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 "Empire" Typewrite
Kor ease of operation and perfection
in results produoed, this machine
is unsurpassed.   Price, $60.00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.,   -   Agents
Vol. 14.—No  103
New Wellington Coal
E. W. B. PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.," j
Stores at Arrowhead anil Revelstoke.
Discount Sale
For lhe month of January we will run a big
Discount Sale in each of our departments.
Come in and get your wants supplied at prices
you never before thought of.
For the Men
We bave exceptional bargains in the following linen:
Underware from * 2 00   to   $2 50
.Men's sox ut
Men's suits at
Men's shirts at
Boys' suits at
18 00
1 50
5 00
to   $2 00
If 1  25
10 00
2 50
fm #&£ Wi$W8S&»
If   50   to
$   60
$   25
5 00   to
S 00
2 DO
I! 00    to
8 00
•1 00
■>. 00   to
I 00
1 50
Ribbon   K
mutants   and
.   table
of uthei
For the Family
Thirty-three and one-third per cent, discount on
all furs. Curtain muslin from Inc. lo 30c. per
yard. Tapestry Curtains at 25 per cent. off.
Tapestry and Linen Cushion covers from 20c. to
50c. each. Twenty-live per cent, discount on China
and Glassware.
C. B. HUME & CO.,  Limited
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
We are finding a lot of odd pieces of
Enamelled Ware, these we are putting
on a Bargain TnMi- and offering at a
reduction ol
All eood goods and articles that Kre of daily use
articles that Kre
the kitchen.
'Book    your    orders  for   Damaged
Pipes with our Plumbing Department
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited ?
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Unineb.'H or Agents nt all principal points in Oanada,
Agents in lirent Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyd's Bunk, Md. Chicago—First National liank, Corn Exchange
National Hank. Seattle—Seattle National Hank, Hun Francisco—
Wella Fargo, Nevada National Dunk. Spokane—Exchange National Hank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and  interest allowed ut      )
iTcnt rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. as
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
25 Per Cent. Off All
Ladies'and Children's Winter Weai
Must be cleared to make loom loi
new Spring Stock. . .      ,   .
MRS.    A.    CRICK
_K 1 R S T    s T U E IO T .
A Review of Year 1908-
Development on all Sides-
Civic Imptovements—More
Energy Needed.
Another year has come ami gone.
As is customary let tnat which has
passed lie looked over and the various changes which have taken
place noted. In making the retrospect there is no one who will deny
that Revelstoke has more than ful-
lilletl llie expectations of even ibe
most sanguine of her citizens uml
there are few who will contradict
the statement that the year l'JOS
has been one of undoubted prosperity and improvement, in spite
of the dark days when under the
inlluence of the C. P. R. strike and
financial tightness put a baron the
onward march of unsullied progress. Revelstoke is growing very
rapidly and this fact can easily be
seen and substantiated by a walk
round the city, when   evidences of
J?fttk«tMWWBB|»riWl» «'ld .JPUni-l
cipal improvements cannot fail to
he noticed. While there has been
no particular addition to the business blocks yet there has heen a
general tendency lo improve and
enlarge, which will show that progress and prosperity  is   prevalent.
Important municipal improvements have been carried out; such
as cement sidewalks, boulevards,
improvement on it lame scale to
the city recreation grounds, fair
grounds, streets, sidewalks, etc., all
denoting a spirit of development
and enterprise wbicli is a dominant feature of the spirit of the age
in the West.
As further evidence of Revelstoke's progressiveness in 15)08, let
the amount of real estate that has
changed hands be considered, and
the extensive opening up of agricultural areas in close proximity to
the city, which will, in due course,
return value a hundred fold for
money invested.    ,
Civic administration has been
carried out on a better basis than
formerly aud tlie taxpayer has been
considerably relieved of his burdens. As a city we have increased,
our population is growing, and
with that growth will havo to come
increased facilities for handling it.
Education is one of our primary
factors and the need of another
school building is badly felt.    Thi;
to succeed we must, shake off our
'insetting sins—internal friction
which is a disgrace to the comnuiu-
itv, discordant strife aud a sen-e
of self complacency, and we must
endeavor to start afresh unhampered by such indignities.
The past year has shown progress and on looking over the
records of 190IS we have every rea
son to be proud of our work. It is
not for us to rest upon our laurels,
we have no right to imagine tbat we
are favored of Heaven above other
localities in the Kooicnnys, ilian
WO have to think that by lying in
nu inert heap between llie shafts
we can keep our waggon rolling
Let lhe motlo for 1909 bu: li io i,
boost; don't knock.
Liberian Government Apologizes—Another Earthquake
—Canadian Curlers in Scotland—Boxing Bout.
\V^A^(l¥fjTON,:P. C, Jan. 20.—1'ren.
Roosevelt has accepted an invitation
of the University of Berlin, to give a
lecture to the students and facility of
tbe university in May 1910.
Berlin, Jan, 20.—Tbe government
of Liberia has tendered an official
apology to Germany for the improper
acts of its harbor officials in the recent
stopping ot two steamers of the Woer-
nian Line off the Liberian coaBt by
the customs gunboat Lark, and the
matter is regarded aB settled.
Smyrna, Jan. 20.—So near as eau
be learned eight persons were killed
this morning by a sharp earthquake
which occuired 25 miles northwest of
this city. Considerable damage was
done to buildings.
Ediniiuroii, Jan. 2'J.—The ice failing today, tbe Canadiau curlers who
arrived bere Sunday, were given a
drive through the "Walter Scott"
country. The Canadians bave been
extensively entertained since arriving
in Scotland.
Seattle, Jan. 20.—Dr. Roller and
Denver Ed. Martin boxed six rounds
at a local theatre last night, tho bout
being declared a draw. Martin ou
classed Roller in cleverness, but the
physician Bbowed much agressiveneBS
and ability to take puiiishinent.hnisli-
ing strong.
Hon. Thomas Taylor, Minister
of Public Works, Secures
Large Majority — Socialist
will Lose Deposit.
Saturday was pulling day for tbetiy-
eleotlon In the RevelBtoke distriel,
lhe Hon, T, Taylor and H. N. Coursier
anniestinii ihe seat. The weather gave
e.erj facility for every electoi turning
out tu BUpport their lllllll
A feature ol the election was thai
fur the lirst time in iue history of
Revelsti ku ihe i  I' If sh p Binpl •>•>- -,
il- ii  llllil. , iver. ,11"   n il Ule il I vile, e ,.|
voting. It appear- ibni Sup. 1 Kil
pat nek and Foreman llyrd were away
at Three Valley aud the acting .-hop
foreman, in spite of being ud vised as
to the provincial aot regarding en
plovjes voting, refused to allow the
men to quit work and vote, Whiie
Ilii- did not affect llie result yet it
li is ci used some comment, alth nigh
the refusal was nut ninde for oilier
reasons than pure ignorance, still tbe
same thing might occur at a time
when every vote would tie valuable.
The result of the election proved a
foregone conclusion, Mr. Taylor securing a majority of over  100.
The latest returns are as follows:
Taylor   Coursier
Revelstoke    ... 351
Iiig Eddy  13
Albert Canyon  1(1
lllecillewaet  7
Arrowhead  !>'A
Clan William  7
Clacier  6 —
Camp Eight  II —
Hulls Landing  12 —
Strawberry Flat  H 2
Carnes Creek  II 1
Wigwam  15 I
St. Leon  I —
(lilena Bay  10 1
Beaton  21) 1
Camborne  I'A —
Comaplix  12 2
Halcyon  2 —
Total     669 132
The ollicial recount will take place
at the Court House ou Friday, Jan. 20.
Mr.Taylor is to be cougratulated on
his victory, and the riding as a whole
will look to tiie new minister to conserve their best interests.
B. C. Government Will Urge
Better Rates Over C. P. R.
Moveable Feast and   Holiday
Celebrated Tomorrow
Tomorrow is tho Chinese New Year's
will probably be curried into.eject Hay, a moveable feast, corresponding
ithlP OEfift?- A'tef^ .is.A.HPticwible to our "Easter." The Chinese have
tendency on the
Victokia, B. C, Jim. 19.—The l'ro
vincial (.iDveriiniein intend taking up
the   matter  ol   height   and passenger
rules over  tlie  Cl'. 11. at the  forthcoming meetiug of the Railway Com
mission,  which will sit in Victoria i
abjut six  weeks'  time.    It is alleged
thut,  the rates charged in British Co
luinbiu are in excess of   those charged
in the more easlern  parts of  Canada
It   ia   a   complicated   question   in
winch the agreement entered iutu by
tiie province ul tlie time  Biitish Columbia  entered  confederation   is   in-
taken spirit, and one that we should  tlje  New   yBar  0Bme into force with  vulmK     Tlll)   Vancouver   Board   ol
discard without loss of  time.    The  t,|lu  nttm  Dynasty,  1,116 years ago,
aphorism    that Providence   "helps  und in the liiol day of that  moon, in
those who help themselves" is true,  the course ol winch   ihe auu  enters
as many a city   built up under ad-  ths   constellation,   wiucli    we    can
verse   circumstances    can   lesiify. "Pisces," or  tns  fishes    This  v
.Soman    will   make his home ui a   !**«•   lo «<"''u"'°"   bu",eu"   ""
I'll ids    III    10
art of our citizens
to take too much for granted, the
destiny of our city. We are all
inclined to sit down and rely upon
our head and favorable situation to
pull   us   through  and it i.s a mis-
two years, civil and astronomical, the
lutter being similar to our year. Tbis
system bus prevailed for over 4,000
years. The civil year is of 12 lunar
months, but another is accordingly
added by the astronomer at l'ekin.
