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uLmk    .^f^W^*^
; * -: - saw, --ii       *3       1Y%     Ij?     fa v   JW
n_ ™%is^ jtSk   «&*
JUN 28190?
Vol. 13.-No 49
REVELSTOKE. B. 0. JUNE 26, 1901
 ^STSdPer Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We have a nice number of Hats in
Our Millinery Department that will
interest you. There are a great
number too many for this time ol year—Ihis will result lo
ynur benefit -is we are going l.i Bttcriflce them (ill
JUNE 26. 27. 28. 29.
We hope iii see you among those to get a bargain. Don't
forget ihe above dates as they mean exactly what wo say,
Tape Girdle Corsets for warm  weather,   any size,   go .1
heavy tape and extra good girdle for 50C
I., ll.e plain Silk*. 1....I. black and
while, also, the Long l.:u-.- Milts and
In   Black,   Navy,   Hrown.   U'hiti
Cream, Tor Summer skin*' and Drcsse
Lawn  Dresses
Beautiful Lawn Dresses in White.
These are Nov! Modi Costumes. Vou
will surely need one for lhe hot
wen ther, Several styles to choose from
and Ihev arc only $5.00
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd
■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■■ miii ii $
S       Sawmill Supplies, Belting, nic.   Stanley's and Starrotl's 9
Mechanics' Tools.   Simon.ls'and Shurly and Dietrich High '<**
t tirade Saws.   Garden Tools in greal varicly. m
Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, eto. &
t        Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments  in A
connection. «*
S        Estimates given.   Job Work Done. 9
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention 9
9        Convenient Olliees for Rent Upstairs. 9
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves nnd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's 9
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Dumbing and Tinso.ithing. A
Dwelling and Lot, See..ml  Street
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street   .
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street ,     .
Lots on Second St., east of McKon/.ii. Ave., eaeh
Lots rn. Third St., easi of McKenzie Ave., each  .
Lols on Fourth St., easl of McKenzie Ave., eaeh
Lols on Fifth St.,, east i.f MoKonzle Ave., eaeh    .
I   2 nud fi-aoro Blocks Bill table for fruit,
$2, Hill
.    'Ml
.   150
tqWCH-r' \
jEWKLBRs and Opticians
Nbxt TO Impkriai. Hank
Improperly fitted glgssesnre worse than
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Our Optical Department is in charge o
Mr. M.S. Hastings, Kef. I)., and positively guarantee satisfaction.
It lias been proven thai 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
ami it does not follow lhat because you
have tfooil eyesight ihal your eyes are nol
Have your fves attended to now and
Have trouble nnd expense,
The liritish 'louse ol Commons has
Unanimously passed the second .Hiding .if the British Nortli America Hill
alter a Bhort debate. Several complimentary references were made to llri-
tisli Columbia, repeated tril.tiloa being
paid to tho loyalty ol the province.
The children nl St, Andrew's Church
will hold .1 patriotic service on Sunday
morning next. This is a service
arranged lor by the Sabbath s.:h....l
committee ol il... General Assembly.
The pastor will preach il palmitic sermon 011 Sunday evening.
Will be Spent in Paradise
Valley — Cheap Fares —
Special Attraticons,
The annual  meet oi  tl.e  Alpine
Club ot Canada will begin on July Iti.
and last until July 17th. Although
there was son... idea ol'maklog the
Becond camp in the Selkirk?, it was
decided   to   camp ..gain   ibis year it.
he Rockies, lhe place chosen  being
Paradise Valley, eight or nine  miles
by easy trail Iron.  Lake  Louise,    It
has all the features ol a  magnificent
Alpine region] n  great   variety ol
......mains and   glaciers  and   snow-
passes, while many beautilul Ink. s
are within easy distauee. Others,
renowned lor beauty are Lakes
il'ILirii, McArthur, Oesa,' Moraine,
L ...i.-e. Ague- and Mirror,
In the immediate vicinity of th.
eamp, which will be situated on lhe
l.irel.-sttid.le.l me.ido.i- al tlie end of
ll.e valley at the very forefoot of
Horseshoe Glacier, are the lull..wing
mon..lain--., any on.'ol which can be
climbed with return to camp llie
same day. The Ten l'eaks (naniid
l.y Indian numerals, each peak a
glacier mountain), Moo.its Temple,
Aberdeen, Haddo Pino ele, llting-
abcef Deftoy, Victoria, Whyte, Hope's
Peak, Nihil ek, Eiffel Peak a d the
Mitre. Daily excursions may be ma.lt
from tbe oamp to VVenchemna,
Horseshoe, Lelroy and Victoria glaciers, besides to the Saddle, the valley
ot tbe Ten l'eaks, Consolation Valley
(f.lso wilh ils quota (.f lakes) and
other interesting places.
A two-day round trip will be part
o! the week's programme. The
ro.ite, which is as follows, is oue of
the tn st interesting in the Rocky
Mountains of America; Camo puss,
between lhe Mitre and Aberdeen, Le-
froy (I lacier, Victoria tl lacier. Death
Trap, Abbot's Pass, Lake Oesa, Lake
O'llaia, Lake MoArthur, Opabin Pass,
Uock Tower, (Eagles Eyrie) Wtjnch-
emna Pass, VVenchemna Gl icier, Sentinel Fas-, camp. The excursion will
afford a great variety ol Alphine features, a strenuous but deligbttul experience of t,an.ping and snow climbing, with i biv niac on tl.e margin of
Lake O'Hirn, the only real rival to
Lake Louise in tho Rockies, Tbe
highest part, ot ihe route will be the
summit ..f Abbot's Pass, a snow column 0,1100 feet above the sea. Mt Ab-
erdeen(ll,000)has la-en selected for the
ollicial climb; that is, the climb which
will qualify graduating members (or
active members. Two Swiss guides,
kindly l.-aned by the Canadian Pacific
Railway Hnlel Department, will be in
attendance, besides a stall' of con.pot-
i ht Canadian Alpinists, Those who
cm only remain between Sin.days are
privileged to come to camp on July
2nd. Prior to the opening date all
members will be supplied with membership cards, und on registering at
Ihe camp, with badges. To ensure
tranepirtation during the week, both
cards and budges must be produced.
Certified representatives of ecienlilic
societies aud of the press will have at
the camp the same privileges as active
members, All members, to be eligible
must have paid their dues for the current year. Tl.e charges are $2 a day
while at tho eamp. This includes
transport ol baggage to Ibe extent of
forty pounds, Wives of members will
be received ond accorded the privileges
of the camp fur if3 a day, Accommodation will be lio.it.d (...in attendance
nf20ii. Therefore all who p.-..p..se to
attend should notify lhe President,
11 .x 1117. Calgary, as soon as possible
All who eau conveniently do so aro
advised to gather at Lake Louise on
the evening ol July foil, but the train"
throughout lhe week will be met by
lhe outfitters. The railway company
provides a one (are rate Iron, any part
of Canada to members who attend the
camp and return Immediately. Otherwise there are the regular excursion
Those intending to climb require
heavily soled boots, well pel with nails
Knickerbockers, puttees, Bweater and
knockabout bat furnish a serviceable
No lady wl... wears skitte or bloomers will be allowed t" taken place upun
n climbing rope, as they are a distinct
source ol danger to the parly. Knickerbockers will, puttees or gaiters and
sweater will be louiitl serviceable and
Kaeh .......Ler wl... intends tu climb
should bring a pair ol Colored glasses.
Colored n.eca gUsscB are suggested,
They eau be bought (rum any druggist
On Saturday, June 22nd., Mr. A. 0,
Wheeler, President ol the Alpine Club
..! Canada, accompanied l.y Mr. C. W-
Rowley, ol Calgary,  and   Mr   .1.   P
Forde, of Revelstoke, visited Paradise
Valley and laid eut the camp. A most
delightful spot has been  si-Lcted on
Ihe banks of  Paradise Creek, at  the
foot, of Mt, Aberdeen, and men are now
working on the ground, preparing for
the large number of visitors which are
expeeied.  There are also men at work
improving the trails in the neighborhood, building bridges  aoi'OBS  crocks,
ele,  to facilitate  the  inovemoiil of
visitors about the valley.
On lhe day following the selection
of the can,p ground, the above party
and Guide Peter Kaiifmann, made an
ascent of Mt. Aberdeen, au.l  it  was
found to be lu the best .......li.i.... for
climbing,    While it is noi........(the
most exciting climbs in the  Rockies,
and is in no way a  dangerous ..ne,
tbi.se wl... make the  ascent,  particularly the graduating  members,  will
leel   that they have at leasl earned a
good rest whet, they arrive at tl.e sum
mit, and will oonslder thai tbey are
entitled   to   full   membership   in ....
Alpine Club; but in addition to the
rest they will he able to enjoy such a
feast of mountain scenery ..s very few
similar peaks in the world can afford.
Ti.e greater portion ol the ret urn
journey fro... the summit of Ml.
Aberdeen to lho camp cun be made by
.. "glissade" on the snow, and is, in
itself, an experience worth hours cl
la!or, and those who wish to liy this
exciting sp.rt will have splendid opportunities ol doing so during the
annual club meeting.
All members of the club whu can
possibly .in so, should arrange to at
tend the oamp Ior at least one or two
days, und all lovers ol mountains whu
have not yet joined the club should
in.mediately send it. tl-eirapplioaticne,
and if not qualified for active membership, they should qualify as soon as
possible ami arrange to attend next
year's camp. While prophesying belore
the event is not very safe, or, as Peggy
O'Mnra would put it. "you shotil 'nt
tell ot things that have happened
they do, in case they don't," it is not
taking very much chance to say that
those who attend the camp, will spend
a pleasant holiday, and have experiences such as they will like to look
back on as long as they live.
The Ladies .,[ tl.e Older of tbo
Maccabees attended service in St,
Andrew's churcli un Sunday evening
last. This being tbe first 'annual
ni"...ori.il service ot tl.e newly organized hive in this town considerable
interest was manifest in the proceedings. The che.reb was cum fur! ably
li,led, the platform*and commiiniun
table offering a handsome display of
wild flowers and ferns. On the front
of the pulpit nicely wrought in artificial flowers were the emblematic
letters ot the order, L.O.T M., in the
symbolic colors ol the same, black, red
and   while.     A feature of the service
Ninety-One Lives Lost,— Peers
Attacked.--Moulders' Sti ike
Murder Trial.— Gigantic
Placer Merger,—Explosion.
LlVKHl'OOT,, .lone 211.—-The  Pacilic:
Steam Navigation Company has re-'
ceived  it  cablegram  confirming tbe
loan ..( the steamer Santiago  with
ill lives.
London*, Juno 2(1.—Premier ('ampin .1 Bunnell.mu yesterday Introduced
a resolution attacking the peers in
the liuuse..( I,....is Great appluuso
greeted tl.e reading of the dooument,
which is lll.ll. Ml 0(1 to have been
approved by a lull meeting ol Iho
Vakcodvkii, Juiic 21!,—One hundred moulders struck yesterday in
Vancouver, Victoria and New Westminster, demanding a raise of wages.
They atk $4 Ior a nine-hour day and
.. half holiday on Saturday.
Houston, June 2(1—The trial ..t
former Judge VV'.tl. Loving, of Nelson
County, for the murder of Theodore
Eaten, son ..(the Sheriff M. K. listen,
o( Nelson County, began in tl.e Circuit Court yesterday.
Dawson, Y. T , June 2(1— Records
in tl.e GoldCommissionora olliee -how
the biggest placer merger the world
his ever known has been perfected in
Dawson, whereby the Guggenheim
interests have ...ken uver properties
from the ANU. Tr.adgold Northwesl Hydraulic Company, and Yukon
Co.iHolid.Ued Ooldfields Company and
other smaller concerns (or the sum ol
VANCOUVER, June 2(1.—The quarantine enforced along tbe international
boundary line from tidewater east to
Tobacco Ph.ins in Eaet Kootenay,
with the object of preventing the introduction of smallpox from the
United Stales, will likely be lilted
within a week or two.
FtitNli-:, June 20.—Jas, Happelle was
killed and Ivan Thomas fatally injured by explosion of blasting shot in
No 6 Prospect mine, near here, on
Saturday morning. Two other miners
were slightly injured.
Ssasonablo Suggestions for Grocery Buyers
Tel.   37
Tel   37.
Canadian   Pacific   Express,
Crowded With Emigrants
Has Narrow Escape.
Pour Ainnn: Out, Juno 25—One
ot the worst railway calamities of ll.e
y. ar was narrowly avoi'ed east ol
Nepignt. recently, when tho second
section of train No. 2. which was
crowded will, immigrants (or the West
was nearly burned on tl.e track.
When the train rounded a ouive,
coming out on a long wooden bridge,
the engineer saw lhe bridge on lire
was tbe excellent rendering of a solo Hoapp|ied tl)C e„iergenoy brakes >t
by MrB. Oreolman, "Pace to Pace." onM a„d then jumped The tniili
Hev. W. C. Calder read the lesson 8to))p|!d on tho bm.ning bri(|gc Every
from the Apocrypha I. Maccabees II effort was made to get the ininiigi-aiils
Cbapt. Mr. Calder in explaining the „„_ U)B traiimM, feftl.'ng ,|mt ,..ie lire
place ot the Apocrypha in the Scrip- wou|d get into the gas tanks and lhe
tures and history, Inoidently remarked wll(|lo ,niin wou]d bo b|own „p
that probably this was the first time fkme „,,.„ |,|,lzing R>> rouw| th(J
in a protestant church in Ihis town cara xhe engineer Baw tho danger
a lesson had been req-j or a text taken tlmt ^rciUMied the people on the train
Irom the Apocryphal books. The miUlc mM thr0|1gh tl,e ||HmeB|
subject of the sermon was Judas clambered into his locomotive again
Mticcabeeus, the great Jewish hero ol and pulled his train over lhc bridge
the 2nd century belore Christ.    Mr.] •■"*•    -
Calder likened Judas Macoaboeus to MOONLIGHT   SOCIAL
Oliver Oronivvoll and tl.e loading ol —
thispagool Jewish history called to] Tl.e ladies of the Roman Catholic
mind that period of English ami
Scottish history ol which Cromwell
was thc central figure, Thc Icssoiib
drawn Iron, tl.e llio.dl Judas werc
those ul patriotism, a life devoted to
God and his country. Mr. Calder
dealt with the place of such Organizations as the Maccabees in tho life ol
our day, emphasizing the lact that
they entered a field and tlid a work
which the church could not do, Heing
of Immense service in interesting
many women in active helpful service
who otherwise would bej untouched,
this order aimed at high moral standards and tho protection ol the home.
