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I.Ol'AI, AllliNT.
Vol. 12.-No. 121
REVELSTOKE. 13. 0. OCTOBER 20. 1906
■OCT 22 1901     THI MAIL-HERALD,    j
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
We have the Ladies' Home Journal Patterns. At present the
stock is lull.
FOR SATURDAY wc have about 10 or 12 Coats thnt would be
nice lor school girls. The prico runs Irom $5 to $10. You can buy
them for $1.95
k Few Ideas on What to Buy and Where tn Buy Them!!
A carload ol Coldstream Apples just in. Some good for eating
and others for cooking: Such as Northern Spys, Kings, Pewaukees,
Greenings and Russets.
Five eai loads ot Aslicroft Polatoes ordered, tliree carloads of which
are now in, As these nre the best- potatoes lor family use, housekeepers should see that they get no other.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstelte.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Ease the Tickle
Tickling throats and Coughs
that disturb your rest mny be
of little consequence new, but
if allowed to endure they -
will give yon trouble at this
time of the year.   Try enr
Black Cherry Cough Balsam
Red Cross Drug Store
D, NAIRN, Phm. B.
Noted Evangelist Dies Sud
denly in a Sleeping Car.
Little Rook, Ark., Oct. 19.—The
Rev, San. Jones, the well known evangelist ol Cartersville, Ga., died this
week of heart failure in a sleeping car
on a Rock Island train near Perry,
Ark. Mr. Jones had been conducting
.. most successful revival in Oklahoma
City and had left there for his home
in Georgia. He desired to attend a
family reunion, it lieing the filty-ninth
anniversary ol hit birth. Mrs. Jones
and his daughters, were with hini
whet, he passed away. Mr. Jonee r. se
early from his berth in the sleeping
car about 6 a.m. and complained oi
nausea. He drank a glass of water
and immediately afterwards collapsed.
The Rev. W. Holcomb, who had
been associated with Mr. Jones for
years, took the dying man in his arms
and in a few minutes the evangelist
breathed his last. The body was embalmed and sent to Cartersville.
Howson's furniture store  is   the
place lo see a large stock of carpets.
We carry a complete .tock ol Tilden-Gurney Stoves|ard Ranges J !
; We invite you to look at our biautiful selection ot China, (L
including Coalport China and Limoges China. 4.
Plumbing Work—Estimates Given.
Tinsmith Work.—Estimates Given.
Repair Work a Specialty.
Electric Wiring for Houses.
Electrio Bell Fitting.
Electric Supplies, Shades and Globes-
Dealers in Hardwnre, StovtiH and Tinware, Minera', Lumbermen1!
and Sawmill tiuppliw, etc.. Plumbing nrd Tinsmithing,
■T. A ,"tt s**K  »T. .T. .*K it. .T. .-J**. .T. iT. .T. it. «T. .*f» sTs ■T. .♦.. «♦« ,^t A ,fr. ,*K .'
#r X" T," *r ^X"'X "X X 'X'^l' *X'*X' *V *X X" * 4* vvvmnnBflN
Revelstoke Turns Out in Force
to the Banquet—Knox Church
Ladies' Auxiliary Surpass
Daylight broke over a wet and rain-
soaked earth on Thanksgiving morning. Heavy banks of clouds mailed
and piled themselves in ominous heaps
and the ceaseless rain kept up its
mournful murmur until tl.e sun, endeavoring to do its duty, gradually
dispersed the shroud ol mist and
gloom, and shed a watery gleam over
the landscape, brightening up tl.e
scene ot nature and instilling a little
radiance into tl.e hearts ol tl.e people
Tl.e alternoon was beautifully fine
and towards evening the last lew
clouds cleared away and left a clear
sky, studded with stars that twinkled
brilliantly iu the frosty air. Appro,
pviatc services were held, to return
thanks (or past blessing, and for the
beautilul supply ol treasures yielded
up by the earth's l.arv.st.
Perhaps tue most pleasing and enjoyable form of celebr ting the Harvest Thanksgiving in a social and
fraternal manner was the Thanksgiving Slipper given liy the Ladies' Auxiliary of Knox Church. Carefully
thought-out, planned, and discussed
fnr weeks beforehand, bus this social
banquet been, and on Thursday night
tlie evidence ol the thorough nnd
hearty appreciation of tl.e citizens of
Revelstoke was manifested by the incessant stream of people that surged
into the Opera Hume between the
hours of ti and 8 p.m,
On entering the building   a  distinctly artistic and dainty sight met
the  eye.     All  round the hall were
ranged Imig tables, handsomely decor
utnl und loaded with dainties such as
would be found in tl.e pages ol fairy
history,   A banquet fit lor:he Gods,
and uvei which even the most critical
epicurean  would nod with approval.
The ladies of Revelstoke are noted for
their  excellence  in  tlie culinary art
and tbey surpassed even tliis splendid
reputation on Thursday.   In the cen-
tre ol the hall w«b a prettily decorated
candy stall and lancy work table and
by the  large crowd that continually
surged  round  it  it was evident that
biisiuesi was brisk and that the charming salesladies were doing a roaring
trade.   Up against the stage, an artistic (lower stall had been erected, where
.ut llowers, plants, pot Bowers, creepers and young trees were displayed,
and by the number ol plants labelled
"sold" it could lie seen that the proprietress ol the stall knew her business.
To the left ol the stage was the s orts-
mai.'e  retreat, the fish pond, and the
"anglers" had rattling good sport in
booking and  landing,  perhaps   not
much in tho "scaly" line but in something more appropriate to the occasion   iu the  form of novelties, toys,
candies, etc.    And so it goes on, one
round ul glitter, talk and jollity. Every
face wore a pleased  and  satisfied expression,  especially  those who were
seated at the tallies and partook of the
supper prepared  lor them   by  the
hands ol all that ..re fairest in Revelstoke.    Who will forget the turkey,
salads, the  pies, the  sauces, the
Canadian Pacilic Railway now
Makes a Proposition to the
City Council lor Electric
A proposition ol a most impot-ia.it
nature was made to tl.e city last irght.
and one which is of the greatest mum
cnl and interest tu every level hen ltd
citizen in Revelsloke, one which will
greatly effect the welfare of tho city
itsi-ll. A deputation headed by Supt,
Kilpatrlok waited ou the mayor und
aldermen at lho session ol the City
Council lust night, offering terms lor
an arrangement wherel..- they can l.e
supplied will, lig'-u uiul power nl* certain rates. It is the intention of the
G. P. R. to run tlie machines in the
shops by electric pnvor and also to increase the lighting arrangement! ol
the shops themselves. Mr. Kilpatrick
stated that the 0, P. R. were prepared
to come to some iigreemo.it with the
City Council over the supplying of
this light uud power, and produced
figures and estimates showing how the
arrangement would benefit both. He
said I hat a prompt reply was necessary
us the C. P. R. wished to get on with
the work at once, and failing an amicable agreement, they hnd already an
appropriation fnr the erection of a
light nnd.power plant of their own.
So nine), then fur the proposition,
Now llie question ii Inr lhe ratepayers
to decide what is best to du—to come
to some agreement with lhe C, P. R.
over this matter, be prepared to Install
an auxiliary steam plant (crimps, aud
gain a handsome revenue, or else
sacrifice the patronage ot the C. P. It,
and lose a considerable sum, nnd il is
a considerable sum the revenue derived
Itom the C. P, R's. lights. The C.I'.R.
hnve offered two cents per K. W. for
power and lour and a hall cents per
K. W. for light. The council asked
for three and a half cents per K, W.
for power and six cents per K. W. for
At present tho terms of each party
do not suit the other. The question must be settled right now and it
is up to the people to decide. The
proposition will be of great benelit to
thc city as a money making scheme,
and should be looked at (rom a business point of view.
StandardOil Co.Guilty 'Frisco
Blaze 100 People Killed—
Shocking Horrors in Indochina- Chicago Crime.
Finhlay, Ohio, Oct. 20.—Alter deliberating 32 hours the jury in the
oase, I the State ol Ohio v, Standard
Oil Co., Ohio, returned a verdict of
"guilty" on u charge ol conspiracy
ag.ilu8ttri.de in violation of the .al-
enlino anti-trust law.
Wasiiin.iton, Oct. 20.—Son, Tuft
reported to President Roosevelt the
events that bad occurred in Cuba
since the United States intervened to
reiluro order.
San Francisco, Oct. 20.—A disastrous lire took place in tlie slicdi oi
tl.e Southern Pacifio Co. destroying
nearly 80 cars. Tho damage is estimated at $250,000.
St. Pwekshiiro, Oct. 20.—One
hundred persons have been killed and
injured in a railway accident at Oka
Marseilles, Oot. 20.—Advices Irom
Indo-China state that the King ol
Ann.... killed one of bis wives, caused
the body to be cooked and served up
lor dinner. Further cannibal attrooi-
ties have been cited.
Ciiioaho, Oct. 20—Two murders,
one suicide, two men dying of knife
wounds, one attempted lynching, two
men in gnol on capital charge, constituted a record of a day's violence.
Fatal Ending to Drinking Bout
in a Mining Camp Two Men
Dead and the Alleged Murderer in Jail.
jellies, tl.e creams and cakes, even the
most critical diners could find no
fault with the viands, the service or
the waiting. Some one remarked:
"Why, to be waited on like this is
worth, alone, the 60c." All tbe youth
and beauty were present, and many
graceful, dainty and charming gowns
were to be seen, creations that would
do credit to Worth or Paquin In
conclusion we might say (like a lady's
letter postcript) the supper and the
fancy work tables were a distinct sue
cess and the Ladies' Auxiliary ol
Knox Church have surpassed themselves in their endeavors to celebrate
Thanksgiving Day in tbe social form.
They deserve great credit (or the success ol tbeir labors, and labor it must
have been and, it can be safely said
no other town or city in the province
has such an energetic and resourceful
Ladies' Auxiliary as Revelstoke.
Tlie following ladies had the man,
agement of tables: Children's table,
Mrs. B. A. Lawson; Supper tables.
Mn. R. H. Urquhart, Mrs. J. M.
Doyle, Mn. W, M. Lawrence, Mri, G
M. Clark; Flower stall, Mn. BR.
Atkins; Candy stall, Miss Grant;
Fancy Work table, Mrs. T. Kilpatrick,
Miss Gillis, Mrs. Edwards.
A bevy ot pretty helpers hovered
round all the tables, ever intent on
keeping the diners well supplied.
The fish pond was presided over by
Miss F. Lawson and Miss G. Urquhart
who looked particularly charming in
dainty Japanese and Oriental cob-
Toronto, Ont., Oct. 20.—On a .warrant issued by the Ontario government, Charles McGill, late general
manager ol the Ontario Bank, was
..nested at 2.15 this alternoon by Detective M.icKay at bis room in the
King Edward hotel.
He is charged with making false
entries during the past two yean. He
took hit arrest quietly remarking that
he was ready to bear the penalty for
hat he had done, A summons is alio issued sgainit President Oockburn,
ol the Ontario Bank.
An editor died and slowly wended
his way to where ho supposed a wnrni
reception awaited him. Tbe devil
met him and suid: "Fur many years
thou imst borne tlie blame ot the bad
spelling that Hie printer lius got off in
the paper. Tlie paper bus gone for
one dollar and alas! the dollar has
failed to come in. Tlie printer has
bedeviled thee for wages when thou
hadn't a farthing to thy name. People have taken thy papor without pay
ing for it, and cursed thee for not get
ting out a better sheet. Thou hast
been called a dead beat by tho rail
road conductpn when thou has shown
thy annual pass to their envious
gaze. All these wrongs Imst thou
borne in silence. Thou shalt not
enter here."
An-.l as the editor turned and
walked away Satan muttered: "Heav
en is his home, and besides, il I let
him iu here he would have been dunning his delinquent subscribers and
thus created discord in my kingdom ',
Durham, Eng., Oct. 15.—An ex-
plosion occurred in the Wingate
colliery, near here, at about midnight,
resulting in some 200 men being entombed. Later reports state that 27
bodies have been recovered and many
ol the' mine.i rescued werc nearly
overcome by fire damp gns.
Montreal, Oct, 18.—Mr. 0, M.
Hays, president ol the Grand Trunk
Pacilic, who hai just returned Irom a
six weeks' tour through the Weit, has
made the definite statement that immediate eteps would be taken to transform Prince Rupert Irom its state ol
natural Mildness to the beginning ol a
great railway terminus. The foundations are already laid, nnd the embryo
ol the terminal city is promising. Tliis
looks like a determination to have the
whole Western system in operation as
speedily as it can bo built, Ior money
spent on Kaien Island is not likely to
yield a big return until the railway
gets there.
Greenwood, B.C., Oct. 19—A dreadful and deadly shooting affray has just
taken place at Carmi, on the west fork
ol the Kettle river, 50 miles north ol
here, in which James Dale an American, killed Peter Gnrderau and Joseph
Celle ...id wounded David Smith. The
men were miners and prospectors.
They are supposed to have been quarreling while drunk. The murderer is
still at large having escaped into the
hills. The officers are in pursuit. The
three men had quarrelled after supper.
Celle and Gnrderau went to the Intter's
cabin and while there Dale started
shouting through the windows. Smith
was first struck in the shoulder, then
Gorderau in tlie neck and nexl. Celle
under the heart. Both died instantly.
Smilli, as soon as lie returned to consciousness went to the post office,
followed by Dale, where some eight
men were inside. Dale started shooting into the middle of tbe group, the
bullets, fortunately doing no harm.
The murderer then barricaded himsell
in n cabin nearby and defied the men
wiio tried to dislodge him. About 1
in tlie morning be escaped to tlie bills.
The shooting must have been deliberately planned us Dale had to go nearly
mile to reach his victims. The
quarrel was only a slight one and
could not have been tl.e only cause for
the ...urders.
Grand Forkb, Oct. 20.—Provincial
constable J. A. Diuimore, succeeded
in capturing the man Dale who is
responsible for tbe shooting ol the
three men at Carmi, up the west, fork
ol the Kettle river this week. Const.
Dinsmore got a telephone message
from Midway stating lhat Dale was
still at large, asking that trains and
roads be carefully watched. Dintmore
...et the Great Northern train (rom
Midway and on going through the
cars detected Dale from his similarity
tn other members ol his family of the
Dale was promptly arrested and
owned that his name was .lames A.
Dale. He was warned that anything
laid would be used in evidence, and
beyond admitting that he had been
drinking heavily, on Sunday refused
to talk ol the events ol the early part
olthe week.
Tl.e arrested man was placed in tl.e
provincial gaol here at 11 a. m. At
noon Const. Dinsmore again went to
the gaol and found Dale lying on tho
bed bleeding and breathless, having
attempted suicide soon alter the constable's back was turned.
Dr, Dickson was quickly on tlie
scene and tbe man was taken to tl.e
hospital. Dale had used an old silver
table knife, and had cut his throat,
once through the skin and muscle,
aud had inflicted two other gaHl.es in
the windpipe.
Dr. Dickson sewed one ol the
wounds up and partially sewed thc
other, leaving tho tracheotomy tube
in place. The condition oi Dale is
not considered dangerous except from
the likelihood ol pneumonia, or danger (rom septicaemia.
High Class Grocerlee. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Hard and Dry
A large supply ol this wood has been reoeived at our
yards and is now ready for delivery at
•4  Four  Dollar* Per Cord 14
The best and cheapest ooal lor all purposes. It is tree
Irom dust and does not clinker. We guarantee satisfaction
or will refund money.   Leave ynur orders lor luel at our office
Molsont'   Bank   Building
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Hraucliti* in ilia Provinces <»l Mnnitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Britisli Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
U. R. Wilkie, President;
•    (4,280,000.00
II. Jakfuay, Vice-President,
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Dbpabtmbnt—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly,
Draffs sold available in all pacts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given tg Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C. A. E. Phipps, Manager.
For Agricultural linj.letne.it*-. Carriages, Wagi-un Kte., John
Det.ro Ploughs, Molino Walton.*, lanailn .('iirrnwe gt'ompauy's
UukkIos, Plttnel jr., Uardon Seeder* anil < iilti.uuir*. Wheelwright utnl Blacksmith Work [attended to. Horse Shoeing a
,"V%"%^%%%VV*4^VVV*iv'%^%%V%^V%-».VVV%^^'%^ I
Import direct from Country of origin.
Victoria, Oct. 17.—Last evening
the Hleani.i- Princess Victoria, while
on her run Irom Vancouver, struck on
Lewis Reel, Oak Bay, on the western
side of Vancouver Island. The night
wus inky black and squally. These
reels have proved a trap ol three previous occasions.
As viewed Irom Oak Bay the Princess
Victoria is high up on the reef, but as
the locality is comparatively protected
Irom prevailing winds, her poiition is
not dangerous.
Oct lllth.—The steamer Princess
Victoria was successfully Hosted at
1 p.m. today. She proceeded to Esquimau, dry dock. It is not believed
that she is badly injures*.
The most .atrocious crime ever
pom linled in Nortl. Dakota, states a
despatch, occurred at Bergen on
Tin. sday, when William Slier, a
section baud on the Soo, wae held over
a sto,e iu the'cook car and almost
ronsl'-.l alive by members ol an Italian
crow who wished to prevent him from
telling ot the place ol concealment ol
stolen goods. The man was taken to
the hospital where the wounds were
dressed. The right side of his (ace
and both sides ot his neck were burnt
to a crisp, liis lips were swollen and
his eyes coated with burnt and seared
llesl. The neck band of his undershirt was burned off but the outer
shirt was untouched. Sher refuses
to give the names ol his assailants.
Windsor, Ont., Oct. 16.—Sitting
upright in a small boat, stark and
still' in death, the bodies of Stephen
Stewart and Mrs. Mary Caldwell, bis
liiter-in-law, aged 36 ol Detroit, were
discovered yesterday in a clump ol bull
rushes at Fighting Island, near the
Canadian shore. The couple were
missing lor lour dayi since, when tbey
went out fishing. A heavy wind snd
rain storm ii luppoted to have driven
them out ol their course and they
perished Irom cold and ezposuit.
Meain. Sibbald and Field, the enterprising real estate and insurance
men, have been kept very buiy ol late
attending the many enquiries by intending purchasers ol C. P. B. town-
site lots. Last Saturday was a busy
day, five C. P. R. lots being sold.
During the foregoing week 4 townsite
lots at Mara were sold to the Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co. and in
every case has the sale been carried
through without delay.
Many inquiries have been made for
the C. P. R. one acre and two acre
blocks, but just at present they have
not l*'ii placed on the market. The
demand lor fruit lauds has been very
great, especially lor landi across the
south track to tlie Illecillewaet. Business hai been brisk at Arrowhead
where tbe firm holds the agency for
the C. P. R. townsite lots,
Severs! transfers have been effected
in local home property.
/ 1 ll.l.AN .*. ELLIOTT.
I.jrriMt-1*., SellclU.ni, Etc,
HK\KI.-rilKK.M, Ilinl I UKK.B.U.
(*.E. IIH.U-.. I-* 0. Kl.l.l,'...
Omen:  hii'iiiiui.  Hash  III 'ck,  HkvwJ
'stokb, H. I*.
tin.'a business ns fur as tlio
l.ilion of llie Ontario Hank's
is iiinceriicil, ever known in
Mo,.i>y to loan.
Offlc: Ucv.-is.oki-. II. I.
(Jto. s. UcCabtir,
A. M    I'.SK.l.lM,
Revelitoke, a C.
Kurl Stoole, II. I*.
A, ll.avKV,
Ktir! StOOlO, II. 0.
J.M.800M I.L.I' IV, I.Brings,
con   AND   BRIGGS
Barristers, Solicitors, Eto,
Money To Loan
•-.iii.ii-.Tims imi .Mui.si.NH Hank
*1SM,.,-I, II,-v.-Isloki', H.i'
il Land Sii. v.-yor.
.Mine S.l.vi.ylllg
Ungl ling
Ml K,.*,,i*. Avi-.ni-i:.
Box Iini.
MlNlN.l   KN.IINKKlt,
Mem. American In-iiiiiii- MiningKnglncors)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
IlKVKI.STllKK, 11. C.
Humiliation ot anil report* on Minora! Pro
pertles a Specially.
i      L. WI8NER k CO.
2\, (Incorporated)
Hankers k Hkiikeiis.
Dividend paying, mining, oil uml indiisliiu!
Investments. Ulghesl spooulatlvo iii-ufltscoin
binul willi bunk secinity; O.OCj ilivitl.mil
cheque- mailed every month to clients. Call
on me or write Ior oartloulara
Agont for Knutoiiiiv.
Cbe fl&atMberalb
"Iwould . . . eaiaestlyadvlsotbero for
their good to order tliisjiapor to bo punctual!);
serv.,1 ui,, and tone lookt-l upun as a part,..."
ihe lea equipage."—Addison.
SATURDAY, OCT. 20, 190(1
Tomorrow is the hundred and first
anniversary of the great victory gained
by Lord llnratiu Nelson, in command
of the British tleet, over tbe French
fleet, at Trafalgar, whicli gained for
England tbe title of "Mistress of the
Seas," a title which she has held ever
since and will continue to hold as long
as the world shall exist. The record
established by our great naval hern in
those days has been honorably and
successfully kept, and in the gradual
spread and development ol her Colonies
England's position today as the leader
ol the world and greatest Empire on
earth, ia unassailiibleand invulnerable.
No country except England has been
able to manage and control, alter
obtaining possession ol such vaBt
territories, and it is these territories
which make up England's greatness;
it is her Colonies that make England
what she is today and it is her duty
to protect nnd nurture these colonies,
give them the best of what she has
and by lier carelul, just and earnest
attention, secure Iron, them their
support and loyalty which would be
only a just return. Let England look
well to her colonie". and she will
never lack their aid and loyal support
no matter what the crisis muy be!
Guaranteed by Bank of Montreal, All Depositors Were
Paid in Full.
Montreal, Oct. 14,—Tbe biggest
Montr a I, was lhat of yesterday, The
expi'cteil run cn.nn with a vengeance, At nlnnit livo minutes to
10 o'clock men .mil women coni-
ini'iic.'il to gather at the glass door
of ilie I.niik. A small posse of
police were in attendance and
under instructions lo allow not
i.iore than 40 people in at one
limn, As ilu. doors opened there
was* a wild rush and attempts were
iiiiiiln io brenk Ihrough the door*
to lunol) llii! lodger keepers. The
Ilrsi niun drew $7,000 und was
given i. good supply uf bnnk b|||s
other iiiiiii iiiiii oi llm Hunk oi
Oniiirlo, Various nUmr amounts
wen. drawn, nnd the manner in
whioh lhc money wns paid over
Beamed to inspire oonfidenoe. Tlm
iiiiiiinger, ft. N. King, announced
to i. iilu o( depositors that the
transfer <.! the Ontario Hunk to the
Hunk of Montreal was completed
nml ihnt tlm Hunk of Montreal was
now responsible for nny amount
on dlpoait in the Ontario Bank.
