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The Mail Herald 1909-03-24

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"Empire" Typewriter
For esse of o|ieratioD and perfection
in results produced, this mauhine
is unsurpassed.   Price, $60 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   •   Agents
The Mail
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKenzie / .■?,
Vol. 15.-No  16
■ro'i ini-i,-
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at At rowhead and Revelstoke.
l'or afternoon Tea or a delicate finish for
Lunch wc have Huntley & Palmer's I'-ng-
lish Biscuits, the highest perfection in the
manufacture of Biscuits. The dainty and
attractive forms they are made in and the
delicate blending of flavors cannot help
but please. These new brands of Huntley
and Palmer's Biscuits lo choose from:
Monarch, per piikn
Coronation,   "
jje, -2 )c ; Arrowroot, per pound, 35c
joe I Phillipines,     " 75c
20c j Acorn, " 75c
,55c I Creames,        " goc
The following new  jams, Jellies and Honey
in stock:
WagstafFs Pears and Peaches   40c
WagstalTs Strawberry and Raspberry Jam   30c
WagstafTs Crab Apple Jellies   30c
Crosse & Blackwell's  Marmalade,. . . i-lb 25c, 4-lb 65c
'■ " Preserved Ginger 35c
HONEY, per jar.   35c
Store* sit Revelatoke and Arrowhead.
Ii Costs Nothing
to have a look at our Rnrgain Wiudowe, but will save
you dollars  in  bin   sumo of  these bargains.
r 1 J±j       _tn—CLi Jrv J±j
Wire Hat and Coat Hooks,  two dozen for    .    .    . 25c.
Handles for Mis. Potts' Irons  15c.
Pressed Steel   Lid   Lifters, tinned  10c.
Mouse   Traps,  lice   Whiz and  Veto  5c.
Dover Egg Bea'.ers  15c.
Wire Pot  Brushes  10c.
_N.iil Brushes  5c.
Wire Egg Whips        5c.
and inan.i other bargains at just us good values
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches er A^enls at all principal points in Ciinnda.
Agents in Great Britain and United Stales—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First .National Bank, Corn Exchange National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Fran-
cisco— Wells Fargo Nevada Natioual Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 aud onward, received, aud interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Spring Goods Now Arriving Daily
Ladies' and Children's Dresses, Blouses,
etc. All the latest Spring Styles. Call
and examine these before buying elsewhere.
MRS.   A.  G.   CRICK
First   Stroot Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
B. C. Government Provides Substantial Sum
H. Manning, Ed. Edwards and W.
W. Foster, who bave been at Victoria
mt a deputation from the School Board
to wait on the government with a re-
qii"at for a sum ol money for the nm
b hool building at Revelstoke returned
y. sterday.
Mr Manning informed the Mail-
HERAl.n that ihey bad been received
very cordially by tbe government, belore whom tbey had laid their plans
and speculations for the uew w irk.
The Premier, Hon. T. Taylor, Hon
Dr. Young and Supt. Robinson took a
keen interest in the details ol the
plans, asking numerous questions as
to tbe M'-ength of tin material, the
locatiju of fixtures, room .pace, etc.
All of which were answered in a manner wbicb showed that the school
board delegates had con)e down thoroughly prepared to go into tbe minutest matters that might require ex
planation; in fact, the Premier com
piimented Mr. Manning on tbe
thoroughness ul bit Work, and declared
that tbe deputation had come pre
pared to explain the cause fully and
Tbe plana submitted have been approved by the government, with the
exception of a fen minor parte. The
government stated tbat they required
a "deadener" to be placed between tbe
lluors between the two storeys, so that
tbe sound from the one would nut interfere with the other. It was sIbo decided to remove the store room from
the top lluor and locate it ou tbe
ground Hoot, as the government intend
at an early date to establish libraries
in all the B. C. schools. Tbe requirements for ligbt and air space are fully
up to tbe government standard.
In answer to tbe request from tbe
deputation tbe government have
agreed to appropriate $16,000, or probably onc-tbird of tbe total cost, and
an ollicial ratification of this has been
sent to tbe loard.
Tbe school trustees will meet tomorrow night and take up the question, and will probably prepare and
submit s petition lor a bylaw to go
belore the people (or the raising by
debentures of the balance of ibe money.
There can be do question of the
issue. A new building is needed, and
as the government have condemned
the room on tbe third floor of the
present building as being unsuitable
for children, some prompt steps must
be taken to arrange for the proper
housing uml accommodation ot the
children, wbioh are today crowded an
Edison Parlor Theatre is being
The Edison Parlor Theatre has been
closed this wiek Ior repairs and alterations. Special attention is being
paid to the seating accommodation
md the Hour is being raised in a gentle inclii.e to the rear of Ihe building
so that an uninterrupted view of the
screen can be obtained. The galleries
too are being enlarged, und an increased number of chairs installed.
D. McCarthy has charge of the work.
R. K. Copeland is doing tbe curtain
and stage decorations.
It is tbe intention of the management to reopen on Friday and Saturday with a special programme of new
aod interesting pictures including,
"Australian Sports." Tbese scenes
depict true Australian bush life, showing log chopping contest, rough riding,
and borse steeple chasing. This lat
ter subject is highly life-like and
sensational, showing tbe burses at the
jump, several a cidents where tbe
riders were carried off tbe course hurt.
Australian horses are perhaps tho
finest breed in the world and as race
horses they cannot be excelled.
Farewell Banquet
A very successful banquet succeeded
by a dance was held at Rogers Pass on
tbe 20th inst., given on the occasion
of tbe departure uf tbe C. P. R. agent
U. B. Anslow, who ii leaving the service t<> take up fruit growing. A tasteful and beautifully laid out supper
wai provided in tbe hall,also tastefully
decorated, by the ladies ol Rogers Pais,
to whom a moat sincere rote of thank'
was extended. The supper waa lol-
luned by a presentation of a gold
chain und locket suitably engraved,
railed by public subscription, alter
which a dance was held. Thanks are
to be extended to C. I). Morris, wbo
generoualy loaned the hall lor the
evening, snd to Mr. 11. J. Buckley,
who successfully conducted tbeBupper
snd dance
Crisis Passed—Indian Plot-
Roosevelt Starts — Canada
Life Bill—European Peace-
Valuable Snow.
Paris, ''arch 24—The telegraphers
strike ir a 11 end. The committee
yesterday il tided to call off the employees and made the first move to
effect a settlement. Today a majority
of the employees returned to work
Peshawuk, British India, March
24.—Twelve hundred arrests are reported to have been made at Jellala-
bad, Afghanistan, in connection with
the plot recently discovered to murder
tbe A meet, the heir apparent and
other mem eia uf the royal family.
According to advices here batches of
pristine.a are being blown from guns
New York, March 21.—Theodore
Roosevelt sailed yesterday morning at
11 o'clock on the steamer Hamburg,
tbe first stage of hia journey to the
wilds 11  Africa in search of  big  game.
Ottawa, March 24—The Canada
Life bill, which debars policyholders
from any share ol tbe profits on invested capital, was referred buck to see
whether proper uutice was given.
Berlin, March 24—The German
foreign ollice now regards the probability ol a war iu the Hulkaus less
imminent as the indications are that
Russia will take a neutral attitude,
while the other powers are making
special efforts to have Austria-Hungary withhold its final reply to Set via
pending further representation to the
administration at Belgrade.
REQINA, Sask., March 24.— Kor tbe
past twenty-lour hours snow has fallen
almost continuously throughout the
Region district, and by noon today
there is a deep coating of the white
mantle. Tbe snowfall at tbis season
means mucb to the west, and some
place the estimate of its value as high
as $2,000,000.
Rutherford  Government
tained in Alberta.
CALGARY, March 23—The Rutherford government was sustained at the
polls hy u record majority and it lhe
present time it. looks as though the
parties in the now house would be:
Liberals, 37; Conservatives 2; .'nuepea
dant Conservatives, 2.
Both opposition members of tbe old
bouse were deieated. Not a Liberal
member of the old bouse was beaten.
Despite the onesided nature of the
battle there was some keen fights.
Perhaps the hardest wa*   in   Calgary
lere R. P. Bennett and Dr. Blow met
Hon. VV, H. dishing, minister cl pub-
lie works and Dr Egbert, dishing
and Bennett, one of each par-y were
Though numerically the opposition
will not be larger than in tbe last
hou?e it will be stronger. R B. Bennett is looked upon us the strongest
opponent of the government.
Would Ruin Home Lift)
New   York,   March   24.—In   the j
Outlook appears the   first   article   by
Theodore Roosevelt on Socialism. The
ex president says:
"On the social and domestic side,
doctrinaire socialism would replace
the family and home life by a glorified
state free lunch counter and a state
foundling asylum, deliberately enthroning self-indulgence as the ideal,
witb, on its darker side, tbe absolute
abandonment uf all morality as between man and woman."
G. T. P.   is   Using it on Construction Work
Spokane, March 23.—M. M. Suxtou,
who hss returned from the construe
tion along ilm righl of way of the new
Qrand Trunk Paoific railroad iu Can-
ad 1, was in the ci antl
says lhat 700 miles ol been
laid, reaching as far v. .Winnipeg, while grading has heen finished
'o a point UK) miles east of Prince
Rupert, llie Pacific terminus
'•'lies and sieel will bu at Prince
Itnpi rt shortly and in July a force of
.r)00 me . will begin laying track," said
Mr Sax tun. "Tbere is material now
at Saskatoon enough .u lay a 300-mile
section tu tbe Rockies, and this will
be in operation early iu the Fall. The
Grand Trunk Pacific bas an easy
grade over the mountains and is
erecting several sttel bridges 200 leet
high to keep up the grade. The roitd
from Winnipeg to Prince Rupert,
about lNOO mile-', will be finished by
1911. East of Winnipeg, where the
road is being built by the Government,
4 0 miles have been laid, but ibis
section will uot be completed as booh
as the Pacific end.
Mr. Saxlou is tbe inventor of a
track-laying machine lhat is being
used on the G.T.P. and which has a
recoid of 123 miles in 2li days.
Defeats Longboat's Rival in a
Twelve-Mile Race
Toronto, March 23—Alfred Shrubt
the peerless little English runner, on
Saturday evening, decisively demonstrated his superiority over Fred Simpson, the India 1 runner, who has been
touted as a rival to the famous Longboat..
