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The Mail Herald 1906-10-10

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 IF YOU WANT AN       ,
"Empire Typewriter''
e Mail-Hepald
Empire Typewriter
VoL 12,-No. 118
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
Is what you will Slid in our Teas and Coffees,
particularly the following brands :—
K11111 I.al'i Tea in \ lb,, I Ib. and 5 lb. packages.
Five o'clock Tea iu 1 lb, and ii lb. packages,
lien Hur Tea in 1 lb. packages,
Pure Orange l'ekoe Tea, in bulk at 76c, per lb,
Woodcraft Tea in bulk at 40c. and 50c. per lb.
Fresh Ground Mocha nnd Java Coffee.
Our 0.0. Blenk of M. & J. Coffee,
Upton's Tea in three qualities, No, 1, No. 2, and No. 3.
Hlue Ribbon Tea in Half lb. and 1 Ib. packages.
Salada Tea in two qualities.
Ceylon and lavlia Teas in 1 Ib. packages.
Our  Coffee   List comprises  Blue Ribbon, Chase and
lioiirliiin and Planters in 1 lh. and 2 lb. tins.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Protect the Chest
This is tbe season lor sudden
colds, and they may develop
into dangerous colds, too.
Made in all sizes for LADIES
as well as GENTLEMEN.
The cost is little compared
with the safety and comfort
they provide.
Red Cross Drug Store
I). NAIRN, hm. M.
Washington, Oct, ll. — Yerkes,
commissioner of internet revenue,
with the approval ol the secretary nf
the treasury, has issued the departmental regulations controlling tbe
making of denatured alcohol, tie
handling of the same ar.d its uses.
These regulations follow and render
effective a lw passed by congress at
its last session, and whicli provides
for the withdrawal (rom bond, tax
tree, ol domestic alcohol when same is
rendered unlit for beverage or liquid
medicinal use by the admixture of
suitable denaturing materials, and fur
the use of the denatured article in the
art, and industries and tor fuel. light
nnd power. The law becomes effective
.Ian. 1,11107. This denatured alcohol
will be n competitor with illuminating nils, gasoline and coal.
Footballs—the very best makes— t
the Canada Drug Store.
.*t-. ■-■'. - X. A A J*, di, A. A. tr. .*.*■ .t. .t. .t. ■'f. .t. .t. .-*-. .-1*. .t. .***. A .-*.. .-**. .**-..+.
Tt 7 'I' VI' 'X' 'X' -X' '*' 'A' 'A' 'X' 'X 'A' w 'X' 'A' 'X' 'X 'A' 'A' 'X' 'X'ST**!--*' 'A' \ !•
Is an  indication  ol THOUGHT and " thoughtful **£
people " reiilize|lb»l the Rest is always cheapest in
Wc guarantee that Ihe stoves having the Gunny- **
Tildcii tiade n ark are Ibe HE*sT.| Finnans,; Stovei
Kiiiiges, Airtight Heaters, nil sizes and all price,.
Dealers in Hardware, Htove* and Tinware, Minns'. I.iin.lernirn s
and Sawmill -Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsniitliiiig. p.
ita sTa ij*. jft .J*. .♦. -.♦. ."^t .*T. .ta ."h ."j*. ■♦. .♦. .♦. .*?. .♦. .♦. .♦. ,♦. .♦. .♦. .*♦. A ,t. ,♦,
lp w >j> ii* "X* *X* "J,  X. '-I* ■■I." '4* ".V'+' w * -I V X *A? \i" 'J," "J,.*F*tr ■J' *Jt*
McBride Victorious at Ottawa
—Newfoundland Fisheries
Crisis-Election Scandal-
Conservative Success.
OTTAWA, Oct. 10—Premier McBride
soured a victory at the Conference ol
Provincial Premiers yesterday when in
the lace ol much opposition he secured an agreement to a resolution per
mitting submission of liritish Columbia's special claims. Some accused
him of attempting to bold tbe provinces up, but what he really did was
his duty by British Coluinbin. Premier McBride present.*.! a special case to
Sir Wilfred Laurier tliis morning.
Semi-official hints as to the attitude
of the Dominion Government towards
the claims ol the Provinces give rise
to the fear among local Conservatives
that the Provinces are to be Hini-
flammed by Laurier. "The Provinces
are to be gold-bricked" said one today.
The bye-election in Pembrooke,
Ont., to till the vacancy caused by the
death of Hon. Peter White, resulted
in the return of Gerald White, Conservative, by a thousand votes over
Thomas Murray and Dr. Mackay
Toronto, Oct. 10—The prosecution
in the malodorous London election
case lias secured an enormous number ol witnesses. Disclosures are ex-
pected to implicate those in high
Lonihin, Oct. 10—It is suggested that
at this time when the Newfoundland
fishery interests have been sacrificed
by Great Britian to the United Slates
the ancient oniony should confederate
with Camilla ninl si he placed on a
strong [toting,
Havana, Oct. lu—The Hon. Chas.
Magnon, Provisional Governor ol
Cuba, arrived yesterday, A general
amnesty has been declared lo mark
his taking over of lhe olliee.
Loss Estimated at $200,000.
Vancouver, Oct. il—A disastrous
fire has almost completely wiped out
Heap's liimler mill ill the east end of
the city. The tire was first observed
breaking nut in the d.-y kilns and
within an hour mill, boiler house and
other buildings were on fire Only
the moulding warehouse, part of Ihe
mill nud some ol the sheds were saved.
The loss is estimated roughly nt over
1200,000 It is insured, but whether
sufficiently to cover the Iosb cannot
yet be ascertained, The lire is still
Fireman Jordon hud a rib broken in
fulling from a rool and bad to betaken
to the hospital. Oneol the policemen
was also injured on the leg by falling
timbers. The insuranoe is supposed
to he estimated at #10,000
It is reported that two Japanese and
three Hindoos were dragging a hose
intu the dry kiln aud perished iu the
(lames when the roof and walls collapsed. A Japanese boarding house
near the mill was gutted. Several
telegraph and light poles were burned,
and there was much damage Irom
broken live wires. The Pacific Express and Seattle train were held up
for about an lmui by lines of hose laid
across the tracks.
Pleases every smoker -the " Maroa
Howson's furniture store is the
jilacc to get earpets, linoleums, Hour
nil and matting.
Did you ever know we carried a
large supply ol Artists'paints, water
and nil, brushes, and drawing instruments at the Canada Drug Store,
Champions ot Kootenay and
Alberta Play a Tie at Lacrosse—A Fast and Exciting
Revelstoke and Strathcona ciosscd
sticks yesterday alternoon at the McKenzie Avenue Grounds, before a large
and enthusiasticHggregiilion. Strathcona had to lay one man off to even
up with Revelstoke, as owing to such
short notice Ihey were unable to get
a full line up. The game ended in a
tie, each Bide having four goals. This
game was closely contesled from start
to finish.
After seven minutes play of the first
quarter, Latham got tbe first goal for
Revelstoke, and by some good combination work scored again. Strathcona were then aroused to the fact
that something had to be done to bold
up their end of the game. During
the latter part ol this quarter Latham
bad the misfortune of spraining his
knee, which necessitated liis retiral
(rom the game, thereby handicapping
the home.
In the second quarter Strathcona
got in some good combination work
which resulted in McCullough scoring
for the visitors. In this quarter the
Revelstoke defence had a bard light
to keep the Strathcona boys from
scoring, but showed themselves cu|
able ol the lask. At half time the
score stood Revelstoke 2, Strathcuna 1.
The visitors scoied twice iu the
third quarter to the home teams once,
making the score even.
On the commencement of tlie fourth
quarter the players brightened up,
both teams determine 1 to pile up
their Bcore, tne home boys were the
first to secure the ball and carry it
into the visitors territory, scoring
amid great applause from tbe excited
spectators. The play after this was
well divided, until the home team being weakened by one ol their men
■being put off for two minutes, enabled
lhe visitors to make tin■ ,-c i e .'uur to
four, when lhe referee blew bis whistle
lor time.
It may be stated had Revelstoke
been able to put their full team oil,
the game would easily have resulted
in their favor. Great credit is due lo
Mr. W. Hull, who acted in the capacity ol referee, for the gendeinanly
game pul up by the players. A close
watch was made fnr all foul , which
resulted in several players from each
sid- being sent to the fence.
The teams lined up as follows:
Dickey T. McArchur
Dunne P. Glass
Edtvaids  A. McDonald
Defence field.
Buck W, Horribln
Spring N. Nn in
Barber McCullough
Home field.
Hillier F. Junes
Jamieson    N. Elliot
Latham F. Anderson
Outside home,
Kerfoule P. Nain
Ibside home.
Woodland Bisset
The Belleville Intelligencer suyB:
"it wnuld be dillicult to choose a more
varied and interesting programme
than that sung by Ml, Jarvis last
night. He gave selections from oratorio, opera, the sea songs uf Old
England, the Martial songs of Scotland, lliu convivial songt from German student life, and last and best of
all, selections from sacred music, in
which hu is beyond doubt iu a class
hy himself, People admired his 'Bay
of Biscay,' grew enthusiastic over
'Death of Nelson,' smiled genially over
tlie 'Pickwick' selection, lelt their
hloul tingle as the hig, rich voice
thundered out iu 'The Standard  on
High Class Croceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Classware, Etc.
Hard and Dry
A large supply ol this wood bus been received at our
yards and is now ready Ior delivery at
$4   Four  Dollars  Per Cord  »4
• The best and cheapest ccal for all purposes. It is free
from dust and does not clinker. We guarantee satisfaction
or will refund money.   Leave your orders for fuel at our ottice
Moltont'  Bank  Building
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office - Toronto, Ontario.
Brandies in the Provinces ol Manitoba. Alberts. Sasl-ftlctiewau,
British Columbia, Ontario, limbec.
Capital Subscribed ...       f 5,000 000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $4,280,000.00
I). K. Wilkie, President! H".***'- R. Japkhay, Vi President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Savings DKPARTMKNT -Deposits iccelved und Inteiesl allnwed
nt highest current rate fnnn dato of opening account, nnil compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold available In all pads of Canada, United States und
Europe.  Special attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Import direct from Country 0
' origin.
B. C.
the braes 0' Mar,' but in bis lasl
last number he scored the greatest
triumph. 'Face to Face' was simply
exquisite, deeply impressive and magnificent. Mr. Jarvis stands with 1
rapt, devotional expression, chanting
the sweet, simple words iu such a way
that one has to believe them himself
and wonders with awe why a ha In
does not come and rest upon Ins
Harold  Jarvis,  Canada's    leading,
tenor, and Wallace Graham, an elocutionist well und favorably known In
Eastern Canada, will give an entertainment in Kevelstoke on Nov. 6.
The ircedoin ul the press in Canada
is largely a mutter of Imagination,
slates our Greenwood  cuiiteiiipuiaiy.
Under certain conditi ns it ii    ■ ■■ ■-
.aiy in haves pull in ordi r I   get tin
use nl iho mails:    The postn asii ■
general recently exel ided  n
from the malls without naming and
practically ruined ii :'.i nnci illy. Many
"! tho condemned arti lies in this | il
licalioii were c pled li m - -. ral  tl
journals thai still have the  ,   -. legi
I using oltlmei s!ow,bul I
paying postal ,ysti ni.     This    -   I In
blow of a tyrant who hai nol ■ *     I
tlie courage to give the edil 1    I ilu
condemned journal tho names ol liii
accusers.   The f-r' itesl -     I the ci
eluded journal was In  paradii.- the
trulli iu tlie garb ol our ll •'   | iii
earthly  parents.    From   -
Canadian point ol view Iti cditm
a Inul tu expii-t jllltlce in in-..-, i   11
yet il must bo believed that tin arti ■ •-
in question had that in tin 111 to en ■■
the postmaster-general to gel liis hi „-
up,    iiii-.vi-..   each side !i • it: 'hi
stury and Sticks tn il. THE MIL-HERALD. BEVELSTOKE B. fi.
artisan or laborer who sees before iiim |
in the Old Country n< thing but a lite-
time of bind wnrk fm- mere wages
would be (ml only helping liiniscf. but
doing liis pan in snlving Hie problem
c-f the unemployed by coming out to
Fifteen Hundred Mothers Storm [)0minj0n Government may Es-10""1"1:1 iUul u*'*n* l*n lil1"1* 1Iis
. , „      . .    .        - ,,       . place in the coincmv ol Britain could
Public  School     Believed1   tablish Schools  in  Large be t,,i.en i.y ,t„ equally gn„d „,-«•
ambitious,   Tin-.i- i.- niisiiii tn believe
Health Officers Were Killing    Centres.
Their Little Ones.
that I'roiii im inul nf lm- world me we
getting just ili'- km'! ul citizens we
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H   I   Ottawa, Oct, lh—Ii     understood
Sin Vohk, Oct. 8.—Believing that | thai  tlio govcrnnieni   i» disposed to want,    The"  are  to use a common
t! minder" doctors, 113 they called recommend to parliament next session expression  a  "mixed   lot."    To  be
the board oi health physicians, were the gram ing of aid towards e.inlilish- worthy ,.; dn- eountrv thev sliould he
cutting the throats ol llieir children, ing technical education hi schonld in hii'id-iiickcit.
in the public school, in tin  Williams-1 the larger centres *. us to afford a _
burg section ot Brooklyn, 1,500 women, means oi  traiding  for  tlie  various
nearlv ull ol theni Italian!, stormed manufacturing industries nuw crippled
the school building today in an effort, ior lack oi help.   Technical education
to reach their little ones.   Belore the | has accomplished magnificent results |   The sc....n.| eveni •■  i i.-iieh month
riot had been quelled throe policemen
elsewhere, ami ul late years Sir Wilfr d . being ns-ianed to ilm liierary depart-
Laurier und his colleagues h.iv" been I ment of din Guild. Mo. day evening
urged Irom various quarters to help in was  spent  in  a review if  Caindian
lind been Beriously injured by the women anil uiu- ni the rioters hnd been
For several days physicians ol lhe
board of health have been examining
the eyes ilinl throats of the pupils
Contagious affection ol tho eyes had; \
spread from the homes of the Italians
in tin- viciniiy ■ f ibe school und thei
doctors were directed t   make an in-
vc.-iii.it-    ' -  lean)  tl ause  and
nature ol   h  disease.     A   number ol
pupils ou gi:: g to their homes  told!
their parents Unit th». "murder" doctors Km ii-1 i" cul their throats, and
iri'iii!',-. that du-'s not listen to reason,
spi* I  among   the  mothers  of  thei
T .ilny ihey dteiilcd to make an in-
vostiiiation in a Lily and marched  to
the sc'r.o -I i uililing 1,500 strong.   The
 h'-i'.'i   ■-. .i .   were   wurne!   of   tbe
approaching ir nih'e, I mked the doi r-
and wind iws „( the building and sen!
fm- assistnnce to n nearby police
suit! hi,   Hi:' ire the ;• dice arrived the
women rushed at tho main entrance
u! in- building an I, finding the way
barred nguiiiai   them,   made  frantic
• IV ills tu liatti i- down lln- door,     line
. ad I-'-, -'i.,i-::m! w! en tlio vanguard
of tii" police  s'i l m!   approached   Ihe
scene, and nought io pm a sudden end
tu the trouble.   The women turned on
tin-   policemen,   l in   their clothes,
scratched their faces  nnd  pul   them
uut, l "i'M en detail o! IS more dflici ra
reached the scene.     Allei   reinforce-    DOUGLAS FALLS, DF.UTSCHMAN CAVES, EAST OF REVELSTOKE
ments came nearlv nn hour  was  re-       ,,. ,. .    , ,, .     ,
.,,.,' , establishing n similar system iu Can-  liti-mu i-    i... ■■ ■■- ■■;■ ■ -, ..■ :t pointed
quired i" drivi  the n ters   Irom  tin-    ,     .,.,    ,,..,.
... , adii,    I he I1 iniuion Govcrnnieni h i   u it ill
square.    \\ lieu   tin       i in arrested , ,
, , ,. heretofore  -!■ murred   nn  the grouii.l  in ■_•
was uiralgi ed In tin   >   lei conn  and ■ , . ,   , .,     ,
,   , ,     , . that it might In   e inside ■-! n I   •;- ■-   ■   .   .
asked bv the ina..-"  let   hoc ut  lm . , ,   ,
on  -.       iriadn I      ol the pen' luci ■   inifei
In !- conduct, sin  replied , ,.
,,        ,    ., i ul      bablv -i - iy m ! be lound - ....        ■
"W hat would y.m do if ynu  knew|
Founders in Canada ol
Hand Tailored Garments, completely finished.
all Weight
Serge Suits.
You know what attractive summer
suits Fit-Reform Serges are.
We had a special lot of verv fine
English Serge made up in fall weights,
Can't imagine what stunning Suits
these are, until you see yourself in one.
Both black and blue—and, of
course, the colors are guaranteed
as well as style, fit and tailoring.
$l8. and $20. 6
G..  MacDON
the n u di : ■ i ■•- iven cutting the
throats uf yuur chiMrei I wi no!
let tin
Si veral serious riots
nature of the one * ■! iy I nvi
in vari       f the greal    ties
i: -' im i the trim   	
di-l    • hy  Ita iai -
li - - •-.-.
by  tl
.  ■  • . ■
I, i .    .,.       ■' -.-
Fifteen Entombed in Dutchman
Mine. Bloonisburg. N. M.
to avoi    this dilli mlty  ami at I
sunn    tinti cans-. f
st of tl
ng ■ -..       y,
i"^^^Biii,i should nav
reciate the
■ 1   '
ui country's
lien- u
*. -. ne only per
il ms * i that
nil _■ was aptly
-.:   Emerson i
11     M
-in- foam of
■■- ir -in popu-
■     hilly with
itive refer-
itore to the
■  i    throughout
-    . sung a* a
-"nut was
-  ■   -i Monday
'  -ant time
ug will he
•■   lis-
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, IS".
W'M. MllLSON MacI'IIEHSON,  Pies. IS. II.  IJwlNO, Viei'-I'res.
Jajiiss Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Kvi'rviliini,r in wny of hanking husiness ti'iinsiiutod without un*
necpssary delay*,
lnlt'ivst ci'i'ilili'il twice ;i vi'iir nl  current rates (in Savings Hank
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
l'.!*VI".STOKK.   IL **'•
Tenders for a Liconso to Cut Timbor on
Dominion Lands ln tlio Provlnoo
of British Columbia.
C1EALED TENDHIIS nililrossoil tn llio Com.
H iiii-iiiiii'rn! Il'iiiiliilnn Llllllis, li-innliiH'ii!
nl ilm liilMii.i, llllll inill'kiiil nn tin- "iiiiilnpi!
"TiiiiilnrliirTiiiilii'r lli'i-lli N... mil," will lm rn.
ciiivi'ilnl Ilii- lli'iu. fl ni.-iil iiiillliiniii W'.'ln,',.
ilny. tllOltll iln v nl' Niivt-iiilii'i'. UKI), lorn lii-oiiso
tncut tliniiur nn lli'rili Nn llm. situnto In tho
I'riiviiii'inilllriti-liriiliiiiiliii, iiiiiliiiiilTii,vii*lii|i
!M,l(iiiii»ilAV»-l III tlio litllMorlllif-.ll iinl'rilllborry
('ri'i-k   (!lillinionolll|l a! n |m-l t.h. nl«....... lln.
Wostorly Imnk i.l'-iiiil 1'ri'i'k whoro Un- * Is
inll'r-i'i'lnil liv 1 li<> ii|i|«'l'liiiiniillirv i>niliii-li 11 nt
Timbor IWili Sn  Mi llio iisulilCrook
two miln* In ilirocl tllstunco with ii ili'inli nt im
elinlns !n< Wostorly hIiIdnml 30 chnlniou
llm Kii-U'ily slilo thorool,uioiisnrod ni ridu
iiiiwln-in -lm a ml bonrlng of Crook witliln
tlm Imrlli. Iln-liiwi-i- boundary Inin- llm n|i|inr
llOUudliry 111 sniil Uli'i-I. llnl tinilii.rH.Tlli Nu.
H8H, nnil llm -nmi' iiroiluooil South Woitorly,
ninl llm H|i|iiT Ijiininlnry In lie iniriillnl tlioroto,
containing an nri'.'i nl lw.i-i|ii-iriiiinlo*. innrnur
Tlm Imrlli inn-l In-  -iirvi'ji'i!  liv llio nrmiiiui
Willlill Kill'VI'lirillllT I III'IT.-Illl iill! "I llll! IxTlll.
Tin- romillllimi- ini.l.TwIiii'li ,i Iim-hmmmII lin
lssuoil,also iirlnloil hums of toiulor nml envoi-
iiiiii. nitty lm nuttllnod al ilii* lli-|iiirlnii'iil nr al
i lm uiiii'.! ui tlio Crown Timbor Agonl ni Sow
Wostnilnstor, H.C.
Kni-li inniliT musl lm ncciimiiiinloil by mi
nooonlodolion nn clinrtoroil bunk in favour
ofthoDoiiuty nl' iln- MinbiiTii! Iliolutoi'lor
fnr I uiMMiiil "I tlm bonus which the ll|i|.lt-
cnnl is iirojiurorl In pay Ini- n liconso
Nn inuilei- Uy totogrniih will Iio ontortnluod.
Dojinrtmoiit of tlio Interior,
Ijllawii, Sniiliiinlinr-.'illli, innii.
Certificate of Improvements.
Adventurer, Inm li'il.M Wnli'lniiiiii, ilntl'ii.k nml
Miii-liini' niiiii'ii! i-l iim-. situate In Mn' Arrow
Lake Milling Oivi-i !' Wnsl Ivunll'llliy Ills-
Wlii'iT liieateih-lln llm north slil. nl I'lngstoll
I'ri'i'k. ,-iliniil .-i mill's west nf Am™ lnko.
Tllln- llnli.'i' Uml I .I'lllll   lll'lllulin.lnl tinlorsoii,
1M..S., nf 1'r.iil. II. C. Ilgelll fnr Tl n* .Uii-i,-l,
F.M.I!. Nn. ll'.I.VJII; llii-lnir.l Smilli. l-'.M.C. Nil.
1105115, nml  Kliziil.'-lli s.'iill F.M.I-. Xn, Huston,
inli-iiil, sixly ilnys Imiii thu .lata lun I. tu il|i|ily
In tin- Mining Horiirili'l'liirlli'l'lllli'iilra nf lni|.ri.vi'-
ments, fm-1 In- iiiii']iii*i- "I "iii.iiniiiu i'iinin iirnnis
..I llm iilii.n- i-lnini*.
Anil further Ink.' ii '•'-■" Ih-il iirllnii. illnlcr sec.
tlmi 87, in.i-l In- .-.-ii........ I I-.I l!..- Issilani'uol
.-iii-lir. i'iilii'iil.'*"(liii|iriivi-i I*.
Ullt.'il this UStll ilny uf June, IW'll.
sc|il!l .1. li. IXDIiltSON.
