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Always y iclds lo the
medicinal properties of the
i.i  rean'U produced, tld* Machine
if uniiirpnieed — Prick: HW 00 eisb,
Interior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 13.-NO 81
$2.50 Per Tear
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We have ahout 100 Suits to clear
out. Fit Boys from 5 to 1(1 years,
We nill sell these next
TMpd Ffil
OCT. 17 AND 18
Keep your eye on Ihis—the best
Bargain of the year. The pi ices will
be interesting. You can see them
at any time. They are prominently
displayed on a table in the centre of
our store.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
m Coods ArrMm My.    Drsssmsklng and Wlllnsry Rooms, 2nd Floor
If you want to get the| best
see our stock,
Over 60 Heating Stoves to
select froui and over 25 Cook
Stoves to make a choice from.
We have over two carloads
of Stoves and Furnaces on
our Floor and in our warehouse.
We buy the best and can
,$ive you the advantage of our
extensive buying.
We onlv buy from the best
Stove makers in Canada.
We are showing Airtight
Heaters fron. $3 50 up, See
our line before purchasing.
Dealers in Hsrdwsre, Stores snd Tinware, Hlnsit', Lumbermen's i )
snd Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing snd Tinimlthing. <* ♦
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 374 * 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash I960, terms on balance.    PRICE-$2,460
Two-Storey  Dwelling, plaste.ed and stone basement, Lots
TB 1100 on Second Street.     Gash I960 and terms on balance.
Ons-Storey Dwelling, Lot WxlOO, near Oowan Block
PRIOB3 $600.00
See Wi Ha HUMPHREY8      parwiuwtati omei
Lengthy Session of Criminal
Cases —Juries Disagree—
Presentment by the Grand
The Supreme Court ol Britiih Columbia opened yeiterday morning at
11 o'clock with Mr. Justice Clement
on the bench. The list showed severs)
criminal esses. The Grand Jury empanelled was composed of the following:
B, A. La won (foreman), J. Abrahamson, H. N, Coursier, J. Kirk, A. J
McDonell, VV. Cowan, T. E. L. Taylor,
W. JH. Pratt, J. M. Doyle, J. Q. McKinnon, A. E. Pbippi, F. B. Lewii, A.
E. Kincaid.
Alter tho judgei charge the Grind
Jury retired, returning later and
bringing in a true bill againit Smith
for incest; Mn. Wharton, (or shooting
with intent to kill; Lang, lor obtaining money under false pretenses. In
tl.e case ol Norberg no true bill was
found Strati charged with wounding A, Dominic, was elected for speedy
trial at the County Court on Oct. 3d
C. E. Gillan lor the defence.
The petty jurors were: E. M. Allum,
W. A. Chambers, W. J. Dickey, B.
Davis, G. Edwards, J. S. Hooley, C. A.
Hatt, J.M. Kellie, G. Kimberley, A.
Lundell, VV. VV. LeFeaux, D. Mcintosh,
J. Mathie, W. Morris, T. McMahon,
J. Beighley, K. Ramsey, J. P. Sutherland, J. H. White, T. J. Wadman, R.
J.Stewart, G. Shaw, J. Shaw, W.
Smythe, Dr. G. W. Thomas, T. Steed,
H. Shardlow, H. A. Kington.
In Bex. v, Lang, evidence showed
thst Lang had issued cheques sgainst
a small account st Arrowhead Imperial Bsnk, snd overdrawn tbe same
apparently unknowingly, and his
cheques which he bsd given to Chief
Young snd others st Comsplix, and
received cash, had been dishonored,
hence the charge of obtaining money
under false pretenses. There was no
oounoil lor defence. Accused gave
evidence on hii own behalf, laying
that hs thought hs had enough to
cover the cheques. J. M Scott appearing for the Crown. The jury, J.
M. Ksl'ie foreman, returned a verdict
of not guilty.
Rex, v. McKay.—Thii case was remanded from the previous sitting in
May. McKay, a deal mute was
charged with robbery in a house in
lower town last November, J, M.
Scott lor the Crown, G. S, McCarter
for the defendant. Hie Honor, in
summing up said, that in a case like
this where the genuineness of the
prisoner's deafness and drunkness
was questionable, he recommended to
the jury that they find him guilty,
and then be could be sent to New
Westminster where he could have
proper medical attention and his real
Itate discovered. The jury, with J. M.
Kellie ai foreman, alter retiring for
some considerable time, returned and
■aid that they could not agree. The
judge in discharging them said lhat
he wn very much surprised that during all the time that had elapsed since
the man McKay was first charged,
absolutely nothing bad been dons to
And out the real faots of his physical
condition. The judge then remanded
the priioner for further trial.
Rex. v. Mn. E. J. Wharton, defendant charged on two account! with
shooting with intent to kill snd having inflicted bodily harm on A.
Micalli, at Wigwam on April 21, J.
M.Scott for tbe Orown. G. 8, McCarter lor delencs. Mn. Wbsrton
•tiled thst ihe hsd been lor a year
put persecuted by Micalli and also by
ber husband, Iill driven to detperet-
tion, when in her anger ihe took a
gun snd ibot st the door ol the room
occupied by Micalli in tbe section
houie ol whioh her husband wai foreman, tbe charge injuring Micalli.
Micalli, who hai lelt tbe country, lelt
a depoiition stating tbat be bad had
intercourse with the priioner and tbat
the wai party to tbe acts. Mrs.
Wbsrton denied tbil, end stated tbat
Micalli bad tried to persuade her, but
•he relused and also that her husband
was trying to get rid of her. She
never intended to kill Micalli. Tho
jury, with T. Wsdmin as foreman,
oould not agree on a verdict and were
Theie cases and several others were
postponed  till  today.     The Grand
Jury brought in the lollowing pre-
Hii Honor, Mr. Justice Clement.
Msy it please your Honor:
The Grand Jury having completed
Its labori, bags to submit the following
presentment. We have given careful
attention to your intereitinf remarks
regarding the manner ol dealing with
pers. ns committed (or indictable
offences and alter investigation find
tint it has not been the practice to
notify a judge on such occasions, in
order that the prisoner may have the
opportunity ol electing lor speedy
trial. We think that, if thc statu.e in
this regard be adhered to in luture it
would lessen the labors of the Assize
Court. We have acquainted ourselves
with the conditions ol the various
public buildings in the city and find
tbat the only one calling for special
mention, is the Provincial gaol, which
is inadequate and ..male. We are
pleased, however, to learn that tl.e
government is now arranging for a
more suitable and secure building to
be completed at an early date. We
would respectfully urge that steps te
taken towards building a trallic bridge
across the Columbia river at thii
point. The increasing settlement on
the west side, and the great scope of
lands suitable for agriculture there
requiring better moans of access
Respectfully submitted,
Foreman ol Grand Jury.
Revelstoke, B. C,
Oct. 16th, 1907.
The judge promised that the recommendations of the Grand Jury should
be forwarded to the proper department.
The Court adjourned at 6 p.m.
The court adjourned from last
evening sat this morning.
In Rex. v. Lawrence, the accused
having broken jail at Revelstoke alter
his preliminary trial in the spring, for
highway robbery, a bench warrant was
ieiued for his arrest.
In Rex. v. Wharton, the defendant
pleaded guilty to second charge.
At the time ol going to press the
court is in progress with this case;
Rex. v. Smith and Rex. v. Kamatoni
being also unfinished.
Increase of Wages for Helpers
Winnipeg, Oct. 15.—A decision regarding tbe schedule which will hereafter affect helpers to mechanical
trades of C. P. R., has been decided
upon ,-s a result of conferences which
have been in progress since last Saturday between the men and officials.
The new ohange which has been decided upon will affect the men between
Fort William and Laggan and south
to Kooten ,y Landing. Fort William
to Broadview the rate ol pay will now
be 26J cents per hour for boiler washers
and helpers. Hitherto the rate of pay
was 23 cents au hour, the increase per
hour amounting to 3} cents.
On the division extending from
Broadview to Laggan and also -outli to
Kootenay Landing there is a two cent
difference, and the rate of pay for similarly employed men will now be 28$
cents an hour. On the division reaching irom Laggan to Vanpbuver no decision has yet been reached.
C. P. R, Conductor Loses His
Toe Under Car Wheels.
P. Henderson, C. P. R. conduotor,
met with a nr->ty accident at Fernie
ou Sunday miming. While stepping
off the platform at the depot in order
to see to a car coupling, his foot
slipped and threw him against the
axie box of a car, his body fortunately
falling dear. The right foot, however,
wss nipped under the car wheels, the
fint toe being severely crushed,
Presence of mind saved Henderson
from what might have been a Iar more
serioui aooident. Owing to tho denee
fog the men in the engine cab could
not tee what wai going on, but the
train wai brought to a standstill in
quick time nevertheless. Medical aid
was immediately summoned and the
mangled member amputated and
dressed, Henderson came on to Revelitoke the tame day snd is now in
tbe hoipitsl here, where he ii progressing favorably.
A very pleasant social evening and
dance was given by the members ol
"E" Company ol the Kocky Mountain
Rangeri on Monday ovoning at the
Drill Hall in honor ol Sergt.-M.ijor
Wheeler on bii departure lor Nelson,
where he will in (uturo reside, Mr.
Veitb presided at the piano, and
about 30 couples kept up the pace till
alter midnight.
During an interval between the
dances Sergt.-Major Wheeler gave an
excellent rtoitation from Eugsne
Aram which wai much appreciated.
O.J.Aman,ou behalf of "E" Company, cxpreiied tbe regret lelt at the
loss ol luch sn efficient offioer who
had always been a hard worker in the
interests ol the Corps, anil lelt lure
thst Nelson Corps would appreciate
Ihe servicei ol a man with ai much
experience as Sergt.-Major Wheeler
had, both in active service and drill
work, and all extended best wishes lor
hii luture luccen.
The Sergesnt thanked tl.e company
lor tbeir kind wishes snd ssid the
initincti ol a loldior were born in
him, and that in whatever field he
labored, hii Hnt ilm would be to do
hii duty,
God Save the King brought a
plsaiant function to a oloie.
Lumber Prices—Prince Rupert
Development-Timber Deal
Gold Find—War Clouds.
Bei.i.ingium, Oct. 16—Small milli
which have boon depending upon local
trade and car shipments have, within
the past low days, made a cut in pricei
ol rough lumber from $1 to $4 per
thousand. They are now selling to
the mil and cargo trade at |8, the lowest figure in yean. Upper grades have
been cut Irom 60 cents lo $1.60 off the
price list.
Prince Rupert, Oct. 16. — One
thousand acres in the heart of the
towmite of Prince Rupert are to be
cleared thii winter. Tbe contract
for tbis largs work has probably been
let by this time, according to Thomas
Dunn of Prince Rupert, who arrived
ia Vancouver yesterday afternoon.
Nelson, Oct. 16.-R. B. Herron of
New Liskeard, Out,, has purchased a
large amount of A. E. Watts' timber
holdings on Kootenay lake and also
his controlling interest in the Proctor
Lumber company, including some Iruit
lands, the consideration being upwards
of $100,000.
Vancouver, Oct. 16.—News ol the
discovery ol what may prove to be another Klondike on an unnamed branch
tributary to the Findlay river, was
brought to Vancouver today by Inspector A. E. C. McDonnell of the
Royal Northwest Mounted Police, who
arrived from the north on the Frincees
Beatrice, The find consists of rich
placer ground aud free cuarse gold,
$100 to tbe pan hai beeu taken out,
St. Petersburg, Oct. 16.—No mean
sensation was created in official circles
and among financiers aud others interested in international afiairi hers
today by the statement of General
Lineviteh, who wsi one ol the prominent figures in the Rusio-Japaneie war,
that Japan is preparing for war in
Manchuria, and suggesting that tbe
United States join in an attack on
763 Passengers Narrow Escape—Crew Mutiny.
New York, Oct. 15.—Seven hundred and sixty-three passengers on
the big steamer Giulia of the Austrian
line, which arrived today from Trieste,
had a narrow escape from death in
midocean on Oct. 3, when in the
height of a furious storm the ship was
discovered to be on fire.
The crew fought the flames all day
bcloro they were extinguish"!, while
the panic-stricken passenger- prayed
for help. To add to the terror uf the
passengers, a dozen members of the
crew, alter fighting the fire for u long
time, became panic-stricken, thinking
that the ship was doomed, and attempted to launch oue ol the lifeboats.
Several ol the passengers, particularly women, attempted to throw
themselves into the sea, and were
forcibly restrained by the captain and
crew. Some ol the men tried to lower
lifeboats and the crow had to beat
them bnck.
Several women became temporarily
insane during the fire and had to be
taken to the ship's hospital for treatment.   Dozens fainted.
The ship's boats were prepared to
meet any emergency, but alter the
hold bad been flooded and part of the
caigo thrown overboard the fire waa
finally extinguished about 8 o'clock in
the afternoon.
Small Pox Outbreak in the
Nelson, B, C, Oct, lS.-Phoenix ii
quarantined for smallpox, and has
been Ior leveral dayi. The (act hai
heen kept quiet to avoid the danger
ot panic, but the authorities now believe that they have the lituation in
Dr. 0, J. Fagan, Provincial medical
health officer, arrived here from the
coait Tuesday night and went over to
the Boundary yeiterdav. It waa learned that at the time ol hit arrival there
wero seventeen cases of tho plague in
Phoenix, but it had not spread tn
either Greenwood or Grand Forks.
