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e^ our. a
5 iu
* ea
I rii    3 Cm o. 8J? u|    £? e
I /      hli »4* 5 E.        **- B
, Mail
CB. Hume&Co.
BERLIN WOOL, all colors,   Regular  Price   20c     Friday-Two
Hunches lor 25c.
CHILDRENS' 0OAT8-A lew of them lelt.    !fl, !f>5 and |6 Costs for
SILK BLOUSES-Ladies' Silk Blouses, the lwlni.ee ol our line Xmas
Stock at about hall price.   They range now Irom IJ2.75 to
LADIES' SUITS—In Twcrds and Cloths—the linest tailored goods—
1'23 Suits for $13.50.
British Companies Will Nol Pay
for Earthquake at Valparaiso.
London, Jan. 8.—All the Britisli
insurance companies have repudiated
their liabilities niising from the
earthquake at Valparaiso lust yenr.
Speaking on the subject nt a meeting
ol the llnyul Insurance) Company of
Liverpool, tlie chairman .-aid tlmt the
tcrmsoltho Valparaiso policies differed from those i-f Sun Francisco.
Tl.e companies, he added, hnd all
agreed to resist tlie Valparaiso clnin s
and lawsuits hnd been commenced.
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment nf these Famous Biscuits juit arrived; here
are a lew specials :—Philippines, Brazil, Rich TedfCnaino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari*
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Wafers, Ice
Cream, Chocolate and Cocoanut Creams, also other varieties, which wc would be pleas d to thow.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Preserves and Pickles :—
Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple,
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple Butter.
Heinze's Sweet Onious, Sweet Gherkins, Mnnd.iliiy Sauce
and Tomato Catsup.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
 '**' - '-—MM—
B,on-». snw. •*•*> Fi™1*""' ,"d,-M''c"*""
GALT COfAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Conl,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir nnd Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oals, Wheat and
Express and Draying to
any part of the city.
Furniture Stored .it Reson-
nhle Rates.
Office, McKenxle Ave.
Next Burns' New Blook
TELEPHONE       -       -       73.
Try Nairn's Black Cherry
Cough Balsam. It cures
when all others fail. It's a
most reliable remedy for a
cough of any kind.
I See Our Prices on China, Etc., Etc.
i 'f Dealers in Hardware, Btovos snd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
i *> and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinttiilthing.
Investigation of  Accidents-
Block System to be Used on
Passenger Lines.
Washington, Jan. 8.—The report
of the interstate commerce commission, just issued contains some interesting   matter  under the bead  of
"special investigation."    The condition  of equipment   has   continued
favorable.     Mnny  old  cnrB of light
capacity imve lieen retired  Irom  tlie
service nnd hnve been replaced by new
cars ol modern  construction.    This
has had a good effect, ns the new cars
nre all equipped with air binkes and
have tho litest  couplers,  which  are
stronger   I ban   those put in service a
tew yeurs  ago.    There  is also n tendency  to  limit  tbe couplers used to
four  or five makes and this leads to
uniformity and removes the necessity
of keeping in stock a large number of
repair parts.   A difficult problem connected  with  the coupler question is
the matter of improper  repair  parts,
leading to defects that cannot be discovered until an attempt is mnde to
operate the coupler, when it is Isuud
inoperative.    This leads to danger to
employees and places carriers in the
attitude of violators of the law.   The
best interests  of carriers  would  be
I served by purchasing only those parts
that will fit  the couplers to which
they are applied.    Experience has
demonstrated the need for an amendment to tbe law placing all appliances
included in  the master cnrbuildei's
standards Ior the protection of trainmen under the regulation of law such
as sill steps, ladders and  roof hand
IioIcb.   Penalty delects are well looked
alter and properly repaired,  but  appliances not covered hy  the  law   are
not infrequently allowed to pnss in a
defective condition,    It is only by
placing nil tlitse  appliances  in   the
same category  that  their safe and
serviceable condilion can be insisted
upon at all time".
As a  result of the commission's
order, increasing the  minimum  percentage ol power brakes to be used in
trains, there has been a considerable
increase in the use ol nil' brakes.   The
operation   of  this  order   lias   been
beneficial, and  indications  arc   that
height trains  will soon  be wholly
controlled by   means  of  air  brakes.
The effect ot the interchange agreement mentioned by tlie commission
in its last annual report has been good
and the fear that it would  interfere
with the forward  movement of cars
has not been realized    Oars are kept
in better condition and are safer  to
handle  than  heretofore.    The   tremendous increase in  the  volume of
freight has put a severe strain on em
ployec*. and this has often been made
the justification of an excuse for working men in.duly long hours ...id has
led to the employment of many young
and unexperienced persons.
In the matter of long  hours the
accident reports have show., instances
of even worse condition! than existed
iu former years,    In the item of passengers killed in collisions and derailments  the  record  Ior 19011 is not so
bad as that of 1H05.    The statistical
tables   only   serve to confirm  the
serious and pressing character of the
three fold problem  which  line  been
made the chief feature of tbe last two
or  tliree annual   reports.    (1) The
investigation of accidents.    (2) Tlie
requirements by law that the  block
systems shall he used ou  passenger
lines.   (3) The regulation by government authorities ol the evil  nl over
work by trainmen, signal  men  and
telegraph operators.    Acting  under
public resolution the oorn mission with
thc aid ol experts is engaged  in an
investigation of tl.e use of and necessity  for  block signal  systems  and
appliances for tlie automatio control
ol railway trains.   Thit is being put
into shape to lie reported (o congress
and will shortly be transmitted.
Fun and Frolic at the Rink.
Tee fancy dress carnival held in the
rink last night under tlie auspices of
tlie Ladies' Auxiliary ol Knox Church
was a distinct bucccos.   The costumcB
were striking and tasteful in their
originality nnd the scene was lull ol
life  nnd  color.    Some of the dresses
were excellent and the judges had no
small   task   belore them in deciding
upon the winners ol the prizes.  The
following is a list of nnmes and characters each represented:
Mrs. G. Bell, Liberty.
"   Edwards, Rose Queen.
"   J. A. Johnson, Jenny Lind,
"   J. M, Scott, Undergraduate.
"   .1. Lyons, Normandy Peasant
Mrs, Squarebriggs, 1907.
"   Uppor, Maple Leaf.
"   Carr,     "        "
"   Purvis, Winter.
"   G. Edwards, Hockey Girl.
Miss Ruby Berger, Highland Lassie.
"   M. McEiichren, Icioles.
"   F. McEiichren, Stars & Stripes.
"   .McLennan, Dolly DollarB.
"   J. Aiiwlie, Peasant Girl.
"   F. Lawson, Red Cross Nurse.
"   F. Campbell, Folly.
"   B. Woodland, Fairy.
"   M. Young, Flower Girl.
"   G.  Urquhart, Queen of  Diamonds.
Miss M. Porter, Morning.
"   M. Julian, Advertisement.
"   S. Julian, Italian Girl.
"   L. McPhadden, Indian Warrior's Dunghtcr.
Miss Laura Phipps Bul Podure.
"   L. Smith, Rough Rider,
"   O. Robinson, Fish Wife.
"   A. McGuire, Queen of Hearts.
"   F. Julian, Bride.
"   F. Johnson, Card Girl.
"   Roumiin, Pharaoh,
"   Olga Roumiin, Winter Star,
"   Hubb-, Hockey Girl.
"   J. Thomas, Gypsy,
"   McNiven, Mail-Herald.
"   E.Thompson, Red Cross Nurse.
"   E. Burget, Fortune Teller.
"   White, Spanish Girl.
"   A, Palmer, Winter.
"   G. Dent, Red Riding Hood.
"   A. Cedarholm, Queen of Hearts
E. S.Jackson,Indian.
C, Dent, Mystery.
H. Bews, Son of Rest.
Reginald Woolsey, Porter.
Frank Bates, School Girl,
Will Nicholson, School Girl,
Ed. Corlcy, Negro.
George Woolsey, English Dude.
E. Thomas, Prospector.
I. Biggs, Mounted Policeman.
,1. Porter, Hindu.
Cecil llnek, "Martha*."
W. Knox, Little Eva.
II. McEachren, lio-Peep.
E. Morgan, Coon Girl.
Cliff Urquhart, Sailor.
Glen Urquhart.
C. String, Clown.
L. II. McLean, Cowboy.
Roy Thomas, Monte Christo.
Cli!V Corson, l'eclect Lady.
Joe Morgan, Said Pasha,
Bert Cayley, Chink.
Douglas, McCiitter, Judge.
Jim Lawrence, Jockey.
Arnold McCarter, Jockey.
Bert Liuvrence, Sir Walter Raleigh.
C. W.King, Policeman,
0. Marshall, New Woman.
R, Gordon, Coon,
Omer Jones, Hunter.
C. Wood, Liberty.
F. Whitehouse, Liborty.
W. A. Chambers, Sauerkraut.
A. McEnchren, Stars,
K. A, Cirnahi.li, Cowboy,
C. H. Foxwcll, Governor ol Quebec.
C. W. Gordon, Court Jester,
L, Borger, Evening.
N. Ross, Bill Miner.
R. D. Maedonald, Whito.
R, Squarebriggs, Mephisto,
J, S. Hooley, Ghost.
A. McCrao, Fronoh Count,
F. Smith, lt.
George Bell, Butcher,
J, D, McLennan, Locliinvar,
R. N. Doyle, Suo Mow.
Tl.e  prizes  for  tbe best costumes
wero very handsonio and were won by
the lollowing:
Best Lady, Miss McLennan, "Dolly
Dollars," lady's pocket book.
Best Gentleman, J. D, McLennan,
"Locliinvar," carving set.
Best Boy, D, McCartor, "Judge,"
leather coll r and cuff sot,
Best Girl, Ruby Borger, "Highland
Lassie," jewel case.
Bett Comic, W, A, Chambers,
"Sauerkraut," silk umbrella,
The judges wore Mrs, Elson, Mrs.
Robbins, A. MoRae, A, E. Kincaid, C.
F. Lindmark.
The Band played during tbo evening many line selections, and refresh
Judge Henderson Will run-
Australia Menaced-Chinese
Retaliation-Snow Ploughs
Sydney, Jan. 0.—There is a spreading shadow over Australia, and it is
the Bhiulow ol a developing Asia.
Shanghai, Jan, fl.—Native news
papers report that the Chinese loreign
olliee is consideiing tho question of
declining to accept American retaliation for the American rejection of
the Chinese subscription to the relief
of San Francisco eaitliquake sufferers.
Vancouver, Jan. 9.—His Honor
Judge Henderson yesterday formally
notified tlie Executive ol tl.e Liberal
Association that he would accept the
nomination on tlie Liberal ticket for
Vancouver in the coming Provincial
elections, and lias resigned from tlie
County Bench*
New Westminster, Jan. 9.—Ice,
inches of it on tlie Inlet opposite Port
Moody, has forced the Emerson Lum
ber Company to el.ut down its mill at
that print, and it will not be reopened
till the present cold s ap is at an end.
The ice at Port Moody is reported to
be over an inch thick all over the
tidcllats, and tl.e logs have been frozen
in so solidly that they cannot be
pulled out for hauling into the mill
Medicine Hat, Saek., Jan. 9,—The
storm ol the last tew days has caused
snow ploughs to be used on this division for tlje first time this yenr and nil
available engines are being utilized in
keeping the tracks clear for the passenger tiains, which are running from
18 to 24 hours late.   All freights are
Train Frozen tothe Track and
Unable to go Ahead or
Back up.
Sunny Albertajhas  been  idealized
many  timet ...  song and story, not
always in accordance with the  facts
owing  to  the  licence given to poets
and other purveyors ol fiction.    Not
to put too line n  point  upon   it  tbe
weather in the vicinity of Nant.iii last
Friday waB bitingly, bitterly cold. The
thermometer  stood  so  low  as tu he
altogether beneath contempt.    Outside the depot the downward tendency
oi the niciciiry ol the weather gunge,
drew out the nail whioh held it to the
wall and the whole apparatus fell to
the platform with  a  dull  sickening
thud,  The weather was certainly the
coldest that had ever been experienced
, for many years.    No.  101, which was
1 billed to leave Maoloed at 10,05, ninde
a good nil. and Btopped at Nantun lo
take water.    Alter  the  tender   lind
! been filled the fireman found that ho
wns unable  to  shut  off  the  water
which 'owed over the tender and  all
', over the track.    As last as the waler
| tell it (rozc, till in a little while  the
wheels of the engine and tender were
lirinlyenibediledii.il large body of
solid ice.   She could neither go ahead
or back up.    The engineer rang his
bell presumably to keep it from freezing.   He whistled to "go ahead" and
"back up" but thoeffoits were futile
and all the while the train was becoming more and more firmly rooted in
tbe soil,    The situation was getting
very  serious  when  a  south  bound
passenger train camo to the rescue
and succeeded in releasing the train
from its awkward position,
This popular and well known con
cert company will apposr in the Opera
House on Friday, Jan, 11, undor the
auspices of the Court Mt, Bogbie, 1.0.
F. The artists have been in this city
belore and thoir excellent work has
made them certain of a hearty welcome on this occasion. Miss Helone
is a cometist ol much repute and her
sister is second to none as an exponent of tbe trombone,
A mandolin and guitar quintette is
one of tho features of tho entertain
ment and the whole company are
musicians to the coro, their success
throughout tbe province being proverbial. As to what precise nature
the programme will take we do not
yet know, but popular music with a
spice of classic will tako the popular
feeling and Revelstoke is assured of
 *'   -■"*  and
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Two Ricks, stove size *3 '5
Tliree Kicks, stove size *B 50
Furnace and Stove Coal JO 00
Nut  Size,  suitable  Ior  Sell  Feeders,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 60
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
^^^ LIMITED.   ^^
Molsons Bank Building.
Have made m.st ol their wealth investing in Real Estate, and it
would not bc unwise Ior tlie man having money at low rate of interest
to follow their lead by inveBting in the best buy on the market which
we have selected as our Special Snap (or the coming week.
LISTEN 1 Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable for stable and in fact everything thnt goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Price $1,350   Terms $600 Down, Balance on Time.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office - Toronto, Ontario.
Unuirliii- in . l.ii l'rniii,L-,!* ,,i Mnuii.iliii. -Vlliena. BaskaUhswan,
llrili*!. .'olnmbin. Ontario, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
n. If. Wilkie, President
Hon. 1!
•     $4,280,000.00
.l.tKi-iiAY. Vice-President
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savixus Dbpahtmbnt—Deposits received and Interest allowed
nl eiirront rate from data i.f) opening account, and compounded halt-yearly.