Tne rule tor determining tbe date ol
i .in
years, therein e periods nl 19 yens
were established, 12 ol winch have 12
moons each and 7 inn lien unions
I'll is will serve tu ixpl.in how it bap
pe..s tinu the date ol .he Clilliere New
Year vuries. Tomorrow und fnr ibe
next few days the Chinese will keep
holiday, although we Iwrn Iroui the
local Chinese that this New Vear will
be very quiet, The Chinese will all
turn over a new leaf und muke good
resolutions, which they will robunly
never keep. "K oiy e fu Choy"—
(Happy New Year).
Conservative Convention
The annual meeting ol the I'liivineial CoiiBervutivo Association will be
beld in Victoria on Saturday, Jan. 211
Tnis convention was to have been
held at Kamloops, but Conservatives
ol lhat city waived tbeir rights in
order • that certaiu mattors can be
taken up which could not bo very
well discussed at Kaniloops. The
following bave been appointed local
delegates to titteinl the convention
Messrs. A. J, MeDonell, W. W. Foster,
W. A. Sturdy, ll .1. McHorlcy, J. O
McLean. The names of the alternates
are as follows; Messrs. T. J. Wailnan,
.1. A. Luppan, D. McCarthy, A, R
Kincaid, N. Abrahamson, F. Voting,
0, F. Lindmark, 0. Holten. Dole*
i gates will also attend from lllecillewaet, Camborne, Ueatou and Arrow-
much to do Uiis year and if wc arc head
neighborhood lhal has not the
energy to get up and within Us
own territory answer the crow of
more euergetic, harmonious and
wide awake neighbors, llevelsloke
bas let one or two opportuniues
slip by it during the past year and
it should make us doubly careful
during the one before us. We must
advertise; the name of our city
could very easily be upon the
tongues of thousands thia year.
We should do all in our power to
encourage industries and welcome
new business instiiutions. An
evidence of the solidarity of our
business here and ol the unlimited
possibilities of expansion are instanced by the establishment of the
Bank of Commerce and a branch
of tbe Swift Packing Co., both institutions having very good reasons
for opening up here. General progress is the key note of the city
internally, the fraternal societies,
churches, and other benevolent institutions all show a marked intense over last year.
The first Fair was an unqualified
success and the advantage now
gamed must not be lost.    We have
liade took tlie mailer up once before
and employed Joseph Martin, K C, to
argue the chsu tieioru the K..hway
Ciiin,ni_isiuii. Certain pliusis oni)
were C'liisalt 11U, ti il tbi upp c l.in
Waa parti) stiei'i s.lttl .mi pai I) ■
I- hi uii.
A mile ovei a year .go tin- Viuiuriu
Hoard ol l'i nl i. .ok iin in . ..I I.j
.i„ui i, unu soon uf mt wards u resolution OUUUerUlUg ll nas intr.iiliiced li
the local legislature during us lust
session 'I'lie gnveruiiiuiit is taking
the matter up nlliciully und bus Instructed A. I'. I.uiiiin, K. C, to look
thoroughly into tho whole question
aud tn argue the case lor the province
befure the Commission,
Ministers' Railway Fares
Winnipeg, Jan. io — I'no courtesy
of   u   hull-rate extended   to   western
clergymen by the ruilroads is .ikely to
withdrawn, or in any event, greatly
etirtaiied.   It wm lirst Inaugurated by
lhe C. I' It. with a view to assisting
struggling missionaries and in llii! de
velopmont o' the country, and was
never intended to bo ii permanency.
Lust year 5,000 permits wero issued by
the railroads ol the wost, but all huve
I een cancelled this year, and lho
future policy regarding tbem is now
being considered. The C. P. K. duos
not wish to work hardship on poorly-
paid missionaries nnd pastors of struggling rural congregations, but it is
'disposed to insist on highly paid
ministers paying their way the
ihe same iih ntliorn. The report, in
that lhe half-fare tuny still bo extended tn sections nl Saskatchewan
and Alberta, but not to Manitoba.
.<-;v —■	
This   is  a  cut   of   the
celebiated    " KOOTENAY
Range "  that  is   doing
such   excellent  service in
many Revelstoke  homes.
There is nothing to equal
it   at   tin.   price    and   no
other stove suits the fuel   and conditions here as well as
the Kootenay.     Wc  have them specially lined with
oven   thermometers  and   all   latest improvements.     Be
sure you bu\   i Kootenay Range, and get your 1909
Groceries I om
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
mm is^ihe timefobuy
Copyriokf, l9o; t
by/**.?7~0«7cae<//N .,
MR. DRESSER:—Indeed, now is the time to buy your
clothes all the way through because the lines we wish to
close will get shorter every day from right now nn and
you cannot get as good a pick tomorrow as today.
You see, we don't order any more winter stock and
when wo sell out what we have, we shall have no more,
but we don't wish any leftovers and are therefore selling
out our winter stock of boy's overcoats at these prices;
„    2s
•■    28
..   28
two onh
"   20
one only
••   -.li
••   mi
••   :iu
"   :il
•■   31
two only
■•    H2
one onlv
"    'Xi
■■   :«
two only
••   33
■•   :ii
one onlv
•■   :u
two only
•■   35
om- only
■ ■   35
•■   x;
■•   ;i->
S 8 i|0
ut $ 5 75
11 INI
0 00
IU uu
(i 5u
8 00
;.  1.1
tl un
ti IK)
7 00
4 .50
8 DO
"       5 75
1) ISI
III 'ill
ti SO
12 00
8 60
12 00
S 50
10 uu
8 00
12 DO
8 r_o
12 uu
s no
12 IK)
8 SO
16 DO
•■    lu 50
12 00
"     8 SO
16 DO
••    10 60
18 on
"    12 SO
20 ()0
"    16 00
cf comm:
IIKali  111 I li I .  HU.'iiVli)
I.M.u.1   -.III 11   In«7
b. e. walker, Prssidsnt Paid up Capital, SI 0,000.000
ALEXANDER LAIRD,Gsmrsl Mana^r     RestTVC Fuild,    -     6 000,000
DRAFTS AND   MONEY ORDERS Bold, and money transferred by
telegraph or letter.
COLLECTIONS  made in all parts of Canada and In foreign countries.
FOREIGN   B!JSINFSS,    Cheques and drafts on the United States,
Great bntain ami other foreign countries bought and sold.     12J
The Late Mr. Coughlin.
The (iineral ol the late Kngineei
William Oougblin, Who met a tragie
death while at the poat ol duty at
Three Valley, on Thursday, Jan. 14,
to ik place on Sunday afternoon. A
short service was held at the family
residence, on Fourtii street, condnoted
by the Rev. W. 0. Calder, wi icll was
intended by a large number ol the de
ee.ised's Iricnds. The deceased rn-
gi .eer was a prominent member ol the
II. of L. B„ [.0,0. F., and 1. 0. F ,
.nnl   the   remains   were  followed by a
large number of the member) of these
orders, as well as by the Ladies' Aux
iliary, to the ('. P, II. depot, where the
Is "ly was shipped to the coast.
Curlers in England
LONDON, Jan. lit—The Canadian
curlers have arrived in Liverpool
wl.ee they were met by deputatioi I
Oi   Edinburgh and   Liverpool   curlers.
The Liverpool branoh ol tbe  Royal
Caledonian I'lull made elaborate arrangements Inr the reception, incltid.
ing a piper band . THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Zbc fiDaiUUxvalb.
, O'BLISBEII   '■■      iNKSI     V  AN i>  SA I I  ii
IUK\ ...'.,; TOES, B.C,
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc. |
O T T A V.  A
Cut Fl
Unequalled   for  puny  of tone  and
beauty ol design.
A Few Things to Remember in tY/      il     1* i
Case of Emergency        I Wreaths, Doiiquets
Supreme   and   Exchequer Court '■{
Agents.      Practice   in  Patent |
Office    and   befoie    Railway
Box, Charles Mi win. M.P.
II IRI '! :■;! 'ISHER,
. il.i.AN &  ELLIOTT
New S
;-.■.■ oil litors, etc.
. i . Elmo
Jl-   _.-:    Im1'Ki-.:ai. I  ;;,. |..   ..   U_.vl_l.-j
SluUK,   11. I.
...      ...an.
■i- ■ ■■■ Revelstoke, I
lao. B. M.i ahikk
\    '*.     I'ISKH     i
i  r.ii.lir....    II   I •
J. a. Hakvky,
Cranbrook, n. i
I:, 11   l ■ i
i ■    i iNAiu in Bank "i  O
I.M Mi:Hi '
J    - - .- Hank, Eti .
FIBS'l >i .       REVELSTOKE, B,C
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Suiveyor
Hox IU0, Bevelstoke
i.  O.  F.
Court '■'   ml ii...::.     S      ei. meets Sud aud
in oddfellows Hall, next to Opera
Hi    v.   Visiting brethren  cordially  Invited to
at lend.
J.W. auti.AND, CH.
U. Vi. Edwabds, U.S
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain  Viow Camp, No. 229
'.'... '_-   -..j:.«l  aud   t" iirtli   Wodneidaya in
„.;. month, ii.  Selkirk  Hall.    Visit in    Wood
,1    , ... Invited tu attend,
■ . ii. ARMSTRONG, t'on. ''"in.
J. McISTVItl    . ile
"kEVELSTOKL  AEltlE No"  is:
f. o. e.
cale  Will
iaras i lanos
At tin: head of the list of the 1 ligh Gradi
[Pianos in the  1 lominion,
These High Grade Pianos can be purchased mi the monthly
payment plan. A payment uf $10.00 will secure one of these
beautiful instruments in your home. We arc also agents fur
the CHASE .V  BAKER and  ANtlELUS Piano Players.
Call and see the New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
hydrants all over the ;ily, ami
s]icei:tl provisions should lie made
in the winter months for keeping
them protected from the severity of
the frost and unhampered hy snow.
All chance of hydrants becoming
frozen should he eliminated, even
in the severest weather anil moreover the people's money would lie
well spent in installing more hydrants, of wbicli the city has none
ton many.
