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Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome anil so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
For erree of operation nj/d perfection
Df9/cnu U  i/vdiedj^hi"   Machine
■■\ieiiiab>lllijcr: $60 00 cash.
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 14.-No  17
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We can interest you in all  kinds  of  Smoked,   Salt  or
Canned Fish.
Smoked Kip. Herrings
Canned Herrings
"       Finan Haddie
Tomato Sauce
Salt Herrings
" Lobster
in 1 lb. and J lb. litis.
" Salmon
" Mackerel
" Kippered Herrings
" Codfish
" Shrimps
and boneless dullish in 1 lb
2 lb. packages.
" Sardines
in 0 different brands
Canned Salmon
the  best   Hod Snckeye In
1 lb. tins.
" Clams, Etc., Etc.
All these goods can be had in the best brands that  are
put up at the very best prices.
We also carry a large stock of the different Sauces  and
Relishes used for preparing some of the above articles.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Fall Coeds Arriving Dally.     Oressmaklngr and Millinery Rooms, 2nd Floor
( A Stocktaking  ^
Bargain Sale
See our south window for the greatest  display of Bargains ever offered in the City.
Your Choice for 25 Cents
Some goods slightly damaged worth $2.00, now yours
for j5 Cents.
Lawrence Hardware Co.. Limited
Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 50 • UK) feet.     —* UM
Comer on Third Street, 125 x 100 leet. • -$1100
Two Inside Lots Fifth Street, 50 * 100 feet. ■       — MO
Two-Acre Blocks suitable for Fruit, adjoining city
Per Acre - • - - *100 and * 150
Schmitz Discharged.— School
Fire Investigation — Spies
Arrested.—Thaw's Marriage
Annulment.—Daring Robbery
San Fhancisco, Miirch 11—)3pecial)
—Judge Dunne has 111
discharging former mayor Submit*, on
the extortion indictment. Judge
Dunne in discharging Sohrallz ordered
that the case be submitted to another
jury. Schmitz hue been in jail nine
Washington, D. C, March 11.—
(Special)—United States Secretary of
War Taft said today that he did not
care to comment ou the statements
attributed to the former chief engineer Stevens of tlie Panama Canal
that tlie canal will prove au utter
failure except to say that ho did not
agree with him as to the unimportance of the work.
Cleveland, Ohio, March 11.—
(Special)—The loss of lives of the children in the Collinwood School fire
was "absolutely inexcusable," Coroner
Burke declared yesterday utter making a thorough investigation into the
causes of the fire and the reasons why
the children were caught in lhe hallway and burned without being able to
Tii'-i.is, March 11.—(Special)—It iB
reported here that three Turkish army
officers attached to the general staff
have been arrested in Yedezavetpol
province while engaged in making
maps cf the country. Tbis province
borders upon theTurkieh frontier.
New Yokk, March 11.—(Special)—
Counsel for both parties officially announced last night thai Evelyn
Nesbitt Thaw would to-morrow institute a.uit for the annulment of her
marriage to Harry K. Thaw on the
ground that he was insane at tbe timr
the marriage was contracted.
Montreal, March 11 —(Special)—
The Wanderers easily defeated the
Winnipeg Maple Leafs in the first of
the Stanley cup games played here
lust night by a score of 11 to 5.
Quebec, March 11—(Special)—
Two men entered the office of the St.
Lawrence vinegar works at noon
yesterday, gagged the accountant, tied
him to a radiator and made off with
|250. Tbe robbery was discovered at
1 o'clock, wbon other employees returned from lunch.
New Yokk, March II.—(Special)—
F. C. Smithson, formerly of Portland,
Oregon, made a new  world's record of
is to be retained, however, and it bus
also been decid d not, to interfere with
the volunteer carrier pigeon service.
This decision is no doubt due to the
wonderful progress which has been
made with wireless telegraphy. When
the naval pigeon service waB established wireless telegraphy was unknown, whereas now it is generally
used for communications over long
distances, and is far more reliable
than carriers.    All the principal ships
V    ' ' "    '  of HiB Majesty's fleet arc now complied
nde   an  order ,,„,., •*•
and round  the   I'.nglish  coast  are u
series of wireless signal stations
mooned by skilled operators. Signal"
are continually passing from the shore
to men of-war far awny at sea. When
the Montagu went ashore another
ship steaming off the Lizud was
•' called up" by the Admiralty and
directed to go to her aid. and telegrams arc transmitted across the Bay
of Biscay to Gibraltar.
Large Tract of Land Engulfed
in Arrow Lakes
One of the most remarkable events
that has taken place in the Arrowhead district for many years and one
which has set the people in the vicinity thinking out all nionncr of causes
occurred on Friday night in the Arrow
Lakes. Without any warning or premonition nearly six acres of land in
Shelter Bay under the lee of Bannock
Point on the west shore of Arrow Lake,
only a few miles from Arrowhead,
suddenly subsided into the water, the
suction caused the sinking of this
vast mass of earth and lock as it sank,
creating a large whirlpool and raising
a tidal wave which swept up the shore
carrying all before it. The receding
flow rolled buck across the hike and
broke upon tlie beach at Galena Bay,
hurling the pile of logs which were on
the water's edge, some distance inland.
Fortunately no lives were lost, but a
team ol horses belonging to the Bowman Lumber Co. had only a half hour
before the deluge passed over this spot.
Over half a mile of the Bowman Lumber Company's wagon road is destroyed. Whatever the cause of
this elide has not been ascertained, but the most likely one is that
the waters of Little Fish Creek, which
empties into the lake at this point,
had soaked through the ground and
undermimd the sectiou of land which
was engulfed on Friday. It has been
a generally acknowledged fact that
natural gas abounds in this section
extending round Arrowhead to Comaplix and all along lhe eastern sboie
past Halcyon and St. Leon. It is
quite possible that this gas had acuni-
The Minstrel Maids.
What will no doubt be the feature
attraction in Kevelatoke thiB season
will bo the Minstrel Maids, a bevy of
pretty girls under the famous Juvenile
UoBtonian management. You can go
to this performance with tho cortainty
that the iiiubcIcb of your chuckling
machine will got plenty of exerciee:
Tbey have been playing to psckrd
houses all over Gonads, mid have met
with praise from both press and publio. Mr. Tapping bus secured them
for three nigbtB alid one matinee un
der a special guarantee and promises
something new And novel. A change
of program is given nightly. 'This
show is a strictly clean, moral, roflncd
and up to the minute porlormance
for ladies, gentlemen and children
'rimy open the performance with 11
minstrel  show  and conclude with a
musical comedy where you hear the
latest songs and see novelties never
belorc seen in this oity. The company number 22 people with 19 young
ladies. Little Halcyon Martin, the
midjet minstrel, will appear at ench
performance. Kevelstoke opera house
l.hiee nights and Saturday matinee,
commencing Thursday, March 12
Seats now selling at Mac.lonnld's irrtig
The Kootenay Socialists held a c n-
viinliiui in Miners'union ball in Nelson on Monday night last and unanimously nominated William Davidson
as the Socialist candidate for Kootenay
iu the next general election for the
Dominion parliament. .1. Harrington,
of Fernie, occupied the chair and delegates were present Irum Fernie, Ymir.
Michel, Trail Muyie, Sanilon, Ku.lo,
KoBiland, Kevelstoke aud Sanduu.
ulnted in some subtcrrcunean tunnel,
fuur-fifths seconds over the 70 yard | cullB|a hy the slip of the strata and
hurdles at Madison Square Gardens the extreme pressure upon it caused
last night. combustion   which    resulted   in  the
Washington, D. C, March II— upheaval of the ravine of Shelter Bay
(Special)—Ambassador Takabira nil and ended in tbe submerging of tlie
dresstd the Japanese society iu New tract of country. While the theory of
York last night. He touched upon n.itui.l gus is a feasible one still it is
Japanese enlarged iutlucnce on a more likely that lhe undermining of
small portion of the Asiutic continent the land hy means of w..ter was the
to her treaty with Great Britain, our direct cause of tlie phenomenon, A
honored ally, which was concluded similar case but on a far larger scale
Bimply to socure the peace and pros- and of volcanic origin, occurred in the
perity of the Far Fast and to the Fast Indies in the Straits of Sundu
question ol in migration, regarding j„ 1882, when a new tract of land
which he stated that he was pleased measuring over 20 miles square and
to be able to soy that 'while we have thickly populated by ninny tliou-
to maintain our right* in nil respects gauds of natives, suddenly sank, the
there are now between the United volcano of Kriikutoa, near by, being
States and Japan no questions of such J „,,':,, |„ im|VCB ttt the same time. The
magnitude as to remain unsettled tj(]a| wuvo t|lll9 coined went three
inticb longer."
A Mine, IV, March 11.—Democratic
senator elect 1). S. Kemp, was shot
and killed last night hy C. F. Hyde, a
Mineral, Lumber and Fruit Products at Calgary Dominion
Fair—Committees Appointed
to Prepare Good Display.
A special meeting of the Board of
Trade was held lust night with 0 good
attendance. President P. B Lewis
stated why the meeting had been
culled, explaining thnt 1111 exhibit
from Kevelstoke at the Dominion
Fair, wh'ch was to be held at Calgary
this July, would be a good advertisement for tbis district, and show to the
farmers on the prairies what B. C. can
produce Tho exhibit might he the
means of inducing settlers to take up
land in this vicinity, of which there
waB a large acreage. It had been
proved what the soil here cau produce
when cultivated and tbe district was
iu every way suitable for agriculture,
Mr. Lewis urged that every citizen
should interest himself in this movement as the publicity given at the
Fair would probably have beneficial
results ou Kevelstoke.
F. Fruser said that Kevelstoke could
easily attain the samesucccess in fruit
growing as Nelson, if the district was
properly advertised- and the Calgary
Fair was a good opportunity to start.
The expense would not he heavy.
The president suggested that an
illustrated booklet descriptive of Kevelstoke and its industries, be prepared
and largely circulated at the Fair.
The success of the Tourist Association
hook had warranted a Becond venture.
G. S. McCarter moved, seconded by
C. F. Lindmark, that a Kevelstoke
exhibit be prepared under the auspices
of the Board of Trade, for the Domiu
ion Fair at Calgary in July, and that
committees be straightway appointed
to handle the matter and that the
City Council be asked to donate $250
towards expenses. The motion carried.
The secretary was instructed to
write to the B. C. government, requesting that $500 be donated to this district to aid in exhibition purposes,
out of the $3000 in the estimates for
tbe Dominion Fair.
The committees appointed are: '
To prepare and publish an illustrated booklet, descriptive ol Kevelstoke
and industries—A. Johnson, H. Cunningham Morris, B. K. Atkins, E. A
Finance—C. F. Lindmark, W. H.
Pratt, H. Floyd.
Exhibit—T. Kilpatrick, G. S. McCarter; (Fruit) L. M. Hagar, F. Fraser,
B. A. Lawson; (Mineral) K. Gordon;
(Lumber) C. F. Lindmark, F. E. Sine.
The co-operation of every citizen
will he requested in making the exhibit a success and a credit to tin-
city.    Tlie meeting then adjourned.
times round the globe.
political and business leader in the
community. The men quarrelled over
the recent Democratic state primaries
BaWIIKS, Wyo., March 11.—The
American car, the lender in the New
York to Pari, race, arrived here last
night. The second Frencli machine
is at Clinton, Iowa, undergoing ro-
pairs. Tbo German car was speeding
through Iowa near Marshall town last
Barcelona, March 11.—The lirst
dny of King Alfonso's visit to Barcelona, was unmarked by a single regret,
able iucident. It concluded with his
attendance at a brilliant performance
at the opera house where he received
an ovation.
The Wireless Telegraphy Does
Away With Carriers
The British Admiralty haa decided
to do away with the carrier pigeon
service in the Royal Navy and all the
pigeon lulls on the home rtations are
to In-abolished,    The  loft  at Malta!Co:
Bill for Incorporation   Passes
Commons Committee
OTTAWA, March 10,~When the bill
for the Incorporation of the Bank of
Vancouver was culled in the Commons bunking und commerce committee, Hon. Mr. Fielding said that
before the charter was grunted the
Commons should huve UBBurnnoc of
the standing of tbe men who were
connected with the enterprise, and
their ability to ourry it through, so
that the promoters would not be coming back to parliament for an extension of lime. Mr, Guthrie, for the
promoters of the bill, said the bank
was being organized iu response to
the demand on the Pacific count for a
native bank, iu touch with tho particular interests of British Columbia.
Assurances were given by Messrs.
Macpbei'Hiiii uud Gullihur as to the
standing of the promoters, when Mr.
Fielding expressed satisfaction and
the bill was passed.
Self rising buckwheat Hour and
pure Ontario honey are two very
seasonable articlos at C. B.  Hume  A
Immigration and Better Terms
Dealt With.
Yhtokia, March, 10,—Immigration
uud better terms wen the last oi the
Important subjects dealt with   by   the
Legislature, which was prorogued
shortly before II o'clock on Saturday
uftoruniiii. Two of the Socialist" absented themselves, while the Lieutenant-Governor was present, tbe third,
the member for Nonalmo, remained
The Houseudopled the hitter's resolution for the appointment ol uu Im-
perinl  Koyal   Commission   tO  inquire
into Immigration, defeating Mr Mac
donold'S motion tO strike but the recital.     Thi: request for the Connnissioii
will be made through tlie Governor-
At thu close ol the Home the Premier was presented witb u life-size
picture of himself by the Government
.—   , ♦       —
Husband's Inhumanity
Tiveeii, Murcb 10—The coroner's
jury brought in 0 verdict holding
Kicbard Lindsay guilty of criminal
neglect in connection with the death
of bis wife and two newborn babies.
Lindsay bad been sent for 11 doctor
to attend bis wife He took a cow
along with him to sell. Succeeding
in this, be forgot the doctor, and proceeded to spend the money for liquor.
Alone with u yong son, Mrs. Lindsay
gave birth to twins. The Isiy ran to
neighbors, half a mile away, but
before these could resell her, she had
died, together with tho two babies.
Wall paperl Wall paperl Largest
stock in lho city. Huwson's furniture
store is the place.
Choice hums, bacon and fresh eggs
daily In slock at 0. U. Humo A Co.
^E - a-3
Selling at specially
low prices here, also
extra cash discounts
on all Crockery lines
during this month.
Hams  and Bacon
A shipment of Hams and Breakfast Bacon just received.
These lire genuine Smoked Meats, mild in flavor and the
nicest we have seen for a long time.
Salt anu Smoked Fish
We have Labrador Herrings, Holland Herrings in Kegs,
Mackerel, Digby Chicks, Finnan Haddie, Halibut, etc.
Washing Machines, - Wringers
A number of the best kinds kept in stock. They can be
seen set up ready for use in our Hardware Department.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at   $0.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They Btart lire as easily ns dry ivopd and last .is long as hard eoal.
Con be used In Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Self Feeders and
open grates.I
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery  mul
will^fill your order promptly!
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office- Toronto, Ontario.
