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The Mail Herald 1908-09-16

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 " E .irpire" Typewrit or
Ksir eitse of o|ieratinii uml perteulinii
in rum lis pnnlm-i'il, ihi. iiiH''.liilie
is uiifin-iii'ttil     l'rioi• $('-000 Caah
Interior Publishing Co.,   •   Agents
V______H________<_____- _________________■
For ease of operation and perfection
in retinitis produced, this Machine
is unsurpassed —Price: $liO 00 i*»sh.
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 14,-No 69
?,07inohl Library
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd
Stores _,_ Ar re-.head as;, I Rovelstoke.
The Three-Pieee
Double-Breasted Saek
Double seat, . double knees in
the trousers ; lined with a most
serviceable lining.
The above style is the correct
thing for this season, and we
have them in the newest patterns.
The " Lion Brand," and fully
C. B. HUME  & CQ-,  L.lMIT]EJO
Store* at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Shooting &. shots^
We Imve ss usual got one of tin. best assorted stocks of
Sporting GoodB in B. 0. In tlie small "Arms" we liaie
nil he 22-ciiIibrc rilles made by the Winchester, Savage,
S evens and Hamilton Arms Cn. In Ihe military and
sporting sizes we have the Rues Kifle, lavage 30H, Winchester 303, 30 w.s., 32 Spec, 3030, 3S 55, and all the
mo-t popular arms made.
Shtugums. single snd double Iurrelled—Parker, ltliica,
Winchester ami Ktpvna makes. Loaded shot sheila in
all the best makes; Military cartridges in Canadian,
English ami American makes.
Shooting Oni" nnd Vests, l.ugs and Cartiidge Belts.
Tents in all »i_-«.    Knock-down Camp Stoves.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Until further notice this Bank will be
open C. P. R. Pay Night and following night
each month, from 7 to 9 o'clock.
Open every Saturday evening from
7 to 9. p. m.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed sn depoelts from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B.C.-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
.          PATTERN   HATH
Trimmed and Itntrlmmed
Opposite OllldM  Hotel, First Street.
$2.50 Per Year
Canadian Banks Will Not Lower Rate of Interest.
Vancouver, Sept. 15.—"Tbe Can
adian banks will not lower the present
r*te of iutereut for some time to come."
This was the definite announcement
made yesterday by Mr. Molson Mac-
pherson. president of the MolsonB
Bank; Mr. James Elliot, general manager, and Mr. li. Markland Molson, a
director, all of whom arrived in the
city last night from Montreal, and are
guests at the Hotel Vancouver.
Strange as it may first appear, the
reason that there ia no likelihood of
the rate of interest dropping is because
ol the increased prosperity of the
country, which, in its euorui us demand- for money, will enable the
banks to maintain the present high
Discussing the financial situation
Mr. Elliot said: "The couutry is growing at a remarkable rate and business
increases at a greater ratio than the
savings, so that the savings are out
and in demand all the time, and incidentally k.eping up the rates ofin-
terest. Money that has been placed
on call in New York has been brought
in, but no more than the amount required for the removal of the crop has
been recalled, as the money iu New
York is earning good interest."
The Molsons Bauk is contemplating
the establishment of new branches at
various points in British Columbia.
This forms part of the mission ol its
otlicials to the west. On their home
ward trip after visiting Victoria tbey
will leisurely tour the Kootenays,
which they regard as likely to require
increased banking facilities.
The marriage ol Mr. Harry Trauer
Jail'ray, manager ol the Imperial Bank
at Golden, and formerly of Revelstoke,
to Miss Jessie I. Benson, daughter of
Judge BeiiBon of Port Hope, took
place last Wednesday at the church of
St. John the Evangelist, Port Hope,
says the Golden Star. The ceremony
was conducted by the Rev. John Rid
ley ol Gait, rural dean, assisted by the
Rev. Edwin Danbl, MA., rector. Miss
Meilish presided at the organ, and a
full choir was present. The church
was char ningly decorated. The bride
wore a I'urisian gown of white silk liberty crepe, made in the Bemi-empire
Style, with yoke of tulle and touches
of pearl and silver trimming. A lace
shawl of gieat beiuty fell in graceful
folds to the hem of her train, and her
handsomely embroidered veil, with
wreatli of orange blossoms, was the
sa i e one worn by lur mother. Her
sister, Mitts Clara C. Benson, was ber
only attendant. The best man was
Mr. Louis C. McMurray of Toronto,
and the ushers were Messrs. Percy
Henderson, Stuart Saunders and H.
L. Plummer of Toronto, and Mr. T. B.
F. Benson of Port Hope. During the
signing of the register Ihe guests listened with great enjoyment to the
rendering ol a very beautiful solo by
Mr. Marvin Ratlibun of Toronto.
Afterward a reception was beld at Ter-
lalta, lollowed by a most pleasant
luncheon. Mr. and Mrs. JafTray loft
later for the west, the bride wearing a
smart travelling suit of golden brown
Rajah silk, with an ecru net blouse,
and a hat of the same shade, with a
touch of cerise.
Social and Personal
Mrs. Snider is visiting friends at
Perrim, Minnesota.
Provincial constable Dodd, of Arrowhead, was in the city on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Morris, ot Notch
Hill, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. H.
Cunningham Morris.
G. Clay, of C. R. Macdonald's drug
store leaves this week for Summerland
where lie will enter tbe Okanagan
Mrs. Spragge, of Golden, was a visitor to the city Ibis week and was
particularly interested in the Lindmark trail to Victotia Park.
W. A. Robertson and brido, who
have been visiting for « few days with
his brother, Rev. .1. R. Robertson, left
today (or the const cities where they
will visit at Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle and Portland,
No smoke—no soot—no dirt—in
Coursier's Coal.
Mamma is baking Exhibition bread
with Courtier's Coal, bo it niust be the
Other coal is the same color, but
the difference in quality is what counts
in Coursier's Coal.
W.J.Curtis, Piano Tuner, will visit
Revelstoke in   Octotier.    Orders  left
with Mr. II. Howson or   Lewis Bios
will receive prompt attention.
The People Will Vote on Monday for the $10,000 By-law
to Complete the Power and
Light Plant.
On Mm I'ny next tlie ratepayers will
be asked tn dorBe the by-law which
waB recent y introduced and passed
by unanimous consent of the city
council authorizing the borrowing of
$10,000 for the purpose of completing
the power plant ns arranged for and
ordered by the Oouncil ol 19u7 under
the Brown administration. The peo
pie will naturally aek why .they have
to pledge the city's credit again for
the same power plant and why the
original appropriation was not made
large enough from the beginning to
cover the entire cost of the work. The
last council in taking the estimates
and figures of Col. Tracy did not take
into consideration the fact tha' these
figures and eotimnti s were bused on a
scale that, did not allow for any margin or provide for any incidental
expenses that might aMse. The $30,-
000 which 11. (liiiiilii:<1 affirmed  would
cover tin nipletP cost   of   lhe   work
was voted for by lhe people and debenture it.biii iljand suid Since that
time ni the rizinu the actual practical
work of installation has been entered
upon and it wns h! once seen that ihe
$30,000 was not liy a long way sufficient to complete iIk work. The new
Council of 1908 when it assumed
office were saddled with the great
responsibility of installing a plant,
and as the work went ou it was found
that many changes were necessary
to carry out tbe work in a satisfactory
manner. These changes meant additional expense, consequently it waB
found that $30,000 was inadequate
and could never by any reasonable
means be made to cover the entire
work. The great mistake that the
11*07 oouncil made was in not taking
a little outside estimate and then
allowing an additional sum on tbe
top for anything that might arise.
The people were told that .(30,000 was
sufficient for to put iu aud complete
the plant and on such belief endorsed
the by law authorizing the raising of
the money. Several important changes
have been nnul6_ .Since the first plan
was adopted anilevBIi without them
the cost ut the plant when properly in.
stalled would have exceeded the
appropriation, consequently the present council to carry out the contract
made by the l',)07 admi i-tration
when they found tlmt the work could
uot bo completed within the original
esiimato weie forced to come attain to
tbe people to authorizo tlie borrowing
of additional money to finish it It
can easily be seen that now the plant
is all on lliejgriiiind and half installed
it would be foolish to refuse the extr i
money, and in any case $40,000 is
not an exceptionally large amount for
a power plant aud auxiliary of the
Bize purchased. The present council
cannot help themselues and it is better to raise the money on debentures
than take it out of the current revenue, which would, besides being a
heavy drain on the treasury, tint also
be a very unwise and unbusinesslike
Voting for this bylaw to authorize
the borrowing of $10,000 ou debentures to complete the plant will take
place on Monday next, Sept. 21, aud it
is to be hoped that the public will
endorse the action of the council
then and afterwards register their
complaints if they have any.
The Toymaker
The "Toymaker" was presented on
Saturday at the Opera House by tho
San Francisco Opera Company. The
piece which 'i in reality a transposition of that famous comic opera La
Poupee was well rendered, costumes
and scenery being superb. The singing and chorus work was exceptionally
strong, while the solos and part pieoes
were all effectively produced. Miss
Mabel Day as Elsa played splendidly,
her acting in the difficult rolo uf tlie
Doll Baby being poi fool. Teddy Wobb
shone as Johannes Guggenheim, his
portrayal as the German toymaker
causing continuous mirth. This production was as clever a piece as Rovelstoke has witnessed, although the
only drawback was that the entire
play was cut short and hurried over
to allow of the company catching
their train. This we think hardly
(air to the audience who paid a big
prloo for their soats,
Coursier's Coal is all Coal.
'Appy 'Ome Has a Delightful
River and Lake Trip
One of the most popular and enjoyable excursions this summer look
place last, Sunday under the ausp'ces
of the 'Appy 'Ome, when the s s.
