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The Mail Herald 1906-11-21

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...'i>l,Y TO Till!
j   ine man
Empire Typewriter
Vol. 12.-NO ISO
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume 4 Co.
PA'Ht- ||»6(KTS.|     FOR THE;-,
A lew ol those Misses' and Children's Coats that we are clearing at $2.95,
40 yards of Royal Blue Velveteen, 24 inches wide, line pile,
good color—make lovely children's dresses. Regular 75c. per
yard—a Bargain at 39c.
A lot cf Black and Colored Sateen Underskirts, worth $1.50
to $2.00 lor 95c.
A number of Ladies' Belts, in black, white and colored Silks,
and are worth $1.00 and $1.25.   Selling at 45c.
It would be worth your while to call and see some of our
striking patterns in Five o'clock Tea Sets, Cocoa Sets and Chocolate Sets, all of the latest design.
We are also showing daily something new in Fancy Plates,
Cream and Sugars, Biscuit Jars, Bun Bon Dishes, Berry Bowls,
Fancy Jugs and Vases.
We have just unloaded one cm-load ol assorted Winter Vegetables and will be able to supply you with any quantity ol the
following i Turnips, Carrots, Beets, Onions aud Parsnips.
These vegetables are in first-class condition and special rates are
given ou 5 sack lots.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing-
are now arriving and we
invite you to come nnd
come often and see the
splendid lines and values
we are offering this year.
will be needed in a few
days, Give ue your order
for what you want and we
will pack ard wrap it securely all ready to be
sent on its way.
Red Cross Drug Store
D. NAIRN, Phm, r.
GALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Express and Draying to
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Reson-
ablc Rates.
Offlce Next P. Burnt'
Meat Market.
TELEPHONE       -      -       73.
'a At mft .♦» At A. A. .T. .T. .Ta «T« .♦. »T. .T. .♦. .T. A. .T. Am .'***. aTs iT. .T. .♦. A. ■■
7 'X' 'X* *I"I* "X' 'el' *X X + X *r w <P V + + V V 4» V + »V ♦ X i
25c-:-CALL AND SEE 0UR-:-25c
In useful articles for the Kitchen
Dining Room, Bedroom, and
Doslers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmlthlng,
Passenger Steamer and Ore
Steamer Collide — Passengers Fight Desperately lor
Their Lives.
8EATTLE, Wash, Nov. 20.—The
8teniner Dix, Captain P. Leer mon,
hound from Seattle to Port Ulaltely,
with passengers, Bank two miles north
of Alki Point shortly after 7 p.m. on
Sunday, alter having collided with tbo
nre steamer Jeannio, Capt. P. H.
Mason, ol the Alaska Coast company,
Forty-three passengers and members
nl the Dix are missing and llll were
laved, The Dix is a total wreck. The
Jeannie was not injured in the least.
Tbe master of the Dix was saved.
The collision occurred while the
Sound wns almost, us smooth ns a mill
pond nud nfter the boats Inul been
steaming within sight of each other
for a quarter of an hour, Tbe Jj.-au.iie
was bucking when she collided with
the Dix, nnd the impact was slight.
The Dix was struck abaft of amidships
nn the starboard side. She listed
heavily to port for a brief period,
righted herself, then sank stem lirst.
There was hardly time to launch light
rafts or boats before she was almost
entirely submerged. Passengers jump-
'd (rom the decks into tlie water,
women screamed nnd officers and men
called orders that could hardly he
hoard above tbe din. The passengers
from the Dix who could swim made
their way to the sides of the Jeannie
and were dragged aboard. The Jeannie was not moved until after all who
bad reached her hnd been hauled
aboard. Then she cruised about,
picking up several who managed to
stay above water. It was after 10
o'clock before the Jeannie left tbe
scene of the catastrophe and steamed
to the Virginia street dock with her
36 survivors. Tho Jeannie, of tbe
Alaska (.oast company, had "finished
unloading at the Great Northern
docks at Smith Cove and had started
for Tacoma shortly belore 7 o'clock;
just about the same time the Dix lelt
tbe Flier dock for Port Blakely. There
were no passengers on the Jeannie.
The Dix was making the last trip ol
the night and was well filled with
The missing are;
Frank Parks, cbiel engineer, steamer Dix,
Ivan Read, fireman, steamer Dix.
James Smith, Port Blakeley.
Mrs. James Smith, Port Blakeley.
Arthur Smith, Port Blakeley.
Swan Swanson, lead setter, Port
Blakeley mill.
Charles Williams, sawyer, Ballard
Lumber Co.
A. Webster, lumber surveyor, Port
W. Bracewell, longshoreman, Port
Belier, filer, Port Blakeley mill.
Fred Boselet, tiler, Port Blakeley.
Peter Buzuette, barber, Port Blakeley.
C. Byler, :i anager Port Blakeley
W, Byler, clerk, store, Port Blakeley mill.
Alex. Carlson, planer, Port Blakeley
Joseph E. Conway, lumber surveyor,
Charles Dennison, mate, steamer
Mrs. T. C. Ford, wile ol superintendent ol Port Blakeley mill.
Garcia Buzzintie, Filipino, Fort
Blakeley mill.
Edward Jones, foreman Rothschild
& Jones, Port Blakeley.
C J. Kenney, U. 8. A. hospital attend aut.
John Keating, St. Paul, formerly ol
Peter Larsen, oiler, Port Blakeley
William Mayers, caulker, Port
Albert McDonald, lumber surveyor,
Port Blakeley,
Frank McQueerie, clerk, Port Blakeley mill.
Albert McDrummond, lumber surveyor, Port Blakeley.
August Nelson, Port Blakeley,
Mrs, August Nelson, Port Blakeley.
Fred Pigott, tiler, Port Blakeley mill.
Roland Price, son of postmaster,
Port Blakeley.
One deckhand Irom steamer Dix,
name unknwn; live Japanese en route
to Port Blakely Ior wnrk; 8 Chinese;
one Filipino, name unknown,
SEATTLE, Nov. 21.—Last night's terrible disaster was caused by the mats ot
the Dix. iiim lost his head and threw
his wheel far to Btarboard instead of
tn port, thus cutting directly across
the Jeannie's bow. He is among the
drowned. Nearly all the Dix passengers were in the cabin when the crash
came, and being unable to gel. out
were caught like rats in a trap. All
those saved were on deck when the
vessels struck. 01 the six women
aboard, Alice Simpson, a girl of 16,
escaped. The ship sank so quickly
that there was no time for one of those
mud rushes of frenzied men which
often characterizes the sinking of a
vessel. None nl the drowned really
knew whnt happened.
As il by intuition, Port Blakeley
learned of thi catastrophe, and while
the stunning effect Ol the news was
lieing felt in Seattle, the populace of
Port lilnkeley was legging at the
docks nnd imploring at the telephone
office lor news of the victims. Flags
of all nationalities are banging at ball
mast today in Blakeley,
Nttkeif better than Our " Special.
Counterfeit Ten  Dollar Bills
are Being Circulated.
Washinotox, Nov. 20,—The United
Slates secret service announces the
discovery of a new counterfeit $10
"buffalo" United States note. This
counterfeit is apparently a photo
lithographio production printed on
two pieces ol paper with silk Horn distributed between them. Tbe (nne of
the note is a greyish LIuck. The numbering seal and largo "X" are nl good
color and workmanship The check
letter nnd plate number do not. appear
in the lower right bund oorner, The
hack of the note Is a dark bluish green.
Ily itself this Counterfeit is apt to
deceive, hut when handled with genuine notes ibe marked difference in
thc c dor of tlm Lack should lead to its
Immediate detection.
Hotel in Regina Destroyed.
A Narrow Escape  of 65
Guests—$125,000 Damage.
No Loss of Liie.
RkqinA, Nov. 20.—Shortly after live
o'clock yesterday morning Regina was
visited by the worst conflagration In
its history, and so far as can he ascertained from tbe many conflicting
reports in circulation, several lives
have been lost, but owing to the fact
that tl.e hotel register was not saved
it is impossible to say who slept in
thc Windsor Hotel Sunday night and
consequently it cannot be stated how
many lives were lost. That there
were a number is generally nccepled,
and some estimates place tbe number
as high as twelve, including several of
the servants.
The lire was a most spectacular nne
ami as the flames roared nut of the
large number ol windows of the hig
hotel on all sides, it presented an
awful and awe-inspiring appearance.
As soon as it is possible to clear
away tbe debris and secure tbe remains
of the victims, should any be found,
which is doubtful in view of the
seething cauldron of flame, which
completely filled the four walls ol the
building a coroner's inquest wiil be
Bowman Lumber Company's
Stores at Comaplix Gutted.—
Loss $15,000.
A disastrous fire broke out last
night at 9 p.m. in the Bowman Lumber Co.'s stores at Comaplix. So far
the cause nf the outbreak is unknown
as details are not forthcoming. Tbe
damage is very heavy, the whole
building and contents being gutted.
The loss is estimated at shout $15,000.
The premiums are issued by the
Revelstoke Insurance Agency.
A Hotel Wrecked by Terrific
Explosion—The Proprietor's
Daughter Blown to Pieces.
Gland Fokks, Nov. 21.—An appalling crime waB committed on Monday
night at Niagara, ten miles from here.
An Italian laborer who has been
working on the grade of the Kettle
River Valley lines, broke into the
powder magazine and for purposes of
reven e, apparently, took two or three
cases of powder and secreted them in
thc Canadian Hotel run by a man
named King. Between ll and 10 p.m.
a terrific explosion took place which
wrecked tl.e building and caused
ghastly damage. King, his wife and
18 year old daughter were standing
together at the time. The girl was
litem Ily blown to pieces, Mr.
and Mrs. King escaping with minor
injuries, Some idea of the terrific
force ol the explosion may be gathered
when logs a foot and a half thick and
20 fcit long were thrown over a
hundred yards away fro... tho building, So far no trace of the criminal
has been found.
Jerry from Kerry is a funny musical
farce comedy, a vaudeville attraction,
in which that cheerful comic character is thc central llgure, is to be presented in this city atthe Opera House
on Monday, Nov. 20, This will be
welcome news to all classes of theatre
goers. The interest in tl.e laughable,
diver!ing and humorous incidents,
events and happenings of tliis comedy
never ceases or Hags and its succes.
has been little short of amazing. The
Pattens have no superiors in musical
comedy, There are throe ol them, all
are skillful musicians antl their comedy is ot the cleanest and highest type.
New songs, pretty music, charming
girls, funny comedians and all the
pleasing leiilnres one expects to see in
a show of this kind. The company
includes ...any well known and clever
artists and carries its own concert
band and orchestra. Theatre goers
Bhould not fail to see this aggregation
of high-class comedy, musio and histrionic art.
Cyclone Brings Death and
Destruction. — Featherstone
Must Die—Earthquake in
Nkw Oiu.kank, Nov. 21.—For the
third time this yenr Mississippi lias
been devastated by a cyclone. At
Winona, Miss., forty persons wore injured and bull* tbo town destroyed.
Grenada Buffered as largely. Three
pet-sons were killed near Oknlona, a
number uf bouses blown down and
tilueis "iiioolcil. At Mnthisou, all ol
the southern pact of the town ' was
blown away.
OTTAWA, Nov. 21.—The government
lias refused to interfere with the death
sentence pns?ed on 11. S. Featherstone,
who murdered Mary Jane Dalton, at
Soutl. Wellington. He will be hanged
on December 12.
I'miTii, West Australia, Nov. 21.—
An earthquake occurred at H.20o'clock
Monday alternoon along the whole
const from Albany to Shark's Bay,
The disturbance was very severe at
Perth, Geraldton and Mai-gala.
Ottawa, Nov. 21,—Judge Dougherty
of tbe Supreme court of Montreal, has
resigned. Judge Cornwall, British
Columbia, has also resigned.
Washinciton, Nov. 21.—The Washington Loan and Trust Company, one
of the biggest institutions in the city,
with nearly $7,11011,000 deposits, was
tin. victim nf a persistent run on
London, Nov. 21.—The Westminster
Gazette today urges the government
to select a man of supreme ability for
liritish ambassador at Washington.
The paper declares that Great
Britain's former influence and prestige at Washington have been usurped
by the German ambassador, adding
that Mr. Roosevelt is in more close
and confidential communication with
Emperor William than with any other
ruler or statesman in Europe.
Liberal-Conservative Association Elect Officers.
The annual meeting of the Liberal-
Conservative Association of Revelstoke
was held in Selkirk Hall last night.
There was a large attendance and an
excellent programme was rendered by
members of the association during the
evening. Thos. Taylor, M. P. P., addressed the members on the political
questions of the day in an  excellent
C. F. Lindmark, president, occupied
the chair, and W. W. Foster was the
secretary of the meeting.
The election of officers for the ensuing year was held with tbe following
Hon. President—Hon. R. McBride.
Hon. Vice-President—Thos. Taylor,
M. P. P.
President—Chas. Holten.
1st. Vice-President—G. S. McCarter.
2nd. Vice-President—A. E. Kincaid.
Sec.-Treas.—W. W. Foster.
Executive committee: E. M. Allum,
E, E. Adair, H. Buckley, F. Corson, T.
Downs, W. Foote, C. M. Field, R. Tapping, F. Young, A. C. Mcintosh, J. I.
Woodrow, Mr. McDonald, J. M,
Scott, C. Stephenson, Mr. Hawkins,
J. Armstrong, Mr. Blacklock, W. Gait,
R. Gordon, P. Hooley, W. Hornell, B.
A. Lawson, A, Johnson, A. J. Mc
Donell, J. McLeod, T. Wadman, H.
J. McSnrley, W. H. Humphreys, C. F.
Lindmark, J. Laughton, C. Corson,
R. Clay, P. Murphy, I). Moore.
Fireman Bell Succumbed to
Cold and Shock.
