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'• Empire " Typewriter
For suae of operation and perfection
in results produced, litis machine
in unsurpassed.   Trice, $60.00 Cash,
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards "
A^ Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
s /
Vol. 15. -No  32
Provincial Libr
REVELSTOKE. B. C. MAY 19. 19011
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Cool Summer
for Men
Here i.s the Biggest Bargain
in Men's High Class Summer
I iidcrwear that ive have yet offered
—A clean-up of ;ill our best and
finest qualities.
$1.50 Per Garment
This is a line of pure white wool
Men's Underwear, thoroughly scoured
and shrank, will not irritate the skin.
They sell anywhere at $2.50, Friday
and Saturday bargains at $1.50
$1.80 Per Garment
Very fine Silk and Wool in light blue color, French
Seams full fashioned non-irritant. These sell at $3.50 each
in the best stoics.     We are clearing this line at $1.80.
$3.00 Per Garment
Pure Silk, the acnio of high class underwear for men
they might be a luxury at the regular price of $6.00 each,
but at what we are selling them now, they are no more than
the price of necessities, we cut the price in two at $3.00
Other Bargains
Fine French Balbrigan Underwear for men in the
natural "bal color". Full fashioned French. Seams, at per
garment 6oc. and 75c.
B. V. D. Athletic Underwear with short sleeves and
legs. These are increasing in popularity. Selling at per
garrtient $1.00.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Tbis is the season of the year thai the good housekeeper wants to brighten up the Inline, Kiilsoinine some
rooms, Varnish the woodwork, Paint the floors. Varnish
Stain some pieces of the furniture, Enamel the beds or the
hatlis, Kegild lhe picture frames. We are best able to
supply nil these wants, we cater for the trade, and we
carry the goods that give the satisfaction.
Agate wall finish, Alabastine, Whiting, House paint,
Floor paint, all ready for the brush. Aspinall's Enamels,
B. A. P. Enamels tor bath or woodwork. Baplac Varnish
stains, Ironite Varnish stains-. Lacqueret in all colors.
Merry Bros, house varnishes, Liquid Granite fir Minors or
oilcloth. Varnish for furniture, Moors, boats or carriages,
all for nil inside work.
Painters Supplies in all lines and at prices that cannot
be beat, give us a chance to quote you, we can save you
money. Leave your orders for work with us and we will
send you a man and guarantee that he will give you the
best of goods.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents at all principal points in Oanada,
Agents iii Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago--First National Bank, Corn Ex-
change National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,  received, and  interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Specials for the Week
Ladies'   Duck Dress Skirts
Children's Summer Coats
Hats and Bonnets
MRS.   A.   G.   CRICK
First   Street Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Local Company Resumes Operations in Brick Manufacture
Finest Clay Discoverable
Will be Used.
Among Hie arrivals in the city on
Monday night wns Mr. E. A. Kitson
a master brickiuuker who bus been
employed by C. B, Hume A Co. to
take charge of the operations ot the
brick making plant ol that company
on the Tuo) water river adjacent to the
city. Tbe demand for bricks as building material bas so increased in the
Interior that the company which
desisted bum brickinaking a few years
ago bas determined to resume business
and it has consequently obtained the
services of one of the best men that
could be secured to direct ils work.
Mr. Kitson is a brickmaker from
"way-back" and takes a pride in the
fact that he has been in thai
business for many years. Most recently be is from Calgary and Okotoks
and at tbe latter place had charge ol
a manufactory wbicb turned out material creditable to both the company
aud the manager concerned.
In Kevelstoke Mr. Kitson's held ot
operation will have a couple of distinct
advantages-, The II.st of tliese will be
the quality tif clay which be will bave
to handle in the manufacture of the
article which he will place upon the
market. This quality, according to
the testimouy of experts and those
qualiiied to give conclusive evidence
upon 6uch a technical question, is of
the best. An assay of the clay from
the claim of the company recently
reported to be made by the Dominion
geological stall' appraises the clay as
being superior to that of nny that can
be found in the Dominion ul Canada.
Its qtialilication for incorporation into
brick substances is of the lirst order
and the company intends to make the
best chance of its find.
Work ou the new industry will be
commenced at once aod from lifteen
to twenty men will be employed. The
capacity of the mill is at present
12,000 daily but this will be increased
with the prospective immediate demand for a futuie output. The addition of the industry to the immediate
vicinity of Bevelstoke is one of the
many indications of the building
prosperity of the city.
City Council Will Ask for Nine
Thousand Dollars
The recommendation ol the Public
Works committee ol the Cily Oounoi
at the regular meeting held last Friday
night submitted a proposal for the
placing ol a by law belore the ratepayers to expend the sum of $U,000 iu
the purchase of machinery f r the
improvement of the streets iu the city.
The items in the report allocated to
their proper headings are: For one
grader, $275; a ten ton roller, $3,500;
one rock crusher, capacity 15 to 20
tons per hour, $1,075; screens, elevator, etc., for the same, $050; 1 road
plow, $40; estimate lor hauling rock,
1 wages, etc., $2,860, a total of $9,000.
It is understood that the margin in
the case of each estimate in the above
schedule is sullicient for a line of
safety, actual figures in some of the
instances being impossible to obtain.
These will be obtained belore the
by-Isw b submitted and the fullest
information given tut be public.
The Best Yet.
The luu loving people ol Kevelstoke
will be more than delighted with the
"oniedy to be presented by the local
amateur dramatic club on the evening
ol Victoria Day, May 21th, at the
opera house. "All the Comforts of
Home," is a cleverly written comedy
uf quick action and dialogue, abounding in funny situations, and is one
continual laugh from start to finish.
The cast is a strong one and more
than ordinary attention has been
given to tbe rehearsin 1 and staging ol
this production. After the performance a social dance will be held, forming a fitting wind-up to the holiday.
Tbe entertainment being in aid of the
hospital should guarantee a bumper
house, and will doubtless prove one of
the most successful ever given in the
The Y.M.C.A. management is going
to bave a good day ol sport here on the
2-1 tli. lt was feared for some time
that the five mile race would bring
out no contestants ss none of our
local men wish to tackle Palmer in
any race under a mile. However this
morning's mail brought an entry from
Mr. Haycock, of Malakwa, who will
make Charlie go all the way. Haycock is a young runner who is improving in every race and this contest
should be a good oue. A lull entry
will lie published in Saturday's issue
uf this paper and also all details ol the
tlsy'i sport.
Cambridge President Resigns—
Young Royalty Marries—
Paris Strikers' Pathetic Call
for Help—Minto Cup Referee
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., M.iy 18—Charles
Elliutt laid aside today the robe ol
ollice which he has worn with so much
honor for fnrly years as president ol
Harvard University,
Addis ABBBA, Abyssinia, May 18.—
Prince Lidj Jeassti, the 18 year old
grandsou ol King Metielik, was today
publicly proclaimed heir to the Abyssinian throne in the presence of many
chiefs and twenty thousand soldiers.
He was married two dayB ago to
Princess Kemauie, tho Beven year old
grand daughter ul the late Emperor
Paris, May 111—The building trades,
carpenters and diggers unions wete
ordered to Btrike tomorrow in support
of the postal strikers. An appeal to
the workers of France to eome to the
aid of their comrades m the postal
service by a general strike was issued
by the federal committee of the postal
employees and placarded throughout
Paris during the night.
Ottawa, Ont., May 18—Archie Mc-
Naughton of Vancouver, has been
named by Trustee Koss of the Minto
Cup, as referee for the coming series
between New Westminster and
Kegina. Owing to the late date at
which the request was made the trustee could not name an   ..stern oHicial.
Effect of New British Budget
'   Drives Capital to Colonies-
Millions for British Columbia
London, May 111.—As a result of the
proposed increased income tax in the
Budget submitted by Mr.Lloyd-George
the Duke of Bedford, an extensive land
holder and scientific farmer, is to
invest $2,500,000 ou the Pacific C ast,
acoording to a report current here
today. The immense Thorney estates
in Cambridgeshire were recently sold
to the Government by the duke for a
sum in excess of £650,090. The proceeds of this Bale, it is said, will be
invested in farming lands. The
Thorney estate was traiiaforined by
the duke (rum a barren swamp into a
model agricultural cuuimuuity, and is
now oue of the finest areas in the
tinted Kingdom. It iB said that the
duke will visit the United States in
the near future.
Pioneer Firm to Extend Present
Business Premises—Elevator to Be Installed—Third
Storey to be Added.
As an indication of the conlldetice
which tho business men ol tho oity
have in the future of Rovelstoke and
surrounding distriot, it was stated
yesterday by Mr. C. ti. Humo of tbe
linn of C. ti. Humo & Co., to a representative nl the M aii -111:11 a i.ii that it
is tbe iutcntiou of that company to
enlarge the business premises occupied
by them within the near future.
