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The Mail Herald Jul 3, 1909

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in results produced, tbi- machine
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Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Vol. 15.-No45
Provincial  Library
REVELSTOKE. B. 0. JULY.'!, 190'.)
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National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,   received, and   interest allowed at
current rale from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch
-A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Dress Trimmings
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Embroideries for ynur Summer Dress
Trimmings, Some very pretty patterns to choose from.
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First "Street      -J^JOppoalt*   Windsor   Hotol
A Boy's Heroism—Dr. Telford
Reinstated—A Miner Drops
Dead—Rich Ore Find Minto
Cup Receipts.
NELSON, July 1.—Jack Wilson, the
ten year old son nl Judge Wilson on
Tuesday last performed an act ol heroism and showed a presence of mind
reiuarkab e in one of his years. He
was playing with six year uld Kuphe-
n.is Stowarl on a Uoat attached to a
boathouse near Judge Wilson's house,
when a gust of wind blew the boat-
house door open, so that it struck the
little girl and thrust her off the edge
of the Host into the water. Tbe water
was about twelve feet deep at tbe spot,
but young Wilson plunged in with all
his clothes on and brought the little
giel to the surface, and holding her
face above tbe water brought her safely
to tbe shore.
Vancouver, July 2.—The ti. C.
medical council have by unanimous
vote reinstated Dr. Robert Telford ou
tbe roll of physicians of tbe province.
Dr. Telford's certilicate was taken
away several years ago and several
previous upplicntions lur reinstatement
was refused.
Fernie, July 2.—Philip Caldwell,
a miner, working in No. 2 mine, Coaj
Creek, dropped dead while at work
early Ihis morning. Heart failure was
probably the ciiueo. The unfortunate
man's brother was killed in the hig
bump at Conl Click last July.
NELSON, July 2—The C.P.K. express from the esst and the Soo-Spb-
kauc-Portland llyer were held up
between here aud Michel yesterday
morning owing to tbe derailment of
several freight cars and were several
hours late. Among the. passengers
were Lou Scholcs, the celebrated oarsman, and bis fat her, John Scbolcs. of
Toronto, who wore on their way to
Vanoouver, July 2—Monthly statistics of Vancouver for June show|uew
records created for bank clearings and
custom dueB. The latter, including
tbeChinese bend tax, were $320,000,
and the lormer were $22,073,206. The
building total for tbe month was
ROSBLAND, July 3.— Lessees of tbe
Blue Bird in tbe soutb belt have made
an important find of carbonate ore in
that mine. In six days two men took
out $400 worth ol ore a day, or $2400
in tbe six days. Lyman Carter, president of the Blue Bird Mining company is here from Spokane endeavoring to purchase the lease ou behalf of
the company. The lind is the most
important yet made in tbe soutb belt.
VANOOUVER, July 3—Total receipts
of the Minto cup series were $6,448.
Tbe expenses were only $411), leaving
$3,100 for each competing team.
LONDON, ENG , July 2—A crowded
local train was derailed and wrecked
near here this alternoon, and it iH re
ported tbat many persons were killed.
TORONTO, July 2—One person whs
burned to death and three thousand
are homeless at Cobalt aa a result of a
lire, which distroyed lhe whole northern section of the town. The loss iB already halt a million and the lire is
still burning.
Slayer of Const. Decker Seen
by Ranch Hand
ASHOROFT, July 3.—A man answering the description of Decker's murderer bad a meal at the Cornwall
ranch yeaterday, when be found tbe
Chinese cook aloi e.
In addition to tlie $7,500 already
offered by tbe C.P R. and tbe Provincial Covernment for tbe capture of
the train robberB, the Provincial Government has also offered $2,500 for the
capture and conviction of tbe man
wbo killed Constable Isaac Decker.
Two men named Lsff'erty and See-
lander, who registered in Calgary under assumed names, were beld by the
police on a telegram sent (rom Field
to look out fur men answering tlieir
description. l.atVerty tvaisubsequently released M be brought witnesses to
prove that ho wus working iu the
Field tunnel on the day of the holdup.
Seclander says nothing but ho lar
tbere is no evidence agaiuat bim.
due ol the strangest Stories in connection with the whole affair coinea in
s despatch from Asbcrolt ol (wo days
ago.    It reads:
"Word wiih   brought   into town thia
afternoon, tbst   a   inun employed on
'Doe'   English's   ranch, IH   milea out,
ims held up on   the Uld Cariboo Road
nhile on hia nav borne, by a desperate
looking individual who in some respects tallies witb Ibe description ol
the murderer ol Constable Becker
A pi s«e ol lilteen mounted men stalled in pursuit Immediately. Tbo man
says ha stumbled i n the desperado
while Ihe latter was lying down behind sume bushes. lie had the ap
piiirunce ol a man completely ex
hsusted. He drew a gun ou the
rancher, and Slid: 'Are yuu the man
who killed my partner in Asbcrolt?'
The rancher replied, 'No, I >m on my
way to work on a ranch.' The other
mail advised bim to 'keep going.'
News ol bis capture is hourly expected
The posse with bloodhounds returned
here this morning alter being out all
night. Reports have been received
stating that a man answering the description ol tbe murderer was seen
near gpenot'i Bridge yesterday,"
Robbers Get Away With $10,000
at Rainy River
Rainy River, Ont., July 2.—Three
men armed with revolvers entered the
Bank of Nova Scotia here this morning while Manager Templeton was
alone in the building, and holding a
revolver at bis bead, robbed it of
$10,000. Tbey then disuppeared into
the wo ds and nothing further haa
been heard of tbem, though a posse of
citizens ia in pursuit.
Verdicts on the Ceaths of Sis-
sons and Posol
Two separate inquests on men who
met dfeath by accident in two different
sawmills were held here by the coroner,
Dr.  Hamilton, on Wednesday lost.
Tbe verdict on John Siasnns, foreman of tbe Big Bend mill at Arrowhead, was couched in these ambiguous
words: "We find that tbe deceased,
John SisBons, met his death and there
is insufficient evidence to show the
direct cause of death."
The coroner told the jury previously
tbat, in his opinion, it was a case of
pure accident and no one was to
The prii. jipal witnesses were Dr. El-
liott, of Arrowhead; W. C Brewer,
manager, H. A. Falkner, timekeeper,
and G. B. Chambers, millwright of
the mill.
Tbe evidence allowed thut Sissuus
hud been found by Faikner, tbe timekeeper und electrioiiin, lying under
the big pulley that works the lug carriage. He wns lying in a heap on tl.e
ground, bleeding from lhe head and
was quite unconeoiouB. Fslkicr called
the chiel engineer, and tin \ bad him
removed to the hospital, He bad evidently been soaping the belt and bad
slipped and been struck by it.
Mr. Brewer paid a tribute to Siasona
as oue of the beat and moat competent men be ever bad in his employ.
As foreman he bad complete authority
and it wus his business to hire and
supervise the men. After the accident
Mr. Brewer had examined the machinery at tbe apot and found everything running all right.
G. B. Chambers, millwright, gave it
as bis theory that Sissnns had been
standing at a small (light of steps
Btiaping the belt to make it catcb,
when a piece of leather tbat tbey bad
fastened on to keep tbe lacing from
wearing may bave struck the soap
and given his arm a shock, in drawing sway bis arm bis bead might have
struck tbe edge of the belt and he
would have been knocked to the
ground. The belt travelled at the
rate of 3,300 feet a minute, Sissons
bad put on lhe leather him;elf.
Dr. Elliott pronounced death to be
caused by bemmorliage ol the brain,
resulting from a bard blow.
The jury in thiB case consisted of J.
T. Pollock (foreman), M. A. Leet, I).
Davis, Murdock McRae, S. O, Bobbins
aud Gub Lund.
lu tlie cuhb ol John Posol, the Austrian, who died in tbe hospital us tbe
result ol injuries received from a fall
at the Revelstoke sawmill, tbe jury
found a verdict of accidental death,
with no bia ne attached tn anyone
The evidence of E. Marsaw, foreman; Ray Aikins, engineer, and Geo.
Posol, a brother ol the deceased, who
were present, wsb that Posol bad
fallen through a hole in a jack ladder
above a dump and bis bead had
struck the logs thirty-live feet below,
fracturiug his skull. All agreed that
be should not have been on the ladder
at all, as it was customary to walk
right down off' the trestle to the
ground, which came up about level
with it in two places.