A sad occurrence attended with
fatal results tnok place on Monday
last at Sicamous. A freight which
was en route for the Okanagan branch
had been held at Sicainoiis (or some
slight repairs and the crow were held
there for a while, while those repairs
were being effected. Fireman W. Bell
aud Conductor T. Laurence decided
to go on a short hunting excursion into
the forest, leaving about noon, and
followed up several deer trails of which
there were a great number. Travelling
was very heavy and both men were
getting tired and while endeavoring
to cross a stream nn a lug both (ell in,
being up to their necks in water Inr
seven*-! minutes belore they were able
to reach the bank. Alter that they
mado for the track which thoy knew
to lie not lar distant but Bell, complaining of exhaustion, collapsed,
Uurnnco endeavored to carry him to
the track but found his burden too
heavy antl owing to tho darkness,
which had closed in, could not sue the
obstacles in his way. So leaving his
companion Laurence hurried as fast
as ho could to the section liuuse at
Iiiiiiiii where, aftor several futile attempts to rouse the section mnn he
succeeded in explaining to him what
had happened and tbe hand car was
got out, taken down tho track and the
body ol Hell picked up and taken tu
the section lmuse, where endeavors,
wore mndo tu mature consciousness
but without avail, Fatiguo, cold, exposure and thc shock ol the immersion probably caused heart failure,
Tl.e body was brought to Revelstoke
by No. 96. Conductor Laurence came
in to town last evening in a state ol
semi-cullapse, having suffered Irom
cold and exposure lor many hours
after Bell was pioked up.
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Two Ricks, stove size $3 76
Three Ricks, stove Bize $5 50
Furnace and Stove Coal $9 00
Nut Size,  suitable  for  Self  Feeders,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
Secure, ono ol tlie aneai Iltimes in (he un v »i(h tliree Lola on Corner,
litis PTOortj■« complete with all (lie moduli convenience*) ami la local*! in the beat
Iti'.iiili-iiliit! Diatrict.
Prlc. S3.IOO,   Term. S.500 Down, Balance on Tlma,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Provinces ol Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan.
British Colombia, Ontario, (Jnebec.
Capital Subscribed ...       $5,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       S4,28o,ooo.oo
D. R. Wilkik, Presiile.it; Hon. R. Jakfhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department— Deposit* received and Interest allowed
at highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United Suites and
lOuiupe.   Speeiul attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
The Imperial Guarantee and Accident Insurance Co. of Canada
Head Office  46 King St. West. Toronto, Ont.
Revelstoke Office—Molsons' Bank Building
Capital Subscribed, 11,000,000.00  Paid Up Capital, 1200,000.00
Oovernment Deposit,     100,000.00  Reserve Fund,        50,000.00
Special attention paid lo Accident nnd Sickness
Insurance for railway men. Policies being Issued on
the mosl approved plant and al low Premium Hales.
Investigate iln* following I'olloy Benefits:  Payments
Iol-Ions of life, ll.nl. 01' -Ight: Weekly llltli'lllllil If-for
iuiiii mul partial tllsiiblcuicnti Optional Indemnities:
Meilienl l-'ees: Ti.ivi-I I mli uiiiii n *: Sickness Indemnities: Hospital Indoiniiillus and face value of policy
for Total Permanent Disablement,
See our Special Combination Policy for Soled and
Preferred Risks, covering SitMi Accident Insurance,
SI,inm Health Insurance, Weekly indemnities I'm any
Accident or any Illness.  Costs 91,00 por month,
Hnnds issued for Dominion and Provincial lim-
iiltiyees. Municipal Ooi-|>omtlons, Hanks, Loan,
Financial and Ciitnineiciiil Institutions, Fraternal
Societies, Ad.i.lnlati-aturi .-mil on all parties occupying positions of Trust, Absolute security and Low
Revelstoke tail! AjeiKj, (ity Agents
H. F. McKinnon, SpecialgRailway Agent,
E. H. Lewis, GeneralJAgent.
For the best situated RESIDENTIAL and VILLA Lots
in lhe City or on its borders, and for choice FRUIT
LANDS, Call and see G. M. SPROAT Soon.
Farwell Estate Office   •   Cowan Block, 1.EV CL VI'UK ill. U.li.
iststnyi- tn Knglnnd, United
and Canada,
Hy tii,. ,-oar [through postodloi I	
Ball " -        	
Wmirlir "       " " 	
.-un ■ IUKTING prompUj executed at reason-
i'KKSI:--('a.li.   Subscription*; pojablo in nil!
UKHE8P0NDENCK Invited o utters ol
public liiti-r.-i. Communioations lo Kdi-
lor mu-; I.- ao Dlupftlded bv iiainii ol
writer, nol Dooessarl))- fn pubflQAlion. bul
a., evident.' of .-nod failli. t'lin-L-poinltiiioc
-lion!,! Is- brief.
/ ill.l.AN *.- ELLIOTT.
B.rruu-r.. Solicitor., Etc.
C. B. OU.U> *• 0. KU.I0TT,
Omces :  iMitiKl.il.  IIamc  1II.IICK,   lliVKt;
'SiUKk, li. U.
Monet 'nltjtin.
Orac*?: Revelstoke, H, 0.. For. Sicolc, 11, 0.
QSO, 8, MoCartkr,
A. .M.   I'ISKHAM. J. A. llAllVKV.
ReveliUke, B. 0.        Kort,8teolo,B.O,
}. M. Ss-oli I.L.D
nm* and
W, I. Brlggs,
Barristers, Solicitors, Eto.
Mi'NKV To Loan
solicitors eor Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Su.veylng
McKkm/ih Avenue,
Box ino, Revblstokb,
" I would . . . earn-.til" ft vise llieni lor
their good to order this paper lo bo punctually
.erved up. and to bo looked upon as a part of
lhe 1. i equipage."—AontsoN.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 17, 1906
Comfort, speed, economy and saving
of time are the four features which
are engaging the attention of those
men in the railway service who have
passenger traffic in charge. The wonderful progress that has been made in
the transportation ol passengers during the past fifteen years was certainly
not forseen. It may be said that the
progress to be made within the next
fifteen years cannot be foreseen with
exactness, but it can be snid that
whatever modifications will be made,
wiil be made along the line ol greater
luxury oi appointments, more solid
cooiforts, greater speed and a saving
of time. Preparatory to such achievements mu-t come, ns is coming, a
roadbed radically different Irom existing roadbeds. The necessary removal
of worn out ties is one of tbe drawbacks to railroading whicli inventive
talent has not yet satisfactorily met.
Creosotiug of ties has made headway
and metal ties are to some extent
being ustd nnd remarkable improvements are being made in the construction of roadbeds, but all these improvements nre tentative. Railroad
mauagers are reducing curves and, as
far as possible reducing their roads to
a straight line. Vibration is, too,
being reduced to a minimum by better
ballasted tracks, heavier rails and
heavier cars. Great improvements
have ten made on tbe Pacific Division
of the C. P. R. within the last few-
years and the record taken all round
is a good one. The conditions out ol
which accidents, that are classed as
unforeeen, grow are being studied and
the solution of this question involves
some radical changes iu existing
methods of railroad management.
Some ol the most serious accidents
which have recently occurred in Canada and the United states have been
lound tu be due, not to some immediate delect or some immediate cause,
but some very remote cause, the removal of which cails for radical
changes in methods.
Understanding Between Allan
and C.P.R. not Considered.
Montreal, Nov. P.I,—The (nets
aliout the winter arrangements lor tho
transport ol Ibe Atlantic, minis nro
briefly these: The government entered
inlo a contract with the Allan line for
the carriage of the mail. Subsequently when tlie Canadian Pacific put its
two new empresses into service, they
rom Macleod and Fernie.
Fernii-:, Nov, 20-Wurk a! tlie coke
ovens at l'Vlnie nnd Michel has 1 ecu
As a considerable number of minors
formerly employed nt Coal en-el,, h v.-
not yet reported for ivork general superintendent Driiiiieu lias issued a
notico lu tiie employees of the company slating llmi under tile terms of
became a party  to thc arrangement 11'1. *f'}e">*"\ arrived at by president
   i ;,i,   n,„ I Mitchells duly accredited represent:.-
under an agreement mail
Allan line «s subcontractor
quite understood by the parties to this
agreement that during the winter
months tbe Empress ol Britain and
the Empress of Ireland would run
botween Liverpool and St. John,
rocoiving and delivering the mails at
the latter port. Were it not lor this
understanding, ibe Canadian I'nuiiic.
would nut. have participated in the
contract, because il theso vessels are
to be kept on ibe Atlantic route they
must serve purls reached by the Canadian I'ncilio Railway lines. However, the local iullueuce at Halifax
was apparently sufficient to indtioo
the government, under n technical
clause of the original agreement between the government and the Allans
to rule that the Empresses must go
frnm St. John to Halifax to receive tlie
mails before putting out to sea and
must stop at Halifax on the return
trip to deliver the mails before proceeding to St. John. The Canadian
Pacific was quite willing to surrender
its share in tbe mail contract rattier
than subject its passengers to the delay and to have tbe Canadian winter
route fur passengers seriously prejudiced by this roundabout service.
But this could not be done unless the
Allan line could secure the consent of
the government, They tailed to do so,
and, Iherelore, the Canadian Pacific,
in order to observe the terms of its
agreement with the Allan lino, was
compelled to accept the situation. As
a consequence during the present winter season the Empresses will stop in
Halifax harbor to receive and deliver
Tnis uf course will dolay them and
to that extent frustrate the efforts of
the Canadian Pacific to establish a
service equal to that between New
York and Liverpool. Save for this call
at Halifax on their outward and inward voyages, the Empresses will confine themselves to St. John, the winter
port of the Canadian Pacific, passengers and freight being shipped and
landed there, while the C. P. R. Over-
sens limited, carrying the imperial
mails to and from China, will also
make St. John its winter terminal.
While beyond doubt the arrangement
is detrimental to the genera! interests
ot lhc rest ol tho Dominion, the only
advantage accruing to Halifax is the
sentimental prestige of being made a
port of call, and thus receiving the
local European mails a few hours
earlier than if they were carried to St.
with  tl.e I . _^_
lt was '"" ;li"' ''10 cuinpiiti) it was agreed
lhat all men should go hack to work.
lie therefore notifies thoni liuitlhey
iniisl apply tu their ini.-.e siipeiiiueuit-
i nt on t-i before Saturday, ".Nov, 17lh,
und give in their nanies ivhio'i will I o
placed ii|nin the listiind work furnished thon. ao sn ii as pus-ible. He
also iioiiliei them Hint all who joined
the union und signed the check i IV
uider since September llth, aro released frum the uniun, their sigtlltU.QS
In said tmJei'S cnii.'.i'lliil mid will nut
bo iiccepti'd by the oompany. lt is
opt onal with them, he I'm iln-r slates,
whether tiny rejoin ihe union nnd
iiln-llier lln-y sign the new cbeck-nll*
ur not,
Holh collieries ul the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal cunipany me being operated
today, Michel with a lull complement
ol men anil Conl Creek with as many
as can he placed at present.
TheGladetono local union again expressed their determination not to return to work until president Mitchell
bus been heard from, but as tbe back
of the of the strike iB broken at Coal
Creek, it is hard to understand what
a few disgruntled members of the local
union hope to gain by thus openly
making evident their disloyalty to the
United Mine Workers of America,
when their fellow members nt Michel,
who have the same interests at stake,
are accepting in a spirit ol loyalty the
settlement made by their national
president's representative,
When the inining'iudustry has settled down to its normal condition
once more tbe lesson taught by this
last disastrous stiike will not be lost
upon the miners, and doubtless moro
care will be exercised in the election
of their officers and the direction of
their affairs placed in safer hands.
British Board of Trade Appoints Correspondents in
Various Cities,
The following letter to the Westminster Gazette will be read with
much interest in Canada:
Sir,—In your issue of Oct. 31, ina
note on the mail route to thc east,
you state that the C. P. U is at a disadvantage compared with the P. & 0.
oompany us it loses a day owing t
the fact lhat it travels westward.
Now, thil ia a fallacy, assuming that
the distances are the same and the
rates ol travel equal, ihey musl arrive
atthe far east nt tlie same time, lt
ie true that a person travelling eastward round the world appears tu gain
a day, but that is due to the [aot thai
each of bii days ii a little shorter, as
he is meeting the son iml 10 his dinner hour comei round a little soonei
each day. It is a pity that a false
idea ibould be promulgated that un-
(airly handicaps- lhe C. I' li.
Yours faithfully,
E, P. i.i t-i
It is estimatid thai tbe recent
strike ol the Crow's .Vest Pass Coal
Company's employees occasi ined a
total loss of $600,000, apart Irom tbo
loss iccassioned to other industries
inconvenienced by shortage ol luel
supply. Whilst a considerable proportion ul this loss had to be born by
the strikers, who earned no wages for
seven weeks, a very large share of it
falls upon the company nnd in thi.
instance the company was in tin-
right throughout, as subsequent developments clearly established, aid as
a matter of fact has had to pay a si iff
price lor its determination to prevent
of nc. trifling with an agreement, solemnly entered into with a labor
Winnipeg, Nov. 19.—Richard G-rigg,
commissioner to Canada from the
Board of Trade of London, England,
is in Winnipeg on his way west, where
he has Bonie i.npo.tant work in connection with the trade relations of
Canada to the Mother Country.
" I am in Canada for lhe purpose of
securing it greater interchange of com
modifies," said Mr. Grigg. "Our
Board of Trade of London is a department of the government, lt takes
notice of the commercial affairs ol the
whole Km pire.
"Just to shmv how much the people
at home are interested in Canada one
can casil) see by the action of the
Government in sending me over here.
I am here to appoint correspondents
in various centres of trade in the Dominion. These men will be in C ■
iiiuniciilii n with the intelligen -
partment of the home board, and will
keep us informed as to the trade conditions existing in their city.
" The idea is not u new cue. but it
has been found to be very effectiae.
'The  United States consular   ser ■
was the lirst to be called into requisition, and now all the Oonsu - i ■
ci respondents, and report tc the
Government at Washington openings
o| for the disposal ol United States
goods in their territory.
Mi Grigg is empowered to nominate -.'■ I these - - -i ondi its n
Canada, who will receive a salary ol
$600 a year to start on. They will be
stati -i.'-il nr in each ol the lollowin
oities St. John, llnlilsx, Quebec,
Montreal, i tl iwa, T- ri ntn, Hamilton
Winnipeg and Vancouver.
Pleases every Smokor- Uie
11 Hart:.
Ferriera and His Band Will
be Tried for Murder.
