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1YACU*1~AAC?1'C11U.       XI
w. a. nuDcnioun.
Vol. 12,-No 136
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
Gift Giving
Season ...
The most universally observed season ol gilt giving
—" CHRISTMAS "—will Boon be here. Our stocks in
all Departments nre complete we would advise you to do
your shopping soon ns possiblo wliilo wo have tbe
assortment, Come and pick out what you need, we will
put theni awny for you.
Here is a bargain in Children's Head wear. A hig Iol of
Ladies' und Ohildrens' HatB at Hall Price.
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment of these Famous Biscuits jmt, Arrived; here
are a few specials !—Philippines, Brazil, Rich Tea,Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari,
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Wafers, Ice
Cream, Chocolate and Coooanut Creams, also other varieties, which we would be pleas d to show.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something Xeiv in Preserves and Pickles :—
Heinze's Preserved Strawberries.
Heinze's Preserved Pineapple.
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple Butter.
Heinze's Sweet Onions. Sweet Gherkins, Mandaliiy Sume
kid To u»to Catsup.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
8 tares at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Snoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
HALT GOAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Ooal,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
(Irate, clean anil free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
nny Length.
Hay, Onts, Wheat and
Express and Denying tn
anv part of the eity.
Furniture Stored at Ueson-
able Rates.
Office, McKemic Ave.
Next Burns' New Block
TELEPHONE       -       -       73.
The entire Household
Effects of Mrs. L. A.
Fretz, will be sold at
at her Residence, Carden
Commencing at 10:30 a.
m. sharp. Everything
must be sold.
*i 1Y1 iii ii*i i*ti i*ti it'i du du du 1*1*1
yHI IJ,I IH ffl 'ej.' 'ej.1 '+' '+' W '*•>'
Do Not Overlook Our Dainty Store of Novelties.
Prices to Suit all Pockets.   Pretty Presents  at  low   prices,
What is more  suitable tor a Xmas Gift than a selection ol
m Limoges, Coalport or Wedgewood China.   All genuine stamped
If you cull and look at our stuck ot Xinnt Presents,  you will
soon lind whnt you want, and at the right prico.
I 0
Dcalcrt in Hardware, Sieves nnd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen*! { T
nud Sawmill Supplies, elc, Plumbing and Tinimithing.        *■ t
f-M'frfrMfrfrMfr'frfr'frM1 'I1 'I1 $ $ 'I' 't1 'I' '1' ■$
Gillette's Execution Date Fixed
Big Mining Deal—Embassy
Declined — Anglo-American
Relationship Endangered.
Kebkimeb, N. y., Dec. 12.—Chester
Gillette, who was recently convicted
for the murder of Grace Brown, ha6
beeu sentenced to die in the electric
chair on January 28,1907.
London, Dec. 12.—The hou.-e of
lords tonight rejected the plural voting bill, whicli was passed by the
house of commons at the instance of
the government. The principle of the
bill was 'one man, one vote."
Nelson, Dec, 12.—James Cronin,
the well known mining man, and
Kieholi.s J. Cavennugh, of B. B. Migh-
ton & Co., have purchased tbe Queen
Viclo.in mineral property, a few miles
to the west of this city and nenr the
Canadian Pacific line of railroad. Tbe
deal included lour claims and some
rights. The purchase price has been
put approximately at $100,000. The
high prlco of copper brought nbout the
London, Dec. 12.—Gerald Loivther,
the British Minister in Morocco, has
declined tho offer ol tlm British Em-
'assy in Washington. While he wus
not formally appointed, he was un-
officially informed he would be sent lo
Washington if he desired the embassy.
London, Deo. 12.—It is expected ut
lhe Foreign Olliee und the American
Embassy that systematic efforts are
in progress in somo quartern further
to refrigerate Anglo-American rela-
tioi s. President Roosevelt is represented as being in close and confidential ci inmuuicalion with the Kaiser,
and as favoring an understanding between Germany and America to act in
harmony if Japan should menace the
white race.
s the record nlready ih*s winter for
the local Hindoo colony, a. a result 0!
their being unable to'stand the cold
and wet weather of the co-is!-.
The fecund deuth from pneumonia
in the colony occurred on Saturday,
and the body of the dead man was
Cremated by his fellow-countrymen nt
Millside yesterday afternoon.
Medical practitioners state that
there is much suffering among the
Hindoos from pneumonia and oilier
similar complaints, on account of
many uf them being altogether insufficiently clothed to protect themselves Irom the rigors of this climate,
The newcomers are the ones who ure
suffering most, while those who have
been in the country for some time arc
taking better care ol themselves and
suffering lets.
Ruin and Havoc Wrought by
Violent Storm—Worst on
San Francisco, Dec. 12.—A southeast gale sweeping along the coast at
a registered velocity of forty-eight,
iniles an hour ye iterday, resulted in
tlie death ot one man in San Francisco
and In the severe injury of several
others. Shipping in the harbor was
da.111.ged considerably, and in all
quartets of the city tottering walls
were hurled to the ground, blocking
striets and interrupting traffic.
In tbe lay the storm was terrific
Ferryboats proceeding with extraordinary caution were tossed abost till
scorns of passengers were sick. The
lower decks wero awash most 0! the
time, and occasionally the crest of a
wave leifped 011 to tlie huricane decks.
What threatened to result in a serious panic occurred on the Key Route
boat San Francisco, when an unusually large wave struck the vessel, carrying her to leeward. Women screamed
aud fainted, men rushed Ior the lifebelts, and only the advice and command of the cool-headed prevented in-
j.i'-y and perhaps loss ol life among
the other passengers.
Double anchor ohains did nut prevent some of the larger vessels in tlie
harbor from slipping their moorings.
The Chinese war junk Whand Ho,
which lay soutl. ol the ferry slips last
night, dragged her anchors until she
rested in tl.e channel immediately in
front of the ferriet, increasing tbe
dilliculties of navigation.
Tossed about by tl.e enormous
strength of the gale, the British thip
Palgrave slipped her moorings and
drilled on the rocky shore ol Alcatraz
Island, Two tugs went to tbe assist
ance ot Ihe disabled vessel and
succeeded in pulling her off the rocks.
Eugene Eber was struck by a lulling
cornice at Fillmore and Sutter streets
and his leg fractured.
Earl Temple was blown through a
skylight at (lough and Grove streets.
Hc suffered concussion of tbe brain.
Some of the remaining walls of the
Palace and Grand hotels werc blown
into the streets, ill'ectimlly blocking
thc car tracks on Market street, the
main thoroughfare of the city.
Pneumonia Attacking the East
Indians Resident at Millside.
Xkw Westminster, Dec 11.—Two
deaths (rom pneumonia, and several
others suffering Iron, the same disease
Patronize Your Home  Merchant—A Year of Full
and Plenty.
The glad joyous feslul season of
Christmas draws nenr and unnumbered hearts are beating in delightful
anticipation, Store windows are being
decked in holiday attiic und merry
Xmas will soon bo here with i-ongs of
pence. The spirit of tlio seasun is
upon us and wo all feel that at this
time of the year it is good to lie alive
and to be blessed with good health,
and the good things nf the earth.
Money circulates at Um season, und
circulates freely, and 16 turn tbe tide
into profit and use, our merchants
have donned their thinking caps and
ransacked their brain, and catalogues
tu hit upon the novelties and dainties
that will most appeal to the people
who as years roll on require better and
more up-to-date goods which the
march of progress in Canada demands
today. The stores are filled from
floor to ceiling with goods both new
and rare, and a wonderful array of the
latest inventions and creations Irom
all parts of lhe globe, are exhibited in
an attractive and artistic manner at
possible to catcli the eye as well as the
dollar. Tbe enterprise ol our merchants demands a ju-' reward, and
their houses ol business should, this
Christmas, receive a large share ol
attention. Now is tbe time to get in
and buy, Ior certainly the general
array is most tantalizing.
Visitor! are coming into Revelstoke,
attracted by the reports, widely circulated, ol the splendid quantity and
quality ol goods exhibited this year for
sale in tbe Revelstoke stores. Procrastination is the thief ol time and to
get what you want, you should be
around now and take your choice.
Without exageration we can say thnt
this is tlie finest display that Revelstoke has ever seen nnd our merchants
deserve the tuccets that sliould go to
such enterprise and energy as they
have shown. It will be our pleasure
this week to devote some of our space,
in enumerating in a condensed form,
the goods and novelties exhibited for
tale this year, in eaoh and every one
ot the stores und in doing this we wish
to extend to all our merchants nnd
those who have advertised in our
columns, our best wishes Ior a pros-.
perous season nnd trust that their
liberal patronage, hitherto extended
towards us will be continued, to a |
huger extent iu the coming yenr. We j
have done our lies! iu upholding the
reputation of Revelstoke nnd in keeping iur people in touch with the outside world and leel that our efforts
have been appreciated by all. Let.
hearls expand sympathies enlarge and
goodwill reign. Let benedictions drop
from lips and substantial gifts fall
from overflowing hands. Let ut all
rise above the mean and petty reae.it-
men I s which we may have harbored
against those who have not used us
well; let ut be generous and willing to
tolerate the faults or peculariti.it ol
those with whom wc have come in
contact, being filled with a greater
measure ol the "Live and let live"
spirit. Get ready to start the year
with more kindly feelings and ...ore
noble amb'tiniiH. Make the Xmas ot
this year a day to whioh you oan always look bnck with pleasure and
gratitude. Let your purse strings bc
loosened, give your home merchants
your patronage and that liberally lor
the good ol your city and let us all
unite in making this Christmas truly
a season of 'Teaco and Goodwill."
Public Sentiment Carries Much
Ottawa, Dec. 10.—Acting upun the
representations of various British
Columbians and the ovident public
sentiment ol the Pacific coast and tbe
Interior, an official of the immigration
department bat been despatched to
the west, lor the purpose ol taking up
the Hindoo question, It is expected
tbat as a result, many Hindoos will
be deported,
Off Isle Royal in Lake Superior—Many Lives Reported
Lost—Relieve Steamers en
Route to Scene.
Calgary, Dec. IL—The Calgary
Herald ol today, announces by wire
the total wreck of the s.s. Huronic, off
the I-lc Royal, in a terrific blizzard ol
sleet and snow. In the midst ot tbe
storm lho stcaring gear ol the big
sleamei became disabled, and she was
blown onto tho rocks on the ihore of
Isle Royal.
It is supposed that many of the
passengers are already lost and tbat
about forty of tbe passengers and crew
are hanging to the rigging, waiting
for relievo, which is now on the way
to the scene of the disaster,
Further news cannot be obtained
and the full extent of the disaster is
not yet known.
A special meeting of the eity council was held last night with Mayor
McLeod aud all the aldermen present,
The special husiness for discussion
before the council was the report of
Col, T. II. Tracey on lhe proposed
erection of our auxiliary lighl and
power plant, the additions tn the
water power plant already in existat.ee,
and the best n.euns of supplying
puwer and light to the C. P. R. The
report gave in detail the approximate
cost of installation for both steam and
gns and gas producer plants, together
with the cost ol operation, repairs and
general expenditure. Col, Tracey said
tlmt the choice ol a plant depended
upon the time it was running, Gas
w.is practically the cheapest plant to
install in the long run, although such
a plant with the gas producing apparatus would he more expensive as a
lirst cost. A gas engine and gas producer plant would cost somewhere
about ,$10,000. In regard to tteam he
said there were several forms of engines and it was a matter of choice
between one high class engine and
two inferior oneB, one of which latter
could be used by day and the other by
night. A high grade engine would
cost $13,500 and two lower grade $3,500
each. Coal can be got suitable for
gas purposes at $5.50 per ton landed
here. He Btrongly suggested that
English gas engine and producer
plant be obtained. As for the cost of
producing power it could not be done
under 2 cents per k. w. He detailed
tbe cost of operation and repairs and
said that an auxiliary plant would
certainly pay in that the city could
sell almost any quantity of power and
thereby reduce the rate of producing.
It was then moved by Aid. .Vbra
hamson that the report be received
and be open for discussion.
The discussion ub usual ivns long
und heated. The majority of tlie
council seemed inclined to accept the
rates offered by the O. P. R. provided
that the people passed the bylaw
Some of tbe aldermen said that 2 ceutB
per k. w. was too low to offer and
didn't leave enough margin lor profit,
while tbey agreed to the sliding scale
nf 3c. for the tirst. year, and 2jc. for
the second year,
Col. Tracey suid that a sliding scale
wi.b best for both light and power.
Aid. Howson said that the peoplo
would be more likely to pass tlio bylaw voting the money for tlie new
plant, if they know that the C. P. R.
were coming in aa customers.
Col. Tracey suggested that the first
two rates be accepted and if the consumption reached a certain uiuount
then give it to the C. P. It. for 2c,
but it was necessary for them to state
the minimum quantity they would
It was finally moved by Aid. Trimble aud seconded by Aid. Howson,
that the oity supply the 0. P. R, with
power at tbe rate of 3c for lirst year,
2Jc. for second year, and 2c after that
on condition that the bylaw is passed
and the council is satisfied with tl.e
agreement entered into by O. P, R.
relating to quantity taken and length
of contract. Carried. Aid. Abraham-
son and Caley contrary,
A communication from H.C. Itoutb
night operator at tbe powerhouse,
(enduring liis resignation, was road
and accepted, a resolution being passed
to ml vert ise for another at a salary of
$80 a month, applications to be iu
belore Dec 21st,
Col. Tracey, on being asked il bis
report on the sewerage scheme was
ready said that it would be ready by
the end ol the week, He said that
Dr. Pagan states that the health law
does not allow sewage to be discharged
into lakes and rivers. Hc said that 11
septic tank could bo used for tho central section but couldn't report yet on
tho course to bu adopted at the east
The meeting then adjourned,
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Eto.
The peoplo ol Field have had more
entertainments during the patt week
than is usual, having had two shows
and a dunce. Both the lecture, illustrated by views given on Tuesday
night and tho minstrel show given on
Friday night, werc well attended and
muoh enjoyed,
Two Ricks, stove size |3 75
Three Ricks, stove size |5 50
Furnace and Stove Coal $9 00
Nut Size,  suitable  for  Hell   Feeders,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 60
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
Have made m st ot their wealth investing in Real Estate, aud it
ivould not be unwise Iur thc man having money at low rate of interest
to follow their lead by investing in the best buy un tbe market which
we have selected as our Special Snap for the coming week.
LISTEN ! Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable tor stable and in fact everything that goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Prico S3,350.  Term. $600 Down, Balance on Time.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Brandies iu tho Provinces uf .'! iini-oha. Alberta, Sii-kiitclinwiii.
British Coiambin. Ontario, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed - -       S5,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       S4,28o,ooo.oo
D. R. WlLKlB, President; Hun. II. Jafkkav, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rale from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In all pnrtsof Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given in Collection!,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
When t/ou /feed
A £ond:
Dominion and Provincial Governments
Administrators, Cuardlans
Liquidators, Municipal Employees, Fraternal Societies
Banks, Loan, Inauranoe and Trust Companies
Mercantile Houses %Z
Managers,     Secretaries,     Treasurers,     Cashiers
Bookkeepers,    Saleamen,     Collectors,       Paymasters
Agents,      Warehousemen,       Exoise Bonds
And for all Positions ol Trust Where 8eo.jr.ty Is Required.
imperial guarantee and Accident Co. of Canada
Capital, f 1,000,000.,  l    flMB
Ihvelslokc Insurance Agency Limited.   -   General Agents
H. F. .MoKin.von, Special Railway Agent,
Good Citjf Lots on Easy Terms
A few good City lots still on tht; market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
G, M. SPROAT, Farwell Estate\Ofhice, Cowan Block. wi.'v      «iie»«%»-  "*"• *♦»"■" Iui tneenoits oi hjubu ni
li.i. , r utli
lochilng postage lo Kngland, United :
and Canada,
Hy tho voar [through poatofflco]	
Half      "       •• " 	
ijiuru-r "        " " 	
lUfl   HINTING promptly exoouted at reasonable ratt-*-.
-TEEMS-Cash.   Subscriptions payable In ad;
instrumental in gaining the promise
for ub, and for tlie future safety of our
city of which we have every reason to
be ju-tly proud.
OORRESPONDKNCK invited on matters of       ,
public interest.  Communications tu E*ui*   ,l1 lI
tor must be aocompanied  bv  nanio of
writer, not necessarily fn publication, but
weridenoeoitfood faith. Correspondence
-:.-■ .'.■'; \» l-rit-t.
Legal notices 10 cent**1 per line tlr**t Insertion,
Scents pel line each suteeoucnt Insertion.
Measurement! Nonpariel [12 linos mako one
inch}. Store and general business announcements 92.-5Q per Inch per month.
I'r- '-;r.*-l jt..-i:ii,iK :'.'i per cent, ml*
I * rd Births, Marrlagos and Deaths,
■ ich Insertion, Timber notices$B.OO
Land notices $7.50 AH advertisement
■ . eel to the approval of tho management.
Wanted and Condensed AdvertiseinonUi—
Agents Wanted. Help Wanled, Situations
h ii ■• I, situations Vacant, Toachcrs
Wniitcd. Mechanics Wanted, lu words or
I.-- I''-., each additional line 10 cents.
' I .: sea in standing advertisements must
oc in by 9 a. in. lues-Jay ami Kridny of
«ch woek to secure good display.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T I A W A
Parliamentary,   Department.'!
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
C-HA8. Mllil'IIV.