Details ol tbe enlargement will bo
submitted, with plans and specifications at a meeting of the directors to
bo held to-day. Tbe plans for enlargement involve a proposal to rear another
storey, adding to the two storeys already dignifying tbe present structure
on the coruer of McKenzie avenue and
First street.
Whether this propoBiil i» carried out
or not, one of the features proposed
and which will iu any case be a part
ol the plans of the Improvement will
be the installation of a passenger
elevator for the accommodation of the
patrons of the store. Whether the
budding iH made a three-storey structure or remaining as it is, the customers will no longer have to place one
foot before another in raieing to an.
elevation in their search tor the kind
ol goods they desire, lt will be a
simple case of step on board to go
The firm of C. ti. Hume & Co. is
one of the oldest in Revelstoke and is
known in the whole district as one
whose business judgment is not calculated to mislead and its determination
to extend the present premises is nn
assurance of the stnbslity of business
conditions iii the city as well as asBiir-
atice ot a reasonably good outluclr. lor
the future.
Secretive as Usual
MONTREAL, May 17,—The story published by sume Eastern papers tbat
tbe C.P.K. is locating a line through
the Yellowhead Pass to l'ort Simpson
is laughed at by tbe C.P.K. iiutlmri
lies here, who say tuat such a line
would give no return for a hundred
years. If thu line is built from Edmonton at all it will be into Peace
Kiver Valley, where rich natural
resources would give immediate re
Drowned from Log Jam
A drowning accident occurred al
oneol the camps of the Big fiend
Lumber Company, 11 miles from hu
city, ou Mi.ndsy afternoon. A workman named Iver Sutherland waB, with
his brother, engaged in an attompt to
break a log jam when the jam gave way
and of the iwo brothers, Iver nevor
recovered himself. News ol the accident was brought to the city yesterday
and Provincial Const. Kington lelt at
ones for the scene. In company with
several other employees at the camp
he undertook the work of dredging for the body. The lirst eH'orts
were unsuccessful. Owing 10 the rain
aud rising wator to day the dredging
was not resumed, but it will be taken
up again to-morrow.
A very qu et wedding was solemn,
ized ou Suuday evening last when
the Kov. Mr. McKae united in the holy
bonds of matrimony Mr. Wm. Pugbe
aud Miss Katie Konny. Both the
young people arc well and favorably
known in (lolden, having lived here
for a number of years, Mr. Pugbe is
at present working for Mr. A. Hobson
of Kevelstoke, and the happy couple
left on Monday's train for that place
followed by tho good wishes of their
manp friends.—Golden Star.
New Program
On Friday and .Saturday a new program ol first-class subjects in moving
pictures will he put on at the Edison
Prairie Provinces Experience
Earthquake Shocks
Telegrams of Monday state that
earthquake shocks varying in intensity
were felt all through the Canadian
prairie west at, about 10:20, central
time, on Saturday evening, in most
places rattling dishes, banging doors
and shaking windows, told all of
the tale wbile win several places
people were driven out ol doors.
The shock was very light in Winnipeg
but wns distinctly felt at Selkirk, near
Lake Winnipeg, aud Irom there the
disturbance was noted at scattertd
points lor a thousand miles west
aeross the prairie. Shocks appear to
have been moBt severe in the heavy
"Ouinbo" country ol Saskatchewan,
along the main line uf the Canadian
Pacific, bul they were felt as far north
as Prince Albert. It is the liret time
in known history that earthquake
shocks have visited the Ked Kiver or
Saskatchewan valleys, and Prolcssor
Frank Allen Ph. D., of Manitoba
university, said Saturday night that
tbey might never recur. He attributes the disturbance to a wave or echo
ol serious earthquakes in Southern
America ur the Central Pacilic, and
holds that the vibration thus caueetl
has followed the chord of a circle,
coming out in the Canadian prairie.
Club Will Entertain
The Hevelstoke Mountaineering
club will entertain the Alpine club oi
Canada during the annual outing ol
the latter, the location this year lieing
Lake O llara. J, P. Forde, secretary
ol the local club, has received a communication from tbe government agent
informing him of the fact that the
provincial treasury will Contribute the
sum uf 1600 to the functions tfhich
will take place under the auspices ol
the Kevelsttiko Club. The letter ol
Mr. Hubert Gordon is as follows
J. P. Foltni;, Eh'J ,
Sec. Kevelstoke Mountaineering Olub,
Sut. I have the honor to advise
you that the Hon. tho Minister ol
Publio Works authorizes that a grant
of $500 bo made to tbo Kevelstoke
Mountaineering Club to assist, them
in entertaining the members of the
A Ipino Club ol Canmla in their annual
Camp at Lake O'llnra.
I have the honor to be Sir,
Your obedient Bcrvant,
ROBT, Gordon,
Gov. Ageut.
Kovolstoko, H.O., May M, 1909.
Tho  local club  will   spare  neither
Iiains nor expense iu making tbe  visit
ol the Alpine Club such au interesting
and enjoyable  experience that it will
be rnmeiiiburi'd for a loug time.
New Seeds, Garden Tools
Wire Fencing    McOlary's Stoves
Crockery Glassware
Builders'   Hardware
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Grooeries
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
•objects to a
fair price for
the ri§ht
thing   "
fopy'.nkt", /q07
We give our customers such good service
that they glady pay us the price we ask for our
clothing. We do not keep cheap, poor^fitting
clothing made out of poor cloth.
We have builtjup our business by maknig
a profit but we make only a fair profit. Holding
up a customer would not pay us. We would
rather hold up the quality of our clothing for
this is what holds up our business.
Large consignment of Trunks and Suit
Cases just arrived.
Fit Reform Clothing;
B. S. WALKKB, President ! Paid-tip Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXJJTDKH LAIBD, General Manner    Reserve Fund,    -     6,000,000
The new Travcllcis Cl   quel recent ly issued by this Bsnff arc a moat <
way Id wbicb to carry moo>-> when travelling   The) an- Issued m denominations of
$10,  $20.  $50,  $100 and $200
and Vat, exact amount payable in   Austria.   Belgium,   Denmark, France
Germany, Great Britain. Holland, Italy, Vu «,iv    Kussia, Sweden
and Switzerland  is Matrd en the fare  nl emit,  cheque,  while  in other   I mialliee
tbey are payable at current rates.
Tbe cheques and all information regard tig them t_n_.y be obtained at every eAea
at Um Rank. HIA
Took Their Pictures
before buying them, .More truth
i lui ti liinev iu this, ;ts Heel. Lamb.
Veal, etc., luuit "look pretty" in
iniinv way', before the experienced
butcher,   in   jiiNlici- to the public.
will aoceptof meats, it takes years
nt experience in huudliiiK in Know
tib.it "pretty" in meat means.
Our Meat Market
is perfectly equipped to serve me,it
iii Unci '..million    ice chests to keep
the right temperature, sanitary
surroundings, no poisonous odor.
Quick delivery irom our Ice-cheats
to yours.     Heel, Veal, Lamb, etc.,
nt pleasing prices,
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Sausages and Cooked Meats a Specialty
"All the Comforts of Home"
Zbc flDaiU»1focralb.
jntertor puMtsbtng Companj?,
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
O T r A VV A
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Ollice and befoie Railway
Hon. Charles Murphy, M.l'.
Harold Fisher.
l.Mri.tt.Ai. Hank Bi'iujing I'.i.vbi.
SIUKI-. u. i .
Alone) lu loan,
.jmci'ii Kevelaloki.
\. M.  )'1>K1I.IM
i. .
..„.!,rook, ii. r.
A.   1I.U1VKV.
. tub It  U- ('■
-M1.1.IA.M   I
Ulltlil ll.
-1. i
- ill   lor, I'tc
S -l,, ,i.ii ii
Ihk i i.'-a'.ian Bank ui i
Imk Molsons Hank. Bti
FIBST ST.,    ■    Kl.VKl.SToKl'
-" Provincial baud Surveyor,
•    Mining Surveyor
Ml KK.NZIK   AVKNl I'll. ,x lUU, Kevelstoke
c. w, o   w
Mountain View Camp. No. 229
Meeti Second and  Vi nrth  Wednesdaj-a
iartmoDtfflS Selkirk ll.ul.   V,-„„,   no
men cordially Invited to attena.
JU1IN i HRLSOS.Con.com.
j. .MiIMVI'.K. ( ii.it.