The jury empanueled in the case
were (I. E. Curry (foreman), J. McKay, R. Entwistle, W. A. Marrion,
F. McConnell and  L. OBborn.
Cricket Tournament
The Revelstoko cricket team will go
down to Vernon on Sunday night or
Monday morning to take part in the
tournament which takes place there
next week. On Monday, July 5tb,
they are scheduled to play Vernon,
and, ou the lollowing day, will play
Vancouver. Tho schedule lur the week
is ua [ollows:
Revelstoko vs. Vernon—Monday.
Rovelstoke vs. Vancouver—Tuesday,
Armstrong vs. Vancouver—Wednesday.
Vancouver vs. Okiinngaii Mission—
Vancouver vs   Vernon—Friday.
Gun Club Scores
The lollowing is the result ol tbo
(luu Club shooting competition held
on Dominion Day :
W. A. Sturdy   20
J.G. Barber     HI
\V. M. Lawieuce      17
\V. J. Armstrong    15
.1  McMarlin    14
\V. I. Briggs    13
J. R. Cook    12
A. McRae    II
Geo. Blakoly     7
•• The Panther of Bengal."
A lirst ehiHs program was on tbe
hoards at the KdiBon Theatre last
night. BesideB comedy the loatiiro
him entilli il "The Panther ol Bengal"
delighted tbe audience, Tonight the
same programme will bo prosonlod at
two purluiiniuices.
Coal oil and gasoline stoves, and
ovens lor same— Bourue Bros,
Frank Sheldo Sent Up on a
Charge of Attempting to Kill
Fred Orsetti—Case Watched
With Interest.
Frank Sheldo, brought back from
Calgary by Chief of Police Buin a few
days ago, waa committed for trial by
Magistrate W. W. Foster thia morning
ni a charge nl attempting to murder
Fred Orsetti, in Little Itaiy about two
weeks ago. Mr. A. D. Mclntyre, of
Kamloops, and Mr. W, I, Briggs,
appeared for the prosecution and Mr.
II. 8. McCurter for the defendant,
while Mr. Gillan held a watching brief
for Joe Falzetti, who isulao alleged to
be implicated.
Tho hearing was watched witli great
interesl by members ol the local
Italian colony a great many of whom
were in the room.
Fred. Orsetti, a pleasant looking
Italian, wbo appeared with his throat
bound up, told in good English tbe
story of a conspiracy against him tbat
smacked uf black-band, though tbe
workings of tbat mysterious order
were not in any way brought to ligbt.
His story wus substantially the same us
that already told, with a few elaborations. When be came from the bouse
of bis father-in law, Julian, in the
evening, four men jumped on him at
the gate. Three of them he reognized.
One kuown as "Joe" Romano slashed
at him with an open razor but missed
bim. Romano then grabbed him behind and held him, while Sheldo's
razoi cut down to the Adam supple iu
his Croat. Sheldo fell oil' the sidewalk immediately afterwards, and
"Joe" Romano, who evidently thought
it wsb Orsetti falling, said: "Frank,
wc have him now. Let us sec if be
has any money on bim." But tbere
was no attempt to take moDey as Orsetti was still ou his leet. The four
men iu tbe gang disappeared towards
the oust, and Oisetti wont back into
the bouse.
Orsetti added that bo bad a quarrel
with Sheldo three weeks previous
about bia brother who was working
with tbe accused in the C.P.R. yards.
Sheldo bad also come to him in the
work car and said, "You have quite a
bit ol money, you bad better divide it
up." Orsetti replied that he was
going to build a bouse and needed tbe
money himself. He thought Sheldo
was only fooling at the time. Joe
Falzetti, wbo is being held by the
police as an accessory, he recognised
as one of the four men tbat had
attacked him.
The evidence ol other witnesses
shed no new light on tbe
affair, though Chief Bain stated that
Sheldo had admitted to him after bis
arrest that he bad been present when
the cutting was done, but tlmt it wus
not he, but one of the others who had
done it.
Mr. McCarter said lie would reserve
his defence for the higher court, and
Magistrate Foster formally committed
Sheldo lor trial at the Full Assizes.
The case of Falzetti charged vvith
being an accessory t.i tbe er me is
going on this afternoon.
From Our Own Correspondent.
The annual closing of the Arrowhead public school took place in the
achool room on Wednesday afternoon
last, There was a good attendance of
both pupils aud parents. The annual
report which was read by the esteemed
principal ol the school, Mr. R. J
Thompson, wiib both gratifying and
encouraging. It showed that good
work had been done during the past
year by the pupils The Rev. W. T.
Johnson, Vicar of Arrowhead, on be
half of the trustees, moved the adoption ol the report. In so doing Mr
Johnson said he was pleased to know
lhat the existing relationships be
tween the parents, pupils and teacher
wero of such a barmonsous nature
Ho also expressed the hope thai the
same kind relationships and good
work done by the school in tho past
would continue lo prospor and grow
in tbo future. Mr. John Paul Mc-
Artbur, u former pupil of the school
uud ii meiniiet of Columbia College,
Now Westminster, In a neat speech
spoke of llie excellent ground work bo
bad received when a pupil of the
school, and exhorted the pupils present to he liiithlul and dilligenl iu
Iheir studies. Alter an ninple supply
ol icu criiiim and cake, to which all
present did  lustioe, tbe singing of the
National    Ani hem     brought   a   very
pleasant afternoon to a close.
Dominion Day was spent very
quietly at Arrowhead, tho majority ol
Uin Inhabitants went to Nakusp to
attend the celebration there.
Mr. John Paul MoArthur has returned Irom a year's successful study
at Columbia College, New Westminster, and will spend the summer
vacation with his parents bore.
Mr. R. J. Thompson, the esteemed
principal ol the Arrowhead public
school, has been reelccled as principal
for the ensuing achool year.
The Rev. VV. Thomas Johnson and
parly Spent the afternoon Ol Dominion
Day on hia launch on tbe Arrow lakes.
Mr. John Bull has given up business
at Arrowhead.
The Rev. II. J. Molvin, B, A., Pros-
hyterisn minister at Arrowhead, will
soon have bis new mission boat completed.
Mr.Gourgo Newman and party s|K_nt
Dominion Lay et Galena Bay.
Moving l'lotuieii tonight.
25 Per (cut
On Silver plated ware,
Fancy China, including
48 piece China Tea Sets,
some very hue pieces of Limoges China, a nice assortment
of Wedgewood ware, also Jardinieres, Flower Vases, colored and plain glassware, some good designs in Cut Glass,
etc. All goods arc marked in plain figures and there is no
deception about this sale.
We are also offering the balance of our Refrigerators
at low prices in order to make room for other goods. This
is a good chance to obtain one Just as the hot weather is
coming on.
[I Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbin
Mr Swell Dressei
* **P A  O "• /Set u //■	
A Clean-up in Shirts
Broken Lines no range
complete sizes 14 1-2 to
17, were $1.25 to $2.25
NOW  81. OO
Fit Reform Clothing
B. B. WALKER, President | Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
IIIXAHDIS LAIHD, Oner.l Manager I Reserve Fund,   -     6,000,000
Th« new Travellers' Cheque* recently issued by thin Rank are a moot <
way k» which to carry money when travelling.   They are issued in denomimiaaaa %\4
$10,  $20, $50,  $100 and $200
aad th* exact unouni payable In Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Pranea,
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, 8wc4ea
Hid Switzerland Is Mair,) rn thr im.e of rath rlirqur, wbii* in other roaokrtae
thmry mra pavabir al I'n-nii raise
Tbe cheque ami all informaiii-wi r^-ai-ding liirtn may be obtained mi a.nj mMtem
at tbe Bank. UM
We Admire Every Woman
who insists on having hor
choice of our selected Beef,
I.mil'. Pink and high-
uriide Hams, 8he'« after
the lif'"t .uid weie prepared to give it to her,
Fine Meat Market
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nud always shall. I'licen
all right too.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
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ruda.   roeli,   mosquito   hats,   etc.,  at
A reward ol   |10 will   be   paid   lor   BoUrne Broe.
inch Information that will lead to the
arrcHt   and   conviction   ol   the party |    Moulnerrat lime juico, Lipton'n lem-
i I legally milking our cowb. I un juice, Persian ilierbert, Euoq Iruil
II. and E. TATTOO,    l»alt at Bourne Bro«, TIIE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Zbc flfcaiUlfocialb.
interior pnbltsblno Company,
urriCES :   iMi'iiKUi. Hank Hiiliumi Ukvul-
BTOKK, Jrf. 0,
Moner to loan. , „,,,,,•
Oiflces: Baveletoke, Hi.   (raubrook, ft I ■
Geo. S. McCarter
K.   M.   1'ISKH .'1 J. A.   HAKVKV.
Reveletoke, Cranbrook B. i .
