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The Mail Herald Aug 28, 1909

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 " Empire" Typewriter
For ense ol operation and pei lection
iu results produced, lhi- machine
is unsurpassed.   Price, $00 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Vol. 15.-No60
Policial Library
Visiting Cards
A   Specialty
Interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
A full line of Ladies' and Misses Golf Jackets
and Knit Norfolk Coats have just been received.
They arc all different styles and patterns—no two
alike.    Just the thing for these cool evenings.
Prices from $1.29 to $4.90 each
Cushion Frills
Satin  Ribbon Cushion Frills in endless   variety
of shades, $1.25 each.
Mens' Wear Department
Our fall range of  still   hats   presents  a   variety '
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dressiness  and  comfort,   besides  giving   the   wear
which only a genuine Christy can
Price $3.50 each
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Store* at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
I Big Cut in Sporting Goods
si       y*
■\M KM I'AN Association Bulls'
regular   $   75   now   $   60
liitm   TENNIS   BALLS      regular    60o.    now    35c.
mon       .1 •• •• 50c.      "       25o.
HOYS'    " " " 85c.        "        16e.
BOYS' LACROSSE STICKS   " 75c.       "        50c.
See Our South Window for Bargains in Hammocks
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branohes or Agents ai all principal points tn^Oanada.
Agents ill Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—Kirst National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
currenl rate from dale of deposit.    Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch
A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Ladies' Net Blouses
and Fancy Collars
Just received a new shipment from the   hast.      The latest
styles and prices  reasonable.
MRS.  A.  Ci.  CRICK
First  Street Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
«. Bryan Williams Will Recommend an Open
Grouse Season in Kootenay
A. Bryan Williams, Provincial Game
Warden, came through Revelstoke on
No. 117 00 Friday evening. He was
returning to the Coast alter superintending the erection of the camp f r
the Governor-General in the Columbia
Valley, about thirty milea from Windermere, He says that Earl Grey is
expected to be io camp there on Sept.
9th, ae he will come ou west directly
after opening the new bridges across
false Creek in Vancoi-ver on Sept.
Sib. They have erected a number of
cabins lor the Governor-General and
lis stall', and Mr. Williams thioks it
au ideal place lor camping and hunting. He ia in lact greatly impressed
with the possibilities ol the Columbia
Valley from every standpoint, and
helievcs it is on the eve of great
development. There is every indication that the Kootenay Central
railway will be proceeded with, snd
that will mean the opening ol the
whole valley below Golden to settlement. He believes tbat it is rich
both in agricultural and mining possibilities.
Speaking ol the game laws Mr.
Williamsi-iiid the reason why au Order
iu Council had been passed prohibiting
the shooting ol grouse iu East and
West Kootenay this season waB that
reports had come in that grouse were
becoming very scarce in those die-trie's
Grouse snooting was, however, allowed
in Columbia district, aud after looking
more closely into tbe matter he saw
no reason why it should not be allowed here also, and he was going to
recommend to the Government thai
the season be re opened on September
15th. Prairie chicken are not allowed
to be killed at any time. The reason
why the shooting of bull moose south
ot the 52nd parallel had been prohibited was tbat along the main line of
the Cl' R. tbey were becoming very
scarce, and it was desired to protect
them. In regions more remote from
tbe railway they were more plentiful
and there was less indiscriminate
shooting. The government had now
entered ou a policy of game protection
and they were trying so to administer
it iu different aistricts so that game
might be preserved Ior all time il
School By-law
K'liti.r Mail-Hekaui.
Sir : In a few days the citizens of
Revelstoke will be called upon to
pronounce on a bylaw for the pur
chase of certain grounds indispensible
for school purposes, but at present
illegally occupied, and for the acquiring of Block No. 52 contiguous to
the school and equally necessary for
educational development, under the
heading of playground. It should
hardly be necessary to urge tbe pass
ing of these iletns, as their importance
to the city is obvious, but inasmuch
as previous propositions relating to
civic expenditures have sometimes
been passed and occasionally defeated
on ridiculously small vote totals,
proves the possibility of a slight per
centage of those privileged to vote
dominating the whole thrjugh sheer
negligence of the latter. Let it not be
so in this matter, and with that idea
in view, a word or two on the subject
may not be outol place.
At present the ally bisecting the
enclosed public Bchool grounds does
not belong to tbe city, the ownership
having reverted to the Revelstoke
Realty Co. (G. M. Sproat).
The ground occupied by the High
school building is a public thoroughfare and the small angular portion of
real estate extending from tbe approach to the building towards the
I O.O.F. brick hall and constantly
used by the pupilB, is also the property
ol the same concern.
That company long ago notified the
city to cease trespassing on their
holdings and it is fortunate that the
town bas not been summoned as
defendants in expensive litigation as
a conBtquence ol its negligence to
comply. The question of amicable
settlement is now diructly in the
hands of the citizens themselves,
either to purchase, vacate the premises
or let the irratter drift to the decision
ol a court judge with incidental costs.
Which is it to be ?
1'erhaps no topic has so earnestly
engaged the attention of metropolitan
communities of late as Irec and convenient play grounds lor energetic
yuiiths. Boys especially have got to
expend their energy In sonic lorm or
mother, and i' nnl vented iu harmless
pUj it will assuredly be  employed in
probable vandalism. Judge Lindsay,
ot Denver, in a recent address remarked: "The boy is to be formed
rather than reformed," which is valient
to the old Baying: "An ounce of
prevention is preferable to a pound of
cure." The boy who engages in play
is not bo likely to be arraigned lor
smoking cigarettes. Education itself
consists not entirely in absorbing what
may be found in books, but iB also to
be acquired on the field of healty
In the model city of Toronto juve
nile court lines and penalties have
beeu largely obliterated by a judicious
and liberal expenditure in well appointed playgrounds lor girlB and
Some plain speaker has written the
Plenty ol room  lor dives  and  dens,
glitter and glare and sin;
Plenty ol room for prison cells, gather
the criminals in;
Plenty of room  for jails and  courts,
(willing enough to pay),
But uever a place for the lads to race,
no never a place to play.
Plenty ol room lor shops and  stores,
(Mamon must bave tho best);
Plenty  of room for the ruining sores
that rot in the city's breast;
Plenty of room for the lures that lead
the hearts of our youths astray,
But  never a cent on a play ground
spent; no never a place to play.
Plenty of room for schools and plenty
of room for art,
Plenty   of room  for  teas  and   balls,
platform, stage and mart.
Proud is the city—she  finds  a  place
fur many a tad to day,
But she's more than blind il she fails
to find a place for the boys to play
Give tbem a chance for iunocent sport;
gue them a chance lor fun—
Better a playground plot thnn a court
and a jail where the harm is done
Give them a chance; il you stiut them
now, to-morrow you'll have to pay,
A larger bill for a darker ill, so give
them a place to play.
If we, the citizens of Revelatoko, are
willing to have our schools 011 the
street, let us not blame the boys, il
they learn the ways of the street and
later on remind us ol our monetary
meanness as we glance down police
court proceedings.
Those members of society who have
no children should also give heed, for
they may be called upon to give
evidence ae to where and bow they
were sandbagged by a defendant who
was once an innocent juvenile in a
community without a playground.
H. N. CotlBSIKB,
The Local lacrosse Tangle
Edilur M,ui_-Hekau>:
Sik,—In reply to an item appearing
in the Observer yesterday relative to
the dilliculty between the Labor Day
sports committee and ths local lacrosse
team we beg to Btate the Baid interview does not quite convey the entire
(act. The Sports Committee had entered ou their program a proposed
game ol lacrosse between tbe borne
team and auy other interior learn the
former might name with a view of
paying the expenses of transportation
of tbe visiting team out of Labor Day
funds. Oo interviewing the representatives of the local team however the
committee spokesman was informed
that the Revelstoke lacrosse men
would noi play unless medals were
presented, aud this stipulation wus
subsequently confirmed by other members of the team. This exaction together with transportation outlay
meant a total expense for lacrosse
alone of $175 to $200, these conditions
lendering a game impossible. Unfortunately, though individuals and
firniB have pn sundry occasions donated cups and trophies for other contests and though we all recognize the
superiority of uur Canadian national
game to any other game, no one has as
yet so so far as we know supplied a
cup for lacroBse. In view of these
brief but absolute facts we do not
think the local lacrosso men should
place the onus ol laxity in tbeir game
on the Labor Day spoils committee.
Let it however ulways be borne in
mind that the spirit ol Labor Day entertainment is primarily the promotion ol genuine sport (or sport's sake
alone and not lor the reward received
wbile at play.
The Day's Outing Much Enjoyed By the Party
On the 3,s, Revelstoke to St, Leon
About 140 people, men, women and
children, took in the retail merchants'
excursion on the s.s. Revelstoke to St.
Leon last Wednesday. A sobbing sky
and a chilly wind marred the pleasure
ol the occasion to a large extent. It
rained most of the way down aud back,
but in spite ol this, those who took
part managed to enjoy themselves
fairly well. Everyone was sociable
and a spirit of jollity prevailed among
the crowd, resulting from a feeling of
relaxation from the ordinary duties of
life. While at St. Leon tlie weather
cleared up a little, and some took boat
rides, while a number of lho mon
found enjoyment in a roughly improvised game ol cricket in [rout of the
hotel. The bat was a green club
chopped trom a tree and slickB served
as wickets, but this only helped to
give a primitive flavor to the fun.
