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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, tlii- machine
is unsurpassed.   Price, #60 00 Cash
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
jn  results  proc_i__s_t-tliis  Machine
Vol. 14 -No  58
$2.50 Per Year
KT____3____3___■ Pro7ir.ci n I Library
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores -J: Arr et, head _*,  I Revelstoke.
Men's to li
We are clearing out our Men's Straw Hats
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All our Children's Linen Pique, Serge, etc.,
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A chance of a life time to
niak" a Good Bargain. Don't
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Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Hrnucli.a Id the Pruviucsmif ManibilM. Allmrlu, Hnskatcliowan.
Hrltlsli l'i>lnmbla, Ontiirlii, QushM.
Oapital Authorized - - $10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up - •4,»25,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....        S .,8_B,ooo.oo
D. R. Wilkih, President ; Hun. R. .Iaki'IUV, Vlce-Piesident.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United Htates and
Europe.   .Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.-A. B. NoCleneghan. Mgr
Ladies' Silk and Lustre Blouses
Just received a shipment
of Ladies' Silk and lustre
Blouses, latest styles.
Summer goods and millinery still at cost.
A full line of Infants'
Clothing, long and short.
Come in and see this
line before purchasing
for the little tots.
Opposite Climax Hotel, FilBt Street.
__ OUT
Details of Terrible Tragedy at
Fernie — Thousands Homeless — $25,000,000 Estima
ted Damage   Relief Work
Single wires, now working, now not
Working, have dribbled out during the
list thirty-six hours the story of the
worst disaster in the history of British
Columbia—ii disaster bo overwhelming
in respect of loss both of life and
property that the comparison with the
San Francisco calamity wli-ch at first
seemed somewhat absurd is hourly
becoming more and more terribly
The bush lands which still cover
most of the valley of the Elk River in
the Crow's Nest country are to-day
filled with lhe lire. The town of
Fernie has been wiped out and its
thousands of people are iu desperate
The best that can be said ot Hosmer
is that it may be safe—for tlie present
—but nntliing is certainly known.
Sawmills, coal reserves, staiifliog timber, business premises, homes, tithe
value of $25,000,000 have disappeared.
Estimates of the loss ot life are the
merest guesses, but there is good
reason to fear tlint the number will
run into Be vera I hundreds, each individual the victim of death in one of its
most awful and agonizing forms.
A brush fire hss been raging for
several days on the opposite Bide of
Elk river from Fernie and through
the Elk Lumber Co.'s limits near
Hosmer, Late on Saturday afternoon
the flames leaped across the stream
and their progress was irresistible.
At 4 p.m. the bu.li fire at Fernie
got beyond control and spread to the
city and in an incredibly short time
the whole city was a nui-s of flames,
destroying the eutire town, with the
exception of 17 dwellings, all rendering over 5,tK)0 people homeless.
FERNIE. Aug. 4.—Michel has been
wiped out and Coal Creek, live milea
east of Fernie, destroyed. A powder
magazine, at HuBmer exploded, killing
one man
Tbe wind steadily increased in
veli city and Volume, fanning the
Haines iuto a Blrong conllagration,
which licked up the Cedar Valley
yards at West Fernie, the Elk Lumber
Cnnipany's mill and ten or fifteen
million feet of lumber in the yards,
leaped across the Elk river, renewing
its vigor with tbe fuel fur llame which
it foiled in the annex of Fernie.
The magnificent railway bridge of
the Great Northern, the lumber camp
trallic bridge and the Elk Lumber
Company's private bridge spanning
the Elk, connecting Fernie and West
Fernie, were all devoured in the tor-
rent ol flames.
All tlie buildings in the old town,
extending up Coal Creek, continuing
up to what is known as French town,
destroying everything in its coui'Be.
The dames leaped Coal Creek in a
jill'y, licketl up Edg cliff, the most
southerly bouse in that part. It came
across the C.P.R. trucks, burning the
coal chutes and the enr. on the siding
and it was Boon in the heart of the
city. The Humes coming [rem two
directions meeting in the heart of the
city ci ui fused the people so that
they scarcely knew from whence tho
greatest danger was approaching or
whether the road nf escape  was  open.
At Hosmer, a small lown that was
saved alter a hard struggle, Im.r are
dead. John Cupik, to escape, crawled
into a tunnel snd was suffocated. A
man unknown and evidently burned
and mangled by falling timber, was
found in a sclioolhouse, where he had
crawled to die. In a cabin a woman
aud a child sutiocated in each other's
arms. Hosmer is iu the bottom ol a
deep trough, the sides ol which are
abrupt mountain*. The Manic* rushed
along the wooded sides, literally raining, burning brands into the town.
The heat was so intense that all the
window panes were broken and that
the place was not completely wiped
out with great loss of life wus a
In the district swept by the Mames
there is estimated to have been some
7,000 people. Tiio thousand of tbeie
people have been sent wesi to Cranbrook and Klk, some 1,500 Mod from
the flames to the northward and
reached Hosmer and other places of
. .if'.'ty along the line.
The Great Northern railway took
nil the people they could carry up the
line, the train fighting its wsy.thru'
sheets ol Hume before reaching a place
of  safety   with   its freight of human
lt is estimated that there will be
5000 who will have to be furnished
with temporary shelter and foi d
The country was thickly t-el.'ltd by
campers and liiinberiuen, with theii
wives and families'. These people,
living in outlying sections, were cut
off by the swift moving wall of lire,
and tbere is practically un hope that
The foreman of the Elk L'mbor Co
reports that there arc between sixty
and eighty men in Iti* oan. p up the
river, and so far he has failed to find
any trace of any of them.
The loss of life is variously estimated up to 500. The suffering and destitution is horrible. Thousands are
without food and shelter, and many
are said to have been cut off from
hope or aid.
Nelson raised $2,000 yesterday and
sent two carloads of feed and cl' tiling
to the scene. Vancouver wire.. $5,000,
Port Arthur $500, Revelstoke $500,
and Spokane rushed in a carload of
provisions. All the neighboring towns
citiea and villages are rushing to the
The Medicine Hat city cot.ti.il forwarded $500 worth of rolled oats and
floor to Fernie as a first relief instalment.
Relief trains are still being rushed
from Edmonton, Cranbrook and Calgary lo as near Fernie as possible, carrying supplies, clothing and means of
shelter to the homcle-s thousands.
The federal government is taking
prompt action to give all possible
assistance to the fire sufferers in the
Fernie district. The Premier aud
Hon. Messrs. Templetnan and Oliver
have each sent messages asking for
details aa to the extent of the disaster
and how best aaaistauce can be rendered. The militia department stores
in British Columbia, including all
tents, blankets,etc., are already placed
at the disposal of the sufferers.
A special train with doctors, nurses,
hospital stores, clothing and provisions
has been rushed to the scene of the
disaster fr.im Winnipeg,
One very Bcriiuis feature of the situ
iition ia the cutting utl' of the principal and most readily available source
of coal supply lor the Canadian prairie, especially at a time when Blocks
are depleted. It is likely the three
provincial governments will take joint
measure* as a on as the situation has
The general account of the buildings
burned arc -.
New post ollice, $00,00. ; Tritcs
Wood, warehouse, $150,000; Crow's
Nest   Trading   Co.'s    store,   $75,000.
Fernie was well equipped with
hotels, all of which are swept away.
The Feinie, a large three-storey .true
ture, was the leading commercial
house, and its loss would approach
$75,000 The Waldorf, the Imperial,
the Napanef, and three other large
frame structures; the Royal, the
t'ueetiB anil the Northern were brick
structure*. In addition were the
King Edward, the Roma, the Central,
the Great Northern and ono or two
All the churches, halls and public
buildings were gutted. All the business Bectiou of Fernie, built of fine
brick and cement is destroyed. The
Free Press and I/edger newspaper
plants were destroyed; Hliiudell's
grocery, Illcasdcll'a drug Btore, Whim-
ster's hardware store, Liphiirdt's jewelry store, Johnson'* gent's furnishings
Muirhead's boot store, Suddahy's drug
atore, and the block containing the
Bank of Hamilton, the aggregate loss
amount ing to over $200,000; the Canadian Hsnk ol Commerce, P. Hum*'
corner, Dominion Meat Co., C.P.R,
snd G.N.It. depots also were wiped
out. The Elk L. Co. lost ovei $.'150,-
000 in the plant, while West Fernie as
a whole wa*completely  overwhelmed.
Nearly every insurance company in
Vancouver is affected by the Fernie
con (lag ration.
Spokane sent, the lirst relief train to
the stricken people.
Already the men ol Fernie are an
iioiincing plans tu build a new and
better town. To-day tlio village ol
canvas, with many men, hut few
women, stands bcBitlo the red hot
aslie* of the old city.
Fkunie, Aug. 'I.—Fifteen bodies
moat ol them burnt and charred be.
yond possible recognition, havo thus
lar heen recovered from tho rums and
ashes of Fernie, which was practically
Conltnuod un I'kkq tour.
Eight Thousand Shop Men Quit
Work. -Halifax to Vancouver
Tied Up.—Employees Went
Out at 10 o'clock To day.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 4—Ord*-a
were issued at noon by the executive
uf the C.P.R. shops union for a strike
over the entire system, to begin tu-
At 10 o'clock to morrow morning
8,000 employes of the Canadian Pacific
mechanical department will go on
strike, including all men between
Halifax and Vancouver. Thia statement waa ollicially made thia morning
by J. H. McVety, who has been acting
for the men of the iii.cliaiii.ml department. The poiitiim taken is that
thu men demand acceptance by the
company of the minority report,
signed by the representatives after
recent cincilliation meetings, and as
the company haa refuted to depart
from its ground, after having declared
its willingness to stand by the majority report, the strike appears inevitable.
The local shop employees and carmen went out on strike at. 10 o'clock
this morning. The men have nothing
to say and refuse to answer any
Supt. T. Kilpatrick said this morning that he had no information to
give us to the situation. The men
were out and all the company could
do was to keep their trains running.
It is rumored, without official en-
dorsation, that the engineers and
conductors will join the men in the
Htrike. If the locomotive engineers
do go into this strike they will be
breaking a long established precedent
never to go iuto a sympathetic strike.
H. M. S. Indomitable Beats the
Cow US, August 4.—The Indomitable
which brought the Prince of Wales
Irum Quebec, during four hours in the
early part of the voyage, made 20 5
knots an hour. Although for the 2000
miles from land to land, she beat the
record of the Cunard line ships, tie
vessel was not stripped to enhance her
racing powers, but carried her heavy
guns, her magazines full uf ammunition and all the quipment (nr active
Nelson's Taxation.
Nelson, B.C., Aug,4.—Iu striking
the rale of taxation (nr tbe year tlie
city council again adhered to th
policy which lias been its marked feature ever since the lirst, ye ir of its incorporation, refusing t • talc the improvements on hind, throwing the
burden nf taxes wholly up n the laud
itself and thereby rendering it unprofitable to hold land in the vicinity of
tlie hnsiness block* unimproved for
any length of time. Tho total assessed
valuation of real eslate and improvements amounts to $2,700,000, one-hall
ol which is the value of the laud antl
the other improvements. The tax on
land is 411 mill*, the tux on improvements is I mill, lu other words, the
revenue raised ia a lax of 2 1-5 per
cent on the total valuation. One
marked feature ot thia taxation, showing the interest the city take* in its
schools, is that ono third uf the revenue thus raised is on the upkeep and
building of schools.
