensl corner post,"
| ,„i ;|„. wesl side of Ii. .'.* S,
nn,. uiu in bull    mile north of Timber
I .inul N,,. Illl'll, iii ii westerly directiun
imm ilm I.i ill of I pner Ariutt Luke,
|„ n.    ." i  inn chalnii thence north
m . hi I-,   li in--   eusl   100 chains,
, , n ,     until   III rlinins   in   |inml ul
in.   (joniiiu'iicinu at u pusl marked
"S. Carlson's north oasl corner pusl."
, I,.,,,., il rn.  ilu, n-si sideof K,.-.' S.
|i„    m    ,.i,  i   miles north of Tlm-
iti-i Llmli B060, in n westerly dirccllou
ft-i in Ihi I I nf Upper Arrow Lake,
thonce wesl 180 chains, thencosouth
Hi chains, ihenco   casi  100 chains,
thonco north  m cbnins to point of
rm ;i oni einent.
it.  Commencing al n pust marked
!* Carlson's south-easl  'ner post,"
plnnted nu the well ilde of K. k S.
,i,., md ii i ll mllei north of Tlm-
i. i Llmll BOW, in a westerly direction
from the head oi Upper Arrow Lake,
,. |„ ,,. ivesl [60 ohalni, thence north
in chnlni, thence easl 160 chaini,
thence south io ilmlni to point of
H,-,--l Aiiguitailh, 1110(1,
t*,,,,.,'       8WAN|OABL80M.
inn i-.l to up]
nl Lnmls in
li'*n-ii'i'il liij     	
Coimiiuiiclna !it ii post placei! nl llie uoitli-wei
mer ol Lot UIR. mnrkeil '-.I. II. Murkrazlo
iiili'i'iMi i-nrner." tlionco we.1 in cIiaIiis, iln-in
.itiiili.ii i-il.nn-. ilit'iiti' i'li-i In elinlns to shorn i
l.nki'. tlienco iulli'iving sliorool Lnkoli
tiiiint. Coiitnlnlni IfKiacroB.
li.iiiiililii- I8.li .lay ol Sopt. IWO.
llv .1. A. Miifee, liii
ie|i 11)
Niilirt- i
-   ll.
i"l'S .'ii
I'll 1
Inn tn
I iiiiii-1
inn-mi n,i
1" till
' II"
n. eli
Cl   l.'l'lll!
„l 1. Is
n. i. for
si.,n n, unrein
-  tl»   !
11 iu.
in-ill- Uuu,
.'. .iti..,.-.
'iil-ili 111 w
iclllu nl ii
, il 1
1... 11
'   Ilti
mj ilUlrlc
Ho iTT.
.. Sap.ii
ll -'    -Mil
;!,.,!,*! ,',
iin.i jii.-i
. - .iini
un -.   1
I'l ',
i, il.i'ii.'f
ii, i in
lm!..   Hi
'   Ml.
11 i in
rl.nl.1. '"
Colli 'ii
ilnn iim
.1 ili
M.   Ill   t
." '
■    1, 1 1
Iwn-ltf given thai wiilnvi (mmdalo I
iiteud to     pi]      Llit]   !■   In i Idul  i o n<
Htuill I*  -i I.    ,.!    ,■  i   V.,   ;      ;   i in   ml ■      || '     Mil*.
cbasi the '■ II ■" >u| ilem !'!" ' I nidi iu the Weit
;r. nti i  j  ill trli        '    In re n|   Cpper Armw
l.nk' 1
■ Coromeiicinj  il iipiwi muiki d" . I. Hli h li'i
aouth wesl i'l'in* i.'  al the noulli east corner of
I,otJ67«:aiid  ihonl !J milet h h ol  KostliaU
Creeki Ihence uortli -'i1 chuius, tlience cum 40
eliains, thence south BO chains, thenco wesl 10
chains to pnlnt of coramenccmoiit, containing ami
itcres more nr less.
Dated this 2lit day of May, 1000,
Kit w
I'er llalpli Hlye, Agont.
vroTICK i- lioroby glyoii that 00 dayi iftoi
JN dato I Intond to apply to tho Hoiiourablo
il,,. i-iiiei Coinmlsslonor ol Laudsand Works
for iii-ililis-ii.il In lii.r.jiii*' tho fiilloiylliK ilo-
Korlhcd lands In the wosl Kootonay district,
iiitli-irtlinv. i-nsi ildo of Upper Arrow lako:
rniiiiiieiii-liiKiii apost plnntod ul P.Maheri
south-easl corner and marked "Brnco A. Im-
son's north-oast cornor post," thonoo aouth «
clmins, ilimiei! »*csl » chain*, thonoo north M
shnlm thenoe oasl 2" oha.ni. thon iprthlO
ohalni ilii'iii-iM-ii-"' 10 ei rn nilliin.'.! of nu...-
monoemont and oontalnlng mi aoroi more or
'"Sutod Galonn Bay, Hil- 10th duy ol Sopt, 1000"
,„,, If, BRUCK A, IjAWBON,
For Sale or Rent
.'ontaiiiini IW «crc», n1"1"' tlirei- 'inarlcrs send-
eil ivllli Tlinolliy. Sullnlile lor fmlt JtOflnl,
Homo and ootbtlOillngi In good condition. Hitnaw
at CrniuelUclilt- n fen- mile, west of llevfllitoko.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days nfter
•date I Intend to apply to the Hon. Cliief Com
missioner of Lands and Works for r sperlal
license to out and carry sway timber from the
-followingdescribed lnnds,
1. Coinmeneing at a post planted about I!.;
miles frum the casi tank of Culumbia river
and about 1 milo north of the Thtrtocu Mile
"Tree on Big Bund trail and marked 'It. A.
Lund's north oast corner," thenoo south 80
-chains, thenco went 80 chains, thenco north 80
chains, thence ea»L 80 chains to point of commencement.
I. Coinmeneing at a poat planted nbout V/t
miles from tbe eastern bank of Columbia rivor
and about 1 mile north of the Thirteen Mile
Tree on Dig Bend trail and mnrked "R, A.
Lund's north wott coruer," thencu south 811
cliains, 'hence unst 80 chains, thence north 8C
chains, thonce west 80 chains lo poiut of com*
8, Commencing at nposl planted about I'.,
miles from tlie eastern bank of Columbia river
and nbuut 1 mile north uf the Thirteen Miln
Tree on Big Bend trail and marked "H.jA.
Lund's soulh west comer," thenco north HO
chains, ihence easl (jo chains, thenco south 80
chains, theuco west KO ehainsto pointof commencement.
Daled August Pith. 1900.
i. Commencingat a posl planted ahou* I).,
miles from (loldstrcam on Hu- Big Bend trail
Ui McCullough Creek and marked "It. A.
Lund's norlh easi oorner," thenco west «•»
chains.thence soutli 80 ehains, thence cast nn
■chnius, ihence north (to chains to point uf com-
5. Commonolng at   a   posl planted ibout
Otic mile from Goidstroam ami .marked "It. A.
Lund's nnrth 'west corner." thence east 80
chains, thence south So chains, ihence west 80
chains, tlience north 80 chains to point of commencement.
II. Commencing al a post planled nbout
one mile from (Joldstreiim and marked "H. A.
Lund's north cast corner.'' thenee west 80
chains, ihence souih 80 chain-*, thence east SO
chain*.-, Ihence north So chains to point of oonv
7. Commencing ul a post planted about
one mile from Goldstream ami marked "R. A.
Lund's north west corner.' ihence enst 80
chains, thonco SOUth 80 chains, thence west 80
chains.thence north 80 chains to point of coinmencement.
8, Commencing at a post planted nbout half
a mile from the ninth oast comer of Berth 5706
and marked 'it A. Lut.iV s north we&l corner.'
llienee easl 40 chains, thence south Uill chains,
Ihence west 40 chains llienco nortb 100 chains
lo point of commencement.
V, Commencing at a post planted about half
a mile from tin* suuth east corner of Berth 5700
and marked "H. A. Lund's norlh east corner,"
thence west 40 chains, thence south 160 chains,
thencecasl iu chains.thence north 160chains
to point of commencement.
limed August 18th, 1900.