Shrubb and Simpson met in a 12-
mile race in the Armories here, and at
the finish Shrubb waa over half a mile
in the lend, taking things sn easy that
his supporters claim he could have
made it a mile bad he wished. The
crack English runner made very
creditable time, too, covering tbe distance in !. hour, 6 minutes, and 33
Gives Motherland Battleship
Wellington, N. '/,., Maroli 23—The
New Zetland government has offend
to immediately defray the cost of a
firal-class battleship of the Dreadnought type. Also a second one if
necessary. Thia is in addition to the
annual grant of one hundred thousand
pounds given by New /.calami to the
Admiralty, which has no strings at
tached regarding the keeping ol vesiels
in New Zealand waters. It ia tx-
pected Australia will follow suit.
Dr. Chown Backs Down
Dr. Chown say* be has been grossly
misrepresented and that bia opinion is
that the east is not a whit better,
morally, than the west.. The only difference appears tn be that the formor
hides what the west makes 110 effort to
conceal. If Dr. Chown bud aaid so
plainly at tbe outset he would nut
have been so severely critioiied.
Inspector    Pelletier    Arrives
Safely at Gimli
Gi.mi.i, Man , March 23.—Sergt.-Inspector Pelletier arrivtd at Gimli today, practically completing ibe longest
and must northerly trip ever undertaken Into tho fur notthlaud of Canada, having travelled from Edmonton
to the Great Slave Lake, ihence to
Fori Churchill l.y way nf Cape V illt-r-
ton. then ilowii the Great Nelson River
t) Norway House, and across Like
Winnipeg to Gimli. Sergt. Pelletier
left Edmonton last July, and interest
waa added to his adventure by tie
rep ut that lie and his party bad
Johnson to Fight Jeffries
Chicauo, March 23.—It took Hugh
Mcintosh, the Australian light promoter, only a few minutes to get. the
cmseiit iilJaole Johnson, the heavyweight champion of the world, to ligl t
James J. JelTrilS, tlm retired chum-
pion ol the world, for a purse of |60,«
000.    After a   short '■—„,.„   |„.re
yesterday,   Johnson t- melf
as entirely satisfied   wi . .    terms
offered by Mcintosh.      Mclntnth wil
return to New Yurk today,   and   says
be is confident be will be hack here in
a lew days with Jeffries' signature  to
tho art s.
Mr. Mcintosh's offer is a purse uf
160,000, to bo divided 60 per cent, to
the winner and 40 per cent, to tbi
loser. Each man will be required to
put up a lorfcit of $f>000 when bo
signs the articles.
Improving Arrow Lake Service
The 0 P. b is taking steps to
greatly Improve transportation on Ibe
Arrow lakes. A new tugboat ol much
greater power than Ihe Columbia, has
jusi been oompleted 1.0 handle freight,
All uppropriiiti ll   $IIH,00(l   has
lieen made lur 11 new passenger boa I
to be built nl Steel, larger, inure power-
lui and faster than the stesiuur Ross
land—in fuel, the finest hunt lu British
Columbia waler». The new bimt will
replace the Kootenay (or tbo through
passenger service, antl that boat will
probably be set aside for handling
business on the lower Arrow lake. It
is vory evident that the C.P.R. expects
great development on tho Arrow lakes
Tbo Kooteuuy is nuw being over-
hatilnd and eighteen new stateroom*
We have just ii.. i' -il a -lu'].-
ment of Brooke Bum! & Co.'s
T",i-. f.n which we bave secured
the Agency. These Teas are
noted fnr then fiit^ qu-dity and
bave an enormous sale whi rever
inlrodui ed, "' -y are pul up in
useful and ■• ractive packages
and every . er of good tea
_.' ould try -. put" d tin "■ '">>-.-
Our large and Increasing Coffee trade is due to the fact thai we
give value for price. Another lot of the celebrated Barrington Hull.
steel out, chaSless Coffee, put in stock this week. We are offering
what they call a "find-out" package, price 8O0., containing three
distinct flavors of Coffee, and the Arm claim tbat if one of the thieo
kinds does not satisfy 1 customers palate, then no kind of Coffee will.
We keep all tbe thi:,i'kinds in stock so tbat you can huve whichever
flavor you prefer We also have Green Coffee, Camp Coffee, Special
Hotel Coffee, Ohas v Sanborn Seal Brand Coffee, our own No. 1 brand
of fresh ground C       .etc      We want  your Tea and Coffee business.
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
YoiTJLhave a fit
in tejovir st
well when m.vJe into 2 suit.
An J remember the suit that win
lit the other fellow won't lit you. Yo.u
must come to a store that s lits
enough in it if you want to gel 0 lat
will tit yc.i right.  We carr) a big st    li
Remembei onr clothing is not
sawed out and slunp 'ogether, bul 11 •
hand-scissored ai J hand-made by the
hest tailors.
k Sutherlan
Fit ReformjjCiothTng..
niun ...
L, TOKO.   10
ISi llll l-.ll I,   1 J07
B. B. WALKIR, President 1   .   ' Up Capital, JIO.UjiJ.GOG
ALIXAHDKH LAIRD, General Minijer     Reserve Fund,    -     6 000,000
Tbe otw Travellers Chcqui ■ iwuedbj thia Bank ara a most convtolaat
way hi which to carry money when travelling.   They are Issued in denominauoni of
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
and Um exact amount payable In   Austria,   Belgium.   Dcntiuirk, France,
Germany, limit Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
and Switzerland ia Blati d 01  'he fa .- of i-a, I-, cheque, while in other countries
tbey are pAt'.ihlr at r hit, ■.' i.i'e-
Tbe cheque-, ami all information thritt in.,   l.e obtained al even office
ol lhe Rank. UU
Revolver Accident
W'lSMii... March W.—J   I'   Hume
ill Bevelstoke,  va- taken til thi gen, rai
hospital   un   Tuetday   nighi   mi   bia
arrival in the city, -uttering (ruin a
l.iillut WOUnd ill the right .vrist. whii-h
lie received   frnm   tlie   accidental   di--
oharge ol s revolver itbilo coining
west on the 0. I' R. No, '.'7 Tuetday
uight      The   accident   occurred In 1
■molting   car   while he and one of bis
'.iiiiipaniutis were examining the gun,
\ll the chambers   were   loaded.      The
wound, however, is not terlout,
Mr. Hume is SXpeOted home in a
few days aa snou as be can leave lhe
hospital and ii able tu travel.
Lumber Output Decreases
OTTAWA, March 28.—The lumber
output ill Oanadt decreased in 1808,
I Columbia, had early in 1908,
! 180,000,000 leet ul sawn lumber mid
i 190,000,000 leet of logs, to which 100,-
I 000,000 feel ha- been added during tbi
i year.
The   Ottawa   valley   nulls   put  out
j 503,000,000 feet again»t 688,000,000 in
1907, while lieurgian bay district put
out 5O4,07'J,i>0<l against 756,618,000 in
1907. Qutbeo'i totals in 11KW were
114,000,000 leet compared with S8S,-
000,000 in  1907.
Note Paper sale at llewa' Drug ature, Till-:   MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, IV C.
Zbc flfcaiMbc calb,
p; BUSH ih wi.iiNllsliAY  i   11 s\i'i;n.
|. \1   AT
•IiuhIs ut  dust from vehicular trui-
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc.
0 T T A W A
Supreme ind Exchequer Courl
Agents. Practice in Patent
Office and befoie Railway
Hox. (il ni' h-'Mruriiv. M P,
11 \K"1  iiJ'l-HKU.
BAl.iil:-. .'  i-   SOLICITORS, ETI
,,.    ■ -    i.Mi'KKi.u. Bask Bun i i ■■■ Revei
Hi    Istoke, l. i .   I'Mi.i.'    ■. ii I •
I   . -  Mi.
..    .;    ,'.;, _,i,.o: I. A. HAKVEV,
; . , ..,.■ j,;   . nuiliiOOK, ll. I
111.'.  Wl
11 III
willing to support   any
reasonable scheme for the ultimate
improvements of ilu- city. Mud
in the Kail is a condition of affairs
which cannot   be   tolerated and is
not worthy of the city.
city, have  pass!
il th
irvojjcnv   iint
I   tie
ptago of
is noil;
ing to
prevent the council from installing
a   rock crusher   plant und on the
tor. eti
H li' ilm I    '
.,,,..,. ;  BANK OF ( OM.MKK! K,
_\; ii    iss Rank, Eti .
I- ij:- |  ST..        HKVEI STOKE, H.C,
t'.iii'.Kl   SMITH
[Completion of the sewerage work to
tako up the macadam question and
nn into ii in ;i thorough and effec-
ti ve manner, Hevelstoke is well
endowed with natural road building material and the total cosl of
the work should not he excessive,
Tl ■• citizens of Itevelsloko deserve
ci mtnendation for lhe spirit oi
progress they display, us evinced
';..    tlie    improvements     already
' in inicipally nvi I. uud ii i-   to he
hoped   iiii' desire for ihe wel-
1 f ire nt the citv will continue.
Pros Incial Lund Surveyor,
Mining Sin v.-\ or
,.ii Ke: zib >-.•
Box l'K', Ki-:> elstokk
C.   W.   O   W
Mountain View Camp  No. lit)
Meou   Second  anil   Fourth  Woilne'dayt In
,.,       Ikirk Hull.   VUilin   Woodmen cordiaUj. invited to ail. n.i.
IV   li. ARMSTRONG, Cu.. I om.
_ J   MclNTYRE, li.'i t
F. O. E.
-.,..,   .  irmeol ugs are hold iu tlio Selkirk
.1.     bi  ■■   I -  lay   !!K    "I   *   o cluck
Visltinc brethren ar" cordially invited.
T   .1   WALSH. Pbksidkkt.
Vi. E. McLAUl Ill.lVSi,. ut.i'ui.
Kootenay LodBc. No. 15, A  F. fit A. M.
>„     J?X Tho regular moot-
kv,     '.- t'     -v        i..-- nre hold iu lhe
-*•' AK ll   Od Ite low:   Hull	
.   - ■ \ <&"      '   il,,, ii.ii.I Miuitluy ■"
..,i,-l,   in'.ntli    nt
|i ui.  Visitiug broth
reu   curdlully   wol-
-^a i-.'ino.
i . .1. ri,' •■ UN'IKlt, Skckki uiv.
KIRK  LODGE No. 12, I. O, 0  I-'.
Meets evory Thnr-
,iny evening   in   Sel-
s kirk H.ol ..l 8 o'clock
"^-.-A Visitiug brothron urn
tu attend.
Vi. A    1'. IOTE. N.ll
JAS. M\Tllll'.;-i:.
Cold Range Lodge, K ol P.
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B C.
MEKls . VhllY   .lEUNiislAV,
ex   ,-lt .   Willi." 1    ,
each muir i.    i ddlel!   ms'
Hull    nl    5    .'... .,.k.     VtaltinR
Kniitnis i  ■ ■' y   nvite.!.
