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" Empire" Typewrite
For ease ol operation uml  pel ltd !• n
in results produced, this   machine
is uuhui passed.    Prioe, $60.00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKonzio Ave.
ii i.i'.ii'y
Vol. 15.-No 4
Bevelstoke. b. a February lo. L909
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Towel  Sale
i.MllHAY. FKIWAHY I2tb, 1000, wo will place on ualo
Ij One lliuiili'ctl Doy.i'ii Towels of all kinds. Finest
Hiiinii-k Linen Towels. Fin" pure white Turkish Towels.
Fine colored Turkish Towels.    Pure linen Turkish Towels.
Here is h line chance lor hotels,  boarding bouses, or
economical bousekeepers to stock up,
Price   List
Towels   regulai'    $7 20    per dozen   for    $5 .">t
1 SU
;j oo
Dowels        "
2 Jo
a 50
■2 -III
i su
Wash Goods
THHKF.   THOUSAND    YARDS  of   line  Colored
liugllsh  Cambrics nnd Percoles.     Perfect w.-isb goods.
Pine tor blouses or house dresses,   On Sale now   « m
at  per yard       lOGa
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
" We are rinding a lot of odd pieces of
Enamelled Ware, these we are putting
on a Bargain Table and offering at a
reduction of
All good goods and articles that ure of daily use
in the kitchen.
Book    your    orders  for   Damaged
Pipes with our Plumbing Department
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches er Ancnti. •>' all principal points iu Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United Stales—London, England,
Lloyds Hank, Limited,    Chicago- First. National Hank,  Corn F.x-
ohange National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco Wells Fargo Nevada National Hank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited,
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
25 Per Cent. Off All
Ladies'and Children's Winter Wear
Must he  cleared  to   make  room   lor
new Spring Stock.
MRS.   A.    CRIC Iv
F I H S T    S T U B B T .
Must Be Perfect  Before City
Takes It -Agreement Signed
Tbe new gas producer plant is the
cbief subject lor discussion just nowi
since tbe plant Is apparently com
pleted uml waiting lorn thorough test.
At tbe council meeting Inst Friday
night coiiiiininiciiiions were rend Irom
Mr. M, Chapman, manager ol the gas
engine department lor tbe (."lniiuiliitii
lieiiernl Electric Co., Hinting that now
that tbe plant bad been operated sue-
oasslvely bis oorapany olaluied the 40
per cent, of llie purcbasc money, us
well na tbo deposit oi $2,000 us per tbe
contract, and also the wages oi bis
men,  wbo   were   now working on the
plant tor the city's benefit, Mr. Chapman, wbo was present at the meeting,
stated Unit lie mis willing to concede
to any reasonable request regarding
tbe running test ol the plant, but be
wanted tbe word  "suooesslul" defined.
Supt. Duck read a report ol several
days running, wbicb sbowed tbat tbe
plant bad only run for about six bonis
At a time and never on lull load; that,
the producer bad frequently given
trouble, and also tbat the pulley on
the jack sbalt whs too large and the
correct speed could not bs gained.
The council agreed that a six hour
run was no teat nnd something better
was asked for, and that it would lie
advisable to secure tbe services ot an
expert to watch the machinery running.
The mayor took exception to the
remarks of Mr. Chapman, as appeared in the local press, that the
plant would have run months ago if
tbe city bad been able to supply water.
Mr. Chapman stated tbat the Brown
council had agreed to put iu the water
tanks and wells, but tbis had not been
done, and he could not run tbe
engine without water.
Mr. Duck pointed out that the plant
was only ready four days before
Christmas, and since then the suow
and ice bad delayed operations.
Mr. Chapman also pointed r.ut lhat
severe weather was responsible lor the
delay, although it waa not a matter ol
months but weeks only that the plant
oould uot be run belore tbe heavy
frost set in. He asked the council to
decide what tbey wanted and bis company would do all they could in
reason to satisfy the city that the
plant was a success.
Mr. Duck tben made several suggestions ss to wbat constituted a successful trial, and suggested, moreover,
that if tbe plant ran accordingly for
for thirty days be would consider tbe
trial a fair one and the city could take-
it over.
Mr. Chapman readily acquiesced in
the nutter, md consequently tbe full
ollicial trial will lie entered on at once.
Funeral of Ernest Hawkins
The Cbnrlotletown, P. E, I., (iuord-
ian has the following report of the
funeral of tbe late Ernest Hawkins,
wbo was recently killed at Three
Valley, while on duty on his engine.
" The funeral ol the late Ernest
Hawking took place at his home at
White Lands on Wednesday, Jan. 27,
at one p. in. Although the day waB
cold and stormy, the attendance wag
large, showing the high esteem in
which he was held in the community.
The service was conducted by Kev.
G. A. 8ellar. assisted by Kev. Mr.
McNeil ol Murray Kiver. Our departed brother was 25 years of age, and
tbe third son ol J. L. and Mm. Hawkins of White siands Besides bis
father and mother, he Ipbvcb to mourn
three brothers and three sisters. For
the past three years he bad been living in British Columbia, and doing
well. He frequently gladdened the
hearts of hia parents and home by bis
bright and cheering letters, bin mother
receiving one from him only three
days lielore the telegram came conveying tho news ot the sudden and
tragic endiug of hia life so lull ol
His body was accompanied home
by William McCulloch of Revelstoke,
a member of the Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen and Engineers,
of which Ernest Hawkins wau a loyal
aud much respected member, and in
loviug memory of their departetl
brother, they placed a very beautiful
wreath on his casket. Handsome
wreaths were sent also by the lollowing: Mrs. M. E. Hi /ley, at whose
home he roomed, and Mrs. Hanbury,
who was known by the railwaymen as
Mother Hanbury, and wikb whom
Ernest took bis meals."
This is the last day lor our oheap
sale ol rolling pins, chopping bowls
potato mashers and wooden ipoODI
Did you get one ?—C, B. Hume & Co.
Sad Drowning Accident—Woman's Franchise—In Future
C ergymen To Pay Full Fare
—Other Items of Interest.
New Wk-tmin-i'I'ii. Feb. 10.—
Peculiar were the olroumstanoos
which  yesterday  surrounded   the
doath oi the Ihroe-yoar-old  si f
Mr. ninl Mra. George Summers oi
Olivers. The ohild hail wandered
nil' to play nnil fell into a bog. His
feet caught into the moss in such a
manner as to prevent him trom rising uml beld his head under water,
He was dead from drowning when
found, if his hotly had not been
held iii the moss ho would probably have sunk in lho hog .ind
never heen found. ' Searchers with
poles could lintl no bottom thirty
feet down where the child lay.
Victoria, Feb. 10.—On Monday
Mr. Hawthorntbwaile's bill extending the franchise to women passed
its lirst rending. The bill is modelled closely on the Australian Act,
and gives women exactly the same
rights as men under the Elections
Act. This was defeated iu the
House at the lust session.
Winnipeg, Feb. ID.—The Canadian Paoific and the Canadian
Northern' railways definitely announced today that the clergymen's
half-fare rates will he abolished for
all time. If the half-fare ticket is
bought in Chicago for the Pacific
Coast via Canada the clergymen,
however, may travel through Canada at such low rates.
Glasgow, Feb. 10.—The final test
curling match today was won by the
Canadians 103 to Scotland's 73 Tin
total for three games, 321 to 220. The
Canadians thus win by 101 shuts.
Tbe cup was photographed with Lieutenant Governor Fraser alongside.
Ottawa, Feb. 10,—The probability
ot introducing a new animal into
Canada is becoming a possibility, A
herd of six Asiatic yitks is coining to
the Ottawa Experimental farm and
they will, when others arrive, be sent
to tbe Western grazing lands with tbe
endeavor to populate the Northwest
and Labrador with tbem. The yska
can stand cold and live on scanty,
course rations. Tlie llesb is similar to
tlm I ol un ox.
Liverpool, Feb. 10—In an interview here, Hon. Edgar Dewdney,
former Minister ol the Interior lor
Canada and former Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, said there
was a possibility ol his again entering
more fully into the political life of
the Dominion.
Liberal Nominee for Comox-At-
lin Returned by Acclamation
Victoria, Feb. 0.—The Hon. William Templeman was eleoted by acclamation yesterday as member in the
Dominion House ol Commons lor Co-
mo.x Atlin  Great surprise Is expressed
bore. No reason is known tor Mr. M.
MniiHon, tbn Consei vative candidate,
not having been nominated,
I The Maii.-1Ii.hai,n wns the Brit
nnwsplper in British Columbia to advocate the rot urn ol the Minister of
Inland Revenue hy acclamation in tho
best interests ol British Columbia,
Afterwards nil the fndoudant and Conservative newspapers followed into
line with one or two exceptions )
One Hundred Killed and Injured
on Illinois Central.
Memphis, Tenn., Feb. 9.—A hundred persons were killed or injured iu
a wreck on the Illinois Central near
Coldwaler, Miss., according to reports
received here A special train carrying physicians, nurses and hospital
supplies was rushed to the scene ol the
wreck. The passengers were asleep
when the crash came. Tho wreck
carried down the telegraphic communication, and details are consequently
Western Lumbermen to Meet in
Calgary Early in March
Vancouver, Feb. 9.—The lumbermen of the west ale planning for a big
Convention CO be held in Calgary late
iu February or cirly iu Mnrch.
