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The Mail Herald 1909-02-17

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" Empire" Typewrite
For ease of operation and perfect inn
in results produced, thia machine
is unsurpassed.    Prioe, $6000 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   ■   Agents
The Mail-Hera
FEB 20 woo
New Wellington Coal
Vol. 15,-No 6
B. PAGET,   MoKenzie Ave.
$2.50 Per Year
1 libra
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Ladies Smart Shoes
The "Merry Widow "a new new poiup in  Enameled
Calf, turn soles and now heel, dull kid trimmed, a
very neat and dressy shoe       $4.00
The "Merry Widow" in tan colors, trimmed  with light
shade   ol   calf   leather,   neat   self   bow,   turn  snip,
with new staple  heel     $3.60
A  new   Patent  Oxford,  plain  toe, with dull kid matte
top,   fancy   creased   vamp,   new style Cuban heel a
pretty shoe,  a  nice finish to any ladles' costume — $3.50
Russia Calf, two eylet pomp, Dlrectolre toe extension
soles.    Ine    stitching,    with    new    Cuban   heels.
Medium   weight   soles     $4.00
New Dress Goods
Duchess Siitau cloth,   new  bright  finished   cloth,  .just
what is  used   lm- the styles of gowus  worn al   present, in
browns,    greens,    wine,    black,    navy    and    grey.
Selling at pee  yard       65C.
Shadow  striped   Chiffon  finished Panama cloth, in the
ucu colorings of greens,  browns,  navy, black  and
grey,    Ai  pur yard    $1.00
Fifth-four inch   Panama cloth, line close weave (note
the extra width)  in  the  new  colorings of  browns,
greens, greys, blacks and Davys.   Por ymd     $1.00
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
We arc finding ti lot of odd pieces of
Enamelled Ware, these we are putting
on a Bargain Table and offering at a
reduction nl
All good giinds and articles lhat lire of daily use
in the kitchen.
Book    your    orders  for   Damaged
Pipes with our Plumbing Department
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
HrancheH or Agents at all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Oreat Britain and United Htutcs—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. .Seattle—Seattle National Bank, 8an Francisco— Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane -Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
25 Per Cent. Off All
Ladies' and Children's Winter Wear
Must be  cleared  to  make  room   (or
new Spring Stock.
MRS.    A.    C U ICK
PI U H T   8 T It K K T.
A Delightfully Refreshing Comedy Drama
That Revelstoke is up-to-date in the
matter of dramatic productions is
evidenced by the fact tbat "The Little
Minister," which will be seen at the
opera house tomorrow nigbt, has recently had a very successful run in
Vancouver, and is one ol tbe stellar
attractions tbis week in Winnipeg
during tbe tig annual bonspiel. Clean,
wholesome, and lull of heart throbs,
J, M. Barrte's refreshing comedy drama
'The Little Minister" is a play which
appeals to all. There is no mystifying
plot to burden or weary, but an easily
grasped snd fascinating love story
which is charmingly unfolded, snd
will prove one of ;he most delightful
performances it has been the privilege
of the Revelstoke publio to enjoy for
many a lung day. The f.dlowin . is
the oast.
Gavin Dyiart    1) M, Rse
I, .nl Riutoul.. H.Cunningh in Morris
Capt. Halliwell W. J. W Brown
Lady Babbie (Lord Rintoul's daughter)
 Mrs. F. C. Elliott
Felice (ber maid)   Miss White
Twaits (butler) J. G. MacLean
Thos. Whamond (chiel elder) J.L Stark
Rob Dow W. M. Lawrence
Micah Dow J.Lawrence
Snecky Hobart J. Carmichael
Andrew Mealn.aker )    T   n      M
J.Cruickshanks(atbeist)f   J' W0Dam
Sergeant Davidson R. Ackman
Nannie Webster... .Mrs.W. A. Sturdy
Jean (Manseservant) Miss Foote
Soldiers, Weavers, etc.
Act I,—Caddam Wood  on  a Moonlight Evening in April.
Act II,—Scene One—Nannie's Cottage.   Scene Two—The Manse Garden.
Act III—Inner Hall, Riutoul Castle.
Act IV—The Manse Garden.
Great Factor in the Progress
of Revelstoke Business
As an evidence of tbe growth of the
business interests of Revelstoke and of
the large amount of work really carried un both in the city and surrounding districts, tbe monthly statistics ol
the Revelstoke, Trout Lake and Big
Bend Telephone Company need no
comment. The telephone is practically an artery of commerce, aod Its
value as such oannot be over estimated. Tbe local telephone com piny
has been, perpaps, the chief factor in
tbe increase ol the volume oi Revelstoke's business, and has been.largely
instrumental iu giving the city the
great impetus iu the bid lor the trallic
ol the interior. While people are apt
to think little of a telephone, except
as a public convenience, yet on the
other baud its value cannot bo too
highly considered. Those who arc on
the service will readily agree that the
telephone is a necessity, and for the
really reasonable cost to individuals
lor installation, lent, etc., it is surprising that more du not take advantage of the benefit. Tbo local company has been enterprising in its long
distance lines, as well as up-to-date
fixtures throughout the city, und the
fact that an uninterrupted service is
maintained during all weathers, is by
no means an insignificant one. Mr
Cowan, the president, has given us
the following statistics for 1908: Number of calls, 255,8112; largest number
of calls in one day, 1,032; largest
number of calls in one hour, 107.
Awfu' Holocaust -Bank Frauds
—Severe Storms -C. P. R.
Secret Service-$1,000,000
Deal—Railway Commission.
Mexico Citv, Feb. 17 — three hundred people were burned to death
when the Toatro Florns in the city of
Acapulco wns destroyed, several
Americans being victims The telegraph ofhee was burned antl fnr that
reason the news ol the disaster has
only just been received.
Montreal, Feb. 17.—Private cables
from Glasgow, Scotland, say that a
big sensation has been created there
by tbe arrest of the manager and
directors id tbe Mlt'Uul Bu.k on
charges ol alleged fraud at d imposition, committed between 1902 aud
Chicago, Feb. 17 —Tbo wind, raiu
and sleet storm wbicb during the last
forty-eight hours bas played havoc
with telegraph wires and will continue until to-night, according to tbe
weather forecaster, by tbe time it has
spent its fury in the middle west will
be moving with its tail of suffering
and destruction up the St. Lawrence
WINNIPEG, Febuary 18.—The Can-
adiun Pacifie Railway has decided to
abolish its Secret Service Department,
and instead of having a big staff as
has hitherto been the rule, tbe company will have only two men in tbe
West to look after tbis branch of the
VicToniA, Feb. 17.—American interests have secured Esquimau and Nanaimo timber lauds in the vicinity of
Cowichan lake, not hitherto alienated.
Tbe amount represented in tbe deal
is put at nearly a million. They will
ship lumber out by a railway line proposed by the E. & N. from near Dun-
cau, and will probably erect large
mills on salt water.
Calgarv, Feb. 17.—Members of the
Railway Commission arrived in Calgary last nigbt, one day before they
were expected. Tbey got through at
Medicine Hat sooner than anticipated.
Tbey will spend today in looking over
the city, aud wi'l begin the regular
session ol tbe commission this morning. Tbo Board ol Trade yesterday
afternoon decided to bring the matter
ol freight aud express rates before the
coin mission.
