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 Vol. 13.-No 76
rne iviaii-iiepaia
:, \,
OCT 1.180?
$2.50 Per Year
New Fall Goods
White Bear
For the bahy and little children. We have a lovely lot
of new coats in finest Bear
Skin, plain and curl effect,
Some are very handsomely
Dimmed, the most comfortable and durable coat you
can buy.
$4.00 to $6.50
White Bear Hoods
and Mitts
For the little ones to wear
wilh the Coats; they make a
pretty sett, comfortable and
warm, Some are nicely
trimmed nnd are very cute.
White Bear Robes
For the baby's carriage and
sleigh. These come in all
the qualities of White Bear
Skin. You can buy them to
match any coat. Some of
them are made with a pocket
that you can fasten Ihe
bahy in. The beauty of
them is that they wash perfectly.
$9.25 to 6.00.
Bargains io
Children's Dresses
A bargain for Saturday
night and Monday in Children's dresses fro... 2 to 6
years. Cashmere and Cloth
dresses in a variety of colors. Thoy are half price,
The price now is
$190, $1.50, $1.25,95e.
In " Christie's" makes.
There are no better hats
made than Christie's for
years. They are always the
same — The Reliable Hat.
We have them in the new
season's shape in both stiff
and soft.
Pure and soft Jaeger, natural wool, cold and damp
resisting—a sure protection
against chill. Why buy any
other when you can get
jaeger the perfect underwear here at the price of the
commoner lines.
We have a full line of fleece
lined, union, heavy wove,
extra heavy, pure wool. Per
506. to $4.50
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Call Goods Arriving Daly.    Drtssmaklng and Millinery Rooms, 1ml Floor
If vou want to get the best
see our stock,
Over 50 Heating Stoves to
select from nnd over 25 Cook
Stoves to make a choice from.
We have over two carloads
of Stoves and Furnaces on
our Floor and in our warehouse. Q
We buy the best and can
give you the advantage of our
extensive buying.
We only buy from the best
Stove makers in Canada.
We are showiog Airtight
Heaters from $350 up. See
our line before purchasing.
Dealenin Hardware, BtoTSt and Tinware, Miners*, Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing snd Tinsmithing.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 37J x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash (990, terms on balance.    PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey  Dwelling, plastered and stone basement, Lots
76 x 100 on Second Street.     Cash $050 and terms on balance.
PRICE  $2,950
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 50x100, near Cowan Block
At Q. M. Sprost't Farwell Estate Office.
COWAN SLOCK.      -      •     ■      THIRD STREET
The regular meeting ot ihe City
Council was held last night, the
mayor in the chair, and a lull quorum
Minutes of last meeting were read
and adopted.
From C. Holden, Winnipeg, acknowledging his appointment by the
oity council as power house superintendent, and stating that he would be
in the city in November.—Filed.
From F. W. Terry, acting chief of
police, reporting an outbreak ol lire in
the Union hotel restaurant on Tuesday, Sept. 24th.—Filed.
From tl.e Canadian Foundry company Hating that the hydrants
ordered left the loundry Sept. 10.—
From W. A. Foote, chief of No, 2
Fire Brigade, reporting on the Fire
Chiefs' Convention at Nelson at which
he was a delegate.
To Hit Worship the Mayor, and City
As Chiel of No. 2 Fire Brigade I
was delegated by the department to
attend tbe B. C. Fire Chiefs snd Firemen's Convention, which wts held at
Nelson on Sept. 18. There were 14
chiefs and 25 firemen in attendance.
Being the first convention of the
Association the time was mostly taken
up with the constitution and bylaws,
The lollowing important papore were
read and discussed: "The Reason ol
forming B.C. Fire Chiefs' Association,'
"Fighting Fires," "Placing ol Hydrants," "Universal Couplings and
Hose," "Police Protection at Fires,"
and "Prevention ol Fires in Private as
well ae Public Buildings.' To further
the interest in this association it was
decided to publitb a monthly paper,
the first issue will hsve the lull proceedings of the convention, whioh I
will be pleased to place in your hands.
Ths pay and hours of firemen received
attention and was discussed by tbe
Chiefi present. There teems to be no
uniform rate ol pay given to firemen.
The Nelson call men receive $15 per
month. Cranbrook are the but paid
volunteer fire brigade, they rseeive
$2,60 per practioe or $10 a month
Fernie ii next on the iitt, they have a
paid Chief and hii men receive $2 a
practice or $8 a month, Grand Forks
firemen are paid $1.50 a practice, 50c.
il the water is not turned on, while
New Denver council give a grant ol
$300 a year as pay to their men. Tbe
firemen's races were a fizzle. There
were three teams entered, Nelson,
Fernie, and Rilzville, Wash. The
hub-and-hub being the only race. The
other two teams were not satisfied at
the decision being given to Ne'son,
and reined to take part in the wet
test, I am ol the opinion that either
ol the other teams would have won iu
tbis event it they bad entered. I
made a strong bid for the convention
to be held in Revelstoke next year.
After some discussion it was decided
to bold it at New Westminster, and I
have tbe assurance that the convention will he held in Revelstoke in
1909. Thanking you on behalf ol the
department for your appropriation to
their delegate. Yours respectfully,
W. A, Foote, Chiel of No. 2 Fire Dept.
From several electrical and other
firms re tendering Ior installation of
power plant,—Filed.
From C, G. Wheeler tendering bit
resignation as city waterworks foreman, and asking for juit co.nid.r-
stion ol his case and complaining ol
unlair treatment by the council. Tbe
council resolved to accept hit resignation.
From Scott & Briggi, ittting that
tht city hid scted within tbeir rights
in regard to thc impounding of Burnt'
theep. The oity clerk wai inttruoted
to collect the pound fees.
A petition wst resd ligned with a
number of names requesting tbat
Vernon avenue be opened up to help
out the large ranching district adjacent. Tbe council have decided to
open up Vernon or llobson avenues to
the city's southern limits, il the pro.
vincial government will build a road
touth of the city limits ti bat been
The report ol the Fire, Water and
Lighl committee, deciding on the advisability of granting G. Lenibke $140
per month till ths new power bouse
superintendent arrived, was received
Aid. Trimble said tbtt considering
tbe heavy work Lembke wai now doing
$140 wss not snough and while he did
not believe in holding up the city ttill
a man ihould be dealt fairly with.
The mayor atid thtt il anyone
ihould pay tbe extra smount it should
bs Mr. Gordon, since Lembke had
taken over bit work to help him out
when hs lelt the city employ, but,
however, the amount offered by the
Fire, Water and Light oommittee was
quite fair.
Aid. Howson urged that Lembke
had told him that he had almost more
work than he could handle, besides the
shift at the power house.
Aid. Stone said that Lembke was a
good man and deserved some recognition for his services.
The Mayor pointed out that when
he had authorized Lembke to look
alter Mr. Gordon's shift, It wae with
the understanding that he (Lembke)
should do no work round the city,
except line work, and that he was to
go out to the power house just previous to starting up, tee that the plant
was in order, Hart it up, and when
running good, hand it over to Mr.
Dallas, about two hours work in all
and it was ridiculous to say tbat
Lembke was overworked.
Aid. Abrahamton laid that there
were two men now at the power house
and Lembke was not even taking a
shift, and yet he was not doing very
much work round the city.
Aid Howson vehemently affirmed
tbat Lembke would not have put in
his claim if it had not been a just one
The city clerk produced Lembke's
work book and the Mayor read out
items in the day's work ahowing that
Lembke's work each day was only of
an hour or bo's duration.
Ala. Trimble said Lembke's claim
was a juit one.
The Mayor said that according to
Lembke's own entries in the book his
work was light.
Aid. Howson said that il that wae
the case, then he didn't know what to
think, unless Lembke had misrepresented himsell.
Aid. Sawyer said that the amount
decided upon by the oommittee was
Iair enough,
Moved by Aid. Abrahamton, and
seconded by Aid. Sawyer, that the
report be adopted. The vote tied, 3 lor
and 3 against.
Aid. Trimble asked it the matter
could not be laid over, but the council
as a whole was not fsvorsble.
Alter further wsrm discussion it
wss fimlly agreed to la; the matter
over till the ipecial meeting of Oot. 1,
when Mr. Lembke would have been
teen in connection with his work and
a statement ol such received.
Tbe Mayor said although he agreed
to lay the matter over, be objected
since the Fire, Water and Light committee had all met and been unanimous in their decisions and because one
ol their number was absent the other
aldermen in the lace of tbe books
turn the report down, in favor ol
Lembke's bars statement.
The Tax Levy By-law was then
considered and finally passed.
Tenders Ior grading of McKenzie
avenue al Second street were opened:
F.Julian, $1800; J. C. Hutchison,
$1125. Aid. Abrahamson said that
$800 would be quite enough ior the
work. The council decided to reject
the tenders and to call Ior more
tenders to be in on Oct. 1, at 3 p. m
Tbe accounts were passed and the
meeting terminated.
Tht following are entitled to bave
their names inserted on tbe Voters'
List for the City for the year 1908.
Any British subject, mile or female
oi the lull age ol 21 yean, being,
1. An owner ol real ettate ot the
assessed value ol not less thin $100,
2. A reeident authorieed representative ol an incorporated company
whioh it the assessed owner ol
land or ot improvement! ol, landi
within the Municipality.
3. Tbe owner ol a trade licenco, the
annual lee of which is not lesi
thsn $5.00.
4. A householder. "Householder"
..hall mean and include any perion
ol the (ull age ol twenty-one yean
who occupies a dwelling, tenement,
hotel or boarding-house, or any
part or portion ot a dwelling,
tenement, hotel or boarding house
and who shall, unlese exempt by
Statute or Municipal By-Law.
have paid directly to the Muni
cipality rites, taxes or feet ol not
lest than two dollars for tbe
current year.
The names of property ownen, at
above, will be taken from tbe assess
ment roll and inserted on the Hit.
Representatives ol incorporated
companies mutt hind in their authority to tbe Cily Olerk belore tbeir
names can be inserted.
Licence holders and householders
mutt mike the statutory declaration
during the month of October, and
hand the tame to the City Clerk within 48 houn alter it it roads. AH
declarationi muat be handed in by
6 p.m. on October 31st,
Formt ol declaration can be obtained
I at tbe Oity Olerk't Office on and alter
I October Slit.
Chicago, Sept. 27.—Wilbur Glenn
Voliva, who successfully grasped the
reins of government at Zion City
from the bands of John Alexander
Dowie, last night announced before
ten thousand of his followers in that
city that he bad given up the fight
Atthe same time he announced
that he had lost the options apon the
lands in New Mexico, where he expected to lound a new colony, but
would buy property adjacent to Zion
City and lound the colony there. He
said that he had received formal
notice from J. C. Hanley, receiver ol
Zion City, to vacate the premises
which he had uied as offices, and the
publication of his official paper within
thirty days. He said that he wouid
get out and would not pay another
dollar to the receiver. Voliva was
bitter against Mr, Hanley, and
branded his treatment as persecution.
Winnipeg, Sept. 27.—Having completed their negotiations with tbe
boiler makers and the machinists, the
officials of the C.P.R. are today dealing
with the blacksmiths, who are asking
for a new schedule corresponding to
those whioh have been granted to tbe
other departments. It is conceded
that the men will be granted the
9-hour day with a slight increase in
the daily rate of pay. The negotiations will probably occupy two or
three days.
Prof. McBride Says Manitoba
Output will be Greater.
Montreal, Sept. 27.—"That the
Canadian wheat yield of Manitoba will
before long be increased lull 100 per
cent, without in the least destroying
the quality of the Canadian grain
eeems assured Irom experiments being csrried on at Cambridge Univer
sity," said Prof. MoBride. of McGill
Univenity, last evening upon hit
return from a three months' tojourn
| in Europe.
Theie experiments were juit being
undertsken a couple of yean ago
when Professor McBride was across
before, and while sanguine then as to
tbe benefits which the Canadian farmer would derive, it needed a couple
ol years' trial belore results of any
practical value conld be procured.
The great point in this new law oi
heredity in grain is that iu two years
one can tell what strains will combine
and give stability, and Hint \\ just
what so interested Prof. Mollrid*) this
summer while at Cambridge, lor to his
satisfaction tliis stability in the cross
produced between the Canadian and
English grain has been proved.
Toronto, Sept. 27.—A deputation
of railwayman waited on attorney
general Foy this morning to protest
against the activity ol that official in
regard to criminal proceeding!against
railwaymen alter wrecks. The rug-
geition wai made that the govern,
ment ihould employ an expert on all
railway matters who would conduct
an investigation after a wreck and
give hit opinion to the jury,
Government and C.P.R. may
Establish Fast Line.