Drafts sold'available in nil part* of Canada, United state.-, nnd
Km..pe.   Special attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms* reasonable. Apply soon
G. M .SPROAT, Real Estate OfRice, Cowan Block.
ing many inm n".™*"";"' -   — , „„ ovpnillB's bright,   wbolotonio
ments were served at interval, on the »~f0'ftl Xalnment,
loe, I"
Succeeded at London by Sir
Frederick Borden,
Ottawa, Jan. 7,—Despite the ovas-
ive contradictions, it ii now accepted
ns a certainty that Lord Strathcona
has reiigned the olliee of high commissioner and that Sir Frederick
Borden will succeeded him. Lord
Strathcona will personally deliver his
resignation at Ottawa. The vacancy
at London which has so long la-en
sought, is the highest within the gilt
ol the Dominion Government. Thc
salary, whicli is if 10,000 a year, will in
all probability bc increased on the
ground that it it ina 'equate in the
ease ol a commissioner without independent means.
There is a report to the effect that
when Sir Frederick Borden goes to
London ss high commissioner, l.uul
Strathcona will go to Washington as
Canada's ollicial representative in the
olliee of the new ambassador. This
report lacks ollicial confirmation hut
it would not bc surprising il Lord
Strathcona should become the right
liaiul ...an ot the Hon. James Bryce
in the British Embassy.
This would he a tnngibleacknowledg-
ment ol Camilla'a growing importance,
aud ivould minimize delays and f ri-- -
tion in dealing with Canadian interests at the American capital.
It is pointed nut that there are some
differences still to be adjusted between
Cumuli iiiiiI the United Status, notably the pelagic sealing in Behring
Sea. President Roosevelt in his last
message to congress pressed for settlement of these questions. Lord Strath-
cona's sppointmc.it as Canadian representative at Washington would go
lar to ensure successful negotiation of
a treaty which would wipe out all the
questions at issue between Canada and
thc republic.
Sir Frederick Borden and Sir Richard Cartwright have long desired the
high coniiniaiionership. Sir Riohard's
age and health leaves the minister ol
militia without a lurmidnble competitor in active political life, aud his
selection comes as no surprise.
Nothing better than Our " Special. a ■M.-vito txat s»>rfi,»»»*i*ij«-»"js.ws.' -*r.
Ebe -ftoafUlberalb.
I'. liMSHti
IV£LST0K \ '.. 3
tnclulin^;     -; ._■       :* I. [Ttil       8| .*
By the year ll stoftla*]
Ha  *      i.5«i
r"       " "         i"
'it   ItlNTlSO promptly executed nl retool
■ *..- *. - -
TKBHS-t nsb,  Subscriptions payable In nd;
ORBEril OXDKNCE Invited on n  IU re ol
I .* it  Communica'.iotiii tu Bi.1*
lor musl  be   ic touipanled  by niuno o(
*'.-..:   -. .     '■».; :;*-' fo   .    bllCfttloll, bill
it- BTideno of-go d fa tit. Correspondcni -
Ebo ild b  ■   ■■:'.
From (lui* Own t'ui'rwpni.ilf nt.
The   l'rot-l>ytennn   Rnml y   icbi ol
fill   Christninn
aivo n   hi)
Legal Iw  '■ ■'
-.. enl , ■ ' In* Mon
.;.  . iN el [12 Iiu* i mako one
; -* -,-  ,        . - - i I = -  *■     Ull
*,. :*-•.'-■,'      ■■■[■:    Illll
i      . red i ■   i" r   cent   ad<
■ ,.*.!■.: i I   ill
-...;- Im '!.  ---'   I"
i .  .        ■ ■      Iverii enn nt**
-     ■■,■■.-.'■;   ■. i. ■. i in ml,
:. . ■   ■ ..   -. -.  '   ■.   ;,    nuiii *:
Jiffftl    -    '. ■        i;   .,-    ...        1.  ! .iMllUU'.-
.... - ■;. J,.     I   I.,-!-.
v,   .    . Mi  I ri u        i" worth -.1
li     -.    . . .....it-  n U i
i     ■ ki -   ■  -■....- ....     '* L'tm nt-- nnl-!
be In oy I      *     i ■■ -■-•>.• and Kriilaj ol
t-.f. wi ■-. -■ * * ■ ilnpiuy,
MURPHY & HSlll'.l*.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T I A \V A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Cliti im-
is, Murphy.      Harold Fisher
11.1.AN k ELLIOTT',
r. i. ,M..u.s. :- u, i-i.i.i.iii'.
barristers, solicitors, etc.
Offices: Impbkiai Uank Block, jiku.i.,
stoke, n. 0.
Money '.oK-ian.
OffloeK Revelslokt H. <*.: Fun Stoolo, 11. 0.
Uko. S. Mi Carter,
A. M. l'INKll.l.M.
Revelitoke, B, 0,
J. A. Darvev,
Kort Smell' 11. L".
ire;'   ent   lai ment
iiigl -. Tl u i liurcli was bcmitifu'-yjl
deco ateil bj i nny williiig l.r.n-'s. A :;l
packed church g. ('cd ll e cliildr.n ;j
and rewarded their efforts with goner- |
OUS lippl.llliC.
An i- lerrsting and long programme
was rondert'd, consisting ol choruses,
recitations, dialogues nml drills by ti e
young folks, who acquitted llicmsclv s
I'liiiii-nlile. Much credit is due to
Miss MooC ill, who had charge of the
niusio ii. 1 general training o! the
obildrcn, ably as ish tl by Mis Di wur
C.ipliiin i'.-.i i gavi two ol 1 is ehai".
:i - ri lie rcoitnti ns In dinleoi, "Tl >-
ll-lls ol Si. Mlobel" end "Llttli
Baptists," whicli mol with hourly
appl u I-. Miss MncColl's rendering
nl l.i niiyson'. "King Out Wil I llellu"
iv.-- also warmly r.ccivc-d, The choir
-a i - i: chorus, "Village Hells," lo ll.e
gn nl deli* ht ol tho niidii nee
A Christmas tre: gifl laden rose
resplendent nn tho pUtforuj. In due
timo Santa Clnus (Mr. Norman Mc-
Eachi rn) made his appearance .....I
distribiiteil prerenls to children nnd
friends. Many narm nor Is of appro-
ciiilion werc heard of tho quality of
the entertainment nsn whole.
:■/-..- -----»i     _--.m--    ■■--. a.-. ttv-'.*-..-ii--.-.»'..'rrn".-,-*..'.ta
'■-.- i-i-.- .-ae   "-.n-iil-ii-. -*, certificate UB  nn
mini In 11
• wiiii-i -.-.
ingle pieces
nn : ,i f in
ii >-..,•! ,-t-l,
i'i' li.i. I
mm.. ;t; well
liii.i closels,
■I-    111'.Mill- II
); ri
ol:s II    11.- ul'
s:.|.o I' i le-
W. In,.,.
ci, oi .:-, ..
.--, M.i.ii-
'i-sks, 'lioiil:
.-iiii.-- tlt-s s
•Ira thnl inm
i n the iMattki! of tiik k.-tatkoh*
ElilsrniTliiN of!     JAMKS AHMSTHONO, LATH HI-* HI-.V
CHASED, lNllisiATIi.
Notice I* hereby glim, nm.... >|i« -.'iii .lu;- ut
■i '      -1.
■ In. th!
.tied ninl ...hi ..'.
flue.ne.it In    11.i-
R. Howson & Co.
ii you are looking for something nice in SI'OOK'J. AMD
UF'icCIAL" for Souvenirs, wu hnve ilium liere.
0. P. It.  WATOH  ii'lSP -CTOR.
-wm.mi sua. t jn Lr;,-.-Tffiaattwwsaiajjdui^;i- t'-sffw.jj. :--j33ki»«ji. srantflMMMR aw
Import direct from Country of origin.
■^ffFWffiiripHnpiuriiBBi j^ar ii>iiii*tiiiiijnrBnrr ij ■iTiMMirtiirwun' mnwr^ir^Tirr-TV^TTTiiri'fff^WMWO'
 "        "    "li
J.M.Scotl I.1..I. W. I. Brings.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc,
I Mn-.-i-v "in Loan
SolicitorsSfor Molsons Hank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Mine Siuveying
McKenzie Avenue,
ISi.x inii, Revelstoke,
Zbc tlDalUlbevalb
" I would .  .  .  earnestly a visethom tor
th. Ira    I to I--..1-. thispaper to In- nunctually
served up, and lo bu I ml upon ns n iuim uf
the ■• teq ilpago."- -Ann.so.N.
Legislation Introduced to Protect Niagara Power.
Ottawa, Jun. 7—The Dominion
tlovorninenl will introduce legislation
in parliament al the present BOSBion
to empower thc imposition o! an export duty ui electric energy where
such steps are deemed advisnblo in
tho interests of our own people. At
Niagara two power plants on the
Canadian sido are controlled by
American capital, and already are exporting power to lho United Slates.
Niagara being the only water power
ol consequence in this purl of Canada,
it is felt by tha Federal Cabinet thai
people should be protected against the
export of natural product when the
tiniecnn.es Ihnt it is urgently needed
lor the development of Canadian in-
dustries. There is no intention, ol
course, of putting the export tn:. into
immediate fo.ee.
Large Realty  Company   has
Been Formed in Winnipeg.
The Arrow Lukes S Kootenay Lukes
Fruit Company, capital $160,000 Ins
been incorp'jrated at Winnipog The
provisional directors nre: Duncan
Chrystall, of Montgomery; Walter
Yon i.e.... in, nf Nelson! Frederick John
Baker, William Horsley, Frederick
Skelding Col'ior, ..II of Winnipeg. The
company will buy and 6ell land in
British Coin nbii, '
V1    ipl,. ol* yonog I nli  i wil
■!-. nm..  . . in,   em.  |
•i'.i.-.! nml    i-tnl        nl : mi:  ui!i.
-•   nil   I   ii  v ....   Mi Is  -..        .
ipply Mail'I    iai     ■ ,'
■;.i     ,i   -, ; m . ii Firm
J'        St.. I't.        (Ill IHI-   IllltJ     -      I       *■   i     "
. |   ;   .     i   ,   - i, -   . ;    ■   .
pi-nvli j p>..| --i-il.   I!  A   Upper.
lii'i:  - \!m-:- \i .
r  - a... -1 n nu
It is customary ami generally popn
lar to lind Inuli with the manner in
wl :-•':: city councils discharge  the
business i-l niuiiieipa ilie- There is
not a city ol any pretensions in Canada, Iiom the Ml intit- to the Hue ii -.
in ".hie.i critici.ius are not buing
lev led M* tin: in. i "i-i- i.i b srdt -■(
aid ■ .... II ih. re is j • tilicati u for
tn. tricti ret i ■':.;• n ne ti (er, Hi, n
is i : ■ council uithi he cin.lii.i.- oi
thi '• mi ion tl al i- nol sum epti ie
as • n ol every liumau nstituti' n,
And it it ,.- - in mm r hy thai  tin re
i- a  gem r.il  ... pet.l   to  re	
rei ut.        citizens  and busini •-
men to put by lhe lii-litferciice whi li
dol - .--..-: . - My i - ; them and
con e io tii.. ts.. iii.c-i- ui the mum
ci] i.'.!-- li. li ■. ii- chemist i.Ci-
it ia pi , ■ i t to b wonile.ed at
thai i. Revelsloke 'men ol large
affaire' t bei ■_■ ei | rtu .-.-.- 1 with
lor b.ir •   al lor the well ire  1
the community aud are bc   j ,
t Id th -    .-   .- . d tj   •     ■-  ..i
the :• ii -,- .  it  • which no I
*      \\- l> r ii   Whu
' '      CIIS1SI.   ll)   -.,, k.     Nuivj \\ ,     M,
wh. • thia ;,     ■ ■■• . lak. .1   . ■  i       •,      ,q
It it true that Un r in   Hi i    '
tl ealtairt ■■ h rged ii   IT7 ; '■ - '■
-'  '    '   ' '««  ""   '* 8    .    -i      i  -      -    ,   :   K.,:.
than any other matter, provincial ni   LEWIS, Mn k        Avenue.
■■••■'-■   '      ''      '   '   ■*    -    U'lMlH       : ,.
it its lac   ii..!.  like all   \\ i
eanhlj   inetil   ..- thi   Itevelttoki '       SIaii.-Hkii.m.ii..m.-i*.
■ -■.--:        Ii  provi ment,
Do you enjoy that well diessed feeling? We nil know whnt
it feels like'lo l.o hot, lo bu cold, or to bo tieed, nnd It In
jusl us true that wo .ill know what it feels like to he well
dressed, ll feels good, nnd it's good to feel good. Vou enn
never be well dressed if your clothes are nol made hy the
right milker.
Get loknow we bundle lhe SEMI-HEADY GARMENTS
niul yon will li...I what n pleasure nnd satisfaction it Is to be
1       well dressed.
I       Suits and Overcoats  $15, 613, and $20.1
.        Blue and IMack Suits, the best made, 320, & $25
I       Right Overcoats, up-to-date-Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $6.
i Tailoring Is our business,   We make n man hml* well
nml lie knows it,
1 ..Cressman  and Morrison.,
v certify tlmi Un* "i! I Lumber (V
lj i ..tl   IT'fii.lIlTL'll   UH   Ull liXlrif I'l I'Vil!-
...lm- m:,|-1  tilt'' Cinil|i'tlli*V All. la'ii,'
,i,i .ii i-in* I iill or .hit of tin* olijeeUo!
mu) i    litlioleslilntlvo uiitliorltyot.
liuiiUM'f llnttili Cnmmbiu iixu-n 1
..I nfiii'u i-i ii* ■ coinpmiy is nlt.iut«i (tlthu
ii il mn*, • ij ku. Uuiiuty in iiu* .* tuta nf
lioiiiiin   . ul lln t'oiilital nf Lho Company \»
v    li.      .,-.,   'limi ,11'it    Uiillltl'S,   lllvlltt'll Into
in iTll.!.: t I i,i... mi.l -.li'm-H ii imi'ilnlliii't-adi.
I'lit- li-j.nl i.fflcoof tlio Company In this IVuvince
i, Blt-iuit) nt Imporiiil inmi; ,.lock,Kevulstoko,
ml i...i'...- Hnillli McCavt r, barrlmohat-law,
I wlioaoaililroid I tliu buiiib, is tlie attomoj (or lln*
I Company, nut uiuii.iwurcil in isauu finiltransfor
Tlif iiim'nf ilie uxlsloiico nf Hit' Company is
lift)* yean fnmilua ^ml dii? of October, IbOO.
Cllvuniimli'i'in) itiuiil uml Hul of OlDcc ill Vic-
imiii I'u.mii',-rn ri'itinli Culumbia, tillsiwiily.
ninth day "( Nuvumlnr, ono tlioiwaml iitnu Imn-
s. y, WOOTTON,
Heitlattar ol .loitn Stock CouipaiiiH.