Hratii-lins in tins ProrinoMof Manitoba. Ubsrta, Ha^katrliewaD,
Ilriu.h  I i.llimlna. Otltsrio, s"S";''"''
Capital  Authorized ... •10,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....    S4,8Bo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund - 94,860,000.00
I). II. W11.KIK, President : Box, 11. JaFTRAT, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parte of Canada, United Btatesand
Kiii'upe.   Bpeclal attention given to Oolleetions,
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed sn deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. 0.—Hi T. Jaffray, Manager
530 Immigrants Brought to B.C.
by the Salvation Army.
lhe special train containing a large
contingent of ilritisb immigrants
brought out uuder the au«picc» of the
Silvatiiin Army arrived here ou Matin dny night. The greater portion of
the train wont on almost at once en
route for the coast while three or four
cum were held over till Monday when
they were attached to n freight for
Summons nnd the Okanagan branch
On questioning Staff Captain Fatter-
son, tlie eastern re(ire>cntstive of the
Salvation Army immigration department, it was learned that b'M immigrants made up tbe lirst contingent,
and each one of these were already
assured of pruitions. Tbe pbople, he
said, were altogether a fine class,
mostly agriculturalists with knowledge
ot larm work On being asked what
arrangements had been made for tha
ilisp'.nil of such a number of people.
Capt Patterson stated that positions
were assured and guaranteed to them
lielore they left England. Every man
and woman would go direct to a position and none would lie thrown upon
the country. He said that several of
the immigrants had a little capital
and were all • uthuaiatic as to their
pi.ispeet. in Canada. Many of them
were married and in a large number
of esses these couples hod been placed
in good hoiiies. This is the first of a
Urge number of immigrants to be
brought to It. C. this year by the Salvation Army. Adjutant Wakefield
was in charge of the contingent and
tcportn good health among all. Tbe
work of bringing such a large orowd
out was effected without a hitch snd
all arc in good spirits.
touting better Mum our "Ipislal. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
London,   n gland.
LARGEST   SALE   OP   HIGH   GRADE   TEAS   AND   COFFEES   IN   THE   WORLD.      ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
Cbc  fl&afUlbcralb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Cha?. Ml'RPHY.
H.uioi.u Fibhee
Barristers,  S..1 r lors. KL-.
Orricas :   Im 'Krial   Bank   Uiock,   IUvkl-
Money lo loan.
Office.: RevelBtoke, B.C.; Oranbrook,B.O.
Geo. 3. McCarter,
i. H, Finkham.
Kevelstoke. B, C
these demands come thick ami
fast, the aggregate expenditure
soon runs beyond tho amount that,
carefully considered, would be
sanctioned by cither council, or by
the ratepayers themselves. Then
comes the selling of debentures
when the money is urgently needed and of paying hank interest
until they arc sold. Prom these
pitfalls the council should escape.
With tho estimates befure them the
aldermen may intelligently judge
the end from the beginning and bo
prepared to keep the season's work
well in hand.
j. .v. Harvet,
Cranbrook, B, 0.
l. M. Scolt I.L.I)
-1C0TT    AND
\V. I. Brlgg
noon   and beiqgs
Bakristfrw, Solicitors, Etc .
Monk : to Loan
First Street, Rt   ■ ii-uoke, B.C.
Assay   oiallOres,   i-niiii.l*.. by niHil or express
receive iiroia,.: attention,
terms Moderate
Ar.DRt,.       -       -      -        Bolim K.isi.n, n. C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sin vying
Engineer!) i:
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 108, Revelmuke
rlBS M. E. CRE16HT0N
Pupil* prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
BTDDIO-AI   Mr?.   J.   0,   Hutchison's   Cim-
nauKbt Avenue.
Mining, Real Estate,   Business,   Financial anj Share Erckers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plana. Blue Prints and Reports
compiled en Mines, I.-.nd and Timber.
More and more, interest is being
taken in fruit growing in Revelstoke and the inducements to those
who have land in this vicinity to
establish orchards are far greater
th'iu a few years previous. One,
two or three fruit growers can not
give fume to a section as a fruit
producing country. The success of
a i- sv w
and   their   cxanii
for the editor of the Daily Mail to
have called Lord Strathcona up on
the telephone and found out from
hi ui exactly what the conditions
were. Canada, however, need not
worry about what thc|l>aily Mail
snys. Five hundred Daily Mails
could not retard the progress of the
Dominion, but it is to be regretted
that such statements Bhould be
published even iii Hie English yellow journal
Convicts Kill and Wound Their
Deek Lodge, Mont., March 10.—
Warden Frank Conleyol" the Montana
Penitentiary, was severely wounded
to-day and Assistant Warden Julin
Robinson, was killed by three life convicts, George Rock, W. H. Hayos and
another who tried to escape piismi.
Robinson's throat was cut from ear
to enr, and the jugular vein was sev
eretl.   Coulcy's throat was gashed and
CO'V-.K-, -T-'»-
$5   TO   $10
High Grade Watches
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
Art and Beauty  ; ^Jjlgi^
he was   stabbed  several times in the
show what can he done I shoulder and groin before he was able
is   valuable I to draw his revolver and  shoot  down
B. C
"Biggestand Best"
Chewing Tobacco
hence it is obviously necessary
that we Bhould have many fruit
growers who can produce tine fruit
and encourage more extensive or-
chnt'd cullure. Men must bo taught
how to grow the best of fruit and I
they must be induced to try the
best plan after being taught. They
must have the law behind them
with ils penalty for putting infect-1
ed fruit upon the market. Each I
section makes up the aggregate of
B. 0. fruit growing industry, there-!
fore it should he the aim of every
section to produce the best fruit.
More than all ,this, public sentiment must be educated so that it
will be a disgrace for a man or
men to put upon the market fruit
which will belie the brand of that
community. As has been said, all
this requires much teaching and
progressive fruit growing associations are constantly doing mure
and more of this missionary work.
Our local association does not get
the support it should, and a remedy
for this should lie found, now that
Kevelstoke has come to lhe fore so
considerably in the commercial as
well as the practical sides of the
Hayes and Rook, who were armed with
pucketknives, It h believed that the
warden will recover,
on stormy days
by wearing a
«' 'JiHDW*0
Clean - Light
-£?/1- Low in Price
A  '
Che flftafMberalb
There        i g b bad ts tbs bail of v..
A   -. . nocb fond In '.ite wi.r.t nl u-
Ti.at ;', ' .«. any 'if U-.
To I it tl - rest of ui.
it    WOllld   be   :i   wise and nt the
lame tiuis a popular move on the
; ir; of tbe council to present the
estimate* fur the leaaon'i work Bt
an early dnt<>. I hii ii an ideal
which should be aimed at but
which bu ii> st always hitherto
been attained, by -o doing the
council will be in & better position
to survey the year's operations
before they begin and will conse-
quentl) be able to more satisfactorily luperviie them while the
work- nre under way. Without
such foresight, adequate control of
the year's work is practically im-
possible and if il is nut controlled
by the council, it soon come* to
control the counoil, Diuatisfac
tion with former ndministrntions
was in no small degree due to tho
fact that they plunged into the
execution ot the work without n
really clear perception Ol how
much was to be done, nr where and
how much It wm to eost, or from
whence tht money was to come,
Prom such methodi unsatisfactory
result-' are certain. Willi DO dear*
Iv defined limit which must noi be
I'Vci I'.led    a    OOUnCil    has   im good
public reason to give for declining
to grant improvements, and   when
'   L. O. T. M O. T. W
Hold thoir roirular fortnlghtbr Review, the
Seeuiul mul   Fourth Tlitir-.lnys in  each mnnth,
nt II p. ni. in the Masonic Hull, Sajoond Street.
I.   BcDONALD. Lady Commander.
J   M. MOK.IN, llocoril Keeper
c. w. o. w.
Mountain  View Camp   No. 239.
Mei'i.-  Beoond and  Fourth  Wedne dan In
each month, i"  Selkirk Hull.   Visliin   Woodmen oordlally Invited bo attend.
W, ll. AitMSTIiON'O. Con. im.
J. MolNTYKE. Clerk.
F. 0   E
The rn**,-,    -    tl "^SnUtirk
Hall every T i» •! l| ".■>•..;  ■ il lo'eloca     V;-n-
Inn brethren ar.- r..r.l ... bed
.1    I.K-!.IK, Fbkiidkst
W   K. Mcl.ll'i HLlNSti V.KT.HT.
Kootenav  I .K- No. 15 A F * A M.
*£m      *T*"T' 'h'    r..tf.,..,r   ii..-,:-
) *-"=v^3f"    ~aV    : ■<■ '     : ' ''' in ,hc
, *±JJ -^*^-V       BI   Ma*omc       Temple,
y    •    - **    1]    kU I    Iowa Ball.' i
».,   i.. third Monday li
sveh   month
. v -innerhreth
en cordially we!
E..KIRK   LODliE   NO   U. I. O. O. P.
■    ■
.-     .i.      -...'.
Hall      it      »     uilock
dial.; ,
IATHTI    -..
Cold in">'.:.   Lodge    K.
No. It,, RevelRtoka,
of   P.,
J. C
Erroneous   and   sometimes   extremely detrimental   reports   and
statements are frequently circulated in tireat Britain through the
mediums of the press, regarding
Canada and Canadians, in many
cases the result of some individual
or individuals who have con." to
Canada and through their own
fault have found out thai Canadi-
ani have views of their own and
that their reception amongst th.-m
has noi been a- • ordial as il might
have '■!." by reason of
behavior. Such defamator report  i' 'iii.-   Cai    la ai
been   published   are nothing -
"i-   '■-    than the   .mi, ,im.   ,.i
gruntled few who live only t.i i om-
plain I le     i i ii,I.r.mi.        Herald
tike* up 'I idgeb i,.r l toads
defem •■ mul is ■ -
The London Dally Mail fur iotas
reason ur anothei h i its knife
into Canada, a special cable despatch Informs us thai tin- Dailj
Mail tolls it* millions uf readers
that "Canada is poverty stricken
and that the outlook i.i very grave."
The statemenl i- so utterly false,
that it is hard to understand how
i!   'Mine    lu   he   made   unless pure
malice    was   at the   bottom of   It.
The   Dominion of  Canada has a  Li/n/il   Cnin Cf\      I irt
r  ,1 ini,, „ i «™y<H vMJdp LU., LILJ.
are combined in our new designs in carpets. Our stuck is
cemplete, and Ihe colors rich
anil effective, the designs artistic, and the "tout ensemble"
is striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and ive
hnve never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
► ■^-%^%^^%*a.-%.'*v*v%.'%-%^^%'%'%^'%^%^^v%''%%-v *%.%v i
Fur Agricultural Implements. ('Hrrianes, \V;iK<»ns YAr. , John
Doero Ploughs, Mulino Wagons, Canada Carriage Cnnijiany's
Buggies, Planet jr., n.mleu Sooilers and Cultivators, Wheelwright end Blacksmith Work iittcmlod tn Horse Shoeing a
*>-/* •*-*^^r %y» ts *.%.'f^'%.^'*^s^, '"Jl^.tay-aV^ V^-%.%^.%^♦»-•*• %^
P.    BURfSlS    &    COMPANY,    LIMITED. \
ilKAD OFI.'I'.'F. :   <'Al.li.uiv,   Al.lil ll'l'A. i
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants *
Pork I'm lei- md Dealers in  Live Slock.    M irkels in nil the princi f
nnl Cities aud Towns of Alberla. British Ool Iiiaandthe Yukon. #
Pnckern of ihe Celebrated Brand  "Imperat r" Haiiib and Baton, i
at.i   ,. wi i" 1........1   I.....  I......I ~
Revelstoke Land District-
I>ist.id nf UYht Kootoimv.
Take notice that l. it. Y, Reamy. of Poplar
Creek, M. ('., ooouptvtion Prospootor, Inionna lo
apply for a speolal llcoucu toout and cam
away tlmbor from the following described
1. Comn.onelng at a post planted aboul 200
feet »ui tlio in.rili nldoof Poplar Crock, marked
*'H. Y Heamy'snorth'flasl cori.er post-,"adjoin
ing ihi! west boundary ut Timber Limit No
ill-J, alioul ono uiUowoKtof tlio HvHtsouth
link nf Poplar Creek, thouce weel SOolmins,
tht'iire south 80 chains, thencoeiutt80oliains,
Lhoi.ce north 80 ohalns Lo point of oonnuonoo*
iiirni, Qontatnlug010npres moroorlOKs.
2- Commenolng at u iKist planted about 200
foot on tin- north side of t'ophtr Croek, marked
"B. Y. Iteamy's 8outli*easl oornor posu adjoining tin- wc«i boiuidary of Timber Limit No
H..!'J, nb-ut out! tnil.\\.-t of the first south
fork ot PoplarCreek, Ihence west80ehalns,
ihciK'tj north 80ehainR, tlionoo east 80 ohalns,
thenoo south 80 ohains to point of oomuaonco
ment, containing (Un aoros moro nr loss.
',i. Commenolng ni n posl planted on Lho oust
hank of the sucond south fork of Poplar <'L-t'k,
about one milo un markod "B. Y Boamy'r
uorth-euhl oornor post," thence went 40 chains,
theuce south 160 chains, thenue east 40 chains,
thenco north l&) chuins to point of commence-
int'iii, containing iWu acres moro or less.
4 Commencing at a post planted about 4H
miles westerly Irom the first south fork of Poplar Creek, marked '*B. Y. It< amy h north-west
coiner post," thenoe cost *" chains, thence
Bouth 80 ohalns, thenoe west 80 chains, thenoe
north su chains tu polntof commencement,
containing 040 acres more or Iohh.
6. Coinmoni'ing at a post planted about 4) a
mil(!s westerly from the first smith fork of PoplarCreek, marked "B. Y, Reamy's north-oasl
corner post." tlience west lu chains, thence
couth 100 chains, thence east 40 eh nine, thenoo
norih 160 chains to polntof commencement,
containing Olu acres more or less
0. Commoucing at a post planted about live
miles westerly from the lirst. south fork of Pop-
lur (reek, marked "11. Y. Reamy's south-went
corner pool," thence easl Hi" chains, thence
north 10 chaius, iheuee west UKI chains, thence
south in chains to polnl of commencement, con-
tain ing iiiii acre-" more or less.
Located. I7ih December, 1907.
wed jan 16 B  Y. KKAMY  Locator.
• Sin ii k" Brand Lent Ixll'il.
«V% 1*^.'%-*.^.^ %%^%^%>%^%%^%w*%^*'%'vrk*v%^
Central Hotel
A—.        RFVFl RTflllF   B. C.
Newly built.       First-clasB in every respect.     All modern convenience
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same managenieni
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Ratss $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    A-LEERT      ST03STJE]      .PROF.
Queens ffotel
Best brands ol .Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
RevelBtoke Land Distrlet.
District ot v\c*t Kootenay.
Take notice that I. H. F. Beamy of Poplar.
B,C, occupation Prospector, Intend to apply for
a special licence to cut and carry away timber
from Lhe followiug described land-:
1. Commencing al n post phutt>d on the
west bank of Lusty (nek, maikod "B Y.
Iteamy's son h-ca.-i corner post," aboul 8 miles
southerly from the Lardo rivur, bo ween Itapld
Creek ami Tenderfool (reek, adjolutng Timber
Limit 1I250 running west, thence west pic
chains, M.cnec noun in chains, theuce i ast I (iti
Chains theuce south In chains <o point ot < om
no on ment, coot didng Oluucros more or less,
2. t'unuu ncingat a post planted ontho wesi
bankol Kusty i reek, marked "li. r. Iteamy's
north outtl corner D<tst," aoout i miles southcrlv
irom tho Lardo river between Itapld Chm k and
Tendiifooi   Creik, (heiu'0    west   lOu chaln>,
inence bOOlll U) oliulllb, I hei.ee OOSt Iii"! chain-,
I hence nori It Ij uhailis to point of eoiomeuc< -
ment, coniaiuing Ulu acres more or less.