Ottawa, Sept. 27—The Government
ii closely lollowing the reporti and
commenti ol the eipertt on tl.e success of the Lusitania, with a view to
gaining information of the feasibility
of a 24 or 25 knot Canadian Atlantic
service at contemplated in the All-
Red-Line project. II the new steamer
provet a tuccess it it anticipated tbat
an additional ttimului will be given
to tbe proposal to place a similar line
ol steameri on the route, between Canada and England.
At Montreal Sir Thomtt Shaughnessy said lhat the queetion ol installing a 22-knot service on the Atlantio
wai a vital one, and a live inue lor
the 0. P. R. The question had come
up at the last annual meeting, and
yesterday's report was a further step
in negotiation! for improvement ol the
Atlantio service, and transference ol
the present Atlsntic Empreiiei to the
Pacific route. The vessels projected
will make the distance Irom Halifax
to Liverpool in lour dayi and eight
hours, giving much shorter time be
tween Europe and America,
Don't Take
Your Groceries
with you, let us send
them home. It's just
as easy for us, and far
more convenient for
you. Or we will call
for the order and deliver the things, just as
 I   if you  selected them
yourself. We have everything worth keeping. Our reputation for fair dealing is second to none and we can satisfy
you in every way.
Of Stovei, Ranges tnd Heaters. Theie bave just arrived; they ire not
old stock, kept over, but NEW with til the latest improvement! tnd
they are McCLARY'S.
We have a lull line of Fishing Rods, Baits, Lines, Hooks, etc.  Shotguns, Rilles, Revolvers, and all kinds of ammunition.
Bourne Bros.
For domestic purposes it is the most suitable
Coal and the
Cheapest on the Market
It lights easily, holds a hot fire for many hours
and leaves only a small quantity of light ash.
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building!      Telephone 31
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes. Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
irst St. Op. Uni
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
BrincbM In .hi Pro.Ine*. of Manitoba, MbsrtS,hsksttkMSS,
flritua Colubls,Oilaili,gukM.
Oapltal Authorised -       •10,000,000.01
Oapltal Paid Up ....   m.SIo.ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       •4,«(e,«oo.oo
D. R. Wilkik, President; Hon. R. .Iakfhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United Statet and
Europe.  Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-A. L Phipps, Manager. ■Vl.'t.      illJClll^HJWUlU'.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chu. Murphy.       Haroui Fisiikr
the movement now aloot will materialize in time tu arrange for the lirat
Revelatoke Iair next year. We hnve
all the requirements necessary, in
every lorm of agricultural, mineral,
timlier and all domestic industries and
encouragement will be given to further
develop the same. The Turf Association have felt that a fair would bc to
further conserve the development ol
Kevelstoke and we ourselves heartily
endorse such a movement as will
affect the city as a whole, and tend to
exert benefitting influences.
Btniitsn.1 Solicitor!, Ki.-.
C, B. anus. ■ 0. Ki.Li.irr.
OrKicra    In WIIAt  Bask Block,  RIVIL-
'itosi, B.C.
Money to loan. 	
OiUcm: lie. elstoke. B.C.; Oranbroos, B. L.
Oio, 3. McCmTKR,
K, H, I'lSKHiM. J. A. HAnVKY,
Kevelstoke, B. C.       Crai.ro ok, B.   .
J.M.Soot. I.L.U
\V. I. BrlKK«.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loam
Soucitob8Jpob;Molbons Bank
Fint Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Alia, ol all Ores.  Samples by mill or express
receive prompt attention,
Terma Moderate.
.     •     B..J 132 KiSLO, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 106, Revelstoke.
Tbontl     NEW DENVER, B.C       P.O.BOX 10
(Member   American    Institute
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timlier Limits, Mines,
Wills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations,
TCDIO-Al   Mrs.  J.  0,   Hutchison's  ('on.
aught Avenue. 	
Ue flDail4)eralb
"1 would . . . earnestly advlae them Ior
their good to order thia paper to be punctually
aerfed up,and lo be looked upon aa a partol
the tea equipage."—Addison.
The Chinese, in Bpite ol tlie con
tinued vigorous and in many cases
hostile efforts being made to prevent
their coming into the country, are
now trying round about methods to
outwit the law ol the land and still
bring their undesirable hordes amongst
us. The Chinese ol Victoria have
determined to ascertain what rights
the provisions in the Dominion law in
regit.d to students entering Canada as
students gives them. The law rends
that a Chinese entering Canada as a
student inuet pay the usual head tax
ol |600 which, howevor, he can get
hack at the end ol the year by presenting a certificate that he has attended
school Ior that length ot time.
this aB it may there should be a lin-it
put on this practice which will event,
ually be taken advantage of by the
Chinese to evade the head tax and to
bring still further numbers into the
country. A Chinaman, whether
scholar or not iB still a Chinaman and
an undesirable immigrant, and can be
of little or no use in the commercial
field. Several new anivals of Chinese
into Victoria have applied to the
school board recently to attend classes
but were refused admittance, the board
holding that the presence in the
classes of Orientals not able to talk
English would affect the progress of
other pupils. Neither did the board
feel disposed to (it up separate class
rooniB with ipecial teachers. The
Chinese have given notice ol legal
action to force the board to admit
them to the schools and tne provincial
government has signified its intention
of defending the case Ior the school
board. Canada can hardly refuse to
allow bona lide students ol other na-
tione to receive training in her midst
which will be imparted again lor the
benefit ol the countries whose representatives seek (or such knowledge,
but to allow tlieae BtudentB to remain
in Canada it a mistake which should
be rectified. The student system ii
undoubtedly being taken advantage
of and tbe Chinese students' rights
provision ot the Dominion law should
be drawn very tight, in order to check
what may soon become a source ot
further menace to Canada.
DominionGovernment will settle
Immigration question in Tokio
Ottawa, Sept. 27—The government
hai under cunsiileraiion the question
of sending to the Orient a special commission to investigate and report upon
the whole problem ol Asiatic immigration in Canada, and a'so lo urge
personally at Tokio, Canada's lequest
that an annual limit of ab..ut six
hundred be placid by tho Mikado's
government upon the number of past-
ports issued to immigrants bound for
this country. It is felt that the Canadian viewpoint in icgard to Japanese
iininigratiou can bc more effectively
brought befoie the attention of tbo
Japanese government by direct pres
nutation of the case in personal interviews with the ministers at Tokio
than by formal exchange of correspondence.
The government also realizes that
the problem of Oriental immigration
is bound to become an increasingly
important one as Canada's advantages
ami opportui.il es become known in
Japan, China and India.
To deal with it, it will require a
thorough knowledge of the character
of the Asiatic people, conditions bearing on the directoverflow ol the people
Irom Asia to this continent, and the
best means of checking and controlling that immigration. The economic
aspects ol the problem must also be
studied at first hand.
The responsibility of the commissioner to be charged with this task is
evidently very great and his mission
will require thorough statesmanship
and a line diplomacy. Just who will
be sent is not yet definitely decided,
hut according to the present views ol
the ministers here nn time will be lost
in appointing and sending a commissioner.
It is intimated that Mackenzie
King, deputy minister of labor, may
be chosen as commissioner to Japan.
Meets First ami Tliinl Wednesday In ll.e month
...Selkirk llfill, upstairs. ;il 8 p.in. .Subject tor
iliacuasiun "Arraingtnent "I l'.il.italis.il. All
interested ;.re welcome.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No, 229.
Met' Second and Fourth Wednesdays ill
oach month, In Selkirk Hall. Visiting Woodmen cordially Invited to attend.
w. D. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
J  MclNTYl'.K, Clerk.
iiiviuini rmi
First-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also all
kinds of Garden Produce.
F. 0. E.
The Revelstoke Turf Association is
being conducted in the right Bpirit
and working along the correct liuei in
tbat it has formulated plans for the
future establishment of an Agricultural Atsuciation locally, and moreover has been instrumental in bringing notice to outside districts tbe fact
that Revelstoke, by her geographical
position has claims for the annual
holding of a fair, whicli will in many
ways aid in popularising the city and
also in advertising to a great extent
the Interior and Kootenay districts.
The Tori Association, although in
it! infancy, hae done more good than
the public lully realize. It was instrumental in securing a valuable
tract ol land for city recreation and
also in its effort to obtain first-class
rscing, has put itsell on a par with
all the large racing centres ol the
province. It ii their aim tnd object
now to make the movement one of
city import in which every citizen
shall have a part and in which Revelatoke can take a lively interest. With
out a doubt we can lay claim to the
title ol "Gateway ol the Interior," and
what mure fitting, than that there
ihould be an annual exhibition of all
the resources that puss tl.e cat.- to be
diitributed far and wide? By the
formation of an Agricultural Asiociation, sll branches of our resourcei, our
induitriet, our arti and sciences, and
sll manner ol things which tend to
make a city and district popular, can
be exhibited and demonstrated.
People in realizing tbis should also
take into consideration the lact that
to ultimately secure this end, com
plete co-operation amongst theni must
be accorded and to carry out the
scheme to t successful issue the
citizens must sll besr their thare ol
sxpenie. The hardest psrt of the un
dertakiog has been borne ty the Turl
Club, who have it great outlay and
no little personal trouble ltid the
nucleus of the proposition in the lorm
ul a first-class race track snd the
nuking of what will be a fine agricul]
tural Iair ground. II the scheme is
properly presented and the practietl
■ide of it explained to the people,
Tho regular meetings are hold in the Selkirk
Hall evory Tuesday evoninir at S o'clock. Visit-
ii.Kbrotl.re.. are cordially invited.
H. A. BROWN, President.
Kootennv Lodge No. 15 AT.& A.M.
Tho regular meeting- are held in the
Masonic     Temple,
.aid Fellows Half.on
the third Monday In
fa nl. month at i
p.m. Visttlngbreth
ren cordially wel
U. A. HRUCUNIKR. Sechetahv.
Selkirk Lodge, no is, i. o, o. r.
McoU. every Thursday
ifv.-ni.iK In Selkirk
Hall at 3 o'olook.
.Visiting brethren cor-
.Rally invited to attend
Gold Range lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesdiy ol
each nm...I., in the Oddfellows'
Hall a. 8 o'clock. Visiting
K lights are cordially invited.
G. H. BROCK, K. ot R. AS.
H. A, BROWN. M. ol F
Deer He-ula, Animals, Binls, Fish, jKbc.,
Animal Ruga Mounted.
P 0. BoxSl.
Ktmliu:  Comer of First St. anil Boyle Ata.
Kevulitolie, B, 0.
On* packs*
kills* a buihil
•f filer.
— ooior/ —
mourn, MMin «o ennui mm
W» ter eeskM, »r 0 eesket. Mr Ue
will lut * whtll.
The best Brick in the Province.
Well burnt Brick in huge nr
small quantities at Reasonable
Manutactured Ior ull classeslof buildings
All kinoXof .building and plastering
Front Street,    Revelstoke
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vanoouver—Largest
Soap Factory west ot Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washingarecasy with itshelp.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Roval Crown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
[, MIIE,
I have many enquiries Ior
Fruit Lands Irom Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose ol
their holdings, large or small,
will do well lo list them with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
BELOW will be found tho names ol some ol the prugr sal e limn in
Revelstoke who mnke this moBt popular and liberal offer: This el, gai.t
library and handsome case will be given by vote to the L'dge, Society,
Church or School in Revelstoke securing the largest number ol votes in
the lollowing manner: The bueiness men listed below will give wilh
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vote. The contest begins Sept.
9th and ends Feb. 9th, 1908, A ballot box has been placed iu lhu Canada
Drug A Book Store where the votes are to be dep. sited. At the close ol
the contest the church, school, society or lodge having .he largest number ol votes will be awarded the library. Current accounts when promptly paid will be entitled to votes. Remember, votes can only lie se.-ur-il hy
trading with the merchants listed below. Eaoh week tbe Mail-Herald
will announce the standing of the contestant.
The library and caie are now on exhibition in tl.e show window of
C. B. Hume A Co.
C. B. HUME 4 CO.
Groceries,   Drygoods,   Crockery
Men's Furnishings, Hoots and Shoes
House Furnishings.
Meats, Etc.
Full liue ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
We note with interest that tlie Van
couver school board has been preparing Hag poles for the Bchools and that
the boys will be drilled to hoist the
flag at five minutes before school
time and take it down at the dismissal hour. The idea is decidedly patriotic and should inspire imperialistic
teachings in the minds of the rising
generation. The same sort of plan
might with advantage be instituted
in our local shoola, and a Hag pole of
adequate dimensions erected in the
school quadrangle, when the en>ign
could he displayed during school
hours, Besides being instructive to
the children the Hag would he a fitting
ornament to the already neat anil
attractive grounds and add lun her to
the impressions gained by visitors to
Revelitoke ol the intereit taken by
her citizens in education and healthy
and edifying surroundings for the
children. Public subscription for a
flag, aa well as tor ensigns tor every
class rojni could be easily raiaed and ' -
the rising generation be thus taught
to revere the Motherland who gave
them their country.