Commercial and other travellers were
quietly warned away Irom Phoenix.
This morning Dr. Arthur held tele,
phone communication with Dr, Fagan,
who was then in Greenwood, Dr.
Fagan stated that there ie no danger
ol a spread ol tho plague and that it is
not necessary lor either Nelsou or
Rossland to establish a quarantine
agsiust the Boundary,
Fancy Jardinieres greatly reduced
iu price for a fow days at G. B. Hume
A Co'i.
Another shipment of Royal Doulton
and Old Greek China in the very
latest designi.  O. B, Hume A Co.
Don't Take
Your Groceries
with you, let us send
them home. It's just
as easy for us, and far
more convenient for
you. Or we will call
for the order and deliver the things, just as
if you  selected them
yourself. We have everything worth keeping. Our reputation for fair dealing is second to none and we can satisfy
you in every way.
Of Stoves, Ranges and Heaters. Thess have just arrived; they are not
old stock, kept over, but NEW with all the latest improvements snd
they are McCLARY'B.     ™~"
We have a lull line ol Fishing Rods, Baits, Lines, Hooks, eto.  Shotguns, Rifles, Revolvers, and sll kinds ol ammunition.
Bourne Bros.
We have a signed agreement permitting us to cell
a certain property on McKenzie Avenue at a figure
$400 below actual value, good until Oct. 26, 1907,
The property comprises one and a half lots, seven*
roomed plastered house, summer kitchen, woodshed,
stable, fencing, etc.
The price is $1800. $700 cash, balance on mort-
gnge. Will rent for $22 per month. A responsible
contractor has estimated the value of the bnildings alone
at $2,000.   The land is worth $500.
Investigate the proposition at once as it is only
good for a short time.
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.      Tkliphons ji
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
k flit St. Op. Ulii
Imperial Bankof Canada
Hoad onto* Toronto, Ontario.
BrioohM in tht Prot-lnMj ol Manitoba. AlbarU, Saikatcbioaa,
BrltUk Colnmbla, Ontario, QiabM.
Oapltal Authorlifd        .        . •10,000,000.01
Oapltal Paid Up ....   •a.fto.ooo.oo
Rosirvo Fund ....       M,iii,im,m
D. It. Wilkii, President; Hon, R, Jaftrat, Vice-President,
A General Banking Buelneee Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United SUtssao-J
Europe.  Special attention given to Collection!.
Savlnge Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit ud credited
Reveletoke Branoh, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager. Zbc tlDail*1bevalb,
Barristers, Solicitous, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mobphy,       Haroi.ii Fisher
Barnaul. 1 Soli Hon, Etc
i;i:v..i,*i..Ki; moTBOll 1.AKR B.O.
I'. K onus J   C, K1.I...1TT.
H.uiiiii-rms solicitors, ktc.
On  ■-   i< -iifiit Bauk Ruck, iikvki.
■gross, H.c,
M mi > I - loan.
. .fi • -f RereUtoka, H. 0.1 Cranbrook, 11.0,
OBO, 8, M -CAkTIfK,
V. M    i'.NKHAV.
lle.eiilolie.il. 1*.
J. A. llAUVKV,
t'litiibiuok, It. C.
J, M. Scoll I.I..D W. 1. Hrta*.
Barristers, Solicitors, Ktc.
Munkv to Loan
Fii »t Street. Revelstoke, li.1*'
iv ol all Orel,  -ami'le. l.y innii or express
receive prompt attention,
Termi Moderate,
,KKal       •       •      •       BOX I'f- KAItO, 11. C.
Provinci.il Land Surveyor,
Mine Su.veylng
McKenzie Avenue.
Box W6, Kevelstoke,
Pioviseut Assaver & Chemist,
Phone 2     NEW DENVER, B.O      P.O.lloj. 10
(Member American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Kevelstoke, B. C,
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared In shape
for submission to prospective Investors
or purchasers.
teacher of piano, vocal
habmonv counterpoint, etc.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
STVDIO-At  Mrs.  J.  C   Hutchison's Con-
taught Avenue.
Zbc fltatt-Derafo
* I would  .  .   .  earnestly advise theni Ior
thiapaper*   '
. looked ui
the lea eo,ui|Mge."-ADDISON.
their good to order thia paper to be punctually
served up, and to be looked upon ae a part ol
very important ligniticauoe which
esperantism has tor all mankind, lur
that universal Iraternity aim. Because
the world bus always comprehended
that esperantism is strongly bound up
with a certain internal idea, many
people did not wiih to learn and use
esperanto lor the reason that tbey did
not wish to he regarded ns partisans
ol an idea. But simple esperantism
does not ollige anyone to become
partisans ol tbis idea or tlnit, and
every espsrantist remains a free mnn
and is not responsible lor anyone else's
ideas at all, except that the very fact
ot (be universal language binds nil by
a common idea which is the stimulus
ol tbeir Inbor. Every esperantist can
have any conviction or pursue any
Sourse l.e likes, be he egotist, bnter or
criminal. We repeat, that there is no
mention ol intruding into thc Internal life ol nations, but rather u desire to construct a linking bridge
between Ihem. In plain words we
can sum up espcruntisiu thus: "The
desire to create a foundation on which
tl.e various human tribes can peacefully and fraternally inter -communicate without antagonizing their tribal
I Rcvelstoko Cigars union rsnac uur
| Speoial, Tlio Union, nnd Maroa Vueltu
I ere riltead of nil ulhcrs.
rooms, fui'iiacc, two lots (one coruer).
Convenient to business part of oity. I
A desirable home (or anyone. Price j
moderate on nisy ic.nis.
Apply:—Mail Herald,
L.OOI.I RovrlstoKo
Soelaliot Parly of Canada
Meets Firsl end,Third Wednesday in lliu mmill
i.f Selkirk ll-di, upataira, ats p.m. Sul.jretI.n
illsciissi.-ii -".-.iTiiiiiRiiii'iii ..( Capitalism. A!
Interested f.rt- welcome.
Apropos ol the Inlse lire alarm last
night it may l.e as well to call attention to the condition ..I No. 2 Fire
Hall, the floor ot which is now, and
lius been for nearly a fortnight several
lest above the level ol the street,
which needless to sny renders the
quickness and ense ol running out the
apparatus in a case of emergency impossible and nt Hie sniue time endangers the wheels and other parts of the
machines. There can never be too
iniicli precaution taken ugninst lire in
Revelstoke and even if, ns in this ense,
the approach to tbe fire ball has been
obstructed by possibly necessary undertakings, still on the other hand the
council should have arranged that
something should have been done,
even temporary, to Incilitnte the operation ot the lire brigade apparatus
when culled out and, as instanced laet
night, serious damage to such nppar-
atus might have beeu caused by the
absence of some solid approach [rom
the street to the door. Fire is our
greatest enemy and no stone should
be left unturned to avoid it bere, and
every effort made by the council and
citizens alike to secure and conserve
the clliciency of the brigades and to
encourage those vvho are now its
Beware nf yellow circulars which
claim others have the I otllbridiie
coal ! They lie I You can get Lethbridge coal iron, one source only, and
that is (rom its agency.
Phce your orders with mo and get
the real goods nt $8.50 pei ton for four
ton orders, weigh where you please.
James Evans
Denlers iu licet, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, lish • and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Mi't'i. Second uml Fourth Wodnosdays |.
....el. imiili li. in Selkirk Hall.  Visiting Wooil
...on cordially invited to attend.
W. II. AllMSTKONO, Con. Com.
J. MelNTYHK, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
Tlio reifulur meottagsare ll0,(i 'P ,tl10 8o,11(iFl1
Hull owy Tuesday evening at 8 o'cIock. Visit*
inif lirntlircii aro cordially invited.
w. b, Mclaughlin, bbobbtabt.
Koottnav Lodffo No. 15 A P, ft A.M.
4 The regular  meet'
lui**- are held in the
'■;   MiiMinli*     Temple,
'   jdil KellowB HalI,o.i
Uie I liinl Monday Iti
.   . . ench month   at   t
ii.ui. VUitlnKbroth
It   iMirdliUly   wel
,'i>j. P.
Dissolution of Partnership,
Notice Is hereby liven tlmt the imrlnersliip
l.eret.'fure subsisting bolwoen ua. .lie under-
signed, us Coalectlonora, in the city ol Revel-
stoke, has this dav been dissolved ny mntuul
..onsen.. All <lcl>lso.,i>.i'... .lie laid partnership nre tt. he ini.l to A.bin I), llornell, and all
claims against lhe aid partnership are io he
presented to ihe said Allan I., llornell, who
will in luture carry on the said business and
by whom the same will he settled.
1.....-.I at Revelstoke, 11, 0., this llth day ..I
October. 11107.
Witness;  A, M, Pinkham, oct IG
The fact of the increase in the number ol applications fur enrolment on
tbe civic voters' to, as compared with
last year, is distinctly gratifying and
demonstrate that the people who are
coming into the community have a
desire to interest themselves in all
municipal matters aud enjoy their
rights as citizens of Revelstoke. The
more interest that is taken in municipal legislation the more sound aud
solid becomes the civic government,
and every citizen should try if possible
to take an active part in all inntten
pertaining to the city management
and not after they have elected their
mayor and aldermen, sit back ami
grumble at and criticise sll they do.
The position ol alderman is no line-
cure and the electors should aid a>
much as possible with their co-operation the work oi the city council.
Civic pride once thoroughly established will tend to expand the minds ol
the citizens, and with a lively interest
in'the city administration, the people
will find that they themselves will he
much Letter ot!'.
It is interesting tu note that the
school teachers are funning an Esperanto Club ind will study thc new
language iu all its branches, That
esperanto will in time laconic universal is without question uud when
the real Initiation, as it were, has ken
made, the public will soon realize Ibat
its advantages will be many, ln
esperaulisin, men see, not only a
matter of personal advantage but aim
a serious ides ol international justice
and brotherhood, and to this idea the
noble men of all'nations, .|iiite equally
d.-sire to do service, whether their
people arf strong or weak, or whether
their inter-tribal sense of justness is
lor them profitable or otherwise.
Esperantism has been accepted by
the leading scholars ol the day, who
looking ahead can see that an international language will have a great
effect on all questions relating to the
peace of nations and the settling ol all
matters of internotional moment, lt
is not io much Ior any utility which
any of ui can have from it, but lor the
Hunting and Huntiug Topics just
now iill a considerable share ol the
sraking thougbtsolBportsnien through
out Canada, They are full ol what
tbey have done, what they hope to do,
and arrangements ol all kinds which
shall ensure then, success in this years'
hunt. Nothing can help them more
to a In.me of mind suitable for backwoods' expeditious than a pursual ol
the pages o! the line lull Hunting
Number sent out ns the October issue
ot Rod and Cun and Motor Sports in
Canada, published by W.J.Taylor,
Woodstock, Out. Here is nearly all
kinds of hunting—moose bunting with
camera, goat and deer hunting with s
gun and the same deadly weapon is
brought to bear ou wolves, bears, caribou and deer, all to the enjoyment of
the hunters whose varied experiences
must be a source of the deepest pleasure as well »s profit to their fellows.
Very opportune, indeed, arc the articles
on the High Power Hides and Fatalities in the Woods nnd the accouut ol
how one very successful hunter has
made a success ol his hunting should
give hints even to experienced men.
Backwoods etiquette is amusingly
portinyed in au account ol a law suit
in camp, while Observations from a
Car Window are but samples of the
many good things to be found  m  the
current issue o( this magazine. Every
hunter ihould include it in bis pack
age of good things t.. be taken on his
trip and none will regret the small
effort in view ol the very large fund nf
enjoyment to be obtained fn.... its
pages. Every story smacks of the
actual and tbe whole con.hin.iti.... il
10 good M to explain the reaion why
the magazine has gained .in.I retains
its position In tlie (runt rank ol sporting publications.
The Empire printed two editions
tbis week. The first edition was
printed on Thursday alternoon with
a prool planer, an.l 100 copies were
distributed ns souvenirs ol the lirst
battle in Prince Rupert between the
Grand Trunk Pacilic Railway and Tl.e
Empire. The second edition was
printed on Saturday alter....on on a
Gordon printing press. The printing
material of the Empire is somewhat
scattered. The type is set in the
provincial police olliee; the press work
is done in a 10x12 tent pitched in tbe
middle ol Center Street; the paper and
ink is stored in Kenneth Monro's
warehouse on Rupert rond; the copy is
penned in the sleeping apartment! ol
the government telegraph line opera-
Cariboo Land District.
Districl of Cariboo.
Take notice thai Donald Mcintosh of
Revelstoke. H. C, prospector, inlends to
apply for permission lo purchase the following described land:
Commencing al a posi planted about z\
miles above Blue River, markeil "D. Mclnlosh's S, K. corner." thence norlh 120
chains, ihence uasl 40 chains, thence
south 120 chains, thence east 40 chains lo
point of commencemeiil, containing 480
acres more or less.
Daled July 31s!, 1907.
wed aug 2i D. McINTOSH.
Cariboo Land Dislrict.
Dislricl of Cariboo.
Take notice thai Marry Sawyer of Revelstoke, B.C., millman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the following
described lands:
Commencing at a posl planled about
one mile above Blue River, and marked
"Hi Sawyer's N, \V, corner," thence cast
80 chains, thence soulh 80 chains, Ihence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
point ot commencement, containiug 640
acres more or less.