**-%*^%%%%%**%%%^%*%%VV%%*%*«v%V»sV% %%%*%%%-f
For \-rii-iiliui-aI Initilomenta. Carriage!, Wngous, Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Molluo Wagons, Cnundn Ctirrtugo'Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Harden Soedors uml Cultivators, Wlioel-
wri.-ln nn.l   lllili-],-*illilh   Wnrk   nttonili!.!   In     I1.ir*i! Shooing il
Houses and Lots
lists 111 |
find tiinel
!,.! .t^W/-/v--»W/^-/'»V»Vw-«-V^
Aii'.i      -    hi
!■ .-
-:..:. . •
the en!     In
: .,
I  .. -   • .
lire hai
Thi   .
the i't. I . I'u
l !'•
a ith iill iiii ih     eleel pplinnci I,
flic ciinsi! of tin
lict.H.—Atari ■     -*■
t in tl      ml -   l-'r.i er S
■   lylinei  I -day,    '!  en   was
ovi   sevi :-- -   Inn in i  .I ..' ii
i ■:   enonu and the I  enty-live milli
yard   i-   likely
to gu.[
Under   New   Management)
accommodation for iruvollen.
*     ■ mils   nf   Wines,   Spirits,    and
. in
Notice is li'-ri-l.y- given, Ihal I. Sam Walker
ninki>ii|i|ilii'aliiin miln-llna-il nl l.liriu-i-I'uni-
inlsslunors for llio Rovelsloke Lleenelng Ills-
Doled' Sept. llnl, IM,
I'l'KSCANT    TII    Till:      " ('l.'dlll rolls
TltUS*!"  I llllllis Acr,  1(11)1,"
JohnGei.rge .M.-ii-d.iniililnl'ilii- Citv ..1*
Hevclsinki' in lln- I'liivinee uf lliillsh
('oliiiiiliin. Meicbiiiil. has bv deed (lilted lln- asih day of Si'pii'iiilii'i-. A. lb.
IIIIIII. ussigiii'il all his pi'i-soniil piiipt'l-
ly, i-i-.-il i-sinlr. i-ii'ilils and cllVels,
which muy be seized mul sold under
execution to Allan Y. Anderson of tho
snid Cily of Revelsloke, Ai-ciiiintiiiil,
III tl'ilsl I'm- the benelil of his ci editors,
The snid deed wns executed by the
suid .lohn George Macdnnulil anil Allan
V. Anderson on the 28lhdayof Sup-
lemlii-r. A.I)., lllllll.
All pel suns having claims iiguinsl die
snid .Iuhii lifiu'Ti Maedonald itreri!-
ipiii-eil mi or before the Isi dnv of November, A.ll., lllllll. lo semi In the
trustee full pnrllciiliii-s nf llie same
duly vei-illed, together  with Ihu pill'-
lii'illnis  ul'  thes n-ily.il   nny, held
by l belli.
Notice is hereby fui'thei-given that
after Hie said Isi dnv of Novomlioi',
A.H„ limn, the n-iisii'i'will priii d lo
distribute the nssots milling those
creditors whnse claims hnve been
loiljreil willi him, and Hint he will mil
be responsible after snid dale I'm-tilt'
assets so dlslrihulcd, nr uny purl
thereof to any person or persons, lli-iti
or I'liipoi-.-iiinii, of whiisi-ilebi or claim
he shall mil linn have received notice.
A meeting of tho creditors of lhe
said .Inhu (( -go Maedonald will be
held ul Hie iillh-i's nf Iinins A- Walki-in.
Barristers, llonin I, Flack Hlock, Vancouver, It. ('.. on Friday, the I2lh day
of October, A. I)„ HKM,'ill Hu- hour of
I'iiiii o'clock iu llii'iil'lei'iiooii.
Dated al Huvelntnki\ M.C. Ihis 1st
day of October, A. I)„ IIHHI.
Hovels!tike, II. C„
Snlii'ilin-* fin- Iheubnvi'Ti'iislee.
Lot, House nt lour rooms, substantial wiiiiilshi'd, un Fourth Street, north
two lutn Irom Mackenzie Avenue,
Apply by mail tu
= | Hi:iiiu;i'.T II. Williams.
,| ,,..,.   ,,( l.uii.lnit*-
i ■ Inn)null pi, i",in.-
Arrowhead, B. C.
the shm
Nutlco Is borel.y ulvou thai mi days aftor dato
».. iiiii-n-l iii .ii'iM inilin linn. Chlof Commls-
i i nl I I   nml Wnrk' fnr norm Isslon lu
lini.-li.i ml"- fiillnwl Ii'-i'i-ilin.l I Is hi the
dislricl of We-l 11 nny!
1 nn neiiclim ul ii mi nli I iMnlniiii- wosl
'::'."■,!■■,* ; i.'Srdliy1':"^;:!
v." i c-.iri.or  I--- i     liionco north Ull chains;
llll'lll   I   I" "liilill-l   I ll.'lll'l! -lllllll in clmins,
n' : 1  1.   n Hi-mi i ciiruor'ul bill l,»iiij
il ,-" imrlli . m "ti   i" imrlli mi a cornor (if
Loi   Lillu   'i " ivi i : Iinins n. Hm ul
ii.ii.'l ii.i.i.M. 'i i IMM,
III" lu.sn LuilliBIl Co,, l.n..
no! '
nim1..'! Baa—
s,       i u^i m. I- ■-te   i—S4|     ^-i
Voters' List, 1907.
lllll'SKIIIll.HEUS uml I.ICI'NCI,
HOLDERS are hereby iiotllled. that,
in order to have their names placed on
( li ii mu I    'ii|.il"l|	
"l   \ i-i    -   I
Hond 'I'niiii l-'i*!iiin:,
lln.lt     .ll"   |J      f|||   llilM
Siimplc I!      nn   'i-iii.
l-'ii .1 eln     '   - i   foi   'l'o ids!    imi
(   "IIMIl'll  ill   II,Ml,
"»"»<■• I the Voters' last for the IDO" Munlcl|ial
NHS;. W$t, Py'^'Z i ?1!::-;,.i:.r:;.yv*v,.;v::..::':i^'-'*:L.i',,i;v,k^
I  111'!    '
.-iiiiii'i' nf 'iiiuil* nml Work; fur 11 he stal oto' y (leelitriil
I deliver
dn- same tii lhe City Cli-ik during
thc month of October
l-'ni-iii* inin I Iiiiiiiieil nl my ulllce
,. iini- inn in |.'it.! I lm following .It'-rrlliiiil
Inmi        ,.-...''...   K , a. ii i\, ivoil   -i'l'
(•olumhlu river, l-n.- Valloyi
'   ni    ndi.-   il n ,io-ii  in chains norlh nf
I    ,-.       ..nil  in-' ."inn i-i-' .imi inul., i'    '  ■■'."',.',"'',' ,"l"'!",'","
!,       ■ ini . . . nortli cnsl cornel pu-i.   "" -1'"1 allei Ui-liinei* Ist,
llionoo -"'Hli ■ 0shall,. ,.   ...    .
ih. ma     '       ilns.il .ti"- north 9) ilulnito "■ ' '■" • ".
nuiili, nocinent. i ■•.,.., -,....
VV. J. Lightlmrne, Proprietor   '«-'«»»»•"• '
"ilAiiiiv Mcintosh.  I   ReveUtoke, Sept.2.5, 1000.
Joseph Chamberlain Breaks
Down-May Mean Wreck
of ihe Unionist Party,
A London despatch states that
''Unable to walk, speak, or see. Joseph
Chamberlain's Bondition is pitiable.
Although the family will admit only
that he is suflering from gout, the
once Btrong man oi England, strong
in physique as he was in mentality—
lies a helpless and hopeless paralytic,
awaiting tlie end which his "1 years
of strenuous, unhygienic life must
make a question ol only a short time.
The severe stroke of paralysis came
tliree months ago and the great tariff
reformer has been incapable ot resigning his seal in parliament, even if ho
lhe brakes on the rear cur, which was
some di'tance behind tbe forward on,
refused to act when the motormnn attempted to apply them on the steepest
part of the grade. The motornian reversed when lie saw that lie could do
nothing with the brakes, but be could
not stop the car in time to prevent
the collision.
When tbe cars came together there
was a terrific smash, Passengers in
both cars became piinic-stricken when
they saw that the collision could not
he averted, and befoiv the crash enme
there was u wild rush to escape. It
was in thc rush that 'be Indies were
injured. Several men received minor
. *» •
(From Canada,)
The emigrant from  Great   Britain
who is a failure In   Canada,   and   deserves   to full,   has  an ugly trick  i f
musk rats "baked with thei toes on."
and cowhide soup. We have seen
how the farmer lives in every part ol
the Dominion, from "Tenhamat to
Nootka on the Island." and can assure nur readers that these weird
dishes never appear on the menu oi
the poorest ngrie ilturist. The writer
is a liar of the flamboyant kind, and
noboly who knows lhat the G.nadian
worker's standard ol living is higher
than that of the agricultural classes
in any nt her country in die wotid
will be so f lolilh a- In believe a word
ui  llis  letter  whi -h  was sen! t. hi,
mother with tl bvions intention oi
arousing her sympathy and so obtain-
im: a cheque or p..stnl order—the price
"f a holiday iu some saloon, Nothing
tin- type oi tlie exported Englishman
cm siy ur do wnuld iistcnish us, but
we aro amaze .1 that n London journal
ol any standing should give it publicity wilhoul the inline of the author,
Surely tliis is a striking Instance ol
the igniirnnce nf Canada and indifference i" Cn ninl in n interes - ib p - red
bv the Iviiii-ii ii.i-.- veruui- -■: Ont rio.
Verdict of the Jury on Gourock
In iln- :Mi|'i'-st held ut Oiielnb on
tiled,nth of Engineer T. Farley in n
head mi i- •'! si"i) bslwoii a mixed
rogu!ar mid a Iruit snecial nn tho
Grand Trunk near (Ianrock, tlio jury
gave the f illnw ng verdict:
"A'.eo ding in tlie evidence, tho
cau-eol ihe accident whiih resulted
in dn' d ! i ' i Thomas l-'ar ei, uus
neglige ce mi iho purl ol Engineer
Heed and Conductor Thompson ot the
fruit special! thai ilu- conductor did
not hue S llllcieilt rest, and that, in
our opinion, legislation should he
asked for tu c uii|el railway authorities tn -iii' their rmnlnyees siilllcient
rest before going on duty, We also
h-.'d the lira nil Trunk Itailway Com-
pai y iinil ally responsible for the Bed-
. ill WW [&^<m
,            .  t  r..„
■:■' .'''■■ *•    -■
•.Jj, *&
•   '
,/■;■*.- '■
*'.    *fi?1 .%B
*' ■ ll*s*iitii
^J*tS*(lK     '     "'
'-<<h-pVr- ,
-*, -an   '   i
'j$»z¥ i
MMfipi  :•
M'V ■..
i:b&'- '•<
:■',*'    '    ",
-----     \
'   i ::t
y /
« •: £«*'""*H*?ir"
•-,■■■&- ''■:■'■    ■
!• -    ..•'•'
>: ::
.*■  ■■?w&'---m\
Burtiii] Uriels of Fuel
04 f
wBSk London* Toronto
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
coul!. since he could not make the
formal applicnii ui nccessa-y. Tin'
break down uf Chamb r'ain threatens
to take with i. hi- party. At this
inuiuiiii a strong sectlmi ot the Unionists is  inik
vilifying hi- adopted country, and
now nnd again h.s letters home— .1-
nm*! ill i.-.iys intended tu el'cit n re-
mhtii.it- from syi'ipaih.-ti'' relations—
TWIXT HEAVEN AND EARTH.|<,entf('r,l',owngC,ond";,i;rThnn,Pso1n
to wnrk  die 'lumber of n ms which
thc evidence shows he did work during
Lord il-.',- has .mule i-m-e'l p ijinlur  ,|i? ■„„•• days | ie -mis to the accident,
| find their waj into tin' London press, in   Britisli   C Inmbi-i   by -n" sp.ech  We.are aisuuf the opinion that n
a determined effort a peculiarly disgr..c,'f!i!  -pecmieu   uf dealing  with   ihe  b<witie.    f    r.ur L ,er. tors should   I." . n duty at im-
to torce Balfour irom the leadership on tlleM  |ibe|0„s e,,,s.k,s  flWII,i,  .,„. charming province.   He said that the D.|tant stations such as Gait Preston
i-l.-, ..- 1  .-,,    .   -;.-    t ... 1.   ....  M«l v... .  . .. _.   . .   "
The Pure
Wines and Spirits
the ground that *>ir Anthony McDcn
nell was appointed secretary of Dublin
Castle to initiate a policy leading to
Home Rule. Although doubtless a
disappointment it was not Balfour's
elevation t i the premiership thai
broke down Chamberlain so much as
his overwhelming defeat in his tu ill*
campaign. From that blow he novel*
recovered, although he has made
intermittent attempts to show fig t
in hi- uld hard hitting style.
i ■ i	
Rear End  Collison   at   New
A rear end collision lus occurred al
New Westminster between two cars of
the B. C. Electric Hallway Co., nenr
the exhibition grounds, Two Indies,
who were passengers in the rear ear.
were badly injured, Both were removed to the hospital.
It is asserted by those who saw the
accident that »o person would have
been injured had not tlio passenger-
in the cars become panic stricken und '
endeavored to climb out ol the doors
and windows, duo women's leg was.
broken, and another lady's t.ice wad
badly cut ill tlie rush ii l' safely. Owing to the conditions of the injured
women and the excitement attendant
upon their removal to the hospital, ii
wus impossible to obtain iheir names,
and im person appeared In know them.
The women wero nol in i condition to
make their identity known,
The cars in the collision wore proceeding iruiii the exhibition grounds
pea red in the   Daily   Mirror,   wi, en  Princess   Louise  had cabled die late I.,,,.] Hespeler."
p-inied it nmler  i  sensaional   title. Queen Victorii that British Columbia    Nothing better than Our " Special
Largest Wine and Spirit
Merchants in the World
King Edward
Sale throughout Canada £jr
{ P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. }
*>                                HEAD OKI'ICK !  C.11.1..111V.  Ai.iiucia. 4
it A
J               Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants J
$ •■■.kl'M't-'i- -nl li'-.il",'   in l.n-s ',-.   Market, in all the principal r,i.-<   nl 0
j Tni.ii. nl AlViui. inn- iiiiu-n. uml the Yukon.  Paekn.nl Hit- .'ulel.ratis.1 I'tunl d
i "Iraiiei .'.'.r ' Hum* .ml Bac.11, in I shammcS llr.iiiil, Leal Lanl. J
i'%%**%*-V**%-%^*»V*%**^"%**'fc-%.%VV-***-4.%"»^ -vi
11 you are looking for soiiieihin
: nice in SPOONS AND
GUY   BARBER,  -    i™
For nil kbul-1 I' np.lo-dule ami leliuble I'm nil 111 ■•
nml In .ii-.' Iiuni-hiiig*. go 1,,
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
liAArlr>^r*-A^^^rlr^r>»>*»>rV^^rVVV .Wvw/V'.'sVWyW'WWAi.'
\c.-i : !   .1 - - - e w iter, -i 11   ■   ih -
11   . h.ni I mn    [arm  wor.
[OtllH     llllplll.Hll   -.     lh.    Cm 1
ill-way   - - * -. 'on   I'.. . i.i
IIi-'i-.'    lut, li      d-d, thai     5 vieu
I'i   .'.-.■:-■  .!	
to theoity, and the accident occurred lunni*r compels hl« hired men to eat|"eaVl '■■'-1'     1:,:': ■*  -:
when they were descending tho steep glandered horse, drowned calf, baked   '■ •"';-': '-'' «een»ry and resources
hill 011 the route,    tt is reported that i truss legs and  luittei*   roast  skunk, of this great Western Province are un-
■mi I, the   ne tor beauty and tho
A  press despatch states that it isl
other lor . ichm
mtli stood thai tin' post-miister-gen.
ral uui -hnrily an nice an increase
111 the scali- "i salaric. paid to rural
pn-i masters, lor whicli the latter have
Lliil clamoring tor years un account
"i ilu' iiii'ieusti! eust ol living in nl-
**" mosl every pari  ol the  Dominion,
OIVTVI ll/COl AOT F'1'1'"• 80od idea, but 1  hears
SI X I Y I ly P SI IIS I   any one (rom Ottawa announcing in
1 loud tones—or in low tones, lor that
I matter—that  the   exceedingly  poor
Forty-Three Hours on a Raft, mail service in Western Canada   will
,,      ,. .            be Improved.
II"-." Koni , Oct, 1.—lhe emigrant
sti mer 1 hnrterliouse,  voyaging be-
tween Hoihowand Hung Ki'-g. found.
ered 1 ff Hainan head on September
10th Capl lin Clifton and sixty pas-
si m .- wi re lost, The North German
Lloyd steamer Koxchsichang picked
mi a rait belonging to the Charter-
. m 1, which were Chief Engineer
I' se, 23 of the crew and two women,
liny had been drifting Ior 13 hours,
Ella Darlington, in tin- Leader, de-
clans Hint Canadian farming women
have been taught tu expeot nothing
from Hie position ot wile but to bo
drudges, Many are earners as woll as
raisers ot largo families. The Canadian
(armor treats a wito as a thing to be
used hnrd until it is ilniu-.
Central Hotel
/.::- —_ REVELSTOKE, B, C.
Newly bui 1      First-class in ever} n-p'-i-*.     VII modem c.uivcn en e-
i.ari!i! ."-uiiipli- IL. mi -
Rales $1.00 per Day, Special Weekly fi.r
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same man rement
Queens Jtotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - -        Propricto.
suitably   furnished   with the choicest tl
market affords,    Best Wines, Liquorsand
Cigars,   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
Z\k fltatMberato.
Incluling nosluse In KiirIiuuI, L'nllcil States
ninl t'aniirtn,
IU tin-M-iii-|ilii-"'i,-li|.n*-'illl.-i-|      SiV
Half            l.*l
Quarter "       " "   l.'W
Legal notices I :"- n-r line llrul Insertion,
Mensiirenionl • Noii|i.-irlol 11- lines make, ouo
incli). Store mil iirin-i-.il business un
ii"'iii"'iii''ii;* •*-'"" I'l-r Inch |«T ninntli.
l':->-fi-iTi-ii iin-i-iiin* -li in-i- cent, ad-
iill .-.il. Hi:-! -. Mnrrliiiro, nnl Ii.'.i'li-.
.,1-   each lihurliou    Timber notices frVUi
I I   notices *:.'.i    All mlvi'i-li* in*
- iiii.-.! !.il!n-ii|i|i|-ov.iliil'!lll' lliuniluvllirnt.
V. mm --I .un! I "ii'h'li.i"! Ailivrli Ii-nl-:
\_      v. .. ii I, lii-l|i Wanted, Situations
,    -i ..-inii.    Vacant,   Touchers
u n.-.-.l. Mud - Wanted, in worda or
!■.. ;>.   ... I.  I'liiiiiniin! Hue in  cenls.
IMM -   M.'li'll,' .lllv,.|'|i-i.'||ll'!l'* Illll-!
n In li; .' ii in. I n.*it*> nml Friday of
,. in week - i -.- uro «ooil display,
i".'   ItlNTIXtl promptly executed at reason-
l!i:M.-  i.i-!..  Subscriptions payable In ad
i iiiiiih-l'oNltl Ni'K inviii'i! on inatrors c!
public uiiiii--!. ('iiiiiinunii.-ulioiis to Kili
lor um-! he oecoiupanieii by name ol
wt'luir, mi! !M'-'-**.!!i.j- In publication, Imi
i- uvliienoc iii'mi'iil faith. Correspondence
-liinilil !n- in.--!.
one working man', wages ter the help
ot hi. striking brother may entail a
certain hardship on tlie donor. To
walkout in sympathy with another
union [may mean rent overdue and
grocery bills unpaid. When a laboring man gives up his money lie wants
lo feel Hint it is going tn be used for a
gund cause. He has a light to insist
that be shall only donate it for a just
strike, and that the trouble shall be
one nut easily iiiiii hr.noi'iibly avoided.
li there i- any i|i!esiiui! about the
methods used die assessment may
soon tie ns much a mutter uf contention as tlie strike itself, and then the
unions nre in danger of lighting
amongst themselves. This one rock
upon which unions are liable to dtitt
unless- they exercise ;-eit cure Great
Britain only decuiivs war nn an ndve •
city is a theory which might lend tu
fatal results. Tlie whole point of this
question is that these weapons
are used against harmless animals in
the city, and several very flagrant
cases have been noticed. Harmless
little squirrels, practically tame, and
who have haunted special gardens and
trees, have been made targets fur
wanton sport and wounded and left to
die in agony. Enough said, but this
sliould be luoked into tlrstly fur the
safely of human beings and animals,
and secondly in order to train the
young mind up in a manner su that
spurt and sluiuling in Hie c rioct
sense uf tlie word must he delined and
that fnr the continual bettering of tho
Canadian people their youth must he
imbued wiih the sen-e o' kindness,
htiuintiit- ami fair p'ay . ven i.i  spun,
Manufactured for uU ditBSOs of buildings
All kinds of building and plastering
undo rtli Icon.
Arrowhead, B. C.
Cliiii'inlnglv sltiiiileil ou the shines
of Ai-i-uH Luke.
(looil Tioiii Fishing,
Duals always fill' bin-.
Sample Humus in ciinni'ctlnn,
Fil'st-clnss house I'm- Tomisls mill
Cumiiii'i-i-iul men.
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
111.LAN ,**• ELLIOTT.
Ilirri.li-is.  Siili-i-.i*. Etc,
ItKVI-lLSTOKI-! iMiTHIIU'l 1.AKK li c.
c. I-, .iv. !■* (*!. W.l.lll
!!AHKl--'-!-s, Slll.ll-lT'llis, lit. .
OrKiCE?:  lin-;." ii.  Mink Block,   Ui.ui
Money in lii.oi.
Oillre-: Ilevelstoke, H.C; Kort Steele, II.'.
Uko. ri. McC.lUTS.ll,
A. M. I'iMillAM. .1. A. H.uivnv,
Revelstoke, II. C, Fori Steele 11.1
,1. M.rii-iill   I.L.li U    I   ll.-n.v-.
Bauhistkiis. Siii.ioitiirs, Etc.
Mi.Ni-.v ti. Loan
Nil.llTI'l.l.!-  I"-l!   Vi'l.suN*.  I! INK
Ki.-t Si,-,,,.i. Ri-velsloke, H.I
|)(ll!!-:i!!' SMITH
Pi-iivliii-lnl Land Sui-veyni
.Mini- Sun.-in
Mi Kunzik Avbni-e.
Ill*  IHU.   IlKVI l.i'lllKl
Minixo Enoinkkk.
'Menl. A'lii-rinan Institute Mining EllKl I-
i iiituillnn Mining Instllute.l
Rkvelrtoke, li. 0.
KxamhitiLloii uf mul reports on Mineral I:
porllesn Specialty,
i       I.. WISNKI! \- CO.
,\. | Incorporated)
Ha".ki:i:- ,-. I.iuikit-.
Dividend payhiK.mining nil mul inriiislriul
Investment*,   [liirhesl *ii ilallvo prolii i
blncil wiiii   bank  security: iliim    ill' hleu I
cheques mulled every ninntli to cliei •   Cull
.rn nm in- wriii- fnr parilculiii-s.
Wenl fur Ki.il.nav.
tbe fltoiUlbcvalb
'I would .      .   l'iirm " *
tbeii'L'ood tu order Mm paper to '» | m     -
served up, and lo in* looked upon   is h pari
iln- tea equipage." -AninsoN,
Kooiemi    Lodffe No. 15 A P. & AM.
The regular meet-
ihK- uro lii-ld in the
MftNonlc Temple,
.Md fellow* Hall,on
thi-third Monday In
■jiu-h month at 8
p.m. VlHitingbrcth-
1*1*11 cordially wel
SELKIRK LODGE. NO 12.1.0. 0. F.