Revelstoke was chartered for a trip
down the Columbia river and Arrow
lakes to Halcyon. A large and good
humored crowd assembled at the
Landing Sunday morning, and as the
Bteamer moved away from the wharf
all on board had made up tbeir minds
for a day's thorough enjoyment The
trip down the Columbia was new to
the majority ol the passengers and
was full of new sights and scenes, aB
every bend and turn of the river
brought the magnificent scenery into
view. Deep shadowy wood, open
glade, steep ravines, and swirling
rapids were passed in quick succession
the mountains rearing up their snowy
heads in the distance. The passage
down the lake proved as entrancing as
the river, the bright sun making the
air delightful Halcyon was reached
in good time and here the party dispersed chiefly into pairs to wander
among the leafy woods and explore
the -many beautiful re-treats that
abound in that vicinity. The climb
to the springs proved mi sttaction to
many while others took advantage of
the Sanitarium but lis. Mine Host
Mcintosh rose to ili.s occasion with a
royal lunch, to which all did full
justice, the appetites boing whetted by
the delightful bracing air. After another hour of leisure "all aboard" was
sounded and the return journey was
made. The trip up the lake iu the
at ernoon followed hy the negotiation
ot the Columbia was full of interest
and pleasure. The s.s. RevelBtoke
made the city wharf in good time
before dark and her passengers dispersed ashore contented and happy
alter an ideal trip. Two bears were
seen during the passage of the Columbia and a ling shot taken with a rifle,
but without success.
Grip and Password
0. o. w. o. w.
Last Wednesday evening the local
camp of Woodmen gave n banquet in
honor of Sov. J. R. Raniplin, P.C.C.,
who had returned to Revelstoke after
two months organizing work in the
south country. The regular sessions
of the c.inip were g >iif tiirough, tbere
being two initiations, after which the
Woodmen repaired tu the lower hall
where around the festive board all
partook of refreshments, after which
everal hours were devoted to speeches
and songs. There was an excellent
attendance and the event of the evening wus the speech of Sov. Knmplin,
who spoke upon the "Origin of Wood-
Craft," and who was most entertaining
and instructive in his remarks. Rev.
Sov Robertson moved the vote of
thanks in an able spei ch, In ing followed hy Sov Dr. Curtis, Clerk Sov.
Mclntyre and others. Mr. Humphreys
who was in excellent voicu, gave several songs during the evening, while
piano selections were supplied by Sov.
W G  Astle.
I.. O. T. M.
Mount McKenzie Hive No. 6 held
a special meeting ou Monday last with
a good attendance. Mrs. J. C. Kemp,
D. S. C , prosided and initialed one
candidate, and several applications
were balloted upon. Arrangements
were made lo celebrate the UHli anni-
veisary of tbe organization of the
order by giving a dance in the opera
house, Mrs. Tapping, a member nl the
hive, having iu her usual good-hearted
way, offered the true use of the npura
lionse fur that occasion. Mrs. Kemp
predicts a bright and successful future
for the order in this oity.
Park Superintendent
Mr. Howard Douglas, Superintendent of the National Parks ot Canada,
spent Monday in the city the guest of
his daughter Mrs. (I. S. McCarter.
For the past twelve years Mr. Douglas
has been superintendent of the Rocky
Mountain Park ut Banff, which thru'
his energy and ability has become tie
most famous summer resort on this
continent. A low months ago the
government appointed Mr. Douglas to
the position of commissioner of all the
parks ol Western Canada, including
the Lamont Park on the prairie as
well as all the pinks in the mountains
There is no man more capable than
Mr. Donglai for the position and in
due timo the many national play
grounds in the west will bo the attrac
lion for the tourists from Europe ss
well as from the country to tho south
ol us.
You Will W ih
If voii w?it with the expectation or hope of finding better grades of Teas
and Coffees than we are
now offering to our customers.
Both are chosen on account of their select quality and both give
the greatest satisfaction t< those who are used to the best.
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily
Watermelons, Cantaloupes, Apples, Plums, Pears, Peaches,
Green Corn, Tomatoes, Celery. Cauliflower, Cabbage. Cucumbers, etc.
Hardware, Stovs,   Paints, Etc.
We have a line of Fishing Tackle, Guns, Ammunition and
Clamping equipment—-the best Stoves an p Ranges on the
market. .Sherwin-Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes and
dry colors.
Bourne  Bros.
Incorporated by Special Act ol Parliament ol
the Dominion of Canada
Head Office, • Vanooovek, B. C.
CAPITAL: $2,000,000  In 20,000 Shares of $100 each with $10 Premium
The Bauk of Vancouver is beingjorgluired to meet in part tbe Increased bauking
accommodation required by the natural aud steady expansion of business coincident with
the great development o the country and especially of British Columbia, and while
organizing to conduct a general banking business, will give special consiaeration to the
Industries and commerce of the Provinoe. and is being established primarily for this
purpose, and through its connections in Great Britain, Eastern Canada aad the United
States, it will be able to greatly facilitate the investment of outside capital in the various
enterprises of the Province.
It is the intention to open branch otlice- at various points from time to time as opportunity arises.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
hnve been appointed Fiscal Ageuts for the Bank at Hevelstoke.    Application forms and
terms of Stock Subscription may be obtained from them.
a. l. dkwar, egggggr*.
Proper clothes for little
Swell Dressers.
___ {opyr'nkl, 1907
rWhen you send your little men to   school  you I
wish them to have on good clothes, don't you ?
To wear good clothes i.s a good habit.     Is it not
well to begin good habits young ?
; Your little mau will study his  lessons  better if
he has a bran new suit.
We can give you a good  two-piece rough  and
tumble boys' suit.
Good for every day and Sunday too.
Headquarters for clothes for little men is at
McKinnon C& Sutherland
Money to Loan
At 8 Per Cent.
.Ibe flbafMb; valb.
Barristers, Sol.citok.-    Etc.
0 T T A \V A
Parliamen'-siv,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.
Harojji Fisher
Bairlatcn, S-lii-iusrs, Etc.
0. I OlLU> J. 0. K.I.UOTT
OrnOM:   Ur:ii:ii   Bank   Hlook,   Rkvui.-
stoke, li. C.
Money to loan.
OmoMi Itev.i_u.ke, B r.   Cranbrook, B C.
HEO. 3. Mct'AKTKR,
V.  M.   l'lNKHAM, J. A.  HAKVKV,
Kcveistoko. B. C.     Cranbrook, B.C.
J. M. Scott l.L
^^^^^^__                       W. I. Brlggn.
Hakrihtkrs, Soliciturb, Etc
Money to Loan
First Sireet.
Revelstoke, B.C
Provincial IjiiihI Surveyor,
Mining Survey01
McKenzie Avenue,
Box l(Xi,  l.KYKL-«TOaK
Certificated Teacher nt
Piano. Vocal Theory,
Musical Kindergarten
Classes tor young chll
Siiiilin over
i W.  A.   WHIUntNOTON
Strathcona, Alta. A
VKI.STOKE,     -     B. C.
_Iemb6rs   lberta Association 0      cbiteots.
H. M.  WlllDtilNGTON
StrAtbcooa, Alta.
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big black plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. aa
Gbe flDatMberalfc
There ll so much bad in the beat ut Us.
Aiul so much ko nl iu lhe wont nl an.
That it hardly b_bt-i?e.s any of nu.
To talk aboul   li-i rest •■! as.
We irust tbat when the new
cement sidewalks are com-ileted,
that attention will lie given tn some
means Wing adopted ul carrying
oft the water that now collects in
pools, puddles and ponds alter a
heavy shower. Whenever water ie
allowed to lie on the road eurfm e
that portion becomes rapidly disintegrated and after successive
wbeei. uave paes-eil over them the
hollows deepen and widen leaving
the road in a bad state. The surface of most of our streets is in
even worse condition this year than
it has lieen before, simply on this
•> :ount, antl although the city
council are to be commended for
what they have done in getting the
roads into nhajie, yet it is through
these little holes being increased
by water standing in them that the
surface has been so badly cut up
this year. The luck of good surface drainage oaUIM IWBB.pi to
form in many places and it was
chieflv due to these municipal frog
ponds that the m0lq_it06fl this
summer came in such legioni, We
have no doubt that when the sewerage system is put in and the
roads properly graded und levelled
that surface water troubles will he
eliminated, but meanwhile, it will
be money well spent if the hollows'
and dips are tilled up in as permanent a manner as possible, so us
to save the street from the deslruo
tion to which they are now being
Banff Hard Coal
Wc arc now receiving a full supply of the
different sizes of this Coal, the best domestic fuel on the market.
All orders will be promptly and satisfactorily attended to.
Try some BRIQUETTES in your Range or
Open Grate.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
Revelstoke has a large number of
bylawB on its rolls uud we take it
for granted that these laws must
have been meant for enforcement
and to be obeyed by the people
when they were placed on the lists
of city enactments, and one thing
is certain that a city police officer
can never successfully be taken to
tusk who honestly endeavors to the
best of his ability to enforce and
make operative the bylnwe thus
passed. In many wujs the public
can help the police in the maintenance of order and it is ono of the
obligations of citizenship to do so
whenever and wherever the call is
made. If the police officials ure
conscientious in their duty, they
need fear no one, because their
case will be such that popular
opinion, which first prompted the
law, will consistently aid in its enforcement, This is a mutter which
must appeal to every right minded
and honest citizen to stand by
what he bus orduined shall be und
then see that those who are currying out his request he protected.
lt is n regrettable fact that as
soon bb a city bylaw has been
passed and put into force, few people really give tbem a thought and
in many cases forget all about it
although at the time when that
particular movement is on foot
considerable  interest   was  shown.