3. CommeneiuK nl a post planted on the
west bank ol Itusty (reek, marked "M. Y.
iteamy's north wesi corner post," about 8 miles
southerly trum the Lardo river, between Rapid
( reek and 'lendciioot (reek, thence oast 80
chains, Iheuee south 80chains, thenee west&U
chutus, thence north 80 chains to point of cum
luencemeiit, couiainmg til" acres more or leas
Located loth December) iyti7.
wed Jau 15 li. Y. BEAMY, Locator.
Revelstoke Land District.
District uf \\ est Kuoiuiiuy.
Take notice that wo, C U. Woodward and B.
IT, Iteamy, of Poplai Crook, B. C„ occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a special li-
eence to cut and carry away timber frum the
following described lauds:
1. Commcnolngata post planted on the west
hunk uf Poplar < rook, about 0 miles up, marl
ed "O. <>. Woodrow and D. y. Ltoainy'ssoutli
east oorner post*" fuonlng along G. K. Revoll's
north boundary of No. I Timber Lmut 121
thenee west 80 chains, thence north 80 chaii
thenee easl Hi' ohaiiiB, theuce south hu chains to
point of commencement, containing640 aoros
or lens.
2. Coinmonotng at a posl plantod un the
WOBt hank of I'oplar Creek, about .V4 miles up,
marked "C, O. Woodrow and It. Y, Roamys
north-oast corner post, thenee west 80 chain*
along (L B. Hcvell's No, 2 Timber Limit 131811
suuth boundary, LhcilOOBOUth M) chains, tbenee
east Ni chains, theuce uortb bo chains to puint
ui oommeuoement, cuutainiiiK tilu acres mure or
Located 18th December, 1007,
wodjanlfl       c. u. woodrow,
B. Y, UK AMY, Locators
MKri       ki     •' y
.1 1I1I! I.
'      M    I1UHI  lk|.' -.
II    \    IMHiW s    M     ,f K
I hal 1 K..;. u 1 i...i,, kind—
made in Vincouver—Largett
,Huii|i Kiii'lury mi -' ol   W111111-
peg, Hun', ol. lining tod
rathlng arern ij t it h ll i helpi
Ami ilu. money wring i» tha
Premium System
Booklet telli what we .^v' fur
IIuvkI I'mwii W'rrt|i|,i r- -i nd
fur it Ki'i-c \!-. try lhe
1    11.1. ■     cni
upland pi
.nnl   I imoth
. ,.ii ,     ;i hi it    md
feed to offer in i ar
load loi
Dl liVI : ' '! pi
<iii  ri'
CALQARY,   Alto.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
for the   farm,  (iurden,   l.awn
or Conservatory
lull si,I"   \   II I. I   ,'-   ll   |l.,l   ull.llil,. plil'I'N
N" II irw      iVn Hniilo,   Nn fumigation
iu iIiiiii.ij..,.  1.1 k.   Nu windy nijji'iits in
.Hiiiui '.uu     Buy ilinii mul nii|   trepi
and   . L'di I hal gnm .
I.n I /. 1    ll, •!• Sii|i|,lii-,, S|n„v I'liinpsi
Hpnij uu/  M ilmliil, ''ui   Inntvci'M, ulo,
HI.I.   1    ..'.i,;> Imi
lu.lllll nnl ul   II, O,     I'll:
HI     lll>
1.11 ■ nluiiiMi .snd Beid Huiihi'h
VANCOI \ l.l.'.       ...     p. 0,
liijjli ( llllillll-rtluli'
it ivuuiil havo been an bmv matter
Vancouver. B.C
who f.iin  eat Manning1! oandiei
Without liiivinu   Huiiifl   hill"   fi'id
my, ul gratitude lur ilm donor,
nf ooune you'n i;ui lo fight ymir
'••.in love battlei,young man, hut
um ooofeotioni you'll Hod to bo
11 nlruiiK iilly in  yunr  wuiiihk
's Candy Palace
iii,|,''i  ,     .       1prn1.nl
I In uk  .,1   l',i ii |ah (ulsiiulii.i
Ni, ul.s (lr.nl u,'l ' Ink*
, '.Imii. V.i.i l'i nil  ,hi,|   |,n(i,l
II,.mil    I
li.iv.il tin In
t'lunli",  l)ioknn"
.si.vi uu
Ilu un
l*i*i nn
.'1 urn kinds o
an 1
l'ii'.t-t l.r.-,  t lovcrj .uui Timothy   I lay   1 11   sale,    Also  al
luu,Uui Produce.
Itcvelatoko I.uml nimriri.
I'lsui,'! ill Must Hunt .'liny.
Ink.' iinili'ii Unit 1, It. ,1 I'uiks, nl A rruii In-ii'l,
B.C . liiDilnriiiiiii, iiili'ml tu ii|i|ily f'si 11 ajmi'liil
Umber UcQDOQ uver liiu following ilimurlbeii
CommoiiolnB at a post pUnto i at um huiiiIi-
weitoornor «.f Tlmbor limit No. 11171, mui
markod "it. J.Parka1 norln*oaatoorner noil"
tbeuooBoutu iiaii-iiaiiis, ihonoe wast iu onatna,
thenco norlli imir mna, in„>, .-,• .-usi m iinun.-.
to i...itis_ iii oommoni'i'mont.
Dalod Deo, nth, 111117.
Weil Jan IB I), Uowar, Ah.uiI
Itiivi'l-lultii Lnnil Dlstriot.
IIUtl'li:tll(  W«Sl 111.1,1,'llllv.
'I'nkii ii'itii-n Unit w , tlm Liiiiili-WiitHiin Linn.
nor t'litiii'iiuy   Limited,of arrowhead, ll n,
oooupatluu L Iii'iiiiiin, iiiimiii  n, u|i|iiy i,,r
nermlulou u. loose tin. tetlowliiy deserlbod
ti,rii.i,,,iii, i,1,1111: pari "I inn bresnorool ualena
liny, lur inituiiiK purposes!
1 iiiiiuiuiiiiiiiK ut 11 posisorllml i.,.iui, u,,i „,,,
Lumber Co," |,lnni,,,l m u,,, H. W. iiirnur nl
L11I111117, thenoe soutbwestorl* fpllowing nigh-
iviilnr murk, 11 ili.,linirn,,l 1111 ,• 1,1,1,,..
Dnliiil tin ..mill il.,)' ,,1 11. 1,. i„.i, 11107.
Lamii-Wathon I.i mui 11 Co, L'l'i...
Jiiniiiiiii iiyo. 11. N. Wilkin, Agent.
Itevolstokp i.:n"i in .in. 1
District of Woai Koolouoy,
Toko noil n Him a 11. Johnston ol Poplar
Crook, oooupatlon MeroiianLintundslo upiiiy
l,H'U.|i ''inl lloollL'O 1.0 OUl uml I'lii'iy iitvuy iiiii
in r from ilm following doscrll ed landsi
1 'illlliirlli'llIK   III,    11   poet   |,|„|||,..|    ul,,,,,]   pj
inllosiip Poplar Croofcl 1 Poplar townsUo,
I'ulilng for the south'oasl cprnor uf 'I'luibcr
Limn vim, mnrkod 'A. O. Jolin.lon's soulh
wos oornor post," thenoo eaat SO chains, Minna'
mn ih wi ohains, lliobco wosl wi ohalns, tlionoo
south wi nlmhi-i in point nl ,1,111111,.|i,.,.in, ni
oontalnlnii liiu aoros moro «r liw.
Looalea 18th Deo,, iihjt.
a. 11. JOHNSTON,
wed Jan III
11. ft in iy, Agiint.
1.1.'Ill    W'l-I   l,l,:in
Miiivi. lulijeol i" i..t,II1 sun 1 .mi.
l'i , ipnolH eg  'md  pnrttciiliiri  onn
corning any nl  tlitiBo (lunipanlsi nn
applii iilinu.
MuKuu/iii Avuiiuu, Kuvi'lelukv.
FllONT   STRRKTi       Kl'.l i.i sidki
|BP .,
 1 ilnads,
Anliiiiil., It Ir* I
Aiiiin'il linns Mountett
I'   (I   Bus III,
Htllillu:   OiuniT 'if First St, ll'lil||lnyl« A.»,
Itsv.lstiiks, B. '
llovi I inki, 1.11ml Dlstriot,
Dlstriot ol wosl lioiiiiiiiiiy,
Tukini'.iii'i Mui L Donald Dowaral Arrowhead,
..'■'.1 lulu.111 nilsi-r, Inl. n.i l.iin|,iil) lur ■ *.-i 1,,, .,.i..u
la purahasellie following ileicrlboil lantf1
C sncbiB in tin' suuth ii i»i oomer of Lot
'■ll1   Urnnp 1, in suiil ■ it, ii„  weitsti
olialns, Hi,11, „ norlli IN pbalus, thenee west 80
olialns, Ihsnos south id chains, Uience unsiiu
I'IiiiIiis, Ilii'iui. Hurl ll'/ll nlliillls tu piiinl uf i;ni,|.
in Man  lllll, ii.iK.
umlJaniB DDIUI.I) DHWAlt,
Certificate  of Improvements
Big Hope Km, 1H,11 Ml,,,-nil 11,um, .ilium, in
II.'   luiil  l.,.ku Ml g Division nlKiio ,11
|ii-irl,.|.   iviu-rii .iinlnl    I'onlnrgrook,
1 .I... mu I... uml I, Charm. John ,\iin» Now.
Ion I'.ulli.), nl Nplaoii, ||i'„ Ini. Mini 1 s I 1 ni
II mi. Vi .mill ll. inleml, almy days from dati
hsri'of, tu apiil) to the Mining Bwonter foro
1'i'rilHoali ..1 luiprovomente, lur ilm purpija.' ol
obtaining .11 rown Onnl .,* the ibove 1 lalm
Ami   lurtllT  Ml.1    In,Hi,. Uml 11. Il.iii, 1111 101
uml inu r.. mu.1  Ui 1 uiiiini.in,ri bofore tin.
is-iinnu. 1,1 iuoi 1 .-iiin.ni. .,i ImprvvemonU.
1 .led thu 8.b day 01 January, ah. uu,
wdjanli ij. J, A. N. PADLKY,
Cariboo Land Distrii t,
District o( Caribno.
Tako not ieo Umt I, Noil MoKacbom of Rov«
olKtoko, ocoupation Timber Cruiacr, Iutend to
apply Cor epoclal tlmbor Hoqiiouh over the foi-
luvvhu do>cribod lands:
1. CouimenoInK nl a l,n;t planted about3
niilrs cul of Dor« Creek p «i nbout4| miloa
Bouth "t Kriuor Rivor anti markod "Nell Mo*
IvhImtd's HOiitli-rnHi, oornor." tlfimo westso
cbams thenoe north 80 olialns, thonoo cist su
I'luiins t in in-' sunib 8TI ehaltiA to point o( com*
moncetncnl. ooutalninu Blu aorea tnoro or loan.
2. Conitnenotng at. a pott planted about 3
miloHoM of Doro Croek andab ut4W miloa
aouth of tfrasor rivor and marked Noll Mo*
Kackorn'a aouth weat oornor," thenoo oast bO
ohahia, thenco north So ohains, thonoo wost 80
'■hains. thonco south BOrhatna to point nf com*
iiiiiici'iiH iu, containing GH' aores tporo nr lean.
3. Commencing al a pnsl planted about4
miloa oast of Doco Creek and alhini I. miles
Bouth of Ifraser rivor and marked "Nail Mc-
Kailirrn's sumh wost corner," thOUOO oiistBQ
ohains, tlicnoo north 80 chains thenoo west 80
chains, tlionoo stmt b 80 cliains to point of cont-
munudtnent, oontalnlng iJiu ucros muro or loss.
I. Commouoiug at a post planted about 4
milesoaatof Doro Ctcokaud about41 miles
south of Kraser river and marked "Neil Mu*
KaclnriiH north-west corner " thenoo Month 40
ehains, thenee cast 160 chains, thonce uorth i'i
ohalns, thence west liiu ohains to [luintof com-
■neucomcni, containing 640 aero- more or less
6. Commonolng at a post planted about 6
miles oast of Dore ('reek anil about 1 miles
south of Kraser river ami marked 'Nell Mo*
Kaihern's north west, corner" thence south 40
chains, thenco east 160chains, thenee north 40
ohalns, thenee west Iti) obalni] to point of commencement, cool.liniiiK till! acreK more or lens.
0. Commonclng at' a post plained about 5
miles cast of Doro Creek and aoout. 4 miles
south of Kraser river and markod "Neil Mo*
Kachern's south*west corner," theuce north 40
ohalus, thonoo east um ohatns, thenco sum h in
chains, thenco wo&t 160 ohalns lo point of com
mencement, couUiinint; 6)0 aerea more or lesa.
Located Deo, 18th, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted about 2
miles wist of Dore Croek ana about4miles
south of Kraser nver and marked "Neil Mo*
Kachern's t>outh*west oorner," thenoo north 80
chains, iheneo east  tit) chains, Ihence moiih in
ohatns, thouce west 80 chains to point ol oom*
mencement, eontainiiiK tiln acres more or less.
6. Commencing at a post planted about 4
miles west of Dure Croek and about 3M miles
Bouth of Kra-ei- river and marked "Neil Mo*
I'.iiehern's Uorlh'WOSt corner," lliunce south 40
ohalns, theme easl 100 ohalus, thonoo uorth It)
ChaitiB, thenee west liiu ehains to point ut com*
tiiriu'i'iiieiii, contalniug 340 aires more or l<»ss.
9. t ommcnciug at a post planted uboui 4
miles w< fi of Dore Creek and aboul :ca miles
south of  Krasor rivur and marked "Nell Mo*
Ktieliein's BOUth'WOst corner,' thenee norih 10
< hains, ihence east pit) chains, Uience  houth 11)
uhalns, thenco wost LOO ohains tu poiut of com*
mouoemont, COntoiniug OIO acres mure or less,
in. Commonclng at a post plauted about 4
miles cf iion: Creek uud tboutSW miles south
of Krasor river aud marked "Neil MolCaoheru's
nonh-east, corner," ihence south in chain--,
Uience west liiu   chains, Iheneo nuilh Pi chains,
thenee cost 100chains to point of ootnmeuoo1
mentj oontalnlug 040 acres more or loss.
II, Commencing at, a post planted about 4
miles west Of Dore Creek and about 3J.j miles
Bouth of Kraser rivet and marked "Neil .Me-
Kachoru's Bouth-east corner." theuce north 10
ohalns, thence west 160chains, theuce miulIi pi
uhalns, tbonoe east 160 ohalns to puiut. ot oom*
mom ement, containing 640 aoros mure or leas,
Located Dec 19th, I1W7.
12. Commencing ai a post plantod about ;t
miles west uf Dure Creek and atiuiitU mdes
BOUth Of Kraser river and markod "Nell Me
Kachern's SOUth*Wost corner," thuuee north &0
ohalns, thenoe east 80 ohalns, thenee soulh so
ohalns, thenco west 1*0 chuins to point of commencement, containing 040 acres muru or less.
13. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles west of Dore < 'reek and about ti mdes
suuth of Kraser river aud marked \Nuil Me*
Kaehern'H south •cost coiner," thenoo north 80
ehaliiH, thenee wesi bV chains, iheuee south &0
chains, thunoe ca»L t>0 ehains to point ol com*
moiiceuicid, euniaining Otu acres moro ur ler-,
14: Commencing at a pu.it planted atamt 4
miles west of Dore Crook and about AM mhos
south uf Kraser river and marked "Noil Mc-
Kachern'a UorUi-east corner," thence south 40
chains, ili.'ini' wi-si n;. ehains, thenee north P>
chuu^, thenco Oast 100 chains iu point of com
mencement, containing tilo OCl'OS more or Iok^.
i.i. Commonolng nt u post, pi mtod about 1
miloa west of Dure creek uud about 6ft miloa
south of Fraser river and marked "Neil Mo-
Kaooern's south east corner," thenoo west nio
Ohalns, thouce DOrth iU chains theuce easl ion
ehains, thonoo BOUth to chains to polltt of oom-
monoomont, cuuuuuing inn aoros muru or less.
10. Commonolng at a post plauted near Mue-
Intush Creek andahoiiL3i miles soulh uf Krasor
liver and marked "NollittoKachorn's uurlheabt
i orner," thouce south 1*0 chains, ihence west Hi
chains, ihence north 80 ohains, thence nasi bo
cnaius to point uf cuinuifncumeiit, containing
Oil' acres muru or less,
Located Due. 30th, 1007.
17. Commonolng at a pust plant ed near ilu:
'Jhrco Milu Husurvo Lluu on tho north side of
Kraser river and lying norlh or where the Uoat
rivur empties unu the Kraser rivor, marked
"Noil MeKuuhoru's south-west oornor," thuuee
east mi chains, theuce north bO chains* tbonce
west 80 ohains, Iheneo soulh 60 ohalus io point
of commencement, containing Oie acres moro
ur less,
18, Commencing at a post planted 3 DlUei
norlh of Kraser river and lying north of where
Coal rivur empties into hraser river, marked
"Noll Melfiaohorns south-east corner, thenoe
west 80 ehains, thonco nurlh &u chains, thencu
cast mi ohalns, thonoo Mmih 80 ohatns to point
of •unmirii* eon in, euniaining OP) acres more
ur loss,
10. Commencing at u post planted 3 mllos
north uf Kraser river and ahum 2 milus wost of
Victoria Crook, maiked "Noli McKuchurir*
south'Wost corner, ihooio east uu onalns,
thenee norlh H<( chains, thoncu wost BO chaius,
thenco suuth bO < hams to puint of icuuimoucc*
ineid, Containing OIU acres inuru or Iom
80, Commencing at u ptml planted Bft mllos
nurth ul Krasor river aud about 2 miles Must uf
Victoria Uroek, marked "Noll iMajKaehoru's
nuutheurL curlier," thonco went liki ihalns,
thonco north 4u chains, ihuiico oast LOO Ohalni,
thenoo suuth   iu elutlns to point uf  commenco-
m* ot, < milumiiiK Mn ii* r,', moro ur loss,
I-ileal.i| Dei. flst, UNI',,
To II   !•'   It.iiiiiiy, Mrs. A.  II. Nook uml IJ. V.
Biillml.or  10   WbOmsuOVer   tlmy  iiuDl,,,,,
ii.n. i.nI...I 11,,,,, unorostii
'r.,i,i, niitifu, iiini. wn, um un.I.., I,.I,,.,i ,.,,-
owners with you in   luiiuwuoi    ,,u,.,,,
olalnu, vu..: \iviuiiV i.ii. i. No, l,Vivlaui
Duou Nu. 8, Viviun's l,n< i. No, :i, yiruu'i i^uui,
No, J, Vivian i Luok No. I, Vivian i i.uuii No. 0,
md tbo Silver Uruwu   u u, < ..,, m.,,,,,
..nn. I Isniil .Minim:   D|VlalllU<il   Wosl Kiiolll-
ii.iy Dislriot ol ilm I'i 11, ,i|. „,,t l:,ni i, i ,,|nm
Inu, Iiiivo iluiio Um rwiiilriiil work on tlm ulmvo
 ni I unu I  uIiiiiiih lor Um your uniting
October ifjtb, lunl, in order to bold ilio  u
uiiiini S.ii'li..i, ill i,| ll,. J| in„I,, I Ant.
Ami I iirllmr liiku not it-,, nun if .iiilnu iHi.inyi,
Irum tho llmt publication of thu. notice, you lull
or refuse to contribute your pom, u nf such o»-
I'liii.liiiiiu, i..,:..!l,„. win, ||„ op.luf ilm. iniiur-
ll-ioiiiiiiil, your liitoiii...!. iu tlao ,|M mUietll
cliiliin, will buciiino tho prii|n,rly uf the umlor
Malum, iiuiiur rlui'lioii Kill ol lho Mnuiriil Alt.
liiiiml nt CiiiiilH.riin, B.C., tills 2lal ilily ol
.l.iliiiiil",,   I'.SIH
Iiiil iill II) JOIIN.-I )N,
IIHl/JUH 1'Olllllllt,
sat jau Ai Uoowners,
Hovolstukc I.iiii,I Dislriot.
lu. ui. l..1 Musi Koolsuav.
I i.k. ii.,n,.,. ii,.., I, j. ||, Young,ul i:omii|ili \
III ill' I |i|.,|,|||.|, ll, lllllllll liiiimiiyio ii,,, I,,,.|
i .hiiiui -IUUS..I ul l.amln ami Wiirka l.u i. ».,,..
.nil nu.....i llooi.no lu rui ami luirry awny
iiiiibi'i irom tut: i,.il.iii ii,K iluacrlbuil lauilai
I, lloiniiiciinlug at a pnsl pluutuil ami ,i,|.
Joining Ills m.nn rn..i iiuriiol "I Ltollllg anil
mini,...i ",i.11.Young'ssoutli-eutoornif pust,"
ami hiiuaioii about U mil.,  iinrih-ui.nl ul tno
I.....I ul tin' aim ol .lium I tiki., iti,-,,,.- wunikU
obalni, ibsnoo Dortblo obalni, thenco cut w
obeltiii iiii'iii.'o suiiiii mi obalni in iiuiuu,
pomnenoenioni. :..,. aun.a muru .,r
8, uuniinoui'iiig iii ii poit planted and ad-
loiuing tba norib-easl corner ... loi iin,,,,,!
iii,ir«i..i'.j.ii.)..ii„ti» tuuih-euloorner,1 mui
situated about.1. Mile luillli-iiu I o| Uic huail
nl inn arm ul sirn ' nk , linn,,, ,, .,,,, -,,,
I'iiauis, iIiimiuii i'osi a.i iluiins, ilii'iii'i, ...nu, si,
.■iiains, ibenoe wmi iu obaibi to point ol uom.
iiiiMii'iiiinn, containing MuaiToa moru nr lusa
Land December ailrd"|Bu7, ""•'
salJuu II
Our Suits
at $18 and
\Y/E advertise these lines
" much—for it is hard
to say just what you wish to
pay. And these Suits serve
to illustrate our ability and
our values. Let us show you
the different models for
spring—note the prices on
the labels—and you will
readily recognize why Fit-
Reform garments set the
standard for value-giving
in Canada.
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Chinese Groceries nnd all kinds nf Fruit and Vegetables.
"Board by WeeK,
Mackenzie Avenue.
J  ' '->-    " ' "'" ■■■■»"■
Best Local Grown.
Fruit Trees for Spring Planting
Musi suitable varieties for lliix soil and climate. One and Two
fear-Olds. Prices 100 and under 26c, each; over 100 20o. each.
Varieties ares   Duchess,   Qravenstein, Jeffery, Wealthy,  .Mcintosh
I Red, Winter .St. Lawrence, Laurence, Jontthan, King, Northern Spy,
New York Wine, Red Cheeked Pippin. SpitZenberg, Salome, Wagner,
W'nesap, Newtown, Pippin. York, Imperial Apples.
up, .Newtown, Pippil
Hyslop and Transcendent Orabs,
Older- Received hy
Vs»«*».»pMs*aMBBjBB»SBaM»     ii     ...      ■sas-sssaaassalj^ mmm**mS
looorporated by Act cf I'arlia neut, 1853.
Wm. Mdi-son MactPHERSON, Pies. S. If. HwiNo,_Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two   branches  in   Canada   and   Agencies   in   all   parts of lhe
interest credited four times a year at, current rales on Havings
Hank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvelhtokk, B. C.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
REVBL8TOKB1  3=1. O.
Ili'Vt'lhliiHi' Lnnil lilsirirl.
District of VVasl Kooliiiiny,
Take Dotlaa tbat 1. C. 0. wnixirow of i'ii,,iu,-
t'l'l.rk,   U.O.i oi'l'llll.lllon   l'l'OH|ll.'r.lot', lllltillil lo
iiliplj for ii i....nn liiiennii to mil ami oarrr
i.ivuy tuiilirr (iiiiii tlm following tliisorlliisl
1. t'ouiiiii'liciliK ul   ii   poi|   pliintuil iibtiul. I
in ii.- u ii tho Hist Hiiutti imk of Poplar Crook on
'■u-l lnnil. iul.iliiiiIiik Tltnlii'i' Unlit No. Illlill, on
Ilu' wail lioiiiiiliii'y, timikijil "tl O, U'i.iiiIi'uw's
north.i-iisi cornor poit, thonoo houi.Ii iiiiiolialns,
lluii.'i' iviist III I'IiiiIiis, I lumen nortli lllll i'IiiiIiis,
I Ii.'Iii'.i   I    III i'i,.mis to pollll   l)f   rulllllM-nrr
lnnil.uiint'ilnliiKHI" 'I.'.."' moro or loss,
2. I'.iiiuiu'ii.iiiii nt ii post pliuili'il on thu
wiihI, bunk of tlio lirst .oulh furk of 1'iiplur
Oroek, nb,..ii :i mlkm tip, tttljnliiing Tiiiilmr
Limit No, iii'.n.'. on tin- small boumlary. mar.nil
"tl, 0, Wooili'ow's noil ii nr,.i oornir pust,"
thonco mint K*l ohnlns, thinicii soiil.li Wl iihultiH,
Ihutico wt'Hl hii ohuliiH, lliunun north HO t-liiiin* lo
point of I'limmiinciimtinl, coiitiilnliin lllll ucroa
more oi' I	
i,uiiu...i iwh Dooomber, us>7.
wosj Jan 1» 0i O. WOODROW, liitmtui'.
Union Lumber Company Takes
Over Seven Plants.
Winmi'hi;, Munch 10—Application
haa just been made to the Manitoba
Government fur a charter lor the Union Lumt'er Company, Limited, wilh
« oapital etook of 110,000,000, $5,000,-
000 of which is to he preferred stock
and $5,000,000 common stick.
Tne incorporators are S. H. Bow-'
min, president of the Bowman Lumber Company; G. F. Piper of the Piper,
Johnson and Case Company; F. E.
Kenatiton, president ol lhe Minneapolis Threshing Machine Company;
E. C. Warner, pietident of tlie Midland Linseed Oil Company; and Walter IJ. Douglass ol the American
Ceren I Company of Chicago, all residents of Minneapolis, Minn ; O. A.
Kobeitflon, president and F. B. Lynch,
secretary of the Red Deer and the Elk
Lumber Companies, and F. G. Barrows
bunker, nil of St. Paul, Minn ; J. Stanley Hough, of Hough, Campbell and
Ferguson, barristers, and G. F. Gult of
G. F. and J. Gait, Winnipeg.
The incorporators announce that
the new company will take over properties ot the Red Deer Lumber Company, Elk Lumber Company, Sunset
Timber A Lumber Company, Yule-
Colonibiu Lin ber Company and
Bowman Lumber Company, which
includes in aggregate seven complete
plantB and more than three hii.ion
leet of standing timber.
The plants taken over include some
of the best sawmills in British Cilum
Ida. The well kunwn Red Deer Lum-
uer Company's mill is at Barrows, one
ul the most modern and best equipped
mills in Canada. The large mill of
the Elk Lumber Company at Fernie,
B.C., is probably the only mill in lhe
Country built of concrete, and is one
ot the largest in Western Canada.
The Bowman Lumber Company's mill
at Comaplix, B.C., is a large new mill
just completed. The other mills,
while not so large, are oompiete in
eviry respect, and are located at Nelson, Cascade. Revelstoke and Wtstley,
B. C. Another large mill will be
erected in the future, making eight
plants iu all controlled by the company. S. H. Bowman will be president
and general manager ol the r.ew company. He is one of the pioneer lumbermen of Minnesota, having been
engaged iu the buuiuess for thirty
years. The ollice ol the new company
will be at the present location of the
Red Deer Lumber Company, Winnipeg. The company expects to be able
to handle the output of the entire
-even mills at about one-third the
cost it now takes to handle them
IN   THK    COUNTY    I'OtlltT    OK    WICHT
A. I'I II Kl N,4. |i„, in,,.,.. I.
IN THK MATTKIt Off   THK "Ul'l'lr    I, Al)
MIN IHI"! ATI lit*' A*T."
Tulii. ni'i ion thai bv Order ol in- Bpnpi P, it.
Wilson,    I,'Iiiiii  .Iiiiluo.    In  Hn'   '-'.'illsihiy uf
l*iiliilliiry, Itsis.   1   wns iip|ii,liili.,| ml ilrntur
of ilm ssln ii ol n.i ll. A Perkins, deceased,
uml nil purlins liiivlna rliiuns igalnsl IIiii sni.l
nsl iiiii ii rn linrnliy rii.|iiiri..l lu furnish .inns pru-
pnrly vnrlllnil I., mu un ur biifurn I lin Sill .lay uf
lla ri-li. I it hi   Ami nil parties Indebtod t..snlil
iisI.iiIn urn ri'ijllirml tu puy liiu iiiiii.nut nf tl.uir
Iniliibti.ilnnss lu uin Inrlliwiili.
OKI). H   Miit'AIITI'lt,
oilliiial Administrator,
iiiiin'1 ilm win .lay of Fsbraiqr, limn.  Ran
MAHY ANDBRB0N, Deceased, Intwtsts,
Tukn nulini) thnt by Onlnr nf Ills Bono, I'. K.
Wilson, L..I.. iiiiula tlm X'.tl. l.j ..I Kob-iiari,
MUI), 1 was iipi uliiliiii iiijiniiil.triilnr nl Um os-
lutiiof in.! M.ry Auilorsoii, ilncsiiss,.!, iiii.I all
pnrtiiiH IiuvIiik oiiiinia iianlnst tlm saiil u-tut.'
ni,. luu.-by r.iijuirnil In furnish un.. pr..parly
i..i ili.nl lo tun ou or linfnrii lllst ilny of March,
lis*. Ami nil purlins liiiiebtoil to anlil e-tnlu
urn rn.|iiirnil to puy the iniiruiit of tbeir Iti'leht-
-,.|i,"    to inn forlliwith.
OKI). ». Mi-i'AltTKll.
mil,'i,.1 Administrator.
