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 our i urnim**) *>
Made from 'IIALYCON'5
arc refreshing; and health-
bottled at the Springs.
■ gaavamaas. rass**
i .   rc-u ts produced, ill!"   M rl.ine
nterior Publishing Co, Agents
Vol, 13,-No 78
$2.50 Per Yen*
Silk Skirt
Twenty Silk Skirls go on the
Bargain Tnble Saturday night
und will be mi sale Monday,
They nro line,suft silk will, widu
ncui'deon   pleated   Hol.l.ce  and
heavy dust ruffle, in black und
col.ns. Regular stunk sell ut
$6.60.   Price now
Mundnv and Tuesday we will sell
200 yni'ils Pure Wool, 28 Inch
Ohnmbly Flaunol, grey colored,
—this is .he standard C.inndinn
FI.ini.ol sells regularly ut 50c,
Now 30c.
Fall Blouses
Wash Linen, heavy Fall weight,
tailor ... uie. Tbey nre ... lake
the plnce uf Muslins for the Fall,
huve the weight, and aro warm
und comfortable.   Each
Hand Bags
We have the new Hand Hags
nnd Satchels—a big, line, nt a
bargain, They are n manufacturer's snmplelot. We mnrked
them to' sell ut two-thirds regular price. You cnn get u nice
bag from
$1.00 to $2.00
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Fall Goods Arriving: Daily.    Dressmaking and Millinery Rooms, 2nd Floor
t.v.. f. i't*. A, s'K A\ At At i^t .ti .fr. At A\ A\ Ai A, .♦■ •'t'i iTi iti At ttt itt iti i
Wl iw »x" "X' *P w "X* "X* 'X" 1X* w *   *  ♦   * " T» "   +   t  "r  +   *   ♦ *
If yuu wnntjto get the best
see our stock.
£ Over 60 Heating Stoves to
select from nnd over 26 Cook
Stoves to make ucboiee front
We have over two carloads
of Stoves und Furnaces on
nur Floor and in our warehouse.
We buy the best and cnu
give you the advantage of our
extensive buying.
We only buy from llie best
stijve makers in Canada.
We nre showing Airtight
Heaters from $1160 up. See
uur line before purchasing,
ty Dealers ia Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
ty and Sawmill Supplies, etc., numbing and Tinsmithing.
iTi -fa i*ti tti ti'i t"tt iti ity -ti i1*i i1*i itt tTi iti iti iti itt itt iti ith iti iti iti iti itt itt
1} w *X  X" *  X  X  *  *  +  4"  w  A  V +  +  +  *  *   ""   * ™ '-J.' **s>* 'tis1
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 37J x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Gash 1*960, terms on balance.     PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey  Dwelling,  plasto.ed and stnii'e basement. Lots
76 x 100 on Second Street,     ('ash $060 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwellng, Lot 50x100, near Cowan Block
PRICE  $850
Vancouver  Day  Spoiled By
Heavy Rain.
New Westminster, Oct. 5.—Vancouver Day ut the Provincial Exhibition was somewhat spoiled l.y the
almost incessant drizzle of ruin
which at times amounted lo a
downpour and compelled the visitors for the most part lo remain
within the buildings. As these,
however, are capacious, and ench
has an interesting display, the day
was profitably spent inside.
A much closer observation ol the
Iruit nnd other exhibits was consequently made, and the splendid
resources and possibilities of the
country were much more appreciated than is usual where only a
hurried glance is taken. Added
interest is given by reason of the
fnct that fruits and other competitive exhibits hud all been judged,
and lhe ticket indicated whnt, in
the minds of the judges, is the best
displuy. The opinion of the individual observer was thus conliniied
or reversed, but assisted by the
expert decision.
The miniature lish hatchery
ounie in for a good deal of attention
and Curator Halkett wns kept
busy answering the questions with
which ho was plied. The aquarium
cases conlaining lhe fry, and the
splendid live specimens of rainbow
trout were the centre of admiring
The kennel show also came in
for a larger share of attention than
previously, and that the number of
pedigieed animals collected was a
surprise to many who do not know
how thoroughly a good dog is valued in the West.
On the grounds the games excited great interest, and whenever
the rain moderated, crowdB would
rush from the buildings to take in
the contests. It waB not an out'
side day, however, and the* musi
cal programmes rendered by the
musicians on the exhibition instrn
ments made a splendid indoor
conceit or serisjs of concerts in the
various hulls.
At O, M, Sprout's Furs-ell  Estate Olliee.
COWAN BLOCK.       -       -      -       THIRD STREET
Logging Operations Decreasing
—Demand Not as Large.
Nemos, B, 0„ Oct. 4.-F. A. Anstie.
secretary of tbe Mountain Lumbermen's Association, who litis returned
from n trip into Enst Kootenny and
Alberta, snid on his return: " 1 find
about 60 per rent, ol the production
nl timber cut oil* owing to the mills
having closed down, and a great many
other mills are announcing thoir intention ot discontinuing operations
uitl.in a few weeks
" It nlso appears to be cerlain that
logging operations will be probably
from 60 to (10 per cent, less than the
scnle of 1900. The reason fer this is
the decreased demand Irom the prairie
provinces induced by tho stringency
of the money market curtailing building operations."
Plan to Visit Great Britain Next
Year to Show Off Country.
Ottawa, Ont., October 4.—Preliminary arrangements are now under
way to mnko up a party of Canadian
newspapermen to tour Great Britain
next year. It is thought to be one
that will do much good for Canada,
and the slogan of the party is that
ihey will show the "real Canada" to
Great Britain.
Many prominent newspaper men
have responded to the invitation to
join the party, and considerable enthusiasm is expressed towards the
object in view. The first practical
steps were taken by the news editor ol
the Ottawa Citizen, who is gathe.ing
opinions ot all Canada's newspaper
men. Thus far the interested roll
extends trom the Yukon to Vancouver and to the Atlantic coast.
All in Canada Three Years ago
Have Papers.
Ottawa, Oct 4.—Whether tbe Jnp-
auese race is easily assimilable with
the Canadian people or not, it is a
significant fact that a very large percentage ol them are qualifying to become permanent citizens of this country, and to take nt least a voting interest in political affairs by taking out
naturalization papers. Records ol the
secretary of state's department show
thnt up to July no less than 3,350 Japanese bave token tbe oath. Prior to
1902, when the present naturalization
act came into force, 2,733 naturalization papers bad been granted Japanese.
In 1902 there were 67 naturalized, in
1903 there were 279, in 1904 there
were 82, in 1905 there were 19, in 1906
up to July 1, 40, and for the following
twelve months 205. This census of
1901 Bhowed the total Japanese population ot Canada to be only 3,812, and
from then until 1905 only 354 Japanese immigrants entered the Dominion. Since it required a three yeots'
residence in the country belore papers
can be taken out, the above figures
poiut to tl.e fact th-t almost all of the
present Japanese population who are
eligible to become naturalized have
availed themselves ol the privilege.
King Edward sets New Fashion
Americans Follow Quickly
New York, Oct. 4.—Green hots
such us King Edward wore during liis
visit to tbe continent, recently, nre
now in vogue with certain returning
American tourists, Several voyngeurs
on recently arrived steamers rejoiced
in them nud some completed the color
scheme by wearing tieB nnd scarfs of
the same shade. Tho fashion, the returning travellers say, is spreading
over Europe. The headgear is shaped
on the Alpine model. The ribbon of
green which iidorns it is wide and ends
in s llutly tliniria.il.
Mineral and Timber Resources
Very Prosperoes.
Vancouver, Oct, 5.—H. Murray,
editor and proprietor of the Lnrdcnu
Mining Review of Trout Lake, is in
the city. Tbe Lardeau country, he
states, never was in n better positien.
Its resources is mineral and lumber
are now being systematically developed
by men who have experience and
capital. The Silver Cup mine has
openid up a remarkably fine shute of
ore, at about 900 feet in depth; it is
three leel in width .u.d runs over $100
per ton. A new cum pressor plant in
being installed. Tbe Bmndview mine
operated by the Obij Mines Development Company promises to bo one ol
the big mines of Britisli Columbin.
The True FiiBure, Blue Bell and St.
Elmo properties, owned hy tlie same
company, will be worked during this
winter. Conservative engineers report over .$4,000,000 of ore in sight on
these last mentioned properties. Many
othcr properties arc being opened up
which promise good results. Tbe
completing of the A, A K. branch
from Arrowhead to Gemini, which is,
it is understood, to be started this [all,
v ill greatly assist iu the development
ol this part ol the country.
Trout Lake City during the next
summer will be very active. A new
sawmill will be erected by Messrs.
Mundy A McRae, who .have secured a
large tract ol timber. They have
already invested over $20,000 in real
The chid attraction at the opera
house Ihis month will be tho production by the Amateur Dramatic Club
ol that olever S-act comedy "Jane,"
If there iB one class of performance
above all others that tho public ol
Revelstoke enjoy il is clean cut
comedy, and in ''Jane" they will have
it to their heart's content. "Jane'' is
probably tlie most amusing comedy
ever written, and is ccrlninly the most
laughable thai has ever been produced
in this city. Tho Dramatic Club
always give awcll finished performance
and "Jane" will prove no exception to
tho rule. Tbe caste has been woll
chosen, each member seeming to lit
perfectly into tlie rolo in which ho or
she has been placed, Rehearsal*, arc
being hold regi.li.rly and tho production promises to surpass anything in
tne entertainment line given in the
[city lor a considerable limo. At tl.o
I opera houte Friday, October Uth,
Fiendish Action—Lemieux for
Japan - Hindu Riots - Crop
Reports - Party Politics-
Canadian Appointed.
Oquawka, ills., Oct. 5.—Because
he had been refused food an unknown tramp took horrible revenge
today, beating Mrs. John Hathaway into unconsciousness and
then tying her four year old son to
a tree and burning him to death,
Enraged farmers and citizens of
this place are scouring the country
for the murderer, threatening to
execute him ns he did the boy.
Ottawa, Oct. 5—-It is pretty well
understood thnt Adolphc Lemieux,
minister ol labor, will accompany
.Japanese Consul-General Noose to
Japan to meet the Mikado's government and endeavor to settle the
trouble over thc invasion of liritish
Columbia by Japanese.
Spokane, Oct. 5.—A nice riot
occurred nt Danville, Wash., last
night, iu which ten Hindus, who
had come across the Canadian line,
were mobbed and driven bnck into
Orangeville, Ont., Oct. 5.—The
Canadian Bunk of Commerce and
the Sterling Bank have been victimized to the extent of $300 and
$100 respectively by two smooth
strangers, who impersonated farmers, and who have since been
Ottawa, Oct. 5.—Dr. Saunders,
director of Experimental Farms,
who is keeping in close touch with
crop conditions in western Canada,
iB inclined to believe that the Winnipeg estimate of only forty-five
million bushels fit for milling is
below tho actual yield. Dr. Saunders places the probable crop at between fifty and sixty million bushels, and a considerable quantity
too in addition for food.
London, Eng., Oct. 5.—"Party
politics" is the general interpretation here of the discussion over tbe
propriety of sending the American
battleship (leet to the Pacific. The
English and all the European papers print the speeches of Pres.
Roosevelt-and Secretary of War
Tuft, and reproduce comments of
the American papers which nre
attacking the battleship pmj»ct.
Montreal, Oot 5.—Dr, Jus. C.
Fyshe, who has been for tbe past
two yeurs medical superintendent
of the Alexandra Hospital for Infectious Diseases, has been appointed assistant superintendent of the
department of hygiene in the
Kingdom of Siam.
Government Will Await Report
From Mr. Scott.
Ottawa, Oct. 4,—The oabinct has
not passed the claims made for damages done to Japanese property at
Vancouver, it was decided before
taking definite action to await some
further information from Mr. Scott of
the immigration department, who iB
now in the West, but it is practically
certain that the claims will bo formally passed on Monday or Tuesday
Japanese Consul-Qeneral Nosse isid
that he hud made no formal claims
nor any stated Bum yet, as ho l.as not
been authorized lo do bo by liis government. He duos not deny, however, that ho has wailed on tlio Secretary ol State and discussed tho whole
matter with him. Tho amount is
around livo or six thousand dollars.
This will bo paid and tho government
will look to Vancouver city lor settlement.
San Francisco, Oct. 5.—Fifty-one
verified cases ol bubonic plague have
developed in Ban Francisco to date
according to tl.e report being kept in
the olliee ol Dr. Blue, of the murine
hospital, in charge ol tl.e work of
eradicating. There have been 30
death.. About 30 suspects arc under
operation. OI the 51 verified cases,
Mils Helling, a nurse, hat recovered.
Don't Take
Your Groceries
with you, let us send
them home. It's just
as easy for us, and far
more convenient for
you. Or we will call
for the order and deliver the things, just as
if you   selected them
yourself. We have everything worth keeping. Our reputation for fair dealing is second to none and we can satisfy
you in every way.
Ot Stoves, Ranges and Heaters. These have just arrived: tbey are not
old stock, kept over, but NEW with all the latest improvement! and
they arc MrOLAHY'S.
We have a full line nf Fishing Rods, Baits, Lines, Hooks, etc.  Shotguns, Rilles, Revolvers, nnd all kinds ol ammunition.
Bourne Bros.
We have a signed agreement permitting us to sell
a certain property on McKenzie Avenue at a figure
$403 below actual value, good until Oct. 26, 1907.
The property comprises one and a half lots, seven-
roomed plastered house, summer kitchen, woodshed,
stable, fencing, etc,
The price is $1800. $700 cash, balance on mortgage. Will rent for $22 per month. A responsible
contractor has estimated the value of the buildings alone
at $2,000.   The land is worth $500.