The object of the promoters ol the
convention is to bring together the
man who manufactures the lumber
and the man who consumes it. Tho
man wbo buys Irom the millownor
and llie retailer who buys from bim,
in foot, to bring together for ihe put-
pose of discussing the lumber industry ! }
ol   the west   from  the different view
Possibility oi an Invasion Depicted in New Play
London, Feb. I).—England is apparently in a panic over the possibility uf
an invasion by a hostile army. Numerous Incidents lollowing the production
of the play, "An Englishman's Home,''
is built on such a possibility, and
shows the state of mind of the general
public, Lord E*her, having appealed
through the Daily Mail for 11,000
volunteers to complete the quota of
county of London in the terretorial
army, an anonymous reader bus sent
to him a check for $50,000 to assist iu
tbe work of recruiting tbis lorce.
Will Open for Business March
1st on McKenzie avenue
On the lirst of March the Maundrell
Meat Market, will be open for business
iu the building just north of the Canadian Bank of Commerce on McKenzie
avenue. Mr. Geo. Maundrell, who for
a number ol years was manager tor
the Western Packing Co. and Cobnld
& Co., ot Winnipeg, will be the man
agcr ol the store, assisted by his son,
Mr. Harry Maundrell. Tbe Maundrell Meut Market will bundle th
meats of the Swift Packing Co., the
well-known meat con.pany of the
U. S., through tbeir Canadiau house
lhe J. V. Gritlin Co., ot Winnipeg
At Edmont n the J.V.Griffin Co. have
a huge abbatoir antl coltl Blorage plant,
and through tbem the Maundrell
Ment Market will always be assured < f
the very best tbat the markets of the
world can afford ill thoir line.
The Little Minister"
line ol the most charming plays it
has ever been the privilege ol the
Kevelstoke public to enjoy will be
staged at the opera houBe on Thurs
day, Feb. 18th, The play is a drama-
ti.'ili"ii ol that well known hook of
the same niimo by J. M. Barrie tl
popular   author,      This    play  ditt'ers
the  average dramatic perform
line  inasmuch as there is no Intricate
points ol every person connected with  pi„t oontained therein, the thread ol
the trade in general whether be be tin
logger, niillowiier, wholesaler, retailer,
contractor or shipper.
It  is expected  influential   Imsiness
men Irom all over   Manitoba,   Saskat
cbewan, Alberta and British Columbia
will attend.
The convention will be ol the utmost
importance to Calgary, because it will
bring together a body ol men from the
oast and west, merchants who interchange tbo products ol the prairie
provinces tor thole of British Columbia, most ol wbicli business is transacted through Culgary wholesale anil
jobbing linns.
Homestead Entries in 1908
Ottawa, Fob. II.—Figures compiled
by tbe Interior Department show that
during the lirst ten montliB ol WON,
31,f).j8 homestead entries were recorded in tbe weat, an increase ol
0,273 over tho same period ol 1907.
Americana headed tbo list witb 1,48.1
entries and English oame second wir
the story being easily followed and
readily  understood.      Every   care has
heen taken in the preparation ol "Tin
Little Minister," to make it equal ti
anything hitherto produced by local
talent Watch lor further particulars
and don't torget tlio dat'—Thursday,
K' b lKih.    Priced 7'ic. and f>0e.
The Late Mrs. Northey
Mrs. Bessie Northey, wife of Mr. K.
W.   Northey, formerly   of   this cily,
died   in   tb''   Washiiigt.nn    Hospital,
Spokane, on .lanuary 31at last, of ap-
pendeciles, in her 62nd year.   The late
Mrs. Northey will l>e remembered by
tbe old timets ol this city, she having
lived here for a number ol yoars with
her husband, who nt that timo was tin
editor of the Kooteuay Mail, and hei
family.   The many friends here will
join witli the Maii.-Hi.kai.I) in extend
ing lo lho bcre.ived ones the sympiill"
of the old timers ol  this city anil dm
Edison Parlor Tbeatic tonight.
■   |  -
1 ■   .
'    -
lins is a cut of the
celebrated " Kooi EN w
Range " thai is doing
such excellent  sen ice in
many Kevelstoke homes.
I here is nothing to equal
it at the price and no
other stove suits the fuel and conditions here as well as
the Kootenay. We have them specially fitted with
oven thermometers .iiul all latest improvements. He
sure you lui, a Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Groceries from
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
fefe'tt*.'   ■ ■'.'•
If the laundry has knocked otu your shirts and
broken your collars around the edges, played havoc
with.your cuffs; if you have made holes in the toes of
your socks and are not lucky enough to have somebody to darn them for von; if you have dropped
something on each one of your neckties, or if your
collar has "cut"; or if you need any furnishings for
your body come to us.
SHIRTS ....From 75c. up
NECKTIES From 25^. up
UNDERWEAR., .From 75c. up
Let  us   furnish  your  body and   make  it lit to
live  in.
I staiii IgUED I8«7
B. E. WALKE'.t, President Paid-lip Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Uaoagtf    Reserve Fund,   -    6 000,000
DRAFTS  AND   MONEY ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS  made in all parts of Canada and in ford n countries.
FOREIGN   BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     ii3
Benefit Dance
The   Anti-Tubcrctilosip   Society   of
the  city are giving a " lienelit dance "
iu the Opera Rouse OO Friday evening
next.     The proceeds ol the dance will
lie used In connection  with  tbe   war
now being waged   against   the   great
white    plngm—consumption.     The
tickets are if 1 UO. antl the Independent
und will  furnish  tbe music.     The
bjftpts of tbe socie'y  are exceedingly
irthy and it is to be hoped that   tbe
onions will respond generously.
The   following   games    have   been
plaved thll week.
Equitable Cup—
Sturdy 12, Field 7.
Smith 12, Rose 8.
Ilae U, Barber li
Calgary Cup—
Foote 17, Sturdy I.
Anderson 10, Macdonald 9.
Smith 17, Dallas 5
Moving Pictures tonight. "II MA1I I1KRAI I), REVELSrOKE, H. 0.
Che fl&afMbcraifc. r
I    ST
ft'. A   i'iii   $ /•     '?
■ ' ■  ■»   -r) -Jl    .',     ,
ini ii Nil M kit bi _a-.sH
RRIS1 ERS,   SOLICI I'ORS,    K le ,
0 T T A W A
Adjoining   the   new   Catholic   Hospital   and   Collegu
Grounds, South of Cil    Park,
Supi    ie      ■ '   Exchequer Com I i
Agents.     Practice   in Patent fl
0     .             befoie    Railway t\
Con. i;
iii'iiv, M.P
II.I,AN M  I'.l.l.l'MI
3 6
,   .... Horn,
... ,.■.!,   i.'.l. I. |I   It.
. . 1
'.'.... \    I ■ I '.    I .
\\ ,i I :■■- .    I AM,
ll.'.KKI'   . r 1.-.  BOl  IClTOl     ,11'.
U>i ;■ . -      1 i ■   in ■ i
■ i.i .-. Mi'  i.iiui
.1, \. Ilm.1 v,
i. ...  rook  ii- e ■
li ,1 1 l»l'  1
-   .       i', etc,
S 'liti
i      Canadian Bank oi Cdm.mkki ,.
I uk Molsons Bank, 1 re,
K1KS1 ST .        i;r\ I I STOKE, B,0
i>OBERT smith
Provincial bund Surveyor,
Mm.i,K Sni veyoi
',!. KB ...ii   AYKNCE,
i;..x 100, Bevklbtoke
I.   O.   F.
.... nil, mi
■■  i-  H..II. litiU ll   ' '1 "I'-"
I,      .     \     ■  ._.. ;   .     .■    cortlialiy  luvitou w
■ . A- II mn. C.B
H   W, Eon mn-  K.S
c. w. o   w
Meuntuon  vi<!V" Camp. No. '220
-,!,.,. .   - 1  and   Fourth  Wednesdays lli
- Iklrk Mill.   VlailUi   ««oil
..'■,'. -..lallcllil.
w  1)  iltMSTKONG, Con. Com.
J.'M IN I Villi. Clerk.
i;i;\ ELSTOKE AEB1E No.  W
F. O. E.
sTlio regular meeting  are bold lo tho Belklri.
Hull   . r  evening    at   S   oi i	
Wiling brethren aro cordially loi
T    J    tt \l.sil.   I'KI.-lll. ST.
W.'E. McLACI HLIN.Sei iietaby.
kootonay Lodge   No. 15. A F. & A. IW.
This regular  units'-
-    _      —. inns im- l"l I   ill till
,_/ '- V,   UASOSIi TEMPLE
"/   odcttellois    Hall ..
_,-.  .      .'    -.I,,, third Mundaj iu
'** earli   mouth   ui    I
p.m. Vlaitiuu Iipi.Ii
rou   cordially   wis
12. A. fltot UNI]
I ' Ill  IAKV.
1. O.O.   F.
Met is ovory
: .-      ...       ',     Sol
kirk Ha    at 8 i.'.i.'isi.