It was iu affiliation with the Knights
ot thc Maccabees. Mr. ('aider clusid
uglily interesting sermun l.y tho
quoting..! Hebrew's including Judas The regular weekly open air ooncort
it. the grand eulogy ol the heros ol ,|Jf ,.,,„ impendent Hand, will be
Faith, pointing out that while we have remiero(j on (Trlday evening trom tho
their glori-.tiH example they but point       ,       . .   „.,, ,, n  „ ,.„„,
I„ the. Author ami Finisher of  our bandstand oppustteCity Hall. Follow
faith.    The service closed with the  mg is the programme:
hearty singing  of  the  hymn,  "My  March Veni Vidi Miei Hall
Faith Looks Up to Thee." SollOttlsOlIO Moss   K-.aos... .Beyer
A deputation of the ladies ol   the Selection.. Prom   Maritana. .Wallace
lucal hive afterwards waited upon Mr.  Intermezzo... Afghanistan... Mackic
Calder and  expressed  to  Iiim   their Waltz Gustin
high appreciation ol the, helplul audi ..When Knighthuod was iu Klowcr..
instructive Hcriimii delivered, | March The Chaser Kuby
Ohuroh held .. very suecesBl'ul lawn
social lasl night on the church grounds
McKenzie avenue. Chinese lanterns,
and electric lamps werc tastefully
arranged round the grounds, and
tables prettily decorated invited the
visitors to taste ot the good things
that lhe charming waitresses, hovering round, were ready tu bring. The
night was close and sultry whicli facilitated the sale ol the luscious fruit and
cream, ice cream antl cooling drinks.
The Independent Band had lent their
services lor the occasion and discoursed selections of excellent music to an
appreciative gathering. In spite of
the fact that the socitii had been very
,little advertised the iill'tiir was well
attended, and a handsome sum realized.
  «.»* - —>—
Shin if and Pure Gold Jelly
Powders in the following
flavors: Maple, champagne
Port, She.ry, Lemon, Orange
Pine Apple. Pistachio, Hasp.
berry, Strawborry, Cherry,
Chocolate, Vanilla, Peach,
Grape Fruit.
Monlserrnl Lime Juice,
li..Hal's Fruit Syrups, I'.uit
A flno assortment of canned
meats, lish, etc., put up by
ihe best Canadian, English
and Canadian canners.
Huntley & Palmer, Christie,
McCormick and Look biscuits  fi.-l. weekly.
.lu-i ... hand a large ship-
....... of lleiii/.-'-.57 varieties
v..ii know tl goods and
ll.'.-v are fresh.
China and Glusswiu-.
All those who intend using this Celebrated
Coal next winter should not fail to purchase their
full requirements during June or July, as ihe
quantity procurable from the mines after that
date will in all probability lie very small. This
Coal i.s continually improving as thc mines go
deeper and is now equally as good as the best
Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal.
For Prices and Summer Terms, apply to thc
Exclusive Agents.
Revelstoke (111 Agencies, ltd-
Offices : -Molsons Hank Buildin.
i elei'iione 3i.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G E N T   R O R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first i Op.
Tenders for Painting
TENDERS will be received by the undersigned up
to Saturday, June j.itli, for ihe work of painting the
outside of the Imperial Hank Building at Revolstoke.
All information regarding the work to be
he obtained on application at the Hank.
clone mav
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
GREATEST EVER  COLLECTED     The revenue ul lho Timber Depart-
menl f..r the fiscal year almost closed,
will be several hundred thousand dollars In excess ol (hat of the preceding
ti-Cfil year, and will make a new rec-
otd. The* increase Is due in great
measure to the activity in timber during Ihe paBt twelve months, the government having received an enormous
ainniiiit ol money from license fees on
newly staked limits.
Thc provincial fiscal year will end
m June 3D, and it is officially estimated that tl.e total revenue lor the
year 1111)11-7 Irom timber sources alone
will reach $800,000. This revenue is
derived jrom timber licenses, leases,
royalties and export taxation, and as
thc cost ol collection amounts to practically nothing, this large sum may he
said to lie clear profit to the government.
Ilisiiifectants sold  at  the Canada
Drug Store. Cbc it)ail*HDevatb.i^n1;1:i88,,e
take is e.
manv  young live
are en-
POBLISHKD WniMSnATAXDaATUR dangerDdj  ^   (.,; ,,,,,„,„.„,,,.
bevelstoke. B.C.. precautions taken to prevent loss ol
life.   Fire is always to be dreaded in .-.
city  and   moiKy is  well spent if pu!
I     ON   RAIES.
locloli., -1 •   g. '    I   ..'.::. liiiii.l States
ana (..... la,
Ilj ibe Tt*r [ihrough postflllcuj    S-'*'
Half      **     '-'*'
Vjuaner "       " **   U»
j IB   RINTINQ promptly taeouted at reaaoD-
,-ill raff*.
rEBMS-Caah.   Subscriptions payable in .-"1
C IRRBJPONDENCE invited on mattore ol
public interest. Coniniunic.i-i.ii.- to i-.-ff
ior mu*t be acconi.siiiicd bv name ol
-, r.-.t-r. no", ii.-ei---.iril)- fo jnibiicalibn. bat
v-i-vi.lenceqI-.ood faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
Lesal not:,. -1 cent, per line drat insertion,
cent* per line cacl
Measurement. Sot paricl... inesmoke ■
li.el,**.    Store  a      -       ■ *  '"- ■'"
nounc.-..,-- -   '- ■     ■ :-'■ ' '"j-
Preferred .
dMital,   ]-."■■   Mori    i-< and Deal lis
.     each In i :   -* :
... -   •   -     -.-'■■
... ,.    ■       ■   in i...,L-i "I. ....
Wanted« -
,_,... ■.., . . Hell   u inled, Bllualona
- .    \ .  int.    lonelier.
v, ,      .  ..;. - IV, --.;.  10 in.nl- or
. ue 1«   ccnlA
..,,..- ..f.,M.-- must
... lueaday an.1 I rldnj ul
.   ., ■ m-i ire good dl.play,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A VV A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      Harolti Fisher
Uarri-... rs, Soil iters, Etc.
KEVBI -i...;i: 'M, TROUT LAKH B.U.
C. K. f.ll.uv. I.I*. Kl.l.lii-IT.
Offices: iM-rniu. Hank Block, Rkvbi..
'stoke, li. C,
Money lo loan. ,   ,  ,,
Offices: Rovelstoko, B.C.; Cranbrook, H.C,
Oto. S. McCakter,
i. M. Iwkiiam. J. A. IlinvKV.
Revelatoke, B. C      Cranrook, ll.e.
intu a perlecl fire alarm system and
other appliances, The city lire alarms
are not a- numerous or as eltlciout as
ihey undoubtedly should be, and this
is a puiut which should be specially
looked after by tbe city council. The
present system although ol use is nut
by any means the most practical or effective as tl.e size of theoity
now .1.-inanils, and special attention
Bhould In directed towards this branch
of municipal improvement which so
vitally affects nol only the city's properly but al*.. the lives of uur citizens,
We have ii .» height out the
|.remises..( Charlie Ling, Lot No.
Five (5), Block .ine (1), and in
lend opening up a General
Chinese Store,
Air, uh, a.i,,Int.." Illll., 1007,
Lee Box, Manager.
lneonairnted by A.:l cl I'nrlianout, 185.1.
\V»1. Molsi.n M.iivi.i-m.-a.s, P.ea, s. II. I-I.vis.;, Viet'-Pces,
J.UIKS Ki.i.k.t, General Man ',:.-..
J. M. Scot. l.L.L. W. 1. Briggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Money to Loan
solicitous for Molsons Bank
Ilevelstoke, B.C
First Street.
A. MiF.Vltl.ANI-:
I sll Ores,  Sample, by ...ail or express
receive prompt attention,
Term. Moderate,
-    ■    Box 132 Kaslo, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
"Mine Sniveling
McKenzie Avenue,
linx led, Revelstoke,
(Membei   American   Institute   of
Mining Engineers).
Membei- Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, Ii. t*.
Mine Management, Examinations
and R<-p. rts.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints I Land, Timber Limits, Mines,
M IU in I Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or put hasers,
tbe MaiMberalb
l ■■- . . eai .*.. itly a vUe them for
thelrg dto >rder this paper to be punctually
served up, aud to be looked upon as a pari of
■■ a ■ .... age.' —Addison.
The result ol yesterday's test of lire
practice in the school was in avery
way satisfactory and it is gratifying to
know that this all important matter
ol tire drill in lho schools lias been so
thoroughly attended to. Almost daily
come the reports of disastrous fires in
many parts, invariably attended with
fatal results, mostly Ihe direct result ol inadequate means of coping
with the flames, the absence of
any system at all of the protection
o! life and the total lack of order or
method in the emptying of crowded
buiidings of tbeir inmates. jjTw. •
thirds ol the lives that have been I isl
in burning buildings have occurred
througl ib. ite lack ol any meani
I ■ it ipart Irom the stairs, and also
by panic that render! helpless and
nerveless, th -•. who could have, II
any lystemalic training lor such
emergencies had been in lorce, easily
saved themselves. In schools especially the protection Irom lire should be
carefully and properly considered and
tborou.h systematic drill and emergency practices carried out at Irequenl
intervals. We noted with satisfaction
at the practice of yesterday morning
that tl.e children left the building
quietly and orderly, without panic or
rush, and were under full control
their teachers, The affair was made
as realistic as was possible but in real
cases ol fire it would be quite another
matter. The school exits ar.- wide
and convenient, but in a case ol fire
which had been bu ning Ior lome
time without being detected anil the
stairs being caught it is very doubtful
if the inmates -if the building could
all be saved. The Ilevelstoke sei... il Is
large enough to be fit'ed with pei man-
ent outside fire escapes, in fact such
precaution is absolutely necessary,
these escapes lending from the principal windows ol the building. Hand
grenades too should be supplied and
Passenger Rates on all Railroads of United States Two
Cents a Mile.
Chicago, June 2.1.—The Inter-
Ocean says: "Passenger tales on all
railways of tl.e United Stales will be
reduced to two cents a mile. The
lowering of the [.rice aud complete
abolition ot tho old three-cent rates
will begin .... July 1."
This wa- tbe deeisioi. reached in
Chicago yesterday, aller a long and
heated discussion l.y the leading railway president! of all the western ond
transcontinental roads. It wns nol n
lo*nial agreement but it is equally
binding, for two large roads doing a
transcontinental business are said to
have served an ul: in.at inn lot he ol hers
that they would put the rata into
effeol immediately.
Following the meeting, ollieials of
several of the roads admitted that they
had been obliged to bow to publio
opinion and ami railroad legislation,
They said that no further light would
be made on tl.e two-cent laws already
passed and that the roads would accept
ll.e inevitable.
In thebeiniiif.il month of June tho
great to.iris*, army iB on the move,
fhe cities become unbearable and the
delights of lhe water and ot the country create a longing whiih only gratification can satisfy. Alike to those
who go, and those, who, for various
reasons, cannot go, the June nun ber
ui Rod and Gun and Motor Sports in
Canada, published by W. .1. Taylor, at
Woodstock, Out., is welcomed, telling
as it does, about both boating and
summer resorts. In both, the Dominion is extremely rich. Let the boating
be taken iu the form of canoeing,
yachting or motoring Canada has
numerous devotees and ample water
surface of all kinds fur all tastes and
all requirements, The wonderlul
wealth and variety of boating in Canada is well illustrated by the stories
to be found in this number. Angling
on Newboro' Lake, camping among
the Thousand Islands,yachting in tlie
Georgian Bay, and exploring by canoe
in Northern Ontario are but a few ol
the phases that boating assum - in
the Dominion. Hunters, ii* ermt
mountaineers, motorists .... land and
water, trap shooters and spoilsmen ol
every variety are all catered
addition, and the whole number
worthily maintains the high position
tl.e Magazine haa achieved throughout the wide field of the Dominion,
and the wide one of tbe Nnrth American continent.
The foil .wing interesting u
genious puzzle r cryptogram was
found a iew days ago in a remote
cornerol the city while excavatiug i- r
building. It was inscribed in anoienl
hir glyphic chai icter  m a curiously
shaped .-i ne ■ I black basalt   I - ib
ar. uied ■  i lid   ible inl  est among
li oil antiq . irinns
nl ,i
The Mail-Herald has the key to
these characters,and any olour readers
can get same by calling at this olliee.
Hothini? hctlor than Our "Snoolal
Loc.lt RcvctntoKo
Socialist Purty of Canada
Meets I'iral ami Tl.lr.1 Wednesday In llie montli
in Selkirk Hall, upatalra, al B |i,n., Hiilijee. Iw
illBi...8»i..n-"Arr.ii..(....c..t ..I ("aalullani. All
Interested are ...I.........
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 2M.
Mc. i. Second and l-'..urib Wodueailnya hi
cadi i ili, in Selkirk Hall,   VUltliitf Woodmen cordially Invited ii.iiin-iiil.
w. n. AilMSTKONU, Con. Com,
11. IV, EI1WAHDS, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
Tho regular mooting, aro hold In the Bolklrk
Hall over.-Tuo6.luyovot.iu«all., elooa. Visit-
uu iii-i.iliritii urocordlnlh Invilod.
II   A. lim.W.V .....fs.nevr.
VV. K. M.-I.U'i HUN,Ski hktart.
Koot- nnv LodKO No. 15 A F.& A.M.
Tla. regular nice.
InK.aru hold ... Uu
**Y.—-W"   "*,     ini,* are hold In lh.
-•s^lgyV     'fl  Maniple     Tumid..,
BTiiV  2'-     ■'/    Idd Fellows Hnll.o.i
I'    /    XViS7"     A, 11.. llliril lloiiilujii.
.1 m   -;A«K    1 AS, inch ......ill.   at   I
Ci' J       - **\v _H_J,...ii. ViMiiiixui-U:-
i.-    '■'&J&E&XM'"■"   cordially   wel
i\ /.. I'ltUClit IER, Skcketakv.
SELKIRK LODl.E. NO 12. I, 0. 0. F.
.   _.        Meets every I'l.'.iv.l
ovoning   In   s't-lkirk
Hull   at   8   o'clock.
II. f.i,\ fulII.IN. N.u.
,1. MATH IF, Sl-0
Co d Range leilge, K. of P.,
No. 25. revelstoke, B. C.
-.■|.i Third Wciliu.f.liiy ol
eurii i -..nli, ii; Uie Oditlellowa'
Hull ... s o'clock. Visiting
Knight" ure cordially uvilt-tl.
