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 r wutAA.iia\. tana   ManaMBMHMM
Ask for Halcyon LITHIA  WATER)
For lamily use* there Is nothing *t
wholesome hih! ko pure ;»n HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Provincial Library
rieE; native %>V
         \ \
AR 21 1908
K .1 ,-..s>- ..f operation ami perfection
i.i  resu'ts  pn-dnced, ihi*  Machine
is unsurpassed —PRICE! fBOOOcash.
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 14,-No  19
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We can interest you in all kinds of Smoked,   Salt or
Canned Fish.
Smoked Kip. Herrings
Canned Herrings
"       Finan Haddie
Tomato Sauce
Salt Herrings
" Lobster
iu 1 Hi. and J lb. tins,
" Salmon
" Maokerel
" Kippered Herrings
" Codfish
and boneless dullish in 1 lb
2 lb, packages.
" Shrimps
'' Sardines
in 6 dilferent brands
Canned Salmon
the best Ked Sockeye iu
1 lb. tins.
11 Clams, Etc., Eto.
All these goods can be had in the best brands that are
put up at the very best prices.
We also carry a large stock of the different Sauces and
Relishes used for preparing some of the above articles.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Fan Coeds Arrtstos Dally.    Dressmaking and Millinery Roams, Ind Floor
See our So cent Window—Snaps in
China—Goods worth $2.00 now 50 cents.
Our 25 cent Window is a winner—New
Goods put in every day.  Every lota snap.
Now we have a 10 cent Table—Goods
worth 25c. for 10c, and also a $1.00 snap
in China Goods worth $2.00 and $2.50
for  $1.00.
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
At 8 Per Cent.
Hotel Montebello
Salmon Arm, March 17.—" Hotel
Montebello" is the name ol the proposed now tourist and family hotel for
Salmon Arm, which J. R. A. Richards
will erect il tbo residents are in favor
ol granting a license.
The plans show that it will be s
house up-to-date in every respect, and
one tbat Salmon Arm might well lie
proud, and other places envious. It
is the class ul hotel that it has been
frankly sdmittcd is needed for this
psrt ol ths country, uud its establishment will moan increased travelling
snd tourist trade to the town and
NothUiE better than Our
l)y-..-la laundry bluing makes the
clothes as white ss snow, sold In MO*
nges containing 20 sheets for 10c. at
0, B. Hume 4 Oo.
" Westward Ho "
All lovers of the horse will find
much of interest in the March edition
of "Westwsrd Ho I" which devotes
considerable space to Vancouver's
first horse show with many splendid
pictures of the entries The three-
color cover design is psrlicularly
pleating and attractive. The literary
contents show that the west has many
clever writers anil besides ths regular
departments for the home, Clive
Phillipps-Wolley't powerful serial
" Shakmut" is paving the wsy lor
larger things. The oditor this month
has one of his characteristic pen
sketches, the subject being Hon. W.
8. Fielding.
For nice perfume, and sachet powders, go to 0. K. Macdonald's, there
you oan get all kinds,
Creditable Production by Local
Yesterday was celebrated as the day
dedicated to St. Patrlok, patron saint
of Ireland, and judging by the number
of persons Haunting the "immortal
green," the genial saint has many
adhcrerB iu RevelBtoke. Service was
held in the Human Catholic Church
in tho 1110 ning, the day being a canonical festival. In the evening an
Irish drama was produced in the
opera house, under the auspices of the
Altar Society of the Roman Catholic
The house was well filled with a
patriotic audience. "Captain Jack"
was the drama on the boards, a tale of
the Irish rebellions against the English rule, the plot centreing round
Captain Jack, an outlaw, who falls in
love with the daughter of a country
squire, an ardent loyalist. The squire's
daughter helps the rebel to escape
twice and aided by Harney Donovan, a
sprig ol the old sod, succeeds in ok.
taining a pinion, through tbe assistance of Capt. Gordon, an English
army officer who has retired from the
service, weary of hunting bis fellow-
men. Tbe piece wns well staged and
brightly carried out, the element of
tragedy being lightened by romance
and real Irish wit, The actors worked
without any hesitation or hitch. VV.
A. Chambers, as Squire Shannon,
played his part ol the thwarted villain
well, as did R O. Patterson (Captain
Jack). Mrs. Chambers, as Aline Dris-
coll, the heroine, carried out a difficult
role with charming naivete. Miss
Cameron, as Kate Kelley, made a
bright little colleen, the love making
with Barney Donovan (R. H. Sawyer)
causing much mirth. Mrs. R. O. Patterson ss the squire's daughter, showed the Irish spirit in her loyalty to tbe
rebel who had saved her life. N.
Moore as Capt. Gordon, D. E. Jackson
as Teddy Burke, M. Stortz as Tim
Burns J. Ringer as Lieut. Rogers,
and Miss McAllister as Mary, each
carried out their part in a creditable
manner. Messrs W. Buck, D. Smythe,
A. Hillier and J. Armstrong made
smart and efficient soldiers.
Much credit is due tbe company for
their work .nd the audience appreciated their efforts. Mrs. Chambers
deserves praise for her untiring labors
in producing the play. R. H, Sawyer,
as Barney Donovan, was the favorite
among the audience, bis role being
admirably carried out, "Ireland" being
stamped all over him.
Mr. Douglas n humorous Irish song
and recitation created loud applause,
while Mies Clara FraBer and Mii9ter
Fred Fraser received due appreciation
for their recitations. Mr. Cranum
recited several impresBive pieces in a
masterly manner. A feature of tin-
evening was the excellent music provided by Miss V. McKinney on the
piano. Miss McKinney played untir
ingly during the long 'tween act
pauses and delighted her audience.
Politics in Kootenay.
A despatch Irom Nelson says:
There seems to be no lack of timber lor tbe shaping of a Conserva'ive
candidate for the Dominion elections.
In this regard sre mentioned W. A.
Mscdonald, K.C., snd H. S. Lennie, ol
Nelson, .Iiunes Schofield, of Trail,
present sitting member lor the constituency of Ymir in the provincial
legislature, and F. A. Starkey, vice-
president of the Associated Hoards of
Trade of British Columbia.
On tbe Liberal side the choice is
more limited. The sitting memlier is
\V. A. Gsllihcr, and if he cares to run
again would make a formidable candidate even in a constituency like this,
which as the sitting members in the
provincial house show, is largely Conservative. But it is rumored that Mr.
Galliher is not likely to run again.
In his absence tlie logical candidate is
F. J. Deane of Nelson', formerly provincial member lor Kamloops.
First Bath in Twenty Years
Loxnoff, March 17—The case of an
old man who died a few days ago after
taking a bath—the lirst he had had
lor 20 years—has been reported lo tbe
Mile End board of guardians.,
The Rev. W. E. Elsey who mentioned the case, asked what precautions were taken to prevent old
fnnintee of the workhouse Irom taking
baths. He said that when tho bath
was suggested the old man's wife
expressed tbe fear that it would kill
It was stated that the inmates had
to cross a yaid after bathing.
<s '—-
When buying your next tea try our
.1 o'clock blond of pure Ceylon at 60c,
per lb-C. 11 Hume A Co.
Bold Pirate—Weather Statistics—The Reign of Terror. -
Mines Closed. —A Pioneer
Spokane, March 18.—An unknown
man disguised as a post ollice inspector, looted the mail cai on tlie Great
Northern westbound Oriental Limited
while it was proceeding bel ween Bonner's Ferry and Spokane.
Toronto, March 18.—The secretary
of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association has forwarded a letter to each
of the provincial premiers asking them
to assist in securing faciliiies tor tbe
registration of rainfall and snowfall
over the Dominion. The object is to
ascertain what effect it has on the
question of water power.
Pokt Ati PRINCE Hayti, March 18.
—Terror still reigns here. The shooting of conspirators by the government
has increased instead ol diminished
the danger. The foreign residents are
in constant fear for tbeirjlives. British
cruisers are reported to be coming.
Kimbkklky, March 18.—Owing to
the slump tha Dutois pan mine in
Cape Colony, which is part of the
DeBeers property, with a small output of the choicest diamond.--, it bus
been decided to close down on April
24, until there is a revival in tbe demand.
Winnipeg, March 18.—Captain J.
Taylor, tbe commodore ol tbe Hud-
sou's Bay company's fleet in Hudson
bay, has died here.
London, March 18.—The proposal
to sell tbe Times to Sir Arthur Pearson has been defeated. A new company has been formed composed of
tbe staff of tbe paper. Manager
Moberly Bell will continue in charge,
No change is to be made in tbe policy
of tbe paper.
Wheat Production Possibilities
Ottawa, March 17.—Before the
agricultural committee of the commons tod*y, R. E. Young, superintendent of the railway aud ,jiwamp
land branch, department of interior,
said if the wheat crop of the Canadian
weat in 1906 totalled 100,000,000 bushels on a settled area of 8,400,000 acreB,
it was no str. tch of imagination to
look into the future for a wheat production of 1,300,000'000 bushels, prac-
tica Ily three times the total foreign
trade of Canada at the present time.
Cattle Stealers Arrested
Lethbriuqe, March 17. — Ediess
Gardner, rancher, living in Chin
Coulee, 00 miles east of Lethbridge,
and u man named H.dines are in the
barracks here and will probably have
to stand trial on the charge of cattle
stealing. For some time cattlemen
around Lethbridge have suspected
Gardner and Holmes of killing beef
that did not belong to them, and
selling the meat in Taber, W. S. Hill
having lost several head of cattle
ranging south of tho river.
Vancouver  Alderman's Up-to-
date Suggestion.
VANOOUVER, March 17.—' A tire escape that I hnve not seen in Vancouver, but which has been used success
fully In various other Canadian cities,
and which bus f ir year, been in existence in London, England, bus so far
escnped   inon lion by   any of the local
illltllorilies," Siliil   All!    1'l'i'Hi'oll.
"This lire escape," he continuod, "ie
in the furin of a canvas chute and resembles u long bag. At, the top is tt
rail that is easily fitted to any window.
Tbe chate is thrown out and into the
mouth of tho canvas "bag" the people
jump feet lirst, one at a time.
"In the bag is u rope running the
entire length, and this can lie grasped
so as to ch.ick the speed. Tbe one
first descending, or any one in the
street, can seize the bottom of the
chute and lift it so as to form a sort
of bed in case any excited persons
should come down too last, tbis action
preventing those descending from
striking the ground too hard. It is
the quickest and safest method of escape I have ever seen. It would be a
wise policy to compel such escapes to
be provided in all tall buildings."
f ! '■'.■'•'«:'•"'■'■'■■ •
So simple is Alabastine to
handle that anyone can dreorale his
or her own home uith it. By following the simple direction given on every
ALABASTINE       1^^^^^
package you, yourself, ran any tmt cvrnkmahona, not only in
ill* plain tints, l>ut also in the wal decorated w-'ih stencils. We would
like to tell you more about what Akihaaliae will <(.. for your kerne, kow
ruy it ia to apply, and how beautiful are ita reeu'ts. Aek Ul to abew you
a tint nard and copy of " Homee, Haakhful end Beautiful.**
Fort  William Home Scene of
Terrible Crime.
Fort WILLIAM, March 17.—Lying
across the body of his wife, whom he
attempted to murder, with blood issuing from his mouth and side, the
body of James Garton was discovered
at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon at
their home on Finlayson street. It was
found that Mrs. Garton was not dead,
and unless complications set in there
is a likelihood of her recovery.
Tlie immediate cause of the attempted murder and suicide may
never be known, but there is little
doubt tout Garton was insane. That
tbe deed was premeditated is also
clear from the fact thut in one pocket
was found a letter with . instructions
that it be opened in the presence of a
crown attorney, aud the contents of
which show evidence of a disordered
mind. A crown attorney ana tbe'
coroner have decided that an inquest
is unnecessary.
Sir William Van Home Speaks
in Confidence of Dominion
Montreal, March 18.—Sir William
Van Home, who has just returned io
Montreal from Europe, siid he heaul
strong expressions of adiuira'ion in
London and Paris, in fact everywhere
he went, for the Bplendid wuy in
which Canada had weathered the n-
cent financial storm which so seriously affected tbe rest of the world. He
says Canadian investments were ncvir
so highly regarded abroad as now,
which will mean much for Canada in
Inline, if we do nothing to shake this
new born confidence
Divorce is Made Easier
Paris, March 17.—The Divorce
Court has laid down the principle
that a divorce in the case ol foreigners domiciled in Franoe may lie
obtained on the grounds which are
legal for divorce in France, even when
such grounds are not recognised by
the statutes of their own country
provided the home countries recognize the application of the divorce
laws of tbe foreign countries where
the subjects are domiciled.]
Six Children in a Year.
ANTWERP, Maroh 17.—Six brothers
born of the same mother in the same
year, appeared before the ustmisflied
military authorities here yesterday to
participate in the drawing of lots for
compulsory service in the army.
The case, which is probably the
most remarkable on record, is explained by the fact that the mother
gave birth to two sets,oue being born in
January and the second during the
following December,
Unemployed Demonstrate.
Toronto, March 17.—A thousand
unemployed men matched to the city
hall yesterday and dcmand.xl work,
Mayor Oliver promised work as soon
at the weather permitted. The Salvation Army is blamed by the unemployed (or bringing out men to the
Dominion when not required,
Anarchist Attempts to Escape
Denver, March 17.—Guiieppe Alia,
the   condemned   assassin   of   Father
Francis   Leo   Heinriohs, made a wild
■ attempt to escape from the county juil
' ou Saturday.    He assaulted a "trusty"
I with a razor blade, thut  he had secured iu some unknown manner seriously   cutting him iu the neck.    Deputy
Warden Carpen rushed tu the wounded man's aid.     Alia   struggled like a
wild   man   to escape and was severely
beaten before he would give up.
Not Good Agriculturally
MoN'i'RKAL, March 17.—In an address before the annual meeting of the
Canadian Forestiy association Saturday, Mr, E. Stewart, formerly Dominion superintendent of forestry, said a
greater part of the merchantable
timber of Canada today was growing
on land which was not well adapted
(or agricultural purposes,and in a vast
majority ot cases would lie more valuable if left permanently (or the production of timber than for any other
Bowser Decides to Walt.