Apropos of our repeated suggestions that our business men should
take more interest in public life
and seek provincial as well us
municipal honors, the following
from the Western Trade Gazette
will aptly describe the situation:
"Many campaigns liuve been
waged to indue the successful business man to take his proper place
in the field of politics. In some
instances these campaigns have
borne fruit and the governments in
which such men have entered have
been swamped hy honest and prosperous administration.
"Frequently business men of
note have refused to enter public
life because, tbey claimed, they
could ill afford to neglect their personal business. While at first blush
the motive seems mercenary, many
act under its inlluence. believing
that it is un unfair test of Iheir
patriotism to invite them into public life at such a sacrifice.
"Today, we find the occasion opportune, to point out to those
within our sphere of influence, the
imperative neoeitity of bringing to
the administration of our affairs
men who have been successful in
their own businesses and whose integrity is beyond question. . . .
In    view ol    the   great work in   be
done in widening the I00| f   out
provincial llie, It would be deplorable to tee the business nan remain
apathetic and Indifferent.
"Not only -houlil men uf large
business Interests impress upon
public servant* tlie importance "f
the dutieH imposed upon them, but
they Bhould, themselves, for their
own protection, for the pTOteOlion
of tbeir extensive business Interests,
take an active part in the direction
of public affairs.
We believe business men will
find it to theii advantage not to
neglect politics."
ahove zero. Dr. Braebear belives
there iB a close connection between
the aurora borealis and sun spots.
i This aurora borealis waa visible in
Revelstoke ou Frit! iy Inst and was the
most brilliant seen in the vicinity (or
many years.—Eu ]
Still Some Heat Left
PlTTSBtJKO, Hept. Ill — Attrar-lcil by
probably the most remarkable aurora
ever witnessed in thin lection of the
country, Dr. John A. Ilriinlnssr, lolsn>
list anil astronomer, ruefully made a
measurement ol an immense sun spot
ho had just disoovored. This spot
covers 2,260 million square mllos ul
the surface of tho sun and has a tern
perature estimated st  8,000 degrees
Successful Labor Day Sports
at Ferguson
The two dayB' sport held on Sept. 7
anil 8th, at Ferguson, R. C, was the
most successful Lador Day spurts ever
held in the district, the principal
event being the Drilling Contest
(double) which deserves more than
pasting comment. Theie were three
teams ei.tered, Erickson and McO-il
vray, Dunn and Johnson, both teams
of tbe Slocan, and McDonald and
Mills of Ki-rgusou, representing the
Lardeau The rock drilled on waB tl e
tiirdest obtainable and proved a -.rest
test of -stamina, strength and geneial
knowledge of the tine points of hand
ling hard material, The winners Mc-
Donald ami Mills, drilled 19 15-16
Indies; Dunn and Johuson, 1. 7 8 in ,
aid Erickson all J McGilvrsy, the reputed world champions, 18 13 112 in.
Though the weather was had a ire-1
meudouu crowd watched the drilling
and the greatest excitement prevailed,
and when the glorious victory ol McDonald and Mills was generally known
the district went wild with joy
Though McGilvray and Erickson hail
SOine hard lock with tlieir steel nlii-k■
ing towards the finish, McDonald ami
Mills bail all the wr t of the luck as
three uf their steel broke antl they had
to gu through the broken pieces left
in the bole, lima their victory wm
mint meritorious and no liuke whatever. First prize was $150. '2ml $,riU.
The winners are Dan Mel' nald ot
Camborne and Ferguson, and Fred
Mills ol TiOUt Lake antl Ferguson,
That the iliitric_Eenerally i- proud if
the t>oy8 ia putting it mildly. The
single drilling waa won iy Krlcksoti
1st, and McGilvray Snd. First prize
.50, second $25
It is Being Erected at Shuswap
and Will Cost Big Sum
One uf the tinea! sawmills in British
Cnlumbia ia that now in course ol
erectiun by tiie Adarns Kiver Lumber I
company at. Shuswap, says ttie (Cani-
loups .Sentinel I luring tbe past lew
months the company have eipnnded
no less a sum than $108,000,and when
llie machinery,        which      haa     lieen
ordered, amounting to  over  191,000,
arrives, the company will he able to
Issiial .if une nf   the    rnrist   up 0. .1 • if,
well equipped mills in  the province
They bave already built seven miles if
r .ail to OOnoeOt Adams l.nke with the
Sliuawa|i lake ami have at. the present
time 70 men employed A gang nf
Mien are alsu at work building a road
frum the north end of Atlama lake ip
the Turn Turn river 20 miles Last
week the company placed an order
witli Messrs. Johnston A. (iill fs.r 186,-
(H)0 brick to he useil in connection
with tbeir boiler room.
When tbo mill is running at full
pressure it is   SxpeOted   that   between
•100 and 600 men will be employed
To Organize Japanese
WiNNii-Ko, Hopt. 16,—it   p   Petti«
piei-i', til Uritish Columbia, assisting
the executive committee of thn 0.P.R,
strikers, in an interview expressed his
Intention of organizing the Japanese.
Ho stains the Orientals in British
(loliirnbia arc woll armed nnd rosily to
prevent further attacks from the
Hn has a groat 0 inion nl ths Japanese, stating that tuny recently
■ truck on the I'aciflo Coast for higher
w ges and e   n appealed  n  h. Trad s
ind l.nli... i ui.i-i .t ' "»t « Id e Inl.us
a ting us strikr hieiils rs Ills vnW'd
i  lei (i  .  i i    1 i.   ,i ' um   in   Uriii' b
l lllllllll ;il  is io ,.i_.:ili,zi-   lhe ,l,ipill esC,
.in I u. bu | ma it, "eli'iin up tl e
c nntry with thrill "
The last issue nf the B. C. Gazette
aiiiiouns-es the appoint ment of ll. M
Palmer as deputy minister of agriculture snd secietary of the Farmers' In
■ititiite in the place of J. K. Anderson
retired.   .
The Arrow Lakes Lumber Co , at
Arrowhead will install an up-to-date
box-making plant in time for next
season's trade. It Ib also understood
i hat a aash and door taclory will be
I.  O.  F.
Court Miiurit Begblf, Ni. . 461. meets 2nd and
llh Mondays in oddfellows Hall, neit to Oi»ra
Hiitiso Visitiiiir brothron cordially invited to
J.W. Qabland, OB.
H. W. Edwards, B 8
c. VV. o   w
Mountain View Camp, No. 119
Menu Second and Fourth Wednnt-days In
each month, in Selkirk Hull. Visilin Wood
men cordially Invited to attend.
w. D. AKMSTUONO. Con. Com,
J. MnlNTYKK, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The regular meetings aro held in the Selkirk
Hall 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, 8 p.m.
Visiting brothron aro cordially invited.
W. B. McLAUl HUNiSeorbtabt
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A. F. a. A. SS.
Tho regular meetings are held In the
Oddfellows Hull, on
the third Monday In
ouch month at T
P in Visiting broth,
ren    cordially   wel
U. A. PKIM'UNIKU, Skckbtarv.
U.  H    KNIUHT.N.l
ODGE No. 12. I. O. O. F.
Meets BVeryThursday
eveiilim In Selkirk
Hall nt 8 o'olook'
Visiting brothron oor
dtally Invited to si
Cold Range Lodge, K. of  P.,
no. 16, Reveletoke, B. C.
Wi   en -e_>i
each       l'i.
Hall   at   s
Kuigh.ls •
V   liNli-sl.AV
... Weiluesd. y in
. .ck.     Vlsltln
i-IKIIv   .svlteil.
O. H. BROl K   K   of  K. &:S
J.  H   SCOT I', Jl. ol F,
Boarding   School   for   Girls
Children of all Denominations ad.
milled. Complete Preparatory Studies.
Iiiiii School Course. Music:—Piano,
Instruments, For terms and other
particulars apply n> -Sister Superior
OPENING    SEPT.    1st.,   1908
A. H.
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals   -   -    26 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.   -  $5,00
To Trappers
Raw Furs Br ugta
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
R-tTtLltoka I.»n<l D     ■
[M"ir,cl Of II Mt .   fi*1 ■
Tuns IO.lot   thm   I        "'
l_-ptfihrl'l(0.   Alt.-., 'htm | «n
t.  Alt
10 *pplv 7'ir i«vfml*
Dg   iMOflDM t»n»1
miTirinjr a( h  em
W-Ml ^^^^^
About Va  ii-iJfi
row    __■•**   Ard   uiA'i
Conor," iboooi n
.hAin" eA.t, tbfOM U]
'■.<Aln. irOli,   BODtAtDI
Oaip -w.pt. 4, 191*. 	
NOBMAM 1. *U<: Ron,
•••;i 1- 'Al Hy J'-hri Y. Tsjrlor   In*. ak*mi
'Afiiin   T . Mm LOO-1 M
I'si-fi'in Broker, inti-ndf
,      if   tin|| iQfl lotlOw-
iit iiuuih At tba .oniti
■1 . ii i Otthlll VnI.j_)
■ if lliA w*«t ikon <>t Ar
1 Ms.* N. W
ti .in . WD tbi itit»n*r« A
i ti»ina noriti, thprn-fl '#*
f n/i tw.T%%, rnnr. or itm*
tor tbo Lurna of ■ dnpllotta OiirtlflMto <>t Tllta
toLotlO_f7| UfOQp ('n*>. li.Hlrlnl tit KoOtOIHf,
" Irun Ktc-turn' Mlnnr.il f'l-ftlm (O-tOtptlOg tfl
un'Hvii'lr.l 004 f,w*;lfth lOtOTlM. t.horiln).
