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 [].• V"i*" ANT  \N
"Empire Typev/riier" j
ipi'i ,
Vol. 12.   No. 117
R .     LSI IKE. B. 0. OCTOBER fi, 1906
■•;  j *- J^fWW^^.    ■ -
A   ^jA'lJ.   '^K   THE
-v      001 8-1906
' .; .
Mail «      ,r. «., « >»/,•■(.•.      "J      'S;3t      LHUjUOS
' -'■■   '.. '   '
Rich Strike at Grand Forks 8eve|1 Busine8S Houses WiPc:
Coal Famine Serious Out- 0ul S80.0G0 Damage The
look Disastrous Explosion Cause iJlll;il0W!1 Se;;0ll(1
-Patent Medicine Victim.       Visitation,
 iTThHOi^v i^.-.l'j.j^iSiirt?'-
ighClas   -
Stove , Fi rnao©8, Hai . . i ,
Crockery, Glai warn   '..-.
Oc:   I—li,  ll    Ukins, ol
i . l-ell   ui.i - i-iiii!   col-
-ni<>v;,.ie,.;,-l---: ■■■   ■■lj  BOTJ>   ■'■'. ■
;■■:■■'■■ []       ;,-   J      till III 111*   1
V,<'^««wuuv....' ■■ "-' -■ - ...
M '.!-    , .
:■  -  ... yi i will I nd in   ur Tea   und Coffees,
purl     .. iy tin fi Hi ring I I ml   :—
Ilniu l.i '- 'li - :.   J lb.. 1 II   . nd ■'- '!-. puckag
l-'iv, o'do ik Ti i! in ! II   .ii; i a II   pa ik   - ■
Ri., Hm Tea in I II   | ■■'-.. .,- -
Pure i n .. . Pcko b .... al Inc. | ei II.
Wi   'croft" dl; a   '"" in il »0c  pei lb,
Fn slid    .   ' '       i and dm
Otii'O, 0. I)     .-':.'. i ■' - ■ .
l.i|         Pes ■;,-.-■,  ..   No.2, and N ,3
H nd 1 lb. |  uk
M        ,
Cy'iiii,    I lm     ;   .- -  ,           .,   ,-.
.       folia*  List coi - -            ll       i,l      ,-  and
1! -ill-Mil uml I i lb. tins.
of Arm * rung, tne purl ml on
the Si; .mi  m  ;,., I  uk ,;       -  i lil  ny
i Fi    . .   .-   '-..—'..'.,;',   . ...    -mm.       Sn i   ■ in   nn I   Vei  nn, bus
i  .. ih,    ',..,..   '    •  ■ -     I by a di     irons i   i.llagra-
tioi       The   lin     In led   al an early
claim, in nr Bin . '.   l,y, a iim.   : ,ol
lead of high   ni ins uncovered
|  I yesterday.
E       Ottawa,  Oct, B.—The  eon i ence
Govi ri.i..i n;* wi . atari - u Munday.
Sii Wilfrid I. i . ill gi*. ,i i-i i- p-
tion in hoi li _,. ,.-. nnd tho
-:   : ndi i. i . r.tp-.et tb
V ashixi M,-. Oci   G—A !   vi i- the
our - ■ stfidi ,' ii
ol It.
mmmmaaMaKaauMmmunMimaiiMEsa ..    	
yfcSJiyM. -    "•■'.'';   .*,
A. Bui ■-. and tlui wind de. ve the!
lhnn * in a ii. itherly dire, li ui. The
bu ■ ■    s  , cciii ■'!'•   i'.i   ti ic  i :nk ni
empty  slore,   were   n -xl  di sl ■ j tl.
:. ■      i, -.. t|,.. Hie gained   ipid li nd-
wiiy, lhe large hnrdwan stc.ro iii Arm-
-    Leveri    :      I'ingc .nipletely
,   I ih        '. destroy-
*   .i  ,-i.-.
md Ii...,
A  large  supply of thi      oi     I
yards and is now rnuly *        ivi r, ul
S'l  Four  Dollars  Per Cor<
ed,    '1 he barber
idi ;-.     .  ccnpii -i by A, IV, Rul I eel t! .
was   ilu-i!    Unci "'    ml  co upleti ly [8
thquake,    il nub ily  destroyed und lhe real estn i uill . nl
wurld   -ei--    . ■ .
,, ,■ ,,;
1    : Fl     .-."'.'
can :m... .-1 - - il ..:,-.
Caloahv, Oci   0.—Th's ci      1.I-
noiil j ac liiiji
, -    :      lh.    '! ii
ll. P. Lee was the in-:.: building i
prey tu the flumes. Al the end *
-MM I sl !■ Ihe store and imp imi ml ':
warehi se of B. I*. Francis, ai -I tho
lire * - pi over n small . t loi
which divided this building - in the
. iln-!-- .I'd in ., fen i- im ■ was
nlso n   ■ nykiu .   mass if del   is.    For-
Tli  besl  mu!   -heape;-' on     or
,: I tl ,e- iii i  diil ii-r.     Wi
.-  i il     futiil it ot   y     I..;--,-   y mr -
Molsons'  Bani*      .   I
;:.--' i.'.-.:-. -   '*: ■ .   .    ; rjoxi
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
\Ki.so:       . li.—'J i" S oialisl con-.'' .........
i tunutei    there i   an    -
'■'     ' : ;       '     nil,8>| to this 'building   lid the (forts of the
'      :.i-.. ... |jren] :. ij,], ' i... ,.;,- . ■-1 |jnc hands
...   were a    ess, '  in coiiln u :: thu lire,
I believed tu     ..; ml d ii .    Dutch-    b   :Ji     '■ '■''>' ' " " *' " '  '"'
,   ,,          i ic   luu her mill oi  T. .        il -   ,,
man mn       ■ .                .'■-. Jl.   An        ,,       , ,.                        „ .
would ci te.h ii!" Irom lue - vnr-Ilying
explosion yi -•   daj .vrccktd I       .lit  ,;;i., ..     rh,   ,,...,;■       ....     |
md roof' i .        liU'li Ihey        .  >;■• 1,000   h u ■'-. i    c    5 covered
I  rtii ■   have by inaiii - n     The book      (I .- icuri-
rn igh    ■ .  dies su fur. His ol the Bank   f Mm     a! were in a
peci»1    ■ ■     fsal   i        -save I,
!!- ';!   kmnaflKai '        -
,-..'-ic;-.-.. _   'j        ..  -	
J, ... .
noes. Men's Furnishings, Read; -thing
a Ili rll
M .
Protect the Dhest  wort i ssoo.ooo a roN.
Waiuui ":-, Out, Oci   5.—The
; ... ii.- i-i   Blum's   Laurel  ian
c Ids, und tbey may develo] surpasses n richness all previ
coveries,   The rise (rom the lirsl
is nuw     ■. ieet up, und tin
tinues .li ti:-- way as rich as the   n
TU   AVOID   .   COLO   WEAR    *   ... t|,e lira!   level, which  astoui   eil
dniigi    is cold
ill!-*   -.,.!!
■:"''L;■'■■     '-'•-" "'■      l„ August 1901 Armstraiif    ifi     .       _
ir-old ..:.   laiiuil Hemeglidc Ver- *,...., t *   [, -,. lin      tern Eagle, u
- ,i -.- ,„;„,„» oi iinbniu, .. jammmmmmamKsm a ..-   i    i
he had a grudgi agaii t the bu        - 9   *£»     »      B I   *,, ,'
'   '    ' men   f th, tow,     tti    io several ul j    Ei,   A.    M    '    .    flO
m ,. im'gi si i.. ,,i,i -mi- whole i in |
mercantile pi ni'i -i lh I a\ - ':■
.1. -i;..yi-i!       i.m - ill    and   •
.- ■,. -.. -i in the a.*;. In - .ii Vi I'lion. lie I
tl from tin     last year, but after H Agent for the Noii-Coinbiiie I:;sui
beiny it liberty for   <   week   hi   was I Insurance Risks covered at lowes
recaptured and is now  in   the New I Plate Glas.i Insuranos   Enq
C?.liadir.l1  Lumbermen are HOW Westminster asylum.    The cause oil    Iccidentu    Sic Ineiu nee, .ive t
- ,,. i .- Bre is ns yel iiiikn nvn.    The'H Miiiin    in-!
■. tlm •".,..    igadedid hor ic workII
*■. iVcL   i
Buying American Logs.
Thu  nccnl i*a ut in fighting  he liana - and saved the
v  ;    -   11 sizes for LADIES
as   well  a-  GENTLEMEN,
I'll 'i::i-   Ci -i Min ■!
with tj ..   ' c mfurl
,;    ivoi Id when the itrike  was  iniule
ia  reg                   ibntu ill w bole town  from lieing totally ilea-
■       led           this . vince i   ived.
. ...       , !    till    -ii illduci
ml 1 mills
i.i- - .       ■              .- tin Van-
'.'                       . |.. ..-
li luu
Lands, Hoti -. Si u-e .  Den   .  Pru   i   ■   . ivi
E   fur Sale
Red Cress Drug Store
Insl December.    A  drift  coni ec  ng
tl i- top -I the rise ■■ .'•.  In n tin -...,:
i-i, n being tlrivi n. in ivhich massive
gold w.i:- cnci ii ton      ud whii li tin
machine dril - could nut   pi u
A   singl    blnsi   knocked down     ■    '       ■
$1,'   00 worth ol i   'ee-fotiri
.',   'iglll      I   lie    -   .        -I'M.        j       '.      '
'valued i  o\    |30i I m.
; •   ■ ,- .   I- . i   ■ -i
"~"^ Ann   can  ii
Orders tuki    lot Chi   tnms
nur nanii* printed '
. ; * n; Oapltal Pcvi" I
■ - -    :!l   Ht : :,T:  Reserve Funi*
Steam Furiiuci i uml Coal ■ :
MONEY TO LOAN ,   lurgi i r
Farm Pr >|- rli * :ii mj |»irt of Briti.l
'.I pi i-i
Sh..!- i Bougl
Vimm^i&.iS,-ev..;,- *.■■■   .i.iK-'.'
»:■:'     j .    '
- Lower Eighl Miles of Hunker    .-,
Creek   Purchased   by The; § Imp '.,'.: '-',    .
GuytjenheilllS. S Head Office   Toronl
Daivsox,Oct. l.-T    G l| .- ffl '   ":"    '  I:'.1'
'.'   bavc just bongl weight miles I M Cai0Jta| Subscr;'    * -
icon 'm- Oapltal Paid Up ....
 imt bed I tu-1ti,,, greal ,.   ,-
ate- wil . * ■ ., i .- , ever paid
j ' '-,■      ',...' - *'■-'•■*        .- - - ,  .■     i.   . . |.      ■ It is prubabl)
p liun ni a
:! --.:,,           till
rinrei      -,.     .    n! world Dhe ground     light extonil
li    ,      . -•     ....  I--.: --uy mi it,,ni tin   in,,.ui, ,,i  the Hunker'
ii. I.'. Win. ii:, I'i-i' lileni
Is nn indication 11 THOUGHT and " thoughtful
peoplo " reulize that the litt-1 is always cheaptsi in
the end.
We guarantee that the Btoves having theGurney- *i
Tildi-ii trade n ink arc the BES l'._   Furnaci i, eli ves
Ranges, Airtight tlrati rs, all sizes and nil prices,
CO., Ltd.
! ■-.- ■ ng iii ' n, idi thai :n
many ci si s it iiuch 1 - ipcn.ive
lor  inillmi     to go tu I ■ di
an I buy tl thei ol
towing the ■■.-.- tbout 60 to 75 cents
a thousand, an I the prices here will,
tin ■ fi . nevi ■ • any more lhnn that
much more than American logs. Canadian dealerscan go to the other side
ol the line and buy any class of logs at
any time and bring them into i niiadn
without restrictions, and the shortage
in: aki * i; Imperative thai the logs
I . fi  .-ni  ti tin American side
Ymi   live one-third ol  your life in
bed, why nol enjoy solid comlorl .* Buy
mi  Ostermoor  mattrasfl and be convinced.    R.  Howson has the agency,
4t-^+inJ*t*^*^<i+44+i++it^+$nj*^t*|*^ *^n|»*J*^+Jt^^^»|++$«-    - Id ui eastern prices, freight added.
Dealers In Hardware, Btoves and Tinware, Miner*', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.;
within   ten  claims ol  Gold Bottom
town and iniles the famous Andor-
-, . i .nil' salon two and a hall miles
.,,_, ,- i„ txti nslvo holdings of
Mux Kellar, Redinond Bros., Mitchell
nud Milvui'.i, and about L50 rich Individual oreok claims. Paradise Hill
and other rich hills are included.
I'm- dredging ground abovo and bolow
the mouth of the Hunker on tho
Klondike River is also likely to bo
taken Hvei soon.
Nanaimo bus experienced a slight
shock of earthquake this week. The
iiiiiiii-lasted two seconds and was
distinctly felt in various parts ol the
city, Reports from Norlhliold say tho
shook was quite heavy, No serious
damage is reported,
S A VIX (IH  1)1
III In. In   I ('III   ■ III
pounded hull
Eiiropii,   Spi uiul nil luu glvi M
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phi,.
in MIMIC rr in*iiMM'J'nwiffT"™"**"""'"**'''* "- '
Import dirccl from Countrj -
Buy a Space  in thc Mail-Hcraicl THE MAIL-HERALD. REVELSTOKE B. 0.
Hon. Wm. Templeman and Citizens Visil the Works-Urge
for Appropriation oi $30,000
From Government.
The events ot Thursduy last whicli
are chronicled below, will possibly
mark an era in Rovolstoke's luture
history, a monument of what great
Ibingi enn In- accomplished when her
citizens, lulling i-verylniiig else aside
got together and with a hearty sense
ni whal i- right brought the spirit ot
co-operation to the surface and all
imbued with nne and the same object,
came straight to the point and laid
the plaints ol a needy city before its
distinguished guest, The afternoon
was dull, yet with bright intervals and
:. large and enthusiastic representative
assembly met ou tlie ss. Revelstoke,
to escort tlm Hon    Mr.  T'cmpleinaii,
I .Um
i.i ih
,',! 'I"
;    llie
is faci
Mims, round
ii-tiiiii uiul orros
ibin liner has
gentleman, with-
i ut lirst, was
ever changing
keenly  obser-
tlie scene
imi  that
out -1 v: :t u a
expression I ^^^^^^^^^^^
v.uil and mil n detail escaped h'm. as
the steamer, slowly dropped down the
river, and niter making a brief stop ut
the must dangerous portion of the
bank, su-epi round intu the comparatively quiet waters at the lower end of
tne works mm in |
of lhc river
mule nnd tin
- party
.gross ' :
ic  n lm
eiger to s
tr,,*. the
; was
e all
ngine -.ni* very busy
id in excavating sand
i il,- lower ' id of the
iy means of a drag dredge,
■ in three quarters of a cubic
rt at i ne ■ peration Sn all
ntrivance was,; el tin wi i *
that thia ina bine 1 is il uip ha* been
v ry satisfactory, The - istury of the
river bank was told     Mr Ti n
small donkey
a: il was en in
and grave! fr.
ci.ai.:,' i by ii
M. -
ll I
: at
.*■      ' 'If,
■    .    '
tin I    - lu
1 ■•■ :
•tion- a*
.    ■
■    .    -
guard navigation. That it was really
ilu-duty of the Provincial Government
to proteot lhe lank, and that ihey
shuulil be requested to keep on this
work. He said that it would n quire
an appropriation of 130,000 to complete the work in a permanent
manner, that the present appliances
were totally inadequate, and that
worting as tbey were now, llie work
couldn't be done by next high water
as there was no means nf taking away
the already excavated gravel.
After several minutes' earnest talk
with Mr. Aylmoi, Mr. Templeman
signified his readiness ro return to the
city, and on tbe arrival of the Steamer
the party disembarked, feeling that
"something accomplished, something
dune, hnd earned a night's repose,"
An inspection wns made ot H. N.
Counter's property which has Buffered
llllAllll 01' TltAIlK MEETING,
A meeting of the Hoard of Trade
was lield iu tlie council chambers during the alternoon, C. F. Lindmark
took the ch ir and stated that it was
n pleasure and alsu a profit to have
Hon. Mr. Templeman i:t the meeting,
that iie was a very important man
and that the ciiy sincerely appreciated
his generosity in stopping off to inves-
tigale the city's needs in the river
bank question,
On rising Mr. Templeman said that
lie was glad of his invitation to tho
city, but also thai it was his duty to
examine the different aspects of tbe
quistion, that lie waa sm-ry he wasn't
Minister of Public Works, that he
realized the city's demands, "But, ho
said, the Dominion Government have
ho duty to carry out in preserving
river banks, but to guard navigation,"
lie said ;hat tho Dominion Government seldom do any work on river
luniks and that only as u favor. He
instanced the Fraser river near Chilli
wnck, where much damage had been
done, and the Dominion Government
had paid no compensation. Certainly
they bad given grants to tlie Proviii
cial Government t" help preserve
banks, nnd it ia their part of tile work.
He said, however, be would recommend
to the Minister of Public Wurks at
Ottawa thai ho urge: tlie completion
of the work and tlnit it bo done at
once, and that an appropriation ol
130,000 he made'and that an adequate
plant he put iu. lle ivould do his
besl to get the money (r'oni the Dominion Government. He knew that the
Provincial Government was pour but
nevertheless they are responsible ior
the preservation of the river batik.-.
II- recognized tho dire importance oi
our needs anil he would do his best
A I with the help ol Mr Galliher. The
Provincial Government should heap-
proached ti do their par' and the
Dominion Government were incidentally helping theni. After a few remark.- .ii the city and thanking the
Board of Trad- ind C ty Council for
thei ..■-.. Mr I'em] en a:, -a-1
that In ■: ins visit
i,   .   McC irter laid thai  n a con
... . •   .     •     p.i v  ■-
I'n stated   tin!   tlie Provincial
Of C. P. R. Shareholders Held
in Montreal.
Montreal, Oct. 3— The twenty-
fifth annual meeting of tlie Canadian
Pacilic Railway was he!J in this city
to-d ty.
I Sir Thomas Shaughncssy, president,
addressed the shareholders, dealing
generally with the annual report, and
111 closing pointed out that the cash
receipts and deferred payments from
the lands, which are increasing
monthly, forms a valuable revenue to
be dealt with as the shareholders see
lit. From this source the receipts
will during the year lie equivalent to
one per cent, on tlie ordinary capital
and put the stock on an even per
cent, basis.
Sir Thomas then announced that in
the current year the directors, proposed to distribute the one per cent, to
shareholders in semi-instalments of
one-half of one per cent., payable
April land Oot. 1,1907. Before the
meeting dispersed, Mr. Retard expressed on behalf of the shareholders and
himself the great satisfaction felt
among the shareholders at theellicient
manner ill which the ullicer* of the C.
P' R. oompany had carried on the
all'aira uf lhe corporation during the
nasi year.
First Vice-President and General
Manager McNicholl, of the oompanyi
was elevated to a position on the executive committee.
As soon as the general meeting was
over, the directors met and nominated
the followuig ns an executive committee: Sir William Van Home,
chairman: Lord Strathcona, ,R B.
Angus, E. B. Osier, Sir Thos. Shaugh-
nessy and I). McNicholl.
Fall Weight
Serge Suits.
You know what attractive summer
suits Fit-Reform Serges are.
We had a special lot of very fine
English Serge made up in fall weights.
Can't imagine what stunning Suits
these are, until you see yourself in one.
Both black and blue—and, of
course, the colors are guaranteed
as well as style, fit and tailoring.
Notice Ib hereby given that 80 days after date
[Intend to Hpply to tlie Chief CoramlHBioner
of Units ami Wnrks fnr h Bpecial license to eut
and earry away timber frmn the following
described lands in the district of West Kootenay, Kevelutoke Division:
Commeneing at a pnst planted on the east
Bide of the Columbia river, and nbout 2 iniles
from river mt the nnrth side of a small creek,
and nbout'J in ilea iiliuvt- Carnes Creek, tlience
north iw cliains. thenee east 80 cliains, tlu-nce
south 80 chains, thenee west BU ehains to point
of commencement,
Daled 82nd dny of September, 1906,
oct 8
$18. and $20. 6
it and j G ■
f imp- rtanci -----      H
1 general id      19  1    -aid thai    ihere rl   ■   1   .-
is   required   and   as to whal - thil
, reply 1   the cil    ns   - ■ .i-i   1 lone al the
8  the     • aged  il
. :     .    ,us nexl  ii *| - lis! work doni
■   nil   ■- -:.*     '   -  '
j       • .'   I -        .      ■ M .
uus 1 of ihe - id spi ken to I
• h s ..ne had done.!
ip.irity ol a ■ endation   1
Ottav       ■    ••                11    .-■   -    ,i    ,   .
•            •      -         I finish the work
At Fort William—The C. P. R.
Practically Victorious
Fort William, del. 4.—The freight
handlers' strike lias been settled here.
It is practically a victory ior C.P.R,
Tin-strikers return to work for the
"id scale of lid cents per hour d iriiig
the day and ili a', night.   The bonus
ni "21 cents per hour  which is usually
I held uiiii! the end ol the seison is to
advanced at once.    Fifty men are at
j work in th- freight sheds tonight and
100 will report for duty tomor-
n a 111 'ruing.
In a riot which followed an attempt
by Sunt. Bury, of Winnipeg, to replace
the striking freig * 1 mdli rs early this
ifti trikers were shot and
-■■-    ■    ■       led  1 id Officer Taylor,
cliii I'l; police, was slight-
arrived  from Winnipeg
unber    ii  men to
strikers     [mini ' ately
■ . tl.e . ib mm- arrived       - -  1- they were
-                    •■     ■--   1- ui !   fith
guns, I     es and c Several constable! rdered
lici       ired
Incorjiorutod by Act of Parliament, IS+l.
Wm, Molson Maopherson, Pics. S. H. Ewino, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of bunking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rales on Savings Bank
W. H, PRATT, Manager,
Bbvklwokk, B. C.
For Agricultural Implement*-;. Carriages, Wagons, Etc., Join,
Doero Ploughs, Moliuo Wagons, Canada Carriage 'Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., -Gordon Seeders ami Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to, Horse Shoeing a
Houses and Lots
Notice is hereby given Mint 30 days after date
1 intend toapply tothe Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for a special license to eut
and carry awny limber frnm tin- following
tl user I lied landc situate in I lie Vale district:
1, Commencing nt a post marked "8, Hill's
north-enst corner posi,'1 planted nbout one
mile east of the Bliuswan river, about s miles
north oi cherry Creek, tlience south 80 chnlns,
thence west 80 clmins, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 8fl cliains to point of commence*
Dated Sept, loth, 1000,
2. Commencing at a post marked "8. Hill's
south-east enrner post." plantcil on lhe west
bank ot tho Shuswap river, about 4 miles south
of Bugar Lake, thenco west 80 chains, thenoe
north 8H chains, iheneeeast •m chnlns, thence
south so chains to poim of commencement.
:<. Commencing at a post marked UH, Hlll'fl
south-east enrner post," planted on tlio west
in-uk of tho Shuswap river, nliout 6 miles south
of Sugar take, theuco west wieliHins. north Wl
chains, east Ni ehnins, thonce south Ho chains
in point of commoncement,
■1, Commencing at a post mnrked "8, Hill's
north-east corner pnsl," planted nu the west
hank of the Shuswap Kiver about fl miles south
nf Bugar Lake, llienee wesl Wl chains, thence
souih Wi ehnins, thence east 80 chains, thence
nnrlh so chains to point of commencement,
ii. Commoneliig at a post inarked "8. Hill's
norlh casi corner post," planted on the weat
hank of the Bhnswap Kiver, abonto miles
south of Mi-jar Lake, thence west-IU chains,
thence south imi chains, thonco cast 10 chainB,
tlience north ltio chains tu point of commence*
Dated Sopt. 17th, 1000,
onto 8. HILL.
VTOTICE is horoby given lhat 30 days
i.1 afterdate 1 intond toapply to tho Houor-
ahlo the Chiof C inissioiior of I,mul- nud
Works for n speoial license in cut ami carry
away timber from tlio following described
lamls in Bast Kootonay District:
1. Commeneing at a post markod "Otto
Liicliiniiiiii'- uorth-oast enrnor post,'' p'unlod
mi tho right bank of Windy Itiver nt hond of
Kinbasket Lake, and 2>.j mile- fmni lnko.
tliom-o south 100 ohains, west in ehnins. north
IliO chnius, casi ill chains tn place nf commencement.
2. Commencing at a post markod "Otto
Laohmund's iiorth*wost comer post," plnnted
nu ihnriidit bank of Windy River,al he-id of
Kiubaskot Lake, ami 2% mile- from Lake,
Ihouco south Kin ehuins,mist 10clmins, norlh
Mt chnius, west 01 chains in place nf com*
Dated Sopt. 15th, 1000.
S, Commencing ut a post, markod "Otto
Lnohmuud'a south-wost corner post," planted
ou tlm right bank of Windy Itiver. .'.. miles
from Kinbasket Lnke. theuce north an cliains,
oast SO ehnins, south Wi chains west Wi ehains ,
to placoof coinmoucomont,
4. Commencing!! at a (Mist marked "Otto
Lacliniuud's nortn*wost enmor pnst.1' planled
on right side nf  Windy lliver, IS mile-from
Kinbasket Lake ami half a mile westfrom
river, tlionco south 80 chnlns, oasl an chains,
north liOclinins, wost sn chains to pluooof commencement.
i). Commencing at a post marked "Otto
Laohmuud's smith-oust cornor post," plauted
mi tlm right bank of Windy Hivur. 2 mile- from
hand of Kllibnsket Lake, llnmee norlh 8(1
chains, wost 80 chains, south 80 chains, oast 80
chains tn placo of commeucomeilt.
Dated Sopt hlth. lift),
0. Commencing al a post marked "Otto
Lai'limund's-nnlli-west cornor post," plnuled
ou north bank id Kiubaskot Lake and 1 mile
from limi ni lake, ihoneo north Wl elinius, oast
KO chuius, south Ml chains, wnsl 80 chains to
placoof commouconiouti
Daioil Sept. 12th, HOI.
Pursuant tii   the    " OiiisniTiuts'
Trust Deeds Ait, 1001.*'
, -   *
■ ,e|
■     I -
:■:-.. ll'erent I |ie,
;, the work
i ^^^^^^
;.... : 'i t the nev
j,   . m . .     the v intei     He
laid thai  i      is a  fallae;   thai  the
.,.,.,■ • mae of iim
; tti  lost     ■   :.   i     -ban     is thai
dam ha ■ "
vo     . inl    the   !■■    iianncl    On
. ni WW     •'!.-: *■    lam a ■- tol
|l(.  he .-ii--. nl   ■     *..-i.'-u   iie
r,.M [ed that I ild     I ■ ■'■ when
:, .' i dredged f i ill
j . . capacity ' ' ki the ii creased
j ,,1.... ■„!,-: ! I had coal
$13 .. : t, but the | lion to ho cun
*■, ■ ! mm ild i in ich - hoapcr, Ho
-ij'l thai .i- ■ :i- '"'■' ul l«ol the Ilo-
,, ;;,; ,|, Governmenl were doing thii
the i,im.,, ..c,,i
' M   -
 lb..' h(^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
• -   -     ■ ■ •      nli i s and thai
I!.-.-.. •■ iuin urge ...
url -   iteps in tin   m itter  i d
'"■■■" ...
i: ition.   The  .-.-■
II M ■ '     *''
the dis      tv 1    .   - er nn
to re]      - --   use i n il   ind   il
decided that he sin ilrl
ti   the
■   llnry,
(Under   New   Management)
LAUGHTON,   Prop., | REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
First-das accommodation forjlravellers.