Place your orders for your
Harness.,—Band-make Hoota
and Fancy Leather Goods. . .
Corporation   of the
The City Council requires the Ber-1
vices ol a Power House Superintend- \
ent to take   charge   of  the   Hydro-1
Electrio Plant, 'the plant will shortly i
lie augmented  by the addition  of a j
dynamo for the supply of  Tower, and ]
an   auxiliary   gn    producer   plant
Salary $12') per month.   Applications,
stating experience snd  accompanied
by references,   to   reach   the   unler-
signed by Friday, gept. Wtb, 1807,
ll   FLOYD,
r".v Clerk.
Revelstoke, B. C, Sept. oth, 1907.
Mom.s-r- ol botli »■,•'- ,l,h i.i M<
chan,.... irds. Bend I eoti If /.in....
receive r. fancy, han'l.'.mc, import'-.!
Post . ar'l, nnl yi.tr na.na gotsrsdorj
list. a.. 14 1m
Haddon   Bldg.,  Vancouver.
To Buy Property in and Around
Never Again will It be ao Low
1 have tor sale the following.—
One Collage, eorner Charles and
Douglas Sl. -$8oo, easy terms.
Tuo Hemes, Third St.—$.,500
One House, eorner King and
From Sis. .$.,700,
On.- Houseon Ilo.i^l.is St,—$800.
Eighl Aires jusl ou(side .he City
Limits, suitable forfn.lt—$100 per
acre. Together wilh larger lols
of Fruit Lands near lhe Cily.
Also one 15 fool iol suitable for
business site on First  Street,  close
to McKenzie Ave.
For full particulars apply 10;-
Revelstoke, B. C.
Stora*? e
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. HouBe Phone
25c. to 50c. on the &
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
Feeling Runs High in Alaska
Lynching May Follow
Vai.i.ez, Alaska, Sept. 21.—War
between rival railroad companies
building from Valdez to the interior
retched the stage of bloodshed yesterday morning. A crew ol the Alaska
Home Railway engaged in constructing camps at Keystone Canyon waa
tired on by employes of the Guggenheim road.
Six men were wounded, one died
and three aro not expected to live.
The workmen were peaceably engaged
in pulling up tents when the em-
ployces ol the Copper River and
Northwestern road lired on them Irom
ambuah. The newt was received hero
by wire.
Deputy United States marshal by
the score, with rilles, have gone to the
scene and are scouring the woods near
the canyon, searching for the guilty
onet. An ambulance ii on thu way.
One man shot wai named Hickman.
Popular leeling is running high and
lynching may follow il the criminals
are apprehended.
James Evans
Dealers in Heel, I'ork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Beaton, Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
Bif Bankrupt Sale
Rilles, Hhni.gi.ns. Be vol vers,
Fishing Tackle, Tents, Hunting ami Ouiing Huits, Cannes,
Hoiits, Typewriters and Off!..'
I lesi*, Field and Opera Glasses,
All nt, l(?8t than half price.
Write at oner- for big list,,
NAiiwIgflW-iiik, N  II., (.Rrin'lii.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties Sl reasonable  prices.
Fertilisers, Bee Supplies., spray pumps
Spraying Material Cut Flower., etc
Oldest established nursery 011 thc
mainland ol B.C.   Catalogue Iree.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Fine Conlectionery, Ico Cream, Etc.
Coupons given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tohacco, etc.
Printers and Publishers,
Central Hotel
Newly built,     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Ratet 81.50 per Day. Sped I Weekly Ratet.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Ratss $1 a day.   Monthly rate.
een s
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG,        -        -        Proprietor
WE PAY FREIGHT to any railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia,
Write for our Latest Prlos List, it is
mailed Iree 011 request.
We only handle thc best goods money
can buy, only goods of best mills, inaiiii-
facttirers and packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Coods Cuarantesd or Money Refunded.
It is a duly to Vou, to Your Family and
lo your Pocket Book to investigate our
We do nol belong lo lhe Jobbers' or
Retailers' Hoard or Association or any
References I Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company in .he Cily, or the
names of twenty thousand satisfied customers in the lour provinces.
Write for Our Prioe List To-day.
Under  New   Management)
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Bust brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1  AND   $1.50  PER  DAY
Northwestern  Supply   House
i,.g and 26. Slanley Street
Under the new management of
Habkv       tXTOSH,      olTm n   House
yon a..- ib.. most curative In ths
world.   A perfect, natOial remedy lor
all Neivoui and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney .....I Htomnch ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "Thnl. Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all hunts and trains. Two
mails Strive and dl ait every dny.
Telegra ll   eomiinin   atinn   with   all
marts of the world,
TWIHI!   $12 to 1JI8 per week.   For
fui ther particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lak*. 9, C
I.. ...der Insecure one of our
I.. 11 enl re of ll.e Houlhei'li-
iin.sl, and Win inesl valley in
B.C., West Kootenay, for
gii. down   and  $|ll  per
1 ...ii.lh for IU aores.
we guarantee:
... pal -II your e,pense, ami r..(tllul
If ,..ir land und whole proposition
ll not exactly as we represent il.
V...I <fin ...uke from |400 to $7H0
per acre .1n.1u.1lly growing fruit"
-u.d market gardening. Every tract
Is either level or gently -flop!...',
The soil is loam with clay sul.Ni.il.
Free from rock. Ample rainfall.
Im.,.' healthy Hi...nic, ('....I In summer, Zen. weather in winter pra..-
i.M.lly unknown, No early or late
frotl .binge.-, Plenty of limber on
each tracl for buildings, fences and
fuel,    Kaeh Irani fninls on it rood,
and every traol within half-mile of
iimiii. ii.... ..r lt.lt.   T.il.. is perfect,
We own one-fifth of the good laud
in lhe whole Kooleuay .mil make
these terms so 1I...1 you will be able
to use your surplus funds Improving
your I..111I, We refer lo Hire., of the
strongest Hanks in Canada. Write
Quick for maps, ele., and teslimon-
inis of settlers nl Priiilvale,
Hslson, B. C,
In the matter of an application for the
lasue of a duplicate of the certificate
of title fur Lot 12, Block 18, in the
town of Revelatoke.
NOTICE is hereby given I hat It Is
my intention to issue at the • .piration
of one month from the Hrst publication
hereof, a duplicate of the certificate of
title for the above lut in the name of
.Huron Hallcgu.ml, which certificate is
dated the 14th day of January 1001,
and numbered 4080k. and 4031k.
hind Registry Office, Nelson, B. C,
Oth September. 1IK17.
H. V. MacLkod,
District Registrar.
In lhe ...fitter of Archibald Stpinir,
In I he ...titer of Ihr "Official Admin-
Is! rutin's Act."
TAKE NOTICE   by order of His
Hoi....'.LA. Forin, made the liiih day
of  Augusl.   11107,  1  was   appointed
iiilministriilor of the estate of said
Anhihald   Urchin Squair, deceased,
and all parties having claims against
III,, said estate are hereby reqiiiied In
furnish same properly verilied In me
on or before the 1st. (lav of October.
1007.    And nil parties indebted to said
estate are required to pay the ..mount
of their indebtedness In um forthwith.
(Mil. nil Admi.iis.rutnr.
Dated the 27th day of Augusl,1007.
In the mailer ol Lewis Eyrn Sleeves,
In the matter of the "Official Administrator's Acl."
TAKK NOTICE that by order of
His Aouor .1. A. Fi.iin, made the loth
day of August, 1807, I was appointed
Ailniiiiistii.tor of l,cwla Kyra Sleeves,
dei eased, ..ml all pai tins having claims
against the suitl eHi.ite are hereby
required to furnish name properly verb
Urdu, mc on or before the 1st. dayof
October, 11)07. And all parties indebted
tos.ii.l estate are required to pay the
amount of indebtedness to me forth'
Official Administrator.
Daled ths 27tb day of August, 1907.
Went Koetenaj Lan.l District. District nf Rev
elstoke, B.C. Tain iiotlca that Hupart William
Haggen, ol Revelatoke, B.C., occupation Ineur-
slice ABCt, inland., to apply (or permission to
li.ircl.asc the lollowlng described lan.lf-Ci.m-
ii.eni-i.ia at a p .at planted on .lie western allure ol
Upper Arrow I.ake, at llannock Point, and mark.
erf "It. W. llasgen'a south-east corner poat,"
situate alsuit HO chains Iron, the southern eitrern-
ity of Bannock Point, thence north 40 clmins ta
the southern boundary of (lorce il.iyit's prcemp-
tion, thenes weat *u chains to tne eastern boundary of Lot 811, thence south 30 chains to the shore
ol Upper Arrow Lake, thence eaat following the
shore of Upper Arrow ...ike to place ol commencement, counting an area..(100 aerea, more or less.
Dated July lotb, 1907.  liupeit Williams Haggen.
Cariboo Land District,
Dislricl of Cariboo.
Take notice lhat Donald Mel.Uosh of
Revelstoke, B. C, prospector, intends lo
apply for permission .0 purchase the following described land 1
Commencing at a post planted aboul J J
milea above Blue River, marked "D. Mcintosh's S, E. corner," thence norlh 110
chains, Ihence west 40 chains, thence
sotilh 110 chains, (hence eas. 40 chains .0
point of commencemeiil, containing 480
acres more or less,
Dated July 31st, 1907.
wed aug 1. D, McINTOSH,
In the matter of William Thomas,
In the matter of the Official Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
His Honor J. A. Fnrin made the 15th
day of August, 10(17, I was appointed
administrator nf the estate nf said
William Thomas, deceased, and all
parties having claims against the said
eslnle are herehy required to furnish
winiepioperly verified tn me on or
before the 1st. dnv of October, 1907.
And ull parties Indebted to said estate
are required U. pay the amount of
Iheir Indebtedness to me forthwith.
Official Adin'iiiatiator.
Daledlhe 27th day of Aug, 19(17.
Any person or persona found cutting or carrying a.,av timbor off Iho Comaplix townal.e,
without j.crmlsslun from tbe owner Hon,
Hewitt lloitook, or till teent Chief Young,
will be prosecuted according to law.
Paled thli loth day ol Aug us „ im.
widen, 11 la HIWIITIOITOCK. Feathers and Wings Fashion-
-The Local Displays.
Ideal summer weather prevailed on
Wednesday alternoon for the Opening
of llie fall millinery season, aud both
Reid rl Young, and C. B. Hume it Co.
wore kept busy until lute that evening
dancing attendance on the fair damea
who came iu large numbers to take iu
and study the (all and winter creations
and vie with each other in choosing
the latest and most stylish effects
Tbe crowds in the millinery rooms
were good humored and delighted and
tlie general opinion was that the millinery this year is lar smarter and
attractive than on any previous occasion, Wednesday was brisk in business by those who wanted a lirat pick
Iron, the well perfected styles. The
prevailing idea Ihis year ie to follow
faithfully the general styles set by the
great artists but to add to then, cerlain fetching characteristics which
assure their individuality and adaptability to Canadian tastes. Purple is
the newest color in millinery and
green in all shades, while brown and
black maintain their hold. Maroon,
leather brown, shades uf pu.pie and
grey, navy blue and plum are very
fashionable. Flowers take a s.condary
place, while feathers with hackle
effect, sprays, and plumes are very
much in favor. Fringed plush ribbon
and fringed silk are popular. The
shapes differ somewhat to those ol
the preceding years and are very artistic and becoming. The most popular it the cheyne, long back and short
turned up front in all the aforementioned colors, trimmed with leather
and sprays, the hackle sweep being
particularly noticeable. Flop hats,
and mushroom and sailor shapes are
very popular. The general style is
large and more bold, though there are
some more modified effects. Wings ol
ell kinds of birds, tinted and colored
will be much in evidence this year,
This enterprising firm has once
more been up to their reputation in
millinery art and are showing some
lovely specimens ol tbe latest styles.
One very handsome bat is shown, a
cheyne ahape in three shades of grey
velvet wilh long snd sweeping plume;
a handsome navy blue cheyne with
hackle feather plume caught with
large mother ol pearl buckle. A chic
little terra cotta mushroom, long
back, trimmed with French tilk.