H-*' 1
The objects im which tlio Uoinpaity hubecti
establlabod and retfUtered avoi •
Tn um iui fat'lui*.*, export, Import, buyi hoII and
;iin*iiillv ik'il in goods, warea,morchandUe mul
prunertyol ever) tlaaaamldeaorlpilon within tlie
Hlateol Wiiahtogloti,the UnitedBtatuaof Amerl-
cj, llio Province nf Hrltlah Coin in middle*
where aa mav frum time to time be found necea-
(tiny ur uoliveilleiH for the purpoaea of the
(Jompany; tn carry nn mul conduct d Keuerul
ivIioleBiile aud retail in 111 lug, manufacturing mid
lumbering bualuoaa ivlthln enld lorritoryitonwiii
operate, buy, sell, lea80,8rocLoi'otlierwUeac(nilre
saw mill- mul nny other klnda ol milU or factories
fm- the manufacture nf lumber, either in the
rough or finished Hinu*, mul fm* manufacturing or
tttilshhin nil articles of tiiidi' made therefrom, and
tu own, buy, sfii. btaee or otlierwlso acquir*■ ull
machinery and appliances nf every kind ami de-
ucrlptlon that mny bo necessary nr usually ban or
ii.ted in connection therewith; in purchase, take on
lease, nr in exchange, IiIjc or otherwise tmiuire or
bold aud Bell lands, estates, bulldliui. rlghta*of.
rt.i^ li^lit nr water or any other rights or prtvl-
legw, luachinery, busluessea, good wills, plants,
sloeka in trade, or ol her real or personal property
of any nature or kind wlmlaoover aa may lie
deemetl necoaaarj to carry out any of the objects
rn- purposi'S of thia Comynny; tu maintain, hu*
prove, manage, work, control ami superintend any
nulla, roads, Mays, tramways railways, bildgca,
reservoirs, waler courses, auwmills, Blungle miKi,
factories, hydmullo works, electrical worka or
ntlier wnrks nr conveniences which may seem
conducive in any of the ohjeota or purposes nf tlm
Company-, ami lo buy, sell and deal in the same;
to use Btt'iim, wnter, eloclrlcal or any otlier power
as a motive power, or otherwise, und to buy, sell
and deal In thu aaino; lo purchase, acquire, sell,
Imiii, erect, mid operate eloclrlc light aud other
power plants for milling and manufacturing pur*
posm, and for the purpose of furnishing lights and
creating power for any mul all oilier puriinst!!*- (o
bond, buy, soil, louse, locale und Imld ditches,
Humes and water rights: lo coustruct, leaso, buy,
sell, iniilil nr operate milroails, ferries, tramways
or oiik-r moans of transportation, for transporting
logs, lumber or other material or passengers. To own laud, buy, sell, lease mul
locate or otherwise acquire timlior uml timlier claims; to buy, acquire, hold. Improve,
lease ami st*n limber, farming, grazing, mineral
and other lands, mid iim products thereof, to
Acquire, purchase, lay out, plat ami Bell town ami
city lnis, mul to plat and put upon the market
town sites mul eroct buildings and Improvements
of ovory kind and aull lots, or otlierwlso dispose nf
the same, or anj pari or portion thereof, ami generally to dn a real estate, rental, buying, Belling,
improvement and Investment busmcas; to carry on
agoneiaJ merchandise mul commission business;
ii ucquiro.aell ami conduct stores,lioiels ur board
hig houses; lo subscribe for, puivh tao or utlmrwise
November, lIXNJ.anOrrtor was granted anpo'iu!-
liiB-Ucoi-go Bmltli Mm'itrier. (Mlbiil Adniini.v
trutor forttiu Rovolsttiko Eleclural Distriot of
thoCouuly of Kooteimy, to h • Adniliilstmlor
ni all uml sIiikuIui* tho siatoof lliomlil Intestate,
Notice Is hereby further (riven Ihal ull rmlii-
ova nud nilii'i-t* having cltuuia uKatnst tbo K"J
lak'oi tbo snid dccciwi-d aro remilreil on or
before llm Mib duy of January, \m, .0 send by
post pronalrt or deliver lo lho undersigned,
ibi'ir 1 l.ri-iiiin ami Suruiunoa, uibli'issci and
(l03crlptbiim,iho full paritonlarsoflheirulnlraa
Inly vorlfloti, till) slato'lioiit of Itmli'iiucoiints
mil tlm mil un'of IhcficcinlUcD, if uny, bold by
Aud further take uotlco thai after mob lut
mentioned dalo lho AdmlulBtrator will procoed
to dlstrlbuto tho Assets of Uh* nuld ilecuuaeil
uiuoiih'r.t Mm parties entitled Ihorabo bavluu
ri'uard only lo lhu olaltnflof wbleb be ahull
llicn have noliuo noil Ilul Ibe ^uld Adininla-
Iratorwlll not in* liable for lho said assot*'or
any pan tluii'tif io any powon or peraona of
whose i'luini notice hhall iml huvo been re-
reiveil by hlm ut llieilulouf fiioh distribution.
Ihiici ut Vanoouvor, llilli-b t'olumhiu, tills
:n*d day nf Docotnbor, A.U, imii.
Solicitors for Qcoi-kc Smilli MoCartor,
(Ico !t Wt'il lin Ailiiiiiiiili-iilor,
&A   7--
Municipal Flections 1907.
Notice is lioroby glvou thut on Wednesday
Ibe 11»t I* dny of Jmmnry, 11)07, ul 2i80p.mi at
tin I'.'i'i-ii'n'ii ntlico of tbo Hevolstiike Sl Mc*
I'ulliniEh Creek Hydraulic MiuingCo., Limited,
UVub-itnko, B. 0., I will offer for salo by Public Auction to the highest bi ider for Cash, 30110
Hhnroa, certlflcate-a uumbored 1
CorlillcateNo.ijl   ;i«W   In arrears$'.!01
u mn   "
"    wn
III   IW     "
iu nu   "
"      in
11s ino   "
lit   Ml     "
S3  '.M    "
"     2:,
Sl   2511     "
"      :..i
15a ne   "
112   IMI    "
HM   11(1     "
nud comprlslna the sliureB i^ued by tbo said
Cumpuiiy iu llio abovo numbered certificates,
mid that .sueh snle is advurtitiud by order of the
Hoard of Directors, by rouson nf said shares
hoint-t iudefuullon uceoimtof uim-paymout of
Calls or Assossmonts thoreon, muouiitiug to trio
sum.-* pluced opposite ouch cortillcutonumbured
in this notico duly muile niul dmimntlstl and
now unpaid.
Dated at Kevelstoke, December nth, loon.
wed doc lit Beoy,*Troas.
acquire, sell, and hold with Uu- same rights 0
ownership therein as may bo pormllted to uaturu
persons, the shares, bonds and obligations of an;
other corporation wherever nrganlzeilito procuri
tho Company In be registered, incorporated, 0
recognized in any other state, or.country, 0 pro
vini'i' ami in iln all ami evoryibbig uecessar)'
sultablo, coiivoiiient or proper far the accampllsii
menl ut any of the nurposos, or the attainment of
anj onoormnreoftlie objects Herein enuinomted
or Incidental 0 ibe powers herein named, or
which shall ut anytime appear conducive or ex
podlent for ihe itroioctlon or ben -lit of the corporation, and dually (n iln uvtrylhhig consistent,
proper and requisite for tho carrying mil of the
objectsand purposes aforesaid in their fullest mul
biHiadestsense within said toirilory,
wed doc 1*2 u-liu
NOTICK ia hereby given that 1)0 days after date
i intend In apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ul Lands and Works for permission tu
mirchase tlm fullowuig described lands in the
nest Kootonay District;
Ooiumeiicfng at a pust planleil 20 clmins east
fnnn the sontlHvost corner of Lot i-toS and marked
"li, c. TralTord'a north-east eurr or pest," tlionco
iouth 40 chains, lliunco west ito ehains mure or
lesa In bake shore, thenco tinrlli along hIkm' to
Boiltb-weat eorner of Lot £468. thonce oast 2"
chains to poini of commencement,
Dated November 18th, HKiG.
dec 6 wed li. C. TKAI'KUIU),
Archil win ml Competition for Departmental and Justice Buildings,
/ tOMl'KTITIVK drawings uro invited for
\ Departmental mid Justice HuildhiK* to bo
erected for tbo Dominion Government at
ul Ottawa, Ont.
The aiilbur of tlm bunt design will be award*
oil a premium of -Kiwi. Ibe second besl ?l.imo,
lho (fiinl bcflt$2(000and lhu fourth best, $1,000.
Drawings will be rocolvod not later than
April 15!h, 1907, and are lobe addressed to the
SocfQlury of tbo Depart mont of Public Works,
This coinnotltlon is open lo Canadian Artdit-
tootawlio havo bcon resident in Cnnada for
one year or inure.
Coiiiiitious nf competition slating requirements ol buildings and mnpa iimwiut: Blie,*fco.
may be bad on applieuliou to the imdcrHiKiiud.
l(y order,
Deparlnient of Publio Works,
Ottawa, December 12, WOO,
NowBpapera will not be paid for this udvof*
tisi'iiicnt. if thoy insert, it without authority
from this Department.
Revelstoke Licencing District.
Notico is hereby glvon that I have received
application fur a retail liquor licence from
Krank Julian for tbo Europe Ilolel, situated
near the city of Uevclstoko.
And further take notice that a special meet
ing of thu Hoard of Licence Commissioners of
the Itcvclstoko Licencing Distriet will be hold
in tho Provincial Police Olilco, Ilevelstoke, on
Tuesday, Jan. iflih next, 1007.
Hy order,
Chief Inspector.
R^oJlRtoke, »,C„ Doc, 21,1900.
iv.   M.  Riiehie
Vil-I.    ni!   I .
,1    ■ :
rno REN'J    l.i-.   ■ -. un d
I    mi Firsl Stn i. -ji —i h. ,■--  f. •
.iin.H     Op|   ite. ihe *ch - 1. Apply
io \V. M. Lnwi ■ ii
WANTD  Girl for %
wo.li i r tui '.. -
■   i.      Mi*. Tln-
li  nl. B, 0,
T. Lu'.
\ ' ut, 185V
■ M. II   Kwn :. Vice-Pret,
.T, fl ' r,|
Capital mud i i, ■        ' ''00
| ,   ! ... , .■...,
"   >l PRATT,   I
ted .vlthoul un.
•Ilii    IO -' MM: I. -   |!,! |ik
l!'V-- WOKE,   B, C
Notice is heroby given that 80 days ufler dale
wo Intend to apply to tbe Hon Chief Cuiuiuls-
.-.inner ni Unds and Works for a special liconso
to out and earn* nwuy Umber from the following described binds, situato in "iVest Kooteuay
Commencing ata pnsl plained al the nurth-west
enrner of It. uiemlinnings homestead, about three
miles below ihu font ol Upper Armw bake, and
marked "U.lbL.Co.'s north-east enrner pnst,"
thenco smith M) ehuins. theiro west BU chains,
tbeuce north sn chains, tlience east 811 ehalus to
poiut of commoncement.
Dated Nov. 20th, 11)00.
dec 6 wed     llm liiiM) LUMUKit Co., LTD.
i ni
■  i,- ., iponsil I. :
in tin.i-iii!   i -,   my   Mii'i-. Mi    I. M
niiuii' l
red di - IH lm i. M, in mn
we scarcely thinl  -    r to | id   ill
tell every nt.    ■    four city .
tliu1. i -     - I   I ith-
lu! serv.uil and that ...
not hav. th efTi i lery to   gui.   olfei
binisell;' i elecii i,    i bsl i
trifle loofar,    ii  it  too sweeping s
judgment ill hi ther,    fl •■ h ivi h id
occasion during the y....r to fling - nne
criticisms at the city council, bul wi   ,    r     . .
admit that our judgment it nol infill   *• JOH-1 CODDARD,   nevtisroxt
lible and w. submit thei ll.e I m -.-'
ol)!' v. Itti •,- i i- ii' i be. I. -i badly
managed. There ha- uol alwnyt been
that harmony ••'. purpose nnd nnem --
ol niin between i.iuyoi and aldermi n
but it is inr the ratepayer! to st ysti
thc motives whioh aro responsible for
tl.e iitau of affairs and to vote ncoord"
ing to judgntont, Many m w candidates will offer themselves thit yenr,
sll no doubt lull "I teal for the interests ol the city, but who ever aro
elected they will do woll to sink nil
their little personal difference! ol
opinion on matters of groal Importance
ami work in oulion without any Influence from outside, (or the Interests
of our city nnd her Welfare.
di   Fin.inin-,  Ileal   K-tiili-,
Live   -'. ■ l   in.il    Ooi ■ ■ ii
Kii.. i
Iini. 214
'I M it' Iio.mi Oro in kind—
miidi in \ incotiver— Largest
Soap factory wesl oi Winnipeg. House cleaning nnd
washing aro easy with Itsholp,
And the nionoy wninn iH tho
Premium System
linukli-t tolls what wo glvo (or
lloval Crown Wrappors, Send
lor It—Freo—Also try tlie
Hon p.
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
^♦M'<M*<:K--' $"M"|'iM- M *M M* *-H***i»H
fo fo
9      f
fo fo
fa  Comox and  Now   Welli.igton Coal ,|,
♦   Hemlock    Wood    Hay, Grain, Feed f
Noliee Is hereby given l.bul 30 duys afler date.
I Intend to apply to the llonuriili.utlieCliiel1
Commissioner of Luml»und Works foraBpeolal
licenso to cut and oarry away timber irom lhe
following described lands:
l. su tiato in i hu West Kootenay distriet about
hi miles from burton City, Com.neuclng at a post
plaated on the oast Bide of Cariboo Creek, thonce
iouth 100 cbaina. thenceeast lu ehnins, thenee
north IOO challU] tlienee west -10 ehains tn jiolnt of
t  Situate In tho Wosl Knntenay distriet about
II mllea fruin ituitnn uity. Coinineneilig uta
post planted on tho west Bide of Cariboo crook,
thencosouth bn ehains, thenee east iO chains,
thenco norlli lOOchains, llienee nest w ehalus to
point of commencement.
::. Commencing at n post planted on the woat
alduol Cariboo Creek, about h( miles from Burl -n
Ciiy. thence iouth ion ehains, ilienre east *m
cliains, thenco north 10o (hains, thenee weit -10
i'u iliinto point of commoncomont.
4. ComiDonciugat a post plantod on the south
ildaol ('.niiuii. t ,i'i-k, aboul in miles from burton
i I tlieiicocojtltr-'chaliiB.theneeiiorth-lOchaliiri,
theiicowesi IW chalna, thence somh 4U chains to
... Commencing at a posl jilintedoit the south
ilde of l arlbuo Crook, about 7 mllea from Hnrltm
City, ticnoe aouth lOOchains, i hence weit (HI
clialns, thonce north 101 elialm, thenco eabHO
.Iiniii". t*. [innii i.f .■i.iiiim*iii-i'iiiuiil.
'- Commencliifl al a poat plantod on the east
i.i nk of Cariboo I reek, almul 6 mllei Irum llurlnii
' Itj tlience easl BO ohains, thencu imrtli ito
chains, thence wtyl .su ohalni, Ihence soutli 80
(ii.iiii.itn poim of commencement,
Dated Uthdayol September IIM),
wwtdocli s. ,i. IUBL0W.