Besl brands of Wines, Spirit?, [and
RATES   $1   ANDj||$1.50   PER   DAY
work as a favor and thai  it wns no| minister for all departments
wnrk of theirs t i preserve rivoi bank",
r city property, bul  only to sale-
Mr. 1 nan pr      ed to see  Mr
li -  - li -      ort had
toOttawa -     lis-   -     trrai
Mr Keed r   hotild  m ke 'a e
report cover i •• the - -    ploti the
ffi rk ii -  hi gun,
The posl   m:"   question    -   -   I
'■'.--eil imi notl in    - '   it a        tied
i* K Lindmark thanked the Mini ter
for hi- kin'li.M   md    -■ real taken in
tlm matter and wished  that  b    wns
i        l-nl        Ilia i iilastorinii
l.i     ■-
of thanks wai   pai ed   to  thi
gentleman and tl c meetingadj
\ vote
ll m.
Arrowhead, B. C.
menl   in  Greal   fi
ii ■
nn ■ -       ,        	
In      | , 11 i ■   I '
- the   f.ibe.i      ei    m,  Ind  h;
il :.
Bun  ction        bj
.lu,,    Kcir Hardie
llll- -III
Notico Is linrnliy glvon that UOdays nftiir ilute
wo Intond tu (tiij.ly to tlio Hon, Chief Commls-
i"ii'T"f I,iiiiiI- mul Wnrk- fnr |ninni**iini tu
I'lircliii ii tie' following ilot.orfl.ad laml* in ilm
district nl Wosl Knot lyi
I'l.inniiiljt-iliK III II ini-l lillllltlli! !!n .-Ileitis Wll*t
Irom Um nortii-oasl cornor nf Lot 1,010, and
markod "lliu llond Lumbor Company's south-
in. i cornor  frost,' thenoo nnrtli no clinlnsi
thonoo hi In olinlnsi thon tl. >>-". ohnilis,
niiirii ni In--, in ihe Inkn shorei thonoo wost
ro i" - h-onsl oornorol Loi 1,010]
rlh 1 chnlns tn north-oust oornorof
llii-t  wosl  'Jn rlinins In poinl nl
I Ill'lll'K  llllll
Loi   l.'il!':
el I
r.ii'l l!<
Illll III!!.
I'h'il'lilillglv   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
ll   Vl'l II '.   Lnke.
Good Timiii  I i Imiii'
lino * alivny  fm hire.
Sample itiiom    iini'i-iii.ii.     H	
I'll   I ' In        In    Imi-   Tiilili-l-i mill I "llnl'l-j-
lolllllii-lii"!  n Ul
VV. J. Lightburne, Proprietor;
nl |i|-: li   iiM'lij-.'iieii llmi oi iluv-after
dnle I inu-iiil In iiii|ily In lliu linn, llio
Chief (loininls-loner of I I* and Works for
i" fn   i |., mIi. i i tho fniliiwiiijt doscribod
lands, -iiii.ii.'i in u..i Kootonay, ivoil -i.i.
' -il inn rivor, Km I'nliej-:
riiiiinii-ii'-iiiK nl n |iii*i  in ohalm north of
i    .-■     iMiil   ivi il corner im*i and inarkod
M'-liiiiiii. nurih oast oornor post,"
'-' ■" . - nn , liionco -until B0 i-li.-'iii-,
lho I l sn chains, thenco north 80 ohnlns to
i 1 e '■ "f i '.llillii.nfIli,.Mil,
llllleil .lllli" l.llli, 1000,
HAIlliY MclNTOi-ll.
John George Miieilonnlil of the City of
Revelstoke in the Province of British
Coluinbin, Merchant, has by deed dated the 2Sth day of September, A. lh.
Hind, assigned all bis personal property, real estate, credits and effects,
which may ho seized nml sohl under
execution tn Allan V. Anderson of the
said City of Ravetslnke, Accountant,
in It-usl for the beiieftl of his ciedltors.
The said deed was executed by the
said John GeorgeMacdonnld and Allan
V. Anderson on the 28lh day of September, A.D., llllll!.
All persons having claims against lhe
sai.l .Iuhii l(eui'i;e Maedonald are it-
quired un or before lhe Isl dnv of November, A.11., HKM, lo send lo lhe
trustee full particulars ol lhe same
duly verified, together with thenar-
liculnis of the security, if any, held
by them,
Notico Is hereby fiirtlii'i* given thai
after the said 1st dnv of November.
A.ll,, llliNI, ihe li-usiee will proceed lo
distribute thn assets iiinung thoso
creditors whose claims have been
lodged with Iiim. nnd Ilinl he Will no!
be responsible after said dale for lhc
assels so distributed, or any part
thereof to any person or pel-sons, llrm
oi-i'iii'piii-iiliou. of whose debt ol' claim
he shall nol I lien have received nol ice.
A meeting of thu creditors of the
said .lohn (ii-niiri-Miii'ilniiiilil will In-
belli at the offices of Burns ftWalkom,
Barristers, Koom I, Flack llluek, Vancouver. B. ('.. on Friday, the 12th day
of October, A. D„ 1000, at the hournf
fuur o'clock in thu nftoflioon.
Dated ul Revelstoke, B. ('., Ihis Ist
day of October, A. I)., llHIll,
Revelstoke, It. 0„
Solicitors for the abovo Trustee
Look at This!
WANTEH -Known—1 have whal
appears to be nu excollentoppoi'tunlty
fur a man willi $050 In handle lhe
agoncv for ibe Intorloi1 of British Columbia of iln- 1'ITNKIi GASOLINE
I.KlllTIMi SYSTEM. Is ii greal
success ami will pay from $160 to $20U
ii month,  Apply to
E. A. Haggen,
Real Estate and Investment Broker,
Steel Ranj>e
grates are modi
extra heavy and strop/'
London- Toronto-Montreal
Winnipeg-YdnctuvT-SUohn N.H
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
Pure London Gins
CLbr.ted Speeialtie*-the Fured antl Mast
Wholo»om« Obtainable
Gilbey's "London Dry"
Gilbey's "Plymouth"
Gilbey's "Old Tom"
Dl.llll.d, B.tll.4 .a* Cuar.nl..* by
*olp tvtarwsia* in Canada
****• »**"%%V**V*V%%%%**-%-V»%'V»'%f*^
' P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED, j
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Perk Packers and Dealer   in Live Stuck.  .Markets in all tlio principal (lilies and
Towns of Alberta, nrili.li umutsldii am! tlie Yukon,  Packers of tlm Celebrated Brand
"Imperttor" Hn
nd Bacon, and Shamrock llraml. Leaf Lant.
li you are looking for something nice in 8POON8 AND
SPECIAL" for Souvenirs, ive have ihem here.
For all kinds ul* up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Central Hotel
Newly built,     first-class in every respect.    All modern convenience-.
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $150 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Queens j4otel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, -        -        Proprietoi
Report That the P. A 0, Company Will Lower the
C. P. R. Record.
Advices have been received from
London that the P. k 0. line have
been awakened into new activity as a
result of the quick carriage of the
mails by the C. P. R. system and an
official ol the P. k 0. line relerring to |
the all-British mail route says his
company will carry the inailB irom
London to Hong Kong via Brindisi in
28 daye, one day faster than ihey are
delivered by the Empress steamers.
The London "Chronicle,*' referring to
this mail service .ays the importance
nl the (ast route from the East via
Canada cannot be over-rated, as in
times of European trouble the roote
could he utilized with little risk.
It is an ojien secret that the present
contract fur the carriage ol the "Overseas Mail " was made for two years
with lhc understanding lhat when the
time for renewal came an accelerated
service would be demanded whereby
the mails would have to be carried in
27 days Irom London to Hong Kong.
This would necessitate the improvement of thc C. P. R. service on the
Pacilic, for it ie considered that the
present Empresses which have been
in service for considerably ever a decade could not make the speed necessary lor such a service. In this cm-
nection the "Pacific Marine Review"in
its last issue t-ays: "We do not think
it extravagant to pndict that many of
our British Colombia subscribers will
survive to sec the trans-Pacific mails
anded, by tender, off* the west coast
ol Vancouver Island, rail-borne across
the island to Nanaimo and carried
thence hy fast ferry service to the
Mainland at Vancouver, effecting a
saving ol 18 hours, an important economy in a service the ever-increasing,
exacting conditions whereof measure
time iu moments and minutes.
We l-elieve that Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy will carefully consider
the construction oi new and large
steamers for the company's trans-
Pacific service, as there is no denying
the fact that excellent steamers of
their type and class that the Empresses may tie, they have long since
ceased to satisfy existing conditions
nnd requirements, and that new
steamers for this trade nre imperative,
especially if the company expects to
renew its postal and Admiralty contracts which expire two years hence, a
tentative contract for that period,
commencing on August 24th, 1906,
having recently been renewed in connection with the company's new Empress steamers on the Atlantic. Tbe
time occupied from London to Hong
Kong will be 2HI days; to Shanghai
27$ days and to Yokohama 22J days.
Compared with the company's previous contract, ihis means a saving of
SH days lo Hong Kong, 8J days to
Suanghai and 8J days to Yokohama.
Writing of mail contracts in general
causes us to question whether with
the yearly increasing, exacting conditions ol all foreign mail contracts,
demanding inrge costs at first construction and consequent large sums
for interest, depreciation and insurance, excessive co-is of maintenance
and operation, ship-owners are not
better without them. While there are
some exceptions, in a majority uf
cases mail contractl are an expensive
form of glory.
Painful Accident to Brakesman
on S. & 0. Branch.
J. Tnuipkiiisun, of this cily, a
brakesman on lhe Bhuiwap and Okanagan line, sustained . serious mlibap
on Wednesday afternoon, while turning off an air brake between Iwo .-kidding ears near Vernon. Hi- foot
slipping be fell towards the track at
the same time putting out bis lell
hand to save himself. Being unableI
to get clear the wheels ul the car
caught bis left hand on the rail, and
took it off at the wrist.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Mest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Kates $i a day.   Monthly rale.
The Goddess of Hymen has been
at work late'y in our midst, with ber
agent Cupid. Geo, Garner was united
in wedlock to Miss Florence Poole, ol
Wimbledon, England, at St, Peter's
church on Thursday, and J. Henderson took Miss ,1. Johnson as his bride
at St. Peter's church on Wednesday
Nottlng better than our " Speoial,
M Printers id MkB
 I, , '
<■- * i "-,
hn 1   •   ny     iiiiii    in   reuil   "*'
lu  be  n-'i mi'        :     '    *;'      '  '''   |;-' "' ;' "'''' '
K,■• • on .    LodK,  No. 15 A.P.* A.M.
1 ;   i cu lli.it the
11 -n.   Win,      in    niun i ■. man
ea i     "     ' .i   iry pro
■   .,   |   j ||    . ..!.!,,.      iiim | : i
, liiin, tlinl 1       - i   nnil
ll    inn!
[il flllli  llll   in   -'    ...   il ih loi-.-i-t-
em provinces.    Al  the sume lime ' ..
wo are nol sure ilinl Ihis new   up- Tuhmextku,
ft   ' .-."\     . ' MIo.vjU.,11.
I   I.    -\m .-••     L     ■     • ■■:
ti "■'       K   f-i
preciation of our  provincial  i onus is ns wi    -n-ii...- is ii ;i A Challenge.
.   A il   deal   uf   i*xei ' -ii'   WH' "    ■-
■■-.—**■"> . ,„,
|| ail
llll &0 :'■ '■'       -   i     ■
In small mi- large Lots, from I Oil
Ihs. in ii Carluail.    I'ur  price
L, E. GRIFFITHS, - Mala'swa
i-i vi, ;:. se- i i i ,- i , 	
■P   llhiit :e formed, ho  will   never' '     - "  ''   '-   <«n   .1  \*«\*«™ ^YJj ,*<«
m thei       1       . .i- Hm
■ . ,i,„ds."       nu c.p.h. ,-• I
■        "   ; '  IU '  !    -    . in.!,   -■'■   Hu    I'-wai -:■■'. "   -"
Mocl->    --'I!
I'VI      !'   . I" llll*   'ill''.-
illally  invl    :
ami   tin-   cum -  be hn     :ir   Wilfrid j j,, w*i,is;li the ■ wa- eive.i inl l'"''
i in i,   mi ie
W. Fleming's
,,!..i-. ui  '    " ■'': 'n
:   1.4 ami tin   facl   tl   I
,.    ■ ; e,le,l   ti)  Iiim "  uxpuc)        I     h'l lull.'    ••'*'
, '■-'       llll '    H'l   i"    i'l-
."■m .'■   .   j into  the
- I i Ilinl    I'll i iii :    Mel
.   his   liriiin,   vi  n i-   '- :
... , ,,      mi    ■    ri       ml  |.n        '■  ;"       '     k    '   ;     ;      "'
.    '       ; '
tc i   I.- ■ tl   before
-, -.       |,e| -m   possible ei       -. n - - -     . i
■ ,m■,.    ,-, !itiZi im    i ii   taken up. Km      :      u! Ci      ■ i
oi n was  not ii
llllll.hu! hi'1!   m-
al impi.icd I    Ibe   'casiuii,
il lo heal
Uiiiii- that tin 'In •; ~ V\ !:-:" Range Lodge, K. ol  '■ . jj     Dusin        lib   . itluoted on
' ]i'  ' Hg,   I    26 Raualstoko, B. C.     j  „ CA! ter Oot. 16th.
Wi.eii-.vi* agree I i {Ww)   '' Great'P.oduotion In
i'l: would     m ; ,-n [ruin
I I '
!                       i        III V-                 '    ' " ' K "I li  .*• s,
''' ''      '                       ctiglvrnti Mian   ■ !;  ^V.   FLEMING
ivi-i'i-tiu: I thnl                   was    ilii.       R£VE   ;T0K| . .  ,   No   ,  „        a .
n-eeii                       ,-■ r, r                                                                        1
J.      ! . U. t.
Drdi    Promptl       indeil
Tlllll'-; ;
...I of   li ■'.-
:    . I'm   I
u Revel ive [ro
il iii i ■
iatiun i"
■'    i    .,   ■
iiiieiiilv renin iked mi   tin*   untidi
ifPi-itiicesoitl.o streets, espi-rial-1   , ' 0 ;' ■■!*    * "
' on - m ry-
i    ,.-                    re lie!,!
Hull IHIi'l*  ,. , ,
;,M       . ,11(11-1 lll'l'l'll' MM      1
In■ '      III'!       in!'-    I    ': li II I    	
. -  I     i    -       . - |
WinIts I'ui-ll spet-iii! I     use I
-iii-r) iiv.,1   tiinhci ■■' hi ihe
I mil i   sill n'li il ..ii Ilic wesl
III'   lln-   Ulll-lll-l'll -I Ill-Ill nl      .II'OW
imil mi* Monday ! I to i    trt.li
■; '
... .   ... „ mm .     I tl ■- .    ...-.' can to u cu-l oil       .., ■ l-i: I, m
... . mh ' ...    !   iii nl uai ••-'. and   a   very I       I.Al.r-. -, Boxps. h
- ■ ;■    ■     , in ,|
l ■    ■ dli '     ..-       noj
.ul  liiu-ilh
; :
'    ii,  iVol-ks lhe : ih   ''    Id,foul   ;] -:.<-..  , u.,,n,cst. utiil it in.y ni:ii
•   ■ ■      i 111-' 11      ■:     i    .: i':. pei ted 11
-   iteilylik    tlih      Tin- hal.il
!.. '■"       ' ll"
,.   lei st of it,   ii * Hived,   uud     mwi
I" ill! -i    ' I'li'iU
: the city. 'I I or
...'.. thnl    iu  sei
, ■    ,.        , ..;._   | M-,ir, ,■ m,, |yii ;  nboul   mi :   gar
ill    ll llllll     i .;'   ;ii::
,    , ,-:   ii-iiii Iv   un-
Why   1 little
.   \ Mir     ■■ age
Uke," Wo Kooleniiyi
(   nm posi |ilui leil about
I'i  fliiii .in,    lioi-e  nn Ilic
slilo nr siii-vi i   lilleol'lh ■ M. I',
i ,llienei' w-i-sl I." li-baiu-i,
li Ii) cl :        ii
' Hli hains In pi I em -neeiiii'iil,
M »-1 FID      'ilEET. REVELSTOKE!.    ' '   '' 'll>AllTON*
■    ..   I    1   !
!- : -i
!   1iins Ta
■      !    .■ '..
,-r.ui enn   * ' .-..   il   ■
i. ;.i on '.'  '-I'liu
luiimi ol
m >;.!"lliln!
i Illll . 10! lllltl
ll     ill Ina. I'll!   i-iiiiiini-
 mi I : U'm-li  -■ i '  in" ill ihu
,..,'..-,.     llm-
l.n .   !     i ii-niM
■ ti
trcrFailPlantms       jj^';;,      „ "       !',T.S
1 R,—i
111        !    .
; ie -
...... . i,....     •
I '      ||l,l ij  . lull-Ill
easl .  cnei   .. „                         II oiu'i
lllltl' '(  ■             ■                        .       MMi
iin     I'l 'i-M-n 1,' -m; ;|( i   i, l.Tli
i Want., M\\    \   -.,.. .   --!■       , X&'ijt
,"' l1*^^
■'    ■ I"      i' ■-.-   ' ,1        -;
HI I i of \
ik Vine
. ri      ! : !
j:;il ICE
M It'i-i
a    stoi     ti        ilu  '
, ,11. I-111. I   ' mil
!        ■.. lln- I.-.1:
[ ■ in town.
.   .   V • .. :;)..., J.
. 'I,
Expre * ago Dolivery.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B      Mouln i and Furniture.
'    ■      "   " [concralDiaylng.
! ■      iply Iuiiii* Hi
mils inul 	
■  I 'Ml llllll    ,. -.. „,,   ,.        .      , ■  I     ,.„„.„
ti   AVest   Ki        i '■ -.-       ......
'     I*   ;   nuirked  "'■
' cm-Hi i   ].,.
llienee   soul
I ehuins, then
' '
in i ue -iii'-ui.
lilh, 1I1IKI
'.    "
' ll
.   -■ Illll
llll llll
i.   .ilmil    lllivi
i .  „„.|, .ii.u-ki-il
'   ' ' -i.. II  iii.-...-.
.    -    ■ ..
Iol I,
I'llllll 'I-1--JI   i  llll!   '"  ;■■ |ll  . '     II
mill ■• t II i  .    .      Ml
..... .>..-....   I'm-- i m, ,.;. and
.     ' ' ■ Hai,,;
. !
'' -        ';   '   '" ' "'■,  ,   n
' ' v    '   '   ■'    "'
;    ., ,       :,,'.,       im   Sll I! ■'  '*!    '-i'1-liei'
il   loiiUim UiitVliSTJol-'lli-si
1,11111!   ' ' ll'l'lll-
Tlu-i'i' Vnll        i. ci ,   ■. ■  mi iln
(luhniil ...  ,     , iio ii	
I Pa*' i-i-i-'i,
orlli-t-iw i-iii-iii-i-
I'll mi i-tmln-   I hei  itliKi
iilv   In   lb< ' iiurili su
1     -""!'■'lll.-Cllll-(U'
1 '. I.'l'ul.l-..
' llll I'
■     111- liioil'.ll of   III
., 1-1 ...    i.. II, NiikIi      ■  li-u-i '
llll-ll 111 .^11 ell llli-lli'i
lllllll , tlienci-
1     ll
l  .. Ill ..
.    I-  -.- (til i- LIE MAIL-HERA! D. REVELSTOKE, 13. C
in ? l/UUIns!iL.
Grateful Father Names Baby ,
After Fire Department.     ■".'.'>.„l
lu order In nay   ei mplii ienl lo tlie
members of N'o. 12  I'.i ginc Compnii)
The regular (nrtnightly session ■-■
the city ■ -unci! was held lasl n .!.*
Hi- Worship the M -yor, lid II avson,
Ti ppin ;,   'mm! inns m,   I'.iuili.i-  and
l'liliner hei      .:      it.   Thi   iui lutes „  |, ui<vil!i>, Ky„ fo  Inivingsu eil
of ll ! lasl mei ling, il li      eei il i .   . ;. ,,,. :. ; .. i   |IV   f-,,-,-_
meeting  held   lasl   Friday were read i [!.■:,,-.,- (1 ntbrntb,  if  SOO  Twi
ainl adopted. si eet, bad hi* infanl   i n   chrl
--   " .1 bu, Smith    1'iuil,  Clrnliam,   Matt,
Friu .Chief I! ;    iii    tl    lln r ||.    Kulph   |i„   llr, wi      Ed i ird
alarms 0 i\ Hu ■!,;■•      ,,     ..        j ,,, '    ;   ,
From I :. il Uain '- ' Hn v,..' ■<   |,   ||,:. .-  Hi ith    I
i |i""i   in ii.-   - : ,-u. - are th ■■  ■     he li.i in n.
-"■' Ifli   I   by   Hi        ft I       '■        n m ,   ,. nl, ..yathi   n in      uill
II   il        Ci        '   '■•   ' In a I ,,,.,„ -...,.      He d-clares it
i': ■ eonil bin to hiindicap a  Dulchn.iiii
A   resobiti      was   passi I   thai   thc f. r the iciuon that In
In   ■
linitti r in h     I and i       r  ll
I    ■
I,   Ci
el.  red out or
From N ■ 2 Fire I .
tin i ;
bobuue     ,.   isi '..   '.   II '    "'';';: Mn '''""'■■ I-l;  "'
.      • '    " '       ' ::'    '"'
,                 -i;;,                   '' '     ' «'h   ;    dale    ti'-    Impi
piircl                                                , .       .
,, i l.miitei -ii   icrvico vv11   I"' discuii- «
I*rum        nolice commissioners ie   ,
,. -,,,.';'       -     ■■- '■'■ ii ! '■ nn ui lis.  Uuriiij*
ai.! Iicnl pos'.tin     l cons! ih
I.      , ,   '  '  "  "        :":'';;!':  '  "
V      , - ' '       -:''" Vin-'-iivei-  f,„   SI  „.
i      ■   11   - - i   tr. nl, ninl one will  arrive  from   thn
of the no ice le inisi	
city dail- .-   '-. will reach
anil a i'i
I menu ul\   nl   1 i ol) m in. nitii
effect. ,.        '
N '   '■ will   i   vc   il   H.illl   p.m.     \
lm        --     -'     cit\ i    • .. i.        -i
■  •    :li- I    I'  II  -  rvic   '-   IVI   11   .. . ,..
,.,   M ..:.,..■ ....
-  ••■     ir nud Sean nvolvcd in   - *
*      . . i--.ii* | ■    .-   I   -, . ■    '
-   .      ihli      I'he dailv train  H
inil    V'. I'    ,-.
mi- res    ed iry   iie  in-
■* nu -I citv will nrrive ut 7
itt-li      : le ri ni     '
i    .: i      '■'-■■'. -,
was..'- i ninde tlm! '■ ...... '■•    ■    ■
■ th   rush    i  immigration
l'i,V   ' ' '   '■■"'"■'       '      - :     .11,       .I'.H    ivill   :       .
■■•»:    ■ "-" i.-;   ■:   .
'.-■.-        Cnbrnvi ml."' "
■ I lunli
. tne   ivmii!'.     i •-    mm;  ilio ■
f t.-lkel! ■      , , , I       '
ivi ■   disi  ntinii d  on    ,    ....
*.'       i
■:.',..-        .    i    ,
In    • lie snid
.     ni
ii>j       Iiim (True       it  V
.    J
'■-.-.. !
paring I        -     tion  I
■ ■   -
■   -       -   '..     trim
.    . . Ori !-■'...-     •     '   '
trai ve Vane uv -     -   "'
tl      P ;'
tl wil ■  Qui I,
* '
.  "Otln
I ■
tin-   Ladies' i i-
plcted, i   '
h i* ul ■      ii'iiii"i|
l'h is y !!'!'■
tii ' '
ously I     - ri ral
fuel tirimr  inani mil       ncj
nrti ■!■ ■    ihi     will don I   - li ve a
;,   ' Iii! dinner
will he held   n tl -
ample pi ivisi n     il
comiii date  the 1 G       >vl
'  '
time spi   I       .i ii    Ladies'
ii ■','■'.
Ualot I
e'di oi        the Spokane
Review wl    was     tin c .. i'i
en rotiti to) lla -I  *:      'i
is une ni  lln-   IUI .  ll   ii:    ll'-.'
!,. ,-er fornis of pul licity vol I ■
op.il in"i ll*. ill th -; i .. II ■ -M
the big Spol uiu il lily to take up it j
position villi the Eastern Trusl i'u.
It is i teresting to note thai this
company have found il desirable to
place i paper man in charge ol n
special ilepartnicnl f publicity, an I
it, i* an indication ol the value which
bank corporations pay to gi Iting in
touch v iih the public by this speoi il
tlvi rl ■ Ur, Mnli'li expects Im keep in touch with the eastern newspapers this trip and says thai
be will be Blue tosiug tlio praises of
tin Koi ti nm.. " This," In
in old mum in grmi nl of mine, for I
wa i irnioi'ly in tin newspaper business both in Rossland nnd Trail.
A.  W.   Parker,  Inspector  (or   the
11 tini WcBt I'l-ninn'-iil  Loan & Savings Co , ol Winnipeg,  lms  bei fi   in
-    btisiin    intore is.
il -   .!-:-. i, -- - !' ui'ih su   ■
■   I'r      ': V ven in .
t'Rll E    ■ ll CASH.
Hi iiii-in  '■'•■ Wii.i ■ ims,
ei .
'' ., •_- ..
-■■,'... II
-TOILET WARE in  artistic
ice is p
pages ot our I V       .r
I   I-IEII   BY  i
Smith l
11 tan j .: y bei
:-   ■
I     Ml , ..        . M '
.■    '- I or anj
c... i ' -
ali-.i-l iiuitv ut ll
''   ■ i.
j   Hair E
desired,   ij I Con
, *
by year.
I ir.'tf I'l-ovil
Leather ' lie I
B   ■' SI81I /
t - -     . ■■'■■'■ ; r
- ■ ■*   -      - *:   j "; f
.   :
;    *:.'
If     :     y ■       In h  I.
i   '      ■- s;;    -VM   ■    :*.■;
1   '
':       m    .
';"*■        '--     -    '"      5     '"!
■-'   ■
- > ■ ,
1 |
■'        -; '      ' ,    1       | j
1   y   3B        ' ! 3
:      '
     ,- I        ■'
, ;-       -
■j   i   ,,   in   ■,
X>>     ■     "*'    '
Cil.ei nd -eal ol
■■      .   \ ■ I),
Coin Sep
mil *
., y. wool i'i ix.
Tl ! 1   i      '
Iiii-  heel
Houses and Rooms
To Let-^>
the   I'rovinei Bi Columiilii,
Camuln ai
I othei-w'isei to i
I1    ■    Firsl  Street, ! il water hinds
lid on.—$20, nnd -
luci  slm-es posts, ni
■   '
in an; II kind, nf I
II -:    Third Street, Plastered,
It 11
Roi    -  "ii   First   Street and in ihe 1'
Muck, uii   .venue,
I h'avi   n   -li'-u'   wh -  is pre-       '£(} *:.' .
pared l" 111   up  rooms   to   u •
I',- lt,| in  ,-,!" ol tin   besl  and RiVW PlU'S  Bl dghu
mosl   central buildings in    the
F.   B.    ..
£, A. HAGGtN. Exporter of Furs, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE. B. C.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend I" apply tothe
Cbiel' Commissioner of Lands and
IVnrks for a spin Inl license to cut and
carry away limber from the following
described lauds situated on the wesl
ni(U of Upper Arrow- Lake. West
Kootenny districts
1, Commencing at a posl planted
at the norlh wesl corner of Loi 7884,
ninl marked "A. M. .Symons' southeast comei-," thence wesl lliu cliains,
north 111 chainB, easl 100 ehains. south
411 chains I" piaoe of commencement.