At Toronto business went on ns
usual. President U. 11. R. Cock-
burn states tlmt the misapplication
of funds wns placed at the door of
one man und muy amount to
11,125,000. Other bunks came
forwaril with an offer of a guarantee
amounting to $2,500,000. Among
brokers it is stated that Malinger
McGill hnd speculated heavily on
llie market during the past few
months, During last month 8,000
sharrs of the Ontario Bank changed
hutuls on the local market at an
aggregate value of $110,000. Brokers todav estimate their value
35 to 50.
tl.'-ri' iv.ll ue i",imo nil'', .'...[iinvi-i. ...
the fields
New York Company Secures
Maple Leaf Property in
Franklin Camp.
N.-.w York, Oct 19 — W. O. Thomai
superintendent ol ihe Dominion Clipper Co., has jusl perlocied a deal
whereby a Now York oompany eoomos
the owners ul the (unions Maple Leal
pnperty in Franklin Camp. The
amount..(tl.e bond is $126,000, ot
whioh sum lff.,000 has nlreadv been
pi ill down. The term! "I the bond
have nol yet been made public, but
will be us soon as the el .in. has been
inspected by M. M Johnson, ol Salt
Lake City, consulting engineer for the
Dominion Copper Co,, who is nuw nn
his way here to cxnmiiui the property.
The Mnplc Lent was lormerly owned
by the Foo brothers,ol Qrnnd Forks,
wh - bonded il- lo Messis. M.-l.i'-il and
Wilmington ol li.i, place, ior $110,000,
who have now bunded t .e property tu
ii strong American company at nn
advilliceot $65,000, Thu Maple Leal
is one ol tl.e drawing curds ol the
Franklin Camp, it. ore assaying as
high as ten per cent, in copper. Great
exi-i!'-.i.i-.it among mining men exists
hero over lhe closing ol this deal.
vi ^1
The oven in
lhe Kootenay Steel Range
is ventilated
Voters' List, 1907.
ondon-Toronto* Montreal
HOLDER8 are hereby notified, that,
i in order to have thell' names placed on
Ihe Volets' List for the 1907 Municipal
Klei.i.i.n.s, they are required to make
the statutory declaration, and deliver
the Mima tii the City Clink during
the month of October
Focus can he obtained at my olliee
on and nl'tur October 1st,
City Clerk.
Revelsloke, Sept. 25, WHI. It
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
A Ticket for $200,000 and a
Bachelors and men oi all kinds and
conditions all over Europe are inundating the mail with registered letters
and money orders demanding tickets
(or the new marriage lottery, .econd
of its kind, soon lo bestarted in Milan.
A committee of artists, men and women, are now engaged in lelecling
the victims—namely thirty unmarried
women of good reputation, faultless
figures and beautiful faces. These
wiil form the prizes, together with
dots to be eranted b\ the lottery company. The largest dot of $200,000
will be attached to the finest looking
among tlie thirty girls selecte I; lesser
i ts :.- m $100,000 to $5,000 will go
with the other twenty nine damsels.
Anybody a. d everybody has a chance
to win—money at least, If the win
ner hap| ens to be a married person, o:
a female, or an i.iiri-usniji.ble lieing
who refuses to ....rry the beauty
selected i r Iiim by the committee—
why, be may .-ay so and divide th,
money consideration with the girl.
The girls, on iheir purl, have tt. sign
pa|wr- agreeing n-1 to .sin- tl.e men
who refu.e them I r breach ol promise.
ll. M Palmer, Ireighl rates commie*-
-. ,-• - returned Irom the mainland alt.: making satisfactory arrange-
menti rith regard to tbe liritish
Columbia Iruii exhibit to be sent tc
England, winch is being collected
Irom all the diatrict) ol the province
These will be assembled on the 25tl
inst.. at Sicamous Junction, loaded on
a special car and shipped across the
continent attached to an express train
to connect with tbe R. M. S. Empress
ot Ireland at Quebec on Siturday,
Novembers. This Iruit will be exhibited at the Royal Horticultural
Hull, London, and at ull the leading
centres throughout the various provincial districts.
Canadian failures for nine months,
as reported to Bradstrect's, number
901 involving 16,803,125 of liabilities,
a deorense ul 11.6 per cent in number
and ol 86.! per cent in liabilities (rom
a year ago. Failures, assets and liabilities in Canada in nine months (or
a period ol two years past are: In
1900 there were 901 (nilures with
assets 12,888,778 and liabilities $6,-
803,125; in 1905, 1020 failures, asaets
$5,162,992, and liabilities $10,676,595.
Gasoline Vessel With Jammed
Rudder Circles  Round
Drowning Captain.
Vancouver, Oct. 19.—While his
Japanese crew, crazed with terror,
werc being rushed over the face ol the
water by the runaway gasoline engine
ul liis auxiliary fishing schooner Viking, Capt. Anderson went to hit
death. Capt. Anderson and liia crew
ol lour Japanese had been out all one
night this week fishing for the class of
salmon now running. They had secured a big catch and when oil' Annie
Island, Capt. Anderson decided to
start for the Eagle cannery witii his
catch. He Btarted the gasoline engine and then gave orders to hoist the
sail. As tho sail was going up it jibed
and knocked Capt. Anderson over
board. The Japanese say that the
captain never came up again and that
when they threw the helm over the
gearing broke uud the rudder jammed.
Tbey did not know how to stop the
engine aud for over twenty-four hours,
when the engine ran down they were
rushed around in a circle helpless.
When the gasoline engine quit of its
own accord they gut matters adjusted,
hoisted tlie sail and steered home
witii an oar.
Capt. Anderson, whose home is in
Eburue, lius been well known in  fishing circles in   liritish  Columbia  for
many years. He leaves a wife and boh
Largest Virgin Coal Field in
United Kingdom.
London, Oct. 17.-During the last
week a discovery has been made near
Dover, whicli Dr. W. Boyd, prolessor
ol geology at Owens College, Manohei-
ter, describes aa an event ol the most
importance to the distriot since the
Norman Conquest. Rich seams ol
coal have been found at a boring seven
miles Irom Dover and if all thut is
suid in praise ie fulfilled, Kent will in
a few years time develop into anoiher
Lancashire. The new coal field il
claimed to be the largest virgin one
in the United Kingdom and the value
of the coal is placed at anywhere over
.f..,ll(lll,lW0,000. Thu area ill the field ll
slated to be 100 square miles.
Boring! were started at tbe end of
l'.HJ4, und tlie foreman was almost
giving up work in despair when be
came upon traces of coal. When the
c ire was taken out one day be found
a scum on the water llnit caiiu. Irom
the cylinder which was the typical
so..in'formed by coal. These three
remarkable successions, tl.e firs', a "2(1
inch -earn with two feet four inches
ol fire clay, the second three lent (nur
inches with (our (eet ot lire clay, and
the third, four (eet six inches with
little lire clay.
Anaylsis showed it to be a splendid
C. P. R. Mechanics in Conference Wtth Assistant Supt;
of Rolling Stock.
A new wage scale cll'ecting tne men
belonging tu tlie Allied Mechanics
Trades and the blacksmiths, employed
by thc C. P, It. on the Pacific division,
is now being drafted and it is repnrted
that tho men will  get  more  money.
Mr. Grant Hall, of Winnipeg,assistant superintendent uf rolling slock on
the 0. P, R. western lines, is now at
Vancouver conferring with the men
of thu trades mentioned. Just whnt
new adjustment will lui effected is not
known at present and it is unlikely
that information will be available till
lho new schedule is approved by the
management ol the railway ..t Montreal. Por some time tlie men ul these
various trades employed on the Pacilic
division have been in communication
witii tho company ollieials and the
conlerence with Grunt Hall in Vancouver ie the result. Tho dealings
being conducted in Vancouver will
effect all tlie men employed between
there aud Laggan.
and mending at
Diamond Ball
Promptly and well—ind a. reason-
able prices—we mend io die repairing oF Watches and Jewelry of all
kind). A special mailing box in
which to forward your watch to Ul
will be mi you fret on requea.
We bavtunequalled facilitiei, loo,
for die designing and m»nufacturin|
of (pecial article! in Jewelry, Silver-
wire. Lodge Regalia, Insignia. Etc.
We boy old Gold Jewelry ai high-
We tendtrjonrffuett free of'flUfff
Mtr Urge iUutirMted taieiegme.
I. you are looking I'm- Bonicllilng nice iu SPOON8 AND
SPECIAL" lur Souvenirs, wo have Ihem here.
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
v***/*********/******/*** w++**+***+t+*+*+**/*+r#
Incorporated by Act ol Purliamout, 1855,
Wm. Mol'ON Macphkrson, I'rcs. 8. II. Ewino, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of hanking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice.iyear.it current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
No. 288,
HEAD omen: Caloakv, Ai.nmiTA. i
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants J
furk Puckers ami Dealer la Livo Stuck. Market,. In all tlio principal Citlei and m
'I'ttii it* n[ Atii,-rtii. nrii,.*li ....iiimliiii iintl Uu, Yuktni. Packers ..I the Celebrated Brand j
"Impcrator" Bams uml Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Leal Lard. A
New   Management)
B,   0
"Companies' Act, is»7."
1 HEREBY CERTIFY tlmt, the
"Smith Creek Mining nnd Developmenl Oompany' boa this day been
registered as an Nxli-.i-lVoviuciul
Company under tlie "Companies' Act,
1807,' to carry out or effect all or any
of tl... objects of the Company to
which the legislative authority of the
Legislature of liritish Columbia extends.
The Lend offlce of the Company is
situate at Phoenix, in the Territory of
The amount of the capital of the
Co* .puny is five hundred thousand
dol.iiis, divided into five   hundred
thousand shares of nne dollar each.
The bend offlce of the Company in
til's Province is situate on Pi.-st Street,
Revelstoke, and John Manning Scntt,
b.i'i-istei'-at-law, whose address is lhe
same, is the attni-iisy for the Company
(not empowered to issue and transfer
The time of the existence of the
Company is twenty-five years fi om
the tilth day of July, 1D00.
Tl.e Company is limited.
Given under my hand and seal nf
offlce at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this 10th day of September,
one thousand nine hundred and six.
|l.b.) S. Y. WOOTTON,
Regis! rar of Joint Stock Companies
The objects for which the Oimipuny
has been established and registered
To operate and carry on the business
of placer and quartz gold mining in
the Province of Britisli Oolumb'n,
Canada and elsewhere; to transport
goods and merchandise by vessels or
otherwise; to purchase and hold timber
lands and engage in tbe manufacture
and salo of lumber; tn own and conduct stores and trading posts, and
generally to have the right of engaging in any and all kinds of business
that, a natural person might or could
in the United States or nny part of the
world. sop 22 4w
ilo iin.inmti uiiiii, ii, ,„„ ,,„„ vinv,	
sinner.... nml- antl Wn.lis Inr impc-iil llt-cn-o
t„ eul...... curry iui.., ilinlior Inmi iht- .'allow-
ins ilom-rllio i inini*. mi,.nli- in .. csl. i itliiiiiv
I t .uiiiii.-in Itti; ni a iio*. plnuled ub,,ni nne
iini,-ti,,rlli Innii Ilu-ti-iiili -.U--I .-MttiiM ,.[ |( ..
-. HI,,, I win ami .tintInil "ln« lie,,,, I.in,tl,,,r
i tiiii.ianj's iMiiiiiMii i earner post.*' tiu-nco
i.tiiib su cliiiliit), incikc iii-i ho .-.inin., ibenco
Miiiib su .'tin.uh, ihciit-i, t-ti-i su .ilium* i, point
3, Honinuuiclnx ..tn |tt*i planted nbout one
lulli-nurtl. Iron, llm iinrili-iii-NliiiirliirolK. A.
s. inn,.|i mh, inul ....irk.-il "lliu lltiini Lumber
.-.,ui.-iiny'H n.irtli-ctisi eornc jinst," liionco
west hu ,-liiilit*, ibenco .muii Sll chain*, thencu
en*i SU chain., llieueo inn-Hi sii chains io pnlnl
Ol fill t'llll-lll.
.mn-1 nc. ihi li. 111(10.
(.0.2(1        llll! lll-.NI. I.II.MIIKK l-ll. LTD.
Pursuant  to  the   " Creditors
Trust Deeds Alt, IDOL"
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands ol Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
wasl.ir.garee.isy with itshclp.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet l.-lls what we give for
Roval Gown Wrappers. Hend
for  It—Free—Alio try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
The regular  DMet-
,[!.-• are held in lhe
Hu nl      Tempb
:   V      v- II
: Vion'ia)- in
fl,   month   at   E
n   Vlaitlag brethren   ,.-,rl,..'lj   we!
sELk .RK LODOB. NO 12.1. 0. O F.
Meet,, ..1',-ryTliiil-Jjl,.'
arming InOddKellow.
Hall al I o'clock
Vl-iiinu tiri-Hncii cor
illilly in-.i' rt lo at
.(. MA1IIIK. Hie:
Cd Range tcdRo, K. ol P.,
NC   10. Revrls.oki, B. C
n:rs KVKKV  u n.-.l ■:■:
 Idi■■!■„,U--  nail  in -
... |hU  ar.-
cordially   ,
lliiWK r i
II  II. lllllll k. K   '.(  11   .1- I
H. ... IIHOWN   M   ol
F. O E
Tho HifrnUr rAMtlofn mn hold in iM 9olk
Hull un thn 2ti-i and IthTnawlayiof tb
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales SI.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under sume management
Queens ftotel
llcsi brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fiih Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
I Intel.
suitably furnished with thc choicest lhc
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $ I a day,   Monthly rate.
J.   ALB.EET    STOlsTE    PROP.
John George Maedonald of lhe City of
Revelstoke in the Province of British
Columbia, Merchant, has hy deed dated the 28th day of September, A. D.,
1000, assigned all his personal property, real estate, credits nnd effects,
which mar be seized and sold under
execution to Allan Y. Anderson of the
said City of Revelstoke, Accountant,
in trust for the benefit of his cteditors.
The -said deed wns executed by the
snid John George M.iciloni.l.l and Allan
Y. Anderson on the 28th day of September, A.D., 1900.
All persons having claims against the
said John George Maedonald are required on or before the 1st dny of November, A.D., 1000, to Bend to the
trustee full particulars of lhe same
duly verified, together with the particulars of tlie security, if any, held
by them. **
Notice is hereby further given that
lifter the said 1st day of November,
A.D., 1000, tho trustee will proceed to
distribute the assets among those
creditors whose claims have been
lodged with him, and tli.it he will not
be responsible after said date for tbe
assets so distributed, or any part
thereof to any person or persons, Urn.
or corpora, ion, of whose debt or claim
l.e shall not then have received notice.
A meeting of the creditors of ll.e
said John George Maedonald will be
held at llie offices of Burns&Walkem,
Barristers, Room 1, Flack Block, Vancouver, B. (!.. on Friday, the 12th day
of October, A. D., IIHHI, nt the hour of
four o'clock In the aftornonn,
Hated at Ilevelstoke, B. {!., Ihls 1st
day of October, A. li., 1IKKI,1
800TT & BRiaa8,
Revelsloke, H. C,
Snliciturs for lhe above Trustt-»,
Notice's liorobyiiii-cu thai :milny.niterilnta
wc I.licit! to il|.jily lo tho 111... ,'liii'l , tiluuihl-
Hlouor ol Lnmls ami Works lor a .*|,,-,-i,.l Iti-i-iiKt,
to cut am! carry nwuy limber 111,111 (lie follow-
Imt described lands, situate lu Wost I ooionay
I. Commenci ni...I a inul i>I«ii.c.| about two
miles weit from Bannock rol.it 01., i.por Arrow Lllko ami maiked "It. i. L. LVniolHh-eiu,.
corner pom," ihenco norlh BU iilnilin., ihenco
wost Hil elinlns, llieiic. south Ml ..hnim. llienee
ml su chain, lo nniui ol nmonooincnt
:'. 0..i..m.iniil..ii a. a pea. ,...ti,i, .1 ah-iu.
Intel mllll will Ir  llannock Poini on Up-
|-ir Arrow Lako and .narked "ll. I. ],. uo.'l
aunt l.-cast enrnor posl," I honco nurih su
chains, llienco worn 80 nlillui, thonoo win.!. Ml
chains, Ihence in». Ml clialns lojiolni ol commencement,
Dated Oo I, I8II1, IWO,
00.110 lllli IIUNIII.UHIIKIIC.I., LTD,
Vf OTIOK Im heroby ulvun thai :*i. ilayn ii*Lur ilato
ll 1 Iiilt'iul tn apply to Uiu llmi, ihu '*liluf
(■iiiiinilsnliiiiiT ill UuiiIh ami Wtirkri fnr a Hiim-Jiil
Llflunao ti. ml ami itarry awny timlior from Ihu
following iloicrllwil lamia in Wwt k uut may Din-
I, t'iiimii*,ni*im; ni a pnst market! "B, R.
Bohoonmnkorfl nnrlh*wost. oornor jwat," i-limt*
•ml--4 milos RUUtU of (h-l-Mr-----*- nml ulmut I1,
mllns nasi, ur Hi,: Hond tmil, thonco oattt IW
i-haiiis, BOUth4*0clmlliS, wosl ICO chnius, norlli
4(1 chains In pollitof cotimmin-otiiout,
'2, CmnmonciiiK at n i.hhI marlteil l'K. It,
Bchooumnlter a porUi-flUBl corner imst," plout*
cil 2imili*H smith nf Goldatroum. ntid ubout IW
milos oast uf Hi-.; Iluml imil, thi-m-i- wiwi. lilt)
chuius, smith \0 chains, oust IW chains, north
40 cliiiins tn -mini or cmntnoncumonl
S. CoinmouniiK at a ixist mnrkod "K. R.
Sohoonmukera nurtb-wost enmor imst," plant-
od tii milos smith of Goldstreum, and almnt I)
milos oust of Hik Hond trail, thnnco oastlW
elinins, soulh 41) i-haiiis, wust IW chains, north
40 chains to -mint, of commoucomoot.
4. Commeneing ut a imst mnrked "E. R.
Scliooumakor's north-mini cornor post," idatitod
about Hi miles south of U" Id stream, nud ubout
li miles onst of Big Bond trail, '.honco west IW
chuius, soulh 40chains, oast IW rhnius, north 40
ohains to point »f commoncomont.
Datod Octubor 12th, 1IKW.
5. Commencing at a post marked "E. K.
Bohoounmkor'a nurtli-wust oornor post," [ilunt-
otl about :*-., mi Ins suulh of (Joldstroum, nud
ubout HJ milos oust of Ilii: Homl irail, thonce
oast IW elinins, south 40 chains, west IW ehuins,
north 40 chains to point of oommenoumeut.
II. I'oinmenciiiB nt u post markod 'E. R.
Srhooninukor's north-oast cornor imst,' planted
about Wi miles soulh of Uoldstroani, und about
'i'i milos uasl of Uiu Heud irnil, thouco west IW
chains, south 40 chnius, oast IW chains, north
I) chains to puint of cotumoncomouU
7. Com mencing at n post mnrked "E. R.
Pchoonmakor's uorth-wost cornor post," planted nbnut 4 miles south of Uoldsiroam, and
about lj milos onst of Rig Heud trail, thouce
om 11W chuius, south 40 ohams, west IliO chains,
north 40 chains to poinl of commeucemeut.
Dated October llilh, 1900.
8. Commenolng ut n post mnrkod "E. R.
Sohoonmnkor's south-oust cot nor post," planted
nbout 1 mllo south of 13-mile tree, at the south*
wost coruer of H, A. Luud'o Timber Limit No. 1,
thonce wost 40 chains, north IW chains, eust 40
ohains, south IW ehuins to point of commencement.
Dntod October 9th, 19011.
Tenderi will be received by the un-
doriigned lor the painting of the
Queen's Hotel, Golden, containing
1820 equare yards ol lurlace, the same
to be given two coats in while, with
deep green trimming!. Tenders to be
in not later than October 20th inat.
Golden, B. C, Proprietor.
Oct. 12th, 1906.        oct 13
I have clienti who wish to
obtain bouiei, rooms aud lots
lor building purposes, aud shall
be glad il parties having tucb
will advise me ol ismc.
Real Estate and Insuunce A^ont.
Kevulatoke, 11. G.
Notice Is horoby given that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Com*
missioner of bauds and Works for permission
topurohaso the lollowlng described landa In
thc district of,West Kootenay:
Commencing nt n post murked "Herbert Red*
feru's uorth-wost coruer post," and pluuted on
the oust bunk of tlio I'olumbiu river, ulmut four
miles south of Nakusp; thence easL 40 chains,
thonco snutli 40 chains, tlience wesl 40 chains,
thence north 40 cliains to poiut of commence*
mont, coutaiuiuK IW acres more or less.
Dated the 20th Soptember, A.D., 190U.
at 8 p.
Visiting brithrci!
iirn  cordially
The Revelsloke Hospital Soeiely
A speeiul general nieiling uf the
Revelstoke Hospital Society will be
held at, the City Hull, Revelstoke, on
tl.e 21st dny ..I November, 1908, it 8
p.m., lor the purpose of electing directors and receiving and considering
the financial statement, lor the year
ending lllst .Inly, 100ft, and inr the
trnnsi.ction nl such other businoM as
is usually transacted at Hie unuunl
general meeting.
Dated Oct. 17th, 11)06.
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding am) Distributing Agan:.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, lafes and Furniture.
Ceneral Untying.
Office: McKenzie Ave. i,,„,,,„,
onion Phone Ko. 71.     Houae Phone Ho. ;,
xt. LnwrHltca
In small or large IjOltt,frcu.i llll)
li.s. to a Carload,   for price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All Kinds of Vegetables
l.„„r Il,„itl„, Anlulill., Itlril-,
Animal Knic Monntsil,
I* 0. I.'i« si.
Htu.ll.il   (ll'I'IISITK I'. I.
RanutoM, li. t:
Front Street, Revelstoke
NOTICE is hereby given that80 days after dale
I iutond to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission lo
purchase the following described lands In the
West K""i .'nny District, on tho east side of Upper
Arrow Uko, almut t) miles north of Nakusp:-
Coitimenelng at a post planted noar tho Lake,
thonco ninth 40 chains, thence west SO chains,
thoncu north 20 chaini, thence wust 20 clialns,
thence smith 00 chains, mora or lens, to the Arrow*
Lake, thonco east W chains along tho lako to
point of commencement, containing ino acres
more or loss.
Daled this lTili day of Si-pt,, WW.
sopai L. J. EDWARDH, Locator.
For Sale or Rent
Cciitahhg 140 acres, about throe-riuartori united with 'llmoUiy. Hultable fur Iruit g.jwlv-i.
House ami out hut hi in-;* in goodcnudiUt-n. tJi.tiaii
at UtUgel'Wh o, a few mt'os weil nf Revelitoke.
jWly *0 tt.TA**»WNU, itovelstoki.
