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 The Mail-I
Vol. 13,-No 41
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
I5he Seal of
Examine thu accompanying
cut closely and tl.o SLATER
shod trade mark, lie sure
mul look lor it on llio next
pair ol Shoos you buy. You
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ will Hnd it moans something
yuu nre cerlain to have a thoroughly good shoe if you have ti
Slater. Kor foot comfort, ease and Shoe economy wear always
They come in Cull, Goodyear welt, now shapes. This is a
shoe llrnt lakes a superior polish—n middling heavy manly boot
nt per pair $4 50
A superior Vici Kid Illiicher, rational shape. This is a very
dressy anil toft, light Slimmer Shoe, u thoroughly good shoe lor
Dress wear Goodyear welt—at per pair $5 50
Corona Colt, thc funniest quality of patent leather produced
—no fear of cracking or chipping, thfl aome of shoe perfection lor
n beautilul fine dress shoe buy Ibis $6 50
Four of
choose from.
the best brands of Fancy Biscuits you could
& Palmer's
McCormick's Biscuits.
Foley,   Lock  & Larson's Biscuits.
All  these biscuits havej!
arrived this week and arefj,
fresh from the Factories.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
't .V. .Tt ■♦. tTi ttt ■♦> «t. .T„ .T. »T. .Ti it. iT,. tt. tf> i't1,. /t. .*fr. ."t. t*K .*K A\ j^t t-frt  .
? 'It* "l" "X* "il" "X "X' 'X1 w "X1 'X1 Tl~*XB VV '«L' w 'X1 W "X* w IP \L' "X" "X" w *
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc.   Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools.   Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
t Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great voriely.
*.*        Paints and Oils, Knlsomine, etc.
Plumbing. Tinsuiitliing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done,
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
Convenient Olliees for Rent Upstairs,
Dealen in Hardwire, Stoves and Tinware, Miner*', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill supplies, etc., Plumbing snd Timmithing.
Eight-year-old Child the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ.
Santa Monica, Cnl., May 28 —
Claiming that his eight-year-old
daughter is the reincarnation of Jesus
Christ, "Prophet" Albert 0. Stephens
has staked out New Jerusalem in the
form ol a cross. The (acts that he
hae included land which belongs to
scores ol Santa Monica's best citizens,
and that one arm of tl.e cross is in the
ocean, do not worry him a bit. Ho
promise! a now ascension by his
daughter, and ho layt he alio will
ascend. He declares he is getting so
light that even now ho sleeps hall in
liis b-.d and hall in the air. His robes
nre ail ready and so is tho ascension
robe lor littlo Virginia.
A great temple, he declares, is to be
tho gem of tlio Now Jerusalem. The
prophet bat already started it—ho hat
act up a large wooden cross on tbe
high n.cs.. near tl.o Santa Monica
canyon, which iscred spot, he asserts,
was shown him in a vision iu Idaho.
He alto plain a child.en's temple.
Alter planting the cross and making
a hole in the ground as the start of
the children's temple, he buried bis
pickaxe, juet as a sign that his personal digging labors are over. His
followers are to do the rest of the
manual labor.
Ottawa, May 28.—Arrangements
are being mado lor the establishment
of tho free postal delivery system in a
number of Canadian cities whicli have
never enjoyed that gteat postal convenience, Hon. R. Lemieux intimated
some time ago that free delivery would
be given in all cities of 12,000 population where the annual postal revenue
is $12,000 or more. It is understood
tint the revenue rule will not be too
rigidly adhered to in granting delivery
as tho revenue of most of tiie nlllces is
growing very last.
Tho list of cities in whicli the free
delivery system will be estahlised has
nut boon made up yet, but a beginning
is to bu made in Windsor, Stratlord,
Shorbrooko, lliielpb, Churl'ittctown,
Edmonton aud Calgary,
Severe Snowstorm Artistic
Thieves Missing Gems -
Sea Tragedy — Riot and
Sai'I.t St, Mai.ii:, Mich., Mny 28 —
All ports on the I'pper Peninsula nnd
Northern Ontario, report a heavy fall
of snow, there being .i depth ol eight
inches this ..fl.-ni.mn. It is imp.isdhle
to fen any distance.
London, May 28.—Almost under the
notes ol tho police wlm were guarding
tho Royal Academy pictures now on
exhibition iu Burlington House, one
ol the private galleries in Bond street
was sw. pt clean of ils pictures during
the nighl. The iliieves |>ot uway with
55 canvasses without leaving a clue to
their identity,
Ai.i.kntown, Pa., May 28.—Demi
valued at ubuut $'20,0011, nnd accident
insuiance policies aggregating $50,000,
nre missing from the ell'ccis ..I Louis
M, Ellenghogin, of this ciiy, u member
of Rajah Temple, ar.d bis wife, who
were killed in the wrrck ol Ibe Mystic
Sbriners' train at Honda, California.
Victoria, May 28. — Steamship
Empress ol India which arrived yesterday morning from tbe Orient re
purled passing u ship's boat upturned
and considerable wreckage, spars, etc.
from a sailing vessel on Saluieay,
ahout 300 miles off the Vancouver
Island const.
Swato. Province ul Kwai Tung,
China, Mny 29.—A rebellion has
broken out at Wong Kung, Uping
district, Chin Cbti prefecture. All
civil and military ollieials at Wong
Kong have been aesussinnt'.d und
their yamens burned.
New York, May 211 — A ^despatch
Irom London savs: "Walter Well-
man bit here yesterday for Norway
in connection with the project to
reach the N. rth Pule in thc airship
America. All the men.hers cl tbe
party will assemble nt Spitsbergen on
June 5th or 6th, snd the start lor
the pole will probably be mnde between July 20th and August 10th.
Will not join B. C. Fruit Growers' Exchange.
Su.mmkki.anu, B. C, May 28—A
speoial meeting ol lhe Sumnierlnm!
Fruitgrower!1 Association was held on
Saturday afternoon to deal with the
memorandum ol association and bylaws lur Iho proposed Fruitgrowers'
Exohange ul British Columbia, and lo
consider llie advisability ol sending
del.-gat." lo attend the meeting called
nt Revelstoke.
Tbe question ol joining the projected organization was discussed in ull
its bearings, lt was stated that the
idea ol Messrs. Johnstone and Brand
rith seemed to be to do business with
retail fruit dealers, and it was pointed
out that Suninierland's experience in
this direction bud made it evident
that it was impracticable. Although
two good men had been on tiie road
to represent Ihe Iruit interests of the
lake town it hud been found impossible tu compete witii wholesale fruit
men witii travellers out all the time
and loss had resulted.
Chicago, May 28.—A dispatch Irom
Washington says:
"Amazing revelations of a conspiracy to defraud tlie In iti .1 States out
of millions of dollars' worth of mineral
and timber lands will be laid before
tbe lira.ul Juries nf half a dozen states
within a few days.
"The frauds, it is alleged, will in
volve in criminal charges the mimes
of men high in business and political
circles. They include: One United
States Senator, one former United
Stales Senator, a man reputed to be
one of the wealthiest men in tl.e
world; a railroadman, known Irom the
Atlantic to the Pacific; two ol the
wealthiest lumber barons in the
United States; numerout tmaller fry,
including railroad ollieials, coal operators and men at the head ol companies.
Rush of Capitalists to Acquire
Available Limits Shows
Continual Increase.
Tlie rush of local and utltslde capitalists li.r British Culumbia limber
licenses continues, From the early
in..lliing until tbe Inst thing in the
alternoon lho ollieials ol the lands and
works department arc kept busy receiving applications uml issuing Information to those wishing to assist in
the development of the nituriil resources ..I ibe province l.y Investing
in timber and oilier In filings.
it was tb ut b,t sunn.* months ngo
that (lie iullux ol those desiring to engage in these industries Iuul reached
iis height. Reoe.itdevelopments, however, prove that this wns not the case.
Tbe record ul the past few days appears to excel that of any previous
period. Ii is reported thut the uvernge number ol applications for timber
licenses alone per dny is in tlie
neighborhutd uf ninety. On several
occasions the number bus gone up to
When it is reiiiombaied that each of
these covers six  hundred  and   forty
acres, and that each represent .... income of abuut one hundred and forty
dollars, what the remarkable billow ol
inve-tors  means  to the country muy
lie better realized.    In  the lirst place
it indicates that the value ol the tin.
ber resources of  the provin e iB being
generally recognized, and that duriiv
the next lew years there promisee to
be a startling development of the tin
ber industry  throughout this part of
tlie WeBt.   As the deposits received iti
each ci.bc are, of course, a part of tl.e
provincial'revenue, the result  should
be that the income from   this  source
will be materially  increased.    This,
without a doubt, will have an important influence uu the financial condition of the province.    II the present
conditions continue fur the rem lining
months..[ thc fiscal yenr, the revenue
from the lands and works department
will easily exceed  the  record  established by the last annual state...ent.
So heavy has been the recent inflow
ol business that the department, it is
asserted, is blocked.
Wild Beast Gets Loose in
Circus Crowd and Causes
Panic, but is Finally Killed
by Man with Revolver.
Salt Laku Citv, May 28—A speciul
I from Twin I'VIs, Idaho, says that a
tiger esoaped from the menagerie ol a
circus there Saturday, killed.. little
girl und a Shetland pony, ami was
finally dispatched by u brave spectn-
Inr armed with a 'il c.lidre revolver.
l'ho tiger broke down the door ol his
cnge by healing il will, his paws He
lirst sprang upon a pony. A keeper
drove him oil' with an iron bar. The
la-list al tucked u s. end und a third
puny, nud when driven nway hy tlie
keeper, leaped into the crowd.