2. I'.inin cueing :il n posl planted
.ii ilu- iiniili-ivesi corner of Lot7531
and in.'iikeil  "A.  M. Syinoiis' north-
easl    eiiine,     [insl."   Ihenee    Wist   UIU
chains, -oiiili in chains, ensl bill
chains,  nonh  in chains lu point of
:'.. Commencing al a posl planted
1o ehnins suulh ol lln- north-wesl collier of Loi 78.11 nnd marked "A. M.
Nvnmil.*' inn-l li-ensi eoi-nei' pnsl,"
thenci'wesl Illll ehains. snulli lOchains,
ensl lliu chnius, nortli HI chnius lo
[mini of eouiuicnceincnl.
I.   C lending nl n posl planted
80 chains south id the north-wesl coiner ol Lm 7*531 nnd marked "A. M.
Symons' iini'th-easl corner post,"
Ihence ivesl 100 chains, soulh II)
chains, east 100 chains,north 10 cbnins
in point o! commencement.
5, Commencing nl a post planted
120 ehnins soulh of lhc north-wesl
cornel-of Lo! 7.*>.ll nnd murked "A. ,M.
Symons' north-easl corner post,"
Ihence lies! 1(10 chains, soulh 10
cbnins, easl UIU chains, north lu
chains In place of* commencement.
0. Commencing at a posl planled
one ninl one-half miles north of lhe
south-wesl corner uf Loi 7311 nnd
marked "A. II. Symons' south-east
cornur post," thence wesl lOOchains,
uorlh III chains, ensl lull cbnins, suulh
to chains to place of commencement.
7. Coiniiieneeing nl a poat planted
aliout one mile noilbof lhe soiilh-ivesl
coiner of Lot "Ull, thence wesl bin
ehnins, norlli III ehnins, enst lOOchains,
soutli III cliiiins lo point of ciininiciicc- j
,s. Commencing "I n pnsl plnuled
about one-half mile north of the southwest corner of Loi 7311, mul marked
"A. M. Symons' suuth-easl cornel
post," thence wesl UUI cbnins. nnrlh
'III ehnins, cnsl ILU cbnins. soutli III
ehnins lo phiceof commencement.
0. Commencing nl a pnsl planted
nl the south-west corner of Lm 7311
anil marked "A. 31. Symons1 south-
east corner posl," tlience west lliu
cbnins, noil h I0 chains, easl Uill chains,
soulli lu cbnins lu place uf commencement.
linled 1Mb September, 11100.
sep 22 A. M. SV.MnNS.
NOTICK is HKRKBY GIVEN that sixty days
afterdate I Intend to apply tn tin- lion, cliief
Commissioner of Lamb and Works for permission
to purchase thc following described lands situate
in tho West Kootenay district.
Commencing at :i post planted at tlie north-east
corner uf Ut -ll" and marked "J. Baxton's northwest cornor," theuce east lu clmiiis, tlience south
80 chains, tlienco west in chains, tlience north 80
i-lmins in place "f commencement ami containing
320 acres more or less.
Dated this loth day uf September, \m.
sep l.i Win. Toye, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given Hint Go days alter iliilo
I Intenil to make imilll'lllloll to llie ("llk'l Commissioner nl Unas 4 Work! lor permluton to
|nir,-l,»sc the lollowlnn described land sliiiuiu
In tlie Wesl Kool.-oay district:
(- mencing at a !m*t planted at the north-
west ,-nnii'i f. C. "SSil. mul llnirkt'il "I'lanl Mc-
Qnarrle'e south-west cotner," (hence nnrtli HO
.■lunils, thenco easl in chain, tlience smilli Ho
chains, thence west 10 chain to place ol com-
meneement, nml ci ntalning no aerea more or less,
n relocation ot Songster's preemption.
Dated this lOtlnlaj" of Septemher, 1900.
sep 13 M It. McQuarrie, Agent.
NOTICE IS lll'.IU'.UY G1VK1I that sixty days
after date I Intend to apply in the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands mul Works for permission
to purchase the following descilbed lands in the
West Kootenay district, mi west side of the Cnl-
ii hi inn river, about three utiles from Arrowhead!
Commencingat a post planted at William Greg*
still's niirlh'wcst corner, ihence west III chuius tn
T. ■ urlis' north-enst comer, tlience south -in
chnius to Wyne's north-west comer, thonce east
-in chains to Day's south-west coruer, thence
north in eliuiiis tu point of commencement,and
containing lot) acres more of less,
Located Sept. 4th, limo.
.1. ('. HAltLoW.
sop8 Hy his Agent, 8. J. Harlow.
J —
Notice is hereby given Ihal 311 days
after date I intend In nppli In the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, for n special license In cui nnd
carry away timber fnnn lhe following
described 'lands, situated in West
Kootenay District: j
I, Commencing al ■' I"1-' planted
nboul (of n mile easl "I Smile in eon
Hig llend Trail, and inarked "Hen.
Laforme's south-west corner. Ihenee
easl 100 chains, thence north 10 ehnins,
tlience wesl Uiu chnius. Ihence south
111 ehnins to the point "I commence-
■>. Commencing al a l'"-1 planted
about ,'ol'n mile ensl of the S mile posl
ou Big Bend Trail aud marked "Ceo.
Laforme's north-west corner," thence
eust 100 chains, thauce south 10 chains,
thence wesi 100 ehnins, thenee north
40 chuius tu lhe poinl of uiiii
Dated this lOthday ofsepi  Iim
H, Commencing al n posl plnnted
j of i. mile mst of Hniile ::- ■ a Big
llend Trail and marked "Oei Laforme's south-west corner." thence
east 100 chains, thence north in - hains,
thence wesl lOOchains, thenee soutl
4li ehaiiis in iln- poinl of
4.   Commencing ai a post plai -
of a  mile ensl '-I  '■' tulle trei
lleiiil Trail and  marked   "Gi
forme's north-wesl   conn I
east 100 chains, thence south "
thenee wesl  lOOchains, tin
to ehains to the pi inl ol
ment. k_
;,.   Commencing :
ahoul    ni      ist ol the P   i
    Big Hend Trail, u
■Gen,  Lal mn - -   *' "
thenci   mi-*  100 ''hail
10 ' hO :
Ihenci lb :'    '
ei li.llnl ' ■ 11    III
II, Cuiiitin*    i -
Bill ■ i
11 the   Big Bend 1
-I       I
-     .
Ill idinil
!|  '  I I
■' i,.hm ni i'iiii-i
I...-.,i-i. I'Scpl      Ul
Notice is herflby given that80daya afterdate
I intend to apply to the llmumuiletlie chief
Commissioner uf Lnnds mid Wnrks for a special
license lo cut and carry away timber from tlie
following described lands situated in the
Osoyoos Division ol Yule District:
I. Commencing at n post marked "S, Hill's
imrlli weat corner," pluuted on the smitli hank of
the east f.nk of the nmih fmk nf Clierrj Creek
ulmut 44 miles ahovethe forks of the north fork,
rtimiing east lot) chains, thence south 40 chains,
llienee \u-,-t lOUclinlns, Ihence north 40 chains to
point nl commencements
■■. Commencing at u post marked "8. Hill's
smilli west corner," planted mi the smith bank of
the east fork of ihe north fork of Cherry Creek
.il,.mt tl mill*-, above the forks of tin- nortli fork,
running east 160 chains, thence imiih lOchains,
theuce west 1IJ0 chains, llionce south 40 chains to
-mint nf commencement.
:;. rniiiineiicing ut a post marked 'S, Mill's
ninth east comer," plnnted ou the smith bank of
the enst fork of the north fork of Cherry Creek
al I II mili-s above the forks o( the imrtli fnrk,
running smitli 13U chains, Ihence west to chains,
theuce imrtli lun chains, tlience east 40 chains to
point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post markedjr'S. Hill-
south west corner," planted on the south hank of
theeiist fmk of the imrtli furkt>(Clierr) Creek
ubout SJ miles above the furks uf the north fork,
running east Iim chnlns, thence north 40chains,
tlience west 100 chnius, thence smitli in chains to
pnlnt <it commencement.
(,, Commencing at ii post marked'"S. Hill's
Miiiih wesi i*i.iii-i. planted on the wesl btuikof
the north fork ul Cherrj Creek abuut! miles
nhovo Uu- forks, minuting north lOOchains, Ihence
uasl 1" ehnins, Hiem-u smith 10H chains, Ihenco
wesl lUt-lmliis topidnt ol coiumencement,
Dated Jnlv utli, 1DH&
I,. Comiueiiclug ai , post uuirked "S. Hill's
north west enrner," pi inteil about l" chalna imrtli
nl Lak.-1 reek almut.. miles up the •-auie, rumiiug
,*.ist biifhniii.-, them-e south So ehnins, thence west
BO chains, theiw-e north -" ehuins to point nf commencement.
7.  Comiueiicing .u .i piud  marked "H. lliil -
imrth eint eorner," plnuU-ii itlmul tOclin
,.(Uke  i reek   in l abmu      n ih - up the; uu .
running ■*■■-* -11   haln-   ":-  "'Utli So chain-*,
theuce - * ■* *u *i. iii •. * i-m-e u rtli sl liaiu.il
puilll    •    nllllili']   eniellt.
-   i "ii,  -.  ■ „  u   -  .  ■-■  marked    -- Illll ■
ni ■' leasl i    planted lIh il .    -  lus n irtl
i,| i uk  ii- k iln ti i mites up the same, rtinuing
H--   *      - ....   I.    '       -I        .,!-'.
east 8 * ii tins, ti em ■-.■'■-      isins to point nl
Dated June 25tl    hi
(iKO   I Ai-tir'-H'
tliei llilell   -"i
l.Mi.i   -    *■-  -I        up'    d Iln
cot i - m-       i ..-■■   run
-.!,: .   | he O,
Brill . '
i ,i ,
i >, i'
Bit, :. ,.          'hei
Creel m   ■ i   ■    '■ - Un  '' -
l.i,III.-, ll      . Il| -   i mi      ti'ltUlrl mi.-
inirti' M   iht.il      ""'   ^11 l.i point nl     ii i.   m
He nl.
I-.-". "'
,,, ,| i   I   (AMl'l i 11
'^j,Mi..ii<i|i'' of Kll i " '   ni rl Wl      i
*      -i..««,|,       ||    ■ I'**
TUi*i- inili   to( - I'. Hailwny,   Km |     .   ■
nr« wti\i io
Trout Lake City, D  O
N'titice is her****!;  _   en -. iys
I   int'i-hil -i i   ' '
( hit'f I i I: ! ■- ■
\\"."ik- i'i ■ ■ ; ■■
carry iwa; -
mils  in \\  -*   i'.
!■ - ■
•      mencinj!
•  -v ■ ■■ f Loi   ■■ *■
thence $0
..  .-
 KOI     -
■ -
-      Rl *
■    ■■
*    -1 a i,   • 7109
;,i i ce ea!   '
- bains, thenci     -■ -1 nei
-. uth 80 - hail
n ent.
Ko. 8   Adji
, i .-„-! ■'     ■ i
ina, thenci
,-f,. commenci
v   .)   ai    ning   ■      i   ,   - :.
,.   161   l.n i        ■ i' i
4' < haini   thence   west   U'ft chaini
thence tontl 10 cha
c . ii i nceinetit,
N'  ti  Acijniniiig .'■
nidi    . ;,     outh 8i       * nei
Real ft(J olmim thenn    irtl -'
thenci  eaat iw|   obaii      i    ■■
i,   ( ■ ii i,  .
I hi n I ' U  •■■ ■ i
i Lm,    Iheni" V I ihi'Tire
iiiiiii [0 i hail       pi ■
K   M<i« I.VI. Hflil
i.   ,'  i
Notice is hereby given thai thirty days
aflor date 1 intond to apply to the Cliief
Commissioner of Lands and Works lor a
special licence to cut and carry away limber from the following described lands,
situated in lhe Vale District:
<). Commencing at a post marked "J.
Hany's north-easl corner post," planted
aboul three miles north ol' tlie easl furk ol
Shuswap river and about one-half mile
east of Main river, thence south So ehains.
tlience west Ho chains, tbenee north So
chains, thence east 8o chains lo point ot
io. Commencingal a post marked "J.
Harry's soulh-casl eorner post." planled
aboul three miles norlli of the easl fork ol
Shuswap river, and aboul one-half mile
east of lhe main river, tlience norlh Ho
cliains, tbenee wesl So ehains, llienee
souih So ehains, tbenee easl 8o chains to
point of commencemenl.
11. Commencing at a posl marked "J.
Harrs's north-wesl eorner posi,'' planled
about three miles nortb of the east fork of
Shuswap river, ami about one-half mile
east of the main river, thenee south 40
chains, thenee easl 100 ehains, tbenee
north 40chains, tbenee west iho chains to
point o\' commencement,
12. Commencing at a post marked "J.
Rarrv's soulh-wesl corner post," planted
about three miles uortli ol the east fork of
Shuswap river, and about one-ball mile
easl of the main river, theuce easl 80
cliains, thence north So chains, theuce
wesl So ehains, tlience soush So ehains lo
point of commencement.
13. Coinmeneing at a post marked "J.
Harry's north-east eorner pest," planted
about four miles north of the east lork ol
Shuswup river, llienee soulb So ehains,
llienee west So cliains, thence nortli Ho
chains, theuce east So chains, to point o\'
14. Commencing at a posi marked "J.
Barry's south-east eorner post," plauted
aboul four miles norlli of the easl fork o(
Shuswap river, thenee north So chains,
thence west So chains, tlience soulli 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to poinl of
15. Commeneing at a posl marked "J.
Harry's south-wesl corner posl,'* planted
about lour miles north of the east fork of
Shuswap river, ihence north Ho chains,
ihence east Ho chains, tbenee south Ho
chains, tbenee west 80 cliains to poim oi
16. Commencing al a post marked "J.
Harry's norlh-west corner post,'' planted
about six miles norlli of the east fork oi
Shuswap river, thence soulli Ho chains,
Ihence east So chains, ihence north Ho
chains, thence west So chains to point ol
17. Commencing al a pest maiked "J.
Harry's north-east eorner post." planted
aboul six iniles nortb of the east fork of
Shuswap river, ihence soulli So chains,
theme wesl Su chains, thence norlh 80
ehains, ihenee easl So chains to point of
18. Commencing al a post marked "J.
Harry s norlh-easl eorner posl," planted
on lhe south fork ^l Shuswap river, and
about one mile from lhe mouth, ihence
west So chains, thence south So chains,
thence east So chains, thence north So
chains lo poinl of commencement.
19. Commencing at a post marked "J.
Harry's north-west corner posi," planled
nn tin- south lork ol Shuswap riverand
about one mile from ils mouth, thence
easl v" chains, thence soutli So chains,
thence wesi So chains, tbenee nortb So
chains 10 point of commencement.
.-ii. Commencingal a post marked "J.
Barry's south-wesl corner." planted on
lhe south fork oi Shuswap river and ahoul
one mile from ils mouth, thence north So
chains, thence easl x< chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
poinl of commencement,
:.. Commencingat a post marked "J
Bai - lorth-west corner posi," planled
in trie south fork ol s' aswap river about
iv, n Ies from its mouth, ihence enst So
chains, ihence south 80 chains, thent<
■-. ,* - :.., , s, them '■ north So chains to
■   ■ .. on mei cen ei .
encing at a posl marked "J.
.  south easl  ■ ■ ri cr post,' planted
north br^ easl fork ol
Shuswap 1 ■" miles from
40 chft ns, thence
■    ■       -i nil    :   1 hains,
.-. ns to pi   iol     m*
ost mai Iced "'.
- ■ .    pi v'.   planted
f the ea tI rk ol
..... ence
.- * - .
■     ' *:.
Notice io hereby given that application
will be made to the Legislative Assembly
of the Province ol' British Columbia at lhe
next session, for an Act, incorporating a
Company lo build, equip, maintain and
operate a line or lines ol' railway of standard or othcr guage, with any kind ol'
motive power from a poinl 011 Cpper Arrow
Lake, Wesl Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
thenee following ilie Columbia River
northerly on either side lo a point at or
near the confluence of Canoe River with
tbe Columbia Kiver and thence following
along Canoe River on either side, to a
point al or near Tete Jaune Cache, Oil
Fraser River, with power to construct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway; and wilh power lo con-
struct, operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries*, and to
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith] and lo construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels and boats and operate the same on
any navigable waters, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along the routes of lhe said
railway and its branches, or ill connection
therewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes; to generate electricity and supply light, heat and power.
and erect, construct, build and maintain
the necessary buildings and works, and to
generate any kind o\' power for the purposes aforesaid,or in connection therewith,
lor reward; and to acquire and receive
from any Government, corporation or persons, grants oi land, money, bonuses,
privileges or oilier assistance ill aid ol the
construction of lhe Company's undertaking} and to connect with and enter into
traffic or other arrangements wiib railway,
steamboat or oilier companies, and lo
exercise such powers as are granted by
parts 4 and 5 of lln- " Water Clauses
Consolidation Acl": and for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to the premises, and for other
purposes. •
Hated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
of August, 1906.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date
1 intend m apply to the Chief Commissioner cf
Lands and Works for a special licence tocut
and earn* awny limber from tlm following described lamlssiiuateiti East Kootenny diatrict.
1, ConunenchiK at n post planted nn the
south-easl bank of Wood River about 2 miles
below the west fork uud marked "Iv HcBrnn t
■south-west corner." ihence uorlh Mi ehnins.
theuce east 8U chains, tlience soutn 80 cnains,
tlience west Ui ehains to tlie iiuiiil ol commencement.
2, CommonciiiK at a l«>st planted mi the
south-enstbank of Wood River about;Sl miles
below the west fork nud marked "E. McIIenu s
north-west enrner," thence east Ni chuius,
thence south Mi chains, thence west -SO chaius,
Uienaenorth W chains tothe pointof com*
H. ConimeiifiuK at h tost plauted nu the
South-east hank of Wood River, omioslie the
mouth  of the  west fork Hnd marked ''E, McHean's north-wost enrner." theuce snutli IWi
chains, thenee east to chain-, thence north 160
chains, thenee west to   chains tu the point
of commencement.
Dnted this 18th day of Au-Rust, 1906,
-I. Commencing at n p^t plnnted ou the
north-west hank uf Wood Kiver just above the
mouth of the west fork and marked "E. Mc-
Bean's sunth-ea-i enrner."   llienco uortli 80
chaius, theuce west su chains, thouce south 80
chains.thence en>t Wl ehnins to the pointof
Dated this Mtli day of August, lOOtl
5. Commeueiug nt a post planted on the
south-east bank uf Wuu.l River opposite the
1111,11th of tbe west fork nnd marked "E. McBean's   60Uth*west  curlier."  ihence north Ml
clmins, thence east Su chains, theuce south 80
ehains. thence west Su chains to lhe [mint of
ii. Commencing nt a pust planted on the
north-west Imnk of Wood River ulmut l mile
below the mouth nf tlie west furk nud murked
"E, McHean's -south-east corner," thence north
lOchains, east in chains.north40 clmins,west
B0cbnins, south lOchains, wesi iu chains, south
10 cliains, oast M) chains to the point of commencement,
',. Commouciug at a post planted nu the
north-west bunk of Wuud River about 1 mile
below thc west fork and marked "E. McHean's
north-east enrner.'' thence south in chains,
thencewest 40 chains.theuce south 40chains,
thence west B0 chains, tlience north 40 chains,
thenceeast 40 chains, theuce nurth Hi chain--.
thence easl -So chains to the puint of commencement.
8, Commencing at a post plnnted un the
sonth.nnst bunk of Wood River about 4 miles
below ihe west furk and marked "E. McHean's
toutfMvesl corner,'' thence north 160 chaius.
thence east 40 cliains, theuce south lOOchains,
tlience west 10 chain- to the point of commencement.
DniPd this 21st day of August, 1900.
6. Commencing at n post planted on the
north-west hank of Wood Rwer uud*; miles
hehiw,lump-up. rei.k and marked* E. McBeau's
Fouth-east enrner," theuce east IHO chains,
thence north 40 chain-, thence wesl ltio chain-,
theuce soutli 10 chnius tu the point nf com-
mencen Mil
li. 1 ommem ing .11 a post planted en the
North-west hank uf Wood Rivor aboul Smile**1
below Jump-up Crock and mnrked "E. Me-
Bean'n coutn-eost corner," thenee wost wi
chains thence north s" ehnins, ihenco east-SO
-I,an,-, thence soutli Hi chains to the point of
- iiiiiin.Mii emenl
Dated this 32nd day of August, IWO,
-(,, 1 K. MoBEAN.
ii .-■■
ci, thnl Sfldnj   iftordnl
-.-inner 1
1 -
. s
'    ■
, i 1-11   1 Until   n [hn   - •
r,|      *   .   . ii,     * i-        n    bond and il<
.        . , al!'--
i. ■     1   ind mark'-d "©en N.*.'mA"'n
south ' * li 'iui,
i        ..... nortli no cl -'I"".
Mil nl *'i - hainn '-■ idnci   I  mi nei ment,
tftinlng d4ii u ri *
ii,,t.,ithr?ifiih if Jul    ■<"
WjtSZm "M' 1   NKWMAN
,;■;  .   * the I hiof '''Ul
Vi irks f    •   pecinl liconce tocul
■    ■ 1 ' -■   -ruin the followiugde-
Bftui Kootenay district 1
,.i ,-   . planted uti iht-Old
, In c.i-t nf the Col"
a    - rVnd   "T   Kllputrlcli -
tlienco west   >[i ehuins,
tl biicb i'ii-i Mh hains,
outh t    halm lo the pun.1 of com-
 ' tjgata post plnnted on the Old
nbout ' milo* easl uf ihe Col*
iml ind narked   "T   Kilpatrlok's
er    theni e we I   wi   . hum-,
:, RQoiiitn - thence easl ni chaius,
■■ 1- -.    nrtl  *   ■ balm  to the [joint of com-
' 1   1 i"* ' planted on tlm Old
Win   H   ■ boutil 'i lo   >■ 1 ' nf the Col-
.    .-j   ui'i marked   T    Kllpatriek's
- ■. ■■:    thei ■ '■   ■ * *   8n chains,
        - - - (sin . them   wfsi so chains,
thi rtli  '»■ • 1,.hi, to H o point of oorn*
n em sn ent,
1   ' ommenclng a s po t planted on the Oul
.:  t ■    bonl' mllei east ol the Cob
11] 11 -irked    T,  Kiiputrlck'-
..■*,,'    .   it     t) c ce nani   HO   chaini
■      ■      lb 80 1 i-.i *   thence wesl 80chaini
."'.(1.. 1.   to the point uf com-
net i-11- •
.'   - p-tii dayof Augn 1 I "
... .  .     -.,11 Hot   Hlock .   -' n    Uriel m
i run.    II M..I1.11"    tlEAien 111 ' ' '. I t.  1.1 ,
'    ..     ni... i',|.,.k., mil .Hi'', Iinil- !lii« inn-
Mr ,i     \ : i,,.,.--* hi.I ir.ilniu!. flnt-cliu.
I Plutorlng ami Pliitgrlng Buppllu n|lp!0l«lty.
E..'       ran is :iiiiiiii.. .   ■.
N'ii*k-c Is hereby ([ivfii that HO days
nfter date 1 Intend ti> npply to ine
Chief Commissioner (if Lands nnd
Works for n special licence to cut and
cany nwny timber from the following
descrilied lands situated ill West
KoiiU'iiuy district, west side of Upper
Arrow Lake:
1, Conmiencinf; at n post marked
"S, Carlson's north-west corner pust,"
planted on the west Imnk nf Ptninton
Creek, about II miles from mouth of
creek, nud iii n westerly direction from
Bannock Point, tlience south sn clmins,
thenceeast 80 chains, thence tint (li sn
cliiiins, thenee west 81) cbnins to puint
of commencement.
2. Commencing nt a post marked
"S. Carlson's north-enst corner post,"
plnnted on west Imnk ut* Pingston
('leek, nboul 11 iniles fnnn mouth nml
in ;i westerly direction from Bannock
Point, thence south SO chains, thence
wesi sii cbnins. thence north 80clmins,
ihence ensl SO chains to point of commencement,
8, Commencing at n pnst marked
"S.Carlson's north-west corner pust,"
planted on the west Imnk of Pingston
Creek, about 141 miles from mouth
ninl in a westerly direction from Bannock Puint, theoce south 40 cbnins,
Ihence ensl UK! chains, thence north
•HI cliiiins, tlience west UK! cbnins lu
point ul commencement.
4. Commencing nt a post marked
"S. Curlson's north-east corner pusl,"
plnuled mi tbe west bnnk of Pingston
Creek, nbout 111 miles from mouth
nnd in n westerly direction from Bannock Point, tlience south III
chnius, Ihence west Kill chnius,
thence north HI ehnins, thence enst Hill
cbnins to poinl of commencement.
i'i, Coinmeneing nt a post mnrked
"S. Carlson's south-west corner post,"
plnuled on the west bnnk of Piugslon
Creek, nbout 141 miles from mouth
nnd in a westerly direction from Hini-
nock Pninl, Ihence nortli 40chnius
tbenee ens! Kill cbnins, llienee soulh 4!)
cliiiins, Ibeuce wesl M) cbnins to point
of commencement.
tl. Commencing nt n post marked
"S. Carlson's south-east corner post "
plnnted no lhc wesl Imnk of Pingston
Creek, nliout 14! miles frnm mouth
nod In n westerly direction Irom llm
duck Point, thence north III ehnim
theuce west HKI cbnins, Ibeuce soulli
■III cbnins, thenee east ItKI clmins ti
puint of commencement,
Ilnlcil August 25th, 1000,
7. Coinmeneing at n post marked
"S, Carlson's north-west eurner pust,"
plnuled on the ensl Imnk of Pingstoi
Creek, about HI miles from mouth mul
in a westerly direction from Banuock
Point, Ihence south 80chains,thence
enst Sll ciniins, thence nnrth Sll clmins,
thence west sn clmins lo pninl of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post mnrked
"S. Curlson's north-easl corner post"
plnnted on the east bank of Pingston
Creek, ahnnt 11! miles frum mouth nud
inn westerly direction from Bannock
Point, thence south SO chains, thence
west SU cbnins, thence nnrlh SO cbnins,
thence enst SOchains to puint of cum
II, Coinmeneing at n post marked
"S. Carlson's south-east coiner post
planted one |niile) east uf Pingstnn
Creek nml nbout Hi miles from mouth
nnd in u westerly direction from linn
nnck Point, thence nortli Sll ehnins,
thence west Sll cbnins. Ibeuce smith Sll
chains, thence enst 80 chains to point
of commencement.
