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The Mail Herald Jul 17, 1909

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 " Empire " Typewriter
Kor ease of operation and perfection
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, $(io00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co.
provincial Library
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Vol 15.-No49
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Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Hole Proof Hose
As the washing machine banished the wash
board and sewing machine shortened the labors of
the seamstress, so " Hole Proof" Hose will do away
with the drudgery of sock and hose darning.
This Hose is made to wear, extraordinary durable, six strands of yarn interwoven in the feet, made
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"Hole Proof" Hose is the most cleanly and
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Men's Hole Prool Hose in Tan, Black. Red
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Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branohes er Agents at all principal points InOonoda.
Agents In Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Hank, Limited. OhloagO—First National Hank, Horn Kx-
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cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward,  received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
Dress Trimmings
A large' variety of dainty Laces and
Embroideries for your .Summer Dress
Trimmings. Some very pretty patterns lo choose from.
First   Street
A.  Ci.   CRICK
Opposite   Windsor   Hotol
Canadian Bisley Team Successful
-Senator Perley is Dead-
Shah is Dethroned—Earthquake in Greece
Montreal, July 17.—The C.I'.R.
plans (or the improvement of Victoria
harbor on Heorgiau Bay, embrace tbe
largest grain elevator in the world
with a capacity ot 12,000,000 bushels.
Victoria harbor is to be the C.P.R.'s
great lake port, which is to be in time
conuected with deep water at. Montreal by a double truck railway practically level.
Stratford, Ont., July 17.—A ter-
rilic electric storm which passed over
here yesterdsy caused thousands of
dollars worth of damage in the city
and vicinity. The Roman Catholic
church at Dublin was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. It
was estimated to be worth $30,000.
Woi.ski.ky, Sask., July 17 —Senator
Perley dropped desd at hiB house bere
yesterday Irom apoplexy. Senator
Perley was among the li'st niemliers
elected to the House ot Commons
from the Northwest Territories. He
wns niHde a Senator under the old
Conservative regime.
Bisi.ky, July IG.—The Canadian
rille team «ou the McKinnon cup out
ol a total of eight competing teams
Irom the different pa-ts of the empire,
The Canadians made the phenomenal
score of 1609, the Transvaal was second
with 1514, and England and Scotland
were third with 1492 points each.
London, July 10—Special despat hes
from Athens state that 300 people
have been killed or injured by an
earthquake in Southern Greece. The
earthquake destroyed 400 houses in
the village ol Havali. and neighboring
villages also su.lered greatly.
Danville, 111., July 17—In a head-
on collision between two passenger
trains on the Chicago and Eastern
lines railway, near Royal, 111 , three
passengers were killed and several
others reported injured. Wrecking
crews were sent from here.
Birmingham, Ala, July 17—stite
Senator Hayles waB shut aud killed in
Monroe this afternoon by David K.
Smith in a duel growing out of remarks made by Bayles about Smith.
Teheran, July 17.—Mobamed Ali,
Shah of PerBia, was dethroned today
and Crown Prince Sultan Ahmed
Mit/.n was proclaimed Shall by the
national assembly composed ol tbe
chiel MuethiuU and leaders ol the
Nationalist forces. The proclamation
was made iu the presence ol an immense crowd in Parliament square.
I Packtiorse Drowned
A packburse belonging to Turnross'
livery stable was drowned on Thursday
while travelling along the Big Bend
trail some distance up above the Columbia river canyon, and its driver
had a narrow OBcapc from drowning.
Two men with packhorscs were crossing a bridge over a chasm that had
been made by a landslide in tlie river-
Bide, when the bridge gave way and
the men and their burses slid down
into the river. The men had no dilli-
culty in sc-amhling out, and one
horse succeeded in getting aBhore also,
but the other horse was loadeJ down
with blankets and provisions, and its
trappings helped tj drag it down.
The men came back for a fresh
supply and started up the road again
ycBterday morning. They went north
to assist in making a trail lor tbo
government intu Borne of the mining
claims in that region, presumably at
Mica Creek.
B, C, Medical Council Taken Drastic Action
for Alleged Mai-Practice
Dr. Sutherland returned on Friday
from presiding over a meeting of the
B. C. Medical Council in Vancouver.
Several important matters came be-
for3 the meeting. Because it waB
charged, and to the satisfaction ol the
council proved, that Dr. William H.
Wilson, of Nelson, had in an unlit
c indition attended a case of confinement in which the patient died, bis
name was struck otV the roll ol physicians practising in this province,
Dr. Wilson has been practising for 10
years in British Columbia. The
council called in Judge Grant as
arbitrator to assist them in arriving
at a decision.
The Council also heard tbe appeal
of four visiting doctors from Manitoba
and Alb6rta for an inter-provincial
association to consist of representatives of the four provinces of British
Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and
Manitoba, under whom a common
standard of qualification for medical
practice Bhould obtain. Tbey suggested a joint board of examiners to
consist ol two physicians [rom each
The Council heard the suggestion
and promised to deal with them linally
at its meeting to be held in Seattle on
July 27t.h, when a congress of physicians of the Pacific Coast will te
Drs. Patterson and Millroy, of
Winnipeg, Dr. Brett, of Banff, and
Dr. Kennedy, of Macleod, presented
the case for a com mon western
Twenty-Six Thousand Men Are
Out With Others Ready to
Join the Ranks-Union Must
Be Recognized
I'rrrsiiiiiii, July 10. l-'ive thousand
men from the Compressed Steel Company's plant, nnd 8,000 tin plato
workers went out on strike to-day.
Eight thousand miners also struck
this morning, but they did bo without
the sanction of the exeoutlve  who
culled the strike oil' to-night to allow
negotiations for settlement to be carried on. The men who are out on
strike say it is noi so much a quest ion
of wages with them as the recognition
of the unions by the employers,
Two wagon loads of bed cots and
other supplies were taken into' the
Steel Company's plant this morning to
be used by the constabulary. The
groups of idle men have increased so
much that an order had to be given to
clear the streets. The constabulary
bore down ou the men and scattered
the strikers in nil directions.
Aboul fifty electricians employed I y
the Westinghouse company doing
work iu the Compressed Steel Company's plant walked out to-day.
Convention in Kamloops
One ol the biggest conventions ever
organized in British Columbia will be
brought to Kamloops early in November when the Provincial Conservative
Association will meet in annual session. Upwards ot lour hundred delegates will be in attendance and the
convention will continue lor two days.
ltis some time since a convention has
heen held iu the interior and naturally
deep interest is being manilestcd by
the coast associations.
At » session ol tbe Conservative
party in KamloopBon Thursday plans
lor tbe entertainment ol the delegates
were discussed. A committee com-
prii-ing Jas. Qllli !'• J. Conway and S
N. Dancey was appointed to prepare
a programme and this will bo sub
mittcd at the next scssiub ot the executive      It   was   lelt  thai the time
wss none too early to undertake the
preparatory wurk,
From Edmonton to Tete Joune Cache
salas to Aldermere
The contract for building a 180-mile
section ol the main line ol the Grand
Truuk Pacific railway from McLeod
river west to Tete Jaune Cache, fifty
miles bayond the Yellowhead pass,
through the Rockies, has been awarded to the contraotin?, .irm ot Messrs
Foley, Welch & Stewart.
The same firm recently completed
the construction of tbe 130-mile section from Edmonton to the Mcleod
river. Track-laying is now in progress west ol Edmonton, and by the
end of September a passenger and
freight service between Winnipeg and
MoLeod river will be inaugurated.
It is expected that the contract just
awarded will be completed in twelve
months. TLe region to be traverted is
a foothill country not unlike tlie
tract lying between Calgary and the
Rockies. The grade through the Yellowhead pass at the summit and
down the woBtern slope past Tete
Jaune Cache ami thence on to the
oast is lour-teuths ol one per cont
per mile. Tho Yellowhead pass is the
dividing line between Alberta and
British Columbia.
The railway contractor havo already begun to transfer tlieir outfits
to the country beyond the MoLeod
river, where actual grading is now
under way. Tho work will be rushod,
and lor nearly a year probably 1000
men will be busily employed. Camps
are being established all along the
route as (ar as the summit,
The gap comprising tho uncompleted portion of the line is now less
than 500 miles. It extonds Irom Kit-
salas canyon on the Skeena river to
Tete Jaune Caobc.
MONTREAL, July 10.—Tho Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway has called for
tenders lor the building ol a 140-mile
section ol the main line betwoen Kit-
siilas canyon, on the Skeena rivor io
Aldermcrc, a village in the Bulkley
valley southeast ol Hazelton. Bids
will he received to August 10.
A party of Grand Trunk ollicials
headed by Sir Charles Rivers-Wilson,
chairman ol the board; Mr. Allred W.
Smithera, a director, iB coming out
[romsLondon nexl month to inspect
the road. They will viait Prince Rupert, and will leach Vancouver about
tbe ond ol AugiiBt. They will be accompanied by Mr. CharloB M. Hays,
the president, and Mr. B.J, Cham-
herlin, tbo general-manager.
II Labor-saving Device
For some time past at the smelter ol
the Consolidation Co., at Trail, a mechanical leed lor the lead furnace haB
been in course ol installation. On
Saturday it was put into operation lor
the first timo. This does away with the
work of twelve men and causeB a saving ol»t least |12,000 a yoar. Improvements continue lo lie made (rom timo
tu time so as to keep the plant up to
date in every particular.