J. A. LESLIE, i'.r.
(i. II. BROCK, K. of 11  A S.
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Snap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning antl
washingareeasy with itshelp,
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give tor
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver. B. C.
apital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
in Canadu and  Agencies in ..11 peels nf the
Interest credited Inm* limes u year at curri'iil rates on Saving
Hank deposits, until further notice,
W. H. PI!ATT. Manager,
■   T.JI
Houses, Business Blocks
Business &  Residential Lots
Suburban Lands
Eft IM.
in Acreage Lots
Fine Farm and Fruit Lands
in    Revelsloke,    Arrowhead
Galena Hav, Okanagan Lakes
Okanagan Valley and Salmon
Along With You
to (nu-St ..ie if you wnnl In purchase
it New Onrput, Pine Oriental or Wilton rug, matting or linoleum and see
huw much further ils contents will
lake you iu purchasing Hum il will at
any ..ilie. store in the city, Our
Spring .-flylo.* are ready for your
seleel inn.
To Buy Property in nnd Around
Never Again will It be so Low
1 huve lor sale lhe Ibllowinjj:
One Cottage, cornor Charles anil
Donjjlas S .   $ loo, easy terms.
Two Houses, Third Si.   $1,500
One House, comer King and
Front Sk. $1,71
One House on I uglas Sl $800,
Eight Acres ji cuts'ide the Cil)
Limits, suUable - r fruii Sioo per
acre. Together with larger lots
of Fruit Lands n ■
Also one 25
business site on i* ii sl  Street,  cli ie
lo Mi Kei   ■   V  .
For full p.irtiVu ■-
Revelstoke, B. C
Import direct from Country ol origin,
r.-sasc«ij«WHa-tgfg;wgvaa.-*,jn. 14?>WKSvmK* —apt
Central Hotel
New1;,   uill,    First-clase in every respect.   All modern convenience.
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $1.50 per Day. Sped I Weekly Rales.-
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same niuna^cmciu
No Seedless Plums; No Pillesa
Apples; Ko Cnl'lpBa"Corn,-—just "Id
reliable vai'iciica al reasonable prices.
j Fertilizers, liee Supplies, Spray Pumps
(•praying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established misery on the
mainland of B.O.   Catalogue Iree.
PS— If yonr Inral merchants d.
not handle my seeds, send direct
We prepay Illty packets, assorted
varieties of garden seeds in Bo. papers
(tested stuck), lo yonr eearest p"st
olhee lor $1.00, twenty paoketslor f.Oc,
liiul collection,
Mascot Mi.ii'i'fil llliilra, slum,u i.i tlu. Ilov.-I-
hioko Milling l.iv.,.i,iii .11 WoatKoutci.ay
Wl,.-.-- l„,-i,....l:   M ll..- I I '■' Hi" MliliUli
s nnl. l-'..i-i. nl lii.i.nii- Creok   mlj.-iiiii.g
tlioClilnloltl... Hill- Mlnorall lohn
Tnlii. notioo lliiil  I, It. Smilli, I'.M.i* No,
IIIW1S.anii.K 1- ff.f... Inr A. M. Clark,l;r.o
Minor's .'i-.-.i.l.-.:e N... Il.--.nl. n.ioiid, alxly
aaysfrnni.lun I.e.- *. lo apiilrtolhi. Million
I:..-...-!, i- im- ;i . vriitiMiiif nl' Improve i-.
in-1 in. purposed obuiinlnga' rdwn Oroal nl
In iiiiMviM-lnini.
Ami furtlioi-tllkll lin-ii."  Uml m-i imi, linili-r
aooilon :17, iiin-i in-  ••mn iii-iii-.'l lii-fin-i- iim
i.-siiiiiH-i-nt' -u.-l. .'i-i-iiilif.ifi'of [niprovdiioiiU.
Iiiiii-il this 23rd day ol May. A.U., IM.
wad inr to ll. SMITH.
Green Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bough i
Uash Prices Paid
P.  Ii.   IrVBLLSj
Exporter of Purs.
Furniture, Pianos, or Merchnn-
di..,M.i..i iii .Iry-well-buill wtire-
hoiise in convenient location.
E.  A.   HAGGEN,
Real Esl.itenn.1 InBurniico Agent
llou'lsit.ke, B.C.
Evans & Woodrow
Healers iii Heel, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Kish nnd Game in
Season. Orders promptly ut>
tended to,
First St. Revelstoke
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
1 i.: irs.    Rat :s $i a day,    Monthly rate,
J.   ALBERT    STO"N~Ii]    PROP.
No. 5 Company. R. M.R.
pany   I
oo July Slh
td II.   .
W A X T I- I)
Lest brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at tliis
CHIEF   YOUNG, ■ -        Proprietor
Under   New   Management)
ROBT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,    REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
All Kinds of Light antl Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Hf-ilei iii Wend,  Coal i.e.! Feed,
Ph. tic 71, Hoe.se I'l.nne 7
vrtiTluK is hereby glvon li-.-.t'.. ibya :.lt... .lata
^    I lilU-uil lo ..|.|.lv ...Un- II..... Cl.*..I  I	
miHsi..in-.-..I l.:iii.lifiiul W...I". [ur ..ornilaalniiln
niiriiifi-i: .li.i folluwlni. ilifsi-ulii'il luiola latl.s
WoatKonlonay Olati-lct:
Commencing f.i a poal plotitod about Wmllfl
.imiii uf .miiIi i-ii.-l i-,.ini-l-nl 'linilii-r l.l...II ...in,
tlwiiiw iiiiii.i i.i. .-liin.* in-fit M' chains,aoutl.»0
•-It.iiii*, <.i*i SO .'hnll.B to point ..t I'uiiiiii.iii'.'tiii-ii..
Uonlulolng liin... .'..* ninrii ur leaa.
Imm.I .mm nn, ||a.7
ivi-il nm * WAIlltKN AXII11KWH
Rcvelsloka Land I3islrict,
Dislricl ..IWes. Kootenay.
Take notice Ihal I, A, McCnlluiii. ol'
Kevelstoke, oecnpalion j Logger, intend ...
npply-lor a special limlx-i' licence ev.-r llie
following described lands:
l. Commencing nt a posl planted al S.
E, corner of T. L. N'o. luigt, aud marked
"A. McCallum's N. K. corner posl," *.:....e
being .'.. miles .-..*i of lownsile ol Gerard
nml nboul .'. miles south ol Lardo Rivei",
thence sot.il. .\o chains, thence west it...
chains, tlience norlli .|o elinins, thence
i-,isi ii... chains lo puiui of commencement
.....I containing 640 acres, more er less.
Dated June 5th, KJ07.
wed je 1-. Per A. C, McE., Agent,
Revelsloke Land Dislricl,
1'isirki ol VVYsi Kooleuay.
Take nolice thai I, Angus McCallum, of
Revelstok,., occupation Logger, Inlenil 1
apply f ''■     *
- the
pnsl  planted
lal lii
■ril.e.l land
2. Com.11cnci.1g fit
aboul 1 mile east oi lownsile of Gerard
and .llieni 1 mile south ol Lardo Riverand
marked "A. McCallum's 1101 tb-easl corner
post,*' Ihence soulli 40 chains, llienee in-*.
.On ebains, llienee nortb 40 ebains, tliei.ee
.-f.st ..ui cbaius 10 point oi commencement
.....I containing 640 neies, more or less.
Daled I11nc5l.i1 1.11.7.
wedje ...      I'er A. C. McE., Agent.
N tin) la lioroby ulvon tliutUO days ulia* ilnto
i im I ii. mnilj to tho Ilnn Un'1 liiot (Vim
iiii-ii.tinr ut I.nii Is ninl Wurks fur jior-
mUsititi to 1 urchiiso lho Eollawbitf lituilfl BiLu'it-
cil mi Uiiiior Armw Uike nml doscribod uu
Coinmenrlng at a imst liliuiled on Half
Way i reek ubout Llirco, miles from lake *-lmro
01111 marked' J P. McLean's ti I! enmor iinst,"
llioiipo wost 80 clialns thonce north 80 uliains,
thenoooa«t80 uliains, llionoo wmtii 80clialna
in plaee ul coinmencoiuont, Uontuinliig f'lu
acres nmre or li'.*.s.
Diiu-il Mm 7ili, 1007,
ivesl mayg 1. D. Mi'LKAN.
Bovolatoko Ij.o.1 Dislrict.
Dlatrlolol »'«. Kootonay.
Tf.k.. Nuii.-ii Uui. Olo Snn.ll.nrK,o( Albert
("ni.ju ccupiilluti Miner, Inteuilaloiipoly for
.1   N.iu-fill   li.illii-l'   llcullOQ  O.'.'l-   till- I'l.lllilvil.K
il.-.i-rili.-il lunils:
I. I'ommoncliiu nt apost pliuiit-il ll mlloe
north ol tl.o nnrlb-oaal Fork of Do....I,-Crock,
un.l inarked "Olo Snndbnrg's itorlh-woal co'-nor
post," thoneo oust ... ohaina, tbonco mull. UM
i-i.iiin*. Ihouco wosl in rlmii)*, Iluinc. uorlh Ilii.
chaiua tu point ol coinnioncoineut, and con-
liiiniiiL' (ill) ncres, liinre or lesa,
Date May »I.,1W.T. wjuno
Vancouver MHiuifticturcr needs j»*oml
nu'ii ui repreni lhc very lalest novelty,
Agents coming money, pel wise, start
working loi- yourself, K\ "body buys on
sight. Profits over one hundred per cent.
Don'l wnste lime asking foolish questions,
bui send one dollar for linesi samples in
Space 4, 435 Granville Si,,
Vancouver, B, C.
Furnitore Stock and Premises
Fop Sale.
Rovolstoko Land lllattlct,
lii-.ri.fli.l' .Veal Kootonav,
Tnko notice that Olo Bandlwrg. of Albert
('.iiuu... ni'i-i.piili.'ii Mini!]-, Intends toapply for
1 *-l*.n-iiil timbor lloonco ovor tin.fnlluwiiiK
If-M-r I..-.I liuni*:
Uoiiinionclno nt u iiu*. pliu inl ul t an"
yiu-ils wi-sl, uf tl.o uo.ih-o.uil fork of liownio
Orook ond niarked "Olo Sondboyg's north-east
eornor post," .uljuiiiiii.* ".!. I'. Ivenncdy'a No. :i
U11.lt, thonooauutli W ohalna, tlionco west80
haina, tln.nco north St) ohnlna, tbonco uasl 80
Irnin* ti, point  (if .fn.........i.-iiii-lit, nnil run-
tniiiii.L'tiiim.fic*, inorooi- liss.
Dato Mny 23th, IMI. wjs
llovelstoko Und Distriot.
Dl8ti'ii'tofWosl Kootonay, H. ('.
Tnlii- nolicotlml ICavviizer, of Hoavonnoulii,
li. 0,, ocouiialion ['i-owpooior, Inlunus to apply
foraspodal ilmbci' liuonoo ovor tho following
dcBcrlbod Ininll siitiiiinl in WestKobUmay
District, Id-.
Coinnionolna at a pusl. planted nt iln- moulh
of i'mmi! Ilivor nnil ina ked "I']. Bwilxor's
northeast corner," thencu west sn clmiiis,
thunoosouth mi oliaius, thonco oast 80ohains,
thonco nortli 80 chains to poinl uf commonoo?
men'., anil containing 1)10 acres, moro ur luss,
Dated May 2nd.M{ll)I. wed my '£)
...    L'f.-I,
..I.-I.  N ■
IOc. per packot, or 3 pnde'i. for JOc.
will last a whom Manor.,
Ono packot
hut. ;>'.'.  .'1/
k.ll.nl   •■ l.ush.il
of flic*.
I.. I.uhI II .1
1 'Hi,'; ^.\l I.    \   i:-
S|n.    V|p: Hard
Wi *. i    f -
■   '
.villi III".    I nu Hooih'd
drop mm- -i - ml -i ith
ind pun 1.1 ie prlco   ■      ■
K. .V. I'.ieL'---.  !' te and ll.Rilt-
.,,.- \  -       ', -  B, '
riTANTEli   VI-n  and   H
W    li--.il bin !
il |i - .tintiB f n ii !■   I
Imi.rning,     Purl.', ular.   f.ee,     \l : i
Hin her College, IS I Carrol   -• .  V-un
.-nnv-r, li.r
ll.llt SVI,!-:   nil   I'i.NT   A   Iht....
y    room  n.ltH V|
Harland, II -1      --■ ll I
i,i. M ksITtiii, SVanI ill    i
I )   I'ntnp III "-k-iniili-"- u lerl.    lp
ply   lo   l.iios'i-VY.-iis' ii   I,uiiiir i    i
Arrowhead  H. 11,
\\ ' - '■ I IU      I -i   i-iei 'I   'In
VV    inn... id.! nl nnee.    W - --   .*.'
pet   month.     Apply,  Hah ...n  Hnl
Springs, ll.li y  li t .
Pirst-cl.-' fi i.oi i * i*i'i-i i'.r travellers,
ll.'-t   I.rami-   ol   Wines,    Spirits,   anl
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
t.A. SPRING |ThoEnddrbyC:talHir
■Notice In hi teli', I'iv.'i. ihal fid ilayii ifterdi tu I
iiiti'inl in apply I" Hi-' Uliii'I * fiinm ilmn i ■■*
IaiiiIh ami worki fur iinrmUnlmi to imri'ltaiw thp
I..i;.,.',i,j-l.-nril.-l  Iuul.,  lltli   ft     l  K -
in.1   m   »i   (lOlll   planlo'l   iti. I m
nlli-'' ni'-r  of ')'.'    ■ lil nml
uirkfil "J, I*,. .lohiimin'a nor I It-went eornor
it," thftncfl oont8d i-iiHiiM. --itiiiii soohnlfiiii
it ho ciiiiiiu., nuriii «n ohalni in point ol
Dated Juno Oth, IOO?.
wedjun li
J. K. JUUNrifjN.
r .   - M.i.fi...
.   .-       i
I'..-.-   -    ,   - 1
. tl    I'm on Hi lei
Km    ■     H   '
.1 t
,-,   Dlatrkl
I. IMM ll      I      |U     I     ,-'"■'■    '     '
,    .     ...■        !    I I
„.,.  | 1.1|     ■     i.'i imriii aaal .-.--
■ mm,i., wo . *"■ »ln   -   Ut
„ m --.»dnl olininii   ■-
luu,.i i nu mi , 1907,
,,,.;,       . II     fl.    MHIII'W,
Tl., rl v .lm    iltoi  lil" I  ul I Im..|i|iI|-|m.Iii.