The   new   city   council has been
duly sworn in   and   have all signi-
i'n,!   theii   iiiii ntions   ol    getting
______ down to hard vvorkloi lhe interests
"      "   '' '    ' of llie I'll e nl     I-i !■.,,• Wi. in still
Hui! « i ei        ii    i'~■;■' "" ou> •'     large,      weaiesuii
iuvilod ... ,, ,, ,
iVAl       " ■  ..lm citizens   oi    Hevelstoke   and must
w. e. Mel ■'!'■ hi.;:- -•, u'.. .ki. |
'■ ..li iin rn,: |) i '■'   ii,  civic iii'- ii lot-
Kootonay  LodjiC    No.  15, A   F. S- A. I"
= -
... i'  M1ER, si
Tnn •■ -
v :..- llll
Oddfellow:  li.t.i "..
......    , '■;■ ■■ Inj iu
vfl9e_'c)i    inoutl
Cum ,■ in-  '     tiutf brethren    cm bally   wol-
tl   I  to Uf
righl io f?el out
■ i i uu
loot   ■ ■-    _■ Thin ■
day evening   iu   s,,|
. h ... li rl.
-   .:.: brothreu  ,,,•
from this province, is a live one in
all sections of H. C. The Victoria
Colonist says:
•'One of the important matters
which the Railway Commission
will have to consider at its forth-
coining meeting in this city is the
question of the rates on fruit from
this district lo the prairie provinces. The subject was alluded
to at the annual meeting of the
Victoria Fruit Growers' Association
nnil wc are glad to note that it
will receive the attention it deserves al. lhe hands of a strong
committee of that organization."
Many of the interior Boards of
Trade have taken the matter up
iiini il is probable tbat the Railway
Commission will have a considerable amount of data  handed  iulo
them from concerted action   by   B. gy p ■*________! T     til fS If* l_fO
C. boards, proving that the question lit Wit N I      BLU ll HO
of bettor rates is a serious  one.
The following lisi us tn bow to act
in case of u lire and iu any like eincr-
I'.'ii''. uiaj I....'. use to some who ar..
doubtful Us 'o know what to do:
lu ease of lire, if the burning urticles
are at ouce splashed and sprayed with
h solution of salt and nitrate of ani-
iin'iiia un incombustible coating is
formed. This is a preparation which
oan be made at home at a trilling cost
and should be kept on bund. Dissolve
twenty pounds of common sail und
ten pounds of nitrate ot ammonia in
seven gallons of water. Pour this into
i|iturt bottles of thin glass and lire
grenndes are at hand ready for use.
These bottles must be tightly corked
and sealed to prevent evaporation, and
in case of lire they must be thrown
near the Humes, so us to break and
liberate the gas contained, At least
two dozen of these bottles ihould lie
ready ior an emergency.
In this' connection it is well In remember lhat water on burning oil
scatters tho Humes, but that Hour will
extinguish it. Suit thrown upon u
fire, if the ohimney is burning, will
deaden tbe blaze. If u lire once gets
under headway unl prompt exit becomes n necessity, a silk handkerchief
dipped in water and wrapped about the
mouth und nostrils will prevent .suffocation Irom smoke; (ailing this, a
piece of wet flannel will answer.
Should smoke Iill the room, recall
your physics—remember thut smoke
goes lirst to the top of the room and
last to the Hour. Wrap a blanket or
woolen garment about you, with the
wet cloth over your face, drop on your
hands und knees and crawl to the
window, iiear in mind that there is
no more danger in getting down from
u threo-story window than from the
lirst Moor if you keepal'uni hold ol
the rope or ladder. I>.> not slide, but
go bam' over band.
Dry Wood For Sale
Knur-foot dry wood for sale, apply to
John Leuuerwooo, Taft, H.C,
Blankets and Comforts at great, reductions at McLeunan's.
If you want Wreaths, Bouquets,
Crosses, eto , made up from the
choicest llowers, by n fully qualified   artiste   at   reasonable prices
send   to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention., and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the firm.
They took 1st Special Prize at tlie
Vernon Show on tbe 10th Sept.
for tbe best Floral and Horticultural Display.
Big Discoun
on all
Cash Sales
Handsful of Luck
is what our customers will find by
following our lead. We keep a
constant watch on
know where choice lots are located,
their price and terms. We know
all the field. He's a madman that
goes into the game on his own hook
Don't YOP do it. Our advice free,
whether you buy through our ollice
or some one else's.
Ileal Estate and Insurance Agent,
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
HEAD OKFIOK!   I'ai.hahy,   Ai.iimtTA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers In Live Stock.   Markets in all the prhiti
pal Cities and Towns of Alberta, British Columbia and thu Yukon,
Packers of ihe Celebrated  Brand " Imperatnl'" Hams and Bacon,
i   an 1 " Shamrock" Brand lie.if Lunl. g,
4^,%%%-».-fc-».^%^%'*%%%.'*'%^'%''%^%'%^«.%'*.'».^%^k *"5
Bevelstoke Assessment District
'.HT. N.ll.
.11 ITIU li -i".
coin Range loiiuc, k of p.
No. 26,   Rovelstoke, b. 0
M __.!-.!:_   . -'..iiV   il BDN1     .' 1
except i ii "1 w mlu
i«. I. :i   .:.'.    .     ' '.   .'•
Ms:        si I'D   ick.       . I-I'ot
R:   _: ally   ii.it-.-l.
U   '        iBKIS, i'  i .
':    EJ     • !'. ll    ul   H    \  s
,;  h. scon   u. of k.
Zbc flftaU*TbetaIb
fe    LABI
■■:.,! ii-
■ I ii-.
■    -    '. 1    JAN1  Kl\\   A     ■■
ii. ' m ike n light in a civic cam-
' aign, in fact the keener the competition the heller and more sure
the results. But when the contest
ii ovei drop it, lei there be no post
modems or hard feelings, for the
fostering of these cankers can do no
•-.".I lo either side. The present
•■ ar is likey t-.' prove one of the
n. i i critical in lho history ol Kev
We do not use the word
' ' itical in a sense that a crisis is
impending which may aft'ei t the
Miir.ii ipnlitv   to  any material ex
I   ,,i     I...*     ,.„,!,   . ,   ;,        i,„, i | apply for permission to purchase the lollowing
ti  it,  out    ia'. e . .' -     ,., '/ iti)   i hal   ere, and settlers
i .■ , ,- ...  ,     1 nt  V . ii,-. ;:•.:: lie BOUth,
ivorks  n  i i"  :■  nnpoi   uu    will be  of Vancouvi ud and Bril - .   .■:,■„,., ■<■. i.
.mill ::      ... -I.  .!.„„<.o  UO
soul.;, lii.'.n taint eaiI to i'..iiit .'f
Golden Jubilee Year of Methodist Church
This is tbe golden jubilee year ol
Mothodism in British Columbia. Wednesday, Fob. ll), will prove a red-li tter
day in tbe annals of the church. It
will be tbe fiftieth anniversary ol tbe
lauding at Victoria of that heroic Unni
"   " issionaries from Ontario entrusted i   Kevelstoke i aud District
-   !!» i«'j ft"  ':  -•" ■ -;-:   ''■;■.■;;:.;:.;:.:;.KireMtLa,,,..... Mm.»
ol     frei and full salvation to the trad-1 npi "•     oil min owner,  intends to-
Uanafactured Inr all clnsaes of  buildings
for --uin in liirne or smHll.'quantities
Ht tlm luwoH prices for cash.
All kinds o.l building and plastering
and   it   is
1 heevei    » • iti
: '" . ... ■■   ■■■   .   . ,   V _■
the g'       ■;
::,.     f 1 \\ i.-ln.n■- ..
.- • ni ■     ; i   i   ■
-    intro-
 res more
Vi lliclo, .'.Kent.
.   .  ■   . I; i,
in i hut I intend
1 in   • .     - ebuttii :
:       electric li
91 • .•.   weeks or so, was
I - the fire alarm
;_.  •. he bo xi
•;       ■      i ■ tr
to bear in mind the
I      • ::
I .-
permission i" i rans-1
i Uealon, B.C.,
• :. euse held bj me In
a   premises  at Beaton,
i.   Hotel B 'aton.
_ilsl   1808.
WM. lii i\I).
     "" '"^g^g^m panicipiit^^^^^^H
ed into the ci
o    the   old   and tee
ird s
eers days,
ent,    iSome of the nev
rs  have alread en
■      ind  pro- ngtbepw
-   far School Cramming      I	
eir ;.i.-;.- _   . •"'.'. ' ■■■    • - ■ trici
... .... ■ ' '   '
real i-.- Annie  L op
, - A,-i    ,
- -■ lied   woman,   in ti nd
. Id   imi ebs .e
'   •   '        "
^^^^| . .inin.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John]	
I'd. Jan. 211 Ep, of Iiiil -
Sal. Keb.   li Lk. Cliainplaln
Pl'l. I''el>. 12 Emp- ol' lielil    Jan. 211
Kri. Feb. 2(i Kmp. of Britain Feb. 12
Sat, Mar.   ii Luke Erie Feb. 17
Fii. Mar. 12 Emp. of Ireland Feb.20
1st. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$8250   $4875 $.11 25
1st. Q!ass 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$05 00       $42 50       $30 00
Otu su Lake Boats
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 OO        $,jo 00
Cheap rates to Atlantic Snalx urd
points in connection with steamship tickets.
Passengers booked to Italy,
Norway, Sweden, Antwerp, ll.un-
bui'g iind a i other continental
Foi*further Inform tion apply to
T. W. ftradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Kevelstoke. H.C.      Vancouver, II.C
Xtiiec i.s hereby given, iu accordance with the Statutes, that Provincial Iti'venue Tax and assessed taxes
and income lax, assessed and levied
under lho "Assessment Act" and
amendments, ure now- due uud payable for the year 1909. All taxes collectible for the llevelsloke Assessment
District, are due and payable at my
ollice, situate at Rovelstoke, This
notice, in terms of law, is equivalent
to a personal demand by me upon all
persons liable for taxes.