Five Girls Drowned
File New Westminster girls were
drowind at a picnic party at Aliceville
ou Bu.-urd lulet, uear Port Moody,
on Wednesday afternoon. Their names
were Geitrude Ankers, Annie and May
Murphy, Signe Buck and Alfbild
Paulsen. The live girls went into
bathe at a place a little apart from the
rest. They Btepped off a ledge into
deep water, and Signe Buck waB the
first to get beyond her depth. The
other girls rushed down to assist her
and each in turn became overwhelmed.
A sixth child, another ol the Murphy
girls, saved herself by a miracle.
Friends ol the girls on the bank being
uuable to swim could render no assist,
ance, and when some ot the boys of the
party were summoned ft was too late,
The newB aroused tbe deepest sorrow
in New Westminster. Miss Ankere
was a teacher in theSapperton school,
the Murphy girls were daughters ol J.
E. Murphy, a milk dealt r in south
Westminster, Mias Buck wan a daughter uf tbe Dominion (ire ranger, and
Miss Paulsen was the daughter ol the
postmaster at Timberland.
Murdered at Night
In a boat at night, out un the
ruddy waters of the Fraser, near
Steveston, F. Saleterious, an uld Greek
fisherman, on Thursday last, stabbed
to death his partner and countryman
Tommy Jordan. From the appearance
ol tbe boat and Jordan's body it looked
sh il he had been first stabbed through
tbe thigh with a fisherman's knife,
and had fought for his life until
weakened by loss of blood, he feh back
in the boat a corpse. Other Greek
fishermen hoard the noise of tho light
and rowed through the darkness toward the boat. Salcterious jumped
overboard and tried to swim away, but
was hauled aboard lighting desperately. They had to tic him down with
ropes iu order tc row him in salety to
Steveston where he wsb handed over
to the police.
Jordan was still living whon first
found, but tlicd on the way to Steveston, antl as Sulcicrious refuses to speak
a wind, the cause ol the deadly quarrel
cannot be ascurtained. From latest
advices Salcterious was still maintaining a Biillen reserve.
Ascend Mount Revelstoke
The tint large party to ascend
Mount llevelsloke and visit Victoria
park this season went up on Thursday
last under the guidance ol the Rov. J.
R. Robertson, he being tho only one
of the number who hsd gone up previously. The party comprised three
gentlemen and twelve ladies. All
went on loot, Tho start was made at
li in tbe morning and the summit was
reached at noon. Some of the ladies,
who had done no mountaineering be
lore found the climb rathee trying,
but all managed to reach the park.
There they lound a lew hanka t;I Bnow
but many llowers wero coming into
bloom. Rev. Mr. Robertson thinks
tho park will beat its best next week.
The party stayed on the summit about
four hours, and starling tho descent
at I p.m. reached town again about
H o'clock. All to whom it had been a
firsl experience exproasod themselves
delighted with Hie trip.
Gel   cosh    priees    on    lleinl/.mnii
pi.mmi and [UrnltUre al llnw son ■■.
Summer Cooking
We have a few Gasoline and Coal Oil Cook
Stoves left with ovens for same if desired. These are
very nice to use in the hot weather, as they save fuel
and do not heat up the house.
Remember we arc agents for McClary's Stoves
including the Saskalta, Pandora and Kootenay Ranges.
These stoves are in use in the best homes in town,
proving that good people appreciate a good thing.
You will make a mistake if you do not purchase a
range of us when you need one, as there i.s nothing
to equal them.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils, Varnishes, etc.,
Tents, Camp Equipment, Guns, Ammunition, Fishing
Tackle and a full line of Groceries and Fruits.
Groceries    Hardware    McClary's Stoves    Plumbing
Mr Swell Dressei
Broken Lines no range
complete, sizes 14 1-2 to
17, were $1.25 to $2.25
Fit Reform Clothing
b. t. walker, pnsidsnt ' Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
aixxaitokh laikd, o«ner«i Minsjer j Reserve Fund,  -   6,000,000
The new Travellers Cheques recently Issued b) this Bank are a most i
ww Id which to carrv money when travelling.   They are issued in i
$10,  $20, $50,  $100 and $200
and the exact amount payable in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Pr
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden
■ad Switzerland i.i lUUed on thr fare of each cheque, while in other coaMriaa
thtwy arm payable at current rate*.
Tbe cheque.-! and all information repaniinjf them may be obtained al every tmmt
at the Bank. uu
When   ive  oiler the public a coin-
plete hue i.f
Juicy Beef, render Lamb, Oorn l-'eil
Pork, and Smoked Meats, in sanitary
■UrrollndlngS, at prices that please,
ie i in claim that SI'eiTSM has lieen
ivoii. Your opinion, Come iu and
give ii to-day.
St A       .lust arrived   n choice shipment
<iy nf Poultry.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
We Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
Greatly DSSdsd ruin for the Kootc- j The College of Physicians heve noti-
nny Iruit ranches lell on Thursday | tied Dr. Wirt, ol Vancouver, end other
Id ter ler ing with the picking and j osteopaths, that they are no loDgcr
mm let mr "I the strawberry crop, but iipjelilied to practice in this province,
generally doing the larger (mils much i Action against osteopaths will uot be
good, icuiDuicucsd »t oucc, however, rm
Zbc fl&aU*1bcvalb.|
l'i BLlSHKIl IVEU' 1 - i.M  AND
UlTUBDAV    11
Jntcrior ipubUsbino Company,
OrriCKS :   l'.iiriti.ii. Bank ihii.ihm. Hkvbl-
BlUKK.   11. I  .
Motioy io loan.
Offices: Revolstoke, H r     L'ra_.brook, B, I'.
Qeo. 8. Mei'.i: .in
A. M. Pinkbaji .1. a. Harvey,
Ksvolai Craiibrook, ll. 0,
Si,lit ilm,
S .       i.t"n
The i'..'.'.ni in Bank i
i ui  Molsons Ua
, Kn .
Proviuciul Land Surveyor,
Mining Sui veyor
McKknzu Avenue,
UoX   1U0,   Iill ELSTOKB
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp. No. 229
MeeU  Second  mul   Kmirtli   WodnoKlays in
each month,In Selkirk 11.ill.   Vlstitn   iiuwi-
tnen coriliitlly Invited to attond.
JOHN r.utl.suN, (im. Com,
J. .M'lNTVHK,  (Jlurk.
F. O. E.
The rsgular meetings are liolil in the Belkirk
Hall evury'Ji.'l ami Iih Tue.-iliiy evening at li
o'olook,   Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
VV. E. McLAUrHLlN.Sbic_l_.TAUY.
Kootenay Lodge, No. 15, A  F. & A. M.
The regular nit'"t-
iuifs nm hold in il'"
I >.,._.!.-■!.,... Hall, en
he ihirii Moudaj in
aril iiniiil li ,u »
. in. Visiting broth-
oii cordially will-
SELKIRK LODGE 12, 1.0.0. 1-'.
Meet:- every Tl, nr
■ lav  evening  m   Sel«
kkirk Hall at »..'■ look
f.Visiliug lirelliron are
Vi. A. K00TE, S.i
IAS   MATIIli:.-!-'
Cold Range Lodge, K. ol P.
No. 26,   Revolstoke, B. C.
EKI- . il.HV   ilEIiNLSii'.V,
U. H. BKUlK   K.
J.   H.
.1  K. A 1
nf F,
Six Roomed House at $15.00 per month
Six Roomed House at $17.50 per month
Six Roomed   House  at   $20.00   pep   month
80 Acres near Revelstoke, 18 acres elearet
house, stable and fencing, jSo fruit trees, live sloe
ami farm implements.    Ai a bargain,
10   Acres   at  Summerland,
newly  fenced and  under  irrigation,
('mm I  buy.
800 Acres al Galena Bay, <>.
500 fruit trees, good house and stabl
farm implements. Desirable property t
S ami io acre lot
050   Iruit   trees.
acres  cleared,
live stock ami
subdivide  inin
,00 per acre
way holt through the interior of
tlm province, for the purpose ot
ascertaining its possibilities for
settlement,     Mr. Deville, tin- stir-
pretty well alone for a year or two
until they have become fairly well
stocked witli the trout. The principal complaint  of   the   fisheries
veyor-general is* quoted (is having | ollicials in the past has heen that
said 11 few days aoo, "It wiil not beicertain picayune sportsmen would
very loii"  In-fore the title of  imnii
I'llilNK  lis
Zbc fll>afl*1beval£>
.-All RDAY, JULY  IT. 180D
gration fust settling the prairie
provinces, will surge across the
Rockies ami Iill every valley in
liritish Columbia," This is not
the vision of an enthusiast or a
dreamer, lt is a plain statement
of something Unit must come in
the logical sequence of events. The
activities and desires of humanity
know iit) bounds, Having tickled
the prairie and seen it laugh witli
a harvest, they will seek something
more restful in the smiling valleys
beyond the great divide. Their
plates will he taken by newcomers
from Uu' east and south, and the
prairie farmer will become the or-
chardist or dairyman of the valleys
of Uritish Oolumbia.
