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The Mail Herald 1907-02-27

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 ... ;
—~ *	
Vol. 13-No 16
•JA, b c«   S2.50 Per Year
For week commencing Feb. 25th we have a lot ot
Ladies' Nightgowns madeol muslins, cambrics, and fine
cottons, lace and embroidery. They run mostly in
small Bizes and a good many of them would do for girls
and Misses, They are $1.60 and 11.75 Gowns soiling
at 95c.
Ladies' Corset Covers, in muslins and fine cotton
trimmed with lace and embroidery, a good many small
sizes which would do for girls and young ladies. 75c.
and 90c. goods selling at 45c.
White Underskirts—Cottons and Lawns, lace and
embroidery trimmed, all sizes. These are $1.50 and
$2.00 skirts, selling nt $15.
" Peter Pan " Silk Shirt Waists for young ladies,
embroidered with silk. Lovely goods and entirely new.
8ec these—they are only $2.90.
Fresh Smoked Halibut, Fresh Kippered Herring
Labrador Salt Herrfng, Salt Maekerel, Salt Salmon,
Victoria Ctobs Canned Salmon, Canned Shrimps, King
C-Bcar, Albert Roche and Golf Club Sardines, Maple
Leaf brand Lobsters in half pound and 1 lb. tins,
Herrings in Tomato Sauce, Kippered Herrings in tins,
Blue Point and Cove Oysters, Fresh Mackerel in tins,
Findon Haddock in tins, also all Sauces used for serving same.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made, Clothing
It would be hard io  find a more
convenient  drug store Ih.tn this
slore of ours, or a  store  which
endeavors to give more  helpful
service to its customers. We have
A TELEPHONE at the disposal of
- our    customers.     We   make   it
possible for you lo  Buy Expre8S
Order*  Here.     We   have  the
Agency for Stamps, so that you
can buy all your stamps here, in
fact, we are doing all we can con-
tlnunlly to so improve our service
that it will be found an exceptionally convenient store at which to
trade.   We solicit all your drug
slore    orders.     Prescriptions  a
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
GALT  COAL-The only
Satisfactory  Domestic Ooal,
for Cook Stove,  Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay,   Oats,   Wheat   and
Express and  Draying   to
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Resun-
able Hates.
Office, McKenxio Ave.
Next Burnt' Now Block
ELBPHONE      -      -       T.
'i i1*i i*fi if i if i ifri i*ti At iTi it's
o ii
*   0
v        Besides offering Bargains in China and other useful articles j ■
j i JJcaiueo  \mviiug   unigmuo   in   vinun,   anu   uuuci    uonui    ni
v At attractive pricse, we beg to call your -special attention to a
"The Kookizer"!
Cooks your Breakfast while you sleep.
Cooks your whole dinner while you play with baby.
Call and let us explain to you all about the Kookiier.
it       SNOWSHOES
Made especially Ior  British  Columbia.   Wide Web
Strong and Durable.
i i Dealers in Hardwire, Stoves tnd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's i i
tnd Stwmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing tnd Tintmlthing.
Re-Organization of the British
Army-Big Blind Pig Fines
in Cobalt—Governor of New
Brunswick Dead.
Loxhon, Feb. *27.—Tl.e latest
scheme lor the re-organization of tl.e
Briti.-.h army was unfolded hy war
secretary llal.laue in the House ..I
Commons today, It contemplates
dividing all the forces into two cata-
gories, a lie!.I l-.-cc nnd a territorial or
homelirce. The former with 100,000
officers nnd men, ts to consist of four
cuvalry hrigndes, and six infantry
divisions, with a lull complement ol
horses and lield artillery, all to be
ready lor immediate mobilization on
the outbreak ol war.
The territorial force, totalling 30,000
men shall be a complete army in itself
suil as nearly as possible of tbe same
pnttorn as the regular Iruops.
This plan would unite all the present auxiliary forces, yeomanry, militia
and volunteers with a complement of
the regular army, into a homogenous
body, all to be paid at service rates
during the time they are used.
The territorial force, would be so
trained and organized ai to permit oi
their immediate mobilization, siimi
taneously with the regular force. The
present militia principle of the country
organization would cover the whole
army organization, with the army
council in supreme control.
Ottawa, Feb. 27.—Ol the five sections of the new transcontinental
railwsy for which tenders were aBked,
the Grand Truuk got three contracts
M.P. Davis, of Ottawa, the fourth,
and nn Ottnwa firm the fifth, the
average cost being a little under
$30,000 per mile.
' Tokonto, Feb. 27.—FineB to the
amount of $11,500 have been collected
by the government from "blind pigs"
in Cobalt. The government was
offered as high as $10,000 Ior a licence
but refused to grant one, the mine
ownerB being opposed to it.
Fredericton, N.B, Feb, 27,—Hon
Jabez Bunting Snowball, governor ol
New Brunswick, dropped dead Sunday
evening on Queen street, while on his
way to attend service in the Cathedral.
Vanoouver, Feb. 27. — Private
advices were received in this city to
the effect that Ralph Smith, will
within tbe next three weeks be definitely appointed commissioner ol the
Yukon; it is also st.ited that Mclnnes
will be in the lield lor the by-election
lor Nanaimo constituency. The siinie
report states Hint it is understood that
W. A. Galliher will shortly open legal
offices in this city, having as principal
clients one of the new transcontinental railways.
The Price of Meals Advance
After First of March.
The hotel, restaurant and boaidiug
house keepers of the eity held a meeting last week when it was unanimously
decided to raise thc price of meals.
On and after March 1 the meal tickets, good for 21 meals, will cost $li in
place ol $5, and no single meal will he
served under 35 cents. This latter
arrangement chiefly applies to the
midday meal, which has heretofore
been served for 25 cents. Cost of fuel,
provisions and other incidentals having gone up, the rise was determined
on, as tbe hotel men say they were
losing money at the old rates. In
Nelson the hotels and restaurants are
also raising their prices as above.
All Western Coal Mines May
be Tied up Soon-John
Mitchell to be in Calgary on
March 4th.
Regina, Sask., Feb. 2(1—Word hns
been received here ol prospects ol a
coal strike and a general tie up ol
mines ol fnr reaching importance,
which may be expected at the termination ol the three year agreement
between the operators and miners
which expires on March 4 next. This
strike would effect every coal mine in
the mountains, in Alberta and in
Saskatchewan. The tieiug up of the
Crow's Nest mines would mean the
closing down of the supply on which
the C. P. R. depends lor the operating
of their engines between the mountains and Fort William.
The men are demanding higher
wages, a uniform eight hour day, and
fortnightly payrolls, none of which
the operators are inclined to concede.
Unless a settlement is reached before
March 4th, a couiplete tie up of all
the western Canadian coal mines
must result.
Johu Mitchell, the miners' president
will be in Calgary on March 4th.
in Rossland Mine—Two Discoveries in White Bear That
Promise to be of Much Value
Rossland, Feb. 23.—Two ore shoots
ol considerable magnitude and ol good
grade, have been located on the 800-
foot level c-I the White Bear Mine
The management is much pleased
over the finds, and feels confident that
the White Bear has the makings of a
valuable mine,
Terrible Result of Fire at Montreal, P.Q., Yesterday-Miss
Maxwell, Principal, a Victim
-Water Supply Cut Off.
Montreal, Feb. 27.—The Hoche-
laga Protestant school at Prefontnine
street, in the French section of the
city, caught fire yesterday afternoon
at 2 o'clock, while filled with pupils,
and belore the firemen Irom the
nearest station could reach the spot,
seven children hod been burned to
death. The resoue work was quick,
but at 3 o'clock, although some thirty
children had been taken out alive, it
is feared that in the top storey there
were, in addition to the bodies tnken
out, twenty more dead, with the Principal, Miss Maxwell.
It is stated that all the teachers
except MisB Maxwell have saved
themselves, as well as the bigger
pupils. It is due to Miss Maxwell's
heroism in rushing upstairs to save
the younger pupils thnt Bhe lost her
At tliree o'clock or n little later, the
ninth body had been brought out,—nil
kinde.garten pupils, There were 250
children in the school when the fire
started, and but for the shortage ol
water the Haines, could have been got
under control.
Soon alter four o'clock, ten more
more bodies were tnken out, also the
charred remains ol the lady principal,
Miss Maxwell.
Austrian Steamer Imperatrix
With Crew of 30 and 180
Passengers Strikes a Rock
-Many Drowned.
VIENNA, Feb, 25.—A despatch received l.y the Neue Kreio Piesse
announces tbat the Austrian steamship Imperatrix, currying a crew of
HO.uidupwnr.ls.il 180 passengers Imp
heen wrecked l.y running on a rock
near Oape Elaphonslk, off the const of
the isl.it..1 ul Crete, nud a majority ol
the pa'songors and crew drowned, ns
the ship soon sunk.
The exact oxtont of the catastrophe
is not yet known nor is the point ol
the foundering definitely known. It
is declared, however, tlmt the steam
ship was many iniles nut ol l.er
course at the time tl.e accident
Agents ol the company have received advices from an officer of tbe
Bte.iiiis.iip dated Canon, which stated:
" Twelve persons and myself have
been saved; the others aro on board
the steamship, the position of which
is very dangerous,"
Rome, Feb. 25.—The commander of
thc Italian warship Curtatonc, sent lo
the rescue uf the passengers and crew
of the Austrian Lloyd's steamer
Imperatrix, which wns wrecked off
tbe Island ot Crete, February 22,
passed in a most distressing report
regarding the condition of 33 passengers whom he succeeded in rescuing.
They nre in such a pitiable condition
tli.it they were unable even  to speak.
The news of the wreck of the Im-
pernt.ix caused a great impression at
the Italian Court as Princess Milana
of Montenegro, tho Queen's mother,
was crossing the Adriatic at the time
ou her way to Rome where she is to
be operated upon.
Quaker Hi
ami Vegetables
Feed, Crockery,
tud Canned Hoods, Ashcroft Potatoes
Wheat,   Barley, Bran, Shorts, Chop
Glassware, Hardware, Harness, etc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
Much  Conjecture as to its
Effect  on   Railroads of
the West.
Winnipeg, Feb. 26.—Just what
effect the Dominion Lord's Day Act,
which passed the Commons and Senate at the Inst session ol the Federal
house, will have on the railroads of the
west is a matter of much conjecture
among local railway men, Tliis act
goes into effect on March 1st, and the
higher officials ol the various railroads
are now giving a good deal of time to
consideration of the intricacies of this
most important piece of legislation.
The act devotes considerable attentii n
to railroads, particularly as regards
the working hours ol trainmen and
other employees, nnd to adhere to it
will doubtless need considerable preparation, as well ns an increase in thc
number ol employees. As regards the
running ol height trains certain restrictions are also laid down, which
may at first cause a good deal of
inconvenience, especially when a
heavy trallic movement prevails. With
a view to deciding what action is to be
taken by the Canadian Pacilic railway
in regard to the act coming into lorce,
William Whyte, second vice-presidont,
and G. B. Bury, general superintendent, will hold a conlerence within thc
next day or two.
Revelitoke Cigars Union Made Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
art ahead ef all others,
Gen. Louis Botha, Premier of
New British Colony.
Pretoria, Transvaal, Feb. 25.—The
first Transvaal ministry will comprise
Gen. Botha, premier und minister ol
native affairs; Advocate Smutts, colonial secretnry; Mr. Cullinan, minister
of public works; H.C. Hull, treasurer
Advocate, De Vellicrs, minister ol
justice; J. Bisker, minister of mines.
Colonial Secretary Smutts was a
general during thc war and formerly
wna a Stntes itttoruey in the government ol President Kruger. Minister of
Justice De Vellicrs wus attorney-
general during the late war. Messrs.
Cullinan, Hull and liisker are now
connected with the mining interests
We Still Have Money
Let Us Build You a Home on Our Easy Method
of Re* Payment.
We will be pleased to have
vou cull and learn about it.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency. Ltd.
