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 Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
;ial Library
For ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, this Machine
iB unsurpassed.—PeIOE: |80 00cash.
nterior Publishing Co , Agents
Vol. 14.-No  38
REVELSTOKE. B. C. MAY '23, 1908
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd i
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Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boys' and Girls' Tennis and Lacrosse Shoes in
Pure Rubber and Flexible Soles, the low cut, sell at
♦ 1.255 High Lace $1.35.
Ladies' and Men's Sporting Shoes, lacrosse, tennis,
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high cut lace Balmorals at $1.50.
Boys' Fancy Canvas Low Shoes, strapped and
reinforced with leather, light and cool for hot Summer
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1 to 5, at—$1.50.
Men's White Canvas Shoes, delightfully soft and
cool, very dressy, made in the new shapes, extra good
leather soles. The Low Shoes or Oxfords sell at $2.50
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Ladies' White Canvas Oxfords in extra fine
canvases, made in the new shapes, plain or toe cap,
American Ties, very stylish, the acme of shoe comfort,
at $2.50 and $2.75.
Tan Canvas Mercerized 0> fords, in very new
shapes, the very newest heels, Fancy Silk Ribbon Ties,
light and cool.    Selling now at $3.00.
SHOE DRESSING—Tan Beauty and White
Beauty, in liquid form, for cleaning Canvas Shoes—
25 Cents.
Stores at Kevelstoke and Arrowhead.
Flies are coming—Get ready. We will sell you new
Sjreeu Wiudowa and Doors, or lis up your old frames.
Ie your Lawn Mower iu shape ? If not we will put it
in shape for a an all charge. For the edge of your lawn, get
Grasa Shears or a Sickle, also a Sharpening Stone. We
have tbem.
Who doca not enjoy a Hammock ? You'll enjoy ours
more. Beautiful patterns. We have also a splendid line
fur tbe baby.
Now that the hot weather is here, and you find it hard to
keep your food from spoiling get a good Refrigerator. We
sell that kind only.   See our beat white enamellod inside.
Freeze your own cream aud make it to your own taste,
Delicious creams in a minute with our Freezers.
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^Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited^
^W-~,(T,Ar.i'i.•• rlii'J-'m'_."»i_..._."i a• i.y^5S_5B_35SBB35S5BS^^
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OfTloe—Toronto, Ontario.
.tranche, la th. ProvluOM of Manitoba, Alberta, 8a.kateh.wan,
Brltl.h Colombia, Ontario, Qaabac.
Oapital Authorised ... •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....    •4,825,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund .... .4.225,000.00
D. R. Wilkik, President; Hon. R. Jaffbay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business .Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
8avlngs Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Bevelstoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. .affray, Manager
C. P. R. Rolling Stock
MonthkaIi, May 22 —In an interview to-day Mr. H H. Vaiignen, assistant to the vice-president McNicoll,
ol tbe C.P.R., said that new freight
cars ire lieing produced at the Angus
shops at tho rate of 10 a day, and tho
prospects were not only that tbis rate
would be kept up, but tbat it would
be increased within a month or sis
weeks if the general Ireight business
picked up and the crop prospects continued to be aa guild as tbey were at
present,    The passenger oar depart
ment was very busy turning out on an
average of 20 cars a month, which
rate would.lie kept up at the shops,
and even incroascd. The letting out
ot about 200 men from the Angua
shops the other day was caused, said
Mr. Vatighan, entirely by tbe lact
that the company haa decided to build
no moro locomotives. There were ao
many locomotives idle at present that
it would be f 'dish to build more. Tbe
possibilities were that no more men
would he let out.
Monday being a  holiday   the store
will be oloeed—0. Ll. Iluum A Co,
Resolutions Passed by Board
of Trade  re  Grand Trunk
Pacific  Construction Route
From Revelstoke.
A special meeting of the Board of
Trade wae held on Wednesday nigi.t
in the City Hall, there being a good
attendance. President F. B. Lewis
took the chair. The meeting had been
called for the purpose of discussing a
matter of vital importance to the business interests uf Revelstoke, namely
tbe making of requests to tbe Dominion and Provincial governments for
assistance towards the improvement
and opening up of transportation
facilities from Revelstoke via Columbia and Canoe rivers to Fraser river
and Tete Jaune Cache in order that
the trade and commerce incident to
the building of a large section of the
Grand Trunk Pacific railway may be
secured to Revelstoke.
Iu our last issue wc described at
some length tbe proposition, which is
now the leading topic of the day in
our city commercial circles and how
important it was for Reveletoke to get
together and secure eome promise
from the governments relative to tbe
opening up of thia northern route to
the G. T. P. construction, whereby the
various contractors could easily transport supplies from this city for tbeir
railroad work.
Several speakers on Wednesday in
dilating on the feasibility of tbis
route, convinced the board tbat it waa
the one which afforded the moat likely
means of transporting supplies quickly
and cheaply since the route via Kamloops and the North Thompson is 100
miles longer and impracticable, and
tbe route via Edmonton and Yellow-
bead Pass haa been also found impracticable for a wagon road. On the
other band the route via Revelstoke
to a point on Cauoe river within 45
miles of the Fraser, near Tete Jaune
Cache, consists of an almost unbroken
stretch of navigable water, Death
Rapids being the only obstacle. This
could be overcome by a tramway of
about four miles, which, as G. S. McCarter said, could be easily built, as
recent surveys made had shown. A
steamer on the upper Columbia above
the rapids and up Canoe river as far
as the log jamb will commence running just as soon as tbe dilticultles of
Death Rapids aro overcome.
The board feel that it was the duty
of the Dominion government to construct tbe tram and thus secure the
navigation of tbe Columbia entirely.
Mr. McCarter said that a fully equipped tram would cost somewhere about
.$ 16,000 and as far as the steamboat
company were concerned, he said that
be would sooner see the tram government owned and operated than Bub-
sidised. The Board agreed that it was
the duty of the provincial government
iu view of the fact that this upper
Columbia and northern country iB
bringing into the provincial treasury
thousands of dollars of taxes and
licence fees on hundreds of square
miles of timber, to appropriate funds
for the construction of roada and other
means of getting accesa to the Canoe
river country where there are thousands of acres of agricultural land. A
strong feeling asserted itself that the
government should provide for the
opening up of tbia country and make
eome tangible promise of so doing,
which would be a guarantee to the
G. T. P. contractors to adopt this
route for the carrying of supplies for
their construction work.
It waa then moved by A. McRse
and seconded by W. M. Lawrence that
a strong resolution be sent from the
Board to tbe Dominion government,
requesting that an appropriation be
made to bnild a tram round Death
Rapida, either aa a government work
or as a subsidy to a private company.
Carried unanimously.
Copies will be sent to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, W. A. Galliher, Senator Bos-
tock and Mr. Templcman. A. Mcltae
said that all the data regarding the
tram eurveya were at Ottawa now.
Thomas Taylor, M. P. P., said that
aa soon as the anow had gone work
on tbe trail to Canoe river would lie
commenced and he felt suro that the
government would assist in any enterprise for tbe development of the
Q. S. McCarter said tbat he thought
that the Premier and other ministers
who were iu the interior now, Bhould
be asked to come up to Revelstoke,
meet tbe Board and discuss thiB question and if passible extract some
promise tbat will reault in the work ol
opening up tbe Canoe river route
which will help ibe G.T P. contractors
besideB being a means of profit to tbe
It was moved by G. S. McCartor and
seconded hy C. F. Lindmark, that an
urgent message he sent to Nelson lo
the Premier requesting hi u to return
via Revelstoke and meet the Board,
and discuss the matter.    Carried.
Mr. McCarter then read a letter from
a Pennsylvania firm asking for details
and information regarding the ad vis
ability of establishing a tannery in or
near Revelstoke. Tbe letter stated
tbat hemlock bark was getting scarce
in the Statea and that the question of
starting a tannery on tbe Columbia
where hemlock is plentiful was being
seriously taken up. Information regarding freight rates, number of hides
obtainable, quantity of hi-ml ick, cost
of lumber, labor market and other
things, was asked for. Mr. McCarter
said that the hemlock here had been
teeted as suitable for tanning purposes
and there wae a large area t f country
to draw from. A difficulty arose since
the government will not allow refuse
or aewage water to run into the Columbia, although Nelson and Rossland
are doing it at the present time.
Mr, Taylor aaid that he wasn't aware
that other cities ran tbeir sewnge
water into rivera and lakes, and if ao,
there was no reason why Kevelstoke
shouldn't, and he thought that the
government would not icfu-o on the
grounds of au industry i.eing established.
A committee consisting of G.S. McCarter, A. McRae and F. McCarty was
appointed to procure all information
re tannery possibilities.
The Mt. Victoria trail waa discussed
and a resolution passed that the government and city council get together
aud arrange for the work, as had pre-
vioualy been promised. A resolution
waa passed in which the board tenders
its regret at the departure of A. K.
Phipps, late manager of the Imperial
Bank, from Revelstoke, and acknowledging bis value as a citizen and the
good work he bud done in aiding in
tbe progress of the city.
R. Tapping wus proposed and elected
a member of tbe hoard. Tbe meeting
then terminated.
Regretable Departure
It ia with considerable regret that
we announce the departure of Mr. and
Mra. A. E. Phipps from Rcvelstcke,
after so many years of residence
amongst us. During tlici. sojourn
here they have created a large circle
of friends and by their kindness and
thoughtfulnesB have endeared them
selves to all who knew them. Mrs.
Phipps has been always closely assi-
ciated with the philanthropic work of
tbe town, and was an iiidefuligi'u'e
worker for the hospital na well as
other institutiona which bad enlisted
her services. Mrs. Phipps took a keen
interest in all social movements and
gave her beat efforts towards furthering tbeir success.
Mr. Phipps has attained general
popularity among all circles, and
whether in busineas or in movements
for the progress of the city and the
welfare of Revelstoke in general, bus
always taken an active and interested
part, giving his beet efforts for their
success. In tbo business of the Im
perial Bank, ho used impartial judgment and studied the interests ol both
that inatitution aa well aa its clients.