VTOTICE is hereby given that, iiO dn>-3 after
il date, I intend to upply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for permission
to purchase tho following described lands
situated In West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a -jinst planted on thu Lake
shore almut 2d eliains from the nnrtli-west corner
of Lot 2111 and marked "Jas. Mct/.uarrie'a southeast corner post," thence north 2i)clniins,tntlie
iiortli-wt-Bt corner nf Lot 2111, thunce west 20
ehaiiis, tlience soulh to Lake ihore, tlienco ahmg
tlm lake shore to place of commencement, ami
cuiitaiuing IU acres muru or less.
Billed this loth day of September, iDoe,
sup in
J, E, Taylor, Agent,
Notice i^ hereby given that 30 days al'tei
date I intond to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for special
license lo cut and carry away timher from
lhe following described lands situated in
North East Kootenay districl, B. Cl
(a) Commencing at a post plained
about one-half mile North East of the
iia river and one and one-ball' miles
Notice In hereby given that sixty days alter
date we Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands mm Works (or permission
to purchase lhe following described lands In
the dlstrictof Wust Kootenay:
i 'ninmenclng at a post plnnted at the north-west
enrner of T. 0. 7fiS3, and marked "G. If. Playle'n
north-east corner," tlience west 20 chains, tlience
smith (li) chains, tlience east 20 cliains, theuce
north tjn chains tn place of commencement and
en 111 ain in-;' lift) acres more or less.
-Dated this lfltli day nf September, 1006.
Notice is hereby given that80days afterdate
we Intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner of I ands and Works for a special license
to cut and carry sway timher from the billowing describe.' lands, situate In West Kootenay
1. commencing at a post planted about one
mile nnrth from the north-west cornerof K. A
8. Block M'.a and marked "Big Bend Lumber
Company's routh-eatt corner pnst." thonce
noun 80'chainB,ihence wost 80 chains, thenee
south 80 chains, tlience east 80 eliains to point
ol cumniencement,
2. Commencing at a post planted about oue
mite nortb from the north-west corner of K &
8. Block BOC. and marked "Big Bend Lumber
Com pan >v norll-ensi eorner post," thence
west 80 ehains, thonee south SO chains, theuce
easl 80 chains, thence nortli 80 chains to point
•of commencement.
Dated Aug. 18th, IW6.
lep IS
M. It. McQuarrie, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thsi :'ll days after date
I Intend to apply to tbe Cnicf Commissioner of
Lands ami Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the folio-.vine
de crlhcd-lands lu the Rig Bend district of
West and Kast Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "brnest E,
Adair's north-east corner post," planted on tbe
west side of the Columbia river, about*, mile
west frum tbe Dominion post near   times
. Creek, theuce west 80 chains, thenee south 8u
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after dale ] chains, thence east 80 chains, thence north 80
we intend to apply to lhe Hon Chief Cuimnls- chains to point of commencement
doner of I ands and Works fur a special license 2. Commencing nt a postmarked "Ernest E.
to cut aud carry away timber from the follow- Adair'i north-easl corner post," planted on the
ina described lauds, situate in West Kootenay west sideof the Columbia river, about 81 miles
•dlsttrint' west o( tlie dominion post near Carnes Creek,
l commencing at a post planted about two thence south 80 chains, thence west80 chains
miles west from Bannock Point on -.pperAr- thenco north B0 chnlns, theuce east so chaius
row lake nmi maiked "U, B L. Go's south-east t<\polnlof commencement.
Halcyon Hot Springs
UndiM* the new management of
Hakry  McINTOSH,   Hoffman  House
cyon are the mnsl curative in the
world. A perfect, natutal remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular disease?,
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and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all limits and trains. Two
mails at rive and depait every day.
Telegra h communication with all
marts of Hip world.
Terms- $12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroiv Lake, B, C I
■Corner post," theuce north 1*0 chains, thenee
west ni chains, ihence souih 80 ehains. tbenee
■east mi chains to pniutof commencement
2, Commencing at a post planted shout
threw miles west from Baunook Point on Up*
per Arrow Lake and marked "B. B L. Co.'s
aouih-cast eorner post." thence nonh su
chains, thenee west 80 chains, thence south 80
Ohains, thence cast 80 chains to point of commencement.
Hated aug. 18th,19M.
Notice is hereby given that SO days after dato I
intend tc apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and works for a special licence to cut and
■carry away timber from the following described
laiuls situated in the Yah-District:
1. Commeneing at a post marked "J Barry'
south-west corner post,' planted on the south
branch of the east fork of shuswap river, theuce
nnrlh io chains, theuco eusl UH) cliains. Ihence
south 4u chaius, ihence west 1*00 cliains tu point of
2. Commencingat a post marked ".I. Barry's
DOrth-Wail eurner post," planted on the south
branch of lhe east fork of shuswup River, thencu
south 10 chain*.-, thence east ItM chains, thenee
nnrtli 4U chains, thence weal 1C0 clmins tn pnint of
3. Commencing at a pnst marked".!. Harry's
north-tost corner imst," planted on the south
branch uf the east furk of Shuswap lliver. tlience
south 80 chains, thenee west sn chains, tlience
norlli so chains, thence eaat 60 chains to point of
4. Commencing at a poit marked "J. Barry's
south-east corner pnst," planted on lhe suuth
branch of the east fork of shuswap river, thence
imrth sn chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
soutli 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains to point of
6, Commencing at a host marked "J, Barry's
south-wesl corner post, planted ahout tliree
miles from the rnoutn "f the east fork of shuswap
River, thence north su ehains, east 80 chains,
soutli wi chains, west 80 cnains to point of commencement.
11. Commewlnp at i past marked "J, Barry's
north'weit corner post, planted about one mile
from the montli of the east fork of Shuswap River,
thenee enst 100 chains, them*.' south m ehains,
thence weit 160 chain**, tlience north 40 ehuins,
to tho pnint of commencement.
7. Commeuelng at a poat marked "J. Barry's
SOUtll'WOSt corner post," planted almnt one milu
from the ninntli of the east fork of Shuswap Biver,
thence ninth-io chains, east ion chains, south 40
chains, west ion cliains to pnint of commence
s. Commencingal a imst marked "J. Barry's
smiih east conier post," planted on tho west side
of Bhuswnp riven about one and one-half miles
ahou- the month of the east fmk, thence north 11)
chains, thence wesl ies eliains, thence smith in
cliains, theuce oast 100 chains to point of cum
Dated AUgtlSl 80th, 1WM.
sup 111 .1. HARRY.
Dated August Slh, 1906,
3. Commeuelng at a post marked "L. E.
Adair'i south-wesl comer posl," planted on
the uorth side of Columbia river, ah.uit H
miles went ol the mouth of Cuminlugs Creek
and about 1 mile north of river, thence east IHO
chain*, theuce norlh 40 chains, thence weal
160 chains, tbenee south 40 chains to pointof
4. Commencing at a post marked ' E. t
Adair's it.irth eastcorner post," ptanielou the
south side ot the Columbia river, about 2 miles
back from river and about 2 miles westof
Cedar Creek, tbenee west lGGciains, ihence
south 40 chains, thenco east 16U cjaius, thence
north 40 chains to nulni ol cimiaoncemeut.
naiwl August 16th, m*.
5. Commencing at a put marked "E. K
Adair's north-east corner post;' planted on the
-iuntti-ea.it side of Columoia river, about half a
mile Irom river and ahout three aud a half miles
below Canoe River and ahout oue mile above Pot-
lash Creek, theuce south 80 chains, thonce weat 80
chains, thence mnth 81) chains, tlience east SO
chain* to point of commencement.
Dated AugUMt 13th, PKxl.
trtpl E. E. ADAIR"
Notice in hereby Riven thut HO .lays
after date I Intend to apply to tin*
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for .1 license to cut and carry
inv.iy timher from lhe tnlluwlnj;
described lands, situated in West
Kootenny district .if B. C.
1, Conn..encit.fr at a post marked
"M. Grady's south east corner post,"
planted about one mile north «f Hallway Creek undiilio.il four miles east
f.-imi Anoiv Luke and adjoining the
Arrowhead Lumber Co's claim, No.