10, Commencing at n pusl inarked
"H, Carlson's north-east corner post,"
planled about three miles enst of Pingston Creek and nbout III miles from lhc
nnmtb nod io n westerly direction
from Bannock Point, thence snutli SU
ehnins. llienee w-sl SO cbnins. Ihence
norlli Si cnains. ihence ensl Sll.chnlns
in puint of commencement,
11. Commencing nl a post mnrked
"S, Carlson's south-east corner pust,"
plnuled !l miles cnsl of Pingston Creek
nml nbnut HI miles from mouth mid in
n westerly iliiection from Bnimock
I'nini, tbenee north 80clmins, thence
west SO chains, thence suuth so chains,
thence east Sll elinins to puint uf coinmencement.
li Coinmeneing nt n post marked
"S, Carlson's north-easl corner post,"
plnnted I miles cast of Pingston Creek
nnd nbout III miles frniii iiiuutli, iu n
westerly direction from Bnnnonk Point
tbenee snutli Sll chains, tlience west SO
eliuiiis, thenee nortli 80 chains, ibeuce
east 80 ehains bo point of commence
18, Commencing al a postmarked
"S. Carlson's south-east eurner post,"
plnuled I miles enst of Pingston Creek
nnd about HI miles from mouth nud in
n westerly direction from Bannock
Point, tlienco north 80 chains, thence
west SO ehniiis, llienee suulh Sll cbnins,
thence enst su cbnins to pninl of commencement,
Dated Atigusl -JTib. inm!,
II. Couiiiienciog ni ii posl marked
"S. Carlson's nnrth-easl curuer post/'
planted on the west side of K, & S,
line, iiiiiiiii Iinil.i mile north of Timber
I.mul Nn. illi.'iii, io ii westerly direction
from the bend nf Upper Arrow Lake,
ihenco wesl lOOchains, thonce south
III chains,  I belli nsl   Illll   chnlns,
iln- north Hielinins lu |>iiiik of com-
LY Commencing al a posl marked
"H, Carlson's suuili-.-nsi comer post,"
planled on the west side of K, k S.
line, ahoul hnlfn mite north of Timber
l.imii No, nii'n. in u westerly direction
from the head of Upper Anow Lake,
ibeuce west lilii chains, thenco north
lu chains, thence ensl lliu chains,
thence south in chains to pointol'
in. Commencing nt u pnsl marked
"S, Ciu'Isoii'b iiuiili-i"i*i corner post,"
planted on the wesi Bide of K.&S,
lino nnd nliout lj miles north of Timlier liiiuii i.i.'iii. in ,i westerly direction
frnm tin- beiiil uf Upper Arrow Lake,
thonce wesi inn chains, thenco smith
lu ohains, thonce ensl UKi chainB,
thenco inn-l li IV chains tu pointof
'Minim iii-i'iiiMiil,
17. Cominonoing al n poBi inarked
"S, Carlson's -nuili-i-nsi corner post,"
planted on lho wesl sldo of K, & S,
line, inul aboul Ij miles north of Tim.
bei Limit iiii'in, in n westerly direction
iii'in lhc head ol Upper Arrow Lnke,
thenco wost UKi cbnins. ibeuce north
-Hi chnius, Ilii-,ii-i> enst 1110 clmins,
thonco snulli in ehains topolnt||oi
linled August 20th, 1008.
iep«S       SWAN CABD50N,
Notice is hereby given Ibat 30 days
alter date we, the undersigned, intend
lo mnke application to tlie Hon.
Cbiel Commissioner of Lands nnd
Works for a special liceiiFe tn cut snd
carry nwny timl-er (rom the following
descrilied lands situated in tlie West
Kootenay district, about 10 miles Irom
Burton City.
1. Commeneing at a post plnnted
un the enst side of Cariboo Creek,
Ihenee south 100 chains tlience east
40 clmins, theoce north ICO ohains,
tlience west 10 cbnins to point ol commencement,
2. Situate in the West Kootenny
district nbout 14 miles Irom Burton
City. Commenolng nt a pust plnuled
30 clmins Irom the Creek nnd on the
west side thence south 100 cbnins,
thenee east 40 chains, tlience north
100 elinins, Ihence west 40 chains to
point ul commencement.
3. Commencing nt n post plnnted
on the «cst s;dc ol Cariboo Creek
about 13 miles from Burton City,
tlience south 100 chains, tbenee enst
40 elinins. tlience north 1(10 chains,
tlience west 40 cliains to point ol
4. Commencing at a post planted
about 35 cbnins on I lie south side of
Cariboo Creek about 12 miles Irom
Burton City, tlience enst 100 clmins,
thence north 40 chains, thence west
100 elinins, tlience south 40 chains to
point ol coinmencement.
6, Commencing nt a post plnnted
about 00 chains on tlie soulb side of
CaribooCreek about 7 miles irom Burton City, tlience south 100 chains,
tlience west 40 chains.thence notth 100
chains, tlience enst 40 chains to point
of commencement.
0. Coinmeneing at a post planted
about 8 chains on the east bunk ol
Cariboo Creek, about 6 miles Irom
Burton City, thenoe cast SO cbnins,
tlience north SO chains, thei ce west
811 chains, tlience south SO chains to
point, ol commencement,
Located this 15th Sept., WOO.
S, ,1. HAKLOW,
.1. A. DOIKIA L.
sep IH
Notice is herchy Riven that HO day* after date I
intend tn apply to the Hun Chief Commissioner nf
Lands uud works foi a special license to cut and
carry awa; timher frum the followlnii uescrihed
laiuls situated in West Kootenay ilUtrict;
1, Commenci!!!*. at a nnst planted ahnnt limile
east nf lliu Hend trail amlnl td miles from
Coldstream mil marked "(leurge Laforme's suuth-
west corner post,' thence east ico chains, tlience
north I" chains, weat 100 ehaiiis, smitli -in i'liains to
point of commencement.
■2. CtiminenchiK at a post planled one-half mile
east uf Ilii; llend (rail and about ft] miles sunt It.if
Coldstream and uuuked "(leurue Lnfntmu's north-
west conier/' thence east Km chains, suulh 41)
ehuins, west 100 chains, nnrth 4U chains to point
of eiiiiiuti'iieeineiit.
Dated 8th day nf Sept,, 1000.
3, Cniuineni'iiin at a nnst planted one-third nf n
mile east uf Hig Bend trull nnd about 0J mllea
smitli "f (ItdiUtream uud marked "UemvelA*
forme's south-west corner post," thence enst 100
ehuins, north In ehuins, west 100cliains, south to
ehains tu puint uf I'liuiini-neement.
4. Cnmnieiiclnj! at a pust planled one-third
mile eaat nf Itlfi llend trull nml about Oh nilles
uouth nf lii.liisireutii uud marked "tl *gul,a-
forme's north-vest eurner post," theuce east 100
ehains, smith 40 ehains, west 100 chains, north 10
chains to pninl of commencement.
j, Commeneing at a pusl planted 260 yards eas
,.f nig llend trail; ainl abuut 6H00Hj'ards from
Seven Mile Creek and marked "flcurge Laformo's
iiuith-west corner pus'," theuce east 100chains,
south-IO chains, west 100 ehnins, north 40 cliains to
pninl of commencemeiit.
Hated loth duvjof Sept., 1000.
sen ID        (IEOHC1K LAHIltMK, Locator,
NulilT  i* lll'.l'I'V lliVl'll   llllll Iill llllj* ilfll-l lliltl' I
lull-nil to innii} to lliu llmi. cliii'l Ciniimlsiloiiur
nf Liuni* nail Wink* in nurclwetin lollowlng
ili-siTilii-il lnmls situated In Uui illslrlct ol Woit
(-iillilnrlli'ilil! nl 11 imst |i1iii'i'il III lln- lliillli-.vi'sl
ciniii'r nl Lot Ulliil, iiiiirki-il '-.I. II. Mnckenslo'i
siiittli-ensl enrnor," tln-iu-e wust W chains, tlionca
nnrtli 10 chalna, thonco ,-nsi 10clialns to shore of
Lnko, llionoo Iiiilouhie Bliorool Uke lo starting
imiut. UniitnfiiliiK lOOacres.
Iiiiti'.l lho 15th 'lny of Sopt. lliw.
sen in Ily .1. A. Magee, his nut.it.
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days after data 1
inlend tu apply in the llnli, Chief Commissioner
ofljuuls and Works, Victoria, 11, C, fnr permission to (intense the fullowitig described lauds,
near Burton City In West Kootenay district:
Commencing at n post planted alongside of C.
A. Sagandoiisdes' south-west i r pnsl," und
miming thenee Hlilltll 4U ehains, Ihenee west 10
Chains, Ihenee   umth 40 chains, tlienci- easl 10
ehaiiiH tn commencement point,  Conialnlnit 100
• Dated Hist day of August, it"*.
ep HI
Notice is hereby given that lays fr late I
Intend tu apply tothe Hon,IhefTiief Commlic
sinner uf Lauds ;iinl Works for permission to pur*
chase tho following described hunk in the West
hjootenay district, wesl shore ol I'pperAnow
"Commencing nt n pust marked"'. L, lllrsch'i
smith west eorner," ul lln- south east corner q|
Lot .1678; and abont 1) miles south of Kustlm.l
Creek; thenci nurth to elinins, thonco eust 40
chairs, thenee south 80 ehnitis, llienee west 10
chains to point of commencement, containing 380
acres nmre ur less.
Diih'd ilu-'JM -i.im.I Mu\, Un-
J, I, HlltSCH,
oct 18 I'er Ralph Slye- Agent.
"VTOTICE is horoby given thnt 60 dayi alter
1\ iiiiii-1 iiileml lo apply In lho Hoiiinirnlile
t!if Cliii-f Commissioner ol Unds nnd Works
Im- permission lo pnrcluuo tlio lollowlng do-
sorlbod lands In (ho Wm Kuoiium,-district,
llnl,mi llnv. cast -idc of cpper Arrow bike:
i iiiiiini-iii-iiigiit npoil plniiii'il ni V. .Mnlici'**
wiiilli-cn-l corner nod nmrkcil "Ilruce \. U.V-
son'* norlii'Oii-l corner post," llionce soulh 10
chnlni, thenco wosi in chnlns, ilicticcnorili 20
ehains, thenoo east 2a ohains. thenco north -.'0
halns, thenco oasl i!n chains io pluco of oom-
nini'i'ini'iii nnd containing I!" ncres mure or
Dated Gnlonn Bay, this mill day of Sopt, limn'
*,.p is I11UVI-: A. LAWSON.
For Sale or Rent
Containing IW acres, aboul tbreo-quarton seed*
ed with Tlmothf. Hullnhle far Iruit growing.
Home and nut ha Ild inns in Rood f-onililion. Nitnate
st Oralseliaenlij o few mllei wnst of iteieistnke,
Notice i* hereby given that thirty days after
•date I Intend to apply in ihe Hon. Chief Com
missioner of Lands mul Works for a special
license to put and carry away timber from the
follnwiiiK described lnnds.
1. Commencing nt a post planted about. \%
miles from the east, Innk of Coluinbin river
nnd ahout I mile north of the Thirteen Milo
Tree nn liig Hend trail and inarked 'It. A.
Lund's north oast corner," Ihence south Si)
chains.thence west Wi ohains, thonoo north80
chains, thenee east mi chains to pointof commencement.
2, Commencing at a post planted about 14
miles from ihe eastern hank of Columbia, rivor
and about 1 milo north of the Thirteen Mile
Tree on Hig Bend trail and inarked "H. A.
Lund's north west corner," tlience south 80
chnlns,'hence east 80 chains, thenco north 80
chains, thenee west 80 chains lu point of commencement
.1, Commencing nt a posl planted about Vt
miles from the eastern hank of Columbia rivor
and about I mile uorth of the Thirteen Mile
Tree on Hig Hend trail and marked "R.JA,
Lund's south west corner," thence north so
chains, thence cast 80 chains, thence south 80
cliains, Ihenco west 80 chains to point of commencement,
Dated August 12th, 1900,
VTOTICE Is hereby given that, 60 days after
±\ date. I intend to apply to the Chief Com*
missiouer of Landsaud Works fur permission
to purchase tho following described laud:
situated in West Kootonay district:
Conimenclng ut a post planted mi the Luke
shore almut ail chain* fnnn the north-west corner
ofLotzlllnud marked "Jas. McQnarrie'a south*
east corner post," thence north-ju chains, tn the
north-west corner of tot ■Jill, thence west SU
cliains, thence smitli tn Lake shure, thenee .ilmm
the lake shme to place .if commencement, anil
contatning 10 acres niun- or less.
Dated this 10th day of September, iwnj.
sep 15
■I. K. Taylor, Agent
Notice is hereby given that sixtv days after
date we intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of hands and 'Works lor permission
the district of West Kootenay.
Commencing nt a pnst planted at the north-west
comer of T. C. "683. and marked "O. II. PInyle'a
north-east eurner." tlience west 8" chains, thenee
south 6" ehains, tliettee east 20 chain*, tlience
north nn chains in place uf commencement and
containing Wj acres more or leu*.
Dated this 10th day of September, 1900.
sep 15 M. It. McQuarrie,Agent.
i, Commeuelng at a post, planted about IU to purchase the following described land* In
miles from Goldstream on tho Hig Hend trail' *L- "  -'	
to McCullough Creek aud marked "lt A.
Lund's norlh east corner," thonco west 80
ehnins. Ihence south SO clmins, thence cast So
chains, thenco nurth 80 chains to point of commencement
5. Commencing ut a post planted -ibout
one mile from (iold-trcam and marked "H. A,
Lund's north west corner," Ihenee east 80
chains.thence soulh Su chains, thence west 80
chains.thence north 80 chains to point of com
(1, Commencing nt a post planted nboul
one mile from Goldstream and inarked "R, A.
Lund's north cast corner," thence west SI
clmins, thence south 80 chains, thence east Su
■ehnins, thence north So chains to point of commencement.
7, Commencing at o post planted about
one mile from Goldstream and marked "It A.
Lund's north west eorner,' thenee east SO
clmins, thenco south 80 chains, thonce west 80
ohains. thence north sn chains to point uf commencement
S. Commencing at a pnsl planted nbout half
a mile from the south east corner of Berth 5706
and marked "I! A, Lui.o's north we-l corner.'
thence ensl 4o chains, ihenee souih Hid chains,
thence wesi m chains, thence north lOOchains
io point of commencement
il. Commencing al ft pnst planted about half
a mile from the southeast corner of Berth 570(1
nnd niarked "It. A, Lund's norlh east corner."
Ihence weft in chains, thenee south 160 chnlns,
thenceeast 4U clmins.thence north 160chains
to point of commencement.
Imtcd August l.iih, lima,
 R. A, LUND.
Notico is hereby given that 30 days alter date
we intend io applv to the lion chief Commissioner of l amis and Works for a special license
to cut and carry awav timber from the following described lands, situate In West Kootenay
1, Commencing alnpost planted nbout one
mile norlh Irom ihe north-west corner uf K. &
S. Illuck st'U and niarked "Hij; Bend Lumber
Company's soutli-eat corner post." theme J
nurih 80 chains, thence west 80chains, ihence
south 80 chains, Iheneeeast SO chains to point I
of commencement. j   Mtoj :- hereby given that B0 days after date
2. Commencing at a post planted about one i in tend m npply to the Chief Commissioner of
lullcnorth from the north-west eorner of K -A Lands and Works for a special license to cut
S, Block 860, and marked "Big Bend Lumber and carry away timber from the following
Company's north-east comer post," thence de-oribed lands iu the ilii*; Heud district of
west ni ehains, thence south 80chains, tbenee ' "est anil East Kootenay:
casi Su ehuins, ihence nortli so chains to point ! 1. Commencing at a post marked "hruest E,
of commencement ! Adslr's north-east corner post," nlantedon tbe
Dated Aug. 18th, 1906. west sldeol the Columbia river, about i mile
BIG BKNO LUMPS   CO., LTD      west irom the Dominion post near   arnes
 I creek, thence west so chains, thence south so
Notice Is hereby given that SO days after-int. chains, thence cast 80 chains, ihence north so
we intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commls- chains to point of commencement
sinner of Lands nnd Works for a special license '•, Commencing at a pnst marked "Ernest E.
to cut and carry away timher from the follow- ' Adair's north-easl corner post," planted on ihe
Ing described lands, situate In West Kootenay ' west "dap-l the Columbia river, aboul ft miles
district: ' wcstol the Dominion post near Carnes Creek,
l. Commencing at a post planted sKmt two   thence south 80 chains, thence west so chaius
mile-west from  Haiuiock  Point on < ppt-r Ar-1 theuce uorth so chains, theuce east SO ehains
row Lake and maiked "H. ll I. Co's south eait ' to point of commencement.
corner posi," thence nurih BO chains, thence     Dated August Mh.lWo.
west 80 chains, thonce south 80 'hains tbenee     8. Commencing nt a post marked "L, E,
easl 80chaina tu pointof commencement Adair's south-west corner post," planted on
■J. Commencing nt a pust planted about tho imrth side of Columbia river, about u
three miles west (run Bannock Point on Up- miles west of the mouth ul Cumniiiig-s Creek
per Arrow Lake and marked "B. B L. Co.'s aud about I mile north oi river, ihence cant 100
south-east comer post." thence nurih so ehains, thence uorth 40 chains, thenee west
chains, thence west su chains, tbenee souths": 160 chains, ihence south to chains to pointol
chains, thence eaat So chaioa to point oi cum* commencement,
meneement '   ■■ commencing at a post marked • li. t
I'aied Aug, isth, 1906, ' Adair's north eastcorner post," platile l ou the
BID BEND LUMBER CO., LTD,   I south Mde ol thet'olumbiarlver, atwuU milos
 , -back irom river and about 2 miles westof
unTinr ! Cedar Creek, thenee west 160 ohains, thenee
HII | Ihr sooth -to chaius, thence east 16u chains, thonce
« «i   i i    i ik.  ,      ■     ,     ,  north <0 chains to point oto'inmeuceinont
Not ce is hereby given that 80 days after date I ,   Dated August Uth, I'M.
intend tuapplj to the Chief Commissioner u      8, Commencing   at u pus  marked "E. E
Sv^ •■;'■-' ;,'''•   A.lair'« north-east corner post" planted Oil the
.;,?;,.',,  v    K ,.' ,    * a"cribetI Hotith-east side of (.'olumbia river, about Half a
innus suunie-i in tne uie District: mile from river and ubout tnrec and a half miles
1.  Commeneing at n posl marked ".I Barry's! below Canoe Itiver and about one mile above Pot-
south-west comer post,'  planted on the south lash Creek, tlience soutli 80 chains, thence west 80
branch of the east furk of Slmawap river, tliend     ' ' "	
point of ciiiiinienceiiieiit
Dated August 13th, una.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Lml'T tin* new mangfceuipnt of
Harry McIntobh,  Hoffmnn  House
Rossi nnd.
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon ate the most curative in the
world.' A perfect, natural remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney nnd Stoma oh ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains, Two
mails at rive and depart every day.
Telegra h communication with all
marts of Lhe world.
TERMS-$12 to $1S per week.   Fori
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrottt Lake, B. C
NOTICE      ■
Notice is hereby given thai 30 days after
date I intend toapply to the Chief Com'
missioner of Lands and Works for special
license to cut and carry awny timber fi
the following1 described lands situated in
North East Kooicnay district, H. C,:
»ep 1
E.E. 4DA1U*
inswap river, thence I chains, thence north su chaini, theuce east- yi
north m ehnins, thence east 160 chains, tbenee | chains to point of commencement.
smith lOchains, tlience west I0Uchalna t.. point of
2. Commencingal a post inarked "J. Barry's
north-west eurner post, planted on the south
branch of the east fork of Shuswap River, thence
smith 41' ehains. thence east  IM chain*, theim*
north 40 chnius, tlience west 100 chains tu point uf
h. Commencing nl a post marked "J. Barry's
north-east corner post," planted on the south
branch of the cast fork ot shuswap River, thence.,-   ,    .       ., .
smith mi ehuins, theuce west mi ehains. thenee I \\ orks lor ii license to cut and carry
north SO ehuins. ihenee east su chains to point of away timher from the lollinvine
<",l,,lll,Him,,u"1: , described lands,  situated   in   WVst
4. Cuimiieiiciiig at a post marked "J, Barry's hrnn(«njiv dishdor nf? R fl
south-east corner post," planted mi the south  »?otenaj uimiiu or a, v.
branch of the east fork nf Shuswap river, thence     1-   < 0 111 111 Otici tiff at  a post marked
nurth so chains, thenee west SO chains, theuce   "M. Gl'ddy's SOlltll easl   corner   posl,"
smith SO chnius, theuce enst 80 clmlna to pfiint of pliintH*d iifiout onn mile north nf Half-
I way Creek nnd nbnut four miles cast
Notice is hereby riven tlmt 30 dnys
nfter date J Intend to npply to liie
Chief Cuminissioin'i- of   Lands  ninl
.111. 11. Ml,Mil
Cnlllllli-lirillL'   ul   11 imst  llllirki'il M. (linn* j ,,     ■      , ,. ,       ,,   .    .        ,,
i»i'-i niiiiiT iii'*!,- iiiimii-il niiiiiu tini.,. Ii'i'in Anmv Lake nml adjoining tin
• Imiii Un- montli nl iln- .-'i-i lurk nt siiiHimii Arrowhead  Ijiiiiilii'i' Cu's claim, No,
n„rtli sn clialns, eut So di '
.ii.un* to point nf '
snulli  SO  I'll!
ii. Cniiiiiiriiriiii! ill ii jinst iiiutkeil "J. Uam-'s
nnrtli'ivest enrner post." planted nlnnit one mile
(t.illl tllfl IllOlltll Ol UlO I'iist fnrknf Sl|ll-llll|) HillT.
ill.'ine ensl imi chain., tin- mitli lo elialm,
il i'r nesi ii)i elinlns, tlienco north in chains,
tn the poinl ol commencement.
8973, marked mi map nml adjoining on
north side, thunce .su ehnins north,
thence SO ciniins west, tlience 80 ehnins
south, thence 80 chains enst to pointof
2.  Com mencing   ahout   nne   mil
    north ol Nn. 1, tlience south 80 elinins,
;. Coinmeneing nt a post mnrkeil "J. Bum's I tlience west SO ehnins,  thenoe north
-Milli iM-st corner post," pl.inleil nl I ..in- milej on  elinins thenee   enst   811 elinins tn
In.ni lln- niniilli "f III.- easl ("ik ofSlllls»'oplIlvor,   0U, CI1I11I1S, UieilCl   ulst   ou ennuis 10
thence north ni chains, sosl inn clialns, south 40[ point nl ciiiiimi'ncenient.
drain., wosl 100 chain, ti tol  itucitce     g,   Commencing nt post nf Nn. 2,
s. Commencing at a posl markc.1 "J. Ilarry'i  t,,ellM n01'lh 8o clmins, thence west
south-east corner poil," planted on the nest slilo 80  clmins,  thence  smith 81) elinins,
l?i'them„utK"KaKli!ttt'northfo' ^»''e <"»*■ «> <*>>>»» to point ol com-
chaini, tlionco wel 100 elialm, tlience south io inducement.
,i,i,i,Kii,,n,,,. eastioochains i u "i , j   j   Commenolng nt pom ol No. 2,
Dateil August 20th, 1000
sep 10 J. IIAHIIY.
VitTH'K is horoby glvon thnl 80 days after date
1\ I iiileml ta apply tn the llmi. The Chlof
Cuiiiiuissiuiieriif l.uiuls iiiiiI Works (or a special
License to OUtand carry away timher frmn the
following described laiuls 111 West Knntenay District:
(a) Cum in en eiii'' nt a post planted 11 miles
wesi of the Coluinbin lllver. on the north hunk
of 0 large creek emptying Inin tho Coluinbin
Rivor nboul '2 miles above (iordoti Rapids nnd
marked "K. McHean's i-oulhcasl cornel,"
thence wesl Ilk)chains, thencu norlh 10 chnlns,
thenco easl Hi" clmins, thence south 40 clmins
to ilic point of coinmencouiont
dn Commencing nl n post planted about U
miles westof lhe f'olumbia Hi ver on the north
bank of a hum' creek emptying Into tlio Columbin Itiver aboul L'miles abovo Gordon Uu
pids and marked "IC. McHean's nurlh-eusl
oornor, thence -outh 100ohains, thonco wost
lu chains, i hence north lho ohains, I henco oasl
-III ehnitis lo (lm point, of cniiiiui'iiccuiunt.
Hated this 2-itli day of August, 1000.
hop 8 B, MoHBAN,
■  nsroTiCB.
Nutlet! Ib lioroby alvon that MIiIiivh nltorilftto I
Int li" ipi'l. inilin llm -nlili-Uu-I'liii'll'niie
iiil-ii'iii'i-nll Is ami Wnrk. Inr iiorinlssl	
.imrlllise tlio lollnwhlg iliiscrlhoil I I,< in tin- ,11-,
llii-l ..( H'l'sl Kn.,t,.||il).|!|.v,'|s|nk|.|||i'|,|nli;
(-um iicliigalappit plniitoilon the ivosl Imnk
nl   III!'   ('"Illllll'i"    lllii'iilluilll llllll   i mil.' lii'lniV
J'rii'st   Ituplils iiiiiI inurki-il "(I. s.  Mi'Curli'r-J
imrtli '"Ml  -no, pust," liionco south ffl clialns,
iii<i< silii.-li.iln- ronrloislnthoii-eil Imnk
..I iii.-i -I lm Ilivor; tlionco In n imiili ivi'sterly
illrocllon mul following thowcil haukol Uio Cnl
Itlllliill IllVOr tO llli'tioiti! Ol I'nillllli'lli'i'llli'lll,
liit"! Mil* mill ilny nf August, iihhi
ml 18 U, H. tlcOAllTKK.
tlience east 80 clmins, tlienci- north
80 ciniins,  tlience  west  81) clmins.
llienee south 80 clmins to point nl
Dnted Sept. 4th, 1900.
sep 12 M. GRADY.
Notice Is hereby ni vim thut Widnys after date
I intend lo applv to Iho Chief romiiiMoncrof
Lands ami works for a speoial licence to cut
und curry away limber fmni the following de-
scribed lnnds situated in thc Big Heud district
nf West Ivooteuny:-
Cmumetielni* at a post marked "\V, .1. Manning's
nnrtlt-enst enrner pust," planted almut a mile nml
a hall from Uiu Mouth Creole, on the irtst sideof
the Columbin lliver, and ono-half mile west frmn
tlio rivor, thenco wosl su chains, thence smith 80
chains, thenee ensl B0 ehniiis, thence nurth 80
chains to puint uf commencement,
Dated 4(1) September, 1908.
iepl-3 \V. .1. MANNING, Locator,
Notlei'is hereby gl ven that M days aftor dat
flutond to apply mine ChiefCommluloner
uf lands uud Works lur i\ ineclal license to out
uml carry nwny timlier from the followlnu
ilosorlbfld laiuls Situato In tbe III* Hend district oi Wosl Kootenay:
Commonolng hi a poal mnrked "Swan
Carlson's soulh-we-*l corner posi," planted
uliuui M miles north ol T. L. 8M9, and about 1
mllo oast of Columbia rivor, thenoo north so
halns, thorn nit sn chain . theace south 60
chains, theuce west Ml chain* to point of com-
Hated miimj t nib, muii.
(a) Commencing til ;i posl planted
about one-half mile North Kast of thi
Columbia river and one and one-half miles
south-east of Sullivan river and marked
"E. McBean's south-wesl conier," thence
norlli So chains, thence cast 8o chains,
thence south So chains, Ihence west Ho
chains to point of commencement,
Daled ihis 71I1 day of August, 1906,
|hi Commencing at n post planted on
the norlh-easl Imnk oi ihe Coin 111 hi a river,
aboul 1 -4 miles above Sullivan river
and marked "K. McHean's south-wesl
comer," thence east i(» ehains, tlience
north 40 chains, ihenee west itw ehains,
llienee south 40 chains to lhe poinl oi
Dated ihisSth day of August, 1906.
(c) Commencing at a post planted
alongside of the pack trail o\w and one-
halt'miles south-easl of Sullivan riverand
marked "E, McBcnn'suorth*wesl corner,"
llienee east 160 chains, thence south 40
chains, theuce west 160 chains, theuce
north 40 chains to the point of commencement.
Dated ihis Slh day of August, 1906.
(d) Commencing at a post planted on
the north-easl bankof the Columbia Kiver,
:il the foot ol Kinbasket take, and marked "E. Me Bean's sent h-easl corner,"
theuce west So chains, thence north So
chains, thence east So chains, thence
souih So chains to the poim of commencement
Daled this 9th day of August, 1906.
(e| Commencing at a post planted
aboul one mile west oi the foot of Kinbasket Lake, and about 33 chains south
of the Columbia riverand marked "li!,
McHean's south-east corner," ihence wesl
So chains, ihence uorth 80 chains, thence
east So chains, thence soulh So chains to
the point of commencement
Dated this tolh day of August, 1906.