IIauoi.ii Fisher
BarrUtet.1 Solicitor.., Etc.
ERVELSTO      iMi-lltiil"! LAKE.ll.U,
C. i: mi.Lis. tl. 0. Ki.iji.tt.
Offices:  iMi-iiiiiAi.  Hank  Hlock,  Ituvei'
Motley to limn.
OKo.--: Revolstoke,B.C.
Gko. S. Md'All.in,
A. M,  l'lNKUAM,
Revelstoke, H. ('.
Kort r*tiii.-li!. 11, ('.
J. A. IlAHVliV,
FortSWolo, D. Ci
1, M. Scott I.L.n
u*. l. BrlKKs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
.Mine Suiveylng
McKenzie A VENUE,
Box 108, Revelstoke,
Uc ADatMberalb
" I would . . . earnestly a vise them for
their Koud to order thi. iniimr lo In- punctually
,erv*i-a up, utnl io he loolnvl upon as a jmrt of
lhe tea equipage."—Addison,
WEDNESDAY, DEC. 12, 1906
British Columbia has ii total urea of
many  thousand  square    miles and
comprises  within  that-  area   many
towns and cities all of whicli are in a
growing stage and which frequently
require  assistance  from the govern
ment in vuriou. forms.    To conserve
these cities  now  and to hold out a
helping  baud  to  keep them in tbe
right  path  and  to strengthen that
upward uud onward growth is, apart
from  being a pulitic move and very
uece«.iry une, on tbe part of the government,  protecting as it wero the
different  centres of  possible wealth
and the nucleus of tbe establishment
of a series uf   profitable   investments
fur the money expended, from time to
time on these cities.   The need uud
demand for assistance from the government has never been more necessary in  Revelstoke as now, and spurt
Irum tlie necessity of such assistance
it is only in -l.-.e justice to our ciiy tt
being one of the must promising and
prosperous municipalities in the Pre-
vince,   Situated as we are at the gateway of the interior country, which ol
late  has  attracted  both capital und
labor Irum all direct! ins, we deserve
something more than the ordinary
appropriati n Irom the government,
owing to our • iitii n t pographically
as  requiring more than the average
amount ol  attention.   We have time
and again   urged the government by
every means .ve have ut our disposal
U) take   active anil effective measures
to permanently protect our river Imnk
against  nil   further erosion, and to
eliminate .lie danger of valuable property being dettroyed, property Irom
which the provincial government have
derived taxes.    We are pleated lo he
able to say now that uur demands will
shortly be granted as we have it un
authority from  Mr. T. Taylor, M.I'.P,,
who has ststcd ibat Premier MoBride
ha- given  bis assurance to tho effect
that  the bank will lie repaired and
the  wurk  dune  in an effective and
permanent manner by the provincial
government thia coining spring.   Our
readers will no douht be glud to bear
this as  the  river bank question it of
interest 10 all and us we can vouch for
the  authority of  the statement, lhe
people of Kevelstoke should give lhe
credit where it is due,   Whether Conservative or  Liberal  we should all
realize  that  this promise  liasjjbeeii
made in due regur.l to what is neces-l
We are fust becoming a nation by
virtue of our wealth, population and
iniluonce as to render up every dny
nunc independent of American trade
more Belt contain.d. Far from
t'n. re being nny tendency toward a
union on the North American continent, the historical and commercial
tendencies point in nn altogether
opposite direction. This sentiment
was lully expressed in «recent address
by Hon, G. W. Ross, his object being
to hbow by historical references that a
decided puliticul cleavage botween
Briiish Ameiii-.il nnd the United States
has taken place. Thc revolutionary
wur us the begiuning of that cleavage
hail thn effect ol causing French Canada lo array against the 13 colonies
The feeling in Canada was embittered,
by Iho treatment of the United Empire Loyalists. Then followed tne war
of ISI'2, during which Canada wns
invaded, although nu party tn the
quarrel between (Lent Britain and tlie
United States. Again in 1827 Americans lonient'd whnt discontent was
aroused by the leaders ol that rebellion'
Then there way thc French raid in
I8(i(i, lhe repeal ol the reciprocity
treaty, tlie rejection ol Canada's claims
by the Geneva award, and various
treaties between Great Britain and
the United States in which the Canadian interests were sacrificed, lastly
tin- high protective tariff against Canada calculated to cripple Canadian
trade. These circiiinstnnces all tend
to develop n feeling of hostility towards union with the Amerloan republic, On the other hnnd this feeling
is somewhat lessened in the knowledge
Ihnt. we owe much to American capital ns instrumental in developing our
resources uud ns the meant of circulating money in tho country to the
mutual advantage of both countries.
We cannot but realize that on all
sides Canada is expanding, its constitutional privileges are being expanded nnd extended, and new avenues of trade are being opened up in
other markets.
R.;J. ll. Scott, CD. Il.C. K; F. II.
Fretz, P. C li; Ii. F. Gayman, F. Sec;
W. McDonald,E. Hoc; W. Unv-.Tres;
H. W Edwards, Orator; Dr. Sutherland, Court Physician; J. W Gorliind,
Sr. W.; W. F. Bates, Jr. W.| W
Smythe, S. B.j 0. Jolliffe, J. B.; W.
Smythe, organist.
K. OF P.
On Wednesday evening, Dec. 6th,
the brethren and Iriends of Arrowhead
Lodge, Knights of Pythias, assembled
in the lodge hall to bid farewell to
their friend ami brother, Dr. Hurry
Hamilton, who leaves Arrowhead
shortly lor Revelstoke, nnd incident!}-
to say good bye to tiro Bert Hurt nnd
Mrs. Hart, who left here ou Dec. 6th
for a three mouths' visit to Toronto.
The hall was beautifully decorated
und well lighted for the acoaaion,
luncheon wns served nnd dancing wns
indulged in until the "wee sum' hours."
A very handsome pin mnrked with
lhe name and number ol the l.-dge, nf
which he was a most active member,
was presented to the doctor.
This was the third entei'tuinment
given here by this most promising
young lodge, and seldom, if ever, bus
it been our lot to be at a more truly
enjoyable entertainment and we think
nil who were present that evening will
agree with us when we say that the
name Pythiasism in Arrowhead is
synonymous with first class entertainments.
The following is a copy of the nil-
dress rend by Bro. Stevens, on behalf
of tbe lodge. The doctor replied in
very appropriate terms,
Arrowhead, B, O,, Dec. 5th, 1006
James II. Hamilton, Esq., M. D,
Deal Sir.—It was with deep
regret that wo learned of your approaching departure from Arrowhead
During the period ot yuur residence
with us we have hnd ample opportunity uf getting acquainted with you,
and hav..- always lound you to be
thoroughly up to the murk, both as a
medical practitioner and us a man,
and when we sny that we shall really
m ih** your cheery pretence, we art not
utlng mere empty words.
While we regret parting with yon,
however, we must sincerely hope th it
th- ohange yuu are about to make will
be to your pettonal advantage, and
thai tucceis uml prosperity muy
attend yio wherever you co.
IVe i.-k you to accept  the  sworn
Every Prospect lor a Good and
Prosperous Season.
Once mure the rink resounds with
tlie bum of the skules and the good
old winter pastime has again take i
hold of both old uud young. On Saturday night last the rink was thrown
open for tbe first time and n large
number of skaters found their wny
down then.—lound their way in more
than one sense, for Boyle Ave. at that
end is wrapped in gloom, with just a
fnint glimmer of one street lamp
which gleams solitary and alone. However, once in tho rink tbo gloom out
side is forgotten nnd a glow of warmth
und vigor is soon felt alter a few turns
on the ice. The opening was void of
ceremony or fete, the band even being
conspicuous iu their absence, but Ior
a first night and the commenoement
of the season, the attendance of skaters
wus good.
On Monday night again, a crowd
even larger than on the previous occasion donned their skates nnd put in
a loug evening's fun. This time the
band were in attendance nnd rendered
some excellent selections of music,
which considerably added lo the fascination of the sport. The ice is in a
moderately good condition, being a
little bit rough and faulty, but as the
days go on this trouble will bo overcome.
Curling will not be commenced for
u Utile while, tbe ice not being in
sulliciently goud shape for good sport,
but if the frost continues this week,
the skips will be very busy in rustling
up their men for thc opening games.
The management intend to make
tlie rink as attractive us possible this
winter and will organize curling
mulches nnd hold a big bonspiel which
should attract all those who take interest in lhat sport. The skaters too
will have every opportunity for showing their skill, for competitions for
trick and fancy skating will be arranged, besides hockey matches and
carnivals ol every description.
Tiie season promises to be a good
and prosperous one, judging by the
interest taken and the enthusiasm
shown even at this early stage. It is
thc lirst time for many yours that
skating bus l-ecn indulged in so much
belore Christmas and it augurs well
tor the rink man.igomo.it, that n season
financially successful, has miidc its
The Y.M.C.A. a Good Advertisement for Revelstoke.
We were pleased to n ite that ut the
last meeting of thc city council .i favorable reply wts given to the petition,
igned by a large number ui ratepayers, on behalf of the V M.'.A. requesting a rebate on the taxes (or that
institution. Tbe feeling ol Lhe council was unanimous in that they (aw
tbat the Y. M. C. A. di served - •
consideration and had every right to
expect help Irom tlie city in tiie way
other institutions bad - ■-.-*• I
It is plain that the council -.■« ce.
-i io - in the path ol "heir
granting a rebate of the taxes and
■ .   •;..-   it   i- only lair to that
Action Probable. Though tales
are Being Made now at
Record Rates.
With the rougher grades ol lumi or
tilling nt from $15 to if Hi  per  ihuus-
and leet, and very hard to get even  ut | nature at present,
those figures, another rise is predicted!    Three    blank    drafts
crossing the fields there.
The missing documents include six
money orders, numbers 5817, 5818,
6819, 6830, 5831, 5832, good up to
$50 eaoh. These should be endorsed
by two pa ties-, but have only one sig-
by lumbermen. It is believed thnt
next week the mills which are members of the British Columbia Lumber
und Shingle Manufacturers' Association will ngrco upon the advance The
higher grades ol lumber will be given
even a greater increaso than the
The enormous demand made on tbe
pr duct of the coast mills, the increased number nl mills working nnd the
scarcity ot logs, have combined to
force the price of logs up. Only this
week the owner of a boom of fair Iir
logs refused $11.50 per thousand for
Becuuse of tho high prices now prevailing fur logs, llie millmon declare
that in self-protection tbey have to
force tbe price of lumber up several
notches For their part tho loggers
declare that the cost of working in the
w.iods is now greater than ever before
in the history ot tho coast, and timber is rapidly becoming more valuable
on account of tbe strong demand for
it. Loggers believe that poor weather
conditions for logging will have the
result of curtailing the output thiB
month, and logs arc expected to advance still further.
The Display in the Old Country
Attracting Widespread
li. M. Rainier, who is iu charge of
the British Columbia Iruit exhibit in
the Old Country, Iisb forwarded to the
department ol agriculture c pies of
newspapers in whicli appear references
to the display nt the Norwich show.
The Eastern Daily News, i» its issue
of Friday, Nov. 23, says:
"A most interesting exhibitoccupies
one corner of Messrs. Daniel's stand,
and that is tbe collection of apples
and peart exhibited by the state of
British Columbia. This fruit has
traveled 5,000 miles. We were sceptical tu to whether tho flavor would be
retained alter such a journey, but,
having sampled them, we are bound
to admit that they arc really of very
excellent flavor, nnd the color is far
brighter than we can hope to obtain
in our changeable climate. Fruit
growing is a rising industry in British
Columbia, and if all they send arc like
those here shown, they should hold
their own against all comers."
Tbe Kiet Anglian Times ol the same
date suys: "Stands 72 and 74 are
occupied with u fine exhibit of British
Culumbia fruit, The maguiflceut
specimens uf applet and peurs, which
hnve been conveyed over 5,000 miles,
are shown in boxes as shipped, and
alto tastefully arranged in baskets
un.l plates. The varieties include
King ol Tompkins, Rome Beauty,
Blenheim Orange, Spitzenberg, Jonathan, Baldwin, and Newton Pippin
apples, mid Beurre d'Anjou pears. The
Iruit is remarkable tor delicacy and
richness of coloring, and would command giiud pricet in any market. It
is understood that the exhibit is Bent
iiy tin- government ol British Columbia, with a view to advertising the
climate und fruit-growing capabilities
of the province, and to intioduce the
fruit to the British markets. More
tn,nn million trees, it is said, were
set out in 1905 and good profits are
being  made  from  bearing orchards
body  to say that thej nl)  It is claimed that  men are wanted in
thing that was postih e in lei I eci.
cu instances.     As a public inti
, id - ae that hat worked .long   iii   ■
md without any blare of  trumpets,
the Y M.C A bat done much for Revelitoke, and there lies rn us power to
du still mure for  the advancement ol
theoity and lor the upholding ol the
standard of morality so necettary for
a   growing   municipality.    Inn divisional puint such as tins where manv
men are employed by the C. P. It. in
one '■ ipnoity  or ano her, tuoh an in
ititution ns thit is absolutely rieces-
sary; and here in Revelttoko ih ire is
im other place fur these mi n tc go
where they oan get good hunett rocre
ai.iun and reading,   The V M C.A. has
done much fur the pr igrete of Revelstoke and hai been the mi - ■   *   ul
pnnying small token nf our respect vertlsing her in many different vays
and eiteem, and if the good wishes of And not only bus the moral standard
ur many friondt In Arrowhead havo of our city been raised and her popu
any Influence upon yonr dettiny, thon : larlty spread abroad, but the phytl ial
you   will   certainly  have  the  best,
foi'tnni! u mortal can desire,
We with you good-bye uml God-
tpocd, nnd wc  assure  you   that  you
culture of her sons baa received tht
attention ol thoso who aro carrying on
the work ol ibis institution, lo the
strengthening ol our ru-" ami to tlm
curry with you tin- hearty good will of * upholding ol our reputation us a oity
uu all. | fund of good sport and competition,
We are, tlr, your very sinoere Iriends In giving the donation $200 to the
and brethren, j Y.M.C.A. the city council are making
Tub Arrowhead Knighto? Pythias, good useof the public money and
helping   lhe  assooiation   tn curry on
I. 0. F,
At the regular meeting of Court
nary  for the city in guu-rnl and the Ml. Begby, of the I.O.F.,  held  on
good oi  tbo  Province and it is only | Dec. lllth, 190(1, thc following  officers
its excellent work Ior the advance
ment of our morals, the good ol our
city, nnd the safety, honor and welfare
of ourlcitizens
tl.e   ,    vince   iur   la m, orchard and
work,   where  there are good
opportunities Ior those of some ex-
pens   -
Negotiable Papers and $1300
Stolen on the Train.
Tii.ii'-ii'.-, nut.. Dec, 10,—Mr, \i'-Ar-
. ooantanl ol the Sovereign
.:.        ■ .-.-.- ■ bbod if a fallse oi :i-
. -i 100 iii i!i"i.''.  nnl u number
i lyment  on  which  wa»
I     uptlj -• ipped   ili1:'   in i.i- way liy
i i   ■  mm- F'Ii tohei - iboffice ol the
i in , -,i ery wat carefully planned
|| know . lu-ir.ii thieves,
ai,, in..! -. . i., . .- trued tbat Mr.
Mc Irthiir maki i three trips a we.-k
; - ■ carrying monoy nud paper., in a value Ior tiie there, Tbe
mm m ■ .-.- -oi ibe train here and
entered into eon versa ti in with Mr
McArthur, and  vhileone   tilted   him
to do them thn luvur ol delivering n
parcel to the utatlon agent at Fletcher
the other took tho accountant1! valise
un i sui ititutei for ii anothor so lilm
i'. that Mr. McArthur did not dltoovei
his lost till he reaohod I'li-tnlicr. Tin-
bank will not. lose anything, as it hut
a policy with Lloyd's in London, covering jusl. "nch occurrences,
The Ciipture ol the thieves is looked
lor.    After their trick valise hud been
on    bank
branches, numbers   149713, 149,714
and 1*19,715, signed by the manager.
Four drafts on Now York in favor
of P. L. McArthur, numbers7708,7709,
The men are described as follows:
One about thirty-live years of nge;
five feet five inches in height; clean
shaven; woro ii hlnck cont and black
muffler; blnck Derby hat, was thin-
laeed, with sunken cheeks.
His companion was about forty-live
years of nge, grey mustache, and linir
turning gray; wore long black mackintosh coat, with deep velvet collar,
and black Derby bat.
Now Is youe opportunity! Subscribe
for the MAIL-HERALD and the NEW
IDEA $2.50, for a whole year for the
Kootenay Lodge No. 15 A.F.&A.M.
Tho regular meet-
inK- are held in tho
Masonic Tiiinple,
JddFellows Hiilf.on
i thethii-il Monday ln
, -inch month  ul   *'
, *, -in a niinii a in .
. i-JOiim. Vlslttagbroth-
' Kxfifr i i'u   i-orilially  wel
——-"y>  ...ni,.
.SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12.1.0. 0. V
Moots every Tlm red ny
evening In Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cor
dlnlly Invited Io a!
K.,I.TA(l'.l,UlT,N.O. J.MA1HIK, Sue
Gold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 23, Revelstoke, B. C.
Meets every Wednesday.
except Third Wednesday ol
ent-li nn.mli, In iln- Oddfellows'
Hull at 8 o'clock, Visiting
Knigtits are cordially invited.