"»i,'«<i,iimlcctol Kir, Cedar ond White Pino
ay 'Mu,iiio feci, of Kim.™ and Hemlock.
'II. i-o inlliia to C. I*. lluilivuj.  Kor particular, writ* U)
Trout Lake City, B. C
for  . .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Ll Concrete, Holloa- lllucks, Stone, llrlok o.-
Frame ll...l.liiiKi. DEALER In Cement, Lime,
l.'iin.-ti,.,, lloll„it Itlnrka, nm. tiilim building ma.
lo.iiila.   All lliltor and ii-ali-rlal. .int-i-lim,
Na ..oring tnd Plulerlng tuppllo.a Specially.
1'I.ICK.N   l.l.l.IT.
good potatoes, onioni, carrots,
sauerkraut, home made pickles,
jam, etc., chicken or eggs, or
If there is anything wrong
About Hour House
that want! fixing, from opening your iafo to denning your
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Palo
F.  B.  WELLS,
Expo -tor of Furs.
Plsriei svery^imeksr
-the "Htm
New Ideas for Women
Tailored Waists
Are Growing
INSTEAD of tlio once ubiquitous lingerie blouse, for mornings ami afternoons alike, the
tailor-made waist—lho old,
dearly loved stiff shirtwaist—-is
growing morn nnd moro popular for
wearing with tailor suits when the
silk waist, that matches lho costume, is laid aside, As a matter uf
fact, tucked linen shirts ure being
made right along, with u strong indication tlmt next spring and summer will see theni in higll fuvor.
lOven tho old slill cull is seen
upon them, liiiide for links. Or the
Icg-o'-mutton sleeve that turns bnck
in a little scallop, which Paris introduced tentatively Inst Reason, is
worn, and is, perhaps, just a little
prettier than the shirt cull.
Not only whito shirtwaists are
made in tliis stiff, thoroughly tailored fashion, but an occasional shirt
is of pink or blue, or of a striped
stuff (following the fad for stripes),
but alwnys made to tone in with the
suit, as though a part of it.
A few of these stiller shirts hnve
little ruffles run down—one on each
sido of the front box-pleat—the
same ruffled shirt that made itself
popular a year ngo, and still deservedly holds its own.
Silk shirtwaists have gained
markedly in popularity with three-
piece costumes. Both plaid nnd
striped silks—stripes more than
plnids—are to be worn, and plenty
of plain silks, as well, tucked and
fagot-stitched, and trimmed with
two littlo bands.
But the prettiest of all lhc plain
silk shirtwaists shown so fnr are
those embroidered down the front in
a simple design of leaves and conventional flowers and dots—always
plenty of dots, and all of il done in
exactly the same shmle as the shirtwaist itself. Orepe do chine is particularly lovely done that way, nnd
the prettiest designs arc those that
encircle the collar and run down
the front, to be repeated somewhere
upon sleeves ami collar.
Plenty of lightweight, woolen
waists will be worn, the prettiest of
them made of white albatross, tucked and perhaps embroidered a little,
though only n little, by hand, or inset with moiifs of cluny lace. But
the plaid effects—especially tho
tartans—will be worn for morning
waists, livened wilh n bit of brnid
nnd a few buttons. For neither
brnid nor buttons show any signs of
a decrease in popularity.
Notes of the Fashions
THERE is a scarcity
of skins for
gloves, made, so
it is said, by the
extravagant use of long
gloves last winter and this
Fashions Evolve From Circles
and Squares
Light blue is considered
very  good  for  thc  collar
and cuffs of linen-colored coats.
IT LOOKS, to a c.isunl observer,
as though fashion makers were
experimenting with such prosaic things as circles and squares,
trying to see just what wonderful
things they could evolve nut of
them. And, whether you observe
casually or deeply, lhe results nre
gratifying enough to say thnt those
lame fashion makers have exceeded
their own ambitions.
Nightingales were the first things
that werc evolved, and their success
was so marked that thc same principles havo been evoked for a much
more unusual thing—a short kimono, modeled almost exactly upon
nightingale lines, and as becoming a
dressing saeque as it is possible to
find nmong thc less befrilled members of the class.
Double width material—a wido
one at that, for it must measure 52
inches—is used, something, of
course, that is light weight, ond
something wilh practically no up
and down to it—no decided design,
in fact, unless you'vo so strong
nerves that you're not hntlicred if a
design does tiil.e it upon itself to
stand on ils head upon half of the
kimono I
Cut out a circle f.2 inches in di-
nincler, and then cut out nn inner
I'irclc 0 inches in din meter exactly
'n lhe middle, nnd slash it up clear
"ti lhe outer edge lo ll.e inner cir
cle to make ll.e opening of the
Slush il up on each side at the
points indicated upon thc diugriun,
making tho distance bctwem lhe
edges of the cut 2'/8 inches wide,
and cutting them 7'i; inches deep.
Then stitch it up, sewing two
sides of a division together to make
a sleeve, and seaming front and buck
If there is to be a lining cut it
nut exactly the same size, following
tho slashings in the sum.- way. and
slipstitch lining to outside all the
way round, or lum in the edges of
both and baste carefully, then stitch
neatly nil the way round.
In that nintler of the lining, a
hundred pretty conceits spring
forth. Usually, it is of china silk,
plain ns to tint, and a more dedicate shade than the foundation of
the material ilself But, for a very
chilly mortal, albatross is sometimes used ns a lining, or, in some
exceptionally pretty ones, the sheerest of lightweight woolens is used
for lho outside nnd is of white, lined will, tl.e palest of pink nr blue
or lavender, which delicately tints
thc outside. Perhaps the lining is
of flowered swiss or pluinctis—tho
prettiest treatment of all for negligees.
A trailing vine outlining neck nn.l
lnnse sleeves may bo done in pnle-
colorcd silk that tones in will, the
Chamois gloves have had un undeserved popularity. Nothing under tho sun makes your hand look
more awkwardly large than those
very gloves, They have one merit
—they wash; but iheir popularity is
due to anything but the point of
Chiffon, chiffon and then more
chiffon, i- ilu- cry tliis year—chiffon
used in every conceivable way for
every conceivable sort of thing The
.blouses made of it are stunning.
Skirts are to be longer than
they've been for many a glad day,
so say the Paris peoplo, But nn
inch nnd a half from tho ground instead of the three inches from the
ground we've been used to is all the
concession American women aro expected to make.
The gloves with a tiny purse for
change set in tlie palm, which, for
so iong, have been a curiosity
brought over by people traveling
nbroad, are to be found in some of
our own shops. Only ono linnd
boasts the change-purse, and it is
barely big enough to accommodate
one or two extremely modest coins.
But it's a great convenience, for alt
that, so great that it ought to have
been a staple thing here long ago.
The  long,   sloping  shoulder  is
Furs promise to be more fashionable and of richer quality than ever.
Cluny lace seems to be gaining
Hoop earrings made of tiny jewels, pearls,
diamonds, rubies or snpphires set in gold or silver
frames, have almost entirely succeeded the round
pearls so long popular. When pearls are worn at
it is in the pendant pear shape, with a small
jewel above.   These aro not, however, nearly so
popular as hoops—than which there is no more
picturesque fashion.  They look lovely, too, with
the little leghorn hats that aro tied on with black
velvet strings in a iiow at thc back of the neck. It
is very becoming with these picturesque accessories
to arrange tlie hair rather loosely-
waved, of course, and in a low knot
that is pinned hack with tortoise-
shell  hairpins  having   largo  ball
headi. ,J
Such liberties us designers hnve
tnken with flowers and colors—
mixed them up in indescribable confusion! Iliue roses, lavender clovers,
pink violets—no color seems too fnr
away from nature to be used. And
so long as lhc effect is whnt it is,
good, nobody cares, liiust of ull tlio
woman who picks up tho floral do-
sign she likes, in her most becoming
Quite popular nre thn many-loop-
ed pompon with three ends of different lengths, of tho six or eight
inch long bow with two short ends,
or two rosotles meeting in tlie bnck
with streamers to thc hen. of thc
Surely tho height of tlie art nf
ribbon making has been reached in
the exquisite wide things of softest silver or gold tissue, with flowers in subdued though beautiful
shades of their natural colors, mado
to fade into tho background and reappear from it with the shifting
Silver, with grcnt, misty bunches
of violets, the green of their lenves
as soft as thc violet, or great, single
roses glowing from a background of
shimmering gray or tlie palest of
gold, wilh perhaps a dozen indefinite
shades used in it, and shining with
the iridescence of a prism—colors
and proportions nre juggled with in
kaleidoscopic fashion, n thousand
combination! caught and ninde per-
Paris Notes
LINGERIE robes promise to
be better than ever during
tho coming season, only
they are to be far more
elaborate than ever, representing a
fabulous amount of work.
Yokes are conspicuous upon the
loveliest of blouses—yokes definitely cut or the lines of a yoke connived at by the way the trimming is
The Empire scarf of colored
gauze is in high favor, and lends
the note of color to an otherwise
single-toned gown that la Paris-
ienne's eye fnr dramatic effects requires.
•N Hi Sl.-u.irl Edward While
"\ »u must," she Insisted.
lot la's-' tho positioi
a poor    man: it is
both.  1 will not mar
have made y,,..r success."
"That .- eight," said Thorpo heartily.
"Well, U  nr,' you going (o In'so
■elfish as 'j keep me welting while
you mak" an entirely new start,
when a little help on my part will
bruit; Mini plans lo completion?"
She saw llie sl   low ol assent    in
hi* eyes.
Thorpe welcomed the smoll of  tho
I will northland,   Ilo became almost eager,
... rich wife to explaining, indicating to tho girl at
humiliating to his side.
you until you ' '. ""''*'' is ll'° Canada balsam," ho
| cried. "Do you romomber how I
showed it to you tirst? And yonder
tl.e Spruce, How stuck up' your
teeth were when you tried to chenille gum beloro it hud lie™ heated.
Do you remember? Look! Look
there!! It's a while pino Isn't it
u grand treo? It's tlio finest tree in
tlie forest, by my way ol thinking,
so lull, so Straight, so leathery, nnd
- How mu !, do you     need?"-    she so dignified.   .See, Hilda, look quick!
a*-...., >« i-!y. There's nn old logging rond all fill-
I ni..*- take up the notes," In- ex- ed with raspberry vinos,  We'd   lind
p       :     ;   musl pay tho men.    1 '"Is of partridges tlmr.-, uml , por-
in.M  nood something   on tho    stock Imps a boar.   Wouldn't you just like  nnd guvo voice to
sec the supromo qualltlos ol tholr
culling. On llie outskirts sauntered
tho tnll form of Tim Shearer, a
etr.iw pooping from l.i'.ieiilli his flax-
whlto mustache, his eyes glimmering
under his flux-white eyebrows. Ilo
did not evidence as much excitement
as the others, tl.e very bearing of I
tho man expressed tho deepest satisfaction. Perhaps ho remembered that
zero morning so many yours boforo
wl.cn he had watched tho thinly-clad,
shivering choiv-lioy set his fnco for
tin* first timo towai'ds tho dark for-'
Hig iliinko und Anderson deposited
tholr burden on tho raised platform
of the olliee stops. Thorpe turned'
and fronted tho crowd,
At onco pandemonium broke loose,
as though llie previous performance
had been nolliing but ti low-voiced j
The mon looked upon tholr lender
he   enthusiasm
rony uians ^kfvj yqqz
markei If I go in on 'hi1, thing,
I'm ( - mi keeps. I'll got altor
those fellows who haw boon swlnd-
Iii i \\ ill - •■ Say a hundred thous-
WI y,    - ;: .thing." sho crlod.
I'm c'.t'l .'.oi. 'Innk so,
■ ■ ii
*- mi,  ■ , I,, i dainty
ni ■ ,', ■ ■ i ibbled oagorlj
ii. ii
Tl die , ried, hor
in, - .*    nr.     chock book all lorn, motherly
,i - i n   ilai I;      I'll soo that   tho boardlng-houi
ho ropll-
for .. low
eyes shin-
to walk down i. aboul sunset
"Vos, Harry."
"l wonder what wore stopping
for, Scorns to mo thoy nro slopping
ni ovory squirrel's trail. Oh, this
musl I,,- St'iH-y. Y,'-., il is. Queer
littlo placo, isn't It? imi Bort of at-
traollvo. Hood doal liko our town.
You hnvo novor seen Uarpontor, havo
you?   Location's  li..,,. anyway;   nnd
no It's sorl of plcturosquo. you'll with o. lillle soli
Mrs.  Hathaway.   She's u   bux-
o.i.j.n who runs   Die
for oigllty  ..len.   und
I'l   iuloij
lhat was in them. II
thero, Btralght nnd tn!'. llio i..unci's
of his brown fiu-i' set to hide Ills
emotion, bis head thrust bnck proudly, tho linos of liis strong figure tense
wiih power,—Hie glorification In finer
innI ler ...' lho hardy, reliant men
wliu did liiin honor.
"Hli, aroii'l you proud of  : him?"
gasped  Hilda. Bquoozitlg  Helen's arm
becuuse l.e Is .... Ill-bred Aug, wllh
rude, rousli ways.
But graolous alive! What Is ahe
to do. when In re she fln.la Hubby In
hor very ow.r bed?
still lind* time to mend my clothe
fnr n.„. And you'll like Solly, Solly's iln- tug captain, a mighty good
follow, inn- ns u gun barrel. We'll
havo hi... ink., us out, some siill dny,
We'll I,,, thoro In n fow minutes now,
See the cranberry inarshos,     Somo-
lb ore
,', irpe i ,il. the book, Btartng  at
|i  » tl     . Iitloss '-y,-s.   llililu. porch-
..|      ■; ■ rn, of his chair, watched
li    m ■     isely, ..- later beca   her
, diil   ii   - ■ -i pn.iat.Ion
Wl.nl     it?" -I"- asked,
I irp    loked up with n pitiful lil-  times tin-re's n good doal    ol    pine
ll    ■    i thai    ni-'l   to bog iudiil-  nn lillle Islands scattered ovor    il,
, i       ir whul he wn* aboul to say. | bul It's very hard to log, unlossyou
■1 rn.-   '-1 thinking, dear.   I usod.gel a good winter.   Wo had Just such 'low S'ad thoy
: was .i strong man,  yet a proposition whon I worked for Mr
•   - i' nij  besl efforts    am- Railway.   Oh,    you'll  liko Railway
iunl - -    i have pul myself into bov.  he's as good as gold.   Helen!"
,-n yea.   nl lho hardest labor, work-1   "Yes," replied his sister.
want   you   to    know    liiiilwnv
work-!    "\
mei   n order to succeed.     "I
I have        con all thai mortal could ■ [Jo's Lho
lorsoc    I havo always thought,    nnd   h,. S!n.-i
Ihin! thai n man is no man un-     --.ah ,-
! .-j he -- irks oul tho sort of succession,   "I'l
for wli I tied.   I havo    done  from be.
-.-]! until thc    crises enmo
iniin win. gnve ni" my   lit-  ,1
I im:
■ II
hare l.i
i all)
ellecl .-
i iter -
hev,- Iw,
hav lm
!,     ,    '
[  i ,,,- !,.-,,  absolutely jiower-
ind if I -fl   lo myself, I   would
i v  tho times when    n
ing in.in  would hnve used
il, Harry," laughed l-Iol-
ui-i'i anybody or anything
io Indians,"
"I know nn Indian too—Goozigul,
nn Ojil.wu—we culled him Injun
Charley. | Ho wn,s my first friend in
tho norlli woods.   Ho holjiod mu got
my timbor.   This spring ho killed a  their demand i*
in a in...ni-ni Wallace Carpenter,
his i-iniiit.i'iiniict' glowing Willi j.rido
nud pleasure, mounted Ihu plntform
.....I Btood bcsldo his friend, while
Morion and the two young ladies
sloppod hull' wny up ll.e steps.
Ai onco ilu- racket coasod. Everyone   Sll,0.1   Ul   III li'tllioll.
"Mr. Thorpo," Wallace begun, "ut
tho request of your friends here,     I
havo .. ...os. pleasant duty to    fulfill,   'They have asked mo lo toll you
lo sec you; lhat
is BUI'Oly nun.-o-ssiii-y.   They have nlso asked me .o congratulato you on
having- won tho light with our riv-
"Ynu   dono   'cm   good."  "Can't
wn thc old follow," muttered joy-
,!IS Vlli.-i-S,
"But," Bald Wallace, "I think that
have a Btory to tol! you on    my
iwn account.
"AI  lln- Iim.-  ill-  iuin  broke   this'
prills, wo owed iln- men for ayoar's
work,   At   Hml   time   1 considered
2. I'll, slio Is so sleepy. Mean Hobby
to steal her bod! Ho deserves a good,
liuril poke botwoen the ribs, so ho
docs.   Am! that Is what he gets.
Uut Tlddlelclns discovers that Bobby asleep und Bobhy aw.ikc ure altogether ilirfcrcnt dogs, Bobby awake
Jumps ut lit-.- Ilk,- .. hyena and scares
her Into seven Ilia!
the strength he had boon  „,;,„_„ go0(. jo|j| too-and is hiding
I have fall,ui miserably  on
i      Threo times my affairs
■   , itlcal.   In the crises 1
-tr.--,!, firsl l,y a mero boy;
old illiterate niun:   now
. woman!"
,  I him through in silence.
li. she said soberly when ho
!• id qui      ■ ishod,    I ngree with ynu
i-i  meant the strong man   to
H al without success thc
n an - - ■ nol fulfilled his reason for
beins llm, Harry, nre you quite
suro tl.,- Hod meant lilm to succeed
Tl •
now, I wish I knew where ho is,
Ilul we'll sec him some day-. He'll
como bnck when tho thing blows
over. See! See!"
"Whul," they all nsked breathless
•'It's gone. Ovor lii-ymiil lhe hills
there 1  caughl  n  glimpse of Supor-
"You  are rid
tested  Helen  Tl
u w
Inn*. Harry," pro-
lorpc laughingly, '1
so,   You are a rogu-
"Do    ynu    lik,.
gravely ol Hilda.
"Adore them!" s
"All right,  I don'l enre,"
sworod his sistor in triumph,
'Iiu- nir brakes began t.
themselves fell, and shortly il
camo lo .i grinding stop.
"Whul    station    is ihis."
nsked lho colored Porler.
'Shingleville, sail," tin
he nski
"Last spring,
went diiwn."
"Is ilnn so?  I
' * '111, -\ claimed
rlod Wallace cat,
Thorpe ponder
abuul   lhc
tin- nigh iln- Utile
-1 ■ ,,, the hallway n lull
■i k ti kod ilcmnly, A noiseless
.,,-, ,- ipp, ii-.** in the doorway to
lighl the Mini,*, but was silently uto-
ti u -i awny
"I had i. ,: thought ol that," said
'li. ■ at lasl
Y .   men arc so selfish," went on  plied.
Hilda    "You would lake everythingI   "I  thought s
from us    Why can't you leave us the- iI.eir ...ill  burn
j-  >:  . ttle privilege of the occasion [ hoard ubout It.'
d touch  the privilege ol   suc-
or    Ii i* al! that weakness can do
\   ■ , ■ wi nl on after    a
:■   -i -.' ■    m   nol   liiul.  too,     a
p --.-    i  , man's su -1—the gather-
ibout him til people who can and
ipi   ■-  , • his ■ fiorts   Who wns
, --,.: ,: o Carpenter In   ....
-   •     man?   You.   Whal  did il ?
! ■   *■■     :.  qu ili! ies by which    you
.,  -      nldini,      m  success.   Why  did
■ -   forces with you?
How   Iocs ii happen thai    your men
. , i high a standard ol efllclen-
u.ii 1 willing in give   you
'i-ythlng, to ni)   hoarl
and .,   -   llecauso I! is you who ask  would havo mado ., strongci
i'    Derails,* you, Harry Thorpo, havo   against us in the stock m i
mn Im-
" trait.
latter  re
ivl.cn di,
tne  \ on
1-tlmod and
grasping, I wish to apologize. After
tho money wus paid them instead of
scattering, they s,,| to work under
Ju.'k Hadwny nnd Tim Sheaer tojsal-
vage your logs. They hnve worked
long bout's all suinmor, Thoy have
Invested ovory cent of their year's
earnings in supplies and tools, and
now thoy aro prepared to show you
In ih,- Company's booms, three million foot nf logs, rescued liy their
"Tii iiiiiI hard labor from total loss."
At tins poinl lln- speaker wus Interrupted. -'Suw nit," --Sliiit. up,"
"(livo us ii rest," growled the audi-
t-tiiv. "Threo million foot e,in't wor-
!li talkie' about," "You make me
tired," "Say your little sny thc way
you oughter," "Found protty nigh
two millions pockctod on Mnrejo Is-
niiii-k," "I)ainn-foo! undertaking,
i rii-il Thorpe, "I have l.eon
From falluro success
novor havo 1 been
lhnn in my friends.
on   ils    feet,       It
3. "Now, will you behave," growls
Hobby, und then he snuggles down
n.i.l prepares to sleep, while Tiii.ii, -
kins .nits Iter little paws In her eyes
un.! wuils aloud.
While she weeps, Hobby snores.
SI.,* ilo,Mn'. in.or her mother come
softly down the basement stairs. Nor
does Hobby—
w? ?m
ow did il happen?"
incendiarism," parlous])'.
I a inniii,-in, ihen
laughed. "I ..... in lhc .nixed attitude ol Un- small lmy." he'observed,
"whn isn'i nt,,nn enough in wish
anybody's property destroyed, bul
who wishes Uiul if there is a lire
in bo where lit- can boo It. I am
sorry those fellows had to lose thoir
mill, but il wu* ;i good thing for
us,   Thc inmi  who sol   Ihal  firo did
ii- it good  turn.   If ii  hadn't    I n
for  'In- burn ng  of the mill,     thoy
wove -i )uur fortune, s,, ilm.
.- ■ ,. , . hoico l"-|„-nil upon us
in the crises .,, ) our worki Why, so
,i  - ; iii'iidcnl  ,,i. -Mini- ten liug-
.... ■ . ir eyes, •! o fiber of your
-.- ■ Do you 'link 'lie less -- ■ ur
;        ll   lit I'm- tha'''"
■a,,* i al Hilda Fan u I gave
her ive. - ■-:■:. -. brought him oul
from ' . fanati -in launched him
j'r.--! il , -! ■ . mi i nt of ■-'-' ts. !!-■
i-,-: lined Ch ago nil that sunlit ■ g m irdi ■- tl il nil work ...