Wife's Rights Limited
Liih ANOKi.LS, Cal., Aug. 4.—Marrird
men are rejoicing today over the ruling
made by pohco judge II. H. Rose, tbat
a wife has no right to go through her
husband's pocket* without Iiih consent
and lhat ho may use force in preventing her from doing 10, The ruling
wa* made ye*tei'day in the trial ol K.
C. Hutch. Li acquitting Hutch the
court, «uid: "If* hUlband object,*, a
wifo has no right to go through hi*
trousers pockots or otherwise appropriate community property. To prevent her from doing so ho may use a
reasonable degree ol force."
Killed for One Cent
Wharton, Tox., Aug. 4.—R. Ii.
Pointer shot antl killed G. W. Jackson
at Pierce, Texas, today, lollowiog a
quarrel over a one cent postage stamp.
Jaokaon had mailed a letter with only
a ono cent stamp on it and Pointer,
who had charge of the post ollice,
called his attention to the matter.
If you are going fishing we have all kinds of
hooks, flies, fly books,
leaders, trolls, rods, lines,
automatic reels, landing
nets, sinkers, baskets,
mosquito hats, etc.
Hunting Supplies
We also carry a large stock of Guns, Rifles, Carbines
Revolvers, Ammunition, Hunting Knives, Tents, Camp
Stoves .-'nd suitable Hardware, while for provisions we have
been outfitting parties here for the last 22 years and can give
you the best goods put up in first class style.
Agents for McClary's Stoves, Ranges, Etc
Bourne  Bros.
Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament of
tbe Dominion of Oanada
_        Head Office, - Vancouver, B. C.
CAPITAL: $2,000,000  In 20t000 Shares of $100 each with $10 Premium
The Hank uf Vnncouver is beingjorgauized to meet in part the increased banking
Hi'i-iimmodatiuu required by tlie uatural aud .steady expansion of business coincident with
tho great development o the count ry and especially of British Columbia, and while
organising to conduct a general banking business, will giro special consideration to the
industries and commerce of the Province, and is being established primarily for this
purpose, uud through its connections in Great Britain, Eastern Canada and the United
States, it will be able to greatly facilitate the investment of outside capital in the various
enterprises of the Province.
It la the intention to open branch ofllces at various points from time to time as oppor*
tuuity arises.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
have been appointed Fiscal Atronts for the Bank at Revelstoke.   Application forms and
terms of Stock Subscription may bo obtained from them.
A. L. DEWAR, Secretary.
Mr Swell Dressei
shirts are
bhirts, Ties, Collars, everything your body needs, is
flying out of our Store, because we are keeping on selling
togs for men at low prices.
If you can buy three shirts or necklies for the price
of two, why not get that extra shirt and necktie?
It is easy to put a string of prices on paper; but we
won't bore you with these.
Nor will we bore you when you come into our store.
Our Clerks arc asked not to bore those who pay us a
Wc will save you money.
Ask our Customers if we tell the truth ?
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
At 8 Per Cent.
She flfoaiUlbevalo.
HA>   AT
Baruistkks, Solicitoi. -    En
0 T T A W A
Parliame^.,.,    Departmental
and Piu_.it Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mi-rphv.       JTAJtOLn Kisiikh
li.irri.Lr-, Solicitor., BU.
BBVKLirroKE i\nTltiil'l I.AKK, ll. 0,
■;. u:;: in J C Ki.i.n
Imikhiai.  Bank  hi.ih'k,
BTOKK, H. 1'.
Moilfl to In ,n,
Otll.sc-: KsveUtoko, ll
jKO. B. Mcl'AKTKK.
-I..  M     1'INKli.lM.
Itcvclitoke, H  i .
rriuiliriHik It I
J. M. Scott I.L,
i ft ITT   \-    lilt IOCS
W. 1. ItriKK,.
Mi iNKY   Ti'   I.i IAN
solicitors khh Molsons Hank
First Street. Bevelstoke, H.C.
nvlnclal Land Surveyor,
Minim,     iveynr
!•:     .   i'l'ii.iK
McKfnzik Avknik, n'-'i's
Box UKI, Rrvr
Furnished House in (.'mod Locality $2,100
Real Estate investment in the City paying 12
per cent, clear profit     $2,500
Modern Residence on Fifth Street  $3,200
Rooming House on First Street  $2,000
Residence on McKenzie Avenue  $1,950
Forty Acres of Fruit Land, dost- in  $75.00
Por Aero
Building Lots in All   Parts of the City.
Revelstoke Genera' Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Revelstoke,   -   He.
Members alberta Asuootatlou nt Arrlmoisi
H. M.  WlllUDIM.T
Stratticuiia. Altii
W  A. Wiiiiji.
black plug
chewing tobacco.
Zbc fl&aiMbevalfc
There i? BO much bad in lho bout nf us.
And sn much Bssotl iu tbo worst of us,
That it hardly behooves uny of us.
To talk aliout the rest of us.
What ha* liecrn.it- of tlie Columbia trallic bridge? Are the people
of Revelstoke so satisfied in their
own miiul? that the bridge will he
constructed, that they .ire content
to sit back antl trust to the government to act up to its promise? We
have had to submit to many promises made in the past ami have
waited, reiving on the plausible
assurance of the government that
these requests, made in the proper
light, will he attended in. The
Bevelstoke people either blindly nr
from a real -en^e nf tru-t have relied upon the government tn keep
faith witi, them and in admitting
that such matters as the expenditure of money in any large -uin.
requires consideration un the pint
oi the government, yet believe that
a definite promise Bhould hold
good. Tlie government have admitted that if they proiiiisi- a thing
they will do it,nnd yet Mr. Pulton,
who was in the city a few weeks
ago, and   promised  a reply giving
1..- decision   in   regard   tu tin- '   .1
-trvK'tiuii uf a bridge, within tin
lays, ha- lir.ik.-u faith with onr
people   in l   1 orapleti I     ignored,
what i mphaticnlly  s.sured us
li- would du    This treatment uf  a
; ■   ]..•• more "r  I upporling lhe
.- ivernment, will not bring any too
gnod result- ami   Revelstoke con
f. detl tbat -he has heen Blighted ill
this mutter. Dht people aro wailing the promised '**»|siAer one way
or another, and their feelings over
their treatment are very si rung,
and public opinion generally regents the fact that the government
should think lit to break faith with
them and quietly turn lliem down
resting assured that they will take
their medicine. We are still awaiting the promised answer, and waiting dues nut improve a people's
keep their eyes, ears, and watches
open for some offender who may lie
taking advantage of a-few yards of
decent road, if that he possible, to
try the pare. A speed limit is
necessary, and although lhe automobiles so far are limited in num
her, yet a start might just as well
he made now us later. The advent
of the niolor ear denotes progression
antl while the city should adopt
any reasonable measures governing
the same we think that the motorist deserves some encouragement
and commendation tor enterprise
in introducing new and modern
innovations to a city. 'I he lirst
indignant antagonism against the
auto has practically died a natural
death in every part of tint globe
except in a few cases, where some
disgruntled dunderheads resent
any new idea ur innovation coming
into their midst, either because
they are themselves away behind
the limes or else because it is part
and parcel of their nature lo complain. The automobile age has
come, and come to stop and the
sooner people get accustomed Jo
them the better. While we do not
necessarily take up lhe cudgels for
local iitiloists, yet il seems only
fair that the carrying of lights
Bhould he made lo include all vehicles und bicycles that use the roads.
Public safety has been frequently
jeopardised by this lack of civic
rule, and llevelstnke night trallic
is by no means small. The police
should use discretion now in judging what in their opinion is an infringement nf lhe speed by-law,
and with a system of give ami take
011 all sides, no friction can arise.
of greatness Canada may, in the
future, reach, will be owing in a
great degree to lhe men who Iill
her fields and develop her resources.
The Tercentenary celebration at
Quebec while appealing tn all who
love the pit turesque and romantic
in history affords a special oppor
tunity iu those who are of • 'ham-
plain's tongue ami hlood in recall
the unflinching courage, the indomitable perseverance ami stale—
manlike precision of
City Donates $500 for Relief of
Fernie Sufferers
A special meeting of the Oity Conn-
cil wns held yesteriliiy afternoon with
Mayor I.iiitlmark uml a full lioird of
aldermen present.
The mayor stated the reason (or the
hurried call, saying that it was the
duty of the eily lo extend sonic relief
tn the sufferers uf the great lire at
Fernie, lie explained the terrible
nature of the calamity anil pointed
out that the people in that district
were absolutely th pending mi the help
anil relief (imiii outside points, antl
suggested that Revelstoko join in wilh
other cities in Bending supplies.
A letter anil telegram were handed
in by J. L. Stark, the Dominion Express agent, from Supt. Helm, which
Stated that the Express Company
would give free transportation uf supplies to Fernie (nr the relief nf the in-
Thu niiiyur stated that he had sent
the following telegram: "To the
Mayor of Fernie. The Mayor and
citizens of Revelstoke express deepest
sympathy with the citizens of Fernie
in their terrible calamity. How can
we assist yuu."
The council agreed that cash would
be inure welcome tu the people of Fernie than provisions sent from here, as
it was impossible to know wlwl they
were in need of moet, and a resolution
was passed that the city of Revelstoke
should donate a sum of $500 fur the
relief of the Fernie people and tbat the
s une should he wired down to Nelson
t.. tin- credit of the Mayor "f Fernie
at tin. Imperial Bank, The meeting
then terminated.
The following messages were received by the mayor last night from
t'has. F. Lindmark,   Mayor,  Ueve -
sl.-k.'.    Xbank you for ymir kind sympathy, will grs-itly appreciate cash d.
nation   if   , .....    .       'A'     .V.    i  , ■ .
M 1
zatiun," which was aim ilisctts-ed at
length.   -
Ollicois were elected as follows :—
Dr. Sutherland, of llevelstnke, president; Dr. 0. E Arthur, of Nelson,
secretary. It was deoidi d tu meet in
July of next year nt Revelstoke.
Half-Million Stock Subscribed
Interior Men Interested ■
Vancouver, Aug. 4—it is learned
that within a few days announcement
will lie tiuiile that the liank of Vancouver will open ils dunrs fnr business,
the subscriptions to the oapital stock
uf tbe institution having already passed
the half million mark.
The management of the organization bus heen very successful in attracting the attention of United Stairs
Investors, sn that these parties bave
made heavy investments in the   Iihnk.
Locally   hearty   support   has  been
given the new institution, because ol
the iih-iilute knowledge of the success
which will attend the business owing
to the certain development ol the re-
Biiurc.ea of the province, as well as the
feeling of pride in Ihe maintenance of
a home bank.
Among the men connected with the
institution are T. W. l'ater.on, .1. A.
Mitchell, formerly a large grain merchant of Winnipg, and Messrs, F. W
J11 ii oh and M. Carlin, formerly of Golden, all ot whom now reside in Victoria
Local men Include H. I' McLennan,ol
McLennan, McFeely A Co., VV H.
Malkin ol W. II. Malkin A Co, Cily
Solicitor George 11. Cowan ami others
Up country men associated tire Messrs.
J, A. Harvey, K. (.',, of Craiiliriiok, L.
VV. Shatfiuil, M. L. A., Penticton, and
F. II. Lewis of Revelstoke.
The general manager of the new
In nk will be. Mr. A. L. Dewar, formerly malinger uf the Canadian Hank of
G >inn ercc at Chicago.
A branch will, in all probability, Le
established in Kevelstoke,
I.   O.   F.
t'ouri Mount IIssmIh.., No. :s|t;i, meets _uil anil
111) Mondays iu oddfellows Sail, next to Opera
Hon.. Visiting brothron cordially invited lo
J.W. Gahi.and, ('.H.