Ban iatei
Solicitor, etc.
S ilicltorjfor:—
The Canadian Bank of Oommbrob,
The Molsons Hank, Ktc.
per month
per month
per   month
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mining Sni veyor
linX 1U0, Rkvklbtokb
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp, No. 220
MeeU  Seoond and   Fourth  Wodnotdays In
i ,',u muiitli. in Selkirk Hull.   \ i-ilin   Woodmen cordially invited to allonri,
J. MrlNTYKK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The roiliilar meelini!- are Iielii in tlie Selkirk
Halleierj'8od ami IU. Tuesday evening nl »
u'olock.   Vlsltlnn lireiliron oordlally Invited.
T    J    WALSH,   I'HBRlllKST.
W  E  Mct.AUl'Hl.lN.Sti IBBTAEY.
Kootenay Lodge. No. 15, A  F. & A. M.
Th buIhi meet-
in.- are ln-1.1 in ilm
Oddfellows Hnll.ou
lho lliinl Monday In
earli monlli nl •'i
p.m. VislltuKbrethren   cordially   wel-
L'. A. I'l'.lll I'.NIKII. SHCllKTARY.
SELKIRK LODGE 12, 1.0,0. F.
Mem-, evn ry Tlnii-
.liiy   evoniiiR   in   Sel
kkirk Hull nl So'lllook
JYisitlng Iirelliren are
cordially Invited l<> altolul.
Six Roomed
80 Acres near Kevelstoke, 18 acres cleared,
house, stable and fencing. 2S0 fruit trees, live stock
and farm implements.     At a bargain,
10 Acres at Summerland, near landing, all
newly fenced and under irrigation, 650 fruit trees.
(11 md buy.
800 Acres at Galena Bay, 65 acres cleared,
500 fruit trees, good house and stable, live stock and
farm implements. Desirable property t<> subdivide into
5 and io acre lots.     Only $32.00 per acre.
\v. a. rooTE. n.i
jas. mathib:sko.
Cold Rango Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26,  Rovelstoke, B. C.
f«i,|.i . .t.i Wednesday 0,
each mourn, .1 m iddfollowi'
Hall al .-. iiVl'i'l. Wail 1111;
Kuiglita ar,- oordlally iuvilod,
T. P.   SMITH, ('. ('.
li. H. HKUi K   K. nf  ll   A S.
J   U. SCOTT, .11. ul F.
tell almost liow many feet fi.cli
acre Bhould yield. Added to this
there is the attraction of a market
close at band, and simplicity of
process between producer and consumer. With all these inducements it is not wonderful that so
many persons have become interested' in timber, so that from (his
source along the Provincial Government derived last year a revenue
rn' $2,658,531.
That an industry so large and so
important should be fostered and
encouraged in every possible way,
goes without saying. The lumberman is not only a producer in his
own time, but he is the scout and
supper of the civilization of husbandry, which should become one
ni (he best assets of the provinse in
thn years to come. The woodsman
drives roads into the forest, bridges
the gullies, clears llieslieiims. takes
away the heavy timber, and so. on
the more fertile lands, blazes the
trail for the settler who follows
him. The industry also provides a
means of sustenance to tbe settler
until such time as his land is
cleared and made productive. All
this considered it seen.s fair to ask
that the lumberman shall be given
reasonable security of title, facility
of access to his claims, and the
cheapest possible rales in conveying his products to the consumer.
Til IU.K. I'lluNK   US
Zbc ni>aU*1berafo
There is certainly something
very encouraging, especially to interior mill men, in a statement
recently credited to W. A. Anstie,
secretary of the Mountain Mills
Manufacturing Association, in an
interview in Vancouver. He is reported to have said. "The up-country sawmill men are unanimous in
saying that the demand for lumber
from tin. prairie provinces is
stronger now than it has beeu anytime during the pastjthree years.
Virtually every mill is in operation
aDd despite the large output, lumber stocks on hand which last January amounted to 200,000,000 feet
have lieen reduced to 150,000,000
feet. With good crops tin- Fall
the improvement ol conditions in
regard 10 the lumber industry will
be very marked indeed."
Concurn   1    with tbie statement
come !•;   rl      fa bund ini • of rain
in the   , rairie ; rovinces, and
full ol ; r imise :■ intiful har
vest Sii ■ the ] rosperitv ol lhe
lunri "in in ;- ''!-• I on thai   f thi
f.iru.-r it would  in m :i lhe    il
look lor the business for tbe 1 retenl
year 1- now assured. From Jul)
12 lo Jul; ' "■ .1 bis international
convention "f lumbermen "hen
liriti-:. I 1 mbia will be well re| ■
resenti I, is I • ■ beld in Seattle
and u ;- hoped ti.'-re th il something in.'... ■• le 111.' 1 and me ins
devised to make the besi ol pre • 1 I
Lumbering .- at present, and ior
some yearn must remain the premier industry "f British Columbia,
If there 1-  ■ thing thai distinguishes this province from the rest
of the world it is the fact that il is
earth's last preserve ol lug coniferous tree-.       The   lie R 'comer  to ll
country like this looking around
to enrich himself from its natural
resources -triki- fur timber as the
line oi least resistance, It i- the
one thing for which an assured
return 1- in nght. The farmer
sou- bis crop and await- anxiously
lest drought, "r hail, or frost
Bhould blight it bul the harvest of
the forest has been growing through
the centuries and waits ready foi
the axeman'- hand, 'I be miner
must drive his tunnel or .-ink his
shaft in search of unseen treasure
which may or may not reward him
for hi.- pains, but the treasure of
the woodman stands green to tin
tight! and   the   expert cruiser call
Bhould be cut through to meet this,
the underbrush should all he
cleared away near the entrance
and the land seeded down with
grass. A fence should be built
along the riverside and a stove or
fireplace installed bo that picnickers might boil water without danger
of starting a misli fire,
All this would of course involve
some 1 tienje, but it need noi he
great. There seemB no good reason
that the labor of prisoners, for
whose keep the city is paying,
might not be commandeered into
this service for (he City's benefit.
Under any circumstances if Revelstoke had a pleasant picnic ground
always available, a place with cool
grottos and shady nooks where
mothers might take tlieir children
mi warm summer days, and which
we could point oui to visitors with
pride, it would well repay tbe cost.
What is whiskey ? is the interrogative heading in 11 news article in
a contemporary. We venture to
say there are a few people in llevelsloke whom it would not take
long to answer that ijtiestion. They
could pick out one sample of the
real article from among a thousand
bottles of painkiller and cold tea,
Why should not Kevelslnke ha veil Stanley Park of its own'.' This
was the question asked frequently
by those who went out to the picnic
held in Columbia Park on Thursday afternoon. Around Stanley
Park, in Vancouver, the salt sea
ebbs and Hows; by the shore of the
Columbia Park. Kevelstoke, the
river that bears its name sweeps
down in rapid How carrying the
cooling and refreshing air of the
mountain snows with it. Columbia Park is of course smaller than
Stanley I'ark, being only about
IU acres in extent iiiiTtiiling the
race track but its size is sufficient.
Already trails and walks have been
cut through it, so that the nucleus
of its developmuit is well uuder
way. The work only needs to be
pushed to a successful conclusion,
A good road should be made as
nearly around it as possible,   paths
Bail tliiiu
robbery has
lence   and   1
may yet be 11
desperadoes 1
lured.     It ilium and BOCI
to that  it s
Wellington 1
lhe helm, am
these outlaw
or placed   v
from troublil
da vs.
lend to worse. Train
been followed by vio-
oodslied, and there
lore trouble before the
low nt large are cap-
warfare between these
ety, and having come
lould be pursued as
as if the band of
ir Kitchener were at
1 no iiains spared   till
are either destroyed
here they will cease
ig for ti e rest of their
What Our
Means to You
TT means that the flour con-
taiiiod in bags and barrels
so trade-marked is decidedly
whiter, :t great deal stronger
and more nutritious than
other Hours.
11 means tlint the Hour has been  f
proper!,'  ag;cd   to  mature   its
lull strength.
It means
"More bread
and better Bread"
and better pastry, too.
ll means elimination of uncertainty—' 'your money buck"
if Purity fails to give entire
Costs more than the other kind,
but worth the difference.