Mine host, Mike Grady, of the St.
Leon hotel, served a splendid dinuer—
that is lor those who had time to eat
it. The last relay was disturbed by
the tooting of the steamer's signal for
relurn, and ihey had to rush off with
the meal half finished, aud with hanil-
fuls of oranges and hall masticated
pieces of pie.
Tlie return journey was enlivened
by singing and good natured badinage
in which George Hawker proved himself a jovial leader. He was rewarded
for his pains at the end of the journey
by being Beized upon by Boina of the
jouug fellows who carriod him bodily
around tho boat singing "For He'B a
Jolly Good Fellow."
The retail merchants had on the
whole good reason to feel satisfied witb
the excursion iu spite ol the weather,
and the hope wub expressed that it
would become an annual event, taking
ttie place of the civic holiday iu other
The boat left shortly after seven in
the morning anil returned at 7:110 in
tbe evening.
Chaiet Nearly Finished
The chalet is now about finished
and the Mountaineering Club will
next year be in a position, it is hoped
to accommodate visitors and members
They expect to have a certain number
of tents, dishes and bedding, which
can be rented lor a very small sum.
An attendant will probably be stationed their for the summer months,
who will have a stock ol provisions on
hand which can be purchased at cost;
thereby aaviog every person the trouble and expense ol getting their own
supplies trucked up.
This park will no doubt in future
he one ol the few places in the moun
tains where the visitor will get the
grandest scenery and healthiest outing
and the local community have an
excellent camping ground, cool and
refreshing iu the heat of summer.
Armours Locate Here
The Armour Picking Company are
about to establish a warehouse and
cold storage plant in this city, which
will liecoioe their distributing point
for the immense territory between
Sponcc's Bridge and Field on the main
line, inoluding the branch railway and
steamboat lines tributary thereto. S.
K Bradley, who will be manager, has
secured a house 011 Filth and will take
up bis residence in the oity. The
warehouse will be 11 great acquisition
to the commerce ol Kevelsloke, and is
another indication that it ie regarded
as a convenient commercial centro by
big houses.
Moving Picture Programme
A large audience enjoyod the excellent programme ol nml ion pictures ut
the Kdison Theatre lasl nigbt. To.-
nigbl lhe same programme will ho
repeated nl two performances. Tbo
comedies arc good and tho balance of
tbe programme first-class.
S. S. Convention and District Meeting
Rev. T. W. Hall returned from
Salmon Arm on Thursday's midnight
train, where he has been conducting a
very successful Sunday school convention on the 25th und u moet harmonious financial district meeting on the
26tb. Tbe attendance was good snd
every part of the program was well
carried out. Rev. O. M. Sanford, of
Kamloops, preached a very practical
sermon on Wednesday evening and
Rev. W. J. Sipprell delivered a very
able address on Thursday evening on
Christian education.
Labor Day Sports
The program Ior the Labor Day
Bports is now well under way and by
all appearances a grand day's entertainment will be the result.
The local athletes arc putting in
some consistent practise work and
when Labor Day arrives they will be
in shape to uphold the honors of the
The tugol-war on Labor Day is to
be pulled on grass this year and teams
are invited to send in their entries as
soon as possible.
lun at the Fair
One ol the principal attractions ol
the coming Fall Fair will be tbo pro
limit mn by the Amaleur Dramatic
Club ol a three-act lurcical comrdy.
Tho piece is well named "Conlusion,"
abounding as it does in funny situations and goucral mix-ups, causing
much laughter und merriment. The
Revolstoke Dramatic Olub have been
too long belore the public to need any
endorsement, und patrons ol tbe opera
house can rest assured that in "Confusion' the local Thespians will be
seen lo advantage. Watch lor further
particulars ol this mirth-provoking
The Groceries carried
in our establishment are,
from every standpoint, perfectly satisfactory. The;r
excellent quality is conceded
by all who have tried them
and we can guarantee their
purity. It will be money
in your pocket to deal here
because you not only get
the highest grade ol goods
but pay the lowest price for
Cams'. Christies', and McCormick's Biscuits
Chase and Sanborn Coffees
Tetleys'. and Brooke Bonds Teas
Headquarters for Choice Fruits and Vegetables
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
The Picture tells a Story
Now its a Two'Piece Suit Sale.     Just the left-overs
of our own choice stock
20 per cent Off
Fit Reform Clothing
____sT.iBij.siim> isei
B. E. WALXXS, President
AUXAHDEB LAIKD, General Miuifer
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000
Tb« new Travellers' Cheques recently issued by this Bank are a most <
WKf Id which to carry money when travellings   They are issued in denomination* at
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
and tb* exact amount payable In   Austria.   Belgium,   Denmark, Franca,
Germany, Great Britain. Holland, Italy, Norway,  Russia, Sweden
aad Switzerland is «laled on lhe fare of each cheque,  while in other
tbey mrm payable al current i..',   .
Tb* dfceqoe* mad ml) informauou r«fmrdmg theni may be obtained al mtejtj
at tb* Bmak.
and guud rot-.     \- careful attention
to 'phone orders im  personal ones
Dry-picked Poultry.
Better quality, cleaner surrounding!
.md lower lu'ifi's than elsewhere.
Por all-round goodness your % % % %
will work bard for you here.
Sausages und Oooked Meats n
specialty. Bones crushed for your
chickens daily.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handle Promier Hams and Bacon
turned out, bo they filled iu with
pluyem from thu other teams. Kcott
pitched a good game mid hud   hv lieen
Last Tuesday evening the lliisin-isa
Men's ham-hall team defeated the In
tcniiudiatrs in a very short game only
going three inning! on account ol
darkness. Last nigbt ibe 800U Ureya *•" WPP«t«i would have scored a
defeated a ti am that was supposed to shut out. .1. I'liliii.-r umpired to the
be the   Hovers   but only two Rotwi' uatUIaotiuu vl everyone. 'TIE MAIL HERALD. REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc flDatMfocvalb.
interior publisblno flompans,
Subscription   Rates
Including postage to Kngland, United States
mul Canada,
Bt the yoar (through postoffice]    $-■:"
Hall    ' ■• ;:           \-*'
Quarter " ......  uw
J in I-.1NT1NU promptlyexeoutedat'reason-
ahle rati - ,,   ,      ,
1 KRMS Cash. Subscriptions payable in art
Legal notices lu cents per line first Insortion,
5 cents per lino each siibsoquonl Insertion
Measurementi Konparicl 11- lines [name one
incl.l. Store and general business announcement* $2,511 per Inch per month.
Preferred positions 25 per cent, ml-
litimal   Births.  Marriages  and   Deaths,
each  Insertion.
,...:■•     .-, v.    aii  advcrtlsoinoiiUi
.   hject tothe approval ol llie lliallllgeinelil.
\>. u i«| .ii,.1 I'onilc il Ailvel'tlsimienl's:
\....,.■. u „ ted, Help Warned, Sllnulloim
_, Lilted,    SlluntJuiiH     Vacant,     louche™
v.      led. Mil lm".     «■ «1,   '"   """'    '"
1,— ■■.     . , li   ail liliiiiial   I    I"   ei'"1--
i haugea In suniding advortisoiiionUj musl
,.. in t'V n ,i. in. 'I ut-sday and Iinl.il ol
„,. i, weak i" -i. nn good display.
C! JRRKSPONIJKNCK Invited   on malum ol
;    .      inu ri ■'    Con leal - to lull-
tor   niusl   i..'  am oiiiimiilwl   lis    '"    "
writer, not necossiiril)   o  publication, but
, lencool good f.iiil'.   L'orrospondonoe
On-tcKs :  Imperial Hank Bl-iliuno Revel-
biokk, li.c.
Money lo loan. ,.
uitlcc,-: ttevolstoke, llll,   i raubrook, n. I .
uko. s. MoCahtkb.
-,.  M.   PINKHAM J. A.  HAltVBV.
Revolstoke, cranbrook, n.i-
Sulicittir, in.
(S ilii iiur lui:
Thk Canadian Hank of Commerce,
The Molsons Hank, Etc.
I , i llii.KI   HMITti
pr ,\ mi .... Land Surveyor,
Muting Suiveyor
Mi Kenzim Avenue,
Hnx iiiii, Revelstoke
i i iss M. 1'.. i RE I OH I'A
PlANll,   \'i"  IL,  TllKIlM
Certificated  Hum Trinity   University
and Turontu Uouserviitory
BTfum:—Next Mail-Heralo Ofkii i.
aug S, loi
C.   W.   O    W
IMountain  Vicvk Camp. No. 229
Meet*  Second and   Fourth  Wodnosdays in
eacb month, in Belklrk Hall.   Visilin   wood-
nien cordially Invited io atteud.
J. AK1NTVHK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
,?ci.'ci.    Visiting breiliron oordlally invived.
u cluck.   »i»i>"«    WALSH, Pklsiuknt.
Kootonay LodRO, No. 15, A  F. * A. M.
mt.     ^T-V- The  roiiuliir nioi-l-
A*—i%tP   ~k_   Ingi are lu-ld iuiho
-___-*/•'V'*7V-   9h   lUSONICTEMPLB
, tbe tliinl Muudii) in
1 iaeb   month   ui   b
,, tn, Visiting broth-
reii    cordially   wel-
' ci'iue.
