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The Mail Herald Jul 14, 1909

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Jury in C. P. R. Train Wreck
Renders an Impartial Verdict
-Cause of Wreck Remains
An Enigma.
" We the undersigned jury empanelled to enquire into the cause of
death ol Allun A. Dewnr and James
Beattie, find tlmt they came to tlieir
dentil liy the train leaving the track
at n point about a mile and n quarter
east ol Griffith Siding, through a
cause unknown to us. We lind no
evidoi co which would lead us to believe that the tiain was travelling at
an excessive speed, nor do we find that
tbe snid train was not under complete
control. We also lind that the train
wail equipped with a Buffloleot crew,
and eaid crew were giving proper attention to their duties, and the safety
appliances were in good working
The above was the verdict rendered
in the train wreck ciibo by n jury consisting of Messrs. J. P, McLennan
(foreman), W A. Sturdy, 11. .1. Bews,
XV. I'ugli, A. I). MoOlenegban, J, G
The hearing began on Monday afternoon and was finished yesterday
morning, o S. McCarter appeared in
the interests ol the railway company
and Mr. Gillan appeared for the friends
of the deceased engineer and fireman.
The testimony wai somewhat con-
llicting, While the theoretical evidence of Ibe C.l'.K. ollicials seemed to
show thnt the train was thrown from
the track I.y travelling at excessive
speed, the preponderance ol evidence
union the train crew was positive
that they were not travelling more
I Imii '25 miles au hour.
Conductor MacDougall stated that
he bud crossed No. U7 at Griffith siding at wbicli time he was running
nearly three hours late. It wns about
n mile and a half from Griffith siding
to tbe Bcene of tbe accident. They
were running at that about 25 miles
an hour. He wns sitting in the
cupola of the caboose when tbe train
came to the curve. It stopped with a
sudden shock that threw him up
agniust the window sill. He could
not see more than two cars ahead ot
him as tne curve bid the rest of the
train Irom view. He got out, and
running forward met the rear brake-
man and told him to flag the rails to
protect tbe track. He saw eight or
nine cars turned over the bank, and
four or live porters crawling through
the windows ol one ol ihem. Tha
engine was turned over down the bauk
and he saw the sti nm bluwiug out of
it. He ran on towards Six-Mile creek
to call for relief, and looking at his
watcli after going half a mile saw that
it wus 11:10. He met some section
men and brought tbem back to assist,
and when they arrived they found Ihe
otbers had drawn the bodies of the
engineer and tireman away from tbe
engine and they were lying unconscious hy oue of tbe cars. Nine cars
nnd the eugine were overturned and
the Irniit trucks ol the tenth car were
off the track.
J. P. Forde, divisional engineer, said
he hnd seen the wrick about two
hours after the accident occurred, and
bad miiile a thorough examination of
the track. He found no indications of
trouble wbere tbe engine bad left it.
From appearances Ibe cars hsd been
pulled off by tbe weight of tbe engine
hefore them. In his opinion the cause
ol the wreck was that the train was
running so fast that she refused to
take the curve. He believed it posii-
| ble for a train to round the curve with
'safety at a epefd of 30 or 86 miles an
hour, though tbe schedule only called
for lit} miles an hour at that point.
At the spot where the engine went
over tbe bank the ends of the ties
were badly smashed, but there were
no wheels marks on the rail aud none
on the ties lictween the two rails. If
the engine were travelling at such a
rate that ber weight would tend to
keep her still going in a straight
direction, she would probably have
careened with the impsct against the
curve and down OR at an angle.
Befides speed, ddective equipment
might have cam-id the accident, but
everything was so badly broken up it
was impossible to tell whether the
equipment was defective or not.
.1 A. Bird, looomotlvt foreman, snid
be had arrivail nt the scene of tbe
accident about 4 o'clock in the alter-
uoon. The engine was Iviug about
ten leet down tbe bank. It was on
its right side and the light wheels
were buried in tbe eaitb so thnt it was
impossible to see whether there was
anything wrong with them or not.
He did not think it possible tbat a
flange could be broken as the wheels
were of steel, nnd in his experience ol
27 years with engines he had not
known more than one instance in
which a lUnge bud ever broken on a
steel wheel. The engine bad been
carelullv examined lielore leaving tbe
shops and was in first class condition.
He considered the deceased Dewar a
csrelul and ci nifetent young msn,
and one not likely to run at an ex-
cissivr spied.
XV. B McKenzie, engineer ol the
first sictiou ol No t'7, which bud
en ssed tbe second section ol No. (> at
Orithih siding, said be had passed the
point where the wreck occurred ft few
minutes belore, and at thnt time the
the track so lar on he could see wns
all right He did not think it would
Ik- possible to get up a i|ie(.<d ol 40 01
H miles au hour between Griffith
siding and the mn ul the accident,
Ferguson, one of the  brakemeu   on
| the wrecked train said that ihey were
1 running about 25 miles an hour when
1 the   accident   occurred.    They    were
running a little luster  than  schedule
time, but did not think the train   was
going too last, as he was   engaged    in
putting down the retainers when   tbe
shock   cnnie, and   the  oar  he was In
rolled  over   and  gradually settled on
I her side
Oliver Jones, Iront brakeman, did
not think tbey could hnve been going
more thnn 25 miles an hour. He had
been letting down aome nl the retainers and Ihe brakes hnd been applied
on tbo way down, Ilo hnd pii.'lied
forward nnd been rolled over two or
three times when tlm cur lelt the
track unit had got out through the
window, A loose lire on tbe engine
wheel might, hnve caused it to leave
the truck, but he gave it uu his opinion
tbat tbe cause must have been in
something wrong with the track. It
was hoi at the time und Ihere might
hnve been a sun kink.
Norman, a colored porler who had
been in the wreck, said lie i In night the
train was going about 15 miles an
hour when the uccident occ md He
was looking out ol the window and
noticed the speed at which they
snapped over a bridge shortly belore.
He would not be very positive about
anything as it was Ins first trip over
tbe line.
W. M l.ile, another colored porter,
suid he bad not been taking much
notice of the speed, hut from the way
(he train was swinging just bef re the
wreck be thought it might havo been
going 41) or -15 miles an hour.
" Was there any particular thing
that struck you that day ?" nsked n
"Yes, the wreck struck ine," replied
the witness gravely,
Tbe coroner said the evidence i bowed
I hut the train hull been IH, hut nny
how not luster thnn 10 iniiiules trnvel-
ing from Rogers' I'nss to Beat Creek.
The first seet ion of No. (i hnd gone
over the same route iu 17 minutes, so
tbat the time was not iiiiiisiihI On
the whole the evidence showed lhat
between Rogers I'ass antl the point ol
accident tbey were il anything n little
longer tban the time allowed them,
though tbey must take intu consideration two stops, lt was unfortunate
in the evidence uf the porters that tbe
two men called had very little experience, while the other porters who
were experienced men were not
Mr. McCarter explained that they
had wished to call all tbe porters and
bad summonsed them, but the rest
had gone east and these were the only
men lelt. The jury, alter an ab8t_.'ico
of about half-ttu-boiir, brought in the
verdict as above.
I Big Day at Vernon--Largest Parade Ever
Seen in Interior
A special train which lelt here at 0
unlock on Monday morning took many
Revelstoke citizens down into the
Okanagan valley to join in the hig
Orange celebration at Vernon. A
train load   also   went from Kamloops,
and up ttinn Okanagan Landing oame
another tralnload  gathered from the
i towns and settlements along the lake,
As had been promised, tbe parade was
the largest ever seen ill lhe Interior of
British Oolumbia. Tbey stalled trom
the Vernon skating rink at 12:80 and
m.ilillt<l in double lilt- lo the cily park
where a number of speeches were delivered, and the programme of sports
for the afternoon was held.
Fifteen lodges were repiessenlid iu
the parade, and seven hands tooted
out the music. So many men in
Orange regalia with banners Boating
over them and drums booming and
bunds playing, made a spirit stirring
scene. Ii was the biggest parade out
land mil, and the largest crowd ever
] seen iii Vernon, The Revelatoke band
was among those that helped to swell
1 the volume of loyal sound.
in the programme ol sports llevelstnke as usual succeeded in holding its
own. In Ibe lacrosse match with
Vernon they oame out winners by I to
2. It Waa a good clean sporty game
with no broken bones, antl Referee
Wolfendeu of A mist long bad very
little tn ilo, the only man penalised
heing Green Of Vernon who was ruled
oil for   a   while   for rough play.    The
game was very even In tbe first half.
The first quarter ended l-l, the second
ipiartei- 2-2; but in the second half
llevelsloke did all the scoring by Its
lonely self and the game wound up
llevelsloke I, Vernon 2.
The   Revelsluke   men also did their
duty in the programme of Bremen's
Hports.    The team from No. I hall wan
down, and while ihey were defeated
by Vernon in the huh-and-hub race,
tbey turned the tables by winning Ihe
wet lest race.