In Our New Store In the Burns' Block.
JUST ARBIVED—New Stocks in Every Department
A   fl
h stock of  high class good-   quality
A line assortment of Enamel
Tin and Woodenware, Heavy
ll;...lw.i.e.   .Mining Supplies,
I  ,.M   , M,.  I   .. 'C....I.
..ml Granite,
md Builders'
Hos.-,   Lawn
Is.   Screen Doors
stoves. Ranges,
Revolvers   and
^^^^^^^^^^^^iMuive.-s and nil (in rd, -n I
and Windows.   McClary'i
etc,   Rifles,   Shot   (inn-.
One of iho best assortments
Ten, Dlnnoi- and TollotSets
line..f lb.tel Supplies. A
Hid. Cui (Muss.
We curry a line stock nf these goods.
ask for what   yoll  ivani.   WE IIAVE
TubKI'lluNK   37.
ii tho Province
Wo .-any a fid
l.n.- seioctlon of
Activity in House Property and
Land in Revelstoke.
We have the best garden Lose ever
brought to Revelstoke. Five-ply, best
rubber, absolutely guaranteed. We
have lound the 8 ply hole not heavy
enough lor the water protsuro In
Revelstoke so Imve filled in our stock
complete with 5-ply. ll it breaki
bring it back nnd we will give you a
new length of hose free of charge-
Lawrence HardwareCo., Ltd.
Instead of diminishing ns tlie days
go by, the demand for houses to rf nt
in Revelstoke is still advancing, few
houses being available and ou the
other band a lo- g list ol applications
for houses frum people who would like
to come or have come here tu live.
Many residents in town have sold
iheir bouses tu new comers in the expectation uf being able tu buy again
or build. Tenants and buyers cuuld
be lound for every bullae that is put
up and tlie scarcity ol houses to rent
furces people to buy, both house property and real estate. Real astute
agents remark on the possibilities for
safe an.l profitable investments for
any one whu wuuld go into house
building on an extensive Beale, either
for sale or rent. The only alternative
to tl.e erection of a large number of individual residences was the
introduction ot tl.e apartment house
into Revelstoke, an innovation that we
would be Borry to see in a city like
Rovelstoko where good residential
property could lie obtained bo cheaply,
Not only is the scarcity ol hoiiBC property very great, but the tourist and
visit...- accommodation is by Iar too
limited and could very well lie increased lo .idvuiili.gc.ms profit,
A busy M-uso:, is anticipated and
Rcvelstuke property will take a considerable leap ..1..-nil in value. Something will have lo he .lone to take full
advantage uf thc prosperous timet
Following thc creation uf a now district on tlie western division of the C.
P. R., Mr. J. S. Lawrence, superintendent ol tl.e Kootenay dittrict on the
Pacific division, is tu be transferred
to Medicine Hat and Mr. D. C. Coleman ol Winnipeg will assume tbe
| position at Nelson vacated by Mr,
Lawrence. Mr. ('..leinnn is at present
olliee assistant to Assistant lie..oral
Manager (i, J. Bury ol Winnipeg, and
it is reported that Mr. Allan Purvis,
chief clerk tu Mr. F. F, Butteed,
general tuperintendc.it in Vancouver,
may tucceed Mr. Coleman. Tho new
district created on the western division
will extend cost from Medicine Hat to
Swift Current on tho main lino and
weit to Lcthl.ridge uu the Crow's Nest
Patt route. Tbe-e change! have bcon
brought about nt a result ol Mr.
Bury's recent tour ol western lines.
The new summer schedule of ll.e
C, P. It. train and steam.-™ service in
tl.e Kootenay hat gone intu effect.
Lieut.-Governor Dunsmuir and
Party have Narrow Escape
Victoria, May 28—The iteam yacht
Thistle, of Victoria, the properly of
Lieutenant-Governor James Dunsmuir, wns burned to the water's edge
last Friday near Pino Island, at the
southern end of tjiren Charlotte
Sound, und Ili, Honor, a parly of
Iriends and the crew ol tlie yacht had
a thrilling experience in putting off
from the Homing blaze, as they bad to
do so while thc craft was under full
speed. Fortunately no lives werc lost,
and llis Honor and party und the
crew of tbe yacht .cached Vancouver
yesterday morning on the Btea.ncr
Queen Cily.
Tlie Thistle, formerly a tug, but
converted into .. yacht at a cost of
$40,01X1 some years ngo, burned till
the wnter gradually l-.pned inlo ilie
charred remains ul h.-r hull, nnd with
a lew ponderous lurches, whnt was lelt
of her sank to the bottom of the
Bound. The value of theci'alt wns
yesterday pluced nt $50,000 by His
Honor. Thc lrss was protected by
sume insurance.
The actual cause ol the (ire is unknown, but one theory advanced is
that spoolat.c ns <■ .mbustioii uf coal
dust occurred iu lhe bunkers, and
from them the flames shot right inlo
the boiler and engine-room driving
tlie watch jut belore steam could l.e
shut uff.
Three Lots on Fifth Street, the
only good site now on the
Market north of Sixlli  Street.
PRIOE $850
Offices i— Molsons Bank Building,
Ottawa, May 211.—A. P. Low, director and deputy bed ol the geological
survey, has been appointed deputy
minister of tho depart moot uf minei.
Dr. Hannel, Superintendent of mines,
appointed director ol mines branch,
and Ji-hii Marsbuil, accountant uf Iho
g...ilogicul survey, list been appointed
accountant of the new dcpurtinc.it.
Tbe position of director of geological
survey brunch will not be filled it.
present, Mr, Low combining such willi
the duties of deputy minister und acting director. Dr. Saunders bus lelt
(or the w.Bt. He will visit tlie experimental fa.ms iu Manitoba and the
new provinces, and will arrive in Vancouver about June 2.1. A number of
sites for experimental farms ou Vancouver Island will be inspected, a
selection being mnde after tlie report
is considered. About one hundred
ncres will be purchased.
Ono nf the most important men in
tlie lumber world is Mr, J. P. Sinn.is,
of Minneapolis, wl... bus been visiting
in the province for the past montli.
Mr. Si...ms bat retired frum active
business two or three times, but is
never c.intcnled unless he is engaged
at bonie activity. At present he bus
a large number ol men cruising for
timber through British Columbia, and
lion thoy report upon having discovered something good, Mr. Siiiiins is
ready to purchase it no matter how
largo ia the amount of money required, but lirst lie always looks over
the gr und porronall}' and confirms
the opinions of hit well-paid men.
List of plays to date:
Sissons (owe -10) won frnm W. II.
Robertsun, (scratched). (1-1,(1-2,
Taylor won Irom Rev. Robertson,
04, (i-3.
Coburn (owo JI10) won (rom Hustings (scratch), ll 6, li-1, 8 (1.
Brookor (scratch) won from McKcc
(owo JI6), 11-11, 6 3,0-0.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St Op.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Rrtnohes in lbs Provinces ol Matiii-.tia, Albert!, Sukalehiwao,
Hrili*!. t'olumliia, Ontario, QnlMQ. 1
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
ll. R. Wll.KIK, Pre
Identl II"N. II. Jakkiiay
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts iold available In all paris of Canada, United Slates and
Europe,   Spocial attention given to Collections.
Savings Department
Deposits lecelved and Interest allowed at current rate frum dale
of opening account, and compounded four tunes ,-. year.
Revelstoke Branch, B. ft—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
London, May 28.—Premier McBride     The regular open air band concert
ol   Ilritieh  Columbia, who  bat laien I by the Independent  Band will be ren-
spending a short holiday in Palis, bat dered this week on Friday night from
returned to London,   'lie expects tc the bund stand opposite the City Hall.
, ,l .   ., i ,„„, i ro lowing is the programme.—
remain   here   another   week at least I • ■    s „„„.,,
iie has had several interviews witi.i;V'i,Tth„-„if,r„.vv.:.... ::::::::;:.^%;\ffi
Churchill, and the 1 galictloo      .Fro-nOpm Kalka	
'Willi, wl..-.. uiiftblltood wfi*;it. Flower..Jiiatln
l,ord Elgin, Mr. ^^^^^^
permanent secretary ol the Colonial
Office, Sir Francis Hopgood, He fully
explained Britisli Columbia's claim to
exceptional treatment, respecting the
federal subsidy.
Sir Wilfrid  Laurier also submitted
l.ri.|iii.laml fRlpl.--
i Busier. Dramas!
I rial. Linen writing I ablets, all sizes i thc federal cute, and the irmtter is nonet Bows'Drug Store, [under detailed ollicial examination,    'etc.   First class work guaranteed,
Don't lorgct that tlio Lawrence
HardwareCo., kid., are prepared to
handle all kinds of electric work,
'muse wiring, installing chandeliers, v.i.c   iiuaii-iiAUUO. BubBrri ti0l„ ,„ ..,,„„„„
V  BU8HKD WEDNESDAY ANI) SATU11    . , ,   .   .
In -lu ling po-tage to England, Unilod States
...: Canada.
Br tii year [through postoOlcc]  13.110
Quarter '
.( im   IU1.T1NQ promptlyexeoutod ftt rwwon-
ihle :.-.■-.
I KKMS a ,.-!..   Subscription! ....yabl.- in n't
.    vance.
