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The Mail Herald Sep 25, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
For ease nl operation snd perfection
iu results produced, thi* machine
is unsurpntscd.   Price, $60 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Vol. 15.- No 67
»U P
The Mail-Hepal
Visiting Cards    a
A   Specialty 1
' "~ ■ •     '    -     ■-•■  j
Interior Pu_jlisliifTg-C-dfiipfriry'~f
Printers ar.d Publishers I
$2,50 Pet Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
and L/OIT1
Our solid specialty is Tea nnd Coffee. We have
unbeatable facilities for buying, handling and selling
them. Lately we installed a magnificent electric coffee
mill the "Habart" and can pulverize or granulate you
coffee while you wait.
Blue  Ribbon  Tea in   I lb. lead packages   25e.
Snlada Tea in Hall-pound     " " 25c.
Five o'clock Tea in 1 pound   " " 50c.
"       "       •'     in  5  pound  tins 11.75
"       "       '•    in 55  lb. caddies, per lb. 35c.
Ram Lai's Tea in Half-pound lead packages 25c.
" in 3 lb. Tins      - - *L50
"       "       " in 5 lb. Tins      - - 2.50
Tetley's Tea in Half-pound lins  - - 25c.
"           " in 1 lb. lins       -       - - 50c.
Lipton's Tea  in  Hall-pound tins - 25c.
" in 1 lb. tins       -       - - 50c.
Ben llur Tea in 1 lb. packages     - - 40c.
"      "   Tea iu 5 lb. packages - $175
Rideeway's Tea in 1 lb. tins        - - 50c.
••     "       "    in 3 lb. tins       - - $1.35
"             "    in 5 lb. tins     - - if 1 75
Rtckshiw's Tea in 1 lb. baskets   - - 75c.
Oolong Tea, in bulk, per lb.        - - 75c
Sun Dried Nagasaki!, Black, per lb. - 25c.
'    "        "    Japan Green, per lb. - 50c.
Mocha and .lava Beans, per ll>.   - 50c.
Our Own Blend, per lb. -       -       -15c.
Fine  Bean  Coffee,  per  lb  25, 30, 35, and -10c.
Chase A Sanborn's Coffee in 1 lb. tins   -     50c.
" " "    in 2 lb. tins   -       90c.
Famous Postum Cereal Breakfast Coffee pkg.25c.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Now is the time to think about your
Heating Stoves. We have just received
a car from the best makers in Canada.
We are not tied down to only one factory,
but take our choice from the best makers.
Airtight Heaters for Wood at $3.50, $4.50 and $5.00
Airtight Heaters, cast top, $6.50, 7.50,8.50 and 9.00
Coal and Wood Heaters    -    from $8.00 to $15.00
See our new line of Hot Blast Heaters
Let us explain the new features
Here again we have chosen from the
best factories in Canada and the States.
Look over the list:
The Great Majestic
Clare Bros.
Stewart Mfg. Co.
Tilden Gurney Co'
Copp Bros.
Moffat Mfg. Co.
Kvery Kange sold under an absolute
guarantee. We have not one dissatisfied
customer in Kootenay. We are never
too busy to show off our stock.
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Tinsmlthing Plumbing
Clearing Land By Machinery-
Board of Trade Accept the
Mayor's Invitation to See
Plant in Operation
At Tuesday night's meeting of the
Board of Trade Mayor Landmark extended an invitation to the members, their
wives and sweethearts to see the steam
plant which is operating south of the
city in clearing land for settlement, su
on Thursday morning the lollowing
availed themselves of the invitation ami
mustered al the city hall: Messrs. \V,
Bews, C. R, .Macdonald, .McKinnon.
Watson, McLennan. Lawrence, Allen,
McKenzie, llriyys, Sibbald, Young,
Pratt ami Haggen. The parly, accompanied liy the mayor, was driven out tu
the property formerly owned by P.
Burns & Cu, uu the siiulh side of the
Illecilliwaet, aliout a mile and a half
south of the city as the crow flies. This
property consists uf SU acres, and was
recently purchased by Arthur Johnson.
Twelve years ago the standing timber
had been removed from it, leaving a
mass of stumps. The soil is a rich alluvial deposit, and the problem was to
get rid of tliese stumps that the land
might be cleared and made available for
cultivation, Mr. Lindmark being interested in land uu the west side of the
river, where lit- had purchased the
Wright estate, when al the Coast went
tu sec the extensive land clearing operations and experiments being carried uu
by the O. 1'. tt. There he was impressed
with the success uf steam lugging engines as implied to the stumping uf
land, and purchased une, which he
brought tu Bevelstoke and set it tu
wurk on the land suuth ut the city.
The plant has been at work about two
weeks and has proved a thorough success.
The members uf the Buard were astonished at the marvellous way in which ibe
plant handles the largest stump-. It
pulls them uut uf the ground, as it by
magic, hauls tbem tu a central puint and
hoists them up un tu a pile ready for
consists of a 6H h.p. vertical boiler and
engine lilted tu a double reversing
hoisting drum- A travelling cable is
anchored tu stumps, and this guides tile
main cable. A derrick is raised and the
main cable passes through a pully at the
top and is then attached to the travelling cable. The main cable is attached
to the stump to be extracted, the power
applied, and the stump, with very rare
exceptions, Immediately yields and comes
up with its roots almost entire. It is
then hauled to the derrick anil raised on
the pile ready fur burning, when tbe
pile is completed. The cable is automatically released and travels back tu where
it is required fur the next stump.
a.n- ACRE a DAY
is the record of stumping with ibis machine, and it is a remarkable result. The
plant will extract, haul and pile at the
derrick a stump iu four minutes on an
average. The regularity, reliability and
thoroughness with which the plant dues
its work is a pleasure to see, The smaller
roots are taken uut by horses, a team
being employed followiug up the stumping plant at this work, su tbat the land
is left ready lur cultivation. The cost uf
operation where the plant is wurking
makes it undoubtedly tlie most economic
means uf clearing land ever introduced
in the district. It takes five men to
operate the engine and stumping plant
and another live men are engaged clearing up and duing tbe extra wurk following the operation of the plant.
Tin-: social sins.
The Mayor then entertained the visitors with tea and cake provided hy Mrs
I,. Marseau after which the president
and vice-president of the Hoard felt so
refreshed they gave an exhibition nf
their wrestling powers, the stumping
machines having left it
fall. Honors were with
The president. Mr. W
nn behalf uf the Buard, said tbey hail to
thank Mayur Lindmark fnr bringing
them out and showing them what capital and energy cuuld du. The enterprise
shown ill bringing in this stumping
plant and clearing up their lands shuuld
be appreciated by the citi/.ens generally.
It was a great tiling fur their cily and
district. He moved a hearty vote uf
thanks tu the mayur.    I Cheers.;
Mr. P, Hi Young seconded tlie motion,
and in duing sn said this trip had been
a Ireat to every-one,
Mr. J. P. McLennan: ll is an eyi-
upener allrighl
The mayur said thej were all interested, directly ur indirectly,   in   the open-
ing np and settlement nl their country.
If thev could get tlieir lam] cleared
ut reasonable cost and settled
they need nut care what elge
might nr might nul lake place lie cum
plimenteil lhe Buard nn llie Hie and
energy they were putting into their work
and un the        good results
that wen- being obtained there-
frum. This WM nut lin- time tn make a
speech aa the slumping plant which they
liad seen in operation spnke hauler Ulan
words,    i Cheers),
L. Marseau, forinerli with lhe Revelstuke Sawmill Company, is in charge uf
the plant. The visilnrs were luud in
their praises nf Mrs. MaTieau's cuukcrv,
and returned tu tuwn delighted with the
trip and demonstration nf practical progress accorded them.
In the afternoon the wives ami friends
ol members of tbe Board, who had accepted the Mayor's invitatiuli, went nut
tu see the   Slumping plant.      The part}
embraced MeadameaLawtence, Haggen,
lla>, Sibbald. Allen, Watsnn, McLi'ii
ii.iu, Juhnsuii, Hews, and Misses Corley,
und Watson,
Alter spending an hour looking nver
the plant   and   its   operation   tlie ladies
uere entertained ai tea ami refreshments
after which  Mr.   Hogged  propoaed tin-
In.ilih nf tin ladles.
Mt. Watson,   who  wm chairman oi
Ibe gathering, said  thin  slumping plant
vi,is uin- iif tin- best things that hud ever
been introduced into the district ninl
was doing a work tbat would be ol greut
sufl   place   tu
the vice-presi-
M. Laurence
value tu tlieir city, lie was very pleased
tu be a citizen of Hevelstoke. His
family and he bad enjoyed their residence here very much and had appreciated the nice social times they had had
since coming here. The Mayor, who
had taken a very active pari in this
work, was doing the right tiling in getting the ladies interested. Nuw it was
demonstrated the experiment was a
success, it would be still mure successful if a progressive movement of this
kind hail the support uf the ladies. In
the davs when he was iu politics he
never thought be could win au election
unless he lelt assured the ladies were un
his side, (cheers and laughter). He
moved a hearty vute ul thanks tu Mrs.
Marseau for the splendid refreshments
with which she had provided them, and
the ladies carried it, saving nice things
about the bread and cakes placed before
Mr. Watson then proposed a heartv
vote of thanks in the Mayur fur the treat
he had provided fur them. Ile could
assure them that iu his position lie was
determined tu du his utmost tu push
ahead the settlement uf the country
along right lines, and such wurk as Mr.
Lindmark was duing bad his appreciation
and recognition. (Cheers.)
Mrs. Sibbald seconded the vule. She
thanked tlieir gallant Mayur for the nice
drive they had had as well as the refreshments provided She could assure them
the ladies looked forward tu the time
wheu this valley would be covered with
smiling homes and blossoming fruit-
trees.   (Cheers.)
