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■'. i
Ask for Halcyen LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
MAl        1908
The Mail-Herald
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in results produced, ibis Machine
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Interior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 14.-No  32
icial L i bv a v y
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Shoe Comfort
When your feet hurt, you can't work earnestly or
intelligently. Foot-pain makes your body tired and
tires your brain. There is a shoe for men that docs not
hurt. It is the "PATRIOT." It is made over stylish
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or threads inside to hurt, burn and blister the feet.
The Oxfords fit snug and close around the ankle
and there is no gaping at the sides. An innersole of
ground cork keeps out the dampness. To fully appreciate them you have to wear them. Many styles—all
good ones. The " PATRIOT " is a member of the
" Star Brand Family." "Walk on Stars, Same as
We Do."
•tor**, at mvr*l*at*»k« and Airowh-md.
/lawn mowers\
Take our advice   and   get  a   "Smart"—the handsomest,   moet
durable, easiest running most efficient machines
Tempeied Steel Knives. Steel Spindles. Malleable Centres
Save your temper; save your strength, and one that will
Get a   " Smart"—also grass catchers that slay on and  catch   the
grass.   Made by SMART.   We oan supply them.
^Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited^
imperial Bank of Canada
Head O**no_>—Toronto, Ontario.
■tranches In tha ProvinoM nf Manltutia, Alberta, rlaskalchawaii,
British Colnnhla, Ontario, Waabac.
Oapital Authorised ... •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....   •4,926,000.00
Rosorvo Fund ....        •4,92B,ooo.oo
D. R. Wilkik, President ; Hon. R. Jafkkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Buelness Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savinge Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. Jaffray, Manager
$2.50 Per Year
White Star Line Enters Canadian Carrying Trade
A dispatch from London confirms!
the report that the White Star line
will detach the liner Baltic, 24,000
tons gross, 15,500 tons net, from the
New York route and place it upon
the Canadian service this year.
The action on the pirt of the White
Star Company, which is part ol lhe
big steamship trust, constitutes what
is practically the first move on the
part ol the combine to partake ol the
passenger tratlic on the 1 iverpool and
St. Lawrence route The Baltic,
which is only eclipsed in size by the
Lusitsnia and Mauretania was the
largest steamship in the world lor
some years, the other White Star
leviathans Celtic, Cedric and Adriatic,
all falling below her actual tonnage.
She is a comparatively slow boat,
being built for carrying and comfort in
preference to speed.
The placing ol the monstrous passenger vessel on the Canadian service
is a striking illustration ol the importance of tbe trade to the Dominion
in tbe eyes of the great steamship
Theological Conference
The annual meeting of the Synod ol
Uritish Columbia ol the Presbyterian
Cburch takes place in Vancouver next
week, commencing Wednesday, May
(Ith. Rev. J. It. Robertson ol Knox
Church, R velstoke, will be in attendance. At the oloee ul the Synod
meeting a oonleronce ou Social Reform and Theology will be beld, commencing Monday, May 11th. At thll
conference special lectures will be
delivered by Rev. Frinoipal Maoksy ol
the Theological College, Vancouver,
and Kev. Prof. Fraaer, LL.D., ol the
Presbyterian College,Montreal. Among
other addresses to be given is one on
"The Changing Order," by tbo Rev J.
R. Robertson of tbis city. Tbe programme for this sosaion of the Theological Conference is predominantly
sociological and tbe dlsouasions v. ill
uo doubt prove most interesting and
Note Papers—cheap—at Bews Drug
City Council
The regular meeting ol the city
council was held last night with Mayor
Lindmark and (ull board of aldermen
present. Minutes of tbe last meeting
were read and adopted.
From Chief of Police, reporting fire
alarms O.K.-Filed.
Frum A. Duck, superintendent at
thejpower bouse, reporting on month's
work and stating tbat tbe plant bad
run 396 hours and 23093 k.w.b. The
report also states that a wire screen or
netting is necessary in the flume to
catch all the sticks and floating rub
bisli that are liable to ohokc the turbines, more especially as tbe plant will
soon be running all day fur the supply
ol power.—Filed.
Tbe matter of a flume net will be
attended to.
From C. E, Gillan.city solicitor, re
the impounding of P. Burns' sheep
laat year, stating that in face of facts
the impounding waa not rightfully
done, and advising the refund of the
money. In dealing with this matter
the correspondence that had passed
between the city snd P. burns A Co.,
wae read, including tbe sworn statements ol J. M. Doyle and R. Fitzgerald.
The council agreed that considerable
misunderstanding bad arisen over the
facts and resolved that the matter
should be settled and that (153 ol the
amount be refunded.
From Dr. Curti*, re the qoaranting
ol the house where J. Wilson had
diphtheris. Dr. Curtis stated that he
bad quarantined the bouse the same
night tbat he wss notified by Dr.
Sutherland, and that he had taken all
precautions a medical health officer
should take. The matter was left in
the hands ol tbe Health and By-laws
committee to investigate.
From Dr. J. C. Pagan, enlarging on
the dangers ot the spread ol tuberculosis and the ravages that tbe disease
made yearly in the province, and
urging that every municipality contribute an amount to the establishment ol an institution lor advanced
cases ol consumption. Iu view of the
fact that the order had gone forth
tbat every hospital should provide
accommodation for advanced cases of
consumption, the council resolved that
until such order was cut out they did
not see their way clear to contribute
towards another outside institution,
since tbe city uuder the present condition may be called upon to main
tain these advanced patients indefinitely.
The report of tbe Health and Bylaws committee was received and filed,
tbe council resolving to increase tbe
salary of the Health Inspector by f 10
per month.
A resolution was passed tbat tenders
be invited tor the clearing and grading
ol the lane detween 5th and 6th St.,
from Orton to Vernon Avenues, and
McArtbur Avenue between 6th and
6th Streets, which work was necessary;
tenders to be io by Wednesday evening, May 13th.
The appointment of Mat Fleetham
as pound keeper was confirmed by the
com cil. Tbe council decided to enforce the dog tax tbis year and after
agreeing on ceitain necessary works
of painting tbe water tank and digging a cellar in the police station, tbe
accounts were passed and tbe meeting
A Brewery Ablaze—Strenuous
Elections. — Railway Men's
Grievances.—War Ended—
Volcanic Eruption.
Sanuon, May 1.—The brewery here
has been destroyed by fire. The loss
is 115,000, insnrsnee hslf.
Port de France (Martinique), May
2.—A party led by tbe vice-mayor had
an armed conflict at the city ball with
another party led by the mayor. The
mayor was killed and several injured
The quarrel started over the recent
municipal elections,
Ottawa, May 2 — It is understood
that Mr. O'Donoghue, parliamentary
agent of tbe National Trades and
Labor Congress has been asked to
represent tbe western ratlwaymen on
the proposed board ol conciliation and
investigation under the L mieux Act.
Simla, May 4.—A speedy end of the
war on the northwest frontier is now
looked for.
Messina, May 2.—Mount Aetna is
in au eruption. At night the contrast
between the flames from its cone and
the snow capped mountains is picturesque.
Cleveland, Ohio, May 2 —A heavy,
wet snowstorm commenc. d here early
yesterday morning. The storm is
general over tbe centra! uorthern
states: Country districts around
Pittsburg are covered with two inches
ol snow. Tbe temperature tbere is
two degrees above freezing.
Vancouver, May 2.—A large delegation of influential citizens, headed
by Mr. F. C. Wade, K. 0., attended
tbe session of the Fire and Police
Committee yesterday afternoon and
made an earnest plea for the establishment of a juvenile court and detention
Agreement Signed
Winnipeg, Msy 2.—The wage and
working schedule drawn up in accordance with tbe agreement reached by
tbe officials of tbe C .nadian Northern
Railway and the representatives of tbe
company's shop employees have been
signed. This agreement embodies
concessions on both sides, one ol the
most interesting ol which is a reduction of two cents an hour for eome
classes of work, the men having given
away with respect to the wage scale
after fully considering the representations made by tbe officials owing to
the prevailing slackness of business
the men receiving quid pro quo in
Iho way of time and classification. The
nine hour day continues with icciignition ol the union.
Well Known Young Man Passes
Away After Lingering Illness.
Mr. J. A. Miller of Revelstoke, B C ,
died at Ihe home ol bis sister, Mrs. II.
J. Bourne, at Sierra Madre, California,
on Tuesday, April 14th. The deceased
came to this city last October in hope
ol regaining his lost health, but gradually declined ever since. Besides the
alone named sister, he leaves a mother
presently in the city, and a brother,
William Miller, of  British Columbia.
Tlie funeral service took place in the
Episcopal ohurch, Rev. C. E. Bentham
officiating. The lector spoke very
eloquently on' the text, "Behold, I
Show You a Mystery."
The choir was under the direction
ol Mrs. Stevenson, and besides several
hymns, the Mendelssohn funeral
march was rendered  very beautifully.
After the service the Rev. Mr,
Bentham accompanied the remains to
San Qabriel, where they were intorred
The death of Mr. Miller was one of
peculiar sadness. He was io tbe prime
ol bis years aud was blessed with a
most everything except health which
goes to make life worth living. He
was a druggist by profession. His
was an especially lovable character,
attracting all with whom be came in
contact. His devotion to sister and
mother was particularly beautiful. An
additional touch ol pathos was added
by the fact that death called Mr
Miller within a few hours after tbe
family had moved into tbe new home,
the„building of which had been of
such interest to bim.—Sierra Madre
New Dominion Map
Ottawa, May 1.—The Department
ol tbe interior haa just published a
special edition of a small railway map
of Canada, which in addition to
showing by distinctive color each of
the great railway systems ol tbe
Dominion wilh all branohea constructed to date, is also a very mine
o(|information about the growth to
date in other respects iu Western
Canada, and probable growth in the
Try our B.B.O. biscuits at 12|c. a
lb.   C. a. Hume 4 Co.