Seventh Anniversary of Gen,
Cronje's Surrender Wili be
Celebrated To-Day by Nelson
To-day, Wednesday, Feb. 27th, will
be Paardeherg day—the seventh anniversary ol the memorable time when
the first Canadian contingent sent to
Soutli Africa, under command ol Col.
W. 1). Otter, played so striking un.l
important a part in the capture of
thnt dogged old lioer commander.
Gen. Cronje. With every return ol
Paardeherg day lhe veterans ol the
Soutli African war who [ought with
the tirst contingent, gul her in groups
all over thc Dominion to celebrate the
event—to recall old war time scenes
and to honor tho memory ot their
brave comrades who lell iu the tierce
fighting which continued Irom the
19th ol February, when Cronje was
surrounded, until the morning ol the
27th when, at the point of Canadian
bayonets, l.e was lurcrd tn surrender.
International Club's Cup Goes
Across the Atlantic.
New Yohh, Feb. 23,—Tho ninth
cnhlo chess match between the United
States and Great Britain for Sir
George Newne'a trophy, which hit
been held since 1801) hy tho Brooklyn
Chess Club was linishtd to-day, nnd
was won hy the British team, with a
score ol 6J to 4J for tho Americans.
Patronize Home
RtHSlStoHs Cigars,
Industry.    Smoke
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branches iu Uio Provinces of Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
liritish ..'olumbia, Ontario, Quobec.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D. R. Wilkie, President;
II..N. R. .Iafi-hay
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Depahtment—Deposits
at current rate from date ofj .
Drafts sold available In all parts i
Europe.   .Special attention given 1.. (
received nnd Interest allowed
ipening account,  and   com-
>f Canada, United States nnd
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
6. M. SPROAT. Real Estate Office, Cowan Block.
Alberta Rancher Declares They
Were Not in the Least
Above the Normal
Winnipeg, Feb 2*1.—Martin Woolf,
one ol the best known ranchers ol
C.irdston, Alberta, was in the city
to-day on bis way to Ottawa, where
ho is to interview several of the
RliniBters In reference to matters
whicli concern ranchers and others In
Southern Alberta.
Speaking of the condition ..I the
ranchers in his district. Mr. Wool!
stated that the losses of the ranchers
had not in tlie least degree liecn above
the normal. The average loss through
ihe district would not reach live |>er
cent., a loss which the rancher in
Southern Allierln figures on in ench
Weather was somewhat more severe
than usual for a few weeks, but no
inconvenience had been caused to
unyono and there wns no loss ol
cuttle. All the snow wns taken off in
lour days by the chinook winds tnd
on the 14th ol February there was a
baseball game on the public square in
tbo town ol Cardston. Thc weather
had continiud ver/ pleasant since
that time,
The railroad car an.l locomotive
niitp.it of UlOli In the United States
broke all records. Not including the
cars built by the railroads in their
own shops, tlie total ol both freight
and passenger cars were 243,070, as
compared with 168,006 in P.iofi, the
previous best record. The output of
freight cars lust year win 240,609 and
..f passenger cars 8,167, The previous
best record as regards height enrs,
was in 11)112, when 162,699 werc built.
The k-st previous record, as regards
pSBsenger enrs, was in 1905, when
there were added t.. the equipment of
the railroads 2,661 Cars.
As regards locomotive building, t:ie
figures are also remarkable, showing
tlmt during tl... year there were built
6,962 engines. The best record in this
respect was 1906 when 6,491 engineB
were built. It is estimated that the
total Bpenl for freight cars during the
year was $262,626,000, or an average
ol $l,0:*iO ior ench cur. The passenger
curs are estimated to be worth on an
average ol $8,000 each, bo that the
output was worth $2.ri,36(i,(K)0, and the
average cost of locomotives is etsti-
muted at $14,500, so that the cost of
these was $101,384,000.
Bargains lor Friday and Saturday
in Maple B.igar, 15c. and 25c. cakes
selling at 6c. and 10c. each, at C. B,
Huire & Co's,
Including po-uib'e to England, United Stated
and Canada,
By the year [through postofllec]  t2.50
Half                   1.60
Quart.tr    1.00
J JB PKINT1XG promptly cxecutod at reiwoii
able rate*.
TERMS-Cish.   Subscriptions payable In ad;
CJKHKSIMN'DKNCE invited on matters of
public interest, Communica'.ioiiR to Kdi-
tor must bo accompanied by name of
writer, not oecetwarily fo publiwilion. but
as evidence of food faith.  Correspondence
should be brie!
Legal notice*10 oenU per line tlr->t Insertion.
5 cent*-per line cacn subsequent insertion
Measurement) Konparial [1* linos mako one
inchj. Store ainl Ktneral buslne** an*
nouncement-« fl.it> per Inch per month.
Preferred pwiliom*. M per rent, nd*
ditiiftil, Births, MurririKr* and Deaths,
fiOo, each in.-trtion. Timbor notioenf5.l«i
Land notices |".,>i All advcrtUeineuU*
nibject to the upproval of the management.
Wantt-d nnd Condensed AilTeriUomentH:—
Ageni* Wanted, Help Wanted. Situation*
wanted, Situation* Vi^-ant, Teachers
Wanted. Mechanics Wanted, 10 words ur
leal 15c.. each additional line 10 cents.
Changes In ^Landing advertisement* must
be in ny 9 a. m. 1 uesday nnd Friday of
eich week io wore good rtUplay.
Bakristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.      Harold Fisher
Barrister,, Solicitors, Etc.
OrriCES: Imi'Kkul  Basu Hlock,  Rnvsii
'stoke, B. C.
Money to loan.
Office.: Kevelsuke, B. Ci Fort Steele, B. C.
Gso. 8. McCabtbk,
A. M. Piskhah,
Revelntekc, B. C.
J. A. Harvey,
Fort Sleclo, B. C,
J. M. Scott LL.D ^Y. I. Brims.
Barristers, Solicitors, Eto,
Money to Loan
solicitous fob mol80nb bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Ayence,
Hox Ml, Revelstoke.
Zbc flDatUlberalb
" 1 woul . . . earnestly a vise theul lor
their good to order this paper to be punctually
•erved up, and to be looked upon as a part of
the teA < iuipage,"-ADDlsos,
WEDNESDAY, FEB. 27, 1907
With the long looked for break
in the weather, heralding the approach of spring the street cleaning
machinery of the city government
may be expected to be still more
busy, for some time. After a prolonged winter the streets in thaw
ing weather are almost impassable,
but as long as any reasonable effort
is made to keep the streets clean
there should be no complaint,
is to be expected that, during the
past winter which has been the
most Eevere of any tbat has yet
visited Revelstoke, a large amount
oi rubbish and garbage should accumulate round private residences,
and in the rear ol store premises,
and now is a good time for the
householder or the store keeper to
begin cleaning up. Of course the
aiiir.:,il spring cleaning day, to
speak in a metaphorical term, will
shortly be announced by lhe
publicity and tourist promoters,
but lhe wise man will take time by
the forelock.
Dr. Moore, who has been lecturing on tuberculosis throughout
Canada, hns heen ably assisting in
the work of forming societies in the
various cities und towns throughout the Dominion, and was instru-
nientnl in tlie formation of tlio
Revelstoke Anti-Tuberculosis society. Although we have not seen
fully the work accomplished hy thc
local society, slill we leel sure that
it is in every way carrying out
good schemes for the prevention of
the white plague in Revelstoke,
Apart altogether from the pressing need thnt exists for some arrangement whereby consumptive
patients can be cared for without
the risk of infecting others, the
economic side of the question
should interest the public in the
project. While we are devising all
sorts of plans and schemes to attract population to the province
and to individual cities, we are
doing nothing to check the annual
waste ol lives from tlie ravages and
depradation of this distressing and
unseen malady.
Mountain V.ow Camp, No. 229.
Meet. Second ami Ftnii-ili WedussdavB in
each month, lu Selkirk Halt. Visiting Woodmen cordially Invited in attend.
w. Ji. ARMSTRONG.Con. Com.
II. W. UPWARDS, Ulurk.
F. O. E.
The roKulur iiweti.iK* an* hold In the Sol.irk
Iliill every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clnci. Visit-
ing brull.rei. ..recnr.liiilly i..Tiled.
W. E. MoLAUCHLIN, Bbosbtauv.
Dr. Fagan, provincial health
officer, is conducting another cam-
paign in the interest of his project
of a sanitarium for sufferers from
consumption or tuberculosis. Dr.
Fagan has ken lor a considerable
time past actively engaged in this
work, and has, by his untiring
efforts, aroused enthusiasm for the
cause and has had the promise ol
co-operation in almost every town
where he brought the subject before
the people. We are inclined to
think that he has not received that
financial support which the importance and urgency of the matter
should have secured for it, and
where the people of British Columbia thoroughly cognisant of the real
facts of the case in regard to the
ravages ol tuberculosis diseases, we
{eel sure that wore interest would
Grand Lodge of British Columbia Elect Officers.
At the recent session ol the Orange
Grand Lodge at New Westminster,
tbe following ollicers were elected to
preside over tlie Grand Lodge during
the ensuing:
W. B. D. C. McLaren, ol Kamloops,
grand master; W. Ii. H. G. Taylor, of
Vancouver, deputy grand master; W.
B. Capt. G. McSpndden, junior deputy
grand master; W. B. Rev. dcB. Owen,
New Westminster, grand chaplain.
The following were elected officers of
the R. W. G. 11. C. of B. C: R. W. Q.
Muster, Sir Kt. D. C. McLaren, Kamloops; R. W. D. Master, Sir Kt. Edwin
Bush, Missi-.u City; R. W. A. D. Muster, Sir Kt. W, S. Jago, Vancouver;
R. W. G. Chaplain, Sir Kt. JaBon H.
Post, Victoria; R. W. G. Registrar,
Sir Kt, J. J. Tulk, Vancouver; R. W.
G. Treasurer, Sir Kt. R, Fawcett, Vancouver; R. W. G. Lecturer, Sir Kt. W,
E. Dunlop, New Westminster; R. W.
D. G. Lecturer, W. H. Dunmore, Vancouver; R. W. G. Fimi. Censor, Sir Kt.
John Walsh, Victoria; R. W. G. Seo>
ond Censor, Sir Kt. J, J. Doherty,
Cumberland; R. W. First Standard
Bearer, Sir Kt. D. Gibbard, Mission
City; R. W. Second Standard Bearer,
Sir Kt. E. B. Langdale, Vancouver; R.
W. G. Pursuivant, Sir Kt, H. Bir-
minghaiii, Vancouver; R. W. G. Tyler,
Sir Kt. A. Armstrong, Cumberland; R,
W. D. G. Registrar, Sir Kt. C. Elliott,
It is a generally accepted custom
that writers should receive complimentary tickets tn all entertainments
in return for local reference in the
newspaper.    Tliis  custom is not ob-
Kootonay Loil-m No, 15 A F, & A.M.
t*.    -*Tr-t, The regular meet-
~Sfo£-   ~v    lags are held in th.
Masonic     Te.ni.le,
Mil Fellows Ilnll,....
the third Monday In
-jaoh mouth at I
.i.iii. Visiting brethren cordially nol
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 19. 1.0. 0. F.
Moot* overyThiirflday
evening in Selkirk
Hall at S o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend
H. .1. TAIIOART, N.Q. J. MATHIE, Si-:c
Cold Range Lodge, K. ol P.,
. No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
cxeupl Third Wednesday ol
eneli ...null., iu the Oddfellow.'
' Ilnll   nl   S   o'clock.    Visiting
Kn.i;lil- are cordially invited,
0. H. DKO.'K, K. ol R. k 3.
H. A. BROWN. M. ol F
Deer Hcml.i, AnlmnlBJBirds, l-'isli, Etc,
Animal Hugs .Mounted,
P.O. llnx 31,
Studio:  Corner of First St, and Bnylo Ate.
