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The Mail Herald Aug 25, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
For ease ol Operation and perfection
in rc»u'*» pri ihiei'il, thi« machine
is unsurpassed,    Price, $(10 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
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interior Publishing Company
Printers and Publishers
Vol.  15.-NnRO
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$2,50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Friday and Saturday
Shoe Department
Seventy-live pairs ol" Children's and
Misses Shoes at a real bargain. Slippers,
Oxfords and Hoots; blacks, tans and patent
leather. All in one basket and all
at one price.     Per pair	
Drygoods Department
Boys' and girls'   Buster  Brown  Wash
Suits,   in    Linen   and   Galateas.    th4   f\t\
Regular $2.50 values for      $ ' 'WU
Crockery Department
We arc offering some special bargains
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Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
AMERICAN Association Halls'
regular   $   75   now   $   60
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85     "
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liKiu  TENNIS   HALLS      regular    60o.    now    85c
DXii) " " " 50c.        "        25c.
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HUYs' LACROSSE STICKS   - 75c.       "       .Kjc.
Soc Our South Window for Bargains in Hammocks
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches or Agents al all principal points in,Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, Knglaml,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Kit-
change National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and Interest allowed at
current rate from dale of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Ladies' Net Blouses
and Fancy Collars
1st received a new shipment from the   hast.      The latest
styles  and prices  reasonable.
MRS.   A.   <i.   CHICK
First   Street              Opposite   Windsor   Hotol
Kootenay Frank Clubs to Death
Another Indian named flntoine
and Sinks Body in the Lake
-An Atrocious Act.
Nakisc, Aug. 21,— It is evident that
a foul murder has been committed on
the Lower Arrow Lakes, about HO miles
louth of here, resulting from a drunken brawl among some Indiana.
On Sunday last two members of the
almost extinct tribe, there being but
20 odd lelt, departed from Fauquier's
ranch, and, after securing two bottles
of whisky from a Chinaman, proceeded iu a rowboat to Burton City. Only
one arrived there, and he stated that
his partner bad returned to The
Needles hy the shore.
F. U. Fauquier had occasion to come
to Burton, and, finding tbat both men
hid uot arrived, cane on to Nakusp
and reported the matter to the police.
Chief Constable Devitt immediately
started on tbe hunt, and last night
arrested Frank Kootenay for the murder of Antoine lliptiste. his partner,
near Grassy Kiver, Airow LakcH,
about three miles from The Needles
Chief Devitt had followed his man
since Tuesday and arrested him iu
the bush between Thrums and the
mouth of the Kootenay Kiver. He
aod another Indian had purchnsed
changes ol clothes aud a rille when
Suspicion attached to Kootenay
Frank, because when he lelt The
Needles Ranch be was without, funds,
and later Chief Devitt discovered that
h- mis opcudlnp $20 bills.
Subsequent tu his arrest he made a
complete confession to Chief Devitt
and said that he killed Antoine by
clubbing his rille and hitting him on
tbe back ol the head. He then opened
his stomach and bowels with his knife,
tied a stone to his wrist, aud towed
him to mid-lake, wbere he sank the
body and rifle.
Cbiel Devitt brougb bis man to
Nakusp this morning and lodged bim
in gaol, returning with grsppling
irons for a search of the lake.
Both Indians are well-known here,
and it is consider! d almost inconceivable that the man could commit
such a loul deed.
Practice Shoot "F" Company, RAM.
The lollowing scores were made
the Kille Kange last   Saturday,   At
llth, by "F" Company:
K link          Nsmn
in 10
Ll. Oorp.J, Meek.
Sui. G. Gardner,...
Sat, H. Sh.uilliiw..
L.e. D. McDonald
Pte. VV. Allen....
I'te .S. Young	
Mr. link.	
Four Bickerton Children Consigned to the
Children's Aid Society
C. .1. South of Vancouver, Superintendent under the Children's Protection Act, was in the city yesterday,
aud secured by consent of Samuel
Bickerton and bis wife, an order transferring tlieir four children to the care
of tbe Children's Aid Society at the
Home in Vancouver. The order was
made out yesterday alternoon by
Police Magistrate Foster in tbe presence of tbe parents and children all
quite willingly consenting to it. Mr.
Bickerton further agreed to make a
contribution of $25 a month towards
tbeir support in the borne.
As it was a consent order no evidence was taken. Mr. Soutb explained
to tbe court that Irom bis ioformation
there were unhappy circumstances in
tbe home that made it desirable that
the children should be sent where
tbey could be reared under wholesome
and moral inlluences. They would be
well cared lor, but tbe parents must
understand that t: ey would be completely out ol their control, that being
vested wholly in tbe directors of tbe
Children's Aid Society.
Mr. Bickerton asked il they could
bave the children buck if their conduct warranted it.
Mr. Smith said that would be a
matter optional with the directors of
tbe Society.
Mr. and Mre. Bickerton appeared
satislicd snd signed the order giving
the children to the care of the society-
Mr. South said they would ask Ior no
support Ior the eldest girl who is fit-
lien ycun. old. hut would expect tbe
lather to contribute whit he could to
the support ol  the others.
The children were lell  in   the  care
ol tlieir parents lor the night, and
will probably be lorwarded to Vancouver today, the father paying tlieir
fare. The children consist of two
girls aged 15 and 12, and two boyB
aged 13 and 4. Tbey are a bright and
handsome looking family, and it seemed pitiful that they should be separated from their parents, but it is
admitted to be tlie best lor their own
Mr. South went down to Nelson this
morning, and wil! then go on to
Phoenix where he bus other children
to gather in for the Homo, an institution tbat is certainly doing nobli
work in this province.
Revelstoke Independent Band Extend Felicitations to George Knapp
Last evening was the occasion of a
pleasant function io the Kevelstoke
Independent Band room, when the
members gave a banquet, in honor of
one or tbeir number, Mr. Ceo. Knapp,
who recently joined the ranks of the
There was a large attendance of tbe
members aod it was a harpy company
that sat down to partake of the excel
lent repast provided by the capable
committee having charge ol arrange-
Upon rising to introduce the toast
list, the genial chairman, Bandmaster
Alderman Sawyer, expressed his pleasure at seeing bo many present, a
mini'er of whom had for years been
musicians in the bund; liieir association had formed enduring ties ol
mutual respect and comradeship. Oue
ol their number, Mr. George Knapp,
hud lately entered the married state
and they had nuseuibled lo night to
lormally express to Mr. and Mrs.
Knapp the good wishes and felicitations nt the Kevelstoke Independent
At this stage Mr. F.ddie Edwards,
the popular vice president stepped
(orward and in a ileal speech requested
Mr, Knapp's acceptance of a handsome Bilk lined oak cabinet, containing a complete set of table silverware
the gilt ol bis fellow bandsmen, together witb tbeir best wishes lor the
continued happiness aod prosperity
ol himself and bride.
Mr. Knapp, who was somewhat
taken by surprite at the presentation,
in a speech of sonic feeling expressed
his thanks and deep appreciation of
tbe beautiful gift to himself and Mrs.
Knapp. He entirely reciprocated the
Bentinientexpressed by the chairman,
and hoped in the future as in tbe past
to do his best to promote the welfare
and development ol the K. 1. li.
,1. B. Scott then made a lew happy
remarks and the balance ol the evening was devoted to song snd sociability.
G, T, P. Contracts
The contract for the grading ol
Ottawa Government Refuses to
Extend Salmon Season-200
Perish in Wreck at Buenos
Aypes—Forest Fires
Ottawa, Aug. 24—The Department
of Marine and Fisheries have refused
the request of the British Oolumbia
dinners for an extension of tho open
season lor Salmon till September  3rd,
Washington, D, c, Aug. 24.—In
the race for trade with the Argentine
Keutihlic the United States lo date
imports only about one-third of the
showing of Ureat Britain and is also
beaten hy Germany. The figures for
the lirst quarter of 1900 indicate the
relative standing of tbe United States
with its nearest competitors.
Buenos A Vitus, Aug.24—Acollision
betweon two excursion steamers at tbe
entrance ol Monte Video harbor resulted in tbe drowning ol 150 to 200
people, mostly women and children.
Stockholm, Aug. 24—A petition
from all classes of society has been
presented to the King of Sweden
begging him to intercede and bring
about an arbitration ot the present
dispute between the laborers and tliejr
PlTTSliUltG, Aug. 24.—The second
day ol martial law at McKees Hocks,
tbe Bceue ol Sunday night's disorders
in and ab ut the plant of Ihe pressed
steel car company, augurs well for a
temporary tmce to hostilities. The
arrival of additional State police under
command of an ollieer from the
Wilkesbarrc barracks to-day had a
quieting effect on the foreign strikers.
Si'iikask, Aug. 24.—The forests lircs
on the outside of the Penile O'Reilly
river are still burning. Fires in the
vicinity ol Portkill, Idaho, near the
Canadian border, are stubborn, aud
little headway has been made in
stopping tbem. In the vicinity of
Naplea great areas of timber have been
burned and the loss will run into
thousands ol dollars.
Card of Thanks
The Kev. C. A. and Mrs. Procunier
desire to thank tlieir many friends,
both children and adults, for the
kindest ex ressious ot human help
and sympathy in tbeir dark hour uf
trial and  bereavement.
St. Put Kit'.-. 1!i:i roiiv.
Kevelstoke, B.C., August 25, 1000.