The Interior Department is to be
congratulated on its foresight in
preparing for the inrush I hnl is
sure to coiiie, and if, ns has been
stated, it is their intention to survey and divide tlie land in IU acre
homesteads, that also would he a
movement that would meet with
general commendation. To the
ordinary man of small menus. 1G0
acres of bush land is an incumbrance and a discouragement, 'lhe
j task of clearing it staggers him by
ihe time lie has got two or three
acres in shape, and he too often
squats down in his cleared eorner
ami becomes a pensioner mi the
mid jobs handed "tit by lumber
camps ami sawmills, nr goverment
roads and bridges. Given a tract
of land Unit lie can compass he
might feel em ouraged t" keep bis
axe swinging till every toot was
cleared.     In fail   in fruit growing
fish in season and out of season,
till practically all the lish in an
ordinary hike or stream would become exhausted. We trust that the
anglers of this district will prove
themselves willing lo forego a
present pleasure for a future good,
by not interfering with the natural
increase of the new stock.
The recent disastrous accident
on llie C.I'.R., near Rogers puss, is
another illustration of the law of
compensation working itself out.
While there is always a tendency
to lay the blame on someone, the
fact remains that as long as there
are railways there will be railway
accidents, lt is true that these
may be and are being lessened with
care and tlie applications of improved safety appliances, but with
an increasing volume of trallic on
the line, the human desire to travel
at highest speed, and the necessity
of competition wbioh makes il incumbent on railway companies to
comply with this desire, we cannot on tbis side of the milleniuui
look for the elimination of railway
fatalities; though tbe example of
Great Britain shows that with
double tracks, improved roadbeds,
anil systems of block signalling,
there may lie a welcome decrease
in the number of accidents per
In iin- matter of "The Judgments
Act, UKIS," and In the mailer of a
judimietii obtained In an action ol
1 bis Honourable Court.
Bet wken!
andrew 15. i'. liddle
Plaint ill', (Judgment Creditor)
Defendant (Judgment Debtor)
Before His Honour Judge Grant  in
Chambers,   Friday,   the  26th day ol
.lune,   ItNlll.
Upon the application of the Judgment Creditor herein, and upon hearing Mr. A. (i. Harvey on holinll'of the
applicant,and upon reading the nlll-
d.ivils of A. E. E. Liddle mid A. li.
It.'it'vev, stvorn herein the lilt hoi' May,
1009, and the allidavil ol A. (i. Harvey
sworn herein the 21th day of June,
1000, all llleil.
It is ordered thai unless cause to the
contrary be shewn by lhe Judgment
Dohlnl' herein, T. .1. Tompkins, on
Thursday, tho 22nd dav of July. 1009,
at the hour of 10 o'eloek in the forenoon to the presiding Judge in Chiim-
bei-sal the Court House, nt the City
of Vancouver, B. C, Lots one (li, and
two (2), in Blocks Forty-six, (46),
Forty-seven (47), and Forty-eight (IH),
Sub-division of Distrlet Lol Two
Thousand and Twenty-two, (2022),
Vancouver district, or a competent
pint of the said bind, be sold iiy the
District Registrar of this Court at
Vancouver, B. C, according to the
usual practice, to realize lhe amount
of the judgment herein, with Interest
on said Judgment up lo the date of
And it. is further ordered that the
publication of this Order foi' four lon-
secutivc semi-weekly issues of the
.Maii.-Hkhai.h, a newspaper published
and circulating iu Revel<tt>ke, B.C.,
shall be deemed good and snlllcient
service of Ihis Order upon the Judgment Debtor herein.
And it is fuithei ordered that the
costs of and Incidental to t.his Applieation and Ortler, and of Ihe proceedings taken thereunder, be added to tin
amount of the Judgment herein.
David Grant,
July 7-17. J.J. C. C
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take not ice that Robert It. Caldwell,
of Nelson, B.C., occupation Merchant,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following descrilied lands;
Commencing al a post planted about
live miles north nl' Downie Creek and
about fifty miles north of Revelsloke
on lhe Columbia Hiver, thence 80
chains north along the Oolumbia river,
thence 20 chains west, thence H0 ehains
south, thence 20 ehains east to point, of
Per John \V, Falls, Agenl.
Dated 17th June, 1900. jun 80OOd
will take charge of sewing dm
holidays only.    Apply to Mkb. J
It. ROBINSOK, S,.fiuid Street.       II 17
sections we qi
ments of ten
more inr the
\ii,ie    than
country could
estion whether allot-1Cnv Cofxcu.
For laws and re
acre    « ouhl not do
ittli'ineiit nf the pro-
argei   areas     If the
have four setl lers nn
T11.1.1NI ^^^^^^^^
In an interview with the veteran
i ' irnalist 1'. J. O'Farrell published
iui isi --■;•. :.' made some remarks worthy of attention. He
-.. I that witb the surrounding
valley- cleared ami settled, Revelstoki oi .-ir to be o cit) ol 20,000
people, It is true that with nli the
: igsibilities "i the district devel-
iped that ligure would be well
within tl • li.ark; but it is equally
true thai though nature may be
assisted   -In-   cannot be hurried nr
forced, mil tint tli--.-" ■ i, iii_;e- liavc-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ime  about   by degrees.    M iny : the home8 of P"»P«M» ^milies of
ol   tlie   settlers   who first i an i I
British Columbia had already lived] UP lh
nil th-     pr.i.r;---   win-re the cuitiva  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
. ,.     would bring around  it the class of
matter, and   they   natural ,   besi-  '"J"   " -
. iii-- ■' rhe  in,her i ■ no
madii       Hie e and fall
i11'.v-m. and   Rossland   are let
ban  tht
bul \\ innipeg m ■  ; idmonton
A Dialogue
Lash Company :
Flow down c.ild rivulet to tbi  C  —,
Thy trilnite wave deliver.
But not  through  thee those aewera
shall be
Forever and forever.
rtl- ii hui imii  flI
\\ ell just make you deliver,
\iid the ratepayers shall loot tbe lee
Forever and forever.
ANTED -All kinds of typewrit
ing and   stenogniphy   work
Apply to W. B.ws, I'lim. B.
jilVK ROOM HOUSE Incutcd on C
\ R, grounds near station, witl
20 vein lease on glootid, This house is
in good rt-paii with line garden anil
fruit trees. Will sell at a bargain if
sold at once. Apply for I'm ther par
titulars to 15, .1. Bourne, First street.
F ,.
FOR SALE-A   cottage,  also  plan
and   furniture,   apply   lor terms
md p.iitieiil.ii- in I!. N. Doyle     jly26
ROOM lil HI,   want!
plv.it the Oriental Hotel.
40 acre- instead "t one, :' ■••
so mucb the richer for it.
Re ,' Istoki > thi radius
of valley-,   stri ti tiinj     ut 1
IS    Ol      ,      ' 'in ■ ,
around.     Should   lhe ar ■
; in nil  tbi      I
inured   to become
til'    i.   '!!:".-   •''   pri	
.  "   . ' ,
town   than  any one other
whose labor the best civ
• ■.-.. i al   ■      it      j ;lture
whei    la - :    ■'■  i i ■ '■ i
-.. •.,  .     ..,:. :    ,      ■ i-'d    with    hi
_-   one
grnwn and will grmv
nalm08ta ;   , the province, man   al*°   ia a   *h'»ting quantity
Where the   land was under timber
;ii"   i.- v. onuei
that, wbile   the
hills ;•    or   tie
beds,   witii   the
i..-   profits oui   ■
minerals   in   the
_.-.', I .ii in-' J r
es ol   rapid
eiirii i m-iii. ippi 11-., to the gambling instincts in most men mui I,
more strongly than tin- slower returns Irom agriculture, which i ould
only come after year ol arduous
It m.i - natural that the aclb ities
of the early settler- shold be applied to the means lying closest at
hand, Bul now that the mineral
possibilities in these part.- ni tbe
province where transportation is
obtainable, have   been guaged and
tested,    and    the    Ing-    hnve   heen
culled out in the must occessible
places, attention is heing called in
the cultivation nf the soil. We are
pleased to see tlmt the Dominion
governmenl recognises this, and i-i
•     r i '.i     : i. -1 •     .   ; ■ i ■   ■
to  dei    i ' I
r ■  '."i    in    the    -ni,   i.n i
■ ■ ung   -mm e
We.i,'     : ir h        ■ .1
refon be done to inr
ward th" interest! ol agriculture in
till- il. - ' '■ '!. i,.-       S'o
little thing ■'■.,! ., i I"- neglei ted
Its Fall Fair bould be well patronised every opportunil y tn advertise   ti ivantages nf   the dir-
Iri' l ■ bould lm seized, mul nn
chance tn secure a settler should In
allowed to puss.
Royal Standard
And Why It is a Better Flour
We tiie selected wheat from the
best, wheat producing regions of the
C.inadian West, where the sunshine is long, where the soil is
rich, giving to the wheat that
quality of gluten wbicli makes the
very finest Hour. Tbis is factor
No.' I.
Scientific milling whioh follows
the wheal step by step, selecting
only the best ami purest portions
of the wheat grain and making it
into tbe most perfect flour. This
is factor No. '2.
('nre exercised in storage and
marketing so that there is no possibility of deterioration from the
time the llour leaves our hands
until it reaches you. This is fac
tor No. .'!.
