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The Mail Herald 1907-04-03

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siat'we Awa^S
.1  .
Vol. 13.-No 26
REVELSTOKE. Ii 0. 4PRIL3 i!)():
S Wcto
^8,g:PeT Year
Special Sale of Ladies' and
Misses' Wash Dresses, Get
yours before they are picked
Lovely Print and Zephyr
Dresses, snmn in the " Peter
Pan," others in tho conventional shirtwaists, nicely
trimmed; some tucked and
shirred, others pleated and
piped with colored piping.
They fit better lhan anything we have yet shown
and the workmanship on
them is simply fine. They
are priced at
Beautiful White Creations in Lawn—Egyptian and Persian
Lawns and Organdies. Some are almost artistic in design,
Ladies we have shown them to pronounce them the best showing
ever seen in the west. This is to be the great white year. See
that you get yours.   The price is only
1907 Colorings and Styles in pretty patterns, Percales,
Zephyrs, Mastins, etc. The styles in the Negligees were never
finer. They come in checks and stripes and some plain Cham-
brav grounds.   We have a fine selection at
117-Piece English Dinner Sett, handsomely decorated, ne.v designs a:.d
colorings.   These are exceptionally nice. —if 14 00.
47 Piece Dinner Sett, new ideas in shapes, colorings are fine, and tl.e
patterns are sure to please you. —$20.00
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Papers that please everyone who
appreciate stationery of FINE
—made by the leading manufacturers.
making a specially of a box of fine
Holland Linen Paper and envelopes
—each sheet lithographed Revelstoke.
NOW 400. A BOX.
Try a box, il will please you.
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
Burning Launch in Middle of
Arrow Lake.
Nelson, Apri1 1—A serious accident
was nurrowly averted last week on
Lower Arrow Lake, between Fire V..1-
1. y and Deer Park. A gasoline launch,
with three occupants, caught lire
while it was in the middle ol the lake.
Mr. White, the owner, had just filled
the gasoline tank and in the dark hnl
spilt a lot over his trousers. A few
minutes later he scratched a match on
his pants in order to light his pipe
and set fire to himself. In the general
excitement the gasoline can was
knncked over and caught fire on tlie
bottom of the launch. Blankets and
coats were used to smother the llanu-s
which wero not extinguished until tbe
launch had burned to within an
eighth of an inch of the water under
it. Meanwhile a heavy kick during
the excitement bud partially disabled
the engine and the launch had to he
paddled ashore,
Has arrived again and we are prepared for it, having just it
received a full car of all kinds of Paints, Raw and Boiled Oil, i t
White Lead, Varnishes, Baplao, Alabastine, Agate Wall Finish
nnd Kills..mine.
Wo have also received two cars of Mixed Hardware, which
completes our stock und puts us in u position to supply all
your Spring requirements in tliu Hardware line.
Mail Orders receive prompt attention.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves snd Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
snd Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinimithing.
By-Law for the Installation of
Auxiliary Power Plant Thoroughly Gone Into—Meeting
Small and Unenthusiastic.
A public meeting was held in the
Opera House last night to iliscus3 tl.e
by-law now belore the people, Ior tl.e
raising ol money on debentures to
initiillan auxiliary power and light
plant, T.-e meeting was .mall and
iiiientlinsiustic. Mayor Brown, who
wis in ihe i-hiiii-, expressoil. regret nt
the apathy ol lhe citizens in civic
affairs and .it the small attendance
present. He pointed out tho reason
why die meeting bad beeu culled, saying that complaints had been
to the council ol the bad lighting in
winter and consequently the council
had deci.led to install an auxiliary
plant. He was op posed to u steam
power plant, us cost of operation was
so excessive, but a "ii.s producer plant
l.e wus highly in favor ol. owing to its
economy in running. He showed the
neces-ity of a pla t to insure regular
lighting und urged that cheap power
Ior sale will encourage industries. The
council would supply power at 3e. pei
h.p' He said that the council hud
hoped (or some decided decision as tu
what the C. P. R. intended doing
about being users ol power, but ns yet
tbey hml given no definite answer, although the city had tiered them rates
at 2Jc, t..r power und fie, for light,
wliicli wore as low ns ihey could with
safety gu. He urge I that the people tl.e by-law and good ligh; and
cheap p-iwer would res ill. As coin-
pared with the rates ..I 3c. anil 5c, ns
offered by the previous cuncil, the
present rates were far bettor.
H. N. Coursier asked il luel could
be regularly supplied and i[ tlie water
would run both power und light dyna-
nius. Mayor Brown suid that fuel
could be got (or fli per ton and that
the auxiliary plant would not lie running more than one month in the
year; ulso that ihe water would run
both plants.
E. A. Haggen vehemently urged the
people to pass the by-law, and culled
the citizens to account for not taking
more int:rest in the city affairs, especially such a one us light and power
which was the most important of any.
lie pointed out that customers lor
power were in sight ..nd that the progress of Revelstoke depended on the
growth o.' industries. He moved thai
the meeting torn] a committee to put
through the by-law. The moiiun was
Aldermen Abrahamson, llowson and
Stone all spoke urging the necessity
of the passing of the by-law.
Mayor Brown referred to Cl.
Tracey's letter recommending tliHt
two cents for power was low but profitable in a small degree; live cents fur
light was altogether too low, conse-
.|iiently tbe council nud decided to usk
the C.P.R. 2Jc. a:.d 6c, and since they
never took uny more than 1500 k.w.
per month, the council did'nt leel
justified in going any lower.
R. Tapping urged the installing ol
the plant, as incentive to industry and
showed how Revelstoke would go
Mayor Brown, in closing the meeting, thanked the audience for their
attention an I exhorted all to vote for
the by-law on'Wednesday.
Devout Christians Turn out in
Large Numbers
The one thousand nine hundred and
seventh anniversary ol Ihe resurrection
o( our Lord, was observed with the
usual services in all the churches ou
Sunday. In spite ol the miserable,
depressing, and un-EuEter-like weather, the good people ol Revelstoke turned out en masse to participate in this
great ecclesiastical festival. Special
services and music were held in all
churches, the Easter music being of
an imposing yet solemn nature.
Flowers were used in profusion, lor
clinch decoration,and beautilul indeed
were the blossoms, diffusing their
sweet perlumes, In spite ol the lato
severity ol the winter which hss given
the whole ol nature such a decisive
set back this year. In every case-
both matins un.l evensong, in all
denominations—there was a large attendance, the size ol the congregations
showing, us one ol* the ministers remarked to the Maii.-Hkhai.i) that
"despiteall that is said tothe contrary,
people du slill sttend church,"
As a secular holiday Eaiter has been
spent in a quiet manner, Tbe stores
have been making a goodly display of
novelties and spring goods, tbe window
dressing in several cases showing excellent luste and skill. McLennan k
Co.'s window shows a large white
oross studded with electric globes
which Hash at intervals, The hack
ground and sido setting is mado up ol
while lattice work, entwined with
llowers, daintily arranged] white llowers sre strewn on the steps ol the
cross. Thc whole effect is distinctly
novel, iirt.'siic, and typical nf the sea
son. Hews ding store has a prettii)
dressed window, made up ol
soups and Easter novelties artistically
arranged, Cut llowers nro a feature
in many of the stores, n good
ol what Ilev. Istukc cnu produce in tlie
horticultural line.
—     . ^.     —
The in.i.uiil vestry meeting ot St.
Peter's church was held in the church
on Monday night. The meeting wns
attended by .. large nun. ber ..( the
congregation, the Hev, C. A. I'rocunier
inking the chair. The minutes ol the
last, meeting wero read and adopted.
Tlie reports of the Ladies Guild,
Peoples Warden, und Sunday school
were read and adopted, the work in
eveiy ense showing satisfactory progress. The Rector then read his
report, touching briclly .... the raising
ol funds tor ■ hurch improvement and
construction, He pointed out that
the church wns in un unsafe condition
caused by the cutting out of tbe east
end Ior the chancel and during severe
storms the structure was in danger ol
spreading. He said u pipe organ was
necessary, and other things in connection with church property. In
conclusion be advocated the expansion
ol the envelope system and onjeiued
the supporters of the church to be' in their payments.
Messrs. H. N Coursier, W. Fraser
and \V. Morris were elected lay delegates to attend tlie Synod meeting in
Vernon in June. The Hector appointed J, I, Woodrow as his Warden
for the ensuing year, and II.Cunningham Morris was unanimously elected
Peoples' Warden.
The lollowing were elected ns sides
men: Messrs. W, Morris, II N.Coursier, F. Fraser, A. Woodland, E. W. B.
Paget, W. Pratt. General business uf
parish interest was discussed and the
meeting ndjnurned.
Pleasant Social Function
Camp Mountain View
Camp Mountain View, C.VV.OW.,
held a most enjoyable dance on Monday night in the Open. House. An
energetic committee had been working
hard for the previous week in perfecting all arrangements and us a result
tlie event was a pronounced success.
The lloor was iu excellent shape, and
with good music supplied by the Independent Bund, tl.e two combined went
to make conditions ideal for tliose
indulging in the "light li.iitiif.tic."
Although the dunce wns not strictly
"dress" nevertheless many handsome
and dainty gowns were worn, and the
Woodmen themselves added to the
scene a tinge of color in their membership badges of Bcarlet and gold.
Tlie attendance nut good, and both
sexes being evenly balance, "wall
'owers" were almost an unknown
quantity, except thuso who wero pleased to sit, watch and exchange mild
gossip. An excellent supper wiib provided, to whicli the whole company
did full and ample justice, there being
nothing lucking in either the menu or
tbo waiting ol the Woodmen, who
were very assiduous in their duties,
Dnncing wus continued till the "wee
stun' hours" uud thc gathering dispersed tired but happy. Financially thc
dune was successful and socially lelt
nothing to bc desired, Camp Mountain
View being at all times noted for their
Wc rogret to announce tl.o snd intelligence ol the dentil of Mrs. Fred
Terry, whicli occurred yesterdny morning in the hospital. The deceased had
been taken ili but a lew days prior to
her death, and had been taken til tho
hospital. Constable and Mrs. Terry
have been resident in Revelstoke for
several years and while here have
made a largo circle ol friends, being
generally liked by nil who came in
contact with them, and universal sympathy will he lelt for the bereaved
husband The Maii.-IIkiui.ii extendB
their deepest sympathy to Mr. Terry
and children in their Bnd hou. ol
Tbe funeral will take placo tomorrow at 2 p.m. from the residence McKenzie uvenue to St. Peter's Church,
Prairie Concerned Over Lack
of Quantity Not Price of
Lumber—American Capital
During his visit to St Paul lust
week Mr. Lindmark made Inquires in
regard to the prices ol to consumers just across the line, and found
that the American [arnier in tlie
northwestern states is paying from $8
i $2fi per thousand moro for his In...
ber than the Canadian tanner on the
prairies. On the return journey Iron.
St. Paul, Mr. 1, ud.nii.k visited the
chain of liiinbc. ynids owned by his
company In the different towns in
Saskatchewan and Alberta. In con-
vers.iii >xi with the penple there he
found thut the consumers on the
prairies were more concerned about
the question as to whether there will
be sullicient, rather than the price ul
AH tbe agitation Ior the lumber
oouriiissi ui to investigate, the alleged
con.bine among tlie lumber men,
was solely the work of the
politicians. The consumers were
merely made use of (or the purposes
of political exigencies. Take the
American who is coming into the
Northwest to sctt'o and he bus no
grievances in regard to lumber prices.
The price of lumber is bound to advance here again owing to the heavy
cost nl manufacture, which is practically ..ver liny per cent more than it
wns three yours- ago. In regard to
Oanadian investments, he said that
the Americans were fully alive to tl.e
great possibilities of British Columbia
ami llrnt ii would not be very long
before more Aineiiean money would
l.e coining into the district nnd British
Columbia io general, (or investment.
That the eiitcli-us-cutch-cin wrestling 'i.ntcli to be held nt the opera
house tomorrow, Thursday, night will
be nn ut il.-tic treat is an assured fact.
Tne principals, J. I), McLennan of
Revelstoke, B. C, and Jack Cat-keck
of world wide fame, nre so well known,
that hut n brief mention of either is
necessary, limy McLennan has been
will, us for years He has wrestled
some of the best men in the business
as follows: James Wilbur,ofChicago;
Alex. McLean. I). It. Reed, Dun McLeod, Jack O'Neil, D. A. McMillan
and others, He is champion ot the
Maritime provinces and I...1.1.1 of ll.e
Maxwell medal for B. C. Jack Car-
keek has wrestled all ovei the world
find bus beaten champions ..I nil
nations. He at one time held In-
titles of world's champion Oraeco
Roman wrestler, world's champ.... wrestler, and is
still world's champion Cornish wre-r-
ler, The cntch-us-cun championship
was won by him Iron. Tom Connor, ..I
England, at Milwaukee, Wis., Fel. 22,
18811, he held it until Aug. 12th, 1005,
when l.e suffered his lirst defeat at
Butte, Mont, at the bunds ol Frank
G..tch. His best work was done at
the age ot 43 and 44 yeurs. On Jan'
12th, 1005, he won a world's championship tournament at London, Eug.,
in which there wero 32 entries, representative ol nearly every nation In the
world. Iu that tournament be beat
Chergrillord, the Swiss, (who lind conquered George in 3-J
minutes. In May, 11)1)5, be beat Dan
McLeod at Vancouver, 11. C, completely outclassing lhu hitherto invincible champion. It. ilia match tomorrow night he .....I.-.lake- to heat McLennan three times 111 one hour, a
pretty tall order. This will iindonht-
ecly be the best wrestling mutch ever
seen in Revelstoke. The management
is doing its best to secure goud preliminaries iii order that tl.e entertainment may begin promptly at 8:30
o'clock. Ring side seals on sale at
The Canada Drug Store. Special seats
reserved for ludieB.
— .        , a, .      —
"A Jolly American Tramp," a melo-
dramatic comedy drama replete with
striking situations and startling sensations, is underlined at the opera
houso for Monday night, April 8, The
piece is troiii the pen of the author ol
"A Poor Relation" and "I'encclul Valley," two plays that have made Sol
Smith Russell fanioiis. In it Mr.
Kidder pnrtrays au American tramp,
uot SS a  repulsive, ever to-be-shunned
(Junker Brand Canned Goods, Ashcrolt Potatoes
and Vegetables, Wheat,   Barley, Bran, Shorts, Chop
Feed, Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness, etc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
Are now prepared to fill all orders
promptly   for   Hard   Coal   and   Dry   Fir
The new manufactured coal, known as
" Briquettes," is ready for delivery.
This coal fills the place of both Soft and
Hard ; it is quick and easy to light; gives a
fine, red-hot fire in a few minutes and lasts
longer than Hard Coal.
Suitable lor Cook Stoves, Heaters and
Offices :—Molsons Bask Buildinc
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
A G K N T   1- 0 R
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario. it. the Provincsi ol Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan
British Culumbia, Ontario, ijuebec.
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
-     (4,700,000.00
I), lt. Wilkie, President; Hun. R. Jahkkay, Vice-President.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Em p. attention given to Collections,     .
Savings Department
Deposits received and Interest allowed at current rate from date
of opening account, and compounded four times u year.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Import direct from Country of origin.
outcast, but as a man who through
misfortune was compelled to wander
upon the face ol the earth, but whose
heart, well knowing his own distress,
slill bleeds for others'woes and who
offers even bis life to help right the
wrongs of others even more unfortunate than he. The locale ol ihis drama
is laid in rural New England, and thc
motive is greed lor gold, a greed with
which even a husband is sometimes
overpowered, and (or whicli be terribly
wrongs his lile's partner. The story
is complex and will 1* well worked out
by s competent cast of gifted players,
In tbe eust are such well known actors
as Jim Smith who plays Happy Jack,
tbe tramp; Elizabeth Taylor, tl.e well
known prima donna, and the dainty
little soubrette star, Ella lu Page, and
the comedy Irishwoman, Elinor Dunbar. The cast is exceptionally strong
throughout und contains fourteen
stars, all artists, Tlltt iVli\I 1,'lllilliVljli, iu-.* I.I..HI.IU.,
She AaiUDetalb.
I', loll . pi si:.   to K* ..*: uui, United States
i  *, Canada.
By the year [thi mgh poslofflco], K.5<
Half     "       *' "     1.6C
Qu iru r"       " "          l.w
J iu   KIXTING promptly executed at roanon-
thie: ites,
rCRUS-Cash.   Subscriptions payable in ml
C 1RRESPONDKKCE Invited on matters of
public Interest. Communications io EdI
tor must be acconiiutiiii-d by name of
writer, not necessarily i'u publication, bul
i- - ■::■■.■■■■' crood faith, Correspondence
should be brief.
part of the province which aa yel b»a MILLION RAID FOR B. C. RANCH    ■-—>^* : ■ ■ :^:-)-- ry-^K^mmmm^immk
Leg. •     ent* per line lir-i insertion,
'.. i '.■- ■... r.l.- > , * . .**- .-rn Insertion
Meas in uu nti So iparh I [1. line* mnke one
inch). -* re ind gem ■ burine-a nn
nouncemenu fiyi pi r In h per month,
• *.. ■ v .' per conk ad-
Utli Ml. n. Mu      on   ind  Death*,
i ■  ■     :■■■-.  llcCS -'■'•'
Und  :      ■*;"■■    Ul advertlsomtmU
.-■-.:    .-■■■■ umneini nt,
I'd   Klti :> -c.ini.l-.
\t - - i*. .   ed ii* l|   W mted, Situations
Situations    V .- ant,   Teachers
Vi     -I M   haul - W inted, In words or
.*--..    * mini 1  I'i   cent*.
1 I ii.. - In -■ indi $ wivertlsemonts mnsl
... *•  i   ■:,.  'I 'I* udii) and Kruliiy ul
p i h ■'■ eh ■■■ -■■ ire Bond display.
only  received  but  n Binall Bhare of
development Irom the hands ol, pi,   ^    >^ La[<     Q Se„
or Government.   To assist in the omi- !
struction ol such nn undertaking the
Dominion and Provincial governments
might unite in a guaiautee to stand that without putting any
charge upon ll.e revenue cf the Dominion or Province. As being par-
tioulary inter sted in such an undertaking Revelstoke will look with
approval on the action that the governments may take in furthering buoIi
n project.
& 1-
TERS,   i
ORS,   1-
0 T '1
Parliamentary/   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice belore Railway
Chas. Mubphy.       Haroui Fishes
I'.f.rti-.irs. Sul.ciU.ra, Etc.
C 1. ifl.l.v. I-1. C, I-, l.l.l
JSSICK.S :   lM.'KKIAI.   llANK   III OCK,   l.K.VKl.-
' STOKK, U, C,
.Money to luun.
Offloea: Revelstoke, B. C; Crunbrook, B. 0, S. McCaktrr,
Kevelstuke, R. C,      Oranbrook, li ('.
J. 51. Soot. I.L.I. \V. 1. Brlggs.
iCOTT   AND   BR 1 (iGS
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Monky to Loan
solicitors i-.o. Molsons Uank
Fir-t Street. Revelsloke, B.U
Provincial Laud Snrveynr,
Mine Smveying
UcKbnzik Avenue.
Box UKi, Revelstoke.
(Member American Institute ..
Mining Engiueers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute
Revelstoke, li. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
und Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Print* of Land. Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills am! Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospectivelnvestors
or purchasers.
Ebe tltafUDeralb
" l ... earnestly f. vise tlu-.n for
their kocI to onlt-r this paper io lu- punctually
serveo up. ami :u be looked upou as a part of
the tea. fluipagt-.'-AuDlsON.
