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Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
l-oi I'niiiily use ihen- is nothing so
WholoaOmS and so pure us HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Vol. 14.-NO 9
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
se nl operation nnd perfection
its  produced, this   Machine
(iric-s^Publishing Co, Agents
$2.50 Por Year
A Few Facts About the Different
Kinds We Have at Present
Huntley   &   Palmer's
doubt the best made.
Biscuits are  without
We are the only direct importers from the
factories in town.
We always carry over 30 different varieties in
stock and one trial will convince you of their
excellent quality.
We also
all kinds.
have Christie   Brown's  Biscuits of
Lemon Biscuits and Ginger Snaps in Barrels
— I2}£c. per lb.
We have Foley. Lock and Larsen's Biscuits
in packages at i2>^c. or in bulk at 25c. per lb.
We not only carry first class brands of biscuits, but all our other lines of Groceries are
guaranteed and can be thoroughly relied upon.
C.B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Fall OMda Arriving tally.    Orwsmakln-r and MHIInsry Room*, ind floor
/f%L (Bveat Cut in Enameleb Mare^
For this week we are offerinK some great bargains in Strnnksy Ware
and in Bonie of our Best Lines of Blue Ware.
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles, No. 9, $2 00 Sale Price $1 25
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles, No. 8 $1.75 Sale Price «1 15
"*■'       SlopgPails, $2.50   Sale Price $1 90
Preserve Kettles $1.25  SalePiice    90c
Preserve Kettles $1.00 .   SalePiice    80c
Dippers 40c  Sale Price    30c
.. ••      Ewers, 75c    ! Sale Price    00c
Ewers, $175  Sale Price $1 30
Pie Plates, 35c SalePiice     25c
Pudding Pans, 45c Sale Price    30c
Pudding- Pans, 50c Sale Price    35c
••      Lipped Sauce Pans, $1 25 SalePiice    95c
Lipped Sauce Pans, 75c Sale Price    55c
Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1,00.  ..Sale Price    65c
'• "       Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1.25—Sale Price     75c
Quite a number took advantage of our Sale of Nickle-Plated Ware
lout week nnd are watching for our next Sale.
See Our South Window for These Bargains. 	
I See Our
Choice Building Plot, Second Street, 60 x 1QQ feet. —$ 550
Corner on Third Street, 125 x 100 feet.           • —$1400
Two Inside Lots Fifth 8treet, 60 x 100 leet.         - — 300
Two-Acre Bloeks suitable for Fruit, adjoining city
Per Acre
$100 and $160
Rossland Receives Cup
Nelboh, B.C., Feb. 12.—The Nelson-
Rossland hookey matoh for the championship of British Columbia at
Rossland, ended in a fizile at a late
hour Saturday night. Nelson had
demanded in writing last month that
a judge ol play aa well as a referee
ihould be appointed, and objected
strongly to Releree Winn n| Rossland,
who was appointed by the Rossland
oarnival oommittec Nolson went
over on promise that a judge ol play
wonld be appointed. Saturday night
the committee refused to appoint any
judge of play or any referee other then
Winn, and on Nelson refusing to play
the cup was given to Rossland aa in
1005 There are no association rules,
Rossland making all its own rules
and regulations, henee tbe trouble.
Some live hundred Nelson people who
went over will receive back their gate
Westward Ho!
The February number of Westward
Ho I is by far the best illustrated and
most entertaining yet attempted by
tbe enterprising publishers. A two-
colour cover design of " Tbe Lions "
at Vancouver, by S. P. Judge; a superb frontispiece and a scorn ol clever
stories and departments including
that oi the editor, " Men I Have Vet,'
makes the midwinter issue a well
balanced number. Capt. Clive Phillips Wolley commences bis serial
" Shikmut," a tale ol Sitka in the
times of the Russians, tbe rights lor
which has been acquired by tbe pub.
lishers. It is an intensely absorbing
atory, virile ot tbe north, and will
doubtless go a lung way to popularize
Western Canada's new monthly.
E. Adair of Revelstoke Lectures
in Scotland.
We have received tbe following from
au Aberdeen, Scotland, paper:
"Last night Mr. Edward Adair, of
Revelstoke, British Columbia, a practical fruit-grower and fruit expert,
dolivered a lecture in the Salvation
Army Citadel, under tbe auspices of
'he Aberdeen Branch of the Salvation
Army, on lhe subject of (rtiit-growing
in British Columbia, and the.prospects
of success for emigrants from tho country to Canada. Capt. Tyrol, ol London, opened the meeting and Btalsd
that Mr. Adair had done good work
lor the Army in sending immigrants
to Canada.
"Mr, Adair then addressed the meeting. He commenocd by referring to
himself as a Irue-boru Canadian who
thought a great deal of the British
Empire, and desired to see people
building up their own country across
the sea, In Canada I hey had a land
ol opportunity where they bad work
lor all and land for all. (Applause.)
He Bpoke of the extent and area cf
Canada as stretching for 3(1(10 miles
from Atlantio to Pacific, aud 1400
miles from the United Suites hound
ary to the north. He also dealt with
the population of Canada, mentioning
that the 6,000,000—the same as the
population ol London—had aeiphi
room, lor if b0,000 homesteads of 150
acres of land each were given off yearly for the next 100 years there would
still be room, and they could give
every man in Scotland a homestead
after that. They need not be afraid
of turning anybody off if they went to
Canada. Ninety-five per cent of the
population of Canada were British
subjects, and therefore they ongl t to
try ti keep up the proportion and
have it specially as a dominion of
British subjects. There were 130,000
more males than females in Canada,
and therefore it was not surprising
that they desired 200 or 300 girls to
go out with the firit steamer sailing.
Mr. Adair then speke of the ri sources
ef Canada and its climates, (or it must
be remember-d it had every climati
there was iu Europe, In Briti-h Columbia alone they had 40' 1,000 sipurc
ni es of land, so the extent ul the
province was twelve times as large as
Sc. tland.
"After dealing generally with the
great resources of Canada, Mr Adair
spoke specially of fruit-growing in
British Ccluni bin, mint inning that
they had there tbe climate for growing fruit and millions of acres on
which it oould advantageously be
growi, They could grow peaches aud
all kinds of northern fruit tbat would
yield from £100 to £250 per acre. He
had, at Kevelstoke, taken a fifth crop
of strawberries from the same plums,
and believed that twelve crops could
be secured from those plants
never had less than five tons of straw- sflernoim. The ceremony was simple
berries to tbe acre, and he knew of but impressive, and ended wilhout any
some who had beat him in obtaining untoward incident,
more. He had sold from one acre The line of procession from the
strawberries that realised $247, besides chapel in the palace to the church
what th* pickers got. They could do was guarded by troops, several nddit
that, as others bad done, in British ional regriments having been brought
Columbia. He knew a man who bad into tbe city for the purpose. All the
once sold from one acre tomatoes— governments of Europe and America
which were twice the Bize of those, were represented by special repre-
generally seen in this country—realis- j sentatives.
Cattle Rustler Arrested—Parental Legislation—Firm Suspends—An Intrigue Against
Britain—Burns Chajnpion.
Kamloops, Fob. 12—A. Ly Goodwin,
a well known cattle rancher, whose
headquarters are in the i)o|iglan Luke
country, has been arrested on n charge
of cattle rustling. He was brought
into Kamloops hy Chief Constable
Fernie and released  on bail yesterday.
London, Feb. 12 —A bill before parliament that has received its first
reading forbids cigarette sin king hy
juveniles and provides for the establishment nf Juvenile Courts through
out Qreat Britain.
Bl'NDEKUND, Eng., Fel); 1ft—The
big shipbuilding syndicate 'of Sir Jas,
Luing A Sons he • suspend d and five
thousand men have beeu thrown out
of work. A reconstruction scheme
will be submitted to the creditors at
an early date.
New Yobk, Feb. 12.—Start ling information to the effect that important
preparations for a revolt against British r le in Ind a are beljni made in
Philadelphia, and that mi; i, field
pieces, and ammunition have been
shipped secretly to rev loi nists in
I111I1.1 has reached the British government.
Nuw Libkeari), Ont, Feb. 12—Seven persons were burned to death yesterday tiy a firo which destroyed the
home of L wrence Hacke on the
north side of Wuble River.   ^
Lon-don, Feb. 12—T'iiimy Buns
the. Canadian heavyweight., has ko ■'•'(
ed out Jack Palmer of Newcastle, tbs
English champion, 111 the fourth
round of wont wa. scheduled to be a
twenty-round c ntest for the heavyweight chninpi nship.
Sydney, N, 8. w.,  Feb   12.—'V e
hlock of Inn
gK   III
Hunter, Ma
ll U'ling till
VI1 ear-. I.m ■
■ . :
S.-lioo' ol -V
1  I
have Iiei n d
is eit.ini ted
£20 .
d 'lie to Mrs
d (
., .
King Carlos and Crown Prince
Laid to Rest.
Lisbon, Feb 11.—The luneral services over the bodies of the King and
his son Luiz, Crown Prince of Portugal, who were shot to death a week
ago in this city, were he'd in the
He hud  church of St. Vincent early  Saturd .y
ing £300. There weie ready markets
for Iruit, because, with railway and
steamer facilities, it waa soon taken
to centres where it could be disposed
of to advantage. In British Columbia
they could get land suitable for fruitgrowing from £5 to £7 up to £50 an
acre. If tbey bad men of energy and
determination there wm bo fear of
people not succeeding. At the present
time be was inviting only those who
were going on the land to farm, in
fruit-growing, etc., and domestic servants, tbe latter being placed in as
sate and comfortable homes aa any to
which tbey would care to send their
own daughters.   (Applause.)
"On the motion ol the Chairman.
Mr. Adair received a hearty vote ol
thanks for bis interesting lecture."
Feat of the Wireless
Washington, Feb. 11.- A remarkable instance of wireless telegraphic
communication has been verified at
the bureau of equipment, navy department. A wireless station at Point
Loma, near San Diego, picked up the
Connecticut, then talking off tbe coast
oi Cuba, and took down tbe message
It also picked up a message being sent
from the wireless station at Pensacols,
Fla. Experts are wondering whether
the message went serosa the cm tinent
or in tbe other direction around the
Sweet -.nd juicy oranges lor 50c
per doxen, this week at C. B. Hume
* Co's,
Yielding to earnest solicitations,
King Manuel did not take part in the
procession. He and his mother Queen
Amelie, and the mother of the late
king, Queen Maria Pia, were present
at the services in the mortuary chapel,
and followed the coffins to the door of
the chapel, whence they returned to
tbe palace.
London, Feb. 11.—King Edward and
Queen Alexandra, tbe Prince of Wales
and other members of the Royal family
were present at a requiem mass in the
Catholic church of St. James, in
Spanish Place, for the late King and
Crown Prince of Portugal. The flag?
or tho British warships in the naval
ports wen at half mast in memory 0'
the late King of Portugal, who was an
admiral ol tbe British tlect.
Big U. P. R- Surplus
Mon'.keal, Feb. 11— The monthly
meeting of the C. P. R. directors was
held yesterday afternoon at which
action was taken on the half-yearly
dividend on com mon and preferred
shares. There was no change in tbe
pievailing common rate of 3 per cent
witb half ol 1 per cent, added out ol
tbe land debt revenue, wbile the usual
rate of 2 per rent, on preferred stock
was declared. Dividends are payable
on April first next After the payment   of   working    expenses,     fixed
...             ,          .   , .   ,. „,  ..   ,,      ckarges   and  ihe  dividends now   de-
We are sole agent: lor   Seelys   Ex-    ,      .   ,                    ,      , ,   ,,
tracts, put up in all   flavors   lor  25c. I dared, there is a surplus for the half
per bottle, at C. B. Hume 4 Co's.       |year of $6,269,000.
Revelstoke Curlers in the Jewelry Class.
The annual Golden llunspiel opened
on Monday with 15 rinks rutin d us
follows:—Field 1, Upper, skip; Banff
2, Oallotly and Brett, skips; Calgary
2, Walker and McLeod, skips; Gulden
7 and Revelstoke 8, Tho Revelstoke
rinks were mado up as follows:
V Woodland, J. P. Hume, 0. M.
Field, W. I), Robertson, skip l>r,
Hamilton, G. Knight, E. Edwards, A.
M. I'iiikhiiin, skip. A. Morgan, J. G
McLean, J. Donald, A. Mcltau, skip.
Judge Wilson of Cranbrook, had
entered a rink but wa unable to
attend owing to court duties. Tho
Calgary rinks ar- strong combinations
a feature of Col. Walker's rink being
the two "kids", both over 60 years
ol age.
The bonspiel is considered ono of
the most successful in the history of
the town, ideal weather and perfect
ice contributing not a little in this
respect. There ire three events besides
the C( nsolntion, viz:—Orand Challenge, Columbia Riter Lumber Co's,
trophy, and the O'Brien trophy^
In tho Grand Challenge, McR.e, of
Revelstoke, lost to Warren, of Golden,
while Robertson, Kevelsioke, lost to
Lamontaigne, of Golden. Hii. Pinkham sustained the honors for Revelstoke, however, and struck a winning
gait, defeating Reid, of Golden, 12-0,
and is up against Warren, of Golden,
in the semi-finals, the winner of
which will meet King, of Golden, for
the trophy.