Cape Town, Nov. 19.—Ferriera, the
leader of the Boer raid from German
Southwest Africa into the northern
part of Cape Colony and all bis followers have been captured by the colonial
patrols. Ferriera and his band of outlaws nfter the brush with the police on
Nov. 12, started uorth in an attempt
to again reach German territory.
Owing to the difficult country and
lack of water tbe patrols who were in
pursuit of the leader were unable to
come up with him. The police surprised the bandits ns they were camping early yesterday morning and after
a short light, in which several of
l-'erriera's men were wounded, compelled the robbers to lay down their
arms. The captured Boers and several
natives who were with them will probably be brought to Cape Town on
charges ol murder.
Ferriera, who waB one ol Do Wet's
lieutenants during the Boer War, has
never been recognized by the Dutch
leaders in Cape Colony. After the raid
ol November 12 they advised their
followers to do all in their power to
assist the government.
Pope Pius X. Decides to Make
Church Independent.
- liuMi, Nov. 19—Alter many months
ol indecision and delay, the latter
caused principally by tho hope entertained st the Vatican thai * ie Fr. nch
official! would at last a * terms
with the chu-li   mt      tie, ling
the sitnatii n of the ch.irc i in France
ind ■ ■ pi ctical enl - ■■- • *' the
law    I separatioi . Pi - -. I ■-
■ •■ ntinne ... I
- is and  :-i mal   -
church a:, ■ .- ii dependant from
'-.     ■ tti -  .nd  - i] |  •:• -. enl
.sources    In order todo thit
-■   ei   .: istrati -  will bavi
utlay ol lev.  -
pei    year   I nl the pope feels confi-
dent that the resources necessary t-
■ •   !-'   nc     ilj
rough tin- generi lity ol Cath-
thei parti ol the world.
mm the plan would placo thc
ohurch ul Francs on the same looting
as the ohurfjh m America, without
any dependence or lupport from the
-i.i'. i I ibsolutely sustained by the
gener sit; ol itt own adherents
Kootenay Steel Ranges
Burn all kinds of fuel
London* Toronto
Van cou ver»Sh-John N.B-)
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
'"   -"I"     '"'h'    J.U.n,.l,M"    .«-
llis. to ii Carluiiil.    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All rVndsof Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
thiol) in. ion at -1
ii.iii. Vi-itiinibri-lh-
rt-ii   cordially  wel
U. A. I'lloCUNIKR. sw-unmv.
SK1.K11IK LOU, E. NO  IS!. I. 0. II. V.
limits ovei-j'lliui-wli y
oviniiiK in Selkirk
Hall nt s ti'olook.
VUltlui* hr.-ll-r.iii coi-
dl.-illy ravllcd to attend
Import direct from Country of origin.
Incorporated hy Aot et Parliament, 1SS5.
Wm. MOLBON MACPHER80N, Pres. S. H. Giving, Vice-Pres.
JJames Elliot, General Manager. |
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000M0
Everything in way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay. ^^
Interest credited twice » year at current grates Jon Savings liana
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
REVEurroiie, B. 0
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Heel, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
Br'-l Range L  lgo, k. sf P.,
No. 26, Revchlokc,. S. C.
CXCOpt lliliil Wclui-situy nl
muii un.mh, iu tin- Oddfellow*'
Hull .1 8 (.-.luck. Clsiiiim
Knights a-e ctirilliilly -iivlted.
G. H. DIIOt'K, K. ol R. 4 S.
F. 0. E.
Th* regular rnQottnga nro hold In tlm Halkirk
Hull uvery Tuesday ovtinin.-at Ho'clnc*. Visiting liiultirtui aro cordially invited.
li. U.  lll'llllllKlH, I'lllMIDtNI.
It. I'OOK. Sm-KlirAHn. !
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea sorvlces
(lane Chair.
JKlower Pots
UniDrella SUinds
Lnnoh HnskoU
SinokinK Jackets
; Silk Goods.
Under   New   Management)
First-clas accommodation lor travellers.
Best brands   of   Wines,  Spirits,   and:
RATES   $1  AND   $1.60   PER   DAY
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern convenisuces
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same, management
Queens ftotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars, Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
ll.l'.IH > □
Finest stock of munlics mill fruits ln town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
I have clients who wish to
obtain houses, rooms and lots
Ior building purposes, and shall
be glad if parties baring eaoh
mil advise me of same.
Real Eatato and Insurance Agent.
Revolstokt, D. C.
Henry's Nurseries
Dter Heat!., Animals, Ilinl., Fl.li, |K«c„
Animal Rn;;a Mounted,
P. 0. H"I IL
Studio:  OPPOSITE P. 0.
Roml.tok., B. C.
Mrs, H. J. Hiubury, Managress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Larue Diningroom for
BuuQUflts, Supper., otc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
Mrs. M
Creffield Expires
Cell  From Heart
SEATTLE, Nov, 20.—-Mrs Maud Crellield, the third ol tin- principals in
the Holy Roller tragedy, has just died
In her cell in the county goal, The
woman save no intimation that -he
was ill and the goal officials first
knowledge that she ivus stricken was
when the women prisoners in the
main dormitary called lor help. That
-ignnl was given immediately alter a
piercing soream was heard irom  the
direction ol the cells ol Mrs. Creflinld
and Esther Mitchell, who shut at and
killed her brother George lur killing
.loshun Crellield, tl.e Holy Roller
It was at lirst thought, the women
hud taken poison, but u thorough
March ol tho cell revealed the (net that,
she must have died from natural cans
es. Deputy Coroners' Wiltsiedeclarcs
that the symploms were those ol heart
disease, and until nn autopsy is performed this afternoon the real cause
of death will not he known,
-•    •
perlumei sl I u ids Druv
suitably furnished. with the choicest the
mark':: affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Nothing better than Our " Snoolal
Nairn's   Freih   '.mulsh.i.   ol    Ood
Uver 'ul i* the best lor colds or weak
lungs,  Hi oz   bottle $1—.Nairn's Red
That's Royal Crown kind—
iiiaili- in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory wesl ol Winnipeg, Mouse cleaning and
washing are easy with itshelp.
And the money laving is ihe
.'remium System
Booklet tells what we give iur
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
■; ■ "'"hv -given Ihal *;. rl.  'i-i1- s
afterdate I ha Chief
i i Landi nnd W orks for a ]
spi ense tn  cut and carry away
sfoi ■■*■ ig Iqi i bed landa
■ i Ow        Uivis on ol Vale
i .* u .i poil planted nenr lhe
norl   * dan  of tin bei   limit  No,
.    . i m ■ orth-weai
.::   , 'i en •■ north 60 1 hains 1
hai -, ■■ .until .i.i
-   -iiii r v ii       .- ol timber
ihenci   well -     haini along
hald boundan to the nortli weal 11 rnei ol
ionth 41    ■ •  i along the
n . ity uf timber Iim    /.-; ti
the nurih-.■ 1 ■ ■ onn mil ;''*:;;
al -■ i haii taloi.: the northern
t limit ,'■" ol
D I906,
it JO dayi ittw itati 1
im-iiii tr. ipl.      tne Fl    tha chin Ci rarafaafon
,f 1 ,- ili -.ml Worki f*.r 1 ip* ial ll(*en«i tn mt.
iml ■ irrj itraj Limber fr-.m Llm following itt
-    ,-;.-:■ '.'i I-   ■ ilntriPt!
Commanclng  li k poit marked   ...  Porter1!
■ irnei ■■■"'   *u Uio loutl u il cornir
nl rnottft* Pflftfion ■ i'i'* emptlon. thnw th *,(i
chair , tbenee   nenl  SO ■ batna, theni 0 north '-"
chaina '1 nee wel !0 chaini topo'atol cora-
II,"*?:'*m| .-lit..
tara-tedSept ivth, 11 a
nnv3 .1, PORTKft.
Good, sound, No, 'I Applet at
Win. per liol., I, 0. li, Vernon.
Certificate of Improvements.
River Kiti*n Mineral Claim, uihmlu in thu [Ilo*
oMewaot Mining DlvUlon uf Kool'-miy dint-riot,
Whore located:  Kiah Creok,
Take notico that I, John Alhurt Kirk of thfl
town ul itru'i-niriki', .'...'., acting tu njront for
J, S 0. Fraaer, R»q„ Ifreo MIiihFh Certificate
Si,. HjffHOand MmKiiroi. A. Kiwin.Knio Mlner'a
< eriitlci.ii* No. mm, Intend, nlxtyrtaynfrom
tho date hereof, to ai'iily to iho Mining Ru
oordorfor a Certificate of Improvement», for
Hn* purpose nf rjliUilniiiK * Crown Grantor thc
above olalm,
Ami further take notice thataction. under
Motion V mtul be aeminonocd boforo thelmu1
iiim'' uf "H'h Certificate nt tmprovomflnte.
Dated thli Mth day of September, A.D., 1006,
nor21 ,1. A. KIKK.
Notice i« hereby {Iran that (K> (Inr* after date I
ntend lo a 1.nIy in ilie chief Ownmlaiilonor nf
l.nmh and Wnrk* fur |i'TiiilH<fi"ii t» iinrcliane the
olliiuitif- described landi in Cariboo diatrict!
yi.t-iiiiii.-iiciiii* ;n apoil maiked"W, II.OHyo's
louth-eait earner poet,'1 planted "ii trail Muling
from N»rth Tlinmpion Hirer to VelliiKbaad Poll
and about fintllwlna northoriy dlractlnn from
Cranberry Lake, runnloi north wi rlialtm, thonce
wait W elialm, tlience aouth ri'i cluiiriN, ilmnro cant
Ui chain* to point of comraenooniont,
Dated llthdayofNownbflr.lKW,
nnf2l W, ik OUVJd Locator,
1. ilny-tifl.-r iliiln I inlfliiil to iittiily to I In;
elii'f I'l.iiiinlsjiiiiifir ol IjuhIs and WiirKs fur a
..|.iiiiiil li.i-ti-i-tn out and i-ntrv tiivay tlintier
from tho f'illfo.iiiK tliiMirlltwl laml. In Wesl.
K'Silmiiiy ilislii.l .
Commonotna al s imat. uinrln-il "II. II. HnnkH*
nnrtli wosl oornor,1 iiiiiI 'ilaiittil at. thfl south-
wi-sl tinrniir nf Tinilini- l.ilnll Nn. OHil, al Hal-
iiiiii Iltty, rnniiliiK sniitti In i-litilna or lit |iohI
Nn. 7H..I. lli'-lif' west 2(1 clialna or to |tt«t No.
;il..'l Iht'iit-i- aonlli .11 nliiilna, tlience oast SO
Ohains, thonco norlli an chains, thence wesl (Ki
tihiiiiiH to (ilai.n nf t'limiiifiiifiinicnt.
liiitmliliiM lllth October, 1900.
oct 2. II. II. IIANK.s,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
Habbt  McIntobh,   Hoffumn   House
cyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natu.al remedy fnr
all Neivous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A lure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and triiins. Two
mails at rive and depa.t every day,
Telegt-a h communication with all
marts of the world.
Teiim-s- $12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu Lake. B. C
Eitra lars. iiti-.nutaliini of
Bill DC  t-i arrive Irum llollnntl, Frauoe
DULUa  .ml Japan in Seelonilier
For Fall Planting
Thousands of Fruit and Ornamental
TreeH, Hln-ilnilnn.Irons, Rose, ami liartly
iilanta iiom irr.iT.iug oil nur own ground, for
future phtmiog. /
Nn ei! huso. Insaordclayof fumigation,
insiicctii 1 11.n i;n*lnin. ilm ies tneay. Headquarter* for Pacific Const irowe and Imported Unrdon, Field suil Flower Seed..
Visitor! aro alwny. welcome tit inspect
our slock.
Oreonhou.o Plant.,
Cut Flowersnml Floral Design., Fertilisers
Hon Hivns and Supplie., Spray Pump, end
Sjiriiying nmtorial,
No agonl.-therefore you have no eom-
mission .0 pay. Our catalogue tall, yon
about it. Lot mo price yoar list boforo
placing your order.
We do business on our own grounds—no
rent to pay, and nre prejiared to mont nil
competition. Enstorn pries or le... White
Inbor.  t'litiilnKiins Froe.
(•Jriimiliniiui*.: — .'iiiio   Westminster   Road.
Brnnch Niirsenoa;—South Vancouver.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, lafss and Furniture.
Central Draylng.
Office: McKenzie Ave.I"""'*""«'
OHIO. Phone No. 71
Hardware Illk.
House Phono Ne. 7.
good potatoes, oniona, carrots,
sauerkraut, home made pickles,
jam, etc., chicken or egga, or
If there is anything wrong
Abou Tour House
that wants fixing, from open-
ing your safe to cleaning your
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Manufactured for all elnt.io.Jof bulldlngi
All kinds of building and plaiterlng
Buys one of the most roomy,
comfortable and convenient residences in thc city, with two lots,
corner site, in first-class location.
Terms may be arranged. Particulars on application to
Real Estate & Insurance Agent,
JUST On McKi'tizic avenue, b(!«
j twi'i'ii thu Imperial Hank antl
Fifth ftii'i't, nn Aini'lhyBl, Brnnch net
wiih fancy pnarlsi Kinder will here*
warded liy returning to this office,
Pleases every emoker-the " Maroa
NOTIC1 U hereby el-fen that thirty days
after date I iutaud to apply to tha Chief
CummUiioiiarof Land*, and Worki for ipecial
lieeuie tu eut and curry away timber from the
follu-wiufj deicribed landi eituatid In Wist
Kuuteiiay district, H.C:
1, (IotimenciigRLapij.it planted od the north*
wvit •bur* of tbe nortb-euit arm of Upper Am*
Uki, uta point about IH tuilei luulli-weit of
Coinaplix, and mailed "John Cuiinor'i north-eait
coiuur poit," tbenee n-utli too cliaim, thence weit
-iuebalni, theuce north iw cliains, tlienc wit 40
clialiu to point cf coiunieiicoinoiit.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
'J, Cum mnn eing at a poit pluntod about iti
chains wait of tlm iiortli-wmt shore, no rtl i-is.it
arm of Upper Arrow -Lakv.at a poiut about t\
mile**- luiitli-wunt ul Comaplix, and marked "M.J.