Oai ;• '■'■■■ -' luld easi With hi* affairs i ve little I
.1 ,    !! .      ■ nu .- ■- ii   at   --:
i ■   ■        .. i: kei   I i po
■ ■   i
-1 ■
-  I
1-   .,
Will!,IMM     Jill
CCS,    'I'll"   go
nl ili,- Inside
"You'll havo to
sh- whispered over
soot.   "Ii  will plea
"(lur .-'!..timi i* n
!',-.   "and    it's   ,
r,  gol  im
Tliei   nil crowded into .lie   rmi
passage-way near the rli or
train bar ■:-.  ; ■
"All  right   mi1  '    sn il  ll
--.-. ugh g down I, - . ■• -■ stop
Tl, -Im      i   ,  .     ..    ■
:—     II      m, •
and .
r that i .i
!!■'■!,   . \ hull
v ti   long sine,    iwni-c
i*inn  of those da) -
to    '■ II    'lc n:    -    .,
over th-' l.itek of her
!" cried
it   lilt!"
"jMon," cried
very fortunate
fins come. Hut
more fortunate
i'lie linn  is nnw
enuld iillni'il  In In-.,, three times the
logs ..  Ins.  lasl year "
II,- paused ..ml scanned their faces,
"iim." lie continued suddenly, "it
cannot now, nor ever noi afford to
lose what those Ihi-.',- million feet re-
prosent,—tho friends il hns made. 1
can pny ymi bnck the money you
have "['-'itt. nn,I tho lime you    have
pul  in "
Again he looked them over, and then
ior ih,- firsl inn,- since they : had
known him ir* face lighted uji with
,, rare ami tender Biniie of allection
■■Hul. comrades, I shail cm! oiler
-,, .1 , il " he mm ! -.inil .*„ will go
-M     ■ ■ i :-. rn ni -i    n J■--. arc
Ies in tho fight.'
II        -   -       .
Hilda wc   weeping wil [the
t, .ir* sh,- snu   ■                 i ,Mng     at
ider   M-      n  tl
M-: •     .flection .mm! admiration of o          ■          ■ -        -
- touching
i Hi show
• . ■
■ i
4. until II is tuo lute. And Ihen,
nliis for Bobby! He Unds It Is u
fearful thing lu full into the clutches
of un Indignant und avenging Tubby-
Hy the lime Tlddle-
klns' mamma finishes
villi him be lias seen nil
the slurs in tlie firmu-
n.ent ami felt nil the unhappy feelings of the
animal kingdom,
5. "Wow - wow - wow,"
walls Bobby, us lie sadly
climbs lhe .stairs. "J'm
glu.l my m.iinm.-i hasn't
oust y, scratchy toenails.*'
t ■<
■'■ -;'    ' t wild-cn
- ad pro
-.    -,  retrieve i
. M • .
m part. llrm Hi
! ,i-   ■
,M    -
■  ■
VG Tl     BI ■
r (
!h,> summer    I
!c- - m thai
m   : ,
■ ■' - I Imi  :,i
i ..I-;.   -      : -       . *,:
Infl,   II Illll III       i      l.ii-
■ .ti.I   i. . i     id  t!      ■    M -. M   .:
, HM'Tl.l: l.\
1, ■ -   - ■       -;     -   .     -        Itn
.-na,!   •   il    is wa) the  broad
reach Ibe n -i'i -■■  pen nsula. On
•m : ., the    ... Iit-ol .-..,-
u   stci -. in lho shape  .f tl     ol
i and   ivergrown 'lm.  lhc
could penelrato them bill  n lew  :■--'   Fighlini      Fori       in- liesl  crew    if
at i-.-m    Doyoad them il  i I ll i toi    men ever ir.Uhc.vd  In He- nm
*■-    1 hus nature sc. i--'l I,, r Intim-    mpi ■   eil   Ihen  , nn   Im
i ies from Mi-- luipcrtinej t eye ne -.,   ..nn    Iti
,. m- order of things. I:..' --■ di. m     ■  I- n
■-'.'■'                           M
:   -    • ■
■    II
ll!     llllll    M
II        1 nmp,
fa.           mm-   drive
Ml                  '.1.
tho foreman nf .he .,,,!
, over 1.
howled    i hai
:;             rhniiu .   -Hini
lh     hml
-,,,.-.: ,-.•■!. where ■■ ere 1
-a! .       ihni
in- knew     A-. Im-  iliiiin
veiled I. -.    .■'■■■■
if 1.    n
'   ■ ■
! -     -
Concrcti? Blcirk^ A\d Marl.
Noah's Ark Party.
DRAW upun sheets- of mtiier -stiff
paper—a   medl im-welght   wait-r-
color   paper   is   beat-aa   many
paira ^r animala ;i= there are children
- me     I   aw nlso a Xo.ih uiul
a    Mr.^     N'oah-abaui-d,   churn-shaped
Hgures   lik-   the   lm;.'   wooden   toys.
Color lln* figures with water-colors and
when  flu- colors have iiuite dried cut
* it.   about   three   Inehes
high, and        - .,,11- size, from tin* rabbit tr, the elephant.   The effect is ludl-
■ -   .
mi       re 1 nmpleted take
hei *  ,i;.il prepare yourself  with  blue,   red  and  yellow dyes.
'■'■■ portion of each, separate-
- ■■■■-■ B half full of water
■•-■ik.     Willi   yuur   yellow
mc *"-r* ..' ,. brush paint a
irk near the centre of the
laklng it about twenty inches
*    • Ith -.,'reen. which you can get
ttle each   ' ■ ■ ir yellow
mother dial   paint al the
■  aheel a high mountain
■ ■ ■ gher than
■   irk    -\' lhe righl edge
-■    ling 1     ■ ■    'hi' mld-
\- :■:   Up
and witi
■   ■   *        f   wati
j.        ■, -. do
run rlol
■. ij-.
■   ■
■    ■
- .
•»■■  irk,
■        -■
■    , I   ■
t gol
.  ■ ■
■ ' M
i •**,
n Ight be
Smallest Island.
■ ;-   tha
landi -'   water th*-*
base it onl ' I llameter   i\
high watei       bai    : lhe lightbouM li
r impletslj lubmarged
• ■
1   .
THE Mil I * -   .  -   :-   ■:   fLB
1     llll!   til-*..' ■    .        ,
machino in the world    I iced blffl 1        I  «
pitrpoMi   id       ,i -■ , n . ■ e
from   the  ■, /iriin-* llron \H«. Co., Niagara
Cork Will Sink.
' "nrk   though th* moat buoyant *jb-
".-'ir*'*.  will  nor rla*- *ijr>ii. If tunk W
'-■• ■'■  , •    r  th* wufsr'a lUffi/J
SAYS   Bobby;    "Thia   basket   looks       T
Jolly     comfortable.      Stupid    of |
Tld UikiiiB to leave it unproteot*      I,
cd.   tiuosa I'll help myself to It
and take a good nap"
Now Tlddloklns' mamma Myi she is
to have nothing to do with Bobby,
ITTLB L-C had 2 write
An S-A on a B,
A most P-y-llar subject
And she hadn't 1 I-D.
'Twas not a very E-Z task,
As any 1 may C,
And M-T was her paper
When 'twas almost lime 4 T.
At last sin* tunk her pem-il
And wrote, "] think the B
If U sh.iul'l make him angry,
Is an awful N-M-E.
"Pear teacher, please X-Qs me,
I've nothing more 2 say;
But I'll write a lovely S-A
On a K-T-dld some day."
Ladies First.
HARVEY loved animals, and so his
grandfather gave him several
beautiful pets.
There wero a white puppy
with two black patches over his ears
and eyes, und two cunning maltose
kittens, and a monkey and u live turtle, besides other pets.
The puppy was named Beggar, because he begged so hard for everything he wanted. The two pussies'
names were Bo-Peeii and I-Spy, because they were always plavlng lilde-
and-go-seek. Now, Beggar lost his mother when he was only tliree days old, ami
he was brought, up on milk, of which lie
grew so fond that he would fairly pounce
upon the pan of milk before it had been
quite placet! on the lloor.
Well, pussies also love milk, you know,
ami It made Bo-Fecp and I-Spy most
unhappy to see big Bepgar gobbling up
all the milk before they got a chance
to see il. much less taste it.
Rut one day Just as Beggar was about
to perform his usual greedy trick, and
the two pussies had begun to cry "Me-
nw-ow-ow-ow! Where do we come In?"
Harvey happened along
-Why, Beggar. Y<iu selfish thing!" he
shouted, and seizing him by one cur,
dragged him away from the pan. "Now,
sir, stay right there! Gentlemen let
ladles have things first, and I'll teach
you your manners."
Then lhe two p.isslos settled down to
a delicious, uninterrupted treat while
Beggar sal disconsolately on his hind
legs and y.i'u] as plainly with his even
as ynu or I could with our lips, "will1
I wa.s a lady."
Game of Jolly Miller.
THERE waa a Jolly miller, hn llve-fl
by himself,
Ai' tne mill went 'round bo mad*
his wealth,
■ ! In  the hopper, another It
the bag,
-1"      !  wenl 'round he mu'dt
hi ■ ,■
■ uneven number
Ul of ii:." children, ex*
id in couplos, arm la
ring thia verae,  march
■■   -   '• in OOliple closely
1 I * hlld   tanda In the centre.
'   the   clilldn-n
*. of lho ' Irole
let   (to  of    beli   partn* nt   arms   and
the oni   standing
- nmedl iti'    In fronl of their prevl-
■ tne
'■■'ow    t!,. ll I    li,    I.,,.   , , nirc    f*-|«
'.-id player tries lo aecure one of tht
partnei ind tl 1 gel a plan- lu tlw
circle If hi 1 i<ceeds the one who
waa lefl 011 musl take the centre,
and the game g - on aa doaorlbed.
Spidei Web Thread.
Thread made from the spider's web li
llghtei and tronger than that which
comea from tho silkworm. In Krunce
th*re la a factory used only for tha
ii, in ifacture of spider's thread,
Royal Spanish Coach.
The state coach used by the King of
Spain   li   drawn   by   eight   pure   whit*
i oriei,  with white ptumei ami  white
ha mean
No Rhymes.
Abouf 6001  word   In the English Un-
guage have no rhyme to ihem.   Theaa
Include gulf, mouth and echo.
IT WAS during 11 visil to beautiful
Norfolk Island In the Smith Pac
lhat    I    became   acquainted   with
shark run ing as a real sport.
Dead whales furnish thc bait that
draws the sharks to the surface nnd
makes them easy to get nt, and the
shark hunters do their work at tho
times when the whalemen aro busy,
The ffhalea pass Norfolk Island, going south on their way to the Antarctic
feeding grounds, about lhe end of July
ench year, and they come back past the
Island about the end of October, nnd
these four months arc the whaling and
-'harking season.
"ne morning at thc end of August
lhe boats' crews were all Billing about,
.-molting and yawning (fnr it had been
a poor whaling season), when suddenly
some one called out the whaler's cry,
"Hello! While waler there!" and, sure
enough, nut came the Mack back of a
whale, causing a ring of foam, not 400
yards off shore.
Down he went again, nnd in nnolher
minute, "Blow!" cried almost every one,
as a thin spurt of water rose nice n
fountain nnd Mew awny In sprny.
A dozen whaleboats, clean and tidy
nnd lilted down to lhe last loop of
string, are run down the smoothed rock,
"tie after another, into the tossing water
by Ibe hands of the whole male popu-
i 1 Hon.
All are In tbe highest spirits; and the
women nre there, too, on the rough
Htone pier. When all are launched and
ready, there is a hush, and then tbo
ehoolmaster, an old whaler himself,
whose brothers are In the boats, takes
off Ids hat and begins a hymn. All inin
■11. and every hat Is off; then, when || Is
done, then- is cheer after cheer, nnd ihe
boats begin to look oul for their chance
■ gel nver lhc dangerous bar where the
rreat Pacific Ocean rollers, slow-swlng-
■|'g but mighty, are combing their while
locks over the cruel sharp reef rocks.
High in the stern of each boat stands
the captain, looking out across the bar
to pick lhe right wave, then gives the
word, and his boat dashes off like an
But ns this story Is about shark hunting, not whale hunting, it must do lo
M] ynu thai in lhe end the men kill
"1 ir whale and find It to be a seventy-
The moment the whale Is dead Master
Shark noses him and sends the word
nround, and tin- waler is soon a.ive witii
his friends ami relatives.
Also, the Bharkboat puts off from
shore and comes about a quarter of n
miie out to :in'0t the whale being towed
In. Now. tin- lirsl thing ihal has to he
done to the whale before he is towed to
shore Is to tie up bis mouth. His under
jaw drops when he dies, and the mouth
would act like a great draw; so, one
man must dive down under the whale
witi! a rope, while another clambers on
t-j back and takes the rope and hauls
up the jaw and fastens it there.
Up stands John Buffet to make the
dive; Henry guintal, with an oar, bash-
■ s and prods n shark or two that are
close by the jaw, and down goes the
diver into the water thick with sharks.
un the other side und Into the buut
!t is true no man has ever yet been
nipped by a shark on these occasions,
but it tukes courage, all tho same, to
ive almost Inlo the jaws of a huge
monster 'hat could easily swallow you
whole. Kor the sharks here are ns long
as twenty feet, and if you lake a pair
' f Jaws removed from a dead shark ami
pm them on your shoulders you will
ll-! that 'hey gn clean over your head
and shoulders without touching!
Now, tlie whaleboats an- only about a
iii.''t't-i- ,.r a mile from shun*, and the
-■liarl.bon! mods Ihi'in and shuuts,"\Vell
imn..!' md thon gets tn work.
In i!i" how, bonding ovor and all alert
"iii watchful, kneels ih" Imrponner;  for
I!'':; \(4 ih'- sport—to hni'i li sharks just
ir-' whn lee lnst»nd of cntctilng them
nn ti   I!"'* uiiii  1 alt.    He given quick.
low orders to tbo men rowing: "Up a
bit-steady! Pull your right une stroke-
easy now!"
tip goes bis band, out goes the harpoon, and there Is a. whirl and a scurry
of foam and blood, and a big fifteen-
foot shark Is off, with the harpoon
planted well in his buck close lo the lop
The rope is colled In a tub, and It goes
oni like lightning. A shark dues not
"sound," which means go straight down
for tho bottom, like a whale that Is
harpooned, but dives and darts here and
there and everywhere. As soon us ba
can, the harpooinr, and the steersman,
ton, get a hold on the rope and begin tt>
pull on It, to put more strain on th*
■-hark ami check him.
This tires him, aud lhe wound of Hip
harpoon begins to take away his
strength. He is hauled in and ln till ho
is floundering on the surface. Then,
perhaps, anotner iron ts pul Into him; or
a lance Is used to dispatch him. This
Is shorter than a harpoon, ami ii is
lint thrown, hut thrust into bis heart,
just behind the lln on his side. And in
e few minutes, if all goes well, lie Is a
dead shark.
"If all goes well!" Ah, there's (ha
rub! If nil doesn't go well, It Is not
very nice to think about. You will find
yoursolf in tho water with a mad shark,
furious with pain and bent 011 repaying
A whale Is a stupid animal, aud It is
very rarely thai he shows light and
gets the notion of using his vasi strength
to turn upon the boal thai is giving him
thc pain and smash It into splinters;
nnd even If he dues, he only hurts tho
buat, ns a rule.
But a shark often turns on the boat;
hc goes straight for It; he can crunch It
in his Jaws and then
b a v e you ai his
mercy; and ho
means to do ii. if
he can. II lakes a
cool head and nimble pa il d II ng to
dodge him till ll9
tires and dies.
Perhaps some of
you boys know
these lines:
"N'o game was ever
yet worth a rap
For h rational
man to play,
Intu Which no acow
dent, no mishap*
Can possibly  Una
Its wuy."
Shark hunting Is
real sport, you in;/
be sure, for It certainly has Us spies
of danger.
A son of one of
the mlssloT.ur.es living In Noifolk Ia-
land-only a lad-
went outinashark-
boat ono day just
for the sport.
They got fast lo %
big shark about
eighteen feet long, when suddenly lt
rushed for the boat, turned over on Its
buck and opened a hug" pair of jaws
like a cave. They measured the Jaws
afterward; ihey would have been big
enough to swullow an ox!
It seized the boat before the steersman could swerve away, and Just
crunched It up. Its occupants nil went
into the water. But, fortunately, no
lives were lost, and all got ashore.
And when this lad, who had been Bitting just where tbe shark caughi ihe
bout, louked at his trousers, he found
that Its teeth had actually torn the
cloth, so close had lt been to grttlng a
grin of his leg!
When the shark Is brought to i-diore,
his valuable parts — the fins and tnll,
which tin Chinese vnlue for soup; ths
liver, whicli makes good cod-liver oil,
und tlie jaws, wllh their four rows of
beautiful, skinning, 111 Ilk-whit* ivory
teeth, which, when mounted, make very
attractive charms and Bcarfplns-are out
nwny and sold for abont fE6, while ths
carcass Is towed out to aea U refuse.
fi. Vi'.
Bkck-Ywd Pwty
r-i V'ERTBODY 'ms a back yard.
;"'      Have you tried somobody'fl Idea
n   "Hack-yard   Party"?    It   Is
llrsl  me, especially  for then Augusl
-: In '.*- when every nue should be out
1 nji - Ing the air.
ir you hnve unfortunately noglected to
beautify your back yard with vines and
.lowering plants vmi can cover ilu- defects witii hunting. But let us hope you
already have a well-kept and beautiful
v.nl with no need of being hidden from
A ight.
Seat ler benches, chairs and tables
here and there, especially against the
fence, in order to make tbe best use of
small spaee. You can make a homemade divan or two by using low eut-
beds wiih mattress covered with rugs
and cushions.
Ilnng .1 profusion of Jnpunese lanterns
rrom ibis corner to thut corner.   Kor
•bis  purpose,   better  nail   sticks   high
hove Ihe fence and tosloon the string
1 lanterns from tin- li-pa of those slicks
'I'i ii  your friends  it  will be more or
i.r/.v party (Augusl is ihe month
• ,.<  indolence), and  ask them tu bring
IM,. -,,-,ni'.*-*   mandolins and guitars.
Whii.' everybodj is playing and sing-
: il' f. utli1,r songs coon song.- and college H<ntgn pass nround glassed of iced
:..,„,!!;,,!•- end an invitation for every
body to ask for aa many reflUlngs na hs
Have a lot of good, easy conundrums
tn ask.
Be prepared with aome funny siortes
and recitations from some of ynur tal*
ented friends, read nr reclisd anil-** Uff-
hand—perhaps without oven HiJnjj from
their cnalrs,
The natural Wit an-I frtwdiin *s r.f
the guests will supply the fun «*ml frcho
for the rt.Ai&lndFr ^1 tie evonh.g,
Ice cres.fl and vafer* will tic ump'.y
for refreflhnjontn—plenty nf it, eo tunt
every one may feel frie to accept a s?c
ond or third helping.
Wisdom of tho Ancients.
An honorable death Is l;'.t>r thru ru
Inglorious Hfe.-Socrnt*e.
Abstinence Is tbe but mrdlatr*. Tf»,Jl
Are you not accustomed t- l--?V at home
when you abuse others'.'- i'autu*,.
He who does nut adv&boti re-tjes.—
Latin maxim.
Adversity has nu friends.-Tacitus.
Advise not whnt Is most pleaear.t, bill
what Is most useful.-Solon. "O'Cod-Wac*.**'
Onstai loon
/fate at kast one easy chain
By Dorothy Tuke
No. 1
ONE it the delights of having a
dear little home of our own is
the pleasure we derive frum little visits trom our friends. We
sever tire of hearing complimentary
things about our house, and we delight
Ib the pleasure our guisia get frum It
But although It Is great fun to pay visits, yet I btlleve must young housewives prefer having Visits paid to them.
Whal a difference it makes to us
When Visiting whether on uur arrival
we aro shown Into a small room cuntaining duly the neceusry articled of
furniture, und which might bo a room
In uny small hotel, ur whether Wu are
il.uv-.ii lutrj u dainty room with a vase
or two of fresh llowers here and Ihere,
a small table with a few good buuks
and magazines upun It, aud perhaps a
neatly equipped wurkhusket, a handy
little desk or writing tuble with note
paper and other things set Invitingly before us; where we Me, too, a dainty
Jar, which on peeping Into we lind lllled
with delicious little crnckers, und where
we find in the drawers uf the dressing
table plaits of sweet grass or little
sachet bags. Such u routn as this Bpnuks
Its own welcome,
In papering the guest room lt Is well
Co select a paper that Is well covered,
for there are seldom many pictures ln
the room, and tbo walls will otherwise
look bare. Aa the guit-u room will not
have the sa hard use the other rooms
have, the paper shuuld last fur a lung
time, If only It doea not fade. A yellow
figured paper Is a good one to buy, aa
yellow dues uut fade as readily us pink
blue or lavender.
It often happens thut the Rue at room
Cluset Is where the very best dresses
are kept, uml lt seems hardly worth
While In clear Ibis closet for a guest
J,.i-i spending a week end, und st. a
clothes tree Is very convenient, A pretty une Is Bhown, which was made fnnn
Sii old four-post lied, 'iwo nl Uie other
posts of this lied were used lu make a
handsome eheviil glass
Unless Ihe guest mum Is cluse lo thu
bathroom. Ihere should be a withstand
In It, ns Ihe guest may nol have room
In her suitcase fur a dressing goWII and
baib slippers. There .ue beautiful toilet
sets dial can ln> hmiulil today at nominal cost, and are bol.l ..ml dcoorotlvo In
design Uie i;|inii-*e china and peasant
ware are about lhe bill for Ihe money.
A plain filling ur mailing all over the
floor is serviceable, und a pretty touch
can i.e givon by having u few of the new
hand.made rugs, in colors to match the
room. There could be a small one In
front of the washstand, another In front
of the dressing table and a third beside
thc bed.
A shirtwaist box is a convenience in a
guest room, as il ts u most useful thing
un which to put a suitcase. It adds to
the appearance of ihe room if it la
prettily covered with figured muslin,
chintz or cretonne; the UtU-cent ligured
muslin Is quae good enough. 'Ibis
should be pleated on to the box wuh
tiny nails. Thu top sliould first ba
■luffed with hair before being covered,
In England tho guest room, us well as
the others, Invariably has a dressing
table placed before one of the windows,
ihis is u practical arrangement because
It not only throws a goud light on the
girl who is doing ber hair, but il ulso
makes the r-iioui more private.
The curtains uf the guest room should
be simple, and of washable material;
and, for them, nothing Is better than
dotted swiss, With either tin- big or the
little dots. A splasher of the same behind the washstand is buth dainty und
There should always bo nt least one
ensy chair In the guest mom, either a
wicker chair, a grandfather chair or a
rocker, If the room Is big enouyh u
sofa Is delightful, and looks very pretty at the fuut of tbe bed. It is ao nice
to be able to throw yourself down on a
sofa for forty winks after a tiring
We often find that the guest room has
to he in the third story of the house,
nnd has sloping ceilings. The best paper for such a room is an all-over paper
with a tiny flower design which shuuld
be used on the ceiling na well as the
walls, Shelves fur books can often be
built In under the sloping walls, and by
doing this and by using greut'eure in
the arranging of the furniture the room
can be made most attractive. Care
t-lu-uld be taken to place the furniture
most used where there Is least risk uf
bumping ones head.