8173, marked on map and adjoining on
north side, thence 80 chains north,
thence HI chains west, thence 80 ehuins
soutli, thenee 80 chains east lo pointof
2. Conimenclng about one mile
north ol No. 1, thence south 80 chains,
theuce west 80 ehuins, thence north
80 ehuins, theuce e.iBt 80 chains to
point nf commencement.
3.   Commencing at post of No. 2,
thence north SO ohalm, tbenee west | west 8o chains, iln
\7 OTIOK is hereby given that B0 days after date
IN I iuieml In apply to UlO llmi. The Chief
Cnuiiuisslnm*f.if Lands und Wnrks for a Special
License to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in Went Knntenay District :
(a) Commencing al a posl planled 1} miles
west nf the Columbia lllver, on the north bank
of a large creek I'liipiytng inin llm Coluinbin
River about'-' mlhs a bov i! Gordon Itapids and
mnrked "I',. McBcnn'.- soutll-OOSt eurner,"
thonce wesl 100ohnlns,thonoo north toelmlim,
tin nee i'.i-'. ICi cl, iiu-, I honco south >10 chains
tothe poini of commencement,
(bj Commencing at u post pluuted aboutll
miles wesl ut llie Columbia Itiver on the uorlh
imnk nf a huge creek emptying Into tho Columbin Diver :ihoul '.'mill'-1 ahuve Hoi-don Hn-
plds and markod "K. McHean's north-east
corner." thonco south lOHclmiiw, Ihence west
IU ehains, ihence nurth 100 chains, thenco cast
JDchniiiK In tin- poinl uf cuiiuui'liccinclll.
Dated this 24th day of August, 1000,
80 ehuins,  thonce  south SO chains
thenco east HI) chains to puint of com
4. Commencing at po**t of No. 2,
thence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, tlience west 80 clmins.
thence south 80 chains to point of
Dated Sept. 4th, 1906.
■ up 12 M. GRADY,
Coiunihi __^_^^^^^_^^^^__
south-east ut' Sullivan river and marked
"E. McBean s South-west comer," tlience
north So chains, thence east So chains,
ibeuce south Ho chain-,, Ihence west So
chains to poini of commencement,
Dated tills "tb day of August, 1906.
tb) Commencing at a post planled on
the north-east bank of lhe Columbia river,
about 1 '4 miles above Sullivan river
and marked "E. McBean's south-West
corner,'' thence cast 160 chains, thence
norlli 40 chains, thencr wesl 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains to llie point ol"
Dated this 8th day of August, 1906.
(c) Commencing at a post planlcd
alongside of lhe pack trail one and one*
half miles south-cast oi Sullivan riverand
inarked "E. McBean's north-west corner,"
(hence east 160 chains, thence soulh 40
claiiis, thence wesl 160 ehains, thonee
norlh 40 chains lo the point of commencement.
Dated Ibis 8th day of August, 1906,
(d| Commencing at a post planted on
lhe north-east bank of the Columbia Kiver,
at the fool oi Kinbasket Lake, and marked "E, McBean's south-east corner,"
ihence west 80 chains, ihence norlh So
chains, llienee east 80 chains, thenee
south 80 chains lo the point of commencement,
Daled this 91b day of August, 1906.
(e) Com 111 en eing at a post planted
about one mile westtof the fool of Kinbasket Lake, and aboul 33 cliains Soulh}
of llie Columbia riverand marked "E,
McHean's south-easl corner," ihenee wesl j
80 chains, thence north So chains, thence
east 80 chains, ihence south 80 chains lo
the point of commencement.
Dated this 10U1 day of August, 1906.
(f) Commencing at a post planted on
the north bank of the Columbia river about
two and one-third miles from the foot of
Kinbasket Lake and marked "E. McBean's south-east corner," thence norlh
160 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
soulh 160 chains, thence easl 40 chains to
the point of commencement, \
Dated this 10th day of August, 1906.
(g) Commencing at a post planted one
quarter oi a mile north of llio Columbia
River and about two aud one-third miles
from the foot of Kinbasket Lake and
marked "E. McBean's south-west corner,"
thence north 80 chains, thence easi 80
chains, thenee soulh 80 chains, thence
west 80 cliains to the point of commencement.
Daled this roth day of August, 1906,
(h) Commeneing at a post planted two
hundred and fifty yards west of lhe Columbia river and one-quarter of a mile south
of the mouth oi Cummins Creek and
marked "E. McBean's north west corner,"
thence soulb 160 chains, Ihence east 40
chains.thence norlh 160 chains, then e
west 40 chains lo lhe poinl of coinmencement.
Dated ihis 11 lh day of August) 1906.
(i) Commencing at a posi planted on
the south-west bank of tlie Columbia
riverand aboul three-quarters of a mile
above the mouth of Cummins Creek and:
marked "E. McBean's north-west corner,"
thence south 160 chains, thence cast 40
chains, ihence nonh 160 chains, theuce
wesl 40 chains to the point oi coinmencement.
Daled this 11 lh day of August, 1906,
(j) Commencing al a posi planted on
the north-east bank oi the Columbia river
just above lhe mouth oi Cummins Creek
and niarked "E. McBean's norlh-easl
corner,'" tlience south So chains, thence
west 80 chains, ihence north So chains,
tbenee east 80 chains to the point of commencement,
Dated this 13th day of August, 1906.
(k) Commencing at a post planted on
the north-easl bank of the Columbia river,
about one and one-third miles below the
mouib of Cummins Creek and marked "E.
McBean's norlh-easl corner, thence south
160 chains, llienee wesl 40 chains, thence
north 160 chains, thence easl 40 chains 10
the poinl of commencement.
Dated ihis 13th day of August, 1906.
(!) Commencing al a post planled on
the north-east bank of lhe Columbia river
aboul two and three-quarter miles below
the mouth ol Cummins Creek and niarked
'E. McBean's south-wesl corner," thence
north 80 chains, tlience easl So chains,
ihence south So cliains, ihence west So
chains to the point ol commencemeni.
Dated this 141b day of August, 1906.
(m) Commenci rig at a posi planted on
tbe norlh-easl bank of ibe Columbia river,
aboul two and llnve-quarler miles bolow
the mouth of Cummins (reek anil marked
'E. McBean's north-east corner," thence
.tilth So chains,
Notice is hereby Riven thut within
80 days from date we intend to apply
to lhe Honorable The Chief Commis-
sionec of Lands .mil Works for u
speciul license to cut and curry away
timber from the following described
lands In West Kootenay District:
1. Commencing ut P. P. Fullmer's
north-west corner post of Lot No.
llll: theuce north 80 chuius. eust 80
ehuins, south 80 clmins, wesl 80 ehuins
to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at P. P. Fullmer's
8outli-west corner post of Lot "llll
..Iiiuit2ll ehuins south of the eusl end
of Armstrong Lake; thence eait 40
chuius, south III ehuins, west 120
.-hnins. norlh IHI ehuins, e:ist 81) eliiilni, j
south 20 chuius to puint of com....-....-.'-
8. Commenolng at T. .1. Pearson's
north-east corner post of Lot 8002 ...i
S.iiioi... Creeks theuce east 00 chains,
south 811 chuius, west 100 chuius, north
in ehuins, east III chains, north II)
chains to point nf commencement.
Sept. lOlh, 1900.
sep 20    Bowman Lumber Co., Lth.
NOTICE IS HflKKHY UIVKN thai, thirty
days after date I intend to apply to tha
Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works fora
special license lo cut and carry awuy timber
sep tt
Nnlli-c Ih hereby nil Mi Uml mi I.iv, nfter tlnit. I
liitomltoo|i|>l) Mil,, Honourable ilu. i'iii„[.'„ni.
mlsilonor ..I Lnmls mul IVorks fur normiiilou to
l„l|, hlMi-III,   IMInVMHI,    Imm.|tl„.,    lllllll, ||| Illll |||J.