Dated al Revelstoke, sth January,
Deputy   Assessor  and Collector. Revelstoke   Assessment  District, Revelstoke Post Office.        ianli lud
Certificate of  Improvements
Last Chance and Lost Chord mineral
claims, situate in  the Trout Lake
Mining Division of Wesi Kootenay
Where   located;    Al   head   of     Coon
Creek.    No ith   Fork   ol  LlU'deliU
Take  nolice lhal  I, (I. II. N. Wilkie,
actum as agent for lleniy W. Schlors,
Free .Miner's  Certificate No.  B04045,
intend,  sixty  days  from dato hereof,
10 apply io tbe Mining Recorder l'or 11
Certificate of  Improvements,  for the
purpose nf obtaining a Crown Grant of
tlte above claims,
And further lake notice that action,
under section 'Al, must lie coinmencud
before tbe issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Daled  this  1 lib day of January, A.
D., 1900.
janKiliOd U.  II. X.  WILKIE,
J 0 B*
^Tested stock, Heeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, from the best
growers in England,
France, Holland, the
United Slates, and
Oanada. Fruit and
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, bee supplies
spraying materials, cut
llowers, etc,
140 Page Catalogue   Froo!
Green Houses unit Seed Houses
3010 Westminster Road
»_.    <\ Jl H K ^>_!«.' E?o?
Revelstoke Land District.
West Kootenay, B, O,
Take Notice 1 .luu lit) 'lavs after date
1 U. W. Lindsay of Camborne, B. ('.,
occupation, merchant, Intend t" apply
ior permission to purchase the lollowing described lands .situated oil Fish
River, West Kootenay district.
Commencing at the north-east corner ol'   A. D.   MacKay's pre-emption
No. 7,805 and marked   " R. W.   Linil-i..       ,       ...        .....
say's North-West Oorner Post r" thence | u ",'r..".!v, Al.m7'"1 H1""11, s],:}"\'''"' ' he
Certificate of Improvements.
Kingston, Maggie R, Tongue, Senator,
und Cil.tuck Fraction Mineral claims,
situate in tlio-Lurdeau Mining Division ol' West Kootenay District.
Where located—On ilic westeru slope
nt Lexington Mountain near Camborne, B. C.
'lake notice that I, F. It. Hliuiihoi-
ger, F.M.O. No. ti, 2.(1122, agent l'or the
Lulled Kingston Hold Mines Limited
non-personal liability, Free Miner's
Cerulicate No. ti Ili.jl2, intend sixty
days from date hereof, to apply to the
.Mining Recorder for a Cor tilt cute of
Improvements, tor tlie purpose of obtaining Crown Grants ol the above
And further take notice thai action,
under section j7, must be commenced
before tbe issuauoe of such Certificate
of Improvements,
Duted this 21st day of December,
A.D., itlilS.
F,  It.  BLOCHtlKRGH.lt, Agent,
Certificate of Improvements
1 rout   Lake  Mining   Division   ot
West Kootenay District,
 ■      PALACE
-   - ii"i'el.y given I Hal 1  intend I n  p ri rrt   .    iin    .    m , rwft
Superintendent of Prn     K   j ' S   I   A I     1/ 1  N  I
..   permission to tranii-   »»1___| O  I   ^* \J  l\ rV 11   1
A   H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   SS.OO
Single    meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
• .. «ith -'■"-
laws, eti        I he   iffa
 Ht. 1:    , ill.-
■ - -. tbii
gh il        ■  h
■    ■  ' 1 •
■   1       * on   he in
■  ..   . t if we have
re| •   '■ ,    past lev  weeks
le  1   -■ . im
perative tl
" o' lamps,    I ■■      min-
ub in   '.' •   I fire ma
mean   , man) tl illara and
it is to   be ' '.''   thi    iiew
council will tu. •■ -t   atten
tion to completing . stem
wbioh will Insure effi      ■
. 1 • ■ 1 • r liny 1  inditioni
rt hile   ■' ': ■     hject ol
>''."."■       I .'ia'   pari
es and   li •'■   i ■ ople     i ,
11 md
• •:..' • piHci
n by somi - !     • i
it, att
l   a b 1
: . ■ . ■ 	
.ch other in the Bible "
',        11
■'li   I'I ■ I1.HI1 ■:
■ . ■ - mil nod
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.   -   $.500
8 chains in   west  line ol'  .MeKinnou'si
pre-emption; thence 60 clioins  south: ^^^^
tlience 8   chains   east   lo   MacKay's;   "here   located:-At   head   of Seven
Ibence north  M liiuins  to   point   of I        Mile Creek, Trout Luke.
commencement,   containing  lu acres!    Take notice lhat I, O, H. X   VVUkie
more or lessi iwting oe agent   for   Noil O'Dounell!
Located Oct. lBlh, I'ins. I .Special F.,\t.C. Al,»: Willnm, Bennett
ll. \\. LiM'-', v, Local or.     | F.M.O.  No.   UU5877j  Brucu White J?
' M.C. B14521; and  l'. ll. Murphy, F.m'.
of John Smith, late ot   Malakwa,
in ihe Province of British Columbia.    Defeased.
.NOTICE is hereby given pursuant
lu the Trustees and  Executors Act,
to all creditors of lhe estate to deliver
tn the undersigned beforo the27th day
of  January.   1009,   lull piui Iciilui'S of
claims. M'lilieil by Statutory  Declaration.   After such dale  the  Executor
will proceed to  distribute  the  assets
ace irdiiig to law.
of Davie Chambers, Victoria. B.C.
Solicitors for the Executor,
Daled Ihis  ITl ll   (lav   of   Deeemelir,
A .1)., inns.
         .'■        ;    on I In ar
c un thi
. tors  rn   ' he   one   ban
ping    .ii j mpal hi itici ms
' I ' hei A    man   u ho ■
."    inappreci tied    >i mi
i   nstrui i      ■ pi   to !"" ome
•  •.. iragi ii, if I lie   I ttter   he
il   i hi    I i n ■■'.   hi i   ricl    lei
li   im-   a li. .i   ni in'   and inighl as
will   have lhe   game, since, in lhe
words ni ii  oertnin ICnglisli immor-
I, "lhe public in a 'lass, ai,    ■ .
'ill li   [IATKH
i i,i ijuei tion uf belter   rittoi   lor
utteniion   -.   .mi   '•   paid to nd pi   lu i  lo   the  prairies
I like i
.,1    SI
.. , i bed
I ot,11
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Ji, ■.
■    :   •
rhe stumick is Ui ■■ ith in
  i    11      ,. tin ' n.'ii
voted li liu'ii   ihere ^^^^^
I il;-1 ,'].\ft.-
  -    • .       .       ...
i- true, hut whu can tell how in; ,^     rhe head
contain • tnd braini
are Uvi
■ imes iv
Died in St. Louis
.   .■   Un   III—Word
... nnl iii tbe city ol tbe
sooidei '•■ il Robert 11
.1        '        ;i- I'.liny       I In. i|..-
eeaied wu r former well know
dent "I i in -i 'ii v, aod tho oldi -1
M .     iami a r i i .. ol a Iberl i Ira icenl
city,     lie    ulso    leaves    u     niiinlier  uf
nil In it hers, Inoludin'g Mrs 0,
11, Pool 'a'  ttlll ''ily.   Mis.   Mui t ll ll
VIlsi    VIhi    not    i i ■ 11   ..[   ( in re,
Nul man      I  in a I     l)|     llevelsloke.     Ilinl
John I'l'.isei "i Vanoouver,
.:  WO
'i   Wi:
.''. .n.i r i   	
ni' si.   r i   .     ita,  nci npniion
pi inter,   ":  nd    to   ippl;
ilon   '"   pun iii .'■   I he
I   anil:. . ii.       ;. I..'.■.! along
ilde i if i be ic . ni ran I   uml li ■■
.   ,. . ;    ii   f/,|   7(170 ihen .   „,■ i in
ninth      .Lin;,  iin-   aniiii  hound irj  ol
I III     i'i.''     ihunr.'      tllllll       1(1    ' l	
i hem etui . i"   ii.nn    i hi i "i i h Id
■ M nn    i"  polnl   "i   - milium i.
containing inn lere .
W  HIM.'     l'i    I ''I'I    HUI.
in'"   ini" i s. 1908,       JiiiiUMud
AH   kinds   ol   now
III alias  in
iii: I       MAKING  \ BI'KCI M.i V
Wall Wiuns, - Front St.
i- 11   Box, 208
I'llllM   •if.
To Trappers
Ftaw Furs Bought
<j;ish Prices Pniu
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs
Revelstoke Laud Distrlet,
District nf West Kootenay,
Take notice lhat Oeorgu li. Frank-
forter of .Minneup'nlis, .Mhinesoia. oooupatlon college pi'olossor, Intends to
apply for permission ui ptirohasn lho
following described lands:
Commencing al n posl plantod at
the si,ni hen si eoriioi'uf loi 71180,1 hence
west Uu chains inoie m- logs to the
boundary of loi 7II7II; thonce siiulh 2(1
uhainsi thenco ea»i DO ohaina moro or
less to tlio ihoreof Arrow Luke, Ihence
■iIoiik iald ihoro In a northerly dlreo-
Ilon 20 chains more or loss to point nl
i. nn nil-Hi', un 111, containing I2n acres
more nr less.