N'iTKIK H M BR It BY 'il, KNt.hat I, Ih my
iRtMttOf) tiii fttTttO tt I Im nxidrwUon of Ml
inohth ftfttr Mm Mr-1 pUbllOAUOfl liirifif i_
ftiitill-naip of t.hn (:«.r_lfl.w_.»-i- of Title) f.ir f »*(,
I0B7,'troiip Ono. I'lrtrl',1. of KOOtonif 'Trm-
Ki-'iir"" mlnrrnl OlKlm (fmOOptlOg-tf) uiifll. Iitml
onn l.wnlfMi uil.nri'Mf, l Ihti-hh In tflO tiiiniii of
Thornd" 1'ownn, whu-h ' nriid'ato Uilutnl ttie
17th of Miirnh. 1x07. uml numooroq ISflfl
H   K. M .CLlfOD,
hUtrli't ItuKUirm.
Load Ho«inii7 Kfflpo, MoWin, h. 0«
.J*»pt#imbor I" li. l!**
"I lashli^hls on Human Nature"
*y,    DOCTOR   or
"Don't do   a
" Iill you mio ptiiftrly
IimhI, hy nlil  nf
rtllli, '11.1-r.llHI'. ll>VO, HUH rllitf'- 'UHl pl_MHllAgli
wliKls you'd iahL ii (linUn-, Imi, don't IlkoT-n
Mtl |i'ih»'". illiiMtml-flil, 'JAn-mil-H. hut, in imI.kmIii.
It wo-tiuid ono only io any luliilt, for pout.nun.
10 OOIIt-N.
lit ■••» IBth Mrut NBW YORK
One way produces evenly broiled meat and
evenly toasted bread without taxing the
patience of the housewife. This way is represented by "Sask-alta" Range. The reason:
"Sask-alta" Range has an Automatic Lift Top
(Patented) in addition to regular
Broiler Door; and this team works
for the operator instead of making
her work.
The "Sask-alta" Way
Another way produces
unevenly broiled meat and
unevenly toasted bread
and taxes the patience of
the housewife. This way
is represented by most
Ranges. The reason:
Some Ranges have "only"
a Broiler Door, others have
a contrivance like that
illustrated in top small
drawing; both of which enjoy the distinction
of tiring the arm that holds the broiler and
tiring the eye that directs the arm.
Urn-Oil, Toronto, Mont real. WlnrHpet.Vancouver, SUetm, Itamllten, Cattery
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
Another Way
This Trademark Guarantees
if i-*\yti*,
fit- f
that Fit-Reform Suits and
Overcoats are always in perfect
style and taste—that they will
give excellent service^—that they
are the best values, for the
money, in Canada.
This trademark guarantees that every garment
bearing it, must give complete and lasting
satisfaction or your money back.
Behind this trademark is
Company, founders in Canada
the Fit-Reform
of  hand-tailored
Fall styles are ready.   $15 up.
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branahee.
interest allowed at highest current rat*.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds. Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
Por the Farm, Garden Lawn
or Qonservatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation to da mage stock.
No windy agents to annoy you.
Buy direct and get trees and
seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,   Cut
Flower;., etc. Oldest established nursery on the mainland
of B, C    Catalogue free.
Green Houses and Seed  Mouses
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
Quebec I	
Pri. Sept 4 Emp. Britain
Sat.    " 12 Lake Erie
Fri.    " 18 Emp. Ireland Fri. Sept. 4
Sat  " 20 Lk.Maiiitotia Wed. "   9
Fri. Oct. 2 Emp. Britain Fri.   •• 18
Sat.  "  lOLIt.UhairiplalhWed.'• 23
Summer Season from Montreal
and Quebec
1st. Class and. Class 3rd. Class
$90 00    $48 75 $28 75
IS!. Cluss 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$80 00       $42 50       $27 50
Othkr Lake Boats—
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
Cheap rates lo Atlantic Seaboard
points in connection with steamship tickets
Pnssent-vi-s hooked  lo Ni rway,
Sweden, Antwerp,  IIanihui|_   nnd
all other conttne lal ports.
For further in I'm mat ion applv to
T. W. Bradshaw,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelstoke. Vancouver.
4 DAYS    -    4 DAYS
September, 28, 24, 25, 26
Larger and Better than Ever
Free  Entertainments Daily
Eagleo' Day, • Thureday, Sept. S4th
Children's Day, -  Friday, Sept. Itth
For further Information or
PiWas List, write to
D. G. McMorris, - Secretary
Queens Jtotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
Hotel _i ,   .
CHIEF   YOUNQ, - - Proprietor
D raying
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Denier in Wood,  Coal and Feed.
Phone Tl. House Phone T
TENDERS are rci'iii-sti-d Ior thn
piirohaae ol Lots 12 and 13, Itlnck 67,
situate on Eighth Street near Mc-
Kenxie Avenue, in the City of Revelstoke. Theae line building lots belong
to the McDonald Estate, snd will he
sold at a BHcriHoe to eloae up the
estate. The highest or any tender
not necessarily aceepted. Forward
tenders on or hefore 1st ol Ootober,
11108, to the undersigned.
Barristers, Vanoouver.
ltw, 4wi.
Sixty days .ifler date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described
Beginning at a post planted at this
south-east corner of Ixit No. 8G09 put -
isliiiHcd hy Julius Dniigal, running
west 2U chains; thence soulh 2(1 chains;
thence east 20 chains; thence north 2H
chains to point of commencement.
Dated June 24th, 1(108,
Edward Wiilk, Applicant.
We Send
We are Tailoring Specialists, and, p.part from the question of
economising your tailoring bills by obtaining your clothing suuight
from the World's Capital and the Home Country, it will pay you
to get in touch with us.    If you set any value upon efficiency of
workmanship and the quality of material used in y.iur Tailoring
needs, then you wculd be wise  in dropping a pojtcai'd to our
Agents for Canada, as addresses below.   1 iy return you will receive
a unique and wide selection of cloths representing the chou est
and latest confections of the English rfoollen markets. \\ iih these
will be found up-to-date Fashion-plates show ng the latest  tylcs,
both London and New York, so that you may dress either in
English taste or wear right up-to-date New York stylus—   ..-<fT
whichever you prefer.   Our business is a colossal one and
world-wide, for by our system of self-measurement we
are able to lit a customer living in the remote l part
of the earth.    This undertaking lo lit yen from your
own  measurement is backed  by our  unreserved
guarantee  to refund  money   in  full   where  Mail
Orders  are not executed to your thorough   ind
absolute approval.    We invite ycu .0 write for
our Free Pattern:, Measurement Chait and Tape,
and Booklet describing in detail the character of
our  business.    All orders  are  executed on  the     _
following understanding:—satisfaction to be given
or cash m full to be refunded.     We can save you
50 cents in every dollar.
Suits to Measure
fi mi $5.14 to $15.®
The Worlds'
Measure Tailors,
(Dept. C77 ). 60/62  CITY ROAD, FINSBURV,
Address foe Pattapna— Pop Toronto and Eaat Canada:-
CUFtZON BROS., ofo Might Directories, Ltd. (Dept. C77  X 74/78 Church St., TORONTO. Ont.
Por Winnipeg * the Wait 1 -OURZON BROS., o/o Henderson Bro*. (Dept C77 ), 279 Garry St., WINNIPEG.
Pleat. Mention ihi. Paper.
Both Fire Brigades Carry Away
Laurels in Annual Races
g^One i.I the most [iopul.tr ivjins in
Hovel.tnke sporting circles i8 tht
seriee i.I Firemen's laees he'd annual1)'
in connection with the Lahor Day
sports. These races always attract
considerable interest and McKenzie
avenue is limd with spectators whin
these events are pulled off. j.The
Firemen's races this year were pott-
poned from Labor Day, it being too
dark after the sportB were over to
Inild them with any degree ol fairness
111 success, consequently Monday laet
being a fine day it was decided to hold
the raceB. Towards 7 p.m. a large
crowd ol ei thuBiastic citizens assembled on McKenzie avenue, llie usual
course fnr 11 ■ su contests. The first
race was tin I nli and hub 100 yards
hose reel tee .No. 2 hrignde running a
good race and winning from No. 1 by
about fourteen feel. In lhe rext rsce,
which w 1 the wet test, No 1 slurtid
first and put up a tine Bhowing, their
work bring particularly clean and
neat. The test w is carried out in
36 3-5 seconds. Nn. 2 then ran, but
although running well, they failed to
have the water nut of tbe nuzzle in
less time than tbeir opponents, their
time being 38 seconds No. 1 thus
receives one if the. handsome cups
donated by the Lahor Day sports
comuiittee and Nn. 2 the other.
Whether in sport nr in real grim
earnest our brigades do good work
and in the several instances this year
when tlieir i-ervices were r qui id ihey
1 ere there oh the spot iu remarkably
short tin.e, di 111. nt-tniting uh.it they
are capable i.f when duty calls.
Kami ops, Dominion Hotel, September, 28th.
Revelet. ke. Hotel Kevelstoke, Octoler 1st.
Calvary, Qneen'B Hotel, October 6th.
E Im. ni tun, Alberta Hotel, October 12th
Battb'tord, Windsor Hotel, October 19th.
Prince Albert, Queens Hotel, October 22nd.
Saskatoon, Iroquois Hotel, October 26th.
Regina, Clayton Hotel, October 29th.
Brandon, Empire Hotel, November 5th.
Portage la Piairie, Leland Hotel, November 12th.
Winnipeg, November 15th.
Certificate of Improvements
Skmikuin, Hi-iimluinmoii and Ruck-
horn Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in Hevelstoke Milling Division of
West Kmilinay District,
Where located: On the north side of
Cougar Creek.