The ladies then ruse and sang fur the
Mayor "l-'ur he's a jolly good fellow-."
The party drove back tn tuwn, reaching
the city about 5:30 p.m.
()u Wednesday evening before R.
Gordon, S.M., Win. Swanson was charged mi the information ul E. N.
Hallock with stealing $S0, the pruperly
nl tin- Mundy Subply Cu., al Three-
i'. S. McCarter appeared fur tlie iu-
formaut and C, l'i. Gillan fur accused.
Tbe accused wished the matter dealt
with by Mr. Gordon, so as not lo have
it hanging uver, and this being contrary
tu Mr.Gillan's advice fur trial befure a
higher court, Mr. Gillan withdrew frum
the case, so that accused appeared undefended,
Mr. McCarter said the information as
swum by Mr. Mundy befure Air. Foster,
charged with stealing from the Mundy
Lumber Company, Mr. Foster had made
a mistake as it should be the Mundy
Supply Co., and he asked tu substitute
an amended information swum bv Mr.
I-i. N. Hallock, manager Mundy Supply Co., said accused was book-keeper
and assisted in sture and post-office at
salary of ifSO per mouth. Left on Sepl.
17th," being dismissed for incompetency.
On 16th was checking balance-sheet and
told accused would leave it till following morning so he could get away on
II) o'clock train. Ile appeared tn assent.
At 10 p.m. Lawrence and accused came
upstairs and stated they had made out
statement and balanced cash. Accused
had access lu Supply Co's cash drawer. I
Had not gone intu accused's personal
account intending to du that next illuming On opening store next morning, |
enquired fur Swanson and found he had
gone presumably tu Revelstoke,   where
he was supposed lu gu to the hospital.
Mundy went tu Kevelstoke tn look up
Swanson, and if he cuuld nut get the
money back tu have him arrested. Accused left statement Bhowing he had
taken $50 from Mundy Supply Cu. Accused was nul entitled tu the money.
Witness lure amended his former evidence tn the effect that accused was nut
tu leave the cninpany's employ Iill the
ten o'clock train next day.
Accused said lhat not having been
found fault with he considered lie was
entitled tn a month's nulice,
In reply tu aquestiiin by accused, witness said Mundy tuld him tu get rid uf
him as sunn as possible. Uid nut Inform
accused he was Incompetent,
Accused: 1 simply took my own
Mr. Hallock:   Did you have authority?
Accused: Nn, but I asked ynu that
night tn square up OUT accounts.
Witness: 1 tuld ynu I was too lired
that night and we wuuld leave it till the
Accused: I considered I was entitled
to u month's notice. I offered to remain
another day to fix up the trial balance.
Witness:    Yes,
Accused: 1 left that morning tu catch
the train fur Halcyon as I was iu bad
Informant:   The reason   we had bim
stay till the 16th was because that was
une nf tlie days when the pust nfllce re-
purts have tu be made up after the day's
Accused gave evidence staling he took
the money believing he was entitled lu
it, ns he considered he was entitled In a
month's notice. Hence he made au entry in the cush account lur September uf
the   sum   nl   J-50,   which   was   the net
amount uf a month's wages after deducting his buard, ll he acted wrongly he
was willing to repay il. Having balanced
tlie posi-office account and handed over
lhe supply I'ii's. cash to the stnre manager he believed he was free tu leave bj
the 5.30 train, which he discovered made
the connection with the south .train fur
the Halcyon Sulphur lluths, lu which he
required in gu iur health reasons, Had
intended entering hoapllal at Revelatoke
and took ticket for here. Went and _*••
turned quite upenh without all) fear
that he had done anything wrung. Mel
Muiiilv at llevelstnke.
Tu Mr. McCarter! When I met Mun
dy al Revelsluke sliilinii he said "I want
that J50 back Swanson." 1 replied "I
don't think you are entitled lo it."
Don't remember exact winds. Did nut
tarn away   inun him.   He aaid:   "I'll
luck yuu up."      1 replied:      "All   righl
sir." Tuld Mr, Dickaon I waa going to
Kevelstoke. Don't know whether Mr
Lawrence saw the memo Oil entry ol the
money due inc. Believe Mr. Hallock
expected me to remain till lo o'clock,
Mr. McCarter said llie accused might
have considered lie was entitled tu dam-
ages, but that was uut lhe way In collect
t lii-m.   He submitted a prima facta case
bad been made nut. A man hurt iu Ibe
mill might us well gu lu the I'umpiiiii s
safe uud take |S00 and claim lie was ell-
titled lu il. 'le wus either a knave in tl
(ool, and shuuld nut be at large.
Accused whs committed lur Irial and
on his applying tor bail the magistrate
said he hud no power to grunt it.
Resolves on Aggressive Publicity
Campaign - New Industries
Discussed-Two New Members
Are Elected.
A general meeting uf the Uuard was
hold on Tuesday, Sept, 21st. Present:
Messrs, W. M, Lawrence, (president),
A. H. Allen, (vice-president), Hujzgen,
(secretary), Lindmark, McLennan,
Hobson, Hume, Bews, Fraser,   Hagar.
From President, enclosing correspondence with C P K. re frei.'ht matters which was considered satisfactory.
Heatnn's Agency, applying lor an
advertisement in annuals—Filed.
Fruit, magazine, enclosing advertising rules,—Filed.
W. Whyte, Second Vice-President
C.P.K , acknowledging invitation to
accept hospitality ot Hoard and regretting be would not have time this
trip as Sir Th imas Shaughnessy, the
President, was pushed for time, but he
would arrange to stop over in Revelatoke nn a future occasion.
W. Bootheretone, London, asking if
employment, oould be got aa electrical
wiremau.—To be Informed City docs
this work and has all bands required
at present.
Timber nnd Forestry Cumiiiisiiou.
advising silting at Revelstoke.
M. Anderson, City ul Washington,
re opportunities in B C
( ulgmy Board of Trade re list ol
officers—To he supplied.
Canadian Forestry Association ro
meeting at Kegina.
Premier's Office re registry ollice for
RevolstoKe—To be again communicated with and reply asked ns to when
Board mav expect mattei to be arranged.
The Secretary reported  he bad  applied   to   the   City Council   lor $100
towards advertising in  the Vancouver
World  as   per   report   ol committee
attached und   for   $200   towards  the
cost   ol  mineral exhibit   at Spokane
Interstate   Fair.     The   Council  had
refused the  former  request and  had
granted   $150   towards   the    mineral
exhibit.   Tbe amount bad been dis-
' bursed as per  vouchers submitted:—
. XV. B.  Robertson  attended  tbe   Fair
. with the exhibit
The Secretary was instructed to
I send the Columbia Manufacturing Co.
! a list ui lirni:' using pullcyH in dis-
I trict.
Messrs J. Guy Barber and Iv. Mcltae were lulluted fir as members and
un iiiiiniuuslv ' looted.
T. N. Simons, Now York, wrote
asking what openings there were fur
industries here, and the Secretary whb
instructed tu advise there were openings lur mac ine Bbop, inn (oundry,
bnx factory, annery, and wood alcohol
Prom F .1
Clarke, Secretary Bureau
ul Piovinoial Information.
Letter naked Unit copies of tho
report uf the Buard and supplies nt
literature describing tlie district and
its rrsiHirceH and general information
required by intending immigrants
shuuld be sent to the ollice ol Hon. J.
H.Turner, Agent-General in London
for the province of  British   Columbia,
Mr. Allen said this was the must
important matter that had come
before them and they should got busy.
They had nu literature and had dune
nothing to advertise thoir resources in
quarters which were likely lu bring
capital for lhe development ol the
country. That was tlie main thing
OI course it was a question ul funds
and the proper body to provide tin-
cost ol this work was tho City Council
as il wns a wurk Irom which the cily
as a who'll wuuld derive the principal
benelit. He moved that they apply to
the City Cuuncil for a grant nl (2,600
lur the purpose, ami that a committee
Iw appointed tn canvass the city to
ascertain how much mouey will he
publicly subscribed in addition; such
committee to wait un thu Cuuncil at
next meeting and show the Mayi.r
and aldermen what the citizens tliemselves were prepared tn du.
Mr. McLennan acculittod llie inutiuii.
The Mayor mid the city could nut
afford to give that amount this year
and suggested the mutter be taken up
with the new council al, the beginning
uf llie year, with a view tu getting assistance lu un extent, likely to meet
their requirement!.    He approbated
the wurk Ilm Board was lining and was
always prepared tn help them in any
reasonable wny.
The following committees were appointed tn canvass the various wards
lor subscription! to a publicity (tiud
nnd In unit nn lhu City Cmincil as u
Waid I, Messrs. Allen and McLennan, Ward 2, Messrs. Hume and Lawrence; Ward 8, Messrs. Iluggon and
Mr. Hews urged Ibe value to the
city ol proper publicity. At present
it was impossible to got. the Information asked fur in proper form.
Mr. Frincr pointed out tlie work
done in other parts ol the province in
thll direction and tlie rosults obtained
Irom it. Other cities supplied the
boards ol trade witli the luods required lor this work.
The motion then carried,
Who arc in doubt as to
where they can best obtain
all kinds of Up-To-Date
Sporting Goods, should
bear ;n mind the fact that
we carry a splendid stock
of Guns, Rifles, Ammunition, Fishing T ack 1 e,
Traps, Tents, Camp Stoves
Blankets, and in lact everything   for   the   Hunter,   the   Trapper   and   the   Prospector.