Smltli's toutli-oust corutir pout," tlience weit 80
cliaim, tlienco north TJ clialna, theuce east so
clmiui, thonce uuuth so chains to point of com*
Donald Uuwar, Agent.
3. Counnoiioing at a pout planted on the north-
wesi iiliurc uf t-lu* nortll-east arm of Upper Arrow
Lake, at a [mint about % miles south-•.■.tut of
Coinaplix, and marked "Miitin Daily's louth-eait
corner-post," thonce north luo chains, thonce weit
■in chains, thence south lfiu ohalni, thence eait it)
cliains tu point of commencement,
Donald Dewar, Ani-nt.
4. ComiiioiicIiiK at a post planted at thu northeast corner uf locution No, i, and murked "John
Connor's south-east cornor post," thence weit BO
cliaiiH, thenco north Bl) chains, thence east AU
chains, Ihenco south t)0 chains to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
5. Commencing at a post planted at the ioatli-
west cornerof Location No. 4, and marked "M, J.
.Smith's south-east corner poat," tnence north 80
chains, luuuce weit BO chuinx, tbenee luvth So
chains, Lhencu cast 80 chuinr- to poinl of commence mt'iit.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
li. Commencing at a post plantod ubout 86
chains west from the south.west oorner of Location Nn, 8, and marked "John Connor's north-east
corner wost," thoneo west bo chains, theuce south
80 chains, theuce uast 60 chains, theuce north Hi
chains to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
Arrowhead, B.C., Not. 7th, 19-Ofl. nov 17
No.it.-i' i. hereby given tli.t 60 dtys
from dale I intend 10 apply lo lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, H. C,, for purchase of following
ile.i-rilieil land, in Lillooet district:
Commencing al a post planted near
soulh side of Oiler Creek, 3 miles norlh of
Adams Lake inarked "W. S, Burton's
soulh-wesl corner," running 80 chains
cast, 40 chains norlh, 80 chains west, 40
ehnitis soulh, containing about ..oat-res.
Dated Nov, nth, 1906,
nov 14 W. S. BURTON,
Nolice is hereby given lhat ('unlays
from dale I inlcnd lo apply lo thc Chief
Commissioner ol Lands antl Works al,
Victoria, B.C., lor purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet district:
Commencing at a post planted near
south sideof Otter Creek, 3 miles norlh
ol Adams Lake, marked "A. McConneU's
north-west corner," running 40 chains
south, 80 chains east, 40 chains north, 80
chains west containing, about 320 acres,
Daled Nov. 12II1,1906.
nov 14 A, McCONNELL,
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 days
from dale I inlcnd to apply to Ihe C'hiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of lollowing
described latins in Lillooet dish-id!
Commencing at a post planled aboul
Iwo nnd a half miles from head of Adams
Lake on wesl side of river, marked "J. A,
Knox's south-west corner," running 80
chains cast, 40 chains norlh, 80 chains
wesl, 40 chains soulh, conlaining about
320 acres.
Dated Nov, 12th, 1906,
nov 14 J, A, KNOX,
L( Actual Figures and Results
Prove Fruit Growing a Profitable Scheme—Revelstoke
Soil Specially Suitable.
Now .bat thu diaplay uf British
('nliniil in fruit is al.triicting such lllli
versnl atientiun in Great Britain ant:
baareSjiv.il tbe praises ol all who
have se n it, it may be nt inteivst
here ti. .(ink at. Iruit growing from nur
own ata nl [mint in Rei-tjlstnltO. The
fruit iiidu-ii'i-ol Britisli Culumbia is
yet in >it< infancy but the results so
(ar secured ure convincing aa to its
future in-portaiico It ba. bce-i proved
again in d again that the Kuoienay
OOUtili')' ii in every way suitable for
tl.e |ir lialt'c growing uf Iruit and
especially in imr own d'strlot, where
wn have tbe' best ui laud, the heat ol
onil, th-l-i- <>f (dimue and the besl
di gt'ii'i-.i means for successfully
carrying >.i Ine industry, We hardly
ri'alize iiim in- have alnioa: in our
ini-l.t. ind tvoic we to push tu. fi uit
uiiiii. i.'liar up mure land and plant
more Iim, c-ery cent expended would
in it very sii it space of time, produce
a hundred I ml and more,
Taking tbe liguret lor tin' province,
we  lind   ili'i the acreage planted in
Iruit uses has trebled in live years, in
11)01 this acreage   had   increas.il   tu
7,4!IO acres,   In 1905 it bail increased
to 22,000 aerea with  ovor  a   million
trcea, the value ol lhe fruit crops exceeding $1,500,000. From these figures
lt can be seen   that  the  increase  ot
orohards and production ot Iruit  has
iucressed with amazing rapidity and
that because now people realize whal
the province is capable  of  producing
and what will repay in multifold  the
labor and money spent  on   it.     Although Ibero are but lew orchards  of
any size or age in  this vicinity, atill
what there ar. have  proved  wonderfully productive and this should  encourage   thnse   who   are  fortunate
enough to own land in sufficient extent, to plant trees and small  Iruits
and so lay tl.e nucleus of a handsome
income for themselves  and  also  advertise and put  into  practical  lorce
the fruit growing industry and so add
another attraction  for capital   and
labor to our already  prosperous  and
ene.getic oity.    The apples, strawberries, pears aud cherries  that  have
been grown here are  pronounced  by
experta  to be the liue't of their kind
and have compared  favorably  with
Iruit which lias taken prizes in other
partaol the province.    Without a
doubt Ihe luture ol fruit industry in
Revelstoke lias a brilliant luture, and
Iruit ol every kind has been pronounc
ed by men  frnm  the Experimental
Farm at Ottawa and also by the  Department of Agriculture, grown  here,
to be of first ciaas quality, and  ol
exceedingly high  commercial  value.
There are today hundreds of aores in
the vicinity that could well be clsarsd
and planted with Iruit trtea and shrubs
and when onee the initial outlay and
labor is over  the rapid profits and
returns coming in will repay over and
over again what has betu spent. What
mors pleasing sight than our city with
ita back ground ol magnificent mountains, surrounded with trim, healthy
looking   rchards. and in  the  centre
factories, mills, commercial buildings,
the whole  making   i.bat  we  could
rightly call it. a nnalcl city.   To those
who wou.d be interested in the   practical   inellit d?  of   fruit  growing,   it
might be advisable In  say  that  the
coat of making a 20 ace orchard  in
British Columbia is variously eatim
ated frum 12,600 to !J3,5uO according
to tirst eust of land and local   labor
conditiona.   The care and mainteu-
ance of the orchard for live years, or
until it begins to  bear, would  cost,
about $2,500 less the value of  small
fruits and vegetables planted between
the trees and the filth year's return of
fruit, which, iu all, should   pny  the
original cost of the trees. In lhe sixth
year tbe orchard Bhould pruduce $850
worth of fruit, in tbe seventh  $3,200
and in the ninth $5,800,  alter   which
it ahould pay a net annual profit ul
$125 to $150 per acre—an assured income lor life of $2,500 to $3,500 a year.
This estimate ul profits is not  based
upon paper and pencil, but ia justified
by actual experience.  Many instances
ol splendid results can be given  and
a few can be cited.    Near Nelson 14
acres produced 1,000 cases of strawberries and 94 tons of  routs,   netting
the owner $100 per acre.    At I.ytton,
grapea, 4lbs. to the bunch are grown
in the open.    Near Vernon 20 acres
produced $10,000 worth of Northern
Spy apples.    Tomatoes on Okanagan
Lake were grown to tbe value ol $1,600
per acre.    At Revelstoke $1,240 were
netted this year off only a low square
yards ol strawberry plants. Vegetables
snd iruit generally  grown  here has
invariably done well, and why should
not we get to work and loster this industry which we ean see will be ol
immense profit and value to our city
and district.   The moisture and richness of the soil together with its alka-
livity seems to create a craving lor the
acid and succuleiify of tbo Iruit  that
must be satisfied.    There is no finer
or richer soil than is to lie lound
here, teeming with ail those cxestiala
that go to produoe  rich  resul'.s iu
Iruit, vegetables and llowers, left here
during the countless ages as alluvial
deposits when the waters gradually
subsided from tbe hills, and  where
once, centuries ago rolled a vast expanse ol water, are now richly manured
lands and a fertile soil awaiting  only
the hand ol man to apply science  to
nature ana tl.e two combined  will
surely and faithfully yield  up  Iheir
treasures to tbe advancement ol our
fair oity and the prosperity of her
Now Ii youe opportunity I subeorlbs
for th* MAIL-HERALD and the NEW
IDEA S2.60, lor a whole yoar lor tlw
The United States Thanksgiving
comes the end ol this month, many
weeks after Canada's. Wo bad so
much tu be thankful lor we couldn't
Hu yon i-njiiy Hm! .veil diessed feeling? We all know what
il. feels like'lu In- hut, lo he cold, or tn lie tired, and it is
jusl ns true that we all know what il fi'i'ls like to lie well
(licHM-d. It feels good, ami it's good to It-el good. Vuu can
never be well dressed If your clothes aid) nol made by the
eight maker,
Get to know we handle the SEMI-READY GARMlj.NTS
and yuu will lind what 11 pleasure und satisfaction it is i" be
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats  815, SI8, and 620.'
Blue and Black Suits, the best mado, S20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: SI8 and $20
Special Troueers $5 and $8.
Tailoring is uur business. We make a man look well
and lie knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
>OO0 0^>0<><XKK>0<>0^
of Wc.i Kooicnay.
1. Commencing at n posl marked "Qua
Lund's south-en-st cuwor posl" plant* d about I
inilu up Holdii-h or Ono Mile Cnok, and ahout
l mllo fii 111 tho wost Hunk of Columbia It I ver,
ihoneo norlli»'ohalna. wvt 80 chains, aouth 80
I'lmiiis. i-uft ft) chains to point of cm moo-
•j. Commencing st a   iw>t   mnrkod "Que
Lund'a t-outh-weslcornor Dost."planted aboul I
ImlloupHoldioliurOn. Mile (Vek, and nboul
11 I**iir from the wont hunk oi i ulumb u Kivor,
! tlii'iiit norl h B0 cliiiins diet BU uhnins, KOtit.1i Mi
chains, west Sl clmiiis to poinl of commence*
I mont
3. Commencing nt a posl marked   "Qua
Lund'a south-east onrnor poat," planled abuut li
miles up Holdloli orOna Mile Creek, oast bauk.
and aboul 'l mtleafrom Colombia Itiver, thenon
north UUuliaini, wont 80 cluttiw, aouth gtjubulus,
oaat BO chaini to point of comiuenceuient.
i. Commencing at a punt amrkrd "Uus
Lund'i south* woat corner poat," planted about 2
miles up Huldich or Uno Mil-.; Creek, ctibt bunk,
and uliuut 2 mile's* from Columbia river, thenee
norlh SU chains, eastSU chains, south BO chains-
west 80 chains to point nf commencement,
Located Oot. 21at, IML
n..v3 GUS LUND.
tvi'stol Hi*"1 I'iipor Arrow i ake, nuri across the
lnko from Snkusp, ;i i., in Uie distriot ol
next Kooteuay:
it posl mnrked "Kll
iwriier post." nmniiiK
north 80 chains, thonoo
south Kii ehnins lo [mini
a post planted at tin*
ii, i' of Nn. 1 Umber limit uiul
tgiiasy's nortli wesl conier post,"
chain-, thenco south BOofmlus,
clmins, LhoitCO north HI ohalna
iirnl HI
Html ll
-'.  I'(
-iiulli im
in-, line
ns, Hini
pure 'JAEGER' wo*"
To checkmate lhe dlshones use of
the name of " JAEGER," look for the
label on each article, and insi-jt that
the goods be invoiced as "JAEGER*
Sbllmo Agents in Revelstoke
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
PRICE, $7.50 Per Ton Delivered
E. A. HAGGEN, AGT.   Revelstoke, B. C.
Office—Mackoniie Avenue, Next C. P. R. Telegraph Offics.
Tbi.epho.i-s No. 65. P. O. Box 458
\TCTIC2 ^ horoby given ih.it :«i days
ll afterdate I Inteud fo apply to tho Honorable ilu* Chief Commissioner of Lauds mul
Works for a special liconso to eut uud curry
away Limber from lhe following described
lauds in Wost Kooteuay District:
Commencing at u post plunted on tho uorth
nidi of Downie Creek, about one-fourth of a
mil.) -.nlli..f the DOWUH Crook Trail, near lhe
'JVMili* pust, and trurkod "li. li. Nugla's southeast coruor oust," thom-o uorlh -to chaius,
thence west lw' ehuins, thence south 40chains,
thenca sust ItiO chains to thu point or com*
Duted this llth dny of September, 19.',
m,v7 Q. B, NAHLE.
Notice fs hereby given llrnt OU days from datu I
intend to apply to the Honorable lhe Chief Com-
missioner of Lands ami Works for permission to
purchase the following dfscribod lands iu the
Wust Kootenay Distriet:
Commencing at a postmarked "L. f. Me*
Do una Id'l south-west coruer," planted on the
easisideo! Upper Arrow Lake, liulloi norlh of
Nakusp, B.C., thenee world % chaius, Ihence
easl io chalas, thence noilUAi chafns, Ihenee
east 4u chains, thence soulli W ehalus, more or
less, to Arrow Lake, thonce westward 80 chains
more or less, along the Arrow Lake to polul of
commenccaient, containing 2u0 acres more or
Dated this loth day of October, 190*3.
oct 11 L. F. McDOUOALD,
Notico Is hereby given that 30days aftor dato
I intond to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands situatod in the Big Hend district
of West Kootonay:—
Commencing at a postmarked "JamesAnderson's north-wost eorner post," placed -alongside H. Donnelly's north-east corner post on
the west aide of Frisby Croek, running south
lOOchains, thence east 80 chains, theuce nurth
tiO chains, theuce west 40 chains, theuce north
40 chaius, thenco west 40 chains to place uf
Datod Sept. loth, 1906.