Meet* e very Th iirnda*-
Hall at K o'clock
IVlHftlnif brethren cor
dlally invited to at
Gold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
in Oddfellows' Hull ul B
o'clock Visiting Knights aro
cordially invited
A. .1   HOWB, VV.
(1, II. BROTK, K, of R. ,v S.
H. A. BROWN, M  nl V
F. 0. E.
The remilnr meetingsare hold in Uie "-Selkirk
Hall on tlio 2nd. and ttli Tuesdays of tlio montli
nt 8 p. in. ViflltiuR brotliron are cordially
~      : E.G. BORRIDQE, Pbbridknt.
H. COOK, Skcbbtary.
Mrs. H, J. Hiulmry MiUingrees.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes-
Larue Dliilugroom for
Biimiuots, Suppers, otu.
Furnished Rooms To Let
During ii." ni-- ton days l
.. ■   a   muni.- r nl   In
different parts .'■■■■-   nl
N'.--.-. Y<.rk t - I'---.    ■
F-r:.ie Winnipeg ai    -
■ -. the mn- ii'  hav    beei
with certaii itions
A- d -ai ital is musing a
•■   ible ti  the  ■ ma
I  .!-• ol libi    tin        -     ■ the
work and the queal
, ■  ■ ,      e difficulties
ng on a strike      .   iirik ■
. ;. ittei    It is     peas
UK men nnil
i strike
■   ,   il    . there  are
■'!     .- -im    ,        etter   I
made a    -'ik" -    *  rd ■    ga lighl
ind     |       '
■ ■ •■ :. in -* - --ii ' I he nf
*i.|-       -     et.il '    ■'■   and   il-
■ . ci ssiu termin ■■ iy menn the
life   I s  cert ii I  -
:-   ti .."-   -.li--!'  its  Inil ire,  or  long
■ i i
inii !..    I'   takes   n   - il   u *
mnke a strike ol any magnitude «uc<
,il | mil ni led ."-*'       - ;
. orilici       -     uu              Hare
' •' the .ni..1,- must '    . '■'
•    .. I •   . -   -imi    -     ..   .   ..in!
.,,-. its ail- iird' "I with tl"- heal -ii
.,.,.,.,. : , ni liki . i' : di iw,
Thi- payment ol .1 certain per ci nt. ol
join forces. THE MONEY SAVING
That's Royal Crown kind—
made in Viinoi.uver— Lai'iieut
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg, Hmi-e cleaning nnd
wnshii-ignrceasy with its help,
And tin- inuncv savin" is tlie
'nil.   It is the last 1-i'snrt.  I* tliiswaa     ■ What can you do for Spokane?"
11  1 -in- i-   -'■   !■: ■    '   ■ -i'i   li' '    E ' p !"   ■- ,,   I ....-■ ... t    ,;    -! ir..-   V"!l   iu    the
il! th" '.ii       !•-,.>.   -..: y m : . in -in- metropolis
is the s - .-    - *     the  uui ms        ■       .-   u: - npire.    Th''   s-iuie
I'liey bu        . eul        ■  ' lesl   n c .uld be p-essed, with prolit
tin . .!;-.-!i-'.:' Revelstoke. There
ice.iinpii-b tin -    . mum tlmi the people;Premium System
i ■• 1   .;   -■■    -    .'his   ;•: •  , .;.- ci -; ,! :!  foi this city ii they |
im-t thin i-ouldonl;   try.    Instend of waiting'
■-..■■ . '.   -    ■ 1   ....... •    build Up the j
.-   .   ■ -       ir—1 ..■ end a helping
T. 1!    ■ -. -    nly  wav cilies
CaTibronan Being Made Ready
for Floating Exhibition.
. ..
..   .
1 .1
1 nee shi) 11 Id
1 -1   1
I!-       ■    .-■      -   -
1 It; tn .nun    ■    Vli.ni ,
,   I   nd '
'   ,-   - ,-"       1 ■
ally  in 11
1  -    i      nls  lo  cruel!      i- -
M ■        '     il" ,     ■ M IM
rirri'- :i Mib- .           Uld  thi
h cirryin inns in a
'III    III   '
i- . -■
1 ..   1!   ■',
.'       .
M'l     '
IO   .M.
lliioklet tells what, we give for
Roval Crown Wrappers, Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Ti-ndcrs for a License to Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands In tlio Province
of British Columbia.
jiKALKIl TUNl'KIIS inl'lri.-i"!  m tin,Com-
i~   nii-.iiini.ri.I Oonilnlnii I. nnl-. Ileiiiirinioiil
..I ilm Interior, .nnl nmi'ki"!on I'm envi'lium
rTlmhor Iinrtli S... em," will lie ro.
pi.iv.id j' on- Dojnirtinoiii null! 1 inm Wwli
■l.n   lh.nill.ln) ■! \'"'."i,'li"'. in"!, Im-11 llcon.o
I., mu  -iiiiii". 1.11 llerlli N"   I'm -iln.it.. in liin
I" .. ■"■'■"Iiiiiii  ninlilii ill iil»inl Township
ml «■• m-i thnl! MM li nr.minim-
    . M" 1 plnuled un ilm
■\ ■ ■■ ■ ■ hi knl   -a 1 11 i"T" iln- - i-
■ ni i iinerli Inrj ul llln-l ;i.il
Hen iln-nci   ;. -.ml I'reok
1    ■ reel il    'ii  "0. 11 i!i'|,ll, ,,r I-,!
IVl      ' '■    mil   Ml   I'llllil,Sllll
   ■"! ni rl.hi
muii      ....    , n within
iiiiiiln     .. lm il por
Illn        ■  1    ',.. imiii, \,i
1 "..mh Westerly,
.. li  piiriill.il il in
re mile   muru "r
. |.lll    in   Illll -'mh,'....
. ' ... ill '!,'■ Iinrtli,
nli. .,1 • ■     .   . ■ ■        ho
1       l|   Ml .Iim  .ill I QllVfll'
iy tin,,I m Ueparlinenl nr nl
III I     II   M'M       \   ■■  M      I-    ''..Ml
I'llllitlll    I.'.    IN,
• '  MM'"  I  1 i.iM.nr
-,!  ■     '   '   .1   11..   Inm1."i
'      ■ f lhe   Imi      wllll'lill
'..    ,  : . on .
\<, mn"'- i-itriipl   ■     I (..nun.ul
I'KIII.Rl '-. KKl'KH
Sill  Ml   Ml
Inini   ,1
',.    .- 'I.   I n
Ceriifiuiti* of Improvements.
iii. " mm.., mu
"    i   ...
Uke Mlnnm li .'i.	
I   I'   I Mr
I        •        I."
■ llnill .li.liu  lluiinin I Aiiilir-Mi
i- 1.       ■ I.,     1. 1 n 'i
I    11 I 1 I!'     !.      I'  I    I    « I      V.l
iiicm,,, nini 1 1 .1'   .   1
. -    1 1-. iti)
1II1      ' '   ...   i,| |in|iri,vi
rtlui|i lull ■   1 rnnt,
. . Inini
therlnl llm t ■   ■
lliefnri 1
1   1
llllei! Un    iSlll'l        I .In,,        .
•I'M .1   11   \Mil.ll*u.\
Henry's Nurseries
Kxtrn Inrtro ImfKirtnttnti uf
Dill RQ '" iirrive frnm llulliiiul, Franco
DULDO  ani| ju,mn j„ Soiitombor
For Fall Planting
Thousands nf Fruit and Ornamental
Trees, Rlindiidouilroih*, Rnios nml   hardy
plants now L-ruwin*,* iirownnrouuds fur
(iitnn- pill tit I DR.
No expense los« nr dolay of fumiHiitloti,
inspection norcnstoiiiBdutlosto pay. Head-
iiiinrlorn for Pacific Cnasl uniwn and im
purled Garden Ploldaml Kluwer Soods.
Visitors aro always welcome to Inspect
uur -luck,
Greenhouse Plants,
• 'in Flnwiir-aiul Floral Designs, Forliliners
Uoo Hives ami Siipplin-, Spray Pumps and
Spraying matorinl.
No annuls tlwrcfore yon lmvo no com-
mls.slnii to pay. Our catalonuo tella you
about it. IjoI mi) prioo your list beforo
placing vour order.
Wi' do busilioss on our own yround!- im
rent to nay, ami are prepared to incut nil
wnupetition, Ka-tcrn pricosorless Wlilto
laliiir.  tlatalnguos Free.
Oreealmusos:    3010   VVoHtmlustor   Hond.
Hninch  NilMOriosi  Snutli  Vancouver.
In smilli or largo Lots,frum 100
lbs. to a Carload. For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Business will be conducted on
a CASH BASIS after Oct. 15th.
Creat Reduction in Prices after
this date.
Orders Promptly Attended to.
W. Fleming
Notice Is hereby given that HI) days
afterdate I Intend in upply to the
Chief Conunissiiiiii'i' of Lnnds uiul
Works I'm-a special license to eul ami
carry nwuy timber from ibe following
described lands situated on the wesl
side of the north-emit arm of Arrow
Lake, Wesl Kootenay:
CuniilHinchlg nt a posl planled aboul
lu ohains wesl from shore an the
snulli side nl* survey line nt' the JL 0.
Young Canuck, thence wesi 150 chains,
suulh III ehaiiis. easl Illll ehains, uorth
III chains tn place uf commencemenl.
Dated lllth Sept, llllll!.
sep22     WILLIAM I'AliT'ON.
Notice Mi.-ri-byirlvcii llmi M-ilavsafter dnlc
weinleiidto applj to lliu Hon. I'lilefCommlfr
sinner oi Luidsaml Works for a special license
locul nnd carry away timlier from tin1 follow
luu dcsLi-ilieil lands situato on Upper Arrow
bike in West ICootunay District!
Commendw( at a posl planled at tlie llrsl
rtiiillicast -iukIc of K. \* s. Hlock811,and
marked "Big llond Lumber Company's nortli
eaat cornor post," tbonco wost lOcliiilns, tbonco
ouib Illll clialns, tbonco easl 10 obiUns, thence
nnrtli ion cliains .0 puint of comnionccmoiil -
Sopt 1-Atli, IIHHi,
nop 10     BIG ItKN'li l.llMHKi: CO.. LTD-.
Notice is hereby given that Ho days after dato
vo- Intend in apply t.i ih.* Hon. the Chief Cnnimla-
Mmii'i nf bum It! ami Winks fur a special license I"
cut iiiiiI can v away timber frnm tho following
dweribed lands in Went Kootenay District:
Coiniiiiiicliig ai a (nisi inarkod "Bowman l.um-
ber Co.'s nmtli-eaal corner poBt," planted on the
ensl sjilenf Htauberl-nke.al tin- nm-th-west corner i-f!,ol Nn .'iti'iii, thunce smitli hi chains, west
Hk-lwbis, imrth -Ml chains, oaat-SO clialns to pnlnl
nf cmumenceiiieiit,
Dated thin 12th day of September, 1906.
XT OTICK is hereby given ibat on days aftur date
l\ I intend tn apply In the Hon. Cliief Com-
missioner of Lands ami Wnrks for permission tn
mucliasi*- die folbiwing described landa in the
WuhI Knntenay Dlslrlet, 011 thc oast slilo nf tipper
Airmi balie, annul (l milos nurth nf Nakusp;—
Commeneing ut a pnst planted near the take-
thence nurth m i'liains, llmnce west SO chains.
tlience nnrtli 2H cliaiut, thenco west 20 chains,
tlienci' sunt b im eln in*., nmre or lc*s, to the Arrow
Lake,thenee tost (10 chains alntig thelakelo
puint or commi'iK'eiueiit,  contflllllllg   100  acres
Daled tills 17tb day nf Sept., 100(1,
scp2P I, J. BDWAHDS, Locator.
.   i
Notice Is hereby b'lven that Iill days
aflor (lute I Intond luapply tothe Hon.
lhe Chief Coininlssinnei' of Lauds ami
Works for a speeiul license lo cut anil
Will'}' away tlnihor from lhe following
ili-si-iiln-il lands iu Wesl Kootenay
Coiniiiuncliig ui a pnsl. mnrkeil "J.
I'nrterls noiiii-easi ciirner pust," ai
llie soul li-ensl eoineiol'Thotnas I'eai-
-mi's pi- ipiiuii. thenco  south sn
i'liains, ilii-iii'i- wi-i so ehains, thence
north HO chains, thunce east su ehains
In pninl nf i-omiiieiii-emenl.
Located Sept. 17th,1000.
sepal .1. PORTER,
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All K;nds of Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
nnd Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services IFlowerPoln
I'liil,..! b'ninriillit Stands
llnskets luinili Baskets
(lull.! Chair. Suiokinu Jackets
Handkerchiefs I Silk Hoods,
Find, .took of cjiiulliM uiul fruits in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding; and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pinnos, Safes and Furniture.
Ceneral Draylng.
Office: McKenzie Ave. ^iilSm.
OfflM Phon. No. 71.     House Phone No. 7.
li ■ Hi-nil*. Animals, Hints, I'l.h, Klc.,
Animal Uiiii m inl.
1'. II. 110X31,
Sliullll!   IH'I'llM'Ii: I'. (I.
ll,-i-,'lHli,k,', Il.C
Nolleeli li.n-l.j given thnl 00 itay. altiuiluto I
llll I tn  .ilinli   ti. Ilii' l'l>!i<f ('.'liniii-ii'iiiir ol
Lnmls nml Work. Inr ncrinlulnn to nurehaiu the
followlnn iluerllml laml InWoil Konlcnnj-, Un
mili-s lontenf Nnkiisp: "?:
t'oinmoucliiKAl n |ie.l inarkod ".I. It.J.'s nnrtli-
in-st eorner,'' thenee s« ehalm east. 40 chain.
smith, siii-iinins west, !'..-iiiiins north to plnce of
i-oiiiiiii-iii'i'iiit'iit, eouUilnlii8 8120ncres more or h-s*.
bocntoil Sopl. Uth, 1900
Hl'|l III
Voters' List, 1907.
llill'SKIKll.liKIIS nnd LICENCE
HOLDERS, mi- hereby notified, thai,
 nl'-i- in have Ltti.tr niimi's pi I mi
Hie Voii.i ■ i; i tn, dm jiK)7 Municipal
Kim 'imi-. ihey nil- i'i'i|iiiii-il in mnke
lhe itntiiloij -In it iiimm  .uui deliver
du' m  in  dn- Cily I'li-ik during
thc month of October
1' -inii in- nblaliied al my olilco
on mil ifter October I-l.
II. I'LllVH.
("ily Clerk,
Revelstoke, Sept. 23, 1100, It
Notice is hereby given dial ihe Can-
iiinn I'.'ii'ilii- Railway Company lms
Ibis day filed in Hie District Laml
Registry Office al Kamloops, H, C, a
plan, piollle ami hook of reference
showing Hn- proposed location of n
branch line to tlie Mundy Lumber
Company's sawmill near Throe Valley
Luke, I'ruviiii-i'of British Columbia,
ami Unit four weeks aflor this date
Uu- said Canadian Pacific Railway
Company Intends to apply to the
Hoard of Hallway Commissioners fm
Canadu under Section 176 of lho Railway Act, fur authority t" construct
lln- snid lli-ai'i-li.
Hated this -Win! dav nf Soptomber,
sep20 Gonornl Superintendent, THE MAIL-HERALD. REVELSTOKE, 11. ('.
(From Our Own Correiponilent).
Arcbdencon Beer hns appointed
Missionary Baynes to take charge of
New Denver Mission for three months
whicli includes Slocan City, SilvertOll,
Sandon nnd Three Forks Mr, Baynea
commences liis new duties. October
2Hth, witii the best wishes ol many
fiiendsof the Arrowhead mission.
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Hurd have returned from tlie Westminster fair.
Capt, Bncher of the government
dredge was a visitor in town on Sunday.
C. B. Hume & Co. hnve moved into
their new store which is a credit to
any town.
W. J. Lighthurn bus moved ill his
new Union hotel, whicli is almost
Completed This hotel will be seemid
to none in lhe interior of the province
foi- comfort and accommodation.
Kootenay Mines are Good Investments—Capiial Finds a
Safe Home.
Tims far this year upwards of
$250,000,000 have been paid out by
Kootenay and Yale mines in dividends
with more tu como, probably, belore
the year has run its Illll course. This
is not a large amount, as milling investments go, but when we recall that
only two or three years ago nut n
single mining corporation in this province was paying much profit to its
owners, it is u lact worthy of note,
To the non-resident who lias been
waiting Ior a term ol yeurs (or some
returns irom llis mining investments,
this is welcome news and it is no less
acceptable to the province at large, ub
it means that the mining districts arc
Messrs. Reid & Young, Ltd., are j nmki|lg g,Jod] llml further, thut they
moving into their new store whioh ,v-|, oontjnue t0 be profttrtble for many
will he completed in a few dnys. long yegw .„ C(lme   Th(jy imve pMMd
Cnley  Bros.  Imve  their new City J through their trying periods, most  o:
hotel  well under wny and expect ti
open   it   fur   business   in   about two
D. Cameron has had the Lake View
hotel thoroughly renovated whicli
much improves ils appearance.
P. Burns & Co. have had their store
newly painted,
Capt.   Kane  has  one  ol the best
theni, and  from now on it will he a
step forward.    Among those concerns
that have been distributing dividends
we  find the Le Roi, Le Roi No. 2
Center Star, War Eagle, St. Eugene,
Reco, Providence, Crow's  Nest  Pass
' Coal. Tyee and  others—not to mention the company which is beginning
to lead them  all—the Granby.   This
list, states   the Phoenix Pioneer, does
residences in town  almut completed. IQoi inohule the privately owned mines
It will be a credit to c-ur "Nob Hil!."|or  the corporations  in the business
which have been profitable producers,
There can be no doubt that money
talks in the milling business, as in
any other, Given n fair return fnr
expenditure, and plenty pf capital will
Notice ii; hereby given tlmt SO dayi h(i.t <lme I
I Intend to npply to thc Chief Commissioner
of Lands anil works lor a special license to eut
and carry away timl-er from the following i
described lands fn tbe district of West Kootenay, Revelstoke Division!
Commencingat a post planted on iht-east \
Bide of the Columbia river, and -tbout 2 miles I
frnm river nn iln- nortli sideof a small creek,
ami about 2 miles above I'arnes Creek, thence
north mi chains, thence east go ehnins thenee
soulh So chains, thence ne-i 80 ell al ns to puint
of com men 'ement.
Dated ■-'-'ml day of September, 1900.
Notice I- hereby given that BO dayi after date
1 Intend tn apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lauds and Works fora upeclal license to eut
inul carry away timlier from the following
described land*situate in the Vale district:
1, Commencing at a post marked "S. Hill's
north-easl corner posi," plnm*.---! about one
mile east of the Sbuswan river, aboul 6 miles
imrtli oi Cherry Creek, tlience south HO chains,
thenee west mi ehnins Ihence north 80 ehalm,
thence east mi chaini to point of commencement.
Hated Sept. I0tll,1906,
2, Commencing at a post marked "S. Hill's
south-east corner post.'- planted on the weBt
bank of tbo Shuswap rivor, about linlles south
of Sugar Lake, thence wosl 80 chains, thence
north Bo chains, thenceeast so cliains, thence
souih go chains to point of commencement.
3, Commencing at a nosl marked f,S. Hill's
south-east corner post," planti-d on the west
be nk of i he Shuswap river, al-ont .'.miles south
of Sugar Lake, thence west so chains, north SO
chains, east Michnins, thence south SO chains
to point of commencement,
■I, Commencing at a post marked -s. inns
north-enst enrner post,' planted on the west
bank of thfl BnnswAj] Kiver almut 5miles south
of Sugar bake, tlience wost 80 chains, thence
soulh mi cliains, tlience east 80 chains, thence
north mi ehains to point of commencement,
fi. Commencing at a post marked "S. Hill's
nonh east enrner post," planted on the west
Imnk of the Shuswap River, aboutO miles
south of Sugar Lake, tlience west-lu cliains,
thence south u;o chains, thenee east 40 chains,
thence north 100 chaini to poinl of commencement,
Dated Sept. 17th, 1000.
oc\ 3
Chas. Clarke, -sawyer at the Lamb-
Watson mill, has moved his f.iiml,.
into bis new house,
R. Parks, foreman of the B. B, L.Co,
has had great luck lately hunting
geese. He always gets ono, and sometimes three.
be forthcoming for investment; otherwise capital is naturally shy and c n-
Bervative.    Apparently, we nre  hut
1'he  Provincial  School   Inspector rtft"in* °" om"  real period of mining
paid the school a visit last week and
wns well pleased at the deportment
under the able management of Mr.
Capt,  Kutie lias about completed
activity  in   this  province.    Capital
attracted by the returns being made is
seeking investment in many directions
and is  finding  outlets   to its liking,
une years hive b?en slow in making
' i progress   in   the   past, but  hencefnr-  putlm right bank of \Vindy River. 2 miles fnn
his contract ol plumbing at tl.e Union | wttrd tne tale wiil he one of constant iSn"' K'"'"'-k,;' Uk° """' """''  '
"Y OTICE Is hereby given that 30 days
li afterdate 1 Intend to apply to tbe Honorable tlio Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special licenso Lo cut and carry
away timber frnm the following described
lands in En-t Kootenay District;
1. Commencing at a post marked "Otto
Lai-limuiiil'- north'flnsvt corner post," planted
nn the right bank of Windy lliver at head of
Kinbasket Lake, and 2% milos frnm lake,
thonee south 100 chains, we-t in chains, norlh
100 chain--, east l» chnius to place of com-
2. Commencing Bt a po-i mnrked "Otto
Lncltmund'f north-west enrner post," planted
on the right bauk of Windy River, at he-id nf
Kiubaskot Lake, aud 2)4 miles from Lake.
thenco south KIO chains east 40chains, north
bin chain--, west 40 chnlns to place of commencement,
Dated Sept. I5th, 1900.
3. Commencing at a post marked "Otto
Lacbmuud's souln-west enrner post," planted
on iho right bank of Windy River. 2H miles
from Kiubaskol Luke, theuce nnrth Sn chains,
east 80ehalus, south 80 chnius, west 80 chains
to place of commencement.
4. Commencing! at a post marked "Otto
Lachmund's nortb*wost corner post," planled
on right side of Windy River, 4U miles from
IClnbaskot Lake and half a mile we-t from
river, thonce south SO chains, east 80 chains,
nnrth 80 ohnins, west 80 chains to place of com*
Commencing   at it post   marked "Otto
Lacjimuud's -nutii-easi corner post," plauted
Kay Lane hai moved into liis new
house on Xob Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. Dudgeon of Coinaplix
spent Sunday in town the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. H. Stevens.
Mrs. F, Warner is at the Westminster fair, so Fred has to "bach." He
has our sympathy.
From our own corre-iioinb-iit
The settlement is at last waking to
the litnees of things and is almost
now, alive to the fact that it depends
on the settlers themselves bow popular
their particular district will become.
A movement is on foot for a subscription to establish a telephone system frmn every house. The branch
wires will all meet at a central puint
and from there follow tho mad up to
the depot. It is the intention of having a central at W. Smith & Suns.
This telephonic system will he of infinite benelit tc the township.
A basket supper was held at Mrs.
.McLean's residence Blind Bay on Saturday night. Eacli supper basket
was put up for auction and a handsome tutal ol $80 was reaped in. Alter
supper dancing was indulged in Iill
tlie sun looked iu at the windows.