As a member of tbe hospital board
and board of trade, he has done good
work, and genuine regret will be felt
at his departure and Revelstoke is
loaing two of her best citizens who had
the interests of the city really at
Miss Ada L. A. Murcutt
Special attention ia callend to the
notice on another page of tbe programme of leotures by Miss Murcutt,
to be delivered in the opera house
next week, beginning Sunday evening
after the regular seivices in the
churches. Mias Murcutt cornea with
tbe very highest recommendations.
She standa almost without a peir
among women in platform ability. In
whatever towna she has lectured tl e
largest halls have been packed, and
crowde increased each evening. She
comes witli an end to be gained, viz :
The moral welfare of the city and
country, and all well-wishing citizens
ahould give ber their loyal support.
Each evening she will be assisted by
local talent. On Sunday evening
Mra, Bews and Miss Borden will singe
duet. Monday evening a duct by the
Maatera Sameon; Tuesday evening a
solo by Mrs. Squarobrigga; Wednesday
a solo by Miaa Leonard; Thursday a
aolo by Mra. Dent.
Boom Bill Killed—Insurance
Companies Safe—Tax Railroads in Saskatchewan-
Canada and the Flag.
Ottawa, May 23.—The senate railway committee killed the bill to incorporate tbe Shuswap A Thompson
River Boom Company, because it
emtio solely within tbe jurisdiction of
the Province of British Columbia.
The promoters of the bill take their
defeat sorely. They have kept up an
active lobby aince yeeterday, and today, by a vote of 20 to 15, succeeded in
getting the bill sent back to tbe railway committee where the tight will be
London, May 23. — The question
whether tbo fire which partly destroyed
Kingston, Jamaica, in January, 11107,
broke out before or after the earthquake, baa been deoided in favor of the
insurance companies.
Reqina, May 23.—The government
yesterday adopted a resolution providing for the taxUion of railways in the
poovince, introduced by Piovincial
Treasurer Calder.
Ottawa, May 23.—In the senate
Senator Djmville read a despatch stating that the prime minister of England had stated in tbe British house
of commons that be did not regard it
advisable to order the hoisting of the
Union Jack over public buildings on
Empire Day.
Hon. Mr, Scott said there was no
intention of restricting the tlying of
the Union Jack in Canada.
New York, M_y 23.—Trans-Atlantic records for voyage average speed
and for tbe shortest trip over the long
course, were broken by the Cunard,
liner Lusitauia which arrived here
yesterday after a passage of 1 daye, 20
hours and 22 minutes, tbe average
speed being 24.83 knots,
Rio de Janeiro, May 23.—A fatal
ascension was made here yesterday by
Lieut. Fonza, of tbe Brazilian army.
Tbe balloon rose three thousand feet
when fuddenly it collapsed and fell
down to the earth with unchecked
rapidity. Tbe lieutenant was crushed
to death.
50 Killed and 100 Injured Near
Antwerp in Collision.
ANTWERP, May 22.—A railroad accident of unprecedent horror in the
annals of Belgian train disasters recurred at 9.1 6 o'clock this morning at
Contich, a eution six miles southeast
of antwerp on tbe main line. An express train from Antwerp to Brussels
crashed into a train loaded with pilgrims ou their way to a local shrine
This train was standing on a siding.
Several of its cars were telescoped
and shattered to matchwood. The
total number of dead is placed at fifty
and tbe injured at over one  hundred.
The accident ia supposed to have
been due to a misplaced switch The
engineer and tbe fireman of the express train were killed outright.
The extracting of the dead and injured Irom the debris appalled even
tbe stoutest of the rescuers. Tbe
spectacle was horrible, Many of the
bodies had lost all human shape and
beads, arms and lege were ground off
by tbe wheels and scattered through
the wteckage. Three decapitated
bodice were found twenty feet from
the track.
Garden Requisites
Your garden cannot possibly he a success unless you
have the proper tools to work
with and GOOD SEEDS to
sow, all of which can be obtained at our Store. You will
then r.ipiirea length of our
guaranteed RUBBER HOSE
and a sprinkler to water said
garden and possibly a Wood-
yatt Lawn Mower or a pair of
shears to cut the grass.
If your house needs painting, Sherwin-Williams'
Mixed Paints are the best, but at any rate see that the colors
are mixed with Sherwin-Williams' " Screw Press" Linseed
Oil for which we are agents. We also carry a large stock
of dry colors, colors in oil, varnishes, alabastine, etc.
Our Refrigerators, Ice Cream Freezers, Oil Stoves,
Screen Doors and Windows, Wire Netting, etc., are in big
demand these days.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   $0.00 per ton is the cheapest
Goal on lhe market,
Tbey start fire as easily as dry wood and last as long ns hard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stove's, Heaters,  Self Keeelers and
open grates.
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
wiU'ftll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Flags!    Kings! all sizes, 25o. a dozen
1 up—0. B. Hume A Co.
Gotch to Wrestle Roller
Seattle, May 22.—Ur. B F Roller,
the Seattle wrestler, who haa thia year
deleated all the heavyweights of prominence up to the champion, has received a challenge from Frank A.
Gotch himself. The challenge wae
promptly accepted, and tho match
will probably occur in Seattle towards
the end ol July.
The geologicul survey branch of the
Dominion Government Mines Depart
ment will do much work in Western
Canada this year. The programme
laid out by Mr. K. W. Brock, tho
capvble director, ia important from the
British Columbia standpoint,
A letter was received in town this
morning Irom the Ottawa Department
of Justice, elating that in answer to a
petition sent to that department
recently from Reveletoke requesting
the release from the New Westminster
penitentiary of .lames Barr, who wus
sentenced last June by tbe local magistrate to two years imprisonment for
rctiating arreBt, Barr hsd been released on ticket of leave, at the latter
end ol December laat,
The "Carter" Hat
If you desire to feel that you are up-to-date in
hat style wear a "CARTER." It is the
finishing touch to the clothing of a well-
dressed man of taste. The above illustration
shows one of the latest styles of " CARTER "
felt hats. Manufactured from selected material
by experienced workmen it combines the qualities which arc the true test of hat worth:
Style, Comfort, and Service, making it the
greatest value for the price
Special features of the " CARTER " are the
new leather attachment which enables the hat
to readily fit the head, lightness in weight,
flexible texture, and serviceable wear. Each
style comes in every size, each size in every
dimension. Advertised and worn from ocean
to ocean. Sec our window display of these
celebrated union-made hats. Come in and
look them over. We have one to fit your
form and head.
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
At 8 Per Cent.
Gbe fl&ailVlfoevalb.
DA.   AT
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas   MURPHY Hakoi.ii FisHKB
ILL AN J- r.i_i..lO W.
Un.rrisst.'ri,  Soil  it. r.. En
KKV.'.i.M ikb 1>D TH "I I I. iKK II I
0. X. QlUJJ J■ '" m""'
OrriCKs :   IN 'bkial   Bask   IIlock,   Hkvicl-
BTsisiK,   II. 0,
Money to loan. ,. o n
Offloes: Revelstoke, B„C; Cranbrook, B. C.
J. A. Harvkv,
Cranbrook, B. 0,
Oio. S. McCaktkb,
i. M.   PlN KHAM,
Revelatoko, B.
1. M. Scott 1.L.D W. I. BrlggS.
Barbistkrs, SouorroBB, Etc.
Solicitors for M.OLBOKB Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Assay   ol all Ores.   Samples by mall or express
receive prompt attention.
Term. Moderate.
ADDRESS        .       -      -       BOX 182 Kasix>. B. 0.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box loti, Revelstoke.
Mining Engineer
Member American Institute Mining Engineers.
Member iTnadiin Miuing Institute.
Mem. Dominion Institute Associated Eugineors
Revelstoke. B, ('.
Examination of aud Reports on Mineral Properties (or Investors.
Cable Addross-'Kanagan," Rovolstiisto, B. C.
I'odes-Bedford-McSeill: Moreiug .t Seal;
founded on the fact that besides
.being fur removed from any for-
i midablo rival nnd tlie centre of a
vast and promising territory, .lie
uIpo oft'et'H nniiiral advantages that
are peculiarly ber Dwn. Revelstoke
appeals to all intending settlers
and commercial men in the went as
,i oity of unrivalled position ceo
iraphically, a* well us a desirable
cation fur niuuv industrial pur-
uits, since transportation facilities
and electric power can be obtained
at low rates. These factors alone,
.viil encourage the establishment of
industries, Another boon io Revelstoke will be the opening up ol
the Big Bend and Canoe river
route to Tete Jaune Cache which
will enable the Grand Trunk Pacific railroad to tnke up its supplies
for construction purposes al low
cost and at the same time considerably aid tlie commerce and business of the city. The opening up
of this north country will contribute largely to the cofforB of the
province and the government
would thereby gain additional revenue and prolit a long way over
and above the money spent on the
work. Agriculture, lumbering and
mining will receive renewed impetus all of which, as expansion goes
on.will.in.the near future,entail tho
establishment of consequent industrial enterprises and materially
augment the city's expansion. The
general public should take interest
in these things and not leave it all
to the Board of Trade, but get in
and boost every new enterprise,
and work in harmony for tho ono
great object—Success.
Western L'nion; (.'lough.
Mining, Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Slock Insura. ce
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled en Mines, Land and Timber.
B. C.
IOC.      The latest
black plug
chewing tobacco.
Ch. _H.ail*1i.evalb
To.re is _o m  .h bad i1. the Isest of u-.
Ami so snuch go<v_ in the worn >i( us.
Tsiat it (MM!? lseln.so.es any of us,
T i '.il. ab- ii -.he rest ,f us.
SATURDAY, MAY 23. 1908
A fruit tree is judged by ils fruit
and a town by its inhabitants, at
least to some extent. Given a one-
horse mud-hole of a place of fifty
people who pull together and have
a lire and go about them and that
mud-hole will blossom like a rose
in June. On the other hand take
a community of two hundred and
still more, of three thousand, who
apparently do nothing all day except lie around like Chinamen in a
dope den and that town will sooner
or later go to the dogs. If a community will get to work aud pull
together and keep at it, and have
the energy and persistence and be
at all times alive to any enterprise
or scheme that will promote the
advance and progress of the city,
lhat excitement will be of the right
sort aud keep them from degenerating and getting into listless ways.
But on the other hand if they acquire the aforesaid Chinaman's
habits and only rouse after an
effort, they then degenerate too.
The absence of friction, therefore,
one way or another, be it commercially or socially, among the people of a city is in a measure a sign
of degeneration, for friction invariably creates excitement, and excitement begets renewed interest.