The bicycle lace for the championship of the interior was won by Uiuis
Gould of   this   city,  who   proudly
brought  tl up  baok   with him tr
ttevelsloke, while l.oughecd, another
of the local athletes was second.
There was a shower in the morning,
just sufficient lo lay the dual, and lhe
weather wm cool and pleasant, making the day an ideal one for the sports
and parade, The Revelstoke contingent arrived back aboot I o'clock
yesterday morning, tired, bul flushed
with victory.
A big celebration by ooast Orange*
uieii  was   held lhe   same day iu New
Westminster, and that also was large
uud successful,
Third Man Sent Up in Orsetti
Stabbing Affray-Admits He
Was With Sheldo On Night of
the Disturbance
Vint-ci)/.!) Romeo will join Frank
Sheldo in uniting for trial till Ihe Full
Assizes on the charge of attempting
to murder Fred Qrsottl on the Huh of
June, This Romeo, who does not appear to have any Juliet, was ci Humified
for trial by .Magistrate Foster this
morning.   It would appear from the
evidence as if,   like   the  scion  of  the
ancient house of Montague, In-bad got
into I rouble with an opposing faction
and they hnd tried In settle matters ill
the lime-honored fashion of Italy on
the street.
Fred Orsottl swore that Romeo was
the man who held bim while Sheldo
cut his throat, and that, previous t<
that Romeo had grabbed him by the
neck and made a slash ul, him witli a
ra/.or, but. he had dodged it.
Mike Julian swore thai he had seen
Itomeo among the crowd thai attacked
Chief of Police Hum said lie hnd
bioiighi Romeo back from Calgary
nnd he hud afterwards admitted thai
be was with .Sheldo on the night of
the lulling and run away fearing that
he v oiild be arrested.
Mi   Gillan, who appeared for Itoi ,
resell nl his defence, I hough Romeo
slated I bat he ninl Oiselti hnd always
been fi lends and there wus. no reason
why he should eut his throat.
\V. I. Briggs appeared for the prosecution. This is the third person lo I e
sent up for trial iu connection with
this case, Jou Falzetti having been
liberated on $1,000 bail.
Double Funeral yesterday was an Impressive
The funeral of Albin A. Dewar, and
James Beattie, tbe two young men
killed in tbe wreck near Griffith siding
on July Oth, took place yesterday
afternoon from Selkirk Hall. Tbe
service in tne hall conducted by Rev,
W. C. Calder, assisled by Rev. T. W.
Hall, was u most impressive ono, The
two collins strewn with llowers were
placed lengthwise to the platform, a
table covered with wreaths between
them, and were in themselves un awe-
inepiring sight; for it is happily seldom in RevelBtoke that two arc borne
to tbe grave iu the same hour and
from the same place. The ball was
thronged with sympathisers, and the
Oddfellows aud members of the
Brotherhoods ol Locomotive Firemen
and F.ngineers were present iu large
numbers iu luneral attire.
Rev. Mr. Calder spoke toiicbingly ol
the solemn lesson imparted by tin
sudden blotting out ol two young
lives. He said that for five or Bix
years past most of those who had thus
been taken away were members ol his
own congregation, which was largely
composed ol railway men. One of the
deceased was a native of bis own province as well as an adherent of hie
church, and the other was born in the
land ot bis forefathers. He spoke of
tbeir sympathy for the young widow,
whom he had seen grow up (rom girlhood niinuig them. Less than two
years ago he had performed the cere
mony that hud made her the wife of
one of the men nuw lying cold in
death before them. Their hearts
would all go out to her in her alllic-
tion, antl it should leach everyone so
to live that whenever the call should
come tbey would be ready to answer it
Prayer was offered by the Kev. Mr
Hall, and tbe congregation joined in
singing "Nearer my God to Tbee."
Tbe procession was then formed witb
the Oddfellows and Trainmen leading,
and tbe two hearses and about twelve
other vehicles, loaded with friends ol
the deceased lollowing. At the cemetery the double interment took place
with tbe solemn and beautiful rites
ol   tbe   Order  of   Oddlellows and the
Brotherhood ol Engineers and Fire
men. The pallbearers lor Dewar were
chosen Irom the Oddfellows and the
Engineers,and the Firemen performed
the same duty lor Beattie,
Albin Dewar'l age was 27 years and
H months, and .lames Heattie wbb 25
Thoir sudden call in the prime ol
youth has stirred deep Bympathy, not
alone lor the widow and child who
■Urflve Dewar in this place, but also
for the relatives of Heattie over the
Mosi|uiio powders and   mosquito
lotions al IJnws drug store,
25 Per (ent
On Silver plated ware,
Fancy China, including
4S piece China Tea Sets,
some very line pieces ol Limoges China, a nice assortment
of Wedgewood ware, also Jardinieres, Flower Vases, colored and plain glassware, some good designs in Cut Glass,
etc. All goods are marked in plain figures anil there is no
deception about this sale.
We are also offering the balance of our Refrigerators
at low prices in order to make room for other goods. This
is a good chance to obtain one Just as the hot weather is
coming on.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Mr Swell Dressei
* •'r • f O ** tfevtt u /r   —
A Clean-up in Shirts
Broken Lines no range
complete sizes 14 1-2 to
17, were $1.25 to $2.25
NOW  81.OO
Fit Reform Clothing
usTiiuxsiiF.n imi
B. B. WALKER, President | Paid-Up Capital, $10,000,000
AUOJJtDKE LAIBD,General Manager    Reserve Fund,   -     6,000,000
Tba new Travellers' Cheques recently issued by this Bank arc a most t
mf iv wbicb to carry money when travelling.   They are issued in deooouaalMM %w\%
$10,  $20,  $50,  $100 and $200
and tba exact amour- payable " Austria, Belgium, Hcnmark,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweded
aad Switzerland in staled on the fare of each cheque, while in other co_aa__ri_M
t__My mm payable at current rate.v
Tbe cheques and all information regarding them may be obtained at every mtkom
at the Bank. BU
We Admire Every Woman
who Insists mi having her
choice of our selected Bt-ef,
Lamb, I'nrk and high-
grade Hams. She's after
tin- lirst and we're pre-
pared to K've it U) her.
Fine Meat Market
eaten to particular buyers
nnd always shall. Priees
all right too.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
We Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
The three doctors at present prac- Oalgary. This will leave dreenwood
Using in I ireen wood have all decided WltbOU* ■ phyaiolau.
to remove before the end ol the pres-j Come and bring your friends tn thn
ent month. Or. Oppeiilieimcr is going I festival at the Koniau Catholic Church
to Spokane, Dr. Spankir. ar., to Van- I grounds, Friday 16th. Band iu at-
0 uver,   and    l>r.   ijpaukie,   jr.,    toilindanes, THK MAILIIE1JAU), HEVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flDafl-lbcralb.
PUBLISHED WKIiM-_.suay anu
Jntecioc publlsbtiifl Company
Lllllllll ll
Omcxs:  Imi'kki.u. Bunt Building Retbl-
STOKK, B, o.
Money lo loan.
OIHcem RsveUtOlce, H I .   Cranbrook, ll I ,
i}ko. S. MuCaiitkk
V.  M.   I'INKIIAM J. A.  llAKVKV,
Revelsloke, I'l'iuibrook, 11. 0.
711.1.1AM I. BRIGGS
Solicitor, rii-.
S .liiiloi'.fiiri—
lui: Canadian Hank op Commkrok
'['HI:   Mul.SUNS   BANK,   I'i'l'l'.
(OBKRT *.MI I'll
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Hut veyor
It, ix   luti,  ItKVKLSTdKK
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain  Viow Camp, No. 119
Heeti   Second  unit   Kinirili   Wi-.tu. -iluj- In
,..',,. ,,...,.-_-.. _... SolVIrk Mill,   v,-nm   Woodman oordlall) Invited toaltoim.
JllllN i AlttsllN, I on. linn.
J. McINTVRK, dork.
F. O. E.
nVloui.    VURing brethren oordlally Invited,
OCIOLk.      tl""""      \\  M.SII.   I'llKsltlKN'l.
W. K. Mrl.ACrHLlN.SKi IlKTAllV.
Kootonay loduc
No. IS, A  F. & A. M.
The regular moot-
iugs iiru hold in Um
Uddfollows Hull, mi
lho third Mimiliiy in
Bach mouth nl 8
p.m. Visitiug brothron    crttiiilly   will-
IJ. A. I'KUlTNlKl'., SKI.'llKTAIlV.
Moots ovory Tli ars-
.iny   Bvoiiiug   iu   Bel-
jkirk Hullnllio'rl'ick
_    PVisiting brothron mo
cordially iuvileil tu uttetid.
w. a robiK.N.0.        jas. mathik;hki'.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26, Revelstoko, B. C.
exiiopt mini Wudnemiuy oi
oaeta month, In ■• Mlilh.lln.vii'
Hall at 8 o'olick. Visiting
Knigbts are oordlally . nvitc-d.