Investigate the proposition at once as it is only
good for a short time.
Offices :.—Molsons Bank Building,     Telephone 31
&   M
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform} Wardrobe
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Hrsnchn In th. Prailncsa nl Manitoba, Alls.ru., Ss-iats-liawaw.
Hrl.lah Colombia, Ontario, QUIDM,
Oapltal Authorized        ...       $10,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   •4,880,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       M,SSo,ooo.oo
D, lt. Wilkie, President; Hon. It. Jakpbat, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts uold available in nil parts of Canada, United States snd
Bumps,   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed ...1 deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager. Z\k flfoail*1bcvalo.
Bakristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Ofiicc Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mcbphy.       Hakomi Fishek
Bfirri-u-r.-l Solicit*>ra, Kn-.
BEVKUSTOKB im. Till.1*1 LAKE ill. 0.
CB.OllUS. ('. Kl.l.li.n.
Orr.cr-   Im skiai. Bank Muick, Revel
'stoke, B.C.
Monf-i 10 lo.....
0r9c-f ltevel.*toke, B..:.: Cranbrook, B. 0,
Ge<>. s, McCautkr,
4. M. Pinkham. J. A. Hakvey,
Itevel-loke, II, C.       Cranronk, B.   .
;. M. Scon IjL.0
W. I. Ilrifflt*.
BabbistbbSi Si.LiciTi.ns, Etc.
Money to Loan
First Streel. Revelsloke, B.C.
assaybr & CHEMIST
Aisay ol ali Ores. Sainples I'y mall or t-\|,ress
receive prompt Htlenli.ui.
Termi Msderste.
SDnacss     •     •    •    Box 182 Kaslo, B. 0.
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avestk,
Box lot), Kevelstoke.
.V.TAI.Y rcn.ii, Etc,
Phone J     NEW DKNVBR, B.C     I'.O.
(Member American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Kevklstiikk, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports,
Reports compiled. Plans nnd Blue
Prints of Lund, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills und Buildings prepared in sbnpe
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers,
TEACHER of piano, vocal
harmony COUNTERPOINT, etc.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Exnniiiiiitions.
Tt'DIO-At  Mrs. J. C,   HiHcliison's Con-
aught Avenue.
Ue AatlVDeralb
'1 would
earnestly advise thow for
this paper
s looked ui
the tea equipage."-Addison,
their k*ood to order thia paper to be punctually
served up. and to be looked upon an ft part of
During lhe past week the city council have been in almost nightly session
discussing the all important question
of the letting of the tender lor the
constroction work ot the new nuiii
iarv power plant. This is a matter
which will warrant the fullest anil
must carelul investigation snd it is
tbe aim and object of the council now
to put in a plant which will bc ade-
'juste fur the city's needs snd also
complete, reliable and efficient, looking at the same time to economy in
operation and also e.f installation. The
council bave been wise in their selection of a gas producer plant out of the
many method! in modern u.e fur the
production ol power. The gas producer is the latest device for economic wurk and today is capable ol
developing in units from ten to ten
thousand horse power. The ordinary-
gas producer plant can be divided into
four different types, suction gas, auction pressure gas, water ga-. and
Mond gas. Producer gas means thi-
puling ol steam and sir through red progreiilvo they will b
hot eosl, the resultant being gsi reasonably profitable. Pen
which U purified, cooled and suitable 'm wlth the conditions here osnnoi
lor   the  engine,   and   such   gns    i,! doubt our assertion that II. v.-i-toke i-
Bome on acouut uf the smell but
modern plants huve by a scientific
arrangement ol drains entirely eradicated any offensive odor. Additional
points in its lavor are that only n
Biuall amount of space is tcquirod, no
moving ports, easily operated and pays
for itself in n lew yean. The council
have chosen n plant that will suit all
requirement! and ol adequate power
to operate a large quantity of elect.i-
cnlly diiven machinery und additions!
lighting. Although the estimate by
Col; Tracey nnd Cecil Qoddard, consulting engineers, is, considerably
lower than the tenders sent in yet
several firms tendering have made
reasonable propositions as rogardB
price. In giving the contract to the
Canadian General Electric Ce., wo
consider that the council hns nude a
wise selection, since the city having
some of that linn's machinery now in
operation its ellloletioy has been demonstrated. The company say that the
new plant will be in operation in
February  Won, and   we  can rest
insured tbat no further winter I roubles will be met with. The importance
ol this step should be realized by ull
and Kevclstuke can claim to own one
ol the best plants in the province.
As touching the questions of reciprocity ol provincoB (or teachers nnd
the uniformity of ll.e same, the lollowing will instance one ol the most important sides of modern education in
Canada. Universities, however neces
Bury they may be, are not more so
than lhe public jchools, which touch
the daily lile of every buy nnd girl in
Canada. The gradual disappearance
of mule public school teachers must
be viewed with anxiety. In the
Toronto Normal school there nre ISO
lady students and live men; in London,
Ont., there are 152 ladles and 18 men;
Ottawa, 115 ladies and seven men.
From this it is evident that, male
teachers are becoming mure scarce
and will soon bo an unknown quantity. This situation gives ground for
anxious thought us to tbo results
upon Canada's luture manhood, without in anyway depreciating the excellent work done l.y ladies in the profession. Mule teachers are few in
number in British Columbia and
every effort should be made to establish
reciprocity with provinces. The influence ot womanhood upon children
cannot hc over estimated, but still
there, must be a stage in the development nf the children, and boys especially, when they ueed the strong
governing band ol a man. To produce a manly generation the influence
ol virile manhood miiBtbefelt, Che p-
nesB in educational matters o! tliis
sort is exceedingly pjor economy nnd
the public school is the worst plnce lo
practice  it.
Canadian manhood should never bc
allowed to suffer through tbe cheapening o! the teaching protesiion,
In the ordinary course ol events a
district and community where money
is made and accumulated, should nt
the same time be good en..ugh wherein to spend that money, nnd Revelstoke il a good plnce to make money
sliould also be a good place in whiohl the government will b: called upoi
to invest it.    A question ot thii sort arrange tor pemions lor  long lervice
needs no answer,  but  suggests  thei teachers."
appropriateness of investing at home!    " That the . .-•:     - -     ,-  exami-
snd helping to  build  up  the  place nations lor hig    > antra
where wealth has been obtained. There within the ic |      the text       - .
are certainly opportunities (ur profit- on the subject u
able  investment in Revelstoke, as in 	
every other growing  and  prosperoui     The    1   istei tion   was
cily in   the   Interior and   wl.- I.   ol formally   closed   '-'.. :.--:,. evening,
British  Columbia, and these oppor- the leaturc ol thi   .its.
tunities should be developed and en- »ddre*    . educal
larged,   Where inducements are being Bride.
held out and encouragement ii being     ,\|r McB theijueitioi
given to outside capital to come in, il of education in     ■       noe.andpar-
should naturally occur tu  those  uh    ■    . .   .   ■
have made money In tbe locality, that tion, but hoped esat-
there ii the place to invest it.   The i.lact  ily dealt with   ■ ei
returns  may  not  be  Mquiokori .,, miversity is f.i
great as in a large city,  bul   il  the     1 notice
general spirit ol the community ii otsnumbei -    -
tions pais. I •     . ... in tel
etext books  and th.
health   reg    tiom
promiiing eve      mid
Revelstoke Chosen lor Next
Year's Meeting — Important
Resolutions Adopted.
New   \Ve8tminbteb, Oct. i—The
Provincial school trustees held iheir
second meeting in the council chamber Tuesday. All the delegates were
present. Tho first business of the
day was n visit to the cily public
schools where an inspection wus nn.de
ol ihe work of the various classes and
an excellent illustration given of the
rapidity nnd order in which the lire
drills are curried out,
Upon returning to tin: cily hall the
question ot free text books wns luken
up nnd nfter some discussion tbe
motion to recommend this course to
tl.e government was curried with bul
one dissenting voice.
In the evening meeting tlie election
ol ollicers wns held nnd resulted:
President, Mr. P. Peebles, New Westminster; vice-president, Mr. 0, 11
Strutt, Kamloops; secrctury-treas.
Mr. .1. Dougan, Vancouver, re-elected;
executive ollicers, Mr, A. E. Plantn,
Nanaimo; Mr, H.N, Coursier, Kevelstoke; Audit committee, Mr. F, 11.
Bourne, Revelstoke, and Mr. A. E.
Pl.ii.ta, Nanaimo,
11. N. Counter invitid the delegates to visit Revelstoke lor thc next
meeting. Tbey could show them
one o( the linest schools in British
Other places were submitted, but
upon vote being made, the choice (ell
upon Revelstoke
Mi Mcllriile moved that tl.e government be urged to increase the grant
to rural schools and rural municipalities to a minimum of ifSW instead ol
$480 as at present, or above the $540,
dollar for dollar, contributed by the
The motion carried.
Tlie lollowing resolutions were
adopted :
" That our schools should teach
mure along the industrial and ugri-
cultural nnd less upon merely mercantile lines; that education should
centre more towards rural and less
around* city lite "
" That it is especially desirable that
the children unending the public
scnools ol this province should be
fully instructed in regard to the
various tonus ot government— Dominion, provincial, municipal, nnd
school—in order that they must he
fitted to fulfil their duties in the
luture na citizens ol this province."
" That Section -111 of the School
Act ho struck out or so amended iis to
make it compulsory lor tbe Council to
honor drafls passed by the School
Board up to lhe ..mount ol their
estimates ae authorized by Section H
ol the School Act, and passed by the
" That the government be requested
to provide equipment iur Manual
training schools."
'* That in the opinion ol this insti-
tute, the time is not lar distant when
Federal Department will Conserve Interior Water Supply.
New Westminster, Oot, -1—Super
inlendont oi Forestry It. II. Cameron,
bus just returned to Ottawa niter mos
important ollicial visit to this pr -
vince, when he made bis Irendquai'teis
in Provincial 'I'i...I' r Inspector
Leumy's nllicc in this city.
Mr. Cameron uml Mr. Lenniy made
an extensive tour ol inspection ul the
Don.inion limber ureas in British
Columbin while Mr. Cameron was
bore, and made arrangements Ior extensive reserves for two important
Tne principal reason tor Ihe laying
out nl reserves «as lo preserve the
water supply in many sections both for
municipal and irrigation purposes.
This applies particularly to the region
ol country in the intoiior nnd known
as the dry tu.lt. There uro miiny
streams 'lowing through this country,
but which have their sources in timbered iireas, and it is believed that
Bhould the timber bo cut off they
would dry up in the warm season, eo
t.ic timber department is moving to
conserve iho supply.
Although it has not been decided
by the eHicials just whnt urea will he
reserved, n report will be made to the
government, und il is expected thut u
speciul order will be iiihiIo stulin-j
whnt nrcus have been set a-ide ub
forest reserves in British Culumbia.
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Meets First ftii.l Tl.ir.l Wednesday in Ll.o montli
In .Selkirk II..11, u|.sl;iirs, .its p.m. Subject Ior
discussion—"Ariuliiginent uf Ounttallain. All
Interested uro welcome.
C. W, 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meet, Stfifo.nl nml Kotirtli Wednesdays in
onel. niiuii li. in Selkirk Hail,  Visiting Woodmen cordially invited to nlto.nl.
W. D, AltJISTHOMl!, Con. I'oni,
.1  MclNTYllE, ('lurk.
First-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also all
kinds of Garden Produce,
telephone ho.
Front Street,    Revelstoke
LIBRARY VUIINU liiifilt.il
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vnnoouvor—Largest
Soup Factory west, ol Winnipeg. House cleaning nnd
washingarooasy with its help,
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells ivl.nt we give for
liovi.1 Crown Wrappers, Send
tor it—Free—Also try tbe
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, 8. C.
Fruit Lands
I have many enquiries Ior
Fruit Laiids Irom Winnipeg,
Toronto,nnd Vancouver. Persona desiring to dispose ol
their holdings, lnrge or small,
will do well lo list them with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
F. 0. E.
The regulnr meetings are bold in tbo Solkirk
Hull evory Tuesday evening at So'cloc*. Visit*
ini; brethren uro cordially invited.
H. A. BROWN, President.
W. E. McLALVHLIN,8kciibtary,
Kootenny LodiceNo. 15 A.F.&A.M.
-)•»    rf„\. The regular moel-
"^ *" '    ~      ing**- are held In the
Mithuiiiu Temple,
Jild Pcllowi Hnll.on
the third Monday in
■noli month at S
,).ni. Visiting broth
ren   cordially   wel
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12,1. 0.0. F.
Meets everyThuredny
evening in Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited to attend
K. TlilMUl.K. N.U.
Co.tl Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesday of
each rm.mli, in tbo Oddfellows'
Hull at h o'clock. Visiting
Knights are cordially invited.
ii  11. BROCK, K. nf K  AS,
H. A. BROWN, M. (if F
Deer Beads, Animals, Bints, Pish, IEtc.,
Animal Rugs Mounted,
!'   i,    i.
Corner ul Firsl SI and Boyle \\n.
Revehtoke, B 0.
r ■ -.- . Brick in the Province.
Well burnt li.i.'k in latgo or
I.iii::'..-* at Reasonable
-     -
Manufactured for allclasses'of buildings
All kinds of .biiililiiii'nnd plastorlng
BELOW will bo lound the names ol some ol iho prugr s*i e Iir us in
Bevelstoko who make this most popular and liberal offer i 'lii* eh-gnni-
library and handsome oaso will be given by volo to tho L'dgc, Soeiely,
Church or School in Revelstoke securing the largest number if voles in
the lollowing mn..ner: Tbe business men listed below will give with
EACH TEN CENT PUltCHASE one vole. The contest begins Sept.
