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 " Empire " Typewrite
For ease of operation and perfect imi
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, $110 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co,,
— Provincial  Library
New Wellington Coal
E. W.  B. PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
Vol. 14,-No  105
S2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Discount Sale
For tin- month ul January we will run a big
Discount Sale in each of tun departments.
Come in and v;cl your wants supplied ai prices
you never before thought of.
For the Men
We have exceptional bargains in the following lines:
Underware from if 'l Oil to   H 50   for % I 25
Men's sox at                36 for 25
Men's units at         18 00 for 10 00
Men's shirts at         1  50 to   $2 00    for 95
Hois' suits at        5 00 for 2 50
For the Women
I   50   to   %   GO   for   $   25
Coats 5 00    to
Skirts 0 00   to
Underskirts 2 00   lo
Ribbon   Remnants   and   a table full of other
8 00 for 2 90
8 00 for 1 90
4 00   for     1 50
For the Family
Thirty-three and one-third per cent, discount on
all furs. Curtain muslin from 15c. to 30c. per
yard. Tapestry Curtains at 25 per cent. off.
Tapestry and Linen Cushion covers fron JOc. to
50c. each. Twenty-live per cent, discount on China
and Glassware.
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrow-head.
—I— L*
We are finding a lot of odd pieces of
Enamelled Ware, these we are putting
on a Bargain Table and offering at a
reduction of
All good goods and articles that tire of daily use
in the kitchen.
Book    your    orders  for   Damaged
Pipes with our Plumbing Department
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off ieo   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Brandies sr Agents at nil principal points In Oanada.
Agents iu Orent llrilnin and Uiiileu Stale—London, England,
Lloyd's Hunk. I.lil. Chicago Kirst Nation;.' Hank, Corn Kxchange
National Hunk. .Seattle Seattle National Bank, St i ranolseo—
Wells Fargo, NevadaNatlohal Bank, Spokane- .xcnci ■/ National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, jhhI interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
25 Per Cent. Off Ah
Ladies'and Children's Winter Wear
Must be  cleared   to   make  room   lor
new Spring Stock.          .
MRS.    A.     CRICK
£                     P I R B T   8 T R B B T .
Handsome New Structure Soon
to be Built
The pinna aB submitted by the
architect for the new Molsons bank
building on .McKenzie nventie hnve
been approved with one oi two minor
alterations. The work of construction will be commenced ns soon as
tho weather permits. The new structure will be handsome nnd imposing,
having a magnificent front ou the
comer of McKenzie uvenuo nnd First
street. A leatnre of tlie portioo will
he two huge monoliths ol stone supporting a richly ornamented facade.
There will be ample accommodation
for the manager's living quarters up
stairs, besides bank ollices, vaults and
ollices for rent. All that will now be
wanted to make that corner as imposing as any in other cities will be a statue
characterising "civic progress."
A Brief Description of Salient
In our l»8t issue we gave a brief
description ol the new gas engine,
and now for the benefit of those who
are d, ubtlul as to how a gas producer
is operated we give a short summary
of the salient features of the producer
itself. The gi.-1 of a gas producer is
the pissing ol steam and air thiough
red hot conl the resultant, gas being
washed and cooled is then suitable for
the engine. Tlie suction type producer which has been installed in the
power house by the Canada Foundry
Co., means that as the engine piston
goes forward it draws a charge of gas
from the producer automatically. The
plant remains under less thau atmospherical pressure, consequently there
is no [tar of any explosion. The producer itself is built of rivctted steel
plates, no cast iron being used, as is
olten the ense, and the chance of
cracking due to sudden changes of
temperature caused by the atmosphere
or by the injection of cold water ou
hot metal, is thereby eliminated. In
order to raise eteani in the plant different makers use two principles.
(1). A system of internal vaporization, where the cast iron boiler type,
situated inside the producer is need.
(2). .Vu external system where hot
gasaes from the producer gives up
heat to some system of boilers which
difler in style in various makes. The
Canada Foundry Co. use the latter
system since it possesses certain ad
Ca). The external vaporizer can be
cleaned while the plant is in full operation and without disturbing the
main points of the producer.
(b). This system avoidB troubles
when bard water is used.
(c). It utilizes otherwise waste heat
iujgasses for raising =tcam, instead of
extracting bent from the tire itself
which is noe economical. Besides the
external vaporizer, the local system
h is a patent lor raising i-Uuni by injecting water through a coil on a steel
plate below the fire cage, which is
heated by heat taken from the nshes
and radiation trom lire bars. This
source of heat ia always ready at any
time tbuB avoiding delay until outgoing gasio give up heat to the external vaporizer. It is possible to raise
stern! necessary for tho complete plant
by the coil only while the external
vaporiz ir ii" being cleaned, or other
wise out of use, without interfering
with the continuous operation ol the
plant. The external vaporizer used is
p.iteuted by the Oanada Foundry Co.;
it is simple and ingenious in pattern
(■on-,sting ol a ;al g'_ covering the
cast iron pipe, the gcuge acting as a
distributor of water over the pipe's
surface thus jacketing the pipe itself,
tthieh carries away hot gases to the
angiie with a thit. film ol water which
is quickly turned into dry steam, in
looking at the process the patents
will be found to cover many esentisl
features in gi producers. An thru
cite coal, coke or charcoal can be used
a email qui. itity being used every two
hours. The I avenger device on tht
engine prevents nil pre-ignition while
the Bcrubbcre In the producer ensures
absolutely pure and clean gas. The
engine can be started in fifteen min
ule- at ordinary times and when tbe
lire is banked over night, in six min
Central Section will be Commenced in April
Arrangements have been concluded
between the city and T. F. Sinclair for
the construction ol the central section
of tbe sewerage system in the city. It
may lie remembered thnt the council
of 1(107 made a contract with Mr
Sinclair f r the construction of the
oompiete .-, »tem as SOOn ns the debentures for the same were sold. Nothing
farther was done, except that when it
was found that it Would be iiiiadvis-
nlilc to construct the whole system nt
once, the council of 1008 tried to negotiate for the construction of lho
central scctiou only, as being tlie most
necessary of any part to be constructed
living to Ihe (illhy state ol the cesspools in that locality.
Mr. Sinclair met the council last
Friday and Saturday and after going
over the whole question he agreed to
do the whole of the excavation work,
manholes, etc., of the Central section
for 10 per cent over and above the
price origina'ly named for tbat section
when the contract Inr the whole work
was let, the ten percent to be returned
to the city when the whole work is
completed. The price for the central
eectiou work will uow be figured out
at that rate.
Wurk will be commenced about the
middle ot April, a large number of
men being employed, most of whom
will be local men. The central section extends roughly from tlie V.JI.C.
A. to the School and will necessitate a
great, amount of excavating. The
question of what material will be used
for pipes will be immediately taken up
and whether it will be advisable to
make them locully of cement, bisideB
other matters relating to filter beds,
septic tanks, etc. This coming spring
should fdiow great activity in local
Revelstoke Makes Application
for Dominion Exhibition
One of the most important movements that has ever been taken hold
ot in Revelstcke is the suggestion that
the Dominion Governmsnt shull be
asked to grant the Dominion Fair for
Revelstoko in 1911. The question has
been freely discussed by the Board of
Trade in open session and also in
committee, with the result that a
communication has been sent t i the
department at Ottawa making the request. It is claimed that Revelstoke
can justly make this request, being in
a centrui poeition iu the province ard
accessible from all parts of tbe Dominion. This bold movement is
backed up by the city nnd district as
a whole, besides iiBving the support
nnd co operation ot adj lining sections
of the province.
Prepare for the cold anap this week.
We are unloading '-' cars of briquettes,
1 c»r Tiber ena), 1 car Wellington
coal, and 1 car of Kankhcad stove coal
is i n the road. Order early and avoid
delay in delivering when the cold
weather comes and the demand i
heavy.    Kevelstoke 'ijneral Agencies.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Revelstoke and Columbia District Suitable.
We note witli interest that the
Board of Trade have taken up tli
quest,on of Dominion and Provincial
experimental farms, going so far as to
recommend the upper Columbia and
Arrow Luke district as being particularly suitable. I- mm time to timo the
Maii.-1__i.kai.ii has through its colums
advocated that steps be taken to try
and secure the establishment ot such
farms in British Columbia and iu tlio
Kooteuay   in   particular       We   take
credit upon ourselves lm introducing
the matter and arousing the interests
of the public, nnl heartily concur with
the Board of Triu'o in its resolutions
now regarding the same. We are confident thai in this district there are
many claims (oi tho establishment nl
an experimental farm that can he
substantiated and stand looking Into
The Kootenay country and this section in particulars eoutain valuable
areas of land antl admirably adapted
geographically and climatically for experiments in agriculture and finit
School Inspectors Report.
The report ol the district school inspectors lor lhe province all show pro
gross. Mr. .1 i> Oillis'report on tho
Kootenay schools show that this part
of the country is developing. Of the
teachers themselves this inspector
-ays, the majorityjare earnest, enlliui
astic antl capable, nul no tasks thnt
are in the interests ol lhe children and
the schools seem too heavy. Mr.
(lillis praises the now school at Nelson
and notes that "In llovulstnke tho
school grounds have been made most
attractive; the lot has been gradid
and lenced, trees have boon planted
and llowsrs cultivated."
The Fruit & Produce Exchange
of B. C. Ltd., Feb. 2-3
A general meeting of this organization will he held on February 2nd and
lird in the city hull. The business to
be transacted will bo principally a reconstruction on n larger scale in regard
to capitalisation and scope tor operation.
Representatives from the O.P R
Freight Department and Dominion
Express Oo. will be present, Representatives from tbe different wholesale
centres have nlsn signified their intention ot being represented.
A general discussion of transportation facilities, rates aud methods ol
handling the production from the
different districts will nlso be a principal feature of the convention.
The convention will bo, we think,
the first meeting held in the province
at which were gathered representatives
of all the organizations connected
with tlie distribution of the fruit production ol the province; the producer,
the carrier and the distributer.
Beneficial results to the industry
will be certainly derived from the discussion at the meetiug and local interest Bhould be well represented.
$27,000 Saved to Children of
B. C. Schools.
Since the establishment Inst July of
the system of tree achool books, the
Hon. Dr. Young states that he has
saved the 35,000 school children
1(127,340 for theae supplies. That is
tiie amount they would have had to
pay at the prevailing rates. For these
the government buying them at cost
paid J17.800 and $2,000 for distribution and salaries for the stall ot the
new branch of tho education department.