. .HItESPONDENCE Invited on in.iti.-i* ol
public Interest- Conwiiuiioatloiui K. Kill
tor n.u--. U- aocompanlod bl iiftinc "I
writer, not noooaarll) (.. publication, bill
,-,-...b!f,,- iilk-uuil faith. Corrospondi mi
ihould la." brief.
Legal    ll   -1   ■..:- .■ - -' Inswl	
M- ;■:... .      -   —     mi  in..........
M-.,- .:■'..,■-'...
Inch).   .-■■ m    ...      '. ■   in. - .in
:    .;■■■-*.■    . ,-r " III.
I .-■     |..f     Mill.     ...I-
.'. I .-.,.   . Slnrri..       •   .   Uwillis.
i !...' I' . - - ' '■■
I. ...     Ml .i.f.v.-rli-.iiii.-iii-
,   fii   ii ...ngcmi nt,
•V'nl.l. wl l   ■'  — -i.i.-ii'-:
-, .   . . ii..;  i. m 'i :. Bltiialion.
- .    V .. .mi,    Ti ii l,i .-
,    , Wni.li     I   word. ...
m 1  I"  cunts.
i . . .    in maii.11 H ..->.:.-- mi lit* if.-f-i
.  ■  ,   :i,   i , -ii, .inii l-'i-i.lf.j ..t
,.     .....  .. -.   in good .li*|itny.
Ml KI'
IV ,v 1*IMI Hi
, Solicitors,
i-.i i
ti T I A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
I......    their
ptiom I.. Cun iiIiiiii publications and announce their inle .1 nn lo
I enci lortb rend only American pnpen
so lm g ns lluy livo in I'liii'di, are
ji.Bt ns Inul a* tl c in.f.-l. too reviled
Sngliubnian, perhaps moro so. Tlie
fa .It .Iocs not lie nltogethor with lhc
immigrant who owning new lo a
i-.u.nliy duoi not iilwnys hnve tlie be t
...h- of it. turned to hini and in tlio
..a-., of the Englishman who, lor some
. .Rsli nola has Incurred the dislike ol
ihe Canadian people, ei.ryll.ing unpleasant porhaps may be put in liis
way.   Till re nre faults on both sides,
b .1 tl Id  motto ol  "while in Home
■lu as the Rom inido " must l»- lollow-
.-.I ...it. Those who cross over and
take up their living ill Western Can
ida, if Ihey wish 10 succeed and become popular will, llieir fellows, must
make up thoir minds to practice
adaptability .....I not co...plain iibuul
ib.- .hi...os ol  life  in  Ihe land
which supplies lh.-in wilh bread .....I
butter. I. cannot bo denied tl.u I living io Cn-.f.flf. is I itally dill'on nl In
living io England, and ii taker tlie
ivciage Eiigllihmuii a long limo lo
iccu.toin l.iinsclt ... tl..- oxponsivi
living which is the cbiel dn.whack
onl u detrimental ono lor the country's progress.
a<H)<><H>O<KK>0<K>0<>O<K;<)CKD-(><K)-Ci-O Afl ft u r w  © ft y r n THE MONEY SAVING
rt-        -   -  X3«UNt¥ ^HVtEJ ,V0RK.SAV1NG S0AP
Look Well! Feel Wel
Ho vim enjoy tlmt well diessod feeling? We nil know- whal
It feels lii.e In ho hnl, lo hi. culd, ur tn be lired, nnd It Is
jusl as U'uo that wo all know whal it fools like tu be well
dressed, It fools good, nnd It's good in feel good, Vou cun
never he well dress.-.1 if you. clot hos .no nol made by the
right, maker.
(lei toknow wo handle the SKMI-RKAUY OAHMBNTS
.....1 v.... will Un.l what .-. pleasure and tatisfttcliou it is tu be
well dressed,
Suits and Overcoats  $15, $18, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, thc best made, C20, & $25
A Right Overcoats, up-to-date Prices: $18 and $20
X        Special Trousers $5 and $6.
Q Tailoring It our business.   We make n mini look woll
Y        und he know.* it.
? ..Cressman  and Morrison..
as, Mi i:.-:
.11.[.AN &
1", irri
m   * ;    Mm
itIM .1.-1...
K. Iill UN.
1. C
OrncKi:  Im "kkial Hank Block, Hkvbl-
' stoke, B. C,
Money to loan.
Offices: RevilsU&o, B.C.
BEO.S, M.-.'a.it.:k,
\. M. l'lNKUAM.
Revelatoke, B. (.*.
Cranbrook, n. ('.
J. A, Harvbv,
Criuiru.. k, 11. ('.
J.M.Scott I.L.I. IV. LBrlKKs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
Solicitors kor Molsons Bank
First sireet. Revelstoke, B.C.
.\>>ay- ol ill Ores,  Samples by mull or express
receive prompt a.teulion.
T. fff.s Moderate.
.'mm b.-x ISB KASLO, 11. 0.
Provincial I.uo.l Surveyor,
^Mine Suivcyii.g
McKenzie Avenue,
Box loo, Revelstoke,
i.Me.uhei   American   Inslitutu   of
Mining Engineers).
Member Cam..liun Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B, C.
Mine  Management,   Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Bluo
Clint* of [.and. Timher Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investor*.
i | -,: .haters.
the fflatWbetalb
" 1 won. . . . t..ir.f..-*r.y i. vi-*.- them for
their good to order thi- paper io bt; punctually
-rv-;;;. ind to be looked upon a* a partol
the tea equipage."—Addison.
As il is quite probable Unit the
moKpiito pest will be exceptionally
severo this summer, tlie attention of
the cily council sliould be directed to
ll.e question ol adopting ways and
means of eliminating this decidedly
11.ipleasant un.l nt the same lime
harmful nuisance in our oity,
MoMpiilos huvo been successfully
exte.min-led in many places, nnd an
example can be taken l.y lhe effective
measures adopted lust year in Sicamous, and to get nearer home, nt the
steamboat lauding up tlie Columbia
canyon, lu these cuses coal oil was
used, not in particularly large qua..titles, but sprayed judiciously in all
pools, marshes, swamps, and wherever
stagnant water was standing. A city
like Rcvelstuke has no business, to
have bwiunps or stagnant wuler standing or even open streams, for tlint
matter, within ils limits, and when
practicable these should be tilled or
closed ill, At all events whatever
sttps the council lakoa ill tliis matter
they sliould certainly adopt measures
lor the extermination uf the mosquito!
this summer, either by paying men to
spray coal oil on all insect breeding
places or else call u public holiday and
make tbe undertaking one of citizenship obligation,
lii|...r|«irn.o.l by Asl cl I'fifl'f. unlit, 185S,
W»l. MiiI.son MaiI'IIKUsun, Pies, S. II, KwiN.i, Vice-l'.-es.
.1 ami's El,i.i.it, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches in  Cunndu un.l  Agencies in nil purls ol'lhe
Interest credited four limes.-,
liank deposit", until liuther liotle.
ul curr..i..t rule-. .... Hiivinj*
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvelstoke, B. C.
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Mi'i-isKii-st ,1,1.1 Third IVoilncadny In tl.o month
... Selkirk Ilnll, upstalra, ul 6 p.m. Subject Inr
illacusilm. -I.i.l.... Part) platform va. Howl..-
tlonnry Soclallal Party I'fntlorm." All lnU.rcato.1
a..- welcomu
Houses, Husiness Blocks
Husiness & Residential Lots
Suburban Lands
in Acreage Lots
Fine Farm and Fruit Lands
in    Kevelstoke,    Arrowhead
Galena Bay, Okanagan Lakes
Okanagan Valley and Salmon
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygccds and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT to,-....- railway sli.tioi.
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and liritish Columbia,
Wrl o for our Latest Price List, it is
mailed liee on request.
Wo only li.-oiille I lie "bt-s. goods money
cun buy, only goods of bosl mills, iiiiiiiii-
fi.oU.rcrs anil packers shipped.
Wo mako Prompt Shipments.
Wo absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Coode r.iuir.intceil or Mono; lie-
li is.-. duly io Vo.., io Vour I'a.nily ......1
to your I'.ii-k.'t Hook lo hivesllg-ilu our
We do not belong lo llie Jobbers' or
Ketuilcrs' Guild or Association or any
I rnsl.
Rffforoncos: Any Hunk, Railway or
Express Company in llio Cily, or tbo
nniiios of Iwouly Ihausniid saiisficd customers in the lout- provinces,
Write lor Our Price List To-day.