Victoria, March 17.—Because of
adverse decisions of the courts, Attorney-General Bowser announced
yesterday afternoon tbat no further
attempt wculd be made to enforce the
Natal immigration act until the result
ol the appeal now being taken to tho
privy council lias been learned.
The new wall papers are coming in,
you can get a nice assortment ol new
designs at 0. R. Macdonald's.
When House Cleaning Time Conies Round
If you want Alabastine, Whiting, Plaster Paris,
Furniture Polish. Varnish Stains, Hold Paint,
Enamels, Floor Paints Varnishes, Crack-filler"
Paint Brushes or anything else used for Painting
and Decorating, Brooms, Mops, .Scrub Brushes,
Wash Tubs, Wringers, Mangles, Curtain stretchers
Chloride of Lime, all kinds of Soaps and cleaning
preparations. We are here with the goods and
will be pleased to do business with you.
Bourse  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   $9.00 per ton Is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood and last aa long as hard steal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Fstdsri and
open grates.}
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery ana
will^flll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Mdiinnoii & .SiiUhM
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Htsad Office) - Toronto, Ontario.*. I. tb. Pro.iuN. ut Manitoba. Alb.rU,
British Columbia, Onfcaslo, <*..b«tt.
Oapital Authorlaod ... S!O,OOO,OOO.O0
Oapital Paid Up • -    M,ae«,ooo.oo
Reserve. Fund .... *U,sao,ooo-o«
D. R. WlLKiB, President i Hon. R. Jaftray, Vlee-Pre.ideut.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available iu all  parts of Canada, United State, and
Kurope.   Special attention given to Collection..
Savings Bank Department
Utere.t allowed  un deposits from dale of deposit aud c-rvditad
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Orchard Ready for Sentence \    5.000 Fruit Trees Burned
Boisk, Idaho, March 17.—tin tbe
morning of his l%nA birthday, next
WedneBilay, Harry Orchard, the confessed murderer of former Governor
Frank Steunenberg, who was killed by
the explosion of a bomb at the gate
to his residence in Caldwell on the
evening ol Dec. 80, 1906, will face
Judge Fremont Wood, prepared to
meet the death sentence meted out
to him.
Orchard, against tbe urgent pleadings of his attorney and others, refused, when arraigned on March 10,
to let his previous plea of not guilty
stand, or to plead to a lesser degreo
of murder than the first degree. He
"I am guilty, and ready to take any
punishment. I have told tbe truth. I
understand fully wbat must be tbe
Five thousand fruit tress wars era-
mated at Vancouver ou Wednssday by
order of Provincial Fruit Inspector
Cunningham. The nursery stook
came Irom tirras in tbe United States
and wss intended (or shipment into
the interior. It was (ound to be infected and after proper notification
the order lor its destruction was given.
Mr. Cunningham states that nursery stock is being brought over ths
line very rspidly Ths psresntags
that is being condemned is about the
ssme as usual. The inspection is
most thorough, ss the inspector believes it is lar easier to govern ths
health of provlneial orders by pre-
vsnting the plsnting of unhealthy
trees than to eradicate ths diseass
alter it has gainsd a foothold.
Choice hams, breakfast bacon and
new laid sgg" arrive daily at C. B,
Gbe .fl&ail»1beralb.
publishkii WEDNESDAY, and satuu
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mc»phy.
Harolti Fisher
Barrislera, f.ol c tors, Etc.
C. E. Oili-an J. C. Elliott.
OrriCM:   Iu 'mil   Hank   Hlock.   IUvm.-
'imii, H. c.
Money 10 loan. ,
Ofloes: Ksjvfli-toke. B. 0.1 Cranbrook. B. L.
Qso. 9. McCahtkr,
KrveLioka, B. C.
J. A. Harvrv,
Cranbrook. B. 0.
1. M. Scot. I.LI)
W. I. Brings.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
solicitors for Molbons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Assay  ol .11 Ores,   Sample, by mallor express
receive prompt aue.tiou.
Term. MuJi-rale.
A:USUI -      -        Bollltt Kabul 1). C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Surveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Pupils prepared lor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
STCDIO-At   Mr.    J.   C,   HeKhtwn'.   Con-
aaaght A.euos.
Mining, 1-tW ^P.sii.v^s,   Finan
cial and Si
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C.
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
ever^wbete, because of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. _
Zbe fl&aiMbetalb
Tfaer. is so moch bad in th. best of us,
And so much good iu the wor-t of u.J.
That it hardly behoovas any of us.
To talk about the r.?t of us.
Apropos oi the manner in which
the pleasure-going public of Kevelstoke and other cities in the west
have frequently been imposed upon
by those of the barnstormer fraternity and especially by articles
and reading matter supplied by
advance agents and sworn to as
being bona ride descriptions of the
particular show which that agent
is working for and the manner in
which the good money of the people is taken, the Phoenix Pioneer
says l
Simply because a town happens
to be located in the mountains of
the west, -ome persons have au
idea that those jscople ilu not have
people of taste and education as
residents. Consequently, efforts
are made to run in many a show
at high prices that would hardly
get into a ten cent theatre in the
larger cities. The promoters forget that most people in the west
once resided in the cent belt of the
east, that the country has hundreds
of college graduates and men and
women of refinement, as well as
others; anil that they are discriminating in their tastes as residents
of any place east of the Rockv
mountains. One booking firm has
learned this lesson, at any rate, it
is pleasant to note.
Revelstoke has been only too
frequently inflicted with travelling
trash of this sort and it is about
time to put a stop to indiscriminate
boosting ol such shows by press
notices, the authenticity of which
the newspaper which print them.all
in good faith, have no means of
showing. |
The Rovelstoke Agricultural
Society, which has been evolved
from the Turf Association, is a
movement that comes particularly
to the fore iust now, when the
matter of fruit growing and agriculture have been such live questions, owing to the decision ol the
Board of Trade to have Revelstoke
represented at the Dominion Fair
at Calgary. We feel that should
this exhibit be a success, Kevelstoke
will have had the publicity and
advertising that she has never had
before, and now that we begin to
realize that this district is capable
of producing fine fruit and other
produce, the impetus thiiB given
should lead to big results. The
Agricultural Association will he
instrumental in encouraging those
in this district to expand the industries of fruit and produce which
can only be attained by the clearing of wild lands.
This question of  holding a   fall
fair   this   year   has   not yet been
definitely   decided,   although   the
project may be classed  among the
probabilities, though no announcement has yet been made.     Should
the enterprise he procoeded with, it
is of the  utmost  desirability  that
some definite action be taken at as
early a date   as   possible.      A fall
fair must bear exhibition  of  agricultural   products   and  worthy of
our country, although   the   initial
show cannot he expected to assume
large proportions.     The best  thut
the   district   can  produce alone is
good enough,   because   what is exhibited will be taken   as   the  best
that can be produced.     We   must
show everything   that can he profitably grown from our soil.   That
we can produce the standard varieties   of   fruit   aud   vegetables   in
abundance and of excellent quality
is established.      Besides   products
of the soil, the mineral and  timber
resources must he taken  into  consideration. Live stock breeding can
be encouraged and a very valuable
asset established.     A display cannot be secured in Kevelstoke  without some forethought and preparation.      Varied as our products are
they are not   so   varied   as   they
might be, and good as the samples
commonly   available,   better   and
more in quantity could be secured
by  special  attention to the soil in
spring and to   the   growing   crops
during   the   summer.       Practical
loyalty runs strong in   the   Revelstoke people and if they are assured
of an  opportunity  to  Bhow   what
their Boil can   produce   they   may
be relied upon   to   do   their   part.
Every citizen with land and  every
land owner in the Revelstoke   district and riding, impelled  by  public spirit to excel  would   willingly
go to considerable  trouble to  produce  creditable   exhibits   if   they
were certain of an  opportunity   to
display these   where   they   would
result in credit to the producer and
in benefit  to   the   country.     The
time to get busy with a fall fair  is
now! while the season's  operation?
are being planned.      Let  those in
charge of the   Kevelstoke   Agricultural Association, get together and
discuss the matter.      This step we
are taking is one of the most   important   and   progressive   in    the
history of our city.    Let those who
feel   the   keenest   interest   in this
movement take the matter in hand
at once.
Of World Wide Interest-Important Discussions.
The subjects which have been listed
for discussion at the Pan-Anglican
congress, which will be held in London, England, June 15-24, are not
only extremely varied, but also extremely imp irliint. They includ
the marriage laws, the question of
divorce, socialism, the relations of
capital aud labor, the sweating ol labor,
strikes, etc., in fact all the lending
questions and problems which agitate
inoderd society aud modern industrial
The writers and the speakers on all
the topios in question will be leading
men, and in order that the program
may be fulfilled, sessions will be held
daily iu the Albert hall as well as in
six or seven of the other large hall, iu
the metropolis.
As the Albert ball ia capable of
accommoduii g l.'i.tHK) people, it is
announced that tbe speakers in this
place will be selected Irom among
those whose voices will be sufficiently
powerful to reach to all parts of the
great auditorium.
Important Changes in Size of
the Various Claims.
In the "Placer Mining Act Amending Act, 1908," important changes
have been made in the size ot the
various claims that may be Incited
under tbe provisions made lor this
class of mining. A "creek diggings"
claim will in the future be 25U leet
long in the direction of the general
course of the stream. In the nutter
of "bar diggings" a piece of ground
will be allowed, on any bar that ie
coven d by hi^h water, to measure 250
fiiet square, or a strip of land 250 feet
long, snd extending from high water
mark to extreme low water mark.
Tbe "dry diggings" claim will be 250
feet square, taken in any manner tbat
suits the idea of the locator. The
whole idea appears to be to give the
finder of this class ol mining ground a
somewhat better chance to secure
enough ground to pay  for hia trouble.
$5   TO   $10
High Grade Watches
Hastings, Doyle & Mum
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new design* iii carpets. Our stock is
cemplete, and the colors rich
and effective, thedesigns artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and 'we
have neierJiplaccd such low
prices upon" so much high
quality before.
- **• '-"p .«**
a-'V%^^^^^'V%^%^^«^^^^»%'%%«^%%'^«^%^% %?
For Aiiricultural Implements.   CarriRges,  Wagons    Klo.,   John
Deere Ploughs,   Moliue  Wagons,  Canada  Carriage Company's"'
Ruggles, Planet jr.,  Harden Seeders aud Cultivators, Wheelwright and   Blacksmith  Work   attended   to.    Horse Slioeiug a
«V% V%^^^^'»^^^%^^'«^%^^%^'VfA^^%%'%^%^%**''«^t)
st p.
HF.AD OFFICE :   OALQARY,   Albf.bta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stock. Markets in all the pi imi
nnl Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.
Packers of ihe Celebrated Brand " liiipernt r" Hams and Bacon,
and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako not in. that, I. II. Y. Kearny, of Poplar
('reck, fi, Om occupation Prospector, lu'ends to
apply for a special licence Lo cut and carr;
u way timber from the following describe!
1. ConuncnciiiK at a i«»st plant ed about 200
foot on tlio north side of Poplar Croek, marked
"It. K Keamy'H north-east post, adjoin*
inu the wost boundary of Timber Limit No
MK about unu milt, went of tho Una south
fork of Poplar Greek, thenco went 80 chain*,
thonco Bouth 80 chains, thence east 8(1 ohaiua,
thenee north 80 ehains to point of commence-
ment, eontainiiiK 510 apron more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted about 200
feet on the north side of Poplar Creek, marked
'It V. Keamy'H south-east cornor post," adjoin
-tig the went, boundary of Timber Limit No
ilio*.!, about one mile went of tho first south
fork of Poplar ('reek, thonco west 80 chains,
thenoo north 80 chains, thence east 81) ohains,
thonco south 80 chains to point of oommonoe
ment, containing 610 acres moro or less.
3. Commencing at a post plantod on the east
bank nf the second Bouth fork of Poplar Creek,
about ono milo up markod "B. F ReamyV
northeast oornor poet," thonco west 40 chains,
tlience south 160 chains, thonoo east 4i> chains,
thence north lflO ohains to point of commencement, containing 640 acrei more or leas.
i Commencing at a poat planted about 4H
miles westerly from tho first south fork of Poplar ('reek, markod "B, Y. Heamy's north -west
oorner poht," thence east 80 chains, thence
•outh 80 chains, thence wost 80 ohalns, thenoo
north 80 chains to polntof commencement,
containing 640 aorea more or lees,
6. Commencing at a post planted about 4S
miles westerly from the first south fork of Poplar Croek, markod "II. Y. Kearny's north-east
oorner post-" thenoe west 40 chains, thenee
►■mith 160 chains, thence oast 40 ohalno, thenoe
north 160 chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or less
6. Commencing at a post planted about Ave
miles westerly from the first south fork of Pop
lar Creek, marked "H. F, Reamy's south-west
oornor pool," thonco east 160 chains, thenoe
north 40 chains, thenoo weat 160 ohalns, thence
south 40 chauiB to point of eonimenoomont, containing 610 acros more or less.
Located 17th December, 1907.
wed jan 15 H K. KKAUY   Locator.
Revelstoke Cigars —Union Mads—Our
Speolal, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
•re ahead of all others.
L. O. T. M  O. T. W
Hold their regular fortnightly Review* the
Second and Fourth Thursdays iu each month,
at it p.m. In the Masonic Hall, Second Street-
I.. McDONALD. Lady Commander.
J. M. MORAN, Record Keeper.
c. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp. No. 229.
Meets Second and Fourth Wedne days in
each month. In Selkirk Hull. VlBltin Woodmen cordially invited to attend.
W. I). ARMSTRONO. Con. Oom.
J. McINTYRE. Clerk.
F. O.  E.
The regnlar meetings are held in theflSelkirk
Hall every Tuesday evening at 8 o'cloc.. Visiting brethren art. cordially invited.
.1   LEHLIK. President.