Dilleil Hi" Uth ilny of lolirll.iry, ItKltl.   w I2i| S
Till IM IS Mi'NAUUHT, DtOOlnd,
Tak*nptlo*thai brOrder6( Hi. Bqngi f* i;
Wilson, I. J., made Che Bill .Iny ..f Knl.ru,,,,,
IH.S, I wn- Bbpulnled ,i,l.uun.tnil<.r of tn.
oslliti' uf M.li,l 'I lu.m.l- Mi-N.1 ilsrlsl. .|i'i-nn-«,l, ,,i,i|
ill pnrt ins hevlnit'litmi iselnit tho isid eeuie
ur>. hiiruby ri..|ilirn.l lo fu in.h ISOIO pmperl]
vnrllin'l In mo ni, ur baton tbo .11 l ,1a) ,,(
M.,,,1. i'",'. Ai.l all imrini-. Indebted In i aid
as nln urn required to I'iii Ilia nni.uint of lluur
liulnbtniiiiass 10 inn forthwith
lll'.ll  H. MiUAItTKH.
Dlll.'liil A.l.iilnlslrator
lliit.i.l Ihn £>th .Iny of Kabriuiry, lis*.       tbi :it
MARRIED rui'l'I.E wan iill n
In   hull'I  ii iiiiii li —Apply I"
Columbia Agent Im Limned.
$50,000,000 RELEASED
Knickerbocker  Trust Co. will
Re-open This Month.
NEW YORK, March 10.—Marking
the advent of another progressive
period in the era of reconstruction in
the Unsocial and industrial world,
was the order granted on Saturday by
Mr. Justice Clark, in the Supreme
Court, Stateu Island for the reopen-
iug on March 2tith next, of the Knickerbocker Trust Company, wIiofc suspension Inst October following a two-
days' bank 'run'' involved the savings
of nearly 20,000 depositors, brought
the president of the institution, Chas.
T. Barney, to his death iu a sensational
manner, and precipitated such an un-
settlement of public confidence that
the panic of 11)07 resulted. The reopening of the Knickerbocker Trust
Company, in accordance wish plans
for ita rehabilitation prepared after
four nn .istin" labor hy a committee of
depositors, will release to lhe welfare
of lhe community, assets aggregating
|48,87i),680, The granting of the resumption order was rcllectod in a
stuiirt advance in lhe value of securities   today   on   the  Stuck Exchange
"The reopening of the Knickerbocker Truit Company," declared Mr. Jas.
Russell Holey, of counsel fur the Depositors' Committee tonight, "will
have a stimulating cll'ect, not only
upon the local financial situation, but
upon every financial centre on the
globe. It is tha best thing that baa
happened since the panic."
Says the British Columbia Fruit
Exhibit Was Great Success.
R. M. Palmer, provincial horticultural commissioner, who has been iii
the old country for the past five
months in the juiciest of British
Columbia, has returned to Victoria.
As is commonly known, Mr. Palmer's mission in Great Britain bad to do
specially with the displays of fruit
from this province, which have been
made under his supervision in a great
many ol the most important rural
constituencies of the old land.
The making of these exhibits in
Ureat Britain was inaugurated three
years ago, and Mr. Palmer says that
tlie cumulative advantage of these
past efforts to enlighten the old country f )lk as to the horticultural resources of British Columbia was evident in the increa-cd interest everywhere manifested in the shows this
Iu .'tl Iition t the testimony of the
exhibitions themselves, an active lee
turing empaign was undertaken this
season with great success, Martin
Burrell having looked after this feature of the work. Mr. Bun-ell was
still in England when Mr. Palmer left,
but is expected home about March 10.
Mr. Palmer, woo made a brief visit
to Revelstoke on Saturday last, says
that all the fruit forwardetl for exhibition purposes iva» kepi, in excellent
condition throughout, which is re-
narkable when it is considered that
it was stored at Liverpool for over
four months
"Wherever exhibit* were made or
lectures given,' said Mr. Palmer, "ive
f mud the people interested and desirous of learning more about British
i olumbia." There were mai y points
where, for various reasons, exhibits ol
Iruit could nut be made, and these,
Mr. Palmer says, were reached by tbe
lecturing t :urs, assis'ed by displays of
fruits in small sample lots.
Mr. Palmer believes there is a great
field for futu:e work iu the lecture
tours, which proved such a decided
success this season. There is so much
territory to be gone over in tbe British
Isles that it is impossible to do more
tnan touch the frings of it in the
course of a few months. The lantern
slides, which were used for illustration
purposes, were gteatly admired everywhere, and this feature offers opportunity for enlargement in tho   future.
To the Revelstoke Public
Restaurant and Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street, - East End
Munufttcturud   for all olaflBOI of buildings
for Miln iii large or stiinll quantities
Ht tlio lowest prices for cosh.
building and plastering
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Closes Firetrap Schools.
Ci.kvklani), Ohio, March 10.—There
is to be no repetition of the Collinwood school disaster in Cleveland if
the city authorities can prevent it As
a result of the awful lesson impressed
on the city last week, one school alleged to be unsafe, has been closed.
Ihe large Mayflower school, where
liiindri ds ul children assemble dully,
is ordered closed for repairs.
tin lhe very day of  the  Collinwnnil
horror an Investigation  ol  Cleveland
schools   lo   so,,   lhat   tbey   wete safe
mis siarted, It is Intimated thut other
schools may Ih- closed until alterations
ars> iniide
Rovelatoko Cigars Union Made Our
Speolal, The Union, and Maroa Vualta
are ahead of all othera.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. Joh
Nnl, Feb, 211. Lk. Miiiiilnliii
Fii. Midi. (I.    Kmp. Ireland
Hat. "     11. I,k.<'Inn,.plain Feb at
I'VI. "     20. I'lmp. Iti'itiiin   Mch. II
Hat. "      2H.  Lake  Brie.           "   II
Winter Season From St. John
1st, Class mil. Class ,ird. Class
$8o no       $4     o       $iH 75
ISli Class 2nd. t'lass 3rd, Class
$6j oo       $41 50       $27 50
otiii'.h i.akk Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd, Class
$.|,S on       $27 50
Cheap rales lo Allanlic Senium rd
points In connection with steamship tiekelH
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other confine tal ports,
Por further Information apply to
T. W. Brad-haw,    E. J. Coyle,
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke'8 FIRST
Good work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Silk and Fancy Work Ironing a Specialty
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
,1. 0. HUTCHISON, Pi-op.
SO MOW & JIM SAM, Props.
Open Day and
Special attention  given   to
Supper Parties it banquets
Meale, 25c.        Meal Tiokete, $8.60
OPPOSITE   V. M.   O.   A.
Meals at all Hours
Everything Up to Due
Stewart McDonald. - Mgr
D raying
Stora/p e
All Kinds of Light and  H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal anil  Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Revelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay.
Take DOttoo that I.O, 0. Woodrow nf i'onlnr
B. C-. oooupatlon Promiieetor. intend to apply
for ft speriiil licence to cut and carry away timber from the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about I of a
mile southerly from i.tn- -_'7 mile board on tin;
G-P.B.railroad adjoining Timber Limit ii^i
on west boundary, and the -out h boundary of
Timber Limit s:ta, marked "O. o. Woodrow'a
nortb*east corner posts." thenoe west 80 chains,
thence ..outh .30 obains, thonoo east .so chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of oommenoe*
ment, eontftinliiK 01m acres more or lest*.
Wated lot h Dec. 1907.
wed jan 15 C. O. WOODROW, locator,
Canadian 1'urillc Railway Company has this
day deposited in the District l-nml Hej-i-t ry
Otlice at  Nelson, iu   tho  province of   British
Columbia a plan profile and book or roferuncu.
showing it proposed braneli line from tho Hov
elstoke Smeli.t Spur to ('. II. Hume A Com*
[i.iny's warehouse, situate iu the City of Kevelstoke iu the province of British ('olumbia
aforesaid: and that the said Cauadlan I'acillc
Hail way Company will, us soon after the expiration of four weeks from the first publication
of this Notice as the application can lie hoard,
apply to thu Hoard uf Kailwuy Commissioners
for ( auada for approval of tho said branch line
iu accordance with thu provisions of thu Hallway Act,
Mated   this   fifteenth  day of  January, A.D,,
It.   MAKI'OI.K,
sat feb 22 im        (.onoral Executive .Assistant.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo.
Take notice that 1. Alexander Moltue I.ati
mer of Kevelstoke, occupation Cruiser, Intend
to apply for a special timber UconOfl over the
followingdescrihod luudn:
1. Commenolng at a put planted on the
right bank of Little Hmoky Hiver. about one
mile from the mouth, thuuee west PHI chains,
Ilieuee north 10 chains, Iheuee east UK) ehains,
theuce south 4<> chains to point of commencement and contuiniiiK H40 acres more or lest*.
2. Commencing at a print planted ou the left
bank of Little Smoky Kivnr, about one mile
from the mo.ith, thouce oast Pit) chains, thenee
north 40 cliains, thonco west Ulu chains, thence
Houth 40 chains to point of commencement and
cntihi iniiii: iilu acres mure or h;
X. CouimanciiiK at a post planted ou ilio
ri(-lit bank of Little Smoky Hiver about I1,
mill's from thu mouth, theuce hid chains west,
thouce north 40 chains, tlieucu oust Pin chuins.
thuuee south 40 chain'' tnisiiutof commencement and containing <1M> ftoroi moru or less.
J, i i,nunmiii-iii,". nl a post planted on tho left
hank or Little Smoky Hirer about IJ mile*
f uin the mouth, thenee BAlt UUI chains, thence
uorth 40 chains, them o west 160 chains, thence
south 40 chaini to (stint of commencement uml
cunt annul/t'l'i acres more or loiet.
B, Coninioncliitf at ■ poit planted on tho left
bank of I.n tin Smoky Kivor. .tbout 2 m i Im from
the moulli, thuuee oast HO chums, thenco north
80 ohaiuH, tlieucu west BO chuins, tbflDCfl south
HO chains to pniiii of couiiiioii'iimeiit, ami con-
imniiiK n(n Hi-Mi ■ moro or lass,
tl. CommencinK at a poit pluuled on the huhl
bunk ol I.mi In Smoky Hiver, ibout - miles imiu
the mouth, thenc* wn i HO ■ hains, theme north
M0 chains, theuce oast HO chaini., theuce south ho
chains to point of commencement. Containing
(WO acres moro or loss.
Dated Dee. 17th. 11107.
DOCTOR   ii.
1 Don't   do   n
till ynu si'., i.'lmirly
Imst by alii ut
U  \f II       I     wluil" Imst ...	
"I'lushlights on Human Nature"
on hc.ill li, disease, love, marl I ago and pa«on1ng<
Telle whatrou'd ask ftaootof.Tjut tJoVtlikoTo
240 |i/i«c.., iUiimI rated, Scents; bill, hi mi. ,,.|.,-.,,
It we Nund une onlj to any adult, fur puntaue
10 cents. '
\Z9 lait a»th Strettt, NIW VONK.
IHvelHtokc Land IHstrhM,
lilsirirl ui West Kooteuav.
Take notice that I, I' O Hirnusa, of Nakuipi
Kree Miner, Intend tea ply lor special llccn-
COI to cut timber from the fnllowInK duscrlhed
1, CninmmieliiK nt it puxt plBDttd about 100
riinlH Irom punt of T, u, 13.340 and running
'.until Imi rinilns, thenre west lu chains, tbtUOO
north HUlchaluH, llicme east -lo i-lialun to point
of commencement.
3, CoiniiieuclUK  at  a i <  planted on (ho
north.wi-1| curlier of I.halt Ne 1 mol rinniliu-
ivc«t HUchaliiN, thenee nerh hii ehaliiH, thence
Oalt mu ehul us, tlieucu south m elial un to pel u l
ni I'oiiimcneumeut.
II t omiiiem luu w. a i*'"-i phtuteil on or near
the H. W, comer of I. I. No. 74iu, and rtiiinititc
south 80 chains, ibflnoQ fillh ihaliii, tnonnl
north Ml chains, them e woll Hti OhtlUI to point
<>f I'oiiiuioui'.eiueiil.
Haled boo, 14, ii)"7
4, Cnintiii-ii. itn: at m po*l planted on or near
ihcH.W curuer ul I L No 111,313, and running
si.nth Mm ehains, tin uccertst 40 chains, ihetiev
norlh Itiu eh In*, Ilieuee vm-i 40 ObAlOl to
jll Inl ol coinuioue inent.
B,   < onimctioiUK at a pnrt plnnted on or near
ihe h K, corner  ot'l.l 1,343, and riiu-
niii-f wt'M 4*i ehains, llieucoioutb lOOObalni
Ilieuee   * n nl  ie chains, I he tue uurth K u r hs Into point ut eummencemi'lil
0     CoinmeiieiUK al e pi   ' |>l>inl<>d on or lieai
thcH.w oorner oi Timber Limn No, luxia, ami
i ti nui uk mini in 40 obalni ibunueuul 100 chains,
tbeuce uurih to ehuliis, thenee wt.H, loo obaloi
to point oi commencement!
Itateil fie,- |H   I1tu7.
7.   r.iiiimi-ii, Iuk at h cuAl planlad oh or itenr
ihoH K. corner ol   Timber  limit   No |u,3tn
nrl nuiMiMK   north lu ehniuH,  tlience cant Imi
ch Mills, thuuee I0UI b 40 »• hal tin lliuiicu Wd HMi
olialtiN to polnl of < ouiineuneiiieut.
Daleil Deo ltf, l"m
Hatfubld If. O, HiiCAL'M.
Cariboo ' and District,
District of cariboo,
Tak-- notice tbat Alexander McRae Latimer oj
Kevui.sti.ke, B.C., occupation » rniser, (nt-md* t-
apply for a Bpecial timber license i v.-r tbe feliua
iu.4 described lAuda:
7 Commencing at a post planted nn the left
hank of tlm Little smukj river, about three milei
from its mouth and marked "A M.L. s.w. corner,"
thenoe east itA) eimma tbenee north i0 chains,
thence weat 160 chains, thence   couth 40 chains to
point of commencement and coutainiug rftO acrei
uiure or less.
g. Commenolng at a post planted on tbe right
bank of the Little Smoky river aUmt thnn.- miles
from Its mouth and marked "A.M.L S.K. corner,"
thence west itiu chuins, thence north 40 chains,
tlience east 160 chains, theuce south to chain* to
polntof commencement and containing do acre.-!
more it lesa.
y.  Commenolng at a post planted on the left I
hankof the Utile Smoky river  about  three ami
one Half miles from us mouth  ami marked •'A.M.
L.  .'S.W, corner,' theuce east ldC chains, thence I
nurth 40 chains, thence west 160 ohains,   Uience
south 40 chains  to point uf  commencement and!
containing tftu acres more ur less.
U'. Commencing at a pust planted CO the right
hank-.if  the  Little  Smoky   river About three and
nn-ii.ih miles from its mouth and marked "A.M.
D- S.K. corner," thence west 160 chaina, thenoe
north -10 chains,   thence   east   100 chains, theuce
south ■nj chaius to point of commencement .and
containing 640 aores more ur less.
n. Commencing at a post planted oo the left
liank nf the Little Smoky river about tour mile*
from its nt*.uth and marked "A.M.L ^.W imi.
theuce east St) chaini thence north - bains,
thenee west 80 chains, thence lOUth SO i' tins to
point of commencement and containing ■ acres
mure or less.
IS,   Commencing at a post planted on tht tight
bank uf the Little .Smoky river about foUi mn .-
from its mouth and marked 'A M.L. S.K. cornei
iheuee   west   feij chains,   thenee  north {ttchains,
ihence east   80 chains, thence  soulh oi' chains to
point of commencement ami containing ;t>4Ci acres
more ur less.