F. O..E.
tl,o Bolktrk
Tt.9 [dgulsr meetings aro lml.l
Ha.i  every Tuesday  eveninK . at   s
VV.K.McLAU HLlN.hi.tlu.i
system, is adopted—cannot be regarded en any but a favorable
light. The machinery which it is
proposed to buy if not for one
Year's uee but for the uso of many
vear.-s and need not be conridcred
as coming under the outlay of a
Bingle per annum,
lt i.s likely that the bylaw to
authorise this expenditure will he
placed before the ratepayers nt the
same time as that for tbe authorisation of $10,000 for school purposes. Neither amount need phase
the ratepayer as both will have to
be faced sooner or later. Nor need
genuine conviction on lhe merits
of one bylaw interferes with a
faithful vote on the oilier.
We believe tlie ratepayers of
RevelBtoke—the people who really
have an interest in the oity nnd n
stake here—is of such a character
;i- will lead them to oheerfully endorse any proposal of the city
council to make the leading streets
nf the town Btioh as will I"' a credit
In the city and the occasion of
compliment to visitors nud those
who look uver the ground with a
view to investment in the premises.
For Saie or Rent
Six   Roomed  House  with Plumbing.    Price  $1550.    Rent
$17.50 per month.
House,  six  rooms,  on   Third   .Street.     Price §2100.    Kent
if'JO per month.
Good buy in Lots 23 and 24, Mock   11, on corner of Fifth
nnd Robson Avenue.    Price S450.
Two good  buys  in  Lots 21  and 22, Block 22, jtiBt east of
Queen's Hotel,    Price $750.
Two good Lots on Eighth Street and corner of  Orton   Ave.,
100 x 100.    Price $850.
Six Roomed House, Furnished, on   Sixth  Street,   improved
ground.    Price $3500,    House and Lots only $3250.
Double   House, renting for $30 per month, for sale at $2750.
Kootonay Lodec No. IS, * F. * A. M
Tlio reiilillll" moot-
ugs nro hcl;l iii ll.ii
Oddfellows Hull, on
tlm iin nl .Miin.iiiy ui
each   month   in   »
. in.   I isitlllg brulli-
aii ciirdiully woi-
SELKIRK LODGE No. 12, I. 0. 0. F,
Moet- evory Tlmrs
_-_. .lay   eveniutf   in   Sol
* kirk Hnilul8.i'iliick
Vlsitinp brethren urn
,-d i... . . tend.
W   A   i-OO.E. .V -'AS   MATIIIK   ISO.
Cold Range todge, K. ol Pi
>io.  26,   RevolstoUe, B. C.
,_\ fci'.Y
El'I- -
ex.-ept tu.Id lied'.,;..-
each niouli'. "i   "        lOdluli   .
i..u    ii   s   I'clJCk.     lislun
Knifhtt am oordtaUy   uvlled.
T. P
SMITH, i    ■
G, H   HROl
K   K. nl K. li a.
J. II. 8COTT,  ■ . ol F.
Zbc fl&aii*1focralb
Thsre [a bo much bad iu the bo>t <>f ns.
And Su much Rixid iu tho wont of US,
That it hurdly behooves auy of us,
To talk abuut the rest uf m>
A proposal ..f the City Council to
tubmit a bylaw to the ratepayers
for the borrowing of $9,000 inr purposes of Btreel improvement, particulars ..f which appear elsewhere
in this .--■■ • I ou i n eel with the
hearty endorsatiou of Ibe people
who iiavi- to. ir the i .■.ic burdens
ol ti.. ' it) of Ri velstoke While
the proposal was—quite j ir. .
we thi Ud. Wells
on thi f tncreaei       t ixa-
thi   |.   .       ii   thi   cit)   ■ imi
A    '■' '
•   ■   woi •■ Ilu   ii.i'i iveni ■
streets tbe i
then bave      - litied i       i     mable
.■'.'.:, I'III
the cil     ii nue the pn
| I   I   li.j.1..    -... :    ind ol tier
lighl   mati.  i lhi     I i ••'- in
tbeii effort* I   ■•■ i p them   in pu---
abli    conditio .vhethei   ihej
ball  begin, now      , I   pei •
Dianeni  improvemenl   ,    mi upon tfter date ol reeipl   ol   such order,
which thi    ratepayei    ivill have to and pro rata thereof for an    irdi
make an eai       •   'ion After   ligning   this document he
There can be little said   in favoi obtained   the   desired  order.   The
oi a penny-wise-pound-foolish poli- mention    oi    the   department   oi
ty.   Whal     dom tbi   year in the mari md fisberie in thi contracl
nay   of   itreet    improvements,   if ie   nuffisienl   lo   connect Cami   in
done   in  the way that the counqil witb the officials ol the departmenl
proposes   will   be   to   the  lasting I'atlon bad  lo pay 12 100 in com-
credil  oi  thi   city  and such work misBioni   to    Camoron.     (Jharlei
will   not   have   '.. be repeated by Strubbs   ol   Montreal   received an
either the   taxpayer or hid follwer., order ior 12,100 worth ol hardware,
The improvemenl ol   the business Hi-   charge   for Ihe (lies supplied
portion nf tbe city by the hiving oi
Few    trusts   arc   so   sacred as a
public trust.     Such as involve the
confidence of an  immediate circle
of business associates ure important
us far as they go and widen according to lhe   number of   persons entrusting a business confidence or a
private enterprise   to  the management of  an individual holding tne
trust.    Heads of   corporations and
institutions   handling   large sums
placed   in   their trust ior business
purposes hold responsible positions
and when  found  unfaithful to the
obligations   oi   the trust reposed iu
tbem are amenable under the laws
of the land to  justice.     That trust
is therefore, greatest which includes
in   its purview the Imsiness of   the
people   of   a   nation   as   a whole.
Thus heads of governments elected
to administer the affairs of a nation
hold,   from   the   people, the  most
sacred   trust   imaginable.    A trust
which involves the handling of the
peoples'   money   i.-   scarcely   less
sacred   than   one     involving   the
social   and   moral    welfare   of   a
in the light oi these reflections
we think the federal administration is indictable at the bar of
public opinion and that the evidences of ils infidelity arc too
numerous to he overlooked or condoned. While it is perhape too
much to expect of any party government that it shall not find
means of replenishing it.- campaign
and party Hinds the manner in
which this is done is one oi often
serious consequences to lhe public
and betrays i. contemptuous disregard of common honesty. Just
now the opposition al Ottawa is
busy endeavoring to implicate one
of the ministers in transactions
unworthy "i a public man.
charge- brought against Hon. Wm.
Pugsley, minister of public w I -
are too grave to have beei tr<
in the manner in wbicb tbe govern
menl ;''. Is Irictly part,
posed of theiii But -
opposition iee witb
thi -• mu i ■   in al ti r tei m --
of departmenl
Inst sigh'   of.
As ,ll-t U.' •
11,  .
• I'-tl  I.ill,
'  •
, Iti
Belore he 11
" Foi  hi.I .1. com idi rai
. . -
1 Cumei
(2,000, in  lhe foil   ting m inner
ll '    i. i". eipl  "t   in order from
Departmenl   ol   Muru.-   and
i    .. :      00 of m       ir Ola
lined i Ihemh tl Fire t. -. t inguisher
. i 11,000 three months
instances must lend to a serious
draft on the funds of Ibe people,
lt must not be supposed that the
money paid in commissions was
paid out of tlie ordinary profits on
a trade transaction. The prices
were advanced to cover the deal
and the people's money filched to
enrich departmental harpies or replenish the party funds. Large
defalcations are to be deplored hut
a sufficient number of smaller ones
and tbe comparative ease with
which Ihey may be manoeuvred
makes serious inroads on the public funds. "Take us the foxes—the
little foxes that spoil tbe vines"
was the Hebrew prophets warning
to the nation of his day and its
applicability to the present times
may be surmised.
How to reach these corruptionists
that are fattening on the stolen
money of the taxpayers while the
government stilles investigation is
tbe problem of the Canadian people. Tolerance of any party or
government or political polity
which permits the persistent and
brazen looting of the treasury is
too much to ask A, even a prospering people. The mere dissemination of tlie tacts mu.-l awaken a
recoil in tiie mind or the voter with
its subsequent vengeance when the
time comes lo take action.