New Program
On Friday and Saturday evenings
there will he presented at. the Kditon
Parlor Thea Ire an entirely new program ol motion pictures. Programs
will announce the list on Friday
second section ol the Grand Trunk
Pacific railway east Irom Prince Rupert, bas been awarded tu Foley,
Welch and Stewart, the contractors
who built the lirst section. The second section runs for 140 miles to
Ha/.lcmere in the Bulkley Valley.
The rockwork is not nearly as heavy 1
as on the lirst hundred miles, but it
will iucludo the driving ol five tunnels
one of which in rhe Bulkley Valley
will have a length of 2,500 feet. Foley,
Welch A Stewart are also building the
section westward Irom Macleod river
in Alberta to Tete Jaune Cache fifty
miles west of the Yellowhead pass.
This section is to be completed a yeor
Irom November next. Tbere will then
remain only a gup ol 450 miles in the
interior ol liritish Columbia to be
tilled in.
New Chief in Saddle
H. M. Barry, Revelstoke's new chief
of police, arrived in town Irom Nelson
on Monday alternoon, and was sworn
in by tbe Mayor 011 Tuesday morning.
The new chiel is now quietly settling
down to his duties and he thinks be
shall like Revelstuke well. He was
highly recommended in lethbridge
where he last served as chief, though
be resigned that position about a year
ago to go into li nit ranching in the
neighborhood of Nelson. Ho had a
desire, however, to get hack into bis
calling and when thu opportudity
offered he seized it.
With Mr. Parry's assumption of the
chiefship, the popular Tom Bain takes
the position ol gaoler so that old
Iriends will still be able to see bim on
duty around the station.
Moving   Pictures   al    tbo    Kdison
Parlor Tbeatre Friday and Saturday.
Terrible Journey of Indians for Over 1DDD
Miles with a Crazy Cree
The lollowing thrilling story of a
journey through the wilderness Irom
Hudson's Bay with a mad Indian
comes Irum North  Bay, Ontario:
After a journey ol over one thousand
miles by canoe through wilderness
Irom Missanable, on the C.P.K, to
Moose Factory, on the Bhoresof James
Bay, aud thence to Cochrane, ou tbe
T. & N. O. Railway, John Cbakasou, a
crar.y Cree Indian, who has terrorized
the shores of Hudson Bay Ior a year
past, will reach Hamilton Asylum in
a day or two in charge of Detective
lli mux and Dr. Duniict, of Ottawa,
who were accompanied from Missan
able by three white men and three
Cbakasou was brought to Moose
Factory this spring hy IndiaiiB, strapped to a dug sled, live hundred miles
heing traversed over the ice in two
days and nights without Stopping,
The mud Cree is supposed to have
killed several Indians and iB a giant
weighing 2t>6 pounds. He had to he
chaini il in an open Held at the post
and wus a terrifying spectacle. Stark
naked and with hair eighteen inches
long, he was washed and cleaned up
and brought out in a straight-jacket
with manacled limbs. The canoe
journey of two hundred miles was
made in ten ilsys. Every night
Chackasun was chained to a tree, and
one night he pulled a six-inch balsam
up by tbe roots. His squaw died a
year ago, and he bus live children,
wbo arc being careil lor by the Hud-
sou's Hay Company.
The Groceries carried
in our establishment are,
from every standpoint, perfectly satisfactory. Tlieir
excellent quality is conceded
by all who have tried them
and we can guarantee their
purity. It will be money
in your pocket to deal here
because you not onlv get
the highest grade of goods
but pay the lowest price for
Cams'. Christies', and McCormick's Biscuits
Chase and Sanborn Coffees
Tetleys'. and Brooke Bonds Teas
Headquarters for Choice Fruits and Vegetables
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
The Piciure tells a Story
Now its a Two'Piece Suit Sale.     Just ihe left-overs
of our own choice stock
B. K. WALKXR, President I  Paid-lip Capital, $10,000,000
AIJtXAHDKK LAIED, General Hunger    Reserve Flllld,   -     6.000,000
The new Travellers* Cheques recently issued by this Bank are a most convenient
way iu which to carry money when travelling.   They are issued in denomination* of
$10,   $20,  $50,  $100 and  $200
and tlta exact amount payable in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Franca,
Germany, Great liritain. Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
■ad Switzerland Im stair,! ri the fare of each cheque, while in other
thmf mrm payable ai current rair.v.
The cheques aad all infonaauoa rrtranlmg Lhem may be olxanv-d al every
sftfaa Bank. HI*
and good cut*.    A- careful attention
to'phone orders  u  personal  ones
Dry-picked Poultry,
Better quality, cleaner snrronndlngs
unl lower prices thnn elsewhere.
For all-round goodness your | t $ |
will tvork hunt fm yuu here.
Sausages and Hooked Meal '
specialty. Bones crushed for your
chickens daily.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wo Handlo Premier Hams and Bacon
A railway company, whose name  isi thought   that   the   purchaser  in the
not given, has  purchased   the  Albion\Otm\t Northern   Kailway  Co.,  which
ironworks  hi te  on  Hurrard   Inlet,  at
already owns a con-udershle «trctch
, , waterfront on   Hurrard   Inlet   and  no
the loot ol Westminster avenue, \an-d„ui,t is desirous „( ^dlng to it lor
eouver, lur tt'AMJKH).   H  is  generally jdeep water shipping In luture. THEIMATL-HEIULD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Zbc fll>ail«1bc valb.
gutertor publlsbing Company,
Subscription   Rates
Inula Hog pontage to England, United Statea
und Canada,
Uv the year [through postofflce] $2.60
ll'.lf      -        " ■'      1..T'
.. .■ ■- 1 IHI
quarter ' ■'"
J    r.     UIN ■ IMi proaipti) i-x.-i'iin-iliil i'1-.i-iin-
ible rati - __..._>
I'ERMS- i ash.   Subscription! payablo In nil
Legal notice. 1 enU per line Ural Insertion,
. : ■_ per line eai h subsequent Insertion
Mean iromcnti Nonparlel 112 lines make one
inchl Ston and general business announcement* *- '-1 per Inch por month.
Preferred positions. 25 per oont. ml-
.:•...-.il.   Hirih-.   Marriages   nnd   Deaths,
. ,. I.   ll.-■ ; lion.
Land   noUcos   i'.:n    All  advortlsonionU
suhiect to the approval of the management.
,.,,...,.: and ' ondensed AdvorllsemenU:-
Hgenu Wanted, ll.-lp Wanted, Situations
..vuiiinl.    Situations     v..runt,     leaonurs
w ,.,•,.,. Mei haith - Wanted, In words or
.....  :'. , each   additional  lino  1"   cenU
i . , ...    .!      indlng advortUenients inu-i
bj g   ,. ni.  Tuesday and Hrlday  ul
o,, i, im.. k to -i cure good display.
i   IRHESPOKDKNCK lnvltod  on matters pi
I,   inlerosL   Communication* to Kill-
■'.    n    accompanied   by   iiamo  ol
„..,.. „|   .     ,: I) fo  publication, Inu
i  ,       .,..,. ol good faith,   t'orrospondonoo
.. ■■ brief.
Orncss I   Imperial Hank Ri-imuko Kkvbl-
BTOKK,  11. 0,
Money to luan. .   ,,  ,,
OfflSell KoveUtoko, I) I      llrnubrook, B, I.
Uso. S. MoCaktkr
RovoUWke, (Iranbrook, H. C.
Solicitor, eic.
S ilicitor for: -
Thk Canadian Hank ok Commerce,
The Molsons Hank, Ktc,
i ,ul!i.itr SMITH
j'i,,\ im iul Land Surveyor,
Mining Mm veyor
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 100, Revelstoke
I ISA I lll'.U    '"''
Piano, Voi al, TiiEoin
i.-niti. .iti-.!  ii mn  Trinity   University
nnd Toronto Conservatory
Sn   I-XEXT M UL-llKHAI.nOKI-11 li
lltlg 2.', Iiii      ____________
c. w. o  w
.Mountain  View Camp. No. 119
Moots Second and  Fourth  JVoduosdayB In
,-acl   lioiuh.in  ^'»-"'k   ""»-, V""11"    U00'1'
men cordially Invited Ifl attend.
JOHN i AltLSON, I'on. loin.
J. MelVI Villi, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Ti. menial meetings um linlil ill Hie Snlkirk
Hl!e "r Li.nl Ith Tuesday evening at »
nVi.ii.-i:    Vfiiiting brethren oordlally mviied.
OCIOCH.     "»S"«,    \y_lLSH.   PHESUMNT.
Kootenay Lodge. No.  15, A  F. & A. M.
•0.     ^Tit. Tho  r-iKiiliii- mniit-
^V=J&r ~W iuA '"■' ^old '"•t'";
|LJf ________________j__l Wa*W*';
f. A. I'KOI'UNIKU, Skckktaky.
Meet* overy Tliur.-
• Isy evening  in   Bee
I kirk Hull Bt 8O'clock
  ^Visiting brethren are
eordiaily InTlted to t'ttend.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.
No. 26,  Revelstoke, B. C.
except I i:l Wedneaday ui
eacb month, i n tddloUow-'
Hall    st    5    i ._■. ick.     i isiiin.-
Knights^..-- oordlally  uvited.
T. F.  SMITH. C. C.
Q. H..BKO' IK, K. of  H. 4 8.
J   B   Bl OTT,  • . of P.
tEbe flfcall-lberalb
be had at a bargain
live stock and implements
Fruit   I.antl one and a half
miles Irom   Revelstoke, to
partly improved, two miles
from Revelstoke.   \\ ill sell
io the city.
with   river   frontage;   good
land, partly cleared and close
llr Wilfrid Lsurlir
I'romiiir of fnnn-ln
known only by a hissing sound in
the darkness where it is fired, hut
fulling in Halves of lurid splendor
in ilii-iiiut lands, (*nc of these
sulphurous particles has evidently
caught John Hull in the nose and
the Flolid old gentleman is com
polled in sil up and lake notice.
