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The Mail Herald 1909-02-27

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 '• Empire " Typewrite    s
Km en He ol operation and perfection
in tt Milts produced, thi. iiiaohine
ia iiusiii p.i-sisl.    Price, $00 00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   •   Agents
The Mail-Herald
New Wellington Coal
E. W.  B. PAGET,   McKon/io Auo
Vol. 15.-No 9
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Storas at At rowhead anil Revelstoke.
We can give them
to you boys. These
"QUALITY" clothes are
the highest art tailored
clothes in Canada.
Come in and give us
the chance to show them
to you.
The material colorings are distinctly new for
Spring 1909
and   tin:  st) 'es   are   very
eatchv   Never were better
To   be   " tip-sides"   you  must   wear
Quality Clothes
ihis Spring.   Gtt 'em from C, 13. Hume & Co.
Storea at Revelatoke and Arrowhead.
Your Opportunity!!
Stock Taking Bargains in a Good Liue
of English Enamelledware
7,r)ii. Blue Enamelled Preserve Kettle now at 46o.
■Soc. "          "              "            "         '■    " 60c
♦1.00 "          "              "            "        "   " 65c.
86c. "           "    Sauce I'an        "         "    " 60c.
$100        " "       "       "  ' 70c.
$1.00 "          "       "       "          "        "   " 75c.
See Our Bargain Table.    Always
Something Your Wanting
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at all principal nointH in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States--London. England,
Lloyds Hank, Limited. Chicago- First National Bank, Corn hx-
obatlge Nulional Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San E ran-
cisco -Wells PargoNevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
25 Per Cent. Off All
Ladies'and Children's Winter Wear
Must be cleared   to  make room   lor
new Spring Stock.
MRS.    A.    CRICK
F IRS T    S T 1* K K T .
Destructive Floods—Gets Life
Sentence—Strike Avoided—
Ministry Resigns—Full Time
in Shops.
St. Thomas, Out., Feb. 26—The
Kettle creek btoke loose today, ai d
the worm ll .oil iu .'t.'i ypare ia raging
on the outskirts ei llie town. Many
farmers are completely surrounded.
Damage to property ia enormous,
bridges, buildings, residences snd
many villages are completely under
water. Two fish were caught in the
Times office at Port Hope.
PlMOOE, Ont., Feb. 27.—Alter two
hoiiiS aud 10 minutes deliberation, the
jury found ex chii I constable Malone
guilty ol attempted murder ol a fellow
constable mimed Wilkitia, and waB
sentenced to lite imprisonment in the
penitentiary. Mabney is a former
army man and served in tbe South
African war.
Winnipeg, Feb. 27—All talk ol
another strike of 0. P. K. fhopmen,
owing to the [act thit the tchedule
established by the bo .rd of conciliation ou AUiti-t 1, 1908, would txpire
August 1, 1009, wa< t-et. nl rest, today
by the posting nl an official notice in
the local shops by the compmy saying
that its schedule w. uld cuiitinue in
f ii-.u n.oil Apiil 1, 1010 Tin- men
are satl-tied. This means that whatever i.uie.ii i in; mechanics nny tako
iu making up new schedules, the C. P.
Ft. officials purp se to stick to the
arbitration schedule.
St. John, Nttd., Feb 27. — The
gjvernmeut of Sir Hubert Bond today
tendered its resignation to the Governor, Sir William MacGregoi, audit
is prubabe that Sir Edward Morris
the opposition leader, and formerly
a member ol the Uond Cabinet, will
be called upon tomorrow to form a
Ottawa, Feb 27—The Minister of
Railways and Canals has given orders
for Intercolonial shop men to be put
on lull time, ten hours a day, commencing March 1st. Tbe men have
been working eight hours all the
Important Resolutions — Canadian Norihern Route
The regular monthly meeting ol the
Board ol Trade Was held on Thursday
night with good attendauce.
G. W Bell, E. M. Cook, J. Bull and I
E. W. B. Paget were elected members
ol the board.
In business arising out ol the
minutes, the laud registry office tor
Kevelstoke, was relerred to G. 8. McCarter and W. I. Briggs, as a committee appointed to look into the
matter, reporting unfavorably on the
K. A. Haggen cuuteuded that it was
necessary, and the business carried on
al Nelson was unsatisfactory.
The matter was laid over and the
committee instructed tu hand iu a
written report to lhe board.
A communication from the Department ol the Interior at Ottawa, re
reservation ol certain lands lor the
purpose ol conserving tbe water supply
of th - City of Revelstoke, recommends
that  tbe  tnl owing   be   not included:
N. hall 31, 23, I, W. 6th M.
N. hall 38, 23, 2, W. 6th M.
N. hall 35.
N. half ol S half ol 35.
L. S. 8 and 9 ol 31.
W. hall 14, 24, 2, W. ol 6th M.
As the matter is ol considerable importance a committee, consisting of
Messrs. T. Kilpatrick, G. 8. McCarler
snd A. McRae was appointed to look
into the matter and report at the next
A letter from tbe Premier was read
regarding the mineral exhibit from
Revelstoke Ior the provincial exhibit
at the Seattle lair. The board realized
tbst mineral specimens could not be
secured without cost, and a resolution
was passed that tbe Premier be asked
to appropriate 1100 towards the expenses ol the collection.
The most important question—Distributing Rates—received considerable
attention. F. A Haggon pointed out
out that the wholesale houses would
open up hers il better distributing
rate* were available  Irom   Revelstoke
A. II   Allen corroborated this state-
I ment, adding that   Mr, W. H. Rowley,
ol   the   E. B. Eddy   Co.,   Hull, had
Hated recently tbat be knew ol several
wholesale houses  whu would open up
here provided that better Ire'gbt rales
cuuld be attained
The president said tbat the C. P. R.
had made a statement that tbey would
give better rates ii the jobbing house s
came in here.
A resolution was then passed thnt
L. M Haar and C. B. Hume be a
delegatii u from the board to meet tho
railway commissioners at Victoria and
take up the matter.
A ri>.'iition was passed that the Lieu law HiiiPiidnient be
endorsed ud that Ihe woiil "after"
instead ui 'before" be substituted,
thereby giving material contractors
G.  S.   McCarter  snggesied that the
attention   of   the Canadian Norihern
railway  should   be called lotliefeaai
bility   of   the   route from Edmonton,
via   Athabasca   Puss, Wood   and   Col
uinbii   riveri,   through     Revelstoke,
Mahel Like and Vernon io Vancouver,
for the construct,   n of their line.    Mr.
McCarter, In   glowing   language,   de
picted  the  route, enlarging on ita advantages   aud   the   resulting value ol
its   being   opened up.     A resolution
was pissed   that   a  committee be ap
pointed   to   collect   data  aud submit
the same  to  the officials of the Canadian   Northern.      Mes-rs    McCarter,
McRae, Bine, Allen, McCleneghan and
Haggen, being appointed a committee,
It   w.u   deeded   that a deputation
from   llie   Bond should wait on Hon
Mr    Teniltina    on   Friday when be
came through on No. (16.
A resolution Was pai-B d linit u committee, consisting of tap preni'leni aud
Mr. Hugg. ti, go iuto ihe whole matter
ol a site for the B. 0. university, and
recommend Kevelstoke as a suitable
lt   wsb   resolved   tbat   the  CF.R.
industrial   department   be   asked   to
recommend Revelstoke aB a most suit
able site for au iron foundry
L. M. Hagar suggested t ml. a Iruil
aud vegetable market be held in the
city twice a week, which would be of
great benelit, to all dealers.
A. li. McCleneghan said that the
Fruitgrowers and Board of Trade aud
Retailers' Association meet aud discuss the matter, and submit some line
ol definite action to tbe city counoil
backing up the same.
Several communications relating to
the traffic bridge, Seattle fair, advertising ol Revelstoke, etc., were disposed ul and the meeting adjourned.
Ninth Anniversary of Cronje's
Surrender in Boer War
Today is the anniversary of the surrender of the great Boer General
Cronje, at Paardeherg, in 1900, with
his army uf 5,000 men and six guns,
to the Imperial forces under Field
Marshall Earl Roberts, after a running
ligbt lasting tive days. This was tbe
big tight iu which tho Cauadiau c.n-
tingent received its baptism ol nre.
Many iiiembeis ol the Dominion lorce
were, in lact, killed and wounded in
the charge which was instrumental in
causing the siiriender ol the Boers.
This was one uf the lirst real successes
of the Imperial army iu the war and
was followed on Feb. 28th by the relief ol Ladysmilh by Lord Duudonald,
aud on March 7th by l.oi.i Roberts'
triumphant advance on Bluumloiitein,
which surrendered to the British forces
six days later.
Rory McLennan Will Meet Matsuda on the Mat
As announced some time agu
through our columns, a wrestling
match ol particular local interest will
take place next Thursday, March 4th
at the Opera House. The contestants
are Rory McLennan of this city, ex-
champion wrestler of B. C, and M.
Matsuda, tbe Jsp wrestler of Vancouver, and welter weight champion ol
B. C, the weight of the former being
lllOlbs. and the latter 1451bs. It may
be remembered that Matsuda defeated
G. Daily, ex-champion ol Oregon and
Washington, last week, securing two
falls in succession in 11 and 12 minutes respectfully. Rory McLennan'a
prowess as a wrestler is too well
known to need lengthy description
and the match should attract a large
and interested audience ol lovers of
good sport. The match will begin at
8 p m. with a preliminary exhibition
ol jiu jltau, etc. Ring side seats will
be $1, and general admission 75c.
Try a bottle of Voribrite furniture
polish, it will surprise you, sold at C
B, Hume A Co's.