Dated Dec. 17th, 1907.
18,   Oemmenelng at » post planted ou ibe left
hank of the Little >mokj river ibout tive mites
11--1in its niuuih and marked "A.M.L. b.W.comer."
thence north SO chains, tuence east s* chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing --- ■ acres
inure or leu,
U. Commencing at a po*t planted ou the left
bank uf the Little Smoky river about »ix luile.-
finm its miiuth ami marked"A.M.L. N. w.corner,
tlience south 8u chains,  thence east oo chains,
thence   north   80 chains, thence west  60 chains to
pomt nf commencement and containing t>4u acres
more ur less,
bi.   Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of Hie Little .Smoky nv**r about six miles
from its luotuhaud marked "A.M.L. fi. W.corner,"
thenoe north &o chains, thence eaat BO chains,
thence south  bO chains, thence  west 80 chains to
point uf commencement ami containing tHu acres
inure ur less.
10. Commencing at a post planted on the right
hailk Of the Little Smok)   liver  abuut seven mile.-.
ft uui its mouth and marked "A.ll L. >.w coruer,
inence south bO chaius, thence east  oo   chains,
thenoe north hu cliains, thence west 80 chaini to
puiut of commencement and containing t>PJ acres
uiure oi less
17 Commencing at a poit planted on the right
bank of the Little Bmoky nver about seven roue*
from its mouth ami maiked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
tlieucu   north   00 chaina,   tbeuce   east SU cUaiUs,
thence soutU au chains* thenue west 80 chains to
polntof voinuieticemeut and containing Quaeres
more ur lean.
ih. Commencing at a post planted on the right
liank uf iiii: Little Smoky river about eight njilva
iroiu its tuouthauil ludikni A..U.L &.\\.corner,
.netice suutn ou ciiaius. tbeuce ea.-%t o- chains,
theuce nortn tu chains, thence West bo chains to
point of commencement and i.-uuiaiiimy om -*.,te-
mure ur le-s,
it*. Commencing at a imst planted on the right
bank oi ilm Lutie Smoky rivet about eigin mutts
lloiu lhe .uoULl. -nnl lualneil   '.\..U 1.   n. \\  torimr,
tlience   UOI ill   ou   CnaUlS,   thence   e**t V' ih.tuio,
I le-nee some   h*< Chaiun, Uieuce   ae.it W i iiAiua .o
point "i uommttuuemeut and couia.uiu** * c acres
Ulitie or leaa.
20. i uii'iui'ii.iiiiK at a puat planted un the rij-lu
bank uf   the   Little b uO»)   nvei ..ouUt nine uiima
fimu us mouiii umi in irked "A .u L A.W .e eruer,"
theiice luuth su chaiua, Uieuce tost e- cbauu,
thenue nurtu ou cluuua, thuuue weet *i uhauis to
pumt nf coiuuj.-ii* '.-ni' rn. ami coutainiug *4« acrea
luol't* Of Ivaa.
21. CuiuuieDciuj' at a p<>Ht plantcl on lhe i ^i.i
baug of tue Little Smoky river i u nine mnei.
Horn Us mouth ami uictiKcd A*ALL. ft. W .corner,
theme UurtU hU th-iius, tlience ea*l oO Etfasins,
theUce aouiii s> t;0<t.u.i, tnouve we»i. x> ctuuus ^o
point of commencement and containing 040 acree
inuru or le.ss.
22. Commencing at a pust plauted on the rij-ul
hank of tne north tors; oi in-* li tie SmoB] nvei
auuut one ui.u- tioiu tne forks *nu mitrked "A.M.
L.   ft. W.corner,"   tiiclice   eu«l   ICO cbttlUS, tbenee
north *u chains, tuence wrai ieu chains, thence
south *■   ehaius to point ol   • uUiiuettceweac anu
i-iiiiiaiiiiun tHU acres iuur« Of le-M.
25, Coiumunoing '«t a poat planted on the i [gbt
bank of the north fork ui tin L.iuluftiu.>ky nr«r
aliout one nolo from luu forks and MttlUii 'AM.
L.   S.B.COrner."   thence   went    Ittu. i,,. in.*, theuce
north 4u cnaimi, tlieticii • »h i*-* ciiaui*. thence
soutu lu rd.mis to point ot cuiuuiviicwiut-ul it ml
containing mo acres more ui lesa,
Dated Dee. Jbth, 1W7.
Bi, Commencing at a post planted on the right
hank uf the ea->i fork ot the Little Smoky nvei
iiiauit oue-hali mile from the forks and marked
"A.M.L .N.W.coiner." theuce itutiiu so chain*,
thence east so chains, thence north ta) chains,
theuce west su chains to point of cuuimeucemeiil
and riiiii.uiiinp (■ i" >* ies inure or less
3fj Commencing at a post planted un thw ri^ht
hankof the e.ut fork ui the Little Smoky river
about ulie-half mile from the forks mul marked
"A,.M.L. ft. A. corner," tlieucu north bu chains,
theuce oast mi chauis, tlience aouth b» chains,
theuce west bu chains to point uf commeiicemeiit
ami contsftlnlng 04u aores more or lesa.
3d.    Commencing at .1 pust planted ..it the ii|{ht
bans uf the east fork of ttie Little smoky rivar
.iti.iui one umi one-hall miles imiu the foriu and
marked "A M.L. S. W.corner," thence south gu
chains, thence east SO chaius, thence nurth nu
ciiaius, theuce west   SO chain* to   point   ot   com-
mencement and containing Mo acres mure 01 leas.
27,   Commencing -it a pust planted on tbs right
haulf   oi the easl   '<>rk ot  the Lilt I** -"iu*ik> river
about om-and one-ball miKi. irum tbe (orisanil
marked 'A.M.L. M.W,corner," thence north su
chains, thence east ho ohsins, tbenee south an
ohains, tbenee weal ni chalne to pomt of oom*
meuoement and containing 019 acres niorr or less.
26. Commenolng at a posl planted nn the light
bunk of Lhe east !><rk ot tlm Little ftui'.k) river
about I wo and  oiie-half miles from lhe forks and
markod A.M.L. N.W.corner," thence south 10
obalna thenoo east ieo chains, theuce north 40
chains, lUenee west i*pj chains to point ot oom<
mencement and contamititc m- acres more or 1.--
30 Comineuclng al a puat planted on the right
hank of the easl fork •>> the Little Bmoky rim
about tWO and one half miles from the forks and
marked "4.M.L, 8.W. corner," theme north lu
chains, thenoe east l*i cliains, tlience smith 40
chains, thence west   It}" chains   lo polnl •>(   MB'
immrciiicut ami containing040aone more or Ivan.
BO,  ('umuiumiUK at a poet planted on tbe right
hank   uf  the  east   Imk   of  the Little BaolU IffOI
about four and one-bali milea irum the fonts and
maiked "A.M.L. N.W.cornsr," thence muth UK)
ohalns, tbenes east 40 cbabii, tbenee north iro
chaiim, thenee weet in obatnsUi point <>t ecm*
raeneement and oonteuilng MO acrea more 01 Ism
;ii.  Commencing -»',* pust pimite.i on the right
bank ol lhe east fork of the Little MmOkf ri*tl
about four and  one h.ill   unlet from Hi* fu k» and
in.nked   'A.M 1..  ft. w. cornet,    toeooe mirth o>
chains,   thei ast   OO   chain*, thency a.-uth t*
ejiiiuis. thence weet ho Qhalni te point <<i bom
mencement and containing stu aeree more ur leee
11  Commenetng at a poet planted on the right
h.iuk nf the easl fork of the Little .-sin"k) rival
ill I four  and  Oil* half mile, frum the fuL- ami
marked A.M.L. N.K comer," thsnee aouth 100
chains, tbenee weel il shatmi, tbenoi north I0Q
chains, tbenoe « ■-' i>> chaina to point of ciii-
mencement and oentalnbig M0 aem mure 01 le**.
;.,),  cmiiuieiieing at a port planted on tbe right
hank o, the pm, fork ol the l.itiie miioI.j rirer
abuui live and  one half  DUOS (flu the '( 'ka uml
markod "A..M.L. ftW, rorner," tbenee north go
cliains, thence eati *- chains, thenee south n
cliains, thsnoe west go chaini to point  of  com
teemuuieiit -stud coiitalnum u\   acres more or leas
at,   Commenolng ni a n..ai planted ou the iitdit
hank of tin- sail f-'Fk ol Little Itpoky river kboui
live and one half milea fr the forka Mel marked
'A.ML-  N.W,oorner," tbenee eaat »o chstni,
theuce south   Hu    r!i,u*M,   tliefict   west   6" chalua,
iht'iirii north so chains to point of eoiumeucviueut
ami containing oio acree inure or Uaa.
:i;>.   ('ummeiiclng al a post planted mi th" right
bank nf   the  eaat fork of   til* Lillh- h ky mn
about  hIr   and  one loilf Dllee  fmm tha forts ami
marked "A.m.l  B.W oorner,M tbenoe north su
chalne,   tlielieo  sSAt   HU   ihiuii",  theme   -e>tiihMi
chains, thence »«st so ohalns lo point of pom
inoneemsnt ami containing um acre* more or iea«
IW. Commenoblg nt a PCM planted on Iho r|*hl
liiukuf the fast b.rk of fiie Little Sfflokl river
.tinml all   ami one half  milea   fimu IS»* forks and
maiki-d "ami.. W.w.corner tbenee •■■*■' so
■ hams, thence  suutii •*,. ebalnei  u*-n •• •est ■"
chains,  th.-me north   so chain* to point of   GOBI'
mem eineiil and < oiiiaiumg oiu ana*   more ot leaa.
Dated I'm-, luth, wn.
chains, theuce south Bfl chains, thenoe west so
chains, tbenoi north B0 chains to point of com*
lueucement and coutainiug oiu acre* more oi Iwts.
40. Commencing at a puat planted ou the right
bank of the vn-i folk of the Little Bmoky river
about eight and one I ;,lt miles from the forks and
marked "A M.L. S.W. corner," theuce DOIthSO
chains,   thence   eaat 80   chains,   thence   aouth 80
chains, tbenoe went 60 chains to point of com*
mencement and ooatsiinlng Stu acres mure ur lens.
ll Commencing at a post planted on the right
liank "f the east fork of the Little Sluuky river
about nine ami one-half miles front tbe forks and
marked A.M.L. K.W.corner," thmc* eabt ho
chains, theme south 80 chains, thence west SO
chains, thence north Su cliains to (mint of commencement ami containing uu acres more or lens.
4'i. Commencing at a post planted un the right
bank «f the east foik of the Little bmoky river
about nine and one-half utiles from the forks aud
marked "A.M.L. B.W curuer,' ihence north80
chaina, thence east bo chams. thence suuth 80
chains, thence west so chains to point uf commencement ane containing tdO acres more or I*u.
43. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork uf the Little bmuky nver
alNjut ten anil one half miles from tuu furk* aud
marked "A.M.L- N.W.curner," thence eaat BO
chains, theme south bu chains, thence went SO
chains, thence north B0 chains to point of commencement and containing640 acres niore urlesa.
44. ( oiniueucing at a post plauted uu tbe right
kink of the east fork of the Little bmoky river
about ten undone-half miles from tbe forks and
marked "A.M.L. ft.W.corner," thence north 80
:baina, thence east B0 ehains, thence south so
chains.   Uience west   bO   chains   to puint of   com-
metioeiiieni and coutainiug 04U acrea more er less.
luted Dec   BOtb, 1.07.
46. CoiLiuencing al a post planted on lhe right
I inkol the east fork'/ the Little bmoky river
.: >ut eleven and me half miles from tbe forks
ai marked A.M.L. ft.W.corner, thence north80
ch.....*, tbenoe east B0 chains, thence aouth BQ
ci: ts, tbenee wast BO chains to point uf com*
ii       ment and containing oiu acre* more or less.
ti t ommenolng at a pusi planted on the right
- Qkoftheaast fork of the Little bmoky river
about eleven and one-halt miles from the forks
um marked ' A.SJ L. N W.eurner,' thence east 80
CU UttS, thence south oU chains, thence WBSt bU
chains, thenoe north B0 chains tu pumt uf commencemeut and containing 64u acres more or lesa.
47. Commenolng at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork ot the Little bmoky nver
about twelve and one-jalf miles from the furks
aod marked 'A.M.L. N.W.corner," theuce efel 80
thains, thence south bu chains, thence wesibO
Ohalns, thenoe north hu chains to point of commencement aud containing MU acres more or lees.
48. Commenoblg at a post planted on the right
Oank of the east fork of the Litlle bmuky river
about twelve and one-halt miles from ihe forki
audmatked "A.M.L. b W.corner," thence uorth
80 cliains, thenoe east SU chain-,, theuce aoUthSO
Chains, thence went oo chains to point of commencement ami containing ulu acrea more or less.
4y. ommeticing at a pom planted on me tight
bank of the eaat lurk of the Little -u.okj river
nlH.ut thirteen and une-hall miles Horn the forks
and narked "A.M L. N. W.corner," thence eaat aU
chains, theuce south 80 chaius, thence west B0
chain.-,, thence north bu chains to point of com
mencement and coutainiug e4u acres mure or less.
60. < mumeiicing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east tork ut the Little Smoky nver
about thirteen aud oue-half miles frum tne folks
and marked 'a.M.L. ft.W.comer," theuce uorth
■>o chains, thence east bu chains, theuce south t»0
chains, theuce west bo chains to point of commencement and containing 64U acres more or lens.
51. Commencing at a post planted ou the right
bank of -he east fork of tue Little bmoky river
about fourteen oml one-halt miles from the forks
ami maiked A.M.L M V\ .eurner," thenoe east ee
cnaiua, thenoe south bU chains, thence west 60
ohatns, thunoe north 80 obalna to point of eom-
mencement and i untaining 6io acres more or less.
bt. Commeuciug at a post plaut«d on the right
bans uf the east tuik of the Little bmuky river
alHjut fourteen and one-half miles frum ths furks
aud marked ' A.M.L. S W.« orner, them « north
BO euaiua. thence east to chaina, theuce soutu sO
chains, thence west W cnaiua w pomt of iora*
unu ement and containing BAOautae morsorle-«.
Dated l>e . -1st, 1&. 7.
wed jan W LOUatoT,
SKALEI) TKNUKKb. addressed to the Twv
Mi.i-.er tieuorul, »ill be rec>ned at Ottawa
uutii N.miu, uu Fiday, tlie Um March l.«*.
for the cuurejauce i«f His Mije-i>'» Mails, ou a
pro(s»sed « outr.tct for lour jearo, as deacribed
()■•: w ■:. i)r>.(-i-t.,i streot Letter 11 "ie* aud the
K*Mbl>t<>ke I''»-t Odice, from the Poatmaater
UeoOraJ'fl pleasure
Printed note es coutainiug further information a? to ouuditioos ot [iiupuAod Coutract may
bu see;i a., '. blank forms of '1 ei.der may be
. btaiued at the P^-t OiH n at ReveUuike aud
at the odice of the Post OUke lu-pe<'i-.r.
p.'-it Office tuspotftors uilice, VaucouTtr, B.C.
.ilii J'li.Lirj, 19US.
feb J lw fur 3ws Poat Utflco  in-po.lor.
Hevelcloku i.au<J Dfsinot,
DlBirictuI A eat e'outttuav.