II. W. EDWA_D8, R.S.
c. VV. o. w
Mountain View Camp, No. 229
Moot*. Second ami Kourtli Wednesdays in
uach mouth, in Selkirk Hull. Visiiin Woodmen oordlally Invited to attend.
W. li. ARMSTRONG. Con. Com.
J. MiiINTYKK, eiurk.
F. O. E.
The rairn. n* sieetlnfjfi are hold iu the Selkirk
Hall 1st an.. .1 Tuesday of each month, 8 p.m.
Visiting breti.mn .iro cordially invited.
.1      I.KSLIK,   I'ltESlDENT.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A. P. & A. M.
Tho rotmliir mooting, are hold ill the
Oddfellows Hall, no
tho third Monday iu
anrh month nt S
|i ni. Visltllll. brothron    cordially   wel-
SELKIRK _'1D IE No. 12, I. O. O. F.
Meets overyThursrlay
evening in Selkirk
Ball at 8 o'clock
VihiLinu brothron cor
dially Invited to ats
II. H    h NIliHT. -N.d
Cold  Range Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
■ \ *pl Third Wednesday of
each Mi-nil io iii.. Oddfellows'
Mai,    .ii    •   o'clock.    Visiting
I  :i     . '- ..rs' -or.Unity   nvlli'd.
H, BttOl K, K   of It   4 s
.1   II. SCOTT, M. of S.
''ms  I'. Lindmark,   M _j n     Ri ■..
the man who  Btoke    Vs.nr   very gener ui donatioi
may be said to have literally start-   most  heartily  appreciated     «    «
•■■I Canada nn Iht course     rhe li I-   Tunic
lam Frenchmen and brave Engl
soldiers- played   an   important part
iii tin- foundation nf this Dominion
but the men in whom Canada owes
most are th'i-e  whose  plat b
represented   in   a   lt I pag
I ie".    ,i re   not pit' uresr-ue figure?
neithei   did   1 he   people w Im _ il
ii d   ilu-  celebration    ii ljueb.c
" "ii gi ..• them "ne thought      lin'   |,r |.:
men and   women   who changed tht    ihairanri   Dr    li
Interesting   Papers.     Election
of Officers.
N  IV,
i tl_»r your mill
The by-law regulating the speed
of automobiles in the city to 10
miles per hour has been passed
and the   police   will   now have to
ed fi hi- t ioi., iimIiiii.' home
-lead- nnl who laid Hn- foundation
uf nnr (.'real commercial enlerpi
by sheer toil and -neat uf I heir
Iipiwh, are not figuers which would
call fnrtb ihe enthusiasm nf the
crowd- nf sightseers that thronged
the streets nf tiuobfic, . ei there
wa- as much heroism among those
wlm a hundred or moreyearsago
cru--eil lhe ocean and laid lhe
Inundations nf the prosperity nf the
Atlantic provinces, Tin- same
pioneers have footed their way
westward across the mountains ami
forged out tbe homes which now
are flourishing cities. Today one
sees on the homesteads and ranches
of the west, and in the isolated
parts, of B, C, the same cheerful
patience, the same resourcefulness
and the same energy in the Ind up-
trial pursuits that have oharaoter-
lz_d the pioneers of old.    Whatever
• -•        il i io- Interior "I Bi itish
ilnrnbtn     Medical    Association   was
11 us it. island in iin- I™..inl .,( trade
i   I hurtdaj   titer noon, with
I   Mel* ■ the
P    Mackenzie,   ul
Five I. ;oi-  .mil    ..  , $1,76 per load,
delivered   il   any  poinl   between  ibe
null ud Is...t.i,iv Mi reel,
Kiln Di •■.! !-.     lib     f_ ".'! per load.
tn.I..,  .     "
BOWMAS I.I   .IthR CO. Ltd.
We have the largest line   of GOLD-HEADED
"   UMBRELLAS and CANES in the City :
Hastings,  Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
JEWELLERS        i
Art and Beauty
are combined in oui' new designs in carpets. Our stock is
complete, and the colors rich
and effective the designs artistic, and ibe " iout ensemble"
Is striking and beautiful, Wi<
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have novels placed suoh low
prices upon so much high
quality before,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork fuckers and Dealers in Live Sleek. Markets iu all the pi'lnci
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, Uritish (lolninhli and the Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " linpir.it,. r" Hiuiih and Biicon,
and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
For AKri-Miltiiral Implomouts. ('urrii»Ki.-i. Wagons Etc.. Join.
Deere Ploughs, Moliue Wugous, (.aimtin Carriage -Toinpany'-i
HnggioH, Pin net jr., Uanlou So-mler-.  aud Cultivators- Wheel*
.vrinlit and Will* _-initli Work allmitltut to. llnrso Hliooiug u
Central Hotel
zs_____-_ REVELSTOKE, B. C
Newly built        Kirst-class in every respect.     All modern convenienc
Large Sample Kooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  managem m
suitably furnishtd with the choicest tht:
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.^ Rates $ i a day.    Monthly rate;.
J.   ALBEET      STO__ST_E      PEOP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprjetor
i'p Act " ami
• WlNlllNU
the   Matter   nf   the   HI wood   Tin
Workers Gold Mining Company
of Lardeau.   Uritish   Columbia,
Limited, Non-personal Liability.
NOTICE Ib hereby given that, an
application will be made tn this   Honourable  Court  "I   lhe  Court   House,
Vancouver, B. C, on the Twelfth dav
of August, l'-HlS, nl  lhe hour nf lOiDO
lock in the forenoon uu behalf of
the Official  Litpiidator herein foe au
I'dei'cuulh'iiiing I he conditional agree
nut foi'  sale of  Ibe  properly  and
assets of Ihe  said  Company   fnr  the
sum uf $20,000.00 made by lhe Official
Liquidator tonne Dillinn Marsh,
Dated   til   llevelsloke,   H.   Ch,   this
181 h.iuly, I00S.
SCOTT iV. liltKHiS
Solicitors for John Ei, Jones,
Official Liquidator.
Certificate of Improvements
Notice of
Seizure and Sale!!
The inenibeisiif ID Company, U.M.lt.
nre hereby uotlfled to attend for company drill every Thursday at 8 p.m.
until finlher orders.
Hy   Order,
O. 0.
Rossland al ihe leerettry - dink.
Papers tvert read md diiens-ied hihI
ofllci rs elt clod for i he ensuing year
Dr VV A, Sutherland, til Kevelstoke,
read h piper on " lien Beri, which li
described as an acnli disease, oharac
iinzeil by oppression ..I breathing, by
general oedema, by paralytic weakness
and li> numhnesa if the lower ex-
tremlties fn the tropics it is generally   fatal.     Itevelstoke    lins    recently
experienced an epidemic of the disease
and It wan oharaoterizod hy blood
poisoning, due In a Kerin It, afTected
about ISO people, but there were only
a few fatalities, owjng, probably, to tbe
temperate climate at Revelstoke, The
disease originated among the Chinese
In Revelstoke
A paper w«h read by Dr, It. I'. Mackenzie un " Puerperal Convulsions,"
which wns followed by an  Interesting
dlSOUSSlon in which nearly all present
took part.
Dr i'etternky, uf SandoD, reail an
interostitig paper on "Medical Organ!
First    Class   Work
I llll   Of  tsrs I I'I       pi litnpt IV
D raying
Storaf e
All Kinds of Light  and  H avy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in  Wriial,   Coal and  Feed,
Hume 71. House Phone 7
SHv.tr < rnwn unii^rali'liiiin, iLiinln in tlm Lur-
dean Milling Dlvlilon of \\.> i Knnteony
Where looetedi    \t tho bead of m..i,.iv*,i- oreeli
and HiijnitiitiK ilm I'ayno iniinnal 'Titiin
TaVenotloe  Hint  I, H  Smith   K 11.(1   No. If
l.C-OH, ii'too. AB Rtfetlk f<>r   iCv.i   (Jnninl, K tl T
Si.   fWlflOl, lateud, lllly tlayxfr Inlnhnritor.
I.. ,.|i|.ly n, tho Mniiiic Heennter Tor n f«rtill
ooleaf I nprofo di   for   tlm  ptirpoie of ol»
liniiliit- n < rown (iritut of tin' iil>ov.t rliiiin
An.I   fiifttmr   tttkn   DOll< •»  lloil net ion, uiitlnr
^o''tion  .7   mn  t be I'oiiunnncBil luifnni tlio   (HU1
hi.rn of -mil i oriiiiiitin of [murnvemeuli
Dated thi- Itbdayorvmie a i>  ikon
nt j fl H   SMITH
Certificate  of improvements
Unr Hope Praetlon Ulaera] olaim No 8,
Hltnate Id the Trout i-i-m ' Dh
the KoiitHiiHjr  Dlfirlei     [_aeatea un
TAKK N'/l'H K t.oii I. ('■ J A. N Pad
Preo Miner' Certifloate No li kh..m>. Intend 00
diyifromtnedalrelier-wiflonpplrUi the Min
Ing Beeortler for n (_flrtlfuiete of pnproremenl
fr. r the parpowi "f obtain Ini i Crowe urant of
tbe abore elaim. And rnrther take notiee that
aotton Dade. Beetfon W mnat be oommepeed
trfiforo ilm Iwnanee of meh (certifloate ol
I.iilnd thi . (th -Iny of April, 1'Jfl.
.Sixty  days aftei  il  I Intend to
apply to iin* chief Commissioner of
t^imis, and Works for pernilttton to
ntirchaee t in- following described
Beginning at a posl planted al the
-mul h-eiiHt I'lirner uf   I/it \n. K*iUH I'ltr-
chased by -luliiiH I)<ni|_;,iL running
wesi ^uchalnsitheme south 211 obainsj
thence east 211 otMlOll Ibence ninth 2D
obatllS tn puint nf i:iiiiiin('iiri'ini.|it.
Dated JuneiMtb, 1008,
Edward Wolf, Applicant,
jly I D. Dewar, Agent,
under and by virtue of three writs of
fieri facias Issued out of the Supreme
(limit of British Columbia, Revelstoke
Registry in llivee several aclioils
wherein (>ii«. E, Alldei'son, I. B,
AuiMilen and .Inlin 1). MllliglUI, reHpee-
livelv are plaint ill's, and the Hlultll
Creek Mining nnd Development Company are defendants and lu me tllieot-
ed againsl Ihe goods ami chattels of
snid di'l'enil.inls, I have seized ami
taken in execution all ihe inl crests of
the said Company iu those certain
mining leases Issued by tba Province
of British Columbia through tlie
proper of.lc.or In Ilinl behalf nnd situ-
iiled on Smith Oieek, In I bo Rovelstoke
Mining Division  of  Wosl   Knoleniiy
Disiiiet known .ind leeoiili'il ii, the
otlice of tho Mining Reeordei at Revelstoke. B. C., IIS lhe "S ise," -'l-ev-
elslnke," "(Im lisle," "Blue .lay,"
" llighllyei'," •' (ieritilde," " Anne,"
"Margaret," and "Grace" mining
lenses nr claims aud Ibe unexpired
let-nt nf said IciesfH .espeel ively, al.su a
ipianlily uf guilds Cllllslslhlg of lllll-
ehini'iy,   liiinb..r,   Hllllplll'S,   buildings,
live stink, f I, piovisloiiH, tlyiiiimlle,
ferry and onhlu andi i hoi'iillai'liinenls,
Hume nnd iilliielinienls and improve
inenis nnd piisini.il properly uf all
kinds incite upon or about Ibe s.iiil
lllllilligluiw es- oi any nf lliein, an   in-
venliiiv nfiill wliieh may he ubliiined
nn  applii'llliiill tu Ibe lllllli'l signrd.