The money raised is tu be put intu a
general fund fur the erection uf a public hall un the lake shore.
W. Breuuan is giving up hil lease
nf tbe Hoyal hotel and will leave for
Westminster tliis week. A farewell
reception will be given to the Misses
Simpson, who have won gulden opinion from all who know them.
Mm, H. Cunningham Morris left for
her new home in Revelstoke un Monday night. We shall all miss her
very much here, as one who took a
thorough interest In the welfare of tlie
advancement and progress—as well as
one of reasonable profit, Money paid
in dividends talks louder and can he
heard further than in almost any other
G.   M.   SPROAT,
Office - Cowan Block
Alike on (he farm and in (he
town these four Ryne articles come
nearer to being necessities than
luxuries :
reliable line ranges in price from
50c. to $2.50.
FIELD GLASSES -Our high-power
"Ryrie Special," with 12 Lenses
in Aluminum Mountings will be
delivered to you for 112.50,
charges prepaid.
BAROMETERS These may be had
at from $5 W to $50-00. Our
Barometer Book is yours for (he
ones—$1.00 to *3 50.
firofi M ii /"ist.i/ furd and WfU't'll
tenrtyoufrec ofcharft our large t'lluf
trattd t&talogutt
iitli sii clialns, enst SI
cliains to plnce of I'uiiiineiiceinoiit.
Daled Supt. 10th, mil.
il. Commencing at h post marked "Otto
Lachmund's south-west corner imst," planted
nniiiirtli liiink nf Kinbasket Lnko anal mile
Irom foot of lnke. thonce north SO cliains. eu*l
80 chain*, south 80 clialns, wost !0 chains in
placeuf cinniiifincciiieut.
Dalai Sent. 12th, 1800.
net a
No, 283,
"(umimmi-:s* Act, 1807.'
Notico Is boreby -given ibm thirty day -aft'T
dato l Iutond to apply to the Cliief Coramli*
alonor of Landi ami Work", fora ipeolal lleenie
in cut and parry awny tun hor (rom tbe mi™.
Ingdeicrlbed landi In Weit Kootonay District i
1, Coramanclng al a poit planted about two
mil,"-, smitli of Cape Horn, on east ildenf Upper
Arrow Uke and marked "Philip Kins'*, north"
went eorner," tlience so elialm eait, tlience 80
elialm lontli, tbenee 80 clialna weit thence SO
clialna north t." pnlnl of ctmmenci-nient,
2. CommoiichiR al Philip King*! lotith-weit
curuer, ono mllo frnm the Lake, tlience BO i halm
nortli, thonce 90 ehalm eait, tlience B0 chaini
boh th, thenco Bfl ehalm woat to point of commencement,
Dated October Bill, 1008,
Notice ll hereto nli
"Smith Creek Mining and Development Company' has this duy been
registered us nn Extra-Provincial
Company under the "Companies' Act,
lbli".' to carry out or effect all or any
of the objects of the Company to
which the legislative authority of the
Legislature nf British Columbia extends.
Tin'bend office of the Company Is
situate at Plm-nix, in the Territory of
The amount of the capital of the
I Company is five hundred thousand
dollars, divided Into five hundred
1 thousand shares of mn' dollar each.
Tlie head office ul the Company In
| ihis Province is Bltiialuon Firsl Street,
Revelstoke, and John Manning Scott,
I hni-i-isli'i'-al-laiv, whose address is the
■ same, is the nttornsv for the Company
(not empowered In issue and transfer
, Tlie time ul ilu- existence of the
Company is twenty-five years from
the 10th day of Julv, limn.
Tin- Company is limited.
Given under my baud uml seal of
office ui Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this Huh day of September, j
one thousand nine hundred uml six.
i..-.| s. V, WOOTTON,
Registrar uf .Inini Stock Companies.
The objects for which the Company
hn-  I n established and registered
are i
Tu operate and carry on the business
of placer nnd quart!! gold mining in
the Province of British Columbia,
Canada and elsewhere! to transport
goods and merchandise by vessels or
otherwise; to purchase und hold timber
lumi* ami engage In the manufacture
and sab- of lumber) to own and conduct sillies and trading posts, aud
generally to hove the right ol engag-|
Unit i'u .lays ult.'r'lall-! itlg   ill   1111V   llllll llll killlls nf   liusilll'S
I'llll.ll' KINil
 i i" ui'i'i''"ii"- ii-'ii'iriii'iiji ibiei timl a natural person might or* could
-1"1""" oroiUndvandWorl      Deraili- |n thc United States or any part of the'
world. sop 22 Iw
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid!
F.   B.   WELLS, i
Exporterpf Purs.     I
inn in |.ari'iiihi- llio following ileicrlbed' land
in Wi-i K maj In-irut
n.-K.i.i.ii.l* mn poll marked "jlargarcl Hum-
motiu'i loutli'ivoit corner." ninl il.nii'ilon
tl ait slioro ol i it".'! Arron Lake, aboul ono
mil.' .until ni iiii*- Horn! thenco norlh ■"
chains, tlionco tvesl 10 jchAlus. more or lc,., to
tho shore ol Artou Int" iho - lollowinj iho
inki' *hiir.' in n general iiiutbtrl; ami enter!,
ilinii'ii.iii sn chains, more or less, lo point ol
I'luiiiiii-iicMiii-iit i i-.i ii' ii In Inu lio aero, mote nr
Iiiiiii! nu- i-i ilui nl October, IS0C.
mm ii-       M!',' Utfil HAMMOND,
Hi V 1, lliiiiiiiiou'l Agi ,
[ 111 HI (0.
7 .ly-^4* |
ir llij dp
Notice is hereby given Hint Ull days notick is llKUEin MVliN tliauixly duya
aftor date I intend tu applv to llie nl'.erilutel Intenil In ipplj to lho llmi. Ulilot
Cliief  Ci balmier  of    Lands  and ! Commissioner of l.an.la ..ml Works fur |wrnibwii>"
...    ,    ,. -in ,i       i    n I'uri- nm-  hi- n 1'iiiiik- - eaeri ed Iiniii- stliniti'
\\ orks lm a spei ml license to cut and , ,„ j|le u,.,, |(„ot0,mJ aStrlct.
curry nwny timber from the fullowing|   Cnlll,„ illc ntepnat nlii I at the north-cant
described   lunils   situated un the wesl I comer uf Lui 2417 and iiuitkeil "J. Putonl north-
M.i „f Cpper Arruw    Lake.  West  •«}«E%JI*™-»*J1 M^::;:»:*,SS
Kootenay insl l-icl 1 c\u\na ,„ ,,]„,.,. „,, encemoiit and cnnlulnlii
I.   Cuiniuencing al n pusl plunted
al the nnilh-wesl cornet of Loi 7.".:!I.
.•mil nun ked "A,  M, Sj niuiis' soulh-
i-ii-i c ," theuce wesl  Illll chains,
nnrtli ID chains, easl Illll chains, south
lu cbnins lu piace of t-umiuchccmcnt.
1!. ruiiui,I'lii-iiig ul ii pusl planleil
ul the noilli-wesi cornel- uf Lui 7ii.1l
uml maiked "A, M. Syiuuns' norlh-
easl   i- er   post,"   Ihenee   wesl   Illll
820 acres lunio or lew.
Dnleil Uus inili da) nl September, inmi.
sop IS Win. Toye, Agent.
Notice is hereby glvon ibat mi dnys niii-r ilntc
I iiiii-aii in moke oi.plli ntliui to iln-i'lilc! Commissioner of Latins ,V Works Inr permission lu
,i'   ,,,i i     i,,,   inn-imiut nf I.nii'!* ,1 Works Inr permission lu
chains,  south   lu   ehuins,  easl    l"u, Uurchaso the lollowlng dcicrlbod land slluato
chains,    ili   lu chains lo point ul In Iho West Kootenay dlilrloti
u'liiiiii'in I'lni'iil, I   Commencing nl u imst planted at the north-
.... ,       .    i , i,, , „i I .cl corner i  C. TfiSR, nml mnrkeil "Clara Mc-
■'■   ( nu'lli'llig -il   -i  po-l IHIIIHIHI  Qnanio". aoiilli-iveat cuincr," thenco  th W
III ehnins .south ol the uol'lll-wcsl cor-  chains, tlioi  easl in chain.,tlienco suutliHO
ner of Lui "fiHI nnd inarked "A,  IL.j *d™: Jj™« "'-'
Symons'   uorlli-eiisl    eorner   pusl.
lin im- wesl I(K)ehains,south lOchnil
ea*! Kin eli,uu.*. north Id chains to
[nihil nl •'iiniini-ui'i'iueni.
I.   r nciug ni a posl plantcil
Mi chains suulh ol llie north-wesl cornel nl Loi T.'imI uml niarked "A. M.
►Symons'    nnrtli-eusl    coi-nei'   pusl,"
llielll-e    We-l     Illll      I'lllllllS,     sillllll    ID
chains, easl llll) elinins, north Hi ehains
lo poinl ul I'liinmi'iiei'ini'iil
nstoplnceol i	
liii-ni-i'iui-nt, iinil n nt
a rolocation of Sangsti r* preemption.
Ilnlcil this null iln; nf September, 1900.
«cp I", M lt. Mi-ljiiarrli-, Agent.
Notice is hereby jfiven ib.it thirty days
after date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands nml Works for a
special licence io eul mul carry awav timber from tbe following described lands,
situated in iln- Vale District:
i). Commencing al a post marked "J.
Barry's north-east corner post," plnnted
aboul three miles north of the east fork ot
Shuswup river and aboul one-half mile
i-.'tsi of Main river, thence south So chains,
thence wesl So chains, Ihence north Bo
-.bains, thence easl So chains io point oi
io. Commencingal a posl marked "J.
Harry's south-easl corner post," planled
aboul ihree miles uorlh oi the easl fork of
Shuswap river, and about one-half mile
easl of lhe main river, thence north 80
chains. Ihence wesi So i'liains, ihence
south So chains, ilii'in'i- i-ast So i'liains lo
point of commencement.
11. Commencing al a posi marked "J.
BanVs north-wesl corner post," planled
aboul three miles norlli of ilu- easl lock ot'
Shuswup river, ami about one-half mile
i-ast oi ilu- main river, thence soulh 41'
chains, thence easl 160 cliains, thence
north 40 chains, ihence west 160 chains to
point of commencement,
u, Commencingal a post marked "J.
Harry's soulh-wesl eorner post," planted
ahout three miles north ol ilu* cast fork oi
Shuswap river, mid ahoul one-hall mile
■ast  oi llie main river,  thenee easl So
NOTICK is III5RK1JY GIVK1I liiul sixty days
after date I intend to npply to tin- lion. Chief
Commissioner of Landa and Wnrks I'm" permission \ L*
to purchase the following desciibcd lands in the chains,   thence  norlh  80 ehains, thence
West Koolcnaj district, 011 mat sldo of tbo Col-1 wes, g0 cimj„s tlience soush Su chains 1
. mn Ilia river, about tliu-e miles from Arrowhead: . ,   ,.
j',..., iijtini** -it   *.   1 uwi 11 -int.'.       M ,       1     ...«,*> : peini 01 comnit'iii'i'im-iit,
( iHiinii'tii 11114  ai   .1   [nisi iii.iiiiiii     Coiiimeiicinn at a post planted at William Oroj*-   ■
1*JH  chains   smith   of   ilu* nnrtlMvesI ' con's tiorth-wu.-t comer, thence ivesHU elinlns to      13,   Commencingal a posl markod "J
:iiii-i *u| I ; 1 7 . I and iiiarkiil    \. AI j T,,. l!"^; -,;!: :,i1!';'*';.'.,-f1"!^   l.,!'J1!;il.i.!!!l!ftl' '? flurry s norih-eas! f-ni-.i- p'.-it   pi'int
uuiiivi ■■ 1   <  '• "    ■■■ -■■*i ..]]„jMs ,,, \VmU. ^ nm] 1, u-..ji,| t'uriiei ilu-in*'' eiu>t    ■    ' •
Svilious'    liul'tli-wisl    coi'licl'    post,   L|(i cliahis in \)a\'» •iontli-wc.it  corner  tlience ubout lour miles nortl) ol  lho easl fork ol
Notice is hereby given lhat application
will be made tc lhe Legislative Assembly
ol lhe Province of British Columbia at the
next st-ssion, for an Act, incorporating a
Company lo build, ecpiip, maintain and
operate a line or lines oi railway of standard or other guage, with any kind of
motive power from a poinl on Upper Arrow
Lake, Wesl Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
thence following the Columbia Kiver
northerly on eilher side to a poinl at or
near the confluence of Canoe River with
the Columbia River and thence following
alonj- Canoe lliver on either side, to a
poim ai or near Tele Jaune Cache, on
1'i*;im.t River, wilh power to construct,
operate and maintain brunch lines to any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway; and with power lo con*
iirucl, operate nnd main
No'ice is hereby given that 80 days
after date I Inteud tu apply to lhe j
Chief Commissioner of Lands and , Notice is hereby given that 30 days
Works for a special licence lo cut and , alter date we, the undersigned, intend
cany away timber from the following to make application to the Hon,
described lands   situated   in West chief Commissioner ol  Lnmls  and
Kuuteiiay district, west  side uf Upper
Arrow Lake:
1. Commencing at a pust marked
"S. Curlson's north-west corner post,"
planleil oil lhe wesl bunk nf I'incslun
Creek, aboul II miles from mouth of
ereek, aiiil ina westerly direction from
Baunnck Point, thence south nu ehuins.
llienee east SI) chains, thence noilh.sill
chains, thence wesl Ull ehuins to point
nf commencement.
2, Commencing al a post marked
"S, Carlson's noi-lh-east corner post,"
planted un wesl Imnk uf Pingston
('leek, nboul 11 miles Inmi in.mtli ami
bridces, roads, wavsand ferries! and m In a westerly direct Ion from Hm k
ivnsii-ii.-i. acquire,' own and   maintain  P'dnt. thence south 80 chains, thence
wl-.ine* un! docks in iiniiii'i-lii'ii there
willi! iinil le construct, own, acquire,
equip ami inaiiiiain sieaiii and ulher vessels mul bonis and operate ilu- same on
any navigable waters, .mil in eonstriiel,
operate and maintain telegraph and lele-
piione lines nlong llie roule.s u!' llie said
railway .old ils branches, or in eotiiieelion
(herewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes; in generate elee-
pply light, heal and power
.-oul erect, CiMisiruct, build and inaiiiiain
iln- nccessar; buildings ami wnrk-, am! in
generalo any kind of power I'm- lhe purposes nl'ores'uid,or hieoinu'Clioiilliei-ewilli,
ior reward; and in acquire and receive
from .mv I'li'veniiiieni, corporation er persons, grams of laud, money, bonuses,
privileges ur other assistance in aid ul ll"
11 TEK31!
ll'll-liee    We-l     it'.')    cllllillS,    SOIllll       10 \ ll.llt.ll 1
chains,  easl   IOO   chaini
ehuins lo place of coiuiiicnciuueiil,
il.   I'liniiiii'in-ing ul  a pusl plnnted
   mul   n half miles north ul lhe
south-wesl corner ol Lui illll ami
marked "A. JL Syiniins' smith-oasl
cornel posl," tlience wesl lliu elinins,
north III ehains. easl llili ehnins, south
10 elinins lo plan
nli. lm
.1. I. IIAIll.oW.
-emeiil,nnil  Shuswap river, thence   soulh Si
thence wesi So clmins,  llicnte uortli So
ehains, thenee easl So cliains, in point of
'•"•'"•""■ , „  ,        commencement, sleamboal  or oilier coinpan.es, ami '" L "'    * , „.,.,." *..'.,.,     >,,     *
ly his Agent,S..1. Iliirlniv.   ; ,'\ercise such nowers as are .minted bv  Pluuted "," lhe Wesl liank nl I lligstun
14.   Commencing at a post marked "J. ■       ■     .  .'   , lh.'.. vy.,,',.,. Clause's Creek,  abuul   11!   miles from montli
,(1TI(.F ' '.'"''T'r """'m""1"'  .;''",-' '.,,"",''".lr,'";.U'1!- Lsoliuailon Acl ".and lur nil righls,  mul in « westerly direction limn llan-
•out lour n
Notice Is hereby ylveii Uml 30 dayi after date  Shuswap
I Intend to apply to lho Chief CommlMonor of Ujience w
Lands nml  Wurk- inr pri-nn-mii to cut aud -   ,   -        ,
nniiriiiTitU'iit.    carry away timber from iln* following ikwrlb-  t-'hains, Ihence easl oo chains io poinl
lh .'I' the east fork of
hence nonh So chains^
jliaiiis,  ihence south Si
1 lands sittml
i W'usl Kootenay district:
7.   Cumiuenceing at a pnsl plan
about one mile nm-tliof lln* sonth-uesl ,    ■  l W»5inS. !l'n,J ff"'*.1 "i ,n   Thw      ]*'   Commencingal a posl marked "J.
„     , —., . .  ■      Illll l I      llllll b    01     I 'I IU nil     l 1 I I h,    ,1 lllllll       Will'.      i, . , ,   "      ,       .      ,
corner ol Lo! (llll, llienee wesl IOO ,n||w fttovo t'anyon Creek anil innrkeil Harry s soulh-wesl comer past, plnuled
chains, iiurili II)ehains, easl mucinous, ••(!. It. Xnglc'snoriieensi corner posl,"ihence. aboul Imn- miles norlli ul ilu- ensl fork nf
snulli 10 chains lo puint ol eunimence- ™f- sj eljiil'is-!J'1:".1;"s^™|'t,&',«V;!hl1']r,'-t.1If!,|»l;  Sl""»"ip river, llienee norlh  sn ehains,
1,1*1   ou  Lillu us, 11 ii-m i    mii-iL.i'iiiiiiii-iuiiH     ,t ,,       ,    ■ ., .,     ,1
ment, point or commencement. llll*"a' '*:IM s" *-lmms' "lenee suuth  So
S   Coinineneilig  al   a pust planled    Palcil Ihls HIsi day of Sept., inna. chains, llienee wesl So elinms lo pouU ol
abuul iinii mile -ihuiiin-sunn.- . - 'yyy;•*f.ri,il,,,\\r,-i;.-,i■!■'!.;'.!'"I'lioui t; -",""u',ui'""'1"*
west cornel' ul  Loi  71111, and niarkeil  yM,^ bclaw tlie mouth ol I'nss' Creek and I    ili. , Commencing nt a post mi
alien Acl
"l  and  fi
.Old   pro
il In Ilu- p
eges nt'i'i
L'lllisi -.  a
Works for a special licence tn cut and
carry away limber Irom the following
described lands situated in the West
Kootenay distriot,about 10 miles from
liurlon City:
1. Commenolng nt a post planted
on the cast side of Cariboo Creek,
ihenee snutli 100 nhaihs tlience east
4(1 ehnins, thence nnrtli Hill chains,
tbenee west -10 chains to point of commencement.
1 Situate in the West. Kootenny
district about l-i iniles from Burton
City. Commenolng at a post planled
Iill ehnins from lhe Creek a nd on lhc
west side ihence suulh Hill ehaiiis,
thence east -III cliains, thence north
Illll elinins, ihence wesl II) chains to
puint nl commencement.
3. Commencing al a pnst planted
un Hie wesl side ul Cariboo Creek
about HI iffiles from Burton City,
thenee south llll) chains, thence east
40 cliains, llienee nortli IliO eliuiiis,
thenee west 40 ehnins to point oi
I. Commencing ul a post planleil
about 35 cliains on lhe south side ol
Cariboo Crick about 12 miles from
Burton City, thence enst 100 elinins,
thence north 40 chains, thenee west
1(10 ehains, theuce suuth 40 chnius to
poim uf coinmencement.
5. Commencing, at a pust planted
about CO chains on Hie south side of
CnribooCreek about 7 miles from Burton City, llienee snutli 100 chains,
.*('• ",'"'k l'"i".'',.!.1.*''!"'':' ""!'"'  "'cl."."?•. I thence west 40 chains.thence notth 180
chains, tlience east 40 cliains to point
we*i mi chains, thence north SO ehalm
Ihence east Kll chains tu point of commencement.
!!. Commencing nl a \u.>i inarked
"S, Carlson's north-wesl corn.1.* pust,"
planleil nu lhe wesl bunk nl Pingston
I reek, aboul II! miles frum mouth
and in a westerly direction from Bannuck Pninl. thence smith lOchains,
ihenee east 100 chains, thence nurth
In  elinins,  thence   wesl IIHI ehains In
poinl nl eulliuiellei'ltli'lll.
I. Commencing ,ii a {mst marked
"S.Carlson's nui-th-east corner post,"
planleil on the wesl Imnk of Pingston
Creek, ahoul II! miles Irom mouth
nml in a westerly directiun frmn Bannock Point, Ihence smith Hi
ehuins, llienee wesl lliu ehaiiis,
'. I thence north40 ehains. ihence easl lliu
...   construction ol'llie Company's inuleriaa-1
lag, and meet with and enter inlo chains to point of c ncemeiit.
traffic or other arrangements wilh railway, j   "• .lommeiicing al   a pust mark,-.
|ul u, ] --s. I ailsnii s soutb-west corner post
„ i thenco easl 100 ehains, Ihence south lu
"-..„", chains, thence wesl 100 chains to pulnl
'" Dated'at Rovelstoke, B.C., ibis 3isl day of commencement.
,.,,,„ 1   n.   I oniinenemg at  a pus  murked
olA"S'i ""■       .,s, prt,,,,", south-east corner pust."  	
HARVEY,  JlcCARTER &. PINKHAJI  pllinUH|on,h, ,,,.,! L.-u.k of Pingstnn  ,*..:.l,,,   Call,  illi.ul   fi miles dun:
Solicitors for lhe .\pplic.uits i,,.,,,.; ,„„   ,,j   mj|,.v   ,-,,, 1(,m|l   m||Uin   cj  ^  thcmi(i  enBt. 80 clinillB,
 — — and ill 11 westerly direction fnnn Han-
iinTipr nock  Point, Ihence nortli  In ehains,
NU I lUt I Ihenee wesl    Illll  ellllills, tllelll'i' *ull! ll
of commencement.
(i.  Commencing at a post planted
iiinn!   8 cliains  on the east imnk nf
Notice Is hereby alveii thai las   ifierdiito   |u  ehains, thence easl   100 chains t(
I intond to apply lo tbo Chief t'oinmlssioiior ol
pnsl niai-Ui'il "I, , Lands mul W  Ior .1 -i
" ''^""'t&S"1 :   '
,  poinl ni commencement.
\     M.   Swoons'    siuilll-e.isl   e 1 nini-lii-il'-l,. II. N.H.-I, rs sioulli oustool-lli-l- l.osl,  , Barrv's  iluilli-w.-sl  eeru.-i- 11,.-..." pbiuleil | mul carry nwiijr nmh.-r Ir..... Hi.- !......«;■ ,-.i,- !     pllteil   Vllgllsl-,1th, IflOII,
nosl ■'Ihenee west  Uiu chains, north ihenee north ie cholns. thenco wnst Sfi chains, Ubout six mile, norlh of lhe easl fork of h"™11 luiKlsslluoto iu tii-i km cna, 11 ....        ,.   t um 11 leniiug al   a posl imu-Uei
|iosi    uu       "',,    .   . ,,,,,iii theiieo -mill ihn ns, hci.ee ens sn chains m,„, „..,„ ,.■  ,,,,„,„,    „„,,  Kr, ,u,i„.       . CommoucliiR 11   a posl planted mi ilm  ■•*. i m-sun s nor h-wes corner nos .