Dainty creationi in all shades ol red,
maroon, plum, leather brown, green,
grey, navy blue and terra cotta, Conspicuous in trimmings are the lancy
leathers in "mount" shape, wings and
sprays, fluffy rulllst, and French silk,
There are many bate that deserve
special attention but tpaoe does not
allow it. In children's millinery, Na->
poleons, rolling sailors snd flop halt
in all colors to suit all tatles are being
shown. Thii firm are ihowing splendid variety and ladies wiil find the
most able assistance from Mill Mc-
Kinney in the selection from the large
snd varied stock of smtrt goods now
on view in the millinery rooms,
Many choice things are to be seen
here and the decided accent of newness in the goods and every item haa
a style of its own and charming taste
has been displayed by this Arm who
make a point of always being up with
the times iu all branches ot their business. Whatever they sell it good and
satisfaction guaranteed. Amongst
the latest styles several handsome and
dainty hats are being shown, A black
silk beaver with black plumes. A fawn
velvet with blue trimmings, large
(awn leather, and shaded foliage,
cheyne shtpe, tteel buokle, A dainty
flop in three shades ol brown, heavily
trimmed with wings and brown silk
headed pint. Ecrue shape in light
cream, brown ribbons and tbaded
wingt. Brown lelt helmet trimmed
with brown pom pomi, tbaded tin
ribbons tnd leathern. 'A smart little
heliotrope toque, trimmed with three
shades of ribbons snd velvet and grey
wingi. Several lovely cheyne shapes
in green, light cream and pale blue
are very dainty. New York sailor
shapes ii popular, while muihrooiiii in
ail colon are trimmed up to suit til
styles. Hats a.e to be worn well back
which give many opportunities ol
novel treatment, Shaded and plaid
ribbons are popular, while some lovely
llowers in tan, brown and shaded tints
are decidedly fetching. Wings and
leather! are much to the fore. A large
aud pleating variety of children's millinery ii on view. Min Jan ei assisted
by Miss D. Smith, is In oharge ol this
department, and loveri ol style should
not fail to visit this itore during tbe
opening week,
Buy by the Label
The Fit-Reform trademark means
the certainty ol satisfaction.
It stands for Fit-Reform quality and Fit-Reform values.
Millions of dollars' worth of Suits and Overcoats have been
sold because this little wreath has lived up to its reputation.
Thousands of men have carried it with them—and have
learned to appreciate itt importance.
It's a good thing to look for, and a mighty good thing to find.
And you will always find il in the inside pocket ol
Fit-Reform garments.
Suits and Overcoats,   $15 up. 214
Revelstoke, B. C.
By inserting the poker in the
conveniently located door, shown
in illustration, you can loosen the
ashes in the bottom of the fire-pot
and stir up the fire in a jiffy.
R.y.-lsl,ike Limi n-lrii-l.
Uf-.ii.i ..I West Kooleuay.
Take N.ii.e tl.lt I. Chicles L.
Hyde, ul RevidatnU, B 0.. oieupnlioi.
Timber Cruiser, intends to iipidy lor «
spi.-i.il llienee t• > ru. tin.bei on the
following described laud.
1 Coit.mei.ciug al posl planled aboul
:i miles op ihe norlh-easl fork of Uold
-trej.m, mat ked " Cluo*. L. Hyde's
N. W. Corner Posl," thenee sou.h 80
thaius, Ihence east 80 chains, ihenee
...ulii 80 chains, llienee wesl 80 ebains
In point of if 111...r.lie...enl, mill con-
lainingOlO acres, more or less.
Daled August8lh, 1007.
2. Conimenclng at a post planled
..bout 3 miles up lhe north-easl fork of
Qoldstream, and  mnrkeil  "Ohas. L.
Hyde's   N. E.  Corner Post," thence
south 80 chains, I hen. e wesl 80 ehnins,
thence north 80 cnains, theme east 80
chains to point of con....elite.......I, and
euii.ainiugG40at.es more or lesa.
Dated August gib, 1007..
3. Commencing ut a post plnuled
8nnd a half miles tip the north fork of
Uoldstream, and 1 mile west of the
north fork, maiked "Chits. L. Hyde's
N. W. Comer Post," theme eust 80
chains, thence aouth 80 chains, thence
wesl Ml chains, I hem e north 80 chains
to point of commencement, and ton
laining OIU acres, more or less.
Dated August Oih, 1007.
4. Commeneing at a post planted
ahout 3 nud a half miles up Ihe noith
fork of Uoldstream and about 1 mile
wesl of the north fork, marked "Chas.
L. Hyde's North-east Cruel Post,"
ihence south lOOchains, Ihenee west
40 chains, theme nnrth 100 chains,
ihence east 40 chains to point of com-
n.enceinei.t, and containing 040 acres,
more or less.
Dated August 9th, 1007.
5. Commencing at a post plant.'.:
about 3 and n hull'miles up Ihe norl!
fork of Coldstream nnd about 1 milt
wesl of the nnrlh fork inarked "Chas.
L. Hyde's SE. Corner Posl," thence
north lOOchains, thence west III chains,
tbence south 160 chains thence east 40
chains to pnint of commencement, an '
containing 040 .teres, more or less.
Dated August 0th, 1007.
6. Coinmeneing at a post planted
ahout 1 mile up Camp Creek and ahoul
half a mile east of creek, Cump Creek
being a tributary of Golusl renin,
marked " Chas. L. Hyde's S. W
Coiner," thence ninth 80 chaina,
Iheneeeast fjOchnins,thence south SC
chains, Ihence west 80 chains lo the
pointof commencement, and containing 610 acres, more or less.
Dated August 12th. 1007.
7 Commencing at a post planted about
half a mile from Columbia River and
about 10 chains south of Dnwnie
Creek, marked " Chas. L. Hyde'i
S. W. Corner." thence north 60 chains,
(heme eait 40 chains, ihence north 40
chains, thence enst 40 chains, thence
south 100iliains, thence west 80chains
tn pnint nf commencement, nnd con
taining 640 acres more or less.
Dated August 13ih, 1007.
wed.iug31 Chas, L. Hyde.
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Ilevetutoko Und Dlatrtd,
Dlstrictof Woat Kootonar,     .
Tnlii) notice tlmt Bowman Lumber Company,
Ltd., ot Hovebitoko, II. ('-. oocupatlon Lumber
Manufacturers, luUiiiil* Ut apiiJy tor a r-pudal
timbor licence oror Lho following described
Commencing at most ulnnlod on tlie hijui.Ii
sldo of norlhonst min Uuper Arrow Uktinml
mnrkod "Bowman Lumbor Cumpnny's N.K,
oornor post," WWOf eaal HI) olmlmi, tlionco wuth
HU chains, thoncilWCfltflOflhalllB, thonco linKli
Nii'lmliiHtoiM-liitiif oommoiicomonl, and coir
ruining 040 acres, mora or loss.
DaliK. July II, 10117. ,„ iM4I  r..
wag7   By tlnlr Agent. John 0, McCarthy,
Rovelstoke Land Distriot.
District of West KootoGay.
Tako notico that Elijah McBean of Revel*
stoke, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to
apply for special timber licenses over tho following; described lands:
1, Commenolng at a pout plantod two miles
east of thu Columbia rivor, near the south-east
cornor of Timber Limit9019, andmarked "K.
MoBoan's north-west corner," thenoe east 160
chains, thonco south to.ohalns, thonco west 160
chains, thenoe north iu chains to point of com-
nn-ney ment, and containing 610 acros more or
Dated 9th September, 1907.
2, Commencing at a post planted on the
north bank of Iligiuouth Crook about i milo
above tho south fork, and marked "K. Mc
Bean's south-west corner," thence north JO
chains, tbonco oast 100 chains, thenca south 40
chains, thence wost 100 to pointof commencement, and oontaining 640 acros more or less,
Dated llth Hepteniber. 1007.
X Commencing at a pout planted on the
kouth bank of Uigmotith Creek about 3| miles
above the south fork and mtrked "K. McBean's
north-east comer," Ihenco 4" chains south,
thence lOOchains west, thence 10 chains nortli,
thence 100 chains ea*t to polut of commencement, and containing 040 acres more or less.
4, Commeiiclng at a post planted on the
niuihbankuf Blgmouth Creek about .11 miles
above the south fork and marked "K. McBoan's
north-west corner," theuco 40 ohains oast,
tbenoe 40 chains north, thonce 40 chains east,
thence SO ohains south, thence 40 chains west,
thence 40 chains south, tnence in chaius west,
thence so chains north to point of commencement, and containing 610 acres mora or less,
A. Commencing ut a post planled on the eust
bank of Blgmouth Creek, about Ave miles
above Canyon Creek, and marked "K, Mc-
Bean's north-west oorner," thence 40 chains
south, thence 40 ehains cast, thence 40 chains
aouth, thuncu 80 chains east, thence 40 chains
north, thenoe 40 chains wust, thence 40 chains
north, theuco 80 chains west to point of cum-
mencomont, and containing 640 aores more or
Dated Wh September, 1007.
fl. Commencing at a post planted 300 yards
south of Hlgmouili Creek and above the north
fork and marked "K. McBenu's north-west cor*
ner," thencu HO chains Ihenco 80 chains south,
thonce 80 chainB west, thenee 80 chains north to
point of commencemeni, and containing 640
acres more or loss.
Dated liH.li September, 1007
Caribou Land District,
District of Cariboo.
Take Notice that H. McMahon. of
Revelsloke, 11. C, Intends to apply for
a special timber license uvei the lollowing desciibed hind '
DO. Commencing at a post planted
at I he Forks uf Alhreda Itiver, North
Thumps narked  "H.  McMahon's
HW. Corner," thence east 80 chains.
thence aouth 80 chains, thence wes, 80
chains;lhc.ee north 80chains to poinl
of commencement,   containing   uio
aires mors or less.
Dated April Hli h, 11*17.
11, MiMaiiu*-.'.
In tbe Matter ol Duncan McEachren
TAKE NOTICE that by order ol
His Honor J, A. Forin, made on tbe
26th day of August, 1907, I wit appointed Administrator ot the estate
of said Duncan McEachren, deceased,
and all parties having claims against
the said estate are hereby required to
furnish tame properly verified lo me
on or before tbe 1st. day ol October,
And al   partiei indebted to laid
estate are required to pay the amount
ol their indebtedness to me lorthwitb.
Official Administrator.
Dated thii Slit day of Aug., 1907.
In the matter nf James Orawfo.d,
In the matter of the "Official  Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
His Honor J, A. Forin. made on the
15lh day of Augusl, 1007. I wiih appointed udminhM rain, of the estate of
said James Crawfnid, deceased, nnd
all parlies having claims against the
said estate are hereby required lo
furnish same properly verilied to me
on or More lhc 1st, day of October,
1007. And all parties indebted to said
estate .ire hereliy required to pay the
amount of their indebtedness to me
Official Administrator,
Dated Ihe27lh day ol August, 1007
Take notice that 1, (Icoiue. T. Newman, ol
Ar.owhcad, B.C., occupation Clerk, Inlcnd lo
appljr (or permission to purchase the lollowlng
described lands.
Comnienclni. at a post lilnntcl al Ilic N.K.
corner ol Clara McQ.iarrlo's LotSliU, llienee
nortli 111 chains, thenco west M cnains, thence
iouth * ehalm. Ihence cast W clialns, t.hcnoa
soulli l.l chains, I hence oasl 111 clmins to point
... conuneucctiieul.
Da.ul Kept, llth, in-:
MP tint        UKOHOK T. NEWMAN,
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay,
Take e tnat Andrew Kitson, of
Revelsto-.o, B. 0„ miner, intends lo
apply for a speciul timher license over
the lollowing described lands:
1, Commencing at a post planted
one qiiartei mile above the north fork
of Flat Creek, oo the north bank, and
marked "Andrew Kitson's S. E. Cor
ner," thence north 40 chains, thence
west 160 chains, theuce south 40 chains,
theuce east 160 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640
acres more or lees.
Dated August 20th, 1007.
2, Commencing ata pust planted
nne quarter mile above the norlh fork
of Flat Creek on the null, bank and
mai ked "Andrew Kitson's S. W. Cui
ner," thenee north 80 chains; tlience
east 80 chains; Ihence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, to point of
commencemeni and containing 640
acres more or less.
Daled August 20th, 1907.
3, Commencing at a post plnuted
about one mile and three-quarters
below the norlh fork of Flat Creek, on
the norlh bank, and marked "Andrew
Kitsun's S.W. Corner," thence noi'ih
80 chains; thence east 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, theuce east 40 chains,
Ihenee soulh SOchains, thence west 40
iliains, llienee north lOchains, thence
wesl 40chains tn point of v.iuiniei.ee
ment and cuntaining 640 acres more or
Dated August 20th, 1007.
Anei.bw Kitson.