Nolice is boreby given that 00 dnys after dato
I inlcnd to applv to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of Landfl and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following described lands:
Con ii no ne ing at lhe N, K. corimr of T. L. No,
70*10, on tho shore of Blind Bay, Upper Arrow
l-iiki's, theuco south lu chains, thouco cast 80
chains, i hence north abuut til chains, thonce
westerly following tbo southern -shore of Blind
Hay to point of coin uience ment, containing
four huodrcd and eighty acres more or less,
Datod this bib day of December, won.
BUtdoo 22 J. D. KKNNKDY.
Notico ia lioroby given tlmt nu .toys nfter ilnto 1
Intond lu iiinily lu tlie cliief fjoiumtitlonor uf
Lnllila nml ll urka fur pormlaaloll tu iturclinae tlio
ollowitlg tli-aerilicil lamia ill Cltriliuu iliatllet:
Oommenclng ..I alios! nmrkeii"W. H. Olive's
aoiitlt-OAit oorner poet,"' |.l.i..teil on trail lending
from Nnrtli 1 llollipioll Itivnr tu Yelluu'li...ld l'naa
...id nbuut 5 milea inn lu.rtllerl)- dirt'etinll Irum
Unuiborrv l,:.ke, rnnning north Ml i-linlna, tlieucu
ivoat iu clialna, ttlonco amitli m olintna, ihence i-imt
lu i'linins tu point uf euiiiiueneemeiit.
Datod nil. day ut November, iim.
nuv 21 IV. 11. OI.IVK, Locator,
nUBLlC NOTICE Is hereby fflvon to
1 the Electors of the Municipality
of If.ivelsioke, ihni 1 require lhe presence nf lhe suitl Electors lit the City
Olerk's Olliee, City Hull, McKenule
Avenue, H.-velsloke, H.C, on Monthly
the Fourteenth day nf January, 1907,
nt 1- o'clock, noon, fur lhe purposo of
ele.'lint; persons lo lepi-esent then, in
tho .Miiiiieip.il Counoil us Mayor and
Aldonnen, nud nlsu for the eleetioikof
Three pnrtuns to teprosont llieni on the
llonul of Trustees of the Revelsloke
Public School.
The mode nt* nomination of candidates shall he ns follows;—
The candidates shall he tioiiiinnte.l
iu will iui,'; the writing sliilihe subscribed hy two voters of the Munich
p..lily .is proposer nnd seconder, ..ml
shnll' he delivered to the Returning
oilleei" at. any time between .he dnte
of the notice nnd 2 p.m. of the dny ol
the nomination, nnd in the event of a
poll hi-iii.,' necessary, sueh poll will he
opened on Thursday tho Seventeenth
ilny of January, 11107, (Irom H o'clock
.i.m. to 7 o'clock p.m.) nt the (-ity
Clerk's offlce, Oity Hall, McKenzie
Avenue, Ilevelstoke, B. ('., of which
every person is hereby required to
take notice and govern himsell accord-
The persons qu.illlled to henoinin.'it-
ed for nnd elected ns Mayor shall ho
such persons ns ..re male British subjects of tlie full age of  twenty-one
years, and are not disqualified under
any law, and   have been for   the
six months nest preceding; the day of
.......million the registered owner 111
lhe Liuni Registry Office, of innd or
real property in the cily of the assessed value, on the last municipal assessment mil, of nne thousand dollars in-
more over and above any registered
judgment or charge.
The pe.-sons qualified to he nominated for and elected us Aldermen shall
be such persons as aro mule British
subjects of the full age of twenty-one.
y.ars, and n.-e nut disquuliflett under
any law, and have been for the six
months next preceding the day of
nomination tho registered owner, in
the Lund Registry Olliee, of land or
real property in the city of lhe assessed value, on the Inst municipal assessment roll, of Hve hundred dollars or
more, over and above any registered
judgment or charge, and who are
otherwise qualified at municipal
The persons qualified to he nominated for and elected as School Trustees
shall l.e any person being a householder In the City School District, nnd
being n Britisli subject of the full age
of twenty-one years, and otherwise
q.ialillod to vote at an election of
School Trustees in the said School
(Jiveii under my hand at Revelstoke,
B; C, lhe flfth day of January, 1IHI7.
5jan 3t Returning ORlecr.
NOTICK IS HEREBY HIVKM that silly .l.iyi
after date I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Unds ami Wmtt for psrmlsslnn
in purchase the following desciibed lands in the
Went Kontf nay diatrict:
Commencing ata pnat plantsd on the wett Mt
of nurth-ennl arm of Arrowhead Lake, i of a mile
from Rock Bluff, markod "II. K.MeK.sanulli-etHt
corner punt," thence to chains north, theuce -u
chalna west, thenca 10 ohalna south, theme HO
chains east along lake shore to point of mm-
Dated Not. 10th, 1006.
nor 11 MRS. R.      McKITlUCK.
Tenders Wanted.
To MinerB  Sealed Tondors will ho
''•■•■iinil up In January lOtb, 1007, by
in- umili ilgned, tor driving.. it.nnol
4l IWlfei'l Ion.; in the coal teams of lb.-
VTOTICK in hereby given thnl til) iIiljh after date
]M 1 inlend lo apply In the llmi. Che Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works for a Hpecial
License In eul and carry away timlier from lhu
following described landa In West Knoteuay Diatrict:
Commencing ut u post marked 'T. Kilpatrlok's north'OUSt eorner imst," plnuled on north
ouss arm of Uppor Arrow uko,.ubout - ehuins
Welt of the nunh-wiM corner of Lot No. r*o:,,
tlienco BOUt li tii chains, west- 80 chains, north 80
oliniliSuOaft 80 chains to point of coiuiueueemeiit
Jj.ited Nov. Iti, Wiri,
Kollco la horoby given thi. 60 iluya liter .Inlo
I inlui.it tu ...«ke ijiplliiition tu tho .thiol.:,....-
mtaa.i.ner uf Lands it Worka lor .lermlaHiun In
purchase the (ulluivlng described loud situato
... i.'ari.inn ills.i-i..., Il.C,:
Commonolng »t» post marked -J. M. Kelllo'i
sotitli.iicat.iotncrpi.it," planted un the suulh
bankof Kraaer Kiver near Tote Jaune Cache,
running nnrth 80 chaiua, thence eaat til rlinins,
I In-..ru south III chaina, thence woit w. ,-liniii.
lo iiniii. ol commencement,
I....i-il thli mill day ol November, llwii.
nov 17 J. M. KKi Lil', Loi-olor.
nov 21
Notice is hereby given llrnt 60 days
alter ditto I inlend to npply to lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission lo purchase the following described lands, situated in the Wesl Kootenay
district oil llie wei*l side of Upper Arrow
Lnke In tlie Foalhall Valleyi
Commencing nt a posi marked "T. S.
MePherson'fl souib-wesi corner posl,"
planleil al the norlh-west corner of Lot
hOj; llienee uorlh Ho clmiii-,, tlience east
80 rlinins, tlience south Ho chains, llienee
weal Ho clmins to point of commencement)
coninlnlng 640 ncroa, more or less,
Locftled 23rd duy ol November) 1906,
nov 28 wed      T, S. McPHERSON,
■ iiiiii-iiii-ii mi ni.plloatlon,
r\*%X%*A\4*%*+%%+1V%+\\+%%4/**%%*%,*1       OIIAIIAM I1080MAN
in   \ 1 1.   -.■., 1 • 11  111,.,.  .,.    ...... f
!M.,\( I*. VOUR ORDER - ,VI1 If
1-nr .vrlciiUi'irnl Imple non!    • in i        '■ i" , John
Hfl'TO   I'll.lll'll   ,     Mill      W,,  ,       flit* I'm
i;"- -ii-    i'i uml   r., (lardoi    loed I Cu     .tut    Wl I
ml tl -'■    -<mi,  li,,,',   .,--,.  !. 1 ...    ,:,,, ,   ;, ig
."  .1
V-iVfc^jV* VVV^"V%"VVV*^'^-VV%VVV'V%%*-V».*I
Sn .ii:tm.v-Tiii:as.-111:11,
il-.ni.iiiiv, II. ('.
Villi!!-. 18 IIKHKIIY OIVKN Hml Ililrly
.0. .'I'lyiuH"-'l-iiii lj....nnl in. ni'iiift nll.i.
p,/*, «^^^VVVV%^V%'%*V«^^»^-iS."%^-».'1t^V*'l^l'%^*^'Vf
ri HEAD OKKIOBi ('.ti.i.ii.i-. .. 1... 11 u. fi
\ Whole-.,.I-- and Rotall Moot Morchanta f
d   I'.irk 1'nk.ii mi. i.i.nli.r   in |,|vo Stock,   Market! In nil tlio principal Oil mil    jf
f   Tun.." nl AH.-iii iui. 11.1 . .nuiili 1 nml tin, v..ku..,   Pnckore ol ll.o Colel I llraml    i
Llm 'iiliir' lliuiiiinilll 111, nml Hliiinirii.-k l.riiiil. I.i-i! Inl j
...111-III llll-
imii-r nf Ijitui- iiii. U'iii-k* for n
uut nud i-ntty tinny ll...l..r
t  ii. il I I* in VVeti
1 lil'-fi
apinlal Ileal
from .In- fn
Kootonay illitrini:
II   ' 11 ii ing   il   1 pott iiiirki-il --Ilu*
liuni*imiiti.-n-i cornur," ni.'.... 11 miln.bolow
north r.uk uf Clold.licam, ll o souln 90
uiul!.... will Ml I'liniii", -lh (rn .'liulu m-i*i SO
ohnlna luiiulnt nf commonuomont,
I.ii.i-il .Inm- Ull.. 1000.
.I.-- J ivi-il (ils 1,1 'ND.
s Furniture!
for  ,
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Sitlli-o ia lii-i-i-li) ..Ivi-il tint. 80 ilnyi uttei-ilnle 1
mil.nl in nppy In lliclil.icf Co.ninliwl.imr ..I
I in.l*.i i,l IViuka fnru aiipctnl Ill-unset... ciitaml
carry away tlmia-r Iron, tliu i.,i:..wl„g ilowrlbm
I...i-l- mi Mu lu-l i.'ri'i-k, t,iln.l-.ry l.i Allium Ijike
l.llluni'i l.l.trlct, II, U, on oniliHgi
I. (iitiiuit Ing nt spoil planleil m. llm woit
I !. nf eait f..rk Mi.-lii'l Cri'i-kiilinut cghl ...Ilea
Irom Adnini l.iiku, ......ked   "A,  Mei'u.u.cll'H
loull.-woat cornor Mlcl.el Crack, Limit No. 1,'
n.ni...." wi .-Inii,,-, I-II-.I, tn chain, nnrlh, Wl chains
n.-si, IS. chain, iouth to point ul i mom nun.
■j. Co.niuonch.gnt n posl nlimt...! nn the neat
Intuitu! tin- rust lork Mir lui week ahout eight
mllei limn Allium Uke, nniikcl -A. McCiiiineil'a
nortli ».-»' '"mi-. Mlcl.el rra.k, l.hnll Nu. •/.;•
running to chillis. ml, 11 cl.nitii suulh, aocl.uins
wi-.-l. ha...-, i.nitli in im. uf .'niiinjeiiecine.it.
:i. Ci ni-lng al a pnst plantod on lho cut
tmiik nf Mlrlii-I orook iho.ll six ...ilm Irom Atlanta
Lnke iiiiiikt-il ■ t Mi" tiiint-lla Bniitl|...est corner
Mlilii-Ii k. I,inn. No,8,'runningMli-hnhiaeaat,
sllt-ll.tlli, llinlll, Hililniiii, 'ir*t,HI('liftiiii.,,..l|i to
place ul i-iii....ii...ii,,in'iit
I   I iiiiiiiii. ,il i poit |i!-iiitcil mi ti... east
hank o| lilol.el croek iboul ill miles Irom Adnms
I.iki-iniiki-'l "A. M.-I'i.i.iii-ll ■ iiiirtli-n-t-sl curuer
iln in-! creek, l.luiit No. I.'* ra.u.l.ig sOclialni cast,
ill i-liain. snutli, Sll du.!... Welti Sl) ctlllnl iinrli. tn
plact "f cnlllllii'lli'L'llirlll.
Cum nenoing nt n post iilniiiul nn th.- n.'.i
k ni  Mlclii-i cn-i-k  nliniil *i-vi'ii miles fmni
j...Lake,marked - I.McConncll'i - lieu.
Ill Mlcl.el l-ri-ck,  Limit N„,.-,,-' riiii.iii.B ICO
.-li.in- nuiii.. In - linn- -n'-t, llll. chain, iiutl.,10
clialn* east tii plnce n! Cuiiiinenci'inelit.
Daled Dec lllli, lBOe.
J»nl»*.d A. MoOOKNltL,
Sullce Is hereby glvon thai thirty .lira alter
.Into 1 Intend in apply to ll.e Chlel Cominla
siiuiiir ol Lauds and Works fora special license
to eul and carry away timber Irom the lollowing described landa situated .... Lock Creok
tributary to ildama Lake in Lillooet District:
1. Onmmancing ata imst plantcil on south-west
oornor innrkoil "A McUonnrJll'a loiilli-weat corner
lluck Crack, Limit No. 1," situated about liven
uiili-s from lhu inuiilh of ttni-k Creek, running BO
elinins Imiili. Sll cl.nlUa i-;i.il,SII chuina sunt!., 80
chuius west In plnce nt coimiuiliei'lilent,
9. Coinmeneing at a post planted in. loutli-onili
curlier marked "A. Md'onncll'l su..!). unit mrner
itncll Cn-ck, Limit .Nu. ii," lilnated nbuut seven
...ilia tn.nl mouth ol Itoek Creek, running SI
clialna nurih, si. cliiiins west, 80 chalna sontli, 81)
clialna c-iat tn place ul commencement.
8. Conimenclng nt a pnst pluutod un north
west eurner marked "A, McCnnnell's uurtl.-v.ual
enrner Rock Creek, Limit Nn, a," altuotcd about
suven miles (run. luiuith nf Itm-k Crack, running 80
chains snutli, 8.1 clialns caat, SO chain, north, 80
chains we.t to place of commencement.
1. Commencing at a post plnnted on uortli.
cast corner mnrked "A. McConnell's north-out
corner Hock Creek, Limit No. I," lltjiatetj
ahout seven miles (rom mouth of Hock Creok,
running 80 chains aouth, HU chnina west, 80
chains uorth, 80 chaini rust to placo ol cut...
."., Commencing nt a poat plnntod on lontli.
west co. ner marked "A-MoConnell a sou.li-i.os.,
corner Hock Creok, Limit No. 5,' ijtuutmi
nbuut live miles (rom mouth ol Hock Creok,
running 80 chnlni north, 80 chain, ensl, su
dial... soutli. 8li niiulns wesl lo place of commencement.