'10 chains, easl   IHO chains,  suuth   In ,„„,,,,„;„,,„-,,   „„,„,. ,„. | Shuswap river, ihence  soulh bo chaini,, |    u, , ,,,«„„„ lli,,-ri,l,,,,,,^ ,,,il,;-!  |;mU,d ,„, lhe east bank of Pingston
'"' l-M''1"""'- rieek.iihu.,! Ill miles from montli and
In a westerly directum frum Bannock
Pninl. ihence suulh mi ehains, tlience
east Ml eliains, thence north SO chains,
i- pn
1 llieniv easl Sn chains,  Iheiu-e north Su
chains lu place ul euuimeneemenl. ;t   ,. |lcnt.|nK n! a p„.| pUntcil 011 Hi..
.,.   Ciunuiencilig ill  11   post planted -'"Uh »,-(  .bunk of   Downie   Creek, about  chains, Ihence wesi So chains to p.	
, ,,        ,,, ,,.,  1    „ „r 1 „| T-tii I-'1 yards abovo iln-  h nl   I'nss treok  cominencemeut.
alibi- suiilh-wesl  cornel  ut Mil 1.111 nmi marked "Q. B.N«glos norlh-easl corner
and  niarked   "A.  M. Svnions south-1 posl," thenee wesl so chnlns, tlionco south SO
ensl   corner  posl,"   thence  wesl  1011 ("hnliis, the cast si chains, thenco north SO
'. ,,   ,,   1   1, 1 u-li,.!,,;. cui ns to the point of commencement.
I- l.-llll*. Ilul    I   " e biillli-. Ills! llilleiiail.s,
.1  in       '     ,    .1..    , i- ...in..„..„.,.       ■  ii'iiiiiii'iiiiiis." nl  n P"-l  plniiliil on lhe
ontli Iiiiiii.in* io place ot euniinencL- .„„n,lv„l |iallk „, ,,,,„,,,,, crock nboutono
17. Commencingat .1 posl maiked "J.
Harry's aortli-east eorner pusl.'' planled
aboul six miles norlh nl tin- east fork of
Shuswup river, tlience south  No chaini
nienl.  I a half miles nbove the mouth of Pnss Creok  Ihence wesl So clmins, llienee norlli Sn
., ,   ...   c    ,     ,       ,,.,,. ' inn! innii.ni   -H. ll. Nuuli-- north-east corner elinins, ihence ensl So cliains In poinl ul
III I'd Is   1 Seull luber. IHU'. iin-r Hi,.mi- wi-l   -U challl-   llienee -I'lllll So
1 pus. inini       1      '"" ' ■   ","*-' ■""";   eoninu'iu'cm en.
..    t\\|l|\*i       - iliillll-.lllillii-  i.l-l -n rllillli-. Illl-lll-l-  nurlll SIJi
sep— .i. ai. .11 .in m. ■     elinlns lo lhe point olcoinmeiicciiiciit. I    ,>.   Commencing at a posl marked "J.
                                            I,   (i.inini inin.- .il a |ii-i  planted on the Barrv's iiurih-e.-isi corner post," plained
-Mii'l, v.,-1  lumi. rn Downie Creek, about one ,|,    somh fork of Shuswap river, and
 i ,1 lull mill- abovo ilm nuiili h u! I'nss ,                 .,   ,.         ,           .1   .1
(11.1, nml iii.iii.ul -li. II. Niiulo's north-wesl aboul one nine from  lhe inoiilh, ihence
.. .                       _                                  1 innii- im-!.'   tlienci! south •" chnlns, thence w-cst Su ehains, Ihence soulli Su eliains,
''....,             ■    ,  ,1 ,,-,, |.,e*  ':"''"'1"" ■ !i",""' ""'" il'idn.-. Ihence thence easl So ehains, llienco norlh So
Vnt it   I*     11 I el'V el\ el! II,i'l ■'" ll'l* ~    ill -I -ii 1 li.nl. - 11 ■ Mi.- I'l.ill! "I '"Iiinn II" Iill'li . ,    .
ittt"  lhii'    I   inl''I'd   lo upply lo the     l).ii,'diliis2!lliilasoISepl.,l!  chains lo poinl ol comnieiicemeiil,
Chief-Coiiiiiiissionei    ol   Lands and       „'(1.'i                         ii. 11. n.m.i.k.        '9-   Commeiu-ing al a posl marked "J.
...   .     i'(11. a s,,e(-ial lieen-e lo eul and  . —Barrv's north-wesl comer post,   planled
cam- awav limber tr.,111 llm following 3STOTICE "" ,lil' """h '"* ■'" Sh."swal' l,iu',r'""'
,|,.s,-i-il.e,l 'laml*.   sUtmli-d   in    West     x„        ....      ...    ..-,1   iboul   om   mile  Iron!   Us mouth, Ihence
K1111iei1.1v lii-iii'l: Un'1      ' ° L'un"lsi
-Miuli-wi-i coruer." theuco uorlh sn eli
theni i-i sn cliiiins. ihoneo -"inn SUchnlns.
thonco wosl su i-hiiiii* to 1 Iio point nl commencement.
■1.  Coinnienchitt nt ;i |s'*i planted mi the ,, , ,
sonlh-cusl Iiiiii!.- nf Wood River nliout Smiles | thenee wesl SO chains In poinl ol com
below the west furk anil mnrkod "K. McBeau's
north-wosl coruor,"  llionce   en-i Mi cluiius,
tlienco .-outh Ml chains, llienee ive*t Micliuiii.-,
tlienc.' nnrtli SO elinins 10 tho puint nf c -
.        1,1'- '-'MM' ■■.,
I.   Cun.nn 11.uie   111   a I"-1 planted   ,.,.
:■!. Commencing .11 a msl plniitcd nu the
-iiuih-ea-i lunik "I Wuud River, opiKisllo ilm
mouth nl thn ivesl lork and marked "K. Mi-
Helm'* north-west corner,' tlienco soulh inn
clmins, theuco oasl lu cliiini*. llionce nonh PM
chain*, theuce wost n cbnins to ilm imiul
nf conimeucoment.
liaieil thi- ISth dny of Aus'iist, ni'i.
1. ComnionchiB .11 11 po,t planleil mi llm
ininli'we-i hunk of W I Rivor Josi nbovotho
ninntli nf ilm wosl fm-!. nml marked "E. Mc-
Bonn's ,omli-casl corner," Ihenco north su
chains, ihcuce iu-t sn chains, ihenco soulb 8(1
cluiius. llienco cn-t sn chains l- llio pointof
Dated tliis'JOth dny of August, l!-":
Commencing nl n poM iihuitod on the
•ilinul    nl a mill ensl    I S mile liee ull. tr(i-i..f Wi    li    m     It.
J'V""'   ',',,i,,,'l, ;"."',   "inm.--  ■I,'.','.".'       '        ' "'        '''I'!"
::;*;,i!;;;;i,,ir:n:;,:!;,::!;i.ii'.du;n,-.. ■.   ' - '
*:. m    1       ith, tin m
thenee  \vi*sl  So chains,  thonce north So ] sunth*en*«t  bank nf Wood Rjver iipposito tin
■ iins to point of commencement.
1  immencinj; al a post marked "J.'
Harry's south-wesl   corner,'   plaulod on
, l>.
1 lurk ;n.
mnvked "E. Mc*
l  Sl   i*!.ait
tlienco nnrth mi
., ibeuce south Su
m chliil
- lotl.u point of
Ihence Wesl   I1''" ehains, ihenee snutli    -
luilmi      be, 1  nf column -  ,
"*2.   (' 'lieing n:  -i  pu--! planleil
,-,l,ni,l  ; 1,1.1 mile ensl 1
t  So  el an -.      .- .     1.
,1 So chains n     '■
oi ;."),
1        mm -: m irked "J. j I"
',',n "iii" ih-iid Ti.nil ni.-! mark '■                           NOTinE
it'!,,;,,'- nu.-lh-w.-sl    "-M- NUllUt.                                    ,011th fork of S    * - ■      ,-er about
ensl 1110chains llienei -       - —                                                                       ■ ' ' lslSo
Ihenee Wi-sl   lliu ehains. thei \                                                                as, ihenee  soulh  So chains,   Ihenei
-III ehnins lo lln- poinl ..--*.
lm ll' Chief    I
I ..-..:■:    : ■ !.    -    - - ■
.,   i -.ii mm.   - .
nil, ii   .  --i-i "i nuiili
imr ni .1 i"i-l I'liiiilt'd iiii tho
k "I Wood River about 1 mile
uh "! the west fnrk ninl marked
.m . ner," ilieucc uorlh
1' m n ,-. nortl, In cbnins. west
  -.-  mm II chaius, soulh
■   '   •    I  pirn ted ,,11 llm
.   . Wi      H ri - i.i ."ii 1.1 lo
■■     1: McHonn's
s. Commencing ui a posl marked
"8. Carlson's north-east curnei- post."
planted mi ilu-easl Imnk of Pingstnn
Creek, aboul Hi miles frum niuulii and
in a westerly direction frum Bannock
Point, thence soulb SO chains, thence
west Ml ehains, thence north Ml eliains,
Iheneeeast SO chains to point of commencement.
!', Commencing at a pnsl marked
"S. Carlson's south-east em ner post.
planted one |mile". ensl uf Pingston
Creek and nboul 10 iniles from month
ainl iii .1 westerly direction liuni Bannock Pninl, thence north Ml ehnins,
thence wesl Ml chains, tbenee soulli Ml
ehains, llu-nee east SO chains to puiui
ol commencement.
lu. Coinineneilig at a posi marked
"8. Carlson's nortn-eiisl corner post,"
planleil aliout three iniles east ul Pingston Creek and nbuut HI miles frmn Ihe
month ami  in a  westerly directiun
from Pi---.ii ek !' -int, Hit t- smith mi
chains, Ihenee in sl Sll ehnins,
thence north SO chains, thorco west
Ml eliuiiis, thence suuth SO chains lo
pninl oi commencement.
Located iliis 15th Sept., IflOti,
sep I'.l .1. A. IIOl'HAL.
Hend  Ti       "id   maiked     !
fm nu-'-  - uth-ni -:      • 1
„:,-> itllii liains,
thenee west  B'1'elm
10 i-l
1.   1 ■ 1 ,1   1.   ng
Ml      '        I      ill '• !l      Ul
fOtll '   -    l        :
.    ■
: -.
MM...   .M-i     i"    - .-. II.'i-l- till  llll-ll.l.ll-.
Mn   iin* to the 1   ut of coi  1 - ce
1 , ■   Cillg   ,11   .1    !"-! 1 in: !'''!   "il   !h''
ink ul  Wo  ■ Rivei nl  I mile-
[urii   mi imm    10. Mi-lli'iiii*
er,    thence  uorlh (till chllill.-.   ,.K ", .....m,,,.'    „,„.rT,.„.ui  ilnninr nnsl
luiiiis. thence  th Ml chnius, I   is. Lailsnn s nuitll-east lOinei posl
tiience west  in cliains im tlio i"iii! nl
north Mi chains, thenee east Ml ehains
In  puilll   ul Ml'IIIIIIMll 'MllH-llI,
11. Commencing al a pnst marked
"8. Carlsnn's south-east eurner post,"
planted i! miles easl uf Pingston Creek
ainl about Bi iiiib-s from mouth and iu
n westerly diieetion frnm Bannock
Point, ihenee north su chains, thence
Notice is licioliy given Ihnl lay. nfter ilnto 1
lutein! i" npplj- inini' llmi (.'Idol Cnnuiiinsloncr of
Lunils mul Wniksl.ii ii .peclal llcelise local nml
carry .nun linihm Innii llm f.'ll.'iviiii; ileserllieil
liuni*.-iluiiii'.l ill W,-*t Kiimi-iiiiy illslrlet!
1. Coiuinciiclngill 11 pn-i planleil ahnul ■, mile
en*! "I lli^ Itt'inl iinil nnilnlmnt ■*'' mil''- frum
llnlilslii-iini mil mnrked ' if Ijilunm''....nlli-
wi-i , ■! ]ii.*i,-iln-iii-i- ensl 100 clmins. I Ileum
nnrlh lu clmins, ivesl Kio chnlns, suuth tochaln. lo
pninl ill i-iuiiiuenci-nieut.
-.'. I'-iiiiiii'iii-ing nl j |'"*I planleil one-hall in ilo
ensl nl Iii.' I'" nil llllll mul nl 1 ■'■   miles suuth nf
ii.'lil-ii.'.iiiiiin.li keil-iii-nrBfl.iiIiii-iiu-*s iinrtli-
unst enrner," t.1.-11. nsl ll!" .-huhis, -.mill in
eludes, veil um chnlns, nnrtli 10 chnlns tn pulnl
ul t-.-niini-iii'i-iiii-nt.
Iiiin-.l slh ilny 1.1 si.pl., limn.
:!. ('niiunenclllg nl ;i pus! plnuteilolle-llllril "I :i
mil'' m-i "I  Hig Belli! trull nml nbuut 0! mllea
s li   ii!  lii.l.l-lli'iiin mul   nniiki'.l "llenrgo 1,11-
f..i-iii.-V-milli iii-l i-.'in.'i pnsl," lln-ii'-i- i-ii*l "IO
clialns, nnrtli I" clialns, west lOOchllins, snutli 10
chains In pninl uf cunimeiieeiueiit,
!    Cnuimt'llchlg ill   ii   pnst   plnllleil nlie-tllllll
mlh'ensl nl Hig Ueiul Hull nml about olj miles
snutli "I (Inliistrealu mul inniki-il "(lenrge l.n-
furui.--* iii.illiMi.-l enrner pnst,**tbellee easl.100
iliiln.  IHO chains, nest inn elinlns, imrlli 10
I'linin* tn pulnl i.[ cmiinieiu'i-im-iil.
;, Coinineneilig nt n pnsl planted -'.n inul* mi*
„! lllg lli'iul iniilj uml nliuiitWW)lynnbi funu
Seven Mil.- Cu-i-k nud mnrk.il "Ueorge Ulurme's
nnrlli-u-iwi ."in.r i'"-'.' llieni i-i 191 chnlns,
I-milli 4H .-Iliiill* «i-il Inlli-lnilll... lli'llllj'iili.Ullslii
*   I'lUliliiIl	
Il.ll.'.l llllll .li,.!"l si'pl..I!«n.
.,|. Ill l!l--.(ll!l.|-.;i.AlllH.\ll-:. L.iiliriil.
Noli™ I. Iii-reb) given llmi 00 days after dutu I
l.-llil tn applv I" Ihi'  Hull, Chlel ("inaii-sii'lliT
wesl SI) ehains. thenee south SO chains, | "I lumi" »»'l »','*■""» |iuichaso lho lollowlna
ileselibeil liiinls sltuiitoil in lhe diatrict nl Wesl
thence ens! su eliains to pninl ul commencement.
IU.   Couuneiicing al a pnsl marked
' - emeut- „
Datod Oil* Ills,
ked "J,
ol Align.-., WW
a.  Commencing .- ..
north-west   I'll...   . :  W
holowjump-lipl ri   . r..r..- kod' I! .Mi'll.'iin'.
-.iiii!,mm-,   cnrlifl        - - .i-l    li'U chldlls,
........ irtl i        Ins, thence wosl IOI cluiln*.
cum i'   eli. n- to 'In' imiii! .a ij'"
,    .
....   Illll
nie.it. ii	
■ i
!           '
■     M
:-.  \
ju  .'
-'        M
1 •
.1 I,-   tbenc<   -      . I
... ...... ii
,V fi   Adjniniim * -    :
vi.ni um foi n"
planted I miles easl ul Pingstnn Creek
.-iii.l .iImm  in miles liuni montli, iu a
westerlydiieetiou frum Bannuck Point
nll™ thenee south SO chains, tlience wesl su
chains, thenee north SO chains, thence
ei-- sn ,'haiii*  in pnint of commence
18,   Coininenclug al a pnsl nun ked
planlcd on I be I "8, Carlsnn's. south-easl corner post,"
boiil„ijndle» | plauted I miles easl of Pingston Cieek
and .ilinul Hi iiii!.- From mouth and in
a  westerly direction  from Bannuck
Puilll, thunce in.1-1 ll Ml ehaiiis. llienee
wesl Sll chains, thonc uh su ehains.
ihence easl so ehains in puiui oi emu-
ne-! menl.
linled Angii-I -J7tll. inmi.
unTinr IL   •' nclng ui a pusl marked
NUI IUt. "S. Carlson's north-easl corner posi.'*
,. mim-.i   pi inted mi Hu- we-l  side nf K. A- S,
m    innrkeil "H JIo-
i ll,-i-    IV, -1    su
.. ihen i' en-i su
in ilm puiui of
1 .III. Ill
1   .    . IIM,
!•!, Mi-IIKAN.
r..iiui i-i.riin.-ii n pusl placed ill Um liorlli-neal
curnet .J l."i I.ili'ii. mnrkeil • .1. U, Mnckeimlo'i
.i.iiilii.,-i .'.inin.- tlienco weal 10 cluilna, thenco
 -iiiii iimiii*. ,li,-ni,- eual loclinlns lueboreol
Lake, Ihence liilhiwlng shore nl l.uku In starting
pninl. Ciiiitnlnlng llioncrea.
Ililleilthl! 1Mb ilny uf Sept. 10011,
.1. ll MACIiliXZll-;,
-M.in Ily,I. A. Mngee, hlsugent.
H  ,i,:
. -,.
nn' i
i i.< '   I   '
Trout Laku City, B. C.
Loci tm
[|    M
' l      I   '   I.
' ■" "I ' '"      "HI'
,  .        ,  .     ' II,
.1      '  .      II I
Iml..,I tin ""    - I
lyW_ IIBO,  I   .NKWMA.X
iui". ahoul hall.i mile norlh uf Timber
1.11111' Nu. IIII50, in a westerly direction
inini lln- head i f Cpper Airow Lake,
Ihence wesl  lOOchains, Ihence south
lu chains, i Ii.-iii asl   bin   chnlns,
" i ■ ■'      ihence th lOchains tn pnlnl of com-
un ncemeiit,
IV Commencing al a pusl maiked
"8, Carlson's sn.itli-ei.sl cmner pnst,"
pi inleil "ii iln- wesl side uf K. ik 8.
inn. ii i hall ii mile nurih of Timber
Lli.ill Nu. 0D!0. in n westerly directiun
innii ilm head nf Upper Anow Lake,
I Iiiiii.' wesl Hin chains, thenee norlh
In chains, thenee east 100 ehains,
Ihence suulh in ehains in pointof
■ iiiiiiiii- 'inent,
hi. Commencing al a pnsl marked
"S.Carlson's north-east corner poat,"
planleil nil   lln-  Wesl   side ul*   K, it S.
iim- .md ilinul l( miles north uf Tlm-
bei Limit 0(150, in a westerly direction
inin lhe Ill-mi nl Upper Arroiv Lake,
thence wesl Iim ehains, thence smith
in chains, llienee easl Hln chains,
-I., me north in chains to puint uf
i "iiuii'ii" ilniu.
I v.   ( <>n nclng ai a pu-! niarked
"8, (ni]*iui'- soutn-eitsl corner post,"
nl.mini i.i. iiii- we*i side ul* K, A' H.
line, ami aboul It miles north of Tlm-
hei Limit 1)050, in a westerly direction
from ilm head ul Cpper Arrow Lake,
ih.-i.e.- wesi nm chains, thence nurth
in chain), thence east UIO ehuins.
in in i Bouth m ehains in polntrof
Daled August 28th, limn.
ip.*, _        SWAN CARLSON,
(inti      . nop . -. (liol ti '■! i --1111mr.il
Ivui     :..ii "i lid licence to eul
■ ,\   ii i..i.     trie!
ed oil (he Ohl
 Iml iS
tlience cnsl "" hull!
..    ointol con
. m mi . ni. Old
i,   ■     ....
no   unrkod     "    K  pntrick
■ '       i'l ■"        III.
■       ' 1 'i    I'll.i.li
"■.!... corned in lliu Uiu
r the i
t    ((.. rick's
■'  ■ i ii".
'i.'.-   wosl w , Iinins,
i    '"   tl .' [mini ,,f   .'...li-
i posl plui -I ni' tlio Old
-" '   i it the Col-
j   i.ii    T   Kilpatrick'.
'.    . -,     mm
M      '      '..   1 Wm I,lilli-
'■    ,"M '.'    "
T hll.l'ATI'U h
■     :. i.ihk   -i
ttr.Mtn  ■  i ii.. nl   i lm<,
*   .1        .          i i ,ti. i build Ing nm-
| plnatarlii^nnil Plaitorlng BupptlDtallpeolalty.SI
w,, " '    11 n i   ,i H.ni;_;    |M
Notice i- hereby given thnl CO ilny. niter ilnte I
Intend In apply tn ll." llmi. Chief C llllaslnnel
ul Uml. mul W.nk*. Vlclnl'ill, Il.C, i..l perlllll-
.imi n. purenso llm fnllonlng il.--ni.i-il lamia,
inin lliulnn City lu Weal luiolennj ilistrlct!
Ciimini'iiclng nl j pn-i planleil alongslil C.
A. Siicniil.iiisiles -..iiihiii'.*! cui  pii»(,   nml
running ilienc mb in clialna, tlience ivest in
i-llnill-. Iln-lii" linllh in i-liiun-. Iiniii" "i-l   10
ehnlna in in nencemi'nl pofnt.   Coiitiilnlng mil
■jDllteil Slal iln; ufAliguat, 1000.
„.|, Hi S, WALK Iill.
Notice li liereb) given ihu ooduyi [mm ilnto I
lm ■ .i-l i" npplj  i" dm llmi. Ui.il.ii i iMiiimis.
*i"ii,l-..l I.nnl-ninl Wntka for] lllaalull :n nur-
ehniellie Inllnivlllg ile.erlbeil I..ml", in ilm Weil
Kiiutcnil)  ili-liiil. iu-I   -I '  "I   I'l'l'i-r Am.iv
"Coionionclng nt n ]i"*i maiked ".I. I.. Illi-sclr'.
...iinli in-si enrner." .it ilm suuth en.t rumor ol
1...I ir.MiMuiil ahoul i| mllei ionth nl Kn.lhall
t i.-tk. iliii.ti- miiili BO ehalm, thenco east 10
chain., thence inalli BO chains, tlienco ive.l 10
i-hiiiiist" point i,i cummeiicenient, contalnhiB 820
acres more --r legs.
Dnleil this Slit ilayoIMay.il	
.1. I, lltliscil.
,-l Is
Per Ralph Slye, Aiu-m.
VTOTICE Is horehj given tlinl 00 flays after
j\ ilnto I Intend to apply to the Honoiirable
lho Chlol ('iinimi-iiuiei- of Lands and Wurk-
for permission lopiircliu*i lb'- fnlluwing ile-
-i-i-ihul Iiiiiii-iii lhe Wtttl Kiinii-iiii) ili-liict,
linli-mi lluv. eaat aide of spper Arrow Lnaoi
( 'iiiiiiiii 1,'i-iiig in a poat planted at I'. Maher's
-uiiiliTii-i corner and marked "llruco A. Law-
Bon'snorth-easi cornor po*!.'* thence -onili.u
chnlns, thonco wosl In chains, Ihoneo nnrlh 2(1
eluiius tiience cnsl 20 ohains, llionce norlli :'0
chains, thenco call an ohnlna to plnce ot commencement nml containing 120 acres more oc
Dated Gelonn Uny. thi- lOtfi ilny of Sopt. Iftill
For Sale or Rent
Ciiiitaliiing im aiT"H, about thr quarter, aeed-
id ..Ith Tlnmiliv. Suitable for (ruil cnmlng.
llou.i- am! .luthufhlhiga in guml condition, silnnlt!
n. CrnlgollHhl.. I l.n mllea we.t nf lli'vi-lat'ikc.