T. P.  SMITH, 0. c,
Q. H. BROCK  K. of R. 4 8.
J. It. Bl'OTT, M, uf F.
KhlTll lll.K. PHONE 118
Six Roomed House at $15.00 per month
Six Roomed House at $17.50 per month
Six Roomed   House  at  $20.00   per   month
80 Acres near Revelstoke, 18 acres cleared,
house, stable and fencing. 280 fruit trees, live stock
and farm implements,    At a bargain.
10 Acres ;it Summerland, near landing, all
newly fenced and under irrigation. ''so Iruit trees.
Good buy.
800 Acres at (lalena Bay, 65 acres cleared,
500 fruit trees, good house and stable, live stock and
farm implements. Desirable property to subdivide into
5 and i" acre lots,    Only $32.00 per acre.
government might feel averse lo
going to tlie expense of pulling 11
vault in lhe present building, when
its own engineer lins already ml-
visi'd tinii. no more money 1"' spent
011 il;    bill   lhat    excuse   WOllld 1111
longer avail il a now building were
in be erected, While it is hardly
likely ihnt it new oourlhouse can
be built tbis year, the citizens will
do wisely to take time by the foro-
lock and urj;e the matter on so
lhat when the estimates arc submitted to the Legislature next
session one item will rend something like this:
Courthouse, Kevelstoke—If    ,0111).
Zbc fl&afMberafo
WEDNESDAY, JULY  11, 190!)
The necessity ior the establishment oi a land registry ollice at
Kevelsloke wus pressed upon Premier McBride during his recent
visit, and the need of a courthouse
in connection with it was urged by
the Board of Trade at its meeting
last Thursday night, Kaslo, Fernie, Cranbrook and other points are
each having new brick and stone
courthouses built, and as Kevelstoke is as important as any ol
these places, its claim.- should be
considered: more particularly in
view of the advice of the public
works engineer, when lie told
tht government agent to waste no
more money in repairing the present antiquated and dilapidated
shed on the hilltop. While justice
do-s not r'-ide in brick and stone
the blind goddes? ol the eword and
scales ban always been enveloped
witb :i certain amount ol religious
reveren • n thi • >■- of the British
people, and they have Bought to
enshrine her in temples worthy ol
bi r high degree,    We  do not  Bay
.-• ■ i- v.. .. be administered better
iti a brick than in a wooden court-
si but we do claim lhat there
i_i something to the eye more consonant with th*- liritish idea ol
justice in a solid, permanent -truc-
ture than in a temporary wooden
shack, Apart Irom this, however,
it is evident that the lime has
come when a choice must be made
between patching and tinkering at
the present building nr erecting
another that will la-t. It seems to
us that the first cost, though heavy,
will be lietter than a constant
dribbling with unsatisfactory re-
■•ulte: and this is clearly a case in
which the dearest Article would
prove cheapest in the end.
'I'he building of a new courthouse
would at tbe (same time pave the
way for tbe establishment of u land
registry ollice at tbis point, because
in the new (Structure il would be
easy to make provision for it    '1 bu
Tbr question of the establishment
of a land registry ollice, though
involved in tbe latest hoard of trade
proposal with that of a new Courthouse, is really a separate matter
as tar as the merits go. To register
a mortgage or a deed the citizen of
Rovelstoke is compelled to send to
Nelson, a distance of 18U miles.
Naturally the business at so great
a distance has to be done almost
wholly by mail with most unsatisfactory results. A man wishes to
sell a piece of property and give the
title and get the money in order
perhaps to take a journey to lhe
east or to the Old Country, or
to make an immediate investment elsewhere; but he finds his
plans baulked by a wait of six
months or more before he can get a
certilicate of title from the distant
registry ollice. Another case is
cited in which an agent procured
money to loan on a property for
which the owner assured him that
be bad a clear title, but after a
month or two of correspondence
and passing to and fro it was found
that a lis pendens bad been filed
against it. Again, cases have been
qouted in which owners have attempted to raise money by nnirt
gage, and have been compelled to
wait months In-fore a certilicate of
incumbrance could be obtained.
Possibly these things are not due
to the fault of the land registry
ollice, where the help may be insufficient to enable them to keep up
with the work, but it i- e\
that if the person who wished to
register a title or ascertain
the standing oi one i ould go per-
-.'i..illy and make his search luisi-
ness would bt done with much
greater expedition Ink and paper
sh • out of a mail bag can never
appeal with the I nn e and -Iir-1 ■
in-- of a human being meeting
another eye to • ' e.
It ;- •■■.idenl  ii-" thai a reg
. ■'■ . e al Revelstoke would serve .i
a large district in eastern   Br
. 11. i...    '.-. bid      11
s ttislactorily supplied by an i
pigeonholed away down among the
hills and lakes of South Kootenay.
Anyone in Kit-Id for example wishing lo register a title must send lo
Nelson, a distance of over 800
miles, whore the sume service could
be performed at Revelstoke a distance of one hundred and sixty
miles. Golden, only 96 miles
distant, must now semi 278 miles.
Moreover, a land registry ollice nl
Kevelstoke would be more convenient to the whole Okanagan valley
than is that at Kamloops to which
tbey must at present apply. When
they strike the main line at Sicamous tbey must travel SI miles to
Kamloops, where 45 miles would
bring tbem to Kevelstoke. A Registry ollice at this point, therefore,
would prove more convenient for
all people for an indefinite distance
to the north, as far south as Nakusp, us far east as the boundary
of Alberta, and as far west as Sicamous or Salmon Arm. When it is
considered that in serving this
large territory it would at the same
time lighten tbe work of the Nelson
ollice, and enable the people of
South Kootenay to have a more
satisfactory service, it will be seen
that the request for the establishment of a land registry office is not
only reasonable, but that it is a
vital necessity for this growing
portion of Uritish Columbia.
In the latest issue of the Kamloops Standard appears an article
under the above heading well
worthy of perusal by any thoughtful citizen. Its opinions of tbe
political tactics of a local organ
here, though coming from an outside source, are, we believe, but an
echo of the opinion of all citizens
of Revelstoke who do not allow
partisan zeal to run away with
discretion. The paper that puts
party passion first and relegates
the welfare ol its own locality to a
secondary position, certainly does
the district no service, and in tbe
end does nothing but barm to its
own party.
The K.uii,<ni- Standard Bays
Kveryone  admires I.■    leal   ind
enthusiasm   with  which   a  paper
es thi    nterests ol  the  political part} h bich il represents I ul
■  en h    _   -..   ■    lespicable
than iper   thai    -   -     rabidly
I arti ian thai  it    mn il   bronicle a
simple     cs        ippening   wil bout
leaving      if   I bi   b "•
holds towards the
other j ■
,-... •   into i ontacl
■j:'.- he cannot but li >■   - ime ■   .   -  ii pathetii
(urnishes a pathetic
toke i Ibwrver
.a--        The other
: i be   ministers   ot   the
passed   through   thai   citj
. editor ol  the  I Ibnerver  in
refereni e to   his  pan ng
goes on to say "that none of the
faithful were at the station to meet
him for they evidently know his
sentiments regarding Taylori-ni
uud gnift."
Tbis is not the first, instance by
any means thai the Observer bus
been guilty of nn offence of this
character, for almost, every issues
brings further evidence of the
partizan feeling tbat animates man
who directs it. Rut rabid parti-
zanship can breed nothing but ev 1
and is destructive both to parly
and national good. If the editor
ol the Revelsloke Observer think
that ho is rendering service when
ho indulges in these Hellish and
sinister methods be is far amiss for
be is working harm to himself and
to bis party. What little prestige
he may have owned will he undermined anil ultimately he will lind
himself despised by his own and
Bcorned by all othere."
The proposal nf Mayor Lindmark
that nil buildings in the city should
be connected with the sewers from
tbe street line to the plumbing, by
the oity itself,and repayment made
on a five years' frontage lax by
piopertV-owners, is one that comes
closely home lo many citizens. It
seems to ns lhat there wns merit in
the observation of Aid. Kimberley
that when a man wished lo dig for
bis own sewer be should be allowed
to do so, and thus save himself
expense. Probably lhe better plan
would be for the city to provide
and lay the pipes, und allow tbe
property-owners to get tbe digging
done as tbey pleased so long as il
was satisfactory to tbe oity inspector. This won id enable the
man who wished to economise by
digging tlie drain himself in bis
spare time to do so, nntl it would
work no hardship on others, since
those who would not care to do tin-
work themselves would generally be
in a position to pay someone else.
We would recommend our readers to peruse the thoughtful letter
signed "Citizen" which appears in
another column. Revelstoke is
essentially a railway town, and if
some ariangement could be reached
with tbe C. P. K. Company which
would facilitate their work here
and encourage them to increase
tlieir working staff, the whole town
would benefit. Certainly it is to
be desired that both corporations
should work in harmony, even if
some concessions are required to
accomplish that end.
WANTED—All kinds of typewriting  nnd   stenography   work.
Apply lo XV. Bews, Phm. B.
Folt RENT Five-roomed house next
Lougheed   Block,     Apply  lo  A.
tl.Mll.KH. Y.M C.A.
1,11 VK ROOM HOUSE located on C.