Best Ssrsaparilla and Beef, Iron nnd
Wine, Spring tonics at Bews'drug
Wealthy Scions of British Aristocracy May Visit Revelstoke this Summer on Business and Pleasure Bent.
Advices Iroui private sources tn this
otlice Htate thit a number o( members
ul (Ireat Britain's wealthiest sportsmen, a une of whom belong to the first
families ol England, are planning a
tour of lint i«h Columbia this yen',
elm fly on hunting bent, but also with
a view to sizing op lhe situation aa
regards investing capital in li. C. timber ami mineral properties. Just
what route or district the party will
lake iu is no' kn iwn, although we
have il on until irity lh t llevelstnke
and surrounding districts will receive
particular aitenti m. The opportunities (or big game hunting as well as
excel ent sporting and fishing have
been prepared and forwarded to England alone with detailed information
regarding tne investment of capital.
A visit of such a distinguished pany
to Revelstoke will be looked forward
to with p'eiiauiahle, anticipation.
A Delightful Production—Dolly
Varden Tonight
Without exception the nest theatrical production seen (or   many  u   long
day in Hevelstoke was  witnessed  last
nighi in the Opera   House,   when   the
San Francihco Opera Co. staged " The
Stroller6."   The bouse was full to the
doors,   everything   was    comfortably
warm anil pleasant aud ■ good   natlir-
ed audience enj yed bv ry  minute of
the pet loi mauee     "The Strollers" is a
first class c mic opera, the plot center-
i g  ioiiihI  ihe   two   characters  who
gi e their   names to   thu   piece, their
many advent una and tlie comical way
tbey extricated themselvtB Irum several wry light com r-i pioving   must
laughabk.     Excellent   chorus   work
assisting the leading   roles, who  were
all well placed, gave a delightful musical setting to the play.   Teddy Webb,
the comedian  and chiel  stroller, was
irresistibly lunny and kept  the  audience in   convulsions   throughout   the
while evening, his comedy being   perfect     Miss Mai el   Lay as   the   other
stroller,   US Tried   out   her   part   with
charming naivete  while  Miss  Lucille
Palmer, the  clever   young   Canadian
actress, made many  friends   over   her
smelly pretty singing.   The  musical
numbeis were well   rendered   and   the
tsltili.nate  coalunies.   the   lineal   ever
teen on a western   stage  gave   a   rich
color   to   the    whole   scene.      "The
Strollirs"   proved a  delightful  operatic product ion, and   Manager   Mealy
can always louk lor a   warm   welcome
and hig bouses whenever his company
returns   here.    In    ma king   the   announcement that the company would
product!  lhu celebrated   comio   opera
'Dilly   Vaideii"   ou   Siiluiday   night,
and thanking the   iiuuiencc   for   their
patroiiBge, Teddy Webb expressed his
appreciation of the manner  in   which
Mr. and Mrs.  Tapping  bad   provided
for Ihe comfort end convenience of the
company.   They had been very  comfortable, he said,  in tho   house,   and
wished to publicly thank tho management lor tlieir consideration.   "Dolly
Varden" will he staged tonight.   This
production     abounds     in     delicious
humtr ol a ipiaint order ol   the   lHth
century.   The story centres round the
wooing ol a charming country girl   by
her ward, in the reign ol King (icorge
1,   ol   England,   and   Louis  XV,   of
France, in 1730, and  is delightful   in
the many pretty musical numbers and
scenes depicting tho love story.
Ladies Hospital Guild Report
The following is the report ol the
Ladies' Hospital Guild of the work
cirried out by the society during tlie
year 1908. The sixth annual ball was
held on Jan. 3rd, 1908, the uot proceeds amounting to $128 A progressive whist party was held on March
24th, the proceeds amounting lo
945.25. The guild has provided Iruit
(or the public ward and has carefully
looked alter tho hospital linen, keep
ing the hospital provided in this respect, amounting tu $64,35. The
total expenses Ior the year amounted
to $316.20, leaving a balance ol $171.95
in hand.    Betty Mi Lennan, Sec.1908
The Revelstoke Nuw and Second
Hand Store.—Furniture, stoves, tin
and eniunoledware bought, sold or
exchanged. First St., near Beaver
Cigar Store.
Edison Parlor Theatre tonight.
This   is   a   cut'"of   the
• a       .l> Ik
celebrated^ " Kootenay
^Kaniii; "   that   is   doing
■ such, excellent  service in
2£m any. Kevelstoke  homes.
_____ I 'here is nothing to equal
— it   .it   the   price    and   no
oilier stove sui's the fuel and conditions here as well as
the KOOTENAY. We have them specially lined with
oven thermometers and all latest improvements, lie
sure you bu i Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Groceries from
Groceries       Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
a your
d>$ Mr.Dressen
If the laundry has knocked out your shirts and
broken your collars around the edges, played havoc
with your cuffs; if you have made holes in the toes of
your socks and arc not lucky enough to have somebody to darn them for you; if you have dropped
something on each one of your neckties, or if your
collar has "cut"; or if you need any furnishings for
your body come to us.
SHIRTS I-'rom 75c. up
NECK riHS From 25.-. up
UNDERWEAR. ..From 75c. up
Let   us   furnish   your   body  and   make   it lit tu
ive in.
bud "i 111. ninoM in
1-iTAIll IMII-n  IR«7
b. 1. walker, PrtsidMt Paid -up Capital, $10,000,000
AiKXAWDEi* laird,g■ nrui M.najfi   Reserve Fund,  -   6.000,000
DRAFTS AND   MONEY  ORDERS sold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS made in all parts of Canada and m foreign countriea.
FOREIGN  BUSINESS.     Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great Britain and other foreign countries bought and sold.     123
"The Best Yet"
11 there's any organisation in this
city which has enjoyed aa much good
sport and lun an the Bnowthoa Club
it has yet to be beaid from. Tbe
tramp Thursday evening was nut up
to much, 011 account of the soft condition ol the «now, but the evening
lollowing was pronounced by everyone
"the best yet.' How could it lie
otherwise, when 'twas held at the
hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs. 1. K.
L.  Taylor.     Taking   time   frum tbe
heartiness of the husband sud win-
Botiieness ot the wile, tbe thaw out
side quickly extended to indoors, and
'twas "a hot time" ol lun and indie
wbicli preceded and followed the
hearty supper,   There's do "Irills" at a
suowsboe club supper, or evening, particularly at tbe Taylor home, and
Thursday evening went a long way tu
yet further promote tlie health and
life ol this jolly and useful club of
which its members arc so justly proud.
Tbe next tramp is set for Tuesday
evening next, start from opera house
at H p.m. sharp, supper at Mrs. KMi-
ott's, Third Street. All members aro
cordially invited to attend. m
a be nDail-lbcvalb.
11 \ \   AT
Iarristers, Solicitors,  Ktc.
0 T T A W A
Supreme^ mil   Exchequer Conn
Agents.      Practice   in  Patent
Office   and   befoie    Railway
Hon, i ii mu usJ.Mi'Kl'liY, Ml'.
\\i\ KV. Mil AKTEK
Ursiacs ;   Imimuai. Mam. Hi liniKG Hkvu.
BTOKB, 11. 0,
Mouoj io loan,
OflloM   I'.iviil-loke, l> i      i tiii.ln ...k. ii  i.
ISO, 8, McCartkh
l.   M,   I'lSKIU.M .1   A.   ll.lllVKV,
I. tone Uroubrook n i
Bal i i-t.i
Solicitor, t'le.
- .   !    i
l'H|     I    INllil IN    liVM.   Ol    I IIMMKIll K,
. |  Mu ansa Bank, Kti .
KI.VKI.STuKl.  H.i .
Adjoining   ilm   new   Catholic   Hospital   and   College
Ground?, South of City Park,
12 Acres of
Price $160 per Acre        $300 Cash
Balance on Easy Terms
l'-i  UT,
i I' SMI I'll
This U nn exceptional opportunity to buy Choice
Revelstoko Property.
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
cm e ihe return of business ard
commerce   uml   ihu   increase uml
i'X|.iiii-i,„i,,f iiiesuii.e. The Hon ni I Elevators Will Be Built by the
of Tratit' lins n (trout work in due j   (j. P. R„ says F. W. Peters
them iii formulate schemes fur the Mr v \\ pel0l.B „N..i*ia,.i i„ wil-
promotion of lluvelsloke's welfare, iIkiii Whyte, second vice piesidont ol
ut the sume time assisting if need !ll"" u 1\.R. lus given sBmiBnee thai
,     .,    ,,. .,. .       ,     there need be no worry about ihe pro
be, tin City Council in securing the , , ,   ,. ......   .
H vision ul elevators for Vancouver «Inn
smooth running of eivio legislation the necessity for them arise. Mr
for public benelit. The people hnve j Peters indicated that the C. P. 11 is
their part to perform which fact is l,rel),ir8d t0 ,ak" oftre "' the eleva'
Provincial l.iiinl Snivel oi, | _T—:—: : —.	
Mining Sin veyor ; •
litigiiieeiing to reiued\ tin-  evil and have th
>1i K.K.N/.1K  AM-:Ml.
H'lX   ll»i,   HllVKI.hl'llKK
se From Wood   River   then, is water
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp, No. 219
Meets  Second antl   Kwtirtli  Woitinn-tiiiyi- In
uaeti nioiilli, ni Selkirk Hull.   V.miiii   Wood-
niun contially no mil iu atonal.
». D. AltMSTHONG, Con. Com,
_ J. MulNTYKE, L'leik.
F. O. E.
Tj,i regulai meetings aro lield in tlio Solkirfc
Hun   m-ry  Tuo.-ilHy   eiotiiug    "'    »    0 OlOOk
v    ....._; biethrmi are c.nliall) mviteil.
T  .1. WALSH, Peesidbnt.