Public schools, and even the pn -
vino abnormal school, shared in tl.e
offer ot the government. Over 700
public school requisitions for these
supplies were received by tho department during tlie six months covered
by tbe report and ending with December. Union .lacks, costing $1,788,
were also supplied by lho government
to the various schools.
It is to be hoped that when the
snow goes tbat the ling staff iu our
own school quadrangle will bo erected
Elaborate and Valuable Scheme
by Board of Trade.
We understand that it is the intention of the Board ol Trnde to inaugurate a scheme nf publicity for the city
ol Bevelstoke, which will take tie
form ol general advertising anil pn
bioulary the centralizing ol samp.is
ol our resources and industries In a
permanent building ol attractive
design and construction, to be situated
at or near tlie 0. P. II. depot. ThiB
proposed building will bo finished a
artistically and elaborately as pnssilil
and will contain good specimens of
f r nit, vegetables, produce, lumber
minerals, etc., besides photographs ol
scenic features, sporting trophies, in
dustrial and o mimoroial samples, and
suitable literature, so that transient
pnssongors can be attracted nnd can
see what wo have gut to offer to the
tourist, settler or hunter.
Ibis cottage should be tbe centre ol
attraction (or 0. P. R. passengers between trains and 11 properly handled
will prove ol Immense value to the
city as nn adver isor. 'I'he city cnun
cil will bo nsked to assist iu the
Canadians Lose Second Game
GLASGOW, Jan. 2II.—The Canadian
oiiiloi-i have mot with un enthusiast
reception here. They began playing
yesterday against the Ice Kink clul
and at lhe close ol the day the Scotchmen lind lho advantage. The ieo was
Somen bit strange to the Canadians.
When time waa called lor lunobeon
the score wis luo Kink 95, Canadians
88, but during the afternoon the play
was elisor a: d tlm local experts weie
tide to obtain only two points over the
viBitoiv. theSOOre being, Ieo If.ii.k 84,
Canadians 82, The Ice Rink club
gave a hniiqiicl last night in honor ol
tlm Canadians al which Sir John
Stirling Maxwell presided.
Old Timers Banquet
The "Old Timers Association " have
decided to hold  a   big   reunion   and
banquet In tbeOpcra House on Thursday, February Mill, at wbicli all th
pioneers snd old timers ol tho Knote-
nays will gal her. 'I'he cnnimitteo in
charge ot arrangements will makn
public announcement! later.
other stove suits the fuel and
the Kootenay. We have
oven  thermometers and   all
sure you bu
Groceries fi
Kootenay Range
This is a cut of the
celebrated " Kooten \y
Range " that is doing
such excellent service in
many Revelstoke homes.
There is nothing to equal
it ;it the price and no
conditions here as well as
them specially fitted with
latest improvements.    He
get your icjog
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
, Wt Mp!M
now is ihe iimefomiy
Copyriqlit-, 190/ /,
by/X?. F^O"re*." ft
MR. DRESSER:—Indeed, now is the time to buy your
clolhes nil the way through because the lines we wish to
close will get shorter every day from right now on and
you cannot get as good a pick tomorrow ns today.
You see, we don't ortler any more winter stock and
when wo sell out what we have, we shall have no more,
but wo don't wish any leftovers and are therefore selling
out our winter stock of boy's overcoats at these prices:
one only
size 27
* 8 00
it S 6 75
"      os
0 uu
"      C UU
"    'JS
10  IKI
0 5U
..    .. i
g oo
■'      5 7."i
two only
••    21
11 III)
ti UU
one only
••    20
7  IK)
4 5U
••   30
8 01
11    ID
••   30
I) 00
I) 00
••   111
10 00
1) 5U
"    HI
12 00
"      8 50
two onlv
"   32
12 Ol
8 51)
one only
"    IB
8 60
■•   :«
12 00
8 M
two only
••   ill
12 IS)
12 00
8 50
S 50
one only
■■   :il
15 uu
"    in GO
two mi li
••   38
12 nu
8 ."xi
on,• onlv
•■   :i."i
lu 00
"    io :m
"     lio
|« .  .
20 "i
■■    12 60
"     15 00
in in oi PICK, 11.uiin in
tStilll.I'.lll.ll   18(17
b. e. walkkr. President Paid up Capital, 510,000,000
alexandek i.*ird,Geneni Ma..ij-'   Reserve Fund,  -   6.000,000
DRAFTS  AND   MONEY  ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS  made in all parts of Canada and in foreign countries.
FOREIGN   BUSINESS.     Cheques and  drafts on the Onited States,
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     121
Local Oplion League
A well attended meeting of the
local eption league was he'd last night
in the Baptist Chinch. Ki vs. W. 0
Cnldor, Ti W. Hall, and   Messi-   How
son and Clay being the speakers. A
monster petiii ■■ signed by 10,000
will lie presented to tbe government
on Tuesday next asking for ooal Option, Tbe petition has been circular d
ill round the province and will Ix- pre-
nted t" the government by Dr.
tl.ienoer the head of the movement in
U 0,     We   understand  tbat a
number ol looal people hnve si..ne,I
tbe   petition    whioh    has heing goioil
round tin city and that a local delegate will be cent with the delegation
t,   Victor! i.    Tbe   bev.  Mr  Caldi r
spoke forcibly on tl e question, criticizing tin actions nl certain parties in
lh" city against the moven ent anil the
part the ohnrob was taking In it.   Be
Condemned tbe apathy of church peo.
pie generallv in matters nf in,portal,eg
such as this. Til MA1LIIRRALD. REVELSTOKE, 15. C!
Gbe  fltafMbctalb.
ISHF        -    I'N: -':,. ll    >. '-'li SUTUR.
ur I r&*ffititt-t:?Mtt'5awz^ mi
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
I nequalled   for  purity  ol
beauty of design.
tone   a
Supreme 'tnd Exchequer Court
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office and befoie K lilwa)
lb iv. I  H Hi !■-  MlJRl'HY, .M.l".
I i v 11..I lij-'l-lll-.n.
p 1 I.i.AN & ELLIOTT
BarrUti ■: ■   -,..
K\ hl.-l ,'i, HUH  1 1.Mil. II C,
Offices :  Imikhui. : usi   Bcildikk Rkvbl-
SIOKK,  ll. C
Money to loan,
Office*   Revelatoke, B i .
....      j. Md   IK'l'KH
i r.u.hr  H   I ■
('■  , ,■,-    .Kl'.
.1, A.   H.lliVKY,
Cranbrook, is. C.
u- ...I.IA.M   I.  HUM.i.s
H.i. i i-l.i
S   icitor. elc.
, i,'iiini i inadian Bank oi L'ummkkck,
The Molsons Hank, Ktc-.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
• Mining Smveyor
.'ii K___.N7.IE   A VENUE,
H"\ 100, Kkvelstoke
I,   O.   F.
. in :■> nl Begbie, N. .1-1. meets 2ud nn I
. ; M .. ..,-.- iu Uadfollows Hull, next tu Opera
11.>ioe.   Visiting brotlirou oordlally invito.! to
;C. Hun, C.B.
H. W, Edwaeds, B.8
c. w. o  w
Mountain View Camp. No. 220
.'ike-   Second  ,.inl  Fourth   Wednotdays in
oacl      ■     '.   oi  Selkirk Hull.   Yinilin   Woo'i-
..... Invited to attend.
Vi. D. ARMS'! RONG, Con. Com.
J. M. IV. 'i ,    . ,
F. O. E.
aThe : -   -i- a
H , I   ---       ..    ,..,.,    .-. ■ ■    ._,-     EU     8        clot ..
. -...-...-.     rdially invite,
'' . J. WALSH    I','   ideni
W. ii. UcLAOI HUN.Sbi '..-..,it..
KOOtCil'      Lortg.
'.   ..
c. No.  15. A   F. St A   V.
i'i... .••:> '..    ' ,""
..... Iield '   '   '
.'v.   visoNli'TliMl'l-H
V,    Oddfellows Hull, on
'   tlm no,,i .u In> in
.'! ...ict.   rooutli   nt
fpB u m. Visitingbrotli
'.."on,    cordially   welcome.
c. a. i-i'.ocL'Mi:i'.. skckktakv.
5E1 KIHK  I ODGE No. 12, I. O. O. F.
Vi.-iiiiig liruihron nre
.   i ■. >■ invited In attend.
,1.   I.    KVlliHT. V.ll. JAS   UlTHlli-l.
New Seals
Ufiams Pianos
At the head of lhe list of the High Grade
Pianos in the Dominion,
These High Grade Pianos can lie purchased on the monthly
payment plan. A payment of $10.00 will secure one of these
beautiful instruments in your home. We are also agents for
the CHASE &  BAKER and   ANGELUS Piano Players.   -
Call and see the New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Local Relief Fund List Steadily Growing
The local relief tund   for  the sull'er-
! era in the  recent   Italian  earthquake
has   increased    considerably   aud   a
hands.mn;   mini   will    be     forwarded
|  shortly for the ti e of  the sufferej-s in
| Southern Italy.    The following is the
supplementary list collected since our
last issue
Uready subscribed  $161 00 ]
         L 00
  1 00
        I 00
        I 00
        3 00
        1 00
        1 00
         I 00
         1 00
         1 00
OotU Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 18,   Revelstoke, B. C.
l'i   •   .   ,
Ha.,     tl
„ FI'M    '
'.   1\ _..! !,.■..•    .
ICI. \iMlll,
.   tivlted.
H. , CNNINGE lil " iltRIS, C c.
0   H. UROi   .   Si      ■   '.   a  •
J. i:    •
.1 I'.
vlX  lii.ui.-ii.'CUUC'
The - i tl    best ol as
i . ..     ■ the ..  rat of ii-
- . .   - .     ...   icy of us,
T   , ■_ . _ - tost
nf the compliment paid by our
local liberal? to the conservative
party   as   a whole in allowing Mr.