Kootenay Lodare No. IS A T * A M
The rosrulax roee'-
ing. arc held in lhe
Masonic Temple.
Jdd Fellows Hall.on
'.he third Monday in
■■.,. It month at '-
p.m. ViAitingbreth
rs-n    cordially   wel
C. A.  Pitt* LVIKIi.  -.KCHETARY.
SKLKUtK LOi: ~,I   NO   12. I. O. O. T.
Meet. evs-ryThunsdaj
eve.mng in .-•...-.
Hall at 8 o'clock
Visiting brethren oor
'lially invited to attend
J. V VTHIF-. Sec
G. I.KMRKE   tf.G.
Harrison Hotel Burnt Down
Trie Hotel de Gagnou at Harri.on
Hot HpriDga wa. totally destroyed hy
lire ou Thursday morning,and a number ut the guests had to jump from
•econil storey windows to save their
livee. Tbe origin ol the lire is unknown, but it is supposed to have
started from the orerheating of a
stove in a hall on the first tloor. The
hotel hotel h«d been unoccupied for
several year, until last summer, when
it was furnished by Mr. Oagnon, and
has been run by him since that time.
The building was owned by Mr E,
Lewis, a capitalist ol Vancouver.
Patronize   Horns   Industry.
Rsvelstoks Cigars
Cold Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 26, Rewslstoks, I. C.
meant Third Wednesday "I
ea^h nionih. in the Oddfellows'
Hall al | o'clock. Vl.lilnsi
Knlstht" ao- coMlally invited.
.1   MATHIH. 0   C
O. H. BRO. K, K :..f   RAH
H   A. HROWN.iM. of F
That's Royal Crown kind—
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ot Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing areeaHy with itshelp.
And the   money Having is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give [or
Royal Crown Wrappers. .Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
who can eat Manning's candies
without having some little feeling of gratitude for the donor.
Of course you've got to light your
own love battles, young man, but
our oonfectione you'll find to be
n strong ally in your wooing.
MminiGf s (Mily Pilau
Central Hotel
a—     rfvfi stoke b. C.
Newly Wit.       First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen'8  Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest .the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     ST03STE      PEOP.
Queens Jfotel
Btjst brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will nnd excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
I have choice
upland prairie hay
and Timothy, also
oats, wheat and
feed to offer in car
load lots.
Delivered prices
given   on   request,
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Hat.. K
Iiias jrsJ. Claas
o       $jH 75
ib. 21. I.k. Manitoba
Fri. Mch. 'i. Kmp. Ireland
Sat.   "     14. I.k.C.'riHinpliiiii Feb28
Fri.     "      '&). Kmp.  Britain    Mch. 1
Sat.    "      ■&,. Lake   Kiie, "   11
Winter Season From St. John
lat. CUum md. t
•.Xo no $4
ill. LUaa ind. data  -jr.I. Ohm
$65 'Kl %.\i i" %lj 50
Other Lakh h.iaih
ind. Class 3rd, Clssi
$45 On $17 50
f'bi'iip rates tO A t In ri t ir* Hei.lioiii'd
points in connection with ite&tn*
Hbip tickets
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hitinbitrg unit
all other routine   1 .1 ports.
l''oi' I'url her infoi'initl ion apply lo
T. W. Bradshaw,    E. J. fJoyle,
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, |Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable VarietieH at reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B. O.    Catalogue free.
Greenhouses and Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       -      -      -     B. C.
HuvolHlokd Land DUtriol.
DiHlrlut uf Wost Kootennv.
Take notice that I, H. Y. Kuuniy of I'oplar,
B.C., occupation Prospector, intend lo apply for
a ttpoclal licence to cut and carry away limber
from the following dcuoribed landn:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
west bank of Rusty Creek, marked "B. F.
Heamy's south-east corner post," about 3 miles
southerly from thu Lardo river, between Itapld
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, adjoining Timber
Limit 11250 running west, thuncc west 160
chains, Uieuce north iu chains, thence east 160
chains, thenoe south iO chains to point of commencement, cont lining 610 acres more or less,
2. Commencing at a post planted on the weet
bank of Itusty Creek, marked "B. Y. Iteamy's
north-east oorner post," about 3miles nuuthurlv
from the Lardo river between Kapid Creek and
Tenderfoot Creek, thenee west 160 chaiUK,
thenco south 40 ohaiiib, thenoe east 160 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of commence*
ment, containing 610 acres more or lesa
3. Commencing at a post planted ou the
west bank of Itusty Creek, marked "B. Y.
Iteamy's north-west corner post," about 3 miles
southerly from the Lardo river, between Rapid
Creek and Tenderfoot Creek, thence east 80
ohains, theuce south HO chains, theuce west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
Located loth December, 1907.
wed jau 16 B. Y. KKAMY, Locator.
Kevelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that we, C. O Woodward and B.
F. Ueamy, of Popiai Creek. B. C, occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a special licence to cut aud carry away Umber from the
following described lauds:
1. Commencing at a post planted on ths west
bauk of Pop.ur i reek, about 6 miles up, marked *'C. O. Woodrow and ti. F. Iteamy's southeast corner post," running along O. K. Revell's
uorth boundary of No. 2 Timber Limit Uls9,
thence west Bu chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 ohalus, thence soath 60 chains to
point of commencement, containing 610 acres
or less.
2. Commencing at a poet planted on the
west bank of Poplar Creek, about 6H miles up,
marked "C.  O.   V     '  "
north-east oorner
along O. EL ~.        _	
south boundary, thence soutb 80 chains, thenoe
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to point
ol commencement, containing 610 acros more or
Located 18th December, 1907.
wed ian 15        O. O. WOODROW.
a F. KKAMY, Locators.
Woodrow and B. F. Reamy's
_    post,  thenoe west 80 chains
Keren's No. 2 Timber Limit 12180
Kev.latuke Laud District,
Distrlet ol West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat I, R. J.l'aiks. ol Arrowhead,
B.C., lumberman, Intend to apply lor a special
timber licence over the following described
Commencln. at a post plantfl.l at tbe southwest comer ol Timber 1 Imii N». 11171, and
marked "K. J. Parka' north-east corner post"
tbenee south 160 cbaius, theuce west tu chains,
tlience north 100 ctialns, theuce east « ebalua
to point ol commencement.
Dated Dec., 1U07.
wed Jan 21 D. Dew.r,,
Revel .toko Laud lliatricL
District ot West Kootenar.
Take notice that w , the Lamb-Watson Lum-
First-Class Clover* and Timothy Hay for sale. Also al
kinds of Garden Produce.
Front Strkkt,     Revklstokk
ItOHtauran', and Kurni.lied Rooms
Meal. Irom 26n. Up,
Second Street, - East End
o Land District.
' West Kootenay.
cethatw , the LamM _. .....
ber Company, Limited, of Arrowhead, B. ('-,
occupation Lumbermen, intend to apply for
permission to lease tha following described
foreshore, being part of tbe foreshore of Oalena
Bay, for logging purposes:
Commencing at a post scribed "Lamb-Watson
Lumber Co." plauted at the S.W, corner of
Lot 8407, thence southwesterly followiug high*
water mark, a distauee of 110 chains.
Dated this 80th day of October, 1907.
Lamb-Watson Lumukb Co., Ltd.,
Jan 1608 By O. B. N. Wilkie, Agent.
Revelatoko Land District.
Dlatrict of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice lhat A. O. Johnston ot Poplar
Creek, occupation Mvrulituit, intends Ui apply
for a an-cial licence lo cut and carry away tun
ber from the following dcacrltod lands!
Commencing at a poat planted about vi
inilcH up Poplar Creek fiom Poplar townaite,
calling for the aoutheast oorner of Timber
Lnnil 1218D, marked "A. O. Johns-ton's aouth-
wca1, oorner poat," thence eaat 80 chaina, thenoe
north W ohaiua, thonco weat 811 ohalns, thenoe
Houth |j<l chains to point of commencement,
containing Mil acre, more or le...
Located 18th Deo., 1907.
wnl jan IS B. F. lloamy, Agent.
It-vi-lhtiikii Land District,
Distrlet of Weat Kootenay,
Take notice that I. Donald Dewar of ArrowhuU,
occupation Cruiser. Intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described land*
Cuiniimniliig at the south-west oorner .1 Lot
MU, iirniip 1, in said district, theno. wast 20
obalna, north 20 chalua, thence weat to
ohaina, tlience aouth 40 chains, thenc. eaat iu
chalna, thence north 20 ohaina to point ot com-
Dated Jan. null, 1908.
wed Jan 19    DOW AID DKWAR.
Certificate  of Improvements
Ilia Hope Fraction If Innrnl Claim, situate In
the Trout. Lush Mining Dlvlaion of Kootenay
Mniinfin liirfl   for rill fiun-ty. of building*
for itlfl In large or -mmll <-|uautllle*i
nt the lowest prices for cosh.
building nnd plastering
District    .     ,
Tnke nation that I,Charles John Allan New
ton Pailloy, of Nulaon, B.C.. Free Minor'. Certl-
II -ule No. DUWe II, intend, sixty daya from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Rocord.r for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpoae of
otiljiliilng a Crown Urant of the above claim.
Anil  further take notloe that action, under
Suction 27,   limit be conunenoed before the
laaiiani'e of audi Corllftcate ot Improv.rn.nU.
Dated this 9th day of January, A.D., 1908,
wdjm, IS C. J. A. N. PADI.KY.
Where located:—I'oplar Creek,
Cariboo lAnd District.
Dlstriot of Cariboo.
Take notico lllut I. Noll MoRaubern of Rev-
olatoke, occupation Timber Cruiser, inland to
apply for apodal Umber licences over tb. fal-
lowlnir decribod lands:
1. Commencing at a poat planted about 8
mlloa eaat of Doro Crook iiul about il mile,
aouth of Krasor Rivor and marked "Nell MeKachern's mini li-i'ie-t, corner," thenoe weat to
rhatna, thenoe north 811 ohains, thonce mat 80
chains, thonce south 80 chains to polnl. of com-
monoement, containing ihu aurua more or leaa.
2. Commencing at a poet planted aboul. 8
milea eaat of Dore Creek and ab ut iV, miles
aouth of rlv.r and markod Nell Mr.
Karhorn's south-west curuer." thenoe east, h0
chain., thonce north 80 chains, thenoe weat 80
.'luiliia, tbonoe ho.ii.1i 80 chalna to point of commencement, containing 610 aorea more or less,
8. Commencing at a poat planted about i
iniloH oaal of Doro t'reek and about il mile.
Hunt li of Fraser river and marked "Noll Mc-
Kiirlici'iia south went comer," iliniir.ii'eiint 80
chalna, tbenoe norlh 80 chains, thenco wost 80
ohaina, thonce south 80 ohains to point of mini-
niunccmeut, containing 6i0 acres moro or leaa,
4. Commenolng at a poat plantod about i
miles eaat of Dore Creek and about ii mil.,
■outh of Fraser river and marked "Neil Mu
Kachnrn'. north-weal, oorner." tbenoe south id
ohaina, thenoe out 140 chains, thence norlh .0
ohalns, thenoe west I6H ohtlos to polntof com
moncament, containing 6t0 acre- more or leas.
5. Commonclng at a post planted about S
milea oaal. of Dore Croek and about I mile.
aouth of Kraser rivor and marked 'Nell Mo-
Kachern's norlh weat ooruer" thenoe aouth iO
ohaina, ihence eaat 100chalna. thonce north 10
ohaina, thenoe west 1ft) ohalns to point of com-
menoument, containing 610 aorea more or leas.
6. ('ommenolng at a post planted about i
miles oaal of Dore Creek and aoout 1 milo.
hiuilli of rraaer rivor ami markod "Null .llo-
Kachurn'a south-wcat corner." thence north 10
chaina, thence cast 100 ohaina, thunce aouth 10
chaina. Ihouoe west 160 chalna to point of com
iiiouceni.ut, containing 610 acre, more or leaa,
LooaUxl Doc, 18th. 1907
7. Commencing at a tsoat planted about I
mile, weat ot Dora Creek and about i mile,
aouth of Fraaer river and marked "Noll Ho-
Kaohern'a south-west oorner," thenoe north 80
chains, thenoe easl 80 ehains, thence south en
chain,, thenoe west 80 chaina to point of com-
meuoonioul, containing 610 acre, mora or leu.
8. Commencing at a post planted about 1
miloa weat of Dore Creek and about SVt mile.
aouth of Fraaer river and marked "Neil Mo-
Kachern's north-west corner," thenoe south 10
chains, thence east 160 ohains, thenc. north 10
chains, theno. west 180 cbaius to point of oom-
uieiicemeiil, coniaiuing 610 acres more or
9. I ommenolng at a poat planted about i
miles west of Dora Creek and about *M mile,
aouth of Fraser river and marked "Noil Mo-
Kiicheru's south-west corner,' thenoe north 10
chains, Ihence east 160 ohains, thenoe south 10
chaina, tbenoe west 160 ohains to point of commencement, containing 610 acres more or lew,
10. Commencing at a poat planted about 1
uiilca of Doro Creek and about 3K mllos south
of Fraaer river and marked "Noll McKaoheru'a
north-east corner," Ihence aouth 40 ohaina,
thcticu wost 160 chains, thence north 10 chain.,
thenoe east 1611 chain, to puint of ooinmonoo-
mont, containing 610 acrea more or leas.
11. Commencing at a post plauted about 1
miles west of Dore Creek aud about 3HI miles
aouth of Kraser rivor and marked "Nell Mo*
Kucheru's south-east ooruer," theuce north 10
chaius, lbeuce west 100 chains, tbeuce south 10
chains, tbenoe east 160 chaina to point of commencement, containing 610 acres more or less.
Located Dec 19th, 1907.
12. Commenclug at a poat plantod about 3
miles weat of Dure Creek and about 6 mile,
south of Fraser river and marked "Neil Mo
Kachern's south-west corner," thenoe north 89
chains, thence eaat 80 ohains, thunce aouth 80
chalua, thence weat 80 chains to point of oom-
mencement, con taming 610 acres more or leas.