Iridiif Wosl In*,i,-nny. Itovolstoko divlil -
Comill iliiMil :i |l..s|.|.llllll,,|| mt lln- n-.'sl Innk
nt iiiii .-nli ii i:i,M i.i.m.i imii anill.i >»'!„«
l'li,'*l Ilaplils nml uuii'lti'il "(I. s. ! -i.rl<-r*H
nuiili wnsl corner |,„*i," tlionco soutli i'liains,
liionco onal II) clmins mora ocloss to til      .1 bnnk
of Hie (',,lumi,i, [.Ivor; tlionco In o i -sterly
ilirin-liiill inul ..illim inn Hi,-,,,..I lun! In. I'nf.
iiiiililn Hivor tn ii. i ' ni. tu      ti.
Illtlt-illlii* 1 ■ li 'l.i', "1 A ill-nil. Ills,
..rtli 0. B. MC" HTML
Notice Is horoby glvon that UQdayi nfter date
I intend In apply lo (ho Chief CninmU-innerof
Lands nnd Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timher from the following de*
scribed lands Situated In the Big Horn! district
of West Kootonay:-
Commencing nt a pnst marked "W, J, Manning"!
north-east enrner pnsl," plnnted about a mile and
n Imlf frnm lllg Mouth Creek, mi thc west side nf
the Columbia itiver, und one-half mile west from
the rlvnr, tiience wesl 80 clmins, thence smith 80
eluiIiiH, them ut Sn chains, tlience mirth so
ohalna tn point o[ commoncement,
Dated lth September, IDOU.
nop 11! W. J, .\IANNINfl, Locator.
tbenee easi So chains, thence  north So
chains io the point of commencement.
Dated ibis 141b day of August, 1906,
nn Commencing at n post planted on
iln- ■soulh-wesl bank of lho Columbin river
aboui one mile below the mouth of Yellow
Creek and marked E, McBeau's north*
easl corner," thence south 160 chains,
ihence west 40 chaius, ihenco north 160
Chains, tbenee east 40 chains lo the poinl
of commencemeni.
Dated this 15U1 dav of August, 1906.
(0} Commencing at a post planleil on
lhe south-west bank of the Columbia river
aboul two miles above the mouth of Canoe
river and inarked "E, McBean's norm-
east corner," Ihence soulb 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north So
chains, thence east 80 chains to the poinl
of commencemeni.
Dated this :3rd day ol August, 1906,
sep 5 E. MoBEAN,
oroby glvon thit 80 fori slier,l«l
I Inlenil tn tin.'lV ".,' tlio ('liloH'oinmlssinnor
of I itinls mul wnrks lur n tpgolll licenso... sal
ninl isrrv iiivnv (Holier Imm llio f.ill.nvlin
ti ,,I,,..' inn Is sin....0 iu lit" lllg lleinl ,lls-
Hlcltil Wosl KootUDiyi
ri.i.iiiii'iicluir nt n pott iiisrkc'l -'Swau
I'nrlsnii'* loutb-wesl oofnor noil," planted.
nboul 11 miles imrlli "I T, I..0M9, mul n.xiut j i
mllo onsl nl Ci'lunililn river, llionce norlli s.i'
elinlns llionoo flail hii ,'lmln., tlienco soutn So
elinlns! ihoneo ivos. socl.iil.u. lo jwlnt ol com-
men.-., .sent.
oWHryjiinfcm  8WAKt0M1MM
Certificate of Improvements.
ii"!'li'.i Bogle Minimi Claim, iltuato In iln- Arrow
Uko Mining Dlvliloftl Koctmnay district.
Whin locatod -Adjoining .Miiternl ("In- Town-
TALK SOTICB ilm. I. Kenneth I,. Burnot,
iii.eiitfi.rMi-. KI!.-.. Mt-I.'iiwil.l „f x.ik..*|i. lm-
Viinr 1.1 liii,'...,■>-,,. BgitOt, Illli'llil, sixty ilmt-
frum tin- itin- horeol, to anpl)'to tho Mining In-
■ Ml.t f"i , Ceitlficato „f lliij,r,,vetiii,!il,, for llie
psrnoM ,,f,, 1,1 -lilting .11'tnini Ilri.nl 'if thfl abovfl
Ami liiiilii-i take notico that action, under lection 17, most In titiiiiiicii-eil lu'liire llu- issuance
,,l .uch IVrtifieatt' „f llll|ii,„t'ltii'ltl*.
Illleil.l,,*'.'0.1. tl.i) el April, IIKIIt.
"VTOTICE is hereby Riven that thirty dnys
li aflor date I intend to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lnnds and Works for special
license to cut nnd enrry away timber from the
fnllowiuK described lands Hitiiated in West
Knntenay district, B, C.l
l. Coinmeneing at a post marked "Gns
"und's south cast corner post," ahout six
iniles up French Creek, thence north 80chains,
west mi ciini iis, muii h SO chains, east HU cliains
to point ol commencement.
Commencing at n post -marked "(ins
Lund's south west corner post," ah<iut six
iniles up French Creek, thenee nortn 80chnlns.
enst So ehuins. south 80 chains, went 80 chaius
io point of commencement.
(iommeiicinj,' at a post niarked "Gus
Lund's nortli west corner post," about six
iniles up French 'reek thence easl 4u chains.
south 1C0 chains, west io chnius, north hid
chains to point of commencement.
■l. CommeiiciiiK at a post inarked "Gus
Lund'B north-enst corner post," about six
miles up French Creek, thence west 40 chains,
soulh HiO chains, east 40 ehuins, north 1U0
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 16th, 11HH1.
5 Commencing at a post marked "(ins
Lund's north-west corner post," ahout four
tol Ies up French Creek, tbenee enst 40 ohains,
south lt'.i' chains, west 40 chains, north 160
chains lo point of commencement
0 Commenolng at a post marked "Gus
Lund's south-east corner post," nbout one
mile up Goldstream from mouth of French
Creek, ihence north 80 chains, west 80 chains,
south sn chains, east 80 chains to point of cum-1
men cement
7. Commencing at a post mnrked "Gus
Lund's soutb-west corner post," about one
mile up Goldstream from mouth of French
(.'reek, ihence uorth 40 chains, east 100 chains,
uouth 40 chains, west 160 chains lo point ol
8. Commencing nt a post marked Kins
Lund's south-east eorner post," planted at tho
north-east comer ol Timber Limit CM, tlience
north 40 chains, east 1C0 chains, soutli 40
chains, west ICO chains to point ol commencement,
9, Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Luinl'*- south-west corner post," planted at tho
norlh-west oorner nf Timber Limit 7650, thenee
nonh 4o chains, east UK) chains, south 40
ehains, west 100 chain-, to point of commence*
10, Commencing nt a post inarked
Lund's south-west comer post." ahout one
mile Irom mouth of    reneh Creek, thence
uorth 80 chains, cast80 chains, south SO chains,
west so chains to point of commencement.
i ated Sept. 18th. lditC.
IL Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west comer post," about io
cnains nortb Irom imrih-east comer ol Timber
Limit 7658, thence south 8) chains, casi 80
ehains, north 80 chains, wost 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated sept, mib, woo.
12. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-wet comer post," planted at tbe
north-east oorner of Timher Limb "07;-!, thmee
south &o chains, east hi ehains, uorth 80 chains.
west80 chains to poln' of c-tnraonoeniQnt
13. Commencing at a cost marked "Gns
Lund's north-west enrner ..oit," planled at the
souih-we-t corner of Plmber Limit6203. thence
south 80 chai.is, east so cliains north 80ehains,
west so chains to point ol commencement,
14. Commencing nt a pott marked "Qua
Lund's north-west comer post," planted al lhe
Bouth-west corner of Timber Limit 6204, thenee
south 8u chains, east 80Chains, north SOch.dns,
west 80 chains to poinl of commencement.
13 Commeuelng at n post marked "Gus
Lund's north-wesl corner post " planted al the
south-west corner of Timber Limit 7310, tlience
south 80 chains, cast SO chains, north Michnins,
west SO chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 20th, 1006.
10. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west corner post," planted at the
seuth-wostoo ner of Timber Limit 7317, thenee
south so chains, east80 chains, north 80 chains,
west 80 chains to point of coinmencement.