WEDNESDAY, MAV 29, l'.iu"
A harmful and entirely wrong impression of Canada and Canadian life
ha- been conveyed by unscrupulous ur
ignorant  parties  who seen to take ..
delight in running down tho country
lo which they have come to live and
c ;. ; ..::.:. .• a'f    .! li..- e. i,.!;.;. .,* .....I
fact as a country  ol  barbarians, and
uneducated people,    It is pleasing to
note however that a lew at Imi,*'. take
the correct  view and tell intending
set'ten  in Canada   that they should
avoid the mistake ol continually talking, after reaching Canada, ol England  si d   English  way*, instead ol
trying the t itmost t - become used t
thingi Cana li .n snd au b rstand C in
sdiin lib ... I ■•■ bow -if[- rioi lor the
ordn ar) « rke. and tab .rer ii rea )
is.   'li,-  Englishman who crossei tbe
Atlantic or Pacific, had better make
up bis inin.I to settle down and adopt
bit -. il to ti'..- --. edition, to which he
has decided to go and n - matter it
they do  not  tuit hi. own tas'.es, be
should put up will, all the disadvat
tages he may lind and subjecl hilmell
to  tif.-  rub *  ol  the community i.
which he has come to dwell,    It eai ■
nol be i-xptcted that   a new country
can  come  up to an old one in evorj
degree, the intending settler  musl
adopt   a   give   and    take    ..ttii.nle
amongst  his  fellows, il  he wishes to
make a  success . I  his life In a new
land.    There is much truth in this,
as well  as wisdom and advice.   Fai
too much ol that patriotism that looks
back to the old home and despises tin
new home has there been in the Can
adiun  Weet aud  it  will be a great
blessing  lor the average immigranl
when   be  learns a bit of the art..:
judicious  lorgetiing.    Tlie English
man is by nu iiu-am- the only offender
in ibis respect.   Our cousins from tin
other side of  tl.e boundary, some o
C. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp. No. 220.
Meets Sown,; .md fourth Wcdiieadaya In
each .......tti. in Selkirk Ilnll.  Visiting Wood
ini-.. cordially in-in-il t" attend,
w. D. AltMSTItONQ.Con.com.
II. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
Tho regular mootiugs nre hold in thfl >■ ■-
Hul! evory Tuesday eveninti ;ii 80'cloc*.  Vi.-it-:
lug brethren are cordially invited.
w ]■;. McLAUl mi.in.sd iiKTMt-..
Koot. nav LoriEO No, 15 A F. & A M.
-Tin.1 regular  meet
Inge are held in (hi j
Mafooio    Temple,
jdd Follows Half.01
th< third Mondaj li
iflch month  at   *
p.m. Visitlogbretl
'■111   cordially   wel '
1 :
House Cleaning Time
brings to the eye of tl.e careful
housekeeper the blemishes of the
carpels under her supervision. When
necessary to make renewals in carpets,
rugs, mattings and oilcloths, visit
HOWSON'S and see their well so-
lected stock before buying, You'll
liiul il a time and money saver, Our
Spring display heats anything wo
1ver offered.
Howson & Company
Northwestern  Supply   House
|.',V. nnd ..(.. Slat.ley Slrool
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under lhe new munageuienl 'of
HAItltV   MolNTOSH,     ..'fulfill   House
ri-lllE MEDICAL WATERS of Hal-
L cyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, nut.ual remedy fo.
.ill Ne.vims ami Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney nnd Stomach ailment*
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That. Tired Feeling." Speciul
rules on ull boats and trams. Two
mails atrlve und dt ait every dav.
Telegra 1. coniinun at.ion wilh ah
uinrls of the world.
Tkumh- $12 to $18 per week. Fm
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Sprintfj
Arrato Lake, B. C
Thiii's R..\al Crown kind—
mnde in Vancouver—Largest
Soup Factory west ol Winnipeg, House cleaning and
wnshlngaroeasy with itahelp.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells whnt wc give for
Roval Crown Wrappers, Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Mniiufni'tiiri'il (or all olnsBOBlof buildings
All kinds of building nml ]ilastoriiig
Furniture, PianoB, or Merohan-
dise,sloretl in dry-well-built ware
bouse in convenient locution.
E.  A.   HAQQEN,
Ileal Kst.itcnii.l Insurance Agent
Revelsloke, li. C,
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Oash Prices Paio
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Full line of (Irooerict and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Ktc.
Fresh stock a'ways arriving at
loweBt prices.
FIRST S1REET, • C|TV restaurant
Take notico Hint Alex, McCrac. of llovulstokn,
IJ, 0., Prospector, IntemlH In npply Inr aspnclnl
■finilior licence nver tlio fulluwing iloacribod lainh
iltuate in tin11.ill.iniit District;
1. Cominoiiclttg at a i«mt plnnted on the wost
hank »f Un* mntli full, nl tlio Seynnmr Klvoruml
'linml two miles nnrth nf T, l„ 82:7,ami marked
"Alex. McCratt'd N. U, coruor post," tlienco run-   ,
iiinn smith IW chains, wffft W clialns, north mn threo anu n hull milos up west fork of Ulncier
chains, cast 411 chains tn point of cmnmflliceinunt I {,Tt'oh HI1,i al,llUt ftl,ir chains north of tho Creok
ami containing Oln ncres inure nr lens. nml mnrkod "Uus B. Hodytruni's S. K. con.or
Dated May tfith, HH'7. pnsl,  llionce uorth 3U chains, wust 80 chains.
Notice in hereby given llrnt 30 days ufler dnte I Intend i«> n|>pl) 10 the Chief
Commissioner of Lands 'ml Works for a
bpecml license 10 cui itnd cany ttwuy timber from tin1 following described lnmls
siiti-iu-il inCnt'iloodistrlcti
1. Commencingal unost planted about
1)1 mik's up t'll.u-ii'r Creek nnd marked
"Uus K. Hedalruin's N. K. corner posl,"
thence uouth So cliains, wesl Ho cliiiins,
north So chaina, east Sn chains to point of
2. Commencing al tt posi planted about
2li miles up Glacier Creek ami marked
"Gus K. lli'ilsti-iuu's N. W. cornerpost,"
ihence south 80 chains, east 80 chains,
north Ho chains, wesl Ho chains lo poinl of
3. Commencing at a posi planted ai lho
souih fork of Glacier Creek und markud
"tins U, Hedstrum's N. W. comer post,"
llienco soulh Ho chains, east Hn chains,
uorlh 80 chains, wesl Ho chains lo point of
4. Commencing at a post planleil at the
south lork of Glacier Creek ;uul marked
"Gus K. Hedstrum's S, K. corner post,"
ihence uorlh Ho chains, wesl Ho cliains,
soulh Ho chains, east Ho chains to poinl of
5. Commencingal apost planled al thc
soulh fork of Glacier Creek ami marked
Gus K, Hedstrum's N, K. corner posl,"
Ihence soulh Ho ehuins, wesl Ho chains,
north Ho chains, easl Ho cliains lo poinl of
Dated May 10II1, n)o;.
d.  Commencing at a posl planled \%
miles up west tork of Glacier Creek and
lour chains notth ot lhe ereek ami marked
"Gus li, Hedstrum's S, E. comer post,"
thence west Ho chains, north Ho chains,
easl Ho cliains, south Ho chains lo point v>\i
7. Commencing at a posi planled ahout
three miles up wesl fork ol Glacier Creek
and aliout four cliains norlh of lhe creek
andmarked "Gus K, Hedstrum's S.W.
corner post," ihence norlh 160 chains,
easl 40 chains, south 160 chains, west 40
cliains to point ol commencement!
8. CommonoluB nt a post planted iihuiitthioo
tiiiles up west fork of Cflaclor Oreek and almnt
four ehalus north of tho 1'roek and market)
"UusE, HeddirUm'sB, B.corner post," theuce
in,nli liMlcliaius, wost Itlcluiius south UUI chains,
east 40 chains to potut of commencement,
,1. Commencing ut a poitulanted about throe
aud a halt miles up west furk of Uiu ier t'rnok
ami ahoul fuur chains nnrtli nf tho Creek and
mnrkod "(.ius K. Iludsl ruin's N. \V.coruer post,"
llionce oast Iim i'linins, south 111 chains, wesi IliO
chains, norlli 411 chains to puiut of commencement,
111.  Commencing at a imst plantod  aliout
Ll  II !K1).
Import lired from Country ol origin.
ruiii'l'NlKI'., sifMUKTvuv.
SELKIRK LODGE. NO 12, I. 0. 0. F.
Meets I'V.-i-yT'n'.i-.il...
.'Vi-niiiK iii S'-lkir.
Hull nt 8 o'clock.
Vi.-iunsr bn I
ilifilly Invited o it
II C.LAI nHl.t.f, *.'..      .1. MATHIK, Sm
Cold Range Lodge, K. ol P.,
No. 28, Revelstoke, B. C.
I'l  -    i|,l Third Wcdr.
ea n    c o.l.l
Hall   a.    |   .
J  A. LESLIE, . -
..  II  llll.). k Iv  ..( H ,v 8
II   I, BROWN  \l   ..I r
Central Hotel
.   ■»_ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
N'.-wl;.   uilt,    First-i bm in ever; rupee!     All modern ronvmiinee.
!.:.r;;e Sample Kuomi
Rate! SI.50 per Day. iei I Weekly Rale;.
Queen's Hotel, Irout Lnke, under same management
Vancouver Mn.nifi.cli.rer needs good
iiit-ii In repren. llie very latest novelty.
Agent! coming money. Gel wise, start
working for yourself. H\ "body buys on
sight. Profits over one hundred per ccnl.
Don'l waste lime asking foolish questions,
but send one dollar for linesi samples in
Space 4, ■.,.;; Granville St.,
Vancouver, R. C.
In ilie matter of lhe "Companies'Winding l'p Act, 1898,"
tn lhe mailer of Empire Lumber Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given Ihal on the lirsl
day ol June, 1907, at the hour of 12
o'clock noon at llie olliees of ilarvev,
McCarlej & Pinkham, Imperial Hank
Hlock, Revelstoke, B. C„ lhe undersigned
liquidator of lhe Empire Lumber Company, Limited, will oiler for'sale at public
auction all lhe debts due and owing to
ihe Empire Lumber Company, Limited, a
list oi' which debts, aud all documents and
vouchers explanatory of the same may in
Ilu* meantime he inspected at Ihe olliee ol
lhe undersigned al Revelstoke, It. C,
Dated this 17th dao of May, 1907,
!\ E. SINK,
sa im is -i Liquidator.
t. Commencing at a pout plantcil on the cast
tide of tliu nniih fmk 1 if Boyinour Hivor jolntii|i
Uio imrth end of T. I,, SiiUS ami marked "Alox.