In a recent issue of the Victoria
Daily Colonist, there appeared a long
article on the resources and possibili-
ties of northern liritish Columbia and
the benefits which would accrue no'
only to the province itself but also to
the Dominion as n whole il a railway
were connected diagonally Irom tlie.
north-east to the south-west of British
Columbia. The Canadian Pacilic
runs in a general way east and west,
s - with the Grand Trunk Pacilic, bo
with the Vancouver. Victoria A Eastern, and so with tl.e Canadian Northern. The settled parts ol lhe province
an.- tl ng th. - .them b .rder, in -t - I
then. « thin 150 milei  I lb. I-
ary line.   The residents ol this part ol
the c untry have a right to shs - in
Ibi lerelopmi nl  I thi n rthern pari
and th • ■        .:. -! - In .. satisfactory
legrei      ■■ il rail  ij c mmunicati n
by a nortl     I     ith i   ite Is pi   id-
1.1   Ws In irtil)    n;. rie I • proj  •
sll  ...   it by the I      till and al the
IS       til      - ...- -•   that the point,
r/liii b directlj      nc. ri ■   ::• vi Isl  :e
bi ne I -:   ild 1 - taken Into consid. i
ation by sll -.:.   ..: i interetud in thc
deve opmi nt snd 11 gn -- I thi
trict.   The prog osed .'.:...- nal rn
would come through tbe Kocky Mourn
tains sl some  point near the  Peace
Biver, at least considerably north ol
the Yellowhead pass which the G.T.P
and C, X. K. willoccupy,   The Koote-
nays could   be   reach.-.!   by al.rf.neli
line down tin- liig  llend of Coin...bin
River  to  Revelstoke. and  n  branch
tapping the Canoe River Valley westward t" the Fraser Valley to Vanci i
ver.   By this means a vast area ol rich
and valuable country culd be opened
up   containing arable areas, many
depoilti ol placer gold, vnet bodies ,.l
different ores,  many  indications ol
coal, extensive  grazing arens  and a
large amount ol liril-clusi merchantable timber,     It  has been generally
acknowledged  that a  line down the
Big Bend valley of the Columbia from
some  northern   point, linking  ns it
were the north and south together, is
necessary for the  opening up ol  that I
Voting for or ..gainst tl.e I y law lot-
raising funds on debentures  f-.r   the
Installation ot an auxiliary light and
power plant has been taking place nil
ilny. ii...I ll.e .'.-suit lies wholly n--» hi
the peoples' hands and wo tiust mth
favorable i-suo.   '"he ge.ierul outer)
of the Revolstoko public has been thai
tho priBcnt plant is totally Inadequate
nnd insufficient tn   insure   «   reliable
aud regular light  service,  lei   ah tie
I ower,   tliiough ut  the  whole   ver,
and who..over lhe light Inn failed in
the winter ii onilis, tho hue and cry
against the phtul  has  been  ge end,
I'he ei-i/.ei.s  have  now u clonic, to
rectify nil lur titer difficulty iu  thai
directiun and l.y p "using   the   by-law
they not ..nly insure Iheir  own   persona! conduit but thoy ..Is., put into
a practical i'.u'iii the commencement
oi fin urn, hitherto unknown tu Kevelstoke, ol progressive development along
lint-sol industry.    All true
citizens, euduwed with a pubic senti
ment of lunhi-riii:; the iutere. Is oi the
city,  '.'.-ill  certainly   rule  for sueh a
municipal improvement ns  the  one
now put belore them, and when they
remember wl.ut the pieseut  plant,
ev. n  sn all  and  inadequate as it is,
has '.lone lo make Revelslolowhat she
is, and priic'ic.lly p y tor all ed.   expenses,   then,   is   not   one
who will but admit that with  a  new
and up-io-.l .:o f..r the  production ot light and cheap power, Revelstoke  will at once step ihe vanguard   nl  progressive   cities   of   111.
pi-ovi ce.
Private en'.erpi'iso of thisn.i.r,
could never supply its products to lie
people as cheaply as will he done by
the council nnd the sooner Revelstoke
gets together nnd makes up its mind
t.i pull logelher and work in harmony
lor thc good ol the community, the
better it will be for ull concerned. II
the by-law is turned down, it will he
due solely to a small n hided, shortsighted and pettifogging {action cf the
community, who cither cannot or will
not see what is good for them und
their interests. If we have the clnincc
of broadening out and expanding our
industries and businesses, at the same
time offering splendid inducements to
1 prospective citizens and promoters of
commerce, surely then the intelligent
mind o! Revelstoke will come to the
fore and assert itself in this all important question ol direct municipal
interest. We would therefore express
a hope, having studied the matter in
every light, that the people will support this movement and pul into
effect one of the many scheme- of progressive development that will establish
the reputation on a still more sound
basis Unit Revelstoke has nlready won.
Holdings Io Rich English
With a share capital of $2,000,000 a
company to be known as the Canadian
Estates, Limited, has been firmed
under a distinguished beard of directors to acquire thc whole ol the share
capital of tl.e Douglas Lake C.ille
Company, owning the Douglas lake
ranch, tlie best known and the most
valuable of the cattle and horse
ranches in the province ol British
Columbia, The ranch is situated at
the head ol the Nic iln valley about 50
miles from and on the main
line ,.f the C. I', li.
This widening ol enterprise In tin
province i- largely due to the'
lines whi. 1. tbo C. I'. II. is ti.rowing
out in that .1 Th
Speic-i'i Bridge Niool.1 brunch is ..I-
rendy in operation, and a line is nn'lci
...m-tnie.ion Imm Sichl I" Princeton
by means of which a considerable por-
iioii ■ i un- C'.ntpitny'n p ->p tu- .vin hi
brought wiiliin a few mill's ..I 'he line,
\ not I.ei'reason is that the c unpin,,
lias hitherto been composed of ib'-e.
shareholders, wl... 'liruugh advanced
■ig.. me parting with their interests.
Tl.e pr -peril' consist" of   •.....-..x1-
m .t ly, 98,443 notes ut freehold and
111,0110..ens nl leased lan.U, .villi .hull
300 miles o! fences i. oxcfllo'ii ...ind
tion, manager's lioii-e, stubl".  o Hi
and horse cnr.uils an-l cat Ce .-he I ..also
trading store wi'h complete sioek-ii
trade, blacksmith's shop and farming
machinery ol all kind
I in instructed hy lhc United Wireless Telegraph
Cumpauy tu exchange ono share oi United stock for each
shure nl Cann.liaii Marconi slock ultered immediately
together with a payment uf $2.00 per shure. The United
is considered much ilu-belter investment and is now listed
ot $9.00 per share, while Canadian Marcuni stack is now
listed by brokers at $1.60,
The proposal is therefore an immensely advantageous
one to holders of Canadian Marconi, nml in my opinion
should be tnken advantage of, I can supply you with full
particulars ns to the financial standing (Hid assets of the
United Wireless.
Revelstoke, B. C.
:s :-*MM:-rKf«M■:■■■;:■••:■■ ■■:-- ■: -,:■■;.-::•;";-.;--;.■:.< ■■;-;;-«-i!f.*i:-:::-*(i«*i<****i|i*-»i«#!Mj*#
it  banc
iili-staii.uis, valued ut 185910
Tin. live stock co.up ises 175 'hor-
> Hereford and SI.-, th...
bulls, he-ides 12 000 head of cattle,
largely Hen-fords and Sh .i-th-Tii-, one
"-hire and seven thor imhl.'-e-l I'lydes-
ib.l .-ta lions, 85 pure In- d Cydesdales
111.1650 head of horses, v.llliul III
The p undent ol ihe new company
is Arnold Foster, anil il hour' nf di.--
..etors..[ who-.. Cecil Ward is well
known in B. C.
C. W, O. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
Mc.-I-  Second un.l l-'.nirlli Wifiliiesdnvs in
fuel. ........ h. ... Selkirk Hall,   Visum, Wonil
iie.. cordinily Invlioti iitfiii.-tiil.
IV. II. AllMSTItOSQ.fion.Com.
II. W, K1WARDS, Clerk.
REVELS'!OKi A, H.c ho. 4J2.
F. 0. E.
The regular meotlnga aro held in tho Selkirli
Hull every Tuesday oveniUR iilSo'cIiick. Visit*
iiiK lirotliron nro cordially Invited.
H. A. BKUWN. l'ttKsiDiiST.
Kootmnv Lodne No. 15 A F,& AM,
•»»    vfr^L The regular nmot
** - inn- nre held in th'
MiifOiiit: Tomplto.
jdd Kdlows Hull.oi
the third Monday ii
iaoh montli nt i
i.m. VisitinRbretlr
ren cordially wel
. Secrktary,
Meet* ever} Thursda'
ovoning in yolkirk
Hall at 8 oVock.
Vlgiting bretl ren cordially invited to ai-
HI.IN', N'.O.       .1. MAI ill K Sei
"A Jolly American Tramp"
Gold Range Lodge, K. ol  P.,
No. 16, flcvoi.toke, C. C.
HI .-.,■-. third Wedn     .
ii* .
, Itallj. u
ii. H. BROl E, K    f B i 3
H. A. BROWS   Sl   il E
, -
.---, rj.
f diversity si
1   ■ Exal
Real Estate Agent Leaving j '
Nelson Recently.
C. L. Fisher, -..'iii- r partner in the
Fisher-Hamilton liealty Company at
IV -       .-  S'iffered .. - - ri     --   a
Wednesday night while lea    '-
• :.    .ing a -a.- .- . '**     I
in c   pies and securities    Fialn
week ciifj I       a deal
dis| - sed  ■   ■■.-.  ■ .
I.    ■ i. : . .i \\ nf.   .
lur$88      I.-. ■ ..- part  I i
-ii 0,000 sen - i . ... ,| last fall from
J. bung stocks - ■ . -; - die ite in
which Fishor-H - ... n ind i Vancouver journalist were heavily inter.
Halcyon Hot Springs
I'liiler the n-'W niann"ieiuent of
Harry MoIntosh, Hon'man H..u»e
1_   cyon u.i'the most curative in the
world.  A perfect, natuial remedy fur
all Neivuus and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning.  A sure cure
for   "Thai   Tired   Feelina."    Special
rates on  all  boats and trains,   Two
mails a..ive .uut uYpint every  day.
Celegn. I.   ...........nic.lion   with   all
marts of ;!..• world.
talis- Sl2 lo $H per week.    Foi
f..Illler* apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrohi Lake. B. C
■ilven thai OP dayi afterdate I
■■ HimnraljlH, tlmCliii tJCom
.   ami Worki (oi peimiiBina to
fli.  li - t.   il landu, situated
i        .-■■; \ illoy and ninnj particularly di
: |ioal * 'i-li mile north-eait 'if
■ ■ mptii ii, .i arkt-d ' Q, S.'iS, K.
nee S     haiui uast, 80   chalnn
■ ',- south i'i point nf
■ - Dnl limn;:')-! j acrei
Qtli IW7,
a M,\iNi*it,
per ii,* nge GoldnnUli, Agont,
Henry's Nurseries
Headquarters for Pacific Coast grown
Hiid imported Garden, Field and
Flower Seeds.
-.*.-. .ther duto
.      !, *   ti.  *.    I   ll   "-.   I   "illltlll.-
m I W ■■■ i  for Lipoc il ■■ o
■ . iled in  Lillooet dis.
mat ted 'Lamb-
uruer imst,'
.   ■ - ■*    ■ ii
.■i.-.        .',,-,■ north SO
l of i
Thousands of Fmit and Ornamental
Trees, Rhododendrons) Roses and hardy
plants now irrowin-.' on our own grounds for
future planting., loKsordolayof fumigation.
Inspection nor customs duties to pay.
Visitors are always welcome to iuspect
our stock.
Greenhouse Plants,
Cut Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilizers
Bee Hivos and Supplies, Spray Pumps and
Spraying material.
No agents thorofora you have no com-
mission w pay. Our citulomie tells you
about it. Lot mo price yonr list boforo
placing your ordor.
We do businoss on out own grounds—no
rmit to jiuy, and aro prepared to moot all
competition. Easteru prices or loss. Whito
labor.  Catalogues Froo.
P, 0. Addrossand flrooiilmiisos:-3010 Westminster Road. Branch Nursorios .-South
Furniture,  Pianos, or Merchai
li-.-. Btored in dry-well-built warehouse in - onvenient location,
E.   A.   HAQGEN,
Ileal K-t ite and Insurance Agent
Revelstoke, B, C.
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vanoouver—Largest
Snap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and,
washing aro easy with itsbelp,
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Hooklct tells what we give for
Rovul Crown Wrappers. Hend
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers ...  Beef, I' irk.   Mutton,
i ish -      ',..-   In
Season,    l irdeti pn i ptly  attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
[lo, I
,    till
I1 .
■ ■ I
. ',.*   ll
' - '
.   Hi
i north I
■ i.
Canadai \
Province of British Columbin,
No. 309, '
Haa it good stock of Grocerioc and
a fine assortment ol Japanese China
Agent hit Revelstoke Farming
Company, growers ol all kinds oi
Farm Produce, Mny and Wood.
Front Street, Ilevelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paia
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
I to to' tbe h
i -doner of ■-,    I
I curry av
nr,.Mi Of   I! liii .-.*   )!-.
tht ■■'■■,■    i, ■   ■    ■   •   ihoti   old    -  *
from thi
li'ii I h 0(1   •       .   ' I i I1     '	
tne 'i't. ■'' < haln , thonou ph   I'm
 -   i cn
-   !. Ifith IftO -
.1  Vi \i-i.l-' ■ HKIIM IN
N.,iii. . hi rebj given thai fl davs from dull*
I inmnd in npply in Mn- lloiionrsblij ihr ■ hlm
(jommlssl moro! andu and Works for aspni mi
lldonic io nit snd < mtj atfft) limber I he
iniii..Mn;. lienor I bud lands situated In A eil
Kootenay distriot!
I'litmiiMi," inn ii :i [io t plnntod tin di.iinii'iiHi. .if
the n * nur ul T. I.,(KJB6,nml marknl
"Tl Itlloen'Hiiortb-eaiil coi ',"11 ■>■ ivenl
liM'linm- llienco nontli KKI cliiiinu, thonce i-imt 40
I'h'ihm iiii'ini' ti'iith lou chaltiK in placoof com
Dated Lhu mil March, lOul
wctUjia a, M. Byraonni Agont,
i olnmbinT!mb*r8" Llmttod) whlub ou tlio lltli
day nf Uecambor, 990fl, wn* authorlaetl nmi
*; " I 1'inirry on bulllifiBS within Ibo I'm-
vin'-nni Brlttsb Lolnmbla, is hereby uuthorUml
ud lli'ensod to carry out or olTeut all or any of
the [additional object* nf  tho Comiiauy to
which tho iBKiHlatlve authority of |.,l0 Leifiila*
tnro'd llrituh Columbia exteudi.
rite li.'ii'i nlli'n uf the i-i.iii|i„iii' is situate at
il Montreal lp Lho Prof lore of Qaabso,
riioiunnuntol tbe i-apltnl of tho Company U
roaijeol I'Rpltnl of two bundrotl thoufr
dli (led Into two thousand shares
■I me hundred dollars oncli
1(1   ollli'O ol  tbo ('..niimiiy in   Ibis
»ltu First Straot, l-tovolstako,
uui William h'.u.i; Hrlgus, F)nrri*lor-flt*lnw
 ni"*, i- iiii) iiitiiNioy for
lei n i baud and Bool of Olilco nl
i'i ".. - t Huitiuh Ci.liinibiii, thli
lay ul Unroll, mm thouiaud niua
r iwtr' -I   uri   - en
I:*    " irof JointBioi'ltCumpsnlfMi
■ tinnit.) fibiootM lur which thi^ Cum-
nidi in-il and Imconnetl nro:
" bj pm n.i e   i". r other'
tin -t.ui | utilise mw
da ii  K. my   troeini  i rlvors, bootni
sud Iw  priviloKOB, un any stti-d rivers or
 lie property of the Uomnany or
■   u i ■-1 li n.*'* i. 11 linr-jos in foil-
'- .'.   i.   in •  i ,ii<-   i',,h int |, builil
ind "in rate water powors, bydrnullo iiowera,
■ " i ■   power   and in-Un] -n, i, v\tll,i liml
i. tmij bonecoHnry lur tin. Kunnra-
■ Hou, dorelop noiit,   di -inliuti'iM
I* nu" of oloetrioilj ninl oloclricnl
n.i ntbei  power, nnd cronto Jltfhi. hont ami
powei  ind '" use "'ill or othorwisa ulsin so of
*   ind oloctrle lu-iit, power and heal
rpoio ci tin'i |inuy an,i m buy.
ell or lea i tho laid i uwei u iohj be lnt Idem
i ■'. the worlt ■ and olijot'l - of the ' omi y on
"I   tin-     i,iii|>;u,> ;    [ifovldotl
* I  mi I prlvllcKe liireby rotiforrul
upon llioriimpoiij togdiieri ilo trkal rw
for lahl, heal and power, ivjiaii oxoi i uut'
idetno urojwrtyol lliol oirpany, dintl bukub<
Im-tUjnil provincial and muiili-ipal Ih-a-, mt\
.   nil .it behalf
[Sl   * lire b| pur< hn ib. Ion o oi olhor«
v! ■■ tnd ii vii, iitili/'t mineral niihl -. minora!
li* en .I* and u|Hirntonnd rj  poio p| tho inmo n
vl iti    i ti i\ may bo In tbo besl n.t.-n-i- oi
Hint pen] .onl [iiijunrry nr work illuli in me-.
1,1 i 11 il "ii lands -u ni'i'iiirod, ur mi inntli
iln ni, i' -iii.ri-d iiiiii iiii win' li inmo'bo fi.nud,
tnd   ovolop lm . imfl nud to uio, deal it. nell,
Imrtor, wl ejoordlsuoso ol tlm inlil luiuh
ami Hi" products jmd by-firotluvti ib ol for
Lho i ''in of tho company.
i-ii To i'"iHiriii*t,. wn. utlliso and moluialu
un the l-Hi'l-M.f ilm Company nuifa olecinrnl
tr.nn tor railwaj ior other moaitkof locomotion
rorthonuriKiKOi ol tmtiiporiiua inch tiftibor,
minerals or othor pniduc^ derived from thn
*ald landu of tbo Company nnd which mny l.n
aoooiwary or u rfnl fnr tho purposes ur curry i,g
out ou ilml'uui|.atiy'.-i lands Lho objocta of Llm
Notice 'a hiichy given that thirty
days alter date I intend to npply to the
Chief Ooiuiui-sioner ol Landa and
Works (or a special license to cut and
carry away timber Iron, the lollowing
described lands in West Kootenay
1, Commencing at a post planted
on the north bank ol Home Creek,
about three miles and a tpiarter from
the Columbia River nnd marked "E.
McBean's soutli eust corner post,"
Ihence 40 clmins west; thence 20
chains north, thence 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains north, thence '10
chains east, thenco 40 chainB south,
tlience 40 chums east, thence 20 chains
soutli, thence 40 chains eust, tlience
■10 cliains south to place ot commencement,
Dated February 23rd, 11107.
2. Coinmeneing at a post planted
oil the north hank ol Maloney Creek,
about four miles und a ball from tbe
Uiiliiinbii. lliver, and marked 'E. Mc-
lleun's suull.-east corner post,' thenc.
80 ehains  west, thenco   80 chuiiii
mlli. thencu 80 chains eaat,
80 chnius soutb to plaoo if commencement.
II. Con.n .-neing at t. post planted
... the nonh hank ot Muli.noy Creek,
ahout live ..ud a half miles from the
Columbia Kiver, and murked "E Mc-
.lean's moh. ' -enst corner post," thenco
80 eh.iit.s .v. at, thenco 80 chains north,
thence SO chuius easl, thence 80
chains to point ol connnenceinent.