■ P, R. grounds near station, with
._. i year lease on gionnd, This house is
in good I'ep.-iit with line garden mul
fiiul trees. Will sell nl a bargain if
sold at once. Apply for further particulars to I-:, .1. Bourne, First street.
I.10H SALE—Ten iic-t-ee standing hay,
P apply Mrs. Mary Palmer, Clan-
.villiain, Three Valley P. 0„ B.O.
1710R SALK-A cottage, also piano
|     and   furniture,   apply   lor terms
unl particulars to R. N. Doyle    jly 21)
MMI  ROOM (illtl.   wanted applv nt the Oriental Hotel.
FoR SALE—A six roomed house
Second Street, east, hu $1200,
Al-n i five roomed house fully furnished, huh, pantry, etc., fifty fool
lot, Third Street, East, all for 81260.
A snap a- owner must sell, apply to
Boi 105, Revelatoke, B.O,      jly 7 ill
/ lABINET (.RAM) PIANO fiii sale,
" splendid instrument, Terms, ap
ply M lil-Hei lid, jly IU'_ii
I',, vi Isti ke Land District,
11:-i   • : of West. Kootenay,
Tak.    ::■ ',. .    ' hai   John W. Falls, of
B i .   occupation   Miner, In-
■ ■,.,■    for periiiissiiin.tii purchase the following described lands:
■ .   i    i poat'planted about
live mile    nort h  of  I lownle (Ireek on
Rivur   and aboul   lit'iv
miles  nortl     i  Revelatoke, thence 80
ii ii   along  Columbia  rivet,
■,-\i est. i hence so ehains
north, i hei   e 2>, chains eaal to poinl of
. i i
I..„'. \X   F i
1000 |iin:<000d
your ci": >ice cf the
I   i.t. ';
1 ■   ■
• ".i iw  Bi. -• i odd Im li
l   . , .  '      i ■
s iii       ion n ■
Wl       ■'       ■   i   •. . ; i QU tMltl
_J    t 'u^^j
»7 Pounds      14 Pounds      24 Pounds
%! ■"'•■
W Wi	
-   -...Ill   -
49 Potin b
1% Pounds
Royal Standard
And Why It is a Better Flour
We use selected wheat from the
best wheat producing regioiiB of the
Canadian West, wbere the sunshine is long, where the soil is
rich, giving to the wheat that
quality of gluten which makes the
very iinest Hour. This is factor
No. 1.
Scientific milling which follows
the wheat step by step, selecting
only the best nnil purest portions
of the wheat grain and making it
into the inosl perfect Hour. This
is faotor No. 2.
Cure exorcised in storage and
marketing so thut there is no possibility of deterioration from the
time the Hour leaveB our hands
until it reaches you. This is fac
tor No. 3.
Now isn't there a reason why
you should ask for Royal Standard Flour. And besides, in every
401b. sack Ihere is a numbered
coupon entitling you to a chance
lo win one of ten beautiful dinner
sets given away each month.
Vancouver Milling 6*
Grain Co., Lid.
For Rent
House on First Street, $20 per month.
Four Rooms on McKenzie Avenue, $10
per month
For  Sale
(Jood Building Lots.
Two  houses  suitably  located on McKenzie Avenue
Acreage lor Market Gardemug.
Money Loaned for Building Purposes
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit and ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
and proven Our trees do
not have to be tumigattd,
They are grown in the only
part of the continent not
infested with the San Jose
157 Page Catalogue Free.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
Bring In your Plans and Specifications
and we will figuifl on Ihem,
The Great West Permanent Loan
W.   R.    R0RERTS0N,   AGENT
First Streot, Revelstoke, B. C.
Certificate of   Improvements
I, X. I., and silver I'iek mineral
claims, -itiiate in Hn- Trout Lake
Mining iiiiisinii nl West Kootenay
ih 'i . -
Where located, hetween Un- north
ami south lurks ol I ,ai ih, (reek.
Take notice that I Catherine Flor-
eiice lie.itiv. of Vancouver, B.C., Vm,'
Vtlnni 11 eitiiieiiie Nn. II im 17*i, Inland
ilxty davs from date hereof, to npply
in ilu-Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements for Ilu- purpose
nt obtaining Orown grants of the
ahoie claims,
And further Lake notice that, notion
tiiiilei Si-ition 87must he commenced
before the Iwuance of such Certificate
of Improvement*,
I in i eil  ibis twenty-seventh day of
May. A.U , I mm.
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents und Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.
Interest allowed tit highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
iiiih une of our hands- mc parlor seta,
upholstered in high grade eilk, or
iliimask, with frnmrs that are in every
cut eivnble design, and made to wear
null finitely. We have i.inny new and
beautiful pnrlor aetp and odd pieces for
heautilyiug the home that aro taste
fill, i IVtclive and inenpensive, and will
bIioh your rooms to the best advantage.
in C. P. II. contract for facing llevelsloke station. A largo
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By fur the oheapest m.ilerial for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. SaveH most of
your painting and about hnve yo;-r insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
*  P.   BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED?*
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Pnckei-a and Dealers in Live Stock.    Markets in all tbe pi-iucP
nnl Cities nnd Towns of  Alberta, British Ooluiuhht and the Yukon!
Puckers of the Celebrated Brand " luipemtoi-" Hams and Bacon,
j   and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard. —
Import direct from country of origin.
BEVELSTOKE    3=1.  O.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are   disposing  of their  entire  Stock  at a
small advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on     Diamonds,
"Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
•*•       These destroyers oannot live where trees have been treated with    ^^
WA K N0 C K ' S    TREE    PAIN T
Pear Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, (tanker Worm, Han .lose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. TlIK COST IS VERY SMALL. It will
tint wash off. One application protects for two years. Warnook's Tree Paint,,
is not an experiment, It. has stood the test for six years in nil parts of the
United states. It Is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Blight. We
invite Investigation, The Arkansas Kxperinieiiliil Station has used this tree
puint for three years. November, 11)07; ihey purohrsed 50 gallons for free
distribution among leading; orchards.    Send for 10-page free liooklet to
If.  It.  LAWKS, Enderby, B. C, Sole Manufacturers for B. C.
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B  C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Manufactured for nil classes uf  buildiugs
fur sale iu large ur small guautitteii
at the luwest priees for cssh.
All kinds of bulldluff andfrlasterluff
.. /
Another "Sunshine" Feature
This U an entirely new idea, and will especially interest people who reside in natural
gmm districts. The gas ring takes the place
of the lower Sunshine fire-pot, thus making
it possible to burn gas in your furnace without
inconvenience. Such is not possible in a
furnace where the ordinary gas log is inserted;
for, should the gas give out, a coal or wood
fire could not be started until the g.ts pipes
were disconnected.
To provide against sweating in the summer
time, Sunshine Furnace is equipped with ;i
nickelled sleel radiator and dome. All
bolts and rivets are nickelled, all rods
eopper-plated. This special treatment, besides meaning quicker and greater radiation
from the radiator and dome than cold chill
iron could possibly give, acts as protection
for the bolls, rivets and rods from Inroads of
gas. When cast iron conies in contact wilh
our nickelled steel it is coined with our special
Anti-Rust treatment, which prevents the
slightest possibility of rust commencing
anywhere in Sunshine Furnace.
The Gas Ring
For S ale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Ofllce -MoKenzie Ave
Palace Restaurant
McKensie  Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars/Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
First class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Vancouver Lots
Within one year you must get your
money back tenfold if you invest i-
now in cluice lots close to Second
Narrow bridge in Vancouver. Let me
explain why? Price per 60 foot lot
only $125; \ cash, balance.f 15 quarterly. Apply to F. 0. WINKLER, 429
Sixth Ave., East, Vancouver, B. C.
Tho Now Edition of the
Vol. VIII issued May, 1909, contains 1500
pages, with nearly 50 por cent, more
matter than the preceding edition, Tho
chapters with nine descriptions and on
statistics have been carefully revised and
the bulk of the matter therein is
There aro 25 chapters,
Covering Copper I listory, Geology,
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mln-
ingi Milling, Leaching,(Smelting, Keflning
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Substitutes, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, Slates, Countries ami Continents! Minos in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports,
Finances, Dividends, etc.
The Copper I tandbook is concededly the
The Copper Hanbook contains,  in  this
now and greatly enlarged   edition,   about
50 per cent, more matter  than   the   Bible
- though   not   necessarily a bettor book
because of its greater bulk.      Il   is   filled
with FACTS ot vital importance to
Price Is $5 in buckram with gilt lop, or
$7*50 in genuine full library morocco.
Terms   aro   lhe   most    liberal.    Send  no
money, but order the   book   sent   you,   all
carriage charges prepaid  on  one week's
approval, to be returned il   unsatislactory,
or paid for If it suils.     Can you afford not
to see the book and judge for  yourself of
its value lo you?
Write now lo the editor and publisher,
Horace J. Stevens
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd.
Steamer Kevelstoke leaves Limiting
at the head of Canyon eveiy Tuesday
ami Fiitlay at (I a, in. (water permitting) and arrives at Downie Creek
almut 2 p.m., returning same day. T.