KeveUtoke, 11. C.
Miss Margaret (reifhton
Tcncher cl Piano, Vocal and
Studio :—Lawrence Block,
Pupils prepared for Univorsity  and
Conservatory Exnms.
Important Circular Issued by
Provincial Inspector of Fruit
Pests—Owners oi Orchards
Must Cleanse Trees.
The Provincial Fruit Inspector is
sending out a poster all over the province, ol which the lollowing is a
Notice is hereby given to owners ol
orchards and fruit trees and all whom
it mny concern:
That in order to prevent tin spread
ol insect pests nnd diseases injurious
to fruit trees and fruit, it is found
imperatively iieceBBary to prune nnd
thoroughly spray all orchards, in this
neighborhood with such spraying
mixtures as must be applied when
trees ure dormant.
For the destruction of all scale, insects, woolly aphis, hud moth, the
eggs of green aphis, and other pests,
the number-one solution, viz.
is found to be the most effective.
Full particulars of the best method
ol making and applying this solution
are now published in a bulletin which
may he had on application at the
Horticultural OHice, Vancouver; and
fiomJ. R. Anderson, Esq., secretary
of the Board of Horticulture, and R.
M. Pnlmer, Esq,, Victoria; also W. E.
Scott, Esq., Ganges Harbor, Salt
Spring Island; Martin Burrell, Esq.,
Grand Forks, and the secretaries ot
tbe various Farmers' Institutes
throughout the province.
The necessity of  maintaining  the
excellent reputation of British Columbia fruit which is now  rated higher
than  that of any   other district or
province in the British Empire, is  of
such paramount  importance that  if
the owners or persons iu possession of
infected and diseased fruit  trees  further neglect to apply  the  neoessary
......is..res for cleansing the same the
trees must be destroyed at the expense
of the owners as provided by the British Columbia Horticultural Act and
Amendments thereto.
All primings, debris, and other rubbish must be burnt up at the time of
For further information apply at my
odfie, Vancouver, B. C.
Provincial Inspector ol  Fruit  Pests,
Vancouver, B. C. February 14,1907.
From n persual of the above, it will
he seen that u determined effort is to
be made to clennse and spray nl!
fruit trees in every section of tho
Tlie cities also are to (eel the effect
..I ihis forward movement, infected
nnd diseased trees, whether they he
fruit bearing or ornamental, must he
cleansed or destroyed. As the inspector stated yesterday to a representative of the  press:    "So much
capital is now being invested in fruit SAFES   PIANOS  ETC
growing l.y settlers who are coming
into the country by   thousands,  and     DealBr '" Wood' C,,al ftnd Feed'
paying high prices for land, that it is  Phone 71. House I'hone 7
due to them il, for no other reason,
that their investments will not lie
imperilled hy tbe presence of :....-,
which can lie remedied by a little
In Older to have the people without
Mrs. H. J. Ha.ibury, MunngresB.
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Allltindstof building and plastering
under Ink on.
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Do yotijenjoy lh.it well diessed feeling? Wo ..11 know what
il. feels liki. to l.e hot, lo he cold, or tn lie tired, and it. iH
jusl as true that we all know what it feels like in lie well
diessed. It feels good, nnd It's good to feel good. Vi.ucan
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lncorixirated by Act cf Parliament, IKS.
Wm. Wolson MaophbiiSON, Pres. 8. H. EfflNO, Vice-P-
Jamkh Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything iu way of hanking husiness transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year nt current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstokk, B. C.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wngona'ifBto.- John
Doere Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company a
Buggies, Planet jr., Qarduu Seeders aud Cultivators, Wheelwright aud Mm*.tamiih Work til tended to, Horse Shoeing a
Some Flours Vary
Is Always of the Same High Standard
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
eerved in  Greenwood
editor is often asked to  buy  tickets.
Because  a  newspayer  office prints a
lew tickets or dodgers for a concert or
hall is no reason that the editor should
Instead, the | excuse, a very useful bulletin is now
in the press and will be issued [ree
to all owners of orchards am! trees
Oreat pains have been  taken  in  the
 preparation of  this  bulletin,  which
purchase admission to the  entertain-1 contains a list of all   necessary   rem-
ment,   As a rule the person ordering j ediea  with  full  instructions bow to
job printing gets value for the money
invested, and expects in addition a
local reference to be made in the col
umnB of the paper. Dunces, lectures
and concerts are intended lor the entertainment of persons who have the
time and inclination to altend, but it
ia too much to expect the editor to
buy a |l.50 ticket lor every $2 worth
of printing be does, und '.hen give a
fi write up ol the affair.—The  l«dge.
The C.P.R. nre building three new
liners for use this coming summer.
These consist ol two new steamers
that are to be added to the lake lleet
at the end ol the summer, and one
freighter for the British Columbia
oast. The lake steamers which are
bsing built l.y the Fairlield com|.any
of Glasgow, will have about double
the enrrying capacity ol the vessels
now in service, although they will he
only some forty leet longer than the
present lake steamers. Tl.e freighter
V.r the liritisb Columbia coast, which
is to he 200 feet in length, i» being
built by Messrs. Grayson, Ltd., ol
Birkenhtod. Tho reason these vessels
are being built in British yards is
because Canadion firms are unable to
undertake the work.
Patronize Heme Industry.
Revelstoke Cigars.
make aud apply them and the season
when they may be used. The bulletin will be out early next week and
may be had on applieatiun at tl.e olliee
of the Inspector.
The Maii.-Hkhai.I) extends very
sincere congratulations tothe Inspector, coupled with  the assurance that
he will have its support in the enforcement '.f all necessary measures in
the interest of maintaining the |
splendid reputation which the j
Province enjoys for the production of
first-class Iruit.
I can do better Ior you lj
I can arrange for you to own your
own homi
I   ......  fi home built (or you to
suit your requirements on your own
plan, at your own limit olcost.
To ena. i.- you to pny lor it in instalments that will cost you less than
Bee me al once about it if you want
to ink. advantage ol this exceptional
l-'ir-t corns, first served.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
To Trappers
Surrounding the creamy white gluten and
starch cells in wheat is a layer of chalk white fibre,
known as cellulose. This mills into line dust-like
or " Break Flour," that will nbsorb vory little
moisture, and so possesses little bread making
The cellulose is always removed Irom MOFFETS
"BEST" FLOUR, leaving it very rich in ilutenor
nenry s  nurseries
Head-quarters for Pacific Coast grown
and imported Garden, Flold and
Flower Soodi.
Thousands of Fruit and Ornamental
Trees, Kliododnndniiis, Rosas and hardy
plants now gttwluf oil our owu grounds for
future planting.
No expniio, lossordoleyof fumigation,
inspection nor customs <liiu*.-tu pny.
Vi>itors nni nlways mi km mo to Inspect
our stock*.
Qroenhouge Plants,
Cut Flower* aud Floral Designs, Pertlibera
lino Hives and Supplins, Spray l'mups aud
Spraying material.
No ngtutH—therefore you have uo commission to pny. Our i-.itiilogita tells yon
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miiMtor Road. BrBUol. Nurseriw.-Suulh
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moBt profitable businesses in
British Columbia—$15,000.
the best cities in the Province.
Furniture ol two ol the beBt
houseB in the city.   Lease of either
houso at moderate rental, goes with
To Let
HOUSE—On First Street, Revelstoke,   $15,00 per month.
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EIGHTY acres next Hall Bros.
Ranche -$800.
EIGHTY acres  of  rich  alluvial
land, above high waler. Partly
improved.   Price $1,200-. «.
For particulars of above
Apply to
Insurance Agent, Revelstoke, B. C.
HKAD OFFICE: Caloahy, Ar.nr.HTA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
York Parkers and Dualur   lu Live Stock.   Markets In ull tho principal Cities and
Toivuh of Alberta, liritish Uuiumhia ami the Yukon.  Packers of the Celebrated Brand
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Large Sample Rooms,
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
^^     rs.Ms-3     ^^^
Revelstoke Assessment District.
Notice is hereby giren, in nccerdnnce with the
Btatutes, that Proriueial Koveiuo Tax, aud all
assessed taxes aud Income Tax, assessed nnd
levied under the "Assessment Act, 1WS4," and
amendments thereto, are now due and payable
for the year. 1907 to me at the Oorernmeut
OIJlcQ, Revelstoke. This notice, iu terms of
law, Is equivalent to a personal demand by rae
upon all persons liable for taxes.
Dated at Revelstoke this 12th day of Febrv
nry, 1007.
fnbl3*t Deputy AiRessor.
jfottce la hereby given that HO daya nfter date
we Intend to applv to the llonoranlelbc Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for special
license to cut aud carry away timber from lhe
followiug described lands, situated In District
of West Kootenay, fi. C.
1, Commencingat a postmarked "Laml.-
Watson Lumber Co's. north west corner nosl"
planted ou north bank of McKensIc Creek aud
about lour miles from the mouth, thencosouth
t$0 chains, thence west 40 chains, thenco south
40 chains, thenco east W chains, theuce north
120 chaius, thonee wost 40 chains to poiut of
oorn meneement.
Dated this 16th day of February, 1607.
2, Commencing at i post marked'"Lamb
Watson Lumbor Co. nortn-east corner nosl,'
planted on north bank of McKenzie Creek and
about four mllea from mouth, thence went HO
chaius, thenco south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to poiut of com*
Daled this l-Uh day ol February, iwff.
wed feb ft) Locators,
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
£X2ZTJ?JZ^* Purs Bought
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washing are easy with it«l.el|..
And the money Having is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Royal (Jrown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Notice (. ii.T-itiy given UintrV..l.y, alter rliii-
; intend -. .....iy to ti.'f < blelCommrtelonerol
l.n.i'l.ni..! Ur.rfe. for psimlHlontopnrohue
tho following ileicrlt*! Irnir..:
mmm.-n'-:..,- «t «■ po«t plin.H »t the a w
rumor o.  I*   B«..ch'»   pre-emption, m«rk...l
-ifli... ..... k-<*. vv eorner po.ll"rnnnln>eut
«.. chain., -iouth an i-halna, »-■■! Mll.tl.llm,
tbenee nnrth tf) r-l.aln. lo point ol mrainfnee-
men. comnrl.lng IM awes moro or lew
Dated Fob "til, IW.
  ,. wiAfl. imOK,
All claims against Lodge Loyalty,
B.o.K.ii.H., musl im submitted in
writing, ilnly certilifil by .1. I. Wood
row of Rove'stoke, to tin. undersigned
on or before February 28th, 1W>7.
Henky 8. Akkiiuhst,
Kamloops, 11. 0.   ,
Queens ftotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprietor
Under   New   Management)
B.   C.
First-clas accommodalion for travellers.
Iiest brands of Wines, Sprite, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Notice is heroby givon that 30 dnys after data
we intond to apply tot hu Chief Commissioner of
Landsaud Works for n special license to cut
aud carry away timber from the following de*
scribod lands in district, of Wost Kooteuay I
1. Commencing at a post marked "Lamb*
Watson Lumber Co. nortli oast corner post,"
pluutod about ono mllo from North fork of lliif
t rock on north Imnk, thenco wost 80 chains,
thencosouth 40 chains, thouce eaat 40chains,
thonoo south 40 ohains. thenoe east 80 clialns
theuce norlh 10 chains, thenoo west 10 chains,
thouoe north 40 ohains to pointof commencement.
i. Commencing at a poat marked "Lamb*
Watson Lumber Co, north-cast cornorpont,"
planted at tho North fork of Big Creek, llienco
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thonco
north SO chains: thenco east 80 chains to point
of commoncomont.