While tin- amounts specified are
relatively small it is easy to conceive that a multiplication ol such; Yellow Flowers with Canadian
Thistles Threaten Menace
Beautiful when there are but a few
the    multiplication    ol    dandelions
threatens t ho life of cultivated llowers
autl   lawn   grass   within the city und
vegetation   generally   throughout the
province.     The   dandelion   llower is
not mucli   to   luok at as a llower hut
appearing   ut   the time it dues iu the
spring   it   affords   a relief to the dull
and somewhat too prosaic appearance
of the   surface of   tint ure and Mother
earth.     Tlie  local inhabitants of the
older provincB   who know something
of   the   menace  to  vegetation which
the dandelion   root   ocoasions arc not
slow to  take  such   measures ns will
insure its extinction  from lawns nud
other   garden   property.     Notlnvith-
standing the love of yellow in modern
journalism nnd  with  respect to other
things the lovi r ol yellow should look
suspiciously   on   the   lirst  dandelion
bloom that attempts to make a landscape   or   picture   garden  of   a front
lawn,   The weetl—ior  it is a weed—is
nn   exotic nud   lins   no   place in fnir
British   Oolumbia,   The roots of   the.
auimal   spread   rapidly to the extinction of every other form of   vegetation
including grass   roots and where dandelions are permitted to 11 nirish there
is always left ■.,  mil as a desolate wilderness,     Some  of  the   richest ami
most   fertile   tracts  of   arable  lands
I have   been  abandoned simply because
1 these   weeds   ha.e   noen peiniitied io
flourish in   tbeir earlier d iys when no
suspicion of   Iheir   ultimate ambition
wn- anticipated,
The seeds ol the intruder are, with-
ont doubt, imported and sown with
the Inwu grass that is brought in
I from tin- "East" that hot-bed of
every: lung tlmt is distasteful to tlie
..t-i mil affords a singular instance
of bow willing one part of a country
may be to inflict ..n another province
an evil which may become irreparable
unl which, in any case costs unlimited nine and labor to eradicate.
Every   wuei i I a lawn ahould look
witb suspicion and distrust ou the lirst
yellowhead that   peeks   through   the
green surface in which he  takes such
pride and witb a lawn dagger  in  one
hand and a convenient can of kerosine
in'.he other, ..light tu wage prayerles..
war un every hint of a dandelion.    If
•• i.y ilm lawn   owner,   little
i    ietj   eed I   fell f..r waste lands for
is the seed! spread  from an  im-
p. rted source in.-re will be no infeotion
r;   ti.  the  nmn
■ -  is  the   prevalence
■ . - along ib" right-
idian   Pacilic Rail-
ss ■ -'     a.,     again,   an
■   tbi    trooble   with
i tu tbe easl is
pi create
.'.       A ll it     ,1
... , I      ,
■   ii,ur   ol
•  ipeel invasion
IllCI        As    in
...       1 i.n
■ private oi
FIVE   AORES  Suitable
for Market Garden
and Praising Fowl
Close to City Limits
1 House and Hen Coups
Price $1500
Snap on Third Street
PRICE $1500.00
i mi I'Ain-n i i.aiis aiti.y to
Hang it above your telephone—toll it to the cook—explain it to
ihe grocer—keep it constantly in mind—ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR
IS A SUPERIOR FLOUR—a Hour of unfailing quality—an unvarying flour—every suck is good—a business builder for the man who sells
it—a comfort to every person in the home.    Your grocer sells it.
Each month we give away ten beautiful 10!) piece dinner sets.
A coupon is in every 4!l lb. sack of flour. Duplicate coupons are kept
in this ollice, and Ien are drawn each month. The winning numbers
are published in this space.
Gather the coupons—you may be a winner.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bough o
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Manufactured for all classes of bnlldiugs
fnr salt* iu large nr small quantities
at the lowest prices fnr cash.
All kinds ol building aud'plasterlng
Don't buy in Prince Rupert. The
| mud rush of the rival railway cor-
porations to seek a suitable line
from Fort Oeorge or Yellowhead
Pass via some unknown route to
Van iver is a sufficient warning,
li may be that some people will
not appreciate tins logic, but there
ar. Borne who wi
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       office - MoKenzie Ave
Ten ■ 'liar   is th
paid   by   Abdul   Hamid, de] ■  ■ I
Sultan oi 1 urkey, lor  the privilege
of   retaining 1 iir- bead, act . I
.-. ;i.. nt    ii e
Mr.   Hamid  is   lui -   not
ever,   me of   us tha ig np
a   permanent    macadam    Btreel
on the main thoroughfare from the
depot    tO   the lower town    at least
until such time an  b street paving
WIIH ♦•! 786 but OUt Of lhi.- In bud
to leave 12,280 ill Oltav a. -ucli
case.-   might   lie multiplied, Ibe du
partmi nl ol marina and fisheries
being apparently the uiuHt corrupt.
Police Court
- ■
:    lur
. '
.   Iir    K   H
lined I. ■
A Hind i» Hingl       i   being
■  ■  ■
...    ■■ ,-' •
No Signs of War
A   ', iotoria   papi      le* ribio(
..,,!.,      tendered   tbe     laps  i ■
• H li i w i.y the capital city, rt •
- i ii     ,., -   proceeding! oloied   ni i
midnight with one i I   the strangest
parade* ever Been  in   Viotorla.    four
hundred blue jaokote from tbs  i ipan
  vanhlpa inarched arm In arm with
llritiitb lil'n   j loketl   from   tin     i,   , ,
malt Station, uud loldleri from  lbs
, I garrison and (rum the Drill Hull,
where b smoking oonoert wa" held
lollowing tbe reception given to  \n
mind Ijlohl und the ulliiiiirHiind oadeli
liy the Japanese colony. Tho recep
tion by tin. Militia ut tbe Drill Mall
wan a molt Riilliii»ia*tiooiie,"
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit uud ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
nnd proven Our trees do
not havo to be fiurigntttl.
They are grown in the only
pnrt of the continent not
infested with the San Jose
167 Page Catalogue l'"ree.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
VANCOUVER,   It. «'■
Brunch Nursery
South Vancouver
House for Sale
vitfa   •        odi rn eon
, I l'i
[eel dei . ,old
the  '   , pply   il   pre u i . i
M.-I'll UI,  FiMt. Htrcot, Went,      tl
Palace Restaurant
Mr.Kon_i.ie   Avonuc
lim BE  I'AIM'IN'(.
hrst olaai  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail   'tillers   Promptly   Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner Jrd Street and Robson Ave.
I  lies, I   Igi. I      I oil
Mi ii   ... i ni
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
mi Cl£AM.ir !.*»_►..  THE MOST
*» nnd
V cheapest in the
-■ ena because
wears lonqi
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 6. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
i.n-. i j -A-"y
Make YourJHome Beautiful
with one ol our handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade Bilk, or
damask, with frames that ure in every
conceivable design, uml made to wear
indefinitely, We nave many new and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces for
beautifying the home th.it are Usui
(ul, effective and inexpensive, and will
show your rooms to the hest advantage.
Big Discoun
on all
Cask Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
* P.   BURNS    &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
hkad OKFltiK: Calgary, ai.hkkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stock.   Markets In all the prlnelj
pal Cities and Towns ol Alberta, British Oolumbia and tbe Yukon.
S   u
Packers ol the Celebrated Brand " Impei-atur" HamB and Bacon
uud "Shamrock" Brand Leal' Lard.
4%%%^^%%.'%^W%%'%^^V%%.%^%^^%%%%i%i%% %r4
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
-&.__________-REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.       Kirm-chiHH in every renpect.     All modern conveniences
Larue Hample Rooms.
Hales $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Kales $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBEBT     STOHSTE      PBOP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Take notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to applv to the Superintendent of Provincial Poliee for a renewal of the retail liquor license for
the Union Hulel, Arrowhead, B. C,
for the half year frnm June 30th, 1H0D,
to DecemheriUst, 1009.
Dated this 51 h day of May, 11*19.
may o lm W. J. Limi'muilNE.
Take notice that we intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of lhe
retail liquor license for the Lakeview
Hotel, Arrowhead, B. 0., for the half-
year from June 3Uth, 1901), to Dec. 31st
Hated May 5th, 1909.
my D, lm       Plumpton & Chapman.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days all er date I iuten I to appl) io
the Superintendent ul Pmicial Pulice tor it renewal of the leiail liquor
license for the Queen's Hotel, Comaplix, B. 0.
Dated May 6th, 1909.
J. H. Young.
IqEALED TKNT>KRS. mnerwribftd   "Tender
JO   for ' ourt House. Ferule, B C ," will be ro-
ceived by   ihe   Hun.   ilm   Mitiister  of Public
| Works, up to ui um of Wednesday, tho Bib day
i of June, 1908, fnr the erection and  completion
j of a Concrete nud Brick Court Souse at Fernie,
Plans, specifications, contract mid forms of
tender may be seen on and after the luth day of
May, 1S09, nt the otlice of the Government A«eut
at Feruiu, the (iuverument .Wrmn at Nelson
tho Government A«ent at. Revelntoke, and at
tho Public Works Department, Victoria, B U.