-.1 tin-
"Kll Lc
nuiili i-
mlli Hi
! uf Mini
mil Sopt,
IK lit H posl  |i!inili:i!  lit ill
ii-i- of timbor limit Ko,
t.t-ity'sHintli-.runt i:uriii.'i'|ni.*l
I clialns, ili-iii'u cnsl 811 chain
l-llllill*. lIll'IIM-   W.'HI   Nl I'll,lil
anil, urn
K. Provost, Agoot,
VOTICK I" hereby given that 00 dnys after date
11 1 intend to apply to the Hon. Chlel Coin*
misatuner of Unds ami Wnrks for nermlsslou to
pun-huso the following described lands In the
Wost Kontunay DietileL, ou tlio east side of Upper
Arrow Luke, about 0 iniles mirth of Nakiup.-
iiiiiiniiiii'inK at a poat piauluil »u»r llio Lake,
Hieneo north 40 ehains, Uience went *i ehains,
thencu imrth an elialm, ihenco west BO chains,1
thonee smith (lu ohains, more or Ions, to tho Arrow
Lake, thonee mat 00 ehuins along the lake tu
point  ol  enuiiiieiu'oiiii'i      containing  100 acres
more or less,
Dated this I7thdayi     pt,, iihhi,
iiopgi, L. j, BDWAUDS, Locator.
Ni ii ico Is horoby given that 00 diiy.** ufter date
wo inioint In upply lo thu ll«ni. Chief i uuiuiis-
siuuorof Lauds and Works for permission to
purchase the following describee lnnds in lhu
district of West KooLuuay:
Commencing at u post plnuted 30 ehains wesl
from tho north-east corner of Lot 4,941*1, and
murked "Hig Bund Lumber Comtmuy'* south-
west corner imst," thouco uortli CO chaini;
tbonco east 40 chains; thonco south 05 chains,
more or less, to the lnke shore; thonce west
along shore to mulli-onst cornerof Lot 4,949:
i bunco uorth 1 chaius to north-east coruer ol
Lut 4,949; thouco wost 20 ehnins to point uf
Daled Octoborlud, 1900.
oct 6 Bio Bend Lu.vfU'.u Co,, Ltd.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days alter date
I Intend to apply iu the Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and \\ orks for n special license tu eul
and carry away timber Irum tbo following
described lands in the district of West Kootenay:
Commouciug at a postmarked "L. H. Fra-
ssr's north-west corner," uud pluutod ;ubout 2
miles soulh of St. Leon on the eust side of Uppor Arrow Luke about one mile from the shore;
theuco enst 40 chums, theuce suulh 160 chains,
thence west 40chains, thencu north 11) chaius
tu the poiut of commencement.
Duted this9th day of Ottoher, 190C.
nov 7 L. H, PHASER
Company tu build, equip,, maintain anil |
operate a line or lines of railway ol" standard or other gunge, with any kind ol
motive power from ;i poini on Upper Arrow
Lake, West Kootenny, near Arrowhead,
tlience following the Columbia River
northerly on eilher side to ;i pnint at or
near the confluence of Canoe River with
lhe Columbia Riverand thence following
along Canoe River on either side, to a
point al ur near Tete Jaune Cache, on
1'Vaser River, with power tu construct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway} and with power to construct, operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries,; and to
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks iii connection therewith; and lu construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels and boats and operate the samo on
any navigable waters, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along the routes of Ihe woid
railway aud its branches,, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages lor
commercial purposes; lo generate electricity and supply light, heat and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
the necessary buildings and works, and to
generate any kind ot power for lhe purposes aforesaid,or in connection therewith-
lor reward; and lo acquire and receive
from any Government, corporation or per-
•tons, granli of land, money, bonuses,
privileges or other assistance in aid ol lhe
construction of the Company's undertaking) and lo connect wilh and enter into
trallic or other arrangements with railway,
steamboat or other companies, and to
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 and 5 of lhe " Water Clauses
Consolidation Acl ",* and for all rights
powers and privileges necessary in 01
incidental to the premises, and fur oilier
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
of August, 1906,
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Notice Is hereby given tlmt 30 days after date I
intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Landa and Works for a speciul license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
lands situated on Cariboo Flat about throe miles
east of Upper Aitanis River, Lillooet district, B.C.
1. Commencing at a post marked "A. McConneH's north-east corner Limit, No. l," running 80
chains west, W ebains soutli, 80 chains east, 80
chains nortb to place of commeucomeut.
a. Commeneing at a postmarked "A. McConneH's south-east corner, Limit No. 2," running MO
chains north, 80 ehaiiis west, 80 chains soutli, 80
chains oast to placu' of commencemeni,
I. Commencing at a post marked''A. McConneH's north-east corner, Limit No. 3," running 80
chains west, 80 chains soutn, 80 ehalni eait, 80
eliains nortli to place of commencement,
i. Commencing at a post marked ''A. McConneH's soutb-west corner, Limit No. 4," running 80
chaius east, 80 chaius north, 80 chaius wsst, 80
clialns south to place of commencement.
Dated Nov. 9th, 1906.
nov 14 A. McCONNELL.
Notice is hereby given that 30 day* after date I
intemt tu apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and V, orks for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from uie following describoii
laiuls situated in the Big Bttuil iliitrict of West
Commencing at a post marked "C. F. Liml-
mark's aoutb-wost corner post," planted about 20
chains south from tlie north-east cornerof Lot
I881I, thence north tlO chains, theuco enst 4u chains,
thsneo nurth 40 chains, thencu east 00 chains,
thence uouth luu chaius, theuce wesl 100 chains to
pointof commencement.
Dated Oct. il5th, 1908.
nov 10 CU S. F. LINDMAHK
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days from date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to pur-
chase the following described lands, in tin West
Kootenay district, west shore of Upper Anow
"Commencing at a post marked "J. L, Hindi's
south wust coruer," atthe south cast corner ol
Lot 4576: and abont U miles south of Fosthall
(reek; thenci nortl) SO chains, thence east 40
chains, thence ■mtih 86 chains, thence west 10
chains to point of commencement, eontuluing 3'dO
acres mure or less.
Dated this 21st day of May, 10OQ.
/. L H1IWCH,
od 18 Per Itnlph Hlye, Ajrent.
Notice Is lierebv given that 80days after date
1 Intend to applv to the Cblof Commissioner of
Landsaud Works fora special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands situate lu the Yule distriet:
Cummencing at u post murked "S. Hill's
south-east curuer imst" pluutod about uno
mile east of thu Shuswap river, about T> miles
uorth of ('hurry Creak, theuco north 80 chuius,
theuco west 80 chains, thouco south 80 chuius,
tlience oast 80 chains to poiut. uf commencement
Dated October 25th, 10M,
n»v 7 S. HILL.
VTOTICE is hereby given thut, 00 days after
i\ date, I inteud to apply tu the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for pormission
tu purchase the following described lauds
situated in Caribou district, B C:
Commencing at a post marked "Alexander
McLaren's south-east eoruer post," planted
about 'Hi chains west ol trail runuiug through
Starvation Flats In a southerly directiun frum
Tete Jaune Cache, running north W) ebains,
tbenee west 80 ehalus, thenee south 80 ebains,
tbenee east 80 chains to point of commence*
Dated tblsOtb dav of November. 1908,
norl?        ALEXANDER jtfcLAKKN,
NOTICE IS UEHKBY GIVEN that sixty days
after date I Intend tu apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase thu following tleicribud lauds situate
In Cariboo district, B. C-:
Commencing at a post marked "CeorgeH.
Bluett's north-east eurner post," planted
about 20 chains westof irail running through
Starvation Flats In a southerly direction from
Tete Jaune Cache, running west SOrhnlns,
thenoe south 80 chains, thence eastS^ ebains,
thence north ao chains to point of commencement.
Dated 9th day ol November, 1908.
nov 17     KKO HiE H. BI.S8ETT, Locator.
OTICK Is hereby given that 60 days after
date I intend toapply to the Honourable
the Chlof Commissioner of Landsaud Works
for permission toptirehiMo the following de-
scribod landa In Caribou dlslrlct, B.C.:
(inmmenelng at a post marked "William Kellie's north-woKt corner posl," planted about 20
chains wesi of trull running through Marvs-
liun Flats In a southerly direction from Tete
Jaune'ache, running east SO chain** thence
south 86 chains, thouce west 80 chains, (hence
north 80 ehuliiH to point ol commencumoni.
Dated 0th day uf November, 1906.
nov 17        WILLIAM KELLIE, Locator.
Notice Is hereby niven that thirty days after
datu I Intend tu apply to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of Landi aud Works for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following described hinds tn tbe West Kooteuay dUtrict.
1. Commencing at a post planted about 2
miles suuth of P. It. 58 and about H miles west
of the Upper Arrow Luke, marked "0. Skinner's north-west corner," tlience south 80
chains, thonce east 80 chains, theuce north 80
chnius, thence wust 80 chains to plnce of com
:'. Commencing at a post planted about 2
mile-soulh of P. H. 58 and li miles west of the
Upper Arrow Lake; marked "C. Skinner's
northeast comer post," tlience soutli 80 chains,
thencu west 80 chains, llienee north SO ehuins,
theuce east 80 chains to pluce of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post planted I mile
soutli uf No. 1 and marked "C. Skinner's northwest corner poit," thenco south 80 chains,
thenco east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 clmins to place of commencement.
Dated October I7th, Wliu.
A. AL Symons,Agent.
4. Commencing at a post planted lj mllea
north of T. L. 7531 and I mile westof Upper
Arrow Lake, marked "A. M. Symous'northeast corner post," thence west 80 chains, thence
south 811 chains; thence east 80 chains, thenoe
north 80 chains to place of commencement,
Dated October 20th, 1006.
oot '21 A. M. SYMONS.
Notice Is hereby glten that M days after date
1 intend to make application to the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission tn
purchase tbe lollowlng described land situate
in Jarlboo district, H.C:
Commencing at a post marked "J. M. Kellie's
soutb-west eorner post," planted on the south
bank of Fraser lllver near Tete Jaune Cache,
running north 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains,
thenco south 80 chains', thenco west H) chains
tu point of commencement.
Dated this 10th day of November, 1008.
nov 17 J. M. KE' UK, Locator,
Notice ia hereby given that 90 days after date I
intend to apply to the Chief I'omiuissioiiurof
Lands nml Uorks for a special license to cut and
carry away limber from lho fallowing described
lands situated in tbe district of West Kootenay:
1. Ceminuncing at a post planted about 2<H>
yards suithof the Ten (lil)Mi'e Tree, Big Bend
trail, and marked "Ueorge Laforme's ioutti-« est
eorner pest," running eait 160 elialm, thence
north 40 chalna, thencu west 160 chaini, thunce
south 40 chaini to point of commeucemeut,
S. Com ment'ing at a pust planted aboat200
yards south of the Ten (10) Mile Tree, Big Bend
trail and marked "Ocorge Lafonne'inorth-west
corner poit. running eait 100 chaini, thenee loulh
40 chains, thence west 160 chains, thence north 40
chains to pointof commencement.
Dated Hth day of October, 1908.
3. Commencing at a poit planted about one
and one-half 04) miles north of No. 1 poit and
Harked "George Laforme's southwest corner
post," ihence east 80 chaini, thenee horth 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, tnence solth 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated itrd Nor. 1900.
nov 10 GEO. LAFORME, Looater.
ll days after date I Intend to npply to thi
Chief Commissioner of Lnnds aud works for ft
spcoml licence to cut and carry away timlier
from thu following described landa situated
in the district of West Kootonay:
1, Cummencing at a post marked "Mn. Mc-
Ciat'- uorth-wost corner, planted on tbe Uaminll
Creek trail, about 18 miles from Argenla, running
east IS" chains, thence south 40 chains, thencu
weit !','■ chains, thenco north 40 chaina to place cf
2. (.'ommenclng at a pon marked "Alex. Mc<
Crao's north-west corner," planted on the Ham-
mil Creek trail, about 16 miles from Argem.i,
running cast 160 chains, thence aouth 40 chain*?,
thence west 100 chaina, thence north 40 ehains
to point of commeocement,
X Commencing at a poRt marked "Alex.
McCrae'8 north-east corner," planted on thi
Hammil Creek trail, about 10 miles from Ai
genta, running west 1G0 chaini. thonce south 40
chaina, thence cast 100 ehalm, thence north 4'
ohalna to point of commencement.
Dated October I8tb, 10081
oct 31 A. McCRAK.
Notice In heroby given that 80 .lay. ,ifirr date I
Inland tn apply In the llmi. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Worki to purchase the Mi-awing
described lnnds situated in Cariboo district, Il.C :
Commencing at a post markod "0, A. Forbes'
imitlHvi'st corner posl," planted about JO
chains west ol trail running through clarvu-
tion Flats In a southerly direction Irom Tete
Jaune Cache, running north 80chalux. tbenee
oast 80 chains, thr nee aouth 80 chaini. thence
west 80 chili ns to point of commenccnicat.
Bated Uth day of November, 1906.
nov 17 U, A, FOUBEt), Locator.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after date I
Intend to apply to tlie Honourable thc Chief Coin-
talasloner uf Lands and Works for permission to
purchase tin: fallowing described lands iu thc dislricl of West K.iotenay, Kevelstoke dlvislon:-
Commenclng i a post planted on tho west bank
nf the Columbia Biver about half a mile below
Priest lupidi ami marked "W. H. Sutherland's
nurth-weH Comer post," thence loulh'20 chains,
ihence east I * chains more orluss to tho west hank
nf the Columbia Itiver; thence in a north-westerly
direct imi and Mluwlng the west bank ol the Columbia ltiv.T to the point nf commencement.
Dated this itf. I. day of October, 1900.
oct 24 W. li tiUIHK&LAND.
Notice ti hereby given teat SS dayi afterdate
I Intend to apply (0 Ibe Chief Coramiiaiouer of
Lands aad Works for a special license to cut
and carry timber from the following described
landa situated iu West Kooteuay dirtiict:
I. Commeneing at a poat marked "Uus
Lund's oouth'wesi eorner post," planted at the
ncrth-west corner ef Timber Limit 6201, (hence
north 40 chains, east itiu chains, south 46
chains, west 160 chains to point ot commencement.
Daled Sept, 18th, 1906.