Visiting brethren arc
Tito.l to attend,
HT. S.Q. JAS. MA'l'lIII. ->■■
Colt! Range toclge, K. of P.
Ho. 26,   Revel6toke, B. C.
ItY   '•■ KI'NESI'.I i,
, e . ie if
.1 ■
rdially   uvited,
Q   H. BROI  -.   K    ■ :   H   A  3.
J. B . ol Y.
Price $160 per Acre        $300 Cash
Balance on Easy Terms
This is an exceptional opportunity lo buy Choice
Hevelstoke Properly,
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
lumber be loanedjto families of three
or (our, und so on according to tbe
number in the families,
Tlie recipient of the lumber was,
when the lumber wits received by bim
or her, if unable to do tbe work him
-'ll or herself, compelled to procure
11 Im ii- nt his or her own cost ("i ibe
I urpose of erecting n house, aud the
Address by H. Manning of Revelstoke at the Convention
Zbc flfcatUlberalb
-      ....
A..: tho worst ol ie-.
... ol
To talk al     t the rest of
f eommitti e positively declined to
pay one cent tor tbe purposes of erec
lion. Furthermore, before any citizen
could receive a loan of lumber be was
i bilged to deposit with the relict committee the deid n( bis land us security
for the repayment, and thoae who pos-
sosecd no dectl wero lirsl called upon
to get some one to endorse the agree-
t for tbe lumber, guaranteeing the
repayment ol tho loan, and if no deed
c ii Id be produced, and if no endorser
i ttitlactory to tbo committee could be
obtained, no lumber would be granted
or loiuii il.
If the ab ivo provision)1 wero complied wiih. tho luu,ber would be loaned
on condition thai tbe full value be repaid to the city of Fornie at tbe into
of Irom ifl to $10 per month, in pro-
pirtion to the amount of lumber so
h Ivanccd.
From this you will sec that the City
oi Fernie will ultimately und i" >
lutely reap tbe benelit of the moneys
contributed from oiitside points, and
tiie sufferers will ultimately receive
nothing which they can call their own.
: may bere mentiou thai the Fernie
.'by Council intend utilizing the repaid moneys for tbe purpose of local
The trouble at tbe present time between the citizens antl the relief committee is entirely due to the refusal of
the citizens who reoeived lumber to
n pay to the city treasury t be value of
tbe lumber so loaned to them by the
r   i, f.. immil iey contend that
The following is the uddresB to the
Alberta School Trustees Convention
by Chairman H. Manning of the Hevelstoke School Board, who, with J. J.
Duggan of Vancouver, were tbe delegates from British Coinn.bin lo this
gathering, held nt Stralhcona on Jan,
27th nnd 28th:
Mr. President and Gentlemen:—In
bringing greetings from British Columbia Association of Sohool Trustees
to your convention here, I do so with
Mime feeling of having been given a
tusk I feel Bomewhat unable to Iill
particularly us Ibis same position wus
to be handled by one of our brightest
men from Vancouver, La Mr, Argue,
Supt. of Vancouver schools. I could
not loose this opportunity of thanking
you, gentlemen, for the two very able
men you were kind enough to send to
our convention at Hevelstoke, B. C,
in Dr. Scott your nblejsecretary, aod
Trustee Fowler, twu men ol whom
any assocUtiou might well be proud.
Their report to you here today i- gi i il,
clear, und conoUe, and although they
give the impression ii tlid them a
great deal of good I um sure we were
well repaid by their gm tl advice and
kind suggestions. I must draw Mr.
Fowler's attention, however, to one or
two tilings that 1 think be somewhat
misunderstoo I. He bas explaini 'I our
weui ber conditions to be such that you
would almost expect tli it wi wou d
be weli looted from living in such a
wel country, 11 is true we bave
ruin bin even Ibis is o.ie of ..ur blessings in :i fruit i'..ii. try like
alleviates l be in ce - ;
you b ive 1-1 in  \;'enn.   i"   -•■ '
lays the B. C    e vernment inl ■■   '
side  . •
■•DAY, FEBRUARY   1". 191 11
.-   . —i   :..-.-..: . that ile City ol
8 of  the  Fernie  I
-.._..-"        - i
, : .     . : • tween tne
— - ity i ud        relief i   ■■-■
... I
relief I       ■   -.. . ....   I
t ie money donated   from   the _
.   i i i        ,   free text ho
woi Id was to be given and noi  loa
You   will, ii.' .   in    readily ui
■ .i    i i  logs tha - .'
stand ii e ineonsisl u t ol thedei
i   i   thi
iiade  I v the  City ot Ferni       ad  1
vi -  ggi -led tbat you   i ity I   unci!
•■ immunicate with the City ol   i
,- regard, and 1  •
|. ople of   Bevels!  I
.   ,   i .    . i .
part, as this
the   I
oi   li
' . -
■   '
-    -    rs, ai        ring ki   a edge of I n   .    ..-_.     |   .-. paying  :    the  City
manni hich tbi -        .   j .r„le   tbe   amount   ol the
ib to bring to youi      iued luml •
•   ,.     .  ib '.id be taki
i     citizens wh vards
ling tbe people ol Fernie in their sits to be relieved   from   the     ■
.    ..   fact I tbink
v.-                  interest I hose persons
. .. ■ toll . :. ■ ■ I
i      •           fund.
■   tely alter t i    u mayor
0 people l    acl  at a
.-   ■   ..         uittei      i I genera
'. .    ■ •    tie 1.     "o iii- •    •  -ut i v c
eon ittee al it i igbl - i, which
• . itivi i : :. ittee waB ca d I be
Ferine  District   Fire  Belief C mmi!
-_• -.     1 ie n. di y- I :«'i led i    l- ei aie
were received   by tbi   scretary ii   _■• in'
. :a        : m ittee   assembled,   and   the
-    ri : if)  was  .:. ■   icted to en .lit tbe
-   to tl     Fei nil   District   f in
i: - Iiei   Fund     1'hi   relii I   coran   ttei
ily for severs   n-eekt    ind   aftei
c, > discussion, il ... aa
rcso   • •■ money be disl i ibut d
i ... 'oil   fit
■ lied   for   tenders
■ rt. mpaniof
; .   -  •._   . md iue ooni-
,. ||if<  d   Hull itaki    to   sup
ply ,.      i. _•.-' ., ian it) '■:'   un.b. ;   for
i,..   ..... vi   i be c ii    "
T ... conl' .  ■ v,   - rhe •■ ii.
commute  thi n d •■• ■   i
ol .flO" m lun i   ■ i :■■ I imiii
v(   two; that  Ibe   vaiui      .      I&0   vi j.
',    . -   .
i    is   Bo
:, vi itoke  ii  i     Feb. 7th     ■   •
A Public Packhorse
i ...    fo      ■ ■ ..      •    ibtiut wbat the
erage  peri n  thinks rega
1 ii- editor shi  ilii at tend   i be  aei ■
■ ■i ol every church twice each riiin-
i...   present   it    md I ike part in
ry    social    i   I       ibiio   (unction,
nd two-thirds ol Ins time in the
•r iilic service and the remainder in
. ting glowing accounts if every
local happening, tell l he i ruth only
«ben in- readers want to bear it,
■   inufooture  news  if  thero  is   none
iii be caught in a lie, always smile
even when be bus inllj to meet, listen
p . ii utl) i" every man win, tolls bim
i, ■ ■. .i pup- i Bhould be run, mi bis
co niniis with free advertising matter,
and never think ol receiving anything
in excliange.
L 0. T,  M,
,. e regular review ol Mt. MoKonzie
. '.', No. B, will I ii kn place in Masonic
.i,il, Second  street, on Feb, Uth, at.
clock p. in.
n it in - t! .'on. iderab'y l bey n ill c n
i me t.. use ii in a steppiug Btono to
8.. ne b i. ii pro! si . \\ 1 lob «111 puy
I" tin- md ill' ai ib. i \ leiiso ol our
11 ijs and girls' I raining and educatiou,
11> oui cit j we ;iis, lu pay as muob
Balary us ivi   ■ ':      n s is worl h
aud uii''.' '  niiil'i) goi il
do uot rediicii li I'ai'i bul disobarge
t be i     her and reach oui for it teacher
til tl i .Hi Iill ■ lie i'i' ii". us a p 10!
tl tohl i' is '1   .i     il    any   price, as the)
not oui) .'..- .i tbuh u.sn time but
that ol lorty oi more sobolarB,
Since niy arrival among you I have
e.rtiiiiily been impressed with tbe ear-
n t inaur.cr in which you have d !■' a
up your duiiis uml also must thauk
the several ladies and geutlemen for
tbeir ve.y uliln papers read here, anil
which have left nu impression on me
which   will   certainly   bear fruit,    in
coining to )'inr convention, gentle
men, I oi course came In tnke notice
of how yotl do things here und if you
will pardon mo I must sny it is with
considerable  disappointment  that   I
heard    from    ymir seen In ry,   Hid nlso
ft .rn the Hon, Mr. Rutherford, ih.it so
far your assooiatiou'a resolutions of
the last three years hail practically
b en ignored by your government.