Mo( .rau's H. W. corner post," thunce rnnnin
nnrth su chains, east su chains, smith Hi chains,
went mi chains tn pnint nf cmetnenremciit and
containing um acres more nr lens.
3. (lominonclng at a \ml planted mi the west
uilc of the nnrtli fnrk nf Scymmir Kiver alimit four
miles north of 1', L- 8227. and marked ''Alox, Mc-
Crae's s, K. corner pnsl," llienee miming nnrlh su
i'liains, west. 8<i chains, muitli sn ilm inn, cast 811
: hains to pnint nf commencement and containing
iipi acres more orless.
Dated May Kith, 1007.
I. Commencing at a pout planted un tlm east
nliln nf the north fork of Suymmir Hirer almul two
iniles norlh of T, I,. lt% ami marked ' Alex. Me*
Crae's N. VV. cornerpost, thencu running south
Kn chains, eaat HU cliains, north 80 chains wont w
ch'iins tu puinl nf commencement nml containing
640 acres more orless,
Daled May lllth, UK)?.
B. Commencing at a pust planleil on tho cast
side of the nnrth fnrk nf Bejmotir Hlver almnt
three miles nnrlh of T. I., is?:,!*, and marked "Alex.
Mi'Crac's 8. W. enrner pout,'* thencu running north
ill chains, cast SO cliains, snutli HU chains, want bu
hains to puint of comuii'ticeniunt and uuutainlng
640acres more nrless.
Dated May 16lh, U>07.
8. Commencing al a pust planted one and one*
half miles nnrlh of the forks nf tho imrth fork of
the Sey imiir Itiver, and markud ' * AI■ ■ x. .Mc rue'ti
N. K. corner pnst," tlienco running south 80 chains,
.vent sn chains-, norlli SO chains, enst 80 chains tu
point ef niinmi'Ucemmit and containing 64u acres
more or lesa.
Dated May 17 It.ltM'.
7. Commoncing ul 11 post planled almnt one
md oiiehiilf iniles nnrth of the forks nf tho ninth
fnrk of s-yinuin* Kivor, and marked ''Alex, Mr*
Crae's s. \\\ enrmt punt," thenco running north H*:
Bhahis, east Sn cliains, smith su chains, west 80
i-il .tins tn pnlnt uf commencement an<l containing
Illll acres mere or less,
Dated May 17th IWiT-
sat ray tt ALKX, MiOttAK.
Deer Il.-.vl.*, Animals, I'.ir.l,, Plah, Kt,.-.,
Animal Kn-'. Mounted,
I'... 11.1x31,
- . II     ' ornel ol 1-f.f *. and Bnjla A»«.
Itevolatok!, Il.C.
iuitably  furnished with the choicesi thc
markel afford .     Besl \\ ines, Liquors and
1 igar 1.   I'fi ■■ 11 .1 day    Monthly rate,
N.i Seedless Plunia; \.> Pities.
Applet] No Cni.li-.-.- Corn,—juat old
reliable varietion nt romnnnblo pricea
Fertilizer!, liee Supplies, Spraj Pumps
Spraying Matsrial, Cut Flowers, oto,
Oldest established nii.ecry on the
mainland ..(Il.C.  Catalogue free.
P.S.—II your local merchants do
not handle my seeds, send direct,
Wc prepay lilty packets, assorted
varieties of garden poeds in fm, papers
(tested stoci), to your  nearest posi
whom have shown their disapprovn  office for $1.00, twenty paokets (or oOo.,
ol the new Canadian postal law.-., uu. | trial collection.
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand! igars,   Travellers to
Fish Creen will find excellent accommodation at tins
CHIEF   YOUNG, - -        Proprietor
Under   Now   Management)
Mice Is hereby given that sixly davs after
date I intend tu applv iii ihu Hminralile the
Chiel (!umralsalnnor nl I.amis nud Wi.rkN lur
i'Tini--  in purnhaso thejfollowlng landi
iltuated on Upper Arrow Lske and deMirihcd
at follows:
Commenolng hi a imst iilanled on Half
ft'ny Cieelt, about ono and a hull miles imm
lake chore and markod '.I V. Mel.eiiii's k, k.
corner post," tlienee wesl m clmins, itnuiee
north lOchains, theuce east sn rhalns, ihence
■ouih vi Rhalns in place ol commont'Dmoni
i nniHiiiiiit! B30 acres more or less.
Datod Mnv Tin, r.iN.
w my H J, K. Mel KAN,
Firat'OlaB aooommodation Inr travflllBrBi
Best brands ol Winos, HpiriU, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Koi Ice i« hereby glten I'.m SO daj i after date
i intond to ani h '" •' ■ Chiel Commfmonetol
lands and w -tk^ frr a ippclal license to oul
mid carry nwny Hmtot Irom the iiiiluAlnn
rhfjurrlbod isn'l- lu V'osi Koctonay dlnrleti
r..*i,in* in■inn .ii '> )i"-.i planted al T..I peawon'i
i ilatcd M'ni Uth, IHff| marked "Jplin
Muldnon'i N. K corner post," llienee south iM
i lm ii    itw  wenl il 'inin*., il se north 100
tliwio  " > it ii* chains in puinl of com*
Dated Iprll lath, ltW,
wmlmyl JOHN Ml'l.DtuiN.
,   . ■ if ter date I Intoml to apply to tlm
ii-.'im ii-i-- Uu Chlel  inn*.*.' 'inl hnnds ami
Works f'li permUiinn to purcluwo the inllnwltin
landi nitu.il'il '*ii I'pper Arrow |,nk«
nml moru particular!) doncrlhoil 11 followa:
1   i.'i -i a ii  i posl plnnletl ni,.,nt i, mil,.
..-''I nl " itn i ml  *i "I Timbor WtnlW *i|;.
llmncH mirth (W cliafna, ttmncc oael HO ohalM,
i-. ltd   ■ i \, i'u ■ .*.(' t   H uhalns lo poinl ol coin
un ice ni    i uui iiniii-,' MOaCRII more or hm-*,
liii"IM.j lili, IW,
■ dmaj - 1. H   .MM.KAN
Tike notice that Andrew ICitaon of Rovelstoke,
11. (I., Miner, intimiU tu apply fora Bpeclnl tiiidier
licci.se over the fultuwlin ileacrlbcd lands
iltnato In tuu UlloootDUtrtcti
1. Coinmenrlna at ti prim planted at the south—
cant coriiir nl T I, eH'Miml muiKel Andrew
Kitron's H. W. curlier Jin»r," tlajticu tanning north
Win ,Imi.is, et»t 40 (liinm*, south iw) clialtiB,
went -lu etiai is to point u[ commolicfim nl nud con-
laining 010 acicH more or leu.
Dated May 16th, llHiT.
2. CuinineiieiiiR at a post planled on the weal
alili* of thu north forkol tsejinour Hlver about two
miles north of T. I,. 8227, and marked "Andrew
Kitson's H. K. comer poBt" tlienee running north
SO chains, west 80 chains, Bouth Hi ehaiiiH,*anaiso
i-iiniiH to pnint of commencement and containing
till) acres more or leaa,
Dated May uh, 1007.
0. Commencing al a pout planted on the went
idle of thu imrtli fork of Seymour Hivor about four
milea north of T. I,. 8227, and mnrkeil "Andrew
Kttaon's N. K, corner pout," thencu runniug uouth
bil chain--, went wi chains, nnrth Wl chains, east HO
chains lo imiut uf couimeiicemont|and cuniaiuing
tliu acres moru ur tuna.
Dated .May tilth, 11107.
4. Commencing ata pent planleil on the went
-tide of tlie nnrlh lurk nf ■Seymour river almul 6
miles nnrlh of T. I„ 8227 nnd marked "Andrew
Kttnoil's S, K comer posl," thencu running north
sii clialna, west 8U cliains, smith tO chains, east 80
i'liains to iinini uf commencement and containing
liin acres more or less.
Dated May 10th, 1007.
Ti. Commencing at a post planted on the east
siile of tlie norlli fork of Boyinour Itiver a limit twu
miles north of 'I'. L, 6228 ami marked Andrew
Kitson's S. W. comer post," thence running north
■ii chaiuu, east 80 chains, suuth HO chains, west Mi
•hiuiiN l«» point of commencement and containing
dill acres more or less.
Daled May tilth, 11X17,
ti.  Commenolng at a imst planted one-half mile
miilh uf the lurks of lhe nnrlh fork of Seyi it
lliver unit inarked "Andrew Kitson's N. K. corner
poat," Ihenee running smith 120 chains, west mi
chains, north 10 chains, eimt 10 chains, north ru
ehains, easl in elinins to puiut id euiiiiiieucemeut,
.tnd containing Oltl acres more ur less.
Dated May 17th, 1007.
7. Coinnieiiciiig ala post planted one ami nue
lialf miles north of the links of the imrlli fork nl
Snymnnr Kiver, and inarked "Andrew Kltson'h
N. W. oorner pObt,' llienee running east 80 chains,
suuth Mj chains, west m eliains, north Hi ehnins l<
puinl of cuiniiieneeineiil ami cuntaining 040 acres
inure or less.