From  among the  avalanche  oflseemto he the brilliant exception
quiet of his chamber, We nre not
aware that the nir of "(lot! Save
the King," probably the peer of all
national melodies, owed its birth
to my special circumstance, lion
get lie I.isle's/'Miirsi-lliiisiy' was, it
is true born in the throes of the
French Revolution, but this would
newspapers nnd magasdneB that full
daily around him be picks out one.
The Times he thrusts aside, the
Sydney Herald nud the Montreal
Star be throws into the waste paper
basket; he tramples the Atheneum
under his feet, and kicks the Nineteenth Century across the room;
,nnl in feverish haste he grabs for
the Observer. lie puis up bis
glasses and begins lo read. The
overcharged language shocks tbe
dignified old gentleman nl lirst.
lie weeps over the pathetic attempt
at humor entitled " Tbo Funny
Man's Club," and then stumbles in
a maze of enigma and veiled in-
unendo. lie pauses and scratches
his bead; " Taylorism and graft,
what on earth does il menu ?"
Then he remembers that some of
his Australian and Now Zealand
sons have spoken of "Grafting" as
synonymous with winking. " I
hnve il now," he exclaims, "stitching nnd working; making cloth
into clothes. Turning the raw
material of this new country into
shape and usefulness. That means
work. I've had about enough work
in my day, and I'm right in line
with this Jobserver or < Ibserver or
whatever be is in his light against
that sort of thing." And so it happens that -lolin Hull snys he will
hack the Observer.
rather thnn the general rule,
While Mrs. McCuUoch'8 composition nny not be highly literary
there is much in it to commend it.
ll breathes a noble sentiment tin-
tainted by jingoism. ll. praises
rather the pioneers who gave their
lives and labors in making Canada
habitable nnd beautiful,'and its
te ileum is for righteous laws, justice and liberty, rather thnn in
vain-glorious boasts of conquest.
We think, therefore, that the judges
arc to be congratulated ou their
choice, and we would like lo see
"0 Canada," taken up nnd taught
in schools and sung at popular
gatherings. Wo Bhould still hnve
room for "The Maple Leaf," as the
United States found room for "The
Slur Spangled Banner," after they
bud stolen the selling of "America,"
and "Columbia the Gem of the
Ocean," (a rather hig gem in the
ocean by the way) from Great
SODAS  are made almost entirely of flour and lard,   These  are
two of the principal and most valuable food-elements.
Now a perfect flour and a pure lard combined cannot be surpassed
In nourishing value and you get this combination In its most satisfying and most delightful form In Foley's SODAS.
The Hour used in them is
specially ground mid prepared
for the one purpose—that of producing the lightest, creamiest,
most delicious sodas that are
sold in Canada. Every particle
of lard that goes into Foley's
Sodas is proved "choice" after
rigid   examination.
No material can ever be used
in Foley's Sodas unless it has
boon proved perfect nnd pure.
livery housewife will know what
this care means. She will know
thai Foley'B Sodas have the
very highest food value and that
every Foley Soda is nil good.
Thousands of homes already
know   this   fact.    Does   yours?
Foley  Bros. Larson & Co.
Wo want you to Judgo
roioy'u Sodaa by the
•ovoroil toets nnd decide
for youroolf whether they
aro DEST.
Teat them for (ho
quality of tha material.
uaed. Toat thorn for ago
.-aro thoy alwaye fraah,
ao crlep that you know
thoy ore not longr from
tho ovon 7
Teat thorn for flavor
waa the yeast allowed to
"work" properly, bo that
the blacults arc uniformly plenum,; and satisfying
to the taste? .
Aftor thoso teats wo
know you will always buy
thoso pe rf oc t- m a do,
wattern-mado  biscuits.
writer and possibly the ripest
|scholar nnd profoundest thinker in
Canada to day. Mny his Ifour
glass remain yet unemptied for
mn nv n day.
Colliers Weekly   recently offered
a prize for the best sitting of  Eng'
lish words to  Calixa l.ivnlie's fine
tune,-,0 Canada."     Out ol many
competitors  a  poem  composed by
Mrs.   McCulloch   of  Toronto  wae
awarded the prize.     There b is inevitably been  much criticism .i- to
the award.   The words i hosi
tainly   arc   not   tirst-i lass
Such iiorde for exampli   i
With fertile  plain- and mountains
With lakes und rivei      i -
An interesting instance of how
attempts to restrict marriage work
out is furnished just now by the
state of Washington. At the last
session of die State Legislature a
law was passed imposing inquisitorial conditions on persons about
to be married. Its intention wae
primarily n good one—namely to
prevent tin marriage "f irresponsible young people. i'he result
Iius been u greatly increased revenue   from   marriage    licenses     in
British Columbia, und   a   welci	
augmentation of the revenue of
clergymen in Victoria, B. C. During the month of July 153 marriagi
Iii '■!,-•- were issued al the sheriff's
i ind \ u o mver bas
ilso reape i its sh ire ol the matri-
. .i harvest.      Phus the laws of
itea     ivadt      in I
nue from ma ...-•
i tbi
It has been snid ihut evory ordinary mortal must eat n peck of
dirt before he dies. What the citizens of Revelstoke complained musl
uluiiii last Friday wns tlm I thev
were compelled lo bwiiIIow ii nil al
, ft fSS ___»_i ■ ■
1 '■.. M     -II does ii"' n- a
ruie ' . not i the weird
performsn ■ - : '- contemporary
trun.; eti I :. ' hie cil y, but ae one is
pelled • pause anmetimee to
smile at the antics : i hai loquin
w   m iy I •■   • ■   we 'iii
attention lo i   itei   i    germ i ulled
Irom ite lasl issue     li reads
■■ The   < ibsei' ei   i-  getl
ecribers  all  over   the world.   < 'nr
.).-. ription list o.i- added to il
namt - in se eral portions ol the
United States. Tbe fame ol the
i ibs< n - r I.i- reached England and
•■ven John Bull ;- interested in Untight in Revi asl Taylor-
i-in und grafl lohn Bays he will
bai '. the i ibserver."
Surely it must hnve been this
s ime ' ibsi rver or its counterpart
that Mark Twain had in mind
when he -poke of b boastful friend
ae being "as m ides! ae a newspaper
speaking of it- own merits." Thi
three tailors of Tooley ptreet sink
into significance beside it. It ie
it paragon, the journalistic aeroplane, the wonder ol the age, li is
a   marvelloufl   litefftry skyrocket,
i.     ;' i ■
: he     '1.1
i. -   ,
till   recogl
Eternal beauty thou d ist -tnnd
Throughout the changing year.
have    a     decidi ■; '.        - . item sl ing   about   for  a
sound.     But then neithi     ire I
words   of   "God    - bi   f  I
good poetry.   Sui
'Coon,.,i,l their politics
Frustrate lhe r knavish trii - m last Sat-
areth. ;           kind of  m u '   ■" ' '     '
doggerel, but  the  words ol the e and wa
.    anthem as  a whole are sin "; '"r ha,f-ai  '
pi,   - ,,-_ leand eae      emember- lhe tr"" l0 PaM
■ I, .,.,1 we think   with some rest lat may rt
vation as to the   last    lenteni e
■ jitii' remark- would apply to Mre
Mil ulloch'e version      rhi
I be Maple Leal
tbe   i home   \- iri
pleasant    but   the   rh  	
i.i.i.    in   pi ici I   lh
hardl     deep  and sonorous enough
to   I dfi    I      requirement
inl hem   lor   a   nation m gn
Canada i    lestinod tt I      ta
Lava '■:-.■
the i'.        ■"  i ompo ed   ■•. hii h wae
sung by a choru    it thi   ■
urv celebration al liuebi i to words \
in   French   composed   b      ,1
Routhicr, i-  admitted   to be ea il
the   besi   yet produced  inl inadn
for  the purpose ol   a nn ional an
i hem.     ll combinee  mi jesty, mul
inly and reverence
ll is said that great national
snugs ure produced only in lime ol
revolution and national stress.
This howe\ oi, i- a dogma to which
many exception.- ran lm quotod.
i Ine ol the Unci i national hyinne ie
that ul Atisiiin, uInch wn com
pored   by   Joseph   Haydn in the
•■l'i umi  Inquiries Act."
NOTICE is hereby given lhal sittings
of  tin-   Commission  appointed
I under the "Public  Inquiries Aet," for
the pm pose ul making inquiry into all
! in.-itlers in connection wit It the timber
res ies of the Province will be held
! nt the following points on the dates set
i opposite each, iiniiiely:
Vancouver    Aug. 2'i •!. -Kb and 2."i(b.
Seiutle    August Will, -'Tib and 'JNib.
Kamloops   Septum bur 7l b.
Vernon   Septembei s and It
Kevelstoke   September 111 nml II.
Nelbou   September 1.8.
t i.ii'Inimk   September 1-1 and 16.
I'm nic   September lli.
Grand Forks   September IK.