•I. Commercing at a post planted
on .he north bnnk ol Maloney Creek,
ihoul six uiul a half miles Irom the
Coluni1 in lliver, uud murked "E. McBean's south-east corner post," thetice
80 cl uins north, thence 80 chainB
west, thence 80 chains south, thence
SOch.ins east to point of commence
5. Commencing at a pnst planted
on the north b. k of Maloney Creek,
about seven miles from tbe Columbia
lliver, and marked "E McHean's
north-west corner,'' tlience 120
chains south, th-nee 40 cliains easl,
t.ience 80 cliains nortli, thence 40
chaius, thence 40 ehuins north,
them-e 80 chains iv. st to point ol commencement,
Dated Feb. 27th, 1907. ,
6. Commencing at it pott planted
on tbe north hunk ..I Maioney Cnek.
about seven a- d a hull miles Iron, ihe
Coluinbin Kiver, murked "E Mo-
Hettn's south-east corner posi," thenc.
lOchains west, tlienee iimth,
ihenee 40 chain- .vest.thei 8lleliaii >
norlli,thenoe 40 ohains eiwutleno.
10 chains south, 40 elm in i eiw.
thence 80 chains souih to ni
7. Commencing at a post plained
about one quarter ot a mile south ol
Maloney Creek, and ahout tnree quarters ol a mile Iron, tl.e Coin...bin
River, and marked "E. McBean's
south-esst corner post," thence 80
chains north, th.nce 80 clmiiis west,
thence 80 cbnins soutb, thence 80
chsinB east to point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
about one quarter of a mile south of
Maloney Creek, and about one and
three quarter miles Iro n tl.e Columbia
River, and marked "E. McBean's
south-east comer post," thence 80
chains west, theuce 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains enst, thence 80 chaiut
south to point ot commencement.
Dated 28th February, 1907.
9. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of T. L 10458
and marked "E. McBean's south-west
corner post," thence 80chains north,
thence 80 chains eait, thence t>0 chains
south, thence 80 chains west to point
ot commencement.
Dated March 1st, 1907,
10. Coinineneilig at a post planted
at the north east corner ol T. L, ilCld,
and marked "E, McBean's south-east
comer post," thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, tlience 80
chains soutb, thence 80 chains east to
point ot,.nee...ent.
Dated March 2nd, 1907.
Ll. Commencing at a post planted
on the north bank of Mica Creek,
about two and a quartor miles from
the Columbia River, and marked "E.
McBean's south-east corner post,"
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains east to point of commencement.
12. Commencing ut a poBt planted
on the north bunk nl Micu Creek,
about two eud a quarter miles from
the Columbia River, uud marked "E
McBean's south-west comer post,"
thenco 80 chains north, thence 80
chains enst, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 chains west to point of coinmencement.
Ill, Commencing at u post planted
nn tbo north bank of Mica Creek,
ubout three and a quarter miles from
the Columbia Itiver, and marked "E.
McBoan's suut'h-west corner post,"
thence 80 chains north, theuce 80
chnius enst, thence 80 chains soutb,
thence 80 chains west to point ot commencement.
Dated March 4th, 1907,
14. Coniineiieiiig at a post planted
one quarter mile west of the Columbin
Itiver, and one mile below Eight Mile
Creek, and marked "E. McBean's
uoitb-eust corner post," thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains soulh,
thence K0chains east, thence 80 chains
north to point of commencement.
15. Coinmeneing at a post planted
at the south-west comer of T. L, 9792,
nntl marked "E. .McBean's south-east
corner post," thence 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains mirth, thenco 80
cbnins enst, thenoe 80 chains south lo
point uf coinmencement.
Dated March 5th, 1907.
16. Coiniiie.icing at a post plnnted
half a mile south of Eight Mile Creek
nnd one mile Irom the Columbia Hiv
er, and mnrked "B Mdlcan's suuth
east corner pust," thenoe 40 cbnins
west, thence 80 chains north, thence
10 chains west, thence 40 chains norlh,
thence 80 chains east, thence 120
chains south to point of commence
17. Commencing at a poit planted
one nnd a quarter miles west of the
Columbia Itiver, a quarter mile north
of Indian Creek, and marked "E. Mc.
Bean's south-east corner poit," thence
Kill ehnins west, tlience 40 ehuins
north, theuce IliO chains east, th. nee
lu cli..ins souih to point uf commencement.
18. Commencing nt n post plnnted
one mul n quarter m-leswistof the
Columbia River and a quarter mile
north ol Indian (.'reek, ni.d maiked
"E. McHean's north- ast. corner poBt,"
tlience west 1(H) chains, tlience south
10 chains, thence east 1C0 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point ol
Dated March 6th, 11107.
19 Commencing at a post planted
two miles east ol ihe Columbia River,
buck ol T. I.. 9619 and mnrked "E.
McBean's north-west oorn-r post,"
thence40 chains east, ihence 20 chains
south,thence 120 chains.ast, thence
40 ehnins south,thence 120 chains
west, thence 2o chains north, thence
40 ehnins west, tbeuce 40 chains north
to poiut ol commencement.
Dated March 7th, 1907.
20. Coin.... neing nt n pust plnnted
<n the east Lank of the I. rth Ink of
Big Mouth . reck and about
quarters ol a mil - Irum ibe iiuiincreek
und marked "E Mo Ben n's south-welt
.. itier post," thonce 160chains north,
iheuce 40 chains easl, llmnce 160
chains south, tlience 40 ciniins west to
point ol oo'iiincn.-eiii. li'.
21. t'oiuuieiicing al a posl plunted
.... tl c oust lm k ot the north fork of
Bi« Mouth deck, uboui three quarters
-I n mile. fr..... the main creek, and
■icrk'tl "-E, .Me.llenn's B.-iilh-enst corner put," thenee 160 chains nortli,
theoce 40 chains west, thence 1(10
ehains soulb, thence 40 chuius enst to
pm t. nl commencement,
22. Commenolng at iv post plnnted
on tl.e north bank ol Big Mouth
Creek, ubout two and a quarter milei
above north fork, nnd iii.irt.ud "E. McBean's north west cn ner pus1," thence
80 chni. a souih, thenee 20 eli'.iii seust,
tlience  8'.)  chains  souih, thence  40 s .v. st, llienee 80 chaius north,
then.'.120 chains \v. st, thence 80 chnlns
u .rth, thence 40 chains cast to point
olcuoin. ncemeiit
23. Com...dicing at n posi planted
on ll.e uo.ih Imnk of Big Mouth
Creek, about one quarter of a mile
above south fork, nnd inarked "R. Medea..', s nth-west comer post," ihenee
HO clmins enst, tlience 20 chains north.
In nee 80 chains eull, thenee 40 clmins
uorth, thence 80 ehuins west, thence
20 chains smith, thence 80 chuina
weit, thence 40 chnius south to point
Dated March 12th. 1907.
24. at a posi. planted •
on the south bank of Big Mouth
Creek, about, three and ahull miles
above soulh fork and murked '-E.
McBeau's north-easl .- rnc.r pust,"
thence 40 chains west, tlienee 20
chains soutli, thence 40 chains vtest,
thence 20 chaini suuth, thence 80
cliains wesl, thence 40 chains south,
thence 80 chains east thence 20 chains
north, thence 40 cbnins enst, thence
20 chains north, tlience 40 chains east,
iln nee 40 chaini north to point ol
com mencenient.
25. Commencing at a post planted
on the soutl. bank of Big Mouth
Creek, about three and a half milei
above south fork, and marked "E. McHean's uorth-west eurner post," thence
10 chains east, thence 20 ohains north,
theuce 40 chains ens), thence 80
ohains south, thence 40 chains west,
thence 20 chains south, iheuce 4(1
chains weit, theace 80 chains north to
pnint of commencement.
26. Commencing at a post planted
on the eait hunk ol a stream coming
from the south, about lour and three
quarter miles above south lork, and
niarked "E. McBean's north-west corner poit," thence 80 chains south,
thence 20 chains east, thence 80 chains
south, thence 40 ehninseast, thence
80 chains north, thence 20 chaina
weat, tlience 80 chaina norlh, tlienco
40 chaini weet to point ol commencement,
27. Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank ot a stream coming
Irom the south, about four and three
quarter miles above soulh fork, and
niarked "E. McBean's south west corner post," thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
south, theuce 80 chainB west to point
ol commencement.
28. Commencing at a post planted
on tl.e east bank of Big Mouth Creek,
about (ive and three quarter milei
above south lork, and morked "E. Mo-
Bean's south-west corner post," thence
80 chains north, thence 80 chains east,
thence 80 chains iouth, tbeuce 80
chaini west to point ol commencement.
20, Commencing al a post planted
on the east bank ol Big Mouth Creek,
about six and tliree quarter miles
above iouth fork and marked "E, McBean's south-west corner pnst," thouce
160 chains norlh, thence -10 cliains
eait, thence 160 chains south, thence
40 chaini weit to point ol comniencemont..
30, Commencing at a poit planted
about hall a mile east ot Big Mouth
Creek and abet six and three quarter
iniles abovo south lork, and murked
"E. McBon.i's south-west corner post,"
thence 160 chains noith, thence 40
ohains esst, thence 160 chains south,
thence 40 ehuins west to point ol commencement.
Dnteu 13th February, 1907.
31. Commencing at a poat planted
one third mile west ol north fork of
Hig Mouth Creek, and one quarter
mile north ol main creek, and marked
"E. McBean's south-west oorner post,"
thence 160 chains eaBt, thence 40
chains north, thence 160 chains west,
thence 40 chaini south to point of
IA, commencing at a post planted
on the south bank ot Big Mouth
Creek, about three miles below nortli
tork, and marked "E. McBean's southwest corner post," thence 40 chains
north,tbenee 160 chaini east, thence
40 chaini aouth,thence 160 chaina
weBt to point of commencement.
Dated March 14th, IM.
wed meh 27 E. McBEAK.
1 Notice l» hereby alven thatou daya slier .late
I Intend lu ai.|.ly lo tlie' hlelCommissioner ol
Lands and Work, (or permt.»lon to purobaae
the lollowlng deavrlbcl laud.:
Commuuclug at a poat planted at the S W
corner ol T. Beech's pre-emritlon, "narked
•'Cha., Beck'a B, W. corner pobI," runnl:.g eaal
so chaiua, south at chalna, wo 1 sn chains,
tbenee north 2t) chalna to point ol commence,
ment, comprising 100 acre, more or leaa,
Piled Feb. 7th. UN!.
leb 1« sit CHAD, BUCK,
j- Sf*
I  .
# "1U I IB.
Notice is hereby given thnt 30 days
ii.ti-i date I intend io apply to the
i . : I . - mi. *m im-i nl Lauds and
Works foi .. special licence to cut nmi
carry uway timber from ihe following
described l.n...-. situate in Wes*
Kootenay tiistiict.
1. Commencing at a post planted
nn Olsen l ieek, runniug luto Pingston
creek, ni valley eastol Pingston creek,
marked "W. t\ Ogilvie's B. W poet,"
thence 80 chains north, thence so
chains east, theuce 80 chaius south,
ihence SJ chains west to puiui ul commencement.
t. Commencing at .. post marked
"\V. I-'. Ugilvie's S, K. corner post,"
adjuiuing Location No. 1 .... west, |
thence SU chaius north, ihenee so
ehains west, thence mj chains soutli,
thenoe SU chains east to poinl of com-
■ i. Commencing Ht a post marked
"W. I-'. Ogilvie's B, W, cornel post,"
mi). .1..f.. i. .. i. No, 1 ■ i. north,
tbenee bO chains north, tlieucu mi
chains east, theuce mi chains south,
theuce SU .-I....,- .vest tu puilll ul colli-
I.  Cummencing al n posl planted i.i
stuuti-u e*;    ut f.ei -.1  I  No. li,
in.iiK.-.i "W. i Ogilvi. *
corne. post,' lb. m - SU - ...on* nurth,
th,-.. eSU .vest, tlience BUchalus
* mt.., ii,.-:,.. SJ . 1..1111- .-.i-l lo iioiiit .-in.-ut.
.1. (...uui,-1. .ii,: at .i posl plunted
nn north-east i o.uei i Uicatiou Nu. I,
marked "W, P. Ogilvie'e S, W, co.-nei-
poat, theuce 9U chuius north, thence
MM-i, l...- - . t. tin I.- ■ 80 chuius SUUlb.
tbeuce SU chains west tu point ol commeucemeut.
ii. Commencing ut :. pust planted
on south-went cornel-of Location 6,
niaiked "W. F. Ogilvie's 8, I- coriioi
post,'* theuce SO chains north, theuce
§U chains .vest, tbeuce mj ehuins suuth, Ml chain.- eusl lo point of COln-
Dated March nth, 1UU7.
7. Commencing .it a post planleil
on the uorth side ..f Locution No, 5,
about one-half mile from N. E, cuiner
of Location No. J, marked "\V. I-'.
Ogilvie,. .s. E, col net- pust," Iheiiue
north lu chains, thence west 160chains
thence south lo chains, thenee east inn
chains to place oi commencement.
S, Commencing at a post plunted a
half-mile north ol Location post No. 7,
maiked "W, I*. Ogilvie's l-i. li. curuer
post," thence 40 chains north, thence [
10U chaina west, thenc-41)cliain.south,
thence 100 cliains east to place of commencement.
:.. Commencing at a post planted
one mile went Hum theN*. K. cornel-
o. Location No. 8 on north side, inarked "W. I"'. Ogilvie's .S.W. corner post
thence SUcliainsuoith,thence
east, thence MJ chains south, Ihence 811
chains west topoiut
10. Commeueiug al a post planted
on 8. W, cornel- ul Locution No. II,
marked "W. I-'. (Jgilvi.-'s s. K. corner
post." thence north SU chains, thence
Wesl SU chains, thence south 8IJ chains,
tbenee east mj chains to point of commencement,
Daled Match 10th, 1UU7.
11. Commencing ai a post planted
on north-east cornel of Location No,
lu, maiked "W. F. Ogilvie'sS. W.
corner post," thence north SU chains,
thence east MJ chains.thence south HII
chains, thence west SU chains to poinl
of commencement.
12. Commencing at a post planted
on the S.W. cornel*of Location No. 11,
maiked "W. F. Ogilvie's 8. E. corner,
thence MJ chains noith, Ihence 8U
chains west, thence SU chains suulh,
thence SO chains east to point of commencement,
13. Commencing at u post planled
on N. W. cornei-of Location No, 11,
marked "W, F. Ogilvie's 8. W. corner
post," thence 80 chains north, thence
HI chains east, thence SU chains soutli.
thence SU chains west to point of commencement.
14. Commencing at a post planted
on N. E. coiner of Location No. 12,
maiked "*W, F. Ogilvie's K. F. corner
post," theoce SO cnains north, thence
§0 chaius wesi. thenci mi chains south,
thence MJ chains east to point of com-
lo. Coinineneilig at a post planted
.rn N. W. corner ... Location No. ill,
maiked "W. F. Ogilvie's south-west
corner post.' tiieuceSO chains north,
thence SO chains east, tlience 80 chains
south, thence mi chains west to point
of commencement.
16. Cummencing at a post planted
on N E. coiner of Location No. 14,
marked "W, I*. Ogilvie's 8, E. coiner
post." thence 80 chains north, thence
80ehains west, :i..-...-.- SO chains south,
thence 80 chains east to point of commencement,
Dated March llth. 1907,
su hlO     W. '•*. OGILVIE
Nolice Is hereby yiv.-n Unit 80 days alter uaie
I Intend to ....eli to theCbie! .'
Landa ninl \\orks l..r a apeol." 1 license to eut
.ni.l earn away timber Irom .In- lollowlng
.!.-*.-ri.H'.l' inini* situated in .Vest ICootonay
l.  Commencing   at a poat planted about ji
mile Irom abore ..( Arrow Lake  weat aide ol
Ilk.-, marked "\V, !■'. ugllrle'a N.W. corner poat,"
thence sciil. Ilu chalna, ilu-nco .-n.-t 10 chains,
thenca north 190 cbaina, ll..-..™ neat 40 chains to
point ol commencement.
'j. Conn iclug a..-. poat ptanteil rtli-west
corner..( Location No. i marked "W. I-'. Ogitvlu'a
N. K. conier post," tlience aoutl. 160 chatna, thenee,,. ,   ,,,   ,   .
weat 40 chaina, thence norlli 160ehniiis,thonco oust  Ibeuce south 811 ohalni
I . f.un-... point et commencement.
:.. Commencing fit ;i i".*i planted on N. I'l. cor
ner of Lncntlou No, t, .....I marked "\Y. V. Ogll
vi..-* s.w .-iinu-r post, tbenee 100 chaiua north, III
cii un. eaat, 100 chain, south, .0 chains weat tn
poinl ol
I   Coinmeneing nt u poat planted on tlie simile
... comer ol Location So. 8, llienee norlh nm
clialna,tlience weaf-aO chaina, thenoe smith lot.
chalna, tlience cast ll) cliains to plnce ol com-
5 Commencingat a poat ptanteil aboul iota
...lle .....ll. ol Location No. I, mnrkeil "W, l-\ ugll-
if.--* s. W, corner poat," thonoo tee cbaina nortli,
thence I., chains Boat, thence 180 clialna south,
Ihence In chains weal to point ..1 coinmencement,
.:, Commencing fii npo*i planted on -..ul lowest
corner ol Location No, 5, .....l marked "W. I-'. Ogll-
i-l - 1: cornor poal," thence 100 chnlns north. 10
....on* weat, 180 chains aouth, lo chnlns oast te
p..nil o( i-oiniiii-in-i-nu-itl.
li.i.-l March8th, lun!.
inch W. F. iiciLVIK.
OTICK IS HKIIKUY tllVKN* llmi thirty
ilny-ut'liT itnh'   1 illli'llil lo npplv to UlO
t hlef I'ommlsclonor of Lauds ami Vvorlts foi* a
Hpocial liconso io cui Ami oarrynwoy timbor
imii) tht* followlnn doBoribod hinds in the
|ii-,*i*ii'l uf ft'oel Kuuli-imy:
1 1 mi no Mt-iitu ntn, pust iiiaiki-il "Jttnios Andor-
■-..1,'- iii-iih n.'-tt coruer post." [itanlod on tin* onst
dduoltioldltcb Creek on Town Uno WMid, run-
1,1,. i-.i-t mi cliains, thencu mmili mi ultaias,
tlience went 60 chains, tlienco nerth so chains to
i.;..i .* ofcummoncoinont,
DatoilMardt 1st, mo".
sat nidi U .IAS, ANDERSON.
. hereby glvon thai 30 days nf tor date
Intend to y to the Chief Coinniisslwior of
jimls and Works for a special licence to out
ry away  LliiiTh-i*  from tlm following
, LinilKT fron
losorlboo lands in Wost Kootonay Distriot:
CommeacliiB at a poet marked "ft H. Bawyor'o
noith-eiiut enrnor post." [ilatiLt'il alongside a pust
iimrkeil "H, Dounelloy's nortlbwest coraerpi '"
un west sldo of frisby Creek, running umith 120
i'liains, tlitmct) oasi HO eliains, tlteilCO imrth It)
clialns, theuco west hi cluilna, thonce nortb 80
chainB, thence wosl 4u chains to placo at com
u.tti'il March 1st, nut;.
lt. H. SAWYEK,
sat inch 9 Por Jas. Ainlurson, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date 1 inlend to upply to the
Hon. Ohief t'omini'"sionei' of Lands
.-.nil Wnrks foi- a special licence to cut
.nnl curry away timber frnm (lie following described lands situated in
Lardeau district:
Commencing at a pnst planted on
the eusl side of Fish creek, about three
...iles from in..utli of Fish creek and
half a mile east of the bank, marked
"Win. I'ai-toii'.s 8. E, corner post,'
niul dated March 12th, 1!K)7, thenee
no .-111 8(1 chains, east. 81) chains, sooth
SO chains, ivesl SU chains to point of
sat inch 1(1       W.M. PAKTON.