Daled July 30th, 1907.
wed ag 21 Donald Melnlosh, Agent
Rovelstoko Uiul District.
Distriot of Went Kooluiiay.
Take notico llmi wo. Lamb-WatflOO Lumber
Co..Ltd.. uf Arrowhead,occupation MHhnvn-
ers, Intend to luiply (or pernUnloD to pimluise
tho fullowinicilmorik'tl land:
Commencing at a pout plantod atthoS.E
cornerol tlalph Simpson's application,Galena
bay, thenco north 8& chains, thonce east i"
chains, tbenoe north 20 chains, thence cast 20
ohains, thenci' south'JO chains moro or less to
Qalcua Bay, tbeuce southwesterly along nurih
shore of -Sale-net. Bay to point of commencement.
Dated 23rd July, 1907,
Lamb-Watson LumbbrCo . Ltd..
wed mi),'; 0. H. N. WHklo. Agont.
0. A. I'H.ICIINIKII, Skciiktaht.
SELKIRK LODOE, NO 12. I. 0. 0. F.
Meets overyThursdaj
evening in Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attond
J. MATHIK, 8kc
Cold Range lodge, K. at P.,
Ne. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
exn,e|,t Tulrd Wednesday of
eaeh tiGiith, In tl.e Oddfellowa'
Hall at 8 o'elock. Vlailing
Knights are cordially invited,
I. W. BRADSHAW, 0.0.
(i. H. BROOK, K. ol R. 4 S.
H. A. HROWN. M. ol F
Doer Heads, Animals, Birds, l-'isli, |Eto„
Animal Rugs M.umtod,
P 0. BoxSl,
studi.i;  Comer nl l-'irat Kt. nnil Boyle Ave.
Itovclitoke. 11. ('..
The best Brick i.i the Province.
Well burnt think in large or
small quantities at Reasonable
AWcckiy Newspaper for the Hone
"I! Western hew
Office :  Dominion Building, Calgary, Alta.
Place your orders for your
Haruesi..—Band-make Boots
and Fancy Leather Goods. . .
Restaurant and Furnished Roomi
Meals from 25c. Up.
Second Street, ■ East End
Notice la hereby given thai an ftppllottlon
wil dp i le ■ thi Pai i. m ■.- : ■ ana 11 *■
Uk next lesslon for an ■*.'■'. Incorporating a
I'linijiany  under   tho  :*,. .,■■     |      -,. ,- i -.    .-.
Thonpson Rivers Boom C napan vita
power to attach mi I i .* -.. i l lhe
I'litimpnon .;;• r the S rth      -.-. - *, River,
i:.<>   -..■.;;.    .:,  :i*, •  *.       -■■*-   .-.»:.,, .-   - , -..-
Shuswap Lak ■ and *■ i - .--.. i ■-,■ I ■ r
apallumclieen ftiver and tne navigable inb-i*
tarfei   I each and tbe navtfsi     raten
nei ting    «  i I    iti itb na is
al le trib itar e*. i - ■.-•:.
I'uiutnbu. an-l to acquire
reli     ■. - ■ ■   lai is, slides, ] -:■
irl -  i ban ■ ■   ana
■ ihal aa    - I ■  ...
or necessar]    -    li ig, di    i .-
collecting,  booming, atot og,   -..-■..   I
. wring  ;■ tl    food    poll ■    . . ■
lumber at all kinds and according! 1
ui: i ;■    v id] meai i
riven or bod'eaoi watet     li therefrom
i a    incex I    . ■ (gallon
■iiiii lor laid putyoaei io ex pro rtate >,-,i,
lands as may be neceatai , and to collect tolls
from other partiei making use ol the Con
pany'i works, improvement! or wrvlcei '
acquire, main tal d anl operate lands,« rkl
tri rs, (ram hUw snd lii eases, losdi
tramways, (Jocks an<i vhar BS, nnd Inr tbe
'.,.-,.,*-- i
ate lelegrhpn, lele] ion« sn , lei trie imp*;
in acquire, oooitr na Igata and ohsrter
boats, tuan and water urafi to acquire the property, ng in.- [ram hues, itui t, bonds and
iroaol any other comi'tii,', end to wil.
leaae, bold, exchange * I on ui any of the
cum pan j'-: property, an-l lor a nece
isrj snd lm lental rights, powers and prlvl
luges: ind thai tbe Company's undertaking
.,\n Em tsotsred to be ror the general ad van*
tageaol Canada
UeOl       i ■      lYDK!.        Ill I -
-   ■ ton   i ii- '.
Dated *: Otlewsthli lit day of October a D,
in M
White Help Only
in our professional skill and ability
as opticians lias brought relief to
hundreds of sufferers from eye strain
and nervous disorders resulting from
eye troubles. Why nol follow their
wise example? Know, please, that we
charge nothing whatever tor eye examination, only fairly for whnt glasses
or spectacles may be needed.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivating. Wheel*
wright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
BELOW will be found the names of some of the progressive firms in
Revelstoke who make this most popular nnd liberal offer: This elegant
library and handsome case will be given by vote to the Lodge, Society,
Church or School in Revelstoke securing the largest number of votes in
the following manner: The business men listed below will give with
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vote. The coutest begins Sept.
9th and ends Feb. 9th, 19D8. A ballot box has been placed in the Canada
Drug A Book Store where the votes are to be deposited. At the close of
the contest tl.e church, school, society or lodge having the largest number of votes will be awarded tbe library. Current accounts when promptly paid will lie entitled to votes. Remember, votes can only be secured by
trading with the*ierchants listed below. Each week tho Maii-Herild
will announce the standing ot the contestant,
The library and case are now on exhibition in the show window ol
C. B. Hume A Co.
0. B. HUME A CO.
Groceries,   Drygoods,    Crockery
Men's Furnishings, BootiandSboei
Houie Furnishings.
Take notico that I, Oeorge T. Jfewman, of
Ariowhead, B. C, occupation Clerk Intend to
apply fur pormlsilon to purchase be following
[escribed lands:
Commenolng at a posl planted atthe N B.
jorner of Clara McQuarrle's Lot 8Wfl hence
north 80 chains, thence wi $\ A . halns, ihence
aouth '-ii chains, thence easl in chains, thonce
hi,iiiii 10chains,thenco oast 10chains topoint
of commencement,
Dated Sept, Uth, 1007.
s«p'2l aat        GKOROR T NKWMAtf.
Rifles, Shotgani, Revolver*
Fishing Tackle, Tenti, Hunting and Outing Suits, Cai t.
Boat*, Typewriter* md Office
Desk, Field and OperaGlaMes,
All Rl leM than Iwlc price.
Write al ono* for Wg list,
\. . ■ .   writ, fl B., f'-iiiad»
Mots, Etc.
Fine Confectionery, Ice Cream, Etc.
W> I'll All, & HORNELL
Coupons given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tobacco, etc.
First-Clawi Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also al
kinds of Garden Produce.
telephone 29.
Front Street,    Revelstoke
Thnl'- Royul Crown kind—
miiilo in Vancouver— Largest
Soap Fuciury wesl ol Winnipeg, House cleaning and
wiml.ii gi.rce.iHy with its help,
And the money saving n the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give lor
Hovel Crown Wrappers. Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
I have many enquiries Ior
Fruit Lands Irom Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouver. Persons desiring to d'spnse of
their holding.,, large or snifill,
will do well lo lia! them with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
Manufactured for nil classes of buildings
All kiud-Oif )buildliif* and plastering
In order to secure one of our
In the centre of the Southern-
must and Warmest vulley in
B.C., West Koottnay, for
$10 down  und $10 per
month for 10 acres.
Topi\yftlliiour«xper.Bea and relund
If our land and whole proposition
is not exactly as we represent It.
You can niiikc from $400 to $700
per ace annually growing fruits
and market gardening. Every tract
is either level or gently slopine.
The soil is loam with clay subsoil.
Free from rock. Ample rainfall.
Fine healthy climate. Cool in summer. Zen, weather in winter practically unknown. No early or late
frost danger. Plenty of timlier on
each tract for buildings, fences and
fuel. Each tract fronts on a road,
and every tract within hulf-milo of
main line of R.R. Title is perfect.
We own one-fifth of the gnod land
in the whole Kootenay and make
these terms so lhat ynu will be able
to use your surplus funds Improving
your land. We refer to three of the
strongest Banks in Canada, Write
quick for maps, etc, and testimonials of settlers at Fruitvule.
Nelson, B. C.
Printers and Publishers.
Central Hotel
Vewl y l.uilt,    Kirst-class in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Kample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rstei.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
From France, Holland and
reliable varietiei at resionsblo prioes,
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumpi
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, eto,
Oldest established nursery on ths
mainland of B.C.   Catalogue free.
omiNsouim aho iiibhsmm vasosuvm.i.s.
Notice to Contractors.
tor.—Prince Rupert Empire.
CJKALKD TKNi.KiiH, mperiorlbsd "Tendefi
|) If.r Iflffk-n..." will t.<: fi'if-iv,-'] nl ll,....Hi.'.
..l.i... I1uiiiii. winks Knglnoer, at Victoria, on
..r ..-.lorn Hatl.r.lny III.. jQtll dav f.i ()'-.'.
imr, mil, I'.r tho orootloti and eonplotloii ol a
l,'..fk-..|. nt Kevdl.tuh...
Plans, ipQoIfloitlrl.il oofltrsot an.l i..r.ni ..I
t.....l..r may I... RUSH .... n.t.l iill.-r lh'' 71 li day uf
Ootobor. iw, at iiii. oiii.f.f i.i ti... Uovtrnmop.
Aa'-iil, Rovslllnkl or ni tl,.. Land! anil Works
Ilciiartiiient, Vl.ftoria, B,0,
KODT, (lOlll.dN,
l.anfr.i.i.ui.l Annul.
All Kinds of Light and H iavy
Hauling Undertaken
8AFE8, I'lA.voH wo
Dealer in Wood, Oi    und feed,
Phone 71, House I'bone
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Ua8h Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Iiest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $1 a day,   Monthly rate.
A 1.BERT    STQ3STE!     PROP.
Queen's Hotel
llcst brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG, -        -       Proprietor
llllll     I   thin* " till you am clearly
U   y   |, |       W|W.~ K..u. hv .IA  n>
despair.    "Don'l ds at
thin*" till ron mocli
wWStxurt by aid ol
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
on liwiltli, diauaae, lovo, marrlaso and purentaio
Tolls what you'd uk » doctor,lot don't liko to
2.11 pageH, illustrated, 2-1 cunt* but to Introduce
It, «o Bond one only to any adult lor postage,
10 conts.
M HILL, PUB. 00.
IIS last 18th Sdroot, HM YORK,
Hevrlstoke Und District.
llWrlol of Woat Kootenay.
Tako notico thai Jamas F. Kennedy, ol Ills,
cllliwaat, B. I', Miner, Intends to npply for a
ipeclal timber license over the following dc
srr|l.if.l landa:
Cosunonolng at a poat planted on tho north
bank of the north-caat lork ol Downlo (Irak,
about alx inllifs abovo tho Korku and marked
"James P. Kcnnody's 8 W, corner," thenoo 10
chaini uorth, thenee eaat 160 chains, thence
iouth UI chains, thenco weat 100 chains to
point of commencement, coutalntng UO aorei
more or losa
Dated September 81th, 1007.
Any perion or pcraom found cutting or carrying awav Umber off the comaplix luwnalte,
.vl.iiinii permission Irom .be owner Hun.
Hewitt Boatock, or hla agon. Chlol Young,
will be prosecuted according to law.
Hated thii 10th diy ol Aoguit, 1907
wad Miliar, HIWtrtBOnOCK,
1 'W'
If you purchase a Kootenay
without the reservoir and
decide later thai the
reservoir is a real
necessity, why, just
order it and attach it
yourself. It's easily
done.  Merely
remove the screws ^
and take off the plate marked
VOIH" (see top illustration),
which provides an opening
for the hot air to come
through and circulate
under the reservoir. Then attach,
by means of
screws, the
reservoir and
the flue box
shown in lower illustration.
A screwdriver
is the onl
tool require!
London, Toronto, Montreal. Wlnnlpej, Vancouver, St. John, Hamilton
Free Kootenay booklet on request.
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our store if you want to purchase
aJNew^Carpet, Fine Oriental or Wil-
ton'rug, matting or linoleum and see
how much further its contents will
take you In purchasing than it will at
any'other store in the city. Our
Spring styles are ready for your
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1855,
Wm. Molson Macphkrson, Pips. 8, H. Ewixa,^ Vice-Pres.
Jamks Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in Canada and Agencies in all parts of tke
Interest credited four times a yenr at current rates on Savings
Bunk deposits, until further not^e,	
VV. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
HEADOrMCK: Cauiaiiv,  Auikuta.
WhalMaln and Rotail Moat Merchants
I'ork I'tfkir, anl Oilier in l-.lv*, j.n'c. vfir'cj-,, In all tho principal Citiea and
Towns ol Alb .rti. Britiih uoiuinbla and the Yukon. Packera of the Celebrated Brasd
"liner or" Kin, ill Bis n, iiH'iU'Oi't Inti,',..(hirl
Rev-Moke Land District.
Dlntrlct of Went Kootenay.