Ii. Conimenclng at n poat on south-east corner ...arked "A. McCounoll's aouth-eaat comer
Huck Crock, Limit No.O," situated nboul, tlvo
...lie* frum mouth of Hook Creok, Limit No 0"
s.iiia'.cd abuul livo mllea fioni mouth of Hock
Creek, running- HUchalna north, 80 ohains west,
su ohnlna iouth, 80 ohnlna cast to place of commencement,
7. Commoneliig at a post planted un nurlh-
wei-t corner marked "A, MuCoiinell'a north-
weat corner Knek Creek, Llmi. No, 7," altunied
about live mllea from uiuuili of Hock creek
running 80 chains soulli, 80 chains CUI, 80
ilniu.s nnrth, to elinlns wesl lu plnce of com-
8. Coinmeneing at a post planted m north-
eaat comer marked "A. McCi.u.iell's nortb-eaii
corner Knek Crock, Limit No. 8," iltua.ed
itui.nl live miles Iroin montli of Hook Creek
running 8u chains soulh, 80 chains west, 80
ohalna north, 80 chains caat to place..! cum-
0. Inmiiic.olng nt a poat planted on north-
wet comer marked "A. McC'.ni.oll'a norlh-
west comer Hock Creek, Limit No, 0," situated
........rlh hunk ol Hock crock abont onch .11
mile Irum oreek and nboul four miles cat ul
Admen Lake, running 80 chains a nil. kn
chalna cast, ttichiliu. norlh, 80 chains west to
place ol commencement,
Ualcd Ucccinbcr loth, 19M,
"*edJapi a, MoCONMJI.i,
..flor tins dnlo and until further notice, nl]
iiccmiotiduemoln connoetlnii with my hotol
buslnass ot Cpmspllit, are to l.o paid (<i l, ii.
i ..nurnvo, whnm I have apj-uiuted manager
di.r.OL'my nh-ouce, nnd nil nccouuts owing by
.ne wil! be paid by him.
Dated December 29th, 1906,
„     J.H. VOUNQ,
Proprietor 1|uhl'« Hottl, BIG ** CLEAN UP" SALE
Bscepllonnlly Inisy Summer and l*'.ill sidling hns plt.ci',1
on ..in- luiiids ii large iiuinhi . ul' ner...id hand plum* nnd
n.g.tns, l.ik.-n iu exchange on new styles of MASON oi
IMSCII nnd 1'IANOI.A PIANOS, dm- "Upper Cinintr)'"
warehouses—In Nelson and Itcvelslnke- nro now comfort-
nhly orowdefl— we've .vlnler sl.ipn.enU on way from
factory, ton. TIh.su used gnuds musl he sold, wo wish
ihen. to move rapidly, You'll appreciate Hi™ iinus.il
small Upright "Lull .1 Suns" '-Minm. a llis.-l." I'in large
|.iai..i, Kngllal. make, t uctitv.il,  d> an    Cprlghi araud, bpantlliil na-
walnut row        <8   *U     Imgnny cn.e, 4II II in lugli, cine
"ObarittDavlf Uptight Hm S&^l1!? it-",', mie
7..ela,es,J ft. .i In  in height, »  an    "' '   ''■■'I1»     ,"*"   "'"  $375
Preneh iralmtt oaso, scroll Iroiit * W    .old lor WO, take it l	
......ii" „......-..  i.i.i.  ..... "Mason Jl Rlacli I'lanii, up-
mn «... ,S;», - -8 *„i ' t A   tn    rigl.l.ira.,,1 Iiniii Bnlahed burl
roJ.li 8'ton.'h.Too. lun. $ 40     ""hi"! <in«e. |micll.ally new,
retail ft stops, In good tun     *""»        ||m, cu„[mi„„   .,„,„., ,„,,,,   ttitlM
"Av.il j; s.nii.c Upr ght Piano Was -two, estrnortllnory value at -Btuu
7 octaves, III. .', In.   lilith,  lull „ ,.„_,„.„„..  („,,,,„   ...,.„„,
ron Irene, oxoo lent value at a* ftlj     „'.',",",,   ,'S*,,,.   t
,-IU.I-v„iir. ,-„r ©   DO      CntO, fl It. lllgll,   ft  IIL-Illli-S.   ...
l.n..your, lor  .........  w »•»    MUol reed.,7 ttoni, Vox II.-
"Nugent* Piano,New York,;                maun,Great,and Qranil organ a>  <in
octarei,etionttid cute, a good KfilOll    .wells   ™ w"
''"'"V '..' *,*',  "Bell" organ, massive uiiln-t
"Heir Piano, (luelpl.. 71 ue- case, .crnll frii..t,.laiilJ uf reeils,
laves, linltnllun French walnut m atopi,   both swells.   Vou'll  d   Eft
cnae, veneor partially od one end ttlRn    not loss on this st   • ""
auitnble lor hall otlodgo.  9\W        „ „ ^ ^
"Muacu* Rlsch ; I'kiiio. 7! nut case with Bevelled Fmnuli
octavil, lit. tin. high. Ilnlsheil pinto mirror, fmotara, Sautsuf
lu   Sin   Domingo  mnhognny. fietli, 10 itop'l, bail and treble
.lighlly u.eil bu. g.mi. aa new, CiOKfl     coupler, anil knee snells, anion-   «   en
waa INO but now selling at  »«ilW    dldvaliientthlstlgiira   9-OU
Wo've also a number of others, full li.t sent upon
request, You may turn in nny nue of these instruments
at full value, as partial payment on a new MASON k
RISC1I PIANO, within two years after purohaso.
Notice ia hereby given thattiu days afler date
I intend to apply lo the Honoranle lhe Chiel
commt.sloiier ol Lands and Works fir i-ormia-
lion to purchase the lollowlng described lands
in Osiiyoii. division ol Yslc District:
1 Coinnieiiciiig nt a pn-t planted almut 1110
leet Irom north-east end of keilt'ei Like,
marked "W. H. HoUlngswortli't S. W. cornor,'
thence norlli 10 ebains, east In chains, south -20
chains, cast 120 chains, south 10 clmins, west
120 chains, north 20 chains, west in chains to
place of commencement.
i Commencing at a post marked "A*. II.
Hollingaworlh's south-east coiner." thence
west 211 chains, north 2.1 chains, wesl Unchains,
norlh 10 chain., cast l.ljchnins. soulh 2n cbaina,
east '211 chaina south .11 chains to place of commencement.
!. Commenolng at a post planted about 75
ard* south from the west end of Keiirer Lind,
marked "W. II. Hollingaworlh's norlli-wcst
corner," thence east 8'J chains, sout h 8.1 chains,
weal 8il chaini. norlli 80 chains to place ol commencement.
linled Oct. 21. 19W1.
I Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted almut !i a
mllo north of the mouth of Pooler Crock where
il runs inlo Barnes Creek, ami mnrkeil "W. H
Holllngswortli's north-easl corner." thonce
south 1(1 cliains. west Its! chain.,   north  ,0
' chains, east 10(1 chains to point ol commencement. 	
.i. Commeneing at a post planted about 1, a
mile north from the nioiiln ot Cooler Creek
where it runs into Barnes .reek, and marked
"W, H. Ilollingsworlh's south-east corner."
il.encenorlh.il choins, west 10.1 cliains, south
111 chain-, east 100 chains to place of com-
Dated Oet. 36th, IBM.
B Commencing nt a post planted about 1 of
a mile south-east of east end of Marsh Lake,
marked "W, H. Hollingsworth's north-east
corner," llienee south 10 chains, wesl 16.)
clialna, north 10 ohalni, east 16.. chains to plnce
ol commencement,
7 commencing at a post planted about 1 ol a
mtlc eait of west end and near south side of
Marsh Lake, marked "«'. H, Holliiigaworth'i
north-eait oorner," thence south 10 clialna, welt
100 chnlns, north 10 chains, oasl 100 ohains to
place of commencement.
Dated Oct, 37th, 1806.
8 Commencing at a post planted about "WO
jardi from Ihe aouth. Lie and about liilf-wav
of Kilffer Lake, marked "W.H.Hollingsworth'a
north-wilt corner," Ihenco south lin ohalm,
east 00 chaini, north 00 chains, east "20 chaini,
norlh S. chaini. weal IU chnlni, nortli 00 chains,
woat 20 chain, to point ol commencement,
II Commencing al a poll planted about 200
yard, aoutl. and about half-way o( KeilTer lake
nun marked "W. II. Hollingsworth's norlh-iaat
comer." thonce iouth liki chains, weat 10
chi Ins, north UIO cliains, nsl lOchains to place
ol commencement.
10 Commencing at u post planlcd ou lho
beach about!" mile easl of west end of Kellt'er
Uke, marked "W. H. Hollingsworth's northeast corner," Iheuce suuth IOO chains, we-t. ill
chains, nortli 100 ehaiiis, tlience e-.tst It) chains
to point uf commencemeni.
11 Coiiiinineiiifc a' a post planlcd ubout i
...ilo south o( Kettle River, about 2 milos won
of KeilTer Uke, marked "«.H Hollingsworth's
north-wesl corner," tlience east 10 clmins. souih
2ll chains, east ... chains, south Hi cliains, west
in chains, north 20 chain*, wesl .0 ohnlns,
nortli 80ehnins tu point of coniiuencemciit,
Datod Oot, mb, ItDO,
12 Commencing al a post planted nboul !
mile east of Kettle River, aboul I of n mllo
south ol Porouplno Creek, marked "'It. 11. Huilingswortl.'s north-east oorner," thenoe west liin
chains, loulh .0 clmins, cu*l 101 chnlns, north
.0 chains to poinl of commencement,
13 Commencing at a post planted about 11
miles ensl ot Kettle lliver on I'.-np Cack, ami
inarkod "W H. Holli..g*wo.ll.'s S K corner,'
tlience nortli 80 clialns, west SO clialns.soutli 80
chains, enst so cbnins to point of commence-
11 Coinnieiiciiig al a post plnntod nbout SO
yardl above thc locks on lhc north tork ol Trap
Creek, about 1 mile oust ol Kettle Hive.-, marked "W ll.llo.l.ugswurlli's S.W. corner," thence
nurth 80 ohnins,tv est Si chains, soulh SUchnlns,
eust 80 chains, to point of commencement.
Dated October 2»th. 1900.
13 Commencing at a post planlcd about i
...Ue soutli of tlie lorks of Trap (reck and about
300 yards west ot lhe creek, murked ",V. H. Hollingsworth's norlli-wcsl curlier." thence south
8ii chains, east so chains, north 80 clialns, west
SUchnlns to point of eoiiiinencomeiit.
Hi Commencingat a post planted about too
yurds to the soutli of Kasl Creek ubout!'. mile
easl ol Kettle Itiver, marked "W, II. Holllngs-
wurlh's north-west cornor," tlience soulli lu
chains, cast 160 clialns, north 10 chains, west 100
cliains to puint of couiiuenconiet,
Dated Oct. :ilst, IM.
17 Commencing at a post planted nbout oO
yurds west ol Kettle Kiver about li mile below
Porouplno Creek, marked "W. H. tlolllnga-
worths south-west eorner," thonce north 10
chains, eaat 80 chains, south 100 chains, west
10 chains, north 60 chaini, south 10 chains to
place of commencement.
18 Commencing at a post planted on tbe
south bank ol Hepaeydam Creek about M ...IU
up frnm Kcttlo lliver, marked "W. H. Holllngs
worth'i south-west corner," thenee cost 100
chains, north 10 chains, west 160 chaini, soulh
(0 cha.ni to place of commencement,
IS Commeuelng at a post planted on south
bank ol Hepaeydam Creek, about ti mile Irom
Kettle River, marked "W. H.Holliiigsworlb"!
soulli-eiist comer," thonce north 80 chains,
west 60 cliains, south 80 chains, east 80 chnlni
to point ol coiiinieiiceinc.it.
20 Commencing at a post planted on the
south bankof Hcpseyduiu Creok about«mile
Iron. Kettlo River, marked "W H. Honing"-
worth'i north-west corner,' tlionco oast 80
ohains, south 80 ohalna, wost 80 ohains, north
SO ehalm ia place of commencement.
21 Conimenclng at a post planted on the
soutl. bank ol Hopscydan. Creek nboul I mile
from Kettlo River, marked "W. H Holllnga-
worth'i aoii.li-oait eurner," thonoo woit 111
cliains, north 20 chains, west 10 chains, nortli 20
ohains, west 80 chains, north 10 chains cast so
chains, south 20 chains, cast iO chains, suuth 20
chains, cast 10 chaina to point of cou.moi.ee-
Dated Nov. let, 11)00.
wed dec 10     W. II. HOLLINGB WORTH.
Notice is hereby given llllll Go dnys
nfter dnlc I Intend lo npply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands i Works for permission lo purchase six hundred und forty
ncres of liuni lying Iii the Foslhall Valley
tin ll.e well side of Upper Arrow Lnke,
described ns follows:
Commencing ata posl marked "Frederick Wnsliliuiiie's south-east corner posl,"
planted Ho chains wesi of llio north-wesl
comer of Loi RbJi Group i, Koolenavi
thence ..miii n» clialna, tlienco west Ho
.-liiiina, llienco soulli 8o chains, llienco
ensl Hu chains In llie place m commence-
innii, containing 640 acres, mon: ur less,
Dated this)lid day of November, nx*,
nov 18wed      lerT, S. McPhersou.
Good, sound, No. !i Apples nt
85c. per boi, I. 0. h. Vernon.
In tninll or large Lots, from 100
lhs. to a Carload,    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
RHo      D(j30m;i0li
,' Fierce Snow
.1.1:1.   8-
: i'i} .-i.i.1-. '.'   * *..-.  ,:..'  .'■  cb.     ._.--.
03 jfou want a
Hns it goal titock ol Groceries nnd
lino assortment ol Japanese Chinn.
Agent lor Ilevelstoke Farming
Company, growers of nil kinds of
Farm Produte, Hny and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Manufactured for nil classes^of buildings
All kinds nf buUdiu* nnd jilastorluR
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Under the new innnnReine.it of
Hahry McIntosii, Hoffman  House
1. cyim are lhe most curative in the
world. A perfect, natuial remedy fo.
all Nervous nnd Muscular, diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
nnd Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "Tlnit Tired Feeling." Special
rates on nil boats and trains. Two
mails 1.1 rive anil depait every day.
Telegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
TERMS- $12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Arrotv take. 3, C
M Kllli !SI.    li.H,    A
Hundreds 1 f lunge ctllo are lying
ih-iiil nl.ni,; lhe lii u ul lln Cm dim.
Pncilio Railway hetivteu liis place
nml Calgary, the animals having perished lioin starvation uml exposure in
lii-rce snowstorms which have raged
iu the Wist for the past mouth,
So severely have a number of ranch
era been hit that they will practically
hnvo tu ko out of business, There it
several Io. t ol snow on tlie ranges and
lhe cuttle have Leon unithlo to clear
away enough to get at the grass, lt
is probably tho wuist winter in ilia
respect for yen...