Ukouuii ii. Fn inki'obtkh,
Dale: Di uiberii, 1008.      lanOIIOd
Notice is hereby given lliul pursuant lo
lie- i a.,\ i sum,s ol liiapici 155 of the Statutes "i 1 an nla 7-8, Edward VII, Shuswap
.nul I'hompson Rivers Boom 1 orauany
have lilcil in lhe ..iiii. of Ilic Dominion
Lands Agenl al Kamloous, It.t'., and i,,
iin- ,,iii, e ni The Honourable I he Minister
,■1 Public Umksai Ottawa, Ontario, plans
unl s|ni iin aiiiins iii certain booms and
nihil ivniks proposed lobe constructed
by -,iid i niMpaiii In, over and along the
North   fhompson Rivei In Ihe Kamlooni
Dlvi 1  vain Disini 1 ,,, 11,<- Province
1,1 liniish Columbia and that on the 10II1
it 11 "I li brum 1 ni'"i, ..1 ihe hour of 11
o'clock In lhe forenoon, 01 10 soon there*
iii. 1 .... Hit anpliaaiion . nn bo heard,
application will l"' made by the under,
afgned  In  His Excellency ilio Governor.
111 1 'iiiin 'I    at    1 HtaWII,    1 >ni.ii 1,-.    ha  Ins
approval 10 be given lo itu h plans.
1 i,ii...i ilns 11 li day ol Dei ember, 1908,
sin suie  mn Thompson Rivbkm Boom
'   ".ll'INV,
Bj mi" I. ivliiiiniij, Secretary,
Dec. 9, 60 d
(, tilil)8i; Intend, sixty .lays' irom thn
dale hereof, io uppiy lo the Mining
Kcconli.i I'oruCeiuiiciiiL'iit Improve-
ments, for the purpose of obtaining a
Orown Qrant01 ihe above claim,
And I'm ther take nolice thnt action
uuder Section 87, must 1 ommunced
before the issuance ol such Oerlittcate
Ol   lllipioVI'IIU.Us.
Daled this 2Jlth day ol Ootober, A.
octai-UUd O. II. N.  WlLKII'i.
llowers oi sale contained in ,1 certain
mortgage which will be produced by
inn undersigned (default Having been
made In payment of th,, moneys ihere
by secured 1 tenders Will be received by
iue undersigned up Ull 12o'olook uoon
of the 21st day ol January, 1001), for
1 he purchase of 1 be lollowing property,
namely, all ami Blugular mat parcel
or tract of land situate in thoUltyof
Revelstoke in the provinoe uf British
Columbia, described us ihe North
Eusl hull nl lots numbers II und 10. in
lllnck ll, according to 11 plau ol part ol
llie suid Cily of Kevelslokn llpproved
.'ind cniiliriui'd at Ottawa (In- 21st, duy
ni October, 1800, by Edoward  Devllle,
sinveyoi Uenoral m Dominion Lands
ami of record In  the  Department of
the Interior together with any build
mgs or Improvements thereon,
i'he mortgagee may refuse to accept
tile highest ur any lender,
Dated at Rovelstoke, ll, o., this 2111b
day uf December, 11)08,
BoliOitOl'S for lhe Mortgagee.
lliiitiliiiiitioii ol Orown Criinl
Wlinii'.i . ..ii ilm 1'iHli ihiv i.i Niivonibiir, l\„, n
t'liiwn (Iriilitivus IsMlliiil in llin iiiuiio nf Kliiilni-
Ick Wlislilmiirun fnr  Lot SII7, (|nili|i I, Knulu-
par Dlstriot- Tlmt ovldenos hss 1I1100 lioou
huen 1 roduosd ..liuwinit Uml tin i- ill t ma.,, ,..
Wuboourue .lioii 00 tlm 7th ol Aoyuii, vm
hi mu, limn iirinr lu tlio i,. imncii nf ili,..su,il
rniwiilll'iiin. Thnt hy uk-riiiiiiiniit ilaloil ?Hli
Annua ll'ini, Um snid Kruilorlcl. Wnslilmu un
ii'iiniiii iiii ins eituto, rigut, title nterula
clui.ii unit ihitiiiiinl wlmtmiDvur in tlm n„|(| i,,,,,!
liiTlnillnls Slnilik-i Mcl'imrHiili.
Not loi la therefori birebr Kimn. lu punu
■iicoiii Bietlon iw "I ilm "Lnnil Avi,' Unu Hi™
11." n 1 1 a    in iidoiI tlm iiii,I 1 ruwu llriinl
issued in ih-inuiii, uf Kriuluricli WiMlilxiuriin
ninl to hsuo '"in In its -.laml iu Uui iiiuiio ul
I'li'iinn ghaut .'Irl'lmraiii llirnn iimntl s fnnii
lho duo horn. ,f 1111 Iiish buikI niiiso In abnwii to
I'. ,!. KUI.TON.
t'biol I'ouiiiii:   iiiimriif Liuidt, mul Worltli
l.Hial   und World Iliiinirtinoiit,
Vmturio, II ' .. llth Ootobir, IBUI,    uct SI 3ui THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE,
$250,000 IN PRIZES
Given away every month
absolutely free with
Every 4glb. sack of Royal Standard Flour leaving' our
mills contains a numbered coupon, On the List day of each
month ten numbers will he drawn and published iii the first
issue of this paper following-. To each one holding the
duplicates of these numbers, we will, upon return to us of the
coupon, deliver free of ail charges to any address, a
Handsome China Dinner Sel:
ol  One Hundred   Pieces,   value $^5.00.
Full particulars mi the hack of each coupon, Begin
saving   them   today.
Remember we guarantee every sack of Royal Standard
to be the purest; sweetest and most wholesome bread flour
on  the market.
Manufactured only by
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Hitiing Kooni Furniture is particularly essential, and in view of
this fuel wc have selected a very
desirable line of elegant and
artistic dining tallies, chairs and
eideliniirds. An early inspection
should be made, as the price ive
are asking tor such superior furniture makes them a most desirable
First Meeting -Appointment ot
General Committees
Tlie lirst meeting of tlie new city
council whs held on Monday night
with Mayor Lindmark nud Aldermen
Kimberloy, Pradolini, Sawyer, Wells,
Stone and Macdonald present.
Police   magistrate   \V,    W.   Foster
prior  to  tbe opening of the mooting,
[performed the  necessary requirements
for the swearing in of tbe new board.
The minutes of tbe last meeting
were read und adopted.
A resolution was passed deciding on
the dates of tbe regular meetings,
wbicli were to take plaee on alternate
Fridays, commencing Friday, Jan. 22,
at 7:.'I0 p.m.
Tlie principal business transacted at
t li ia the lirst meeting of the new coun
cil, was the appointment ol the vari
ous Committees the following aldermen being on the several committees:
Public Works—R, H. Sawyer (chair
man;, Q, Kimberley, C. R. Mucduuald.
Fire, Water, Light and Power—
C. R. Macdonald (chairman), K. H.
■Sawyer, ti. Kimberley.
Finance—F. 11. Wells (chairman),
C. K. Macdonald, ,1, A. Stone.
Health and Bylaws—J. A. Stone
(chairman), F. B. Wells, A. Pradolini.
The mayor in a few words welcomed
the board expressing a hope tbat tbey
would look after tbe best interests of
tbe city and conserve the confidence
of tlieir electors. He hoped that tbey
would work in harmony tor tbe good
ol Revelstoke, and discuss all matters
on a reasonable and broad plan. He
urged tbat no personal motives be
brought to tear on the work, but
whatever was done the public's interest must be considered first and last.
The mayor relerred to the work of the
last council ae pleasant and good, and
although mistakes miglit be made
tliey would always profit by tbem.
The aldermen then iu turn made
brief remarks, all expressing their
desire to work reasonably together for
the interests and welfare of the city,
and crngriitula.ing tbe mayor on his
The chief theme which ran through
the aldermen's remarks was the necessity of commencing permanent works
as soon as possible, tbe keeping down
of expenses, and the lowering of taxes.
The mayor thanked the board for
tbeir confidence in him and hoped
that the y ar would see good results.
He urged that the aldermen should
attend the meetings punctually and
that each member bhould attend as
regularly as possible.
General discussion on tbe new power
plant, the necessity of iucreased wate.
storage for city use aud Bewerage system, and other matters, took place,
but were only informal. The meeting
then terminated.
*   S.   MCMAHON   I
$       ABBOT  Kill!
John  Dbre
plOWS, lliUTOlV >
fj+ cultivators,
jfc wagons iiini
\P fiirm linpll-
111 mill ■■_.
tiititli'   and repaired.
y   Horse Shoeing
a Specialty
ii*    merits of .tl
J kinds
*£ All Orders Promptly Executed    -    First Class Work Guaranteed *£
f FIRST   STREET   -   'PHONE 87 f
of origin,
IB. C.
Import direct from country
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniencer
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Ratea.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same    management
m 1.11 "n-^i -
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens Jtotel
Hest brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation nt this
From Copper of Nelson's Old
We notice iu the coast papers recently that the Rev. E. E. Mathews of
London, Kng., secretary of the British
and Foreign Sailors Society, has been
arranging with the B. C. government
(or the distribution ol Nelson Shields
made out ol the copper from Admiral
Nelson's historic old llagship "Victory"
among the schools of Ihis province.
Tliese shields, numbering 100,000, are
donated by Lord Strathcona, as a
memento ol the great uaval victory ol
the British Beet at 'Trafalgar, and are
engraved with a picture ol the ship,
with the Union .lack, the Maple Leal
and other national emblems surrounding tbo central engraving.
It may be remembered that Mr
Matthews waited on the city council
last yi'fu and stated that be waa about
to present the   city   witb   a   Victory
ihicld besides medals for  tbe  schools.
__, m
Mountains are Good Assets to
The kitiactiomi which ReveUtnke
offers tu tourists arc many and inter
oeting. Tlie grand old mountains of
ours offer exceptional advantages tt
tourists of all kinds, seekers after
health, pleasure and game. We do
not yet realize our advantages in Ibis
direction and what a big asset wc have
and wbat it is going to bring us in tbe
future. We are centred in the play
ground ol the continent—what a
chance for mountaineering. SwiUcr
land, wbicb extracts many millions of
dollars from tourists annually, is
nowhere beside ub Tbe people of
thia city would do well to support the
local mountaineering club, which will
l<e largely instrumental in attracting
visitors here.