Want   Timber   Licenses   Extended in Perpetuity
A strung deputation of lumbermen
of B C, incltidinti Messrs. Heap", J.
W. Hut-ken, \l, S L gan, V neouver;
McRae, Peter Loud »nd B wman, tu
Kamloops; O Lichinund, of Arrowhead; C F. Lindmark and F. E. Sine,
ol Revelstoke, met the government
yesterday at Viotorla in connection
with 'he question ol timber licences.
The lumbermen Baid tbey were in
favor of an extension nf the period of
time licenses, and would leave in the
hands nf the government lhe qnesti .n
ol increasing the royalties, leases to
be renewable unlil tbe timber was
logged "IV. This was embodied in a
rcsiihii.iiui adopted last night at a
private meeting of the combined luni-
lier mu ii'Sis
Matsuda the Jap  Will Meet
Tacoma Champion
A feature ol next week's sporting
programme will be a champion wrestling match, catcb-as-catch-can style,
between M. Matsuda, the famous
Japanese wrestler of Vancouver, champion welter weight of Canada, aud G.
Daily, ex-champion ol Washington
and Oregon. Both the wrestlers are
in good condition and out for business
and a fir.-t-class exhibition is  assured.
The match will take place at tbe
Opera House at 8 o'clock on the
evening of Tuesday, Feb. 23rd. Several
good preliminary exhibitions being
arranged prior to tho commencement
of the great match.
Matsuda turns the scale at 145 lbs,
in the welter weight class, while Daily
weighs 135 in ligbt weights. Limited
reserved seating accommodation round
the mat on the stuge has been arranged, while the body of the hall will
be available under general admission.
Gigantic Timber Deal
Portland, Ore., Feb. 16.—Negotiations are about to bs closed for one of
tbe largest timber deals ever made in
tbe Pacific northwest, the purchase
price being approximately 14,000,000.
Tbe sale pending includes the entire
holdings oo tbe Columbia river of tbe
Benson Ligging Company, one ol tbe
biggest concerns of its kind in tbe
wot Id,
Revelstoke Game Wardens
Now tbat Revelstoke aud its surrounding districts have become so
prominent as valuable -porting and
hunting grounds, it is necessary tbat
tbe game iu the vicinity should be
properly protected and conserved. We
would suggest tbat tbe provincial
government appoint one or moro
game wardens who would have this
duty to attend to. At present tbe
provincial constable is the only game
warden we bave, and while he is not
engaged in his regular work he oan
give bis time to the care ol the game
conservation, but he cannot do as
much as il wardens were appointed
especially lor that purpose.
We trust tbat tbis matter will bo
taken up at once and arrangements
made lor this season's work, and that
appointments can he made so that
Revelstoke's game may be tlie pride
ot the interior.
Ou Friday uight the Beavers will he
out to make tho Stars twinkle in the
junior basket bull series, when they
will um t iu wbat is expected to be
tbe best game ol the league. Mc-
Kachern will have Carmichael on bis
team for tbis game, and expects to
give Doyle a bard light lor tlie cup,
(or which tbey are at present a tie,
both teams having lost oue game in
tbe scries.
Tbe Businessmen are to play tho
Gym team tonight iu a league game
to be played at 8.30 p.m. sharp. Players are requested lo bo on hand at
tbat time.
There is to be a large gymnasium
entertainment and exhibition at the
end ol March, which is the closing of
the indoor season at the Y. M. C. A.
This is intended to be the largeit
affair ol its kind ever beld iu Rovelstoke, and a good exhibition is assured.
Tbe Boys' Department will be
opened about the first week in March,
the boys havo been working hard to
get rid of tbeir shares and have met
with good success.
In the school boys basketball league
Bruce'a team plays Lytlle's oo Saturday morning next.
Tho Y.M.C.A. hockey team will
practice tonight, and all players are
requested to be out sharp st seven
Tho Bankers and C. P. R. hockey
teams meet tonight to battle lor last
place in tbe league, both teams bave
lost two games and won uone.
The Creepers antl the Crawlers met
in deadly uonllict last night at hockey,
tho game resulting in a draw. A large
.number ol interested spectators were
present, the match being played "war
to the knilo" stylo. The Boomer, as
referee had his work out out throughout the entire game. Dupont, Marion,
and Jones were the stars ol tho evening. The skating race between Dupont and Marion, ended in favor of
I Marion, on a foul, and oaused consiil-
I crable ezoitement.
C. P. R. Officials Meet
A meeting ol several C. P. R. officials oi tbe Western and Pacific
Divisions wbb held here yeBterday in
older to discuss tbe general outlook
for the coming season, more particu
larly the Arrow Lake service. It wae
decided tbat monthly meetings should
be held at points on these divisions in
order to keep in elope touch. Further
particulars will be announced later
Among those present were: Capt
Gnrc, superintendent of steamships at
Nelsou; Supt. Brownlee,ol Cranbrook-.
.1. E. Proctor, of Calgary; Supt. A.
Purvis, ol Nelson; G, S. Rees, of
Nelson; R. E. Lawrence, of Nelson
XV. II. Robertson, assistant general
height agent at Vancouver; M.
Coombs, travilling passenger agent,
and Supt. T. Kilpatrick, ol Revelstoke.
The followiug games have been
played this week;
Calgary Cup—
Hose 12, Field 1).
Fi oto 10, Dallas !».
Burns Cup—
Smith 12, Edwards 9.
An interesting game wss played
last night between rinks representing
the Dent House and the RevelBtoke
Mess, resulting in a win for the latter
by one point:
Revelstoke Mess       Dent House
Dr. Hamilton J. Ringer
A  .1. Howe J. T. Pollock
0. 11. Macdonald      A  E. Rose;
I.H.Jackson, sk. 14 J.U.Barber, sk. 18
Fruit Growers' Association
A committee meeting of the Revelstoke Fruit Growers' Association was
held on Monday, at wbicb it was de-
cidtd to call a general meeting of the
association for Thursday tbe 25th at
2:30 p.m., in the City Hall, (or the
consideration ol the coming season'.
business and it is hoped tbat every-
Imly interested in the wollaio ol the
Association, will make a strong effort,
to attend this meeting. The following
business was discussed. Tho purcham
of a power spray pump lor|tbe lino ol
iiieinherH and hint growers ol tho district and providing lor upray material
at cost. The suggestion that a city
market, should be established with
marketing by-laws was given considerable munition and will be laid before
the general meeting, also the baud-
ling of agricultural implements, seeds,
nursery stock, etc., through the Association, it wss also proposed that
during the coming spring that tho
Government bo requested to have an
inspectnr make an inspection of the
orchards antl trees throughout the
whole ol ilm district. A thoroug canvass towards au increased membership
will be iniitln Bomotimo in advance of
tbe meeting to be held.
A Man From New York.
Is booked to spoilt to mon in tlie
Ry. Y. M. 0, A., Sunday afternoon
He is ono of the I ternational Secre
tariosof the Ry. Y.M.C.A., and has
bail a wile exporionco and will be
worth while lor you to make a date to
hear him,
This is a cut of the
celehiated " Kootenay
Range " that is doing
such excellent service in
many Revelstoke homes.