Now isn't there a reuson why
you should ask for Royal Standard Flour. And besides, in every
IDlb. sack there is n numbered
coupon entitling you to a chance
to win one oi ten beautiful dinner
sets given away each month.
Vancouver Milling 6*
Grain Co., Ltd.
VANCOUVER,      -       B.C.
For Rent
House on First Street, $20 per month.
Four Rooms on McKenzie Avenue, $10
per mouth
For  Sale
Good Building Luts,
Two  houses  suitably  located on Mc
Ken/.ic Avenue
Acreage for Market Gardening.
Money  Loaned for Building Purposes
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit nnd ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
nnd proven Our trees do
not have to be fumigiittd.
Tbey are grown in the t nly
part of the continent not
infested with tlie San Jtrae
157 l'age Catalogue Free.
D. fi. Mitchell, ol lho Dominion
lish hatchery at Shuswap lake, has
been in this district recently, trying to stock Williamson's lake and
some of tbe streams with rainbow
trout, All true sportsmen should
be glad lo see that tlmse steps to
increase the fisheries are being
taken, and   they should nssi-t   lhe
The Best of
All Breakfast Foods
There's a reason behind ail fads and fancies.
We required lii?ht breakfast  foods and the
market was flooded with health foods (so-called, i
But   the best breakfast fond in the world is
"Zephyr ("ream" Soda Biscuits crushed in cream
or fresh, sweet milk.
"Zephyr Cream" Sodas
have more original goodness than all other sodas
mantifai-tured on this continei' More than that,
the   iriginal  Koodness   of •   Biscuits   w
lasting.   The flavor does noi  rar>
All big biscuit, maker b I a /'xA brand at
flour. We buy all good brands Then we blend the
best brands, sift and test the blend until we find
a dough that will sustain the Christie reputation.
Expensive! Yes—but we know no other way
of starting to make biscuits up to our own hijjh
Every ingredient entering into our " bakes "
is the purest and best we can buy.
Our "Zephyr Cream " .Sodas crushed m
cream, or fresh milk, certainly do make an excellent lifcht breakfast.    You test them.
Sold in balk, or in  small  family tint, damp and thi«H>p*n'
Christie. Brown & Co., Ltd., Toronto
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhouses and Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery      -      South Vancouver
Bring in ymir I'IhiihhiiiI Specifications
nud  we will  Qglllfl on tbem.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund -    $3 500,000
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents nnd Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one of our tmnd-i'.nic pnrlorscts,
upliolmercd iii lujili grade uilk, or
dmum-li, with fniiiim Hull nre in every
conceivable design, and made to wear
hull finitely. We t nve many new and
beautiful parlor acte and odd pieces for
I enutifyiiiK llie home that arc taste
lui, elViciive and inexpensive, and will
slum your rooms to the lnei advantage.
in C. P. It. contract for facing Revelstoke station. A large
stock now on hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. By far the cheapest ui'iterial for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, waim in winter. Saves most of
your painting and about bafo your insurance.
The Enderby Brick &Tile Co., Enderby, B.C.
H1CAD OFFICE :   Caloahv,   Ai.hkuta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Morchants
Pork Packers nnd Denims in l_iive Stock. MnikeiH iu nil the pi'lliclj
pal Dities and T.i.vns of Alberto. British Ooluiuin t and the Yukon.
Packers of lho Celebrated Brand " Iinperotor" Hums nntl Baton,
,,,,1  .. <i I," a i  r _...!■ i  ...i
mid "Hliaini-oi'k" Hi.iiul Lent Lard.
Import direct from country ot origin.
Central Hotel
fl—,    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built.       First-class in every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.50 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
market affords.      Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
arc disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate tlieir prices on Diamonds,
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watches
The Brest West Permanftiit Loan
l\l A N.
BOW rending out men over the raiM oflioiala  by  leaving these waters
First struct, Revelstoko, B. C.
Certificate of  Improvements
I, X. I I   Silvei   Pick   mineral
claims, -iinnt•■ in lhu Trout Lake
Mining liiiision of West Kootenay
Where located, iii'iiieeii the north
md louth forks ol Lardo Creek.
Tako notice i lm i I Catherine Florence lie.iiis. nf Vancouver, B.O., free
Ulnar's (Jertlflcate No. II IMlTd, Intend
sixty davs from date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements for the purpose
of obtaining Orown grants of the
itliove claims.
And further take notice tbat aolion
uiiiier Sei i ion it? musl tie commenced
before the Issuance of suoh Oert Iflcale
of Improvements,
Hilled this t uenty seventh tiny of
Mny, A.D .  I'.HIU.
my2fl Oathorinb Kumknce Beatty.
Doyle and Allum, Limited
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Uash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phono 39       Oltlco   MoKenzie Ave
Maiiiifaclnred Fur all clauses uf  buildings
for snln in lit run or small quantities
at the lowest prices for cash.
All klmli ol bnlldiiiff luidjiilnsteriim
Palace Restaurant
McKensie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Ginnrs,Tobacco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
A Healthy Life
A Happy Home
in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia
and Kootenay and Columbia and Western
Railway Companies' Land Grants. Farm
Lands  eminently suited for   the  raising of
Fruit,  Grain  or  Stock
may be purchased in these Grants at low
figures for cash, or on Easy Terms, from
Canadian   Pacific    Railway
Timber Lands of the highest character,
situated in these Grants, are offered for sale
in blocks of from 640 acres upwards
Good Shipping Facilities. Easy Transportation
For Maps, Application Forms, Regulations
and Literature apply to
Asst. to 2nd Vice President,
Box 1317, Calgary, Alta.
Town Lots for Sale in Revelstoke anil Arrowhead
The Now Edition of Hu*
Vol. Vlll issued May, igo^conlains 1500
pages, with nearly 50 per cent, more
mailer than the preceding edition. The
chapters with nine descriptions and on
sl a I ist tea have been carefully revised and
the bulk of the matter therein is
There nre 25 chapters,
Covering Copper History. Geology,
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, Milling, Milling, LeachingdSmelting, Refining
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys, Uses,
Substitutes, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, Suites, Countries and Continents; Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports,
Finances, Dividends, etc.
The Copper Handbook is coilcededly the
The Copper Hanbook contains, in this
11,'\v autl greatly enlarged edition, about
50 per cent, more matter than   the   Bible
though not necessarily a betler book
because of its greater bulk. li is tilled
wiih PACTS 01 vital importance to
Price Is $5 in buckram with gilt lop, or
$7.50 in genuine lull library morocco.
Terms are lin- most liberal. Send no
money, Inu order lhe book sent yon, nil
carriage charges prepaid on one week's
approval, to be relumed il unsatislactory,
or paid l'or if it suiis. Can you afford 1101
10 see the book antl judge tor yourself of
its value to you?
Write now to the editor and publisher,
tc J. Stevens
First-class  Work   Guaranteed.
Mail  Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Vancouver Lots
Within one year you must get your
money back tenfold if you invest it
uow in ch ice lots close to Second
Narrow bridge in Vancouver. Let me
explain why? Price per 50 foot lot
only $125; .'( cash, balance$16 quarterly. Apply to F. O. WINKLER, 429
Sixth Ave., Bast, Vancouver, B. C.
$10 Reward
A reward ol $10 will he paid for
such information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of the party
illegally milking our cows.
R and E. Tai-i'i.no.
About Dogs
E liter M lIl.llKltlLl)
Pm,—1 should like to cull nttent:on
to the manlier in which certain mongrel curs are all wed to run tbe
streets here uuder all conditions.
There are a number ol persons in
Reveletoke who are trying to keep
good dogs and improve the breed, and
they have to sutler for it. Last Sunday morning, July llth, my dog came
home shot through the muscles ol his
leg. I know lor a fact that this occurred nest of tbe hospital, and I am
willing to pay a reward ol $50 for the
conv etion of the person who shot that
dog. I think it is time that the City
Fathers took this thing up and imposed some regulations, so that dogs
would not be running around indis-
-.riuiinately, like a pack ot wolves, on
the street.
Yours, etc.,
W. G. Watson,
Conservation and Commerce
The First National Conservation
Congress ol the I'nited States will he
held in the auditorium of the Alaska-
YukonPacilic Exposition, Seattle,
Washington, August 2(1, 27, 28, 1909,
Arrangements lor the Congree are
being perfected hy the Washington
Conservation Association, an organization comprising several hundred
prominent men of the State.
Invitations have been extended to
President William H. Tatt, members
of the cabiuet, governors of States;
members of the vaiious State Conservation Commissions; presidents ol
colleges and other institutions ul
learning; editors ol prominent newspapers and magazines; church digna-
taries, and to mayors and ollicials of
commercial organizations ul ihe leading cities of the nation.
The discussions will include the
subjects of Irrigation, Dry Farming,
Forestry, Mining, Transportation,
Good Roads, Pure Food, Public Morals
und Health, and the Relation of Cap.
ital to Labor in the work of modern
The program includes addresses
from tbe best thinkers ol the age.
Among those named as probable
speakers are: President Talt; Hon.R.
A. Ballioger, Secretary of the Interior;
Hon. James Wilson, Secretary of Agriculture; Hon. Gifford Pinchot, Chief
Forester; Hon. F. H. Newell, Chiel of
tlie Reclamation Service; and others.