Tako notice thai Donuld Dewar, of Arrow
head, B. V,, timber cruiser, intend-1 to apply
for Hpoclal timUr Declined over tho following
described land*
1. Commonclng at a pout planted about 90
ohaini north-went on a blazed trail from Boyd's
I'ubiii on Piugston Creek, and marked -'Donald
Mr war's north-cant corner pont," ihonce went
HU) ehaliiR. thonco south 40 chain*, tlienco cant
lilO chains, thence north 40 chnius lo point of
2. Commencing at a pout planted at tho
north-oust oornor of Location Fio. 1, and marked "Donald Dewnr'H south-enst cornor pusl,"
thenoe went KKI chalnit, thonoo north 40 elialm.,
thonoo ciiKi 100 cliiiiiiH, thunce nouth 40 chuius
to point of oommoiioomunt.
DatedSeptember 'H«\, \W.
8, I'otnineiiolng at a pont planted nt tho
Houth-woHt curnor of Timber Limit 11100, anil
marked "Donald Dowar'n nuuth-oaHl, corner
|k)h|.," thencu nurth 100 clmins, tlienco went 1%
ohalnii, theuco soul h lfin clmiiis, thencu oast 40
ehaiiiH to puint of ciimnieiicemoiit.
4. riHuiiit'iicliiK at a post planted at the
wm lh nam. corner of Timber Limit No. It 170,
and markud "Donald Dowar'n nontli-wont corner port," thenco north 80 chains, thence caul
Hiiclittiiir,, thonce nouth 80 chains, thencu went
80 ilmiiiM lo point uf t'ommcticonieut.
Datod Suptoinbor 38rd, IIM.
Hevelxtoku Land Dlntrlct,
Dlstrictof Went Kootenay,
Take nutice that Bowman Lumbor Company,
Ltd., of Kovelntoke, B. C, occupation Lumbor
Mnuufactnrers, intends toapply fora special
timbor licence ovor tbo following described
(jummoncing ata font planted on the south
Bide of northeait arm upper Arrow Lnke and
uiarked "Bowman Ly inner Company's N. K.
corner pont," thence cast80 chalns,thcnce south
80 chains, thence went W clmins, thenca north
80 chains to nolnl of cmnmencemont, nnd con
tabling IMO acren, mure or lens.
Itotrd July ill, l»ff.
wng7    Hy.thclr Agent. JohnG. McCarthy,
Ilo vein toke Land District.
Dlntrlct ol Went Kuotenay.
Tako notice thnt I'm.nld Dowar, tif Arrowhead,H.C., nccupKlloii Timber Cruiser, Intend*,
tu applv iur aniicclnl Mm her licence over the
following ileHcrlbed land;
Commencing Hl a pusl planted nt the noulli*
wei' corner of Timber Limit No, imi.ajid
marko I "tmnald liewar.n nurih-em-t corner
pfllt," lhcnco nouth HU) cliain-', thenee weit 40
chains, lhcuce north 16(1 chain . ihi-uco east 40
Ohllni tu |"-ltilul commencement,
Datud Ociobor '.bid, 1*17.
D. 0. IliHDCn
-,...! ii. 1,1..I   fin1
-J fill
I    Alti.-itieli
Essay by G. Elley which won
Prize Offered by Mr. A, C.
Fltimerfelt for Best Description of B. C.'s Forest Wealth.
[Continued Irom lust Ibpur.]
The great fuult out herein Uriliifh
Columbia is that we have an overabundance o! timber wealth, und these
apparently ininll items me lost .ight
ol. It hns beeu stated on gooil authority tbat the amount of material
thrown away or burnt up ns refuse
during tbe Inst quarter ol a century,
iu the United States alone, il available today could be worked up into
saleable commodities vniticd ut $5,000,-
000, Thii goes to show what the
..pp.ire.illy small Irak* mean. British
Columbin is consider.d one of the
world's great gold-producing areas,
but the amount ol material annually
wasted in thc production of lumber
will more than counterbalance the
value nf the gold mined during thc
same period.
Mention sliould also he'made ol tbe
great possibilities for the manufacture
ol pulp. Doth Iir and spruce, especially the latter, are nduiiianly adapted
for the production ot tbis article, and
us these wocdl »re found in all parts
ol the provir.ee, the supply of raw
material is unlimited, especially along
the coast and on Vancouver Island.
In tbe southern part fir is the predominating wood, but farther uurlh
the growth of Fpruce is most abundant—and on account of tl.e nearness
of Ihe timber to tbe water, the problem ol transportation is in a great
measure simplified.
It is not likely that thc industry
wiil assume very large proportions in
the interior for some considerable
time, owing to its disadvantage in the
matter of transportation.
Although active operations have not
as yet been commenced, the province
bids fair to eventually become tbe
chief centre lor thc manufacture of
this article. The available supply ot
raw material is being rapidly depleted
in the eastern states, and even now
they aie forced to secure the bulk ot
their wuod supply from the provinces
of Ontario and Quebec. When these
sources are exhausted tbe paper manufacturer must look elsewhere, and
British Columbia will- he his only
The principal markets which could
be supplied are Japan and Australia,
both of whicli countries are large pulp
buyers This trade is now controlled
by the British ind American mills,
but there is no reason why the concerns established here could not compete for the business. The cost of
labor mny bc higher, but the British
Columbia manufacturer would Lave
the advautage of cheaper power, as
there are numerous sites along lhe
coast where excellent water power is
available. The time and money represented in transportation across tl.e
continent would ulso be saved, a lever
which would go a long way towards
enabling him to control these markets.
Several companies have been formed
und timber limits acquired, but matters bave not got beyond tbe incorpor-
ation stage so far.
In tl.e past, large portions of the
lorest area have beeu swept by Hies,
especially in the interior. Along tne
coast their ravages have not be so
extensive, owing to the heavier rainfall and the closer growth of the limber. However, no partol the province
is immune, particularly during the
summer mouths. Although in instances due to natural causes, these
fires are more often the result of carelessness. Sometimes it is the settler
in the clearing of bis land, or the
prospector and camper who neglect to
take proper precautions in the lighting of fires in the timber. Sparks
Irom passing locomotives, aud donkey
engines engaged in logging operations
aro also responsible for serious con-
Lately more stringent regulations
bave been adopted and fire warden
appointed in tbe settled districts, hut
although fully alive tu its duties thc
force is inadequate, and provision
should be made lor its establishment
on a basis which will permit of the
proper policing of tbe entire timber
With a seemingly inexhaustible
supply of limber to draw from, and a
population comparatively few in numbers, but little consideration has been
given to the all-important subject ol
forest conservation, nnd owing to the
very limited demand for our lumber
early logging operations were conducted ou a must extravagant scale. Tbe
upper grides of fir and cedar alone
were saleable, practically all spruce
and hemlock, which oltan represented
tho greater portion of the timber,
being passed over as worthless. The
l. lli.-g ol the trees was also conducted
iu a wasteful manner, cutting being
nde as high as l.'i anil 20 feet from
the butt.   Many ol theie claims have
ivf re ■
v..ii .ui
limber i
ll.ll     lius
I'llf'.i.lil-   ,
: years in...
v proven, i ut little
,1 to tin- subject in
America, However, tho rapid depletion ol the principal timber are..* 1.:..
resulted in their realiaing its true
value iis a means ol providing it supply
ol tin.l.er for luture geneiations; and
in the United States, particularly,
enormous tracts of huul huve been sel
aside lor the purpose of conducting
experiments along the line of tree
culture, with a view to .be establishment on a permanent basis.
For the carrying out of this work
ona large scale, no poition of the
continent is better adapted than our
province. Owing to its mountainous
nature there are huge tracts ot land
unlit for farming, which, however,
cannot be excelled lor tree-growing,
Our native woodB are very hardy, and
will thrive where other forms of vegetable growth could not exist, The
climate, too, is peculiarly suited f(r
the purpose, it lieing possible to successfully grow almost every form of
tree com mon to the temperate zones.
ltef.irestration is bound to play au
i...p...taut part in tlie future ot the
province. It oilers the only practical
solution of the problem preseiite.il in
rendering tiu.se vast areas, a large
portion of which is now covered with
timber, revenue producing, for after
been cut over they will again revert tu
thc crown, and no other alternative
remains but their gradual reforestation under the supervision ol the government—the same as is now (lone in
Norway and Uenuany, lor instance.
There ull the timber is state-owned,
the cui ting aud culture of the trees
being under its direct control. The
handsome profits derived trom this
source are the best evidence which
can be adJuced to suppo.t the system.
Fir and spruce are the woods most
suited for cultivation, these trees being
available for the manufacture of lumber after a growth of about fifty years,
and for pulp much earlier. With proper supervision, a yield of Irom 40,000
to 50,000 feet per acre is quite possible
in that time. Cedar could also be
grown io advantage.
Thc first step necessary for the carrying out ot any reforestration schome
would be the clearing off of all timber
lands already cut over, in order to
permit ol the new trees being planted.
Owing to the methods employed in
logging, most ol these areas are coveted wiih fallen timber of every description, and as the growth ol underbrush is very rapid, this is soon covered wilh a tangled mass, five and six
feet thick in places. These lauds
would have to be burnt over thoroughly before they would be fit to receive
tbe tree seeds which could then be
sowu iu the nsbes.
Although this course will not be
necessary for some years yet, it is only
a mutter of time when we must face
the possibility of a timber shortage,
unless some scheme, such as outlined
above, has heen adopted in tlie meantime. It is to be hoped, however,
tbat profiting by the mistakes ol
others our statesmen will huve been
far-seeing enough to provide fur such
a contingency, und not wait until the
forests are a thing of the past before
taking definite action. At the present rate of consumption, to say nothing of what will take place when the
industry reaches its zenith, the supply
will be exhausted belore the closo ol
the century. With the adoption of
proper reforestration   methods.
'u I  It   IJ,
„ p  ll I ..! colli!,! "I- .-.ii-Mf    it.'l   containing   OIU
1.  l'ninni...i(.|.
biinko! Littlo s
nuiii ii- in.....Ii,
s K ' orner I'
l.iin.'.f iii.ri), si. i
'ii i. i-.-i j-i ..ii..] .in riifli
uky elver, ........ 'AV van!
ii-,rk>-: "Uuller Btoinlu.ll'
',"   lll.-lll f   ..(-St   SI)    I il.ll.lf
...ins. tii.-iii-i.. hm wi chaini
iheitoP-i>.ii.. su chains lu i-nintui commence.
iiionLcoiitiiitilug sin ami* moreor less.
t innnnetii'ltig nt a ii..-. planted .... ll..1
rlghl I....I. ..I ll.o smm. lork ..I the Fuller
ri cr, i.Im.it '.j mil,. Iri'in (ho .....nil. .if the
I,:file- ,.f.i.v ulvor,marked"WaltorStolnnott'i
s...'.('-.mer I'nsi." iheuce ..'.rtli si. cliiitns,
thonce oust 80 chains, tin osouth s;1. cueins,
tbence wost so nhaliii tn ll.c in.ini of
intfnccn.fiii, ninl coirtalnluk*6.0 aoros inoreor
II. Commonolng at a post .limited on the
len bank nf tho snulli fnrk ol the iriuer river,
nboul lull, a mile nl.i.vi' ll.o in...111. nf 111.
l.lulc Smoky liver, markod "WalterBtolnhoif'i
.-* li. Uorner Hon. ihoneo mini, in ohains,
thenee wost Ili.. Cains, lbence soulh .lli.linliis,
ihenee east 160 ohains to ilm rn.li.t nl commencement, niul coutalnlug (lie ncres ...nre nr
-i. ci.tiiiiii-fiMjii,. iu „ post planted on the left
l.iiiikiil ll.e sinilb l-.rk of iho Kruser Itiver
i.l.miii IiiiiI n mile iilmv.. ll.e .......lb of lb.
Utiles ity rivor. marked "Walter fitelnholt'i
North-onatoornor post," thenee small in ohains,
thi-iii-i! iu'hi 160 chains, thonoo north 10 ebains,
thonco east um ohnlns, tn ibe pniui <>| oorn-
melieeiiieut, >tn.l onitiiiiiliu-ollj .teres liiorcur
-.. Uommonoing nt .. post pin......I .... th
right Imnk ... llie snulli Inrk ..I llie eraser
river, ah, ul ij miles iili.ivc ll.c ........I. „l .he
I,line Bmoky lllver, mnrked "Walter sio...
huff's N.W, .'..mer Posl " llieueo snulli liii
ehnins, thenco ens. Ill chains, llienco inif.li nm
ebains, .bene., .vcsl In chalna, lu the polul nl
commoncomont ind oontiiltiliig OIO ueres inure
or less.
ever, there is no reason why our forest
wealth could not be perpetuated (or
uil time. Timber is and mini continue to be a uecessiiy in tbe manufactured world, and while for somo
purposes a suitable substitute muy be
found, ils field of usefulness is hound
to increase.
(The End.)
KevoUtoke Laud District.
District of Wost Kooteuay.
Take notico that Elijah Mcllonii of Itevol*
stoke. B.C., (ici-ii]niin.n Miner, intend*-! to
apply for speoial tunhur licenses over the following doscribod lauds:
1, Commencing at a pusl planted two milos
eustof the Columbia river, nenr Uiu soulh-euni
corner of Timbur Limit .Mill, and markud 'K.