Taylor to go in unopposed, the Conservative association seem to be
trying to engineer opposition to the
return ol Mr, Templeman for no
other' reason than that tbey are
apparently imbued with a spirit to
bog every position in parliament
they can. One good turn deserves
another and it is hurdly a wiEe or
even courteous action on the part
of the conservatives to deliberately
oppose the return of a good nnd
valuable member for 11. C, even
though n grit. We would remind
them oi tbe compliment paid by
the Libera ti Mr. 1!. L. Borden
nt the Dominion election prior to
lhe recent one wbo allowed this
o'titlf.oni, lo go in unopposed for
: 'mil ton. What a Liberal cun do
surely a i onservative can do also.
.iiul to oppose .Mr. Templeman now
for Comox-Atlin would be a mean
unl despicable action. After tbe
' onsorvative request regarding .Mr.
Paylor's election, it is only fair
mid right that the Liberals Bhould
be treated likewise, and if theoppo'
sition is allowed lu continue we
venture to predict troubli
1 i.n iin- Tories inu-1 admit lh.it
Mr. Templeman lias done jncalcul-
tble good in his \v,,rk for B, i .. is
Mini let    (Mines
_.. i        he j
il what the   Libei ior  Mi
faylor  if
consistei   .      i        ...
possilde and to offer every just and
rational facility to tbe furtherance
of an industry which will become
even a far greater and more valuable asset than at the present time.
We express an earnest hope, therefore, that the meeting here on Feb.
2 and .'>, will result in concessions
from the transportation which will
enable lhe fruit industry to expand
unlimited and unhindered.
A. Annan	
J. Mathie	
OhrtB. Palmer ...
V. Gallicano ....
.1. Fuoco	
Phil Parker	
P. Hewitt	
G. Searino	
J. J. Smith	
J. Mid'llemae .  .
.1   Carmichael...
T. Robinson
VV. Thonisnii.
1). E, Jackson...
Jnmcs Kulton
l!. L. Austin
J. Giddius	
A. Schwartz...
R   Wnlkden
II. Kempster. .. .
li. Hewton	
O. Nug, nt.	
G. Appugliese...
A. Berarducio...
Jehu Armstrong
A. Greenwood...
J. Mats	
11. Armstrong...
J. Mitne	
A. Tevin	
S. Tam	
Joe A ma to	
F. Fucco	
N. Pisioreta	
P, Picone	
P. Brusco	
(i. Dean	
P. Toizi	
F. H  Bourns.' . ..
Wm. Morris
A   McRnc.......
Cut Flowers
Wreaths, Bouquets
if you want Wreaths, Bouquets,
Grosses, etc., made up from the
choicest llowers. by a fully quali-
lied   artiste   at   reasonable prices
send tO
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully picked.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
They took 1st Special Prize nt the
Vernon Show on the Kith Sept.
tor the best Floral and Horticultural Display.
on ail
I 00
1 00
2 00
I 00
1 00
I 00
1 00
2 ,r)0
I 00
I 00
Total. ..
12',) Cough Kemody-
Bews' Drug Store.
  1J196 50
The policy uf tbe Board of Trade
this year appears lo be one of progress, push and development ami
it is sume time since thorc has been
evinced such enthusiasm in its
work than at tho present juncture.
A special feature uf the Hoard's
work this year will be city nclver
Using on a moro or less expulsive
scale. Hevelstoke has linen lacking hitherto in a spirit of publicity
and wbat has been done was spasmodic ami shiii'l. lived. li we intend, to carry oui a scheme of public advertising we must stay with
it to a finish. The Hour,I of Trade
has the matter in   hand and ii  the
outcome of it is tilled with the same jA< p^DOUNI,   -  T-EVELSTOKE
:eal a-   the  conception, Revelsti
ttanufactured r*»r all ula^e^ of  buildings
for stile iu Itirite nr smull^quantlttes
at tho lowest prico.i fnr vftsh.
^ 11 kiii'K nl biiildiiiff anil iilasttiriiiK
need little fi a r  of  being
den   behind     I       hadow of
, Intel iui ci
■tin r
British Columbia to  be extensively Advertised
cent   ltd vices
■ i aud Disirii t.
tt .: '■' esl Kootenay.
I'ake noil e that l.   (J   K. Lanil   V  Mlnne
: ■, - u; .ni.iin  mil]  owner,   intend*  to*
-   ■:. i•■ .    : chase Uu' following
.    ..  :
■■■ a post Planted al the soul ii
■i   . oi  ',  lh  and   scribed ■ O. K
- ..    - con osti '   thenitf  20
■ tittina :. .1  theuce 20
iiaiuf east tu point oi
nl ng 40 at'.res iuuit
- .     .
..ri   -.";.'...'!  L\MB,
"i.     . V\ ilkle, Agem.
.      :  .1
For Sale
4   acres  finest
fruit 1 .and it Revelstoke.
Partly cleared, ( Hi easy
terms,     Price $2185
Loan Wanted
$500 on freehold security
of [60 acres close to the
Shares Wanted
l'or client, 1000 to -000
shares P-iince Mining and
1 )evelopment Company's
stock. Price One Cent
per share.
Apply to- =
Konl Estate nnd 1 iisur.nice Agent,
. or ni Mr Tem| leman,   :. .  ■
■ ire   weighl     once    hhou
ght   again.
>  r urgi   that   the public stud
in view of these
. „.u -i\"" "V" ' '"V,'1"1
l... Buperlntendenl "I Pro-
.   for permission to trans-
W'e  would th( re - '-■ "' '!'';l1t','"' ''''(.'"
use held hy me in
,   . mises   at Ueaton,
e Hotel Beaton
;•   seems   that   in   the game of  see that this   ntended action o
politics   everything     -    lonsidered   ,   ,nservatives       -    put    where   it | exhibit   particular attention   is given j
 ^^^ . utiuubi j , anu    u'jiu    Jir,ii3ii    \.
maiti   .. '.■• urgent and un-
re'-      ble ii   ...   ■  .-..      It is nut
■ :        ng af    thai thi I   I sei ■
es of tbis     -•     ■  ■■ ire ».iiting
; 1:1; PRUl'l  R
une of    en    t impor
In th.
.,.-. . 21st, 1U08.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
lui. .Inu. iill Ep. ul' Brit.
Sftt. Eoh.   (i Lk. Chinnplain
Pri. Feb. 12 Kmp. of ft'ol'd   Jan. 29
Fri. Fell. 211 Emp. of Britain Feb. 12
Sat. .Mar.  OLake Erie Feb. 17
Fri. Mar. 12 Emp. of Ireland Feb. 20
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$Si 50    $48 75        ' $31 js
ist, Class 2nd. Class 3rd.| Class
$(15 110 S^2 50 $.10 OO
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 nil Hi ll) OO
Cheap rates lo Atlantic .Seal* ard
points in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers booked to linly,
-Viiii>ay, Sweden, Antwerp, llatn-
burg and all other continental
For further information apply tn
T. W. Brad-Law,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.ll.KA.
Hevelstoke. II.C.     Vilucouvet'.B.O
Cask Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Ill'IAU OH'li'KlI'', i   Calgary,  Aj.bkhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I' irk Puckers nnd Dealers In Live Stock,   Markets in all the pritici
inl (lilies and Towns of Alberta, British Col,mil,i 1 anil ihe Yukon,
I'.ickci- of 1I1.' Celebrated Brant  " Imperatur" Iiains and Bacon,
-a   .md "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lird,
Revelstoke Assessment District
Xiiliee i.s hereby given, iu accordance with tbo Statutes, that Provincial Kcvenue Tax and assessed taxes
and income tax, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Act" and
amendments, arc now due and payable for the year 1008. All taxes col-
lectilile for the Kevelstoke Assessment,
Ilistriel are due and payable at iny
ullice. situ,ite at Revelstoke. This
notiee. in tonus ul law, is equivalent
to a persoual demand by mc upon all
persons liable for taxes.
Daled at llevelsloke, Uth January,
Deputy   Assessor   and Culleelor. Kevelsloke Assessment  Distrlet, Rev-
elsjoke Posl Ollice. iittil) Hid
Certificate of   Improvements
Lust Chance and Lost Chord miuoral
claims, situate in the Trout Luke
Mining Division of Wesi Kootenay
Where  located!   Al  head   ot    ('	
Orook. No rib Fork of Lat'dolitt
Take notice thai I, o. B. N. Wilkie,
aelintr as ligcnl for Henry \V. Keillors,
Free .Miner's Cerliticale No, BDI0I5,
intend, bixly days from date hereof,
10 apply to ihe Mining Recorder for a
Oei'tincate of Improvements, for ihe
pur pose nf obtaining n Grown (Irani uf
the above claims,
And furl her lake notice Hint action,
under section 87, must be commenced
liel'oie lhe issuance uf stielt Certificate
of Improvements.
Daled tbis Uth day of January, A,
I)., woo.
jiiiilii (Hid O.  H. X.  WILKIE.
Tested stock, Seetls for
farm, garden or conservatory, from I he ' hest
growers in England,
France. Holland, the
Unit (i d H tales, and
Canada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, bee supplies
spraying materials, cut
llowers, etc,
140 Puiic Cataloguo   Froo '
M.   J.    HENRY
Green Houses anil Seed Houses
3010 Westminster Road
u M. BOYD.
_■ .     . ... tel
thai Ann ,    Louisa I op-
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week    -   S5.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
^^^H _____________________________
and plaus
atiom    ■ -   '     whi      ■ • • :
II :     ' .-.     r, Minister oi
..;:'     •     , -
•: imong  which ■■ • re I...
it   1'remiei    Mi Br le   ba .
■1 .   .. • nl ■ a
. . . anile t n j re-
that it «.i- imii ng
,hich evi-
, . - .
■ •   .   ,. ■   1 :    mi min  I
tha'. the   concerted
... ■.
here v, i -      it ol
• stoke will !"■  held on Fel
I  ii hen ' 11
P   I!    and   homii  on
e mattet     11
■•■-.    1 hal .ui > -
■,.. ......    ,
dly pr,. ,-ed   .1 .
I,in West    V'ii u
i,,ii i ied   wi .'ii.u,    intend
peri i   h.i ii
,,. I.