Notico is hereby given that GO days from date
I intend to apply to the Honourable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands uud Works lor permission to purchase the following deacribed
lnnds, Situated Ml Galena lluy, mul moir •jur-
lieularly described us follows:
lU-iilniiiiit; Ht a post planled at the uorth-east
corner uf Andy Olson's ranch, and called '■!'.
J Olson's N. W. corner post," thenee 4n chains
cast, thence 40 chains south thence in clmiiis
west, thenee 40 chains north to [mint of commencement, containing IM acres more or less.
[•■.iini Uui. J-'itli, PJU7.
leb 16 sat 1'. J. OT.80N,
Notice i- heteby given that 30 days
afte. date 1 intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands un.l
Works,;' -i a -p-- i.i! licence to .-ut and
carry away timlier from the following
described lands in the Fast Kootenay
1. Commencing at a p.-st marked
-I i. Woolsey's south-east coiner nnst,"
and planted on  th- -i.i.- ..f tl Id
Wood River Trail, ahoul live miles
ea*t of ili- Columbia River. Ihence
ii—• -i.!,....-.-. them - i. -i'l" 80chains,
then.-.- easl 80 ch litis, thence Bouth 811
chains to the place of commencement, north bankof Jobi I iboutthn
2, Cummencing   il  n n-.-i maiked      - '
-Ii. Wo. ;-• *> - north-east.....-. pnsl
Nottoe is hereby given that es .lays nfter date 1 upply to tbe Hon. ruble l'l.ii-1 .'...iimis-
sioner ol Lunils ami Work, permission to pur
clinst- tlie lollowlng deacribed laiuls:
Starting at a post innrkoil "K. N. Henderson,
plunled at tlio north-weat corner ol Lot sii'. on the
eust shore of Upper \rrmv Uke, running euat si)
chains, nnrth so chains, weat si. cliains. thence
iil.-fiff .lie lake slmre soutl. to point of com
liai.-.l Feb, 1211., nrnr.
sat inch 2 11. N. HENDBRSON.
VTOTICE w hereby given that 60 days nfter
i.\ dnte I intend lo apply to lho Hon. the
I liiif Commissioner of Lands ami Works fur
permission lo purchase tint following lic-criheii
lands, situated in West Kootenny, on the west
uhorcof Uppor Arrow Lake:
Commencing at n post murked "J,(/.H.'s
north-east corner," plantcil at tiie north-Wost
cornerof Lot -ili. tlience wostiO chalna more
rn* les.4 to tin- north-onst corner of Lot 3259,
thonce aouth l'» cbnins. thence wst lo chains
more or less io the soullvwo4 corner of bit
114. tbenee norlli 1') chains to poinl of com
i notice ment.
Dated this 88rd day of Fob. 1807.
J. c. HAItLOW,
inch ti sat Hy hla agent **-. .1. Harlow.
Notice Is hereby giren that within thirty days
from date I Intend tn apply tn tin- Honorable
Chief Commwaitner uf Units and Wnrks fur ,i
uncial license to cut ami enrry away timber frt-m
the following deacribed lands, situated in Wesl
Kootenay District.
Comtnenclnu at the nortb east corner el Lot8185;
tbeuce north 10 chalna, thence west ten chalas,
theUCfl -"iith tU ehnins. tllfnee ean lne chAiiu
t" point 'if commencement.
Dated i'u- jth da;   I \| * i.. LW j
Notice i- horeb) given thai within two
month, from the Ur-t publication hereof in the
British Columbia Qazette. wo Intend to applj
lu the Hon Chlel Commissioner ol luuui-um!
w..rh- for ,i ipeclal licence to cut and carry
away timber (fan the loll 2 described
lands iltuated ft- Wesl Kootonti) ......
1,  Comnien. ina .1   i  ,.-.-' plants I on the
ami planted on the Bide of .In- old
W I  Rivei Trail, almul  live mile
ea-t  nl the . olmnh i  Rivi . thei
we-t 80  i. .if,-, thenci - utli 8U ....
thence --'---     i ns, thenc. .. .rlh 80
chain- ( - the place of. oinmcnceinent,
:., Commenc i..- al ■> post marked
"D.Woolsej - n .ith-uesl. r.rnei p. -'.
and planted on tl..- side ol the old
Wood Rivei 'I. iii il .ill five mil. - east
of ll.e Columbia Rivei, I hi it..■-■■■-
chains, thenci south 81) cliains, thei -
wesl 80 ihalns, thence north 80 h ilm
to the place ol en. - n " '.
I.   Commencing al .. posl marked
"D.Woolsey' ih-ivest corner post,"
and planted on Ihe side ol the old
Wood Rivei Trail, about five miles
from the Columbia River, then, c i asl
fm ehains. thence north 80 chains,
thenee ive.*t 80 chains, thence south BO
chains to tbe place of c mencenient
Dated this oth dav of March, 1007.
sat null Ul        I). WOOLSEY.
-D Meln.o.    -
... .
N'oti"-" i- hereby given thai 30dny. allei iie
»i nlmd to apply Wlbe Chlel OommiBsinnorol
Land-a.f.i Work* Ior a special license I ou.
and earrir away timber 'o-m tb. lollowlng de.
«ribed .ami- in di-lrict. >.l neat h....te....!-f
I. Beginning nl t peel about -1 ohnlni north
ci!:.m- II..!. ..... II • .-:.f-:.k*!.i.iillo..-li.i:.f*
In.'..'he nnil marked "I. '. 'nil-
mer'. S. iv. eomer post, thence -" thnln,
north, tlience»chnlni east, thenoe 80 chains
south. Uie. - - I I"- wesl in poln! "f cn.n-
•J. Beginning al ..: ■' aboul 120 chains unrtl
ot tbe Halcyon Hoi Spring, .md ...*rk.-.l "    '
K. K.
l*ttUmei'8S.W.corner poat, the
norlh. thence 8S .-lifiifi- .-.i-i. iln
south. Uience BJ chain, weal to
liuie.1 March Hne 190!
wed mrch JI K.K. Kn.l.MKl:
I... m - tt, corner
-...ii.. thence eas!  IBO
balns, theni ean.ith I enee west I0H
f M
i   i,. Ing .i   . , f
north --■.. *  ' '      -    - n
.arte,  nf a mile fron, r.     Creek, mm led
-Ii. Mi-I.f.i.-I, and rt'm   Boyd ■ n  Vv. corner
; --.   -i,. i.. .■ -■.    llll   null      ...   on    i
,,., theni -  -	
inn   lo the poll nei
I. --.! Uan h T.I  19
li Mel.NTOSR,
in.I iii.-I.-j..        WM, nu*' 0,1.--...'.o-
UNO N.-II. 1
i   . laj   iller .late I
....               to thei  ... I I ■....-!.       Hi
i mil. i.i u rka I  rue itun ■   purchoael ..
.:. «.... .1 ,.,.-.i:i| ill.
• n| mted tt the iniith-wijat
    f 1.1. :II   ■   .- .1 j ■ nl I ppei Arrow Uke
tbance -..-' -o -1.-in-- "i i" chain    real 10
.,.!!,., i, rth lOchains to pointol cummeneemen
. '.ii. nuiii.- sau «. n - more or leaa,
ll.!- I Mo. I   Uth,   -
...iN.-ii if. II. o. MORRIS,
I.AM. Null. I-.
N.,:.r-1, ;.■ rebj m.'-i; thai " daya niter date I
Intend Ui applj to lhe i m.-i Commiaaioner ol
Landa and IVwks fo. permlaaion tn nnrchnaetbe
following deacribed I Is In Weat Kootenay dis
Commencing ..'   i pnsl planted .... .to- N. K.
come. "I i.-i '.' Im .... N. V.. Aon of Arrow Lakes,
them •■  a -" - hats   east BO chalna, nortli 80 wea. s".-a"ii':.-' point "f commencement.
Ci nl lining Mon re.
I.M.'l M.r.l. IIU.. 1007.
 meh 18 I. Mi I'llAl.lil-.N.
Notice la given that Hi daya allei - I
Intend i" to tliu i i.i.f Comtnlaalonor ol
Landa And prnnla.  to piirchMothe
lollowlng .l.-.,'-riii."l in iv... i Kootenny dis
.'ommenclng ai ft |s>*i .
-.mlli Irom tbe 8. K. ier
t-i,,>.-r irrow L..k.., tlii'ii..■
.-I I
if coininencoment. (.
Dated M...-.-.. ial., li«i*.
wed uii'b li
.1 nlmiit one mil..
.. Sll. Ml shore of
Bn . hnlns, south
- .haina lop.......
I.. A. M. MOItlUH
Notice is he.-eby given that!!(! days
after date I intend to apply lo the
lion, the Ohlot Commissioner of Lands
and Works lot- special licenses lo cut
nnd curry away timber from the following desciibed lnmls in Kooteuav
1. Commencing at a pust pl.t..led
about 2.t illiles up ihe North Pork of
Goldstream and marked "Gns Lund's
N. K. corner," thence west So chaius,
thenee east Sll
chains, thenee north SU chains to point
of coinmencement.
2. Commencing at u post planted
at tho N. E. c...-ner of Location No. 1,
and marked "(lus Lund's N. W. corner, " thenee oust SU chains, thence
soulh SO chains, Ihenee west SU chains.
thence north 80 chains to point of
3. Commencing at a post, planleil
ahoul, l.l miles up tl.e North Fork of
Golds! l-e.nn and marked "Gus Lund's
N, W. corner," thenee east Sl) ehains,
ihenee soulb SU ehuins, Ihence west. SI)
ehuins, I bene, north Sll chainslo point
of commencement.
■I,   Coinineneilig nl, a post planted
aliout l.\ miles up the North Fork of
Goldstream .'.nd marked "(Ins Luud's
N. hi. corner," thence west sn chains,
llieni:.. suuth su chains.thence east su
chains, tbeuce north 80chains lo point,
.. renin... en.-en.enl.
.-*..   (' at a posl planted
uboui  IJ miles up the North rotkof
(1..I.Islt....... .in.I ui.liked "(lus Lund's
S, W. cotner," Iheneeeast SO chains,
thonce north sn chains, thence west, su
chains, thencesouth 80 chains to point
of commencement.
(I, Commencing at a post planted
ahout 4J miles up the No.-lh l-'oi-k of
Coldstream and marked "(lus Lund's
S. K. collier," Ihence west SU cbnins,
thence north SU chains, thence east Sll
chains, then.:., south SO ehuins to point
of commencement.
Conimenclng at a post pi....*..I
about 0J miles up the nortli fork of
Qoldstream and marked "Gus Lund's
N. W. corner," thence eusl SU ehuins.
thence south SO ehuins, tlience west Sll
chains, theuce north8U ehains to point,
of couiuiencement.
S. Commenolng at a pnst planted
ahnnt (1.1 miles up llie north toi-k of
Goldstream ami marked "(lus Lund's
N. E. cocner," thonce west SU chains,
thencesouth 81) chains, thence east 80
chains, thence noith SI) chains to point
of commencement,
0. Commencing at a post, planted
about (Ij miles up the north folk of
Goldsti-eam and marked "(ins Lund's
S, \V. corner," thence east 81) cliains,
thence north SI) chains, thence wesl 8(1
chains, thence south 81) chains to point
of commencement.
111. Commencing at a post planted
ahnnt OJ miles up the north folk of
Goldstream and marked "Ous Luud's
H. E. ciirner," thence west 81) chains,
thence north SO cliains, thence eusl 811
chains, thenee smith 811 chains to point
of commencement,
11. Commencing at a posi planted
about 8.1 iniles up the north fork of
Goldstream and marked "Ons Lund's
N. W, corner," thenco east 8(1 chains,
thence south SO chains, tlience west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point
of commencement,
12. Commencing at a pnst planted
about SJ miles up the north fork of
Goldstream and marked "(ius Lund's
N. E. corner," thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence east 80
cuius, thence nortli 80 chains to poinl
of commencement.
18. Commencing at a post planted
about 81 miles up the north fork of
Goldstie.ini and maiked "(in, Lund's
S. E. corner," thence west SO cliains,
(hence noith SI) chains, thence eust 811
hains, thencesouth Sll chains to point
of commencement.
It, Commenolng at a post planted
about8) miles up lhe noith fork of
Gol.Ist.-ea... and marked "(lus Lund's
S, W, corner," thence eust 80 chains,
thence nortb so chains, thence west su
chains, thenee soutli Hi chains to point
of commencement.
1.'.. Conimenclng at it post planted
about lllj miles up the north fork of
Golds!team anil niaiked "Gus Lund's
N.W. coiner." thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west so
chains, thence noith SO chains to point
of co....neneen.ent.
Iti. Commencingal a post planted I
ahout 10$ miles up the north fork of I
Goldstream and marked "Gus Lund's
N. E.corner," thence west si) chains,!
thence south 80 chains, thence eaat 80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point
of commencement.
17. Commencing af a pus! plant...}
about 10} up the north fnrk of
Goldstream and inarked "One*
S, K. corner," thence west 80 chains,
thenc north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, tbenee smith 80chains tu poini
of commencement.
8. Cummencing al a pest planted
aboul lo; mile* up fie- north fork -<f
Goldstream and marked "Gns Lund's
s. W. corner," thence easl BO chains,
ihen. .-if -"' -m : ., theni.- ivesl 80
chains, them-e -..:.:!i SI chains ' . poln!
of commencement.
in.   Commencing mted
about ill; miles op the n fork of
Goldstream and marked "Gus Lund -
N. W. enrner," thenci easl 80 chta i
thence south B0 cha i bene. »e«tSU thence north 80 chains to poinl
it commencement.
•_ii.   (iiiiooei.i ing at .. ',".-. plant. I
about  I.   tulles  ip tin- n..uh iui-1, "i
Goldstream and  marked "Gu. I.onil'*
\. I-',, col ner,' ' hence ivesl  -" '
thence south B0 chn
chain*, ill.-ll.e in" ' i    - pninl
if ..'-'- nt,
21,   i ii.iuim'im in., n   ii..- planted  I
Goldstream mai '„■■•'■   (1 i  I .
S, \V. corn -     . i -n - hains.
thence nortb - ill - -■- -■ ive ' Bil
ehains, thence south sn chains to poinl
of' men. emenf.
-.I i .....iiii'iH mm' .1 i posl planted
fib..ut  12) miles up 'he ie.uh lull* - l
Golds!  and maiked "Gus Lund's
S, I-!, corner," thence wesl 80 chains,
,l.i-1 in'Mli -o ' ii un-. theni -
chains, thei south 80 chains'.. point
of commencement.
li....-.I January 27th, 1007.
-ui mchfl   ' GCS I,I'M..
Nnii.vM hereb) given thai BOdftj
Intend I** ipply tn the ' .ii<'f Commiiwmno. of
[And* mil tvorlcs fnr -jerraliHilor to pu
fi,]l<.Mil!/ described lands:
Cnumi'"!.' in.- ..* i di tnated 'i."'tit i miles
nnrth nf McDonald Creeii on Lho eastrtiore f
i ppei ur..* Uke Inlnln^ I b. WHftontl .utb*
wmt, corner i ti nh ■ ' 10 rbahw, uouth '.i'i
chains, wast H ■ halns, in rtli Wahalns In place "f
Dated Jan. 281b, ltW.
febOsat I*- A   DEWAR
) "Strand
SacK Suit
Fit-Reform's   most  popular
creation for well dressed men.
Made in elegant English and
Scotch Tweeds—West of England
Worsteds—Cheviot Serges—and
Twilled Vicunas — all woven
expressly for Fit-Reform.
$1$. up.
MclfinnGi. I Sutherra
~  Revelstoke
FS il (I
Full Stocks Now on Hand
and Arriving
M To El! Had
Place Your Coal  Orders
Where They Will Receive
Immediate Attention.
Agent For Ilie Crow's Nest Coal Compdny.
Look Well I Feel Sell! i    «f»
Do you enjoy llmi well diessed feeling? We nil know what
it feels like to l.e hot, to be cold, or to l.e lired, and it is
just,-is true that we all it feels like lo be well
dressed. It feels good, and it's good to feel good, Vou can
never bo well dressed if your clothes are nol made by the
right maker,
Get to know we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and you will find what a pleasure and satisfaction il is to he
well dressed,
Suits and Overcoats  SI5, $18, and $-20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, S20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: SIS and $20
Special Trousers $5 and S.G.
Tailoring is our business. We make a man look well
and he knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
lncoriKirntod by Acl cf Parliament 1855,
Wm. MOUON MAOPHERSONi Pies. H. II. EwiNO, Vice-Pres.
Jamkh Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branhos in Oiundii and Agencies in all ptrts of the
Interest credited tout' times it current rates .... Savings
Bank depnsits, until further notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
I.*W%V%%%V%%%%.'%WV%%%WV%% *vww%v»
For Im|.lomoiits. Carriages, Wagons'ii Etc., Jul..,
Deere Plounhs, Moliuo Wiit-ons, Canada Carriage Company's
Ruggios, Plnnot jr., Qarilon Sooilors and Cultivators, Wheelwright nnd Rliieksinitli Work atto.nle.1 to. Horso Sluicing n
I     •
The Glory
of Eastertide
should find your house hright and
beautiful. Nice furniture will
greatlv add to its effect, and as we
are supplied with many artistic
sets anil pieceR which are being
sold at remarkably low prices, you
ehould not allow the opportunity
to pa.".
From 25 to 50   Per Cent
ycur Grocery Hills.
Is milled in triinsit at Enderby, B. C.
in the largest Flour Mill west of Brandon. MOFFET'S "BEST" Bread
Flour is milled entirely from Western
Hard Wheat, famed the world over for
its strength.
Discriminating housekeepers far and
wide have long since conceded first
place to "BEST" for bread making.
Secure a sack at your Grocers.
HEAD OFFICE: Cauiakv, Ai.iikhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Fork Packers anil Dealer tn Live Stock. Mtlrkuta in nil tho |irsii'i|nil (litlea .....I
Towns of Alberta, Britisli .....iniilii;. and tho Yukon. Packers ol the 1'elelirate.l llraml
'.Ira orator " Hams and line...., and Shamrock Brand, Leaf I ..r.l. j,
Central Hotel
/ag—   REVELSTOKE, B. O.
Newly built.    First-claee in erery respect.    All mo .em com1, n . nceu
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $1.50 per Day. Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, und.*r same mmagem't
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquorsand
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate,
J.   ALBERT     STOn^TI"!     PROF.
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
I-., -.- 71
S \ I- I-: -
! Pei I,
sell .it ..t lowest ivholesnlo
prices. Hotel and boarding house
keepers, lur...ers, miners and lumbermen uill limi it. to thoir advantage to
investigate os
to i...y railway station in British
i olumbia,   We only handle llrst-class
and pure e,.mils. We (.'iniriintee
prompt delivery, No order loo small,
none lno largo, Write for our price
list.    IT   I.S   PREE,   He convinced
^ tlnit you f-fin -five money.
Notice la hereby given tliat ...i .lays alta. date I
int.-ml  n. .....I, ... the ' hlef Commissioner .-i
(,iinil",.n.i Work* f'.r ii-riiii**  tn pun li 110 tho
fi.ll.iiili.L' (le.crit.ed ianda In Weal Knotenaj ill
Commencing at a post planted nn weal ihon ol
Upper Arr.iii I.fiki-. f.t Shelter Bay, nt tin- sonth
cast, corner ..I Loi ki i. 11 co lolln. lug I In-
..rn boundary ..f I,..t 811 west 80 chain., ttiei	
.oittli SS clialna, eaal BOrlialns, -hh-iIi sn cnatnato
pnlnl oi commence nl    . entalntng (.10 acres,
ll.ili-.l Mm... I2.ll, C..IV.
wed null 111 II. M, IMF..
I UU     !  UUI      UUI   j6(*.*2f)lHlanl-y8t., WINNIPEG, Man,
Two Dwelling  I Io i .-■.
PRICE   $3,500
Por particulars apply to
Mrs II. .1, It.. ,l.iiry
First-Class Table.
ining Boxes
in for
Brjppc-rs, ot".
ooms To Let
Queens J4otel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this ,
Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
First-clas accommodation tor travel.".-.