Prince Mining and Development
Company, Limited Liability
To'I'ltKSllAHKlllil.DI'lllSIU 'rilK PltlNUK
Mining  A  Dkvki.iii-.m_-;nt   Company, Limited Liability.
Revelstoke, June 19th, 1001).
Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the Sharoholders of
the Prince Mining A Development
Company, Limited Liability, will be
held at" the Company's ollice, First
Street, Hevelstoke, B. G, on Wednesday, the twenty-first day of July, A.D,
1900, at the hour of eight o'clock in the
afternoon, for the purpose of electing
officers for the ensuing year, nnd for
all other purposes relating to ihe management of the Company.
The transfer book of tbe Company
will be closed during the fourteen davs
immediately preceding such meeting.
Dated at Revelstuke, B. 0., this l»lh
day of June, A.D., 1909.
Robin Hood Flour
The Flour lhat is Different
Wc must stand ready to prove it and
also prove that the difference is so marked, so
worth while, that you will feel this is the flour
you ought to use.
That is exactly where we do stand.
We ask you to take no lisk. Buy a
bag of ROBIN HOOD and give it two
fair trials. If it does not prove perfectly satisfactory, so satisfactory that you too say, "It is
really the llour that is different," you may take
it to your grocer and he will give you back
your money.
Will you make the trial on your next
flour o.ider?
ik Saskatchewan flour Mills (o., i«.
Moose Jaw, Sask.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Notice that Roderick W. Lindsay, of Oamborne, B.C., occupation
merchant, intends to apply for^ permission to purchase the following
described land :-
Commencing at a post planted at the
north-east corner of A. D. McKay's
pre-emption, No. 7805, and marked
"R. XV. Lindsay's North-West Coiner
Post, thence about 8 chains east to
west line of McKinnon's pre-emption,
Ihence about 50 chains south, thence
about 8 chains west to McKay's side
line, thence north about 50 chains to
point of commencement and containing 40 aeres more or less.
Roderick William Lindsay,
Dated April 80th, 1909, my 22
Revelstoke Land Distriel.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Adran La Brash,
of Nakusp, occupation man-led woman,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following desorlbed
lands .
Commenolng nt a posl planted on
the south-west corner of Lot 9149,
thenee west 10 chains; thence north
60 chains: thence east 10 chains; thence-
south 00 chains to place of commencement,
Mm, Adran La Brash,
H.J. La Hii ami. Agent.
Dated May 17th, 1909. my 20
Revelsluke Isanti District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notiee that ljifayette Lamb, of
Clinton, Iowa, l". H. A., occupation
Milloivner, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a posl planted al the
S. IO. corner of I»t .HIA, then north 211
ehains,   then   east   20  cbains. thence
suuth -'" chains more or less to lake
■hore, Ihence westerly along lake shore
20 chains more oi less to point of commencement,
K. MiGai.ihun,
Agent fm Lafayette Lamb.
Dated June8rd, 1908, jun 2,'j
San Francisco Opera Company
Prank W. Henly's San Francisco
Opera Company has just Oompleted
une hundred nnd sixty-one cmisccu
tive weeks if BUCOesB—a record not
equalled or even approached by any
comic opera organization in existence.
Not even the famous Busttininns can
boast ol such a record, the company
laying oil' during the summer months.
This summer the San Francisco Opera
Company is playing a season ol 12
tveekB at the Empress theatre at Vancouver, B.C. The lourth week ol the
engagement finds capacity houses at
every performance. Read what the
Vancouver World ol Monday, July
Oth, 1909, had to say of the company:
Of all the mirth-provokers which
the San Francisco Opera Company
bave gladdened Vancouver by putting
on at the Empress the "Gay Paris
ienne" is surely the chief It is to
laugh, which is to Bay that it is to
chortle over jokes that are clever, and
to guffaw over jokes tbat are farcial.
In " The Gay Parisienne" there is not
the slightest opportunity lor the
grouchtr to grouch or the mirthless
man to cultivate dolor. The" Gay
Parisienne" is a winner.
Miss Mabel Day, as "The Giy Parisienne," has a part in which fine
quality of voice and her dainty aud
vivacious style are admirably in place.
Chiel am ug the lunniakers wus Teddy
Webb, who seemed to revel in the
part ol "Ebentzer Honeycomb." The
elements of mirth in the character of
the cleiic, who, as the pink ol pro-
pr.ety at home, but a sad dog abroad,
are simply illimitable, and Teddy
Webb seemed to catch every one ol
tbem. His mock solemnity, and tbe
clever vocalization of Miss Day in tbe
duets, made a tine combination, and
as tbe Scotsman of comic opera in the
second act. Teddy Webb was all
A remarkably funny plot, plentifully
interspersed with the most up-tu date
song selections, set the audience in a
high state ol enthusiasm, it is no
misstatement to say lhat ihis performance aud production was equal to
any that we have had the past winter
Irom travelling companies specially
organized to present one musical
comedy. The laughter was c utinu-
ous, and only gave way to applause
when the magnificent stage effects
were shown, and tbe novelties in songs
were heard. "Shine On, Harvest
Moon," as Bung by Lucille Palmer,
accompanied by the chorus, received
repeated encores. This Bong wns
illustrated by a line mechanical effect.
A large moon waB suspended from the
top ol the theatre, and at a certain
cue an owl was seen sitting on it and
blinking. This was an exceedingly
pretty efiect, and is the invention ol
Mr. Frank Ooates, head of the stage
stall ol the Empress theatre. Teddy
Webb sings several Bongs, and scored
an enorinoiiB bit in one of Harry
Lauder's Bongs, "She's My Daisy," accompanied by the female chorua
dressed iu Scotcli kilts. lt ssell
Powell Bang one one ol the song hits,
'■ 1 Think 1 He r a Woodpecker
Knocking at My Family Tree." TheBe
are only a lew of tlie gems. In fact,
all the numbers were so excellent that
it is almost impossible to specialize.
"Shine On, Harvest Moon," was one
of the biggest successes in Anna
Held's late production of " Miss I nno-
ceuce,"in New York. Another tremendous Biiccess was the Bung. I'd
Rather Fight Like Ma." This number wa. a spirited march song, during
which the chorus performed several
dillicult march evolutions. It was
certainly an evening of great success
for the Empress theatre, and the San
Francisco Opera Co., as the comedy
scored an enormous hit.
Brother followed Brother
The people ol Calgary were saddened laBt week by the death of two of
their oldest and must prominent citizens. First came the news that James
Reilly, formerly proprietor of the
Royal Hotel, and twice Mayor of the
city bad passed away on tbe Pacilic
coast. Mr. Reil y was one ol the best
known men in the Canadian Northwest, haviug been the lather ol the
movement for provincial autonomy
in the Northwest Territories. He waB
prominent in civic, Masonic and political circles, having unsuccessfully
contested Calgary lor the Dominion
house in 1800. Of late years he had
been living in retirement. His funeral waB attended by all the most prominent citizens of Calgary.
It was a sad coincidence of James
Reilly's deatb that his brothor William
also died while the an alignments for
the funeral of James Reilly wore still
under way, He waB apparently in
good health, but the arrival ol his
brother's remains on No. 2 Irom the
west in the afternoon gave bim a
shock from which he never rccovored
and he died of heart failure a lew
hours later.
A scctiouman was killed near Shu-
swap on Thursday nighi by a slight
accident by which i. car  was derailed.
A Tale of the Big Things of the Province of
Across the Rockies should you steer,
In search of sport, or henli h or gear,
As the I'acilic you draw near
You'll find a place called Sicamous
A land of waters and of woods
Antl wild, majestic solitudes;
Hut evermore the thought obtrudes—
"Whence  came the name  of  Sicamous?"
Well,   ere   this   pluce    was known to
A settler, Sandy Grant by name,
Froin ancient Caledonia came
To tnke up land at Sloamous.
"A great land this," be cried, -'Guld-
Hig mountains, plains nnd woods, and
Wham- ye michl  droon the  Land o'
At lust be came to Sicamous,
A short, while after he had come,
Ile met nn iilil colonial chum,
Who one day snid to him: "By gum!
We've big thing here    inirneiilous!
See yon big moose noo on the hill!"
And   Sandy   answered:   "Hoot, inon,
Ye'rs wrung I'liraince, wi' n' yer skill—
I never t.hoeht ye sic agiuise;
''Ye caillin see a moose l'rae here!"
Hut, when he saw lhe monster deer,
Ile cried, in wonder and in l'eni■:
"Quid Lord, I ne'er saw sio a moose!
Sin' ye've got mice its big as lhal,
I ivadnn like to meet a rut;
And il iiiiiiiii be a guld-sized cal
Wad datir to tackle sic a moose!"
"O, sic a moose!"   Both far and near
The settlers told the story queer.
How Sandy thought the great moose-
Was just a'miis ridiculiis.
The story lived.    ...    A township
They   wished   to   name   it something
So town and railway .station too
Were boldly christened ''Sicamous!"
Now, some folks think this tale absurd;
And some maintain, ns I hnve heard,
That it was from an Indian word
They got the name of Sicamous,
Well, if you do not credit me
Please pay a visit lo ti. C,
And 'twill convince you  when you sec
Just "sic ,t moose" tit Sicamous]
J.   LlDDKI.I. Kill,I,Y.
iM.ti I li.tni, Great Yarmouth, England.