26. Commencing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's uorih-easi corner pust," ai lhu north
west corner of Timber Limit 6206, thence south
80 chains, west40 chains, south 40 chains, wesi
40 chaius, uorth 80 chains, east 40chains, nurth
40 chains, east 40 chuius to point ol commencement.
Dated Sept. '23rd, lGM.
oct 81 UUS LUND.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
from date I intend to apply lo the Ohief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet districl:
Commencing at a post marked "T, Kllpatriek's norlh-west corner," situated
abuul 1 mile from west bank ol Cpper
Adams riverand lwo and a half miles from
head ul Adams lake, running 40 chains
south, 80 chains easl, 40 chains north, 80
ains west, containing 320 acres more or
Dated Nov. 12th, 19U6,
Notice Is hureliy k'™" that 00 days
after date 1 intend lu apply to tilt*
Cliief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated in
Wost Kootenay districts
Commencing ul a post planted on
the north side uf Downie Oreok, abuut
one-fourth of a mile south of the
Downie creek trail, near the 21 mile
post .-md marked "lirnest Mcliean'a
south-west corner," thence north 40
chains, thence oast 00 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence west 00 chains
to point of commencement; containing 2-10 acres inure or less.
Dated this llth day of Sept., 1906,
sep 2D BltNKST MeBEAN.
Notice Is hureby given that 60 days after dale 1
intend tu apply to the liunourablt* thu Chief Com*
missioner of Lands ami Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands lu thu dis
trict of West Kootenay, llevolstoku division;—
Communcing at a post planted on the west bank
of tho Columbia River oppositu 13-.Mile Rapid.*-.
and marked "K, C. McCarter's south-east eoruer
poat," thencu west '20 ehains, thencu uorth *2'i
chains, thence east -20 chains inoro or loss tu the
west bank of the Columbia Kiver, thencu soutli
following the west hank ol; no Columbia Kivur '20
chains more or less to the pointof commence ment,
Dated October 10th, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that 6o days
from date 1 intend to apply lo the Uhief
Commissioner uf Landa and Works at
Victoria,-H.C!., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet district:
Commencing at a post marked "J. P.
Shaw's north-wesl corner," planted on
wesl side of Upper Adams rivar, abuut 2
miles from head of Adams lake, running
80 chains south, 80 chains east, 80 chains
north, 80 cliains west, containing about
6411 acres,
Dated Nov, 12th, 1906.
nov 14 J. P. SHAW.
Notice Is hereby given I uut 30 days afterdate
I intend lo apply .o the Chief Commissioner uf
Lands and works fora special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands situate In the Yale District:
1, Commencing at a post planted at the north-
oast corner of tlmoer license No, 8280, on cherr>
Creek and markod " 1). Wooliey'i nortb*weit
corner post,' thunce south 160 chains, Ihence east
40 chains, thunce north 160 chains, thence west 40
ebains tu puint of commencement.
Located 20th September, lUOO.
•2. Commencing at a post planted at the southwest corner of tttmlw license No. B274, on main
Cherry Creek aud marked " D. Woolsey's southeast corner." Ihenee north 80 ehains. thence west
80 chains, tnence south so chains, thunce east SO
chains tothe point of commencement.
Located 1st October, 1W0.
a.   Coinineneilig at a post planted at tho northwest comer of Limber license No. 8287 and marked
1). WuoUuy's south-west eorner," tbenee noith
160 chains, thencu east 40 chains, thence south
160 chains, Ibeuce wesl 40 chains to the point of
Located -2nd day of Uelober, 1006.
4.  Commencing at a posl planted at the
norlh-west corner of timher license No. »..*■'
and marked "D, Woolsey's loulh-east corner
posl," thence north 160 chains, tbenee west 40
chains, theuce suuth 160 chaius, thence east 4Q
chains (0 the point of commencement.
Located '2nd October, (908.
A,  Cummencing ata post planted abuut 1*4
miles north-east of Lhe south-east eoruer ul
timber license No. 8*273 and marked " D. Wuol-
icy's nurth-wnt corner post," tbenee east 80
Chains, thenco south tjO chains, thence west 80
chi-ins, thunce north 8J chains to the puint ol
Located Uth October, 1008.
ii.  Commencing at a post planted atthe
south-east corner uf timber license No. 8278
and marked "D, Woolsey's south-west corner
post,'thenco eas!  40 chains.thence north 80
ehains, theuce east 40 ohains. thonce north 40
chains, thence west 80 chains, theuce south 12e
chains to the point of commencement.
Located 13th October, 190ft,
Dated thia 20th October, 1006.
the partnership heretofore existing between Percy Scholes, W. E, Edwards and
F, Wi Worsnup, all of Comaplix, has
been dissolved ami all business will in
future be carried on in the names ol W.
Ei Edwards and F, W. Worsnup,
Dated this 13th November, 1906.
nov 1441 F. W. WORSNUP.
1. ANADA : |
Province op British Con mbia. j
No. 361.
'Lamb-Watson Lumber Company, Limited," is authorised and licensed to carry on
business within the Province of Hritish
Columbia, and 10 carry out or eflect all or
any of the objects oi the Company to
which the legislative authority of the legislature ol British Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate in the City of Winnipeg, in lhe Pru-
vince of Manitoba.
The amount ol the capital of the Company is eiglil hundred and fift) thousand
dollars, divided into eight thousand five
hundred shares of one hundred dollars
The head office of the Company in thia
Province is situate at Arrowhead, and
Otto Laclimund, himbr-rman, whose address ii Arrowhead, is the attorney for
the Company.
Given under mv hand and seal of office
al Victoria. Province ol British Columbia,
this 5th day   of November, one thousand
nine hundred and six,
Registrar ol Join! Stock Companies
The objects foi which the Company has
been established and licensed are:—
To manufacture, buy, tell and deal in
logs, timber, lumber, shingles, fuel, pulp,
sashes, doors, boxes, tics and all articles
manufactured from wood, and In all kinds
of building material and building supplies,
including lumber, stone, brick, tile,
cement, marble, tools, implements and
machinery; to acquire, hold, purchase,
lease, sell, mortgage, operate, conduct,
manage and dispose of saw-mills, planing
mills, houses, buildings, factories, wharves,
dock4, stone quarries, brick-yards, coal
mines, peat beds, clay and plaster beds,
timber limits and real and personal property ol all kinds; to carry on the business
of contractors and builders in all its
branches; to own, operate, conduct and
manage stores, magazines and all oilier
places fur storing, selling and disposing
of goods either lo employees of the Company or to the public generally, or bothf to
acquire, construct, operate, purchase,
lease and hold on the property of lhe
Company convenient tramways and log*
■*jing railways; also lo have and acquire
steamboats lor lhe purposes of the Company, and to charge and collect tolls for
freight and passengers carried thereon; to
act as agents fur other persons, firms or
corporations; to acquire and hold shares
in the capital stock of other companies
engaged in a similar business; lo amalgamate with any other companies pursuing
the like or similar objects, and generally
to carry on any other business and to do
all acts and things necessary or convenient for the carrying on of any of the above
businesses ur operations, or calculated,
directly or indirectly, lo enhance the value
ut the Company's property or rights,
nov 14
oct 21
Notice Is hereby given thatfiO daya afterdate
I intend to apply lo thu Honorable the Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission lo imrchase the following described lands
lu West Kootenay Distriet:
Hi'Kiiiniui*. at a post marked "Margaret Ham-
moiid'a south-west enrnor." and planted on
the eaat shore of Upper Arrow Lake, about one
mile smith uf Cape Horn: thenco north 80
ebains, thence wesl 40 (chains, more or less, to
the shore ol Arrow Lake, thenee following lhe
lake shure In a general aoutherjy and eaatcrly
direction 80 chaina, more or less, to polat of
commencement; containing 820 acres, more or
Daicd thia 1st day of October, 1906.
oct 10       MARGARET HAMMOND,
Uy F. L, Hammund, Agent.
Certificate of Improvements.
Bll.ar Hall nnd Laurel Miliar,! Claims, situnto
lu .ho lllocillsoaa. IIiniitii Dl.laluu nt Kim.-
aim, llis.ri...
Winn, lin-nlail: -Tlirw'lUtHlon. nt nmllaaust
uf lllfcill.waat
Tukf iml ius tlmt I, J. A. Kirk, nclina n« aiaul
Inr Joint N.w.ll, Freo Miner's .'artiflca.ti Nn.
II. WilH; 0. Ilubart llulil. Croo Ulnar's Certitl-
nun Nu. II. MM; and Oanrm W. Jolts, Free
Uinar1* C.r.lllcnto No. B. IW.-.B.mloiid, sixty
days (rum tha ditto liarouf, tn Apply tu tbo Mining Kacnrtl.r for a Certifl.ii.a m lmuro.omatit.,
for the jiuriiusa nl olitiiiiiina a Crowu Uriinl uf
Ihaabtir. oliiitn.
And furthar .ok. nutlco that nation, under
sectiuii 37. must ha cuminouced heforo tho
lssuaneo ot suoh Car.iflcnlu ol Improvements.
Date., this Ml, duy ul September, A.D., moil
out 111 J. i, KIRK.
Certificate of Improvements
Kil?er Hell Mineral Claim, situate ia the Kef*
elstoko Mining Division of Wost Kootenay
Where locuted:—Keystone Mountain.
Take notice that 1, Jamos 1. Woodrow. F.M.C.
No. KS*M(), agent for Alex. W. Mcintosh, F.M.
r.-SV.i'i- Geo, Johnr-on, F.M.C. HSSI74, and
Kliznbolh McMahon. F.M.C. No. H8884I, intend,
sixty days from the duto hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for n Cortiflcato of Improvements, for thu purpose of obtaining a Crown
(Irani of the nhovo claim,
And further take notice that action, undor
section 37, mnst be commenced before tlio Issuance of sueh ('ertlflcnte tif 1 in movements'
Datod tliisZtiik day of October, A,D„ lUOti.
oot 21 JA& 1. WOODliUW.
Notice is hereby glvon that30 dayi after date
I Intond to apply to tho Chief Commissioner uf
Lands and Works for a special license Lo cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands on Upper Arrow Lakea, MoKon,,
ilo Crook, Galena Hay district, Woat Kootenay:
Commencing at n poat planted at the nortli
caat cornerof Timbor Limit No. 0118, marked
"U. IL Hanks' north-west corner post,' running aouth 80 chalna, thenco east 80 chains,
thencu nurih 80 ohains, thouoe west 80 ohains
to point of ooinmonoeiiiAnt.
Dated this 18lh day of Outober, 1008.
oct 24 H. 11- HANKS-
Notico Is hereby given thnt thirty dnys after
date I Intend 10 apply tu the Honorable Chief
Commlsalomir of Lands aud Wurk ■* fora special
license to out and carry away timbor from Ihe
following aescrlbed Inuda In Woat Kuulonay
Commencing <\t a pnst plnnted 2 miles up Dig
Creuk, on north »ldo of 1 raek, and nnrkud "Knh-
erl Armstrong's aoiiLh-west eurner," thunce eaat 80
ehalus, tbenee nortli 80 chains, thenee wost 80
chalna, thencu south 80 chaina to point of com-
Dated Kept. 1Mb, 1000.
Notice ia hereby glvon that 80 daya after date
I Intend to apply to the Chlof Commissioner of
Landi and Worki for nonnlHslon to purchase
tbe following described lauds In West Kootenny, ou the eaat shore of Upper Arrow 1 jikn:
Commencing At A post adjoining T, L, -5108
on tha ■oiith-west corner and marked "l>.
Dewai'a north-wesl corner post," thencu eaat
80 chains, thence south 80 chuina, thence weat
80 chains more or lesa to the shore of said lake
thonco north along the cast shore of said lako
KO chains to tho point of commencement,
Dated Oot, HU b, HWti.
oet 21 D, DEWAR
Nutlco is hereby given thut 30 days after date
we Intend tu apply iu tbe Hun. chief Uumnils-
sloneruf Lands and Works for aspcclal License
to cut anil earry away tlmbur from the following described lands, situate in West Kuutcuav
1. Commencing at a post plumed abuut une
mile nortli from the north-wesl corner ol K. *v
S. Hlock 800 and uiarked "Hig Hcml Lumber
1,'umjinny's suuth-easl corner pusl." Iheue
noith 80 chains, tlience weslMJ eliains, tlieur
suuth 80 chains, thence east bO ehains to poini
of commencement.
2. ruiiiinciiciiiii -u H1.'-; planted about ono
mile nurth from the north-wesl eurner ul K. A
JJltwk SOO, and marked "Bin Heud Lumber
Company's north-east eorner post," tneue
west 80 chains, thence south w chains, thenc
easl 80 chains, thunce nuiili BO chain.*- tu puiui
of commencement,
Dated Oct. 18ib, 1900.
uclW       Mti HhMJ LUMBER UO„ LTD
Noi lee Is heroby given lhat 3u days afterdate
we T.i- -i.i tn apply to the Hon. (hlef Cuminl*--
aluuer of Lands and w.n ks (ur a special license
Ui cm. uui earn away limber irom the fulluw*
lug dew ribed lands, situate in l\«t.l Kootenaj
1. CoinmonoluKat a pml planted about two
miles wosl from Uan nock Puintnui pperAi
row Lake uud maiked "B. U L. ( u'asuuth-eai
oorner post." llieueo north ao ebains, ihenc
west ,,u chaius, them*, aouth DO chaius, ihene
east M) Chains to pOlUtOf fiiinuieuct-uietit
2. Corami uolng ui a poat planted ub»ut
throe miles west frum llannock point mi l>
per arrow Lake und inarked "fi. B. L. co/i
■south-east enrner post." thenee uorth ?l
chains, thouce wesl 80 chains, theuce louihS
chains, thence last 80 chains to pointol cum
Datod Oct. ISlb, 1006,
ucIj.ii       lth. M-.ND LUMBKR cc, LID
Nut ice la hd eh) k' *>'eu thai .m da) s after dale
wo Intend toapply co tho Chlof Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission u> cut and
carry away timher from the following deocrib-
id hinds situate In Went Kuuienuy distriot!
Cuuuiuucingltt a pust planted !■   chimin nurth
of lho north-east cornerof Lot ?WT aud marked
"Lamb*Watson Lumber Co.'l uorth*west o.rner,"
tlience ftn ehains south,thenoe 80 chains eait.
thenco 80 chaini north tUMtceEO chains west to
p.iini of commencement,
Lin'iti'd October ITlli. IW»J.