In our experience as a trustee association (here bis been in.thing but the
very best feeling nnd we must sny that
our government bave come to look on
onr BUggostions us lieing one of the
beat assistances tbe Department of
I'lditcutioii has. It certainly does not
look right to nu for one of your ministers to come nnd tell your president
that you nre too hasty after having
Waited fm three years to have your
resolution? p saed. It is doubtful to
tny mind if ymir government could get
suggestions Irom any source that
would compare at all with what would
come from such nn intelligent gathering of trustees us nre assembled here
If 1 might say it at parting with you
I would strongly advise you to be
careful witli what you resolve and
consider it well, lot when once passed
then nail   it.  to   the   cross   and don't
burying its head in the Band, .-either
tuny a government iid itsoll ol new
duties born ol man's inventive genius
by pus-iing a set of resolutions. Tbe
automobile has come to stay, nnd the
whole task ol public bodies is to regulate it, To attempt to suppress it
would i-S' supi'cnie'.y foolish.
C. P. R. Hotels in Rockies Ready
fnr A.-Y.-P. Visitors
Thnt British Columbia points will
lie the .Mecca for the majority of Fust-
em visitors to the Alaska-Yukon-I'a-
olflo Exposition at Seattle,is the opinion of Mi..I P, O'Leary, Superintendent "I tho C. p. I! hotels in tbe
Rockies, Mr, O'Leary, who bus re-
ci nlly arrived Irom the oast, has stated
"We are busy preparing (or the big
rush thnt will surely come with the
opening "f the Seattle Exposition,ami
are remodeling all our pleasure resorls
iii Ibe Rookies. The hotels at lllaciei,
Lake Louise und Banff are being enlarged in oiilcr tu afford more ac-
oommodation, and we expect to ,be iii
a position to tnke cure of all visitors to
the Fair who will ret Uin to the oast
over our line. Tbe mountain resorts
are Icing entirely renovated and will
be ready for the spring business. That
travel through the Rockies this year
will surpass all previous records goes
wilhoit saying, and our company is
preparing to handle lhe crowds."
Publicity Campaign
The following paragraph from the
Kamloops Standard regarding the
Revelstoke Board of Trade's Publicity
Campaign is significant, and the
scheme thut is being adopted bus attracted general attention: "Bevelstoke Board ol Trade iius nsketl tho
City Council for a grunt of $5,000 to
be employed in promoting a publicity
campaign lor thnt. distriot. That auci
money would be well spent ciuuot le
questioned, und Kumlooks might well
lake pattern from the Railroad City in
thia respect,"
■        W
'-fit    .WMV'r-Y mJM^m
■   e
-  ■
s   *.££&_ t: i .a./"
\ tykmk'-AW-i
•     '
ii       vith tel
Ci u.. el
-,  , :  i        , - ■
, — Ibly can d r
tee|    j in
i.n it a s .m i it ti iches
-i, uld   be    '    " n. il ....
girls II I ihould receive a model salary. A b ilary that v r. the
leaohi ep up the dignity of
tbeir profe lii i I regret tb
ea ■ aaltti ies are io i iw thai Ui" very
n sanest la bor gets a larger wage I hai
is paid the obool teaobi r If ibe
people would stop to think wbat the
individual lessons cost, at home such
as instrumental, vocal and painting,
etc., I am sure they woultl say how
cheap it is at school in place of bow
expensive  as   almost   any   one lesson
given ni, home twice a week will oosi
as much us the entire tax for all purposes they pay to the state. II the
salaries, of   male  teachers al least, are
 x i
hi ■.'
. by  150   ir u.nre
_.  I '    i    ,
'    '
very ■■ i * ■
.- .•   ii. . n. ,-■■        , .. .
e    . ndest
aIberta : sin-
,    . nient
....    ..,'■-
11   '       I w a c k t b i ■
Anti-Automobile Act
Pel itiom are being presented to I hn
gorer ent of Prinoe Edward Island
asking for i be repeal ol th ti-auti
mobile   ioi     I bs govei nment of the
little eastern  Island  provinoe snrtly
t iok a most absurd  position   wlnm   it
enacted n law prohibiting the use ol
automobiles on the publio roads.   Ah
tbo  ostrich   may   not   bide   itsell   by
Big Discount
on all
Casli Sales
Doyie & Allum, Ltd.
' '-    '" Sft&ti -: '     '
-, i ■■-AAA-,m-
i lit   f'%^rr:
P.    BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
lIKiVl) OKKIl.li.:   I'ai.oahv,   Ai.nr.itiA.
Wholesale and Rotail Moat Merchants
P. ib Packers and Dealers in Livestock,   Markets In all the iirlnei
P il Cities unl Towns ol' Allien,i, licit luh Ooliimbl i uml t lie Yukon,
I'ickei - of iti' Celebi'iitotl  Brand  " Iinpurutoi'" Hums and Bacon,
i   n.i I •• Shamrock" Brand I. uf Lard, ^
Hevelstoke Assessment District
Vol ice is hereby given, ill accordance with the Statutes, that Provincial Rovonue Tax anil assessed luxes
und income tux, assessed und levied
under tlie "Assessment Aet," nnd
amendments, are now due and payable for tbe year I000. Al! taxes collectible for tiie Revelstoke Assessment
Distinct are due nnd payable at my
otlice.   situate   al    Revelstoke.      Tills
notice, In tonus of law, is equivalent
to a personal demand by mc upon all
persons liable for tuxes.
Daled at Hevelstoke, sib January,
lilt it).
Deputy  Assessor nud Collect or. Bevelstoke Assessment Dlstriot, Revelstoke Posl Ollice. innll Kid
Certificate of  Improvements
Lasl Chance and Lost Chord mineral
claims, situate in  tbo 'Trom  Luke
.Mining' Division of West Kootenay
Where   looatcd;   Al   bend   ol     (toon
Creek.   No I'tll   Fork   of l.indciiu
Tnke  noliet-tliut I, I). H. N. Wilkie,
actina as agent for Henry VV. Schlors,
Free Miner's  Certificate No. B0I015,
intend,  sixty tluvs from dato hereof,
to apply to lhe Mining Recorder for a
Cei'liliciite of  Improvements,   for tho
purpose of obtaining a Crown Qrant of
the above claims,
And further take notice that action,
undor section i>7, must be commenced
before tho issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this llth day of January, A.
I)., l!X.(>.
jiinltlliOd 0. H. N, WILKIE,
Gazette Appointments
Fred, E. Forrest, Albert Canyon; R.
I   Stewart, J" J. Porter and N. T. Ed-
ds   il ilevt Istoke; J. 0. Elliott, Ar-
rowhead, nnd   D. A. Uostlgan, Corn-
have been appointed commis-
•   in' •   loi   inking   affidavits in  the
I ho '' iiinoil ol   Public Instruction
appointed   the   lollowing public
i' itui- a« a board ol sob-ex-
amiii' ■    i  • '-liiirge ol   the various
ii centre! throughout   the
-..''   hml   i i  umii, candidates in
ng   ''   II   I li am     l. I) iiillis, ,l.
A   '.   ■ I ,n   A   K   Miller, AC Sttisvart.
The Old Timers
i in committee in charge ol the inns   luppei   and   re union ol  old
um' i- to be given in the Opors House
irroa   evening  at 8 o'olook,  have
ii "ir work well In hand  sod  promise
me   I tin most successful evenings lu,
i ■   history ol  the eily.   The  [tide-
,'■ adenl   Band   will render an appro-
late  programme, and  the   refresh
ments will be lervod by Mr und Mrs.
It  i. Hanbury.
tol    i .iiei District.
' ..f ,sam Kn"i. i...
Ink.' ii. I hal I,    '      It.   1 niuli   .,1    Muni,.,
.  iptll Ion   mil I   "is ler.   Inti-iel.   t"-
ai'1-ly f"r |.itiiiIi«I'iii ei |..i'. nn. • Hi, f,,linning
llMtTlll'll   1,111.1.
I ..nun,, n. uui ill il pool  I mil'..I n'   11,,   -...iill
uveal oorner "( I ol ''•!- unit loflboil ■ i p,
I mull's   south-oast  corner  post,"  tbenoe 2u
. Inline in,nli, tbenee .llilnilni WOSt, ilienci- ,'n
i imi ni miiuii, tbonoe -"I. IihIim ve.ii to polnl of
. ..Miini'iiri.|,t,.|ii n n.i rn i ii till n I ti u; 10 aoroi moro
nr limn,
I). II. N. Wllklo, AKcnt.
Dated Luviuiier -lllll, 11108.
Revelstoke Luud Dial It'll t.
West Kootenay, II. O.
Tako Notice that CO days after dale
1 B. W. Lindsay of Oamborne, 13. C,
occupation, merchant, intend to npply
for permission to purchase the following described lauds situated on Fish
Biver, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north east corner of A. 1). MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,HU5aiitl marked "It. VV. Lindsay's North-West Oorner Post;" thence
Its chains to west line of McKlnnon's
pre-emption; ihence 50 ohoins soutb;
thence ,S chains east to .MacKay's;
thence norlli 50 chains to point of
commencement, containing 10 acres
more or less:
Locale.d;Oct. 15th, BIOS.