U A. l-I'.Ul I'NlKlt, SKCRETABY.
Meet- every Th or*
day eveuing  iu   Sel-
kirk Hull ul 8 o'clock
P Visiting brethren H.e
oorttiaUj Invited t" . tteuil.
Cold Range Lodge. K. of P.
Ho. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
except i.  rd »minei,dii> o
each montb,.:: ddfeUon
Hall    »i    5   i'cI ick.     Vl-nln
Knlghus-. oordlally   nviii.-.l.
P.   SMITH. C. C.
lj. H. BH'.K K   K   of   II   A S.
J. B. SCOTT, II, of F
Zbc fl&afUlberalb
.Sot    LABI,
1 >n 1 ii - . i   next the r itepayers
■'f  Revelttoke  will bi     tiled upon
'   ■ • • (ram hise in ' oting
■ he   pun basi    ol
.-.      . I       ' ' .lol     to
iy out I       ghln - proal
in   Bl eke nd  58.   < in one ol
':.•-• i-  thi   present High
«' bo '! planted i .•:.' on i closi d
• ,i- reverted to lhe
ownership ol Ju Ige Sproat simply
I" i .t'i-i' it hus been closed, The
righl '   the 1 me running through
the Public -' I I  block  hai  eNo
never beei t,  mil if the
bylaw i- defeated il ma) run the
city up again*! a heavy bill for
litigation in i onnei lion with thefe
mutter-. I hi passing "I lhe bylaw
mi tin- other band will mean the
extinguish!:it nl I thenet luim1- nml
leave the city in clear poi sei sion
of the propert) to 'I" as it will wilh
The purchase ol Block 62, tbe
one block unbuilt on in tbe centre
of tbe towii.-ite. in- the site ol .1
future lohool or to be utilized us u
present playground would be a wise
be had at a ba
Fruit  Land une and a half
miles Irom   Revelstoke, to
Qfl     AfRCQ Parlb improved, two miles
OU    MUrlLO from Revelstoke.  Will sell
live stock and implements.
2APDCQ   with   river   frontage;   good
HOil DO   [and, partly cleared and close
to the city.
■lr TiliiA Uurfor
I'remisr of Cnniels
move no matter in what lighl il is
viewed. Should this opportunity
bo lost it will mean that at some
future time when anolher school
is needed lho city will he compelled to expropriate houses and
buildings at grenl co«t and to
remove thera before a school can
be built. The beaten palli i- most [
e ipily followed, and this block
stands divided only by u street]
from the present Public school,
etsily accessible from upper town
or lower town, and in every wny an
excellent site for school extension.
IS ven if it "ere bought and sold
again afterwards ii would he n good
move io buy it now. We lune it
un yuod authority thai Judge
Sproat, since he gave lhe option to
the city, has been offered $7,500
for this block alone. Under the
option which will expire on Tuesday, the city enn purchase
Block 1,2 and luilye Sprout's
rights in the other two blocks also
for $6,000. While the bylaws call
for $7,000, the (miners hnve wisely
allowed for shrink ige of debentures
and for n margin towards clearing
Block o2 if it is purchased.
Under all these circumstances
the ratepayers, as business men, as
parents or as citizens, should see to
it that they turn out and roll up a
good majority for these bylaws.
Uon't leave it for someone else to
do the voting, but show your earnestness by turning out in a sense of
duty. The poll will be open at the
City Hull from 9 o'clock in the
morning till 7 in the evening so
that there should be ample time
for every citizen lo east a ballot. It
requires no great effort to murk a
cross on a piece of paper, and if
the ratepayers neglect to mark it or
mark it in the wrong place, it may
cost tbem dearly in future.
American side, The road could
have   no    bet ler    advertisement.
These people will go home nnd lell
the story to iheir friends and in
future we mny luok for heavier
tourist trallic than ever in lhe past,
and from this Revelstoke and
every oilier enterprising town
along lite line, should prepare
itself to benelit.
This i| iisiiiiii i.s effectively an
sweretl by the Canadian Pacilic
Railway Company in its campaign
for advertising its lands in southern I'-. ('. in Ibe provincial news- j
piper.-. Tbis advertising Painpaign
wa.- commenced on July I.m, nml
since thai dale the company has
rece.vcil in lhe neighborhood of
5,000 inquiries relative to their!
holdings iu British Columbia. The
full results so far have not yet
come to hand, but before its finality
it is expected that il will in all
probability reach nearly 1 o,00()
That tliese inquiries must result
in many sales, and the effective
direction of much attention to the
province goes without saying. It
shows also lhat advertisements
well placed and continuously kept
up in newspapers are read. There
is a lesson in this. It is not the
ad of a single day that pays, but it
is the nolice kept before the public
week after week that draws. The
companies or the merchants that
advertise show themselves alive,
and tbo public appreciate the fact
and give their patronage accordingly.
SODAS  are made almost entirely of flour and lard.   These  are
two of the principal and most valuable lood-elementB.
Now a perfect flour and a pure lard combined cannot be surpassed
In nourishing value and you get this combination In its most satisfying and most delightful form In Foley's SODAS.
The flour used in them is
specially ground and prepared
for the one purpose—that of producing the lightest, creamiest,
most deliciouB sodas that are
sold in Canada, Every particle
of lard that goes into Foley's
Sodas is proved "choice" after
rigid   examination.
No material can ever be used
in Foley's Sodas unless it has
been proved perfect and pure.
Every housewife will know what
this care means. She will know
that Foley's Sodas have the
very highest food value and that
every Foley Soda is all good.
Thousands of homes already
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Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
We want you tojudgs
Folay'a eod.e by th*
aeveroet toata and decide
for yourself whathar they
aro BEST.
Teat tham for tha
quality of tha material*
uud. Teat tham for aga
—are they always fraah,
■o crlap that you know
they are not long: from
the oven 7
Tost thorn for flavor-,
waa tho yoaat allowod to
"work" properly, eo that
the blacultn are uniformly pleasing; and aatlefyinr
to tho taate?
After theee teat* wo
know you will alwaye buy
theno perfect-made,
western-made bleculta.
horses are attached, one | idling
west nnd the other oust. There is
u great deal of r-lritin and sweat,
but the iontl remains when' il wns
before. Kirst know tbr way you
want llie load tog", then work in
harmony, pull all together, nnd
ihere will lie few burdens thai cannot be lifted or dillicuhiea that
cannot be overcome.
The opening for traffic of the
spiral tunnel between Kield aiid
Hector last Wednesday marks another epoch in the operation ol the
Canadian Pacific Railway. It reduce.- a grade of 1.1 per cent to one
of 2.2, and so means great econmy
in haulage. Most of the people
who read this article wil
time or other have travi lied up
the big bill at Field. They will
bave noticed bow in spil
grunts  of   tbr" lOtives
the   telegraph   poll
simplv crawlinu
of   tlie   track   were  fairly litti
wui#the   cinders   that   bad been
thrown   from   the engines in their
effort -   '     ;;n   tbe  tram- tl]
steep grade
With i two  per i ent gr ■ I
will be no more ol I his    ' ine i
engine ihould pull the trail
• be -piral tunnel wil bout d
and   ilm     it the   egii	
et onon      ■■.        ■■    iffei ted  to
nothing of  the   i  ing   n   I r tin on
tbe whole   nun Imi''!
i iction     i   ■.,'  '	
indeed in   line   w ith I he wholi
terpi ■    v uf  Ho-  i ■'.,,', ,i
whit b -i-i-ti, determi ned to spa re
no pain I he peer ol   iny
trim-' nt, tne -i.i 11 line .ii Ami
Whatever complaint - there m i.
b ive been ol lhe <! median Pacific
Railway i om| ■ h i nd ome nl
ihem no doubt were quite justified,
il cannot be denied thai during the
pasl yoar lhi y have foregone no
effort io dr.uv ibe i r a ilm ol the continent to the Canadian side of tho
boundary, nor havo they foreborne
lo set forth the adva ntage ol tbe
country nt every opportunity
Traveller--, American- especially,
have been enthusiastic in tln-ir
praise   "f   tho   scenery   along the
i ii mi' 1 ili11 Pacific route, many of
them declaring emphatically lhat
il is   superior   to anything on the
It was a good idea of the local
merchant.- to get up an excursion
in which themselves, their employees ami wives and families
could partake. I hough the weather was not propitious for a start, it'
is hoped that the excursion nmy
become an annual event. It is'
good for all to shake the dust of
ordinary bueiness care and worry
trom their feet onct in awhile.
come   : .i   . er  and do
better   work, ami   it   promotes    i
warmei   social    feel • tween
■ bei     etti  that
.    "As I wa
1   raw that it ■'
,!   w i-   my
"Public Inquiries Act."
vrOTICE Is hereby given that sittings
j_\i    of  the   Commission  appointed
under tbe "Public Inquiries Act," for
the purpose of making Inquiry into oil
matters in connection with the timber
resources of the Province will be held
ni the following points on the dates set
opposite each, uaniely:
Vancouver—Aug. 28td, '2llh and 2.")th.
Seattle   August 26th, liTtli and 28th.
Kamloops -September Tib.
Vernon — September 8 .,,,,1 D.