<U1TH. i.i.       .
0. H. BBOCK   K   "(  K   4 -
j. h. st'orr, m. ,,i k.
Zbc flftaiMfoeralb
Then   -   .. much had iu llie lie-t ..f u*.
\   :   ■   touch k-.-id iu the \v..r-t nl us,
T   it It hardly 1 ehoovsd nny ot us,
T . iallt ibout the rest  •! n^.
li   i-   I-,   be hopi d that lhe city
ne I   wil    '   11,   their tl tention
•:  - . eai I lit   i uh-ii notion  of
_ .: ■ : , -     Probably  every
itizen        .   -     he irt tiie welfare
of   thi .-   pleased   with the
ring   -• atiment in favor of iui-
■ mi :.•- of streets and sidewal . •
i     ;. i manent basis,     M ti, lam-
. .   uu-   streets mi i ns   ncn ,-•
j: ■■.' :ii to 'In city     i 'in- improve-
... :_;   .-  , :• " ■ apt to prod    - in
:       i:    s said that we eai
: tbe •-.■.; • ..-•   I   well 1
:    .       mi zed       -   ■
Is an
.■     -   .   -■        md    extra   ..     •
while g If   ._■■■''
. . .-     ;-       On   _
the work of tl ree   n
■'reet*     ind       ith        ■ .. •
k at i '  I
rhe m    i
ising of thi    ti    ti    :    .'   • '-1 llie
main I . • i in -   will n
mi liing ■ Isi    more
ipparenl    ind    thei        aill    be   u
greater willingness  among lhi cil
/••n.- lo keep   up   the  stand u . all
round. This i- certainly i. in mom I
., Idi   care hei ig  taken noi to m or
burden 'I ity  with too extravu-.
gunt   i xpendilure.     Macndamizi d ,
streets  will   eliminate the ever po  j
tent   dust   nuisance, and the merchants   find   storekeepers, w bo are
ihi-' hiel ■■ !■ 'nn- ol thi! unpleasant
late of   affairs, to   say nothing ol
the   pedestrians   who   wallow  in
WHEN I' M.s SPRlNil IIKtilN?
When does Spring ln;iir.' The
a I mn mie.- are agreed that the lirst
duy ul spring ;- lhu duy on which
lhe mui crosses the equator from
south to north. This year, lhat
.lm mu- Sunday last, March 'Jl.-I
and Whituker's Almanac, which is
always precise says in so many
words, "Mnrch 2lal, Spring commences 15:33 ii.iii. The meteorological ollice din's not agree with the
almanacs It holds ilntl the three
winter months arc, December, Jan-
tiitr.' and Fein miry, ai tl thut
Spring begins on the Isi ol March.
Thai date -t'lin^- to be rather ti o
early this year, for .-oun' of tlie
most bleak and winlury weather of
this venr li...- befallen us since the
beginning of March. The old imagination Spring hegun on the
first of I'll.nnl iv iintl Summer on
the first of May, is now quite oliso-
lete. In spite of lhe cold weather
ami the slow approach of Spring it
is surprising how rapidly seeds and
plants germinate in Ihe rich soil
.whichwias made Revelstoke's produce so famous, and we can still
boast of as early fruit, produce and
llower as any uther ilisliiti in this
* I«_? ~*
Ft* •»  **f SB L"
(in i iir.',
will cost    $125000,sayS   Mr. .luim : appreciates   ns   uewspupui uiuy inter i ) our   coupons,   uuuiparu   llielli   cnili   inoiilli    Willi
Hanbury, the  well known sawmill >' has ceased publication    Few towns numbers aB they appear in  this  spaco.     When you (ind your number
owner of Brandon, Man. realize   what  a  lo rue for progress a among them all you have to do is to return the coupon  to us, and we
Mr. Hanbury is here on business  newspaper ia.   This is abundantly evi- j wm  (|0iiV(.,. free „f all charges  a  ban l-unie  and  costly   109   Piece
in connection with  tho adjustment Mem iu  ihe meaere support aooorded i ni,i„,  ni,,,,,,,- s;„,      ti     ,. ,,   , ,  ,,     ,. ,, . ,,    .    ,    ,
., i-    i- i     ,.     i     i  ., ' illnnii  I'miier >et.      llif   full details o   tin  eonicst ure on thu kick ol
of lenses on   In-  Halse Greek plain,  maiiy  ,.(   ,|,L,   |ooa|   papers   here  in        /
which was destroyed  by lire m   British Uulumbi.i.   A uewnpapor Is n    ' '
time ago.     He is also the owner ,.f      W|a ||11|tUuUon n,„, ,„ |nodern ,ifa
sawmills and factories ul llnnnurv,  . ... ,    ,
i   iu i-     ,   i-     , '    'is ii    iiece.--ll v       let,    iniii'V   id    llie
nnil   l-.lku ill  I'.nt-l  kmiteiin v
Hie demand  for lumber un th.. M n1""- "f :' iMl"'r [oJ "'"'" ,1,e>'
prairies is general," he cntiiiiiueil. pay for an sdvortiseniont in its col-
"At the present rate of consunip- umns or tlie yearly subsc iption,
linn ilm visible supply will soon lie that ihey are making a charitj eon-
absorbed, especially since so fen ttiliution lo ilm rditor, A* a rule,
plants are in operation, The visi bo(r|, ,,,. „,lv,, ,H.r llU(] BUbtioiiber
hie supply in the various inouiiiiiin| tn ,, ,1(Jlt] „uiri, th.ln they ,„iy
mills   is   estimated al 180,000,000 ^,r    .,.„. ,,,,„„. ,„  conatttnlly being
feel, nnil   on   the coast  tin' liauru- , ,       ,. .   .,
, , iii on led  upon    lor   iivom   fur ivllien  it
in usi In- considerably larger.
"i iiiIit- are pouring in ns fast ns
they can he filled, aud this'applies
lo all st'i'iimis uf the prairie provinces, and better still, the farnieis
nre paying spot Ciisb for Iheir linn
her, un indication in itseif thai
ihey are all in easy circiinisiuiife-.
With the influx of   newcomers now
You will require little inducement lo use Royal Standard Flour
after once having tried it. It is lhe purest, strongest, most delicious
nnd nut rii ions bread Hour o.i the market.
never   occuro   lo   the   recipient    he
should   pay.    Few  c immunities  ever
think   tbey   should   contribute   as a
who'e,   iu   the support ol   lhe   looal
paper, it may week alter week
iltu-uie c-.limine  tu  the spread ol in
i     intiun ai» in i s district—informa-
i lion that is'.'iv broadcast tu   the wurld,
in progress, the tleinaiiil  will likcK i      ,    ,. ,  .      . . ,,
'     r ■    mil wbicb is ul  inestimable vu ue to
sivui show nu increase.
"This means only one thing. I■!""' town' llul " " ^';<"1 "( ;1 fnv
will lead to the long expected n- hundred dollurs acre in.-de tu lhe
viviil of the luni'iei-industry, \vli'u.|i-pdper   lor   thi.-   service   there would
h.ts    been    liniitu ■ hing  fur sevornl ! likely lie au i ediiilo outcry against
yen!' \ii" hn  I'lii-uiirugitii: feul-   urnft.
un- is the lui! ib 'in inu I of Ilu- rail ; I'luple who I'uinplitin about tin-
ways for uii.i.ii for various pm |Hrn(illiiess or in. Iliciency of their I. cal
pusi-. 1 ii sonic instnuces on ne
<-oii111   iif   broken   slocks   and ile-
llliis'e iluw II     ui     I lie     mills, -•' III! ' I'
these orders cannot bo easi In  filled.
VANCOUViuiJ,    B.   C.
I'd   .lurk,    S. ells fur
ii ui, garden nr .'on .it-
v.ilui-y, from    the   besi
U'l'tiNVl'lS      in        |i|| ;|,,|i,|.
France. Hollnnil, ihu
Uui I ed s tales, nud
('anailn. fcVllit nuil
Oi'iinuieiital tree, small
fruits, liuiue grown,
I'Vrlillzers, bee supplies
spraying nialoi ials, i ut.
Iloil'l'i s, ,|e.
140 I'ufiii Citalortiuc   Free
M.   J.    HENRY
Given Ileuses nnil Seed   Ileuses
3010 Westminster Road
I [eel i|iiite confident thai while
prices remain unehungeil an advance will come in due course."
Teddy Bear Craze
The Teddy Bear foolishness still
grows apace; they are all ven well
for children, but to see grown up
women hugging tliese tilings is
sickening. The apathetic post card
beauty   is   seen   fondling   a larue
impi r. bhiiiilil ascertain t.. what extent
ii is suppoi ed, Kvery editor NVortb
Jus siiii wants tu produce ii hit; paper
an I .. un i! une. hut no p'l .1 slier can
give in ue iIihii he ^eis ll bis support >s weak, his paper cannot be a
oig oue ll ie can lell at a glance the
suit of support a newspaper gets iu its
hune town, ami iho impression created is distiuct,aud favorablaor unfa.or
able according to lhe apparent pros-
peri y uf the papei which, lo niOBt
people, reflects ilmi of the town in
which    it    is   piii.lisbed.      N u   i few
brown bruin ns tenderly as though ; towns dint ili-n i is i . Kiii-ii Colum-
il were n child. One wishes for tue tea ire remiss in ihi- r spe t Some
sake of womanhood and the racehmve ,,,,,,,,, w-liiols don't des- ive n..e,
that babies   would   cume into fush- j,,,,,, „_: , f   „lm  liiV(J  ,,,,„„,
ion again for a change     rhey can |m ,„
siiueaK much noire linidlv tlinn lhe  ,„ , . , ,
most   expensive   Teddy, and  their T'"y rt--v"'1 " "°d '" S" ' 'g
legs and arms move "without ani ,1"""1 " "»'"" 'her own interests,
outside assistance - a -igniii    This mmtrr i» rarrly  diro issed by the
papers tbeinielv   . autl (  r lhat reus n
The  terrible railway disastei at
Montreal, su startling in ils originality and   tragic   in ils ending  appears lo in- une ui  iiii non-provent-
ible  -uri  -u inr  a-- one m i\     ulge
from   the descriptioni  ol   i ye witnesses,      I here   are   limits to the
resisting power of nil steam boilers,
the   trustworthiness ol   hrnki
matter how eai I
inspected,   and   tbe   . ndurai
man when put again Ids,
and   when   physical
.   . pre
meditated    .. tion   and pn   ei
; from ijun      ' -   ■ ■   .