Okanagan Navigation
Okanagan Centre, May 1.—The
cutting uniting Long Lake to Wood's
Lake is sufficiently completed to be
navigable and those whoso properly
is upon the main road are eagerly anticipating the advent ol the boat connecting up this important part of
Messrs. Maddock's property with the
city ol Vernon and as a large number of prosperous farmsteads and
ranches are situated immediately at
the terminal point, this method of
communication will be welcomed by
all as s cheaper, more rapid, more
efficient and more direct service than
hitherto existed.
Kipling on B. C.
In the current issue ol Collier's
Weekly, Rudyard Kipling, continuing
his " Letters to the Family," hss this
to say of the situation in British
Columbia :
" Externally, British Columbia appears to be the richest and loveliest
section of the continent. Over and
above her own resources she has a lair
ohance to secure an immense Asiatic
trade, which she urgently desires. Hei
land in many places over large areas,
is peculiarly fitted for tbe small farmer
and Iruit grower, who can send bis
truck to the cities. On every hand 1
heard a demand for labor of all kinds.
At tbe same time in no other part ol
the oontinent did I meet so many
men who insistently decried the value
and possibilities of their oountry, or
who dwelt more fluently on tbe hardships and privations to be endured hy
the white immigrant. I believe that
one or two gentlemen bave gone to
England to explain the drawbacks
viva voce. It is possible tbat they
incur a great responsibility in the
present and even a terrible one lor the
Roller Rink Opening
The management ol the roller rink
announce that the rink will be opened
on Wednesday evening next, May 6,
at 8 o'clock. In order to introduce
this popular pastime to the citizens ot
Revelstoke the management have decided to throw the rink open to the
public on this occasion, free skates
and Irec skating for everybody. The
band Inn linen engaged for the occa
sioti and il you do not wish to skate
come and hear the music und see the
luu. Those wishing to learn roller
skating may do eo any day between
the hours ol 10 and 11 a.m. Skating
every afternoon from 3.110 to 5,30, and
every evening Irom 8 to 10 p.m. Children under 14 years will be allowed to
skate in the afternoon only. Prices
for the children- 5 cents admission
and 10 cents skating; adults: 10 cents
admission and 15 cents skating.
fiio Y&t/
You did if you dealt here,
because we keep none but the
choicest qualities in the greatest variety and our prices are
reasonable.    We   want   to
have your custom and to get
i we promise to tempt you
with the finest qualities of
That are offered.   We also make  a specialty  of  Fruits and Fresh
Vegetables as they come in.
Carpenters' Tools, Garden Tools, Lawn Mowers, Hose, Paints,
Refrigerators, Enamelware, Stoves, Ranges, etc. Our stock in these
is very complete and we invite inspection.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at  $9.00 per ton  is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start Are as easily as dry wood and last as long as hard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Self Feeders and
open grates.|
We have a large stock ou hand ready for immediate delivery and
will^flll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
Special Training for Newspaper
Berlin, May 1.—"Chairs ol journal*
ism should Imi founded in the I'rtisian
universities," declared Deputy Ruse-
now, in the House ol Representatives
in the Prussian Diet. "These chairs
should bo filled by eminent members
ol the journalistic profession who have
leceived a university education, The
time hss arrived when journalism
should lie taught methodically. For
the press ol today is ol the very highest
importance; possibly the greatest in
lluence in public and political life."
In his speech, Hcrr Roionow quote I
Emperor William, who said very lately
tbat tbe editors ol great newspapers
must be regarded as commanding generals, for they direct public opinion
and make nations friends or provoke
war between them.
In view ol their tremendous power
Herr Rosenow said, tho editors and
journalists of today should secure a
wider training than has beoti given
''It is uot enough that the journalist
of todsy has the talent his profession
demands, and cultivates this talent by
practice," said the earnest deputy.
"He should be scientifically educated; he should enlarge his faculties
and develop his talent under the
guidance of capable teachers."
Swell Suits for Swell Dressers
- . !.^_$8t*
■\     ... .. ,..i.'i-;.'
'•'v      ■''."      -if
fUt Mark
SELL    DEFOHE  yOU   Bl/_*   THEM.
McKJnnon   CSL   Sutherland
Fit "Reform Clothing.
At 8 Per Cent.
■ .- HKK
ions,  Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Oftkc Agents
Practice bcfore.Railway
Chas. Mikphy.
Harolu Fisher
Barristers, JSol c tern. Etc.
J. C. Ku.ion
Orncu:   lu -kkial   Bank   Huh-k,   Ukvki
■ BToaa, B. C.
Money to loan.
Oilloe.; itevaiaiolco, B. 0.1 Cranbrook, B. C.
Kisv.l.luksj. U.
J. A. HARVax,
Cmlibrook, 11. ('.
i. M. Scotl l.L.ll W. I. BrlRKs..
Bai RisTKKs, Solicitous, Ktc.
Monky to Loan
(solicitors for molsuns bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C
Aaaay  of all Ore.,   Sample* by mall or express
receive prompt attention.
Tcrma M. '.ertle.
Addbesi       -       -     •      Hi.i 482 KASU.S. B. C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Surveying
McKknzik Avenck.
Box 106, Revelstoke
Mining, Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Lind and Timber.
B. C.
Chewing Tobacco
The big black plug.
tbe fl&ail*1beralb
The number of large United
States corporations that either
passed or reduced dividends since
the first of the year is ten, and curiously enough, in Canada the number of corporations that have increased dividends is also ten, s.iys
the Canada industrial. There have
been a couple of reductions here
also, but they are either offsprings
of United States concerns or close
affiliations of them. The purely
Canadian institutions have held up
under the stress of the money
stringency in a manner that is, to
say the least, remarkable. There
has been, and there still is, a certain amount of dullness in certain
lines of trade in thia country, but
these are exceptional and the position of the country generally
speaking is so strong that there
cannot fail to be an early revival
that will surpass all past lecords.
Canada is the s'ifest country in the
world to-day for the employment
of capital, and the one in which
the greatest returns are sure to be
made in the future. The conservatism of the Canadian, ns compared with the gambling spirit of
the average business man of the
United States, is the thing that
tells when the crisis comes.
"'•re j,.-. Tr,s-|. u d I
I    : so ;nur!. .-    i   .
-.•. .: turdl) ji' - ■
-«!* nb ■:     i     "
I •
.    lily    COWS    has
.   several conver-
■    ouncil, and the
cow   .     :-  ..."   waxed   eloquent
ami pathetic over the punishments.
that would  be  inflicted   upon   the
cow     keepers    should   the   milky
mother?  lie  allowed   to  pick up a
subsistence among the   boulevards,
lawns and gt'.raens of our  citizen?
The pound k-.-j er  is   now  on   the
alert for ali wayward animals, and
will at once assume charge  in the
name of the   citv   of   such   stray
stock that is making itself   a nuisance and an inconvenience  to  the
public,   and   the owners can have
their properly again only  on  payment of the prescribed fine,   which
is little   enough.      Now    that   the
board ol  public   works   has   com
menced clearing up  the  streets,  it
behoves the public to follow their
excellent   example   and   do  their
part, and moreover   to keep  tbeir
stock in their' own   pastures   and
not impose lhe work of clearing up
after them, upon the city   finances,
The council are doing all   they can
to make the city clean and the general public should   do   everything
possible to  assist.     A  visit Irom n
stray cow or  horse  for a few minutes on a boulevard or garden, will
do considerable barm and the public will not go to   the   expense   of
Iseautifying their premises only to
be ruined the next minute.   Even-
citizen  should   assist   the   pound
keeper fof tbe common  good,   and
stock  owners   should   take   every
means to keep it in bounds, and we
must be permitted to say that cows
are a decided nuisance and ought
to be abolished—not the cows, but
the nuisance.
Tbe friction between capital and
ibor still  continues   and   without
;v   -igns   of  abatement.    Capital
ii always  been  to   the  working
i.jan what a red rag  is   to  a  bull,
•  I   this   very   fact   of   habitual
1 trouble between the  two  that   has
i in a   measure   retarded   commerce
jand put a iar  wider   gulf   between
the   master   nnd   the     employee.
Capital   is     not   causing   all   tlie
trouble to the  laboring man.     The;
price of  labor,  the   length  of  the j
da; V work and closed  Bhop  questions are  not   all   the difficulties
witli which unions have to contend !
in carrying on a strike.     A strike
is a serious mattt i;   it is expensive
both to tbe laboring man and   the:
capitalist.   It means a loss to the
unions and   to   'lie   employer   of
lali.ir ami a strike Bhould   never be
declared   unless   there    are grave
causer for. ailing off the men  * -1. i -
ployed. It would be better to  haw.
made a mistake in not ordering   i
light between  employer   and  employed than to have been mistaken
on  the otln-r side.   Sometimes  a
strike and it? successful  termination may make the life of a union;
and again its failure or   long  continuation   means   the   death   of a
union,    It takes  united   action   to
make a  strike   of   any   magnitude
Successful, and united   action   may
call for sacrifice from   many  men.
This is where unions must exercise
great   caution,    for     unless   such
strikes are ordered witb the best of
reasons,   dissertion     is     likely   lo
follow.      The payment of a certain
per cent, of one working man's wage
lor the help oi his Htriking   brother
■nay entail a certain   hardship on
the donor.    To walk   out  in  sympathy   with  another   union   mny
mean   rent   overdue   and  grocery
bills   unpaid.     When   a     laborer
gives up  his  money  he  wants  to
leel that it is going to be  used fur a
good cause and he has   tbe right to
insist that he shall donate it for a
just strike, that the trouble shall
be one easily and honorably avoided.