In the Columbia River Lumber
Co 's trophy, Pinkham defeated King,
of Golden, 12-9, an extra end being
necessary. (ten ends constitute a
game at this bonspiel). In the »econd
round Pii.klisni lost to Gordon, ol
Golden. Robertson d"fnated K"id, of
Golden, 11-7, hut was defeated by
Walker, of Calgary, in the next round,
while McRae went down before Dain-
ard, of Golden, after a hard gamiia—
O'Brien Trophy— Pinkham again
struok a wiuni< g guir in this event,
vhioh he sustain' d 10 the finals, when
Im meets He-d;i8on of G 'Men In
■ vent. Piiikb ' m defeated Goidmi
Warren; bStb of Golden. Robert-
s 1 iot. to Henderson, Golden, 13 10.
McRae won frum Lamoiilnigne, Golden, 118, but was knocsed out in the
second round by McLeod, Calgary.
The Robertson and McRae rinks
both qualified for the Consolation, but
"Sandy" lost in the first round to
Brett, of Banff.
If Pinkham wins the O'Brien final
from Henderson of Golden, McRae's
rink takes third prize as the third
prize follows the winner.
The Columbia River Lumber Co.
event lies between Gordon (Golden) v.
McLeod (Calgary); and Walker (Calgary) v  Duinard (Golden)
Pinkham's rink Irom Revelstoke
have miide the best showing of any
rink ut tbe bonspiel, reaching the
linals in the O'Brien event, and scmi-
linit's in lhe Grand Challenge. He
wiib drawn to meet Warren ol Golden
iu the latter event nt 8:30 o'clock this
morning, but up to the time of going
'0 press no news hud been received of
the njsult.
A most successful Smoker was held
in tbe Columbia Hall, Monday night,
A. M. Pinkham and Dr. Hamilton
supplied the eloquence for the Revel
stoke contingent, while "Jamie"
Donald contributed a song in his
usual charae'eristic style.
The Banff bonspiel which opens
tomorrow promises lo he one of the
most successful 'spiels of tlie year, aud
the prize list is a splendid token to
the great popularity of tbe greatest of
winter sports. Tbe aggregate value
ol the prizes dons ted and cash subscriptions received totals over $1000.
The big annual Winuipeg bonspiel
opened yesterday morning.
What's the matter with a Revelstoke 'spiel?
Government Assay Office and
Buildings Destroyed in
Costly Blaze.
Latohkokd, Feb. 10.—Almost burned out of existence a year ago, this
town was again destroyed this morn
ing, when property valued at $100,000
waa reduced to ashes. It started in
the King Edward hotel and spread
with lightning rapidity. The Alex
andria hotel, nearby, fell an easy prey.
Tuck's barber shop was licked up in
one guet, and the fire, leaping across
the atreet, the Empire Labor Company
was consumed. The government assay
office was also destroyed.
Well Supplied
Is a wise practice in every
well   regulated   household,
and in   nothing   does   this
„..■„, , vf.... t,   rule   aPp!y   more   than   in
W'tlt1'/.. 1 Vf&S&f " oceries which are daily
CP^ly^^Ci-'^'jy needed in every home.
vs^^_^-^' Think over what you want
in the way of Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Sugar, Flour, Jams,
Jellies, Fruits, Nuts, Cheese, Butter, Spices, etc. We have
the finest qualities procurable.
Guaranteed Pure, in the following :      Strawberry,
Raspberry, Cherry, Peach, Crab Apple..
All   New Goods  just  arrived and   we  guarantee
Quality.    Try them.
Bourne   Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at  $9.00 per ton ie the cheapest
Coal on the market.
Tbey star! Bee ns easily as dry wood and last as long as hard coal.
Can be ined in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Keedeis  and
open grates,
We have a Urge stock on hand ready for immediate delivery  and
will.fM your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
McKinnon & Suttierldod
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes. Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office- Toronto, Ontario.
Branches  in  the Provinees of  Manitoba, Allien;i. Saskatchewan,
British Colombia, Ontario, Qasbso,
Oapital Authorised ... •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....    S4,860,000.00
Reserve Fund .... •4,880,000-00
D. B. Wilkib, President; Hon. R. Jakkhay, Vice-Preaident.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all  parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed en deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—H. T. JatTray, Manager
Four now Named for Public
Victoria, Feb. 11.—In introducing
tbe bill lor the division of the Lauds
and Works Department, and creation
the new portfolio of Minister ol Public
Works, the Premier yesterday gave
tlie llou*e same statistics showing tbe
remarkable development io tbe province and incidentally tbe great increase in tbe work ol that now dual
"In ten years the reeeipts of tbis department." said the Premier, "have
increased twelvefold, the receipts in
1d97 being $107,353, while tbe receipts
ol the past year reached $2,088,923
an average of f 174,077 a month."
The Premier showed bow tbe work,
duties and responsibilities bad correspondingly   increased,   and asked tbe
House to Approve of tbe creation of a
new portfolio.
. The bill was read a second time. It
will go into committee early next
week, and a little later receive ita third
reading creating tbe office.
Tb -re ie so much Cabinet material
in the provincial Conservative party
in the House and out of it liiai Horary and lobby have, had difficulty in
reducing to four the names of the
acceptable new Minister. These are
tbe four: Mr. Ellison, Mr. Taylor,
tbe Conservative whip, Mr. Ross, member for Fernie, and Mr. McPbillips.
The Board of Trade has secured a
large number of pboios of tbe scenery
adjacent to Revelstoke as well as views
descriptive ol tbe several industries of
which she is tbe center, and have I-. r-
warded tbe same for reproduction in
Collier's Weekly, New York, which
journal is getting out special Canadian
-      . ......
:. J=.
Londcn,   LugSand.
i, ''
ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
"ks-.te: v.a rxazsrn?*;
■  - .  j.
T*rrTT""'iEa'r^3iTO *r; •.-: -„■;.;,
1..--235E::; zki:
(Xbe fl&aU-lfoevalb.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Parliamentary,    Depaitmcntil
and Patent Ollice Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. MikI'Iiy.
Haiku.o FlSHRB
iiiil.!..!-.; B ton, Bto.
RKVF.I.sI'ilKt: on Tito! "I I.AKIv 11. 0.
(.'. K. QILUK. J   0. Kl.l.inrr.
Uvricas :   Im 'IBIAL   Hank   111 ilk,   Hkvki.
■stokk, U, 0,
Money to loan.
Offices: RevaUtoke, B.0.1 Cranbrook, n. c.
4. M.  PlKKBAH, J. A. Hakvky.
Ileu-lsioko, U. C.       0.  iilrook, ll. ('.
J. M. Scott l.L.D W. I. BrlgRB.
Monky To Loan
Revelstoke, B.C.
First Si reel.
A«>av  ol all Ores,  Sample* by mall or express
receive |uiirn|i'. aiteutimi.
Term. Moderate.
.LURES,       •       •      •        BOX4S3 Kasi.0, 11. 0.
Provlnc'itl Land Surveyor.
.Mine Sutveytng
McKenzie Avknie,
Box it I, Revelstoke
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and university Examinations.
STl'DIO-At   Mrs.   J.   C,   Hrtclilsnii's   Con-
Qaoght Aveuue.
Mining, Real Estate,   Business,   Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agent*..
Fire, Life,  Acciden , Employers' Liability, Guarantee ?nd  i  ve Stock In.urancO
Maps,   Plans, Blur   Prints  and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber.
B.  C.
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
Cbe fl&aiMberalb
There t, so much bad io tbe be.t of u-
And so much e'Kid in the worst of OS,
That it turdljr behooves any nf u-.
To laiii an .ut the re;t of us.
Application has been made by tlie
Reveletolce Turf Club to tbe Lieut.-
Governorin-Council for an order
gr»ntiDg that tlie name be changed to
that ol the Revelstoke Agricultural
society- This has been the outcome
of Considerable di-cussiun over the
advisability of organising ft Revelstoke
Fall Fair, the general opinion being
that the time had arrived when such
a feature was necefSary in this section.
The hist'-ry of the Turf Club is so well
known that we need not go into
details over it, but suffice it to say
that of the original shareholders who
were instrumental in starling the
acbeme, but a limited few have kept
tbat interest alive, which wns so evident nt the commencement. Had not
a few of the more .porting inclined
citizens got together and kept the
Turf Chili above water, it would have
died a natural death like su many
other organizations and clubs in this
city. The Turf Ciub is an institution
which should be kept up, not only
because this sport is the finest in the
land, hut because it is a means of
advertising our city and bringing in
visiters when the 1 cession demands,
There has beeu no real reason why
the shareholders have dropped all or
practically nil interest in the club.
When it is remembered what the few
whn have kept things going, httVi
done, how they have insured a success
ful meeting every year and secured a
tine tract of hind for 11 city reserve ami
curried out e.xlotiHivu improvements,
the city or at least the shareholder!
should each do their part. Owing to
the popularity of fruit und *Vegctable
glowing ill this vicinity of ticent
years und Hie fuct that Revelstoke is
now tho headquarters of the great
f>liib growing industry in the province
there is an additional olaim on the
shareholders of this club for their
support. By the inauguration ol nn
annual Fair, tho fruit, of tlm province
can be exhibited und the produce
shown, 80 Unit once 11 year the industry can demonstrate ul ita heud
quarters its. yearly progress, when
furtner can n.eet turmcr, buyer ineel
buyer,   und   investor   meet    investor,
and the aggregation of the fruit and
produce business advertise these 11 •
sources which nre now recognised und
coming to ihe front in tl.c natural
wealth of B.C. Revelstoke herself
has fruit growing pi ssihilities hitherto
unknown, und in view ol lliesti fuels
the public should report generously
to the call for funds to ensure the
success of this important movement.
Many people arc interested in fruit,
produce und live stock, while sports
and games would attract others.
There bus never been any oause for
a citizen to look askance at the Turf
Club, hut there is every reason lur all
to support, the new movement.
Revel, toke, B.O,
To whom it mny ci ern:—
Having been laid up for Bomo time,
all cures having failod, I was Induced
to tiv (irey's iilood Mixture of herbs,
and can cheerfully say that It is the
best medicine and cure for rheumatism, I hnve nut it puin ur an nolle
in me nnd leol like 11 now mini, although over fill yeurs ol uge.
John Bouhk
J, llniirk is handling Qroy's Blood
Mixture In 1 he oily ut 1 he office on
Front St., opposite Victoria Hot I
c. w. 0. w.
Mount.on   Viow Camp, No. 210,
Moot.  Sciiond  mul   p..mill   Weil Invs In
eni'li 11 I>, in Solblrk Hill.   Vlsllln   Wo rl
inon cordially invltotl lo nttond.
W. I). AllMSTUON'O, Con.  loin,
,1. McINTYItK, Clerk.   '
F. O. E.
The rogulnr moetliiRii iiro held in tho Polklrk
Hall overy Tuesday ovbiiIuk al 8o'o1ook. Visit,
iin,- tirollirmi urn curdtlltly lu. [tod.
.1. LESLIIO, I'liKsini-.M.
W. E. .Mil,.\l'('III.IN.Si:i ui.i'Aiiv. I
o the Revelstoke Public
We solicit your patronage
in Revelstoke's KIUST
Willi' E   li A U N D I! V.
(iouil wink ninl satisfaction glliil'illili-etl.
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
.1. ('. HUTCHISON, Prop,
S'l MOW rt! .11 M  SAM, liuu-.s.
Open Day and
Special nttention  given  t"
Supper  Pari ies iS banquets
Meals, 25c. l,!e;il Tickets, $5.50
opposite: v. m, c. a.
Kooteimv L.i(l<n Nn, 15 A.F.&.A. <l
«•»     «7*»V Tlio  regular   meet*
"\f.—ytof*.    "V    in«-un; In-Ill ill II t-
'*VkSgs/^*~     A)   m""!'',"     Toinpli',
Id I'.lli
In iliiril Mnlnlaj
eh   month    ii    -
n. I'isiiiiu-hn 11,
1    ll.u.lillll.     wul
Apropos of the library contest,
which is now exercising the minds ol
every citizen, more or less, and which
has apparently oaused smii u division
ul opinion among those interested,]
wo would suggest that the merohants
whose names have figured on the list
us being entitled tu issue coupons
meet and either arrange for u decision
or ebe appoint a judge to bring the
mutter to u conclusion. Everyone bud
an equal opportunity of gelling orders
even at short notice hence eiery side
of the question must be looked ut
since dillicuiies have arisen over final
settlement uud while we contend lhat
our uclion iu ibis mutter bus been
correct, nevertheless every man has a
right to his own opinion, Our rights
as to having any authority in the
matter have been questioned yet we
note that our opinion has been followed out by many nnd our ideas noted
upon. Tbe hardest put of the contest,
that of counting votes 1ms in Mime
way been left to us mid thnt being
acknowledged and allowed, we can
certainly olaim a right to an opinion
n ,d statement. "Nemo me impune
laceeBit," nod now let the pul lie
I,'. A. I'lilll'l'XIKIt. Skorktauv.
SELKIRK LO0.1 E, NO   12. I, O. 0, I'.
Moots overyTh .--'' j
OVOllillg    in     siiiklt-k
Hull     al     8    0'clOOk
Visiting brethren o
dlnlly   united  lo a'-
(i. I.KMBKK, N.'i. .1. VIA I'HIl'l, si ■
*S*K   t lid Rur ^e loilso. K. of   P.,
,?/*»j?^Sk     No- 2!5   Hcvclstoho, B.  0.
"I es ■! i I'hinl Hednusdiii ol
ent-h in iuih lu ilio oddfellows'
Hall "i - o't-lock. Vlsltlun
i. ilglu ■ are cordially   uvltcd.
.1. M ITH1E, ('. 0.