I.lioi.cnl mnn noi   l..r'. "■-.'. I'-'- He nl
Um iir.i...i Hnl.il, Nnkm H l-i Hii i.
II Imr,-. II CJlinol, limi
we.l jo 13 M, Mi'iAIITHV.
RoKl8tcrr.il Olliee   -    Entlorby, B.C.
Authorised Capital,   -   $2.10,000.00
in Shares ol 1.1.00 Each.
In . i '     - Un- public an
, mm an inter-   |
.-*i  in Ihis i.np......nt locid enter-
^  >>. ■■ ■<    h mm  dei iili-il
,    mull block
I f.-,m.iii y   Sh.in-s,
-   me Uiu Ui.- slock
i -   -. ii ii placed
ninrkcl,    'I'
pa, ible,
.ml   .:■-,
I      .Ml.       ..'     lp|lli
id all noi - n
lined if iln- unci .Mill...   li'.t     Will
I .i   M', ....■;.
an-.nr.M ROIOMAN,lio-Trtai.. Imlorhy,B.O
mmamiimtwvi^i^.aijmin.Jtmm.. mmv
Miiiiutnctnrod Inrnllolni oflol 1-k.IiI:..,;*
Vil i in Ih of liiiililiiuc iuul pin'torinif
'Condom will bo rocolvod by tho undoralgnod
up lo Yi o'clock nuun uu lhe IHlli ilny uf July,
"J7, (or tlio pnroliusoof iho stock In trado or
r|ii-is, fiimluiro, otc. tii'luuitrng lu Lhoohtntc
of Uio lato John K, Wood m RovolHloko, and
hImi for tin- puroluuo of tlionroportylatoly
ui'i-upii d by Iiim ai ii furniture Hloro and room*
tnff houie,nituAtoon l.ui'.',"., Ulook2iPlan636A
Hrvi'Utiilii'. Hi pJirato tondi M mny bit made for
tho Blook Iti i nnh* nnd fut- Llio roAl oBtato, or
tendon may bu mado for tlio ntuek nnd real
tmlato togofhor,
Tho hij-bi-t or any tender will nol necessarily
boaccoptcd. BLock UaUiand Uiouroporiy to bo
-uld may bo cxamluod un application to tlio
Datod Juno 12th, 1007,
j wi wet
UKti. s. MoOARTER,
Ofllolal Adinlnlstrator,
t'ndiT and by vipiiu' nf tho poworof sale
iitiiainril in u certain mortgage, thoro will be
iirbred for nolo in publio aiiollon by II, Man
lint/. Kxq.| Aiiollonoer.nl Hu- i ily Hill in ilu-
Ityof IfevoW-oKon Wodnesilay tlio 10thday
•f July, A.D. r i;, nl Ion o'clock am., tho following I'nluabloproputty, namely, t-oUumbnr
8, Hlucif number So, aijeording to map or p'iui
iniilii'i OSO A of Hi" Raid < 'iiy of Itovclutoko,
on iln- premises Is snid Lo bo a substantial
ono and om -half storoy frame dwolilng, houso
' ainl ng modern oonvonio cos with sniiablo
TRKMS OK SALK Tonporceiil of llicpui-
.-!.! -f iii'Mi' v iiihr paid rn tlio limo of thowilc
aud iln balauoc witbln thirty dnv- ihoroaftor
inr funliiT lonitH nnd conditions and par*
tlcnlamof -nl". apply lo Lho AiHIonoor or to
vii.r.i.,1.,'11, Mi-Mn'i.1* & Geary, Traders Hank
KuIIiIiiik. Toronto, Out, td
Notico in In'reliy glvon that 30 days aflor datu
I IlitOlld lo tm-jily lu Um Iiuu Cliinf t'oiiiini-n-
uiotiorol Uit i it I- nnd Wnrk.- fm' n Bpocitt) lloonco
to out and carry nway timbor from tho follow-
iug described Inndst situatod in Wost Kootonay
Commencing at n noBtiplantod :io cliains mora ur
loss in a wostorly direction frmn t'io north-west
enmor of Timbor Limit limi!, thenco 80 clialns
east, thonoo 80 chains north, liionco west to lake
slioro, tlionco soutli along tho Blioro in place nf
I'liiiiniimconieiiL. niiil.iiniii-j; llfo ncres nuns or loss.
Dntod June lfth, 1007.
\V. 0. FCIIUI*?.!!,
wed J III A, Heildiiig, Agoill,|
Siitlcplllirtoliv Jlvcll ll.nl w ilii)-«..IH-rili.l.. I
inn ml in n|i|ili i..n.i. Uuiiorabla, tho Cl.lol Klom-
...I    mi i . I  I.in.I- uml IViilk-lm- | ...«.....t..
...in-liwi. tlie f'.ll.iulng ili-,.-iil.i-il liuni., »imiili'il
on I |i|i.-. Arroi l.iko, Olaltlcl ..f Weal Itootanay:
.-.niniii'iii-iiiK i.i .. poal plantod ;.t. Ilu-H K.
cornerol ltalph Sluipaon'aaiiplloatlon,thonc.
Ifi.-, imiii- ..inili.-..- .-.-.j followlna lho l...k.-
-linrif In (.iil.-i.n liny: Ihonoe noi'Lh&ichain :
Uio .uthwe'torly 105 chain, paralleling
Uko ahoro: Ihoneo aouth JUohiilo. to point ol
oomniencomciit, ond opntainlng 11. acrei, moro
ir li--.
Datod Arrowhead, H.C. Juno 1, nm:.
junMnat -^- VV, D1OK1NS0K,
AKent Ior Uinb-VVutsou Lumbor Co, Ltd,
Rovolstoko Land I.is.riot.
Diatrict ol Woat Kootenny,
Tako nolice uml I. 11, N. UickoiiHoii ol Itev.
f'1-iiik...i apallon l-'iiiini'r, hiloiid la Apply
l.n porinlsaloit In purulinao ll.e i.ill..ulni;ilc-
aerlbod land:
Oommonoliig at ti post ptanto.1... tboB. li,
cornor l, 78lS,0, t, thouco west io ohalna,
thonoo aoulh 80 ohalna, thenco oaHt 40 ehalna
ilii-tii-i-nuriii an chain. topolnLoIoommc&oe>
...i-n. anil coillallllllg fl.'ii ncrea nuiroor li-.a,
lm.i"l May Hit.., UK.7.
wed Jell Ul-;u.:.ili NOHVV'OODi DICKINSON,
Sotlco is horoby given that sixty dnys after
diilc 1 Iuii'ini 1.1 apply tn the Hutiurnlde [lie
Uhlef Commissioner of Lands and WorkB fur
periui"sion to purobaso Uio'lullonlng lands
situated on Upper Arrow bake nnd desorlbod
Ai lollllWS!
CoinraoiiciUfi al a pust plnulud un Half
.\uv I'h'i'k, uliuui "in-iui'1 n luill miles irum
laku hlturuiiitd marked "J K. McLean's 8, I*.,
cornor post," thoneo wgbI so chains, thonoo
north 40 chains, thonco easl 81) i'liains, thenoo
south -10 ehnins lo place ol commoncomont.
Containing IMi) acres more ur less.
Dated May 7th, HHI7.
winy 8 J. K. McLKAN
Notico u hereby glvou thai 80 days aftor dato
I inlend to apply lotboCblofl'oinniliraioiiurof
Lands and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry nwuy timber from the following do*
horlbcd lands in Norlli-oast Kootenny District!
l. Coromonulng al o post mnrknd "W.J.
Ottos north-east oorner," planted on lhe Coluinbin Uivcr.aboul 2i0ohiiiu8 up Btroam fmni
KlnbrMkel Lake, tliouue west KJichaiits tlienco
-nuiii liu'liaiii.*-., tht-naoiiht 10" chains, theiieo
uortli lUehafiifl topointofooinmonooinouti
lund April7th, IU07,
2. Couiineuclna nt. a post nmrki'd "W ,1,
Uito'sdontli-wrat corner, planted on Middle
lllver, about BO chains from lho muuUi, thonoo.
north SOehaloa, tlienco easl hi chains, Lhoiioo
Miuth KVohains, thenco west hi ehains lo puim
uf oominenceuu nt.
Dated April 6th, IW?.
sat j unl W.J. OTTO,
I i n*
i co i nne r.iH'jnoc
A Creditable Performance by
School Children and Fire
The question of lire proteetinn in
BCliool. has, sinro the fatal dis ist. r in
Montreal, whero many children I.-i
llieir lives, been lokcn up in almost
every oity and town in lhe l> mini 11,
In cnaeof en.ergoney iii places where
children nre colleotod, p.inic is apt to
seize Until pupils ... fl  teachers  alike.
The Rovelstoke school has organized
n thon ugh lyiton. of lire drill, which
is Imp. ml.- pruotiied, tho children
being t...igl 1 in answer lhe bell in in
...ili-.-i. ....il quiet .. ...i.nner as pn-ilile
nnd leave ilu- building, ohm by class
Y.-le diy niun ine 'lie tin- drill tesl
was put intu praolic.il oporution, tin
school f. .ng il.rn, being rung ...- well
ns lie.bell ... N'o 2 l-'.r.. Hall,   Whin
|i in-.... iv.:-.' .-..n-.., there wore bul
fi-t won dill im' kii v thill ili' uarm
was gotliii .e.fiiid li.i elii'dn n ultln ugh
iiiueli . x.'i-i-ii bell fled in a pi-rf.elly
. .-ilerl) ner, ot l\ l-'i irooiuls elapsing hum lie- lii::.' nlie.. tl e s.-ln ui
j:....:: waa .ling t" ..'hen the e Hdren
were .ill lined up mi ib'* sidewalks,
iii.dor ciiiMpli'te .--..imI ..( llieir
teachers, • • iti if. t,. - and .. ball
mi..Hies ..it :■ the ..liifin wa, given tl.e
hrig.ido had .i pow. .1:1 j"' o! ivntor
playing ... the sol... I b tildings, the
«iit..- being dirsciid aa high as the
weather vane oo ll.e school lower,
This lest was extremely creditable tu
ll., letichei's a- well ns lie lin- i r gade
in,.! .-I.- ws liin. f..r promptn ss in case
ul* emergor.cy ev. ry precaution has
In en tnken,
Knights of Pythias hold Funeral Service.
The luneral ui 'In- late Capt. Chal,
tl. Baohei was held on So .day even-
i.i^-. The de.'. as. .1 nas a mcinhi r of
..i-n,.- Imii.;,-, N... 15, K. of ['., II nncis
Kerry, Idaho, and although 1,.- had
not been transferred in tbe 1. cal [{. of
T. lodge he ivas always .i very wel-
come visit..r. '1 be Revolstoke Knights
with tlie usual promptness and (rater-
i:.l instinct thai his always been
such a (eiliire uf Quid Range, 26, look
cbnrge uf all ariangenicnte, wiring
the sister nf lho deceased Ior lustrum
tions regarding lhe ton. rai. A ....--
a...;., una received un Sunday in..ruing
requesting tl.e remains to In- forwarded
tn Albany, New Yum, At 7 o'clock
on Sunday evening the casket was
t.keu frnm Howson's Undertaking
I'.irurs to the lodge room where a
Pythian funeral service was hold by
(1...I Uiinge Lodge, K.ol P,a large
nun.her ol citizet s and Iriends .( the
ilieiised being prcseul, an evidence of
tin- esio. in which ws i felt dr the late
captain. Tin-se: vice though brief was
nevertheless impressive, .he Knights
in iheir time lijiiorod outturns peril,rn.ing ilu- In.-1 ri:.-* over their dept. rti d brother. The luneral cortege
the., inarched tn ll.e depet where the
remains weie entrained on the east
bound express f.r A bany, New York,
ul..-.-.. they «:!! be interred. Many
beautiful wreaths were -ent. including
II...-..I tributes Ir ...i Gold Hn ge Lodge
No. *2li, Knights ul I'ylhias, Odicera ui
III" S. S. K nli nay, and lhe Revel-
a.oko Club, lie- p.11 bearers were
M.-*r- T. VV IS.in. <\ I' Latham, P,
c. Aiuslie, A. lv Kincaid, VV A. Koote,
M", —■■l li   i e-f*."^ ■■■ -f-h-.
'V'''^'1 '•'■'' i
SP^f'-TniAr,'i'y^.***' nt
ing Sits
There is only one thing
that can I'.akc an Outino
Suit hold ils shape.
1 hat's hand tailoring.
Summer Tweeds anc
Worsteds, Flannels nne
Seizes, must le: moult Ire
in shape l.y hand—anc
held in shape by hand
stitching in order to
stay in shape.
Fil-Reform Outing ?.\ Ils
keep theirs';,!" and their
proportions, because
they arc hand tailored,     "
A well attended meeting of cricket
enthusiast! at ibe City Hall on Saturday eveuing was presided over by W.
W. Potter, Tl.e notion taken by \Y.
II. Humphreys, in securing the interest nf the nld club n.eli.lii-is il d their
valuable out-Hi, wus approved, and a
resolution ..I tbanke was unanimously
tendered hi..-.. Officers were elcoted
as follows:
President—W. VV. Foster.
Vice-President—.1. II. Jaeksot*.
Acy.-Treas.—VV. 11, Humphreys,
P.O. Box 704,
C.ipt.in—I. Mnley.
Yice-1'..pluin—I*. Laight,
1'iiiiiiiiiltee—M.-ssts. II, Kll|-.|-lle,
0. North, and 1*. .lolies.
Tniateei—J, 11. Jackion, T.E I..
Toy Inr, .1. Mnley, and A, Goring.
Tl.e club starts wilh a membership
of i'.l. As practices have been tnkfng
plnce hi ice weekly, negotiations are
in progress (or 'at home" and "away"
matches with neighbouring olulw and
olt'urla ure being made tu secure a good
match either at Vernon or at Revel-
Btoke on I)..mil.ion Day.
I'*...-this se.B.in it hai been decided
to play matches on cnco.iiuit matting
(trolohed uver the pitch, in ..-..use.
qitenee of tl.e ground being su suit, and
lumpy, Hut, ihere is a prospect ol
securing a ground which cm be pre
pared in the Pull, so thut next year u
will l.e in good sin.p.. without the
necessity uf u-ing ...filling,
It wns decided that the subscription
feo be $2 per year, Members agreed
to meet f.r prnotioo on the old Gun
Cliil. g otinil on Mondays nnd Wednesdays nt 0:16 ..inI on Saturday nfter-
noons at 2 o'clock.