It will soon lie time to purchase that llcatc-r. We have
just the stove to suit you and Will be pleased to show you
its good points. Remember that we are agents for the
Kootenay Range, which you will read ol" on   another   page.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
■■"■ -;   1"7 f%0tS
,,: 1W I IJ «__; 3
P.     I B I -9»
values &re
e&sy to see
Field glasses arc not needed to see the
line points of perfection in the kind of
clothes wc sell. Style, tit and every detail
of fine tailoring are there inside and out. If
better clothes could be made this store
would have them. We especially invite
paiticular dressers, men who never wore
ready made clothes to see our...
r rA\ *DIAN aaNK
C '
sued by thia Bank are m moot i
ri"-v an- issiii- t ill d_a____ci__________a___lo____i oi
b. «. wale:i! president I Paid-up Capita!, SI 0.000.000
AUXJUfBZR LAiHD.OaaeraiBUnagei   Reserve Fund,  -   6.000,000
Th* new Travellers' Cheques re en
war to wIikIi to OUTy money when tnvti
$10,   $20,   $50,   $100 .ind  $200
aad tbe exact amount payable in   Austria,   Belgium,   Denmark, Frmnce,
Germany, Great Britain. Holland, Italy, Norway,  Rusal*, Sweden
mmi Switzerland is stated on the lare of each rheque.  while in mitrr
tbey mrm payable at current ratea.
Tbe cheques mad all information rrK*rJmK tbem i__u»j be obtained al recry
rf the Bank. U"
of winning the "badge nt quality,"
ringed with gold and decorated with
public opinion.    STou'll liml thi- bmlgo
in mu
High-CracJe Meat Market
in quality of meata, spotless premises
and sanitary surroundings your sale-
guard for good el r und health. Beal
meata, honest weight, pleasing prices
Sausages and Oooked  Meats u spe-
i-ialtv.   Bones crushed for your chlok'
en- daily.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
mail SEHVIOB It was resolved   to lay  these com-
Sevee criiiei-tn wm  made ol the plaint* before the post office Inspector
mail service   at   Etovelstokc   and   the   and ask they be remedied.
time ol  clearing   the   lane."   through I     MATCH'S iiki-hut ARD INVITATION
the city.   It was also stated Iho boxaa     Tbe Mayor reported the lumber lur
at tho   station   are   not   cleared   for j 1	
trains Nos. 1  and '<!. Continued on Pane Four THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE' B. C.
Zbc flfoaiUlbcralb.
Jnteriot publishing Gompang,
Subscription   Rates
lucluiinn postage tu Kngland, United Stutm
nul laliaiiil.
.  1.1)0
Ht the year |llirough iiosloftleel—
Half     '"
Vuarter "
j in    HINTING promptly executed at reason-
able rate-. ...       ,
1 F.RM.S-1'a.-h.   SubsonpUona payable in ail
Legal notices 10 centa per line tir-i Insertion,
6<.-i-iii-en liiu- each subsequent insertion
Measurement! Nonpai-iel tie linos make one
ui'-hl. Store ninl general business announcement- $2.50 per inch per month.
Preferred positions. 25 per cent, ail-
.tltii tnl. Births, Marriages antl Deaths,
50o.  each  Insertion.
Land notioes 17.40 All ailverti-oincnt-
piilijt-et lutlie approval ul thi' lilaliilKCinelit.
Wanted aod Condensed Advertisoments:
Agenm Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted. Sim,,umi- Vacant, Teachers
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, in words or
I.s- 25c., emii additional line lu cunts.
Changes in standing advertisements muB
be in by 9 a. in. '1 uesday mul Friday ot
oich week toaeoure kooi! display.
CORRESPONDENCE Invited on matters of
public interesl. Communications iu Bal-
tor mu-t he aecompauied by iniinu ol
wnter. nut neoMsarU; fo publication, bin
a« evidenced good faith. Correspondence
nhould be brier
Omexs :   lsirKKiAi. Bakb Hi iuiiku Kkvkl-
Money to loan. „
OlBcea: Hevelstoko, HI.    I ranbrook, H. U
Uio. 3. McCaktkk
4_ M. Pinkham J. A. Hakvkv,
Kevelatoko, Cranbrook. I). C.
Solicitor, elc.
Solicitor fun —
Thk Canadian Hank of Commkhck
Thk Molsons Hank, Etc.
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyui
MlKknzik Avknuk,
Hox 100, Kkvklstukk
-Mining Engineer,
KeveUtoke, B. C,
Mem. American Institute Mining
Mein. C nn Mm. Inst,
Exauiinatioiis   ami   Kepurts   on  Mines,
Hint Mining  Inveslments a specialty.
Hlue Prints supplied of  plan- uf  Land,
Minks and  1'lsniKK.
Cable Address—"Kaitagan," KeveUtoke
Codes—Moreing and Neill, Bedford McNeill, Western Union, CloUgU.
TKAI Ul'll    OF
Piano, Voi al, Thkob*
Certificated  from  Trinity   University
nud Toronto Conservatory
Stcdioi—Next Mail-Hkhald Offii is
aug 25 lm
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp, No. 119
■Meet)  Sooond  unit   Fourth  Wednesdays lu
each mouth, in Selkirk Hall.   Vi„Uin   Woodmen oordlally invited U> attend.
J   M'lNTYKK.. Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tb. rsitniar meeliuits are held In the Selkirk
Haii e.irr -U'i and Ith   Tuesday eveuiug   al »
o cluck.   Vllitlns brathren oordlally Invited.
Kootonay Lodgo, No. 15, A F. tk A.
The regular meet-
[ngl are held in lho
iJddfelk.ws Hall, ou
the third Muoiluy in
earl, mouth at 8
p.ui. Visitiuii brethren c.r-lially wel-
SEI. K IKK  LODGE 111. LO. I). K.
Meet- every TEorS-
day   evei,iuk   in   Sel-
,.,r.   Hall at t O'OlOCI
_  pVlsltlDI hrelhreu are
cordis.!y Invited lo aitend.
Cold Rang* Lodgo, K of P.
No   26,   Revolstoko, B. C.
axeapi i . rd Wf.iueiulii) oi
eai h m. .i.i'..   n nlillellnw
Hall    ai    I    iii >et.     viaiting
KnlKtit*-•• i.-rdlally .nTlicl.
T. P.  SMITH, C 0.
0. H. HKt_H Kl K   ..(   H   AH
J    II   H' OTT, M, nf K.
Zbc nDail*H5cralb
SATURDAY,  SEPT.  25,  Mill
Events have moved rapidly with*
in the past few weeks pointing to a
new era of progress ami prosperity
for Revelstoke, A good understanding has been arrived at with
the head officials of the C.I'.It. and
that company, with its unsurpassed
means of publicity, hue thrown its
whole force intu advertising the
attractions and resouroes uf RevelBtoke snd district. The Company
have albu given Iheir assurance that
lhe  railway   workshops   will   be
Finp RpsiHpnrp Lna desirablu qua-rter on Third
I  IIIC   IICoIUCIIVjC   Street at  a bargain—12 rooms
and bath room, all modern improvements, furnace, large
basement.     Reasonable terms can be arranged.
PRICE $4,500
Six-Roomed House iK,™™vstreel'
modern plumbing,    Terms to suit a good purchaser.
PRICE $3,400
Eight-Roomed House \:^^0*:7i
plumbing.   Terms to meet purchaser.        PRICE $2,600
again placed in position to handle
the whole of the mechanical repair
work of the division. This means
the employment of between 200 and
300 men in the shops—the largest
force ever yet employed here by
the railway company.
The Provincial Government have
set out in earnest to open up the
country by roads, and have prom
ised Hevelstoke a new Court House
and public building which shall be
in every respect worthy of the city
The Dominion Covernment has
promised that the Post Ollice and
Dominion Departments building
shall be started next spring and
pushed to completion. Several
lirms have announced their intention of putting in wholesale establishments and and making Revel
stoke the base for the supply of the
whole of the interior of liritish
Columbia. The bridge across the
Columbia will be completed early
in tlie winter and will be a valuable
aid to the opening up of the country on tlie west side of the Columbia river. The completion of the
Revelstoke-Arrowhead road is now
promised at an early date, thus
opening up a large and valuable
tract of hind immediately tributary
to this city. Tlie road between the
Okanagan Valley and Revelstoke
will be completed this season with
the exception of seventeen miles,
and aB this can lie carried through
nexl season, Revelstoke will, for
the lirst time, have a road connecting the city with the outside world.
The Eagle Pass route will lie one
of the most attractive resorts of
tourist.- in be found in the province, and should bring thousands
of people yearly In llie city,    lt is
great fishing ground and we
should like to see nn organisation
in Revelstuke to stock the stream;.
and lakes annually with young
fish iiini make these local angling
resorts the greatest attraction to
sportsmen in liritish Columbia.
The results will be worth the effort.
The mountain resorts are being
opened up to tourists, and the
sooner trails are buill to Mounts
Begbie, McArthur, McKenzie.
dirtier, Cliich-iin-Cooden and the
beautiful parks to the nurth of the
Eagle I'nss, the sooner will Hevelstoke become the established centre
of tbe tourist trallic of the mountains. This tourist trallic if properly developed, is destined to
smplov an immense population
and will bring in a larger return
than all the farm and orchard
products of the province. The
development of the lumber
industry, lhe addition ol new factories and industries, the opening
Up of the land around tll« cit v
features uf progress wbicli are 11
suming definite Bbape, nnd will ere
ong nntke Revelstoke the metropolis of the interior of lirtt.i-li
Columbia—The .Spokane of tbe
I'acilic  Province.
way Vancouver city investments.
Inside property in Vancouver is
and always will be good, but the
horde of real estate agents who
flocked to Vancouver Irom all
parts of the world, had to get a
living somehow, and many of them
got it by acquiring outlying areaB,
subdividing them and putting them
on the market as suburban land.