A. J. HOWE, (',..:.
G. H. BROliK, K. of R. 4 S.
H. A. IIHOWN. M. ol F
F. O. E.
Tlie regular mootiiiKs aro hold in llio Selkirk
Hall ovory Tuesday evening at 8 o'cIuck. Visiting bniiliriiii nro cordially iuvkod.
E.G. BOEBIDGB. Pbkbidbnt.
Dec. 3 to 10, 1906
For this week we will
make u FREE PHOTO ol
any Baby up to 4 years.
This is absolutely free
—no restrictions.
Bring the Rubies and
have their pictures taken.
Mackenzie Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.
\ Couple of young Indies willing to
share same room, can procure
hoard and comfortable lodging with
small family ou McKenzie Avenue,
Apply Mail-Herald Office.
1,1011 SALR-A new Piano, cost $276
I* will sell for $200. Selling same
uu account of leavingtown. Apply tn
t iv Barnard. Thud Strpet,
1ii.ll  SALE-Maglo Lantern   and
'    Sliih-s, ul. n siiei-lllce, tin.' plant—
W,  M.  itiiihii', liliiiii-hni-il Street,
Victoria, B.C.
I   All!
I i   in.
i.ioR SALE Medium sissed base-
I' Iiiiiiiii coal Btnve, only nseil one
miii, apply io F. ('. Mann.nu, City,
Mill-is   For dressmaking and sew.
g f.u children, fancy gondsand
iiiiiiuii*, si- ,\Ii«h Mahi.icn, opposite
Windsor I1 1.
WANTED Tim Hi'tt-i'last Oarpen
ten,   A|iply lo E, (!. Fiiihiky.
WANTIi Girl for general house'
wink for liimily of lln-ee; good
wages Mrs. Thi-o.T, Luilgale, Arrow-
li.-iid, II. I*. If
WANTF.D Wniiri-ii", iliiiieH very
light, Wages $30 per month,
Apply !■-. liii I Young, Queen's Hotel,
Oii.niipllx, Il.C
ANTKH Girl for general home
(iooil wiigi-s paid to
lighl uiiily. A|iplv lu Mis, F, B.
LKWI.-i. Mackonslo Avenue.
G. M. SPROAT, Office, Cowan Blk
Dwelling nnd Lot, Second Street     .... $2,000
Dwelling nnd Lot, Second Street  1,700
Dwelling nnd Lots, Third Street  i,Ml
Dwelling and Lots, (corner) Fifth Street     .     . .   3,21m
Double Corner, Second Street, near Y'.M.O.A.       . OOO
Lots on Second St., east of McKetntte Ave,, each  . .     251)
Lots on Third St., east of MoKenzle Ave., eaoh  .   , .   200
Lots on Fourth St., east of McKenzie Ave,, each   , ,     17,-,
Lots in. Fifth St., ensl of McKenzie Ave., each    .    . .   150
*tTa -T*. -Tf. iT« iTt tTi iT> »Ti •♦„ -".iPt tT« *T« iT. »T. At ■♦■ At >T- ,ft »T> A* At >'K ttt A
f  Comox and New  Wellington Coal
Hemlock   Wood    Hay, Grain, Feed
Thc Handsomest^*
of Overcoats.
Three distinct Fit-Reform
^f     styles, that are notable for their
elegance and exclusiveness
The % Box
The Creighton
The Double Breasted
In rich gray and black Melton and    *^»)
Cheviot—with all those little niceties of fine tailoring that well     W
dressed   men   demand   and   i/fflL)&
JIB      Fit-Reform supplies.
k    *!5* up
McKinnon I Sutherland  °  Revelstoke
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
St Op. Unit
Exceptionally busy Summer and Fall selling hns placed
on our hnnds a large number of second-hand pianos and
orjmnfi, taken in exchange on new styles of MASON &
RftOH and PIANOLA PIANOS, Our "Upper Country"
warehouses—in Nelson and HeveNtoke-are now comfortably crowded— we've winter shipments on way from
factory, too. These used goods must be sold, we wish
them to move rapidly. You'll appreciate these unusal
Hniiill Unrlght "Luff fi Ham"
llllllll), Kii.ijlhli liiflki', 6 m'tiiVi'H,
walnut I'lim!	
"Charles Darin" Uprltjlit Piano
7 ootaveB, 4 ft. ti in. In liui-gllt,
KrciU'li tvaliiut eas***, ncroll front
"Boll" Orgatli 5 ft, high, walnut 0M0| fi until veil, U'.'i Hilts uf
ri-i'ilH 8 stojiH, ill ({mill hunt	
; *ji*t;m*H, 4 ft. li in. liitth, full
inm IniniL', (iximlleiit value at
dl'm -ymirH fm	
"Niigont" Miami, New York,?
nelavoa, elioni-zoil rami, n- r.,",,l
"Hull" Plane, (liu.'li)l), 7j ue-
im*" Imitation Fri'iieli walnut
I'limi, viuiHi-r purlin)!)' nlf Olio oilil
ru (table for hull tn imiut*	
"M-aatMiA RIbcIi " Pla»o,7i
octaves,4ft, 6In. iiiiii. iinisiini
in Kan Dunlin^' iiinluiKiuiy,
-iii'.hily 111*0(1 '"it ["""1 an new,
was $«w0 but now soiling al	
"Miihod & Kisi'li" 1'ii'iui, large
Upright (iriiml. beautiful nm-
liugany uiisi', 4 ft 9 hi- high, cum;
.slifflitly marred, utlierwise fine
cuiiilit-Kui, Hplumliil t< ne. Wait
mililfurUtakiiit fur	
"Mason A Hlsoli" Piano, Upright (Iruiid in Art tliiinliml luirl
walnut case, practically new,
prime condition, perfect lone.
WHS 85ri0, extraordinary valnu al
"Dominion" Organ, walnut
cane, fi ft. liigli, ti octavuu, 2%
HutH of recti*!," Htopa, Vox Humana, Qrflat, ami Oraiid organ
"liull" Organ, *uas4lvo wain *t
oaso, si'ml I front, ;i sei n of reedn.
10 nlops, botli swells, You'll
not Ic-si* wi tills at	
"Doliurty" Organ, liliiek walnut VMW With lir-velleil French
plato mirror, fi octavos, 8 sets of
rei'dn, id stops, Iiiish and trelilu
couplet;, and knee swells, aplen-
dlil value at tills figure	
Wo'vg nlso a number of others, Full list sent upon
request, You mny turn in nny one of these Instruments
ut full value, ns partial pityme.lt on a new MASON &
Itl.HCII PIANO, within two years after purchase.
MUS-!§cVA¥ NELSON, B. O.  P-*,*..B0X UUK
for our
The New Idea
Woman's Magazine
Mail - Herald
These two together
For duly $2.50
The New Idea Woman's
Magazine contains over 100
pages each month of fashions,
guidance for making clothes
and household helps.
Bach number is divided
somewhat as follows:
The Fashions
15 pages of reading and description; also nine full-page
fashion plates—many of them
ln color.
Fiction and
Informational Metes
50 pages by the best writers.
Beautifully illustrated.
Children's Department
From 5 to 10 pages of stylw
and stories.
10 Paget.
Good Housekeeping
12 Pages.
Send along the Money and
Secure this Bargain in
a Year's Reading.
II li"
IDEA," the Ladies' Monthly magazine. Both papers for a whole year
for the small sum of
All new subscribers paying a year's
subscription in advance for the MAIL-
HERALD will secure a whole year's
subscription to the " NEW IDEA"
Woman's Magazine FREE.
All present subscribers to the
MAIL-HERALD who pay all their
arrears now due and a year's subscription to the MAIL-HERALD in advance will receive FREE One whole
year's subscription to the "New
Idea" Monthly Magazine.
Steam Printers and Publishers
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Financially and Commercially 3
Mr. R. J. Harreit, edit-or ol the London Financier, who lms recently been
visiting Canadu, bat many good tilings
to say ul this country on liis return to
London, Among other things he sny-:
'That Canada is on the eve of a
period of commercial development
only equalled in the history ol the
l'nite.1 i-lates ol America.
"That thereart- numberlettopenings
for tbe profitableinvettmsntoi liritish
"That the Americans are keenly
alive to the great commercial and agricultural possibilities ol the country,
awl arc flocking over the border in
their thousands.
"That England's indifference is
greatly regretted by many loyal Canadians.
'•That the Bank Act of Canada is
the finest Banking Act in the w irld,
"That there are splendid opening!
Inr men with a small oapltal—anything Irom $J,000 to $5,000— In the
towns springing up in all directions in
the northwest.
"Tbat the country il just crying Ior
skilled mechanics and labor Ior the
"That clerki and 'remittance men'
are not wanted.
"That Cobalt is the richest silver
camp in the world, and is alone worth
a journey to Canada to see.
"In Canada, undoubtedly, we have a
country ol illimitable possibilities-
one that has. indeed, achieved most
wonderful results.
'•Financially, commercially, and in
respect ot her industrial expansion,
Canada's position is unquestionably
sound. The only drawback is the
want ol capital, lor, with such rapid
growth as now has come to pass, domestic finance does not serve lor all
requirements. Already England has
done much, bul Yankee keenness
seems inclined to do a great deal more.
Canadians are much surprised to see
bow English capital holds off, whilst
the Americans are eager to acquire
the very pick ol chances that occur.
Americans already have obtained control ni many leading industries, and
they are all the while endeavoring lo
win still greater dominance,
'■Uut here indifference is iveaking.
Canadians themselves are now aware
ol the considerable interest now shown
in their great country's opportunities,
I know lor certain that the principals
of leading English industries have
gone to Canada to tee and study Ior
themselves the Conditions now existing
there. And something, surely, must
result from sueh solicitude.
"In the new Northwest there are
millions ot acres of the linest wheat-
growing lands in tbe world, 1 have
run my arm eighteen inches deep into
the richest, blackest loam it is possible
to conceive.
■Fur business men Canada can give
such chances as they will not lind elsewhere, and men with from 11,001) to
$5,000 are certain of success it they
will hut just go west. and. with good
judgment, start where the towns are
springing up with marvelous rapidity.
Established there, where fertile lands
ensure t permanent prosperity, they
build their fortunes on a rock, and not
on shifting sand.
"S me people here are nervous lest
the influx of Americans to the far west
of Canada should weaken ties that
bind the great dominion to the motherland Of that there need be no fear,
I am assuied. The ties are indissoluble, and incoming Americans make
good Canadians. The laws they find
are excellent, and—what especially
appeal- to them—are well administered,"
III II'*.* riillU liuni. in   inn.,   nnme
Iso lie properly dispensed if
suit to the department ot this efficient
and kiiidhearted olllcer.
Also, although this is conjecture, 1
helii in the Mayor ot Ilevelstoke would
cons nt—in His Worships ollioiul
capacity—to receive sueh contributions, where required, amongst these
people who are evidently gowing to
snffei keenly from lho rigors ot a
Canadian, winter.
Thanking the Mah.-Hkkaui (or its
valuable space.   Respectfully,
Revelstoke Citizen,
Several deals nl considerable importance have lately been made in timber
lands iu tin liig llend distriot. Four
or live blocks have been turned over
ai good figures during the past ton
days, Iii local people and tn capitalists
in lhe Fasten, Slates, and several
more deals ure pending, including one
for about Ibrec quarters nl a million
dollar*) Hig Hend limber binds arc
Biirely 111 demand and those wise men
who figured that they could al any
time pick up timber there at prices to
suit them, are finding out that il thoy
gel any considerable holdings there
Ihnt arc worth having, they will have
to go deeper in their pockets than
they expected.
It is reported that the property ol
the racilic Coast Lumber Co., Ltd., at
Vancouver, is about to be aold lor
about a million dollars. Geo. McCormick, lute ol Enderby, is the
present manager of the company.
Minneapolis capitalist! are said to
have an option on the properties of
the Rat Portage Lumber Co., at Vancouver and Harrison, and that a deal
is likely lo be closed at an early date
!i:i " !- 'aclionof our perlect fitting underwear can't
i - lun] . ! in -,..,ii- any but Kuit-to-l-'il, They know
t; .a nn - .- i in -. buy undergarm -nts that are more care-
!-.!!;,- ninl': -tlmi iii so peileclly—and aiesuthoroughly
,. -i,m .mm l-M -ainler wear,
' .-*"..-f^> ^   ft »
/   >j/i.£:.:jiiH'0&w'(hui> '*' *
Combination ttuita
in i   . piece 11 fit the figure frnm neck to
i i.i nil fabrics from silk to cotton,
r i! . 'or to show yon the whiter weights ami
.* us for our catalogue.
P, O. BOX 2 !30, MONTREAL.
**-*-. *->—■■-» - aBWBanMH
■ - -.    j  \ • t' / CSSsSSs \ Su1""-!!
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Pianos, Safes and Furniture.
Cener.il Draylng.
Next [jiwrence
Hardware Illk.
Officii Phone No. 71.     House Phono No. 7.
Office: McKenzie Ave
). 71.       HOU8
hereby glvon thut »i clays after date I
iitenil in npply to tlio llmi. Uio Chief Coiainisstoii
I* uf l.i.i'it-j and Works fur a speoiftl license tu pul
mil earry nway Limber frum iho following tie*
scribed lands In West Kootenay district:
Cuiuiiienchig ul. u pusl planted hi ehuins west ut
the nonth*we*il ornerof Timlin Limit lii.'.'ii ami
marked ■'(!. -Skinner's luirih-rust eorner," thence
icu eliains aoutb, thonce in chains cast, thonco itn
ehaiiis imrtli, tlience tu cliailia W(**Bt to place ol
Located Decernber 1st, imn..
dec \i sal A. M,Syii)i)i|s, Agent,
May    Eventuate   Yet   Over
Japanese Problem in America
Japanese in California,
San Fkas'i-'o, Dec. 11— ( tlilofnia
regard, tho Japanese Iml gll i tl
practically -■ [tied, but while b. lieving
the present i ritit has been bridged
over, ex[«ct« and predicts war betwei n
the United States and Japan within
five years,
That the Federal Oovernment, by
d"dging the issue, and placing tho re-
sponsibility tor the alleged insult to
Japan on California, has prevented
immediate war, is the firm conviction
of politicians and office-holders in San
Francitco, but that war with Jtpan
will eventuate is  declared  on  every
—       •.».     ——
Editor Mul-Hi:bu.i>
IteceniberiHii. 1906.
Dear .Sir,—In reply to "A .Sul>-
Boribers" letter, re-queuting talorrnation
through your paper whether anyone
ii in Revelstoke to look after anything
sent for holp uf the Hindoos, I beg to
point uut that uur Chief ol Police,
Thus. Bain, ol Revelstoke, recently
No. 380,
'COMI'ANir.S' ACT, 1897."
I heu'liv certify tliat'tliu "Hood Lumber (V
Inw this day lieen registered us an Kxlra-J'ruviii*
eial Company undor tlio "t-oinpnnies' Act, VSA7,"
tn carry uui, or effect all or any of tin- ohjectsof
the C panv to which lhc leglslnttve nntliorltj of
thi' Legislature of British Columhin extends
The lieut) otllce of the Company is situate at Die
City of Spokane, Spokane Comity In the State-nf
The amount o| thecaptltal of lhe Company is
Ita lliimlri'il Thuuiaiul Dollars, dlviiled late
three Imndred Lb'ousand sliurua nf om* dollai each.
t'lie lieuil olliee of the Company in this I'm*, ince
is situate ut Imperial Bank iJlock, Rerelntoke,
ami Ueorge Smith McCarter, barrister-ai law,
whose iiiWress Is the same, is the attorney for the
Company, riot empowered to Issue nmftransfer
The time of the existence of the Companj Is
atty yean from the SSnd ilu; of October, im.
niveii tinilei* iny iiiunluii.l Sealof Office itVii
torla Province of British Columbia, this twenty
ninth day of November, one thousand nine bun
ilred and six.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies,
The ol ij eet a for which the Companj liosbeen
est ibllshed -nei registered arc; -
To manufacture, export, Import, hny, sell and
generally deal lu goods, wares, merchandise and
property of ever) class and description within the
Stateoi Washington, the United states of America, the Province of British Culumbia and elsewhere as may frmn time to time be found necessary or convenient for thu purposes of the
Company; to carry on and conduct i general
wholesale and retail milling, manufacturing aud
lumbering business within said territory; to own,
operate, buy, sell, lease, ereet or otherwise acquire
saw mills ami any other kinds of mills or factories
(or the manufacture of lumber, -either En the
rough or HnWnetl state, uud M manufacturing ur
finishing all irticles ol trade m tde therefrom, and
to own, my, sell, lease ur otherwise acquire all
ii: -, rj ind appll inces of every kin.I and de-
icdptlon that mny be necess irj ir usually had ir
iiied in connection t-jianwith to purota8e,takeon
lease, oi In exchange, nBe or otherwise inquire ur
bold ami -■ii lands, estates, buiidlngi righta-ol
n\, IihH '*r water or any other rights or prlvl
leges, uKLi'liimT;. iiti-tiin-iSf-i, H"uil wills, plants,
ivopH In trade, at other rei] or personal propertj
ol any nature or kind w8*n**,snever *n nny de
deemed oecessarj to curry obt any of the objects
or purposes *( this Corayany; to maintain, lm*
pru*.-!. manage, * ik, control and superintend any
mill, roods ways, tramways railways, bridles,
r*n rVuita, «jtt#i court**** *a»niilU sliitigfo nnIK
factories, liydraulii i-orks, electrical ""rk- or
ither  -"'rk* or conveniences which may leem
.. i, . , *.. mj I thu I cts nr purposes ol thn
', ip:,.;, ind to buy, <*ll .ml ileoj th the same
',. me -■.-..ii., waUi loctrfcal or an) other power
n i nffltlwjHiwer or niherwlie, and to buy, *<*ll
,:,. these ae     | in base, acquire, lell,
hoi t   ■ rect,   ind oporotq electrh lighl ami other
.  ne      r>- f<>r milling and manufacturing pur1
I- -a-    idfortbepiirp0fflit(furnisl)lng4|ghtli ind
i[■ tliftg i-    ■ r I ■ *■■ ■  inil ...   tliei   . ;
ond.    .    -II  l-i-- locate and hold liitches
flumes nnl ■*■ iter righi -  Lo ■ ■ nstr n I lease, buy
■ell, Imilil or operate railroads ferries, tramwai
..r other means nf •"i-tji-.ii'.ri.it.i.n, foi tranHp' rtlnfd
logs, liimls r or   other   inateml   or   pas
iei .      I"      .< i   1 LSIil    llll      Ifllf    Iim.-"    irtfl
local i i thei -flsa icqnire timbor and tlm
bei claims   to   buy, acquire   hold.   Improve
lease md tell timlier, fan g, grazing, mineral
andi 'ue- lands, and the products tnereol to
acquire, purchase, lav ont, plat md tell town and
bR) - md i" i'1-ii md pnt upon the m irkel
town - !'*s and erect bnUdingiand Iraproyements
oteverj kind and-i'l! lots or otherwise dl | I
the- nne, or anj part or portion thorenLandgon-
-rail* tu do u reul estate, rental, hiiyini*. selling,
linprovummit uml Investment hiuinou; toi arrj on
ageiieial merchandise ami commission businoss;
t acquire, «ll ami conduct itores.hotels or imanl.