It. VV. Limisay, Locator.
Revelstoke Lund District. ,
District of Wesi Kooteuay,
Take notice tbat George B, Frankfurter of Minneapolis, Minnesota, occupation college prolessor. Intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
follow ing described lands:
Commencing al a post planted at
the southeast corner of lot 7bs0, thence
west till chuins more or less to the
boundary of lot 7070; ihence south 20
chains: tlience east (HI chains more or
less lo the shore of Arrow' Lake, thence
nlong said shore in a northerly direction 20 chuins more or less to point of
e mencement, containing 120 acres
more or less,
lililllltlli   II.   FlIANKI'tlllTl.tlt.
Dale; December!), 1908.      janUOOd
it,ja.1_-2kKr<3_ if
Tested slock, Seeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, from the best
growers in Englaud,
France. Holland, the
Unit e d H tales, antl
Oanada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, hee supplies
spraying materials, cut
llowers, etc,
140 Page Cilnlosuc   Froo'
M.    J.    HENRY
Coccii Houses and Seed Houses
.loio Westminster Road
Certificate of Improvements.
Kingston, Mag/ie B, Tongue, Senator,
ami Pit took Fraction Mineral claims,
sitiuiic iu the Lardeau Mining Division of West Kootenay Distrlet.
Where located -Oil the western slope
of Lexington Mountain near Camborne, B. C.
'Take notice that I, F. R. Illochbor-
ger, F.M.O, No. ti, 2:«,22, agent l'or llie
United Kingston Gold .Mines Limited
noii-peiHoiml liability, Free Miner's
Certificate No. ii '.ii.-f.i2, intend sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Cerulicale of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining down Grants ol the above
And further take notice tbat aeliou,
under section j7, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Oertilicate
of Improvements,
Dated tbis 21st day of December,
A.D., 101W.
F. ll. Blochburgeu, Agent,
lieselsii.ko Land District.
Distriel uf Wesi Kootonay.
Tnke nolice thut Frank U. VVinlor,
of St. Paul, Minnesota, occupation
merchant, intends to apply tor per-
mission to purchase the following described hunts:
Commencing ilt ii posl planted al ihe
jouth-wesl corner of Lot 7000; thenco
west 00 chains; I hence noil h KU chains;
thence east in cbains; tbenco aouth lu
chains; tbeuce easl 20 chains; thsnee
-oui b In chuins to poini of commencement! containing inn hitch.
Frank ii. VVintkh.
Date: December II, l!HW. janll lilld
Notice is hereby given lhal pursuit nl to
the provisions ol Chapter 155 of tha Stat*
utcn ol Canada 7-H, Edward VII, Shuswap
ami Thompson Rivers Boom Company
have filed in lhe office of the Dominion
I.amis Agcnl al Kamloops, B.C, and in
the office of The Honourable the Minister
t>l Public Works Hi Ottawa, Ontario, plans
and specifications of certain booms and
other works proposed lobe constructed
by said Company in, over and along* the
North Thompson Rivei In the Kamloops
Division of Yala District in the Province
nl   Mulish   Columbia   and lhal oil lho 10th
day ol Iriiiii.u \, 1909,8) the hour of 11
o'clock in the forenoon] or so shod thereafter as lhe application can be heard,
application will be math* by the under*
■itgned t*1 His Excellency the Governor-
in-Council al Ottawa, Ontario, for his
approval to t><- given lo such plans.
Dated this 4th day of December, 1908.
Sin swap and Thompson Rivbrs Boom
By Oiio Lacbmund, Secretary!
Ufec 9, bo d
Certificate of Improvements
Winalow Mineral Claim, situate in the
Troul   Lake  Mining   Division   of
West Koolenny Dlstriot.
Where   located;—-At   head   of Seven
Mile (Jieek, Trout Lake,
Take notice that I, U. If. N. Wilkie,
acting as agent tor Neil O'Donncll,
Speoal F.M.U. All'iA; William Bennett,
KM.C. No. 11115877; Bruce White, IT.
ALU. B14524; and I'. 11. Alurphy, F Al.
C. B22087; intend, sixty days, Irom the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Oertilicate of Improve
ments, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Urant ol the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37, must lie coiniuencoti
before tlie issuance of such Certifloate
of Improvements,
Dated  tbis 201b day of October, A.
oot»1-B0d O. B, N. WILL"lb:.
Notice is hereby given lhat I intend
lo apply in the Superintendent of Pro
vincial Police for permission to transfer to Arthur Evans, of Beaton, B.C.,
the ri'lail liquor license held by ine in
respect of the premises at ties-ilon,
known as the Hotel Beaton,
Duted Dee. 21st, 1008.
tlec IfO
Kevelsloke Land Distriel..
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Annie Louisa Cop
lull of lla/.ehvoi)il, Wesi Virginia,
occupation married woman, intends
lo apply for permission to purchase
the following described hinds:
Oomnionoliig al a post planted al
the soutb west oorner of Lot 7000;
thence south 2D ohains; thence east 20
ehains: tbenoe SOUth 2il clicins; tbenci)
east HI chains; tlience north 10 uball -:
tlience west 00 ohatns to point of commencement, containing 200 acres.
Annik Ijiuika cni'i.A.N,
Date; December 9, lOutf.       land OOd
-( *.
Rootiftoatlon of Grown Grant
Wliorott.H tui ttid "-''■ii h day of Nm-ombor, \Wi, n
Crown tiraiH. vv.'« ■ idHUOti iu tho numa of Fro'tnt-
iok Washbourne for Lot 8147, Qroup 1, Koote*
nay District. Tlmt svtdoGeo bae hIuco bees
(iodii produced Bhowiaff tliut tht s- id Krodor'c*:
Wasliboiirno died on thin 7tli of August, 1W)7,
aoinotitiio prior to tlio isMiauce of the lata
Crown Urant. That by (luroomout elated ''Ml*
August, 1008, ttio suid Fraderlok Wttahboo un
assigned all bis obtatu, right, litlo ntoro-t,
claim and denmud wlmlsuever iu the o.»id luud
to Thomas Shanks Mcf hornon.
Notico is therefore hereby given] Id pursu-
tu'ooof boctioii 06 Of the "Laud Act,' that it il
u.iiiiiUjni.mii to cancel tlio said t rown Unnit
i-aued in tlie unno of Frederick Washbourne
and to isHue one in Iti stoud in i in> name of
Tho: nsBhui. . Mcl'hor-ou throe iimutlt* froin
the iidto hor-i'ii 'uui.--Kiniil cuuse ih ahuwu to
Chief Commissioner of Lands sud Works
Ltndl nud Works Deiiartmeut,
Yiotorla, DC. lUh Ootobsrl ))i n it to
! •
Pri^e Winners
Royal Standard
Flour Coupons
ten numbers It
' -h left tun
;ivc been drawn from dupli-
mills during January:
cates of the coupons wiiicii
28415       5666 7423 26307       27775
17000       28201       25766       27579       25993
To each person returning the coupons bearing any of
above numbers we wiil, as previously advertised, deliver
of all charges, a Handsome Dinner Set of 109 pieces.
Cut This Out and Keep for Reference
all ilu
still be in the hands of lhe d
matter when the lucky coupons
the above niiin-
s, but some may
coupons bearinj
lave left our mi
alers.    Prizes will
ire returned.
away   10 sets of
month, anel every
ird contains a coupon.
we  are  giving
dishes every
Don't Forget
49 lb. sack of Royal Scanda
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At alt Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
.  'i' : ----i:"iv .-i'/'.iv .-'■•":•>,  *■". _..-■-*-.-'.'« i1:
1 "■ lv   I .
,'.<*'     '
'' '/T'■
\ f<fe%jfrfe»fti«_.
c Amon^ Preparations
Dining Room Furniture is'partio-
ulnrly essential, ami in view of
this (net we have selected a very
desirable line ot elegant and
nrtistio dining tables, chairs and
sideboards. An early inspection
' sli juld be made, as the price we
are asking lor such superior furniture makes them a most desirable
Import .lircct 'rom country ot origin.
Central Hotel
a—      RFVFI RTOKF   B. C
Newly built.      First-class in every reepect.    All modern convenience-
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
CT.   ALBEET     ST03STE      PBOP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish'Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
of John Smith, lata of Malakwa,
in lhe Provinoe of British Columbia,   Deoeaaed.
NOTIOE is hereby glveu pursuant
in the Trustees and Executors Aot,
in nil creditors ol the estate to deliver
to the undersigned before the87tb day
of January,   iikhi,  full particulars of
claims, vri'illcd by Statutory Declaration.   After such date the  Exeoutor
will proceed to distribute  the assets
aoo irdlng to law.
of Davie Ohaiubors, Victoria. 13.0,
Bolloltors for tho Executor.
Daled thll 17th   day   of   Doecuwbi,
A ,D„ IW«.
