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The Mail Herald 1908-07-25

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The Mail-Hepald
JUL 28 1908
'croRiA. **■
Vol. 14,-No  55
ProTiricial Library
if ease of operation and perfection
i.i results produced, this Machine
is unsurpassed.—I'i-.ick: $60.00 cash.
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores &.« Ariro.-htad ...J Revelstoke.
io Wash   Dresses in   Women's sizes,   all
White Gored Skirt, Waist trimmed.  Regular
$3.75 dresses for
10 Girls' White Muslin Dresses, fit girls
from 6 to 10 years—no two alike, all white,
some lace trimmed, some embroidery trimmed
—$3 and $5 dresses selling at - -
10 Children's Dresses in Lawn, Gingharr),
and Fancy Muslins, embroidery trimmed,
some  lace  trimmed.    Selling now at
Five pieces of Muslin the last of our Summer line in the new pattern and coloring.
They sold at 35c. and 40c.    Now going at
15 Gents
Three Ends Linen Crash for Skirting, 1 yd.
wide, Pure Linen, l/2 Bleached, make good
Skirts.    Regular Price  35   cents.    Now
15 Cents
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Our sinrcial sales have been much appreci 'ted by our customers that we have dcidcil tn give tliem another uf our '-Genuine
Bargains" which all know are better values and better goods than
ever offered by nny Catalogue House, and here yuu see the goods
without sending your money away weeks before you get the goods.
1 Quart Grey, Enamelled Tea or Coffee Pot, 50c.   Sale Price 25c.
11 •'       "           " " " (10c. " 40c,
2 ' " " 75c. " 50c.
3 "       '•           " " " 85o. " OOc.
li White       " " " 85c. " 05c.
•2 '•           » " '• $1.0(1 " 70c.
3 ■'           " •• " $125 » 80c.
2 Blue " " " .1.00 " 05c.
1 Blue Decorated Tea l'ot     $1.00 " 55c.
H    •• •■ "             $1.25 " OOc.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Branch.! In th. Prnvincasof Manitoba, Alberta, 8ask.tch.wRu.
British Columbia, Oulsrlo, Quebec.
Oapital Authorized ... 910,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....    s4,025,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        • .,026,000.00
D. R. Wilkie, President; Hon. R. Jafkkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
quarterly,   /
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr
26 Per cent.
on the Dollar
Ohlldren'a  Dresses
Ladles' Blouses
Underwear.    Stockings   and
Underwear,     Wash     Skirts.
Slippers, Wash Skirls, eto,
All Ibis stuck  must   go  to
Summer  Millinery
make room for winter  stock
All Mummer Millinery must
which will ciiminence   lo  ar
bu cleared uut.
rive next month.
Opposite Climax lintel, First Street.
Hayes  Declared   Winner   on
London, July 24.—John P, Hayes,
ol the Irish-American Athletic Association, was declared the winner of the
Marathon race this afternoon by the
judges, who upheld the protest against
Dorando, of Duly, who crossed the
line lirst. lletl'eron, of Sonth Africa,
was given second place, and Furshaw,
of the Missouri Athletic Club, third.
Bole, ol England, was fourth. Hayes
was also protested. Weldon, of America, came in fifth, then three Cana-
distis, Wood, Simpson and Lawson,
were six) li, seventh and eighth, respectively.
Simpson finished running the
strongest of any.
It was proved to the satisfaction of
the judges that Dorando was assisted
across the finish line.
The time of the winner was 2 hours,
54 minutes, 40 seconds. The Marathon race in Athens in 1006 waa won
by Slierring, of Canada, in 2 hours,
51 minutes and 23 3-6seconds.
On account of his legs being injured in the recent accident, Longboat mis forced to retire in the 20th
mile ol the tace. Tlie Indian had
forced the running too bird ut the
London, July 25.—Dorando died
late u«l night I10111 exhaustion after
the Marathon race.
London, July 25.—(Special noon)—
The report that Dorando was^dead is
denied, but he is in a very low critical
H. R. H. Prince of Wales Lands
at Quebec
Quehec, July 24.—Thousands of
visitors thronged into the city to witness the arrival of His Royal Highness
the Prince of Wales, on the fast
cruiser Indomitable, the mystery ship
of the King's navy, which waa mat by
a tbunderoiis'saluie from tlie international ships iu the harbor.
The streets were filled with enthusiastic Canadians, singing, shouting,
cheering and laughing, everyone, from
the youngest tn the oldest, entering
into the spirit of the occasion,
Amidst the most gorgeous state
Ceremonies, the Prince of Wales arrived at Quebec nn Weduesduy after
noon, and at 'ust the tercentenary has
reached ils zenith, the reception of
the Prince Icing one of the most interesting events that has happened in
There were representatives of many
nations, and in full state array, generals, admirals, dukes and hundreds of
the most distinguished oitisensol Can-
ada ami the United States, as well as
of Great Britain ami France, to add
eclat tn the scene. It was most gor-
gpoiis in its spls ndor. Prominent
among the groups were Sir Wilfrid
Liiurier and his cabinet, ull attired in
their Windior uniforms or an privy
councillors, while lhe Premier wore
hia insignia as a Knight of St. Michael
uud St. George.
Many elaborate ceremonies have
been planned and the Prir.ee will participate in some of* the most spectucu-
lir events in recent history before Inking bis departure from Canada next I couBem of the council, tlie vote of the
Wednesday. His Itoyal Highness I ratepayers t„ be taken at the city hall
is looking iu excellent health.
Thursday wus the official opening of
the celebration commemorating the
:100th anniversary ot the founding of
the   ancient   capital   hy  Champlain.
Vice-President Fairbanks ol the
United States delivered an eloquent
address during the landing ceremonials on Wednesday, of good will and
neighborly frieudisbip from the Unitid
States to the Prince.
Important By-Laws Introduced
By City Council-New Fire
Alarm System —City Park
A meeting ol the city council waa
held last night witli Mayor Lindmark
and Aid. McCarter, Stone, Sawyer,
Foote aud Woodland, present. Minutes
of the last meeting were rend and
From F. W. Terry, acting chief of
police, reporting fire alarms O. K.—
From Ctiief of Polioe reporting on
the Ore 111 the premises of the Bowman
Lumber Co.—Filed.
From H. Needham requesting that
the cottnge at the power house be
moved and repaired in order tbat it be
habitable. Tbe council agreed that
it was convenient to have a power
house employee handy ou the premises
and the matter was lefl iu the hands
f the Fire, Water it Linht committee
to investigate with power to act.
From the Board of Trade requesting
a further donation from the city of
$200 towards the expenses of the
Revelstoke exhibit at the Calgary
Dominion Fair. The request was
From G. Robertson, junior clerk in
the city office, tendering bis resignation.     The resignation was accepted.
From the hospital society thanking (
the city for their   promise   of   wiring
free of charge the   new   wing   of   the
From the secretary of lhe Union of
B. C. Municipalities reminding the
eily of payment of fees.
From T. F. Sinclair requesting that
the fees amounting tt;$171.22, 011 tbe
bond of the sewerage contract be paid
him as per arrangement. The
council resolved that he, Mr. Sinclair,
be informed that tho city is prepared
to pay the premium on $2,000 as there
is no apparent chance of his being
called upon lo commence the work.
From the Supt. of Provincial Police
stating that the city could rightfully
put the city gaol prisoners to Wjrk
outside the guol limits—Filed.
From C. J. Aiuati suggesting certain
changes in lhe city ollice relating to
the Water it Light department, and
thnt he have full charge of that department, with a raise of salary. The
council finding that -ucli a change
was not feasible, resolved that Mr.
Aman be relieved of the janitor work
bis sal ry to remain us before and the
office wjrk to continue on the same
Froin G. M. Sprout requesting certain considerations relative to his
property be Hindu hy the   city.—Filed.
Applications foi; the position of
junior clerk in the city office were
considered, C. W. Gordon being appointed at a salary of $00 per  111'Uth.
Petitions largely signed were read
requesting thut $3,!i00 he raised by
debentures for tbe purpose of installing a new lire alarm system. The bylaw authorizing the borrowing of the
money by debenl.iues for the new lire
alarm system was introduced and ie
ceived its three readings, and was
finally   passed   with   the   iinauimniis
An Old Timer
Mr Chas. Kerr of Danhury, Conn.,
is in the city ti duy, accompanied hy
Mr. J. McLean of the same city. Mr.
Kerr is one of t e oldest of the old
timers of Kevelstoke, this being bis
first visit here in 21 years. Mr. Kerr
wae in charge ol all the supplies fur
the construction camps of the C.P K
from Medicine Hat to Sicamous and
after completion of the toad here be
started a general retail store on tin
sight ol the pie-cut wharf on the Columbia river, just below the govern
ment dam, Mr. Kerr is delighted
with the appearance of tho city, antl
is enjuying to the full a tour of tlie
district in which be operated twu
decades ago, when it was a wilderness
iu the lull sense nl the term. Messrs.
Kerr aud McLean are guests at the
Hotel Revelstoke.
on August Mi li.
A petition was read largely signed
requesting that $5,000 he raised by
debentures for tlie purpose of improving the city parks. Tlie by-law was
int induced, receiving its three readings
and passed unanimously. Voting to
take place on August 8th.
A by-law was also introdticotl,
authorizing the borrowing of $l..,-
000 from tlie Molsons Bank on the
taxes of tho current yoar.
The repirt of the Fire, Water it
Light committee recommending a 20
per cent, reduction ol the city water
rates. The report was adopted und
the council resolved that such reduction be made to take effect  August 1.
Aid Foote complained that garden
hoses had taken away tlio water pressure on the hydrant at tho recent lire
in the Bowman Lumber Co's. premises
recently and suggestett lhat all such
use of garden hose during a tiro be
stopped. The council resolved Unit
the Firo Chiefs be given authority to
stop tlie use uf water for gardens, etc,
along the line in event of a fiio.
A tender for clearing the lane behind K. A. Bradley's lots on Second
street lor $21 was let to J. Orawlord.
The accounts were then passctl anil
tlio meeting terminated.
Do not forget "Foot Comfort" for
hot weather. 25c at Bews' Drug Store,
Revelstoke Cricketers  Sweep
Okanagan Valley
The Revelstoke cricketers havo
made a clean sweep of the Okanagan,
having won -ill the gnmes played.
On Wednesday they defeated Okanagan Mission by 180 to 04. Going
down the lake on Thursday, they defeated Kelowna 99 to 71. They also
defeated the South Okanagan eleven
but no details have yet been received.
The buys are expected to return home
this evening and are to be heartily
congratulated 011 the buccpss of tlieir
Here is a complete list of the championships won by Robert Kerr, of
Hamilton, at tho English championship meet, ono week prior to the
Olympic gameB :
100 yards—Gold medal, also challenge
cup presented by Priuce Hassan.
220 yards—Gold medal and challenge cup presented by G. V. A. Schol-
field, Esq.
Robert Keir also wins the " Harvey
Memoiial Gold Cup," valued at 100
guineas ($500), to lie held for one year
for the best performance of the year.
Taking a substantial lead in the
220 meters final ut tbe Olympic games
London, Eng., Robt. Kerr, of Hamilton, Out, just managed to stiive off
the determined challenge by Cloughcn
of America, winnin - by nine inches in
12 2-5, the sumo li 0 as he made in
the semi-final, after which it hub
generally conceded the Canadian
would win out. Cartmell, American,
was third by a foot/ Hawkins, the
Old Country champion, was last.