A town to he in a healthy coudi- I
tion must be more or less like an ',
active volcano—something doing
all the tioi-e, and if the people ars
not kicking one another and continually stirring things up it is
, evidence of a loss of vitality.
Ideal Spot for Summer Camping and Recreation
How little is known outside of a
few f.ivnred mortals of tbe beauties of
the scenery along the water. iys that
stretch from Kamloop to S.i niois—
iilnng tho BbUBwap Luke Especially
beautiful is the scenery down tie
Thompson river, tbat stretch of water
rambling along at ihe rate of tbne
miles an bur, and to thoroughly
eijuy it the trip must be niutle by
water by motor host. No conception
cim he had it tbe j nimey be made by
rail of the grandeurs of the panorama
that is unfolded mile after mile. It
must be seen to be understood, for
words cannot convey even tbe crudest
im; ressione of its glories. On cither
aide range regular bencheB, c.ia cllated
and turreted as if tbey were the works
nl human bands covered with a green
mantle of graaa and dotttd bere and
there witb pines Sweeping Blopea
run buck to meet these serried ledges,
cut at regular intorvalB by huge
gullies and gulches What were undoubtedly tbe bunks of a slow, sluggish river, are now dry and composed
of line alluvium, these terracca, dotted
with sage brush, make a very imposing
acetic with fringes of trees and bushes,
The river winds round bluffs and
towers, now smooth, now disturbed by
fuBsy rapids and swirling eddies, now
wide, now narrowing, through scenes
everohanging which cannot fail to
impress the artistic lover of nature.
Thia part of the Thompson line a
peculiarity of its own and thia wonderful formation of lofty terraced ridges
bus a fascination lor all who bine
passed through them. Up the rapidly
moving Little River into the gieat
Shuswap, makes an exciting trip, hb
human skill combats witb nature, and
where the narrowed waters swirl and
fiiittn in their confined chimin Is.
Shuswap Luke with its vast coast line
of over three hundred miles bordered
by forest clad slopea, backed by snow
capped peaks and presenting a picture
tbat cannot but appeal to the most
exacting, affords ideal camping
grounds, and game of any kind, aa
well aa excellent fishing, can be had.
Sunaet on the lake gives niurvellouB
cloud effects, and us darkness closes
over the scene one can sit beside the
camp fire, listening to tbe music ot
tbe Irogs und tbe wierd, uncanny
laughter uf tbe lonely loon.
settled. The decision means a great
deal for the Slocan niineowtierB, wbo
will now bj able to send their zinc
shipments south and realize on them.
Setsley's hair tone, unexcelled for
dandruff, !fl a bottle at Bews' dm_
Zinc Ores Duty Free to States
Nelson, May 22.—The announcement a week ago that the United
Statea Customs autboritiei in future
wonld admit sulphide zinc ores free,
lias been officially confirmed, and
though there is atill a further appeal,
it i« thought that the  matter is now I
This trade mark
and the word
Tower on th*
button, dtatin-
aulstt thia high
" de ilkker from
'Just as 900.
'—• vm rii
I.   O.   F.
 kuio, tsio. 8461. meets 2nd and
Ilii Mondays iu OildfoUtiws Hull, next to Opera
Heiuse- Visiting brethren cordially invited to
J.W Qabland, C.B.
H. W. Edwards, R.S
c. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
McotF  Second  and   Fourth   Wednesdays In
each month, In Selkirk Hull.   Vlsut.in   Woodmen oordlally Invited to attend.
W. 1). AltMSTllONQ, Con. Com.
.1. McINTYItE, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The reRular meetings aro held in the Selkirk
Hall every Tuesday evening at 8. o'cIock. Visiting brethren are oordlally invited.
J.   LESLIti,   PllliSIDENT.
w. e. McLauchlin, secretary.
Kootcnav Lod     No. 15 A.F, & A.M.
The regular moot*
ingt* aro held in the
Masonic Temple,
jddFelloWH Hall,on
the third Monday in
each month at .
p.m. VUitingbreth
rcn   cordially   wel
C. A. FHOCUNIEK, Srcrktaky.
The Mark of Identity
We are safeguarding your interests when
we urge you   to look   for   the
Fit-Reform trademark iu every
Suit and Overcoat you buy.
It is the distinguishing sign of
style—of tailoring—of value.
Thousands of men have
learned that it pays to look
for this label—and pays
well to find it.
Let it guide
YOU always
in buying
Suits     and
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Meets overyThurBday
evening in Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'olook
Visiting brethren oor
dlally invited to attend
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelatoko, B. C.
ex-opt Third Wednesday ol
esu'hnir.nth, tn the Oddfellows'
Hall at a o'clock. Visiting
Knights are isordially invited.
J. MATHIE, 0. C.
fi. H. HROl'K, K. of K. 4 S.
H. A. HROWN, M. of F
despairs " Don't do a
thing;" till yon nee clearly
what?! best by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on health, disease, love, marriage and parentage
Tell.- what you'd oak a dot-tor, out don't like to
240 pages, Illustrated, 2A eonts; hut to introduce
it we Hend one only to any adult for postage,
10 ceuls.
East 28th Street, NEW YORK
Although Revelstoke has always
l*-er. a popular eily both aa a resort
l'or the tourist and the travelling
public in general, and also as a
central headquarters for corunier-
cial men in the province, it is
but recently thai the possibilities of
her becoming an industrial centre
have attracted many eyes to the
exceptional advantages held out to
manufacturing investments and to
firms who are endeavoring at this
time to locate in a likely district.
Within the last few weeks many
inquiries have been made regarding the feasibility of establishing
industries here, and those who have
looked over the ground have gone
away very well satisfied with the
result? of their scrutiny. Important industrial enterprises which
can Vie operated in connection with
our owu resources are the ones to
look to, ami such has been the case
only recently when a Pennsylvania
firm communicated with some of
eiur local men regarding the possibilities of establishing a tannery
here. We have many things thai
will easily warrant the inauguration of such industries and our
facilities for such are exceptional.
Whether or no these preliminaries
will bear fruit cannot he said, al
though the outlook is promising
Revelstoke has hopes and ambitions of her own—hopes that are!
The convention of Uritish Columbia and Alberta Socialists takes
[..lace today at Fernie and no doubt
will have some interesting and important mutters fur discussion
relai.ive to the conducting the
affairs of the Dominion as well as
to the system under which we are
now all living. Socialism has
never yet told us distinctly, if it
has tried to tell us at all, what its
form of government is to be. (Jan
it devise a government which shall
hold all the instruments of production, distribute our industrial part",
regulate our remuneration, yet,
leave us frf-e? Without freedom
and personal choice of callings,
how could there be progress, bow
could there he invention, and how
could there be dedication to intellectual pursuits? Can the government pick out inventors, scientific
discoverers, philosophers, men nf
letters and artists,set them to work
ami assign their reward? P.y what
standard will It measure remunerations? The products ol manual
labor it mightco.iceiviibly measure,
but apparently the.pn alone.
Tlir Hoard of Trade linn forwarded h
dopy ol a resolution, passed at tli_.ii
hut meeting, to A. R Pblpp*, late
manager ol the Imperial Hunk hern,
expressing their regret at hlsdepur
lure and acknowledging the value ol
his services to the hoiitd, and ns a
citizen of Rovolstokc.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
JEWELLERS       i      AND      i        OPTICIANS
Art and Beauty
are combined In our new designs in carpets. Onr stock is
complete; and the colors rich
and effective, the designs artistic, and the " tout ensemble "
is striking anel beautiful, We
hnve never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
H HOWSOW Sr co.r.
<J Even tne young fulks can be helped to a
proper understanding of culture if taught lhat
the people and the things that wear well are
worth  while.
<J Beneath the surface ... the SLATER SHOE
you will rind the reason fur its being the first
choice hy men and women. The best stiejea
never y.'t cost the least money, and the Slater
$5.00 Shoe has stamped on it the " Seal of
C. B. HUME & Co., Revelstoke, B.C.
who enn eat Manning's candles
without having some little feeling of gratitude for Iho donor.
(ll course you've gol to fight ymir
own love li'itllns, young man, but
uur oonfeotlons you'll flnrl t<. bu
ii strong ully In your wooing,
Mannings Candy Palace
r%r%*rW% *^%^%^%^%%%^%s'%%^%^t>'%^V_V%^.*^»
HKAD OFFICE :  Caloaby,   Albkiita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Packers nnd Dealers in l_ive Stock.   Markets in all lhe priori
pnl Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Ooliiuiliin and the Yukon.
Puckers r.f the Celebrated Brand  " Imperil t" r" Hums nnd Bin on,
\    and "Shamrock" Brand Lent Lnrd. j*
Import direct from Country of origin.
Central Hotel
__________ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience!.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Speci I Weakly Ratea.
Queen's  Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  management
AlamifttcMired fur ull clashes of tmildiuKS
for sale iu lim.i. or smiill quantities
ut tho lowest, ptlcttd for tosh.
bul Idiiiu und plusloriiitf
To Trappers
ftaw Furs Bought,
clash Prices Paid
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
D raying
All Kinds of Light and H avy
Hauling Undertaken
Denier in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Relinlile Varieties at reasonable! prices
No Borers. No Scale. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
anil seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Suraylng Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B. 0.   Catalogue free.
Greenhouses and Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       .     -      -     B. C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    -A-X/B-EmT     STOUSTE.      PEOP.
Queens Jfotel
Hcst brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Lrecii will find excellent accommodation at this
I'nir ol general purpose geldings,
n\x and seven year*., weight twenty-
one hundred, well broken to work
tingle or double, good roadsters, Aim
linin wagon, double box and tsr.iki',
nesrly  new;  one  .1.   B,   Armstrong
DetnOOratS,'"0 Beats and drake; otu
sinul" open ntiglty; one set work liar
liens; one set driving harness; one
Hingln lingiiy harness. All an good as
now—nt a hiirgftin.
Salmon Arm, B  C.
Certificate  of Improvements
Hik Hopn Kniction Mineral rUim No. 2,
Hitmito In the Trout Lako Mining l)iftt.ioii of
ilm Konti.iiriy District. Loe.lt'jri ou Poplar
TAKK NOTICE thnt I, C J A. N. Purlin]-.