Dated Mny 17th, 1007.
8. Commenolng tit a post planled one and one-
half miles north nf lhe forks of (he nnrlh fork ul
Heymour Kiver, and mnrkeil "Andrew Kitsuu's
S K eoruer post," thence running nnrlh 40 chains,
west 40 chains, north hi chalna, weat 4ii chains,
south 120 cliains, ensl nil chaini to point of Colli-
mi-m einent aud containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated May 17th, 1007.
iouth 80 clmins, oast SO chains to puint of com-
11. Commoni'lug ut a post planted ahout.
throe nnd a halt milos up west fork of Ulncier
Crenk and about (our ('Indus north of Uui Crunk
mid uiarked'Uus K. Bedstrum's N, E. comer
post," ihoneo wost 100 chains, south 10 chaius,
oust IliO chains, north 10 chuius to point of com*
I'i. Coinnieiiciiig at a post plautod about ono
half milo below month of north fork of Ulncior
Cruek ami inurkod "Cus K. Hedstrum's S W.
cornor [Mist," thouco norm 1110 chains, uast 40
chains, south IU) ehnins, worn 40 chaius lo point
of ciniiiuuncunii.nl.,
18. Coinnieiiciiig nt a post planted about one
half milo bolow norlli fork of Glacier Creok and
marked "Cus B. Hedstrum's 8, K. cornor post,"
thunce nortli Uiu chains, west 40 cliains, south
100 chaius, oust tu chains to point of com-
U, Commenolng at a post planted at too
north fork of Ulncier Cruek and markoil "Cus
E, Hedstrum's S. K. corner post," thonco north
bit) chains, wosl 40 chains south lOOchains, east
40 chains to point of cuminouca-nout.
15, CouimuiiciuK at a jaist planted on wost
fork of Glacier Creek unit ubout one half milo
abovo tlio north fork aud marked 'Gns li.
Hods-jtrum'8 N. K. coruer post," tbeuce woat Hid
chaius, aouth 40 chains, oast 100 chains, uorth to
chaiua to poiut of coininencwiunt,
10. Commencing at a post plnntod ou west
fork of Glacier Crook uud about oue half mile
almve the north fork and marked "Uus E.
Hod-strum's S, E. comer poat." theuce weat 100
cliuiua, nortli 40 chuius, eaat 100 chnius. south 40
ehuiua to pointof couimencoinent.
Duted May llth, Mil.
17. Commencing at a post planted about a milu
up the soulb fork of Glacier Creek and marked
"tins K. Hedstrum's N.W, corner pest," thonce
smith bit chaina, east 81 chains, north nn chitina.
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
18, Commencing at a poat planted abuut one
milu up the soutn fork of Ulncier Creuk and
marked "Gus K. Hedstrum's N, K- corner pust,"
thence soulli hu chains, wust 80 chains, norlh 80
chains, east 80 chains to point of coiuiuuiicoiueiit.
10, Comiueuncing ut a poat planted almut three
miles up the snutli fork of <'lacier Creek and
marked "UusE. Hedstrum's S, W. comer poat,"
thenee north 80 chains, east 80 chains, auuth HI
chains, west 80 chaina lo point of coiniuuncetuent.
-tl. Com in unc iui,' nt a poat planleil aliout
Ihruo miles up the soiHh fork of Ulucier Crook
aud marked'UusE, Hodstruin's 8. Ji. corner
post," thonce north 80 chuius, theiieo wost 80
chains, thonce south 80 chuina' thunce oust Hi
chains to point of commencement.
21. Commeueiug ut a post plauted ahout
Ihroo miles up the south fork uf Glacier Creek
and marked " Uus K. Hedstrum'a N. W. comer
post," liionco south 80 chains, oast 80 chains,
uortli hi ohains, woat 80 chains to point of com-
22. Commouciug at a post pluuted about
throe iniles up lho soulh fork of Glacier Cruek
uud murked ' UusE. Hodstruin's N. E. corner
post," thouco suuth 100chuina, west 40 chuius,
uortli Hit) chuius, oust 40 chuius to puiut uf
Datud Muy liilli, 11)07.
"li. Cummencing ut u (mst. planted ou the
uurth bank of DuuglHs Crook and nbout UO
chains from tho mouth uud markod "Gus E.
Hodstrum's S. E. corner imst," theuce north 100
cbiiiuy, wost 10 chuius, south IOO chums, o st 40
chains tu poiut uf commeucomout.
24. Cummoucingat a post planted uu the
uurth bank of Douglas Creok about 140 chnius
from the muuth uud marked Uus U. Hedstrum's
N. W. curuer posi," thonco eaBt 80 ehuins,
south ht)clmins, wost 80chuius, uurth 80 chains
to pointof cum inoncemeut,
Commouciug at a imst plauted on the
uurth buuk of Douglus Crook mul about 140
chuius from the muuth und inurkod "UusE.
Heudstrum's8, W, curuor post," Ihouco nurth
100ehuins, oust40 ehnins, south 100 chains, wost
40 ohaius to poiut ol cummoucemout.
20. Cummeuciug at a post plunted ou tho
south hank of Douglus Creek and nbout twu and
n i|mirier milos from tlio niuutb und murkod"Uus
E. Hedstrum's ti. W. curuer p, at," thouco nurth
lOo chains, oust 40 chuina, south IOO chains, west
■lu clmins tu iHiintuf commouceniout,
Dutud Muy Kith, 1U07.
27. Coinnieiiciiig at u post plantod about live
chuius north ofHuuldor Crook and about twu
uud u half miles frum tho month and marked
"Una E. Hodsirum's N. W. curuer pust," llioue
south 80chains, oust 80 chuius, uorth 80 chuius,
west 80chains to point of oommoucemeut.
■■ ii.ir.'iiY giren that 60 days after date
I inlcnd 1', npidy lolli.i Hon thoChlof Com
rn. Inner of Lnn:lB nud Works for par-
million lo I'lirclltlSO thfl fnlli-wiim land- -it HM -
wl ..ii I pper Armw I.ake and ibwribi-d as
 mt'm inn ni   a   post planted on itnii
Wnv Creek R boil I tliree, miles irnin liik.   t.||0fc
and ^ ed 'J l'. Uf Lean's 8, K. corner pust,'
tin nn* wesi ao chains, llienee uorth w elm nn,
thenc "l«n Ohalni, (hence noiith 80 chains
iii place n( com meneement,   cuninining SHO
acres more or less.
Dated May 7lh, 1007,
wea may 8 i. V. McUAN.   I
Nut lee la herehy given that IJOdliys afler date 1
Intend to imply to the Chief CnmniisHiunor oi
Luuda ami Works fur permission to purchaso tin
f'.lliiwiiiK described lands in the Wesl Koutunay
Commencing ntn pnsl planted al the easl bun)
of ilu* Columbia Kii ei,(abuut the heud of rJ-Milc
lllltle and marked 'lMt, D's north-west comer"
thence eaal an chalna, thonce soutn isn chalnn,
thence weat 2u chaius to Uiu ( oluminu Kiver,
ihouco in a northorlv direction following tlu
meandorlnga of the Colu uhia Hlver mi chains to
point of commencement, containing about UK'
Dated Maroh «8nl,A.D„ 1807.
wed ap 10 K. H. DCTTON.
28, Commencing at u post plunled ubuut five
chuius uurth uf Moulder Creek aud abuut two
and a half miles from tho mouth uud marked
"Uus B. Hedstrum's 8. B oornor pust," thence
uorlh 100 chuius, wott 40 ohaius, suuth 100 chuius,
oast 40 chuina tu puiut uf cummeucemeut.
20. Coimnoucing ut u post plauteu ubout live
chaius uurth of llouldor Creek uud abuut twu
and u half miles from the mouth uud marked
"Uus E. Hedstrum's 8 W- coruor pust," thouco
north 100 chuius, eust 40 chums, suuth 100
chains, west 40 chuius to pulut of loinmonco-
Dutod Mny Itith, 1007.
wed may 22 UUS. E. HED8TRCM.
Notice ia hereby given that 60 daya from date
1 Intend toapply to the Honourable the Ci.tef
Commissioner of Landa and Worka for per*
mission to purchase the following described
lands, siiiirtii'd at Ualena Bay, iu West Kootenny diatrict:
(■ommenclng at a post marked " W. K, Keid's
south-cant eurner post," and planlcd 40 chaiua
south from tha north-wesl corner of c. beck's
but 7048, thence weal 20 chaina, Ihenco nortft
l chaius, iheuceea.it 20 chains, thence south
lu ehalus to point of commencement, and containing 80 aerea more ur less.
Dated May 'J2ud, 1U07,
sat my 26 W. R. KEID,
sixty dnys after dele I Intend toapply tn the
Honorable the duel Cniinni-M.un-r ni Limit-.
and Wurks for permission to purchase the Iol
lowing described landa, -diuuicd about three-
Quarters of a mile up Mo>quKo Creek, Uppei
Arrow l.nke on the east side, joiuiiit*. *'K. -V b
Hlock No, 870 on thesoulh-east corner running
nortli 80 chains, ihence eaat 4u cbaius, south w
ehnins, wesl 4<i chalna to point ol commencemeni.