Western Canada   Flour Mills  Co.,
i.i.ni led,
MllisA. Si. I'.,.mi ICII, OOIIKIIICII, Brandos,
OiHiv, W ini-B. Mai lm
Have you drawn one of these
numbers from a suck of Koyal
Standard Flour?
40613  47269 42072
41763  70363 49379
48275  61404 51347
11 you have, you are untitled to
a lO'.i piece uhina dinner sel. Kuch
month from the duplicates of coupons placed in the sacks of Koyal
Standard Flour leaving our mills,
we draw ten numbers. If you were
fourlunate enough to secure one of
these you are entitled to a dinner
set. Tbere have heen many successful ones—you may be next.
Koyal Standard Flour is the
hest and purest household Hour in
the west—made from the finest
selected wheat by special machinery—watched through every process — guarded unt 1 it reaches
your table. It is perfection itself
in a llour.    Ask your dealer for it.
\i.\nti Arninai HY
Vancouver Milling 6*
Gram Co., Ltd.
JjtfVE ROOM IIOUSI-: lociiieilon C.
' I', li. grounds near sl.iilinn, wilh
20 year lease on gionnd. This house Is
in good repaii wilh line gill-den nnd
fruit trees. Will sell at n liiit'unin if
sold at once. Apply for lint ber pin-
liiidars to !•'.. .1. Bourne, Firsl streel.
1.1HK SALE Sume heavy horses,
' which h ive heen used for logging.
Haven stallion, mares anil geldings.
U ule Revelstoke Sawmill Co,, Ltd.,
Big Kddy, li. I .
According lo Collier's Weekly,
Father Adam, after waiting from
the beginning of things, has had a
monument erected to his memory
al last. It seems natural that this
should be done in America—a
country where you can't keep a
gnnd man down. Mr. John P.
Brady, tlie Baltimore millionaire,
has unveiled iu tbe grounds of his
country home at Gardenville, Md..
a granite shaft with a sundial, on
I which is inscribed: "To the mem-
ory of Adam   the tir-t man.'
I ill lit SALE  Ten acree sl a i id ii ghiv,
1    apply  .Mrs.   Mary Pnlinei', Clan-
William, Three Valley I'. 0„ B.C.
IflOR SALE-Man or Woman, .My
I Suuth African Veteran Bounty
Land Certificate issued by the lleinirl-
llienl ol the Interior, Ottawa; good for
13211 acres of any Dominion Land open
for entry in Allien n, Saskatchewan or
Manitoba. Auy poison over the age
of Is yens, niiin nr woman, can -ie-
quire this land  with this Ceriillcale,
For in dime sale al $800.    Write or
win-, L. 15. Telford, 181 Sliuler Stteet,
Toronto, Ontario
l.ll ill SALE—A  collage, also piano
X.     and   furniture,  apply   l'or terms
In It, N.
1 ri
els 1
home in
- Si.unsoi
ick i
n S
nnd Street will
pi i
t ion
-Mrs S
WANTED—A fresh cow state price
and particulars. Applv Harry Mcintosh, ll.di von Springs, B. t'.
n <■-"-. r.uW_am55SJ
Christies Biscuits
mmmmmtmmiMmmm^mtmM..^^mmmtttm-i: ^_a__________________i________s_______________________a_B__M_B
are the Best
r| ^ VRR V   particular   h
l^y wife in Canada
Biscuits   are   so   m>ii_h
the next best  that  thei on
_ Christip s   Ris. nil .,]■
ist* who know how, m thr |  and  most
modern biscuit factor) Dominii
Every   pound   of   Ilo nnr
bakes   is   the   best   mill■■ I I the besi
brands,  then sift   and   te '   our blond,     Kvery
ounce of raw  material   is  ana       i        severa
inspectors.       Pure,   fresh   butter, sweet
milk, delicious cream and fresh eggs   -all mixed
with our special  blend of liuur in the  Christie
scientific   way   yields   that   unvarying   flavor
that   crisp,   delicious   and    lasting    goodness
which has  made
Christie's Biscuits
ths joy of every housewife in Canada, Indeed
you do not know biscuit goodness until you
have enjoyed  Christies.
Selrf ie  balk, by tba pniiail, or  in  mointiirfl
■ ad   du__l-pri.nl packages,
Christie, Brown & Co., Ltd., Toronto
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one ol our iiiinib'. me pallor Beta,
upholstered in high crude Bilk, or
damask, wilii li utiles lhal ure in every
Om ceivable design, huiI in tide to wear
iruli llnitely. We nave many new and
Ileum iiiii parlor nets and odd pieces lor
beautifying the home that aro taste-
fill, effective and inexpensive, and wiil
show your rooms to the hiwt advantage.
For Rent
House on first Street, $20 per month.
Knur Unions on McKenzie Avenue, If 10
per month
For  Hale
timid Building Lots.
Two  houses   suitably   located  on McKenzie Avenue
Acreage for Market Hardening.
Money  Loaned for Building Purposes
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bough b
Oash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit and ornamental trees
liiniie grown, hardy, tested
and proven Our treim do
not have to be lun igattd.
They aro grown in the i uly
part ol the continent nut
infested with the San .lose
157 Page Catalogue l-'iuc.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Brunch Nursery      -      Soulh Vancouver
THE CHR1STIH OIRL Aht is rapreisnt*-
»iv«- .,f il*. KM flrli In IpOtlCM wiilt* tmplortd
In till Chriltlfl fut-.rr Th«f irt ■npplitd with
two ■■•'■., a week, arid (title, with handbrr
rht*fg, lowtli, tic . art laundrtad on tha »r«mla«».
mmatm^mm-fr. hhmmum
Iir ni^ hi yuur Plans Kini Sjici'ifii-nl luiiB
mid wc wilt flgtim uu them
The Ureal Western Permanent
Loan I niii|iiiii.y
U INMI'I'.ii
,M i n .
First Stroot, Itovulittokii, R   C.
Mniiiir_irt.iiri.il fur nil i'im ne ol  bulldlngi
Tor -tain in 1.1 rno Of -.mull i|inuiLllln:i
nt thn l<twn-H prims fur CStn,
ah kiii'iH ol imiMiiiJ andjplailerlnfi
in C. P. U. contract for facing Revelstoko station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest niilerinl for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, wa.m in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about have your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
HKAUOKKIllK:   Ualuakv,   Aliikkia.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Marchant*
Pork Packers nnd Dealers iu Live Stock,    Mark.-Is iu all the nrinoi
■nil Cilh-s .nul T.i.vns of Alliciiii, British Oohinihlv and the Yukon
Packers of tin- Celebrated Brand  " Imperatoi-" Hams and Bacon,
i   and " Shamrock   Brand Leal' Lard.
Import direct from country ol origin.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably   furnished   with   the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
arc. disposing ,,f dlcir entjre Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate tlieir prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry,  Cut  lilass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
■*■       These dostroyors oannot live where trees have been treated with    *"^
I'eiu Blight, lliibhlta, Miee, Hotels, Canker Worm, Han Jose Scale, Oyster
Bhell, Bark Louse and Hun Scald, TUB COST IH VERY SMALL. It will
not waili off, One application protects for two years, Wat-nook's Tree Paint
Is iniiini experiment, It has stood tho test for six years In all parts of the
United States, It Is an absolute preventative and aura for Pear Blight, Wo
invite Investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station has used Huh tree
paint Inr three veinh, November, 11107; they pureliiBed 60 gallons for free
distribution among leading nrohards,    Bend for Ifl-page free booklet to
ii. It. LAwks, Kndeiiiy, U.c, Sole Manufacturers for B. (J,
Paget Supply Company, Agents, Revelstoke, B   C. niE MAIL HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
lho Municipal Council ot llie CorporuUotl
of the City of Revelstoke intends to undertake the construction ot Concrete Sidewalks on certain parts of First Sireet,
Sci.ond Street, aud Front Streel, within
th* said City; viz:
Ou the North side o( Firs I Street from
the corner of Campbell Avenue to lhe corner of Boyle Avenue, and the North side
ol Second Streel trom the corner ot' Pearson Streel to the corner of Ford Slreel,
aud on the South-west sideol Front Streel
from the corner of King Sireet to the corner of Victoria Ko.ul, according lo the
specifications and estimates prepared by
the City Engineer) ami to assess the expense or cost thereol upon the land or real
properly abutting en the parts ot such
streets as aho\ e mentioned) aiul to be
benefitted thereby, and that a statement
showing lhe land of real property liable io
pa\ the assessment there tor aud the
names ot ihe owners thereof as lar as can
be ascertained together with Lhe specifications and estimates of the City Engineer
and the proposed assessment and report
thereon of the City Clerk are now ou file
in lhe otlice oi the City Clerk and open for
inspection during ofiice hours.