9th und ends Feb. 9th, 11)08. A ballot box bus been pluoed in ilicC.inud.i
Drug & Book Store where the votes nvo to be deposited, At the close ol
the contest the church, school, suciel) or lodge having lhc largest number ol votes will be awarded the library, Current accounts when promptly paid will be entitled to voics. Remember, votes can only he secured by
trading with the merchants listed below. Euchweek tl.o Man. IIkuai.ii
will niinouncc tbe standing ol the contestant.
The library antl oaie are now on exhibition in tbe show window ol
C, 11. llunie A Co.
Groceries,    Dryg Is,    Crockery
Men's Furnishings, Hoots anil Shoes
House Furnishings.
Meats, Etc.
Fine Confectionery, lee Cream, Etc.
Co .pons given on Hardware only
11. McKlNNON
Cigars, Tobacco, etc.
Printers and Publishers.
Central Hotel
" saisa^REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.     Firel-clnes in every respect,    All modern conveniences
Large Sample lloomn.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Sped I Weokly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Plnce your orders for your
Harness.,—Hand-make limits
nnil Fancy Lenllier Guilds. . .
Restaurant and Furnished Rooms
Meals Irum 2f)c. Up.
Second Street, - East End
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rale.
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprietor
James Evans
White Help Only
Pork,  Mutton,
inl   Game   in
promptly at.
coiminiod by  ignition  and explosion i progressing and advancing and no one eration,
iu  tbe engine to give  the motive would have the temerity to auert that     i ,  .,. nion ol tl
power.    A  strong feature ol the gas 'bere ii a possibility ol a backward tion wai held Wedm  -
producer plant is that it is practically
■ell contained, king complete m ils.-lf
and automatic in notion, Une particular advantage is that only a lew
minutes  nre   required   to   have  the
movement or even ol thing! remaining belore the premi.     i .henarei
lor an instant at a stand st.
l.y a., enterprising and  progreiilvo
Olail ol business men,   Revelitoke has
already obtained enviable distinction
plant in  full operation which during  '" lhe matter ol growth and civic
our winter months is n very necessary
and convenient feature. Expensive
•killed enginien are not required nnd
tl.e operation ol the system is simple
it being practically impossible Ior tin
apparatus to get out of order or he
damaged by (ire or explosion. Tho
consumption of luel ii from one lo
two pounds per horse power per hour,
and low grade fuels will do good work
the apparatus lieing usually designed
to consume charcoal, coke, bituminous
slack and sawdust, in lact any com.
bustible, although in the latest producer the aim has been to use only
good fuel in order to generate the
purest and most combustible gas.
Formerly gas  plants proved trouble..
provemonti,    It
live in and in which t>
guud place to
rl.. business,
The luneral ol the late l*. VV, Stewart, who died at Calgary on Monday,
Sept. 80th, took place on  Thursday,
A short service wai held at   the   resi-
dence ol Mr. and Mrs, VV, W. Foster.
tbe Rev. J, It. Robertion officiating,
A number ol tho deceased's frlonds and
(,'P.R. stnll' employeei followed the
remains to the cemetery and nftnr a
brief burial service the body was committed tu its limil resting plane. On
and around the casket were heaped
many beautilul wreaths and llowers,
a murk ol respect nnd esteem by thoso
who knew tl.o deceuseil, Tho pull
bearers wore: E. M. Cook, 0. ll,
Maedonald, A. G Broker, ll, R.
Illacklock, S. G. Bobbin! and B, W, I).
olution   lavorlng I      ,-
schools ii. tho larger centeri
tation was passed
A number ol rei lutioi   ' bis paned
asking  the provincial gov. i
iitpply   small   school   libraries  and
Iini in  Luis io the ichoc i, a
a proper medical  impeotion  ol all
achooli be made regularly.
A resolution favoring the holding ol
all High school entrance examination!
at. the lame time in this province, Another proposal that tbe lame iei
questions, be used at ouch was lost as
was also   a   resolution   (nv..ring   the
opening by private schools ol their
attendance rolls to the educational
department onoe nr twloo a yenr.
TbnHif wl... bav.. purchased canary
birds on lhe street will find our Oot-
tain's bird seed tho right thing—C. II.
Hume A Co.
First St. Revelstoke
| ..    .   - iti ■■
i ro, L       '■'■ i
.  ■   ■ -mi Und:
■ po    ;  u '
■ ■ .
■ i
-       '-...:.■■.
,*.' ■. ■-.   .
1 III,
I, George
pari in
pp m to pun ■■
■  ■
i mat planted it tl
corner nt I IcQiw        Loi WA ihenee
,    ■ ■ - SO - halnt- w.i i' c
* rice '■■'-, l" Min- 'i • ncc '■
i.-.-i. |l     , .... nn:  QOB\   [tl I hftlfl     0 .-■■
H. omi '
Datod   -      I     M
iop2l   in        OKOHOK        M \i \'.
Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers,
Fishing Tackle, Tents, Hunting and iiuling Suii«, Oanoes.
I: .1*. Typewriters and Office
In -'., Field llllll Opcril Glnsses,
All ni lesi lhnn hall price,
Write ni "...■" for big list,
Kinds of Light and H iavy
Hauling Undcrlaken
flovrlnUike Uml Distriet,
Dlrttrlol nf Wi il KoolonR)
Take nolloi thai Jamu l' Kennedy, of m.>
olllownot, M ' , Winer, Intend* Lo apply for n
■M.i'-i.il inul,' tot tlm Mlowlnfj iif
Tjbwl IhihIh:
Commonolng il n pohI plantod on tho north
innk nf iix- nm Hi ciiil, Turk t.f Downlo I reek,
.iimni iln inil'* - nhovo H"1 K'lrkxiiinl markod
"Jamoe I', Ki'inii'iiy'H H ff. corner," thenoo in
rhuiiH north.llinnoo owl I'Vi iIihIih, thonoo
ninth Hi chaini, thence wont iw o ha Inn in
imiiii. nf cominonoe ntt oOiitnlnlnK WOrohm
more or Ion.
Datod Hoptombor Uth, 1907.
Dealer In
.'.il, Ooal
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
■Jash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
hi older Ut siTiiir one of our
In thecenI re of the Southernmost and Warmest vulley in
B.C., West Kooteuay, for
$10 down   und $11) per
iiioiil h for HI acres.
Tn nny iill your expanses ami ritfiiiul
If nur lund and whole proposition
is not exactly as we represent it.
You can mnke from $11(1 to $700
per ace annually gruwlng fruits
and market gardening. Every tract
is either level or gently sloping.
The soil is I..nm with clny subsoil.
Free from rock. Ample rainfall.
Flue healthy climate. Cool in summer. Zero weather in winter pruc-
lic.lly unknown. No curly or lute
frost danger, Plenty of timber on
oach tract fur buildings, fences and
fuel. Bach tract fronts on a rond,
nnd every tract within linlf-inih- of
iliiiin line of It.It. Title is perfect.
We own one-filth of tbe good lund
in lhe whole Kootenay uud make
these terms so that you will be able
to uso your surplus funds Improving
ynur laml. We refer lo three of the
strung.'st Hunks In Canada, Write
quick for maps, eto., uud testimonials of seniors at Fruit villi1.
Nelson, B. C.
From France, Holland and
reliable varieties nt rcnsoimble prices,
fertilizers, Bee .Supplies, Spray Pumps
Sprnying Material, Out Flowers, etc.
Oldest cstnhlishcd nuiscry on the
mainland ol B.O,   Catalogue free.
Cariboo Land Pistrk-t.
District of Cariboo*
Take notice that Donald Mcintosh of
Revelstoke, B. C, prospector, inlends lo
npply for permission lo purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planled ahoul 2J
milt's above Hlue Kiver, marked "IX Mclnlosh's S. li. conier," Ihence north no
eliains, Ihence wesl 40 chains, thence
soulh 120 ehains, thence east 40 chains to
point of commencemeni, containing 480
acres more or less.
Dated July 31st, 1907.
wedanK2i  D. McINTOSH,
In the matter of an application for the
issue of .1 duplicate of lhe certificate
of title for Lot 12, Block 18, in the
town of Revelstoke.
NOTICE is hereby given that it is
my Intention to issue at the expiration
of one month from the lirsl publication
hereof, u duplicate of the certificate of
title for the ubove lot in the nnme of
.Horcn liullegunrd, which cortiflcate is
dated the llth duy of January 11)01,
and numbered 4080k, and 1031k.
Lund Registry Olilco, Nelau.i, li. C,
lllh Septomber. 1007.
H. F. MaoLkod,
District Registrar.
Hevulritoko Laml District,
Diatrict of Went Kootenay,
Tako notice that Bowman Lumber Company)
Ltd., of Hi'vH-tiikf, n. o., nomination Lumbor
Mflnufnetnrore, intend*- io amity for ft spocial
timher licence over tho following dOBorlbod
lamia: '
Commencing ata iiwt nhinlod on the -nuiii
Hide nf northeast anu Uppor Arrow Lake und
markod "Bowman Lumhor Company's N. io.
oornor posl," thence ciwl Hn chat tut, thence -south
Sii chains, tlienee mint BO nhiiiiiH, tlu-iioo norlh
mi chain-, in iiuint of com ui en cui no nt, ninl con-
tainiiiK li-h) ticn h, more or let)*.
Dated July »lt 1907.
watc"    Hy tholr An<Mt, John 0. McCarthy.
.l-*H[>nlr.     " Don't  do   4
thinp" Ull you w-c clearly
whul h boat hy aid of
lashlitfhts on Human Nature"
on health, dUCRU, love, m-irrinKO and parentage
Tol W what you'd a*=V adii'tor.hiit dou'l like to
240pages.Illustrated.«MoenUl bul tointroduce
li me wind one only to any adult for pottage,
in cents,
M  HILL, PUB. 00.
13-3 last 28th fttrsot, NEW YORK.
RcvoHoko Land DiHtrlet,
Dintrict of West Kootenay.
Take notico that Donald Dowar, of Arrowhead, B.C.. timher crulsor, intends to apply
for special timter licenses over the following
descrihed lands:
I. Coinmeneing at a imst planted ahmitiw
ehnins north west on a mazed trull from Boyd's
enhin on Pingston Croek, and murked ''Donuld
hewur's north-east comer post," ihonce west
IW clmins. thence south -1(1 chains, thenceeast
ill', ehuins, thenco north 10 chains to point of
& ('ommenclng at a post planted at tho
north oust corner of Locathm No.l. and mnrked "Donald Do war's south-east corncruost,"
thouco west III') chains, thenco norlh PI cnains,
l hence casi llili ohains, thence south 10 chains
to point of commencement,
Dated September 21st, 1007.
8. Commoncing at a post planted nt tho
south-west, corner of Timher Limit HUE), ami
marked "Donald Dowar's southeast corner
post," thence north 100 chains, thence west 10
ohatllB, tlience south 100 chains, thenco cast 10
ohfttlix t« point of commencement
I. CommciicinK at u post planted atthe
soiithenut corner of Timber Limit No. 11170,
and murked "Donuld Dewar's southwest corner poit," thence north hi clialns, tlience east
W chains, thence south 80 chains, thonco west
Mi chains to point of rnininoiieemcnt.
Dated Seplemlier 23rd. M'l":
Any person or persons found cutting or eir*
ryiiiK awav timber off thc Coinaplix lowmdtc,
without permission from the owner Hon.
Ili-.iin Bostock, or bis -a-tent Chlel Young,
will be prosecuted according to law.
Dated this loth day ol August, 1907
For Auxiliary Power Plant to
Canadian General Electric
Co.-Gas Producer Plant of
300 h. p. at cost of $25,762.
The city   bus just passed through
1 one of the most important and n o-
i nientoiis periods of municipal Improve-
, ment that  has ocourred  since any
'- dovelopmo.lt along progressive lines
bus  been   attempted   and   bus  just
brought to a heud tho linnl nrrnngo-
menta in the instituting ol an auxil-
, Invy power  plant  lur  lighting and
1 power generating,
1 The  present  wnter power system
' instituted   in   1811.1 by privnto capital
nnd purchased l.y tbe cily in 1002 bus
done excellent service and in spite nf
several hindrances when the Hume
washed out nnd Other occasions when
shutting down wns absolutely unavoidable, the plant bus done excellent
work, not only in actual public convenience but also In making a huge
source of revenue to swell the city
treasury. The scheme wh?n lirst
mooted, of harnessing the Uleofllewaet
nnd generating current thereby, wus
given senntcredit, but the indomitable
pluck and spirit ol enterprise which
characterizes Kevelstoke citizens was
not to be put down, hence the present
' hydro-elecirio system. As Kevelstoke
grew, slowly and steadily, so did the
demand for increased lighting, which
necessitated the installation of a second dynamo, snd Revelstoke even
now hns at her demand enormous
power in thnt river if harnessed to the
full, Dilliculties in the winter monthi
have iilivnys been experienced, with
anchor and slush ice, which bus caused
no lit tie annoyance and discomfort to
the city corporation.
For the past law yen's tbo question
ol increasing the p'ant and adding an
auxiliary ol some lorm or nnolher, hns
been a popular theme, nnd Kevelstoke
as n whole is agreed that auxiliary
machinery is necessary to insure con
tinuous light service and to cope with
the ever-increasing demand lor current. Negotiations with the C.P.R.
for the sale of electric power to them
by the city have been going on lr.r
over two years, and a satisfactory conclusion even now ha6 not been reached, at least not definitely. Although
tho C.I'.R. custom would mean a big
slice ol revenue still nt the same time
the city required a large plant for her
own use and the present council have
never let tbe matter rest uutil they
did something to bring about the
arrangements lor the installation ol a
new plant. The by-law authorising
the borrowing ot the money fortius
purpose passed almost unanimously
and the council let about the culling
for tenders f:;r the work.