The Olympic athletes met a dark
horEe in the person of the South
African youth, B. E, Walker. Walker
broke the tape in what is considered
one of the most important events in
the Olympic games, the 100-metre
dash, a Bhort two feet in front of J. A.
Rector, the University of Virginia
crack. The Canadian Kerr was a few
inches behind the Virginian in the
third place.
Now that tbe automobile has made
its appearance in Revelstoke, who
knows but that tbe aeroplane, the
baloon or the airship may be the next
venture on tho part of some of our
progressive citizens.
List Wednesday night the Rover
baseball team met the Hopefuls in a
V. M. C. A. league game. As the
Hopefuls ure the league leaders and
Rovers tuil-enders, it looked like easy
meat for the Hopehils, however, h surprise packet was handed up und the
lovers gut the long end of 11 to 0
spore, tlie principal reasou being that
the Hopeful team were playing several subs, while Ihe RovetS had
strengthened up considerably.
Next Wednesday lhe Alerta piny
tlie Hopefuls; will Cnpt. Squarehriggs
he uhle to bring a team 011 cupuble of
taking lhe measure uf the Aristocratic
Hopefuls, it will he wc.nl. Im tolling,
Lust night the Rover p'ayed the
Oity lacrosse team an cm.1 i' on baseball game, and were deleatmi by tbe
score of 1(1 to 2. The lucrosm hoys
cun play hull us well ns Incroste and
with a little practice would he 11 Blmng
team. Tlieir fielding unit batting
were good, while (he Rovers were very
slack in tbe field nnd mil very heavy
on the hut.
The stock holders of the Turf Association will meet ou Wednesday next,
July 29, in the Cowuu block, ut 8 p.m.
A full attendance iu requested.
Mrs. Bryant will give a FREE
Store on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 28th and 29th next.
These Teas are famous all over
the world for their delicious
flavors.        :        :        : :      :
Call and Have a Cup    :    :      :
Bourne  Bros.
Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament of
the Dominion of Canada
Head Office, • Vancouver, B. C.
CAPITAL I $2,000,000   In 20,000 Shares of $100 each with $10 Premium
Salvation Army Leaving
Guano Fours, July 21.—The Salvation Army nioiiibers, who have for the
puat two years been in this city, expect tu leave here next week. The
Army lost ull its belongings in the
lire, and tho ollicers who havo been
stationed here do not (eel disposed to
remain longer.
C. P. R. Mechanics
WiNNir-KU, July 21 —T. McVety, tho
head of the mechanics in tho Canadian Pacific Railway shops ol Western
Canada, has gone to Chicago to consult with the executive of the American Federation 01 Labor witb a view
to securing its assistance in engaging
in a struggle with thu company over
the recent findings of theconeilliation
hoard in a dispute with tlie company,
tlie men being dissatisfied. Ten
thousand men are affected,
For Railway Commissioner
Ottawa, July 24.—Your correspondent is informed that tho proposed
new appointments to the railway commission will recognize claims of British Columbia to a seat on this tribunal, in some respects most important
court of law in the wliolo country. W.
A. Gallihor, M.P., and Ralph Smith,
M.P., are the names mentioned in
connection with tlie new appointment,
Tbe Bauk of Vancouver is beingiorginized to moet'in part the increased tanking
accommodation roiiuired by lhe natural and steady expansion of business coincident with
tho creat development o the countr] and especially of British Columbia, .nd while
organizing to conduct a general haLkiug business, will Hive special consiaer.tion to th.
industries and cominerco of the Prrivinre, nnd  is beius established  primarily  for   this
gurpose, mill through its connections iu liroat  Britain, Eastern Canada and the United
tutes, it will bo able to greatly facilitate the investment of outride capital in the various
euterpnsas of the Province.
It is the intention to open branch offices at various points from time to time as opportunity arises.
For tired and soro foot aik at C. R.
Macdonald's for preparation. Only
25o per package.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Revelstoke.   Application forms and
A. L. DEWAR, Secretary.
have beou appointed Fiscal Agents for the Bank at Revelstoke.   Application forms and
terms of Stock Subscriptiou may be obtained from them.
?% 7~ qu frz.„ /fay—*
A|doctor a few days ago met an old gentleman
on the street.
" Why, Major, I am very glad to see you !
How are you feeling ? "
" Pretty well for an old man," answered the
" Old Man ?" asked the doctor.
" Why, yes, I am nearly sixty."
" You certainly don't look it."
" Oh, that's because I get the kind of clothes
that make you look younger."
" Where do you go?" asked the doctor.
" Oh, there's just one place to go," replied
the old gentleman with an assuring smile. " That
place is
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
At 8 Per Cent.
Z\k _lbail-1betalb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Depart menial
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy,
Harold Fisher
Barrl-ten, Solicitors, Eto
Itl.VI-.l.-.lllKi: INDTROU'l I.AKK B.O,
".. UU.I IS J   ('• K1.I.111
IrriCKs :   Imi kkial   Hank   Hi ick,   REVEL-
Money to loan,
omoe-s: Revelstoke
stokk, ii. c.
D.O.I Cniiilii'iiiik. H. C-
jko. a. MoOabtbr,
Hevelstoke, B. C
J. A. Hahvkv,
Cnuibrook, B.C,
J. M. Scon LL
W, I. Brlggs.
barristers, solicitors, ktc.
Money to Loan
Solicitors por Molsons Hank
First Street. Kevelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 106, Revelstoke.
Furnished Mouse in Good Locality $2,100
Real E investment in the City paying  i _
per cent, clear profit     $2,500
Modern Residence on Fifth Street  $3,200
Rooming House on First Street  $2,000
Residence on McKenzie Avenue  $1,950
Forty Acres of Fruit Land, close in  $75.00
Per Aero
Building Lots in All   Parts of the City.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
estra was in attendance and assisled
materially iu making the veiling's
entei tuinnieiit a thorough sti'-ecss.
For Sale
Dry cedar   emil    wo ill-
General Agencies   L'tl.
O girl ivunled for light housework.
Apply to Mrs.  F.   Hooley, Fourth
WANTEU-By Gentleman, a furnished room (without hnard).
State locality und terms per month.
Address Box 457.
diniiig-room girl—Mm.   VV. .1.
At   once   n   compelent
lis.   W.  J
Lighthurne, Union Hotel. Arrowhead
clothes, etc.   .1. 0,   Hull.
S'Tnnil bund I'm nil in r,
.  First
ppusite Union hotel
OiT—Gold Uicoch, set wilh pearls
mil diamonds, between  I-i. and
Jrd. Streets, east.    Return   lo   Mrs.
Miirey, Hid. Street, mul received $6,00
Fir Brlsco school, a
female toucher holding third
■etiificiitc; $60 per inonth. Pur full
particulars apply tn R. Tapping, of
Hevelstoke. B. 0 . also to Trustee II.
Atchison, Brisco, li. C.
Stkatucona. At.r v. ,_
Revelstoke,   -   B. C.
Member- Albortn Association of Ariliituci .
H. M.  WlIIDDi-.'IlT
Slratlicuna. Alta.
\V. ."•   WiiniliiNiii'
Bevelstoke, 11. t.
Men ahould
look for this
Tag on
Tobacco. Ft
guarantees the high quality of
Black Watch
Ike Big Black Ping.
.Ibe _T&a.l*1beralfc
There i? .-o much bud iu tho best of Ils.
And so much good iu tho worst of us.
That it hardly behooves any nf ns.
To talk about the rest of us.
SATURDAY,   JULY 25. 1908
The following excerpt from the
Canadian Courier will have no
small interest: "Political government in large cities, where manhood suffrage obtains, is BO much a
failure that the police force must
I* in the hands of an independent
commission. In Fredericton, tho
change from aldermanic control to
commission control, was made a
few days ago. Most of the other
larger cities have already inaugurated the system. Montreal is the
only notable exception, and there
would lie a much better enforcement of the law there if the aldermen could be persuaded to introduce "civil service reform." Politics
and the administration of justice
should be entirely separate. The
enforcement oi the law and the
prevention of crime are two most
important municipal functions.
They should be performed by men
absolutely independent of any person connected with the business of
interest died out and now there are
few who really care whether the
change is made or not. To those
who work all day in stores and
oflices, the extra hour of daylight is
valuable and beneficial ninl wo
fully believe that the movement
was killed by some who, on principle kick at any new moderrfin-
iiiiviition, Those who desire to jug
along in the same old groove,
simply because that groove has developed with them, without having
any ideas beyontl themselves, are
not the sort ol citizens to make n
community go ahead. There is
not a particle of reason why this
question of adopting mountain
timo should not have heen settletl
long ago, especially when the majority of citizens are in favor of it.
If the scheme is carried through at
once it will not be too late iti the
summer for the people, who would
reap the benefit of the change, to
enjoy a long evening of leisure and
put to some practical use  the hour
of   daylifj
lit, than   wasting   it
We note with interest that Nelson
and Qolden have adopted the
mountain time in place of the
coast time, thereby putting the
clocks on one hour. What this
means during the slimmer months
and how the value of the change
has been realized, the people of
Nelson and Golden have been
quick to see and knowing that the
change was for the better for all
concerned prompt action was taken
Revelstoke with her customary
habit of delaying things, and procrastinating in this matter has su
far done nothing towards accomplishing her aim, although she haH
had the matter under consideration
for some time. As in every case a
new idea or scheme creates a lot of
interest and enthusiasm on the
part of a few citizens, this matter
was received with considerable approval by tlie community, and tho
city council have even disctihseil
the  scheme,   As time went on tlm
The Big Copper Find on Moresby Island
Arthur Qmviug, who made the marvellous discovery of hipl) grade copper
ore in Tasoo inlet, Moresby Island,
returned on Thursday evening from
the lower Kootenay and will leave for
Moresby Island tonight witb Messrs.
F. C. Elliott and T. Taylor, M.l'.l'.
his local associates in the property, on
a tour nf inspection.
Mr. Qowing bus hen.  in the ullice nf
Messrs,   Gil Ian   A    Kllintt. i-ume  line
samples of the nre   from bis propert)
In the  black copper ore then sre big
values   in   native   gold, which  is not
often the case  in ores of  tbis description.     The ore will run from 'JO to 3D
per cent cupper   besiil s tli.. bur values
iu   gold,     The   ore   bodice
large und   running   true   in
Mr. Ouwing is an  old Lurdeau pros
with the "Black Hand" Society.
These men were arreBted ten days ago
Their escape was evidently engineered
by friends on the outside. Tlie feeling
here ia that there may be a serious
battle before the police arc able to
again secure the arrest of the former
Following is the description of the
men whu got away :
Steven Bruno, 22, stout, clean
Ernest San torn, dark niniiBtaclie, 6
feet, I), slight build, wearing grey
striped llannel trousers.
Nuiisciatu Santoro, dark, heavy
Frank Alhornello, alius Tony Talu-
rico, short hair, closely cropped, clean
shaven, wearing light blue sweater,
red silk handkerchief.
Jasper Jacino, .. feet. 7, eighteen,
clean shaven, dark clothe i
O.   F.
_. HUt 11.BL.   , .
Ith Mondays tu oddfellows Hall, next to Oiieru
House. Visititin brethren cordially iuvitod to
J.W. Gam-and, O.B.