The estimated cost of the work is
$4011.50, oi which it is intended that the
City At large shall bear lhe whole oi the
cosl of the work on streel crossings and
necessary retaining walls and one-third of
the cost of the Concrete Sidewalks, and
the property owners bearing Iwo-lhirds oi
the cost of the said sidewalks.
The total estimated cost to be borne by
the properly owners being $3274.34, and
by the City at large $1637.16.
Any objection to die proposed undertaking and assessment therefor shall he
made bv petition to the City Council within FIFTEEN (15I days* from the dale
hereof, the persons entitled to petitiou be-
in); the owners oi the lands thereby
Dated this ibth day of June, iqo«>.
iun 26       BBUCE A.   LAWSON,
City Clerk.
Certificate of  Improvements
I. X. I., and silver Pick mineral
claims, situate in the Trout Lake
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located, hetween the ninth
nnd south forks of Lardo Greek,
Take notice that 1 Catherine Florence Beatty, of Vancouver, H.C Free
Miner's Certificate No. H ltsi'ii. intend
sixty davs froin date hereof, to apply
to tlie Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements for the purpose
of obtaining Orown grants of the
above claims.
And further lake notice that action
under Section 37 must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Dated  this twenty-seventh day of
May, A.D, HUM.
uiyA) Catherine Florence Beatty.
Prince Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability
TiiTiii-.SiiAui.:iiiii,iii:i<.siii"ni..; 1'iiim is
Minim; & I)i-:\ iii.ih-\iknt Company Limited Liability.
Revelstoke, .lune 10th, 19(9.
Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Shar holders of
the Prince Mining & Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be
held at the Company's oftioe, First
.Street, Kevelstoke, 1.1. C., on Wednesday, the twenty-first day ot July, A.D,
1909, at the houi' of eight o'clock in the
afternoon, for the purpose of electing
officers foe the ensuing year, and for
all other purposes relating to the management of the Company.
The transfer book of the Company
will he closed during the fourteen davs
immediately preceding sueh meet inu:.
Daled at Hevelstoke, B, O, this 11)1 h
day of June, A.D., 1909.
Hevelstoke Land District,
Distriel of West Kootenay.
Tako Notice thai Roderick XV, Lindsay, of Oamborne, H.C, occupation
merchant, intends to apply lor permission to purchase the following
descrilied land :
Commenolng at a post planted at the
north-east coiner of A. D. McKay's
pre-empt ion, No. 7H05, and marked
"It. W. Lindsay's North-West Oorner
Post; thenee about H ehains cast to
west line of McKinnon's pie-einplioii,
thence aliout 50 chaius south, tlience
aliout 8 chains west to McKay's side
line, thence north about 50 chains to
point of commencement and containing 40 acres more or less.
Roderick William Lindsay,
Dated April 80th, 1909. my 22
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd. I   PROVINCIAL PARAGRAPHS
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West, Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Adrau La Brash,
of Nakusp, occupation married woman,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following descrilied
lands :
Commencing nl a post, planted on
the south-west coiner of Lot 9149,
tlience west HI ehains; thence north
00 chains; tlience east 10 chains; thence
south 110 chains to place of commencement.
Mils. Adran La Brash.
II. J. La Hit ash, Agent.
Dated May 17th, WW). my 20
Hevelstoke Land District.
Distriel of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Lainh, of
C|inton, Iowa, U. S. A., occupation
Mlllowuer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described land:
Commencing at a posl planted at the
8. E. corner of Lot Tlilli, then north 20
chains, then east 20 chains, thence
south 20 chains more or less to lake
shore, thenee westerly along lake shore
20 chains more oi less to point of commencement.
V.. .Mi GAiiiniAN,
Agent fm- Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June 8rd, 1908.  ' iun i'i
Steamer Hevelstoke leaves Landing
at the head of Canyon evei y Tuesday
and Friday at li a. in. (water penult-
ting) and arrives at Downie Creek
about 2 p.m., returning same dav. T.
A. Lewis' passenger stage and freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
hetween all city hotels and Landing.
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone No. 72. There is telephone connection with the steamer. The number
is B215. All information as to rates
and ol her Imsiness may be obtained
at ofiice on board the steamer from
P. Swan8on, Purser.
Hevelstoke Lind District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that John XV. Falls, of
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about
live miles north of Downie Creek on
the Oolumbia Hiver and about liftv
miles north of Hevelstoke, thence St)
ehains south along Oolumbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thence 80 chains
north, thence 20 chains east to point of
John XV. Fai.i.k.
Dated 17th ,li  1909, jun8000d
Hevelstoke Lund District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thai Robert R. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted aliout
live miles north of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles north of Revelstoko
on the Oolumbia Hiver, tlience 80
chains north along the Oolumbia river,
thence 20 chainB west, thence 80 chains
south, tlience 20 chains east to point of
Robert R. Caldwell,
Per John W. Falls, Agent.
Dated 17th June, 1909. jun Ml OOd
Our logs aie stamped ou the end
"E," and all persons are warned
ugainst taking them, or the driving of
nails cr spikes or nails therein, Do
not touch our logs.
Revelstoki-; Sawmill Co.   Ltd.
First-class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders Promptly  Killed.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Sireet and Robson Ave.
Items of Interest of Happenings
in British Columbia
The coal miners strike at Fernie is
ended and work in the mines has been
resumed. William Powell, president
ol distiict No. 18, United Mine Workers of America, and T. E. James, the
intcrnatioual omanizcr, who nego
liated the arrangements lor a settlement, eaid tbat the different, camps in
i he district affected voted strongly in
favor of the agreement with the mine
William T JoneB, a Coal Creek
miner, was drowned last Monday
night in the Elk river wbile crossing
the wagon bridge between Fernie and
West Fernie. How he fell in is unknown. He was a married man with
a wife and three children. The body
has not yet been recovered.
A strike in the Boundary country
bas been declared by the miners' union
against the mines and smelter ol the
B. C. Copper Company. They ask for
recognition ol the union aud no discrimination against its members. They
claim that 90 per cent, of the employees of the company belong to tbe
union, and advise other workmen to
keep away from Greenwood till the
strike is jailed oil'.
R. S, Ford, business malinger ol the
Vancouver Saturday Sunset, has purchased a large block of fruit land weet
of Midway.
A building boom is on at Grand
Forks just now and many fine new
brick structures are going up.
Two long tunnels are being run into
the mountains at Greenwood, the one
in the north end ol the city will be
over 17,000 feet long when finished
and it is the greatest mining tunnel
ever undertaken in Canada. It is
financed in Chicago. The tunnel in
the south end of Greenwood iB financed
by Claf Lofatad and his partners who
have formed a cumpany called the
Ar_'0 Mining A Tunnel Company.
Itisexpe ted that tbe valuable gold
ore will be struck within 000 feet from
tbe portal. The success of tliese two
tunnels will make Greenwood the
principal mining camp in B. C.
The Glorious  12th July
WiU be held at
Monday, July 12th, 1909
Special Train Leaving Revelstoke
Six a. m. and Returning One a. m.
For further information apply to
J. A. STEWART,       F. E. POX,
W. M. L.O.L., 1735,        Rec.-Sec., 1735
Vernon, B. C.
Stole a Ship
E.S. Kirkconnell, a wealthy rancher
near Wbonnock, B.C., waB arrested on
Tuesday last on the single charge of
having stolen a whole ship and its
cargo trom New York about a year
ago. Hie arrest was effected by Detective Wilmer o! New York, assisted
by Police Inspector Mulbern and
Provincial Constables Munro and
Smith, ol Vancouver.
It is alleged tbat in the spring ol
1008 Kirkconnell and his brother committed the most colot'sal theft in the
history of tbe Atlantic coast, boldly
Bailing away with a whole ship load of
goods obtained under false pretences
from eastern merchants. Tbe vessel
failed for Honduras and arrived safe
from pursuit with little misadventure.
Tben began a pursuit which finally
ended in capture, though not till the
ship containing the alleged stolen
goods bad landed them safely.
Both alleged thieves were apprehended in Honduras, and one ol them
alleged to be the man cipluredin
Whonnock, escaped by risking his life
at night by diving from the boat on
which he wad being brought to
New York.