The city oi Revelstoke and every
town and village in the district,
every railway camp and every
lumber camp was Hooded with
the agents of these sharks seeking
whom they might devour, and hesitating not in their unscrupulous
work of misleading people into
placing their hard-earned dollars
where they were worse tiun wasted.
The Vancouver land boom has run
its course and many have learned
its bitter lesson. People have come
to us and told us of their experiences. They realise how true it is
that the far-off hills look green, and
wish they had invested in their
home town of RevelBtoke where
lots are at no fictitious price, where
rents aro high and good returns are
always to be got from building
investments; where rural and suburban land is.comparatively low in
price, and yields good and sure returns. Revelstoke is coming into
its own and this city and district
afford better opportunities to the
wage-earner to-day than ever Vancouver did, or can offer in the future
to men of small means.
lieing held up as they are. We
have assurances trom a reliable
New York syndicate that they weie
ready to tuke and operate the Eva
and Oyster-Criterion mines for
instance. They were willing in pay
a fair price. The controllers, however, would give no option and
verbal assurances were relied on,
The proposed buyers went to the
trou'dc to get their end of the
bu-i ii-- in shape and hoped tu
close the arrangement when, to
their astonishment, a raise was
made i, 1 the price—not for the benefit of llie shareholders, but for the
inside men. The result is to black-
eye British Columbia mining investments among tbe group of
capitalists who were interested, and
to injure tlie camp itself as well as
the men who have invested their
money theie and in the town of
This kind of a thing constitutes
a public wrong which the arm of
the law should be powerful enough
to remedy. In several British constitutions mining property cannot
be held iu such a way as to tie up
the country. It must be operated,
or extensions secured for bona fide
reasons, and then only for a reasonably short time. When a coin-
p iny or proprietor ceases to operate
a mineral property it reverts to tho
Crown and is open for re-location
and operation by others. This is
as it ahould be. The Crown granting of mineral claims in British
Columbia is the obstacle to such a
means of regulating mineral properties in this province, but the
owners of non-operating properties
can bo got at another way, and
that is by increasing the taxation
on developed and equipped non-
operating properties such as thoso
at Camborne, to an extent lo make
the holding of them unprofitable.
Tho taxation, too, should be based
on the price at which they are held
and not on the assessment. Here
is a problem ior the Minister of
Mines to tackle and work out. lt
will have lo bo faced, and that
Kor Homo time it lm- been a current view in financial circles that
there would be areaction in theVan-
eouver land boom, and tbe reaction
liap come. Shrewd, lar-seeing men,
advised their friends to got out of
that class of investment   as it  Iuih
amounted at best to n gamble, and
now it is found that scores of
thousands of dollars have been
obtained from innocent buyers on
the representation and in the. belief
that lots sold were valuable as
suburban property. The, fiotitious-
ness of the dream irt being realised,
Right in Revelstoke dozens of
people have been roped Into
those bogus land speculations, and
now thoy lind to thoir cost that,
their hard earnings ure thrown
away,  Wo do not dispurajjo iu any
The invitation extended by
Meyor Lindmark to the members
of tlio Board of Trade, tlieir wives |
and friends, to witness the must
up-to-date methods of clearing
land for cultivation and settlement
was 0 ie ul the must interesting
incidents seen in Revelstoke iur a
long time. It marked a new era
in the history of Revelstoke. lt i-
understood more of these machines
will lie brought in ami -et to work
on the forest lands around tlie city j
so that the country will rapidly
assume a new phase, ami in place
of blackened Btumpe ami unused
lands, we shaii have happy homes,
occupied by industrious familiec
cultivating the I, | anting oui
gardens and orchards establishing
dairy and poultry farms ami eoti-
tiibuting to the wealth and development of the district. It 1- a
great, and progressive wurk, and the
to bi ongrat listed on thi
that .' possesses men of tbe
grit foresighl and enterprise to do
these tbinge .uui h are a permanent good and lasting blessing '■
the whole community,
Tho mining laws of tho Province
weak   in   one  polnl     • ndei
1,;,.' 1 onditiom  it 1-  1 01
lor owners of  mines   to  tie
camp, ruin the town built in COD
1160tion    with   it    nnil    practically
expropriate tbe property of others
They ran   -hut   ilnwn   their   mine
rei  ■'■ to operate it themselves  01
let anyone else operate it, and causi
untold    hardship     and    suffering
This has actually happened  in   the
dlstriot.    We   refer   to   the  Camborne camp,     There is no lo< a
in  British  Columbia  where  there
nre    inure    bona fide    mineral    re
sources. The mines are equipped
with tramways and stump mill* all
ready for operation. But they do
not operate, Tho controllers hold
these properties for fictitious prices,
the benefit of which the shareholders will nevor got,. The big end ol
ilm prices put on thoso properties,
il they nre sold, will go to a few
mini on the inside, and wn are
afraid il ih these inside lueu who
are   lho  cause of   these   properties j
in last issue we urged that the
citizens of Revelstoke should be
loyal to their town and make their
purchases at home. We are aware
an impression is abroad that the
cost of living is higher in Revelstoke than in other ll. t'. towns.
. lli.- is, however. 11 mistake, People
who have lived in different town-
tell us that, with the exception of
Vancouver, Hevelstoke i.s ns economical a town to live inns any of
Then as to tbe price.- charged by
local merchants, eases hnve come
under uur observation whore persons requiring to furnish a home
have compared prices in Vancouver
with the prices ruling here witli
tin- result that they have come
to the conclusion they could save
money by buying here and
have done BO. There ure a few
lines to which exception might be
!,ik- ti but the merchants of Revel-
stoke -ire revising those, and are
determined to meet, all outside
competition ami bring about that
■'iki- .-hail he the most eco-
' iwn in the west, iii winch
■ ■  1 inline.
The   fact   of   wholesale   houses
0) •        • 1.ere will also have a good
ef"'    1    keeping   prices   un   an
lasis,  as  it   will  result
ii goods being -hipped in liy largo
quantitiet   1- carload lots, so tbat
lhe beet freight  rates  can  be gut.
I---". ).'  pie wbo order  goods  Irom
lints consider  the cost of
■md   remittances   and it Is
probable ihat   in   niiiei;.   cases oui
of a hundred   when   these are oon-
Revelstoke  buyers  wuuld
ed  money by purchasing
nt borne     We suggest to uur read-
■ ,f they know ol oases where
goods can be bought  nnd   landed
less  than  charged  liy the
men bant,   that    men haul
should ui- advised of the fact  that
1 ,-■ ,1 - nu ce lo remedy
ifecl ;n his 1.ri' B list
in ns<.ure our  readers that
n hauls would accept luch
a hint au   a kindneM,    and   wuuld
its it a- -uch.   We bave
led  this   matter   wilh   them,
leel ll their duty to Revel-
itoki 'u -upply at the lj«Mt. possible
prices, and we nn- satisfied that
do "1 Lei - all pull
together to build up Revelstoke, to
buy all w« want at home, to gut
prices on a basis to compete with
any other point, ami to make Revelstoke the best and most economical town to live in in the we*l„ It
Oan be dune, and il  is   the   duty nf
consumer a* woll as merobant to
eaoh help the other In bringing thll
I'onilitiun about.
Royal Standard
Makes Better Bread
You will appreciate this fact if
you have tried it. Those who
have used it admit the fact, and
they are the more competent to
Judge. Royal Standard makes
more bread. That is because it
goes further—because it is a
pure product of genuine quality
throughout. You will require
but little inducement to use Royal Standard Flour if you have
once tried it. It is its own best
Then too with every sack you
buy, you secure a chance of
winning a beautiful 109 piece
china dinner set.
Ask your grocer for Royal
Standard Flour.
Vancouver Milling 5*
Grain Co., Ltd.
VANCOUVER,      -       B.C.
Revelsluke Land District.
District of West Koutenay.
Take notice that Florence Newman,
icciipation Housekeeper, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following descrilied lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the lake shore at the north-east corner
of A. W. Dickenson's application and
about half a mile from tbe north-east
corner of Lot 7905, thence south 40
chains, thence east 10 chains, tlience
north 80 chains to lake shore, Ihence
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Dated July 20, 1900. aug 7
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney Plumton of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotelkeeper,
intends io apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west oorner of Lot 7585, thence
south 40 chains to T.L, 12150, thence
west 20 chains, to the corner of T.L.
12150, thence south 40 chains along the
western boundary of same, thence
west 40 chains, thence north 40 chains
to lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement,
Agent.iur linrnev Plumton.
Dated July 20, 1909. aug 7
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Nels Bodlne, of
Trout Lake, B. C, occupation Miner,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the. north shore of Trout Lake between
Haskins and American points and
about four miles from the foot of tho
Lake and marked the S. K. corner
post, thence 20 chains north, theuce
20 chains west or to Lake shore, tlience
following the I_ake shore to point of
Located this 25th day of August, 1909,
sep 8 OOd      NELS BQDINE, Locator.
AltltOWHBAl), B.O,
Special Attention given  tu  commercial
men nnd tourists, first-elnss sample
rooms. Kinest scenery in Hrilish Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow I,nke.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Last Chance for
Mill Wood
Hiving to difficulties in delivering in
November nnd December, we will not
guarantee prompt delivery niter Nuv.
1st. We have two teams on now and
will deliver all orders promptly at $2
per load under live loads und Ifl 7ft per
load lur live loads anil nver.
Bowman Lumber Company. Ld.
Sep 22 llll
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Hume grown fruit and orunmental
trees, grmvii on upland soil ivith-
imt irrigation in the only part ol
the American continent uot infested with the San Jose scale—
I iurden, Field and Flower Boedr—
Tested stuck from tho best growers in the world—Wire lenchin;
and (tales—Spray pumps, Fertilizers, Itee Supplies, Cut .llowerH,
Spraying material", etc.—Whito
labor only.—New 157 page Oata-
bgno free
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Narsery Sonth Vancouver
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Kevelsloke Land District.