Take uoti'e thnt 00 days alter date I iuteud
> apply to   the   t bi«f ( omiBi-iiouer of   Lauda
nd Works fur  permi^siou  to pnrobase tbe following de-crit>ed lauds;
Commencing at a post pipnted at tho north*
east Corner of Lot lbo.> U Lou Piah Uiver,
tlience east t chain.-i more or less to weal liue
of A. A. MacKiuuou's pro-etnptiou, theoce
■ '.ti. •" chaius. thonoo west 8 cuaius moieor
lest, to oast hue ot Lot ~i6Vo, ti. 1. tuence north
t>) chains to (siint of <■■ uiiiiiiu,, e.oeiit.
Located tht- Bra day ul Feb. IttJt)
sat feb I THOS   W   WILLIAMS, Locator-
BoveletolH I^and District,
District Of West KooUnav.
Take   notice   thut   I.   J. Dougal of   Nakuap
('aptain, intend u> apply for penniaaioo to pur*
cIihso the following described lauds:
Commeuciug at  a   post plantod at the N . W
corner of Lot RO, oili. ruuu.tig aouth 'fii ch-tioa,
iheneo west 2»i obalna, theuce north 20 chaius,
thence east -■'■ La,i,- to pu.i.t of cotumeueenieut.
Dated Dec. i.m.. 1MJ7-
jau 4 sat U   Dewar, Ageut.
Commencing al a post planted on the right
of tin last fork of tbi i.ittiv Book/river
si-veil ami om* half mil's Irom tlie l-.rk. .,m|
i "A..d L .N W, comer," thenoe '"»-i Kl
• hams, Ihence wutb »■ ehains, tbenoe westeu
chains, thenoe north guebains io polnl of eoni'
meucemenl and oontalntng MO acres mure or lees.
,'h.    Commem ing  ^t » po*i planted .m the right
bankol tbeeast rorkol tin. Little Bmoky river
a hoot seven and one half rnllss fnun the furks and
marked   'AMI..   B.tV,oornor,"   Iheree   DOTttl *»
chslns, thence eael  BO chains thenoe south n>>
■ hains, theme  mest S"   rhains   to point   of   rouj
rasnoement aod containing NO krree mom or leas
BO Cuiunienclug ut a poat planted on the -ighi
bank nf 'he eaat fork uf the Little Bmokf river
about eighi ,in*| one half miles from lhe forks and
iii-nL.ii     A,ML.   N.W.corner,'  theuce  east  so
Kevelslokfl Land District.
Dlstriot of Went Kootenay.
lake notice !'■«'• 1. C A, freeman, ol Kaslo,
H.C.. occupation Mluer. iuteud to apply for a
special  licence over  the  lullowiug  duscrlbed
lands j
1. Cotuuichclag at a post plauted on the
a. *i mnk or Drill i;reek, :i miles from .he Lar*
ib-Hii Hlvt-r aud about : miles uurth easterly
From the N. E. corner of I'M e tv. i.. 1, lln-n* e
wet 10 chains, tbeuce north lOu uhftlui, theuce
vast 4o (bslns, tbenee  south  Itiu chaius to the
-joint Of    iJinil' elin.nl
;, Comiiieticiug al a |-uai planted on the
west bsnk of Drill Creek, S miles from the
1 ai-leu i, Kivei and .. i" mi i: jii ilea north easterly
Irum tbe H It. oornor ul l/jt aw, Q.l, thenee
• s«t 4o chains, tbonoe north Ittu chains, theuce
a«t 40obains, IbaiMM souin leu chains iw tbe
point ul commencement.
... Commenolng ai a jhisi piautssl un the
w> *t bank td Drill ' reek, 2\\ miles from l,«r-
deaf Rirer sudaboul IS miles norih easterly
Irom lhe N h. curuer of l.oi ggg, o, I, theuce
uurih 4U chaius, theuce eaat lSOolialUs, I o me
SOUth 4u chaius, (hence west llo ohalus lo the
pollll ol . 'iJi.ineii. eiiM'iit.
4 Commenolng «i a post planted on the
Weil bank of Drift creek, i\ miles frum the
l.srdeau llltl ****** nl.iut l^ milea nort h east,
irly Irom the N K. corner of Lot 880,11 I,
Ihenoi south 4u ebalua, thence east 160 cbaius*
iheuee uurih 40 chains, theuce west 160 chains
to tne point of lomuiciicemuiit.
-. I mui it-cueing at a i.ont planted un thu
mcsi bankol win Creek, i milea frum the
l.ard< an Uiver and about 1 milo north easterly
iroiu iue N, L, oorner ui Lot agv, u I, thence
i' ■! 4u chains, tbeuce uurth b-u cuaius, thenee
I'uM'i cnaius, theuce suuth luu cnaius to lhe
point ol cuiniiioiiceuicut,
Dated Dec.  .'■ in. 1WI,
wed Jan g  U   HUtlMAMi
Bevelstoke Assessment District
TAKK NOTIOB Uml I shall imiiU
('ninl ii. Itivisiim mul   ,\|.|i.'.il,   unilcr
ilu' " Asai'sMini'iii Am," fcapaotlng the
sii|i|iii'ini'ii(ui)' AsMssmsnt Roll fur
IBUB, for Un' Iti'vi-Niiiks AsHsiHsnii'iit
Dlstriot. on Wsiltii-silny, ilia* lijih tUjr
.if Miii'ili, I'.sii, nl Ihu Dour of I'li'n'ii
ii'i'luik in Ilu-fiiii'iiiinti, ol tba Court
11.mis... Hi'ii'laiuki'.
I Inl cil til   Its'ii'l-ink.', IhisUi'dilny nt
Miirt'li,  ISM,
('. M. FIKI.1),
.1 o.Ik*' "' ii)'' Court of iii'viskni
mul A|i|ii'nl.
RavalMokt Aaimiiiwi Uistrlui
uf  Willi Kiiiils'llMjr, THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Wash Goods
for Seasonable Wear
Attractive showing of Muslins, Voiles,
Ginghams, etc., English Galateas in Stripe
Effects, English Ducks, in plain colors,
French Chatnbrays, in all the newest colorings-
Embroiderled Linens
Robes and Waists
rhe popularity of these semi-ready Robes
and Waists has induced us to buy largely.
New Laces
and Embroideries
(his season-we make the most extensive
display in all widths. Embroidery for Corset Cover at 30c per yard.
Men's Spring Hats
Just to hand by express from one of the
largest eastern importers. These are the
latest in soft and hard hat styles.
New Styles for Spring
in Soots and Shoes
Stvlisii showing in Women's and Men's
Footwear in Tans, Patent Kid, Dongola
Kid, etc., both in Hoots and Oxfords.
Spring Fyjillinery
Fashionable and Sylish
MISS McKENNY, who has just returned from visiting Seattle and Portland
Millinery Opening, will be pleased to see all
her old customers.
& Pure Drugs $
<|» CarefulCompounding ♦
¥ Prompt Delivery        T
too Tl 1 vp
<|, Canada Drug 8- Book Co. Ltd. +j»
sjj, R.EVE1 Sml."i . B. C. &
I        —        I
>|     Mail Orders Promptly^Filled     i
IUp.kis -At Revelstoke,  B.C, 10th
u.st . t . -Mr. uud  Mr=. J.  Harris, a
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, March Ll—Mild, cloudy
rain , 1 ileet, bright intervals,   Temp.
nihx   'ii, rim.. -IT deg.
Local and General.
Great Limerick contest. Are you
in il
S10.0CO TO LOAN In minis tn
suit borrowers,   Apply in < m.i mhi.v
The I.-- '"i. week day semen in
■-t. Peter's "lunch are held ut 7 30 p.
in ..n Wednesdays und Fridays.
The second oi the weekly musical
entertainments was held iu the Y.M.
C.A. on Monday witb a good attendance,
G id Kinge Lodge K. uf 1'. will
confer .'•fid Hunk this evening, ull
i. then ne urgently requested .o he
Tbe Doyle orchestra gave un excellent rendering ul "Dona nobis paoem"
Irom Cherubini'e Muss 1.11 Sunday
evening in tlie Knox church.
11. lU'.c, who Lit tbe past lew years
has been in charge 1! the Dominion
*. veriiii.ciit lium works on the Columbia river at tbis p mi has been sue-
c "I'll by .1. Mc1 ie•
VV, Cowan bu strangi '1 lot an ull
night telephone servioe u-.tcr the beginning "f April. Telephone booths
lor the convenience >f the |)ul>hc will
■ • ->, lished in different parts
of tbe   it)
I be % r r -bead i'ruiii.iin I inl., under the ilif oil 11 . . I 11 Dunne,
ninth his just been successfully '.rg.ni-
1/...I. will pr dm e ■ lhe Chimney
1   ti,.:   in tbi  Vbrlel Kail at N ikoap.
1 D  SstUI lay.
It xt»a exlrs n.eiy Interesting to DotS
thut out ..I about 50 passengers In tie
smoking car ol tbs Arrowhead train
1. Mi nil iy morning thsrs »«re only
two wbit* 11.en tl... 1.'«t being • Itbei
Chinese  lap 11 we 01 ll Ind   -
Circulars bsvi been issued ippsiat-
ing O. .I. Ilury general manager ol C
1 B western lines, and K. w, I'etcr*
assistant to tbe Moond vice-presldsnt,
with headquarters ut Winnipeg, These
promotion! up. effective March 1st
1 'mug   lo   the   product! .11    hy ths
Minstr"! Maids ut th" Opera House on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the
management ol the Kdis..n Parlor
Theatre hnve arranged t" hold their
exhibitions on Wednesday snd Thursday this week, instead "I Friday ami
Baturday next week, the usual tluys,
•-" 'PZtfr.
shnnlil inuke pancakes wilh
our specially prepared flour,
Then she need nnl feav unv
comparison w ii h ilinsp Uml
"inother used tn make." In
fuel lhe young housekeeper
should conic In-,.■ I'm all her
groceries. That will mil...
housekeeping ciisier 111 .1
save hei froin many aimov
ml  costly
.--i \   V,-;?isA'i'-'    m       ing mul  cosily  experiences
)|    I   'V ' X       \'ii      V/,      Commence with a trial onlei
: MA .<m 1 "■■■'">■■
the stnfTof life, li is whole-
-niiie. null it inu-, ftppfll "'.i'i::.
Serve ii on your tobli and
seehnw it will he relished
and enjoyed Many clever
home hakei'S now use mil'
bread instead nl making
liicit own. Th' .1 Livst now
round tleii .in- baking is us
good rn- theirs ami thai they
save both money and  labor
hy lull ing hele.
.•■^.1. '■ 1
( i1
>.-•     A
W .;>'
HOBS OJS    r<&    BELL
*   YOU CANT   '
INSURANCE      Eire   Life ind
K I N <
AU)     &    A N I) i: li SO N
V I RSI    ST R E f. I
For Strained Muscles
\ N 11 HKl.'ISI'.S
/Ilu. in..-1 affective llnlmi nl in
ihe muikel
21c. ssoal  SIOU.   PC Blsltll!
WALTER BEWS,   <  Phm. B.
Druggist & Stationbr
.".n cents  maj bi oun   f..r -,
the handsome   prizes in the Limerick
Tb   town's got the Limericl
11... i,,, -• n* a lad     thest
Hut lie    Sti " I well a   .1
Thut the Calgur.   1  1
lb un A'l  tin' iiuitc •-      II I    .
VV'e hnve ne' ivi d Severn
interesting ind  1 -:<      etti
l.r   1. C   Mori ison   ii tn. :- 1 "« ts
,1 special di ntal   1	
Pin .|. ei. r s desi :   I
city are very complete
11,.    Revel itok*    1 un pai j     1
Koighl • ni Pytblas 1 nil rm Bs
settled .hii. n to busines is       tu lying
hard the iword,   nutnual   and   uther
ilnlls.       1 bs   6oni|        111...     ,
■mart appearance
The date ul ih.   '' •   rd-C«   In nine
boat   r.iee I-     :."'l   ill IIIIit. ■        ■ I
April  I. when tie   till*      " ' he  I I	
in Miiitahle  ul    I    I'clook    in  He  ,1(1. r
noon     Bol h 1 rewi ire  1 Imo I  11 gh
um iiulte arranged and ire well nn
with  their practice
A utrik" nf  g'.nil   '"e 'I"
upon th"   I' in.'   mine li     he '
.-Uncuii .li"i: Id   when ...
proceeding  all winter      An on     ...
ha,   been   uncovered st th I
lhe tunnel currying lour feel nl mill
Ing ore and a foot nf olean galena 111
fur direot shipment.
An enthusiastic meeting .( the
Revelstoke Crloket Club was held lasl
night.    W. vv.  Foster, presldi nl  In
I Ih" chilli.      Tne   nn el mg    i.i •   i"|.i
I sentstlve of ihe city. Arrangement)
bave been made when bj 11." Vernon
cricket team visit* Revelstnki   ... Vlaj
UIilh lor a iiiut.eh with the loosl   leu-.
The cliih will in nil  probability 	
,1 lout of 1 he (Ikanagan counti v loi >
we. U c..iiiiini'111'iiig .liilj 20, snd   .
Ing      Kiiileil.y,     Arm ll K      \ '
Kelowna and 8 merlancl      lto|
nn 1 he progress ol tho Linn;,. 1   .
I.e.I     show   I Iiiii. I h" -eln 11." I-    111 Is 1 .g
well,   Over llltoen new 1 ihei ■ luu ...
boon enrolled with promise  nl   more
Olllb   Colors    were   ill.011 SSI il  nn.I I he
decision iu left with the prcsl lent uml
seen lury. The Criokoi club has
started ita season's work well with
bright pumped- lor 1 ho summer.
Vbat   happened 1 Iy who
slipped ..11 the snow      Buy s Lie 1  ii •
A lies de just
vest of Ashcroll '•     "
!■ .elstoke
•     • 1
M   ■    II -   ■
.    led
m   ui   lie
■   whist   part)    11 lid
Victoria H       I ich will I*
.1 ... i,
\ pi gressive wins' •. , ,	
ild   nodi 1     i"     ......
I ... 11- - 11 ispital  '. nnl    In   tbe   * '.iy
:l .       llih, at 8 :ii 1
join ui t Ms
1 he debate In   K nox Choral  ps
Monday   ovenlng ■
Resolved   1 hal   Aslal loi     liould   11
uded   (1 i."   ll ' wus
il   1   liana
n   by   11"'      m 1   i    '. bile I
.■I    , i' 8   uphi ..I  tin
li    ,v is   ' ' id* nt     'i ''
thniighl had beei
hy lie debaters  ind tome g I points
..I.,   made   hv bol h ildes 1 b*   , idg is
li. ding,   liowevei,    list the ali   ns
:ive had the best ol tha argu nenl     \
number  ol   vooal   and  instrumental
II lections brought s n Intel	
Inslruol.vi evening tn 1
\ e.'.pv "I u resolul Ion mads bj   tin
Vanoouver In ard ol 11 &di    was  sail .. I
I ne Ineul  i.'.iisil ol tl "I"    mi SI
nighi., urging 1.hut. the Dominion ►"•■
■ 1 nnii'lit. give Ih" 111 ittei   .I   11,.    |;   '
lumbering Inten si    vbioh an
li ■■ Irom unfali 1   mpi 1 ll 1 in ol roogli
liimhor coming Into 1 Innadn 1   1 he
.- i.i'.'m In.. 1.1 .Inl j   Its pi pi
era tion, The rosolutinn uslm ths
government lo plaon n duty ..( t'"1. pci
ihiiiisiiinl on rough liunboi ind HO
oonts pet thousand on shingles, at an
curly ihite. The I oal board resolved
in etidursa 1 in* resolution and to lend
noli"" nf such l.o Mir  VV'illriil    luiuriiT,
Huiuiti.i' linai'ick uud vv   A. Qslllher,
The Irish Ten, ut the home of Mrs.
li M . 1 Turk, uiiiler lhe auspices of lho
l.uilii>' Aii.siI 11 ry of Ivii' x church, was
uilistinctsucc.es>. lo'ge ininihers ol
people turning out afternoon ami
evenir.g. The hull and ten room were
very prettily d'Cvutid ut green and
yellow, and two little girls in green
and w ite frocks were in attendance
mi ti'e vi.<UoM, one representing
Kathleen Mavoumeen and the other
Kitty Malone. Mrs. W, A. Sturdy, us
Sheilu out of the Colleen Bawn, looked
after the guessing contest, winch
caused eudies. amusement, A fat,
choice little porker from liurns & Co.
wus the cynosure oi all eyes, and thi
prizes were awarded to those who
guesBod nearest the weight, Mrs. VV.