I'l'-idt-s the mortality t.oni want ol
leed, liorcesnotvttorins lime stampeded
tbo herds, whicli then ran ahead ul
the wind iill they wore stopped by
snow fonocB along ll.e milway, where
they were ljluck...l iill submerged in
drills und suffocated. The losses will
be enormous.
Caused Train Wreck—Several
Persons are Injured.
Wi.vxii'Ki, Jan. 8.—Two men werc
killed and six injured in the wrecking
ol the eastbound transcontinental
train on lhc Canadian Pacilic, which
lelt here Saturday lor Montreal. The
wreck occurred nt Kaministiqula ,n
small station twenty-live miles west of
Foit William, at 2*10 p.m. Sunday,
Several conches were wrecked, due, it
is said, to 11 broken rail.
The dead are: II. Smith and K.
Campbell uf Montreal, employed as
waiters on the dining cur.
The injured are: Louis Kouur, employee, Montreal, head injured slightly; A, M. Ferguson, muii clerk, Winnipeg, head, shoulder and arm hurt;
G. B. Keyes, paisenger, Owen Sound,
shoulder hurt; William Mnrtslaiid,
passenger, hIt hand and arm hurt;
Harry Thompson, passenger, Sheffield,
England, head slightly hurt; R. Barber, passenger, London, Eng.,shoulder
and head slightly hurt.
All the passengers were taken on to
Fort William, the uninjured being put
up at hotels and the injured placed in
a hospital. The track was cleared at
midniglit and the passengers will bo
taken on to destinations on train No.
Dli, which will reach Fort William
Consolidated  Company  Purchases the Enterprise.
Rossland, Jan. 8.—Thc Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company
has just acquired hy purchase the
Enterprise mineral claim which is
located west of the Idaho, nud soutli
of the Iron Horse. The Consolidated
Company now owns 4,500 Ieet along
the Centre Star l.e  Koi  ledge,  the
I.;-:*, Of -$1,00(1 cr i:.-'
of Twa Por Cent?
' aCfflot
Read the Pacific Loan Co.y's Plan: \
Kai-li innii mulling application lo lliu I'm-ii'..- Loan .j
Company for ono or inure contrnolB of $1,00(1 cnoli, pays [jj
¥5.00 por thousand n monili, until his lurn comes lo
receive a loan. Four dollars ol ihis monthly payment
is put to his credit in tho Loan Fund, which is handled
through n chartered hank, and one dollar is tnken to
defray the expenses of running the Company, When
thc $1,000 ic advnncetl to lho applicant in instalments,
then whatever money has been paid inlo lhe Lnnii
Fund hy him is credited as so much repaid on lho loan;
ihus, only the Iml nee has to he repaid to the Oompany,
This may bo done at $15.00 per month, of which $14.00
is used to repay the principal, one dollar being taken to
defray the expenses of manngomnnt. In this way a loan
oi $1,000 costs only om-dollar per month, or $12 per
year; while the whole cost of a loan of $1,01)0, (rom the
lime one applies until paid off In full, is only about
$100, and the borrower bus over live years lo repay th
loan. ____—»__-_
Table Showing Cost of SIOOO on a Contract Maturing
in 24 Months.
21 Monthly Payments at $5.00	
Annum! Deposited In Loan Fund ...IHI llll
Amount Deposited In Expense Fund.21 00
The Oompany advances a loan ..f.$HKiii 00
There has been paid lo Loan Fund    III! 0(1
Balance) 0 be repaid $ mil (111
ull Monthly Payments (nearly) of $15	
Amount repaid tn Loan Fund,,. $ 11(11 no
Amount l'nid to Expense Fluid..     (il (HI
$120 IHI
1211 01)
$008 IHI
—-     1X18 (III
Total Amount Paid to Expense Fund:
Before Maturity     21 no
After Maturity     Ill llll
Total Cost of Lonn (including Certificate Fees)
88 00
111) 00
You Can Make Your Own Comparison with the
Rent Plan
Paying h\ yeurs rent tit $15.00 per month, or n total
of $990.00, lind thc landlord still owns the house.
Which plan do you want?
Koofcnny LodccNo 15 KT.lt A.M.
The rc"i!lni' meeting- an. hcl'l in lliil
Masonic Temple,
j.1.1 Followa Hall,on
Hit-third Monday in
■.•nch month nt S
p.m. VisilliiKbrolli-
i-'.'ii noi-dinlly wc!
I!.**,*.. I'lllllTNIKlt, Si-.i-iictaiiv.
SEL7.IRK LODGE, NO li. I. O. 0. F.
Meett everyThuraday
Rvcnlnir in Selkirk
Hall nt B o'clock.
Visiting brelluiui cordially united In nl
Cold Rango Lodgo, K. of I'.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B, C.
os -spi Third Wednesday ..I
each couth, in tin- Odtlfi'llnivs'
Hall «t 8 o'clock, Visiting
Knights nn- cordially invited.
. J. HOWE, (I.C.
O. H. IIItOCK, K. of R. 4S.
H.A. IIHOWN. M. ul
F. O. E.
The regainr nieoli
Hull every Tuetdiy
insure hold In tlio Selkirk
line ut S.i'rioc.;.   Visit-
letlgo running  through the Centre '"«u^™j™0™^BaM'*««i:
Star, the Idaho and the Enterprise
for tlnit distance. In these three
properties the Consolidated Company
has a splendid lield ol territory 'running along the main ledge ol the
eiinip. The ledge can be plainly traced
through iib-iut thc centre of the
Centre Star, Idaho and Enterprise,
Tlie (ormor, however, has been opened
ti n considerable extent. Thc Enterprise is almost ceilain to become a
very valuable asset uf lbs Consolidated
Company.   The price in withheld.
Revelstoke Cigars Union Hade Our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Henry's Nurseries
Headquarter-i for Pacific Coast grown
and imimrtod Qardon, field and
Flower Bead*
Thoiisaudi nf Fruit and Ornamental
Trees, Rhododendron•), Roses and hardy
plants now (jrowint 00 our own grounds for
future planting.
No oi|iaii-(j, loss or delay of fumigation,
inspection nor customs duties to pay.
Visitors aro always welcome to inspect
our stock,
aronnhoune Plant*.
('nt Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilisers
Beo Hives Md Supplies, Spray Pumps und
Spraying m it terial.
No agents—therefore you have no commission tn pay. Our catalogue tells you
ohotit U. Let me price your list before
placing vour ordor.
We do husiness ou our own grounds-no
rent to pay, aud are prepared to moat all
competition. Eastern prices or less. White
labor. Catalogues Free.
l\ O. Address and Oreenliouses.-Wlo Westminster Road. Branch Nurseries l—South
Evans & Woodrow
Dealors in Beef,  Pork,  Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and (lame in
Hanson. Orders promptly nt-
tended to.
First St. Revelstoke
Deer Heads, Animals. I'.ii l>, Irisli, Etc.,
Animal Hugs Mounted.
P.O. Box 31.
St mllo:  Corner of First .St. ami Boyle Ave.
Kevelitokf. B.C.
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Safee and Furniture.
General Graying.
Office: McKenzie Ave. EWKTE
Office Phone No. 71     Houae Phone No. 7.
In the matter of thef-Mate of Josuph Dunn,
late of Revelstoke, British Columbia, do-
ceased intestaie.
:ird dnv of January. 19OT« an Order was granted
appointing George S. McCarter, Ollicial Administrator for the Revelstoke doctoral dlstrictof tlm County of Kooteuay, to he Administrator of alt and singular thc ostute of tlm said
NOTICE Is hereby further given that all
creditors and others having claims neulust llie
estateof the said deceased are required on or
before the 15th day of February, lfltfl to send bv
post prepaid or deliver to the undersigned,
their Christian and surnames, addresses and
doi-criptious, the lull particulars of their claims
duly verified, the ^tatoinont of their accounts
and the nature ul the securities, it any, bold by
such last mentioned dale the Administrator
will proceed to di*-trihuto tho assets of lho said
deceased amoiiurt tho parties entitled tliureto
having regard only to the claims of which ho
shall then have notice, and that tho snid Administrator will not be liable for the said
as-ets or any part thereof to any porsnu or
persons of whose claim notice shall not have
boon received by him at tho date of such dis.
t titration.
Dated at Ilevelstoke, British Columbia, this
Uh day of January, A.D. IW*
■mi & tt Ollicial Administrator.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Moots Second ami Fourth Wednesdays in
cadi month, in Selkirk Hall.  Visiting Wood*
men cordially Invited to attend.
W. D. AHMSTHONO, Con. Com.
II. w. KDWAHDrt. til-ark.
Notice is hereby given Hint IIU days
lifter date 1 intenil to apply tothe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for pormission to pnrcliaso six
hundred and forty acres of land lying
in the. Fosthnll Valley on the west sido
of Upper Arrow Lake, desorlbed as
Commencingat it post marked "William Harlow's north-easl corner posl,"
planted 14(1 cbnins west of Lot 4670,
Group 1, Kootenay: thence west 8(1
cliains, thence soulh 811 chains, thence
east 8(1 ehnins, tlienee north 81) ehains
to the place of commencement, containing Old aoros, more or less,
Dated ihis illli day of November,
nov 28 weil   Per T. B. MePherson.
Notice is hereby given thai 60 dnys
after dale 1 inlend lo apply to the Ohief
Commissioner of Laiuls & Works for permission to purchase three hundred and
twenty acres of land lying in ilu* Posthall
Valley on the wesl side of Upper Arrow
Luke, described us follows:
Commencing al a post marked "Robert
Abbie's north-east corner posi," planled
at the norlh-west corner of Lot 8(12,
Group 1, Kootenay j Ilienre Ho chains
west, ihence 40 chains south, thence 80
chains east, thence 40 elinins north to lhe
poinl of comniencetneiii, containing 320
acres, more or less.
Dated lhe 2',nl day of November, mo6.
nov ^8 wed        Per T, S. -McPerson,
Notice Is hereby given tlmt HU days
after dnte I intenil to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Laiuls and
Works for it speeiul licence lo cut and
earry nway timber from the following
described lands:
1, Commenolng at a post planleil
on the north hunk of Snow Creek
about eight miles east of Hui-lon (!ilv,
thence west 8(1 chains, thenee south 80
chains, thence east 80 cbnins thonce
north 80 clmins to point of commencement.
2. Commonolng at a post planted
three chains norlh of No. 1 post,
thence enst 80 chains, thence aouth 8(1
chains, Ihence west 80 clmins, thence
north 8(1 chains to point of commencement,
8, Commenolng at a post planted
80 clmins nnst of No. 2 post, thence
east 100 chains, Ihence south -10 ehnins,
ihence west UK) chnius, Ihence north
40 chains lo point of commencement.
Dated December 2(ith, 1000,
wed jan 2 J. H, JAMIESON, Locator.
lhs undersigned 'envoi for China shortly foi
*evorni niiiiitlis' holiday. ,, . ..
My promi.pa on Plnl Htroot I hnvo rontra to
(Jw.n.K Hoo for thro yonr.* .....1 l.o ..lo.io will ho
roainnillilo Ior nil llobtt ho mny Incur in llio
lin-inoaa mow onrrio.1.... by l.l... Ulu-oni. Ki.ol.
My Lots II, lt, IU, lllool. 11, Kovi.lst.ilio. uro
lor alio.   Intoi.iliiiK ptirpholotl mny spplyto
Hurray, Mcl'iirlor * l'lnkli...... who on. entry
out ..I! ii'-iinliii.imi* tor anlo nl nn.i.o,
Dntod Uoo, 111st, IWO.
ji... II -i
MIKE PAT (Win« Wohl.
Notico is hereby given that 00 days
after dule I inlenil to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lnmls k
Works for permission lu purchase six
hundred and forty acres of land lying
in the Fosthall Valloy on ihe wesl
side of tipper Arrow Lake, described
as follows:
Commencing nl a post marked "H
Harlow fl north-east corner post,'
planted I III chains wesl of Lot 167(1
Group 1, Knot.'.my: tbenee wesl 8(1
chains, thenco smith 80 chains, thence
east 80 cliains, thence nnrlh 80 chains
to tlie place of commencement, con-
lainlng 040 acres, more ...- less,
Haled Ihis 2111. day of November,
nov 28 wed   Perl'. 8. McPhersou,
Notice is hereby given tbat 30 days
afterdate I intend to make application to tlie Chief C.ni.niissiiinei- of
Liiii.Ii..ml Works fm-a special license
to cut and curry away timber from
tin. following described lauds situate
in West Kooteuay Dislricl:
1. Commencing .-it a pusl planted at
the iiiii-ili-wesi coiner or Timber Limit
7ii!ll and marked "A. M. Symons'
lioilli-ensl coiner," Ihi'iice soutb 80
chains, thence wesl 80 chains, theuco
norlh 8(1 clmins, thence e.tsl 8(1 clmins
tu place of commencement,
2, Con.mencing at a post planled
at tbe south-west coruer of l'lmbor
Limit 7684, und marked "A. M. Sy-
raons' north-wesl corner," thenco
soulh8(1 ehains, Iheuce easl SOohains,
thenee north 811 uhnins, tlience wesi 80
chnius to place of auiniiiencciui'iit.
ii. Commencing at a post planted
nt the north-east corner of Timber
Liu.il 01388 and marked "A. M. Symons'south-east corner,11 Iheuce west
Ilti .'hains, thence nortli 40 cbnins,
thence cast Kid chains, thonce south
10 chains to plnce of commencement.
Dec. lllli, I'.KKi.
I. Commencing at a pnsl plantod
uu lhe lake slioro, three miles norlh
of Nakusp. iiu the west side..!' Upper
Arrow Lake and marked "A. M. Symons' north-east corner," ihenee wesl
III chains, tbenee south Hm chnius,
llunie ensl, III ehaiiis, Iheuce norlh
Illll chains to place of commencement.
6, Oom.nonclng at a post planleil
on the wesi side of Upper Arrow Lako
and ono mile north of the north-easl
comer of No. I nnd marked "A. M.
Symons' north-east corner," thonce
wont 81) chains, Ilienre south 811 chains,
thence cast. 811 chains, Uience north 8(1
clmins to pluce of commencement,
Dee. 15th, 1000.
wed jan 2 A. M, SYMONS,
Nolice is hereby given llmi.... .lays
alter dale 1 Inlend to apply lo llie Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission iu purchase six hundred and
forty acres of land lying In ilic Foslhall
Valley on ll.e wesl side, of Upper Arrow
I.ake, described as follows!
Commencing at a post marked "Russell Nieliol's south-east corner post,'
planted al the north-wesl conier oi Lot
so.', Group ., Kooicnay, Ihence norlh 8o
chains, llienei! wesl 8o cliiiins, ilii'iii-e
south So ehnins, Ihenco easl 8n elinins In
ilu- place of commencement, containing
ii,|o acres, more or less.
Doled Ihis 23rd day of November, 1906,
It. N10HOL,
nov 28 wed      Per T, S, Mcl'hcrson,
Mrs. l.l.'   i'ur    11 nngi
First-Class • abli.
ri ,.m. •' nh.,
:. • .- 1      m-
II     ,i: -      ill :» i .