17. Commencing at a posl marked "Gus
Lund's north-west coruer post," planted nt the
M.uth-wesi comer of Timlier Limit 7331, thence
south So ehains, east SO chains north SO chains,
west eu chains to point oi commencement,
18 (.'ommenclng at a post marked "Gus
Lund's norih-westoornor post." planted nt thc
north-east corner of Timlier Limit 7531, thence
south 80 chains, east B0chains, norlh 80 chains,
wesl So chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept, 21st. 1000.
10. Commoneliig at a post murked "Gus
Lund's north-west comer post," planted at the
gouth*west corner of Timher Limit 707.1, thenco
south sn ehains, east so chains, north so chains,
wesi so chains to pointof commencement,
20, Commencing nt a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west corner posl," idaiitcd at Lhe
southeast cornerof 'limber Limit 707;', them-e
south mi chains, cast 8n ehnitis, uorlh 80 chains,
wesi so chains to point of commencement,
21, Commencing at a post inarked "Gus
Lund's north wesl comer imst," at the south-
wesl corner of No, 18, then asl W) chnl.is,
smith SO chains, west SOchnlih, north 80 chains
to point nl commencement.
Dated Sopt, 22nd, 1000.
33, Commencing al a |>osi marked 'Qui
Lund's norlh-west conier post,"planted ai tho
Hiuih-\M'Hi comer ol No, 14, thOlloo OftStSO
i'liains, south si* ohalni! wosl BO chaini, imrih |
Sn clialns to point of coiiiiiiciiccineul.
28, Commonolng at a poit marked "Qui
Lund's north-west comer im-i," planlcd al tlie |
south-west curuer ol No, Ifi, the ast SO
chains, south so chains, woit80chains,north
80chalna to point ni oommencoraont,
34, Commenolng at a poal marked "Qua
Lund'snorth*Wfl8t corner post," at the south-
west corner of No, hi, thunce east ho chains,
south 80 chaini, west fjOohalns, north bo ohalni
to point ul commencement,
26, Commonolng at a poat marked "Qui
Lund's north-east corner imsi," at the norlh-
west corner ol Timber Limit 7078, thence lOlltli
Mi elinins, west SO ehniiis IK
su ohalna to point of commenoement
20. Commonolng at a post mnrked ■Qui
Lund's imrib-eust corner post," at tho north'
woit comer ol Timber Limit tm, thence south
sn chains, west lo chains, aouth BO chains, west
40ohalni,north80chaini,onil loobaini, north
BO chaini, cnsl 40 chains to poinl of oomraoiico«
from the following dcsciitg'-d lands situated
In he Big llend district of West ICootenny:
1. Commencing at a post marked "Gun
Heilsl.Hoiu''- -south west coruer post," plnntod
about 2 miles above mouth of Cnnoe Itiver uud
2 milos easi. mid one-half mile north of T. L.
3845corner posl," thence east llio chains, north
llllchatns, west lOOchains, south lo chains.
2. Commencing at n post planted at, smith-
wost corner of location No. 1 nnd marked 'Ons
Hedstrom's north-west oornor jm-i." thonoo
enst UIO ehnins, south 40 ohnlns, west Ida chains,
north lOchains.
tt. Cummcncinj* ut a pnsl planted ono-half
mile south uf uortliwc-l corner |in-t of No. 2
location nud marked "QusITod-iroin's north-
wont corner posL" t nence oast 100 chnius, soulli
40chnlns, wesl lOOchains, north pi ehnins.
1, ('oiiiiiii'U"1'i r ut a post inarkod "Gus
,!i*d-H-iim'.s so.i.h-west conier post,'1 planted
MMiih io ohriiis, onil 4o ohalni, thenco south lo
elm in- t'rom nnrl-thwosl' cornor posl of No, .'I
location, tlienci: east llio chains, north 10 chains,
west IBO chain***, south W ohalna,
3. Commeuelng at ft post phmled nl southwest corner post of No. I location nnd marked
"Gus Hedstrom's north-west corner post,'
thencu east ltio chains, south 40 chnitih, west 100
chains, north 40 chains.
Dated September lth, l!HHl
fl, CommcncinK at a post planted about ,">
■ iil'.s above mouth of canoe Itiver nud I mllo
south of T. L. (Ml and niarked "Gus Hedstrom's north-west cornor post," thonco aouth
so chains, cast 80 chains, uorth 80 chains, west,
80 chains.
7. Commenci ng nt, a post, plunted al. northwest corner post of No H location and marked
"Gus Hedstrom's north-cast corner post,"
thence aouth 80 cliains, west 80 chains, north
80 chains, east 80 chains, .'™
8. Commencing at a post planled 2 miles
westof north-east cornet- post of location No. 7
and marked "Gus Hedstrom's north-west corner post," thencosouth 80 chains, cast 60*chains,
nortb 80 chains, wesl 80 cbnins. H^^-*-_r---*****j-******-**-*-**-i^Hi^-«it^» ■
9. Commonolng at. .. post plantod at north- carry awav timber from the foll.ivying
 I.corner of locution Xo.l...id innrkeil "(lus I <l"se.'.lie<l liui.ll situate .1. Wesl lvmt
1 '- ■""■"    ""        " *'        entiy district:
CominencinK at a post planted at
the south-west cornerof Lot 7587 and
marked "Lamb-Watson Lumber Co.'s
north-west eorner," thence 80 chaini
le.ist. 8(1 cl.uins south, 80 chains west,
s l ehui-is north to place o( commencement.
Dnted.it Arrowhead, B.C., this2.1th
duy of September, 1000.
Lamd-Watson Ldhiibr Co., IjTD,
sep 29
Notice is hereby given that 80 dayi
after date I Intend t.. npply t" the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds und
Works for u speeiul license to cut and
carry .may timber from tbo following
described lands:
1. Comn.encini,' at a post pin..led
on tin. north bank of Snniv Creek
uliuut Smiles eust of Burton Oity, und
marked "J, H. Jamieson's north-east
corner," thence west 80 chains, tlience
south XO .."bains, tl.e.ice eust 8U cliains,
ihence north 81) chains to pointol
'1. Commencing at ".I. H. Jamie-
son's north-west corner pnsl," planled
.... the n...-lb bank .if Snow Creek
ul...ui 8 miles east nf Burton City,
then.:., enst 80 ohnlns, tlience south 80
ehnins. Il.e...-e lies!,Ml eli.iiu*. llienee
...nlli 811 chains tn poinl nl eiiniiiieiiee-
:!. Commencing ut "J. lt. Jamie-
son's I....ll.-ivesl pnsl," planled nn the
north bank <»f Snow Greek aboul !!
miles east nl* Burton I'Hy. thence east
liin ehuins, thenco south lOchains,
llienee wesl UH chains, thPlicenorth
IU chains tn poinl uf conim, ic ment.
Dated Sept. 181 h. 1008.
sep 2.1
.1. H. .lA.MIKS.lN*.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date we intenil toapply I"
the Chief- Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for a special licence to cut and
Hodsti'on.'s iioi-tli-etist conic- post," tliouou
ivust 100 chain., soot!. lOollftins, oust IGOeliitins
nortl. Ill clialns.
Dntod Sopt. *,.!., IDA
sop 29 GUSHKDSn.OM.
Notice is hereby given ihnt 30 dayi nftor dute
I intend to apply *o the Chief Commissioner of
Linda And Works fora special licenai* to out
and carry away timber frnm the fallowing
d'-crilicd lands situate in the Vale DUtrlctl
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
wust side of Shuswap river, nbout, Jo chains
nortb of timber limit 03111 and marked "CM.
Symons' north-oast oorner post," ihence west
40 chains, thence south So chnius, theuce west
lo chains, thonco south SO chains, thence cast ill)
chains more or less to boundary uf Lot 2818,
thence north-easterly along said boundary to
north-west corner of said Lot 1818,00 chains
more or less, thence north 100 chains to point of
J. Barry, Lorn-tor.
2. Commencing at a post planted on lho
west side of Shuswap Riverand about 2} miles
south from the north-west corner uf Lot 28IS,
and marked "J, Barry's north-east cornor
post," thence west 5100 chains, thenco west 10
ehains, thenco south 60 clialns, thence oast iio
chains.moro or less to boundary of said Lot 2818,
thence north-easterly following said boundary
120 chains more or less to point of commencement.