A useful Utile scrap basket to hang on
the gas Is cheaply and quickly made
frnm a butcher's cuff. These u-sl 5 cents
apiece. Btitch a piece ol muslin lu the
inside cf the cuft, about an Inch frmn
the tup, and gather it together an inch
or twu from the but torn. Work BOme little design on the cuff, either In heavy
wind ur baby ribbon; then gel three
pieces of ribbon about a quarter of a
yard long und fasten lhe ends together.
Hew lhe other cnus to tbe cuff at equal
distances apart m-J stitch small hows uf
ribbon tu hide the st-wing. These make
delightful little Christmas presents.' as
one can't have too many uf them, They
KhMild be made to mulih the rooms.
Alter all, il is the little things that
count. We remember Utile conveniences that were planned for us, und
original little things In rooms. All guest
r inms miii*t have a bed, a bureau and
chairs, but the little things show the individuality of the home maker; and thfl
comforts, her thoughtfuliiess.
tfcde frum 3 four-post
A Cheap Riding Crop
THE ;oung woman who rides, no
matter If she has high theories as
lo cruelty to animals und the
guidance of a horse by moral suasion, must own a crop for appearance sake if for nothing el3e. It Is one
of those little things, like high boots,
stiff hat, severe neckwenr nnd heavy
gloves, even In midsummer, that mark
the difference between the horsewoman
and the woman who Just rides horseback.
Now, the usual crop carried by the
well-groomed horsewoman Is an expensive luxury, so expensive that It Is
quite out o. the question tor limited
Incomes; an&as a light switch cut from
a birch tree, however effective it may
be to subdue unruly boys and horses,
Is hardly the thing for even the ..mst
unconventional riding costume, the pour
girl who wishes to have a "sporty
outfit when she rides Is much perplexed.
Fortunately, if sho knows how, sh*
run be both economical and 'swagger.
Let her buy one of the little bamboo
crops thai tost but u few dollars. These
are used In preference lu any other
kind bv many womon who need not
count the cost uf their riding equipment, und ure considered veiy "goud
Bettet yet, If the young horsewoman
has a brother or father who owns an
old bamboo cane, let her ai unco appropriate it-by fair means if possible,
by In uie force if necessary, From
that rano sho cun have as good a crop
ns nnv one could wish. Cut off thu
slick irom the lower end until It iJ
nliout two feet lung, and Insert a leather lash, wnlcll can be bought for almost nothing. If Ihu cane lias a bundle,
rhorten It from both ends to the desired length, smoothing   it the top »»
lhat there is no roughness lor llie hand.
PflETTY ideas fob
THEIR very size makes them appeal to ysu. If you ure enough
of a needlewoman to understand
the cutting and lilting together of
tiny garments, and perhaps beautifying them with exquisitely set stitches
and with strong but dainty embioider-
Only the very occasional child Is fitted
out with haud-mauu underclothes, such
as most wuiuen indulge In as freely aa
Iheii purses permit. But a child gruws
t.o rapidly that Lhe work necebearlly
lavished upon it is m a wuy wasted,
Anu, anyway, the wear and tear a normally active child ocsiows upun her
clowns uoesn't warrant uiu cos-, ui time
uuu work.
An uccuslunai "Rich Little Lady"
wears lingerie us exquioile us ever was
turned uut by low-vuiced, black-garbed
nuns, but she lu thu rate cxcepiiuu io
the general rule.
First of all, the little underclothes
musl be built upon hygienic lines—there
musl be no undue pressure anywhere,
no tight bauds, und everything must
bang irum lhe shoulders ur be attacneU
to a littlu "body" which is supported
entirely by sturdy straps,
Except with the very little tots, puja*
mas huve supplanted night drawers fur
winter wear, although tor summer the
cooler night dress is substituted. Where
these pajamas need be of fairly heavy
material, llanneleLte ia almost always
used-the white flannelette oftenest of
all, although some very cunning little
sets are made of the pink and blue
tarred kinds, bound with washable
braids and fastened with flat frogs
which aro the delight of the childish
soul. But see that those frogs are really flat—the ball buttons are anything
but comfortable upon sleeping togs.
Party petticoats arc simply fascinating—their very dlmintitlvenesa would
make them that—but the deep flounces
which make up moro than half the petticoat, all but a tiny shaped piece at the
top, in fact, are capable of all sorts of
treatments. Oftenest, they are Just embroidery, strong and serviceable, but of
n bold, effective open design; or perhaps
the blind embroidery-Just a scalloped
/) lace-frirnwed under waist'supports
tie petticoat*
edge and plenty of dots-Is used Instead.
Usually, this flounce Is joined to tbe
skirt Itself by a row of Insertion to
An occasional flounce Is made of shaped blts-mednlllons, perhaps, forcing
the material Into a sort of circular affair. And some of them, made of embroidery with a vory undulating edge,
have an under ruffle of embroidery that
Is just the merest edge of scallop,
Laee Is seldom used upon children's
undereloihes-lt's too perishable, If ynu
except the preity little torchon edges
which wear like the proverbial, rather
A party petticoat.
than the actual, Iron, i'erhaps on the
exceptional piece Valenciennes edging
may make up tbe entire liuunce, one
row uf ll eased intu the next until a
ruffle, built upon the circular urder, la
Underwit.ats made of stout, though
fine, materials may have medallions of
embroldery-the machine embroidery, of
courso-lnaot into It,
The most comfortable drawers are
those without much In the way of trimming, although they are not nearly so
pretty us those with tbe deep rutlles set
like miniature petticoat flounces
A new trick for petticoats Is to have
them swing frum a aort of auspender-
llke arrangement of shoulder strapej
but most mothers prefer to have the
eklrts button onto the underwalit
Bargain Hunters—European and American
Outwitting Boys and Squirrels
BOYS, undaunted by the prospect of
woes to come, have a special affinity fur green pears, quite heed*
lei i uf the restrictions of a patrol*
man or thu eighth commandment But
ihen the guurdlan ul the p ace ia usually an absent quality, an.i hu boy usually must I"-' beyond the cdmiuig -Be \\
realise  thai   "nieuiil  und  tut.in ' could
posalhlv    uppl}     tu    overloaded    iruit
Now   since tii-tluns   will   remove—I t
us gi"sa over that word steal-green
pears ui every g>ten opportunity, nd
mischievous squirrels jave un nnnoylag
penchant for thorn, ulso, it behooves
pruvident woman tu mitwli thorn. She
un-rtiit as w- II do away with her frtin 0
shriek** of remonstrance at boy and
beast, saving thereby her time and temper, and mi herself to fruit-saving in*
Not every houm-keeper knows that
pears ripen quite ns satisfactorily rt
thu   tree   aa  on  if   properly   treated.
Therefore, when the pears have begun
to assume boy-tempting proportions,
pay a half dollar or so to a professional picker and have him remove every
pear un the tree. This musl be carefully done, or brulaes will result i-uite
fatal io liidnor rlpeinr..
Carefully pick over ull llie mound
fruit und put 11 uy in a ' ; u
drawer, closely covered by several
thickness. »   of   nev.fi pa pel.    The   piurs
sh uld be arranged .n single iuwb, nut
touching one another or piled up.
Here, quite unmolested, mik-as ihe
colic-craving lad la wlliiin o es own
domain, the pears will slowly ripen Into
a sift, spicy Juiciness quite us uellcjo'fl
as if allowed to remum un the tree.
The} must e slowly watched, and
those thnt are In a ml - mdliiuu re*
moved it once,
Bruised green peart, unfit to pack
away mnke a very nice alsh foi luncheon oi supper, *ewed in til quite soft
nnl '■■■ .*■...in*J with lUgflt aud lemon or
A Useful Hint
COTTON, lisle and more especially
silk gloves have an unpleasant
and costly habit of letting out
one's linger tips. As most women are b ought up to believe Implicitly that a "..uley" glove is the mark of
anything but a .ell-bred woman, Ihls
is a peculiarly trying date of affairs,
When the boles arrive Ihey must bo
darned as deftly as possible; I .ended
gloves are nut one's Ideal-we all will
discard them ut he lirst break when
our ships come In—but at Iciihi they do
not sport the car* tmure aptly finger-)
marks of a sloven.
But why not guard against holes-at
least I hose In the enu*. of the lingers?
'lh.y can be avoided for i. surprisingly
long i.nie Ly BUiiiiig ii tmy bit of cotton into the tliis. .bis movents Lhe
1 j.-tiui ul lhe nails un the delicate
Btlk giovis are so pi-rlslialile as tu be
realls nn expensive luxury• Muliy women prefer the line cotton o -as both
foi lln u wearing qualities il d because
they more nearlv res mble the g *e
kid. When silk Is worn, however, ihe
first tiny slipped - titih must be looked
for aril m*'iid"d immedlatily, or Hire
ruin may result. If tu. silk Is not too
transparent, the sniffed firmer t r* "■rk
exceedingly well In warding iff the Inevitable moment of darning or dlscird-
PARIS, 1906,
OUR American bargain hunter who
journeys to town oil u steaming
duy In search uf summer bargains lucd have no shame on that
score. The only thing thut shuuld
give her such concern is, that, after long
practice, the isn't a touch to hor shrewd
foreign sister when on bargains bent.
The former buys her bargains with a
recklessness unknown to Uie latter, and
it did nnl lake many hours of a week
lately spo across ibe channel, nor more
than ii tew minutes of contrast lu thu
Bon Mini-lie,  to discover tills,
The bargain coiin.i r oilers a great op-
noitunit) tor character study, The opon-
bunded hide ol an American is round to
be coupled will) a p. euliar greediness
thut demands everything worth while In
sight. A foreigner Is generally careful and, though Investing in a smaller
way, lakes longer, foi she goes over and
over the tempting array belore u final
In London thc in.mlh:' of July uud
August are absolutely given over to bargain Nina, from the most exclusive
shops down lo tbe push-cart vender.
To un American shopper thu deliberation of those uloica] English, which always appears like Indifference, makes
you wonder why they troubled to come
at all (thcugh the salesperson doubtless
knows better); and this Is not nearly so
curious uh tin* nature of the main drawing card: fur cuata mid Winter wraps!
No recent Institution, either, for upon
remarking, in une uf thu besl places In
Regent street, that a certain style of
fur bolero wus like the very latest models, they tuld uh that Canada had expressly prepared a whole stuck uf the
Bume order for these midsummer sales.
Nuw that every one Iuib left town
It is qii't.; llie fashion to "motor' In
for the day. The trip Ih milly worthy
ol a gay luncheon at the "New Ull/,"
whi-n yuu count up u'l ihnt is being
"saved,' Old not the magnetic word
"bargain'' diaw thorn Ihlthor, would ihal
extra iur lack.i be included in next
winter's wardrobe, I wonder, with a
cloth skin to match It, of courso, ami
a hat of contrasting fur later on? That
must remain an open question.
And It Is not only Bond ur Regent
street thai Indulges in the "summer
sal*."  "Summer hurhUitur on the uush*
carts of pitiful Whltcchnpel tell us the
contagion has reached all classes, Here
the "flower girl" Is found In shoals
ou Saturday n.ght pondering with Indecision botwoon a new While waist, of
coarsest texture, that can be worn tomorrow and a shawl of Winter w. Ight
thai will be pawned long before the first
snow comes,
The woman still as she Jokes nnd
Jostles over a "bingam,' lor all her
curious    pot    hat    and    unei.mfurlabl-i
shawl ibat uniform as mysterious for
its ugliness as ior its discomfort, A pathetic figure, thi bleary-eyed London
"flower gui," with her bitter misnomer,
In  all  the civilised   world   there  la  no
creature so abject,
By the French "dame du monde" tho
great artist ol dresi is acldum patronized, mainly becuuse the cun'l afford
lt; bul often It Is merely from the
economical standpoint Madame lu
Monde could give thc rest curds and
spades, and tb m win hands down-she
Is the must wonderful of I ruga lists. Indeed, extravagance is considered the
hallmark uf vulgarity In that churmed
circle of the French capital—as the
few foreigners wliu have beer permitted
a gllmpHe ol Its bea ]tlful simple life can
testify There great culture la taken aa
n matter of eouise, mug With the
regulation number of footmen and 'he
family portraits hy Nutt.er and Van
Loo and l'a Vinci.
An occasional beautiful bit of house*
hold goods In the favorite extravagance:
and, let me tell vou, It Is xhibited and
discussed as a work of art—ai It usually la. Of the tatter, in the eul sens**,
the family collection needs n* recrulta,
the occurrence uf a wcuilng living tha
Blngltf Instance uf audi Inwstment
And this dime of the old iiul.lesse 's
the real bi.rgaln hunter, after all,
tin.ugh sin- is conspicuous b. her absence only a l the summer sale, Fur
uway iti hoi chat, uu she Is eutertn • Ing
her friends with Ingeniously devised, bul
always simple, sorts of pleas ins Thai
Is the keynote of hei wh ■ existence.
that careful planning. Household 'ooda
and clothes in selected with the same
good taste, nothing blxarrc, everything
substantial »n thai the rapli change*
ot fashion make but  iittie difference
Ol   course,   she   i.   celebrated fut   her
Cleverness In remodeling  sod   maju-g-
1 can vouch for tho story of a young
counitss who gut for her maid u posl-
hsrnwitWn^ "",J wnUnun-J to pay
ber "in.." si,,. Mrvea un apprenticeship
'■'',,""' '"'* this youdg beauty Is
noted foi hei gowns, yet she snends iei!
'"""''"*< hundrei Sm&HRJS
'*.,. " hei enure wardrobe,
,, ,:,A,hI,"!! •"** it must be con-
»s "• the constant recurrenoi of that
fayoriU byword, -n but fain l"
i' " "' Romles," becomes just a trills
Irksome, though it be ever so lightly
spoken, They consider the nnst f?S
of us positively lavish, these French
women, lain ufr.. 1. were the? In *0wX
i this season tome the . nerlcan bar-
Mi uhunter in her glorv. they would
brand her us nothing Short uf a crhnl-
At least, the Bon March, and Man-
sin du Louvre don't object ! her for
the8c are her happy hunting grounds.
Hie exclusive dressmaker does nut are
to spun hli golden uarvest by letting
her  know  of  the  existence of such  I
Hung as bargains "ches iui." To the
great stores this luxurious bargain
hunter la very seful, however; thev offer her at prices thut seem like robbery the remnant of their spring reason, beaultiul real laeea by the piece.
Bj k stockings and gloves by the box!
lhe latter ure to go up to twice iheir
price lu October, by tho way, owing to
the scarcity of skins caused by lung
glove fashions. •
Some amusing matches of converas-
tion are overheard In theje days, when
the dibcomfort of the crowd and the
beat teems positively to Increase with
the babel of mixed tunguea-and the
French disregard for ventilation! Yesterday i stoud beside a cuuplo of Now
Yorkers-from their accent; both were
Spick and span enough for u wedding
"Do yuu know, dear," aaid ahe, "I
th.iih it tfould pay ub to come over
every summer. jr ut least every other
cummer. Just to get Blocked in these
I.Uie things.'
I'erhaps her worda were lout In tbe
din, befort reaching the -ar for which
the) wen intended; at least, the answer lo tnem wus hardly an obvious
one; ii was spoken slowly, in a far-off,
solllnqulzing   tone:
"I wonder." pair. he. 'If these bargains ere ready a saving?"        E. D,
—siawiHM.il. AMD ffl
TO Tht
Cop7rlr**.*M  1101. **• the Am*He«D-Joarni)^ikiDln«r    Ortii Britilo Rlfbti R*m>rT(d
H  J/ -"    , - - ,1
V(        -■ ,'•*
*'-   Am
v::, •&WV
3*r ^vS^
-p. rronJe«.u./rm
y «f ter dn 11. 1 intend to npply tothe
Chief Ooiinnlssione-* nf Laud* mid
Works for a special license to Cil tin.I
carry iuv.iy limber from lhe following
descrilied lnnds:
1. Cnmiiiuncinn nt n post plnnted
on tl.e in..-lh lini.l; nf Snow Creek
nliout 8 ...Hi's ...ist of Burton Cily, nml
marked "J. It. Jaiiiieion'i .....lli-enst
corner," thence west 80 chain.*, thence
south SI) chains, thence east 81) elinins,
thence Uorth 80 ehnins to puint of
2. Commencing nt "J. K. Jamie-
sun's north-west corner post," plnuled
on the nortli hank of Snow Creek
nbout 8 miles enst of Burton Ciiy,
thenceeast 80 ehnins. thenee snulli 811
chains.thence west 8(1 chains, tin lire
north 80 ehnins to pninl of commencement
3. Coinmeneing nt "J. It. Jiuuie-
aon's north-wesl pnsl," |ila..te.l on tlie
north bank of Sn..\v Creek alio..I 0
miles east of Billion City, theuce ens!
1(10 chains, tlience sou 'i 40 ehains,
thenee west 1110 chains, thence norlh
411 cll.-riii to imiut uf eiiiuiiienc.-inenl.
Dated Sep.. 181 li. 1101,
Null • i- • -.-liy glvun thai, thirty
days ii'ier .! ■ e we iniend lo apply lu
the C ,i.-i* C,'...missioner of Lauds and
Wnrk i fill* .1 • ..'dial lice...:..' to cu! and
earry iw.,v li.iihorfi'oni lhc rolluwillfl.
desc. I..-.I Inn Is situate in Wesl Knot
enay distrl 1:
Ou.....lancing at a post plnuled ..I
tlie south-west cornerof Lot 7587 and
marked "Laml)-Watson Lumber On,'a
norlh-west eorner," Ihence 811 chains
east. 80 chains soutli, SO chains wesl,
80 chains ninth to place of commencement
Dated at Arrowhead, Ii. 0„ Ihis 2tilh
day of September, UK*!.
Lamb-Watson Ij.-miieu Co., Ltd.
sep 211
Notice is  hereby  given thai with'ti
liter ua.e   I
DOdaya from date we intend-to apply I Son.  Chief
to (he Honorable The Chi-f ('.munis-1 and Work
.inner  of Lands  .....1   Works  fnr a
special license In cut and carry aw..y
timber  fro...   the following ,le-c.il>..!
lands in West Kooicnay Dish iei:
1. Commencing al F. F. Fiilliner's
north-west enrner post of Lot No.
711)1; tlience north 80 chains, easl 80
chains, soutli 80 chains, west Su chains
In point of commencement.
2. Commencing at F. F. Fullmer'!
south-west corner post, of Lot 7401
about 20 chains south of the east end
of Anns! i-i nig Like; thence east 40
clialna, south 40 chains, west 120
r.hnina, norlh OO chains, east 80 chains,
south 20 chains to point of commence
3. Commencing at T. .1. Pearson's
north-east eorner post of Lot 30112 uu
Salmon Creek; thence cast (10 eliains,
suuth 80 chains, west inn chains, north
111 chains, east 40 cliains, north 40
ohalna to point of commencement.
Sept.. llllll, IIM
sep 20    Bowman Liimuw. Co., Ltd
Notice is hereiiy given that 30 duys after date
I intend toapply to thc ('hlef Commissioner ot
Lands and worka for a special licence local
and carry away timber from the following
described lands in tbe Big Bund district of
West Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post planted nn the south
Aide of eystone trail at Half-way Creek und
marked "J. II. White'ssoulh*west corner post,'
aud ruiniiiii: nurth80 chains, tlience eust SO eliains,
thenee smith 8U chains, tlience west SO cliains to
place uf commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted on tlio snutli'
side nf Keystone trail, I mile east of Half-way
Creek and niarked "J. II. White's north-west corner post," and running soutli 160 chains, thence
east 40 chains, tlience north 160 chains, tlience
west 40 cliains to place of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post planted on the south
slileof Keystone trail, 1 mile east of Half-way
Creek ami marked "J. H. White's north-west corner post," and running south K0 chains, tlience
east 4i) chains, tlience north 160 chains, tlience
west 40 chains to place of commencement.
Dated October 1st. 1906.
oct 14
j\ days after date I intend to apply to th?
Chief Commissioner of I .amis and Works for i.
special license to cut and carry away thn bet
from the folio -vim: described lands situated
in ho Big Bend district of West Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Hcdst som's south west corner post," planted
about 2 miles above mouth of Cnnoe River and
2 miles east and one-half mile north of T. L.
•5845 corner po-i." thenceeast lOOchains, north
lOJchaius, west 10' chains, south til chains.
2. Commencing at, a post planted at southwest corner of location No. 1 and marked ' Gus
Hedstrom's north west corner post," thence
east 160 chains, south 40 chains, west 100 chains,
north 40 chains.
3. Commencing at a post planted one-half
mile south of north-west corner po-d, of No. 2
location and mark ■<! "Gus Hed-trom's northwest corner post," thence eaH IW chains, south
40 ohains, west 1001 hains north |u chains.
4. Commencing at a post markod "Gus
Hedstrom's south-went corner post," planted
south 40chrius, east io chains, thence south III
chains from north-west cornur post of No. 3
location, thenceeast ltio ehuins, north 40 chains,
west 160 chains, soah 10 chains.
5. Commencing at a past planted at southwest corner posluf No. 4 locution aud marked
"Gus Hedstrom's north-west cornor post,'
thence east lfin ehuins, south lu chains, west um
chains, north io chains.
Dated .September 4t h, 1906
6. Commencing at a post planted about 5
miles above mouth or Canoe River audi mile
Bouth of T. L. OtiOO and marked "Gus Hedstrom's north-west corner post," theuce south
80 chains, east SO chains, uorth SOohains, west
80 chains.
7. Commencing at. a post planted nt northwest corner post of No. 6 location ami murked
"Gus Hedstrom's north-east corner post,"
thence soutli Nt chains, west 80 chains, nurth
80 chains, east mi chains.
& Commencing at a post planted 2 miles
west of north-east corner post of location No, 7
and marked "Gus Hedstrom's north-west cornor post," theuce south 80 chains, east N) chains,
north 80chains, west 80 chains.
9. Commencing at a post planted at, northwest corner of location No. 8 and marked "Gus
Hedstrom's north-enst corner p* st," thence
west Id-1 chains, south lOchains, east HW chains
north 40 chains.
Dated Sept. Mh, 1900.
Notice Ib hereby glvou that 30 dnys after dato
I Intend to apply to the Chief' onimissioner of
Lands and Works for a speciul licenseitn out
nnd carry away timber from tlio follow]DS described lands in Big Bend district, of West
I. Commencing at a pnst planted almut li mile
from east bank of Columbia river, about lj j miles
below Rocky Point, marked "0. F. I.iiuluiurk's
Month-west corner post," thencu east 160 chains,
north 40 clialns, west 100 chains, south <n cliains
to point of commencement,
8, Commencing at a post planted about| mile
from east Imnk of Columbia river, anil about U,
miles below Rocky Point, mnrked "0. K. Limi-
mark's north-west corner post," Ihenco east mo
liains, sontli 4ii ehnins, west UUI eliains, nnrt|, -,)
eliains to point of commencement,
Dated (let. Oil), 1000.