Revelstoke Land Dislrict.
Diatrict of West Kooten.iy,
Take notice lhat I, Hubert Sim, of
Revelatoke, B. 0„ occupation, Lun.
berma.i, intends to apply fur a special
timlier licence uver the follow!..* des
crilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted annul
20 chaina from the soul Invest eorner of
Timber Limit 1682 and 10127, and abuul
2chuins west of the west boundary
and marked "Robert Sim's N. E. Corner Pust," running west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, Ihence east 80
chains, Ihence nurth 80 chains to place
of beginning, cuntaining 610 acres
mure ur less,
Dated this 8th day ot August 1007.
In the matte,  of William J.  Elliot,
In the matter of the '■Ollicial Admin
istralor's Act,"
TAKE NOTICE that hy ordei of
HisHonoi ,1. A. Forin, made or, the
15th day of August, 11107, I was ap.
pointed administrator ol tl.e estate ol
snid Willi iiii J. Elliott, deceased, and
all oait ies having claims against tl.e
said estate are hereby required to
furnish same properly verilied to ine
on nr before the 1st. day of October,
1907. And all parties Indebted to said
estate nre hereliy required lo pay the
amount of their indebtedness to me
Ollicial Administrator.
Dated the 27th day uf August, 1007.
ltevolctoke Und District,
District of Wust Kootenny,
Take notice thnt wo. Lamb-Watson Lumber
Co., Ltd., of Arrowhead, occui-atlon Mlllown-
ers, Intond to apply for permission to purchase
Ihe following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the 8. K
cornerof ltalph tilmpnon's application, Oalena
May, thencu north 80 chains, thuncu oasl 40
chains, tbence norlli 20 chains, thence ensl 20
ehaiiiH, tbuncu south 20 chains moru or less to
Galena Bay, thuncu southwesterly along north
Ktiorcof Ualena liny lo point of commencement.
Dated 23rd July, 1007.
Lamb-Watson LcmhkhCo., Dm,.
wod aug 7 U. «. N. Wilkie, Agont,
rnribnf)' ninl District,
Take notice that Walter 8 tel illicit, of Golden,
.. C„ ii GUpfUlon, crniier, Intends in apply Inr
a (ipecial limber llrcnso over lhe following
dcsirll-ed Undo:
l. Commencing at a posl planted nn right
bankof Lillle Smoky Hlver, about 21*0 yards
frum its tiwuili, marked -Walter Steinhoff's
s K Corner Poll," ihence went mi ehains,
iheuce nurlb sopIihIds, thenoo cast 80'■chaini,
ihenc" muii h mi elm in*- in puint ol cum meneement, containing tilu acres moreor less.
•1. i[ommenclng at apost planted on the
right hank of the south fork of the Kraser
rf cr. rtljimt % mile trom the moulh of the
LiltleSmoky Kiver, marked"WalterSteitihoff's
s. W. Corner Post," theuce north bU chains,
Iheneeeast 80 chains, thence Bouth 80 cheins,
thence west 80 chains to the point of commencement, and conlaining 610 acres more or
3. Commencing at a post planted on the
left tank of the south fork of the Frazer river,
about half a mile above the mouth of tbe
Llltle Smoky river, marked "Walter Steinhoff's
8 K. Comer Posl," tbence north 40 chains,
thenee west 160 chains, tbenco south 40 chains,
(hence east 160 chaius to the point ol commencement, ami containiug 640 acres more or
4. Commeneing at a post planted on thu lell
bank of the south fori of tbe fraser River,
about hall a mile above the moutb of the
Lilt cSimilty river, marked ''Walter Htelnhoff's
North-enst corner post," thenco south 40 chains,
thence west ltio chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence east 100 chains, to tbe point of commencement, and coutalnlng640 noren moro or
5. Commencing at a pout planlcd on the
right bank nf lhe south fork of thi Kraser
river, about lj miles above tho mouth of lhe
Little Smoky Kiver, markod "Walter Btelu-
faoff's N.w. comer l'otit" thence south 160
chains, thence east hi chains, thence north 160
chains, thence wesi 40 chnlns, to the point of
commencement aud containing 040 acres more
or less.
6 Commencingat a post planted on the
right bank of the soutb fork of the Fraser
river, about 1U miles above the mouth of the
Little Smoky Kiver, marked "Waller Htelnhoff's
s w. Corner Post" thenre east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chain;, tlienco went 80 chalna
thence south 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres moro or less.
Dated August 2nd. 1907.
7 Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of lhc Little Smoky Rivor, about oue
mile from its mouth, marked "Walter Stein*
hotFa S K corner post," thouco west 160 chains,
tlu-nce uorth 40 ohains, theuco cast 100 chains,
thunce south 40 chainslo pointof commencement and containing 040 acres, more or less.
8 Commencing at a post planled on the left
bnnk of tho Littlo Smoky Hlver. about one
mile above its mouth, niarked "Walter Stein-
holTs S W corner post," thence cast 160 chains,
thenco north 40 chains, thence wesi. 160 chains,
thonce south 40 chains to point of commoncomont and containing 610 acres, moro or less,
9 Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of Ihe Little Smoky River, about ono and
ono-half miles above ita mouth marked "Waller
SteinhofTs S E corner post," thouro west H30
chains, thence nortb 40 chains, thence east 160
chains, thence south 40 chains to point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or
10 Commencingat a post plantod on the left
bank of the Little Smoky River, about one and
one half in Hen above Its mouth, marked" Wai tor
StcinhotTsS W comer posl," thenco east 160
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west 160
chains, Iheuce south 40 chains to point of com
meneement and containing 640 acres more or
11 Commeuelng at a post planted on lho left
bank of the Littlo Smoky River, about two
miles from its mouth, marked "Walter Stein-
hon's S W corner post," thenco east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 640 aores, more or less.
12 Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of the Little Smoky River, about two
miles from Its mouth, marked "Walter Steinholfs S E coruer post," thence west 80 ohains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to point of commencement and containing 610 acros, more or less.
13 Commencing ata post planted on the left
bank of the Littlo Smoky River, about three
miles from its mouth, marked "Walter Steinholfs S W corner post," thence cast 160 chains,
thunce north 40 chains, thence west 100 chains,
thence south 40 chains to point of commence*
ment and containing 640 acres, more or lesa.
14 Commeneing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky Itiver, about three
miles from its mouth, marked "Walter SteinhofTs S E corner post, thenco went 100 chains,
thence north 40 chains, thuuee east 160 chains,
thonce south 40 chains to point of commencement and containing 640 aerea, more or loss.
15 Commencing at a post planted on the left
bank of tho Little Smoky River, about three
and one-half miles from Its mouth, marked
"Walter SteinhofTs S W corner post," ihence
east 160 chains, theuce north 40 cnains, thenoe
west 160 chains, thonce south 40 ohains to point
of commencement and containing 640 acres,
mora or less.
Dated August 6th, 1907.
16, Commencing at a post planted on thc
right bank of tbe little Smoky Hlver, about
3J, miles (torn Its moutb, marked "Walter
Sielnhoff's S, K. Corner Post," thence weal 160
chains, thence north 4o chains, thence east 100
chains, theace soulb 40 chains to the point of
commencement aud containing 640 aores more
or less.
17 Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little Smoky Kiver, about four
miles from its moulh, markod "Waiter Stein-
buff's S. K. Corner Post," theuce weit 80 chains
thencu north 80 chains, |iheni*e east80 chains,
Ihence soulh SO chains bo the point ol cum-
menoement and containing 0W acres moreor
18 Commencing al a post planlcd un the let
bankof mc Little Smoky Hivur, ahum j miles
above Us mouih, marked "Walter Meiiiliuff's
S. K. Corner Post," thenco uorth 80 chains,
thencu wust 80 chnlns, thencu houiIi 80chains,
Ihcnceeastso chains io the poiut of com-
uieucement and containing 010 acres moru or
19, Commencing ala post planted on tbe
lefl bank of thc Little Smoky Kiver, about 6
miles imm its mouth, markud "Walter stein-
huff's SW corner post," thence north 80 chains,
tbence east 80 (hains, thencu south 80 chains,
tbence wesl 80 cbaina (o thu point of com
lueiiceincni and containing ow acres more or
■in. Commencing at a post planted ou (hs
lull bank ol lhu Llltle Hmoky Hlver, aiming
miles from its mouth, marked "Waltei stein*
huff's N.W. Corner Post," thence south 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains, thunce north 80
cbaius, thence wesl 80 chains to the point of
coin men content and coulaiuing till) acres moro
or luss,
21. Cummencing at a post planted on the
lefl bank u( the i Ittlo-inuky Kivnr, about six
unlus frum lis muuth, marked " Walter Steinhoff's H W Corner Post," t leuco norlh 80 chaina,
thencu cast 80 chains, thencu soulh 80 chaius
theuce weat 80 chalna to point uf commence
muni, and contului ug 640 aerea moreor lesa.
Dated August8th, 1007.
ti. Cummencing at a poat planted on the right
bank of thu Little Smoky river, nbuiiU miles from
Its mouth, marked "Walter HIuii-ln.frn N W
cornur post," thencu south 80 clmiin*, theuco east 80
chains, thencu north 89 chalna, tlience west 80
chains to the point of cominencomeut and con*
tiriilng 040 acres, inure or luaa,
SS. Commencing at a peat planted on the right
bank of tit Liule Smoky river, alwut 7 miles from
Its immth, niarked " Walter Steinhurf's S W
corner posl." thence north 80 cliaum, thence eaat
80chnins, tlience aouth 80 chains, tlmnee west 80
chains tu thu pulut <i( commencement and cun
taining 040 aerea, more ur luss.
•it. Commencing at a post plunted on the right
bank uf ths Little Hmoky river, almut 8 miles Irom
its uouth. marked "Walter Stclnhulfa N W
corner post." tlienco suuth tio chains, thsnee east
80 cliains, tlioncu north 80 chaini, thunce weal so
chains lo thu point of com luetics mint ami containing 010 acres, more or less.
16. Commencing atapoat planled on ths right
batik of the Little smuky rivor, almut 8 miles front
lla muuth, marked ' Walter Stulnhoff'a S W
corner pust,'1 thence north 80 chains, tlience east
80 chains, tlienco south 80 clialna, thence weal 90
chains to the point uf commencement and cuntaining C10 acres, more or less.
Dated Augusttfth, 1907;
20, Communcing at a post planted un the right
bank of the Little Smoky river, about 0 milos (rum
its muuth, marked "Walter Stelnhuff's N W
corner post," thence south 80 chains, Iliuncu sast
SOohains, thoncu north 80 chaiua, thnnco woat 80
chaini t« the point of cunmoncuinunt and containing (140 acres, muro ur loss.
27. Communcing at a post plauted on the right
Imnk of thu Little Smuky river, almut 0 milea frum
Ita muuth, marked " Walter Stelnhoria S W
cornor pnst." thence nurth 80 chains, thenca oait
80 chains, tltuncu auuth 80 chains, thonce west 80
chains tu thu point uf ommuticument and con
taining 010 acre:), mere or less.
18. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted on the right
bank ul thu east furk of thu Littlu smoky river,
abuut uiiu-olglilh mile almvu thu furks, markud
"Walter Stuhiholl s N W curnur pust." thunce suuth
80 clialns, thunce east 80 chains, thenes north 80
chains, thuncu west 80 chains tu thu pulut uf nun
uieiioetntnt and containing 040 acres, muro nr luss,
tt. CummeuoMg at a pust planted un tho right
bank uf thu east furk uf thu Littlo Smoky rivor
jiImiii! uiu' eight mils nlmve thu forka, marked
"Walter HteiiihuiTs H W corner pusl," thencu
mirth 80 chaini, thetice east 80 elinins, thencu
south 80 cl.alna, thencu we it 80 chains tu tho point
ufcumiueitceaient and containing 640 ncres, muru
or luss,
80. Commoneliig ata post planted un the right
bankof the east fnrk of tho Littlu smoky river,
iilionl. one and uno-ulglith mites fron the furks,
uiarked "Walter SWinboif a N W corner post,'
acres, more ur less.
81,' t'oramenoing at a post planted on the right
bank of tlio oast furk uf thu Little Smoky river |
ah-niL une and one-night miles fnnn its f>-rk •
mirkuil 'Walter Ntoinhuffs H W corner pml,"
thence nnrth Wi chains, thence east 80 chains,
llionce south 80 chains, tbeiiCti weit su chains tu
tins puint uf commencement and containing olu
acres, muru ur lens.