Duted this 15th day of Pobruary, 1007.
wed feb 20 Ucatcrs,
Notice is heroby gi ven that 10 days after data
I Intend toapply tothe Chief Commissioner of
Lands aud Works for n special license to cut
and eai ry away timber from tho following described lands situatod In the West Kootonay
ands situatod in the West Kootenay
t. Commencing ata post plantod about ono
mile north from the uorth-wost oorner of Lot
No, 860 and marked "Bert Blyth's south-east
corner post," thenco north 80 ehains, thenoe
west 80 chains, thenco south 80 ohains, theuce
east 80 ohains to point of coinmencement,
2, Commencingat a post planted about one
mllo north from the nort h-west oornor of Loll
No, 800 and inarked "Beit Blyth'snurth-oaab
corjier post," thenoo west 80 ohains, thonco
south 80 chains, thouoe oast 80 chains, thouce
north 80 ohains to point of commoncement.
.1. Commencing at a poet planted at tho
north-went corner of Location No, 1, markod
"Bert Blyth's north-east torner pm/1 tninoa
west 80 chains, thenoe south 80 chains, thonce
east80 chains, thence nurth 80 cliains to poin
of commencement.
4, Commonolng at a post planted at tho
uorth-west corner of Locution No. 1 and marked "Bert Blnh's south-east corner post," tbenee
west 80 ohains, thence north 80 ebains. thonce
cast 80 chains, thonce south 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated February 18th, 1907.
fob 20 wod BKRT BLYTH.
days after date wo intend to applv to tin
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
spocial licenso to out and carry away timber
from the following described lands situated
CullJia Creek, Lillooet district, B.p.1-
1. Commencing at a poat maiked "Lamb*
Watson Lumber Co's nurth-euat coiner post,"
aud planted about 6 mile* up CelistaCreole and
half a mile east of creek, thenoe south 160
chains, thence w*>t 40 chains, thunce north 190
ohains, thenceeast 10 chains to point of com*
2. Commencing at a post marked "Unit
'Watson Lumber Oo's south-east corner post."
and planted nbout five miles up Cellsta Creek
nnd naif a mile east of creek, thence north 80
ohains, thenoe west 80 chains, thenoo south 80
ohains, thence east 80 ohains to point of rom
meneement, _
Dated this 30th day of January, 1907.
wed feb 6 Unu.WATWNLvmn:iiCg.,I/^.
af' '#
niinn nuii.m
The Need of the Great West
—Strong Plea for Construction of a Railroad to the
Hudson Bay.
"I an. convinced that the Cnnndiaii
West, that country extending from
the eastern boundary of Manitoba to
the Pacific coast, is by Inr the wealthiest portion.of the Dominion, and that
iu the not very distant luture, it will
overbalance the remainder in respect
to population."
The foregoing statement waa made
to tho Victoria Colonist by Her. W
A. Burinau, wliu is identified with the
St. John's institute, Winnipeg, and is
making a short sojourn in Victoria,
He hns spent about ■ twenty years in
the Northwest, mid has watched the
development ot the prairie provinces
with close attention and keen interest.
His work among lho Indium linn
taken hini to some of the most remote
regions, north, south, enst nnd west,
and his observations have led him to
tl.e conclusion that the future J the
section of Camilla, referred to bus been
underestimated even by the most
Rev. Mr. Burmaii asserts that, although the Northwest provinces—
those immense agricultural sections
heretofore spoken of collectively as
the territories—have become settled to
a considerable extent within recent
'yean, there are etilljlarge tracts tlie
sod ol which has never (been furrowed.
The wave of prosperity, which Iihb
heen so often spoken of, be thinks is
pnly starting, «nd will increase in
volume with the growth ol the country, And he believes that there is
plenty ol room for advancement.
What is needed to 0|ieii up the
c .tintry, to induce settlers to take up
the land and develop the natural
wealth, is railways, These, he points
out, are beginning to be constructed,
the woik ol the Canadian Pacific, the
Canadian Northern and the Grand
Trunk Pacific being evidences of the
fact tbat these corporations recognize
the resources of the great West and
realize that there are vast possibilities
in trade and commerce throughout
the Northwest and British Columbia,
which only require the magic touch
ot tbe railroad to bring theni into
A point which, in the opinion of
Kev. Mr. Burman, has been overlooked
by the majority of Canadians, ie tbe
fact that the northerly portions ol
the prairies offer every inducement to
those anxious to enter into agricultural pursuits. He thinks that this section is just as fertile as the more
southerly country, nnd is convinced
that, ultimately, it will attract just
as much attention us is now Ihe case
with the districts adjacent to the
main line of the C.P.R. There ie no
doubt in his mind that the Grand
Trunk Pacilic, and alsj the Canadian
Northern, will open up fruitful agricultural districts. But he thinks
that in tlu process ol the evolution of
trade it will become generally reoog-
nized that a line from some point on
Hudson Bay, either running direct to
the coast or making connection with
one ol the great transcontinental lines
is necessary.
Such a system, he explains, would
open up an entirely new route lor the
shipment of Canadian produce. It
would enable the wheat growers to
send their crops to the n.nrkets ol
European countries much more
expeditiously than at present. The
congestion of trallic, which ii almost
invariably experienced along tbe line
of the C.P.R. at tbe time the. wheat of
the prairie sections is ready for Shipment, would he overcome In fact, be
believes that a line operating between
the Pacific Coast and Hudson Bay,
there connecting with a steamship
line, would have many advantages
. over the existing method of trans-
There appeared to be a prevailing
idea that the stretch ol water lying
to the north of Labrador was tiiinnv-
igable for the great part of the year
Rev. Mr. Burman says this is fallacious. It was true, he said, that these
waters could not be traversed at oer
tain seasons, and at others was somewhat dangerous. But this also could
be said of the St. Lawrence river. It
was frozen for several months and the
northern waters wero not closed for a
much longer period, Such a route,
Rev, Mr. Burinau points out, would
bring British Columbia and the
Northwest into closer touch with tbe
European markets,
It is interesting to note that the
line whioh Mr. Burman believes is
■practtoablo 'was advocated  by Sir
1..UIIHIIHII! 01 I fi..1,1.1,    Ul    .1"    mi.Ili-.-s
delivered in tho II" use nt Oil - • la.t
neck, Tin- ureniicr advane.fl much
the «.. c argiimcuis ns Iiil'i' bii'ii
,Ulli.ltd, ni.d nn. u-nd ib". tl.e
vi.v.'riiin.'i.i would (".....-ii'iiT Uu1 "Uir
|..(n iin-fli,- s.ibaiily tu ..ii) C' mi'-iiy
wi'ling lo undertnko tlm work ll.li
is generally iwepted ns mi imlii'iilion
lh.it n rond io ihe buy will soon be
Edmonton Defeats Regina and
Capture Saskatchewan
Edmonton, Feb. 25,—Edmonton defeated Kegiua ngain Saturday night,
six to one, at luckey, making tbe
second win oi a series ol threo, and
capturing the provincial championship. The game was the fastest ever
seen ill Alberta, scoro being one and
one at half time. Iu tho second half
Edmonton played the Saskatchewan
champions off their leet uud in the
last quarter scored at will.
Two great men in tl.e christnin
world have recently been called to
their eternal home. They were
brothers in life nnd brothers in death;
brothers in the christian life and
brothers in the christian ministry;
brothers in work and worth. The one
is Rev. Dr. James Patau, ol thc established church of Scotland and pastor
of St. Paul's church, Glnsgow, who
died at the close of the past yenr, nnd
the other is Itev. Dr. D. John Patan,
ol the New Hebrides, who died a lew
days ago at Melbourne, Australia.
Both hud lived long and useful lives,
having passed the mark of four score
years, and the world is poorer thun
it wns.
Dr. James Patan was one oi the
most distinguished men ol the church
ol Scotland. Some years ago he
edited bis brother's farmers "Autobiography." He was the author of a
notable work, "British History of tl.e
Papal Chains from the Norman Conquest to the present time," Published
in 1893, He was also the author of
several devotional books, though l.e
probably never wrote more tlinn one
novel. His greatest service to Scot-
laud was his temperance wmk, sen ing
lor len years as convener of the temperance committee of the Church of
Scotland, lifting it to its proper place
in tlie thought and legislation of Ibe
church, and laying down the lines on
which it has sinoe been treated. This
great man suddenly passed away on
the evening ol the same day on which
the great Princip.il Rainy died in
December last.
Dr. John G. Patsn was one of the
greatest missionary herc.es of the
present generation and is commonly
known as the Apostle of the i New
Hebrides. As a young ninu he spent
ten years in Glasgow as a city missionary. In 1858 he decided to go to the
New Hebrides, because lie felt that in
a religious sense it wus the darkest
place on earth." For neurly lilty yeurs
he labored on those island", and his
life of devoted service, family tragedy,
thrilling adventure and hairbreadth
escapes among ferocious cannibals, fills
many pages with absorbing interest.
Hit first great sorrow was in the loss
of his wife and child by fever, a few
mouths after arriving on the island
of Tanna. Forty times the natives
attempted to kill hi n, but forty times
they failed. Ofteu was l.e urged by
the visiting British warships to leave
this island, but he persistently refused
choosing to remain in the midst of
the howling cannibals for tbe sake tf
"his dear benighted Ta.ini.se." Marvelous to relate, while so many missionaries found martyr graves in the
New Hebrides at tbe hands ot fierce
cannibals, this great and good man
was spared to see much of the fruits
ol his Mfe work and to reach the ripe
age of 83 years, and to die in peaoe.
Dr. J. G. Patan ie of special interest
to Canadians in tbat the Now Hebrides
have been one of the foreign mission
fields of the Canadian Presbyterian
church for the past 60 years, and Dr,
Patan has been in close companionship with the Canadian missionaries
during his whole life. Such work
done by Dr. Geddie, of Aneityum, the
Gordons and Robertsons, of Eromauga
the Martyr Isle, and Dr. J. G. Patan.
of Tanna, hns transformed the New
Hebrides Isles Irom fierce hordes of
howling cannibals to christian communities ol peaceful human and worshipping congregations. There are
now some 20,000 native christians
sitting at the Lord's table.
The writer remembers seeing and
hearing this Apostle a lew years ago
iu Knox church, Winnipeg, when u
0i-.iw.lcd audience listened breathlessly
to the sweet tremulous voioe pleading
for his people fur away. His head was
bowed and his shoulders bent, and his
long snow-white locks and Honing
beard, with gentle voice and kindly
hoart, reminded one of another Apostle
lor our
The New Idea
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Then, isn't a householder or
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overlook this establishment.
R. Howson & Co.
" The Ontario Fire Insurance Co."
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" The Accident Guarantee Co. of Canada."
" The New York Plate Glass Insurance Co."
" The Indemnity Advertising Company,"
The above Companies ure all operating
under Dominion Charters aud are not
affiliated with any combination, Thus they
are able to quote the best and fairest rates
to Insurers.
Make your application for Territory   at
once, stating your experience and giving
references.   Write fully to:^-^^>
The Insurance Agencies Ltd,
Import direct from Country of origin.
Full line of Groceries nnd Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving ut
lowest prices.
rlnOI   OinCCI,   ■   nnv RESTAURANT
Has a good.stock of Groceries snd
a fine assortment of Japanese China.
Agent for Revelstoke Farming
Oompany, growers of all kinds of
Farm Produce, Hay aud Wood,
Front Street, Revelstoke
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Soisou, Orders promptly nt-
tended to.
FirstSt. Revelstoke
Two UwelliiiL'  Houses
Notice ie herebygiven that 10 days after dato
I intend to npply to the Ohtof Com mini-Inner of
Lands and Worki fora special licence to out
and carry away timber from tlio following
described lands situated in Wesl Koolen.y
Commenchiff u a po.-t planted on the bl..ffon
the west Bide ot Whiskey Point and marked "W,
K.Ogilvie't. southwost comer post/'t hence north
40cnains, thciii;ecn°f 1 -.'lains, thence south
40 chains mora less n lake shore, thenoe
west 160 chain    i point ui   iinmcncement.
Dated Feb "."1.190".
wed feb 20 W. K. OOILVIK.