Proa Miner'iUflftlfloal* No. M WWI6, intend 60
day! from i ho date hereof to up ply tn the Miu-
hiL* Recorder for n fertiflcatonf Tinprovi.meut-
for the purpose of obtainiiiK a Crown Grant of
the above claim. And further take notice that
action under Section 87 must be commenced
before tho ifmuauce of such ('euiflcate of
Dated this ith day uf April,"H«i»
t. J. A.N  PAULEY.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Sat.   "   S3 Lk. Manitoba
Fri.   "   20 Emp. Ireland
Sat. June 6 Lk.Champlain Wed. 20
Fii.   "   12 Emp. Britain Fri. " 20
Winter Season From St. John
1st. Class 2nd. CIhss 3rd. Class
$90 00   $48 75 $.8 75
IS!. Class ind. Class 3rd. Class
$80 00       $42 50       $27 50
Other Lake lkiATS—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets.
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg arid
all other ('online  tal ports.
For further information apply to
T.W.Bradshaw,    E.J.Coyle,
Revised   Statutes of Oanada,
1906, Chapter 115
Pursuant to the above Statute the
Columbia River Lumber Company,
Limited; give notice that they have
applied by petition to the Qovernor-ln-
Council for approval of the site and
plans for certain booms proposed to be
constructed in the Columbia River
near Golden in the Province of British
Columbia, a plan and description of
the proposed site and of the booms to
be constructed have lieen deposited
with the Minister of Public Works at
Ottawa, and a duplicate thereof in the
Land Registry office at Nelson, B.C.
Dated this HOth day of April, 1008.
Columbia Kivkk Lumber Co., Ltd.
Per J. D. Mi-CihimAi-K,
my 2-30 d Managing Director.
Certificate of Improvements
Maymli; Mack, Miua ft,, Iron UMt, and Lent
Fraction mineral elaluKi,  Bltuate  In the
Nrniit 'alte Mining Uivlalonol We-nl kootenay liiilriot.
Wuere looaleili-ln Uoat Creek Baalu, ailloln.
Ing tbe Beatrice croup.
Take notiee  thai I, K. Smith, F.M.C. No.
It_*7l'.!, aijcnl lor J  11, Mackcii.le.i .M.C. No, B
88572 and Archer  Martin,  H.M.i;. No. U174W,
inti'iiil. slxly slsija Irom dule  hereof, to apply
lo tbe  MIiiIiik   Kucorder  lor a (Jorlllleate ol
Impr11vcment.il, for lhe purpose ol obtaining a
Crown Urant of the above otaimN.
Ami further  lake nolice that action, under
lection 87.  mint be commenced  before tho
Issuance nl mieh Ccrtllieiius of Improvement.,
Dated thi. Pith dav ol April, A.li. iikib.
•at ap 18 COd
rilllK iittoutliiii of lhe I.aml. and Worka lie-
L partmont havingbaen illreotod In th« fact
Unit towu liils in 11 tnwimlta linniecl IMnoo Hn
pert holiiKa nbdlTUIqn of Lot 041, KniiKeTi,
Loam District, nitii'itoil nn the mainland between lho miiulli nf thn Bkoeua Rivor mid Kiiion
Island, uro holug offered for sale It has been
deomod noce»B»ry to warn the publio thnt the
yiiul townsituateil nt the lorinliius nf tho Hrnnd
Trunk I'aciOc Bnilwa», aud Is nut tho tnwimlte
Xh.'.1h.'_,°,wll*U"l"_''_'. b» "•• Government of
British Columbia Snd ths Grand Trunk l'aclflo
Hiiilwny Ciimpniiy
Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works.
Land! and Worki Dtpartment.       w my 6 Im THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, 1. C.
—o dirty, heart-breaking: job.
—a clean, record-breaking job.
•$j Situated " singly " over feed door
—on some furnaces.
Situated "doubly," same distance from
each other, same distance from feed
door—on "Sunshine " Furnace.
Operator can easily clean every
bit of soot out of radiator.
Fire put out, smoke-pipe pulled
down—on some furnaces.
Fire stays in, smoke-pipe stays up
"Sunshine " Furnace.
'i^SiW^rJ^^IetS^   Furnace can        ?Tggg
be cleaned out any time in season without trouble,
dirt, or " fear of chilling the house." — _ *p  |
& McCIary_5
PEQ "^r
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
lueorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Molson Macphehson, Pies. S. H. EwiNG,;Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixty-four  branches in  Canada and  Agencies  in  all parts nf the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Bank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revklbtoke, B. C.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Holine Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, I'I.'net jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivator?, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended tu. Horse Shoeing a
Interesting Program of Sports
and Games Arranged by the
Y.M.C.A.—High Class Dramatic Performance.
Elaborate preparation, have been
made for the annual athletic meet
held under the auspices of the Y.M.C.
A. on Monday, May 25th, Victoria
Day. Tbe programme is a long and
interesting one and commences at
9.45 a.m. on the association grounde,
1st Street. A baseball game being the
first of a series for the Association
cup, between the Alert*, and Hopefuls
will open the proceedings. At 11 a.
ni. the city team will meet the Y.M.
C.A. in an exciting lacrrsse match
which should be well worth seeing.
The afternoon sports will commence
at 13.30 o'clock sharp, with a two-mile
walking race, starting from the post
office aud finishing on the McKenzie
avenue recreation grounds, where the
afternoon events will take place. The
other items on the programme are:
50 yards dash, junior handicap.
100 yards dash, three heats.
Sack race, junior handicap.
Running high jump.
Wheelbarrow raco, junior handicap.
Kuiming broad jump.
440 yards race, junior handicap.
220 yards dash, three heats.
Throwing baseball.
One mile relay, junior, 4 men.
Pole vault.
Kicking foot!-all.
One mile relay.
Putting the shot, 16 lbs.
Ou<j mile race.
Giils' races.
To be concluded by a fast football
match, Salmon Arm vs. Y.M C.A.
Strict rules have been drawn up and
will be enforced.
The officials are: W. W. Foster,
referee; W. A. Alldritt, starter; A. E.
Kincaid, W. Veith, C. R. Macdotiald,
track judges.
The prizes which are now on exhibition at the McRae Mercantile Co.
itore, and are a handsome collection,
will be distributed at tbe Opera House
tbe same evening, between the acts of
the laughable comedy "Pink Dominoes," staged by the Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic club. This play promises to be one of the cleverest and
most amusing pieces yet witnessed in
Reveletoke and should draw a liig
house, tbe seats being 75c. and 50c.
''Pink Dominoes" is being produced as
a benefit for the Y.M.C A. The curtain will   rise  at  8:30 o'clock sharp.
This is the first big ath etic oiOlit
the Y.M.C.A. has had, and it ip to Ie
hoped that the public will give tbeir
support, their attendance anil tbeir
encouragement. Admission to lie
grounds 25c, children (ree.
Commissioner Douglas Makes
Calgary, May 22.—Howard DouglaB
Dominion Parks Commissioner, has
returned from a ten days' inspection
trip of the buffalo parks at Lamont
and Battle River. Mr. Douglas sajs
that beyond burning a short distance
of the fence around the park at La-
mout, the recent prairie fire had done
very little damage. The buffalo had
come through tlie winter in good eon
dition, and there had only been a loss
of five head out of four hundred, or one
and a quarter per cent. There are teD
calves and about forty more are expected. Calving was not expected to
be very large this year owing to the
hard drive last fall. Huy feeding was
discontinued last Saturday, and the
animals are now rustling for them
On Wednesday Mr. Dung as went
out to inspect the new pai k on the
Battle River, which is located between
the C. P. R. and the line of tho Grand
Truuk Pacific. It contains 103,000
acres of splendid grazing land, and
will be stocked with the two hundred
and fifty auimals that yel remain to
be brought from Montana. The cou
tract for fencing this park, seventy-
two miles in length, has been let. The
contract calls for its completion by
August, which means tbe building of
one mi'e and a quarter per duy. The
Government have also reserved 5000
square miles at Jasper Pit-is for another park, lo be known ns- .lu-per Pass
Park, the scenery in which is said to
rival thai of Banff. The Grin d Trunk
Pacific Railway will pass through tbe
centre of it, and Mr. Douglas will
leave shortly to look over it, and report to the Government as to its adap
to a most serious epidemic of diptheria,
scarlel lever, measles or any other infectious disease.
"Kissing among adultH is just as
dangerous as among children, and this
f ict cannot be too widely known.
"If I could bave my way I should
abolish kissing altogether. Besides
being a positive danger to the public
health generally, it iB a stupid, insipid
custom, unworthy of twentieth century enlightenment."
Orange Demonstration will be
Held in Revelstoke
The "Glorious Twelfth," the great
day on which all loyal Orangemen
throughout the globe have but one
thought and take the opportunity to
make a grand rally, will be oelobrated
this year in Revelstoke mid from what
we can learn, promises to be one of the
biggest and must elaborate celebrations
that the L. O. L.'s have ever had. The
brethren and their friends from all
pans of the Kootenays, Okanagan and
Yale districts, including over a dozen
towns and cities where tho order has a
lodge, will congregate in Revelstoke
on July 12, and bold a big demonstration and other attractions in keeping
witb the season as well as the occasion.
Revelstoke knows how to draw large
crowds and handle them as well and it
is estimated that several thousand
visitors will be iu the city that day on
pleasure bent. This being the case it
is not too early to begin thinking of
what amusements shall be provided
for our guests and what we can du to
make the demonstration an assured
Liquor Licence Act. 1900
Notice is hereby given that at the
expiration of one month from date lhe
undersigned will apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
transfer to the " Canyon House " at
Albert Canyon, B. C, of tbe hotel
liquor licence now held by me in
respect of the " Windsor Hotel " at
lllecillewaet, B. C.
Dated this 22nd day of April, 1908.
C. D. Morris.
Take notice that we, Messrs. Ogllvie
anil McKitriek, of Nakusp, intend
applying to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police at the expiration of
ono month from dale hereof, fora
renewal of our hotel license for the
premises known as the Leland Hotel
at Nakusp, for the bait year from July
1st., 1008, to Dec. 81st, ilM8.
Dated April 80tb, lt*«.
sat my 2 'M.    OeilLVlE A McKlTBlOK
Take uotice thai 1 iiile'iid to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquet license for the Halcyon
Hot Springs Hotel, at Halcyon, B. C,
for the half year from July 1st, 11108,
to Dec. 31st, 11KI8.