Arrowhead, It. c, Oct,loth, ,..*'.        oct •*!
Notice is hereby given that 80 daya afterdate
1 intend to apply to the Chief Commlsaloner of
Lauds and Works lor a speciul license to eut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands situated In Lillooet district:
5, Commencing at a post marked "A. Me-
Connell'i north-east corner, Limit No. 6,"
planted ou east bank of Upper Adams Rlrer,
about four mlli** Irom mouth, running 80
■ ' ii ni n- west, &u * l.itim. south, 80 chains eaat, 80
ehains north tu placu uf commencement,
0, Commencing at a postmarked "A. Mc-
Connell'i south-east corner, Limit No. 6,"
planted on east bauk of Upper Adama Kiver,
about four miles from mouth, running 1C0
chaiHH north, 40chains west, 160 chains aouth,
tOchaiusoast to place of commencement.
OL Commencing at a post marked "A. Mc-
Connell'i uoilb-east corner, Limit No. 6\,"
planted ou east bank of Upper Adams River,
about 17 miles from moutb, running 40 chaina
ivest, 160 chains Huuth, -to chains eaat, 110
chains nurth tu place of commencement,
7. Commeueiug at a pust marked "A. Mc-
Connell'i south-west corner, Limtl No, 7,"
planted on weit bank ot Upper Adams River,
about is mile-* from mouth, running 80 chains
east, 80 chains north, 80 chains west, 80 chains
south to place uf commencement,
8. Commencing at a post marked "A, Mc-
i onnell'i north-west corner, Limit No. 8."
planted on east bank uf Upper Adams Kiver,
abuut une mile above outlet 01 Mica Lake, running &i chaius south, 80 chaius east. 80 chalna
north, ni chains west io place of commence*
0 Commencing at a j>ost marked "A, Mc-
Connell'i north-east corner, Limit No. 9,"
plunted on soulb bank uf Harbor Creek, about
;.' miles from mouth, running 80cbains west, 80
chain-- BOUth, bo chaius east, -jo chains north lo
placoof commencement.
10. commencing at a post marked "A. Mc*
("nnell's nurtb*west eurner, Limit No. 10,"
planted on east bank of Upper Adams Kiver at
mitlet of Mica Lake, running 80 chains south
1 <:.mn- .-..-■., mj chains north. 80chains weat
to piai.- of commencement,
11. Commencing at a pust marked "A, Mo*
Council's north-east corner, Limit No. 11,"
plunted on west hank of a small unnamed
creek, tributary to Beaver creek, the feeder of
Mica Lake, running so chain* wust, 80 chalas
-'■ .*h,r" cbaiUH east, su chains nurth lo place
ul cummenctmeni.
Dated Nuv.Vtb, 1000.
nov 14 A. McCONNKLL.
NutltC Ik beretygheii Cat ;iuda,natter dale
hs Iniin 1 '."',* 1 ■■ to tbeCblefCommlnlonerol
1 mils a nl Wirka '■■ r as'-oclal llreiite loOOl
and citry  a.tay Umber from the lu Ilo* lug
de-ciiiie i land* In WoitKootonty dlltrlctl
1'oiuiu"iicing ai n poll plumed  -.-■ .-  >i-
ij.i.it!- :■:' ;i nillir we.t   of   lllfl furSh of } nM Mil
Creek .'imt marked "Hig Bend LumberCnm*
pany1 1 utb-eait corner poit,   thenco west 10Q
tiience north 40 chain*, thoiicu east 100
ones south in chains tu point of emir
1 October 23ad. 1806,
Hi1 Hid IIk.ni* Linnu t'u.
a ll hereby given that SO days aflor date
I iule..d to apply t<> ihe Chief Comm
Laj)(i»Aiid Work" fur a Special licaucutorut
mid ou rry away Umber frmn the following de*
scribe 11 mils situate 111 We-t Kuiienay di-tnci:
Cniumcnelngala \*i*\ marked "L. II. Ira-er's
north-west corner" and planted aix-m 8, mllei
north ul 1 upo Uornoou the easl ilde of Upper
Arrow Lake, nboul une half mile from tho
■diuro. ..leiit'D enst 4ilc|i!,ni-, thenrp suulh  100
ciiniii". Lhonce weit Wonaiai, tbenee nurth 1*1
ihu iiniiit nf commencement,
bis 9th day nf October, ii*uft.
'hi! HC   I
Dan 1
G. M. SPROAT, Office, Cowan Blk
Notico ib hereby given itiat lUly lUil alter
ilnti' I intend to apply to tne 1 blel COIB'
inhsl'iierul Lands uud Works lorpertnililon
to I'lirciiuMj me folioHiiu described laiidsln
tbe dlMMclol Wom Kooteuay:
I Commonolog nt a |m-t marked "Herbert Bed*
forn'i uqrth-weat eorner post," end planted 00
ilia bq 1 bank of the Coiombl 1 river, iil»'ut fuur
miles south of Naknipi thenceeast 4o-*h»inst
theuce south 4o chain*-, tbonco we-t 40 clii.iuf.
thenoe north to ohlini to pmm of commence-
mont, containing 160 acres more or leu,
Dated the 80th September, A.D., 1000.
uot20 HMlBliUT IU-.DFI-.UN.
Notice is hereby giveu thut 30 days after date
I mteud to a 11 ply t" the Hon. Chief Comciis-
liouerof Land- and Work- for u special license
to cut and carry away timber from tbe fulluw-
i;.,- -l'--i*r!l.c-l :.t:.<i- in KamtOOpI district:
Comminohlg nt a *■■* : j.j.i-.lt*.*! uu ti,i.- i;.i!>i
bank nf Adamf Rivor almul oight miles above
Adam- Lake and markod "(L A. Laaimer-*-'
southeast corner post,." thenco uorth 80 chaius,
thence wa.ii sn chain--, llionce south SOcbuins,
thonce ea.-i y chain-lo huh: of conimencomeut.
Dated5th Nu\etnl»or, 19C3,
nov tt
Notice is hereby given that thirty dayi after
date 1 Intend to apply to the Cbiel Cummls-
llonei of Land: and Wurks lora special license
tu cut and carry away limber from ibe folloa-
tngdescribed lau.ii-.in Weil Kootenijr District:
1. Communcing ut a poet planted at the suulh-
west curuer nf Knhin.i*n'n land purchase and
miukt-d "W, (I. Kchiilue k south riul turner post,"
it., n-1 40 chaini nurth, thence im' chains weat,
thencu iu chains aouth tlmi cm r . haim eaat
ahmg l*l,c »n--T' to place cf r.iuuiitncuiDeul,
Dated Nor, 12th, m.
1 Commencing ata pout planted abuut If miles
eut <t( T, L. "^ ■ *. north-east arm of ah..»
Uke, aud marked "ff, Q Ifchultxe'i north-will
comer posi," thenci *" chaini south, thenoe 00
chains va*t thenee BO chums north, thunce su
chaini unit along I,.U shore tn place of com
Doled Nw. Uth, HU4.
nnv 14 Per W. I*. Ugilvle, IflUt,
NOTICH LH HKKUBY GIVEN thai sixty days
after lint* I Inlcnd to apply to the Hun. (.'hlef
1 ■•■ um.,. - * :i,"t of Landi and Wurks fur permission
lo purchase the following desciibed lamls in tbe
A est Kootenay district;
Commencing at a poit planted <>n tho west aide
nf north-east arm ul Arrowhead Uke, 4 of a mile
frum Hock Itlull. marked "ll &, McK.'i south-oast
corner pout,'' thenci tu chaina mirth, thence 80
chains went, theno* Ko chains south, thence 80
ehaloiweat along lake shure to pulut of commencement.
Dated Nov. 10th, HM.
nuv 14 MlUi. R. K MtKITltH'K.
NOTICK ii hereby given that*»days after
date I intend lo apply to tho lion, lhe
(hlef Commissioner of Und* and Works for
permission lo purchase thc following lennwa
iiimii-. -iiii..'.*d in weit Kooteiity, ou lhe east
i-hure of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commencing at a nosl adjoining T. L, 4*80 on
the nurth side ami markod "L. A. Dewar'c
north-west comer," thencu cost 8*) obaina
thence r.uulh >< chains, theuce woat 80 ehalm
more or Im to the ca-d shore of Upper Arrow
Uke. thenci north following the nhoro of aaid
lake N> chains to the iwlnt of commencement.
Dii'iii'ii.:. lu'li. H"'-.
ucl21 m       1- A. DEWAK. UULr OVd!
A beautiful variety of styles in these goods just in stoek from the
best manufacturer of Knit Goods in Canada. These are comfortable and durable, just the thing for the cold winter coming,
Ladies' Golfers in Norfolk Blouse, and Kton Styles.
See Our Wool Kimonas.
These are some of the prettiest goods ever shown here, and what
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winter winds,    Ladies, we ask you to look at these.
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.fr. .♦. A, .-fa A, At |T| A, A, A, A* Ai.'.
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lA Tonic!I
If yuu want nn excellent
Tonic and easy to tako, gel it
$1.00 bottlo of our Port Wine
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f Canada Drug &
Company. Limited.    |,
'i itt iti iti itt itt itt itt iti itt itt iti all
7 •aP '*  *  4-  + l*y 'X' lty lty '4, 'X* \P
Why dit yon bake yuur own bread
when we can deliver it tu you fresh
from the uven every day. There is
none better, it any as good,
Cakes and Pastry
A largo assortment ol Cukes nnd
Pastry on hand.
Quality mid workmanship A 1.
Wednesday, Nov. 21.—I'or 2-1 hours,
easterly winds. Temperature higher,
slight snowfall. Barometer indicates,
high pressure area.
Local and General.
Captain J. P. Hickey has been
cleared of all blame for tbe recent
Bounding uf tbe C. P. K. Princes*
Victoria, tho court finding that
proper care was exercised in navigating the vessel.
.Mr William McNeisb bus sold bis
Boulder Hotel. Vancouver, to -Mr. A.
Smith, formerly ol the Grand Trunk
Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, and iB
understood tu have received iflS.OOO
for the place.
Messrs. W. Brier, E. Baker and 0.
Peterson, C. P. R. locomotive firemen,
and C. Norris, engineer, left on this
morning's N'o. 96 lor a four months'
tour of Great Britain, returning home
again in March.
The ninth annual session of the
'* Special Course lor .Mining Men"
will be given at the school ol mines ol
the University oi Washington Irom
January 3rd to April 3rd, 1007. As
usual there are no charges for tuition.
At the present time much interest
is centred at .Seattle and all coastal
cities in the work of creating the
Alaska-Yukon-Pacifio Exposition, to
beheld in 1909, opening June 1, end
closing October 15.
The C. P, K.Overseas limited, carrying tbe China mail has arrived nt
Quebec, having rade a record trip
across the continent. The actual
running time between Vancouver and
Quebec. 3,080 miles, wns 79 hours and
59 minutes.
Once more the sleigh hells fill the
frosty air with their melodious chimes
and the mantle ol wiuter covers the
earth. Our roads undergo, indeed,
many changes, from dust, mud and
snow and the latter is perhaps tbe
lesst - i the tliree evils.
Fred Harris, agtd 11, brother of
Conductor C. C. Harris, had the mis-
fortune^ shoot himself in the toe
recently at Salmon Arm with a 22
ride. The lad was brought to the
Revelstoke Hospital when thc bullet
was probed for and extracted and the
boy is now on Ins feet again and wi-i
return home today.
A large congregation attended St.
Andrew's Church on Sunday evening.
Mi-s Mignon Duke, who has made
such a favorable impression in Revel.
.t.ike, sang three (acred number-, hor
voice being heard to better advantage
than when she first tang bi re, Tne
rendering ol "O, Divine Ri leemer,"
wae sung with great Feeling and expression and the other two were
charming in simplicity and pathos.
When we till yonr prescription!
you may leel sale—we make no
errors here,
You may leel sure ol result —
the best drugs correctly and scientifically compounded ib abiolulo
insurance of medical value. Ask
tbe doctor.
The monthly drawing ol The Pacilic
Loan Company, Limited, Vancouver,
was held Saturday, Nov. I7tb. The
number drawn was 514 held by Geo.
A, Beattie, ol Nanaimo. Mr. Beattie
lind paid flu in the oontract and has
since been offered ifli'5 Ior his loan
privilege. Particulars ol the plan muy
be hnd hy writing to the oompauy's
head oliiee, 536 Hiistiiura street, west,
I. 11. Buck bus completed tbe
preliminary survey Ior the sewerage
system nl the city and has returned to
Vancouver. The plans, levels and
contours as furnished by Mr. Buck
will be the basis on which Colonel
Tracey will work in estimating the
total cost of the work, which will, as
far as can be approximately estimated
be somewhat less than the amount
originally thought ol.
The lion. It. tl. Tatlow, minister of
agriculture, has received a cable from
li. M, Palmer, in charge of the B. C.
fruit exhibit in the old country, to the
etl'ect that tbe display captured the
gold medal at the Edinburgh exhibition, this being tbe first time the Iruit
was shown since arrival in the old
country. Mr. Palmer hopes to capture
the first prize at all other exhibitions
where the display will he shown. He
Bays the fruit iB in prime condition.
No trace ot tbe two men, J. Barry
and P. Ziverlel, who are supposed to
have been drowned recently in the
Arrow lakes, Iiiib been discovered.
After leaving Halcyon for St. Leon
they were seen about half way across
about three o'clock in the alternoon.
which wns niter the squill hnd swept
over the lnke and nil was apparently
well with them. Night coming on ii
wae impossible to Bee them, and it was
thought that they would come ashore
alright. An onr belonging to the boat
has been siuee picked up a mile north
of Hn'cyon.
Social and Personal
Mr. and Mrs. T. I-'. Barnard left
this morning for Winnipeg.
Geo. S. McCarter was in Golden rs
Monday ami Tuesday on a professional visit
Geo Williamson, C. P. R. locomotive ■ i gineer ol Rogers I'nss, was in
the city yesterday.
F. H. Corson, C, P, li. locomi live
engineer ol ll igers Pasi ie in the oity
today  :, .i visit to bis family.