The working man in many cases
brings trouble on his own head by
unnecessary complaints which exasperate his employers und in the
end can probably be found unfit to
work alongside of another man
who is proficient and steady. Tbis
may lead to dissention which
spreads throughout the union and
results in the striking of the whole
body, which may or may not be a
failure.      If   there   is   again  any
Coolies  Arrive  for   Irrigated
Belts in Alberta.
VANCOUVER, May 1.—Eleven Japanese arrived Monday on lhu Empress
of India from Yokohama en route to
Calgary. They are the first consignment of settlers from Japan and will
be located on land bought in the Alberta irrigation belt by a Japanese
company which plans to start a large
Oriental colony in that province  and
question about the methods used,
the assessment may soon be as
much a matter of contention as the
strike itself and the union i? in
danger of fighting among itself.
Great Britain only declares war on
an adversary when all diplomatic
relation fail. Il is the last re-
source If this was not the case,
tin n  British Empire  would   be  in
ur.idually extend it till a little Japanese empire exists east of the Rockies.
The Japanese who came in on the
India were properly pa<sportsd and
their entrance was not. opposed by the
D iminion immigration authorities—
they bad permission Irom the Mikado
to enter, travel and settle  in   Canada.
The J.ipinese company owning the
agri'iilt iral lands in Alberta intends
to  bring   in   several    hundred   coolie
Distribution  to  be  Made   at
Next  Term.
All urr iiiii si.'tii- have hs-en made
ny lin pr v'n.i'ia' _tiver|iiiienl f.r the
istiihuii n f free boms mtong tlv
pupils-ol the different |iii.blic schools
nl B.itisli Columbia Hon Dr Young,
Minister.! Kdite .tion, stated yesterday thnt orders bail been planed wilh
Ongi. A Cn , Tnr.nto, and Morung &
Co nf the same oity. for the standard
-'caders anil aiiilune ies necessary.    It
wn? ihe intention to supply ill material used iii the lower iiradis in reading,
iriihinetio nnd writing.
Mr. Ynu ng says lhat Ilm govern'
ment will mil. r imhir c lhe stationary establishments whioh hull kept
kuoks i.i st ek thnt w. ill Id nowle snp-
p'iidfroe The ii er B'lt- h si had
nine months'notice til ibis would
hardly he lair, The (ne bonks will
not he iliitrilinteil hef -re the beginning
f lhe ii. xi let ni. 'ifmr tli" -u-s nn r
hull lays ae over.
Seeding of the 1908 Crop
Winmi'KO, May I —t'lnp reports
received by tie "Free Press" from
fi Ity-six loints in Mai i ih .Saskatchewan and Alberta, are most optimistic
in tono. Tbe seedbeds are iu excellent couUition, the rainfall having
been beneficial, seventy-five per cent,
of the wheat in Manitoba is seeded.
There iB an increase of thirty-five to
forty per cent, in the acreage in Saskatchewan; fifteen per cent, of tbe
wheat is already up. The season ib a
month earlier than P.I07. Reports say
that there will l.e an extensive acreage
in coarse grains sown. Conditions are
the most favorable for years.
Big Haul for the Treasury
Victoria, May 1.—A hundred ol
the 700 Chinamen who came here by
the steamer Empress ol India will pay
the head tux of $500each, thus netting
tho government $50,000. One Chinaman died of heartfailure on the voy
age. The Chinese steerage passengers
whose destination was Vancouver,
were detained on board until those
going to the WeBt Iiu'ies were registered, and prepared lor lho journey
Est on the waiting train of colonist
The Voter's Psalm.
The politician is my shepherd. 1
shall not want lor anything in this
campaign. He leadeth u-.e into the
salo m (or my vote's sake. He fideth
my pockets with good cigars; my cup
of beer runneth over. He inquireth
into my family, even unto the fourth
generation. Yea, though I walk
through the mud snd rain to vote for
bim, and shout myself hoarse when he
is elected, straightway he forgetteth
me. Although I meet him at bis own
house, he knoweth me not, Surely
tbe wool has been pulled over my eyes
all the days of my life, and I shall
dwell iu tbe house of a chump forever.
I.  O.  F.
Court Mount Begbie, No. 8461. moots 2nd and
Ilii Mondays in oddfellows Hall, next to Opera
House- Visiting brethren cordially Invited to
J.W. Oakland, c.B.
H. W. Edwauds, B.S
c. w. o. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 329.
Menu- Second and Fourth Wednet-days In
each month. In Selkirk Hall. Viaitin Woodmen cordially itiviis-il to attend.
W. 1). AllMSTRONG, Con. Com.
J. McINTYUE, Clerk.
F. O- E.
The regular meetings are held in tliegSelkirk
Hall overy Tuesday availing ut 8o'cloc_. Visiting tirothreti urn cordially invited.
J.   I.KSl.lK. Pkkbident.
w. e. McLauchlin, beobktabv,
Kootenav Loda-e No. IS A F, * A.M.
The regular meetings- are hold In the
Mivoiiic      Temple,
alii fellows lloll.iin
the third Monday In
..iii'li month at 8
(p.m. Vlaltlngbreth
rcn    cordially    '
trouble   all   the   tune.    It ii   the
same witb the unions.     Tbey have
a great work and a  useful work to
perform and should not, be   abused I
by tbeir own   members,   as   cloaks!
behind   which   they can carry on
petty warfare with their employers,
The unions must use the best, judgment and accomplish Ibeir ends in
the right  way.    Tbey   must avoid
useless lights and think well before
enforcing  idleness    upon   working
men.    They must  be  slow   to  declare war and slow  tO   drag   olbers
into it.
( lalsr.rers.      As the imruigrsnts will al!
ass through Uritish Colombia to the
prairie country, residents of this province an- not expected   to object to the
inllnx, which in time  will   give   those
east ..I tin- Roekies ii taste <,f Oriental*
ism such as Uritish Columbia has had
to accept, fs,r many yaCTn.
Meeta every Thnrsdav
evening In Hiilklr.
Hall nt 8 o'olook
iVIalting brethren oor
dlally invited t<i attend
CoMRanga Lodge,  K. of   P.,
No. 16, Revelstoke, B. C.
ezoept Thin! Wc'lntsailay lit
i-aeii mistitli. In this (iildleltowH'
Mall     al     S   O'olook.      Vl.ltlllK
Knigbtssrs oordlally invited.
,l  MATIIIK, c t:
(I   II. SHOOK, K. ol K. A H.
It will be only a short time now
before the supply of electric power wid
be available all .ver the city. Many
firms arc cutting out their steam
plants and have purchased motots
with which to drive their   machinery,
who can eat Manning's candies
without having some little feeling of gratitude for the donor.
Of course you've got to fight your
own love battles, young man, but
our confections you'll find to bo
a strung ally in your wooing.
Mannings Candy Palace
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
i        OPTICIANS
JEWELLERS        i       AND
Art and Beauty
ftl'O HHi.lvt.tM. in our new tie-
sigllH in caipi'tsH. UiU' fittKik H
fri)., It'll', nnd tin* uoli-VH 1*1*.h
Hllil i HVrtivi', tlu'ilt'M; iih Itl'tla-
Hc, nnil ihu " tout I'l.tu-iiih-e "
ts striking ami hi'MUtlful. Wt>
liuvc nover shnwn mi 'Ii 11 wide
Villi.ity ol' pull emu, a ml we
hilVM   tii'M'f   plnr.M.   pitch   low
ini eH upon    -n    infi 'h   Itigh
s    t|u.iliiy U'fnre,
j-a, _, ^r. ♦*. _«, .•s3j„.,*t
-%.%^%^% •V%-*»*V%%. ■%%^<-_**»/W%'^W» ■*_.«*•_/«>/♦_/•_.
Fur Agricultural Implements. ('itrri(_K«*. Wittemn Ktc , Jnlm
Deere Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Canada Carriage Comuany's
Buggies,  Planet Jr..  Garden Seeders  and   Cultivators,   Wheel-
■ wrtgbt aud   Black mn ith   Work  attended   to.    Horse Shooing a
# Specialty
HEAD OFFICE:   Oaloaky,   Ai.hkhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers nnd Dealers in Live Stork. Markets in all Ule priori
pal Cities and Towns nf Alberta. British Columbia and the Yukon.
Puckers of the Celebrated Brand " Imps-rat r" Hams and Baron,
un I "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard.
4<% *%%%*t %%^%^%.'%^^%^%'%^%%^%.%'%^»*y*V% •%.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Central Hotel
_________ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built,       First-class in every resjiect.     All modern convenience"
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same  managenwin
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".   ALBEBT     STONE     PEOP.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Manufactured for all classes of buildings
for sale iu Inrge or small quantities
at tbe lowest prices for cosh.
building and plastering
under taken.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Hat., Meh. 28. Luke Erie.
I'Vi.,   Apl.   II.  Kmp, Ireland
Sat,,   "    11. Lk. Manitoba Mch. 26
I'Vi.,    "     17. Kmp. Britain Apl.  8
•Sat.,   "    25. Lk.Champlaln  "    8
Winter Season From St. John
1st, Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$8u 00   $47 50 $2- 75
1 si, Class 2ihI, Class 3rd. Class
$65 00       $42 50       $27 50
OTIIBR I.akr Boats-—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship ticketa
Passengers booked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg and
all other routine  tui pints.
Kor further information apply to
T. W. Bradskw.    E.J.Coyle,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Revelstoke. Vancouver.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the jFarm, (Garden,  Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers, No Scale. No t'limigiii ion
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct mid get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Hee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of B. C.    (latalogue.free.
Green houses and Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       -     -      -     B. C.
D raying
All Kinds of Light and H lavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Deer Head., Animal., Rirsla, Flib, Etc.,
Animal  Ruga Mounted.
P O. Boa SI.