There is nothing to equal
it at the price and no
other stove suits the fuel and conditions here as well as
the Kootenay. We have them specially fitted with
oven thermometers and all latest improvements. Be
sure you buy a Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Groceries from
Groceries       Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
"    ■<& \3   i'. Kl B
4fa »!**% r
«!&» ""*
If the laundry has knocked out your'shirts and
broken your collars around the edges, played havoc
with your cuffs; if you have made holes in the toes of
your socks and are not lucky enough to have somebody to darn them for you; if you have dropped
something on each one of your neckties, or if your
collar has "cut"; or if you need any furnishings for
your body conic to us.
SHIRTS From 75c. up
NECKTIES From 25c. up
UNDERWEAR...From 75c. up
Let  us   furnish   your  body  and   make  it fit to
live  in.
Fit Reform Clothing.
estaiii isiied leer
B. E. WALKER, President j Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXANDER LAIRD,Generil Minajer    Reserve Fund,   -     6.000,000
DRAFTS AND   MONEY ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS made in all pai ts of Canada and in foreign countries.
FOREIGN  BUSINESS.    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     123
Evangelistic Services
Following is tlie plan nf Evangelist
Russell's farewell messages
Wednesday, 7:15 p, m.. "Height!
Thursday, li p.m., "Kruit ol Ibe
Spirit Finished." 7:46 p.m., 'The
l'lan ol Redemption."
Fridny,  8  p.m ,  "Manifestations ol
he   Spirit."     7:4t'i   p.m, "Rights of
Redemption."   Everybody is cordially
invited   to   share   all   the hen.nt-of
these closing days.
Another Klondyke Boom
\ AHOOI IVER, Feb. 18,— "The coming
season will emphasize the turning
point in the fortunes of the Yukt n
distriot. 1 look for s gteatly Increased
gold production. Business last year
was the best during the past six jears.
Apart Irom the gigaulic operations of
the Quggenhelmi, wbioh are not yet
in lull swing, there is a great ileal of
individual mining going on this
winter on the creeks," said Mr. H.
I'iukiert, a Dawson pioneer and mer.
chant. Til MAlLHfiRALt), REVELSTOKE, B. (J
2bc  fl&afMfocralb.
pub■.'.- a -   - hai ami Mii.'it
n . i   ■ :
Barristers, Solicitous,   Etc.
Supreme   md   Exchequer Court
Vgents.      Practice   in  Patent
Office    and   befoie    Railway
i M m.i _• -i'.li.'ni'iis, M.l'
11 ut. ii i.J'i-iii.ii.
.. ■■ BRISri ns, solicitous, kt< .
. .      . .        [   • tl   !   INK  Bl  'I DISH  Ill-It!
STOKE, I!. ('.
itibrouk, H i ■
'•!     ..'.'■
-   Revelstoke.
■ .
A    .     i   -. ..,i.. M J. A. Ilm. i v.
•:■ . '   • .'"""-   n. i ■
Solicil   ■   etc.
S,,l   itor for:-
I ..  i • . , .| -.. Bank ui Commerce,
. .   Molsons Bask, Ktc.
j )t.)i;r.i:r smith
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
Ui Keszie A\ knuk,
Box 1UU, Revelstoke
the   new
Catholic   Hospital   and
South of Citv Park.
I,  O   F.
I otirt Mount Bentae, N. 8461, meats Zodauil
,:l m . ;,, ■ . ; || ■ ... )l ill, tioxt to Oporii
Uuuie, Visiting brethren cordially iuvneu n
attend. ,   tI ,. u
i . a Haute, UR.
H   W, EDW um-  R.S
C.   W.   O    W
Moiintain   View Camp. No. 220
v    n   - I   .: .   K mrtli   WeduefdajB in
, . . „, . Selkirk Hull. Vlslun ftowl-
.. en . irdiaUjr invited to attend.
W   li. ARMSTRONG, ''en. Com.
J. M'IMMli'..  Ulorlt.
12 Acres of
Price St Gfl per fare        $300 Cash
Balance on Easy Terms
Thi   is an exceptional opportunity to buy Choice
RevelBtoke Property,
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
F. O. E.
"  ire.held In lite Selltirl
.   even   1   ■■   ■ U    iveuiuK . ul    \   "''"' '■
:  ■ rei     rdiully mviti'ii.
.      l'..!.-l"..S t
W   B Ml I.M ' lll.lN.Sii' iitl.ll ll,
Kootenay  Lotlgc   No. 10. A   F. & A. M
Tlie reuular meot-
,i,_.-- are lielil in l lie
lll.ll'i'l  Hull, I '
the tlih.t .M.'ii'l.i)   11
eurli   mi'tilli    ul    S
i.  Viailiugbrelli-
cordlullv   wul-
3i ckktary,
.KIKK LODGE No. 12, l.O.O. I-'.
M-i-l- ovi.Tj Tlmt -
lay oveniiii. in Sol
kirk Hull ut Bo'clocl
Visiting linilliron art.
jas >i.\run:;-'
IV. A. >"U N
Cold Range Lodge, K ot f.
No. 2b,  Revelstoke, B. C.
BUI Kot)A i
i .-.tn iiii
■ .-
. "'i,.'
H   I Ri     -,   !-.   ■ '.   It   A '<
;   ii. .   "r:\ u. ... i-
.he flfoatl-lfoeraU)
neas. Prosperity can only ho
realized when a proportion of business returns are placed aside finally contingency that may arise.
While most of us are suffering from
the effects of our oun shortsightedness, wc have every reason
to believe lhat with the opening of
spring renewed activity of business
generally will eventuate, us indications poinl in that direction, and
it will then behoove us to ponder
well tin- experience of tho past ami
learn it lesson that will enable us
to take full advantage of the restoration of commercial industry, and
at Un. same time provide for any
further possibility of the depression which is now passing,
Tlie latest   innovation in  municipal regulations in many cities of
province is the curfew, which
■■   ■ "'
compels all children under sixteen
y.nrs of age to be in charge uf a
parent or guardian if on lhe streets
■iiicr'.i p. in., a penalty for infraction of the law being imposed,
more or loss severe. If n parent
Ins not the power to keep the child
nt home at nighi and away from
the streets, then no law can effectually 'I" sn, and for it to 1 •
made necessarj thai such a liw
should be passed does noi rellei I
much -.if.iii un ibe average parent"
While we do not Lhink it nece ai i
t'.nit a curfi "• ii".\ should be pn -.-. .1
[ti llevels ■ Ice, yel we would .. . on
he  parent      om 'iti-.
thi ir dul      ' ki      i   :.
alter the terms   and conditions of the
licence at will;
"Thut advances cannot ho secured
on the said licences ou the grounds of
the uncertainty of tenure nnd title;
"And whereas many ot our licence
holders require to secure advances in
money from time to time to pay their
annual licence fees; and whereas capital is absolutely ueceisury for the development of our limber resources;
"Ai tl whereas il is most desirable
thai every encouragement le given the
"Therefore be i resolved that this
Board memorialize the government of
Biitii.li Columbia to make such alterations in the timber laws of this pro
vincc. us will adequately meet the requirements of the situ iti in."—Curried.
Copies of thia resolution wero sent
to Hons. T. Taylor and !■'. .1 Fulton,
uml Messrs. C. 1". Lindmark, 0. I.uch-
muinl, mul F. I*-. Sine, who are now at
The meeting then adjourned.