V.it.Hof tl.f.i.ks lo VV. VV. Foster for
presiding, ..nd lu the Mayor lm the
us., of ilm Giiy Hall, terminated a
i.i-.si it",I.-resting and hearty meeting
which give good pi'iinii-e lor the sue
cess ol cricket in Hevelslokc. R.-si-
dents .....I visit...s will soon have tin
opportunity ..I watching a good match
at Ibis cl.iel nf ..Id country summer
f I':.
/it: i
ROil & bu
D ..    MY
NELSON, 0, 0.
.-.. ^y- -■
S^-J"') -'*"■?     ''-'"''-M
A 1 you have to do is to _jyj^ftff "V-
Tiie Sunshine is furnished
i   with it good, big ash-pan.
j grasp two strong, firmly at.
. tached, always-cool, bale han-
- dies and the large, roomy ash-
■ pan easily comes out.
t A minute or two is all it
; t kes to perfr.rm the operation.
■ AT the ashes are in the pan,
i too.
:      Because   they   are   guided
into it by means of ash-chutes
\   alt i bed immediately below the fire-pot,
Sunshine is the simplest, easiest-managed,  cleanest   I
ki- d of a furnace,   You don't have to wear overalls   5
.   and a smock when attending to the Sunshine.
If your local dealer does not handle the 't'Sunshine"   |
write direct to us for Free Rook let. \
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
1 _i.,':\'*-,'  ^'./-Uki <-l   hAff,
Do ynu . I'.jny thnt well diessed feeling? We nil know whal
it feels like to l.e bol, lo he cold, or to be tired, nud tt Is
just .is true that we all know whul it feels like to he well
diessed. It feels goud, .....1 it's guud to feel good. Ynu can
never he well dressed if you.'clothes are not made l.y the
right maker,
Gel toknow we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
nnd yuu will lind what a pleasure and satisfaction il is tu be
well dressed,
Suits and Overccats  lis, $18, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, thc best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: $18 and 620
Special Trousers SS and $6.
Tailoring is nur business. We make a man lunk well
nnd he knows il.
..Crcssman  and Morrison..
>OOO0-0-Q CK>Q<KI-vO<KK>-CK>^0<)-0-0-(K>-0
} P.   BUtfiMS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. *
IIKAIl IlKl'Ici.:  CAUMHV,  .M.iu.l.-r.i.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'urk Ptickera and Dealor   In Lira Slock,   Markets In all ibo principal  Ciih-* ......1
''"on ns ..I Alberta, liritish ....mniliifi an.1 lhc Voiron.   Packer. ..I tlie 1 glebmM II. ...a
i-r nr" man and Bucou, and SI.an.nKl. llraml, 1, .('... I.
•.^-v*^*^* % %%w%%<%*%%%*%%*% vv*i>**»*>i
MiBSiiBMiBifa'.*.:".: .*,>,- gs-j^^jji sr.g.a.'Hi.tvgsiiMats cubso
f) M E DI CI ivi E   H AT ^
Buy I.nis ii. "Beresford Place" ;.;.-.! double your money in a short time.
This Subdivision is nc..- the centra of the City, surrounded by subdivided
Properly and is;. good investment. !'....-- $75, $85, $100, $125 Terms,
ten per cent. cash, balance in $5 monthly payments,   Ton-en-, title,
Write lor Parliculars lo *»™aCffig>
!*! I'. 0, BOX, 118,      f"      \/       OTIiprt       REAl ESTATE AND fi
>' nrvfASriSI. Il.C    I".     V.     O   I   i\\Jl\3.     GENERAL BBOKERj "
■•v% * V* %V. fc*%» %V**i % %***%%%»* VV* <l v%%v%
|.,.i- \ 1rlcullur.1l linplomenti, I ..   : I i:-,- . ,1 .In,
Itn.-rii l'|.iii,'li.,   Mi.ini..   W,i,;mii 1,   I'.ii,;.
linif.fi.M. Plnuol Jr.. Gordon   ......    ind Co ;    Wi,oel-
wrlnli. nml lllnokarallh Work   UUndod lu,   Rone Shoolnj ■
N.ii.riiil.v. t
% %%V%V%*%%*%%***%V%  tt«%U U«Ut*M
rwo whole day.- of
Grand Slreel Parade of lhc Voeelt-
I..-I A- Nolan Minstrel Show,
will, their own Brass Hand
Concluding with .... Elaboialc
I've i.-.-lniii-   Display   and
' llluminiilod   Parade,
The Nelson Cily Bund will be
in ..Uct..If..,.-.- each day.
Kx.-iu-.-ii'i. Rates from all parts
('h.i'.-m... Seci.'(j..-\
His Worship lhe Mayor
Honorary t'i..<u........
.*, Vll IULV
- - -  1   .;•'-,■ mm 111 ntiniln
-, ll.ll mu i.l    .,, ilu ' ' It-f I'l ■ 1 .,i:--i...l'-t .1
I   ft.
SH 1 iniin-i-il*l. tin....... .-it fllilii .- .*..nlli llnl.ri- sn
.-..-ui !..-.*(. tin m-i* f-n 1 Imins nnrtli In pninl nf
. imi ■ 11 -uini'iit.
:..i.-. .'.1...!i:-.tii. 1 -...
;,   1'n.uuii... Ine il fi pusl uiniked "W.J. Ottu'i
ial enrner," pie I 1111 Pl-iruilcan . r-- If
ahoul I imii-. nn Il-om ...null., ll.e. I lh.
mat, llionce su chnhu nnrtli, tlienco SO chaina
in-,1, thencu SO chaiua aoetlitupulul <>! cuiiuneu.
:., Coinineneilig at a |>n»l nmrko.1 "W.J.Ottn'a
aonth-weat cumor," planleil .... I'uinalrau Crook,
filiniii; inili-s from inoulli, thei sn mains ..*.,
thence 2.. chalna  lh, tlin.ioe 80 cliaiuaoaal,
Uieucelii ohalna nortli, thunce sn ehnloa wet.,
Uii'in-i--.'.. chalna norlli, Ihence HO .-liniiis woat,
thenco In ilm ins aou.h I" imiut olcnintncnccnieut.
1   e iiflicillg  nl  "  pnal ii.'-rk..l •-... .1.
"iill's-muii west cnrtior," |da I.... l'larml.
cnu i-ri-i I.ul I.milea frmn the mouth,th -
1.". lm in 111*1, lin m-i'in i'linins imrlli, 11 eni-c
in- .-' ntn. v, at, Iheuce 40 I'lialna Bnuih 10
polut i.f .■..iieiii'iii-e.-ii'ii'.
I'f.i.'.i March -s..., 1:11,7.
,.. 1 ..iiiuii-'fi Iiim ... 1. pn*! mnrked "W. J.
i'i-.i.'s in.r.ti in*, eorner," planted on' uiioj
Blv. 1 'i-i r.i.. 00 in !,* in.... 1 iii. lhcnco too
Chain   ...   M iliniim. in MlininsMnil' , tlu'lli'.. ill'.
ehiilnsi t .li. in,, loehnltia unrili ... poinl ol
I'nleil March IIM, im;
it if -iii-i-K ni n i..isi markod "rt"..1
"ii.-- Mii-.ln-ii■.  11,iiim-.' planlcd .111 t'u	
River  1 a. ...ilea frum .....uth. ihoneo ni
chain, ...inii, lii, nn. .iimI,..in, weat, tl.ennu 80
'"ball.  -Hi, il.onco 80 ohaina onal topol.il uf
.-■in 11
I.   - - nn k nl a .-If-.l "VV .1
ntii.ss i.;.ii..,.| ,1,11111-," planted .... Canoo
Inf    ■ '-.., nil™ inm. ili,. in ui li. ll,,.11,m
-1-.' ih. ilu nee su i-ii,nn- woal, tiionoo
-in 1. .in- -.miii, tlienee - chains eusl in .mini
s. .....iini-iii-iim nt 1. pusl markod "W. .1.
' '- norilieusl eornor,   planted .... ('..	
Hivur film...   7.- mit*  f: nuiili. tlii'in-i-sn
chains soulh, tl.o ISO chain, weal, lln-  su
chalna north llieneol I chuina eaal 10 puinl uf
1 ouiuiotioeiiic.it.
P.  Cm cneliiK nl 1. .".-I marked "W.J.
im's-niil.lii,mi  ci.rt.or," plnuled .... ' anoe
Pin chains wesl, Ihonce HI chalna uorlh', thorn
Hln chains oasl,. I. e In ohalna soul I. In poinl
ui commoncomont.
Hui.il March30ili, 1007.
sit jun 1 w. ,1. i itti 1.
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bill
WE PAY FREICHT to any railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia,
Write for our Latest Price List, it is
mailed Iree on request.
We only handle tho [best goods money
can buy, only goods of best mills, manufacturers anil packers shipped.
Wo make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
A'l Goods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
It is fi duty to You, lo Your Family and
lo your Pocket Book to investigate our
We do nol belong to the Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or any
References : Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company in the City, or ll.e
names of Iwenly thousand satisfied cus
tomcrs in the lour provinces..
Write for Our PriC3 list To-day.
Northwestern   Supply   House
.';,(. and 261 Stanley Slreel
WINNtrEC - -        MANITOBA
Halcyon liol Springs
Undiir the new inaunKenientHnf
Harry  McIxtosii,    oilman   House
j_ cyou are the most curative inil..
'."...hi. ~"A perfect, iiattiuil teiiieily to.
ill Net inns ..nd Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney ..ml St...unci. nil.i.e..I,:,
.ml Metallic PnisnninK. A sure cur.
for "Tlmt Tit-id r.clii.i>." Sped.,
rates on nil boats and trams. Tu.
mails atl'ive nnd d. .ut every day,
Telegra li . 0111101111 atio.i with all
marts of the world.
Terms-$12 to $18 per week.  For
fut t lmi- particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake, B. C
Full line (.1 Groc. ricsand Dairy
I'm.luce, Men's Supplies, Elc,
Fresh stuck always arriving at
lowest prices.
rinOI   OlnECI,   " oi,/ RUTAURAHT
li.-er Heads, Anhnnla, lllnla, I'lali, jlite,,
Animal lm-.' M tod..
I' (.. llnx::..
Htudlo: Comoro! I'lrat, St. and Boyle Avo,
lluv.il.toko, li..:.
Nnl Ico I- horoby glvon. hm 80 dnj ■ afler <l.il.<
I int.-u.l In npph tO ....- Chluf tloiiltnlaalonol' ul
Landsaud Worka lm- uapccl.il licence to cm
in..! ...ny awny timbor fr  Um fulhnvlnp
dcaerlbodlnlidtaltuatoln Vulc lii-u-lci:
21. UeuimencinK nl u posl planted nt the
Boutli-oual oornor of No. II, and n.urkcd "a. SI
syinuiis'S. \X. cornor poal," llionoo norlli 80
chains,thouco onel so cnilus.llionoo sfiiniiKn
chains, thonoo wost SO chains lo pluce uf cu....
Unled"fflrd Mu
wed iny I,'.
VTOTICE li lioroby ulvon Lhnt60daynun.or
_\ li.ifl iuieml To i.|i|ily lo Hi*' Uuu. lln'
iini f Cotnmiwtionor nl \awmU mul Works for
pormlualon in puroliauo Uio following doscribod
Iuul-,-iiuiiii'.i in Wenl Kootonay:
Oommonolnn al n iiosi planted 20 chiitiiB
weat of Blind Bay, markod D.M Itao'B nortli-
eaat coruor nost/1 tbonco soutli 8) obaliiB, woal
80chains, nortli SU ohalna, eaat UOohalnato
j'llllll Ml  CUllllJIi'Ilt'l'NI.'llt.
Datod Jumi-Jlb.liw".    i^ji-i    I). M. KAR,
Tho partnorship lierotoioro oxtsling botwoon
J. b'. Rooa iuul Frank Sliiploy. carrying nn
buiinoas aa Tim Kovelatoko Uigar Store bus
been dissolved,
Tin-Im-iin's.- will in futuro bo carried on by
tbe undersigned, who i- entitled In receive all
iimiii-)-. iltuj lhc Imo llrm.
Ihiu«l June 1'iih, 11*01.
J12 .'HANKtillll'UV.
\v; 11^ i:
l.lllnoel l.fif.l  ■ I.lot.
I latrlel ..f ImI"" i
Tako... tlco mu ih'! ii nun f. Scott nl lo .
elsii ke, It.il   '■'• iri t - al '■'' .lilends I   i
forapeelal  llroaat-a i.vcr tuelulluwllljx (l-.acr.betl
..  .'.....rn
Notice is boreby glvon tlmt 80 days after duto
ive Intend to utiply Uitho Chief" ouimlssionorof
Undunnd U'orks l-.r a special Hcoiibo to cut
mid carry uwnj limber from tbo following described lends in dislrict, of Wost Kooteuav:
i (■oinmenciiiu nl n post plautod about oni'
mile from eaal Imnk nf Coluinbin I'i ver, i.i i
from Kocky I'olnl, mi.rke.| "lt B.M.Uo'b corner
posi," tbence east 4u itlutlns, ihenoe south ; .0
di:.in-, ihence ivesl 40cbnins, thouce north.lCil
ehnins tn poim ni ci mniuiiecinent,
*.:. i "Hiiim*!!, ii'i* nt.. |i"-i plained about llj
in iles frnm m-i im:,!. . i t uliiinliitt Itiver, eas
(rom i*.i..'kv l'l.in*. markud "KH.M.tV lornei
post," tiience enM vi cbnins, thenco j-oiub UK)
chains Uience wut l chains, thenee uortb Ifju
clmins I., point oi cotnmcii'eiueiit,
8 Conuneiicfiig m n post plnntod about ii
miles In m ensl bank nf Culumbia >■ tvir, unsi
from itock} hdfit, mark*d "MM Co'acoruer
m'.-i." if't'ii.*!-,"!-* lu i-hniiis, soutb li'dH liuni*-,
W'-sl h ehalus, in* iut uurth 1*0 chainslo point
of commence men I
Uiiiui Inite nli ■ -7.
Hbvklstoke Haw Mii.i. Co,, I,i.mitkd,
mh Junes John Nixon, Agont.
Sixty days alter date I Intend ... apply ta tl.u
lliim.ifilili tho Chlel ...i-i-inimi'iif landi and
Works (or perunsaion to purchase tho lollowlng
ilea, rlue.1 landa sitnated on Upper Arrow lako
and more particularly deacribed as follow.:
t ..um.iii-iii^ ... a pust planted aboutHmllo
north ol south-east corner ol Timber I.iiuii7'-ie,
thenco north sn chalna, thoneo east su ulinlua,
s.uiili su chalna ivest so chalna lo point of cone
ui.-iui'iiii'iit. ConUiitihig mu aerea moro or l.f.*s.