13. Commencing at a poat plantod about 3
miles west of Dora Creek and about 6 milo.
south of Frtser liver and marked "Neil Mc-
kachern's southeast corner," thouce norlh 80
chains, tlience wost B» chains, theuce south 80
chaina, thenoa east Ml ohaiua lu point of commencement, containing 610 acre, more or lass.
11. Commencing at a post planted about i
miles wont of Dore Creak and about i% miies
south of Fraaer river and markod "Nell Mc-
Kaohern'a north-out coruer," theuo. south 10
chaina, thenre weal 160 chains, thence north 10
chain., theuce east 160 chalna lo point of commencement, containing 610 acre, mora or 1ms.
15. Commenolng at a post planted about 1
milos west of Dure Creek aud about 5| miles
south of Kraser rirer and markod "Nail Mc-
Kaohern'a south east ooruer," thenoe weat 100
ohalns, thenoe uorth 16 chains, thence mat lsju
ohaina, thenoe south io chalaa to polntof commencement, coutainiug 610 aores mora or 1st..
16. Commenolng at a poet planted near Mac- '
Inloah Creek and about M mile, aouth of Fraser
river and marked "Neil MeKachern's north-east
corner," thenee south 80 ohaiua, thenoe w*ai 80
chains, thenoe north ao ohaina, out 80
olialns to point of commencement, containing
M0 acre, more or leas.
Located Dec. 2uth, 1907.
IT. Commenolng at a poat planted near th.
Three Milo Keaerv. Lin. on the aorth aide of
Fraser river aud lying north of where the Uoat
river empties into tbe Fraser river, marked
"Neil McKaohern's soulh-weat corner,
eaat 80 chain,., tbeuc. uorth Ml chains, thenc.
west 80 chains, theuce south 80 chaiu. io point
of cumiueuceiuenl, containing 6IU acres more
or leas.
18, Commencing at a post planted 9 miles
norlh of Fraser river and lying uorth of where
Uoat river empties into Fraaer river, markod
"Nell MeKachern's south-east corner," thenc.
west 80 chains, theuce north 80 chains, thenes
eaat 80 chaina, thence south 80 chain, to point
of commencement, coutaiuing 640 acres mora
or less.
10. Commenolng at a post planted 3 miles
north ot Fraser river and aboul 2 milea weat of
Victoria Creek, maiked "Neil MeKachern's
south-west corner," theuio east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence wost 80 chains,
thence south 80 chain, to point of |comiuonce
meut, containing 610 acre, more or loss.
20. Commenolng at a poet planted 31 miles
north of Fraaer river and about 2 milo. west of
Victoria Creek, marked "Neil MoKachem's
south-eatt corner," thenee west 160 chains,
thence north 10 chains, tbenee oast 180 chains,
thence south 10 chains lo point of commence
inent, containing 610 acre, more or lesa,
'    "    ilsi  "
Located Deo. 21st, 1WI7.
To B. F., Mrs. A. B. Nook and O. t
Heibel, or to whomsoever they may hav.
transferred interests:
Take uotice, that wa, th. undersigned co- with yon in th. following mineral
claims, tui. I Vivian'. Lock No. 1, Vivian's
Luck No. 2, Vivian's Luck No. 3, Vivian', Luok
No. i, Vivian's Luok No..',, Viviau's Luok No. 6,
aud tha Silver Crown situated uu Uoat Moun-
taiu, Lanieaii Uiuiug Diviaion of West Kootenay Distiict of th. Province of British Columbia, have done th. required work on the abuv.
mention.dmiu.ral claims forth, yaar ending
October 29th, 1907, in ord.r to hold th. um.
uud.r Section 21 of th. Min.r.l Act,
Aud further tak. notio. that if within 80 days
from th. first publication of this notic you fail
or refuse to oontributayour portion of such ei-
Mnditora, mgetb.r with Ih. oost of this adv.»-
tiumant, your Interest In th. Mid mineral
olaim. will baoom. the property of th. uud.r
aimeo, under Section 25B of tk.Min.r.l Act.
Dsteil st Camborne, B.C., this 21st .day  of
January, 1906.
sat Jan IS
IN   THK    COUNTY    COURT    Ot    WB8T
A    1-kllKINH, D*r«as.d:
Tnko nolle, th.t by Ord.r of His Honor P. E.
Wilson, Actiug Judge, made th. *Sth d.y of
February, 1908, I was appnlutad sdmlulstrstor
nf tha satai. of Mid H. A Parkins, dacaud,
mid sll partiea haviug claims against tin s.ld
estate are hereby required to furoish same properly verified u, me ou or before th. Hist d.y uf
Man li. I1..1 And .11 partl.s indebtad to Mid
.'tula are required to pay the amount of
lndebtsilneas to m. forthwith,
GEO. 8   Mcl'AKTKK,
Official Admlalitr.tor.
Ii.l*i th. Wth d.y ol F.bretry, IM,   ft* It
Bav.lstok. Land District.
Dlatrict of Weat Koot.n.v, notice thai I, J. H. Young.of Comaplix
hotel proprietor, Inland to apply to th. chl.l
CommlMlon.r of Land, aad Work, for a sne.
clalilmbar licence to cut and carry away
timber from Ih. following described land.i
}. Commencing at a poat planted and ad-
Joining tb. nonh-eut oorn.r of Lot 1112, and
markad "J.H. Young', south-eut oorn.r pott,"
and situated about % mil. north-east olth.
head of the arm ot Arrow Lake, Ihence wMI H
chains, theno. norlh 80 cb.lns, eaat 80
ohalns, thenoe wuth 30 chums to point oi
commencement, containing 6iu aores mure or
2. Commencing at a poat planted and adjoining the north-cut oorner ol Lot inland
marked "J.H.Young'. sooth-east corner,' and
situated about y. mile north-oast of the head
of the arm of Arrow > ake, thenc. norlh M
chain,, thenc. eut 80 chaini, tbenoe s.utb 80
oh.lns, thence west 80 chain, tu pomt ol com-, containing 610acre, mora or lesa
. Dated December 28rd, I9U7.
"tj.nll J. H. YOUNG.
Certificate of Improvements.
B.v.uu. Mineral Claim, sitcat. in th. Lartluu
Mining Dlvi.lon of Wut Kootraay District.
Where located :-On_Pool Creak, balnganei.
t.uslon of th. Tarilf mineral clafia and
parallel with the Moscow and Mohawk on
th. south-westerly aide.
T.k. uotlc. tbat I, B. Smith, F.M.C. No
88712 B. ngaut for Otta A baling, Bp-olalFri.
Miner's clrtlflcete Nu. (MG, Intew.'ffilS dug
from the dete hereof, to apply to th. Mining
Recorder for a Certlflcele of luprov.m.nw. for
Ih. purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant of the
ebove claim.
Ar>d further take notloe that action, under .
Bectlou 37, must b. communed before the Issu.
enMofsuchCertifleeteof Improvement*.
Dated this 18th day ot March A.D. 1901.
(Bourne Bros.
Hobson & Bell
Woolsey, Lefeaux & Co. Limited.
Ohineae Groceries and all kind, of Fruit and Vegetable*.
Board by Week,
Mackenzie Avenue.
Best Local Grown_^£>
Fruit Trees for Spring Planting
Most suitable varieties for tbis soil and climate. One and Two
Year-Olds. Prices 100 and under 25c. each; over 100 20c. each.
Varieties are: Ducbess, Gravenstein, Jeffery, Wealthy, Mcintosh
Red, Winter St. Lawrence, Laurence, Joii-ithmi, Kins, Northern Spy,
New York Wine, Red Cheeked Pippin, Spitzenbeig, Salome, Wagner,
Winesap, Newtown, Pippin, York, Imperial Apples.
Hyslop and Transcendent Crabs.
Orders Received by
Incorporated by let cf Parliament, IM.
Wm. Molbon Macphkrson, Pres. 8. H. EwiNB,;Vice-Pres.
Jambs Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two  branches in  Canada and  Agencies  in  all parts nf th*
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Bank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoeb, B. C.
Import direct from Country oi origin.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenar.
Take notloe that I, C. O. Woodrow ot Poplar
Creek, B.C., occupation Prospector, intend to
apply for a special licence to cut and carry
away timber from the following described
1. Commenolng at a post planted about 1
mile np the flr.t south fork of Poplar Creek on
east bank adjoining Timber Limit No. 18911, on
the west boundary, marked "C. Of Woodrow'.
north-east corner poet,"thence aouth 160 chains,
theno. west 10 chains, thence north 16U ohaina,
theno. eaat 10 ohaina to point of commencement, containing WO acre, more or less.
J. Commenolng at a post planted on the
west bank of the first south fork of Poplar
Creek, about I milee up, adjoining Timber
Limit No. Utleoa the soutb boundary, marked
"C. O. Woodrow'. north-west oorner post,"
thenoe east 80 chains, thenee south 10 chains,
theuce weet 80 ehains, thence norlh 80 chains to
point of commencement, oontalning 610 acre,
mora or lesa.
Located 18th Deoember, 1807,
wed Jan IS
C. O. WOODROW, Locator.
It Is th. intention of the B. C. Government to
bring into foree the following amendments to
the Act as cited below, at the next sluing of
the Legislature.
Hon. Ciiilv CoamissioNEi
Imperial  Development $460 00
Bank of British Columbia    110 00
Nicola Goal and Coke    1C3 00
Columbia Fruit and Land   100 00
Royal Collieries
B. C. Copper	
Consolidated M. &S....
Diamond Vale Coal ...
International Coal	
4 75
The Columbia Agencies Limited
iiuiside inl intuition tends to show
the financial depression has reached
bedrock, and in the east and the United States there it a distinct change
for the better, though British Columbia does not so (ar appear to bave (elt
the benefits ol the change.   The bank-
Thos. Taylor, M.P.P., States the
Government's Intention
The representative of the Mail-
Herald called at the residence of T.
Taylor, M.P.P., on Monday evening
for the purpose of obtaining some information regarding the oonstruotion
of a trull.o bridge aoross the Columbia
at this point by the Government. Mr.
ing returns show contraction in loans l Taylor stated that the matter was a
and discounts to an extent which
brings them down to the level of a
year ago.
The Bank of England rate has been
reduced to 3} per cent; there is considerable improvement in the "tuck
markets of Wall street and Montreal;
eastern brokers report money easier; a
visitor just returned from New York
states financial matters there are
assuming normal conditions again.
Mr. Balfour, general manager of the
Union Bank, who is on a tour of the
west, states that throughout all eastern Canada there is a better feeling in
financial circlet and a gradual improvement is apparent. There is jubilation in New York over the fact that
the Knickerbocker Trust Company is
rehabilitated and will reopen its doors
on March 26th, thus releasing assets
to the value of over $46,000,000.
Financial stringency should not live
long in Canada, where expenditures of
$600,000,000 are projected within the
next six years.
Increased interest continues to be
shown in mining, though an unfavorable feature was the passing of tbe
Granby dividend, after paying at the
rate of twelve per cent. The manner
iu which mining stocks have suffered
in the financial storm is perhaps more
evident in the oaee ol Consolidated
Smelters than in any other stock.
This stock, which Bold up to 145 a
little over a year ago, hat tumbled to
65, though it it felt thit is only a
temporary condition. A writer on
copper says:
"At the average price oi 13 32 cents
per pound, copper has made as many
millionaires as steel. Copper has been
knocked down, purposely—the millionaires are getting tbe copper
stocks—the public is getting—experience. Tbe coming upward swing, in
spectacular fortune making in the
red metal will surpass anything tbat
has gone before."
While B. 0. copper stocks are still
telling down, Snowstorm hat advanced
to $180 and Charles Dickens to 21c.
Among the coal stocks Diamond
Vale it showing most activity. The
mine it now shipping steadily a tu.
perior grade of coal, hat proved up
three good teams on itt property of
10,000 aoret, and hat disappointed the
croakert who peredicted trouble with
water. Thit stock it one of the best
coal buys and it ture to advance.
Above subject to confirmation.
Prospectuses nnd particulars concerning any of these Companies on
M.ckentie Avenue.
No. It J I KW
An  Act  to  amend  the   " Highway
Traffic Regulation Act."
fIS MAJESTY, by and with the ad vie. end
X   consent or the Logisletlve Assembly of
ritUh Columbia, enacts es ollowsi-
1.  This Aot may be cited es the " Highway
Traffic Regulation Aot Amendment Act, MM.
t. bactlou 8 of th. " Highw.y Tratflo Hegula-
tion Act,'' being chepter 82 of the Revised
St.tntea, 1887, .. enacted by section t of chapter
90 of the Statute, of 1801,1. hereby repealed and
the following section Is substituted therefor:—
"8. It .hell be unlawful for any waggon or
vehicle carrying a load of more than two
thousand pounds to be drawn or driven nn any
publio hignwai unless the tire, of suoh waggon
or v.hiol. shall be at Last four Inches in width.
I. Section 10 of Mid chapter 81 I. hereby repealed end the following section is substituted
"10. It shall be unlawful tor any person or
persous to drag logs or timber over or elong any
publio highw.y." .
1. Thi, Aot .hall not come into foroe so far
es that portion uf th. Province of British
Columbia sltnete east of the Cascade Rang, of
mountains I. conoerned, until tbe 1st d.y of
January, 1808.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Palo
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Fura.
EALED TENDERS addressed to th. und.r-
I signed, end endorsed "T.ud.r for haatin.
iFost Once, Vancouver, B.C.," will be received
at this office uetll Saturday, Anrll It, UM. in- for th. construction of . heating svs-
t.m for th. Public Building .1 V.noouv.r, B.C.
Plans and speelfleetloas een be seen snd
forma of tender obtained on epplicetion et this
Department, from Mr. W, Henderson, Bkperin-
tendlng architect, Victoria, B.C, and from Mr.
Charles Tosstll, Clerk ot Works, Vancouver,
B. C.
Persons tendering are Jnotifled that tenders
will not be considered unless mede on the
printed form supplied, eud signed with their
artusl signatures.
Ksch tender must be accompanied by an
accepted cheque on a bank, mad.