Inn houses; l" in tiscrilio for. pun haso ur otherwise
acquire, sell, ami hold villi the same rightrof
owncninlp tnerolnas maj im purmlttod to natn'ral
persmi , the diaree, homls ami obligations of any
otliurt'firporatlon wherevef orjjanlzod; to procore
thetompauy to !»• realstorotl, Incorporated, or
recoRiiUed In am othorstateiortcouniryiorpm
rlnce md to tfo all nnd everything necessary
sullahlo, convenient ur proper for the accomplish*
in* ni ul anj nf the nurposns, or the attainment o
uu) ono or moro "f tin* objects heroin unumeratoil
nr Incidental to the powers herein named, or
which shall 111 any timo appear condllolvo orflx
pud lent fur the protection or Iwneflt tit tlm' nrpor-
alion, and lliiullj to do everytlj|nl( coiislHtanl,
propel   (Uld   leqill'l'tc   fultlii"*,irrviiig out uf 111''
objects and purposes nforoiald in their fullest ami
brondi i sense within suid territory.
»i:il dec Vi wliu
nf nionoy to buy a run ot carpet heie-pi'lces are trlinmod
to such a sninii margin ivlth
us lliatii vei-y snmll bundle of
money will buy n big bundle
of carpets or nigs, Wo will
gladly show you our supply of
llooe coverings without iishow
of your money,
R. Howson & Co.
you are looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
jx^  SPECIAL" for Souvenirs, wo'hnve llieni here.
lu small or large Lots.fiom Kill
llw. to a Carload,    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, ■ Malakwa
Has ft i-ooil stock ol Urocerica and
a line assortment ol Japanese China!'
Agent   for  Kevelstoke  Farming
Company,  growers of all   kinds of-!
Farni l'roduw, Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke^
|f| J.   GUY   BARBER,  -    0^5
"v   ' 0. Pr Rs WATCH  INSPECTOR.
Is often thc only difference betwmi
Satisfaction and Disappointment in a days
Baking*. Its the only Flour you can
afford to Use. Its thc most nutritious,
delicious and economical Flour milled
Made in liritish Columbia from
Selected Western Hard Wheat and contains much Gluten.
M Ms (0., Ll
Import direct ft*oi)i Countcy of,ofigin.
Incorporated by Act cf Purliftinout, 1855.
Wm. Mulson Maci'hkhson, Pies. S. II. BWINO, Vice-Pres.
;Jami!s Etf-ioi;. OiMienjI Manjiger. j
Capital paid up, $BlQWM0
Resemit $$$($$00
Everything in way of bunking husiness transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twicer, year at current 'rates-, '.on Savings Hank
W. 11. PRATT, Manager,
Ekvelstokk, 15. C.
Look Weill Feel Well!
Do you enjoy tlllll well diessed feeling? We nil know what
il feels like to lie hnt, lu be cold, or to be tired, and it is
jusl as true Ihnl wo all know what it feels like to lie well
diessed. ll feels good, and it's good to feel good. Vim can
never be well dressed if your clothes are no! Im.de by the
right maker.
Got loknow wo handle the SEMI-READY QARMENTS
and you will find what a pleasure and satisfaction il is tu be
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats  SIS, SI8, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date   Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers $5 and $8.
TiillQt'ing Is om  businoss.   We make ainiin look well
and lie knows it,
9 ..Cressman  and Morrison..
ckmate ill.- dishonest use of
■ ■• i VEGER,
and insist lliu!
: .1* •■ JAEGER'
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
For Agricultural IiiMilomouts. Carriages, Wajonsj Ktc, Juhu
Doero Ploughs, Mulino Wagons, Canadu Cnrringo ICompfl'uy'ii'
Buggies, Planot jr., Garden Seeders ami Cultivators, Wheel-
Wright nud Blacksmith Work [attended to. Horse Shoeing a
UKADOKKICKi Caluaky, Amikuta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealer 'in Live Stuck. MarkoU in all Uiu principal Cities and
Towns nf Alberta, liritmlt Luiuialiia aiul the Yukun. packerii nf the Celebrnteil llriiiul
"Ira erator" Hams and Bacon, aud Jliararook Brand, Luiif 1-anl.
Central Hotel
Evans & Woodrow:
Dealers in Heel, l'ork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to.
FirstSt. Revelstoke-
Wing Chung's ne-yyly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese good*}
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea .orviccK
(lane Chair.
JlTlowor I'ota
Uliuirtllla Stands
Iiiii.6!i Ilukoui
Siiiiikhw Jackiils
TBIlk Goods.
GOLD Fiarfj
finest stock ol candles and frills In town.
Front Street, Reyglstokj),
I  have clients who wi.'h ty
obtain houses, rooms and lot
for building purposes, and shai
bc glad if parties having tue]
will advise moot same.
Ileal Estato and Ineurance Ageat.
Revelitoke, l'.C.
liter lleail., Animals, Illnla, I'l.li, jKtr.,
Aiiiiniil  Huij.i Muunteil.
P. ... llnx SI. ——
HlJi.Stlulliil  l!oriii-r.il l-'llst Sl. niul lluyle AveT;
llevel.teke, 11. 08
B. C.
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.    All modemconvenience?
Large. Sample 'Rooms,
Rales $1.50 per Day, SRpcial,Weekly,Rate^^
Queen's Hotel, Tl'OUt Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET    ST03STH     PEOP.
Queens /fote/
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Trailers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, -.        -        Proprietoi
Now tha, the - elebi I i - ■
a^'.tiii In- available afler - bis ••..■••'....
PRICES   Special Hand-piekal coal !>•■                  .rki     19 Per ton
SCREENED COAt $3 .10 per ton
RUN OF MINE 7.50 per ton
Having taken over !■■  M I -.-   -. I -• ■ i
i  -.ili In- kepi and orders promptly f"..3+-.f.
E. A. HAGGEN, AGT.    Revelstoke, B. C.
Onto*}— Mackenzie Avenue, Next C I* H Telegraph OfW
Henry's Nurseries
Extra Inr*,"*  importation nf
Dill DC   to 11 * v frnm Holland, Franco
DULDO  „„| ,-jnimn |D Beptombar
For Fall Planting
Thooiandi o( Kmit and Ornatnantal
Traei, Rhododondroni, Hoses and  hardy
plantl now growing on uur own grounds fnr
fut ii r« planting
Nn oiponse, lo»« ■' '!*i,iv of fiiiiiigiitinii,
ii ipeotlnn noroustomiduties to pay. Ilnad-
luarlanfoi I'nciflr Coait grown and imported Qarden, Field and Kluwer Seod-s.
Vi«,tor« nrn nlwny.H welcome to fli^poct
our  -lock
Groonhouio Plants.
I -it Flowan and Floral Dulgni, FortlllEera
Hon Hi toi and Bupplloi, Spray Pumpi and
BpravluR material,
\o ngenti  t),«r«fori ymi lmvo no Horn*
million io pay,    Our catalogdh telU run
jiu.nt ,i    Lei mo prlos roarunbofofK
"   .j .   ir nr*ler
Ur- 'in builne-M on our own t*roiindN   no
reut Ui tiny, and are |iro|mrod to itahjit nil
competition   Baitern prlcei   "'
labor   ' ataloguei Kmo
or loll. WliUn
llrmii-li   Nur-nnr
Snutli   Viiiiii
Mra. H. J. Ha.ibury, Managress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxef^
LurKO liiiiiiiKroiiin fnr
Illlliqllels, Suiiiier.s, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
Hakhy MolNTOBH,  Hoffman  House
J_ cyon are the most curative in tb^e
world. A perfect, natuial remedy fpr
nil Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailmeriifa
and Metallic Poisoning' A sure cure
for "That Tired Feelinij." Spec(al
rates on all boats and'trains. Two
mails an-ive nnd depait every dav.
Telegra h communication with sii
marts of the world.
Teiims- $12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotti Lake. B. C
Under   New   Management)
B    G.
FirBt-olas accommodation fur travelIoth.
Boat brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought.
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
for '.   .   .
John E. Wort's HmaiUrn Stoic.
Niiliee Ik liornliy given that thn fnllowhiK
rnlnll lii|iun- liiiiin-"!- iifmlii-iil inn* have been
rocolvod Inr the KevelHleko Licence DiKtrlct:
(i. I). Mm ii*, il iiiiinili* miiill, WinilHor Hotel,
tiiniiiliiin I'ncllln Hallway Co., 6months K>-
Kill.illniiier lliiiisi-, Ulneliil,'
W. .1. 'IJKhtlini-ni-, iliHontln retail, Union
Hnlel, Arrnwhoail.
.Iniin I'nli')-, ll nionili* rolnll, City Hotel,
T). (!iuneViill. II aiolitliH retail, bikevlcw Ho-
tol, Arriiwlii'iul,
.1. II, Y ik, il iiiiiiiili* i-'-liiil, IJni'i-ii'.j Hnlel,
Ooiinftll* "   "  ,7"
Win. ll.iiniiiMii. li month*, rnlnll, I.iu-iliiiin
Hnlel, .'uniaiilix.
W«i. lloyll; a meiilliH re'all, lleiitnn Ilolel,
Iliiaton. ,:"'-T"* I
Jnliii 'I'ln-w, li niiinili* ininll, Kva Hotel, Cam-
uorrto*. !'
IlaT.-(Iir,li iMiiiili.. retail,Cninliorne Hotel,
J. II. I.lnilmiy, (! iimiiili* i-i-iiiil, Iteoonlion
lintel, rjnitiborun.
I-'raiik Aljny. li inniillin rcUill, L'l-ilcrlon Hotel,
M. ,1, uiiiii-ii, i! month* retail, Coroiiallon
lintel, riiiiili.irni...
K. I*. I'l-rry, li moiilliK retail, I'avlllliiii Hotel,
unlil llilil',.
],. K. MeliiiiiKnl, (I month- retail, lailnml
llnl' 1 NiiImi |,.
M. McCarthy, II il.- retail, llraml Ilolel,
limn   Mi Ininll. ll  iimiil li    1-i-luil. Il.ili-yim
ll'.i.l.  Il.l' lull
Mlki- Orally, il mopthi ininll,Hi, boon Hotel,
HI, Lewi.
Ami fnrllier In!..- niillei: Unit the regular
mootlngofll.il llont'il of l.liii'iiiii'i'niiinilHiiionerH
im-ilm Rovolitqke Lloonolng lil-irlct will he
ImldIn lhe I'liivlneiiil I'nllii'Ollki',llcveli.toki),
mi Patm-ilii) IheHtli ilnj-of lice, llllll, ai the
hii'ii nf 1! p.m; in tho iifturnunn,
liiiii-il llili :mtiu ilny ol November, WW,
Ily Orik-r.
Chlol lli-uraUi!,
Manufactured fnr all clawoslnf building.
All klndslof buildin-z nnd plastering
under tat en.
Buys one of the roost roomy,
comfortable and convenient residences in the city, with two lots,
corner site, in first-class location.
Terms may be arranged, Particulars on application to
Real Estate & Insurance Agent,
That's Koyal Orown kind—
mado in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Faotory west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with its help,
And the money saving is tl.e
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give (or
Itoval Crown Wrappers, Send
Ior it—Free—A Ino try ^lie
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vaj^pr, B.C.
\ Landsaud \Vorks for a Bpeolal license to out
and carry nwny timber frmn the following do-
scribed IiiikU iu Dig Bond district of Wnst
Commencing at a poat planted about J4 mill
from eust bank of Columbia river, nlinut \ft mill's
below Itocky Pninl, markod "0. P. Llntlmark's
south-west corner poet," tlu'iu-e eiist luu chaina,
north in chains, west 160 chains, south lOchains
to point of commencement,
Commencing ;|> " post planted nbnut \ miu
frum cast imnk of Columbia river, and about IH
miles below Rocky Point, mnrked "C, K. Lind
mark's north-west comer post," tbenee eaat 160
hains, south 4t) cliains, went lOOchains, nurth I1
chains to pnint of commencement,
Dated Nov. 9th, 1000.
Commencing at a post planted nbout 1 mib
frmn east bank oj Columbh rivor, and about U
mile below Rocky Point, marked "C. V. I.iml-
mnvk's hi ui tii nest corner post," Uience norlli 160
cliains, cant 40 ."liains, smitli 100 eliains, west 40
chains to point of commencement.
Commeuelng at a nnst planted about |U
miles from east bankof Columoia river, inul nbnut
\ mile in ion* Itocky Point, niarked "0. J,. Limb
mark's south-went eorner post," thence north IliO
cliaiiiH, east 411 chains; -mut li lliu cliains, ivest IU
chains to point of commencement,
Coinmeneing at a post planted about2 miles
from east lm uk nf Columbia river a limit J mile
below Roeky 1'oint, marked "(,'. P, Liudmark's
smiili nest corner poat," thence north lOOchains,
east In ciniins, smith ion chains, west 411 chnius to
point nf commencement,
Commeuelng nt a pout planted ahout 'iYt
miles Iron, enst Imnk of i olumbia river nml ahout
1 mllo IipUiw Itocky Point, marked "0, P. Lind-
mark'ssoiith-wcfll corner po-t." tlience north 100
Chains, (m t |H hains. south ioo chains, west 40
elialm in ■■-•mi ol commencement,
Cum mi i
miles n<<
aliout 1 in
r, l.iiiiln..
north i u
I'lutliM, a
Commencing at a posi planted about 8W
mile- frinii enst bank of Culumbia river, and
nInmi U tnll i below Rooty Point, inarked "C,
K. Ltudmnrk's south-west eorner post," llienee
tiorlh IW) chains, tast 40 chnius, south ltj.i
obaiut, wqbi 40 ebains to pointol commence*
tneui „
Ilinul Nuv. fith, mil. ■
nov 10 chas. l*. LINDMARK,
post iilanled about 'A
Imnk ol Columbia river ninl
•iim Kocky Polul, marked "C.
nth-west coiner post," thonce
is, east -in i hams, soutb icu
cliains to pointof cotnmone*
IjukIs and \Vorks for a speoial lieenoo u> out loi tin* Province of British Columbia al the
d'^rfflaSda? "mb°r ^IoUowiaB next session, for an Act, incorporating a
1, M. Beaton's B.E, Corner post, commenc- Company tu build, equip, maintain and
ing at a post about Wmlla north ol Kelly creek operate a Iim* or lines oi" railway of stand-
-ami) mile east of i tab Creek, thence north leu I u\^
eliains, west iu ebains, -south 1C0 ohaii
40 chains tu pnint of commuin-emeut,
2 M. Beaton's 8, \V, Corner Posi, oorn mencing at a posi aliout !t mile north of Kelly Creek
one-half mile enst ot I* isl) creek, tlienco north
Bo ohalni, east 80 chains, south suehalns, west
SO chains (o point of iiouimeueeinont,
3. Mi Hoaton'a N. w. corner Post,commonclug at a post about in ree miles up Hoyd Creek,
one mile cast of Dominion line, theuce suulh
Ml chains, cast HO chains, north B0 chains, wesl
su elinins to point of commencement.
4, M. Beaton's N. \v. uorner Pust, commencing at a pest about nur miles up Hoyd Creek,
on trail two miles enst Dominion Hue, thenee
huuili til) chains, east 80 cba.us, nortli HO chains
west 80 chains to point uf commencement.
fl. M Beaton's H. U'. Corner Post, commencing at a pott about threo miles up Boyd Creek
mn- mil.* enst ol Dominion Hue, theuco east 80
chains, uorlh 80 cliiiins, west ho chains, suuth
.so ehnins to poiut of commcuccmetii.