Since this escape tlie search hss
never been given up. Several weeks
ago Detective Wilmer got trace of
Kirkconnell and finally located him
in British Columbia. He arrived
vuietly a few days ago and confirmed
his suspicions and the arrest followed
Kirkconnell is lighting extradition
lur which proceedings are still under
way in Vancouver, where further hearing wsb adjourned by Judge Mclnnes
till July 7th.
The Calgary Fair
All is in readiness fur the biggest
fair tbe west has known. It will be
held in Calgary Irom July uthjto 20th,
and on Monday it is expected there
will he in that city thousands of people from all purls ol Alberta, British
Columbia, Manitoba, Haskctcbowan,
and In lact every province in the Dominion as well as from many of the
border states. Visitors to tbe exhibition will see an array of horses, cattle,
sheep, swine and poultry that cannot
be surpassed anywhere. The larg- industrial building will contain exhibits
ol the pr.'ducts nl almost overy industry in the land. The district exhibits sent Inun different sections of
the western provinces will conclusively
show, in a collective way, what it is
possible lor lhe west to produce, and
one ol the iiiost tuagiiilicont louu collections ol paintings ol Canadian and
European urtists will be on uxhibi
tion in the art building.
When the people who visit Calgary
[rom July 6th to 10th have seen these
and other (natures, which constitute
the more serious part ol the exhibition, they mav seek the grand stand
at any moment during the afternoon
or evening and he entertained in many
different ways. The attractions hooked
lor the lair include several feature
acts from the Now York Hippodrome.
That the amusement progrumuie will
prove to be Ur superior to anything
usually seen outside of New York and
uther big American cities, is a (ore-
gone conclusion.
The entries are closed and an exceptionally good showing is made in
all classes. The following i» the num
b i recoived in tlie various depart.
ments: Homos, 616; cattle, 266) sheep
and swine, 177; dngs, 180; line arts,
Ai'i; dairy products, 100; plants and
flowers, HI; Indies work, 46 ; children's work, 189; miscellaneous, Mil,
making a total of 11,28.'! entries, considerably in excass of tbe expectations
ol the exhibition managemeut,
J,1< lit  HUNT Five rimmed house next
;     Loughceil  Itloik.     .Apply  lo A.
H.MU.I.u, Y.M.C.A,
Vernon Man Attempts Both But
He Fails
A man named Thomas Mn-s tried to
set lire to the town of Vernon last
week, and then attempted to commit
suicide. The lire brigade got out in
time to extinguish the fire, though
not before one small building was
entirely consumed and some others
badly scorched. Mobs'b own house
wsb on lire, but no damage beyond
charring the floor where it bad been
started. Moss himself was found bj
Chiel Edwards lying in the rear of tbe
lot with his throat horribly gashed by
a razor which he Btill held in bis hand.
The cut had severed the windpipe and
tlie food canal, aud there were live
other gashes under the lelt ear. Dr.
Morris was sent for and in spite of all
his wounds the man was able with
assistance to walk to the hospital,
where from latest accounts he was
doing well Moss had left a note in
his room in the Coldstream hotel saying that owing to difliculties in making payment on his property he waB
going to burn up the buildings and
then kill himself.
Miner Left No Address
A. Mclntyre, barrister, of Kamloops,
has entered suit to recover IJ160 which
Bill Miner left in a bank iu New
Westminster, as part payment for his
professional services in defending
Miner; but Miuer went away without
leaving any address and the papers
cannot be served on bim. Mr. Mclntyre also entered a suit against
"8horty" Dunn and Colquhoud for
payment for his services in defending
them, but they had no money and the
claim was struck out. When Dunn
wsb served with the papers in the
penitentiary he asked, with a grin,
how tbey were going to serve Bill?
The amount ol Mr. Mclntyre's claim
is $500.
Famous Suit Dismissed
Tbe application for leave to appeal
the f luoue Star-White mining caBe to
tbe P, i i-y Council has beeu dismissed,
and th' s ends the uioBt costly piece of
mining litigation over carried on in
British Columbia. The real plaiu-
tiff in the case waa John M. Harris of
Sandon, and the defendant was Byron
N. White of Spokane. Mr. White
contended that the vien in his Slocan
Star claim waa continuous, and that
under the old apex law he was entitled to follow and work it through Mr.
Harris' Heber Fraction property
wbicli adloined bis. Mr Harrison
the other hand held that there was no
bend in Mr. White's ore vein, and
that instead of entering nis mine it
struck a cross fault fissure and followed it to a point near the Silversmith
mine. Mr. White won the first legal
round, but the appellate courts have
consistently upheld the contention of
Mr. Harris. All that remains to be
decided now is assessment of damages
for trespass by White upon the Harris
property. The costs of this suit to
date are estimated at !|i20,000.
because the grates are made in sectioni, not only can nothing but dust and R
ashes pass through, but after each ikaki_ig a different side can be presented
to the fire. Alio, wilh the Sunshine prate there is no back-breaking
movements attached lo the shaking. By gently rocking the lever, first on Ihe
left and then on the right, the ashes are ri-leased on both sides, ami fall through
into the pan.
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Darwin's Anniversary
The hundredth anniversary ol tbe
birtli ot Charles Darwin was honored
in Cambridge, England, last Wednes
day by a gathering ol scientific men
from all tbe leading nations of the
world. A bust ol Darwin was presented by his American admirers.
Darwin is usually credited with having
originated the evolutionary theory of
the origin of man, though iu reality
the theory had been promulgated before bis time. He did however, by
his researches give it a basis and substantiality that it never bad before,
though it ie still a strong subject of
controversy. Apart from this Darwin's knowledi^e ol the anatomy and
habits of birds, beasts uud iusects was
marvelous, and his services to science
have been recognized by all.
Big Lumber Convention
The greatest convention ol lumbermen ever held ou the continent will
open in Seattle on July 12 and will
continue to July 15. It ie thought
that sixiy per ceut ol the lumbering
interests of the United Slates and
Canada will be represented, and there
will be a large number of delegates
from the coast and interior ef British
Columbia. Among the questions to
be discussed is tbat of "odd lengths."
Pacific coast lumbermen say that
present standards ol length were fixed
when the industry centered in the
east where the lumber was smaller,
and tbat by cutting tu these lengtks
from their big timber they waste
thousands ol feet every year. They
wish to have new standards fixed so
that this waBte may be eliminated aB
much sb possible.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       OfTloe   MoKenzie Ave
Palace Restaurant
McKensie  Avenue
Fruit, Caniliea, Cigars .Tobacco.
Meals 86 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Vancouver Lots
Within one year you muet get your
money back tenfold il ymi invest it
now in cluice lots close tu Second
Narrow bridge in Vancouver. Let me
explain why'.' Price per 50 loot lot
only |125, '4 cash, balance$15 quarterly. Apply to F. O. WINKLEK, 429
Sixth Ave., East. Vancouver, B. C.
Be Sure to Attend the
ALBERTA 111 fill
July 5th to  IOth
Western Canada's Greatest Agricultural fair
A Very Liberal Prize List
The Great Historical Pageant Monday morning, July   -wh. worth going round
the world to see,
The Famous Navasser Ladies' Band of New York.
Ce-Dora in the Colden Globe, tlie greatest loop«the-loop act in tin- world,
Th   Eight Mina Golems, acrobats direct frnm the courl nf the Shah of Persia.
Howard's Dogs and Ponies, Rube Shields the Comedian, C. W.Parker Shows,
ami  other   interesting features, any of which cannot be excelled even
in New  York ' ity.
Information regarding low passenger rates and special excur
sions to the Exhibition, may be obtained from station agents.
Entries Close June 19th
Send for Illustrated Pamphlet to
E. L. Richardson, Manager, Oalgary, Alta.
July Bargains
Extraordinary Low Prices to Clear
Lines of Goods before Stock Taking. Our
list of Bargains makes the greatest Money
Saving Offering of the Season. All goods
marked down. Don't miss a good thing,
come along and make your Dollars buy more
Goods than ever before.
Local and General.
Moving Pictun a tonight.
A dunce will hi' held iu the t-knting
rink on the evening "f  Monday, July
• ul,.
Ri v. Mi Schl chti r, Motbodist minister ol Grand Forks, will occupy the
Methndist pulpit her.' on Sundny
The contract lur the Oriental hotel
addition has 1- en lei to XV. Abraham-
: .Nir. Sti ue intends t" brtng the
building thoroughly up-to-date.