Applfk' K.TAVPIItfl. Itc.cl.l'ike. THE MA1L-HEEALD, REVELSTOKE, R C.
Nottoo !*• hereby given thai thirty dnv* niter
.Inti-1 Intend to npply tn the Hon. chief Com
missioner ol Lands nml Works for a speciul
license io cui nnil mm* away limber from the
following described lands.
I, Commencing nt a post planted nboul 114
miles from thc easl innk of Columbia river
and about 1 milt) north of tho Thirteen Mile
"Troo on Big Hend trail and marked 'It. A.
Lund's nonh oast corner," thnnco south SO
chains, thonce west hi chains, thonce north 80
chains, thoneo oast 80 chains to poim of commoncomont.
'1. Commencing al a posl plnnted nboul 1>«
nilb's from iln' eastern bank of Columbia river
nnd about I mill- north of Lhe Thirteen Mile
Tree on Hip Hond trail and marked "R. A.
I,mill's north wesi corner." thouce south SO
chains,'hence enst su chains, thoneo north 80
chains, thenoo wosl 80 chains to polul of commoncomont.
8,   Commoneliig at n nosl planled aboul lljj
mllOS from 1 lie eastern Imnk of I 'nllimblfl river
and aboul 1 mile nonh of the Thirteen Mile
Tree on Hit* Hend irail nml marked "H.JA,
Lund's soulli wesl corner." thence norlli so
ehains llienee en-1 Hi chain-., thence south Hi
ch ill tif, llienee west Sll chain.*, to poim of com-
Haled AllgUsI LHh. WW,
Commencing at n post planted,_aboit! I'
mtlos from Qoldstream on ilu- Big Hi
in McCullough ('reek nnd  marked "It.
Lumi- norlli easl eorner," tbenee wesl 8M
chains, thenco south hi chains, tbenee east 80
chain-, Ihenee north 80 chains to poim of com*
. Inenceineiil.
.'>. Commeuelng at a po-t planted ihoul
one mile from (loldstrcam and marked "1*1. A.
Lund'- north wesi corner," thence east 80
chains, ihenco souih su chains, thenco west 80
chains, llienco nortli SO chains to imini of com-
ii. Commencing al a post planted about
one mile from Goldstream and marked "It. A.
Lund's nortli easl enrner." thenco wesl 80
cbnins llienee south (-Q chains, thenee cast So
chains, tbonco nortli so chain.- to point of commencement.
i. Commencing al a post planled about
one mile from Goldstream and nuu'kecV'H.A,
Lund's norlh wo-t corner,' tbenee easl M
cbnins, llienee soulb Hi chnius, thence west s«l
■ chains, tbenee norlli so chain- to point ol com-
VTOTICE is lioroby glvou thnt, 00 days after
j.i dale. I Intend ti.apt.ly to the Chlof Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission
in purchase llm following  described  lands
*it!i.ui'il in We-t Knuli'iiiiy district;
pn-! pi I i
i tlm l,nki
Commeuelng i
-hi'iiMil in eli      	
iifl.nt'jiii I mnrkeil "Jas. Mclluarrlo's south
mi*! curlier pnat," thence north 20chalna. tothe j Cob
inirili'iii's! corner of Lui 2111. theuce neat 20 „.,
clialns, then mh m Ink" ilmrc, tlience along "',.
llm Ink" .Imn- 1.. pin f  ii"i:i'i!iin'iu, nnl "I*-
intnlnlng lu acres
Dnted Ihls loth il
sep IS
r lei ^^^^^^
nf Septeniher, !!•..-..
.1. K. I'nylor, Agent.
Y.'-ii---.  :-'i;r:;v *^!'tL,*i ibat -:C  i'i--.-li'trr
date 1 itiietul to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol Landsaud Work- for special
license lo eut and earn' away timber irom
llie following described lands -iii'iiU'*.! In
North Kast Kootenay district, B. ds
lal   Commencing   al   a    posl planleil
about   one-half mile North  Easl ol' the
mbia riverand om- ami one-half miles
i-easi of Sullivan river and marked
McBean's south-west corner," thence
Notice is horoby glvon Unit sixty days nfter
lute we Intend io apply to tho Chlol commissioner of Lands mid Vork> for permission
lo purchase tho following described lands in
ill j Hie distrl'otoMVMt'Konton
Commencing al ;i past plai
corner of T. C, :;.-:i. ami ms
north-east eurner," theace v
-mtli 60 ehains, tlience .
uortli tin chains to place n
cniitalahi^ 120 acres inn** ■
i-diil the lli.rth-H.--l
--■I i. II. plavle's
•'t Buchains, thence
-i in chains, thence
commencement and
Dnted tills tOtll day of (-September, lOUC.
sep 15 M li Mcliuanle,Agent.
Halcyon Hot Springs
north So chains, thence oast So ehains
thenee south *o chains, thenee west So
chains io poim of commencement.
Daled ibis ;ih day of August, 1906.
(bl   Commencing at a posi planled on
llio north-cast bank ol ihe Columbia river,
abotll   i '4   miles  above    Sullivan   rivor
ami  marked  "!•..  McBean's  south-wesl
eorner," thence easl  160 ohains, theuce
norlh 40 1 hains, ihenee wesl 160 chains,
tbenee  south  40  chains  10 tbe poinl oi
Dated thisSih ihy of August, 1906,
le)   Commencing al  a   posi   planted
alongside of in.' pack irail one and one-
half miles soutlpeasl oi' Sullivan riverand
marked "K. MeHean snorth-wesl comer,
thenee easl   mo chains, thence soulh 40
(.'hains, thence west   iuo chains, thence
norlh 40 chains to iho point of commence-
Dated Ihis 8ilidat of August, 1906,
ftii   Commencing ai a post planted on
iho north-east bank of the Columbia Kivor,
at tho fool ol Kinbasket   Lake, ami markod   "H.   McBean's   south-easl   cornor.'
ihence west So ehaiiis, ihoneo norlh So
cliains, .ili,in*,*  tvtsi   So chains,   thence
south So chains to tbe poim of commence-
s.       l*Ol
1 mile fn
Under tho new inanngetutMit of
Harky  MclNTnsir,  Hoffman  Housi
M Rowland. ■	
nein,'at a po-t planted uiiom half If HE MEDICAL WATERS of Hal* I ment,
the fouth east cornerof Berth iTOO ■  1.    eyon ,-m- tho must curative in the '    Dated ibis 9th dav of August, 1906.
Ita.™etiliilchah!j''limnc'rf™ A pi'i-foel. naliual rumedy fur |    „-,   Commencmir'  a,   a  posl   planled
,h:.,m';.".i|.ii-in,i,!;ii,™a-'.,or.i.ii>.iVai,,: ' » -V .'.","s ""<* JMtwcular ilisoases. ,,hl„lt „,„. mi!, ,?L,slor th1,. root of Kin-
lopoliilofcommonccuionl *'•>*. ™W«nd Stomach ailinenls, |,;,*k,.,   Lake, and aboul -,-, chains soulh
P.  Commencing nt a post planled nboul half and  .Meiullic l'uisnnini;.   A sure cure Ur .1,,.  r-,1,,,,,1,1.   ,■;.  ., i „. a -
a mllo from tliosoiith oasl corner of llerlli s;e» fol, ,.Tiw| Ti ,, v.Sinsfu Sn„,.' ,, " > oIuiiiIm.-i mer and marked "t.
and mnrked "It. \. Lund's north .-a-i corn, r," ! ,„' . „,,,„,„" 'l" "?' -Special i MeBean s soiilh-easl eorner, ilie-n-e wesi
thenoo wesl lOchains, llionce southIfflchuins | ' *- " ;i Iu i Is and trmns. Two 8o chains, thence norlh So chains, Ihence
ihenceeas   o elm ns, thenco north 10> chains  mails  ati'ivo mil demit evei'V   dav        ,c.    i   ■     .1 .t o
to point of commencement ^   ' *' ■* -*■•     *■:!tJlhl 8o chains, ihence south So chains to
linled August 13th, I'.Ml.
; Telegra h   communication   with  all
h. a. i.iNi'.    m:'r[s ol' ;h" world.
Terms  812 to .Sis per went
S ■■ .*- Is hereby given lhat SO days afterdate! furrilw. ii,u'tii-iil*w*7*innVv in"" "
we Inteud to apph mtli.* lion chief Commls- \lWilwl 1™" titulars ,ippl\ In
sioncrofliind.iin.lU^.rkv/oniMit'eiallieeii-e; MAURY McINTOSH)
... ,ut nun carry away timber from ih
im* descrilied lands, situate In West K
1. Commendnc al a post planted about one I
niile uorlh irom Uu- north-west cornerof IC, &
s. Block Kin nnd marked "Hig Bend Lumber
Coini-any's Mitiih-ea-l corner posi" tbenee
norlli w chains, f-i-nei' west SO chains, theuce
-uiiiii 80chains, theuce east SO chains to pi int
of commencement,
*.'. Commend nt! at a post planted about one
mile north from ihe north-west eorner
s. lllock HJC, and marked "Big Hend I
Company's norl -east comer post,"
wesi w clmins thenee south SO chains,
east so chains, theuce north so chains i
ol commencement.
Dated Aug. 18th, 1906.
HHi HhM- Ll'Ml'l-:    CO,,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroiv Lake, B. C
• hereby glvon thnt:", *. t,. > - nfk-r ilnli-
'i' in the Chief Commissioner of
the poinl ot'commencement.
Dated this loth dav of August, iqoG.
...   I line
v    l.illl'l-
r  and
iti Commencing ;t! a posl planted on
the north hank ol'the Columbia river nboul
two uiiii oae-third miles from the foot of
Kinbasket Lake and niarked "E. McBean's south-easl corner," thence norlh
160 chains, thence we*! 4,' chains, ihence
souih uio chains, thence en-i 4,1 eliains 10
lhe poim 0! I'l'iiiiiifiiiviiii'iii,
Daled Ihis lolliday of August, 1906.
x\   day. after dato  I Intend lo      ___
i'liiofi"(iuiiiii.ssiniiei- of baiiil* iiiii! Works fur 1.
s|iit!uI liconaoto eul nnd carry awuj Minimi
from lho following; iloscrllgid Inmi.* .Itiiatcd
in lie iilg llond district of wesl Kontoiiay:
!. Coinnionolng al a im-t marked "(las
Hi'ilsiiiuiii'- souih we-i oornor poat," planted
aboul 2 mllo* above 1 uh ofCn Itiver and
2  miles en*!   iiiiiI  1 IiiiiI mil" iiin-lli olT. I,.
.'is..-i(-iii-imi- post." thonco oasl lil-i'-linin*. north
Pi.Vhiiiii*, ivnsi 10) chains, south m eliains.
2. Commencing a! n post planted atsouth-
ivn.t corner of location Nn. I I marked 'Oca
IIod.tr * iioi-ih we-l oornor poat.'   thonce
ensl IHO clmins, -mil ll In ''linill*. ivi-l lliu chains,
nnrlh Pli-lndu*.
Notice is hereby Riven that within
.'Id diivs from date we Intend to apply
[ to .'ie Hunonihle The Chief Oouiinls-
siiinei' uf Laiuls and Works I'm- a
speciul license tu cut nud carry away
timber frnm the following described
lands in West Ivnntonity Distilcl;
1, Commencing al 1-*. K. bullinei's
nnrth-ivi'sl corner pnst of Loi No,
Tllili thence north SO chains, east si)
ehains, suulh su ehains, wesi sii chains
in pninl nf commencement.
2. Commencing nl I-'. I-', l-'ulhuei-'s
south-west corner pust of Lot 7-10]
liiin,,! 2n chains south uf the nasi end
nf Armstrong  Lake: Ihence ensl lu
ehains. south III chains, wesl 1211 iu^lmlu'rweHliliiSrnull!l,?^"!",'',*."0"
eliains, nnrlh lin eliains. i-isl su ehnins. I (i Coinnionolnir nl a 11.1*1 niurkoil "Oils
snutli 2U chain* tn puinl of commence Ile'dHlronr. sonlh-ivosi coriioi- posi 'plumed
inellt, south III ehrlns.ous halns. tlienc	
,„   ,   ,. ,    elinlns from norlli-wnsl cornor posi of No, :|
.1.   I uunui'iii'ing  ul  1. .1. I'eiirsuiis I location,theneoonstlOdohnlns.north lilcbalu-,
north-easl enrner pusl uf Lui 801)2.111  m"1 m"'1 ■■- b lo chains,
Shimon Creek: thencu easl lln elinins,    -*'■ 0 moiiclngntaposi plnntod a| miii.Ii.
s.niiii mi i-iiiiins. wi-st nm ch.-iins. ,,,,,-ti,: ■7;;,V'7i";i'*V,",m"1 ..nii'i,' u"',,lli",'.'„i-Ml.,"'!''li',"'
in  ehains,  easl   III chains, nnrth III'- ■'•   ■ •      '   "    ■'" ' '
ehains tn pninl of coiniiiencenieut.
Sepl. llllll. IIIIIII.
sep 21!       H11WJIAN LUMIIEII Cu., L'l'll.
!i.  Commonolng ul n posl planlcd ono-half
mil" noulli nt  -Hi m-i cornor po't of No. 2
locution ami  -ked "(luslIoil.tr '. norlli-
V[OTK.E is hereby clven tlmt thirty days
^ niter date I intend tn iiNiilytotliii Chief
Innii-. nortli in
Dated Septoml
uh III ohnins, wesl Uiu
■r Uh. luoc
t'ommifislouor of Lands and Works for special
license to cut uml curry nwny timber from the,
•following desqribfld binds   .situated in West) SO chains,
Commotiuing ni a
Notice ts hereby Liven thai i^1 din* after date
we intend toapply to the Hon Chief Commit-**
sinner of Lands mid Work-lor it special lln use
to cut aud carry away timtier Irom the follow-
in,: described lands, situate in West Koetenay
1. Coiumenclngat a post planted about two
miles wesi from Bannock Point on i pin r Ar-
row Lake and maiked "H. II I. LVssouth east
comer post," theuce north so ehains, ihence
wesl SO chains, Uu ue. souih su ehains thctict
enst sn chain- to point of commencement
*.'. Coinmeneing at a post planted about
three miles wesl from llnnnoek Pnlnl on Cpper Arrow Lake and marked -il. ii I. Co.'s
Bouth-cnsl comer post." thence nortb -i1
clmins, 1 hem*.* west sn chain.-, ihenee south S
chain.-, them-e tast se chains to point of com*
Haled auj;. 1Mb, lyuti.
timber from the folloiving
lbed hind- in tlie ISiij Hend diitrici of
West and EnSt Kootenny:
1. Commencing at a post marked "Ernest E.
Adair's north-east corner post," nla tiled on Ibe
west sldeol tin- Columbia river, about i mile
west from the Dominion post near nrties
creek, theme wc-1 80 chains thence south 30
chains, thence ens' su chaltis. 'Llienei; north so
chain- to point of commencement
:. Commencing nt a p. st marked "Ernest E.
Adair's north-easl corner post," planted on ibe
west side of the Columbia river, about :i*. miles
wesi ol ihe Dominion post near Cames Creek,
llienee south so chains, thence west80 chains
thence north si' chains, ihence enst su ehalus
in point of commencement,
Hated August Bth. 1906,
:■:. Commencing nt a post mnrked "].. K,
Vdsir's south-weal corner post." j.lanied on
the north side of Columbia river, abmu ;:
miles west nt the mouth of Cumniiugs (,'reeli
timl a hunt 1 mile north ol river, theuce east Uiu
chains.thence north lu ehalus,thornx1 west
160 chaius, ihence south-to chaius to point oi
commeucemeut. Lir#---*********j**-f-*******************«
4. Commeiiclni! at a imst marked '-E.£ [the soulh-wesl bank ol th
Adair's uorth eastcorner posi," plan to i on the -..:,. M. .,]Ui •. h.iut three arti
south side of tho Columbia river, about 2 milos    .     '.,'..    ,- .-, ' ,-.
buck Irom river nml about 2 mites west of above the mouth ol   lummins In
Cedar Creok, thonce west ICO ohnilis. thence j marked "K. McBoan's north-west c
is'tiict, B. {       ^^^^^^^
l. Commencing at a post marked "Gim
' und's suulh east comer post," nlnnit si.v
mlles up E.encli Creek, them-e norlh Michnins,
west 80 chains, south -*'1 chains, east 80 chains
to point of com me nee mont.
2 Commeneing at a post marked "(ins
Lund's south wesl corner post," almnt six
miles no French ('reek, ihcivc-unrinSochiilns.
easigo chains, south Ml chains, west 80chains
to point of com meneement.
:-!, Commencing at a posl marked "Gus
Liiiur- north wesi cornor imst," about six
miles up French » reek tlience east 40 ehalus,
south ir.ii chains, west -p' chains, north 160
chains to poim of commencement,
-l. commeneing al n post niarked "Gus
Lund's north-east corner post," about six
miles up French Creek, ihciicewest lOchains,
south Piu clmins. east "in chain* mirth Itin
chains io poim of commencement,
Hated Sept. 16th, limo
5 Commcncine nt r posi mirkcd "Gus
Lund's norih-west comer pi*t," about four
miles up French Creek, tlienc ei-i lOchains,
south UH' clmins, west 411 chains, north liin
chains l<i poin> of commonceiueni
0   Commencing nt n post marked   "Gus
        I.und's soiuli-easi comer  posl," iil-mit one
, ,    ,   .        'mile up Coldstream irom mouth ol French
i-l   I oinmoncinK al a post plailted one j creek, ihenee north mi chains, west 80chains,
south mi ehalus, east 80chains to point of commencement
7. Commencing at » post mnrked "Gus
Lund's south-wesl corner post," aliout one
mile up Goldstream from mouth of French
Creek, thence north ■lOchains. east liin eliains,
souib -In chains, wesl liiO chains to pointol
(I, Commencing at ;t po-i planted aboul ■'
miles above mouihoi Canoe ilivor and I mile
south of T. I, ftliKI .iml inarkod "(lm Hedstrom's north-wesl eorner po-t." ihenee south
SO chains, etui 80 chains north 80 chains, wesi
Mi chuius.
T- ComtnoucliiK "t a po-i planted at north-
wesl corner posl of No 0 locution and mnrked
"Uu- Hedstrom's north-cnul corner post,"
thence Mini h go chains, wesl So chains north
quarter oi a mile north oi' the Columbia
River and aboul lwo ami one-third miles
from the loot ot' Kinbasket Lake and
marked "K. McBean's south-west corner,''
thence north So chains, thence easl So
chains, theuce south So chains, thence
west So chains to lhe point of commencement.
Dated ilii- loth day of August, 1-906.
iln   I'omnienciiijf a: a po-i planted two
hundred and fifty yards west of the Columbia river andonc-quarter of a mile soulh
o\  the  mouth of (
niarked "K. MeBean'
th.'inv  -outh  "v I    ^^^^^^^^
chains, theuco  uorlh   160   chains, ihon
we-l 40 chains to the point oi comment1
Dated this 1 uh day of August, 1006.
til   Commencing at a  posl PJame^o" | Tatedteap?/l8"h!!lftM,01 C
.limited - miles
wesl of noi'iheii-t cornor posl of location Mo,'
uiul marked "Gus Hedstrom's north-wflst cornor post," thoncosouth 9) chains, casi till chains,
north 80ohains, wesi 80 chains.
!). Conimonclntf nt a posl planted al north-
wesl cornet'of local ion No. 8 and marked "Gus
Hedstrom's north-east corner iimt." thence
west lUOohnln-J, -mil. Dclin i.,ui"! itf)cii.ilim
iiorth lOchains.
Datod Sept. ."ith, Klllil.
Notice is lierehy -^iven tlmi l-ftl days
aftei'dnte 1 intenil tn apply to the
Cliief Commissionei' of Lnnds and
Works for 11 special license to eul and
curry away timber from the following
described lands;
I. Commencing at a post planted
mi ilu- norlh bank of Snow Creek
almul 8 miles ensl of Burton City, and
niarked ",l. K. Janm'son's north-east
corner," tlience wesl SO chains, tlience
-milli Mi chain-, tlience eaM 80 chaini*,
thence north s" chains to point uf
:'. Couiineneing al "J. IC Jamie*
sou's north-wesl corner p -i." planted
mi iln- north bunk of Snow Creek
aboul s 11,ilc- easl of liurtou City,
thence easl SO chains, thei- ■■■ si tub s,(
chains, thenee wosl mi - liains, thenco
norlli HU .*li uus tn puiui "I couiinenee*
:{. ('oiumeui'ing al ' J, K. Jamii ■
-mi's nm-th-wesl post," planled nn 'he
in 11 j Ii bank ul' Snow i'\<-l uliuui 0
mill'- easl ul' Hui'ton City, thenee oast
IHU chain", thence south I" chains,
Ibeuce wesl HtO chains, thence north
lu mi ens lu pninl uf nu * m ement,
Daled Sept. Hli. 1000,
.1. K. J \.MlKSON.
-op 2.1
sop 20
iii:.- riEDsruoM,
NntICO     !!!l'!lli !,"Vi||l|„|i -ilia,-, uf
humid lo apply ,o tho Chief i-nninii-
l.nnj-uml   Works   for a   s| ial llcons
ami carry a tray limber I'roin lln- fn
ili-iirilii-il la-ids situato In tho Valnllisi
ConunonuinK nl a nosl  planleil
.Viiiii'M i* liMii-liy (.ivet. ihal thirty
ilays al'li-i- ilnli- ivi* intenil in upiiiy in
lhe Chief Ciiiiiinussioiiei'nf I, nnl* und
Wnrks I'm- a s| inl lieenei' tn nut mill
i-uri-v ail-ay timln-i- frmn lln- 1'iilliiiving
lll'Sl'lilll-ll llllllis silll.ll.-   in Wesl Konl
1'iiny district!
Ciiiulili-ni-ili-.' .1!   .1   |iu*l   |il,inti-il nl
the south-wesl   euriiui-iif I.ul 7>T .iml
I in.-u-ki'il "fjiiinh-Wiilsiin IjI.ii.Iii*.' C'ii.'s
iii.ii-lli-u-i'sl   cnriii'.'."   Ilii'iic' .SU clmins
— eust. Ml ehnins snulli. mi chains west,
.1.1 l-llili-l-llnl 111 lu place nf   '■ Iil.-ll'i"
i    ll lal Ai-i..«Iii-,iiI. H.C. Ilii
I-  day nl* Si.|iii'ii,li,.|'. I'.'iill.
ui !       Luw-Watsiin IjI'MI.iioii Ch,
- :''iih
ivesl •
north 1
•1 Ii
ii  inili Ml ami nm
li-iior |in
-.1 ■
Ki ehains. Uienue snutli SOchaln
20chr.lns, Ihuneosuiuh iOchalnsthe ;e.i«
chain-* more or loss lo boundiiry of Lot :
thenco norlh-easlerly nlong said bouiidtu
north-wost cornor of -aid Lot1818. no uiu
moro or less, thenee north lOOuha;
*■- M, SVMONS,
.1- Harry. Li
^^^^^^^—^^^^^^^—^^^^——^^mi. - Commencing a; a pu-t Q
S. Commenolng ai a post marked ''Gus jwcstsldcof Shuswap Riverand at
Lund's south-east eorner post," planted at the south from thc north-wesl cornor
north-east corner ofTlmber Limit C201, thenee | and marked "J. Ha-ry's north
north io clmins. en-M 100 ch'iins. souih 40
chains, west Mu chains to point of commencement.