Annual Meeting Being Held Today in  Knox Church
The iiniiiiiii meeting ol Kinuloops
Presbytery is being held today in
Knox Church, with a good attendance,
Kev A. II. Cameron, ol Ker meos,
presiding as Moderator, and Rev. \V,
\   Wyllie, of Is uinli iq s, nu clerk.
Among i In chief matters of interi si
to be considered an tbo Home Mission
work, Moral au I Social !'■ fi rui ' lltureh
1 ifi    uu I    IVork. I       Divio I
"Jane   Eyre,"   a   type   of
Interesting   Report  by    PrOVin- M™dy, wilh a »trongd«matio thread
3 r ' holding   the story together, is ultra tt-
cial Game Warden
The annual report ol A. Hymn W'ilJ
ing a gieat deal of attention en tour
It has been truly called "A great, l'lay
from a llre.it Bunk." It is one of the
Hums, provincial game and forest war- i many attractions now en lour under
den, which was brought djwn   to  tbe the direction of Ri.wlaud and Clifford,
Homffa few days since, is an unu-ually»',d  u 1!irBt;,cln^  !" every essential.
",        .  ' r'.lane   Byre     Will he Bum here nt the
interest mg nnd satisfactory one. H Opera House en Feb. 19th. The oom •
shows that tho new system introduced pany is it superior one and the pro-
last year is working well, and that the' iluclion i» superbly niouuted arid beau-
big itame ol the  nrovinoe are on the'li,u!  in   ever>'   detllil-   The   c"8t
game of the provinoe ere in
increase. The report is fat too long
for reproduction in a newspaper,but it
will i pay reading by oil sportsmen
interested iu tbe game resources of
British Columbia and their preservation.
The special grant of $10,1)110 made
last year for tho lirst time by tbe
legislature has bean but little drawn
upon, as the revenue from licenses
ninl su forth conies to within some
$200 of that amount. At the suine
time ihe revenue thus assured has
permitted the engaging of game wardens who have dune good work. Atl-
ditiniiil game wardens are recommended, and it. is pointed out thut in
addition to their ordinary duties tiny
are frequently able to lend valuable
assistance to tlie provincial police.
In the Easl Kootenay reserve the
game is increasing and it is suggested
that tho reserve I e made a permanent
national park. Tlie importation of
European red deer and ohaurois is suggested, and it is pointed out that the
former have been most successively
acclimated in New Zealand.
.Moose are increasing and spreading
further south, as are also cariboo.
A plea is entered fnr the grizzly bear,
said to be nearing extermination in
some sections. He is said to be really
very timid, aud it is suggested that it
be prohibited to trap him.
The beaver havo increased enormously in Southern British Columbia,
and in sume parts ol Kootenay, Okanogan, Similkaineen and Kamloops
sulliciently to be a nuisance to fruit
growers. Permission lo kill them
under restrictions is suggested.
■      ■ .   ;
1 :, i '     '
uight. at least    tntil  thi child
i i ■. ■      I
.... mini!
ll .Ml'.  17, 190
IRI)   1 I Ml-
e genei
i. ■
i estiot rem ti k beiny
panied ^ned air o
" m        - est ol  a  bad dea
attitude.      I'hi       •■ •
'hard   tinu ■ "   mi e si i • 'I
z\     .: little or no ani   I   •
Better Title to Timber Wanted to
Encourage British Capital
A speci cul v.        .      .    ■ the
I   i      i. mh    was hi   I j est irdaj
1 taking aomu   u e   i ti
•    ■
event   its .in .' u '        ...     that
evented I a     nveated
..- ttislae-1
ry nu: ||
.....       ■ . ,..i,   .
• -  ..
. '   r   -:     •
- •-.;...   tllj   Bril
1...   i. .i   .      nsidcred
Uv ere is a g lod deal in
man   talk  dull   tiroes
. ■  till ever;. I
-    i .    .  '.::.. -.    ni   ii ■■    .
, ;    to lake care ol
. eragi
prefers   I     - •'    lowi
II .     itomei i'n-  i..ii, • i.
I I       i,'     :   ' bi 8e
l'i    . j terj   elccliol n       •'■ Moder
ator,   •'' -        t;        li    I  ami
i 1'eupli     ivork
.    tbo      ;     -'   .'
il    Can
1, I. Wylli.
\     '
Hood, r
IV    K
Kev. J. G. m, fl
W  A   VVhyl M
Keel -       ■
■ .
'    ll i
'• '      !>«       " '    •'   '.       -• ' ,,.f r  .■
;   .ii -hud a- much   tt   Victoria
ig for a-m tim
ber licences   it waa tt a
He    --•' hes the dull
ipiril • - •, ■ .i
lh a death f ri| i, evi i
I he la ■        ■   - •
bem •■ thi general i imp] tinl that
pi opli re not -, i nding m mui
nn necesf in immoditii - The
• .2 '■ ■ .1 oi hai i times should Im
•nt down upon, for it i- il ii
more to kill business than anj
... Cell a man he ic sii k
,,, it up and you «iii ' vi n-
n. • biro to death,   i Ine
prill . iiii-e-    "f    haul
iiU1...- ]     lm facl tlmt people
..i     .     i . lo   and fro-
Iv '"•''■ nnd llllil    .      ine.tlii'ie-
'., •    ■   I"" I1 fi "
Which    i     •'     '      Iiii   licit   f-xi-'
W'li'.i.   hi -'    '-     ' "   '!     '   '•'   '
notbinii  lefl  ml ,.k  np"i
hi i„ .    ib.   gl li" imi   ll
tin  cooipl^ji '•  againsl d  ■'   buei
ipon the govern mi ■. ialate thai
be timber titles be  made ieo •
' juch a ns ■■  capil i  its could
, ive n    i.'-imi ion  in invest ing in B.
i.n.i •.   and  i n.ii   lull  security ul
.tie can be  obtained      It   was then
."'I bi I.  A. II tggen  and -mi'.nihil
by   W. W, Foster, that, ' Whereas nnr
tttentioD   lm-   been called to the fai t,
that tbe Government is aboul to make
.me specific ehanges to the the tim-
bci   laws   nl   li.   C, thorelore we the
P. Burns & Co. Want Contro1
of Northern Territory
. tnii   for i lu
..-.., ki  -
ie a
tions  nnd ■ hen by P  Bo
Go   Will   ' It ml    ,(    1 lie ei •
tire Wi attoir   an I
busine ■ city,
i        rai part. ,,[ the ileal   has  gone
through      Samuel   William   n   an
n.'inn'.-   ' he  -al"  ol his  firm < ri tail
itoroa .'i i .' insideralIon
is a i
Williamaon Hrm. bad been in bus!
iieis in this city for seven yeat ind
had developed a large retail and whole
llevi Istoke Board of Trade deem It ad
visible to bring to the alieni ion ol the sale trail
Government certain deleota in the It Is now tho evident Intention ol
present timber regulation! whioh the Burns people to go into the tbat
should   be   remedied,     It   is r well toir bmlqess In Kdmonton extensively
and  to erect a  large  planl   and  In
Work  to be  Commenced Immediately—Wooden Piers
The uotions of the Board of Trade
recently over the tiallic budge which
ihe 1! i!. Government are about to
construct across the Columbia at this
point, aie similar In those displayed
by Australia's celebrated politician.