Owing ta  lhe members of the Com-
ini--i.>ii having accepted an invitation
> ml   i hi    iin'i'i iugs uf   Hn' First
S'ational Conservation Cm in less ul' lhe
i lo.-ii States, tu b.- held in the Auditorium ol the Al.isk.i-Vokiin-I'.ii'ilic
.Exposition, Seattle, Washington, on
-Uigusl __H5t.li, S57th and 2Mb inst., lhe
ing i on I he lasl day ol i lie Commission in Vancouver, advertised for
tn- 26th, and the meetings at New
Westminster, August 27th   und  28th,
 lied,    Arrangements
foi ib.- holding   of   meetings at these
 ' ed   later,   The
meeting  ■' Kamloops n ill   I"'  held on
September, nnd   noi  on i he
null}  advertised,
I ' - inerary   remains t In-
will '"■ made later If
ided to be nee ary or
hold meetings  al ol her
FKBD. .1.  Fl l.'I'nX.
(  linn lu.ill.
Ull  :..
\ H.i     I2tb All
In   ep IH
Royal Standard
The Highest Product of
the Milling Industry
Made in British Columbia
from specially .selected wheat,
at the best mill on the I'acilic
will be to you what it has been
to many—the delight of your
kitchen, the pride of the cook.
Then too, remember tbe
opportunity is always open to
win a handsome 109 piece dinner
.set. Each .pill), sack of ROYAL
STANDARD Flour domains a
coupon entitling you to a chance
Vancouver Milling 6*
Grain Co., Ltd.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3,500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, ¥/. H. PIATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with ore of onr I
upholstered in I
damask, witli trim
c eivitble ile-ii/
indefinitely. X\,
In-,mlilnl purl, r n
beautifying the :
fill, tlticiive ami u
Bbon your room?
nis' nn- parlor sets,
It grade silk, or
- ' Inu are in every
• 'i iiinde to wear
■ ie . nny new and
mid odd pieces for
'••Hi hnl arc taste
'• pi" five, unit will
in the   bent ndviiii-
in C. I'. Ii, contract for facing Revelstoke station. A largo
stock now on hand, Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities, ily far the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Conl in summer, wa.tn in winter. Saves mont of
your pointing and about hafc yovr insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
To Trappers
Raw furs Bought-
Uasli Prices Paid
F.    B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
CrSram Baking Powder
is  the  most efficient and
perfect of leavening agents.
No alum, lime or ammonia.
H 1 lUlfl-S
Iiui BE
1'irm bIm(
Work   Guaranteed.
Mail tinlirn  Promptly  Killed.
R. Z.
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
P.    BURNS    &    COMPANY,   LIMITED, j
HUAD OB-KIUM i  Caloabv,  iVliikkta.
Wholesale arid Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Puckers and Dealers in Livestock,   Markets in all the pi-lncl;
pal Oittcs and Towns of Alberta, British Ooluuilii i nntl thu Yukon!
Packers nf i In- Uelubrntml  Uiun I  " Impei-atm-" Hains and Bacon,
a   nnd "Shamrock" lliund Leaf fjiird, M
Import direct from country ol origin.
suitably furnished with tlie choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly ran-.
T.    ALBEET      STOISTE      PEOP.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
.ue   disposing  of  their  entire   Stock   it a
.small  advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on     Diamonds
Jewelry,  Cut   Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone  i'i        ullice   MoKonzle Ave
If you can afford to use ike best buy
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour tkat is Different
If  you  do   you   will   find    that   the cost  of
ROBIN  HOOD is smallest alter all.
'1 lie   bigger  loaf is  one  difference.
Easier   assimilation   of  the bread is another
The sweeter flavor is a third diffeience.
There are other points   of  difference.     Any
one of them worth the extra cost.
me Saskatchewan flour Mills Co., w.
Moose  Jaw, Sask.
More bread and Better
 And the Reason for it
A STRONG FLOT'R can only
** be made from strong wheat.
Manitoba hard wheat is acknowledged the strongest in the world—
and that is the kind used for
Purity Flour.
But that's not all. Every grain
of this wheat contains both high-
grade and low-grade properties.
In separating the high-grade parts
from the low-grade the Westeru
Caoada Flour Mills put the hard
wheat through a process so exacting
that not a single low-grade part
has the remotest chance of getting
In with the high-grade.
Of course tli i.s special process is
more expensive to operate but it
means a lot to Purity llour users—
that's why we use it.
It means that Purity Flour is
made entirely of the highest-grade
flour putts <if the strongest wheat
iu the world.
It means a high-class, strong flour
and therefore yields "more bread
and better bread."
Purity may- cost a little more
thnn sonic flours, but results prove
it the cheapest and most economical after all.
Western Canada   Fr.ot-R   Mn.r.s  Company,   Limited
Office, Winnineg, Man. Mills at St. Boniface Goderich, Brandon
By-law No.
A By-law to enable the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke to raise by way of
Debentures the sum of Seven Thousand $7,000 00
Dollars for the purposes of
the Board of School Trustees
of the City of Revelstoke.
Whereas the Board of School Trustees of the City of Revelstoku have in
pursuance of tbe powers ({ranted to
tin-in by Section 12 of lhe "Public
Schools Act, 1905," ns re-enacted by
Section 32 of the "Public Schools Act,
ll.ii.*i. Amendment Act, IUOO," caused
In he prepared und laid before the
Municipal Council a detailed estimate
of the sums required to meet special or
extraordinary expenses which may be
legally Incurred by the Board, and
such estimates have been considered
and Anally approved by the Council:
And Whereas tbe snid estimates
provide for the purchase of additional
Bohool grounds, and the clearing of
sains, viz.. Block Bi, Han t«l I, and
thai portion of Wyiin street, south of
second street, and running down lo
Government street between Blocks 58
and 63; and Ibe triangular piece of
laud being liluck 58, Plan 830 I, lying
lo lhe east thereof;
Ami Whereus to meet the expend 1-
liiic as provided by suid estimates il
is necessary that the Municipality
should raise the sum i.f *7<khi.imi:
And Whereas ii is deemed expedient
In raise upon tin- credit of ibe Municipality the suin of Seven Thousand
($7000.00) dollars for school purposes
us aforesaid;
And Whereas tin- total amount required to In- raised annually bv special
lute for paving tin' suiil debt and in-
lei'i'nt thereon and fm' creating a sinking fund for paying tbe -uid principal
debl within twenty-live years is for
interest $850.00 und for sinking fund
$iui.su. making a total of $511.80;
And Where is ihc'itinoiint of the
whole ratable land within tin- Munici-
pulitv. Including ibe territory comprised within lin- Kevelsloke School
District for School purposes, according to the last revised assessment roll
Is $1,077,788,50;
Now Therefore the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
Kevelstoke iu open meeting assembled
enacts OS follows:
1. It shall In- lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke for the purposes aforesaid, nnd
he is hereby authorised, to borrow on
the credit of tbe .Municipality, by way
of debentures heteinaltoi' mentioned.
from any person, persons, lirni, body
or bullies' corporate, who may be willing to advance the same as n limn, u
Mini of money, not   exceeding in ibe
Whole Iin- stun of Seven Thousand
OdTtHill lllll dollars anil to cause iill   such
simiH so raised or received to be paid
into the liuiiilh of tin- Treasurer of the
Corporation of the City of Bevelstoke
for the purposes aforesaid and with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the said Corporation of the city of
Kevelsloke ti   cause   any   number  of
debentures to be made, executed and
issued lor such sum or sums ns limy be
required lor tin- purpose und object
aforesaid, not exceeding however Ibe
Hum of seven Thousand dollars. Such
debentures shall bo of Uu- denomination of One Thousand dollars each,
and all of such debentures shall be
sealed with tliosettl of the Corporation
of thn City "1 llevelsloke and signed
by tin- Mayor and Olerk thereof,
3. 'I'he said  debentures shull bear
Ibe date of H1*1".
nml hIiu.II be payable in twenty-live
years   from   Hie   Bald   date  in lawful
t icy ol   (iniiini,i, ut Ibe iilll f  Ilic
Molsons Hunk at. Itevulstoko aforesaid,
wbicb Bald pluce nf   paVllielll  shall be
designated by I be snid debentures,
mul nIuiII have attachod lo tlium con
pons lof the payment of Interest, mul
the Blgnutiire to Ihe IntoroBl con puna
may I I ther written, printed, stamped or lithographed,
•I. 'I'he said debentures sbnll bear
Interest nl the rate nf live por cent.
(0  i per annum from tlm date thereof,
which Intul'USl nb,ill be paid Willi-
aiiuuiilly ul the ollliiu ot lh'' Molsoif-
Hank ut Kevelstoke aforesaid in lawful money of Canada ou ilu- ..  .duy
of and   on tbe   day   of	
respectivoly in each nud every year
dining the currency thereof nnd il
shall be expressed in snid debentures
to be so payable.
5. 11 shall be lawful for lhe Mayor
of the said Corporation of the Ciiy of
Hevelstoke to negotiate and sell the
snid debentures or any of them for less
thnn pur, but. in no case shull the suid
debentures or any of them be sold fnr
less than ninety-two nnd one-half per
centum of the face value, Including
the cost of sale and brokerage and all
other necessary expenses.
(I. There shall be levied and raised
in each yeai- during the currency of
the said debentures the sum of Three
Hundred und Fifty ($350.00) Dollars
for the payment of Interest and One
Hundred and Ninety-one nnd mighty
One-hundredtbs ($101.80) Dollars for
the payment "of tbe snid debt under
the said debentures by a special rate
sufficient therefor on ull the ratable
real property in the suid Municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for tho Municipal Council of ibe snid municipality
to repurchase any of lhe said debentures upon such terms as may be
agreed upon with tbe legal holder or
holders thereof, either at lhe lime of
sale or al any subsequent time, und all
debentures so repurchased sbnll be
forthwith c.in:elled or destroyed, nnd
no reissue of debenlures shull be mode
in consequence of such repurchase,
S. In this by-law the word "Municipality" shall be deemed to extend to
and include all territory and property
comprised within lhe Kevelstoke
School District and all such property
shall be liable to assessment hereunder
n.i provided by section 12 of the said
"Public Schools Act, 1905, Amendment Act, 1000."