Railway  will   have a buildinn I  ,'
cornel    "I   l_.ul   7IMXJ
.. lie   1'OSl   L'd
I   chains; thenee south 20 chclns; then
..' I. in chains:
poii    .i com
\ ■ '
:,,,'.! mul
urtured and i ired   lor in order to
■ t tble it to grow ip  Iromifl   li
, I,, ami llourish      I he Iranspoi
.nuil   companies   have   much to
nMcr im in the rates and carriage
: i ,i, nli in Iruit  and produce and
ind   ii   was  ihey are indirectly   responiiible for
ions would  lhe   buccobb   or   otherwise   which
i,    ...       lie      election intend-   the  efforts   ol   the   fruit
u Cuii   \-Ailii     ' " •
hi  Hun   iV. 'ii In retu
«nd I lii
...  mk   li.  M     tl.l
Hiding at thi
ot- be decided  ipon, I he   v :mt, , ;       .,, p,.,
,rilll  industry  will prove iu    tin   Maj I t,
"    "      op mi nt       I he * I -^ »<    P
Cf!|.   tLtLIKHT   L.   Y. K-   STSItlVI. „.,,i,-,
■■    in   it-   infaitej   and li   D ,,.,...
Watftr Power Enough  to  Run ., .,„„,.cm_e.
All American  Lines .Hinin«ufc*
Meals, 25c.
MEAL ilCKETS.   -   $.500
I'licvr CLASS
ed   'level
uii   industry   ol
1))/   IU-, III
I ,.     .   I ■     ■ .
■•• regn tte I  in fai I the
•,  ■■  and
,- . <.   in   letting theii
ij thi   Kedi
the | u-iiion in tb
*- Ministei A Mint
• ower.    Tbey can   cither make or
.ir   (be   industry, and    bol
Iteil "'.'. i, ii,t< r":-t;J and thoi i  "I lhe
"iiiilrv where   tbey   opi rate, it bell them to be as reasonable as
\ VIa      Ian 26
, - from MunircHt t
tl.iy tlm         id in n I'u   ,.'•  Hui I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
in . ii ,, i    1'' •■     11   ' i let,
w«y will elootrify its system Ihroti
for  some  lime  ol       l ■■ hat  VValtei r. i  ...in i
ficialsol ii," • inadian road huve had °' "''    ''' ''*  .''"""   " ' ,i"'1""
, pt   (,,', -    ipplv  I",   I" , llll
ixnorts  Studying tne streams iii the I .,,„,   to   n "l hi    following   tli
AH     ki&dl    Of    new
Dealers in
Wall (tag, - Front SI.
exports stud , mg the stream! ,,, I hi
in tains with a view to determining
whether energy enongb cuuld be de-
I voloped through water power to sup-
for i I''y elootrio power, They reported
thnt lea,, tic Rocky mountains to the
coast range the waterfall is sulHoient
to supply piiwei (or all the niilronds in
the United States,
p. i) Box, 206,
I'llONK 2(1
.-lion  io pi,ic.bast
scribed I
( .,,,:,,,. ie ing al .i posl planted along
.M|e of i he re entrant soulh wesi coi ■
nor posl of Iiul 707l*i tbenee wesi 10
, I,.,.i,     ilon •   i he   loul h   boundary nf
I,.,I     iliV.I     ilieuee    siiulh       Ul   'Iiiiii
thoncc "., . 10   ihairiMi llienci norlh 10
,|i.un       ,.,    poinl     of    ei.iiiiii,nn em. nl,
' oni lining inn aeres.
W.M.'I'llll   I'.   < 'um  Uill.
Dale; December H, 11KJH. JiniU DOd
To Tr.appers
Flaw Furs Bought
iJash Piicos Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Bevelstoke Land District.
West Kootenay, B. O.
Take Nolice thai 0(1 days lifter dale
I 11. W. Lindsay of Oamborne, li. O.,
occupation, merchant, Intend to apply
rot- permission to purchase the following described lands situated on Fish
Hiver, Wesi Kootonay district.
Commencing at tho north-east corner of A. II. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 and marked " K, W. Lindsay's North-West Coiner Posts" tlience
8 ciiaius lu west line of .MeK inn.ins
pre-emption] thence 5H ohoins south;
ihence 8 chains east lo MacKay's;
theuce north B0 cbains to point of
i uiiiinciiccini'iii, containing 40 acres
mine or less:
Located Oct. loth, I us.
It, VV. LiM'-.w, Luc.U..I.
i..i\v su' ilm UK biutisu toi.i'siw i
Niititiii is litiriihy glvoil tluil nl ,i iiitintiiii, ul
, ho Readier.) ol tlio Law Sooluty nl llriiisli (loi-
iitnl'iii. Imi.I in Um Ui)iiclior>' liiiniii, iit tliu l.;iw
t'uiirt-, Vi'-turin, II.C, en tlm l.-lli ,if jHiiiiury.
I'.iiiti, ilio following resolution wu> itn.-.^u'l in
iii'ctiriliiiiro ivitli vfctlon 46ol tue"l.eitiri pro-
fo; .inns Act."
0<CAR ('. HA8S
Hooralurjr, I. ■• n.i .
"Tlnii upnn romlluH Hi" cbmplalnt medo l>)
Buniltol l'i ll.unlill iiKuiu-t rrmlurink I linilus
Klliutt. n Itiirii.-iin'iiii'l -nl ici tor ni tliflSuprotna
t'ourtof Rrltlsli tiiltnnliiti, and uuou beurlug
tllililvtiltitiCIl   I'i    8llllllllll     11   UllllllilV.  li- S. -Ur-
I'm lur, iiini Tlitiunis 111. Itiiwiiinn. nnil Mr. 1-LlIi-
nil uppearlUs in iinr-.nn, aud, ultor ths said
"HoMilvml, Unit iitiori'iirnliil oouslderatlou ol
tlm sit ill ciiiiililiinit tlio liiiui'liois urn nl Opinion
Unit Iiiii -iin) Kroilericli ( linrli.s Ulllott Ini-
liDoii cuilty nl professions! mlMpnduot in tlm
proimBOH, uml tlmt ho is mspeiided from proC
<ioe us ii Iliirri-i.T ninl Sniicitiir n| the Bupraino
Court nt llriti-li Cull,niliui liirlluiin iiiimtli-
In,in tlm istliiliiy Df Januaryi WW."
Ki'VelsluI.e I,ini| Ulgt] Id
District of Wesi Kootenay.
I'ake nolice lhat licoige II. I''iauk-
I'ollel of MillllClipolls, Alinuesulii, oe-
Olipiltlllll  college   prolessor, iiileiiils to
apply for permission to ptuclioso the
following described lands;
i'I'lnini'iicing al a posl plantod al
the soulhoasl oornor of lot 71180, Ihence
west   llll   cliains   mole   ur   less in Hie
boundary of lot 7070; thence south 20
ohalnaj thence east nu chains more or
less tu Ihe sliuieof Arrow Lake, thence
along Bald shoro iu a northerly direction 2Q cpaljis inore or loss to puint of
i oiiiineiieeini'iit. eoiiliiiiiing l_JII aeres
mure ur less.
Hl.llltl.l    It.   I'lI.lNKIiillll-llt.
Date; Oeccmber 0, IllliH.      janOUOd
Certificate of Impioveinents.
Kingston, Maggie 1(, Tongue, Senator,
and Pit lock I't'iiciiou Mineral claims,
situate in tbe Lardeau Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located- Un the western slope
of Lexington Mountain neat* Oamborne, B. (I.
Take nolice that I, V. lt. Hlochbci-
ger, F.M.O. No. B, 28922, agent for the
United Kingston Gold Alines Limited
tuin-persiinal liability, Free Miner's
(Jertifioate No. ti OUU2, Intend sixty
days from ditto hereof, to apply to lho
.Mining Recorder for a Gerdllcate ol'
Improvements, for the purpose of oh-
taining Crown Grants ot the above
And further take notice that action,
under section j7, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Oerlllicate
of Ihipi'ovcineiils.
Daicd this 21st day of December,
A.I)., 1008.
I'\ B. Ui.oriinicmuiii, Agent,
Certificate of Improvements
Wlnslnw Mineral Olaim, situate in the
'Iroui   Lake   Alining   Division   of
West Koutenay District.
Where  located;—At   head  of Seven
Aide Greek, Trout Lake.
Take notice that I, O. II. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent   for  Neil O'Donnell,
I Special F.M.O. 'AliiA: William Hcnneii,
F.M.Oi  No.  l>n."iS77;   Bruce White, !•'.
IM.O. BU824; nnd  I'. II. Murphy, V.M.
fi'. l>22US("i iutend, sixty days Irum the
'date   hereof,   to  apply  in the Alining
Ui'i'oidci for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of   iihtiiiniiig a
('rnwn Qrant ot the above claim.
And further tnke nolice that action,
uuder Section 117, must be commenced
before tbe issuance of suoh Certificate
of Inipioicuieuts.
Dated lids 21llh da) of October, A,
I)., 1008.
ootBl-OOd O. B. N. WILKIK.
IWOl'tl ol sale eonl.'iiiieil   in   <•   .....a..:..
Notice Is lieieln iriveii ili.u pursuiuil lo
the provisions ul Chnpler 155 of the Statutes "i Vnu "I.i 7 8, Howard \ II, Shuswap
.mil   Thompson   Bivcrs   Boom 1 omiinny
li.1 ■. 1 ■ iiied iii ilu- iiiiiii   of ihe Dominion
I.amis Agent   nt   KaiuJi'iijis, li.l" ,   and in
lhe ..Ilu e ul  I In   11 1.ilile   ilu- Minisiei'
of 1'iililie worksat Ottawa, Oularloi plans
.mil    spei ilii nli,'tis ol   eeilnin   I'onnis anil
I'ihri works proposed 10 In.* constructed
by -nul Company In, over and along the
North Thompson Rivoi in the Kamloops
Division p| Y.'d.' Dislripi in the IVuvincc
nl Itiic.h Columbia and lliai un the 10th
ii.u el I'lliiii.iiy. 1909, al the lnnil ul l l
o'clock In lho forenoon, or so soon there
.iiiei ns ihe application can be heardi
implication iiiil In- made hy Ilic tindi-r-
signcd in lbs Bxcellenoy Iho Qovoriior*
in 1 .'mn ,1 al Ottawa, Ontario, lor his
approval to be given Lo such plans,
bated this 4th day ol December, iyo8.
SlU Ml ll'   isi,   'I HDMPSO     Rn I Us Hoom
liy Ono Lacbmund, ffecretary,
Dct. y, 60 d
Stained in  11 certain
,.ui  1    ,       ,   ,
iiiicly, all anil siiigii,,., ^^^^^^
. tract of land situate in the (jity of
cielsluke in Ihe pinvinee of   British
•■' IJ"   (losot'lbud  as   tlie   North
iue intcriui lugciiii'i'Willi  any   liullil-
iiigs or impiuvi'iiieiils thereon.