Notice is hereby iti ven that 60 days from date
I intend to npply to the Honourable the Ohlef
Commission": of Lands and Works for permission to lurchasc tbe following described
lands, situated }n Galena Bay, and more particularly deter i bed aa follows:
Beginning at tt post planted at the north-eaBt
corner ol Andy Olson's ranch, aud called •Y.
J, Olson's N.W corner pust," thenee 40 chains
east, thence41 elifiiusaoulli, thenee 40 chains
west, thence 40 chaini north to point of commencement, cor mining 1G0 acres more or Icsf
Dated Jan. 25tb, 1907.
feb IG sat P.J. OLSON.
Notice If hereby given that Ml days from date
I inlend to apply io the Honourable the chief
Commissioner ot ftllds and Works lur aspeciii!
license to cut and oarty away timlier from the
following described lands situated on Galena
Bay, West Kootenay district:
1. Beginning at a po.il planted 10 chains
•south of tlu- northeast corner of T.L.6108,
thence in ehnins north, theuce Mi chnlns east,
thence ft) chain** south, Ihence 80 chains wnnl,
thenee 70 chains boith to point of coinmencement. containing 010 acres,
-2 Beginning bi a poit planted 40 chains
north of ihe south-east Corner O Chan, Beck's
application, tbeuce f* chain* east, thenee 8"
rhalna south, thence an chains wett, thenct* 80
chnlns north to poinl ol commencement,
Dated Feb. 10th, 1907.
feb 23 sal cil A.-, U.IU,
For particulars apply to
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House and Lot, on corner First street
and Boyle Avenue, a husiness
Villi. Lot adjoining City Limits on
Big Bend Bond.   A good stone
quarry  and  first-class   gravel
and sand loi building purposes.
A good lied of Brick Clay and
three acres cleared suitable for
fruit, growing.
Six Lots in Blof.k 40.
One Lot in Block 44,60 loot.
Two LotB on Eighth St., 100 (oot.
One   Lot, Block 1)7, with   olliee
Four Lots, Block 98, 25 loot, Cor.
Third Street and Connaught Avenue.
A well bred Mure, Cutter, Democrat
Wagon, two sets harness—(1 Bet  uf
driving, 1 set of work.
Interest in good mining property
nnd timber limits,
Twenty acres good land in North
Vancouver—-fill) po. acre,
G:od Farm ''..ids in Buckley valley.
..One Cement Block Plsnt in good
corking order with nil atti.chiueuls
For lull particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring j
Umli'i' the new innnagement of
Hahhy MoIntosh,  Hoffman  House
R. tflAiid.
_L cyon ate Lhe must curative in the
world. A perfect, natuial remedy Un
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Ltver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
aud Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That. Tired Feeling," Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails airive and depart every day.
Teiegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
Tebms- $12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring
Arrotv Lake. B, C
A LICENSE tu cut tiiubur oan be ac-
quired only ut public competition, -.
rental ui *j pur square mile la ohargeu
iur ull timber berths -except those situ
uied west of'l'alo iur which the rental It
ui inu tale ut j ecnta per acre per annum.
in udiiiLiuu tu the rental, dues at tin
t'l'.iu'.vnnj rates are oharge^;—
Sawn lumber, m Gents per iliouuuiiu
feet ii.M.
Uuu way tics, eight and nine feet lout;.
I i-j ami l 'i-i cents each.
bitiliglu bulla, ;:6 ecu la a curd,
All ulher products, -j per cent un tin
a license is issued au aouu us a berth
ia t;rained, but in surveyed territory uu
timber can bt! cut uu a berth until tlu
licensee has made a survey thereof,
Permits iu cut timber are uiau granted
at public competition, except in tlie cast
ut aetual qotilere, whu require the Um
ui i  mt  Uit'll uwu use.
Bottlers and uilicru muy uiau ublali.
permits tu cut up to 100 curds of wuud iui
gale   withuut   cumpetltiuu.
Tito dues payable under a permit ar.
ILfiU per ihuu-jund leel ILAL, fur Miu.m
Limber aud saw lugs uf any wood ex
eepi uiiiii Hum 1-2 iu 11*11 ceuls per line..
tuut for building logu; Hum li l-i tu -■
cents per cord tur wuud; 1 cent for lend
pi.'M.-:, J edits for railwuy ties; and la
cents per cord for shingle bulla.
Leases fur grazing purposes are laaueu
for a term of twenty-one years, af u
rental uf twu cems per acre per annum.
Coat landa may be purchased at in
per acre fur soft cual and iiu for anthru
cite. .Nut muie than 'Hu acres muy b<
acquired by une Individual or compuii).
Royalty at llie rate ui lu cents per Ion
ui .ijijij puunda is collected on the groa.*-
Entries fur laud for agricultural pur
posea muy bu made personally at tho lo
cui laud olliee fur the district In whin.
the land tu bo taken up Is situated, ■-.
if Uie liuuicslender desires, he may, oi.
applicuUon to in.' Minister uf tbo intenot
at Ottawa, the Uumiulauluncr of immlgra
Hon ut Winnipeg, ur the local agent fui
the District, within which the land 1-
slluated, receive authority for sume ont
tu make entry lor lilm.
A foe of 110 is charged fur homcsteuO
A settler who haa received an entry fui
a homesteud, Is required lu perform tbt
conditions connected therewith under om
uf the following plana:—
ll) At leaat mix mutitlis' residence upui,
and cultivation uf thc land In each yeai
during the term of three years.
It is lhe practice of the Department U
require a seltler to bring 10 acres undei
cultivation, bul if he prefers lie muy sun
stituto stock; and 20 heud of cattle, to lu
ucfuully bis own prupurty, with building'
for their uceommudutlou, will be required
tiiHleud uf cultivation,
(U) if the father lor mother. If tho father Is deceased) ut uny person whu ll
eligible tu make a homesteud entry undet
Lhe provl9luits or lhe Act, resides upoi.
a farm lu the vicinity of tbo land en
terod fur by sueh pursun as a homestead
tbo requirement-**, of thu Act as to residence prior to obtaining pulent may h<
satlslled hy such person residing with tin
lather or mother.
i;i) if the settler has his permanent
rvflidenco upon farming land owned bj
him lu tho vicinity of his homestead, tin
requirements of the Act us to residence
may be satlslleil by residence upon thr
suid  land,
Application for patent should bo mad>
at the end of three years before the loom
agent, Hub-agent or a homostead im.pi.-i.
Uefui'O making application for a patent,
the settler must glvo six months' nolle
in writing to the Commissioner of Do
minimi Lands at Ottawa, of his Intern
Hon to do so,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
Ottawa, Ftbruray Uth, lln.
i\   days after date I hi - nd I * uiiph to Uu
i hlef ('i']iinii"i"!ii*;' "f I  i'.-l-       ii  *.*> ■ ■'„- :
>pi'ciul llconse in cui and earrj nwaj timbi i
frmn the fulluwiiur describ d lands In -' *
Osoyoos division of V tlu i< -tenet:
l Commencing al a po«l planted about 100
feot from norlh ra-.t md i>f Keefei Lake,
ui.ii-lml/'W. ii. Hollingsworth's8. VV. corm ."
thenoo north 10 clialns, on-i I" chains, s h |n
olioins.easl 10 chains,south 20 chain*,earn BO
clialns, -milli b iluu.., ui.-; ,-r cliniii**.,iiurib
20 chains, wosl in ohains, nnrlh 20 chain*, woat
loclinlns to placo ut cjuuuunociiiuiit.
i Commenolng at a post marked "rt'.H.
Hollingsworth's soutli uubl corner," planted
ahi.itL nm yards frum ilu- nortJi-onsl umlol
tiuefer Luku. Ihence west \u chains, nurth ii
ohains, wesl lu chains, norlh 20 cliains, west 80
uhnins, north lOchains, east 80 chalus.south DO
oliuinB, oasl lo chains south 2u chaius, easl l"
chains, south JO chains to place of commencement,
:t Commencing at a post planted nbout W
yards souih frum tin* wosl end uf Koofer Like,
marked "W. II. Holliugs worth's north-easl
cornor," thenco west 81) chains, south Si chains,
easl 80chains, nurih su uhalns to place uf cum-
I  Commencing nt a post planted about'in
inili' iiurili of the mouth of   Polar Creek where
ii run--inlo Barnes Creek, and msrked "W. H.
I Iol lings worth's north-east eurner," thenee
iouth in ohains, west 100 chains, north *ju
ehains, east 111" elinins lu point o( commencement,
.'i. Commonolng at n posl iiUniniaiiout \it
mile norlh from the mouth ot PolarUreek
where it runs inlo Barnes Croek, and marked
"W. II. llolllngaworth's woiilli-ousl corner,"
thenco north 10 clmins, wosl 160 ohains. south
III  ebains, en-l   pin clialna  tu   plan* ol   cum
li   lommeiieiiiK al  a post planleil about 1 uf
a mile suiiili-e.i-i of cnsl end of Marsh Lake,
mnrkod "W, II. Hollingsworth's uorlheast
oornor, llienee souih in chains, we-t w
rlmins, nuri b I" chnius, oast ion chains tu place
of commencement,
i ri imnonolngat a post plant ed about I uf a
mile oast of wost end and near south sido of
Marsh Like, mnrked "W, H, Hoillugsworth's
nuri iwNist cornor," t honco soul h w chains, west
100clialns, north in clialns, oast nil)chains to
placoof commencement.
s Commencing al a post planted about 2UJ
unl-lnilit (he-,(111111 sub* mul aboul ]i:tl'-wav
of K.riVr Like, marked "W.H.Holllngsworllis
north-wesl eorner," theiix- south 11"chain-.
oast00ohalng, north00 clialns, oust SOohains,
north20olialM, wosl -30chains, nurlb'i'i ehains,
wosl 20 ohains lo point of couunoncemont^
!) Commencing at a pusl planted about200
yards souih ami ahout hall way uf Koofer lake
anu murked "W.H, Hollingsworth's uorth-oast
corner." tlience south Wi .'bains woat lu
ehuins, nortli bin chains, e.st It) chains to place
of commencement,
in Cominonoing at. a pust planted nu the
bono!) aliout \,t milo oast oi wesl end of Keofer
Uke, marked "\V, H. 11 wihigsworth's northeast curuer," thence south Mluchains.west 10
chains, nurth 100 chains, thence oasl in chaius
to puint uf commencement.
il Commencing at a post planted about \
mile smilli uf Kettle Kiver, ahoul 2 mile- WOSt
uf Keefer hike, mnrked "W.H Il.dling-wurihV
north-WOSl corner," thenee east IU chains, south
20 chains, east 10 chains, r nth Ml oluUns, west
Pi cliains, nurth 20 chaius, west lu chains,
innih Nielli.ms tu puiui of comment' ment.
Yi Commencing at a pu-*t planled about \
inm*-milli ui   Kettlo  Kiver, about i uf a mile
it of Porouplno Creok,niarked "W.H. Hoi
j      ...'Lite ir- uoniwj Kxcii mm -r- unji nnui umu
11 intend to apply io lhs t > .af i ..uimi-viuiierof
Lauds and »"!■*.- for a iperinl llcooSitoent
and carryaway timber frum tka full..wire Ho-
-r «dlands:
I ComiuebcluJr at a posl planted at the north*
west corner or the ou hwr4 quarter uf Section
23, Township0T, marked "\V n.Hollingswortb'a
soutb-west corner p ■•." tl ence can su chaina,
theuce norU *"■ chains, thouce west W chains,
tbenee south so ohains lo place of oommoncement.
The above lwaliua if lliu norilj httlTuf Stc-
tion 3and the - mth half of Section itt, Town*
Dated Novomber find, VM.
sm .i.m 36     W, il  Hul.LINGSWOKTH.