Kevelstoke   September 111 und 11.
Nelson   September IS.
Urai'brook   September 11 ninl 15.
I'Vnue    Supteniber 10.
(irand Forks   September is.
Owing tu the members of tbe Com-
iiii-niio having accepted an invitation
to attend the meetings of the First
National Conservation Congress of the
United States, tu lie held 10 the Auditorium   of   the  Alio-kii-Viikiin-l'aniliii
Exposition,   Seattle,   Washington	
August  20th, 27tb and 28th inat., the
meetings on the lost  day of  lhe Commission in   Vancouver, advertised for
tin-  26th, and the   meetings at New
Westminster, August 27th   and  28th,
have   heen cancelled.    Arrangements
Iding   of   meetings at these
places will be   announced   later,   The
tneel ian ■' Kamloops »ill be held on
the Ti h . 1'  September, and   tml  on t he
\ ._'., ■ , as  .1 igiua.il)  advertised,
he .1 nn-i-ii 1 y  remains 1 be
Announcement w ill be m de later if
, [ed in be necessary or
hold  meetings  al ol her
ID, .1. FL'LTON,
1 illinium.
. '• pai' ment,
\ l;i     [2th August, 1000.
niiK SI lep 18
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our hand._c.me parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, with Iran 19 that are in every
Conceivable deBigi , uid made to wear
indefinitely. We 1 see many new and
beautiful parlor bi ii- ami odd pieces for
beautifying the home t hat aro taste
lui, effective and Inn*pensive, and will
show yi ur rooms to the brut advantage.
«. HOWSOM * CO.'Y.
in 1 . P. li. contract For facing Revelstoke station. A large
slock now nu hanil. Reasonable | rices for large or small
quantities. By fur ibe cheapest material for a substantial
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The Endorby Brick & Tile Co., enderby, B. C.
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because   we  always  have  Ilu-stock.
'I'he veiy   linesl    Selected    heel',    III lllll,
mutton, v.il, pink and poultry, nnd
Hiti- pi ires wont hinder you I'loin
Royal Standard
The Highest Product of
the Milling Industry
Made in British Columbia
from specially selected wheat,
at the best mill on the I'acilic
will be to you what it has been
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kitchen, the pride of the cook.
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STANDARD Flour domains a
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■ ni •■  between  a num-
men and Mr.
' nl of
idi an Pacilic 1       ■      I om-
M ednesda 1
ome  good to thif 1
1 id I he ' 1
.'.'  differenl   -
ul 10 Wbo I
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
tiash Prices Paid
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Crs?m Baking Powder
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No alum, lime or ammonia.
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Robin Hood Flour
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Easier  assimilation   of tlie bread is another
The sweeter flavor is a third dilleienec.
There are oilier points   of  difference.     Any
one of them worth the extra cost.
i^ Saskatchewan flour Mills (o., lm.
Moose  Jaw, Sask.
By-law No.
A By-law to enable the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke to raise by way of
Debentures the sum of Seven Thousand ($7,000.00)
Dollars for the purposes of
the Board of School Trustees
of the City of Revelstoke.
Whereas the Board of School Trustees iif the Oity of Revelstoke have -in
pursuance of the powers granted to
tbem by Section 12 of the "Publio
Schools Aet, 1003," as re-enacted by
Seel ion 82 of the "Public Schools Act,
l'.iil.'), Amendment Aet, 11KHI," caused
to lie prepared and Iiiid before -tin*
Municipal Council n detailed estimate
ol tb" sums required to meet special or
extraordinary expenses wbioh may be
legally Incurred liy the Board, anil
sueh estimates have been considered
and finally approved by the Council
Government street between Blocks
and 63; and the triangular piece
land being Block ■">*, Plan 030 I, lyi
tn the earn thereof!
Anil Wliel-ens In ineel t he expenditure as pioviduil !'>' saiil estimates it
is neei-.-.ii t 11,,ii the Miiiiieip.ilit y
should i.ii.se llie buih of $7000.00;
And Wii Mei- it i< deemed expedient
to i nisr iipin I be eieilii ui lhe Municipality the .-um nt Seven Thousand
($7000.00) dollars \,„- school purposes
as aforesaid;
And Wheteas the total amount required to be raised annually bv speeial
rate for paying the said debt and interest thereon mul foe creating a sink-
ing fuud for paying the said principal
debt within twenty-live years i.s for
interest $860.00 and for sinking fund
$101.80, milking a total of $511.80;
And When-is the"amounl of the
whole ratable land within the Municipality, Including ihe territory comprised within the Bevelstoke School
District for School purposes, according to the last revised assessment roll
is $1,677,783.50;
Now Therefore the Municipal Oouncil of the Corporation of the City of
Kevelstoke in open meeting assembled
enacts as follows:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke for the purposes aforesaid, and
he is hereby authorised, to borrow on
the credit of the Municipality, hy way
nf debentures hei einafter mentioned,
from any person, persons, firm, body
or bodies corporate, who may he willing to   advance   the  same as a loan, a
sum of money, not exceeding in ihe
whole the sum of Seven Thousand
($7000 1Kb dollars and to cause all such
sums so raised or received to he paid
into the .bands of the Treasurer of the
Corporation of the Oity of Kevelstoke
for the purposes aforesaid and with
tbe object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation of the City of
Bevelstoke to cause any number of
debentures to lie made, executed and
issued foi- such sum or sums as may be
required for tbe purpose and object
aforesaid, not exceeding however  the
sum of Seven Thousand dollars, Sueh
debentures shall be of the denomination of One Thousand dollars each,
and all of such debentures shall be
sealed with the seal nf the Corporation
nf the Ciiv of Hevelstoke anil signed
by the Mayor and Clerk thereof.
3. The  saiil   debentures shall hear
(he date  of HUH),
and shall be payable iii twenty-five
years from the said date in lawful
money of Canada, at the otlice of the
Molsons Bank at Kevelstoke aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall lie
designated by the said debentures,
and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interesl, and
the signature to the interest, coupons
may lie either written, printed, stamped or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at tlie rate of Hve per cent.
Ii>%) per annum from the date thereof,
which Interest shall be paid semiannually at the ofllce of the Molsons
Bank at Kevelstoke aforesaid iu lawful money of Canada on the ..  ..day
of  anil  on tlie day   of	
respectively in each and every year
dining the currency thereof and it
shall he expressed in   said  debentures
to la- so payable,
,j. ll shall he lawful for lhe Mayor
of the said Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke to negotiate and sell the
said debentures or any of them for less
than par, bul in no case shall the  said
debentures or any of them he sold for
less than ninely-lwo anil one-half per
centum of the face value, including
lhe cost of sale and brokerage and all
other necessary expenses.
(i. There shall lie levied and raised
in eaeh year dining lhe currency of
the said debentures tho sum ol' Three
Hundred and Kitty ($860.00) Dollars
for the payment of Interest and Ono
Hundred and Ninety-one and Eighty
One-huiiilieillbs ($1(11.80) Dollars for
the payment of the said debt under
tho safd debentures by a special rate
sufficient therefor on all the ratable
real property in lhe said Municipality.
7. It, shall he lawful fur llie Municipal Council of Hu- said  municipality
to repurchase any of the snid del •
tlll'es upon such terms as may be
agreed upon with the legal bolder or
holders thereof, either at ilu- time of
Hale or al any subsequent time, and all
debentures so repurchased shall lie
forthwith mui jelled or destroyed, mul
lm reissue of dobentUI'OS sbnll be innile
in consequent f such repurohnse,
m. In this by-law the wind "Municipality" Shall be deemed lo extend In
and Include all territory mul properly
Comprised     Within     LllU     Kevelsloke
Sohool llislrict, and all such property
ijh ill be liable to assessment hereunder
as provided by section 12 of the said
"Public Schools Act, 11H),">, Amend
ment Act, 1008."
0. This by-law if passed shall take
elfect and come inin force on and
aftei'the  day uf 1110(1.
II). This by-law may he cited for all
purposes as the "Revelstoke (School
Board) By-law No 1900."
11. This by-law shall, before the
final passing theieof, receive ilu
assent of tbe electors according to the
provisions of anil in the manner prescribed by lhe Municipal Clauses Act.
Read a lirst time the 18th day of
August, 1900.
Read a second time the 18th day of
August, 11)1)0.
Bead a third lime lhe 18th day of
August, 11)00, anil passed wilh'tin
unanimous consent of the Council,
Received the assent of the elector!
tbe day of 1000.
Re-considered, adopted  and   finallv
passed by   the   Council   the day
of 1909.
City Clerk.
TAKK NOTICK Hull the above is a
true copy of the proposed By-law upon
which ihe vole of ihe Municipality
will be taken al the City Clerk's ollice,
Citv Hall, corner ol Second Street anil
McKenzie Avenue, Kevelstoke, B. 0.,
on Tuesday, August 31st, 1909, between the hours of Nine o'clock a in,
anil Seven o'clock p.m.
ais      Olerk of the Municipal Oouncil.
What Our
leans to
TT means that tlie flour contained in bags and barrels
so trade-marked i.s decidedly
whiter, a great deal stronger
.•'.ml more nutritious than
other Hours.
ii means mil ihe llour has been
properly aged to mature its
full strength,
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
it means elimination of uncertainty—"your money back"
if Purity fails to give entire
Costs more than theother kind,
but worth the difference.