(f) Commencing at a post planted on
Ihe north bank of the Columbia river ubout
two and one-third miles from the foot ol
Kinbasket Lake and marked "E. McHean's south-east corner," thence norlh
i()n chains, thence wesi 40 chains, thence
soulh 160 chains, thence east 40 chains to
the point of commencement,
Dated this 10th day of August, 1906.
(g) Commencing at a post planted one
quarter oi a mile north 0/ the Columbia
Rivet* and aboul two and one-third miles
from the foot of Kinbasket Lake and
marked "K. McHean's south-west corner,
thence north So chains, thenco east 80
chains, ihence south So chains, thence
west So chains to the point ol' commencement,
Daled this roth day of August, 1906.
(hi Commencing at a post planted two
hundred and fifty yards wesl of Ibe Columbia river and one-quarter of a mile south
of the mouth of Cummins Creek and
marked "K. McBean's north west corner,"
thence south 160 chains, thence east 40
chains, them-e nonh 160 chains, then e
west 40 chains to the poim oi commencement
Dated ibis 11 lit day of August, 1906,
(i| Commencing at a posl planted on
the south-wesl bank oi the Columbia
riverand about three-quarters o( a mile
above the mouth oi Cummins Creek and
marked "K. McBean's north-west corner,"
thence south tbo chains, ihence east 40
chains, thence nortb 160 chains, thence
west 40 chains to the point ol commencement
Dated this 1 ith day of August, 1906.
(jl Commencing at a posi planted on
the north-east bank oi the Columbia river
just above the mouth of Cummins Creek
and marked "K. McHean's north-east
corner," tbenee south 80 chains, thence
west So chains, thence north So chains,
thence east So chains 10 the point of commencement.
Daled this 13th day oi August, 190b,
(ki Commencing ai a post planted on
the north-east bank oi lhe Columbia rivet',
about one and one*third miles below the
mouth of Cummins Creekand marked "E,
McBean's north-east corner, thence souih
1 bo chains, ihenee west 40 chains, thenee
nortb 160 chains, theuce easl 40 chains to
the poinl of commencement.
Dated this 13th Jay of August, 1906.
(1) Commencing at a posi planted 011
the norlh-easl hank of the Columbia river
ahoul two and three-quarter miles below
the mouth Of Cummins Creek and marked
"E. .McHean's south-west corner," thence
norlh So chains, thence east So chains,
ihence south So chains, ihence wesl So
chains to the point of commencement,
Dated this 14th day of August, 1906,
(nil Commencing al a posl planted oil
ihe norlh-easl bank of ihe Columbia river,
nbout two and three-quarter miles below
lhe mouth oi Cummins ( reek and marked
"K. .McHean's iienh-c; si corner," thence
wesi 80 chains, thenee south 80 chains,
[hence easl 80 chains, ihence nortli So
chains 10 the poim of commencement,
Dated ihis 14th day of August, mob.
(n) Commencing al a post planled on
the south*wesl bank of ihe Columbia river
about one mile below the mouth of Yellow
Creek and marked E, .McHean's ntn id-
east corner," thence souih 160 chains,
thence wesi 40 chains, ihence north 160
chains, ihence east 40 chains to the point
of commencement
Dated this 151I1 day ol August, 190b,
lo)   Commencing ai a post planted on
the south-west bank of the Columbia river
a boil f two miles above the mouth of Cnnoe
river and marked "E,  McHean's nortn-
■ist   corner,'   tbenee   south   80 chains,
lence  wesi 80  chain*,   thenee   north So
chains, thence eait So chains 10 lhe point
oi commencement.
Dated this :3rd day of August, 1906,
sep 5 E. MeBEAN,
Xiitit-e is hereby given thai within
30 days from date we intend to apply
tu the Honorable Thi'Chief Commls.
sinner nf Lnnds uud Wnrks fur it
special license In cut nnd carry nwny
timber from the following descrilied
lands in West Kootonay District:
1. Commencing al P, P. Pullmei's
north-west corner post of Lot No,
71111: thence nnrth 81) chains, east Kll
chains, south Sll ehnins, west 80 ehuins
to point nf commencement.
2. Commencing at P. P. Piilhuer's
south-west enrner post of Lot 7-101
about 20 chnius smith of the easl end
nf Armstrong Lnke: ihence, easl. Ill
chains, snutli III ehuins, west 1211
elinins. nnrlh IK! cliiiins, east 8(1 ehnins,
smith 2(1 chains tn puint nf commence
8. Commencing at T. .1. Pearson's
north-enst corner post, of Lot 8002 on
Salmon Creek: ihence eust (III chuius.
snutli HII ehnins, west HKI chains, ninth
chains, east III chains, norlh -III
ehnins to point nf commencement.
Sept. lllth, 1008.
ep20    Bowman Lumheh Co,, Ltd,
Notice is hereby given, that I, Ham Walker
mnke application to (he Hoard of Licence Commissioners for thc Rovelstoko Licencing I)in-
trict for a transfer of my liquor licence for the
Leliind Hotel, Nakusp, to L. V. McDougald, of
Nalt usp.
Paled Sept. 3rd, 1000.
sept 12
Notice is hereby given I hat'todays after date
I intend to apply to Ihe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special license to cut
und carry nwny timber from the following described lands on Uppor Arrow Lakes, West
Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north of tho south west co-tier of Lot 6146
Ihence 40 chains wost, thence l-M chains north,
tlience Id chains east, ihence UK) chains south
to the point of commeiicomont
Dated AURUBt Uth, 190(1,
 J. W. K-flLKY.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days nfter date
I intend to apply to tho Chief ■ mn missioner of
Lands and Works for n special license to cut
und carry away timber from the followins described lands In Big Rend district North East
1. Commencing at a post planted on tlio
north-enst bank of the Columbia River, !!!K1
yards above Cedar Creek and marked "E. McHean's south-west eorner post," thonce uorth
I ehnins. thenco east 81) cliains, theuco sontli
ft) chains, thenco west 80 chains to pointof
Datod this 7th day of August, 1906.
2, Commeneing at a post planted ou the
north-east bank of the Columbia Rivor ahoii'
one mil'* below the mouth of Yellow Crock nnd
murked "E. McHonn's south-west; comer post,"
thonce north 80 chains, thenco east 80 cliains,
th"iice south SI)chaius, thenco west80chains to
tho point of commencement,
Dated this 15th day of August, 1906.
NOTICE 18 HEREBY UIVKN than thirty
days after date I intend toapply to thi
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work* for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following dcscvikid lands situated
in he Hig Hend district of Wot Kootenay:
1, Commenolng at a post marked "(Jus
Hedstnom'fl south-west corner post," planted
abont2 miles above mouth of Canoo Itiver mid
2 iniles cast and one-halt mile norlh ol'T. L.
,W4ocorner post," thflnco east 100 chains, nortli
lujchuitii, west Kin chains, south 10 ohains,
2, Commencing at a post plantod at south*
west corner of local ion No, 1 and marked 'Uus
Hedstrom's north-west oornor post," thenco
cast 100 ehnins, south 10 chains, west llio chains,
north 40 chains.
'■i Commenolng at n po-t planted om-half
mile south of northwest conier po-t of No,:'
location and marked "Qua Hod*irom's north*
west corner post. 'Ihenco ea-a ltio chains, south
10 chains, west lOOchains, north lu chuius.
4. Com mencing at a post marked "(ins
Hedstrom's southwest, corner posl,"planted
south tochrins, east I" ohains, thence uouth 10
chains from liorl-ll-WOSt corner posl of No. .1
locution, thencecasl |fl0ohnilis,north 10chain-,
west ltio chains, soul h -M chains.
5, Commencing at a post planted ai south*
west corner post of No. ■! location und marked
"Gus Hedstrom's north-west eorner posi,,'
Ihence oast KiO chains, south 40 chains, west Kin
chains, nortli 40chains.
Dated September 4|.h, 1000
il. Commencing at a post plunted about 5
miles above mouth of Canoo Kiver and I mile
Bouth of T. L. -0000 and markod "Gus Hod*
strom's north-west, corner posi." (hence south
80ohains, east80 chuius, north 80chains, west
80 chains.
Commonolng at a post planted at northwest, corner post of No. it location and marked
"Gus Hedstrom's north-east corner post,"
thence south tin chains, west Sn chains, nortli
80 chains, cast 80 clmins.
8. Commencing at a posl planted 2 miles
westof north-east corner post of location No.;
and marked "(Jus HeiRrom's north-west cornor post," theucosouth 80 chains, cost ni chains,
nortli 80chains, west80 chains.
0. Commencing at n post planted nl north*
est corner of location No Siuid'narked "Gil
iiedst'i-oin's north-oast   curuur p*sC thonci
wesl HJOchailH, SOUth 4 loiuilis, cist llMciiaiu--
north lOchains,
Dated Sopt. 5th, 1008.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days
afterdate I intend to apply to tilt*
Chief Commissioner uf Lunils und
Works for a speciul license lu cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands:
1. Commencing ut a post plnuled
on the north hank of Snow Creek
ahout 8 miles easl of Burton City, and
marked "J. It. Jamioson's north-east
corner," Ihenee west su chains, thence
snulli 81) ehains, llienee easl SO ehnins.
tlience north so ciniins in {mini nf
2. Commencing nt "J. II. Jamie-
son's north-west corner posi," planted
no  the  north  bank of Snow Cl k
about x miles eust nf lliii'inn City,
thencecasl 80chains, thence south80
chains, thonce west80 chains, thenco
north 80 chains to point nf commencement.
.'I. Commencing al "J. II. Jamie-
son's north-west pnsl," planlcd on thu
north bank of Snow Creek about II
miles ensl, nl* llm [>ni City, tlience east
Illll elinins, thence snulli -IIIehains,
thence west Ilii) chains, thence north
III chains lo point of commencement,
Dated Sept, 18lh, 1006,
sep 25 J, li. JAMIESON.
sep 29
iiiii! 29
K. McllEAN.
Notice is hereny given thai SO days afterdate
I intend to applv lo thc Chief ''Dm missioner nf
Unds nnd Works fo'-asp-'dal llcenoe to out
and carry away limber frnm the following
described lauds in the Hig Hond district of
West Kootenny:
1, Coinmeneing ut a post mnrked "E. A.
Hrftdley's north cast corner post." planted
ahout I mllo westof tho month of Smith creek,
on the west side of Columbia rivor, thoneo
soulh 80 chains, thence west S1' chains, thence
noi lh So chains, thenceeast 80 chains to point
of commencement.
2, Commencing al a post inarked "K, A.
Hradley's south east corner post." planted
about i.i milos westof tho mouthof 8mlth creek
on we-t sjdo of Columbia river, thence north
in chaius, thence west 1(10 chains, thence soulh
luchains, thence cast Kill chains to point of
.-». Commenolng at a post marked "E. A.
Bradley's south east comer post," planted
about I1 miles south of tho mouth of Smith
creek and I milo wesl ol Columbia river, thonce
north sn chains, thenee west SOohains, thence
soulh 80 clmins, thence oust SO chains to point
of commencement.
Dated August 20th, 10011.
Notice is hereby given thai mi dny
I iiileml to apnly .o lho Chief Conn
Lauds and works fir a special lh
and carry awny limber from llr
described la-ids situate in the Yah- DM..
L Commencing al it post planted o
west side of Shuswun river, ahoul i<\ nl
north of timher limitUH.Uand marked "i
Symon-' north-easl corner post," tlienc
40clmins, [hence south SOohains, tlienco west
20 chains, thunce south su chains, thenco easl :.n
chains more or less to boundary of Loi 2818,
thence north-easterly along said boundary to
north-west corner of said Lot ISIS, HU chains
more or loss, thonce nortli 100 chains to point of
.1. Barry, Locator.
2. Commencing at. a posi planlcd on I lie
west side of shuswup Riverand about2| miles
south from the norlh-west cornerof Lot2318,
and marked "J. Barry's north-easl corner
post," thence wesl JUKI chains Ihenee west ID
chains, (hence south 00 chains, thence oast 60
chalns,moro or loss to boundary of said Lot 2818,
thence north-easterly following said boundary
120 chains more or Ies-* to point of commoncomont.
.1. HAHHV.
:i Commencing nt a posl pluuted nboul Jo
chains norlli of Rainbow CiwU. a tributary of
Shuswap river and about I miles from its
mouth, inarked 'C. M, Symons' north-east corner post," thenee west tlio chains, ihence south
10 ch litis, thence oast Uio chains, thence norlh
to cliains [o point of commoncomont,
Dated Sept. Olh, 1000,
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date we intend toapply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special licence to cut and
carry away timber from tho following
described lands situate in West Knot
I'liay district:
Commencing al a post planlcd at
the south-west cornerof Lot7587 and
■rui • irnnomm™      I Ulltl'ked "Lamb-WatSllll   LuillllOl' f'll.'s
iii &   I I'jI io I liu.vii    '       ,, H   ii iiii   i
north-west corner,    thonce 80 chains
— east, 80 chains snulli, Hi) ehuins west,
S'l chillis north to place of commence-
I ment,
Dated at Arrowhead, H.C. this 20th
I" day of September, Inmi.
of I    *
IjA.MH-WaTSO.N" Lviiiikr Co., I.TI).
sep 211
aug Jo
Xniii-i- is lii-n-iiv given Unit ildilnvs aftor iliiln 1
nnil in ii|i|ily tn Uir ilonniimlilo tlm Rlilof Commissioner nf Laiuls ami IVorks for permission to
piiri'liusctlii' following il.'si'riln'il lunils in tin' ills-
Iriri nl West Kootenay, Ilevelstoke illvlslon:-
("'iiiiiiii'iirliiu ut it pnsl plantcil mi Hit- tvesl Imnk
.if tin' (.-"luiiil'i i Itiver opposite 18-MIIo Kupltls
uml markeil "il. S. McCarter'saoutliuutst -ner
post," tlience ivest iln cliains, tliem-i- nortli -JU
i-lmins. tlience east 2d i-lmins moro or leas to the
w.'.st Imnk of tin' Columbia lllver, tlionco smitli
following tin- ivt'si Imnk of; tie Columbia Itiver -in
i-lmins more or less to Ilu- |i"in! "I I'liiiiuii'tii't'iiiviit..
Dated August litb, 1006.
oct 18 0, S. McCARTKR.
Certificate of Improvements.
Qolilen Iliiirli' Mineral Claim, situate in tin* Arrow
Uke Mining Dlvlilon »l Kootenay district.
Where locatod -Aitlointng Mineral City Town-
TAKK NOTICK that I. Kenneth I., liuiuct,
agent forMn. Mien MoDnugahl. "f Nakusp, Froo
Miiii'i'-ri't-tilli-iiti-X". How, Intend,sixty dayi
from tlie dato lierool, to apply tn the Mining Recorder lorn lli'illllrnli! Ol Illipi'iivi'iiii'lils, fur tilt!
purposo of obtaining a Crown Oranl nl tho abovo
Anil further tako uotlco tlmt action, under boo-
limi !!T. mils! lit' I'lininii'iK'i'il lii'furc Uir is-iiuiien
"1 -md Certificate uf Improvement..
Dated tills 10th day ol April, Iww.
nu: 1 KKNNBTH I.. lilltNI'.T.
slip 111
.1. Barry, l.«
.  ..Iter date
ko applicatinn
uf liiuiits nml
Notice Is hereby given that 30 it
wc, tht' iiiiili-i-siinii-il, iiiii'iiif
tu tlie llmi. I'hli-f (-"inin
Works Iur a special licence	
timber frmn the follitwliiij I'esci'lbeil laud sftuati
hi the w.'st Kootonay district, on the east side ol
I.iiwi-r Arrow 1,-ike, ittul nbriut two miles frmn the
hike shore:
1. I! mencing nt i nnst planted nn tlm tt
side nl Heart Creek, thence oast 80 chains, thonce
 tii mi clialns, tlience west 80 ohains, tliei	
north sn chains to puint uf commencement.
-J. Cominunclng at a posl planted almut su
ohains. east nt post No, 1. thonce oust 80 chains,
tlienco smitli sn clialns, thonco wust 80 clialna,
thonce norlh su chains tu point uf comuicnconieet
:t.  Commencing nt a post planted 80chalns
smith of Hoarl Creok, tlience east 8i
thonce south mi chains, tlu-m
II iiiirlli sn i-lmins tu I'.'iuB
I. Commencing nl a pusl plautuilSo ehains cast
of p ist Nn. :i. thonce cost in .'lin ins, the! snutli
siii'lniiiis, tlionco wost mi chains, thonce nnrtli 80
chains lu pulnl of coinmencement.
I Sll I'll, ills,
B. Commencing at a pust planted mi tin
side n! Tali Creok, on the south strike "1 «
timi No. I,thenci stUO clialns thenco si
clialns, tliuuco wost 80 chains thence n
chulim to point of commencement.
Located till
mli sn
..Hi sn
inUiilayiif8.pt,, 1000.
sup 111
Certificate of Improvements,
Notico is lioroby glvon I lun I liii-ly dnys afler
dnlo I Inli'iid in apply to tho Ilonomblo Chlol
CouittilBiloitorof l.'iii'lsuin! Worki lornspoolal
lloonso loom uiul carry away timbor frmn ilu-
(iillunini; ,,.-s.-fili.'.t lnmls in It.K lll'liil illsliiol
of Wosl Kootonay:
1, Coiniiioiiolnu at ,i post inarkod "Adolf
Olson's iiiirlleeu*! eiiniiT po.t," 1111*1 planted
iiiiiiiii ,'iihi yard,south ol ['olumbia Itlvoraiid
iilionl 1 milo- nliiivolio.nl u! Kiiilin-I.i'l Uke,
llimico-milli mi I'li.iln,, wool Mi'-liniiis, not-ill n>i
ohains, oiwl mi chains,
N'OTIt'K i- hereby given that thirty days
alter datelintenatoapnl*** to iho ('hie1*
Commlssionorof Lands and Works fur -special
license to cut and carry away timbor from tho
followiug described lands lituatad in West
Kootonay district, B.C i
l. Comiuencing at a post marked "A. McHae'j
•nmth west comer post, planted about one mile
uastofi luinbla rlrer and abont opposite Hos-
kin- * reek, tlience north Wchalns. cast BO chain*,
- mtli Bfl liains, treat SO ■ bains I ■ point of row-
•» Ci Ritnenclng al i posl in«rk* I *.\. Mcltae's
north wet i mn i p il pi inte i iboul nne mllo
easl of Ci lumbia rlvei ami ilwul nppo-dto ll**--
kin- - reek, thence south 80chains eaat B0< liains,
north 10 chaini, wesl N i halns lo point ol u-
nc- I lui   18th IfW
\l.i \. MlKAI'"-
Adventurer, Iron Dnlo-. Watchman, (induuk I
Sunshine mineral claims, situate in the ,\rruw
Uke Mining Dlvlslonof West Kootonay District,
Whoro located;—On (he north sldo of Pingston
Croek, about S miles wusl of Arrow Lake.
Take notice thai l.-luhn  DriiuiuiumfAiidi-rsiiii,
lM,.s....f rrn.ll. B.C.,agonl lor TlioiniuAbriel,
■•■..M.C. No,  |)09U4! liiclmrd smith, l''..M.r. No.
B95W5, antl Bllxaboth 8cotl P..M.O, So, 1195208,
inti'inl. sixty ilnyi from tlio ilatio hereof, toapply
to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, fur i ho purposo uf obtnlning Crown onuita
nf tlie above claims.
.Ami further tako notico thut action, under soo*
lion 87, must he commenced boforo the Usiianco uf
such Cortmcfttes uf Improvements,
Dated this Uth day of June, iihhi.
sop 18 ,l. I). ANDKltsuN.
ul llppo
"Notice Is heroby glvon thai uu days fn lun-1
Iuieml to apply to llio II ■ahlotho Clilol Commissioner ol Lnnds and Works lor i iliilonto
purchase tho following doscribod lnmls In the
Weil Kootenay Hisirii'i, oust sin
Anon Luke:- ■|^^^^^^
lluminencfng at a poit markod ",l. ll.Coplnn's
...iiiiiii..-! comer," al lli.nortli wostciirnorof
1..! mi:i nmi ahuii i'l milos imrth ol Nakuip,
thenco coal B0 clialns moro or loss, thunce nortli
- ■ ti nn- rom loss, thonco wost so chains more
"i less i" the Lake slioro tlienco iim t ml
siiiitlicrlv illrocllon along the Nakoahori Bu clialna
more nrless i" polul "f eomtooncumonti cuntaln-
im-m-i.un- re or lo.,.
Dated thli and day ol Muy, iim,
.1. II. (KIPI.AN,
I'm ltalph slyo, Agont,
niotiottiff ui a pn.1! l.iuioii iii north-
oust oiirniT oi' location No, i uml markod
"Adolf Olson's nin-tli.wi-'. i-iu-io-i po<l," tiionoo
souih mu halns, on*i 801 halns, norlh BO chains,
Mi*i til ohnlns,
It,   f'oilllllotli'illK   nl   ll   post    llllll'kod "Allll!!
Olson's north oasl cornor post," nnd planted mi
suuth  sido of < iiiiimhi.i lliii-r und aliout!l|
milo* nimi o Kiubaskot Uke, tl *ou|Iikii
ciniins, wosl mi chain., north bo chains, oaat 80
Datod this 3rd day of Soplombor, KKIO,
INotice Is hereby given that 00 days
after Hate 1 intend to apply to the
Chief ('nniiuissiiiner of Lunils and
Winks for net-mission to purchase the
following described lunils situated In
Wi'sl Kootenay district:
HCoininoiicliig at a post planted on
the north side of Downie Oreek, about
one-fourth of a mile souih of the
Downie creek trail, nenr the 2J mile
post, and niarked "IDrnest McBean's
smith-west eorner," thence north 40
chuius, thence oast llll chains, thenco
south ID elinins, thence west nil ehains
to pointof commencement; containing 210 acres more or li-ss.
Dated this lltli day of Sept., HJOii.
Notico iaiiei'oty given that IKi days nftor date
I imoml toapply to tho Chief Comiiihwlonor of
IJlllds uml   \VOI'k*  fill' il  Hpi-i nil liei'li-c lu cnl
and rum awny limber from iln- foliowltnrdo
ROi'lbod lnnds in liii< llond di-lrid of Wont
1, ComnionuliiK ul n po-l plnuled 2) mllon
noi'lli-onator Columbin Itlvoraiid nl i miles
onst of Downlo Crook mid mnrkod "J. Lnrnon1*,
liortli-woal cornel'post, Llieueo coat 801 liahia,
aouth80chatm*. worn BOohnins, norlh 80chalna,
2.' Coinmenolutt at a \m-\ piuntwl al Lhe
nonh west cornor of location No, 1 nnd mnrked
"John liimon * "imi h-wi!*-i oornor pout," i honco
south 91 almliif,
:i. Coininenclnu al * prwi planted al south-
wost coriioi' of locution V". 2 and markwl
"John Linson- north oasl corner post, theuco
wosLBO chnius, soulJi BOchaliis, uasl 80ohains,
nortli 91 chains.
I Cominonoing nl aposl planted al norLh-
iiiiki cornor of luenl ion NO, II and marked "John
Larsoiil" south oohI corner po I,' llionoo wosl 80
ohaliWi norlh 9J ehaiiis, oomi in chnlns, muth 80
Dated Heptombor 7Lh, 1000,
sop 10
A  Ll-CKNSE  to CUI  timbc-r uan Po ac-
qulred  only  at  public  competition,   A
rental ui' {5 per square mile ia charged
for all timber berths excel t those situated went of Vale tor which lhe rental is
at the rate of 5 cents per awe per annum,
lu addition to the rental," dues at tho
following rates are ohargea;—
Sawn  lumber,  5o cents  per  thousand
feet   B.M.
Railway ties, eight and nine feet long,
I 1-2 and 1 \\-\ eeuts each.
Shingle bolls, :5 cents a <.ord.
All other produclu, ! per cent on the
A license \& issued bo soon U£ a berth
Is granted, but in surveyed territory no
limber can be eut uu a berth until tho
licensee has made a survey thereof.
Permits to eut liinlur are also granted
ai public competition, excepl In the case
uf aetual settlers, win* require the Um-
i.ci lm* tholr uwu use.
Settlers and others may also obtain
permits to out up to loo cords of wood fur
salo   without   competition.
The dueti payable under ft permit are
.i.;,n per thousand feet B.M., (or square
Limber uud sawlugs of any wood ex*
copt oak; from 1-: to I l-U cents per lineal
tuol fur building lugs, Hum Iii i-l to «•
cents per curd [or wood; 1 toil for fence
posts; 'I cents for railway lies; and jo
cents per cord fur BhIngle hulls.
Leases for gracing purposes ^ro issued
Cor a term of twonty*ono years, at a
rental ol two cents per acre per annum.
Coal lands may he purohawd at tio
per acre for suft coal -Mid (80 fur anthracite. Nol mole thun .'-120 acres may be
acquired by one indi-.iJuiil ui  company.
Royalty at the rate of 10 cenls p*>r ton
nf 2000 pounds Is collected on the gross
EutilCH tor land for a-^u iillurai purposes may be made personallj ai ihe -o*
eal land olliee for the district In which
tho land lu be token up in situated, or
If Uiu; huiiu'Hleadei dSSlrSV, llO Ulky, Oil
applli'iiilioi lo the Ministu i th«, luttnur
nl otluwu, (In- Commlsslonci ut liumlt;ia-
tluii at Winnipeg, oi tlie local agent for
Lho District, within which ih- Uml Is
situated, receive authority for smne one
to mako onto for him.
A fae of tm Is charged foi homestead
A seith-r whu hait rooelved ju entry foi
ii homestead, la required lo perform the
condltlona connected therewith under ono
of the following plana:-
(1) Al leasl .six months • udn.u. upon
and cultivation uf the land In each >t*ar
during the term of three year*,
II is the practice uf the Department to
require a settler lo bring 16 acres under
cultivation, but if ho prefers hy maj »ub-
Hllltitc- Stock; and 20 head of i.all>, tu be
actually libi own property, with buildings
for their accommodation, will be required
Instead of cultivation,
(2, ll' the father (or motl-ir, li' the father Is ileceisid)  of any  person  whu I*
ciiKibie tu make a homestead entry under
the provisions of the Act, resides upon
a farm In the vn-lnlly of liV land on-
tpred for hy melt person aa a tn no stead,
tho requirements of the Acl a. to r**!-
denoo prim* lo obtaining patent may bo
satlslled bv such person residing with tbe
father or mother.
Oi If the selth-r has his p, iinamnl
residence upon farming land owned by
him In ihe vicinity of his homestead, the
requirements of lhe Aol na to residence
mny be satisfied by roSldeilOe upon the
sn ui land,
Application   for patent  ihOUld   In   omit"
ill the end uf throe jeurs before the local
ngent, sub-ngont or a homestead iissp-w-
Before making application for a patent,
the Hottler musl give six months' notice
In writing to the Commls-iuncr of Dominion I.unds st Ottawa, oi hla Inlen-
' Ion to do so
W. W. 00RY,
Deputy  MlrtWi'-r or  the Interior
ottawn. Februrav nth. if*
*;picti308 ovory Smokor  tho
1 Murca n
fl     r. ''       "    ■ •     , m       .
■   Hi. '   ...       .
'   >     ' '*..*■       '
(llUlil'llI li
■   :
i for l-'nl
a j
' '
lis   hic.1    mu! you wi '  : ikmg oi warmer
!               We lnivi i: full Twi  I'ii'-" Suit
Lull Child     : lb nnd, in
tan, 11 nil  I'i ittirnl
idies' Cm       .-.'"- i   - . I, Fll
onl and Silk and ' Pu
'.   ul line ol Men - Con I .      i    nd Tn
rum  sue        11 .. - is  I'eniiuii
'-ii.- Ill    •!-.,
1 .   .'-ore ■■■    . f■-     '%   f%\
■  '^ ,     -      -' :--" . I ,
,. , i, '■    i, ...._„ .^
THE STOI m - OP i   ' ,;. IES.