H. Vi. Kowakds, R.S
'TIML wa' ..lien you could buy a really good pair
1 of SLATER SHOES for $3.50— all leather
through and through. That was when beef was selling
for 5 cents a pound, hides were as cheap, and labor
was plentiful at $1.00 a  day.
<J Beef costs  12 cents a pound, and  bides  are   worth
60 per cent more.    Tbe farmer reaps tbe increase.
«j Slater Shoes at $4.00, $4.50 and $5.00  are  better
made than tbey ever were, but
tbeir   great   attraction    is   tbeir
comparative economy.    No man
or woman can nfTird to   waste
money on cheap shoes.
C. VV. O. VV.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229
Meets Second und Kourlh Wednesdays in
each month, in Selkirk Halt Visit in Woodmen cordially invited U> ulteiul.
vi. II. ARMSTRONG, Con, Com.
RBVBL8TOKK A Kill E Nn. .«
F. O. E.
The regular moetiiiRs ure held in the Selkirk
Hall 1st aud Hnl Tut'silay of each month, 8 p.m.
VisiliiiK brethren aro cordially invited.
w. e. Mclauohlin, Seobbtarv.
Goodeve to Contest Kootenay
Nki.son, B.C., July 24.—At the Con-
servative convention held in the opera
house on Tuesday, A. S. Goodeve, ol
Rossland, druggist, received the unanimous vote for nomination in the
Federal constituency of Kootenayi
Six candidates were nominated:    A
S   Goodeve;   VV, A. Macdonald, K.C.,
and    Ft.   S.   Lennic, of  Nelson:   R. F.
Green,   K'lislo;   VV, It. lbiss, K.O., Fernie; .1. II. Sobofield, Trail.
All retired except Messrs. Goodeve
ai.d R'iss. Upon a ballot being taken
Mr. Goodeve wus found to have received u large maj irity, and on tbe motion
of Mr lbiss, the nomination was made
Eighty-five delegates and liftei n
proxies were in attendance It. S.
Lecnie was chairman, Tlie proceedings, which were open to the press
were hearty und harmonious through
.•ut. Resolutions ol confidence in the
McBride government and R. L. Borden, and in favor ol Isetter terms, ad
justment of the taritT on lumber, and
are very [exclusion ol Chinese and a ndpmninr.
'"lid for-   graft ami delayed flections.
A mu-- meeting in the apers boost
w.is we.: attei ded Hon. VV. .1. Hanoi
provincial secretary of Ontario, Mtr
Kootenay Lodge, No. 16, A. F. & A. M.
The reKlllnr nioet-
in.s are hold In the
Oddfellows Hall, on
I'n! third Monday iu
eaeb mouth at 8
p ni. Visiting brethren oordlally welcome.
llUCUNlll.lt. SkCRKTAItV.
C B. HUME & Co., Revelstoke, B.C.
Meets every Thursday
evening  In   Selkirk
(.Hull    at   8   o'clock
1 VisiiiiiLt brethren cor
dially Invited  to at-
I 1.1'IHl
I.MlHICK, N.n. ,1, MATHIH, St-o
Cold Range Lodge, K. of  P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
exieut Third Wednesday ol
caetaui.nlri. In tli-)   Oddfellows'
Hall    at    8   o'clock.    Visiting
Knights arts cordially  nvited.
G. II   IIROl'K, K. of   If   A S.
J. I). SCOTT, M. of F.
Now is I he time to order your mill
Five lo.uls .md over, $1.75 per loud,
delivered al any point between the
mill nnd Roiitennv S' reel.
Kiln Dried Kindling. $2 SO per loud.
Order al olHie of
pstctor, aud his many friends through
out the district will be pleased to hear | tin Burrell  of   Vale, and ail   tbe local
of  his big strike and bis success thro'  members ol provincial  constitnenciei
sheer perseverance. I in this riding were present,
First   Class   Work
i ci of 'own orders promptly
Interesting Work by the Alpine Revelstoke Cricket Team Again
Club Enthusiasts Victorious
j  ]     On Tuesday a wl I   contested   Kauie
I of   cricket   was   played    ut     Vermin
between   the   Vernon   olob  and au
and Mr. Ed. Feux, Sr., as Swiss guide, 1e,eT8n   fr"m   B«»al«toke   winch   remade the ascent ol M t  Stephen   »ulted in a win for the viiiton afters
from  Field.   The party left  town tl   "''" '""*'" n"l,cl'
On Wednesday of tins week Rev,
R. Robertson, of  Revelstoke.   in   com-I
puny with   Mr    Marsh    "f Chicug ■
fir , as  r-wiss k'iuIi.,
6 a.m.   and    reached    tin'   summit   ,it
11 .'IO, having made the ascent   in   sit
and u half hours.    Leaving the  sum
mit   at   12   o'clock,   they   made   tin-
descent In four hours.     Tbe  day   was
very Warm, hot the climbing wns not
very difficult,   The  most.  Interesting
part ol the climb was near the summit
where the rope was brought into operation for an hour ami it. half.     Mount
Stephen is 10,450 feet altitude and is
greatly admired by all travellers passim tlie train, The view from the
summit is very fine and well worth
the long, steady climb. There is an
interesting, scientific artic.lt: nn Mt.
Stephen in the Alpine Journal for
1908 hy Prof, Coleman ol Toronto
Black Hands at Large
FeBNIE, Ii. C, July 24,—This city
was thrown into a great state of excitement yostcrday morning by tlie
liold escape   of   five  membors  uf an
Vernon wont lirst to tbe wicket and
made 78 runs, which was pist  beaten
by Revelstoke in tliiir first, inning* by
a score of 711
In tbe second innings Vernon os-
olared" for a score of fifi with six
wickets down, i<iviiig an hour's neat
play before the time (or drawing
stumps. Kevelstoke, however, oiisily
succeeded in rolling up the required
number of runs, winning witb snout
ten minutes to spare, making .17 runs
(or H wickets.
The run-getters for Revolstoke were
F, Bourne with lit and 2-1 and F.nt-
wistle 2H and 17, while the eleven as a
whole acquitted themselves creditably.
In thn evening one of the unst
enjoyable smiiking concerts ever   held
In thn city took  place in Cameron's
Hall. There were a large number
present, the chair being occupied hy
Mr. G. A. Henderson, and a linn programme of instrumental and vocal
music, recitations, etc., was rendered
by liical talent, assisted by tlio visitors
Dray ing
Storaj? e
All Kinds of Light  and   H iavy
Hauling Undertaken
We have the largest line    of GOLD-HEADED
WW  UMBRELLAS and CANES in the City :
Hastings, Doyle & Allum, Ltd*
JEWELLERS        :       AND       : OPTICIANS
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new designs iu carpets, Our slock is
ceinplele, and the colors rich
and effective, thedesigns artistic, and the " tout cnsenihle "
is striking and benut.iful. Wc
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
HEAD OKKICK :   OAtOARV,   Ai.brht*.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers und Dealers iu Livestock.   Markets in alt the priori
nal Cities and Towns nf Alberta, British Golunibii and the Yukon.
Puckers r.f ihu Celebrated Brand " Iin pern t ■!■" Iliims and Biutm,
j    ati'l "Shamrock" Brand Lent Lard,
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Fnr Agricultural Implements. GarrlagSS, Wiiirnui. Ktc, .lulu,
liss.r'i I'll.nulls, Miilinn WairtuiH, t'tuuulH r.lirrliutu (*iii,i|i,iiiy's
HiiL-inn-. Pliuint Jr, Onriloii Hniiitors ami Caltlvators, Wheelwright und Blacksmith Work nitniiliiil to, Burse Bhuettix n
Dealer in Wood, <'n«i and Feed
Pbona 71. Home Pbone
Certificate of Improvements
Italian hand alleged to  be connected  Irom Kevelstoke.    The 0. M. 11. oroh-
1   rpWO mi Nam I rl'iim. litQA-st in th« I. i r-
'Iflmi Hiding   I» vMiou   of   (?_•_   K«*i_<ji.it]r
i   trial
W,i*r* lomUdi     U MM WmA n( Mr,|,i(wk rrrmli
*nr\ Rdtafah-g th*. Htyn* miotft! •'""''
Tabtnqtta  khst  I B  8m Iih  KM.'    No. H
Uf9M~ sV-tlt-CU IfMl   for   r.v*   f_»r,r<l   KM''
Nn RMIVltt uiiwii'l, ilxtydajri from d«Mh«raoJ
fcOsppIv to the M. in it* MOorda. for . <:«irtlfl-
ootanf Tmprof«m«nt   for  th«  pnrpn »• ••'■ do
tftituiifct .t ' fnwii Or .nt of tha   .f^ivt ' t-t i in
AihI faftriOf t.nkn in•<"■*, thnt «rtlon, uii'l«f
lOOtlon !7, irnut trt ':<jnnrt»iiir:-Kl Ifnf-ifn tht \§MU'
inoaof -fiirli ''nrt.iHrHt*. <»f l'T,\tr<,vnn\<*Ut*.
DaM tbli -iiMiny of Jihki a D   ltd
nt I 'i K  SMITH
Certificate  of   Improvements
Mini It   ii r.il claim, -il'iali-in liiu   I'roiit, l_*kf
rllninB Dlvlilonof Wtmt Kom.>nuy Dl.trlcl
Whorn lot ii,.'i|    M, tUn li.oi.l of Drri.tOreafc Baaln
idjo nlriK tho 1'th.iui mlnanl cUtm, f*ot iwv,
Group i
ilk.- nollca that f, It  Bmjth, F.M.G  IBlOffl,
it'liiiK  u   HKfiit f.-r.l   It   MdCllflnnl., P M C.  No.
OW■■  ml   .i-i, rUfifrom tin-ditta haraof, to
apply t.o i.iii« Mining Baoorder ror n (.ertlflcataof
tini»n-v*inii'iitH   fnr the  |iur| f   obtaining   I
(Ir-iwri (Irilit of I Imi iiIimvi' 'liiu
Ati'l nirihar tnka nottoa ibat ftotlon. ntntrr
_tooilnnB7,mm. b> oonmanenl Iwfora tna i.ih-
anoa of moll Oartlflot.to of improvamoiitaii
it oui i Mu uth day of Juna, A,0., iuvh.
HVtjW li. HMITH.
Central Hotel
__s___. REVELSTOKE, B. C
Newly built        Pirat-olaflB in every reKpeet,     All tiKxleni ciinveiiii'i oei
Large Sample I'.ooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  maiiHRerrieni
stiit.ibly ftirnishiid witli the choicest the
market .iffords. Hest Wines, Liquors and
Cigarg.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBERT      STO-TSTEJ      PBOP.
The miciiiImmsoI' KCompany, K.M.K.
are hereby notified to attend for company drill every Thursday;, at 8 p.m.
until further orders.