Air G. Reid, who is frequently called
'Yes, No," Keid, owing to his changes
"f . p mon over the federation quit-
; i ,ti. The board, however, is quite
light iu ns content oi,s that wooden
pii ■ are good i uough ii the completion ..: i ■ ■ bi Igi ib.. year dcpl nis
ipon tlie i ii. being commenced at
unci. ii cording i" thu urigiual con
cu ' ug loi ii nli ii pit ib, instead
lela i umplel imi  i yi ar or more
cement piers be s iInstituted as
.       .   •.!..>    .;.      he    board.
i       j> ivi : ami ui.  n in eon mend .hie
nptuesd     li tve   ie-.'' tied    I i   the
■    ird   ■   l' tde in  evi y
••• ' even   to  ringil g
icoi   -i"ii   in
. . i •      I'he following
,..--, d i in- week bend  the
.   • mier   \ ictoris
- ;i !,•.:>■   recom-
i .■•• lei ting irncis
' s sa tit
.    . ■:
mg   for   Vict   -' ■   ti
Hon i dinisl Public
ill   en-
■ I      il
»rd    ol
K      i     l-
Resolution of Sympathy
-   |  Mi
Hi,    '-     '    ,      1   .1    Rev
t H iti
M . -I--' r,
Mr- ind M
-.;     .
,.|,.i' ■       loi       ■    - ■
itiel lined '  .ih ol
tin ibe lat
. solved  i h i) -i cony "I   this
resolution be aent lo Mn  Wei
(Signed)    Liim Mi Dohalo  i C
A ',    li   l'i  ,  ; /    1,1
.li i.ii \l Mora.' , ii i<
k iowii   lact   thai the   title to tlmbor
lu in li. 0. under our present lioenco
Stem    is   viewed with  iltniht, or dismal by tin  investor, mure particular.
ly the British Investor—nn account of
11.. government claiming the right tu
urease tho capacity ol the abattoirs, to
meet   tbi   competition    Ol    Hwift   anil
Humor and Gallagher-Hull plants
- em •
Moving pictures tonight,
lu   Inturi      tin
lienib III   ill     I  will
dances oi show) In lhe Opera   llmi
Unless sum ■ lie properly benletl
Hevelstoke Independent Ilu ml
Kevelstoke    imi
imi    play    loi   nny
' Ipora
Tiiekei   Hie photographer,  has sli
Sl/es i.I oamorai uml films anil supplies
iiii eu ii. ii. in,, studio, td
beaded by Miss  Dorothy Turner, who
portrays Jane.
Vancouver Acreage
Bend  Description,
Terms to
Andrew E.
Ileal Kstute Agent
Box  187
600 Hjslings St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
Muuu Tartu rod fnr all cIk.s.sos of  buildings
for _-;ilo in large nr small quantities
at tho lowest in icoa for cash.
All kinds of building aud iiladterinn
This applies
•0   III
as In any  other  business.
The Companies represented
iu   this   ulliee   have   Good
Records and are in position
in give
Low Rates and Good Security
Km full pietieiiliii's apply to
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Oash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Ten Handsome
China Dinner Sets
Given Away
W e are placing a numbered coupon in each 49IIJ. sack
"I Royal Standard Hour that leaves our mills. Save
your coupons and compare them each mouth with ilu: lucky
numbers that will appear in this space in the first issus of the
month. Ten persons will each receive one of these elegant
presents without cost monthly.
rin- numbers will be announced in the lirst issue of the
month. All lhe persons holding a duplicate of these numbers
has to do is to return it to us, and we will deliver free of all
charges, a handsdne 109 piece dinner set. You will lind all
the details of the contest on the bad
k ol each coupon.
Royal Standard Flour you wil
unl healthful bread  Hour
in buying
the most delicious, nutritious
MAM IM Tl'kill 1   ONI.\
on tin-
11 \
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
liininn Room l.'iiniiturc is particularly essential, ami in view ol
Ihis fuel we have selected a very
desirable line ol elegant and
iirlislio dining tables, chairs mid
(sideboards. An early inspection
should he inittle, us the price no
arc asking tor such [superior ftirn-
iiurc makes them a most desirable
The Burden of Loss
ivniilil noi be sn heavy If yuu
were properly protected by ft
uood Fire Insurance Policy
If ynu iue noi now insured
ymi should nlvo lhe null let
your immediate nnd serious
consideration. To i_tn tiniii-
-iiieil Is in en in I disaster and
serious Huanchil loss. Our
terms are most liberul, Lot
ns tell ymi aboul our policies.
\l\'.\ KLSTOKE,    B.   ('.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic  Steamship
• Bp ul Hui
>    ll l.:   nimmpliiln
In    lib.  I_i .'.nip. ..I Irelil     .Inn. 20
h   ai Kmp. '.I Km.ii i Full, 112
Hal   Mn     '• I. ike Kl le l'Yb. 17
i       lar. l'i Kmp, nl Ireland Cob. 211
KM I'1(1.     i
i   ■ I. Class  ,i.l Class
,■   fi* J$ Su »J
i   .     tnd. Clam  jrd. i l.iss
$1.^ 00 $ \l Sn $ l" '"'
: iki   ll. .i ii
.'ml. i laits 3rd. 1 l-si
$ IS in.       $,"'»''
1 ii. ip rati   i" \il.niiie Heabi ard
points  in connection with  «<teiiiii
Miii|i I iekels
1' issengers   I km!   lu   Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp,   I Inin
burg   ninl    "II    nliii')    iiinliiicnliil
Por further Information npply in
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.ii.I'.a.
Itevi'lHtoke. II,l'.       Vilneoilvei.ll.C
Big Discounf
on all
Cask Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
..<   'V  -:'<- v ■:.'•■■-", yifs-j.'*;.
m mm
1 wm
HEAD Ol'KlCE:   OAI.OA11V,   AiainuiA. f
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant).
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Bt"i'k.   Market a In all the prim i
pal Cities and Towns of Allien a, Hi iiish Oolumbln and thu Yukon.
Packiii's of ihe Oelebi'itted Brand  " Impiiratoi'" Hamu and Bacon,
a   an I " Hhaint'ock" Brand beat Urd.
J^%-%••%.%■%.%% %%-*'^^%'%^'%,'%%%%%-%'%^%'%.%%%%^ ir}
Import direct froin country oi origin.
j^e-v:e:l_,stoi£:ep ti. a.
Central Hotel
/a»_». REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.        Kirst-dims in every reaped.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Hates SI.GO per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under wtm   management
suitably furnished with the 'hoicest the
market affords. Hest \\ ines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rat^s $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
CT.   ALBEET     STOTST15]      PEOP. '
jT?a_riKffiSaawi»tf^;s^a^v^^ ■?3zzzaBmi-'i'mG^'?zp?z7&
■___■___■£ £g>>^re;.--.A«!>re^^i-is*^^
'.' f!
Mclennan & company
have placed their entire stock in the hands of Lewis Bros. & Company, of Toronto,
Ont., to be converted into cash in a Gigantic 13 Day Sale. Everything from floor
to ceiling and from wall to wall will be placed on sale at prices so ridiculously low
that all may have the best at prices far less than they world pay for inferior goods.