U. II. BROCK, It. of  li. .1 S
H. A. BROWN. M. ..I V
Restaurant and Futnished Rooms
Meals from 25o. Up.
Cecond Street, • East End
Manufactured for all - is ■'■- of hu d up-
JMcal* nt all Hours
Everything Up to D.i o
Stewart McDonald. - Mgp
■»■■;; ■■^■r,r~ r-<ilsrr.ii:--Ti\^~~.-mst
liiipi-i'i.ii   Dcvi-1 ipinctil      lrl.il) iiii
Hunk ui' British Ooluinhlil  1 lu Ot)
Nil-ill i (Jiiiil and Cuke  100 0(1
Coliimhin Iiiiii mul Land  ID 00
liCWil.l  .Mines  5 00
IbiMil Collieries  23
Charles  Dickens   HI1..
Great West Loan.
Above sulijeii to confirmation.
Piospectusos mul particulars con-
ce-nn r any d! i ,t*se Companies on
itpplicui ion.
McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.
fur -.il.- in ' i- • •  .- tide
the lows
■III kinds of
- x a r 3 3:,
Dray ing
Storaf e
Eiiitur Mail-Herald.
Will vnu kindly allow  me to   niuk-
a   little   statement   in   ngar.l   to   tbe
Library coutest.   In a normal, bea th
family,  such   as   more   than    half   of
Reielstoke ia coiup  -id of, but u snu I
am. ii ii c of money is spent   in   u  drui;
Store, cigar  store,   printing,  or   haul
ware; the  greater   pint   by   far   being
left   with  the   grocer,   butcher and
clothier.   Through some oversight the
lai-t three  mentioned   were   not   sup
plied  with  sufficient   library tic
and consequently when we. tin- would-
be voters   in   the   contest   paid   our
current bills, they could nit  keep thi
contract,   which   had   been   public y
made, to supply us   with  coupons.    I
ask you, in the name of  justice,   ij   it
right that we should lose  our  cii
to vote, through no fault of our own
If the merchants are anxious to  keep
their agreement and common  bonesl
demands that the I rders (or votes tha'
they have Issued be counted as votes
Von state that many who held orders
for votes would not turn them in, iu
also.were ninny of the tickets not
turned io, but in every ruse ii is up t..
th «e who held them buck, ami cannot
interest the public at large, li thi
orders for votes are not count.si. a
great injustice will be done, and from
my knowledge of our l-'ire 11 iys, I d
not believe that, they would willingly
Consent to any such thing.
Yours for justice,
Kaih Play
Making Money.
Ottawa, Feb   11.—Replying  to  a
question by Dr. Thumps in, Yukon.
Hon. W. H. Fielding said II gold nf
sufficient purify '.nre lo'iiid in Canada
In -iillii'ient quantities, lhe muki ig of
onld c ii li. bv lhe new mint would
begin at iiii early dale D miglll ne
f .owl neccs-nry to build a roll in y,
w h eh would delay lhe oporntiot for
the lime being On il col s ii ii .1 b
in |2 30, f|6.00 and $10 pieces.
To Trappers*
Raw Furs B).;::',.u
Uash Prices Paic
F.   B.   WELLS
H Iso   a
kind Pi
All Kinds of Light  and  H lavy
Hauling Undertaken
71, .   i'i me 7
I . oni   Street,     Ri velstoke
i'mii i  Roys " nd—
in  V ini-i.nvi--— i    rgesl
Si .,i I-'tctoi '•'• i  ■
cashing ui
A nl thi
Premium System
Booklet '
Royal ii' iivn Wrap
for    it.— l-'ri'(—A SO
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, 8. C
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St John oAlLlfKjJ   Lirer^ol
-i'    FVI
l-'i i. 7.   i I in. 2|
Fri.    "21, Bril tin    Feb,   7
Su..     ■    i'.'     Lk,  Hanltolm      "    1^
l-ii. Mi !.. ''..    Kui| ■■   -i\
Tu i.i-, 1*31 'Ki
"jI" od
I' furwaj
T. W. r5r.id.fi.il,',    r. J, Coylc,
'. I' V.
;. f   )   ii '    '   .   :
Our j'weliy represents the ninsl
iirlisllc expression of the goldsmith's
i'I'.iI'i, imii article an entirely new
I'li'.'iiion, liihlilonnlile lo the lilgliesl
ilegn-e, ihut will nppi'ii.l to your
interest the-inoinont you view It. Om
ili.'iiiionils ernie diiei'l li'oin Ilu- i-til-
li'is and nii- sold In von nl pleasing
prices For gems uf such quality nnd
county. Pleased to have you see them
ill. any I hue.
Hastings, Doyle k Alliini
i and Joauty
are combined in nur new designs in carpets, Our slunk is
complete, and lhe colors rich
mul i ll'ii'iiie, the designs artis- •
tie. i nl tIm " lout ensemble "
is si liking iiul beautiful. We
hnve iii'iei sliutvn such a tvlde
vaiii i y of piillorlis, and we
hove never placed Biich low
pri -is upon so nni.il high
quality before.
'   ' -;-lF;
..:.>*■'>'    'j'j-^y %'     ,i';^*-*i..i.
'■■mt-.V i';'%-f'»s^:'?';
'tc IT XV
Import dircc   from Country oi origin.
REVTi    .STOKE    Id.  O.
v».-s,■»,**..■».*&.A^-s v%-js.*^.s^sJi,■-v-fc'»*v«.•«.•**-*>"«-*»>*t>-^*2>*2.'sVsV'»w v*p
i l-'.ir Agricultural tmplomaor*.   CnrrloKOs,  Wagon>   Etc .  J"!".
\ Doi-ro I'lnuiilis,  .Mnliiio  Wagons, Canada Carrlago (.'ompaiiy's
f Buggloa, Plnnol jr.,  Qarilou  Seedora and Cultivators,   Wliool-
wriKlit ninl   niin-k-iniili  Wnrk   attoudod  in.   Ilnrsn Bhuolng a
**» <»►**• VStt'OV*. 'r>-».-,fVa.-fc.'*l.*4y*«/*V'»-^fc*!. ^ *-*v'sV*t^l'!*»*k'VA,'V»,*iyV%.*l
l -% *?,%<i-*, 1 ^*V-cyvVC^sa,-V4.stt,%*SV%%*V%r%%r%*a> V*k Q,* !s Ta%S*
I   P.   BURNS    &   COiVaPANY,   LUVilTED. I
*4 nKAD OFFIOW:   Oalgary.   Almkuta. -p
■   11
ohI Cities nnd Towns of Alhi'i-tii!  Brilish Coluiulii-i and lhe  Viikmi.   d
i    Piickeis of ihe Celebrated Brand  "Imp.nl i" Hauls nnd Bacon,  *.
un I  " ShiUlltui k" Bi ind  I. .'I'  Lil'tl.
Wholesale and Ro*ail Moat Merchants
Poll. Puckers mid Dealers in Live Stock.   Markets in all the |
»L-% fi. u *>. -rs.-****. *4*»s*A'sa>''a-'«V-**.*&- '&''»>■*&^. **►•%•%%*ftr*ty%V*S>*V*4>
<*- *ay-»|
amkaftt \JJia    sa^JaSa     0*akiaam*a VJ*   \J ^*J
^^     RPVFI fiTOKP   B. C.
\,wj.. built.       !';r.t-r!:''f in ever)' resjiect.     All modem convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
R.-itC5 SI 50 per Dny, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel. Trout Lake, under same mnnagenient
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest  lhe
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors nnd
Cigars,    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - -        -Proprietor
1\*,,jC (' |     -svi
I. ilE^iw
who  i'        iii    M H i.i   k'i   i- ii dil
ill   having   ■ ttie   feel
'     I '!
,    .        ii'  i       '        ■ ynu
'.'■'.' 1.IllII, lllll
nil .in (. tn i ns j it'll find to I ■'
a  itmnii    Ily In   i   n     • . in -.
Manning (niiily Palate
I    have   choii ■
ipland prairie hay
i , also
ii     ,.      ul,i il     and
fi  ■! in offer in car
load I"!'-.
I lelivered prio i
■ ',■.in  i.ii  request.
CALQAHY,   Alta.
MAnnv,   doctor  or
" Don't  tlo   n 1 .	
thltiK "
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Slock, Pruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
lor the  Farm,  (iarden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
[tollable Varieties al reasonable prices
No Borers.   No Scale.   No fumigation
i lu damage atuck,    No wiuly iihi-iiIh to
inn > ynu    Buy diiei'l uud gel  trees
und s Is I hut grow.
hi i liii/.eis, Bee Supplies, Slimy Pumps
Rpraylng Material, Cui   Flowers, Bti.
j Oldest   eMiiiiii-iiid   nursery  on  tbe
1 inmnl.md of it. (.'.   Catalogue free,
(Iiei n!ioiiBCH and  Seed HoUSCI
V INCOUVEB,       •     -     •'     I'.  ('
bwl - > .i .! ■
"Flashlights (in Human Ni
in li.■nllli,ill-. .,-..,Im i .hi on  i;. I ■ l:
li'll-i nil .! you 'I ii-1- ii 'I trior lllll   llo to
III pngl'a, lllll       11eil, ' ' r. i.i
ll i.... ii. i .mi. i.   \  in mi adult fur        ."■
in ..nils.
M   HiLL, PUB. CO.
120 Inst lath btr..o.., nlw YORK.
li.-sr IIi-tI«. Aiiiiinil". lUrils. Mali, ;Klo„
.Mill .   ; I li
Miiinil   lings M tad,
I' 0 iinssi.
Studio!   i-'nrie r <.f 1 irst M n-.1 lliiyl-Avs.
ii. .,..■..-i.. a. c
U.vrlstolt.' Inii'l IHstrlfl.
Dlsiriut nf Wtml Kout imiy.
Tuku notii'u ii ni I, u..i HailtCi <»r rVrrowhOftd.
u.i', lutubenntuii iutvuil io npply Un n hpeolitl
tlmbor  Itcfiut'O ovur  tlio followliiK dcioribed
ciiiiniH'iii'iiii'»i a pirn| plantod at tho rniuth-
wt'sl i<uriii-r   <>l    I mil,er      im):    Xn.   11171, ninl
iniirkuri  "It. .1  l*nrk>-» nurth-cast corner puHt "
thoncu Mini' Ktn • liiiin-, iljome wc*l I" chalnn,
lIl.-llt'L' Ilu IMll    Pill 0   lltllK. lllDUl-C L'll-l   ui i-llll I IIH
lu fiolnl nl I'OUIIHDUCI lllillll.
Dolod Uoo. Uth, W07.
i. j. p/itUs,
wul jiin 22 i>. Dowar, Agent,
!;. v, Inl.oke Lnnil DUtrlot*
liisir , | uf Ucl Knnlciinv.
Tako nolico ilml I, H, r. Rmmyof Poplnr,
B.O., mi ii pal Inn PcuMpcutur, inii'iiil in npply Inr
ll spicl.il I friiic In im mul ciiiiy mviiy tfllllbor
irtMit (hf fiillowlng ih-Miilti'it luiiUi*:
I. i 'oiiiiiii'iii'iHu nl- il poal | il ■ I 111 s fi (in Um)
wohI bunk ot llUHty ('nek, inurkod "ll Y.
Iteamy's Sou li-otisl uornor p n-t, aboul :i mllua
-HiiitiH tiy from iho Uicdo rivor, buiwoon Kapid
Crock ninl Tontiorfoat Crook, najotning 'rimher
blinIL ii'.'.v.i rumiiiig vviwt, Llmnco wtsi, m\
chnins Lhonoo north Id yhalnn, thonoo ta»l l(W
Chain", I lichee hiiiiI li |H ilmiiiH to polnl (>' I'olil-
im lu-i no ol. conl illllng liiu aires toure or lout.
3. t'ommemoing ut d poat plantt'd mi the woat
bunk uf Ituaiy Uruok, tnariud "H. K. Roanty's
mnili ensi corner omit," uimni S miloa aouthorlv
from tin' Urdu rivor boiwooii ttatiltl Orook and
Tuudirfooi Cruuk, Uioucq wost um chains
ii't inn .-niiili in ohaliib, Llioiiuo eii-l Mil) chains
i in ihi: imii li-iii uliatua Lo polnl of commonco-
oienl, einiimiiini; liliiiiercb more oi Icsh.
3. Coinmi'iiuliiK "L a post pinniiil on iho
woal bank of Huaty Crook, marki.fl "MY.
ItcHiuy'H mnili w< si corn, r puat," about ll uulen
si.imIh ri> from ihe Lardo rlv. r, but woo li Rapid
Crook and  Tomti ricHiL Crook,   IhoncQ oaai&ii
chains, iheii'c aouth 80 elmios, tln'ine west H)
i.'I mi ns, i hence north till chums to point- of coin-
incoeeiiicni., containing 010 auros moro or loan,
Liiu.Mil i/,!h  Ueceiiihei', P.W7.
wed jau Id
it. K. KH .MY, I.'
Ili'ii IMul.i I,mul lllalrlot,
lllsllli'l ul \l I'sl Knilli'll .>-.
Tnki um i.i-1 hut. we, c O. Woodward nnd II.