Dated Mnrcli iini, \%~
sat ap 0
Notice is hereby given thnt 00 daya after dato I
Inlend lo npply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works for permission Ln purchase the billowing deacribed landa In West
Kootenay dlitrict;
Commenetng at a post ptanteil on the west shore
uf Upper Arruw Lake on the north side uf the
Lime Kiln pnat, marked "T. li. MeKim's ti. B.
comer," miming west 40 chains, nurth 4o chains,
east 4U chains, siuth 10 chains to point uf commencement.
Dated March 20th, 1907.
»t »P 8 T, H. McKIM,
<, *
Outing Suits
All  the
li (i t  weather
are here—
Scotch Tweeds
Irish Homespuns
Fadeless Serges
English Flannels
There is a harmony of colors
—an elegance of tone—an
exclusiveness of pattern—a
perfection of fit—to Fit-
Reform Summer Suits that
make them inimitable
$12.50, $15, $18, $20.
McKinnon & Sutneridnu  -  Revelstoke
Il's a real pleasure
to own a Sunshine.
It's so easily regulated. Drafts work
perfectly—do just what you
expect them to.
'1 lie fire is al-
wa y s under
control.   You
" from the floor above,
* if you feel a trifle chilly,
and a strong draft through the ashpit door is opened.
Fire immediately bums up
briskly, ln a
few minutes you
ran have as hot
a fire as you like on zero days.
And one just warm enough lo keep
lite   chilly feeling absent when a
thaw comes.
Fortunate is the man who owm
a Sunshine,
will be warm and
comfortable. Then
drop the chain again.
You see, it's not necessary to go
down to the basement and turn on
the drafts when you want a warmer
fire in the Sunshine.
Sunshine is a labor-saver u well
as a comfort-producer.
If your local dealer does not
handle the Sunshine, write direct
to us for Free llnr.Ki.ET.
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
Notice 1* horoby given that*)! ilny- .ifi.-r .In..
I inteml l.ni|.|.l.v to tlie Chief Commissioner"
lauds 'mil Work,* for a special license tu ox
ntidrn. rvi.-i'iy timber from tholulluwlnird..
sorlbcd lamb, situnto ... Wost Kootenw ill.
1. Cmnnenclni al .. post planleil 0.11I.0 ».-.
hank ..I.- In.gt .-..-ea about II mil,-, aouth ..( Hi.
iin.iiili C.-.-k. followtoj .lie Crook nn.1 about JU
...iles (rom Columbia ftlriraml marke.1 *-B.Ili'
.len.i's iiorth-neat cornor," ll.oi.co inn elialm,
mull., tl.en.-i- In chains eut, thenre ISO clialna
.with, ll.uuec .0 chain. <mtto pnt.it „| com-
I Commencing at a poat plfti.te.l ... .lu- we*.
Lank nl .1 liirce ereek aliout u mllea iouth ..f   lu-
llluutl. Creek, following ll.e creek fill.I f.i.-.... tu
mllea Irou. Columbia Biver and marked K M •
llonn's north-east cornor," thenee   it... .-h.ii.fs
......til,   thence   IU  elialm, VOSt, tlience 1(10 eiiaii.a
....rlh, Iheneu 4.1 chums eaat I., point of cum
B. Commenci..). at a post plantcil ahout l'..
yards .vest ol a snifill creek ami about 1 mil.
south ot lli|-niouth Creek, un.l ..Unit ,U mile
from tin- Columbia Elver anil markod "K,6lo
Bonn's north-west corner," thence imi chain.
aoulh, tlience ll. chain, eust thonco lot. elm
north, thence ... chalna veal to point of e.
4. Commenolng at a poat panted al.nit •nil
yards wost ..( a small orouk and 1 mllo south ol
ll.gu.nutl. Creek .....|.] ...iles Irom lhe Columbia
lliver,ami marked -K. McBean's north..-iat •
tier," Ihence luo chaina soulh, theuce pi chain,
weat, thenee nju eliains north, thonce ... chains
cast I., point of coniuiet.comi.nl
l. Cnininoiicllig at a poat |ilantcil a. the norlh
neat cornur ..I Loc-illon N'o, 1 and marked 'IJ
Mellcan'a uorlh on., comor," Uience sochains
south, (hence sn chains aest, thonee so chain,
nortli, Ihence tl) chains eusl ... poim ..( com-
llule.l April Slril, 19i'7.
6. Commonolng all post planted about 1 mile
north of lliiiinnull. creek anil! milos from tho
Oolunihla Itiver amluiaikdil "I-:. MoBoan's suuth-
iveat comer," Ihence lot. chains east thenee 111
haina norlh, ihenee ib. chains wo-t, thonce 111
chalna aond. .0 poiut ..f emmonoemont.
7. Commencing at .1 roat planted l| mile.
north of Blginouth Creek ami 8 miles Ir the
Columhia lliver uml marked "K. Mcliean'a south'
wesl conier," llienee leu ciniins easl (henco III
chains mirth, thenee l«0 chuina ivesl, llienee l.l
ohains south... pnlnt of oo.umencoiuoiit.
Dule.l April Kith 11)07
s. .'..mmonclng nt a posl plantod at (he iouth'
onst corner .if Lot 12, about KI eliains soulh ol Wr-
month Creek .....I marked "E. McBean's northeast coiner," thence nl chuina aou.h, llienee a.
.• ha na wesl, (hence 8.1 chalna north, them-e 81
chains euat to point ol commencement.
0. Cummencing at a p..«t planted al the north
rat-oornorol Lot 18and marked "E, McBean's
souih-west comer," thence lstl chalna n.irth.tlie
III chains euat, thence 18.. clmins snulli, tho.ee 10
cluilna west to point of commencement,
10. Commencing nt a posl planleil al (he nortli.
unst corner ol Lot 13, and marked "K. McBoan's
south-eaat comer," thenco ion chainB nortb, thenoe
1.1 chum, we-t, .hence tail chains south, tnence I..
chalna enst to point ol commoncement,
l.nte.l April flfilll. Iue7
11. Commencing at a post planted on lhe soulh
I Imnk nl Canson Creek und iihiuit l>., miles from
I ll.gn.nuth Creek ami mnrked "E. Mcllciin's north-
.vest corner.-' Uience In chains sonth thenee 10
chana c.sl, (hence ,.. clmiiis soulh, thenee80
ohnlns east, tlienee to chuina norlh, thence 40
clmins west, thence in .-haina north, thenco 80
.-hum west to point of ctnnii'cncemeut
12. Commend..", at a post planted .... the north
hunk of Canyon Creek, about 1 mile fron. mouth
and marked  *E. McBean's northwest corner,"
lhcnco SO chains  lh. Ihenco SOclialus enst
llienee S'l chains north, Ihence 80 chaina wesl lo
point of commencement.
1:1.  Cominenome at 11 post planted on the east
Imnk of Itigmoutl. Creek, al...... Smiles above
Canyon Creel .....I .n.rkod "E. McBean'i south.
east comer," thenee 8.1 chains north, Ihence 80
chains weit, thenco gn chains so...h, thenee 8.1
clialns euat to point ol commencoment.
H. Conimenclng at n post plnnted on lhe
eaat bank ..I H.g.noutb Creek, about 5 ...ilea
above Canj on Creek nnd .narked "E. Mellon., s wnnl. west comer,' thonce 811 chnlns
..on., thenco t» ohnins east, thonce 80 chains
south, thence mi chaina west 10 point ol commencement.
15. (onunencing ut a post planted on tho
cast bunk ol Big-mouth Crunk, alwut. S milea
abovo Canyon Crock and mnrked "K. .McHean's
north-weal corner." Ihenco 80 ohnlna eaal,
thenco .11 ohains south, thonco 20 chains cast,
thenco in chuina south, thenco 80 ebains weat,
thenee 10 chains north, lhcnco 20 chains west,
theuco 10 chnlns north to point ol commencement.
Duted April 27th, 1007.
16. Commeneing ut a posl planted on tho
north bank of Ilia-mouth Creek near tho mouth
of south tork and murked *'K. McBoan's north-
wist corner,' thenco lllj cbnins aouth, thenco
10 chains east, thence lOOchains norlh, thence
ID ohiiina west u> point ol commencement,
17. Commencing at a posl planted ubout IS
chains nonh of Blginouth ("reck, two mi.es
below north lork and murked "E. McBean's
soulh-wesl corner," thence 100.chaina ensl,
thence lu chnlns norlh, thence ISO chuina wea',
thenco 10 chains aouth to place of commence
Daled April »h, 1907.
18. Commencing ata poat planted 10 chains
eaat ol lho aouth eaat corner ol T.L. lulos and
inarked " E Mcliean'a nortli-we t corner."
thence 16.1 chair." aouth, thence 40 chains oast,
ihenee llio chalna norlh, thence 10 chains weat
to-polnt ol commencement.
baled flu... April, 1907.
19. Commencing at a poit plantcil '.; mile
north ol aoiitb-east corner ol 1. L. 7018 and
marked " K, Mcliean'a sniiih-easl corner,-
thenee le chains north, tlienco 80 chains weal
lhcnco 10 chains norlh, ihenee 120 chaiua ca-l,
iheiii-esoclialus aoulfi,ihence lo chaius wesl
I., pointol commencement.
2". Commencing at a post planted about one
mile weatolColumbia Kiver, and ahoul one-
half mile sou.h of Elgh.-mllc Creek 0.1,1
m-irked --E, .McHean's nunh-ea-t corner"
th. nee m. eliains wesl, llienee 8t. ehalna foulh,
thenee Sl. ehnins easl, ihenee 80 hains north
10 pnlnt of eoiiimencenie.it.