Vw„,. '"'Till''lllli I T1
t*f    J    l\    , *:   - i
f A     ■   Allf 1 "      --'ftn
l-'l-llil  Jill'S, il
ii is now
In     wi i lo : I
Is,    incl
* Ti .' i* tu ink ■
■ill        '       ' J
'       '..*      • ■   BE       .
i Ca ■".     Drug & Bi
^    Company  Li   -         	
.   4        I :'
lady " dp
■ lie ll -■
i'.  '.   .                             •    .,     ' '  ,:
I                 .                                                          llgll ll
I.A.,       nil                   I'l'ier's
lu-, li. i
■   .
■ ...
liisiii-anse and
Real r- '
Full Line Of The Best
:. WCE,
       I- _       ,   | , j-» .      llerpiciile fi inir,  cl ms  thc
money to wm do-cia! and r ersonal ■-^^^■^^ *»« *•■■■-
8 ' Sold nt tii   i*.-;-"!.! I'l'llg A-  Hook Co.
i-i a i\
. ■ .      ■-.       ■   ■    ■
.1  .;. i ■■ ■           ■ ',  i   n   thc
in   .
Hon, 11. "i "   ' it'd tln-i
\\ ednesdnj i n n lite : . Otta
I! ,v. IC. Wheal Flukes in bulk and
m Whimi Flukes in |
in- li in ill C U. llunie.. '■'■■
i ....
ndical   in
Just arm il .i  -. ce  lm  of nigrum
Wi id enn ■ i- mil "i i ires, chuice eulurs
F- McGowan i-    isiting 3     and  ,.., ,,.,,.,,    ,. B llnm& (-„.
Mrs  I, -mm' ' -  in
.   .       :   the re-! U lien bu; inn ■■ i '■' ■* "  '* *-V('" l"
*-■'• »■ 1: • '' ;''' m 1  see n .1' thani in ii itrunienl iiiordei
are  taking  ii        "■     "   •*   instci  ,    e  u, ,,,.,,     „„,.     Ul,  hlivc
'■     ■ i'i-'     ■  Fair,
Local   -
H ■
i.v - tlie I lamborne
Hini:. i city on Thursday
ti   .'■-    '   I Iron   ".'uucoiivei'
hen:  he 1 ■ li   imsl two
II. 11. Kn... lui ..
isin   'trip
■ i   .I
:.    .  .. . I'.l
itered    Howmitn
'Lun      C thee.
m  b'  Gn      i '■ , ugh
i , mtli
lliil m  ;,    Revelstok
jus ipem ii i; - ven high-grade
pi.., :: ,,, thi n iiiufaclurco in
Can iln. Vou an welcome tu inspect
these leiiutiful  instill . eutn whethei
yoll  : ill     I- 11"! I .iii    ill    till'   sll. IV-
toi . - cm il in Manning's ui
McKenzie Avi —- i veistokc Insiirmici
\ .. ,   'V
CHU  ."'! -..*
L'aTIUH.IC.— Uev.   Kililliil    il.   I'i-
coul, ii. M. I., pastor. Services
i-.i ■ Sunday at llio following
hours; - ,, , Communion Mass;
10:30 .'.iu. High Mas.- and Sermon,
2 ii.in, Baptisms; 2:30 p.m. Sunday
Sohu     i ■ 10 ii in. Uus i*v, iiistnic-
1 ■
tii i   iml Benediction.
S*r, Asuni.,*.'- -Hi v, \\ ''. Unhid-
|n ir, Sin . j rvices nl 11 a, in
and "nil p. in. Mi . ni ..- subjecl   "Tin
IISS   LOCdIS,  inantlnienti      E   nin  subject: "The
t*H     I      "
Etc., Etc.
i ;   ■    "-* '*"'
i.i .     i.i    n
i , ,.     tin
MM*     «..»-
;«■ r&l
F,      '    i'S (ifijf StOIS
:..    in:
I    i     I-    li    M
ill   cun
.    ■   .M.llS tl     I".
/, ' , ,ii (    I:
j,l IJ    -11, .. 111 ,. . I
. up   i-  tin- In sl
ik«      lani ' able     . ' ■■ .
!ii. - Ilu   ,-tiui ucl
"I     I he Call ul the 111 I,"
Rubor!   Uickena",    " IVhllpering
" by I-' Spearman.     And   you
   ,-■ -     i hi   Spoiler*" and  "Thu
fnngle   ni tin Canada I'rug A Book
i lifting io "i Chris!      Sunday School
ninl I'n-i -I-     m al 2:30 p.m
i:,  .   ;. iditig, Weilnesd.ij al s p in,
- [ii Mil.-.. Thursday, .ii 7-.30 p.m,
meul ng, Friday, nl S p.m.
- i   mi-      l-Iolj   -  i   mi -   at
 ah   'ii' i   il' i ning I'rayei
- .      I'm .-  I'rayei al 7.30
Koi teuaj Lodgi, So. Iii, ■ -   F,
- \  M . wil attend tl    - vi ning sei
.     ''!'     !|   "1
,; i, ■ ■ keljhaptei    I   Roy il Arch
Masons Ni    128, vi I  attend divine
Pi       - I ii to-nior-
-.,,.  - ii 7 im o'clock   Visiting
cuinpiinious curdiallj invited,
[OJ Pill -Hi ii.in.i'..—,1 I!, lb I'ii i. ii., luinistur, The usual
Sunday servici 8 at 11 n.ni. and 7:30
[..in. Morning iubjoot: "Nol far
:i<-in the Kingdom," Al the evening
service tho pastor will begin a series
ol .-eiiiinii- mi '''I In- Religion Life ol
Canada,' and will take for the lirst
lubjeoi ' I in- Beginnings -'I Religious
I Hi i mi l iiiiiitry." Sunday School
at 2:80 p.m Voung People's Guild,
Moil lay, S p.m. Prayer meeting iiii
Wednesday nighl lor preparatory service Choir praotloe on Friday night.
Mi TiioniBT— Hev. Mr. Scut I, sr., late
ol the Nova Scotia Conference, will
again conduct thn services morning
and evening.
Anotlii'i' enrthi|iiiike, Ibis time ol
two In nra dura i n hai n  recorded
by ii." - iamugrnph ol Australia, ll
was lucky il occurred in the ocean
iu il nol M si nn- populous country
with gn n! i-i n- in in- nu i thrown
and bum n lives lu be destroyed. But
even ii llie e. nn il mny nave been
tin im■■■ ;;i.-;i- loss, With every
-' i "in! ivit.ii shipping, ivh can
tell how mini; vusseli mny never
Uguin --"ii - ' purl ns .i -- ul' .-I ihis
hues! disturbance which liiiBnccourred
I™-!" nth hm crust ol old nm her enitb,
Tin ■ ir UIOH , eil ....'. . '■. <>.. in
olnble iii th annals of di nslcrs Two
citi ; ■ troiiulitaii din ensh . iu
the in '■ - : Id ilinken to fragments
and ihe destruction ci inplete , with
lire: torn "I"'.'- carryi ig tb utli i theii
* ■ ..;ii:!- ili-. |i,'iniing iiiii!
others being tbruwn intu being! Nu
wonder llie pn ilii tioi thai the end
of i'u- world is ii", hand should be given
credence by :i (lightened nice!
mi        .- M-...-,■:-... . » - -
Notice i hereby given thai in
intcresi . I iie im vontiou of diphtheria (hat hi* |ireuili'il in lln- Ctly
lately, any child in mi)  house Unit
has  h   'i-iiiiiiiiiini'il  will nol   be
pei nil" i in go i" school during lhc
nexl   (In .   ivi i ks with ul  the permission il tin Hi "lib Olllcer,
i*ii' Health Ollici
WANTED   III   expeiii'iieeil   man,
-illlilMin   IIS   conk    III    111" i!.. I
i limp      II,   - ■ I'llenl    l'i'l'ei'enei'9.
li -    olllc.- ni',1. Walk, Knull,
11, .
W:  IJ    ' rill .    "iill
I .   'ill. ,-.     m ,       \|i|i|i    |,i
Mail Hkiiai n ;i"
Plcnscs uvory smclior  lhc  " Maro
Miss Betty McLennan
(Pupil ol  Dr. A. S, Vqgt, nl*
Toronlo University)
is prepared to take pupils in Piano
Instruction.   Residence—Fourth St
G.   M.   SPROAT,
Offlco - Cowan Block
Headquarters  p^j^g ,
Jobn E, Wood's Furniture Store * v jEfc,
J.    *-      J   1.   *   l^O   ':-\    ^^.a*-.       ^   V C      ——  '   I
His choice ol a verb waa unlortu-
na-tc. The employment of that one
littlo word opened the girl's mind to
a flood of old suspicions which the
frank charm of the northland     had
structure over which he presided,: the snow: every night the tempera-
roused it to intense vibration. Nol' ture dropped below the freezing
for an instant was there a resting point. The river began to show
spell. The veriest chore-boy talked,, more air holes, occasionally open
thought, dreamed of nothing but j places. About the center the ice
saw logs. Men whispered vaguely ol; looked worn and soggy. Someone
a record cut. Teamsters looked up-' saw a flock of geese high in the
on their success or failure to keep air. Then came rain,
near the top on the fay's haul as a One morning early, Long Pine Jim
signal victory or a disgracelul de- came into the men's camp bearing a
feat. The difficulties of snow, ac- j huge' chunk' of tallow. This he held
,, i cident, topography which an    ever- against thc hot stove until its sur-
way not nothing, then? [and   loved   a   woman, I would   bo watchful nature threw down   before lace had softened, when he began to
i want Um money this will ready to give up everything lor her. the rolling car ol this industry, were swab liberal quantities of grease on
My riches, my pride, my life, my i swept aside like straws. Little time his spiked river shoes, which he fish-
honor, my soul even,—they would bn was wasted and no opportunities. It! ed out from under his. bunk,
as nothing, ns less than nothing to did not matter how smoothly affairs1 "She's comin', boys," said he.
me,-if I loved. Harry, don't let ■ happened to be running for the mom- He donned a pair of woolen trous-
mo think 1 am mistaken. Let this ent, every advantage, even the smal-' ers that had been chopped off at the
., -  , ,      ,,, , , mMWabte firm of yours fail, if fail it lest, was eagerly seized to advance knee, thick woolen stockings, and the
thrust oytsidc. Hilda Farrand was must for lack of my poor little tem- the work. A drop of five degrees river shoes. Then he tightened his
an Heiress and a beautilul girl. She! pie of dreams," she held out her during the frequent warm spells broad leather belt about his heavy
tad been constantly reminded of the; hands with a tender gesture of ap- \ brought out the sprinklers, even in shirt, cocked his hat over his ear
one lact by the attempts ol men to j peal. The affair hnd gone beyond the i dead of night; an accident was white- and walked over in the corner to
use Battery of the other as a key to preservation of a few trees. It had; hot in tho forge almost before the'select a peavey from tho lot the
Mr heart and her fortune. From , become the question ol an ideal. I crack ol the iron had ceased to echo, blacksmith had just put in shape. A
earty girlhood she had been sought Gradually, In spite of herselt, the! At night thc men fell into their peavey is like a cant-hook except
by the brilliant impecunious of two conviction was forcing itself upon, bunks like sandbags, and their last I that it is pointed at the end. Thus
eontments. he continued experience■ her thin lhc man she had loved was; conscious thought, if indeed they had it can be used either as a hook or a;
had varnished her self-esteem with a no different Irom the rest; that the;any at all, was of eagerness for the pike. At the same moment Shearer,!
glaze of cynicism sufficiently consist-, greed of thc dollar had corrupted morrow in order that they might similarly attired and equipped, ap-
cnt to protect it against any but tho him too. Ily thc mere yielding to push the grand total up another peared in the doorway. The opening:
itroiigesl attfOk, She believed in nu her wishes, she wanted lo prove tho; notch, lt was madness; but it was ot the portal admitted a roar of'
m»ns protestations.    She distrusted  suspicion wrong. the madness these men loved. sound.   The river was rising,
every mans motives as iar as   her-     Now the strange part of the whole;    For now to his old religion Thorpe'    "Come on,  boys,  she's on!" said
self was concerned.   This attitude of situation    was,  that in two words. had added a fanaticism, and over the he sharply.
mind was not unbecoming In her for Thorpe could hnve cleared it. If an; fanaticism was gradually creeping a, Outside,' the cook and cookee wcrel
the slmplo reason that it destroyed; had explained that he needed ten | (ilm 0t doubt. To the conscientious1 stowing articles in tho already load-1
lone oi her graciousncss as regards thousand dollars to help pay a note! energy which a sense of duty sup- ed wanigan. The scow contained1
(fttor human relations besides that of given to save from ruin a foolish piled, was added the tremendous-tents, blankets, provisions, and a'
love, lhat men should seek her in friend, he would have supplied to j kinetic force of a love turned into portable stove. It followed thedrive!
matrimony from a sellish motive was the affair just the higher motive thc; other channels. And in tho wild! and made a camp wherever expodi- -
as much lo be expected as that flies .girl's clear spirituality demanded.: nights while the other men slept, enev demanded,
should seek the sugar bowl. She Then she would havo shared en- Thorpe's half-crazed brain was re-: "Lively, bovs, lively!" shouted!
accepted the fact as one of natures thusiastlcally in thc sacrifice, andivolving over and over again the j Thorpe. "She'll be down on us bo-
laws, annoying enough but inevit- been the more loving and repentant j words of the sentence he had heard! fore we know it!"
able; a thing to guard against, but, from her momentary doubt. All she from Hilda's lips: "There can be' Above the soft creaking of dead I
not   one  oi   sufficient  moment    to needed was    that    the man should, nothing better than love." ! branches    in   the wind sounded    a I
er»fl°-lf'       ,. v i prove himself actuated by a noble, 1   His actions, his mind, his very soul j steady roar, like the bellowing of  a I
With    horpe   however   her suspic-, instead    of a sordid, motive.     Tho I vehemently   denied   the proposition. | wild   beast lashing itself to    fury,
ions had been lulled,   There (S some-, young man did not   say   the    two He clung as ever   to the high Puri- The freshet was abroad, forceful with !
thing virile and genuine   about   the words,  because in  all  honesty     hcjtanic   idea of man's purpose.    But the strength of a whole winter's ac-i
woods    ami    il.,-    men who inhabit j thought     them     unimportant.     It j down deep in a very tiny, sacred cor-1 cumulated energy.
The men heard it and their   eyes!
brightened   with the lust of battle.
They cheered.
At the banks of the river, Thorpe
rapidly issued his directions. The'
affair had been all prearranged. During - the week previous he and his
foremen had reviewed the situation,'
had nothing to the logic of the situation. \ tZ^&nii£$ "aid tadTrectl>! ^.^Mhfiwl ^',1^:
In stating baldly that he needed the iby Increased exertions.   But it  per lheads of water m the three    dams '
i Above, the water eddied back foam- ing its peaveys here and there, ap-
; ing; logs shot down from the roll-! parently at random, but in reality
; ways, paused at the slackwatcr, and j with the most definite oi purposes. A
j Anally hit with a hollow nnd' sharp crack exploded immediately
] resounding boom! against the tail of I underneath. Then, could no longer
; the jam.   A moment later they too I exist any doubt as to the motion.
up-ended,    so becoming nn Integral although it was as yet sluggish, gla-
i part of the chevaux de frise. I cial.    Then in silence a log shifted—
The crew were working desjierately. I in silence and slowly—but with   ir-
Down in the heap somewhere,    two | resistible    force.      Jimmy    Powers
logs were crossed in such a manner quietly stepped over it, just as it
jaa to lock the whole. They sought menaced his leg. Other logs in all
i those logs. directions up-ended.    The .lam   crew-
Thirty feot above the bed   ol   the! were forced continually to alter their
river six men clamped their peaveys | positions,  riding the changing  tim-
into the soft pine; jerking, pulling
lifting, sliding the great logs from
their places. Thirty feet below, un-
! der the threatening face, six other
men coolly picked out and sot adrift,
ono by one, the timbers not inextricably imbedded. From timo to
time the muss creaked, settled, perhaps even moved a foot or two; but
bers    bent-kneed,    us a circus ruler
treads his four galloping horses.
Then all at once down by the face
something crashed. The entire
stream became alive. It hissed and
roared, it shrieked, groaned and
grumbled. At first slowly, then
ni.ore rapidly, Ihe very forefront ol
the   centre   melted inward nnd for-
always the practiced rivermon, after 1 ward and downward until it caught
a glance, bent more eagerly to tholr the fierce rush of the freshet nnd shot
work. , out from    under the jam.    Far np-
Outllncd against, the sky, big Bry- stream, bristling and formidable, the
an Moloney stood directing the work, i tons of logs, grinding savagely to-
He had gone at the job ou tho bias ' gel her, swept lorward.
of indirection, picking out a passage! The six men ana Bryan Moloney-
at cither side that the centre might I who, it will be remembered, were on
the more easily'"pull.". Ho knew by top-worked until the last moment.
the tenseness of the log ho stood on i When the logs began to cave under
thnt, behind tlie jam, power hnd | them so rapidly that even the expert
gathered sufficient to push the whole rlvormen found difficulty In "stayine
tangle down stream. Now he was on top," lhe foreman set the exam-!
offering it the chance. ! pic of hunting safety.
Suddenly tho six    m»n below the!    "She 'pulls,' boys," he yelled,
jam scattered.   Four of them   hold-     Tnen jn      mam,er „„„„„,„,     J
1„ i'm, ? aCr°Sii t!elr,bo,1,,es* behold, through the smother of foam!
In!luSr I ,r,°ne Ro*imV°S and spray, through the crash and!
to another   in the zigzag to shore. yc|, J ti*mbm prBotest|ng lhc flood's!
hurrying, through tho leap of destruction, the drivers zigzagged calm-j
ly and surely to lhe shore.
out over the face of the river to
separate a congestion likely to i.'iiise
trouble. The rest of the time chey,
smoked their pipes.
At noon they ate from little canvas
bags which had been filled that morning by the cookee. At sunset tbey
rode other logs down the river lo
where their camp had been made Ior
them. There they ate hugely, hung
their ice-wet garments over a tall
framework constructed around a
monster fire, and turned in on hem-
lock branches.
Al) night long the logs slipped
down the moonlit current, silently,
swiftly, yet without haste.' The
porcupines invaded the sleeping
camp. From the whole length ot
the river rang the hollow loom,
boom, boom, of timbers striking oeo
against lhe other.
lhe drive was on.
(To be continued.)
The establishment of an asphalt
plant for Toronto was recommended
by the Hoard of Works.
Seventy-five thousand dollars is to
be expended on the new building lor
the Ontario College of Physicians and
them that strongly predisposes   the seemed to him quite natural that heI ner of his heart   a very small voice
mind    to .accept as proved in their should go    on    Wallace Carpenter's j sometimes made itself heard     when
entirety- oif the other virtues   Hilda, note.    That fact altered not a   bit other, more   militant   voices    were
had fallen    Into this state of mind,  the    main necessity of success.    It still!   "It may be- it may bo!"
She endowed each of the men whom  was a lnan*s riu,y t0 make the best    The  influence   of  this  voice  was
she encountered with all the robust 0f himself.—it wns Thorpe's duty to I practically nothing.    It made itself
qualities   she   had    no difficulty in  prove himself supremely efficient   in I heard occasionally.    Perhaps    even,
recognizing as part of natures charm  his chosen calling;  the mere*cornel- for the time being, its weight coun-
in the wilderness.    Now at a, word dence that   his   partner's troubles ted on the   other  side of the scald
her eyes   were   opened to what she worked along the same lines meant
had done.    She saw that sho     '    '
assumed unquestiontngly   lhat     her
lover possessed the qualities of her
Not for a moment did she   doubt
the reality ef her love.    She     hail
for Thorpe took pains to deny    it
Immediately above the first railways
, was Dam Threo with its two   wide
hi,       ,,      ,   ..-■   a . ? .   I      sluices    through    which a veritable
"is oral6,   t attained for an instant   a „    ,       ,, ,.   , j   .    ■„  *-.
attitude.    1! the girl was not     In- shred of belief u i flood could be loosened at will; then
conceived one of those deep, uplifting  ,illonced by that, the case was hope-1   Pr..h»hiv  n„i», .i„«  M.. Pnrii...'four nlllcs. f¥*the.r lay tho .rollways
money to assure the firm's existence, i sisted;    and   once in a moon or so, |
he imagined   he   had adduced    the. when the conditions
strongest    possible reason for
passions possible only to a young
girl. Hut her cynical experience
warned her that the reality of thut
passion's object was not proven by
nny test besides the fallible one of
her own poetizing imagination. Tho
realily of the ideal she had constructed might he n vnnislmlile quantity
even though lhe love ol it was not.
So to the interview that ensued sh.'
brought, not lhe partiality of a loving heart, nor even the Impartiality
ol one sitting in judgment, but rather the perverted prejudice of one
who actually tears tho truth.
"Will you tell me for what you
want the money?" she asked.
The young man caught the note of
distrust. At once, instinctively, his
own confidence vanished. He drew
within himsell, again beyond tho
power ol justifying himself with the
needed word.
"The firm needs it in tho business;"
said he.
Her next question countered instantaneously.
"Does the firm need the money
more than you do me?"
They stored at each othcr in the
silence of the situation lhat had no
suddenly developed.    It had come in-
Probably  never since  the Puritan
lcss- days of New England has a    corn-
It wns    the difference of training j nmnitv lived as sternlv ns did   that
rather than the difference of Ideas, winter of 1888 the six camps  under
Both clung to unselfishness   as   the Thorpe's management.    There     was
highest reason for human action; but  something a little inspiring nbout It. I ."^'J*?,°!
each expressed    the thought  in     a The men fronted their daily     work    '
manner    incomprehensible    to   the with the same grim-faced, clear-eyed
other. steadiness    of
"I   cannot,    Hilda," he answered battle; with the same confidence, the
Steadily, same sure patience that disposes   of-
"You sell ine for ten thousand dol- fectively of one thing before   going
lars!    I cannot believe, it!    Harry!, 011 to    the   next.    There was little
Harry!   Must I put it to you as   a merely excitable bustle; there was no h,A   wiln .  murh.v „ffnrt
choice?   Don't you love me enough | rest.    Nothing   could stand against i ^er "he brads
! such    a spirit.    Nothing did
of Sadler & Smith, the up-river firm;
i and above them  tumbled   over     a
forty-five    foot    ledge the beautiful
) Siscoe Falls; these first rollways   of
Thorpo's—spread in the broad marsh
iw the dam—contained about
eight millions; the rest of the  sea-
,    son's cut was scattered    for  thirty
v"*"''""s ,:""*K  "■■» I miles along the bed of the rivor.
iVlready the ice cementing the logs
together had begun to weaken.   The
ice had wrenched and tugged savagely at the locked timbers until   they
of their hibernn-
love?" she begged, her soul
eyes; for she was begging also   for
herself.     "Think,    Hurry; it is the
lust chnncc!"
Once more he was face to face with
n vital decision. To his surprise hc
discovered in his mind no doubt as
to what the answer should be. He
experienced no conflict of mind; no
hesitation; for the moiueit, no regret. During nil his woods life he
had    been following diligently    tin
threw out, were brushed nwny. Even
the inevitable delavs seemed not so
to being without their volition, as a ,,.nil lu, had blazed for his conduct.
dust cloud springs up on a plain
"Vou do not menu that, Hilda,"
said Thorpe quietly, "It hardly
coiin-s to thnt."
"Indeed it does," she replied, every
nerve of her line organization strung
to excitement. "1 should be more to
yuu than nny firm."
"Sometimes it is necessary to look
afler the bread and buttor," Thorpo
reminded her gently, although ho
knew that was not the real reason
ot nil.
"li your firm can't supply it, I
can," she answered, "It seems
strange that vou won't grant my
firsl request of you, merely bocaus-.i
of a little money."
"It isn't a little money," he objected, catching man-like at Unpractical question, "Vuu don't realize what an amount a clump of
pine like this stands for. Just In
snw logs, before it Is made into lumber, it will be worth about thirty
thousand dollars,—ol course there's
the expense of logging to pay out ol
thnt," he added, out of his accurate
business conservatism, "but there's
ten thousand dollars' profit in it,"
The girl, exasperated by cold details ui such a timo, blazed out, "1
acver heard anything no ridiculous in
my llio!" she cried. "Either yuu are
not nt nil tho man 1 thought you, or
you hnve some better reusun than
'vuu havo glvon, Tell me, Harry;
toll ine nl once. Ynu don't know
whul you iui- doing."
"Tho llrm needs it, Hilda,"
Thorpe, "in order to succeed.
do nil! cui ihis pine, wo may
In that he slated his religion
Now his feot carried him un-
consciodsly to (he snme end. There
was no oilier wny out. In the winter ol his trouble lhe clipped trees
alone guided him, and at Ihe end of
theni he found his decision. It is
in crisises ot ihis sort, when n little
reflection or consideration would do
wonders to prevent a catastrophe,
that all the forgotten deeds, decisions, principles, and thoughts of n
man's imst life combine solidly Into
tho walls of fatality, so that in spite
ol himself he finds he must act in
accordance with them. In answer tu
Hilda's question he merely inclined
his hend.
"I have seen n vision," said she
simply, and lowered her head to
conceal her eyes. Then she looked
nt him ogain. "There enn be nothing better than love," she said.
"Yes, one thing," said Thorpe,
"— the duly of success."
The man had stated his creed; the
woman hers,   Tho une is born perfect enough for love; the other  musl
work,  must iiliniu lln
of n fulfilled function,
lo deserve It.
sluice with tho water tou low, you'll
center and jam there,  us sure     as
Bryan Moloney turned on his heel
- and began to pick his way down
knew it, and longed for the grapple stream over the solidly banked logs,
to come. The other camps knew it, Without waiting the command, a
nnd followed their leader with per-, dozen men followed him, Tho little
feet trust. The affair wus an cpl- group bobbed away irregularly into
tome of thc historic combnts begun' the distance, springing lightly from
with Bavld and Goliath.    It was an: one   timber to tho   other,   holding
affnir of Titans. The little courageous men watched their enemy with
cat's eyes.
The last month ol hauling was also one of snow.    In this condition
their quaintly-fashioned peaveys
the manner of a rope dancer's balancing pole. At the luwermost limit of the rollways. eoch mnn pried
a log into tho water, and, standing
were few severe storms,  but     each gracefully   erect   on    this, unstable
day a little fall. By und by lhe
cumulation amounted to much.
completeness Ule woot>a wnero ,iH. „jm| COu 1 d nut
must succeed,  g(,t at jt| jt ]av deep und soft above
the tops of bushes.   The grouse ate
She left him then, and did not BOS  browse   from   tlie  slender  hardwood
him   again,    Four days later    tho tips like n lot of goldfinches, or pre-
camplng   party   left.    Thorpe seui cipltalcd themselves headlong down needed.   Scotty
craft, floated out down tho current
to the scone of his dangerous labor.
"Keriie," went on Thorpe, "your
crew can break rollways wilh the
rest until wc got the river fnirly well
filled, nnd then yoll can move on
down stream us fast us you     are
Tlm Shearer over, ns his most of-, through five feel ol snow tu reach
licii'iit man. to see Ihnt ihey got oil the ground. Often Thorpo would
without   difficulty, but himsell    re-1 como across the Irregular holes    of
lired on sume excuse lo Camp Fuur.
Three weeks gone in October ho received a markod newspaper announcing ihe engagement of Miss Hilda
Farrand io Mr. Hiltlt'oth Morton of
duty ol success wns to him oue of
ihe Iniiiesi of abstractions, lor It
measured tho degree of a mini's efficiency in the sliitinn to which God
had called him. The money, us
such, wns nolliing to him.