K. I.eiiin.v, nl l'n|i!iii Ci'ii'l,. II. ('., iiri'ii|i.il-un
l'i-us|iiiiiit'>, Iiiliiul In upuly I'm- ii h|iii-iiiI li-
eiiii ii in nil ami tarry uwuy liltibur tnini itm
following duacrlbod lands;
1. 1'iiiiiiiu'ln'iiiKi.l u pnsl pliuili it mi tlm wnsl
bankol run mi i-uolt. about * iniluaup, markod 'C 0. Woodiutv und U. K lii-iiiiiy'asuiiili-
i-nsi. noiitii'pusi," I'liniiiin- along o, K Rovelln
north li imilli!.i   nf  >Sn.  2 '1 null, r l.iiiui I2l.su,
lllOUCO    VVIIHt    Ml i-llllills, llii'llill- llwl'lll SO iluiins,
iliuiii-t- u.isi tin, imins. tiiiiini- stiuili BUobuina in
inuiii ul iiiiiiii.tiiiriitiii ni, ooiitalnliig610 iii'i'us
111' less.
2. I'liiiiini'iii li.n ul. ii poat iiliuin it un tlm
vvust linn i ui Poplar run k, iiliuin.iv, iinlis up.
markod "(J,  u.   u   uirow  and il, K. Buitmy'a
mil-ill i usi   I'ulliir  pusi,   llunii'i!   west hit iluiins
along il.  l'i. Idnn's Nn. •■ TiiiiIiim- I. i. 1'jis.n
-mini boundary, llionooaoutb sii clialn*. thonoo
t-usi. hinii.uiis, tlionoo iiui'iii su iluiins in iiuiii!
in I'uiiiiiii'iii'iiini.'iit. I'uiiiuuiiiiK mn iii'ius moro or
i.i,ii.ii. ■) i.sih Dooomlior, lutii.
wi'ii.i.uii.'i      u. 0. woonitow,
ll. 1''. HI'.A.VIV, Louilui-s.
Certificate  of Iraproveraents
Hiix lliipe Ktaettoii Miiuu'.il Chiim, ajtuato in
tho Trnui Luke Mining DTVUlon'of ICootonay
District,    Where ee.ile.l:    ['.Hilar I'reck,
Tako nailoa that t.Charlo*. John Allan Newton Padloy, of Nelson, B.C.. Kroo Minor's •'erti*
II ale no. '6906 It. int. nl, sixty days from dUn
horcof, to apply io tho Mining Reorder fora
Cortlflcatool I rovemoiito, for the purpona «»f
obtaining a f.'iiwn Grant oi  tlio above claim.
And  i iirl.li r take notioe that aotion, uurtor
Soctio i   -,,   must    DO   eoinoieiieeil   lictore   the
Issuain e hi bUOn Leriiltate of hnprnvi>iiients.
Dated Lhlall uil.iy of .la try, A.It., ItlUtt.
wed Jon 16 0, J, A. N. PAD LB Y.
Itevcl-sioke Land  Di-tiict.
I) !*• trie I of Woal ICootonay,
Tako notice lhat I, Donald Dewar of iiTowhead,
occupation ('rulrer. iuti ml to apply ror pcrmlaBlou
to purobasu the followiug descrluetUanq'
Cotmuonciug at the smith-west corner of l.nt
.Mil, Group l, in -aid district, tlience westSO
ohaiua, ilietim nortfi 20 cliataa. thence west HO
ohaiua, tlience Boulli 4« chalna tlience eaat40
clialns, thenro north 20 ohalns to point of com*
Dated Jan, Ifitli, llH-8.
wnljana DOM ALB DEWAR,
Rovelatoko Land Dlatrtot,
Distiit.i of Wesi ICootonay.
Tako notice that 1,0.0. Woodrow of Pop]
M C , oroutrntiou Prospector,intend toapp
for a special licence lo out and carry awa) in
ber from Lho following doacrlbod landei
CouitocneiiiK ih a post planted about I of
milo southerly irom tho 87 milo board on I
O.P.R. railroad ndjulnlng Timber Limit lion west boundary, and tho foutb boundarj
Timhc- Limit 838, marked "CO Woodrov
north'Oaal cornoi poat," thenco wusfeSOehaii
thence south 80 chains, thenco oastwi ehaii
thencq norih ko ohalns to point of obtnmem
nidi;, containing tun aoroa more or less.
Located 16th Dee. 1007s
wed jan 15
C o. wooDitow. Locator.
■   Revel-toke I-md IHslrioI,.
District of Weal Koo otiay.
Takeimtioo thai w . tiio Lamb-Watson Lumber .'luiipiiny Limited,of Arruwnoad, if. <:.,
oooupaUou Luinborpiou. Intend to apply for
permission to lease tha following described
foreshore, beiun pun of loe furoshoreof Unlena
Bay, for loguing pui pusesi
Loftimencfng at » post sorlbod "Lamb*Watson
Lmuher Co."   planted   at    lho   S W. corner of
Lot 8407, thenco south westerly following blgb>
water murk, a dlstODCOnf till ehains.
Dated this 80th day of October, p.K)7.
Lahii-Watsos LtiMiiKit Co. Ltd.,
Jan 1608 Hy O. 11. N. WtlMe, A emit.
Bevolstoke Laml Ulstrlci
Dlatrlol of Wost Kootonay.
Tako nottoo thai I, cow todrowof Poplar
Creek, it o„ ocoupatlon Prospootor, Intend to
npply for ii % nut mi lieeocc to cut and curry
awn> timber fruni the following dosorlbea
1. I'oiumciiciitg at a posl planted iihoni I
mile up the Hi si -■ ui n I'm k of I'u; hii ('reck mi
easl bank art joining Timber Limn No ifidl.on
the wesi boundary, marked "O o. WoodrovPi
iioj-ih—asl oorner post, tlionoo aouth (60 ohalns,
thence went III etimiis, tllOUOO norlh Hi" cliulns,
thenoe cast iOohalnste point of commence-
meoLeouluinuiK Bin ueres more or less.
2, (' iiieiicuiK at   a   posl. planted  ou tlm
wesi tmnk of tho Und -oiilh fm-k of Poplar
i'reek, about •"! miles np, adjoining Tlmbor
Limit No. 10016011 tho south boundary mart. <i
"('. (». Wood row's liot'tti-weHt comer post,"
thence ooal hi ohalns, thenoo Miulh ni chums,
thence wi si, So chains, theuce north an chain*, to
I'Oiiil of eiiiiiinmiconii-ul, containing OIU limes
more or less,
Lin mi il is h December, llf07,
wed j,ui 15
C 0. WOODROW, Lojalor,
Kevelsioke Land District.
District of Wost Kootonay,
Take  tiotl 0 lhat A- O, Johnston of Poplar
'reek,  Occupation   .M'T'-li.ml. inl) niL lo apply
a- a sp.cial licence lo cut ami curry away tim
ber Trout the following ilescrlted land-:
Commencing at a pusi planted  about. v\
miles up Poplar t'reek fi 0111 I'oplar townsilo,
iiildug for the south east corner of Timber
Limit L'lMi. marked 'A. (». J< hu ion's south'
wi s corner po-t," thenoo oust Hi ohalns, thenco
 th80 ohan a, thonoo west80 ohalns, tbenoe
south •*" chains in point of commooceuiciiL
uuntalnibg BU) aoros more or lea,
1-rfjcatui 1Mb Dec., llto".
wed jan 15 K. Y. Keuiny, AgOOt,
TO LET— '{(hhii or rootn and board
im one or 1 tvn gctitle'iien,   All co 1-
..•nii'iiccs.   ii''c|ii* , ie, otc.   Apply to
.;■'''•' '   "* ■'■: '. '"•. <" -"  • ■•v-
a    CkAfil'LV* AV.VWiia.o'..
Ul'KN   l)\Y  AMi Mlllli'
$5.00     Board By Week    $5.00
enzie Avenue.
seen is THE
Diamond Vale
Its heating and lasting qualities arc most remarkable.    Burns as good coal should
$8.75 Per Ton Delivered
Vga|p.MB»»a**safam^aaaaa«*aa«w«iaaaiiiiiiii»a I man
Incorporated by Act tl Purlin omit, 1855.
Wm. MOLBON MaoPHKRSON,  Pii'h. S. II.  Kwimi,  Vic.'.Pit's.
.Ia.mks Eli.hit, Gencriil Mamiger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two  branches in  Oaoiulu and  Agencies  in  all  parts of the
Interest credited four times a  year At current ntt.es on Savings
Hank deposits, until further notice.
VV, H. PRATT, Manager,
Lai.d ii
K    ■ oiiay,
i • : ..,   Pi ,..
.   ■ .   ■    ■ -. . in onda
■ l    .;     :u:    ,i        .      .   . ...   il iMi'i j
■ a a    r    urn  l ■-   i'i! i wing   liuwnti d
i. Commencing al a poat planted about 20
feol on tho north rtduof Poplar Crock, markod
"B. Y Roainy nonh-oaul oon.er ponU" adjoii
[nyihu vmi boundary of TJiuU-rLI iii No,
IU"'*!, ubout otiu mlluweetof Lbu llr-i »-.u:ii
lurk of  I'npliir  Crook, thenoe weit B0chains,
in tui' M.tiiii BO chalna, thenoe east Boohaln*,
thence norlh Bfl chain*, to point of oomuieuoo-
ment, containing (Md apreii moro or lew.
•_'. Commencing &1 a punt plantod about 200
fr. i on ih north dido of r.iplar 'rook, marked
■It I-. Iteamy's south-earn oorner post," adjoining tin- weal boundary ot Timber LimitXo
lljusl, nb-ui one railawo-d uf the first soul h
fork ol Poplar Crook, Lhouce west 8» ohalns,
Uionoe north 80 chains, tboiioe east w ohalns,
iin in,- south 80chain*to polnl nf oommeuos
iiii-iii, containing 040 acres more ur less,
8. Commencing al a posl planted on the east
i»ink of the soooiid Muth fork or Poplar Creek,
about one mile up markod "B. Y Roamy'i
uorth-eaxl oorner post," thenoo weal 10 ohalus,
thenoo .-nui h 160 chalna, thenoe eaat 4b chalna,
thenco north 160 chains to point of oommenco'
moot, containing (MOaores mure or loan,
4 Commencing at a poat planted about 4M
mlloa westerly irom i he oral south fork of Pop-
lar Creek, marked 'it. Y. Reamy's north-west
oorner poht," thence east so chaina, thenoo
south ni chains, thenoo west 80 ohalns, thenoo
north su ohalns to polntof commencement,
ooutatning W0 aoros mure or loss.
6. Commencing at a poat planted about 4Va
mile* westerly rrow tho Brat aouth fork of Poplar Orook, markod "it. Y. Reamy's north-easl
corner pom." tbonee Wftlt 1" ehains, tluniee
-uui li ion chains, thenoe easl iOohatno, tbenoe
north too (iiains to polntof oommonoomonu
ootHalniug640acres moroor leis
It. Commencing al a post planted about live
mih's westerly from the Aral south fork ot Pop-
Im- i't k, marked "■■   Y, it.-.tm- -. south-west
oornor pool." thence easl I flu ohalns, thenoe
north 10 uhulns, thenoo wesi 100 chains, tbenoe
Mjuih 10chains tu (mini or oommonoomeuti cuu
lalnlngOlU ni'i-e- mora or leaa,
Looated iTiii Decern bur, urn?.
wed Jau 10        B !•'■ HY. AMY Locator,
Revelstoke i and District,
DUtrlcl "i West Kootenay,
Take notice that 1,0 A, Freeman, of Katlo,
B.C., occupation Miner Intend to apply for a
speolal licence over the following described
.1. Cnmmenolag at a post planted on the
west bank of Drllt 'reek. It miles from ihe Lar-
dean --Ivor ami about 2 miles north easterly
from the N K. corner ot Loi B00, G, L, them e
nesl -in chains. Ibence north 100 oltalns, thence
east 40 chains, thence south 160 ohalns to the
ti tut of commencement.
2. ( I'liiiiii'in'iiu: ut a pqst planted on the
west bunk of Drift Creek, 8 miles from the
I anleau Kiverand about*1 miles norlh easterly
from tlie N K. corner of Lot 88V, Q 1, thence
east -to chains, thence north 160 ehains, thence
weet locbains, ihence south it>u chains to the
poini ot i om men cement.
8, (oiiimeucint- at a post planted un the
west bmik of Drift Creek, 2M miles from Lor*
dean River and about i1,, miles north easterly
from tbe N K. oorner uf Lot 889,'. 1. thence
norih tu chains, thence east 160 chains, them e
south 40 oh. Ins, thence west, 160 ohalus to the
pulnt of commencement
4.    i ointneiiclni*   at   a   post   planted on the
west bank of Drill Creek, 2U miles from the
Lardeau ivcr and about ij-, miles north easterly irom the N E oorner of Lot 839, u i,
thence south 40 chains, ihence east 160 ohalns,
thence n .nh 4u chains, thenue west ioo ohalns
tu ttie point uf commencement.
6, commencing ut a post planted on tint
WOSl bankol Unit Creek, 2 miles from tin-
Lard' au Mvcr and about l mile north easterly
irom the N, 1C, corner ol Lot 889, 0 I. thenoe
west 40 chains, thenco north h'O'cbalns, thenc-*
east-lu obalna, tlience suuth IHU ehains n» the
point of commence tent,
Dated Dee. 201 h, 190t,
wed jan ;■» C- A   I REEMAN,
British-Canadian Wood, Pulp and Paper (o.