Sandy McRae, jr.. whu one of the
prizi '• 'ii.' '- in thi dot contest of the
V mc uvei World      Two days ago he
:,r    ..,;   ,    In  ;ii- iur -f7."i ni-  the   fruit
• ' i i- accurati  c ilcul ition.
■_   king al Bush Creek near
■ rougbl up before Govern-
..,., ■ igeD| i lordon lasl «>ek on h
charg' ol trapping and killing beaver
Hi-M i- arrested by Constable King-
!., ■ : ,■'•, ■ ••animation wan ulli.wed
to go on Buspt nded sentenci
-. vi in. important chauges are to lie
in ; be i i" in bouBe this Bummer
> Mr. rapping. He has already
begun work and intends to put in a
drew circle, Borne private boxes nnd
dressing rooms, a new sruirway and
fire escapes,
w nml the Knigbts of
j'vti i - will parade from their li dge
mg I tl • ci nn i' ii I ■■ di " ration
•irvii'i t morrow afternoon. The
Knight • i Pythias are requested to
assemble in their lodge room at 1:30
and ti.-   ' iddfellowe st 2 p, in.
11     • ■■ |   ndent Band gave an .'pen
air concert   at the coruer  ol  McKenzie   avenue   and   Second   Btreot   lust
night.   I'   ■ .i- .i I" .uiiiini evi ning and
.   ,• _•   iriiwd gathered to listen t<. the
It was   ■ in' "I  tin'  first  con-
■-   :•:•-.'.•■   and .i'.i spoke very
work oi I hi' band,
i inly   i.i  little iucidenl marred t hr
ri Sunday Si
I ien C    it  bU park on Dom
li.n girl   playing   too  near
ivei fell iii tin' water,
]ii,.'.     was   shallow
..-. 1    -._■       ' Weill     ,1.   .il- .'ll   t"  her
■ -.-• - - i_:_T8t-  tin in cessity f"i
I   !■ ..-•    -ii  the   more  eip - •!
•   -
C; A 111) 13 N   S E E D S
('.ill and inspect oui- stock of Onion Seta and Garden Seeds tit all kinds
None luiL new seeds kept in stock.
We r.uiy a oompiete line of
staple and fancy groceries, and
can oll'er you the hesl goods at
tlie mime price as ymi pay for
inferior lines.
Our bread, caku nnd pastry trade
is rapidly Increasing, a trial
order I'm',-my one of the above
will explain why. Our aim in to
keep only the hest.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one ol   the   must   important   iti'ins
in your business
LE1 Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Li ink after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
K. E. UuBselton hud several ribs
fractured in a runaway this week, llf
»'as thrown from a wagon in tin- Enterprise brewery yard uml siruek a
lumber pile in hi- full.
i im- ..1 the liu-iii Italian colony w bo
recently went home t.. got married,
bad ii real .1 hi-.1 ■ uml Rachel i itpei i
ence lb' wus seized upon liy the
authorities und will hr forced i" serve
three years in the army belore lie can
I- .in, hack uu li hi- ini.I-.
Social and Persoanl
itrachan ins   lelt lor the   old
Mrs. J.   11
gain until Fall,
h'l.ild  will not receive
Miss i    Paget lell on Thursday
i lalgary,
Mm  r     Lii dmark     returned    on
Mi-     A
1 li ti r- '
W; ..-i'n. foreman ol  ihe
R,  eui   eh suing  dep irtmenl al
1  ilg try, tui: nn.    rei   ind   killed   hy
..ii   Wednes  i      i I      lb
».n stepping back i n t    an-
thertroik ■     i
1,11 111 Ll     I
S iwyer Bi n. an ick hid ■
del installed - n the river hunk at tin'
end "I tin' -1'iir. just below  i hi
and door iun. ry.    I
done  hy A. !■'  Lundel, preparator;
their building n -hi' gb  n Is Mr Oigol
I In I him' u fine t. ing ground . i fr
are deti i inun d tu
i 'n  Pueidsj   nexl   th       a \ul
cliiireli    i
U    Mel llenegban    • fi    n
■■:-__      e eaal
in tbi
\i   l.awrenci , on Mi
knocki : bim
A vei
•        i
'■1   . . •
I i.'
. i,   md
, . served
•    •
Rubber 11 he city for
, :   Morria
• nek  ,ii ii
M -   ,•■•'.'-    -        A
i .i  .   .
tbe purpose
.ft. been
'■•'-' .i.. iuiba
• !
■ :..•'■' i, .
whig i son n a
■   ,   the
I ibunt   due
.-■ii ■ ,     ■ I i.        i    ,
•i-.'_.'    I
■.  - rd und ii ill him in   I In   hos.
.".i  ; he
Purses and Bags
T n • n|l j   dilleri n'
ll ll       ll  Mill
l'i     .,1.',   tlott li
Now    i.    lh''   Imii'   tnl
■in.   line un.I  h"
in i be -u im.
.-..-'• " -    ■    '    —  -   ■
t -,. i i
market   there  is  weir
nrl itanl    pi     -
1 rougbl
ll ind tin
' ■   . i ml he i hr
:. I i ,
,   .   .
'' .
Kin-x i eld  i
ing ri • '-■•-' in       It tin    ..i
.   lervii e   the   del
• i in- held
•    the i hildren   ol  tb    Hunt! iy
■inl   'ri  inl-
nvited in   In-  pr  i      \   -\„ nil
(ill also hi  rn nli      I h	
ini: -• irvici    • i ■    ,|    ,i   |„i i j, i {a
1 '•'..    i Interior Di purtnienl
al Ottawa have In on in i ho Interior ••!
lh i ith  Columbia  lately   maklnp   on
i|iinii.» u» In I hs .id-, i- ii . ii v   •,.   in ,l<
ing homesteads on    I lumininn    i nd
ilii'.   IH sen     .li   i  • I' nl    un'!    ii ll r . ni"
u  p  rl ii.u ' Iiul    il    in iy   hi'   pm   !'!•   • •'
.•di i- ihh' tu p lain  for   forest   r	
uml tin iu n imii nm of w uter  mippl,
Thi' department  Inn also   . ithdrawn
1" ni t n    day    nilh
' . -    ■
f   thi
way I
i i. .
K.I     i la     ihni      i .| i rl     olerk in
i    - mk   in-ri-. bul
...    |, ii- i-.l ih-    ,
ui VV "di I iy no i retui n trip  ■
ifter a       diy in tin' easl
I ll     Hand, I lis   ■ sli known     i
'■'i'i1-' r real  ,  hroker, and thi
'vim '■     I ■ i-  i ,-,. Ruperl   -
• '   "I   i hriiiigh   Revel itol i
U'ldni-diy nn his u.iy easl (or *   fish
lllli   n
Ke Mi -"Mi' iiiir, Methodist nun
. ti I lira nil V n ks i« spending i
lew daya In Ri vclitoke,     Ue t <i" cl
to ' il lm mother who w coming nn
(runi entry all   Ih nrl s  in   the  railway  s prolonged   vimii,   from Ontaiio,    Hs
will pn .oh in i im Methodist ohurch
hern tomorrow   evonlng und will leave
(or New llinver on Monday.
II Jutlriiy nl   Golden, who wan lor-
iniily manager nl the Imperial hunk
here, lm* been appointed manager ol
the branoh in Niagara, Out. II"
Iniivi-s   Immediately   and will he iuo*
ii'inihid at Golden by  Mr. IliiiniMii.
bell iusi iif Range 13, whioh is
i hn e mllos oast ol Bhuswap,
further notice,
hoard's whole roast   ohloken, bono-
lest ohloken, jellied tenderloin, and all
the   hesl hranda ol   canned und potted
nn ma, lish,  pork und   beam, eto., at
lli'irni   llroH.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Offlce on First St., Opposite the Club
Bents Collected. Loans Notaby Pdblio     O
$15,000- -STOCK --$15,000
We ;ire giving up imsiness and selling  out   our  entire   Stock
of Men's furnishings, Hoots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at  Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and will ho continued day and
evening until the entire Stock i.s disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
Dr. Elliott of Arrowhead, und O A'.