Kootenay Lodge. No. IB, A F. * A. SS.
,»        %f?X Tli» regular ment-
1 .. ■         -. .ue- aro holil  In Ilm
■I MA SO NU T I. Ml' I.K
7/ Oddtellows Hall, un
/ tl.ti tluril M'.uilny in
[i in. Visltluu l.rotii
rou oordlally wul
C. a. ruuri'MKlt. Secbetary.
Moots erery
iay evening   iu   9el-
.iik Hall hi So'ulook
I'isttlng hrethrau are
'.- i.i...y .i.vited tu
iv. a   FOOTE. nu.
JAS. MATHil.-l-
Holrl Range totlne, K. of P.
Ho, 26,   Revelstoke, fi. C.
o.\   "it    I        Jfl • illlf-d. t   III
each nuu' N.  'i ivb'
Hall     at     :>     i'i   ick.     Vlsitlnn
auigiitu * . c ifltally   iivitHit,
MITH.- . i'
li   H   BBOI  K   K   ,.l  K   A- .-
J    li. SI iITT    il. ,,f F,
Zbc ilDaiMberalfc
•(union i-TkAB-Lt'--
There ii mi much tun! in Itio host nf lis.
Ad     -    -nuch g,a,d in the w.<r-it nt ns.
That ii hatdly behooves any nt ns,
Tn talk abuut the rasl nf us.
SA1 I RI»\Y. FEBRUARY 27,1909
The question of tire protection
throiiL-'Lii-'ut the city is one which
•: uuld l>e uppermost in our minds
at ai. -iiiiies and no opportunity
-:. .. i be let pass to improve onr
present system and lo make such
changes as are commensurate with
the growth of the city. While we
understand that a new alarm system is to be installed, ami the wir-
pintles made more in aooordanee
wilh what tire insurance should
demand. What would, we consider,
be n good in vest ment for the city,
would he a team nf horses to bo
kept at nignt in No. '2 Kire Hall,
for emergency night culls, which
would enable the brigade to reach
the scene of the lire without delay,
even if the outbreak occurred at
the farther end of the city. We
have repeatedly made this suggestion and we hope, thai this time,
it will he acted upon. Another
suggestion we would hold out is
that, every member of both brigades
should make himself familiar with
the interim arrangements of all the
larger public buildings and hotels
so that were i tire lo break out the
men would ii.iM no difficulty in
finding their way about the building arid then operate the hose to
lies! advantage. Since the hnsiness
Bectioii of the city is centred up
town and the buildings moro congested, the tax on No. 2 service is
greater than thai of Ko. 1, and a
change of divisions could profitably be made placing nil points
east of the Douglas Street hill under the control of No. 2 brigade.
ruder tlm present division the hill
is u great handicap to No. 1 brigade and   much time is lost in nt
frequently forgotten by too many.
The term community, emphasizes
ihu existence and necessity of civic
relations, conditions which require
consideration from one man lo
another. li means for eveiy citizen an interest iu the affairs of the
municipality in the work of the
council, the public hoards anil
police commissioners, in short,
everything thai will elevate the
status of Kevelstoke oomnu'l'i hilly
and morally, I. has been too often
said by outside  communities that
Kevelsloke is lhe hut bed of personal enmity mul siiife. which is
hardly creditable, ami this sort nf
thing, besides damaging our reputation, is not in accordance wiih
our professed ambition for honest
publicity. The light for the clii|iie,
ihe seel, or lhe parly, disturbs progressive harmony, In this age of
progression, where merit is demanded, the men who become great aro
those who well apply themselves,
and not trust to what they imagine
to superior ability in others; glibe
tongues ilon'l make real men. Tbe
individual in any community who
withholds his support from a move
for the city's betterment, simply
because some fellow thai he doesn't
like is leading the movement, can
bu hardly properly catalogued a
good citizen. A man should use
his best judgment as to what is
best for the city and when he knows
a move will result in commercial
or any other kind of good, he
should he wiling to put up the
money nnd lead or I'ollnw the man
who is also willing to lead. Cities
are buill by men who are broad
.enough 11/overlook petty differences
where the good (if the community
is at stake.
grade to Revelstoke, and from Revelstoke to Vernon there is little or
no obstacle. liy the adoption of
this route the Canadian Northern
would have the shortest and best
railroad line to Vancouver, besides
opening up and tapping a vast
area of rich lands. With lhe dc
velopment thai a railroad would
make, the Big Rend would yield
up its valuable resources of mineral and tiiiibii, lie-ides throwing
open unlimited tracts uf land suitable for agricultural purposis.
This rich country, ns yet Inn little
exploited, would well repay any
railroad iu constructing i. line
through il and when lh" many
advantages that will result are
considered, and we refer chiefly to
the immediate development of what
is perhaps the richest section of B.
I'., the scenic attractions from a
tourist poinl of now, and the uianj
facilities for hunting and fishing,
beside.- the fact that Kevelsloke ns
a distributing centre and general
entrepot for th'' whole interior is
assured there can he no doubt but
that this route will he favorably
considered, a- well as the comparative low cost of construction us
compared will' the resultant business for lhe railroad, and that tbe East Kootenay Opened After
i  n. railway win reaii/.e that here     Five Years Close Season
piestinn in the event of tlie failure ut
the Dominion Government tu do ao.
The huildinn of terminal elevators
will lie on a scale commensurate with
tbe expected development ol ihe ^rain
trade when once it is started, No
leases will be granted to anyone lor
the erection of small elevators along
tbe waterlront by the 0, P, K, The
elevators, il built by the 0. 1'. 1< , will
be under federal supervision and the
charge made by the 0, 1'. K lined by
the government,
W. A. Anstie.  of Nelson. Appointed Secretary
Mr. VV. A Ansti", secretary treasurer of the Mountain Lumberman's
Association ol Nelson, has been ap-
p iiiiiii general secretary treasurer of
the British Columbia Lumber, Logging
and Forestry Association, the head
quarters of which ia in Vancouver
He will retain his former connection
with the Mountain Association.
Mr An-lie iu oneol lho most capable
men in luiiilier circles in the province,
and   lhe  ucw   association,   under   his
directiuu, will cover nearly all phases
ol the industry.
On 6. T. P. Western Lines -
Wages Trouble
WiNNii'ict;, Feb. 20—For several
weeks representatives ul the different
brotherhoods for the (I. T. 1'. have
beeu trying (o adjust wage differences
with the company in Winnipeg Today they announced that negotiations
are oil', and the grand officials ul the
brotherhoods will reach the city tomorrow in a linul effort to avoid
trouble. It is sunt lhe U. T. P. refuses
to pay the scale of wages in force on
the C  N. R. and 0. P  R
we   ha vi
unetliing     which
gotiating   this   even   with a team
We   would   point   out  that house| easily
alarm hells  in each fireman's residence   are  a   necessity and -in. lid
he installed   witb   the  new system.
t   i-   probable that these changes the   practical nature ol   the routi
zislative assembly will  huve
t investiga-  up for discussion during the next few
Tr   le have  days aeienl   important  amendments
tion.       The    Board ot
l to the game aet.
taken   the   mattei    up ind armed      ,. ■ , .     , .   , a..,.- ,-   „,..
It  is |iro|sised to place a Ipso licence
with ali   [.:--..    lata   n ative to on bear for non-residents, whioh should
lie a   source   of revenue     The   reduc-
and suggestions will be carried out
this   year, and   that no movement
are   Bubmil .:..   the   - ime
railroad i  Is   srith e • ry pros-
which is for   the benefit of tire pr..-   pect    of     ...    - heme being    trrii :      The Ki-t Kootenay will be opened
tection   in   Revelstoke   will be sel I  -' i the season.   One animal
lion    I tl e nag limit   'or   caribou   and
g a- live to three is also on  the
a-ide without careful consideration.
ing for such ia in place, yet nothing ! One of the most important ques-
further along definite lines has '. nous that is exercising the minds
been irranged and while the delay of the Revelstoke public just now
in completion may be unavoidable,J is that of the likelihood of the I an-
.'-' sinci the public bas voted the I adian Northern railroad running
money and the debentures for such their line through this i-
- . then should not he very south vi
:..    ii difficulty  in getting the -\>- The   rumor, which   is   being mor
■   this   t-asl      -'  - - . territory and tc I be -   i I
• oel
arri' . hern
tnd       ■ •     pessimists mur
that nn   better route •    hosen
...       per man  will   lie
Tin- d •'   ii i  nas been closed game
' •■■  ■"ars.
Revelstoke City Baseball Club
sel 5 was In Id in the City Hall
on Wednesday, the 21 h inst,. for the
purtaisi formii g a   city  haseball
Marathon Race and Palermo
Tonight at the Edison Parlor The
i-tre there will be presented one of the
best programmes 11 ihe seas ui, Ilic will hnve so ne splendid view's
i.f tli" beautiful Sicilian city, t'ilermo,
This city is considered oneol' lhe
prettiist in the world, uui is situated
westward from Messina and lleggio.
tbe earthqiiike cities, uu the coast.