By  Order,
O. C.
NOTICE in hereby given thut the bm.ndnr.08
of thn Nfllsnn, KevolHtoVe mul SUicuu
I,;nnl HoconlhiK Divisions of West. Knnletmy
District, mui the Similkameon Laud HiimntiiiK
D vision of Yulo District, hitvo boon oltrren,
nnd tbat on mid Hftor Sap. em bo* thnl«t, IWi8,
tboboundnrtoaol1 lho Bala Land Raoordn_g Di-
vlsloni will bo us follows:—
Comniotiriiig ut a DOtnton tiio lutornnlii<iinl
Boundary whore it is intersoctod by the western
linimdnry <»f Secttnii 2, Township 10a, KiHttouny
District; heiiiKulso tho wostoru Umudiiry of iho
Nelson & Fort Slioppurd Hinlwuy Lund Omni :
tht'ucodue north ubout 8L, milea to southern
bouudnry or Lot 5,816. Urouu 1, Kootenny;
thenco dun west to tbo eusioru bouudury of tbo
right-of-way of tbo ('olumbiu & Western Rail*
way, which forms tho boundury of Lot 2,698,
Group 1, Osoyoos Division of Yale District (oow
Siinitkameon ; thence easterly anil northerly,
followiug eaid eastern bouudary of said right-
of-way, to tbo north-east corner of Lot 2,698;
thoncu due west along Lhe northern boundary
of Lot 2,6g8 to the divide between the waters
running iuto the _'olumbiu Rivor and Arrow
LaI.os from those flowing to tbo west; theuce
uorthorly, following the summit of tho mountains to a point56 miles due north of tbe International Bouudary, which Is also tbe north-oust
corner of tbe Similkumecu Division of Yule
District; theuce due east ton poiut due south
of tho south-west coruor of Township 69, Kootu-
nay: thouco due uortii to tbe north-oust coruor
of Township 65, Osoyoos Division of Yale;
theuce north-westerly to tho summit of tbo divide soi)H rutiuK the waters flowiui* iuto the Columbia Kiver and Arrow Lakos from the waters
flowing to tbe wost; tlience following tho summit of tho mountains, in a northerly direction,
to a puint due west ol tbe north-wost coruer of
Lot :.'.'S. Uroup 1, Kootonay, which point is the
uorth-west coruor of the Nelson Laud Recording Division; theuce duo east to tbe summit of
the wator-shod dividing the waters llowiug iuto
the Arrow Lukes from the wators llowiug into
Slocan Luke, which is tho north-east corner of
Nelsou Laud Recordini'Di ision; then<o south*
erly along the divide between tbo waters How*
ing iuto tlio Arrow Lakos and the wulors llowiug iulo Slni'iiii Kivor uud Slocan Lukuton
point near the hondwitiors of Pass Crook;
thonce following tbe height of laud to thu
mouth of Little Slocan River; thonco crossiug
tho Slocan Kiver mid followiug the divide separating tho waters (lowing iuto the Slocan
Kiver aud Kooteuay Luke from tbe waters
(lowiiiK iuto K-rolenay River und West Arm of
Kootenay Lako to the uorth-west corner of Lot
7,.'>__j Uroup l, Kootonay; thunce duo east along
tho north boundaries of Lots 7,G_!3 aud 4901, to
tbo west shore of Kooteuuy Luke; th.uce
southerly uud easterly to Pilot Poiui; theuce
uoithurly to the nortlrwest curuer of Lot 1,489,
Uroup 1, Kootonay; thouce easterly, followiug
the height of luud separating the waters flowing into Crawford Creek from the waters flow*
ing iuto Uroy's Creek, tu tho OOSteru bouudary
uf West Kooteuuy District, near tho headwaters
of Hukor t rook ; tbeuce southerly followiug tho
divide sopnrutiUK the waters (lowing into
Kooteuay Lake mid Kootonay River from the
waters flowing into St. Mary's Creek and the
Moyio Rivor, to the International Boundary;
thence westerly aloug lhu International Bouudary to the point uf uominenosment-
Cummeuciug ut the uorth-west corner of tho
Nelsou Land Rocordiug Division; thenco
northerly, following tho summit of the mountains dividing the waters flowing into the Columbia River Trom those flowing to the west, to
tbe neight of luud betweau Foster Creek aud
Kelley Creek, to the intersection of Cauoe River; theuce suutborly down tbe ceutre of Cauoo
River lo the'Columbia River; theuce in a
south-easterly direction to tbe dividing ridge of
the Selkirk range uf mountains; thence following tho said dividing ridge in a south-easterly
direction to tho summit of Rogers Pass; thenco
iu a -lOUth-onsLorly directum, followiug tbe
water-shed nearest tbe Upper ,'i luaihia River,
to its iuterseutiou with the soulhoru bouudary
of tho Dominion Railway Hell; thenco south*
westerly, following lhe southern boundary of
the Railway Bolt, Lo its iutorsectiou with the
divide bolwriou thu waters flowing iulo Duucau
Rivor aud Fish River, near the headwaters of
TeelKol Crook ; thoncu southerly followiug tho
height of land dividing lhe waters llowiug into
Duucuu Kivor from lhe waters llowiug iuto
Arrow Lake uud Trout Laku, to u poiut oppo*
si to lhe uorth und uf Bowser Luke; thenco
westerly, following the southern water-shod of
Luke l'took, tu a point ou the Lurdo River opposite the height of land betwoen Cascade
Creek uud Poplar ('reek ; thouce followiug that
height uf land and thu water-shod dividing the
waters or Wilson Croek from the waters flowing
iuto Lardo Kivor uud Koi^hknimx Creek to the
uorth-oust corner ol the Nelson Luud Recording
Division, being lhu souih-east coruer of thn
Revelstuko Luud Rocordiug Division; thenco
followiug tho uorthuru In.miliary of the Nelsou
Li.nd Rocordiug Division duo wust to the poiut
of commencement.
Commencing at the north-east coruos of tho
Nelson Luud Recording Division, which is alsu
the soulb-eust corner or the Rovelstoke Laud
Recording Division; thouco followiug the east-
urn boundary of lhu Kovelstofae Laud Rocordiug Division, iu u general easterly aud uorthorly direction, to its iutorsectiou with the suutb
bouudary of tbo Doiuiniou Kailway Bolt,
lluiiieo northerly uud easterly, followiug tho
Dominion Railway Bolt, lo its intersection
with thu eusturu bouudury of Wost Kooteuay
District; thouco in a south-easterly direction,
followiug tho watot-shod uuttrust the Upper
Columbia Rivor, to tlio 50th parttllel of north
latitude; thoncu iu a southerly directiuu, followiug thu divitlo separating the waters (lowing
iulo Kooteuuy Luke from lhe waters flowing
into St. Mary's (-reek to it_ intersection with
the easterly bouudarv of the Nelson Laud Retarding Division ut the headwaters of Grey's
Crook ; theuce following the easterly bouudnry
of the Nelson Luud Recording Division to the
puint uf commoucemout-
YA..K MMTltlfT.
Commencing at a point ou the International
Bouudury wl ere it is intersected hy Puyastou
Crook, which is also the south-oast corner of
lain Lund Rocordiug District; thouce following i.ortborly along the said crook uud the
South Kork of  tho Hituilkameon River lo ita
juuctiou with   tbe   Tulamueu   Kiveri  theu.'u
.    —-jco   northerly
along (hunt   Creek   to   Its   interse.tion   with
westerly   along   the  Tulmnuou
moulh    of    (Jblua   ('reek,   theuce   northerly
tivur  Ui  tho
loops Division of tuuj Dutrlot) thence duo oust
to the eastern bunk of Okanagan Rivor; Oioikq
iu au northerly direction, following tho eatrtorn
Queens Jfotel
Beat brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
shore of Okuuugui. River aud Okanagan Lake,
to a point distant 66 miles duo north o! thu
Internal umal Boundary; thnuce duo oast to tlio
wostoru boundary of the Nolsun Laud Recording Division or Koolouuy Dislrict; thuuee
southerly, following tho said wosteru bouudary
or Kooteuuy District, to the 49th parallel;
thouco west along tho 49th parallel to tbo
place of cumnieucomeut,
Deputy Commission')!' of Lauds uud Works,
Lands ami Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., June .Hah, 19(18.      jly 15 4t
Niitiim  In   hereby  given   that Hhh-
liiiK.i, liuyli! A Allum, Limited, will,
tlireu iiiinithH after date, apply to the
liii'tilt'iiiiill-Governor in Oouneil for an
Order-ln-Ooun.il ohanglnR the Company's Maine to "Doyle A Alliipi, Lini-
Dated the 20th day of June, Him
Hakvky, McOabtbb* Pinkham,
Stilicii<irH for Hastings. Doyle ft Al"
Iiiiii, Limited. jly 4 ilm w
nnil'T m*""Vi oo^reiT..
HUM I ''""I'nir. " Don't do a
U II ll I *'»l««ir " 1.111 you Him islciirly
"Ull      I     what's bout by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on Insult li, dliKuuw, Iiivii, HinrrlnKi' anil put niljigii
'I'ollii whnt you'd auk a doctor, but don't llko to
2IU paKii». Illustralod, V, oont_: but. to introdueo
It wis wind ono only lo any adult for pontaKo,
10 conU.
129 Cut *8th atro-t,        NIW VORK y
A. H. SINQ, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals   -   -   25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Manufactured for all classes of buildings
for salo in large ir »n ill rjuau title
at the lowest \ -i   •- f.-   ro-ih
boll ilii i Mid pliir-ioring
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
Uash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS.
Exporter of Purs.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the  Farm, Garden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
Heliahle Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No winily.agents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee .Supplies, Spray Pumps
Sprayinu Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oule i e-:.ii i thed nursery on the
mai   Ian I    .       -     Catalogue free.
Grt and Seed Houses1
VANCOUVt.it,      -     -     •     B. C.
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Landing (iluriug stage uf high
water) at 0 s.ni on Tuesday uud
Friday, f,-r Downie Creek mul way
points, returning same d*y.
Freight must be ready for delivery t.i team' ol Kevelstoke
Cartage Co.. but., on Mondays snd
Thursdays at 1 p.m , aud must be
Tbe Cartage Company's Stage
leaves (or the Boat I_ttldiiig at 5:30
p.m ou Mouday aud Thursday and
connects with tbe steamer on arrival
bock in the evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. B139. Dates of
sailings may be changed without
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Sat. Jl. l9Lk.Chumpl.ilii
Fii. " 21 Emp. Ireland
.Sat.Aug. I   Lake Erie Wed. Jly. 15
Summer Season from Montreal
and Quebec
1st. Class 2111I  Class jrd. Class
$9000   $48 7 s S28 75
isl. Class and. Class 3rd. Class
$80 00       $\i go       $27 50
Other Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets.
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other confine tui ports.
For further information applv to
T. W. Brad-Law,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent, A.O.P.A.
Revelstoke. Vancouver.
Certificate  of Improvements
Big Hone Fraction Minora! olaim No. 2.
Sltuato Iu the Trout Lake Mining Di vi. iunZof
tho Kootenay Dlstriot,    Locatod on  PopTar
TAKE NOTICK that I, (J. J A. N. Padlei,
Froo Miner's OrtiUcate No. B 88316, intend 60
dayH from the date hereof to apply to tho Mining Kooordor for a Certificate of Improvements
for tbo purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant nf
the above claim. And further take notice that
action under Section 87 must be commenced
boforo   the   iHHuauoe of suob Certificate of
Dalod thia Hii duy of April, .WW.
Hlxl.y days after date I intend to
applv to the Chief Commissioner of
IjiihIh anil Winks for permission to
nut'chiiec the following described
Beginning at a post planted at the
south-east coiner of Lot No. 8501) purchased by Julius Dougitl, running
west20 chains; Ihence soulh 'HI chains;
thence east 'Hi chains; thenco not r h 21)
chains to point, of commencement.
Dated June 2-11 h, IIH!..,
KliWAitii Woi.K, Applicant.
Jly •! Di Dewar, Agent,
Results  of  the    Midsummer
The following pupils ol tlie public
school have earned promotion ns a
result nt their work during the term
just closed. Pupils whose names are
bracketed are equal in rank:—
Junior Ii»«.1"g Class to Senior
Leaving Class—A. Bell, B. Hobbs, R.