Mr. Lewis
Lewis Bros. & Co. intend to
make this sale the greatest ever
held in British Columbia. Mr. A.
W. Lewis, assistant manager of
the firm, is here and will personal-
■ ft**'
ly supervise everything. He fully
realizes that to sell so much mer
chandise in so short a time, great
sacrifices must be made, and will
offer each item of stock at prices
hitherto unheard of.
The store will be closed all day
Thursday, February 18th and
Friday, February 19th, during
which time Mr. A. W. Lewis
who is in charge of the sale
will cut and slash prices, rearrange stock and make ready
in every way for the opening
Mr, McLennan
has been in business in Revelstoke for the past three years
and it is a Y/ell known fact that
he carries nothing but the best.
His fair and square business methods have earned him an enviable
reputation. He wishes to announce that his entire stock will
be included in this sale. The new
spring goods already received
must go at prices just as phenomenally low.
and Continues 13 days
You are confronted with the opportunity of a lifetime to " lay in " a stock of Drygoods, Women's
and Children's Shoes, Cloaks, Jackets, Blouses, Skirts, Underwear, Hosiery, Furs, Etc.
This sweeping and gigantic Adjustment Sale, embracing as it does every article of merchandise
in the store, is bound to be a record-breaker. It will prove to be truly the greatest sensation of the
year for the buying public, a saving opportunity of vital importance to every man and women who
can reach our store. The astounding values, the very timeliness of our offerings, coupled with an
utter disregard for cost or loss, is bound to astonish the purchasing public and cause competition to
stand aghast at our fearless methods of merchandising.
Don't forget the opening day and be at the doors when they open at NINE O'CLOCK. The early
bird catches the worm and bargains most wanted by you are most wanted by all.
Lewis Bros. & Co.
Mclennan & co.
Ten Extra Clerks Wanted.   Apply At Once.
All good   sold at cost and under and  all  lines  plai-cd  on  our  Sale
Tables   must  go   regardless of cost.      Good staple seasonable goods.
Ladies' Underskirts
lli ivy 1'1-ik iin-iiiic skirts selling   at
-:.    Black satin with   deep   flounces  and
flounces for $i .00.
Flannelette Drawers
Child's plain  white   drawers,   regular
'So. now  : ic  per pair. Sizes: 1 to iGyears
White undervests, regular  pi iue   75c.
d  ioe, now 40c  Sizes front _| 10 12 years
We are disposing oi this seasonable
line of goods at a 25 per cent,   discount.
These are this seasons best goods,
which sold at Hie. and iSc. per yard, now
selling at 1 2^C,   per yard.
Heavy, wide width flannelettes, regular i2'..e. a yard, now -,:. per yard.
Odd lines and remnants, dress goods, furs, golf jackets, child's coats, ladies'
mantles, child's wool jackets, child's head wear and millinery at your own price.
Must clear tliese lines to make room for new goods.      These prices are lor cash.
Pure Drugs
■ im d with caieful
. nip mnding, prompt
delivery and reasonable
prices nre the faetora
which have built up onr
business to its present
immense proportions,
Bring your next prescription here if you
want satisfactory results
M-icdonald's Drug Store
We aim tu keep unly the
best in Groeeries. A trinl order
will be appreciated us we are
convinced tbat we can save you
Our Bread, Cakes nnd Pastry
are made Iresh every duy, when
tired ol your own baking, try
ours for a change, you will lind
it very appetizing.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
.. —At Vernon, li. C, Feb. 6 ■
to   Mr   imi   Mrs, \V. C. Calhoun, a
-  "   -till born).
Local and General.
Kirst-class   programme "tonight  al
I lu Kdison Parlor Theatre,
• o't forget to see   The Little Min.
stei    opera house, tomorrow nigbt.
I he V M. C, A. "Upper arranged I 1
1 . ursday, Feb. 18th lias been po-'
This   issue contains full announcements of ii gigantic sale of the entire
«:oek ol Mc Lennan it Co.
rhe ladies ol  the  Catholic  Chine .
,-. preparing nu excellent programm
for their annual  St   Patrick's concei'
The Canadian   Punk  ol   Coimneir.
1..1-     1 k.m     Ui  ■ ■  "     .it   I lowgand
I  151k  1 .11,1   M mtreal llivi 1
Nice Five   roomed
House lor     $1,800
Nice   Six    roomed
House lor   $1,900
Houses at reasonable
All kinds of  Insur-
Agents  for the celc-
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real tstate, insuranoe and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Oliiee on First St., Opposite the Club
Runts Collected. Loans Notary Public
> <K>^<H>0<-K><>OK><>-0<K^ <
lie kisoi ' '   "
Wl y   ': •■
H i
per* I      -■
1    -.
n tbe wo id       VV
Miuistei    111
-.    1     ■
■ipiCi s
I  .
R    Llllli
•    I : :       ill
held ■   •   1 !   Mi     C, 11   I
• ■    '■     ! imi iti ty     .11   1 I    11
pa rt icu larly 1      ies ted
.  sent.
lin;   Ladies    ' ul   St     1
ling a tea at I lie hone
I    "'Ir  . 1     B   I'u. 'I    ill   11,.
1 I' 1 iea.!
S3      \ .    1.'       •■..'.
1 :     . tdii -   • i..  t S'.Sll
A    bave   v. :•.   gem rously   p -11   di
.    :        -   1 i..ei, wn-  nuv. rtiseil ;
.:- ' ISth, so  that ail i   ty
be given        • :   rt inity 1 f witnessing
" -'.cl . '
• bite    1'.   D.,   luperiD-
f  Homi    Mi-r; ,n-   ol   the
-■ ..iiurcli in li C, will preach
".   ■     •    and   evening Sunday,
Kenruary 21st, and will   givi   h  stere
ion missionary a   Ires Mon
lay evening, February S2od.
Few plays have attracted the  wide-
pread   1 opularity    as   ' 1 hoi at    ti
1 ngi    !.. sson -     a   virile   comi d
1   .i.: I, -n'-nes and   plots  laid   11
I.... and.    rhe  it ry wus dramatise'
1 tbe storj    I Bei tha M. Clay, am
ei 1    Dal  in teres I   to  all agi -
u.'i   classes,    "Thorns   and   Orangi
i.   -1 ms   will b< I. •   offering  ol t.
■. tnd ,t Cliffi rd C m| tny
Saturday matinee and night, Feb, ifl
it tin 0| era House 1 he company
carrii complete scenic equipment Ioi
tbis production, and it is said tu I.
, - I'their best offerings, it bavin,
had tw.. metrop lit.ni runs,
in lemicall)   pure and
w e    p.i;.   1 he
price   foi
_••» ul    I ••   On-
:      . Ill     I'll!    '   ■" y,
..-    .    11 v.   etll     ;i>   lhe
- "lil'lls
Vi  .        ' st.-lll-
. ni, ...
■ -...
Oue  night  unly—"The Little Min-j
lister," Thursday, Feb. IS. opera bouse.
On Shrove Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, the I
Ladies' Guild of St. Peter's Church
will hold an entertainment nt the
borne ol Mrs C B, Paget, altemoou
and evening, lea, music aud othei
amusements will pass a pli isanl lime.