McBcan'H north-west coruer," thunce oast itin
chains, llienco soutli In clmins, theueu west Hin
chains, tlience nurth 40 chains to puint of commencement, uud containing '>I0 acrcH muro ur
Dated nth September, 1007.
'£, Commencing at u pust planted on the
norlh bank uf Dlgmuulh Crook nbout J mile
above lhe south furk. ami murked "K, Ale
Bean's buulh-wusl conier,' thencu uorlh ill
chaini*;. thence cast 100 clialus, theueu sou li In
chains, lhcnco west lliu iu pointof commence*
meut, and containing 010 acres moru ur luss.
Dated lltli September, liHfl.
X Commencing nl 11 post planted on the
south bank of Higmoutti Creek about 3| inilus
abovo the houUi lurk nud mtrked "K McBean's
north-east corner," thencu l1' chains suuth,
thence 100 ohaius west, thoncu 10 ohaius north,
thencu KiO cliains oa«t to point ol' commencement, and containing iilu acres moru 01- less.
1 CouimenciiiK at a post planted un the
south bank uf Higinoulh Crook about Kj miles
above thu suuth fork and marked "li. MdJcau's
north-west coiner," thence Pi chains ensi,
lhcuce it) chains nuitti, tlience-10 chains east,
Ihence &0 chains suulh, lhcuce 10 chuius west,
thOUOO In chains south, theme tu chuius west,
lhcuce 80 chains north to pointof cumiiieiiue-
nu-iii, and contaiuiug 01-' acres moru or less,
3. Commencing at a post planted uu the cast.
bunk ol liicintiiiili Urt-ck, nbuut ilvu miles
abuve Canyon Cruek, and marked "10. Mu-
Jtcuii'n norlh-west curuer," Ihencu lu chains
.-nut li, tlieuce -10 chains eiuti thencv lo chums
souih, thence bn obalun cut, Uience 4ll chaius
north, Ibenco l'1 cliains went, lhcuce In chains
north, theuce 80 chains west to puim. of com*
iucncciiiunl,aud coulaiuing olo acren mure or
Dated Uth Boptomber, iini;,
0. Commencing al u post plnntod iton yards
south of UiKUioiilli Croek and abovo thu north
fork and marked 'iv McBenu's north-wesl cor-
."thoncu BU chains, thouco 80 chains suuth,
thetice 80 chains west- thuncu 80 chains nuri li to
point uf commoncomont, and containing 010
acren mure orless,
Dated lOlh September, l'JOM
6 Commencing al a post planted on tin*
rii-lit I1..11I; ni ti..' -..iiiii fork of tlm Kruser
river, about i'.t miles above tne muuth ol th
Little Smoky itiver, marked "Walter Stelnhoff1
8. W. Corner I'ost" theuce east 80 obalui
thence north HO chain*'., tiience west HO ohalm
tbence aouth SOchaius to poim ol enmraoucc-
ment, cunlulnlnK 040 acres more or less.
Dated August 2nd, 1007,
7 Commencing ftt n pot plnnted on tho rlghl
bank of the Little Sin nny Hlver, aboul one
mile frum its moulh, murked "Walter Stein*
? I'i cornor post," lhcuce wesl 100 uhnins,
thenco north 40 chains, thonco cast 100 cliains,
thonco .-outh in chains to point of ctiininence
meut aud oontaining Oil) aoros, moro or less.
8 Commonolng at ft poat plantod on tlio left
liiink of the Little Smoky Kiver, ahoul one
null'above its mouth, marked 'Waltur .Steinholfs S W corner posl," thencu unst 100 chains,
thencu norlh lOchains, thonce wesh Iti'i clmins,
thunue south io chains to pointof commencement and containing Old acres, more or less,
0 Commonolng at ft nost planted on the right
bankof lhc Littlu Smoky Hi ver, ubuut one und
eiiodiftif miles above iis mouth marked "Waltei
BtolnhoJFa 8 K corner post," thunce west IliO
uliains, llieuce north 40 clmins, thence east lOti
clmins, iliuncu south lo chains to point of com
moncement and containing 1)10 acres, muru or
10 Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted ou the left
bank of the Little Smoky Hivor, about one and
one half mllobftbovo Its mouth, marked "Walter
BtolnholFsS W cornei- post," ihenco east Hln
uhaius, thence north P) cliains, thuncu wesl. ItiO
chains, thonee suulh In ehuins lo point uf cum
iiit'iiceuichl and conlaining 010 acres more 01
11 Coinmeneing at a post planted on thu left
bankof the Little Smoky Uiver, about two
milos from ils moutli, marked "Walter Stein-
lion's S W corner pust," tlienco cast tin chains,
thonco north 80 chains, thencu west 80 elinins,
thence south no chains to point of commencement and containing 010 acres, mure orless,
12 Comineucing al a post plum ed on thu left
bankof the Little Smoky Kiver, about two
miles from its mouth, marked "Walter Stein-
hoiFsS K corner post," thence west 80 clialns,
thencu north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thencesouth wchains lo point of commencement and cun 1 ami ng 010 acres, muru or luss.
13 Commencing ata post planted on the left.
bankof the Little Smoky Itiver, abuut three
miles frum its muuth, marked "Waiter Stein-
boll's S W corner post," thence cast 100 chains,
thence north 40 chains, theueu west 100 chains,
theuce south 40 chains to point of cummencement and coutaiuiug 040 acres, moru or luss.
14 Commencing ata posl planted uu the right
bank uf the Little Smoky Itiver, ubout three
miles from its mouth, marked "Walter Siein
hull's S K uorner posl," thencu west 100 chains,
thence nonh 10 chains, ihunce easl 100 chains,
tbence south loclinlns tu point of commence
meut and coutaiuiug 040 acrus, more ur loss,
15 Commencing at a post planted ou the left
bank of the Little Smuky Itiver, abuut three
and une-half miles from its mouth, markod
Waller Sieinholfs S W corner pust," thenco
cast 100 chuius, thuuee north 40 chains, thence
west 100 ehuins, thonco south in ohnins to puiut
of commencement and contaiuiug 640 ueres,
muru or less-
Datud August flth, 11107.
16. Commencing at a post planted on the
right bank of the llltle hmoky Kiver, about
:;',, miles 1:0m iis mouth, marked "Walter
biuinhoff's S, K. Ornt-r Post," thunce west lliu
chains, lhcuce uonh 4U chains, thence east Uiu
uliains, thencu souih 4u chains to lhe polut uf
uoinuiuucciucnt and containing 040 acres mure
or lees,
17 Commencing ala post plnuled on the right
bank of thu Liulu Smoky Kiver, ahout four
miles from Its moutb, mnrkeil "Walter Stein-
lu.ff's *>, hi Coruer 1'ost," thence wosl 80 ohains
tbeuce nurin m chains, \i ncm c east 00 chains,
theuco suutliao chaius to the poiul ol commencement ami uuui-iiiiing Oiii acres moreui
18 Commencing al a post plantcil mi thu lu.l
bank 01 luo Little Hmoky Uiver, al u.i .'i nil lei
ubove us moult,, mnrkeil "Waltui uiuUuff't
H.ii.Coruer foal," theme uurth .su chnui*-
tbeucc »e>l hu chains, Ihenee south ao chain.'-
thence east 80 chains io the poiut ol com
meucemeut and contaiuiug Olo acres moru or
19, Commeuelng at a post planted on tho
left bank ol lhu Utile hmoky Kiver, about j
miles Irom its mouth, nmrkcil "Walter .stein
huff's BW curuer post," theueu nurih 30 chains
theuoo east 801 bains, thuuee south so ehuins.
thunuu west 80 chaius to thu (mint of com-
uiuiiceuient hih4 containiug Ohl acres moreor
l0. Commencing nl a pust planted on the
lull bauk ol ihu l.uilu Mimky Kiver, ubuuu
miles Irom Us mouth, murked "Waltoi litciu-
hoi'fs.s.w. Corner Post," tneuce south so
chuius, ihunce east tu chains, tlience uurth su
chains, lhcuce wesi nil chains to the pointol
commencement nud containing (MOflorea more
or luss.
il Commeueiug at a post planted on the
left bank 01 int- Little smoky Kiver, abuut six
miles Irom its mouth, markeil " Walter Steinhoff's S W (Jurner Post," I luiicc uortb 8U chains,
ihunce cast 81) chains, thuncu south 80 chains
thuuee west 80 chains to point ol cmiiinoncc-
menl, ami containing 040 acres muroor luss,
Dated august alb, ioo?.
22, Commenoingat a post planted un thu right
bank of the Lillle Smoky river, abont7 miles from
its mouth, inarkod "Waller SteluliolFs N W
corner post," thenco south biichalm-.thencu cnsl SO
chains, Iliuncu north 80 chains, thencu went 8u
uliains to lliu puint of comuiuiiceiuunt and cun
taining UlO acrus, moru nr less,
28, Commencing at a post planled mi tliu right
hank unlit- Litllu Smuky river, abuut 7 miles from
its muuth, markuil " Walter btelnliolfa a w
curuer post." theuco imrth bu chums, tlience east
8U chains, tlienco smith Su chains, theueu west 8u
iii.tiih 1 uiiii-|i>. 1111 ot commencement ami containing 010 acres, moru ur lesa,
24. Ooinmenclngat a post planted on thu right
hank uf Ibe Lillle Smuky river, about H miles I	
n.i muuth, marked "Walter HtebilioIPa t\ w
curuer post/' thencu south 8') chains, thencu east
80 chains, ihencu north 80 chains, Iheuce wust su
chains fn the point uf L-niumenccuimit and containing 040 acres, moro or loss.
"ii. I'munii'in-ili'' itt ;i |n,ttl jihiiil...I .in l lm riglit
bunk nf the Little rsuiuky river, abuut 8 miles frum
its mouth, markud ' Waltur Stein hull's s W
corner pusl,'tbence imrlli 80 chains, thencu east
80 chains, theuce south 80 chains, tlmnce west m
clialns Lu lho pulnl of cuiumuiiccmeiit nnil containing 040 acres, muru or less.
Dated August Olh, 1907:
20. Comineucing at a post plantud mi the right
bank uf tlm Lit tic -Smoky river, ubuut ll miles from
its itmuih, marked " Walter steiiilinil's .\ n
ciiriierpu.st," ihence suuth ml chains, theueu east
80 chuius, tlience uurth 80 chains, thmieu west 811
chains to the point of commencement "nil con*
taining 04u ncres, moro ur luss,
i'i Commencing at a post planted un the right
hank <>( the Litile Smoky river, about 0 miles from
its mouth, markeil "Walter Sfcinhutl.-t SW
curuer post." t hence nurth 80 chains, Ihencu un il
80 chains, thence smith 80 '.'haius, theueu wust 80
chains tu thu point ol cuniniuiicumeiil uud cuntaining 04ii acres, moru ur less.
2-j. Commencing at a post planted un the rlghl
hiuikul the cu.it furk n( Lhe Little tuuoky river,
uhotil uiiu-eightb milu almve the furks, mnrkeil
"Waller Slemlioll' s N W enrner pust," theuce suuth
80 chains, thence east 80 cbaius, theueu uurlh 80
chains, ihencu west so chains tu ihu point of commencement and containing 040 acres, mure nr less.
•ii ('ouitoeimiiig at a pout planleil un the right
bankof the caul fork of thu Little Smoky river
about one-eight milu almve the forks, marked
"Walter SteliilioiTs S W cor. or post," thencu
nnrtli 80 chiius, thenco enst bo chains, thence
smith 80 chains, thencu wust 80 chains to the puinl
uf cniumuiicumuiiL and coulaiuing 010 acres, more
or lusi,
30. Commencing at a nost planted on tho right
hank of lhu uasl furk nf Um Lilllu Smuky river,
about uuu and one>elgbtli miles frum thu forks,'
markod "Walter Steinholfs N w corner post,'
nre nr le*
mm n- nn hi a pnsl p] mti .1 nn thu rlghl
■ ami nue t-ij-ht m,I. ■ Irum iu fui .-
Wilier SttiuhurTs .1 W curnot pu**i,"
mlh hi chains, llieiicu uiul») rhalns,
0 chaina, thouce weal su cli ttim tu
 meiicemenl ami containing oio
thence 11
tliopoliM of
acres, more or less.
3*J. Commencing at a post planted oil tbe right
imnk of the oust fork of the Littln bmoky rlter
about St miles from its forks, marked "Walter
Ejtolnliotrs N W cumer pnsl," ilmiico south lo
clmins, ihence caul Uiu chains, tlience nurih 4U
chains, thenco west ittu chains tu the point of
commencement anil cuntaining tilu iieres, more ur
;i:i. Commenolng at a pnst planted un the right
hank of tbo east fork of the Little Uraok:
nbnut 2 miles frmn ils furks, mnrkeil "Walter
Stein hull's S   W   corner pusl," llienee nnrlh V)
chains, theuoe oast ioo chains, thence south 4u
chains, thenee west 100 chains lo the puint of
commencement ami containing oto acres, more
or less.
Dated August huh, 1007.
:i|. Commencing at a post ptanteil on the right
hunk of the east fork of the Little Bmoky river
nbout 4U[ miles from its forks, marked 'Walter
■Sieliihoir-jN W corner post," thence south
cb tins, tbence east 40 cbaius, thence imrth IliO
flu ins, tbeuce wost lOchains tn the point uf ci
m ement and containing Olu ueres, mme ur b
:i,i. Commencing Pt a post planted on the right
bank of the east lurk of the  Lillle   Bmu y  river
about4W miles fr iis furks, marked   ■Walt.