Iiest brandB of Winem, S| irite, inul
RATE     $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Nntlcu U lioroby iriveii Mn' BU ttayn nfter lata 1
iiuciii to ii|i(iiy tn iiif Ch.ef iJoinmiMtom'r of
Landsaud Works torn sue. dnl license tn cut aiiil
carryaway tlhilier from lliu following ilescrihe I
lands Kituuti'il in tliu Osoyoos division 'f Villi1
8. I'ommmiriug nt n pout m^'Hod "Hnrry
Mcintosh's N.E. oorner poat No 8." nil pluutod
nt Uio nun It*wosl cornor off H. Hclhlosh'a Luca-
lion No. 2. liionco soulli 81 clmins. ihoneo wosl
M) cliHins, tlienco norlli SO chains, thouco oust HU
cliains to point uf eniuinuucuniout.
D. tod 7th March, 10,7.
ant meh 33 HyG. K Brink, Agent,
Notice is hereby given that thirty days nfter
date I Intend im apply t-. Hit Chiel Cummin
sioner of Lnmls mul Works [or it special lii-onse
lu eul nnd curry away timber Irom the follow-
ini* described lands situated In the Osoyoos
division, Yale District;
1> Commeuelng nt n post plnntod about
bull a milu nuiili of tbo norlh-enst cornerof
Sonar Lil,-u urn! about 1 mile oast of tho Sjhus-
wnp river, and marked "H. Mcintosh's south-
Wost onrnor pout No. 1," thonoo oust 80 ohains,
thenco north 80 ehuins, thnnco wost Ml ohains,
thonco soulh 80 chains to poiut of commoneoinent.
2. Commencing nt a post plnnted at tbo
iiortli-wosl cornur of 1, >catiou No. I, nud mark-
'•d ' 11. Mcintosh's muii li-wosl corner poat No.
2." tlionco onst Ktiehiuii*-,ihnnc*« north 80 chains,
I nonce we-l Ni chains, thouro south So chains tn
p iiut nl ciiiuinouceinotit,
Dalnd l'Jih M.irch, 1007.
nut inch 22 Hy G. K. Brink, Agont
Xn-i o In hereby given that80 days after rlntt* 1
Iiiti'inl Ina|i|i,j lu ili   ||.m. the Clin I   iimlUlMll'll
ur "f Ln* d-t mul Works fur a special lh i u«e tn enl
nml wry away iim imr from lliu fulluw Ing de'
scribed I,<ml.i in Weat Kooteuay district:
I'.miiiii'iiiiiii.' ut n poit plumed on lho east
shoreof Upper Arrow Lako, aboul nno mil''
south of CupO Horn, mnrkod "A.C. Y., N. W,
Corner," theuco miming oust 80 chains, thonco
south Ml chain**, thouro was, 80chains tlienco
mniii to ehuins to point ofcomineucomuiit.
. Dnio.l March Itith, 1007.
MUL mull 23 A. C. YODKH, Locator.
Notice Is horoby given ihnt 80 daya aftor dato
1 iuii'ini loHpjil)' totliu Chiiii1 L'ontiuis-.onurol
Lunils and Wurks for n .--pccbtl liccu-eloom
ami unil'J a»vay limbor front lho following du-
Ki'iih-il lands -muled iu Lhe Wesl Kootenay
Commencing ntu pnst plnnted nbout 20chains
west of Lot 3494, thence 20 chains uorth, 2U
ohnilis east, 00 chains north, SO cliains west, 80
ohnins soutli, nml iio chnius oust top int of
coin muiicoiiiout.
Lined lliili March. IWi.
Mtmvhtt R. F. PERRY.
Notice ih hereby given that ihe partnership
heretui.TO existing h-twecn J. K. Kubtnsoii
anrt,I. a lew is. all nf Wigwam. BO., has been
dissolved nnd all business will iufutuiete
tamed <ui by J. A Lewis.
I inii-il this I'll li dnv ol .March,  !)'".
sal mch'iit J     . LEWIS.
Noli.e is Inr. by given ilul llll day.
ufirr date I intend to apply to lhe
Chief Commissioner ol Luuda and
Winks (in ii t-pecinl to out and
c. rry away timber Irom the following
de-crihed Unds rilimtf in Yule DU-
t). Oniniuenoing nt a |K»t plnuled
at the north-east corner nl I.ul 2S18,
and niarkeit "A. M Symons'N. ll.
corner post," theuce eust KO chains,
thence south SU chains, thence west
100 chaina, more or less, to boundary
of Lot 2818, thence north-easterly
along snid bound.iry to place ot com-
10. Con.niencing at a post planted
at the north-west corner of Timher
Limit 10468, and n.u.ked "A M. Symons' S. IV. corner posi," tlience
no. th 80 chains, theuce cast 80 chains
thence south 80 chains, thence west
8<! chains to place ol
11. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner of Timher
Limit 10465, and niarked "A. M.Sy-
in-'iis' S. E. corner post," thence west
100 chains, theuce n.rtb 40 chains,
tlience eust KiJ cliains, thence soutl.
40 chains to place rl commencement
11 Commencing it a post planted
at the south-east corner of Timber
Limit 10472, and niarked "A. M. Symons' S. W, corner post," tlience east
80 chains, thence nonh 80 chains,
Ihence west 80 chains.thence soutli
80 chsins to pace ol
13 Commencing at a post plnnted
at the north-west c .mer of Timher
Limit 104(15, and marked "A M, Symons' N. E. corner post," thence west
160 chaius, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 160 chains, thence north
40 chains to plnce of
14. Commencing at a post planted
one hall mile sooth of the north-west
corner ol Timber Limit 10465, and
mamed "A. M. Symons' N E. comer
post," thence west 160 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 160
chains, thenco north 40 chains to
place ol commencement.
15. Commencing at a post planled
at the north-wist corner o! Timber
Limit 10473, and marked "A. M Sy-
n.o.ia' tf, E. corner post," tbeuce west
160 chains, thence somh 40 chains,
thence cast 160 chains, theuce north
40 chains to place ol
16. Commencing at a post planted
20 chains east ol tlie north-west corner
ol A. M. Symons' No. 8 Timbor Application, prior location, and marked "A.
M. Symons'S. \V. corner post,' thence
eust 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence soutli
80 chains to place of commencement,
17. Commencing at a post planted
20 chains east ol tl.e uon lowest corner
of No. 16, and marked "A. M Symons'
S.W. corner post," ihence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, tlience
west 80 chains to place ol commencement.
18. Commencing at a post planted
20 chains east ul tbe north west center
of No. 17, ond marked "A.M. Pymons'
S. W. enrner post," thenco east 80
chains, theuce north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains thence south 80 ohains
to place of coinmencement. -
19. Commencing at a post piloted
at tbe norlh-west corner of Timber
Limit 10469, and marked "A. M. Symons' N. E. comer post," thence wcBt
60 chains, ihence south 120 chains,
thence enst 40 chains to boundary oi
Lot 2818, tlience north easterly lining
said boundary to the south-west corner ol Timber Limit 10469, thenco
north 80 chains to place ot commencement.
Dated March llth, 1907.
sat moll 23 A. M. SYMONS.
       UNI) NOTKUI,        _^
Nolle. I. hereby given U...U.I daya after date 1
Intend to apply i" the Clilul Ct'.nimiaal.ii.ur of
' Worka *    *—^—^^
l,nl~liia unit Willis lor iieruilaaloii lo inirchaao t u> landa ll. Weat Kt.iitt.nuy .lla-
Ciiinim-m-liiR ul n post I'tiinti-il uliuui. one mile
eaatnl 1,1.171)10, on al.nro ol N.K. Annul Arrow
Lal.™, thence aouth Sll clmlna, .mat BII,
nnrth In chalna, Witt so chuina to pnlnt ol commencement,   Ooiitalnlns Sill aerea,
Dated March Ulh, Ho?,
w„l mcli II 11. M.JI1U1H,
Nolice ia hereby given that 80 days
alter dule I inlend to npplv to lhe
Hon. tl.e Chief Ci.ninii-.siiuiei- of Lands
nnil Works I'm-a special licence to cut
mid curry itivay in..I.e. fr.uu thn fui-
ln.vl.ig desciibed lands, situated on
the west side of the Upper Arrow
Luke in thu West Kootenay District.
1. Ouniuiencing ata stake planted
midway on the oust line.if Timber
Lhnit 'No. 7485, and niaiked "F. V.
Fuliiner'a south-west corner post,"
tlience north-along said line KI) chains,
thenee east 81) chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west. HI chains to point
of connnenceinent,
2. Commencing at the north-west
corner of No. 1, thence north 80 chains,
thence west KO chains, thonce suulh Kll
chains, thence east SO chains to point
of coinmencement,
3. Commencing at the south-west
enrner nf Nu. 2, tiience west Kll cliains,
tlience north Kll chains, thence east Kll
chains, Ihence south Kll chains tn point
•!. Commencing at the south-west
curlier of No. 3, thence west KI chains,
thenee north K(l ehains, Ihence east KO
chains, Iheuce snutli Kll chains to poinl
5. Commencing at the north-weat
eurner of No. I, ihence nnrth80 chains,
thence .asl. HII chains, thence south 8(1
chains, tlienee west Kll chains lo'point
of commencement, '
Dated Keb. 28th, 11107.
(I. Commencing at tho norl 1. east
cornet Of No. I. thenee north Kll chains.
111.'lice east KI) clmins, iheuce soulh Kll
ehuins, ihence west Kll chains to pnlnt
of cum meneement.
7. Commencing ahout midway on
the w.-st line of application No.*.,
tlience nortl. along said line Kll cliains.
thenee .vest 80chains, theuce sou.h Kll
chains, theuce east Kll chains tu p..inl
uf commencement.
8. Un...mencing at the north-easl
cornerof No. 7, thence north 10chains,
Ihence wesl. 1(111 chains, thence south
III ehuins, thence cast Hill chains to t lle
point uf connnenceinent,
0. t'omiueujing at the nortli easl
corner.if No. 5, llnmee north Ktl chains,
ihence east 80 chains,'thence south Kll
chains, llienee west KO chains to poinl
of commencement.
10. Commencing al tl.e iiui'th-fii-d
cornerof No, 5, llionce north 80 chains,
theuce west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 ohuliiB to point
of con.i...'..cement.
Duted Mnrch 1st. KKI".
i"\ I"'. Klil.L.llUK,
sal inch U     Ily 11....-y Hiniili, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby u'ivon that sixty days
after date I iutuuu lo apply to ino Ohief
t'ummis.-iunorof Lnnds aud Works for special
license to cut and enrry nwny timbor from the
following described laml*- situate In Yale
1, Commencing at a pnst plauted mi the east
side of icainbuw Creek, a tributary of Shuswap
Lliver, and abnitt o mllea from its muuth, nnd
nmrkiiil 'A. M. yyniuii*' N K- corner post,'
tlu-nce west Sti chains, thence smith Nl chains,
thence eaat m) chains, then,e north 80 chains tu
place of fiimmeiiccuiout.
Dated b'ob Ulh, IW.
8. Commencing at a post plnnted % mile smith
of Rainbow Creek and 3% miles frnm Its inuiith
and marked 'A. M. Symons' N.W. corner oust,"
thence south 80 cliains, thelice easl 80 chnlns,
tlienco north 80 clmins, thence west80 chains in
place of commencement.
Dated Feb. Uth, 11)117.
3. Commencing at a pnsl, planted on the west
bankof ihe .Shuswap Itiver and about nue mile
froni Its mouth, marked "A. M. Hymens'8. B.
corner pust," thence west 80 chains thence nortli
80 chains, tlience east go chnius, thencesouth 80
chains to place of oumiuenceimmt.
1- Commencing at a post planted 40 chaius
north of Location No. 8, and marked 'A. M. Symons'S, W. corner post," thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 cliains, thenoo south 80 chains,
iheuce west 80 chains to place of commencement,
Dated Feb. 81st, 1907.
5. Commencing nt a post planted 2 miles ina
northerly direction from tbe soutb-west coiner of
Leans 2818, ami marked 'A M. Symons' N. K.
corner pust," tlience smith su chains, thence west
SO chaini, tlience north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to pluee nf nuiuuenccmont.
ti- Commencing ata noat planted!.! mill's hi a
northerly direction from the south-wesl corner of
Lease 2818 and murked "A. M. Symonl' S. W. corner post" thenco north 100 chains, thence east 80
chains.thence Houih.westcily 16u clmins mure or
lesa, f ulln will jr. boundary if Lot -2818 to point of
Dated Feb. fcinl, 1007.
7. Commencing at n post planted l1. miles
north easterly of Sugar Like, and murked -'A M.
Symons' N. W. corner post," thence smith SO
chains, thence east 80 cbnins, tlience Iinrtli 80
cliains, thence wont 80 chains to point of com*
8. Commencing at a post phnted 20 chains east
of Location post No. 7, and niarked 'A. M. Sv-
minis' s. \V. corner post," thenco uorth 80 chains,
tlience east 80 chains, thouce south 80 chains,
thein-e wesi 811 chains to place of commencement-
Dated Feb. Hrd. 11107.]
sat inch li A. 51, SYMONS,
Notice Is hereby given t'atltii days attentate
1 Intend tn applv to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works lor as eciai license to cnl
and oirrv t.ruber Irom the following described
lauds situated In the Lillooet District, B. fl.i
I, Commencing at u post plan cd on the
north bauk of a finall lnko nt tho heud of thn
west fork of Fisher Creok, tributary to Adams
Lake, and about six miles from tho norlh ond
of Adams Lake, marked "A. McDonnell's S.W.
cornor Fishor Creok Limit No 7," running 80
chain-, nortl), 60 chains en*d, 80 chain* south, 80
ohains west to point of commencement.
8. Commencing nt a post planted on thc
north bank of a small lake at head of wost fork
Fishor Creek, tributary to Adams Lake, and
about t-ix miles from thu north end of Adams
Lako. marked "A. Mc onnell's N. \V corner
Fishor ('reek Limit Nu. 8," running 160 cliains
south, 10 chains ca«i. UIO ohains norlh, 10 chains
west to point of commencement.
!). Commencing at a post planted 011 the
norlh bank of a small lako at hend of woat fork
of Fisher Creok, tributary to Adams Lake nnd
about six Miles from the north ond of Adams
Lako, marked "A, Mo< oiiooU'm S. K, corner
FlahorCro'k Limit No.0," running 80 chains
uorlh, 80 chains w. st, 80 ohains south, 80 chains
cast to placu of commoncement.
111. Commonclug at a post planted on norlh
bnnk of a small lako at head of west fork of
Fishor Creek, tributary to Adams Uke aud
about six miles frmn uurth end of Adams Lake
marked "A. -loCon noils N.K, eurner Fisher
Creek Limit No. in," running Ilk) chains hOiith,
lOchains west, UK)chains nortb, 10 clmins east
to pluce of commencement.
II, Commencing at a nost plauted one mile
south from a small urouk, running west from
lako at head of west fork Fisher Crook, and
about II mlloH from said lako, marked "A. Mc-
ConnollsS. \V. cornor Fisher Creek Limit No.
11," running 1(10 ohains north, lo chains oast, ItiO
cbaina soulli, lOchains west to placo of commencement.
Vi, Commencing at a post planted nenr lhu
bankof small creok running south-we I from
lake nt bond of Fisher Creek about IW iniles
from Mild lake, marked "A. McConnell's N. K.
cornur Flsliur Creek Limit No, 12," running ltio
chains south, 10 chalna west, UK) chains north,
HI chains oast to place of commoncomont.
Dated March 131)1,1007.
wod moh 2? A, McCONNKLL
Notice Is hereby glvon that 60 days afterdate I
ititend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase l'n- following descrilied lands, situated on
Upper Atow Iiiikes, and more particularly de-
scribed as follows;
Commencing nt the suuthwost enrnero(Lot
limi. thence easl 20 chains, Ihence suuth 60
chains, thonco west to shore of Lake, thence following meander lugs of said lake north to pnlnt of
Dated March 27th, 1007.
nut inch 80 1'et G, Sumner, Agent.
Notice Is heroby glvou thai On dais afterdate
I li.tend toapply-to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Liuids and Works for iiermMun to
purchase tho following described lands;
Hllunted almul two miles norlh of the mouth
of McDonald Creek, on the east shore of I'pper
Arrow Lake, Julnlng T. U MU on tho WUth*
wost cornor; running east to ehains, south 10
chains, west 10 chaius, north 10 chains to placo
of commencement,
Dated March lth, 1007
Notice is hoiv.n Ihal 30 diiv-i afler dale
I intt'iul In apph lu the Chief Commis-
nioner of LiimK Mii.l Works for a special
licence lo cm nnJ 1 uny awav timber from
tho fulUmin* .escribed lands in Wesl
Kootewn dis ricts
1. Commencing ai a post planled on
the somh bank of Eighl Mile Creek about
': mile from ils moulh, marked "K. A,
Brndley's S. K. corner post,'' thence west
80 iliains, thence north 80 chains, Ihence
east 80 chains, thence smith 80 cliains to
poini ot" commencement.
2. Commencing at a posi plantcil on
SOUlh bank of Eight Milt'Creek about halt
a mile from its mouth, marked "E. A.
Bradley's X. K. corner post," ihence wesl
80'chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
cast 80 chains, thence north 80 chains lo
po'mi of commencement.
3. Commencing al a post planted on
SjOUlh Lank ol' Eiglil Mile deck about one
and a half miles from its nionlh, marked
"E, A. Bradley's S. K, corner posi,"
ihence west So chains, thence norlli 80
chains, Ihence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains to point of commencemeni.
4. Commencing; at a post planled on
soulli bank ol Eiglil Mile Creek aboul one
lind a half miles irom ils mouth, marked
"I*.. A. Bradley's N. IC. conier post,"
ihence wet 80 chains, Ihence soulh 80
chains, thence easl 80 chains, thence
nuiili 80 chainslo point of commencement.
5 Commencing at 11 post planted on
south hank ol liighl Mile Creek about iwo
and a half iniles from its moulh, marked
"K, A. Bradley's \. K. corner posl,"
Ihence west ido chains, thence souih 40
chains, thence east lfin chains, thence
north 40 chainslo point of commencemeni
6. Commencing al a posl planled on
soulli bank o\' Eight Mile Creek about two
and a halt miles from its mouth, marked
"K. A. Bradley's S. E. corner posi,"
ihence west 80 cliains, ihence norlh 80
cliains, thence easl 80 ehains, Ihence
soutli 80 cliains lo point ofconimencemenl.
7. Commencing al a post planleil one-
half mile east of Columbia river on oasl side
and one mile bol hv Bijj Mouth Creek,
inarked "K. A. Bradley's S. \V. corner
post," thence easl 80 cliains, ihence north
80 chains, ihence wesl Uo chains, thetice
soutb 80 chains lo point ofconimencemenl.
8. Coinmeneing al a post planted one-
half mile cast of Columbia River on easl
side and one mile below Big Mouth (.'reek,
maiked "K. A. Bradley's X. W. corner
post," tlience easl 80 cliains, Llienee soulb
80 chains, thence west 80 chains, ihence
norlh 80 chains to poinl of commencement.
9. Commencing al a post planled one-
half mile easl of Culumbia Kiver on east
side and oue and a half miles below Hig
Moulh Creek, marked "K, A. Bradley s
S. W. corner post," ihence east 80 chains,
llienee nortb 80 chains, ihence wesl 80
chains, thence south So chains to point
ol' commencement.
10. Commencing it a posl planleil one
half mile east o\' Columbia Kiver on easl
side and one and a halt miles lielow Hig
Moulh Creek, marked "E. A. Bradley's
X. Wi corner posl," ihenee easl 80 chains,
ihence soulh 80 chains, Ihence wust 80
chains, ihenee north So chains to poinl of
11. Commencing at planted on
the south side of Soard Creek aboul 60
chains irom ils mouth, inarked "E. A,
Bradley's S. E. corner post," thence wesl
80 chains, thence nortb 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, ihence south 80 chains to
point of commencemeni.