Nov, 21,1906.     sat nov iM      M. BEATON.
Notice is hereby given tint 80 days after date 1
Intend to apply to the Cliief Commissioner of
Laiuls and Works fur a special license to cut and
cany away timber from tlie following described
lands situated in the Big Bend district uf West
Commencing at a post marked "t. P Lind-
mark's south-west corner post," planted about 80
chains smith frum the north-east corner of but
188-J, thence nurth 60 clmins, Ihence ea st 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains, thencu east 00 chains,
thence sontli 100 chaius, thence west 100 chains to
pointof commencement.
Dated Oct. tttb, 1906,
Certificate of Improvements
Silver Hell Mineral Claim, situate iu tho Rov-
ebtoko Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located:—Keystone Mountain.
Take notico that 1, James I. Wood row, F.M.C.
Nu. RS86I0. agent for Alox. W. Mclutosh. F.M.
C. 8861'!: Geo. Johnson. F.M.C. B83174, uud
Elisabeth MoMahon. F.M.C. No- B88641,inteud,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaiuiug a Crown
Grant of the abovo claim.
And further tuke uotico that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of suoh Certificate "f Improvement*?.
Dated this26th day of October, A.D-. 1900.
oct 27 JAS. I WOODROW,
Notice is hereby given that 6o days
from date i intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, B.C., tor purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet districl:
Commencing* at a post niarked "T. Kllpatriek's norlh-west corner," situated
about i mile Irom west bank of Upper
Adams river ami two and a half miles from
head ot Adams lake, running 40 chains
soulh, 80 chains easl, 40 chains north, 80
chains west, containing 320 acres more or
Dated Nov, 12II1, 1006,
nov 14   ' '«f
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date I
intend to apply to tne Honourable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
furcbase the following described lands in the dis-
rict of West Kooteuay, Ilevelstoke division:—
Commencing at a pnst planted nn the west bank
of the Columbia River aliout half a mile beluw
Priest Rapids ami marked "W, H. Sutherland's
north-west corner post." thence BOUth 20 cliains,
thenco east 10 chains more or less to the west hank
of the Columbia Kiver; thonco in a north-westerly
direction and following the weet bank of the Columbia River to the point of commencement.
Dated this lU'hilav of Octnl er. 1UU6.
oct ii W. If. SUTHERLAND.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after date
we intend lo apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds nnd Works for a special license
to cui and carry away limber from lhe followiug described lauds on Halfway Creek in West
Kootenav district:
1. Commeueiug at a post planted at tbe
soutb-wesi oorner of T L. Nu, 7109, and marked
"L.W.L Co. i-.LC", theuce 8'i chains north,
thence 80 chains wesl, theme SO chains south,
thence east 80 chaius to place of commence-
2. Commencing at a post plauted at the
north-west cornerof I". L. ;>o lm, snd marked
•'L.W.L.Co N.EC", thenc* SU chnius south,
thence 80 chains wesl, theuce 80 chains north,
tbenee hi chains eaBt to place of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted nl tbe
south-east cornerof T. L. No. 7109, ami marked
"L.W.I.Co, S.W.C,". theuce north SO chains,
thence eas: 80 chains, thence suiitn so chains,
theuce west 80 chains to placoof commence*
4. Commencing at a post planled at the
north-east corner of T.L. No. 7682, and marked
"L.W.UCo. S.W.C", thence nnrlh 80 eh .Ins,
Ihence east bo chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 ehains to place of commencement ,       ,        ,
6. Commencing at a post planted at lhe
south-esst corner of Location No, 4 and marked
"L.W.L.Co, S.W.C," thence easl 100 chains,
Ihence north 41 chainB, theuce west lOOchains.
theuce south 40 chains to place of commeucemeut,
C. Conimenclng at a post planted at the
nnrth-easi eorner of T.L. No. 76:12, and marked
"L.W.L.Co. N.W.C", theuco east I811 chains,
tlience suuth 40 chaius, theuce west 160 ehalus,
theuce nurth 4u chains io place of commeucemeut.
Dated tnls 24th dsy of November, 1906.
7 Commencing at a post planled about 40
chains north of the south-west cornerof Location No, 2, about 1)00 feet Irom m est hank of a
small creek and marked, -L.W.L.Co, ti.E.C",
theuce nortb HO chainB, thenco west 80 chains,
thence soulh 60 chains, tlience easi so chains
to place of commencement.
H. Commencing at a imst planted at tho
south-west cornerof T.L.N0. "030 and marked
"L.W.L.Co, S.K.C.", thenco north 80 chains,
thence west 80 clmins. thenco south 80 ehalm.
thenco east -80 chains to place of commence*
Datod this 26lh day of November, 1906,
Lamb-Wathok Lcmiieh Co., Limitkd,
dec 3 wed	
Nolice ia hereby (,'iven that 60 days
from elide I intend 10 apply lo lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, 13. C, for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooel dislricti
Commencing at a post planlcd near
aouth side of Oiler Creek, 3 miles north of
Adams Lake marked "W. S. Burton's
south-west comer," running 80 chains
easl, 40 chains norlh, 80 cliains wesl, 40
chalna south, containing aboul 310 acres,
Dated Nov. 12th, 1906.
„ov 14 W. S, BURTON.
Nolice is hereby given thai 6odav«
from dnte I intern! 10 hpply lo the Chief
Commissioner ol Laiuls and Works at
Victoria, B.C.. lor purchase Of lollowing
described lands in Lillooel dislrict:
CommeiiciiiK ul » post planted near
soulb side of Oiler Creek, 3 unlets north
ol Adams Lake, marked "A. McConnolla
norlh-west corner/1 running 40 chains
soulli, 80 chains cast, 40 cliains norlli, 80
clmins wesl containing, aboul J20 ncres.
Daled Nov. uth, 1906.
nov 14 A. McCONNELL.
Notico is hereby glvou that 80 daya aftor dato
I inlenil to ajiply i" the Chiof Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a spocial liconso to cut
and curry away timbor frnm tho followiiu; do-
scribed 1 nids situate in-Kust Kooteuay di.trict:
1. Commencing at a imst planted nn tbe
south-east bank of Wood River about 2 miles
liolnw thu wost fork and mnrkod ' K. McHeanV
south-west cot tier," theuco north Ht) chaius
liionco east 80 chains, thouco SOUth 8Qchaius,
thonce west 80 chnius to the point of cominouco-
2, Commencing at a post plnnted on tho
south-east bank of Wpoo Kiver about 2 milos
below lhu west fork nud mnrkod "E, McHonn's
north-west corner," thenco ottstflGchalns.thouce
south HO chains, tlienco wust 80 chains, thouce
norlli SO chains to tho point of coininoucumoiit.
8, Commouciug nt a post planlcd ou the
south-east buukol Woud River, opposite thc
mouth of ilic westfork nud marked "K McBean's north-west corner," tlience suulh 160
chains, tlience east 10 (bums, thenee nor lu IHU
chains, thence west 40 chnlns to Ihe point uf
Dated this 18th daj of August, 1960,
4. Commencing at a post planted on the
uorth-west bunk uf Wind Kiver, just above ilic
mouth of tlie west fork and marked "E. Mo*
Bean's south-east corner," thence north 80
chains, thenee west nil chains, theuce south 80
chnius, theuce esst 80 chains tu lhu puint of
Dnted this'JutO day ol August, 1900.
fl. Commeuelng at a post plantcil ull the
soulh-east bank of Wood Kiver. opposite the
mouth of the west fork anil marked -r, McBean's south-west oorner," ibenco north 80
ehuins, ihence east 80 chains, theace somh 80
chains, theuce west 80 chains to the point of
ti Commencing at a post planted on the
north-west bank of Wood Kiver about 1 "lie
below the mouth of the west fork nnd marked
"E, McBean's south-east corner," thencu mirth
40 chains, east 40 chains, north -10 chains, west
80 chains, soulh 40 chaius, west 40 chains south
40 chains, east HU chains to tbe point of commencement.
7 Coinnieiiciiig at a p-ost planted ou tLc
north-west bank of Wood Kiver about I mile
below the west lork and mnrked "E. McBean's
uonh-east corner," iheuce south 40 chains,
thence west 40 clialns, Ihence south 4U ehalus,
tlience west 80 cliains, thence nurth 4u chains,
thence east 4U chains, thence uortli 40 chains,
thence oastHU chains to the point of commencement.
8, Commencing at a post plnnted on the
south-east bankof Wood River about 4 mll.s
below the went fork and marked "E McBeau's
south-west cornor," thence north 100 chains,
ihence east 40 chains, thence soulli 160 chains,
thenee west 4U chains to the point ot'commeucemeut.
Dnted this 21st day of August. 1900
'.. Commencing at a post planted on the
north-west bank of Wood River and 2 miles
below Jump-up Creek nud marked "K. McBeau's south-cast corner/' tiience eusl ioo
chains, iheuce north 40 chains, thenoe west hit)
chains.thence south 40 ehalus to the puiui. oi
10. Commonclug at a post plauted on th
north-west bank nl Wood River abouU miles
below Jump-up Crtek aud maiked **K. McBean's south-east corner." thence west 80
chains, Uience norlh 80 chains, thence east 80
chaius, thcueusouth SO chains to the point of
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1906,
nov24 sat E. MeBEAN.
lor other gunge, with any kind of
motive power from a point on Upper Arrow
Lake, West Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
Uience following the Colnmbla River
northerly on cither side to a point at or
near the confluence oi Canoe Kiver wilh
the Columbia Riverand ihence lollowing
along Canoe River on eilher bide, lo a
poinl at or near Tete Jaune Cache, on
Fraser River, wilh power to construct,!
operate and maintain branch lines lo any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway; aud with power to construct, operate and maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries; and lo
construct, acquire, own and maintain
wharves and docks iu connection therewith; and to construct, own, acquire,
equip and maintain steam and other vessels and boats and operate the same on
any navigable waters, aud to construct,
operale and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along (he routes of Ihe said
railway and ils branches, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes; lo generate electricity and supply light, beat and power,
and erect, construct, build and maintain
the necessary buildings and works, and lo
generate any kind of power for lhe purposes aforesaid,or in connection therewith,
loi* reward; and lo acquire and receive
Irom any Government, corporation or persons, grants oi land, money, bonuses,
privileges or other assistance ill aid ol the
construction of tbe Company's undertaking; and lo connect with and enter inlo
traffic or oilier arrangements with railway,
steamboat or other companies, and to
exercise such powers as are granted by
paris 4 and 5 of the "Water Clauses
Consolidation Act" 1 and for all rights,
powers aud privileges necessary in or
incidental lo Ine premises, and for other
Dated at Revelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
of August, 1-906,
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Notice is hereby given that thirty dnys niter
date we intend to apply "co the Hon. Chiel' I'.im-
missionerol Lands and Works Ior spooiuI licenses to cut and carry away timber Irom the
lollowing describod lands:
1. Commencing at a post pluuted about H
mile north ol Kelly llreok, J mile eustof risk
Creek, theuce oust 80 chains, south Ml chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 ohains to point of commencement,
2. Bowman Lumber Company s north-west
corner post, commencing at a post abuut two
miles up lioyd Croek ut tho Domiuiou line post
thence south 80 ehuins, eust 80 chaius, north 80
chains, wost 80 chuius to poiut ul commouco-
mont. .
3. Bowman Lumbor Compsuy s soutn-onst
coruer post, coinmeneing et a post about two
miles up Boyd Croek, at Dominion line; thenco
nurth 80 chuius, wost 80 chuius, soutb 80 chuius,
eust 80 chains to point ol commoncement.
1. Bowiuuu Lumbor Company's nortli-east
coruer post, commencing Ht a post about threo
miles up Boyd Croek and uno milo eust nf Du-
minion lino; theuce south 80 chains, west SO
chuius, uorth 80 cluiiiiE, enst 80 ehnins to puint
ol cummoucenieut.
5, Uowinuu Lumber Company s south-west
corner iwst, comuioucing ut u jsist ubuut two
miles up liuyd Creek, ut Doiniuiun liuo post;
thouce uorth 80 chuius, oust 80 chuius, south 811
chuius, west 80 chums tu point of commence-
0. Commencing at a post plauted on tlie
south-eust enrnor of Timber Berth No. 366. on
Fisli Creek; thence north 16U ehuins, enst 10
cliHius, south 160 chuius, wost 10 ehuins to poiut
ol commeucemeut.
Dated Nuy. 21st, 11106.
uov 21 sat    Bowman Lumbbb Co., Ltd.
The Pingston Oreek Lumber Company, Limited, has gone into voluntary liquidation under the aliove Act
nnd has appointed John H. Jaokson,
of the city of Revelstoke, B. O., accountant, its llquldatoi foi- the purpose
of such winding-up.
The creditors of the above Company,
which has its head office in said city of
RevelBtoke, and all others having any
claims against said Company are re-
uuirtd, on or before (he 1st day of
January, 11X17, to send to Harvey, Mc-
Onrter & Pinkbani, solicitors for said
liquidator, at llieir office First .Street,
Kevelstoke, II. 0,, their nauii'S and
addresses anil descriptions, anil tin-
full pai-tlciil'.irs of their claims ur ilebls
veritleil by outh and the nature and
amount of the securities, if any, held
by them and tho specified value of
such securities, and, if sn required hy
notice in writing fron. said liquidator
or his solicitors, to come in and prove
their said debts or claims in the usual
way, at such time and place as shall
he specified in such notice,
After the first day of January, 1007,
tho said liquidator will proceed to distribute the assets of the Oompany
amongst tbe parties entitled therein,
having regard only to the claims of
which he then has hail notice, and the
liquidator will not then be liable for
the assets or any part thereof so distributed, to any person of whose clain.
lie iiad not notice at the time of the
distribution thereof.
Dated this 21 th day of November,
nov 21 sat Mod Liquidator,
Notice Is horoby given ihal sixty days slier
ilnir I Intend io applv to the lb lei Commissioner o( Lands aud Work", tor permission
lo purchase lho following described landi In
the dlstrictof West Kuoienay:
l 'I'liimi'iieiiii* ut a poit marked "lleilwrt Rod*
fern's uorth-wost corner post.11 and plAQwd on
lho east bankof tho Columbia rivor, alwut four
milos south of Niikuspi thouce east (0 chains,
thonco soulh 10 chains, thenco wost 40 chaius
tlience north 40 olulus to point of commence*
mont, contulnliii* 100 acres more or less.
Dated the 80th Hoptember, A.D., UOL
oot W HKHUEUT RUDFfilit*.
Notico Is hereby Riven that 30 days after date
I intend l,u apply lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands nur, Works for spocial licenses
to cut and carry away timber from the following described lands situated in thc Rig B-inl
District of West. Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "K. W.
Davis south-west corner post," planted uno
inili! west from the north-east cornerof T.L.
(„-J7, thonee north 80 ohains, east 80 chains,
south SO chuius, west ni chains to point of com*
Dated N'iv.-2nd, IfWti.
2. Commencing at a post marked "JP. W.
I'avis' south-east corner post," iilanled attlnj
soulbwcst corner of location No. 1, tlience
north 80 chains, west MJ chains, south 80 chnlns,
cast 8u chains to point of commencement,
3. Commencing at a post marked "F, VV,
Davis' southeast corner posl," planted at the
north-west romer of T. L. (J7H7, thenoe north 80
ohains, west 80 chains, south 80 chains, east 81
cliains to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 3rd, 1906.
4 ' 'onimcncing at a post marked "K. W.
Davi-'nnith-enst corner post." planted at the
ie ri h-wt'Rt corner of T.L. (i7U7, thence south 40
chains, west 100 cliains, north 40 chains, cast 10'i
chains to point of commencement,
0, Coinmeneing at a post marked "F, W;
Da vi>'south-west corner post," plauted atthe
north-west corner of said location No. 3, thence
north 80 chains, cast 80 chains, south 80 ehnins,
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Nov. ith, 1906,
uov 10 Per Gus Lund, Agont,
Commissioner oi Lands & works for permission to purchase the following described lands, situated in lhe Wesl Kootenay
dislrict on the west sideof Upper Arrow
Lake in the Fosthall Valley:
Commencing at a post niarked "T. S.
McPhcrson's south-west corner post,"
planled al the norlh-west corner of Loi
862; theuce north So chains, llienee easl
80 chains, thence soulh So chains, theiuv
west So chains to point ol commencemeni;
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located 23rd day ol November, iqofa.
nov 28 wed      T. S. McPHBRSON.
Nolice is hereby given that 00 days
afler date I inteud lo apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred anu forty acres of land lying
in tbe Fosthall Valley nn llie west side
uf Upper Arrow Lake, described as
Ciiuin.eni-iiigiit a post marked "William Harlow's north-easl corner pnsl,"
planted 110 chains west, uf Lot 4576,
Group 1, Kootenay; thence wosl Hli
chains, Ihence soutn 80 chains, theuce
easl 80 chains, thenco nnrth 80 chains
to tlie place of coiiiinciici'iuent, containing 010 acres, iuiil'O ur less,
Dated this 21th day nf November
nuv 28 wed   Pai'T. S. McPborsoii.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
afler dale I intend lo apply lo llie Chiel'
Commissioner of Lands « Works for permission lo purchase three hundred and
twenty acres of land lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the west side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Robert
Abbic's north-cast corner post," planled
at lhe norlh-west corner of Lot S62,
Group 1, Kooicnay; ihence 80 chains
west, thence 40 chains south, thence So
chains easl, tlience 40 chains north to lhe
point of commencemeni, containing t,20
acres, more or less.