, east
about 1)
"bOk, and
liugsworth's north
chains, west lu chains, nurth 10'J ch
It)chains lu poini uf commencement,
ill   ('iiiiiiiii lirili;.;  ill   ll  pO-L   plailtel
iiiiles suuth of Keltic Itiver on TmpC
marked "W. H. Hollingsworth's M W
l hence south sn chains, oast SO ciniins, nurih so
ehains, west so cliains tu puint uf coinmencement.
ll Commonolng at a post, plantod about 50
yards abovo the lorks un Trap Creek, abuut
uac-lialf mile south uf Kellie Kiver, and mark-
i*il **\v HtHollIngsworth's S.W. corner," thence
north su chaius, east80 chains, south 80,chains,
wost80chains, lo pointol couiircticcmciit-
l.'i Commeneing at a post planted abou; j
mile wesl of llie forks ol Trap Creek and aboul
But) yards wost of tho creok, marked "W, il. Hollingsworth's north-east eurner," thence suuth
80 chains, w est 8U chains, north 80 chains, oast
80 clialna io point uf eomuiencoinent.
Hi Cuinnieiicingat a pu-i planted about 100
yards lu lhc BOUth of Kiisi Creek abuut !i mile
suulh uf Kettle Kiver, marked "VV. II Hulling-i-
Horlh's iiortb-caM corner," thence .-oblii lOo
chaius, west in chains, north Id chains, east lu
cliains to poinl uf cumincncemel.
IT Commonolng at a pust pluuted about .Vi
yards north of Kettle Kiver aboul J.j mile below
Porcupine Creek, inarked "W. H. Holliugs-
worths suutb-wist eurner," Ihence east 10
ehuins, south SU chains, cast In chains north 120
chains, west. 80 cliains, suuth 40 cliains to
place of commcnci'iiioiil.
IS Commencing at a pust planted on tho
Houlb bank of Hupsedam Creek aboutl/, mile
up from Kettle Kiver, marked "W.H.Holliugs
worth's north-west corner," thence south 10
chains, cast bin chains, north lb chain*-, west
100 cliains to pluce of commencement.
10 Commencingal a posi planled on south
bank of Hepsedam Creek, about !i mile frum
Kettle Kiver, marked "VV, H.HollIngBWOrlb's
southwest corner," theuce nurth W chains,
cast. SO chains, suuth 80 chains, west 80 chains
tu point uf commencemeni.
20 Commencing al a post planted ou the
south hank of Hepsedam Creeii abuul }t mile
frum Ketllu Kiver, marked "VV 11. HoliingS-
worth's norlb-ea-t corner," Ihence west tb
chains, suulh -u chains, east SOobalnS, uorlh
Hu chains tu place of commencement.
21 .CommeiiciiiK at a post planted on the
BOUth bank uf Hepsedam Creek about J mile
from Kettle Kiver, marked "W. 11 Holliugs-
Worth's south-east corner," theuce norlh lb
chains, west lu chains, nurth 2b cbnins. west lb
nurih sjoohains, wostoOchalns, couth Pi ebains,
cast Ml eliains. south 20 chains, east 10 chains,
soulli 20 chains, east lu chains to point of com-
Haled Dco.31bL IIWG.
wedjau 30      W. H. HOLUNOSWORTH.
Nol ice is hereby given thai 30 days lifter dale
I Intond toapply io the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timbor irum the lollowing
doscribod property situ.iu.-d on Fisher Creek
emptying Into the head of .Adama Lake in the
Districl or Lillooet. H.C:
1, Commencing at a post planted on tbe west
Imnk uf l-'isher Creek, Soutli (fork, about four
miles (rein Adams Lako marked "A. McConnell'a
N. K. ciirner," running80 chains uruth, thence80
eliains  west,  thencu BO  ehuins north, thence W
chains east to puint of commencement
t. Coimnenoiug at a post planted on tbe west
bank oi Fisher creek, sontli fork, marked "A. Me-
Ciiiiiiell's .V \S. corner," aboul four mllea from
At i.i ii is Lake, running 80 chains south, thenee 80
chains cast, tlience sb cliains north, thence 60
eliains west to pointof commencements
8 Commencing ut a post planted on tbe wesl
Imnk uf Iflslier Creek, South Nr!, about lire miles
from Adams Lake, marked "A, Met onnell a V K.
corner, Limit So, ;i i-'ishur Creek,' runnlngW
elinins south, Su chains west, SO chalna north, M
chains ea-i to place of commencement.
1. Coimneneing at a poat planted on the weat
hunk of yiaher Creek,South Pork, about fife ralloa
from Adams Lake, marked "A. UlcConnell'a .n,\\.
mriiei', Limit No. 1," running SO chalna south,
Uience KJ rhalna cast, tbOUCQ t-0 chains north,
tlience 80 chains «.*st to place ol Domraencoraent.
5. Commencingat u po-t planted on tho west
hunk of 1'i-ber Creek, .Soutb lork, about ill miles
from Adama Lake, marked "A. McConuaU's N.K.
cornur, limit No, 6," running 80 chainaaoutli, S3
clialna weal, bb chains uortli, ni chains east to
placo of commence nt.
I).   Commencing   Ut  a post planted nil the west
bankof ffahorCreek, Bouth t-vrk.al t ils miles
from Adams Lake, marked "A McConnell's N.W.
I'liiiu-r, limit No. ii," ruining  B0 chains south, SO
chains east, Ni  chain- north, 80 cbalni west to
place of commencement.
January Mh, nm;,
mil jan 10 A. M.niNNKLL.
Notico Is herob) glren tlmi ui'i:i)-*,-ifierdat*el
Intend toanpl) i»th« II rabhanoChief JCom-
missioner of unds and Wcrka for permlaalon to
purchase tbe following described landi, situ-itH
In tlio Flail ttlwi wlley ami more particularly .It*"
urlbed as follows;
UeKiimioe. at u post otto-balf itilh- nurttieail of
Angus McKa/a pre-emption, market) * O, S.'s8.K.
corner poat,' them-e Ho chains east, »o ehuiua
north,8uohalna weat,80chainsaoulb to -pointol
commoncomont, contalnlna wo acres.
Datod January loth, 1907,
6, 8UMNKK,
wuil fel) 18       Per George Goldato-itti, Agent.
Sixty days after date I Intend to applj tothe
Bouorahle tlm chief Commlsiloner of Lands nmi
Work* lor permission to purchase the (ollowlng
ilescrlbed hunis mtii.tn-d on Upper Anon Lake
and mora particularly deacribed u followsi
Huglnnlng at a post planted at the north-eait
corner ufJ.olSftlti and markod' I- K v., N.w.c.lV'
tlionco Mm chaina eeat, the 10 chalna aouth,
Ihence 1(30chaini woat, tbonco I0i li uus north t«>
point of commencement, WI aerea,
Dated l-Vlnuary Stli, 1DU7.
wed fob ll I'. V. PULLMBB,
Notice Is hereby gfrcn thai OOdaya afterdate I
iuumd to lumi) to the chief Commlsslonor of
Lands ami Wotki for permission to purchajif thc
following described landi
N"OTIOK ia hereby given tbat 80 days after date
l Inlend toapply to the Hon, Uie Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
License to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands In West Kootenay District:
l. Commeneing at a pust plantcil about nne
mllo above 1. L- Obdi on the »est bank of ilia
Columbia Kiver, opposite Ktjstum* Creek and
marked "Cu» Lund's N. B, corner", ihence west SO
chains, theuce south SO chains thence cast SO
chains, thence north &U chaini to point of com-
•i Commencing at a post planled about ii
miles np Seymobr Oreek and about li mile from
tli.-N. W, corner of T. L6&67 and marked "tins
Lund'a N. w. eurner". iheneeeast 40chains,theme
auuth Iil'i ehains, tbemx* wesi 40 chaina, tbem*e
norl li ltio chain*) to pnint "f cuiumencemtnt.
S. Commencing at a post planted at the N. W,
eorner of location No. 2 and m,irked ■ uie- Lund's
N. K. corner", tbenee wast -W cbaina, thence aouth
lOOchains, thenoe east iu chains, tbenee north 100
'■inm- to point of commencement)
I. Commencingat a post planted about one-
half mile wesi from the N. VV, corner of location
No, Sand marked "Qui Lund's N. W. corner",
tbonco east 10 chains, thebce uouth too chains,
theme west lo ehaim., theliii-north 10behuins to
point of commencement.
S, i lommencing at a post planted at the N. wj
Cornerof location Ho-land marked "(lus Lund'a
N. B. corner", theuce west 4U chaina, tlienee south
IflP chalna, Iheuce eaat ID clialna, tlienee north 160
chains to point ol commencement. ,
fl, Commeneing at a pnat planted at tbe N. K.
conier nf location No.fi and marked *'(ius Luu.l"
s. I-;, corner", thence north Wckaina. thence west
I60c|jainsi thence it^nth Wchains, tlienee east 100
chains to pninl ol com me nee ment.
Dated Januan lOib, 1007.
7. Commencing at a post planted near (Jol.l-
-ti-.Min'nt the S. h. eorner of T. L- 9770 (being
renewal of T. L.*CB0B) and marked "(ius Lund'a
N. B.corner", thenee south So chains, theuce west
sj chains, thenee north 80 chaius, thuUce easl SU
ehnins io pojnt 'if commencement.
B, Commencing at a post planted at the N. VV,
corner of T. L. GTtfl, near Qoldstream, and markwil
"'ius Lund s B, VV corner", thence e,wt 10 chains,
thence nortb ISO chains, tbenee west in chains,
thence south 100 cliains to point of cmmnencemeiit.
it. Commencing at a post punted atthe N. w\
comer of T. L "!&;,, near Qoldstream, and marked
"(ius Lund's N. B.corner"; thenee west 10cbaina,
theuce south YMI chalfli, thence east 10 chaina,
thence north iw chains i- ■ point of commencement,
Dated January Mil, 19"7
Notice is herebygifen thil at)days afterdate I
Intend tp apply to ihe Chief Commissioner of
Limls and Works for a aneclal lictime to cut and
carryaway timber from toe following described
land's aituated in the Osoyoos dm-doncf Vale
1. Ciiuimeucing at a pubt marked "Hurry
Uolutoah's N.W. curuer," planted about 1 mile
we-i uf Bugar Lake on the suuth line uf Timber
Limit Nu. M23, ihenco ionth 80 chaius, tbeuce
west 8") chains, tbeuce north 80 ahalus, tbeuce
east 80 chains tu puint of commencement.
Dated January 201b, 19J7.
2, CommeiiciiiK at a post planted at tho N.W
cornerof Nu. 1. theuce suuth 80chains, theuce
west SO chains, theuce north SO chaius, theuce
east $1 chuius to poiut of commeucemeut.
Hated January 28th, li*/?.
'.i. Cummeuciug at a pout plauted at tho
south-west curuer of Nu. 1, theuce -south 80
chaius. theuce eust SO chains theoce uorth 80
chaius, thence wust 80 chains to point of com*
1. Commeueini? at a post planted at the
south-west corner of "S* 1, theuce south 80
chains thcBce west SO chains theuco north SO
chaius, ibenco east $0 chaius to point of commeucemeut.
Dated Junuary 29th, 1907.
wed feb 13 By U K. Brink, Agent.
Notice in hereby given that thirty daya alter
date I intend to apply to the Cbiel Commls.
sioner of Lauds aud Works for a -special licenae
tu eut aud carrv awav timber from the followiug described lauds situated Id Yale District:
1 Commencing at a post planted ou tbe
west side uf Lease >l\ about one mile from tbe
north eud of lease aud about six ml Ita aorta
of Sugar Lake, marked "8 Hill's south eut
curuer post," running 80 chalna weet, tnence
so cbalus nurth, tbeuce su clialna eaat, theuce
Sb chains south to point of commencement.
2, Cummeuciug at a post planted on the
weat sideof Lease'2816, about one mile from the
north end uf Ivase and about alx mllea north
of Sugar Lake, marked "S. Hill's north-east
corner post," running so cbaina aouth, thence
su chains west, theuce so cbaina nurlb, ihenee
»0 chains east to point of commencement.