Western Canada Flour Mills Co.,
Mili.i .ii St, IIomi.u i_, GoDBRictl, Brandon.
Ollice, Winnipcg"Mm lm
llevelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Barney Plum ton of
Arrowhead, occupation Hotel keeper,
intends lo apply foi- permission to purchase the following desci ibed lands:
Commencing at a pust planted at the
north-west corner of Lot 7685, thence
south 40 chains to T.L, 12150. thenee
west 20 ohains, to the corner of T.L.
12156, thence south (0 chains along tbe
western boundary of same, thence
west 10 chains, tlience north 10 chains
to lake shore, thence easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement,
Agent foi- Barney Plumton.
Dated .Inly 20, l!)ltU. aug 7
Bevelstoke Land Distrlet.
District of West Koolenay.
Take nolice that Florence Newman,
occupation Housekeeper, intends to
apply I'm- permission to purchase the
following descrilied lands;
Commenolng at a post planted on
lhe lake shore al the luiith-east cornel'
of A. VV. Dickenson's application anil
aboul half a mile from the north-east
collier of Lot 7965, thence south 10
chains, thence east II) cliains, thence
norlh M0 chains to lake shore, thence
along lake shore to poinl of commencement.
Agent for Florence Newman.
Baled July 20, 1909. aug 7
"Wathh Air. won."
'Attention is called to section 192 ol
Hn- • Water Act, 1900," which requires
any   person*'to   whom   unv power or
authority has heen granted, pursuant
to the "Rivers nml Streams Aot," to
surrender such aethoilty within one
year of the passage of said "Water
Act," and   i eive   a   licence for same
KBKli. .1. PULTON.
Chief Commissioner of lentils.
Lauds Departmenl,
Victoria, llltli July, LQ0Q.   jyi'i lm
Items of Interest of Happenings Throughout
British Columbia
The salmon fishing season on the
Fra.it r riv, r cbsed at midnight on
Wednesday with a pick of about 200,-
UOO cases below the aveiage. In spite
of the refusal of the department ol
Marine and Fisheries to extend the
season so far, the packers are still
hopeful that, the government will
reopen the river for a short time before
September lath so tint they may
benelit by the late run. On the whole
the catch around Vancouver was
better than it has been for some time
The bodies of the lour young women
killed in the Seattle automobile
tragedy, were buried with impressive
ceremonies in Vancouver Inst Wednesday. An enormous crowd attended
the funeral.
J. S. Emerson in giving evidence
before the forestry commission in
Vanoouver was very severe on hiB
fellow operators. He spoke ol speculators from the American side as
"pirates," condemned the attempt to
make timber licences peipetual and
declared tbat he preferred the provincial licence belore the Dominion.
John O'Brien, of Maine, rapped Mr.
Emerson back declariug that he hnd
gone to the States ae a foreigner himself and no one bad bothered him.
Mr. Murray, manager of the liank of
Commerce, declared that the bunks
would more readily loan money to
tim her men il licences wee made perpetual.
Two hundred members of the British Scientific Associ itiun now meeting
in Winnipeg, will come through to
British Columbia during the first
week in September. Receptions ..ie
being arranged (or them in Vancouver
and Victoria.
Mayor Keary, of New Westminster,
has been empowered to attend tie
exhibition at Toronto to arrange for
attractions at the New Westminster
exhibition in Ootober. Flights by »u
airship is one of the attractions lo e
Tbe report trom Veru n that Alex.
Smith hnd a letter confessing that lie
set tire to the Okanagan hotel is
declared to be canard. Smith left a
letter protesting bis innocence. A
witness before the inquest, however,
said be had seen Smith going towards
tbe botel between 1 and 2 o'clock in
tbe morning and be remarked that a
ittle fire would get the guests up.
The search lor Smith is still being
The local option league of B., C.
has commenced the issue ol a monthly
journal devoted to tbe interests ol tbe
cause. It is a neatly printed 4-page
paper and on tbe front page is a cartoon representing the leaders of the
two great political parties ol the
province, looking at B. C. in tbe person ol a bright looking lady and her
eon Local Option, and wondering what
thoy will do next.
The Victoria Times estimates that
21)0,000 tourists huve passed through
that city during the past four months.
The XV. F. Huuttiog Lumber Co.'s
mill in Vaucouver was burned in tbe
eirly part ot the week. The loss is
estimated at $100,000. Tbe stone
cutting yard ol John MoLuokie, contractor, which adjoined it was also
burned.    Thia was  valued at $.10,000.
James Dowd, known as "Mackey
Dillion," one of the best kuown characters in Nanaimo, died suddenly if
heart failure at the CreBceut botel in
that town iaet Wednesday.
Dr. 0. A, Elliolt, ol Harrison Hot
Springs, was thrown out of a rig in a
runaway a few days ago, and suffered
such injuries to his spine tbat he has
since beeu paralysed from the waist
Important Church of England Convention
Tne Pacific coaBt convention of the
Brotherhoon of St. Andrew |ot the
Church of England proniiaeB to be
one of the largest and most successful
religiou* gatherings ever held in the
west. This convention will be held
in Vancouver Irom Sept. Oth to 12th ,
and will be attended by brotherhood
members and other Church of England men and boys Irom all sections
ol western Canada and the western
coast states.
Among the more piominent spean-
ers will be Bishop Paddock ol East
Oregon, Bishop Keator ol Olympia,
Mr. Frank Shelby ol Nsw York, Mr.
A. H. Newill of Portland, Mr. O. Ward
Kemp nl Seattle.land Kev. Samuel
Fea of Winnipeg.
As usual the brotherhood will hold
two large public meetings in connection with the convention. One will
be held on Friday evening, Sept. 10th
in Christ Church schoolliouse, Georgia
street, Ihe speakers being Bishop
Keator ol Olympia and Mr. 0. Frank
Shelby ol New York.
The men's maBs meeting, the other
special public meetjng, will be held in
tlie Vancouver opera house ou Sunday
alternoon. Sept. 12th. This meeting
will be exclusively lor men and hoys.
Special music under the direction ol a
Urge orchestra Bnd choir will be provided.      The   speakers will be Bishop
Paddock ol   Bait Oregon, aod Mr. A.
H. Newill ul Portland.
Vice-President of C. P. R. Hears
Address and Discusses Matters ot Interest to Revelstoke—Amicable Meeting
It was rather unfo'tunate that, the
visit ol Mr. David MoNiooll, vice-
president of the C.P.R. to Revelstoke,
Bhould have been timed ou the day of
tbe retail merchants excursion to St.
Leon, when most of the members of
the Board ot Trade, including the
president, W. M. Lawrence, and Mayor
Lindmark, were away. Mr. MoNiooll
telegraphed that he was coining up
trum the soulh, but the telegram
arrived after tbe excursion bad started,
and quite unconscious that Mr. Mc-
Nicoll was aboard, the excursionists
passed the steamer Kootenay which
waB bringing him north, a short distance below Arrowhead.
Those in the city, however, made
the best ol it. A. 11. Allen, vice-
president of the board of traile, issued
a call to the members, E, A. Haggen,
the secretary prepared an address, and
on the arrival of Mr. McNicoll'a eai
from the south a fair number were on
hand tu wait ou him. J. I) Sibbald
acted as spokesman of tbe delegation,
and read the address as follows.
To D. McNICOLL, Esq.,
Vii'i'-I.'ri'siili'itt.   Canadian    I'acilic
Railway Couipuny,
Dear Sir.
We, the representatives of the
Kevelstoke Board o£ I rmlo, desire
In avail ourselves of this opportunity of your visit to Uritish Columbia in teuder you a hearty welcome
on behalf of the residents of this
city, and to express our upprecia-
i inu of the great, work which the
Canadian I'acilic Company are
doing towards tho development of
this province and the Dominion of
Canada as a whole.
The establishment of your Industrial Department uuder Mr,
Peters, and the extensive publicity
system so successfully carried on
under the supervision of Mr, Robson, are doing much to make widely known the scenic attractions, as
well as the Mineral, Timber, Agricultural and other resources of this
great Province. The results thereby achieved have made the work
of the Canadian Pacilic Railway
Company a matter of great personal interest to us. The city of Kevelstoke is the largest and most important town ou the mam line of
the C. P. R. in Kritish Columbia,
and the progress and prosperity of
this city are intimately linked with
that of the Kailway Company
which you represent.
As the divisional and workshop
centre of the Mountain anil Shuswap Division of the Kailway, wj
recognize the interest to your Com-
puny of the development of this
city and district, and assure you
the citizens of Revelstoke wish to
extend to the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company wbicb you represent their hearty co-operation in
every way calculated to promote
their mutual advantage. You can
therefore depend ou receiving from
the citizens of this town all possible
support in your policy of progress
and development, as we recognize
that the extension and success of
the enterprises with which you are
associated means the growth and
prosperity of ihis city.
There is no Province in the Dominion more dependent on railways
for its development than liritish
Columbia, and we hope thai your
present visit tu tli is Province will
satisfy you as to the results that
are being derived from that policy.
Signed on behalf of the Board.