Owners of Townsite of Port Mellon, Howe Sound, 25 Miles from Vancouver
Corporation of the City ot
Financial Statement for the Year 1907.
l.iilli'ir l,ii-i,ii,-„M  $ 1.P0O 00
Weighing Peas          145 10
Interest uu Sinking Funds       405 .20
Lunu on  current    year's
tuxes      6,000 00
I'ngTiii         IM 00
Sclinol Grunt      5.523 IS
Triulo Lilciiiicos         785 IK)
lntorostonTiiios         2111  SS
Polios Court Finos     1,192 31
Itnflinils  811 50
Pound Fess        Siii'i 25
Itiniil Tux       1,2,1(1 (10
I'eiuolorj'    ...        211.'! 50
Ki'iil I'ruji. Tunis lSllU-lDOl 211 00
" "       1002  41  42
"       " H       1003         252 71
"       H "       1004         B74  24
"       " "       1905         803 33
"       " "       1000      1,2111  54
 '       1907     17.707  27
 S3D,e43 (
Water anil Liirlit Rules, Jlnstnlln-
tioui, Muter Reuts nmlj T;i|i|iiin,'
Mains      30,200 !
Canadian Gen. Eloc. Co..   2.000 00
O. W. Abruliamsou      34(1 10
 2,34l)| 1
S72.2H2 1
Balance      26,689 I
*!)7,8SI 04
Within one yc-tr the Stock of this Corporation will be Belling at n handsome premium, Tlii'ii
It will be ton lute to buy. The experience of every industry has been that tbe time to buy its
stock is in the amhryo stage before n wheel bus been turned, We have been framed water rights
of H.'iim-y River, unit hope to have tin- tlt-st iiuitof our pi.-tni in operation for the manufacture of
paper within four luonth-i. When complete tbis modern mill will have a weekly capacity of 180
tuns of newspaper and 27D tuns of wrapping.
We uow offer the balance of our first allotment of Preferred Stock In blocks of 100 shares at
$1.00 per slum-. This si i irk is entitled to nn annual dividend of 7 per cent., commenclnu Novembi r
1st, llHis. Tin' 7 per cent, is due and payable before any dividend is p tid upon the Common Stock.
After 7 prr cent, haa been paid upon the Preferred and Common, thereafter both stocks participate - qually. There is no good reason why lhe Preferred Stock should not pay from 30 to SO per
cent, dividends,
Hereafter all subscriptions for first allotment shares will be accepted onl / upon a pro rata distribution basis. Notioe will be given in the immediate future of the exact date of the closing of subscriptions for the first allotment of Preferred Stock.
One of the most necessary Industries nf Western Oanada is that of tbe manufacture of wood,
Pulp und Puper, —every year hundreds of carloads of paper are annually secured from the Eastern
provinces at from $10 to $18 freight rate per ton. Why Bhould we not manufacture this great
amount of goods at in une iustead of Importing it, llius giving work to our own people und building
up our own Province? The future of Western Can tda depends upim the development ot its manufacturing Industries. The directors who are bending their energies la the establishment of this
great and useful industry are well known business men of Vdnouu.er who have subscribed liberally to the stuck in order to make tins a distinctly British Columbia enterprise.
REMEMBER-There ts no watered stock, no Inflated values or huge promoters' profits In the
enterprise. Unlike most corporations, Instead of allowing from 15 to 2"> per cent, for advertising
and sale of slock, the entire commission, brokerage and office expenses and sale of stuck is limited
to 10 per cent
The public are cordially Invited to visit our demonstrating plAnt, 313 Cordova Street, and
witne8s|the manufacture uf pulp and paper from refuse material, such as slabs, disoarded shingle
bolls, etc., that is now being burnt at I lie local mills.
CAPTAIN II. A. MELLON, J. P., American Lloyds Agent, etc.
W. H. R.OOLLISTER, Manager Albion Iron
Works, Vanoouver.
FRANCIS J. P. GIBSON, British Columbia
Trust Corporation.
J. C. \V. STANLEY, formerly Gen. Manager
West London Paper Mills, London, Eng.
COL. T. II. TRACY, M. C, Soo., C. E., P.L.8.,
D.L.S., Con , I'.ng., former City Engineer
of Vancouver!
PRED. SMI I If, member Smith, Wright*
Davidson, Wholesale Paper Co., Vancouver, 15. C.
H. M. BURRITT, Western Mnnager Corticelli
Silk Co., Vancouver, B. C.
EUSTACE II. JEN NS, Barristers, etc,, Vancouver, li. C.
GEO. E. CATE8, Gate? Shipbuilding Co.,
Vancouver, B. C.
QREELY KOLT8, formerly General Manager
Pacific Coast Soda Co."
Aii Subscriptions for Stock Must bo Made to
Columbia Agencies, Ltd.
Public School.
Tencliers         $7,918 00
Janitor      851 50
Secretary        60 n
Incidental      155 08
Repairs      418 19
D'uol     1,0111 79
Stationer; uud Supplies    73-) 57
Furniture      2.8 36
Or.iunils       121   H
Clearing Now Block ..,      128 00
Lilirnrj-        23 1 i
New Work on Attto    1.CI9 72
 $1.1 100 39
High School.
Toucliors    2.825 01
Jiii.itiir         liO 00
Furniture..'       33 25
Library         7000
Iiiciiioiitu! ..          12 74
Repairs        22 45
Supplies  7   10
 3.IW) 51
A. McRaB,
116,430 93
H. Floyd,
Balance, .1 miliary 1st, 1907 	
No lFiro Hall  $    100 00
Telephone Rental  102 37
Election BxpiDISB  82 25
Ollloo Fu-nituro  85 00
Audition  SO 00
DokTiiks   5 50
Sruln Iiisiini'liiiii  2 35
Commission, ool lee t i n g
Riiail Tin  116 40
Premium, ClorkV Bonds.. 25 00
Repayment on Tax Loan., 5,742 67
Inquests   34 00
Firemen's liiHiiruuiie  137 30
Voting nu lly-luws  315 110
Sowers, preliminary up., 749 55
Tools  23 00
Payments to Firemen  474 50
Printing and Stationery.. 72   90
Postage and Telegrams ... 231 45
Prisoners'keep  2(12 63
Stroets aud Sidowulks new
work  10,482 85
Streets St, sidewalk repairs 714 20
Ciric Salaries   2,900 00
I'ulii'ii Salaries  3,589 30
Firo Alurm repairs  122 75
Donations  820 oo
Sick and Destitute  332 95
Interest on Tun Loans,.... 1,823 15
Police, general expenses.. 1,555 15
Schools  16,430 93
SnowSorvice  993 36
Fuel  440 65
Legal Expanses  1,051 90
Firo Brigade Equipment.. 310 85
Health Department  553 75
Rn pairs to Buildings  98'''03
Repairs to Tools, etc  2,1 25
Refunds, Ruud Tax   94 00
I... .liiiiilii Hospital   1,119 48
Pound   323 83
Now Jail (tiaciog'plans) . 3 f)
113,620 13
53,790 35
$67,410 53
Interest, Debentures,
Sinking Fund, Debon.
750 00
100 00
150 00
350 00
*.() OO
3,137 50
1,000 CO
570 17
68 32
159 19
103 31
228 43
261 30
4,021 98
570 71
3,983 41
$77,393 94
31 00
102 37
635 55
84 00
274 55
2,509 IB
476 82
Telephone Rental	
Slush Ice 	
Water Plaut	
Installation inu I e r i ii 1 3,
lumps.etc      1,52* 26
Electrii- Repair* end Maintenance (city)	
Electric Repairs &. Main
leiiiini-e iPnwor House)
Sal tries	
Ouiiornl Espouses	
Printing and S iiliniiory..
Now Tank	
IS-lnrli time Vulre	
061 13
$97,881 94
BALANCE—Current Revenue and Expenditure Account
Tn Mnlsims Bunk fnr-
I nan  on Tux   Arrears,
18W.1906  $ 8,202  91)
Loan nu 190" Tuxes      6.CJ0 00
Exp'dituro .vor receipts   25,629 42
To Deposit Account, (contracts)	
" One unpaid Debenture Coupon...
142,284 I
Ry Tux Arrears, 1899-1901     I    SM 78
"         "         1902  380 74
"          "          1003  714 36
IP!  1.(82  10
"          '•          1905  2.061 67
1906.  2,978 30
1J07  6,943 21
By Accrued Interest nu Taxes  1,227 75
"   Water aud  Light accounts dne
tol'ity  8.548 53
Doll, it for the year.,
21,675 44
17,609 48
112,294 92
Debentures, Series A  $15,000 00
"   II  2,100 (in
"              •'   0  MOO no
"   E  S.nlW on
.   "              "   F  7,000 111)
"                »   Q  8,00s Ml
"   H  62,510 0"
"   1  20,000 00
•i             "  J  N.000 no
Duo on Nn. 1 Firs Hall  200 110
Doflci, 1907   17,609 48
169 809 48
BslSDSS, As^ntsovnr Liabilities      S6,7W1 66
$230,570 14
Ily Streets and Sidewalks      51.242 138
"   City Scales  K0 00
"    Water and Light capital arct...    1(0,868 39
"   S'IiimiI House and Grounds      23.600 1,
ll   Bi'honl Furniture        1,000 Oil
"   Real Proporty—
Firo Hall Nn. 1      1,100 00
"       "       "   2      3,001) 00
Lots 8 and 0, Block 2.1.  .     I,M0 00
itocroutinii Ground      1.U22 50
City Hull      4,731  11
Villa LntN          25<l 00
Dumping ground         533 2u
Isolation Hospital       1,119 41
 14,356 29
Fire Alarm System   910 02
Odli-e Furniture       1,521 75
Tools and Implements  722 63
Duo on Cemetery Lots  262 50
Sower Plans, etc   241
Firo Brigade Equipment       4,248 17
Unsold Debentures "J"      15,000 00
Jail Pious   S 00
Hinklug Funds-
A      8.70S 65
B        488 W
0         969 90
E        540 90
F      1,035 91
O  • 1,1M 02
II      9,169 90
I       1,130 27
P. J:\t anJ Loss .. .
To'!'  ..,,.      .. Ren .il 	
H ..  I. Ice   	
Electric Repair and Main (' i y)
Water Repairs end Maintenance
General Expense	
Printing mul Stationery	
10J 37    Ps 1 ..ii
.:.    V,     "   Wm.    i
84 i.j
274 53
667 40
949 41
2.3111 Ul
6.i'.2 84
no so
3,Hi2 40
181 50
Li.hi " ..
Mn.li Ri-iils....
'lapping Mains.
313 30
l(i,369 50
:i.i*.i 04
1,078 60
37 X
13,111 53
Balance, Profit      is,'... si
$33,761 34
Prod! applied as follows:--
Light Plant, (including  Meter   and
Gate Vul.e	
Water Plant, including New Tank ..
111,761 14
Less accounts due, etc.
7.194 81
To General Civic Fund   ■ 11,454 99
116 649 81
Debenture "J " Account—Power and Auxiliary Plant
To Proceeds ol sale of 15 Debentures    114, 50 00
Ily Ail.iirtising         128 ii,
"   Engineering          737 M
"   Pule Line         819 67
"   Spur        82107
 1.59S 31
Balance    112,683 SS
Certified Correct—B. A. LAWSON, City Auditor.
January 23rd, 1908.
City Treasurer.
—    18.2ir» r,i
3,570 14
Cariboo * and District,
Hist riot of Cariboo,
Tako notice tbat Alexander McRae Latimer oj
Rerelstoke, B, 0„ occupation Cruiser, intend* to
apply for a Special tinilwr license oter tbe follow
Ing described land*:
7. Commencing at a port planted on the left
bank id the Little Smoky mer, about three miles
fr "in il-* mouth and marked "A.M.L, S.W.corner,"
thoncu east IUU (mains .theuce north 40 chain*!,
tlience went ltl I chainH, tlience routh *0 chains to
point of Commencement ami containing 840 acres
more or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted on the right
hank of tlie Little Sinnky river about three miles
frum lin mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.K. corner,"
tlience west liju chaina, thence north 40 chains,
thenco east if chaina, thence south 40 chains to
point of commencement and containing 040 acres
more or leas.
9. Commencing at a post ptan.ed on the left
bank of tbe Little Smoky rivor atx.ut three and
oiiu-half miles from ita luouth ami marked "A.M.
L. S.W, corner," thence east 100 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence we-it 13u chains thence
south 40 chains to point of commencement and
containing B*0 acres more or less.
10. Commencing at a post planted on tbe right
hank of the Little isuniky river atmiit three ann
mif-luth miles from ita ui"Ui li and marked "A M
L. MK. comer,' thence we-t irjn chains, thence
north 40 chaius, tlience eaat leu chains, thence
south 40 chains to point of -.otuiuencement and
containing G4o aerus more or lesa,
11. Commencing at a puat planted on the left
bank of the Little Smoky river alM.ut four miles
from ita mouth and marked "A.M.L. rf- W. corner '
thence east vO chaini thence north -JO chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south 8>i chain*) to
point of commencement and containing 04U acre--
inure or less.
12. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky rmr about four milu-i
from ita mouth ami marked 'A M.L. 8 K- .orner."
thence west 80 chains, thenco nortn hn chains,
thence easL 8*1 <h.ins, theoce south s- ch .in.-, to
point ol commencement aud containing ,64m acres
more or less.
Dated Dec. 17th, i»07.