The Winnipeg V. M.C.A. team is
trying to arrange fur a trip to tho
coast, Thi' local enthusiasts have
made up a guarantee lund to have
1 hem play a game here, so prospects are good fur a game with tbem
in the near future,
Corporation of the City of
Financial Statement for the Year 1908
Liquor Licences     * ltmii on
Trade        "         bt.i ...
Weighing Feus  ni so
H.wiIThx  878 IH)
DogTax   KB! (10
Real Properl> Taxes  H596S 80
Interest on Tuxoa  7H7 87
Pollce Court tines  -juv lo
prisoners' keep repayment u fin
Pound Fees     ei .'iO
.si-iinui Qrant 	
PUBLIC INIH'siitil-'.s
w tor, Light and Power   	
Loaiu nn current year's tuxes	
Cemetery Heoalpta	
■ ,1" Water ,v Light (bal)      14850 on
"I," .lull        .'Willi oo
"M" Overdraft     11,750 mi
"N" New Fire Alarm B. ..       8080 00
"D" Turku        467S 00
Interest nn Debentures accrued	
Proceeds ol Note, Concrete sidewalks,
'        " Boulevards	
Miscellaneous Receipts	
Expenditure over receipts	
ay liiiliim-n.Inn I. n)"s	
siiildiiB I mul fni Debenture s	
Interest on Debentures   	
 I'ax Loans	
Pel,in- Safety—
Police Salaries 3   5000 It;
"     aeneral Expenses ll"" 02
Jail Maintenance  ;l"" ™
"   Fuel   ... 67 88
Payments to Firemen, WH 7fi
Ptromun'i Insurance   -S-' 70
Fire Alarm Rupalri....... >" 80
"     "     System (new), 400 nl
Fire Brigade equipment.. 70 17
Prisoners' koen  10 88
Health Department.   ,... «» 8"
Pound  318 00
lll'illesls  10 Oil
Isolation Uoapltal  217 68
Public Convenience
Streets and Sidewalks. ... 8188 87
Snow Service  4S0 80
Tools  2li 80
City Hull. Maintenance—
Ohio Salaries  mio so
PoBtage, Telegrams, und
Telephones  lilt) in
Printing and Stationery... mil bo
(Hiiro Furniture  01 08
Auditac it, ion"   so 00
Miscellaneous  2nd 88
Fuel  80S 18
Legal Expenses  '20.", 20
Insurance  120 00
Election Bxpenses  115 00
Buildings, etc-
Fire Hull  No.l  73 45
Hepairs, maintenance .. 166 88
Jnll building  8902 70
.lull shed  96 56
Jnil furniture  4S7 10
Schools  16.-.08 II
siek nnd destitute	
Fernie  -ICl) 00
Sundries  11)40 76
Celebrations  184 40
Public Convenience—
Reoreatlon ground  2869 37
CiiluniliiH Turk  1402 60
Boulevards   24sn sii
Conorete sidowalkB..,. 9926 84
Bowers—preliminary exp 1428 fii)
Cemoterj repairs  104 00
Scavenging  278 no
Concrete mutor  114 38
Rolands Of laxes, etc ....
Tax Sale costs	
Tux Sale purchases	
Deposit A.W. Abrahamson
Repayment tux Loan	
keek Quarry	
Payments account water
and Until aoeount	
Debenture 3 -gas plant -
Foundation  2663 67
Mu.'hinery  18788 09
Pole Line  1644 .r>8
Power House  2302 or.
Spurs  ."'SO 42
26020 12
6802 1)'
asm 86
1440 4!
4964 66
10B08 II
509 65
1800S 69
249 85
130 04
442 84
310 10
7122 37
100 Ut)
Current Revenue and Expenditure Account
Dr. Cr.
Molsons Bunk —
Tax loan    	
Loan, etirrent taxes,....
Deposit Canada lien. Elo.
Expenditure over receipts
*7o80 58
130O0 00
■__O00 00
1571 21
$28801 77
liy tnx arrears	
By interest on Taxes	
Ry water and lieht sects..
Ily deiieii ior year	
$13004 41
13117 74
8620 ils
lit) 28
|28651 ",
Profit and Lo« Account
Teleplioue rental  8
Biding rent Power House .
Printing and stationery....
Power House repair aud
tionoral expenses 	
Water ropnirs maintenance
Fleet ric    "
Insurance  —
Installation ami Fixtures.
Water niton	
Light rates 	
Meter rents 	
Tapping mains	
Power .   .    	
Hnlnnce   "I'r.ilit"    20128 II
08 («>
881 :.s
29 00
411 00
1340 22
11.-.4 .Vi
2iil 27
7182 7r,
7'.'l 25
.v.i .-.,;
350 in
*      3 Hi 23
11061 3i,
1021 in
31 .Ml
507 0:,
Distributed as follows
Light plant	
Wutor plant	
Ailvuueo to Sundry account
Uonerul Civic rund	
I1S30 8.-1
'.'30 18
2471 33
07 53
2559 4"
14835 no
*.3.V._i| 1)7  $.i.V.HI 0'
As at 31st December. 1908.
5211123 .11
i.iAtiii nu.--.                            1
Tu Dobontures   	
lin,. .Molsons Hunk
Nolo aoeount concrete
Note acoount boulevard
Tax mile surplus	
Due t'iui lien I'llortrt... I'n
Shortage loo.    -
liiitaiice iisseU over linbil
glMMW 00
11780 85
«   2120 :m     U200 06
08 nl
7 .'ill
110 23
81420 83
BtrOOlM .uui slilewiillis
v ater and Light plant 1.
Buildings uml Item Estate
'i'IiooI house ami grounds!
Cily hull	
Fire hall Mo. 1	
.'3011(1 llll
4731  II
1273 45
3000 (Si
l"nn III
nil nil
.'iiii 00
2022 50
8271 8"
VSO isi
533 20
-.100 IS)
137 io
1018 80
lilt) 02
Hit) 31
*.'._!«._. 17
100117 27
16313 81
4086 !•'
1810 nil
28808 .'si
1335 iii
1123 IF
'202 .'Wl
Ilii 3*
1211 III
100 Ml
II8II  31
2189 8.'.
_!II8K3 71
New jail         ..   	
Isolation hospital 	
Lots 8and 9, Mock 23. .
I'ulilic jMirk-s	
F n ulliite in ullleii	
lire alarm system toldl...
t ne .il.um -ystein mow) .
Fire brfginl.. equipment. .
Sewer prellininut'i expenses
'Inols mul iiiipleiiienlri ...
11.p. produotng plant and
1275638 31
Htiitemiilil of expiiiittilurii by Seliool Hoard
for your WHS:
ITUI.tr    HI Hunt.
!t'-|>.iir . uml    ii|i|ill<i .   ....       1 333 .',.',
Fuol           831 88
' 'I'uipl.ii iiiirnn.l alnariiik
Trusboos convention
Renewal  iiiHiirauco .
Hi 17
881 .vi
1111 on
— $ 13 UM 42
llltlll   sciiiiiil,
Mn lu riie.  1,8 mil on
Repairs nnd supplies           03 31
Fuel           78 till
Incidental           88 88
■ J  3 209 Oil
$ III 508 11
ami ciirrtiet lii'tii'lliit ol Um monies spent by the
Rwviiifiinkn .School Hoard during ilm year loos.
F. II. HminitK, T. W. Hiiaiisiiaw
Chairman, Baoretary,
Publio Helmut uvoriiKii monthly iiiiroltiHinl... 410
11 lull Hclimil 11 vi.1:1,ti. monthly iiiiroliiiinit 31
Cost por hand, Publio Bohopl  * 3" oo
Coit par head, High School     108 00
RevelBtoke, H- 0., I.s January, 1000.
Certified correct.
.|( UIN
Chartered Acoountant
nn: prick
So Clear, So Shining and su Evident that ii
will glimmer through ;i   Blind  Man's   Eye
m St3
■  •
C   ■ ,
A Canadian  Made Writing  Machine
Kur ease of operation and
pe.-fection in the results produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
TIp;" EMPIRE" eml'odies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding ulign-
miiit, marginal facilities,
automatio conveniences, uur-
ability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE" needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to he cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
'I'he C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
JS95, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Government
" French Government
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants uank of
" Molsons Bank
and all edtieational institutions of Canada
The  Price
AU Work Promptiv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Cali for Estimates and  Advertising Rates
I*ar mftMMkimM®,,mm£mm $..&
All goods     Iii ui i''-i  and  under  and   all   lines   placed   on   our  Sale
Tables   must   go   regardless of cost.      Good staple seasonable goods.
Ladies' Underskirts
Heavy bbek morine skirts selling at
Si Black satin with deep flounces and
Jus or $i.i io.
Flannelette Drawers
Child's plain white diawers, regular
,-5..   now 40c. per pair.   Sizes: 4 to 16 years
White undervests, regular price 75c.
and g   . 11 w   ..v.  Size; from 4 to 12 years
Wc are disposing of  this seasonable
line of i^oods at a 25 per cent,   discount.
These are this seasons best goods,
which sold at 16c. and 18c. per yard, now
selling at 12J _e.  per yard.
Heavy, wide width flannelettes, regular i-i'-.e. a yard, now 71. per yard.
Odd lines and remnants, dress goods, furs, golf jackets, child's coats, ladies'
mantles, child's wool jackets, child's head wear and millinery at youi own price.
Must clear these lines to make room for new goods.     'These prices are lor cash.
Heal Hull, Insurance and CiiiiiiiiIssIoii Agent
Ollice on First St., Opposite the Club
Rents Collkcteu,
Noi'ihv Public
> 000000000<KH><KH><XH><KK>{><H> (
Pure Drugs
combined with caieful
c impounding, prompt
delivery unu reasi mil le
prices ure the factors
which have built up our
business to its present
immense p r oportions.