June, 1909,
C, Bosiness Jottings
And Its Keeping Qualities
SOME people find it necessary to buy a considerable quantity
of flour at one time—sufficient to last  for a long period.
Naturally they are anxious to procure a flour of the kind best
adapted to lengthy storage.
There are two important reasons why PURITY FLOUR
possesses these qualities. One is that it is made entirely from
Manitoba Hard Wheat. The other lies in the fact that the careful
milling necessary to produce "Purity" absolutely excludes all
low-grade particles of the wheat berry. It's the high grade
Manitoba Hard Wheat Flour that keeps—stands longest storage.
That's  "Purity."
"Purity" flour may cost a little more,
but is more  than worth the  difference.
Try it.    Watch results both for quality
and yield.
"More Bread
and better Bread"
Westers Canada Flour Mills Co., Limited
Mills It St. Boniface, Qodcrich, Brandon,
Office, Winnipeg. Manitoba. ,
Another "Sunshine" Feature
This ii an entirely new idea, and wilt especially interest people who reside in natural
gas districts. The gas ring takes the place
of the lower Sunshine fire-pot, thus making
it possible to burn jjas in your furnace without
inconvenience. Such is not possible in a
furnace where the ordinary gas log is inserted;
for, should the gas give out, a coal or wood
fire could not be started until the gas pipes
were disconnected.
To provide against sweating in the summer
time, Sunshine Furnace is equipped with a
nickelled steel radiator and dome. All
bolts and rivets are nickelled, all rods
copper-plated. This special treatment, besides meaning quicker and greater radiation
from the radiator and dome than cold chill
Iron could possibly give, acts as protection
for the bolts, rivets and rods from inroads of
gas. When cast iron comes in contact with
our nickelled steel it is coated with our special
Anti-Rust treatment, which prevents the
slightest possibility of rust commencing
anywhere in Sunshine Furnace.
The Gas Ring
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.       Revelstoke
Thos. Inglis, grocer, Vancouver, has
sold to a Mr. Williams.
A. T. I'ngtam, dealer in builders'
supplies, Vancouver, bas sold out.
The Koyal Bank ol Cunada has
opened fur business in Cranbrook lust
The Kereinos Supply Co., general
merchants, Kereinos, have soied to J.
R. Shaw.
Tbe Vancouver Taint and Varnish
Co., Vancouver, have assigned to John
Desbrisay A Owen, grocers, Vancouver, have sold their branch at New
WeBtmiuster to A. (In tui in
The registered ollice ol Hubert Ward
A Co., Ltd , has been changed from
Victoria to Vancouver.
Miller tl' ltorke, commission merchants, have been succeeded hy the
Miller, ltorke Co.
The Kootenay Jam Fiieturv has
been opened at Nelson. Special attention will be given to putting up
Coast Timber Prices
A Vancouver despatch says: There
is little change in the lumber and
shingle market. Business continues
good iu sliinglcs antl in the higher
grades ul lumber. Kough is still selling at prices which admits ol little or
no | rolit. The local trade is unusually brisk. The basic price ol lumber
is nuw 111, and thero is no pool iu
this. The spring supply of logs has
invaded the market and there has
been a slump of from $_2 to $2 50, and
good grades can now lie got as low as
e}li. This slump is not caused by any
diminution in the demand from the
mills, which is greater now than a
lew mouths ago, but from the fact
that there has been a great inciease in
tho output ol logs.
Knights of Pythias at Nakusp
The membership of Nakusp lodge,
Knights of Pythias, is-17, a gain having been been made during the year
of 10.
Ollicers for Nakusp lodge for the
ensuing term arei
C.C.—H. Ilushton.
V.C.—F. Atkinson.
M.W.—.1. S. Morrison.
M.K.—Walter Scott.
M.E —L. J. Edwards,
K.U.S.—K. Abbic.
Prel.—A. W. Hobbs.
M.A.—C. ti. Handing
I li.—J. A. Dotigal.
O.li.— E, Crosbic.
A, E. Underwood lias let the con
tract lor a $20,000 I otol al Chase
B, C.
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Revelstoke Navigation Co.. Ltd.
Steamer Revelstoke leaves Landing
ni, the head of Canyon evoty Tuesday
and Friday ai ti a. m. (water permitting) and .i.Hies at Downie Creek
aboul - p.ui.. returning same itvy, T.
A. Lewis' pasaengei st&gfe and freight
wagons transfer passengers and freight
between all city h I- and Landing.
Leave orders with Mr. Lewis, telephone N". 12. There i- telephone connection w ii h the steamer. The number
is BII16. All Information as t" rates
.md iiilni business may be obtained
at office mi board the steamer from
F js«'A.NI.HN, Purser,
Hevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notiee that John XV. Kails, of
Nelson, H.I'.. occupation Miner, intends tn apply for permission to purchase the following descrilied lands:
Commencing at a post planted aliout
live miles north of Downio Creek on
the Columbia Kiver and aliout tiftv
mile- ninth of Hevelstoke, tlience tit)
chains smith along Columbia rivor,
tbenee __)u chains west, Ihence Sli ehains
north, them e 31 ehains east to point of
JnlIN   XV.   FALt.fi.
Hilled 17th June, WW. Jun 80 &M TIIE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE li C.
Trimmed Summer Hats
All   Trimmed  Millinery on   Sale   at   Less
than Half Price
Children's Sailors, Mens and  Boys'  Straw
Hats at Sale Prices.
We have marked all lines of Summer
Dry Goods at prices to clear. Your dollar
will buy more goods than ever before.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
(Mice on First St., Opposite the Club
Bents Oollkotbd. Loans Notary Public
The Ladies Aid ol St. Andrew's
Church will give their annual garden
party on the lawn al tbe Manse, on
tin evening of July 20th. Strawberries
and ice  cream   will   he  served    Gate
. ns ut 7 o'clock. Adm isMi.n in the
gr   'lieI-   III cent-.
Miss Davis and Miss Bell ol RevelBtoke were among the successful
students who wrote in the recent Mo-
Hill Universiey matriculation examinations Reports ol the work "I
other Revelstoke students have not
yet been received.
T. M. Daly, police magistrate, of
Winnipeg declares thut since the
policy til eeggrcgating disorderly houses
in that city was abolished, the evil has
been scattered and spread, and quotes
figun - to show lhal the illegitimacy
has enormously increased,
A very successful garden party wae
given by the Ladies Guild of St.
Peter's church on the grounds of the
rectory on Wednesday eveuiug. The
Kevelstoke baud was in attendance,
and there was a large crowd. All
worked with a zest, and a ueat sum
was netted for the benelit ol the
Tin new  Molson's   Bauk  building,
now rising raaidly   at   tbe coroner of
Firet St, and McKenzie Ave. promises
to be  one   of   the   handsomest   and
sulidest blocks   in town.    The   inner
part of the wall it of   brick   and   the
outer of cement blocks, so that   it   iB
really  as solid   as   one   large   vault, [
carrying   with   it    permanence   and l
salety combined with a handsome out-1
sike tinish.
Eighteen strawberries grown by
John Brown on the Quade-Miller
ranch, mar Victoria, were weighed
recently and tipped the scale at -1
ounce;. There are some good straw-
berres grown in the Revelstoke district, and we believe that Mr. Brown's
big berries might be beaten. If anyone can do it the Mail-Herald would
U- pleased t. hear of it.
As yet uo clue has been fouud to
the identity of the unknown man whu
committed suicide here ten days ago.
A photograph was taken before burial
and descriptions have beeu (urni-hed
the police in differeut parts ol the
provinoe, but the mystery remains
til una lived. He had only 80 ccuts
on him wheu he took his life and
liuancial dilticulties might have bad
something to do with ft.
T. J. Wadman has accepted Irum
tbe Kootenay Agencies, tin. agency in
Revelstoke and Koolenny for the
Dominion Guarantee ami Accident
Insurance Company. This oompai j
with Lead otlice in Tor mti antl an
authorized capital ol $1 000,000 ia
ol the etrongest accident insurance
organizations in Canada, Mr. Wad-
man will travel in the interests ol the
oompsnj thro gh the Kootenay- ind
eastern Britii    I   I nubia
Hon. It   i     ng I ad - mi I hing to
-«> a-, thi ' ting   ol   t ne  Do-
■.'. mi. Institute which
ing hi t .i it like balm upon tbe soul
. . school teacher. He
said .t « . thi intention ol tl"' t v-
. M • |.r ivide I ir increases in
the salaries I the members ol the
profession io tbis province, wbioh he
hoped would have the effect ul In
ing them t make teaching tbeir
permanent business snd that teacher.
would    air..   1-"   brought    within   tin
pr viii mi ol the governmenl's super
annual! i. sol en i
(.; A R I) E N   S E E D S
i ".ill mid inspeel our stock of i hilon Sets aud Garden Seeds of .-ill kinds
None hut new seeds kept in stuck
We carry .1 complete line of
staple and fancy groceries, and
can olt'er you the hesl goods ;il
the same price ;is yon pay for
inferior lines,
Our bread, cake and pastry trade
is rapidly increasing, n trial
order for any one of the above
will explain why. Our aim is to
keep only t he lu-~l.