Studio:  Cornar of Fii tut. and Boylsj art.
aUnlatOaa, 8, tl
/-I I' I
Just write
on a posted-.!, "Send
Booklet A,"
and mall
t o nearest
brunch. The
rest we'll
fladly attend to.
One Cent
Brings It
—Just how correct principles say it
should be constructed?
—Just why no oth»r plan of con*
struct ion will do?
—Just  wherein lies   its  ability to be
on   fuel,   quick   in   action,  simpl<
The stpry is briefly told in a little bo old..,
calit-J " Funwcc fuels." It's not .-.n edvpr*
tit;ment. No furnace name is mentkr.*di
and you can read lhe who)4 itorytn 5 minutes.
To the party comempl itinj purchasing a furni
snags and pitfalls, and thowi t'X cil/ what to J
lect, coniiactor or dealer, in fuinucd cortbtructioi
l i .-.inti oui
i.i . f   All I'-''
;i.l im.i_ll.ii
I tie
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Best Local Grown __^>
Fruit Trees for Spring Planting
Most suitable varieties for this soil and climate, One and Two
Year-Olds. Prices 100 and under 25c. each; over 100 20c. each.
Varieties are: Duchess, Uravenstein, Jeifery, Wealthy, Mcintosh
Red, Winter St. Lawrence, Laurence, Jonathan, King, Northern Spy,
New York Wine, Red Cheeked Pippin, Spitzenberg, Salome, Wagner,
Winesap, Newtown, Pippin, York, Imperial Apples.
Hyslop and Transcendent Crabs.
Orders Received by
Incorporated by Aot ct Parliament, 1865.
Wm. Molson Macphkkson, Pres. 8. H. EwiNO,;Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixty-four  branches in   Canada  and  Agencies  in  all  parts nf the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Bank deposit*, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
TAKE NOTICE that the shareholders of the above named Company
have by special resolution resolved to
change the imme of the Company to
" Revelstoke Agricultural Society,
Limited," and intend to apply to the
Lieutennnt-Govei-nor-in-Coiincil for an
Order changing the name accordingly.
Dated 11th January, 1908.
A. Y. Anderson,
feb 8 3m Secretary.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Pi-ovinoial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquet- license for the Halcyon
Hot Springs Hotel, at Halcyon, B. C,
for tbe half year from July 1st, 1008,
to Dec. 31st, 1008.
wap20 Harry McIntosh.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licenss for the Oity Hotel
at Arrowhead, B.C.. for the half year
from July 1st, 1908, to Dec. 31st, 1908.
w up 20 J. Caley.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Hotel Beaton, Beaton, B.C., for the half year
from July 1st, 1908, lo Dec. 31st, 1908.
w ap 59 Wm, Boyd.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, M. K. Lawson of
Revelstoke, occupation house-keeper,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on
the line of Lot No. 7583, and marked
"M. K. Lawson's N. E. corner post,"
thence south along said line 40 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north 20
chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
north 20 chains to P. Mailer's pre-emption, thence east 20 chains to point of
M»nnik K. Lawson.
Dated April 0th, 1908. w ap 29
Meals st all Hours
Everything Up-to-Date
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Notice is hereby given Hint the partnership heretofore exis-ting between
tire undersigned and carried on under
the Hrin name and style ot Ihe Enter
prise Brewing Company bus this day
been dibsolved by unit uui consent,
Mr. J. P. Sutherland withdrawing
from the partnership. The business
in future will be carried on under the
same Hi m name by Messrs. Thomas
Downs and Charles Holten who will
assume and pay all liabilities of Ihe
late partnership linn, and all debts
due the late firm are payable to them.
J. P- Sutherland.
Charles Holten.
Thomas Downs,
per. E. Edwards, Attorney
Witness: Geo. S. McCarter.
Liquor Licence Act, 1900
Notice is hereby given that at the
expiration ol one month Irom date the
undersigned will apply to the Superintendent ol Provincial Police lor a
transfer to the " Canyon House " at
Albert Canyon, B. (!., of the hotel
liquor licence now belli by me in
re.pect of the " Windsor Hotel " at
lllecillewaet, B. C.
Dated this 22nd day ol April, 1908.
C. D. MoitRlB.
ilrsqiiiir. " Don't do a
thine " llll you ami dourly
what h Iuih! by aid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
mi health, dlftoaHO, lovo, marriage uml paronhircu
THI* what' you'd ank a doctor, uut don't, like to
UOpagM, HiiiHlruUwl, 2AooiiIh; hut to Introduuo
It we hoik, one only to any ml ull, for postago,
10 omit*.
1W last Mth •treet,        Niw YORK
Columbia. In the Matter of the "Winding
Up Act"* Iwing chapter 144 of the Revised
■Statutes of Canada
In the Matter of Tlie Klwootl Tin Workers Gold
Mining Company of Lardeau, British Columbia, Limited, Non-personal Liability.
The credit urn of the abore named company ate
required on or before the First day of June. IS* s
to send their names ami addresses, and the particulars of their debts oi claims, and the names
mul addresses ot their solicitors, If any. to John
I. Jones, P. O Box 288, Kevelstoke, British Columbia, the Official Liquidator of the said Company, and if so required by notice In writing from
the said Ollicial Liquidator, are by their solicitor*
to cmne In and prove their said debts or claims ;it
such time and place ms shall be specified in such
notice, or in default thereof they will be excluded
from the beueHt of any distribution made tiefore
such debts are proved.
Bated at   Kevelstoke,   British   Columbia,   thin
lOlli day of April, 1008.
■at Apl 1 Iw 4wi      Solicitors for the said
John K. Jones, Official Liquidator.
Certificate of Improvements
Muvmli- Mack, Ml". R.i Iron Mint, anil Lena
'Fraction minora! claims, situate in tlm
Nnmt' akc Mining tilvlaimi of West Kootenay lilstru-t.
Wlnsris lucatrsl:   In dual Creek  Daaln, ailjoln-
IllK the Beatrice droop.
Take iioilco that I, II. Smith, F.M.C. Nn
llsW7IJ, audit lur J H. Mackeiille.r.M.C No. H
SH77-2 anil Archer Marilu, f.M.C No. B174SJ,
Intend, sixty day. from dale hereof, to apply
lo the Mining Recorder for a Certificate ol
Improvement., (or the purpose of obtaining a
Crown lirant of the above claims..
And further take notice lhat aotlon, under
isootion 87. inu.i be commenced before the
iH.uaiu'a nl aueh t'ertlftcaie of Improvement.
Haled thi. tilth day ol April, A.D. ItuS.
•al ap IS tod
Items of Interest to Revelstoke
Now that our people are busy with
their gardens and seed planting lhe
followiug tuny be read with advantage!
One of the most interesting things
which conies within the observation
of the gardner, whether amateur or
profens-iiuial, is the length of time that
seeds retain their vitality,      We oflen
when the seeds are not mce than 10
or 12 months old,
It is often remarked that small
•eeds have far more vittitty than
large ones. In this way celery seeds
often germinate when ll) or 12 years
old, whereas com very seldom retains
Its germinating power after two or
three years.
There is also the question ol latitude,
to bo taken into consideration, Seeds
whioh naturally germinate in a few
weeks   in   one   locality   will take far
see ths statement made that seeds
retain their vitality. We often seo
the statement made that seeds which
are more that, one or two years old are
ol no further use; and, in goit g over
tho seed-box at planting time, seeds
are often thrown away simply because
they bear a dale which indicates thut
they are perhaps too old for germination. This matter, however, is w rtli
going into, and upon investigation it
will otten be found that these very
ee.ds which have been tlnown away
are really of far more value than Bonie
which have just been sent home from
the seedsman.
The amateur gardener who demands
new seeds each year might well take a
lesson Irom some expert who has devoted long study to this subject. This
expert would be able to tell him many
interesting things; for instance, that
ho will get better results from cucumber seeds that are several yea-a old
than if he plants some which are only
a year old. The year-old seeds will
give luxuriant vines but a small
amount   ol   Iruit, whereas   tbe  older
longer in some other part of the conn
try, Every gardener has pr iliably experienced this when cm. p ring the
cultural directions on bis-leils with
actual results. Of course, the condition of the soil has something to do
with this, and it is very seldom that
one finds that ordinary seed will germinate as quiukly us promised,
It is not only among vrgotable seeds
but also among llower sen!-, that this
exists. Some llower seed- will germinate after a very long p i io I, as for
instance, the balsam, which his been
known to sprout after a period of 10
years. Many other flower seeds, however, must be planted within a year,
or they will be found to have very
little vitality left.
It sometimes happens thit an ex
pert Bower grower will be able to produce unusually Hue blossoms simply
by planting seed at an age which he
has determined to be tbe right one to
produce the best results. This is a
matter largely dependent upon long
study and observation, and it is to be
sincerely   hoped   that   the time will
seeds will give a less luxuriant vine
but will begin to fruit early and will
bear a large crop.
This early crop is a matter of considerable importance, especially to the
niarket-giiiduer, who must depend almost wholly for his succeBS on getting
his early vegetables upon the market
ahead of his rival,-. If a man can save
two or three weeks and secure just as
good a crop, it i< greatly lo bis advantage to do so, and, if he is able lo do
this without any trouble to himself
except purchasing slightly old seeds,
he will certainly be glad to have devoted some little time and study to
the subject.
It must be remembered, however,
that what holds good for one kind of
vegetable does not apply at all to some
other kind. Some of the root vegetables, like parsnips, must be planted
come when such observations cm be
tabulated and published for the benefit of amateur gardners.
Last summer, while knee-deop io
branches trimmed from several dozen
tomato vines, we made the vow that
another year should Bee less pruning
and more pinching. If those same
branches, measuring an arm's length,
had been nipped off when they were
of a lingers length, the work would
have occupied only a few minutes,
instead of the hours required to uut,
collect and clear away. A still better
reason iu favor of the pinching iB that
the growth and energy will go into
the remaining vine and the fruit, instead ol going into the useless portion.