Take notice that 1, William I. Briggs
of Reveletoke, B. 0„ Solicitor, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B04288, acting
ns agent for and on In-half of His Majesty King E I ward VII, in the Right
of the Dominion of Canada Free Miner's C. _-tifte.il r No.Bft.287, intend sixty
days from date hereof to apply to the
Mining Recmder for Certificates of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Grown Grants of the above
And further take nolice that action
under section 37 must be commenced
before the issuance uf such Ceil Ideates
of Improvements.
Dated this 2nd day ..f July, 1008.
jly 4 \V, I. Hniiuie.
Notice of Sale
Pursuant to the Order of thu County
Court of West Kootenay, holden at Rev-
elsloke, made in the action of Big Hand
Lumber Company, Limited, v. Columbia
and Kootenay Railway and Navigation
Company and Charles R. Kirk and VV. J.
Kane, Ihcre will be offered for -sale with
the approbation of W, E. McLauchlin,
Esq., Deputy Registrar of .aid Court at
tie Court House, in the Citv of Revelstoke
011 Wednesday, the 30II1 day ol September,
1908, all and singular that certain parcel
or tract of land and premises, situate, lying and being in Ihe Town of Arrowhead,
II. C, and being composed of Loi No;
Four (4), Block No. Seven (7).
On the lands is s.iiil to be a two story
frame building 20x26 wilh .even rooms.
The property will be offered for sale
subject In a reserve bid.
Further particulars may be lia.1 from
Harvey, McCarter k I'inkliam, Solicitors,
Imperial Hank Block, Revelstoke, 11. C,
or from
VV. E. McLauiii.in,
Deputy Registrar al llevelsloke.
Daled at Kevelstoke 1 Iii - pli day of
September, 1908,
Notice is hereby given that Has
tings, Doyle A Allum, Limited, will
three months after date, apply to the
Lieutennnt-Qovei'tior In Council for an
Order-iii-llouiie.il   changln .   the Oom-
fiany's name to "Doyle A Allum, Llm-
Dated thu ail h day of June, lfXK..
Hauvkv, MoCauticii A Pinkham,
Solicitors   for  Hustings,   Doyle A Al
him. Limited jly 4 Ilm w
Notice is hereby given thai the goods
and chattels distrained for rent on the
281I1 day of August, 1908, by Frank H.
Bourne lhe landlord of the premises of
Clement Jones, the tenant, will be sold by
public auction at the said premises, being
the Bakery Store on McKenzie Avenue,
on Tuesday, the 8th of Sept., 1908, at
leven o'clock a.m. Said goods and
chattels consist of pictures, chairs, stock
of candies, beds, bedding, etc. Complete
inventory can be seen on application to
the undersigned.
W. J.   LAW,
Daled at Revelstoke, B. C, September
4th, 1908.
POSTPONED —The above sale is
herewith postponed until Monday,
Sepl. Uth, at 3 o'clock p.m.
W. J. LAW, Sheriff.
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice that George McCarter,
He, of Revelstoke, B.C., Agent, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands;
Commencing at a post planted on
the west hank of the Columbia River
at Ihe south-east corner of Lot 8_3)5,
Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
"George McCarter, Sr., north-east cornel post," thence west 10 chains;
thence hoii.1i 20 chains; thence east 20
chains more or less to the west hank
ot thu Columbia river; thence northerly along Ihe west hank of (be Columbia river to the point of commence
ment. containing 25 acres more or less.
Hv his agent, Gen. 8. McCarter.
Dated June _.th. 1008, j 27 OOd
Court of Revision
Notice is hereby given that the first
sitting of tlie Court of Revision, to revise the assessment roll for the year
1008, will be held in the Council Chamber, City Hall, Revelstoke, B. C, on
Monday, Sept; 21st, 1908, at 7 o'clock
August 10th, 1908.
City Clerk.
Certificate of Improvements
Minn (t. innTTriil claim, mm a to hi Ilm   In ml Lake
.Vlnli.K IMvIhIoiinf Wi-hI K..m«i..-_ Dintrict,
Wlii'i«• I-kiJ-Uh.;    Ais the lmi.il of Html, t'ni-ik Hi-idii
i.iljn nl lift thu Volion minor 11 rlalrn.iot 161)7,
(Iroup ti
Tftkt notlre tlmt I, It Smith, F.M.C. ll.Ir.0HH.
uriim* a. i-k.1.1 [rn J ll Mi.i-ln'11-.n-. .•' M (' N<>.
hHi'.!M>, Iniiinil, Nlxts) ilnyn (mm lhu iiul - htirimf, tn
npply to tho Mining jU-MliUr inr * UttilnOfttl nf
Iniprn yemeulf., fnr lhu purpn>« of ul ita In lug a
Urn-wit (Irani of the aim-.« elm in.
Anil f'lrihnr  take  notice  Dial   ae-Hmi,   utnlor
Bee Hon uv, must iw riituiiMint'iiil imfitrt? ttiu Iphiu-
an<* nf (imii OartlflOftte nf liuprnvpnil'. nt>,
Dated tbla Uth dftjr of June. A.D , 190H.
Wbbt Kootknay Lanii District
Take Notice that IS) davs after date
I Arthur E. Evans, of Beaton, il. C .
occupation, prospector, intend in
apply for permission to pin chase tbe
following described lands situated on
Fish River, in West Kootenay (lis-
Commencing at the north-east corner i.f A. D. MackHy's pre-empt I in No.
7,806, and marked "A. E. Eviins,
Norlli-wi'St Oorner Post," thence 8
chains lo west line of McKiiiiiim's
pre-emption| thence 50 chains south,
theuce 8 chains west lo MucKay's,
thunce north 50 chains to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more
or leas.
Located August 3rd, 1808.
A. K. EVANS, Locator.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that G. Blink, of Halcyon, B. C, Cruiser, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following descrilied lands.
Commencing at a post planted on
the east side of Upper Arrow Luke, at.
the south-east corner of Lot 2151, and
marked "G. K. Brink's North-West
Coiner Post"; ihence cast 20 chains;
tbenee south 20 chains', thence west
20 obalni to the lake shore; thence
northerly along the lake Shore 20
chains mure nr less to thu point of
00mn.euoen.enti containing 40 acres
uoru or less.
Daled August 5th, 1908.
Notice is hereby  given  that the undersigned will, at the expiration of one
mon ib, apply to the Superintendent
ol Provincial Police for a transfer to
Coronation Hotel Company, Limited,
of the hotel license now hold by me in
respect of the Coronation Hotel at
Camliorne, B. 0.
Dated this 3rd day of August; 1908.
aug 5 lm        Coby Mknimnick.
II       repiitatiii'i is a potent factor   to   b-  con-
BlIlS    sirWcd   nH  it   is  synonymous   »ili   Ills
^|u!.   quality, merit   snd  puces  ol  ths co.ids
sold.    If yon dual at   Hastings,  D yle  ii
A Hum's   you    will    know    you   will    le
treated fairly, no   n ain-r   how  you   ma\
be lacking in technical knowledge ot the
. y_r!K>    value and quality of j wela of   any   kind.
S-tiLs-    W_ keep   only   the   best   and   choice-st.
Where |*old is used it is marked witb tin
carat stamp, with silver it is sterling,   it
gems and precious stones then quality it
fully guaranteed.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum, Limited
A New Carpet
from our choice snd handsome
Btock of Axminster, Wiltons, etc.,
will give you both plessure and
satisfaction when you see the rich
and beautiful effects of the colors
snd patterns and the durability
of the fabrics Our carpets are
made by the best manufactures,
and are made to wear well, as well
as to luok well.
_■*, HOWSON fr CO.'Y.
Import direct from country of origin.
TAKE NOTICE lhat I, Samuel
James Hnl low. of Nakusp, B. C, occupation, farmer, Intends to apply for
permission to purchase tho following
di'si-iilii'd laud I
Commencing at a post planted al a
point twenty (20) chains east of a point
eighty cliuiiiH soulh of Ihe southwest
corner Of Lot No. 8,149; thunce smith
lu chains, thenre east 40 chains, ihence
north 4(1 chain-, theuce wust 40 chains,
to puiut of iniiiuicnccinent and containing one hundred and sixty tliloi
ai ms more or lest,
(Hud) Hami'ki. .1 amkh Harlow.
Dated July 11, 1908.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice- that John Michael Doyle
of Kuvulsioku, B.C., Manager, intends
tn apply for permission I" purchase the
following described land:—
Commencing at a post planted on
lhe easterly bank of the Columbia
River at the north-west corner of  Lot
2771 Group 1, Kootenay, and marked
"John M. Doyle's south-west corner
posl," thence east 40 chains; thence
north 40 chains; thence west 40 chains
more nr less lo the easterly bunk of
lhe Columbia river; thunce southerly
along thu liank of said river 40 chains
more or less to I lie poinl of commence-
ment, containing IHO acres uio.ie or
By his affe.nl, Geo. 8. McCarter.
Dated J une __th, 1908, j_7 UOd
Eminent Critic Styles Work of
Local Dramatists Excellent.
The "Shauphraiiu" cast and those
who assisted in its production ou Labor
Day and the following benefit night,
spent a pleasant social evening nn
Monday in the Band room, kindly
lent for tbe occasion. Progressive
whist took up the bulk of tbe evening,
after which refreshments were served.
Since the production of the "Shaugh-
raun" the amateurs have been bighlX
congratulated on their work by all
wbo were fortunate enough to witness
this thrilling play. The success of tbe
"Shaugbraun" and the talent employed combined witb realism and
admirable presentation, has opened
the eyes ol the Revelstoke public to
tbe knowledge that in the Dramatic
elub tbe city has an institution of
which it should be justly proud. We
have learned since our lust issue was
published that a dramatic critic who
is prominent in Canada and the States
and wbo perchance dropped into tbe
opera bouse while the play wss in
progress, bas spoken in the highest
terms ol the manner in which the
"Shaugbraun" was put on, and expressed surprise that amateurs could
so successfully stage and act a play of
tbis kind which required such attention to details and absolute precision
to insure its successful issue. Histrionic art is the most difficult of any to
excell in, and those who took part iu
tbe "Shaugbraun" have much to be
proud of.