.1. BARRY.
\\ Coin mallei iiij at a post planted about 20
ohains north oi Uainbow Creok, a tributary of
Shuswup river and about 1 miles from its
mouth, marked ' C. M. Symons' north-east corner post," thenco west lOOchains, thence south
inch lius, thence cost 160 chains, thonco north
lOchains to pointof commencement.
Dated Sept, 0th, UH'6.
sop 10 J. Hurry, Locator,
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after dale
we, the undersigned, intend In uinki* application
to tin- Hon. Cliief Commissioner nf Lnmls nnd
Works fm* a special licence tn cut and carry away
timber from the following desorlbed land situated
In the Wesl Kootenay district, on the eact side of
Lower Armw Lake, and about two miles frmn the
hike shore!
1. Commencing at a post planted on the north
side of Heart Creek, tlience east Hi i'liains, thenee
south Ml chains, thence west 80 ciniins, theuce
north sn chains to point nf commencement,
2. Commencing at a pnst planted about 80
chains, oust nf post No. 1, thence east 80 chains,
theuce snutli tiO ciniins, tlience west hu chains,
thenee nnrth 80 chains tn pnint of commeitceineet
Commencing at a pnst planted bO chains
south of Heart Creek, tlience east 80 chains,
llienee soutli 80 ciniins, thenee west HO clmiiis,
ihence nnrtli so chains tn point of commencement.
I.  Commencing at a peat planlcd mi chains east
f p ist Nu. 8, thenci* oast 80 chains, thence south
SO chains, thence west SO chains, tlieme north 80
cliains to point of commoncement,
,'i. Commencing at a post planted nn the nnrth
side nf i'-tii ('reek, on the smith strike nf application Nn. t, thonce east80 elinins, theuce smith 80
chains, thence west SO chains, thence nnrth 80
chains lo point nf commoncement,
Located this 12th day of Sept., moo.
sep 10
Notice is hereby given that HO days
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Winks for pel-mission tu purchase the
following described lands situated in
West Kootenny district:
Commencing at, a post planted ou
tlie north side of Downie Creek, abuut
one-fourth of a mile suulh of the
Downie creek trail, near the 21 mile
post und marked "Ernest McBean's
south-west corner," thence north 40
chains, thence east Ik) chains, thence
.south 40 chains, theuce west 60 chains
to point of cnmiiil'iiceiiient: containing 210 aces ...nre or less,
Dated this 11th day of Sept., 1008,
Notloe is horoby glvon that ii.irtj- daysnltur
tlnit- j Intend iu apply to tlio llonorablo Chlof
Coinmutllonor of Liuul-mnl Work* fur ii special
liconso to cui ain! carry away iliuln-r fnnn tho
following doiorlbed landi In Wk Bond tll«lrlot
otWoitll nay: i ;,„. i..a m ^^
1. (.'iiintiionciiiK nl a poll mnrked "Adolf . Uio land lu oo lake, up is situate*!, or
"    *        ■* iiriici- iiu-I." ami plantod    If the ti.imeslend.-r dlllrm, Iio mm*, oo
Iml Columbia River I i appll uUon to Uie Mlnlilor ul -.lie Interior
hond ul Kluliii-ki-i Uko. i ul Ottawa, thu CommllllOMr of Iniinlma-
In.li.., ..jrili*i I Hon at WlnnlpM, ur llio !uo*l aseu; for
the District, wllhln which  the land ll
A  LICENSE to cm timber cult bo acquired only at public    ompeftUon.    A
rental of 15 por square milo is charged
for all timber berths exoept ihose situated west of Vale for which the remai is
at the rate of 5 cenls per acre per annum.
In addition to the rental, dues ai the
following; rales are ch.ugii*;—
Sawn lumber, 50 cents per thousand
feet B.M.
Railway ties, eight and nine feet long,
I 1-2 and 1 3-4 cents each.
Slilugle bolts, 25 cents a cord.
All other products, 5 per cen. ou the
A licenso la Issued so soon aa a berth
is granted, but iu survojed territory no
timber can be cut ou a berth until '-lie
licensee has made a survey .hereof.
Permits to cut timber are also grained
al public comiietltloa, excepi in Uie case
of actual settlers, who requite the Um-
..'-r iui their own use.
Settlers und others may also oblaio
permits to cut up to loo cords of wuod for
sale   without   competition.
The duet, payable under a pernu. are
11.50 per thousand feet D.M., for square
limber and sawlogs of any wood except oak; from 1-2 to 11-2 cents per lineal
foot for building logs; from 12 1-2 lo 25
cenls per cord for wood; 1 cent for ler.co
puses; 3 cen.s for railway lies; and 50
cents per cord for shingle bolts.
Leases for grazing purposes are issued
for a term of iwenty-oi.e years, a; a
rental of two cents per ace per annum,
t'oul lands may be purchased ai HO
pur acre for soft ooal and I2o for antrira-
clte. Not mole than 32) acres may be
acquired hy one Individual or company.
Royalty nt the rate of lo cents per ton
of 2IKW pounds is collected oi. the gross
Entries for land for agricultural pur-
i'tiacs may be made personally ai the lo-
" "    " —     tor the dlsiric. In which
(.l.tin's north-oust
nhoill 000 yards si.
iilionl I] milos alio
II -n suulh Sll chain-, wo*
ohains, oast sn ohnlns.
CiiiiinioniiiiiK ul a port plantod nl norlh- j ■Ituatea, receive authority lor ,onie one
easi i-r.t-ni.i- uf location N'o. I ...nl mnrkod !
"Adolf Olson's ...mli n,   oornor po.'."thonc,
-uuili 80 rliulii*. "ii-I so eli.mi*. 'ili -n t'liniii-
,'.M.1 HM chains,
lu make entry lor lilm. ^^^^^^^^
A   foe of Ilu Is charged for lioliu-n-.iad
,, settler win, has rece.-.-.d an entry for
 , ,„, ii homestead, Is required lo perform the
S, l out...endug ... n iio*i marked   Adolf  condition! cur,:, iled ih.tewltli under one
Olson's nnrlh on-i oornor post, and plnntod on i 0; inc following plnni.-
-uiiili Hide uf I'oliuniilit Rivor amlnisiui :i.     ,,, ,\. im.i „x monthi' ruldince upon
miles abovo l<i.il.ii«m-i Like, thenco smilli BO | „,|(| cul.lva.lu.. of lhe land In each year
clinliiH, wosl. 80 chain-, north 80 chains, oils., su   tiUrlnsc lho it-rui of three years.
It Is the prncllce of the Department .to
Baled this :.nl duy nf Soplemlie.-, IHH
sop 10 ADOLF 0L80N,
, , Notloo Is horoby glvon that 30 dayi aftor dato ,
hnins, ensl | j ],,|,,,K] i„ Mj,|y to Uio Chief (.i.uriii-.lunor of
Datod Sopt, 2Hr.l, 1900,
Notice Uherehy given thiil-IMdit.vMiflor dale
I intend to upply to the Chief Commissioner of
Untie and Worn fora -peciul lloonia to out
mul curry awny limln-i from Lho following do-
-crlhcd lands on Upper Arrow Lakes, weat
Commonolng at n post plumed ahoul one
inilc norl h of i ho south wc -i corner of Lot oi l.i
ihenoa in clmins \w-\, thonoo 100 ohains north,
thonoo W ohalna emit, thenoo IW chalna south
to ihe point of oommonoomonl.
Dated \ugu-L nth, iihhi.
J, W. .''OLKY.
Uiidsuwl Works for a special llconse to oul
nnd carry uwuv liinhi-r from lhc following dc
scribed hinds In Itig Rend districl ol W.--
1. Cninninticlng at a pn-t planlcd -'! Niilc-
noHh'OMl of Columbia Ilivor and about 3 miles
onil of Downie Crook and ninrkcil "J. LiirsonV
nortlhwoet cornor post," thonco casi ho ehnins,
Mini h SO chains, west hi chnlns, norlh so elinlns.