II. CommenceliiK at a post planted nliout \ mite
from east hank <•( Columbia liver, and aliout \,
mile below Rocky Point, "markod "C. F. Liudmark's niuilli h.-.-I ei.lli.-l" pnsl " lli.'liei. norlli ina
chains, east 40 eliains, soutli 100 eliains, west 111
chafns to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted ahout ] mile
Irom east hank oj Columbia river, ami about',.;
mile Iwluw Rocky Point, marked "C, F. 1,1ml-
mark's south-west comer unst," thence nnrtli inn
chains, east 4U chains, smith 100 elialm*, west 40
chains to point of communi'ement.
Dated Oct, 6th, 1900.
fi. Coinmenring at a post plant-cd about. IW
miles from cast Imnk of Columbia river, ami about
}.' mile below Rocky Point, marked "C. F. Liudmark's south-west eorner post," thenee north 160
chains, east 40 chains: south 100 chains, west 4(i
chains to point of commencement,
fl, Com m one in ir at a post planted almut 2 miles
frmn eont hank ol Columbia rlvnr about J mile
below Rocky Point, marked "0. P. Lindmurk's
south-west oorner iinst," thencu imrtli 100 chains,
east 40 clialns, soutn iiio chains, west 40 chains to
point of coinuiencAineiit.
7, Coinmeneing at a post planted about a',-i
miles from east hank of Columbia river ami almut
% mile below Rocky Point, marked "C. F- bind-
mirk's south* west corner post," tlience nnrth ino
chahiH, east -in chains, south 160 chains, west 40
clialns to point of commencement.
8, Commencing at a pust planted aboutll
miles In.in ensl hunk nf Culumbia river mul
shout J-j mile below Rocky Point, marked "C.
i. LIuduiark'Hsuuth-wesl cornur pust," thenro
north ii',11 chains, enst 40 chains, south lfin
chains, west in elinlns to pnitilol inmiuonc-
9, ('(iiuniciicln** ul n post plnnted nbnut ll'/g
miles (rout east bank of Cnluiuhla river, ami
nbout-} mile holow Itocky Point, marked "0.
Y. blmluiiirk's south-west corner post," thenco
north imi chains, mst 40 chains, south 160
chnlns, west 40 chnlns to pointol commence*
Dated Oct. Iiiii, 1'iHH).
OCt 14
VfOTICK is hereby given thnt thirty dnys
,\ alter date I intend tu apply tu llio Chiul
Commissioner nr Lands nud Works for speoial
llcunsn In cut and carry nway tinibnr from tbo
following dosurlbml lauds slt.iiai.<il in We-t
KoiiU-iiay district, Il.C:
i. flora mono) ng al a post marked "{lun
' und's soulb cast corner post," about six
miles up Kronen Oreek. tlience uorlh KOcbains,
it 60 chains, south su chains, oast 80 chains
to point nl euuimciiccinent.
Commonolng at a post marked "lius
hind's south west comer pnsl," nbnut six
miles un French Creek, thence north unchains.
astfiO ehnins. south ,so elinlns, wosl 80 chains
o pninl nl cam menoement,
3, Commencing at a post marked "Qus
bund's nnrtli west enrner post," about six
miles up Krutieh 'reek thouoe east 40 chaius,
south li;n clialns, west 40 ehains, nnrth 100
chains to point of commencement.
4, I'ommouolllg at a pust marked "(lus
Lund's north-oast eoruer post," about six
utiles Up French Creek, thenee west 40 chains,
soulli 160 chains, east -in chains, north um
chains to 'mini of commencement.
Hated Sept, lfitli, 1906.
5, Coin mencing at a post mnrked "(ius
lanid's north-west comer, post," about four
miles up French ('reek, ihence east 40 chains,
south hit* chains, west 40 chains, uorth 100
chains to pointof -Pumincnceiucut.
0 Commencing at a post marked "(ius
bund's south-east eorner pnst," about one
mile up (loldstrcam Irom month of French
Creek, thenee north 80 chains, west 80 chains,
soulh 80 chains, east80 chains to pointol com-
7. Commenolng at n post marked "Gus
bund's south-west comer post," about ono
mile up Uoldstream (ruin mouth of French
Creek, ihenee nnrth 40chains, east 100 ehalus,
south lu chains, west KiO chains to pointol
com in en cement.
8. Coinmeneing at a post marked '-Gus
Lund's south-east enrner post," plnnted at the
north-east comer of Timber Limit OWJ, thence
north 40 ehuins, cast 160 clialns. south 40
chains, west KiO chains tu point of commencement.
9. Commencing at a post mnrkod "fins
Lund's south-west corner post," planted at the
northwest corner of Timber Limit 7*50, thence
nortli 40 clmins east 100 chains, south -in
chains, west lOOchains to pointol commencement.
10. Commencing at a post marked " us
Lund's south-west cumor post," about one
mile Irom mouth nf rench Creek, thence
north 80 chain*-, east80 chains, smith so chains,
west 80 chaius to point of commencement.
11. Commeneing at a pnst marked "Gus
Lund's north-west eurner po>i," about 10
cnains north frum north-east eurner o( Timber
Limit 7-">.\8, tlience south 8 chuius, east 80
chain*!, north 80 chaius west 80 chains to
pointof commeucemeut.
Dated sept. 19th, 1900.
12 Commencing at a post marked '-Gus
Lund's north-we>t corner post," planted nt the
north-easteornerof Timber LlmH 7673, th nee
souih 80 chains, east 80 chaina, north 80 chains.
wist80 chains to poiut of commencement
13, Commeueiug at a pout marked "Gus
Lund's north-west eorner post." planted ut the
south-west corner of Timber Limit6208, tlience
south 80 clmiiis, east80chaim*, north 80chains,
west 80 chains to poiut of commeucemeut
14. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west corner post," planted at the
south-west curuer uf Timber Limit ti'Ji-l, theuce
south 80 chains, east 80 chains, north SO eli .lus,
west 80 chaius to poini of commencement.
15 CommeiiciiiK at a post inarked "Gus
Lund's north-west corner post " plantod at tlie
south-west curuer of Timber Limit 7510, thence
suuth 80 chains, oast 80 chains, nurth 80chains,
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. 20th, 1906.
16. Commencing at a pnst marked "Gns
Lund's north-west corner post," planted at the
south-west co ner of Timber limit 7517, thence
south 80 chaius, east80 chains, north 80 chains,
west 80 chains to point ol commencement
17. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-west corner post," planted at the
south-wesi corner ol Timber Limit 7551, thence
soulh80chains,oast80chains ntrth80chains,
west 80 cliains tu point ui commencement,
18 Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north-westcoruer post." planted at thc
north-eaBi corner of Timber Limit 7551, thence
south 80 ehains, cast SOohains, nurth 80 chains,
west 80 cliains to point of commencement.
Dated Sept, 21st. 1906.
19. Commeneing at a post marked "Giib
bund's north-west comer post," planted at tbe
south-west cornor of Timber Limit 7673, thence
south 80 clmins.east 80 chains, north80chains,
west 80 ihalns to point u( commencement.
20. Commencing at a post market) "Gus
Lund's north-west earner post," planted at the
south-east corner of Timber Limit 7073, thence
suuth tK.chains.castSOchatns, north 80 chains,
west80chains to pointof commencement,
21. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west curuer post," atthe suuth-
west. Miriicr of No, 13, thencu east 80 ehaiiis,
south 80 chains, west 80chains, north SO chains
to point ol commencement.
Dated Sept. 22nd, 1900.
22. Commencing at a post marked '(ius
Lund's tmrlh'woat corner post," planted at tho
south-west corner nf No, 14, theuce east80
chains, south SO chains, west bo chains, north
80 ehains tn puint ol i-oinmunccmont
23. (ommonclng at a imst marked "Gus
Lund's norlh-wust comer post," planted at tbe
south-west eurner ol Nu, ifi, thenee east SO
chains, sooth SO chains, west 80 chains, north
80 chains tn point ol commencement.
24. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund'snortb-w*st corner i*usl,"attho couih*
west comer nf Nu, Ifi, the ctiHS"chains,
"iiuih 80 chains, westttJehaliis, nortn mi chain•
to point ol commencement.
2fi, Common-fling at a post marked "(ins
Lund's uurth-east enrner posl," at the northwest eorner nl Timber Limit 7073, thoiiij smith
80 chains, west 80 eliains, imrth 80 dial ns, east
so eliuiiis to puint oleoinmeneeineiit.
20. CominpUulug ut a post marked 'Gus
Lund's north-cam eorner post," at tin- nnrth
wcil cornor o( 'I Imlter Limit02tsl, them e south
ho i'liains, wost lo chains, south ho chains, went
40chains, nortb 80chains,east lOchains, north
HO elm iui, easl 40 chains lo pul ul ol commence-
Dated Hept. 23rd, mul.
out 10 GUS LUND
Notico Is hereby given that thirty dnvs alter
dato 1 Intend tn apnly to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works furs special license
to cut nnd curry away timber from lhe follow-
Ing described landsln West Kootenay Distriot:
1, Commencing at a post [planted aliout two
miles south of Cape Horn, nn east sldeol Upper
Arrow Luke and marked "Philip King's northwest corner," tlience 80 chains east, tlience 80
cliuiiiH south, thence 80 chains west thence 80
clialns north to point of commencement,
'I. ConunimciiiK at Philip King's south-west
corner, nue mile from the Like, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
Hiuilli, thunce 80 chains west to point of commencement.
1 hit eil (li'Ubcr Ulli, Itt-H
not 10 '       PHILIP KINO-
Nnlli',. la Inanity uli-.-n llm! Iliiln.., .illi-nliiti-1
liilti.Kl ... iimily In llm Clil.,. Commission", nl
Liuni. nml U,,.k*l,,r |i.,|iui**iM, i- putrhiui till
full,,,iin- ,|,-,,-tii„.,l Inmi In Went K,„,t.'iiiiy, lwo
...Huh Him.., ..I Niikii-],:
i',,111111,'iniiii:ntni„,,i mniki'ilM....J.'a north.
nutt OOMlIf,   tllum-t, Wl i-liiiliiH i'i.... ... i-llillll.
......I., sii ,-iiniin H,-,., 1.. ..lt.ti.iH north t„ plan <>(
coiiiiiii.nctiniL.-tit, <-„iii:tiniiii: 'i.i't.n .,-, nton or Ie*.
l.,i,'ill,,,I.H.'|il. Hill, l»»l
liiit'iiu io up|i y in in-
Com.niisiiiner <>t Luu.1*
r .i »| t- i..l license* l" cat
rry  aivny  timber Irom the tol-
liming desoiiliuil luiiils iltuate on the
.-..*. ei.Ie nf I'i.;,.'.- Arrow lake, Wait
K.intently Pi*..id:
1. Commeueiug at a poat |ilantfd
abiut 1 n.ili- east ..I Arrow Lake on
tl,i-Imnk of a small creek emptying
iuin Arrow Luke about J mile nortli
el llie mouth nf McDonald Creek und
mnrked "J Jli'.CIiiy's nur.h-iri-st corner," thence rut 80 chaini, theuce
loutl. OOchiiini, tlience west 80chains,
theuce north 80 chains to tl.e point of
2. Commencing at a post planled
about 3 miles cast ol Arrow Lake on
the bank ol a aiiiall creek emptying
inly Arrow Lake,about lj miles north
nf ihe mouth ■■! McDonald Creek, and
..nuked ".I. McClay's north-west corner post," Ihence east. 80 clmins,
tlience ninth 811 clmins, thence west
80 chains, thence nnrth 80 clminsto
iln' point ol commencement,
8. Comnienoiug al, a pnst planted
abuut !l miles ens. ol Arrow Lnke on
tin- hank of a small ereek emptying
inii. Arrow Lake,nbout lj miles norlli
..I tin: in.mill uf McDonald Creek and
marked "J. McClay's so.ith-wcr-t corner post," thenee e.iBt 80 chains,
thence north 80ol.ai.il, thenoe west 80
chains, thenee suuth 80 chains to the
puint uf commoncement,
4. Commenolng at a post planted
ahnnt 2 miles east of Arrow Luko on
the hank nf u small creek emptying
inlo Arrow Lake,. bom lj miles nurth
uf ll........uth i.i McDonald Creek and
mnrkeil "J, McClay's south-west ocr
ner post," tlience east 80 chains,
thence norlh 80 ehains, thence west 80
chains, thenca south 80 chains to the
point of commencement,
5. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted
on tho east bnnk of the north fork of
McDonald Creek, about lj miles above
the mouth ol said north fork and
marked "J. McClay's north west nor-
ner post," thence east, 160 chains,
thence south 40 chains, tlience west
Kill chains, thonce north 40 chains to
thu puint ol commencement.
II. Commencing ut a post planted
on the weat side ol the north fork ol
.McDonald Creek,aboul 2J miles alioie
lhe mouth ot suid nortn fork and
marked "J. McClay's north-west corner post," Ihence east 80 chains,'
ihenco south 80 chainB, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains lo
the point uf cumniencement,
7. 0. niiucncing at a pust planted
one mile east from a point on the
ii"rth lurk ol McDonald Creek, about
1' ...il.s above tl.e mouth of said
north lork and marked "J. McClay's
north-west corner post," thence east
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
80 chains to the puint of commence
8. Commencing at a post planted
one mile east from a point on the
north fork of McDonald Creek situate
about 2J miles above the mouth ol
said north fork and marked "J. McClay's south-west corner post," thence
c.s. 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence weet 80 chains, thence soutli
80 chains to the point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
on tl.e east side ol tbe north fork ol
McDonald Creek, about ,'ij miles above
mouth of said north fork and marked
"J.McClay's north-west corner/'thence
east 80 chains, thence south 80 ehuins,
tin nee west 80 chnius, thence north
80 chains lo thc point ol commencement.
10. Commencing at a post planted
on the west side of the north fork of
McDonald Creek about 2J miles above
ihe ...outh of said north fork and
mnrked "J. .McClay's south-east corner," theuce north 80 chains, thence
west SO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thenee east 80 chains to the point oi
11. Commencing at a post planted
nn lhe east side ol the nurth fork of
McDonald Creek, ubout 3J miles above
the mouth of snid north fork nnd
marked "J. McClay's south-west corner posl," thence norlh 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south
80 ehains, thence west 80 cliains to
the point ol commencement.
Limited September 25th, 1906.
Dated this 8th dny of October, 1906.
oct 14 J. McCLAY.
NOTICK Is HBBKBV QIVKN Ilinl *!M'.,'.,,.
»l:.-r ilnn-1 Intend .„ apply to tlw lion. Cliii-I
I'M.iiiuiiisi'-iii-r ol Landi and Wnrka f„r pi-rmliwlon
to |iiin-ii.-isi- tin, lollowlna ,i<-*,-i'ii„'<i lnnds iltuntn
in tii,. \Y.,.i Kootenai district.
Comniuncini. atapoit plantod nl .li,'ii„.<l.-,'i>.*i
cornor ol l.„t-.-..; nml aimU,l •-.!. I'n,inii» He
wi-sl cornur."tln-ni'ooa-l In I'tialnn,tlioui'oKtuitli
HU cltnliu llienco wost «' i-linlns, tlience norlli SU
clmins n, place of commencement nnd i-outnlnlng
ii-iu ncres ...ore or less.
imn-il i his li-tli day »! s,-|,|,,-ini,,-i. in u.
.1. I
sep 16
Win. T„
, Agent.
NutieeU hereby given tlmi (Uiduvs iiiti-r dale
I intend to mulie ftlipHCftlfnn in IhoOliiGlCom*
missioner ol Lands dt Works for iiermisslon tn
I'UrrbnM- the lollowlng described lund situnie
In the West Kootenay dislricl:
Commonolng at a post planted at llie north
west corner T. (J, 7683, nud mnrked "Clara Mc*
Quarrle's south-west enrner," thoneo north no
ehains, thence cant A0 elinlns, tlienco smith 80
chains, Ihence west HO elinlns In place of commencement uml Ci ul uiiiili:* Ml ii'ii-H more in lens.
;i relocation uf Sangstor's preemption.
Dated tliislOtli day of Beptembor, looo.
HCp IB  M H .McQuarrie, Agent.
NOTICK is HKKKBY 0IVK11 Llrnt sixty days
after dato I Intond to applj to the nun, t liiul
Commissioner of Unds ami Works fur iiumiinsloii
lo purchase the followhifl ihwiilml lands lu the
U'estK cntiv district, (HI wcslshto of Uii-Col-
lllitliia river, nliout lliree mil.-  limn Arrowlieinl-
Commenclng at a post planted at William flrog.
nun's noiih-west corner, thencu wost-JO elinins to
T. . mils' mirth east comer, tlienci- .suulh -in
cbaiiiH to Wynu's north-west corner, tlience oasl
40 chains to Day's south-west corner, Uience
nnrtli hi chnius lo point ol commencement,uml
contaliilns 100 acres more of less.
Iiocirteil Sept. 41 h, limn.
.1. C. 1IA1U-OW,
st'p-8 HyluM Agent,S.J, Harlow.
Notice Is horoby given lhat 80 days aflor date
I intend to npply lo tbo Chief Com missioner of
Landh and Works for permission lo cut und
carry nwny timber from the following described landsBitnalo in We*-,. Koolonay district.:
1. Commencing nt. a post plunted on lhc
nurth buuk of Downie Creek, about, three
iniles abovo Canyon Crook and marked
"O. B. Nngle's north-easl- cornor post," tlience
west ISO chains llienee south 80 chains, theuce
east 80 chains, thenco norlh 80chains In the
point, of commencement.
I ntcd tliis -21st dny of Sept., I-Mi,
2. Commencing nt a post, planted on the
south-west bunk of Downie Creek, about 200
ynrds below the mouth of Pass Creek und
marked "U. 11, Nngle's south-east corner post,"
thence north Ml elinins, Ihence west80Ohains,
thence t-outh 80 chains, thence uast SO ehuins
in t be point of commencement
li, Commencing nt n posL plnnted on the
southwest bank of Downie Creek, about
160 yards above the mouth of Puss Creek
and murked "G. B, Nngle's imrth .enst, corner
pusl," ihence west 80 chuius, Ihence south bo
chains, thenoe easl 80 ehuins, ihuico nortli 80
chains to Uie pointof commencement.
4. Commencing nt a pust plnuled on tho
smith wesi hank uf Downie ('reek about one
and a half miles above the mouth of Pass Creek
and marked "G. B. Nngle's nurth-cm-t corner
post," llienco west Ml chains tbenee ^.tnlito
chaius, thence east SO chains, thencu north 80
chains to the point of com meneement.
5. Commencing at a post planted on the
south-west bank of Downie Creek, about ono
and a half miles above the mouth of Pass
Creek and marked "G. B. Nngle's northwest
corner post," thenco south 80 chains, Ihenee
enst 80 chains, thenco nnrlh 80 chains, Ihence
west 80 chains to the point of commoncomont.
Dated this 22th day of Sept., liHXJ.
sep 29
b here
intend to apply
Notice is hereby given that GO days after date I
'' i apply to tlie Honourable the Cliief Commissioner of Laiuls aud Works for permission to
pun-base the following described lauds iu the district of WeslKooteiinj,Kevelstoke division;—
Cummencing at n post planted on the west hank
of the Columbia Itiver opposite 12-Mile Haplds
and marked "U. B. McCaner's south-east corner
pust," thence west 20 cliains, thence nurth iii
chaius, tlience east 20 cliains mure or less to the
west bank of tlie Columbia Itiver, thouce sontli
following the west Imnk of: lie Columbia Itiver 20
chains more or less to the pointof commencement.
Dnted August 15th, 1000.
net IS (I. 8. JlcCAKTKH.
Notice is hereby given thnt 30 days
alter date 1 intend to apply In the
Hun. Cbiel Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a special licence to cut
and curry away timber from the lollowlng described landi situated in
West Kootenay district:
I. Commencing at a pust marked
"(ins Lund's south-west corner poit,"
almut J mile up north fork uf Hold-
stream, Ihenco nurth 40 ehnins, east
UIO chains, south 40 chains, west 160
chains to point ol commencement.
II. Commencing nt a post inarked
"tins Lund'i south-west corner post,"
nliuii! J mile below ll.e mi.u.h ul the
north (nrk of Golditreani, Ihenco
north 40 chains, cast 160 chains,
south 40 chains, west lib) ehnins to
poiut of commencinent.
11. Cummencing at a post marked
"Gus Lund's south-west enrner pnst,"
planted about 1) miles below the north
lork ol Goldstream, thence nurih 80
ehuins, east H0chains, suuth 80chains,
west 80 chsini to point of commencement.
13. Commencing at a post marked
"Gub Lund's north-weit corner poet,"
planted nliout il miles below the north
fork of (liilditres'i., thence south 80
chains, east 80 chains, north 80
chains, west 80 chains to the point ol
ei in. iiei.ee. nenl.
24. Commencing at a post marked
"tin. Lund's south-east comer post,"
planted abuut 2J miles up Camp
creek, tlience west 160 chains, north
40 chains, oast 160 chains, smith 40
chains to the point oi commencement.
Dated June 12th, 1906.
.ot 17
Gub Lund.
Notice is hereby given Ihut 80 duvs
after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissi oner of Lands und
Wot ks for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described hinds in Wesl Kootenay
Commencing ab a post planted on
thc norlh-west corner of Lot 8409,
tlience 8U ehnins enst, thenee 80 clmins
north, thenee HO chains wesl, Ihence
80 ehnins south to place of commencement.