13. C«*miueneiiig at a post planted on tbe left
hank of flic l.utlo Smoky river *b<>ui tire miles
from it* mouth and uiaraea "a.m.i,. AW.corner,"
tllOnce north so chalna. tlience e.i»t *»u chains
thence south HU chains, tbence wtat aO chaina ti
point of commencement and containing o4u a> r*->
lUi'J-e or less.
li    Cm cueing at a p-st planted ou the left
hank of  the   Little 8mok) nver abum   *.ix mil**
from its mouth and marked   A M.L. N.W. unwr,
ttipiiie  south  b'J chains,  theme east»■ cbnijia,
thuncv north 8uobalna, theuo-i a*.-»i >u chaina to
puint uf commencement andcuutaimng t>4»a r -
more or less,
Lo. Commencing at a poat planted on tlwlrfl
jtuk i,| too Little Smoky nv i auuUi ■. x m Ies
ti inu it- mouth and marki.it "A M,... ."* W. r.. r,
tueuue uorth o0 chaius, thenc-. taat on U-*.iu»,
Ur n ' . uui So chaina, thence »*e«i »iehaui»Us
jr uu ol commeucement and contammgOi .«.- ru-
nior<"' or less.
io. Uoiuiuencing Map at planted un th- hgiii
hank of the Little smoky liver about aaveu wuea
fiom its mouth and markeri "a.M i.. >'-W corner,
thence south ~-o chaina, thence east mi chains,
thenoe 'north go Chaina, thence waat N chaina to
point of commencement, and cou taut ing oiu none
hi iru ». i l*»a
17 Commencing at a poat planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoks rm-rabottt aeireu muea
from Uh mouth an i marked A.M L. S.W.iorner,"'
tin-nee north b0 chain*., theuce eaat on chains,
theme south Bu ih tins, thence went qu chalna to
polntof oowmencement and containing owacrw
:iiire or less.
Iv Commencing at a post planted on tbe right
liAitk-f th'Little Smokyriteralmutoiglitmiles
from u mouth ami marked   aml .n W.corner,"
Jiem-e   south   BJ)  chains    them e   ea.-t a   < baiua,
thence north Mi chains, themceweal bU chaina Ui
pi.mi of co.uui.'iicmueiit and OoUtainlllg VAU acres
more or le*s,
19. Coiuiu nclng *t a post planted on the right
hank of the Little Smoky nvir about eight n nes
from tbe mouth and marked " \.M L ?» W corner,"
thence north 80 chalna, thence eaat *l chaina,
thence south 8o chains, tnenca we»l *o hams to
point of commencement and containing Uu acree
more or letis.
tO. ('oiiimi'ii.)ing at a post planted on the righl
bank of the Little S*uok) tfrei alwut nine miien
from its mouth and im-rked "A M L. N.W.C ruer,
theuce aouth 8U chanisi, thence eaat So chains,
thence nortn H) chains, thence west *) chains to
point of coiuuiencetneiit and coutainiug 04u acres
more or less.
21. Commencing at a posl planted on tbe rigid
liank of the Little Smoky riTer about nine iniie*
from its mouth aod marked "A M.L. S.W.corner,"
thence north w» cbaius, theuce east m chains,
thence aouth du chains, theuce west W chains lo
point of commencement and containing &4u acres
more or less.
li. Com iin* nn tig at a post planted on the right
bank of the north fork of the Little Smoky mer
about one mile from tbe forka aud marked "AM.
L. S.W.corner," thence east ItiU chains, theuce
uorth 40 chains, thence west WO chains, theme
south lo chains to point of cuinmeucemeni and
containing ■•*' acres mure ur less.
23.    Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank Of tba nortn fork ol the Little.Sm.ik> rifri
ai.out .rn.- mile from tha forka and marked   am
L. 8 K.comer,' theuce »eal ltWchains, thence
north 4o chaius, thence easl Its" ci.ain-i, thence
souln 4o chains to point of ciiumsucsiment and
coniainmg 040 acres BHN1 or le»s.
Dated Dee. isu, Wl.
ti Commencing at a posl planted un tha right
hank of the east foil ol lhe Little .Smoky river
almut one half mile from lite forks aud marked
■ AM I, .S.W.corner,' theuce south |U chains,
thence   easl   ■*,  chains,   theuce   north au chain*,
tbenceweat M chains to point of uowMBonuni
au 1 containing woiiirr-*a iuo-e or less
36 Coinmeni ing at a post planod on the right
hank of the east fork of the Little Sltoky river
about one half mile from t,tiu fo-ks and marked
"A,M.L S W .corre-,' thence north au cbams,
ihence east bU clipms, tuance south *j chains
thence west Mi chains to point of cummencemctit
and containing 040 acres more ur less.
W. Commencing at *» post planted on the right
bank of tiir east fork of the Little Smoky river
about one ard one-half miles from the forks and
in irked "A M.L. .S.W.coiner," thence south hV
chains, thence east 80 chains, .bence north BO
chaius, thence west M chains to point uf commencement and containing &40 acres more or less
27, CoramencinK fta post planted on the right
hank of tbe east fork of the Little Smokv river
about one and one-half miles frum ths forks rnd
marked "AML. S.W.corner," theuce north tn
chains, thence east ftu chains, thence south eo
chains, ihence west 80 chains u> point of commencement and containing 04') acres more or less.
fg, Commencing at a post planted on tbe right
bankol tba east fork of the Little joky river
ahout twit and one-h .If miles from the fork-and
marked ' A.M.L. N W.c« ,ier." thence south 4<
chains thence «m-i lot) chains, tiei-ce north 40
chains, thenco west 1*1 ch«ins to pomt of < otu-
mencement and containing -1- acres more or less.
2D Commencing at a post plan ed on the right
liank of tha eaa. fork of the Liu's Snokjr-v.r
attout two and one-half miles from tbe forks and
marked 'A.M.L. S.W. corner,' thence north 40
chains, thence east 100 ciiains, thence south 40
cLains, thence west 160 chains to point of cam*
mencement .um containing 640 acres mora or leas.
30. Coiumencing at a pust planted on the right
I. ink of the east fork uf the Little Smoky river
attout four aud one-half miles from the forks and
marked "'A.M.L. .N.W.curner," thenco south ltO
chains, thence east 4u chains, thence north IM
chains, tbenoe weal 40 chains to point of ccm*
utencemeiiL and containing 040 acres monger lesa.
31. Commencing at,a post planted on tbe right
bank of tlie easl fork ot tbe Little Hmoky river
aboul four and one-half mik-s from tbo fetks and
marked "A.M.L. S. W. corner," thence north 80
chains, ihence cant 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, theiue west 80 chains ta point of commencemeut aud coniaiuing 0«u acree more or lesa.
Ut. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the eaat lurk of me Lutie Siuoky river
about lour aud one-half miles frum the forks aud
marked 'A.M.L. N.JC corner," thence south 160
Chaina, theuce west 40 chains, thence north 100
chaius, theuce east 4u chains lo point of com*
mencement and cantainlng 04u acres more ur less.
33. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank ol the eaat lurk uf the UUU. bmoky river
about live aud uiie-liatf miles fiom the lorkn and
marked "A.M.L. 8.W. corner, Ibence north 80
cUams,  tht-nce   east   BU   chalna, theuce   soulU b0
chains, tbenoe west bo chains to pmnt of com*
meiK-eineut and containing, ul" acr*-« mora or leas
34. Couuu-ucnig at a pint, plauistd on the right
bank of the eaat fork of Little bmoky rirer about
live and one-naif lade* frum tlie lores ana marked
'A.U.L. N.W. corner," Uieuce eajt 8u chaina,
tlience south no cbami, theuce went gu chains,
inence utttiii &o chains lo pomt ot coiumenceiueut
aud contaimug 04U acres mure or ie«a.
.-;.■ Comuienciug at a posl plaot«d on tba right
i-aiik of trie ea*t lork ui the Little bmoky river
aouut six and one-naif miles from the forka and
mariieu •A.M.L. b.w. corner," ihvuce nurUi eO
cuaius, Uieuce easl 8U etiatns, ibence aouih oO
viiaius, inence w**m Bu cuatua to poiut of com*
meucemeui aud coniaiuing atu aora« more or leaa,
36. Commencing at a pusi planted on tbe ruht
bauk uf tlie etui lurk of Hie utile Smoky liver
.sit mi six aud one ball nines from the forks and
matktd a M.L. .vW.curuer," tueuce ean 80
cuaiu-t, Uieuce -toutb Bu cbams, ibence wesi 00
i. I..U1.S, iiii iii. o ii..ruj ou cbams lo pomt of com*
mcuceuienL ami luinaimug ttv a^ra« mora or leaa.
ll.tU'u uvy.   lvi.lt, IVU7.
37. Comment.mg at a poat pUuied oa the right
bfUU ui tne f.tsi I..IK oi luc iaii.is- &moky nver
aUwtit svTen *uu t-in: La.it wu-*s iium tue lurit*, and
•"•»'»■"    A.ji-L.   N.W. coruut,    uiauc-« east so
clia.tta, Liieuce ouai.li cr cuaius, Lbvuce stss.nU
Cuaiiii, Uieuce Uuriu viiiitiui ,u|niiiii ul cum*
lUeucciaeui .i.i'i cuuLaaaiig wto ai.t*«» uiure ur lesa.
3&v L.tiumeliv ing o-l a poat plauled ull tile r.gut
Uauaul LiidOist tora ui Lin.- kaittle oiuuk) rivor
a.<oat eeVeU *ii«. uUcUail Jutlca Hum tue luISS and
oii*rketi     A>M I*,   >s. it .coroor,    Lbeuce imriu ou
nam*, Uieuce  v«Mt  &o cuauia, Uicuch  suuiu au
tin,- •», l..- ..  ..   mc*. ou   tUd.ti*   tu jj.,iui   ol   coal*
,u.u ,,utiii .tu . . ..III..I..IU, i in ,.i ii, u,„io or ii-ss.
Jt.   euiuiu ... i»g ... .i |iu.i  pi.iu.vu on .in.-   igiii
u..ua ol   ibt   ttoM  i  r-.ni   ti..' i.u.n- .-ttu'is. nvt-r
u a. ' ...i a>4U-J uuc'IhUi tunes iroui iuc luika and
Uiolks a        , ...| ...    .>. ii .Coruer, '   tbeuce   ea*t   BO
Cliaiua.    UWHICe     -''Uui    OO    111..1111, 11,1-ui t-    nest oO
tfhauie,   UHTuUCj    north oo  ctiaiu*i   Lopuiutuf I'uiii-
mencement .uu containing 010 acree mure ur laaje,
*■.. Cuiumeuciug al a pusti plauisjo on Hie light
ouu*. ui im ea-*i lurk ur me Little Suiuay river
.ilium i if,!., and uue-nail uiilwa fiuiu tuejuras and
warfcetl  ' .\ M.L.   s.vv, coruer,    Utt-uce  uuruiaU
mi     Uieuce   easl su   cUalUs,   tueuce   auniu 80
Cli.ius,   UlUUua weal   ou cUain-t U)   puiat   ot   com*
.... i.o.ui'. i.. aud C"ii .».nii.-i o»'i *<.rv* uiute ur le&a.
Si      iuii!.i.iii..ut*.l   a punt plaULOO uu LUe rigUt
Kant. ut iue liiu lui k ut iin.- L,aii*i amok) nver
siiv/ui nine ami uue liait mue« lium tne i-.rka aud
u.alkuil A.alL. K.W.OOIttur. tUeuce e*vsl 80
iti.vilia,   theuie   aouib   on   cuaius, tueuce west OU
ci.aius, tbenoe uuiui oo chaim iu point ol com*
uikui: m«nt ana i utiiaiuiiig o40 a. to. mure ur less.
Uf, Cuuiu.eu'.iug at a pu*t plauUatoa LUe rigut
itauk   11   me ensi luik ui   iiie i^iiL-e bmoky rivor
iii uiuu .•uu ■ ue-naii   mites lium the forka aud
uiaikeu ' A.M.L. a. v\ coruer,'" thauce nortn oO
cuaius, lbeuce vast Bu cuaius, tUvuce south 80
coaina, uieuce west au chains to point of com*
u eti-.eiu-.ui auu couMiuiug o*" acres more or leaa.
u. Co u.ueuciug ai a punt planted on the right
bans u. Lite easl im k oi LUe Little 8tuuky river
au .ut let. auti uue-Uull milee frum tue forka aud
uiaifted 'A.M.ss. .VV,. coruer,1' Ibence eaat BU
luams, tUeuce aouth BO cuaiua, Uieoce west at)
cuaius, iHeme Uorth au chains to poiut of cum*
meU.cmeiilaUU cuiuaioiug i>4u acre* more or leu.
4-1. Commeuciiig al a pusi plaulod ou tUe r 14lit
K.uik of tna eaai lork of tu« Little bmoky river
auuul leu and uuu-hall miles from tbe lorks aod
malted "A.Jl.L. S.W .coruer,'' Uieuce uoilta a0
cliaius theuce east^OO cUaius, lbeuce south 80
...ii.1,11.1. uieuce west au cbaiua to pomt of com*
11   ■.. i-iueia aod coulamtng  oiu aires more or leaa.
Dated Dec. 2UIU, 1.07,
H, Commeucuig at a post planted on lhe right
bauk of tue eaat furk ul ibe Little Hmoky river
aboul eleven and ine-uaU mile■■ from uie forka
« id marked 'A.M.L. b.V? .com r,' Uieuce uortb N
cuaius, Uienca east 80 chaius, thauco aoutU go
ciia'us, tiirt'ce Hut, ao cuams to pomt of cum-
.. trcemeiit and coUlaiumg 040 acres more or lesa.