The board of aldermen as well as
the citizens realize the fact that the
introduction ot cheap power into tbe
city will mean the advent of new industries and aid development in many
' ways npnrt from conserving nn uninterrupted light service all the year
round. In tbe tenders received for the
new plant, several firms supplied interesting nnd novel innovations ol
modem machinery in the gas producer
system, which the council huve agreed
and rightly so, is the best, cheapest
and most efficient means ol generating electric power. In every case the
ligures were uwuy beyond the amount
appropriated and it was only nfter
further proposals on the part of all
tenderers, lowering their prices and
making alternative suggestions, which
out out much unnecessary machinery
that lhe council decided on their
The tender of the Canadian General
Electric Co., Toronto, was accepted and
this firm have guaranteed to have the
plant in operation by Feb. 1 and
before any money whatever has passed.
The system chosen is a Honiz twin
cylinder, scavenger type gus engine of
300 brake h. p., weighing 32J tons; 170
revolutions per minute connected
with a suction gas producer, operated
by anthracite coal, coke or charcoal,
the capacity to be adjusted to all
loads. Tbe machinery is ol English
manufacture and imported by tlie
company. The engines are of the
4-cyclc, magneto ignition type, wnter
cool and water cooled piston and
exhaust valves. The scavenger device
is specially commended for its power
to prevent pre-iguition. Forced lubrication to ull parts is litted a bar
starting device is also included. The
producer is of steel and easily operated. The engine can be started iu
15 minutes cold, and when liros
banked over night, in 6 minutes A
feature ot tl.e machinery is that all
parts aro heavy and solid, Tl.e Cana
diau lienoral Electric Co. have done
excellont work whorovcr they lmvo
erected machinery, somo ol their work
being nuw in use at tho power house.
i   . Tho contract pi'ioo is $25,7112, which
includes all  except foundation and
Ilevelstoke can claim tho disti.iotii.il
unil.i.. tu install -'. gns producer plain
and lhc lepieseutiiliics of the Canadian Genornl El...'trie, Mr M.i'shaH
and Mr Chapman, i n.v in toun lesti
ly that il will be to ll.e c.'il'punj's
nte'csls to erect ns complete un.l
llirient u plant hero ns possible lor
their lirst .n the province.
As regards the electrical machinery
tho new generator supplied, it is a 00
cycle, 150 k. w. typo A.T.B. making
000 revolutions per minute, 00 Rl'.M.
weighing wllh excilcr 10,300 lbs. Tho
whole installation of tbe electrical
part of the contract will be curried
out ulso hy ibe Cnnadiiin General
Electrio Co, Mr. Hidden, the new
superintendent ol the generating stn-
lioii, will have lupervision ol the
erection on behalf of tl.e city.
One feature of tlie new plant is that
by connecting the engine on to the
present turbine sbult, u consideiable
sum is saved and the clliciency in t
reduced. Space in the building is nlso
conseried. The oompany claim 1,
accessibility ol parts; 2, easy operation;
3, complete clliciency.
The council will make nrrai gements
for the construct.on of thc foundutioii
at the power houae, truck siding nnd
conl bunkers.
The oven door
of the Kootenay
drops down and
Austrian Princes Purchase Outfit for Hunting in Big Bend.
Two visitors to tho city from the
Austrian Empire are said to be very
lunch higher rank than in indicated
by the register of the Hotel Kevelstoke,
which the two gentlemen signed while
in the city this week. The names of
the visitors us shown at the hotels are
C 'lint Felix Hoyos nnd Count
I'.anz Hoyos, of Vienna, and it is
fluted will inherit the thrones of their
respective principalities. One is Eaid
to be heir to the prince af Sohwarz-
burg-ltudolstiidt, and the other the
prince ol Sohwurzburg Sondenhiiusen.
These distinguished vision's lire well
known big game hunters and it is lor
that purpose that they Imve been
visiting thc city making preparations
lor an extended hunting trip in the
Big Ben 1. The gentlemen created a
very favorable impression in town by
their courteous bearing and for tbe
lavish manner in which they patronized the stores, making extensive
purchases of provisions and dry goods,
etc. It is their intention of making a
lengthy hunting trip in the Bend and
have engaged T. Edwards and Hugh
McLenn as guides, A. Villette being
retained to look after thc camp requisites. The party left yesterday morning on the s.s. Revelstoke.
provides a shelf
upon which to
rest the pans
drawn from the
^The door is
/___. Ji._ strongly braced
^=EEr? and will
BOURNE BROS., Local Agents
Hon. F. J. Fulton Returns From
Hon. F. J. Fulton, chief commissioner ol lands and workB, has just
returned from Colorado, where he has
been looking into irrigation matters
generally and obtaining a knowledge
of the laws und customs which have
developed there with regard to irrigation. Colorado in its legislation
upon tlie subject is the most advanced state in the union and perhaps
in the world and, aB the chief commissioner will probably introduce a
bill ut the next session of the legislature dealing with irrigation, he wus
naturally desirous of visiting Colorado
where the physical conditions approximate those in this province.
To the Victoria Colonist Mr. Fulton
stilted that in Colorado many customs
almost having the effect of law nre
followed with regard to the disposal of
water, etc. Tlie system is very different to that which has been in force
here, but he has been able to get some
bints which should prove of use bere.
Tho commission, consisting ol himsell
and Prolessor Carpenter ol Colorado,
whicli recently visited the dry belt,
has its report in hand, ond some portions of it have already been drafted.
It will bo some little timo before it
will bo finished.
Mr. Fulton visited Denver, Colorado
Springs, Greeley and Fort Collins and
consulted witii a great many people
having a knowledge of irrigation. At
the two latter places mentioned there
are large irrigation schemes, which be
Six Months Was Greater than
Whole of Year 1897.
Ottawa, Out., Oct. 4.—The revenue
ol the Dominion (or the six monthi
ending with September was $50,341
308, or thirteen millions more than for
the whole fiscal year ol 1807, when
Mr. Fielding made his lirst Budget
spoooh. The revenue lor the current
year will reach the one hundred million murk. The revenue Irom Customs
iiloiin for thu past six mouths wus over
NolMUff Hitter thu Our "Spwlll.
in onr professional skill nnd ability
us opticians bus brought relief In
hundreds of sufferers from eye strain
nnd nervous disorders resulting from
eye troubles. Why not lollow llieir
wise example? Know, please, Ihal we
charge nothing whatever lor eye examination, only fairly lor whal glasses
or spectacles may be needed,
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our store if you want, to purchase
a New Carpet, Fine Oriental or Wilton rug, matting or linoleum unit see
how much further its culitents will
tnke you in purchasing thun it will at
any other store in the city. Our
Spring styles nre ready for your
Incorporutod by Act cf 1'atlinment, 1855.
Wm. Molson Maophkrbon, Pies. S. H, Ewing,,Vice-Pres,
James Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two brunches in Canada and Agencies in all parts of the
Interest, credited four times.. year nt current rates on Savings
Hunk deposits, until fui ther notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, fl. C.
,-,''!   I \    I I.
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'orkPackers f.i.l Defilor 'In Live Stock.  Market, in all ll.e principal  (JRlu nnil
Ti.ivi.8 ut Alberta, ItritiHl......iml.ia an.l ll.e Yukon.  Packera of the Colebratet] Ilriuul
"Im er or" llama snd Bacon, and Shamrock llraml, Leal Lnril. A
Fur Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Ktc, John
Douro Ploughs, Molina Wagons, Canada Carriago Company's
Bngffies, Pluuet jr., Gardeu Seeders nnd Cultivators, Wheel*
wright uud Blacksmith Work attondod to. Horso Shoeing ft
w Specialty,
liew ,re ol yellow ciie.il.. 8 which
claim others hnve th'i I eihbridi>e
conl I They lie ! You can get Lethbridge conl from one source only, and
thut ii from its ugeiicy.
l'liice your orders with me nnd get
thc real goods at $8.50 pel ton lor lour
ton orders, weigh where you plense.
Cariboo Land Districl,
Dislricl of Cariboo.
Tako notice lhat Hairy Sawyer of Kev*
elstoke, B.C., millman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase Ihe lollowing
described lands:
Commencing al a posl planted aboul
one mile above Hlue Kiver, and marked
"Hi Sawyer's N. W. corner," thence east
So chains, lbence south Ho chains, llienee
wesl Sochains, llienee norlh So chains lo
point ol com men cement) containing 640
acred more or less.
Daled July 30th, 1907.
wed ag 2t Donald Mcintosh, Agent
I'htM "nnd IHslrh't,
DMri' 1 i-1   mi il* '■'
Take notice thst WalterSieiiihMf.of tlolden,
IU!., 0 «ii|" tion, fter, Intends lo apply fur
11 spec nl limber license over Hie foi (owing
dcsirl bid lands:
1. ( nmmenclng nt h posi -lUulcd on rluht
hank of 1,11 ilo smoky Hlver, nboul »H) tarda
irnrn lis iii'inh, mnrkod "Walter Steinhoff's
s K Corner Post," tlu-.n-o woat 80 chains,
thonee nnrth SOohains, ihemifleaatBO clmins,
thenoe south sn elinins tn pomml rouiinoncc*
ment,containing 010 acres moro or less.
'i, 1 ouimoncliijj nt 11 post planted on the
Nuiii imnk n( tliu souih f-irk of the Imumt
rher.nbmil l, mile from the month of ilm
Llltle Smoky Hlver, marked "Walter Steinhoff's
B, W. Corner I'ost,'1 thence north su chnlns,
tlienci'cum 81) chains, Iliuncu south NO clirius,
thenoo west 80 ohains to the poini of commencement, aitd containing G!0 acres moreor
8, Oommenclng nl n post plnuled uu the
lelt tunk of ihe suulh fork of the Krazer river,
aliout Imlf 11 mile above the moutli of the
Little Smoky river, marked "Waiter Btolnhoff's
B K. Corner PflBt." thence north in clmins,
thenco wust IflOohalns, tbenoe aoutb 40 ohalna,
thenou east 10(1 ohnlns to tho point ot oorn*
tnciiccincnt, and OOUtftltllngtHO ueres moreor
1. Commonelnaal a post planted on the loll
lunik nl the smith tork tif the Kruser Kiver.
about Imll a mile ftbOVC lhe moulh of lhe
mt asraoky river, markod •■Walter steinhoff's
Norlli en*.I ciirner post," thencu suulh tn clmins,
thenco nesi ico chains, thonoo north 40 ohalni,
Ihence oast 160 chains, to lho point «l com-
meucemont, and containing 041) ncres inoreor
0, Commencing nt n post plantod on (he
rluht Imnk ol tlio smilli fork of lhu I'ruser
rivor, about H mllea abovo the month of the
Little Bmoky Hlver, murked "Waller Stein-
huff's N.W. rorner 1'ost" Ihence south 100
clmins, ihonoe eaal IDchaina, theuce north liiu
chains, thenoo woat40 chains, te the polut of
oommoucoraent nnd coutalnlug mo acres mon:
tl Commenolng at a post plautod un the
rluht Imnk ol the snulli fork of thn Kruser
river, nliout P., miles above tlm mouth of lhc
Utile smoky Kiver,marked "WalterSteinhoff's
s w. Comer I'oat" thouco oaat so chains,
thouoe north 80 ehalus, theuoo weat mi chains
thenoo aouth so chains to point ol oomtnonoe*
ment, containing 040 aerea mure or luss,
Dated August 2ii(l, 1007,
t' Commoncing nt n po-t planted on the right
bunk nf the Utile Smoky Kivor, about one
mile fnnn it- mouth, marked "Waller Stein*
holfa S K comer posi ," I honoo west UHi elinlns,
llienco uorth 10i chains, thonco ensi 100 clialna,
tbenco mhiiIi in obalns to point of commencement and o inlatoing 010 aoros, more or less,
8 Commonolng al a poat planted on tho h-i'i
haul: of the Littlo Smoky Uiver, about une
mllo above Ita mouth, marked ''Walter Stein*
hoffVS \V corner post," ihenco ensi liiu ehains,
thenee norlh -10chains, thenee wes' 160 chains,
thenee south PI eliains lo point of commonco*
menl, ami containing iiiu acres, mure or less,
1) Commencing at a pust. planted ou the right
hank ol'the Little Smoky Kiver, ahout one and
one-half miles abovo its tumuli marked "Walter
StoInliOiTa S K corner posl," thunce west IliO
chains, thenee norlh 10chains, thenco east HKI
clmins, Ihenco soutli -Id chuius Lo puint uf com*
ineuceinenL and containing Oil) ueres, more ur
Id Commencing at a post planted on thu left
bank of tho Little Smuky Kiver, about, one and
one Ini'i' milc-ahove its mouth, marked" Walter
Mciiilu.tr*..S W cornor pus1," thenco cast llkl
ehains, ihence norlh lu chains, theueo west Uk)
cliains, thenee suuth Iti ehuins to point of eom
ineiiceiueiiL and containing 010 acres mure or
il Commencing at a post planted on thu loft
haiikoft.hu Little Smuky Itiver, about two
miles from lis mouth, maikcd "Walter Stein*
lion's S W cornor poat," tiionoo east Wi chains,
Ihence nurlb SO chains, Lhcuce west80chains,
Ihenee .south So iliains to puint of commencement nnd contain big 010 acres, more or less.
12 CunimciiciugaLupost planted on the left
bank of the Litile Smoky Itiver, about two
miles imm its mouth, marked "Walter Stein*
boll's S 10 corner post," thoi)co west 80 clialns,
theuce north SO chains, theui-e east 80 chains,
thence soulli SOchains to point of commence-
meut anil containing 010 acres, more or less.