Dnted September anth, 1005.
sept 2tt     ROBB11T ARMSTRONG,
will lie made to lhe Legislative Assembly
of lhc Province of liiiits.li Columbia at lhe
next session-for an Act, incorporating n
Company u> build] equip, maintain and
operate a Ihifi or lines of railway ol standard or oilier gunge- with any kind ol
mol ive power lioin n point on Upper Arrow
Lake*, Wesl Kooienny, near Arrowhead-
Ihence following lhe Columbia Kiver
northerly on either side to a point at or
near the confluence of Cnnoe Kiver with
iln.- Columbia Kiver and thence following
along Canoo River on cither side, to a
point al or near Tote Jaune Cache, on
Fraser Kiver, with power to construct,
operate and inaiiiiain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway; and wilh power lo con-
struct) operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and lorries; and to
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection therewith] nnd to con struct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels and boats and operate llie same on
any navigable waters, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and lelc-
phonc lines along the routes of llie snid
railway ami iis branches, or in connection
therewith, and to iiansinil messages for
commercial purposes; to generate electricity und supply light, heat and power.
and creel, construe!, build and maintain
lhe necessary buildings ami works, and lo
general*.* any kind ol power for lllC purposes aforesaid,or in conncclion therewith,
lor reward) and to acquire and receive
Irom any Government, corporation or persons, grants of land, money, bonuses,
privileges or oilier assistance in aid ol the
construction of tha Company's undertaking-, and to connect wilh and enter into
haliie or other arrangements with railwayi
steamboat or other companies, and to
exorcise sueh powers as an* granted by
pails 4 and 5 of lho "Water Clauses
Consolidation Act"; and for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to the premises, and for oilier
Daled at Kevelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
oi August, 1906.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Notice is hereby given that (II) days
after date I intend tn apply in the
Chief Commissioner of Lands ...id
Works for permission to purchase the
following described lands situated in
West Kootenay districl:
Commencing at a post planted on
the north side of Downie Creek, al.oui
oue-foui'Ih of a mil., suuth of the
Downie creek trail, near the 2J mile
post and marked "Ernest McBean's
south-west cornel-," thonce north 10
chains, thenee east 60 chains, thence
south II) chains, Ihenee ivesl (HI ehnins
to pointof eoin.ncncen.enl; containing "I'l acres nmre or less,
Datod this Uth day of Sept,, iiniii.
sep 21) ERNEST iMellHAN.
Certificate ol Improvements.
Hil vin Hell und Lniirel M moral Claims, situntn
iiith.'Illoeillnwuot. M in iim Division nf Knot-
oiiii-. District,
Whero located I Tbroo-qunrtoi** nf a mllo onst
of Iliocltlewnol
Tnkt' 1,1.1 ico Uml I, J. A. Kirk, uclitn; ;i * ui-nui
fur .lm,i Nmvoll, I'Vc Minor'.*. Cortiili'iit'i No,
fl. KHY'I; 0. Holmrl D.ibl, Krun Miimr'.Cortill
onto Nn. II. Wt'tHi; und tbinrso W. Joll'n, Kron
Minn   .  Curtlllcntn   No. B,  H.*.VXi, inl I,   ixly
duys inmi the date borenf, tn iiiinly to llie Miu-
inc lb cirdiT for ii (Vri ilinilo nl Improvmunnt.s
fnr lho iiiirpu-ool iihtuiuiiiKU Crown (Iraninf
the nlmmi claim.
And further tukn nntlcn that notion, under
section It! niii.-l bo commenced buforu the
Ihhuuiici) of such Certificate nf Improvomnntu.
Dated this Wth dny of September, A.D., 1000
ootSD J* A. KIKK.
Notice In hnroty given that !*I days nfter dato
I hil en I to apply tn thu Chief CommMnnur of
Landf* 'ind Works fur u Hpudal llcumm tu cut
nnd curry nway tlmbur from the rollowlugfto
wrihcil hind* In IIIk Bond dislricl of West
1. Commencing at a no^t planted 2} iiiihm
mirlli-nasi.nf Columbia lliver nud ahoul.!! miles
ensl. of Dowuln Creek and marked "J. Dui-kou'k
north-west corner pust,," thence eust SO ehniiiH,
-.mil b 80 elinins, went, HOclminn, north HI)oIiuIuh,
2. CnminnncliiK at a post planted ut the
norl h west corner of locution No, 1 and markud
"John 1-arson i MUth*W0B]) corner pnHl," thenco
east K0 chains, north SOidinin-;, wi--t so chnlns,
-uui h So clmins.
II. Commencing at a post, pinntud at huh h-
west corner of luciitinn Nu. 2 and marked
"John l.uiv.on'n mu th onst corner post," thouce
west, 80 clmins, .'-oitili SOuhnliiH, cant 80 chains,
north 80 chains.
I. ('ommenclng at a posl, planted nt north-
onst corner uf luoatloii Nu, II and marked "John
Ij-nrson'K south-east corner post," tlience wost 80
cbnins, north 80 chains, nasi 80 ehuins, south 80
Dated September 7th, 1906.
sep 111
Notice is hereby given that !■*) days
afler date 1 intend lo apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd
Works, for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands, situated In West
Koiilenay District:
1. Commencing at a pus! planted
aboul j' of it mile east of S mile tree on
Hig Hemi Trail, and mnrked "Geo.
Lafurme'i south-west corner,'' thenee
east 100 chains, llienee nnrth 10 cbnins,
thence west KK) chains, Ihenee soulh
40 chains to tbe pnint of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted
about if of a mile east of the 8 mile post
on Hig Hend Trail and marked "Geo.
Laforme's north-west corner," tbenee
cast 1(10 chains, thencosouth -10 chains,
tbenee west 100 chains, tlience north
10 chaius to the point of commencement.
Dated this Will day of Sept. 1000.
li Commenolng at a post planted
j of a mile east of 9 mile tree on Big
llend Trail and marked "Geo. La-
forme's south-west corner," thence
east 100 chains, thence north 41) chains,
thenoe west 180 chains, tlience south
40 eliains to tlie point of co.uinei.ee
4. Conimenclng at a post planted ij
of it mile east of i) mile tree on Big
Heud Trail and inarked "Geo. La-
forn.e's north-west corner," thence
east 100 chains, thence south lOchains,
thence west 1(10chains, thence north
40 ehains to the point of commencement.
5. Cummencing at a pust planled
nbout J utile east of the 10 mile tree
on ll.e Big Bend Trail, aud marked
"Geo. Lafnru.e's south-west comer."
thence east KK) clmins, thence north
40 chains, thence west IOO chains,
thence south 40 cliains to the point of
(I. Commeneing at a post planted
..bout j a mill* east of tl.e 10 mile tree
on the Big Bend Trail and marked
"G.-n, Laforme's north-west corner,"
Ibencc east Hill chains, Ihence soutli
10 chains, tlience west 100 chains,
tlience norlh 41) chains to tlie point of
Daled this 20th day of Sept., 1IKJ0,
sep 2(1 GKO. LAFORME.
OTICK Is heroby given that, 60 days alt*r
duto, I intend to apply I-1 tlio Cliief Cum
sinner of Lands nnd Works for pertnl/noa
purcnftio tho following doscrlbed lands
mtod in West Knot tinny district:
inimencliiji at a post planted "OB the Lske
u about so cliains front tlie nortli-west corner
nt 8111 snd marked "Jus McUuarrie's south-
corner pout," ihence northwchaltis,tothe
li-wcst comer of Lot Wil, thence uest 2u
Ins, thonco south to Lake shore, tbenee along
lake shore to place of commencement, snn
-Billing JO acres mure or less.
tted tills loth day of September, l-owj.
nop 16 J. K. Taylor, Agent.
Noi ice in hereby given that :to days alter date
I intenil tu apply to the Chief Commissioner
ol l.uiid.s and Works for u special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands In the district of West Kootenay, Itevelstoko Division:
Commencing at a post planted on the cast
sideof tbe Columbia river,and about 2 miles
from river mi the nnrth Bide of a small creek,
nnd nbout 8 mllea above Carnes Crock, thenee
nnrlh SO chnillH, thence easi mi chains, theuce
souih so chains, thenco west so chalna io point
oi commencement.
Dated 22nd dnyofSontombor, 1006.
oci:t a. I". JOHNSON.
Nutlco is hereby ilvmi thai Milan nft.-r Jain I
Inltiail toapply to tin- Honourablo iln- Chief Com-
ll.ltttloi.or o( I.....,1m ii.it! IV..,!*-. f«r |ii-rltii*.,i<,ii ti,
I -luu,' UlO following   I,-Mil,,.! 1,111,1* ii, Hi,., li.
li-ii-l .,.IV,,»1 l.„„l,,|i..y, l..,i,,|.t„k„ ,|iti-i.,ii:
i uiiiiui-iii-iiiu:.. u)«,-. planleil on ilu- mat lank
nl Uu. Columbia lllvoi ubout lull a mile lielon
l'i-i.-si l.u|,l,l. uml marked •-.!. a. McOattor'i
iimiIi HMt comet put,' Hini lb « iliuiu*.
thenco eait 10 cltalns -!„** .„.!„>»,>*. bank
nt tho Columbia ltlrar: thonco In a nortlt-wcilerli
illrocllon uml tollotvlnj tlio .„-.*. bank ol Uu- Cot
iiiuiiiu Itiver to ilie |„,hit ot commencement.
natcl this 1Kb day of Auiuit, 1)00
oci 18 .!. 8. McCARTKB.
Nutlco is horoby f*lvou thatUOdasrd nfter date
we iutond to apply tn the Bon. Chief Commls*
sinner uf Lnnds and Wnrk*. for permission to
purchnso the followiug dosorlbod lands Id tho
district nf West Kuotonuy:
Commencing at n post plantod 20 ohalni wost
from the north-east corner of Lot 4,9*19, and
miirlii'd "liin llcmf Lumber CompanTS south*
west cornor pust/' thouco imrth On chains*
thoiiCO OOSt ill clmins; llienco smith 85 cliains,
morn ur less, to the lnke shore! tbenee west
along shore to south-east cornerof Lot 4,949:
thonco north 7 clmins to north-east curuer nf
Lot 4,949: thonco west 20 ohains to point nf
Dnted October 2nd, 1906.
net ii
Bin Bend Luubbb Co,, Ltd.
ercby given that HO day.
intend to apply to tin
issioncr  of   Lands nni
Notice is hereby given that 80 dayi
afler date   I   '
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for., special lieensetocut and
carry away timber from thc following
described lands sitnnted on lhe west
side of the north-easl arm of Arrow
Lake, West Kootenay:
Commencing al a posl planled about
•10 ohains west from shore an ll.e
south side of survey line of the JI. 0.
Young Canuck, thence west 150 chains,
soulli 41) chains, east 100 chains, north
•ID chains to place of commencement.
Dated 101b Sept. WOO.
sep 22     WILLIAM PAETON,
Notice is hereby given that 111) days
after date 1 intend lu apply tothe Hon,
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
caley away timher from ll.e following
described lands in West Kootenay
disl riel:
Commenolng at a post marked "J.
Porter's north-east eurner post," at
the south-east coiner of Thomas Pearson's preemption, thence suuth 80
chains, tlienco west 80 chains, thence
nnrth 80 chains, tlience east 811 chains
tn point of commencement.
Located Sept. 17th, 11X10.
sep 20 3, PORTER,
Notice is hereby given that no days after date I
intend to apply to the Don, Chief Commissioner
of LiiikIh and Works lo purchase the following
descrilied lands situated in the district of West
Commencingat a post placed at the north-west
orner of Lot 1.4493, niarked '-J. B. Mackensltfi
outh-etut corner," tlienci! west 40 chains, thence
north in chains, thence east |0 chains to shore of
Lake, thence following Bhoreof lake to starting
point. Containing hit) acres.
Dated the lUh day of Sept. lOtXJ.
Bop 19 By J. A. Magee, bis agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbat 80 days after dato
I Intend to npply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a npci'lal license to eut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands situate In the Yale district:
1, Commeneing at a nnst marked "8. Hill's
north-east corner post," plauted nbout one
mile oast of the RhuBwap river, about Amilcs
nortli ol Cherry Creek, tlience south W) chains,
thence west Wi clialns, thence north 8ti chains,
tlience east 80 clialns to point of commencement.
Dated Sept. hub, nmo.
8. Commenolng at a post marked "8, Mill'-
south-east comer post," planled on the west
Imnk oi the Shuswiui river, about 4 miles soulh
nl Sugur Lake, tliuneu west 80 chai'ts, theiice
unrlh Sll clmins iheneeeast dii cliains, theuce
suulh HO chains tn polul nf comuieticeiucnt.
:t, Commonolng nt a post marked "8. Hill's
south-east cornor post," planted on the wenl
I." nl; ol the HhiiNwnp river, about fi miles smith
ul Sugar Lake, lliem-e west Hi chains, iicutli BO
chaiim, cast Hil clialns, thence south ko chains
to pninl ol comiiiciieeinciil.
I, Commencing at a post marked "8. Hill's
nortlicnst corner pnsl," plnnted un the wesi
Imnk of ihe siiu-wiip Itiver alsiut 5mllns Minlh
ul Sugar Lake, llu-iici, west Ko ehains, thence
soutli Kit chniii*:, llii'iii'i' ensl so clmins, Mini.,
uortli Kn chains to point ul commencement.
5, Commencing nl a post marked "d, Hill's
uortli east corner post,'1 iilanled un the wcil
bank uf Ilic Shuswap Kivor, almutti iuIIi-i-
south of sugar Lake, llionce west in chains,
theuce soulh bin clialns, llienee east in ehaiiis
lllOIICO uortli Ii'iO clialns lu puiui nf eomuieuce-
Daled    "'I'l. I'Ml, T'Hi...
net ll
In tl.e matter ol James Hitch, deceased, and in the matter of the
"Official Administrators' Aot."
Notico is hereby given that by order
ol His Honor J, A. Forin, County
Judge, dated tbo 101.1. day nl October,
11)011, Oeorgo Smith McCarter, Official
Adininistnitcr tor that part oi Kootenay County ('i.mpriBeii within tlie
ltevolitnk.' Eleiitor.il District, has
been granted letters ol administration,
to ..dministcr all and singular tho
estato ot James Hitch, decoased, intestate.
And further lake notice that all
claims upun thc said estate must be
sent intu the said Administrator at
his office, Impeiial Hank Hlock, Kevelstoke, II, 0., within 80 days Irom the
date hereof, after which time all proceeds will be distributed among the
parties lawfully thereunto entitled,
Dated thc 10th day ul Ootuber, 1*000.
Gkohuk Smith MoCakti'h,
oct 14-2t      Official Administrator.
Notice is hereby given IhatOOdayi ufteniate
1 iiili-ail .,. ii|,|,!v l„ tin- Iiiiiii,rn'ilu tbo Chill
Coinmliiloner ol Landi and Worki forperml,-
si,,n in purchase Un* folluwiii),' de.ortbed lands
In Woit Kdbtonay District:
Btyiluning ata poit marked "Margaret llmn-
innnil's loutli-weet eorner," mul {.Inii.*.-,. on
lho 1-nnt Ihore ul l!|,pcr Arrow Uke. (.omit iniu
mil., sooth ,,i .'ii.,,'ii-tii; Ihence north so
chaiits, (lii'lice west 'll-jcliBitl*, niuri' nr less, lo
the slioro ol Arrow Lake, tbenee lollowlng .lie
lnke shore In a general siiiillicrl.vai.il easterly
dtroollon so chnlns, more or less, to point uf
oom.ncn.Tiiient; containing ;l**u acre,, more or
li.u,',l U.Ih 1st day ol October, iixv,.
Hy !'. I., Hammond, Alien.
Hon ('Li,-! Commis.ioner of Lands
..ml Worki i i a ipeoial licence to out
mil carry away limber from the fol-
lowii g described landi 6itu..tiil in
West Kootenay ui.-t.ict, B. i .
1. Commencing at a pest inarked
"J, IU. Kellie's north-east enrner post,"
planted abaut 60chaini north of Boyd
creek, and about 2J miles from Fish
creek, running south 80 eh. ins, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80chains,
ihence east 80 chaina to the point of
2. Commencing at a p st marked
'J. M. Kellie's north-west corner post,"
planted about 60 chains north of Boyd
creek and about 2J miles from Fish
creek, running soutli"80 cbnins, thence
east 80 chains, thence north 60 chainB,
tlience west 80 chains to puint oi
Dated 12th October, 1906,
J. M. Kkllie, Locator,
By bis agent George Edge.
8. Commencing at a post marked
•J. M,Kellie's north-east comer post,"
planted alwut fill chains north ol Boyd
creek and ..lmut 4J miles Iron. Fish
creek, running west 80 chains, thence
south 80 ehains, thence cast SOchains,
thence north 80 ehains to the point ol
4. Commencing at n pnst marked
"J, M. Kellio's north-west corner post,"
planted about CO chains nurth of Boyd
creek and about (ty miles (rom Fish
creek, running ensl 80 chains, thence
soutli 80 chains, thence west 80 cliains,
thence nortli 80 chains to point of
6, Commencing at a post niarked
"J. M. Kellie's north-west corner post,"
planted alf.ut 25 chains north of Boyd
creek aud about 5J miles Irom Fish
creek, running east 100 chains, thence
boi.11. 40 chains, thence west 160
chains, thence north 40 chainB to
puint of comnienceinent.
Dated 12th October, 1906.
J. M. Kf.li.ie. Locator,
oct 17    By bis agent J. B. McKenzie.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter date I intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lauds situated in
West Kootenay district, B. C.
Commencing at a post niarked "A.
Payne's south-west corner post,"
planted un tl.e north-east corner ot
Berth 7112, on tbe Big Bend trail,
thence north 40 chains, east 160
chains, south 40 chains, west 160
chains to point of commencement.
Dated October 10th, 1906.
oct 14 A. PAYNE.
Notice is hereby given that within
30 days Irom date we intend to apply
to the Hon. the Cbiel CommisBioner
of Lands A Works fur a special license
to cut and carry away limber Irom
the following described lands, situated
in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-east corner of Lot 5694,
about 10 chains north of the Trout
Lake wagon road, marked "Bowman
Lumber Company's south-east comer
post," tlience north 80 chaini, west
160 chains, south 20 chainB, east 80
chains, south 20ohains, east 50 chains,
south 40 chains, east 30 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated this 10th day of October, 1906.
oct 13      Bowman Lcmiier Co.
Noi Ice is hereby given thai og day- from date I
Intenil to upply Eo tho ilnn. tbe Chief Commit*
sii-n.'rof Uniuantj Work-, fflrnermlstlontoirar*
chas.-the following described landa. In the West
bjootetiay district, west show ol upper Anow
bake -
"Coinmeni-ing atapoit markfld"J.U lllrsrb's
houLIi »«-«t cornor," atths south last corner of
|,nt4,'iTU: ami about i| miles  th of Fosthall
creek; llienei rth hi chains, thenco east 10
ehalus, thence souih B0 ehalus, tbenee wsrrt 10
i-lui im l« point ••! ciiiiureii.-emeut. oostalnlnri 810
acres moro or loss.
|i..i  liin .'i-i 'i.i- -i M.>, r.n.
J. I, lllltSCH,
od IS Per llalpli Mye, Aii'-m.
Ihu. I
sou's II
I i-: i-i hen-by in 100 dap after
iu- I Intend louppl-, to thl llunonrahlc
ii* ('ummi--iuiier ul land-and Work**
mission  in I'lin-lm/.-  ihe fnHni-tlni* de*
 1- in the W'uj  KiMitcn.iy di-tnet,
Hay. caul »ble uf riiper Arrow Uko:
i. m.lti|* at a post pl'inlcd m p M.therV
n t eurner and mai k<*d "Ibine A. I*aw-
Mb-iai-l enrner pott," Ihence nUtiXO
i hence wool v> ohains, thonce north W
ihenco east 'in chains, thonoo north'20
  , thence oati '.'" chains in place of com
imiK-i ii eul, am) coutainini* I3i acres mure or
Dated (lulcnu liny, Ihls lOth du)* of Sept, IlKffi
Xnii'-c is hereby glvon that the Can*
nihili Pacific Uitilw.iy Company baa
this day filed In thfl District bind
Registry Office al Kutiilbqps, B-0M n
plan, profile and book of roforonce
show nig the proposed location of a
hmi'tli line i<> tlie Mundy Lumber
Ooiupany'asawmill noarThree Valley
Lako- Province of British Columbia,
niul tlmt. four weoka after this date
the said Canadian Pacific Railway
Company Intends to apply to the
Board of Railway Gommfaloners for
Canada under Section 175 of the Railway Act, for authority to construct
tho Bald Branch.
Dated this 22nd day of September,
sep20 Oer     Superintendent.
Y OTICE is hereby given that 30 days
}\ afterdate I intend to apply to the Houor-
able the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Wnrk- fur a special licenso to cut aud carnr
awny timber from tho following described
lauds in Ea>t Kuuteiiay District:
1. Commencing nt u pust marked "Otto
Lachmund's north-east eorner post," planted
the right bank of Windy Itiver nt head of
Kinbasket Lake, and '2)i miles from lake,
thenco south 100chains, west Id chaius, north
ltio chains, cast 40 ehuins to place of com-
2. Commencing al a post marked "Otto
Lachmund's nurtli-wc-4 corner port," planted
on tho rit-lit bank of Windy River, at hoad of
Kinbasket Lake, nud 'J'j miles from Lnko,
theuce south l''" chains, eunl 40 cliains. north
160 ehnins, west 40 chains to place of com-
Dated Bept. 15th, WOO.
3. Commencing at u |x>st marked "Otto
Liu limuud's xmth-wost wiruor post," plnntod
nn tho riuht Imnkuf Windy River, 1% miles
frnm Kiubaskot Luko. thouce north 80 chuius,
east 80 eh.im.-*. south 80 chaius, wost 80 clmini
to pluconf enmmoncoment.
k. CommoncingJ nt a pust marked "Otto
Luclnmmd's unrtli-wost cornor iiost," planted
on riitiit side or Windy River, tW miloa from
Kinbasket Lako and half a milo wost from
river, thenco smith 80 chains, east 80 chains,
imrth ad chain--, wost H) chains to plnceof commencement.
.'). Commencing at a pust nmrkcil "Otto
Loobmonds iouui*east oorner post, plnnted
nu the right lank of Windy Rivor. 2 milos from
hend nf Kinbasket Lake tbonco north 80
clmiii*-,west80cliains,ionth *" ohuius,oast80
<)i.iiu- to place uf commoncemont.
Dated Bept, KHh.lW,
i'i, Commoucing at a poll marked "Otto
Lie hnumd's-imtli-west cornor post," planted
un north b,nik of Kiulmskel Lako and 1 milo
frum fitut of lnko, theucfl nurth 80 chains, oast
vi chains. Mitith Sii chains, W«l 80 chains to
plnce nf cummoiicemont.
Dulod Bfpt. 12th, HUM.
Certificate of Improvements.
AiU-'iiltircr, Iron Ihiko, Watchman, Outh>"k nnl
Baiuudne mineral claims, situate in the Arrnw
i.tk** Miniii'.' Dlrlilonof West Kootenay Dis*
Where loeatsdi—On tbe north side of pingr-ton
Creek, uIhiuI .'- milcn went of Arrow l.-iki*
I..I,- nnll.i'that 1, .Inini Oniiiiiiifii.l Ati'l'-r-eui,
P.L.S., of Trail, D. C.,U8Dt for Tliomat Abriel,
F.M.C. Nn. BMM4; Ulclianl .Smith, F.M.O. No,
B9BM5, and BlUabeth Scott, F.M.O, Nu, \mw,
Intend, sixty days from tht date hereof, tn apply
tutli.iMinin*{ltecorib'rl'ir(.'i'rtltIcateHo( lmprtite-
Dents, for the pur-""** nt i.iii.iiuii^ Cruwn Oranti
of tbo above claims.