Kite1 proposal must be a cnmpanied by at,
accepted bauk oheque or certifloate of deposit
on a chartered bank of t 'anada, made payable
to the lion, the Minister of Public Works, for
a nun) i q divalent to ten per cent, of the amount
of tbo tender, which Hhall be forfeited if the
party tendering decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or if tie fail to complete thu work conl meted for    The cheque* or
certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tender*
era will be returned to them upon the execution
Of the contract
Tenders will not be considered utiles- mad-
out mi the foinid supplied, signed wiih lhe
actual Ignature of the tenderer, uud enclosed
in the envelop s furnished,
Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily
Public Works Engineer.
I'uhln' Works Departmenl,
Victoria. II. O,, May Ith, 1900, td.
Notice U hereby Riven that I intend
to npply u> the Superintendent of
Provincial Police tor a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Kootenay
Hotel, burton City, Ii. 0«
Dated May 6th, I9u0.
Wm. Lovatt.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the .Superintendent of
I'liivineial Police lor a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Cily Hotel
al Arrowhead, B, 0., for the half year
from June 3uth to December 81st, 1909.
Dated May 6th. 1909.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police for a renewal of my retail liquor
license for the premises known us the
Hotel Beaton, at Beaton, B. 0., for the
half year from June 80th to December
31st, 1001).
Dated May 5th, 1909.
A. Evans.
Take notice that I iutend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license foi-the Eva Hotel
at Cam borne, B. 0., for the half year
from JuneSOth, 1909, l.o December 81st,
Dated May ."ith, 1909.
John A. Thhw.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the St. Leon
Holel, St. L.-on Hot Springs, B. C,
for Ibe half vear from June 30th, 1909,
to Decern bei' 31st, 1909.
Dated May otb, 1909.
M. Grady.
Take notice lhat 1 intend to make
application to the Superintendent uf
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the premises
known as the Halcyon Hot Springs
Hotel, Halcyon, B. 0., from June 80th
to December 31st, 19UW.
Dated May 5th, 1909.
H. McInt.mii.
Take notice that I intend to make
applieation to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquorllncense for lhe Lardeau
Hotel at Comaplix, B. C, for the half
year from June 3Utli to December31st,
Dati'd May 5th, 1909.
Jobeph Dumont.
Notice Is hereby given thai we intend to innke applieation to thu Superintendent of Provincial Police fora
renewal of the retail liquor license lor
the Glacier House, at lilacier, B. C,
for lhe half vear from June 30lh to
December 81st, 1909.
Dated May 5th, 1809.
C. P. Ry. Co.
Take notice that  I   intend   lo   make
application to the  Superintendent  of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Criterion
Hotel at Oamborne, B. C, for the half
year from June 80th to December 81st,
Dated May 6th, 1000.
K. T. AnuKY.
Take nolice that I   intend  to  make
application to lhe Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a   renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Oamborne
Hotfll ai Ciiiihoriie. B. 0.,  for the hull'
vear from June BOtn to December Slit,
Dated May .'ith, 1909,
Davh Orr.
Certificate of  Improvements
Dominion Mineral Olaim, situate in
the Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay Dlstriot.
Where located: -Rapid Creek.
Take notice thai I, Catherine .Maud
Eraser, Free Miner's Oertilicate No, B
94293, intend, sixty days from the date
horeof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Grown
Grant of the above claim.
And further lake notiee that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements
Dated   this  22nd day of  February,
A.D. 1990.
may 12      Catherine Maim Fraskb
Sealed Tenders
Will he received by the undersigned
for the purchase of tho whole of ihe
machinery of the Rothsay Lumber Co.
Ltd., as il now lies at the scene of the
late Hie at Mara, B.C., consisting of
boiler, engine, planer, earner, conveyor, corrugated iron moiling, bolts,
cbains, etc. Also for the purchase of
the fo'lowing buildings now standing
on the Company's leasehold: Store,
shed, boarding house, stables, etc.
Tenders will be received for tliese
singly or for the whole, and same
must he removed within 21 days from
date of pm chase. Ten per cent of the
amount of tender-should accompany
each lender, to be returned should
such tender be refused.
Tenders to be opend on Saturday,
May 22nd at nnou. Highest or any
tender not necessarily accepted,
Liquidator  for   the Rothsay Lumber
Company, Limited,
Enderby, B.C.
Kevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that Julia A. Simpson,
of Arrowhead, occupation married
woman, intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Cumin.-neing al a post planted at
south-east cornel'of Lot 8800, thence
west 411 chains, tlience south 7 ehains
more or less to lake shore, thence along
lake shore to point of commencement,
Dated 3rd April, 1009.
up 10-OOd        JULIA A. SIMPSON.
Kevelstoke Land District.
Dislriot of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that 1, John II. Selkirk,
Agent, of Vancouver, B.C., intend to
apply fo the Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase
the following described landsi
Beginning at a post planted about
20 chuins east of the north east corner
of Timber Limit No. 12150, on Upper
Arrow Lake, West Koutenay, running
west 80 chains, theuce nurth 00 chains,
thence east 00 chains, thence south 10
chains, thence easl 20 ehains, theuce
south 211 chuins to point of commencement-
Dated April 71 h, 1000.
apl4 JOHN 11. SELKIRK.
Take noilce that I Intend  to make
application to the Superintendent  of
Provlnolal Police fora lenewal of  the
retail liquor license for the Reception
lloiel at Oamborne. B. 0., for the half
year from June BOtn to December81st,
Daled May 3th, 1000.
Cory Mkniikniik.
Take notice ili.it we, Ogilvie and Me-
Kitrick, Intend to make application tu the
Superintendent ol Provincial Police foi a
renewal ol relall liquor license for ilu*
l_i-la.ul   hold  al  Nakusp,  U. C, lor the
liull ye.lt from June to, um), In December
Jl, hkk).
Dated May 5th, 19091
Notice i» hereby given that 80 days
nil er   ilitle   I   Intend to   apply In lhe
Superintendent of Provlnolal Polios
for a renewal of tlie retail liquor II-
oonso for tho Hotel Grand al Nakusp,
for the half-year froin June 80th to
Dei'. Blsti inon.
Dated May Uth, lium
ny 15 Uu
Happenings   Throughout Week
in B. C.
Work was commenced ou the new
lOO.OOO school bouse at Cranbrook
lust Thursday. The work, though
projected before, will replace the old
building destroyed by lire a few weeks
ago. In the meantime the scholars
are taking their dnses ot education iu
reined rooms around town.
Allert Sullivan for seven years prin
cipul ol the Nels m public sch ol, and
formerly oi (lie Revelstoke teaching
staff, has been Appointed to the stuff
of provincial school superintendent:!
He was tendered a complimentary
reception by ihe pupils.
Six cliil.lren of the family of Harold
0. Clark, ol the Clark A Stuart Co , ol
Vancouver, were poisoned by eating
icecream cones bought Irom a street
pedlar. They were regular patrons of
the Greek who sold them the condiments, but alter the purchase ol
Wednesday it was with difficulty their
lives were saved. The police have
arrested the vendor ol the poisoned
The moral wave which, in North
Vancouver haB prohibited football
sports on Sunday is spreading to
Nanaimo, being the'lnst city to get in
line on its protest against the games.
Premier McBride was interviewed-by a
strong delegation protesting against
tbe laxity of morals and asking for the
enforcement of tbe Lord's Day Act.
Seattle A. Y. P. Will Feature
Moral Exhibit
Seattle, May 19.—Probably the
most notable characteristic of the Pay
streak of the Alaska-Yukon-l'acific
Exposition is the unusual number of
"shows" having high educational
value. As a usual thing the amusement way of an exposition is all
straight luu, eome of it at times of
questionable character, but at Seattle
it is a different proposition. Absolute
cleanliness has been insisted upon and
the directors have accepted attraction
ol only tbe highest class.
At tbe St. Louis Exposition the
"Battle of the Monitor aud the Merrimack," took the gold medal for excellence over all other amusement
features exhibited on the Pike. It
was more intensely interesting, of a
higher educational value and more
ingenious from a mechanical standpoint than any other show. It iB
produced with the Batne care on the
Pay Streak and Emmet McConnell,
probabiy the best known showman in
America, tbe owner of the attraction
is personally supervising installation
which will cost $210,000.
The battle is a famous reproduction
of the I'aiiioiis civil war action which
atived the Union at one of the. most
critical juuetures. Not only are the
two war boats seen iu action, but
every move and every cannon-shot is
historically correct.
Kevelstoke Land Dislricl,
Distriel of West Koolenny.