A. Lewis' passenger stage and freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
hetween all city hotels nnd Landing.
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 72. There is telephone connection with thesteamer. The number
is 11215. All Information ns to rates
and other business may lie obtained
at ofllce on board the steamer from
F. Swanhiix, Purser.
$10 Reward
A reward of $10 will be paid for
sueh information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction ol the party
illegally milking our cows.
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour that is Different
We must startd ready to prove it and
also prove that the difference is so marked, so
worth while, that you will feel this is the Hour
you ought to use.
That is exactly where we do stand.
We ask you to take no lisk. Buy a
bag of ROBIN HOOD and give it two
fair trials. If it does not prove perfectly satisfactory, so satisfactory that you too say, "It is
really the Hour that is different," you may take
it to your grocer and he will give you back
your money.
Will  you
Hour ojder?
lake the trial on your next
me Saskatchewan flour Mills (o., in.
Moose  Jaw, Sask.
In the matter of "The Judgments
Act, 1008," and in the matter of a
judgment obtained in an action of
this Honourable Court.
Plaintiff,  lJudgment Creditor)
Defendant (Judgment Debtor I
Before His Honour Judge Grant In
Chambers, Friday, the 25th day ot
June, 1909.
Upon the application of the Judgment Creditor herein, nnd upon hearing Mr. A. G. Harvey on behalf of the
applicant,and upon rending the alii-
davits of A. E. F. Liddle and A. G.
Harvey, sworn herein the 18th of May,
19011, and the affidavit of A. G. Harvey
sworn herein the 21th day of June,
190(1, all filed.
It is ordered that unless cause to the
contrary be shewn by the Judgment
Debtor herein, T. J. Tompkins, on
Thursday, the 22nd day of July. 1900,
at the hour of 10 o'clock in the foie-
noon to the presiding Judge in Chambers at the Court House, at the divot' Vancouver, B. 0„ Lots one Hi, anil
two (2), in Blocks Forty-six, 14(11,
Forty-seven (47), nnd Forty-eight (IS),
Hub-division of District. Lot Two
Thousand and Twenty-two, |2022),
Vancouver district, or a competent
Em t of the said land, be sold by the
listi-ict Registrar of this Court al
Vancouver, B. C, according to the
usual practice, to realize the amount
of the judgment herein, with interest
on said Judgment up to the date of
And il is fuithei' ordered that the
publication of this Order for four :on-
seoutive semi-weekly issues of the
Mail-Hkkai.ii, a newspaper published
nnd circulating in RevelitoKe, B.C.,
shall be deemed good and sufficient
service of this Order upon the Judgment Debtor herein.
And it is fuithei ordered that the
costs of and incidental to this Application nnd Older, and of lhe proceedings taken thereunder, Imi udded to the
amount of the Judgment herein.
David Grant,
July 7-17. .1. J. 0.0.
Prince Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability
Mining  & Development   Company, Limited Liability.
Revelstoke, June 10th, 1909.
Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Shareholders of
the Prince Mining A Development
Company, Limited Liability, will he
held nl the Company's office, First
Street, Revelstoke, B. C, on Wednesday, the twenty-first day of July, A.D,
1900, at the hour of eight o'clock in the
afternoon, for the purpose of electing
officers for the ensuing year, and for
all other purposes relating to the management of tne Company.
The transfer book of the Company
will be closed during the fourteen days
immediately preceding such meeting.
Dated al Revelstoke, B. O, this lOlh
day of June, A.D., 1009.
Revelsloke Land Dislricl.
District of West Koolenay.
Take Notice thai Roderick XV. Lindsay, of Camborne, B.C., occupation
merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase tbe following
descrilied land :—
Commencing at a post planted at lhe
north-east corner of A. D. McKay's
pre-emption, No. 78U5, and marked
"R. XV. Lindsay's North-West Corner
Posl; theoce about 8 chains east to
west line of McKinnon's pre-emption,
Ihence about 50 chains south, ihence
about 8 chains west to McKay's side
line, thence north about 50 chains to
point of commencement and containing 40 aeres more or less.
Roderick William Lindsay,
Dated April 30th, 1000. my 22
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Robert R. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
five miles north of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles ninth of Revelstoke
on the Columbia River, thence 80
chains north along the Columbia river,
tlience 20 cliains west, thence 811 chains
south, thence 20 chains east to point of
Robert h. Caldwell,
Per John XV. Falls, Agent.
Dated 17th June, 1000. jun '.ID OOd
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Adran lji Brash,
nf Nakusp, oooupatlon married woman,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase    the    following    described
lands :
Commenolng al a post planted on
the south-west corner of l.ot 0149,
tlience west 10 chains; thence north
60 chains: tlience east 10 chains; thence
south 00 chains to place of commencement,
Mrs. Adran La BRASH,
H..I. La Brash, Agent.
Dated May 17th. 1000. my 20
Revelsti ike Ijind District.
Dlstriut of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Lamb, of
Clinton, Iowa, U. 8. A., occupation
Milloivner, intends to apply for permission to purohase the following described land:
Commencing at a posl planted at the
s. K. corner of Lot (848, then norlh 20
ohalns, then easl 20 chuins. thence
south 2U cliains mure or less to lake
shore, Ihence Westerly along lake shore
31 ohalns more ol less to poinl of ctnn-
I-i.   MrliAIIIIRAN,
Agent fm Lafayette Lamb,
Dated .June .Ird, 1008. jun 2.'!
The City and The C. P, R,
Kilitor Mill. Hbhii.I).
Sir,—Tbe present autumn, inaugurating as it does the shipping of Alberta wheat westward over lhe "A B C"
route, Bhould mean much to Rjvel-
sioke, the most important divisional
point on the main line of the C,P.K.
between Calgsry and Vancouver.
It is very greatly to be regretted
that some years ago tbe city and the
railway authorities failed to agree in
the matter of a supply of electric
power for the local shops. RevelBtoke
has been teeling the effects of that
failure ever since. In eaBtern Canada
towns not nearly as large aa Reveletoke are only too glad to give large
cash bonuses, besides free water and
light and exemption from taxation lor
a term of years, in order to Becure
industries that do not mean half ns
much to them as au increase of a
hundred or two hundred men on the
stall' ol the shops, coupled with the
go tl-will of the ollicials, would mean
to us. It is all very well to say, as
has been said in the paat, lhat the C.
P. R. must maintain shopB here anyway and that we would be foolish to
grant them any concessions. Everyone knows tbat it is a comparatively
easy matter for a railway company to
move its rolling stock a hundred
miles or so, and even a "dead" engine
can be hauled to Calgary or Vancouver
for repairs without very much expense
to the oom pony. Practically the only
factor which they have to consider in
such a case is the matter ol delay.
In view, theiefore, ol tbe increased
convenience and saving ol time that
would result to the railway company
and of the many benefits that would
accrue to Ihe city, it would seem that
tbe old policy of antagonism should
give way to one ol a better aud broauer
understanding between tbe two corporations. If the working staff of
the shops cuuld be increased by one
htindrei or two hundred men, il an
equitable distributing rate could be
secured fur Reveletoke, il the grounds
about the depot could be beaulilied, if
the city could be given the opportunity ol adequately advertising its excellent natural resources and attraction!: in the printed matter i.-sued by
the cumpany Irom time to time, and
if steps could be taken jointly that
wauld have the effect of inducing a
larger percentage of tourists than at
present to stay over in our ciiy for a
few days wbile ou their way through
tbe mountains, would Dot all these
amply repay the city tor dealing very
liberally with tbe railway company in
the matter ot light aud power, aud
even, perhaps, in the mattei ol
Might 1 suggest that the City Council and the Board ol Trade give these
matters their serious codeidcration
and try to bring about eome results
aloug the lines Bet forth in this communication?
I am, etc.,
July 8th, 1900.
Orange Church Parade
On Sunday evening the local Orange
lodge some thirty strong, paraded iu
full regalia to St. Andrews church.
The paBtor, Rev. W. C. Calder, preached a strong sermon appropriate to the
occasion. Rev. Mr. Calder did not
mince his words at all, but said plainly that in his opinion the existence of
the Oranger order was made necessary
by the political aims ol the Church of
Rome. While he protessed no emnily
to that powerful organization it was
plain that they were aiming at the
supreme control of the whole continent ol North America. He roundly
condemned Sir Wilfrid Laurier for
truckling to the papacy in saddling
separate schools on Alberta and Saskatchewan, and declared tbat the same
hand was still at work in extending
the northern boundaries of (Quebec to
include a portion ol Ungava, aud in
refusing tu include Keewatin within
the b.iundaries ol Manitoba where a
national school system prevailed.
After the service the brethren paraded back to their lodgoroom, where
a vote of thanks was unanimously
passed to the Rev. Mr. Calder for his
stirring discourse. A psstmsBter'e
jewel wsb also presented to Bro. J. H.
Armstrong in recognition of hie valuable services to the cause.