Revelstoke Land District,
District of Weal Kootenay,
Tnke notice thai Walter P, Oonfari
ni st. I'liui, Minnesota, occupation
printer. Intends to apply for permission in purchase the following described lands;
Oommonolng at n post planted along
side of tin* re-t'litrnn! BOUth-WOSl t'ol
ner post of l_nt 7(1711; thence weel l"
ohalns along the south boundary ol
Lot 7H7U: thenoe south in chains;
thenoe easl in ihaliut thence north 40
chains in polnl of commencement,
uontalnlng inn aci-es,
Wai/thb P, CuNKAHK.
untei December 8, lima,      janii oud
Sewerage Agreement Signed —
Gas Plant Test
A meeting of tlio city council wa»
held ou Friday night with Mayor
Lindmark and Aid. Sawyer, Wells,
Stone, Kimberley and Pradolini
preben t.
Minutes ol the last meeting were
read and adopted,,
The chief ot police reported lire
alarms 0. K.
From the Alaska-Yukon l'aciiic Exposition, inviting  tlie citizens of Kevelstoke to have a day during tbe Fair.
—Referred to the Board of Trade.
From the Revelstoke Board ol Trade
requesting that the council defray the
balance of the expenses in connection
witli the Revelstoke exhibit at the
Dominion Fair, 1908, the Bum being
$32.7o.— Moved Stone, seconded Pradolini, that the money be paid. Carried .
From the Revelstoke Board ol Trade
requesting that the council submit a
bylaw for $5000 to the people for the
purpose ol- erecting and equipping a
permanent exhibit for the publicity
and advertising of the city, to contain
samples of fruit, produce, minerals,
etc. The matter was gone into thoroughly, the council feeling tbat tbe
question was an important oue and
the scheme ol great value to the city
but with such a large sum ot money
in question every care must be exer
cised in its judicious expenditure. A
committee consisting of Aid. Wells
aud Macdonald was appointed to discuss the .scheme with tbe Board oi
From the Railway Commission
stating that tbere would he a sittinn
in Nelson tbe first week in March
The mailer of tlie city's electric ligbt
wires crossing the C I'll, telegraph
line at McKenzie Ave. and 4th street,
will be taken up at that sitting.
From Mr. Cuapman, manager of tbe
gas engine department of the Oanada
Foundry Co., stilting that as the plant
had now been run successfully he
claimed tor his company the 10 p.c.
and deposit as per the Contract, and
also the wages ol his stall'. The discussion that arose will he iound else
where in this issue. Mr. Chapman
suggested that certain additions
should he made to the power house:
1. An oil engine ol small h.p should
be installed to operate the coinprecsed
air pump.
2. An instrument near the engine
Ior controlling the load.
3. Speed indicator,
•1. Uas   engine   indicator   for valve
The city clerk 'was instructed to
write to the English expert .1. Einslie
Owen to visit Kevelstoke during the
comiug trial test and cheek the records
with those of Mr Duck anil Mr. Coleman ol the 0. Gi E. Co.
From the School Boatd, submitting
their estimates lor the year, amounting to $17,300, and drawing attention | look
to the fact that io all probability i,
bylaw lot $30,000 for a new school
building would lm shortly asked lor.
Tho matter was laid over iill the regu
lar estimate! for the year generally
were taken up.
From Malakwa residents, asking the
co-operation of the city in a request
to the Government lor a wagon road
irom Revelstoke to Malakwa. The
government is already constructing a
road Irom Malakwa to Mara, and with
this communication a large tract ol
valuable land would he opened up
The council decided to endorse the
request and .i-k the co-operation ol
the Board of Trade.
F'rom the B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis
Society, calling attention to the coming convention at Victoria and stating
that a sum ol $30 lor every 1000 population would entitle RevelBtoke to a
From F. E. Whitlen, applying lor
position ol city foreman,—Filed.
From C. W. Boden stating that tin
money donation! from ali poiuts t<
the   ButTerers in   the   Fernie lire had
H. J, WILLIAMSON (lute collector
Revelstoke Steam Laundry) having
now the Agency lor the Vancouver
Steam Laundry, will call at your
house Mondays, Tuesdays and
All Work Guaranteed.   Prioas Moderate
Of the By-Election of Revelstoke
Electoral District.
1    Revelstoke  .. .
...  184
51     1
2   Revelstoke... .
. . .   1117
Bl     1
0     0
■I   Camp Ei lit . .
....    11
0     t
5   Clan William,
1    c
6   lllecillewaet ..
...      7
1      0
7    Albert Canyon
...    10
0     1
8   Glacier	
0      0
9    Arrowhead....
...    68
20      0
10 Halcyon	
...     2
0     0
0     0
1    1
...    12
2     0
.. .    2.1
1     0
15 Garni ome ....
...    13
0     0
10 Hiiro Landing
...    12
0     0
17 Carnes Creuk .
1     0
18 Sriwt.erry Flat
.     Il
2     0
19 Galena Biy
...    10
1     0
132     4
Majority for Tuyloi
I hereby declare
tbe   Hon.
Tayl..r duly elected
us member ol  tbe
Provincial    Legislature    of
Columbia, for tlie llevelatoke
g Officer.
been taken hy the oity ol Fernie to
purobase lumber, etc, which was sold
to the people antl moreover nil articles
of food, clothing, lumber, etc , were
also sold to the people and the money
turned iu lo the city treasury for local
improvements. The people ot Fernie
had practically no benelit from the
donations from other cities and it. was
in the interests ol both tbe people of
Fernie and those who gave donations
that these things should he brought to
Ths Mayor said that such things
had been the case nnd those people
who hadn't any money had tared very
badly, It was only right tbat tbe
people who give their money should
know how it was spent.
Moved Sawyer, seconded Kimberley,
thai tho city clerk write to the city
clerk of Fernie and also to the secretary of the Fernie Relief Committee
for full information as to the disposal
of the $500 donated by the city of
Revelstoke to the sufferers iu tbe
Fernie lire.—Carried.
In general business the bylaw termed the "Electric Light Loan Bylaw,"
No. 119, was reconsidered and finally
passed and adopted.
The bylaw authorizing that the
Mayor be paid a salary of $500 for the
year, received its three readings end
pa«sed with the unanimous conseut of
the council.
The agreement between the oity and
T. F. Siticliir regarding the construction of the central section of tbo
sewage system, was rend, Mr Sinclair
agreeing to curry out tbe work for 10
per cent above the original rate for
flat section, when thecontract fnr the
whole was estimated, tlie 10 per cent
to be returned 'o the city it the whole
vork is carried out by tbe same party
Work to lie commenced on April 15
and completed Oct. 15, all lumber and
material, as well aa lahor to be secured
in the city, and no Asiatics employed.
The penalty clauses us iu the original
coutract will be added. Moved Wells,
seconded Kimberley, that the agree- i
ment be signed —Carried. Tlie work
will amount to approximately $13,000
0TloPveeddWe.,,  seconded Stone, that  CEMENT AND   LIME   FOR SALE
W. Haley be appointed ns caretaker of
No. I tire ball—Carried.
The accounts were passed and the
meeting adjourned.
A Pretty Wedding
This week there falls to jour correspondent the pleasant duty ol recording a liuppy event—the marriage
of Miss Christine Kate Elgtmd, second
daughter of the lute John E Elgood,
of the firm ol Elgood Bros., Leicester,
England, lo Mr. Claude Reginald Barlow, youngeBt son ol the Rev. T. Disney Barlow, formerly vicar of Browns-
ton, Leicestershire, and late of Blaby, I
Leicester. These young people came
to Silver Creek about eighteen months
ago and have liy their good naturo and
kindly disposition ivou tbe nll'ootion
aid admiration oi .ill who bave made
their acquaintance. The ceremony
puce  on Tuesday,   Feb. 2,nl, at
11 a. m., at lho residence ol Mis. Elgood, mother of the bride. It. was
conducted by Rev, M. II. Winter, of]
ri.ilu. .ii Arm. The bride, who looked ;
charming in a while muslin corselet j
dress and wore orange blossoms in lur
hair, wiib given away hy her eltle't
brother, Mr. Evelyn Elgood, F'nur
bridesmaids were in attendance, the
sisterB of the bride. They were attired in pure while, and as they stood
beside tlie hride, formed a picturesque
group. Mr. ConllhurHt Smith, who
acted us best man, performed his
duties in a manner calculated to
excite the admiration ol all present.—
Salmon Arm Observer,
Canada's First uv enile Court
WlNNII'KU, Man., Feb. 9.—The lirst
juvenile court in Canatla has inst been
established here, Magistrate Only presiding. The detention home seen nil
four offenders. The adoption ol the
Delinquents net, not only in Vancouver, but throughout the province i.I
Uritish Columbia, seems promising
and al an early dale.
Manufactured for all olitssoa of build lugs
fi,r   itio in largo or small quautltlos
at Llio lowest prices for radii,
A ll kinds ui imildiuK and plastering
To Ti'appers
Raw Purs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
Exporter of Purs
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
I'm. Jim, 2!i I'hi. of llni.