Mr. McNicoll thanked the Board
for their addn ss and expressed his
appreciation of the opportunity of
meeting them. The Company were
anxious in nieol their requirements
iu any reasonable way, and if Ihey
hail any matters ihey wished to
bring to his attention he would be
glad to take tlii'in up with tho
different departments, I Mails won'
of course   in   the    hands   of   Mr.
Whyte, who had full charge of the
western end of the road.   •
The delegation said Mr. Whyte
was an ollieer of the Company who
was held in very high esteem in
Rovelstoke, anil bis assistance to
the V. M. C A. Iiiid been a splendid tiling for the eily, and had been
n great factor in   ensuring the sue-
cess of thni Institution'
Mr. .McNicoll: The Company
think a lol of him loo and it, is on
(ICCOUnt of the success of the RoVol-
stoke V. M. ('. A. that the Company arc helping out. three oilier Y,
M- I'. A. Institutions in oilier parts
of Canada,
The delegation then brought lo
Mr, iMi'Nicoll's attention the desirability of a local daily service
between Bevelstoke and Vancouver as soon as Ibe present, service
is taken olf: the  restoration   of the
Bevelstoke simps to full working
standard; lite opening of the scenic
attractions around Rovelstoke to
tourist trallic: tlie establishment of
rates favorable to wholesale houses
in Revelstoke, and other matters,
which Mr. .McNicoll promised to
take up with the ollicials respou-
siblc for tliese brunches of the
service, and assured the delegation
thut, so far us conditions warranted,
these concessions wuuld be made.
Mr. McNicoll expressed his great
satisfaction at, the development of
British Columbia, and was particularly pleased with the progress
being made in the settlement of the
country round Arrow Lakes, lb-
would like to accept their invitation to a trip to the park on Mt.
Kevelstoke, and if he could spare
a day on bis return he would stop
off here and lake the trip with
The delegation were much pleased with the result of their interview with Mr, McNicoll, whom
they found thoroughly approachable and apparently anxious lo
make the trallic department of the
('. P, R, which lie controls as satisfactory to the public as il, is possible to make it.
Mr McNicoll went on froin bere to
the const, and will return in a week
or two.
. Bulk   BffflA'P   .-
kit fytJLVAOiSAtuA:
C B. Hume Sr Co.
We will pay #100 reward for the
arrest nnd conviction of any one who
has defacetl or obliterated log marks
on our logs on the Columbia River or
Arrow Lakes. Our registered marks
are letter "L" and letter "S."
aug 11 lin Revelstoke, IJ. C.
Bevelstoke Laud District.
Dislricl of West Eootenay.
Take notice that Robert 11. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a oust planted about
five miles north of Downie Creek and
aliout fifty miles north of Revelstoke
on the Columbia River, thence 80
chains north along the Oolumbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thence80 chains
south, Ihence 20 chains east to point of
Robert ti. Cai.dwki.i.,
Per John W. Kails, Agent.
Daled 17th June, 1909, jun 80 Und
Revelsloke Land Distriel.
District of Wesi Kootenay.
Take notice that John \V. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to apply I'm' permission to purchase the following descrilied lands:
Commencing al u posl planted aboul
Qve miles north of Downie Creek ou
the Columbia River and about fifty
miles ninth of Revelsloke, Ihence HI)
chains soulh along Oolumbia river,
Ihence 20 chains west, thence St) ehains
north, thence 20 chains easl lo point of
John W. Kai.i.s.
Dated 17lh June, 1909, jun MO (Kid
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Koiitenay.
Take notice lhal Lafayette Lamb, of
Clinton, Iowa, Cf, s. A., occupation
Millowiiei', Intends ta apply for permission to purohase the following desorlbed land :
Commenolng at a post plantedat the
s. E. oornorol Lot 7048, then north 20
chains, I hen easl 20 chains, thenci
BOUth 20 chains mine or less lo laki
shore, thenoe westerly along lake short
2u ohalns more oi less to point of com
Ei,   Ml llAUIIUAN,
Agenl for Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June8rd, 1908. Jun 28
6Z[c. per acre cash
and 6Z'2c. once each
year for seven thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Columbia Southern;
Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the raising of
Fruit,   Grain   or  Stock
and may be purchased on these EASY
TERMS from
Canadian    Pacific    Railway
who are looking for Settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in.these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps. Application Forms. Regulations and Literature.
Assistant tn 2nd Vice President
Box 1317, • Calgary, Alheria
Please send me ull f.u-is petaining
tn your lands in 1). ('.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Rovelstoke Lmnl Dlstriot.
Distrlol uf Wesi Koolenay.
Tako notice thai L, A. Dowar, oooupatlon Housekeeper, Intends in apply
I'm- permission to purohase ilu- following desci ihed lands:
Commencing at a post planted on the
west, side nf upper Aiiow Lake, aboul
one and ■' hull miles south of Bannock
Point, thenee wesi 211 chuins, thenee
noi lh 20 iluiins, Ibiinee wesi 20 cliains,
thonce north 00chains to theK.&S,
line, thence following the K, A S. line
east 20 chains, south  211 chains, cast 20
chains, soul Ii 20 chains   In   lake shore,
thonco following the lake shore to
poiut iif i-oiiiiiieuceineiil.
Agent for Li A. Deivill .
Dated July 20. I1""1- ""K "'
Tiikenoliie 11 liti. I Intend in apply in
lh,. Superintendent ol Provincial
Police, aftei thirty days from thedate
ui the Hi-i publication of this notice.
Iiiiii transfer nf lite hotel licence held
by me for the Kootonay Botel al Burton B.C. loHtephen Portblelanclk.
Dated al Nelson, B.C., Uth ol Annua, won.
Wn.11 hi Lovatt,
ily his Snlii Hor Edward A. Crease,
aug 11 - sep 11
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Homo grown Iruit snd ornamental
trees, grown on upland loll without irrigation In tbe only part   I f
the American continent not in-
IcHtcd wilh tbe San Jose scale—
Harden, Field and Flower weds—
Tested stock fr.-m the best gl I •
ers iu the world—Wire leocing
nnd (iates—Spray pomps, Fertilizers, Bee Suppl ei, Cm Blowers,
Spraying materials, »to.—White
lalior only.—New 167 page Catalogue free.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
ranch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie   Avenue
Krtiit, Candies, Cigars.Tobacco.
Meals 86 rente
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Mhmu Thrill rod fur nil OllMM o!   bolldingl
fur snle in lariti or   m«    iiunutitUi
At ths     *« t prion fur   " .li
AU kiipiN of boUdlDi a&djpluttflofl
Our new Fall  Goods  are
coming  to hand   and being
put  into Stock as quickly as
Ladies'  and   Misses  New
Skirts, in all the new cloths
and leading colorings for the
coming fall styles,
New  Hats,   Ties,  Underclothing,  etc.,  for this fall's
New French Flannel Shirts
with detachable collars of the
same material, just what you
want if you are taking a trip,
soft and comfortable to wear.
Moving Pictures To-night.
Keep your eye on "Confusion" at
the opera bouse, Sept. 10th.
K. II. Trueman wiil be at tbe Studio
until Tuesday evening, August 31st,
The   beautifully    illustrated    Bong,
■ Honey Boy," will   be sung   by   Mr,
Arman at the Edison fheatre tonight.
Vancouver bank clearings nre still
mounting up l'or '"'"' week ""'>'
totalled $6,096,708, the largest on
Lord Strathooua, who is now in
Winnipeg, has promised to Visit Edmonton, and may come on west thru'
British Columbia.
Last Thursday, August 26tb, was
the hottest day known in Toronto
this season. The thermometer stood
at i'li and there were several prostrations from heat.
Fred Fraser, representing Britith
and eastern CHpita!, bus bought out
the new sasb and door faotory operated
by Mr. Watson. It will be owned and
controlled iu future by an eastern
With tbe cooler weather lately the
Columbia river is very much lower
than it has been before this Beason.
The sandbar in the big, bight or eddy
on this side has grown into a good
aized island.
The rights for the manufacture and
gale of a patent clothes drier in this
city have been purchased by S. McMahon. By simply pulling a lever it
can he rai-ed to a height ol 12 feet,
and should prove a great convenience
in any home.
T e lorest tires, which have been
rather serious iti tbr neighborhood of
St. I.ion on the Arrow Lukes, lately,
were considerably subdued by rains
that fell in the early part ot the week,
and tbere is now lesa danger than
Bruce Lawson, city clerk, reports
that owing to greater stringency in
the rules ol collection, payments for
water aud light sre coming in much
:■. re freely this year, the amount due
being now $8,000 less than at this
time last year.
Tbe B C. Fire Chiefs Convention
will open bere on Wednesday next. A
good   representative    attendance    is
looked ior. and tbe local liremen have
preparations tor their entertainment
pretty well in hand. A banquet will
l* given the visitors either on Wednesday or Thursday evening.