Hobson's Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is  one nl   llie   most   important   items
in \ imr business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
A Brand New Idea
Hinged Top Talcum Can
Wl Ilin in-.     N' i • ii
Talcum I'n kage
Th.. hinged lop
previ ul   leaking
' taking    i Ine    l'i I
inin   Htunnlug I'-'i i nines
I larnal Ion and  Violet
Gel  .i pacange while it's
lieu      I'llll 1    Sl IT. VI-.
Ne>t Hume Slock    Phone No, "d
^ ■■ ■
A regatta is to be held at Chose, on
Shuswap lake, next Monthly, under
the auspices of the Kamloops Motor
Boat Club. It is expected that limits
will be out from Salmon Arm and
other points along the lake
.Some splendid samples .if strawberries are being brought in from surrounding ranches, nnil many people
are buying crates to ship to friends in
"tiler places to show bow line a berry
Revelstoke cun produce.
About twenty live boys, junior members of the Y.M.C.A , left  on the Barly
morning   traiu  today for  Alliert Can-
yon, where   they will   remain in can p
until Monthly next.      The  camp is in
charge   "f   W.   A.    \ldritt.   phyi
The Liberals ol Columbia ridin i
evidently determined to be on time
On Monday tbey will hold a convention iu Golden to n inmate a candi
date for the at.- yet undated provincial
elections. It is expected that J. A.
Mn'donald of Rossland leader of the
< 'i i sitii d and : hn I Hiver, the old
warhorse 11 I lelta will attend
A general meeting of the Revelsti h
mountaineering  club   will be held in
'In- oity ball I n   Tuesday evening at i
ok.     Important   business will be
considered, including the appointnv■•,'
.i   permanent   secretary   am
building nl   a chalet on Lake Vu-
in Victoria park.      Kvery   member  il
the club is urged i . be present.
II.,n. \\   Pugsley   Dominion Mil   •
ter   of   Public W rk- passed through
last Tuesday.     II. was mot by a oom
nil ti s fr •     ...   . eai Lil era   usocis
tii n, « bi in   In-  assured i hat I tn
for ,i Dominmn building here would be
iserti 'I ne t session and the work
pushed ahead     He and  Hon, Charles
Murphy will   be   banquetted by Vancouver liberal ■       I     ...... Djng,
v\     A    i' note, contractor ha     just
oompleti il )   li ,-■  ■.. n re udenoe lor F
K.   Sine   on rlixth M      It ia ol   cosy
bungalow design, 36 by llfl in the with
a 10 fool or.in.I ih Un the ground
(Toor .ire i ipacii us hall Irawing room,
doting room .unl kitchen and upstair.
are three large bedrooms a bathroom
and a fine sewing room ipening >ul n
i -nn parlor. I tidcrnnatb ia fl fine
large concrete collar.
.1 ilm Johnstono, city treaauo r ol
Vancouver was iu town yesterday lor
a few hours, lie was returning from
ihe eaat, having none to Ottawa with
Mayor Douglas to complete the sale
ol the Vanoouver million dollar deben-
lure    issue.       It    speaks    well  for the
credit of tin- west that these bonds
were sold al. 1)8 Unstamped, were put
on the London market at I'll nnd all
Was subscribed lor within a Imv days.
Thay arc forty yoar bonds hearing
lour per cent iutea-sl.
The lawn social given un the
grounds ol the Roman Catholic
church last evening was highly successful. The grounds were beautifully illuminated with slringa of
electric lights interspersed with .lap-
atiese lanterns. The Independent
band furnished the music, an old
Aunt Sally game furnished plenty of
amusement, the ice cream booth and
tables did a good business, and
everybody seemed to enjoy tliemselves.
A lacrosse match that should provide n me fun and exlutement has
lieen arranged for on Thursday next
on the grounds i.f the cricket club.
■ ol tin- players say they hardly
know i '.act, -- --ink when they see it
but they are .     . it for the „•   d
of the ea im ia tbi pt iceeda are to go
to the hospital A. li. McCleneghan
will ea;,'am the upper town men and
■I   A   - • -   -  and  the teams
eavyweight players
is Sam Sol ind, .1 Guy Barber. C.
E Gillan, F. fi Wells. Hec. McKinnon and John Abrahai.
1 olumbia river  trallic
be poshed as soon as  the
recede!      ') eaterday a gang
f men were working  putting  in   tin
.«• ami  tack,-   loi   the overhead
tramway  on   which   the   maierial   for
tie taken   to  its place
i- squired,     Three hundred  feet
VOrk ior  tne  approaches   on
tide   has  been   done,   and a
iai     set lor the  inundate,ns ol
-  Ige  bas   heen   laid   In,  so   that
idition   ol   the  water  .-
work   can   be pushed
■ i- banled up  belore the
.•■    rati   in fburadey oharged
- ■ sating iwo latliea in the low  r
town        II-        '.I    n en    taken    under
irreal       i       ite  neighbor  wh
oorted   him   down  with   a   rille  and
handed bim  ..ver to  the   police     He
explained   that be  had simply  been
lering  around,   and   seeing  the
lady at, tho gate, bad walked up to say
Bvening to in-r The magistrsti
dismissed I im, lint warned him t... ict
with more discretion In future, as the
-tory he told was not altogether istia
1.1 I ii day evening, the Kev, .1. I!
Robertson pastor of Knox Church,
ni I oui his resignation which he bus
forwarded to Presbytery, Mr. Roberl
son stated thst he understood that,
thi ' waa a desire fur church union
among the   Presbyterians of   the oity
and he wished In pave the way lowiiiils
ii.    \t the same time he should regret
leaving Kevelstoke as be had foiiml
many warm friends hern. The paator
was visibly tOUOhed in making the
announcement, and it. will be learned
with regret by many arfMr, Robertson
stands high iu the esteem ol the citizens ol llovelstoke.   It. is not likely to
take ellnct, however, lor some timo yet,
$15,000 -STOCK --$15,000
We are giving up business and selling  out  our  entire  Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Boots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and  will  be continued   day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie avenue
The stntV of the MAIL-HlCltALli were
on Thursday entertained to five o'clock
tea, by their colleague Harry Anderson of the mechanic 11 department.
He brought along a pail ol strawberries, everyone a prize winner, and a
sealer of milk, all cream. The milk
was the product ol Revelstoke grass
assimilated by a Jersey cow, and the
berries came from Mr. Anderson's own
garden. Harry's guests were of the
opinion lhat iih long as Revelstoke
could produce within itself articles of
suob prime quality, it could hold its
own with any place as a self-Hustainer.
In spite of the fact that free transportation for a Revelstoke mineral
exhibit at tho Seattle lair has linen
ott'eied by the Dominion and local
governments, no samples have yet
been left with the government agenl
at, the courthouse tu bo sent on. Own
ers of claims in this district should
certainly wake lip, They will never
have a better opportunity to display
their wares at no cost to themselves,
If they believe they lune a goud thing
they should let the world know it, and
moreover if tbey have any public
spirit they should show it by their
willingness tdadvertise the resources
ot the district. There is yet time between now and the 25th to get in
samples and make up an exhibit.
lt is uow stated on what appears to
bu fairly good authority that the C.P
R, will build a Hue on the eaBt side ol
the Kraser river canyon Irom Cisco to
Agassi/.. Cisco is about six miles
below Lytton, and it is at this point
that the C P.R, crosses trom the east
side to the westsideof the Fraser. The
new line would leave the main line at
tbe entrance of the bridge and follow
the east side of the river somewhere
along the remaius of the old Carit.no
road crossing to the main line again
at Agassis. The object would be to
secure a lower grade through the canyon and save expense in haulege. The
Canadian Northern railway has already had plans approved lor the
same route, hut it is claimed that the
C.P R. is ready to go right on and
build. If it did so it would shut out
any other railway company from
building through that part.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Donaldson have
returned Irom an extended honeymoon trip to the cities ol the Pacific
CoaBt. During their absence they
visited the Seattle Exposition, and
San Francisco, Portland and many
other points of interest.
Chief of Police Bain left on Wednesday afternoon for Kamloops, taking
with him Vinoensso Romeo, committed
on a charge ol attempting to murder
Fred Orsetti, Romeo will await trial
at the Fall Assi/.es in tlie Provincial
jail. The chief returned yesterday
The Rev. 0. C. Owen, rector of
Christ ohurch, Vancouver, passed
through on No. '.Hi on Thursday afternoon on his return from a trip to
Toronto where he went to try to
secure assistance for a second Columbia mission boat. He said it. hud
i been the hottest June known hi
Ontario lor several years, while on thp
prairies the crops were fully ten days
in advance of former years and a
bumper Crop was expected. Summer
Hi-eins to have struck east of the
mountains a great, deal earlier than it
has here.
Fishing tackle, gut hooks, Hies, lines,
rods, automatic reels, etc. Bourne
Wheat, oats, braji, shorts, chop, elc.
at Bourne Bros.
Private sale of household furniture
of Mrs. D. XV. Foote, Third street.
Same may be seen between the hoars
of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. any day.    17-tf
Second-hand piano, good as new,
for sale at Howson's Furniture Store.