VV lip 21) llAllltY MllNTIISH.
British Canadian Wood Pulp
and Paper Company, Limited.
Owner* of th* Townsite of Port Mellon, How* Sound, 26 miles from Vanoouver.   Head Offloe, 813 Cordova
Street, Vanoouver, B. C.
We recently offered for subscription the first 100.000 Preference shares of this Corporation
at $1.00 per share, each 100 shares entitled to a bonus of 25 shares of Preference Stocki the first 100,000
Shares was immediately taken up.
We now offer the balance of the second 100,000 shares of preferred stock at $1.00 per share, each
hundred shares entitled to a bonus of 16 shares of Preferred stock.
First allotment on second 100,000 will he made May 10th, final allotment May 30th. All subscriptions should be in the office of the Company hy 0 o'clock, May 19th.
In order to treat all applications, large and small alike, and lo make no discrimination, all subscriptions received prior to final allotment, May 30th, will be allowed pro rata on the second 100,(100, and
balance on third 100,000. There will be no bonus stock, however, allowed, only on se-cond issue'. The
third 100.000is tube sold at par, $1.00 per share without bonus, anil those subscribing prior to May 30th
are given absolute preference on third issue.
The Preferred Stock now being offered is entitled to an annual dividend of 7 per cent., commencing
November 1, 11)08, but unlimited as to further dividends, i. e,, after 7 per cent, has lieen paid upon the
Preferred and Common, both stocks thereafter participate equally. There is no reason why tins stock
should not pay from 30 to 50 per cent, dividends.
%        PAYMENTS—10 per cent, on application; 15 per cent, in 80 days; balance in 8 monthly payments.
Hereafter no subscriptions will he received by telegraph or loop distance telephone, unless accompanied by tlie application payment of 10 per cent.
We are rushing work on Ihe first unit of this great plant,—the entire plant when complete will have
a weekly capacity orlHO tons of newspaper, and 27(1 tons of wrapping. No better site for a great modern
paper mill could have been selected than Pent Mellon, only 25 miles from Vancouver; unexcelled drainage and magnificent deep water harbor. We have secured the water rights of Rainy River, which flows
.through the properly, and have also placed a 20,000 Inch water record on Clowhotn Falls for the purpose of manufacturing ground wood pulp. These I wo sources have a combine, volume of over 20,000
horse power.
Those interested a''" cordially invited to visit Port Mellon and inspect the progress of the work up to
date.    It will not be long before we are turning out 80,000 pounds of wrapping paper per week.
The public are also invited to visit the demonstrating plant of the Company, 818 Cordova street,
and witness the manufacture of wood pulp and paper.
Office of the company open Wednesday and Saturday evenings until» o'clock.
I'leH, British Columbia Trust Corporation.
W. 11, It. COU.lHTi.it, Manager Albion Iron Works
Vancouver, li. 0.
.1.   DUFF STUART,  MtiniiKiiig Dlreotor, Clark *
Stuart, Md., Stationers, Vancouver, u.c.
COI..T. II. TRACY. M.C., Soc, O.K., 1M„S„ l).l„S„
Con.. Fug., formerly City l.iigiut'ei',   Vancouver.
l''ltl-l)K. Al'l'lil.ToN, Managing  Dlreotor M.  R.
Sti'iib Co., Victoria.
Ai_i>. w. J. OA vanagii, Member W. J. Oavanagh
\'. Co., Vancouver.
FRED SMITH, Member Smith Wright & Davidson,
Wholesale Paper Uo,, Vancouver.
II. M. lii'ilHUT. Western Manager Uortloelll silk1
I'o., Vancouver.
J. 0, \V. STANLEY, formerly General Manager
West London Paper Mills.. 1. union, Kng.
OAPT. H. A. MELLON, .1. P.. American Lloyds'
Agents, etc.
l.r.NTAl'l. II. JINN'S. Barrister, etc. Vancouver,
QBOi B. i.YTI.s, CuU's, Shipbuilding 0o„ Vanoouver, li. 0.
QREEL"? KOLTS, formerly General Manager Paoific
Ciiiuit Soda Co.
Big Game Preserve
Mr. A. Bryan Williams, provincial
game warden has gone to East Kootenay to select the proposed provincial
game preserve which will likely be located between the Elk and Bull rivers
and which likely have an urea of srv
eral hundred Fiji.fire miles Within
its limits the shouting of any kind of
game will be prohibited. The provincial Government decided to establish
the preserves at the request of prominent Canadian and American sportsmen.
New Tariff on American Lines
Takes Effect.
Vancouver, May 22.—A radical reduction in express charges on American lines took place on Wednesday,
when the Great Northern and all other
express companies, acting under orders
from headquarters, will lower their
rates in conformity with suggestions
made by the interstate commerce commission.
The general reduction will result in
more brisk trade, for under the recent
system business men who express large
quantities of stuff, hold- all small
parcels until they are able to express
them in bulk form. This will not
now be necessary, and consequently
much delay will be averted.
Enriches B. C. Treasury  by
Ottawa, May 22.—The poll tax of
$500 on each Chinese immigrating into
Canada brought the federal treasury
last year nu lms than $690,000. The
total arrivals ol Chinese were 1,380.
Under the terms of the act half the
tax goes to the Dominion and half to
British Columbia where nearly all the
celestials remain.
The finance department is fin warding a cheque to the provincial government for $346,000, lieing half the total
amount received. The entries of
Chinese in these provinces were as
follows; Ontario 1, Saskatchewan 1,
New Brunswick 4, Nova Scotia 3, and
Quebec 74.
No More Kissing
London, May 22.—Children attend*
ing London county schools have bocu
forbidden to play any games iu which
kiisiug forins a part.
This stringent rule has not been
issue! with a view to curtailing lhe
children's enjoyment, but sulely in the
interests of their health, the object being to safeguard them as lar as possible Irom infectious diseases.
A notice, pulling un end to kissing
games has been issued by the comic I
to ull lhe head teacher.'. On medical
grounds this kissing praotico i i considered iit'dc.iriiblo
"Promiscuous kissing among children," says a doctor, "might easily lead
Wheat Out of Danger
WINNIPEG, May 22.—Cold rains are
repor.'ed from many pails of the prairie west while at Yorkton the mercury
bus touched tbe freezing puiut. This
weather though it checks its growth,
is beneficial as the danger now is that
the wheat will make too rapid progress.
This time lust year not 30 per cent ot
wheat was in the ground. Intense
heat is the last thing required for the
next month.
Free Miners' Licences
AU free miners' licences expire on
May 31, and renewals must be made
before tbat date, which falls on a
Tenders are requested for the clearing, levelling and plowing 70 acres of
land, one and a half miles from Revelstoke.
Tenders to be in by June 15tb,1908,
The lowest or any tenders not necessarily accepted.
Tenders to be addressed to
w my 20 Kevelstoke, B. C.
Take notice that 1, F. T. Abey, of
Camborne, li. C, intend applying te
the Superintendent of Provincial ro
lice, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
as the Criterion Hotel at Camborne,
Dated May 0th, 1908.
vvmy I880d F. T. Aiiky.
Take notice I hal I, Dave Orr, eif
Camborne, B, C, intend applying to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month
lium dale hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence, for lhe premises known
as the Camborne Hotel, Camborne,
li. O.
Daled May Hth, 1908.
w my 13 80S Dave Our.
Take notiee that I, William Lovatt,
of Burton, intend applying to the
Superintendent of Provincial Police,
at the expiration of one month from
date herof, for a renewal of my hotel
licence for the premises known as the
Kootenay Hotel at Burton.
Dated May 1st, 1908.
n my I) 80d Wm. Lovatt.
Take notice that we intend to apply
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
licence for the Lakeview Hotel at
Arrowhead, B. 0„ for the half year
from 1st July, 11)118 to 31st Dec. 1908.
Dated this 8th day of May, 1008.
sat my 0 30d    Plumtun A Chapman.
Landscape Gardener
Florist and
Work done by the day or week.
Contracts Undertaken.
Address :
and eaiel'ul attention Io Rents.
Settlements of Rents made monthly.
Collections made everywhere by expert collect oik anil adjusters— Columbia Agencies, Limited, McKenzie Ave.
Revelstoke, B. O.
HI GUS foi Hatching from a splendid
Xli strain of winter laying Rhode
Island Reds, $1.60 for 15.—Mre. Drew.
Reliable Poultry Yards. Camborne,
B.C. up 22-1 urn
FOR SALE—Eggs for Hatching—
Thoioughbred, silver laced iVyan-
dots, best winter layors. Price $1.50
for 15 eggs.    Address Box 237.
17*011 QUICK SALIC Cheap c'l.t-h
; register, wife and store fixtures,
.splendid condition. Apply Hox llll.
Mail Herald.
IOST- Al the Roller Rink a lew
_l nights ago a $10 gold piece. The
finder will receive $2 on returning
same to owner through ,M.v i i.-l I i-.ua i.d.
NURSING -Mis.   Alice   C.   Lee. nf
Fourth Street, Is prepared to go
out nursing.
1)111 VATK   HOMK   for   maternity
discs, Second SI.ieel.  West, or P.
o. Hiix211   Mrs. A. 10. Bennison,
WANTED—A competent girl  for
general    home    work.     Good
wages, no children.    Wages $25,110 per
month,—Apply this Office,
Notice is hereby given I hal tile pill I-
nersblp heretofore existing between
the undersigned nnd parried mi uml e
the linn name and stylo ol Ibe Rioter
prise Brewing Company has this day
boon dissolved hy unit mil consent,
Mr, ,1. P. Sutherland withdrawing
from lhe partnership. The business
In future will bo carried on under the
Hiimellim name by Messrs, Thomas
Downs and Charles linltnn who will
llSSdllie and pay all liabilities of Ibe
lain partnership Unu, and all debts
dtii' the late llitn are payable to I hem.
j. p. Sutherland,
Charles Holtbn,
Tiiiuiah Downs,
aier. K. Edwards Attorney
mo, S, McUa.iti.ii.      ap2o
That notice that I intend to apply to
tue Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
licence for the Eva Hotel at Camborne,
B. C, for the half ye ir from 1st July
to 3lsl Dec. 1008.