Suable to th. ord.r of the Honourable th.
liutster of Public Works, equ.l to t.n par
ceut (lOp.c.l of tl. .mount of the leader,
which will be forfeited if the person tendering
decline to outer into a contraot when celled
upon to do so, or if he fell to complete the
work contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted the cheque will be returned
Th. Department doe. aot bind it..It t,. ac
oept the lowest or eny tender.
By Order,
, Secretary
Depertmeut of Public Works,
Ottawa. March U, 180f. will  not b> paid for this advor-   If   tbey Insert  it  without authority
from the mch It
Of British uanadian Wood Pulp
& Paper Co. Now Offered
The Britith Canadian Wood Pulp A
Paper Co. Ltd. of Vancouver, are now
offering for tubtcription their second
issue of 100,000 preference shares in
blocks ol 100 at $1 per share, each 100
shares entitled to a bonus of 15 shares
of preferred stock. The second issue
is being sold at the tame price at the
first with tbe exception that the first
100,000 carried a bonus of 25 per cent.
This stock is entitled to an annual
dividend of 7 per cent commencing
Nov. 1st, 1908, but unlimited as to
further dividends; i.e., after 7 per cent
hat been paid upon the preferred and
common, both stock thereafter participate. Payment! or stock are as
follows:—10 per cent on application,
15 per cent on allotment, balance in 8
calls of 80 days etcb.
The company have purchased a
large tract of land on How* Sound, 25
miles from Vancouver at the entrance
of Rainy River upon which tbey have
been granted the water rights aod
where they are now ruthing work on
the first unit of their plant. The entire plant when complete will bave a
weekly capacity of 180 tons of newt-
paper and 270 torn of wrapping paper.
Mr. Sylvester G. Faulkner of the Britith Columbia Trutt Corporation,
Vancouver, it President ol the Com
pany and the directors are all well
known substantial business men of
Britith Columbia.
Deer Heads. Animals, Birds, Flak, Uitc,
SOUS rap
Hull Mounted.
P O. Bus 11.
Htudl.i:   Cornar et Pint Hi. and Boyle Ave.
B.vriMok., f. C
Open Switch Caused Passenger
to Collide with Freight.
Keboba, Ont., March 17—Train No.
96, travelling eattward tt 2:80 Sunday
afternoon, ran into a ttationary freight
which had backed into a tiding at
Eagle river, leaving the twitch open.
Fortunately the patteuger train wat
not going fast at the time. The engine kept tbe line bat three column'
can wet* precipitated down a 20-foot
embankment, toppling over on each
other. The line wat blocked eight
hourt. A wrecking crew left Kenor.
within 15 mmutee after receiving
live question both with the Premier
and also with the minister ol public
works, and although there was so lur
no appropriation in the estimates for
thit bridge, there was every possibility
of one at some future date. Have the
government really considered the matter with any definite view ol putting
in the bridge ? "Yet, I understand
that the commissioner of lands and
works ia coming up to Revelitoke this
season and will thoroughly investigate
the question of thejeonstruction of the
h idge, as to whether the expense will
be warranted and if the demands for
it can be substantiated from a commercial point of view. I think that if
the commissioner is satisfied that
there will be enough to warrant the
bridge being built that appropriation
will be made at once bo that the piers
can be commenced this fall."
Is there any truth in the report that
a sum of $10,000 will toon lie available
for that purpose ? "No! no ettimate
has been made of such a sum, but I
asked Mr. Fulton if he would give me
a letter stating that $10,000 would be
available for the construct im of the
bridge piers this fall, He refused on
the grounds that the matter would be
looked into in the summer and that if
the bridge went in it would require
more than $10,000 for the piers, so
tbat a letter would be of no use."
Where would the bridge he built?
"Well, Mr. Gamble has plans and
soundings at a point opposite Allans-
old brewery.'
Was the plan sent down by Mr.
Foote to the government to be used as
a guide? "Only in as much as that
the Premier had asked Mr. Finite to
give him some idea of what was
wanted "
If a bridge is put in will tbe structure be of wood or steel? "The government find now that the best policy
is to erect their bridges of steel with
stone or concrete piers, and the Columbia bridge would, in all probability be
of such construction "
Can you give any definite statement
at to whether the bridge will be commenced this tall? "No, no further
than to say tbat I think the chances
are very promising, but, as I said before, we will have to prove coi elusive-
ly that the expense will be warranted
and that tbe development of lands
will thereby be increased beneficially
to the riding."
On being questioned as to tbe mattress on the rivet bank, Mr. Taylor
stated tbat tbe government did not
intend to put any more money onto it,
tince it was sale enough and would
hold, especially at the work accomplished by the Dominion government
dam, bad tbown tuoh good results.
The remainder of the evening was
taken up in discussing local current
Interesting Report by Supt. H.
We are in receipt of  a copy of  the
report of Supt. Douglas of the Rocky
Mountain Park of Canada lor the fit
cal year ending March 31,1907.    The
report it one of the mott valuable and
interesting of the publications issued
by tbe Department of the Interior at
Ottawa and  reflects the highest credit
on Mr. Douglas, who hat for to many
yeart   most   ably    administered   the
affairs of the National Park.   The report deals witb improvements tucb at
bridgee, roadt  and   trailt, at  well at
interesting detailt on tbe progress ol
the park's natural wondert, including
flora and fauna.   Tbe sulphur tpringt
and   baths   have   been  vieited by increasing   numbers   of    Mr.
Douglas   recommends   the   establishment   of  a fish hatchery and stricter
fishing   regulations.     Pretervation of
game   it  specially   dealt   with,  and
greater precautions are to be taken to
prevent wanton destruction.   ' The re
port ou tbe Bankhead mines shows a
profitable year.    The Alpine Club of
Canada is described and the interest
taken in it.     Tho  question ol  hotel
accommodation it a serious one, many
vititort having to be turned away latt
year,  although   extensive    additions
bad been   made   to all the mountain
hotels.     The  revenue  of   tbe   park
thowt an increate of 25 per cent over
the previous year.     Mr. Douglas lays
tbat   he   feelt  confident, from interviews with prominent numbers of the
government and with leading private
citiient that   neither the government
or the people ol Canada would object
to a considerably  incre.ted expenditure in connection with tbe development  and   maintenance of the park
The total number of vititort for nine
months  ending   March 31,1907, wat
28,735     The Illustrations of thit report art txoellent pitcet of work.
To the Revelstoke Public
We solicit your patronage
to Revelbtoke'H FIRST
Good work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Silk and Fancy Work Ironing a Specialty
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
so mow & JIM SAM, Profs.
Open Day and
Special attention  given  to
Supper Parties A banquets
Meals, 250.        Meal Tickets, $5.60
Meals at all Hours
Everything Up-to-Date
Stewart McDonald,
D raying:
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light and  H avy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. _ House Phone 7
Revelrttoke T*and District.
District of West Kootenar.
Take notice that I, C. O. Woodrow of Poplar
B. C , occupation Prospector, inUind to apply
for a special IVonca to cut and carry away timber from the following described laud*:
Commencing at a pout planted about J of a
mile Houthcrly from the 27 mile board on the
('.P.R. railroad adjoining Timbi-r Limit 11280
on west boundary, and the *outh boundary of
Timber Limit 838, marked "C. O. Woodrows
north-east corner pout." thenoe we«t 80 chaini,
theuce south 80 ohains iheneo east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to pint of commencement, containing 640 acres more or leas.
Located 16th Deo. 1907.
wed jan 15 G. O. WOODROW. Locator,
PUBLIC NOTICE Is Derby given that the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company has this
day deposited in the District Land Registry
Office at Nelson, in the province of British
Columbia a plan profile and book of reference,
phowing a proposed branch line from the Revelstoke Smelter Spur to C. B. Hume A Company's warehouse, situate in the City of Revelstoke In the province of British Columbia
aforesaid; and that the said Canadian Pacific
Railway Company will, as soon after the expiration of four weeks from the first publication
of this Notice as the application can be heard,
apply to the Board of Railway Commissioners
for Canada for approval of the said branch line
in accordance with the provisions of the Ball*
Dated' this fifteenth day of January, A.D.,
sat feb 22 lm Qeneral Executive Assistant.
Cariboo ' and District.
Dintrict of cariboo.
Tnke inn io. Aleittmlei Mcltae Latimer OJ
Here (stoke, B.O.i occupation (.'miner, intends u>
apply for a Special limber license uvur tl,.- fulloa*
Ing described lands:
7. Couimmirinj' at a punt planted on the left
bank ot tlm Little .Smoky mer, about three milea
from Its luoulh and marked "A.M.l.. S.W. comer,"
tlience east 1U0 mains ithenco north 10 chains,
thoncu west 100 chains, thence louth to chains tu
poiut of commencement aud containing MO acres
moro or less.
8- dun muni-inn at it pout planted on tbe right
bank of the Little Snmki river about three milea
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L- S.K. oorner,"
Uience west 100 clisins, thence north 4U chains,
tlioncft oust ltill chains, thence south 40 chains to
point of commencement and euniaining 640 acres
more ur Iohs.
0. Commencing at a post planted on the left
bunk of the Little Smoky river about three and
one-half miles from its mouth and marked "A.M.
L. S.W. coruer," theuce east 160 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence weat l*j chains, thence
south 40 chains tu point ot commencement ami
containing 040 acres mure or less.
10. Commencing at a post planted ou the right
bank of the Little Smoky river about three and
one-half miles from its mouth and marked "AM.
Ij. S.K. corner," thence west 160 chains, ihence
north 40 chains, tlience east loo chains, theoce
south 40 chains to point uf commencement and
containing 040 acres more ur less.
11. Commencing at a post planted on the left
bauk of the Little Smoky river about four miles
from its moutliand marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner."
theuce oast DO chain*], thence uortb so chains,
thenco west 80 chains, thence south 60 chains to
point uf commencement and containing 640 acrea
more or less.
12- Commencing at a post planted ou the riiht
bank of the Little Smoky river about four muea
from Its mouth anil marked "A M.L. S.K. corner,"
thence weat 8(1 chains, thence north 80 cliains,
tlience east 80 chains, theuce south 80 chains to
point uf commencement and containing .040 acres
more or less.
Dated Dec. i;ih. 1007.
Commencing at s  post planted nn the left
tie Smoky rt
from its luouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W corner.
of the  Litt
Smoky river aUiut ti»e milea
theuce nurth 80 chaina, theuce east bu chains
thence aouth 80 chains, thence west aG chains to
point of commencement and containing $40 acres
more or lew.
Commencing at a post planted on the left
le Smoky river about  six mile*
from its mouth aud marked "A-M.L N.W'.comer
liank uf
Cariboo Laud District.
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that I. Alexander McHae Latimer of Revelstoke, occupation Cruiser, intend,
to apply for a special timber licence over the
following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of Little Smoky Hiver, about one
mile from the mouth, thence west 160 chains,
thence uorth 40 chains, thence east 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains to point of commencement and coutainiug 640 acred more or less.
2 Commencing at a pest planted on the left
bank of Little Smoky River, about one mile
from the mouth, thence east 160 chaius, thence
north 40 chains, thence west 160 .chains, theuce
south 40 chaius to point of commencement and
coutainiug 840 aores more or less.
3. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of Little Smoky River about l!i
miles from the mouth, theuce 160 chains west,
theuce north 40 chains, theuce east 160 chaius.
thence south 40 chaius to point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
4. Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of Little Smoky River about li miles
f rem the mouth, tbeuce east 160 chains, theuce
uorth 40 chains, tbeuce wust 160 chains, tbeuce
south 40 chains to point of commencement and
oontalning 640 acres more or less.
5. Commencing at a poet planted on the left
bank of Little Bmoky River. About 2 miles from
the mouth, theuce east 80 chains, thenoe north
80 ohalns, thence west 80 chains, thence sooth
80 chains to point of commencemeut, and containing 640 aores more or less.
6. (/ommencing at a post planted on the right
bank of Little Smoky River, aoout X miles from
the mouth, theuce west 80 chaius, theoce uurth
K chains, theuce east 80 chaius, thence south 80
ohains to polntof commencement, containing
640 acree more or less.
Dated Deo. 17th, 1907.
wed feb 26    ALEXANDER McRAtt LATIMER.
Kcvelatoke Land Ulatrlct.
Illalrlct ol Weat Kouleuav.
Tak. notion that I, K o Htr.uaa, ul Naku»|.,
Free Miner, Inniinl toe|i|ily lur epecl.l licon-
cea to nut timber Irom tlm billowing
lend, i
1. Uommenolng at a peat planted about 100
.arila Irom poat el T, I.. 12,24ft and runiiiiin
inulli ISO cbalna, tbencsj wait 40 chain., tbenco
north IWrb.lna, Ihi'iii:. eaat <u chain, to point
ol commencement. ,        ,       ,.
2, Commencing et a poat plantod on the
north-went curuer ol Limit No. 1 and runnlug
weat HO chain., north III chalna, tlieucu
eaat SU chalna, tbenee aouth Wl chain, to point
ol commencement, ,    ,   ,
tt Commencing at a poat planted on or near
the 8. W. corner ol T, L No. 7410, and running
aouth 80 chalna, thence eaat mi chains, th.uce
north SO chalna, thonce weal so chain, to point
ol commencement.
Dated lice. 14,1907
4 Commencing at a punt planted on or near
the 8.W. oorner oIT L. No. 10,212, and running
aouth ISO chaina, thence eaat 40 chalna, theuce
north 100 chalm, th.uce weat 40 chalna lo
point ol commencement.
6. Uommenolng at a post planted on or near
tho 8 B, corner oIT. L. No 10,242. and run-
nine wait 40 chaini, thence aouth IM chain.,
thence eaat 40 chaini, thenc. north 160 chain.
to point ot commencement,
S. Commenclug at a puat planted on or uear
the 8.W. corner ol Timber Limit No. 1IMW, and
running chain" thence eaat lSOab.lm,
tbenee north 40 cbalna, Ihence weal 160 ohaina
to point of commencement.