Take Nolice lliaL I, A.W, Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, lumberman, thirty daye after date intend
In apply for  permission  In  purchase
ihe following desorlbed laud:
Commenolng at a post planted on
lake shore, ul lhe northeast corner of
lot TOOK and marked "A.W. Dickinson's Noil Invest Comer," thence soulh
111 chains, east 10 chains, ninth lo
ehains, wesi 41) chains, following lake
shore lo place of comiiieneemeiit.
Dal eil April 71 h, 1909.
Premier's Visit
Hon. Richard McBride, Premier of
tbs government of the Province, is to
make a tour of the cities and electoral
constituencies of the interior nnd is
expected to be in Revelstoke during
ths first week in June. A reception
will be tendered bim by his political
and personal friends and a public
meeting will be held at which the
premier aud other speakers will deliver addresses.
Practice Shoot E Co. R. M. R.
The following are the scores picked
off by local nllemen May 15th
tjlOR SALE—A  Six-roomed cottage,
!     apply It. N. Doyle. tf
WANTED-Eilgerinan   anil  Setter
for  circular  mill.    Apply Lee
Lumber Oo,, Wigwam, B. c.
WANTED Planei hand, able to
handle 13 Inch match lumber,
ami make moulding, Apply Lee Lumber Co,, VVIgwam, II. c.
WANTED   Planer hand,  able to
handle 18-Inch   matcher   mid
iiuiki uldings.    Apply Lee Lumber
I.IOI'ND    A    Kosiiiy   „,1,1    Ciuiillx.
"  owner may have same by proving
property nnd paying for this notice,
Apply M mi III ii 11.11 oflicc,
I iLAI'K Mill, lm lools on bun.I.
I ) selling f.isi ai .1 bargain. Apply
curly T. A. I,km is, Phone 72.
WANTED   Waitress   lm     Palace
Restaurant,  fS,  per month,
11. J. LaIIrasU.    I Apply P. O. Box 412,  Hevelstoke. B.C
Untile          Nairn.
Pie. II. Miilihiill.iud
Col. Sgt. .). Donald
• fl
Capt. It. Smith
Pie. J. Meek	
Pie. XV. Allen    .
Lieut, Hai ie   ...
Pie. D.   Ml Donald
Pt... E. Griffiths,..
Cm p. It. Ai klii.ili .
Pie, 11. Gumming
Mr. I). 1.011.Ion .
I'le. A, Paskins    .
Pie. \X. Mclntiny
Searching Inquiry lo be Made
in the Kinrade Case
In the Kinrade case Attorney-General Foy has received tbe following
letter from 11. ti. Spera, foreman ol the
Kinrade jury: "I see by the press
that you are to take up the Kinrade
case early this week with the members
of the cabinet. The matter should be
given a most searching inquiry in the
interests of society, it is no doubt a
difficult task on account of the manner in which the evidence iif the principal witness waB given, but I feel as a
juror tbat our verdict was not nearly
strong enough, I do not know wbat
the medical report will be, hui I teel
ibat if sane she i. a dangerous girl.
Therefore, as I have said, the tragedy
Bhould be followed up. I hope I have
not transgressed in taking the liberty
of writing to you, but tbis, I feel, is
not a trilling mutter."
Attorney-General Foy says Crown
investigation ol tbe Kinrade murjter
will continue: " The case will not he
dropped until it is solved. The mills
of justice may seem fora time to grind
slow, but in the view of the department a slow course is assure course iu
this unusual and unfortunate case."
Mr. Foy says he never beard before
that the Kinrade jury had a name
drawn up in their verdict, and that
they had returned an open verdict in
order not to interfere with the plaiiB
ol tbe Crown.
Rossland   Diggings and Trail
Smelter Coin Wealth
The Canadian Consolidated Mining
and Smelting Company treated ore at
its Trail smelter during the lirst quarter this year, yielding values of $1,117-
00G; the refinery produced 4,445 tons
of pig lend aud in addition to shipments to Eastern Canada, China aud
Japan, the company has shipped
during April 250 tons to Australia.-
which is a record shipment of Canadian lead to that country.
In the north veiu of the Centre Star
mine a new ore body has been uncovered which carries just double the
values of the usual run of tbe mine,
while the big ore body iu the War
Eagle, ostimated to contain one million dollars in values, is practically
untouched. The net profits ol the
Centre Star group alone for April
were $36,500.
Cricket Notes
In preparation for the matches to
be fought on May 24tb and 25tb, an
inter-club match was played ou Saturday between elevens captained by
Albert Annan and B. R. Atkins.
I sing the mitt ling and batting first on
a fairly good pitch, Annan's aide
scored 48, the only man reaching
double figures being that oid veteran,
C. W. Young. Atkins side put up a
total of just 100. tbe principal con-
Irii mors being himself uud Frank
Bourne, they making 38 and 22 respectively. Brooker proved tbe most
successful bowler, taking four wickets
at a coat of 28 runs in 10 overs. These
four wickets fell during lour of hia
overs, only two runs being scored off
24 balls. The match with Kamloops
ou Monday and witb Vernon ou Tuesday, promises good sport and the local
club will do everything possible for
the comfort of vilitors and onlookers
The selection committee will have the
names ol players for theae two matches
published in Saturday'e Mail-Hkuali
Annua! Early Summary Made
By Winnipeg Free Press     I
The Manitoba Free Press has iust
issued iis first monthly report on
seeding conditions, thus currying out
the tradition it established in the
early days of the Red Kiver settlement
tnd as its conclusions have had un-
usuil luck iu hitting tbe bullseyi
more often than not so lar ub Westeri
Caniuliin crop ojnditioiie are con
orned,considerable value attaches to
this summary   uf   actual   conditions.
In its preface, this well-known
Western Canadian journal explains
the rather unusually early date of
issuing this report by saying that it
wis in order tn satisfy the known
anxiety in business circles as to the
extent to wbicli feeding bus been
delayed by cold and unfavorable
The net, result ol the replies ol the
B'tveral hundred correspondents communicated   with, is  that  Irom 80  to
00 per ceut of Western Canadian
spring wheat is in the ground, but
very little ol it shows above the surface, owing to the inclement condition
which have accompanied actual seeding operations. However, the bright
summer weather of the paat few days
has been ideal to rush along germination, Tbe report goea ou to state
that the lateness in the growth is fully
offset by the conditions of the seedbed, whioh are ideal. There has been
plenty of muisture all over tbe country
and the prime requisite now is warm
weather and plenty of it.
Wheat seeding is fully two weeks
later than in 11108, bul from live to
ten days earlier than in 1!)07, and
grain has gone iu under more favorable circumstances than iu either ol
tbe years mentioned.
Perhaps the most striking feature
of the report, a* it is tbe one that iB
bound to meet the most hostile criticism, is that there is no increase fu
the acreage of laud Beeded to spring
wheat in the Canadian prairie west.
No doubt good grounds exist for that
contention, but, on the other hand,
bearing in mind the largo new acreage brought under the plow for the
first time, as well as the incentive to
sow wheat, neglectful ol all other
cereals by reason of its abnormally
high price, there must be 11 miscalculation Bomewhere.
Tbis report alludes to the greater
acreage seeded to coarse grains and
oats, but tbeiein lies the explanation
01 the unquestioned large increase iu
acreage under cultivation, and there
seems little reason to doubt that wheat
seeded will Bhow at least ten per cent
iucreuae over last year.
Revelstoke Flour 2nd Feed Store
Medium Clover.
Mammoth Glover
While  Dutch Clover
Sutton's  I,min  Class
German Millet
A met lean Wonder Peas
Champion   ul   England
Black   Eye   Marrowfat
Golden West Beans
Beats. Carrots, Tninips
Onion Sets.   Multipliers
Sweet peas Nasturtiums
Five Ros<
Whole Wheat
Standard. Wild Rose, Harvest
Wheat    Sheaf,
Western    Hungarian
Barley Makes. Toasted Corn, Wheat Pearls,
Rolled Oats.    Wheat Granules,
Hay, Wheat, < l.its. Cracked and Whole Corn,
Oilcyke Meal. Vetches; Chick Food. Bey, Scrap
and other Chicken Specialties.
Manitoka    Frost    Wire
VVarnock s   1 ree  Paint.
Fences    and     Gates,
The Paget Supply Co'y.
™        These destroyers cannot live where trees have been treated with    ^^
Pear Blight. Babbits, Mice. Borer
shell, Bark Louse und Sun Scald,
not wash off.   Une application pn
S    T R li E    P A 1 X T
i,  Canker Worm,  San Jose Scale, Oyster
THE COST IS  VERY   SMALL.     It will
teds for two years.    Warnock's Tree Paint
not an experiment, It bus stood tht* test for six years in all parte of the
United Stales. It is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Blight, We
invite investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station has used this tree
paint, for three years. November, luu": they purcbraed 50 gallons for free
distribution among leading orchards.     Send for 10-page free booklet to
G. R. LAWES, Enderby, B. O., Sole Manufacturers for B. O.
Paget Supply Company. Agents, Revelstoke, B   C.