D. This by-law if passed shull take
effect and come into force on and
after Ilu-  day of 1009.
III. This by-law may be cited for all
purposes as tlie "Kevelstoke (School
Board) By-law No 1009."
II. This by-law shull, before the
linnl passing thereof, receive the
assent of the electors according lo the
provisions of and in the manner prescribed by ihe Municipal Clauses Act.
Heud a lirst lime lhe ISlb day of
August, 1909.
Head a second time the 18th day nf
August, 1900.
Head a third time the I8tli day nf
August, 1909, and passed with tbe
unaniinoUB consent of the Council,
Received tho assent of the electors
the day of 1009.
Ke-considei'cd, adopted   and   dually
pas.-ed by   tho   Council   the day
of 1909.
City Clerk.
TAKK NOTICK Unit the above is a
true copy of tbe proposed Ky-luw upon
which the vole of the  Municipality
will be taken at the City Clerk's office.
City Hall, cornel' of Second Street and
McKen/.ie Avenue. Kevelstoke, H. C.
on Tuesday, August 31st, 1909, between lhe bonis iif Nine o'clock a m.,
and Seven o'clock p.m.
al,S       Clerk of the Municipal Council.
Kevelsloke Land I listrict.
Distriel nf West Kootenay.
Take nolice thai Barney Pluinton of
Arrowhead, occupation Holelkeeper,
intends in apply fm- pet mission m purohase the followiug described lands.
Commenolng at a posl planted at the
north-west oorner of Lol 7686, thenoe
Bouth 10 ohalns to T.L, 18166, thence
west 2i) ohalns, to the corner of T.L.
12160, thenee south 10 ohains along the
western  boundary  of   sume.   thenoe
west II) chains, thence  north 10 chains
io  lake shore, thenue  easterly along
lake shore to point of commencement,
Agent. I'm' Barnev Plumton.
I) ited July 20, imiu. aug 7
We will pay $100 reward (or the
arrest and convictinn ol any one who
has defaced or obliterated log marks
on our logs nn ibe 0 ilumbia Hiver or
Arrow Lakes. Uur registered marks
aie letter "L" and letter "8."
aug 11 lm Revelstoke, B, 0,
will come buck tn yon if you spend it
ni home, li is gone lot evei if you
send ii in ibe Mali unlet House. A
glance through our advertising columns will give vou no iiic.i white it
will buy Hie most.
Items of Interest of Happenings Throughout
Canadian Northern surveyors bave
finished slaking out a mute for the
railway between Yellowhead Pass and
Kamloops and have reached Yale, in
tbe Fraser omyon, Thsy will push
on (rom Yale to Hope, keeping the
south side ol the Fraser for New
Fraser river cauuers have jumped
the pi iue ot sockeyes trom 10 to 20
cms n lish. Owing to the lateness of
Cie catch they have also requested the
minister ol fisheries to extend the
lisliing season from August 25 to
September 3rd.
Vancouver bank clearings last week
were the largest on record, averagings
million dollars a day.
Friday last was properly celebrated
as Vancouver Diy at tbe Seattle
exposition. Mayor Douglas and mem
bers of the City Council went down
with the Sixth Keginient and dedi
cateil lhe Vancouver areh.
A syndicate of Herman capitalists
has submitted to the Point (Irey
Council a proposal to build two miles
of docks on English Hay tributary to
Vancouver. The cost ot the work is
estimated at $1,600,000, and it would
take two or three years to complete it.
Alvo von Alven'sleben, n Vancouver
real estate broker, succeeding in in-
leresting Berlin capitalists in the
tcheme while un a visit to Germany
l,iBt year.
Tbe Dominion railway commission
will come west this Fall holding
sittings nt different poiuts in October
Tbey will sit a I Vancouver on Oct. 27,
Victoria, October -29, aud returning
will bold a sitting at Nelson al a date
still lo be lixed.
A bulletin issued by the Forestry
Department at Ottawa shows thai the
damage done by torest tires iu llie
Dominion last year is estimated at
$25,500,000, of which 90 per ceut. was
in liritish Oolumbia. Twenty-one lives
were also lost ns the result of [meat
tires, and all tliese were iu British
Oolumbia. Quebec had a gnat number
ul flics, but the damage was slight.
The greatest loss iu British Columbia
was caused by the Crow's Neat Pass
lire which destroyed Fernie.
Harold Hicks, a young electrician,
was killed in Vancouver last week by
coming in contact with a live wire.
He was working on the corrugated
iron root of the Anglo-Americau company's mill and it is supposed tbat he
slipped, and throwing out his arms to
save himself, wrapped it rouud the
wire. The body wat, badly charred
when found.
Word conies from New York that
the British Colombia Copper Co. haB
secured control of the New Dominion
Oopper Company, the successor to the
Dominion Oopper Co , and tbat the
ores from both company's mines are
to be treated at the smelter of the B.C.
c itiipmiy in Greenwood. The B. C.
company is shortly tJ bl uv in another
furnace and inciese its production ol
opper to between 10,ii00,000 and
11,000,000 pounds annually.
Monsiegnor ' ontewill, formerly Roman Catholic bishop ol.New Westminster, but now Superior lieueral ot the
Oblate order at Rome, is back in the
province on a viiit to hi-- old diocese.
He is now at New Westminster wbere
he will remain about a month It is
expected that befure bit return to
Rome some annouooemeet will be
made about tilling the vacancy of the
Archbishop of British Columbia.
A hatch ot buildings at tiie head
works ol the Hail mines, near Nelson,
were destroyed by lire last week end.
Tbe lose will be about $15,000 fairly
well insured. The fire started in the
compressor plant from some unknown
ciuse. The mine will be closed until
new buildings are erected.
Thp lllecillewaet Mission
\\'i/.-/-z-/.-z-z' That old alarm clock
points to lour, and the thought dawns
Upon the missionary that no amount
ol rubbing the eyes or frowning will
help him to catch that train. He
readies the statiou in time and the
conducior greets him with the usual
remark, "On the road again? Well,
where tu this timet" "Roger's Pass,"
replies the missionary. 'Only sixty
miles'.' Well, that's pretty good before
Such ii the frequent experience of
the missionary who lives in the little
lumbering village ol Three Valley, B,
C., and whose domain extends from
Roger's Pass to Sicamous Junction on
tlie main line ol the C P.R. Ninciy
mllei is the length ol the held and in
tbis distance eight places require the
services the iniwiioiiary. The travelling must all be done by rail, but this
is grrally helped this summer by the
generosity ol tlie C.P.R. Co., who gave
the missionary a pass over the entire
d i-1 a nee.
llie lllcoillewait minion Beld is well
characterised by Ibe word "variety."
At otic end ol the Beld you enjoy the
b'iglltest sunshine while at the other
extreme a wild snowstorm ragas A'
one extreme the children play in tin
sandy dun, while m the o*.!ier Bud
clothed in mitts ami ovorcoats, they
roll in the si.owb.mks winch remain
trom the winter.
As lo oooupatlon there is also variety. Three appointments are villages
populated only by railway employees
aud their families; two appointments
are lumbering villages; one a lumber
camp, oue a tourist resort fur mountain climbers and the remaining one a
fruit growiug district.
Resulting from this variety in occupation one finds a corresponding variety iu the people themselves. The
lumbering villages are filled mainly
with Americans. The railway villages
have all kinds ol people, though perhaps Caoadians predominate; the
lumber camps aro tilled wish men
who have got, to get away from town
because of their wmkness for drink;
while the Iruit griving district has
Swedes us its most progressive ranchers. In all these places a large number of Japanese, Obinamen, Hindus,
^inlanders and Italians are also to be
No other denomination is at work
oil the held, nntl the missionary seldom learns the Oburob preference of
any individual, No objection would
be made to church union on this held.
Besides the usual denominations, the
missionary finds at his Be vices a large
number of Swedes and a lew Finland-
era and Chiuatneu. He also finds
many good friends among the Japanese, Hindus and Italians.—Hislop
Dicksou in the Presoyterian.
Two Men Allege That They Were
Coming from Lower Town
The story ot a hold-up between the
upper and lower towns was told to the
poli-e on Monday morning by two men
named David Love and William Beg
gie, who board at the Queen's hotel.
They sny that about eight o'clock on
Siiiul iy evening ub they were coming
iqi ibe hill Irom the 1 nver town two
men sprang upon Ihem and knocked
them down, but left them after giving
them a good beating as they could
find nothing on them.
The men appeared befoie Chief Bain
on Monday morning with their faces
badly bruised and plastered. They
were unable, however, to give any
very accurate description of the men
who assaulted them. From what they
did say, however, the chief of police
believes that the assault was committed by two men who were Beeu walking
along the track about twelve miles
west by some train hands at an early
hour on Monday morning; but the
descriptions given were not detailed
or accurate enough to warrant arresting or holding them.
II Contradiction
K. Donald Gibba i.f the Kuderhy
Brick and Tile Co., says he lieu id it
stated while on a visit to Hevelstoke
recently that the hr ck use I in Lcing
Revelstoke station was not Endeiby
brick, but from the local yard. In
order to set any doubts at rest be
sends the lollowing letter from lhe
Vancouver, ti. C ,
Aug. 12th, '09.