One authority says: "All that growB
and iB cut oil' is just, so much impoverishment, ol tlie soil and uiijustiliiible
waste, if   it could  have been checked
by summer pruning nr pinching."
We have found Biivernl vegetables
responsive to lhe pinching treatment;
polo bean-, cucunib r npia-h and
pjppers, us well us torn itoos. To keep
pole lieiins within reach, it is well to
raisu them on a six-lout trellis aid to
clip the vines just us they reach the
top. . This treatment gives strong,
productive vines mid a neat, even.
looking trelsis. If they are not trimmed till they aro a yard or moro too
long, there will be a waste of the
vines' vitnlitv, as in the case of the
tomatoes, and, boiides, the overhang
ing ends will shade and smother Ihe
lower   pinion,   of   the vines.      Finn
Bproinioiis ol peppers are procured by
liitii'lii guff lie lips of the branches
w ion the fruit b gins to ripen, Kur
in ordinary crop this is not necessary.
Fur goiieiiil u o there is not much
gained in pruning eggplants, but to
hasten btmring before frost, it ia null to
pinch off .ill blosiOIUS and new siioots
about t.h'1-c weeks ahead of the time
frost is due, This leaves the fuli
energy ul the plant lu perleot the Iruit
t nit. bus already readied a reasonable
-ix . Culling is holier limn bit-aking
as the slims are tough.
Toiiiiilnos me pinched tu re-triet the
growth to one or two slums when
"fancy" specimens are dosiied. To do
this all brunches below the lirst cluster
of blossoms are removed, also all that
start out from the two main branches,
leaving the lirst cluster ul blossoms on
each side branch to ripen fruit. If a
more abundant crop of lesa choice
specimetiB will satisfy, trimming may
be le s severe, Leaving toni ito plants
to lie on the ground is not so satisfactory a method as to train tbem to
sonic sort of a ruck or trellis, but if the
former is preferred the plants must be
severely trimmed, while they are
biuiiI', to discourage a tendency to too
much vine.
A most useful tool for "pinching" is
au old pair of scissors carried in the
pocket of the garden apron, or fastened about the waist. If this is always
handy, many superfluous branches
can be snipped off daily during the
tour of the garden, that would otherwise be left till it was convenient to go
to the tool-house for the clippers. The
scissors can perform another service;
the cutting off of all faded flowers
before they have a chance to ripen
seed, aud thus prolong the blooming
Two hints on pruning, useful for tbe
amateur's note-book are, early ll.iwer
ing shrubs generally develop tbeir
flower-buds the previous year, so tbat
severe pruning during the dormant
stage is likely to damage the bloom.
It iB better to prune in the spring or
early summer, as soon ss the flowering
season bas passed. Late-blooming
shrub) form flower buds early in the
same season, so tbey can be thoroughly pruned while dormant to make
tbem send up a quantity of flower-
bearing shoots.
5,000 Facts About Canada
The 1908 edition is out of that most
useful and valuable booklet, 5,0110
Facts About Canada," compiled by
Frank Yeigh, of Toronto, who is widely known throughout the I) tni'sion as
an authority on things Canadian.
Nearly 25,000 copies were sold ol the
1907 edition, the demand coming
from every part of this Continent and
the British Empire. The idea worked
out, that of a concrete fact in a sen
tence, is an excellent one, the data
being arranged under such self-indexing titles as area, agriculture, banking
commerce, finances, mining, railways,
wheat fields, etc. The wealth of
material contained in small space is a
revelation to even a well informed
Canadian of the standing and resources of the country. The book is
published at 25 cents a copy by The
Camdian Facts Publishing Co., 637
Spadiua avenue, Toronto, Canada, or
may be had from Newsdealers.
Phones Foretold in Scripture
Some genius has found 53 passages
in the Bible, which he claims as prophecies of the telephone, because, forsooth, the language seems to lit into
telephone vernacular. Here are samples:
"The line has gone out into all the
"Tbe land shall be divided by linej."
"We have no right against this great
"Charge the people."
"I understand the number."
"I said in my haste, 1 am cut off.''
Mining at Seymour Arm
Armstrong, May 1 —Messrs. Mc-
Connell A Hubs have just returned
Irom their winter's work on tho Cot-
tonbelt mines at Seymour Arm. The
tunnel is now in SI0 feat and exposes
■IJ feet of solid ore, which assays $60
to the ton. The syndicate owning the
group are greatly elated over tbe
claim as it improves every foot tbat is
driven; starting with a seam of a
little over six inches and enlarging to
its present dimensions in 90 feet
indicates an immense body of valuable
ore and tbe owners have reason to be
Canneries to be Established in
Okanagan Valley.
Tho erection of fruit canneries at
Vernon and Kelnwna is contemplated
by MoBsrs. McKillop A Co., of Van
cnuver, and arrangements sre now
under way for thu establishment of
this new enterprise wbioh will prevent
to a large extent the great waste of
fruit thai has been absolutely nccee
sary during the past years through the
luck of preserving methods.
A joint stock company is being
formed with simple capital nnd as soon
is  arrangements  with   the   Vernon
council can be satisfactorily arranged
tlio building of a cannery al that point
mid another nt Kclowua will proceed.
McKillop & Co., have been offer.d a
free siie, with free water Slid exemption froin taxation for ten years at
Kel 'una, and it is understood that
the ciiiiueil of Vermin are intending to
III iku a similar nffri. Already volute
ttiry promises of heavy pltrchasis ol
th i .took of the ooiupriuy have la en
giveit Isy residents in and around Vernon und Ki In\vnu, and all through the
Okanagan Valley, (or the new industry
is I oked Upllll, Hot only as a boon,
but uu absolute necessity, there being
at, the present time no fruit cannery
in British Columbia.
Kach fall tous of fruit are available
and the big production haa practically
placed the grower at the mercy of the
wholesaler. The operations of a couple
of canneries in the Okanagan will mitigate this waste aud will open up a
market for British Columbia Iruit at
all seasons ol the year. Tbe bulk of
the Iruit will be preserved in glass jars.
A factory will be built, and as much
of the material used in the operations
of canneries, such as box, s, etc., will
be made on the ground, The pay-roll
will he a big one, and the i nit farmers
of the Okanagan are looking forward
with much interest to the completion
ol the canneries.
Imperial   Development     MSI 00
Bunk of Hi itish Columbia  110 00
Nicola Coal and Coke  IflU »»»
Columbia Fruit and Land  Kill oil
British Oanadlan Wood l'ulp
and Paper  100 00
Royal Collieries  £
H. 0. Copper  I 75
Consolidated M. * S  72 00
Diamond Vale Ooal  10
International Oui 1  90
Sullivan   03
Glen   Hayes  ('ami   Mining and
Development  60 (Kl
A Fruit Expert
Toronto, May 1.—Mr. Alfred Mos-
hy, who is at present in Canada arranging lor a long tour of Canadian
teachers to England, went to Winona
last nigbt to ask E. N. Smith, M.P.,
recommend appointing a Canadian
Iruit instructor for tbe Island ol St.
Helena. The British Government hss
decided to build up a new enterprise
on tbe island by encouraging fruit
growing and tbe establishment ol
canning factories to can Iruit and
vegetables for South Africa. Tbe Imperial authorities decided that a Canadian should have the bonor of becoming instructor to tbe natives of
tbe Island.
and cuielul attention to Rents.
Settlements ot Henls made monthly.
Collections made everywhere by expert collectors and adjusters—Columbia Agencies, Limited, McKenzie Ave.
Revelstoke, K. C.
EGOS for Hatching from a splendid
strain of winter laying Rhode
Island Reds, $1.50 for 15.—Mrs. Drew,
Reliable Poultry Yards, Camborne,
H. C. up 22-1 un.
FOUND—Child's gold ihain and
luiket on First Si. Owner can
have lb.tr property liy applying io the
Postmaster ami identifying Mime.
by 1st of May ai Halcyon Hot
_tpr.iig-. must understand horses uud
lililhini*| wages $10, with board, roun
and Wushiini.
LOAN WANTED for responsible
Client, of $1.SM on lirst -class free-
hsiiil security. Apply to Columbia
Agencies, Limited, MiKenzie Avenue,
\rUR8ING—Mrs. Alice 0. Lee. nf
Xl Fourth St leet, is prepared to go
out oui sing.
mO LET—TWO Houses, apply lo Col-
\_    uinliiii Agencies, Limited.	
WANTED—Al   lhe    Hotel   Revelstoke,  a Chambermaid, and a
Woman 10 do plain sewing.     Apply at
Iruit lauds at Galena Kay. 100
acres. Price for Intel est $800. Apply
Columbia Aobhoum, Ltd. Revelstoke
WANTED KNOWN-You can get
one of lhe best snaps to be bad
in City house property from us. Two
bouses and lint ft. ft out age to 2nd Si.
nil for $2,50U of which only $1000 Cash
is required ind balance cun remain on
lliortgilge.—Apply at once lo Columbia
Agencies, L lulled,
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the .Superintendent of
Provincial police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence for  the  Balmoral
Hotel, Ferguson, B. C, for the half
year froin July 1st., WOK. to Dee. 81st,
.Ions Stai'HR
Pair of general purpose geldings,
six snd seven years, weight twenty-
one hundred, well broken to work
single or double, good roadsters. AIbo
Bain wagon, double box and brake,
nearly new; one J. B. Armstrong
Democrats, two seats and brake; one
single open buggy; one set work harness; one set driving harness; one
single buggy harness. All as good as
new—at a bargain.
Salmon Arm, B. 0.
Above subject to confirmation.
Particulars concerning any of these
Companies on application.
Mackemie Avenue.
Advertisement of Sale of Mineral Property.