Unfortunately lho girl hud learned
a dillerenl language Shu knew nolliing of llie hardships, tho struggles.
the ilelieln "I winning tor the sake of
victory rather than the sake of
spoils. To her, success meant getting a lui of money, The name by
which Thorpo Inlii'lli'il ms most snored principle, to ber roprosonlod
somolhlng btiso und sordid, She hud
-i-self limn sho know, j
Uie   suiil Hint     the]
If we
The |    lie hnd burned his ships, and stood herded    together,    tramped "yards"
iheir entrance Then if be took the
trouble to stamp nbuut n little In
the vicinity with his snow-shoes, tin-
bird would spring unexpectedly Irom
Ihe clear snow, scattering a cloud
with its   strong wings.    The door
"lore money hi
,i huri  her I"
Clilillllii'll   ol   a
iiiiii-hiiii', rn, sii
now on nn unfriendly shore, Tho
lirst sncrillce to his Jealous god had
been consummated, und now, livo or
die, ho stood pledged to win hi-
Winter sol In early and continued
lule; which in the eud was a good
thing tor the year's cut. The season wns capricious, hanging ior days
at a time at lhe brink of a thaw,
only to stiffen again into severe weather. This wus trying on tho nerves
Fur ai eiii-n ol Ihcse false alarms tho
six camps toll Into a feverish haste
to get the job finished before the
break-up. !i was really quite extraordinary    how much was accoiii-
iiuil tnonoy-maklng piishod under tho nagging Bpur
iiislilei'i'd lhe Iuin- wi'iillier   conditions    and    the
ber ili-iii. shuulil be weighed oven for rowolllng uf Thorpe,
uu inslnnl ngnlnst her lovo.   It. wu-i The latter had now no thought lie-
a groal ili-iil Thorpo's [null that_sh.i yotttl   his   work, und that was tho
so saw ibe   llrm,    flu mighi easily thniiglil ol o lAailmnn,   lie had been
have slum n ln-i- Hu' greal lorcos ami storn and unyielding enough belore.
principles lor which it stood. good ness   knows, but now ho    wtu
•-If i were n inini," sin' said,  ait.lI terrible    Ills restless energy pernio-
her i -,- wns tense, "It I wcro n man i ' every molecule In tho cconomv
yuu will have the
rear. Tim and I will boss the river."
At Onco the signal wus given tu
Bills, the dam watchor, Fllis and
liis nssislnnlH thereupon began to
pry with long Iron bars at the ratchets of the heavy gates. The chure-
huy bent attentively over llio rntch-
el-pin, lifting It delicately lo permit
nnolher inch of rnise, dropping il
accurately to enable the men nt tho
bars to seize a frosh purchase. The
river's roar deepened. Through the
wide sluiceways u* torrent foamed and
tumbled,     Immediately   it   spread
through the brush on eilher sido to
the limits of ihe freshet bunks, nml
I lien gathered for its loop against
the iinensy rullwnys. Along the
edge of Iho (lurk channel the face of
iho lugs seemod to crumble away.
Farther In towards the bank where
tho weight of limber still outbalanced lhe weight of the Hood, Ihi! tiers
grumbled and stirred, restless with
the stream's calling. Fur down the
i-lver, whore Bryan Moloney ond liis
iini, d to thirty-threeI crew woro picking at tho jam,    tho
of| million.    About ten million ol this water In oagor stroamlols sought the
ruel  wns on French Creek; Ihe remainder  Interstices    botween  Uie lugs, gui'g-
on Uie main banks ol thb Ossnwinn- ling excitedly like a mountain brook.
iiinkee.   Besides   this   the   firm up-;   Tho jam creaked and groaned     in
river. Sadler & Smith, had put   up, response to lho pressure.    From   Its
some twelve million more. The drive fme a hundred jets of water spurted
promised to bo quite an affair. Into   tho   lower stream.    Logs up-
Abuut lln- fifteenth of April atten-  ended horo and there,  rising     from
iiiiii lii'.-nnii'sti-aiiied.    Every day the Hie bristling service slowly, like   so
mounting sun made heavy attacks on many arms Irom the lower depths,
where the feed was good. Between
the yards ran narrow trails. When
lhe animals went from one yard to
another in these trails, their eui's
utid antlers alone were visible. On
' either sido of the logging rouds the
snow piled so high ns lo lorm a kind
of ran,part When all Ihis waler iu
suspense should begin to flow, ami
to seek its level in the water-courses
of tho district, the logs would have
plenty to Hunt them, at least.
So lato did the cold weather Inst
that, oven with ihe ndded plowing
to do, tlie six camps boat all records. On the liuni,;. at Camp One
were nine million foot; the -ntals of
ull    five
When they stepped on a small log
they re-leaped immediately, leaving
a swirl of foam whore thc little tim.
ber had sunk under them; when they
encountered one larger, they hesitated for a barely perceptible instant.
Thus their progression wns of fascinating and graceful, irregularity.
The other two ran the length of their
footing, and, overleaping an open of
water, landed heavily and firmly on
the very ends of two small floating
logs. In this manner the foi'ie of
the jump rushed thc little timbers
end-on through the water. Tho tv o
men, maintaining marvellously their
balance, were thus ferried to within
leaping distance of the other shore.
In the meantime a barely perceptible motion was communicating itself
All but Jimmy Powers.    He poised
tonse    and   eager on the crumbling j
face of the jam.   Almost immediate- j
ly he saw    what he wanted,     aud
without    pause sprang boldly     and
confidently    ten feet straight downward, to alight with accuracy on   »l
single log floating tree in the    cur-i
rent.    And then  in the very   glory]
and chaos of the jam itself he    was;
swept down-stream.
Aftor a moment the constant    ac-1
celeration   in   speed   chocked,   then j
commenced perceptibly to slacken. At
once the rest ol the crew   begun   to
ride down-stream.    Each struck the i
from one particle to another through! caulks of his river boots strongly in-
the centre of the jam. A cool and! to a log, and on such unstable vehi-
observnnt spectator might have im- cles floated miles with the current,
agined that the broad timber carpet | From time to time, as Bryan Mo-
was changing a little its pattern, loncy indicated, one oi them went
just as the earth near tho windows' ashore. There, usually at a bend
of an arrested railroad train seems of the stream where the likelihood of
for a moment to retrogress. Tho I lamming was great, they took their
crow redoubled its exertions, clamp- s'anils.    When necessary,   they   ran
Chetki Lost Their Color
Won't vou to. loot, enough to line i> .irl
ol lt, who one. had ;.: .-. thick hair imhI
quit. . good dt.1 of i..lur? My hair is fall-
Ing out fut. .nd hav. quits a .--•-. u-al
of dandruff. Could yuu give m, a i.. I»
for making th. hair thk-k without turning
It darktr, and at (h<< same time kill th.
dandruff g.rQi.T Uy hair I. ao dty that
If 1 wa>h It m.M. than unce ln six men.
1 can't do . thing with It. I have tried
your r.medl... and have a em... ti. while
ekln, but have loal alt my color. What
can I do to regain lt?
I hav. vary heavy ayebrowi, but Just a
few eyelaahM. What will ihlcki-n them and
at th. .am. time make them very dark?
Tou .ay nol to use a "t-ream il.u ha.
vaseline or animal fnt as lis baee." Will
you i l.a.e tell me v. hat cream I can jet
lhat baa neither of theee. B. £■
Th. dandruff cure, formula for
which see In answer to "J. 1..."
ha. proved beneficial In manv case.,
nnd will, I feel, step your hair
from falling. While using it e!iami,no
the hair one. n week with llie egg
sli.impco. To gain the ("li-r In your
cheeks go In for hygienic livinr,. nolliing el., will brinii the desired result. Be careful t„ eat nourishing food,
drink quantltle. of water, live In tl.e
open air a. much as possible, practice
deep breathing and take some form of
exercise. If you follow these rules
wllh energy for a short time, I am
■ur. you will see the color it-uiii io
your cheeks. I .tn giving you formula
for a lotion to promote the crowih of
tlie ey.laahea. The oranue llnwer . rerun
so often published In ihls department
la freo from Injurious animal fats.
Concrete Block, and* Machinery
THE MILES Concrcle'Bulldinfj Block Machine is
-1- Ihe mosl economical anil tatlllaclory crtncrele
machine in lhe world. Fjc.-iI blocks for al! hnlilmg
purpose. iBa.lv on one machine. Send for .Dialogue
lu Vining Brot Mfg. Cu.. Niacaia Falls, 0'ilario. jl)
Correspondence and Post Card Exchange
, tion.   Now a narrow lane of    black
| rushing water pierced the rollways.
j t,o boil and eddy in the consequeni
jam three miles below.
To    the    foremen Thorpe assigned
to spare me that'?'
He ilid not reply,
i vnaincd a dilemma, he would
r ply.    He was in the right.
■'Do   you   need   tho   money   more;much    stoppages    as    the instant's
than you ilo mo?   more than you do,nftl,Sl. 0f n heavv vehicle in   n   snowln ,"        ...    \,    ~"T ,     "
•     -■   •     • ■   - ■    ■     i101.:'     ,    °   a   c, V ,";,    In   a   hno" I their tasks, calling them to him one
^  drift     succeeded by the momentary , ,)V as ft      *ral coIls. his ajds ,
acceleration as the plunge carried it; »Molonev/. Said he to the bip;
through. Jn the mam. and by large. rrishnmni ..tflke ur crew and breQk
the machine moved steadily and in-,that jam< Then* RCatter your men
exorably. : down to wjthin a mile of the  pond
And yet one possessed of the finer, at Dam Two, and sea that the river
spiritual intuitions could not have runs clear. You can tent for a day
shaken off the belief in an impending >0r so at West Hend or some other
struggle. The feel of it was in the point about half way down; and af- *
air. Nature's forces were too migh* ter lhat you had better camp at the
ty to be slightly overcome; the dam. Just as soon as you get logs
splendid energy developed in these enough in the pond, start to sluicing
camps too vast to be wasted on them through the dam. You won't
facile success. Over against each: need more than four men there, if
other were two great powers, alike;you keep a good head. You can
in their calm confidence, animated: keep your gates open five or sij\
with the loftiest and most dignified hours. And Moloney."
spirit of enmity, Slowly they were, "Yes, sir."
moving toward each other. The air j "1 want you to be careful not to
was surcharged with the electricity ■ sluice too long. There is a bar just
of their opposition. Just how thu I below the dam, and if you try to
struggle would begin was uncertain;
but its inevitability was as assured
as its magnitude. Thorpe knew it,
and shut his teeth, looking keenly
about   him.     The   Fighting   Forty |
ADOkKSSKS of correspondents and  postcard r"!-
k'ct-ors will lie given tn other members uf Bach
mul Ail only.   Applications  I'm* addresses  must
»e accompnnled liy stamped  .mil  self-addressed
I wunt yuu to -put me on tho postal exchange. Tlio
car-da down here nre slnnilv beautiful. I imve ei-en imtli-
Iiik in i!it> United stntt>s in compare witii them. Some <*f
mv Mexican friends huve nltuiniH tlmi an- HIMI will) perfect works of art. All cards to nnd from till** country
niu.il lie sent in envelopes, though unsettled o\w$, with one-
cent slumps,  will do fel- the ones sent tn me.
I wil! send Mexican pusi*!*,'.* siamps In any one wishing
them. H. L MOOOHITO   tSniim-a. Mexico).
Formerly of I.as VegflB and Whlttel, Cal.
I should like to exchange uieiure postal cards with Borne
glrla in New Hampshire. PHELMA it*'. R.).
I am H years old nnd would like in exchange postalfl
I would like to exchange hlue prim cloth pictures fur
sofa pillow.   Also postcards,
E. M. A.   (Bisbee. Arizona).
I would like to exchange postals with /--iris in Kentucky, the Territories, Minnesota (except Minneapolis and
St. I'uuii or foreign cards.
I*', R.   (Worcester, Mass.).
I am one of vour housekeepers.keeping house for father,
and go to school, «o if l con help any by sending subjects
for ihemes. descriptions of tiny "f the h|Btanc places,
-such as the Wayside Inn, Ohl Red ll"iise. etc., I would
he glad to nt anv linn*. I should ttlBO like to receive good
cooking recipes, ami have a few I will send lu any une de-
ilrlng ihe same.
I ,-ilso wish to exchange poBtcnrde mid would be glad
to correspond. E. A. ''.   (South l'Vaminuhani, Mass.).
Formerly uf Sudhun,'.
I would like to ex cil a nue poata! cards of the San Francisco earthquake for postal cards nf Boston and other Eastern cities, FLORENCE E.  (Loa Angeles. Col.).
I have some pretty postals of the Horseahoo Bend I
wnuld like to exchange for Borne of anuther State, l wnuld
like to have some from Cnllfni'nla.
V.   It.   (Alto.uui,   Pn.).
I should be very uind if you will put me on your postcard exchange list for both the leather and other cards, as
I want to make an  Hack nn<< All pillow.
MAUDE 0. (New Brighton, Minn.).
I have been married hut a short lime ami would like to
cori'cspnini wiih other young murrled woinen.and 1 thought
perhaps we cuihl exchange recipes as well as othcr Ideas I
nm very fund of reading ami lake several magaslnes, and
would he chid In send  llieni to 11 slinl-ln or smne one not
able to buy ihem. I also have the postcard fever ami am
trying to get a card of each Stale in ihe t'nlun.
K, 11 a   ilti kton, Mass V
Please pul my mime on the posial card Hat. I Bhould be
glad lu correspond wllh ulrls alnuii my uwn age.  10.
C, P. It-  (Melrose, Mnas.)
! wmiid like so very much in correspond with girls
from 1-iiliudeliJiila ur Western Slates, l.ui l should prefer
Philadelphia girls,  1 think.
M  li.  (Ailentown, Pa.).
We are Interoatcd In vocal nnd Instrumental music,
puim ing, pyrography, shorthand, idain nud fancy sewing,
rending. French and, iu fact, mosrunythlng.
We nt*e busy girls, hm always ready for a good time,
Pb-asH nut our mimes in ihe postcard exchange,
-tommy, PEDUY"   (Fltchburg   Mass.).
please give my address to anv who desire In exchange
eilher leather postcards for n sura cushion ur other enrda,
1 wish iheir 11111111' and address mi each card.
If, 8, (Whlitler, cal 1,
I am IT years ohl ami attend a normal school. I d-* all
mv own sewing ami read quit* ll llnl" I Would like tu
enrrrannnd wiih glrla who ii\" near mo and wiih gins
who desire m -exchange postals,   I would tiki- I 'respond
with irlrli in tho Wosl (for postals).   As 1 nm collecting
pictures of volcanoes, rivers, canyons, all natural and historical postals (pictures that will help me In my later
worki. 1 would like some girls to send postals of such
character only.
I would like to correspond with glrla who write letters
merely fur the pleasure of wrlttnc ih.*m.
AMOR   (Fall River, Mass.l.
I am only 12 years old, or  rattier, I will he 13   1 *,:
1 hut I play with girls H or IS, because 1 am as hig as anv
girl of 14. I would like to have my name put on the postcard list, and to correspond with Southern and Western
girls BABY (Boston,  Mass)
l would HkH to exchange postals with girls from all the
States except Rhode Island, and also from Canada and
foreign places. m. 1.  (Bristol, II. I).
I am studying for tbe stage 1 am 11 years old !
would like to correspond with anv littl<- eirl mv age. and
would nlso like to exchange postcards with anv ,,f the
girls. MAUDE (Powtucke*. R, l ■
I am very much interested In postcards, and would Uko
to exchange with three nr f.,ur (rom the South and
West and around  Boilgor,  Maine.
Mrs   E   W.   P   ' Lowell,  Muss >
I am a junior in high school, Interested in my work, as
well as hiiskethall and similar sports
I would like to correspond with anv ..f the girls <*f mv
own age, 17, and exchange postals with the "enthusi-
«""=■ BrQQEN  (Olivia,  Minn.).
I am a I mosl 15, and am very small for my age. I
would like to exchange postcards with some girl frum
every State In the Unlmi except Massachusetts and New
Hampshire    1 have almost 150 earda and want more
P   B  C   (West Somervllle, Mass i.      '
I think ii would   be   nice tn exchange   fancy work
Pleas.- pui my name among ihe postcard collectors
A HELPER (Holbrook   Mass 1.
I should tike to exchange with anv one nut  too near
BoBton. and I will send cards **f   Melrose or Boston   or
hoth. as my correspondent mav  Iesire    1 should tike also
tu ** (-respond with any girl of my own age—16
P ''  F  (Melrose, Mass I,
I am a young mother, and think  1  could   exchange
"mother talks- and would also like Ihe names ami addresses of souvenir postal (lends
Mrs. W  T  T   (Wesi Phils , Pa 1
I would like to receive postals (leather preferred) In
exchange for pieces fur on Each and All nullf.    Iter." the)
ha\.- .-mv comics,   which   u 1 f the girls can- for.     I
""l,i*   I" ' rrespnnd ■ "1 some gin about \: who is
fond •■( reading, music and fun,
S  M  1 iv  1S1  Thomas, N. D.).
I would like to exchange postal cords ..r correspond
with some nice girls of mj age    I am K years of age   1
um v.-ry much interested In reading
II a M 'Waynesboro Pal.
1 recently io--t my dear mother and feel very lonely
I keep house for nn rather and brother if there Is
another lonely girl l would like to correspond with her
1 uui olh ting 1 m. arils and would like to exchange
uttii girls in the western and Southern Slates, New Mexico, Canada or a 1 ;*.-.-1     inti
s  EMMA -i  (Philadelphia, Pa 1
Other correspondents and postcard collectors are thr*
Pansy, Clear Lake, S   i**
ti.  K    Haverhill   Mas*
Trlxy, Turner,  Main-
\i   V   It    Haverhill, Mum
l). L T   N'ewburyport. Mass   a   m.. Danvers, Masi
Mrs     E   McK
)-:   s   Men    Philadelphia
Ruby's    Mamma,   Bvi r-11
w  n  ■'. Pawtucket, It. L
t   a,   Waltham   IIabi
I,   M   li    Salem   Mass,
I'- r.i. Lynn, Bass
S   Ban Francisco, fal.
Mrs.,J  A. C   Sharon   Mass    1   i-;   West  Plttston   Pa
Mrs   I,   E   A     Lawn
Mrs   .1   I-.   New   Bedford
lv   M   It.  Rosllndah    Mm
i1    M    M .   Chelaes    M .-
'■   il    Easl   Everett    Mbm
r    H      llaniliiirg     |'*i
M. 11   .v Ocean  Park
Edith w, Kail  lliver   Mam
•'   I.   M .  Newton Highlands,
M iss
\ Si nib Dakota Olrl, Bstel-
Uno.    H     D
h   a    Los  Angeles,  Cal
■  *      Rll !n ,-inl     \;,
I*   K    a ,   Willlamsj.ori,  Pa.
f Longfellow's "The Arrow and
nf my unity favorite poems, l
> K seemed lypleul of tho Each
/T\HJ5 Inclosed copy
' I     tlie Song" is on
1     selected It been
***     uiul All Hplrli.
A Utile history or criticism nf each i n, written bo-
neath it, wnuld bo Intermllng and ndd to lha value nf
mir collection, it would in- ijciur in 1 mo to the criticism
from somo reliable uourcc,
An ordinary scrapbook lecmtf lo me i" be tho best
way to preserve clippings, each clipping securely pasted.
M w (Phlladolphhu
IHI H)T un arrow Into thu mr;
11 roll in earth, I km-w nut where;
Fnr, sn Mwlft it How, lho hIkIiI
Could not follow it in lis flight.
1 breathed n song lato tliu nlr;
it fell to earth, I know not where;
For who bus I'lght so keen nnd strong.
That 11 can fnihiw lho hikIh of songY
Long, long afterward in nn oak
1 found iho nrrow still unbroke;
And the Knng, frnm beginning to end,
I found ngaln in lho heart of a friend,
Written by l-Jenry Wndswortli Longfellow) bnrn February J(, 1SC7, Portland, Maine; died MarcU'Hi 1882.
Interested in Plain Sewing
I am Interested In fancywork of nil kinds; also plain
sewing. ,,ii,l   I make musl of my own Hummer clothes and
Would bf* glad lu exchange Ideas wllh any nf tie- glrll
L,  I   (Melrose, Mass 1
Poultry Raising
i *•••   * 11   '.        snd   VI  nu ml.. ,1 at'.*
Inti reel «l In poulirj * ilng and farm iif< 1 am also in-
ii i'--!'--! it. it. ni.d 1 ■ '. ;■ alirj ever nine 1 Wlf \u
'•in- old    1 have hs I 1    biwdi   besides turkeys   du 11
I geon     1     1 . ,   . ■   nj|  ii„. \,.w
England fsln .. pt-iiltr) w* lm indiiu- [loston,
Bi   kto i . ■ 1 ■-■ -  York
1 nm ■ ■ ■ ■ ' and ■ n bi - um ■■( in iu<aiin was
' bilged to take 1 '  I        ft    I have itwayi lived
-ii a f.nio nnd tl ,*•.-■ pim e ■ earth quite so
c* ■■!    1 . -  - ive a largi  garden    Laii
year the)  wen   moatl]   dahlia.! and swrel  peas    I Bold
ihem at nne of 1 hi    eachei  ■   1  U   quits s little pin
1 know of s number nf ws - fur Invalids lo pan** awaj
their dull 1 and 1      *   * laki 11 mc monej    1 do
nol rare for fane)   work   but tik.- t.* mak.  paper (lowers
and em k  and  do  hi UW w-ik
I should uk.* to correspond with anv members who are
inter, st..1 In any ot thesi   nnd ., -■ 1 ■■. •*.. hangs i»>*tniK
M    c    ' Ni wburyporl   Mass 1.
-  ' ' mei;   l< tn r,  md should call forth replies
from nur many  glrla Ir.lerestPd In poultry and flower
raising,  Thc writer apparently bus an iimmnt of practical km wlcdge thai should be n greal help lo 1 thers,
The Pyrography Sub-Club
II a that n      r thi 1 ire ft r w 1 burning
will send ea and let us get  well organised
I. f, ic the hm wpathi ■ ■ ;    I*.. Reel - ■ m inj more
Ideas for thai   -   rk In lln   warm weather   ut the man
resorts, tlinn In tin  winter.     LESLIE) M   (Sacu Maine)
T1      - •■ ■   . ■■    lent of our newly made Pyrograi   ■'
Sul <■' >*. Wi  i     ■    1   j*     ■ girls Inii n lied in this work
Ihnl w * ought tn havi   .1 nourishing club.
The Dorchester Girls
Of General Interest
1 ure
I would Hit" 1 'respond will, glrla, eapeclnlly in the
nth  and   U'ol,  and  In oxcl.img,.  -,, ,>i -jinl,'.    I   -.vlll  soul
lv hich-cnidc rartls nnd return leather ones for leather
mid ulso ba pleased to exchange camera pic-
If [hose who desire nBslstnncn in artistic needlework
will wi-i to me 1 win gla.llv help them, nlso any one learning  sboiihiind  and  whiting eorresp tents.    I  will <-\.
change ink Dh-eos f"i* postals wiih members who are mak-
Ins Each nnd All quilts, to a, (Msrtell, Mo 1
In u way, ynur name Bhould gn in the Postcard and
CorH'Biiondonco Rxclmugo, lun your other Interests are
general enough p> give ynu b place here.
The ni plan -' b-Cliih ■ ' Dorchesn r --.ill be pleased
to welcome anj new members in in.- vicinity of Boaton
it   1 cell  evenings   foi   self* Improve men I   in   fancy   work.
.' id genera   ■ ulture, and we hope to be
■■■■'■■■ branches ns our club grows    Sovernl
imerai  and ws art  going tn form nu
:    ■.
' iddn ssi il itampi d • nvi lope in Mrs   Her-
md --'-   will  wlllingl)  t*1"  vou  in communication
Mr*   W   P   D   I Dun    - ill I    MUSS 1
:"- - ; i-i re: • ■ in h  on excfllcnl club, and should tn
* * .' .-. Inltrfere with ihi admirable work done by tlie
\" of Chi ibrtdgi     Mora power lo them
Tin) '.-■' •   gi od, * ami si worki rs nt their head,
nd are 1   ind to succeed, If lhe working u*« do their
•*liar-i I
THERE is nothing prettier nor more girlish in
the way of dressing sacques than a short
kimono, especially when its Japanese character is brought out by tlie material of which it is
If u plain color is used, let it be of some soft
pale shade, with tho bunds that border it of a contrasting color.
If there is time and work to spare, n design of
scattered blossoms, embroidered in natural colors,
makes up charmingly and makes it still more Japanese. Drapery silks, well covered wilh chrysanthemums or cherry blossoms, are the next best substitute, and are botli wide and inexpensive, although
a number of cotton stuffs, whicli will bear refloated
washings, aro much less expensive and almost as
The sacquo is unlined, so tlmt seams should bo
French senilis. Try the stitching mi u scrap of lhe
material (if it is to lie n thin silk) before beginning
upon lho kimono, to be certain tin; tension is right.
Sn often it is unsatisfactory,
He suro, too. tlmt nil llie pieces of the saeque
marked to be cut ou the straight are cut lengthwise of the goods. Tlie bunds of facing must b*
cut ou the straight to mutch tho edgo of the
suequo in shape.
Baste tlie edges of theso bands flat nnd turn the
edges of lhc saeque in to meet them. Finish them
with a row of machine stitch'ng, or with feather-
Two and one-half yards of silk three-quarters of
n yard wido will be required for the sucque, and a
yard for the bands.
11NY chocks and stripes—as old-fashioned ne possible—aro mining tho best-liked of the now niun.
Somo of tlie strlpon uro not moro than a ilir.i.i-1
Thero's a new soft siiii just ln—something liko old-Uins
BUi-alis, hot with niuro "body" to It, und richer.
Uots uio very much In evidence—cspeolally small dots,
und often dots combined with the wee chocks.
Most of these wee-strlpod thlnga nre changeable, -.im.
Willi llirei1 or four colors woven together ho dexterously
tlial thoy uie mure suggestions than actual colors.
11 bOME - .. :■:. i-i-"! iii heraldry,
I     ! It- ■:'   M
. • shown at present, il 1
.   . use "rami .;      I  1
.   '  '.:.   .-.  .
.   -    '  1 * " is. I
I   -'      ; ii ..-.. every ]
f blouse had      n iui i    I and used—tl
bing i      lo be don    Yet
.;-,:..   I    With the ;
a host of dep irtur
•   til   :
Sucl         '   :-.' "'.ii..-- ;.- thi J . el  :- mi    ;
• !. ... .i-i  : te,   thei        . i..  .-. ... ;  ■
.- they're sti iig il  :r 'in I'aiis, an I 1.. Paris
. - -   ',- v.-ry -'  nlii'i'y lin- ,i dn-h in. i -i „i..ip tn '"-
:   ii I lii   its  i. ;.' ter utterly.
Handkerchief linen i- tlio favorite material,
- :    : lered ni .<■ times oul  -: ten with some deli
cntc vine, out of which growi a lilt of lac-. Kome-
• mm - simple lace i;.-- rtions are embroidered with
i doi . the  - litre,
. ili    ■■ .' ii
d ii that I     ■ *ii
i -       . ■ in ■ Milnry.
-' nm     whicl    I   --n
u iroehet and * lien
■ i   . - -   . .
li appeared       I   I
ihem    ith  ■ ■'. not aotually do-
SB fron  a fold
i ■.:.,. ,    .iie of (hose 'liir
isesl); 3vi i thai is laid more '-!
't    Irish cr ichct, and I .it a wavy
''i'-ini'--, -.'..i'. -:."l ' ith motif* of the Irish lace, -'I'll
I,"il.- balls daw.'.ing itorial,
Motifs "I* In I' ■!'. In', outlined wiih ■' ',< .-
man Valenciennes in ertion, are cry popular; but
there are fewer of iln-  tcreotyped round --ii square
medall     , used on li - us, or
m.       |. .   .- i!lg like n i,.