'I'he iiiiiclgagee luuy icfuse ti) actiunt
Ilii' highest ur nuy lelidei'
Dated ui Kovelltoke, ll, 0., thls_jUlli
day of December, 1008.
Bolloltors for the Mortgagee
Hui ntit;.ttitin of Qruwn Cram
Wkarauou tho 201I1 du nf Novenibar, IW?, 11
I'lOWII  (Jrillit Will liSlllxl  III I lm Nil llll) of 1' tH'hu '
lek Wubbonraa fur Lot BUT) Omuplt Koota*
tiny   Dirilrict-   Thnt   OvIdoDOQ   lias   itnoo >iooi«
huon 1 roduood ihowlng (bat ilu i< lil Prorfaroi
WuhlWUrUB di"'* "ii thfl Ull "f AuitUlbi IIK'7,
suinotiimt prior l<> tlm i., intiicu ot tho uni'l
Cnnvii Oiuiit. That by ngroflinant dated WUi
Aiitf»«i. ii"w, tbe aaid Proutfloi Waahboo no
11 [good 'ill hi" Mtatti rtghti titlo ntofo«ti
claim nuil demaod whataoeTat in the aaid IbdH
ti.TiiuitniKBnaoHi Mi'i'imi u:i,
Notioe i» tWrefore herebi given, in poraa*
aooe of Bectioo W of tbo "Land Ani,' tlmt iti-'
thn intention lo cimcnl the aaid Crown Qrant
1 medio theuame of PredoriokWaabboume
and to taauo nno in tteatead in tho oaneoi
TtioL uaBhauhi UoPhetaoa three montLi front
Lho tl itn hoi'»of nnloi,-, ifood rati.^n ia shown lo
iheci'tjtr- ry.
Ohltf Oonunlaalontrof Lauds and Work*
Lands and Works Doiiarttnout,
Vigtoria, U '. . ilthOctobar, 1908,     O0tU*lq
.1250,000 IN PRIZES
Given away every month
absolutely free with
ivery 49IL). sack of Royal Standard Flour leaving our
mills contains a numbered coupon. On the last day of each
month, ten numbers will be drawn and published in the first
issue of this paper following. To each one holding the
duplicates of these numbers, we will, upon return to us ol the
coupon, deliver free of ail charges lo any address, a
Handsome China Dinner Set
of One  Hundred   Pieces,   value $-'5.00.
Full particulars on lhe back of each coupon. Begin
saving   them   today.
Remember we guarantee every sack of Royal Standard
to be the purest; sweetest and most wholesome bread (lour
on the market.
Manufactured only by
Capital - $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Dining Room Furniture is particularly essential, and iu view of
this tact we have selected a. very
desirable line of elegant and
artistic dining tallies, chairs und
Bideboards. An early inspection
should he made, us the price we
are asking fur such superior furniture makes them a most desirable
I   S.   MCMAHON   |
At,.'NT Kl'R
Jul IV Dbre
plow -, harrows
wagons and
farm Imiili-
iiients ot nil
niade   (ind re
Horse Shoehi]
n Special!
A All Orders Promptly Executed    -    First Class Work Guaranteed
n Favor of Opposing Templeman Election - New Officers
Victoria, Jan. 26.—With reeoiu-
tions ol confidence in Hon. K I.. Hor-
den and Premier Mc Bride and his colleagues, the great Conservative convention concluded its work at noon on
Saturday. New Westminster ran Kam-
lo»|i8 a close nice for the next convention, lirst winning and then failing,
Kamloops heing selected upon a resubmitted vote hy (10 to M.
A resolution recommending the
urging that a candidate he placed in
Coniox-Atlii) to oppose the Hun. W
Templeman, ii possible to-make the
necessary arrangements, was strongly
supported hy a few .of tbe delegates
But the majority accepted the Comox-
Atlin inemhers' view of the conven
tion, who, figuring on the great cost
of a midwinter campaigu, reported to
the cotiveution  against  the proposal
The convention was unanimous
upon the following resolution, which
was eloqueutly supported: "That the
members of tbis convention again put
themselves on record as advocating
that Canada shall he preserved as a
white man's country, aud that it heartily approves of the course which has
been consistently followed by the local
government in respect to Asiatic immigration, and as heartily condemn."
the policy of the Dominion Government in Ihis connection."
In another resolution the convention again strongly reiterated its condemnation of the practice of the Dominion ttovernment in delaying the
election in three constituencies in
British|Columbia. The final resolutions expressed tbe belief that the
preference with Great Britain in tariff
matters should be extended so as to
further promote the unity of the empire.
Over 25Udelegates were present from
all parts of the province
Tlie following ollicers were elected :
Hon. H. T.. Borden, K C, M. P., and
the Hon. Richard McBride, K. C, M.
L. A., were unanimously re elected ns
honorary presidents; C. M. Wood-
worth, of Vancouver, the late vice
president was elected president; Robt.
F. Green, of Victoria, first vice president; W. W. Foster, of Revelstoke,
second vice-president; W. M. McKay,
of Vancouver, was re-elected secretary;
H. H. Watson, of Vancouver, treasurer. The new members of the ex
ecutive, one of whom is chosen from
ench Dominion constituency, are E E.
Leeson, Victoria; J. J. Miller, Vancouver; W. N. McCarty, New Weet
minster; J. P. Shaw, Vale-Cariboo;
Capt. Armstrong, Kooteuay; A. E.
I'lanta, Nanaimo, and Frank Dockrill,
W. W, Foster, F. Young and H. McSorley represented Revelstoke nt the
lii^:c:i.^i.^\"..:\ \
Import direct from country ot origin.
-REVELSTOKE'  ________!. O.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same    management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.     Rales $ i a day.     Monthly rate.
CT.    ALBEET      ST03STE      PROP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers te
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
General Manager of the G. T.
P. Snddenly Resigns
Montreal, Jan. 21!.—F. \V. Morse
has resigned ns vice-president ol the
lir.ind Trunk Pacific, It is understood the resignation wns accepted.
Tlie reason is not yet known. The official announcement contained nothing beyond the fact that C. M, Hays,
vice-president of the Graud Trunk and
president ot the G. T. P., declined to
amplify it in any way beyond stilting
that lie regretted that Mr. Morse was
leaving and that be bad performed
magnificent woik in the construction
ol the railway. Mr. Hays also stated
that Mr. Morse's successor would probably not be named fur some time.
Conservatives will put Man in
Tlio Albemi conservatives nt a big
meeting held un Saturday night decided to take steps to inaugurate n
campaign of opposition to the Hon.
VV. Templeman at the by-election for
Comox-Atlin. Frank Shepherd, of
Nannimc. bas been named as the must
desirable candidate. A report from
Victoria announces that Joseph Martin, K.C., may run in Comox Atlin.
Canadian Curlers Beaten
Gi.a_-i.iow, Jau. 27.—The Canadian
curlers were defeated by a score ol 17'.!
to 170 by the Scottish Ice Rink Club
at Crossmielol. There will he two
more matches, each of three hours'
duration. Edinburgh Corporation
entertained the curlers at luncheon
belore their departure.
Big Locomotive Orders
^Montri.al, CJue., Jan. 26.—The
Canadian l'acilic aud Grand Trunk
I'acific railway companies respectively
have orderod 311 and 2"> new locum n-
tives from tlie Montreal locomotive
works. Tlie former are to be of the
Pacific type and the latter of a smalh r
tyiw. The locomotives are tu he delivered in early spring.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Corporation of the City of
Financial Statement for the Year 1908
OirM, it^mUimirnittimWimmwMWii&iftWSlKJl
nn: price
Liquor Licences     S null U"
Traill'          "           8711 7r,
Weighing I'l'i-s  91 01)
Boas Tax   878 0(1
DogTax   lo-.! un
RmiI Propi ii\ Taxes  mm ill)
Interest on T.ixea  rn? »7
.< illlftiK
Police Court Fines        207 III
Prisoners' keep repayiuont        u _iu
I'ounil Kees   61 r,0
School i i dint         ,'iiibn
W.ittT, Litfhl ami Power  86601
Loans on ourrent year's tuxoti           18000
Ounietuvy ltuunipts  _i__3
"J" Water .v Light Uml)       i4a..u un
"L" .lull      miiiii nu
"M"Overdraft      16760 mi
"N" New Flit* Alarm s...       ilium llll
"()" Parks       1676 00
Interest on Debentures accrue.)  .'.:_8
ProceetlB ol Note, Concrete sidewalks,       ii78u
'        " Boulevards        2129
Miscellaneous Receipts         71)1
Expenditure over receipts          LY71
By I'.iiliin,... .1,111. 1. lulls	
Sinking run,I fn.i Debenture s...
IiitiTti.it un Debentures	
 I'ax Loans	
Public Safety-
Police Salaries  -   6™» <£
Uenoral Bxponses Hsu 08
.iiii Maintenance  ;>?7 ill)
"   I mil  ... JJ «8
Payments to Ulreinun. 001 76
Firemen's Insurance   -K-'1 ',"
I im Alarm Repairs    •'" p?
System (new) 100 81
Fire Brigade equipment. 70 17
Prisoners' kei'ii  10 So
Health Department i™ sn
Pound...,   MM
Innuesti  I'1""
Is.ilntli.ii Hospital  '-17 66
Publio Convenience
streets and Sidewalks. 322.'. 87
Snow Sorvlce  480 bo
Tonls  2.'i 81)
Oity Hull. Maintenance -
Civic Salaries  88W SI)
Pnsl ne,-. Telegrams, and
Telephones  189 in
Printing and Stationery.., 961 «u
Office Furniture  91 06
Audltaccount, I9i>7   «o oo
Miscellaneous   !»0 66
Fuel  3112 16
Lej-al expenses  '2U.' 20
Insurance  "in 00
K.lectiiin Kxpensea  ill* on
Buildings, etc.—
Fire Hall Nn. 1  711 45
Repairs, maintenance .. 166 8.">
Jail building  391.2 7i)
Jail shed  96 65
Jail furniture  437 10
Schools  16,i08 11
Sick anil destitute  '
Oonatlnns -
Fernie  MO III)
Sundries  Mill 7.1
Celebrations  134 4!)