And I give nulled that I Will oiler
fin1 sn le at publio auction al. the door
uf ihe Court House, Revelstoke, B, 0„
mi I-i ii In s, the seventh day of August,
ikuh.iii lil o.olook, noon, all the ii.ier-
esl of the snid defendants in the properly above mentioned.
Dated ul Itevelstoke, li. C„.lulv 28,
VV. I. IiAW,
Sheriff of North KootHtuty,
Certificate of  Improvements
Minn it mineral claim( Mtuate in tna Trout 1-Ake
Mining itivi.innof weet Kootenay hlitrkt.
Where loeated;  Al the head -•( Goat Creek iia.in
loljotilnn Mn- V I.'im   minor■!I   Hn|tn, Lot iM",
(Iroup I.
Take notloe that I, n smith, f.m.c. WiOIB,
KiiriK u agantforJ. D Maekenilt, f.m.c. No.
II .WWW, int.ii'l, nlxt) tlayefrom tbi dat- hereof, to
appl) to the Mining Beeor terror a Certificate of
[mprovenO-tto. for tbe |>urr>n e uf ohuininK a
Crown (ir.nl of the nlmve »'l-*lio.
An>l further ta' ■ notice that aetfon, under
Set'llnn 87, WU ,t Iw com me need Iwfore the I .hii-
anci of mon (Vrtlrluat* of linprovemenu.
Hated thin ffttfa day of June  A.D , IW ..
»atji7 E  -.MITH.
NoTHK im hereby glreu thnt iho boundnrlea
of thn Nulsoii, KnvoKtnko mnl Slocan
Luud Ueeort-lug Divisions or Wost Kooteuuy
District, nnd tbti Siniilkninowh Lniol Itoconling
Division of Yell. Distriia, hnvu been BltorecT,
und thnt on ninl lifter Sni>leinlior the Ihi, IIhih,
the bonudnrleaof -thusnid Lnnil tteoordlng Divisions will hens follows: -
Commoiiciug ui a boluton tho tutortint-in&al
Hoiiiidiiry wlicro it is iulersucted hy the wo. toru
iioniidnry of Bertlon ii, Towuahlu 10a, Kooteuay
District; tHiiiiK a Ism tlm WMteril iHiiin.lary of lhe
Nelson A Fori Sho|.|nird Railway l.nnil Urant:
theuce due north ithont n\, miles to southern
boundary of Lot 5.810. Group I, Kooteuuy;
llionco duo wosl to i ho »n«torti Imuiulury of the
rlgnt-uf-way of tho Columbln & Wwtern Kailway, which forms tho boundary ofLotZ.UM.,
Group I, Osoyoos Division of Yule District (Dow
Siinflkatnoeu i thonce oaeterly and northerly,
follnwiio; *>iid ousioiu houinliiry of said right-
of-way, lo lho north-oust comer of Lot 2.6W;
thouco duo wost iiIoiik tho tiorthom iHiuudary
of Lot 2,008 to the divide between tho waters
nuimio: into the Colnmhiu Kivor aud Arrow
Lakes from those flowing to the west (thenee
uorthorly, following lhu summit or the nioun-
tulus toa point rai mt ies duo north of theluterna-
tlonnl Bouudary. which is ulso the north-oast
coruor uf tho Similkumocu Division of Yale
District; thenco duo oast to a point duo aouth
of lho south-wost • orner or Township tin, Koote-
nay: thonco duo uorth lo ilm north-oust coruor
of Towunhlp 05, Oaoyooa Divisiou of Yule;
theuce uorth;weslerly tu the summit of the divide separating tue waters flowing into theCol-
umbm River und Arrow Lukes from tho waters
Mowing to tho wost; thonoo following the summit of lhe ii.ouutalus, inu northerly direction,
to n iHiini duo wost of tho uorth-west corner of
Lot 808, Group 1, Ko..tonny. which point is the
uorth-wost comer or tho Nolsou Luud Rocordiug Division; tlionioduooa.il to tho summit of
lho water shod dividing lhe waters llowiug iuto
lho Arrow Lak-aa from the wulors flowing iuto
olorun Luke, which is the north-east corner of
Nelson Laud Rocordiug Di isiou; thouco south*
erly along tho divido betweou the waters flowing into thu Arrow Lakos und tho wuturs flowing Iulo Slocuu Kivor aud Slocan Lake to a
poiut, ueur thu heudwaturs of Pass Crook;
thonce ...Uowing lho height of laud to tho
mouth ol Little Slocuu Kivor; theuce crossing
the Sliicun Kivor uud followiug tho divido separating tho waters Mowing mtu lho Slocan
Kiver aud Kooteuay Lako from tho wators
flowing iulo Kooteuay Kivor and West Ann of
Kootonay Luke to tho north-west corner of Lot
7,ti__., (iroup 1, Kooteuuy; thouco duo oast along
the uorth boundaries of Lots 7,628 aud 4 901,1.1
tho wost shore of Kuoionuy Lake; theuce
.southerly und easterly lo Pilot Pointt theuce
northerly to Lho north-west corner of Lot 1,489,
Group I, Kootonay; thoncc easterly, followiug
the height of luud .separating the wulors flow
ug Into Crawford Creek from the waters flowing iuto Grey's Creek, to tho eastern boundary
of West Kooteuay District, near tho headwaters
of Baker ('rook; thouce southerly followiug the
divide separating tho wuters llowiug iuto
Kooteuuy Lako and Kuoionuy River from the
waters flowing Into St. Mary's Creek aud ihe
Moyio Kiver, to the International Bouudary:
thonce westerly along the International Bouudury to the point of conimeiicdutent.
Commencing ut the uorth-wost corner of tho
Nolsuu Land Rocordiug Division; theuce
northerly, followiug thu summit uf the mountains dividing the waters llowiug into the Columbia Kivor i mm those flowing to the west, to
the height or land helwuen Foster Creek aud
Kulloy Creek, to the intersection of Cauoe River; thence oouthorly duwu tho centre of Cauoe
Kivor to tho .Columbia Rivor; thonce in a
south-easterly direction tu Lho dividiug ridge of
the Selkhk raugo or mountains: luau-re following thu suid dividing ridge iu a south-eusterly
directiou to iho summii of Rogers Puss; thonce
iu a .-oiit-i-ouslerly direction, following the
wutor-shud nearest tho Upper C< lumbiu Kiver,
lo its iuLorsectiou wilh the southern bouudary
of tlm Dominion Kailway Bolt; iheneo southwesterly, following the southern bouudury of
the Kailway Belt, to its iutorsectiou with the
divido botw.en lhe waters flowing tutu Duncan
River and Fish Kiv. r, near the head wators of
Teetsel Crook; thonce southerly following the
height of luud dividiug lhe waters Mowing iuto
Duncan Rivor from iho waters flowing iuto
Arrow -Lake aud Trout. Lake, lo a poiut opposite the uorth end of Howser Luko; theuce
westerly, followiug the southern water-shed of
Lake Creek, to a point, on tho Lardo Kiver opposite tho height ol luud botwoeu Cuscuue
Crook and Poplar Uro*k. thouce following that
height of land aud lhu water-shed dividiug the
waters of Wilson Creek from Lho wulors llowiug
into Lardo Kivor ami Kooshkauux ('reek lu thu
norih-ca.-i corner .if iho Nolson Luud Rocordiug
Division, being tho south-oust coruer of tho
RevelsLoko Luud Kucordiug Division; theuce
following lho northern bouudury of the Nelsou
LhUd Kocording Division due west Lo the poiut
Commeuciug at tho north-oust comes of the
Nolsuu Laud Recording Division, which is also
thosouih-oasL comer or the Bevelstoke Laud
Recording Division; Llionco following the east-
urn bouudury of thu Revelstoke Laud Recording Division, iu a gmiural easterly uud northerly direction, to its intersection wi.h tho south
boundary   of   tho     lbnninn.ii     Kuil.vuy    Bolt,
thouce northerly and easterly, roiiowiugtho
Dominion Rail nay Hell, i<> its iulorsectiou
with the eastern boundary of Wost Kooteuay
District) thouce in a Bouth-ousterly direction,
billowing lint wain i.ed nuiirust tho Upper
Columbia Kivur, to lho 50th purallol of uorth
luliludo; thonce in » southerly djrectiou, fob
lowing the divide soparuliug the wulors flowing
iulo Kooteuuy Lake from tho waters llowiug
intoSl. Murys Crook Lo Id iulorsectiou wilh
thoeuslorly boundary of the Nelsou Luud Ke-
nirdiug Division at thu headwaters of Grey's
Creek; llionco followiug lhu oastorly bouudury
or the Nelson Lund Recording Division Lo the
point of commeuceinout
Commencing ul a poiui ou Lhe luleruuliuuul
Boundary wl ore il is intersected by Puyustou
Crook, which is also Lhe south-oast corner of
.ale Laud Kocording District; theuce following i.orlhurly along the said crook and tho
South Fork of the Hiinilkumeou Kivor to its
junction wilh lho Tulumuou Kivor; thouco
westerly along Lho Tiilamouii River to the
month of Cbiua ('reek, theuce uorthorly
along ( ulna Ureek \Jl ils iutersoctiou wiin
the south boundary of Lot DOB. Group 1, Kamloops Di.isiou ol Vale District; theuce duo eust
Lo the caelum bank of Okuiiiigau Kiver; llioio e
iu un uorthorly direction, following thu eu .torn
shore Oi Okanagai. Kiver ami Okauuguu Lake,
to a point distant 50 milea due north of tho
1 nt di mil omul Boundary; iheuee due oust to the
western bouudury uf the Nolson Land Rocordiug Division of Kootenay. District; thouce
southerly, following Lhe said we .urn boundary
<d KiHilouuy Di.uic.t, to lhu 4tub parallel;
(hence wost along lhe 4mh parallel to tho
place of cuiuuieucenieut.
Dopuly Cuuiinissionor of Lauds tuTclWrOrKB.
Lands and Works Department,
ViOtOrU, B.C., .Inne.'tOth, iwt..
jly 15 4t
Notiee is, hereby given lhat, llns,-
tingg, Doyle ife Allum, Limited, will,
three iiioiiIIih after date, iijiply lo the
Lieiiteiiniil Hovel nor in OoUuoti for an
Oi'llei-in-(Joiineil ebarigiiiK the Com-
liany'a name to.'iDoyle A Alltnn, Limited."
Dated the 29thday of June, ioom.
IIaiivky, MoOAHTUR& I'inkiiam,
SolieilniH   for llnHling8,   Doyle A: Al-
bun, Limited jly I Bm «,
llll lil I 'l"K|mlr. " Don't do ■
U llll I *•»'"*_" UU you Hiinisleiirly
»WH      I    whutli best, by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, rtli-eat_, lovo, nmrr Iiikis nnd parentage
Tell, what you'd ank a doclor. but don't likoXo
HO pimeii, lututnted, V, oontH: but to Introdueo
It wo send ono only to any adult for pohtauo.
10 uentH.
lie laat Mth atnMt,        NCW VORK THE MAIL- IIEI-AU). REVELSTOKE, B C
One Cent
—Just how correct principles say it
should be constructed?
—Just why no other  plan of construction will do ?
Just write
on a postcard, "Send
Booklet A,"
and mall
t o nearest
branch. The
rest we'll
gladly attend to.
.,,( ..Is-rcli ':*5 iis ixhilitv la be easy
on fuel, .,'. -k in action, s.tuple in
h titicf'v told in a I    le booklet
...' j I'.i. ii.i'-.- 1 ..is ' li . ii . n adver-
li. inent, No luinace n?.m. e. in.ntioncd,
and you can read the whole story in 5 minutes.