3t Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of tho uasl fork of the Little Smuky river
abuut 2 miles from its forks, marked 'Walter
Stciiihuff's N W corner post," ihunce south 40
chains, llionce east uio chains, theuce north 40
chains, thenco west ItiO chains to the point uf
enmmeiicuiuent and cuntaining tilu acrus, mure or
83, Cummencing at a pnst plnntod on Hie right
bankof the east fork uf the Little Smoky riror
about 2 miles from its forks, marked "Walter
Steinholfs S W corner post," thonce nurth 40
chains, thencu oast 100 chains, thence south 40
chains, thuuee west 160 ehains tn the point of
commencement and containing 640 acrus, more
or less.
Datud August tilth, 1007.
34. Cummuncingatapost planted un the right
bank uf the east furk of thu Little Smoky river
■ibiiiit C- miles from its forks, marked 'Walter
Stohihuli's N W curnor post," thouce suuth 100
■liiins, thence east 41) cnains, thence north 160
'haina, thunce west 40 uhaius tu the point uf com-
mencument and containing 040 acres, mote ur less.
35. Communcing st a post planted on tho right
bank of lhe east fork of the Littlu S.noky river
abuut 4U miles frum ita forks, marked "Walter
Steinhurf's S W comer post," thenco north t&
cliains, ihonoe east 00 cliains, thune suuth B0
chains, Ihence wost 8" chains to the puint of c-.ni-
menceniout and cuntaiuing 840 acres, more or less.
36. Commoncing at a post planted on the right
bank of the oast fork of the Littlu Smuky river
abuut 4M milea above its forks, marked "Walter
Steinhuft'i N K cornor pust," thence south  180
hains, thenco west 40 chains, thunce nurth 16U
elmlas, thencu oast 40 chains to the point of commoncement and cuntaining 610 acre*, more or less.
Commonclng at a post planted on the right
bauk of tho eaat fork ol tho Littlo Smoky rivor
about *v i miles from Ita forks, marked 'Waller
Siemli.ill's S W corner post"' thence north 80
chains, thencu eaat 10 chaini, thonce south 8U
chains, thence west 80 chains to the point of commencement and cuntaining 040 acres, more or less.
38. Cummencing at a post planted on the right
bank uf thu east fork nf the Little Hmoky river
about b% miles from its forks, markod "Walter
Steinholfs N W corntr post," thenes east 80
chaina, thonco south 80 chains, thonco weit 80
eli tins, thencu north 80 chains to the point of com*
muneumunt and cuntaining 040 acies, more or less.
Dated August 12th, 1907.
39. Commencingat a pust plantod on the right
bank nf the east fork of the Little Smoky river
ahout UVj, miles frum its forks, marked 'Waller
Sleinhutf's S W corner post," thence nurth 80
cliains, tbence east 80 cliains, thunce south 80
chains, thonce west 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing 040 acrua, more or lesa.
40. Commoncing at a post planted on the right
lunk uf the oast lork of tho Little Smoky rivor
about lii miles from Its forks, marked 'Walter
Stoinlmtf s N W corner post," thunce east 86
chains, thence soutn 80 chains, thence west 80
chains thenee north 80 chaina lo the puint of com
nieiicemeiit and containing 640 acres more or loss,
Datod August lath, 1907.
41. Commoncing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork of the Little Smoky river
abuut 7U miles from ita forks, marked "Waller
Stuintiurf's N W corner poat," thence east 80
chains, thenco south 80 cnains, thenco west 80
ehnins, thence north 80 chains to the point of com'
lnencument and containing 640 acres, more or loss,
ii. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the oaat fork of tbu Little Smoky river
about 7 1-2miles from its forks, marked "Walter
Steinhoff's s W corner post," thence north 80
ehains, thence east 80 chaina, thence iouth 80
chaini, thencu west 80 chains to tho point of commencement and containing 640 neres, more or less.
Dated August 14th, 1907,
43. Commenolng *t a post planted on the
rfgbt bauk of the east fork of tbe Little
Smoky Kiver. about l% miles from id forks,
marked "Waiter Hteiunoff's ft W Corner Post,"
tlience eut 80 chaius, tbence south 80 chains,
theace west 80 chains, theuce nortb 80 cnains,
to the point of commencement and containiug
840 acres more or leu,
44. Commencing at a post planted on the
rigbt bank of the east fork ol iho Littlu Smoky
Kiver, abuut sh miles abovo Ue forks, marked
" Walter Steinhoff's S W Corner Post," theuce
north 80 chains, thence eaat 80 chaius, theuce
Bouth 80 chains, thenee wut 80 cbaina to tbe
point of commeuce ment and containing 840
acres more or lesa.
Dated August loth, 1907.
45. Commencingat a post planted on tbe
right bank of the east fork ol the Llltle Smoky
Hirer, about 9^ miles above its forka, marked
" Walter steinhoff's N W Corner Post," tbence
•ut 80 chaina, theuce south go ebains, thenco
west 80 chains, tbence uortb 80 chaina to the
point of commencement, and containiug 040
acres more or leas.
46. commencing at a post planted on tbo
right bank of tbe eut fork of the Little Smoky
.iiver, about nine aud a half mllei from Ui
forks, marked -Walter Steinhurf's S W Coruer
Post," theuce north 80 chains, tbenco east so
chains, thence south 80 chains, ihence west 80
cnains to the point of commencement and
coutalnlug 640 acres more or less.
Dated August 16th, 1907,
47. Commencingat a post planted on tbe
right bank of iho east fork of the Little Smuky
Hlver, about ten and a bail milu from Its
lorks, marked •'Walter Htelnhoff's NW Corner
Post," thencu east 80 chains, tbence south 80
chains, toeuce west 81 chains, lbence nortb 80
chaiua to the point of commencement and
coniaiuing Olu acres mere or leu.
48. Commencing at a pust planted on the
right bauk of thc eut fork of the Little Smoky
Kivor, about ten aud a hall miles above its
furks, marked-Walter steinhoff's SW Corner
Post," ihence norlli SOchains, ihence east su
chains, ihunce south 80 chaius, theuco wostt-u
chains, to the point of ccmmuucemenl and
coutaiuiug 040 aurcs uoreorloss.
40. coinineneilig at a post planted on the
right buuk ol tbe east lork of the Littlu saoky
Kiver. about eleven aud a half miles from iu
Inrks, marked'Wilier Stolnboff's sw Corner
P.iii," llienee inirili hn chaius, theuce easi
i-hniiis ihenee south 80 chains, Ihonce west 80
chains to tho puiui of commencement and containing ' lu acres more or Jess.
Dated August I7th, U7.
do. umuifneing at a post planted ou tbe
right bauk uf the eaat fork uf the Littlu Smoky
Uiver, about eleven and a half miles Irom its
i...k\ markud "n alter tfieinboff'a N W Curuer
Pom,"thenceeast so chafns, thence south80
chinn*, iheuce wust 80 chains, thentu norm 80
ehalth in tne polut of commencement and contaiuiug «i>' scru more or less,
61 Communcing at a post planted on the
right ban't ui too enst forkol tue Lillle Smoky
Hivor about twelve miles and a half from its
forks, marked "VS after Hteluhoff'i SW Corner
Pu.il," uieneocastmi chuius, ihencu south So
chums, ihunce wost 80 ohains, thence north 80
chaius to pointof commenoomeui and containing 640 acrei more or leas,
bl. Commencing at a poat planted on the
right bank of tho east fork of tho Little Smoky
Itiver, about twclvu and a half miles from its
forks, markod "Walter BtoloboflTl S W Corner
Posl," thuiice north 80 chains, thunce east So
uliains, thoncu soulh 60 chains, ibenco west Do
chains w tho point of commencement, con-
Uiring IHO acres more or less,
Duted August 19th, 1907.
.vi Commencing at a post planted on the
right hank of the oast fork of the Little Smoky
Itiver, about thirteen and a half miles from
thu forks, "marked Walter SUeinhotTs N w
Comer Cost," thenco oast 80 chains, tbenoe
soulh so ohains, Ihence wost 80 chains, thenco
uurth SOohains to the point of commencement
and conlaining 640 acres more or less,
M, Ci-mmnnclugata post planted on tbe
rii>hi bank of the eut fork of the LltUu
Hmoky Uiver, about thirteen aud one half
milos from its forks, narked "Walter
SiuIitbolTs S W Coruor I'oaL" thoneo north 80
chains, thunue eaat m chains, thence south 80
chains, thunue west 80 ohalna to the point ot
uoimi)uhueinentandoontainlu|648 acre*, more
or less*
Daled August 20th, 1007.
fib. Commencing at a poat planlwl on the right
hank uf the east furk uf tho Lillle Hmoky rivor
almul ll!) iniles from the forks, markod "Waller
Sloinholf's N W corner post," ihonce east 80
chains, thonco south 80 chains, thence wost 80
i hnins, thonce north 80 chains to the pnint nf com'
monceitionl and containing 840 acres, more or loss.
Ad. Commencing at i post plantod on the right
liank of the oul furk of the Little Smoky river
almut (Ci miles from the forka, marked ''Walter
Steluhntrs H W oorner post," thence nnrth **■
chains, thenco oast 80 eliains, thenco south 80
chains, thonco west 80 clialns tu the point of cum<
mencottiHitland containinge4o acres, more iult.it.
Datud August 2M, 1907.
07 Commonclng at a post planled on the
right hank of the north fork of the Littlo
Smoky lllver, about ono mllo from the forka,
markod "Walter Hleinhoirs S K corner post,
tlionco north 160 uhalns, tlionco west 10 chains,
tliuuco south lOOchains, thunce east 40 chaini
to point nf commencemuut and conlaining ivi
acres, muru or less.
68 Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of the nortn furk of tho Little
Hmoky Itiver, about ono mile from the forks,
markud "Walter SteinhuiTsH \V corner post,'
thencu norlli lOOchains, thenoe east 40 chains,
thouce south lOOchains, thuncu wost 10 chaius
to polut of commencement and containing 640
ncrus, moro or less.
Dated August 23th, 1997.
".li ('"iniiiciicliig at a p(Ht plautod ou tbo left
bnnk of the nurih fork of lhu Little Smoky
Hivur, alwut three milos from the forks, marked
"Walter StolnholTs HW coruer post,"thence
north 80 chains, thunce eu-i 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, Ihunce west W chnlns topolot
of cominunccmunl and committing 640 acres,
moro or loss,
60 Commencing ot a post planted en tbe left
bank of the nortb fori of the Little Smoky
wesi 100 chaiiiK, i In n* ■* -outli I cliain^ lo point
of coinmencement and um taining BViacies.
muru or l&>s.
iii Coniiuencing at a post planted nn the left
b.nk of the norlh fork of Dm Lit lla bmuky
Itiver, about four mile* from tht furks, mnrked
"Wallor StolnhoflTl N W corner poi-L" ihenco
ea>il 16) ehains, thence south 40 chaius, t'i*-nro
west 100 chains thence north 40 ehalm to point
u( commencement aud containing Clo atru,
more or lew.
Dated August211b, lt>",
by Ai.ki. Litimki,
sat gen 21 Agent
Kevelstukc Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Tom Stindt, of Re»-
elstoke, 11. C, limber cruiser, intend.,
to apply for a special license lu cut
limber uu the fulluwing descrihed land
1 Coniiuencing at a post planled
four and one-half miles south of .Suulh
Creek and two miles west nf Columbia
River and marked "Tom Sundt's south
easl cunier posl," thence west 80
chains, thence norlh 80chains, Ihence
east8)ehnins, Ihence south SOchains
tu the point of rouiiueuceuienl and
containing 610 acres, more or lesi.
2 Commencing at a posl planted
four nnd one-half miles -outh of Smith
Crenk and two miles wesl nf Columbia
Itiver and mnrked "Tom Sundt's north
easl corner post," thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 81) chains, thence easl 80 cl.ai.it
to the pninl uf commencement and
.'ontainuiK UIO acres, more or .ess.
3 Commencing at a poat planted
Hve and one-half miles south of Smith
Cteek and two wiles west nf Columbia
Hirer and marked "Turn Sundt's soulh
eusl corner  post,"   theuce wesl 100
hains, Ihence nortl. 10 ehnins, thence
ml lOOibniiis, Ihence south 40 chains
to lhe puint of commencement nud
containing 610 acres, more or less,
1 Commencing ai a post planted
Hve and one-half miles south of Smith
Creek and two miles wesl of Columbia
Kiver and ni.u Iml "Tom Sundt's nurth
east eurner pust," thence south 40
chains, theuce west 100 chaini, ihence
nonh40chains, thenceeast lOOchains
to lhe point ol commencement and
containing UIO acres, more or less.