District, ol West Kooteuuy.
Take notiee that A. W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead,occupation Lumberman,
intends to npply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commeuciug at a post planted near
the north-east corner of Lot 7905 and
marked A. W. Dickinson's N. W. C,
thence south 4(1 chains, east 40 chains,
nurtb 40 ehains to lake shore, Ihence
west 40 chains following lake shore to
place of commencement.
Dale Aug. llllli, 1009.
Rovelstoke Land District.
Distriel uf West Kootonay.
Take notiee lhat L. A. Dewar, occulta! ion   Housekeeper, intends to apply
tor permission to purchase the follow-
' ing desorlbed lands:
|    Commencing at a post planted on the
| west side of Upper Arrow Lake, about
I one and a half miles .south of Ilannock
Point,   tbenee   west 20 chains, thence
north 20 .hains, thence west 20 ehains,
Ihence north till chains to the K. & S.
line, thence following the K. & H. line
east 20 cliains. soulh  20 chains, east 20
chains, sum|i 20 cbains   In  lake shore,
thence   following   the   lake   shore   to
point of commencement!
Agent, for L. A. Dewar.
Gated July 20, 1000. aug 7
A    large, quantity ol   Prairie
and   Timothy    Ilny    always
on hand
Frank A. Lackner,
Dlrcot Irum tint farm—-Maple »yrnp,
Imll palloni, $i.2r>, I gallon, $22ft,
i<"iiiuiin kuuiIh. Secure nmmi belore
all arc suid,    (J. W, Hull,
WATERPROOE    .■.*»«»
OILED      ..SS
will give you ftill value
for every dollar spent
and keep you dry In
Die wettest wtarther,
Kepnii's of nil  kinds neatly carried  uu
Hii-yile and (inn work a specially
Kstiinuii-s given ull liny class
of work.
Front     Street.
For Sale
Under instructions from clients 1
have to offer for Hale the following
desirable residential properties:
1. Residence   and   three   lotB on
MoKe zle Avenue.
2. Residence with lot and one-half
frontage on McKen/.ie Avo.
8.    Resilience   and   two   lots    on
Fifth Street.
-I.   Two good building lots with 50
leet frontage  on   McKenzie
A ven ie.
5.    Rooming House, (1(1 rooms) on
Fourth Street,
Terms to suit purchasers,   For
prices and particulars apply to
Solid tor,
sep 11 lm      First Ht,, Revelstoke
$>toTj/mAAA(f>  if
toi. totAQMrUJxJhtd
yrf [tH^/vwo^tto • Ob
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
Notice is hereby given that the first
sitting of the Court of Revision to
revise tbe Assessment Roll Ior tbe year
1909, will be beld in the Council
Chamber, City Hall, Pevelstoke, B. C.
on Monday, Ootober llth, at 2 p.m.
September 4th, 1909.
sep 4 lm Citv Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that an application will be made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 10011," to obtain a
licence  in   the Division   of
Revelstoke District.
(a) The name, address and occupation of the applicant—Hugh E. R.
Smythe. Rancher, Revelstoke.
(If for mining purposes) Free Miner's
Certilicate No	
(b) The name nf the lake, stroam or
source (if unnamed the description is)
—A small stream rising on the N. K.
<i Section 3, and running iu small
swamp on N. W. % Section 3.
(c) The point of division—Where
water drains into swamp.
(d) The quantity of water applied
for (in cubic feet per second)—1.J
(e) The character of the proposed
works—For irrigation purposes on dry
bench lands.
(f) The premises on which the water
is to be used (describe sn me (—Bench
lands sloping to west of no life without i.rrigal ion.
(g) Tbe purposes for which the
water is to he used—Irrigation and
(h) If for irrigation describe the
land intended to be irrigated, giving
acreage—Irrigating S5 acres stoney
and div bench land on easl. hull' of N,
W. | Seel ion 11, Township 24, Hnnge 2,
West 0 Meridian, comprising 80.
(i) If the wnter is to lie used for
power or mining purposes describe
the place where tue water is to be
returned to some natural channel, and
the difference in nltitude between
point of diversion and point of return.
(j) Area of Orown land intended lo
be occupied by tin- proposed works....
(k) 'this notice was posted on the
Kith day of August, 11100, and application will be made to the Commissioner
on the 10th day of Sept. 1909.
(I) Give the mimes and addresses of
any riparian proprietors or licensees
who or whose lands are likely to be
affected liy the proposed works, either
above or below the outlet.—None.
(Signature) H. K. R. SMYTHE,
sepl       (P.O. Address)   Revelstoke.
When you  visit  the ambitious
city you will do well to
stop  at  the
l'li'l'li LARSON, Prop.
Reasonable Rates
Splendid uisine
4Sn31 Delightful Scenery
A few ol yuur space dollars ou winter
Underwear, Clothing aud Hoots and
Shoes nt John Bull's Snle. Most of the
summer goods have been cleaned out,
and the new full und winter ^iiods ordered six und eitilit months from the
manufacturers ure just coming in, all to
be sold for eusli nt wholesale prices.
Such well kniiivn goods us Sunford's
clothing, Stanficld's underwear, Hell's,
McPhersou's und oilier mukes uf lirst
eluss slioes; nil of which must lie cleuni'd
out by tlie lirst ol the new year. Arc
you interested iu saving money ? We
have lived up to what we advertised ut
the start and will continue to do su until the stock is disposed of.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
HKAD okkicki 01-05 Adelaide St. east
for half year ending 30th June, WOO
By (Jloss Premiums Income
Jan. 30th    -     W2I3 OIIH III
Less rebate and
return premium    30 IOI 00
$182 Vt&i 29
Less reinsurance    53 309 45$I20 SOB Hi
By Interest 0 303 00
$185 807 74
To net losses paid$02 170 17
To net losses under adjustment 11 860 74
Gov, fees, taxes,
and all other
charges       -       47 241 08
Balance Cr. profit
and loss     -        11028 K,
II. II. Bkik,
Gen, Man.
$135 397 71
Wi B. RonmrrsoN,
The farm of the lute Joseph Dolan
situate near Revelstoke, being a part
of the N. K Quarter Section 29 Tp. 23
and containing Kl acres more or less.
Applications for the purohase of above
property are invited and will be
received by the undersigned up to and
including September 80th, 1909.
Solicitor fnr Dolan Estate.
Duted at Revelstoke, B. O,  August
34th, 1900. lmmi THE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. (J.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
witli one of our Hands'.me parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, with frames that are in every
conceivable design, and made to wear
indefinitely. We have many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces lor
beautifying the home that are taste
lui, effective and inexpensive, and wil
show ynur rooms to the beBt advan
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Queen's Park
October lMMI-15-li
Greatest Agricultural, Hortieultural and Stock
Exhibition in Western Canada
Airship  Flights  Twice Daily.
Championship Lacrosse    Vancouver V. New Westminster.
Official Opening—: p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 12th, 1909,
Wednesday. Oct. 13th—Devoted to Scottish Sports, under
the management of the Sons of Scotland.
Thursday, Oct. 14th—Vancouver Day, Championship Lacrosse -Vancouver v, New Westminster.
Friday, Oct. 15th Children's Day. Children's Sports,
Airship Flight, Intermediate Lacrosse and Football
Saturday. Oct. 16th—Championship Lacrosse Match, Vancouver v. New Westminster.
StOCk Parade     i :.}0 p,m, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Rate from Revelstoke to New Westminster (Return) $12,35
T. J. TRAPP, Pres.
W. H. KEARY. Mgr.-Sec
LP. LeBeau
Corner Third 5-& Campbell Ave
Horse-ShoEing & Carnage Worka Spsmltg
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Koyal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Heans, Peas,
Barley,  Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Declaration ol' Householders
all householders within the Municipality wishing tn bave his or hor name
inserted on the Voters' List for the
City for the year 1H1U must make a
declaration before a Justice of the
Pence or other ollieer entitled to take
such declaration, and the same must
he handed in to the City Clerk's office
on or before 5 p.m. on Ootober ijlst
Forms of   Declaration   can  he
taineil at the City Clerk's office.
Hevelstoke, 13. C, Sept. 23rd, 100U,
City Cler
"In Allegorical Bicycle'
Sunday Night. 8:50
Mr, Baer's claim is lhat a bicycle, when
properly allegorized can teach more religious li'ulh lhan many a book. The
allegorical meaning of each individual
part will be explained mid many useful
lessons tiiuglii.
BILLY FOOTE'S bicycle will bo used
to illustrate the lecture with mud and all
just as it comes oil'the streel.
No admission fee.    Offering onlv.
Sit where you please,       8:50 Sharp.
500 More Orders for Winter
fruits and Vegetables
Why   pay   two prices   for your winter
wants when   by   sending direct   10 the
producer you can purchase at lirst cost.
We are now quoting as follows;
Turnips, Carrots and Potatoes, 7So.
a hundred pounds.
Cabbage and Beets $i per 100 lbs.
Onions, well dried and cured, 4o. Ib.
Citrons. Watermelons, and Muskmel-
lont, So. a Ib.
No. 1 Winter Appies $1.25 a box
'• 1      "      "      $1.10    "
Cooking Apples, 7 So. a box
Crab Apples, Si. 25 a box
General Merchant.     -    Salmon Arm
sep 11 1 in
Coal Coal Coal!
If you want good, clean
lump coal, suitable for
kitchen or furnace, see
me.   None better.
A Hall Safe
An Oak Standing Office Desk
A Roll-Top Desk
A Long-Carriage Empire
will come hack to you if you spend it
at home. It is gone for ever if you
send it to the Mail Order House. A
glance through our advertising columns will give you an idea where it
will buy the most.