Dated Oee.lS 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted on or near
tbe 8 K. coruer of Timber Limit No 10,240.
and running north 40 chalna, thence eaat lots
chaini, thince aouth 40 ob.lna west 160
obaiu. to point ul commeucem.ut.
KSj^«*.w.       r.0,.TlUTO,
Uience south bu chains, theuce east 80 chains,
thunce north 8u chains, thence west 80 chains lo
puint of commencement and containing tftu acres
more or less.
16. Commencing at a post planted on the left
liank of the Little .Smoky river aboul six miles
from Its mouth and marked "A.M.L. & W.corner,"
thunce north 8ti chains, tlience east 80,
thence south 8U chains, theuce west mi chams to
puiut of commencement and containing 6*u acres
mure or less.
iti. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky liver about a.-veu utiles
from its moutliand marked "A.M L. .N.W eurner,
thence suuth SO chains, thence east su ctuune,
thence north 80 cliains, theuce west ou chains Lu
point of commencement and containing tHu acres
more or less.
17. Commencing at a pust planted uu the rigut
bank of the Little Smoky nvtr abuut se»en milee
from its mouth ana marked "A.ML- S.W.curuer,"
thence north ftU chains, theuce east oo cliauia,
tlience south 80 chains, thence wust 60 chauia lu
puint uf uouiuieuceiueni and containing tn- a> r-_ -
more ur less.
18. Commencing at a post planted ou the right
hankof the Little Smoky river about eight mum
from its mountain, marked 'A.M.L- *VW.turner, '
4,'ience south su chains, thence east 60 chams,
thence nurtn bu chains, thence west Ml chains iu
point of commencement and uonlainiag uu acres
mure or less.
18. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bauk uf the Little Smuky river about eight muea
frum thu muuthaiidmaraed "A.M.L. fi.W.corner, '
theuce nurth su ciiauis, theuce e-.ii ■*, -.uams,
thuuee south 4u chains, tueuce weat -u ciiaius lo
point of commencemeut aud containing t*4u acres
more or less.
tn. Commending at a post planted on tbe right
bank of the Little Smut) nvei abuut nine muea
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. N.W.curner,"
thuuee suuth 80 chains, thence eaat 8o chains,
theuce north 80 chaius, thence west 80 chauis tu
puint of commencement and coutainiug »4u acres
more or less.
21. Commencing at a poet planted on tbe right
bank of the Little Smoky river about nine muea
from ite mouth aud marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
thence north 80 chains, tbeuce eat* 80 chains,
theuce aouth su chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing tMu acres
more or lesa.
Ui.. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the north fork ol uie Li t.e Smoky nver
about one mda from the forks and marked "AM.
L. S.W.corner," tbeuce east leu chaius, tbeuce
north 40 chains, theuce west ltjo cUains, thence
south *o chains to puiut of commencement and
containing 64U acres mure or lesa.
23. Commenolng at a poat planted on the right
bank of ths nurtu furk uf tbe Little Smoky nver
about ene mile from tbe forka *b-j market! 'A M-
L. S.K.comer,' theuce west ltWcuaiaa, theuce
north 40 ohains, Uience east ieo cnaius, uieuce
soutu 40 chains to pomt of coininenceineui and
containing 040 acres more or lesa.
Dated Dec. IWh, ltU7.
21. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bauk of tbe eaat lork uf tUe Little Smuky river
about one-half mile from tue furks and marked
A.M.L N. W.corner," tueuce auuili bo chains,
tbeuce east 30 chains, tueuce north 00 ohains,
tlience weat 80 chains tu pomt ut com uieuce ment
aud containing 840 acres more or leas
26 Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of tbe eaat furk uf the Little su:oky river
aliout one-half mile from the forks and marked
"A.M.L. S rt .corner," theuce uortti eu chains,
thence east fcU chains, tuence suuth fcu chams,
theuce weat Hu chains to puint of commencement
and containing ti*u acrea more ur less.
2&. Commencing at a poat plauted on the right
ban* of tbe east fork of tue Little Smoky river
abuut one anu one-half miles frum the furks and
marked "A M.L. N.W.corner," thence south &■
chains, thence east 80 chains, ihence north 80
chaius, thence west 80 chaina to point of commencement and coniaiuing 640 acres more or less.
'ir. Commencing at a poat planted on the right
hunk of the east fork of tbe Little Smoky nver
abuut unu and one-half miles from tht forks and
marked "A.M.l*. S.W.corner," thunce north tu
chains, thence east 8u ohains, thunce south 60
chains, thence weat 80 chaius to point of com*
meuueuiunt and containing 640 acres more or less.
28. Commencing at a poet planted on the right
bank of the east Turk of the Little Smokv river
about two and one-half miles from the forks and
marked "A.M.L, N.W.corner,"- tlience south 40
chains, theuce eaat 100 cliains, thence north 40
chains, theuce west 160 chains to point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or leas.
28. Commencing at a post planted on the right
hank of the easl furk uf the Little Smokv river
about two aud one-half miles from tbe forks and
marked "A.M.L, S.W. corner,' thence north 40
chains, thence east 160 chains, thence aouth 40
chains, thence west 160 chains to point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
[Hi Commencing al a posl plaut<U un tbe right
bank of the east fork of the Little Smokv river
aliout four and one-half miles from the furks aad
marked "A.M.L. N.W.corner," thence south lto
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence north 160
chains, thence west 40 chains to point of ccm-
munceuieiit and cuutaiuing 640 acros more or Isse.
31. Commencing att> post planted on the right
hank of the east fork of the Little smoky river
about four and one-half milea from tha foi k* and
marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner," Ibence north W
chains, thence east 80 chains, ihence aouth 80
chains, thence west 80 chains t« point of commencement and containing ttiu acres more or less.
82. Commencing at a post planted oo the right
hank of tha east fork of tbe Little Smoky river
about four and one-half miles frum the furka and
marked "A.M.L. N.K. Corner," Uience suutb 160
chains, thenes wast 40 chains, tbenee north 160
chaius, thence east 40 chains to point of commeucement and centaining ol" acrea more or leaa.
33. Commencing at a pott planted on the right
bank ol the Mil fork of tbo Little Smoky river
tiiHMit five and ont-balf milea from the forks and
marked "A.M.L. S.W. corner,' thence north 80
chains, thence aaat 80 chains, tbenee suuth go
chaina, thenoe west SO chaioa U> puint of commencement aod containing 6(0 acrea more or leas
34. Comnumriug at a poet pi<uit*d 011 tha right
bank uf the cast furk of Little Smuky river about
five and une-half tatlea from the furka and marked
''A.ML. N.W. corner," thence east tu chains,
thence south 80 chain 1, tbenoe west lo chaina,
thenco north 80 chaina to puint of commencement
and containing 6iu acres mure ur less.
86. Cummencing at a poat plauted on the right
bank of the easl fork of the Little Siookr river
aliout alt and one-half milea from the furka aod
marked "A.M.L. S.W. eurner," thence north HO
chains, thence east Wl chaina, theuce aouth HU
chains, thence west 80 olialns to point of commencement and containing e*u aores mure ur lest
36. Commencing at a p....: planUid un tht right
bank of the east fork of fhe utile Smoky nver
about alx aud one half miles from the forks aod
marktd "A.M.L. N.W.corner" thence ea*i 10
chalna, thence aouth Bu chaina, thence weat 60
chains, thence north so chalna to pomt of commencement and containing 640 acres more or less.
Dated Dec. 1Mb, 1M7.
87. Commencing at a Dost planted on tba right
chains, thenre aoutb 80 chaina, thence west M
chains, them-- north M0 chains to point of commencement aod contaioiug 64« acres more or less.
4U. Commencing at a post planleil on tbe right
bulk of ihu eaal fork of tht Little bmokv river
about eight and une-half uiilta from the furka and
marked "A ML S.W.corner," thence uurthtt
chains, tbenee east 80 chains, thenee south M
chains, thenc« west 80 ehains le point of commencement and containing 640 acres more or lesa,
41 Commencing at a post planted ou the right
hank of the east fork of the Little Smoky nver
about nine and one-half miles from tbe forks and
market! 'A.M.L. N.W.corner." thence east HO
chains, tbeuce south 8u chaius, tbenee west SO
chains, thence north 60 chains to point of torn*
mencenieui and containing mo acres more ur leaa.
42. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork uf the Little Smoky river
about nine and one-half milee from the forks and
marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner," thence north 00
chains, tbenee east 80 chains, ibence south HO
cbains, thence weat 90 chaina to point of commencement ant containing 640 acres more or less.
43. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of tbe east fork ef the Little Smoky river
about ten and one-half miles from the forka and
marked "A.M.L. N.W.corner," thence east BO
chains, thence south 60 chains, thenee west 80
chains, thence nurtb bv chaina to point of com-
meiuement and containing 64-j acres mora or lass.
44. Cummeuciug at a pusi plauted un the right
bank of the etui Turk of tha Little Smoky river
at'init ten and one-half miles from the forks and
marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner," thence north 80
chains, thence east bu chain-,, tbenco aouth 80
ehains. thence west 80 chains lu point of commencement and containing «Hu acrea taoi* or leaa.
Dated Dec. uuth, Wl,
ib. Commencing at a uoat planted on '.he right
hankof thu east fork of tbe Little Smoky river
abuut eleven and one-half milea from the forka
and marked 'A.M.L. S.W.corner," tbenco northe*
chains, thenee east 80 chains, tbenco south It
chains, tbenee weal su chains lo pomt of commencement and containing 640 acree mure or loan.
46. Commencing at a post plantod on the right
bank of the east fork of tho Lull* bmoky river
altoul eleven and one-half milea from the lorn
and marked - A.M L S.W.corner," tbonoe east 10
chains, tbenee south at) ehains, thence wtsi 80
chains, thenoe north 8u chains to puint of com*
mencement and containing 640 acres more or lesa.
47. 1 Vnu me ncing at a posl planted on the right
bank of the easl fork of the Little Smuky river
about twelve and ono-aalf miles from tbo furka
and marked "A.ML N.W.corner," thenoo oast 80
chains, Uience south 80 chains, tbenoe west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to puint of commencement and coutainiug mo acres mora or less.
48. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of u>e taat fork of the Little Smoky nvtr
aboul twelve ami one-half milee from the forks
aud marked "A.M.L B.W.corner.* tlience nurth
80 ciiaius, thenoe east bo chains, thenoe soulh SO
chaina. thence west bv chains tu point of commencement and containing alu acres mure or leas,
*m. ' ommenciug at a poat planted on the right
liank uf the eaal fork uf the LiUle Muoky river
about thirteen aud une-half miles fiom tbe forks
ami marked "A.M L- N.W.corner," tbeuce eaalsO
cliains, tbenee tk-uih tjj chains, Ihence west 80
chains, thence north ttu chaina to point of oom
im-ijc«*mem and coutam.u^ bio acres mure or less.
bo. Commencing at a post planted un the right
bauk of the east lork ut Ui« Little amok j nver
au.m tiiutv.-ii auu oue*h .If miles irum Uie folks
aod marked    'A-M.L.   a. *.curuur," tueuue uurth
cnain*. thence east *>u chains, thenue south 80
chains, lbeuce west 80 chams to i>oint uf com-
1 ut-nee 10cm and containing 6*0 acros mere or lesa.
61. Uuuiuiuuctug at a puat plauted uu tbe right
bauk of .he east fork ut tne Little Smuky .iver
about fourteen oniione-balf miles from tn« forka
and maiked A.M.L .\ W .coruer,'' thence eaat 88
cuaiii", ibence suuih 60 chains, thenco west IB
ciiaius, tueuce norm eu cliains lo pomt uf cum-
nif.i- eii.L-iu and tuutaining Hu acres mure or lose,
■■•-. Co ia roe u-ing at a post plauted un iho right* vt tlie east furk of me Little smoky nver
aOuut fourteen and one-h Uf miles frum the furks
ant k't-i - a.M L, S W.curuer.' thonce north
so ■ (i wi,-,. ibence oast tO chains, thenco south HO
cliains, th.uce west 0 chains to pumt of com*
to.-ii' .-iu.-ni aud co uta in nut 64u acres moro or loos,
.Dated De . 21*1, if> 7.
wed jan tv Locator,
MARY ANDERSON, Deceased, intestate.
Take uotice that by Order of His Honor P. B.
Wilson, L.J., made the loth day of February,
1808, I was apLointed administrator of the estate of said Mary Anderson, deceased, and all
partita haviug claims against the said estate
are hereby required to furnish same properly
verified to me on or before Ustday of March,
1808. Aod all parties indebted to said estate
are required to pay the amrnnt of their indebtedness to me forthwith-
Ollicial Aduuuigtrntor.
Dated tbe £tb day of February. 1801.   wt»l
Take notice that by Order of His Honor P. E.
Wilson, L.J., made tbe 'i^tb day of February,
IV* e. I was appuinwd administrator of tho
eMat* of said Thomas McNaugbt, deceased, and
all parties haviug claims against the aaid estate
are hereby roquirod tu furnish same properly
verified to me on or before tht 31»t day of
March. 1808. And all parties indebted to taid
estate are required to pay tba amount of their
indebtedness io me forthwith.
Official Administrator.
Dated the 25th day of February, 1808.      f26 It
Bevebjtoke Land District.
District of Weal Kooteuav.
Take notice that I. 4- Dougal of Nakuap
Captain, intend to apply for permission to pur*
chase tht following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted at the N. W.
corner of Lot No. 5414, running south 20 chains,
thence west 20 cbains, theoct north 20 chains,
tbeuce east 20chains toipoint of commenoementei
Dated Dec 19th, 1907.
jan 4 sat D. Dewar, Agent.
Kevelaiok. Lead Dlitrlcl.
lii.trict ul Weil KiKileij.f,
Take notice that I, C. A, Freeman, of Kailo,
B.C. occupation Miner, intend to apply for a
ipeclal licence over tbe following deeeribed
1. Commencing .t . poat planted on tbe
veil bank of Unu creek. > milea from ibe Lar-
-li-.ti and about 2 milea north sja.ts.Tlr
from tbe N. E. corner of Lot 839, ti. 1. ibence
weat 40 chain., tlience north IW cbalna.
eait 40 chain., thence louib IM chain, to tb.
point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a poet planted on Ib.
wet bank of Drift Creek, I milea from tb.