Brown, A. Tapping, F. Fraser, M.
Tnmieson, V. Tomlinson, M. Porter,
II Cordon, G. Urquliart.
Recommended—D. McCarter.
High Fourth Reader to Junior
Leaving Class—F. Little, P. Samson,
B. Corson, M. Young.
Recommended —F. Simmonds, L.
Johnson, I. Procunier, E. Dickey, J.
Byrd, E. Bruce, E. Morgan.
Low Fourth Reader to High Fourth
Reader—L. Moran, E. Johnson, L.
Lee, G Woodland, C. Field, J. Hay, T.
Recommended—L Steed.
High Third Reader to Low Fourth
Reader—M. Lindmark, S. Dickey, K.
Simmonds, D. Calder, L. Br.ck, I.
Recommended — E. Robbins, E.
Low Third Reader to High Third
Reader—E. Blainey, M. Fleetham, E.
M. Abrahamson, E, McCarthy, G.
Burridge, M. Colarch, J. Mclntyre, A
McCarter, E. Fletcher, H. Granat.
Recommetided—R. Doyle, H. Mclntyre, VV. McRae, W. Mac'ean, A.
McMahon, M, Hack.
H.gh Sicoud Reader to Low Third
Reader—B. Daniels, M. Pructinier, I.
Brown, R. Frisby, W. Currie, J McEachern, P. Campbell, M. Henderson,
A. Watson, E. Gallicano, J Camozzi,
L Blackberg, L Picard, V. Jolliffe, C.
Corson, A. Johnson.
Recommended—L. Pettipiece.
Low Second Reader to High Second
Render—M. Fleetham, P. Stnoay, J.
Maley, 0. Coursier, M. Brock, M.Allen,
I, Henderson, W. Smythe, A.MoUryde,
L. Ander.ou, C. Cormier, J. Henderson, (R. Calder, I.. Daniels), T. Pugs-
ley, C. Manning, (V. Beil, F. Bourne,
M. Ringer), H. Jones, G. Cocorochio,
T. Bain, S. Gal'icauo, H. Gallicano,
K. Field, W. McBryde, W LeBlie, II.
Recommended—E. John ion.
High First Reader to Low Second
Reuder—L. Abrahamson, J. LeBeau,
H. Armstrong, E. Pioard, T. Lee, M.
Robinson, (S. Picard, G. Turnross), II.
Cousins, (G. Fletcher, M. Sanderson),
A. Gallicano, E. Brogchlzie, S. Ciuw z-
zi, E. Ainslic.
Recommended—V. Robinson, W.
Low First Reader to High First
Reader—E. Bradshaw, L. Smith, G.
Urquliart, L. Rae, 0. Maclean, W.
Cook, E. McKinuon, L. Campbell, J.
Creelman, P. Camozzi, J. Brown, (f.
Moran, T. Taylor), G Cocorochio, M.
Smythe, A. Robinson, J. Young, T.
McRae, E. Donaldson, T. Morgan.
High Second Primer to Low First
Reader—M. Armstrong, H. Lyttle, R.
Tupping, A. Manning, (N. Fleetham,
L. Morgan, L. Williams), D. Madda-
luni, I,. Williamson, J. Lonzo, (G.
Tomlinson, R. Wilson), D. Abruhaiu-
Biin, M. Elliott, A. McLean, VV. Fleming, 1. Donaldson, W. Henderson.
Low Secund Primer to High Second
Prime!—D. Johnson, M. Marchesmi,
T. Morris, J. Robbins, (T. Bi.tiu, M.
Cmigllllll), (K. Calder, A. Fulton, S.
Lidy), S. Manning, J. Marchesan, M.
Hyland, J. Fletcher, M. Boiu, J. Patrick, (,M. Jolliffe, D. M .Carter), J. McBryde, L. Edwards, L. Aintitii.
Recoiunieuded—L Huseelton, li.
Iaiuc.liti.li, I. dough, A. Fraser.
High First Primer to Low Second
Division VIII.—W. Lumb,G.Campbell, P. LonsO A. Corsnn, G. Buck, A.
Burridge, M. Brown, I. Hay, J. Cash-
ato, 1. Kimberly, A. Fraser, M. Oani-
oz/.i, 1. Hyland, R. Nichols, A. Page.
M. Siniuiomt., A. Smythe, F. Pugsley,
T. Camozzi, P. Hoin, W. Fletcher, W.
Blainey, R. Shaw.
Recommended—G. Bruce, S.Turk,
J. McLeod, V. Gallicano, E. Mackeu-
rot, H. Robinson.
Division IX.—A. Luudell, F. Anderson, II. Tomlinson, W. Fulton, P.
Ringer. B. McColl, S. McMahon, M.
Gallon, (G. Davis, F. Dunn, M. John-
son, W. Smith), G, Grimes, A. Sutherland, L. Shaw,
Recom mended—J .Gal Ion,(J. Bourne,
J. McGregor).
Low First Primer to High First
Division Vlll—S.Moran, PJ*iot)Ols,
J. Vance, D. Porta, A. Cashato, K.
Graiistrom, M. McLeod.
Recommended—B. Huss Iton, H
Nichols 0. Graiistrom.
Division   IX — D,   Mackenrot,   D.
Hume, B. Scott,  E.  Vance, 11. Br nl
sbaw, 11. McAlpin,   A.   Villiatnsoii, K.
Sanderson, Wee Kai, L, Lee. M. Lyttle,
F, Our.oon, B. Abraham-oil.
Recommended—A. Lee, 0, Forde.
Sold to Indians
Vanuoiivkk, July 24.—0,  J. Booth,
superintendent of tlm Children's Aid
society, who has relumed from the
north, reports the recovery ut a white
child Vilin was given n.iiy hy his
parents t., Indians, sixty miles from
Port Eesingti n, The Is ilm: s had
fortunately gone from the reservation,
and Mr. South located the poor hid in
a dirty shack, unattended. The court
placed the parents under bund for the
support ol the child.
Revelstoke Shows Up Well in
The results of the urban entrance
high school examinations were made
public yesterday and the results Bhow
that out of (i()7 candidates in the
whole province, 483 passed. There
were 19 Revelstoke ^districts candidates, of whom 16 passed.
The following in order of merit is
the result of the Revelstoke centre :
Rovelstoke—Number candidates, 14;
passed, 13; Frances M. Lawson, 733;
Ella B. McCarty, 683; C. Fraser, 682;
Ruby N Berger, 680; Doris I. Bennett,
672; Lonald G S. Calder, 635; Mary
J. Manning, 632; Jas. L. Lawrence,
591' John MiicRury, 588- Alix. T.
McRae, 577: Geo. S. Woodland, 574;
John A. Abrahamson, 573; Ellwin
Corley, 572.
Arrowhead—Number of candidates,
3; paised, 3; May Bull, 690; Florence
C M. Newman, 636; Phyllis White-
bread, 636.
Beaton — Number candidates, 2;
passed, 0.
Miis Frances M. Lawson lias won
for Kevelstoke or.e of the fifteen bronze
medals annually donated by His
Excellency the Governor General,
Miss Kit li Armstrong, ol Gold.n. also
receives a medal.
Their Object to Supply Timber
and Conserve Water.
A foreBt retserve is uot an area of
forest land where no trees whatever
are allowed to be cut. Tbe object in
setting aside the laud for the reserve
is uot to prohibit cutting altogether,
bul rather to regulate the cutting and
generally to treat the forest so tbat a
continuous crop ol timber may be
taken off tbe area, iosteadof having it
cut over once or perhaps twice and
then left waste.
Experience in other rands has demonstrated that such a continuous
crop of forest trees can be grown and
the setting aside of forest reserves is
one of the first steps taken in the introduction of such a policy in this
country. Crop afler crop can be
taken off the same area—of course at
widely separated intervals, for half a
century is a short period to allow for
a crop of timber to mature.
Tlie primary object of a forest reserve is thus to provide fora perpetual
supply of timber. Another important
object of the reserves is to protect the
water supply, both the domestic supply for towns and cities au.i also the
Bupply to be used for the generation
of power. The effects of forests at the
headwaters of streams is lo regulate
the flow so as to make ii constant
throughout the year—not a torrent iu
spring aud a nearly dried up stream-
bed iu the heat uf summer. To be
valuable as a source for power a
stream must furnish a constant and
regular supply of water. Very low
water iu a stream from which a town
or city derives ita water supply has
otteu riieanl a great deal of sickness,
(perhaps iu the form of an epidemic),
for the people of that |.!ace. Where
the forest is, the (ik.ii melts more
gradually in spring and the rains ol
spring and summer sunk into the
ground, which acts like a sponge, and
How off more gradually than where
the forest is removed.
In hilly and mountainous regions
the cutting off of the forests has often
led lo the washing away of the soil.
This has made It Impossible for the
lorcstB to grow again, and moreovtr
has led to the silting up of the rivets
in the valleys, which made necessary
the expenditure of l.rge sums in
dredging them 'out again. Good examples of this may le seen in the
neighborhood of the Appalachian
mountains in the United States.
Some reserves are important as well
in furnishing recreation for the people
but the twu essential objects of tl e
reset ves, arc those of providing for a
perpetual crop ot timber and of protecting the water supply for power
and domestic use.
Arthur  and Lillian Clute Arrested in Portland
Vancouvkr, July 24.—Arthur H.
Clnte and wife, Lillian, were arrested
yesterday morning at Portland, Ore.,
charged with stealing .1,000 worth ol
diamonds frum Jacob Fleishman, of
Cranbrook, B.C. They were arrested
in a neat Hat. Mrs. Clute carried a
Urge quantity of jewelry in her bosom
and admitted that she had some et
the alleged stolen property.
Special Features of the Vernon
Fall Fair
We are in receipt of a copy of the
prize list of the Vernon an nun full
fair which takes place on Sept. 1(1, 17,
18, The directors are offering much
larger prizes this year than ever before, so as to Bceure the best possible
entries in all classes. In the exhibition class they nre offering upwards of
$2,600, and for races an amount of
$1750, besides several valuable cups
tbat have been donated. The committees have the fair arrangements
well in hand nnd are erecting a new
exhibition building, poultry house
and machinery building and it is the
endeavor of Vernon iib a whole to
make this year's fair the largest and
most successful yet of any in the
interior. Special attractions have
been secured while nn extensive programme of games, lacrosse, baseball,
and football matches will provide
ample entcrtainineut. Arrangements
have been made with the C.P.R. Ior
reduced rates for exhibits and paBson-
gers from all points. The entry list is
particularly large and embraces every
class of industry.
Quebec Tercentenary
Very much apropos of the Quebec
Tercentenary celebrations, The Graphic for this week, July 18, contains
two magnificent, portait supplements
of the Prince and Princess of Wales,
drawn for our contemporary by Mr.
Seymour Lueas, R.A., at sittings specially accorded by their Royal Highnesses, and beautifully printed upon
art paper. As a further instance of
the enterprising methods of The Graphic and the keen interest which it is
displaying in things Canadian, it may
be mentioned that England's premier
illustrated weekly has specially engaged Mr. Frank Craig, one of the beBt
draughtsmen in the United Kingdom,
to depict in its pages the most striking
aspects of the Quebec festivities. He
is accompanying the Royal party to
Canada for this purpose, and proposes
afterwards to make a trip through tbe
Dominion, the nrti-tic results of which
will be seen in the pages of The
The attention of the public is called
to Section 14 of City By-law 71, requiring that all garden hose jets and
sprinklers lie turned off on the sounding of the fire bell, and remain off during the progress of a lire. This provision has been disregarded lately, and
it is hoped the seriousness of the matter will induce the public t.i give it
proper attention.