Messrs. Enderby Brick & Tile Co.
Enderby, B, 0.
Gentlemen.—In reply to your leltei
of   Aug. 10th, '09, the bricks used in
the facing   of   the  C.P.R.  station at
Hevelstoke, built by ub, were furnished
by the Enderby Brick A Tile Co.
Yours truly,
(Signed)   Smith A Sherborne,
fire Alarm System
Now that the new Uaincwell lire
alarm syslem has been installed, the
lollowing instructions as to the location of lire alarm lioxes, their number
and system of signalling may prove of
1-1 ItK UK10AOE NO. two
District  indications  for Fire
Alarm   Boxes
Box No. 11.—Corner First Street
and McKen/.ie Avenue, C. B. Hume
it Oo.
Box No. 15—Cor. First Street and
Rokeby Avenue, (Post ollice)
Box No. 18.—Comer Second street
nnd Government Road (opera house)
Box No. 17.—Comer Third streel
and Campbell avenue, (Globe Lumber
Box   No.   18.—0, P. It. station.
Box No, 21.—Corner Filth street
and MoKenzie ave. (Oatholio oburob),
Box No. 25.—Comer Sixth street
and Orton avenue, (W. A. Foote).
Box No 20.—Corner Fourth street
and MoArthur avenue.
Box No. 27—Corner Fourth street
and Townley street (over south track).
Box No. 2M —Corner Second Btreet
and Robson avenue (Mrs. Baker).
Box   No.  31—Fire  Hall No. 2.
Box  No. 35.—Hospital.
Box   No.  31!.—School.
Signal lor prnctiso—not less than
six (li) slow strokes.
One(l) stroke indicates line broken
or lire out.
Signals are given thus: 2 slroki.s—
interval 6 seconds—4 strokes; equals
Hox 24, No. ol box will also be shown
on indicator at Fin; Hall,
J. McQueen has His foot Crushed Between
Couplers of freight Cars
A young Scotchman named John
McQueen, ai.d commonly known us
'Set,ttie," who was employed in Sup!.
Kilpatrick's private car, met with a
painful accident lust Saturday uight.
Late at night a freight train wa-
druwn up at the Btreet crossing, and
in attempting to get over he climbed
up between two cars His foot got
caught in the couplings just as the
train moved, and they tightened,
crushing it to a pulp. Some of the
trainmen heard his cry and rushed
forward and held bim Up, while others
uncoupled the car and signalled to
the looomotive to move up. He was
taken at once to the hospital, where
be was attended by Dr. Hamilton. It
was [ound necessary In amputate the
foot, and though he will recover in
time the accident will cripple him lor
life. A great deal of sympathy is felt
(oi the young man as he had a wife
and baby child in the old country,
whom he was jUBt abuut to bring out
to join him here.
"W.vi'kk Act, 1900."
Attention is called to seel ion 192 of
tho ' Water Aot, 1909," which requires
any person to whom any power or
authority has been granted, pursuant
to the "Rivers and Streams Act," to
surrender such aethorit y within one
year of the passage of said "Water
Act," and reoeivej a licence for same
Chief Commissioner of Lands.
Lands Department,
Victoria, lllth July, 1009.   jy2."> lm
Kevelsloke Lund Distriel.
Dist i'ict of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Florence Ni
occupation Housekeeper, inte
apply for permission to purch
following described lands;
Commencing at a post phu
the lake shore at the north-east
of A. XV. Dickenson's applicalii
about half a mile from ibe tun'
corner of Lot 7!iii.">, Uience si
chains, thenee east III chains,
norlh SU chains to lake shore,
along lake shore to poinl o
Agenl for Florence New
Dated July 26,1909.
nils to
use thill ed on
ui and
mill III
f   COIII-
aug 7
Kevelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take nolice that Robert K. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a posl planted about
Qve miles north of Downie Creek and
about fifty miles north of Kevelstoke
on the Oolumbia Kiver, thence SI)
chains nortb along the (-'olumbia river,
thence 2(1 chains wesi, thonce80 chains
.smith, thouce 20 ohalns east topolnoof
Kuiti'iuT H. Cai.iiwki.i.,
Pen Jnhn XV. Fulls, Agenl.
Dated 17th June, 1000. iunSOOOd
Revelsloke Land District.
Distriel of Wesi ICootonay.
Take nolice I hut John \V. Falls, ol
Nelson, B.C., occupation Miner, in-
tends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted about
Qve miles north of Downie Creek on
the Oolumbia Kiver and about lll'iv
miles north of Kevelstoke, Ihence SI)
chains south along Oolumbia river,
Ihence 20 chains west, thence HO chains
norlh, thence 20 chains easl to point of
John W. Falls.
Daled 17th June, 1900. jun 80OOd
Rovelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Lafayette Lamb, of
C|inton,    Iowa,    U. S. A luupalion
MUlownor,  Intends to apply for permission to purohase the lollowing described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the
S. )•:, coiner of Lot 71113, then north 20
chains, then east 20 chains, Ihence
soulh   211   cbains   more or less to lake
shore, i hence westerly along lake shore
20 chains more oi less to point of commencement,
I-',.    MrliAllllltAN,
Agenl for Lafayette Lamb,
Daled June 3rd, 1908. jun 23
Rovelstoke Land Dislricl.
District of West Kootenay,
Tako notice that L, A. Dewar, occupation  Housekeeper, Intends to apply
for permission to purchase Uu- following described landsi
Commencing at a post planted on the
west, side nf upper Arrow Luke, about
one and n half miles south of Bannock
Poini,  tlience  wesi 20chains, tbenco
noi'ttl 211 iluiins, Ibence wesi 20 ohalns,
thence north 00 chains to the K. 4:8,
line,  thenco following lhe K. fi  S. line
east 20 chains, south 20 ohalns, easl 20
ohains, sonth 20chains in lakeshoro,
Ibence   following   the   lake   shore  lo
point nf col uceinenl.
Agenl for L. A. Dewar,
Dated July 29, 1000, aug 7
Take notice thai I Intend in apply in
lhe Superintendent ol Provincial
Police, ufiet thirty days from the date
nf tho lirst publication of this nolice,
fora transferor lho hotel licence held
hy me for the Kootonay Hotel al Bur-
Inn, II.C, In Stephen Poilliii'laiicik.
Dated at Nelson, B,C, Oth of August, looo.
Wn.i i mi Lovatt,
Hy his snlii ilm Ed ward A. Crease,
uog I I    sep 11
6Z[c. per acre cash
and 6Z[c. once each
year for seif en thereafter
secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA
FARM in the British Columbia Southern;
Columbia and Kootenay and Columbia
and Western Railway Companies' Land
Grants. These Farm Lands are eminently
suited for the raising of
Fruit,   Grain   or  Stock
and may be purchased on these EASY
TERMS from
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who are looking for Settlers for this part
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for
sale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Shipping Facilities Unsurpassed. Easy Transportation
Apply to the address
as shown on the attached
coupon for Maps. Application   Forms.   Regula
tions and Literature.
Assistant tn 2nd Vice President
box 1317, - Calgary, Alberta
Please send me all facts petaining
to your lands in B, 0.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial  Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
For Fall Planting
Bulbs from the Best European
and Japan Growers.
Home grown fruit end ornaments
trees, grown on uplai d Mil without irrigatinii in the only part I 1
the American continent tint infested with the  San   J'-ne  scale—
Garden, Field and Flower ncdi—
Tested stock Irom the beal grower* in tbe world—Wire lenoing
and Gates—Spray pump*, Fertilisers, Bee Buppl ei, Cut lllnwura,
Spraying material*, etc.—Wbile
labor only—New 167 page Catalogue tree.
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      •      South Vancouver
Palace Restaurant
McKonxie  Avenue
Kruit, Candies, Cigurs,Tobacco.
Meals .'15 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
.Mi.: ■.'...-lni«.| fill all cl»i»M uf   liulldlnsl
for   lit iti   or*, nr -mull gamilltUi
tt tht lnw*flt i-rirt-t for ctih.
All U&dl ol imi -ii'iu ftud°plMUrln«
Q-<HK>-0-0-OO-O-C>-0-CK><> OO O-OOO-OOOO-O-Q
Boat Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Glee on First St., Opposite the Club
6      Runts Collected. Loans Notary Public
(_><> :k><kk>ooo<k}<kkk>o(k>o<k>
Procosier—At Kevelstokp, B. C,
August 22nd, 11)09, lona Max field,
ynuuger beloved daughter of Rev. C.
A. aud Mrs. Procunier, aged eleven
years, one month and seventeen
.Mniing Pictures Friday and Saturday ut tbe Edieon Parlor Theatre.
At the last luniitlily drawing of llie
Pacilic Loan Company, in Vancouver,
Mrs.Clara liir_-t,of Kamloops,proved
the lucky person.
A meeting ol the Revolstoke Catholic Club will take place at D. Juck-
BOn'a First street, at 8 p in. Uiis
eveuiug. Co-religionists visiting the
city Hr. oordially invited,
E. 1. Kingsley will be the speaker
in the Opera Hoiibb ou the evening ol
I an. i I»uy. Prizes will he publicly
distributed to winners in the sports
sud a jolly dance will conclude the
The excursion ol the baseball club
to Comaplix last Sunday did not take
place. It bad to be postponed lor a
week, ae the s s. Revelstoke waB engaged in lighting lire at the Big Eddy
Tin I're which got into the sawdust
pilea at ihi Kevelstoke Company's
mill last Friday still continues to
smoulder away there, but is being
carefully watobed by a gang of men,
who are Irving tn drench the sawdust
with water,
William   Mackenzie,   president   of
tiie     Canadian    Northern     Railway,
while in Edmonton recently, made the .
announcement   that    the Morinville
branch of the line would run iuto the. |
Peace River c luntry and the 25   miles i
would be built this year.