Ill pursuance   of   the   Oilier of   the
Honourable   Mr.    Justice   Morrison
iiiiiile ill the matter of the Winding-
I'p Act and in ihe matter of The Kl-
wood Tin Workers Quid Mining Company of Lftrdttau, British Columbia,
Limited, Non-personal Liability, uml
111 pursuance ol directions thereunder
of llobort Gordon, Esq., District Registrar at Revelstoke, Uritish Columbia,
tenileis will bis received by the undersigned I'm- tlie purchase of the assets
ol the above nan led lunipiiny.consisting of ibe following property situated
in the Lardeau Mining Division of
West Kootenay, British Columbia:
Nine Crown Grunted Mineral claims
to wit:
Tho Iron Dollar beinsr I_>t 7060,
Group 1. Carbonate Hill being Lot
70(10, Group 1. Carbonate Hill fraction la.ing Lot 70il, Group 1. Little
Johnnie being Lot 7002, Group 1, Copper Dollar lieing Lot U087, Group 1.
Western Star being Lot 7354, Group 1.
Western Stat fraction lieihg Lot 7355,
Group 1. St. Kew lieing Lot 7383,
Group 1. And Oilman fraction lieing
part of Lot 44011, Group 1,
Millslte being Lot (1035, Group 1;
Tramway; Stump Mill; Saw Mill; Compressor plant and pipe line; Assaying
plant; Water Record No. 48; about 70
tons of Concentrates; buildings; bunk
houses nud all gmxls, machinery and
chattels on the company's properly.
Such tenders to be made in writing
and sealed and marked "Tender for
Elwood Company Property," addressed to the undei signed Official Liquidator, P. O. Box 238 Revelstoke, British Columbia, on or before the Fourth
day of June, 1608.
The highest or any tender will not
necessarily be accepted.
Further particulars of the property
will be furnished on application to the
undersigned, or to Messrs. Scott A
Briggs, his Solicitors, Revelstoke, British Columbia.
Dated this loth day of April, 1908.
sat ap 18 w4t        Official Liquidator,
Columbia.   In lb. Matter of the "Windlsf
Up Act", Kin* chapter IU of Uu Re.laed
St&lutee of I'amula
In the Mailer ol The Klwood Tin Workers Hold
Mining Company of Lardeau, British Colum1
tiia, Limited, Ni.n-per.onal Liability.
NOTICE 1. hereby given that by an order made
by the Honourable Mr, Justice Mom-on In tbe
above matter dated the Z7l_ January.   1808,  Julia
£. Jones was appointed Official Liquidator of the
abore named Coapaujs.
Dated thia 10th day ol April, MOS.
aat Ap tl lw 4wa Dlatrict Beftitrar.
It is the intention of the B- 0. Government to
bring into force tho following amendments to
the Act as cited below, at .tne next sitting ot
the Legislature.
IHiin. Chief Cohmissioiiss
No. K J (1901
An   Act   to   amend   the   " Highway
Traffic Regulation Ac-..'
HIS MAJESTY, hy and with the advice «od
consent of tbe Legislative  Assembly of
Hrui-h Columbia, enacts as .ollows:—
1. Tbis Act mar be cited as the "Highway
Traffic BeKulatiou Act Amendment Act, 1906/'
2. Seotiou 8 of the " Highway Traffic Regula*
iu ni Act.' being chapter 9t of the Revised
Statutes, lv/1. as enacted by section Z ot chapter
:» of the Statutes of 1902. is hereby repealed and
ibe foUijwiDt*. section is substituted therefor:—
- & lt shall be unlawful for any waggon or
vehicle carrying a load of more than two
thuusaud pounds to be drawn or driven oa acy
public higuway unless tho tires of such waggon
ur vehicle .-hall be at least four inches in wtdtn.
3. Section iu of said chapter 92 is hereby re*
pealed and the following section U substituted
"10. It shall be unlawful for any person or
persons todrag logs or timber over or along any
public highway"
4- Tbis Act shall uot come into fore* no far
as that portion of tbe Province of British
Columbia situate east of the Cascade Range of
mountains is concerned, until the 1st day of
January, 1'.«.*.
Certificate  of Improvements
Itig Hut,   Fraction Mineral claim No. 2.
Situate in tbe Trout Lake Mining Division of
tbe Kootenay District, Located on Poplar
TAKK NOTICE that I, C. J. A. N.Padley,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B H316, iutead DO
tiayr- fmm tbo date hereof to apply to the Mining Kecorder for a Certificate of Improvements
for the puri*'-.. of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the aboTeclaim- And further take notice that
action under Section 57 must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Improvement .
Dated tbis 4th day Of April, 1906.
Kevclstoku I.amL District.
District of West Kooteuav.
Take notice tbat 60 days after date 1 intend
U> apply t" ibe Chief Commissioner of Lands
aud works for permission to purchase the foi*
Lowing described land.- I
Commencing at a post planted at the north*
east coruer of Lot iM">, (i. l. on Fish River,
theuce east a chains more or less to west line
of A. A MacKinnons -.pre-emption, thence
south 00 chains, thenre weet 8 chains more or
less to east line of Lot 7805, U. 1, thence north
00 chaius to point of commencement.
Located this 3rd day of Feb. 1906.
sat feb 8 THOH. W   WILLI AMH, Loeater
Certificate of Improvements.
Rerenue Mineral claim, situate in the Lardeau
Mining Division of Wait Kootenay District.
Where located:—On Pool Creek, being an hi-
tension of the Tariff mineral claim, and
parallel with the Moscow and Mohawk on
the south-westerly side.
Take notice that I,  R. Smith,  F.M.C. No,
SKTI2 B. agent  loc Otta Abeling, Special Free
Miner's Certificate No. **6*i, ioteoe, siiti days
from the date  hereof, to apply to  the  Mining
Recorder for a e'ertiflcate of Improvements, for
tbe purpose of obtaining a Crown;Qrant of tbe
above claim-
And farther  take notice that action, ander
Section 87, must be eotameueed before tag lsso.
auce of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this ISt.1, day of March. A.D. lSOi
Great Cask Reduction Sale
Beted Priees on Dress Fabrics
25 Per Cent.
Dlsoount   for ('ash
on nil Dress Fabrics
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Tbis   Hireling   con*
i-ts of ull  lines of  Dress iiuoils.   A  splendid
showing   of   New   Spring Omuls   nt    Ibis   Cash
Saving  Discount,
Dress Muslins
Don't    overlook   tbis
opportunity   of get-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ting yoiii' Summer
Dress, Twenty-live per cent, discount on|ull#t'oloied
Dress Muslins.    All new, Ibis season goods,
Costumes g» B0„ln8
prioe is just tbe i-ost of milking.
New I'd mi tuns I'lofll   ('list muss,
ignlar prices $2."i.0() and $80.00,
nt  810.00,
Ladles' Short ami Three-quarter Oonts,
fibular $8.00, $10.60 and .$12.0(1, Clearing price $5.01/. An exceptional luu gain.
Boots and Shoes
Ladies' lllucher Oxfords,
Men's Bllioher Hox (''ill',
Reduoed Bargains,
New Oooils.     Pull
itinge   of   Sizes.
regular  $2.75   now   $1.75
regular 14.00 nuw  $3.00
Throughout our entire Stock
This we believe is the time to reduce
our priees to meet the present existing circumstances.
Call and see for yourselves what we
are doing in this line.
Don't delay in buying. These prices
must be most interesting to you. All at
Casli Sale Prices
hjXh-lXklXfc ill *** «Ta iti .Ti it. iTl at. a'
Fpuit Trees
You can get ull tbe *
Chemicals lor any re- *,
ceipl here. Wc bave tbem ♦
ready and can advise you 4,
the best to use. |
Canada Drag 6- Book Co. Lid.
Weather Forecast
Saturday, May 2.—Fair, cloudy,
probable ebowers. Temp. max. 62°
min. ll = •
Local and General.
The first C.P.R. train crossed tbe
continent on July 12, 1886.
Canada is 41 years old, dating from
Confederation, and 149 dating from
the British Conquest oi 1750, and 373
irom Cariier'a first visit in 1535.
Tbe Liberal nominating convention
for tbe Dominion electoral district of
Kooiensy will take place in Nelson on
the afternoon nf Thursday, Juno ith,
It ie revolted Irom Winnipeg tbat
A M. Nanton bas been requested by
the C.P H. to act as arbitrator on the
board of conciliation to discuss tbe
shopmen's grievances.
A gang of men were put to work on
tbe Arrow Lakes Lumber Company's
mill at Arrowhead on Thursday and
tbe mill will be running full blast
next week.
8. Needhani bas received tbe con
tract for tbe erection and fitting of
16 new drop letter boxes in the city
which are being supplied by the Dominion postal department.
At a meeting of tbe Keremeos Farmers' Exchange laat week, it was ununi
raously decided   to   join   the   central
Fruit and Produce Exchange  ol B.C.,
at Revelstoke.
A heavy elide lias blocked the Big
Bend Road, near the old power bouse
at the farther end of the canyon. The
provincial authorities have arranged
to clear the debris.
Tlie Salmon Arm football club have
accepted an   invitation to play a local
eleven here on   May  25th.     The Sal
mon Arm baseball team bave also been
invited and will likely also accept.
W.C. Calhoun, of tbe Vernon P. O.
staff, pasaed through yesterday morning iruin Vernon, with hie bride, en
route for Nelson. The Revelstoke
friends send their heartiest congratulations.
II. P. Camming has received tbe
contMCt lot (he Collecting s,f the new
letter Isoxes which the Dominion
postal department   hss   in.-talled   all
over the oity.   The hours 'd collection
will ie marked on each  hn..