And further take notico that action, under section 3;, musl ln> commenced boforo the Issuance of
inch Certlflcsta of Improvement--.
Il.li-.I Ihi- Mini i\ -f .lillle, K»mi.
Notice Is hereby fflrOQ that 00 dayn from date I
intond to npply tu the Hoiiornble tho Chief Com*
missioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lauds in the
W«t Kootenay District:
Commencing at a pout marked "L F. Me-
Doiiftald's south-west corner," planted on thc
east side nl Cpper Arrow Lake, G miles nurth ot
Nakusp, H.C , thence north 20 chains, thence
east 40 chains, thenee north 20 ohains, thence
cast 4n chains, thence south GO chains, moro or
lot*, to Arrow Lake, thenco westward 80 chains
more nr W**, along the Arrow Lake to point of
commeiiccKietit, contaiiiin*- 'Juo acres more or
Dated this loth day ol Ootober, 1906.
oct 14
\ FOUND—Our shipment of Skirts, lust somewhere along tin* C. P R.
has just been received and put into stock. They are beauties, and well worth
waiting for. These show exclusiveness of design as well as the latest in Cloths
and Colorings.
10 Cases of the Popular " Smarden Shoes." To be up to date you want a
pair of these—the latest out in, the Shoe line.
Never have we shown such a large assortment of novelties along witii our
Staple lines. Parcels continually arriving regularly by express keeps our stock in
touch .with the latest in Millinery Fashion.
thatMwer    REID    &    YOUNG  that nwer
disappoints disappoints
V    I. yon want mi excellent 1
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i. $1.00 bottleof our Port Win.- 4+
T    -bottled especially for our- i
7 Canada  Drug & Book |J
%    Company, Limited. 4
The Preserving
A*, iln- preserving season is now
here ivo invito you to cull nnd
inspect our fruits, including
Peaches, Pens, Plums, Crabs,
always in slock.
Fruit Jars, ..II sizes.
Saturday, Oct. 20.—For 24 hours-
Easterly and southerly winds, line and
clear,heavy fr. st at night.  Barometer
Local and General.
L. Buck is busy just now laying off
levels and making thc preliminaries
for the new sewerage scheme throughout the city.
A special meeting ol lhe oity council has been culled lor Wednesday
night to discuss tlie C, P. R. light
and power proposition, and a definite
decision will he given by both parties
Am! now ive hear ol Manitoba farmers selling out und coming wesl. Thu!
is one thing of whicli British Columbia will not have tu complain One
cannot very well move west [rum this
W. IC. George, president ol the
Standard Silver Co., Toronto, and a
personal trienil ol Mr. W. SI. I...ivrence,
ha. presented, through Mr. Lawrenoe,
a handsome communion set to Knox
Church, consisting "I a liagon, goblets, plates, and baptismal font in
quadruple silver.
Tbe snows are slowly but surely
creeping duwn the mountains, and,
like the unwelcome guest "come to
stay." Anyhow, snow on the hills
and ruin un tl.e Huts, cheer up! We
haven't had our Indian summer yet.
Une rsinstorm doesn't make a winter,
but several do make things rather
The ladies ot lhe Scandinavian
Methodist church will bold a sale i.f
work in the Methodist church on
October, 25th inst., commencing at 7
o'clock,p.m. The Rev. C. N. Hauge
of Vancouver, will be present, Cake
and coffee served at 10 cents. Admission free.   Everybody welcome.
Hun. Wm. Templeman ha* wired lo
the mayor und City Council regarding
the request lor sufficient appropriation
to complete tl.e work on the river bed
now in progress stating thut mt appropriation can only be made by Parliment
and that Mr. Keeler is of opinion that
there is sufficient ready money to
finish the w irk iu a permam nl n inner, but that fie was to conier with
Mr. Aylmer.
A petition I.a- been made out and
is open loi all public signatures, lor
the purpose ,:' requesting the City
Council t<, take ov.-r the control und
management oi the recreation grounds
on McKenzie avenue. Al present
these grounds are lessed and toe oltl-
lens urge   that   ti,,   citj 11 ,.-
them over, put the gro ind in . ,1
condition, construe. a ; „ k .round
them und allow ll.e pul .vi us.
of them us reoresll i - nd. I -
games und athletics,
A large stick ol Local Views
Containing 14 view, in ono
Polder.—Only 18 Cents each.
A Ireeb supply just arrived
Druggist and Stationer.
nei. Ull lluiiii-1-1 -■'■!
lis.! ...-Hi - !.,-»..• Prompt Attentit.it
At the regular monthly meeting of
the contract holders nl the Pacific
Loan Company, Limited, held at their
lieu.I office, ofili Hastings Street, west.
Vanoouver, Contract No. Ill was
drawn, The owner is W. H. Brown,
with the real estate firm of Mutrie &
Blown, Vancouver,
The Toronto Globe heads an artiole:
"No mercy for apple frauds." That's
right. The fellows who put tbe xxx
apples lop and bottom, nnd the senilis
in tho centre ot the barrel, sliould be
properly touched up. The Ontario
fellows will lose the Alberta market to
the lirilisl. Columbia puckers if lliey
arc not more careful,
11. Tapping will attend the Theatrical Managers Oonventinn tu be held
at Calgary, Monday, Oct. 22. The
questions regarding the fixing of (lutes
fur travelling companies throughout
Canada will he discussed und Mr.
Tapping will endeavor tu arrange for a
regular run of dramatic cun.panics at
the Opera House for the season.
Mrs. J. lt. ttobertson and daughter,
Murj irie, who have been visiting in
Victoria during the past Bix months,
returned to Revelstoke yesterday.
Rev and Mrs. Robertson will in a few
days take up their permanent residence in ,Mr. G. M. Clark's new house
on Second Kticet, next door lo the
Drill Hull.
The ...utter of lowering Okanagan
Lake is lieing taken u|i by the Keloivmi
Board of Trade, with a view to impressing its necessity upon the government Ihrough the district's representative. This is a question of vital
importance to Kolowna, but scarcely
more su thun tu Pentieton. In both
places then' is a large amount of land
ihu! ivould bo thereby redeemed while
other extensive tracts would be much
enhanced in value by improved drainage, With a fall of nearly 14 feet j
betweenOkanagan Lake and Hog Luke!
the lowering ol the former is not nl
serious proposition,—Pentioton Press.!
Night and Duy, the Quarterly Magazine of Dr. Bernardo's Homes, has a'
crowded issue tor September.   A pictorial  supplement  is  devoted  to a
striking  and   in.lee.I   unique  sot of
2,112 photographs, showing the face ol
every hoy and girl admitted to the Institutions   in   one   year.     That fact
alone speaks eloquently as to the continued  necessity  [or the benefioient,
labors,.I the Homes in our midst.   A
copy of  Night  and Day  will he sent I
gratis nnd post tree on application at
the head olliee, 18-26 Stepney Cilus - (
way,  London,  E,    It is  worth the
attention ol all uur readers.
The Manitoba Free Press, Winnipeg,
•sny-: There is certainly one artist
tjhat never need complain that n Winnipeg audience is cold. Lust nighl ut
Westminster church Harold Jarvis
wa.- not only greetetl with a full house,
but with 10 ioruiiilalih' an array uf
requests I r particular songs, the
itoutest heart might have quailed. It
would be lolly al tins date to discuss
the quality ol hit voice, or his stand-
ng a- an artlil f ir the benelit ol
western readeri. \ lew yean .go
Hiir.il.I Jarvis sang his way into the
beans ,-f Uu* west, and each visit has
bill added to the long list ol his admin i-  and friends     lle is ol I the
iew -nigi-i.- wise and kind enough to
domic a portion ol every prog amine
to the songs thai .re loved hy the
greal mas.* ,,i tfie peopli—nongs* ol
•■■ melody, and ol which tlie
words are lamlliai to everyone, Encores ...ul double .-..cores followed
every song," At St. Andrew's Church
with Wallace Graham, elocutionist,
-ni Monday, Nov. '.. Secure yniir
tickets early to avoid disappointment,
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of Tha Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Thero nro two ways ut spending a
dollar—you oan spend it at home, in
your own city, gain an easy conscience
make another friend and perhaps get
the dollar hack tomorrow, or yon send
it nwuy, feel that you sinned, offend
the home merchant and forever lose
the dollar ...id the inlliience for good
to yourself and neighbors.
Social and Personal
Mrs Thco. Ludgate, of Arrowhead
wns in town fur a few dnys.
(1. II. Denlschnnin, of Boss Peak, is
spending a few days iu the eity.
Mr. I!. Riitclif, locomotive engineer,
left Thursday evening on a three
weeks' holiday trip to coist cities.
Frank D. Elkins, superintendent ul
tin' London Guarantee.. Accident Co,
ol Vauooi.vor, iH in town this week on
Miss FranccB Paget lell yesterday
morning fur Calgary, where she wiil
visit her uncle, Dean Paget, Her
visit will extend ovor Christinas.
Mr. Hubert Williams,a loriner employee ol the .'. I*. 11. shops, us a
machinist, having resided in .he city
for the past seven years, left last
Tuesday lor Vancouver en route to
New Zealand.
Alter un extended visit of three
months in Montreal. Toronto und
Now York. Miss Loretta Garvin ii
now musical supervisor at St, Mary's
Academy at Waverly, Mum , a sell.
(or both boys an,I girls.
Business Locals.
Nothing better than Our " Special.
Chest protectors—any size arid
price ,t Canada Drug Stori
Ontario ind I alifornis pap. - jusl
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Wall paper, wall papi r al Howson's
FnrnituiM Store
Tl„- besl ol Canadian bams and
bacon f,,r sale ai C. II. Hume >v Co
We are still headquarter- for photographic cameras  kodaks and ohemi
i-:,i. ai i!,-.a,i.i limi. Store
Eastern cranberries snd i) C celery
in ill     .j -mh li'.ion.    C, II.  Hume
A- Co,
Crepe and plain tissue, all colon
lamp shade and flower wire al the
Canada Drug I ompany,
Dominion Governmonl creamery
butter, ill sized package- ... C B,
Hume & Go's,
II you have n bad cold and want
Emulsions, we have them, any kind,
tasteless and pure - il al Cunads Drug
pt   .iMu.-.n s—n< i   ■•■. ,    	
pastor.    Services II n.ni, ..ml 7 ll i-
ui.   Tha iksgiilug Anil oieumi;
service. Sunday school a...I Pas'-i't
Bil.le class lit ".'.fill p.m. Ilihln ren.liui
Wednesday evening ul 8 p.m. Clioh
practic Thursday ui 7 fill p.n.
Tho young pcupln nl St. Andrew',
chinch wilh n iiiim'-i-r of thi I.e.ili- of
families, spent n wry plcnsaul evening
al the Manse, i n Thanksgiving night.
Music and games wee participated in
wilh great enjoyment, tlm company
breaking up at 11.80 p.m., with Auld
Lung Syne. Everybody retiring tt
their homes well pleased with the
evening's enjoyment.
Knox I'iikriivtciiian—J. It. Rubnrt-
bi.ii, 11. D., minister. Usual services
at II am. und 7.1,0 p in, Morning
subject: "The Parable ol the Ttilcnti
Ior Modern Times." Evening subject
"Religious Life of Canada during the
18th Century." Sabbath school nt
2 fill p.m. Ypnng Peoples' Guild nn
M...:dny night at 8 ..'clock, Prayer
meeting on Wednesday and choir
practice on Friday at 8 p....
Salvation Army—Captain und
Mrs, Traviss, Salvation Army revival
isls are expected this evening frum
Toronto, nnd will conduct revival
nu.-tings fur n week in the S. A. Bur
racks, commencing every evening at
8.15 pm.
Catholic—Rov. Fathor ll. Pec.ul
O.M.I., pastor, SorviccBevery Sunday
nt! Iie following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Muss; 10:311 a.m. High i, nss
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:110
p.m. Sunday School; 7:fi0p.in. Rusury,
Instruction and Benedlctkn.
Methodist,—Sunday services ut 11
a.m. and 7:30 p.:.-. Rev. J. A. Wuud.
ex-president of B. C, Coulorei.ee, or
Rev. .1 iimcs Turner will preach morning and evening. Sunday Scl.tiol and
Bible Class at 2:30 p.m. Monday
evening Epworth League at Su'cluck.
All yuung people cordially invited.
Wednesday evening, prayer meeting ut
8 o'clock.
There exists a widespread misapprehension nf the imn.ediite future
of the alcohol engine ns it affects the
combustion engine business The
belief that almost immediately the
market, will be B.ipplied with perfected
engines using alcohol for fuel and that
it wi'l be a very simple mutter to convert a gnsolino or kerusiue engine for
tbe new fuel appears to exist pretty
much everywhere among users and
prospective users of combustion engines, and frequent instances are
reported uf customers deferring purchases of motors pending the removal
of the tax on alcohol. It is true that
many designers uro nt work un the
new problem and that manufacturers
are turning their attouliou to tl.e new
field; that engines will soon be available, in must instances based en
German engine designs, that country
having taken the initiative in adapting alcohol fnr fuel, nnd lhat: tbe
designers are working under the
immense advantage of having back of
the... the almost innumerable problems uf ll.e e,,...l,usli,in engine which
have been snivel for gasoline ..cd
Nevertheless it is quite probable
that considerable time will be spent
before the nlcoliol engine is develop.d
to the standard ..! the gasoline nnd
kerosine engines of toeay, Each fuel
presents its individual peculiariti s,
more or less akin, tr. be sure, but
sufficiently distinctive to require extended experiment and exhaustive
tests in practical use belore imperfections in design can lie wholly eliminated. Even to-day both gasoline and
kerosine engines have their weaknesses, raoieor lesa peculiar to each.
Si. will the designers and manufacturers of alcohol engines have their
troubles which only experience can
remove or minimize. Tbe seekers
alter a cheaper ami cleaner fuel should
•ear in mind that the advantages they
a.,- seeking will likely hav.; their
drawbacks lor a time. Doubtless some
• toe -■'.! alcohol engines are now
, ad fi i ib' market, but what they
will accomplish remains to be >l in-
a- foi thi adapl iti ro nf gasoline
and keroslni ongini ■ to tbe new fuel
it i- Ul il nu Hml loan)'  ul  th-,-'-  who
attempt it will be greatly disappointed
a change in c .rbursten will not lie
altogethei sufficient The engine
designed I ■ nne fui I osnnoi ia.
another to sdvaul igi.   G isolins in a
kerosin igii - oi ki n ins in a .- iso
Iim- engine does not wok to ad in-
(age, and il ia quite -is ,-i rtaln I al
alcohol in .in englm ol am ihei p,
will nol have ths lame result! ai the
lue! l-,r whioh It was designed even II
it works al sll Such didi n nee. as
the required degree ol compression
wiil arise. The problem of the alcohol
itself uill I ki whioh only tiro'- can
,1 <■ I lu ro will be many new pro-
ducora nl alcohol, for tho luol oan bo
obtained from ilmost innumerable
sources, including many by-products
ami agricultural products whioh
should otherwise go to waste. There
will honco probably bo many inferior
qualities on tho market and a itand-
Ization will ho necessary before users
.-nn ilepenil upon what they ure
(l.l. an (Istiirmoor mat.triiss. You
will ni ver regret, it. Solid comfort
line Iliinl ol your life. llowson'.
Kurn.turn Store has them,
W Cdinci  i luucujAixuca
For the next month
are more rain.
We are now into tlie
wet season, and if you
wisli for real coVnfort you
will have to visit our store
—Wc have just received
a further shipment of it
Men's, Ladies', Misses'
Boys' and Children's
from infants No. 4 lo
men's No. 11.
In the best shades of
Cravenette and Water-
Proofed Tweeds'. Some
are made of good, new
rigc I making a good,
warm coat for fall weather
—aPcesroth,ne from
$8 to $13
For ladies and gentlemen at all prices. Drop
in and look at these.
Weather Probabilities for the Next Month are More Rain
World Borrows Freely from
Bank of England.
London, Oct. 20.—The Bank ul
England raised its .ateof discount to
6 percent yesterday morning. Changes
in the discount rate of the bank on
any day except Thursday have been
few and far between and not since
Friday, November 7,1800, just before
the Baring' failure, has thtu-alo been
put to II per cent. The relapse in
American exchange, indicating a renewal ol the demands for gold, and
the probability ol large withdrawals ol
the metal for Egypt were the main
contributory causes of the action
taken by the Hank ol England. The
B.ini ol 1115,000,000 in gold leaving the
bank ttday is believed to be destined
tor Egypt, while financial circles anticipate very large purchases in behalf
ol the United States, irrespective ot
whether the rate of exchange does or
does not render the transaction profitable.
When the Ca.iadiitn-Au-.tr.ili.in
liner sailed lur Australia, via Honolulu
and Suva, this week, she hud stowed
away in her hold the first exhibit from
thiB province for tlie exposition which
opens iu Ohristchurch, New Zealand,
on November 1.
Two hundred and ten commercial
size boxes, averaging 40 pounds ol
fruit each, are included in the collection. There are about twenty
varieties represented including Jonathans, Spit/lierguns, Kings, Baldwins
mil Van der Veers. Many localities
have been drawn upon to provide the
fruit, including tlie Okanagan and
other apple districts. The most important single collection is that which
was awarded tbe prize for the best
commercial exhibit at the New Westminster lair, grown and shown by Mr.
Thomas G. Earl, the veteran orchard-
ist of Lyttun.
Miss Betty McLennan
(Pupil of Dr, A. S, \,ogl,ol
Toronto University)
is prepared tn take pupils in Piano
instruction.   Itesidence— Fourth St
Q.   IM.   SPROAT,
Offtco - Cowan Block
Miiitiilwiliini.! for«llcl .|„M„,ll>li„«,.
All Iflndl nt htllldltlB 'iml 'ilu li-riiii-
itiiilnrhtk'in. '
p.o.ihoh ovory Smokor  tho " Maroa
Mrs. II. ,1. lla .bury. Wunagross.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
I.uri.n l.iuiunriiiiiufiir    '
I.,uii|ii„Im. Support, nlr
Furnished Rooms To Let
Houses and Lots
Henry's Nurseries
Extra lurcn imjinrtiititiii of
Rill R^  l"arriv'-1""" Hulliinil, France
DULOO ,-,,((1 jftpmi in September
For Fall Planting
Thonsauds nf Fruit uml Orniimeulul
Trees, Hhodndondrnus, Roses nnd hardy
plauts now Browing ou our uwu grounds fur
future planting,
Nn expense, loss ur (Inlay of fumigation,
inspection nnrcnstomsdtitins to pay. Headquarters for I'ncillc Const grown and lm-
Imfli'il (l;ti*ili*ii. Field and Flower Hoods,
Visitors are always welcome to inspect
our stock.
Greenhouse Plants,
(lut Flowerstitul Floral Designs, Kortilizors
Bon Hi vis ami Hupp lin-, Spray I'timps ami
Spraying material.
No agents -therefore you lmvo no corn*
mission to pay. Uur catuloguo tolls you
a Imiii. it. Lot 1110 price your list boforo
placing your order.
Wo do business on our uwu grounds -no
rent !u pay, and urn propnrod to moot all
com pot it inn. Eastoru prices or loss Whito
labor. I'atiilngtios Freo.
Greenhouses! — win  Westminster   Hond.
Branch Nurseriosi-South Vancouver.
Halcyon Hot Springj
Under the new management of
IlAitiiY McIntosh,  HolFnmn  House
_L cyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natuial remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Sto.11.10l. ailments
nnd Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boatH and trains. Two
mails 111 rive and depait every day.
T.'legi'ii lis communication with all
marts nf the world.
Tkrms- $12 to $1S per week.   For
further particulars apply to
harry Mcintosh;	
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv LaKc. B, C
Winy Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
Tllll S.'1-vi.UIH
Ilniu! liul-i-lilufs
;Klowor I'ota
1,11111.1. Ilii-kcln
Smoking .Inukuls
; 811k Hoods,
(101,1) FlSlf
Kllirutstock ul u.uullos iu... frnlls In low...
Fronl Street, Revelstoke
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly situatod on tha shores
of Anow Luke.
(liuni Tumi Fishing,
Boats always for hire,
Sample Rooms in connection,
First-class house fnr Tourists and
Ootnnioi'olai men.
W. J. lightburne, Proprietor
WANTED-By experienced man,
situalii.il aa cunk in lumber
camp ur mill, excellent, references.
Apply this olliee or J. Walk, Kault,
B. ().
WANTED-G.meral servant, small
family, goud wages,   Apply to
Mail-Herald Offlco,
I7IOR SALE-One new Recanii lull cub aim' ami Brooder, holds 125
eggs. Price $'10.1)11 cash. Fur particulars apply to John Lunsdule, Coinaplix, II. 0.
WANTED—Position   ....  Sawyer,
double cut  hand — J.  Burns,
City Hntel, Rcvelstuke.
WANTED-A good Camp Blacksmith. Apply Lamb-Watson
Luu.hut- Co., Limited, Arrowhead,
B, C,
WANTED—A position us Housekeeper, for bachelors nr widower. Fur particulars apply to P. 0.
Box 714, Revelstoke, B. 0.
LOST- Collie Pup about S months
old.   Finder will please return lo
J. M. Doyle and receive reward.
WANTED-Young Kill, to Uke
charge of two children from 3
to 0 p.m. Apply 1.0 Mrs. Schwi-d fager
Fourth Street.
The tJlotliiug and Gentlemen's Furnishing
Business of J. G. Maedonald of Revelstoke, B.
C. Mr. Maedonald has assigned but the Imsi-
ness is still boiog carried on. Stock amounts
tu nbout $17,(100.00 anu is uow and In flrsMdass
condition. Full stock is on ordor and gronlnr
part now in Kovolstoke ready fur delivery.
Purchaser buying at once can secure fall trado.
Tender*- are asked aud will bo received by the
assignee, A. V, Anderson, Kovelstoke, 11. C, up
tu tho 1st Novnuilinr, liuni. Fur further particulars apply to the Assignee or Hums A
Walkoni, Solicitors for Kstate, Vancouver, B.C.
Nutlco is heroby given lhat 30 days after date
I intond to anply tn the (.hiof Commissioner of
Lands and Works fur a -pi-rial licnucotociit
and carry nwny timbor from tho following described lands situnto iu West Kootenny district:
Cnmniaiiciiigata -.mst murked "I*. II Frasor's
no rtli-went comer" and planted about H't miles
north uf I '-ip*.* Iluruu uu the oast side of Uppor
Arrow Lako, almul. one half milo from tho
slioro; tlionco oast -il) chains, theuco south 1110
I'liiiim-, tlience wnst -III chain-, tlimice nnrtli UlO
chains to the j-oint of t-ommenconiout,
Dated this Uth day uf October, IM**!,
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Business will be conduoted on
a CASH BASIS after Oot 15th.
Croat Reduction In Prioes aftor
this date.
Orders Promptly Attended to.
W. Fleming


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