The practice ol oiling roads  around I
I or ml   to keep down   the dust,  has,]
according to   the  Mail  and   Empire,
lieen a pronounced success.    It might '
te as  well  to try something  of the
ki uii to hold down the  layer  of  powdered silt on the Streets ol Kevelstoke.
The Great Northern looomotive
which went over the New Westminster
bridge on June 10th, liae been drawn
to the surface alter two months immersion in tbe Fraser. It was rather
badly rusted, but cau be repaired lor
use again.
Arrangements b ive now been dim-
pleted lor the evening ol l.il>..r l>ty
From 8 to HMD p.m. there will be
distribution of pri/en to winners in
the athletic events. From B 10
0:30 E. T. Kingsley, ol Vancouver, will
apeak on labor questions and the rest
of the eveniDg will I* devoted to
This morning tbt steamer RevelBtoke left with the retail merchant!
exourai n  t   St. Le a.   rhe qui
wbo took part in it Wis iHIge II
owing t . tbe fact that tbe Baai i .
Club excuraioo to Comaplix last
Sunday lid not take place Nearly
ai. the itorea ia I »n are ol — d to-day
and it ••• rta •. h it a civic holiday
The  pubii -     ■  pened    in
Monday   m iroing     I ben   ire   three
new '.•">• bi i ■   i.  ih.   stat!   I...-  i une,
lamely    M.-- -■ i hi ne   M ih
and Miei Christie      1 here an
l'i i.i-w pupils '    it '"ml. ninl il   -
.'. label    I  tbe  tt - nd  11 uati - -
tii,u A,, m wly eligible children ah '
iimk" tbeii ipi" H.ue" ui leaal noi
atei  than tin  end     I   tbla   month
1   : .. Ireti    are   supposed   to   begin   al
U odance *i i be ige ol 'i
are now coming in including Poaches, Pears, Plums
and Crabs, and as the quantity is very limited we
would advise you to place your orders with us at once
and we will guarantee delivery, otherwise you are
i|iiilc liable to be disappointed.
FRUIT JARS in three sizes Pints, Quarts and
I lalf-gallons, every jar guaranteed.   Rubber rings to lit
Hobson s Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one "I   the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
A filled Imriln I pencil '
'i lh rulci     i. i.m.ni..0 g!\ eo
fn-e to ever)   n t- ol
chool I     ki al
Bews' Drug Store
Public   antl   Hijjh    School
Books on Hand
Hi, n t   foi gel   (be  place
Bews'Drug stationery Store
. I  VI    III  Ml    I.I.'" I.
A meetiug ni the W.C T.I. will be
held in the Methodist Church parlor
on Friday 27th at 8.30 p.m.
Tbe program for tba  Nelsou   fruit
Fair, which is tn be held Sept. 22 23
and 24, which has just come to band,
is a credit to thHt district. It is
bound in u handsomely lithographed
Dover ahowiog plums nml cherries in
bloom, and contain-- u very complete
prize list, including poultry, lancy
work ami horse racing as well ns Iruit
i Ine feature is a prize by I he C.P R.
(nr frini grown ul in altitude "f 3,000
feet nr more.
Two men giving their mum-   i-
Caper and  A.  Sale  were  brought up
before Magistrate   Fostei   on   Monday
morning   charged  with  selling dress
gen.I- around town with
Magistrate Foster said   tbey  had   a
rigid   to peddle   without  pi ri   --
anyhow   but  befon -ther be
Would Hi I].....    is I
statcini in al' 'i- ' hi    Verm D   tire    if
that    proved    true    they   might
I'm   M •;' li .ii- received  •>
copy of the special • dition ol
i      • ii.u d rn, ind    I '-■■_.■
published I ging eongn ■■
the A. V  P. expi aitii n     I
ie a   very   handsome   one,   the
design   showing  the  cn.-tr .
■■■ m ifti on   iii" C
nver ii, \\ labington, being i particularly   line  puce   ol   work.    The
graving)   throughout    tbia     30
in an. nun .     ,..  ,n,| clear
Ilu- Parker  ihowa  paaaed  through
ie re ■ -,'' i.ii tram mi i ueadaj
in irning. Tin-., were going > il
bniinil  dr  Kam iw in
idi i i imall  men igerie met  many
-,.l" ittraotiona mob a
awingb ..is   imi   ten   cent     na
I be) came through irom   Edmonton
'  1(1     ittOI    ill     i.n.     ft'    I    I'nliilipH  Will
ri  :■   the     nul     Revelatoke ia   if
hi,.ii,  . .      ngratu iti d
; "in       l he i»i in',    i
,w i. with theae  Iran ii,.
iu the paat has not tn isanl
A rath ■ . [ht bei en lean
and l rem Ca idian In Montreal
. i il Mon lay blocked traffic for i
hour ni two i n Hi i« '... I.", street.
The IJ. ckade i ia ■ lused chief!* by
i lu- crowd nl apt otatora I lial joal li rl
eacb nth' r . n the sidewalk to get a
new III   the    light,     The    .1 evv-   i    .   ,,
Umi   the  trouble    started   hy
liiiicb    Citnuiliaiis    pulling   an     i,III
man i long whiakera, I hn i .( i he
.1...'.- wen- srroated but mi the Franch
Canadians escaped Only one police
man was nn hand uml was p worleaa
to atop the flghl which lusted f. ,.,
in 7 in the afternoon.
II. Hanson, who lor the past threi
months ban been oooupylng the
position nf olerk at tlio llevi i itoke
hotel, is tu leiivf lor \iinciioni ai tha
etui ol the wgek
Miss Whin. ,.f Kamloops is tbo
guest ol I'm luctor and Mr-. P, Il.n-
Charles Carlson, general merchant, ol Vlberl Canyon, was in tbe cit]
on Tuesday.
Pete   l.ii-eii   returned   on  Sunda)
fr.uii a two week - rrip to   tbe  Seattle
-ii oi and coasl citii s,
C    E    Cartwright,  divifi  ual  eiuii-
mer  ol tlie (' 1   ..     ....   i g ,.   ■   _,t the
Reve stoki -  ■
Mrs, i i        imity hare re-
• irni -: • |
Mr-, ii Slighter EUii
M mdaj nti .-  Irom a
/■       . i     •
-   ' r the
_    . ,   ,.
bi re ne will
. Ding eai inspector
f'.r the i' i  I     •    •. - , division, li :
-c iy alter spending
several Am - eitj      Mi  Roberta
reaeed aril h Ki  i al iki
ms permanent
l.   W    Bradley    representing   tbe
ir I' ickii k Companj
. iding a few daya in   : hi
i-i on 1 o'-ita.   ".'.'
. king after the Inter-
in j   ■. • 11 - ; i rl
province and  will  probably  mak
I-  ''   W i-1..in   win,   bun   been • m
ployed in ■ i." Rank of Commerw
-   ell   tbia morning
.   i ■  • li IViOg    ree.      '
ed to I in   IUih ..I   I 'i.iiiincrc.
in that citj     '    I'll irrisoi        n i
i ,■ r.- "it     . taki  '■',
'. idom      ii   here
Mr.    - ,.     if   the    Wn..
1 in (Irantlord,  Onl    was h
Oily   nil    .Sunday    ind
M'ill'1 lj II"   .ill-   ici-nlilp.lllleil I.
onmpany     agent,  II. B. Oilmour,  ol
ni  V| ,nd iy tbey ran OUI
in I line valley to aee tbe new Muni!,
null (nr whioh the)   are   installing tbo
ii i .1.-1 u 11 i-r v
Mi-  l:    m    Withony   and   family
•  Idi'.' ■   nl  thia oity, i"0
n   '   ol   M  i i«   vere  viaiting old
friends In the . irly part ol the week
Mr Anthony was formerly a 0 I1 H
Ion in in here, and now ocouplei i hi
earnspoaition in M onejsW Mrs. Anthony rn.'I eiiiiiirio were returning
homo Irom i viait to tbe ooaat,
Moving I'li'limi   Friday and Bfttlll
day al the hilmon I'arlor Theatre
Mountain Supply Conpany. Limited
Big Slaughter Sale
.Starling from Saturday, August 14th, we are
selling at ridiculously low figures all our Stock of
Boots and Shoes, Shirts, Underwear, Hats, Caps,
etc.    Must clear our stock to make room for new goods
j       MM , ,„ >
Hungarian Shoots Up Section House antl
Scares Companions Badly
"A man shot three times at section
house. Send constable and doctor."