We  regret   to   announce   the   »ad
intelligence ol the death ol Miss Carrie
Rogers, sister ol Mrs. is, Ii Shaw,
which occurred in the hospital o
Thnrsday morning, from heart failur
The deceased, who was 28 years ol
age, bad been ill lor nearly a month
previous Uj ber death, and had beet
visiting in the city   since   Christina-
Chloride Lime in tins.
Cleaning Ammonia — large
bottles, 146c.
Moth Balls—25c. per lb.
Moth Bags, i largei 75c.
Quinine   Iron Tonic—$1.00
a bottle.
Druggist & Stationer
W*_r»**-*s*****r*i>*******«sr**« ■ ■ uii^
pi-otuply and scrupulously clean.
You get what you order when
you want it and bow you have a
right to expect it. Have us supply you for a trial period. We
guarantee you satisfactory service and a quality of bread and
cake that even your own best
efforts can hardly even equal.
greets each article of groceries
as it is taken from the basket
containing our customers' lirst
orders. The groceries nre so
much better than expected, so
evidently new and fresh. Try
the experiment yourself. It
will cost you nothing for our
prices are no higher than you
have lieen paying.
The funeral took place yesterday
Keep in mind the Junior Choir
Coucert in the Methodist church,
Tuesday, May 5th.   , Silver collection
What is believed to be  tbe   biggest
British dag iu tbe west will   soon   be
lloating over the Vancouver  pavilion
it measures 85 leet hy 200 feet.
Active work is cow going on at tbe
McRae-McDnnell - Mucdotiuld ranch
across the lllecillewaet. nearly 20
acres ol first class soil being thoroughly cleared and ploughed. It will
not be very long before Revelstoke will
take the lead in orchards and farm"
Tbe Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic
Club have their new production fur
May 25th well in hand, and will
premise the theatre-going public
something goial. The amateurs have
invatiably pit-used the penpleaml their
neit piece will he in every way up to
tbe mark.
The annual district meeting of the
Kamloops district will be held in the
Methodist   church   here   opening   on
Wednesday morning at 10 o'olook.   A
public meeting will lie held on that
evening at 8 o'clock, to which all are
invited.    when   un   address     will    he
delivered on "Church Union" by  Rev
I   W.   Dickinson,   of    Kamloops,   uml
discussion will follow
It is reported tbat  Mr. W A.iialli-
her, member nf the House of Commons '
f.jr Kootenay   Electoral   District,   hns|
been offered the   position   of   Western
solicitor and legislative agent   of   the j
Grand   Trunk   Pacific  Railway   with
headquarters   st   Vancouver.      It   i-
understood that   he    will   accept   tbe
p. ^t.
What's the matter with the independent Hand tlmse days '.' It is
about time they came out ol their
shell anil treated tho public to open
air concerts. Their music emanating
from the Bandroom is about all ,ve
have beard as yet this year in the
public street and the oitisens would
appreciate a sight and sound of tlie
boys themselves.
Tbe lawns and flower Inula in tlie
school grounds are beginning to look
extremely pretty snd the bulb flowers,
hich are just coining out, will make
a tine sight. It is to he sincerely
hoped that no one will wilfully pick or
destroy these dowers and spoil what is
undoubtedly an excellent scheme (or
making school grounds attractive.
Glees, sunj;s and recitations by local
talent will he given at   tbe   Methodist
church junior choir on Tuesday  even
Tne management of   the  roller rink
annnonce that tlie   rink   will be open
for  engagements   f..r dancing or skat
ing parties after 10 o'clock.
Nine ears of raw silk, worth  an  en
ormous sum    which   arrived    by   the
Empress of Indian from   the   Orient,
passed through by   special   trim   en
route f.-.r the east.
.1. McSorley, Ur Cross, J. I-eslie, T
Walsh and S Yniiill, leave tonigbl
for a fortnights fi-lnng anil bear hunt
ing on Shuawap I.ak»s in the vioinity
•if Seymour ami Anesty Arm
A special general meeting of the
Liberal Association will be beld in
Howson's Hall on First street on
Wednesday, May 6th, at H p m. Ail
members are particularly requested t. ■
A syndicate of horsemen at Vernon
R C, are negotiating for Captain
Hrinn, 2:08 I 4, now owned by Q, II
Anderson ol Indian Head; tbis horse
lias the distinction of having l*-aten
Dan Patch at Terre Haute in whioh
the champion was .'ver defeatexl
The Caledonians of Calgary defeated
tin Thistles of Vancouver 7 goals to 0
in the semi-tinul of the associatioi
football tournament for the People
shield, emblematic of the champion
ship of   Canada.    Calgary meet Lad'
smith in the final game at, Vancouver
Tbe British-Canadian Wood Poip
and Paper Company, Ltd , Vancouver
lias just filed a water record of 20,000
inches on Clowhom Falls, .lervis Inlet
a bout 70 mill's from Vancouver Tlies.
immense water rights have been
secured for tha purpose, of installing
mechanical grinders for the manu
facture of ground wood which the
company will use to supplement,
chemical wood pulp in the manufacture of news and wrapping paper
A special programme of moving pir
Mires will be exhibited at the Edison
Parlor Theatre on Monday and Tues
day May 4 and 5, including a drama
tization from the lamous French novel
"Monte Christo," by Alexander Du
mas. Other pictures are "The Foun
tain ol Youth," "Serpentine Dance,'
"Highway Rubbery," "Tiki Late Ioi
bis Wedding," and a special film giv
ine a glimpse into the mysterii'i of tbe
buried city of Pompeii.
Qeorge Lux and D. Mcintosh til
Revelsmku me making preparations
for the establishment of a new industry in the vicinity of Black Piniis.
The mutmliiotlire uf railway lies will
form the chief line of business and tne
construction ol a eliute with a wagon
road Irom the southwest comer of  the
Indian reservation as far as Ohesluy
lake iB alreudy under way. The undertaking, which will cost over $3,(10(1,
wi'l lind employment for 50 men and
from 30 to 40 horses.—Knmlottps Sentinel.
'lhe Daily Mail, ol London, Eng.,
bus decided to otter a $600 cup to bu
known as tbe " Daily Mail" empire
challenge cup In the rille club which
iiiukes the best score in the whole
empire, which will become the property of tbe club that wins it two years
in succession. Several individual
prizes will also be awarded annually.
The shoot must take place on Saturday, May 23rd or Monday, Muy 25th
Three hundred ride clubs have entered
Each club must send in its certified
score sheet to tlie "Daily Mail" immediately after the shoot.
Social and Personal
J, A. McUec of Shuswap was in the
oity on Thursday.
Mrs. Creel man will not receive on
Wednesday, May G.
L. H, Congrevc, of Sicamous, was in
tbo city on Wednesday.
Miss Buck loaves tonight for s
month's visit to the coast.
J. Baynes snd T. Fish ol Malakwa
were in town on Thursday,
Mies Spurting left last night lor a
few days' visit ut the coast.
Miss McKenzie of Trout Lake ie
visiting Mrs. F. C. Elliott.
Mr. and Mrs. Eton, if Ebolt, are
visiting Mr. and Mre. F. Somes.
H. A. Brown, of Sicamous, spent a
few days in the city this week.
Joe Culliii hits returned from an extended visit, to Ihe United States.
Mrs. A. McRae is spending a few
days at the Halcyon Hot Springs.
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. McCarter leave
this evening on a trip to the coast
D. McCarthy has commenced work
on the new additions to the piwer
house. _
S. Necdhiim, jr., has received tbe
contract lor a new residence for   H.
Col beck.
Mrs. H. McKinney of Green woe d
has arrived in the city to join her
N. Morrison, clerk of the municipal
council of Slocan, was a visitor to
Revelstoke this week.
O Lachmuiiil, of the Arrow Lakes
Lumber Co , Arrowheid, wss in tbe
city this week on business.
Mrs. .1. D. Sibbald and her daughter
leave tomorrow on an extended trip
tbrou h Great Britain.
The Rev. C. A, Procunier returned
on Thursday from attending tlie Diocesan meeting at Nelson.
Mrs. J. L. Stark entertained the
members of Knox Church choir nt her
home last evening after choir practice.
Catholic. — Rev. Father Coccola
pastor. Services are held on the First
ami Third Sundiiys in every month
nt tho following hours: 8 a.m. Communis.n Mass; 10:30 a.m. High > ass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instinct ion and Iltmediotii n.
8t Andkkw'b Prksiiytkuian—Rev
W.O, Calder, pastor Sunday, Ap. 20th
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Morning, "Tbe Absence of tin
Sea." Evening subject, "Humbling."
Voting People's Meeting Monday
8 p. in. Prayer meeting Wednesday 8 p.m. Choir pi act ice und Teach
ers' meeting Friday 8 p.m.
Methodist—Rev T.w. Hull, pastor.
Services nu Sunday as follows :—
At 11 a,in., morning service; 2 30. p.
in., Sunday school and Bible class;
7:30. p.m. evening service. Morning
"Lessons Irom Spring Time." Evening, "The Christ ot the Resurrection
the Problun of the 20th Century."
Epworth League ou Monday at 8 p.m.
St. Peter's Anglican—Rev. 0. A.
Procunier, M.A., rector 2nd Sunday
in Easier 8 u.m. Holy Communion, 11
a.m. Matins, and Holy Communion.
7.30 p.m., Evensong Sunday school
2 30 p in.
Baptist—Rev, \\   I', Freeman, B.A.
pastor. Services in II u.m. and 7:30
p.m Sunday school at 2.30 p. m
Morning subject, "One thing I know."
Evening, subject, " The Suffering
Servant." The Young Peoples
meeting on Monday at 8 p.m. Prayer
meet ing Wednesday ut 8 p.m. Everyone is iuvited to these services.
Knox Presbyterian—J. R. Robertson, B. 1)., minister. Sunday services
at 11 a in and 7:30 p tn. Sunday
school at 2:30 p.m. Morning subject,
"Tbe Home of Rest for the Troubled
Heart." At the evening service the
Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will
be observed. Good music, special
anthem, "Jestm Lover if my Soul." A
cordial welcome is given to all and
strangers sre especially invited.