To the party contemplating purchasing a furnace it points out the
snags and pitfalls, and shows exactly what to demand of an arche
ted, contractor or dealer, in furnace construction and installation.
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
ii     CALGARY
Rest Fund
Has fi5 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all the
Principal Cities in the World.
At all Branches. , Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, Q. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Import direct from Country ol origin.
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's   Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease ot operation and
perfection in the results produced the "EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER ie unsurpassed.
The" KM l'i UK" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic convenienses, durability, visible writing, minimum oi noise in operation
make it tlio typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part, of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using tho
EMPIRE Typewriter in
181)5, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 7(X)
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
A Plea for Co-operation—Citizens Must Help
The inauguration ol the iinnuul
Revelstoke Fall Kuir Iius marked an
Important epoch in the history of ihe
city a nd ilis'riet and one winch means
a very great deal for onr future prosperity and development. Fruitgrowing lins taken a rapid impetus in the
last year or twu and owing to the depression in railroad Lustiness and its
revenue in regard to citv prosperity,
the people naturally begun to turn
their eyes to oilier means of regaining
the guild time whioh llevelstnke lins
invariably enjoyed. We are nuw fully
alive to the possibilities that nnr soil
possesses and we can oonsoietltlously
advert ite these lands us, in every way,
desirable fur sell Ies, where money can
he made und homes established. Tlio
question of a f.iir has heen dtscusied
lor BOtue lime anil now thnt « delinite
decision has heen arrived at, a decision
which will lie unquestiuinhly a popn
Ur one, it is to lie Imped that lhe
people ttill respond nnd rise to tlie
occasion. The fair will encourage
the farmer Slid frultgrow-r to excel in
all manner ol field and garden produce
and to raise tlie standard of excellence
which will result in increased returns
to himself. It is proposed that the
fair lie ilividul up into several classes
including, poultry, live stock, dogs,
dairy produce, fruit, vegetables, field
produce, tlowcrs and general horticulture, h nu- linking, preserving antl
jams, art and fancy work, besides
classes lot children's li.ndiwork Mining and lumbering exhibits will lie in-
cluthd, while maiiufacturies and in
dustries will have a prominent place.
This latter will coalite the merchants
ol the city and district to advertise
their goods in an attractive and special
manner. In each of the above inen-
ti iiied classes, liberal pri/.eB will be
given, aud the more entriea there ire
the heiter the exhibits from au out-
aiders poiut of view. By this means
the pursuits as represented by these
different sections will be encouraged
and only the best aimed nt. To make
the fair a success everybody, no matter
what calling he may bave, is invited
to exhibit in any or all of these classes
and make tbe exhibition ns interesting
and embracing as possible.
It is to be hoped that it will pot be
ueces ary for tlie committees to spend
too much time this year in canvassing
for entries, as the weoks are abort
until the date o! the Fair, the second
week in September, but that ns soon
as the classes are announced and entry forms avaihiole, there will be no
hesitation in coming forward voluntarily with entries, By the co-operation and assistance ol the intending
exhibitors themselves n neb vuluable
time will be gained, as there is an
immense of woik to be done by all
couren.ed. Kvery citizen wiil have a
chance ol shining something aud if
the scheme is entered into with zest
and interest, this, our first Fair, even
Btnnll iu a begiuning, will be a success
and be an encouragement to even
greater energy next year, Attractions
and amusii'iiu n; of all kinds will lie
arranged and the agricultural grounds
—which in a few years will be the
finest in the interinr.are suited to every
form of sport, so Hint tlie inducements
fur visitors to take in our bIiow will be
esp ciaily Httrat-live, Ttie committee
want the support of the publio aud
want thcni to meet half way. Let ue
all get busy and.do our best and if
Revelstoke is ii whole is not apathetic
th first Fair in thii city cannot but
be nn unqualified success.
they ivi 1 i e nt lis'tne tn Iheir friends
o i fun-,lav evening August (Itli, nt
the llilllio uf Mrs .lis. A M el,.min,
Vnnkleeli Hill, The presen's which
were very niiniei'0118, cum; risitl tsif'.s
from relatives aud friends fi tun Kng-
land, Ontario nnd British Columbia;
expressive of the Iiiiii esteem felt foi
tlie ha,spy couple. The house waa
tastefully decorated with flowers nnd
Mr. and Mrs. Mncl.aiirin expect to
leave lor their home in Revelstoke on
Friday the 7th of August, visiting
various friends en route.—Vankleek
Hill Outario Review.
For Sale
Dry cedar cord wood — Revelstoke
(leneral Agencies  Ltd.
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals   -   -    25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Miiiiiif_irtiiri.il for ull clttsses of buildings
for sale iu targe nr small qtinutitios
at tho lowest prices for cosh.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paia
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
MacLaurin Marchant
A quiet but pretty wedding took
place at the boms ol Mrs. James A.
MacLaurin on Wednesday, July 20th,
when Miss Nellie Evelyn Marc mnl of
Victoiia, H. C, was married to Mr.
Donald Leslie *i|_M__i',iuriii, B.A., Principal of the 11 Ifl) School at llevelsloke,
H.C. Rev, W. J l'ndy, U.A., B.T.H.,
performed the marriage ceremony.
The bride was given away by her
father Mr. William Marchant, Inspector of Customs, 11. C.
The bride waa charmingly Costumed
in a gown ol ivory crtpe de chciie over
chitl'un taffeta made in semi-PrinceBsc
style, and trimmed with Bilk chiffon
applique. She wore a gracefully
drapid veil of brussel net and wreath
of oiange blossoni-i; and carried a
shower boquet of bridal ruses, and
lilies of the valley. Her only ornament was the gift of the groom, a gold
necklace with pearl and amelhyst
pendant. Mrs. I'. Crawford MacLaurin
played the wedding march.
The bride unveiled in a tailor made
costume of she green ladies' cloth,
lace and net blouse, and llower hat of
lilies of tbe valley and aloe green ribbon, After the ceremony tho wedding
purtY sat down to dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. MacLaurin lelt on the
afterin on train for a trip through
(jnehec and Western Ontario. In
order to give an opportunity of saying
good-bye, before leaving  for the west,
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraytti. Material, Out Blowers, etc.
Olde t e^-.ni' shed nursery on the
mainlan I of H.C.    Catalogue free.
Ore nhonscs aud Seed Houses
VANCOUYEri,       -     -      -     B. C.
pility will he taken at Ihe City Clerk's
Ollleo, Oity ll.'tll. corner of Second
Street mid McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, IJ O., on Saturday, A tin nil 8th,
1008, between the bouts of Nine o'clock
a. in. und Seven o'clook p. tu.
Clerk of tin- Municipal Council,
July. A. D , 1008, ninl passed wilh the
UnauiuuiUS consent uf the Council.
Received the assent of the electors
the day of
Re-cuiisideied, adopted and finally
passed the Council the duy
of A. D., 11)08.
City Clerk.
By-Law No.
The Steamer leaves Five
Landing (during stage of
wa'er) at (i u.m on Tuesday
Friday, tor Downie Creek and
points, returning same day.
Freight must be ready for dc
livery to teams of Revelstoke
Cartage Co., Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m , and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for the Uoat Landing ;tt 5:110
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
connects with the steamer on arrifal
back in the evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. B139. Dates of
Bailings tuny be changed without
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Hnl.Aug. I    Lake Eric
Fri. " 7 Kiup. Britain
Hut. " 15 Lk. Manitoba Wed. .11.211
I'll. " 21 Emp. Ireland Fri. Aug.7
Sat. " __I_k.(-iiiuipliiiii Wed." 12
Summer Season from Montreal
and Quebec
1st, Class 2nd. Class 3rd, Class
$i)0 00    $48 7.S $28 75
1st, Class 2nd. Class 3rd, Class
$Sn 00 $42 511 $27 50
Otiikr Lakh Hoaih—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with Steamship tickets
Passengers hooked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all Other tsonline  fill ports,
For further information apply to
T. W. Bradsha w,    E J. Coyle,
Agont, A.O.P.A.
Hevelstoke. Vancouver.
A By-law to authorize, the borrowing by the Municipal Council of the
Oity uf Hevelstoke of Ihe stun uf Plve
Thousand Dollais ($5,000) for tho purpose ul making Improvements to lhe
City Park and Recreation Grounds.
Whereas 11 Petition has been presented lu the Municipal Oouncil of the
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke,
signed by the assessed owners of nl
least, One-tenth ill value of the Real
property within the City of Revelstoke
as shewn on the last, revised Assessment Roll uf the said City,asking that
.1 Hy-law he Introduced for the purpose of authorizing the borrowing by
the said Corporation of the sum of
Five Thousand Dollars ($6,000) for the
pui pose uf making Improvements to
the City Park and Recreation
And Whereas it, is necessary and
expedient that such Improvements be
And Whereas the whole amount of
the ratable real propel ty within the
said City of Rovelstoke, according to
tho last revised Assessment Roll of the
said City is the sum of One Million,
One Hundred and Twenty-one Thousand. F.ight Hundred and Twenty Dollars:
And Whereas it will be requisite to
raise annually, by special rate sulli-
cient. therefor, the sum of Three Hundred and Eighty-seven and 13-100 Dollais for the payment of the said debt
antl interest thereon;
Now Therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City uf
Revelstoke enacts us follows:—
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
nf the Corporation of the City of Rev-
elstuke tn burrow 1111 the credit of the
said Corporation by way of debentures
hereinafter mentioned, from any person, persons, firm, body or bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance
the same as a loan, a sum of money
not exceeding in the whole the sum of
Five Thousand Dollars and to cause all
such sum or sums so raised or received
to be paid into Lhe hands of the Trea-
sm er of the Corporation of the City nf
Revelstoke for tlie purpose and with
the objects above mentioned.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made,
executed and issued for tlie said sum
or sums as may la- required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, howevsr, the sum of Five
Thousand Dollars, each of the said debentures being of lhe denomination of
One Thousand Dollars, and all such
debentures shall be sealed with tile
seal of the Corporation and signed by
the -Mayor and Clerk thereof.
3. The said debentures shall hear
dat-thereof of August Kith A.D. 11)08,
and shall be payable in twenty-five
years from the said date in lawful
money uf Oanada at tlie Offlce of the
Molsons Hank at Revelstoke, aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by said debentures, and
shall have attached to tbem Coupon-
for the payment of interest, and the
signature to the interest cutipuns may
bis either written, printed, stumped or
4. The said debentures shall boar
interest at the rate uf five per centum
(5°;.) per annum frum the date thereof,
Which interest shall be paid semi-annually at the ulttce of the MolQons
Hank al Revelstoke, aforesaid in lawful money of Canada, un the 10th day
if February and tbe lilih day nf August iti each and every year during lhe
currency theieof, and il shall be expressed in said debentures a ml coupons
io he so payable.
5. il shall he lawful I. 1 il
of lhe said Corporation lu 1
and sell Ihe said debenfiin » 1
them fnr less than par, but ii
hall   the said  debentures nl
By-Law No..
e Mayor
.1 .my of
no ease
_^_^__. any of
theui  be sold   for less than ninety-t Wi 1
undone-half (02J) per centum of tbeh
face value, including the cost of tii|_,..-
tialiun and sale, brokerage and all
oilier necessary expenses.