C. F. 1 indmarK, Mayor.
July 23,1908. jl 25 8t
Interesting Lectures
A seris of interesting lectures
will be given in Revelstoke
July  24th  to  26th, 1908
in the
Salvation Army Hall
of Boston, Matt., U. 8. A.
July 24—8 p.m.—"God's Eternal Purpose." (Illustrated by a large
July28—8 p.m.—"Overthrow of Satan'i
Sunday, July 211, 10*80 a. m.—" Where
arc the Dead P"
Sunday, July 26 8 p.m.—" Election-
Is it Soripturolf"
Sunday, 7::m> p, m.—"Prom Hell to
Seats Free. All W.loome
Ho Colleotlona
Heading off a Risk
 .    Gas is liable to puff out
of the front door of any
furnace   unprovided   for
gas escape.
"Sunshine" Furnace haa
Automatic Gas Hamper
directly connected with
smoke-pipe. Gas pressure
sways damper sufficiently
for it to escape up chimney
(see illustration), but heat
doesn't escape.
What does   "Sunshine"
Gas Damper mean to
"Sunshine" Furnace?
Means protection to the
furnace parts against evil
effects of gas.
What does "Sunshine"
Gas Hamper mean to
"Sunshine" householder ?
Means furnace can be
operated without fear as to
"puffine;" £as ; furnace can
be left without doubt as to
whereabouts of gas.
What docs "Sunshine" Gas Damper mean to "Sunshine" co tl account ?
It means, instead of owner with "ordinary furnace" fear havir,- tn keep
check-draft indefinitely closed to "let olf" Ras—when there's t.v.'-thirds
parts of heat-energy to one part of gas passing up chimney—draft con with
all safety be ope.ied, and coal saved lor another day's duty.
i y a_)
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Rest Fund
Has G5 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents in all the
Principal Cities in the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For case of operation und
perfection in the results pro-
tluc.it) the "EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
Tlm" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
iiiitoiiiiitic oonvenienoeSi durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The " EMPIRE'.' needs less
cure than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to Iks cared for also tlue to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The O.P.R, began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
18D5, continued lo add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" Frenoh Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
To Julin Ennest, or to whomsoever he
uiuy lull,, tt:ms.!s-i rni his interests:
Take notice that I, th* undersigned,
co-owner with yon in the following
mineral olaim, viz.: Gold Fly mineral
claim, situated on Lexington Mountain, Lardeau .Mining Division oft Weat
Kootenay District, of the Province of
British Columbia, have done the required work on the above mentioned
mineral claim for the year ending 1907,
in order to hold the same under Section 24 of the Mineral Act.
And further take notice that if within UU days from the first publication of
this notice, you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of this
advertisement, your interest in the
said mini.ml claim will become the
property of the undersigned, under
Section 25 B of the Mineral Act.
Dated at Camborne, B. C, this Uth
day of May 1908.
sat my 1. 90d J. A. Lbwis,
Kkvelstokb Land District
District ok West Kootenay
TAKE NOTICK that I, Samuel
James Hallow, of Nakuap, B. 0., occupation, farmer, intends to apply for
permission to purchase tbe following
described land :
Commenolng at a post planted at.a
point t w.-nty (20) chains east nt a point
ei«litv chuins south of the southwest
oorner of Lot No. 8,149; thence south
40 chains, thenre east 40 chains, thence
north 40 chain-, thence west 40 chains,
to point nf commencement and containing one hundred and sixty (10t))
acies more or less.
(Sgr!) Samuel Jambs Harlow.
Dated July 11, 1903.
Certificate of Improvements
Skookuni, Drumlnmmon and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Hevelstoke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located: On the north side of
Cougar Creek.
Take notice that I, William I. Briggg
of Revelstoke, B. C, Solicitor, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B94288, acting
ns agent for and on behalf of His Majesty King Edward VII. in the Right
of the Dominion of Canada Free Miner's Certificate No.BU4287, intend sixty
days fiom date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take notice that action
under section 37 must   be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate*
of Improvements.
Daled this 2nd day of July, 1908.
jlv 4 W. I. Brious.
Certificate of improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2,
Vivian Luck No. 3, Vivian Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck No.  6, Vivian
Luck No. 6 and Silver Crown mineral claims, situated in the Lardeau
Mining-Division of West Kootenay
Wheie    located-.—At   Head of  Kidd
Creek, a tributary of Boyd Creek.
TAKE NOTICK that  I,   O.  B. N.
Wilkie, acting  as  agent  for  Hector
Poiiier,   F.M.C.   B74_8,   and   George
Johnson, F.M.C. B86051, intend, sixty-
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining   Recorder   for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
Aud further take notice that action,
under section 37, must lie commenced
liefoie the Issuance nf such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 28tli day ul May, A. D.
0. B. N. W ILK IK. B.C.L.8.
w ruj-27 Trout Lake, B. C.
Kevelstoke IrflncI District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thai John Michael Doyle
of Hevelstoke, H.C, Manager, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described land:—
Commencing at it poBt planted on
the easterly bank if the Columbia
Rivur tl the niisili-west corner of Lot
_771. Group 1, K olcnav, and marked
■'John M. Doyle's snulh-west corner
pusi," thenoe east 40 ch lins; thence
north 411 chains; then, e west 40 chains
mole or less to the easterly bank of
lhe Columbia river) thence southerly
along the hunk of said river 40 chains
mure or less to the point of commencement, containing IHO acres more or
Hy his agent, Geo. S. McCarter.
Dated June __th, 1908. j27 80d
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George McCarter,
Sr., of Bevelstoke, B.C., Agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase the Pillowing described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the west bank of the Columbia River
at the south-east corner of Lot 8296,
Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
"George McCarter, Sr., north-east cornet post," thence weat 10 chains;
thence souih 20 chains; thence east 20
chains more or less to the weat bonk
of ihe Columbia river; thence northe.-
ly along lhe west bank of the Columbia river to the point of commence
ment. containing 25 acres mora or lew.
Hy his agent, Geo. S. McCarter.
Hated June _«th. 1903, ] 27 flOd
In tue matter of the "Wihdin»
Up Act " and
In   the   Matter  of  the   El wood  Tin
Workers Gold Mining Company
of I. u-ilcaii,   British  Columbia,
Limited, Non-personal Liability.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat an
application will be made to this   Honourable Court st the Court   House,
Vancouver, B. 0., on the Twelfth day
of August, 1908, at the hour of 10-JJO
o'clock in the forenoon on behalf of
the Official Liquidator herein for an
order confirming the conditional agreement for sale of  the property and
assets of the said Company  for the
sum of $20,000.00 made by tbe Official
Liquidator to one Dillion Marsh.
Dated  at Revelstoke,   B.  C,   this
18th July, 1908.
Solicitors for John E. Jones,
Official Liquidator. THK MAIL-HKRALD, REVELSTOKE, I?. C.
Ladies' Summer Vests, price only i.S''.
Ladies' Blouses selling for .sue. up.
Ladies' Lisle Thread  Vests with  Crochet
Children's Bleached Cotton Vests toe. eaeh
Ladies'   Cotton Corset Covers, trimmed
Men's Summer Underwear  selling at  $i
per Suit.
Men's Negligee Shirts without collar. Reg,
$1.00. Now 75c. each.
Boys' Soft  Shirts  with  collars,   selling at
doe. each.
with lace and embroidery.     Reg.  40c
and 45c.    Now 25c.
Men's Black Cashmere Socks- live pair
for $1.
Ladies' Wash Skirts,    Reg. $2.50.    Now
Men's Colored Working Shirts selling at
50c. each.
S1.. .0.
Ladies'   House   Dresses.    Regular $2.50.
Men's Congress Boots. Keg. $,^.50. Now
$2.50.    This is a  heavy  hoot  made to
stand hard wear.
Now Si ,50.
Men's Congress Boot, light weight, selling
at sj.o 1.
Ladies' Summer Skirts in Navy, Blue and
Black Lustre for $2,50.      Tweed Skirts,
Men's Hox Calf Lace Boot. Regular .54
now $3.00.
Summer weight, $3.00,
Millinery at Half Price.
® cfr-fr-fr-frcD-."$ **$n|n£4*
i  - T     !
# Sunburn £
I Tan and |
|    Freckles    |
** tiet a Bottle "I our Elder jF
*§t Fl over Cream, Just what *&
*2t you are looking lor. H4
4f SOLD AT 4#
$C. R. MCDONALDS     §
Revelstoke, B. 0, ¥fc
$1 iM"Mi 'I1 [V «t' 'I' 'fr't1 't. I'
Tayi. .1:—At Revelstoke, 11. C, on
Wednesday, .Inly 22nd. To Mr.
snd Mrs. Thou. Taylor, a daughter.
Weather Forecast
Saturday, July 25 — Unsettled uml
cloud j with probable showers; moderate westerly winds; temperature, max.
76 = . min. 54 ; .
Local and General.
Toronto lumbermen hsve decided In
reduce the ci,t nexl winter ..I  lugs   hy
."ni per cent.
I.i ...;\ ga . has been t mpt} fui
tbe past few days, (or tin lirst time
since its institution.
Owing to the hbseuce [rum lhu nil)
u! a number ot the liand hoys the Independent Band were unable to give
their usual opeu aiv concert this, wet k,
Tlie Brotherhood ..I Locomotive
Engineers opened it- annual conveu
tion at Ottawa ilu- week. There an
.-.11,1' l'o'K.i members iu attemlauci
ir.mi nil parts if Canada and iin
United States.
A camp ..: ti.'- 1 irdei uf tht \\ - ul
men if the Wi rid ».is organised and
instituted on Monday last at Nakusp
with 25 charier members. Past II 1!
C. C. .Limes A Rampliu performed
the ceremony. Considerable interest
has! bs.-en evinced in the work ot the
Otdet and the prospects ol 1 In new
camp are exceptionally bright.
A despatch from London, Eug ,
states that the judicial committee oi
tbe Privy Council lias allowed the
appeal of the province oi British Columbia against the decision uf Justice
Clement of the Uritish Columbia
Supreme Court ,>ri ihe question nf
provincial jurisdiction in divorce
involved in tbe case "f Watts vb
Miss lean Parker, ul Wiuuipeg lasl
Monday, July 20th, successfully madt
the ascent if Mount Tupiier in the
Selkirks. This mountain is one of
the must difficult to climb, Miss
Parker is tbe lirst lady to nuke this
iecem and the second person to make
the climb. Bbe was accompanied bj
E'i. Pens, Jr., us guiil.- li will he
remembered tbat Miss Parker was tht
lirst Canadian lady to climb Mount
Sir Ituiinlil s year agi
Tbe Presbytery of Kumluopn mul ,i
Kield on Tuesdsy of tin- week [01 the
ordination and induction of Mi F W.