J, M. 1 Inyle ol lhe Iocs 1   branch  ol
P. Burns & Co,   lias been  tranal m.l
;.. Kelso   as g neral man gei   i..r  the
Koiitenn■• -.   '■'  : ucci ed H iki  W ilson, i
«li..  has   beei    moved to Vani    ivei
\Jr.   Duyle      >u    i in   Revelai
lias ■   ' ■. ' been 111
li   (ul:."....'.   . lie wi
ship ss   much   graiti t.. forei _.n   pi 11-
i'n. :,u '!■  tlv    Pacific c >a -'   us  il   cai
,,...'■; .... ■    ■    ■ :
this mui     pos   bl npai
1..ni." rated   1   ...   rati   on grain
cenl     i   1    i! '    .    mils   Inn
i. lots iii Albertu
-   iv..,. k    will     i'i     eonsidi rab 1
'.'bangi sin tin   irrau etiu     •    ■   ■ i e.i
I P. K     lie    il     ing
e  itiderstHitd  u    lie cm    m   y 1
a expenses in conui ul i  a  vitl
iii ; in   ent,    V\ e   learn
■ lie 1   ■'    -   aiiij   1 . pti d   tht   1
P. R set vice
' mi'  ol   ' be most   striking  featun
ie  publicity 1 ; Revelsti ke   -
number of enquiries that the Boa
i adi is constantly receiving fri m a!! '
points of Canada, ''uiteit States,
Britain   and  Australia, us to the advantages  and  possibilities ol   Reve
-• ke and   her adjacent ten iti
■ -  est tblishnu nl   ol   indus
well as [1     other developmental   purposes.
he Hon   Cl    naa 1 lylor,  Minisl   ■
.,:'  Public   Works,  has  intormed
secretary ol the l!"ani ol Trade thai
compliance witb the board's resolution
requesting that a (err;   be  placed
ihe confluence bi 1 wi en • be  I olumbin
and Canoe rivers up the Hig Bend
year, he has arranged lor an appropri
ation   111   tin,-   forthcoming  provincial
i-itininte-   for the establishment and
maintenance of a ferry  at  that poii I
the trail  from   Revelatoke to  Can e
nver   being   now  completed   and  in
regular  use     1 he route Irom   Revel'
-tnke to  i be  north is admittedly the
ihortest am! best between the C  P. It.
md  the ••. 'I   P., and  the  pro] osed
■try will enable this mute to be used
letween these points during the coming year.
It in interesting to note tlmt the In
lependent Band is not consistent with
! what their cognomen calls [or, that it
■ii say during the last month or so, in
hat they are raising a rumpus nver
Hiving lu play in cold balls. Even
ini nul cannot he independent ol
nut this weather. We sympathise,
lowevcr, with the buys, lor there is
mining so   miserable  us sitting, ee
nicially bugging a brass instrument at
<hc same time, in  a draught) barn ol
i place, with the wind whistling round
• iiir ii-gs. trying to enjoy it, The most
nopular   seleotioil   just   now Willi uur
»:il  musicians  is,   'dh wert thou in
the oaultl blast."
Social and Personal
W. I). Robertson  left  last night on
a business trip to Vernon,
Mrs - Rev.) .1. I    Kohi it-m.   regrets
that   fie   will  I".- uiiahl   ■■■ receive on
I'mui'-iI ty uf ilu- neck
Mr.      M    i'cttlnii has hern
sutl'ei ing  Inmi    tn arts  -   d   pi       -
[i ii the past   i.	
i i.   '!
•,   - n
eil as • ■ M t cle'l
i    '
i.r  tl
\    I    ■
M  -.
Itev .
'.   i
by «
•   lli    ...
Mining pictures tonight,
I jnit'jlm
■   ■
■. ■        .
Mrs     ; .: .1        -       i
■ . .-
card ifter esidenci
iarg. Iriends wen'   pn
y recherche
.- dng '  '. -'       yabli
■■ oners were Mn
.I.M I  -  -  '.   Robbins,   Mrs
the evenii .
.  ..     . ople   were   enti rta
, ■.   111, ■, ■     .....  i
.ng !..   a   close      I hi
diss M iry Edwird-i    Mm*   i  »
•".ii   Miss Spurting, md Met
i ..       -    ;      ....'    ami     \     II
\   -.
Business Locals.
Moving Pictures tonight,
Carol ..it- ,ii-i arrived ?or prices
inquire at Fruit Exchange
Don't forget the shirt waist danoe
nn Fnh 17,  Commences 9 p.m,   ttl
See .,nr corner windnw for Toasted
Cornflakes, I'hree packages (nr i'n-
Thia week only.   0, B, Hume A Oo
The Ladies' Guild ol Bt. Peter's will
buld an alternoon tea and evening «i
Mrs. Paget's on Shrove Tuesday, Feb.
ifniiey In live pound   cans $126
uml 'trie, ;i()c and 26o   glass  jars.    The
best on the market. Try It fnr yourself     0, 11. II nine A' Co,
The Revelstoko New anil Second
Hand   Store.—Furniture,   sloves, tin
ami iiniimeleilware bought, sultl r
exchanged. First Bt,, near llenur
Cigar luutnry.
Dry Ci'dni. liiiinli lengths, lull cord uf 128 cubic feet -$5.50 per cord.
Dry Hemlock, Hi inch lengths, full cord of 12S cubic feet—$7 per curd.
Special quotations on four foot wood and on  large
orders for stove wood of any length.
This enal I.-, eipml tn any ilnine , M.iiiiiiiielui'i'il   Inmi  hard   coal.
tie iinfi emil uu tin- market.   No The besi and uhuaposl  fuel on
clinkers, and  makes very little lhe market.    Froo sample given
smoke, to nny whu hive uut tried il.
$8.50 per ton $8.75 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies,"_..
We have now opened up in our new store on FIRST
STREET, opposite the lTnion Hotel. We have
already made many new customers and hope to
make many more. Hive us a trial and see what
we can du. We can save yon money.       .       .       .
A Local   Institution   of Which
Revelstoke is Justly Proud
Not the least important of the many
iiistitutinns which thrive in Kevelstoke
in the Amateur Dramatic Club, now in
the tilth year|ol its existence. The
production by a number of local artists
of the well known Irish drama, "The
Colleen Bawn." was the initial step in
the formation of the club, and on the
Is' of June, 1004, one week after the
presentation of tbe above drama, the
Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic Club
was organized, with the "Colleen
Rawn" caste, as the original members.
Since that time the career ol tbe club
bas been quiet and unassuming, the
plaudits wbicli bave crowned their
many efforts being received with he
coming in desty. Fortunate indeed
was  it   fnr  the  dob,   tint  tbry bad,
during the lirst two years of their
existence, the assistance of Mr. T. 11.
Dunne, under whose careful training
and guidance as stage manager, tbey
made rapid progress, and to whose
efforts the success which ban attended
the club is in n great, measure responsible. Much credit is nls.i due to
Mrs. Dunne, who was a faithful and
untiring worker iu tbe club up to the
time n[ tbeir removal frum tlie city in
the Bpring of lilOli.
Comparatively short as bas been tbo
career of tbe Dramatic Club, the members thereof are deserving of hearty
congratulations at tbe bands of the
citizens for the many pleasing entertainments tbey have given. Among
playB which bave been produced by the
club are thdfollowing: "DickTurpin,"
"Slasher and Crasher,'' "Ticket ol
Leave Man," "The Lady of Lyons."