• -1 i .    -
n no one's
'   I'.R. is entil led
■ .   .. ■ .       -i   ■        vm
. . ■  ;
cunt fact that the Teddy Bear craze
conies in.iii the United States
where the human nurseling ;- i
diminishing   quantity   among lhe
must ihni in-.I classi -
We  understand  that an aii'liurita
tive -tat. incut has bei a mud<
Pn -■ lenl R. i sei ell   iill v isil U . -■
; trip tbrnitcli S mi h
Vfriea ll K ■ -. ell !. 11
expressi .I ,i desire ti visit
; uin -■ et ii ini   ;  Hi itieh Colon
th.i_.ij ii no si. .,..; give it iheir attention seldom tln'uk of it., 'llie people
uf a rural comrauuuy can n.ake no
better investment than their comri-
butious to the support of their local
papers —Vancouver Saturday iSuuset.
Before you paper yuur house see the   papers it C. K   Macdonald's. The
vest  I signs it reasonable price'.
T .eke-     i   .■   I'll   l..jr.,phi",   h.,s all
Kubbi i ik*»,   -   es       "atnerap and films and supplies
KM ild's  (or sale al his studi ■ td
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3 500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the i'liiicipal Cities of the World.
At all Sranohcs.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Hume Beautifu
li r I. i" e ..!   on    I,||
||pl.l>Ull-||»l       III       ll
lli mask, uu h ;.   iu
Cu, ' e Villi i   11. _-1 ■_.. • , .,;,.       ...ill.
ill Ii lleil. Iv.    \\'e i nu: ii.nut  i
hi nuiilnl pnrh !' sets in .1 ml | j
he.uii 'I';, ilii;    i he   lln.i eh
In .   ll  e.iivi   nu ■ ice, pt-   -n,
slim,    i • air   roulUH   lo t he   I,
til lie
> i'  n.i i    t si Is,
i"nil,     ►ilk.  u.
ii ure i   every
'.nil.i   iu near
i- il
i.l'CS   llll
c I . -ie
and will
1    iltiin-
■f. <-vfS___«!ifc«
Big Discoun
on all
ask Sales
him. W
Western  8rouches   Great   En
durance Performance
■• .. liBve j   it received I    m  .  friend
nn n hi
. ... '. -i r ..• .     ml .."."! ■ ;. - une
ncbos in . -' in. elates,    I lis
test wae in i he lorm ol an euilu
.'•'.' ...     broil lh   ran
from Kvanstoii in Wyoniii • to I ien-
»or, 0 i .rn.I i 1 ic .I,-',,!..'.' i BOH
miles an.I Hie animals which i ... into
Denver  in ek  and   in ck, i overcd   tha
distance al an  average nl  Nil i I t -
per day. On two uf the days l'i! miles
weie covi red     l ii In t hones, liichidjn ■
n splendid in i ghbred, lull oui     I'o
see Hint nu drugging or inhuman
treatment »k< used veterinary -i i
tin, - were I'lac I iit intorvals along
the oourse, All the contestants carried aboul IK.'i pounds, Thu test
proved, us has never been dons before
the endurance oi the western hruncliu.
! •■- *v
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
lj /
i ■
io'- ,i
' \
P.    BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. }
Ill-IAD OKKll'K:   I'.tt.iMltv,   Al.lii'.ltT.l. jl)
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants tf
0    Pork I'.n k.i - ueI Dealers in Llvu Stock.   M.ii-kulH ill all the princl r
4     |nl Itiu-. unl  ['uvnsnl'   Alli.n.i.  lii'ilish Uol.iinlii i an.l ihe  Yukon, d
A    Piickei-H ,.! ihe lleluhraled  Bi'iinil  " linp.cil, i" lltuns nnil Uniun, }
i   it'll " siiainiii. k" Brand Lnnil' Lanl. J
4.■vua**v»*».w%*v*'Vii**vv»*'»m,%.»%«»■» «.J
iorl direct
from country
ol oripin,
If. E
IV E  1 ,1
hi. a.
Central Hotel
AililAHANiaoN   linon.,   PROPHIHTOna
■ w i        Ii        K'i i i lass iu e"i i y respect,     ill modern convenience!
Large Ss npln Rooms.
Rates SI.00 ni r D.iy. Special Wuekly Ratei.
Quoon'a  ELotel, Trout Lake, uinlcr  snine   maimofineni
LENA  Iii I II11,
Llnijuesll liiy the foremost oxpononl ul Scottish and lush miug.
ilpera   Uuiihi   tonight,
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
( igars.    Rates $i ;i day,    Monthly rate.
,J_   A.J_iJrJJhJ^4T     STONE      ^SiOJP.
Certificate of Improv.menis
Dominion Miniu-iil Olaim, mltmle   In
i lie Troul Luke Milling Division of
Wesi Koolcnav  |)i--liiei.
Whore located!   Itapld Greek.
Take notice thai I. Catherine Maud
I'Vaiei', 1'iee Miner's Oi-tittciilf Nu. I!
!i|-3i:i. Intend, -isly days from the dale
hnreof, lo apply to the illlulng Itecortl-
er for a Oertilicate of [luiiL-oveiuculs,
for the purpose of iibliilning u Crown
Grunt ot the above claim.
And 1'iii-thei- take not ice thai action,
untie!' seel ion  37, nilial   he euniuieiu-eil
before I he is II nice ul such l'i 1' ill, ale
ill' llllpllll't'lllellls.
Pated   this  22nd day of   Kelinun-y,
A.I), lnnil.
may 12 iikkisi: ll.irn I'iiaskii
Certificate of Improvements
Plltln  1   QlllUoo   i|i,...r il   • '.'ien,    .it In
tlio Trnut I.n!'.. MinliiK I'.n ..I \\„ i
Kniitnuii) lii-nii,.,.
Wliero  l.icatnil:   On  LUtiiln limwi l-laBvatlo
.,,,.1 l'.,|)l .1     'I". 1,      I   ,    i  mil,I It	
I ,v K. Hallwaj-
Tiiln ii,,lic Unu   1  II. I!  N, Wilkin imtltllt lis
hi;,'in for I'Miv.ii'.l liailiii). l'i.,,. Miiiar's I ortiH-
,.iiii No. USSlWi. inii'ii.l. sixty riiiya from ilnin
hen-ol.t'i  iil'l'l.v   In  tlio   M ,1 Ifscunlor u
i '„,till,in ti I'i 1 iiin, ivi„,i,.,ii -. Iur ilia imrpiiso "I
i,I,nuuii,..- ii Drawn Grant nf riiaiiliiii-n iiiiiiiii,.
An,I liiiilii'i   take  ntitloo tlutl.notion, ii,»lm
-.1,1-1 i,,ti 111. must ho I'DttilnOQOOft iiiifi,," ilm issti
aiioeol ,iu-ii i nrtili, i,t,i uf laiiiriivoitiniils,
Dntsil ilii, Itli ,ln.v nr M.iii-I,. A.II.. lini'.i.
ll. ll. N. Wil,Iill-:,
fnli ill Lake.
Kel'els|ukel,ani| Diitlicl.
Distriel of Wesi Kootenai.
Take Notice thill If i lend; William
Lindsay, of Ctimliorne, ll. l'..
ui eupnI ii.u, nicich iiit.iniends In applv
to,  pei mission iu puiehiitie lhe follow.
inj^ ilesei ihcil land;
Coiiimunciug ul the noilh-east cor-
iier of A. D. MacKay's pre-.emptimi
Nu 7,805 and marked " ll. \V. Lindsay's N. W. Corner Post-," thonce ahuul
S chains lo west hue of McKinnon's
pre-emption!  thence about 60 cbiitus
-.,Kill; Ihence aliiilll    8    elc.ins  In
MacKay's sideline; thouce north nliupl
5(1 chains I o poiut of commencement]
containing 40 acres muru or less.
KiiiiiutitK William Lindsay.
Diileil Dec. 30th, 10U8.        Jan, 25th.
liVNOt'Siti   'il''   RKUUliATlONS   f!L.\
It! UN ING   THE   UlSl'UtiAL  C'   UO-
MlXlu.N     LANDS     WITHIN     TlIK
KAIl.WAV   I'.KI.I'   IN   TUB   PltOV-
IM.'K ol'' lUtrilbll  COLUMBIA.
A LICENSE tu cul Umber can bo ue-
nuiiiii only ul pubUc I'OmpeUUou. A
renlul ul a poi- square mile Is oharaetl
Cor till limber bctuis except those altn-
ntea west ol Vale for wlncli the rental Is
.u tlm lute of 5 coins per acre per annum
In aUilltloii lo the lontal, iluis at tie
following ratea are—
Situn lumber, oa cents pn' iiiouyaii.i
feet  n.M.
ltiiilway lies, eight und nine loci long,
I 1-li aiitl 1 i!--l cents each.
SJluiale boils, _ij cents a cord.
All oilier products, 5 per cent uii the
A license i.s issued ao soon as a burin
Is granted, bul in surveyed territory n..
Umber enn be eul uii it bei'tli until the
licensee lins niude a survey thereof.
Pel mils io eul tnniiei  are also granted
at public competition, except In Uio case
ut actual settlers,  who require, ilic tttn-
, .i  their own use.
Settlors and others may nisu ol.ttiln
permits to cut up lo UIO curds of wood fur
sine    without   eompetlllon.
The dues payable under a permit anil.iu per thousand feet  B.M., for squ.ii'i
nu.. i-   and   sailings   of   any   wood   ex
pi uuk; from 1-2 lo l 1-2 ciiiis per lineal
jut for building logs, from 12 1 I to w
.vr.ti. pel- i.nd for wuod; 1 cent for fence
posts; il cents for railway ties; and iw
cents per cord for shingle bolts.
Looses for grazing purposes are Issued
fur a leini of twenty-one years, at a
rental of two cents per acre per annum.
roal hinds may be purchased at »1U
por acre for uul'l coal nnd J2u for anthra-
cilu. Noi more lluin i2u acres may b.
acquired  by  one individual or company
Loyally al llie rule of In cenls per lun
..;  punuds is collected on tlio gross
"iii'iii'i'ca tor land for agricultural pui
poses may be made personally at tha lo
,-al land ollice for tlie dislricl In which
llie land lo be taken tip is situated, or
If llie homesteader desires, he may, on
uiiill. ntlon Io llie Minister ol n.e Interior
.,1 Ottawa, the Commissioner of Immigration nl Winnipeg, or the local agonl tor
ihe Dlstriot, ivllliln which the laud is
■Itualed, rsoelvs authority ior sume one
in innke entry for Iiini.