Dated .May nl., in..;.
».-.: mnv s I.. II. Mol.HAN.
Notice ish rebyglvonth.it 10 daya alter dato I
inlend tu apply to the II.... ll.o l'l.lc( Con ...Is
*... n- .if l.iim.s iiiiii Worka l.n permission in pur-
I. .*.'il.i-f..li„tt im doscrihsil liimls, altnntad ou
Dale... Bay, «'i-*: Koniso-ij dialrlct:
Coniinanclng at a poat planted ^l chalna ...nil.
from the S W. Corin-r ul Lot 0,140 ami mnrked
"Geo.T.Neivinan'aS. I-l. corner I'oat," theme
north On cl-alua, thence iveat 20 .-iiitins, thence
aoutl. 10 ehalus, theuce we-t 20 clialns, thence
s.uiili -j.ii-liii.ns, thenco eaat 40 chaini to {place uf
i-iijiiiiit-i.ci'iik-.it, cuntaining ICO aerea more ur lus*
Dated fit Arrowhead, Juno 1st, INT.      we.l] 6
In lhc Supreme Cp.url of Hriti-h Columbia,
to the matter of Uiu Kjgtate of John E, Wood,
deceased, and In ibe mutter of tho"Ofllolal
Admlul-traiors Aa."
Tni c notice tlmt by order of His Honor J. A.
I'lii-in, L. ,1., mndo tho 18tb day of .May. 1WT, I
was Rjjpofiited administrator of the estate of
JqIhi l-i. Wood iicn.'iiM'u, unit all pnrtlo** having claims ukoIiisI the said estate arc hereby
required tofunilsb snmu properly viirlliedlo
mu on or before the S-thdny of June, 1907,
Ami nil paitics indob ed to said estatu aro ro*
quired lu uny tht nnioiintof tbeir Indebtedncan
tonic (oi'tbwllh.
OBlclul Administrator.
Dated tho 2-SLh day of May. Ui;.    wmyW
Notice i> heri b; nlven tlmt BOdaysnftei "'.*
I Inteud to ajiply io iho Uhlef i oraiulssioiu'i* ni
Lauds and Works mr ,\ sieclal llcoimoto u
uiu! carrv away timber from tho folbniing
describod lands .ti the Uuvelstoko Dlvlsiuuol
»Vv.si Kootenay <llsiri,;t:
Commeiielug ai a posi planled at tho N.K
corncroi Hn^.'i'l, rp.'4, H -'• iVe**i nth Mori i   n,
mnrkeil ".i. I'. Ki'll '■*.-< li comer post," then
imrih to chains thenco west 4U ehalus, thoncu
nonh 10ehalus, tb nee weatGO chains thonee
snutli Ml ehniiis, [hence enst Ml clialns to post
nf eommeucemeut ainl containing 640 acres
nmre or less,
litiii-il May 2,r'ih 1(107.
KevulMuke, ll C, Miner.
n a post |jl.'irited ahoul ''mt- I
,i „i ti,,i i I, lurk,nl ('"it'.ii I't.-k mid alwul
111 * im'-"- liiiilll nl th,'- :i-l flrffc i'l   -**> Hi iVi-1
Cottonerceh iHiineii Inbiii uynf ll** east I irk ol
Seyino'irriviraiiil maiked 'J ihn V inninu Scoli ^
N.K, .-.liiin*, tli,"p.*i* h ii ii I-' rluin-.|'liciii*e weat
Km ehuins, tlience nnrth lUchaim.then ■ east IW
eliaiiiH i" iimiii ni ciunuii nceaieut, au.l O'tntftiiiing
■■■lo; i,   Dated June lOtli, 1*7,
2 tun.!,ion-in.:' -i pnsl plant "Iitbout -100 feet
i-.,-,i nl ihe north i* rh »f Ci Hon *■ ■■•■■■k and about
;iv.' ml,'. ii..rih ..f th" i-i>i f"i*l; "f Heymour rher;
I*,.!!,.!, i .k hunu a itih.i" iryof tlieeast fmk of
Suymmii l:iu-i*. and inartwl "John Manning
Scott*s s. t:. cornor," tbeuce north IW cbalni,
theueo v.i*.-<t sn chains, tlience soutb 80chains,
i honco eaat so chains m point "f commencement
mul containing OPi acres more or leaa. l>ai..-il
inm' Huh, tii"7.
8, (,'nmi p i'ii i'i in; at a j'"si planted about ono
mih' west 'I ilu nurth f rk of Cotwm creeii an I
I'..-ai Uvo miles north of tlie eaal fork of Seymour
rlvnr, i'"'.i"ii Crook being a tributary of theeast
fork nf s.-yi ii river, ainl market! "John Man-
'i ii.-. Scott's s. I*;. curuer," thenco uortli ■■• cl tins
tlience west ni elialm*, thenco aouth * ■ I tins,
iln-ine eimt *n ehaiiis to point of commenci im nt,
ainl containing i'iu acres mora orless. Dated
-lime mh UH'7
4, Comtneiiclng al n post plantotl about threo
iml,-- un i g|il 'h ''I'* -I' ItowillH fmni lh.* --.-I uit'.
the north fork nf Seymour river about ten miles
abiivo the forks .iml marked "John .Manning
Hcotl •> N. I', corner, then '0 snath lOOcliains,
Ihence west 10 chains, thence north 100 chains,
llieiicueiutt tii-'lniin*' t" polul nl commencement,
nnd containing til" acres more ur less,  Dated
■liiiie llth. 1007,
5. C»mmencing at a Y"^ planted about threi
miles up a small crook (lowing fnnn theeast into
the nortli fnrk of Scymoui rlvor.aboul ten mllei
ih..v.* tin* forks and marked "John Manning
Scott's N. W. cornor,"thence south 100 ehalm
tii.-i  oast in elinins, theuco i'"it!i 100 chains,
tlienco west I" chains tn poinl of cummi ni > tu nl
iml mn tain liiu tiiii acres more or less,  Dated
.Imn* Ulh   lln.,-.
ti. Coinmeuoiug at apost planted about throe
mil.'-, it-i ;i small crook il' I'lng fi  the eaat into
the north fork of Soyinonr mer about ten miles
abiivo ilie forks mul marked "John Manning
Scott'a s \\, oorner," thuice mirth -1 ehalm
thenco easl 80 chains, thenoe south sochains,
thence west B0chains to point of commencement.
ami containing ■'"' neres nmre orless Dated
June lllli 1007.
7. Commonolng at a post plantedal t*.';i
miles en-i ..r iln* ti-,nli fork "f 8 lymour tiv'*i and
about 1 of a mile soulh ol n small creek flowing
from ihe easi inii. the north fork nf Seymour river
ami about thirteen mil's above tho [ork« inii
murked 'John Manning s-.-a'a N. R. comer,"
tbenee south ^ ,[,,11;., Ihenco vv,-.i bO ciniins,
llionce imrth 80 chaius, theii'-e oast 80 chains to
pnlnt nf nmi n -fluent ami containing (it i a.ren
moro or leis.   DatcdJuno mh. IJKJ7.
8, Commencing at a post plauted aboutXU
miles eusl of tho north forknl Sey r Riverand
nboul inf a mile south of asmnll creok rlowing
from the east Into the nnrlh fork of Seymour river
almul thi/teon miles aliove the forks aud marked
1 John .Manning Scott's .-• W. enrner," thenee
m,ith hu ehains. Ihenee oasl Hi chains, the-ice
thencosouth mi chains,theme wcstbO chuinsto
imiut nf commencement, ami containing 640 aerea
moreoi less,   DatcdJuno llth, t!M)7.
:i. ( mnmonclug at a post plantod abont 21
mil. soanl .if ilm mnth lork of Seymour rivei and
n'mut f.i of a mile nurth nf asmull creek flowing
from tho eait Into tho north fork of Seymour river,
about thirteen mltesabovo tboforksaml marked
■John Manning Scnlt'a N. K. corner," tlience
smith Mi chaius, thenco west .sn chaiua, iheuce
north 80 cliains, theuce east 80 chains to point of
eommcneemonl. ami containing 810 acres nmre nr
Ions.   Datod June llth, 1907.
in. Commencing a.i a post planted abont2j
miles east of llm mntli fmk nf Soymoiir river ami
aliout 1 uf a mile north "f a small creek flowing
frmn tlm easi Into tbe north tors of Seymour river.
alumi thirteen iniles above the forks and marked
"John Manning Scott's s. W. eorner," thence
nuiili mi eliains, thenco east hi chains,thence
South sn chains, thence west 80 chains to point of
commencement, ami containing mu aerea mme nr
le.s,  DatetlJuno nth. 1907.
_>U1. I.V^Lj.
Rovelstoko Land District,
District of Wost Kootonay,
Tako nolice tbat Goorgo H. Campbell, of
Arrowhead, occupation Timber Cruiser, intends to apply Ior n special timbor licence over
tlio following dosorlbed lands;—
Commonclng nt a posl plantod on tho south
side of Lot 0281 about, h". chains wost of Poplar
Creek, thonco wesl 20 chains, thenco north 22
ohnins thoucowost 11" eliains. thence -u'ltli 12
eliains, ihence east IfiO chains, thenco imrtli'Jn
chains to point of commoncomont, and containing 010 acres moro orless.
Dated May Uth, tiHiT- wed my 211
Notice is hereby given lhat 30 days afterdate
I intend to apply to theCliicf Commissioner ol
Lands and Uorks for aspoolnl HcOQiOtooUt
mi-1 carry nwny timbor from Ihe following
descrihed lamlssitnnted on McDonald Creek,
Uppor Arrow hake, West Ko itenny diatrict!
I. ('oimncncing at a post maikcd "\V, It.
Rold's south-WOSt, corner post,"situated i.eara
heaver meadow, about 7 miles from the mouth
of McDonald Creek, thenco north 80 chains,
thenceeast su chains,thonoo south SOohains,
Hieneo wot mi ebains to point of commence*
*.', Commonclng a1 a posi planted at ihe
south-west cornerof No. I, marked "W.H.
Hold's imrih-vest comer post,"thenco south
80 chains, thenco castfiO chains, thenco north 80
cbaius, thenco wesl S.'chuius to polut of coin
,*t. Commoncing nt a post plnnted al tho
north est corner of No. 2, marked "\V. It.
i;. ut'.-, north-west corner post," thouco south ni
chains, thonco cast so chains, thonco north ^
clmins, thonco west 80 chains to point of com
Mini May 'J.ith, I1H)7,
w.il my ili	
VTOTICE i^ horoby nlven that, thirty days
lN aller dale  1 inleml to nmily to tho Chief
i mn missioner of Landsaud Won,.-, for special
liconso to em and carrj uway timber from the
following dosorlbnd lauds situato iu West
Kootonay district!
Commonclng al a post planted al flu- mouth
uf Canoo Ilivor unit markod  "K. Swlfzor's
ninth east i-nrmT nosl," thenee wosl 80 uliaillS,
thouco aoutb 80 chains, llienco oast 80 chains,
thenou north Wi cliniltB to Llio point of com-
Daled Mny 2nd, Il«i7.
wed my 21) !>;. 8WITZEH.
I,Tho,, \Vi.i».i..,..i-iii.(..»iiK....i [..r.l. W.tain,
iiiii'ti.l Blsty daya ullor dale   lu apply ... llm
II ..-,.1.1.1 ih, i In.i (-i..iifiii*■ m ,1,1 Limi,niul
Wml r pnnulu  to purobaae lho fnlluivlu,
doaerllajil huul*. altuated mi UnperArrowIaiko
uml > -o pattlculurly die.crlbo.1 oa lollom
Coiuinuuclnii fi. a poal plantudal Um 8. li. -■
ti.'i ui Timber I.Imii W,frou. Ihenco lontli in
ohnlna, frunt tlienco uoat lm. chalna, frmn tlience
north lu olialua, Iron-llioncQ Baal loo ehuiua to
point .'f commencement! (lifilnui Ilny distru-i.)
I.f.l.-.l April nli IIIU7.
wed ...yi AKi-utrin-.l Watson,
]\   days ...In. dm..  I Inl.-ml l.i npply tulli..
t hifl'iiii laalonor... U.ii.Ihiu.iI Work, for I
apoui.il lloonao to cm and carry nway timber
from Ilu: fullowlnu deaorlbud lands Hltuatod in
..'.-». Kootonay lltstrlot:
(-.il[H".,.|ii-luu nt i. pnsl lu.serllmil "It Arm-
sir. ..in'.* s. \v. eorner poat," planted nt a poal
Inscribed l.nt l.w N «., tboncO uorlh ICO
chains, u-e-tu, ohnlna, south IOO ehalna, tvast
In .Iniini. in p lint in iinuinitinuoiuo.il,
Hnlel .llll..' slh, IW7,
li.ll.KliT Af-tllSTKliN.:,
Certificate of Improvements.
Hlchmmid Mineral Claim, situato In thoHov
clstoke Mining Division nl Wost Kooicnay
Where localcd:   A I. Sliuidaid  Basin, "-iouth
Fork of Downio I'reek.
Take nolice thai I, it. Smith, P.M.C No
Ii-<s712, noting as ugi-nt for W. II   Wlllcox,
Free Minor's Cortiflcato No. 1188880. Intend,
sixty days from dnte hereof, lu ap|ih to ilu
Mining Recorder foritCertllloatooi Improvi
monts, far tlm purposo of obtaiuiug a Crown
(,'rnnt of ibo abovo olalm,
And further tako uotlco thnl action, undei
soctlon 87, musl he commonood before tho
is, liailCO of sm b ( ei'lith-nle ul' liiiiiri-veiimiils.
Dated ihi-* 3Srd tiny uf May, A.Ji. ISMi".
wed my 20 K. SJMlTUv
\ Hou is horoby glvon thnt CO daya after date we
[niun  i, ;,(.. y to tho Hi.mrahleihn-f Coinmu-
si roi i,(t. i- ami WorkB for permission to pur
ehase   the   fulluwing descrihed    lands  in   West
Rootrtiiivj diatrict;
Coinnieuuiiig at a post plnntod on tho S. E.
cornor oi Thompson uro-omptlon 505, marked
Kvans & Ogllvio a N. \V. coruor post,   thence
,. 'ius east, 40chaius soutli, t" chains west,
■iii,". ins north to polut of commoncement, con*
tniiii. r\ luu crosmoroor hi-.-.