Kerr, B, A Rev W. I.. McRae, of
Golden, presided, Rev, .1 R. Robert-
ion ol Knis.x ohurch, Kevelstoke,
preached tbe ordination service ami
Kev. Logic Mocdonnell, ol Vernou,
iddreued tbe minister and congregation.   There w.i- a gt .d attendance
is of prime importance in
the healthful sustenance of
life. Pure, sweet, whnlesome
nnd satisfying bread is our
output, day in, day out,
week in, week out. II' noi
acquainted with lhe excellence of nnr home made lucid
hasten ynur trial order this
way nnd In min I nf ils
supei'toril y.
This is the time when we pack
n basket full of good tilings, put
on some nlil clothes mill hike mil
lua spiil which is miles tlwtiy
from home, business ami ihe
sun's rays: anasstii'tmetil uf good
lliings which will make the preparation nl' lunches quick mul
simple, lire In be found at this
slore. Siilliu nf them nre
prime boiled liniu, boiled longue,
picnic sardines, cheese, Spanish
olives, pickli s, pretzels nnil fresh
ft uii.
Come in .nnl let  us help you
Iill j nnr basket ai 11 saving price.
: w E have:
iioises to Lt:'!'
FARM    LA Mis
MONEY    'I'n    LOAN
Iv 1 nr < a 11)   _>.   And i : 1 _ s < > n
i' 1 u s r
r k 1-. I-. 1
protection    against    these
pests.     It   not   only   proves
nauseous   in   lhe   mosquito
but    also   neutralizes  ibe
pulsion from the sting. . . .
25 cent and 60 cent Unit Ies
ni Ibe congregation .if Field, manifest
ini; tlicir interest m tbe servin
their   newly   ordained   snd   inducted
pastor.    .Mr.  Kerr   i-   .1   :.i iduate   ill
nts ..f   Mnnil ih 1   1 Inivi rsily  nnd  *
graduate in  theology ir    Kn
iin.., Toronto, whore le' look the  $400
travelling scholarships which entitles
Inin tu 11 past grad tate mi   ; In   conl \
netit of Europe
I lie (nil. wii Nelson Nl .
will In    interest iny,     11  cil 1.  ns
"11  i,   I'.u-. u- ot 1 i il.li ii   men bei
ihe provincial legislature for Colon
riding, said   l«.-t   night       '1  wat
congratulate the  pei pit        Selsoi
their courage and 1 ntei prise 01 i,■ 11111.u
their nine forward by nn liour    '.\ 1 al
Golden, t.•>ik  1 lint step wine tue.
.mil have found   no  cause f..i' regret
The people ..f   Revelstoke   liavi	
talking uf it foi some time, but -. far
bave done nothing What 1- required
tu make it really ssn-.-i ,--ful is that tin-
C.P Et, should n 1 .ve us division line
tu .1 parallel west .f Nelson md Revelstoke.' "
1 In I liursday, Inly 23rd Mr 0 II
1 lillii, of Vancouver, ind Rev 1 ugh
Mocdonnell, uf V. rnnn r i h Kev I
li. Robertson .is guide, made   1   round
tlip uf 'Js sullen    tn    I lie    ■>     il        Valley
Leaving Field .it I n ni they were 11
top nf Burgeon l'i-- it 0 30 ind ifter
-kirting l.li.' base nf Mis Field .nnl
Wapta, arrived nt Summit Luke
Yobo I'n", nt B a in ib,in. over 'be
pass tn Lookout Point, tne) Imi .1
good view uf the valley and ..f I be
beautiful Takakkaw Falls Returning
by way uf Rmerald Like they encountered n drenohing rain, but arrived al
Field at 2:30 p.m, having enjnyod 1
delightful journey
Social and Personal
MrH. Dent left,   last,   niglit un h visit
tu the const.
Mrs. Then. Ludgate of Arrowhead n
visiting in the city
Mayor  Lindmark left this   nr,ruing
on a visit to Nelson,
I). Wnrilsey, of Victoria, is spending
a few days in the oity.
Mr and Mrs. Dudgeon   anil   family,
of Comaplix,   left  on  Thursday for
Mrs. W. Tomlinson and  family left
ruing  is.1   Tmnt   Like    where
they a I tu    reeks visiting ber
sister Mrs. AM   1 • 1 .
1 lie Hon Ml Gushing, Minister 1 I
Public Works n I In \ Is rta legislature  1 1--. d throng!      .,   1 liuieds)
en r nr. •   .      nton
1    Nelson Sen   Denve     ■ h   1..
neen vit-,1     ■ lity |..r  .,   •. 1
:■     -     . I     , -,|   .        1; -•
M               .' session  of  tin
Snpre f  Pyl
■:      -       are
tfok__|        . -    - K
rci :
'1 this cite        ,-
•    '   I..   1   •■   Ice ami
has beei 1   1 ret . .1. d
A   .| del , .
u ednesd 13 .    . .   ,,, , •
Mi    u.'i   Mrs    I    Mi .    . ,hn 1
Dai.- rn.! Miss R iche    Maris Bordei
1 ■ ' -     I     being the contract
ing   parties       1 lis  1;. 1    1    w  il,
conducted   the   ceremonj      Au.
redding supper the happy paii It fl on
No I       nej mi nn  trip to tl e
■■   1 ■       M    ind Mrs  Dai is will make
1 in   Revelstoke on tbeir re
turn     rhe   M ia Hi rami joins
the many friends of the ne* I    nai   ed
1   pie   in   wishing   1 lie      1    fotnn
b ippiness
Hot Weather Drinks.
Raspberry Vinegar, Welch - Orapi
Juice, in pint and qusrl In ttles   I- rtt t
Syrup- and l.'ine 1.nre in quart  bol
tics, nt 0   II   11 nine .'.   Co'l
Corks —all sizes ,jng .,,
Bews1 Drug Store
Everything in canned meats and
limli for lunches bI C it Hume .. Co'a
Fresh chocolates In boxes it. c 1;
wilil strawberry Tablets for summer complaint at Bews' Drug Store
Plums, peaches, bananas, rospber
ries, (strawberries, red anil block currants, pears, oranges and lemons nt (J,
II. 1111 mo .v Co's,
Corks fur bottling, rubber* for  senl
era sold nt. 0 R, Macdonald's,
Fruit Saline—tbe most  healthful
aperient for hot weather. 7.ric, al, Hewn'
Drug Store.
Face cream, toilet powders, apongts,
toilet water any make you require and
all IreHli nt 0, it. Macdonald's.
Grip and Password.
KXllill Is  <1    I'VTIIIAS
ti  lil Ring..  Lodge, No. 211, Knights
ui I'y bins It,1I1I llieir-1 un aiuiiial in-
Btillliltiotl     nf    i.llici is   mi   Weiin.sbiy
night, De. nt) 1I1 nil Clisneelloi' U.
Nel 1111, Siipienij I. du ■ I'liprcsHiitative
acted as installing officer, issist d hy
Past Chancellor L, II. buck of Van-
cniiver, and Past Chancellor Stewart
McDonald. A., the o.usu ol the cere
ni. 11 iii Ih the lodge sat down ton liberal
epnst, an interesting programme of
'oasts and music b.'ing rendered. The
Deputy Grand Chancellor made some
interesting suit instructive remarks on
notes of order while other speakers
added to the list. The following olli-
.•ers were installed:
O. O,—11  Cunningham  Morris.
V. 0 — T. P. Smith.
Pro— F. W, Terry.
M. nf \V.—1). McDonald.
M. at A.—I. W. Garland.
If. of lt. A S.—G. H. Bioek.
M.tif P.—J, IV Snott.
M. of E.—A. J. Howe.
I.Q.— II   Maundrell,
0. G —,1, Mathie.
Brother C. Nelson left ou Thursday
for Boston, Mass., lu attend tlie Supremo Lodge session.
CATHOLIC. — Kev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on tlie First
and Third Sundays in every month
nt, the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Muss; 10:80 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Beuedlotion,
St Aniuikw's PliEsllYTElUAN—Kev.
W.C. Calder, pastor, Sunday, July 19.
Services 11 11,111 , 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. m. Prayer meeting on Wednesday sS p.m. Ch, ir pracii.e and teachers' meeting, Friday 8 p 111,
Knox Pkksbytkwan—.1. K. Robertson, 1). D., minister, Sunday services
it 11 a m nnd 7:3(1 pm. Sunday
school nt 2:3(1 p.m The pastor will
preach nt. both services. Good music
nnd short services during heat of Minimi r Choir practice on Friday night.
A cordial welo une to all, and strangers specially invited.
St. Peter's Anglican—Kev. C.-A
Procunier, M.A., Rector, (ith. Sundny
afler Trinity, 8 a. in. Holy Communion, 11 a m., Ma: ins and Sermon.
7.3(1 p.m.. Evensong. 2 30 p. in. Sunday school.
BAPTIST—Kev. VV, P. Freeman, UA.
pasturf Set vices at II a.m. nnd 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at
2.30 p.m. Morning subject, "Letter
to Pergtimnni " Evening, "Revolution
of a King," B. V. P.U. Monday at 8
p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m.   All are invited tn these services.
Mkthoiiist— Rev T.W. Hall, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
At It a.m., morning service; 2 3(1. p,
io., Sundhy sclio .1 and Bible class,
7:30. p.m. evening service. Morning
"Esekiel'e Vision ef tlie departing
gliry from the Temple, nnd the Coining Judgment upon the people."
Evening, "Tbe Fust Temptati n of
Je-uis, nnd its lessons for ns. Prayer
in i ting on Wednesday ,r 8 p.m. All
are welcome io ih-si services.
mo    KENT    Mod     it-side    m
1       Sixth    SI leet.    .S'J'i    pel     ilimitb-
Apply  Iteveliiil.e General  Agencies
Bevelstoke Hnspit.il Society
Annual General Meeting.
I in annual yjam ml tm. time °f the
mem bere of Lhe n-«nve aocicl.y will be
held, ah per hyiavv, un Monday, Aug-
_i8t   3rd   L9U8,  in  the  City Hull rtt 8
p  11!
I. K ii :■ ■ i ki< K, TrpH.
jly L8 it H. I;   \ i kins, Secy
By-Law No	
A By-law to authoi Ize  the  bon-ow-
yj|the  Municipal  i innncll of the
I'm noratlon nf tbe Cil \ nf  Revelstoke
"f the -um nt   Three  Thousand and
Three Hundred Dull .      ,s:: t„. f,„. n„.
p ii ;." .■ i I In tailing i new fire alai m
'■I of Revelstoke,
Whereas  i   petition   b.i-  been   pre-
-s'ii'".i b  thi M nu. ip.il Council nf the
1 ." poi .1   ... nl the Cil v nf lies'. Ki nke
'.'•   ' be   i Keened   .._ nei    uf  ,,i
1 Ine-Tenl b in  value of lhe real
property within the City of Revelstoke
mown mi  i be lust   revised Assess-
inenl Kull uf laid City, requesting thai
i  llv law i«- im rod need  for the  pm •
pose ol iii.horlsing the horrnwlng by
dd   ' '.i ] linn   i.f   Ibe   -mim    ,,r
Three Thousand md Three Hundred
Doll.. ■<■■ am for the purposes above
ment loned;
Ami Win ie,i., the whole nmnnnl of
i le- i ii.ibl.- prnprl v within the laid
t'itv of Revelstoke according In the
lasl revised Assessment Hull of the
- ml (uv of Revslstoke, is the sum of
One Million One Hundred and Twenty-
One Thousand, Blghl Hundred and
Twenty Dollars;
/\nii Whereas it will be necessary to
raise annually by special rntesufficient
therefor the sum of Two Hundred and
Flftv-Flve and 60-100 Dollars for pay.