A fee of flu Is charged fins, homestead
A sel Her win, lias received an entry foi
a homestead. Is tequlred In perform the
conditions connoctod therewith under on"
of the following plans.!—
ii, ,\t leusi six jiiniitlis residence upon
and cultivation „f the land In each yenr
ilui lug Ilic lertn of three years.
it is the practice of the Department I"
require a settler to bring 15 acres under
cultivation, bul if he prefers he may sub-
Htllule Block! and 30 bend of cattle. In In'
•ictiuiiiv his own properly, with buildings
rot- their accommodation, will be required
iiislenrt  of ciilllvntlnn,
(2i If lho fullier for mollier. If Ihn father Is deceased) of nny person who IS
.' to make a homestead entry nnd'T
Die provisions or the Act. resides upon
•i farm In the vicinity or the land entered for by such person aa a homestead.
tli" requirements of the Act as to resilience prior to obtaining pateni mny he
snilsiled by such person residing with tb"
'ullier or mother.
llll If llie settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned hv
aim In the vtclnlly of Ills homestead, the
reiiulrementn of Ihe An! as to resldenes
„,ai- he satisfied hv residence upon lbs
,nM   land. ....
Application for patent should be made
u Ilu 'inl of three years befure Hip Inenl
.--.!. sub-agent or a homestead Inspec-
rief-re making application for a patent,
■ i,,. . itipr ".ust give six months' nolle.
In v in-.; 'o the commissioner of P"
min ii lands at Ottawa, of his Intention tti do so.
W.   W.   CORY,
D<.pn!y Minister of the Intorlor m
Baking   triumphs   are   everyday   occurrences   with  Purity
Highest   grade  in  the world.
Home-made bread
!»}     awarded first prize
at the National
Exhibition, Toronto, was
made from   Purity   flour.
Western Canada Flow
I 'nils at Si. Boniface,
Godcricli, Brandon,
Office. Winnipeg, Minit,>l>.
More bread and better bread
Queens Jfotel
Besi b.-.uidb oi Wine6, Liquors ind Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at tbis
CMP-'   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
A Shingle In Time
Saves Nine
Many kinds of shingle.-, hui (he hest
n uf envoi inu th,it  any man can  top
utl m it h i- a
Fire Insurance Policy
in a relialile company. So lhal if the
lire-fiend lays I.Is home :n ashes, he
gels dollar for dollar wiih ait delnv.
t in the iii iiiiii'iietiueis uf shingles
ull -e a kind lu this? ll noi iu-
siueil. let us ah.ngle your roof to hai
for TO-MORROW may be too late.
Luives! |it ..tniiims in  liest companies
e. a. mm
IIbal Estate and Insurance
REVELSTOKK,    H.   ('.
' lie result ill the new Medical Act
will be a lot. of | cu|i'e illegally alive,
b ysthe Saturday Sunset of Vancntiver,
When   'l11   doctors  give a man up to
tin      ll '    .-I"'   eiseni.v  legally s:iv»   Irs
If- I- his life should be saved l,i any
unatuLi'ii/id pirsou—nil this has
frequently Inpimcd ns everyone
k ,,.i-— h t titan .till It., .'ivin.: eon-
trary lo the law as made ami pm-
viiled bv lhe Medical council
W A N T E I)
j iNt.l.N'KKIf   IVANTED-Having a
I j   f ih  diss   li    c.    cerlificale.
Apply stilting experience and wages
expected to .1. Kermighau, Salmon
Ann. mil) ,21)
I.10H SALE-Eoir acres of rit-b land
J ileanil. loin nl and pi inl ed in
red i lovet-j only 75 feel fiom eily limits
elecliic liuhl and watei mains; on main
i" ul lu cilyi valuable propeityi suit-
able for markel gnrtleu oi rpsiilenial
|i ii puses; owner must sell: price $1 000
Apply Mail-Herald office.
FOUND—A Gentleimin's Gold Ring.
Owner cm bave .same hy applying ttt the Police Station, proving Ins
pi'opertyand paying Tot thi-,-ulvi •riit.e-
MONEY U'ANTKD-jii.-iiiii wanted
on 10(1 acres of fruit land as n>.
tiiiiiv- Apply lo Mutl-Hernld l'or ptu-
\ »     roomed house on Set-oud siieei,
between ,he L.nugtieiid block and H. B.
Camizzi's store. Anply lo F. E VVitfen
cemlet blocks!^vwsss
I \ an-etiiei. H. C, iviih oighl   dr.ui   un
11. \V. Mm l-ell.
\YTANTED Experu ni.,1 Hrd-i I■,-..
> T linnliei ni.ui \i .ini s ,i,i| lui n ei, |
ns 11 lvi lling'alesuiaii, or tiny position
nf i iti-t wil i liimhi'i concern. Apply to
"Successful," Mail-H aid, Revelstoke.
im h '2.1
Manufsclnred f,,r all clus-os <>f  hnM i i ..
f"r sale Id large or _*mall*quaQtltte9
at the lowest prices for cash,
All kinds of building and ,..;i- n ring
Vancouver Acreage
Hmiil Description, Price ami
Terms to
Andrevs/  E.  Lidcl.c
ii.-rtl E-tate Aceni,  Box   1.'I7
1,00 Hastings St, Wcs', Vancouver, B, C.
WA.NTEI) Position as yard t,-reman in- eilgetniaii by first-class
lumberman. Apply to --Faithful,"
num. Mail-Herald. Revelstoke,
! Strawberry Plants!':;;::;;,.^
•' DUO il ALPS "liny. Thoroughly
acclimatized, of exquisite flavor. At
$2.00 per hundred.
Kevelstoke, B.C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
clash Prices Paiu
P,   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Revelsluke Land District.
Ilisiaiei ol' West Kootenay.
Tata lice that  Harry J, UiBrasb,
of Nakusp. occupation hotel keeper,
Intends to apply for permission tu purchase ilu- following described lands!
Commencing al a post planted al
north-east corner of Lot 7800, theuce
west .'111 chains, I hence noil h 60 chains.
Ibence easl HO chains, (hence soulh lil)
ehains lo place of comuielicenieiit, euniaining l.sii acres more or less.
Dated Feb. 81b, 1009,
feb in      11 auu v James La Brash,
Nniice is hereby given Hint, ul tin
expiration of three months from dale
hereof, application u ill he made lo Mis
III.unlil', I he Lielllelialil I Invi'l noi' ill
Coin iei I fur au On ler in Council changing llll! IIIUIIO of U'oolsev, Lefeaux iV
(Joillpltliy, Limited, lo "Lefeaux ft
Sutherland, Limited,"
Dated I his Mill liny nf Kelu ual V, 11 HUI.
llAltVEY, iMcCaiitkii \- I'lNlill in,
Sollottors for the said Company,
limy ll!
Further Investigate
The Angl -American
Fire Insurance Co.
31 st. ni.ri-.MiiER, If08
Security For Policy Holders
Paid .,     $100408 00
Unpaid    171_i7j! 00
274680 00
Hull Gov't requirement .. 208542 33
Balance at Or       18483 56
Totnl Security  1(501705 89
Belore the  Hirst ol  May, two six
roomed   houses, in   Revelstoke, witl
luu  acres  ol  lnnil eacn; including, il
wanted, horse nud   rig" mid nil garden I
tools.    Situated   west of C.l'.K  track
Lower town.    Apply to
E. 1'lCAItD,
tu Box 230, Reveletoke
Commercial Activity on all
Sides—The Signs of the
limes A Mecca for Tourists
and jportsmen.
T! .- lust days of tbe winter lull
of commercial activity are fast
drawing to a close and the world of
labor will soon assume tbe garb of
productive energy. Tbe winter
months have heen spent in plan
ning nnd scheming ont the course
of action for the coming spring,
and tlie slimmer campaign of com-
netitive business operations. Every
■ranch of commeicial progress bus
now i;s plans matured, and already
is tlie stream ui business represen
'alive,- spreading over lhe whole of
British Columbia,offering the latest products, sn essential in this
fast progressing era to success, to
the retail merchants to be again
displayed before the novelty seeking
The commercial year has opened
early in Revelstoke and the dislnct
generally. In n brief space of time
our mills, which have been closed
down fur the winter and have been
undergoing repairs and improvements will once more assume the
busy side of their utility. The
coming season promises to be a
banner one for Hevelstoke.
From authenticated reports there
will be a revival in mining industries and with the influx of capital,
the many valuable properties adjacent to tbe city will again resume
operations. The Big Bend will be
even mure fully explored and tbe
rich ninl valuable resources of Unit
vast country of incalculable wealth
will be developed with muru spirit,
/.est and enterprise than of any
previous year. Willi efficient
means of communication, trails,
roads and trains, that area immediately lu the north of us will make
Kevelstoke the most important city
of the interior of 11. (.'. The heavy
snowfall of the past winter will directly affect mining operations, the
bountiful supply of water, which is
so essential to placer and hydraulic
niining,catising the valuable properties round the Columbia to be more
fully worked. Nature, aided by
the ingenuity of man will return
her wealth readily and plentifully.
And not only is tbe prospect of a
busy season confined merely to commercial enterprises which necessitates such enormous pay rolls to be
placed in circulation. but good
times, glorious climatic conditions
as are to be found only in the
mountain cities such as this, and
the incoming of settlers and others
who must need circulate the dollars—these are the things which
attract the tourist and the home-
The tourist trallic this year
promises to be tbe heaviest on
record and it is up o tbe citizens
and all interested in the welfare of
Hevelstoke to get together an' endeavor to attract some of that
stream of tourists who will pass
through our portals, bent on excitement, novelty anil amusement,
to attract tbem litre and give them
a good run for tbeir money. The
circulation of coin is a great factor
in the city's prosperity, ami when
all these things are considered the
citizens will feel a sense of pride in
their city, when its beauties and
attractions are spread far and wide.
There is a time in tlie tide of Revelstoke's affairs wbicli taken at its
Hood leads on to prosperity and if
,ve are alive to the situation we
will all swim witb the tide which
is now fast approaching and will
soon be upon us.
"Opulens sine dubitate."
Brains and Blushing
Terhapa it will interest all the Bevelstoke girls In know thai an eminent
Kngitih medical psychologist has recently dpclaied that it rti| lires brains
tu blush, that the ability to blush is in
direct mio to mental sle'tties-, and
that blushing is an aohiev m nl ul
which every one should i.e pre ml, for
it is a positive sigu ol au active brain.
Idols cannot blush, nnd neither can
animals. Similarly infants du not
blush, although tbey learn to do so
at an early age, just as souti, in fact,
us the brain begins to exercise its
higher functions. Moreover, the blush
cannot be caused by any physical
means; it is the inin.l which must be
affected. The latter ie especially true,
and at this spring season in particular.
Construction  Could  Be Expedited- Preliminary Work.