"-6100,000," "Dandy Dick," "Meg's
Diver-ii n," "Colleen Dawn,'' "Chiselling."   "Caste,"    "Jane,"   "Pink    l)i-
uie'iy "Isne    as presooted by Amateur Dramatic Club.
I ...   -ii tugbraun.     Tbe
,- a si' ie'
ne club's greatest
■  -
A n important (et     e ol tbe history
■ sell -Inn 38
which   ban   characterized   their work
i-   ii   i m irtby cause
n peatedly given their I Ime
tlent in ah! ol the charitable ami
■    ds ol tbe i    ths
il in... work
tbs   pr. docl  ul   a play.
ill V      Ol    <"   '.:•'■   I-  '■-■"
iftei    night mUSl l)S given
I ii j i.i- respect tbe rules
. ars  v ry i Igid tbi li m tte
.  ,f-.      rel        - '.. ar-e.
ii,il    : i.i i.    rehear",   son I  mon ,   iiei
turn   tip  fnr rehearsal is some ol
the members know lo tbeir cost.
Bul it, is this very fact of stick-to-it-
iveness that has enabled the club to
give such worthy productions. It has
always been their aim to make these
productions as complete in detail as
possible, and in this rispect tbey differ
largely frnm the professional company
wn.li which Revelstoke is at times
favored hut more often Inflicted.
While   local    talent   ib   not always
appreciated as it Should he, Revelstoke
bas in its Amateur Dramatic Club an
Insitution "f whioh it should be justly
proud,   and     every      encouragement
dd be given  tbem In tbeir efforts
to entertain tin: fun living portion of
tbe community,  and  as   is  not iulre-
piently the  ease, aid some deserving
•■aline iii ii linniielal way.
j ,-1   n-.i ■ .:■ ■'. J  1.  ' '   lot    Ol
Battings   also mats A x 8.
Call   and   im   then. — -c. li Hui
i       adies ol the  Metl odisl Obuioh
ik''.i trip around tbe wnrhi on
rbursday,  Feb. 86th accompanied by
their fr:i't,i|s.   Watch for  further developments.
Pitted Olives 36e per bottle, Celery
iiiiven i'i.. Canned (tips Olives Wo,
Rowatt's , un rt Olives DOo and eight
in nee bottles lOo; just opened up at.
0. ft. Hume .v Oo's.
Keep 1 uesday, Feb 23rd, open lor
I lie afternoon tea and evening at. Mm.
Psget's, ninler the SUIpioes nf Bt.
Petei I I idles Guild. Aftei noun, silver collection.   Evening 25o.
There will be a shirt waist danoe
undor the auspices of the Knights nl
I'ythiii" nnil Pythian Sisteis nn Feb.
17th, at. the Opera Utilise. The muse
will he luriiinlicil   Ly the   Independent,
Band,    Refreshments will lie wved,
" Ben  Hur"
Will he produced in Motion Pictures
at the Kills..n Parlor Theatre on Fri
tlay antl Sntutilay Ncaily every per-
i"iti lins read tbn story ol 'lien llur,"
ami no doubt will be pleased to see the
play rcpruflueed tn inotiun pictures.
Besides "Hen llur,   there is some good
ecmedy subjects.     Remember Friday
and Saturday nights at the  EdiSOn.
For Sale
I will sell two ul niy houses un .ird
slteet, south ul McKenzie Avenue,
lull two   stnry    with   lurnaoes and all
modern Improvements.    Terms rea-
sonable    Apply to
Corner of   Jrd HI   and MoArthur Ave.
Docs your silver need cleaning.' We
have the goods to do It with. Matchless Silver I".ili.ili in bottles at Due
mul Victor Silver Polish in quart oatis
at |l.   C. Bi Hume A Co.
/ 1
Stamping   Patterns
We have a large variety  of patterns in slock
and   can  stamp  any  articles  you   may   require.
Such   as   Towelcnds,    Pillow   Cases,    Doylies,
Centre Pieces, Shams,  Table   Covers,   etc.,  etc.
Initials  in all   sizes.
Our Dressmaking Department is in charge
of Mrs.  Macdonald, anil if  yuu   want   first-class
work, done in a   lust-class   manner   and   ready
when promised, give us a trial.
Our stock of Dress Goods is up-to-date.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
The   best  ;ind  largest  Slock  of Cigars and
Pipes   in   Revelstoke.
The   Original   Mar's
and made  expressly  for  t
Mixture  now   on   hand
s by I). K. McPherson.
«t«n»».>*-*!>*-K-*.>l' .»-.'*-,-.-ii..V's.^*^.i»,****ift*«*******-****»*#******»**
Opera House1
A I'riiiiiiitlztitliai nf I'l.iiilntto Uroute's
Mntiime nnil Nigltl
PRICES,    25C.    50C.    75C.
MATINEE,    IOC.    25£.
II. .1. Vi i I.I.I \MSON (hrc collector
ll' vi l.-t,.k" S earn Laundry) having
now the Agency for tho Vancouver
Steam Laundry, will call at your
house Mondays, Tuesdays and
All Work Cuaranteed.   Prices Moderate
i\   l'or sale at $17.00 CASH per ton.
Inquire nt I ity Bakery.
DRESSMAKING ,u moderate terms
Ladies' suits from $.*i up. Apply
Mrs. Gidilins, care Mrs, G. Ureci),ith
street, ,jiin 20 \v tc s
ANTED   Hining room g'irl    Apply .it the Oriental lintel.
WANTED  Second  hand cooking
stoves     Tbe Revelstoku New
unl Second lliuitl Store, Kirst St.,west.
Fruit Growers* Assoc.
A meeting of the
Association iscall-
ed for Thursday,
Feb. 25th, 1909, in
the afternoon at
2:30 o'clock. All
interested are particularly requested to attend.
Fruit Growers' Assoc.
M. Matsuda, the famous
Japanese wrestler, and
Rot') McLennan, will meet
fora wrestling match in tho
Opera House,
Monday. Feb. 22nd
Hest 2 in Tl falls.
See Handbills for Particulars
Tenders will be leoelvod by tin'
('uinmissionuif. uf tbe City of Calgnry
iinil addressed to the undersigned
marked "Tender for Tics," up to Fob.
IHth. A.P.. llKW, I p.m„ for supplying
Iho City of Calgary with 31,000 street
railway ties, I'M).II. Calgary, and inspected at Calgary. Prices tu be
i|unhid for Titiuuiac, Kir. ami Cedar,
and for both sawn and hewn.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated at Calgary, February 5, 1IHHI,
feb 10 ill.
City Clerk-
The management of tho Steam
Laundry wish it clearly uudcrsloud
lhat the new Household Rate ol fide.
per dozen does uot include Starch
Work running over 10c. per piece on
lits, but everything ltlc. and under.
BgYEtgTOKj Bikam Laiindiiv
Thos. Morgan,
Arllstlcnl Glass and Wood Sign Writer! ilutise and Church Decorator) High
Class Painter and Paper Hanger, Hard
Woo'! Finishing and Kine Work ll
Specialty.    Designs and estimates free
Address.Y M.C.A. Revelstoku


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