■st.'iuhuil-. s W corner pnst," thuuee nurth to
chaius, thence east Ml chains, thencu SOUtbOO
chains, thenee west 80 chains to the po ntof e, m-
luoucemont ami coutalnlug (U0 acres, inure or leas.
' 80, Commencing at a post planted mi the right
bank of the oast fork ol the Little bmoky river
abuut -i'i mites above Its forks, mnrkeil "Walter
Mcnilinll s ,N IC  curuer pnst,"  tlienci*  suulh   100
chains, theuce west 40 clialns. theuce north 101
Chains, tlieuce cast 40 chains tu the puinl of emu-
meneement ami oontaining olo acres, mure or less,
x Commencing at a pust plautod on the right
bnnk of tlio east fork of the Litile Smuky river
about .v, tulles from lie forks, marked "Walter
LStuinhuiTs S  W eurner pust" thunce north 80
chains, tlienco cast 80 chaina,   thei  smitli  W
clialns, ihence wesl SO chains lo the poinl of cum-
moticoineut ami containing U40 acres, mure or leas.
3s. Commoneliig at a pust planted un the right
bank of the east furk of the Litile Smoky river
about Sty miles from Its forks, marked "Waiter
EjtuiullulTs N W comer post,''tlienee east bu
chains, tiienco south cu chains, thenee west 8>.
eh Uus, thence uortli mi chains tu Un- point of com
meneement ami cuntaining ij-iu acies, mure or leas,
Dated AugURt Uth, 10u7,
SO. Commencing at . posi planted on the right
bunk of tlio ensl furk of the Lillle Bmoky rivei
about OH miles from Its furks, markud "Waltei
yteltlliotrs S W coruer imst," Llienee north 80
chains, thencu east 8(1 cbaius, Llieiicu mnith fcU
chains, thence west 80 chains lu the point of ctm<
iiieiiccaiuii! and containing om acros, inure or less
40. Commencing at a pust planted un the right
h ink of the east tork of lhu Littlu Smoky rlrer
ubuut Si miles frnm its forks, markeil 'Walter
Steiuholl's N W corner post," thencu east 60
chnius, iliuncu suulh ,-u chains, theuce west bU
elm ins 1 hence nnrth su chaiua lo the point of emu-
uiencumont uml coutaiuiug uio acres more or less,
Dated August Js'lli. imc
41. Commencingat a post planted on the right
bank of the oust fork of the Little Smoky river
11hu.it 7j.a miles from its furks, marked "Walter
■SLi-imimt s N W comer pust," ihencu uast su
chains, theuce south su cliains, theuce west 8U
ch tins, tiience north so chains to the point of commoncement and cuntaining Olu acres, more or lesa.
a. Cummeuciug at a post planted on the right
hank of thu east lork of the Little Smuky
about 7 l-'i miles from its fnrk.-., marked '-Waller
Steinliutl's s W corner post," theuce imrtli to)
chains, tlience eust 8u chains, theueu souih ou
chains, thence wust 80 chains to ihe point uf commencement ami cuntaining nm acres, more or less,
Dated August Uth, 11107,
43, Oommonolng al a posi planted ou the
rluht bank ol the euat furk ui the Little
Bmoky itiver. about % miles from its forks,
markud -Walter Stuiuuoff'a .> W (Junior Post,"
tneuce caat 80 chaiua, thence south HU chains,
thuuee west SO chaina, thence nurth flu onains,
tc the polul uf commeucemeut and containing
04u acres more or leas,
44, Commencing at a post planlcd on the
right bank of tliu eaat fork 01 the Little Smoky
Kiver, about 814 miles above Its lorka, marked
" Waltur Steinhoff's a W Corner Post," theueu
uorlh 80 cbaius, thuuee eaat 80 chains, theuce
suulh 80 chains, thouce wost 80 ebalus to the
point of commencement and coutaiuiug 04u
acres more or loss.
Dateil Augusl l.Hh, 11W7,
45, Commencingat a post planted ou the
right bank of thc easl lork ol lhu Little Smoky
Kiver, about y)^ miles above ita forka, marked
" Waller Stuiulioff'a N W Corner Poat," tbenco
east 80 chaius, thuuee south 8u cbaina, tbence
wust mi chains, liu-iice north SOchaius lo the
pulut of commeucemeut, and containing mo
acros more or less,
40. Commencing ai a post planted on tbe
right bank uf tbe east fork of tbo Llltle Smoky
iiver, about nine aud a half miles irom its
furks, marked "Walter Steinbuff'a dW coruer
Puat," tneuce uortb so chaiua, theuce east to
chains, iheuce suulh SO cbaina, tbeuce west bu
chuius lo thc point ol rjooiuienceiueul aud
containing (An acres mure or leaa.
Uated August 10th, 1V07.
47. Commeuctugsta poat planted on the
right bnnk ol theunstfork uf tno Little Smoky
Kiver, about len aud a half miles irom Its
lorks, uiarkcd"WulterStelnUuff'a NW corner
Putt,' Llieuce east su chaina, theuce Bouth So
elinins, tbeuce west so chains, thunce uortuso
.liuiua lu ihu poiut ol commuuecmoul aud
containing Om acrus more or leaa,
H Commouciug at a puat planted ou the
right bank of the east forkof tne Littlu Smoky
iiner, about luu ami a hall miles above Its
i.irki-, marked "Waltur Stuiuhoff's BW Corner
Post," tliouce uonh 80 chains, thencu easl ev
uUuius, thunuu aoutb so chaius, tbence west 80
ehalus, to the puint ot commeucemeut and
coutaiuiug 640 acres i«ore or less.
19, Coniiuencing nt a post planted on the
right bank tti tbe eaat lork oi thu Little Bmoky
Kiver about eleven and a nail miles from its
lurks, mnrked 'Walter Slotnhuff's BW Corner
Post," tliouce uorlh 80 cbaius, theuce eat-t tu
chaina tnence souin 80 chains, theueu west su
eiiu.u* to lhe point of commencement and cou-
taluiug •4uaortw moro or less.
DaiuU august I7iii, 1.07.
60. biumonclugat n post planted on thc
right bank ol lite uiul lurk of uie Little Smoky
uiver, about eleven and a half miles irom its
*. -ka, marked "«i alter Siciubuff'a N w corner
i'. ," tbence cast su chains, thenee south 80
ob'-ii'*- tbonco west80 ohaius, theuce unrtueu
obaina i-i llio point of eumincnceuicutauii con-
tniim.,." 1' teres mure or less.
51 Comment lug at a post planted on the
right bauk oi mu east lork ot ue Little 8mokj
Uiver about ueive miles aud a half (rum Its
forks, marked" naiur stelnboff'a N W corner
rust," iliuncu cast su chnius, tliouce aoutb 80
ebains, lhcuce westsu cuanis, theuce uurth to
uhaius to poinlul commencement nn-1 containing Olu acres moreor leas.
62, Commonolng at a post planted 011 thc
right, bunk of thu cast furk of ihe Little Smoky
Kivor.about twclveuiida half miles from its
lorks, marked "Walter Steiuholl's a W Coruer
Post," thuncu north so chains, thonco east 80
ehuins, thouco south W chains, tlience westsu
chains tu the point of commencement, containing 010 ncres mure or less,
Duted Augusl lUlli, 1007,
63 Commonolug jit a post planted on the
rlghl bank uf the east furk of tbe Little Smoky
Itivur, about thirteen and u half miles from
lhe lorks. "markud Walter Sleinhuirs N W
Coruor Fast," thenco cast flu chains, tbence
Miiitliaochulns, thonce wesi 80 chains, thonce
nurth 8i) ehuins to lhu point uf commencement
and turning iilu acres muru or less.
61, Commonolng at r put planted un thc
right bank of (ho eust fork of the Little
Smoky Itiver, aboul thirteen and one Imlf
miles from its furks, marked "Walter
Sleinhuirs S W Corner Post," thenco norlh gu
ehuins, tbenee ea-t 80 chains, thence SOUID BO
ohalna. Uionoo woit SO chums 10 ihu point ui
roiiiineiicuiiienUiKl containing tiio acres, moro
ur less,
Dnled August 20th, p.ii;.
56, Commencing at a post planted on the right
Innk ni ihr i' i-t 1 ml-, nl the Little ismuky river
ahnnt 111 a miles fmm the furks iu irked "Walter
-1.'inii..11 s N w corner poet," thuncu cast bo
haius, thenee suulh stl cbaius,  thence   west tol
hains, thence nurth so chuiun tu the pulut of commencement and containing HO acres, more ur leaa.
mi. Commencing nt i post planted on the right
bank of tho east fork of the Liulr Smoky river
abuut ii'a miles from the forks, marked -Walter
"telnhuiriS w oorner pnst," tbenoa north %
Mins, tbenco eul so chains, thenee Hnuth so
mills, thenee ffOBt bO chains lo the putnt of vntn>
imminent and itaininn Blu acres, tin.ru 01 lesa,
Dat-'il August ill, 1007.
57 Commencing ul u post planted on tho
right bank of the north fork of the Litile
Smoky Itiver, about one mile from the lurks
narked "Waller Stuliihoirs SK corner pot,"
hence uorth lliu chains, ihenee wesl lo ebains,
llionoo nouth IfW idiains, thenco eut lo chains
to pniui of commencement uud containing 040
acres, more or less.
.58 Comincncing at a post planted on thu
right bank of the nortli furk of the Little
Smoky lliver, about one milu from the furks.
marked "Walter Bleinboil's s W corner post,'
thence north ltiu chains, lhcnco eust 4o chains,
thence south Uiu chains, lhcnco wust in chain*
lu puiui of com mencenient and containing 6Pj
acres, more or less.
Dated August 23th, lia:
r,ii Commencing al a post planted on the left
bank of tho north fork of Lhe Littlo 8moky
Hlver, about three unlus from the forks, mnrked
Walter Steinholfs HW corner post,"theuce
norlh 80 ehuins, lbence east 80 chains, thence
nulh 80chains, lbence we-t." chains topoint
of commenoement and containing 6lu acres,
more or loss,
60 Commencing ot a post plantod on thc left
bank of tho north fork uf Uiu Littlu Smoky
ojsi IOO oti ill - ' 1. nor I * ■ - 0.1,-, ftienre
west HiichuliM, lhonor -out ii i'l ch iiu- iu point
of com mem cn t-nl -.i. uiulng ^ 4' i~-
more ir log
01   C mim :      .- ■ - ,:, lift] un the left
b nk of the uui fmk ^: Lb« Lil le Smuky
Ither, about four mile*irom ibo forks, marked
"ftllei SU InbulTs N W to.ner post," Uiviku
oust 180 chains, thenoo south lu chains, tbenoe
west 160ohains, tbenoe north 40 cliains topoint
of commeucemeut ami containing 6i(J acre*,
mure or leaa,
Dated August81th, 1907,
by Aux. Latimkk,
Mt *e»il AgonL
Revolstoke Lhi.j District.
Distriot ol W«t Kooleuay.
Tfiki' null e Unit Andrew Kitson, ot
Ut.velt.tOM.>, li. V., miner, Intends to
upply for 11 spwiiii timber license over
tlu- fi.ll...vii.j{ described laiuls:
1. Oommeuclng nt u nost plunted
one qua.te. mile above tlie noith fork
nf Flat Creek', on the nonh bank, and
marked "Andrew Kitson's B. E. Cornei'." tbence ninth 40 chains, thenee
well lift clmins. tbencssoutb 40 chaina,
tbence eusl 100 tliuins to point ..(
...i..n.enifn.ent, und containing OW
ucei inm..... less.
Dated August 20tb, 1007.
2. Commencing ut a post plunted
nils quarter mils above the nortb fork
ul Plat Oreek on the n nm l«Nk uml
marked "Audrew Kilson's 8, W, Cornei'," Ibeuce north M ehuins; thenee
eait SO chains; Llienee smith W chaiua,
thence weit ao cbalm, to point of
commencement and containing Wo
acres more or less.
Dated August 20tb, 1907.
3. Oommenclng at a post planted
abuut one mile and Ihree-qiiui'tci-i
beluw iht- noith fork of Flat Creek, on
lh.' north bank, und .narked "Andrew
Kilson's S.W. Cornei'," ihence north
80 chalnit Ihence easi 40 chains, thenes
.outh 40chains, thenceeast40 chains,
tlience snulli SOchains, thence West 40
cbaius. tlience iiiiiiIi lOcbfiins, llieuce
.vest 40 chains to puint of :ouimeuce-
....'iii and containing 640 acres mors or
Dated August 3)tb, 1907.
      Anbbkw Kitbo<,
In the matter of an application for the
issue of a duplicate of the certilicats
of title for Lot 12, Block 18, in the
town of Kevelstoke.
NOTICE is hereby given that it il
my intention to issue at the expiration
of one month from the lirst publication
hereof, a duplicate of the certificate of
title tor the above lot in the name of
Soien Ballegaard, which certificate ia
dated the 14th day of January 1901,
und numbered 4o:iok. and 4u;ilk.
Und Reglatry Office, Nelson, 13, 6.,
Oth Beptumber, 1907.
fl, V, MacLeod,
District Registrar,
iterulitoke LfuiJ District.
Di.,tricl ol West Kooleimj.