46. CommeUcing at a pusi planted ou lhe right
bauk uf una oaot lore of. tUe Lutie Smoky river
about sleveu aud uUe-u»,l miles iroui lUe forks
and iuarke.1 ' A.M L. > rt .uuruer, tueuue eael gQ
chalna,   inence   kouuu   aw cluktits, Uieuce weet BO
ii.niis, Lu.-iit.'-- uonu Bo cnaiu*. to puiui of com*
iy.-iii ciut'iii   mil c-uul»iuiug 840 kcret uiute or less,
47. l/Oiuiuauomg ai a pusi plasties! uu iba right
hank uf Loe eaai lura ol Um Little nwocy river
about i«selve a*id oue- talf iuil«> from Ibe forka
and marked 'A.M.L, .N.W .ourner." tbettue easl aO
iduiaa, luetic* «..iiLb nu cnaUia, theuce weet eO
cha.as. the.ice nuiiu 80 cbaius to poiut of oom*
luuuceiue'it aud ccitaining 0*0 acree more or leaa,
ts. Lo jiueuciug at a pust plruud ou lhe right
i'-tn uf tbe east lotk m lhe Little Lnoky river
abo'iiaeive an. oue-hall miles irom lhe forka
au-Jmaised A.M.L s. W.coruer," ibence north
bu cuaius, thence east 80 cbaius, Uieuce south 80
cbi< ins, lbeuce weat ts' cha us t.. point of com*
1.    ,1 .'ici'iii and coiilaiiiing otu acres more or k'%
iw. xiuiueiiciug at a post planted on lbs rigut
•auk of the eaat fork of tUe LitUa >moky river
ab^ut thirteen and one-half miles fiom tbe forka
ami marked "A.M L. N.W.come."," thenoe east aO
chr ins, tbenoe aouth 80 chairs, lbeuce west 80
(.'sin", Uieuce north 80 chaiis to poin,o.' com
lueuosmeul aud containing otu acres more or 1c -a,
:■>>. Commencing at a posv plant-eu on tbe rigut
bank of il e eaat lork of tbe Little Bmoky river
about thirteen and one half mile 1 from the forka
and marked 'A.M...,. H.W.coruf," thenoe north
bu chaius, thence east 80 chin , ther 3*1 soutb 80
chains, the'ce we. go chains to pohu of com*
ineocemeni and containing 040 acres *nore or It *%
SI. C"mueiicing at a-post planted on the right
bank of the east fork of tne Little Hmoky river
about fourteen ond oue-balf miles from tba forka
a*idmaiked "A.M.L N W.conic-," thence eaa. 80
chains, thence aouth 80 chaina, thenoe weat 00
chains, thenoe 111r.l1 80 chains to point of com*
inenoement and coutainiug 6td acres aoora or leas.
■ ■:. Commencing at a post planted on tbe right
bank of the east fork of the Little Smoky river
alwut fourieen and one-h ilf miles from the furke
and maik I ' A-M L, S W.corner,'" theuce north
rU chains, thence east J*o chains, therce south 80
chains, thence weat v> chains te point of com*
mejiemcn. and couUkinmg 040 acres more or leaa.
Dated De<. 21st. '#.'7.
wed Jan *cv • Locator. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Ladies Blouses
Sale Prices 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50.
These Blouses consist of Wrap-
perettes, Lustres and Cashmeres.
Selling at prices less than cost
of manufacture.
Ladies Underskirts
Only   15  more  Silk Underskirts
Selling at 50c. each. $5 Morie
Underskirts selling at $2.75.
$3 Morie Underskirts selling
at S2.25.
and Flannelette
Selling at
I 2 'A
and    iSc.   lines
Men's Suits
Only   a   few
gain Suits left
now $ 10,00
more of those Bar-
Regular $14.50
Men's Odd Pants
Working Pants, good
at $,<;.oo now $2.00.
Tweed   Pants  selling at
Men's and Boys'
At Mill Prices
tin' benefit of charter ra'es, fur after
tho by-laws are adopted the rates ivill
be raised.
Tlie officers 111.1l memboi'S nf Fire
Brigade No, 2 ln'f to thank nil those
who su kindly assisted with their
votes nnd intluuuoii in helping tu win
the library contest. As Kamloops:
snd other towns positively r. fused lo
count orders, we are justly entitled to
the library by a large majority.
.***. .-*-. .*!-. .***. .**-. .-*-. .^. .-**. .-t*. .-*-. .T. .**-« .
ijts^f, ,111 ■, 1•, 1i, 1 j,, 1 jg, 1,11.1,.,...,»
% Pure Drugs
+|» Careful Compounding
T Prompt Delivery
A GO TO <£
S Canada Drug,&- Book Co. Ltd. *$>
Rr.v£i,STOKr, B. C. A
>!     Mail Orders Promptly Filled     X
^M|»^HjnjHjnJn|nJn*t f*H$M&
Weather Forecast
Wednesday, Feb. 12, for 21 hours—
Fine, cloudy, with cold nights. Indications for cold weather for the last
half of tlie month, Temp , max., 30
degrees. miD. 12 degrees.
Local and General.
TO    RENT   at   moderate
Maii.-Hekai.ii office.
We Learn as We Go
along. That is the reason this
grocery store serves you better
and bettor every tiny. Conn- unci
see the result of our latest efforts
to supply you with the best groceries at less than the best
prices. If your visit, does not
result in at least a trial order,
you'll be the lirst lo withhold
your appreciation.
Social and Personal
Mrs, 0, B Paget is I'eiiiivering from
a severe attack of pneum mia.
Mrs, VV. t". Jamieson, of Calgary, is
visiting hor son J,   Janiieson   in   the
Mrs. Ford lins lieon laid up for the
past week with a severe attack of the
Mr. and Mrs Howard Kenya returned from a trip to Calgary on
Mrs. E, A. Haggen entertained her
friends at progressive whist on Saturday afternoon, the prize winners being
Mrs ti. S, MeParter, Mis. A E.
Pbipps mid Mrs. ll. Gibbons,
Mr. Grant Hull superintendent of
motive power for the 0.1'.R. and Mr
K, I'. Bus teed 1 general superintendent
of I lie western div sinn, passed through
mi Sunday night fn in the smith, en
route from the west.
ij ism*
, VV*
■> iii
Hot Rolls and Bread
we serve every morning. \\
work early und Late to see to
that you get your bread for ni
meal in just the condition
should be. Using only the be
grades of flour and other 11
terials, it's no wonder our pi
duets please.
rate. sppl;
Tbe revenue for the Dominion for
10 months ending Jan. 81, amounted
to 181,903,072, or an increase of
$10,000,000 over last year.
The Ladies Guild of St. Pet6r's
church are holding a Limerick Tea at
the residence of Mrs. C. J. Aman,
Second street, west, on Tuesday, Feb.
18.    Silver coin admisgion.
The Right Rev. Lord Bishop of the
Diocese, will hold confirmation in St,
Teier's church on Sunday next, Feb,
16, and will preach at the morning
and evening services.
Young people are specially invited
to the entertainment to bo provided
by Knox Church Auxiliary at the
home of Mrs. W. M. Lawrence, on
Saturday Feb. Ii, admission 25c.
Ski enthusiasts are now to be seen
daily on the hill behind Longs brewery. Several parlies have been formed
and it looks as if this old sport once
popular in Revelstoke ia to be revived.
Two e, ecially fitted up coaches in
which to twld grain judging classes,
bus been attached to a C P.R. special
train and touring Alt-erta under the
auspices oi tbe Department of Agri
A special dispatch from l^ueenstuwn
says that tbe British post 'itiice has
made a new contract with the Cunard
steamship company to carry mails
between Liverpool and. New York
until 1938.
Tbe annual meeting of the Right
Worshipful Grand Orange Lodge of
B. C , will be held   in   Armstrong   on \
Feb. 16, 19, 20.     Tbe annual meeting >» new up-to-date hotel
of Grand Black Chapter of B. C,  will j     Having been without  a   newspaper
be held there on Feb 17, 18. lor three months,   the  people  of   En-
General Stoeesel has beeu sentenced j derby are delighted over the prospect
to death f. r surrendering Port Arthur , "f having alive, up-to-date journal.
to the Japanese during tlie Russo-; Mr. H. M. Walker, who formerly ran
Japanese War, His trial ha. been 1 ft P-*P*r ln Enderby, hss been in \ aligning on some weeks, and the prosecn-! c°»ver «*■*« "eek purchasing his plant
Lifea nd
And erson
Basket Ball
The Y. M. 0. A. buskut bull senior
league is now Hearing completion nnd
to-night nn interesting game will tnke
place at 9 p.m., when the Shamrocks
and the Uppercrusters practically decide who will tnke the bottom position
in the leauue.
The league standing at present is as
follows :
C.P.R. Road               2
C.P.R Shop-Offices   3
Gym. Tenm                4
Opperorusters          2
Shaiiir cks                  3
On Frill iy night the
game   will   be   between
School team and   the   Employed Boys
and should he a fast game.
Order of Owls
The Order of 0«ls was instituted at
the Oddfellows Hull on Thursday
night by Supremo Organizer A. E.
MclCeen, of Sen! tie. There were forty
chnr'er members present and all were
obligated and instructed in the secret
work. The following officers were
elected and installed :
Junior Past Pies., W. O. AbIIc
President, J. Fraser.
Yice.-Pres., J. K. Ahlers.
Invocat'or, J. K. Black.
Secretary, J. Morrison.
Treasurer, J. P. Sutherland.
Warden, S. R. Hennessy.
Sentinel, J   MeXivcn.
Picket, R. Fleming.
Nest Physicians, Dr. Sutherland and
Dr. Hamilton.
A large number of applications for
membership hive heeu received and
the new order Marts off under 11 ub-
picious circumstances.
Galena Bay
From our own corlsiioniiiinl.
F. Hodge is equipping out a email
gasoiine lunch fur use iu connection
with his ranch.
..I   Nelson hss   made  a ruiitements
— : : : rsr^tr   with "it of our   local    carpenters   for
The   Swastika   club   are holding a   the building of a convenient house on
masquerade dunce ton orrow night al   bis ranch ia the early spring.
A.   Albury   nas   jus.t   completed  a
The Revelstoke Amateur  Dramatic  ,ub-,tantial log burn on bis place.
Cluh have a new piece under e 10,nl -r-
ntion and are   making   arrangements
for its production at an ear y date
Knox  Church   Auxiliar]  entertainments are alwaye t_'..'id ones     Rem
ber the  next take-  place  al ihe home
of   Mrs    W    M.   Lawn  ice    Saturday,
Feb. 22, afternoon and evening
lion in summing  up,   demanded   the
death sentence.
A meeting ol the newly formed
Endert y Fruit and Produce association was iield on Wednesday afternoon
at the King Edward hotel, Enderby.
A good constitution was drawn up and
passed, besides tbe transaction uf other
business. It is the intention of the
local association to form a part of the
B. C, Fruit and Produce Association,
having its central office nt Revelstoke.
With good, responsible men in charge
The   Ladies   Auxiliary    of     Kuox
Church aie making  arrangements for
an afternoon tea and Social evening at   the Selkirk Hal!
the residence of Mrs. W. M. Lawrence
on   Saturday,   Feb. 22.      A   splendid
programme  of  musical  and other at- -
.- 11 a tion and are    m.kui"    trraneementi       '    -1   '>■'" h is leiurne 1 Irom a visit
tractions    has   been    prepared   and a """." *"' a,B    m*«ms    •'■ ••'   -  meni »-_j.i .   -.-
i i      u     , for   ts iirodiirtliin at ai- i-ir'v datfl to \ aliCoii w-r and I In-coast Cltli'8.
good time   IS  assured   all who attend. " r ua proamnion at an t
Admission 26 cents. Knox  Church  Auxiliary entertai                                ,!   pr litable ocoupa-
J. P. Shaw, oi Shuawap, Lake Sims. ; menti are always good ones     Rem ' hi. settlement, is ihe getting
wap, B.C.,  has   arrived at Vancouver ber the  next take-  place   -it the home ,,-             _. ..   -.       Several of   our
with several carl,.,ids  of cattle for di-   of   Mrs    «    M.   Law e    r-aturday leadi        ;-,,„..,,. r- a[
posnl tiiere      Mr,  Shaw is the largest Feb. 22 afternoon ai id evening                                                  ■,,.,..
rancher in his district.     He reports _         _ gaged in this enterprise      Ineyl.nda
prosperous conditions and a mild win Percy F.Goden.ath,   publisher   of real,   nark-1 lor   their  product  with
ter.      Substantial   improvements  are "c"tw*r(1  '■"    ■'• '    »«•      known    n J;    „,,,,,,,,,,,    „,„„agt.r   0f   our local
being made, including  the erection os; »«• Ut°k?J wa" b°nored. '* •*!e «°"«   .btD,le  „
 _.„_ .J .!.,.„ i.„,„i : Oakland Convention   of   the   Pacific *
i    tst Advertising  Men's  Association      Preparations sre being made lor tbe
by being elected   vice-president. construction    rd    a    serviceable    boat
The " Lindmark " Basket Ball landing at the mouth of .Mnok'enzie
trophy and the individual medals Creek, to be known as Ibe"MaoKeosie
presented by R N. Doyle fur the
senior basket boll league nf the Y. M.
C, A nre on view in the window of
Haslings, Doyle A Allum. The challenge trophy is a handsome piece of
and outfit for tha paper,   and   by   tli
end of Marcli Enderby will once more
lie the  proud   postessor   of   a   newspaper.