On the "'le r  hand, 'i.
iquaru nre very go " laci.
im!-' smbroidei     done tho heavj
touch -ii. *!i" light ii. iter lei ait,, el
:'''-.- l:n-!i.,ili'll.
ad ipted i" i
!. . .-.-   nf  hi,
-   i iop   '.-'il-.''.   -In '
ni  I--
i rum do m t-
the bell brei si * at ri,"'! ir
ii ■ ride.
And ,. de of i.armw valen
ce and sround, tlie
,..■'!'..'   l'l"i,
.- are rather full,
nnd ni-" '..       ' leep cods   Thoy arc
tucked up and d ind, aa you please,
SOMK of the *i nim i ol iui y -I * ■■. i.i.** copied
f: ,ii*; new i'": BU g-robca tho di lining of lho waist
lino i v rows uf shirring, ur rowa ut lace Insortlon,
Th'- effect lu thfl "ii' dresses la exquisite,
Baby*d raises, built on old*tlmo models, ore made
dainty with narrow laces. For tin- tots whu can't wear
t: : leevefl uud low neck, corns guimps -if lace an-i In*
r- -   jn i'i wear with these dresses.
Smacking, done |n three little points, makes on l.i'X-
i ■ ■*. hut charming, trimming fur a twu-yeir-uld •>
Ui irnlng dresses.
iii -i is Btrfngi of thi m       ■   srgi t and hrlght -   .
they are almost barbaric In their sir/: ami color
DotOns itt ri''W glrdlCS hnve fume out; the fad fur line)
bringing out Interesting ones nt linen, embroidered  the
embroidery and linen matching exactly In color,
t i • *> •
Interesting gold braids, which come in a down widths
- narrow enough fur a bolt, wide enough fur a -.■ i lie
Kl.'u (ill Odd   lllth-  lunch  lu .1  COStuma  Uiu1  I    ruu-t    -ll..
live,  hull hliiPi and greens nnd Hilver mix witn the gold
I'm.linn uml Egyptian patterns, un<i qulot lis loo iividwit
spur kin.
■ 1    ■  toi  1 honutlful gir
di', wh it stool beads an 1 end 1 In
teel buckle
i.oniiur- belts fur children como Jr■ every shade tu
mnfch, ur iu lone In with, Uio Hula UusHlnn hlousu dmi«s
ilny in*   ■.'. 1,11 t i'i.
• •  •  *   *
Holt, [limy chiffon i.i gathered Into girdles nigh nil thi
*■■<> round, bul * ipi ciollj    1 tlirei tly in fronl ana back
* * • • *
Colored RpniiKli'M nr<> In evidence, tOO| ilivor on wlilU,
si""i uif htaeM if -I Bllvnr and gold togother, J1sm^lmtyM$®M lu (p
S? t/ny MA brush used frequently
UPON the care of the lirst teeth
greatly depends the beauty and
stability of tbe second s-et; therefore. Intelligent care of them
cannot begin too early.
Many mothers are of lhe opinion that
keeping the teeth clean Is th" only requirement. Tu be sure, cleanliness is of
the greatest importance, but there ure
other Important points to be considered.
Proper diet is one of these,
For Instance, sugars and candies
should lie avoided, not because their Immediate contact with the teeth Is Injurious, but because they frequently
produce an acidity of tlie stomach Whlct
greatly affects the teeth.
If a child Is ill during teething timt.
its system often lacks tbe necessary
amount of bone-making elements; and in
such eases a little llmewater in thc
milk is must beneficial. When it begins
to take something besides milk, plenty
of cereals that are rich in bone-making
elements should be given,
Jusl as early as possible Btart training the child in tbe care of its own
teeth. Select a tiny toothbrush, soft
and pliant; use every Inducement—even
bribery Is permissible in this case—to
obtain Its regular use. Keep this up
until it has become a well-established
At the Hrst sign of decay consult a
dentist, To |oh» the first teeth prematurely is'u pity, as it affects the durability of the second ones.
When the second teeth commence to
appear, a dentist should examine them
al least twice a year. Care must be
taken that they aro nut crowded or allowed to come In unevenly. In this way
much pain und oven biter disfigurement
may be avoided.
Teeth have often become blackened
nnd disfigured beyond redemption by
strong medicines given In childhood.
This seems like criminal carelessness
on the part of parents; of course. It is
only thoughtlessness; but the results are
just as cruel and far-reaching as though
a real Injury had been intended.
Medicine tlmt may blacken tbe teeth
or Injure the enamel should always be
given through a glass tube.
Queries Answered by Mrs, Symes
K. Li
Peroxide of hydrogen is an excellent face bleach. fare should
be tnken noi to get any of it on
the hair or eyebrows, as It will change
the color, If tho brown spots on your
face ore moth patches, the following
formula will prove beneficial, if, how-
ever, they ore moles, you will need the
services of on expert for their removal.
To Remove Moth Patch.
Cocoa butter,  10 grams; castor oil, i'>
grams; oxide of since 20 centigrams; while
precipitate, 1-0 centigrams! essence of rose.
h drops
Applv tu the ninth patch night uml m< tiling.
F, B. B.:
As tin- wrinkles under your eyes seem
obstinate, try using cocoa butter, which
Is excellent for lining up tho tlSBUOS of
the skin. Hub li lu gently every tils lit
before retiring, nml wash the face with
cold water In the morning. Do not use
the cocoa bulter too frequently H thorn
is any tendency to growth of superiluous
J. R.:
i'ours is n peculiar trouble, and i advise vim to consult u reliable phyglclaii
In regard to it  Am sorry I cannot help
A. I).:
Orange-flower cronm l* Bxcellenl f"r
building un the tissues of lln- skin.
Any druggist "" propdre the formula
for you.
Excessive . Ihtess of Hoir
Yuu have puhlinheil  In  your paper from
Iini" lu line- a roclpo i'ur ullv hull*. Th"
recipe I  Ml<i- lu hud . i.-lilinul III  il.  ulii. Ii
gnvo tin* hair i< reddish Hnl; also tin- recipe
mmi" tin* hair crispy,
I hud hiimiI ilu "Miming fi'uin ii turner
two -/earn nan. nnd nsl It If vou still
lmvo II, will yoll kindly r<-piiblbdi tl"
H   I". P.
Lotion for Oily. Dnmp Hair.
Por gronsy, tnuiNi hair, the following In nn
excel Ion i drying lotion,   tr used dully. H
11-iuin lu icutjui". ii crispy condition uml mi
milium simile;
I'owdwd iiii irhonntp of soda, hoi ila nf
soon 'iiinn powdered), '*, ounce uf each; i-uu
s-  ...I.■,'!,.■. i iiui.i ounce: alcohol, E	
 ices; llitrlure ol roclilnrul. W iinhi ice
iH'tilii'ii water, 10 ounros,
Mix 'iml iiiiiiiii'' unlll suliiiImi IS com*
To Darken the Brows
A short time ago yoU puhliHhed the nnme
uf .i certain kind ot stain fur the eyebrows
mill eyelashes, I huve forgotten Hie nnme,
Imi ililnl. that It was some kind of Chinese
1 would greatly appreciate your klmln-ss
if vuu would please publlBh Bams wain.
Chinese Eyelash Stain.
. ilram:
(iuin arable, I dram; India ink,
rose water, -1 ouiiees.
Powder Hi*' ink und gum nnd triturate
small quantities of the powder with the
riisowater until you gol a uniform Mm k
liipihl in a powder, uud tln*n mid the re.
malndor of th** rosewator In It, it nhould he
applied with a tiny camel's hair brush,
lltiir Prematurely Gray
win you kindly Inform mo what can be
dou- fur my prematurely may hair? I am
In ihe earh twenties, and my hair I* nl-
i-.-inlv streaked with gray ihruiu:h tin- froiit,
I nee yi u mention a "physician's prcserlp*
tion" as oxeollent for thin. Cou I you
kindly publish It? Lt'ClLE
Th" physician's Remedy bus been published since receipt of your letter.  This
Is, of c se, a dyo tor tho hair,  As
vou aro very young to huve gruj hair,
i think it finite possible Hint a reliable
lialr export tniuht be able to restore the
color without using n dye. Proper scalp
treatmenl will often do a great deal in
this respect,
Annoying Dan-draff
Will yuu kindly give tne a recipe for mv
hair'' It is vory dry, nnd no uihuit what
I do wlili 11, I can't Mi'i'tir to get the dandruff mil,    Also, t<dl im* what will stop It
from fallliiK out,   i hup- yuu will be able
tu help me, HUTU   P,
If you get rid of the dandruff no doubt
your hnlr will stop fulling. Usi the
dandruff ouro for which i am giving you
formula, and Bhampoo nbuut once in
three weeks with the following mixture;
Egg- Shampoo.
Yolk of one eg**, one pint hot in I n water,
spirii uf rosemary, one ounce, Heal the
mixiure tiioi-"UKbiv nud Use it warm. K"h
li woll luiu the hcaip and riu". with several clear waters,
To Remove Dandruff.
ounce; liquid
hall ounce.
"ii tnymp,  nm umin; i uuii)   -ll   halt
dram.   Mix ull tngethor with sis mm ■-
rosowator    Huh itie tvaip ihoroughly with
this preparation until iw further cvlden s
of daulruff !.'■ iiuiliijil
ciwx Thought-.
iFTECT   im
lEAUTY of -(Kg
Tincture "f eanlharlih-
iiuiiiniila. one drain; gl)
ffecf/ctne thztmjy bfecMeu
sheuftf be fyken tfireu&h j tu&e.
Various Kinds of Baths
That Promote
By Dr. Emma E. Walker
Copyright, 1003, by A. E, Barnes & Co.
IN one of the must charming of modern tales you remember how the little hero crept out from his slek bed
to lis in tht* dust of tbe road iu the
sunshine, and was found there in his
"irsi peaceful sleep bv those who had
lespalred of his life.
Few uf us realize the wonderful,
health-giving power of the sun's rays.
It is well known that people who live
in sunless rooms ore never really well.
I have beard that the life insurance rate
Is higher in the case of-a man who
spends his days In a sunless office.
If you go into a hospital, you will see
that the wards are exposed to the sun
and air. The effect of dark living rooms
on the weak or sickly is very noticeable.
Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant and
sterilizer. Sun baths have many devo-
teis. Either a part of tbe body may be
exposed or the whole.
For the thin, pale girl the sun will
wurk wonders, And as a remedy for insomnia it Is invaluable. It causes abundant perspiration, which Is a great
cKinser of tbe body.
The genera! method of taking a sun
hath is as follows: In our climate Hie
sun bath room should have a southern
exposure, with generous sloping windows. The patient should lie on the
couch, uncovered, or with a covering of
thin cheese cloth. A cot is really belter
than a coueh. The cot is placed in front
of the window. Care sliould always lie
taken to protect the head from tbe direct
rays of the sun.
The proper length of tbe bath varies
according to different factors, chief
among which is the physical eundition
of the Individual. The very feeble often
cannot well bear more than five minutes" exposure, while the robust can
stand It for three-quarters of an hour.
Of course, the intensity of the sun's
rays must be taken into consideration.
Another factor Is the extent to which
the body is exposed. There Is nothing
more strengthening to one convalescent
from a long Siege of fever like typhoid,
or from a weakenlne disease such as
diphtheria, than a sun bath.
The specific off- cts of fl sun bath are
many. It In n decided tonic; it acts
beneficially nn tin- nervous system and
upon all the vital function, ll is valuable not only |n health, but In disease
as well.
Mud used for baths generally contains
alkaline and saline stibsiances, These
stimulate the circulation of the skin, it
is said that the constituents oi tho mud
simply net upon the skin, and are nol
absorbed by It The patienl lies In a
tub lllled wiih this rn i-l. which is abuul
us thick na mush, it is generally employed in cases of gum and rheumatism,
The effect of cold air on the body Is
about the same as thai of cold water,
though ii Is I- ss severe, Tho refreshing ' ffc - of this bath can be realized
ftom ili" d llghi with which we ball an
ocean breeze on a hot summer day.
Tl . - "■ ct ace units lor the use of the
Cold air Is n powerful tonic. One of
ihe firsl to call attention to the benefits
or this bath was Benjamin Franklin,
lie used iu walk about in his room nt
night before retiring after his clothing
had been removed.
Tin- air bath may also be tnken out-of-
doors, within high-walled Inclosures
which are provide.! for this purpose.
Ther.* Is no question but that tin modern ■i';" of clothing hinders the proper
function of the skin in many respects.
rinthing r- tains noxious exhalations
which should be thrown off.
Lying in Ci ot, pure air promotes appetite and aids digestion, nnd Its beneficial effects at" quickly felt by those
wh. try It.
The sand bath Is also of value, nnd
can be e-asli takci ni the aoashore,
Whi n thi sun i vi ry hot, the hend
should be protecti J I y a cool cloth.
\\ hen the skin is Inactive, a- is often
thc i ise in dyspepsia, this bath Is very
usel :
The Indoor nlr bath is well accompanied bj Bctlvi . >.' rcise, li is well to
Imve the temperature from B0 to 60 flo-
gn ■ i* m is t, much lowor if the
hod) Is proti' H d bv a woolen blanket;
in ordi r in get the b.*st effects It should
h.   cuiiibi* ..1 with a sun bath.
CvffiV&fe cheerfulness
/fn four writ* your favorite 6oofs
of poems is hefp/uf
l&fy thoughts destroy 6evuju
PERHAPS few of us realize  that
nothing  so   quickly   affects   the
beauty   nf   ihe   face   as   one's
thoughts.   But this is true, nevertheless.
If you want to become possessed of a
beauty which is more than skin deep,
cultivate beautiful thoughts and acquire a beautiful mind, which will
surely reflect in your face and give you
a beauty of expression which time und
age cannot mar.
A woman who is qualified to talk on
this subject says that she has found a
beautiful book of poems to be n beau-
tiller, far more beneficial than all the
advice recommended by beauty specialists.
. After a hard day's work, or when
threatened with nn attack of the
"blues," she always turned to a beautiful poem to—as she expressed it-put
her thoughts in order.
In tills way her mind was engendered
with beautiful thoughts, which penetrated the whole being. Tlie outward
effect was soon perceptible. It showed
in the poise of her head, the light In her
eyes and even In the tone of her voice.
There Is no doubt that ugly thoughts
destroy beauty.   Many women who are
nol beautiful owe their condition to
ugly, gloomy thoughts. They allow
themselves to dwell on trifling annoj-
ances nnd commonplaces, never seeking
to elevate themselves and their thoughts
abovo the dreary monotony of common,
everyday existence.
Try cultivating a cheerful expression
Instead of a gloomy one, even if it is an
effort; just making the effort is a step
in the right direction.
When you rise in the morning form a
resolution to make the day a happy une
to a fellow-creature, it is easily done—
a left-off garment to the woman who
needs It. a kind or encouraging word to
some one-trlfles in themselves light as
air; but they will have at. everlasting
and beneficial effect on the recipient
and secure for you beauty which is not
merely a skin-deep affair.
So guard your thoughts, since tbey
are lh.* die which stamps your face. Tr1
these simple rules of Hygiene and beaut
Be careful what you eat and drink an*
how and when you do it. Breathe deeply of pure, fresh air. Walk in the sunlight when possible, and keep vour mind
in such a condition that only beautiful
thoughts will be reflected In vour face.
Some Good Formulas for Beautifying the Face and Figure
To Remove Freckles
I wrote to you gome time ago for advice.
Not seeing anything in print that I naked
fur. I take tin* paper tn order to get some of
your recipes. Among them was something
to remove frecktes—to take the top akin
right off, without Injuring It. Also, something to keen them uff iu the summer
months. C. C.
I do not recommend any preparation
for freckles that will remove the outer
skin. The following paste has proved
beneficial iu eases of stubborn freckles.
There is no absolute preventive from
freckles. However, by way of protection before exposure to sun or wind,
rub in a good cold cream, wipe off with
a soft cloth and dust uver with a good
toilet powder.
For Obstinate Freckles.
Oxidi- of zinc, '■■ dram; sublodlde of bismuth, u dram; dextrine. \% drams; glycer*
in- i-.j drams.
Hrrtad ihe paste nun ihe  freckles nt
nltrlit hofore going in bed
remove what remains w
dcred hurax and BWtWt oil
j- morning
Hllo  puw-
Two Queries At^ccered
will you kindly answer a couple of questions und very greatly oblige a reuder?
I ininie up iln- formula for orange-flower
cream, hit as no Instruction was glvon In
regard to allow im u to boll, I was nt a
limn io know whether it wus necessary only
to melt the Ingredients; so I allowed the
uihluie ti, Inili. Wiih ilul ivrong, uml. If SO,
do vou tiiiiiK ll has taken uway nil Us virtue?  I also hud the formula f Ily hair
made up, the one colling for sodium bicarb,
sodium linrnte, lliietur ohlneal, cologne,
alcohol, otc, Is lhat Intended in bo used
full Kii-i*ii«tn and rubbed Inin tin- w-alp. or
diiutni la wiiit-r nmi tin- hah* shampooed
with It? f. H. M.
In making the orange-flower cronm ll
is only necessary to moll lho Ingredients, but I do mil think lhat nllowlliB
it to boil would nffeci ilu* cream to any
extent. The lotion for 0ll.V hair is lo bo
applied full strength to llie routs of the
Found Exercises Beneficial
Wnuld you kindly tell ine what would bo
g I for Wlimr uui lho face nn ' ■■* iIcing il
round and plump; nlso for lining oul tno
1 found ihe movements fur redm-itiL' the
waisi very satisfactory, and would like lo
knmv If th'T" IB any way In which to reduce the hody,
My upper lip hi luslng its hum :; the
skin stems looso, and h-ls llie lip full so
the red scarcely shows, Is thou nnyliilng
tlmt will "raw n bnck to Its proper placo
or restore n to Its natural beauty? M. J.
There Is nothing betlcr than continued, gentle mns.Qago with a good skin
fond for filling out tho fnco. Am glad
yuu found the exercises for waist reduction beneficial, Since receipt of your
letters othera have been published for
keeping tin* body slender. To Improve
iln* ajipiarnnec of your lips train them
In the desired direction by pinching
gently botwoen the ihumb nud forefinger.
To Keep Complexion Soft
Will yon please uit mo whal is me best.
thing for the complexion, to make lhe skin
soft and white-Just a simple remedy?
Keep your skin clean by washing it at
least once a day with warm water and
almond meal, rinsing afterward with
clear, cold water. At nighl, before retiring, massage gently, using a good
face cream.
How to Apply Cream
Will you plenne answer these questions
for mc?
How should tin- orange-flower cream be
applied un the faco and neck? Should the
face In* washed lu warm wnler (us hut aa
one i hi standi, iin'n apply cream? -Should
It lm loft un out night, ur huw ham' sh,,uld
il remain un, then.' Must warm water and
a Km,i| soap In- used io wash it from tin-
race'.' Does It Injure the "kin to steam tlio
face fur ten or fifteen minutes'.'
The imst way to apply iln* orange-
flower cream Is to first bathe tbo skin
in warm water and then rub the cream
well Into ilie pores nl lln- skin, wiping
off wiih ii soft linen cloth. Whon Um
cream is applied us a protection before
exposure lo sun ur wind. It Is better
not to use tho water, simply npply the
cream and wipe nff gently afterward.
Excessive Perspiration of Feet
l am a nonslnnl render of yuur department und would lllti- to havo yuu Inform
ni" if the uso of glycerine on ilia fnco will
produce hnlr. Mv race chaps easily, and
fflyi'i-rliw seems im* nnh thlnn thai help-' it
Also, I would liki In ask ■* ni roi o fm
ii.uiu for pirHph-HiK reel gome iiim- ago
ymi |iiiiiiMn-i| n reClpi in your paper whhh
un excel lent, Iml I hn e Ul li ) ill i I ll
nxldo of elm,
dm in
I !.
I   ■.■onlil  like lo knuv   If you
i.iiI ir this is correct? iu.'aih.i:
Glycerine will not promote a growth if
Btiperll is hair mi lh" face.   | ,1 t
remember having recommended the
Intiuii roforred to for excesrive perspiration of (In- fed, but the following lotion
has been used with excellent results by
many uf my corresponded
etc. There was no mutton tall'-w in It.
Will ynu be kind enough tu pui-Msh that
again, an it was the finest cream t ever
used? I thought I kept th" formula, but
cannot llmi It. LOUISE.
Orange-Flower Cream.
White wax. i uunce; spermaceti. 1 ounce;
lanolin, 2 ounces; coeoanut oil. :■* ounce;*,
qrange-flowcr water, - ounces; oil of sweet
almonds, 4 ounces; tincture of bensoln, 3;
Alelt the fl im five Ingredients together.
take off tie* itrc and beat until nearly
cold, adding Utile by Utile the benzoin
and, lastly, the orongo*flowcr water.
Wants lo Stain Skin
Could you kindly (rive me a formula of a
lotion for staining ih<* skin a dark bcown,
lhat la not Injurious to use and will n it
wash off readily? C. C. B.
I have no formula for lotion that will
slain ilu- skin dark brown, but advise
ymi iu write lo a reliable dealer in i osmetics, who will be able ta furnish vuu
with what you desire.
To Round Out the Wrists
in your n pli io i rm om who asked h w
tu  phiiiipm   Uu u   wrists,   vou  told  tl
i" i)-'- a k I skin food    Will vou phase
nil me a x -I -; In • -i i uw? I o i i
like to fatten in} innii a:,.i neck, it 8, B
Orango-ilowur   i roam,    formi - I r
which  is frequently published  li ihls
department, is an exci llent skh (o d
Cocoa butter is very good for bu I
up  He-  tissues of  tin- skin,   b ||   lj     . -;
nol be used when there Is a ten len ■ to
growth of sup< rlluous hnlr,
To Whiten thc Neck
I nolle   that you give i dp >
i. r whin ii ns i * .'-■ k   v, ii    hi pii
;■    ll *     neck will rw iln   i lb-, oi H In
linn' the skin  Will  I■ ■ lai k .    . ■    :
tho poroxldi of hydrogi ii '   M) '■■ a I
j'limv, and creams do noi .■
i.   L
After thi* skin  bus  been  bleached
wiiii   poroxldo,   ll   usually    n  tains
whin- fnr somo timi ■
(nch hath, hut .Mill I Itch Just the same.
My hkm Is very good, ilul a plmpk* of any
kind; also please give me " good exercise
to reduce u very hirse ntuuiai-h. My hips
ar,- i. k And please tell me if you think
glycerino and rost-wutpr will make hair
grow on tin- face, If uxed on fan- when It
is chapped- .1. It B,
Vour skin Is evidently very sensitive
nnd easily irritated. I think you would
find the application of a good toilet
lwwder after the bath very southing.
Exercises fur the reduction of the abdomen huv, been published since receipt
of yuur Inquiry, Glycerine and rose-
water will not promote growth of superfluous hair.
Bums Leave Scar
Win yoo kindly tell me if you know of a
cure  foi   I  scat   left  on   the  neck  by  a
burn    . - : \-\  Iodine?  t also havi  ■ nm
■a n i I   ai burns,   My hali Is ■■■ ry
thin   There  does  not   net-ear  to  be  •.■■rv
much dan Irufl   but the s dp seems lu ba
■ i • : ■■•■ iund thi   ci iwn  ol   lln   bee I,
■ -.'Uir remedies would vou advise
■" *    ■ VIOLET l'
'!'.. remove the scars on your nock uml
arn s try rubbing si veral times a dnv
willi witch hasei cream and at nighl up-
;■:• the following salvi .
To Remove Scars.
■ ■
"i io icurj   i dram
dninienl ol bti  slide
Huh in w.ii once a
Tinny iu   my cimtcbpuiiuuiiih, ». .      .       ..
Excessive Pcrspirntion of the Feet. "ow   lo  "PPfy   //'""''
Young Mother Ash Advice
Wl    |   : kin II] ,i *.   ■  I,,- us to whether
Dr    ,'auca        ,■■ f0j   bun   develop'
!-  nl ■   *' In I   n   ilti  to ■
■   . * - * mi  baby
■ ■      ft    -.:       ■■   s   '
lo 'i    the orange -       ,.,, ■
nd sunburn at tin
snmi tlm , or would        inti rfi n with ilm
* :■■■!!■!■'■-■ |)U
will greatly oblige a TOL'NQ HOTIlEIt
The v . ■ ■ Ire remedj would bi very
beni ial In ■ iur - ist and w 11 i ii nf-
feel tho babs In any wny Thc ■■; nige<
: ■ '.V"; i n m and frei kle lotion i d
-conflict with each other, bul should not
be applied al (hi same lime.
Mother Asks Advice
1 hire n Utile girl 2 years of -,.*,., whoso
hair grows very ihiil* i>m Is uxa**. era'li-sly
short,    I   wusli ll   I'Vt-rj   mundn:,   hut   ll
ilij'-i   nol   glow anv   !i mei      I   wish   you
would ii in mi ')' this tnntlcr, n you
" uld give n:i some recipe to usbI-u in
gl iwiliK ih.< hah* you wold Kivatlv oblige.
If Ihu child's hair U Lhlck, ll tu->w<
Hint ll is In guild, hnnllliy condition, nnd
Ii will im doubt grow longer in lime.
Wiwhlng lho Hair o.r-ry day is entirely
too oflen; unci' iu several weeks In quite
frequent enough, Keeping lhe ends
Irlmmod promotes n lu-nlthy growth,
Regrets Loss of Formula
Rome time diirliw November oi D -mber
yi a  I'nlillnhcd  a   fniniulii  for  fnce  en am
containing lanolin, sptrmacetl, while wax,
CiuoaiiUl  oil.  oil  of  uweei  alrnundw.  ncrull.
Wilt ,\ ii i'V*i.. i II mi thi ur col
un n h h i-hi.j uld hi n ■ -i to thn
hair? Bhould the pint ', dl Hi I with
water or applied by N, \\.
Henna may be applied In bov ral ways;
tho simples! ond enslesl v..,> foi the
nmal ur I lo list a ten mado of tin
leaves. In p (i irlng th* ll a, u e in
ounce of leaves to a quart of water, and
Hull tl-i- whole down i-> one pint. The
siain should hn applied to it.- ro I
the hnlr with n small brush; ■< clean
lootlibru b will answi i Next, with an
ordinary hiilrbrush, distribute the hen-
tin through ib" hair evenly, Dry thor*
oughly afterward, either in dn t j-. or
by beat
Skin len Sensitive
I have noticed several valuable suggestions In your lienul        imi     all
Ing i" ask j-i n ii you * an
My skin Itches every tlmi I take a bath,
and   I   hav,   trh I sei ■ i  -
and havo thoroughly rinsed myself   H   i
Down on Lip
i  am  troubl I   Willi  »  lighl  growth of
my i    ith    will you kindly
i"ii in.* ti,- on lm .'   cos!  ol   n novlns  u
m ihe x-ray, and ll the oiwra-
i nl all niinful?
Will      . ats    l i!  mo  if  peroxide and
bi *   tr uried fnithfuiiv.  will remove
H ri iimwi-i'tlv in tlmi   aad will vuu kindly
'     '     '   :     'i  -  I"    !   'inii    111 Vi I   USOU
'     '       *:■     II   -i   VI   ll    ■'  '     -. .* I■ fIV
the I      i      ■■      * MAUD c.
Commi rclal rates are not given In this
di p rti .t. '''it i it ■ k it quite possible
that you i .in arrange to have the superfluous hair removed by the X-ray m a
m li ■ iti c i t. The p roxlde und nm-
monla treatmenl is not recommended as
■ permanent cure, although its continued use sometimes kills ihe roots of
lhe hair and thus oftpcts n permanonl
removal Wash tho affected parts with
a sol nn of water and ammonia nnd
thi .        pcroxld    with  a  soft
do h Ft
w ■ ^


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