Popular C.P.R. Conductor Succumbs to Heart Disease
J. McGarry, one of the best known
railway conductors in the weet, died at
Medicine Hat on Sunday afternoon,
Thhe deceased hud not been feeling
well tor a week but his condition gave
no cause for anxiely, neither did he
leave his work. He was in charge of
No. 96 leaving Calgary on Saturday
and on arriving at Medicine Hat sent
one of the Cosmopolitan hotel staff
lor some medicine, complaining of a
chill and feeling unwell. He died ol
heart disease, however, before the
messenger returned.
Mr. McGarry waa very popular on
the road, was 45 years of age, and hsd
hsd a long railway career, being in tho
service of tho CI'.11. since 1893 The
deceased was a very influential and
prominent member of the Order of
Railroad Conductors and general
ohairman of the board of adjustment
of the order on tbe western division.
Mr. McGarry wss unmarried. The
funeral took place yesterday at Maple
Creek, where the deceased's mother,
sister and brother reside.
^^^^^^M HEAD OK-ITICR :   ('aloahy,  Alberta.
it Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
• Pork Packers    inl Dealers III Live Stock.    Markets in ull the pri  ci
m pal Cities and Town, of Alberta. British Columbia and the Yukon.
S Puckers if the Celebrated Brand  " Imperator" Hams and Bacon,
1 and " Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard. ^
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Molina Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Pie net Jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheel*
wright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse hoeing a
Central Hotel
as--.     REVELSTOKE, B. C
Newly built       Fimt-i iaes in every respect.    AU modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Canadian Government Consider
Question of System.
Ottawa, Sept. 16.—Hon. Rodolpho
Lemieux, postmaster-general, accompanied hy Dr. Coulter, his deputy
have gone on a visit to tho border
states to study tho American system
of rural mail delivery, In a speech
delivered recently by the postmaster
general in Qucboo, ho held out the
hope that tbo government would be
able to establish rural mail delivery in
Canada at an early date.
The Steamer leaves Five Mile
Landing (during stage of high
water) at 6 a.m. on Tuesday and
Friday, fur Downie Crei k and way
points, returning same day.
Freight must be ready for delivery to teams of Bevelstoke
Cartage Co.. Ltd., on Mondays and
Thursdays at 1 p.m., and must be
The Cartage Company's Stage
leaves for the Boat Landing at 5:30
p.m ou Monday and Thursday and
connects with the steamer on arrival
back in the evening, and makes
special I rips, when required, on
Tuesday and Friday mornings,
leaving town at 4 a.m.
Comfortable berths and good
meals on Steamer. Telephone cun-
met inn between steamer and local
exchange—No. B139. Dates of
sailings may be changed without
All   kinds   of   new
Dealen In
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. O. Box, 200. Phone _0
Manufactured for       olannes of Imildlugs
for wul" In targe or tunnl! nuHntltles
at tlm In west prices for cash,
All kinds of building and plastering
Certificate cf Improvements.
Vivian Luck No. 1, Vivian Luck No. 2
Vivian Luck No. 'A,  Vivian   Luck
No. 4, Vivian Luck No.  5, Vivian
Luck No. 0 and Silver Crown mineral claims, situated in the Lardeau
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Wheie    located:—At   Head of   Kidd
Creek, a trilnitarv of Boyd Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that   I,   O.  B.  N.
Wilkie, acting   as   agent   for   Hectni
Politer,   F.M.C.   B7486,   and   George
Johnson, F.M.C. B05051, intend,  sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
Mining   Kccorder   for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of ob-
tiiinini; a Crown  Grant of the above
And further lake notice tbat action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance nf such Certificate
uf Improvements.
Daled this 2Hth day of May, A. D.
wjnyH. JPruut Lake, B. C.
By-Law No.
Wliereasi under and by virtue nf by-law
ol lhe CnrpoRati.il ol llie City of Kevel-
siloke, numbered loi. it was ileemrtl
necessary and expedient in the iiilpreil of
the City of Kcvcl.loke that tlie eleclrical
plant of the city should be improved and
extruded by Ihe addition of an electric
power dynamo and equipment including
necessary auxiliary plant.
And Whereat to defray lhe cost thereof
it wat deemed nere-i-wiry to borrow the
turn of Thirty Thousand Dollars (9jo,ooo)
and there Was granted to Ihe Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the ('ity of
Revelstoke under and by virtue of taid bylaw No, ioi lhe [tower and aulliurity lo
laite the said sum of Thirtv Thon-tami
Hollars as tet forth and provided in said
by-law by Ihe ittuance of debenlures secured upon the rales and charges which
are chargeable and enforceable (or the
use of water and electric light under the
"Water and Bleclrlc Light Regulation
By-law 1903,'' and the "Municipal Clauses
And Whereas the said sum of Thirty
Thousand Dollars as so authorised to be
raised has been lound lo be insufficient lo
make and complete all lhe additions and
auxiliary plant as so aullioriied to be
And Whereas lhe estimated amount ol
llie said rates and charges chargeable and
eninrccalile for die year in which this bylaw ia passed is $35,000.00.
And whereas there is new charged on
llv said  rates  and  charges   ihe   sum ot
And Whereas lhe debt hereby created
is on the security of th_ said waler and
electric light rates and charges and 19
further guaranteed by the Municipality at
And Whereas for the payment of lhe
said principal money and inl,-rest during
lhe currency of llie debentures to be issued
it is necessary to set aiide and withdraw
rom the annual current revenue derived
rom the said water and electric light
rates and charges annually the sum of
S774; the sj-ecific annual sum required for
the piymeut of interest being $500 and for
the payment of the debt lhe sum of $174.
And  Whereas the estimated deficiency
in the said rales and charges required to
make up lhe amount of the annual interest
nd  sinking  fund   upon tbe  debt hereby
created is nil;
And Whereas il is necessary to raise a
further sum of $10,000 by lhe issue ol
debentures secured upon the rales and
charges aforesaid and guaranteed by lhe
-redit of lhe Municipality al large;
Now Therefore ihe Municipal Council of
the Corporation of the Cily ol Revelstoke
in open meeting assembled enacts as
The sum of Ten Thousand Dollars
or so much thereof as shall be necessary
shall be expended in completing the improvements authorized to be made and
done under and by virtue of the said By-
Law No. tot, and it shall be lawful lor lhe
Mayor of the Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke to borrow on the credit and
security of the said rates and charges byway of debentures hereinafter mentioned
trom any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate who may be willing to
advance the same, a sum noexeeding in s
the whole the sum of ten thousand dollar
and to cause alt such sums so raised to be
paid into the hands of the Treasurer of the
said city for lhe purposes and with Ihe objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the said Mayor
to cause any number ol debentures to be
made, executed and issued for such sum
or sums as may be required lor the purposes and objects aforesaid not exceeding
however the sum ot Ten Thousand Dollars
($10,000), each of said debentures being
of the denomination of $1,000, and all
such debentures shall be sealed with the
seal of the Corporation of the Cily of
ReveTSffike and signed by the Mayor and
Clerk thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear dale
the 23rd day of September, 1908, and shall
be made payable in twenly-five years
from the said date in lawful money of
Canada al the office of the Molsons Bank
at Revelstoke atoresaid, which place of
payment shall be designated by said debentures, and shall have attached to them
coupons for the payment of interest and
the signature to the coupons may be either
written or printed, or stamped or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear interest at the rate of five per centum per
annum from the date thereof which interest shall be payable semi-annually at tha
office of tbe Molsons Bank at Revelstoke
in law (ul money of Canada on the twenty-
third day of March and the twenty-third
day of September, respectively in each
and every year during tbe currency thereof and it shall be expressed in said debentures and coupons to be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the Mayor to
negotiate and sell the said debentures or
any of them for less than par but in no case
shall the debentures or any of them be
sold for less than g2>_ per centum of their
face value including the costs of negotiating and sale, brokerage and other necessary expenses.
6. For (he payment of the said debt
there shall be set aside and withdrawn
each year during the currency ot the said
debentures from the annual currenl revenue of the Municipality as derived from
the said water and electric light rates and
charges the sum of $274.00, and such sum
ihall be transferred from the annual current revenue account and paid into a
special account to form a sinking fund for
tbe purpose mentioned herein.
7. For the purpose of paying the interest on tbe said debentures as same becomes due and payable there shall be set
aside and withdrawn each year from tbe
annual current revenue of Ihe Municipality
as derived from said water and electric
light rales and charges the sum of $500
which sum shall be transferred from the
annual currenl revenue account and paid
into a special account for such purpose
and to be disbursed when and as the instalments of interest become due.
8. During llie curroncy of said de-
iietil ores tbe said lates and charges to
lhe extent aforem-id shall not form
part of Ihe annual revenue of tbe Mu*
0. Ir shall he lawful for the Municipal Council from time to time to re-
pur-chafe any of said debentures tt
such price or prices as may be mutually
agreed upon and all debentures ro re-
purchased .hall be cancelled and no
reissue of any such debenture or de-
Ikiii 111 i-s sball be made inconsequence
of such re-purchase.
10. As additional security the credit
of the municipality at laige is pledged
for the payment ot tbe annual interest
and Milking fund required for the
extinguishment of the debt created by
this By-law and the municipality
hereby guarantees the payment of
the  same,
11. This by-law shall come into
fori e and take effect on tba 23rd day of
Sept. 1006.