The Leading: Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best   and  largest   Stock   of  Cigars and
Pipes   in   Revelstoke.
The   Original   Macs   Mixture   now   on   hand
and made   expressly   for   us   by D. K. McPherson.
Not True of Revelstoke
Toronto public Bcbools can produco
a large cupply of buys to go to England nnd ahoot with precision. But
Toronto public achool" are not pro*
ducing sn over-abundance ol graduates to stay at home nud spell with
Big Races at Cranbrook
I'he ' mul.m,,k Turl Association bus
met with better success than it anticipated in its arrangements (or the
Spring races. All entries lor the
running and harness have been filled,
and judging irom the correspondence
(rom horsemen in Alberta, the North
Western Slates and Uritish Columbia,
there in every reason to believe that
the meeting on the 24th and 2,'iih ol
May will be one ol the moat succosslul
mtotingi over hold in Western Canada.
That Cement Contract
Ktiitur Mail-Hub itoi
Sin,— Haviug directed the attention
ol the Cily Council to the actual facts
of the case, we had not intended taking any fur. ber action at tbe present
time, but the statement in de by the
Mayor ut the lust council meeting us
to the saving effected by dealing out
ol tbe city, is au misleading, anil ao
obviously deceptive to the ratepayers
that we are constrained to again take
the matter up. The undersigned
made a (| notation to the city Ior
cement upon a basis of live or ten
cars at $2.00 per barrel F.O.B. Itevol-
atoko. Latei, a quotation was obtained
from Vancouver ut lf2.H0 per barrel,
and the quantity required waa apparently increased tu not leas than fifteen
cars. Tho maximum car load ul
cement is one hundred and eighty
barrels per car. Taking tho larger
quantity ol fifteen cars as a basis, the
total order would be tweiity-sevon
hundred barrels or a difference in
price ol $270, yet to quote trom ynur
report ol the Council proceedings, the
saving is staled at more than .$1000
Your report is as follows: "Besides,
snid His Worship, we have Biived the
city between $1000 and $1200, and
that is BUllie.ient business argument
for anybody."
The city latherB have every right to
buy tlieir supplies Irom Vancouver, or
the niorchiints ol any other outside
city il they wish to do so, but, in
extenuation wc will not allow audi a
grose and apparently deliberate miB
statement as thut above relerred to,
to be used.
Faithfully Yours,
Tin. ixiMUi: LuMUliit Co., Ltd.
Mining in Lardeau Takes New
Lease of Life
The Spokesman-Review, of Spokane,
says: "Mining men iu tlio Koutenay
districts in British Oolumbia are returning to the once prosperous Lardeau cuuntry, north ol the main
Koutenay lake. Sume of the richest
gold-bearing quartz ore ever seen in
the province was discovered on Poplar
creek a few years ago and it resulted
in a big rush uf prospectors. The
strikes were not maintained and alter
the fiasco ol the overcapitalized and
badly managed Lucky Jack, the country received a set-back from which it
is only juat recovering.
A property known aa the Mobbs
group, on Rapid creek, in the Lardeau,
is making eome excellent sbowiuga as
the result of extensive develu, ment
work by its owners, a syndicate ol
Boston men. The fissure leads are
strung in free gold, while lhe formation is of gold-bearing quartz and
galena. One vein is three leet in
width antl a second averages two feet.
A galena veiu al a depth of 170 feet
shown values of $1.(10 gold, li.'i oiineea
silver and a high percentage ol lead.
A Stamp mill ill large capacity will  be
installed shortly.
Other l.iirileiiu proportion which will
resume work within the next lew
mouths ate  I lu-   Heals,   the   Calumet
ami tin Moignii uml i .ill.ei't mine on
Poplar eieek   Anolhei sign ofsotlvity
is thai a Philadelphia syndicate, under
the management ol W, Stead, ban
made arrangements to Install a  huge
hydraulic dredger on lho Lardo rivor,
near (.old hill, and to begin placer
gold work.
Prospects of Strike
The I'hoonix Pioneer says: Tlio
conciliation board to Investigate the
differences between the Uritish Colum.
bia Copper Company and its mine
employees, composed ol fudge Wilson,
of Cranbrook, John Mclnnis, M.I'.P.,
il I'hoonix, and John Oronyn, ol
Toronto, concluded its sitting in
Greenwood last week and lhe members
forwarded tbeir individual reports to
the departmenl of labor nt Ottawa.
The arbitration has not resulted in
settlement, Wbile a strike ImB not
been offlolally declared by tho minora,
it ia undoubtedly their intention to do
ao should the cumpany make an effort
tu resume operations.
in C. P. II. contract for facing Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on band. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities,   By fur the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, warm in winter. SuveB moat oi
your painting and about have your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
"THE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this obiect is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So. you
see, to gel lhe really beautiful while loaf you must use
I flour.
"More Bread
and better
Baseball,   Kevelstoke vs.
Lacrosse    Revelstoke vs.
F oo t ba 11    Vernon vs.
Salmon Ann.
Hose Reel C<
to all,
fwo Hands of Music.
mtest, open
Hour Mill. Co . Lid.
UMI    M.n.lsb.
Belore the  First ol  May. two nix-
rooiiicd   bouses, iii   Bevelstoke, with
two acres ol bind eicii, iiii'lii'ling. if
wauled, horse nud rigl nnil all garden
tools. Situated went "l C.P.K. track
Lower town.    Apply to
tc Box 186, Revelstoke,
Strawberry Plants
Prom my celebrated 'DUO d ALPS'
Horry.    Thoroughly acclimatised, ol
exquisite llavor   At f2.00per hundred
Kevelstoke, B. C,
Leaving Revtlsioke at 7 a. m.
Rcturnint; from Enderby 6:30 p.m.
I l.'iul.iv Ratea
11 you want to spend a
dav ol real genuine pleasure
come to KnJerbv, Riverside
City of the Okanagan.
Reduced Prices
is  the timo to order yuur mill
Five loads and over
$1.75 Per Load
delivered   nt   auy point  between Mill
and Kootenay Street.
Kiln Dried kindling $2.50 a load
Order at ollice ol
Pure Drugs
combined with cateful
compounding, prompt
delivery auU reasonable
prices are tbe factors
which have built up our
business   to  its present
immense proportions.
Bring your next prescription here ^if you
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
Cull und inspect onr stock of Onion Seta and Garden Seeds of nil kind*
None bul new Beeda kept in acock
We  carry   a   complete   line   of
tread, cake and pastry trade
staple ami tuncy  ^i-oceries,   antl
IS     I"
ipidly    Increasing!   a  trial
can offer von the best  goods at
r for any one ut' the above
tlie 8aine price as vou pay tor
explain why.    Our aim :s to
interior lines.
only the best.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Local and General.
First-class program ut the Kdison
Parlor Theatre to-night.
" Gee whittles! An I gits half," al
tbe opera bouse, Monday, Mny 24th.
B. ..k your Beats early for "All the
i .mforts ..f Home. Plan is now
open at Macdonald - .bug store.
Don't   forget   that alter   "All ibe
..   .,..', ru    il   lb me' there  will be a
dance   at   the   opera house,   Victoria1
Day, May 21th.
Last night tic   Intermediate   base-1
ball    team    defeated    the   Hovers by a
-.' :.•    .:'   -   t..  ■').   Tonight, weather
permitting,   a   game   iu   tbe   junior]
ieigue between the   Nonb Stars and
tbe Schools.
The Allan Line has an innovation
on the steamship Virginian in tbe
shape of a mixed smoking-room, 1 'tiring tbe lust voyage to Canada it was
given its first trial, and the Allen Company report it to he a huge succosb,'
being largely used by bath ladies and |
gentlemen for cigarette smoking and
Matt Sal.i, r. siection foreman in the!
employ of tbe C.I'.R , died on Monday i
from an  overdose  of  s ime alcoholic j
compound the exact nature  of  which
lias uot been ascertained.      Tbe death
occurred at Three Valley and was very
sudden.    The coroner decided that an j
in.litest wns unnecessary.
Your Insurance
Is one ol   lhe   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch ol  yuur Imsiness
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Do   you   know
handles almost everything; tor
the baby. viz.:
BABY l'i Kins ■ -Alleuluiry's,
Mellin's, Nestles, Robinson's Barley, Robinson's
Groats, Horlicks .Milk,
Lactated Food, Neaves',
E-kay's, etc. Also the
the he-t lines of Nipples,
Sooth' is, I-Veiling Hnl ties
and T.i corn's,
*Te> "■ ■- uxioa.