The Olynipii Marathon race in England is another feature of the programme and shown in lirst class photography the commencement of this
famous race, and the finish in all its
excitement, with 60,000 | e iple in the
stadium. It also shows Queen Alexandra distributing tlie prizes to the
winners; Dorando in hia last struggle
to criiBS the wire; Hayes the winner,
and other prominent features. Besides the above there in also some
Urst-clais co.nedy
Tall Flagstaff for Exposition
SEATTLK, Wash, Feb 25.—Arrangements have been completed by the
Washington Society, Sons of the Revolution, to erect the
tallest single-piece limber llagstall' in
the world on the Alaska Yukon Pacific
exposition grounds. The stall' will he
of fir snd will be erected with ceremonies hy the society. The staff is to
he 200 leet above ground, or twenty
feet higher than the stuff erected on
the    Lewis    and    Clarke   exposition
$250.00 IN PRIZES
Distributed Monthly for
Royal Standard Coupons
.u.ry person who buys a .pilb. sack of Royal Stan
dard Hour has a chance of winning an elegant and costly
log piece china dinner set, Tliese beautiful prizes will be
delivered free of all charges to tha ten lucky persons holding
the coupons bearing the m.mbers corresponding i<> those
drawn at ihe end of the month,
All you have to do is lo buy a sack of Royal Stan
dard Hour, save the coupons, compare them each month
with the numb r.s of lhe prize winners. Your name may be
anions them at any time, Of course the more coupons you
have the more chances ihere are of your winning a prize. The
lull details of the. contest are. oil the back ol each coupon.
The housekeeper who buys Royal Standard is
securing the best llour that mature milling experience, No. i
hard wheat, and the most modern machinery obtainable can
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
tern a:   work, even ii ... ieu techni- fully  substantiated e erj
nounces thai   the praotii ah
I'rescnl     Ilex    McRae, JH. A
railroa I ■-    i    *   '    "   McKinnon  II Q. McRae, T -.,,,■
,   rai  ii    R  - Squarehriggs   w«r"","lMl Portlaod, wbioh previously
Vernon  to Vane '        ' B beiM  *- E. Kincaid. C. H   held tbe reord Ior tall llagpoles.
• g<  ""' '""* "mbe'r ",l1'"'rlit by ,he
l' ge   Lumber Company at Buckley,
if ihi-, n
.i  the
..   - ■      I-    \ '•, r.,
• l-r and ,\    11.
• n   . onaidered ind  practically hi Ibe "1       itoki   B»i   •    i tbe
• •■_■  stand  .ii the way,   i Ine ..f
the greatest  menaces  to  the city's thi- route   i
-■••■.   - thi east side ol   McKenzie that w.   i tin-  eas    (trade      itarelwil e upon us      ■ th lhe
ng    i •■ : -   »en
V venue between Macdonald's drug to be found  in the liend     u - lhe   snow   ind froi ■■   \  \i, i;.,   President
Bton   u. i the Molsons Hank where of   construction    srill   ;»- ittended   anil i  winti countr       '■        «        V ce P evident    I   I.   I.
should a lire break  out, the chanci with   nu   great difliculties     from  botl i      md commei    i
would be  \er\   poor of  saving tbe Kdmonton tbe line would run wesi
ami a special train of live llat cars will
sailed       necessary to  transport the staff to
Deal tie     From lhe lop ot the pole will
be dung a 30 fool  ll ig.
entire   block    unless  a  blaze was crossing thi   Rockies at Athabasca
noticed in time,     Without a break Pass, wbicb  is practically tbe best
or   fin   wall ol   any sort between through the mountains meeting tbe
these .-tore^, the  tin- would Bweep Columbia  liiver nt the confluence
through the '■hells like match wood
with   Wood   liner, uml  following
ami tbe re-iiltaiit damage would he'the river to Kevelstoki and I Ian-
enormous. Moreover these premi- william where il would -kirl Mabel
sn* are regular traps for the lire-' lake to Vernon. I'roiii Vernon to
men, especially at the rear portions, the coast the route ia direct. Tbere
which are a confused mass of lean be no question hut that, this
shacks, rickety stairway.-, sheds route on the face of it is the most
and board walls, a veritable inn/.e feasible of any, and In railroad
to escape from in emergency, l.'ri- construction where easy grades arc
-ion from the street the average the main consideration, those who
public are totally unaware of the are familiar with the Big Bond
back premises of this block, and [must admit do belter
Btepa should be  taken lo endcavoi  tion ioi   a railroad could he found,
.    II    A   -.■II    -■ ■ n-'ar}
should break into new   life unl  r<- ,,  ., ,.,
treasure!    I   H   MM lenrghan
newetl vigor    I'he winter is passing .     „ intention to endeavor u
and the   pinch  of  dull limes thai   lorn   i md dobs at Kamloop*
have iffected   most of   us, will he a   ' Enderby, Vernon  Salmon I
Irm   Kelson  and  elsewhere mil   bel
lesson hy which we should all pro- ,. .,, ,Mtl, 1,„riJ,.,il,„,
li . Although Revelstoke has not
been in want,nevertheless lhe com*
mercial depression has lain heavily
upon us and will no doubt teach
us to be prepared fur a .similar
state of affairs Bhould such eventuate. With returning spring our
industries will be onoa more in full
swing, ami if wn are tn reap any
benelit from the nhaiign we mutt
get down to business, piwh thn
knooker aside mul sot onr minds to
draw up plans ol notion lhal will
The city ban excellent material lor a
grind, (ant. ball team. An interior
league should develop good hall and
be the means ol bringing pcnplo into
tlie city. Let os have the best team
in the league This '-an l.e brought
ah'iut,   hy the generous   Support ill iill
Card of Thanks
The   Kevelatolce   Aotl-Tuberoulosli
Society winli to thank the Independent
I! mil and all tllOSO .ho kindly aasisled
in inakiiii' the dance held recently
•mil ,i signal Bui'oesi,
M it*
um iim h, President,
to learn the bodily
comfort it gtvM In
I the wettest mam
mam row
Twit Ouu tun Cat
T«t*WT* UM.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our hands ioe purler acta,
upholstered in ln^h guide silk, ur
d mask, with frames thai are iu every
cot i eivnble design, anu made to wei r We i aie many new ai.d
beautiful pari r M'tp mid mid pieces lor
beautifying the bone I hat are taste
fill, ill', clive and inexpensive, and will
ahow your rooms lo the best advantage.
Big Discount
on all
rash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
ukad okkiuki Calgary,  Alukiita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork fuckers and Dealers in Live Stock.   Markets in all tbe piinci
nnl Citlm and Towns of Alberta. British Columbia and Ihe Yukon.
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " I in pern t. a" llama and Bacon,
a   .ml "Shamrock" Hi.nnl Leaf Laid. j
U%t%%%i%%M%««««««v«i»«««%%v%««% vi
Impol-t ilirect frum country ol origin,
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boughb
clash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Central Hotel
a—      RFVFI RTOKF   B. C.
Newly buill        First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Hates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under s^me   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   .Ratss $i a day.    Monthly rate.
tlR MAlL-llKKAisU ItttVtiLSTOKK, K. C.
A Diet of Bovril
or  BOVRIL sandwiches, quickly rebuilds wasted
strength, gives increased vitality to tht system and
fortifies the body against many ailments.
Because BOVRIL yields more nourishment than
any other food.
BOVRIL is an invaluable diet for nursing mothers,
dyspeptics, and all who show any predisposition
towards tubercular affections.
Great Contrast to Not
tant Times
Queens Jfotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CrecK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Vancouver Acreage
Send Description, Price and
Tetllis  lo
Andrew  E.  Liddle
Ui'hI F.-tate Agent,   Hu*   IU7-
800 Hastings St. West, Vancouver, B. C.
UauufaotOrftd fnr nil olaasfta <»f butldlugs
dr Mis in law ur small uuhmIUw
Ht tli9 lowest prices for ntsh
•> II Iniiii, ol bulldloa and pUs'eriug
Tbis applies with in> much
as to any  other  business.
The Companies represented
in ihi^ office bave Good
Records and ate in position
to Rive
Low Rates and Good Security
For full particulars apply to
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Fri. Jan. 2!) Kp. of Brit.
Sat. Feb.   (i Lk. Ohamplain
Fii. Feb. 12 Binp. of In lil    .Ian. 29
Fri. Feb. 20 Emp. of Britain Feb. 12
Sat. Mar.   li Lake Ei ie Fib. 17
Fii. Mar. 12Euip. ol Ireland Feb,26
is!. Class and. Class jrd. Class
$82 so    $48 75 Sji J5
IS!. Class 2nd. Class jrd. Class
$65 00        $42 50         $.1" IJO
Other Lakk Hosts—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $30 00
Cheap tales lo Atlantic Seal* aid
points in connection with steamship tickets
Passengers booked to Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and all other continental
Por further Information appl) to
T.W. Bradshaw,    C.B.Foster,
Agent, A.d.P.A.
llevelsloke, B.C.    Vauoonver ,11 C
Tested stoek, Seeds for
fui'in, garden or conservatory, from the best
growers ill England,
France, Holland, the
I' 11 i t e il S tates, and
Canada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, bee stii>i>lics
spraying materials, out
llowers, etc,
140 p«ko Catalogue  Frae
M.   J.   HENRY
Green Hounes and Seed Houua
3010 Westminster Road
The Burden of Loss
would not be so heavy if yon
weie properly protected by tt
good Fire Insurance Policy.
If yon are not now insured
you should give the matter
your Immediate and serious
i_oii_>idi.ration. To go uninsured is 10 court disaster and
serious titianeiiil loss, Our
terms ate most liberal. Let
us tell you about our policies.
Real Estate anu Innubanck
Certificate of Improvements
Pluto nnd GalHIeo .Mineral Haims   situate in
tho Trout Lnko Mining Division of Wett
Kootenay District.
Where   locntod:   On  Divide  betweon t'aarade
and Poplar Creeks and about \ mile from
A- & K. Railway.
Ti»Ve notice that I. O* B N, Wilkie, acting as
agent for Edward Baillie, Freo Miner's Certificate No. B88393, intend, sixty  days  from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Qrant of fhe above claims
And further  take  notice that action,  under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 1th day of March, A.D., \\w,
fob 24 Trout Lake.