Furnish i 1 Roo ns ro Lei
Lit 'KNIT.   TO    .IN   EXTRA-PRO
"Companies' A. 1*. 1807."
Canada: I
Pi.iiviNCK up British Coi.umul*, i
No, iiim.
'I'lI IS is io certify thai tho "British
Columbia Timbers, Limited," is.iiitli-
..i-i*eii and licensed to carry on business within tho Province of British
Coliin.I.Mi, .....I to carry out or effect
nil...- anv of lhe objects of tho Company in which tho legislative authority of ll.e Legislature of Hiilisli Columbia extends,
Tlie bend office of tho Company It
silunleul the City of .MonIleal, ill the
Province of Quehi'-.
Theiitnoi.nl of the oapltnj of tho
Company is ono hundred thousand
dolliiis, divided Into one thousand
shares of one hundred dollars each.
The head office of lho Cunipany in
Ihis Province IsBltuatoun First Street,
llevelsioke, iiiiii William Irving
Briggs, Bnn-lsli-i-iit-Law. whose address is the samoj Is tho attorney for
the Company.
(liven under iny liaiid and m-i! of
officont Victoriu, Province of Britisli
Columbia, Ibis I7ib day of Doconibi r,
one thousand nine hundred and six.
|i..s,|     S. V. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock C mpanies,
The objects for which the Company
has been'established nnd licensed are:
1. To earry on throughout Canada
nml elsewhere the business of lumberers, timber merchants and manufacturers of timber and and lumber in all
its branches, and all other husiness
incidental thereto or connected there
with, Including the mantifacturo of all
products of the forest or lumber industry.
2, To acquire hy purchase, lease or
otlierwlso aud to own, utilise, and
operate timber limits, limber lnnds,
nnd timber bertha, and rights In such
timber lands, timber limits and timber
berths, ileonces or rigid s to cut timber,
lumber yards, mill and factory sites,
waler lms, docks, wharves,plei's,danis,
slides, aqueducts, viaducts,sli-nuilionls,
and other vessels, saw...ills, pulp
mills, water .....l steam powers,
hydraulic powers, plants, im-
provomonts In lakes. livers and
creeks, and othor waterways for I11111-
borlng or transporting lugs, timher and
all othei'rights and interests of every
kind appertaining to any 0, the above
enumerated properly su acquired, at
i.my be necessary for the developmenl ainl purposes..[ the Company
and the said property above specified
or any of It, to Iinnruvo and develop,
sell, mortgage, exchange, lease 01 dispose of for cash, or upon rentals, or
for any oilier consideration as may be
in the interests ol the Company:
!t. To coiistrnct.oiierato, charter and
employ vessels..!' .ill kinds for the purposes and business of the Company,
and for the purposeof transporting
products of the mills and works or
other materials or manufacturers for
anv place within Canada 111 elsewhere,
,-iiu'l tu do a transportation business in
Canada or elsewhere, to lease or acquire all accessories necessary for the
proper working of the said vessels, and
to lease, sell, or otlierwlso dispose of
said vessels, or accessories, or moveable elferis iu relation thereto as it
may l.e advisable In the Interests of
the Company:
I. To construct, or aid, or subscribe
towards the construction, maintenance niul improvements of roads,
docks, piers, dams, slides, aqueducts,
viaducts or other woiksund buildings,
Including Humes, bridges, ditches,
water, steam or othei hydraulic i-ighls
orpotvors, nnd any oilier wo.ks necessary for the purposes of the Compauy
or for the currying oul of Iho Company's powers:
5, To establish shops or stores on
the property of lhe C puny, and to
sell merchandise thereon, in so ferns
il. may he necessary for the Company
lo carry on its snid busluess;
(I, 'I'o acquire, own, sell, lease and
disposo of snares, debentures nnd se-
eiu-ilies iii any other company Bimllar
to this Company, and li> acquire or
amalgamate wilh" nny companj having objects similar to tbe Company
hereby Incorporated, on such terms
and for such considerations as the
directors may decide, nnd to pay for
the acquisition of nny such company
in shares of the Con.puny fully paid
up mul made non-assessable for ells:
7. To make, allot and use in payment nr exchange iu whole or in pail
[or nnv real or personal property,
rights, licences and privileges which
mnv be purchased, taken on lease, or
olhei-wise acquired by the Company,
shaies uf the unsubscribed capital
stock of the Catnpany as paid up and
made non-assessable for calls In accordance will, the terms of an nun-ell.eul executed by and between tho
Company nud nny such vendor, lessor
or other grantor on or In-fore the Issue
of sueh paid-up st.nii's, and which
shares shall thereupon be deemed and
taken to hnve been lii.ly paid up, und
shall not thereafter bo liable for culls
or future assess.1..-..Is:
8. Tu make, allot and issue as paid
up sto.-k, shares ..f the .inscribed
capitai stock of the Company for see-
ms rendered to the Company or to
the promoters thereof, provided a by-
iaw of the directors Is passed specifying that the value given to the Company Is equivalent to the value of the
shines so nuidepuid up and issued and
.-.Holed for sueh services, anil snid l.y
law lms heen passed .....1 sanctioned by
. vote of i...t less than two-thirds of
the shareholders of the said Company
present in person or by proxy al .1
speoial general meeting of the Company duly called for tin- 1111prov.il of
sni.i by-laws
II. To sell or dispose of the under-
takinu of the Cun.puny for such consideration as the Company may think
ll, nml in particular for shares, deben-
.Hi-en and securities of any company
having objects sin.ihu, or In pan Bimllar lo those of this Coinpiiny,provided
1 by-law is pa*so.l by the directors
jpeolfylng the consideration which tho
Company will receive for the sni.i tale,
and the snid by-law shall have been
passed nnd sanctioned by a vote of not
less than tWO-thlrds of the shareholders uf the Company, passed at a speeiul
general meeting of the Company called foi tbe purposes of considering and
approving of said by-law       "- ' "" "
wed jan 1
Nothing better than Our " Special,
1 hi -i   1 . .nnil. 1 uie..  of   Lun -   um!
..;.'...  in ■ In  i.i pur. h ise lliu
1 .,.:!.,! I.ml   - t.mled ...
■ ut) io tiiiil:
L'onm     In ■  nl  a I1"-' planted on
th. de uf Downie Creek about
I of .1 mm i- *-uiili of the 2t mil.- post
mi ih, DownieCaeek Trail nud marked "Ii. Milli in* south-west corner,"
theuce north 18 chains, thenoe east 09
.-iiniii 1, thenoe auiith Hi chains, thence
west 00 chains tu point of commencement, containing 240 acres more or less,
Dated llei-e.nln. Hull. Issii.
mil |an2 I"'. MeBEAN,
Notice It hereby given thai thirty
days afterdate I Intend tu apply to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner of
Litnils nnd Works for a special license
In cui un.l carry away limber Irom
iho following described land situated
in tbo W.-si Kootenay District.
Ci noticing at a post plnnted J of
n mile eust i.f lloiiltler Creek and ubout
three-quarters of a mils norlh of
Downie Creek un.l mnrkeil K. Mc-
Ui-nn's soulIi-eiist eoruer, limine north
8(1 clialns, thence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, theoce east 80 cbnins
lo the point of rn.1.inc..cell.cut,
Dated the 18th day of December,1006
wj2. K. MeBEAN.
Nolice is hereby given ihal Oo days
from dn.c I inlend io apply lo the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works nt
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of lollowing
described lands in Lillooel districl:
Conimenclng Bt a posi planted ahout
two nnd :i hull miles from head of Adams
Lake on west side of river, mnrked "J. A.
Knoxs south-west corner," running 80
chains eust, 40 ehnins norlh, 80 chains
west, 40 cliains south, containing annul
320 aires.
Dated Nov. ijlh, .0,06.
nov M J. A. KNOX.
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 daya
from dale 1 inlend to apply lo lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, B, C, for purchase of following
di scribed lands in Lillooet dislrict:
Commencing al a post planted near
soulli side oi Oiler Creek, 3 miles north of
Adams Lake marked "\V. S. Burton's
soulh-wesl corner," running So chains
east, 40 chains north, So chains west, 40
chains south, containing about 320 acres.
Paled Nov, 12th, tcpO.
IW 14 W. S. BL'RTON.
Nolice is hereby given Ihal Co dnys
from dale 1 inlend to npply lo the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands nnd Works at
Victoria, B.C., lor purchase of lollowing
described lnnds in Lillooel district:
Commencing al a posi planted near
soulli side of Otter Creek, 3 miles norlh
ol Adams Luke, mnrked "A. McConncll's
uorlli-wesl corner," running 40 chains
south, 80 chains east, 40 chains north, 80
chains west containing, aboul 32-0 acres.
Dated Nov. nth, 1906.
noi 14 A. Mi-CONNl-lU..
Noiice is hereby given dint Oo dnys
from dale 1 intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet districl:
Commencing al a post marked "T. Kilpntrick's north-west corner," situated
about 1 mile from wesl l.nnk ol Upper
Adams river and two uud u hull' miles from
head ol Adams lnke. running 40 chains
soulli, bo ehuins ensl. 40 elinins norlh, 80
chains west, containing 320 acres more or
Dated Nov. lath, 1006.
Notice is liereliy given lhat Oo days
Iron, date I inlend lo apply to llie Chiel
Coil!.ni**i> "1-1 of Lnnds and Works nl
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of following
described lnmls in LiHooel dislricl:
Commencing al a post mnrked "J. I'.
Shaw's north-west corner," plnuled on
«... side of Upper Adams river, aboul 2
miles Iron. Lend of Adams lnke, running
So chains south, 80 ehuins easl, 80 ehnins
north, 80 chains wesl, containing nboul
040 acres,
Dated Nov. I2ih, 1006.
nov 14 J. 1'. SHAW.
VOTll'B i- liereli) Bi. thai. 60 days alter
JM ii.uo. I Intond h lo tns (Iblol Com-
missloDir of !,;>..:! Works for pormis^iou
tn purchase tn ' wi"K described lends
situated to districl. III'.:
Coalmen » I"'si mirke.1 "Alenndor
McLaren', lith-cut corner 1'o.t," planted
nlKii.l .Milinina m-tnl inil ruillillli throush
sitirvatii'i. rims in ft ao.itli.irly dlreotlon Irom
lolo J1.....0 cache, riiiiiiliis north 10 ebalni,
Ibenco tvei. BO chains, thence soulli so cliilm,
ilniu.-, n-i BO ohalm to .iiilnt "1 commence-
l.nieil ti.in -.'tt. iiuvni November, woo.
1,1,1 .7       ALEXANDER 1J0UBBN,
 Loci tor. _
NOTICE Is I1EBEBV OIVEN that lixtydayi
itterdatel Intend to apply t" tbo ll.ui. Chiel
Commliatonor"! Landi nml Worka tin peimiaainn
in purchaie iln- lotlowlog described in.nl • aituate
inCnii! Ilitrlct, H.C:
Commencing it n pott marked "(leorge H.
Bliiott'i north-eat. oorner .ioat," planted
■la,... Jn chain, west of trail running through
s.iirvni.iiu llals In » louthcrly director, from
.- JiniiH- Glebe, running west tOelmtn.,
thence *<,ntli SO.-lutliia, tlience easts, cliains,
Ihence north 1*0 chaini to point ol commencemeni.
lnti-il ..all .lay nl November, 1806.
nov ll     '.KO (UK 11. 1USSKTT, l.oc»tor._
Certificate of Improvements.
Bin r Eden Mineral Claim, situate... thc Ilic-
t-illi-iv...-. .Mining Division of Kooleuay dia-
Where located:  Kl»h Cross.
Take notice Ihal 1. John Albert Kirk of lho
town of Hevelslokc. Il.C. act log n« .menl for
J.S C ITraser, tttq., Free Minora Certillcate
No.*BT57IOaodMaimrot A. Ebon, Krco Miner'a
r.-.-iiiicatc No. lis.-.'*. Intend, ilxty dayi from
lho date hereof, to apply Ui the Mining Re-
i-onlcrfor n .'crliticnte ot Improvements, for
the purposo of obtaining a Crown Oranl of tho
nlmve claiin.
Ami Iiinher lnke uotlco thataction. under
section '.I. inust be commenced before the Issuance ol such d-rl illcalo of Improvement*.
Ilnlcil lli.s Uth dn; ol September, A.D., 19116.
nov II J. A. KIRK.
NOTICE is hereby given that 60 days alter
rune I luicnit 10 apply to thc Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki
(or is-rtiiis-iuii topiirchftno lhc following de-
scribed In...Is it. Cariboo .listrict, Il.C:
..omin-ii' nu itn (nsl marked "William Kellie's luirtli-ivcsl corner post," plantcil ibout 20
chains ivest ul trull running Ihrough 8lirv«-
lion llals iu ■ southerly direction from Tete
Jiune. ucl.c. running cut Sl) chalna, thence
.,,,11," , liaina, Iheuce weat a) chains, thenco
nortl. BO clitiii. to point oi commoncement.
J.atcil 'Jlli day ol November, 1903.
nov It       ' WILLIAM Ktl.LIK, Locslot.
Notice is hereby given that CO iltjri after date \
Intend to apply to thr Hon. (Jtnef OinmiftiloMr
0t Uml* anil Work* to purchase tlio lollowing
druerlbftl lamlsintuatetlin Cariboo dUtrlct, B.C.:
(•ninmeiicliiK at a post marked "G. A. ForW
ponthwest corner jiost," planted about 20
chaitiMvestot trail running through Starvation lints In a poulherly direction from Tete
Jaune Cache, running north 80 chains, thence
ewt w chains, tbenee south 80 chainB, thence
west 80 chains to point of commence rae »t.
Dated 9th day ui November, 1906.
nov 17 G. A. F0RBB8, Locator, OUR BAR
.haws hove been
i- i-i.p.-li'i in i. play
i .need i.t unco:
We are clearing* up our odds and ends regatdless of Cost.
All Furs at less than manufacturing prices.
Men's Overcoats at your own price.
Boys' Reefers and Overcoats at less than Wholesale Prices.
Ladies' Jackets selling at just half price.
Children's Jackets-Prices ranging from $3 to $7 each.   Any
Child's Jacket Now for $1.50 Each.
Trimmed Millinery at Half Price.
1 Canada Drug and Book Co., Ltd. f| ' J0 WANT
Wc  take this opportunity of wishing
otir many friends and patrons
CanddiDru^ & Book Co., Ld., Revelstoke, B.C.
Wednesday, Jan. 9.~For 24 hours-
Light breezes, clear and cold. Temp.
Mm. 4 degrees, minimum, 18J degrees
below zero.
Local and General.
Pending iurtlier arrangements II.
Floyd has consented to act temporarily as organist in Knox Church.
Ed. Edwards, returning officer ol
lhe Revelstoke riding lelt un Monday
lor south points ior tlie purpose ol
posting up proclamations at lhe various polling booths.