Most ol the machinery of tbe Kevelstoke snsb nud door factory is now
in place and yesterday the lirst test of
the power motor was applied with
every satisfaction. Within two weeks
the remainder of the machinery will
be at hand and the establishment will
be in a position to Iill all orders on
hand and those forthcoming,
The musical Kckardts have the
largest oolloctio n ol musical novelties
and musical instruments ever carried
by any company. They are also lhe
acknowledged premier Swiss hand bell
ringers of America never having been
beaten by either foreign or home ir-
iraui/.atiou in competition. Don't
forget the date at the Ry. Y. M. C. A.
on Friday, May 21st,
A visit, ul more than usual interest
to tlie members ol the Masonic fraternity this week was that ol District
Deputy Grand Muster Skey ol what is
Masonioally known ns district No. 3
in Uritish Columbia. The visit occurred on Monday night. The local
ollicers of the Masonic lodge put on
the work of the Third Degree lor the
ii.spect.iun of the dis'rict deputy, nnd
at Ihe close of tbe convention the
D.B.G.M. expressed himself us highly
pleased with the qualifications and nl
the local hi'iids. The usual Masonic
festivities followed the sittings of the
. lodge.
A reward o! $100 is heing offered by
the police department of Portland,
Oregon, fur information leading to the
locating of Prank E. Davis, Jr., who
disappeared Irom his home in Portland
on Saturday. May 1st, at which time
he was supposed tu have started on a
fishing trip up the Willamette river to
Oregon City. Young Davis furnierly
resided in Vancouver and was employed at one of the wholesale houses
The services ot the police were
called into requisition ou Saturday
night by the attempts oi a drunken
Hindu to board the westbound train
at the usual hour ot departure The
Oriental had evidently made up his
I in md that Vancouver was his "Karma"
I or destiny and aftei ejection by tbe
train crew, tried to board it again. He
was finally locked up as a vagrant and
on Monday appeared before the Police
Magistrate to give an account of bis
erratic conduct.
The Roller Rink will witness a carnival Thursday night which the lovers
ol the dizzying art of skating will
enjoy the mazy whirl such as conies
only second to the whirl under the
blaze ol parlor lights iu the mazes ol n
waliz The patrons of this popular
place nl public entertainment nre more
than pleased at the program which is
li ing put up from week to week by
tho management.
(^<K>0-0<K><><><><>0<)-^>CK><><KK>0<)-OK><> O
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected. Loans Notary Public
> 00<XKH><KH>0<H><KH>000000'
Rev. Hamilton Wigle, pastor nf the
Zion MethodiBt church, Winnipeg,
says: "The Swiss Hand Bell Ringers
played in my chuich last night to the
largest audience we have bad at any
entertainment since the church was
dedicated. There was universal appreciation of Ibe artists and before
the evening closed tlie bailies' Aid requested me to engage them fur another entertainment us soon as nossi
ble. Their masterful manipulation ol
instruments new and old makes us
feel like calling tbem the modern
musical wizards. 1 may also sny tbat
we have never had anything that so
cinipletely filled the bill ub entertainers as they did lust night." Don't forget, the Musical Swiss Bell Ringers
appear at Ry. Y.M.C.A. ou Friday,
May 21st.
Social and Personal
Mrs. James Hay will receive on
Saturday afternoon next from 3 until
(i o'clock and on the first Tuesday of
each month thereafter.
J, P. Forde, mechani al engineer
of the C. P. 1!., and secretary of the
Revelstoke Mountaineering Club, left
last night for abusiness trip to the
coaBt cities.
A, E. DeGruchy, time and storekeeper in tbe mechanical department
of the C.P.R. bas decided to leave
Kevelstoke. lie has resigned his
position which is being taken by VV.
Furiiette. The latter is already on
the ground.
Hugh E. R. Smythe, who is an
ardent, local apiarist, had the mis-
toi'tunc to be attacked by a swarming
swarm of bees on Monday night in his
own garden. The naughty itiBects
stung Mr. Smythe viciously with the
result that he has been confined to his
room for a couple of days.
A large audience enjoyed the program of moving pictures nt the Edison
Parlor Theatre, lt will be repented
to night
We nre making sp ci-illy low priees
on lawn mowers, refrieerators nnd ce
en-am freezers during this month—
Bourne Bros
Cnrbo Magnetic razors at Bourne
■10 per ceut. discount tor ensh in
millinery at Mrs A. Crick's.
Special bargains in piece carpets at
C. B. Hume & Co_'s.
Millinery bargains—10 per cent,
discount for cash at Mrs. A. Crick's.
We hue a large stock of fishing
tackle, rods, Hies, baitB, lines, hooks.
Bourne Bros.
When you require linoleums or lluor
oil cloth cull at. 0. B. Hume & Co.'s,
oboioe quality and design.
Screen doors, window screens, garden fencing, chicken fencing, etc., at
Bourne Pros.
Window shades, wall papers, curtain poles and fixtures, Shades regulai- or made to order ut C. II. Hume it
We are making a special effort to reduce our stock of
Skirts and are oflering some extra good values. We have
quite a lew of which we have only one or two left, and have
maiked tliese at half price.      It will pay you to see them.
Made of fine cream or white nets, with silk lining. This
line of goods ranged in prices up to $10.50, sizes from 32 to 40
You can now have your choice for $5.00
TENDERS will be received fur Ihe
Btock of Ready-made Clothing and
Woollen (ioods nnd Tiininiings, as
comprised in the stock of Cressman ii
Morrison, up to
Friday, May 28, 1909
Stock may be inspected and invoices
seen on application to -
W. i. LAW.
Revelstoke, li. 0 , May 19, 1909,
is called to the finest garden and
building Lots in thi-city, just
North of Un- C.P.R. truck
Prices   Away   Below   Assessed
Value and   Only   a   Few   Left
For particulars writs
Revelstoke Realty Company, Limited
In both fancy and wash lines
You will find our line
and  some very pretty ones in
large   and   prices  very
the popular embroidered collar
We have them in leather
Also a  line   line  of  Hows in
clastic and   linen   from
all styles.
and up.
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
I Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
We begin our Gigantic Clearance Sale on Monday, May 16th, and expect it to be
one of the most successful ever held in Revelstoke. It has taken a lot of time and
thought to prepare for this sale and now we expect it to bring in a lot of money. You
will save money by taking advantage of these cut prices; in fact you cannot afford to
miss this opportunity of securing seasonable goods at such low figures.
Selling: fop Cash I save money
White Wear
Sigh - .      •
-..,  ■     ,   ...
Ladies' Underwear
... 2
Sow i	
Colored Delaines
i . ilored    1 I., i , ;..■     ..;     -n,  ...
regular pi   •   10c, now 'JO. , pin
Prints, Muslins
A (ine line regular price 16	
-Oc   now selling al 10c, per yard
-   r
•gul ir
Dress Goods
ti la r
Ali                                     >.
ood   now
■ nt*
10-ini i.
;                          ,,ur
1 .. iii   pei  . ard
pi ice
Bed Spreads
.'i bite   Bed   "tpn ad
0 now .tl mi
Shams and Covers
-1, i ii, , .i-i      now
■      :'t      f.
Ladies' Rain Coats
•   ol   thi ■   coats
ball   nrii •■      110 f..r * •
M.WJ lm %i.'l&
Men's Boots
We huve gone through and picked
OUl odd lines. sizes   from   six    to
ton. These lines ure our regular
Belling boots at prices from ,$•! 50
io iti sale price S2.no. i looil
strong working boots, Bluober em
Bale price tl,76
Men's Suits
I'lfly new  Tweed Suits, Ihis season
g Is   regular  IH6,   now   M.75.
I WOO ty-five black ninl blue worst
ed, sale price ^VJ..     Men's Tweed
Paul- ut (1.25, just lhe price you
pay ior overalls.   Hoy's   Kniokor
Suits nt nusl.
Men's Shirts
A good range ol working shirts
now Belling nt 50 cents each.
Dainty negligee shirts, regular
price 11,25, now selling ut 75c.
Odd Lines
Ladles'Oxfords and Itnls, regular
$2,50 and $3, sale price fl.60.
Blouse waists niiidu from wrap-
peretteB nnd printH, 35c. each.
Table Linen
00o. Bleached Table Linen selling
at '10c. '10c. Unbleached Table
Liiiiui, sulo price dOc. $1.50 Table
Napkins, hemmed, our sale
price $1.


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