Vancouver is now after tbe Dominion Fair for 1910. A petition containing thii request will be placed
!*_( n-Hon. Sydney   Fisber,  Minister
of Agric •'■ I.en lie arrive- in   the
city.     The   Dominion   Governmenl
makes * gran;    :' $50,000 ti w ird« the
Dominion Fair  hut with certain pr
Tbere wat- a general delay in train
traffic ,i-t Thursday, No, 96 from
the west in thi .   ■■■,,-  delayed
It .. bouri by an engine which gave
jut near Kamloopi Eaatbound traim
•<•," delayed al ul i similar length ol
time by a idsli li m the track near
tbi   enti ni."'   ol  the   new  tunnel  at
■ ■
A a od | .- • '' w ri. in ll itog-
raphy il the pb itograph ol the Ketail
Merchants' excursi >n party taken in
>t. Leon on Wednesday which i- in
exhibit! ii in thi windi »- of 'fucker's
pb togrspb studio, It represents the
crowd standing on the steamer just
before ,i lelt and hai di ve!o| ed i Bne
clear  picture
arc now coming in including Poaches, Fears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity i.s very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee deliver}', otherwise you are
quite liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes Pints, Quarts and
1 lalf-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to lit
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
A tilled oil >i  '"1 pencil Imii
n ith i itlii cniiibiiiiil li it given
||. .•    1   .    el l'i V     pilll ll IHI I     ul
.. I, ol  k- 'nl
Bews' Drug Store
,s mm „ .ie i in
Public   and   High    School
Books on Hand
him t   forget   the pi	
Bews" Drug&Stationery Store
The big comedy "Confusion"—opera
house, Sept. 10th.
Rev, VV. C Calder, pastor ol St.
Andrew's church, will preach in the
Baptist ohurch on Sunday evening.
the Kev. Mr. Freeman being yet on his
holidays, Mr. Peterson, the Swedish
Baptist missionary will take Mr. Cal-
der's pulpii on Sunday evening
The Kotuil Merchants' Association
desire very mucb to thank the officials
"( the steamer Hevelstoke, for the
courtesy with which tbey   treated   th6
exoursionietB on Wednesday last.
They did all that was possible to promote the comfort nnd convenience of
the passengers.
Be sure and see it' What1 Why
■'Confusion"—opera houee, Sept. luth.
While Supt. Gen. Busteed of the
C.P.K.. was here witb Mr. McNicholl
last Wednesday L. M. Hagar, acting
fur the Publicity committee of the
Board of Trade, took advantage ol tbe
occasion to make arrangements
the erection of a publicity building
at the depot. Step- will be taken to
establish and equip tins building
without del lj
A good  pie if  government   road
work   has    been   completed    by
L i,. ■ . ii the   rosd   running  nort
the lllecillewaet ns far as William*
Lake.    lt   haa   been   covered with a
layer of gravel ten inches deep fora
distance   of   2,270   leet.   Tbose   whu
i ■• used ii.-- n id   lay it is a  gn it
credit   to   ihe  contraotori   and   tbe
local government officials,
A profusion   ol     i nnfuainn    r
opera bouse, Sept   luth
A Business Ml n't Club is ni w
irgaoited by tbe buaineai men
Eti ■- itoke. The main object ol tbe
club ia the promotion of the com mer
cial and I ninesa interest of t he oity,
I be .|uarters are to be centrally
located tnd will be fitted with all
modern i iprovements, No liquor is
to   be iold    ii  the   premises   as the
prone.I'M   feel   thai    tbey -binilil   not
Interfere in nny waj with tha business
ol the licensed hotels
XV. C, Welle, lormerly Chiel Com
inisaioru-r of Land" ami Works, and
member fur the distriel ol Columbia
una a visitor in the oity yesterday
afternoon, Mr. Wells la now settled
on a fruit fnrin m-ar Kelson where bo
finda it pleasant to live "far (rom the
maddening world a ignoble strife He
laya In bel- no desire to reentt r
politics, »s bis fruit In no take! Up all
ins attention, though   lie elnit.leil   very
pleasantly about bin experience in
p iiiiics in tbe daya of the old regime,
when be waa alao iii the lumbering
buiineaa at I'alllser.   Mr. Weill was
ou his way to the Count, where he, will
visit Ibe Seattle Exposition before
"The   play's   the    thing"—that   ia
i "Confusion," opera   house, Hept.  10th.
Mr. lobn Opeoshaw, of Golbome,
Kng , whu has-pent the paHt tive or
six weeks in B (.'. will »ing in the
1 Methodist church on Sunday evening
Hi- name will be familiar to many
who bad tbe pleasure of hearing his
ion Mr Ed Open-haw sing and recite
during the winter of 1907. Mr Ed.
lipenshaw is now in England looking
after the business until his father
K. E. Gosnell. secretary ol   the  F r-
estry Commission   which  lite bere oo
September 10 and   11, bas written the
', MAii.-HtRALl) requesting   ua to notify
I any whose   knowledge and experience
|qualify tbem   t-   apeak or. the timber
industry t   appear before them.    Any
memoranda in written or printed form
which   a ,y    wish   '     ■
will have tiie   careful   consideration of
--   ■ ■ --   i-   it   i» their de-
l aire to obtain tbi ■ -•   information
.i a   to   -i     .i.   artisti-
i .   group    ol     trophies
il  tiie  wind
Macdi nald - '1-   ■;■ re where tbe Gun
prizes ..   i air .-boot an
-   lyed     1 be ,.■ tei vary from large
Clocks,    mirrors,   cut
--    howls   and    safety    razors   and
oertainly    make  a    very   handsome
The display  is set ofl wit b
the letti       :' M I!    worked out with
irtridgt -   nnd a   rille   lying   behind      ••    ,1,1 j.siii-H tin- smblematic
lie-   postponed   excursion     il   the
I -ill take   place on -un
■    rji| leave ibe wharf at
•limp    and    will    return   beion
dark     I linnei can be bad at the boti I
■        ind a stop on the return
limy bl   i. idi    '.     .wliead lor supper   -
■    re will I"   •- iy fortuning
•   II -      I Is a line day it ibould
be a very pii asanl trip      Iloruaplii is
aboul   eigbi   m Ilea   from Arro ibei
Tickets for  the exou sion  enn be ob
tune il |rom \li'K union s cigar afore .r
from any member ol tbe baseball club
or tbey mas '"' bad right on the
ite i'.u .
Preparation!  f r  the Pall Pair ar"
going on apace. W, VI. Lawrence
and    A    I.    MeDonell  have gone  into
the   work  of collecting lubicriptiona
with  I Inii   accustomed  energy  and i i
' ■ i 'I      piled up ll 100 toward! ihe
l-.iir   iinids    Thii,   with   1760  en
tributcd  by  tho  Provlnolal   government, of   which   ffii.o   haa   already
been received, and with another $500
fr .in the Oity Council, besides en train 16
fi-- .ind gale money, would till seem
to insure tbn liniinc.ini SUOOeil of the
exhibition. It only remains to col
In i a oll'l ol exhibits worthy of the
pn/.ns nnd no doubt this will be
Beal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
OlHee on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected. Loans Notary Publio
6<K) 0<H>0<KKKXHK>0<>0<H><H><><>0<>^
Mountain Supply Conpany. Limited
Big Slaughter Sale
Starting from Saturday, August 14th, we arc
selling at ridiculously low figures all our Stock of
Boots and Shoes, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Caps,
etc.    -Must clear our stock to make room for new goods
Judge Form was in the city yesterday.
W. C Young ol Kamloopi waa registered at the Kevelstoke on Friday.
A. H, Allen nnd L. M. Hagar
climbed Mt. Mackenzie last Saturday
Victor Lower has arrived from the
Old Country and io lhe guesl ol his
aunt Mra. A. Sbaw.
.Ioe Howson returned on Tuesday
from a trip to the Seattle Fair and to
coast cilies.
Mrs. A. McKnii returned on Wednesday from n visit to Nelson, where
siie was the guest uf Mra. Estey,
H. Bennett Hood and wife of Vancouver were guesta at the Motel Kevelstoke this week.
Hon. Tlioa. Taylor, Minister of Public Works, aud member for this district is expected to arrive in Kevelstoke on a visit today.
H. K Ebert, local manager for .1.
Y. Ci ri lli u A Co., aud Mrs. Kbert are
leaving next week lor tlieir old home
in St. Paul, where ihey may iu future
The many friends of Mrs. Robert
Howson, who ia at present under treatment in the hospital in Victoria, will
be pleased to learn thai ahe is getting
along well.
A. K. Kincaid, and Mra Kincaid
leave on Sunday for a trip to Toronto
Wbile there Mr. Kincaid will attend
tbe convention of agents of the Do
minion Guarantee & Insurance Co.
MiBa I loud ol Calgary is the gueol of
the Misses Paget, nnd several afternoon BucialB have been given iu her
honor' Mrs. Sibhold held one of Ihe
most enjoyable iu the form of a book
F. C. (iambic, public works engineer, was in the cily on Wednesday,
when he examined tbe wurk being
-lone on lhe uew trallic bridge across
the Columbia. He went on aouth on
linn-day morning.
Mrs Pratt lias reluri.ed Irom a viail
to St. Leon. During her stay she
narrowly escaped being struck by a
falling tree As a result of the tier
vou- shock she nceived, shs was in id
up for two daya.
K H. Campbell ol tbe Department
ol Forestry, Ottawa, in the city on
Friday night. He waa coming tbrcugb
after attending tlie aittinga ol the
Forestry Commissi >n at the Coast,
and went on south this mor: ing.
C. .:   Aman ol  the city hall clerical
itafl    returned   with   hia   family  on
- un    a   ten day-   lishing
ilbert  Canyon.    He hnd good
sport    and    thinks   Albert Canyon an
ideal place to spend a summer holiday.