Sal. Fill.   II I.k. (Ihiiinpliiin
IM. Feb, 12 Kmp. of lii'l'd    .Ian. 211
Fii. Feb. 211 Kmp. of Britain Feb. 12
Sni. Mm.   II Luke Kile Fob, I"
Fii. Mar. 12 Kmp. of Ireland Feb, 2U
1st. I'lnss 2nd. Class .jrd. Class
$K.' so   $4*1 75 $.ii 2°,
ISli Class snd, Class .int.! Class
$05 no       $4.! 50       $,(t> oo
Otiii k I.AKK BOAT8
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00     Hi,in oo
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seals aid
points iii aonneotlon with steamship tickets
Passengers honked to Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg .md all other continental
l'or further infi  million nppl.i to
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.u.l'.A.
ltevelsioki', H.C.      Vancouver,II ,0
■ v."    -     .'i.n
f I '■
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a   Blind  Man's  Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease of operation and
perfection in the results produced tlie " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
uo  complicated   movements,
while its manife .ding alignment, margin 1 facilities,
automatic conveniences, 'iur-
ability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The " EMPIRE " needs less
cure than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to tbe
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1896, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use inure than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
aud all educational institutions of Canada
The  Price
—...  ■ "■' >
naiauMKR.'^iMt w,ia .. '*.xis
All Work PrompUv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call Ior Estimates and Advcriising Kales
■4 A KM
"""Y p-C^H><KW<KH><KK><KK>O^KKKK><HH>P
All ^'oods -   i.I it .- "-i   ind  under  and   all   lines   placed   mi   our  Sale
Tallies   must   go  icgardless of cost.      Good staple seasonable goods.
Ladies' Underskirts
.   i. v hi-ck in.' me -..iits  selling   tit
Hack satin with   deep  flounces  and
■vi- foi Si ..10.
; ^rmeletic Drawers
Child's plain   white   drawers,   regular
j . paii    Sizes.  i to 16 years
Win:.'   indervests, regular   price   751.-.
■   v.   ..,'.   Si/'."- from 4 to 1 j years
Wc are disposing of thit,  seasonable
line of goods at a 25 per cent,   discount.
These arc this seasons host goods,
which sold at 16c, and 18c. per yard, now
selling at 1 _• '_.c.   per yard.
Heavy, wide width flannelettes, regular ij'jC. a yard, now ~,:. per yard.
inei   and   remnants,   dress  goods,   furs, golf jackets, child's coats, ladies'
ties, child s wool j tckets, child's head wear and millinery  at your own price.
u the--, lines to make room for new goods.      These prices  arc lor cash.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent        $
OnioB on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collected, Loans Notary Public
) <KK)-<K)^<KH><HK><M>0<><H>s>0<)'<KH> <
in v (eiliu-. Ill inch lengths, full cord of 128 cubic feet -$5.50 pee emil.
Di j Hemlock, Hi Inch lengths, full enn of l28oublo feet—$7 pee cord.
Special quotations on- four fool wood ninl on  large
orders  for stove wood • f nny  length.
This coal is equal lo any domes- Manufactured   fiom hard   coal,
tic soft coal on the market.   No Tin   best and cheapest  fuol mi
clinkers, and  makes very little lhe market.    Free sample given
smoke. to any who have noi ffiied il.
$8.50 per ton $8 li per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Pure Drugs
■   with  caielul I
compounding prompt
d ry and n ssonable
prices   ire  tl      factors
:      : apour I
-   ti   it-' present
111   .|  1] tiouB.
.   next   pre-
scription   here   if   you 1
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store |
W e iiini to keep only the
best in Groceries. A trial order
will be appreciated us we nre
in ni vi need that we enn Bave you
Our Bread, Cakes and Pastry
nre made Iresh every tiny, when
tired ol your own baking, try
ours for a change, you will lind
it very appetizing
HOBSON & BELL, Crocers, Baker
We have now opened np in our new store on FIRST
STREET, opposite the Union Hotel, We have
already made many new customers and hope to
make many more. Give us a trial and see what
we can do, We can save you money.
Local and General.|jy
—■        '"ii
M    ing ; icturee tonight.
I> m t forgel   • I     shirt waist danea
17.       mn encea at 1' p.m.   til
IVi sre requested to announce  that
 :e   on   Feb.   12th  is a Shirt
Wsi-t dance,
Watch i" i the 1 toil g ol T e
i - Min ster,' at the opera nous •
Thursday, Feb, Is
Oi Friday  and  Saturday there will
be  an   excellent   new   programme    I
e Edison 1 heatre,
Y.M C.A.  ladies auxiliary   will pi
in .. big .'.inner in  the gymnasium 1 1
vening ol the 18th
I. b Ladi     ■ 81. Peter's wii
iltern ■    1  I evening u
ij ■ t.- on Shi vi   f"   lay Fel
Nice Five   roomed
House for     S1.800
Nice   Six   roomed
House (or    $1,900
Other  Houses at reasonable
prices.- All kinds of  Insure !
ance,    Agents   for  the cele
bratcd   KARN
Piano   Players.
■^,^wi... -Kr-a-w_t_^i----.vi«?jcii#'ws_Bi-«iiB-^^rTL«-'T_ip-r    r sac  ?- evnvxtismtme.'mmeaBmmi
In   aid
the  RevelBtoke
Anti-Tuberculosis  Society
-Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Ftoal Estate, Insurance anil Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Moving pictures tonight.
"The Little Minister," will make bis!
ippearance at  the opera  house next
week—Thursday, Feb, 18th.
The city has u gang of men at work |
VV Wills manager ol  tbe Royal      Tbe lndependent Band will turoisl
VVinntno.i    hoc    ho'"i ...    ^^^^t\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
Vie:        la ;   tel Winnipeg, has baci
-,.; :   - iperintendent oi tbe 0 P
R  :. ' . sj  tem ol Un weBt
A  play  .  : ly- The Littli
ilinisi 1 ot J. M
i •       ' t iniB« il
A -[.     ti -1   sting G  Id   ii  ■
_   1 I       .  -1 I.",,a ii
:   the  '.■■■ 1  1
. •:   accompanii .1 1 j
tbeii Is.   Watch  ior   Ini thi r di
• i   Tuesd iy,   1 1 I    23rd  - :
• i.     n tea 1    I it Mi>
pices   nl  si
. - • ■ , Vfn        11. sil-
collect i 25c
lays .•
'    ' . ■        ■        "
..... eii
thei    ye «
grand I     ■
....      i
,.- ...
.   ■  ■
'   . "     ■ ' "   -
itti    Unci       rickets ing
n 00 .-'•'.
1     i   . ■. P.R,
... , ■     ■.■   1
li 1 cil        ■ '
1 ■      ■ m
. ■
ich regret is felt al
■      ■■     - '-•'
Mr. 1   Pati   k   ind Mi   i    B   11
....    .   ■    .....
•   ■  ■ .mmi
log iu  the pitch
throughout lhe citj
boles in tbe roads
he music foi   the Old Timers reunion | sharp
at tbo opera bouse tomorrow nigbt,
Ther'   will  be s shirt waist  dai	
indei ' he an?; ices    I I he K nights ol
Pythias   it'd  1'yilu 10 Sistera on  Feb
1 ■.
; I by I In    Independi nl
Hiiiui.     Refreshments will be served,
1 good tinu        sured. td
Vrraugeun 11 ts    re  iu   p
• ne trip .11   U
I iy evening, Fi b. . ■< h.    Japan, •- 1
en, Canada, lo In ud and   - 1 I
:, ■  ol   till   -'."li.
!■       '   . 1        li   ;
livir Iriends,
Tin-   Winnipog   basketball   team is
expected   through   li  aboul the 1st
ol March
Tonight   the   Business    1111
Uond   team   play   basketball  "l 8:30
A strenuous gann  is ex pi cted
1 in   Friday   night   the   Public and
II mil School hasl I   mis meet in
Opera House, Friday, February 12th
li/.es will bt
number o
given to the boy or girl Belling tlie greatest
tickets.    1st. prize, %2 UO; 2nd prize, $1,00.
* visea*- ■. j*c a \zaa, csMaesA
L 0. T. M.
The regular review of Mt. McKenzie
Hive, No. 6, will take place in Masonic
Hall, Second street, on Feb. llth, at
2 o'clock p. in.
h    league
. I
lit:       t
the  scb
- .i in,inin.; '
I'he   bockey
: ,ame
triet, with tlieir ladies, are kindly invited to give the affair tlie pleasure ol
tlieir presence and the association
which it is hoped will permanently result to the I enetit ol their BUpport and
00 ■ pi i ll i'lt).
I ickel - 'ne tiding lady) are ouly $2
each and will he gladly sent to nny
tddress    I eligible  persons  requiring
-1inn.   Those expecting to attend are ]   i BUNCH OK No. I BALED HAY
iV   for sale nt $17.00 t'ASII per ton.
; Inquire ai City Bakery.
V   good ,  .   --    fair    Tailor- did  not   make
lazed thia  district, nnd
.  i.. -.   . whatever is their ordinary apparel,that
will   have -       s wbal tbe committee would   like to
m in     '   ii" one; eome all
.... ..... .v   ymir  old   *c-
1..1111 the old,
s—-ever new—ol tho days ol
Social ani Personal
: i will noi
■  • iturds
..:_.- IV ea
:.   •     - . isiting wil bil     ind M -
A     I    II:,   ,-
il     lie)    SI  1.."   in     i. t) M
n   ■   I isiness
l-    1   A bis
is   a   v
■ -tei'i
II   '  ■ i
,.    -
W  A. Snid
larples mcoj
da        iitii
Mrs.  C. w  Wi
insti    ll i
nut. I odge    ■ in I
: 111 -.. -. i ■     ■      i i Loi :
irned this i lorning
sck trip . ■ ii- -..inii,
1 rani ;
.   ■ .