Brewer, manager of the Big Bend
Lumber Company's mill at the same
place, were in the city on Wednesday  .tf.!lll,li
Dominion Day at Armstrong
attending the Sissons inquest. They
were accompanied by U. A. Falkner
and O.  B. Obambers, timekeeper and
millwright respectively, who were alio
On Dominion Day Mra. Hooley,
Mrs. Frank Hooley, Miss Sinclair und
other ladies were the hostesses of a
picnic party of about thirty persons
who wont in rigs up tbe Big Bend as
lar as Mosquito Landing when; they
pitched camp and spent a pleasant
Young and Old Went in Crowds
to Columbia Park
That it is a good thine for brethren
to dwell together in unity was well
illustrated in Kevelstoke on Dominion
Day, when all theohurobea iu tbe city
joined in taking their Sundny school
children to a union picnic iu Columbia Park. With the children, of course
there was also u good admixture of
pastors, masters and mothers, so it is
estimated tbat there were hetween 500
and 800 people all told on the grounds
in thealternoon. Six churches joined
in lhe festivity, namely, the Anglican,
Baptist, Methndist, two Presbyterian
and Koman Catholic, and needless to
say no theological dilerenoos prevented the youngsters from mingling
heartily in the various sports provided
lor them,
The day was warm, but the tables
were Berved under the shade ol the
trees between the race truck and the
river, and there it was pleasant and
cool, Mr. Manning had a refreshment
stand on the ground and did a roaring
trade in ice cream c.uieH and cool
di inks. It wus the first big picnic
ever held in that spot and everybody
proclaimed it to be the ideal place for
the purpose. A little clearing of the
underbrush would give Revelstoke a
beautiful park thereby the Columbia.
Family groups found shady spots to
ohat or play and the time paused very
pleasantly Ior all.
In the afternoon an impromptu program of Bports was provided and the
children und older persons alike
entered wiih neat intu the different
races, Miiile tin' onlookers laughed und
tpplauded     For   lhe   married   Indies'
race there were a any  entries thut
it had to he run off in two instalments
md il nqaired several batches to iill
i lie   n quirements   ol   the  ohildren b
-   ..  ii ice,    There  wus  lotH   of Iun
•n-r  tin   three legged  race, and  the
,■ me       • ■    in  whioh event Con-
printed in  guily,  while
■   -     ioi -  were greatly on-
I one*.
i        ring are the results:
Fat M ii. - Race—O  P. Davii I    V
l 2
ulii —Mi-   A    Kenward,
I, M r- ' 2        ' race      VI rs
ii r, 1,  Mrs. F. H   H inrne,
ler—VV. -C
■ • ioi .-.'.
■    MoC.inkc
.',     M.'ll.l
i is a pa
i-   bound loi
il   Id
i, i
K   It ■
I.   Hu   -
.  . ■   , .i
n,i   ,
i.'U ■-
in in i
ul    Ri
,.. ih
.  .    the  i
,   i
i k     -
•   ■' • ■ •    1 ii ty
i •
, i. ii
nlo  i im  oemelei v n it n the
Knights i
1 1'ythlas, to
hold 11.
•  I'e
iit.lMli   llily
i'i iviri'M,        1
lind 1
ir the ladies,
W.  A.
• i ii 11 _•;
N 0
WWi |.,i   All kinds or lyppwill
mg .md   stenography   work,
local baseball and lacrosse
went down to Armstrong on
Thur-diiy last to assist, in celebrating
the national holiday thare. The lacrosse boys were very successful, defeating Verimn by 7 to 8j but worse
fortune attended Ibe baseball lads,
wbo, in playing Enderby, ran up
against defeat hy n score ol 10-0 A
crowd nt about 30 went down from
here in lhe early huurs ol Thursday
morning, returning ut. about 4 'AD a.m.
on Friday. They were all pretty well
tired out, but reported a very enjoyable day.
In the baseball mutch Lung did
some good lield work fm Kevelstoke
and Scott pitched well, but had errors
when bases were crowded helped on
defeat. In the afternoon another
baseball mutch was played hetween
Kelowna and Summerland, resulting:
iu a victory for Summerland by 8-7
Tbe lacrosse mutch between Kevel
stoke and Vernon was a line, clean
game, but the Revelstoke boys had the
bent of it all through. The forwards
showed good combination and the
deleuee was strong, while Louis Gould
in goal proved hard to pa-s. The
game was played in sportsmanlike
• pirit and there was not a man ruled
oft. A lacrosse match between 10-
lowna and Armstrong resulted li-2 in
lavor ot the latter.
In addition to the guinea the people
ol Armstrong left nothing undone to
entertain the visitors. They had
trapeae work and a slide lor life act
along an inclined wire with the performer enveloped in llunie. The Armstrong, Enderby and Vernon bands
were present and gave open air concerts together, and a public concert in
the evening closed the day.
Old Favorites will be Seen in
Musical Comedy
The Pollard graduates of Ibe juvenile companies which have been in
British Columbia on different occasions, will be seen at the opera bonne
this evening in Sydney Jones' merry
musical f<rce "Widow O'Brien." Teddy MoNamara, Eva Moore, .lack Bollard nnd W'iille Pollard are atil! with
the company, and while they have
lust the appeal of youth tbey have
gained in experience in strength and
many who saw tbem a lew years ago
will no doubt he curious to see how
themselves now. Alfred Goulding will
appear in the title role and he will
also sing a topical song on local happenings entitled ' Fairy Tales."
In addition to those above mentioned, Ads Hind, Emma Davis, Harold Fraser, Fred Pollard und Charlie
Chester are still with the company.
It is the lirst visit ol the Pollards to
Revelstoke and they should he seen to
be appreciated.
I, (I I,. Itl.'iS will meet in old P, 0.
Hull il li in |i in , Sunday, July llth,
to attend Divine service at St. An-
drow's Cliiirob, Ail mcmbuM are ro-
1 to i>n present and visiting
'.!■ I in' ii cordially invited.
I Ml Bv OltDKII in   VV. M.
MdiiiIi i - nl   tint Seventh
. vmiii-t .'i i ;i iro It .liliiig ii
day   Ad
scries   of
ii ni   i  ■ •   Salmon Arm.
I hero   ii i -   Im - in    plOD'y    "I    rum
throughout lhi prairie pruvi ia dm-
ug I in- (' i -1   SfOI I   and i i"p   pm.iiii'i'ts
ire i   ■• U nsiden tl •  cellenl,
i •   •' ■ n   ..' raivheri ie -  am Imii ing to i une in now    A   Hobson
 i .i imi'  supply   ihis week   (nun
• .ii'        it Wing Chung and fl
; Lifnriiin   'I hn li ni is big mul I ions,
    hIvi iibi inenl nl tbe pus.
ien ol Revels!   kl  ul
I Ills  li
Apply I" VV, BtlW , I'Iiiii
' i nggel, ili ugbl  i"  be  ihe
ii " -•   ill 11'" 'i'i Id. ll is   I ii   lllSROV-
id nu  • In   i uball  'loin  properly ill
i    i     aid to  be   11 vu  ii nl  si\
•     mi, I Ing   l.nnn  pounds
, .   i   -     . m    [ill ru  silvii   uud ia
: III n hi      |i wil i.niiid in tir
I the fuul nl  a   ul til   hi j ly
'. ■ i   I     .,
\l.   \\    \    Viinlie   -mn.imi  nl  Iho
M.inii sin H i w in il I Manufacturing As
.im n .t in   i',n ihe ihiiiiind for
lnmhil  fnnn   Ilic   piinic   plovinl'l's   Is
mrnngei  now than sl any   provloui
norliill   dining    the   pail    two   years.
While every mill is running lull blast
tlm stock on band in tin-various mills
has been reduced Inun about 100,000,-
iioti to 160,000,000 (eel since January
Willi a good crop harvested in the
Northwest tiniiii will Ihi lu'ttcr still.
Classic Shoes
for Children
Tennis Shoes
Canvas Shoes
Black  Brown
and White
Shoe Polish
This cut will illustrate
to you only one of the
many styles of Empress
Shoes carried by us, and
we would impress upon
you that the Empress Shoe
is "The" Shoe in Canada
for Women - Particular Women—and now-
a-days most women are
particular. This will appeal to you.
We have the agency J
§ You Don't Have To
E Go outside of Revelstoke to make
fc your Real Estate Investments.
^      The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, May,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Ileitis, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y.
Opera House
M*\t       -immmXmV.
'     " At
I         ■Ha"*'
' i    ^W^i                         ft.
•■J                       ___
v    ; 4L    A- "•■
B          '    mi*?*"  YMI
a m\\ ' ■              Vfl
Alfred Goulding with Pollard Opera Co.
Prices: $1, 75c. and 50c,


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