There seems to be some unnecessary
iclay in the actual oonstruotion of the
government trallic bridge ever the
Columbia at this pi uu. A.though
large quantities ul brush and nek
have I ecu li, tiled it atl.v, tbih ,a about
tbe only actual mirk that has been
done. The eastern ami western appro ichcs could very well hiwe been
comi en-cil weeks ago, us mere is
considerable wor) to be done • n 'hem
iiltuie. Again, there was nothing to
prevent the contractus diivng tbe
piles for the piers, p'acing tbe matt
i.iss and ruck work ill posili n autl
getting the Bpaiis fr«mid out in tin
lumber yard. Regarding false wurk,
ii Wi u ii ■ perhaps inadvisable tu du
anytliii. nth iliein until nber high
Water 1 reused have been node-
lay in Un procuring of pile drivers,
for there are quite a number in the
vicinity which could be very veh b
tsined. The delay iu geiting lo actual
work seems unnecessary, and much
time has been iubl during lhe past
mouth or so which cuuld very well
have been ustd Io advantage.
Electric Light Rates.
Kamloops has brought in a new rate
for electric light as follows: Maximum
number ef lights allowed on flat rate
to be two instead ol three ns proposed
Discount on flat rate to be 10 per cent
instead ul 20 per cent. This bylaw
provides a substantial reduction ol
light rates on the meter system, while
slightly advancing the price on a Iiul
rate, which fur each 10 candle power
light will be ifl.25 per month; 10 candle power 12 for tbe same period, with
discount as above. Charges on metei
system- Hor lirst k. w, hours, 15c pei
k. w. h.; second 50, 14c; next 100, 18c
per k. w. h; any further supply 12c
per k. w. h.
R.S.Broadbent. of Ottawa. Will
Collect One for Seattle Fair
Mr It. S. Broad hen t, of be Department of Mines at Ottawa, who has
been detailed tnlook after lhe selection
and display nl the mineral collection
and exhibit fur the Seatt'e Hair on be
half of the Doiniir'on Government,
will visit ttevelstoke next week for the
purpose of si curing samples of in initials
from this district to form purl of ihe
Por the information "f th se who
might possibly be anxious tu display
good samples trom their mineral pro) -
ernes, lie uoveinmeit suggests that
specimens should ho ahum one cubic
foot iii size, A few very large specimens, if of good quality, would be first
class things to have; one of the silver
lead ore, one ol copper-gold ore, etc.
Tbere Bhould also be specimens illustrating the metallurgical processes
and products, building etoties, clay
and clay products, and, in fact, all
natural substances.
The exhibit, at the close of the
Seattle Exhibition, is to be taken to
Ottawa f r permanent exhibition in
the new National Museum. Hevelstoke should not lose this opportunity
of advertising her mineral wealth.
Data on Fruit Plants
The liiiti-h Columbia govenriiient is
now gathering information respecting
fruit canneries and cold storage plants
so as to he able to deal with tbe subject intelliiieiitly.aays tbe Commercial.
While the erection of cold storage
ami canneries at eevetal interior points
will probably be undertaken this
spring it is unlikely that/mini , if iny.
of this accommodation will he available
to Iiorticu it mn lists this year in time
to handle the Iruit, crop of the coming
season. It is learned that it is the in
tentiou ol the provincial government
to lend   financial assistance  t .ward
i erection of cooling bouses and can-
, -ries, and as probably four of the former and two of the latter will lie built,
a considerable amount of money will be
Hor the coast region it is proposed
to erect a cold storage plant at. Agar-
siz. This will take care of practically
all the shipments from the lower Hrs-
ser valley, Vancouver island and other
coast points. Another will be built at
Kevelstoke one at okuniuigau Landing and a (uurth at Nelson. While
o instruction will be assisted by tbe
government it is understood the H.uit
Growers' assiici.itinns at the various
p ants named will have to care fur
operation and maintenance expenses
Ol .nnnerio- u la said no! Ies than
t hi H ill Ii buill, i"' > i II
OnanuH.: .ii lake and Ilu Jiln ■ m N'T
sun Eventually the coast region may
eecure a cannery. These canning
plants will take Iruit f run Ibe farmers
at times when the market is (.IT Color
or glutted, and so save tho growors
thousands ol dollars which are now
annually lost.
It is expected the government will
finance the erection of cold storage
warehouses at Calgary. Winnipeg and
at several points between those places
ou the main line of the 0. 1'. H.
Talk of Increasing Prices
The question ol an increase in the
price ol lumber produced on the const
is lieing discussed by the lumbermen,
but no action has been taken though
it was the concensus ot opinion that
present market prices are too low.
It is reported in lumber circles to
day tbat following the meeting of him
ber manufacturers and dealers in Cal
gury on April 13, another meeting
may be called in Vanoouver to further
consider  the  question of   increasing
There are uu end plugs uu McKin
uon's chewing tobacco. 15-1
label Patent Medicines.
|). n,.,,;.,.I., |n „|| pnrts nl ("lanads
have a pretty lil tie iask I. . iicooinpliBh
by the first ol April—that, of sticking
stamps supplitd by the inland revenue
department at Ottawa on every bottle
ur bux nf pu tent preparations intended
'      be  I ilk   II   lull 111 illy  for   lhe II lief   Of
human ailments, This is in accordance with an net piiasul by tl-e Dominion (1 vcrnnient at ibe last aession,
providing that all patent medicine!
sulil must bear the government stamp.
Most medioines bring now manu-
fiictimil are stamped by the manufacturers ami all will *e after the be-
l'..,... ■'. >nli' ".'  ■d.'v.-.-wta..*:. ■
J. *___ X
f next.
ip i ile
" »ps   '
t>    fix    i
"It  will  be
Baill    a    heal    ili'ugii
tiiuiKi nul-, uf b ittles
guiic   rn. t and sl un) id by drugvi-ts
tbr ugh,ml I he i-iiiini ry "
The purpose nf I he ac! is tn p-nlei t
liters of p .ie. I  mi d Cl   e- • •'    !' '*
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will  glimmer through a   Blind   M     5   Rye
stamp his packages, be must pro-em
to lhe officers (it the department a
copy ol the formulu from which the
prepare ion is prepared. If t ere me
any ingredients that might he harmful, he isnquired to modify the formula ur siate 011 the label that it
contains such ingredients in certain
quantitns. Druggists selling preparations of tlieir own must take similar
measures fur the protection of the
public, nnd have their labels stamped,
Tlie ii'ii;pi!r_.ry labels, for goods already iu stock, tire bought from the
department at a cheap rale
Aflei li.eact comes 111 force, there
is a pei 0Ity provided for selling medicines wiilimit the label, and lur mis
Stalin.: ihe lurniul.i ,,1 my preparation
Great Artist To-Night
Miss Li nn Duthie, the celobial d
Sc .ttish soprano, witli her party arrived it' Ibe city ibis" morning. For
those .vli - appreciate the very besi in
the entertainment line, a rare treat
is in store this evenu g. In "An
evening in Scotland and Ireland,'
Lena Duthie presents a performance
which has won an enviable position
throughout the oivili/,ed world. Her
voice is a well-trained, Ivrio soprano
of un usual sweetness and power.
When yuu have beard her sing, those
i.niniirtal sutigt if Scotland ami Ire
land, you are serenely indifferent to
the rest . 1 creation, with its worries
and cares. Mer character sketches of
the national life i oosiume are renowned for their ih I .ihtful humor
and tr ly artistic beau y, Miss Mar-
gsrei Daniel is a pianiste of mure
than lediiisiy attainments and adds
much to Miss Duthie's grand performance. There lias leen mucb in
teres! 1 videneed in Lena Duthies'
engagement bete aid prospects puint
to a must lirilliaut an.lien e lieing
present this evening, there b ,0 beeu
a big demand lor seats, but a large
number ..f g ud locations are still
Hard Earned Wages
Au uld church in Holgium decided
to repair its properties, and employed
an nrtist to touch up a large painting.
Upon pri senting his bill the committee
refused payment unless the details
were specified, Wlur. upon he presented tlie items as follows;
Tocorieciiiig ihe Ten Comniaud-
,,,! Ills ifj 12
Embellishing I'untius Pilate and
putting new ribbons on  his
bonnet   3 U2
Pulling new tail nn the ruoster
of St  Peter and mending his
oomb  2 20
Repluuiing and gilding left wing
ul Gu  .'dian An, o  18
Washing the servant 1
Priest and putting
on his cheeks  5 ('2
Ke " wi o  lb or , .dj    .....  the
s-al.-. ■   ■      I,..     ,;•    1 tl,
mo 11          7:1
runoiiiiig   up purg t    y
1,en ing lust euuls      3 Uii
Heburileiing   the it,be of  Herod,
adjusting his wig 4 06
Brightening up lhe flames ol hell
pulling new tail on the
devil, mending his lelt loot,
and doing odd jobs lor the
dammed   7 17
Taking the spots off the boh ol
Tobias, cleaning liahim's ass
and putting one shoe on him 1 70
Putting ear-rings in Saul's ears,  I 71
Putting a  new Stone in  David's •
sling, enlarging head of Goliath, «m\ extending Saul's
legs  ii Is
Decorating Noah's ark, and putting 11 bend nu Shein       I 31
Mending the shirt ol the Prodigal
Son, and cleaning his ear.      3 3'.)
  |59  15
I have marly oue thousand mc
calendars for photographs, nnd from
now until they are gone, I will givi
one complete with every dozen any
size photos taken by me. Come either
00 clear ur cloudy days. K. H.
Tucker. 15-tf
A Canadian Made Writing  Machine
l'or en-!
duced tie
111 the
The " EMPIRE" 1 ibodies
nu complicated movements,
wiii'i- its iranil ■ .'lit.- alignment, margin i facilities,
automatic 1 onv.miences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The" EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cured fur also due to the
strung lines nt simplicity that
are pari of tlie machine.
Tin- C.P.R. began using' the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to iin-
number, nud now have in
constant use more thau TUO
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
"„Merchants^Bank of
" Molsons Bank
ninl all educational instiui-
tions of l'a inula
The  Price
s-uZ:irjZft?ZZZ.2'fi'.(____.""*" X_sL . -__.      —'«_m.I
' ;'Si,iWimWii^^lVamWl!r!fy',rii-' -iY"i: '-£5-t'"-'-'*
a'' U ^vi" -''"
. . . J    "..... .  — J.  Uft
All Work Proiiip v
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for  Estimates and  Advertising Rates
1909 spring
Tuesday,  March 30th
We have much pleasure in announcing that on Tuesday,
March 30th, 1909, and following days, we will have on display
uur New Spring Millinery,
We invite you to view what is correct and fashionable
for ladies to wear for this coming Spring.