Mr     .
, ,.i .      Ci
I,     a     six
i  li - en route
\| i    i iillespie    ,;"..■ rai     igenl   I
•.:,''    ... i .i   I tin   i     > . -,',., i.n.
ranee i u   is in tbe cit} conli 11 ing
th    hi  i e'l i." nl ol  iii" ' unpfltiy,
i   Noil McBaobroD,
I he I minim bank, K nights nl
r Ihlas, will hold tlieir annual in
■ notion uml Installation ol nfllcera
i is evening Wednesday February
Id ii 7 :tu o'olook, llolroahmi nts
ii 0 80,
.1. li. .-it :u II, Oapt.
Hi  .
" '       .
. *_» •
Old fimers   Reunion
Bob Mee Seriously III.
.    VI        '.■ "!'.
. ind    ol
Business Locals.
. i
.111 *
si reel,
HI'-.NK.MAKINi; nl moderate ten
"     lies"
Ladies' stiiiK from $5 up.    Apply
Mrs. ('' "'       —	
Mrs. tl. Green', it.Ii
jan 20 w & s
j vestlgatc legitimate Investments
— land-, tiuibei' or mines—in British
Cohinihlii. A ' lress ill Hest instance
with full particulars- V "Oapital."
euro Noble * On., Molsons Bunk ISldg.
Vancouver, |an 20
I.iol'N'i     A lady's gold watch, owner
i    may I ive name by proving pro-
ity and
Hell is
the b
I'm Ihis
i,,ls  of
llie Oh
ef  of
tTTANTIil \ b< rvanl glfl for fum-
W ily ii three. Good wages to
righl patty    Applv Mrs, \\, A. Foote
WANTED   Dining room girl.   Ap-
plj ai tin      '
WVNTEIJ      iomig
. ii i child.    II
Oriental li ol i I,
to   look
rk HkIh.
Applj Mi.-.  II.   Oiuiuiiighani  Morris,
Third Street, west,
. #-
lli'll-;   WOMAN   COOK   ivtuili
work, also for daughter nf  11.
.. Pingston Creek, II. I'.
Stamping   Patterns
We have a large variety of patterns in stock
and can stamp any articles you may require.
Such as Towelends, Pillow Cases, Doylies,
Centre Pieces, Shams, Table Covers, etc., etc.
Initials   in  all    sizes.
Our Dressmaking Department is in charge
ol Mrs. Macdonald, and if you want first-class
work, done in a first-class manner and ready
when  promised,  give  ns a  trial.
Our stock ol Dress Goods is up-to-date.
McLennan & Co,
"•un mt*m
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
Pipes  it
best and largest Stock ol Cigars and
and maclt
Original Mac's Mixture now on hand
expressly  for  us by 1). K. McPherson.
Special  Notice!
thai I
At   Lowest  Rates  Consistent with Sound   Insurancee  Finance
Agent kike, like, accident,employer's liability
Having been appointed ■ agent for the STRONGEST ami
HEST Non-Tariff Insurance Organizations operating in Canada and
the United State?, 1 resigned lust month the agencies of most ol the
Fire Companies formerly reprepcnte.il by me, and 1 am now in a better
position than hitherto to secure for mv clients tho MOST FAVORABLE INSURANCE RATIOS, combined with UNQUESTIONABE
SECURITY OF POLICY, llie risks now placed by me being backed b\
a capital of several million of dollars.
These organisations carry linou ot the largest insurers ami
financial organisations in Canada nnd the United States.
Lumber Insurance a Specialty.
Single lines written up to $100,000 if required in one policy,
a volume of liuciness no other office In Revelstoko can handle in one line.
(let my rates before placing your insurance.      You   will   bu
rised In lind the saving 1 can make you in your cosl   of  insurance.
Special lines of insurance placed or cancelled by telegraph.
Wriie me your requirements when I shall bo glad  to  quote
Your insurance interests will have my prompt attention.
I have to request my present clients to leave their insurance
esls in u.y litnuls as heretofore. Hi   preference   lo  th"se of   Mr. W.
oberlson or anybody else, us they will find   I   can   give   tlioni   nn
lleleil servici al lowest cost.
11. I!
■   ski'.
j rand ■ i k.    plici
i id iy  Feb. llth,
md • I - ■■  in chargi
.■up,. a,      tee    il   irrai
fickiita     r  ; lie affair   Incl id ng mp
j..    •■ ii, I." procured lioni V  n w ells,
■ i.,      . ■. '   ■     it tend in
iiiniliy requested to noiIfy him by tbi
il February,   All who are ellgibli
fifteen ■,•' ti   res! lenoe In  i he   K ml
nays) are oordlally Invited to be prea
i.i   i'..i iie • on mIttee will be yimi to
hear Irom them at any time belore
this interesting event, as It la greatly
desired to havo this reunion thoroughly
representative ol the whole district.
All Uuil-lila/.eni ol  lhe   town and ilia-
1 ■
. . ■:      , ,. i. -
il    .-I
day at i    B
.... ■  ma  -ii
i'i;   ■     I rug sti
We h ■    pieoea   ol     i   a ,,
muslin lefl at very  low  pricei     tl  i:
1 Inlumbi i ii.'I" 'i i ucl Ibli ph   ..,■  ipli
di  Wo, eaoh at Bewa di uv ■ tore
, _ our powdered  i dee
snd >;')' ■ i ii" aosp ' he bi al    oap on
I lie iiiiuki t to lake off difl     Only 10a
per eiiite ni. 0, it. Hume 4 Oo'i.
it'•: iy   pure Maple Hyrup  In quart
. ii.'i ni .n.    mi" imii gallon osui at
II 00 ami tl 26, and one  gallon  oiina
it !' ! ■      i ne  ■ in ly  ayrnp to use —
0, li. Hume A Oo,
■ tnl
Nasi i   •
Hasiingi Si
' , iptior
1. nn- I
i   E.
Vtti, v.
Price and
Box   137
B. C.
I t t'.KS.-
I Iiii" applies   ' ll    M iii'ii'h loree to
at   li'   any      Iiei  Lt ih I iii-nH
I hi   i lonipani a reprosi nted In
< iHoe ii ive i, i  Records
antl are  iu   a   position   to   give
Low Rales and Good Security
I'm Iiul   (nu i . nl ir-  nj'l'ly to
Card oi 1 hanks.
The commllte uf Ducn Ahhiuzzl lie-
mi, ill nt. Society wish lo thank the
kind sympathizers nf Revelstoko with
i he si i i> ken Inhabitants ol Southeru
11 aly. who Buffered from the recent
i.n ilii|nake, l'or their liberal douitl Ions
tl all iv Bllffei'lliB there, ninl hen lo
submit Ihe following statement nl re-
Amount of cash collected.. .   _0)1 00
I'm wiinletl by i   press lu tbe
president ol ihe Red commit'
lee ill   Um ie  201   IHI
Less expiesi   ibiuges    ... BUc
I - I'ogislrai   'i nie        7ii
Net -'im loi'uaiileil..  . ail) llll
which equals 1001.61 Inn k- or lire,
We also desire In extend niir ni'iiii-
i .ule io i h" Mull Herald ncwepapei' lor
mi kindly publishing mo request fnr
md which so materially facilitated the
work of collecting.
A.  I'ltAllnl.lM
A. .MaiuiiiI.ini
A. COLACI 'Ill-Ill
I otniniltee.
Thos. Morgan,
Artlatical Glass and Wood Sinn Wi ilia: House olid Ohurch Decorator! High
Olass Pulntei ami Piipei' Hanger, Hani
Wood Finishing  and   Fine   Work h
Speeiahv.      DesliriP    Ulltt     K-tillial.es
Address,* M.C.A. Revelstoke
Tenders will be leoelved by the
Commissioners of the Oity of Oalgary
and addressed to the underaigiiodi
marked "Tender for Ties." up to l'',b'
18th, A.I)., tttin. I p.m.. for supplying
the City of I'algiiiy with 81,000 streel
railway ties, K.O.H. Oalgary, and in-
speotoa at Calgary,     Prices  to   bo
quoted foi' Taiiiiuae, l''ie. and (teilni.
and for both sawn anil hewn.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated at, Calgary. February ii, 1009,
feb Hint.
City Clerk.
Notice is hereby given thai, at thi
expiration of three months from date
hereof, application will be made to Ilia
Honour, the Lieutenant Governor in
Council for tin Order in Oouncil cluing
ing the name of VVoolsey, LoFeaux &
Company, Limited, to "Lefeaux &
.Sutherland, Limited."
Dated this Hth day of February, I'Mi,
Harvey, McOiUituh iV I'inkiiam,
Solicitors for I he said Company,
ma) \2
TTTAMTFD -Hy mauled couple (nu
V>    children) 2 or :i furnlshod rooms
for light housekeeping,    Apply Mail-


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