 ^^ r   fl.  coinmeneing at a post   marked "Gils
inmins   Creek ami I bund's south-west corner post," plnnted at the
, ■■  north-west cornor of Timher Limit 7550, tiience
llt' n»tsiLoniLi,    Ilortl,  |U ,,!,„},!._ t,asl 1,-q ehnins,  soulli  10
ms, ihoneo ea-t 40 chafns, west 100 chains to point of commence*
id 011 Uie
il'I milli**
Loi ■-'sis.
       .-I   1'iiuer
post," thence wost J190 chains, thonco «-*>i m
chains, tlienco south Co chains, ihence «*is| 'in
clialns,tnore orlessto boitudaryof said Loi :'8l8,
thenco north-eastcrh' following said bo lary
120 chains more or Ies- to point of commencement.
,1. IIAI'I.Y.
i! nl  a po-i   marked
lo   Commencb
I.uml'- -oiiih-wt  	
mite iruin muutli "i    rench Creek, llienei
north SO chains, east 80 chains, south SO chains
,-st so i'litiins to poim of eommoneeinent.
* of
NntlceIs heruln given that sudavs afterdate I
luu-n.l ti. Dpply to th.- cliief CoiutKissii.nerof
Unds and Worfts for a special licence tn cu; and
: im nnil) timber from the following described
lnmls situated In the Yale District:
soutb-west comei i"-',' planted on the smith
braiiclnif the east fork nf Shuswap river, thence
imuh m .li iiii-. tlience easl 100 chain-*, thenee
-outh Jn chains, thence «t-st 160 clialns tn pnlnt •■'
south in chains, thenceeast lilO cjalus, thunce 1 Hience
nortiMU chnius to ",o;nt 01 c muienceineut,     '   ,   .
Dated August 15th, VM, '; ! ' -■
5, Commencing  nt a pi..;  marked "E. K I wo-i 4-
Adair'- north*uasteorner wmi * planted on the nil?nt
mi iiith-east side ni Colmublii river, about half a
mile from river and about tnreo and a half miles
below Canoe Ulver and aboul one mile above Pot-
lash Creek, thoncesoulhS) eliains, thenee west 3»
chiui-. Ihenee north Su chains, llienee easl so
chains to poim of eoninieiieeiiient.
Dated Augmrt 18th, UWU,
lis, llH'lll
"J, Unrry's
mh 11
:al  a   nosl
1 post, plauicu mi ine soutn
1 fork nf Shuswap Hlver, theuce
thenee east 160 chain-, thenee
hence tt.-st 160 chains to point of
north 4i 	
3. Commencing at a pnst marked ".I. Ilarr
imi-ih-.M-t i-onii'i pnst," planleil on ili.* -.11
branch of the eaat fork of slmswap Itiver, then
smith SO chains, thenee wesl SO cliains, then
imrlli -0 clialns, thence easl SO eliains to point
I, Commencing at a pnst marked ".I. Man*
nonUi-east corner post," plantcil 011  lite -mi
l icb of the easl fork of shuswap river, tliei
north mi chains, thence we-t so chains, tii
smith SO chains, tii
Nt'P 1
K, ii, S DAIR1
Daled ihi- 1
iii   Commei
the norlh-ea-t
iu-i abovo .he
and   marked
ih.- Columbia
oi Cummin- (
Notice is hereby given that HO days
afterdate I Intend tn applv tu the
Chief Commissioner of Lands ami
Works for a license to cut and carry
thence easl So
thence nor
tin- 10 lho
Columbia!   Ui  Commencin(, B|  a pos, mRrked ,.Gus
*■'  Lund's north-west  comer   post," about  10
J  enains north (rom north-east corner of Timber
■■   Limit  7558,  thenee south 8   ehniuu, cast SO
chains, north So chains, west Su chains to
■-i1  in;,0 of commencement
•o     Daled Sept. IDtb, 1900.
..'   12   Commencing at n post mnrked  "Uus
; Lund's north-wet corner post," pluuted nt the
, north eastcomcrol Timher Limi* TiiT;!, tb nee
1 south -11 chains, east ko chains, nortli 80 chains,
,..  ui-1 -' chaius to point of commencement
i:*;   Cmnmencine  at  n  posl  mnrked   "Cos
I.uml'- north-west corner posl," plnnted at the
-;  •■ uh iu"t cornerof Timber LlmltO'iiis, thonce
sj ■ south so chaius, east80ehalus, north SOohains
,,  west so chains to point of commencement
11.  rommenelng nl a posi marked  "(ins
' 1 Lund'- llorth*WOSt corner post," planled nl the
0*  south-west cornerof Timher Li mil i.Jul, theme
j south &u chains, east 80chains, north such .ins,
Dated this nth dav of August, 1906.     I west 80 ehalus to point of commencement.
■HH Hi^i^i^BH ' a
lli'-l    '
It'll. -
fmni il
SO I'll
iu annul marked "J. lln
l.i.-L-; |ilnnti;il i nboul il
..      ^_^^ ,       ,     ,   ...   ,.  ... .. iinsi marked "(ins
iki   ( omnieneiiijt ul n posl pla d un 11,„,„|-. north-wes. corner posl " planted nt tho
ih.' north-easl bank of lhe Columbia river,' soutb-u-osi corner uf Timber l.iinii 7510, thonoo
aboul un,- an,! one-third mil.-, belotv thc *o"th SO ehains, east SO ehains, north 80olialn«,
, ., , ,,     .  •' l i    .-,.        ...     i       i        ,      1 nisi *u i-liain-lu l.uiiil nl "iiiinnoiii'i'iiK'llt.
away    liinlu-i-   Iuhii   lln-   tnllowilif! inoiilll ol tuniniins Lreekand nmrked "L.     Doted Sopt. 20lli, 1906,
descrilied  lands,   sitnnted   in   West McBean's north-easl corner, llienee south    i,-,. commoncliiB al « posi nnirk.-il "Uus
Kootenny district nf II. C. iCe> ehnins, ihence it-esl 40 eliains, thence ' Lund's 11 rth-ivi-si corner pnsl," planted al tlio
1.   Cuininuni-in-r al a posl   1.1,,,'ked , north I -hai--*. ihe.ee easl 40 chain, lo ;;;■;; ^t^^^JSlia^Tor.l^'etE
we-t su chaius lo point of commencement.
17.  Commencing at a post  mnrkeil "Gns
Lund'-* north*west comer post," plnnted nl the
th-we-t corner of Timher Limit 7551, llienei
:i   (.'ommoncliiK 1.1 « posl p'anleil al
ohnlns north ol Itulubo i-l'rcok.ii iribal
slim'.i.i|. iii it nail  aim.ii   I  inilu,   i
1 ml 21) i
nry nf
mouth, mnrked " c. Jl. Syinoiw" north-on
hit im*i." thonee in-'. IliOohnlus, thonco
Ifl cliiins. thonco ('u-i bin chains, thonce
Io chains to point of commencement.
-l "in-
Dated Si'pt. Otli, Inl'ii.
i'. Jl. SYMONS,
.-mi in                     .1. Harry, hoc
Nnllcei.1 iir-ln jiii-.-ii ili.-ii.-in ilai-sall
wc, llio iinilcrele I. Intenil in make npnl
In llm llmi. Chief l-MiiniM-iMiM .,: l.n
Work, (urn * inl llwucc tn cnl andean
Iinil.. i li itlw !"!M" mm ilescribeil laml«
in lin- t\'i'*l ICoiiteliiiv itlatriet, nn llie easl
l...ii'1'r Airnn I.nii,.. nil 1 almul Uu miles (l
m i - MM,
nl. .rn.!
*iiln "f
um tlm
1.   I'liiiiini-ni'iiii! nl ii pusl planleil nn III
si.liMif Hi-nil 1,'reek. Ili"ii|.""ii*l -ili'lniin-,
a nurth
^.Vnlii-u is hereby frivei]  tl
utter dull!  I mii-iiil in npply in thu
Chief   I'niniiiis-iniii-i   uf   Liuni-  .nnl
-1"1"' ' i Wui'ks lui' nerniissioii I" piii'chiise the
I I'nllim'iiiM descrilied laml- silnnteil in
U'l.i Knuli'iiiiy district!
flCiinimeiicing ul a pusl |il(intt-(l "ii
the nurth side uf lluivnic Cii-i-k. iilionl
iiiii'-l'uiii'lh uf a iui!" snutli ul tin-
lliiivnii- creek ti-ii.il, nenr lln-.' mile
posl  .-mil  iii.ii-ki-.i --I'lm-*!   McMenn's
snntli-wosl  -mi-." Ilii'iice nuiili   IU
cliiiins. tlience mist (JiJ clmins, thence
suulh Hi ciniins, thence ii-osi nu chains
in poinl ul I'uiiiiiii-iii'i-ui.'iit; contain*
injr -liiiu-ii-s tiiui-i- ur ii-*-.
Il.lted Ilii- lllli ilny tif Sept., 1000.
s,.|i".'!l I-'.KM-.SI*  M.-HK \\\
    M. (i'1-nily's snulli uasl   ,-. uri.-t   post," I Ihe point of conn	
haliw to point of j plnntMd nliout nn« tlllll* north of Half-!    Dated Ibis 13th day of August, inn",
way Cri'i'k ainl aliniii  fuur inili isl -    ,1,   Commencing ai a post pl.in
,; J from Ariiiiv Luke and itiljnjnlng On* j ihe'north-easi'baiiii oV 1 lie CoiunTbia"river i 'Z\h
est 1
f the'en-t fmk nf s-iiii-,,.ij. j Al'l'llivhi'illl l.llinlii'i- Co's claim, N"
n clialns, east so chain., (J9~S, iniirki'ii nn map and .-1111*111111111; nn
SO cnains tn pnlnt of cum. nonh Mf< thenee 80 chains nnrth,
I thenci' Sll chains west, thence SO i'liains
snutli, thence su chains east lu puint of
I I'liimni'iit'i'ini'iil.
1   -J,  Com mencing   nhont   nne   mil,'
[ nnrth otNo. 1. tlience south 80 chains,
thence west Si) ohnins, thenee nortli
Sll eliuiiis, tlience  cast  80 chains to
point nf commencement,
II.   Coinineneilig nt pust of No, i.
! tlience north Sll ehnins, thence west I tvesl so eiiam
:S0 clmins, thonce soutli 80 chains.!ih
1 pnst innrkeil "J. Ham's
' planted abuul mi" mil"
1st lurk nf Slllliwap Ilivor.
theuce -"nib lu chains,
. tlwnct uh in chains,
(mm the month nf the 1
llienei' east nm chain
tl i- .ie-t ll-l "iiniii        	
lo Ibe poinl nf"' ni'iu'i'iiii'iii.
:.   (Ji neiiehni nl 11 posl  marked ".1. limn
 llin.-l cnllml pust.'* planted nl I mi" mil
Irom the ilinulh of the easl lork of Sllilswa|i llliel
lliiini-e ih in i-linhis, ".'-1 nm clmins, snulli 1
cliiiins, nesi ni" clialns tnpnbitnf commune
-   1 mn iiu ni n pnsl  ked -J. Harry'
nl,',! mi Hi
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ uili SO chains, east so eliains, nortli 80 ehnitis,
about two .'uid three-qunrler miles below' ivest s" chains 10 point ni commoncomont,
Ibe mouth ol Cummins Creek and marked 11 IS.^Commencing ni a  pust marked "lias
"E, McBean's south-ivest comer,' Ibeuce
north So chains, tiience east So cliains,
thence south So chains, Ihence west So
chains 10 the point ,-t commencement.
Dated this !.;ih day of August, 1906.
inn Commencing it a post planted on
ilm norlh-easl bank il lhe Columbia river,
iboul  '"'   tnd three-quarter miles below j
I.anil's north-wesl enrner post." planted ul ih
north-easl ciirner of Timlier Limit 7551, theuco
-uiiiii 80 chains, oastsoohalns, nortli mi elm in*,
w.-*i s.' elinins in pojui ol commencement.
Dated Sept, 21st, Him),
ti'. Commencing ni 11 post markod "Una
I.nii'!-- nnrihiii'si corner post," plantod 111 the
south-wesl cornor ol'l'lmber Limit "'i"!., 1,,-.,,■*■
-"'iiii 80 ehalus.easl SOohains, northsiii'luiln*,
wesl 80 chains to point ol commoncomout,
kod "(in-
smith su rlinins. tlienco wesl sn "Iiiiiii-. Ihi'liC"
 tb 80 clialns Io point of coil ncomeiit.
■1.   (,-iunint-iii-iiiL- at .1   |ii--i   plailteil   il I --1
clialns, oast of post No, 1. llienei *i BOeliatns,
tlienc. soutli -11 "h.iiii*. ih.'iu.. in..*! socli Ins,
the! imrtli Sni'linin* tn,pniiil nf cumnioneei ■!
8. I'.iiiiiiii-iii-iu-i ni .1 posl plnnteil go chain,
sooth nf Hear! Crook, llionce nasi 8n clialns,
t! i-t- snutli su clialns, tlience wesl *n clialns,
tiience nnrtli so chains to puint nl ciininii." nenl
I.  ('mu nclllc.ala |i"*! pin !" 'i""i ,M-i
III |ll..  N"n. !i. lIlMI I-l  ■     1-lulll.   Illl'll       -"I!"
sili'liuiii.*, llm west su "huii- tin 11  ■ h *"
i'liains in pninl nf commencement.
ill .
limi Nn. I. Ilh'i easl
chains, I ■" »,..| s
clialns lo point of conn
I l.li'il Ibis I2lli ilie
I |>l.
i"l "liiin' iiii'li
-ink'' "t ipplic 1
is. Ihoi ii so
.   Illll Ill  S"
S. .1. Il.tlll.OW,
.1    I   Iiiiiiiii..
■---—-     jn   L'omtnciiclug 111 n pn*i miirki-il "tins! Ileooso Incut nnd earn nwuy Umlinr fruiii llio
the mouth ol I minimis (. reek uiu! marked , ,,und'. north-wc«l corner poit," i-lnnieil nl llie | fiiljou-liin_nescrlbo(l lands in Ilic Hi ml mm   I
N'ollco Is hereby given thai Ibiny days after
ilal" I Intend iu apply In thn Ilouorablo Chlol
i-Miiiiiii-iii'i"i mi Lniul-iiiiil Work.(urn 1nocl.1l
Ileooso in mi' and carry awny llmlwr (mm lira
v'.lhpm'..uih*ui ilii eart'lork, t'lieiie'c iiiu-t'li.': tllHllCfl eust Sll clllllllS tn puint of Cum-
in. '! "-"-I 1 inin-.iii.'i   iii in I meneement.
iiMiiimu-i- ,",.nm.'!,,„i- „.,,„„„ nienui     ,   comniBnoing at  t ni Nu. 2,
led Ail«.,st 20.ll, 1000. ll-.i-lue   i-asl   80 ClllllllS,  I In-lli'l- iml! li
1'l;l  .1. HAltllV.   j80 ciniins,  tin nee  west  80 clmins
~  llienee suulh  HII cliains  1.. point  "I
^ ( I I | (  |*. I commencement.
Dnted Sept. 4th, 19011.
sep IS Jl. GRADY,
K. JlcBean's iiorth-er.si corner,' llienee I solith-ensi corner o( Timber l.im'lt "07I1, liionc
lh Mice soulli 80 chains, "1| 8 am*. ea»l So chains, norlli so elialm,
,,     ■ ,, . lll'sl Slll-llMlll* 111 lilllllt III l-iilllllli'l.l .-llll'lll.
Chains,   llli'ili-e  nnrlli 80'
cliains to the poinl of commencement
llllleil ll ' August, ii."-.
Commei -     posl planted .-n
lhe soulh-wesl   11 k   ■ the Columbia river
mile below tlie mouth oi Vellow
ji   commmiL-liiu
I.und's nurih we.1
wesl eorner of Nt
111 a po*t marked "(lus
aimer im-!." ui ilu- suulh
"   then 11*1 HU oliat,
VTOT1CK Is hereby given that 80 dnii alter dati'
1>    I   Inlenil to npply I" lho llmi. Tin- Clllel
Cunimlssl ml Lands und Wnrks fm- a S| ial
License tn cut and cam away timlior from lln-
follnulngdescribed bind, lu IV.-si Kuntonaj Ills-
fa) Coimuonolng at a post planted lj miles
nftlii- t'liiiimiiiii Ilivor, on tho north hunk
-ok empi yini*' Into tho I'oliiinir
N'otlco Is hereby given that Mays after date
mn large ereek emptying Into the Coluinbin , ^'"i""'- ""","•'»;*'"""■'■'■'...;.-;....■. ■««
lllver nliiuii 2 miles above Gordon Itapldsami I' ml,-ti.l I.. n,,,.1 \ in iln-1 Im-i 1 ommls.ionor ol
marked "I-:. Mctican's south-oa.1 oornor,'* I IjhiiI* and Worlcs for especial licence to cm
thonco tvesl liKlchnlns thenco iioi-ih 10chain*, and enrry away liinin-i-n-nin itn- following do-
thonco cnsl Ilii chains, tlienco soutli 10 ohnlns | -.';l',i|!'''l,li,'!".!ll''1,"."''1 '" ""' Bl8 lu'1"1 lli"ll'k't
10 ihe puini ni commencement,
(in Commuiiclng m n pn*! iilanled aboul 11
inili- m-i ul lhc Columbia lllver on ilu- -Hi
bank of n largo crook emptying Into the Cob
iiinhin Itlvoi'uboiil '.'mill-- abovo Gordon lln-
piil- nml mnrked "K. McHean's norlhoasl
corner," llienco south 100 chain". Ihenco wosl
111 elinlns, I hence norlh UK) chains, liionco ciwl
In "Iuiiii* iu ilu- pulnl ul I'liiiinu'iii'i'iiii'iil,
Ilnlcil this 24th day of August, 1I8HI,
,ep8 I-:. McllKAK,
Nutlco 1
inl llm
lii'i'i'in nii.-ii iiiiii 00days afterdate 1
pplviulh" llm able Ilu CblefC	
if Lunils 1 IVnrks hu 1 >sl	
11. fnlliininc   I Mil."  Inul. iu llm .11.
sl Knuli'iiiiy Hovel Inlo Uiu.	
if   Ilu-   I'
1 1    1!
nnrtli lies
Illl'll,'" I'U*
'!'- ll 'I !'"•! I'l loll llm im -1 hull.
|ilil*  1   ked "II. x  Mm him ■
enrner pnsl," llienee .. ,1,, 1, 1	
lui-h.iill    'iirlosslnllll   in    ill.
nl llio t'nl
1 'Ilniu
U1lll.il. Ilii
Illlilil llll"!'; llllll''" inn ll.llli lli'sU'll!
llll lllllnivlllg  III" tti". nli'.i   llllll nl
1 111  II," p'ltlll  nl l'Ullltlll'Ul'1'llll'lll.
lllllll 1
ml IK
ii   N. McUAHTltU.
ii Wei K'.mii'iiiiy:-
('niinnenclng -it a post marked "\V, .1. Mannln :'*
nnith-uasl enrner pus!," nhuitud almul a niilc ami
.1 Imlffimn Iti- Mouth tTeek, on thu wesl side ol
ii,.-C,.|iiii,:,i., Kiver, and miodialf mile wesl fr<nn
lln-river, the * wesl SU chains, thunce south ,-"
elinins, iin-ni-r c.i-i Bii chaliH, ili.-n-'e north •*
chaini tn pninl nf conuneiieument,
Dated 4th September, lOilfl,
top I' W. .1. M.WMMi  t,    ;
Crock uui marked E, McHonn's north*
dis1 iv ii . iheiH'c -.-inii 160 clmins,
ilu-m-e west ..* cl : * -. ihence uorth 160
i-h,*t:!i-, thenee e isl  .,- chftinii lo the poinl
' COP "   '   I    ::■
Dnled this i fjth daj >'! August, 190G.
I,'-   1 'ommencine bi a po-t planted on
the south*\vc-i bank of lhe Columbia river
lltli -0 oh 11 in-. WCBl Nielimih, ll.'1*1 li Ml chill US
i.i point ol commencement.
Dated Sept. IMuil. 1000.
Commencing at a pom  marked
bund'- north-well corner poul "plBntod nl lhc
M,'.!h-ui*s!   curlier   nf   No,    II,   tllUllCO CUSl fltl
chains, soutli su chains, wo>i su clialmi, north
B ■ cllll li- U' ['"iill o[i*i)iilliie||.*ciiiciil.
j:. ('ommeiicini; nt a post mnrkeil ''(Jus
i-.wi- north-went onnier |io-.|," plantud tu ihe
s.iiiiii-nesi corner ol  So, i -, tlioi  ohhISJ
chains, --outh ^11 chaliu', went wi ehniiiH, north
bu chains to point oi eouiraciicumont.
21, Commenclnti al » pusl  inarked "Gus
»' ii«r,ili'r^%,l,\iu„u,l,?rL'rt,,oil»""'''™
river and marKed "I-..  MeHean s norm- south so chain. ivesiBOelnilni rm ai ohnlns
ensl   corner,    ihence  south  s,i chains,  lo iwl.il ol coin iieomenl,
Ihence wesl So cbnins, thence north 8o .'-'''• ..Coinini-iielng al n pus. murk.''
chains  them ,.l -i.elrnn. i.i ih.. „,!„i i l.'lli'l'* ""rlh ensl "turner *pi.*l," nl lho nortli
cnains, tnence ea-t no mams to lhe pom! | ffWt corner ol Timber l.lmli TnT.'l. iiieneosonll
if Wesl Kiiulonay!!^^^^^^^^^^^^
I.  Coin in-iii:   ii  ii  im.'  -nu  ■ Woll
Olson's iuii'ili"u-i eorner pusl,' ninl p! mtod
nliiuii .vii j-.n-.l-. -uui Imi c 'ol i iim liii. River ami
nliniil l| mil"- n ."In"!"'   Klllli'i '      l.i1
III"  -IIHHI - - -'"Ml  li-,  ti ulii,sn
chnius, nu-' Hi i-luiiii-
:'.  Cfiinmciiclng nl j pn-l pliuiieil i    o  li
casi enn I locution Nn. I mul markod
-■.iiinn nl mi - north i\"   " i t  llionce
.imiii mchains .I'-" ii inl i'liains,
wosl •) ehnins,
:i.  i-iiiniii. in-iiiK ni  n im-i  mnrkeil "Ailoll
I ILiill'-. Ilinl Ii "i-l ni!' ■ im-1,   mil .   ii  cdun
SOIllll    side   "f   CiilillillU.i    Ilinl     Hul   ili'iul !!
mile* above Itlnliaslioi l.il.". !ltom ■ uuti -"
ohnlns, wosl (ill olinlus, ih >n clialns, eaal sii
Dntod this llnl tiny of September, 11**1.