12. This by.law may he cited for all
purposes as the " Electric Light
Ijoiiii by-law. I808."
13. This liy-lnw shall before the
Iii ml passing thereof receive ths assent
i.I tin-ratepayers of the Coiimration
itccoidiiig lo the provisions of, and in
manner prescribed by tha Municipal
Clauses Act.
Head a first time this 4th day of
Sept. A. D., 1808.
Head a second time this 4th day of
Sept,, A. I>., IO08.
Read a third time tbis 4th day of
keptemtier, A. I)., IB08, and passed
witb the  unanimous  consent nf  the
Received the asarot of the elector*
the day of
He-considered, adopted and floally
passed the Council the day
,,f A. D., IO08.
City Clerk,
TAKE NOTICE tbat the above is a
true ropy of the proposed by-law upon
which tbe vote of the Municipality will
he taken nt the Citv Clerk's Offlce.
Citv Hall, corner of Second Street and
McKensie Avenue, Kevelstoke, B.C.,
on Monday. September 21st, 19o8, between the hours of Nina o'clock a.m.
and Seven o'clock p.m.
Clerk of tba Municipal Council THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C.
A »♦_ .♦» ■*-*. A A {tx ."fi ttt t+1 it Lift iti
'X* *v *+' w *■+-' *+' +*h- W -i-r,_t*T-JT *_$?
| Sunburn
Tan and
Get &   Bottle   uf   our   Klu. ,
*$?  Flowei   ■'ii-.tin      Jin-t  ivliat  *%*
tit  you are looking for.
rj. .-ulji AT
<$    C, R. MCDONALD'S
+i KtVKi.sioki:, li. C,
r|l l|l l|l >|--r|H|n|.-r|f-r^-r|n|M^4;
Davey Scott—On Weduesday, Sept.
9th, al Victoria Hotel, Revelstoke,
hy Rev J. R. Robertson, William
Davey to Mrs. Nettie Scott, both of
Fergus, u, B C,
Weather Forecast
Wttlnosday, Sept. 10.—Unsettled,
isir to changeable, probable showers.
Moderate westerly winds. Temp,
Max. 71'.   Min.46°.
Local and General.
Kin'X ('lurch ladies are having a
tea with a   musical   program, at MrB,
.1.   M.   Doyle's. Tuesday 21, admission
2h cents.
Messrs. Harvey, McCarter .t rink-
bam have opened a branch law ullice
at Golden   with   A. M.  I'inkliam  in
A sitting nf (lie Supreme Court for
civil and criminal cases will be beld
here iti the Court House on Fridsy
morning, (Ictober Dili.
Don'l forget the river picnic, on
Saturday by tins b.b. RevelBtoke under
the auspices of St 1'i-tt-r'e church,
For tickets apply to E W.B.«aget.
A meeting ol the chairman and
members oi tli. Agricultural Society
committees will be held in tbe City
Hail on Thursday, Sept. 17th (to-
morro_-)at 7:30 p.m. All members
are particularly inpieBted to be present in . rder to settle all matters
relating lo the Fair.
W Cowan is making extensive repairs fs tbe Cowan block, which whs
damaged by tire recently- The new
central is'leulintii- exchange on Second
street is lieing rapidly fitted up and
house Connections being made so thai
the service will very shortly be in
It ia gratifying to sec that the Fair
aftermath in the way of kicks and
complaints is free from all such unnecessary things except in one ur two
case; which really carry no weight.
Everybody appears satisfied and well
pleased with lhe results. We regret
to see that the Revelstoke correspondent to the Kaniluops Inland Sentinel
ie mean enough and uucilizenlike to
try anJ belittle RevelBtoke and her
people over the lirst Fair. Such
remarks as appeared in that journal
last week from a Kevelstoke citizen, it
lie really calls himself one. an- uot
worthy of aoitizen and member "i the
community, and an- uncalled for.    No
Makes people healthy and
strong,—thut is the kind we
bake. Nothing but the best
Hour used. Let ns convince
you of the purity and quality o! otu goods by h supply
nl bread, cakes, rolls pies,
etc, lhat will make you
one of our best customers.
Wbicli ia to your liking '.'
Perhaps ynu like both—one
fnr breakfast and dinner;
the other for luncheon or
supper. In cither case we
arc bound to suit you because there's do better lea
or coffee in (own at the
prices weask. All we ask is
a trial.
cr ; ; sj
Karn is King
The right Piano at the right price.
Call and set) us before you buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Eatate, Insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loan.
No Bogus Sale
Having vacated my premises opposite the Union Hotel to
the Northern Crown Bank, it. necessitates tne tu clear away a
very large and complete stock including some fiOO pair of
band made and store shoes, hnmer.8, saddlery, trunks, valiBes
nnd fancy leather goods at cost.
Boot   and   Harness    Manufacturer
Temporary Premises, Ideal Furniture Store
Opposite the Windsor Hotel. - FIRST STREET
j true citizen or one ol any calibre will
try and   deliberately   knock  bis own
I community
♦ ♦♦♦i»mv...♦..♦»..»♦.♦♦♦
I Not
How Much?"]
but "how good" is the [question
that evtry one should ask in buying
Th. eld uying that " a inin Is
jurfg-J ty the candy he gives"
holds go "1 Is-'Iiy same l.s always.
Buy the Is^.-. -don't talcs the " just
_. Rood " kind.
N.th.ng r, ute equals
**    famous Bon-Boni  and  Chocolates.
J    They   aie   in  a distinctively eiclu.
♦   sive clan to themselves,
T •   Oi leu   receive  prompt ar.d care-
j   fal allentloa,        '
N'KXT lll'.MI-; BLOCK.
Tin-  annual Thanksgiving Dinner
will   be   given Ociober   lUtli in  the
Opera   House under tbe   auspices nl
Knox Church
The work  of preparing the ground
jlr   tbe   new   sidewalks ..n McKenzie
Avenue is progressing and the cement
I will la' laid nt ..nu e.
Mniidny eveuiug tbe city defeated
I t.'.e Y.M.OA at Lnorosse the soon
I being 8 0 neither team li-d tlieir rrgu
j inr m, n and tne grine was slow,
i be isuii-s guild of St, f'eti i■'- church
i hap arranged to hold an slteri n tea
at tbe residence ol   Mra   l Sturdj
Third it-feet on the  millinery opening
. da).
The   baseball   game    betwi -
Scots   and   Hopefuls, billed   for  tbi-
•evening, bas been postponed owing t>
I a large number ol tlcir men being oui
1 of town.
Tin- report "f the proceedings ' I -.-
instituting of an 1.0.0 F. lodge al
Salmon Arm by the members of lhe
local lodge, last nigbt, arrived to its
fi i publication in tins iaaiip, but will
aj.| cur on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M Doyle, Mr. and
Mrs A. V Anderson, Mr. nnd Mra. B
It Atkins, Miss Spurting and Mr.
Steed climbed the Lindmark Trail on
Sunday to tbe bluff,
Included in tonight's programme ai
the Edison Parlor Theatre are tli-
latest lilina: "A wedding in Brittany,"
"Scenes in Sweden," "A modern Sam
sun,'' and "At the Stage Dour."
K ','. Vngua -unl Senator Forget,
members ol tbe C P.R directorate
pissnl thrnpgb Revelstoke hy special
i train a few daj - ic t In thi return
from the coast I he party II visil
Revel.ti ki- unl journey via lim A now
Lakes and Crowa ""feel Mr login 's
f the original promoter- f the C \
1' R, and was for many year, general '
managers ol   the   Bankol   Montrea
Sent:.        . ■ • _.•'      -   IOI :.'    ,tili -'
financier^ m tin- 11 minion.
A party i insist ..- . Res. I. li anil
\l: - Et_ tier t son <*■ '.',, tln-ir daugbtei
Mai    rii     _i il   VI    A. Roberts™   ai
•vent   up  Vicl  ni mi ontain   d
Monde]    u ed      *    (Jrm
I.ikes    i in returnii _
■aw  i to.. m the trail
ik' .' !
iiej l Mm ill     Aftei   •..
inu il;-    Rumtnil   Mrs    Robert,  n  wh
wsb ahead, saw another ■ ne, Bntb
bous iniivpii away giving the party the
i.'b' of way.
A large tiii-nbeV of inemhers of Sel
.it-. Lmlgp, No 12, 1 0.0 F , left yesterday afternoon for S.ilui"ii Arm
ivhurea lodge of tbe 1 0. O. F. w 11 be
instituted, W. W. Foster as Deputy
Grand Master will perform the initiatory ceremonials.
Mr. Molson Miiephersou, president
of the Molsons Hank, Mr. James Elliott, general manager, and Mr. H.
Mnrkinnil Molson, director, are in the
oity today. The present trip is for
inspection of tbe western brunches,
before Hie general meeting of shareholders
E. T. Kingeley, editor of the Western Clarion, and Dominion organiser
of the Socialist party ..f Canada will
speak at the openi house on Friday
night at 8 o'clock Bubjeot' "The
Cause ol stnk-'rs Representatives
of the Liberal and Conservative parlies are invited (o spuiB. Ladies are
specially Invited to attend. As this i«
practically the opening meeting of the
coining Dominion election campaign
here, a large attendance is expected.