The Churches.
baptist—Rev. W. IV Freeman PaB-
tor, preaching services on Sunday at
11 11. in mid 7:.'tu p.in Sunday Bohool
aud Young Men's Bible CIhss at 2:'AD
The Studies in the Kingdom of God
will he taki n up in the Young Men's
Class. Sunday morning the subject
will be "The Body of Christ" and in
tlie evening "Is Life a Gamble "
KNOX Cliuurn—Services will be held
in Knox Church tomorrow as usual.
Morning, Children's Day servico, two
short addresses, all children of the
congregation are urged to be present.
Evening service conducted by E. M.
Cook, Y.M.C.A. Secretary. This
will be a musical service, all are cordially invited.
Foley's Bon-Bons
are nothing but pure
cream, the best granulated sugar, marsh-
mallow and perfect
Nothing in these to hurt ono—
nothing that is not good for any-
Do you like Bon-Bons ? Then
put Foley's "Superbas."
Do you like chocolates ? IThen
cat- Foley's "Supcrbas" or "Canadian Girl,*'
When Foley's name is on the
box, whether ii is bon-bons or
chocolates, you may know you
are buying the best. These perfect, Western-made confections,
in dainty boxes at all stores where
good candy is sold.
Foley Bros. Larson &, Co,
Edmonton       WINNIPEG Vnncouw
InORSALE   An Kilisnn Phonograph
1    mice  $35 00.     Applv  ul   MA1L-
HRRALD Office.
WANTED—Millinery apprentice hy
WANTED—Two furnished rooms
for light house-keeping, two
children. Write stating rent for same
-HENRY G.   COOK,   Salmon  Arm.
FORSALE-An Edison Phonograph
nml 4(1 records—Apply at MAIL-
ill HALO office, sep IS lm
WANTED—Lodgers I with breakfast, if preferred) iu a cotnfor-
taiile linnie on Second St., near the
Bchool.—Apply nt 1 liis office.
ORGANIST and choiiniusler of
wide experience, desires position
in Revelstoke. Highest references.
Apply Then. J. Iliil Ion, cure ol MAII-
Kevelsloke Land District.
Disl rii'l of West, KoolelulV,
Tnke nnl ice thill I, M. _____• I-uvvson,
nf llevelsloke,occupal imi housekeeper,
intent to apply foi permission to purchase tin- following described landsi
Commencing ut a post planted nl
the southeast coruor of Lol Wilis nml
marked "tt. IC. Lawson's northwest
corner post," thence 10 chuins soulh:
thenee III chains west; theuce20 chains
north; thenoe '2D chains eust; thenee '2D
chuins north to line of Lot 8068; Ihence
along said line to place of commencement.
Dated Sept. 7tb, 1908. sep 8
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police lor a transfer of retail liquor license of the Lardeau Hu
tel now held hy ,los. Dumont to K, M.
Dated Sept. '22nd, 1909.
It. M. Evans.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Off loo - Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches «ir Agents nt all principal points inJCunudu.
Agents in Great Britain and United States London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago - Kirst National Bunk, Cnrn Ex-
change National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Hank, San Francisco—Wells Kargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 und upward, received, und interest allowed at
currenl rule from dale of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Reveletoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
The Murderer Has Been Arrested
-Wife of Murdered Man
Tells All-Accused Committed for Trial
Gus Carlson, 11 miner, was killed in
his house on Halihurton street on the
As the result of the evidence nt tlie
inijuest the police arrested the wile of
the murdered man and Inter her paramour, 11 young man Hatred Holmes.
The liends responsible for the deed
had evidently stunned him, and then,
us ho lay unconscious, had tied a
slipping rope around his neck. The
inpo had lirst been drawn tightly
rround the neck of Carlson hy a noose
and then lor the rest ol its length,
about eight leet, coiled as tightly as it
could he pulled around the neck. Tinman had been strangled, anil strangled
io the most brutal manner.
Neighbors were attracted to the
Carlson cottage by the screams of Mrs.
Carlson, who was found tied to her
bed. Sbe declared that her husband
bud gotten out oi bed to investigate a
noise in another room, and shortly
thereafter two men hud entered her
bedroom, and alter robbing her of all
the money in the house, bad bound
and gaggid her. She succeeded in
removing the gag soon alter the alleged robbers departed, she claimed,
and then called for assistance.
Holmes, tbe day after the murder,
told Miss Annie Hoult, Mra. Carlson's
sister, that, "it was a good thing somebody killed that ,   or   I  would
have done it myself."
The World's correspondent writes:—
" Have you not suffered long enough?"
asked William Holme", when Mrs,
Carlson, hearing the blow which killed
her husband, exclaimed: "Oh Will,
why have yi 11 done that ?"
Slowly dripping out her knowledge
i'i her husband's deatb, word ly word,
tie wife of tiie murdered man fastened the imputation of guilt mi the
young fellow who, clearly wrought up
to a pitch of nervous tension, stood in
the prieor.ers'di ck ot lhe grimy and
grim old court bon-e where Nanaimi
bus heard so many tragedies unfolded
Mrs. Carlson's account was the same
as she had at lirst given until she
reached the point wbere she heard a
noise. This time, however, the saiil
the thud which aroused her was in
the bedroom, not out in the kitchen,
where, according to her previous Story
her husband had gone to chase out 11
neighbor's cat, which had wakened
them up.
She jumped to the loot ot the bed,
exclaiming, "Ob, my God."
Tbere was a lorm in the doorway,
and the next thing bIic was stuunid
by a blow over the head lt was when
she regained consciousness that she
»«ked Holmes why he had done it.
She did not sen Carlson's body re
moved Carlson never moved or spoke'
after be was struck.
Holmes Baid he would tie her up
and lake her husband's money. The
fi rmer he did and the. latter she
thought he did.
The DiOft tliiinialic moment of lhe
trial was when Mrs Carlson was askn
to identify tbe prisoner. Both woman
and man were visibly moved.
Mrs Carlson, besides the change in
her story, directly stilting I bat Holmei
was the man who struck Cailson, alsi
testified to lad feeling' existing be-
Iween the men.
Holmes, she said, linil visited till
bouse on Monday morning, the day 1 I
the crime
He asked her bow she was feeling,
She replied not very good, He then
asked ber if Carlson lad been ill-
using her.   Sbe r.'i Iiul "No."
He declared 1 e would  do  for  him,
but she usked him lo lit. him "I i.e.
Hire tbe motive Ior the crime wss
laid I 1.   Other witnesses .cm sj nl e
if it,
Mis. Gnrlnou's sister said llolmn
hud told ber tlmt Carbon hud ihrut-
1-1,1 d lo ki I Holmes, aid I he 1 Her 1
his tuin had threatened 'o till Can.
• in. She also spoke io Ins irg Carlson in the bouse on Sui nnl. y mor oil g.
Sbe beard llolims :ay t ut it WSB
time lie was finished, anil be would do
Inr bim.
Her sister said "leave liilit alone. '
She did not know who llie "he" was,
but supposed it was Carlson whose
name wub mentioned.
MrB. DeCour, a new witness, also
testified to overhearing u quarrel at
lhe time that Holmes boarded witli
Carlson's. The latter told Holmes to
get out ol the house, and threatened
il lie ever came buck lie would shoot
him. Holmes replied tbat be lind
better bo careful or be (HolmOB) might
get the drop on him first.
The morning altor the murder
Holmei saw Mrs. Carlson at Burton's
bouse. She saiil it was a bad business
Ho made no remark. Holmes accompanied Miss Hoult down the
street when he lelt. He remarked
that those who bad murdered Carlson
hud saved him Irom doing it.
Mrs. Carlson swears it was Holmes
wbo came into her bedroom and
bound her, and to the evidence ol the
ill leeling existing between tlie two
Miss   Hoult lislil'uil  also  that   iu
spite ol Carlson's threat Holmes used
to visit her sisler once or twice a week
and always when Carlson was out.
Holmes was committed lor trial.
Revelstoke Curling Club
A general meeting ol the Curling
Club will be held on Monday night
next, the 27tb iiiBt., at the City Hall
at H o'clock Bbarp. All members are
urgently requested to attend.
Onab. Mi Field,
'■   '■■■
* .  ,, j ■. 1 ; •■■  ,-;;
vv- Steel Range     ^
The Kootenay
broiler and
toasting* door is
very spacious.
Large enough
for a feed door
Free Booklet
on request.
button to
open clean-
out door. Use
scraper and
pan, and flues
can be
out in l
a min-
"*A£^i§r -■.__;.,, ._uiii t-tct":*.   SCSci
.li*^  %^B
For Sale by BOURNE BROS.
r~-\ j-    -        11      11 • li V***
At 1 ui wi  1 111 v i; 1 |i
U-t, you ci Jc| end   nil
get! ti ._       ir Steak lei di 1. your hi
ind if you « ani  »     ■ 0  Sprii «
Ch'ct-en -"  r..n-t.   lei   us   know,    V.
1    \ iill y. ui « ante in the Meat,
Fish -ii.'! i'i nit ry line.
P. BURNS & CO.. Ltd. Phone 21
cA Dear Little Lass
£/" Moose Jaw.
Who Wanted
Whatever She Saw,
Is the Best in tlie Land
Meets Every Demand:
Really and Truly I Can't Understand
How They Give Such Fine Premiums
$10,000   NEW GOODS   $10,000
Dress Goods, Flannels, Flannelettes. Sheeting, Blankets'
Comforters. Men's Suits. Odd Pants, Boots and Shoes, Hats, Caps
and Gloves to be sold at prices that will keep the Register busy
at a loss to us. but a gain to you. Come early or late, enough
bargains for all.   SEE BIG POSTERS.
tu the satisfaction ol Iiib hearers.