Public Convenience—
Reoreation ground  2sr,o 37
Cnluinbla Park  1102 'ill
lliiilli'vnrds   2189 Sn
Concrete sidewalks  91120 81
Sewers -preliminary exp 1428 65
Cemeteri reiuilrs  In I (in
t-i-nvengiiiK  278 I'll
Concrete inutor  114 88
Refunds of taxes, etc	
Tax Sale costs	
TaxS.Ue purchases	
Deposit A.W, Abriihamson
Repayment tax loan	
Knck Quarry	
Payments  account water
and Hi;tit account	
Debenture I—kks plant-
Foundation  2(188 ,'i7
Ma .lilnerv  1371111 09
Pule Line!  1641 .18
Power House  2862 05
spurs  liSU '12
usual I-'
.',2112 111
8801 s-
mu in
Su Clear, Su Shining and so Evident thnt it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's  Eye
A Canadian  Made Writing Machine
4964 05
16508 11
599 05
18608 5'.'
219 35
130 04
442 81
1(10 Oil
19071 01
20SS3 71
IU2187 71
Current Revenue and Expenditure Account
Dr. I Cr.    •
Millions Bank-
Tax loan 	
Loan,current taxes	
Deposit Canada lien Elc.
Expenditure over receipts
j Ry lax arrears.  ...	
?7li8U ,V! j l|y interest 1.11 Taxes. ...
18000 uo , IJ>' water and light aoots.,
:MU0 00 I By deficit Inr year	
1571 21
$23051 77
1111(1114 1
11(117 1
8021) 1
119 '.
123051 '
Kor ease of operation and
perfection in the results produced tbe " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is "stir-
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while ite manifo.ding alignment, margin 1 facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it tbe typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" need? less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer part-
to be cured for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity lhat
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE      Typewriter      in
1895, continued to add tu ihe
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Government
" French Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational instilu-      ^
tions of Canada
The Price
Profit and Loss Account
Tclopliouo rental ?
Skiing rout Pmvor House..
Printing nod stationery....
Potter House repair and
(luncral ovpAnsaa 	
Wator repairs niaiulenaucQ
Electric)   "
Installation and Fixtures,
Water ratos	
Light rates 	
Motor routs	
Tapping mains	
Halauco   "Profit'*	
118 M
29 110
■111 60
[349 22
4154 r.:i
261 27
7IS2 T.I
7i'l 23
554 36
aso 10
L'lM^ 11
Distributed as follows
Light plant	
Wator plant	
Advance to Sundry account
Genera! Civic fund	
11530 8_i
930 43
2471 53
t»7 5:i
2:.r,y 47
14335 (Hi
$35591 07 $05594 07
As at 31st December, 1908.
S2IU211 41
$!S1S0U 00
S028O2 1"
Note  account  concrete
W altT and Li(4lil   plants.
I'Kill? 27
9780 35
Xoto aoeount boulevard
■;    2420 80      12209 65
School house and ground
$_rji_iio (ki
08 01
■«T:il li
7 flO
1273 4.,
110 S3
hire hall No. 2	
:«K«) ihi
Hum Hi
Ul120 83
Lota 8 aud 9, blooh 23
nil mi
.'linn (Hi
Ilooroatlon ground	
2023 .'ill
Public purlin ....•	
8271 87
i luuietory villa \u\>,	
250 00
Dumping ground	
.™ .'ii
10913 M
•m„ mi
IT,' n,
Firo al'ii in systoin (old)...
1618 mi
in., :<■
llll) 111)
I' ii t- alarm system mew).
linking fiitnlh	
um ill
inm ..1
r.V.„S .,'.'
I ii ■ brigade L'liulpinunt. .
I.U.i lil
Hew or prullmlnan oxponsi
1123 II..
Dm- on eomotory hii.«.    .
'2li_!  in
i Tool- tnd innilcmuiils
Ilii 38
I'.'li HI
Ruck i|iuiny
|im i,ii
Hull ill
'Jl.H',1 U
(lu> produolng plant  and
20883 71
T,r,G->i, 31
«-T 4i_ij ill
Stutamonl of oxpnndiLUru by Bohool  Hoard
for joar 100K:
I'UUI.IC   boiiotiL
Kiilaries   $ « 568 00
Ropairn mid BUppUefl ....     1 3W 63
Fuel             KU 8R
Now dosks         313 0O
CompIetlQRand oleurlng
TrusteOH cotiTotition                   117 li
Renewal   iu.suraiicn          M7 50
luriiloutal                          110 Wl
     $ 18 298 42
man   sniout.
Halaries  $.3 on oo
Repairs aud supulios            0-1 37
Fuol              78 m
Incidental          88 88
— $ 3 toe m
t li) :•».( 11
I Imroliy corlify tlm iilmvo stntiiiiiiiiil i i a trim
uml cnrriit't iirci'lllil uf lho iniiiiios BpODt liy the
Uiivtil.itti.ctt Helmut It...i.I .in, in-: I It" !",,, r.'"H.
lr. II. BOUBNU, I, W. Hli.llisu.liv
(llmirinaii. Socroliiry.
Tulilic KcIiiiiiI nvtir.ii.-ii tii'iiitlily onriiliiitltit.    llll
hIkIi Bohool ftvomge montaly oiirolniont...    .11
Colt per head, Esbllo Sohool      * .m iw
' "il jini lieml,  111,:,. St'linill.   .
Kevelstoke, 11: C, 18 January, 190!).
Certified correct.
(Jluutered Accountant
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
nst-r {wii _-»rt>!
■ -»
All goods sold at cost  and   under   and   all   lines   placed   on   our   Sale
, a   es   must  go   regardless ol   cost.      Good staple seasonable goods.
adtes' UnderskiH
Heavy bhek mi inc sk rts selling at
$i. BI - - 'in with .', cp flounces and
d . ces for $1.00.
Flannelette Drawers
Child's plain white drawers, regular
75c, now 40c, perpaii   Sizes: 4 to i6years
White undervests, regular price 75c.
ind  .      how j.oc.  Sizes from 4 to 12 years
We are disposing of this seasonable
line of goods at a 25 per cent,   discount.
These arc ihis seasons best goods,
which sold at 16c, and i8c. per yard, now
selling at 1 2 '..c.  per yard.
Heavy, wide width flannelettes, regular 12 '.'C. a yard, now 71:. per yard.
Odd lines and remnants, dress goods, furs, golf jackets, child's coats, ladies'
mantles, child's wool jackets, child's head wear and millinery at your own price.
Must clear these lines to make room for new goods.     These prices arc lor cash.
Pure Drugs
ini :   v ith  careful
iu]    mding.    prompt
deiivi ry and reasonable
prices  nre  the    factors
bave built up our
■   sa  to its pn sent
immense   p r oportioua.
Bring   your  next   prescription   here   if   you
.Mint satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
We aim to keep only the
best in Groceries. A Irial order
will lie appreciated as we are
convinced that we can save you
Our Bread, Cukes and Pastry
are made fresh every day, when
tired uf your own baking, try
ours tor a change, you will Bud
it very appetizing. <
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Weather Forecast
\   Ini      .    Jau.   27th.— l.*nsottli I
ble change to cold spi II, Stormy.
1 ■ .   . . Mux. 35 - . Mux  'Hi ' .
Local and Genera!
. ing Pictures tonight.
lout fi    el '-'.■    ihirt   wai l   dnnre
1 n Feb. l*in.   Commences at " p. u .
ladies ol  Ibe  Catholic Church
ue  :n.,king  arrangements   lor   their
1.       , ucert on March 17th.
Ilu-  managemi nt   of   the   skatii ,
rii:'*  ii ., .: ; bej   will   short
organize a series of local skating rai
Bring the children Friday and Satur
ai .' the Punch and Judy eho •
,...!   1 eddy Bean   al  \\ illiee Party ;.'
the Edison Parli r Theatre.
It is '.j be h iped that the loial   ini
.: . ■ •    pices ol tbi   \ 'i „.. a
\- ci .. in will not 1"' forg ittcn.   An
irly   start   will   make it easier for n
*!ui Hnish.
M  Matsuda, the   [moons Japanesi
1     I tl ist es ponent-
1 thi    rt ol   Iraec    Koman cntch-a*
.:   i-c in, Ji    ' tsu, ' :.' .   ,-   1 1
tlit- city thia wei i
The Revelil Cricket  C
Iii      the   annua      ,11 cot in       1 nil
I might  in the Cit;
mt   business   will   b
The   meeting   will  opsu
sharp at b p ..
. .. :    v....  1 ■        eh rt « list dance
■  spi ies ol    lie Knight oi
j ■ bias aud I' ■ thiai       - ■      ou   Fi,
at the 0|       ii . .-■      :
:     f ll       '
.;     1; :. ■ -       n ts wi 11  I
V good time is assu
I :.     L   ... -    Guild     i   tbi   11   -,■" •;
......     . , .■      progn —.
iment on Ti       .     '
' e  Cit)     i 1     ...    : ;
His '■'•' .':.[■ Mny. r
.. .:  ark      aid   ;   hi ..  ipit il guild,
: -..-    •  :alici   ball earlj      i pril at
• nd ol Lent.
A   meeting    : t I   i   , li
is   een   tiled for 3:16 |
.    irsd 15    .:.    f li :   to  dissa .
in  ■■-    -  ■ i|
leli gatt 1, C. P. R        ii ile
then ii tbe mei ting t    I e  held
Feb. ii ider the aus-
Fruil       V   luce  E ■ -
logi   [B.C.
M.--   Evs   U ■;. .'    is   ti    1 ■ i.i- ■:
lark Iree hand
ing • .I   irical    ■    -,■■-' imi,,» ol
I .\bicb  -1,1  i. 1 i   i     - li •  ...
■ : iiaga/in,      ...   aftei con
■   1    .  bei  ■     tb    excolli ice
cui   I u c   irsi   oi  li -- .
It ' . •   CSC   '..I   .. .-.     ...       '    .
, • -|i      • in ■      '■. ,.-' miuui  il •+-•' .
•    •      coun    '    ....'.      ; tli
■  e      •.'.:,-     Miss Doyle's
.   . , silent
 , - .    -,."..  op
.. .   Drug  Storn
R IJ 'til  IllOHe
9 IcUllinds
li    WO
ITlli'l'e i-   no   lei   up   in   Hie      i
11 . . '        linp     ■ .'. 