13 Commencing ata noBtniantod on the left
bank of the Lillle Smoky Kiver, about three
miles from its muulli, inarked "Walter Stein*
hull's S W corner post," Lhcnco east 100 cliiiins,
thenoe nortb io chains, ihence west ltkJ uhalns,
tbenee soutb Hi chains lo point of commence*
ment and containing tiln aoros, more or loss.
U CoimncnciiigiitnposiulauLcd on the right
bank of Lhe Little Smoky Uiver, about three
miles from its moulh, marked "Walter Stein*
hutrs S K corner post," thunce west 100 ehains,
thence north 10 chains, Lhcuce east 100 chains,
Llienee south Hi ehains to point of commencement and containing 010 acres, moro or less.
lo Commencing at a post planted on Uie loft
bunk of Lhtt Little Smoky Uiver, ahout three
and one-ha If miles from its mouth, marked
"Walter SLeinhoU"s S W corner post," ihenco
east KiO ehuins, Lbence north 10 eliains, thenou
west lOOchains, thence south 10 chains to point
of commeucomout uml containing 010 acres,
more or less.
Dated August Oth, 1IW7.
10. Commencing nt a pout planted on the
rluht bank ol the Little smuky Kiver, about
aJu miles i.oin its iiumth, innrkeil "Walter
sicinhuff's S, K, Corner Poat," thence west ltio
ehains, ihenee uorllHUchains, tbence easl ltio
chaius, thence soulh 4Uchains to the poiul of
commencement and contnluiug mi! acres more
or loss.
IT Commencing at a post plnnted ou the right
hank ot lhe Little Smuky Kiver. uhout four
miles frum its moulh, marked 'Waller Sieiu*
huff's s. G, Comer 1'ost," thence wesi su chnlns
tlieuce north so ohalna, (theme cnsl 80 elinlns,
thenee suulh SO chains to the puinl ol commencement ini-l cuntaining mu acres moreor
IS Commencing at a posi planted nn the le.t
bnnk ol the Little Smoky Kiver, in..' ■ .. mllea
above lis moutb, marked "Walter ou-iiiuoff's
S,J-l,Corner Poat," theuce north su ehnins,
thenee west so chains, thenoo soulh so ohains.
thuuee ea-t so clmins io the point ol com*
monoemout and containing 010 acroa moroor
io. Commencing at a post plunted on tho
left bunk oi thc Littlu Smuky uiver, about o
in.Ies from Ita inouth, murked "Walter stein*
huff's .SW cornur pust," them-e norlli 80 chains,
thenoo eaat 80 chains, thenoe south au chuius,
thence west 80 ehaiiis iu the point of commencement and coutaiuiug 04.) acres more or
Wi Commeuelng at a post planted ou lhe
lell bauk ul lhc Little Smoky Kiver, ahuutO
miles from its mouth, markod "Waltei Stein-
.huff's N.W. corner Post," thenee souih ao
ehuins, theuce ensi 80 clialus, tlienee uorth 80
J clmins, theuco west so chains io the point ol
commencement nnd containing oio acres mure
or less.
21, Commencing at a post planled on tho
left bauk ol tne i in le -moky Kiver, ahout six
miles (rum its muuth, marked " Waller Stelu-
hoff'eSVI Coruer Tost," uciieu nurlb su chains,
tlience east SUchalns, thonce south 8U ohalna
thunce west so ehalus (o poiut of commencement, and cuiilulning OIU acres inoreor less.
Dated Augusl Slh, n.07.
22, Commonolng at a poat planted oh thu right
li ml. uf lhe Lillle Smuky river, uboiiL7 miles from
Ita month, maiked "Walter Steinhnli s N W
corner pnsl," thence smitli sn clinii.f.thclice east SO
ehains, thenee liortll SO chains, tllOIICO   tvesl SU
chums io the point of commeucemeut ami con
talning olu acres, more or luss,
88, Commoneliig at a poat plnuled mi Lhe right
hunk of tin Lin le smuky river, uhuut 7 miles frmn
its mouth, marked " Walter StelnliolTa s w
corner posi,'1 ihenee north bU chains, Ihenco eust
SO ehains, thencu south mi chains, thencu wesl 80
chains to tlm pomt nf commencement ami containing oio ucrus, more or less,
34, Commencing at a post plantod on the right
bank <>f the Lillle Smoky river, about 8 miles from
its moulh, marked "Walter HtolnholTs -n \V
corner post." tlienco soutli so chains, tlience east
SO eliuiiis, theuce north stl chains, iliuiicu west al)
ehuins in the poiut of Bommeuoement ami
tabling uui acroa, more ur lem,
■i.i. Commenolng atapoal planted on the right
kink of the Lllilo .Smuky rivor, ahoul 8 miles frmn
iu mouth, murked ' Wither BteinhofPa s W
corner posl,' thuncu north SO chnlns, Lhuiicu eust
Hi chains, thuuee suulh SOohains, theueu west 80
chains lo tliu point of cnmmeiiceiiient and con'
talning mu aires, moru ur luss,
Dated August Ulh, 1007:
'Hi. Commenolng at a post planted mi thu right
bunk of tliu Little Smoky rivor, abuut o miles frum
its mouth, markud " Walter Btelnlioffa N w
cornor post," tlience smith SO chains, thuuee oast
80 ohnins, thonoo north so chains, thenoo west so
chums to the pulnl of commencement ami eon1
taining 040 acres, more ur less.
'ii   Commencing at a pust planted mi the right
hank uf thu Little Hiiiuky mer,nboul Hindus "
its   mouth,   mnrked  " Walter .Steinhull's
cornur pust." thuncu imrlli 8o chains, Ihencu
Ml elm in ., Ilii'liiv -imiili -ui li*uii\ Ilii'lii'i-   WUHt 80
ehains lo thu point of COIOinotlCOineilt and con
taining U-IO acres, muru or luss,
is. Cominonoing at u post planted un thu right
bank ul Uie uasl furk uf thu Litile smoky river,
ahnnt utiu-uighlli mile abovo thu furks, marked
"Waller Htuinhull s N W corner poat." thuncu suuth
Sochains, thuncu uastsn i-hulns, thencu imrlli 80
cliains, 11,ence wust 80 clialns I" thu point of coin
meiioemeut and cuiiluiuiiiu 040 ucrus, muru ur luss.
:'.). Commenolng at a pnst planted un the right
bank of tlio east fork of the Little smoky rivm-
aboutoiiueigbl milu above ll'u Turks, marked
"Wallet Siuiiihiill'sS W culver iiui.t," thenco
north su cbaina, ihenco oust 8u chains, ihunce
suuLh 80 Ciiains, Ihenee we.-t Ml eli;.in-. tu the point
of cummuiicuuiuiit and containing Olo acrus, moru
or lesH,
so. Oommonoing at a poat planted on the right
bank ul thu uusL furk uf thu Lii t le Smoky river,
about uno uud oiiuoiglith miles frum thu furks,
marked "Walter Btelnhoirs N W eornor post,'
Mli,.p..mi ,if einiitii>iii*riii".a .-iml containing t)|u
muro nr ies-..
''iim.il 'iioiug nl n pod planled un tie- r'glit
laukefthou.nl forkof Lhu Lttllu Sinnkj i m
iLutio and one-eialit uiih-a frmn lu forks
mirkol "Walter KteuiholTi B vv cornei post,"
li-iiee nortli BU ehnins ihenco oast su cnains,
i hence si.mil so chains, theuce weat su cliaim to
poini of romraencemont nnd containing 010
is, liion or less
-j. Commencing at a post planted on th • right
hank of tlu east furk of tlio Little Smuki riroi
liiitit ii miles from its forks, uiarked "Walter
teillllufTa N W corner post,"   ihencu  south 10
liains, thonee east 100 clialna, thuncu north 40
chains,  tbenco  west  UU clmins to the point of
iinmencementandcoutalulng610 acres,moreor
83. Commenolng at a post planted mi the right
hank of the oaat fork of the Little Smoky river
about i miles from its forks, niarked "Waller
ateiiiliotTa s W corner post," thence north 40
eliuiiis. thence eaat ioo chains, thencu suuth 40
chains, thencu wost 10" chains to lhu point uf
eommoucemont and containing om acrus, moru
Dated August lOth, 1007.
nl. Communcing at a post planted mi the right
bank of the oast fork of the Little smoky river
ibout 4W miles from its forks, markod 'Walter
StelnliolN N W corner post," thencu smith ten
oil this, tlienco east 40 eliains, Ihence uurth IU1
eil ihis, theueu went -10 ehains to Llie point of coin-
mcncoiuoilt nml coutnining M < acres, mme or Ies-,.
83. Commencing nt a post planted ou thu right
Imnk of ihu e.ist f.nk uf lhc Little s uky rn r
almul. 4" a miles fr.-m lu fmls, in rk--1 "Walter
Sl -iiilii.il -.s VV corner posi," l-n'in.- north bO
ohalna, tiionoo east su chains, then a south80
chains, llionce weat 80 ohalna tu mu p ,mt nf con*
iiietiei'.iit'iit and conl.nuiii*- 040 acres moreor leas.
B0,   Commoneliig ftt a post planted -ui thu right
bank of tlio oaat fork of thu Little smoky river
about I1, miles almve ils forks, marked "Walter
Stolnlioll s N IO corner post," thencu s.-nih 100
chains, thonce weat40 chains, them-e north IOO
Cli illll, tlteUCO east 40 ehaiiis tu llie point  of Cnlil-
inciifcuif nl ami containing 010 acres, more or leaa,
87.   ('oiuuieiieing at it pust planted mi the radii
hank of lhe e.isl furk of   the   Little   Smoky   rivei
about .m miles from Ita forks, marked "Walter
Btelnlioffa S W comer post" thuncu north su
eh mis, tlieuce eusL t«   Chains,   llieUOO  south   S"
clialns, thencu wesi W) chains to the point of com-
muiiceinent and containing olo aerea, more or less.
lis. Commonclng ut n pusl planted mi ihe right
bank of tho oast fork of the Little Smoky river
about;.1*, mites frmn its forks, maiked "Walter
Bteiiiliotfa N VV corner poat," thenee east Sl
cliains, thonce soutli 80 chains, thonce went so
clialns, thunce uorth nu ohains tu the point uf cum-
nionromontand containing640acies, moru orless,
Datod August 12th, 1007,
80. (lommenoing ftt a post planted mi - he right
bank of lho oaat fork of thu Little Smoky river
about ii', miles from ils forks, maiked 'Walter
BtelulioiraS W oorner post," thenco north so
cliaim, ihunce east an chains, thence south sti
ehaiiis, theuce weat SO chains lo thu point uf cam-
uicm-eiueiiL ami containing 040 acres, moru ur luss.
■HI. Commencing at a pout planted mi thu right
bank of the oast tork of the Llltle Smoky river
almut il.J miles from its forks, marked 'Walter
Steinliulfa N W corner post," thence east sn
chums, ihunce soutli SO chains, thencu wust SO
eliains ihunce uorth SO chains iu the point of com
uieiicoiiioitt ami containing eto acres moru or less.
Dated August IStll, 1907.
41. Cominonoing at a post planted on ihu right
hank uf Lhu east fork uf the Little Smoky river
about7U miles from its forks, markud "Waller
SLuiimoti ri n w corner pose," tlience east 8o
chains, thonce aouth So chains, thuncu wust 80
ch ihis, thence north sn chains to the point uf coin-
moitcumeut and coutaiuiug Olo acres, moru or luss.
ii. Cummencing at a post planted on thu right
lunik uf thu east lork of thu Little Bmoky river
abuut 7 l-i milos from Ita forks, marked "Walter
SLciuhull a S \\ comer pnst," thuncu north 80
chains, thenco east so chains, tlience suuth so
cliains, thence n est so chains to the poiut of cum
meneement and containing 040 acres, muru or less.
Dated August llth. lliu:.
ibi lt» ah tin-, tlienci north t" t b tin*, llienco
ivi . h di -. :.-,, ■ -,,i:;ii pi, bauu io point
ni in .,t.n.,-.."..-.,'  .iini u-iiUinuug (iluuut-*,
111 .!,'    I  |l ■-
tii i' inuiewingal a pod planted on tlm It-fl
li nk of ihe norlli fuiK of ihu Litile Smoky
tt) Vi r, about Kii! milo* irom the furks. marked
■ vv.tl;. i-Sk-iiiiiMii's :s w corner po^t, ibeuce
eaa) 1001 baine, tlienee i-uuiii lo ohalna, fu-nce
WtftlGO i..ut.-, tlu-nce north 40 chain-to |oi I
of commencement and cuntaining Olu acruJ,
more oi loss,
Dated August21th, WW,
WaLTb.1I al'KlNHuKK,
hy Al.l.X. LAll.MtK,
■sat sep :'l        Agent.
4:1, Commoncing at a pust planted on tbe
right buuk ul ihe east furk ol the Little
Smoky Kivor, about8^j miles from its forks,
marked "WultorSieiuuuff's n VV Curuor 1'ost,"
thcneuchNtsOchaius. lhcuce soulb 80 chains,
theuce wesl 8U chains, thencu north 8U cnalmi,
lu the point ufeommencemcul and cuntaining
Olu acres muro or lesi*,
44. Cummuneiug at a post planted on the
i-i fi lil bank ni the east forkol (lie Utile Smoky
Uiver, about 8M miles above Us forks, marked
" Walter Steinhoff's S VV Corner Post," iheuce
north 8U ehuins, ihenee easi 80 chains, theueu
soulb 80 chains, theueo west 80 ehalus lo the
point uf commencement and containing titu
acres mac or less.