Dated Sept, 14(b, I'.i**
wed fob 13 S. HILL
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands snd
Works for ptrmissiun to purchaae the following
deacribed lands, situated on Upper Arrow Lake,
and more particularly described aa follows;
Beginning at tbe tmutb-weat corner of Lot 1189,
at a post marked "C.B., N.W.C.P.," thenceSO
cliains east, theuce 10 chaina narth, Ihence SO
chains east, ttiencc 10 chains aon>h,tbenee 10
chains west, ilieucc -j chains north to po'nt of
commencement, containing 240 acres more or less,-
Hated February Mil, 1907,
wed feb Yi Per O. Sumner, Agent.
Notice is hereby glTW that N days after date I
Intend toapply to tlie Hon. the Chief Cummlasion-
er of Lands and Works for a special license to cut
ami earry away timber from the following de-
BCrlbed lands in West Kooteuay district:
Commeuciuc at a po t Tplanted about one
mile aud a half nurth of Arrowhead, aud about
half a mile ea-t frum Arrowhead Hrauch R. IC
marked "W.K.Omilvie's S.W. post," thence 80
ehnitis north, thence 80 chains east, theuce W
chain--outh. tbenee Sflchains west to pointof
Dated Feb. 12th. 1907.
wed feb 13 W. P. OGILVIE.
Notice i- hereby given thai 90 days after dato
I intend toapply tothe Chief Commissioner of
Lind-and Wurk* fur n special licenco tocut
and carry away timber from the following described lands In West Kuuteiiay Diatrict:
Commenolng at a post planted on tho ahoro
uf Upper Afi'otv Like close lo Oolcna Point,
running eul so chains, thence north HO chains,
Ihence wost 80 chains, thence aoulh 80 chalna
IO point of commencement.
2. Commencing at. a post planted on thu
-bore of Upper Arrow Like, aliout, one milo
frum Ualeiia Point, running north 80 chains,
llmnce can SO chain*-, thunce south 80 chains
thence west SH chains tu point of commence*
menl along the lake shore,
Dated Feb. 18111,11*17.
ant feb ?2 W, K. OUII.VIK.
imst situated about trolle*
 li i.f  McDonald Creek  on  the rast shore -f
Upper Arroii Lake, joining T, L. WIS on the ionth-
weat ceruer, running oasl W chains, smi-fh so
chains, west 10chains, imrth 10 ohalni to plai**"f
Dated Jan. tQlb, uw7.
IchOsat L. A. DLWAK    '
Noli.-.' i* ht-r.-liy kIv.ii tlmi M diiywAluir duto
I i..u-..rl loni'i.ly lu lho Hon. I'liluf Cornml?-
-itilir-rof l.ili.l* .....I Workrtlor (lvo (5) apodal
Ik-.-..,-.-* I'i cut and .-nrry nwny tlnitwr from lho
liillowiiig it.-*cr.lw.-.l Iniida, Hltualo it. West
Kootonay dl.trtoU
1 CommonolQl, at a poal ..lanledlnctiaiiw
K ol I l.i- 8. W. r-irrniT ot 3«llo.. 2, Tp, 25. R. 27,
\S* .'..I. .M.: tlionco 8.101 cbuliiH, tlienco W, 10
chains, thanoa H.1BD elialm. liionco K. 10 chain,
l.i poinl nl commencement.
'. . ommi-ncinB nt n post planted one mllo 8.
i.Mli.-s. W. comer ol Section !, Tp. 22, II. B,
\V itli.M.; thenee W. SO chaina, thence 8.00
chain., thenoe K. On cl.nin*. ll.oncc N. 80 chain,
lo i-ilnl of coniincnccnicnt.
3. Uwiimciicliw at a lio*t |i1anl«l two mllea
B, ol ihe 8.«'. oorner ol Beetlon 2, Tp, 22,11.27,
W nl .Mh SI., tlience K. Ill chains, ihenco S.W
chain., Ihence IV. SO chalna. thence N, 80 chalna
ilicce K. I" chain, to poinl ol con.riicLcemi.nl,
., Conimi ni-iiw nti poal planttii two mlloa
,-f nml one half nille \V. of the 8. \V. oornor et
.-.-. ii...i; Tp..'!. R. H, Vi ol Slh M.j thence 8.
*.) ohalna, thence W. sn chain., thence N.80
chains, ihence !'■■ so chains to pointol com-
m.-iii.-nieiit. ,   . , .
.1. Coiiiiii.ii.-iiiK fttftPpOl planloo three nilloi
.-- anil one half mile W. of the 8, W, corner o(
Section 2. Tp. 22,11. 27, W. of ith M.j thenco 8.
-' .li.an*, thenco W. Hi ehains, thenco N, 80
l.,u[i' ihcnccK. SO chaini to point of com.
llateil.il Revelitoke, this 19th dayot lobru-
ary, 1907.
feb -a t        il j . Mcdonald, Locator, CORSfiTS
Right in the front rank of Corset successes—that is the
place " D. & A. has won.
When a line has been a " leader of leaders" for twenty
years, enjoying steadily increasing sales, its convincing evidence
of quality, style, and absolute reliability.
A long felt want maid's corset waist for girls from 12 to 17
years.   We have it.
The " I). & A." are suitable for any woman, any day, and
all thc day—good to work in, walk in or rest in.
Try a pair and be convinced of its elegance, comfort and
Z3z£xtrctU.on<jiJti/i perfect fitting qualities—evciy pair guaranteed.
Our  Spring  styles  of  " D. & A." Corsets are now to hand.   See our window of
New Spring designs.   We have assortment here we are sure will please you.
.♦. .♦. At At .♦. At At At {ft A At i**h <1
ifi im >" 'L' *X" *1*"' 'X' "4.' +' 'V "  ■
I Sore Hands    |
I and Faces
We have the nicest preparation you have ever tried,
wiled " Benzoin and Almond Cream." Only 35
cents a bottle. It heals in
a night.
Canada Drug & Book Go.
At A. it. it. if. 1T1 ■♦■ i't*! 1T1 [Ti iT« [Ti iTi
*I*TT"il' "X* "«l' X' "X* X' "-L* "A1 *X* w «r
Wednesday, Feb 27. For 24 hours.
Light to moderate noitlierly and westerly winds. Fair and cloudy Barometer high,    Frost  at night.   Tern-
Only .1 glance at om- stock
ut Groceries will encourage
you tn try them.
A trial will convince vou
they .ire the purest mid best
on the market. Try uur
j Hobson & Bell j
Grocers, Bakers A Confectioners
I'eter Verign, leader ol the Canadian
Doukhobors, has been commissioned
by the Grand Trunk Pacilic Railway
Company, to try to secure a lew
thousand Russian laborers lor con
struction work on that railway.
In the fourth liiotball match ot the
international   scries,   under    Rugby
persture  equable.    Temp. mai. 47; K      |t  m^ fln   g,^^
min. 27 degrees.
Local and General.
Don't lorget the band hoys dance
tomorrow night.
L. T. Morris, ol Notch Hill, is
spending a lew days in the city.
A sitting ol the Supreme Court will
be held in Revelstoke on May Snd,
Good music, good floor, good time
at the Und boys dance tomorrow
The Ladies' Auxiliary ol Knox
Church intend holding a Kermes on
May 24th.
Kelson gaol has been put under
quarantine (or two week owing to an
outbreak ol diphtheria.
Rev. J. K. Robertson lelt yesterday
tor Enderby to attend a meeting ol
Kamloops Presbytery.
The Fernie Ledge is now the pro
perty ol District 18 ol the United
MiDe Workers of America.
Chas. F. Lindmark received the sad
news on Saturday ol the death of his
lather at his old home in Sweeden.
The Kenora Thistles,) the Stanley
cup hockey champions, were defeated
at Portage la Prairie Thursday last by
a score 0I6 to 2.
Archibald Clavering Gunter, the
noted novelist and playright, died
suddenly 01. Saturday night at his
home in New York.
A 15-year-old boy burglar was shot
through the lelt hand on Sunday
nigdt while attempting to burglarize
a store in Vancouver,
A gang of crooks Becm to be work
ing the coast cities. Several attempts
at burglary have been made recently
ln Vancouver and Victoria.
Pointed Paragraphs
\\ the ability lo le-.. ami
Judge quality, toknowdosesi
to It'll h.iw drugs and chem-
Icals act in combination)
and to be able to combine
theni correctly and in proper
It is Important lo )'011 ihal
yonr prescriptions air filled
by ibo-e «l.o know how,
We pride ourselves on our
knowledge ol prescription
'i Phm, B.
Druggist and Stationer.
Mail orders promptly attended
Scotland had already beaten Wales,
and England had been defeated by-
Ireland, Scotland is bound to win the
international trophy.
A petition is being signed by the
women of Victoria asking that the
Dominion Government he requested
to remove the headtax of $500 on
Chinese, as domestic servants are
scarce in British Columbia since the
Chinese have been kept out by the
imposition of the head tax,
Two cases ol smallpox, within the
past week, have developed in Cranbrook. Mrs. McCleary, wife ol a railroad mah, and a man named Burton
are the victims. Both are In the
isolation hospital, The Wentworth
Hotel is under quarantine and also
some 40 ol those stopping there.
In the ciBe ol Snow vs. the C. N. P.
Co., Fernie, an action Ior damages (or
the loss of an arm caused by negligence of the Coal Company in not
properly safeguarding the machinery
about which plaintiff hud to work at
the new tipple, judgment was rendered
lor plaintiff amounting to $2,260 and
J. D. McNiven, ex-M.P.P. tor Victoria, who has been appointed fair
wage officer (or the Dominion of
Canadu, has been presented by the
Victoria Trades and Labor Council
with an address, together with a well
lined purse and 11 beautilul gold watch,
chain and ticket.
The public will be pleased to know-
that the Steam Laundry is again in
lull running order, and having been
compelled .luring the past two months
to depend upon tl.e "heathen Chinee"
to do their washing, will be better able
to appreciate the efforts ul the laundry
company to supply their requirements
in this line.
Hon. F. W, Aylmer, Dominion
Government engineer, lias purchased
a residence in New Westminster and
in luture, with Mrs. Aylmer, will
make liis home in the Royal Citv,
instead ol at (lolden as at present.
Mr. Aylmer will continue to have his
official headquarters in Revelstoke
and a greater part ol his time will be
spent here.
Norman Mm.re, Wentworth Smythe,
Theodore Wailman, Thomas .1. Lawrence, Frank Corson, Wm. II. Humphreys, John Hume and Ernest E.
Adair, all ol Kevelstoke, have been
gazetted commissioners Inr taking
affidavits In the Supreme Court, for
the purpose ol acting under the
"Provincial Act" In the electoral
district in which thoy reside.
Advices Irom McGill announce that
Mr. Carnegie baa offered tn donate
$60,000 to the building lund nl the
branch university to he inaugurated in
Vancouver, Tl.e gilt is conditional
upon an equal sum being raised Irom
p.ivatc sources within a stipulated
time. This $11X1,000 is Iho sum
agreed upon hy the directorate ss the
amount to be obtained before beginning operations.
To Buy n House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
'Deal Estate and Ineuranoe Agts.
Mrs. E. L. Kinman and children
returned Irom Vancouver where they
have spent the past three weeks,
Rev. S. J. Thompson, President, ol
the B.C. conlerence of the Methodist
church, and lormerly pastor ol the
Methodist church of this city, paBsed
through yesterday en route to
One ol the latest deals in Portland
Canal mining property has just been
put through by "Lucky Ike" Thompson, who less than a year ago, with L,
T. Watson, located and sold within
thirty days, one ol the best paying
copper properties on the Pacific coast,
situated on Hcrriot Harbor, Moresby
Island, one ol the Queen Charlotte
group. Mr. Thompson has just sold
seven claims near the head ol the
Portland Canal (or a good lump sum.—
Vancouver Province.
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Speoial
The most reliable Fountain syringes
at Bews* Drug Store.
Celery. Cauliflower and Cranberries,
atC. B. Hume* Co.