Duiod Ma} 25tb, l'JOi.
sat mj J. EVANS A OQ1LYIE,
Notice is hereby ^iv.-n that the under.igned ha.
applied to Ili- lliuiiiiir tlm I,i.'.itriifiiiiiiii,.-r.ii.r
in council under the provlelona ..f the Hlver. and
Ulnains Act, tu cleat and re co olutmclon.
(torn frliby Creek In the Districl u( Wc.1 K..,ti-
iiu, Urltlah .'uiiiuiliiii, Irom .-. polut .hereit
eutptleainto ll.e Columhin Kiver loatiolnton
i.-liil crook abonti mllea Irom the Columbia lllvoi
aud to eo.ulr.ict aud maintain boom, at or about
tin. imiuili ..I aaid creek and in Hu- Columbin
lli,i-i adjacent thereto, and ... attach boom, to
Uu. alu.ro f.f 1'rM.; Creek and aaid Columbia
lllver at aaid point., lor holding, sorting andde-
l.vurh.g l.i.s uud tuuhttr brought down saldcrafltc,
I In-liuni* iu in- affected liy .1..- aaldworlt.ro
Crown iambi and the toll, thalaie nropoted lobe
ilm'Kiil are inch iu may la. Hxed by t Judge ol
lite .'.iunu .niul ill We,. Kootenay.
li..isl.lus ..-.iliili.i i.l .1 in,.,, p..;.
wotlJlltt 19-UOil II   luiNNT.I.I.V.
Revelsl iko Land District.
,   ■ w. si Kootenay
: aki  no   ■   ih it  Ji^im   v'a'i-!1!!.- -  itt, uf
. ., :, i .. Barrister, .   ends to applj
. I. r llcensi» over tin  I   I    .:..,
■   . et U-:
i Con nv:. Ing at a post planted at the
ol Timber Limit HYM and
■ ,-■;■' . l Goldstream and
■        ■ '  I         i reek  and marked
"J W**j,'( - I-, corner,' thenoe wett lOchains,
I j ■ hcncocdsl Wchains,
thi ucc south 10 I dm to ; ainl ol commencement containinfj 510 acres m irless.
2. Commencing at n po»t planted at tho
north-east corner ol Timber Limit si'.'l. and
being about 30 chains north of Gi Idstream and
10 ' in.n- east of I aribo ■ < :■ ek and marki-d
'J.M.S/s S,W. cornor, tbeucoi .-* to chains,
tbonco north ton ohains, thence west 10 chains,
ihoneo Bouth 100 choins to polut otcommenoo-
ment and oonlAiningBlOaorea moroi i .* ss,
Dated May l*Stb, IW7,
.'I. Comincncing at a post planted about 12u
chains soutb frmn a post 2 mile.-up the south
fork of Goldstream and marked "J.M .-.'- N K.
oorner,' thonce woat 10 chain**, thenee -outh &u
.halt.-, thenee east 120 chains, thenre nurih 10
chains, thei.ee west Si eliains, thenee north I1)
to point of commencement and contain-
l.gGlo ai res mole or Je.—.
i. Commenoingat a post plantod about flvo
mile- up the nortn-east fork of Qoldstream and
about 10 chaini easl ol same and marked 'J M<
S.'o S K. oornor," ihonce west B0ohains, ihence
itortbao chains, thonce east 80 obains, thonoo
touth si chains io poim of commencement and
contain iug 610 acres more or lo-as.
-.  i     .   ng I', a post planted about ono
■orth 1 irk of Goidstroam and
mn ..' "J.M.S.- ti I., corner," thenco north
lu chains, thonce west ■* ■ chains, thenoo south
IJ chatiin, thence east 10 chains, thenoo north
rtuchaliiN thencu cast 10 chains to point of com-
 I..* 01 ■ Korea mure or
ii Commi ui Ing at a i1"-' planted nlwut one
mil,* up the imiili fork of Goidstroam and
marked "J.M.S s&VV oorner,n thenco north
rn, halns, thenco cast lOu chains, tbence -uuth
10 chains, theuco wesl I6j chains toiHiint of
commoncement and ronumniK 01'; acres more
or less.
Dated May 181b, 1W7.
wed .inn U     JOHN MANNING.SCOTT.
Kevelstoke Und District.
Dlstrii i ni West Kootenay.
Tako notice that John Manning Scott of Kcv-
elstokc, U.l . Barrister, intends io apply fur
ipecial timbei licenses over tho following described lands:
1, Commencing at a post planted about
three miles west ol the Columbia Itiver and
about l!-3 miles south ol smitli Creek and
marked "J.M.ti 'sSAV,cornor,"thonce north 60
chains, thonee east 80 ehains, thence south hi
chains, ihence west so chains to point of commencement and containing tiiu acres more or
2. Commencing at a post planted about
threo miles w&k of tho ColuniUm Riverand
about I't miles south of .-smith Croek and
marked "J.M.S._N E. eorner," tlience south Si
chains, thenee we-i t>" ehains. thence norlh ;su
ohains, tbence east 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 010 acres more or
a Commeneing at a post plantcil about livo
milos westof the Columbia River and it miles
soutli ot Smith Creek and marked "J.M.S.'s
S.W, corner." theuco east bU chains, theme,
north SO chains, thence wost B0 rhalns, thenco
soutli BO chains to point of commencement and
containing 010 acres more or less,
I. Commencing at a poet plantod about fivo
miics west ol the Columbia Diver and li miles
south ol Smith Creek and maiked "J.M.S:'aS.
E cor mr," ibenco north 80 chain;, theme west
■I. chains, thi nee south bO chains, tbence cast 80
ohains to poiut of commencement, ami containing WO acres more orless,
Dated .May Had, 1UJ7.
5. Commencing at a post planted about
mile- west oi the Columbia Kiver anil li mile
-outh of Smith Creek and marked "J.ALS,'sS
\\. corner,' thence nurih hi chains, theuce eaet
SO chains, ihenco south & chains, theuco west
ao chains to point of commencement and eon-
Laluing 610 acres mure or less.
tj, Cummencing at a posl planted abml seven
miles west ol the Columbia River and IH miles
south of Smith Creek aud marked "J.M.S-'s S.K,
comer,' thence west B0 chaini, thenee nortn Stl
chains, tbence east B0 chains, thence s"uth bo
chainslo point oi commencemeni and containing
(HU acres more or less.
7. Commencingat a post planted about eight
miles trost ol iheXJolumbia Hirer aud .a thi forks
of Smith Creek, and marked "J.M.S,'i N.B.cor-
uvr," thenee s.mtli 80 chains theuce wesl W
chains, thense north 80 chains, thenoe east to
chains to pomt ol commencement! ami containing
tiioacies mo.eorles*",
Dated May anl, iw:.
wedjanli       JOHN MANNING SCOTT.
Take notice that Andrew Kitsou.oi Kevel-
stoke, B.C Miner, intends to aoply lor a
Special timber license over the foiIowln-K described lands situate in tbe Kevelstoke Division o West Kootenay District, B.C.
1. Commeneing at a post planted on thc
norm oankoi Klal Creek, about J^mlle above
tne north fork and marked "Andrew Kit-
son's 9 K. eorner post," thi-nce running 40
cnains north, thence loo chani*- west, thence
4u chains sooth, thenee 160 chains cast to
point ol commencement and containing tou
ncres more or lest
iu. ed Ma> 27lb,I907.
■j. Com mencing at a post planted about W
mile north of tint Creee, and anout >t mile
above the north lork and marked "Andrew
Kitson's 8. W. corner post," theme running to
chaini north, thenco 80 chaini east, thence 80
ehnins south, tbence nj ehains west to point of
commencement, mcl containing-jIuiutc*- more
or less
Uated May 27th 1907.
8, uommeneiog at n post planted ahout |4
mile north ol Flat Creek and j mite above the
noith fork and mnrked "Andrew Kitson'sN,
n. eorner post," thenee running •*chains
south, then e 60 chains east, thence BO ohaina
uortb, thence B0 chains west to pointol com-
iiieucement, and containiiin tito beres more or
Dated May 37th, 1907.
i Commencing nt a post p.anied mi the
north bank oi Flat Creek aUmt l\ miles helow
lhe north lork and marked "Andrew Kitson's
8.W. corner |»st," thence running so chains
north, to chains east, thence to chains south,
tbeuce 40 ohalni east, thenee bo chains south,
thence west to chains, tbence 40 nbalni north,
tnence 10 chaini west to pointof oommoncement and I'onUitiingMU acies more or less.
Dated May 37tb,lS07.
o. Coinineneilig ht a post plnnted onlho
norlh lank ol MatCreek.aDOUls^Hmllesbelow
ihe imrth fork and marked "Andrew Kitson's
9.W. corner post," thenoe running B0 chain**
uurth, tbence i chains ea-t. then io 20chains
south, ihence 40 chaini east, thence 80 chains
south, tbence idchahis west, theme in chains
north, thence lo ehains west to imiuiulcum-
mencemonti and containing Ou acres more ur
limed May27th, 1907,
-sat June B ANDItKU  KITnjN,
In tub County  Coubt m-*  vv'i.-i
K.I..TKNAV    H.ll.l.liS   AT   KliVI.I.-
Iii tit., iiiiiiii-rni' il.,. Kst.-.i.. nf Otcar
I'l. St.-vi-iis, .1...'....*...I, mul  in tho
iniutor ..1 tl... '■oin.i.ii
.Viliniiii^tiiitni-a Act,"
TAKK MiTH'K U..U l.y order ofl
Ilia Hanoi' J. A. forin, J.uIks, ......I.-;
Ilu-iiih ilny uf M:iy 1007. I »..* n|.
ininiMil .-ul.niiii-1.-.iim nf i|... estate ol
ll-i-ul-   K.   SlOV'01.8,   il.-.'.-ilf....l,   ..ml .ill
|iiit-ti(.s having i-li.ii.is ttg.il.ist tl... sni.i
estate are hereby reuiiired to furnish
same [iruporly verincd to me on or
before the 16tb day ol June, 1907. Au.l
..ll parties Indebted t.. s;.i.l estate aro
t'eoiilied to pay lho amount of their
Indebtedness t.. n.e forlhtvltb.
II.-:... S. .M.l'AiiTKit.
Official A.I......i-nnt...-.
Dated ibis 1st, day of June, 11X17,
Notico is herebj given that OOdaya ■■ ■ Intel
iiileml to apply to the Chief Commlssinnor ol
hamls and Works for permission to purchase tbe
following deacribed lands in the West Kootenay
('miiineimiiig at a post planted at tl a-t hank
□f tho Columbia Rlver,|about the head ol i. Mil"
IIIRle and marked"?, It. D'snorth-wesl ■ rner1
thonco oast 30 clmins, tbence soutn ■ chains,
lience west Ho chains tn the Colnmbla River,,
hence in a northeriv directinn lotlowfng the
meandorings of the Colu uhla River r»' chains to
point <>f commencement, oontalmng sIhiui iw
Dated March Wnl, A.D,, 1007.
wedaplO F> K. BUTTON.
Notice is hereby given that B0 days after date
; Intend toapply to tbe Chiel I eminlnloner ol
Undsand Worki fora ipeclal license to cut
nml carry away umber front ih.-imiowing
lescrlbod lands in West Kootenay dlurid:
Commencingal n posl planted (0chainssouth
of .1 »mall< reek emptying i Mosquito Creek
nenr the north wotI cornor ol K.&8,Dlook
No. »"0, marked "W. IL Hold's south-west oor
n«r pout, ihonce nortb 80 chains, thpneo wost
-.. liains, thi neo wulh •*< ohalna, thenoe out *o
ohaina to poinl ol i ommenoomenL
Dated _faj Wnd.lOOT,
tat June 1 W, It. RBID,
Revelsloke Land District.
Dislricl ni V\',-*t Kootenay.
Take notice tlmi I. Angus McCallum, of
Revelsloke, occupation Logger, intend io
apply t.'r .i special limber licence over tho
following described lnmls:
V Commencing al .. posl planled .ii
lhe north-westcornci of T. I.. No. iwo..
and lhc sn.nl. boundary of Railway Block
No. ,165 and lying south of Tenderfoot
Creek .....I mnrked "A. McCallum's ..urili-
.-..*.. corner post,' thence siu.il. Sochains,
Ihence ».-st 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east Su chains lo |ioiiit ol'
commencement, and containing 640 acres
morif t.i lf-,s.
Dated June 51b, 1907.
wedje 11     Per A. t*. McE., Agent,
Notice ll herebj ci ven that w dayi from date
; intend to apply to tbo Honourable the Cbiel
Commissioner ol I-and-* and Works (or per-
mission to purchase tne following descrilied
lands, siluated at Oalena Bay, in West Koote-
uitv district:
Comincncing at a post marked "\V, R, Keid's
south-east comer post," antl plnuted t'J chains
south from Iha Dortb-WOItOornerof (.'.Heck's
Lot 7oi3, theoce west a* chains, tbence north
Id obains, thence east -* ohalni, thenoe south
101 halm to point el eemiueiiccmcnt, snd containing 10 acrei more or less.
Dai"d May i!nd, 11107,
nsl my A W, it. H£UJ% ii*. -YHmsmi&iaitmmw&sisiSiix uaamss
f   |M|  |r. r rr~ii"Ti   •   i  i i   iiM__iiF|U'™''^'M'-^'--',q-'"*T*-''---*'^iMH_M_->_i—
■jtscnrrnmii-r ■ni^ ■_■■■»■■■■■■■■■■■■■*"■
*ir.*»*-Ma'.-JiJ.i:Ot',i_"\ -
We .We fl few fete left at $100 eaoh.   These are close in Vy\ Lethbridge is fast becoming an important city and its
and we guarantee them all perfectly level.
•       >   ft
They will be on the market for30 days only.   Prices will
be advanced in the course of a few days. j
future prosperity is assured.
Buy now and get in before the advance.
Three  Railways,   vast  coal deposits, and best wheat
lands in Alberta.
llll:, UuUbLAoot rnml,
BargainsI     Snaps ll    Special Prices III
I Social and Personal
The Early Buyers Secure the Besl.
Ladies' and Children's  Rain Coals to Selling undei regular prices,   One of
clear at less than manufacturing prices.   Call   the bcs| Underskirt values ever offered by us,
and See them.
Regular $2,   Now selling at $1.
PRINTS!! PRINTS!! „  ,      ,D    ,n     .     .