Rev. W. F. Andrews, pastor of the
Centennary church of St. Louis, has
announced that be will bave the
church parlors kept open during the
fall anil winter mouths for the reception of young men unl their sweet-
bearta This will bent banging over
a gate or walking along shaded streets
with the thermometer at zero, and
will hasten tbe day i.I tbe marriage
fee. Rev. Andrews i evidently a fur
seeing person
He Wins in a Walk
Charles King, who is making a continental walking to ui of Canada and
who passed through bee a week oi su
ago Ior Vniicniive reached that city
on Monday, covering tbe distance be
tween Montreal and Vancouver in 1117
days. He has still 111 days to spare.
and bas earned $120 en route out ul
the $ir-l) demanded by the wager. He
feels confident of securing the balance
in ample lime by t-elling souvenirs. II
successful ho will w.n a wager of $1000
On reaching the city King visited the
C. P. R. train dci-patcber's ullice and
secured n certificate of arrival from the
ollicial on duty. He has authenti
cated records from the date of hifl depart ure from Mont real
)OOMI''.l,'S WANTED in   ronifort-
{..   uhle house nexl .lour (o Y.M.C.A.
(5 furnished rooms wanted for light
housekeeping.   Apply al Mail-Herald,
For Sale
Dry cedar   cord    wo id—Revelstoke
General Agencies  Ltd.
um repair depart inenl was never
io hetter -lint's- i" look il'tei your
Watch, Chii k mil Jewelry Repairs.
A 1 work _'i ii uiLci',1,
-    ■.. i,
,i     . .is     IK,-. I ,,
i..   i      ll    i e.lMiiial.l
11.et trips .ill d iv
I  ■   ..,,  ||,.t. I, Phone 27.
lines lal II. '.-I, Phone IK,
TURNROSS, Proprietor Phone 41
Ibe Municipal Council nf the Corporation of the City of Reielstoke intends
to undertake the construction of
Boulevards on certain streets within
the City of Revelstoke, to wit: McKenzie Avenue on bntb sides frum the
nurth side uf Third Street to the north
side of Eighth Street: and on bntb
sides uf Third Street. Fourth Street,
Fifth Street nnd Sixth Street, from the
eust side nf McKenzie Avenue lo the
west side of Vernon Avenue, and on
both sides of Douglas Street from
King west to C.P.B. right of way,
according to specifications and estimates prepared by the Cily Engineer
appointed for the purpose, und to
itsisi'iiM the expense or cost thereof upon
the lnnd or real property .-limiting un
the liar's of such slreets us nhove-nien-
tinned  and   10  be betiefllled thereby I
und ibiit u statement allowing the land
or real property liable tn pay the
assessment therefor, nnd the names of
the owners thereof, ns far as they can
he ascertained, together wilh the specifications nnd estimates of the City Engineer/, and the proposed iissessmenl
and report thereon of Hie Cily Clerk
are nuw un tile in I be utilise of the Oity
Clerk and open for inspect inn by ull
persons during offlce hours.
The estimated cost of the work is
$4420.04, to be borne by ibe owners of
such properties us abut on the parts
of such streets us above mentioned.
Any objection lotlte proposed linden iikim-- and assessment therefor
shatt be made by petition to the City
Council within FIFTEEN (16) days
froin the date hereof, the persons entitled tn petition being the owners of
Ihe lands affected thereby.
Cily Clerk,
Dated I hie lOlb tlnyof September, 11KI8.
iriOlt SALE -Arrowhead Drugstore
I lor Stile, pnssi's.iuii November 1.
Apply lo M.J, Donovan, Arrowhead,
B.C, Ki-pltMl
DRESSMAKING     ut      I'ensimable
terms,   Apply Mis. G. W.Green,
Finn 111 Sli eel..
'    ply lu Ctilntnliia Agencies Lid,
COOK — First class, while woikiiiun,
wanis to change, Giiaiuhtees
saiisf.iction. No cheap out lil considered. Jas. Ifisinip, Cottonwood,
B. 0.
DINING-ROOM GIRL wanted immediately for Ilu- Union Hotel,
Arrowhead, Apply lo W. J. Light-
burne. Arrowhead.
FOR SALE—Two gnnil   Milk  Cows
Apply   tn  Matlitson   &    Cmwe,
Snulb Truck.
FOR SALE- CHEAP - Nine ttrsl-
cIiihb Dairy Cows.   Apply to Box
008, Arrowhead. Sat 12 Hod
FOUND—Gnld Wul ch, owner can
have same by proving prnpbrtv
and paying for ibis nolice. Apply K
J  Macy, Tilild Street,
WANTED—Up.lairs work or din-
ingroom by exper em el womilii.
Apply ut unce In M. Abel. Gulden.
WANTED-A good general servant
for a family nl i«", Apply 10
Mrs. A. II. McCli'ii.glisiu. Impel iill
Bunk rosiilei.ee.
WANTED  TO   LKT -11     iiiom-d
house   partly   furnished,  $25,
Oroouied bouse $12 -Apply Columbia
Agencies, Limited.
I will sell by I'l'BI.IC AUCTION
ou FRIDAY, SEPT. 18 h, st 1
p.m., the entire furnishings uf Mis.
Clark's residence, almost opposite
Knox church
The Inst opportunity ever offered in
this City to get lhe very best in furniture at ynur own price.
Kverytbing must go. Don't forget
the date, September 18th.
We have a niimlier of jiieces nf Dress goods that we
wish to clear out to make room l'or the New Fall Goods and to
An so we have put them on sule at prices that should move
them quickly,   They comprise. Serges, Lustres, Cheviots.
Fane/' Mixes, Etc.. in All Colors.
The selling price ranged from (Mc. tu $2.00 per ymil and
we are selling them now from 25c. to 05c. This is a splendid
chance to get good warm dress® for the children.
Cretonnes at  Special Prices
We hnve loo many cretonnes at present and if you
emil n bargain see whnl we linvt'put out, an I the prices we
olVei tlieiii nl 12_e. to 80e, per yui-il.
Cushion Tops
Fine Tupestry designs  Reg, $1 00   Now 50c.
Japanese Paintings on Velvet  Reg. $1 25   Now 70c.
Japanese Silk embroidered on Satin Reg. $1 75   Now 00c
Revelstoko Souvenirs 50c
If inn ".mild no i1111- n S.o i'nnil niiiioiinei. ilinl ymi wanted In
buy I w-i-nl y puns uf fthiies. miii'iI get special nt lent inn, wouldn't
Kvei y mini » bo colli'- 'i.'o our Store looks tu us like u 20-puir
custnliii v. He is. We'll sell hi in | he first pair, and the Hi. comfort
nnil weiir llliil he gels nnl. of them will he pretty apt In lake cure of
the nineteen -ales.
We don'l make enough prnHl on one j_n.li* of shoes lo lie iiiillff-
erenl us tn where ynu buy the next pair, so we do things Hint iniike
yo i want hi buy thrill nif lis.
Mel.'s Sin
$2 511 to $(H)U
Gxirsr _BJ__.___:_EG_R"5r
Entirely Under New Management
Just aimed—n large consignment of liist-classconfectioniry.
A splendid sssorlmeiit nf Bu-ud-and Cakes deliverod daily.
Wedding and Birthday Cukes a specialty. Special terms tu
parties and banquets,    Aftern mil Teas.    Lunches put up.
.1. I.. Headrick,
Northern Crown Bank
Capital (authorized)
"       paid up
Rest, ai.U undivided profits        225,ooo
President   Sir D. II. McMillan; K.C.M.D.   Vice Presidents-Edward Our-
ney und ('apt. Win. Rubiusoii.   Gen. Man.—J. W. deO, O'Grady.
Special attention paid to Savings Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from dat** of deposil and credited quarterly.
Open every C P. R.  Pay Night, also Saturday Evenings from 7 to 8 p. m.
A General Banking Business Transacted
The smallest account receives  from  us  the  same careful nttcntion
as the largest one.
Office   Corner First St. and Connaught Ave.
A.  F.  D. LACE,   Manager  Revelstoke  Branoh
!____'•  -1
OUR REFUND SALE means Bar- [
gains in every Department.
Our reductions range from 20
to 50 per cent.
This will make your dollar go
farther—buy more goods than
ever known before in the history of
Cotton and Sheetings
Made of the  best  materia)  on
the   market.     An   exceptional
Iiar^'ain ;il 2(i per rent, discount
The Second Week of Our
Salo establishes new records for
Great Bargains and Values
Dress Goods
We   in   offering a   25  per cent,
discount on all  DRESS GOODS.
111 '.tripe, ;iikI plain, 35 per 1 ent,
discount   on   thi*.  splendid  line
' il f mi ul1..
Ladies' Costumes
|,i-i    cenl      I Mi mint    1111
Ri ;ul ir • "'i .ind $2.50 al iCH .
per p.iir '/'in are assured of
1 good bargain, as we place on
our counters 50 '"M pairs.
Blankets, Comforters
"1    per     '-''nl    'li .'.'unit.   All uur
vVnnl   Blankets   in   Grey   and
White,   bought  <■ iir*-* t from one
of the li<:st mills     Only in   stock
.1 few days.
Ladies' Blouses
White   Lawn Blouses,   s<-> i«;r.
1 ent. I )is< 'unit
Clothing Department
Odd I',nits at S2.25 per pair.
Worsted Suits at $ 11.50.     Regular
Hoys' Suits Belling  from $2.50 up.
Men's Overcoats,   RegiSia     Now
Men's   Heist Overcoats with  Satin
Lapels,    Kr..- $'6'    Now $11,
Men's Odd Pants
100 Pair put in stock this day,
good, heavy Tweed Pants at $1.35
per pair. Heavy and dark grey
tweed, double and twisted wool,
the kind that regularly sells at $3.
Now Sale Price $2.25.
Boys' School Boots
The good wearing  kind  at 20  per
cent, discount.
Men's Boots
Regular $3.00.    Now -ta.as.
Ladies' Boots
A job line.    Reg. $2.50 and $4.00.
Now at $1.50 a pair.
MacKenzie Avenue        J^ E I D      &     YO U IN Gr Bevelstoke, B.C.


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