Daled lhe 23rd day oi November, 1906.
nov 28 wed        Per T. S. MePorson.
Notice Is hereby Riven that 60 days after date
wo intond to apply to the Hon. Chiof Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to
pnrcliaso the following doscribod lands in tho
district of West Kootenay:
Commencing ut a post planted 30 chaius west
from the north-east corner of Lot 4,0i9, aud
marked "Big Bend Lumber Company's southwest corner post," thonco aorta 60 chains;
thenco oast 40 chains; thence south 65 chaius,
more or less, to the lake shore; theuce west
along shore to south-east coruer of Lot 4,940;
thnnco north 1 chaius to north-east corner of
Lot 4,940; thence wost 20 chains to point of
Dated October 2ud. 1906.
oct 6 Bio Bend Lumber Co,, Ltd.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date
I intend to applv to the Houoranle thc Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands
in West Kootenay District:
Hciiilining at a post marked "Margaret Hammond's south west corner." and planted on
the east shore of Upper Arrow hake, about one
mile south of Cape Horn; thence north 80
chains, ihence west 4U Jchains, more or less, to
the shore ol Arrow Lake, thence following the
lukesOorelu a general southerly and easterly
direction 80 chains, more or less, to puint of
commencement; containing 320 ocres, more or
Dated this 1st day of October, 1906.
Ry V. L, Hammond, Agent.
VTOTICE is hereby given that, 60 days after
1\ dato, I iutond to upply to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission
to purchase the following doscribod lauds
situated in Cariboo district, H C:
Commencing at a post marked "Alexander
McLaren's south-east corner post," planted
abuut 20 chains west ol trail running through
Starvation Flats in a southerly direction from
Tete Jaune Cache, running norlh 80 ehains,
theuce west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thenceeast 80 chains to poiut of commencement,
Dated this Oth day of November. 1906.
nov 17        ALEXANDER McLAREN,
NOTICE IS HBBHBY OIVKN that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Coniuiissinner of Lands and Wurks for permission
to purchase the following described lands situate
in Cariboo district, It. C;
Commencing at a post marked "tieorgett,
BIbbcU's north-east comer post," planted
about 20 chains west of trail running through
Starvation Flats In a southerly direction from
Tele Jmine Cache, running west so chains,
theuce south 80 chains, theuce east8i chains,
theuce north 80chains to point ol commencement.
Dated 9th day of November, 1906.
_"ov 17     UKO 'OE 11. BlriSETT, Locator.
Certificate of Improvements.
Silver Bell nud Laurel Mineral Claims, situate
io the Illecillewaet Mining Division of Koot*
enny District.
Wli'*r« Incutod:   Throe-quarter*- of a mllo easl
of Illecillewaet
Take notice that I, J. A. Kirk, acting as ngeut
for John Newell, Free Mmer'a Certificate No.
IJ.ft.ttH; O. Robert Dahl, Free Miner's Certificate No. II tv-ini- aud tieorge W. Jells, Froo
Miner's Cortillcato Nn. H. Uo95. Intend, sixty
duys frum the date hereof, to apply tu tho Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaiuiug a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the
Issunuce of such Certificate of Improremeuts.
Dated this 30th day of- Septomber, A.D., 1906
oct 20 J. A. KIRK.
\* OTICE Is hereby given that > days after date
l\ 1 Intend to apply to Die Ilnn. l'ho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a Special
License to cut and carry away timber from thu
following deicrlbed lands in Went Kuutcimy District:
('onimcncing ut n jxist marked 'T. Kilpntrick's north-east cornor post." plantud uu uorlh
sell arm of L'pporArmw ' iikc'iilsmt 2 chains
wc-t of the unrlli-wost cornor of Lot Nu.-Mr-,
thouce .-outh Nl chains wost 80 chains, north SO
chains|oii-l Nicliiiii-- to imiut uf commencement
Dated Nov. 1-t, 1900.
Good, nound, No. 'A Apples at
85c. per box, I. o. b. Vernon.
Notice is liereliy given that 00 days
after date I intend to apply to the
Ohief Commissioner of Lands &
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred anil forty acres of land lying
in ll.e Fosthall Valloy on tl.e wesl
side uf Upper Arroiv Lake, described
as follows:
('onimcncing al a pust marked "II.
Harlow s north-enst eurner pusl,"
plnnted 110 chains west of Lot -15711,
Group 1, Kootenay; thence wesl 80
chains, thence soutli 80 chains, thence
easl 80 chains, thence north 80 chains
lo the place of commencement, containing 010 acres, more or less,
Dated this 21th day uf November,
nov 28 wed   Per T. S. McPhers	
Notice is hereby given that Go days
afler date I intend lo apply to the Ohief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission to purchase six hundred and forty
acres of land lying in the Fosthall Valley
on the wesl side of Upper Arrow Lake,
described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Frederick Wasbbume's south-east corner post,'"
planted 80 chains west of the north-west
corner of Lot 862, Group 1, Kootenay;
thence north 80 chains, iheuce west 80
chains, thence south 80 chaius, thence
east 80 chains to the place ot commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated this 23rd day of November. 1906.
nov 28 wed       Per T. S. MePherson.
"Companies Act, 1S97,"
Canada : I
pRoyiNCR of British Columbia, j
No, 362.
''Lamb-Watson Lumber Company) Limited," is authorised and licensed to carry on
business within the Province of British
Columbia, and to carry out Or effect all or
any oi the objects of lhe Company to
which the legislative authority of the legislature ol British Columbia extends,
The head office of lhe Company is situate in the Cily of Winnipeg, in lhe Province of Manitoba.
The amount ol lhe capital of thn Company is eight hundred and fifty thousand
dollars, divided Into eiglil thousand live
hundred shares of one hundred dollars
The head olliee of llie Company in this
Province is situate at Arrowhead, and
Ouo Lacbmund, lumberman) wlio.se address is Arrowhead, is the attorney for
tl e Company,
Given under my band and seal of office
al Victoria. Province of British Columbia,
this ilh day of N'ovember, one thousand
nine hundred and six.
[i..s.|        S. V. WOOTTON,
Registrar ol Joint Stock Companiei
The objects for whicli the Company has
been established and licensed are:—
To manufacture) buy, sell and deal in
logs, limber, lumber, shingles, fuel, pulp,
sashes, doors, boxes, lies and all articles
manufactured from wood) and iu all kinds
of building material and building stipplle
including lumber, sloue, brick, , lil
Cement) marble, tools, implements and
machinery; lo acquire, hold, purchase,
lease, sell, mortgage, operate, conduct,
manage and dispose of saw-mills, planing
mills, houses, buildings, factories, wbarve
docks, stone quarries, brick-yards, coal
mines, peat beds, clay anil piaster beds,
limber limits and real and personal properly of all kinds; lo carry on tlie business
of contractors and builders in al
branches; to own, operate, conduct and
manage stores, magazines and all oilier
places for storing, selling and disposing
of goods either to employees oi tbe Com
pany or to lhe public generally, or holly to
acquire, conslruet, operate, purchase,
lease and bold on the property of llie
Company convenient tramways and logging railways; also to have and acquire
steamboats lor the purposes of tbe Company, and to charge and colled tolls for
freight and passengers carried thereon; to
act as agents for oilier persons, firms or
corporations] lo acquire and hold shares
in the capital stock of oilier companies
engaged in a similar business) to amalgamate wilh any other companies pursuing
the like or similar objects, and generally
lo carry on any other business and to do
all acts and things necessary or convenient for the carrying on of any of tbe above
businesses or operations, or calculated,
directly or indirectly, to enhance the value
of the Company's property or rights,
nov 14
Wurkfi for it special liecu-o in cut and carry
awny timber from tho following describee
binds in West Kootenny District:
Commencing at a post planted on tbe north
sidoof Duwiiio Crook, about one-fourth of R
mile south of the Downie Creek Trail, uoftr the
liJ.j-Milo pust, and marked "G. H. Naglo's southeast cornor post," Ibeuce nurth 40 chains,
thouce west lot) chains, ihence south 40 chains,
tlienco oast Kid chains to the point of commencement.
Dated this lllli day of September, 1906.
novl G. U- NAULE.
Notice is hereby given thai 60 days
from date I intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works al
Victoria, B.O., for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet dislrict:
Commencing at a post marked "J. P.
Shaw's north-west corner," planted on
wesl side of Upper Adams river, about 2
miles from head oi Adams lake, running
80 chains south, 80 chains easl, 80 chains
north, 80 chains west, containing aboul
640 acres,
Daled Nov. I2lh, 1906.
nov 14 J. P. SHAW.
Nolice is hereby given lhat thirty, days
after date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license lo cnl and carry away
timber from lhe following described lands
situated in tlie Ossoyos Division of Yale
Commencing at a post planted near the
northern boundary of limber limit No.
7685, about 80 chains from lhe north-west
corner of same; Ihence north 60 chains;
tnence east 160 chains) ihence soulh 20
chains to lhe north-east corner of timber
limit 7684; Ihence wesl 80 chains along
said boundary to tbe north-west comer of
amc) tbenee soulh 40 chains along tbe
western boundary ot limber limit 7684 to
the north-east corner of limber limit 7O85;
thence west 80 chains along lhe northern
boundary of said limit 7685 to poinl of
Dated tliis 28th day of Sept. I906.
nov 14       j. b. Mckenzie.
NOTICE is hereby glybn that fiO days after
date I intend to apply to the Honourable
tho Chief Commissioner ut Landsaud Works
for permission to purchase the following do-
scribed lands In Caribou district, H.C:
(ioiiimenclng nt a post marked " W il Ham Ke).
lie's uorth-west comer post," planted about 20
chains wesl of trail runniim through Starvation Mats In a southerly directiun Irom Tote
Jaune ('ache, running cast HO chains, ihencu
south 80 chains, thenco west HO chaius, thencu
north mi chains to point ol commencement.
Dated Oth day of November, 1906.
nuv 17 WILLIAM KELLIE, Locator.
Ni.i mc Is hereby given that W Lap titer date
1 inli-iiil lu make aii|illns.!uu ta tho Cbiel Cuiu-
mlMlinier ol Units id Worka lor lasrinlsslon to
ijiirriniwi: the lollowliiK ili-m-rilii'ii land ultimo
Iim 111 iliim dlsirh-i, H.U.:
Commencing at a jmst mnrkeil "J. M. Kolllo'a
.outh iveat oorner i-n-i." I>lttnted on the south
imnk nt l-'ni-i-r Itiver near Tele Jaune Caoho,
running nortb so i-IihIiin, llionce east so chaliiH,
Ihenco soulh SU t-linlii". iheuce went SOi-halus
to lii-illl nl (uill Iii'i-llli'lil
1.1111-I this imli dnl' ol November, 1900.
uov 17 J. M. KK! I.IK, Locator.
Certificate of Improvements.
Rivor Kdon Mineral Claim, allunloia tlm llio-
cllli-waot Mining Division ol Kootonay district.
Win-in located:- Klsh Crook,	
'1'nl.ii notice tlial 1, John Albert kirk of tho
town ol Ilevelstoke, Il.C, acllllK as agonl for
.1. S .!. Kraser, IGflq., Froo Minors (lorlllloatJi
No. J 15710anil Malgiiiel A. KImiii, Kreo Miner's
Certllloato No, B88w8, hltonil, ►Ixty days from
tlie ilite horool,lo niil'ly to lhoMlnluuKo
conier for a I'ertlllciile ul liii|irovonii-uts, for
..be iiiu-uosu el obtaining a Cruwn (Irani of lho
above claim. 	
Ami further lake nolice thai aellon. niiilor
section '17, muni huciiiiiiuciiiied b.-foro tho Issuance ol such uerinicalii uf Improvement*
Ilnlcil this illli day of Boptombor, A.D., lliu!.
nov 2| .1. A. KIKK.
Notice Is hereby given that (Hi days frum date I
Intend tu apply u> llie Him. IlieChief CommlH-
almier uf Laiuls and Works f(.rut*rin.Hnlou:o purchase the following ilesiTllicil lauds, In thc West
bjQOtenay district, west slum of Upper Armw
"CummciicInK ntapnsl maiked "J. L, lllrsch'a
M-uili west Corner," atthe suulh easl corner ol
Lot ■*'<'.■i;; nnd about U miles smith uf Kosthall
Oreek) Ihence north B'> chains, thouce eiist 40
ehnins. tlienco Bouth 80 chains, thuncn west 10
chains to point of comu'euccuiciit, contatnhiK 820
acres morn or loss,
Dated this 21nt day of May, won.
net 18 f«r Balph Hlye, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that SO days after date
1 Intend to apply to thc Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works tor a special license to cut
aud carry away timher from the following
deseribed lands situated in Lillooet district:
Commeuelng at a post marked "A. Mc
Connell's north-east corner, Limit No. 6,"
planled on east bankof Upper Adams River,
abuut four miles from mouth, running 80
chains west, 80 chains south, 80 chains east, 80
chains uorlh to place of cutumeuccmcnl.
6. Commencing at a postmarked "A.Mc-
Connell's south-cast corner, Limit No, fl,"
planted ou east bank of Upper Adams River,
about four miles from mouth, running 160
chains north. 40 chains west. 160 ohains south,
40 chains east to place of commencement.
(A. Commencing at a post marked "A. Mc-
Connell's not ili-ea.st corner, Limit No. Oi,"
plauted ou east bankof Upper Adams River,
about 17 miles from mouth, running 40 chains
west, 160 chains soutli, -In chains east, 160
chains north to place ol commencement.
7. Commencing at a post marked "A. Mc-
Connell's soutb-west corner, Limit No. 7,"
plauted on west bank of Upper Adams River,
about 18 miles irom mouth, running 80 chaius
oast, 80 chains north, 80 chains west, 80 chains
south to place of commencement.
8. Commencing at a postmarked "A.Mc-
Connell's north-west corner, Limit No. 8,"
(limited on enst buult of Upper Adams River,
ahuulone mile above outlet of Mica Lake, running 80 chains south, 80 chains cast. 80 chaius
north, 80 chains west to place of commencement.
0 Commencing at a post marked "A. Me-
Connell's north-east coruer, Limit No. tt,"
planted on south bank of Harbor Creek, about
2 miles frum mouth, running 80cbains west, 80
chains south, 80 chaius oast, m chains north to
place of cummeucement.
10. Commcncltig at a postmarked "A. Mc*
Council's north-west corner, Limit No. 10,"
plunted on cast bank of Upper Adams itiver at
outlet uf Mica Lake, running 80 chains suulh
80 clialns cast, 80 chains uortli, so chains west
to plae-1 of commeucemeut,
11. Cummencing at a post marked "A. Mc-
Couuell's unrlh-i'itsi corner, Limit No. 11,"
planted on wesl bankof a small mummed
creek, tributary to Heaver creek, the feeder of
Micu Lake, running 80 chains west, So chains
soui li, mi chains east. 80 chains north to place
of commencement.
Dated Nov. Oth, 1900.
nov 14 A. McCONNELL.
Notice is heroby civon that IW days after date
I inteud to apply to the Hon, Chief Commis-
sionor of Lauds and Works lor a speoial license
to cut and carry away timbor from the followiug doscribod lauds in Kamloops district:
CutnmouciuK at a post planted on tho oust
bankof Adams Hivor about eight milos above
Adams Lako and marked "Q. A. Lummors'
south-oast coruor post," thonco north 80 chaius,
theuce wost 80 chuius, thonce suuth 80ci.<tius,
theuce onst 80 chains tu point of eommoucemont.
Datod ijtli Novuuibor, I'M'.
uov 14 UKO. A. LAMMEBS.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days ufter
date I iuteud to apply to the Chief commls
sioner of Lands ami Wurks for a spocial license
to cut and carry away limber from the following described lainhin Wust Kootenay District;
I, Commencing nt it pnst planted at the southwest corner of itohinsmrs laud purchase uud
marked "W. (J. Ncbullze's south-east curuer post,"
thencu 40 chains mirth, theuce 1U0 chains west,
thencu 40 chains imith, thuncu itin chains eust
along lake shore to placu nf conuntmcemuut.
Dated Nov. utli, lttOO,
t Commencing ata post planted about U miles
ensl. of i. j J( S3), on northeast arm uf Arrow
Luke, and inarkod "W, (I. SclmlL/u's north-west
cornur post," thencu Hil chains south, thencu sn
chains east, thoncu so ehuliis north, tlience so
clialns wust uloiig laku shore to place of coin-
Doted Nuv. Kith, lttOO.
uut* 14 I'erW. K. Ugilvk. agent.
NOTICE IH IIKUKHY (llVKl'i that sixty days
after date I latum! tu apply tu thu Hun. Chief
Uoiiiniissiouuruf Lnmls and Wurks for purmlssiim
to purchase thu lollowlng duscilbud hints In thu
WuhI Kuutuiiay district:
('iiiniiii'iit'iiig nl n pool iilini I'll on thu west side
of north-iiast arm of Arrowhead Laku, | of a mile
from Itoek I'.lnil, marked "It, E, MoK.'l south-easl
cornel post," thuuee 20 ehalus norlh, thence 80
chains wust, thunce Hi chains suuth, theuce 8ii
chains eit-l, along laku shuru to point of cum-
Dated Nuv, 10th, 1000.
nov 14 Mltis. It, B. MclUTHICK,
OTICK Is boreby given Lhat. -30 days after
. , ilali* 1 inlcnd to apply lo the lion, the
Chlof Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission Lo purchase lho following dORCrlbfid
lands, siLiialeii lu WOSt Kooicnay, on the oa**t
shore of Uppor Arrow Lake:
CumniouciugnLii post adjoining T, L. 1780 on
lho norlli side ami marked "L. A. Duwnr'-
iiortlewcst cornor," thonce caat nn chillis
tlii'iire south ;hh ohalni, Iheuce west BO chalu-
moro or Iohh lo Lhc ensl shuru of Uppor Arrow
Lnke, Ihouco north following the shore of said
laku 80 chains lo thu point of cunununcuinunt,
Dated Out, Kith, 1000,
Nt81 L. A. DEWAU.