John Caley, of the City Hotel, ia
seriously ill with rheumatism al the
Halcyon Hot Springs,
.(. W. McCallum, tin- Keen - I Salmon Arm. and nu enterprising real
estate agei I waa in town One week on
Mis. |i iki • has i"' i. ie ting
Rev. W C. Ca dare led 'hi- morning
on a tour ol vocal recitals through the
Crow's Nt-.-i nnl .■ . i *•   Vancouver
E, A. Bradley returned li n Iden
..ii Monday where -.- ie Interested In s
coppei property in I  .1 m .   nrhot d
Mr.  Bradley  leavi - il i il   I  the
week iiii a business trip in tl.e interest nl  bis company   inr the - istorn
citieaol iln United States and       ids
Notwithstanding heavy sale, ol
-■..ve- wc siill have n good
I*-,-.- Burners, Bello Oaks, Airl glit
and other beaters to select from. We
have the right goods al right prices—
l!ninn- Bros.
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of Tha Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Business Locals.
Fine Cnalport Cups and Saucere at
Nairn's Drug Store,
Bur glnsses, decanters, tumblers,
large stock at Bourne Bros.
BnnauiiB, Oranges and lirst class
eating apples at C. B. Hume & Co's,
Waterman's Ideal, Wort'B and
Moore's fountain pens at Canada Drug
Hand painted Limoges in the latest
designs just opened up at C. B. Hume
& Co's
New Xinaa Book, beautiful bindings
lor XnuiB trade just arrived—Nairn's
lied Cross.
We are opening up lots ol goods in
china,[glass, plated ware, cutlery, etc.
—Bourne Bros.
Great bargain in Cooking Apples for
Thursday, Friday aud Saturday .fi
per box.
Chest protectors and chamois skins
all sizes and prices at The Canada
Drug Store.
Ii you want a fashionable overcoat
we suggest a look at our $15 overcoat
—Cressman tv. Morrison.
We can give you a bedroom crook
ery set. different colore at $2 50—John
E. Wood, the furniture store.
dur Xnias tru'ta arriving daily and
especially our Valencia raisins, are in
fine condition—C, li. Hume A Co.
Jusl the thing loi chapped hnnds,
lace and lips, we have . beautilul pre-
paration in 25c. and 35c. sues—Canada Drug ii Book Cu.
. ii   igbttoseeus about your lall
■uit and overcoat, ynur cl. thej will
right ii we make them, new -. - *i
•I- md filO—Cressn an .*. Morrison,   i
Fine Oak China Cabinet, British
plate nm: r rj to] with adj istabli
-ii' Ives . ; ..-■. . , -nap it .fl'
—John  E, W -si. tbe lurnitun sl
Exclusive styles are provided by
exclusive tailors—that's us to a dot,
t'sovi tim. remember—see our
fl--    -    ate—I .k.-iimiii ,'. M
i.- -i ■ ij : lere: ii Xmai papers
.ui'! m .leal tbe I anada D/ug •'.
Book Sii ■ Ihey get nil of theni
with tin- arge colored pictures only
60 cent,
lllg l-i        arai ca Bale "I Furniture
.iol Houei 'I- lug dli-
counts. I! there is anything you
■i no ii .' IJ   ymi In si-e US—John
E \\ -.il   i.    . Miiur- itore.
Wool carpel squares (rum $5 up
door mate I      50o  site, p skin door
mate m dlfferi i -  colors al $1 i h
ii•■--   carpel ai liOo per ai I
curtain poles wil   brockets, rings and
ende al   15c con | ste, window shades
ni.,,   color Iron    lOo, each—John E.
U.md, tie- fiiriiiiuri iti ri
Now is youe onnortunity ! Suhsorlbo
lor lho MAIl-HERALD anil the NEW
IDEA SI -,i) for a wholo yoar for the
fixtures fm- t.vu i-nta of oars, ft dingy
whito on tho Inside nnd upue." part o'
liable, n hbuMvi.il |,lnck where pi'cb-
I on Ilu- bottom. List.seen fnnn
Hn'i:vmi in possession of .1. Barry anil
F. ''.ivoil'i-l, the mi sing iiii-ii,
I' ir infill-in ii iiiii lending to recovery
and reward, address
nov !.I-li.i Si. Leon.
ope:ra house
today, Nov. 26
Patten -& Fletoher, Owners und Mgrn
Our Moltoi—Glenn,   Refined and
Moral llitrh-Oloss Comedy,
Watch For Parade and Bund Concert,
Tho funniest show since time began,
A show ili.it will amuse the young and
old,   A show thai i1* recommended by
Ihe Clergy- Press  uml Public -of two
countries,   A show thai carries a su*
perior Uniformed Concert Band and
Orchestra-DON'T MISS IT.
Prices  75c. and $1.
Frank McKay wns brought up
yesterday before Police Magistrate
Gordon on it charge of burglary in tlie
lower town. The prisoner, who is a
deaf mute and afflicted with a shock
ing disease that almost mado the court
room unbearable, gave his evidence in
writing Several witnesses were called
(or the prosecution who corroborated
each other in statements that showed
that McKay had entered the house
early on Monday morning and had
stolen several articles ol jewellery, and
nfter scattering the clothes from a
bureau all over the house, cleared
awny. Hc was arresled shortly nfter
by Cbiel Bain. On the evidence
against him McKay w«s committed
for trial at the next, sitting ol the
Supreme court in Revelstoke. The
missing jewellery has not yet been
found and it is supposed that the
prisoner has a partner who cached the
Benjamin Stramaglia was brought
up yesterday on a charge ol asBulting
G. Thorpe, car checker at the C. P. 11,
depot. Several witnesses had been
subpoenaed, the first lieing G. Thorpe,
who stated that on Sunday evening he
ordered some Hindoos to leave tbe
waiting room, and when they had
left their seats and prepared to go the
prisoner told them to sit down again.
When remonstrated with the prisoner
drew a knife or some bright steel instrument and threatened to fix the
witness. Chief Bain was then telephoned for aud when he arrived tbe
prisoner had gone, but was subsequently arrested, his actions being
very suspicious. When brought to
the police station nnd searched, a
sharp steel bandied knife was found
on him and a long murderoUB looking
steel bar curved at botli ends and tbe
edges sharpened to razor like keeness.
The prisoner on being questioned
denied the attempt at assault, hut wns
unable to explain to the satisfaction
ol tlie court his doings both that
evening and the dny belore. On the
evidence of tho other witnesses (or
tbe prosecution tlie prisoner was convicted ol attempted assault and fined
$20 nml costs or 30 days hard labor.
The fine was paid.
itr-.ra Our ilnn Correspondent)
Mr W. B. Clark, who lias been for
six year- porter at tbe C. P. R. hotel,
Glacier has come to perform the same
duties at tlie Mount Stephen  House
Mr. Ed win I'ri.p has come from hie
borne in England to live with his
mc ' Mr. Wm. Taylor.
Mr Jas. Sherlock spent Friday at
-'.- lei
do Wednesday afternoon, which is
merchants holiday at Field, a large
number ol tbe boys turned out and
made I splendid begiuning at the
rink, A dyke - nying* Irom three nnd
a ball to two leel high was thrown up
along Ibe weal ami north sides ol the
plan, iMn- 0"' nnk n i" be. Some
-iltln- (ellowa worked as tln-y were
never known belore to work. The
griitiinl Ii now being Hooded and me
Ice being bulll up ne quickly I I in
be done
lin Co i stive Clnb .-«■■>■ an ther
dance in lb. B lokham lla in Tuea-
-iii-.- evening  I lasl wei k
Ih.- :' [nidation lot (I t new C I' K.
store lioii-i- ia now completed ai tbe
building -      e begun at unci
Miai Mi - i aid i has been nailing Ior i e wei al - uwap bis
There's one—and only one-
sure test o( unshrinkable underwear—lhat in the wnsh tub.
It's the test thai " SianficM's
Unshrinkable" stands — not
once, hut iill winter Ipng.
Is absi.luioly unshrinkable
We guarantee it.
We have it lor Men and Women in all weights. Wo will givo you n new garment if nny you buy
Iron, us shrinks.
We would like to show you the lines ol Underwear wo curry lor Mon, Women and Children. We
can givo you the proper stylos of Underwear at propor prices Natural Wool, Health, Hygiene, Diamond,
Stanliel.l's arc some o! the brands we carry.
Chenile and Tapestry Portieres.
We are clearing out our stock  in these lines,
have your pick ol any at HALF PRICE.
We lmvo a large variety iu all colors, and you can
We have a line ol beautiful, soft Woiilen Wash Goods, in pretty shades that -ome in lengths of 3J
yards. No twu alike. They snid at $3 fill ami $4.00. While tbey last (it won't be loncl vou oan have
thorn ut--$1.75 each.
In nice dark shades, with metallic spots, in 4J yard lengths,    Tbey sold at $5.00.    Our soiling price
is $3.00 each.   Come in and see this line.   Price nearly cut in two.
It was indeed a happy choice that
the Nelson-Bruce Co. decided on last
night in n '-Soldier of Fortune" and
the breezy manner in which the piece
was produced. Harold Nelson is well
known here and a general favorite. He
was Been to advantage last evening in
the title role ol the play. Well supported nnd enhanced by exquisite
scenery, tlie play created a great- impression on the audience. The company is well chosen and work together
in a manner that shows thorough and
excellent training. The Virginian on
Monday wn.i a line dramatio production. Mr. Clifford Lane Bruce aB the
hero, carrying out his part in a per
feet manner and typical ol the west.
Tl.e very breath of the west seemed to
come over the footlights and the cow
boy life was well represented. The
parts are admirably sustained by the
entire company and we shall look
forward to the return of the Nelson
Bruce Co, on Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st,
in " A Prisoner of Zenda" and
The Enterprise Brewers, and no bettor or more fitting name can be given
to this concern, nro constructing a
complete and up-to-date refrigerating
plant. Tbe premises have been remodelled and lilt'.-iationa have been
made so that the new niachinory can
be installed at once and put into
working order. It i6 intended that
the plant shall be ready (or service in
March i nd a consulting engineer has
been engag. d to superintend the fitting up o( the machinery, which in all
euch nlants is complicated. The work
has been done by a New York firm of
engineers and consists of a modern
dry blast refrigerator system, steam
engine and boiler and all thc necessary
applinncea. The plastering and masonry has been done by A. Prndolini of
ihis city. Tbe total cost entailed will
be well over $10,000, and when completed will be one of the best equipped
in the province,
The Trustees require the services ol
a Janitor [or the Schools at an average aula ry of $li!,.00 per month. Duties to commence Dec. Oth, 11)06.
Applications to reach the undersignod
hy 4 p.m., Monday. Nov. 26th, 1901!.
nov 2l-2in Secretary.
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
't A. At ,T. .fri ,T, >T. .Ti .Ti .T. iTi .♦. A, At .^*. .♦« A. A, .ta A. .'t'l .T. .♦. At i^. .'
7 "Je" 'X* 'X' sEr X KLP *tV *tV *V 'X1 *X *V 'X' "X* "X1 '«v "J," 'X* "<P "X' "X" 'X" *X' *X* ~
Fresh Groceries      Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Dairy and Creamery Butter
nRQT QTRFFT        First Coi™r East
rinOl 0 11.1X1,    •   0f Imperial Bank
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .... ,$2,(XXI
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  1,700
Dwelling; and Lots, Third Street.  4.200
Dwelling nnd Lols, (corner) Fifth Street      .      . .   3,200
Double Corner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.        . .   600
Lots on Second St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   . ,      250
Lots on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .    , .200
Lots on Fourth St., east of McKenzie Ave,, each    . .      175
Lots on Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each    .    . .150
For Agricultural Imp)omenta. Carriunes, Wn*;nin Etc., Johu
Deere Ploudbs, Mnliue Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Ruggles, Planet jr., Garden Seoders aud Cultlvatom, Wheelwright and Hliicksmitli Work lattended to. Home Shoeing a
IADIE8 Kor dressmaking and lew-
i Ing for children, fancy goods and
notions, si-i- ..lis-. Masi.kn, opposite
Windsor Hotel.
ANTED  Two first-class OnrpoD
n-i-s.   Apply In V. (!. FiinvKV.
Druggist and Stationer,
Mail Orders Promptly Attended to,
! in. i ling club beld *-.- m ial
meeting last ovi ...uk In th. city hull
when the following iffli ei - vera elected lor l.l neuing * a
Hon Pros.—J. .VI  Doyle
President—H  '*• Coursier
V ice Pre, —D Nairn
Secretary—John II. Jackson
Treasurer—A. V Anderson,
Exeontivo Committee- C,   It. McDonald, A, M, Pinkbam, A. K Kincaid,
Delegates to Kootoi ay Curling ,w£
loiation—A, ,\l. I'luldiain, A. E KinJ
ra i'i*
P.oiibob every*Smoker  the " Maroa
iirAXTIi Girl fm- general bouse
VV wink for lamlly of Ihreeigood
wagea .Mt- Th.-.I.T. Ludgate, Arrowhead, B. U, ll*
I.IUK SALE   A new I'i i. i-osl $27."t
J* will sell for $200, Soiling nunc
ni account of leaving town. Applv to
I F. Barnard, Third sn i„
No. B Company.
Recruit drill  Tuesdays and Thorn-
lays in thn Drill Hall at H p.m.
By order
II. A. IIiiowk, 0. C
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and bouse fiiiiib.hi.igs go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
li yon are looking for something nice iii 6POON8 AND
8PECIAL" lor Souvenirs, we have Ihem here,
c. P.
, P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. }
IIKAI) 01'KIUK I  Oaliiaiiv,  Al.llKllTi.
Wholosale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'.irli I'.i. ki-r. anil Dealer   In Live Blnck.  M.trk.-i* In nil Un- iirliidpal cities ami
Totvne nl Alberta. Ilrltl-.l ititnlilii nm! tint Vukon.  Hni-kors nf tlm Celebrated Braml
j "traporalor" limns aud Bacon, nml Hhamroel. Uruml, Lonf Lard.
L% %v%%nttt«nt%%u«uu*ii,%ttt*Hi
H«.,.,r..rs fmm ,
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
G.M, SPROAT, Office, Cowan Blk


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