Dated August 16th, 1907,
48, Commenoingat a posl planled on the
righl bank of lhe east fork uf lhc Littlo Smoky
River, about 9% milea abovo Its forks, mnrked
" Waller Steinhoff's N VV Corner Poat," thenee
east so chains, thenco south 80 chaius, theuce
west h0 chains, ihenco north 80 chaiua lo the
point ol cummeucemeut, aud containing 040
acres moreor loss.
40, Commeneing at a post planted on the
right bauk of the east fork of the Litile bmoky
•nver, about nine and a half miles from its
forks, marked-'Walter Steinhuff's S VV Corner
Post," ihunce north 80 chains, theueo easi su
cliains, thenco suuth 80 chaius, theuco west 80
einti.ts in ihe point of comiueucement and
containingt'4uacres moreor less.
Hated a uk list Itith, 1'JoT.
47. Cumincuciiigula pust plunled on tbo
right bank of the uast fork of the Litile Smoky
Kiver, abuut len aud » half miles from lis
lurks, marked "Walter Stuiiibuff'a N W Corner
fust," thenceeast so chuina thenco south 80
ehuins, theuce wesiau chains, ihence uorth so
haius to the point uf commencement aud
containing tiio acres moreor less.
48. Commeueiug al a post planted on tbe
right bunk of the cast fork of the Little Smoky
Kiver, about len and a Imll miles above Ita
forks, murkuil "Waller steinhoff's SW Corner
I'oat," theuco north so chains, ihence east so
ehuins, thence soulh mi chains, tbeuce westso
cbaina, to the point of commencement and
cuiiialuingiiiu acrus L-oreor luss.
40. Communcing at a pusl planted un tho
right bunk ul tbe east fork ui the Little t-moky
luvur about eleven and a hail miles from lis
lorks, marked •Walter dtelnhofl'a HW corner
I'.ist," thunce north so obaina, lhcnco eai1! so
clialna ihenee suulh so chums, theuce wesi so
chains to tne pulnl ol commencement and con*
wining '-lu ace., moru or less.
Dated august I7ih, U07.
&u. ommeiieing at n post planted on thc
right buuk ut um cunt lork nf thu Little Smoky
hivur, uboui eleven and a hull miles from its
fo ks, marked "i» alter Steinhoff's n W curuer
l\,.-," thence cast su cliains, thence sou tti Su
eu.1,1.- ihunce woat80 cbaius, tbenco norm 80
Chain- 1 ■ llie point of commencement ami con-
taiun,*.   1   1 res moro or loss,
hi Comment liig at a post plantod on the
lighi buuk 011.10 oaat fork ot ine Lmle Bmoky
Uiver about uelvu miles and a Imlf from Its
forks, marked" rtiiiiu-Sielulioff's N W coruer
Post," llieuce easi 8u clmins, thence south mj
chains, ihenee wesl bO chains, theuce uurth so
chains tu pointof commenoement and coulaiuing OIO acres more or less,
hi. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted 011 the
right bank of lhu east fork of the Little Smoky
Kiver, about twelve and a half miles from its
forks, mnrkeil "Waller SlcinhuttV S VV Corner
Poal, tbonco north so chains, thence east Su
chains, thencu south 8JJ chains, thence west 80
chains iu the point of commencement, continuing 010 acres more 01- less,
Daled Augusl l'Jih, UN);.
03 Commonolng at a posl plauted 011 the
rlKbt hunk of llm eust fork of t he Lillle Smoky
Ilivor, about thirteen and a half miles frum
tne forks, "marked Walter Steinhoff's N W
Cornor I'oat," theuce east 81) ohalna, thence
south 80 chains, Uionoo west 80 chains, theuce
ninth 80ohalni tothe point of commenoement
and containing 640 aoros more or'
.'il. Cumiiiencing ata pu-L planted on the
right bank of Die east fork of the Litlh
Smoky Uiver, about thirteen aud one half
miles frmn Us forks, marked "Walter
SteinholfsS VV Comer Poit," theme north-Jin
Ohains, theuce out Ni chain', ihence suulh SU
obaina, Uionoo west80 chains to iho point uf
commencement and coiiluiningOl* aorca, more
or less.
Dated August 20th, 1901
68. Commenolng at a post planted un thu right
bankof tho east tork ol the Little smoky
about ll'ij miles from the forks, marked 'Walter
Htolnlioits N W eurner poat,' thence east
chains, thence soutb 80 chalna, thenca west 80
iliains, thence nortli 80 chains to tbe puiut of com-
meneement and containing MO acres, muru ur less.
Ml. Commencing at 1 post planted on the right
east fork of the Little Smoky river
Kf.velstokeJ.tiu District,
District of Weat Kootenay,
Take notice ibat h. a. Bradley, of Bevelsteke,
B. C., occupation Miner, Intenda to apply fur
Bpecial tbnbet licenses over ihe Miow nig deacribed
1. Commencing at apost planted un the eaat
side uf Columbia river and one sad a half milea
east of Columbia ri>w and two and ona ball mllea
imrih ol Big .Month Creek, and marked " K. A.
Bradley's Y W. corner post," running south 80
ehains, thence t-nni do chains, tbence north se
OhatnS, Uience wesl 80 chains to puinl uf commencement.
2, Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted un the > .st
tide of Columbia rivet and east of Culumbia river
one and a half mllea and i*» aud a half milea
north of Bin Uoutb Creuk, aud marked " Ji. A.
lh,Wiley's .>. W. corner  post,    running   uurlh W
chains, thenoe east su clialna, iheuce suuih M
chains, thonce west bU chains 10 puint uf commence men t.
Duted tins Uth day of August, 1807,
3, Commencing at a post planted un the eaat
si.k- of Cn! urn bin nu-i and east of Columbia rirur
one and a half miles uiul 1 he milu unuth «f Kight
Mllo Creak, and marked "K. a. Uradluya N. K.
eorner post,'' running soulh bu cbalni thenc*
wu-st 80 eliains. tbence north 80 chains, tbenoe
east SU chains to point uf couiiueticemciil.
4. Commencing at a post planted on the fast
ilde ol 1 olumbia nver and eaat uf Columbia river
oue and a half milos and one mile aoutb <>i Light
Mllo creek, nnd maiked "K. A. Bradley's S. H.
corner post, runulug north 80cbalni 'thunce weat
-u cbaina tbence «outb su chana, ihence east ae
chains lo poinl of commeiitemenl.
6. Cummeneinj; ut a post planted on the east
side of Columbia rivt-r tlid OUt ut Columbia river
one and a half miles and one mile soutb of Kigbt
Mile Creek, and maraad "K. A Hradley'a N. W.
comer poat, running south ou -Jtuina. thence eaat
so chains, tnenca north 1*0 chains, ihencu west 80
.-liains i" pomt oi oommenoement,
tj, CuiUiueiKin-^ at a post planted un Die u tsi
lide of Columbia nvar and one and a half milea
euat of Columbia river un.l one mile Numb uf Kigbt
Mile Creek, and marked "B. A. Bradley a s. w,
cornerpost, ruiimiiaiiorthaiichaiiia< theuce east
ao chains, tbeuca aoutb 80 cbalni tlience wenl ao
chains Lu point of coiuiDeuueiueut.
Dated tin.-, flth day ut August, 1007,
7. Commencing at a poit planted on the weat
side of Columbia river aud west of tue Culumbia
river one hundred cbaina ami three miles south ut
Maloliey Creek, aud marked "K, A. Bradley I .N.K.
corner pust,'' running south so chaina, thence weat
ci chains, thuncu uui tl. so cbaina, thence east 80
chaini to point ol commencement,
Dated tins attl day of August, ls-07.
8. Cummuneiug at a pusl planted un the west
side uf Columbia river and une and & half milea
westof Columbia river and nue mile nuriii of
ilniiit- Creek, and marked " K. A. Bradley's S. K,
curuer pusl,'' running nurth so chains, tlience weat
B0 chains, tnence aoulh eO chaina, thence eaat at)
chaina to puiut uf L-emiuenceuient.
u. Commencing at a post planted un thu west
aide of Columbia rher and two and a half milea
west of Columbia river aud one half mile uurlh ol
lloruu Creek, and marked-K. A. Bradley's S. K.
corner post, running northBUCbaltll, tnence weal
60 chaius. lhcuce auuib vi inains, theuce eaat 80
chains to puint of commenoemeut,
Dated tills -'Wi a.*,., of August, 1VU7.
10. Commencing at a post planted on the uurth
side uf Home Creek and uuu mile irum iu uiouib.
and marked "K. A- Bradley a.i.  *K. eurner post,
running nonh 80 chains, tbence weat Bu cmmia,
ihencu suulh SJ chains, iliuncu uasl Bu chains te
poiul uf cummencement,
11, tummeiiL-mg at a pust planted on the ntirth
aide uf llurue creek and one mile frum ita mouth,
and marked "K. A. Bradley's N, i-.. curuer puHt,
running south 80 chains, thence weat Be cliaim
thuncu norlh sochains, thenee eaal tn chain* to
point of commencemeni,
Yi. Com men aug at a pust planted nn the nurth
side of Hurne CreaK and two miles imm its moulh,
and marked "K. a, Bradley's Si K. eurner puai,"
running west >v chains, ihence nurth :■■ cnama,
tlience west 80 chains, ili-n-e north 10 chaina,
thuuee east su chains, tbence aouth 'Oi chaina,
thenee east ao CluUU, thence aouth in chaiua
tu puint ul com me in-;'sent.
Dated this Mh (Uy nf August, 1007.
i-i. Commenolng at a pust planted on the
west side oi Columbia river and one uule weal
of Columbia river aud one mile suuth of Horue
Creek, aud marked " h. A. Bradley's N. K.
corner poal," running soulh ao chaius, ihuuce
west80 chains, thenco nonh so cbaius, iboua-a
e,t-t v'Ui.wii-10 point ol commencement
Dated this 81st day of August, IWi.
satspt 7    KDVVAKiJ AUUUisT BJlADLKY.
lluberl Ayr_u Blackuiore, Agent
bunk ohl
ahout Uh
irked   "Waller
thence imrth  ^
theme soulh si
1 the point of com
teres, more oiless.
hence eu-t   I
ehalna, tbence west 80 chains 1
mencomont and containing Bin
Dated August 21st, im?.
lii Commonclng at a post planled on lhc
right hunk of the norlh furk of the Lillle
Smoky Uiver, about one mile from the fork
marked "Walter StetohofTs s K eurner py>,,
thence north 100ehuins, ihouco west 10 Chains,
thonco south lft) chains, thenee east 10 chain
to point of oommenoement and containing Oio
68 Comineucing at a post planted on the
right hank of ttie norlh fork of the Utile
Smoky Kivor, aboul oue mile from tlie forks,
marked"WalterStelnholTi 8 w conn,
thenco north Uiu chains, lhcuce east 40 cbaius,
thonoo Houtli Uiu chains, thenco went tO ehalm
Lu poinl of couimetioomcnl and contain nig 0(0
acres, moroor less.
Dated August mh, I9e7.
50 Commencing at a post planted on thu loft
bankof the uurLli fork uf Lhe Llltle Smoky
Hlver, about three miles from the forks, marked
"Waller Sloiuhoirs SW corner post,"thenco
norlh suehalns, tlience oast Bu chains, Lhcnco
souLh ho ohains, ihence wesl 80 chain* topoint
of commencement and conlaining 0t0 acres,
moro or loss,
00 Commencing ot a posl planted on the left
bank of tho north fork of tho Littlo Smoky
Kevelstoke Laud Di.-trici.
District of West KuoteLuy.
Take notice that Kiij.ui McBean nf Bevel*
Btoke, B.C., occupation Miner, intends to
apply for special timber licenses over the fob
lowing described lands.
1. Commencing at a post plautod two milc-a
..1-1 of the Columbia river, near the soutb-oasl
comer of Timber Limil UilLJ, and marked "K,
MoBean'a north-west corner,'' thciic-e east lfiu
chains, theuce soulh (u.chains, ihencu west 100
ihalns, thence nurth 1 ■ cliains Lo point of com-
nieiiecniciit.aud coulaiuing Olu acres moreor
Daleti mh Seplember, 1907.
■>. commencing at a pust planted on the
norlh bank of Digmouih Creek about 1 mile
nbovo the south fork, und marked "fc. Mc
Dean's south-west comer,' thunce north 10
cnains, theuce ea>t lOo chains, tnenco &ou li ill
chains, iheuce wesi 100 lo puinl of commencement, aud conlaining olo acres more or leas.
Dated ltth sepU'iuuer, 11M7.
3, tummtucing ut a posi planted on tbo
suuth Lxnikof Uigiiiuuth creek aboul 3J miles
above lhe r-uulh loi k and m trked "it McBean's
nurth cast corner, "thunce tn chains south,
thence 100 cliains wesl, theuce lu chains nortli,
tnence 100chains ea-t to point uf commencement, and cou taining Olu acres more or lesa,
4. Commencing m a post planted ou tho
south bank oi Uigmuulh Creek aboul ;ti mile*
above Lhe south turk aud marked "K. MuJJcan's
north-weat corner,'' thenoe (U cimms wis:,
thence in chains north, thenee 40 chains east,
thunue so chaius south, thence 10 chains west,
lhcuce lo chains suulh, thunue to chains west,
thence BU chains norm to poiul of commence-
meiil, and contaiuiug Oio acres more or less.
j. Commencing at a post plnnted on lhe east
bank uf Ittginoulh Creek, abuul live miles
above Canyon Creek, and marked "K. Mc
Dean's northwest corner," tbeuce 40 chains
suulh, lbence 4u chain--, eosl, Ihenee 40 chains
smith, thonce 80 chains east, thence lo chains
nurth, llieueo t ■ chains west, thenee lo chains
north. the.iceBu chains west lo pomlof com*
meneement, and oontaining oio acres more ur
Dated Uth September, U».i7.