Pi.iciS So To 81 on
i    WALTER BEV   .      ti.B.
* Druggist si    .-,.!. *
■k/ii*— Wmw y.tcaxcmpM
Nice Five   roomed
House for     $1,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House for    Sl^OO
Houses at reasonable
All kinds of Insure
Agents  for the cclc
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Heal Estate, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Evangelist Russell will reach here
from Kelowna on Saturday morning
aud be ready to spend Sunday inking
ihe services in the Methodist Church
morning and evening inin ill the Y.
M. C, A. in the afternoon.
In tilt, report of the Superiutendeul
of Education in I!. C. ju»t published,
.be Revelstoke high school heads the
list of provincial high schools in percentage "f regular attendance, while
ui the public school the percentage is
uu of the highi st ou the list also
Frank Juliiiu returne 1 on  Saturday
fi in , ■  . :..li 11 .-isil i" nis home in
ioutl dy, besides Enj       .   and
., ber couul 1 ies in Europe,   ll in
speaks graphically about  the  te 1
irthquake at M and
ol life,   1 ■ ing ■
ictual disaster overwh, lesai   1
Calabria, Ri gg'u    ad
The rai 11 ay    uileaj
...   li! 150
-..._■    the t
he   s ublic   iiy Mr 1 ts lis
Rai ■ ays  and   I ... 1
1,29     ■   . -
3 .   .... ide'   contra it
completed      1     ■ ucreae
lie as great 1 ir's, if not gi
The   celebrations   in   Chh 1
where   uany g    1   things  are pr
in  the Bha|       [ 1 ooked pigs
. i,.'. nseorated t,   the
•  in .undent  many yi
he  old  town,   when .1  hungry
r attended  the ceremonies  ■
ly   managed   t ,  gel   iwaj   »i
- r .-tantiat portion ol   the
lated  to  the  Joss      Fbal      ■    -
vasn't ol iiiueh value fora few mi 1
A  un*'   bulletin   ...
I'.jeenily from ' be govi rni it pi nl
,:..:• dealing ■, ■„ thi . ime
' lumbia ired
lureau of information,   and »
t-ry Interesting to 1 hose ri
irmation   in   thi    -■■   1
....... .-.\ .-.   : 1        I .
.11! game ol the province    and    ui
lorated in it is an   article   by   Bryan
■. .' , 1    -    lealing   with   all the    1 a
round spurt.
Mr   Wm,   W hj te,   - .'I   ■■ ioe pi
1 nt 0  '... ('  P. IL,   announces
, 1 he 1 eati rn j      ra
•. lopted   1 j   the C, P. R., includi 1
■    line   from   Weyburn on the
ue to Lethbridge, a distance   of   100
.iles, to  be  completed   tins   spring
cadine off the   Hill   Myatem   to   tho
ii'ickies and giving the C.P. ll.a third
transcontinental    line    towards  the
1: mat.   Over (8,000,000 will  be j] t.
ihis year in the Weat.
'1 be   railway commission  has just
11 a an order which  il is hoped will
cl  trainmen   I  the  travelling
I iblic generally irom the dangers
incident to the running nl light
• ngineB without proper control. Kn
gineers have constantly asked tho rail
■ inl oompanies that conductors should
travel with light euginee, it being
I limed that two men on an ongino
w ro not sufficient to do tbo flagging
, hi n ini'i'Shiiry or take train orders
i e commission lino now ordorod that
.', '.in  running on main lines a light
engine shall be in charge of a con-
ductor. That probably means that, it
will have a caboose attached, and that
inateiul ol dodging irresponsibly in
uud out among regular trains it will
be conducted as a train itself.
Advices honi Chicago slate thnt
"while llirting in theaters and other
public places of amusement should be
* il ed according to Rev. 8. B Dexter
,,f Aurora, he ba 1 aum unced that ii
may properly take place in churches
where, he declares 'il ..        ■    •-
liarmfulness. Iii- .;., isi ■. _■
of   .1   criwad, Sund ij   1  ghl
aim. i ment ." This will lie*,
ing news to many of our yom .
who will now ; j   attt ud
■■: .
•'■ ;
■      » i
.   n ■
• ■"   - is 1
Social and Personal
-    • «ri
11   loi taken
.   . .- '.,na.
ne   •   .
ol trustees on   the  in-
1       .. -   \„-
■ provinoe
.      H, Hoi
■■ bi   !.,,..
r val
;.    al    V id        ' ,' ,:'■'!     ' 1, -
ers have a        it g
I'.lit. 16, Hurl.'
:   Field 7.
10  Foote *
.,!     I 1.111 ,    I 11 11'I    F
the Burns, and   McRai   and III
the Equitable.
Thursday uight, McDonald , Rose,
in the Burni Edwards v "tiunly In
Parents Take Notice
Al, the   beginning   of   each   Itiu,   .
class  is  organized for pupils win, are
then    f achool age.    Parents are n
questi ,1 to bave all children who are
qualified   to outer   enrolled   not later
than February lat. When the class
bring fnriiieil at present in oompleted
no more pupils will be received 1,mil
the formation ol tho next claas, which
will take place iii August, Due allowance for age will lie observed an UB
to avoid any  Injustioe.
J. I. Pollock,
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agonl
OlFiee on First St., Opposite the Club
O      Rents Collected. Loans Notauv Poulic      Q
5 0-0<><M>0<><K><>0<>-<KK><H^ 6
You and Your Friends Can Visit
America's Greatest City
for 25 cents.
One o( the cheapest trips the citizens of Kevelstoke will have for some
time to the city uf New York, iiiil be
given on Friday and Saturday nights
at the Edison Purlin' Theatre You
can visit this great city and ste some
nf its wonderful nights for 2f)c. which
includes a seat in the chair oar on the
Kdison railway. You can see the
harbor, the arrival of the-emigrants,
ihe statue of Lil cily, Brooklyn bridge,
Broadway frnm tlie top of St. Paul's
building, the sky Berapers, including
tie 50 storey Metropolitan building
now under construction, scenes in
Central park, Gruut's and the soldiers'
monuments, etc. Children are entitled   tn   n   seat   in llie trip (or 10c.
Besides lhe above trip there is something special [or the children' in
"Willie's party," showing a Punch and
Judy show, dancing Teddy Bears, etc.
Also lhe "Sailor's Dog," the f 'ble of
"The Miller and His Son," and the
funny comedy, "Jim likes garlic.1'
Grip and Password.
ll    OK   I..   E,
The installation ut officers of Mt.
Begbie Division 422, and the li. I. A.
to thh B. of L. E., took place last
Friday evening, Jan. 22nd, being well
attended. Tlie following were nominated and elected as ollicers for the
term 1009:
Past President,— Mrs, L. Patrick.
President —Mrs. 11. Creelman.
Vice President—Mrs.  C. C. Iliown.
Secretary—Mrs. A. II nward.
Insurance  Seoy.—Mrs. A. Stingley,
Treasurer.—Mrs. It. McCall.
Chaplin,—Mrs. K. 14. Corsou,
Guitli—Mrs, E. J. Maeey.
Sentinel.—Mis. W. A. Boyd.
Musician.—Mrs E. Maokenrot.
l-.t Cre=cent—Mrs. 1). Murrey.
2nd Star.—Mrs. J. Johnson,
Sobriety.—Mrs. R. Trimble,
Truth—Mrs. F. Hooley.
Justice.—Mrs. V. Mauley.
M rality.—Mrs. M. Scott,
The Luiics Auxiliary it- growing
rapidly, there being now twenty five
members on the books and still growing, every meeting being well attended
The numer us surprises in tic shape
f dainty refreshment altt r lodge
-e-i ns, by the committee, are features
i :
i.n    I .
i. ist Monday   evening I tnurt Mount
161     In d   the   installation
-   I ir   1909.     The   regular
flrsl   gone through and
secretary  Iir.,. Cayman
itatemeul    which
'.-. inci -   r I be I lourt to be
tory   and   pr 'gressive con-
Bro,    B.   R,   Atkins, Court
ng      Hi 'ei   and
a gi        itte dance ol  the
in  in  ■ er    in   which  the
ing to
ver t he
• I .!•,.  to  a banquet ol good
il   ag   ol   w 11 ic ti a
it v .- red which brought
.        I ■ - ■    !.,ii ape)ohes,
: Ml   MoKenzie
Hiv,.   will   lake   plai •■  on Thursday,
.,.    .' -' :,     il   '.  |)
I good si i'. i,,l hand
Comes ..1 gel
• ■ ■  ,'ain.
■   p around  I d on
i    ..I by
tbeir   > • . I-     W itch  foi       l h, i di
i fii (IF Nn. I  iiai.i- :, li \ v
. \ '   I  \-.ii j,. i '.., .
D- M \KIM. u ,n di,  '.. [«rm«
nil    froi    - A pply
Hi     Giddln      in   Mi     fl  (li  ...  fi,
" I  i \
v   to   ,,,
I , ' '.■  legitim ite invi   i.menl i
,'■'.'■       ii ,i Inittsh
.-   ..      \.i'l,        In first in ,.,,n ,•
v ,, I,   lull     |i i> i ii iiIhi      I     'Capital
■ nre Nobis k I ,,.. \\,,\ mn    Bank Kids.
■ . i , i i i . 'i i
WANTKD   Heeond Fi mil , .,, 
li.ve ,,   e;.   t oIT   I ■'.' bin,'   ..|i ,
.1. C,  [lllll,    2nd      Heel    lippil   lie    Km.x
I but. 11
WANTKD Ily iiiariieli eti ipiei,,,,
, Inlilieni 2 in- il furiii ihed mums
fm light housekeeping, Apply Mail-
IIi.iiai.ii offlce,
I.ioi N 11   a ludy . gold iviiteh, nwnor
may have  tame   by  proving nt,.
pi'ity in,d paying I'm Ibis notice,    The
Willi ll Is ill  Gill lllllllll   III'   I he (  bill    ii|
Costume Skaters Turn Out en
The ice carnival in the riuk ou
Monday night proved a great success,
a large number of skaters both iu and
out of costume, besides spectators,
turning out. The costumes were better than the average, some being particularly original. A "merry widow"
costume, half a bride and half a widow
caused considerable amusement. Another feature of the carnival was the
"hum band" by members ol the Independent Band, which discoursed
sweet (?) music at intervals between
tho selections hy the electric organ
The following costumes were represented:
Mrs J C Hutchison, Ayer s Hair Vigor
" W Bews, Merry Widow
'   11 Keays, Daughter ol the Reg'mt
" 1) M Kne, Highland Lassie
" J A Walker, School Girl
" J H Lyons, Peasant Girl
" F Hooley, Hockey Girl.