Dated this 8lb day of May, 1008.
sat 0 my 30J John A. THBW.
Notice is heiehy given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the Retail Liquor Licence for lhe Hotel
| Queens at Comaplix, B. C, for the
bait year from July 1st, 1908, to Dec.
31st, "1908.
sat my 2 lind J. H. You.ro.  ;
Take notice that I. Cory Menhenick,
of Camborne, B. O., intend applying
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
as the Reception Hotel at Camborne,
Dated May Uth, 1908.
sat in 16 lit)d        Cory Menhenick.
Take notice that I, Cory Menhenick,
of Camborne, B. C, intend applying
to the Superintendent of Provincial
Police, at the expiration of one month
from date hereof, for a renewal of my
hotel licence for the premises known
as the Coronation Hotel, at Camborne,
Dated May Hth, 1008.
sat m 10 30d Cory Mknhenick.
Take notice that I intend to make
application lo the superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal jf the
retail liquor licence for the Windsor
Hotel, al lllecillewaet, B. C, for six
months from July 1st, 190B to December 31st, 1DU8.
Daled this 12th day of May, 1908.
iv my 2u mid
Take notice that 1 intend to make
application to the superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for the Glacier
House Hotel, at Glacier, B.C., for the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
for six-months from Julv 1st, 1908 to
Dec. 31st, 1008.
Dated this 12th day of May, 1908.
w my 13 3Ud G. S. Flindt.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, M. K. Lawson of
Revelstoke, occupation house-keeper,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on
tbe line of Lot No. 7583, and marked
"M. K. Lavvson's N. E. corner post,"
tbenee south along said line40 chains,
thence west 40 chains, ihence north 20
chains, theuce east 20 chains, thence
north 20 chains to P. Maher's pre-emption, theuce east 20 chains to point of
Minnir K. Lawson,
Dated April 0th, 1008. w ap 28
Notice is hereby given tbat 1 intend
to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of tbe Retail Liquor Licence for the Lardeau
Hotel at Comaplix, B.C., for the half-
year from July 1 si, 1908, to Dec. 31st
w in 0 30d RU88EL M, Evans.
Take notice lhat I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of Hie
retail liquor license for the St. Leon
Hotel ai St. Leon, B. C., for the half-
year from July 1st, 1808, to Dec. 81st,
vv my (I30d M. GRADY.
Nolice is hereby given lhat I intend
to app.y to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of retail
liquor license for the Union Hotel al
Arrowhead, B.C , for six months from
July 1st, 1908, to December 31st, 1908.
Dated this 4th day of May, 11)08.
vv my (I 30d        \\ ■ J. Lie. HTBURNB.
Take notice that   I  intend  to make
application to ihe Superintendent of
Provincial police for a renewal of the
ietail liquor licence for tiie Balmoral
Hotel, Ferguson, B. ('., for the half
year from July 1st., 1908, to Dec. 31st,
John Staiukk
Take notice   lhat I intend  to  make
application to the Superintendent   of
Provlnolal Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licenss for the City Hotel
at Arrowhead, B.C., foi ibe lull yem
from July 1st, 1IKW, to Dec. 31st, HUH.
w ap 21) .1. C.vi.ky.
Nolice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of
Provinolal Police foi permission to
transfer to Messrs, chapman and
Plumpton, of Arrowhead, li. C, the
retail liquor license held by me in
respect of the premises al Arrowhead,
known as the Lakeview Hotel.
Daled Ibis 1st, (hi) of May, IIKI8.
Sat my 2 30,1. I). OaKBRON.
Notice Is hereby given that we intend to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence now held in respect of the Lakeview Hnlel at Arrowhead, which license has been trails-
.erred    to  us by   D,  Cameron, the
holder thereof.
haled this 1st. dav of Mny. 1908.
iAtray280d   Chapman* Plumpton,
Take   notice that   I   intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provinolal Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Hotel Beaton, Beaton, H.C.,   for the half  year
from July 1st, 1906, to Dec. 31st, 1008.
w ap .vi Wm. Boyd.
To John Ennest, or to whomsoever he
may bave transferred his interests;
Take notice that I, the undersigned,
co-owner with you in the following
mineral claim, viz.: Gold Fly mineral
laim, situated on Lexington Mountain, Lardeau Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, of the Province of
British Columbia, have done the re-
quired work on the above mentioned
mineral claim fur the year ending 1907,
In order to hold tbe same under Section 24 of tbe Mineral Act.
Aud further take notice that if within W0 days ft om the first publication of
this notice, you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, together with the cost of this
advertisement, your interebt in the
said minei al claim will become the
propert y of t he undersigned, under
Section 26 B of the Mineral Act.
Dated at Camborne, B. C, this Uth
day of May 19U8.
sat my 16 UUI J. A. LBW1S,
FERRY, SpillimachhnL
I N ACCORDANCE with Chapter .8, R.8.B.C..
J. 1897, "Ferries Aci," the Government of
British Columbia invite applications for a
charter for a ferrr to ply across ltie Columbia
Rirer nt Spillimachiue.
Application will be received br the Hou. the
Chief Commissioner up to .md including the
30th day of May, 1908.
The limits of the ferry shall extend for a distance of two milt-.- abore aod two miles below
Tbe charter will corur a period expiring on
the 30th June, 1UI0.
The forry ..ball be operated whenever required between 7 a.m. aud 7 p.m., every day except*
ing Sundays.
Applications shall giro a description of the
■mow or boat it is proposed to use.
Applications shall stale the tolls it is pro*
posod Uj ask for—
Kach adult passenger.
Each child (not iu arms) under 13 years.
Kach heud of cattle, horse, mule or donkey.
K.ii-i. calf, t>heep. goat or swiue.
Kach vehicle with one horse aud driver.
Kach cart or waggon witb one horse and
driver, loaded.
Kttch vehicle with two horses and driver.
Kach vehicle with two horses aud driver,
Kach parcel of V, lbs, aud under.
Freight per 100 Ib*  aud  uuder, perishable
Freight, per IW Ibe. aud under, perishable
The Oovernment of British Columbia in not
uecessanly   bound   to  accept any application
F. tt UAUI1LE,:
Public Works Engineer.
Lauds aud Works Department,
Victoria, B.C , April Mb, IMS.      wtd
It ix the intention of the H C, Government to
bring into force tho followiug amendments to
tho Act as cited below, at the next sitting of
the Legislature-
(Hon. Chief Commisbiuneh
No. # ) ( 1906
An   Aet   to   amend   the   " Highwuy
Trallic Regulation Act."
HIM MaJKSTY. by and with the advice and
- ■■:. "Ni of the Legislative  A- lembly of
Uritish Columbia, euacts a* lot lows:—
1. Thi- Ant may be cited u the "Highway
Trallic Uegulatiuii Act Amendment Act,  1908.r'
2. Bectiou 8 of tbe " Highway Traffic Kegula*
Uod Act,' being chaptor 92 of tbe Revised
Statute.-. 1897, as enacted by sty tion 2 of chapter
30 of the bunnies of 1902, is hereby repealed and
the followiug section is substituted therefor:—
a It shall be unlawful for any waggon or
vohiclo  carrying   a  load of  more   than  two
thousand pounds to be drawn or driven on any
public biguway unless th<< tires of such waggon
r vehicle shall be at least four inches in width,
3. Section Id of said chaptor 92 Is hereby re*
poaled and the following section (a substituted
"10. It shall be uulawful for any person or
persou.* to -1 rag logs or limber over or along auy
public highway "
i. This Act shall not come into force to far
as tbat portiuu of tbe Province of British
Columbia situate, east of tho Cascade Kanga of
mountains is concerned, until the 1st day of
Special Inducement.s for Cash
The Best Bargains fall to the
lot of those who come early.
■ ■         1   _T      1         '1            1    Linen    Blouse
Hand Embroidered ^TW.^
$4.50 now $2.76; $7.."i0 now $1 IK)
■ 1      ■          Ol *    ■       Made from Cotton Sllkl-
Under Skirts t%&0?J$!mnn™'
Millinery Department g-gS
is now complete with new goods coming to hand hy
express, and keeping up-to-date with the newest styles
q ■ Imported direct from one of the
l   flP39fll*_   largest European  makers.    The
■ ui uouio   ftl,B  pre,ty liml   different    from
what is generally shown,
Ladies Rain Coats ftSrjS
and $10.00,   An exceptional bargain for the money.
Misses' Rain Coats ft$ffS
>,am of .inc.   Now s;:i..'iii
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good hat-gains, remember these prices.  -$1.50 Tweeds
now $1.00;   $1.00 Volls, now 7iV.;     To ceut  Dress
Goods no. 55c,i    60 cenl Fancy Fabrics now 80o.
f\       ■        O     Ol               Ladles' Oxfords,
Boots & Shoes * g» -
Calf, Hals aud Bluchers, $4.50 now $:j.uo
Semi-Ready Dress Patterns
These  come  with  skirts already   made and
enough material foi Blouse with Lace and  Insertion,
$7.60   Pattern:'   now  $3.75;   $10.00    Patterns   now
jil 75| $12 Ou to $15.00 i'iitii'rii.1 now $7.50.
Take full advantage of these
Special Prices throughout our
stock. Pi ices for thrifty buyers
# ♦$» <$H$ i|h$» i$*fc iJmJ. 4|h$ *
I Soravins *
Fruit Trees
You   can   get    all    the
*V          Chemicals   for   any    re- Vp
ty         ceip; here. We have them *&
<j»          ready and can advise you 4$*
4tt          the best to use. hj+
S*   C. R. MCDONALD       T
Revelstoke, B. C. JjL
*♦■ -fr.  .'t'. f't'i I't, i'i*! |'f i l'i*,  I'i'i I't't l*t*| |T| 1*1*1
ih ii" TIL" "X   X" *   *   4» "   +   " ♦   +
Armstrong-Kirk.—At the Manse on
tbe 20th inst. by the Rev. W. C.
Calder, Earnest Ivan Armstrong
to Mary Kozefl'a Kirk, both of
Arrowhead, I!. C.
Weather Forecast
Saturday, May 23rd.—Cloudy, with
rain indications, moderate winds.
Tern.: Max. 69° J Min. 45°.
Local and General.