Lardeau Klver and about 2 milee uortb cterly
Irom the N K. corner ol Lot B89, U 1, thenoe
eaat 40 chain., th.nce north 160 chalna, tbenee
weat iOch.lui, thenoe aoutb IfO chain, to th.
point ol commencement.
g. Commencing Rt a pott planted on th.
weat bankol Unit Creek, Ut mile. Irom Lai-
dee. Klver and about Is milee norih eaaterlr
Irom tbe N K. oorn.r ol Lot as», u. l, th.nce
north 40 chain., tn.nce eut laoebalm, tj.uo.
aoutb 40 ffkulftg, w..t lto chain, to tb.
polnl of
4. Commencing al a poet planted on Ibe
wevt hank of Unit Creek, i'/i mile, from tb.
Lardeaa diver and aboul 1^ milea norlh east,
en, Irom Ih. H. K. cornar ot Lot la\li I,
Ihence .outh 40 .hum, thence eaat IW chain.- north 40 chain., tb.noe weal IW chain.
to lb. point ol commencement.
6. Commencing ai a poat planted on tho
w.-.t bauk of Drill Croek, 2 mile. Irom tb.
Lardc.u Klver and aboul 1 mil. u.rth eaaterlr
Irom tbe N. K, corner ol Lot Mo, u I. th.uce
w eat 40 chain., thence north IW chain., thenc
eaat 4u ctialue, Ibence aoutb IW chain, to tb.
polnl ol commencement.
Dated Dec. 2utb, loot.
wed Jan a C. A. t HUMAN,
bank ot tba aa.1 fork of the Little Hmokv rlxr
about Mvan anil un. hall milea from lb. lorka and
niarkad "A.M.L N.W.corner," th.nce eatl»
chalna, th.nce .outh *' chalna, th.nce watt au
chalua, Ibence north 9) chain. ." puint o( cm
luenceiaenl and containing M0 aero. mor. or lew.
38. Commencing at a poat planted on the right
liank of tin eut fork ot the Little Smokv rlv.r
about aevan and one half mUea from the lorka and
marked "A.ML. S.W.cumer, Ihence nortn ft)
chalna, thence eut 80 chalna, thence ..uthw
chaini, thenn. weat go cbalna to p rat o rot. and euniaining Ilu aci.. i».i ll leal
an. Commencing al a poit pl-nU*! ou thu right
liank nf tile eaat fork uf tb. Littl. sin.k. rlvn
about eight aud unaliall mile. Irom the lorka and
marked   "A.M.L.  .N.W.corner,''  thence eut
Bevelstoke Assessment District
TAKE NOTICE that I shall hold*
('unit iif lU'vihin.i and Appeal, under
the " A.seHsment Act," irapectirtir tho
Supplementary Aigegmuent Koll (or
1!«W, for the Rovelitok* Aaaeagrnent
District, on Wednesday, tbe 23lh day
uf March, lUU), at the hour of eleven
o'clock in tlm forenoon, at the Court
Uouhp, Hevel.t.ike.
Dated at Ke vel.uike, thii 3rd day of
March, 1U0S.
Judge of the Court of Keridon
and Appeal.
RercUtokc Aaaessuient District
of West Kootenay. THE MAlL-IlKRALD, REVELSTOKE, 15. 0.
Wash Goods
for Seasonable l"nar
Attractive showing of Muslins, Voiles,
Ginghams, etc., English Galateas in Stripe
Effects, English Ducks, in plain colors,
French Chambrays, in all tae newest colorings.
Embroideried Linens
Robes and Waists
The popularity of these semi-ready Robes
and Waists has induced us to buy largely.
New Laces
and Embroideries
This season we make the most extensive
display in all widths. Embroidery for Corset Cover at 30c. per yard.
Men's Spring Hats
Just to hand by express from one of the
largest eastern importers. These are the
latest in soft and hard hat styles.
New Styles for Spring
in Boots and Shoes
.Stylish showing in Women's and Men's
Footwear in Tans, Patent Kid, Dongola
Kid, etc., both in Boots and Oxfords.
Spring Millinery
Fashionable and Sylish
MISS MiKENNY, who has just returned from visiting Seattle and Portland
Millinery Opening, will he pleased to see all
her old customers.
.♦. ■♦. ■♦■ ^a «♦* »♦» ■♦a ■*«*» »*fra a*!*. «*fr. .T. ."fr.
111 *1■ ih ill vjrt»i tjytj^i ijrv ij,* 1^1 »^» ii1
Pure Drugs <*,
Careful Compounding ♦
Prompt Delivery        T
GO TO <$»
Canada Drug 6- Book Co. Ltd.
Revki.stokf, B. 0,
Jft     Mail Orders PromptlyJFilltd
.♦» A A A A A ■'*'■ itt il*i it11*1*1 ifri iTl
Ml Wl wt fir t^l tj.f v^i i^i tjp ij,' ij,i *jp >4*
NOBKIB— At Kevelstoke, on Wednesday. March 18th, Ctiarlee Stanley,
son of Mr. and Mrs. 0. P. Nome,
j.'i.l 3 months.
Die iuueml will inke place tomorrow, Thursday, at ci p.m., from the
family residence, 2nd Street east.
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, March lsrii, foi it
hours.—Fair, cloudy, modi-late wild..
Teinp . Max. 6ti degrte., jiln. 87 de
Local and General.
Keep in mind the basket social in
Selkirk Hall ou Thursday lUth, undui
the auspices Ladies' Aid ol Si Andrew's church.
Come and take n hand at the Him-
pitai Progressive Whist l'ouruaiuhut
in the City Hall, Tuesday, Maroh 24,
haudsume prizes
A t;raud wbitt tournament in aid of
the hospital, under the auspices of the
Ladies'.Hospital Guild, will be held in
the City Hall on Tuesday. March 24.
Admission o'J ceuts.
The uew bridge nver the Eagle river
ut Malakwa, now under course of
erection, is being by the
Provincial Government, K. \V. Bruhn
:e in charge of the work.
A sptcUi meeting of the 1.idles'
Hospital Guild will be held tomorrow
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in the Ci-y
Hall, to make final arrangements for
the whist party oo March 24th.
Fred Fraser and eon, -.iho art. en
route for Montreal and Ottawa, were
in the No. '.16 C. P. R. express which
was wrecked on .Sunday at. ICenora
they wire fortunately uninjured.
Gordon Hunter, Chief .Histicc of lhe
supreme Court of British Columbia,
has been gazetted administrator oi the
province during the absence ol the
Lieut.-Governor, Hon. J. Dunsmuir.
The regular Monday night entei-
taiim.'i.t at the Y.M.C.A. attracted ,.
large number uf men. tbe programme
being well selected. MrB. W. Bews
singing whs much appreciated by all.
liifurinatli.n is asked of Garnet
Guiding,     wini     left    Edmonton   for
Bevelstoke, August, 1W7. His mother, living in Toronto is anxious for
news of bin), He is 21 years "Id,
Mud/ hair  not very tall.
Two very cadaverous looking tramps
iookrd in at the window of a imiill
railroad station not a hundred mill's
Irom Kevelstoke, where a telegraph
operator Mt at his key. Sa\. mate,"
one of them said in a very husky
voice, "report a couple ol empties
goin east.
should make pancakes with
our specially prepared flour.
Then she need not feur any
comparison with those that
"mother used to make," In
fact the young housekeeper
should come hero (or till ficr
groceries. That will make
housekeeping easier and
save her irom many annoying .ind costly experiences.
Commence with n trial order
the staff of life. It is whole-
some, nutritious, appetizing.
Serve it on your titbit' nnd
see how il will be relished
und enjoyed. Many clever
home bakers now use our
bread in si end ot making
theii own. They have now
found that our baking is us
good us theirs and that they
snve both money and labor
by hn ving here.
Heavy slidp. easl ol Rogers I'ass
have been interfurri n with the C.l'.U.
trsstlio this week
Answer, are pouring into lho secretary of the Rev, Istoke thicket Club
Limerick competition.
The following bint mny be of use •..
business men:—"Bananaskins ind ho
i-liul sidewalks niiike excellent, material for slippers,"
Iu the Order ol Owls entertainment
announcement la.t week, MoLennun
should have read .1. McKenzie as play-
11 g the bagpipes.
A meeting of the RevelBtoke curling
lub will be  held   ill the city hall this
I'vt'iiiiig-at  8 o'clock, lor  the purpose
of discussing the advisability of erect-
i ig a new curling rink.
One edition of lho Toronto Globe
I ikon 02,000 lbs. of paper, that is about
38 cords of wood which it would take
years lor OJ aores to produce. The
*jiirce uf supply for paper iB beginning
to exercise people's minds very seriously.
A fatal accident occurred tecontly,
■ wing to ieo oovered sidewalks. A
lady slipped on the snow! Any of the
.tores in the city will, ou receipt, uf 60
i-ents, give you an opportunity of
informing the public as to lhe seipicl ol
this accident.
The following was overheard recently : As a railroad train was stopping,
nn old lady, not accustomed to travel
ling, hailed the passing conductor and
asked, "Conductor, what door shull 1
get out hy?" "Either door, ma'am,"
graciously answered the conductor
"the car stops al both ends."
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Norris nre
mourning the end death of their infant son Charles Stanley, which
occurred early this morning Irom
spinal meningitis. Tbe funeral will
take place tomorrow (Thursday) at 3
p.m. The Rev. T. W. Hall will officiate. The .Mail-Hkuai.ii extends
messages of condolence.
Among the items in the supple
meutary estimates presented to the
Dominion Parliament on Monday arc:
Immigration, $125,603; to repair damage by ice on the Revelstoke Columbia river dam, $10,000; for gasoline
launches in B. C, $11,700; Japanese
losses at Vancouver during riots,
Social and Personal
INSURANCE: -Fire,   Life and
K I N C A 11)    t*.    A N D E R S O N
bF I R S T   S T R E E T .*
i.  ■      i   ■ £
For Strained Muscles
JThe tnotl affective linlmont on
I ho n.Hrkut
35c. and 60c,Por Bottle
I   Druggist & Stationer
L. M. Hagar, secretary-manager of
the Fruit A Produce Exchange of B.C
reports that he has arranged to ship
60 cars of B. C. apples to Australia
and 75 cars to the United State1-, a-
soon as the fruit can be supplied
' Here s to   Mftvoumeen  and  Krin-gu
The Dutch   make   the   beer but I uphold the law.
The Germans nre all right, in war and
iu peace,
But b'gorry. it takes thu Irish to make
good police.'
By the way, the spell "I the unlucky numlier thirteen Kami to have
pursued the Natal Act. It came into
operation at Vancouver on Feb. 18th
nnd was declared ultra vires by Mr
Justice Morrison "ii March I3tb, and
to make the ancient superstition com
plete  the latter date fell on a Friday.
k. Tapping, the   local   agent for the
iikanagan   Nursery   Co   at IViiticiuii.
has    planted   out   in   Ins garden four
I Sample   apple   trees   from   these well
known   B.C. nurseries      These tree.
| are it<-d Astracban, Ducbestol Olden-
I imrg, Wealthy and  Yellow Transparent, ami are two years old.    The stock
i is   Sturdy, clean   and well -iliaped and
I should grow to valuable bearing trees
At. a   meeting  ol  tho    Bevelstoke
I branch ol the B. 0, Fruit Growers'
Association ou Thursday it wan decided to make tbe annual tubsorip-
tion to the association $2 A meeting
will he held on the lirst Thursday in
April (2nd) at which tlm best ways
and means will be considered of
forming an agricultural and holt.i
cultural exhibit for Revelstoke at the
Dominion Fair at, Cnlgnry ill  July.
The li 0i governrrient will bring
into force at the next session of the
legislature the following amendmenl
to the " Highway Traffic. Regulation
Act." ".Section 8 is repealed and the.
following substituted:—it shull be unlawful for any waggon or vehicle,
carrying n load of more than '2,000
pounds to be drawn or driven on any
public highway, unless the tiies of
such waggon or Volllole shall Is: nt
least four inches in width.,, Heclion
10 shall read!—"It shnll be unlawful
for nny person or persons to drug logs
or timber over or along any public
W Fleming Ins taken over the
. livery business which has been under
I the management of r-im A Armitt for
i tbe past winter
He P':ngled Dp.      Can you tell me
I what sirt of weather we  may   expect
j next month ' " wrote a    subscriber   to
i the editor of a paper, and    the   editor
replied   as   follows.     "It is my belie!
that tbe weather nest month  will  !«■
very much    like   your   subscription. '
The inquirer wondered   [or   an    hour
what the editor was driving   at,   when
; he happened   to    think   of   tlie   w nl
"unsettled       He sent in tbe required
amouul next dBy.
Ilii- Following sums bave been allot-
ted   foi   different   exhibit*   as   prize
money  in tbe  Dominion Fair at Calgary in July        Horses, $'.K)IK), cattle
§6000    -beep,   |4166    swine   *Hhki
, poultry 11066; dairy, |416; doge,$714
1 line   arts,   etc , $H7t'i.  natural history,
$173; district   exhibits ol agriculture
I products, $3098,     Mr Willie, propria-
I tor of the Lyric theatre ha. decided to
I I  iil.l a new theatre here.    It will las a
vaudeville house with aooommodatlon
! for .'ilsi people
')ui fruit tree man, It lapping bad
i consignment ol iruit trees shipped
ai Penticton bv the Okanagan War-
wry Oo. on Saturday, Marob 11, and
planted them in his garden in Kev
stoke   on    the    morning  of    Monday,
March l'i    Why should you patronize
foreign nurseries, when you ian buy
such ..en.Oil.ii fruit Irs'iis its these
cheap and fresh, home grown. Maniples of the Okanagan Nursery Oo I
stock can be seen growing in ths gai
den of  It. Tapping, sales man.izer     3|
The  attention   of   the   Revelstoke
public is directed to the fact that a
grand whist, tournament, anil social
will be held in aid of the Widows and
Orphan's fund, in the old Post, Office
Hall on Wednesday, March 86th,
under the auspices of Crystal Temple
No 8, Pythian Histcrs, and Gold
Range Lodge No. '26, Knights of
Pythias Kverything has been done
to assure a good time, cards, music,
refreshments and dancing. Prizes
will lie awarded to the winners in the
t<o111,o :h(-ii t Tickets 50 cents, can be
obtained at nil the drug stores, and
Irom any of tlie members of the
Knights of Pythias.