.ho partnership heratolbro existing between Percy Scholei, W, E. Edwards ami
I-". W, Worsnup, nil of Comaplix, has
been dissolved ami all business will in
future he carried on in the names ol W,
E, Edwards and I-'. ,V. Worsnup,
Dated tliis 131 li November, 190O.
nov 14 at I'. W. WORSNUP,
V   II1HI      ,   .1.111111**111-111     ni       .,,11.11.      „,,„
Worka for a special license tu cut nnil
carry away timlier from tbe following
descrilied lands situate in Wesl Kootenay.
1. Commencing at a post planted
lj miles north of Timber Limit 7684
uml 1 mile tt.-sl of Upper .Allow Luke,
ami marked "A. M. Symons' north
east corner," thence went Wi chains,
thence south SO chain-, ihence east WI
chains, thence north BO chains to place
of commei cement.
li. Commencing at a post plunted
20 chains s..uth uf the north-west cor-
I nei- nf No. 1 and marked "A. M. Sy-
moils' north-east coiner," thence wes*
SU chains, thence south 8(1 elinins,
thence east HII chains, thence north 80
chains to place of commencement.
8. Commencing at a pnst planted
at lhe north-east cot-net-of N'o. 2 and
u.iiikeil **A. M, Symons' south-east
cornel-,' Ihence west SU chains, thence
north mi cliains, thence east 8(1 clmins,
thence south 80 chains to place of
Dated November 20tb, 1006.
I. Commencing al a post planted 1
mile north of the south-west corner of
Lot mm and marked "A. M. Symons'
south east corner," Ihence west 4(1
chains, thence north 160 ohalna, thence
east 4u eliains In iln- notth-west corner
of Lot 800, thence suuth 10(1 chains tu
place of commencement,
Dated Novembe. 28rd, 1906.
dec 1 sat A. M. SYMONS
after dale I
Sotlco is hereby given that 60 days after *\
inieiiil to apply tu tin* Honourable the Chief Coin-
missioner of Lands and \Votks for permission to
pnrcliaso the follow ing described laud-* iu the dis
trlct nf West Kootenay, Kevelstoke dlvliion:-
Cniiimaiming at a post planted on the west hank
nf the Columbia River opposite W-Mlle Uapids
and marked "K. G. McCarter's south-east corner
post," thunce west -Jl chains, tlience north 20
chnius, thenceeast :;i) chains more or less to tho
west, hunk of tlie Columbia Itiver, thenee south
following the west hank of tne Columbia Elver 80
chains more or less to the pniutof commencement.
Dated October Ifltb, 1906.
0.-UI K. C. McCARTEli
Notice is hereby -given that 60 days after date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Liiiiils and Vf orks for permission to purchase
tlui following described lauds in West Kootenny, on lhe oohL shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commencing ut a posl adjoining T, L. 6108
on the soulh'West cornor and inarked "D.
Dewai's north-west corner posL," thence east
80 chains, thonce soulh 80 chains, thence wesl
80 chains more or less to the whore of said lake
theuce north along Lhe east shore of said lake
wi ehains to Lhc point of commencement.
Dated Oct. Iiith, Wsl
oct 'Jl I>. DEWAU.
Nolice is hereby given that 30 days after date
I Intond to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of I unds and works for a special license to cut
and tarry away limber from the followiug
described lands in the district of West Kootenay:
Commouciug at a post murked "L. H. Kramer's north-west curuer," uud planted'about "J
iiiiles south oi St. Leon ou the east side of Upper Arrow Lake abuut oue mile from tbo shore:
thouce east 40 chains, tbenee south lOOchains,
thenco west 40 chains, thouce north 100 chains
tn the point of commeucemeut.
Dated this Oth day of October, 1000.
uov 7 L. H. PHASER.
Notice is hereby given that Hi) days afttr date I
intend to apply tu the Cliief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
lands situated on Cariboo Flat about three miles
east uf Upper Adams River, Lillooet district, li.i'
1. Commencing at a post marked "A. McCon
Hell's north-east corner Limit, No. 1," running 80
cliains west, 80 ehains south, 80 chains cast, si'
cliains north to place of commencement.
2. Commeneing at a postmarked "A. McConneH's south-east corner, Limit No. 2," running 80
chains north, 80 chains west, 80 cliains south, SC
chains east tu place of commencument,
8. Commencing at a post marked "A. McCon*
nell's north-east corner, Limit No. 3," running 80
chains west, 80 chains soutn, 80 chaini east, 80
chains uorth to placu of commencement,
4. Commencing at a post marked ''A, McCon*
nell's south-west conier, Limit No. 4,"rumiing80
chains east, 80 chains north, 80 chains west, 80
chains soutli to place of commencement.
Dated Nov. 9th, 1906.
nuv 14 A. McCONNELL.
Nutico Is hereby given that 30 days after dale
1 Intend to apply to the Chiel Commissioner ol
Lands aud works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber (rum the lollowing
described lands situate lu thc Yale district:
Commouciug at a post marked "8. Hill's
south-east coruer post" plauted about oue
mile oast of tho Shuswap river, about5 miles
north uf Cherry Creek, tbonco north 80 chains,
thonco wost 80 chuius, thenco south 80 ohains,
thouce oast 80 chains to puint of commencement
Dated October 25th, 1906.
novl S. HILL.
Notice is hereby given that Ilo days afterdate I
intend to upply to the Chief Commlsslonor of
Laiuls and Works for permission to purchase the
ollowiug described lands iu Cariboo district:
Commencing at a post marked "W, H. Olive's
south-east eorner post,' plantcil mi trail Icadini*
frnm North Thompson River to Veliowhsad Pass
and about 6 miles ina northerly direction from
Cranberry Lake, running north 80 chains, thence
west 40 cliains, thence south 6U ehaiiis, thencu east
40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated inii day of November, i-.m;.
nov lil W. 11. OLIVE, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date 1
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ot
Unds and W orks for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following describe.1
laiuls situatod iu tlie district of West Kootenay:
I. Commencing at a post planted ahout £00
yards south of the Ten (ID) Mile Tree, Rig llend
trail, and marked "George Ufunue's south-west
corner pest," running east 160 chains, thence
nnrtli 10 chains, thencu west l*i*J chains, tlience
south to eliains to point of commencement,
2 Commencing at a post planted abont 2uv
yards south of the Ten (In) Mile Tree, Big Bend
trail and marked "George Lafomiu'inorth*wa-»l
cornur post, running east 160 chains, thence south
40 chaius, thencu west ioo cliains, thenee north lo
liains to pointof commencement.
Dated Hath day of Octolwr, 1906.
B, Commencing at a post planted nbout one
nml one-half CD mib» north of Nu. I post and
marked "George Lifurun-s south-went corner
post," thenee east -ii eliains, theuce imrtli BO
chains, thenee  west 80 cliains, tlienc*.* south W
lalns to poiut of coin me mem eul.
Dated 3rd Nov. 1906.
QUO, LiUormi:, liooater,
Notice la hereby given that oo days from date I
intend lo apply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
mis* loner of l^uulsand Works for pfrmuuioti I"
ninliHM- the following described mink In the
.v.-i  Konli'iiay Diilrict;
iini in-iug  at a pustuiftflti.il "L. K. Me-
l'oii:tili'« south-west corner," planted on tbo
caslslduol Upper Arrow Lake,f. ratle* norlh of
Nakusp, H.c, thunce norm Aj clmins, thence
east in eliains, thunce m-it'i U chaitu, theuce
casi to ehalus, thencu suutu UJ cbalun, more ur
less, to Arrow Lake, thonee westward so chains
mote it less, along the Arrow Lake to point nl
om mencomont. toulalniug .Mo acres more or
Dined this lutb day ol uclouer, ivuti.
Ufll H I.. V A'cDiJl'GALI*
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
alter date I Intend to apply id ilm Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Werks for
pormission to purchase six bundled and
Forty acres of land lying in the Fosthall
Valley on the west side of Upper Arrow
Lake) described as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Kus-
lell Nichols south-east corner post.'
planted al the north-wesl corner 01 Lot
862) Group t, Kootenay, Ihence norlh bo
chains, tbince west So chains, thenee
soulb Ko chains, ihenee easl So chains lo
the place of commencement, containing
O40 .Hires, more or less.
Daled this 23rd day of November, 1906.
nov 28 wed       Per T. S, MePherson.
NOTICE li hereby given that thirty days
after date I intend tn apply to lho Chief
Commissioner of Landj and Works for special
liceuae tu cut nml carry away timbor from the
followiug described [andl situated in West
Kootenay district, R. c.-
1 Comm-Hti-iiK at 1 poll planted 011 the north*
west Shore of the nortll*eflSt arm of Upper Arrow
Uke. .tt a point about '.'*, miles south-west of
Comaplix. and narked "John Connor's north-east
eurner post," tlience south IW chains, thence west
10chains,thence imrtli lOOchains,tuence eaat40
. li.i in- to point 11 commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
2. Co ni me nei lis at a post planted ubout 40
chains west of the north-west shore, north-east
arm of Upper Arrow Lake, at a point about 81
mile- south-west of Comaplix, and marked "M. J.
Smith's south-east corner post," thence vest BO
ihaius. thence north bn cnains, thence east so
chains, thence south 80 chains to pointof coin-
Donald Dewar, Agent.
S, Commencingat a poit planted on the imrtli-
ivest shore of the north-east arm of Upper Arrow
Like, at a pnint about 2'^ milesaouth*westof
Comaplix, and marked "Milton Daily's south-east
corner-post," thenee north 180chains, ihencu west
lo chains, thence south 160 chains, thenoe east 40
chums tn puim -jf coinmencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
4. Commencing at a post planted at the northeast corner of Location No. 8, and marked "John
Connor's southeast comer post," thence west 80
chains, thenee north B0 chains, thence east so
chains, Uience Bouth B0 chains lo point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Audit.
5. Commencing st a po-t plained ai the southwest cornel of Location No, 4, and marked "M. J-
Smith's south-east comer post." thence north wi
chains, tnence west so chains, thence souih si
ehains, llienee east 80 ehaiiis to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
6. Commencing at a post planted aliout 25
chains west from the-outh. west corner of Location No. 2, and maiked 'John Connor's north-east
cruer post." thence west BO eliain-t. thence soutli
80 chains, thenee east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to p.nnt of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
Arrowhead, B.C., Nov. 7th, lguft, nuv 17
Notice Is hereby given thai 30 davs alter dale.
we intend toapply lo the Hon Cliief Commissioner ol Land-? and Works for s --pedal license
to eut and carry away timber irom the follow*
ing described lands, situate In West Kootenay
Commencing ata post planted at tht north-west
corner of R. uleiidinning's homestead, alwut three
miles below the foot of I'pper Arrow Lake, and
marked 'It.B.LCo.'s north-east corner post."
thenee south 80 chaini, thence west 80 chains,
thence north ftt chains, thenceeast 80chains to
point of commencement.
Dated Nov. 29th, 1906.
dec 5 wed    Bin Bend Limhek Co., Ltd.
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 days
from dale I intend to apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase oi following
described lands in Lillooet districl:
Commencing at a post planted about
two and a half miles from head of Adams
Lake on west side of river, uiarked "J. A.
Knox's south-west corner," running 80
chains east, 40 chains norlli, 80 chains
wesi, 40 cliains soulb, containing about
320 acres.
Dated Nov. isth) 1906.
nov 14 J. A. KNOX.
Notice li hereby given lhat 00 days after date I
intend toapply lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works to purchase tbe following
described lamia situated in Cariboo district, B.C.:
Commencing ai t. |«.*-t marked "O, A. Forbes'
souih-west eorner post," planled about 'JO
chains westof trail running through Starvation Hats in a -.outherly direction from Tete
laune Cai he, running north 80 chains, thenee
east 80 chains, Ihence somh 80 chains, thenee
.vest 80chains to pointol ooinmfcii>ienieat.
Dated 9th day of November, 1900.
nov 17 ti. a. KORBE9, Locator.
^.N days after dale I inlcnd to applv to the
Chief Coininls.-ioncr of Lands and Works for a
special license tu cut and carry away limbur
irom the following described lands In West
Kootenay district:
ll. Commencing at a post marked "Gun
Lund'a north*east oorner," about 9 miles bolow
north fork of Ooldflrcnm, thenee south 80
chains, wosl so ohains, north 80 chains, cast 80
chains to point of coiuinonoenieut.
iu'..i .iui*** i-th, I:-*;.
decs w«l OU8 LVND.
NOTICK ii hereby given tbat60dayi after date
I intend to apply to the Hun, Cbiel Com-
M--."ii. i "I Uiul-. un.l Work* fur p*"imi.-non to
purchase the following described laml* In tha
A'eit Kootenay District.
Commencing at a post phuiti-d SO clialns eaat
from the sonu-west comer ot Im 1461 and marked
1. 0. Tnfford'i north-east con er post," theuce
-i.iiih 40 chains, thenee noil hi chains more or
less to Like sliutc, ihi'lH'i* nnrlh along shore to
-null) went   corner of Lot WW,   thenee east  'JO
halns to point ol commeneemtlil.
Dated November uth, list,.
de.*.* w,-l K C TH AFFORD.
Notice la horoby given that on thfl tilt day of
November, lOOO.anurder wa- muled appoint*
ingOi.orge Smith McCarter, Ollicial Administrator fur thc Rovolstoko Electoral Dlstrictof
the County of Kootenay, to be Administrator
oi all and singular the •*slate of the said lutes-
Notice i» hereby further given that alt credit-
oraand oiler- having eimin- against the KsJ
tale of the said aeoeasea are required on or
ti, fm. iiu* uth day of January, iDof, *o send by
post prepaid or deliver tu Ibe undersigned,
thoir  hru&lan and BurinLmoB, addresses and
de-cripliolis. UlO full particulars of their eluiuiH
duly verified, the statement of their accounts
and iln* nature of Lhe Kourltloa, if any, held by
l hem.
Aud further tako notice that after such last
mentioned date tbo Administrator will proceed
tu distribute tho AaeotB of the said deceased
iiinniig-t tin- parties entitled thereto having
regard only lu lhe cbtimsof which be shall
ihen have notice and 1h.1t tbe said Administrator will not be liabb fur the said assets or
any \noi thereof to any person or persons of
whose claim nolice -hall not have beeu re-
oelved by blinal the dato of such distribution.
Dated ut Vancouver. British Columbia, this
;trd day Of December, A.D.. 19U0,
Solicitors for Oconto Smith ^IcCartor,
doc ;j wed lm Administrator, 0MI1 I ft      ULttUU       I lOQUljUUI IUI O       IUI       vumm
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Fancy Shirts, Fancy Vests, Umbrellas,
Gloves, House Coats, Mufflers, Hockey Hoots,
Wilis! Lengths, Dress Lengths, Coat Lengths
Silk Waists, Furs, Gloves, Fanoy Collars,
Table Linen, Art, Needle Work, Shopping
Bugs, Felt Slippers, Japanese Gowns,
Kiiiiniifts, etc.
Fur Neck Piece, Coats, New Dresucs, Fancy
Waists, Fancy Hosiery, Dressing 8scque,
Slippers, Hockey Shoes, Hand Bugs, Silk
Scarfs, Dainty Collars and Belts, Boots,
A complete outfit of Drosses, Kern-Coats, Caps, Neck Furs,  Muffs, Garters,  Bonnets  nnd Booties
Tl.e articles above are just a hint,—a look through our complete ami well chosen stock will bring
many inure acceptable gills belore the eye.
1 The Xmas Rush!
* ,      .
4, We are able In handle il ns .vo have a beautiful slock nl
W Thousands of Cards anl Calendars, Toys and Tny .
l|l l.niiks, handsomely bound, Poetical Works, Albums, Por #1
g, fumes. Smokers'Supplies, etc,  Call in and see them, ,♦,
* nn X.
$ (dndda Drug & Book (o„ Lil., Revelstoke, B(. $
$ fll i$i fli i$i fli i|i t$i -$$$$$$$$$ 'I1 '$' 'fr 'fr QtyMW
Wednesday, Dec. 12.—For 2-1 hours
—Light westerly breezes, mild and
bright, slight snowfall. Indications of
approaching heavy fmst. Temp.—
Max. 04 degrees; inin. 19 degrees.
Local and General.
Don't forget in give in your name
for the Ski club. Finest ol exercises,
linest of fun.
Camp Mountain View, C.W.O.W.,
will hold its regular meeting Wednesday uight, when officers will be elected
for the coining year.
The management of the skating
rink have decided that an admission
fee of 10 cents be charged to all spectators wishing to enter the rink and
watch the skating.
Chief of Police Bain returned yesterday from New Westminster where
he had gone in charge ot an insane
man who was committed to the hos»
pital lor the insane at the Royal city,
The dredge has commenced to work
back on the new channel in the river
bed and will considerably deepen it and
at 'be same time extend the piling on
both sides so as to give the spring
Ireahet tbe necessary turn in order tu
washout the new elm-nei.