Tuesday,  March 30th
i i_
Pure Drugs
comliiiicd wilh eiuel'il
i uuipi iiimliug pioinpt
It liver) ami reasonable
I i ices are the lactoi a
i: have buill up uur
-r. to it.- pr,-,111
imnti ur,' p r npurtions.
Bring mm in . l prescription here il yuu
want sal istaclory results
Macdonald's Dru^ Store
We aim   In  keep  only
'lm  Bread, Cakes nnd 1'
best in Groceries,    A trial
are made fresh every  il ty,   i
will   he appreciated  us wi
lir.'d ul   ynu   • ■ iv11   baking.
1 ry
nuiiviliceil thai we can  save
ours for a change, you   will
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Baker
Weather Forecast
\\.,|.„.,|,,..   Mar. 'Jl —Light Wn da-
neutrally   lair;    not    much    change;
_.   ■   u „i continues     Ti nip     Max
.7 •     '„ii    Jl ;
Local and General.
Hie Canadian ol Conuuerce
have i.pen,,I a 1,ranch al Warner,
Alta., near I.eihl ridge,
'. he annual "At Borne" by the Willing Workers of St. Andrew's has been
si tept i .-il Irom April 1st to l'uesdsv.
March 30th,
and Guy Barber in a
Salmon Arm purchased
of   S.   Jortluii   on the
Nice Five  roomed
House ior     $1,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House   ior    $1,900
Houses at reasonable
All kinds oi   Insuiv
Agents for the celt'
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insuranoe and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
T.   Walsh
.-..._• nt visit !■
pr perty
;     erby n ad
 -k in   its
lie shot.
i cou  cil   decided at their
.-     ie. ling on   Friday   to   .subscribe
The hospital board met mi   Monday
night t., discuss [he matter nf Ibe
, building "( the new wing tu the lios-
: pital.    Nu definite action   was   taken
and the hoard adjourned t
next  Monday
i in et again
h,- stun      si.     ivards lin
.-  _•■_--...     « iii-i
md       In     nt ipii ■ -   'In
ml  ladies will  Ik
.',. i..':     M   ud
ll C. Ami
beld in the
y   April li.
'thai    Ear
Mm!., in li
i tirrcsptindenl uf the
i ui Leeds, Bays in- lias
fnr which he bafl n asou
is   sonie   foundation,
uill   -u, ceed    '
■2',; .ations
■- ■ I a. -
w:t      ' he    :_■ [thi
-   ■ ■ ■ Sea I
tnd   il     s | •' they in iy re-
i eul: .. nediate tn
*8e8 I ^e ne« system   n Hevelstoke.
The average rain fall in West Kuote-1     I). McCarthy has suid   uut   his   inin ay  is put  down  as  from   25 to  851 terest in the  Steam Laundry to J. C.
inches. Hutobinson,  and   has   also sold a lot
A new industry has been started atl?**'  "'? »Pur track to W. W  Foster
I K(.sli—the  breeding of   the   famous |for warehouse purposes.
A . ,.,y belonging to G. s. McCarter j Angora g( at.
contrived to fracture one its hind legs      xi,ere   will   be  n   meeting   nf   the
table.   The animal: |tevelgtoke Gun Olub un Friday. March
20th, in the City Hall at 8 p. in.
A. Hobson ami ii. Bell, nf  the  linn
..j Hobson A Bell, have dissolved partnership by mutual consent.   Mi. Hub-      The Londnn
I sou   will  in   future   run   tlie   business   Yorkshire    I'u.'
tournament,  alone. heard t rum r,
.. I;, velstoke      ,, ,,     , to bi lieve then
Ue an.  advised   thai  the Imperial
Hunk oi Canada bas opened « branch
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      of the bank in Guivs Hell     I'-tg.unli
Th     by-laws   drawn    up   by   Fin    is om   ol  the   ue«   mining  i  wna  .
iii,.: subu ill il lo ihi   northern Ontario
 ii   ,    .1  and
Itheci rporation '    The II) must   go       ll •    edict   has
.    | gune forth that mesne the desl
■ ,-■_.!   to   sei the gemal  , ,_ tlil. : UUBeh0ki   pesl   that
■ ;    gineer W.   I'omlinson,   of -|jae been counted a necessary nuisance
. i    I   i;   around  once  inure, nnd   ,v uew name has been given the inseel        \       .   - -   ■. ...
..'.    ,i    ion bis  rapid  recov-   [„,tead of the "bouse  Ily"  it ii       ■ -. -,-...
his injuries. called the   "cyphoid t is .- .«    .
.  Kailway Commission haB stated ,'clared   that the Ily carries diseasi and
umunicati ntothecityo uncil   death with il       Tbe warlan   ipoo the    i ■  .     ,■•-•     . ,,| :,
city must file an applicati n   mosriuito hu -     -        results in - fill bi   ip-to-date in
B  ird at Ottawa Ior   the   right  many places and il ib now pr posed I - •  •
. Urine electric   transmission   wires   push as vigorous a   light   igainst  the
cr MtheC. I'. K track house Ily. '    »*« •«     ;
-    -   ti   sen us  defalcations
■ii, ev ni  -'   ,. Scotland  and   Ire-       I'he specie ni   ee appointed ■•-,-   •      |   tbi  reliel
.    presei    i   by Lena Duthie   I peel   the    pera   tui   - - ...    irioui pr vincial
j a perl rmanc    in   which n t a du -•   Is to its salety        .- cities   to   the  Fernie fire
.     ..    ,„   evidence     M ■•■• '      er panic creating disturl
and   song i        ■    •     -    ■ .      ' '   r'.'''   'hal   the   t
Opera H    -■    -     ■   -      ' he « ii '  ws a • unsa i   i
.   ,.   amoved   thai      b staii
,-    -       narrow ai
!     ■ ... a. i   •  ■ ■     - ||     a \|        I,., ,■;(._; ace
Hi -I'd .   .                         -                   msger, has assured the ooun "           intioipate an exoepti i.
-..■...   i ,   ...                                 . .                   n  | .',.-. | race bi rsei
ent nl I                         ,      . •           ke part in the fall Isi
;."'•;-..                       - ......   moti  pjpular
oil,.. ■■ ■                              • i1'    "•"    »nd    ■
. ,.    nd that the publii "' ''"r" '     Although lie
. ,,   ,   .       .... ites have noi been j sl definitely
I - ibabli  ii,at Bepl   18   11
_hi____________________________________________________________________b *
. ■■ ■
fted ' tout Societj  tl
res * p g r a l
• pi      nl   which   Hu
. ..--,-• mc    ' lhi cil liens «
■ - •' 11. C are all
statement ol tin
M ributions which
e-tuiK results,
inmitlei   if thi   igricul-
■ • iti ...     toke Lawi
eld ton
.  •    ..     ids) ■  City Hal    sl
■-    i   .-■
be present. »nd all  «
Lawn tennis I
, ■..   .     et lasl year. .
I  this  yes
interest is taki u ii
■ ii nn
■-,•   ■■ ■    " i      * ■  ■    ma    i
-I rl     " - • ■■   h
V. ■.   ! .in   ■   .     i, j
Tr"-.! ri|   oi It I Ighl     w e
i»re<»i     tcu    • '■ i i ti irmm i-i« iu
im      | r> >■■• u [utin being 'Im|" n»c*l
■      |i||   I 10«    1"    *£Cl     III**
I, ■  ..- |Ui th< it'iod
t wc I now   wb ■ - ■   no i Ink
■■■        - llll llll
coutlti r.
citizens   were   relieved ol the onus nl
■ t bei
uld    pay
.     ' - aimpl)
then    to   record   .    >     un    curri nl
. je«, and I.i     nd  that
It would be
-   ne il sn)   I uu   grocei y   stun
cbargsd   an   extra   lue, [ui ■• eighing
. ur   groceries     e   bu)     n tbeii
a . ■       i;,.    nu i,i-   and the  sale
similarly,   are  tbere Iur the benefit "i
•*  the   city   ami   the store alone, which
8  should state! i be .' tpen ie
| im Itighl Reverend ,Iohn Hart,
j Bishop ol New Westminstei snd Kootenay, will be al Revelstoke nmtl Hun-
day to buld a confirmatiiui at St,
i , tei - church. Bishop Mart was
, macerated to New Westminster in
1896, In 1001 'I ■ . iu. rn puriiun ol
i i , barge Irom lhu Rookies to the
120th paralb I ol longitude, winch Includes the Kuutnii'iys and the Okanagan, wa,. constituted a separate
dioecso .f Kootenay, with its unu
organisation ind annual Hynod, Bui
Bishop   l>»rt   has  ohargi   ol the iwo
ilii i-i-i      until    lhu   church  people ul
Koutenay   have   raised   suflloieol en
,Me dowtneut to haves bishop ol tbeir own,
Rent Estate, Iiisiirnncc and Commission Apt
Oiliee on First St., Opposite the Club
)     Rents Collected, Loans Notary Public
> <KH>OOK>0-00<><><><><>0<K>0<>0-C><H>0 <
II you want good Potatoes wc have
just unloaded a car.     Special   prices
for ton lots.      Now is your chance to
purchase sume for seed.   Try our Butter
and tell your neighbor about its quality
First Street, E,evelstoke. B. O.
•Phone 248
**■** «**#**» * um'4)(iia.ti!i««^tk**i_t**v*'(eisi<>ii'*siiii!S«<i'**Si«iSi*«i«!ik*SiSi*iii
* *
* f
**»»^* *«♦•««*■')-*■*•** SiSi**************'********************
D. CS, A. Corsets
Wc have just opened a new
lot of this: popular Corset. The
new designs embody exquisite
style and gracefulness, and wc
can furnish Corsets for all figures
in all styles from the short girdle
to the long "Directoire" models.
The later models are longer
in the back anu higher in the
bust, suiting exactly the present
style of dress.
Have your new dress tilted
over a
D. 0% A. Corset
and get   the   most   perfect satisfaction.
McLennan & Co,
■   • ii     nt the Edi
nre i - being ei
.   ' .        : ie tu give il   , »tn n-
■ ii, ,| ,i i ■   md .
,,....        ,.   .
rai   ,.ihe Edison has
ds nightly »► perh»p»
in usetsen!