Thennnual prc-municipal election
public meeting will be held in tho
Opern House at 8 p. m. on Saturday
evening Io. tbe purpose ol discussing
municipal business,
H. A. Brown bus publicly declared
hit intention to run fur tbe mayoralty
this year, and R. H. Sawyer hai announced that he will offer himsell n.
alderman lor Ward Two.  Next please!
Flie Gold Range Lodge Knights of
Pythias will hold tbe ceremony of
installing their ulheets fnr the ensuing
term to-night. All members are particularly requested to be present. A
contingent from Arrowhead will take
A party ol sixteen carpenters are on
their way to, il they have not already-
arrived at, Arrowhead from Ln Grande,
Oregon. They come for the purpose
ol securing employment in the couitruction work on the large sawmill
about to be erected.
The Rev. J. J. Wuodtworth.ol Grace
Church, Winnipeg will take the pastorate ol the Methodist Church in this
city aud will arrive here to take up
hit dutiet on January "27th. Mr.
Woodtworth, who has just returned
from a trip through Palestine, ia one
I'u Buy n lions.
To It.-nl a House,
To lluy Nice Building Lob;
close in.
Splendid Fruit
To Buy
Never before bus our stock
been so complete in Fancy
Groceries, including New
Nuts, London Layer Raisins, Figs, Dates, Oranges,
Bananas, Cranberries,
Lettuce, Xmas Stockings,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe ami Hollv.
Mr. iiiiii Mrs. Y. Trimble, ol Edmonton, arrived in the city last week
and arc the guests ol Mrs, M. Pettipiece, .Mrs. Trimble's sister.
The plan of the reserve seats ler the
Polmatier Sisters Conceit and tickets
nrejnow ready at tl.e Canada 1 Irtlg
A: Book Stoie. Remember the date,
January llth.
Clins. Carey was sentenced by Police
Magistrate Hubert Gordon yesterday
to six months imprisonment Ior thelt
and six nu.'.tha for obtaining money
under [also pretensions.
Don't forget the Polmatier Sisters
Concert in the Opera House ou Friday, January llth, tinder the aaspi ies
of tl.e I. 0. F, The greatest musical
treat oi the season.
Owing to the large increase ol
business the International Correspondence Sohools huvo deeidi-d to
havoC. VV. Brady act ns sssistant
representative to J. W. Bennett ill ihe
Kevelstoke district.
It. Trimble wishes to stat. thai l.e
has given no authority whatever lot
his name to Le used in connect! n
with the Boxing Exhibition to-night
and tbat he has nothing whatever to
do with it. The Mail-Herald regrets thnt the announcement
contest was made in the last ist
Wilner Moore, writing to thi
ilinl, London, Eng,, suggested thai
I Estate nnd Insurance Amis.
Tlie Ladies of the Y.M. C. A. will
serve refreshments nt the rink on
Thursday, Jun.  10th.    Band night.
Premier McBride and Mr. \V, J,
Bowser, M.L.A., passed through tliis
nn.ruing en route lor Field anil
tlolden, wbora tbey will hold public
meetings, and will return to ilevelstoke to-morrow. .V big meeting will
be held In the Opera House to-niorr w
night, nt which Premier McBride, Mr.
Koivser, Mr. T. Taylor, M.P P., und
olliers will speak.
The tvouther during tbo past week
lms been exceptionally severe, and
was tho coldest experienced iu Revelstoke for i ii any years. The mercury
hovered rutiiul zero nearly nil day mid
u! nighl took ' heavy full, the lowest
recorded boing 18 below. This isvery
exci plional for li.-.-. Istoke bul wi can
lay h- iter claim now perhaps tu the
title of "Sunnj     II itisb Ci unibia
i.,.i.  .-.in  Alberta   wher ything
m- fi m-ii up,     i he - ream ol imm -
gration this  year will hear ab iui our
mild winter    d .ill   r u the rlockii -
tnd ti ttle   ., tbit 1-    1. ■        .
m  . r.   i   imal
We ire pleas. ivi    - eived the
' in ,   y    :,. d and Gun,
Sports ii ■    IV. J. Taylor ol
-port and -
, Ivi ntnre and ■
are well i
ing,  whili    - nd I .'■■- - : i hm
I an lie ■•■ I appi t *■ - vei.        I
Plnkli um
rAl.ii.lliY UKK1V1KQ 001',
lire: I;        I
Hue ,
Melt io
lhu.. n
Lye  \
.liickKun      /
Lye   )
Leu is /
MoCirter i
Pinkliiim I
Robertson i
Ki...'md /
Nairn \
EQUITABLE l.ll-Kl'lll".
UnhcrlMin I
Brock (
Nairn /
bye }
I'iiikliani /
llae *,'
Kiuo.'iid t
route *,'
Me lino (
bye J
McCarter /
Lewis \
Brown /
Jackson (
Upper I
live *,
At the sittings of the County Court
held here on tho 8.1, inst. Hit
Honor ,1. A. I-', iiu presiding. Tl.e
lollowing r.:>c*...-.'.- disposed of:
E. Corning v. A. Cato—Account lur
■p;".-., judgment for plaintiff with costs.
McCarter for plaintiff, Saott f..r do
B, Sunders.... v. A. M. Syinons-
l'laintilV sued fur $G00 for moneys
received out of n timber deal, defend-
ant oounterolaiiiied lor .fl,Ul)0. The
claim and counterclaim were both
dismissed without costs.
E, Siicrs.i.. v, R, Samson—Plaintiff
sued fur if'.lll.") wages, ol which defendant admitted Viiti. Judgment for
plaintiff, Gillan lor plaintiff, Mc-
Curter fur defendant,
Cressman v L. A. Fret/,—Plaintiff
sued for $802, amount overpaid dole ..Lint nn contract lor building n
house. Judgment (or the plaintiff,
McCarter tor plaintiff, Gillan lot* de-
feu l.mi.
lie Joseph Dunn Kstnte—G, S,
M .Carter obtained o der appointing
Re Ari-lii. uM   McMillan   Eslnte-
G  -   McC nti    - lii.iiiieil orders per-
.   ,idn ,   --imIoi- tn convey cor-
mis a   irrowhead In Id in trusl
. , mm*.il  ; :   Arrowhead   Lumber
Ci   and Mi-H muii!. McMillan Co.
the ablest preachers in Canada and the Imperial Government invett next   llustre    nt  are  exceptionally  good
the  Methodist  Church  ia to be eon
gratulatel on their selection.
Cough Syrups—any kind ynu  want
at Canada Drug Store.
The time to stop a Coiigl.it
when it starts—before it
can gather headway, Bews'
Senega is a lemedy that
nips a Cough in the bud.
Start to take it when the
first sneeze or aign ol chilli-
nets gives the alarm. It is
bett tur old cought. Don't
lor all kinds of Coughs,
Colds. Sore Throat, Hoarte-
oest, Bmnchitia, etc. Price,
25c. and 50c.
W. BEWS, r„„. a
Druggist and Stationer,
Mail orders promptly attended
year's surplus in Canadian industries,
the Canadpin Gov. rnment to appoint
n committee and guarante? tbat the
mi n-i -.iill rn i in- rashly n.-■ ited
Interest   in  Columbin  ll..'-   fruil
l.uid- contlnui and there in every indi-
[cation thai i I'-inii.-il during the
coming "n --ii  .iiii le large!)
I Northwest settlers  as  woll  at li
Winnipeg, where activity in pul
is at present livelier than us.ml.
I C. J. Soulb, secretary ol the Children'! Protective Aid Society, Vancouver, vitited the city lust, week, Mr.
South hat just returned from atrip
through the Interior and will take
i back to the society's home thre. children Ilniu H'Biiii-r, uiu: frnm Revel
ttoke, nne Irom Unas,and and one Irom
A. ,1. Taylor ol the Pacillo Loan
Oompany, hend office, Vancouver, has
1 hccii in town lor awook or two on
| business and reports very favorably "n
i thc remits attained, many oontraots
having been taken out in the city.
The object ol ibis oompany is to offer
a sale und profitable Investment, also
to assist men of moderate means to
acquire their own homes, pay off a
mortgage or buy real estate. Lull
particulars ol the company's plans can
be obtained Irom W. B. Robertson,
First Street, Revelsloke, local agent.
See company's plan in I day's issue.
in ■    .-   di    :l ng    cenet ii
camp  life,  the   Canadian   national
Park and  Selkirk    i
f.i.iini.s lieut --I.., i i ( i - ■     .   Mr.
Lord  Grey's Wetter.
II        ■       : I   mm -   l
md   D ic     :i- -I  the < Migrati in and
Diatribul        re - in. nl i
,. ting nrtiol. •    So sportsmai   *   i il
i   ■
,   illy supposed   on
ilti ...li- to be a
Tl i doet ii ; seem to
, it Inwctt we have yet
.  i-   2ii it- greet bei iw
li -.'.' -■ ui tl easl ol us it
.    s colder,
.      ■:   MoBride   will address a
oeting ol I    - lectors ol Field in the
In  Bn -    - -  in town Thursday
■   nen who are ill in
turned alto, ber
- ■    tnd   .it uguin
j   tin-  holh
i'i -      Cn,i
■A      •    ■
This week wc begin stock-taking and wc have a number of lines that wc want io clear
fore wc make our inventory,     To accomplish this we are going to offer liberal discounts
on many lines lhat arc good values at thc prices ihey arc now  marked.    Here are a few
samples to choose from !—
20 per cent. off.
$1.50 Per Pair
OVERSHOES for Ladies and Misses.
Ladies and Children.
25 per cent, off
JACKETS for  Ladies  and  Children.
Everyone of them new this Fall.
33 1-3 per cent off
NECK FURS, in all the Fall Styles,
that sold from $2,50 to $20.
33 1-3 per cent off
Hoods and Coats.
25 per cent, off
LADIES' WRAPPERS,    Flannelette
and Cotton.
Now 25 Cents
CUSHION   TOPS that sold at  35c.,
40c and 50c. each.
Lots of Odd Lines
We have lots of odd lines-too small to
advertise on which we are making very low
20 per cent, off
FELT  SLIPPERS   for   Women and
prices to get them out of the way.
If you want bargains come in and pick
ihem oul for yourselves,   They arc here for
your choosing.
Lennan & Company
Municipal Eleotions
IM thai Ilu- Annual Pro Election
Public Meeting will be held in the
Commencing; at 8 p. m. Sharp
This meeting has In he held on
Saturday to obtain tbo use ol the
Opera House, und ill order to accomodate the. Business Men of lhe City
the ineolliig will begin sharp on time.
JOHN Mil.Lull,
s Ifest
Soft Screened Coal
Sucked if Required
$9 per ton delivered
Phcnc 65       McKenzie Ave.
Teacher ol Piano, Vocal and
Studio :—Lawrence Blook.
Pupils prepared lm* University and
Conservatory Exams.
Election Notice!
Business Locals Ejection* Notice!
Trv u put ul Bews' Parisi in I a -
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Rovelstoko Cigars.
(iet. your Carpets and Linoleum at
Howson's Furniture Store
Myals Extracl Cod Livi r Oil, tonic
ami cold cure, nl Lews' llrug Store,
lilank hooks, lil.-s, carbon pnper und
nil office supplies :.t. Canada Drug
A.lvortioo your homo City. Send iranr
lrinn.1 n Hox of Rovolstoko Cigars for
n Xmas Prosent. 11
A nice line ol  parlor  chairs  and id,.;!,,-.,.- I,, i.iii-,.....i.
couches nt R. Howson's Furniture
Hews' Witch Hazel Cream is unexcelled for chapped handt cr use alter
sh ivlng,
Chamoit vests and .-.Iiest protectors
at Canada Drug A* Hook Co,, Rovol-
stokr, B, C,
Tothe Municipal Electors of No.
2 Ward City of Revelstoke.
. . - ■ i have to
intin ite thai al thc n pie I I mini
erum rati 1       in the field at
candidate  I i  tlden    lor  No   *i
Ward, snd beg to request tho favor ol
your tupport on my behall st, the pull
ni. Tb irsdsy, Jan, 17th, If returned
cn assure yuu It will he my en-
i. best Intern': "I
the city,
Your ol nli.:..!. servant,
Rovolstoko Dinars  Union Made  Our
Speoial, Tho Union, und Mnroa Vuolta
aro nhoail ul nil others.
To the Ratepayers of the City
of Revelstoke:
Lai.us' am. (I.:nti.i:mi:s:—At the
i-npiest of a large number ol citizens,
,     di i-i,l.-d   iii offer inyeelt as a
i.ididato inr Mayor al the election.
I have in  lluiiik ynu fur the many
ip ,- i ni   uf   appreciation of my
■   i    mi your behall, vylu'li I hud Ibo
honor ol representing you belore in
this   i Ilic,   ii lid   ...sure   you, il   yuu
should again honor me, I will give lhe
,., ,   mi .   .md   nil. nlimi   to  yum*
1 here SfO several mailers nl vital
Imp irl ...co to Hi" city's welfare mnv
pending, whioh I hope to Imve lhe
,,| purl unity ol dtsoussing with you in
pul,lie before the elootlon.
Respectfully yniirt,
An Ostermoor matWatt is just the
comfortable artiole lor thete oold
nights, I! How-en A Co, have n
stock "ii hiiiiil.
Mitt Margaret Crolghfon will be at
home ior slu.lei. Ir ... 2 to 8:80 p m.
iivery uflcrnnon ..! the Suidiu, Lawrence Blobk, Visits ini.de if lequested,
better consult us.   You may need
a pair uf glasses or spectacles. We
know. II ycu don't need nny we
will tell you to. But do not neglect your eyes—thoy may neglect
you Inter on. A reminder " nn
ounce oi prevention" and what
follows. Everything optical lieu:;
but spectacles to order u specialty.
'l rfl it'i ili A inti it'i itt At it\ it'i A it'i it'i 1*1*1 tti iti i*ti it'i it'i tti tti At A it'i '1*1
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
i At iJtl 'Ta ti'i tTi At its tT.t i*h A A* ttt tTi »♦« /K »♦■ ■♦« **K A A «Ta JT* A A A.
* *w \P*!|!rVK W " "" 4?'+ + + **F'™"' "If W '-Jr nI' 4» V * ♦- 1 ■* V
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St Op. Union lj
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .     ,     ,
Dwelling nnd Lot, Sectind Street   .     .
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street .     .     ,     ,
Dwelling and IjOts, (corner) Fifth Street
Double Corner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A,
Lots on Second St., east nf McKenzie Ave., each
Lols on Third St., enst nf McKenzie Ave., each  ,
Luis on Fourth Si,, enst of McKenzie Ave., end.
Lots on Fifth St., east nf McKenzie Ave., each   ,
.   200
.   150
Having just received a large shipment ol Pipes, Imported
Cigars, cunleclionory, stationery and Tobacco, we arc now prepared to Iill your orders with the highest grade goods at the lowest
prices in the City.
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