Such was tbe substance ol a telegram
received here hue on Sunday night
from .Miilukwii. In response Provincial
Constable Kington and Dr. Hamilton
went out on the Brat train available,
When Ihey arrived, however, they
found that no worse injury bud been
done than thut one ol I lie in mutes bud
been pounded in a drunken brawl by
a Hungarian named Victor Taliviltie
who bud then challenged lhe others to
come out and light Willi guns, mid
when tbey refused, hnl taken bis rille
outside anil amused himself with
Bring it off around tbe house. It was
iu tbe scare tbat be created 1 hat the
telegram wus sent. The phrase, "nmn
shot three times," evidently meant
that Talivitlie had tired oil' his rille
that Dumber ol times or that tney
(eared that the Finn whose face was
hleding, had actually been bit by
Dr. Hamilton dressed the wounds of
the Finn whom Taliviltie had pounded
with his list, and Constable Kington
arretted Talivittie and brought him
into the city. He came up befo e
Magistrate Foster on Monday morning and pleaded guilty of creating a
disturbance, saying that he was so
dniok that he did not ktmw what he
was doing. It. came out in the evi.
den-" that there were tive nf ihem
in Ibe sei'timt leui-p  altogether,  anil
I'allllttle had -ecltreil lll_;li^ li ittleH III
whiskey   which    they   nil     devoured
between tbem in a Sunday I /.<•.   I'he
result was tb it they became very
quarrelsome and in a Unlit that en-
-o.il I'ulivcttiobeat one n( the Finns
badly, rhe 01 hers naturally interfen d,
hi d 1'.. 11 v;111.-. v. I.,, hail supplied tic
whiske) evidently tbouvbt he wm
' ' il lu Ins light. As ileal iy nil
supplied with giii.» be
proposed tlmt   they should  all   come
1" and light, it  out  ill   lhat way,
Tbe other men   wen-  hardly prepared
ir sn Talivittie  tmik bis rille
imselt and lired ill   a  few  bullets
h mae in defiant challenge
imates naturally became (righted   a   man   off    to   the
. offlce to send fnr the
, lad ctor     The  magistrate
lined  I ,      "in. (20 and   the  coats  of
raigellachie   und  back,
lot   to about another
inquiry Develops Sensation
,i,t.    tbe   origin   nf   the
.-.   baa resulted   In  tbe
■   sttei wa« written by
Alexander  Hmitb,   a
priel  1   .I 'lu    1   1. '    win,
- ■ -      1 .'   en
-  aa-   writll   ,   '     I 1.-poly
>   . ind in 11 .'iil
rsa rea iid
-in way ■■ ■ ■ 1    be 1    1 d
ible     80   far all
!'•   ■   I.   na e  proved
donrne MM
M ird  luim Bourne and  M »it
1 vere married   n  Mon lay
■ 23rd,  at  the  reeidena ■ of
Mr    and   Mrs.   It   ■>   Ullngle     Third
Rev   .1    1:    tl ihettton,   B.H,
p' rf 1 ri nen v      1 he yi.ung
'  .tb well kiinwii  antl much
em, 1 nii'il in Revelatoke, and iheir
I friends will wish 1 bem a lung
life of happlneaa aud prosperity Thu
wedding supper prepared by Mrs.
Stingley aus oompiete In artlatio
beauty and wm much enjoyed by the
wedding party
Bush Fires
Many bush tires have been reported
lately us raging in the country to the
smith, but so lar no serious damage
has been done. A big fire was burning in the St. l.eon distriel Monday,
tint was conliued- to the bush. Reports were published in Vancouver
pipers on Saturday of serious damage
d me by fires around (irand Fi rks
and Cranbrook, but, ou furUier inquiry
these proved to lie without foundation
There were tires in the bush in those
districts, but at no time weie the
towns in danger, though some of the
lumbering companies suffered losses
in standing timber and speut a great
deal of money in lighting the lires.
(it'iieiiil sympathy is fell fnr Kev. O.
A. and Mrs. ITncunier in tbe death of
their eleven-year-old daughter, lona
Maxfleld, or 'Max" as she waa Commonly culled, which occurred at the
Victoria hospital at an early hour on
Sundny morning lust. The little girl
was a sufferer from appendicitis. The
funeral took place on Tuesday at 2
Un account of the death of his child
Kev. Mr. l'rocuuier did not conduct
the services at St. Peter's church on
Sunday, R. Cordon, lay reader, read
tbe service in the morning, but in the
evening there was no service. Max
Procunier was a bright child and will
be missed by her little playmates
The funeral service was very beautiful and impressive. It was coiuluctid
by the Kev. Mr. Ackhurst of Kam
lm pa. A robed choir in full attend
mice tendered t li»- mimical portion
ilViclively, uud 1 lie iilli'iiilui ce was
Very large. A hu'f holiday had hern
a I lowed lit lhe public school for Ibe
occasion, and the school children tilled
11.nsi nf the body n1 Ht church There
was it la-1 a luiiie attendance uf citizen*
if ill denominations, lhe ucc innioda
lion lining so crowded lhat ihe greater
nu nbpr could noi get into ihe ohurch
at all. The biarae was Bimply covered
with ll oral wreath', and on every side
the warmest tokens of sympathy to
the bereaved parents were shown.
After tbe solemn and impressive
funeral service of tbo Church ol England had been rendered in the church,
the school children walked in a body
bel ind the hearse tn the cemetery.
A long procession of vehicles tilso followed, and tha gathering remained
standing with bared heads around the
grave while the   lust solemn ritos wore
The pall bearers were all young
buys, the schoolmates of the deceased,
among whom, as among their ciders,
general sorrow is lelt for her early
death. The names of lhe pall bearers
were,' l,eon Coursier Morris Hack,
John Voting, Charles Field, Arthur
Blokerton and Donald Calder,
Miss 1 reightnn, music teacher, has
nn.veil into  Ibe   hnuse   oil   Mackenzie
Avenue, next   to   tbe Mail-Herald
iffloe, formerly occupied by E,Fromey.
August Prices
Lots of Lines oi Summer Goods must be cleared out,
even if the price has to be cut in two. We clear out all lines
at the end of each respective season, so that can offer you fresh
goods each season as they come.    Look at tliese prices:
Ladies' and Children's Sailor Mats, all HCp nnph
this seasons goods LWi.   bflbll
Wash Collars and Belts,   in   many  pretty  designs    Hflp
regular 25c. to 35c, now tUbi
Children's and Misses Dresses, all sizes, all fljl fin nnph
colors, all materials iJliUll   tjUUll
All short ends of Prints, Muslins, Dress Goods,
Flannelettes, Etc., are on sale at a fraction of their
former price.
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate In vestments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Koyal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties,   Beans, Peas,
Barley,  Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
i'iihiilTi Iii wbi'i a sick in m's appetite
any nl' lhe meals which emne ll'iiln
inn- shop, If ploperly conked nnd
served, What pleases M.i pal lenl
buller than   n   juicy, tend i- steak, or
yum g  lamb   chops!    If   v .,„,k  it.
light we'll send  y l.e , i  In   meal
nl Ibe right priee, Ion,     A   yluiily who
kiuiWM g I meat knows „>.
P. Burns & Co.
WhOtOMle ami Retail Moat Merchant!
NELSON, 11. O.
September, : 22-23-24
SttxJliAAtjo ler*
(ml (eWsmu^ttitl
[erf y^rvKfivilk*. tX,
C. B. -Hume Sr Co.
Do not (ail to see the possibilities ol
Glorious Kootenay.
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
ni.'Aii iii'iui:: 01-06Adelaide si. nasi
for half year ending 80tb June, Iihin
By Gross Premiums Income
.lun. BOth   -     $21:1 IHIS 111
Less rebate ami
return premium   ah lot ini
9182 im:! 211
Lobs reinsurance   ii.'i 809 lo$12l» 588 si
Hy Interest 11 80S no
$1Xi W»7 71
C. II. BUSK, Pres,      f, |. STARKEV, Mgr.
B. C, MORRIS, Secretary.
Hox 06
Ni'Ihoii, II. 0'
Strawberry Plants
From my oelebrated  Due d' Alps
Shipping berry, thoroughly iiccliinii-
i.Hcd, ol exquisite Ihvor, iffi per 100.
Plant 1 In- full.   Address:
'run,-.. Skinner,
A"K. M lm Kevelstoke, ti. C
iin mul niter September lit, moil,
OAL mm WOOD orders will only ho
ilivered when   settlement  ban prevl-
inly been made st tbe ollice.
K. MoOabty,
E,   W.   B,   I'Aiil.T,
( ist (iii s mud,iy night, 11 Lad lei'
I Cold Watch, 'linnliiiK ciihi-i. A
wind will be puid to tin- linilei on
ivinx it nl the Maii.-HI'.iuld ollice,
To net liiHHus piiiilljillU 17(1 17
To net Ioshch  under iidjiiNl inenl  11 Slid 71
Gov, fees, tuxes.
unit   ali   other
ohargee     -      17 211 lis
I lulu llie Cr. pn ilii
mid Iosh     - 11 its s."i
8186 :fli7 71
11. 11. Bbok,      W. h. Roubbtbon,
Gen, Mini. Agenl.
TjlIVE ROOM  HOUSE located 011C.
r I', R. grounds near station, with
21) year leaee on gi ound. 1'hle house iH
in good i-i-piiii wilh flue garden and
fruit tree*,     Will sell at ll bargain il
Hold iii once. Apply for further particulars iii K, J, Bourne, First street,
INING ROOM GIRL   wanted  apply at the Oriental Hotel,
ANTED   A handy man who can
milk   uud   do   outside    wink
Wages $40 per month, npply to Harry
Mcluiosb, Halcyon, B, c.
WA NTKI >    A gul for gei^riTl Iioiim-
work.   Por particulars  apply
M.MI.-lllCli.M.Ii ollice.
VroUNO MAN desires work in hotel,
store or warehouse in 1
Apply Mam. Hkuai.ii ollbe.
WANTKD   About Hept, let, a IIihI-
cIiihm stationery engineer and
■team fitter with eecoud class pnpett,
Hu'JU Llmdkk Cu„ Tuft, B.C.
•pare time


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