To Whom It Mav Concern:
Tbis is to certify that I lost a horse
insured with the British American
Live Stock Association, Limited, ol
Vancouver, B. C, lor $12.1.00, and I
have thiB date received their cheque
Id settlement in lull of my claim.
Yours very truly,
(Signed) WING CHUNG.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. O, this 5th
day ol May, 1009.
Agent lor liritish American Live Stock
Wall-known Journalist Urges Campaign for
Cultivation Of the Land
P, J. O'Farrell, a contributor to
Collier'fl Weekly, the Scientilic American and other well known eastern
magazines, and former Kootenay newspaper man was a visitor in Revelstoke
last week end. He has been a frequent
visitor to British Columbia of late
yi 'in h and expressed great faith in tbe
possibilities of RevelBtoke.
"Vou have here," he said looking
Irom the front verandah of the Hotel
Revelstoke down the green expanse of
the Columbia valley, "a country thai
il properly developed should support a
0 ty of   20,000.people.     Take the city
01 Spokane. All tbe land around
tbere has been cleared and planted
and they have to irrigate, tint it has
built up tbe town. If you had the
bush cleared off these valleys, you
ought here to be able to grow as good
Iruit as anywhere in the world and
you   don't   have to irrigate.    Land is
needed—it is becoming valuable all
over the world. lt simply irritates
me to come through here year alter
year and see wild trees growing where
there ought to be fruit trees. 1 am
glad tu see that they are doing something in Kootenay. Vou people here
want to wake up. Why by this time
you ought to have a settled country
and a trolley car line running between
here and the Arrow lakes."
The interviewer pointed out that
the country was still young, and in
the past the atteniion of the people
bad been chiefly directed to timber
and mines.
"That iB all right," said Mr. O'Farrell, "but you will never have a great
country without agriculture. Why,
1 find that my hotelkeeper is using
butter made in Alberta, while there in
the list kind of dairying land lying
right nt our feet. The town should
wake up and try tu develop the surrounding country, and tbe city would
take care of itself."
Mr. O'Farrell, who was travelling
with James G. Blaine of New York,
left for lhe coast Saturday afternoon.
Government Annuities
It is all too little to know that
the government of the dominion haB
provided a plan whereby any citizen
ol Canada, may lor a small sum paid
weekly purchase an annuity that will
render anyone independent of clnirity
io old age. The scheme originated
with Sir Richard Cartwright and is
carried out through the agency of the
department of trade and commerce.
A young man starting at the age ol
twenty to pay 25 cents a week into
the annuity funds, would at the age
of 55 be entitled to draw $85.58 annually, or il he let it go till he was sixty
he could draw $120 01 each year, at
sixty-tivc he could draw $203 and at
seventy would be entitled to$336 yearly. For lemales the ratio is slightly
different, but the system is t he same.
Larger weekly payments will in eacli
case Becure larger annuities iu proportion. Payments may be made yearly,
half yearly or quarterly as desired. If
the pcisiin paying in should die beljre
tbe annuity becomes due the contributions with three per cent interest
would be returned to tbe heirs. The
amount of contribution is of course
increased as age advances. Too much
praise cannot he given this scheme
tbat teaches the people to be providi nt.
and Bell-helping. While the British
governmtnt places a premium on
thriltlcBsness and hand to mouth
living by its system of old age pensions, this scheme gives to every workingman and woman in Canada an
opportunity to Becure by small contributions, a sum at least sullicient to
keep them from want in old age. Full
information aB to the working ol this
schanie can be obtained from 8. T.
Hastedo, Superintendent ol Canadian
Government annuities, Department ol
Trade and Commerce, Ottawa.
Important to Revelstoke
General E. Deville, surveyor general
for the Dominion, who is now in British Columbia, statetl in Vancouver
last week that in anticipation ol a
How ol immigration over tho Rockies,
A, O. Whoeler has been given the task
of making a survey of the possibilities ol the railway belt between Kamloops and Golden. He will report on
the suitability ol land (or ranching,
Iruit growing and small farming in
Buch manner as t.i give Ottawa immigration ollicials full details for informing sottlers. Mr. Wheeler has now
three parties in the Held and it is expected that his report on the classification ol the region east of Kamloops
will bo ready lor next year when subdivision work in the region will probably bo undertaken.
Mr. Deville states that bis department has now eight survey parties
out in the railway holt working in
connection with the new ordor of the
department whereby its officials muBt
Biirvcy timber borths. The government is this year also doing extensive
survey work on Dominion landB in
tho Peace River district to prepare lor
an expected rush on the opening ol
the railway.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
So Clear, So Shining find so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the results   pro-
duoed the "EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, margin1 i facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
Tbe" UMPIRE" needs lees
care than any other machine
because there nre fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part, of the machine.
The C.l'.K. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1H!)5, continued to add to tbe
number, and now have in
constant use more than "1)0
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
Trimmed Summer Hats
All  Trimmed  Millinery on  Sale   at   Less
than Half Price
Children's Sailors, Men's and  Boys'  Straw
Hats at Sale Prices.
We have marked all lines of Summer
Dry Goods at prices to clear. Your dollar
will buy more goods than ever before.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected, Loans Notary Public
Ihe Winnipeg annual industrial
exhibition ia on thin week.
Moving pictures- Friday and Satnr
day nt tbe Kdison  lb.nitre.
Kvii\li di invited to the festival on
Friday ltitb. Admission 10c, children free.
Come and have a good time at St.
Peter's Church garden party on the
Rectory grounds this evening. The
land will be in attendance,
The Ladies liuild of St. Peter's
Church will hold a garden party on
the grounds"! the Rectory this evening.   The Imnd will be in attendance,
|i m't i irget tin strawberry festival
at tiie Roman Catholio Church
grounds, Friday lBib, alternoon and
A. S Potta, a Winnipeg barrister,
has tiled a claim for $20,000 against
the C.l'.K. for services wbicb be alleges
that be rendered tbe company in
effecting a settlement of the mechanics strike last fall.
Senator Hewitt linstock, ot Ducks,
who was in town with Hon. Charles
Murphy last Saturday, paid a tribute
to our lucal strawberries by buying a
crate to send to his ranch, the crop in
his dintrict being rather Bhort this
D. S. Mitchell, ol the Dominion
Fish Hatchery, Shuswap lake, was iu
town thia morning and went uut to
Williamson's lake to put in some
rainbow troul for breeding purposes.
He will put the balance in the Turn-
Turn creek. Ii the lish are allowed to
multiply undisturbed, tbey should
prove in tunc a valuable asset to the
sportiug wealth of the district,
The current B.C. Gazette announces
that William E. H. Watson ol Galena
Bay; Joshua Day, ol Hall's Landing;
Benjamin Bin, ol Arrowhead; and
Charles Welle, ol Revelstoke; have
been appointed commissioners lor taking affidavits under the Supreme
Court Act for the Revelstuke district.
The boya ol the V..M.C.A. will go
into camp at Albert Canyon Saturday
morning. Tbey will leave here on the
1 a.m. train. This is a splendid op
p rrunity for a good healthy outing,
and all b ya who wish to go should
remember that the list closes on Friday night.
What is believed to be the smallest
I inly iu the world is now being nourished into more vigorous life in an
incubator hospital in Chicago, Thia
little miss, whose name ia "Tottie"
Bright is only 11 inches long, baa s
chest measurement ol It inches, and
has a hand so small tbat that a wedding ring can be |m ised ,. i-r it
Building -till kee) - ictive. D.
McCarthy has been awarded tbe contract for two new/iottagea One is for
Conduct r Potruli on his Hvi
farm, re.-ar the lllecillewaet bridge
and the -ther ia ior Brakeman Perry
n Bee md street near lhi Drill hall
Mesa:-. Prad ilio md Foote have ala
started digging I the excavation for
the hi ipita        lition
rhe I ana la yes        r ol 1908    ■ I
naiid     It    - . >;.   paper   I
di -I- | ige- compiled  by .Mr
Blue,   tli"   censn ■   . n isi
ittaw.i      I'      i   ■ -'l-   at ill-' ii
1-. !      I ml i .     ith       nl    i   'I its
bul ll        ninl t great  deal  nl
information nn   the  trade   md
mere'   ■;'  t he I' minion last;
give* tbe total  p ipnlation  In   Britial
Columbia in 190) nr IT- 067.
A Brand New Idea
Hinged lop Talcum Can
WHIIomi New
Talcum Package
The hinged lop
pi event i leaking
nnl sticking Fine Tnl
''tun   st iinning Perfumes
Carnation and Vlolel
Ool  n pacaage while It's
new       1*1111  I    S,  I   I      I-
Next Hume Block     Phone No, 28
C; A R D E N    S E E IJ S
Call ami inspect onr stock til' Onion Sets and Garden Seeds of all kinds
None bub new seeds kept in stork
■ carry   11   complete   line   of
iir ami fancy ^rocerlc*s,  and
offer ymi the  besi   goods .it
same  price as  you  pay  ior
■rior lilies.