School Attendance
Editor Mlll-llKHALD.
Sir : I would like to eall Ibe
attention ol parents of the city and
surrounding school district to the
necessity of more regular attendance
on the part of many of the pupils of
tbe Public Schools,
In spite ol the fact that the School
Act distinctly states tbat every child
from the age of seven to fourteen, inclusive, "shall attend school during
tlie regular school hours of every
selcsol day. there is a tendency in
some homes to deta n children from
sell,ml frequently as a matter of con-
venieupe to the parents, and in a few
cases children are irregular simply of
patetifa! indiflVrence. There ia
impression, ton, in some quarters that
if a year is lost, by irregular attendance
in the lower divisions of the school, it
does not make very much difference
as the child is young and can easily
make up the time later ll has Iseen
forgotten in Biich cases that it is ail
tlie pupil of average ability can do to
cover our present Public School
course in the seven years prescribed,
■nd that it requires an exceptionally
hrilliint pupil to make a gain of even
one term in the whole course. Thus :t
will le seen .hat a year Imi when tbe
pupil is eight or nine yesrs of age,
when time does not seem of much
importance, means a year bait when
the pupil is fourteen or fifteen, when
time if beginning to lie considered of
much greater value. Then, loo, the
absence of even one pupil in a class
for a short time retards the other
pupils in the class to a certain extent,
as when tha absent one returns the
whole ehss has to g- mom slowly
until the lost work ban   been  covered.
There sre so many enforced setsbank
caused by sickness, epidemics, etc.,
that, to say the least, it seems unwise to allow the ohildren to remain
away from school when such absence
is not an absolute necessity.
Thanking you lor tbo space.
Yours sincerely,
A. K  Miller.
School Attendance.
The attendance at the public schools
lor April was as follows:
* a
A &    ft
Public School—Div. I.   17 80.70     8
"     —   "II.   33 89.42   17
ii      _   ..in, 28 840J   12
ii      _   .. 1V_ 46 8444   jo
■ • «       '•     _  «. v.   47 82.31   20
..       ..__.. vi. 40 87.72   19
"     —  "VII. 46 81.52   18
ii       ..     _  "VIII55 76.03   18
..       ..     _.»ix   49 76.09   19
Totals 861 82.61 151
New Brunswick.
The New Brunswick Tout 1st Aesoei
ation sends out a well printed and
attractive booklet as a tourist and
sporting resort. Copies will be sent
free on application to the secretary,
Miss Annie E. Tingey, St. John, N. B
New Brunswick boasts a magnificent
climate, beautiful scenery and the
finest trout and fly fishing on the con*
tinent. Good summ.-r resorts and
many other features make it a tourist
resort and a sportsman's paradise.
Business Locals
Climax Restaurant, meals 25 cents
up.   Meal tickets f 5.
Sherwin-Williams linseed oil, mixed
paints, varnishes, etc , at Bourne Bros.
Lemons, oranges, bananas and grape
fruit at C. B. Hume A Co.
Best Sarssparilla, excellent tonic
and blood purifier at Bews' Drug
Bland's Iron Pills—100 pills in a
bottle, 50c.   Bews' Drug Store.
Mrs. Lloyd will be st our store until
Tuesday night demonstrating Cowan's
Cocoa and icings.     C, B. Hume A Co.
Persian Sherbet—delightful and
refreshing salt for summer drinks.
Large bottles, 50c. at Bews' Drug
We have a nioe lot of carpet squares
anil small rugs just in. C. II. Hume
A Co.
Picture framing at popular prices.
Agent for Singer sawing machines.
R. (I, Patterson, Mackenzie Ave.
We are showing a splendid range ol
new wall papers, choice colors snd
design     ('. II. Hume it Cn.
Garden hose, hose no/.zlcs, sprinkler*. In«ll mowers, grass shears, at
Bourne Bros.
See our bargains in luce curtains—
only a few pairs left.      C. II. Hume A
Screen ibsire and windows, screen
wire all widths, galvanized wire netting from 2 to li leet wide. Bourne
'ioi..! music will lie hoard at tbe
Methodist church junior choir concert
nn Tuesday, May fith. A silver collection will bo taken.
We bave seed, buckwheat, osts,
Early Rose potatoes, timothy, clover,
lawn grass, onion sols, and all garden
and llowor seeds.    Bourne Bros.
Bargains in nursery stock. To clear
up bliajk of land. Fine two-year-old
stuff. 600 Belle De Boskoop, 300
Salome, 400 (iano, 300 Peasgoods
Nonsuch, 200 Mann, 400 Stark,
300 Yellow   llellellower,  300  Princess
I ise, 1000 Ontario, 1,000 Northern
Spy, 400 Yoik Impeiial, 400 JR. I.
Greening, 200 Wolfe River, 300 St.
Lawrence, 100 Hyalop Crab, 100 Gen.
Grant Crab. $12 per hundred $100
per thousand. F. O. B. cars here.
First money takes them, M. J. Henry,
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver.
You shotill seethe pretty lot of Omits we iue showing
for children.   Mudo of  Cashmere with  embroidered
Cupi's and of Cream Serge, ttiii'iml with Silk Ilruid.
ll will Ih* bind to Und anything ita pretty anil serviceable.
Childrens Dresses
White Duck, Oi-enin Cashmere mid Luwii, All made in
tbe Best Styles and sold nt very low prices,
Seasonable Headwear
Straw Sailors, Muslin Huts and Bonnets, ami Silk Huts
and Bonnets. Some of these are very new mul cute.
We know you will like them.
Shoes!   Shoes!
The Classic Shoe is perfection in Children's Shoes) made
to lit tlie foot without lieing clumsy, and wruiing better
than many of the course leathers. You will lind tbem
dressy anil cheap.    We gilill'iilllee every pair We sell.
Prom head to foot we can lit out the children nt
Speak for themselves more eloquently than we can.
is light and the quality is good of all wn sell.
Their price
Are certainly beaut ies.     We have been  fnrtnnate in securing some
splendid lines which we know you will appreciate
Fancy Hosiery—From 25c. Per Pair Up.
Fine Soft Front Shirts from $1.00 to $2.75
Notice iu hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the Retail Liquor Licence for the Hotel
Queens at Comaplix, B. O, for the
half vi'iir from July 1st, 1008, to Dec.
31st, 1008.
sat my 280d J. H. 'YotiNii.
Notice is hereby given that Mre intend to apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor licence now held in respect of ihe Lakeview Hotel at Arrow-
bead, which license has been transferred to us by D. Cameron, the
holder thereof. 'I*'   "'
Dated this 1st. day of Mar, 1908,
sat my 230d    Chapman A Plumpton.
Notice is hereby given that I intend
tn apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police fot permission to
transfer lo Messrs. Chapman and
I'ltinipton, of Arrowhead, B. O., the
retail liquor license held by me iu
respect of the premises at Arrowhead;
known as the Lakeview Hotel.
Dated this 1st. day of May, 1908.
sat my 2 30d. D. Cameron.
Take notice that we, Messrs. Ogilvie
and McKitriek, of Nakusp, intend
applying to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police at the expiration uf
one month from date hereof, for a
renewal of our hotel license for the
premises known ns the Lelaud Hotel
at Nakuap, for the half year from .Inly
1st., 1908, to Dec. 31st, 1908.
Dated April 30th, 19IJ8.
sat my 2 MOd.    OoiLVIK A MlKlTHICK
Revised   Statutes  of  Oanada,
1806, Chapter 115
Pursuant to the alaive Statute the
Columbia River Lumber Company,
Limited; give notice Hint they hitve
applied by petition to tho Governor-in
Council for approval of the site and
plans for certain In nuns proposed to lie
.•oust rue ted in the Columbia River
near Gulden in Ihe Province of British
Colombia, it plun mill description of
the proposed site nnd of I he booms to
Ih. const moled hnve Ih'i'H deposited
with the Minister of Public Works at
Ottawa, and n duplicate thereof in thi'
Ijind Itegistry office nl Nelson, B.C.
Dated (his HOth day of April, 1MI8.
Columbia River Lumber Oo'., Ltd,
Per J. D. Mi 'Cun.mai K,
my 2-110 d Managing Director.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial police for a renewal of the
retail Honor licence for the Balmoral
Hotel, Ferguson, B. C, for the hull'
year from July 1st., 1908. to Dec. 81st,
Pair of general purpose geldings,
six and seven years, weight twenty-
one hundred, well broken to work
single or double, good roadsters. Also
I's.iin wagon, double box and brake,
nearly new; one J. B. Armstrong
Democrats, two seats and brake; one
single open buggy; one set work harness; one set driving bsrnese; one
single buggy hsmeas. All as good as
new—st a bargain.
Salmon Arm, B. C.
p y -    REPAIRED   AT
$15 & SIS
Our tailoring organization is
ao complete that you take absolutely NO RISK when ordering.
Your garments are cut from
your own individual measurements.
We guarantee to please and
fit vou perfectly and at a price
far below what, the ordinary
custom tailor would charge you,
while the fabrics used me without equal for intrinsic worth or
If you have a fault in your
hVure, please mention it and we
will hide it for you. Let us
prove this statement to your
Only union Inline employed.
538 Hastings Street, Vancouver.
The City Council desires tenders for
clearing nnd grading the lane between
Fifth and Sixth Streets from Orton to
Vernon Avenues; also for clearing
Mc A rthur Avenue between Fifth and
Sixth Streets.
Tenders to reach the undersigned by
6 p.m. Wednesday, May 0th, 1908.
City Clerk.
We bave all kinds of garden and
field seeds in packets and bulk, and
lots of ooioo seed.   0. B. Hume A Co,


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