Kevelstoke Land District,
District of West Kootenay,
Take Notice that Roderick Wllliiim
Lindsay, of Camborne, B. 0.,
occupation, merchant,Intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following described land;
Commencing at the north-east corner of A. D. MacKay's pre-emption
No 7,805 and marked " R. W. Lind-
say's N.W. Corner Post;" thonce n bout
8 chains to west line of McKinnon's
pre-emption; thence about 50 chains
south: thenee about 8 chains east to
M nc Kay's side line; thence north about
50 chains to point of commencemeot,
containing 40 acres more or less.
Kodbkick William Lindsay.
Dated Dec. .'Kith, 1908.     feb M
Revelstoke Land District.
I listrict of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Walter P. Confarr
of St. Paul, Minnesota, occupation
printer, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted along
side of the re-entrant south-west corner post of Lot 7(170; thence west 40
chains along the south boundary of
Lot 7079; thence south 40 chains;
thence east 40 uhalns; thence north 40
chains to point of commencement,
containing 1110 acres.
Walter P. Ch.nfarr.
Date: December 8,1908.        janll Hod
Bevelstoke Assessment District
Notice is hereby given, in accordance with tbe Statutes, thai Provincial Revenue Tax and assessed taxes
and Income tax, assessed and levied
under the "Assessment Act" and
amendments, are now due and payable for the year 1000. All taxes collectible for the Revelstoke Assessment
District are due and payable at my
ofllce, situate at Revelstoke. This
notice, in terms of law, is equivalent
to a personal demand by me upon all
persons liable for taxes.
Dated at Revelstoke, 8th January,
Deputy  Assessor   antl Collector. Hevelstoke  Assessment District, Revelstoke Post Ofllce. ian9 4lkl
Kcvclatuke Un.l Dlatrict.
nimtict ot Went Kootensj.
Iiiii. it.HI. ii that I, C K. Lamb ul Mnine
apollH, Humiliation mill owner, 'laUndi lu-
apply for pormiMlon to pimttmsettie lollowing
iIi'mtIIi'.I laud.
Commencing at a pout I'lauteil at the sculli.
weal corner of 1 ot 76*8 ami ncrltx'tl' 0, K-
l.ainl.'ii aoulh-eanl corner poat," thence _D
ohaina north, thenco 'Si chalna weat, ibetn-e .i
chalna aonth, thence _tu chalna eaat tu point ot
commencement anil containltiK 10 acrea more
or leas
O. B  V Wilkie. Ajeill
Hated November Mb, 1IHI.
A writer in tbe Toronto Cilobe thus
tlesoilbos tbe rounding "I (low (lands
and a bank It is interesting hb a
contrast to not very lar distant times
when hii old aeiiled town would appoint h oom mil tee ol prominent citizens to sppr. acb a general manage;
with au entreaty lb it be would open a
braucb iu iboir town. The Globe,
after describing how Ihe government
tire ranger decidfd on tbe site ol (low
I!audit goes on to say.
Days afterward, away down the trail
which lends to Pullman car*, tele
graphs, shaving-water and other con-
vetiiencies, the lire ranger met a friend,
the manager ol a bauk in fob ilt.
"Can I buy a lot in (low liaudu?"
queried the bank man.
"Not yet. The town site is selected,
but ihere are no lots surveyed yet."
"Bo, il I want a bit ol ground on
which to build a hank, I'll have to
turn -qnatler, is tlmt It?"
"Thai's what."
The lire tanger conl nu d cmsI snd
the bank in linger west iill became
t i the pointed stake on the si tire of
Like (low O mils Tne e be discovered
already » hoary Se.oiclinian—who wore
a plaid Tam O'Sbanter at twenty de
grees Mow zero—who lind brought a
team ol oxen in over the trail. The
bank manager selectid a site close to
the water's edge, whioh had iudica-
tinis that it might 'e on the main
truck nf future trallic, and alter closing a harg in witb Ibe Scotchman
pitched hie tent ne.uby, while the
thoughtful ejed oxen and tbeir driver
■et cut Iniuling logs to build the log
bank. Next morning, wilh Bumestring
and a bit ol wire, tlie hunk manager
had rigged up a canvas sign acroBS
two ire s above his tent, which read:
'The Can. dim Bank ol Commerce."
A pair of prospectors passing on the
trail turned and grinned, and a tenderfoot who had come in with a sleigh
loud ol supplies brought in by a hotel
keeper elect, turned almost homesick.
By   Te ephone   on   American
For a great many years the telephone has filled a minor, but, nevertheless, important place in the communication system ol railroads Its
principal uses in the pust have been
in connecting up outlying switches
with telegraph offices, small stations
with telegraph stations connecting
round houses, coal sheds, etc , and in
the larger yards connrcting various
switch shanties, scales,||ice- house ,
round-hnuses, etc., with ih? yardmast-
er's ollice. This system h.ia proved of
untold value in handling the terminal
business and could not now be dispensed with, or replaced witb anything
that w .uld answer the purpose as well.
Errors and misunderstandings have
been so few that the American roads
bave decided to use the telephone in
train orders entirely, instead of the
telegraph, and so far the results bave
proved eminently satisfactory.
In handling train oiders by telephone it should be remembered that
all rules and regulations governing
train movement remain the same as
under the telegraph. No rules or
practices have been changed, and
everything that bus been done iB still
done, the only difference being that
the operators talk instead ol work a
telegraph key. The orders as delivered
to conductors and engineeis are just
tbe same in form, appearance and
every particular aa tbey have been and
are handled exactly the same as heretofore. In issuing a train order, the
dispatcher, alter calling the station he
wants, proceeds witli his order in the
same form antl formula as il by telegraph.
There has lieen a decided improvement iu the wurk and deportment o!
the men nut on the line, due to the
(act tbat the conversations between
the dispatchers and operators or other
employes are of u much more personal
character than obtained by telegraph,
resulting in more closer wurkit g relations and more pleasant co-opera
tion. lt is mote as if they were facing
each other and tin) don't leel like iu
diilgiug in some ul the choice remarks
tbat used- to fly over the telegraph
wire when some one would lose bis
Tbe new system hss been enthusiastically received and will open up a
great avenue lor employment.
There are many other advantages
connected with tbe use oltbe telephone
lur train dispatching, which we will
not enumerate on account ol lack ol
■pace. Tbe advantages sre very apparent, however, and it is decidedly a
step iu advance in toe method ol
handling trains. More trains can be
handled in a given time, prompter
movements can be made, emergencies
handled aud controlled quicker anil
better, everybody is placed in c'osir
touch with each other, and it is just as
sale, if not safer, than the telegraph
lor such purposes.   When telegraph
orders were first Introduced, the fi at,
train and engine men handling il.c .
were afraid of them and did not wuit
to use them Now we woul I nit do
without the u.   ll was a great advance
o«er running by smoke and time oard,
a knottVproblem
Song  of   the  Sawmills  and
Saws by Day and Night
Does a sawmill furnish energy lor
I sawing more lumber on the sawmill
| night shift l.hau on tbe day ahib?
Tbe lirst impulse would be lo answer
in the negative. Scores of old mill
men, some of whom have worked in
Revelstoke for many years, make reply
in au emphatic yea. Not only do Ihe
mill operators declare lhat water will
accomplish a greater amount ol work
at nighi ban in the tiny time, but
they oi ■ lecnrds ol actual performance", gi > i nam. b of mills and dates
where teste nuve beeu made.
In sawing deals aud other standard
lumber frnm spruce ol aveiage size,
the exact viriition in performance between night and day depends (.lightly
upon w a her coi.d titius, more being
■awtil in dark and di zz y wii'her
t .an wh n i. ie I nr, bill nu anu venire
a m idem hand uw lhat. will Unu out
18,000 leei in leu hutirs nl diyllghi
can saw 20,000 leet or more iu ten
h ur« of dnrki.cs N it only Ins this
assciti ni lieen proved many limes in
mills tbat weie mu by water power,
but it has been demons'rated through
elimination from the fact that mills
using etc.un power never prei-eut so
large a variation The millmen will
declare that ihe saws will make a
widely different » und w. en dashing
through spruce knots at night ihan
tbey do by d .y, so that if one visits a
strange mill, he could distinguish
whether it was night or day by the
■ougs of the saws. By daylight nothing but classical n.u.-icconies from the
most reckless of small saws. As soon
as the restraint uf daylight has passed
the reckless saws forget their dignity
and begiu to sing and hum ragtime
aud coon songs, chewing up lumber
and manufacturing deals at a great
Mill owners and foremen of experience wbo have listened to the debate
for years, agree witb the hands, and
some of them add the explanation thut
the water is heavier hy nigh: than by
day, though nobody seems to huve
taken pains to weigh the water at the
two periods for the purpose of comparing results.
Local Deputation Wait on Hon.
Wm. Templeman
The Hon. Wm. Templeman, Federal
Minister of Mi es antl Inland Revenue,
passed through yesterday morning on
No. 96 en route for Ottawa. A deputation from the Board o' Trade waited
on the minister and hrought up several
important queaiions for him to digest
on bis nay east.
Among other things, the matter ol
a postoffice was impressed upon him,
as well as land settlement in the district: the necessity of the G T. P.
being forced to complete their construction by 1911 without any further
extension being allowed. A request
wat made that tbe charter ol tbe A. &
K. Railroad bo nut extended, and that
il extension ol time was granted it
should be only conditionally that construction waa commenced at once.