"S&i*.!* 4*!'.-'i*^i*rf~
A LICENSE tu iui limner van be ac-
qulred ..iily al publh uupetltloil, A
lentai nl f. I'li .-.,u.ji■- inil,- is charged
fur all Umber berths ex opt ihuse eitu-
uitd west ui Vim in, win n iim rental is
al the nti" jt u vmii;*: j.. acre pei annum.
In addition lu il,, i - dues ai tha
following rates ate eluig..,;-
.Sawn lun,her, iu cents ptr thoi.bi.iid
(eet CM.
Railway lies, eight and nine leet long,
l ]-- am! 1 3-1 n-iits each.
Shingle bolls, !!5 Limit a cord.
jUI oilier products, : per cent un the
.t license is iss.m.i , i ..- a berth
i.s granted, but In surveyed territory no
timber can Ik- cut on .. mm., until '.he
licensee lms made a .urvi \ then ••'..
Permits in cut tin  an  nl-   granted
ui public cotnnetitlon, excei i in the case
of actual settlers, who requlio the lun-
ii 'Mil own us".
Settlers and oilims muj also ubiain
pormlts iu cui up lu 1- m i wood for
salo  without  competition
The dm-a Jiuyable uiid-n . permit are
$1.60 per thousand feet H 'J . lor t-ju.ir«
limber  and sawlogs  ui   an     "wood   l-
ii'l'l link, liuni 1-2 lo 1 1-J "inl    pei  .HitJ
loot I'm- building h.«s, from 1. 1-. to d
ceula per cord for wood; . uc-nt fur fei.es
poslaj il cents fur 1-uihv..., Ilea; aaid is)
cents per cord i"i- Bbln. .•■ i olti.
Leases for grating l-i. • are issued
for a term of twenty- •• yeara, at a
rental of two mum pel  i ■■  .-. annum.
Coal lands may  be purchased at 110
liol- acre fu" ooft        ;-   fi : .iiilhra-
Clto. Not iin.ii- 11...ii ... nn ■■ may oo
iienuired in one ...J.inini   ". company.
Ilojali) ,u   lu- ■ ue ci '    - i'i. per tun
uf 2000 pounds li  m '     ■ •■ in..- gloss
Untrlea inr land lot agricultural pur-
I ..m.'.'i maj '."■ ii-.ui' pi' io ""-, ••! me 10"
cal laml nun." i"( ii" ■ ' In which
■in :, „! i„ is- :....M. ., II lated, or
if ih" homeateader desire., he may, on
applleallon t"  11 Mini it; i or
ui Ottawa, ib- '- mm'  ci Iminlgia-
ilon at Winnipeg, ,,i Uu •(■   lor
the  In -iu-!.  wi'iiii. which   ".   i-i-" is
tuateil, receive authority  li - n mo one
M,  in it" ■ \.u;   !.ir lilm.
A lee rn im i   .. nig
»"li in
oi i-i'illllleill-eilleil!. ^^^^^^^^
Dated ilii* 23rd day ol August, 1906,
..Ts I-:. McBEA.V,
-1 ■
Certificate of Improvements.
1- 1 l-n i: ■.:• Mineral Claim, situate In the Arrow
1 ■ Elm Dlvislmi - ( Kootenaj district.
Vi 1 ..  Mini ; .1 Cil)  T-" IC
Notice» horeb) glvon Umt80 days after dal
Muti'iid lo upplv to the I'liiet i'omml««ioner
oi [.luiilsaud works lor a medal license i„
mei carrj   mvnv umber innii lhe following
ilescrlbod landi iltuate in lhe Rig Hend din*
Knotcnny: --i-^i^i^ii^ii^ii^ii^™r**-****************»»#**-******************-rijpjpjpjpj.aipjpji
ineneliii!   nl   11   |h"I marked   *-.tan   " ! '' 'I      '"'"' Mlnliw lie
tm^mmum^^^m ■' eonlerfora t'eitlflratc ... Tin irovcments, foi lliu
< I \KI N'OTH I! l1 it I lu-nueth I.. Ilill'liet,
a^ent ' VI l II " u . 1 * v iku.ip I'rct
j Nriin-r^ ('ertitteaie So. Ilff.**, Intenil, «lxt> dny?
Carlson's   south-woM corner   pnsl." plnnted
nl 1 l1. mllei norlh of T. L, CiSi, and about
mile onst of Uolnmbla rivor, thonco north 8u
clmins, thoucs uasl no ehalm, thenco south 80
1-hiilnn, thenee licit W)ohalm to point ol com-
incnoo ment.
Dnteil MiiUinl 11th, iwo.
atijt^ BWAN r.-i^i.tJON
piirp-i^    ■ .    1 :    n (Ii im "I th'" ilmve
\   i ■ lhat action 11 in lei tec
lore tin
11 -...,.
Datwlth ■   • t'\      I''.
augl Ki nm Ml 1   i'.l ilM.T.
-! chain*- io point oi com mencomont.
■jij. CommoncliiB nl a posl marked "Clua
Lund's tuMtIi-i-msI comer poet." lit tho UONli*
wesi. nmor of Timber Limit oiftsi, thonco south
-I chains, wc>t -10 ohains, sou in suclmltis, wesi
lOclialm norih BO chalm,ciisl in chain*., uorlh
Su chnlns, ''u-i i1' chain- io poinl bi ooinmoimo*
Dated Sept,-.'Hnl, 19u6,
o.-\ in uns LUND
N'olh'ci.liecel.y 1,'iveulhil IHUbiJ   i i cr ilatl
I intond loamilj in iln* Ohlnf t'oniuil    mur ol
Uudsaml Work-i fora Hpuclal liucnuo to oill
a aottloi win -.I * fcd an entry (oi
ii homenload, ih reoulred - oertorm 'no
oi -Jltlona oonni ■ :'*<i th< ■•■'•■ nli r ^no
of .he rullnv-liijc plana:-
iii A*, h 1.1 \x i oni ■ - o upon
ami culllvullon ol ihe Ian i In ■ a< ii - -ir
during th. it-mi of Unc   j, rn
It l» th. ji.ni.' ■' nf :; - 1-, . i, io
require ;i settlei I * brln« l . ■ n -r
onulvallon, bul ,i hi pn •■ i. ho ma) uut>-
i., and ji head ol '■* Lb ti uo
it tualh im- "wu propert) with I il d uh
fur their iccommi ilatlon, vr\\] i required
:-- ti ad of cultivation,
(o i: tho (athor (or mothi r, i tb< ta-
Lhi; i dc.e.uied) ',', ,tn, person who ii
ell I . io make a hom *- lead i nl ■ under
'Si- lin*.Irriona of the Acl nsklca -i;oo
a farm In tin- yl* Inil    ■>: '.,.! ■ u-
"*** Q   lll'lli'".*,'   ■■ 1,
iu,,l,-«ii7i'"iyiiiiii«:i,(,M!i',''iin' 'I'i.'ii'.'.'.'.i'n'i'.i;' rer'e'd (or'by »uch person a. j bomeBteaa,
sorlboil I. - in liii; llend i iol w, 1 thi    eau remenU  itt  a   lo     -i
Ifoolonill" il':i''' prlcr lo -'biuli'l'ig 1-
,    ,.„'„ „„, ,, „ ,    , „, | ,   , I, .-..Mi tl. .1 liy su.l. 1' ---a "■   1"
I.   l (iiiiiiu'iii'iui; ui   i  I...' |i].ni "il .    tiiili .        .. Nl,,|),,,
 ■Ill-eilsliifl'illlllllllliillivi'l-illlil^.li'illl;'Iliiln- ",;,',' jf   ,|,,,    Ml!!,,    Inn,    ...      .
Noli""!- hereby glvon ihnl :m da
I inn ml uin|i|il! to the Chlol Commissioner uf
Lniul-uiul Wur!.* fur ii spoolal licenso to eul
 i carry <i">o timbor from ilu- lulion-inc, described Inul- un I'ppi-r Arrow Lui."-. (Veal
Iuiiii ii-lni! nl   ii  posl   iilniiliil il1jo.11 iiiii-
iiiI!" norlh m it"- b wosl corner (if I.ul III 1.1
i Iii-iu" If! chains we.t, llienco llkl chidns nurih.
Ihenco 111 clialns enst, thoi  Iinichaius south
lull"' polul ul "iiinliii'iii'i'iiu'til,
Dated liignsl lllli, iiiii.
.1. «', l-lll.KV.
st of Downlo t.ronk and innrkeil   .!, Urstin s realdenc« upon furmliig land owned by
"'"  '"'■   '■"""■'I'"-.  I   ■ mi u, ih- vicinity nf ii,   lorm
(oulli8ilc ii-', iviMisii" h, imrtli Ml chains. rec.U|rem(inta of the Act aa le i   Id.  -
•j. Culm dug ul a tiiisi plnntod nl itn mnj  I atlaflod i-v realdcno   .,  a the
norlli wi-i cornor nf loenlhin Nn. I nml -u.-<t unl.'l  land.
'.Iuiiii l.ni.iiii. .muii u... riiurpnst," llienco
iii.i.wii-liuiii*. inii'ib Kiiohalns, wc i ■"• liulu .
.nillh su nh..ins.
!l,  c inouohig at n pnst pbiutoihil Lb-
uf location No, 2 uml marked
"John Lu''ui'* north oasl cornor pusl, thenoe
wesl su ohains, south Ml ehains, on I KJelinlnsi
norlli sni-luiliis,
I   i'i nolng ut  i posl planleil al nortli-
mi*! I'liriiiii uf liii'iii inn No.!! and innrkeil ".Inini
l„l|-.in,;s-lllllll ",l*l I'linii'l'||" ll M.    ..   : -il
nimi ii* -Hi Ml chains, ensl *i elinlns, ,011th su
Dated Septooibor 7lh, IDlifl,
*"iil!i JOHN I.AI1SON
uiiii   ianu.
.tpplloatloii for inili-ii! should ">  '■••
ni tin -'. i ol :!;r-" yeara befon i
agent,    il   gent or a h i lead   nil i >
Iieforc i.iiiklnK 11 plh         ' pat' nl.
' m    - -i'ur must  nkn    ,v   .., •    s
Iii  ivrltltijr to the Commlasloni ol D°-
itl    'i  Lands at  Ot i„ -   i ,nt,-n-
II  du un.
W,  W   r.-OI.V
Dupn'v Mlulsi.-r of ih.. Irii.-ror,
Ottawa, ICplinirnv 14th  iJfr
"-Pic:i3oa7o«ory' *Smatter  lhc  " Mnrcti
*\ /
New Coats
se are n beautiful line ol the latest enls (rom
markets,  The ** I'rince Chap ' is a seller,
iviiliinlitv anil I'.vclusivi'iii-ss are  fi-nliirt-tl  ill
the new gaimi nt we show lm* lal .
llvio, we can lately any, is the best assortment
ever sh itvn uutsiili- the large cities.
Our Fine Furs and their low prices arc a genuine
Btirpri-i' lu niiiiiy, iiiiii they will be a surprise to
everyone who inspects theni,
lis high lime yuu were thinking of warmer
Underwear, We have it full line of Two-I'iece .Suits
(or Ladies and Children; Health Brand, in white,
Puritan, Hygiene nnd Penman's, in natural wool.
Ladles' Combination Suito In "Knit to Fit" natural
wnnl uml Silk and Wool.   Puritan, in whito.
A full line of Men's Combination and Two-I'iece
Suil. from such well known innkcni an Penman,
Knit-to-Fit, and others.
The Store
that never
IA Tonic!;
If ymi wnnl  nn excellent 1
Tonic and easy to lake, get n v
■fl.UO bottle of mil-Pint Wine &
buttled especially for om-- *
selves. T
T Canada  Drug & Book 1
a    Company. Limited.    $
a ,"t, it. i*t. 1T1 i*t, it, it, iti iti iti iti ii,
vpvf * '*''+' 'V '+1 + + * '+''+' +
Wednesday, Oct. 10, ior 24 hours.—
Barometer 110-32. Light winds; very
foggy; line and mild during day.
Local and General.
Nov, 1-tth is the date of the Hus
pital Hull.
The Ladies Auxiliui*} ul the Y. M,
C j\, ure giving n bean supper on
The man wliu said ''tumrirroi. never
comes," did not have n - - te tn pay
whioh lell duo in -I hours.
On October 31st the Lad.- \ ixil
iary to the V. M C \. nn hs. . n
loan slipper
Keep in mind Ihe date ol the Fifth
Annual Bull of the Ladies' Hospital
(iuild, Nov. lltli.
Tin: Kosslniul syndicate has u it yet
taken over ilit Hume hotel in Nelsoc
It may gn to Revelsloke pei . -
The  regular   weekly ilai.ee   :
Forget-me-not  Club  wil    • *
the Uperu House, Fridaj   ,*ening
Becker, Master  : Ceremonies.
When your b isii -- luu I ■'
feeling give il a d isi ! ; rinti - ■
You can get tin in   it I
oi Kevelstoke- leadii _
Service preparatorj  to com
will b.- !-.-'-! mi connect      witi  *
regului   prayer   nteel   .
Knox Church at 8 o'cl <sk.
E, T.  K ugsley, editoi
ern Clarion, Vancouver will Is   •   .
Socialistic lecture ii the Belk rl
tomorrow  night tl - o'cl - k     £'• *.-
wage earner mil   -
he ther>   I...'	
Tbe lecture should    -  •■
iiiter-s'.i-..   '■ t
a. an   rat- : - - I .    ■     i u
Etc., Etc.
A iresl supply just arrived
Dpuki lm imi Stationer,
n   • tii.' Hum, ll'.".
Will Order   HaMlvo Pn m.,1 Attention
The Preserving
As the preserving season is now
here we invite ynu to call und
inspect uur fruits. Including
Peaches, Pours, Plums, Crabs,
always in stock.
Fruit.Iiii-s, all sizes.
Don't :' rgel Oct. 18th, Thanksgiving, a Feast.f Feasts, fancy work
table, etc.
The lacrosse boys have still maintained their splendid record ol "Can't
in- heir." and gave tlie Alberta champions a good, haul run fnr their money.
in the three provinces of Canada
where Conservative governments are
in pi wer there is manifest satisfaction
at in'.- policies which are being enforced.
In Ti-.\a>- ihe other day an editor
turned preacher, Ko cause is given
for the trouble, but it is supposed that
the "d'-v- " drove hini "ru/.y yelling
for ci | y lurii.- im h il weather.
The latest in p ilitical rumors is thnt
tin   li -i-.ui ne ivi    n : in January
iei thai I fay! i VI.1' P., oi Revelstoke, will !" app M"'! • the vacant
pri ..! ",i.: secretary*! ; — Westmin-
sti r Daily Xi we
A German periodical ti^ures out
that ■ ieruianj has ■ n igh ■ al
280,000,000,01X1 ton.   ti   lasl il '-'""'
) '..-     I-   _ ,.:..: mm       .-  i» H 0 -
ti ns an I ml the a it o! -- -.-
lunipti       •--..    for    nly 400
A'e - •   ... '..'-..-
■ i. -", • ■
tug-of-v       * ition witi
* ■   ■    ■■■ .-   iu , Big Edd
' lut issui      .  • li •■•
arrive . - •■ •
!-■ --- -..- . •
.     .. :
-     . .        ■ T.
e ed S
i   le
              ■     term, rw.ll)
■ ■   . ■
-  ■
.        ■   ■■ i
■ .   .
... .,,.| .   ..
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Beet
Kincaid & Anderson
A special service was held in St.
Peter's Church last Sunday night
when Kootenay Lodge No. Iii, A. F. &
A, M., and the Kevelstoke Chapter of
Loyal Arch Masons So. 12(i atleuded.
There was a large congregation com-
posed ol citizens and visitors. The
service was distinctly Masonic, and
was particularly impressive not only
in the way it was conducted by the
Rev. C. A. Proeunier, but also in the
associations connected with the Ancient Order ul Free snd Accepted
Mas- ne. The chanting and singing
wis beautifully rendered and tin.
special sermon, (which will be pub-
lished :n our next issue) was a striking and powerful discourse on the
r:g.n teaching and benefits "ii every-
lay   Ie if Free Masonry.
Social and Personal
e has retun ed frum a visit
'■- tel Hill.
-   ■   i-   tun ed from s visit
„   '•'-        '   Scott  .cave iur
- ■   ail
a j Lake City, is
. ■*
*•!•• i!   ■ . ,i
- ■      - •   ■ ,,ii    i
■ • . i ..-  -
i ., -
saltern i tnada
.   will
■' ' Ml
See Our Window
We are showing some of the Latest Designs in Tinted Cushion Tops Tor outlining
in Silk. You will lind something very different to anything yet shown in the town.
They all have backs and sell from 50c to 90c each.
We   carry a full line of the celebrated Brainard & Armstrong Silks in both
Filoselle and Roman Floss, and keep our stock fully assorted at all limes.
I'eri I.tista in all sizes for White Embroidery work.
We have just opened a large lot of all the new designs in Centre  Pieces, Cosy
Covers, Photo Frames, Laundry Hags, etc.
Hemstitched Linens.
Our assortment in this line comprises Covers, Tray Cloths, Sideboard Cloths, etc.
Have you seen them.   They are all very pretty.
C. P. Latham is nursing a sore knee
the result ol a fall which he had yesterday during tbe match between the
Stratbconas and Revelstoke in la-
On Monday alternoon Irom four to
six o'clock .Mrs. C. B. Paget entertained in honor of her sister, Mi«
Sibbald, ot Sutton, Ontario. The
tables were very prettily decorated in
red and green, and were presided over
by the Misses McLennan, B.Hall and
the Misses Paget. The day was one
ol the brightest days of this season
and a great many ol tbe new fall
gowns seen were very dainty.
At the annual meeting ol the ladies
of the Hospital Guild held on Sept.
25th, the following election of ollicers
took place for the ensuing year : Hon.
president, Mrs. A. E. Pnipps; Pres.,
Mrs. 11. A. Lawson; lirst vice-pres.,
Mrs. W. Elson, second vice-pres., Mrs.
R, H. Urquhart" treasurer, Mrs. tl. M.
Clarke; secretary. Mrs. J. M. Scott.
Arrangements for the tilth annual
ball were made, and committee, were
appointed. Mrs. Scott wus appointed
secretary of the ball committee with
Mrs. ,1. M. Doyle assistant.
Business Locals.
ilramaphimea nt Canada Drug Store.
Carpets and Linoleums at Howson's
furniture store.
Wall paper!   Wall paper'  at How-
Sun's furniture Btore.
Wampole's Cud Liver Oil at Canada
Drug Store—easy to take
Get an  Ostermoor mattrass—How-
ion's furniture store has theni.
The newest things in framed ploturos
tt the Canada Drug & Hunk Store—
!   1-'  -lii'iii.
-     r
■   It, *, .- hi
r • I'-
■\ wide circle ol friends will regret
thi ii,nu inoemenl ol the death ol
Mrs. Wamsley, which occurred lately
a* Winnipeg, The deceased lady had
bei I. 1 resident in this oity Inr many
years imst and was well knuwn
throughout the town and district,
having by her kindly .nu\ unselliidi
ictinni endeared hersell to all who
knew iei Tin- Maii.-IIkhai.ii joins
with thi many Iriends hern In extending to tin- bereaved lamlly their sympathy In thoir sad hour of loss.
'llll    H'.VI.K*!..
I lm lnii.iral took place on  Saturday
alternoon Irom St. Peter's church,
where n lull choral service was held,
hy the Ilev. 0, A. I'mcunier. The
service was must impressive thc ajiecial
pialma anil hymns lieing beautifully
tendered,   A largo tiumlxr  of sym
pathizing friends fulluwed the remains
to the cemetery. There was a very
large attendance of citizens at tbe
grave side, where the Rev. C. A. Proeunier performed the last snd rites,
who knew the deceased in the early
days ol her residence here and who
were there to slum- their respect antl
esteem to une whom tbey hud learned
to respect for her many loveable
Over and around Ihe casket were
piled in great profusion the wreaths
and llowers from many friends, marked
evidence of the esteem ot the deceased
lady. The pull hearers were: Messrs.
J. McLeod, Fred Fraser, T. Kilpatrick,
Guy Barber, E, Trimble and G. S.
United States Finds in Canada
Large Demands for Her
The United States sold Canada in
11104 exports to the value ol $106,000,-
000, Thia amount constituted more
than 62 per cent, of the whole Cana
dian imports, but waB only II per
cent, of tbe foreign exports of the
United States, says Charles M
Pepper, special agent ol the United
States Department of Commerce and
Labor, in a report on his study of
Dominion trade conditions.
Besides selling goods to Cauada,
Mr. Pepper says that 25,0011 settlers
went from the United States to its
northern neighbors from January tu
October, 11105, ami that the value ot
their etl'ects was 110,0110,000. This
number uf emigrants from the United
States is less than lm* the two preceding yenrB.
The new wheat fields ol the Dominion's great Northwest are the
attraction in those seeking new
homes in Canada, and it is to that
seotionjlhe United States should look
lor the development ol existing and
the oreatioti of new markets uf trade.
The food, clothing and farm implements to which these settlers have
been accustomed in the United States
constitute the products which may
be sold them the easiest in Canada.
The wheat yield in Canada last
seiiiuii was upwards of 1)0,000,000
bushels, or approximately equal to
that nl the State ol Kansas, A production of 150,000,00(1 bushels by
1010 is foreshadowed, provided crop
Conditions cuntinuc favorable and
Inirv.-it bands cau be obtained.
Railroad construction in the Northwest in given as another suurce ol
new population and consequtntly of
widened  markets.    After describing
the new transcontinental project
known ub tbe Grand Trunk Pacilic,
and the plans fur railway to the
Hudson Buy, the statement is made
thut probably belore an outlet is
afforded for wheat by either of theso
routes trallic will be diverted south
nnd cast over railroads in the United
Slates, une agency lieing the United
States settlers,
Mr. Pepper fixes the total consumption ol iron and steel and their products for the current year at 1,0(10,01X1
tons. Hn snyi that for the last three
years tbe importations have been
$42,000,000 annually and that the
United States has supplied %l per
cent, of these. His stated that the
steel rail mills at Sydney, Nova
Scotia, and Suult Stc Marie, Ontario,
ure now turning out several hundred
ton. daily. Though there are several
successful mills fur making rods and
wire 11,liis, there slill is much dependence in wire products on the United
111 textiles the report says that the
Dominion is making advances, yet the
time is distant when the importation
of foieign goods will cease. Though
many factories have been established
In Canada tur manufacturing boots
nnd shoes and though thc machinery
is Irom the United States, the report
states that thil is still one ol the best
markets for American manufacturers
to cultivate.
Not a factory of any kind is built in
the liuni in inn hut that tl.e installation of the plant is made largely from
the United States.
ANTED-By experienced man,
situation lis cook in lumber
camp or mill, excellent references,
Apply this olliee ur.I. Walk, K1.1.I1,
ll. C.
WANTED—General servant, small
family, good wages.   Apply to
Mail-HkuaU) Offlce.
FOR SALK-One new Recanit Incubator and lli-uniler. hulils 125
eggs. Price $80.00 cash. For particulars apply to John Lonsdale, Coinaplix, B, 0,
WANTED-Position   as  Sawyer,
double cut IkukI — J. Burns,
City Hotel, Rpvelstoke.
Miss Betty McLennan
(Pspll of Dr. A. S, Vogl, of
Toronto Uiiv.rsily)
is prepared to take pupils in Piano
Instruction.   Residence—Fourth St
Mvrta Flrtture 1
John E. Wood's Furniture Store


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