The Diamond Yale Company an-
now putting their coal on the market
the Columbia Agencies Company being
agents for Revelstoke. This coal is
mined from the deepest seams yet.
opened in tbe Nicola dis'ricl. and is
consequently ol the best quality, having cap'lired the market wherever
placed.    This coal will  Vie delivered to
; Creek Landing.
this will no doubt   be   a   boon   to   the   any part of the city at,   J8.76   per   ton
Enderby farmers and fruit growers.
Jno. Ooenell's Glycerine Snap.
Sanitnl Soap.
Itandiume Soup,
Listerine Soap.
Kesiu.'l Soap,
Irhthyol Soap.
Thymol Boap.
Orerilin Soap.
4711 White Roue.
Colgate's La Fiance Rose.
1'alvet l's U0 pel' Cent, Carbolic.
Itugi-i aiuKiallii Perfumed,
Druggist &  Stationer
V.  ■ ■■-■■*
and orders are now being received   by
the local agents.
D. A   Budge, secretary of  the   Montreal Y.M.C.A., was   in   the   city   last j
Saturday night and visited the   Y. M.'
0, A., where he was met hy   President j
llowson and   others   of   the   directors
Mr.   Budge  gave  a   most   interesting
account of the work in   the  east   and
the support given by  the  C.P.R.  and
Grand Trunk, He complimented Rev.
nis toko   on   its   association   and wns
stiuek by the size of the  building and
ihe extent of the association's work.
Revelstoke can olslm to have made
Ibe most success of any city in the
west in Y.M.C.A. work and ber progress lias been wniched very closely by
other points and by the C.P.R Mr.
Hudge speaks highly of lhe system   In
use in Revelstoke nnd congratulated
the directors on their work.
J. B, Fitzmaurice, late.if the Montreal Herald, lins sccepted i pi sftfon as
cartoonist to tbe Vancouver Pro-, nice
Mr. Fttamsurice's work is ol a high
class nnd trenobant character, He i«
no stranger to 'he Pacific province
having been s rancher in  the Okan
agnn and a student in VmCOUver
Mr F, i-'. liiisti'iil, general superintendent  of   the   0,   P    I!    Western
I),visum, has stated nt Nelson thnt
the company wou'd not. yet lake up
the matter of the construction of s
new route from Revelstoke east, vu
TrOUt Lake and Kooteniiy Lake At
fur ns lie knew there would be no
building in this province by the  com
pgny this year, except   the  extension
of the E. A. N. on Vatioouver Island
He wan not definite, however, as to
tlm Kootenay Central.
A special meeting of the Royal
Hlne.k Prcceptory, No. lilli. L0 I. ,
will be held on Thursday, Feb. 2.lib,
in the old postofdee hall. Sir Knights
McLaren, Grand Master Taylor and
Otliet const, Sir Knights will be present
and confer tbe different degress.     All
local and visiting Sir Knights are
particularly requested to be  present
Any mn taking advanl.nge of this
night lo be  advanced  again   will  get
y r..ii '...*■■ i aofraapondSDl,
Miis-rs MoClay and McMillan
sl,.(i|iwl h - i car barge of railroad ties
tins week        Ostensibly   tb"se ties are
to h   .seii m tbe new 0   T, P    line
nasi   ' Edmonton.
M ll -iiiii'.li.inr intends tern,mat
mg In-   logging   Contract    early    next
Cspl Robert Sanderson has superintended    the   construct ion of   a very
nt    Moating  d'ick  for  Messrs.
M. i   ,   »nd McMillan
Lynx have been ve.ry plentiful in
tb" neighborhood   ibis   winter.     Our
Udy Mini' ,d shot one on f issday last.
Mrs   King   is   visiting   friends   in
i'nirnni/i, Home nuiii-.il/ Smoke
Rfluolnlokn ClRars
Pun- honey, direct, from Ontario, in
glass jars from 26o, to BOc, per jar. si
0 li II ' A' Co's
Rovolstoke i;iK«rn Union Made Our
Spuolul, Tho Union,   anil Mnroa   Vuelta
urn iihimii of nil others.
Reeded prunes at lOo, p-r paoltage
is ihe bargain for a few d»ys longer,
at C, 11  11 nine & Co's,
Prizes for Essays.
A. 0. Kliiuierfi It, lit lhe British
Ainericnu Trust Company, for the.
purpose of nutkii g known the unlimited rn ouroes of B 0. and for ibe
betterment ol advertising our requirements in the province, is ottering
prizes lo the \aluo of $960, divided as
For the best essay on the questions
propounded beluw, viz., A 11 and 0,
relating lo; the province of British
Columbia, $50; the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, $50;
tin- provinces of Ontario and IJuebec,
!ff)(); the provinces 01 New Brunswick,
Nova Scotia and Piince Edward IB-
land, $50,
A Enumerate the nationalities and
also give number of languages spoken
in the provinces written upon.
B Outline the requirements of buc;i
provinces to insure continuous, reasonably rapid development and with
C Stnte the countries from which
iron igralion should bo drawn and the
best method of attracting and successfully inducing such immigration to
the province, iu qtn si on, having due
regard to ex sting trade conditions.
For the most exhaustive, lucid essay
on tlie questions at- below, vii, 1) E
and F, respecting C.ti.n .i as a whole,
1 will oiler a lirst prize of $100, and a
second prize of !f„0.
D Eiiiinii ram ihe nationalities no.,
resident in Canada; uUojgive number
of languages-spoken.
E Outline the requirements necessary lo insure continuous, reasonably
rapid development, and with industrial
F State from what countries should
immigration be drawn mid the best
method of attracting and successfully
inducing such immig-atiou io Canada
having ue regard to existing trade
The prizes, nt the option of each
winner, mny he taken in money, a
piece of silver suitably engraved, or
presented to any of the public charities. The competition is lo close on
the 1st. of May next, and letters
should be address to Immigration, P.
O. Drawer COO, Victoria, IJ. C, tbe
same not to be opened except by
committee, are unlimited as to length
but must be signed or accompanied
by tbe card ol tne writer, with memo,
ou the fnce of the envelope, indicating
tlie contents of the enclosure. Well-
known political economists and educationalists of Canada will bei'tquested
to judge and award tlie prizes for
these essays, my intention being to
publish them in pamphlet form and
distribute broadcast, in the hope that
such distribution will afford to the
several provinces information respecting eacli other.
(jiRL To BE^buR, Valentine. DONT
You be A Comic valentine-clothes
go A loncwayToward winning a
cjIRL or a job
-Celebrated Skaters Coming
Norval Baptie, champion of the
world, assisled by Gib. Bellefeuille,
champion of Canada, will give an exhibition at the Skating Rink Wednesday night, Feb. 19th. These two
are the best known skaters of the
world to-day, having toured Canada
and the United States for the last two
years, taking iu all the principal cities
wjro »■/?*" /far
We have in our store everything your body needs and we can make
it lit to live in.
We have some nice Light Weight Overcoats and Raincoats that we
nre ofieriug away below tegular values.
This kind of weather requires good Footwear and we have the right
kind. Box Calf or Oil Tanned Kip, leather lined, with waterproof soles,
and made on lasts that will give you " foot comfort,"
Nice Dog Skin or Mocha Gloves, some unliiied and some with silk
lining. They are right weight for the warmer weather now approaching,
Iiul if you want a wool lined glove, we have them.
Probably you are going to some of the many dances now in prospect.
If so you will want a nice dancing shoe, and we have them in many styles
—nice Dongoln Kin or tbe Dressy Patent Kid, and then we have all kinds
of Fancy Hosiery to wear with a low shoe.
If you need a tie for dressy occasions, we have the white or black full
dress bows, as well as every needed shade in Four-in-Hunds.
Our stock of Collars, Cuffs and Shirts of all kinds is most complete,
and you will find our prices more than reasonable.
Get the habit of dolf g vour buying at
ft      ,      i „.. i —.. ■ I, . ■ i ■ i. n ,., i.   ■ 11 „        ..I Srt
between the two points, ti-riujiius being 2,100 feet under the last named
town. Expet mining engineers s^y
that at least twenty lich leads will be
cut by the big b ue and that tho ore
taken out should yield manifold profit on the investment. Copper predominates in the district, and there
are ores which carry gold and silver
values. Representatives of the syndi-
onte. the preliminary planB for which
were dis.*usse-l ieccntly in Chicago, are
expected to make a survey of the
ground early in March, and it is given
out that active operations will begin-
next summer.
li.    BKI.I.KI'KIIU.K.
Champion Skater of Canada.
in both places and winners of a large
(ier centage of races in the above
They will give an exhibition in
fancy, trick and speed skating, such as
ligure skating on stilts, jumping on
skates and showing many dillirult
jumps In Ainerirari nnd Norwegian
styles, racing forward and Imckward
against local skaters, also fox chase
with heal skaters and ninny other
fe.iliires These two mmi hnve giined
great applause in every exhibition this
winter and in many places have given
return dates by s|Hicial riquett. Tbis
will bi the greatest skating treat of
the season and the public will le
allowed to skate before   and   after   the
exhibition to good music by the Independent Band
Plan to Drive Bore From Greenwood to Phoenix.
Si-okask, Feb, 12—American and
British capital is interested iu a project, which involves an outlay of
}8,000,000 to bore a three-mile tunnel
from Greenwood to Phoenix, B.C.,
tapping the   principal   mining   leads
If you are, the question of cost is
no iliiubl an important consideration.    Design   next,
Only selection of Cut Glass in town
EXPERIENCED Waitress hauled.
MARRIED OOUPLtj wantpoaiiion
III  hotel <>I   Oil laneh—Apply to
Columbia Agencies Limited.
ATERNITY Cases taken  at  my
home or   otherwise.     For   par
ticulars    ■- »■        -     -•    ■-
Second St.,
fell. 12. Im
Mrs.  A.  K.   Bi-nnisini"
eBl.or P.O. Box 211.
OERVANT GIRL wanted for siuiil
O    family.    Apply to Mrs, W. Bews.
WANTED-Men ami Women to
learn barber trade, wages earned while learning, catalogue free.
Write Moler Bin her College, 306 Cur-
rall St.; Vancouver. B, C.
WANTED- Dressmaking hy the
day, Ity a competent Dressmaker from the East. Apply to P o
Box 914. sat dec 7
WANTED—Small Furnished house
or Rooms for housekeeping lor small
family of adults, central location.
Apply office Maii.-Hkiiai.d.
client Willi $4,000 who wunts a
good hotel man with like amount lo
join him in running h hotel. Apply
Columbia Agencies, Limited.
WANTED-A1I kinds of jobbing
work lo do. (leaning snow from
roofs, te nding furnaces, wood chopping, or any other general work.'
l-hiiiges moderate. Anyone requiring
such work done please drop post card
to F. Bennlsoo, Qener.il Delivery, P.
O, Revelstoke. feh \ 2w
WANTED KNOWN-You can get
one of the host snaps to be had
TAKE NOTICE that the shareholders of th*) above named Company
have hy special resolution resolved to
change ilu- name of the Company to
" Revelstoke Agricultural Society,
Limited," and intend to apply to the
IJeiili'iiiint-Oovernorin-Councll for an
< li dee changing the name accordingly.
Dated nth January, won.
Jan. N-.'Jm. Secretary.
in City house property from us. Two
houses and 100ft. ft out age to 2nd St.
all for $2,600 of whit h only $1000 cash
is required -ind balance can remain on
mortgage,—Apply atoncelo Columbia
Agencies, Limited,
.'iKU.Ui TKNDKHS, iulilrass.nl tn III* 1'iisl-
inmmr Uen.ral, will b» rec.liad at Ottawa
until Ni.-iii. on Friday, ths 18th March. IMS,
f,.r Ui. inn vi.yiiiiri- nf His Majesty's Hails, on a
pmisisnil • oiilrnrt fur fnur years,  as ilescrlrssd
i 11 prapoisq stroet Latter Boio. and the
It.-..'l !..i... I'n-t UUI'-" from the Postmaster
(leiinral's plen-Ore-
I'lnii.sl null, ss rmitainiiiit further infnrma-
tiini as to conditions of proposed I ontraot m.,
lai -non and blank forms of Tender roar be
.ibtained at thepnst Otll'-" At Bevelstoke arid
al Ilia office of the Post Oflii'e Inspector,
Pn"t Ofllre Instsniwr's Offlea, Viucouver, B.C.
.'list .1 iniisrj. lls*JS.
feb j lw for Iwi Post Office Inspector,
FOR SALE CHEAP-Foui- gasoline
lamps, 200, 600. 700 and 800 candle
power, all in good working order* will
light 100 feet building. Apply to Chief
Young, i.'omitplix, B. C.
Notice to Millmen.
Tenders will lie received by tlie undersigned up to the atthday of Feh.
19u8. for the purchase of the Canoe
Creek Lumber Co.'s property at Salmon Arm, B. 0., consisting of a saw
mill with a capacity of twelve to fifteen
thousand feet prr day. Everything is
new and in first-class condition having
lieen run only about three months,
There is a locomotive boiler 86 h.p.;
1 L.H. 11x10Champion Engine; 1 H.II,
Saw Frame and fittings; 1 B.R.H. carriage with four blocks; a 62 R. H. Hoe
inverted tooth saw; 1 sawdust conveyer with all fittings; 1 Edger, 1 Swing
Saw; 1 Planer; Blacksmith's tools;
Cooking outfit; 2 teams horses; 2 setts
harness; 2 wagons; 1 logging sleigh
and all ihe Company's inteiests in real
or other property, particulars of whi;b
may he obtained by application to the
undersigned. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
.1. W. McCALLUM, Assignee,
Salmon Arm, B, C,


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