The matter ol the geological survey ol
the Big Bend and tbe importance it
had upon Revelstoke was pointed nut
to Mr.Templeman, who promised that
tliese matters should receive bis best
The minister who was sulYering Irom
ac le indisposition, was accompanied
as lar aa Glacier by a deputation Irom
the Liberal Association, who, among j
other things, wished to discuss the
poatnllice question,
Without Rhyme or Reason
'there bas been a movement on loot
lately to try and take steps to suppress tbe distribution and sale of
photos ol "Kevelstoke Under Snow,'
on the grounds that these pictures
were detrimental lo the interests ol
tbe city and would prevent people
Irom coming here Such a thing is
abaolute nonsense, and sounds rather
like trying to deprive tbe photographer ol bia legitimate business.
Can the people descend to such a
practice ol trying to prevent the
outside world Irom learning thst
Revelstoke bas a lot ol snow and
thereby try and induce settlers to
come here? lt ie lar better to advertise sud announce Revelstoke aa tbe
ia, aod let tbe people wbo propose living here eee exactly wbat we have
thau misrepresent ouraelvei and let
them fully understand wbat they may
expect when tbey do come. Theae
kickers need have no tear, Revelatoko
will atsnd on her own credentials and
does not wish to misrepresent hersell
io any way. We are proud of our
snow and glory in our winter, and
snow pictures instead of being a
detriment will be a source of interest
in tbe future.
Thos. Morgan,
Ail.m| en I (J|„..s anil W .oil Sign Wi iiei; Ilon c mul (limn li I).. ; || Kh
Cass I' in ei mul l'.,|i>|. Hanger. Hard
W ...I l' ni-hliig in il Kii.e Wink n
S|>. ii  I \ .    Dee go- and ....i mi ties fn-t
Adtlress.Y M.C.A. Revelstoke
llevelsloke Land District,
llisiiici of West kootenay.
Take notiee that,   Hurry.I. Lnlliiisb,
of  Nakuap, oooupatlon hotel keeper.
Intends til apply for permission to pur.
chnse lhe lollowing described landsi
Commencing at  a  post planted at
north-oast corner of  Lot 7890, thenoe
west 111) chuins, Ihence north IK) chuins.
thenoe east no chains, iheneo south 00
chuins to place of commencement, oontalning ISII itcres more or less.
Dated I'Vh. Hlh, IIKJO.
I'elilil       IIakrv ,1amich La Uii.vsii.
Notice is hereby given that, at the
expiration nf three months from date
hereof, application will he made lo His
Honour, the Lieutenant  Governor in
Oouncil tor an Order in Council cluing,
ing the nnine of  Wtmlsey, LeKeiiux ft
Company,   Limited,  in   "Lefeaux   ft
Sutherland, [limited."
Daled this 8th day of I'Vliruary, IIHHI,
Solicitors for the s.iitl Company,
ni.iv 12
Kevelsloke Land District,
Dlsll'lcl of Wesi Koolenny,
Tike nolice lhal, Annie  Louisa I'uphill   I if    llii/.ehwiod,    West    Virginia,
occupation married woman, Intends
io apply fur pel-mi slim to purchase
ihe following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the soulh west corner of Lot 7000;
thence soulh 20 chains; thence easl 20
chains; Ihence south 20 eheinsj them
east III chains; tbenco north 40 chains;
thence west (HI cliains lo point of coin
menecnieni, containing 200 acres.
Annie Louisa Ooplan.
Date; December 9, 1908.        janO OOd
Certificate tf Improvements.
Kingston, Maggie R, Tongue, Senator,
and Pittock Fraction Mineral claims,
situate in the l.iideiiu Mining Division of West Koolenny District.
Where located—Un the western slope
of Lexington Mountain near ('.null., inc. B.C.
Take notice that I, V R. Blochber-
ger, P.M.O, No. B, 23922, agent for the
United Kingston Gold Mines Limited
nun-persona I liability. Free Miner's
Certificate No. B 0W42, intend sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Graiils of the above
And further take noi ice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Duted Ibis 21st day of December,
A. D., 19118.
F. R. Bi.iii-Hiii-.iitucii, Agenl,
Certificate of   Improvements
Lost Chance and Lost Chord  mineral
claims, situate in   the Trout Luke
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where   located;—At bead   of    Coon
Creek.   No rlh   Fork   of I.n rile mi
Take  notice that I, O. B, N. Wilkie,
actinic a- agent for Henry W. Settlors,
Free  Miner's   Certificate No.   111)4015,
intend,   -ixly days  frnm tlat^ hereof,
to apply tO the Mining Recorder for a
Cert iHeate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claims.
And further lake notice that action,
under si etion 87, must be commenced
before lhe issuance of snub Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this Uth day of January, A.
D., UK*).
jaiilHOOd O. B. N. WILKIE,
Revelstoke Land District.
Dislriot ol' West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat George B. Frank-
[oiler of Minneapolis, Minnesota, occupation college prolessor, intends to
apply for permission tu purchase the
following described binds:
Commencing at a posl planted at
the southeast corner of lot 71)80, thence
west 80 chains more or less to the
boundary of lot 7079; thence south 20
chains; tbenee east (K) chains more or
loss to the shore of Arrow Lake, thence
along said shore in a northerly direction 211 cbains more or less lo point of
commencement, containing 180 acres
inure or less.
Dule; December II, 1908.       .janll Hu.!
Kevelsloke Laud District.
Distriel of Wesi Kootenay.
Take mil ice  thai    Flunk II. Winter,
ot  M.   Paul,  .MinncMili icupatlou
merchant, intends  to apply for per-
liii-sioii 10 purchase  the following 1I1--
sct ibi'd lands:
Ciitmuciii ing nl a posl planted at llie
lOUth-WPSt coiner of Lot 7000; tlience
wesi ISI chuins; thenee north 80 chains;
thence east l<> chains; theuce south HI
chains! thence east 20 chains) thence
soulh III  chains to point of coiniiieiiec-
nieiil. coniaiuing lOOitcies,
FRANK  0,   WlNTKIl.
Dale: December 9, 1908. jaiiUIHM
Noiice is hereby given lhal pursuant lo
the provisions "I  Chapter 1 (C ol the Statutes of Canada 7-8, Edward VII, Shuswap
and  Thompson   Rivers  Boom Company
have filed in lhe ollice of lhe Dominion
Lands Agenl at Kamloops, B.C., and in
the ollice ol The Honourable Ihe Minister
of Public Works al Ottawa, Outario, plans
and specifications of certain hooms and
other works proposed to be constructed
by said Company in, over and along lhe
Norlli Thompson River in the Kamloops
Division of Yals District in the Province
of British Columbia and thai on Ilic loth
day of February, igoy, at the hour of 11
o'clock in llie forenoon, or so soon thrrc-
aflcr as llie application can be .heard,
application will he made hy (he undersigned 10 His Excellency the Governor-
in-C'oiincil at Ottawa, Ontario, for his
approval to be given lo such plans.
Ilaled this 4II1 day of December, 11)08
sm swap ani) Thompson Rivers Boom
Hy Otto Lachmutld, Secretary.
Dec. 9, 60 d
nn: price
Sn Clear, So Shining and sn Evident that it
will glimmer through ;i  Blind Man's  Eye
A Canadian Made Writing Machine
For ease ol operation and
perfection in the results produced the "EMPIRE"
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, margin i facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cured for also due to the
Btrong lines of simplicity that
are part ol the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EM l'i HE Typewriter in
1896, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
ol these machines.
The British Government
" French Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
" Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Even day brings New Goods.   See these lines if you are interested in
p snim goods ai wi mas
lii«erliui]   beading .   lulp n^s,  Ctn-st-t  nivrr
t ; .     idry.    i'i >'" v, .1 \ ii ii up.
New Prints
('nuil     and  Ural tout   Kngllsl) Print.     Von
r.ui'i I.ui .mi   better end a guarantee goes
th ever) yard,     Price per yard 124 cento.
New Dress Fabrics
llexandev Cloths, I'm. s, Lustres, Plaids
All selling al 25 p.     enl. discount.
Wash Goods
N.u   \\ hiti   v\   isi i:-'    sellinu  Irom   Ilic   i
New Corsets
Uur Corset stock is now coinplcte  in evory
detail.    \ 11 tin- ncu   Btyles    Directolre,  etc.
Curtain Muslins
MadniK, .S|ml Muslin.. .Muslin.-, with frill
edge, New Two Tone Su lus Curtains, While
mid Cream Ltico I'hi inin.. Prices froin
$1.1)11  a pair up.
Shirts and Soxs
I hiving liiuiglil it I r.ivcllers samples ill n
retluelion we cun sell thesi al just the in.iuii-
facturers ptlce, tills is a snap1 Sic our
Hindi.ii   I'..i   prices.
li vnu itru Interested In old odd lines of
winter goods, ive are putting nil these lines
ni jusl half price. Flannelettes, regular '.v.,
nun 7c.: WrupperetleB, 20c.« now llc.i Ladies'
WaUlsal .'inc. each; Child and Misses Drawers
7.V.. now 85c,i Children's knll underdrawet s,
2i„\ each, iiild sizes In ('niseis, regular$1.25
now 50c.
All linen greatly reduced. We guarantee
vnu lower pt ice.-, ami better goods.
Pure Drugs
combined with caieful
compounding, pri.nipt
delivery and reasonable
prices are the factors
which have Imilt up our
business to its present
immense proportions.
Bring your next pre-
scription here if you
want satisfactory results
Macdonald's Drug Store
Local and General.
New programme tonight at tlie Edison Then tic
Tbe ladies of  the  Catholic  Church
hi j,repining an excellent programme
I r tlieir annual  St. Patrick's concert.
1 lie London Chronicle says that in
1908, exclusive nl conversion loans,
nearly 1150,000.000 ul Uritish capital
went to Canada.