2. Commonolng ui a posl plantod at tho
norl h-wiiht, rutin - of local ion No. 1 uml marked
".lohn Larson's mhitli"we-t corner post," thei	
oasl.80chains, nonh 80chaini, west 80chains,
Mint h 80 chuius,
:t, Commonolng nt a post planted at south*
wesi cornor of location No. 3 mid markod
"Juhn Larson's uorth-oast corner pout/1 thonoo
we-i 80 chains,south -SOohains, ooet-80chaini,
nortli 80 chainB,
I. Coinineneilig nl a po-i planted a! north'
eusi oornor of location No. 8 and markod "John
Larson's south-en-i cornor post," thonco we-i. *ji
OlialllSi norlh so chains, ooit Ml chains, uouth Sll
Dated Sflptombor 7th, I'M
sop 11) J011N|UI180V|
require a settler to bring 13 acres under
cultivation, bui if he prefers ho may sub-
Mtlhito stock; and 2*9 hend of cattle, to be
actually hi-** -w*n property, with bulid.v.pi
for their accommodat'on, wil. tn nqL.red
Instead of cultivation,
(2) If the father (or mother, If the father Is deccuaeil) of any penon who li
I'lljfllile to mnke a hotneitr-.ij entry under
iho provisions of lh" Act. rulden upon
ii farm In tho vicinity of the land on-
icr->d for hy such person ta a tiOmwtMd.
lhe n-iiulrpinenh* of the A.:t a-* to rr*i-
dence prior to obtaining patent may be
flutlsllcd by BUch penon residing with the
lather or mother.
I'll If tho settler hm his permanent
red donee upon farming land own*.,1, by
him In the vicinity of llll homestead, the
requirements of ihe Act as to remeaoi
may be -satisfied by residence upon th*
nald  land.
Application for patent ihould be runde
al tin1 end of three yean before thi oal
agont, sub-ngent or a horno'ii-a-l 'nspec-
He fore making application f .; [entitle lettler must give six mo i i *
in writing lo the Com tl ' Dominion I.nndi at Ottawa, of hiH Intention to do so.
W.  W,  CORY,
Di'pu'y .Minister o'
nttHWH. FehniMv Uth. IK*
Piensos ovory Smokor  tho " Maroa
FOUND—Our shipment of Skirts, lost somewhere along the C. P R.
has just been received and put into stock. They are beauties, and well worth
waiting for. These show exclusiveness of design as wel! as the latest in Cloths
and Colorings.
io Cases of the Popular " Smarden Shoes." To be up to date you want a
pair of these—the latest out in the Shoe line.
Never have we shown such a large assortment of novelties along with our
Staple lines. Parcels continually arriving regularly by express keeps our stock in
touch Aiith the latest in Millinery Fashion.
that never    REID    &    YOUNG  that new
disappoints   mmmmmm*    ***     ivwii*«  disappoints
'i i*ti itt itt itt it\ itt itt iti iti iti 1*1*1 th
•"■v '-J,' '*''+' 'J-1 + + "I* 4* " *™
A Tonic!
If ymi want  ....  excellent I
4 Tonic anil easy I., take, get... *V
i $1.(1(1 bottle i.f .ui.- Port Winn 4,
I   —bottled especially I'm- our- S
4 solves. *&
I Canada Drug & Book %
^    Company. Limited.    <§*.
'i ti'i itt ti'i ttt i1*i Ai itt itt ttt iti itt itt
ffQ Ijp l,|,l 14,1 IJ.I 1^,114,1 '4,* q? IJ? ''J,' ty
The Preserving
As the preserving season is now
here we invite yi... to cull .mil
inspect on.- fruits, Including
Peaches, Pears, Plums, Crabs,
always in stock.
Fruit Jars, nil sizes.
Nil Mi—At Revelstoke, B. C, Oot. 10,
WOli, t.. llr. and Airs. D. Nairn, 11
Wai.msi.ey-Gakkkk—At S". Peter's
Church, Revelitoke, B. C, by Rev.
0. A. Proeunier, Fred Walmiley to
Hntlie Garner, both of Calgary,
Wednesday, Oct. 17th. For 24 hours
Barometer low. Unsettled, showery
weather Moderate winds. Bright
—.—*.» .	
Local and General.
A flafa pond will be one of the chief
attractions for tlie children tomorrow
at the turkey supper.
Un Oltober 31st tl.e bean supper ut
the Y. M. 0. A. will lm .1 Ire.it which
none should miss. Keep tl.e .late in
Hive your cook a holiday and eat
your Thanksgiving Dinner ut the
Opera House tomorrow night; 6 to 8
p. m.  Adults 50o.   Children 2.ic.
Nelson Emmons, uew manager of
the Elwood Tin Workers Hold Mining
Co. oi Ciunliorni', is in town placing'
large ordera for winter supplies,
The Forget-me-not Club dance will f
1* held  in Selkirk Hull every Fi
evening, instead ol thc Opera House. 1
Beginners class Irom 7 Hu tn 8:30
Ti lacilitati it.,' pmgi-nss i tin
ui.rk now in operation on the new
channel in tin- Columbia river e 1
the bridge, ti.- city lms agn"l i"
1 ...    electric light- near thi  -
ami tlm ,-nul'l" the dredg work
I .    giit.
Tomorrow is the day of tlie Thanksgiving supper, by the ladies of Knox
The Independent Band will give an
open uir concert Irom the Mackenzie
avenue stand tomorrow alternoon,
weather permitting.
Provision has been made for an unlimited number ot guests at the
Thanksgiving Dinner in the Opera
House to-morrow night, from (I to 8
p. in.
From the very lirst, Earl Grey
seemed tn realize that to efficiently
perform the duties ol his otlice he
must -get next" to tflt* people. His
success in this respect hns been re-
mm liable, until now hu is more ol a
i.'t.niuliaii than some native lamplei.
A large stock of l*cal Views.
Containing 14 viewi in on.
Folder.—Only 16 Cents each
i  fr. '   "Upply just arrived
DpURfflll nnd Stationer,
•    nr.l thl llumt- Itlurt.
Mull U-'Isr. lt^fivf''Pr(imiit;Attfl(illfii.
At the Supreme Curt sitting in
Hevi'lstoke on Fiiiluy, the case oi Williamson v. Williamson was the only
one of importance. Mrs. Williamson
WUght divorce from l.er husband Arthur Williameon, W. I. Ilriggs appeared (or the plaintiff. Tlie case
only lasted u short while, tlie defendant not appearing, the evidence being
conclu ive ami Justice Irving grunted
the plaintiff divorce absolute.
Miss Saunders, the secretary ol tlie
Hon. Mrs. Joyce, president ol "The
British Women's Emigration As.- . 1
tion,'' will lie in the city fmni Oct.,
20th iiii tbe 23rd, a guest of Mile
Neibitt, matron ■:' the Victoria Hm-
pital, A reel ptioi 'i.i be bei: at the
hospital ,,11 Monday tne 22nd, irom 4
t.t 6 p.m.   I ■ tal   ii ii here-
by extend. I I ill the ladies -ti the
,-.Lj....-,.-..- ... tbe Home Help '
R. Tapping's new rcsid, n.-e .- Hearing ii" upletion  and  when  ii.i.sl.e.l
ind   -nark -.li Ilia'
Mr I apping has
lethod      onitruoting hi. new
eovi ild   .!.•  - hi n I. put
ting hit lamily  to no inconvenli nc.
 ,, 1 being bulll
Inr them,    We  will b
v the old home
in  1
-   attention il the city council
ih.,nlii lm called in tin- itati   1  tin
-' l.i Drug ,v
B ,1 .11   ,
on M ickoniie avi n ie 1 be plai ng
has subsided several inches .1,1 tbe
,,. -     * lirt  liei in the hollow thui
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid & Anderson
caused, and where there should be a
good dry crossing is now a slough of
despund and a mud path worse even
than the road itself. Tliis crossing is
one of the most used in the city and
there is no earthly reason why a few
dollarsshouid not be spent in putting
it iu u condition tit ior use.