Bring your next prescription here if you
want sat isfactory result!)
We aim to keep only the
11 I in Groceries. A trial order
will lie appreciiited aa wo aro
convinced tlmt we ouu save yuu
Our Bread, Cukes und Pastry
are made (resli every day, when
tired of your own halting, try
ours for 11 change, yon
it very appetizing.
will   lind
the carnival to be held
2o.   will  he tin- iloul le
Macdonald's Drua, Store
Local and General.
The ii C  Legislature  will  open
Victoria tomorrow (Thursday).
:   stponed carnival will come
on Monday Jan  26, at the rink.
First-class programme fur tonight
am    Thursday   night   at   the   Edison
1 hi. •,-   1 ntutle.
A feature of
V   ...lay.   Ian.
'"1 Friday nnd Saturday next ihere I
will te an entire change ol program at '
tne Edison Parlor Theatre.
i Ith annual bonspiel oi  the B.
C   Cui ing   Association   at   Rossland
1  ,   stp med indelinitelj.
i be 1 P. R. u ill liuild barges for
tbe fruit traffn ou tbe Okanagan and
Kooti nay 1 akes this coining 3 ear
\ll members ol tiie Skiing and
BuowbIi C Olub arc invited to attend 11
trump up me mountain, stinting from
Mi I .tig's brewery at 1:45 p.m. on
6aI   rday.
I ''- I — I uesday,   between
Nice Five
House for
Nice   Six
House  ior
Houses  at reasonable
- All kinds of Insure
Agents  for  the celc
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, Insurance and Financial Agent9.     Money to Loan.
See the dodgers aud net lull particulars of the ice cnrniviil to be beld on
Monday 25tb inst.
We are glad to report that C. P. R.
Engineer J. tlould, who recently bus-
t'.iui.'il severe injuries tu his eye at
Shuswap frum the expl ■. n ol a
dynamo turbine, 1ms recovered aud
I is now out of the hospital.
We nre in rcc'.'ipi ol a copy ol tbe
1 report ol the Mining and Metallurgical
Industries  of  Canada,   1007-8, issued
I recently   by    Hun.   \\.    I'empleman,
skntiup   dinister ol Mines.    I tie work 1- ex
rink md ll   H.   L'rqubart's residence,   tremely valuable, being most carefully 1 returned Irom 1
Social and Personal
li.  ri.  McCarter  lefl   on   Saturday
night fur the coast,
W. llurnell has returned Irom a visit
i" Ins borne in Toronto.
K. li. lewis  lelt  un   Monday
un n business visit to the coast.
I-' C. Elliott wus n passenger on tlie
.1:    ked 1 rain on Fiida) .it Vale.
Mr. arid Mrs. I'm   McD maid   bave
E. S. Bongard's House Badly
Damaged by Fire and Water
An alarm ol lire wns turned in to
No. 2 Fire Hull on Sunday morning
shortly nfter 8 o'clock, nn outbreak
haviug occuried in the residence ol E.
S. Bonyard, 0. P, it. oonduotor, on
Sooondbtreet, lt appears that the inmates of tlie liuiise had gone to the
depot to meet tli" train and hud made
up a good lire in the range before leaving, Behind the lunge was a dado uf
w md. and ii i- probable that the heat
from the stove ignited tlie woodwork
which rapidly I lazed up, running between the walla und up to the roof.
When llie fire was noticed the uliini!
was promptly turned in aid No. 2
Brigade quickly arrived on the spot.
Some little delay iu gotting the water
pin i ing 011 lhe burning building was
occasioned hy the (act that the hydrant
opposite the (.Uieen's Hotel was frozen
and could not be used, consequently
the brigade lind to run huso down to
McKen/.'e avenue to the hydrant opposite tbe City Hall. The brigade
soon effected an entrance through tlje
Mq]tfn,{pof,.}i||¥i«> lili'iif.r<!-«i.iii|,'iittp
be concentrated, and had a good stream
of water pouring on t lie ll unes, which
were scon extinguished, Tlie lire waB
confined childly to the buck of the
house, and the fact of all the doors
being clused pievented the Haines from
being drawn into the main part of the
building. While the lire is respcnsible
lor considerable damage to the structure, the water poured on it spread all
over the house, greatly adding to it.
A disastrous lire was fortunately
avoided. We understand that the
damage is well covered  by insurance.
Swift Packing Co. Will Open
Branch in Revelstoke
W .!. Ovans, representing ,1. V.
(irillin of Edmonton, -tbe Canadian
Branch ol the Swift Packing Co., whb
iu the cily yesterday making arrangements lor opening up a branoh in
Revelstoke. The branch will bo open
for business just us buoii iih tlie premises, which have been secured on
McKenzie Avenue, can hu fitted up.
.^It is understood lhat those premises
will be only temporary quarters until
the spring when ii handsome ami
modern Btruoturu will he erected.
Nothing definite has been decided as
to the identity of the local manager,
but. we understand thnt one of our
city nun will he offered tlie position,
the name to be announced shortly.
Ship.ping will   he commenced nt once.
ThiB new enterprise in our midst
will be a valuable addition to the
busiueas ol the city, Tlie Swift Co.
have a Inrgc and extensive trade all
over the contiuont.
• nt
ml a credit   to tl"' depart
Fourth street, a lady's watch,    Kind
kindly   return   same   to   Mis.   R. II.
I'rqubart, or to this oil 1 •
\V. V\ . Fu-ter us I'll. iiraud Mu iti 1
[ the Provinci    Cii 1.0. 0
!■'.. visited   Mt.  Id ;.■     S  , 56, .it
Salm ■   \; in   asl  ■ •.-.  and  official! .1
i,    :.-• ,   itioi at   the  installa-
: .-ers.
..... .    1     ni ■    .    ::.' -   ml with
ring trite remark     "11 news-
,    -■•   ;' cities were to tell the  truth
-   •; My  ......  jt   hall  •  • ■■     -.'.--
■-   ild withdraw   thei    pati I
tbe newspapi  - to
ruptcy."        „
.:e •   _ pari ment hai ■ eera
.ui'i'ii' need    perations in thawii
fr< en wall    pipes ecti    I      I   is
trip 1   tbee    -
I speci     ..     ting H    pita
Board was beld last night to c nBider
1 matter in conncctioi   >' itb -    I
ol  the  Arrowhead   bospi ts     t
...d that there was  tru". n
'   ..ni lu hospital
m itter «ill be look   into  and   II  pus
• adjusted.
I'he body 1 I the late I-.;  ma 1    Haw
('.   I.a. ■       .\rr. v.   Lake
Lumtx r U' d, w«
city un Mon
Mr  and   Mrs T   W    Brad
I the  Merrj •   \l bisl
Clul    isi     , .   e prizes were won
Mra    Bews ind   Mr   l:   S
Mrs. 1 ertaim
ci is,   who  wa ast   week   at 1 ber
V alley with I
1.P.R. train w vas .-...•     ;.;   .-   ,•_    ... ■      -    :r    Mir
p -,■  f   Hai ■ i     Prii - . I wen I bis but to lay'
v -       - BctWI ''ii    Hi -    : .ii"   .mil llie
11 p a vi
Jury Returns Verdict on Three
Valley Train Accident.
The inquest on the bodies of the late
Engineer \V. Coughliu and Fireman
E. A. Hawkins, who wore killed at
I Three Valley last week by being
pinned in the locomotive cab when
the engine Btruck a slide, lelt the
'801 track uml plunged into the lake, took
place un Monday belore Coroner
From tbe evidence it  appears  that
tbe watchman wbo patrols that  sec-
tion of the track   where   tlio  accident
happened, lind  made   his   customary
inspection which was the rule, namely
that the track ahould be carefully   hint a quarter   of   an   hour
h   train   was  due, a list uf
_    1 nt oui   to  the  watch-
, .   1 very   morning   nnd    evening.
rai      > at    however    put   buck
ir  and   this   (act being
> :;  '.1 llII   A;,!i_i||pun,
ih.iihi.- wpwlinKttw
MRP iftf imp
Annual General Meeting—New
Officers Elected
■ The annual general meeting ol the
Board ol Trade was held last night
with 11 good attendance, The following were elected officers for the year:
President—W. M. Lawrence.
Vice Pres.—A. 11. Allen
Sec.-Trene.—H.Cunningham Morris.
Executive Committee—W. II Pratt,
A. MoRae, Dr, Sutherland, Supt. T.
Kilpatrick, W, I. Briggs, R lluwsun,
Mayor Lindmark, .1. P. McLennan,
L. M. Hagar, K. A. Haggen, A. 1). McCleneghan, G. ri. McCarter, V. B.
Lewis, C. It. Macdonald, F, £, Sine.
The following committees were appointed 1 ,
Freight and Transportation—C B,
Hume, F, E. Sine, A. Grant, VV, VV.
Publio Works—U. Howson, C. It,
Macdonald. W, T. Briggs.
Finiiuce and Printing—A. II. Allen,
VV. H. Pratt. 11. 0, Munis, K. A.
Advertising and Publicity— L. M.
Hagar, C. F. Lindinatk, Supt, T. Kilpatrick, J. P. McLennan. A. Mcltae,
11. C. Morris, E. A. Haggen.
A special committee was appointed
to luok into the matter ol seeming
the Dominion Fair for .Revelstoke in
lllll, consisting of A. E, Haggen, L.
M. Hagar, A. McRae, 0 F. Lindmark, A. H. Allen.
lhe retiring president's report and
details of tlie meeting will appear in
Saturday's issue.
Our Stock Tithing Sale is
goi'iiu- with n swing and customers
arc satisfied that they are saving
money   by   buying   at   this  store.
This week wc are going to
give some special prices in Dress
Goods from the best stork in the
Fancy materials in all the
fashionable shades of brown, green
navy, etc., all in suit lenghts. No
two alike, at 30 per cent. off.
Plain materials in lustre, Panamas, serges, poplins, etc., in all
colors and black, at 25 per cent off.