0. Commencing at a posl planted 3uu yards
south of Digmoutn Creek and above tlio uorth
fork and marked "K- .McHean's north-west cor
ner," tbenoe 80 ohains, tbenee si chains south.
Ihencu sn chains wo-t, thence Su chains uorth te
point of commencement, and containing oji»
acres more or less.
Dated Itith September, 190?
sat sop ffl KLIJAH McHKAN.
Rtrilitoko l>»i"i Dlitriot-
Di.-lricl nt w'ust KiwtiJ.iay,
Tsks imti e tiiiil Andrew Kilson, ot
Kcv.-I-I..-..', li. 0,i miner, intends to
apply fur 'i ipeclal Umber llconse over
ibe lollnwInR described lands:
1. Oommencing at n pnst plnnted
oiiequartel mile above the ninth fork
uf Plat Creek, .m tin' north bank, und
marked "Andrew Kilson's 8. B. Oorner," tlience noith 1u cbalni, lbence
west 100 chains, tlienci. smith 41) ehuiiiB,
llienee east Iim  i'linins io poinl ot
commencement,  and cotiluiiiiiifi (MU
acres mme or less.
Dated August 20th, 1007,
2. Commencing at a post planted
mn- quarter mile above the north fork
ot Flat Greek on tbe north bank and
iiimked "Andrew Kitson's S. W. Corner," llienee nortb till ehains; llienee
east SJ chainsi thence soulh SU chains,
thence   west SU chains,  to point  of
commencement and containing  (UU
acies more orless.
Dated August 2Utb, I0U7.
3. Oommenclng at a post planled
about one mile and three-quarters
below lhe north fork of Klal Creek, on
the north hank, and marked "Andrew
Kitson's S.W. Corner," thence nor.h
SU chains; lbence east 4U chains, thence
soutli 40 chuius, Iheuce easi 40 ehains,
Ihence soulb 80 chains, thunce west 40
ibaiiiF. tlience north 40chains, thence
wesl lOchains topoint of ;o.uinence-
inenl and containing 610acres more or
Dated August a uh. 1007.
Anbrew KlTHOI, r
Great Showing of Fill Goo
Dress Goods
Bpecial pric
fill   Hi
um imikiii
!■** Goodi
ill iu un.11
ni in value
■ whal w' cm. il.. for
Furs!   Furs!
See .mi' I'tu— everyone like furs
nothing so dressy nnd comfortable
fi* fm*. II you wnnl n good Fur,
something you know is right ..nil
good value Hiif- we gu.uiinteo lo
tri -,• yoli, We have nil lhe now
slutpcs I.. Bolecl Iron., We never
Inul us nice slock ns now,
Ladies' Costumes
(inr Inst const
Costumes to hand,
rlghl styles .mil u
lielow it.ai ket vail
Mill     lit     l.fl
Tin's., aro il...
irked t.t prices
Ladies' Coats
Sim nur $10, $12 mid $10
Spi'i inl |. lens nifikf i|iiirk
Look them over before you buy.
Misses' Tweed Coats
and t'liil.lien's Fancy Conts, All
new. this sen-on's goods.
Millinery Department
Our Milli..ciydopiii'luicnt isstocked
with new (lnmls from Eastern
houses which arrive dally by
Reid & Young
The counoil
!.. llllll., I ilisril- ll.f
m-iv power  phm,  s
.*r. ■->-. .-*.. .*r. .-r. .*r. .■t. i't. .*r. .+. .-fr. .i*..-.
iji-ijt*jri»p 'W V 'V 'V 'V 'V 'V~
|    WHY?
*T Vuu sliould leave your Pre*   T
ty scriptiun with ua ty
t     BECAUSE     §
We us., the Purest >.!' Drugs ty
mm ami Chemicals j.
|    BECAUSE     |
T Every Prescription Is checked   f
ty        'before it goes nut 9
S     BECAUSE     *
Our prices nre reasonable and 9
t we wiil deliver yonr prescrip- ty
.'.,... if you wish ii. t
ty Canada Drug & Book Co. J
iTi ilti itt iti dU itt itt itt iti itt itt iti it*
Ijl *P ip ip tj,! 'Jl 'J,' *Z> *P ip Wl ip ip
Only a glance nl our slock
nf Groceries will encourage
ynu t.. try them,
A trial will cnnvlnce vou
tbey are lln' purest nml best
ou the market. Try our
Baturdiy, Oct. 5, lor 21 hours.—Unsettled, cloudy and s'n.nvery, moderate
winds.   Temp. max. 05: min. -11.
Local and General.
lioston Bean Supper—50c., children
15c, lor all you can eat.
Make a date with "Jane" at the
Opera House, Friday, Oct. llth.
MisB Leuord will sing in St. Andrew's tomorrow evening.
Don't tail to see William in "Jane,"
Opera House. Friday, Oct, llth.
Good music will be rendered at the
bean supper while you eat, Thursday,
Oct. lUtli.
The Venerable Archdeacon Beer
will conduct the morning and evening
services st St. Peter's church torn rrow,
IV. Manson, M.P.P. for Alberni, and
late provincial secretary, Iub been appointed government agent at Port
A copy ol the Statutes of British
Coluinbin for 1007 l.as been received
ut tins office irom the King's Printer,
Vict lia.
R, H. Trueman will personally visit
tbe local itudio over the Canada Drug
& Book store, McKenzie avenue on
Oct. Pith, ior abuut ten days.
The Bible study club will have its
lirsl meeting fur tlie season tomorrow
morning at lu o'clock in the Ey, V.
M. C. A. This is an informal gathering and open to any man.
Owing to tbe lad that the Rev. C.
A. Proeunier is etill unable to move
about, we regret that we shall be
prevented iron, publishing the Masonic
sermon oi last Sunday as promised.
j Hobson & Bell j
Grocers, Bakers A Confectioners
From now on the postage to Great
Britain will be two cents an ounce
on letters instead of tbe same rate for
ball* an ounce. The |*,itage 10 Japan
l.as been riduced to five cents lor the
hrst ounce and three cents (or each
subsequent ounce.
R, B. Douglas, bridge engineer ol
lie.-railway lepurtment, has been examined belore the Royal Ootnmiiiion
at Quebec lo inquire inlo the Quebeo
bridge disaster, tie said that the
specifications ami plani lot tbe bridge
were approved by l.im and be wai not
tbe lead apprehensive ol anything
being wrong with them. His work
ended with lln- approval ol the plana.
Thii concluded tbe work ol the com
mission here.    It will meet again in
New York and will oxamine Cooper.
Families supplied on the shortest
notice at, opera house, Friday, Oct. 11
Grading operations of McKenzie
avenue al Second street are now underway. J. C. Hutchison having the
L. F. McOougal, proprietor ol the
belaud hotel, Nakusp, bus Bold the
hotel for a considerable sum. Revelstoke parties being the purchasers.
The Revelstoke Amateur Dramatio
Club in their production ol " Jane"
will g ive Revelstoke a rare treat.
Watch for further announcements.
Owing to the fact that the citj
council had cause to use the city hall
on Thursduy 1->bi, the meeting ul tbo
Board ol Trade has been postponed
lur one week till Thursday next, Oct.
It Inia been announced that Sir
Thomas Upton has abandoned his
idea ol challenging for the America
cup, unit also that a challenge has been
sent Irom Stockholm fiom the Swedish Vncht Club.
'n Buy a House.
Rent ti House.
Tn Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
im m Anaerson
Renl Estate and Insurance Agts.
I .... Tl Ul'-.l:.)' I igl t
inili'H f -r 1 e
t in by Tin
Loo.iii- I'eUibo.ic Co., ol Mil' nuko
Steel it Machinery Co,ol Minneapolis
find the C modi ni General Co., n
Montreal. Each tender hnl been
modified since the previous meeting
Full attention ivn paid to the rc.-pec-
livo advantages nl the tenders, the
two former companies not including
electrical machinery.
The council ajiTiil that thc proposition ol the Canadian General Electric
Co. was the best imil nearest the appropriation, and also that in many
poii.is the details ot the apparatus
superior lo lhe others.
Aid. Abrahamson wiib iu favor of
submitting till the ptoposition to Mr.
Godllnrd for approval, but Maynr
Brown snid Unit tho Canadian General
Electric Co, h.i'l oll'ereil a proposition
which lhc council could well decide
upon, llr G ildiir.l lm ' heen engaged
us cm suiting engineer in order lo
satisfy the Revelstoke public that the
council hud done what was right and
hud obtained the best possible advice.
Aid Woodland moved Unit the contract ol the Canadian General Electric
Co., bc subiuittid to Mr. Goddnrd, 0.
E., tor his approval. Aid. Al.ruliiii.i-
Bo.i seconded and the motion carried.
Moved by Aid. Trimble, seconded by
Aid. Sawyer,that Uu. ptoposition No2
of tho above company's cntract be
aocepted, sul.j.ct to approval of Mr.
The Mayor ihen intormed the
tenderers of their choice and the
meeting terminated,
'       W,'   JVT-t'
v^ will liiul them exceii
.,\ Caperines, Ruffs, etc.
Business men are requeited^to drop
in and have a good hot Boston bean | bod)' was still
supper on Thursday, Oct. Hlth, such
as the Indies of the Methodist church
know how to serve, at the Selkirk
Hall, iiiBteud of going home as usual.
An error occurred lu our last i**1,..-
in the coal advertisemeot of J. C.
Hutchison. The last paragraph
should have read: "Plaoo your orders
with me and get the real go da sl ^ 50
per ton for four tou order,-, weigh
where yuu please."
It has been announced that the
Cunaril Steamship con.pany had accepted the oiler oi Charles Im . lan
to give theatrical performances on the
big liners by regular players. The
oompany is now planning specially
designed balls lor plays, etc., on board
tliree of the ibipiol the Iiu..
We are pleased to be able to announce that the Itev. C, A. Proeunier
who was injured thia week on the
ankle with an axe, is progressing
favorably. The rev. gentlemen is not
yet ...it oi the hospital, but the di e-
tors siiy that be can be moved to the
rectory juit as soon ub the wound will
permit of his doing so.
"Jane" the most laughable comedy
ever presented in Revelstoke, at tbe
Opern House, Friday, Oct. llth.
W. J. W. Brown with a party of
Revelstoke hunters returned this week
trom n hunting trip in the Big Bend
He reports excellent sport aud also
that uclive work has been going on in
the opening up of the Canoe River
The dead body ..f a  man  named
Billy Burton was lound lying in  the
shallow  water between  the C P. K
bridge and Eagle river, near Sicamous,
on  Bunday  last.    The body was at
.nc- got onto the heel......I the Kamloops authorities wired (or, bul neither
police nor coroner turned up .ill Mon-
lay .ight and even on To.--.lay morning when the train left for Vernon the
the  beach  covered
with a few scraps ..i tin  thrown nver
it.   Marks on tbe dead   m in'a  head
show violence.    Burton had be... iu
the districl several days and «... u, II
known,    The  b. dy   was I iri. d ■* i
distant point on lhe lake  ih
inquest being  id       ed
nvestigation.     ll  is        . .
jraci [ul i hat   i      id  I
illowed to 1
two .lay- if; lull ■
15c. to $1
Druggilt and Stationer.
Nexl Hume block.
Members of the Anglican Churches
ol the Diocese ol New Westminster
are especially interested juit now in
tlie ell'ort which li being put (orth to
raise a bishopric endowment lund for
the diocese. Up to ths present time
there has been no such lund, tl.e
Bishop of  N.-'.v  Westminster deriving
his  income  from various mini -
sources an income which will lapse at
i hii death.
i l.n Thursday, the lllth, the Ladies
..I the Methodist church will give
their annual Boston baked bean supper, the excellency ol   which  has
I become celebrated, (.'ome and taste
the delicioui beam and brown bread,
jellies and pumkin pies, 'I ho young
ladies ol the congregation will assist
1st thoiupptr,   Don't lorget the placo
land date. Selkirk Hall, Oct. lllth,
Irom 5 till IU p.....   Admission tre..,
The winter C. P. P. train service
will commence on Sunday, Oot, 13th,
and according to the new time table
there will be only one train eaoh way
aday. Nu, Wi will arrive here from
Vancouver at 8.15 a.m and So. 97
Irom the east ut 10.80 p.m. Tin. company will run a sleeper Ihrougl. to
Arrowhead which will remain there nil
day nnd take up the Arrowhead pas-
sengcrs in the evening through tu the
A wife and family wanted at the
Opera House, Friday, Oct. lltli,
Social and Personal
A,  Wood ■' .   ■
from a visit to Alberta,
A. J. li   v. :   . I tn thi
irom Banff, I   :-        I ..        :,- itafl
Mr. and] Mrs.  Dan   McD n i tl
Bicai ioui,ipent a few lays in the ciiy
this week.
Mr. and  Mrs    Rudyard   Kipling
willpaes through th. oity to-night, en
rmite for tl.e C. ul
Mis,  Campbell,   .1   Meuri.  C, H.
II....... ,(■ Co ,iii:i,I. a busine - trip to
Arrowhead yesterday.