.'. eel lent I usine l   sported
by ii... ..j inagemanl has wi ' mt.i,
'."I ' In premise being enlarged The
i heat re   .uii   reopen   -ai    Friday  i
In uur lasl.  issue we made mention
ol    the   l.icl   I hal the city cuiiiie.ii had
■ I iu purchase ■■  may.rai chair
I his should have   read chain ..r rnllar
I he   chain    is   i mbla/.oned    'i iih Hit
, i of ti,e oil y ami other symbolics:
' hingn and •■ ill be » dignified adjunol
to the dignity ol the mayor, Among
other ti.ini",  included In the propi • .1
illsigtl.H    Inr    lhe eivie. Stall    IH a   in,lei',
and robei f..r ths sldermon, ll the
onunoil doni decide to assume the
"(Isrb ol uld Gaul," ws will soon see i,id friend the cily clerk strutting
about the city   with the conventional
municipal red plug   hat with the gold,
hand and cockade.
Social and Personal
Jas. Johnstone, ol Nels, ,, is in the
oity t-udav.
A E Kincaid has returned frnm a
tiip lu Vancouver.
I.d l!..ruing has returned Irom a
visit tu Vancouver.
.). Olsen, nf Arrowhead, was in the
city yesterday un Imsiness.
Mr. M. Carlin, ol Victoria, was a
visitor to the cily on Monday.
Mrs O. 11 Temple, nf Win dpeg,
is the gueBl uf Mrs. C. Holten.
Mr. and Mrs. S. ti. Robbins left ibis
week (nr a fortnight's visit to the
Mrs. I M Scott, who has been the
guest ol Mrs (i. 8. MeOatter, left on
Sunday evening fnr her borne in Kum-
K. VV, Hess, ol the Kevelsloke .Sawmill Ci lupaiij. left on Saturday on a
visit to Minneapolis and other I'nited
stat.s points.
Mr- W Bews entertained the Merry-
ko-round Whisl Club at her home last
nigbt. The prizes were won by Mrs
i,   Squarehriggs and W. A. Sturdy.
The   Bridge  Club met   on Monday
night nl the home of Mrs   F.C.Elliott.
Mrs. W    M    Lawrence and Mr. J.T.
telfer being the fortunate  prize  Winers
J, Mc.Uotigal, of   Fernie.   is  visiting
i ; tne cuv     Mr. McDougal has given
.- si  >..• startling sub- lights on  the
idministratiiin   ol   Bffaira ihere since
T. Meredith, the wel I-known I tun her
man of tbe coast, went  wesi on  Moii-
.   .   , ight,  ,ii'er a  week s  vi H   I , lhe
Gibbons   Lumber Co'a. mill   plain nt
gston     eek in which h ■ i- heavily
Mr  . iisl       I   the   C   I'   11, nam de
part ment staff of Nelson  was a visitor
sterday.     He  was lor
t     .   in   the  local ollieo before
being transferred to Nelson    Mr i.inli
wa-   accoi  panii rl bis   bride,  the
wedding having taken place last Satur-
lay >i   ', "   ni  w.i-i,
Dedicated   to   The   Ladies of
■A ..      I    1. .,
,: ilor pink
■i •   :     ..nk
••.,- ire gi 'sl
- '■
■I   aid
neani know
' -   -
mal od thi not,
......   i .
I   name em i gu
, ' ..   . hols
-in thought it besi
k . pagi
i it tbereaboul
Bui to her is^t
They left it. nut,
I i seemed   ' ll fl
A lack 1)1 ' »Sli
I. i 111H k'  thai '. .
I litis ^'i u.  .va^l.
Keep in mind i hal t ha ladii» ..I the
Mi'l.ll'.ill.I   t   lulleh   " ■ pHOt  I"  gil "  I III II
annual  Easter   Monday tog   nn   vpnl
Moth lni|.'», all <, and perfectly
secure. Jinn the thing fur putting
away lhe.   willlei    lurn   in.    rtuld at C
li. Maodonald's.
Business Locals
licwr.' I'urlumc rival spring UniTiirs.
Three well   located   r-sideucee   for
sale.   Cond values.— H. N. Coursier.
Lell ice, ripe luniatiiiis, grape fruit,
biinanai, orang"s, iiucuiubcrs and
lemons today,—0. B llumedOo.
For the purest ul drugs in your
pieaetiptiniiH get them tilled at C. IL
(ireen onions, cuulill nver, let luce
and rhubiiili at Bniitne Bros.
Fresh Easter Chocolates just received at Bews' Drug 8turo
If yuu want any ham ur bacon, got
our prices and see uur stock, we can
save you  money.—C. H. Hume i& Co.
Alabastine, Muresco, Bherwin-Will-
iiinis' paints, varnishes, etc , at Bourne
Thousands ol Bister Cards at liens'
Dtug Sture
Ten    half-barrels    Sew   Labrador
herring just in Be Blue antl come iu
and see ihcni, even ii you don't want
to buy.—0. B. Hume it- Oo.
Safety razors, beautiful Uuished
razor strops. Every kind of shaving
snaps ami foams sold at O. It. Mao-
Creamery butler in lib prints, 2811).
boxes and ulilb. boxes, frnm the hest
Alberta creameries. Lei us send.inu
a bux aid you'll he satislied that we
handle only the best—C. li Hume
,V Company.
K. 11. Trueman, pliolographre. is
now here and will remain until Saturday, April 3rd, lasl visit until June.
Vnur choice of 8x10 enlargement of
j uur photo or view of city; special for
this visit only.
Pool Tournament
The following are the latest returns
frum the silver cup   pool   tournament
at McKiiiiiun's cigar Store:
Ed, King defeated 0, Kirk by I balls.
.1. Iluiican
A. Annan      "
(i. Knight
I'   Berger
Tin  third round
F. K. Cut tint; by 2
W. Barber by 'AD.
O. Jones by (i.
.1. Wilcui by ,'ili.
uinmences timight
Horse Shoeing Contest
There have evidently beon sume differences ol opinion us tu their respective meriis between twn uf uur local
blacksmiths antl hnrsn rimers, each
claiming that their irnrk is the best,
I ' hi un,' i iii d lhe shoeing uf a burse
looki , very easy matter, but in realty
■ i- as iniii-Ii science required to
|.,,t iho< nn a burse pruperly as in
anything else.   Q. W. (ireen of S Mc.
Mali,,n b blsoksmith ■hup, has issued a
challenge tu I P. i.n Beau tn a horse
iboeing competition, at auy lime or
place, lhe shoes In he made by the
competitor! Practical judges will lm
asked to decide the ments ol the w rk,
-,,, h a eutil.iist will be liinkeil luiwatil
lu with inHires!,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
I'ipus  in
best and largest Stock
ol   Cigars and
and ni,uii
Original   Mac's   Mixture
expressly   foi   us by I).
now   on   hand
K. McPherson.
The Revelstoke New and Second-hand Si
Furniture, Sloven, Tin and  Enamelware, Dishes,
Clothing, etc., Bought, Sold, or Exchanged.
.'in nit ure Packed lor Shipping.   Furniture Repaired.
First St. West, Near Beaver Cigar Factory.
J. C. HULL, Proprietor
Friday Night
ll     is    ei peeled     lhe    l.ll I noil   I'allur
I'liAalrs nil! lu upon on Friday nighi
and riaiunlay night,   Ai g the sub'
jecl" will he a special reel showing
Australian spurts. The hurdle race is
a very Blotting picture slewing I0IUS
uf Ilii' linest trained burses in the
Kurd The accidents at the hurdlni
m elc ily shnwii by the phutugiapber
mid makes tbe BUbjeOl very exciting
and interesting.
The international llugby match between Scotland and England was
played oil .Saturday last and resulted
in the victory . I Scotland by eighteen
points to eight.
Un Monday night ao intermediate
team calling tliemselves the Shamrock
team, weie defeated by * sohool team
made up of players out of the schools.
The game was called oft at hall time,
the other nail to lie played Inter on,
Score ended 8 to li.
Corbett has issued a challenge to
fight either Jeffries ur Johusou. He
says be is tired seein. lolmson going
around with bis chi- ,ut and uubutly
seeming inclined to meet him.
This evening at the V. M. C. A.,
starting ul 7:30, the association men
who are interested in spurt of any
kind arc requested I" be un band
sharp  ou   time.    Committees  will he
formed to handle all brandies ol sport,
and a got.d attendance is requested
With the coming of spring all our
local athletes arc begiuning to sit up
and lake uutice that wc arc particularly short ou sprinters Ihis year. Witb
Astle and Williamson gone Kevelstoke
is b.idly handicapped in the short distance even Is. It is to be Imped that
these men will return ur others will
come before the summer stmts to enable Revelstoke to huve a track team
worth while. Lust year lhe buys made
a good showing, and it is to be Hoped
that this year will Bee an even better
Five entries have been accepted lor
the New York Marathon Derby lor
$10,000 to hn run on April 3rd These
include Longboat, who has twice defeated Dorando, and has a victory over
Shrubb to bis credit; Johnny Hays,
the Olympic Maratbun winner; Alfred
Shrubb, lhe great English prulcssioual;
Heury St. Tres, the French runner
and liiiiiinilu, the Italian, whu finished
lirst   in   the Olympic Marat bun,  only
in be disqualified,
Jack Fraser, ol Hevelstoke, won the
Guelpb Agricultural College lightweight wrestling championship,
weight 136 pounds,
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       Oflloa   MoKenzie Ave
Hammering Away
at the fact that our sanitary,
well supplied aud attractive
market, offers only the finest
Meat and Poultry obtainable,
expert seloetlou safeguards
public health. We're no nov-
ices have been selecting meals
for 25 years. Uur guarantee
your satisfaction in quality.
health and money-saving. Wc
invile inspection of both premises ami prices, (live ns a trial.
Maundrell Meat Market
A Challenge
I hereby challenge Mr. L. I'. Im
Beau lu a burse shoeing competition,
one, two, three ur (uur slmrs, to lie
made mil ul the bar iron by the con-
I.slants. The cumpetiliuii tu take
place at auy time or place the challenged may desire and auy hurs". I
am alsu willing tu put Up any amount
that Mr. Le Beau may name.
O. W. Wrii.n,
Onion sets and seeds at Bourns Bros
Notice of Dissolution
Notice is hereby given that Ihe partnership heretofore existing between
ihe undersigned as merchants it Hevelstoke, 11. 0., under the name and
style of Hulis.ui fc Hell. h.u. ibis day
ii ecu dissolved by imiiual consent, The
business will iu ibe future be tarried
un In Alexander Hubsun, who assumes
all liabilities ■■) the partnership and
.ihi. is entitled lo receive payment of
all sums due and payable to the partnership. ,
Daied March iBid, nmo.
At-iiXAxruiit Hobson,
(i.  W.   IIKI.L,
Eggs for Hatching
Single   Comb   Black   Minorca!—lhe
Large White Kgg Fowl
No  I—Exhibition I'en %'A per 18 F.ggs
No. :'■■■ Heavy Laying Straiu $2    "
Apply—a, H. HMKDLKV,
Enderby, B. V.


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