You will lind some particularly good money savers in this
Fancy Flannelette
lu neat patterns for
waists, wrappers, and
children'] dresses. Regular
liic and 17;Vc. values, now
only 10c. per yard.
Furs !   Furs !!
See the specially priced oues in our windows.
Dress  Making
Miss Mnolliiiiald is
in charge of our Diess-
makiug, and wo guarantee
you satisfaction mid work
finished when promised.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
largest   Stock  qf Cjganji ,[\w,l
The   best   inu
'jllhc rQtfigin.il Wad's  Mixture  nuw   on   hand
und made  expressly   for  us by 1). K. McPherson.
i  tbi I ■ -' lickeal      ctbod
known      ' ■ rst tud tbat thi
partmi - .    ■  .     ei       rders
.. -. .
■      '■ -   . hui :■  '.    \   .- 1    -   ;
Magistrate Fosl ia ol
.-..-,        ....        ... ,
■ - - . ■ ■
inded   1       1 ...... d   lit
■ : •
I Cal J :
• ....
! .,, 1       eep.fi
rged 1       .-    . mil t
•   - egulal
Business Locals
I       train   the   ilides
' cidi   I  iccurrod.
: ■
j, poi
lie 1 1 it 1
..''.:... iei.i
■  n ,   ibi  it ■
.   by per!    ■ not posai •- ng
.,  •  ■ .
1, • -
Chamois Vests
• ht;^; Protectors
ter Bottles
«.--''!    '
129   Cough Cui
I >iiiK,.i" ni. ' -■'•.. ncr.
mng 1    ' .   •
I he first run of the S
1 . .     took   [ilaci - iturday
1 Long's I I he
1 in pool it an
'   then        ' lenl
lalgamate I I   Moun-
i... i ing   Clbb   ii1     th     iki ai
iwiboe t
!   ■     ki ■■        .. ric Unlit
rvice  on   Monday  night • 1- indi cil
, atifying     I he 1 hiel thi
abutting dow n was the I acking up
e III   . lev ici    iver  with   ice lhal
npletely choked 1 he tail   race  irum
turbine    .M>'   h 1     bi en working
. . daj and night in 11 j ing to chop
,. ii   . ■•. „. and  allow '■ In   vatei  to
'i clear,    fi nob 1 nitiitttion in ftevi I
ki   .-   unprecedented, and In this
- mneotion  it is Interesting to note
that  Revelstoke  is  not  the unly city
suffering frum lack ol "juice ' as u result ol the cold snnp      Kn-lii  and
''i■■ nun   nre   having slmilai troubles,
while the  bi^ plant ol the Kootenay
'i l.iulii   Oo, nt  Bonnington
1.1-, Nelson, bus been lorcod to sh n
vu ii'inu't con pletoly, thereby 1 un •
•1 censuti ni uf work in the Bound-
,.iv nnd Kuislund inint;s,
. :
1 .     .
Ideal Kuril!' .
1 let nu ■ 'stermoor matt        ind
Furn tore  is  I he  pi 108  I
'A B     .':'        PU lllll l'.(.'i
when in I   -: 1       nd ...
tgll Its
and  .      .mi .. iu 'in-    '     H  Humi
A Comp' ij
l lannclette I lowna snd 1 nderwear
at twtniv per oent.off al McLennan ■
Card of Thanks
1 ui. by vi Ui to express my thanks
to in' Brigade No 2 and all who gave
their help at the rue at my relWonce
un Sunday last, .Inn. I?tb,
li, 8, Bo.v.Aitii,
Hookey has now secured a lirm grip
with tbe young mon around town, and
almost every night between 7 and S
p. in une ol lhe tennis nre out at luud
practice in the rink.   Tomorrow night
tbe lirst   league  game will   be played
when the V. M. 0   A. imet the   1'iuik-
game is
' expeotod,     I'he  game  will   start at 8
' "'   '*' o'olook -harp, nud tho general  admin-
1   lin I ,,„   ii    '.,   centi,    Alter   tbe  game
- spectators are invited to  remain  and
1  " .   .   ir thi balanoe ol tbe evening,
i.i!   I
ughlin, ora at h ,,. m     Both teams hnve
'    "    material   in  tbem  inula fast
1   they
Edison   Parlor    Theatre   Resumes Performances
I, I'li.'.n
if it ■  hai
:  . i
1 tonight  ■       1
111 I'd
ing p     ■    ■ 1 ■ thi
. progm   'i
will be 11 ub' un 111'l.'y and fi itucil 1,
, ild the  iigut ''"uiu in
the regular performances of the week
1   .ni ,..(    'i in- managomenl
;.   1 Ui: king  iii'u   patrons l.r theii
.. iiieroni support In the past,  respoot
luiiy suiii.it  a  oontlnuanoo ol « ,
ami ii will endeavor lo xive as guud
md wul''   ' IcCtion   ol   plol ui'"'   un  be-
fore      1 onighl   and    I hursdny,  uml
entln obango  loi   I'rlday and  .-*n111 r-
to   I"' lmped thnt a large  orowd
■nil turn uut tu witnosa the game, as
sport ol ini" kind should br encouraged among our young men
Conigbt n double header game uf
basket ball will bo played, if the ligbis
permit 1 .yintiniiuin team vs. Inter-
mi 'ii ites Buiinesi team v». A lorts,
I Lyons will referee the gni es, und
although the teams have nut bad a
deal ol praotloe lately, owing lu
■   I '-lug   1111   lights, yet Ktrciiiiuiis
games will take place h«hII tbe tenuis
are iul to win, 1 In Friday night, In
tbe Intermediate series, Doyle's team
will play ibe North Stars, and ai both
'• 11 11 bate not yd sutTereil defeat n
good game ia aaaured.
Old Tiineis   Mectiiii|.
A Hiiciliiig "1  I In   ' ' Mil   I oners   As-
loclation " will I"' held in tho t'ity
Hall   tomorrow   uiKht   «t B "'cluck.
\uy uld tlmei  who is inli ri'sted  is in-
vitid 111 attend, Arrangemeuta will
be made ("r the holding ol a grand
rally   nnd   banquet   at an  early (lute.
\   thi) Ii an Important movement all
who wiiltld like to MO 1111  did   Timers'
lieunioii in Revelstoke ihould intend.
I lev Ci
I ill II
lar, 111 inch lengths, full cord of 128 cubic feci- m."_i..">ii per
inliick, HI Inch li'iigl lis. full cowl of lis cubic feet   $7 per
Special quotations on four foot wood and on  largo
orders for stove wood of any length.
Tbii. nnil is cupiil tu ;tiiy .donie.v
lic still (.'Oi|l on tin iiiiirki't. -Jso
i.'linki.'is. .'unl nukes very little
$8.50 per ton
..Vhniirfiw.'UU'eil ,1'iifip fjuml .i.'o,||.
(I'he best .'iiul obeuposi fuel oil
Iho 111,'ii'ket. I''iee sample given
to any who huve not tried It,
$8.75 por ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
StltH? ffilMWtoJ! (Qp.
The Stuttz Theatre Co. are playing
a week at the Opera House. On Monday night "Was She to Blame," waB
singed, a highly emotional piece with
sensational developments, Tho caste
carried out their respective parts capably, the whole being a drama otten
lou true to life, A. r. Stuttz is the
author ol this play, being a dramatization of Ilertlia M. Clay's well known
novel "A Hitter Atonement." Last
night "King's Evidence" by Huiicci-
cault was produced, being u realistic
and exciting piece. The company
will   piny   every   night   till Saturday
when a matinee performance will nlsu
tnke place. Tlie aggregate talent ol
the players is good all round and a
pleasant evening's entertainment can
lie bud by taking in tho nightly hIiows
at tho opera house. The well known
oomedy, "due of the Family," will be
staged tonight.
City Fire Limits
Although the question ol (Ire limits
in this oity will probably not bo taken
Into very  serious consideration  this
year, it is probable thut the  matter of
building permits ami requirements
necessary lor lire protection und prevention in lhe way ol structures antl
buildings will be gone into. While
the   establishment   ol   lire   permits
would pel Imps tend tu cm tail business
expansion, yet on the oilier baud the
time bnn cume when more care should
lie exercised iu the construction of all
buildings wbicb will give overy facility
fur our Bremen to negotiate and
handle with celerity snd cure should a
lire brink out.
Moving Pictures Tonight,
Additional Subscriptions to the
Local List for Relief Fund
The following additional subscription! havo been collected by the local
lodge of the Italian Society in aid ol
the BiilVerers in the recent earth quake
disaster, supplementing tbo list already
Already Subscribed ,$122 00
P. Liiiiuiumi     4 00
Mrs, 0, Ualin     1 00
Dan. Casbato     1 ()0
K. Calnctircio     1 oil
(L Knapp     1 00
International    1 on
It. Ho Tomussie     2 ,00
,1  It. Sutherland     1 CO
C. Wood         60
VV. A. Sturdy     1 OJ
small 50
In a lew more days our cheup Bale
of Fniicy China and Glassware will be
over. Come in beforo it is too late.—
0. B, Hume & Co.
IvBESSMAKING nt, moderate term!
)   Ladles' suite from $5 un,   Annie
Mrs.  Oiddii- -  «•-   "  "-      ' •
sli eel,
care Mrs. (1, (lioen', 4th
ju 11 at w k s
til astern OAPITAL ready io In-
<j vcMigiiic legitimate Investments
-binds, tlmbor or mines—in British
Columbia, Address In lirst instance
with lull particulars—P "Oapital,'
care Noble dt Oo,1 Molsons Bank Hl'dg.
WANIKI)  Second-hand furniture,
stoves, east oil' clothing, etc -
.1. 0, Hull   2' il street, opposite
cliuii ii.
i lm light, buns
ll|..l(.u.li. 111..
Ily married couple (no
i furnished room
1 Ph'Ki    Applv Mm,,.


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