(i.    There shall he raised in each yeat
during the currency uf the said debentures the sum uf Two Hundred and
Fifty Dollars I'm the payment of
interest anil the sum uf One Hundred
and Tliirly-seveu and 18-100 Dollais
for the payment of the said debt under
the saiu debentures by 11 special rate
sufftoiont therefor on all the ratable
I property io lhe said Municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for lhe .Muni
eipal Colllloll to re-purchase any nf the
saitl debentures Upon   such   terms   as
may bo agreed upon with the legal
bolder or holders thereof, either at tne
time nf sale ur al any subsequent time,
and all dcliciilui'cs sn re-purchaseil
shall be forthwith cancelled ur destroyed and nn re-issue of debentures
shall he made in consequence nf SUCll
8. This Hy-law shall lake effect nn
and after the lllth day uf August, A.
I)., 1008.
I). This By-law shall before I he Anal
passing thereof recelvo the assent of
the ratepayers ot thu Corporation according tu the provisions nf, and iu
manner prescribed by ihe Municipal
Clauses Act.
Read 11 Ural tinte Ibis 2llh July, A.
I)., 1008.
Read a Second time this 21th Julv,
A. I).,  WOM.
Rend 11 third time Ibis 21th July,   A.
I)., wok, and paused with the unanimous consent of the Council,
Received the assent of the 1'lcclors
the day of
Re-considered, adopted and finally
passed the Council the day
of A.D,, 1008.
A Hy-law to authorize the borrowing by*tbe Municipal Council of the
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
nf 1 lie sum ol Three Thousand and
Three Hundred Dollars ($8,800) for the
pui-piise uf installing a new (Ire  alarm
system for the Oity uf Revelstoke.
Whereas a petit inn bus been presented to the Municipal Council of the
Corporation of the City of Hevelstoke
signed by the assessed owners nf at
least One-Tenth ill   value  nf   Ihe  real
property within the City of Revelstoke
as shown on the last revised Assessment Hull of said City, requesting that
a Hy-law be Introduced tor the purpose uf authorising tbe borrowing by
the said Corporation uf the sum uf
Three Thousand and Three Hundred
Dollars ($8,800) for the purposes above
And Whereas, the whole amount of
the ratable property within the said
City of Revelstoke according to the
his-t, revised Assessment Roll of the
said City of Hevelstoke, is the stun of
One Million One Hundred and Twenty-
One Thousand, Eight Hundred and
Twenty Dollars;
And Whereas it will be necessary to
raise annually by special rate sufficient
therefor the sum of Two Hundred and
Fifty-Five and 50-100 Dollars for paying the said debt and interest thereon ;
Now, therefore, the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke in open meeting assembled
enacts as follows :
1. It shall lie lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke to borrow on the credit of the
said Corporation by way of debentures
hereinafter mentioned from any person, persons, firm, body or bodies
corporate, who may be willing to
advance the same as a loan, a sum of
money, not exceeding in the whole the
sum of Three Thousand and Three
Hundred Dollars ($3,300) anil to cause
all such sums so raised or received to
lie paid into the hands of the treasurer
of the Corporation of the City of Kevelstoke for the purpose and wilh the ;
object above mentioned.
2. It shall bo lawful for the Mayor
of the suid Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made,
executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may he required fur the purpose and object aforesaid not exceeding, however, the sum of Three
Thousand and Three Hundred Dollars.
Three of such debentures shall lie in
the denomination uf One Thousand
Dollars each and one of such debentures shall be of the denomination of
Three Hundred Dollars, and all uf such
debentures shall he sealed with the
seal ut ihe Corporation of the City ol
Revelstoke and signed by the Mayoi
and Olerk theieof.
3. The said delimit ores shall bear
the date of August 10th, 1008, and
shall he payable in Twenty-live Years
front the said dale In lawful money of
Canada, at lhe office of the Molsons
Hank ai Revelsluke aforesaid, which
said phi e uf pa, in. ul. shall lie desig
natt'it by the said ilelii'iitures, and
shall have attached loiliem coupons
for lhe payment of interest, and the
-signature to the interest cupons may
lie oil her written, piinti il or stamped
01 lithographed,
TAKE NOTICE that tbe above is a
true copy of the proposed By-law
upon which the vote of the Municipality will he taken at ths City Clerk's
Offlce, City Hall, corner of Second
Street and McKensie Avenue, Revel-
stoKe, li. C, on Saturday, August 8th.
lllt-8, between the hours of Nine o'clock
a. in. and Seven o'clock p. r».
Clerk of the Municipal Council.
To John Bnnest, or to whomsoever he
may have transferred his interests:
Take notice that I. ths undnr.ignsd,
co-owner with you in the following
mineral claim, viz.: Gold Fly mineral
olaim, situated on Lexington Mountain, Lardeau Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, of the Province of
British Columbia, have dons the required wurk nn the above mentioned
mineral claim fnr lhe year ending 19U7,
In order to hold the same under Bectiou 2-1 of the Mineral Act.
And further take notice that if within OU days from the first publication of
this notice, ynu fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of tbis
advertisement, your interest in the
said mineral claim will become ths
property uf tlie undersigned, under
Section 25 B of the Mineral Act.
Dated at Camborne, H. O, this Uth
day of May 1008.
sut my IU OOd J. A. Lkwis,
Rkvelhtokk Lanii District
District of West KootknaH
TAKE NOTICE that I, Samuel
James Hallow, ol Nakusp. B. C, occupation, fanner, intends 10 apply for
permission lu purchase the following
described laud :
Commencing at a post planted at a
noint twenty (20) chains east of a point
eighty chains south of the southwest
corner of Lot No. 8.140; thence south
40 chaius, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 40 cliains, thence weet 40 chains,
to point of commencement and containing one hundred and sixty (160)
at ies more or less.
(Sgd) Samuel James Harlow.
Dated July 11. 1008.
la'e nf live per  centum
Iiiiiii 1 he date thereof,
"6ity Clerk.
TAKE NOTICE that the above Ib a
true copy of the proposed By-law
upon which the vote of tbe  Munici-
■l. Ths- s;dil debentures Bhall beat
•nleresl ill I In- laic of live
(.V, ) per annum I ^^^^^^^^
which interest shall be paid semiannually al tin- office of the Molsons
Hank at Rovelstoke aforesaid in lawful
money of Canada ou the Kllli day uf
I'Vlimav and nil the 10th day of
Ulgust respectively in each and every
your during lho currency thereof, and
il shall be expressed in said debentures
■ nil coupons tn lie sn payable,
5.    It shall be lawful fur the  Mayor
of said Corporation to negotiate and
sell the said debentures or any uf them
fnr less than par, but in nu lose shall
llie said debentures nr any nf tbem lie
sold for less than Ninety-Two and
One-Half Per Centum uriji of the face
value including  the cost uf  "-ale and
brokerage and  all other   necessary
0, Tlieie shall lie levied and raised
iu eaeh year during  the  currency  ofi
I ho said debentures the sum nf One
Hundred and Sixty live Dollars ($108
fur the payment of Interest and Nine
ty Dollars and Fifty Cents (880.60) for
llie payment uf  the   said   debt   under
the said debentures by a special rate
sufficient therefor on all tne ratible
real property in the said Municipality,
7. It shall be lawful for the Municipal Council 1 if the said Municipality tn
re purchase any of the said debentures
upon such  terms   as   may   lie  agreed
upon with the legal holder m- holders
thereof, either at the time of sale or
ut any subsequent time, and all dclx-n-
I ures su repurchased shall Ih' fnrthwith
cancelled ur destroyed, and 110 reissue nf debentures shall lie made in
consequence uf such repurchase.
8. This By-law shall lake effect on
and after the tenth dav nf August,
A. D., 1008,
I). This Hy-law shall, befure the
final passing thereof, receive the
assent nf the ratepayers of the C'or-
puratinn according to the provisions
nfiiiidin lhe manner prescribed by
the Municipal Clauses Act.
Reiul a llrat time this 24th day of
July, A. D„ 1908,
Read a second time this 24th day of
July, A. D., 1008.
Certificate of Improvements
Skookum, Drumhimmon and Buck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Revelstoke Mining Division of
West Kootenay District,
Where located: On the north side of
Cougar Creek.
Take notice tbat I, William I. Briggs
of Revelstoke, B. C, Solicitor, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B84288, acting
as agent for and on behalf of His Majesty King Edward VII, in the Right
of the Dominion of Canada Free Miner's Certificate No.B8.287, intend sixty
days from dale hereof to apply to the
Mining Reca-der for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants ot the above
And further take notice that action
under .section 37 must   be commenced
before the issuance nf such Certificates
of Improvements.
Dated thi- 2nd day of July, 1908.
jly 4 W. I. Brums.
Certificate of Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Lin k No. 2,
Vivian Luck No. 3, Vivian Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck No. 5, Vivian
Luck No. tl and Silver Crown mineral claims, situated in the Lurdeau
Mining -Di\ Mon of West Kootenay
Whete located:-At Head of Kidd
Creek, a tubulin v of Boyd Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, O. B. N.
Wilkie, acting as agent for Hector
I'oiiier, F.M.C. 117188, and George
Johnson, F.M.C BO5051, intend, sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
In-fore the issuance of such Certificate
uf Improvements.
Daled this 28th day nf May, A. D.
0. B. N. WILKIE. B.C.L.8.
w my27 Trout Lake, B. C.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John Michael Doyle
of Revelstoke, H.C, Manager, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described land:—
Oommonolng at a post planted on
the easterly bunk uf the Columbia
River ni the north-west corner of Lot
2771, Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
"John M. Doyle's south-west corner
post," thence east 40 chains; thenc*
nurt h 40 chains; tlieucu west 40 chain*
mure ur less tu the easterly bank of
lhe Columbia river: Ihence southerly
along the hunk of said river 40 chains
more or less to the point of lommence-
iiient, containing 100 acres mo_e or
llv his agent, Oeo. S, McCarter.
Dated June aOth, 1008. J27 80d
Revelsluke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that George McCarter,
Sr., of Kevelstoke, B.C., Agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the west liank of the Columbia River
at the south-east corner of Lot 8296,
Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
George McCarter, Sr., north-east cornel post," thence west 10 chains;
Ihence south 20 chains; thence east 30
chains more or less to the west bank
uf the Columbia river; thence northerly along the weet bank of the Columbia river to the point of commence
ment. containing 25 acre* more or lee*.
Bv his aifeiit, Geo. S. McCarter.
I—., ..... ..^  _.c_». _,, iTkuv-'MrbV
Dated June _6th, 1908, j 27 flOd THE MAIL-EERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
Ladies' Summer Ves;.;, price only  \y-.
Ladies' Blouses selling lor soc. up.
Ladies  Lisle Thread  Vests with  Crochet
Men's Summer Underwear selling at $1
per Suit.
Children's lilea_-hi_-d Cotton Vests ioc*each
Ladies'   Cotton Corset Covers, trimmed
Men's Negligee Shirts without collar. Reg,
$1.00. Now 75c. each.
Hoys' Soft  Shirts  with collars,   selling at
doc. each.
with lace and embroidery.     Reg.  40c.
and 4,.e.    N"o\v 250.
Men's Black Cashmere Socks—five   pair
for $1.
Ladies' Wash Shirts,     Reg. $2.50.     Now
Men's Colored Working Shifts selling at
50c. each.
Ladies'   House  Dresses.    Regular $2.50.
Men's Congress Boots.   Reg. $...50.  Now
S.1.50. This is a heavy boot made to
Stand hard wear.
Now Si,50.
Men's Congress Boot, light weight, selling
at $2,0 i.
Ladies'Summei Shirts in Navy,  liltie and
Black Lustre for $3.50,      Tweed Skirts,
Men's Box Calf Lace Boot. Regular .4
now $3.00.