Mountain pictures for «a!eattle
Canada Drue Store.
Received this morning a shipment
of new laid eggs at Mac's Grocery.
Call and see our new patterns ol
Carpets anil Linoleums—C. H. Hume
4 Co., Ltd.
Satin post card., the newest idea Inr
making cushions, Hlc. each at Bews'
Drug Store.
Our spring stock of wall papers will
arrive in a few days.—C. B. Hume
4 Co,
Best    Sumiparilla,    an    excellent
opportunity in given the public ol
reciprocating they should do so to
[lhe lull extent ol their power. The
bund is in need ot lnnds to pay their
running expenses and the dance has
been organised for the purpose of replenishing the exchequer. A good
time is assured all who attend. Dancing will commence at !) o'clock sharp
Tickets are $1 for gentlemen, $1 for
lidies, extra lady 75c.
E, A. Haggen's Report.
There is likely to he Borne activity
in Eva and Imperial stock. The Eva
mine at Camborne has been steadily
making profits, a compressor plant bus
been installed and tho excellent management ol the property has instilled
in the minds ol investors increasing
confidence in the property. All that
is now wanted to place the properly
on a steady dividend paying lumia is a
larger mill, and this will undoubtedly
he undertaken ut an early date,
There is now some trading in McCnllough Creek stuck in view ol the
indications that wo.k will now be
carried on in paying ground as shown
by the gold taken out at the close of
last season. An early start will be
made this year with hydraulicing.
Buying is evidently for the outside
market. Options are being taken at
50 cents.
It is stated a deal is on for part of
the property ol the Prince Mining 4
Development Co. with a view to providing funds for the further development of the Standard Mine.
There is a lair demand for coal and
oil stocks of operating companies us
these are now everywhere recognised
as sale investments which will not
only be steady dividend payers but
will increase in value with the development ol the country.
In prospective mining shares Telk-
wa is the most promising I know ol,
and it is a bargain at present prices.
The fact that the Consolidated Mining
and Smelting Company, Le Roi, Le
Roi No. 2, and Granby are steady dividend payers, is attracting anew to
B. C. mining investments, and 1 look
lor increased activity in mining developments during this year,
Madrid, Feb, 23.—Tho islanders of
Lazorotte, in the Canaries, are suffering terribly owing to water (amine,
and some ol them are actually dying
of thirst.
The poor are going from door to
door begging piteously Ior a drink of
water, but there is practically none to
be had.
A pint of water cost at least three
cents and the poor cannot afford to
buy it.
From 25 to 50 Per Cent.
Saved on your Grocery Bills.
We sell at retail at lowest wholesale
prices. Hotel and boarding house
beepers, farmers, miners and lumbermen will find it to their advantage to
investigate us.
to any railway station iu British
Columbia. We only handle first-class
and pure goods. We guarantee
prompl delivery. No order too small,
none too large. Write fur nur price
lis.. IT IS FREE. Be convinced
tbat you can save money.
259-201 BtaoLy St., WINNIPEG, Man.
We arc now opening our first Wash Goods for Spring. If you are beginning your
Spring sewing you will want to save money by getting your materials here. We have all the
New Patterns in the following :—
Prints from 10c. per yard.   Ginghams, from i2j^c per yard.   Victoria Lawns, Persian
Lawns, India Lawns, Nainsooks, Muslins, Zephyrs, Vestings, etc.
New Drapery Goods
We are showing a splendid assortment of Art Silks in many designs, Art Muslins,
Art Silkolines, in exclusive designs, New Tapestries, Art Sateens, Burlaps, Crepes, etc.
New Wash Silks Just Arrived
Om* firstshipmentofthc.se goods are here. These lihes have advanced very much
during the last month, but we bought ours last Fall and they will still be sold at the old
Peng/ Silks, in natural color and white, Japan Taffettas in all thc best shades. Art
Silks for kimonas, etc,    -
Waists and Corsets
See  our  $1.00   Waists and  our 75c.  Corsets.   They are both genuine bargains.
Our Watchet are "Au
' Fait" Eight Day Olockt
for 14.50.   All  Silverware Guaranteed Quality.   Watch Repairing
a Specialty.
spring tonic, lu.) .loses. 1WI cents,  at
„     , ,,       ,. take notice on   M.nday   am   rues-
Hews  Drug More. J
I day next, March-lib and 6th, Mr«. I).
We are showing an extra fine line MophlddM wtI| offer Inr sale at ber
ol Carpet Square, and small rug-, call j r„„||„Mr„ oppo||Uj ,,,,  Qftn  „„„„,
af.rl -I,- them.-C. 11. Hume 4 Oo      , th(. M%m o( her (un,it,lr„ |iy |iriv>ll.
Bay rum, almond cream and many|„|e,   fntendinj purchasers can call
other toilet lotions l..r titer shafing |at the houia on Monday and Tuesday
sold at The Canada Drug Store. [ n(,xt al any hour between  II o'clock
Everything  in   smoked,  suit  and •• m. and 9 o'clock p.m.
canned flsh on show, at C. B, Hume —	
4 Co's.
Just opened a shipment nl llr.
Shoops remedies. Don't forget the
place, Camilla Drug 4 Honk -tor".
Our bargain table ol hand painted
China anil gold engraved 'Hassware ll
disappearing fast.—(',. II. Hume 4 Cn.
We nnw have the new Dyola Dyes
on «ale, A package will dye cotton,
wool or mixed guoda equally well-
Canada Drug 4 Hook Store,
The dance to be held in the opera
bouse to-morrow (Thursday) night
under the auspices ol the Independent,
Band should be well patronized. The
band Is.ys are always generous in their
treatment of tho difforont organi/.a-
ity toO. B, HuimpA Co.
Nolice li hereby Riven Ihnt 30 days after date
1 Intend tn npplv to thfl Chief Commissioner of
landiand works for * ipeclal license to oat
and carry away limber from the folio*ing
described land* ln Weit Kootenay district
1. Commencing at a post about 80 chaini
west from the north-eait corner of Lot 873, and
marked "John Connor'* 8.E. corner post,"
ihence north 80 chains, thence weit 80 ohains,
tbenee south 80 chains, thence eaat 80 chains
to point of commencement.
2. Commencingat the south-east cornerof
T. L. 6516, at a post marked "John Connor's S,
W, corner post," thence norlh w chains, thence
cast 80 chains, thence iouth 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 18th, 1007.
8. Commencing at a prist about 30 chains
oast from the northeast corner of No. -1, thence
north 80 chains, thence cast 80 chaina thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chaina to point
of commencement.
4, Commencingat the north-west corner of
T.L. 6769, thence north hu chains, thenceeast
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, ihence west
80 chains to point of commencement,
5, Commencing at the south-west corner of
No. 4, thence nortb uo chains, thenre east 80
chains, thence south80 chains, thence west80
chains to point of commencement,
fi. Commencinc at tbe north-wesl corner of
No. 5, thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
rliflii)-, thence south 80 c'-Mns, thence west 80
chains io point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 19th, 1907.
7, Commencing at the north-west corner of
No. C, thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
ehahi«, ihence south 80 chains, thence weit CO
chains to point of commencement,
8. Commencingat the north-east corner of
So. 7, ihence north HO chains, tbenee cast 80
chains, thence south 80 chaina, tbenee west80
'imins to pointof commencement.
o. Commencing at the north-east corner o'
No, 7, thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chnlns, thence south 8(1 chains, thence east 80
chain* to point of commencement.
Dated Feb 20th, IW7.
in, Commencingal tha north-west corner of
No, 9, thence north 80 chalna, thence east 80
chains, ihence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chaini to point of commencement.
11. Commencing at the north-east corner of
Ni, 9, thonce north 80 chains, thonce eaat80
chains, thence south 80chains, thence west 80
i'lining to point of commencement.
Dated Feb jm, imi*
wed feb37 i'er .Angus Campbell, Agent.
to take advantage of the many useful
and handsome articles that we are
offering in our sale of Clocks, Cut
Glass, Table Silver, Watches, Jewelry,
and Novelties.
Our piii.es have been reduced on
all these articles,, which are ou fait
for wedding or hirthday gifts, or for
use jn your own home,
Don't forgot our Optical Department. Wu make a specialty of that
and wc guarantee satisfaction.
Artificial Eyes tested,
DEALERS   IN     -
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
km a op. li lei A
NOTICK is hereby Riven that60 days after date
I inti'ti'l to apply to th*-Hon, Chief Cum
mlujoner nf Unili ami Wnrks for permission to
...h'niiv District, tiU. ti i Uny, m"i   -iiii- nf
pun i**i i"  the  following (Inacnlwil lands  In tin?
Dpper Arrow Wei
('nihiii'ii-'i-iK ;it   ii poit plantcil at I' Mnher's
ioiiti*eul conier and mnrked "Bruce A. Utwson'i
louth-eait corner imst," thence smith 4tichnlns,
Uinim wmt 40 ehalnit thenct north iu clmins,
thence bm! 10 chtlnij thence north 80 chains,
thenco >-iiii nn chaini to point of commencement,
id containing Ltoacru more or lew,
Dated Qilena Hay, this 17th March, IMT.
feb 27 wed BBUCK A. LAWSON.
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .      ,     ,
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  .      .
Dwelling ami Lots, Third Street ....
Dwelling and Lots, (corner) Fifth Street
Double Corner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.
Lots on Second St., eaat, of McKenzie Ave., each
Lots on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave,, each   ,
Lots on Fourth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each
Lots on Fifth St., easl of McKenzie Ave., each' .
.   200
.   150
i.i'iii -AI.K Two handsome  «bow
T   cases and » counter, cheap  Ap-    r.„„1„„ii,.in»»uiii.»i.iilAi.....i.
ply tin office or Oity Bakery, i^..»..ii<rjrr.f-iT.ni»-r i.imii, n«. n
n LAIN and Ornamental Plastering,
I Aiiill.inMt.one nf any design for
building ptiipoieii Cement and concrete work taken by contractor day
wnrk.   Apply al Mmi.-IIk.iai.iiofflce,
WANTED   At. once    al Halcyon
Hot Spring", an experienced
dlnlngrnom girl.   Apply at ....... to
II. Mr I.NTOSH, Prop,
ANTBD-GIrl for General iw
In* K'."-1 iilnin ctiok.    W'igi'i f&i
month.   MllH. T. T. Lodoatb.
WANTED—By young man, it Hefcuf
liookri  t.n kfoii   during  spare
hours, npply at t hla offlce.      fiO 9t
Ketiol Is hereby gl ten that 80 days after date
B Intend io apply lolhc Chief Com mini oner of
I.Hiidi and Works for a medal license tn cut
and carry tlmh'-r from the following descrilied
Inndn sl mated In the Osoyoos division of Vale
near the northern
'■iiu.'., mul about to
halm Irum ilm imrth-went corner nf same, tlience
n'.riii no rhalna, tlienoi east IM chaini, thenre
ir-utti V-r'hniii** in th* north-aut comer of Timber
Mtnlt ,«ki, thence w«it BO elialm along laid boun
ilary to the tiortii-wi-.il enrner "f same, tbenci
■oiiiiii fl'-luiliH nliing the mutartl hmimlarv nf
Timber Limit vm to tlm nnrth west corner nf
lilm ber Limit f-Stt, thence went wi rhaim along
Lhe norlnern hntindrary oft "aid Limit. 7iwft in point
of commencemen-ii
iMi-i the 7th day of Feb., IW7.
fib 27 wod y H. MACKBNZIR,
Furniture, Pianos, or Merchandise, stored in dry-well-built ware
house in convenient location.
E.  A.   HAQQEN,
Real Ks tn to and Insurance Agent
Kevelstoke, I). C,
The King of all Cigars, for the
first time presented to you in
Revelstoke, is the KING EDWARD
7TH, Leader of Domestic Cigars
in Canada.
Subscribe for Mail-Herald
$2.50 Per Annum,


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