Men s ana Boys Department
A good heavy cloth in all  colors,  and J            '
warranted fast colors, selling at 8 cent:-, per Natty   New   Goods.   Our stock never
.var-'" better than at present.    We make a specialty
"~                                   , in Union Made Goods,   None other ifpossi-
t*nUL.    UUfilnlslQ ble to procure Union made,     Ourpricesare
Nottingham Lace Curtains.    No better guaranteed the lowest.
C rtain made for the price.   Selling at  75c.
and 81.50 per pair.     There are special prices
f - special quality. refunded
Goods as  represented or your  money
9$ l$H$H$H$» 1$H*H>$$H$
9    We are Agents for the
9 famous     " international
9 Stock Food."
9     Large stock kept here.
9     Write   for circular or
9 call and see it.
9 __
$ Canada Drug k Book Co,
Wedn. -   :■   lun. 26tl   lor 24 hours.
;: ■   sultrj       .   1  .- thunder,
. with        tii I change.   Light
,   sterly  n 1 ds.    Temp, Mux S5 de-
-. Min 58 degrees.
y fi glance :.
i.f (iroceric! wil
vnn tn try theni
tri.l  u
'HIIVIII..'   vol
they :..-.-1 In- purest and l-.-s
.... the iiiiu-kut. Tiv uu
I j Hobson & Bel
Grocers, Bakers & Confectioners
Cast in yuur lot with the Woodmen
nt ti.- opi.;. bouse .... Mnn.lay night.
Miss N-'-i.fii. :i. itron pitnl,
ii progn ssing vi ry lavorably and ivill
be up ..inin shortly.
Yesterday was the hottest day ive
have had so fur, the tin ru - - ter reg-
isteriug 88 di gn . - n tin shade.
1!  you are downcast   "Caste' will
i nn-al cinrl fsonoral   '•    v     1 :i
LUbdl   dllu   UCllCl dl.  Monday night,   Dance afterwards
10 buy a House.
TO Itl'lll ft   Ili'll-r.
Tu Buy Nice Building I. is
.-Ins.. in,
Tu Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid k Anderson
MONEY   TO  LO    -
Kiuiid i Anderson
Real Estato and IniUranOH   If ta
I reryl ly « rks but lather ut the
0] ■ ra bouse M m lay evening.
. ainn m ii;.-:- was admitted to tl.e
1. .pital last week with .111 injured
f   *
The oh sing - xamiuatio is al    *
soli    - are  ■      held I 'day, and the
summer vac ition wi ', c imn  -
Friday next.
S. Dale, who was wri
■ :      :    ..     iccide il
.   .    lasl .ii--',.. tin arm bavins
'" ::-  ■' I''    *".  ' 8t"  -,-,.,' .-  d the 1 adl   ro
-...-. , reh Inn ;.:     -  - n ..-'
:     h   11   Day  by  .1 picnic up the     th.   nly Domini u Day -•
C luml... uany n,
Anii-t-- ng'i D mini n Day oeli
•   .  thii yeai    10   ■■ - '
: . -.. ever  olore ..'*- mi ted in * ■
25 D Itt ent I.    II nils,
Numerous   othi 1  H. ' .
Cards.    Rupheal Tu- k -
: .    -. i1 *• 1 trds,
General Price   35c. a Doz.
The  Folder  Posl   Card
Two lot           -     -    25c.
Bevelsl  ki   G   nl   1*
Card.    Three toi    •    25c.
Multlpl.   1*    * Cards
Three for    -    •        <*»Oc
I,   -.!--   Conveniently   and
Handsomely   Displayed.
W. BEWS. Pta. B
Druggist and 'Stationer,
Mail Ot                 ll)    Itendi 1
to .-it tins Sion ,
in llevi itoki
ai ■   in the evening,
Don t inisi it. ■ nd ince
It is understood that  1
House has«
lenj      * -
II. N  1 ■ -..   -      It I    1
|)e| : 0   ... 1  '      tl
So.'i, ll      - riot,A.I
■ ii ;i ol the Ur.11
A go.id wi   :   ip I   pu   ll  ninion
11,. 1 iill . 1 ll'
.  opera 11 -I-.- to -wil
lirte-acl    medj    - .-*- lie R. -
■ ■      -■,    ten   Dramatic I   ib to I
I     veil   by  11   grand dance In hand
miiMi under the nuspici -
. In c.w.o.w,
.1  Fred Hume h 1- disposed
lllllll..    II   •'       il    S'l i-   li tO  I IL":  I'
-, ■■•.ir-. ..I th.- Mountain
;....!.'.-. Man .1101 urors' Associal i n,
I'usfcsi -...■, on M   iini
Day.   Uelville Tompkins, lato -.1 the
Strathconu, will lie tin new  - r
1 in- c.-fi.-iil.-.-i.'.-.i. was about if50,01 II
Tin- -lull ol the .Mm. Hi rami (."I
,   \..-,  pleaianl tllvt rsion   ■■ ter I.i.
Iti i.mii...    ill    lln-    ii.i-.il nl  iOO i-.n-ilii
md l.iiouiti sonl as .1 gill 1 . tlio i.lllco
v Mrs.J.0. Kemp D.S.C, l,.(J 1 M
who has boon on an organising visil
to Rovelstoko lor tbo pasl two weeks,
Thnt this unexpected un I doliglitlul
relreBhment win thor .uglily np|irt>ol-
sled goos without saying, espocially
when tho thermometer was Btandlng
nl 8(1 In llie ilmilii, and the sli.lt ox-
I .ess their sinoereil thanks to the
W. A. Foott
racl ■' r ■       1 -
itoke  a
. - *
n hit family  •
1   . ■        : ■  1. ■      f 1
-   '!
. 1
in ild 1 nut here, wl.icl    -
iis    -..     siting tin
Tl    prising
strong .in- nrr.i' gii els
year that has
-   1  1     -.'.ilii-v.   Tin
features  will   bo goml -
lacrosse, baseball and lontbn I   -
,11 preforenee to sny othei
ibe   program  Invariably    prove   tin
principal  attractions al cc 1
li, addil ion to I hose I lie 0
-    has  gone larthor  Hun   111;
other interior town In- Bvor tl n
I lore  and  neonrctl   Irom  Chicago 1
professional  a.-rminui, who  11
1, {, lil 1 nn ..a.-.-..is during Ibe day,
Tu toe this in-iii drop Irom lho heights
in the olouili will l.e .... attraction
illil'll    ...nny   In   lln-   .'.i.iiiilly havt
ii'-cer yet hnd the pleasure ..I witm ss
ii.S ami this (.-..lu.-i   .1! > «-.|| ..ssnr.-
...1.strung ..I.. large tun. oul on noxi
('apt, Kane, ol Arrowhead, was iu
Hie city on Sunday,
Mrs. 15. M. .Vllinii will not receive
for tin: re*! uf the seusun.
A Currle of the k'uinluops land
iillic.. w s in town this week.
Miss McF.irli.nc, of the bospit.il
st..lV, left- on Sunday for .1 visil to
Viinc .-.ii ver.
Cnpt. l''i..sl..iid came up from Ar-
rowhend on Monday evening ami went
up tu the Caiyon steamboat In...ling.
W Magi.ire, physic..! direct..." .■( the
l.ii-fl Y. M.C. A.,left on Sm..lay 1.iui.I
(or Toronto, to join the stall' ol tho
association there.
usiness Locals
'.   Nothing better than Our "Special
Wale: s.ts if. nil colors. C. I'.
Hume & Co.
Headquarter, (or strawberries and
fruit— Bourne Bros.
Patronize llotne Industry. 8moko
Revolstol'.u Cifiare.
Fresh vegetables ol nil kinds arriving daily.   0. Ii II 11110 A Ci.
Mattress; pillow, nnd bed comtuits
at C, II. Hume & Co.
Anoth. r lot ..: the latest books inst
opeued at The Canada Drug & B.mk
Keep cool a. d cotnfortahle in une ol
our straw or linen hat*—C. ti. Hume
A- 0o„ Ltd
Revelstcho Cigars 'Jnion Matte -Our
Special, Tho Union, antl Marca Vuelta
arc uheatl of ull tjthors.
Refrigeiators—all new stuck .u.d
the l-.-t ni tue market. Lawrence
Hardware Co
It* y nt :i ive e .r.i- or sore Ieet come
nn I usk -I* uit tt to tue—The Canada
Dmg & i'i 1 -ii C 1.
Just i- i.-i -i.-i- ll.iple Syrup in b it-
• if. I :, .- .- itr.ime.sl pure, li .1 ne
:   -
Sen       '■ irs   and   winduws,  wire
Hi .  ill sizes fit l.fi'vience
curtains, a nice
• -  - find di sigiu
11 .      ig .   :..i-Mf    bicycl. -.
mm .- handle bars,
ire Co
ers try some
powder, the si
■1   ..—1     .1 -1 Drug     Book I
I,.  1- .u.d -1 <<■-. jn-;
.   h      ■*■■-.: i." I' C. ii.
.   ckel   balls,
■   ii
,, - m     .       g Store
- .   '
■    :  '■ 1 '
1   li
1 iv    Mower 1   D me
■i: - ■ •
1   U Hutu
.: H
ee shin
■   ,
Another lot just to hand
with some of the svvellest
Patent leather Bals.
Oxfords in Patent Leather,
Gun Metal and Dongola.
If you want the BEST
Women's Shoe to be had
in the town, made-by a Factory that makgs nothing but
Women's Shoes. Buy the
Girls' Stockings
Last Black and splendid
wear—Gipsy and Princess
You cannot find anything
like the variety and values in
town like this Store shows
you. We can lit out any one
of lhe family. They were
bought befoie the heavy advances of the past season and
you will find them cheap.
We have Lisle Hose, in
Plain, Lace Boots and Full
Laee, in Black, Navy, Grey
White, Pink and Blue.
Cotton I Lise, in Black,
White and Tan.
Misses' Hose
In White and Black Lace-
Lisle, Black, While and Tan
We have a new line of
Children's Sox, in while,
cream, black and tan. They
are very prclly and cheap.
Fine, Soft Cashmere in
Black, Ked, Tan, & While.
For men and women.
We can sl*j..\v you some
splendid values in theso
goods. We have Balbriggan, Fine Wool, Silk-
Mixed for men, Fine Wool
Balbriggan Lisle for ladies.
Do you want something
10 wear — Hercules and
Rock Rib.
Butter crocks in 1 gallon, 2 gallon
nml 3 gallon sues.   0. B. Hume & Cn.
Riding saddles, pack saddles, heavy
and light team harness, express and
buggy turn 'ss, whips, sweat pads, eto.
nt liiittriie Bros.
We have just received a shipment
nf linoleums direct Irom Scotland,
newest patterns and designs, C. IS.
IInine & Co.
.lust to band frmn Waterloo,Quobeo,
, .- milgnment ol strictly pure Maple
-..par.   Tl....-.- aro tuinnintcwl 10 be the
iiiiii- niti.-l.— II..hs..11 .V- Hell.
Tho  regular  quniterly  rnee ing ol
Hi,-   britiih   Col imbia Fruit Growers
, will in- held in tl.o city ..(
Kii*lu nt  i p.m. un Tuesday, July 2.
-.  . ,.,.  nl  1,1 f 1: :i   to niiif 'I thr cnn-
n i..,   having  il... 1111 ii.l..-rsl.i|.
npoBcd ol  di legatei (rnm tho lucal
, ,., ,,1 .,;.., in cl nngc the clause
elating  to  qualification  lm* voting
(j    mm i 1 , M..|,i  lip,
I iii 11- .mu 1. . meeting "I the local
■  .   iaii.ni in iln- ciiy
,,.l  in,   Saturday, J111111 2llth at "1 JU
•  , 1,   1    1 ihnsiouc, president;
ii    !■; 1,,   bj presidot I, and   VV.  .1.
: andrith   -■.- treas, will deliver a,
i Dominion Day!|
It's a Holiday so Enjoy Yourself.   How?
Why see the Comedy-Drama
. n   u   Ll '-Ml
"*'   * : " "  ' '    Ires.. praying, planting, pruning
1 packing 1.iu' and other Blibjoots
nl inn rest to fruit growers   livery-
iiuily is ,m :    -iii- mil a full all.-It.lance
I atcd
,\ mec.ii,- ■ I tl.o Board nl Dircotors
■    ..   Fmii     r.   In.. I-,-.- -i.iiip-i.l
|j,.    i-.i   will   bo   bold In il..-city
- 1   ,    lm,.  iOtli.nn arrival
1    no    ng 1 nli :.  the west.
MVffi 11 in -11 - in ilm North vv.-si aro
being loomed, and .1 11 little judicious
advertising  v, .a indulgod In by local
.1-.I estate uj l«, there icoms to bo
.,., reason   why   Rovolstoko Ib nol aa
Knoll n  '"'in 1 vi -1 in »8 nny I wn
in c In     We .Mm- lm a l'-« 'lays
nn olght-i '-'I houso with all 1 1-
 pmvoi l-i, lie;..inini on ha I
in  Inm, I.f,v  lonl Irontag 1 Sec I
s-r.-.-l, Ib.il. mnv lm Iml fm* •fl1'""
dash, balance .... terms—Rove itoki
General Agencies, Limited, Molsons
Hank Building,
Our  i ir,.-. -  nre
Our Methods ■in-'
mo .1
Wt: invite YOUR
Red Cross Drug Store
M iill.nli.f   Il.i.i.im Pi |.l ........1..11
I     Opera House     |
£- TICKETS 75c. and 50c.  Plan at Canada Drug Store ^8
Tbe tent inootingB oontinuo all this
week. On Suiidfiy evening there was
11 largo emw.l 111 attention -e. The
Bolo "Abide with me," was rendered
by Mrs, "Shanks with great power and
effect, The lantern illustrations
accompany it were very i-lfcctive, Kor
nearly an hour Mr. Shanks spoko to
iln- large audience on the subject ol
'TliriBt nt the Door," Ily apt illus
tratlon ho Bhowcd how Christ can be
.I.ul ....I nl Ihe heart and lift-. The
meeting was lull ol power and thoio
present will nol sunn lorget iis effect
This evening lhe Rov. J. Wllllard
Mich, M.A., nl ib.. First Baptist
Church, ViMcotiYtr, will presoh, 'J'..-
morrowing evening ll.e Rev. D. li
llt.it, M.A., Supt ol llapli'l Missinns
mil |,ri'iii-li ami continue lhe meetings
over noxt Hun lay. Mr and Mrs.
Shanks return ... Nelson an.l thei
pastoral duties there.
ANTED- A Waitress, apply ul
Hotel Kevelstoke,
Miuilago Licenses Issued


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