Miss E McCarthy, Western Girl
"    M Edwards, Indian Girl
"    E Morgan, Canada
"    R Doyle, Irish Molly
"   M Lawler,
"   AOrosbell, Blue Rell
"    M Hyatt, TamBouriuo Girl
"    V Crowe, Miss Mullet
"    M Matheson, Sweet Alice
"    W Munroo, Gipsy Queen
"    M Pinter, lied Hiding Hood
"    G Urquliart, Red Killing Hood
"   S liicker'.on. Forget-mo not
"    Ida Koman,
"    L Pettipiece, Milk Maid
"    G Hetlsliiini, Musical Girl
R J Waters, Pool
S Robbius, Turkish Zouave
V Hoi,ley, Roundhead
A S Doyle, Nigger Wench
M Pete son, Russian General
V Goddaril, Mikado
G M Matheson, Goodnight
W G Frisby, Hotel Montebello
J Russel, Clown
C Buck, Bleeder
E Smith, Bloke
H Guidon, ' Tliinnl- up Man" ol N.W
G Somes, Biddy
C Smith, Cow Puncher
E Dickey, Australian Bushranger
.1 Morgan, Beggar
C .1 Wood, John Bull
I! Squarehriggs, P.E.I. Fish Eater
E Corley, Weary Willie
A R Anderson, Tallow Fat
! rlodgers, Working Man
W Calder, Virginian
A Bickerton, Cow Buy
G Buck, Turn Thumb
E Morgan, Clown
(I Lillie, Chiel Offioer
E Pettipiece, Dude
II Keays, Lord Chesterfield
Special mention sli mid be made uf
the "bum hand" members who made
things lively fnr several hours. The
prizes were won by Misa M, Edwards
Mr (liiddiird. G.Buck. C Marsh (comic;
and Miss Viola Cruwe, the judge-
being .Messrs. Leet and Colpitis antl
Mesdame Purvis and li. S. Dnylo.
A feature of the carnival was the
raci in couples which proved exciting
ami close. The ladies of cacli couple
-kilted excellently, the race of 10 laps
being made in gut.d time. Miss F,
McEachern and Mr. I'roulx were Ihe
t to cross the winning line.
I he I ity will meet the 0, P. K iu a
hockey matob tomorrow evening in a
hockey mulch tomorrow evening at
I ne rink Bntb teams are strong nnd
a good game is expected
Hie North  Stars trimmed the Pub-
bi.id   at   basketball   ou Monday
nigbt,   2ii   tn 8, in mi Intermediate
league game
I in- Winnipeg Y M.l'.A. basketball
team will    make   n   11 ip to Vancouver
iu Match     Tbey will stay oft here 48
li'iura   and   meet  the looal Y.M C.A.
Iiuya at. the game
The marathon race bet ween Shrubb
and Longboat, arranged   fur yesterday
has lid u postponed indefinitely owing
In Shrubb having hurt Ins ankle
Dorando Pielri antl Julin Hayes, of
New Ynrlt, will n fit in a L'i mile race
ii 81   Paul, Minn , nn Feb. 22nd.
Just   get. prices un furniture at the
Itlnnl at.iirc, First street.
(Inr uf nuts just arrived.    Fur prices
Inquire at Fruit Exchange.
Now   is  the  time  to  gel a  carpet
cheap at Howson's luruituro store.
Silks at Half Price
I ear
We have a lot of Japanese Silks that we want  to
out   before   stock   talcing.     They   nre   27   inches   wide
there is ;i good   range   of   colors.       For   blouses,   children's
dresses, tie., they are j List whni you need.  They sold   4A-
at 50c. per yard, but we oiler thcni at     WVm«
We have about twelve dozen   line  lawn   handkerchiefs,
all embroidered,   some  with   hem   stitched  edges and   some
embroidered,     They   arc   not   soiled,   but  a little
mussed. Tbey  sold   at ,(uc. and 35c, now only	
Table   Covers
A lot of Uerby Table Covers in red and gold, blue and
gold, and green and yold, and a few in Chenille. Tbey came
in 1 yrd., 1 '.• yrd. and two yrd. squares. Wc are offering
them'at ONE-THIRD off regular price.
McLennan & Co*
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best and  largest" Stock  of Cigars unci
Pipes   in   Kevelstoke.
Tlie  Original   Mac's   Mixture  now  on   hand
and made  expressly   for   1 is  by 1). K. McPherson.
Hi w
ill ^
*#*****«##WK *»*■:»****»#*■»*******«***
Dry Cedar, 10 Inch lengths, full cold of 128 cubic feet—$5,30 per conl,
Dry Hemlock, Ml Inch lengths, full cord of 128 cubic feet—$7 pee cord,
Special quotations on four foot wood and on large
orders fm- stove wood of any length.
Manufactured lioin hard eoal.
Tho best und cheapest fuel on
the market. Free sample given
to any who have not tried it.
$8.75 por ton
This coal Ib equal to nny domestic soft conl on the market. No
clinkers, nnd mikes very littl"
$8.SO per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Notice to Contractors
Notice to Contractors
iu, ('nu mi;i.\ UivUH Ifitiiitii:. at H\:\-1
I-I.S'IOKI ,11. <*.
IKALJCU TJCNDKRS, endoivetl "Tendon fqr|
,1 Wrouabl and Owl Iron, por pound" will
bo rooolvwl by the undersigned up to and Including tho riln duy of Kctinuuj in vl, for the
manurooturo and dollvory, f.o,u, cara atfiov-
ri-iokr, nil ilu- Ironwork for the above bridge
aaoallod inr in tin- Ilillf nf Iron and MnwinK*
Spool Deal Ion s, drawings, bills of iron, fovuia
nf cootraot uml londor, maybe soon at the
olflcoof tho Public Worke Engineer, victoria,
II.C; the of Hoc  of   the  IVovinciul Timber In
Hpeoioi'i Vancouver, ii c.; .uui at tbo oflloo of
tlici Government Agent, ttovolatokc, BtU.( on
and after .lanuary Win, next,
istich proposal mtiRt bo aooompauled liy an
aoooptod bunk ohetiuo, or certifloate of deposit
nn a <hiirle>ud bunk of Canada, made payable
10 tbe uiiili'i'-iLj'iit'il, in the sum of nine hundred
dollar* tWOO.Ou), which hIiuII boforfeltod if the
party tendering decline to inter lutocoutraot
wben railed upon In do no, or if lie fail to 0OII1*
ploto the  work conliuotod for.    Thooheuuea
er eerlilieulrh uf depo.-it of uiiMiii'COfHful ten
■ ieierNwill be n-lurned Intlieni iijkhi LhcoNC-
OUtlon of tho contract, Tenders will not be
oonildered union made uui on the forum of
tender fUppllod. elgnod wltll (lie actual (signature of the tenderer _un| onolosed in the envelope furnished,
The luwoM. or any lender not necessarily
Publio World Iflnglnoop
Department of Public VVorkii
Victoria, B.0 . January Uth, 1009.     jan 88
WANTKD   - VoatiK  airl   lo   look
HfLei eh.I.I    liuii-'f work light.
Apply Mi%i M.  UuniilnghaiJi  Moni«i
'liiini sin-ci. west,
Will IK   woman   rooK   wants
work, also for dnuahter of 14.
lllxon, PingMti't) Clerk, li. <>.
H, .1. WILLIAMSON (lute collector
Bevslitoke Steam Laundry) having
now the Agency Ior the Vancouver
Steam Laundry, will cali at your
house Mondays. .Tuesdays and
AM Work Guaranteed    Prioee Moderate
Ukinok. t*OI L.MII1A KlVKH 11' KKVKJ.BTOKl.
QKALKD TENDERS, properly Indonod, will
H be received Ly the Hon. the Minister of
Public Works up to and including Monday,
Kobruarj Sth next, for Ibe erection and coin
pletion oi a bridge across ilio('ulumi>ln Rivor
at Itovolstoke, n.c.
Drawings, specifications, and conditions of
rendering and eonlraet may bu seen al Ule Ue
partment "f Public Works, Victoria, IU'., at
lhe odice of the Provincial Government Timlic'r
Inspector, Vancouver, U.C-, und at tho Government Ollice, Itevelstoko, 11,0 , ou and after the
SMth Inst,
Booh tendeivmubt lm iiceompuniod by an ue-
eepted hank cheque or certillcuto of deposit
mode payable to Lhe lion, the MinlHterof Public Works for tbe Hum of two thousand dollar*
$8,0001 which Khali be forfeited if lhe party
lendeiiuK ihi'lini! to enter Into contract when
culled upon to do ko. TlicohiMiucK of UIIBUO-
cusHful tenderers will be returned to them upon
lhu execution of tlie contract.
Tho cheque of tlie huccessful tenderer will hn
returned upon his furnishing a bond sulittfuc
tory lo tbe Hon. the Mini-tin or Public Works
in the mini uf ten Lhousuud fflO.OOO), for the
due fulfilment of the contract.
No tender will bu considered unless made
out on thu form supplied, njgnud with the
actual Signature of the tenderer, and enclosed
in thu envelope furnished.
Tho lowest or any tender not necessarily
1<\ C. (JAMULK,
Public Works KuRinuct'
Department of Publio Work*,
Victoria, B.C., 20th January, 1909.      jan 28
of John Smith, lute of  Malakwa,
in the Province of British Columbia,   I iin mi si •! I.
NOTICE is hereby Riven pursuant
lu the Trustees and Executors Aet,
tu all creditors) uf the estate to deliver
to the undersigned before the27th duy'
of January,  1000,  full particulars uf
cluiniH, verified by Statutory Declaration,   After such date the  Exeoutor
will proceed to  distribute   the  asset n
aei; jrding tt) law,
uf Davie Chambers, Victoria, B.C.
Solicitors for the Exeoutor,
lUti'd Ibis 17th   day   of   Ueeeinebr,
Mrs. McKittriok, ol Nakusp, wag |
visitor iu m.. oity yesterday.


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