Summer weight, $3.00,
Millinery at Half Price.
«$*^#<:!+«J"£«$"3-' ,_H__N$H$M;
J, F0R
I Sunburn
j Tan and
J    Freckles
$V Get a Bottle ol our Elder ±
Flower Cream. .List vvluil VP
you are looking lor |j+
<J. SOLD AT .ft
tC. R. MCDONALD'S     f
Revelstoke, B. c. -tii
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, Aug. 5—Ucucrally fair,
cloudy, moderate winds. Temp, Max,
88 = .'  Min. 54°,
Local and General.
St. Leon Hot Springs Hotel is now
Lieut.Gov Dunsmuir hasreturmd
from bis visit to Europe.
The Savons bridge across the
Thompson river at the foot ul Kamloops Lake was washed away on
Sunday by the high water.
J. H. McDonald, of the C.P.R. here,
ia progressing veri satisfactorily after
a most successful operation for appendicitis in the local hospital.
A carload ol stationery has been received by thi Enterprise Brewing Co.
and has been emptied at tlieir otlice.
Thij is the lirst time that such a
shipment has- been received by one
K. Tapping lias informed us that lie
will give the use oi the opera house
free for any entertainment that may
be got up to aid iu the relief fund
toward- the victim.- "f tin recent disastrous lire at Fernie.   '
Miss M Smith, the little daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. .1. J. Smith, was badly
bitten by a dog yesterday. Tbe wound
which waa an ugly one. was immediately dressed by Ur. Sutherland, and tbe
child ie progressing very nicely
The results, oi High Sol 1 examinations ior the province bave just
been announced by the education
le] trtment. In the Revelstoke centre
19 candidates were proposed iiul 10
I i-- .1. The names will In published
in Saturday's iss-ne.
A aeries •■:'  standard mining works
pers and journals, as well as a large
number oi  hooka  on mineralogy generally have been received by the Board
:' 11 . le from   Iiii   I' miiniou ('■■ .1    i
ca'.   Survey   department  '.ind aro now
. i..,.. ■ j0 [|,,. city h nl for relerence
li. R. Atkins reports that tbe SI
Leoi li ; Spi. .-i otel i- very busy
just now, parties arriving daily,
Picnics ii I . soui -i ins are I ■ Ing ne le
up, and m mm iin cliiul ing is s lav-
rite pastime In the evening round
games ol all km.!- an- indulged   in   in
tbe _p I' .-       II   Hi-    ll  the   hotel
Tie  M s :  II:    ilii  acknowli !,;■ -
receipt of a copy of n finely illustrated
pamphlet   on    tht   resources   ol lhe
p   s nee   published   by   lhe   Inlcrioi
Depart men I at  Ottawa,  and  entitled
British Columbia, Canada1! Land
oi Promise on the Paoilio, It ib-als in
brief form with our Iruit growing
lumbering, mining and fishing indus
tries and contains a fund ol valnabh
Baker's Bread
I hal will make your mouth
water by its delicious tlavor
before you taste ils superior
ipitilitv we aro serving fresh
every day lo oui' pal,runs,
Rye. gluten, graham, ns well
as whole wheat'ind Flench
rolls we bake every day in
good wel*.Ill loaves and of
pure and wholesome quality.
We will sorve you fresh
every day by leaving your
Two Cups of Tea
in One
is what you will have if you use
lhe usual quantity of uur lea
when you make it, The strength
of oui-lea is such thai you need
only half the usual qiiitnl ily in
order lo make lea ol line lla inland fragrance. This is on ac-
oiini of the purity and quality
nf the lea. Try n pound; you'll
like the flavor and also ihe
inomy of using it.
vl  ! W E   HAY E I   I*
MONEY    TO    l.o\\
Iv 1 N <
F l k
And k r
T I< !•: E T
() N
MOSQUI'J M ARE la your
protection against these
pests, li noi only proves
n luseous to the mosquito
Imi also neutralizes the
pulsion from the si ing. . . .
2fi cenl ami BO cenl  Bottles
s _. . , ■ i   y
Advices from Throe Valley -' its
that a big forest, lire lias been burning
for Ihe lasl few days ami that the
Mn tidy Lumbei Company have sustained loss in their atanding limber,
though not considerably. The reporl
also stated that Ihe same Company
has had between 20 and 30 thousand
feet   if piled logB burnt lip
A laborer  narrowly   escaped
crushed to death  yesterday  afternoon
while   aitting   on  u pile  if old bridge
timbei loaded on a i nek    The   ; *aiu
was entering the yard and aeveral
were Bitting   on   tbe limber whi
wooden -lay-  supporting the   lumber
broke,   c iii-iii'.   i he pile t" roll I
-i riking one ■ f lhe men s violent blow
li was a   miracle   ihal   he   was    ■ <
crushed, the logs tailing |u<t clear
A large  pii'U   e .n.-i tne. Vli
Foote,   Mrs  Porter,   Mi-   R   N   Doyle
Mr-  i   \l    Doyle,  Mra  Palmer   M
l rquhart,   Mis.   White     M isa . » I
Miss A    Palmer,   Hisa   ',    Urquliart,
\L--   Ril i   Doyle,   Miss a    I innean,
Miaa \l   Poii.     ind Messrs   R S li,
It,   Mi ('inly. U, I riiuharl     I    Porter
Mastei    i    Poi lei   and    H    I'rqti
ipetll    i    >•" |    enj'.yatiln    picnic        n
- it ml iy  ii   tlbert Canvoi     tal
the hot apringa
I ii ii loiumtinic U ion lasl —;hl fi im
st  Leo.i  where i nuuiber ol   s,ur  de
votees if i hi  i 'I and reel ire apending
ths-ii   holidays,   the follow ing    (i.h
incidenl    n ia   noleil,     M    tli ady on
Monday afternoon caught  I landed,
.ui une eust, three nice rainbow trout
weighing over one pound each It
t'.ok Liin -.inn- time to luud hta catoh
but, after some line play sueresshilly
brought them suborn. This is a unique
feal in angling and an expedience that
few fishermen have had.
A very interest Ing diseoi. i j haa
been made by chance near Nakusp It
is a cache of Indian relics of i very
ancient typo and   wholly   unlike   any
that have been considered character
istie ol the Indians of Kootenay Tho
hiding place whh a hollow near the
beach concealed by a thick clump ol
trees and underbrush ll contains
many relics of lhe usual kind of
Indian stone ornaments and a large
number of arrow bends of a green atone
not found iu the neighborhood, There
sre also atoncH of the same material
that acem by their shape to have bnnn
intended, some for axes, Others for
lianimera, and for other simple Inula
Nelson News.
The weekly ..pen air iiand concert
hy the Independent Hand will take
place tomorrow evening from the
From Street band stand.
The  C.P.R    fire brigade turned out
.so Monday eveuing  in response to an
ilarm I    m tht    aecl ioo    house at the
,.-    ''        e a      il ol the brigade,
mat     I  wbicl   was sup-
p .-.-ii   to  have originated   from  the
got   a   good    hold   ai,.! tl -
building   wat   I ■.! .   damagi I
rigadi  .   t thi  Bamea nndi ■
Mo 2 Fire   Brigade   was called bnl si-
' hor   _en icea
. •
\t a    oinl   a.i eti be   Lei
I My c- ebratioi  tnd   \ _   sultui si   la
-■ •   iti mm it tees on Saturday
irrai   i    enl was made win n bj   bol
'    . wrk  n mil in    ban.I
Ior tie' one object, namely, the suoo< -
..f the   Revelstoki    Fai com
. ■ -  w :l h    I h..   I.ii. ,'■    I lay   i!'-.|
■•  ition     I   joini ci mniil teea will
cuilecl   ..■    ii'.   nltti i ipl ioi      -I    winch
r s. r the  '-ni In mgei ent t (
the Fa I he Labor I aiona ami the
cil i/eo- oy .vs.i kin      o     I. i . i..    .
.is.]   aup|Kirl   of  th,
entire oity aud .vfiiie eat fi  have '  i
own details to look  n't' '  '      aggl   .- i'
will   form   the   lir»l    I:- .    atokt    Fair
1 he net loll    oil  I In     part      ,i    the    ''"in
null  Will meet, with g TS   B [ ■ (. r. .v.il
• ii ihe ],nt of every citizen  snd   Ret
elstuke will he asked to   give  mi	
once only.
Social and Personal
A   Mcltae left list  night   for   Three
V.i I ley-
Mrs  F  E, H baa returned irom n
visit in Chicago,
Mm. A, Mcltae left this morning on
a viait. In St. Leon
Mr, and Mrs  W. .1.    Lightburnc.    ,1
Arrowhead, are in the city today.
Mra. H  Armatead, from   Vancouver,
is visiting Mra, Middlemas for a lew
Mrs. VV. Klsiui lefl. this  morning on
a visit to Mrs. Kennedy at lilccilie
,i.   I).  Bib-bald  and   V. ll. Quffey
OB llie down laat evening   from lhe lli^
0. A. llaite leaves today for an
extended trip tn ihe Atlantic Coast,
•ilso Toronto and  Hamilton.
tl, ll.i;_g-u and W, A Atldrilt. left
vestetd iy foi n   Ir'p   ih wn   lhe Arrow
Lukes to Sugar Loaf mountain,
Mrs. VV. M. Lawrence and family,
Mrs. J, T. Teller and Miss Urant left
this morning for a week's visit to
Vlliert Canyon.
VV. VV. Foster left last nighi lor lhe
i'oust, to attend the funeral of hia
mul her, who died yesterday after a
Ingorlng illnesH.
Mr. Smith Curtis, the Liberal Nominee for Kootenay iu the forthcoming
Dominion elections, will be in Revelsluke tomorrow or Friday,
The lii-loric English Uuotlvvnod cup
11wo anil a half miles) was won last
week by Mr. Leopold tie Hot belli Id's
' Radium." 11 to 4, with   lhe  oonslst-
ent long distance handicap pot former
" I'arpoint."second, at. 1 to 1, and Mr.
Hall Walker's much fancied "White
Knight" who vvenl to the post li lu 6,
on thin!.   Six ran.
Tho Scuta QreyS meet thu Hovers at
baseball tonight, The teams will have
to play up aa the loague games are
nearly over.
A lacrosse meeting was held on
Monday night between representatives
of the City and Y. M. C.A teams, A.
Woodland and A. Mc.Eichern for the
latter, and S. Norman and A, Hillier
for the former. A schedule of games
for the cup presented by Mayor Lindmark, on ihe departure ol W. Barber
last week, w.-s drawn up and il wiib
decided ilinl inatebea should be played
on each Monday, except Libor Day,
llvo games ill all, th.-winner of three
out of live to hold the cup The first
giinie will be played next Monthly.
Aboul 8,000 people travelled over to
the island at Toronto on Saturday lo
the lacrosse match between the New
Westminsters and the Teoumsehs.
After a fast and exciting game the
result turned out in favor of the
Tecumsohs, the score being 10 to 4.
Hurley Ciles, of Salt Lake City
riding last week un the Salt Air
cycling track, broke the world's an
aleur unpuced mile record, covering
tho distance iu 1751-6. The former
record was I (Ml In held by J. II.
Sohwengeis retained ihe British
Columbia championship when he met.
Bruce Smith. The former won easily
from the Vancouver man by a score
ol (i 2. (i 4, (i-2
Cniiliniicil tVni11 PiiHi'One.