Take notice that K. A. Bradl.,, „i K,,«i,u,k,,
B. (,., occupation Miner, intends to apply lor
K '      K*"'" ",* ,oU<"™l de-icr llmi
tleo Li.luinl.ii.ri.eran.lon. ui a hall mlia.
mat ol Columbia mm and two and ona ball mllea
nortli, ol Bl| Uouth Creek, and niarked "B.T
I r,i.llej,.\. w. corner poat," runnina aouth SO
Cain., tlieuce eaat H cbaina, tb,nc, north N
ssftJsT1 W"t * ^ »W«o!coi.
i. Coiuiuencing at t poat planted on th, eut
aide o( Columbia mer aud east ol Columbia riror
om and a hall mile, and two and • hall ml™
north ol m. Mouth Cr.ek, ,r5 .irted '•«. 2
K.*.!.?' W* m!°'l p?"'" """""I "olh n
cams, tnence east ftl chaina, tb«nc« .outli M
chauu, thenco wea. SJ chalna to poln. ol coev
meneement. ^
Uatwl un. nth day ol Auguat, am.
„,i;„I"i°TTin8M*l'0J'"l",nl«1 on "» ««l
one and a hali mUea and one mil, ,outh ol Hub.
Mile Creek, and marked "K. a. Bradley'. .N.K.
corner post,'; ruunia, aoulh so chain., ihence
.est bo chains, th.nce north eil chain., lbence
eaal so cliains lo pomt oi commencement
t, Commeueiug al a post planted on-'the eut
side ol Columbia m«r and easl oi Columbia riiel
one and a ball mile, and one mile iouth oi Eiibl
.Mile creek, and marked "K. A. Bradlej'a S K.
corner poat, running north ao chaini Ihence well
so chaiua tlience .out.. So cbana, thenc. easl to
.■bains u. point oi commencement.
5-  Comiiifiici.ig at a p,.st planted on tha oul
side ol Columbia mer and eut of Columbia riier
....e find a hall miles anil one in.le iouth ol Kight
Aide Cnek, sod marsed "E. A  Bradler'i >'. V.
......cr p..st, running soulh«| chains, tbence eait
so chalna, tbeuce north so chains, thence we.l 10
chains to point ui commencement
I Coiuiuencing at a post planted on the eaal
.tile.,. Columbia mer and one au.l a hall milea
eaal ol Co um.ua me, and ..ne mile aoutl. ol Kight
Mile I reek, an.l marked - E. A. Bradley'i S. W
corner post, running north 80 chaini, thence ca.t
f*.. cliains, ihence aoutl. so chains tbence we.t M
chaina to point of commeucemeut.
IJateii this -jrtli da, ol Auguil, l'flir;
i. Commencing at a p,„t planted on the weal
sideol Co umo.an.er am weet ol tbe Columbia
mer one hundred chalna and three milea soulh „!
.Malone) Creek, and marked ■ E. A. Bradley, NE.
comer post,'' running aoutb w chaini. iheuce west
so chaiua, lbence north so chain,, thence eut W
chains bo point oi commencement
Ualetl thi, iath iluy ol Auguat, loo;
8. Coiuiuencing al a poal plaated on tbe well
jideiif Columbia rncr aud one aud a ball mile,
west oiColu.iib.il river and one mile north ol
Home Creek, und marked •' K. A. Bradley'i 8, E
comer port," running north 80 chains, thence wul
«.il..iii.»,ihc.iife soothe,, chaini, lbence eul N
Chilni [o po.ul ol commencement.
». Commencing al a post planted on the wail
...le of Columbia met ami two and a hali mllea
>..*t..! ( ulunibu rim and one hall mile north ol
li.irne . reek, and marked "K. A. Bradley*. S i.
■ ..rn.r post." running north be cbaiua, tbence weal
80 cli,,...,. Ihence aoutl. lo cbaim, tbence eu. N
iliains lo point..( commencement
Hated thii aali day ui Auguat 1(0;.
io. Commencing at a po« planted on the north
ilde ul Uorne Creek and oue mile Irom in mouth,
and marked "E. A. Bradleji 8, K. coruer post,"
running north 8u chaini, lhcnco well 10 chaina,
thence south so chaina, tbence .aa. lo chalna i.
point ol commencement, tjaj
II, Commencing at a poll planted on thlnorth
-ilde ol Home Creek and one mile Iron iu mouth
and marked "K. A. Bradlej'a X. t. corner poat,
running aouth lOchains, Ihear. weal 10 chain,
lbence nortb 80 chaini, tbeuce eut 80 chain, t.
point of commencement.
II I .iiomi.|.c...g at a poat planted on th. north
sldeol Home Crejk and two milea from lla mouth,
and marked "K. A, BraiUei'a s. E. corner poet,"
running »,-at lu chaini, lbence nortb 10 cbaina,
thenre weat In chaini, tin.,,-, n„rth 10 chaini
tlnnce eut 8.. chalna, ihonce iouth M chaini,
IhenOI eaat Su chains, Ihence .outh 10 chain.
to point I'f cuuimenremenl,
Haled It... lull. daj...( Auguat, .107.
IS. ..'omiiienciiia at a poa. nlanted on lh*
wes. -id.- of i olu.i.blii rivor and one milt weal
ol I uliilnb.n river and ono miloaouth ul Horn*
Creek, ami ...ark*i " ki A. Hradlej'l N. 1.
crncr posl.' ru.ii.ina "outh W chain,, thenc*
wel Hi chains, llionce north 80 chalna, tbenoe
cast 80 chains to point of .:o....ne.ic»...ont
IiimiI tl... ain day oi August, ISO;,
aatspt ?   KUWAI.lJ Arul'HT BRADLKY.
 Robert Ajtis Biaa^-e,^ ag...
ltc\i-L-..ik.- Und District.
Districl ol Host Koolenar.
Take nolice thai Kobert K. Goodman, of Marinette, U .... 1'..1A., occupation luuibcnnau, in-
n'mls to apply lor spocial timber Iloencea over
the [f.llowu.u doschbcil landa:—
.. Commencing at a pint plaited on th*
cut branch oi llaly Creek, about Ihree-iourU
m.lei Irom iorki, and o iniiei Irom inoolh ol
llaly Creek, marked "Hubert I,Uoodmu'a
iouth-weat coruer poal," thenee 10 cha.ru
nonh, thonce so ohalm eut, iheuce 80 chalna
south, tbence M ehalm west to place ot com-
Haled 6th Sep.. 1107,
I. Commencing a. a poll planted JW milu
up Canyon creek, marked 'Kober. f. flood.
man's aonth-weet coruer pes.!," thenct IM
chaini eut, lbence lo ehalm norlh. ilienre 1*0
chaini wen, thence iu ohalm aou.h to place ol
iMlflfl.C... CfUt'tli,
Hatod nth Sep.. 1».T.
auBEllT T. UOOfiMAN,
■I. oct 6 Charles Copp, aim I.
I, Alexander Merrsll, ol Salmon
Arm, declare that my wife hn lelt my
bed and board of her own Ires will snd
without cause and lhat I will not bs
responsible Ior any debts thst lbs or
my children may incur from thii date.
Oot. 2nd 1907.
Auuxou MiMtui, Dress Goods Savings
Ladies' and Children's Coats
Only n few left ..f these New ('....ts.   Regular $15, and $10, now $10, nnd;$7.00.
Children's Coats from $2.60 to $8.00 each.
Attractive Values in Underwear
Underwear selliii   fioiu Hoc. a garment lu $2.1X1 eaoh,
Furs!   Furs!
High Grade Flu
at low prices
Sateen Underskirts
Foi Woi  nt 75 Cents Eaoh.   Just tbe Skirt (or Kail wear.
Dainty Bargains   in Hnrderclilefs,
Comforters and Blankets
New (lunils IuiiikIiI direct from Fuel..lies,
We can sine yoll money on these
Millinery Veilings and Ribbons
Ki.o.ls arriving dully by express.
-We keep our stock new nnd Bright by New
Reid & Young
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I     M IIY ?
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ty scripliun will, us
ty We use tl..' Purest of Drugs
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a.  Every Prescription is chucked
ty li--f.il" it poes out
ty Our prices tre reasonable und
tw>- will deliver your prescription if you wish it.
ty Canada Drug & Book Co. %
i'ti itt iti it'i tti i*ti iTi iTi iti iti itt iti itt
111 TJ*th ii' iJ,i ii' i^i '^.i i^i i^i tti ui in
Wednesday, Oct. 10, (or 24 hours-
Fair generally, cloudy, heavy night
logs.   Temp., max,, 07; min., 36.
Local and General.
Utlier I'euples Money at the Opera
House on Thursday night.
A. MoRae and E. A. Bradley have
just had completed a smart little office
on First St., adjoining the post office.
R.H.Trueman will personally attend
the local studio over the Canada Drug
A Book itore, on McKenzie avenue
this week, commencing trom today.
Don't forget the neit dance ol the
Halcyon Club is on Friday night,
Oct 26th, and every lecond Friday
thereafter, in place ot every Friday as
J. C. Hutohiion has all but completed tl.e grading ol McKenzie Av.
and Second St.. st the City Hall comer, tlie face of the road being much
George McCormick, manager ot the
Canadian Pacific Lumber Co. at Port
Moody, and late ol the Kamloops
Lumber Co., died on Monday night at
Vancouver from appendicitis.
Deputy Minister ot Public Works
Ciobeil will retire from service shortly,
He wiil practice law at Montreal.
Gobeil hos been considering his retire-
men; (or some time past.
Hon. F. Mi. Aylmer, Dominion
works engineer, has elated that the
government dredge here will be refitted
and put into active service agaiu.
Instead ol the shovel principle an
"orange peel" dipper will be installed
which Mr. Aylmer says will do double
the amount ol work in lees time
The annual Scottish concert, under
the auspices of the Willing Workers
of st Andrew's church, will be held
this year in the Opera House on Friday. November 29th, St. Andrew's
Eve, owing lu St. Andrew'! Day, the
30th, falling on Saturday. A good
programme is in order of arrangement
The Swastika Dancing Club held
their initial dance laet night at the
Selkirk Hall, the attendance lieing
large. This club has been organized
by the young iadies ol Revelstoke and
bids lair to become a most popular
institution. Last night was most
successful The hall hud lieen tastefully decorated for the occasion, music
l*ing provided by Meiers. Darbyshire
and Veitb. The quaint name Bwilti-
ka is an old Indian emblem and now
in modern favor as,. dainty charm or
ornament.   Dances will I* held regu-
Full Weight
and fresh from the oven, our bread
is served to our patrons daily. We
claim to bake the best bread from
tbe best flour, and made by thc
best process, which gives us much
nutriment to the loaf as the best
homo made bread.
Our Cakes arc rich and our
Pastry delicate and delicious.
Hobson Sr Bell
' DON'T GET    '
Come and order Pome
best Conl ever brought
into Revelstoke.
Don't forget the plnce.
Order from
Kincaid and Anderson
Frank McCarty
larly during the winter besides other
Bocial events.
Don't miss the illustrations to tbs
Holy City at the Opera Home neit
Thuriday night, they are great.
The balance sheet for the vear end
ing July 31,1907, nf the Revelitoke
Hospital Society will be published on
The Knox Churcli Ladies' Auxiliary
are making active preparations lor the
annual Thanksgiving supper on
Thursday, Oct. 31.
Dr. J. C. Morrison, ot Revelstoke,
has an excellent article this month in
the October Rod and Gun magazine
entitled "A Trip into Goat Land
The Ladies' Guild ot St, Peter's
church will give an afternoon tea on
Tuesday, Oct. 22, at the residence of
Mrs. Tomlinson, Second St. west.
The body of J. Simpson, u C.P.R.
blacksmith who died here last weak
(rom injuries sustained from being
struck by a traiu near Salmon Arm,
was removed to that town (or interment.
Thc e.s. Revelstoke made her last
trip yesterdny up the Columbia to
Downie Creek (or the season. It is
probable that she will be engaged on
the Dominion government dam work
here lor some time tbis winter.
A social evening was held last night
at the residence ot Mr, and Mrs. R.
Howsou, when a number o( young
people met (or both business anil
pleasure. The officer! of the B.V.P.U
were elected and are as follows. J. D.
Gale, president; Mr. Perry, vice-president; Mr. Hardwick, eec.-treai,
Au alarm was turned in (rom box
No. 8 to No. 2 Fire Hall lut nighl nt
11:30 o'clock, to which the brigade
smartly responded. On getting the
apparatus, out the alarm box, hallway up McKenzie Avenue, waa .[nick-
ly reached   but  nn ligns ol   lire were
A special guard will be placed about
the Opera House neit Thursday night
to protect Other Feoplei Money.
The Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic
Club has had repeated request! from
many quarters for the re-p-oductioo
of "Jane," which wai played so iuc-
cesslully last Friday, a large number
of people expressing their thorough
appreciation of thc work done by the
club. It is undecided as to whether
the play will be again put on the
boards or not.
The winter time table went into
lorce last Sunday with tbe usual train
eacli way daily. No. ill! from lhe west
now arrivea here at 8.16 k and No. 97
Irom the east pulls in .it 19.26 k. The
somh train (or the Arrow Lakes leaves
Revelstoke at 8 35 k On Tnpsday,
Thund.iv, Saturday and Sunday the
train leaves Arrowhead fur Revelstoke
at 13.20 k. arriving 1-1.45 k, and on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she
leaves the lake town at 16,46 k, arriving here at 17.10 k. A through sleeper ti Arrowhead is now available and
passengers from the south can leave
Arrowhead and travel .lired to tbe
coast without changing care.