Smiths   rink   deieated   Anderson's
nnk    ii Wednesday night in the semi-
ils oi  the curiing competition for
the Calgary Cup
Fi.) r N1)—A brooch, on MoKenzie
avenue Owner can have same by
applving at tbe Police Station and
proving their property, and paying for
[hit advertisement
The C. P. K. has decided to equip its
iii    usbips  with  wireless  telegraphy,
.pincers and s cuipsuf assistants
ai    i l tne tvay ...tit from Knglautl
loi in- purpose ol tusking tbe install-
The Bight  K'.-v ihe Bishop  ol the I
- sill   li.lil confirmation iu St.
- Church on Sunday, March 28. i
I hi  liei. C. A, I'rjcunier will conduct
class..; o! preparation tor confirmation >
during Lent.
The following conversation was over-1
heard   the   other   Sunday   morning,
when the various local churches were
ii _.-   .in- issed.    First  church goer:
L)m>   . »vi mstius at your church?"
We aim  to keep only   the
Our Bread, Cakes sud Pastry
best in Groceries,    A trial  order
are nnttlc (resb every day,  iihen
will   he  appreciate1   as ive  are
tired of your  own   bilking,   try
convinced tlint we can Bave  you
ours lur a change, you   will   lind
it very appet'ziiiy.
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Roal Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
)      Ibarra GoLhECTKi). Loans Notary l'tmuc
> <KK><HH>(HK><><H><><M><>0<><K><><HX> 6
Urv I'ednr, III inch lengths, full cord of 128 cubic feet—$5.50 per conl.
Dry Hemlock, HI inch lengths, lull cud of 128 cubic leet.   $7 pec  iniril.
Special limitations on four fool wood and on  large
orders for Btove « 1 ni nny length.
This cm! is equal in any domestic soft coal on the market. Nn
clinkers, mul makes vesy little
$8.50 per ton
Manufactured finiii hard ooal.
The best and cheapest fuol on
ihe market. Free Bam pie given
to any who have not tried it.
S8.75 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, ita
Just received—Carload of Prairie Hay. Another
car of Timothy Hay on the road. Leave your
orders early if you want any at the old prices.
We have the Hest Butter in town, a trial will convince you. Also Fresh Eggs and a good line ol
First Street, R,evelstoke. B. C.
'Phone 248
Nice Five   roomed
House for     $1,800
Nice   Six   roomed
House for    $1,900
Houses at reasonable
All kinds of Insur^
Agents  for the celc
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
^       Real Estate, Insuranoe and Finanoial Agents.     Money to Loan.
J s
#*•********■*» **#* S>************#****ift**'*iSS*****»*****»SI»
Cb    .:  ■
we have
During the past year P. Burns A Co
report  excellent   business   aud   have
peoed up tetvieeii fifteen ai d t*. Dty
■ *   . ranches  in a.,  parti  ..f B, C.,
\.it;ta and S&aketchenan   incl
handsome   buildiugs   nl   Mo m   la*-,
Mc li   di   Hat Regina snd    tlai
it iei
\.;   ng   ii .•  passi ageri    .    N . .'ti
yesterday ; •   thi      at was Mc-
"•■._.... ••■■■ I N rtfa '••'.. nc ■■• r,
'■'.. McNa igbt ii - -. ■' ti e late
r.  M  '•   igl ii   Haley n Uot
spring-, and ii di putatii •   to
II :.- - - .  . .     •      '.  ...      ....
I   •, Mar-
. '...ii  :!.   •        Alt!      la... .: %
!".       ■ -   Paul i -.'.-.- - the Mar-
ill   (> . • ;.    .Hid    a
r ol I • ....
•• -i    _.      • ■..      gbt lor tb    past
-      i Marath      I m. i ai \ snioe,
rallied ovi    I bs nr-atcr
**»■,■    Bi i. art _  • i.aiid-
-,iii,i  ..t:••    tin. smil Is at for uv     n
he I     .■ bil  liver and  .\rr <w lik<
llie  in w  cralt,   which Ii   being .   :.
• tructtd  I.i  I'. 'I nreddsle, il marly .'l.'i
[eel   u r ail hiiii lnvi n by ,. ootD| .nud
engine ol lifieen horse power.   When
completed Sawyer Bros, hup', to oom
hine   businest   wilh   pleasure during
the lummer months and operate their
steamer to advantage.
•ttli    we    p.iv   llie
market    price   ler
ire graduates of lho   On*
• •-1.  (    '• s-< oi  Pharmacy!
and    a-   (ORIpOtenl    ic   lhe
besi to fill your prescriptions
We aim al the highest sian«
dard of  efficiency in ail oui
First-class programme tonight at
tbe Kdison Parlor Theatre.
Tbe programme for the St. l'atrick's
Concert will be varied and interesting.
"Palermo," the beautiful city, in
.Moving   Pictures  tonieht  at  Edison
The City Council deserve much cuni-
mendstion lur tin- manner in whioh
lhey have operated the mow service
tbis joar ami kepi tbe sidewalks,
streets and crossings open, often working against heavy odds, lu no (trillions year have the sidewalks lieen as
clear and clean, antl although the
.in w service has been very costly this
year, yet the public cannot complain
seeing the ellicient manner in which
it wm done.
Une very regrettable feature uf a
Revelstoke audience is the lack I
imperial courtesy while ihe National
Anthem i> being played or sung at tlie
close ol any production. Few pe pie
pay that respect due t. the signiti-
cooceol "God Save tlie King." Scarce
ly .ii;' |n .-. n ...i! ..f lift\ -tiiiid >|iiiet
iiliile tue anthem is being played,
n-bereas many   •. .    y   tigageil
in putting ou wraps ami coats tu listen
and Otheri do   ni I ' mu trouble to
fr. uu their seals.
N'. w thai the ecu.ent aidewaika are
.   ih   ns! ol id   v   the ]  iblic  li •■
enri. ui  i    see ;.   ■ ' .■ ol
■ bs   i tnd    ■ nere  oold
,.; ttilying        • tbat iu un cases
■   I  0 »U) cracks in  the
r indeed any disturbance  if thi   ■
lace oi the walk, except in     io or la
■ - whi re u.c i■*!.■ li hai
ived      ler pren it un
lernsatb,   Ilu- oan bscaiily rami
when the gnni:,.I bsl thawed oui
-num  Curtis     ■ bo contesti il   i hi
K.sjti nay tat   . .       i•■ .leral n
ii ;awi   > - ri   Uoodi ire    >
receni Federal election, aud »ai .1.
featcd, s|«jnt Moods) evening i I
severs! inc.   i bbe Liber tl  lm c
itioo iii the oity,    -■ iveral mat ts
local Import were discuised, including
the poitofflce site  tbe land  | n ition
.in.I  tbe A. A IC. railroad charter.   A
... om mends tion wai mad. li r i pi il
iffica   ilte at  tue  cornei     (   B
avenue  First itreet.   We     iderstaod
that   the   advisal.ility   nf a   ivest   end
postoihce nu r i ear Front ilreet, was
aisouised,   The meeting was well at-
un the recommendation ol A.O.
Wheeler, F.R.G.8., ol the Topographical Survey of Canada, the   geographic
imaril  of  tiie Dominion Government
have been pleated to  Ipprovn   of   the
name i.f Mounl Cupeland fnr Hie mag
niflcent peak situated up the Jordon
I'ass   at    Hevelstoke.      The naine haa
been conferred in honor ol the late
Prof. Kalph Copeland, F.K.A s., Fl:
S V.., late Astronomer Royal fnr Scotland, of iclentlflo lame. ft. II. Cnpe-
l*nd nl lhe city, sun of the late pro-
fessur, accompanied by II. Siegfried,
were the   first   to   make the ascent of
thii virgin peak, h,miki leet high, last
summer and .Mr. Oopelsnd wai deilr-
oui  of  perpetuating   his llluitrlous
father1! name, iu giving it to tins
hitherto nameless peak.
Moling pictures tonight.
Don't forget the Knox Church ice
carnival on March I.
A telephone has lieen installed in
the V. .MC. A.
Ice carnival on .Monday, March 1-t,
weather permitting
The ladies nf tit. Andrew's Church
will hold a lia-ket social, March 18.
The great English "Marath n Race"
in    Mining   I'iciures    t,.night   at  tlie
Edisnu Theatre
The event of lhe season—The Mas ;
querade Fancy !>resa Carnival, under
auspices Knnx Cliur-li I.adi-- Auxiliary. Monday, March 1st. Handsome
Manager Papping wishes to an-
oo'ince tbat the curtain mil ri-e tonight for "D Varden *■ 9o'clock,
owing -. the (act thst ti.. - rei i e
upen late, snd jive m opportunity for
all to atl el pera H.,use.
I be        n    _■   .aie heen appointed
■      '-    • ;.....--   -.■■•-   •  ■ taking
ittidaviu e   Supreme 1    irt as
C   '...■.•;.      iti-i
eletoke i actors     : strict— \. M. 8j
'i' ni    Si   Le n    il    '■   I oursier, A
J    If   Doom
Sl '» ' triloquisl antl ini
pern was  i,,  appear bere
in •■ auij •'• -    I  the  Epworth
Mel  odisl Cburcb on
Mon lai ig.ii   mavoidably dc-
,:        .■ pi  i im •■ ol   a i,<-ria and
uexl   wei k   ■ .■■
i   ■•  .    .   Ittle later
Pi ■ inier  will  ad-
meeting It  the   V   M
n ifternai    <i i
i.i In -- ising tbe
inci       lv«nl       i •     • .
.  in/y in tbi ir , ll M
[and Ltol
i.! men are welt
Social and Personal
Churches.'. — Kev. Father Coccola
I pastor. Servii-es are held on the First
and  Third  Sundays in  every month
■ at the lollowing  hours:    8 a.m. Cmn-
: niiininn Mas":   10:30 a.m. High lass
and Sermon; - p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
. p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m Rosary,
1 Instruction and Benediction.
Sr   AKDKEW'S   I'ltK.SIlYTIlIilA.V—Kev.