Couit Mount Begbie, No. 3461,
1.0.F., has made arrangements with
the l'olmatier Sisters Concert Co., to
give an entertainment in tbe Opera
House un January llth. Those that
had the pleasure ol hearing this company last year, speak very highly of it,
and there is every indication already
ol a great success.
We understand that the Christmas
social to take place on Dec. 20tb, is
uot under tlie auspices ol St. Peter'
Sunday School, but has been organized
by two ur three energetic members of
the chinch congregation for tne purpose .if raising funds for the Christmas
Church decorations, nnd also for giving the children some little entertainment inr the Christinas season.
We are able to state on guod author
ity that ibe Provincial Government
has promised to carry out the work of
permanently and effectively protecting
the river bank lliis coming spriug and
that operations will be commenced
almost immediately after the suiiw
has gone. This should be welcome
news to all as we can rest assured that
what has been promised now will soon
be carried out.
The Revelstoke Cigar Store ii the
latest addition to our business concerns. Tiie store will open this week
with « new st 'i k ol goods in the cor-
ner   building   recently   occupied   by
Messrs   Kincaid & Anders n Fint
Btreel The premiiei h.ve been nicely
lilted up, relurnished and painted
J, K. Hn"? i.- the proprietoi and manager, nnd will shortly mak'- bis business more attractive am! extensive bj
addition ol pool and billiard rooms
The new enterprise deserves every success, as every new concern opining Up
l-.isiness does much in pushing Illicit)- along.
An incident attended with serious
results happened at the Silver Hollar
mine at Camborne on Monday, when
It McDonald and .1. Coventry were
badly injured by nu explosion of
dynamite, The men bud been drilling
-ii hard ground, and after inserting
tlie charges, lired them tliree times
and commenced drilling nn the
ground adjoining that whicli bad limn
broken. While operating the drill an
explosion occurred causing Imth  niun
to l«e badly cut mid burnt. Coventry
sustaining a broken leg. McDonald
was brought to lhe hospital here. The
cause ol the explosion is at present
unknown, Tlie government Idapector
has been sent lor to investigate the
Why do you bake your own bread
when wc can deliver it to you fresh
Irom the oven every day. There is
none better, il any as good.
Cakes and Pastry
A large assortment of Cukes and
Pastry on band.
(Junlity anil workmanship A 1.
Social and Personal
Dr. Hamilton, of Arrowhead, is in
Capt. Forslund ol the s.s. Rossland
is in town for a few days.
Fred. C. Elliot returned from Trout
Lake City on Monday.
Engineer F. Hooley, of Field, spent
a iew days in tlie cily last week.
Miss Ventres', of Vancouver, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Doyle.
Col. T. H. Tracey, of Vanoouver,
has been spending a few days this
week iu the city.
H. Thompson, a pioneer railroad
man on this division, is visiting in
the city, aud will shortly leave for an
extended trip to the east.
J. S. Clute, EBq., inspector of 11. M.
Customs for British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, is in Illicit)- this week checking out thc local
Miss .1. Orr returned to the city on
Sunday morning from Victoria. Miss
Orr is well known here in social circles, has for lover two years been on
tbe nursing staff of the Jubilee Hospital,  Victoria,  antl   recently passed
her examinations  with honors   1
received her diploma as a trained
nurse. Her many friends in Revelstoke will be glad to hear this, as Miss
Orr was very popular amoug the
young people anil the deserves much
credit for the manner in which she
has worked and obtained such honorable mention.
ao to
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid & Anderson
(l'l.illl O'll- llllll ('iiiti'I; l-.-lltl
The Monarch mine, n-liich is situated
about three miles east 1I Field, in the!
Bhoulder ol Mount Stephen, is abuut
In be opened up again. Thc property
b -s been purclmsul by lhe Canadi.nl
Mine Smelter Supply Co, Theme
will be taken to Golden to the .-Id |
smelter, which bin been leased by the
company. Mr. Fred Whitwoll las
been engaged as superintendent of llio
mine. He bus been on the ground
some time and has studied tlie situation thoroughly, so that the plans lor
the operation of the mine are now almost complete, The camps are being
built about a quarter ol a mile from
the mine. It is Mr. Whitwell's aim
to put the mine on a good working
basis. It is his purpose to do away
v,itn tin- ohl slide ami install a cab'.-
with buckets by means of whioh the
ore will be conveyed down to llie
track. Tho preliminary work will be
completed in about a montli, when a
lull crew ol men will be put ou. Mr.
Whitweli has had a wide experience
extending over fifteen years, both in
the theory and the practice of mining.
Ho comes originally from New Zealand and besides in liis home land lias
mined in Australia, Tasmania and B.
C. He opened up Ihe famous Providence mine in the Boundary country
near Greenwood. He has also opened
tho Cascade mine on the west coast uf
Vancouver Island. Hc has every hope
for the success nl* lhc proposition
here. Mis. Whitweli is In re witii him
and they are living with Mr. See.
The work of repairing tlie broken
place iu the Emerald Lnke road is
now complete. Mr. Doyle thinks he
has fixed it so that it will give no
further trouble.
Left I'm- shopping before Xmas. ll will pay you to simp early and save the Insl
rush. The assortment will be better niul ymi will havo plenty of liun' In make your
selection. Every train is lumping us new goods nnd ive Imve lhe prettiest stock you
have seen in the Inwii. Wo hnve worked hnrd to purchase a line of goods Unit
ivould be Imiii tisefuljinil ornamental, aud yet sell at reasonable pi-Ices, nne we think
we have succeeded,
Wo hnvo just opened .mother Int of Fancy Baskets in dilfcrenl shapes nnd
sizes. Homo are.large enough for Wink Baskets—others for Gloves and Handkerchiefs, etc., elc.
We have a Int of the New Ijiica Blouses, made over silk in all over Brussolls
und Hnliy Irish. Thoy are the fashionable evening waist. Om-New Wool Waists,
In Poplins, Alpacas, Llamas, and other soft washing woolens are very handsome,
They como in Cream and all shades, beautifully silk embroidered nud would make
acceptable gifts,
See Our Window!
Of Art llatU'libiii-gsiind Luce Work. Exclusive designs in nil these lines nnd the
prices ure what will please you.
New Plaid and Fancy Ribbons
WecaiTy the latest In these lines, In all widths. Have you seen our IIOLLV
UIHliON just what yon want to lie up the Xmas Parcel with.
Nobby Neck Furs
In many different styles and ranging in price from $2.50 to $35.00, We will .be
pleased to have you come in and look ovor our lines, Wo know ynu .annul benl
either our selections m- our prices.
The attendance at the public schools
for November was as follows
\        1
3    2!*
tl « 3
: i .
>-          V
.       i-
B.     -
High Scl.iiol-I'iv  I     2l
"   ll       2D
98.60   II
91,07   l-i
Public School—Div. I.   2D
92.81   11
-     -     - " II.  25
.s.'.mVJ     -
-     '•    _ " 111   tl
91.34   22
-     -  - l\   :',7
*»,%   Ifi
'■     -  "V.   .Vi
81.li,    13
-     _ " VI   85
83.40   II
"      "     -  "VII. 39
'.I2.VI    IH
"     -    -   'VlII.fM
84.43   Ifi
87.78 III
ITTANTED — young mnn wants
\V room m- room .mil board in city,
i heap.   Apply M.wi. IIi-uiai.u ollin-. 1
Business Locals
Mo.e new goods at Hews' drug store.
Nothing better than Our "Speoial..
Handsome perfumes at Canada Drug
New stock of Linoleums and Floor
Oil arriving at Howson's furniture
Look at the Xmas Cards nt Canada
Drug Store,
Pleases every Smoker the " Maroa
Bews' drug store open -.very week
unlil alter Christmas.
No reserve at the auction sale at
Mrs. L. A. Fretz's on Friday morning
Hows' Own, Girls' Own. Chums,
Chatterbox, Young Canada, all for
-nle at Canada Drug Store.
Pleases every smoker the " Maro i
Handsome letter folios nt Hew-'
drug store.
Pretty  furniture  makes attractive
Iuiiii s—Howson's   large  sock is tlie
place to make selections
McConkey's Best Canad an Chocolates, sold only at Canada Dr ig Store
Auction sale nf houai -    Mu
I In 30a.m. on Fn.! iy nexl a* Mrs
I. A. l-'retj's lesideni
Remember Howson's furniture store
j is a  cood   place   !-    --  >. ■  i- : •
furniture for tbe \.'\ •   nej.
Ii you wanl  a good can      . i| ■■- .
to the Canada  Drug Store, they  keep
I only the best qnality
Reno-nri- r the let - f Iui
nitur. ai Mr*. I. A. Fretz's - enci
on Friday  ■;   tin- week o mmencing
a! in iHla.iu.
a calendar, with Revelstoke viewi
all ready boxed for 60c. lual tb.
thing to  mail awny.  told at Canada
Drug -* re
Experienced bookkeeper with know-
ledge ' itenography, is open l"r
i-i,-mm ment, nan ihow excellent
rele - - ■ Reply in J. E, Mlokelaon,
t'lii-  pm,I,.-  ni   Revels) ke will be
ted i , mm  ■ i, I-  - m   ■   enti
h .ve been made for the re tppr-arai.ee
here  >-i   Mi -  ',"i *   Md   .    tl.e
sweel s mgstri -- wl -- in.nl - itich a
fi vorable impression in thia c I
i week ago Vlisa McCoy wi I tssisl
a: a Burns' Anniversary concert to be
lield under lhe auspices nf Knox
Church mi January 26th Other well
known artiste will also parli lipate on
tliis occasion, which il is intended
-lull rank lirst, among I!" - -
Yes, we have loads of beautiful and artistic nnd desirable
Christ inns goods here at. your disposal nnd we want you lo
come und see nnd buy them. If you choose an nrlicle from
our Holiday Stock ns a gift for u friend or relative, we
know tlnit. you will be pleased .villi your selection, for tlie
stock which we are now offering is a splendid one in every
Although we have binds of goods, yet we expeel to sell
every Christmas article in stock before Christmas Hve, so
we urge you to come and buy early before the Christinas
line becomes reduced too much, The early purchasers
always have nn advantage over the lat.e buyers, Right
now the stock is big and complete. Right now is the time
to buy.
Don't overlook the fact that presents oan be had fin-
young.oiks and for old folks; for men and women; for
boys and girls. All goods have been carefully selected and
are being offered at as low prices as it is possible to sell the
same quality of noods for.
Gifts for Everybody
• Smith's Pastime Company, a gi inline troupe of ten colored artists, are
playing in this city and a performance
wns  giv.m  at lhe opera house last
night.   The company are all chosen
lor theil excellent talent, botli in singing, comedy and pastime amusements.
Tiie performance is a high class vaudeville, introducing  miii.)-  new  and
I  | , ,r songs, quartettes and choruses
as well as a fund of new and up-to-
M'-    Little  Baby Beatrice, the
eight-year-old artist, is a distinct lea-
. has wonderful ability for her
,.-••    Master Clarence, too, deserves
i|   credil   '-eing highly proficient
' ..-,•: i -1 wing (lancing.   Com-
i Smith ii '-he leading lighl of the
•-, ,|,.  and has a host, oi good Bonus,
-..,<: nmi pathetic.  The i-
gi th r nn! thswholi
j.i-nis h delightful evening's entertain-
:,„ ni where n irtli ami laughter nm
riot. The company are playing again
tonighl m lh.i opera houae and will
in : ce - ■>■ ni nuv features, as well
ii, j .rigs and musical selections, A
very fi.v rai.li impression ' n been
made by the troupe -in"- they entered
up -ti their Canadian lour, mid a com
pany which 0OUt»ln« -'- much talent.
.- ■ i tn -1 with humor ami fun should
have - '. sl successful run.
icrs of buildings ami contractors nn- hereby
id that in fuiniv im Connections will be
with tlio main wires till the installation in
ng lias been examined ami approved nf bv
ily Electrician.
mests for inspection should br loft nt tin."
Herk'R Office, and wires, etc., should not Iiu
oil in till sued Inspection is niailc.
whir of the City Council.
. imm.   SI. City Clerk.
Revelstoke Assessment District.
Viilli'i-i, !ii-ri-liy jrlviin Unit. Courts Of Uevisim!
uitl Appeal, niuli-r tin- urovn.ii.ni. of thfl "Assess-
■unit Art,- mul "Public Schools Act," will li" lu-li!
ii Hi,- Court Hiiii.-ii-. I(i-vi'l*t'ikii, mi l-'riiliij, ilu-
mill -Iio nt lln- I»r, IM, a. 11 o'clock a HI
Dated at Etovulitnke, lit Dsosmlior, not.
C. M. l-'ll'.I.Il,
Judge nf .lit Court ol Havlslon antl Apponl.
,«» t*Jvy »•*•♦♦*••»* i>*«-8> »#*»*•# »**#***■ .-»#•»♦**•»■»«;» «'■*-,-V
Christmas Qoods
We have .pared no pnins in giving
you iln: best selections tin: mark.its of
the world can supply, Our goods nre
all good values, Special attention is
directed to our Xmas Boxes
EATON HURLBUT PAPFM 50c, 75c. SI to $1.15.
Caristmas Numbers and Annuals
Walter Bews. Phm.B.. Dr"s!isl8L„.. I
Carries thc best Line of Goods to be bad from
♦ ifr *Hi Mi 'I1 'fr 'fr 'I' 'I1 'fr 'I1 'fr 'I1 'I1 fl'1!1 'I' 'fr 'fr <fr 'I1 '$' 't1 i
The lirst sitting of the Court of Revision to revise lhe Voters' List for the
City ol Revelstoke lor the, year l'J07,
will be held at the Council Chamber,
City Hall, Revelstoke, B.O., on Friday,
December 21st, i'JOli, at 7:30 p.m.
City Clerk.
Dec. 10th, HlOli. die .12-3
1 wish to notify the public thnt 1
will not be responsible for any debts
contracted   by  my  wife, Mis. L. M.
wed dec 12 lm L. M. OtJIMKT,
Nolice Is hereby Klven tlmi 30 dnys aftor dato
I Intend to applj tu tin- Hmmi-nbli* llio Chlof
Coinnilsalonor of Lands hikI Works foi* u Hpociul
licenso to out aud curry nwny liinbci* from tho
fulluwiiiK described lauds!
i. Situate in ihi' West Kootenay district about
10 mile.-; from Hiirtmi DIty, Couunonclug at n post
plnntod on the east sldoof Cariboo Oreek, thencu
soutli itti) ebains, tlience east IO chains, tlionco
north ioo chains- thonco wust in ebiilns in point of
2. Situato in tlm Wost Kootonay district ulmut
U miles from Burton City. ComnienoiiiK ata
post planted mi tbo ivest sldo of Cariboo Crooki
tlionco south It'll ebains, thonco east iO chains,
tlionco nortli lcocbaiiiB, thonce west 40 chains to
]>iiillt nf fiilllllli'lli'l'lllt'llt.
:;. Cuiiniii'iirinii nt ;i pnsl plant cd on tlio wost
Hide nf Cariboo Creek, about 18 milos fmni Hurt in
City, thunce south mu ebains, tlionco oast 40
chains, (liunco nortb JliO cbains, tbonco wosl io
cliains (0 pnint nf eomuioiicoiuent,
4. Coiumoncinnat a post planled on tbo soulh
side nf Cariboo Cruofe, about Eli miles from Burtmi
City.ilit'iH'i' eJatlOJ clmins,tlionco north40chains,
thonco wosl 160 clintim, thouoe Bouth -111 chains to
point nt commencement,
6, Commencing ntanosl planted on llio south
side nf Cariboo Crook, about 7 miles from Bntl< u
Citv, iioiu'o smith IfiO-clialiw, tbonco west 40
<*ha'ins, tbonco nortb Itl'J chains, tlionco oust "III
chains tn point nf commencement.
U. Commencing nt a poBt plantod on tho cost
bank of Cariboo Oreok, nbnut i. milos from Burton
Citv, theuco onsi bu clialns, tlience north t.o
chains, thenco wosl so ohalna, thenco south BO
cliains to pmut of eoninioncomonc,
Dated uth day of Soptombor, i!)uo.
wail doc 12 H. J. IIAHI.OW.
Jewelry and Silverware have it
charm and distinction unattainable by any other objeclsof beauty
and utility, nnd when the stock
offered I'm* you toohoose from is so
carefully selected nnd of such elegant workmanship as lhat shown
you cannot fall  lo indulge your
taste and fancy to the utmost,
Next Imperial Bank
J; Santa
% Clauj
Manning's Candy Palace ;>
The largest assortment ill  Toys.   The latest  In  Toys. A
Everything New. ,|i
Magic, Lanterns, 30c. to $15; Steam pngines, 50c. to $10. *l§*
Motion Toys, Spring Toys, Stuffed Animals (large and 'T
small); TiJils, (lames, Toy  Pianos,  lilackl.oards,  Rocking .i
„-l>       Hones, Bureaus, Sleighs, etc. jjL
f           z
f 4
ii> Insist on Having Fresh Candies for -i>
|;      Xmas  Get Some of Manning's f
i\>             Home-Made Candies. 4
f                  4
v 4
/l,     All orders for Santa Clans should be addressed to Mux 2H7 ,i
#                        ,  x   _ 4


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