Don't forget the Bale of work and
fish pond at opera house, Friday 29tb
Don't fail to see I'ncle Goodwin and
Pomona   Fifi,   the    Casino   star,   in
Pink Dominoes,'' ou Monday night.
Mike Skids.ok wan lined $2 and
costs by Magistrate Pinkham on
Thursday for riding a bicycle on the
The Lucky Jack mine at Camborne
owned by the Butler brothers is cleaning up $14 per ton en the plated of the
two -stamp mill.
D. McCarthy bas the work of the
new power house buildings now well
in uar.d and will be ready for the machinery next week.
Tbe n.iners at the Michel, B. C.
collieries have discontinued work
owing t'j labor troubles, supposed to
be caused by the discharge of one of
their men. Over 900 men are involved.
The Independent Band gave an
open air concert on Thursday night
from the McKenzie Avenue baud atatid
to an appreciative audienc. These
concerts are always a popular feature
of the summer months.
Despite the non-renewal of the mail
subsidy tbe C.P.K., we understand,
has made arrangements to put on
aootber train to run in connection
win the Empress of Japan, tbie train
to be an ''Oversea! Limited" in everything but name.
It il ci.rta.nly very convenient haviug the steam laundry office IO clote
to the M UL-HlKALD otlice which
makes it cn«y lor us to get clean
towels. In Kevel.t. ke the leading excitement pays uiure f.'.r slashing it-
towel- iban any other otlice in B.C.
I lie Kt.vei.toke cricket club have
..rrsu^s.d to play c match with tlie
Vet nun team od Monday, Victoria
D«j holiday, n the Big Bond road
gr..u-iOis. Ciiinmcncing at 10a.m. The
Vernon cricket eleven ure n line ng
iireka luu of pia>ors,as well as hH
routi'i i-p'tis, aid t.ie match should
p ui. interesting. Tnin afterooon a
umtch i- tieo.g played between tbi
ele»e. cu sen to pUy against Vernon,
si u „ is-rtiii composed oi other mem-
bim, c.ptain u by vV . W. Foster.
is about the worst thing you
can eat. Try some of ours
which is always light, always fresh andalwtiys sweet.
Try our cukes and pies, too.
That they are excellent, no
doubt you have heard. But
it needs a personal trial to
disclose how much better
than the ordinary they really
is Important for the man who
works—the day starts with it
and if not good the whole day
is likely to go wrong. "The
cup that cheers but not inebriates," can be brewed from
either the line teas, aromatic
coffees or delicious cocoas or
chocolates from Flob.on &
Bell's, til for the palate of an
epicure. Our groceries are
kepi up to tbe best standard
in line roller process bonis nnd
cereals of .-ill kinds,
f®.   'BELL
The tunnel ou the Huff behind the
city witter tanks on the first shoulder
ol Mt. Victoria wis tlio Boone of h
strange ceremony the other night,
when a dead Hindu i wits burnt on tlie
funeral pyre. Tlie body wss laid on
timber nnd brush, tbe usual fetishes
being placed with it, and the pj re was
Bred, the Barnes rapidly consuming
the llesh and hones of tbo dead man;
the Hindoos standing lound n d muttering the semblance of the Mahometan burial service. The ashes are
taken out and scattered to the four
Social and Personal
'lhe Rev. Kill her Cocoola left, this
morning for Golden,
J, Q I'onksey left this morning for
a trip to England.
Thomas Taylor, M.P.P., left for
Nelson this morning.
Dr. Hamilton left on No 90 this
Morning for Rogers' Pats.
C. E. Gillau was iu Nelson thiB
week on ii business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Phipps and
family leave tomorrow morning for
The Rev. T. W. Hall is attending
die Methodist Conference at Vancouver.
Mrs. Frank Hooley and her two
children left last night on a visit to
the Coast.
R. Marpole, of the C.P.R , and MrB.
.Marpole, passed through on Thursday
en route for England.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Vance and family,
of AiuleiBon, Indiana, arrived in the
city on Thursday night.
A meeting of the Ladies' Hospital
Guild will be held on Tuesday alter-
noon at 330 in the City Hall.
Mrs. H. Cunningham Morris returned last night, from a visit to Lake
Shuswap, where she has been the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. L, T. Morris.
W. Hawkins, C P.R. agent at Echo
Bay, Out., accompanied by his mother
and daughter, were in the oity fur a
couple of days this week, the guests uf
Mr. and Mss. A. Johnson. The party
left last evening for a two weeks'
viBit to .he Pacific Coast. Mr. Hawkins was much delighted with the
appearance ot the city anil district and
predicts gie.it possibilities in fruit
growing here in tbe immediate future
K I N C AID     iSt
1' I _. S T  S
An i>k rs o n
r i. e ii t
(v I  U E
is the motto at our store.
THAT is why your physician
ban confidence it, our prescriptions.
Your health.did future welfare
are too important to be trilled
Druggist & Stationer
Mail Orders receive prompt
secure your tickets to Bee Mrs.
Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch," on 29th.
The restaurant scene at the Metropolitan iu "Pink Duniinoes" is a triumph of wit and comical situation!,
Monday, May 20, Opera House.
The lady hobo ie the latest thing in
fashionable tie path and break beam
circles, eeverul of these "fast" damsei.i
being unearthed recently from box
cars and others places enjoying a ride.
C. Hartsell was sentenced last even-
iug by magistrate Pinkham to two
months' imprisonment for breaking
gaol last fall. The prisoner, after
keeping away for several months
drifted back to town again and was
readily captured by the police.
No, 72 regular last frei<ht irom the
west was ..tailed last night near Three
Valley by tlie breaking of i locomotive
aide rud. lhe freight was forced t..
wait till tlie passenger No. 96 came
along, when the lielatml passengers in
the caboose were transferred and
brought on to Revelstoke.
J.C. Vanes., of Anderson, Indiana,
arrived In tbe oity on Thursday,    Mr.
| Vance is manager for tbe American
i Mining   Oo.   on   their    property   on
i French creek, Big Bend and leaves on
i Fuesday'a boas, lor tbe property, where
' ne will   have   two   full  gangs working
land Commence washing at once.
I    One of the most interesting exhibits
at ibe D .mini.in fair wi'l be a number
I 'if annual*   Iroiu   tlie   Banff   National
i park.      Ibrniigh   tin.  co-operation   of
I Howard O.siigias, Dominion parks Com-
i iiilslioner, the (air managers have been
euabLd tu secure   this   interesting exhibit, which will include,   buffalo,   elk,
moose, deer, bears, mountain linns, bob
Cits, lynx, etc.  Special   places   will be
luted up for these animals,   and   they
will without doubt attract  iigront deal
of attention from tbe many visitors.
8, C. Sykes, district superintendent
ol sleeping cars of tho C.P.R, at Van-
c silver, passed through the city this
week On route for Montreal, where ho
will meet W. A.   Cooper  and VV. Bell,
the  superintendents of  the  sleeping
car department and will confer with
them in reference to tho glimmer service. Mr. Sykes stated that lhe proi"
peels for tourist travel this season
wire excellent. Tho Dominion Fair at
Calgary and the celebration ou tbe
Plains of Abraham at Qnsbeo would
bring many people to Canada, a large
proportion of whom would make tlie
transcontinental trip.
Monday being a public  holiday, all
th- Bton - '.•.!! be cl «ed.
Boys'   rucos   every   Saturday after-
no n at 1 o'clock at tho roller rink.
A. E. Miller and a  party  of  young
1 people left this morning   tor   a   tramp
ind picnic up the J.irdon.
J. W, McCallum, of   Sa'mon   Arm,
bos left that district and ha.  gone to
I reside at Abhotsf. ird
Thee.timuel small fruit crop for
tbis season in ttie Kootenay district*
j will amount to nearly 20 carloads.
After Monday no charge will (se
j made for spectators at the roller rink.
; Regular charge will be made for the
j skaters.
ii   Stevenaon, of fingers   Pass,   il  iu
\ the  city   to-day   and   reports   active
Work on the new grading at   the   PafB
by HoDonnell and  Gzowski,  contractors lor the C P.R.
K,  H. Trueman has been unexpectedly called south on important basis
iiess and has therefore been compelled
to cut hi« visit in Kevelstoke short
He will return June  11, for one week.
The following Will   represent   Bevel-
| stoke in   tbe   cricket   match   again-i
Vernon here   Od   Monday — Entvvistl",
| Maley, simw, Quinn, Brooker,   Potter,
Field, Atkins, Hudson.  Fleetbam   and
Bourne    Umpire—J  B.Jackson
The line-up of tbe V M C A. foot.
! hall team fur tbe game in Monday
' will be as follows Goal, Holler; hacks,
; Heard, Entwistle; halves, Armstrong,
i Davis, Purvis; forwards, Williamson,
Pitzpatrick, Lefeaux New some, Dun
lop; spares, Watson, Stevenson.
Hy request of a Bomber ol patrons
tho   management   ol the   rink have
arranged to hold n dance on Tuesday
evening,   Commencing   at    '.»    .'clock
Baud in attendance. Admlision 60o,
Refreshments will be served at Manning's booth. Skating will be can
colled for tlie evening.
Tho  entries   for the   various   races
and athletic events  in   the   Y.M.C.A
meet on   Monday   are   well   filled   and
OOtnpetition    should    be    very     keen.
Knllies  close   lo-nighi,   and    no   tape
entries will beaocepted,     In addition
to tbe oilicials already mentioned, it
N. Doylo and J. McLean, timers. Dr.
Hoard and J. T. Pollock,   Held  judges
P. Parker, 0, Clay in I 0. Newiome
Inipsoton, A. Steven ion, (I, Clay,
scorers will act,
Amusing Production on Monday
by Revelstoke Amateurs
No more fitting way of ending up a
holiday on Monday cm be found tlinn
by reserving a seat at the opera house
to witness the performance of "Pink
Dominoes." This piece is entirely
new to ibe RevelBtuke theatre-going
public, uud 19 a high-class comedy in
three acts. From the rise to the fall
of the curtain the interest in the various ludicrous and laughable situations
in which the different characters Iii d
themselves will keep the audience in
a state of simmering mirth. The plot
is woven rouud the suspicions which
wiveshave over the tecret doings of
their husbands anil lhe latter fall
readily into the trap cleverly laid for
them, although the ladies have some
explaining to do themselves. The res
taurant eeene is particularly comical,
and shows the terrible tangle into
whicli the actors have got themselves.