Two cases of a slightly serious nature have arrived at the hospital. J.
Reseth, an employee at the Lamb
Watson Lumber Co.'s mill at Arrowhead, was brought in on Monday
evening suffering frum a badly crushed
arm, Laving been caught in the cogs
ol the machinery. The arm was terribly lacerated although no bones were
broken. Tbe second case was 11 C. P.
K. brakeman, II. Holtengren, who
severely sprained his ankle while
jumping off a freight car at Rogers
Pass, Both patients are progressing
.,- i'.i. irably a- could be expected under the circumstances.
It 1- to be Imped that the young
people who are so industriously engaged in celling tickets tor the entertainment to be given by Harold
iarvu and Wallace Graham in St,
Andrew1! Churoh on Monday, Nov, 6,
will meet with a generous response
Irom ilm public Mr. farvii stands
In the very front rank among tenor
lingei n America and the vi I iol
that In- has oboiei <- • ite ■- il b
1. a- mis travelling companion Mr.
Graham, th. elooutl nl t, is     lioien
'. ,    ,,|      t||..      1.11,.       ■ ||.
[I   il    t.t, 1   Ol     ".
Ii, thi  -! ite Died, bui
.,,- bei 11
in!  --   irrangemints ire t  be made
' ■   Ol Mi'       'tll.ll
.- early will be. 1   heir
"-  be      ., ■ ol   eing
crowded  out,    But gel . -, r tickets!
■ 1             hi iup| . tasted
NotWnn better than Our " Speolul
Weather Probabilities
MORE RAIN    -       -iA     RAINCOATS
For the next month
are more rain.
We are now into the
wet season, and if you
wish for real comfort you
will have to visit our store
—We have just received
a further shipment of it.
Men's, Ladies', Misses'
Boys' and Children's
from infants No. 4 to
men's No. 11.
In the best shades of
Cravenette and Water-
Proofed Tweeds. Some
are made of good, new
cloth, making a good,
warm coat for fall weather
—Prices range from
$8 to $13
For ladies and gentlemen at all prices. Drop
in and look at these.
Weather Probabilities for the Next Month are More Rain
Social and Personal
Mrs. Kane has returned to her
home in Arrowhead.
Hiss Black has been visiting Mrs.
W. A. Clark at Field.
W. B. Robertson left this morning
for a short visit to Golden.
J, C. Morrison has returned from a
very successful hunting trip.
A. Dubuia, manager ot The Elwood
Tinworkers Gold Mining Co., Lardeau.
has lef*. for California.
Mr. McCarter and Miss McCarter,
of St. Thomas, Ont., father and sister
oi G. S. McCarter, are visiting at bii
Mr. and Mrs. Mucklejohn have
taken up their residence in town Irom
Field. Mr. Mucklejohn, C.I'.R. engineer, will run between Revelstoke and
Mr. and Mrs. McMullen from California passed through the lity this
morning on their honeymoon trip to
Manitoba. Mrs. McMullen is a niece
of Wm. Lawrence.
Import direct from Country of origin.
ElYIili A S
F.C. BROWN'S i$ M1
WU\ TilssiVritl*sf tiJl'" -'-^"'■'^^ttiKkli^a'iJBi^ilili^ilbiu                 BmvJSM   tti—M
Business Locals.
Pane Pin-tout Binding ut Camilla
Drug C-..
Bargains in ll*ir Brushes this week
a' .Nairn's.
Ontario Grapes, Cranberries, Ban-
aim*, Apples and Oranges at C. B.
Hume & Co's,
Ynur prescriptions will.be carefully
lllled with purest niedloines, Canada
D. ig Store,
i ■ ill velvet} -ki.., and a good complexion by nail g Nairn's Cream of
Violi '■ —Its  "Oilier.
Face povden, toilet powder, bail.
powder, any make you usk fnr. Sold
at the Canada Drug Store.
Asli'inii I'n...toes lor sale in any
quant ties    Special price .... live snek
lots,  i   li Hume 4 Oo,
Lowneyi, Stewarts and McGregors
fine Chocolates, always fresh nt Nairn's.
We have op. di supply ol celluloid in iheetl, any color, lor fancy
work.   The Canada Drug Store.
I Inivi- clients who wilh to
obtain houses, roo.ni snd lot,
lor building purposes, and shall
be glad if parties having inch
will advise menl same.
Real E--ii.ii' and Iniursnoe Agtnt.
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Round lhe World in 53 days
and 18 Hours,
The P. & 0. i-eims'ilp Delhi, with
tlie mails, which left London on Aug.
24, arrived at Hong K ngen Sept. 18,
24J dnys Iron. Lund. The despatch of
this mail frnm Lncd n eastwards was
siuitiltiu.>.'...i" win, t.i-it nl .he'mai!
sent westward by the Canadian Pacific
route, tlie latter being due at Hong
Kong on September 23. The despatch
of the Delhi from Hong Kong to
Shanghai has beui retarded owing to
tne typhoon, which has interfered
with the coaling arrangements, otherwise it is pri.bi.ble that tl.e mail via
Sue* would have reaciml Shanghai at
the same time as tlnit via Canada il
not somewhat earlier.
Tkis achievement ol the P. & 0
vessel comes ut an unfortunate moment for their rivals of the China mails,
the Canadian Pacifio Railway. Tii
distance Irom London by either route
is over 12,000 miles. The P. ,*. 0, nmi
would go by S|iecial express to Brlnd-
isi, by eipres* boat (the Isis or Osiris)
to Port Said and tlience by the Delhi
through the canal, the Red Sen, Co!
nml..., Pei.i.ng uiul [Singapore, The
average distance per day by I*. & 0.
is nearly SOO miles..ml   that   by   llie
C P. R. route about did. Combining
the iwo routes it would be possible to
go round the world in f.3 dayi and 18
hour, —London Daily Mail.
A ilei.pi.tcli from Hong Kong
stiili-H that the liritish -steamer
Hankow, frum (.'union, has been
burnt while lying nt her wlmrf.
Hundreds of Chinese passengers
were burned to death and a valuable cargo totally destroyed. All
tl.e European passengers and crew
were saved. There were on board
over 2,100 passengers ut the time of
the lire, and five minutes after
tlie alarm was given the ship was a
muss ol Humes, fore and aft. The
cause ..I the fire is unknown, but it
is supposed to lie the work of in-
ceniiinriei. The work of recovering
thr liodiefl wse gruesome and
ghastly, many being burned to a
WANTED-By experienced mnn,
situation us cook hi lumber
camp or mill, excellent references.
Applv this office ni-,I. Walk, Knult,
WANTED-Gene.nl servant, small
family, good wages,  Applv to
MaUj-Hkkalu Office.
FORSALE-One n-w Recana Incubator and Brooder, holds 125
eggs. Pi-ice ,$:,u.oi) cash. For particulars apply to John Lonsdale, Coinaplix, 11, 0.
WANTED-Posltion   an   Sawyer,
double cut band - J.  Burns,
Oity Hotel, Revelstoke.
WANTED-A good Oamp Blacksmith. Apply Lamb-Watson
Lumi.,,.- Co., Limited, Arrowhead,
ti, 0.
WANTED-A position as'tfoiis.?
keeper. I'or bachelors or widower, For particulars apply to P. 0.
Box 714, Revelsloke, B, 0.
The Revelstoke Hospital Society
A special general meeting of the
Revelstok.! Hospital Society will be
held at the Ciiy Hall, Revelstoke, ou
the 21st day ol November, l'JOli, at 8
p.m., for the purpose of electing di-
rectors .....1 receiving and considering
the financial statement ior the year
ending 31st July, lllllll, nnd for the
transaction of luoh other business as
is usually transacted at the annual
general meeting.
Dated Oct. 17th, lllUli.
Tenders will lie received by the undersigned for the painting of the
Queen's Hotel, Golden, containing
1320 square yards ol surface, the same
to be given two coats in white, with
deep green trimmings. Tenders to be
in not Inter than October 20th inst.
Gulden, B. C, Proprietor.
Oct, 12th, 1906.        oct 13
Q.   M.   SPROAT,
Office       -       cowan Block


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