Buy a carpet ur linoleum at How.
son's Furniture Store, good value for
your money.
Wireless telephones for talking
without wire" (long or short distance)
are the latest ureal invention of the
age. Agents wanted to sell stock.
References required. Pot- particulars
address Impkkial Finance Co,, "B"
Department. Pender (Street, Vancouver, ti. O. July 17-1 in
Mrs R, I. Watson Mckmzie Ave.
will not receive again until fall.
J. M. Kellie left on a visit to the
coast yesterday.
Horace Maiming returned on Friday from a trip to the coast.
Miss McLennan and Miss Hyatt lelt
(or s visit to the coast last Monday.
Mr. and Mra Alex, McRae are back
alter a visit "f several days at the
Mr- Coursier will not receive on
Tuesday _Jt)th. nor again until the
Mr and Mr- .1 P. McLennan will
i imi • ■ lor a holiday trip to visit
friendi in  Vancouver
Mrii   li   \   McDonald  returned on
., two weeks'  visit to
i. Vernon.
Mi-- E    e Hoolev left laat evening
for    Vane uvei    where she will visit
Mr-   Hrnndrett
.1. A M.i..' .'.aid. M.L A , of Rossland,   pasted   through    the   city   on
i trip to tie  r ,.,.!
md   returned   n P riday
lit t     Vanoonvi r where he
attended     m sting ■( the li C  Medi-
' . bleb be la president
11 lickl n, I E, I.
: . \   Morn- lefl for the
i'oh-1 .', M odsy alien,..on    The two
ii ..; - will visit frienda in Victoria     and    Mn     Morn-    will   go  to
I        .....
hr    H     i      IuiihUII,   of   ^aneoilver,
waa an east bound passenger on  No, 06
)<■•->_. liy morning.       He had received
new* il tbi   death ol bis  mother in
and vas hurrying easl w ird
to ittend the Itinjral
Fire Harm System
v|. Li ii. engaged
ary and teaching work
Alberts was   ine   gnest
here lor a few di\l   this
Vlnl.-an     li.nl     'ecu     on
In    no .-ion
iii northern
if her uncle
silk, Mims
a visit In the
Ittlr   unl    stopped  nil   on her
Charles .1     Wilson,    editor   of    the
Medicine Hat Times, waa in  the city
yesterday and nave us »  call Mr.
Wilson, who is   accompanied   by his
wile, ia taking  a   holiday   trip lie
came up through Kootenay and tin)
Arrow lakes country, and lelt Ior home
on No. 2 this in irning
Now that the new Gamewcll lire
alarm system has beeu installed, the
lollowing instructions as to the location ot fire alarm boxes, their number
and system ul signalling may prove of
District  indications  for Fire
Alarm   Boxes
Box No. It.—Corner Firet Street
and McKenzie Avehue, C. B. Hume
.t Co
Box No. If)—Cor. First Street and
li ikeby Avenue, ( Post otlice).
Box No. 16.— Corner Second street
ami Government Road (opera house)
Box No. 17.—Corner Third J street
and Campbell avenue, ((Ilobe Lumber
Box   No.   18.—C. P. R. station.
Box No. 2-1.—Corner Fifth street
and McKenzie ave. (Catholic church).
Hox No. 25.—Corner Sixth street
anil Orton avenue,'VV. A. Foote),
Hux No 21,—Comer Fourth street
and MoArthur avenue.
Box No. 27—C'r Kir Fourth street
and Townley street (over south track)
Bnx No. 2H.—Corner Second street
nml (tubulin avenue 'Mrs. Baker).
Unx   No.  ill.—Fire  Hall No, 2
lim  No. 86.—Hospital,
Box   No. 36.—School.
signal lor practise not less limn six
(6) slow "trokes.
i Ine 'I) stroke Indloatea lino broken
or lire out
Signals arc given lluis. SI strokes—
interval i'i isoondl I strokes; equals
llnx 21 No. nl box will also be shown
on Indicator at Fire Hall.
innitqht He was longboat
A nineteen yeir old boy named Calloway was  taken   Irom Edmonton to
thn Brandon asylum laat week Ilu
was laboring under a delusion that lie
was another Longboat and ran all the
way Irom Fdiiiontun to Fort Haakat
. I,, -..in and back a distance ol I"
nub's in lour hours. Ile is now para
lyaed in Isith legs though those who
saw him run say that he did not
appear at all dietreaaed, and waa not
even breathing heavily. Since tbat.
however, he has lust weight steadily
and ia now little more than a skeleton.
Special Sale
You will find the store full of them, but there arc
a few lines it will pay you to give particular  attention   to.
Black China Silk—36 inches wide, only 50c. a yard
White Lawn—45 inch, a particularly good quality,
two prices—20c. and a^c.
Ladies' and Misses Wash Dresses at half price.
Ladies' Straw Sailors,   regular  75c.   now  45c.
Children's Muslin Bonnets and I lats at one-third
off regular priee.
Prints, Ginghams and Muslins a large variety—
regular  iij^c. to 20c, now only' 10c.
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
VVllWffffffffVfWffffVWfVHfffffff W
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
Royal Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Feed and Chicken Specialties, Beans, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Foods, Mayer's Celebrated English Horse and Cattle Poods and Medicines.
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Employed Boys aod School Boys-University
Taam Beaten at Kamloops
The Employed doys and the school
hoys played two games ou the Y. m. C.
A. grownB tbiB week. On Wednesday
night tbey had a baseball match, and
on Thursday night played lacrosse.
In the baseball game the empyoyed
boys had it all theij own way, score
standing 11 to 4 in their lavor.
In the lacrosse match thu employed
boys alao won but by the narrow
margin ol 10. The schoolboys certainly showed I'm? play, and spectators declared it was as good a game ol
lacrosse as they had seen this season.
The employed boys were rather too
heavy for their opponents, but the
achool lads playetl swiftly anil with
good combination, but never succeeded in landing it iu the net. Some of
the smallest boys, such as Arnold Mc
Carter, darted around in chained
lightning style, and iheir play won
general admiration. The match was
ut. least so even that the schoolboys
might turn the loiluncs ol war in
another trial.
Laat nights game ot baseball between two scratch teams id the Hovers
and Intermediates resulted in a victory for Intermediates by 11 runs to
!l.    Homo ol the   hest   men   ol   both
tcauiB were absent.
The University ol North Dakota
lm -.lm 11 team who deieated the local
hoyB on Tuesday uigl I, on the lollowing day were defeated by Kamloops hy
a looreol 6-4, The game was said tn
have lieen one of tbe best ever seen in
Kamloops, and the hoys there naturally feel proud ol tlieir victory, as in
22 games lhe university leani has
playid in coming weal Irom Winnipeg Ihey have only lost live.
Made a New Record
Un Friday last the lead lurnaee al
the smeller of the Consolidated company, at Trail, smelted 250 tons ol load
on: ami produced lilt) Ions ol bullion in
'li hours. Tliisiallie banner amount
ol ore and bull on lor a single furnace
iu Canada in one day, and also heats
all previous records at tin: Trail smeller
The ores put through were those
that came from the several mines that
ship to Trail. There was no attempt
made to assemble ores for the run that
would reduce easily, nor waa there a
• pedal effort made ti beat record Ior
il was done iii the usual course of operations of the lead furnace.
Gun Club Shoot
The lollowing scores were made at
the regular weekly shoot oh Wednesday laat :—
mn ton snooi (25 birds)
iMc'iuiell    20, handicap 3 .. it
Sturdy        21,       "        2      10
Barber 17,       " I       16
Miilliollaiiil Hi,       "        1 15
Taylor    \'\'\      (j
Brown     14
Cooke     14
N0I11.K TROPHY (IKI birda)
MeDonell scratch  40
Sturdy "         42
Barber "         34
Hulhollaud geta handicap 12 ... . 44
Taylor  32
Blakoly gets handicap 16  28
Brown " 18  4(1
Cooke " (1  34
Sturdy wius button in CIsbs A.
Miilholland wins button iu Class B.
Brown wins Noble Trophy. Mr. Taylor showed good form and was in a
keen contest with Mesara. Brown,
Barber and Miilholland and (or the
birds and shells.
Ingenious Enderby Incendiary
Frank Belmont, wbo was arrested
with A. .1. Dake, charged witb arson
and Iraud, in connection witb the
burning ol Hake's jewelry store at
Enderby on July 2, bas made a written confession.
" Belmont says that he and Dake
rigged up an alarm clock in such a
way that, it would turn an emery
wheel. The conspirators were very
anxini s to secure insurance. They
placed matches against the wheel aud
nie'erneiiih these scattered shavings
saturated with oil. The alarm clock
was set lor 1:30 on the morning ol
.Inly 2. It went oil' ou schedule time.
Belmont and Dake went to the nearby
town ol Armstrong, and listened to
the lire alarm whistles eight miles
away. Then they returned to the
scene ol the blaze where Belmont was
arreB'cd raking the burnt jewelry out
td the ruina. The stock waa insured
at $2,500.
For Sale
Lady's Bicycle, almost as good an
iciv, Including bicycle skirt if wunted,
This is a great chance, Light running!
save   lime   and   iiinney:   none better!
(ilillilloo make: apply lo
Mrs; ,1. It, Itiilli.vsoN,
Second yin-el,


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