M. Lawrence and Mr. ll. K. Maodonald
i.eing the prize uminis. Excellent
music waspiovided by Miss .Mcl.enniui
and Miss MoICtnney.
Social and Personal
R. Taggart, of Ponoko, Ait.., is
visiting in lhe city.
R. Caley ha« returned from a vinit
to the const cities.
R. Tupping lift on Sunday on a
business trip to Petioton.
Mrs. John Palmer will mil receive
on Thursday, March 12ih.
P. Pooley has returned from a visit
10 his home in Uowmanville, Out.
Miss Hetty McLennan gave a card
afternoon nn Saturday to her young
Mr. Kce.'er, Dominion Q vera ment
engineer, is in the city on ollicial
Mrs. R II. I' itiiliart announces
that she will not receive tomorrow
T. Taylor, M.I'.P , has returned from
Victoria after tlie proroguing of the
R VV. Haggen has lofl for luimloops
to join the staff of the Dominion Government Biirvey,
L. M. Hagar of the Fruit & Produce
Exchange, left lust night on a husi-
ncss visit in Vernon.
S. A. MiiikIv, nf the Mitiiily Lumber
Co., passed through on Siiniluy from
Bradford, Pa , for Three Valley.
Miss McKenney ol the millinery
stall of Ht'i'l & Young, returned from
the (-.list on Monday, after visiting
Seattle fin lhe npiinc millinery
Hockey Champions Defeated.
Sunday morning ttml u crowded
gallery witnessed ,me of lhe fastest
no(Ley games ever played in the I andean, ivhen the Ferguson team, lhe
holder.-' ni the silver cup for 1908, went
doiintoiliie.il before   the  Camborne
hookey boys lo tbe tune of il h. I.
At lull lime the score slood 2 to 0
in favor ni Camborne and holli tennis
welcomed the whistle. Five minutes
alter pluy wus resumed Ferguson scored
and from that on ihe game was fur
mils.       Time    and   again   Ferguson
secured tbe puck and shot, but failed
to place it in the net. A disputed goal
.-lint by Ferguson brought the game lo
a standstill for a while, but play was
Anally resumed. .lust hefme the
whistle blew for time, Dunn secured
lhe sphere for Camborne and tcored
For Ferguson " Rusty " Garrett
Barber snd Blackie, did splendid work
while "Btlteh" Smith, Dunn, Marten
anil i irr iiul the hulk of the work for
Auto Records Broken
inniiiMi, Fla,  March   IU—Driving
bis 50 horsepower Italian cur h r 800
:  rn  average  ol   70   miles an
hour.   Emanuel   Cedrino    yesterday
i  rid - n cord  (or an aver-
- 'ii im i hal distance.
fl was a  sensationally driven race,
idmirably h milled hy the
l ■ • ■ ■    made so ni ol  the  laps
if 80 '.i"- -in liniir. When
thi    .      is finished an I tho time an-
■ ' i inn, was surround .1 by a
cheering "...wl   and   almost  carried
li iai.il   where con
 howered upon I	
. won ilm 25(1 nnl"  in".   Ids
iime i.,r . his distan is s i   3  hours, 21
• .'" - 5 " "'.'.'Im, Then he
kepi >,n mukliig   th"   1100   miles   in   il
14 si oonds  Second
place in tbe -■■' um srtnl to  H
*.. Kcrii". drivei ol a 60 borse-power
"ii    ii i 4 boors, 8 minutes
ad -'.        ads       I bird place went to
:    ■  Beimn wiih   a   80   horsepower
I- i ■Mil. " .1 , U...I  li" 0    18* il the   finish'
■ wel' ■   seconds   behind
. . i time (or I he distance being
i -, 8 mn,..ies, 88 -' ••• .i.il-
Revelstoke  Football Club.
I he regular snn ual   i t mg ol the
. : •■ football club was held in
the City Hull Istt evening snd plans
lor the * mn disc issi .1     Tin follow
inu nlliei rs nere e,i-elci|
President—J  II   Lyons
"   I    • I'.    II     i.ewia
-(("'     I    MS I     LsTeUIIJ
Captain    *'   ll   -M-'itis
■   I   .plum      '.V     llavie
''in une — A   Donlop, VV, Allllritt,
u   u   Foi li i  8 Lefeaux
The proposed Bs itoi i rip lo the ooiist
.■"•I. ilaerod     ll   Is   liopi .1 ilmi n
..li be (oi nu 'i in to '. ii
rpf) It KMT   Five It  . suitable im
I       llvlllg im  "'. ' i     Klili;hl   iV  I III.
ll I...     Im.|i       A pply in K nighi
f,   Hi i	
W AM I'll)    A    I'lisl   CIiish   While
t'm.k    I'm    Hawnilll     Ilii.iling
llnllse, lUhinell.       Wl|(i"   I Iiji'i'l   In
Ihu light  ii.     Apply Mux III", Ar
i  iwheuil, II, (',
Special Telephone Service for
Night Emergency Organized
The regulai' monthly meeting of tbe
boBpitnl hoard mis held on Monday
night, K. M. ',' u.k in the chair. Minutes of the 1 ist meeting were read arid
Communications were received (nun
the Nukiisp Commercial Club,reu.uest-
ng that a medical dootor be supplied
from Revelstoke for thai district. The
letter stiles thut the dlstriot is growing and that more settlers are coming
in; Burton City and Qrand Valley
will lie iiiclii'leil. Subscriptions would
come in uml with the aid of the gov-
rninent grunt of $111)0 it would well
win runt the medical service. There
ure about 800 people in that vicinity.
The letter requested tbat a ptoposition
for such service be made. Dr, Sutherland said that there was very little
work at Nakuap to warrant a resident
doctor and that the undertaking at
present would hardly be wise for the
llospitul Society. 'IT e hoard resolved
that the secretary e instructed to
write to Naknsp fu a deli u ite proposition and staling I but the. hospital
cannot just now bundle the matter as
In connection with the appointment of a district nurse, it was pointed
out. that an extra nurse waB needed in
the hospital especially it the Arrowhead hospital opened at an early date.
The reopening ol the mills at Arrowhead would necessitate the opening of
the hospital. A resolution was passed
instructing tho secretary to secure
another nurse by April 1.
The tales and chinges lor Ordinary
cases by nurses weie discussed the
following schedule being agreed upon:
Single visiip, each  $ 0.75
Two visits per day day      1.2f>
If ull one day or night of 12his„      2 lit)
For 21 hours       S.Otl
Weekly charge       20.00
Special Cases:—
Maternity confinements  $ 2.50
Subsequent visits        .75
"    2 per day. . . .      1.26
Operations, lirst visits   $2 to $!
Subsequent visits, 1 per day  ..        .71
"     2       " .      1,26
Weekly charge  20.00
The question ol the night telephone
service wns brought, up, between doctors' ollices and residence, und it was
shown that, the doclors have all bad a
sign placed an their doors directing
callers to go in and u printed card
showing ollice hours, telephone ritgs
after midnight anil a notice stating
where tbey arc and probable time ol
return before midnight. It was also
arranged with Mr. Cowan to have a
circuit made after midnight between
the hospital, doctors' ollice and theii
residence, the rings lor each place to
he iioied on the card for public Information, which is us follows:
Ollice hours:—
At Hospital 10 to 12 a 111,
" 7 to 8 p.m.
At Ollice 2 to 5 p.m.
Day 'phone—Dr. Sutherland's resi
deuce, No ',22.
After midnight this phone is con
nccted with the hospital, Dr. Sutherland's residence and Dr. Hamilton's
room, 'Phone rings—For Hospital,
one ling; Dr. Sutherland, two rings;
Di. Hamilton, three rings.
Mr. Cowan has very kindly consented to give the service free and has
slated that alter April 1st he would
he in a position to give an all night
service und in addition would have
four nr   live   biinths in different parts
n( the city (ur public convenience,
The   board   resolved   that a vote of
thanks he tendered Mr. Cowan,
The accounts were  then passed and
the meeting terminal d.
Business Locals
Patronize Homo Industry. Smoke
Revolstoko ClKttrs
Mattresses, pillows and bed comforts, ul 0. II   Iiiiiiiii A Go's.
For nil kinds nl smoked| oaoncdor
null lisb, try *'   11   Hume .V Co
'... in Howson's furniture store for
ciiipei squares, linoleum andllooroll,
We have 1 line range of carpets and
small niga, cull and Bee lliem—C. II,
11 iiiiii- .'.  ' lo
luni arrived; our fprlug slock of
Wall papers, excellent colors and designs.— (!. II. 11 ij id.- A, Co.
(ni speolal prices lor house furnishings Irom Howson's liiiuituri: slure.
Our Navel oranges at 40o, snd 60o,
pei doten cannot Ihi beaten.lor quality
uml flavor     0. II. Hume A' Co
Fire Alarms.
...    I   lllll    IMI.I..
Hon  I—Near W" allows butcher shop
" :i—n-iii   K. a. Bradley's uml p,
T.    Kdwurds'    resilience,   2nd
Btri el, west,
"   I—ll    A     LawiOIl's  corner, OppO'
Cowan Block
" —Cull Irom I'm) Hull No. 2.
'...    2 lllll    11A I.I —
BOX  ■'     Maim ftl  No, 2 Fire   Hall
"  li—Mrs. I,illle'a residence 2nd it F.
" 0—Opposite tin) Roman Catholic
Church, Mi'lsen/lc uve. VV niile
" 7—At Caniiila Drug cniner.
" M—Opposite   Custom    llmise ami
Opera   House, uml   cull from
" II—llevelstokii Club oornei'.
Goto A Good PLACE
Buster brow
Dads togs
sit i0ai.1T' -r<\ suiTta a.fl.-". co. cmcaco
Our Special Measure Department
shows I he best lot of Samples we have yet shown. We take your measure und order your Suit and if il is not satisfactory you need not lake it.
Could anything he fairer than that ?   We let you be lhe judge.
We uro offering snmo excellent vnluea In those goods -also in Rain
Made with the same cave as our .Men's Suits, nnd from materia! that are
especially selected for their weaving qualities. 'This is a line we intend to
give tip .mil you can have any suit ut half price.
Will noun bu a necessity. We have u large stock of both English and
Canadian makes.   Wo carry the kind that DON'T SCRATCH
Revelstoke Opera House
3 -istic3-h:ts-3
and Saturday Matinee
Under the Juvenile Hostonian
A First-Class, Clean and
Moral Production
Clean I'miicily, C.ilcby Music,
Dainty  Dancing by Pretty Olrls
'lake ll Tip    (lei Seals Harly
Packing 'Km iu ICvoiywhoio
PB10ES, 50c, 75c. end $1.00
Seals on Sale ul McDonald's
Ding Sline,
Two aoros of land just outside city
limit* wilh 7-i'iMiineil bouse, newly
liutltl heal cil by I'lii'iiiiccsi eily witter
I.iin iiiii hind all cleared and mostly
well feet ilizcil: pent, 026  il lixnitli,   or
purchase price $2,2<x),
Also 2 aoros of hind adjoining city
limits, half an iicrc iu l'i nil trees..
Isiiiileii planted  with small fruits in
g I   hem ing:  onion   crop that will
I.ling ."II.'si) In ifCiUDsiion as snow is oil'.
Kenl :<:;.i per month nr purchase price
Unih |iiiijiiiIiiM will lie sold for
#1,211*1 iiiiliiiling hi use, wagon, cutler,
plow, seeder, ineiihiit.il',   brooder,   and
all necessary Implements necessary to
operate the above.
Terms win ha arranged.
Revelstoke, ll. o.
TAKK NOTIOH that tho share-
older* of the above named Company
ivo by special resolution resolved to
i.ioge lhe inline of   Hie   ('olllpliny   lo
Revelstoke Agricultural Society,
bulled," and Intend to apply to the
leillelliilllOovl'I'llol'.ill-Colllieil foi' un
iil.T changing lhe inline iieeorillnglv.
Dated IHb .lunuury, IIHIH,
A, V. Andukhon,
feb 8 8m B»orot*ry,
ATTENTION - Men  1 Women
wanted to learn harbor trade,
Free Colleges in ull lending American cities. Hcivare of Initiators- Mobr
Huthcr College, 200 (inn-all St., Vancouver. H. ().
IJIOR RENT-Hi'vcii-r   furnished
>   house, centrally located.    II. N.
t'lll IIHIKH.
1,1011 BALE- Bod, spring,  iiiatlress
;    anil   Dressing  si uml,   $20,    One,'
Apply ul ibis
iirpel 11x12 feel,  Hilll,
.lORHALK CHEAP   Four gasoline
J    lumps, 200, mm. 7iki uml mki i andle
DOWOI', all in good working ni'dl'l'l Will
light UK) feet building. Apply lo Chief
Young. Oomiipllx, H, C,
MATERNITY Casei "taken  ut   my
iVl   lioine or otherwise,    Km- particulars apply Mrs. A. E,  Uennlsoii
Hecond St.. West, or P, O. Hox 211.
fell. 12. Im	
tt    Apply to Columbia Aobncibh,
I.imitkI), Revelstoke.
client with 14,000 who wants a
good hnlel man with like iiiiioiiut In
join biin in running ii hnlel, Apply
Columbia Agencies, Limited.
i Agen
ANTED-AII  klnda   of jobblofl
work to do. cleaning snow frriMi
roofs, tending  furnaces, wnoil   chup
ping, or   any   other    general   wo
Charges moderate,   Anyone requiring
such work donil please firqp post card
to lf. Bennison, General Dellvnry, P.
O, Kevelstnki
feb 1 2w
WANTED KNOWN-You can gut,
iiiiii of the best, simps to ho bail
in ('Ily bouse properly from  ub,   Two
houses and 100 ft. fronI ago lo 2ml Hi.
all for M,500 of which only (1000 oash
Is ri quired ind balance can remain on
mortgage, Apply at once to (liiltiinbla
Agencies, Limited,
WANTKII    Ily luuiilvlhree ml,ills,
furnished  house for summer,
from 1st April.   Answer P, O. Hox 2*)7
Rent a flrst>i'lnss rumlshed house
for a month. COLOMBIA Aiikncikb,


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