Ing the said ilebi  nuil  Interest  there
Now, therefore, the Munlolpnl Council of the Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke in open meet ing assembled
enacts ns follows:
I.   It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of the City of Roy
elstnke In bull n\v un I be ere lil    of   the
aid Cm | ii ii ntii ui by wny of deban tines
Inn einil'lei inenl iotieil from   any   !"■ -
...in,   persons,   I trill,    hod)'   or   boilie
.■ni pm.ilc,   uliu    11in.)-   be   willing   In
ulvniii e I be siiuii. ns n   limn,   it   si  I
money, not exceeding in I he n bole the
stun uf  Three   Tluiuaatld   and   Th	
Hundred Dullars ($:i :iuui ami lo cause
all such stuns so raised or received In
be paid into the hands of thn treasurer
nl' the Corporatton of the City of Rev
I'lsioke for the purpose and with the
object nhove inenl lolled,
2, It shall he lawful fur the Mnyin
of the snkl Corporation to cause an)
iiumlier of deheutiuos to be made,
executed and issued lot- such stun or
sums as mny be required for the pur.
pose ninl object aforesaid nut exceeding, however, the stun of Three
Thousand nnd Three Hundred Dollars.
Three of such debentures shall he in
tho denomination of One Thousand
Dollars each and one of such debentures shall lip of the denomination of
Three Hundred Dollars, and nl! of such
debentures shall lie sealed with the
sen! of lho Corporation of the City of
Itevelsliike nnil signed by Ihe Mayor
ami Clerk thereof,
il. Tho said debentures shall hear
ihe iiule of August liMh. 1008, nnd
shall he payable in Twenty-five Years
from the said dale iu lawful money of
Canada, nl the office of lhe Molsons
Bank al Kevelstoke aforesaid, which
said place of payment shall be designated by the said debentures, and
shall have al Inched to I hem coupons
lor the payment of interest, and the
signature to the Interest coupons may
be either written, printed or slumped
or lithographed,
I. The said debentures shall bear
Interest al the rata of five per centum
(ii I per annum from Ihe dale thereof,
which interest shall he paid semiannually at the ollice of the Molsons
Hank at. Revelstoke aforesaid in lawful
money of Canada on the lllth day of
Kebruai'v and on lhe Kith day of
August, respectively ill each and every
year dining the currency thereof, and
il shall be expressed iii said debentures
and coupons to he so payable.
:>. It shull be lawful for the Mayor
of snid Corporation lo negotiate nnd
sell the said debentures or any of them
for less than par, lull ill no tose shall
the said debentures or any of them be
sold for less ihiin Ninety-Two and
One-Half Per Cenl um (021) "f Ibe face
value including the cost, of sale and
brokerage nnd nil other necessary
(i. Then- shall lie levied and raised
ill each year dining the currency of
the said debentures the stun of One
Hundred and Sixty-five Dollars ($103)
for the pnvinent of Interest nnd Nine
Iy Dollars'andFifty Cents ($!Kl.5(l) for
tiie payment of the said debt under
the said debent_.es by a special rale
sufficient therefor on all the riitvhle
real property in the said Municipality. ... .m.,..V.9___1C___^
7. It shall he lawful fnr lhe Mutiici
pal Council of the said Municipality l<
re purchase any of the snid debentures
upon such terms as may He agreed
upon with the legal bolder or holders
thereof, either nt the time nf sale oi
at any subsequent time, and all denim
t tires so repurchased shall be forthwith
cancelled or destroyed, and no reissue of debentures shall he mule ill
consequence of such repurchase.
~S This By-law shall tnke effect on
nnd after the tenth day of August,
A. I)., UKIS.
I), This Ily law shall, before the
final passing thereof, receive the
assent of the ratepayers of lhe Cor
pninliun according to the provisions
of and in thu manner prescribed by
the Municipal Clauses Ad.
Rend tl Iii st time this _llh day of
July,  A. I... 1008.
Rend a second lime Ihis.llh day of
July. A. D., UKIS.
It,-nil n third lime Ibis 2-llh dav of
July. A. D . 1008, nnd passed wilh the
unanimous consent of 1 be Council,
Received the assent of lhe electors
I be day of
Ite-i'iinsldeied, adopted nnd finally
passed Ihe Council the day
of A. D, l'.WS.
City Clerk.
TAKK XOTIl'K that I he above is a
true copy ul the proposed By-law
upon which the vole of the Municipality will be Inketi al the City Clerk's
Office, City Hail, coiner nf Second
Street and McKenzie Avenue, Revnl-
stuKe, I!. ('., nn Saturday, Augusl sib,
1008, between lhe hours of Nine o'clock
a, m. and Seven o'clock p. in.
(llerk of the Municipal Council.
By-Law No	
A By-law to authorize lhe borrowing hy the Municipal Oounoll of the
(ily of llevelstnke of the sum nf Five
Thousand Dollars ($6,000Lfor the purpose ol making Improvements to the
City Park and fleoreatlon Grounds.
Whereas a Petition has been pre-
Minted i" the Municipal Council of the
('rn pi a.11 inn nf the City of Revelstoke,
signed by tbe assessed owners of at
least. One-tenth in value of lhe Kent
property within the City of Rovelstoke
Off shewn on the Inst revised Assessment II 'II of the snid City,nuking thai
a Hy law be Introduced for the pur*
pose of authorizing lhe borrowing by
tin- said Oorjidrallon of the sum of
FIveThoussna Dollar- ($6,000) for the
purpose of making Improvements to
the   'ity    Park    nnd     Recreation
Ami Whereas it Is necessary and
expedient thai such Improvements bs
Ami Whereas lhe whole amount of
the ratable  real  property within the
said City of Revelstoke, according to
lhe IiihI revised Assessment Roll of the
snid   City   is   tbe Slim of One Million,
One Hundred and Twenty-one Thous-
D. & A.   W. B.   P. C.
The Big 3
These me three of the best lines made
nnd we can give you nil styles nnd all
sizes I'n in IS to 3(1,
We t 'ii-ry Hie in in long hip, short hip
and gil'lle styles with or without the
hose slipperier,
Ladies' and Children's
Hygiene Waists . . .
Summer Corsets only 60 Cents Per Pair,
We have Corsets for all models, slender, medium and stout, and
would call particular attention to our 1). i_A. CORSET fur stout
McKenzie Avenue.
The " Heiesfoid " Shoe is the most comfortable as well
ns the nicest Shoe you ever hid on your fool ; fits Use
uneasy old shoe, shapes right to your foot and remains
so until worn out. The assortment Is made up of the
following :--Vh-i Kid, Hox Calf, Gun Metal, Velour,
Patent Kid, Enamel, Blucher, and regulai. cut, also
Men's Patent Leather Buttoned, and Fancy Top—
$5 TO $6.50.
hut tor nut say a word till you have
drank tho soda we serve you. Then
you'll only wish it had beeu big_er
and tbat ynu could bold more. For
if there is a perfectly satisfying, delicious drink on the earth it is a glass
of our famous snda, Stop and have
nt least, one. If your capacity were
equal to your desire you would want
a dozen.
ini's (Diidy Palace
and. Eight Hundred and   Twenty Dollars:
Ami Whereas it will be requisite to
raise annually, by special rate sutli-
cienl therefor, lhe sum of niree Hundred and Kigbly-sevcn nnd 18-10(1 Dollars fin the paviiionl of the snid debt
nnd interest thereon;
Now Theieloie, the Municipal Conn
cil of the Corporation of the ('ily of
Revelstoke enacts its followsi-
1. It sbnll be lawful for the Mayor
of iIn- ('oipurnliiin of the City of Revelstoke lo borrow on thf credit of the
said Corporation by way of debentures
hereinafter mentioned, from any person, persons, firm, body or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance
the same ns a loan, a sum of money
mil exceeding in lhe whole the sum of
Eive Thousand Dollars and localise all
such stun or sums so raised or received
to he paid into the bands of. the Tl'i'il-
siiier of the Corporation of the Oity of
Revelstoke l'or the purpose nnd with
the objects above mentioned.
2. ll sbnll be lawful for I he Mayor
of Ihe snid ('ui pm nl inn to cause any
number of defientui'es to bo made,
executed mid issued lot' the said sunt
or sums as. may be required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of Five
Thousand Dollars, each of ihe said debentures being of tlie denomination of
One Thousand Dollars, and all such
debentures shall he sealed wilh the
seal of the Corporation and signed by
the Mayor and Clerk thereof.
ii.    The   snid   debentures  shall beat'
dati thereof of August iuih A.D. 1008,
and shall lie payable in twenty-five
years   frum   tlie   Bald   dale  iu lawful
iiiuey of Canada at. the Ollice of the
Molsons Blink at Kevelstoke, aforesaid,
which said place of payment  shall be
lesignaled by snid debentures, and
shall have attached to I hem Coupons
for Ibe  payment   of   interest, anil the
ignnlute in the Interest coupons may
is cil her written, printed, b;limped or
4, The said debentures shall bear
lleiesfal lhe tale of live per centum
i.i I per annum froin the date thereof,
which Interest shall be paid seini-an-
ntially nl lhe otlice of the Morons
Bank at Hevelstoke, aforesaid In lawful money of Canada, on the mih day
of February nnd the Kltli day of August in each nnd every year during tbe
currency tlieieof, and n. shall tie expressed in said debentures and coupons
lu be sn payable.
6,    It. shall be  lawful for the Mayor
uf ibe said Corporation to negotiate
and sell Ibe snid debentures or any of
I hem for less than par, hill ill no ease
shall ihe snid debentures ut any of
I liem he sold for less than ninety-two
nnd une-half (IIUJI per centum of Iheir
face value, including the cost of negotiation and sale, brokerage and all
other necessary expenses.
II. There shnll he raised in each year
din ing the currency of lhe said debentures the sum of Two Hundred nnd
Fifty Dollars for the payment of
Interest and the sum pf One Hundred
and Thirty-seven and   ia-100  Dollais'
for the payment of the sniddeht under
the said debentures hy a special rate
suftii'icnt therefor on all the ratable
leal property in the said Municipality,
7. It shall he lawful fur the Municipal Oouncil to ic-piirchnscniiy of the
said debentures upon such terms as
may be agreed upon wilh the legal
holder or holders thereof, cil her at the
lime ul sale or ill nny subsequent time,
mid nil debentures so re-purchased
sbnll be forthwith cancelled or destroy ed and no re-issue of debentures
shall be made iu consequence of such
S. This Bylaw shall lake effect un
and after the 10th day of August, A.
1)., KKI8.
0. This By-law shall before the final
passing thereof receive the assent of
the ratepayers of the Corporation according lo the provisions of, and in
manner prescribed hy the Municipal
Clauses Act.
Read a liisi time this 24th July, A,
D„ 1IKM.
Read a. second time this 24th Julv,
A. 1).,  1IH18.
Read a third time this 21th July, A.
I).. 1IMI8, and passed with the unanimous consent of the Council.
Received the assent of the electors
the day of
Re-considered, adopted and Dually
passed the Council the day
of A.D,, 1008.
City Clerk.
TAKE NOTICK that the above is a
true copy of the proposed By-law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will he taken at the City Clerk's
Office, Oity Hall, corner of Second
Street and McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, B. ('., on Saturday, August 8th,
1IKI8, bel ween the bonis of Nine o'clock
a. ni. and Seven o'clock p. in.
Clerk of the Municipal Council,


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