The amateurs have taken special pains
to give the public a gsiod, clever nnd
amusing show for their holiday pro
gram and Revelstoke will have an
opportunity ef winding up a pleasant
day witb a good, long, hearty laugh.
Following is lhe cast:
Walter Goodwin   fa retired business
man; VV. M   Lawrence
Mrs. Goodwin ....Mrs, W A. Sturdy
Henry'Hood win's nephew) W. A.Sturdy
Paul Andrews  (a Philadelphia merch-
sol         D. M. Rue
Alice (bis wile) Mrs. W. M. Lawrence
George Decker fa wealthy New Yorker
 T. E. L Taylor
Marion 'his wife) Miss White
Peters (butler) W. J. W. Brown
Hannah'maid; Mrs. D. M   Rae
Mile. Pomona Fifi (of the Casino)
Mrs   V. C   Elliot^
Pbilip'head waiter^   ll Cunningham
Wallers MorriB
Act I —Drawingronm in Decker'i
llnii-i'. New York,
Act II —Antechamber of the Private Diningiootn of tbe Metropolitan
lies- uiraiit, New York.
Act III —Same %r\ Act One.
Charity to Date
Chanty in that, which adds to the
helplessness of those who most need
help—also that which often piilTetb
itself up.
Charity is of two kinds: Dornc.lic
and foreign Domestic charity aims
to linlp thn rich   by  adding  still  one
i.ore thing to their enjoyment
Foreign charity takes away from
those at. boffli what tbey need to |rive
it. to IOBII one nlse who don't care bow
little they need it.
Faith, Hope and Charity, lln-s-o
three Hut thn greatest blulT is
Catholic, — Kev.  Father Coccola
pastnr. Services are hi Id on the First
and Third Sundays in every mouth
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High > nss
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday Sohool; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
Methodist—Rev. T.w. Hull, pastor.
Services on Sunday as follows :—
At 11 a.m., morning service; 2 80, p.
m., Sunday school and Bible class,
7:30. p.m. evening service. In the
absence of the pastor nt conference,
the service in the morning will be
taken by Mr. E. M Cooke, secretary
of the Y. M. C. A., and iu the evening
there will be a song service.
St, Andrew's Prkhiiyterian—Rev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, May 24th
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 pm., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Clasa, 2.30
p.m. Young People's meeting Monday 8 p.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8 p.m. Ch ir practice aud teach
era' meeting, Friday 8 p m.
Knox Presbyterian—J R Robertson, B. I)., minister, Sunday servicea
ut Ham and 7:30 p m. Sunday
school at 2:30 p.m. The pastor will
preach ut both se vices. Morning
subject, "With St. John at the Cross,"
evening subject, ''The Word of Triumph at the Cross " Special anthem,
'Son ol My Soul." Short, service in
order to attend Miss Muroilt 'a meeting in the Opera House. A cordial
welcome is given to nil and strangers
specially invited.
St. Peter's Anglican—Rev. C. A
Procunier, M A., rector 5th Sunday
after Easter, 8a,tn. Holy Communion
11 a.m. Matins and sermon. 7.30 p
in., Evensong. Sunday Bchool 2 30
p. m.
Baptist—Rev. W. P. Freeman, B A.
pastor. Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p m Sunday school at 2.30 p. m.
Morning subject, 'Com in the Fish's
Mouth," evening subject, "A Lesson
ii, Geometry " Tlie Young People's
meeting on Monday evening aud Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening
will be cancelled this week on account
of Mrs. Murcutt's lectures. All are
invited to all .ervices.
Business Locals
Kodaks and lilms at Bews' drug
Fruit and vegetables in fresh today
C. B. Hume A Co.
For holiday reading see the new
books at C. R. Macdomilil's.
Fresh Creamery butter and fresh
groceries, fruit and vegetables, at
Bourne Bros.
Look out for bargains in berry sets
lor next week.   C. B. Hume .. Co.
KefrigeiatorB, large stock, good assortment, from $10 up—Lawrence
Hardware Co.
I'jLlwffiJr^il lf you »re in need of New Curtains.      We can
('It..  I   <Sgt. supply your needs with pretty  cui'tains at  vny
reasonable pii'.es. We have a splendid line of
Nottingham Lace Curtains, taped edges, in 2J
yards, 3 yards and 3. yard lengths, at prices from
(ioe. to $1.00 per pair.
Ave most in demand at present und nothing adds more to the appearance ol a room than pretty curtains and draperies, We have
them In White, Cream and colored. The Cathedral glass designs are
exceedingly pretly.   Tho prices range from 40c. per yard.
We have a splendid variety in Hosiery for
Ladies', Misses', Children mul Boys'. We keep
■milling hut thejtabt, and sell them at, reasonable
Ladies' Hose In lllaek, White, Navy. (Iiey and
Tan.   Misses Hose in Black. White and Tan.
Childrens' Hose and Sucks, White Black or
Tan in plain and loco.
Boys' Stockings-Rock Rib-will stand tho
hardest wear.
A very large stock of post cards 25c.
a ib;/,. at Bews' drug store.
Basebill, Football, Cricket and
Tennis supplies at C. R. Macdonald's.
Flags! Flags! all sizes, 25c a dozen
up—C. B. Hume A Co.
We can guarantee you a better job
at plumbing than any firm iu the
interior of B. C.—Bourne Bros.
View books and view novelties,
many lines tu choose from at Bews'
drug store.
Look it our grocery window for lunch
goods (oi the 25th.   C B. Hume A Co
.Maps of B. C. and local districts
sold at C ll. Macdonald's.
C. R. Macdoiiiilil hue taken the
agency for tho Bleckeusdorfer Typewriter. You can see them ou view at
the Drugstore.
We have lots of nice boiled ham,
just the thing for picnics. C. B.
Hume A Co.
Toilet Waters, Florida Wator and
the choicest of perfumes sold at C. R.
if vou would like to see the Saskaltn
Range, the most up-to-date stove ol its
kind, call in to our Hardware department when we will be pleased to explain its many new features and
improvements. Also a good line ol
oil and gasoline stoves, re'rigerators,
freezers, etc—Bourne Bros.
gnge for $1,000 i in Tying HI per
lint interest.    Ample miiriiiii.    Apply
Columbia Agencim, Limited.
nl, rental of aboul $12 per moiilh
Apply to Columbia Agencies, Limited,
Hi'-i'io" on freehold security, ii
per ceut Interest,   Apply to Columbia
Agencies, Limited,
VY    loon
$15 per month, mid Hut
of four rooms, $16nei month,   Apply
to Colombia Agem ies, Limited,
Many of our patterns are exclusive, purchased for this store from
$1.00 to $3.50.
Men's Nifty Silk Four-ln.Hands, Club String Ties in all the new
shades, also a special line of something new in Aligator Cravats.
Our Summer stock is now complete in all lines- Fancy Half Hose,
Hats, Caps, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, etc.
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Landing (during stage ol high
water) at ti a.in un Tuesday and
Friday, fur Downie Creek and way
points, returning same day.
Freight must he ready for delivery to teams of Revelstoke
Cartage Co.. Ltd,, on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m , and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for tbe Boat Landi.ig at 5:30
p.m on Monday and Thursday and
connects with the steamer on arrival
back in the evening, and makes
special trips, when required, on
Tuesday aud Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths aud gocd
meals on Steamer. Telephone connection between steamer and local
exchange—No. B139. Dates of
. lilinga may be changed without
Insuranee Settlement
Revelstoke, B.C., May 21, '08.
Cot.i'MiiiA Agencies, Limited,
Revelstoke, B.C.
Geutlemcn,—I have to thank you
lor prompt settlement by tbe Moutreal-
Canailn Fire Insurance Company, for
which you arc agents, of my claim for
loss by fire at my laundry on 2nd ult.
t m 30 J. C. Hutchison.
Off The Beaten Traek
Series of unique popular lectures
Miss Ada L. A, Murattt
Fellow of the Royal Seottish Geographical Society.    One of the World's
Greatest Women Lecturers.
Plllllng tackle, lines, bait*, automatic reels, steel and woollen rods,
lenders, sinkers, Hies, all nuw goods —
II..ni ne Bros.
Noxious Weeds
Property owners are hereby notified
to have all noxious weeds, particularly
dmdellOM, cut down before seeding,
bo as to prev.int spreading.
Ily order ol the Publio Works Committee.
May 23, 11108.        8t        Chairman.
SUNDAY. Miiy24th,8s3<) p.m.
"National Righteousness."
MONDAY, May SSth, 8 p.m.
"Jiipun und the Japanese"
(Methndikt Church)
TUESDAY, May 2-th, 8 p.m.
"New Zealand, the Home of
WEDNESDAY. May 27th. 8,80 p.m.
•'Woolen of Oilier bands"
(For Women Only)
WEDNESDAY. May 27th, 8 p.m.
"The Sweating System  of
Great Britain"
THURSDAY. May 28lh, 8 p.m.
"Russia   and   Its    Island
Prison, Saghalien"
Admission to ail lectures, Free, u-
capt Thursday nighi, when a charge of
24c, will be mnde. Collection at .ill
Free Let lutes. Vocal and Instrumental Music.
made to your measure at
prices ranging from
When having a suit made hy
us you inn no risk whatever;
everv garment we turn out is
guaranteed lo give satisfaction—
to fit perfectly and at tho same
time be strictly iip-tu-the minute
in style. Then, too, there is no
other establishment that will
give you a suit of clothes of the
same quality, combining good
workmanship, at the price we
oiler. Nothing but union labor
being employed, insuring you of
most perfect and skilled finish.
538 Hastings Stit'et, Vancouver.
Electoral District
A convention of the Liberals
of Kootenay will lie held at
Nelson, B.C., on
Thursday, June 4th, '08
Fur the purpose of selecting u
candidate to contest the riding
iu the next Dominion election in
thu interests of lhe Liberal
Tha convention will open at
2 p.m.. and all Liberals are invited to attend, hut only accredited delegates will be allowed to vote.
The basis of representation
will he one delegate for every
60 votes, or fraction thereof,
polled at the lost dominion election. Properly accredited proxies will be recognized.
Nelson Liberal  Association,
F. ,1. Deime,  Pres.
m84t D. Proudfoot, Sec,


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