5 Commencing at a post plnnted
sis aud une-half miles south of Suiilb
Creek and two and one-half miles west
of Columbia Riverand marked "Toci
Sundt's soulh east corner p,.»l,"i hence
west 100 chains, thence north 40 chains
ihence eiibl 100 chains, lbence soulh 40
chains to tbe poiut of couiuiencement
and containing 610 acres moreor less.
6 Commencing at a post planted
about six and one-half utiles south ot
Smith Creek and lwo and one-half
miles west of Columbia River and
marked "Ton. Sundt's uui lh east cur
ner posl," thsnee south 40 chains,
theuce west 160 chains, thence north
40 chains, Ihence easl 100 chains to lhs
point of cm.nencemeiit and containing OtO acres, more or less,
7 Commencing at a post planted
about seven and one-half miles south
of Smith Creek and two and one-half
miles west of Columbia River and
marked "Tom Sundt's north east corner post." thence soutb 80 chains,
thence west SO chains, tbence north SO
chains, thence e.ist 80 chains to ths
point of cuinmcnceuisnl and containing 610 acres more ur less.
Dated A..,,. 5,1»W.
saUuggf TOM SUNDT.
Bevelstoko Und District.
District of Weat Kuotenay.
Take notice that K, A. Bradley, of fievelatoke,
fi. C, occupation Miner, inteadi le apply for
special timberliceiuea over the follewi-gdMcriM
1. Commencing at a poit planted on the east
side ef Columbia river and one and a half ■lies
east of Columbia rivor ami twu and one half milu
north of Big Mouth Creek, and marked " M. A.
Bradley i .V W. cumer puit,' running iouth 80
chaini, ihence out 80 cbaina, theace nortb M
chains, thence weet 8V chains to poial of commencement.
2. Coiuiseiiciag at a puit planted on tht tast
side of Columbia river aad eaal ut Ui umbia rivor
one aud a half miles and two and a half mile*
nortb uf Big Muuth Creek, aad marked " B. A.
Hradley'a ti, Yi. cornor post," running north M
chains, ihence aut 8U chaini, tbance ituih M
chaini, thenoe wast eO chants lo poiat ef tarn-
Dated thii Mth day of August, 1907.
3. Commoncing at a post plaated on the eul
aide of Columbia nvir aud eaat ef Colombia river
uuu and a halt miles aud one mill tuuth of Kigbt
Mill! Creek, and marked "_-. A. Bradley's It L.
comer pusl," ruuuiug loulh to chains, lbence
«esl mj chaini. uenc-c nurth KOchouu, tbenct
east 8V ehains lu point of commenctment.
4. Cemiuenuug at a poil plauted ou tbt aut
side ol i..iiluiuoia river aud tut ol Columbia river
•no and a half miles and one mil« iouth of Bight
Mile t,reek, and marked "B. A. Hradley'a S. B.
curuer post,' runniug north 80 cbaina thence weit
od chains llienei south oo chani, ibeice tut bO
chains to puint of commtBcement.
6. Commencing at a post planted en tht tut
side of Columbia nvtr :tiui tut of Columbia river
oue and a half milea and una milt south of Kigbt
Aide Creek, and inar&ed "B, A Bradley'i N. W.
eurner puit," running south so chaini. tbince tu.
no chains, ihence norlh Hi chaini, thiace wtst SU
chaini to pomt of cemmonceatnt.
c. Commencing al a puit plantod on the eut
lidt ol Columbia river and ont and a half milu
east nf Columbia river and ont imliaiuts. of Kigbt
Mile Creek, and marked" _. A. Bradley'i s. W,
corner pust," running nortb lo chaiu, thence tut
sochains, thoncu touth to chaini thenoe wut N
chaiu to point ol commencement,
Dated luu271b day of August, 1907,
7. Commencing ata povtplanted on tbe wut
■ideof Columbia rlvtr and west of the Columbia
river one hundred chaina and three miles nouth of
Maloney Creek, and marked "K. A. Hradley'a N.K.
eorner poit," running south sochains, thence wut
Su chaiu, Ihence north 80 chains, thence eut H
chaini lo point of commenctmtnt,
Daled this 16th day uf August, 1907,
8. Commencing at a poil planted on the weet
tide ol Columbia nvtr and unt and a half milei
west uf Columbia river and ont isiti north ef
Hume Crook, and marked " K. A. Bradley • ,1. B.
curuer poet," running nurth W chaini, thence woat
80 ehalna, thence touth au cbaina, thence tut lo
chains to point of commenctntnt.
if. Commencing al a putt planted on tbt wut
tide of Columbia ritrr and two and a ball milat
wtat u( Columbia mer and ont half nil* north of
Uurnt Creek, ami marked "B. A. Hradley'a S. JL
corner poa*.." running north tki chaini, thtsce weet
SO chaini. tliouce auulh 10 ebains, intact tut 10
chains to pomt uf couiuincumiat,
Dated Una firth day of Augti.i, 1W7.
10. CoBuitucing at a poil planted on tht north
aldt uf Horne Creel and unt milt from lu mouth,
amlfearkml'K, A- Bradlty'iS. K. turner putt/
running uurth lochaiiis, ihtnoe wool 10 cbaina,
thence auuth So chains, thenct tut W chaini to
point of cummcu. t-ment,
11. ceumeneitig at a peat planted on tbt north
side of Uorne Crtel and one mill from Ita mouth,
andmarked 'B. A. Bradley'iN. K. corner poet,
running suuth lu chains, ibtnei wtat N cnains
thenct uorth M chains, tbtnee eut 80 cliaim to
puint of c o-ii mince ment.
12. Commencing at a poet plaated on the north
aide ot Home ('rum and two miles from its moutb,
and marktd "K. A. IkaMUeia s. B. corner putt,"
running weit 10 chains, tnence north 10 cbaina,
thenci wen lo chains, Ihtnoe north 40 chains,
thtnet eut 8u chains, thenct suuth 10 chains,
thenct cut 80 chains, thenoe south IS chains
to point of commencement.
Dated this loth day of August, 1107.
13. Commencing al a poet nlanted to the
wesl *ide of Columbia river and one mile weet
of Columbia river and one mile south of Hornt
Croek, and marked " K. A. Bradley'i N. B.
corner pott," running aouth 10 chains, thence
west flu chalna, ihonoe north 80 chaiua, thenoo
eul 80 chains to poiut of oommenoement
Dated this 31st day of A uguat, 1907.
_ Itobert Ayre Black more, Agent
Cariboo Land District.
Districl ol Cariboo.
Take notice that Harry Sawjror of Revelsloke, B.C., milimau, intends to appljr
for (wrmission to purchase the followiug
described lands'
Commencing at a post planted about
one mile above Blue Kiver, and marked
•'Hi Sawyer b N, W, corner," thenco oait
So chaini, thence touth Ho chaini. lbence
west So chaini, ihenco nortb &> chaini to
point ul commencemeni, containing 640
acrei more or lev..
Daled July 30th. 1907.
wed ag ii   Ter Donald .Mcintosh, Agont Fall Millinery
The Stylish Fall Hats will be on display in our
Millinery Department to-day both afternoon and evening
and following days.
We are showing important Pattern Hats and Hats
made up in our Millinery Department.
We ask you to come and see them.
Reid & Young
9 9 9 9 9 9 '*' $ 't' 'ft $$*■
|    WHY?     t
T Vou should leave your Pre-  J
ty script ion with us
We use the Purest of Drugs
a. and Chemicals
j Every Prescription Is checked
ty        ' More it goes out
Our prices are reasonable and
jj. we n.li deliver youi- prescrip-
9 tion if vou wish it.
| Canada Drug & Book Go.
iTi iti iti tti iti iti ill itt
t£ ip \p ip \p \p 14,1 '4.'
Hvund—At Kamloops, h. C, on
Tuesday, September 10th., to Mr.
and Mrs. R. Hyland, a daughter.
Saturday, Sept. 28th, Ior 24 hours.—
More settled, cloudy with probable
showerB. Tem: Max. 70 degree., Min.
44 degrees.
Local and General.
F. B. Wells ii moving his big itore
to a corner site on his Front Bt. lot.
Miss Leonard, guest ol MrB. Cameron, will sing in Knox Chuich at the
Sunday evening service,
Return   tickets   at  $12.36  Ior the
Westminster exposition, Oct. 1-5, are
now on sale at the depot till Oct. 2,
with return limit Oct. 10th.
The ladies of Knox Church are making preparations for their annual
Thanksgiving '.'inner to be held on
Thursday, Octol«r 31.
Tbe Enderby Progress has moved
from Enderby and settled down in
Salmon Arm where the management
declare they can get better patronage
Hon. R. McBride, premier of B. C.
and II. L. Borden, Conservative leader
of Canada, passed through this morning from the coast en route lor Nelson
v. here tbey will deliver addresses.
The tea held by St. Peter's Ladies*
Guild was most successful, members
ol other denominations being moBt
liberal iu tbeir patronage. A substantia! sum was realized.
Tbe C P.R. management has decided that alter October 1st, all dinners
will be terved in dining cars a la carte
throughout the system from the Atlantic to tl.e Pacific coast.
The Blue Lodge and the Revelstoke
Royal Arch Chapter A. F.i A.M.
will attend divine service in St. Peter's
Churcll tomorrow evening. The Rev.
C. A. Proeunier will deliver a Masonic
A heavy team driven by a Jap nude
a very g.j.xl attempt to boll on Mc
Kenzie Ave. thii morning, dashing up
on the sidewalk and endangering
leveral pedsstritni, lieing eventually
stopped by B llowion.
The young people ol Knox Church
with their Iriends are cordially invited
t ■ a social gathering in the churcli
parlor on Monday night at 8 u'clock
In connection wilh this social gathering a shirt annual meeting will he
J Only .1 glance at, our stock     (
• of GrocerI08 will encourage     .
• you to try them. •
A  trial   will  convince vou 1
they arelho purest and best J
on  the  market.    Try   our ,
; Hobson & Bell j
, Grocers, Bakers A Confectioners .
s .
The commercial interests ol Vancouver and the coast generally will in
all probability be granted by the C.P.
R. substantial concessions in the mat
ter ot the freight rates eastward into
the territory tributary to Lethbridge,
Calgary and Edmonton.
A meeting of the Revelstoke Citizens' League will be held on Tuesday,
Oct, 1, in the City Hall at 8 p.m. The
subjects for discussion will be the
"Sunday closing ol hotel bars," and
"the advisability ol moving the sporting houses Irom Front street." A
lull attendance is requested ae the
meeting is an important one.
 , m .	
Social and Personal
15C. tO   $1
Druggist and Stationer.
Nexl lliunt' Miork,
G. H. Knight lelt this morning Ior
Camborne on a business trip.
Miss Foote leaves tonight for a visit
to Seattle.
Mrs. D. W. Foote leaves today for a
visit to the coast.
P. Levesque returned last week from
a visit to the coast.
J. D. Sibbald has returned from a
visit to Duluth.
Mn. Bobbins and family returned
yesterday from the const.
Mrs. J. I). Sibbuld lelt last nighl on
a visit to the coast.
Miss Norma Smith returned on
Wednesday trom visiting in the  west.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. I. Briggs leave
tomorrow night (or a visit to Vancouver.
T. More and his bride arrived in the
city on Thursday night en route for
the coaBt.
Mrs. H. Cu.iningh.ini Morris left
tbis morning for a visit to Notch Hili
and Lake Sbuswap.
H. N, Counier leaves to-morrow
night to attend the School Trustees'
convention as delegate from the Kevelstoke school board.
Walley Clark left the city for To-
routo at the beginning ol this week to
enter upon his studies in the University ot Toronto. He will enter upon
the regular degree course with the
medical profession in view. Walley
has taken it very creditable curse In
the public and high schools of Kevelstoke, and his many friend., will follow
him with interest un.l beat wishes lor
his success in the University, It is
of special intere-t to note that Walley
ia the lirst sou of lt.1veht.1ke to enter
the University.
N'.JW WESTMINSTKIt, Sept. 27.—.las
Leamy, timlier inspector lor the Dominion government, has returned
from a tour ol inspection through tbe
iip|*r country, and reports that businesa throughout the district is thriving. He found a number ol mill,
shut down lor repairs, accidents to
tl.e machinery having been met with,
hut most of them bad a supply (,(lumber on hand aullicient to meet the
current ordera, and all would be iu
operation again shortly.
Mr, Leamy atatea that losses of timher through hual. lires were very small
luring the past summer. The several
new mills which have been under
construction during the last few weeks
arc now Hearing completion and will
lie ready to start business shortly,
While devuting his attention principally to timher and the lumbering
companies, Mr, Leamy did not overlook the ranch..a. In talking with
up-country farmers, he learned that
orops were very good. Hay was very
good crop, but there were indications
that the price would rise to $110 a ton
beforo many weeks,
To Buy a House.