Another address is announced for
next Sunday to be In Id in the Fi'.isi-n
Parlor Theatre. The subject, wiil le
"The Whbllng Wheels ur th- Allegorical Bicycle." Mr Baer ixpl.ln._i
lhat, bicycle as a mechanical cnniri
vunce lendB itself more readily to the
allegorical express.in of the essentia,
tenets and principles of Chrieliunitj
than any other human creation, and
he will endeavor to jus ily his conclusion.
Cc3rd 3? Trade Meets
Continued frum 1'uno Ono.
the pn | ui-eil Publicity building at tin
railwm station would he on the ground
ibisW''-.. The building would be n
credit i i the cit >
Ho also reported the result ol his
interview with Mr Wbyte, second
Vice-President of the 0 I'll , and said
i' was now up to them lo take ad-
vttnt.ii._i' uf the opportunity of hiving
all the lepair w.nk on this division
again d"tie in tbe Revelstoke shops.
He ii'cul Ihe Hoard to inuke tin
introduction ol new Industries to tin
ciiy a feature ol ita work. He asked
tbeir co i peril tion iu putting through
a bylaw Hi plaie tbeir power plant on
a permanent and reliable basis so Ihey
could supply all Ibe power called for.
Hy way of showing ihem what was
being done in the way of clearing land
around the city and preparing it for
sett lenient he invited the Hoard to go
out to mi- ut, work Hie stumping plant
he was operating Bouth ol ihe llie-
The Uiiiini  accepted   llie  offer with
Remember the date of tb" Rebekah
Dance Tuesday, the 2tv'h inst.
'llie luiliea of lhe Catholic church
have postponed their tea till the lirst
week in October.
Agential milling uf lhe Culling
Club is called for eight o'clock Monday night lu the City Hall.
Notice is given that persons wishing
to be placed on tbe civic voters' lists
must seed in Iheir applieation and declaration Ly Oct. 3Lt,
J. \V. Garland notifies be will taki
over the City Bakerj from Monday
next and wili have full supplies of
fancy and tream goods.
RevelBtoke beat Kamloops 4 to I! in
tbe baseball match at the Salmon
Arm Fair yesterday. The report ol
the match will appear uext iBsue.
The city ligbt and power plant will
be out of commission on Tuesday
and Tuesday nigbt while sumo necessary temporary repairs to the dam are
being made.
The Ladies' Guild of St. Peters'
Church are holding their annual tea
on Milinary Opening day at tbe home
of Mrs. Porter, McKeuzie Ave., on
Thursday 30th.
Tbe exhibition of talking and sing-
srg pictures at the Kdison Theatre
tbe last two evenings has been well
attended. A change ol programme
will be made this evening.
Ou Saturday afternoon au engine
stauding in the yard ut Rogers' Pass
tuok a trip east on its own account
and hurried down the grade from the
Pass till derailed after a run of two
About seven o'clock laBt evening a
lamp was upset in the house occupied
by Mrs Bruce on Counaugbt avenue
An alarm ol tire was given, but the
blaze was extinguished before much
damage wae done.
Don't depend un city ligbt ami
power ou Tuesday, aa owing to temporary repairs required at the dam ii
may be necessary to cut off the power
and light both day and night on
Mayur Lindmark will oiler a prize
ol 1100 for the best-kept home in the
city, the Competition to be limited ti
wage earners who own their homes.
The terms ol the cum petition will appear in a future Usue.
Alfred Wright manager ol the
Mercantile Fire Insurance Co., ol
Toronto, is in tbe city to day. The
Mercantile Co, is represented in ibe
eitybyChaj M. Field. Mr. Wright
is favorably impressed with things
generally here.
On Thursday afternoon before Police
MagistrateFostei four offenders were
charged with being drunk and dis
irderly ami eaob Hoed $m an.I costs
John Lindberg war fund fl'i and costs
ll : -i -.... -i '.i-nct and in addition
lie wa- fined |50 and costs or six
ntbs Imprisonment n s charge ul
usaultiog Constable Cleland in the
. !•. utii n il in- duty.
Tht City Council held a special
meeting last niuhl al which it was re
solved to submit t" tbe ratepayer- i
bylaw lor the extension and impr >.•■
men*, ol tin- power plant rendered nee
essary by tbe increased demand fnr
power and tbe damage done the  dam
by the flood in the spring. A public
meeting ol the ratepayers will lie called anil tbe whole mailer laid before
tbem before tbe vute is called lor, and
next meeting of the Council tbe date
of this public meeting will  be set.
are now coming in including Peaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity i.s very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee deliver}-, otherwise you are
t j ii i te liable to lie disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes Pints, Quarts and
Half-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to lit
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one of   the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
For House and Garden Culture
H Died tn gai den eai \) in ' li«
1 ..   , ;-1 om to itei in 'Iir Spring
WE M\'\ I 9 Varieties ol Urgi'
Single H mha. Several vari*
el       FD R<'in.ui Ihrn miiIi-v
I-   e vai ietiefi ol  Nan Issusi   Also
I    ips,  Croi us  and  Snowdrops,
n many \ arielies.
Flam   early  ami   reap  joy and
pleasure nexl Spring,
Bews' Drug ^Stationery Store
The Rebekah Dance is to take place
Tuesday, the '28ih at the Opera HouSe.
I). Denny, i f Beaton, died at tbe
hospital this morning from typhoid.
He leaves a widow and   two  children
At the Police Cnurl this morning,
E. Uusselton was hned $111 and costs
lor assaulting .1. Piacatelli in 8. Mc
Mahuu's blacksmith simp.
Miss McLennan returned Tuesday
from an extended trip to the C< ast.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Dunne arrived yesterday and left lor Notch  Hill to-day.
Miss spurling leaves for   Vancouver
to join the stall' ol the Bank  ol  Com
Mr. Ilnyluck n acting manager .if
the Imperial Bank during the absent--
uf Mr. McCleneghan.
The Bev. C. A. Procunier left u
Thursday's train  fur  Victoria   when
he lias gum- fur a rest anil obsage
Messrs. Urant Hall i'. II 1 em pie
ami 8. Phipps, ol tin- mechanical stall
of the t', P, I; spenl Wednesday in
tlie city.
A. K. Kincaid   returned   Tbursriaj
Irum a trip east  ami   rep' rtl   -
boom • n the prairii  i-   i be
tin- ing wheal ci p
11 in. Frank ' lliver   Mu..-'. r ol   I he
Interior has wired Mayor bind i -
that in-will visit Revelstoke within
the nc il ten days
Mrs. 1. V. Manley ami little
i.. velsl  ki  are the guests   I M I
Mr- K. P Pettipiece lil Eleventh
avenue  east, Vancouver.
Mr. and Mr-  M.i lei eghan lell   for
the A . V    P,   Kip..»iti..i,     .1,    - undi ,
alternoon and expect   to   spend two
weeks visiting the Coast Cities,
The many irlends d Mrs hr . Elliott will be pleased to hear tbat she
is making satisfactory progress, although nul yet able to leave the hus
Mrs. H. X. Coursier was invited by
the Directors of the Salmon Ann Fair
to act iih judge in the Arts anil   Flora I
exhibits, which she oonsented to dn
but unfortunately was prevented  by
Miss Duck ul Chicago, is visiting it
BaHynahlucli, the   home   uf   Mr.   ami
Mrs. Coursier,   Miss Daok Isobarmed
with the beauty and gramliier of 010
mountains uml thinks they compiin
very favorably with the .Swiss Alps,
winch latter she has visited several
Wedding Bells
Tin. Kobekahs   are   .nuking
etlorts to make tbeir dunce on
Jay, tbo 28th, a big success,
i In Wi dnabda} evi i . it 6:311 K it
ipiiet marriage took place al the home "I
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown, on Third
Streel    • ien    Mi        ■ llleii
.unl Miss Alimn.i Ruth. Piehle, were ani-
the Hi
key   T  W. Ha
by Mi g coupli
M       VI   •
M \| ..       \l
I- M IVI    May    Ms
iqm -
.   \l i ■
it i    i nii.iriu.
\i ■ ...   m I 'i>- SSnd inal    i
tbe Rev W  0 Calder   Lester   < i
son "f   \ rrow  Park,  B. C, lo
Ooodfellow .( Sydney I   -
II IK   ii-.  k'lilsii.i I
At ine Manse on tba 2Ith  Inst    > ,
the Rev  VV 0 Calder,   lohn   Hs
of tlberl'  to Hilda Louisa Kristoffen
son  if Sweden,
Sunday's Lecture
\n appreciative audience greeted
Walter w. li><>-r at the Opars Hoc ic
-' lay evening to hear bin lecture on
PiyohlO Purees ami I'lieiiuiiu-ria       I he
addressoonaisted ol a will arrangep
series ol descriptive Illustrations ul
the operations of the mental   powers
Mr. ,VV. Ilaer's ledum was
purely scieotili" and had neither re-
ElgloUB Of Irreligious significance At
its close a numlier  ol  ijuOStloos   warn
i.k''i by members ul tin,- audit dog all
Ol which wore answered  by   Mr    lt<er
Visit ot T. J. Hutton
T. .1. Iiul ton, who conn's io Hevelstoke highly recommended us a fii'sl-
eliiss entertainer, is billed at the Opera
House tonight, when he will present
several musical sketches und songs.
Mc, Hutton is one of the clevorosl
musicians who bus visited the city ainl
few men possess his versatility. The
humorous will he a special feature uf
the pi'iigi'.'iniiut' bo thill all wbo wish n
Hood tiighl'st'iiliTliiiniiioni can depend
on gelling il by spending tbe evening
ul the Opera liouse tonight.