12. Commencingal a post planted on
south side of Soard Creek about 60 chains
from its moulh. marked "E. A. Bradley's
N, E. corner post," thence wesl 80 chains,
thence soulh 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence nortli 80 chains lo point of
13. Commeneing al a post phnted on
north side ot Soard Creek about one mile
and 60 chains from its mouth, maiked "E.
A, Bradley's S, E, corner posl," thence
west 80 cliains, thence north 80 clialns,
thence easl 80 chains, thence soulh iio
chains to point of commencement.
14. Commencing al a post plamed on
uorlh side of Soard Creek about one mile
and Go chains from its mouth, marked "E,
A. Bradley's N. E. corner posl," Ihence
west 80 chains, ihence soulli 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, ihence norlh 80
chains to point of commencement.
15. Commencingal a post planleil on
north side of Soard Creek aboul iwo miles
and 60 chains from ils mouth, marked "E.
A. Bradley's S. E. corner post," thence
west 80 chains, thence norlh 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, llienee south 80
cliains lo poinl of commencement.
16. Commencing al a posl planted on
norlh side of Soanl Creek about two miles
and 60 chains from ils mouth, maiked "E.
A, Bradley's X. E, corner post," ihence
wesl 80 chains, thence sou,h 80 chains,
ihence easl 80 ehains, thence norlh ,80
chains to poim of commencement.
17. Commencing at a posl planted on
north side of Soard Creek about 3 miles
and 60 chains (rom its mouth, marked "E.
A. Bradley's S. E. corner posl," thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence easl 80 chains, thence soutli 80
chains to point ot commencement,
18. Commencingat a post planted on
north side of Soard Creek about 3 miles
and bo chains from lis mouth, marked "E,
A. Bradley's X. E. corner post," ihence
west 80 ehains, thence soulh 80 chains,
thence east So chains, Ihence north 80
chains to poinl of commencement,
19. Commencing at a post planted on
the east side of Columbia Kiver and two
and a half miles from the Columbia Kiver
and one and a half miles norlh ot Big
Mouth Creek, niarked "E. A. Bradley's
N.W. corner posl," ihence south 80chains,
Ihence easl 80 chains, thenci' nortli 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, to poinl of
30, Commencing at a posl planled on
lhe easl side of Columbia Kiver and lwo
and a half miles from lhe Columbia Kiver,
and one and a half miles norlh of Big
Mouth Creek, maiked "E. A. Bradley's
S, \V. corner post," ihence easl Sochains,
Ihence norlh 80 chains, thenco wesl 8o
chains, ihence soulh 80 chains to poinl of
21. Commencing ala post planled on
lhe east sideof Columbia Kiver and one
and a hall miles from the Columbia Kiver,
and two and a half miles norlh ol Big
Mouth Creek, marked ME. A, Bradley's
S.W. corner post," Ihence north 80 chains,
ihence easl 80 chains.thence south 80
chains, ihence west 80 chainslo pointof
22. Commencing al a post pla.iled on
easl side of Columbia river and on s'outb
side and one mile from mouth of Howard
Oreek, marked "E. A. Bradley's S. \V,
corner post,' ihence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains.thence wesl Sochains,
thetice south 80 chains to poinl of commencement.
2^. Commencing at a post planled on
easl sideof Columbia River and on south
side and one mile Irom mouth ol Howard
Creek, marked "E, A. Bradley's N. W.
corner post," thence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
ihence norlh 80 chains to point of commencemeni.
24. Commencing al a post planted on
east side of Columbia Kiver and on north
tide and lwo miles from moulh of Howard
(Veek. marked -'E, A. Bradley's S. W.
corner posl," thence east 80 chains, tlience
nortb 80 chains, ihence west 80 chains,
chains lo point o\' con
' planlcd 0
llln-nce   sotfl	
: meneement.
*:~.. i 'omineiii.mig ftl a 1
. ea-.i siile of t Joluilibin Kiver nnd vi\ norlli
I side ami iwo miles from moulh ol Howard
Creek, marked "E, A. Bradley's \. W
corner posi, "thence ea-t 80 ch tins, thenci
south So clmins, llienee west 80 chains,
thenee north So Jiains lo point of com*
26. Commencing nl a posl planted oi\
east side of Columbia Riverand on south
side and 1 miles from mouth of Howard
Creek, inarked "E. A Bradley's S, \V.
corner post," tiience easl 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, Ihence west So chains,
thenci'south 80 chains to poinl of commencement.
27. Commencing al a post planted on
east side of Columbia Riverand on norlh
side and 1 miles Iiom moulh o( Howard
(Veek, niarked "E. A, Bradley's X. W.
corner posl," ihence easl 80 chains, Ihence
south So chains, thence wesl 80 cliains,
to point ofconimencemenl.
28. Commencing at a post planleil oil
east side ef Columbia River and on south
side and 4 miles from mould ol Howard
Creek, marked "E A. Bradley's S. W,
corner post," thenceeast Sochains, ihence
north 80 cli.tins, thence wesi So cliains,
thence smilli So chains lo poinl of coni-
a). Coinineneilig al a posl planted 01
easl side uf Columbia Riverand on norlh
side and 4 miles from montli o( Howard
Creek, uiarked "E. A. Brndley's X. W.
corner posl," ihence oaslSo chains, thence
soulh So chains, ihence wesi Su chains,
ihence norlh So chains lo puim o( com-
30. Coinmeneing at a post planled on
norlh side of Maloney Creek, 60 chains
from Columbia River, marked *'K. A.
Bradley's S. E, cooner posl," iheuce wesi
Sochains, ihence norlh 80 chains, thence
east 80chains, Ihence soulh So chainslo
poinl of commencement.
31. Commencing at a post planted on
soulh side of Maloney Creek and lwo
miles and 60 chains from moulh of creek,
marked "E. A. Bradley's S. E. corner
posl," ihence west 80 chains, thenee north
Sochains, Ihence east Sochains, Uience
suulh So chains lo poinl of commencement.
32. Commencing at a post planted on
south side of Maloney Creek and 2 miles
and 60 chains frum its moulh, marked "E.
A. Bradley's N. E. corner posl," ihence
wesl 80 chains, thence soulh Sochains,
ihence easl 80 chains, ihence north 80
chains lo place of commencement.
33. Commencingat a post planled on
south siile and 3 miles anil 60 chains from
moulh of Maloney Creek, inarked "IC. A.
Bradley's S. E corner posl," thence wesl
So chains, ihence norlh So chains, llienee
east So chains, ihence south 80 chains lo
point of commencement.
34. Commencingat a post planled on
soulh side and 3 miles and 60 chains from
mouth of Maloney Creek, marked "IC. A.
Bradley's X. IC. corner post," ihence wesl
So chains, Ihence south 80 chains, Ihence
easl So chains, thenee norlh So cliains to
point of commencement.
35. Commoneliig at a post plunted tin eliains
wost of Columbin Rivor i.nd two iniles
south of fttalonoy Creek, mnrkeil "K. A.
Bradley'sN. IC oirnerpost,"tlumco soulh WU
chains, thenoe west in chains, tbenee north 100
chains, tlienco east 10 clmins to pointolcum
30, Coinmeneing at a post planted iio chains
west of Columbia River aud three mlloa
soulli of Maloney Creok, marked "E. a.
Bradley's N K. oornor port," tnetice south 8"
chains, thence west 80 chains, tbenee nonh 80
chains, thencu cast 8(1 chains to point- of commencement.
37. Commencing at a posl planted till chains
west of ('olumbia River and four mile-
south of Maloney Creek, marked "K. A.
Brndley's N. K corner poet," thonoo south 8'
chains, Llieueo wesL 80 eliains, thenee noiLh 80
chains, thence east 8U chains to point of cum
38. Commencing at, a post, planted one and
one-half miles from Columbia River aud one
mile north of Home Creek, marked "10 A.
Bradley's S. K, corner post," theuce norl li 80
chuius, thence wost 81) chains, thenco south 80
chains, thenco easi 80 chains to point of commencement.
30. Cummeuciug at a posl. planted two and
one-lmli iniles from Culmubia Riverand one
half milo north of Home Crook, marked "K, A,
Bradley's H. B, corner post," thonoo north »'
ehnins, tlienco west, 80 ebains, thence .-,011111 80
chaius, Ihenee insl. 8" chain-? to poiut of i-oin-
io. Cuimneiiclng ntn post plantod ono mile
from Columbia Kivor and on thu suuth hank of
Home Creok, marked "K. A. Bradley'a s, K
corner posl," thenee west 80 cliains, theuce
uortli 80 chains, ihenee eist811 ohains, thoncu
south80chains lu po.nt of eumroeiiuomoiiu
11 luintticiicii-K at a posl planted ouo miie
from Columbia Rivur and uu suulh hank of
Home U'eek, marked "*K> A. Bradley's N. K.
Corner post," tbenee West 80 cliains, Llionce
south BO chains, ih, nee east. 80 chains, tlienco
inul ii ni chains to poiut ol commencement
Dulod March 2nd, IIM7.
wed inch i'l K  A, BHADLKY.
Nil MUt
Notico is hereby given Unit 30 days after duto
wo im end toapply to.tiioCliiof Commissioner of
Lauds and Wurks for a special licenco to cut
and curry away timbor irom the lollowing do-
scribed lauds situated iu West Kuotouay district, B.C. :
1. Commencing at a posl marked "Lamb-
Watson Lumber Co iiortb-eiiht comer pusl,"
planted at lhe southeast corner uf Burin No.
iill, thenco suuLli 8u chaius, thenee west 80
cliains, tlience norl b 80 chums, theuco east 8U
chains to point of commencement.
•i. Commencing at a postmarked "Lamb-
Watson Lumber Co. suuth-wost eurner pust,"
planted at the south east comer ul Berm No.
iill, tlience norlli Ml chains, eusl SO chains,
south 80 chains, west .so ohains Lu pohilut
3. Comme.ieing al a post marked "Laiub-
W iii nm Lumber Co. -south-east cui nei posl,"
planted ul Lhe Kiuth-wisi corner of Berth No.
Till. Ihenco north ltio ehains, Lhcnco wesl 10
cliains, ihence souih ltio eliains, Lhcnco east lu
chains to point of cuninicucumenL.
1. Commencing at 11 post marked "Lamb
Watson Lumber Co uorth-wost corner post,"
plained at lhe south eastcorner ot Uurth No.
Till,thenee south 80 chaius, thencu easl 80
chains, thunce nurth 80 chains, ihuneo west WJ
chains to pnint of cuiuiuencemeiit.
Dated this lib day uf March, 1007.
Lamu<Watson Lvmubr Co,, Limitkd,
inch 11 sat
Notice is hereby given that -30 days aftor date
1 iutond to apply In lb" llmi ('biufComiuis-
alonsr of Lauds uud Wnrks fur n spocial lloflUCfl
to cut and carry awny timber from tho following described lands, altuatod in tho Osoyoos
division of xalo district:
1. Commencing at >> pusi plantod about 23
chains north of the imrth brunch ol Ireland
(Jreek and about8M miles east Irom the N R,
cornerof section 'ia, Township No. 48, nnd on
lhe Su-jur 1 Hkelrail, mnrked "U. Mcintosh'!
s W,corner post No, 1," ihi-m-e north 10 chiiiim,
theuce easi 160 Clialns, Ihence south 10eliains,
thence west Hit) pim in- t" [mini nl commencement,
Dated lllth March, 1007,
3. L'oinuiuncln*,' ul a jmsi plnuled about
three chains north-enst nt the nortli -en I corner
ol Sugar Lane nnd nboul'Jl ohnins east ol
tho mouth of Sugar I'reek, markod *'ll Me-
Intosh's north-west comer posl No il," thence
soulh 80 chains, thenee cast 80 ehalus, Ihence
uorth 80 chalnu, thenee westfiti ohains to point
of commoncement.
Dated Uth March, IW7,
wed up 8 _ By Q. K. Brink, Ageut.
Notice W hereby gltfen that 30 days aft er date
we inlend to apply lo Ihct'hiof Commissioner uf
Lands and Works fur a special lleeneetoeut
and carryaway limber from the following du-
scribed lands ln Wesl Kootonay Distriot!
1. Commencing at a post planled at. aboul,
U mile south-east frum thn H, ft, oornor post, of
li)t 8605, marked "D, Mcintosh and Win
Boyd's N, IC. comer post," thence south 80
chains, thenco west HO chnlns, thonco norlh 80
chains, thenco east 80 chains Lo Lhu pninl of
2. Comiueuulng at a post planted on Ihe N.
K. corner of No, 1, marked "1). .delnlosh and
Wm, Boyd's N.W. eorner post," thenee east 80
chains, thencosouth 80 chains, thonco west80
cliains, thonoo north so cliains to the pulnl of
3. Commencing at a pnst plantod on the N.
W. corner of No. 2, marked "I). Mcintosh and
Wm. Boyd's 8, K. curuer nost," I hence west 80
ohains, thonco norlh 80 chains, thonce cast 80
chains, thonee south 80 chains to thu point uf
Located March 10th, lUllf.
(iat mob 30
Net ice is heroby given that 80 days after dub
in'., inl to apply lu the Chief Coilliuisalnlier
lands and Wora for a special licence to cm a
i-arry way tie bet* fmm the following duserli
land-sin Wesl Kui-tcnayi
1 Commencing at a pout planted nn the w.
bank of TtttoCreok about llireo miles fr nu
ilinul li, nmi uiarkuil "F. tirongo's B, W. corne;
ami rutin I nn *ih B0 chalna. thence cast lucliuit
theme imrth 00 clmiiw, tlieuflB east -lUchaii
■Jieiicu south 80 ohains,thencu westlOchali
tnence south uu chains, thenco weal 40 chains
placo nf beginning.
Dated Keb 28111,11)07.
I'. OIl.VNliK.
2, Coinmeneing nt a pnsl planted on the we
bank nf Tate Creek north of ami adjoining
Oranges location Hint markeil "K, l-'ill'iinnie's
W. corner," and running north 80 chalna, then
east lOchains, thonce uorth60chains, thenco en
10clialns, thenco BOlltll 80 chains, thence west
chains, Iheuce smilli Oil chains,  theuce wesl
•'hams to place of beginning,
Dal-.-il I'eb. aKtli, 11)07.
wiil null 6 It, KILLlMdUl",
N lice Is horoby given that 30 days aflor date
I Intenil to npply tu the Bun the Chief Cum
missioner nf Luu fa and Work- for special
lieou-.iwt.ieul ami carry awiy timber fmm tba
fnlliiwin-,' described lauds lu Wesl Kn.iim.ay
1. Commeneing nl a post plnnted about 14
miles tin the smith fork id Qoldslream uml
marked "tills Limit's N.E. corner." tlience w.-.t
Hi chain."-, ibenco soulh IM chain-, them*'' ea-t
in ehains, thonco nnrth 110 chains to pointof
2, Commeuelng nt u post planted about IW
milos up iho suuth furl, of Qoldstream and
marked "(lus Lund's N. \V. comer," theuce
oast 40 chains, thence south KM cuius, thenco
west 10chains, thouco north llll) chains to point
of common1 emeni,
Nutlco is li.'i-nl.y giv.'ii, llll il.iys
nftui- tliito we Intond to apply to tlio
fl.ii't' (l..!niiiissi<.n..|- ol* Lands ..nil
Wniks I'...-n sp.'.-iiil licence t....nt and
.-ii.-i-y nwny liinliin- from tho I'..II...villi,'
.li'M-i-il.i'.l lnnds, sit..ate in W.'si
K....i......y district.
1. Uoininoiioing at a post planted II n.iles from east I...ilk nl' Colin..!.'... river at Rooky I'..inl and murked   "Hi-,-i-l*lnki. Saiv Mills Co. 8, VV.
(...iiier posi," thonco north 100ohahiB,
...... Ill ol.,-.ins, I. Illll eliains, wesi.
to.-hains U. point ol on......on.-on.out.
2. Conn..oneing at a posl. pi...ilo.I
nd ni 'M ...ilos fruni oust hunk of Cut-
 I.ia riv.'i' at Itocky Point, uiniked
'•H.-iok.ike Snw.Mill On, S.W. corner
|...i." thonce n rth 100chnlns, onst. In
chains, south 100 chains, ivesl 10
chain* lo! ..! commencement.
il,   ('ommenclng al. it post planted
almul I miles fr .st bank ot 0..1-
.....hi.-, river fit Kooky Point, mnrked
"Ilevelstoke Saw Mill Oo. S, VV. corner po*!," thenco nnrth 100 chains, cnsl.
Ill chains, .smilli Kill chains, wosl III
chains lo point of commencement.
1. Commencing nt a post, planted
.ilinul U iniles liuni oast hank of Col-
...iil.i.i river al Rocky Point, niarked
"Revelsloke Saw Mill Oo. g. W, curlier posl,,' thenco nmi I. lOOchains, east
In chains, south 100 chains, west 40
cliains io point ot* commencement.
5, Commencing at, a post planted
nliout a illiles from Ihe oust hank of
Columhin rivor at Rocky Poinl nod
mnrked "Uevel-toke Saw Mill (!.., S.
VV. coi-nei- post," thence iiurll. 100
chains,ensl -II) chains, south 100 chi.ins,
west 40 chains to pointof commencement,
li. Commencing at a post planted
..lactiit. li ...iles I'i---in east, hank of Colon, hia rivei- at Rocky Point, niarked
"R.-.elst..ko Saw Mill Co. N. I'I. corner
|," thenco soulh 100 chains, wosl.
Ill chains, north 100 chains, east 10
chains to point of commencement.
7. Oommencing at a posl planted
ah.iui 0\ miles fro.n the easl luiok of river at Rocky Point, uiiii".-
cl "Revelstoke Saw Mill On, N. E.
cornur post," thenco south Kill chains,
.....I. Ill chains, norlh 100 chains, west
In chains to point of coinmencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
"ii west hank of Columbia river
.', mile li.-low Rocky Point, niaiked
■•Revolstoke Saw Mill Co. H. K. oin'lier," tlience wesl 100 chains, north
4(1 chains, east 100 chains, south 40
chains to point ol commencement.
Dated March Oth, 1807.
Revislstokk Saw Mm, Co,
wed inch 13
Notice is hereby given that 3d days after dale
I intend toapply to the Hon, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut and enrry nway timber from the
following described lauds, situate in West
Kootenay district:
1, Commencing al a post planted three
miles youth of Mosquito Lake, nnd on-! mile
west nf MuM|tiilo Kiver, rnnnliigS'[-hainseasi,
nv ehains south, si) chains west, mi chaius uorlh
lo poini of t'omniuni'oment.
■j. Commencing ut the north-west eorner of
No 1, running souih SOuhalUS. wesi SU ehnins,
uorth su   bains, ensl SO chains m i-uiin ui
8, Commune I tig at the north-west corner ol
.-o 1, running west1 Michnins. northB0chains,
east sn i'linins souih 80 ohains to point of com-
llienee menl,
•l Commencing atthe norlh-west cornor of
No. I, r .miing north 80 ohAlns, 8o chains cant,
8o c.nliissouth, bO chains west to pointof
5 Commencing one mile north of N.W,
enrner uf Nn 1, running uorlh 80 chains, eust
SOohains, snutli Wichalns, west su chains i >
point ut emu meneement.
i'. Conimenclng one mile uurth of N \v,
comer oi No, 1. running we.-: an ehalus, north
no ehuins, i ast su chains, 8 in,, iM chnius io
point of cuiuiot'iicemt
7, Commencing at tho south-west rumor nl
No 6, runniug I6u Hiatus west, 40 olinlus muiii,
160 chains east. >io chains suiun to point oi
cninm uceinenl,
\ Cummeuciug nt the 8, W. cornerof o fi,
running south -in ehains west UiO chain**.,
hnriii io chains, east 100 chains to pointol
9, commenolng atthe 8, E, corner of No 8,
rnuuiug h0 chains south, 8u chains wes., *o
ubalus north, 80 uhaliis east to puint of com
lu. commen-lng at the 8. E, corner of No,
9, running south imi chains, west 41) chains,
norlh uiu cha us, east >iu chaius lu pulnl ui
Locations Nos, I lo 8, inclusive, are n-locn-
lions of expired timber licenses Nos, -lHtlS to
487', inclusive.