Mr* .1 I Teller entertained i party
it her     me on   McKenzii    i ■
Cards ivere the leal ire
n.e new physical director ol the
Rj V..MCA Mr. W A A l.lritt , -I
Winnipeg, will lake up his work with
theasi oiation here in about ti
-Mr.  Geo   II. Roberts        E |
Man, arrived In m Vi.      i	
ing, and will  paj . t to hli
brother Rev, I .1 Rohertsoi n ii
way baok to Mahit. ba
ii , Thursdaj ••■ ■ ning Mr- ,1, P ,,■•
vi- „t ber home, ....  Th il
entertained a nun.bor ol young | pie
in meet  Miss Quirt,  who  han been
her guest for a lew weeks,   l
...g wai spent most pleasantly,
A very . njoyablo (.veiling was spent
ui. Mr. F. Pal.m-r's l.o....- oo Friday
laat, when Miss Violet Pal....-.■ had
invited a numborol her young Iriends
to spend the evening, Miss Palmer
leavei tomorrow lor Revelstoke *>•'•
all wish her a sale journey.—El..ru
Express, Ont, ,M.-s Palme, ia the
guest ol bur aunt, Mrs 0, M. Field '.I
this oity.
The meeting adjou-ntd Irom Fiiday
'ept. 27, was res..mid last night. Tbe
minutes of l he previous meetings wen
adopted us read.
Communications wcro received from
F, G. Bell applying for a position nt
the power house.   Filed.
From the secretary ol the Union ol
B. C, municipalities, touching upon
certain questions in the Municipal
Act und asking [or uny suggestions or
amendments to he reconsidered and
slating also that the next convention
would be held in January. The city
olerk was instructed to look into the
mutter and report to the Council.
Five applications for superintendent
ol the city waterworks wore received
and Considered, and on a ballot lieing
taken tbat of J. li. Scott was accepted.
Embodied in the resolution appointing Mr. Scott to the position was that
he was to see that the lire liydruntB
were at all times to be clear and
ready for immediate use und also tbat
he was to assist the  city electrician,
G, Lembke when not on water duty.
The Mayor stated that he had been
ut with Mr. Ford, C. P. R. resident
engineer, to look over the ground (or
idmg at the power bouse and   re-
porte 1 ou the plan  which  might bc
adopted at reasonable cost.
Very ictivs interest ia being taken
in this compe it ion and during the
past than -I .ubl - tl.e num-
ier tea  have been made than
The list up till  noon today
Hand   . - f. fi' wn
LC. A        125134
Publi   Sch    2523
; f ire    1633
-:. ]'.■■."'- Cborch    1169
Ige      smi
Km' I*        625
tive Engineers ....     620
E, . .... 620
II -I -. 500
I. O. O F       bin
.'i.       ....    400
M. tl   . -■ i hurch   . 375
,M in.    -■- 340
Fire II.    i    i 21)0
Brakemen          250
Baptist Church 200
Firemen C P, It.. 160
i -   .       Oct. 5 —R, -   I  ''. Morris,
osntral unemployed
- rei ff.."I  from  u
Lower ' anads when  I■   i n
-.-• rving the ■
lOl     :- ,1   fl.-" i M -      '    ll
ll> ■      *..:'!
lavorablj i       ted   - the  pr iipecta
- •-..•.. ml by I ia body,   In
:'- lind   that   Ev
i ri .• irded '- lazy awl thrill-
ited   ith .thi
ni... ol tbe Canadian farmer,
a man .un n|   yed wai praci   i
wing llie first of our Fall  Furs
lent value.   They comprise Stoles, Boas,
in the new shapes,  prettily trimmed
with heads and tails, and not the least attractive point about
'•iyt/S" " them is the very reasonable prices at whicli ihey are sold.
They also include a nice line of Children's Furs in Sets and separate pieces.    Very cb/.y
and comfortable looking-.
Our showing in these lines will be found very good.   They comprise Cashmere, Lustre,
Fh.nnel, Flannelette Sateen, etc' in plain and fancy patterns.
Every season sees an advance in thc styles of Waist Goods, and this
season we arc showing some very neat designs in both wool and cotton
goods. The Heavy White Vestings are being used very largely and we
have some very pretty designs in these goods.
We are now prepared to lit out your boy for winter. We have a
lot of splendid serviceable Tweeds in both two and three-piece suits, and
in the larger sizes have both long and short trousers. Separate short
trousers from 65c up.
Come and laugh at, "Jano" .1. the
Opera House, Friday, Oot. llth.
Arrived yestorday half a ton ol green
tomatoes, a few left yet at 2Jc, per lb,
ut C. II. llunie A Co's.
Permanent Association Formed
The Provincial   Liber ' 0 nvention
opened ui Vancouver on  In   lav last.
There wus 11 representative attendance
from all over ll.e  Province.     'I ho appoint.....nt,  ..I ........miltcca was mado
that day ami minor delaiis of business
curried out. Hnvclstoke was represented by Messri, E.I. MoGaghran, W,
1. Briggs, G. Knapp, Fred Eraser, mul
J.M. Kellie. The organisation ot the
liritish Columbia Liberal Association
wns carried out and tho constitution
The convention cume to 11 close on
Wednesday alternoon. Among tbe
resolutions endorsed was one asking
lor re-eiiuctnicnt ol tbe Natal Act Ior
the exclusion of Orientals, and for the
abrogation ol any existing treaty
which prevented this, and uIbo calling
on the provincial government to re-
enuct the bill il necessary.
The convention also endorsed the
principle of government ownership ol
telegraphs and telephones, and recommended that government control be
extended to these, after the pattern of
the railway commission, till bucIi time
as they could l.e taken over. A system ol government irrigation und
state-owned coal fields waa nlso urged.
Cathoi.10,—Rev, Father R. Pecoul,
O.M.I., pastor. Servicescverv Sunday
nt the lollowing hours: 8 a.in. Communion Muss; 10:30 .1,111. High Mass
and Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:30p.m. Rosary,
Instruction and Benediction.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev,
W. C Calder, pastor. Sunday, Oet. Oth.
Services 11 a.m., 7:3(1 p 111, Sunday
School and Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
p.m. Morning subject, "A Leader."
Evening: "WhatBOver i Lovely."
Young People's meeting, Monday, 8
p.m., monthly Consecration service.
Prayer meeting, Wednesday 8 p. m,
choir pructice and Teachers' meeting,
Friday 8 p.m.
Methodist—Rov T.W. Hall, pastor,
Services.... Sunday ns fellows: Class
meeting at 10:30 a.m. Sunday school
ind Pastor's Bible Glass at 2:30 pm.
P11blicservice11tlla.nl,, sermon by
the pastor, subject. "The Power ot
I'rayer." Evening service at 7.30,
subject: "The Four Square Oblation
of Ezekiel, and the Four Square City
of John, harmonized in the gospel ol
lesus Christ.*' Epworth League meeting on Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at 8 o'elnck.   All welcome.
Knox PRESBYTERIAN-—J. R. Rohert-
11, If. li, minister. Morning scr-
rice at 11 o'elook, Subject; " A Cull
to leadership." Sunday school and
Bible data at 2,30 p, in. Evening
-. rvice sl 7.30, lubjooti "The Value
I the Sacrament."   Tho Commission
ui   lh-   Lord's Supper will bo held at
the evening tervice,    Good mu-ic:
Business Locals
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
New lines ot perlume just opened nt
tbe Red Cross Drug Store.
Revelatoke Cigars—Union Mads-Our
Speoial, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of ail others.
This is Hie last day to get your jardinieres from us at cost. Cull early
and get the few that are lelt—C. I).
Hume A Co.
Emulsion of ood liver oil that makes
you fat and will cure thut cough, at-
tbe Rod Cross Drug S'ore.
Mackintosh Red, Petvaukee, Maiden's Blush, and Snow Apples now in
stock nt C. II. Hu.no <t Co.
See o'tiriline of toilet waters, etc,
complete in all lines at the Red Cross
Drug Store.
We hnve a bargain counter, Conic
in and see the bargains. Everything
on our bargain counter must go ibis
week.     Lawrence Hardware Co., Lid.
Pure cod liver oil emulsion, easy 10
take. Ifi per bottle ut the lied Cross
Drug Store.
A cur load if Reindeer milk und
cream arrived Irom the enst today—C.
H. Hume & Co.
We innkc u specialty ol electrical
work. Oiders for bell wiring, electric
light wiring und general repairs receive prompt and carelul attention,
Phone to Btorc or our electrical department managers' house. 'Phone
107.   Lawrence Hu dwnrc Co., Ltd.
Members sre   lequired   to return
their RilleB to the Armoury at once.
By order.
Marriaffro Licenses Issued
Revelstoke Hospital Society.
The adjourned General Annual
Meeting of tho subscribers to tl.o Rovelstoke 11...-pi.ul Society will be held
at thn Cily Hull, Revolstoke, B.C.,
on Tuesday, October 16, 11)1)7, at 8
o'clock p.m.
Sept. 26, l'.KH.      td        Sccielary.
1, Alexander Merrall, of Sal., on
Arm, declare that my wile has left my
bed uml board of her own freo will nnd
without cause und that I will not be
responsible Ior nny debts that she or
my children mny injur trom thil date.
Oct. 2nd, 1007.
Alexander Muuuau.
Oct. llth.   Age ho barrier,
WANTED A WIFE for 21 hours
nt the Opera   House, Fiiday,
FOR SALE-Seveiul teams of good
logging hoi'ses, suitable for any
kind of teaming. Apply lo Hicham.
Davib, Revelstoke Sawmill Co., Ltd,
Notice lo Contractors,
Opening anthem, "Our Father," Organ
Offertory, ''Traumorle" (Schumann.)
Choir anthem, ''Protect us through
the Coming Night" The Young
Pi .1 -   Society will meet oh Monday
night ul 8 o'clock.
St, Peter's Amu.ica.v—Rev, O. A,
P .. iniei    rector.     Trinity   XIX
ling il a Iill ..I "'rvicca:   8 a.m.,
Il..!y Communion;  11  ......,  Matins
and Holy C. mimrtiion; 7 30 p m..
Evensong] Sunday 1 hool al 2 80 p in,
Ven, Archdeacon Beer uill conduct all
QUALM TENDERS suporserlucd "Tellers
i~ lor Look-up," will lie received m the ..nice
nl Die I'iilille Wnrks Kiuilneer. nl Victoria, 01.
nr adore Saturday the '2.1.1. ..hv ol Oelo-
l,cr, I.NJ7, Inr llie ereeHi... ami completion ol 11
l.iiek-..|. a. Rovolstoko,
plans, ipoolllcalloni, cnntrft'it and lorrns ol
lender uiuy lie seen .... n.i.I aller thc 7th <lav nl
Oe.nl.er, 1007,81 ll.e Olliee nl the (lnvcr.....e..l
ARODt. Hevelsluke or .it tl.e Luuda and Work*
llei'lirtlnelil, Victoriu, il. C.
(lever.,incut Agent.
James Evans
Dealers in Beef, I'nrk, Million,
Poultry, Fish and Gnme in
Season. Orders promptly at
tended to.
FirstSt. Revelstoke
Rovolstoko Liiiil Distriot,
Ilinl riel onVe*I.Ki).ile..ny.
Tuko iifiti.T ilm. Il'ilterl V. Unodniuii, of Mur-
nnil.., wi*„l'.H.A. ucciiuiiiii... lumberman,Intond! to apply lor -|ie.-liii lii..her lleenees over
tho followltiR deNcrlocil lands:—
.. CommoooInK at ii post {.litmcd .... the
<>..-. lir.it.el. ol ll.ily Oreek, (.limit tl.rcc.four.h
mllea   [foul   fork*.  ...Ill  .: I'lif'M /lulu 1 Ill I'l
lllily Clock, inarked "Hohert I. liooiliiian's
lo.l.b-woat crncr in.nl," llmnco 80 elinlns
n..nil, ihence so chains eail, llieuce 80 chal us
loutb, Inenoe 80 OIillOI went to place ot coin-
Haled 0th Bc|il. 1007,
I    CimmciicliiK al it imst ]ilu»[cd .', mile*
ui-. niivmi Oreek,marked 'Kobort h 1......1-
msn'a amiih-wesi corner poll," ibonofl IOO
ohnlni easi. llienco .oclialnn north, theuce lui
chains weat, tlience .0 chains loulh lo place ol
Haled 16th Sept. 1907.
hlllltllT F. lilitJl).MA.N,
laloe.j Cliwlei Copp, Ageut,
H/fEN WANTED-Kur It. ll. work
IVI nt Eield. B, (,'. Pick nnd shovel
men $2.oU per day, uxe men $3.1)0 per
dny. Board $5.25 per week, medical
lee $1.IK) pel'  month.     Cooks   $0M  lo
$100 and hoard per month, nccurdlng
to sine of crew. Cookies $10 nml hoard
pei month. — Apply to MucDonell,
G/.nwski A Co., Field, B. O,
mo KENT - Furnished or unfiir-
]_ nisl.i'd hi.use, neat Ihe Eastern
Semaphore, on O. P, It. Apply lo J,
Bartle at, the above residence
WANTED KNOWN-Money In loan
in sums ul [ff.-fOiiiui .1 upwards 011
approved security.—Apply to E. A,
llnggcu. Real ks.nl Agent, Revelstoke, B. O. 2t
WANTED-Man with experience lo
trim and grade lumber, also several
experienced millmeii, for Revelstoke
mill.—Bowman Lumber Company,
Limited, Sep 25 2w
WANTKD—For clients, Houses of
lion, two In six 1'noinsi ulso
looms,—Apply to E. A. Hugged, McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.        o2 2l
WANTED-Thlrd or Fourth Class
Engineer,    Apply   to   John
Kkknaohan, Salmon Arm, B. 0,
WANTED - Dining  Room  Girl.
Wages $30 per month,  Applv
Hotel Grand, Nakusp, II. (.!.  Sep 7 l.n
ANTED-Profltablo proposition
pen for reliable man acquainted among fruit growers and with
ability us Biilesmnn. Full 1.1 purttlnie.
Slate age, experience .mil references,
Ltd,, Brown's Nurseries, Ont,


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