On Monday Mr. Hutton will appear
ul the Kdison Theatre; when he will
give an entire change of  progt-aunnc
Something tasty  Ior   y ur Sundsy
dinner    Mallards,    Pin   Tails,   Teal
Plover aud Wood Ducks, just in at the
Maundrell Meat Market.   Only a lim
ited supply.
Try Kidgway's A D coll'eo,  lor  Bale
at G. W. Bell's.
Ihe sum of Eighty-nine Thousand
Dollars and to cause all auob sums so
raised or received to be paid into the
hands of the Treasurer of tho Corporation of the City of Hevelstoke.
2. lt shall he lawful foi- Ihe Mayor
of the said Corporation of the City of
Hevelstoke to cause any number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or sums as may be
required for the purpose and object
aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the
sum of Eighty-nine Thousand Dollars.
Such debentures shull lie of the denomination of One Thousand Dollars
each and all such debentures shall be
sealed with the seal of the Corporation
of the City of llevelsloke and signed
by the Mayor and Clerk thereof.
A. The said debentures shall belli
tbe date of 1IHK),  and shall
lie payable in Twenty-live years from
the said date in lawful money of Canada, at the ollice of the Molsons Bank
ut Kevelstoke aforesaid, which said
pluce of payment shall he designated
by lhe said debentures, and .shall have
attached to theiu coupons foe the payment of interest, ami lhe signature to
lhe interest coupons may be either
written, printed, stumped or lithographed.
■I. The said debentures shall bear
Interesl ul the rale of live per cent
(fi I pel- in mini from tin-dale I hereof
which interest sbnll be paid seini-an-
nually al ilu- ollice of the Molsons
Hunk ul Revelstoke aforesaid iu lawful
money of Canada on Hie day
of and on the day of
respectively in each ami every year
during the currency thereof, and il
shall he expressed in suid debentures
unit coupons to be so payable
.i. Il shall be lawful for the .Mayor ol
the said Corporation to negotiate and
sell the said debentures or tiny of them
lui less thnn par, but in no case shall the
said debentures or un\ uf them be sold
lur less than Ninety-two uml um- hull
per centum (VJ 1-2) of the lace value including lhe cost ul sale uud brokerage
,uid all other necessary expenses.
(i There scull be levied and raised in
each year during the currency of suid
debentures tin- sum ul Pour thousand
four hundred and fifty 01451) 0U) Dollars
for the payment of interesl und'1'wo
thousand [our hundred uml thirty eight
Inlluis iiii.l sixlv cents (JJ2438.60) for
the payment of the suid debl under the
debentures byn special rate sufficient
therefor mi ull lhu ratable real propert)
iu the suid Municipality.
?. Il shull be lawful for the Municipal
Council of the said Municipality lore-
purchase any of lhe suid debentures
iiptui such terms as may be agreed upon
with the legal holder or ho.ilei's thereof,
either al the lime ul sale ur al any subsequent time, and ull debentures so repurchased shull be forthwith cancelled
or destroyed and no reissue of debentures
shall he made in consequence of such rt -
,S. This by-law shall lake effect on uud
after the       dav of , A.I)., 1909,
9, This by-law shall before the filial
passing thereof receive the assent of the
ratepayers of tlie corporation according
to the provisions of and in the manner
prescribed by the Municipal Clauses Act
Read e lirst time tins 24th day of September, 1909.
Read a second time this 24th dav of
September, 1909.
Read a third tittle
September, 1909, and
Unanimous consent of the Council
Received the assent of the electors the
day of 1909.
Reconsidered adopted aud finally
sed the Council the dav of
Citv Clerk.
By-law No.
the boi mn ing by tin- Municipal
Council uf  tin- Corporation  of
the  City   of  Kevelsloke   of   the
-um   ul   Eighty-nine  Thousand
$80,000) Dollars fm lhe purpose
uf making permanent  Improve,
ments to and enlarging the caps   iy  uf ibe electric lighl and
power plant of the City.
Whereas in the interest of the Oity
it ,-   h etiied ncc—sat y and expedient
thai such work he done without delay,
And When-... :i i:. necessary for the
purpose iforeaaid to raise by way of
debentures a luan of 180,00000,
\ ■ .i   Whereas t  pel ition   bus I een
itted to the Municipal Cuuncil of
the i Corporation uf the Cily  uf  Revel-
. ■ •■-; by i !.'■ assessed owners of
iie leoih in value of lin-  real
p   i   •      vitbin the City of Revelatoke
n  Uu- lust   revised  Assess-
ii • i    Hull ol  aid City, requesting thai
■. ,i,' reduced for the pm pose
horising 'lu   borrowing  by said
I   .' pill  i' .u|,   uf    ' he     -lllll     ul      Eight V
Nine thousand Dollara fm tbe purpose
\ii.i Whereas tbe a hole amount of
propi -' . within  the -ml
'   I;.--.elstoke ling lu Ihe
.-d    v.-,---ui.-i,'   l;,.n  ..i  the
f Rl      ■] Itoke I-   the    "Hill    iif
-   ,.
'    Will   Iii    li.
.•!!'.    '.-.       '.'-'; -I    i.ile    -utli.
■   v   --- B0 foi
md Intel esl i lu-i •■
I In-     Muiiii 11... I
i ' h.- : ..I p' i ii, i ■ in- t ii ■.
-. u.
i    rporatloi I'il v "f Rev
i - be pui i-1 - *     -"I   •.' h  tbe
Baa id v    .ii   t he
Hm ■.      i iv   ut
...  naffer menl  id from
■  I  --.|i        pei    ..I,-,     til III.      1m,iI ,        .i
ji ,i ,'.     -. (.    i,  ,: i...   ..\ (lllng
• n    i   .inu
..'■■-.iu -  n iii    whole
this   24th day uf
passed   with the
TAK1-; NOTICU lhal the above Is a
true copy of the proposed By-law upon
which the vote of the Municipality will
he taken ut tbe City Clerk's Ollice', City
Hall, comer of Second Street ami Mc
Keti/.ic Avenue, RevelBtoke, 11. I'., mi
Saturday, October 9th., 19n9, between
the hours of Nine o'clock, a, in. and
Seven o'clock p. III.
Clerk of the Municipal Council.
Sewor  Connection*
SEALED TENDERS   will   be received
al die office of the ('ity Clerk, up to noon
19th Instant,   l'or ihe   following  sewer
connect ionsi
i.  I'.xcavaling uml installing -pinch sowei
pipe from house lo lot line.
t. Excavating ami installing 4-inch sewer
pipe from   lol   line   lo   Main   Street.
Depth at lol line will run Ironi four  lo
Ien feel.
All further particulars can  be oblnined
..i the Cily Offlce.
lim cu A. Lawson,
Cily Clerk.
will take over the above
Bakery nn and after
Monday, Sept. ___• 71li.
Your patronage is so-
licited. Families waited on for orders and
Full line of Fancy
Goods, Cakes, etc.
Fancy Cream Goods
three days a week.
The Finest Loaf of Bread
at the Kevelstoke Fair was made from
"ROBIN HOOD " Hour. A prize
winner every time. Try it and convince yourself. Order a sack as a trial
iiiiii now (rom the
Mountain Supply Company.Limited
WE were quite sure there would be no lack of
buyers at the first SATURDAY NIGHT SALE.
It required no microscope to see the remarkable values.
The merchandise was here, exactly as it was advertised.
The prices—well, they seemed to be satisfactory, the
way the goods moved out.
It is easy to bring a crowd by offering big values,
but we could not do business unless the prices matched
the advertisement.    WE  DID BUSINESS.
we have prepared some more plums, and while there
may be a small lot of the lirst crop remaining, you will
find the new crop better than usual. Those who like to
buy goods at retail at lower prices than most stores pay
at wholesale, should COME EARLY to this sale, which
Pretty patterns foe children or grown-ups. They are
just what you need foe winter. The sell regularly at
U5c„ hut the Al'TKH SUPPER SALE PRICE 18 36c.
All sizes from IS to 2D.    Hegiilaely sold al. 15c.
Well made uml well honed. If you wear a short corset
you will lind these n, splendid article. All sizes. Regulai- prices from 75c to$1.25,   AFTER SUPPER SALE
All colorings, pretty patterns, and splendid tpialily.
They sold regularly al. 15c, 17 l-'Jc., nntl 20o Our
A 1«TER SUPPER SALE PBIOEisn money saver   10c
with every pair of shoes at $1.25 or over, lhat
are sold Satarday Night, we will give a good
pair of stockings. You know the quality of the
shoes we sell—there are none belter and our
prices are right, and this i.s a chance to get a
good pair of stockings, absolutely free.
McLennan C&Co.
E You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
fiiffwfffffffffffifffflfffff*fffffffFff""ffffiff ^P
Just   arrived   from   the   East   a   shipment
Just the  kind you  need  for   this  Season.
Come in and look them over
MRS.   A.  O.  CRICK
First  Street Opposite  Windsor  Hotel
You May Be Sure
Of securing the best attention
and the most reliable goods
when dealing with
G.   W.   BELL
Successor to Woolsey & LeFeaux, Limited
Many new linen ul Hulk 1'erlumen
al Hews' Drug Store.
(irnnd Ilu puts em pit-weepers. |3 50
at O. VV. Bell'a.
K'nli!k« ami Camera Supplies at
Hews' Drug Store.
Musical Instrument! and Music
Folios at Hews' Drug Store.
LOST—Older book, between the
Oriental Hotel and the L'nioii
hotel last nigbt. Please ret urn to the
Mail-Herald oftkv,
Fifty tons of locally grown
potatoes, in lots to suit purchasers.    Superior quality.
Mail your orders to
f. Mccarty, • .revelstoke


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