(lur bread, cuke nnd pastry trade
is   rapidly    increasing,   ii  trial
order for nny one  of the above
will explain why.   Our aim is to
keep only the best.
Hobsons Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one ol   tin-   must   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Chief ol Police Chamberlain ol the
Vancuuver Force passed throng Bevel
stoke un Tuesday morning on bis way
to attend the convention of Chief COO-
stables of Canada, which is to be held
nt Niagara about the last week in
July, lie was accompanied by Constables John and liiincan liillis, the
two foremost athletes ol the Vancouver force who will attend the police
atblectie meets iu Winnipeg, Ottawa,
Toronto nnd other eastern cities
Sir   Arthur   Stepney,   an   English
baronet, whu owned considerable prop
erty in the Okauagan valley, was
recently found dead in tlie conductors'
room in the station at 'i uin.i. Arizona,
His death was attributed to ■ • seasive
heat, Stepney was a strange character
in many respects He wae married in
1876, but soon niter the hirtli nf ;i
daughter, lefl his home and « • - divorced trom his wife in Lond
1903 11. waa • • iniined because ol
mental delusions, but was never pro
nounced ment i . .-. ind He renounced liis tithson coi ..-',
America and became quite a pr iminenl
ligure in i he scientific r
I:i<   M i i il  K i.     ,-   pleased
acknowli d ; ceipt   of a  liamt-
souiely bound booklet  entitled   "Wi
man - I.i*.   in I ,\   rk in   Hr it I ■
uui.ia '     1; waa compiled by tbe    ca
. 11n-ii in the proi inw id
,..    ti .1 by the provincial  govern mi   I
■enti 'i  i     them to  the dele
the  Interi
A   men.    h   ia   superbly  Illustrated
with Bnt iih i  i m ici    -   ind   -
lint piece ol  typi graphic il   w.irk.    li
 tain- i great general infor-
etches ol
ladies well known in the
i    I.ily Lefevre   Itilia 11.
i Dean   Cs   eroi        ibel  Boole
stone Mackay and othei •
\ deli   ■ ..     |      notj   mem-
i  - nl the   International   (.'
Women ided it"
quinquennial convention  in   l   ronti
passi 'I through Kevelatok i  Batur
ilternnon i ipeolal train. They
hud passed   the   II sne   nl    I I.i     .. ri-'k
jjem Beavor nn the previous da md
though some were Inollned to be
nervous, t hern wen enough ol tho firm
and -Hung among them to ni lay their
lenrs. That it was ii cosmopolitan
gathering ol Home ol the world's
brainiest   femininity,  a   lew  ol   the
mimes of the mure prominent delo-
gates    will    show.     There    was   Mihii
Ohryital MacMillan, a graduate al
Edinburgh university Frmi Htritt,
Germany; Miss Janes, Miss ! endy
nnd MiH« lliicliaiian ol England;
Baroness von Platers, Sweden. Mrs.
Henry      llobnon,     Australia;      Miss
Basldi, Holland,   They were given >i
public reception and entertainment
ui Vancouver 00 Monday.
Cume and have strawberries and ice
cream at the Rectory tonight.
Firsi cla-s programme Friday and
Saturday at Edison Theatre.
Hector O. Wheeler, a brother ol
I'ruf. A. 0. W heeler, and himself a
noted   Alpine  climber, died in Banff
nn Tuesday after a lingering i lness.
J. A Bnlmet ol Brooklyn, N. V.,
who has lectured extensively through
Canada and the tinted States, will on
Sunday next deliver two lectures in
the Edison Parlor Theatre. In tbe
afternoon be will leal with "The
rise in-! n   virgins,   ain! in tbe
evenii._    • .,,,.   The .    il
pyramids   :' Egypt      ii,- invitee both
thin'- ';_,- '' riitiana   md  hi nest -
tics tc   iei   :, 1 iie   meetings wil
M    Evertt s
M nday
H. Ma rai ioi
it irday,
W H W righl ol Arrow bead i ,- •
gueel .' thi i;. vi -t. ke thia  week
Mr'   R   \l    Hmylbi   and   family left
n Monda        i visit t  V anoouver
• ■'.  ell for aaborl   busi
i ip tn the co ist yesterday  alter-
•i 11   Bourne will   not   receivi
• v  nexl     nor   again
i  di  Den I baa • nten d i he
(.miles    M,   Field as -ten
.    -   null,
m   .      -il    Ii,   her   liltei      Mill   \    ■
Mies Isabell   ind Master Oladatom
dland I Sunday (ur Kaslo to
hei    i    .
Mr  Fn il il i -ii Nelson vai in Ibe
oity    ui   Saturday,   returning   Irum   .i
visit in the e. I-I
N   Mi-1- ii -hei I, returned on Saturday
Irom • trip to the   Culgary   Fair     II
spoke nf the I air as a great,  success
W   M  Lawrence lell  fur the Coast
rday    Ke will oonsuli with   Mr
Binvii", ol the 0 I' li. mi tbs question
ol Freight rules here,
i K Vorcrois, editor ol the Vancoti
ver luily Wurld was a visitor to the
oity on Saturday.   On Sunday morn
ing   he   left,   fur    Nelson   to visit,   old
friends there.
A. R, 11 Ilearn formerly manager
ol the Imperial Bank at this point, ll
hern wilh Mra. Ilearn on a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. I, II. Btiok. Mr. Ileum
is now manager lor the Imperial Hank
in Brandon, Man.
$15,000   -STOCK   -$15,000
We are giving up business and selling  out  our  entire  Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Moots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and  will  be continued  day and
evening until the entire Stock i.s disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
0, M. Wood worth, president of  lhe|
Provincial   Conservative   Association, j
oame   through  from   Vancouver   tbis|
morning on a trip east to visit bis old
honic in Nova Scotia.
.lames Wilson of Vancouver, Super,
inteiident. of C. P R telegrpahs was in
the city on Monday and Tuesday, leaving lor the coast again yesterday niter-
noon. Mr. Wilson ran up in connection with the railway wreck, which
had carried down the wires and displaced the service tor a  time,
W. A. Aldrit, physical instructor ol
the Y. M. C. A., has returned from a
trip to the coast, wheie he attended
the Y. M. C. A. convention at Vancouver. He also witnessed the lacrosse match between New Westminster and Vancouver last Saturday.
The Ladies' Aid of St.. Andrew's
Church will give their annual garden
party on the lawn at. the Manse, on
the evening of July 20th. Strawberries and ice cream will lie served.
Gate open at 7 o'clock. Admission to
the grounds 10 cents.
Mr. aud Mrs. Estey returned Irum
tlieir bridal tour this morning They
visited Victoria, Seattle and other
cities along the Pacific Const as far
south as Los Angeles. Tbey will
remain here for a few days the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. A. McRae before
going on to take up their permanent
home in Nelson.
Field lead Mina Sold
A group ol mining financiers representing both eastern and western
capital, has just completed the purchase of the Monarch lead mine at
Field. John A. Thompson, ot Vancouver, manager ot the Buwen Island
Copper Company, and the Golden
Eagle Mining Company, ou liehalt ol
the new syndicate, put through the
deal, acquiring the property under the
bond belli hy the Vancouver Smelting
A Mining Co., Ltd. The consideration
has not been made public, but if is
understood to he a heavy one, as the
M march lead properties on the face
ol Mount Stephen have long been
known to be of great value. Mr.
Thompson witb Messrs. XV. H. Bent-
ley and W. .1. Van Huuteu, of Vanoouver, inspected the mine twice a
lew weeks ago, and it was upon their
recommendation that a purchase was
decided ou. The new concern, known
a- the Stephen Mining Syndicate,
oom prises ten Unsocial men from Los
Angeles. Toronto and Vancouver.
Plenty i I necessary capital has been
subscribed to carry on i perationa on a
large acale, and ita development will
mean much for the Kield district.
Hon Chas. Murphy in Revelstoke
The Hon Charles'Murphy Secretary ■ md i party nl seven,
arrived ii  ths oity on Saturday and
lefl       •   ■ day alu-r in,    Iuirii g his
Ml,   Murphy   was   shown
i Mayor    Kind rk    Aid.
Mi .   '   Mr    W,   I     Briggs.
ne ol ' ne   • rs t In i ms
.   I:,   elsti k« 'I.-11 ci   Mr
he had     • ■ I hing
He expressed bim
-    1      mill     Ins     Villi     I.
I ne     pi'l)'     ' '	
inl frnm B mi'    I hej
. Okanagan   pal ley   hefori
gonitf iasl '       point
..I  hy Senator  linstock
- ,- Hon   Mi    Murphy's
wesi rim • be wka ap
pointed member <.l the cabinet
thougl       iiul  ix-en   ie re  previously
ii   -,ni tbat .'  »a•  i it'iii
i ■ ,',,\ oropa Hi:  tin-, igii
n.i ry .nul  t In:   prrispeota
ii - business were bright
1   -       Mr. Murphy is  ii   rather
ng lot king  man   wilh   a   faOS   Ol
the  W    I     Bryan   type.     Hi-   has   addressed   Canadian   clubs   and   uther
[ml.im   bodies  during  bia tour   and
judging (rum press report! bus created
a gaud Impression every where.
i will i.ike liinige of sowing during holidays only, Applv to Mum. j.
it. RoBwsutf, Becond Street,     II 17
Items of Interest of Happenings Throughout
British Columbia
It is now stated lhat the Canadian
Northern railway will go south from
Kamloops through the Q lilcheus
country intn the Nicola valley to the
head of the Tnlameen and over the
Hope mountain, to the CoaBt. While
tbe application was lor a route along
the soulh hank of the Frazer, the
ollicials nmv sny that Ibis is impractical. Surveying between Kumloops
aud Yellowhead I'.iss is now well
under way.