Daled March ISlh, 191)7.
wed nii'lcil Thos. Abriel, Agent,
Commeuolngot a post planted nbout Pa
miles up tlm south fork* of Qoldstream,
inarked "(ins Luud's S. E. corner,'' thenco west
SOchains. thoneo norlli HO chnius, theuce east 8o
chains, thouce south 80 ehains to pointof cum*
I. ('om u i one ink' at a post iilanled 2'-> miles
up the south fork of Qoldstream nnd marked
"Qua Lund's N. IC, corner," thonco west in
chains, thoneo south M0 i-hair.s. thonce oast 10
chai s, thonce north 100 chains to point of commencement.
a. Coniniencini.' ut a post planted abmu 21
miles up tho south fork of Qoldstream and
marked "Uus Lund's N. \V corner." thenco
oasl It) ehaiiis, Ibeuce south ItiO chains, llienco
west -lu ohains. ihoneo north HW chains to ixiiul
of eniiiiiiencnmont.
<i. Commonolng ata toat planted about 2k
miles up tlio south fnrk- uf Qoldstream and
marked "(Ins Lund'' SK corner." tbeuce wost
80 ohnins, thonco north mi chains, M
chains, thoneo smith SOohains to point of coin-
7. Commeuelng nl a pest plauted about Sj
miles up iho south fork of Qoldstream, und
mnrked "Qua Lund'- N.K. enrner,'' tbenee we-t
10chnlns, thonci south mo chain-, thence east
10 chnius, tbeuce north 100 chains lo pointof
8. Coinmonoiug at a poat plantod about Ml
miles up the south (nrk of Qoldstream and
inarkod "Qua Lund'a N. W. oornor," thenoe
eu-i 10 chains, thonoo south KID chains, tbenee
wesi lOchains, ihence north llio ebains lo point
of coniinoncontuiit,
1). Commencingat a post planted about SI
miles up ibo south fork of uoldstream,and
murked "Qua Lund's 8 K. corner,'' thonco west
su ctmiiis, thenco nurih SO cliains, thence east 80
ebains, tllOIICOBOUDh 80 chains to point of emu-
10, Coinineneilig al a po*t plnuled nbout l\
iniles up tho south fork ntlio'd-ircain, mnrked
"Uus Lund's N, K. comer." thenoe west 10
chains, (hence south ion ebains, theuce enst 10
ohnlns, tbenee north Uio chains tu pointof
II, Commencing at a pnst planted about It
miles up tbe south fork of Cold-tream, marked
"Cus Lund's N, W, cornor," thencoea«t io
cbnins, tbeuce south 100chains, theuce west IU
chains, Ihenee north ItiO chains lo point of commencement.
Vi. Conimenclng at a poal planted abnitt)
milks up the south fork ol Oohlatrcani and
mnrked "Cus Lund's 8. K. eurner,' thenee west
DOchalns, ibenco north80 chains thenceeast
81) chains, tbeuce ninth Ml chains io point ut
iMied.Iuu.3lst, i"W7,
inch 0 wod QUS LUND.
Notico Is hereby given that W days aftor date 1
intend to apply tn the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and works for permission to purchase tho
following described lnmls, situate iu West Knntenay dislrict:
Commencing at a post planted about 10chaina
south fnnn tho south*west coruor of im No. 6145
and marked ".I. K, Johnson's south-east comer
post," thenoo north mj chaius. thence hc-.mi
chaius, thence south 80 chains, tlience eust 80
i'liains tn point nf cnuimeiiceim-nt. Containing
(lie ncies.
Dated llth March, 1007,
wed meh 18 J. K. JOHNSON,
\1 OTICK is hereby given thai 60 davs after date
LN I Intend to apply to ihe Hon. ilu* Chief
Commissioner of Laiuls and Works foi permission
lo purchase the following described lands in West
Konteuay District:
Commencing at a post planted about two miles
east of Lot 7046 onshore of N.K. Arm nf Arrow
Lake, theuce soulh 8U chains, cast 80 eliains, nortli
80 chains, west 80 chains to point of commencement,
Dated March 11th. luiii.
wed inch 13 A. MORRIS.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date 1
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner if
Lauds and Works for permission to purchase the
following described lands in West hoou-nay ilia
Commencing al a post planted at the south-west
coruer of Lot ;i,vi, on the east shore uf Upper
Arrow Lakes, theuce south 80 chains, theuce east
It) chains, thenee nortli 80 chains, thence west to
ehnins to tbe paint of commeucemeut. Containing
;t:o acrei* more or loss.
Dated March Uth, 1907.
wed meh 13 L.RAK
Notice is hereby given thai30 days afterdate
I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works fnr speciul
license io out and carry awny limber Irom ibe
(ollowlng described landi', situated Iu Districl
ul West kooleuay, IL C.
Commencing al a posl planled 8 chains east
of lhu 31/, mile post on lhe Dig Ledge wagon
rond and ni Lhe S, K. corner of T. L. 1)018, and
niarked "A. M. Symons' N. K. oorner post,"
Lhcnco souih Ml ehains, lhcnco west SO chains,
llienco norlh 80 chains, lhcnco easl SO chains
to pluee uf cunmmuccmunl.
liaied Maroh 2itth, 1007.
wed mrch 27 A.M.SYMONS
days after duto I Inlend In npply lu th?
Chlof Commissioner of Lands and Works fori.
special license to eul, and curry awny Limber
frnm Lhe following descrilied lauds sll mil od iu
lhe Osoyoos Division nf Valo District:
Cominonoing nt a posl mnrked "J. It, Muck's
north easl eorner," planted about lhe hundred
feel from Ibe uorlh buuk of the north fork of
Cherry Creok, aboul eight miles up llm creek,
running west 12U ehains, I hence south8Uchains,
thence cast lo ohalna, thoncu nurth Hi chains,
Ihence cast 80 chains, Ihence north lo ehuins
lo point of commencement.
Datod March 7th, 1007.
■ed torch 27 J.H. HACKKNSSIK.
Notlm la liornliy iiivoi. tl.nt tliirty .lays ..(..or
.Into\voi..lo>.il ... ..|.|.ly I" Hi" llmi. .('Ino!
.'.....i..U.*i....or .if Lnmls an.l Wnrks lur Oconto
to .-in nml carry awav fnnn tlio following doaorlboil in ll.o lli-tru-l nl wo*l
Kootenai- In ll.e Provluoool llntisli ( olumbia,
Commonolng ..I n imst plnntod at tlio N. E.
iiinioroISocti.... !,Tw|..lH, llni.go '-;. W0«t nf
.1.0 Jll. Mori.lii...: 11 10 onst III clmins. tlionco
south 120.'Iinins. tlionco we*l W) ehnins, tln-n'-u
nnrlh III i'linins, thonco nusl III ehnins, llieni'o
nortn hi.elinlns to point ..f eommsneomont.
Nolice Is hereby given that 80 days after date
I Inteud toapply to tlioChlef (JuiuiuIksIoiici ol
lands and Works for a special license to cut
nud carry away Umber from the follotvlng
de-crlbcd lands In Wesl Kootonay dUlrlci:
I'lwiinmiciiiK at a post planted at lhe N. K.
corner of Lot 427-1, Ihoneo north 80 ehnins.
theuce cast 80 chains, thence south so ehnins,
thonce west 80 chains to placoof commencement,
Dated March tfth, 1907.
wed moh '21 FRA.nK IHiMON.
Not lee la hereby given that 80 days after date 1
Intend to apply to ihe Chief Commissioner of
Uinta and works fnr aspeclal licenco to cut and
curry away timber from the following described
land's, situato In Wesl Kootenay lUstrfcti
1. Commencing at n po-t   planlcd about
seven miles up Hig Moulh Creek* and one-halt'
mile norlh murked. "A Mcltae-N, W, corner
post," Ihenee east SO chain**, thonco south80
chains, theo"*e wesl Ml elinins. thence north HI
eliains to point ul coiunonoenicnt.
2. Coiriuoii'ing at a posl iilanled almut
sovon milos Up Dig Month ( reek and one half
mile north an ' marked "A. Mcltae's S.W, cor
net* po-t," thenee imrth in chains, east Ifli
ohnins, aeuth lu chains, west Vin chains tu poiut
of i:oin'meii''ein<-ut
3 ('ommeiieing at a post planted about
eight milos Up liig Month Creek and one-half
mile norlli.aiid mnrkeil "A. McRae's N. W
rumor post." thence east 80 chain-, souths
cb.ii.-, west, Sichdns, uoitli SO chains to poiut
o c iunu1 < eiueiit.
I i '.ii.iiii tiling at a pus[ planled aboui ton
miles up Dig Muuth Creek and one-half mllo
noith, ainl mnrked "A. McKae's N.W. corner,
posi." ihenee casi Nl chains. BiuthSO chains
west 0 uiiiiii», nnrth 80 chains lu pointof
nm mei iconic nt
... Commencing w a poat planted about ten
up Dig .Mini! h Crock and one-half mile
nu. , ni maikcd ,-A. Mcltae'* 8, W, corner
posi,' I. ■■" Si chains north, sO chain* cost, Sl
chains, so iliaiii- Wu*ttop0llil of com*
nmnrciiion .
ii. Commencing til a post ilanled about
eleven miles up D g Moulh CrCOK and om half
milo north, and inarked "A. Mcltae's N \V.
enrner pusl," thenee BOUth 80 ehaiiis, ca-l s>*
cliains, norl h 8(1 chains, west so chain- to point
of commencement.
7. Commonolng at a post planted about
eleven miles up I in: Moutb Creek and one-half
mile uorlh, and marked "A. UcK&o's 8, W
corner post," tbenee nortb SO chains, ea-l sn
chains, south 80 chains, wcstSO chain- to point
of couiiiienieiueiit.
B, Commonclug at a poll planted about
twelve iniles up Hig Mouth Creek and one half
mile north, and marked "A. Mcltae- N W
corner post."ihence suuth 80 chain-, ea-t *yi
cliain-*, north so chain-, wrest sn chain- to point
of commencement,
l), Commeneing at. a post planled uIkjui
twelve ii.lies lip lug Mouth Creek and one half
utile nurth, and marked "A. Mcltae-S. W.
enrner post," theuce nurih 80 chain-, east SO
cbnins. south 80 ohnlns, we-t 80 chain" lo polol
id commencement..
I la* nl .March,"ilh, 1007,
wed mohU A, UoRAK.
sixty days alter date I Intend to applj to lbs
Hniinrable the Chief Commlssioi I Lind-snd
Works (nr permission to purchase the following
described lands, situated on Upper Arrow U»,
ami more particularly dew rlbedaa follows*
Uuglnningat tha south-west comer of Lot uw.
at a pnst marked "C.B., N.W.U.P.," theucsSO
chains oasti thence io chains nsrtb, Uience 80
Clialns   OOSt,   thenci*   10  chaini   somh, theme m
rlinins west, thence HO chalna north lo point of
commencement! containing im acres more ur less,
Dated Pobruary Bth, ioo7,
H-ed feb |8 Peril.Sumner, Agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that tin dayi after dale
1 intend to apply to the Hun. Chief Com
missioner uf Lands and Works (or permission to
purchase the following described lands   in the
West Kootenay Dislrict, Qalena Day, eait -ub- of
Oppei Arrow Lake:
Ciircmeiicimt ut a post planted at IV Miner's
Diilh-easl corner ami maiked "Ilruce A. Lawson's
..uuth-enst corner post." thence south40chains,
thenoe west 10 ehains, thein-e imrth DJ chaini,
thenco east 80 chains, thenca north W chains,
thonce easl tu chains to pointol commencement,
and eniitaining 110 acres more or less,
Dated (ialetia Ha\.ihls«7tli (Hiniary, WOT.
feb 27 wod BRUCBA. LAWSON,
Notice Is hereby glv!*] that 00 dajsafUr date I
intend in apply to the chid Commissioner of
Lands and Wnrks for permission to purchnsi* the
following described lands In West Kootenay din-
Commencing ntn punt planted at the touUi-west
eorner of im .!ii!. .i- ■ >t u mile, more or less,
from easi shore of Upper Arr>'-» Uke,thence
north ko chains, west 40 chains, "outh BO chains,
east lOchains to point of enunu'iiceimml, Ooo<
taiubiu Bttacres nmre or less.
Dated 18th March, 11)07.
wed meh 18 & 8. >nmnL\
Notice is hereby given that ttdaysafter date
l Inteud to appl) in theChiH i mumlsdoueroi
Lands and Works Inr a -p* lal liccisc loom
and o«rv awav umber Irom the followlm-
descrlbed lnmls In tbe Kast aud Wesl Kootenay
I, Commencing at a p^st planted about oue
and one-ball m Ies up ihe north-easl fork id
Ould Creek, ui irked "Alex. Veilleite's N W.
corner," thi nee east 80 chains, ihence snnth hi
chains, thence west 80 chains, th nee north si
chnin*. to poinl of commencement.
'.' Commencing at a posl planted aboul two
and one-halt mile- up the imrih easl fork ol
Gold Creek, markvd "Alex. Veilletle's southwest enrner, thenee east 4o chaius, Ihenee
■orth UJOehalns thencewesl-tOcbalns, thenoe
souih 100 ei,sin- io point ns cnmuicueetnent,
3, Commencing at a post planted about two
and one-ball miles up tbe imrth-esst fork of
(iold Creek, marked Alex. Veillette's southeast corner," thence west 40 chains, ihenee
north l&i chains, thence east 4o chains, thence
south 160 chains to point of commencement.
Ideated Keb. 18th, M07.
4. Commencing at a post planted ab-iut one
and one quarter miles up Gold creek frum
moutb of north-east fork, and marked-Alex.
Veillette's north-east corner," thetice south bu
chains, thence west 80 chains, thenee north
so chains, theuce east Su chains to pointof
6. Commenolng at a post planted about one
and one-quarter miles up Qold Creek imm the
mouih ol the north-east fork, marked "Alex,
Veillette's north-west eurner," Ihenee south so
ehains, thence east 80 chains, theuce mirth 80
ehnins. thence west ho chain* to point uf commencemeni.
■j, Commencing at a post planted alwut
three and one-quarter miles up Uoia Creek
from tlie mouth uf Hie north-east fork, marked
"Alex. Veilletu-'s north-easl comer," ihence
south so chains thence west so ohalni, thenes
north 80chains, ihenee eut 80chains to point
<>i commenoement,
7. Commencing at a post planted aliout
three ami one-quarter miles up uuld creek
from the mouth ul the norm-cast fork, inarked
■■Alex. Veillette's nortk-ucM corner," loence
south 80 chains, thencu east 80 ohalni, ihence
iinrtli 8" chains, tBence wett 80 chaini tu
point of oommoncement.
8. Commenolng Ht a pnst planted shout
three and one-quarter miles up Gold Creek
Irom the mouth ul lhe nurth-east fork, marked
"Alex Veillette's south-east enrner." thonee
nonh 40chaius, thence west 160 chsins. ihence
ionth 40chains, tnence easi loochuius tn point
ol commencement,
9. Commencing hi a post planted about
three and oiie-s'iiarti-T miles up (iold Creek
from tin.* mouth ol the nortb-easi fork marked
"Alex. Veillette'l BOUth-weat corner," tbenee
ea-t uu chain . thence north s0 chains tbenee
west SQ ehains, tbenee auuth SU Chains to point
of commencement,
10. Commencingat a post planlcd about live
and one-quarter miles upuuid Creek (rom the
month ui tbe north-east fork, marked -Alex.
Veillette's north-east comer," thence souih bo
chains, tlienee west80 chains, thence north so
chains, thenceeast-u chains to polul of ctm-
II. Commencing ata post planted up (iold
Creek abuul live snd une-qnaricr miles from
tne mouth of the north-east Uirk, marked
-Alex Veillette's north-wesl corner," ihenee
►outh mi eliains, ihenee east SO chains, tnence
north 60 chains, theme wesl su eliains to point
jf commentementa
Vi, Coinineneilig at a post planted up Oold
creek abuut live and om-i-uartcr ml ies irom
the month ut tbe norih-cast furk, marked
■'Alex Veilletle's south-east corner," thence
north bu chaius, thence west B0 chains, thence
south eu cnains. theuce easi so chains tu point
of commencement.
13. Commencing at a post plauted up Gold
Creek about live and une-quarter miles from
tbe moutb of the north-east fork, marked
••Alex. Veilleite's cornet," theuce
nurth &o chains, Iheneeeast SO chaius, tbeuce
south JO chains, thence west 80chains to point
ul couiuiencement.
14 Comma eing at a post planted up Gold
Creek about seven and one-quarter miles from
tbe mouth of Ibe north-east lurk, marked
"Alex. U'lllette's north-east corner." ihenee
soutli sochains, tbenee west80chains, thence
nnrth BO ehains, thence east BU chains lu point
of commenceineDt.
15, Commencing at a poit planted Up Oold
creek about seven and one-quarter miles frum
the mouth ol lhe nnnh-east fork, marked
-Alex. Veillette's south-easl curuer," thence
north so cliains, tbenee west ho chains, tbenee
south 80 chains, thenceeast BO chains io poiut
of umuieneement.
16, Commeueiug at a post planted up Gold
reak about seven and one-quarter miles from
ibe mouth uf tbe norm-east fork, marked
"Alex. Veilletle's fcuuth-wesi corner," thenee
east uo chains, tbeuce north so chaius, thence
west so ehains, tlience soutaWchains to puint
of commencement.
17, Uommeucing at a poit planted up Gold
Creek about seven aud one-quarter miles from
ibe muuth ol the north-east furk, marked
'Alex. Veilletle's north-west coruer," thence
easi BO chains, thence suulh 6u chains, thence
wesi bo chains, thence uorth 80 chains to point
uf commencement,
IS. Commencing at a post plauted up Gold
Creek about eight and une-quarter miles from
the norm-east lork, marked "Alex, Veilleite's
north-west coruer." tlience sou h 4L chains,
thencecasl lflochaius. Ihence north 40chains,
thenee west lOOchains tu puint of commencement.
Located Feb, isth, 1907.
19 Commencing ttl .* .'''M planted up Gold
Creek about eigni and one quarter iiiile from
ibe north-CMt fork V '-- mark.-d ".alex. Veilleite's soutb-west eurner, tbeuce north 40
chains, tbenee east 160 ebains, theuce south 40
chaius tbeuce west ML ebains to pointof
80. Commencing at a post planted about
three aud one quarter milei up the uurth lork
uluol i creek, marked 'Alex veil lette s north*
west coruer," ihence east 4o chains, ihenee
,-ouib IW) chaius, ihenee west 4u chains, thence
norib lOOchains lo point ol commencement.
Jl. commencing «i a post ■ lanted about
three nud one-quarter miles up the uorih fork
ol Gold Creek, marked "Alex, Veilletle's north-
east eurner." ihenee west lo chains, tlience
suiuh lOOchains, thence easi hi chains, ibeuce
nurih iui cbalni t" poiut ui commencement,
a cummencing *t n post planted about
ihrte and one-quarter uiikB up the uurib fork
ui uold Creek, marked "Alex. Veilletle's
south-wesl c ruer," thenee east 40 chains,
tnence north ion chains, tnence west40 chains,
thence iouth lt9 chains io poim ol commencement, ,   ,
■23, Cora mend Ug al a post planted alwut
three and une-quarter mllei up ihe uurth fork
oi uold Creek,marked "Alex, velllette'ssooth*
easi cornor," thence wesi so chains, ihence
north 80chains, tbenee east 80cddIm, thenee
south !>v i'liains tu puint ol cummencement.
ii, Commencingat a l-ost plained about live
ami one-quarter milos up tin; uurth fmk of
Uold Creek, walked ''Alex. Veillette's suulh-
west corner," tlience east 4u chaius, thence
unrib 160chaini, thence west 4o chains, theuce
auuth 160 ehalm i" point of commencement.