H  1     . Taylor,    Minister   of
Public Works, came in Irom the west
early tin- morning and took the
Arrowhead train direct en route for
Camborne rbere be bas -ome roads
to inspect He ii expected tn return
n Sunday.
tl   'I -    Mcl.eiii,    nl Lincoln 1
-''.  i-k.      ,1.1!    tbeir     ion,    Stanley,
dropped n Wednesday night
1 ■ r till Tburaday • reniog
their oonsin, 1 lr. Moliean
I be Nb 'Lean- live within almut a mile
'   W,   I. Bryan
il ■ le   ll tbe gnat  mini   ,1-   be
:   '., a' I.   im
Mother Drowns Children
. - id ind lr. ,.■  ,   ■
1 • - * 1- hrooghl Irom Ana
trails bt -'"an - I   Mak ira  wbieb
81  ia»l   W 1 do. nl iy
■egian bar'JUS    Brrol was
ine 18  on   Middle ton re. 1
.■   ' be   -iiure tin- unlortunate
the   ciptsii.  and  Ins
I '   nldri'li, millereil   learlill
liter  a st sroh   for   (re i>
•vile-   md lacbc of   provial .ns, Indi-
1 ailing   direction"   ,n being
ii     lint■',   wuii a   lifeboat, previooa
.   ■ iptaln and mute wi re
I when attempting to build .1
rait befort tb" eyes ol the captain'*
wife ind 1    1.ben
Finally, when    llie twenty persona
were   redn 'ed   to  nu, ilm oaptain'i
wife, fearing    the    live    aeamen would
lake   to    oannlballan ,    dellbnrately
drowned horf 'children and followed
them   Into    tbe    waven      Tlm  live
lUrvlvon were readied when ao weak
and emai iiitml tbat. tbey had to be
carried on board.
Sijiiaiv dies at New Westminster reputed to
be 132 years of age.
What is believed to be n recoid lor
longevity in British Columbia has
come to light 1111101 g the Indians of
New Wistminater. Down on the Indian reservation in the west end ol the
city 011 lhe banks ol the iNoilb Aim
ol the Fraaer waa au Indian woman
who has been living there for some
yeara. She died this afternoon about
one o'clock. She waa the head of the
Cbehalia Indina, mid once wns all
powe.rlull in that tribe now divided iuto small bands. Over a centure ago
she live in tlie country lying weat of
Harrison Luke with hundreds ol Btal-
wai't braves around ready to go on the
war path or on the hunt. Lately she
has heen living in a lowly but on the
hanks of the Fraser, apiechlees and
unable to raise a hand, waiting for the
last summons for the Happy Hunting
Her niece, now 70 yeara of age Inr-
self, years ago married Wm. Vianen,
better known as Dutch Bill, the oldest
white fisherman on the Fraaer River.
Fifty years ago Dutch Bill, then in
tbe prime ol bis manhood used tu fish
on the Fraaer. His death occurred
about three yeara ago.
No other case of auy oue living at
audi an age ie known iu thia province
aa tbis Indian woman. It ia a tribute
to tlie beneficial elTecta of life in the
open air. The present race ol Indians
cannot oompare with the old atuck in
thia reaped.—Columbian,
Laurier Not Coming
The secretary of the Canadian Club
at Nelson baa received a wire from Sir
WilliiJ Laurier'a aecretary saying that
the Premier has definitely decided not
tn visit the West thia Fall. Tbis
announcement will be a disappointment to many people ol both parties,
since all were ready to do honor to the
Premier of tbe Dominion. Probably
Kdmonton will be tbe most diaap-
pointed place ol all, as it had been
Imped that Sir Wilfrid would be
preaent at the laying of the fottnda-
tiona Btone for the new Alberta parliament buildings.
Factory Inspector Here
C. R. Cordon, provincial inapector
ol factories, was in the city this week.
Mr. Gordon waa appointed under the
Faotoriei Act introduced by Mr. A. E
MoPhillipi in the Legialaturu two
sessions ago. His duties are to inspect
all lactoriea or workshops were live or
more persons are employed and to see
that the personal safety, health and
welfare of employees is properly safeguarded. Aa bis duties extend over
the whole province he has a big taak
While in llevelatoke he inspected the
sawmills, the 0 P.R. aliopa, tho Kaah
and door factum's and printing ollices,
and found everything aatiafactory. He
im- impeded laotories in the different
towns along the line and goes aouth
from here.
Cartwright at Hot Springs
il wai not till a day or two ago lhat
it beOatne known that Sir Richard
Carl wi ighl, minister ol trade and
commerce for   'be   Dominion,   waa at
Harrison Hoi springs undergoing
treatment for rheumatism,   sir Eliob-
ard haa lieen alllie'nl wilh tbla for
■OmC lm " and came out to British
Colombia In hope of Uniting a cure.
It ia slated thai lion commencing a
eoiir-e ol treatment hn haa been
lireal.ly In millted. lie came in i|tiietly
on In- private eai l.i-l Salunlay and
has no intention of making any ollicial visits Mn- trip
The  III f   the    lute    .lo-epll    lllllllll
iltuate near lievelstoke, being n pari
of n„. n. B, Quarter Section 211 Tp. 2M
'ind oontalning Ml noroi   mure or  leaa.
A p| iii cal ion- fur the puii-hiise of above
property  are  Invited   mid    will   be
received by the undeitignsd up to and
including September HOlh, lt«iu,
W   I. liltlci.s.
Solicitor fm liolnii K-inte.
Dated at ttevelitoke, H. c._ August
Jlih, luoii. linou
Our first shipment of Faucy Blouses for afternoon
and evening wear is just to hand. We are always
known to have the newest and prettiest styles, but we
have never shown any so pretty and distinctive as
these, They are exclusive designs from one of the
best makers, in white, cream, ecru and black. Let
us show them to you.
Norfolk Coats
The newest effects in
Knit Goods
, just
uire for these
chilly aftc
moons and
ot the best q
ual ity and
at   prices
than reasonable,
and sure
to please one and
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To
  Go outside of Revelstoke to make
£ your Real   Estate   Investments.
JE The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
E have the best bargains in the City.
£ Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
I Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
W ffWfffiflffWfffffffffffffffffWWIfffWfffTWflOTfiffffl
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Strawberry Plants
Prom mv celeb a ed Due d' Alps
shipping berry, thorn gbly acclimatised, ol exquisite (I vor, $f> per UK).
Plant tbis fall.    Aeitrea-:
Thos  Skinner,
Aug 261m Revelstoke, B. C.
" P " Company, R. M. R., will commence winter drill, Thursday, Sept.
8rd, All member* will attend in
aug 28 2t BY ORDER.
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
hkau office: 61-06 Adelaide St. east
for litiK year ending HOlh dune, WOO
By Gross Premiums Income
.Ian. 30th   -     $21.1 (HIS III
Less rebate and
return premium   80 104 IH)
$182 DIM 211
Lean reinsurance   Xi :w 45$120 Mi 81
By interesl (I DOS Wl
9186 8117 71
To net losses paid$U2 170 17
To net losses under adjustment 14 sou 71
Gov, foes, taxes,
and ali other
ohargea      -       17 211 08
Balance Or, profit
and loan     - 11 1128 8.1
September, : 22-23-24
Do not (ail to arc the pnaaibilitiea ol
(ilorioua Koolenay.
C. W, BUSK, Pres,     F. I. STMIEV, Mgr.
. C. MORRIS, Secretary,
-  .    Nelson, B, c.
Box 06
tin nml after September lat, 11100,
COAL and WOOD Ofderi will only be
delivered when aetllenient baa previ-
niialy been made al the ollice.
Hi \ i l>niki Hi si im. Auiim'iks, Lin.
F. McCarty,
E.   W.   11.   I'AOIT,
H. N. Couksikr.
ll. ll. Beck,
(ien. Man.
$1.(5 :«J7 74
w. B, Robertson,
IOST—On Satuiday night, a Ladies'
_J (tuld Watch, (hunting; ciikc). A
reward will he paid to the flndei on
leaving il al lhe iMaii.-IIkiiai.ii ollice.
piIVE ROOM HOUSE located onC.
J    1*, It. grounds near station, with
211 year leaae on gionnil. This house in
ill good repair with Hue garden and
fruit Ireen, Will sell at a bargain if
Hold al once.     Apply   for further par-
Hold ai once.    Apply  for further |
titulars loB, .1. Bourne, First stree
ININd ROOM GIRL   wanted  apply al the Oriental Hotel,
WANTED—A gill for general house
wink,    Kor particulars  apply
Mail-Herald offlce.
\TOIJN(i .MAN desires work iu hotel,
I    stun- or warehouse iu span- time
Apply Mail Hkiiai.ii ollice.
I.ior SALE—An Kdison Phonograph
1     mice   $8500,      Apply  al   Maii.-
IlKII.W.Il Ollice.
WANTED—About Sept. 1st. a first-
class  stationery engineer   and
steam fitter with second class papers,
Hinil) Lt'.MliKliCi)., Tnl'l, B.C,
irKIR SALB-A (liieiiiey Range, size
J; II, six boles, in good condition I
also a Piano in excellent eiindilion.
Apply loll. N. Diiyi.i:.
WANTED—Millinery apprentice liy
U. B. Hl'MKANU Co.


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