W.C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Feb. 2K
Servicea 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m, Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p. in. Prayer meeting nn Wednesday 8 p.m Ch ir practice and teach
! era' meeting, Friday 8 p in.
Knox Presbyterian—J. It. Robert-
■ inn. Services on Sunday as fulluws :—
Morning service at llo'cl.'Ck. Sun
day School   and   Bible Class at 2:30 p
Evenii ■_'   service   a     7.30   p.m
Baptist—Kev. W. I'. Freeman, B.A
pastor, Services al 11 and 7:30
p.m. Sunday school and Bible class at
2 3u p. in 'li. Y. 1'. I' Monday at 8
j, ni.     Prayer   meeting Wednesday   8
1 i Mi iDing subject A Mighty
Mi tive ■• ming sui jaot, '-Onod
Tidings Men an' invited tu the
Men    '    im  .' 2..'!1) in the vestry.
Anglican)—Kev.   C. A.
Procunier to.A, Hector   First Sunday
in Lenl     VI   -   a :     II ily Communion,      lli   ni    Matins   snd icrmon
Tun., in   Evennong    Sunday School,
2 un p ui I be um .. Lenten weekly
-.■   .■.  a held each Friday nigbt
,i - -.ii,.   i iv Hall, pastor
-.  r , ||      [ollOWl
I   I " .■
10 • I.',    ■ in    p ibl 0
- inds
us at 2:30 i   u     I rening
;   .      . -   Moit'lng    i in.
■ e Widow's I .■      r  .ii. j
:\    . - !■ .■ i <■<! by i l>i\ins
ag ..     Mi inlay at
11 lit    ■. ....... ■ •     , ■:
Island eleren in the final game of the
competition by asenre of 2 goals to I
The Revelstoke junior bsaketbill
team may again visit Vancouver this
year to compete for the junior championship of B C.
Tbe intermediate preliminary handicap wrestling se-iei- will begin on
Friday night. All who intend to take
part should leave their names with the
Instructor, and get weighed in, Hope
will he on hand Monday night to give
the hoys a few pointers.
Tbe Buys' Department will open a
week f om Monday. A program is
being prepared foi I he event
Tha City hookey learn defeated the
Y M.C.A. in a close game fnr the city
championship, The ire was tun soft
(ur fast hockey, hut hut It team- played
a line game.    The score was 3 2.
Alfred  Shrubb,  lhe English cliaiu-
puin runner,  easily deieated   Dora ml
1'ietri,   the  Italian,   in a 16-mile  race
OU Thursday, at Biilfalu.
Wednesday night tbe famous Koad
team met their first, defeat at the
I anils o( ibe Intermediate loam. The
Kind Iciini were shy Roller, who was
iiuiihle to get in for tbe g»me, but if
they had played all the way though
like they did lirst ball, tbegnme
would have ended very close. The
Intermediate boys were rot np to
usual m.irk is hunched upon the (Inor
tin v did not play as good ciiinliinaliun
ai they generally du, tbe score at full
lime sl.iind 25 to 16 in the younger
buys fiivnr.
The (lyiii leain defeated the Alerts
.in Wednesday night in a very hard
Kame, the Alerts put up a gnnd light
lo wbat tbey have in the past, and
made tiie la-l. Gym team feel   aimuiia
in the first lew minutes, icore ended
Gym l'i Aleris 16,
I .usi. nighi lhe North  Sara shrine nu
ths .iiiiimr Champion Cup, when they
delisted'be High SobuoI  by  iho  big
-cure ,,l 21 In 8, I he ichool buys did
Dol an me a Iiild goal, getting nil
theil poll Is ii f.cil,,, ll.iniela acur-
Inj eight loul tbrowi out nf nine.
disi   1 f p   i| the gill"!   ||  Mra   G.
S. McCartei
Mrs   Dudgeon   and  Miss lla/.el  ire
... tbe cit) '. •» days.
Mrs   A  k Kincaid will not receive
un Monda) unu, Match lat.
Mayor    Lindmark    returned thii
morning frum a   huaineas to the coast
The Missel McLennan ul Vancuuvi r,
s|.ei,i    the   ilny   in    tbe city en route
| frnm   I'.E I,   where   tbey   havo spent
tbe winter.
I. M, llngar leaves tonight fnr Vic
toria to attend the meeting there nl
the   fruit   men    nud    transportation
The Merry-go ronnd Whist Olub
were entertained at the borne ol Mn
I H. Lyom on Tuesday night, Alter
the Oloie ol tlie game refresbinenla
"par excellence" were served.
Moving Pictures tonight.
I he Y M.i.' A, !»-.J a ar- going to
bave t wrestling contest in aboat two
ireska snd they are buiy getting loto
'flic trip to Vermin did not materialize .,t. account uf the Oltariagmi
City not coming up with till necessary grinds.
Thn local snnwnlincra might  have a
try at ilm record, I'.inng carnivil
week at  Montreal, Lukemsn, lint Ly
Kerr's great rival on thi cinder pith,
wm the 100 yard dash easily m L'I
lioondl Hat. The Mi.nt.rettl Star sava
this is DOt ball liuin considering Ilm
Oonditioni ol ihe weather.
The Shatnrooki are tlm ouitodlsm
for   the   next  twelve mon thi ul the
blinds'.iue National cup, the finest
trnptiy up fur competition In the Van
cniiver llislrict, Foot bil I Leiigtui. They
iitabliibid their right to tin  trophy
iiii .Saturday at Itecreatinn park, Vancouver, when they beat the Weitham
For Sale
I will sell two ol .uv houiei on 8rd
siteet,   south   of   McKenzie   Avenue,
full two   siory   with   Inrnaees and all
modern  improvement*.     Terms rea-
I Kiuable,   Apply to
Corner of   3rd SI,   and McArlhur Ave,
j II I. WILLIAMSON (late collector
Revelstoke Bieain Liundry) having
now the Agency lor the   Vancouver
Steam Liundry, will call at ynur
house    Mondays,    russdtyi    and
1 All Work Guaranteed    Prloss MMtaraM
- -
Moving pictures tonight.
Crane's line nute pa|iers at Lows'
drug stnre.
Pancake! -«inl syrup. See nur table
next week ol pnra maple syrup, from
206. to $2 26 pm min. ami self rising
buckwheat Hour at 86c a package—
0i B- Hume fi Co.
$   D»
liar S
McLennan's Store
Pillow Oases, good quality, 42 inch, 15c. each; Towels
four for 25c, 10c, 121-20. and 15c. each; Good Print, all
colors, eleven yards for $; Ladies Hose, ioe., 12 I-2C,
and isc. per pair; Children's Hose, Cashmere, 121-20., 15c.
and 200. per pair; Linen Tea Clothes, 75c, 90c. and $1.00
each; Ladies' Kid Cloves, 750. a pair; Children's cloth Tarns,
250., 35c, and 5 )c. eaoh; Silk Baby Ribbons, 10 yards for
250; Swiss open work Covers and Shams, 45c., 650. and 750.
each. All over the store you will find money savers, everything is reduced, Come and look around and save money by
spending   it   here.
McLennan & Co,
Frank W. Healy
The San Francisco
Opera Company
" A   Smashing    Beauty   Chorus"
Revelstoke Opera House
Lulu Glaser's Greatest Success
Prices: $ 1.50, $ 1,75c.
Macdonald's Drug Store    ^fi§
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
best and
st   Stock
><:s   in
Original   Mac's
1 made
us by I).
Business Locals
A e.huiee range ol carpels, linoleums
and mattings at O, B. Hume & Ou'a.
Buy your wall paper at liuwsnii's
furniture stnre.   Out prices (nr cash.
Films tnd kutlak supplies lit Bews'
drug store.
tin tu Hiiivsun's furniture sture lor
carpi Is, si|iiares, oil cloth, linoleums
and shades,
Fur window similes, wall paper, curtain pules and fixtures, go tn C. It
Hume A Co.
Second hand (uriiilure, gnnd as new
at Ideal Furniture sture. Call and
inspect them.
I.ace ami tapestry curtains, table
spreads, couch cuvers and draperies at
0, B, II tune & Cu's.
Oranges 86c, lUe, a.i.l ."ilic. per d-z.
Lemons, bananas, lettuce, celery, and
grape Iruit ttslay at C  I). Hume A Go.
Tucker tlie pbtitiigr.iphcr, has all
sl/.es u( cameras and films and supplies
fur sule at. bis studio. t.J
Why go hungry wh ll yuu can buy
211* of biscuits for 25c Three varieties to chicse limn—C. B.Hume A Oo,
This   is   the   last  day for uur ebeap I
sale   un   brushes—hand   brushes, 5c;!
scrub brushes   l'i-; stone lirushca 20c;
shoe brushes 30c, wire clotbes brushes
66o; and   horse brushes Kile and $1.10.
Gfat one—Oi B, Hume A Co.
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39       OfTloe   MoKonzle Ave
Tenders Wanted
Tenders ace invited for the construction of a new building for the Molsons
I'lans nud specifications can he seen
nt I liu Hank.
Tenders  to  lie  in   not   la ler than
Wednesday. March tilth.    The lowest
or any tender not necessarily accepted,
tc Malinger mndemte terms
f,Mil|M«' suits from $5 up. Apply
Mrs. (iiddins, cure Mis. ij. Green, tin
street, jail 21) w ft, a
C| \SH    PAID  lor  men's  cast    „([
I   clnth tig   The    Bevelstoke  New
nud S -i on l-luinil store, First St., west.
ANTED -    Ueliellll    help,   gnnd
w.t^i -.   Apply Mrs.S (i.llnbhins


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