26, Commeueiug at a post planted aboul live
and otic-quarter miles up lhe north furk of
Oold Creek, marked "Alex. Veillette'l norm-
east corner.'' ihence «esiBtj ohalni, thenee
soulli uu i'linins, thenoe easl bo chaini. thence
north BO chains i" pointof commencement,
Ji, commencing at a poll plantcil about fl?c
mid une-quarter mllei up the uorth lorkof
uold Creek, marked "Alex. Veillette'l luuth-
east comer," tlu-nce west w ehalm, ibeuce
north ho chains, thence easthn cbalni, llieueo
.-oulb so chains to point of commencement.
Located r'eb. lyih.iwr.
Dated :.lnrchiith,ll«7. wed
Notice is In leb) given that 60 dayi after date 1
Intend   tn  applj   to  Ihi  Chief   < - lrtun-M-*:. r ..(
Lands and fiorke foi permission in pun-hue the
fallowing described lands, «liuate in Went Koote-
na) District:
Cm tune in i mi it i pn-t planted ..m- chain east of
UicN W, Corner of L->i luu,iin>u|i i, and inarked
• a Johnson's .*>. W, corner post, thence vast go
chain*, thenee nortli su clmins, ihenee »**at »■
chains, thence sontli bu chaini to the pointof
■ nmmenoement. Containing HOacns,
Dated Lth March. 1807,
we.l m.h la A.JOHNSON.
Notice Is hereb) riven that 00 days niter date 1
intend in appl) to the chief Commissioner of
Lands and Worn fm permission tupnrchi-.'-utlie
foliowlngduscrlbed lands, ittoate in West Kootfr
nay district:
CommeiiciiiK at n poil planted at lhe north-east
duller of  \   .1. itn - application aud marked
•*W. .1, I'riiser'i \ K. eurner pnst," thence nnrth 80
chains, tbince wost *) chains, thunce ■*..nth 80
chains, tbauu aast 80 chains to the puint of com
meneement, Containing 6l<> acies,
Dated tilh March, 1907,
wed mob IB W.j.KHAsKK.
NottCI i< hereby given that W) days after date I
Intend to apply to the chiel Commissioner ol
Lui'ls and wiiiin for permission to purchase the
following described lands,situate in West Koote*
nay district:
Cnmuieiicinn.ii i posl planted at the north'SUl
milei of .1. li. Johnion'l application and marked
A McPhadden'i louth-easi corner post,'' tlience
north BO chains, theoce wesi w cliaiui, tlienco
-..uth-. chains, thence east BOchalfli to pointol
commencement, LVmtalning 040 acres.
Dated lllli March, 1907.
wedmchlS A. McPAaDDKN.
sixty daj s.ifter date 1 Intend to apply tu the
Honorable the ChltJ Commlsaionurof Lands and
Works fm permission to purchase the (ollowlng
described lands situated OD Cpper Arrow Lake
and more particularly described as follows:
lifiduiiiiix at a posl planleil at the north-east
Cornel ol Lot IWfi ami marked "K.F.F., N.W.CP."
thence 100 chains eesl,  thence 40 chains aouth,
thenee 160 chaini west, tlienc* 10chains north to
point uf couniieiKvmt'iit, 6|o acres,
Dated FebuiarySth, 1907.
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Knox Church Ladies Auxiliary are
preparing a program and will sell
candies ai Mrs. Lawson's on Saturday
H. Maiming will sell by public unction on Tuesday, April 9th, the furniture and contents of E. Adair's house
on Fifth street.
The ladies of Knox Church will hold
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Don't forget to Vote For the
Bylaw to-day. The Poll closes
at Seven o'clock this evening.
Au interesting basket ball mulch is
billed for 7 o'clock tonight nt the V.
M. C. A., between the City and the C.
P, R. ami an exciting game is in view.
The Revelstoke Sawmills Co. will
start up tl.eir mill at the Big Eddy
about the middle ol the present mont!..
Their mill at "salmon Arm will be in
operation next week.
The tenth annual convention ol
Teachers met yesterday ut Nelson.
Seventy-nine persons were present,
and J, 8, Gordon is president, Formal
business occupied the hrst session.
The Montreal Witness says that
Lord Strathcona will retire from tl.e
p. sition of High Commissioner lor
(.'.niida and that Sir Wilfrid Laurier
is to take his place, ami will be- raise !
to the peerage under the title ol Lord
diaries F. Lindmark returned n
Sunday (rom St. Paul and Mil m •
nl )lii. During I is stay in St, Paul
Mr. Lindmark was thegnesl I Governor Ji bn* :. I Minnesi ta and .1
tended tbe ilttii . -: the legislature
and State senate.
Reports are being circulated that
Jack McLennan will not meet .luck
Carkeek on Thursday. We state on
the authority of .luck McLennan himself, thai there is no truth in tin-reports whatever and thai he will meet
darkerk ns arranged tomorrow.
We understand that the arrest of
the two burglars on Friday night, who
broke into I'. Bums k Go's store, was
effected by Constable T rry, in the
field between the waler tank nnd ihe
freight shed, a lew minutes after the
offence wis committed, and not by
the employees of the Burns Co as
.stated ill our last issue.
C. W McAiin, K.C., mayor of Kaslo
pas-cd ..way on Saturday evening.
The deceased had been seriously ill
just prior to bis death, which was not
unexpected. Well known to many in
this district Mr. McAnn had a winning personality that drew to him
many people, political opponents us
well as political Iriends.
The Canadian postal commissioners
have continued their conferences with
the postal authorities nt Washington,
US A., relative to a new agreement
between Canada nnd the United States
regulating rates on secoud class mail
matter. Indications are that an
amicable arrangement will be readied
in the near fnlure.
To Buy n House.
To Kent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
The trustees ure prepared to receive
i tenders for building work to he done
|nt  the school.    Specifications  and
further information may be obtained
' at my olliee.   Tenders 10 rench me hy
noon on Saturday, April fiih 11)07.
. » ♦—	
Calgary, April 3—The conference
between union miners' representative*
mid tl.e npcriit'ii'B terminated abrupt
ly tu-nigbt, having fsiiled lo agree ....
u s.-li.iluli'. A strike is regarded as
WlKXll'Ua, April 3—lt iu reported
here to-night that-the trainmen will
strike todav il a settlement is not.
affected before thnt time. The chances
nf a setilament which were so bright
yesterdny nr.' now dispelled.
Jukeau, Alaska, April 8.—Trouble
isli-nrdat the Treudwcll mine on
Douglas Island, its (he result ol the
impending strike of about eight hundred oi the fourteen hundred miners
en. ployed there.
To Buy
Splendid Fruit
Real Estate and Insurance Agrts.
Mrs. W. A. Foote will not be "al
bonie" on Friday next, April 5th.
Frank F. Guffy came down from
the Big Bend yesterday and is in
town for a fow days.
Miss Flurencc Fraser, who bus been
attending the "Sprott-Shaw" Business
University ol Vancouver, bus a'Cepted
a position in the C.P.R. ..dices of that
ciiy. Miss Fraser is ltevelstoke's
first while baby so the he-t wishes ol
the community ut luge should be hers
Business Locals
An admission of 16 cents to the
llery will be charged al the basket
bull contest to-night at the YM CA.
the proceeds to go to swell the lund
organized tor the ot cleaning
.....I putting into shape the recrea'i in
ground i.i the rear ot the freight shed,
which the C I'.l'.. has given ovor to the
use of Y.M.C.A.
J. Smith and J. Bennett, who were
rrested on Friday night by Constable
Terry tor bouse breaking nnd burglary and remanded till yesterday,
appeared belore Police Magistral! G
don yesterday to answer the charges.
J.M. Sett appeared lor the defence, |
un.l C   E Giilan tor the pros il
Counsel f"r the defence asked lor a
further remand till Thursday when
mere evidence would be produord. I'lie
reman.1 was grunted.
The wing dam across thi
been carried up to the
th.   : ■ -•  channel  - scavated  by the
. Igi   md the ni .in b. dj
Nothing bettor than Our "Special
A new assortment ot sheet ni..-ic at
Bews' drug store.
Seeded Prunes In 1 Ib,: n :k.iges, 15c
per package.   C, 11. Hum.- .v Co.
l'n po tissue i"if r, anj color, ship-
men; jusl opened at the Canada Drug
II.   M;iniiing   will   hold   a   I i-e
anctii n   ol  lionseh -i-l  I irnil ire
5th St., Tneiday, April Uth.
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Lun.*.: leaf books all sizes
bonks, etc - Id ai tbe C inada
- :.-.- :   cubes   wh le    u I   .-.- t. d
:-, 2 Ib. tins   fresh   in  ut
C, B 1! in
lucti .. Sa -.     usdaj    1| ril 9th,
■ ..-.-;.:-   [first-class
Street.   IL Man.    .
Bargains  in Teas irl   laj   .
fc Co,
river has     Almond  a:,-;   Bern in  ' rea
ipl ■- hai .- ■   Ifi
... : -
The chief business transacted at
the lust monthly meeting of the
board of directors of the Canadian
Pacific Railway was the confirmation given out for the building of
lhe new lines during the present
year. There will lie no less tlinn
1492 miles under construction, of
which 53' will ho the double
I racking from Winnipeg to Fort
William, and from St. Anne'i-, Que,
to Smith's Fails.
of absolutely new territory through
whicli ll.e U.l'.ll. will pass is the
348 mile stretch whicli will complete n ihrough connection between
the Calgary nnd Edmonton line at
Wctnskiivin, Alia,, and the main
line nt Kirkell.., Mnn.
The C.P.R. has agreed to consent
judgments for about $20,000.00
rlaniiiges in connection with the
A/ wreck near Sudbury, Sept,
12th Inst,
Line  Writing   Papers
and Envelopes,
This fine line in all
conceivable shapes and
W. BEWS. pte. b
Drugglit and Stationer,
Mailorders prom].ily attended
now being directed down the cl annel |   . •
whichhas widi ned considers Coal (
- -  -.      the tl         riius the ■» Orden       this coal promptly
has, in                  -      -               I Ailed               Igenl   E  \  Haggei
by the d mi   -            ended Revelsti ke
"* ' - '   - ; :- '"'" *'       ' Blue Ribl              Po* len In  10
''    -      '' ' '"' liferent flavors   CH H i      I C
how i.iii.'h nu re -nil iln- main current ,                         ,
do at high water, provided that the Dnl
dam is able
The dredgi                     - P'1"1"
'..!..'-     ...    M
I.f.-l week th. '     I inn ml mi
: ihi Okat igan Sunday 8ch ■
..,-, :, -.. is held ..i Enderby.   A ... . ,,,.   .         ce Agent, H
berol delegates were pn I fr. m I BewoiBtoko cigars   Union Made   Our
j"1"1""   ,"'"." S   '          '        ,'■ Special, Tho Union,  and M.roa  Vuelta
r,,m o.-.t-i'l.-.   I be progran.n e, which •*
covered  many point, ol Interest in nro ahead of ail others
Sunday Sell -.1 work, was carried oul 'have  beon  In   bui
almosl in lull     Mr. Geo, Bell, mayor <•■■■"•''  '■■'""     ' ■     ' *    ",»"<>n to
ol Enderby, presided at all th      t to rema -
iiom     The citizens opened    their  1 years too   -
homei to the visiting delogati - and insurance policy I ojpect i - ■■   -.
took a koen interest in the work nl tho '■ •""■'■ '■ ■"*" >'""" I'***"-
convention.    Some ol thedelegates "•"r does,    And It is
who were school teachers proceeded al good deal to have il riglnal writer, via Revelstoke, to tho conven of tho policy on hand in suoh a case -
tion at Nelson, K- A- Uaggen, Rea'l folate and 1. ■
. » . ,i....- Agent, Revelstoke,
Social and Personal crushed to death
APRIL i, m
The Greatest Play of a
The latest Spring Styles and as nice as you could ask
for. They come in the Short lengths as well as the three-
quarter lengths and one is as much worn as the other. The
materials are good and the styles are the latest out.
We will be pleased to show them to you,
White Underwear
Our stock i.s now very complete and the range of styles
is large. We have all prices to select from. Corset Covers,
Skirts, Drawers and Night Dresses.
We can show you some of the daintiest Trimmings yet
Dress Skirts
Our assortment is very large nnd the range
ol prices and materials covers a range.
Sicilians, Panamas, Serges, Venetians,
Lustres, Tweeds,etc., go to make up a range of
goods that, will please ill. We hnve selected the
best from half a dozen different makers, and the
result is thnt we have the besl stylos and lowest
prices lo be found in lhe town.
1—3y the Author of—'
" A  Poor   Relation,"
"Peaceful Valley," Etc.
.1. I'fi'liiion- f.f Hotel Sicamou and
Oato If.-id woro in town on Sunday.
Mrs. S, I'bipn- lms returned Iro... a
visit to the const,
Mr, and Mrs, It. llowson have returned from a visit to lhe south,
IJoiarc lliiinc ol Edmonton, is
visiting his cousin C. II. Hume of thin
city, Mr, Iliiiin: ll woll known here
aud (.wiih considerable property in
Caught in Machinery and Instantly Killed.
Nii.Mi.'., April 2,-11. Iliic.liiiiinii,
nn employee nl the Ilnll Mining A-
Sii.oiling Co.'s sm .-Iter hern was
oaught in tho shading on Saturday
und w.u. Instantly crushed to death.
When   picked   Up the  body was. in ..
frightful condition uml mangled up
almost beyond recognition,
ti r bei ond possible
Thrilling, In
i  Entirely Novel,
Replete with   the   Most
..n.i  Sensational
id Company
mi Presentation
Poises?inf{ All Thc Elements
Of Popularity
Our Watches are "Au
Fait" Eight Day Clocks
for $4.50. All Silverware Guaranteed Quality. Watch Repairing
a Specialty.
Full line of Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Frish slock always arriving at
lowest prices.
Auction Sale!
Under instructinns from E, Adair
I will sell by PUBLIC AUCTION at
bis residence, on 6th Street,
Tuesday. April 9th
at 1 p. m.
sharp, the following list of Furniture.
Parlor Suite, Oil I Parlor Chairs,
Parlor Bquares, Parlor Tables, Leather
Lounge, Oak Sideboard, Oak Dining
Tal lea, Oak Chairs, Glassware, Linoleums, elc. Three complete Bedroom
Suites, 2 Heating Stoves, I huge bnse
I..-.iter, I cook stove, several dozen
This it the greatest opportunity
..ver offered in Revelstoke for buying
tl.e contents ol a first-olass house at
your own price.
h MANWNC,    Auotlonoer.   Revelstoke
Dwelling nnd Lot, Second Street     .... $2,(100
Dwelling la.t, Second Street  1,7(1(1
Dwelling uud Lots, Third Street  -1.2IHI
Lots on Second St., cast of McKenzie Ave., each  . .     2611
Iaits on Third St,, east of McKenzie Ave., ench   .    . .UKI
Lots on Fourth St., eustof McKenzie Ave,, each   . .     175
Lots on Fifth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .    . .150
1—2 and B-ocre lllucks suitable for fruit,
Sensations exist, for our
Tbey n.e nature's warnings, Overworked .eyes demand rest. Eyes that
lire easily call for help. Properly
adjusted glass, s all' -rd the only assist-
mice possible. We make a specialty
of relieving tired eye- and guarantee
Next Imperial Bank.
'. A. A. A. A. A. A. ."t. A. /fr. .♦. A. .^*. ."I*. ."If. .T. .j*. .j*. .T. .T. .T. iT. »T. .T. .' ■•
7 "X 'X 'X *3? 'X' "X- il." 'X' >J,> "X' 'J.' J.' -Xi 'X' 'X' 'X 'X 'X' *X 'X 'X 'X 'X "X \ >
Tickets at* the Canada
Drug and Book Store
Seats, $1, ?5c&S0c
W A N T E I)
1 >i■ 11.i> 1;i< u-iii istiiiifiii. for sninii
I ) hou.0 promptly, unit provide
|,liiii*. A|i|ilvl.lii-..lilec.
I Kill SALE A g. od'Souvenir Range
I Can I.-- seen i.i tin- cottage, cor*
nt-l of Boyle Avion., un.l Viel.o.-in
Rond, i.i.y time before Hie 2Ktl. of
Man li. A. Stcaiix.     w kn
Notion la luiiobyglvei. thai lOrlaya tftor ditto
I nil' nly to tho Chlol Oorpirila. -...
U.hIh i.ixl Worki for a anoelal lloonao 10 onl
.uui . mm away timbor Irom thu i'..ll'i«'ini{
iliM.-i-ii.i.i innii- -fii.iiiii'il in woat Koolonay
1' inclnB nt 11 r."-i |.lanlo.l sttlortli woat
onrner of 'I'l ulioi it.-rtl, N.. DWI, and markod "M,'H enrnor |mat." II..'in-.' 10 clialna north,,- inn ihiiini" woat, tlionco 10 clialna ainitti,
ili...iiT|n,iriifii.i call... 1.........1 ..-.-.......I.
[...1....1 March Iinil, inw
jut KO M. UllADV, Ijiiifiili"!
I "lit SALE A Second hnnd I'inno.
T    Apply lo Miss Lennox.
I /Ol! SALE lbmi-, "ml l.'.i $1850-
I' U.i ISO 1...-I. House lh-.. runms,
I*... .ii,, balance to suit, .Apply this
■ :)*...■ 	
I EASE '.r Furnished Rooming
I j House (12 runni'i) with furniture,
|... anle cheap paving investment.--
\|,|,i-. inn.n.u k I-'ikiii.    	
M.M HINE   Shop   Machinery for
i,i|i< eni'iip, ui> plant il tloalri'd.
Apply to,I, Ti iiNKK, Pen-'.. S.isk.
/ |,\ SALE (J....ileu. .n's Fill Coat,
\ I  full length, excellent condition,
mil Inn/  ii-iiso.n.l.l...    Apply at lliia
1 (LAIN nnd Orni ntnl Plasti'i'lng,
I A.lilh Inl stone nf any design loi-
building puiposes.    Cemenl  mill eon-
crete work taken hv contmut or dny
wnrk.   Apply In .1. WALKER and J.
S.WII.KST. Hevelslokc, P.O.
The King of all Cigars, for the
first time presented to you in
Revelstoke, is the KING EDWARD
7TH, Leader of Domestic Cigars
in Canada.
L .'t'. .fri A. A. A. .Ti .*t*a 1T1 tf, .Ti tTi At iT. iTi .T. ,Ta .T. At .T. .T. .♦. .T, .♦. .♦.
*X X + * * * w ♦ V * ▼ w t 4* ♦ V 4> "X' "X" 4* 'X' 'X 'X* 'X''
FOR HIRE—A comfortable, fast, 4 h,p. Gasoline
Launch, which will sent eight comfortably, and will
accommodate the tents and outfit of a party of
three, for an extended hunting or fishing trip, Lake
Shuswap has unrivalled fishing, and from the shores
of its far reaching arms start many trails into some
of the finest big game country in B. C.
TO LET -A four-room furnished Cottage, on the
shore of Lake Shuswap.    For particulars address,
WANTED  AT  ONCE- A   .lendy
mnn in drive delivery wugou -
Apply llourne Bros,
All in Eastern Costume, will be produced in the
Oeneial Admission,—60c.
Reserved Seats,-75o


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