To Kent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Real Estate and Insuranoe sgts.
Catholic—Rev. Father R. Pecoul,
O.M.I., pastor. Scrvicescvery Sunday
at the lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:30 a.m. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Bunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W. C. Calder, paitor. Bunday, Sept. 29.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m, Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Morning service: Children's
Pay. Evening subject: "A Vocation."
Prayer meeting, Wednesday 8 p. m.
Choir practice and Teachers' meeting,
Friday 8 p.m.
Mkthoi.ist—Class meeting nt 10:30
Sunday school and Bible Class at 2:30
p. 111. Public service at 11 a.m., sermon by the pastor, Bubject "Lessons
from the Heath of Moses." Evening
service at 7:30 p, m, Rev. Charles
Ladner will preach the evening
sermon. A cordial invitation ii extended to all.
Knox Presbvtkriax—J. R. Robertson. B. 1>„ minister. The annual
Children's Day service will ho held at
Sunday morning service, 11 o'clock.
All the children ol tl.e Sunday school
ar" especially requested to be present
with parents and friends. Subject:
"The Lord's Wurk and Our sharein it"
Sundy school and Pastor's Bible clnss
at 2.30 p.m. Evening service at 7.30,
subject: "Christ (ireater tfian the
Church." liood music Oj.en.ng an
them, "Our Father": Sob. (selected)
Miss I,eonard. Organ offertory, "Tra-
marie," Schuman: Benediction anthem, "Bow Down Thi...- Ear," The
Voung Peoplea Society mil hold a
social in connection with their an....a!
meeting on Monday night at8o'clock
in tbe churcll parlors, lo which all
tho young people are invited, Preparatory services will he held on Wed net-
day night at X o'clock and Sacrament
of the Lord's Supper on Sun day, Oct.
8th, at the evening service
St. PbtKB'i Avoi.i. in — Kev. C. A.
Proeunier reotor,   The lollowing n a
listof the  services    Trinity XVIII
also the Fisitol St. Michael and All
Angels—Ha, m, Holy Communion; II
a. .11.  M.ttins and Holy Communion
7:80 p.m. Eveniong,    Sunday School
2 3u p, in. Kootenay Lodge N".. 16,
A. F .iml A. M . and Revelitoke Royal
Arch Cnapter, No. 128, will ntten.l
the evening service. Front pewi reserved f..r these Orders.
BAPTIST—Preaching service morning and evening.it II .....I 7:80. Sunday school at 2,30 ,,...., in the Mission
Hall, First Street Tl.e pastor, Kev.
VV. P. Freeman, will preach at both
seivices. Morning subjecl, "The Writing on Cod's Hands.' Everybody
welcome to these services.
The Melrose Stock Co. gave a vaude
ville show on Thursday night to a
large ...udienco in the open, house.
Several laughable, sketches l.y the
Melroies, were received with warm
applause, while Mr. and Mrs. Chambers in the "Races" played a novel
and amusing role A. Arman gave
two charming illustrated songs, the
pictures being furnished hy the Melrose cinematograph moving picture
machine. Several good animated pictures worn shown, the "Highway Rob-
he.ry"and tho "Adventures 0! a Frnnoh
Count" being particularly good.   Mn.
nmi.unt i-l mil ili, her impersonations
being absurdly coinic.il. The Melrose.,
in the "ll.iby" scene, k pi the bouse
in 11 ripple nf mirib all thro.ith. KeV'
el-t..ke i,ill wel.- me the reappenrar.ee
ol the st.ck cn.p.uy.
The   lollowing   is *he result up till
noon today ol the Library Voting
Public Sihool  2214
Y.M.C.A  2067
Masonic Lodge  880
Kuox Church  752
Locomotive Engineers  620
F. O. E  620
l.O. F  530
St. Peter's Church  610
Hospital   500
I.O.O.F  430
Catholic Church  400
K.olP  380
Methodist Church  376
Machinists  340
Fire Hall No. 2  260
Brakemen  250
Baptist Church  200
Firemen C. P. It  160
Business Locals
Nothing better than our "Speoial.
Get a sideboard with German bevel
mirror at the ideal for $13.
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Double iron bed, Dominion spring
and mattress, at tlie Ideal Ior if 14.25
Green tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and
corn on the cob, arriving daily at C.
B. Hume & Co.'s.
Wall Paper—Liberal discounts on
wall paper Howson's Furniture
Revelstoke Cigars—Union Hade Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Try the Ideal Cash Furniture Store
when in nted of bedding, etc. Feather
pillows 35c. each.
See our display of English cups and
saucers in fancy china and prices that
will induce you to buy. C. B. Hume
A Cu.
Oak curtain polts and trimmings
complete, 35c. Window shades with
liinge, 60c.   At the ideal.
Get prices on springs, mattresses
and pillows at Howson's furniture
For toilet soaps, laundry soap,
washing powders, etc. See our stock
and prices belore buying elsewhere.—
C. B. Hume A Co.
When in the city make your head
quarters at the Ideal Cash Furniture
In order to make room Ior our new
jardinieres, we will offer Ior next week
only the balance of our old stock at
cost.—C. B. Hume A Co.
Howsou's furniture store is the
place to get au Ostermoor mattress.
We have the agency, eastern prices,
freight added.
Men.lers  are   .(quired  to  return
Iheir Rifles to the Armoury at once.
By order.
Tenders are required lor grading
part .1 McKenzie Avenue and Second
Street according to surveyors plans.
Tenden to reach undersigned by
7 p. m., Tuesday, Oct. 1, 1907. A certified cheque amounting to 10 per cent
to accompany each tender.
H. FLOYD, City Clerk.
nnil IT   IS»!ftnV|   DOCTOR   or
IIIM   I ,,iwp»ir   " Don't do «
llllll      I     thing" till you wc clearly
UUM     I    what's best l.y .ild of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
, dlMMH, love, man law find parniUge
Tell- vvlul rott'd a-if a tiuclor. Imt don't like l.o
HOpag ■ loftr&ted, Moenta; buttotntroduoe
it veumi ona only to any a*l»lt for poHiaK*-,
10 cent".
129 East 28th Street, NEW YORK.
Revelsloke Hospital Society.
The adjourned Oenefal Annual
Meeting of lhe subscribers to the Revelstok.' Hospital Society will be held
Sl   tl.e City   Hall,   Kevelstoke, I). (
on Tuesday, October 16, 1907, at h
o'olock p.m,
B«p| .'.., 1907       td        Secretary.
Anyone wishing fancy work for
Ohrltlmsi should leive their orders
n iw. Blttenburg tea clotba, embroid
ered centre pieces, cushions of all
kinds, drawn thread work, hardaiiger,
etc.   All work guaranteed.
Anyone wishing to see samples ol
work can call at residence.
Mrs, II. A. I.ei.R
Notice of Change in Sailings.
During the remainder ol the season
of 1907 ll... steamer " Hevelsluke "
will .....ke trips to Downie and return
twice per week, leaving Revelstoke on
Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 a.m., reaching Downie at, 5 p.m. and leaving
Downie on Wednesdays and Saturdays
at 8 a.m. reaching Kevelstoke at II
a.m. Parties desiring to make tliis
trip over the linest, scenic route iu the
Interior will find good accommodation
on bo...I Reduced rules tu parties ol
10 or more.
We are showing the first of our Fall Furs and you
^ will find them excellent value. They comprise Stoles, Boas,
,x' Caperines, Ruffs, etc, in the new shapes, prettily trimmed
J| with heads and tails, and not the least attractive point about
them is the very reasonable prices at whicli they are sold.
They also include a nice line of Children's Furs in Sets and separate pieces. Very cozy
and comfortable looking.
Our showing in these lines will bc found very good.   They comprise Cashmere, Lustre,
Fltnnel, Flannelette Sateen, etc., in plain and fancy patterns.
Every season sees an advance in the styles of Waist Goods, and this
season we are showing some very neat designs in both wool and cotton
goods. The Heavy White Vestings are being used very largely and we
have some very pretty designs in these goods.
We are now prepared to fit out your boy for winter.' We have a
lot of splendid serviceable Tweeds in both two and three-piece suits, and
in the larger sizes have both long and short trousers. Separate short
grousers from 65e. up.
\<Ff               •*    af   ■
Marriage Licenses Issued
in our professional skill and ability
as opticians has brought relief to
hundreds of sufferers from eye strain
and nervous disorders resulting from
•ye troubles. Why not lollow their
wise example? Know, please, that we
charge nothing whatever lor ey. examination, only fairly lor what glasses
or spectacles may be needed,
Restauran'. and Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street, ■ East End
MEN WANTED-For R. It. work
at Field. U. C. Pick and shovel
..en $2,50 per day, axe men $3.00 per
.lay. Board $5.2o per week, medical
fee $1.1X1 per month. Cooks $00 to
$100 and noard per month, according
to size of crew. Cookies $40 and board
pei month.
WANTED KNOWN-Money to loan
'" In sums ol($600 and upwards on
approved security.—Apply to E. A,
Hnggi'ii. Real Estate Agent, Ilevelstoke, B. (!. 2t
WANTED—Man with experience to
trim nnd grade lumber, also several
experienced millmen, for Revelstoke
mill.—Bowman Lumber Onmpany,
Limited, sep !*****> 2w
WANTED-I'osition 11s hotel house.
''   keeper. Thoroughly experienced
iii all hotel work. Address replies to
Mail Hkralii Office 	
mwo c-r thi se Unfurnished Rooms to
1 let. Apply at New House on
sixth Street,
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our store if you want to purchase
a New Carpet, Fine Oriental or Wilton rug, matting or linoleum and sen
how much further ils contents will
take you in purchasing than it will at
any other store in lhe city. Our
Spring styles are ready for your
Incorporated b; Ael c) Parliament, IKS.
Wm. Molson Macphebson, Pres. 8. H. Swing, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in Canada and Agencies in all parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Savings
Hank deposits, until further notice,
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revilbtoki, B. C.
A NY  INFORMATION concerning
iV Henry Phipps Williams, Insl,
I..-.ud of in Arrowhead, i-b ...kfully
received by Ulster llessie.   Post Office,
Ilevelstoke, 11. II.
WANTKD ■-Api.ienlices for Dressmaking ..nd Millinery, Apply
Mish A. Mullen, Firsl Btreet, Oppoiile
Oilman Ilolel.
l.iOll SALE- Sevei.il learns of good
1 logging horses, suitable for any
klndoftsamlng, Apply to RICHARD
Davis, Revelstoke Sawmill Co,, Ltd,
rilO KENT Furnished or iinfnr-
1 i.fsbed house, neat the Eastern
Semaphore, on 0, P. It. Apply to J.
Ilurlle nt the above residence.
WANTEH (iirl wants work by
lhe df.y, Housework. Office-
cleaning. Washing, eto. Apply I*. O.
Hox  lllli,  Revelstoke, H.C.
WELL EDUCATED capable lady
requires position as mothers
help, useful companion or housekeeper.
Cool.l leach,  Apply Mail Hki.ami.
WANTED Prollliible proposition
open for reliable man aciiualnt-
e.l among fruit growers and with
ability ns salesman.   Full... pint lime.
State age, experience and references,
LrTD„ Hrown's Nurseijes, Ont.
Yi young man as n porter In Hotel
or any kind or work. Mn. O. Mann,
Revelstoke Poit Office,
Import direct from Country ol origin.
HKADOmcK: OiioART, Albsrta,
Whol.sals. and Ratt.ll Mtat Merchants
I'ork Packer! an.l Dealer 'In Live Stoek. Market, la .11 Iks principal Ultle. ud
Tinvin.il Albert., Britiih ummbu, and Ibe Vakon, Packer, ol tbe Celelmted Bruit
'Im or or" llama and Bacon, and Shamrock Braml, Leal bird.
Fnr Agricultural Implement!. Carriage,, Wagons lle.XJohn
Deere Plumbs, Mi.llne Waione, Csntds Cirrlsss (tampan,'.
Hum-las, Planet Jr., (l.r.le.i Seeders and Cultivators, Whssl-
.riid.t ai.,1 Blacksmith Work attended lo. Burse Ihosllu t
WANTED-A gentleman of good
family and will. Unlve.slty
qualifications desires pupils fur the
winter session, .Modern languages,
music, English and mathematics
taught. Fees nn,delate. Highest
references and testimonials,
WANTED-Thlrd nr Fourth Clnss
Engineer.    Apply   U>   John
Kkbnaohan, Salmon Arm, B. C,
WANTED - Dining  Room Girl.
Waaet 8ffl per month.  Apply
Hotel Grand, Nakusp, B. C. Sep 71m


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