,1 0. Paull, a wealthy English niilier,
has secured an option on (be Neal
Beaton ranch, at Cherry creek, and it
is his intention to bring out, two car
loads of the Clydo and Shire stallions
and organize one of the largest horse
breeding establishments in Canada.
He will pay over $40,000 for the ranch,
His son will be ieft in charge. Mr
I'niill also intends to build twenty
modern houses in Kamloops, and wi
spend in Ibe neighborhood of nearly
ball a million dollars altogether.
Surveyors bave started to lay out
the boundary lines lor I he government
game park iu the Elk valley, near
The city of Fernie wibbes to extend
its limitB by including the Fernie
annex, at present controlled by the
Cruw's Nest PasB Coal Company.
The N'ew Westminster lacrosse
champions had a narrow escape from
defeat in a game played with Van
eouver last Saturday The score stood
li to ti at the end ol the third quarter,
and New Westminster just managed
to win by one goal in tbe lasl twenty
minutes, The veteran, Alex. Turn
bull, of New Westminster, was carried
down in one rush aud his back badly
sprained and one rib broken.
The Kniveisity of North Dakota
baseball team which iH at present
touring British Columbia, last week
piayed Nelson with varying fortune.
In the first game Nelson won hy 5-3,
but in the following day the visitors
turned the tables, winning by 8 2,
A "get acquainted" excursion is
shortly to be organized in Calgary for
the purpose of visiting Kootenay and
examining its possibilities. The ex
cursion was prompted largely by the
line display exhibited by Nelson and
other centreB at the Calgary Fair.
The experiment ol handling the
strawberry erop around Kootenay lake
by a barge attached to lhe steamer
Moyie which carries it, during the
night to Kootenay landing seems an
assured success. The barge is so con
btructod that there passes continually
through it a cool current of air which
preserves tbe berries, while shipments
oan all be arranged in order of desti
ii.iii'iii. The cars aie all loaded so
tbat the berries lor the nearest points
em b    taken mil. llrat.    The Koolenny
orop, though a little later than last
year, is i.I excellent quality,
The Salmon A i m Iruit exhibit al
i slgary Fail waa swarded the second
prise of (100 and s diploma. Nelson
c i nn  iu-t
Ifsv Iir iviiney, a famous theologian nml -I'hiihir, nf Glasgow, was
iin guoal ul honor at a banquet given
by the Nelson   Canadian   (Hub   last
i' irday, The olub, which has readied
a membership ol l.'io, has already
entertained Ueneral Otter and Premier
Tbe    Fernie    B mid    uf   Trade    bus
decided to calibrate the renascence ol
the oity Irum the li a nl lust vear   by a
baequot to be given on Monday,  Aug
2, ii year since Ihe lire uneurred.
Ne* Programme
A new programme will be put on at
ths Edison   Parlor  Theatje on Friday
and Saturday,    The  mbjeoti will bo
gnnd and will include "Making moving pictures," etc Remember Friday
and Saturday,
Midsummer Prices
Are going in this store and you will find
many opportunities to save money by doing
your purchasing here. You will find our stock
well assorted and all the latest novelties at
reasonable prices.
Ladies' and Misses Wash Dresses in Lawns
and Ducks, well made and nicely trimmed at
half the regular prices.
Ladies' Sailors—all new, in white, black and
colors, only 50c. Ladies' Linen Hats only 25c.
Children's Lingerie Hats at one-third off.
Children's Shoes in the celebratee "Classic"
make. We heve a lot oi odd sizes that we are
offertng at a big cut.
Special Prices in Neckwear, Belts, Hosiery,
Laces,  Embroideries, etc,, at
McLennan & Co,
j You Don't Have To
s Go outside of Revelstoke to make
E your  Real   Estate   Investments.
E: The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
E have the best bargains in the City,
r Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain) Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Bailey,  Breakfast Foods,  Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Reduced   prices   iu   hammocks   at
Bews' drug store
New colored pOBt cards, local views,
at Bews' drug store.
Thermos   bottleB   $2.70,   at   Hewn'
drug Htore.
Scythes,   sickles,    whetstones,   hay
forks, rakes, at Bourne Bros.
Sporting Notes
The Employed and lhe School hoys
moot again on the 16th In a game 6t
lacrosse. The last game il will he
remembered went, to tbe winking
boys, hut the school fellows are confident they can turn the tables on Ihem
Uiis game.
The Intermediate baseball team will
play the Rovers on Thursday night,
game to start al 7 sharp.     Players are
requested   to   I n lho Held ready to
play at lhat. time,
Tlie hull players of the University nf
North Dakota, at present   no il I mil'of
the prnvlu Icl'i-nlcd   lhu local team
mi Tuesday   uight liy a s 'o nf   11-2,
Mr. Hays umpired to gcminil salis-
liiclion. The Itevelsloke boys wt'l'O
handicapped by the ahsnnco nf sumo
nf their hesl players, Hooll, lhe
pitcher was away, and Mclnerney wns
crippled in his work of catcher hy n
sore hnnd. Up lo the lifth Innings the
g.tiiic tins fairly even the score standing 1-0 In favor of Um visitors. Then
a few errors on the pari of the  local
men gave the visitors nu opening inr
scoring ol which they took advantage,
Tho visitors were n sumi-l looking lol
of boys whu are working their way
through in thu Soulllu fair, They
played n clean, Hportsiiiiinllke game.
After the game all ivenl dnwn lu Iho
olub rooms where a pleasant evening
wil" spent.
There wns n   g 1 deal ol coinpllllut
lucidly uiiiini the cramped nature of
the ground -. Tho pluyet h ut-u Hedged
In between buildings on nil sides and
bulls were constantly going among
spectators. The buy- are naturally
anxious to know when the city reoreation grounds will be luady for use
Death Was Accidental
,;\Ve find that the deceased met his
death by being Htruck by tlie engine
nl train No til!, autl that it was purely
accidental." The above ia the subsance
ol tbe verdict given by the jury who
sal on tho inquest un tlie death ol J.
(i. Matheson, last Saturday afternoon.
The evidence all showed that Matheson had been drinking. Mr. James
McPerson who Baw him on the bridge
shortly before the train came along
said tbat he told him to get oil the
bridge or lie would fall into the river.
Matheson replied that he did not care.
It would   be   just   as   well   anyhow.
Engineer Scott said lie wsb just
putting on steam lo cross the bridge
when he saw Matheson sitting by tbe
side nf track perilously near the engine
He shut oil the steam and blew the
whistle, but the man never moved.
The engine struck bim and he rolled
down the bank. He thought his skull
waB fractured by the fall.
Coroner Hamilton conducted the
investigation, and the jury that sat on
the case was composed ol Messrs W.
II. I'ratt (foreman), A. ,1. Haylock,
\V. VV, (ioddaid, K. M. Holcroft, A.
II. Wise, and K. E, (iigot.
A Common Medical Standard
Dr. Sutherland lefl for a trip to the
(lonst iiii No. !I7 yesterday afternoon
lo   ;il lend   n   meet ing   of   the   H.   C.
Meiiic.nl Oounotl of which he Is president this year, One of lhe questions
io eome before the Oouncil will be that
of   lhe   cslalilshincut,   of   a    common
standard uf ruiallfloatlou for medical
practice In nil the provinces of Western Canada.
On tin- sume train travelling west
with Hr. Sutherland wen- Drs, Patterson and Millrov, ol Winnipeg, ami Dr.
Ki-nneilv, of Maclcoil, who have come
to Bl-lllah Colliml In ioi' lhe purpose of
urging I In- medical men of the province lo iidiipt a common standard of
qualification with the Hirer prairie
provinces.    Their aim is   to  hnve  lhe
standard so regulated lhal n doctor
removing from one province to aunt her may practise on payment of
fees withoul flirt her examination,
They arrived from the south yesterday
afternoon, and as they 'went on west
im Itately  tbey had  not   tlm* to
confer with the doctors in   Hevelstoke:
imi Dr. Patterson staled lo the Mail-
ilKiMi.ililmi  In Kootenay Ihey hnd
met with great SUOCeaS,     Tlicprnposal
for a common standard had been endorser] by the medical fraternity in
Hiisslnutl,Trail, Nelson nniHVniibrnok.
The only opposition Ihey anticipated
wns in the cimsl cities, Iiul Ihey hud
good hopes lhat lhe proposal would be
endorsed there also,


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