R Cnley lins left mi n business trip
to the coast..
E. A Bradley haa returned from a
trip to New York.
Mrs. J. A. Agnew bus returned from
a visit to Calgary.
Mayor Lindmark has returned from
a visit to Salmon Arm.
H. Keays left this morning on a
business trip to Calgnry.
Poat muster McKne u expected hsck
from Ottawa tomorrow night.
Miss Hobhs has been laid np for the
pn«t week with n severe colk.
P. Leosch returned mi Monday
night from a visit to the Bowman
I.limber Company's mills in the south
We are glud tu see that P. Madden,
if the Molson's Bank start', who bus
b eu laid up with injuries sustained
while skiing this winter, is up and
aboul again.
Mr. McEachern, accompanied l.y
his son Neil, left on Monday night for
Vancouver Island wbere they will
cruise aliout 20 miles of timber for
Nelson purchasers.
The linal meeting of tlie Bridge
Club for this season was held at the
home of Mrs. F, B. Lewis on Friday
evening last. A most enjoyable time
was spent. The prizes foi the season's
score were won by Mrs G. S McCarter,
Miss   Betty   McLennan, A. Y. Ander-
I son and H T. J affray; and for the
evening by Mrs B.   A. Lawsou and H.
IT. Jatfiay. At twelve o'clock the
guests   numbering   24   sat down to a
[dainty supper. After speeches and
totsta the club adjourned to meet
again early next fall.
The Junior Basket Ball team leaves
for the Coast to-night to  play   in   the
li C ebampionabipseries, They lake
this opportunity ol thanking tbe
association, members and friends who
bave donated to make this trip possible. I be team is in go<*l shape ami
by appearance! at present should
make a strong bid for the championship.
To-night at 9 p m tbe C.P.R. Rusd
team will meet the Bbemrooki in the
challenge series—the game will
oil  ill IC and should   lie a fast one,
I      graded work on Thursday night
ril     I»    in    charge   of   the    Leaders
Corps,  owing to   Director   Alldrltb
going to the Coast with the basket
hall team All the men who are
taking part in tin: exhibition should
make it a point to lie. present as a good
practice is wanted.
Tbe v. M. 0, A. physlosl committee
are getting busy for the summer
no rts and plant are under way which
will a good season's recreation
possible All members wishing to
play football, baseball lacrosse or any
branob o( track work should see the
Physical Director and get. lined up
with whatever group be wishes to play
Junior work will alto be put ou in
all brandies.
100,000,000 Ties Yearly
Iu tbe construction f new tuck and
for renewals, the s'cnni and streit
railroads used, in 1006, over U>0,0ll0.
000 cross lies. The average price paid
wns forty-eight cents per tie. Appmx
imately three fuurl lis of the ties were
hewed and one-fourth sawed.
Ouk, the chief wood iiBed for ties,
furnishes more than furty-four pi r
Cent., nearly one-halt of the who e
number, while the Southern pine-,
which rank second, contribute aliout
on-esixth. Douglas fir and cedar, tho
the next two, with approxinintely
equal quantities, supply less than ono-
fifteenth apiece. Chestnut, cypress,
western pine, tamarack, hemlock aud
redwood are nil of importance, but no
one of them furnishes more than a
Hiilall proportion.
link and Southern pine stand highest in both total and average value;
the average value of each ia fifty sine
cents. Chestnut ranks next, followed
hy cedar. Hemlock, at twenty-eight
cents, is the cheapest tie reported.
More I linn three fourths of all ties
arc hewed; and witli every wood from
which ties nre made, i vcept Douglas
fir and Western pine, lhe number ot
hewed lies ia greater than tho number
sawed. About ten times as many
Douglas lirties arc flaw J is arc hewed.
Of the oak ties a little over one-Bixih
and ot the Soul hern pino ties less than
one-third are sawed. In contrast to
the Southern pines iB tbe Western
pine, ot which more than one-half the
ties are sawed. Iu general, when lumber bus a relative low value the proportion ot sawed ties increases, because
the market tor ties is always active,
while that tor lumber is frequently
sluggish. All Western species are
affected hy this condition, lor stump-
age is abundant and its value relatively low
Ten per cent, of the tics purchased
were treated with preservatives either
before they were purchased or ut the
treating plant ol the railroad company.
At hast ten railroad companies are
operating their own plants (or the
preservation of their construction
Canadian Bank Expansion
A Montreal despatch says i Tbe
statement is made thnt within a few
months the Bank of Montreal will
open in all tho American centres
where an exchange business con he
worked up.
Boston and N'.'W Orleans are spoken
of as prospective points »a a starter,
and mere than likely other points will
have a branch.
A9 for Europe, the idea prevails
that a branch of the big bank will
very soon be opened in Paris, France,
where another Quebec bank has al-
iindy established a branch.
Electrocuted in His Home
SEATTLE, March 17.—Iu the simple
act of turning on the electric light in
his own home, William Abranis, thirty-
four years old, was electrocuted at 10
o'clock. A charge Irom a street lighting wire carrying 2000 volts passed
through his body, killing him instantly before the eyes of his wife. During
a storm a wire carrying 2000 volts
became crossed with the circuit lead
ing into Abranis' house.
:r. j,:"..«^>-n'.. '.'.-..,":.'. .'J.
cortT W-LTHE
/fA^OuXr*.. /'
(Qpv.icHT"'  SiM'-ir*. rinnwd co
Doivr er- a flRswHorpmTMr.  No. 4n
Fire Alarms.
Box 1—Near Pnliice Meat Market
" 3—Near   E. A. Bradley's  and N
T.   Edwarda'   residence,  2nd
street, west.
" 4—B.  A.   Lawson's corner, oppo
Cowan Block.
" —Call from Fire Hall No. 2.
Box 2—Alarm nt No. 2 F'iro Hall.
" 5—Mrs. Little's residence 2nd at E
" fi—Opposite  the   Roman Catholic
Church, McKenzie ave. W side
" 7—At Canada Drug corner.
" 8—Opposite   Custom   House and
Opera  House, and  call from
" 'J—Kevelstoke Club corner.
When yuu want your prescriptions
filled .villi the purest ot drugs, bring
them to 0. R Macilonnld'e, where they
have a huge supply.
Revelstoke Clgare Union Made Our
Speolal, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead ot all othors.
Agent  Wanted.
Wanted »t. once—an Agent to represent the North American Accident
Insurance Company iu Kevelstoke
nod immediate  vicinity,     Excellent
opportunity lor live   man.      Apply   to
Head Office lor Western Oanada,
Mclntyre Block, Winnipeg, Man.
Kippered herrings I2|o. per lb.,
boneless Oodfllb in I and 2ih. packages, kinds of canned
i.(-.ii on shyw at C. B, Hume A Co's,
Two acresiif land Just outside Oity
limits wilh 'i roomed house.oity water,
laiisl   nil   denied and  iimslly well fei■•
llnlf nn Hire in ft llll trees,
(linden planted with miiiiiII fruits in
goisl bearlngl onion crop Hint will
bring (ISO to $800toon as tnofl Is off.
Bent $9H per month or purchase price
Terms can bo armnged.
Wo have a splendid lot of Bain Csals In many styles as well an many
prices. They come in pretty cloths and made in different lengths, and
the prices w ill suit all pulses ns they sell from $11.50 up.
Wo have them for men. too, in Oxford Urey, dressy enough for a
light' overcoat and just what you will want in a wet day to make you feel
thoroughly comfortable.
Remember how much tho lit of your dress depends on a good fitting
('orset. We have corsets to fit all figures at prices to fit all purses from
the little Girdle Corset at 45 cents to tlie long hip, straight front silk
corset, nt $!I.iV).
We also carry the Health-Waist in all .-sizes for women and children
and the •' Nazareth " Waist for children.
Have you seen our Summer Muslins, Luces und Embroideries P They
are worth looking at.
SLALLli lEMJKHS ttildro-i-.-d Lo Uio uuder-
*ik'iiod, and emlnr oil "TomJer for heattnt*
Yost Office, VfiiieouYor, B.C," will he receive*!
ut ihi--uiHco mail Saturday, April 25.1908, in-
chiirively. for the con?tructi'*u of a heating system for tli-* I'nblii' Uuildiih,' al Vancouver, li C.
I'lau*] aud specittcatiuns cmi be seen and
forrai of tomlor nbtaiued on application at this
Dupartuieut, from Mr. W. Ueuder^on, Hkpnriu*
tending architect, Victoria, B. <:., and from Mr.
Charles Tossell, Clerk of Works, Vancouver,
Person** tomloriuji are7|1(|tillod that tenders
will n°t be considered unless made on the
printed form supplied, and sigued with their
actual signature-
Each tender must be accompanied by au
accupted che<|UO ou a chartered bank, mado
payable to the order of tbo Honourable the
M in inter of Public Works, equal to ten per
cent ■iTipr.i of tie aovunt of tbe tender,
which will bo forfeited If the person tendering
dediue to outer luto a contract when culled
upon to do so, or if he fail tn complete the
work contracted for. If the tender be not
accepted the choque will be rethrued
The Dew rtmeot  does  not bind itself to ac-
oept the lowest or any tender.
By Order.
Departmeut of Public Works,
Ottawa. March l'i, 190«.
Newspapers will not bo paid for this advertisement if tbey Insert it without authority
from tho Depart moot. mch 18
Kevolstoko Und Dlatrict,
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice Unit I, Outlaid Dewar of \rrouheail,
occupation Oritieor. Intend to apply for pcriutNsion
tn purohaea the roUnwliiK described hind*
('mniiit'iieiiij* at tin' souttpweat oorner of 1<"I
Mil,   Qroup   I.  In  said  district, theflOO   west 20
ohaina, t hfiK'u north "0 chains, thonce went to
chains, theuce smith iO chains, tlience east iO
chains, thonce north iJJ oiialns (a point ol cum
Dated .Inu. Ifitlle IIHiK.
wed jan 10 D014AM) DKWAlt.
Kevelstoke band District.
District of West Kootenav.
Tuko notice that GO days after date 1 iutend
to apply tn the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permissiou to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing uf a nost planted nt the northeast cornar of Dot 7Wi'. (1. I. on Fish River,
thouce east 8 chains mora or loss to west Hue
of A A. MncKinuuu's pra*omptiou, thence
*>oiitli 80 obnins, thenco west ft ehains more or
less to oast Mao of bot 780ft, O, J, thenjo uorth
iKIeliHius to point of commencement.
Located this Brd day of Feb. 1W8.
sat feb 8 TROS. W   WILLIAMS, Locator
TAKK NOTICE tbat lhe share-
bolder* of the above named Company
have by spoclal lefioliithm resolved to
change the name of the Company to
" Kevelstoke Agricultural Society,
l.liniliMl," nnd intend lo apply, to the
Lieutenant-Governor In-Oouboll for an
i iriier ohanglng the mime accordingly.
D.ils'il 11 th.(miliary, IIKIS.
ATTENTION - Men nnd Women
wanted to learn barber trade,
Free, Colleges in all lending American cil ies. Beware of Initiators— Moler
Bather College, 2D6 Curtail St., Van-
ciiiiver, H. 0.
FOR RENT—Seven.l oom  furnished
house, cenl rally located.     II. N.
I7IOR 8ALE-Bed, s-iiring. niatlrena
" ami Dressing mind, ijfcjrs. One
carpet 11x12 feet, $1(1. Apply at lllll
1JIOR8ALB CIIK A I'-Four gasoline
? lamps, m, NX). 7IK) nnd (TOO candle
iiower, all in good working onlei; will
light  10(1 feet  building   each.    The
reason for selling in lhe eleelrii' li^lil
in all my liuildings. Apply to Chief
Yiiting, Comaplix, B. C.
ATERNITY Onscs takiui   nt   iny
,. ,.    home or  otherwise.      for   particulars apply Mrs.  A.  E.   Bennison
Second St.. West, or P. 0, Box 'ill.
feb, 12. lin 	
Apply to Coi.umiiia An km: ii..s,
Limitkii, Revclstokt*. 7 11-11
fell K.Im
A. Y. Aniihrhiin,
Rt.veUt.oke, B. 0i
dcnpalr. " Don't do a
thins " till joii see clearly
v. Im! s boat by aid of
"llasblightson Human Nature"
nn I., nil li. sllHoaac, lovt, marriage and pat-i'iitace
THI. what you'd naW a ilmlor. Diit don't like to
iui pages, Urattfateo, ■ oentsi but to Introduce
it ■" -nn.I .ni'' only to any ailtilt lor  iioataKS,
in luntfl,
tat BfMt lt«h llmt,       NSW vona,
WANTED KNOWN-You can gel,
one of the liesi, snnps to bu had
In City house property from us. Two
houses and 100 ft. fronlugu to 2nd St.
all for $2,500 of which only $1000 cash
is required 'ind balance can remain on
miirt gngi*. -Apply at once to Columbia
Agencies, Liiniled,
WANTED-By family three ailiills,
furnished  bouse  for  Dimmer,
from 1st, April.   Answer P. O. Box 207
Rent a Ih. l-class furnished house
for a month, Coi.iimiiia AoRNciRe,
TOO RENT-Kive Rooms, null able for
1 living rooms, nver Knight A De-
vine's tailor shop. Apply lo Knight
A Devine.
WANTED -A First Class White
Cook for Hmviiiill Boil ding
Hi'iise, lOOiueti. Wages no olilect to
I he i|ght man. Apply Box 017, Ar.
i- iwlii-ad, B. C,


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