General Annual Meeting—Election of Directors.
The neiicra! annual meeting ol the
Revelsloke hospitul bo.ir.1 waB bold
last night, und in the absence ol the
ollicers B. R, Atkins tuok the ch.iir
Tl.u minutes ot the last gciieial annual meeting were lead and adopted,
Tl.e secretary then read bis report lor
ll.e year which showed lhat the total
receipts lor Rovelstoke and Arrowhead
were $24,891130,' and expenditure
$24,007,14, making a balance ol
$889,111, whioh with tl.o amounts due,
must of which have been paid, makei
nearly $6000 to tbe good. The returns
this year showed considerable increaie
ai compared with last, with a uib-
stantial balance in hand, Moved R,
Gordon, seconded P. Hooley, that Ihe
report be adopted.   Carried.
The medical officer's report was then
read and sbo.,ed that 345 patients had
been treated at Revelstoke and 144 at
Arrowhead, besides surgical and maternity casei, and showed that coniid-
erable advance had been made during
the paat year.   Moved Russell,secund-
d Sneddon, that tho report be adopted.   Carried.
The next order ol  business was the
lection of  six  directors for the year
who were  non-contract  holders,    lt.
Guidon  nominated  tbo retiring live
namely, J. P. McLennan, F. B. Lewis,
A. E. Kincaid, B. It Atkins, H. Floyd,
and also A. Mcltae.   Sneddon nominated   E. M. Cook, and  Jones iii.inm-
ted   VV.   W. Leleaui.    Gordon and
Sneddon v ere app inted scrutineers,
and un a ballot  being taken tbey announced   that    Messrs     McLennan,
Floyd, Atkins, Kinc.iid, Cook and Lefeaux bud received the most votes and
declare I ill. ill elected.   R. Gordon, as
Government Agent, is a memlicr ex-
officio.   Nominations were then mode
for three diiecio.s who did or did not
hold contracts. Gale was nominated by
Jnckion,   Kethiins by  Floyd, Russel
by Thompson and P Hooley by Russel.
The  nomination! were ihen doled.
II. R. Atkins suid  that  he did  nol
wish   io  prejudice   the    vole,    but
uiu    ul    the   three    elected    he
thought should be irom Arrowhead to
make up three cunt.act members from
that town, the Lamb-Watson and Big
Bend  Lumber Companies being tbe
other two.   He reminded the meeting
ol this and asked them to take it into
consideration  when  ballotting.    H,
Floyd said that Mr. Baker, manager
of the bank at Arrowhead had been
elected last year lor lhat purpose, and
he (Floyd) bad accordingly nominated
Mr.  Bethune who was tbe manager
now.    The ballot was taken and tbe
same scrutineers declared that Meisri.
Bethune, P. Hooley snd Russell had
moit votei and declared tbem elected.
The chiel  business ol  the meeting
being over a hearty vote ot thanki wai
tendered to the  retiring board, the
medical  and  nursing   staffi.    The
chairman in declaring the motion
carried, laid that the report which
bad been re,.d was sn eloquent testl
mony of the work of the paat year and
it was the duty ol the new directorate
to follow in the steps of their predecessors and continue in the good work
which had been ao beneficial both to
Revelstoke   and    Arrowhead.    The
meeting then terminated.   The directors will meet on Friday next.
Now the conl nights are here and wt. will soon h've cold
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Fancy.Mixtures, that will be found liithl, wain, and durable.
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street wear, ill lined and iinlineit, in Calf, Hog, Dink andHn.se
hide, fnr work, and Fine Kid,
Dog and Mocha for Diess-nnd
Woolen Mitts and Gloves that
will keep nut the coldest weather.
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and we can cater to ynur wants
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Business Locals
Nothing bsttsr than our "Insolal.
Mattresses, pillows and bed comforters at C. B. Hums A Co.
II you want value Ior your money
try Thc Ideal.
Carpets, linoleum snd Moor oil cloth
at C. B. Hume A Co.'s.
Social and Personal
E. W. B. Paget is visiting in Nelson.
Mrs. T. Ludgate ol Arrowhead, ia in
town this week.
Mr. and Mra. G. S. McCarter have
returned from a viait to the coast.
Swan Carlson, R. Howion and Joe
Howson. lelt this morning for a trip
through the Windermere country.
E, I., Kinman, of Vancouver, ia in
the city to-day. He haa purchased a
home in Vancouver ami removed his
faintly there.
lt. Smith, P.L.8., went up the river
nn Monday's boat to make surveys of
At Hews' Drug Store you
will find many nre und expensive Perf..uies, also a carefully
assorted collection of Perfumes
which are good und not expensive. Perfumes of a delicate
but luel int; fragrance such as
will please the most particular,
.llible, nor  even   the individual whn I the right-of-way and terminal,, lor
rang in the alarm. "'"'*''" '   '■'•'   ",:    ■''' '*"
At a meeting of the Mountain Lumbermen last week, when W. A, Galliher
and Duncan Roai were in town, it waa
agreed, that, in certain localities ol
tl.e Dominion timber belt, us loon ai
the timber berths were logged over,
these sections would Ise relieved of the
licences, holding them and lu. available
(or settlement.
We have received the initial copy ol
the "Salmon Arm Observer," by VV.
and H. Fraser. proprietors, Thnt
prosperous district will now hnve every
opportunity ol still further ndvi.rtia
ing ilself and sliould give every support lo the journalist! who have made
their home there. A local paper can
do much lor a community uiul we wish
the Observer every luccoia in its new
field ol usefulness.
Accoiding to tho Transcontinental
Railway Commission there should be
no problem ol caring for tho unemployed during the winter months, because contractors on various sections
ol the new railway now under construction inlend to carry on wnrk
during the whole ol tho cold monthi,
and instead uf laying oil men thii
lall, they arc still anxious to add to
the guod sized army uf navies now
at work,
VV, Irvine, paat Grand Chancellor ol
B. C, Knights ol Pytbiaa, and Mrs.
Irvine, passed through Inst night en
route lor Portland, lire.
Mr. and Mrs. Adair leave nn Monday next for England where Mr, Adair
will bo connected wiih the immigration work carried ..n liy the Salvation
Army into Canada.
Competition is very keen just now
over tai«.several organization! rustling
hard for votes. This week or rather
Irom Saturday last till today will give
an instance of tho money that circulates iu Revelstoke as one coupon
represents 10 cents. Fire Hall No. 2
now heads the list with a big majority,
the boya being determined to win.
Returns will be published twice a
week, Wed neaday and Saturday. The
lollowing ia tl.e latest up till noon
Fire Hall No. 2  47503
V. M.C. A 31)063
Knox Church  19839
Methodilt Church    2915
Public School    2548
St. Peter's Church    1269
Catholic Church      900
Masonic I/idge      880
K.ofP      625
I/jcomotive Engineer! ....     620
F. O. E      620
Hospital       634
1.0. F      530
I. O. O. F      430
Micbiniits      3-10
Brakemen         250
Firemen C, P. R       160
From our own corrspmiflcnt,.
Sir Thomas Shaiigbnrasy, president
ol tl.e C.I' K., paascd through Arrowhead on Sunday morning.
Mra. Hall, of I'e.erboroiigh, is the
guest ol Mrs. Ludgate.
E. McGaghran went to Kamloops
on Monday.
Rev. Vi. T. Johnston spent Sunday
in Nakusp.
W. H. Rennie, mato ol the a. a.
I'iper, is spending a tow dayi in Revelitoke,
I), T. Hall wai in Golden Inr a lew
Tho Woodmen are making arrangements fur a dance nn tbo ovoning ul
October 31st. A good time is expected.
Our streets are undergoing much
needed repairs,
Rev. J. A. Doyle, Associate Secre
tary ol Sunday Scho'.l" and Epworth
Leagues Cor the Saskatchewan, Alticr-
Is and Britiah Columbia Conlerence!,
will deliver an addrcia in tl.e Methodist Church on Friday evening the
18th Inst., on Sunday School and
Epworth league work. The public
aro invited to attend. A collection
wili be taken in aid ol Sunday School
Owing to Kev, Mr. Doyle'a aervice
in the church on Friday evening,
which is unavoidable, Mies Creighton
willies to meet Ihe junior choir it 15
minutes to eeven, and the senior
choir at 15 ninutes to 8, at the home
ol Mr. nnd Mn Creelman on Third
Rsvslstoks Cigars
Smoked kippered herring, Irsih thii
morning.   O. B. Hume 4c Co.
Our motto ii to please—caih talki
at The Ideal.
Wednesday ii pay day, it ii also
bargain day at The Ideal Furniture
Wall paper, window shades, curtain
polei, rodi and fixturei. C. B. Hume
Full lized iron bedi Irom $5.60 up;
couchei from $6 up; extemion label
from $7 up; lideboardi at $18; other
goods juit si cheap.
Eitingand cooking apples, pean,
grapes, lemoni, oranges, and some
choice celery to-dsy. C. B. Hume A
Co. _____
To Whom it May Concbrs ;
Take notice that I, the undenigned,
from thii date, positively declare my
self not responsible for any bills contracted by my wife, Mrs. John Carlaw.
Dsted at Revelitoke, B.C., Oot. 16th,
wed lm Johk Caruw.
Marriage Licenses Imt.e.l
Victoria, Oet, 15.—The Sydney
Lumber mill has been purchased by
Mike Carlin and J. Billing!, tho latter
fil whon. wna lormerly mnn i ;or of the
Valc-C iluml.ia Lumber C n psny. It
is the intention ol the In *, ow.iera to
enlarge the plant aol hat tho mill may
be sufficiently large lor shipping pur-
By thn accidental discharge ot a
shut gun in the hands ul ono ol his
comradca, George Gouin, the well
known real estate man ol Edmonton,
was killed on Monday while out duck
shunting near that city. Tho late Mr.
Gouin was well known throughout
the wost, having lor a number of
yean boon a resident of Calgary,
I huvo just received a shipment ol up-to-date hats
which I offer tn you at
aitiiuiidingly low pricci. Re-
trimming and making hats
is a -infinity with in.
I hnve also lidded a complete line ol ladies, mines
and children'! shoei.
Miss A. Maslin,
Opposite Oilman Hotel
rANTBD-Profltable proposition
open for reliable man acquaint-
growers ond with
ed aiming fn.it.
ii >>i I ity ..a salesman! Full... part timo.
State uno, experience and references,
Ltd,, Brown'i Nurieiiei, Ont.
If You Want Satisfaction, Deal With
John Mclntyre & Son
Choicest selection ol Groceries, Freeh Bacon and Hams,
Freeh Eggs, New Ontario Cheese, Dairy Butter in Print and
Tubs.   All kinds ol Produce at Cheapest Market Price.
Great Slaughter Sale
THIS WEEK ONLY we will sell a number
of LADIES' COATS at a remarkable reduction in
YOUR CHOICE For $8, $10 and $12
These Coats are the Newest Gibson design,
have just 15 of the same .left.
SO MOW & JIM SAM, Props.
Open Day and
Speeisl sttention given to
Supper Psrties & banquet!
IIO.      Msal Tickets, 11.10
Thursday, Oil. 17th
Moving   Pictures  snd Illustrated Songi between Acta.
Big Free Dance slter Show.
PRICES, -   2, 4 and 6
FOR 8ALE-Sevcial teams ol good
logging horses, suitable fnr any
kind of teaming. Apply to Richard
Davis, Revelstoke Sawmill Co., Ltd,
Four mull pigs, two ibeep and one
red and white call, (rom the G, P. R.
corral on Sunday night. Any person sppropriating the isme will be
prosecuted-J. EVANS.
MEN WANTED-For R. R. work
at Field. B. O. Pick and shovel
men $2.50 per day, axe men $3.00 per
day, Board $6,25 per week, medical
fee $1.1X1 ner month. Cooks $00 to
$100 and board per month, according
to size of crew. Cookies $40 and board
month. — Apply In MacDonrll,
Field, B   -
inwski A On.,
TO RENT - Furnished nr unfurnished house, near Ihe Eastern
Semaphore, on O. P. R. Apply to J.
Bartle at the above residence.
WANTED-Man with experience ta
trim nnd grade lumber, also several
experienced inillnien, fnr Revelstoke
mill.—Bowman Lumber Company,
Limited. sep 26 2w
WANTED KNOWN-Money to loan
in sums nd$6U0an d upwards on
approved seciirlty.-Apply to E. A.
Haggen. Real Eitat Ago nt, Revelstoke, B. O. 2t
WANTED-For clients, Housei of
from two to six rooms! also
rooms-Apply to E. A. Haggen, Mc-
Kensle Avenue, Revelstoke.        o2 2t
WANTED-Tbird or Fourth Clan
Engineer.    Apply   to   JoHH
Kkrnaohan, Salmnn Ann, B. O.
WANTED - Dining Room Oirl.
Wages $30 per month.  Apply
Hotel Grand, Nakusp, B.O. Sep71m
WANTED-Livewide awake boyi
in every city, town and village
lo sell Western Canada's new weekly
newspaper, " The Western Homestead." Hustlers can make big money.
Nu capital required. Wl ite for terms
immediately, Tbs Weitern Hoineitead
Calgary, Alta,


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