Branch to hn Established   in
Revelsluke Shortly
A. F, ll Lace the representative of
the Northern Crown Hank if Winnipeg has been a visitor to the city lor
the past few days looking into the
question of tin advisability of opening
a branoh in Revelsluke
Mr. Lace informed the VlAii.-llr.itAi.i
when   asked   bis opinion of  the city
generally, thai he thought there was a
bright future for  the city aud district
and   tb.it   with   development of  nnr
agricultural   lands  the  city would be
still fiitther enriched     He said that a
Bleed) growth had (ar   snore beneficial
result-   than   any frantic boom.    II
was very favorably impressed with th
business!  appearance of  the city gen
erally   and   has   decided   to   open  a
branch ol   the   Northern Crown Hank
I;.m iii i few days.     The   temporary
be in  i he premises ocon-
|. • E     A.   Spring   oil   1st street,
Bite the i nion Hotel
The arrival of  a new banking eslah-
i" nilly   aid in the
--   of   lhe city, besides
s.M [tirthet s", 1.1.-i.... of tlie growth
.md commercial popularity ol Revel-
Origin of Crow's Nest
i i   ■        ft i •   ".i'i ■■   ,i   11),.   |,asH
which the  Kootenay  I.ranch
of the Canadian  Pacific   R_ilta*ay  tyi.
takes   a-      urn   Is com moo Iy
Supposed I i.ueil. i|    M Ith   the
laying and batching receptacle .( a
well known bird "I a sable hue How*
tad disc, vei \ may b_ to the
im . Dial il is only In the oauae of
truth to say thai ibe eastern ideas on
the point sre («r »«tray As with the
maji rity of western names the "Cr.iw'.
Nest Pais"   is   a   translation   of  the
indisii iiiiii- applied to i be pass before
'he s lute man's day I he derivation
of tl e name aa given I.y Ibe redskin
medicine man is that a lar^n   party of
Crow Indians took refuge iu the pass
a/hen pursued by their enemies, ih*-
Bltokfeet, who came upon them in
their nest and slaughtered them los
man. Hence the " Crow's Neat."—
Moyie !,-■:idl i
Window   shades,   regular   sizes   or
iiiiiiiii to order al, C. II, Hume A Co's
Laos and tapestry curtains curtain
poles aud   fixtures at  C   It IInmn St
Carpets, linoleum" and Hour oil
cloth, ii choice siilcolioii at 0. B
Hume A Co's. !
wiped out III  existence by the terrible
lire of Saturday afternoon,
Fires are still burning in the mouutains all about Feinie, but there ia
almost nothing left in thn town to
burn. Blackened chimneys and a
lew loitering ruins stand up baldly
above the ashes, fitting mohtiuicnts tn
the destroyed city.
The bodies of a miner, bis wife and
iwo children wore found in a well,
where they had tried to gain refuge
mm the terrible heat. Tbe head of
the man, whose naiiKt was Win. Ford,
WSS badly burned, while his wife and
children—a buy uf 2 and a girl ol 8
years—had all died of Buffooaliou,
There was only a liillu water in the
well, which was curbed with wood,
and after climbing into it the miner
nnd bis family were evidently unable
to get, out again, and the curbing
burned down almost, tn the water's
edge, sulVocaling them.
Many and harrowing were the results of attempts to escape frum tlie
Revised estimates to day place the
properly losaat not less than $5,000,.
000. The worst lealure of it is that
the big lumber mills and the brewery,
where most ol tho people were employed, were burned to the ground
and cannot be rebuilt for months.
Meanwhile there will be no work lor
the former employees of these indtis-
None of the Canadian Pacific railroad officials will make any statement
regarding the elVect of the shutting
down of lhu coal mines at Fernie,
Michel and Coal Creek fur an indefinite period would hnve on transportation.
Al ■! p in. yesterday afternoon the
town nf Mich"l was completely wiped
out, every building being destroyed.
The three hund.ed people who were
being taken by the C.P.R. in box cars
from the burning town were caught
by the (lames and bad tn remain on
the I rack, not knowing the danger
ahead.   Tlieir fine is not. yet known
May Remove Embargo
London, Aug. 4—Three hundred
members of parliament and several
ministers arc all pledged to the removal of the Canadian oittle embargo.
It is pointed out lhat 2,000,000
Canadian cattle have lieen imported
12 years, and nn cases of disease have
been reported.
The Canadian Cattle Association
was determined tn make another
appeal to the govern neut.
Aliens Naturalized
Ottawa, Aug. 4.— During the eighteen months endiiilt Dec. 31st, 11(07,
17,714 aliens were n iinralizcl in the
Domjnion. Of lln-se 7,267 were from
the United States, 2,127 were Russia
380 J panose, and 233 Chinese. Since
the act oa ne in force in 18112, 187,104
aliens have been naturalized.
The Selkirk Hull will be opened on
the 20th August next by the B. C
Moving Picture Co. Nothing but the
Lest pictures that money can purchase
will he exhibited. The company will
run a dance once a week, orchestra in
Edison Parlor Theatre
The Edison Parlor Theatre will
open for a continuous season almut
August L'i, iu lhe building now ucotl
pied by McKinnon'a cigar store on
McKenzie Ave. When the theatre iB
opened to the public, il. will be one ol
tbe best and tidiest little buildings in
the province. The whole striictun
will be remodelled antl refilled and
made absolutely lire   proof and will be
in every way adapted to the comfort
and convenience nf its patrons,
For Sale
Une and one-hull acres cleared land
hlteen minutes WSlk from the school
house, suitable for strawberry growing
or market garden; six roomed house,
cow house, chicken house and wood
shed  city water laid on, electric light
up to propeity; price ifl.tssi cash, Apply iv O, Box 713, Revelstoke, It. c.
Notice la hereby given that lhe tin-
ibisigneii will, .it the expiration of one
month, apply tn the Hupei-lntendenl
of lb "vim ial Police for a transfer to
Ciiruiiation Hotel Company. Limited,
ui the hotel license now held by me In
lespei'l of Ibe Ci it ollllt loll IF.I, I al
( 'itUllHil-ne.   II.  C.
Dated Ibis Hid day nl  Augie-t; IIBW.
Illlg a llll ( nltV   Ml.SIIINU k.
stitiy  ilu vm after date I Intend to
apply lo  lhu   Chief   CumiuisHioner of
l«iinds  and   Winks   for   permission to
pm chase   ihe    following   described
Beginning at a posl  planted at the
south-east corner of l,ot No. BBOO |iur-
lui-ioi by Julius Dougal, running
ivchI, 20 chains: Ihence soulh 211 chains;
theuce east ai chains: thence ninth 20
chains to polnl of commencement.
Dated June84th, 1008,
Kiiwah.ii Wolf, Applicant,
Jly 4 D. Dewar, Agent,
When you need anything in Lace or Embroidery you naturally Ihink of tbis Store, as we always have Ihe best assorted stock
In ihe City and our prices are so reasonable that you oannot afford
lo go elsewhere.
.Se,. nnr special lots of Toiohoil and Valenciennes Laces and
Insertions at. ;i yards for 25a; I yards for 250.   il yards (or 25c.
I'linbioiileryEdging and Insertion in all widths and prices.
Cm set (lover Embroidery wilh Stropping to match for ;i()c.
per yard.
All-Over Lues in Hlack, While, Cieain and Ecru, at all
prices,   some as low as "i.e. pi r yard.
We oan supply ynur needs in any of these lines in goods thai
will wear and at prices that save your money.
McKenzie Avenue.
Fancy Wash Vests frum $1.25 to SfliOO.
White Flannel Trousers $2.50.
Fancy Lisle and Silk Half Hose—25c. to ifl.00.
Balbriggan Mesh Underwear, made ol Finest Balbriggan,— ilOc.
Negligee Shirts, with or without co'lars, in many
pretty patterns—$1 00 to $3.50.
While Canvas Shoes—$2.00
better not say a word till you have
drank the sods we eerve you. Then
you'll only wish it had been bigger
and that you could hold more. For
ifthuieisa pcrfictly satisfying, delicious drink on the earth it ie a glass
of onr bunnus sc.da. Stop and have
at least one. If your capacity were
equal to ynur desire you would want
a dozen.
?  Manning's Candy Palate
lhe Municipal Council of Ihe Corporation of the City of Revelstoke intends
to undertake the construction of CON-
CHI.TI'' SIDEWALKS on certain
parts of McKenzie Avenue and First
SI reel within Ihe said CltV. viz.: On
bulb sides of .McKenzie Avenue froin
the South side of Victoria Road to the
Norlh side of Second Street, and on
bulb sides of First Sheet from I he
West side of Orion A veil lie to the
Rival side of Campbell Avenue, according lo .specifications and estimates prepared by the City l-iiglnenr appointed
for the purpose, and to assess the expense or cost theieof upon the land or
real property abutting mi the parts uf
such streets as allote-inentioni-d and
to be h.'iiohlled thereby! and that a
slaienienl showing lho bind or real
properly liable to pay the assessment
therefor, anil Ihe names of the owners
I hereof, as far as tbey can Imi ascertained, together wilh the specifications and estimates of ihe City Engineer, and lhe proposed assessiuenl
ami repoil Ibeieoii   of  the Oily Clerk
ar w on llie in Ihe office of the Cil v
Clerk and open for inspection by all
persons dm ing nfflne hours.
'I'I annulled cost of Ihe work is
$8,7112.'Ill, of which it. is intended that
tho City al large shall bear the whole
of Ihe cost nf the work on street
i Hissings, and necessary retaining
walls, and nnel hull of the cost of the
concrete sidewalks, the property owners  bearing  two-thirds  of  the cost of
Hn- said sidewalks.
The   total   estimated ,'iiiiouiil   lube
home by the property-owners being
94,001.45,   and   by   the   Oity  at large
Any objection to  tlm   proposed un*
ileilakiiig   and     assessment    .hcrcl'iiv
shall Ite made by petition lu the Oity
Council  within  FIFTEEN  (15) days
I inin the date hereof, tne persons en-
IIlied In petition being the owners of
ibe lands affected I hereby.
city Olerk,
Hated ibis Sth day uf August, 1II0K,
aug 111 ei
Having closed 'he Shanghai Restaurant on First street, all accounts
against the ianii< will lie settled at 1
p.m. (tomorrow) Thursday.
(John Sam
(Soo Mow.
1ADY   wants   situation   as  house-
_j    keeper, or as useful help in house,
tboroiighlv domes!,initial in return for
boaiil lor herself and child.—C. W, li.
I'osi Ollice, Revelsluke.
Siil.unbiy morning, July 25, a
Cocke! Spaniel, black, curly, Blunt
tail, answers to the name of "Darky"
—aboul 7 months old, Lasl seen at
the Wine and Spirit Company's office.
Reward wiil he paid on return uf same
lo T. II. Moll'.iii, llevelsloke Wine,.
Spirit Company.
1ST—Gold Brooch, set with pearls
J and diamonds, between 1st. and
3rd. SI reels, easl, Return In Mrs.
Miircy. Mid. Street, and received $5.00
IO girl wauled for light, housework.
Apply In Must.   F.   Hiiiilky, Fourth
SI reel.
mO RENT—Modern residence un
L Sixth Si leet, $25 per mouth-
Apply Revelsluke General Agencies,
WANTED-Fi.r  Brlsco   school,   a
female   teacher   Imliliue   third
tel'llHcate;   $1X1 per month.   For full
particulars apply t<> K. Tapping, of
ReveKloke. B. ('...also to Trustee H.
Atchison, Hrisc., B. C.
Bevelstoke Hospital Society
Annual General Meeting
The adjourned annual general meeting of tbe members of the above
society will be held at tbe City Hall
on Monday, the 24th instant, at 8
B. R. Atkins,     T. Kim'atrick,
Secretary, President.


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