Dated Isl Mav, ,907,
Notice hi hereby glvou ihnl 3u days affords o
I Intend to apply lc iiu- Hun. the (lib f dun
missioner nl Lands um: Work* for u special
permission to eut nud curry nwny timbor hum
i he following land, situnto lu Kn-t Kootenai
1. Comment ■in*,' nt u post marked "4 wan
Carlson's snutli m-i ouruer post,"pliiuled ou
Lho south siil,* of Columbia river, running
nurihsochui «, thenco oust ^i chains, iln-ii.
south 80 clmins l honoo weet Wit-hum-, tu point
of cuiniui'iiccii.uiit.
ioinmeiicltig at n post marked "Swan
il's southwtwl corner pa*t,''pliiutod uliuui
1*1 miles fr montli tank of tho' olumbia rivor
andabpuU iniles above Uudar Croek, thonce
ff rlinins nortl,. thonco 80oha'nsoust,Ihonci
S>' chains south, thenco 80 ohalna west to point
1*1 com mencenient.
,l Commencing at a post, nmrkcil "Swan
i urlson'h iiorthcost oornor t osi," plni.tcil aboul
2 mllessouUi of the Columbia river ami aboul
■i miles east of Cedar Creek, thonce soulh liKi
chahiB, l honco wost I'i chains, thenoo nort h 160
chains, thouoe east iO chains to point of cum
1. Commcuring at n post nm kod "Swan
Carlson's north woit oorner post," planted on
lho nortlioMi cornor of Swan wirwoii's llinll
No. 3, thnnco south 160 ohnlns, theuoe east m
chains, thence nnrth lfin chuius, thenoo wost 10
chains to tho point of oommoncement,
<f>. Commenolng at a p'M marked "Swan
Curlson's noriheiicl corner potU" planted about
one Imlf mile east of Swan Carlson's limit No, I
t honoo ►outh Kin chains, thnnco west. Hi olialns,
Lheuco nortli 100 chains, thonoo oasl to ohultu
iu in.iiii nt commoncomont,
ti. t ominouolug at a post markod "Swan
Carlson's northwesl corner pusl," planted on
the iiurtluasl curniT of Swnu Carlson's limit
No,5, thenoo somh 80 chains, theuoe cast mi
chains, thonoo north 80 ohalm, thonee west 80
i- to ik.nil uf commencement.
Commencing ui a post markod "Swan
Carlson h -uiiih-easi oorner post," planted un
Lho north wosl oorner of Swan Carlson's limit
No tl, thouco wesl Wi chains, thenco norlh hn
cha tis, thunce. oast Hi chains, ilieucc soutli 80
Imins to pnint of cumin onco men I.
S. Commencing at a post inarked "Swan
Curlson's noribcasl corner post." plnuled uu
lho south bnnk of thc Columhin river about
Ihiee-fourlhsof a mile above Cedar Creek,
thenoo south Itin chains, theuco wc-i lu ehalus,
thenoo north hid chains, theuce cast lo chains
to poiut. uf commencement
U. Coinnieiiciiig at a post niaiked "Swan
Carlson's northwest corner post," planled on
UlO aouth bank of Lhc Columbia river, joining
Swan Carlson's limit No 8, thence south lou
chains, theuce cast 40 chains, thence north 100
chains, the west lu chains to poim of commencement.
in. Cmuuieiu'iiiu at a post marked 'Swan
Carlsons northeast coiner post," planted nbnut t
miles BOUth of thu Columbia river and in a southerly direction from Cedar Creek, thenco west ioo
ehaiiiH, ihenco somh 40 chain-., thence eust Uio
chains, thence north 40 chains tu print of coin
April loth, 1907.
sat uiuy 1 SWAN CAULSON,
I, Thin. Watson,acting as agent forJ, W.tson,
intend sixty days after date tn at-ply tn the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands uiul
Works for permission to purchase the followiug
descrihed lauds, situated on Upper Arrow Lake,
uml more particularly described as follows!
Coinineneilig at n post plunted nt I ho ti. K. corner of Timber Limit 7;.8t, from iheii.-emiutli IU
chaius, from thencu west ltio chains, from thence
north io oiiahis, from theuce cast luu chains to
pniutof ru ui uience in ent.  ((ialena Hay district.)
Dated April mh, 11HI7.
wed my 1 Agent for.I Watson,
Notice is hereby give, that 60 days after .Into
I intend to upply to the Chief Coiiiiiiissionel- of
Lands and Works for pormission lo nurch.
(ho following described luuda in West Kouto.f
Situatod in Onlona Bay, commencing at n
post planted on the oaat shore of Upper-Arrow-
Luke close lo Gnleuu point, un.l .narked "R.
Simpson's south-east oorner post," thence weat
10 chains, thoneo north 80 ohains, theuco caat
10 ehnins more or leaa to lake shore, thenoo
along lake shore lo point f commencement.
Uated April 12(1.. 1007
Revelstok!) Ltocing District.
NuCee is hereby given, Ihal I have rreived
the following Retail Liquor Uoi?iif*Q unplioa*
thins for tho RovoN'oke Licencing District:—
C. 1). Morris, retail, 0 mouths. Windsor Hotel
v. j. Lighiburne, retail, o months,Union
Hotel, Arrowhead.
.lohn Caley, retail, 0 months, City Hotel,
I), Cameron, rotail, 0 months, Uke View
lintel. Arrowhead,
J. H. Young, lotnii.iimonths, Quoon'f Hotel,
Itmsell M. Kviins, n*lail, li months, Lardeau
Hotel, Comaplix.
Wm. Boyd, retail, o mouths, Beaton Hotol,
,1. A. Thow, retail, o months, BvaHotel, Cam-
A. Cunn, rolall, 0 months, Coronal iiiii Hotel,
J, Llmlsiy. retail, II months, Itceeption Ilolel,
I).Orr, rotail, ii months, Camborne Hotel,
F, Ahey, rotail, o months, Criterion Hotol,
('umbo. uu.
It- K. Perry, retail, 0 months, Pavilion Hotel
IL Mcintosh, nlall,li months,Halcyon Hold.
Hike Qrady, rotail, o months, St Leon Hotel,
st. Loon,
L. MoDougal, rctttll, 6 months, Lolland Hotol
Nakusp, ,
>i. McCarthy, rotail, 0 months, Grand Hotol,
Wm. Lovall. retail, li inoiiLbs, Kooleuay Hotel, Burton.
And further lake notiee, Lhat the regulnr
meeting uf lhc Hoard of Licence Commission
ers for the Rovelstoko Distriet will lm held In
the Provincial Police Otlloo, Hevelsluke, un
Saturday, the 1-iih day uf June, 11107, at tho
hour oil 2:30 p.m. in th- aftornoou.
luted at Hovolstoke, this Mtli day of Maj,
By Ordor
Chief Licence Inspcolur.
Certificate of Improvements.
By-law No. 99
A lly-lnw I., provide for the uon-
li ui-timi ..f.....i...-....I common sen-crs
in Ilu- City of Uevelsloki' niul to authorise the issue of delu'iilui-.'s I'm-tin.
purpose of raisli.gf the sum required
WIIKKKAS in il... opinion of the
('.'.iiiiii .ind in the Intersil of the City
t is dual, able to constnict .t sj-slem of
I..V...-S in the Cily of RevelstokeM-
.-..i-.litiK to the plans ami specifications
tli.-i.-i<... prepared l.y Thos, II, Tracey,
lvs.|„ ciiy |.,.i|.iiii...|-, .iml approved of
l.y ths Council nnd tlmi the funds to
Iio provided for Buch improvement
shnll he rspald by special rate of frontage Ins (o In- levied on lhc land or
real property In or .... m fi-onliug...
abutting upon ths portions of ths
streets and lanes throiighonl the Oity
und Immediately lieni'llt...! thereby,
Iti.iliinnnd Mineral Claim, situate ln tho Itev
el-.oko Mining Division of West Kooicnay
Where located:-,*.! Standaid Basin, South
Korkof Downie Crenk.
Take notiee thai I, II. Smith, CMC. No.
Ilft.712, acting as nu-onl for W. II, Wllloox,
Krne Miner's (,'ei-lilien.u No. B88S80. inlenil,
sixty daya Iron, date hereof, lu upply lo tho
Mining Iteciii-.l.-r for u Ct rtittcuto of Imp.ovo-
iiicnts, for ll... p.rposc of ohlalning a Crown
(1 runt of the above oluini.
And further lake nutlco Unit action, undor
section :.7, uum. lie commoiiood before tl.e
issuunee of such. ortillcilit of IinprOVOlnollts.
IJuted this fS.ril ilny ..r Muy, A.D. IWIi.
wed my a R. SMITH.
sat ap 111
r%f%*V*V%^%'%*V%^%-V%%%%%%'%%%%%% ■*%%*»%% v»
For Ajiriciiltural Implements. I^rrieges, Wagon»'| Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Moliun Wagons, Canada ('arrluge Company's
HiiKiiii's Planet jr., Ourdeti Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing u
i mivwiuviHun   %%%%%%%%%%%%%
HKAI) OKKICK: Calgary, Ai.iik.uta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Cork Pucker* and Dealer In Live Stock- Markets iu all the principal Cities and
iv ns nf AllHTta. British ...iiimlaa ami tlie Yukon. Puckers nf the Celebrated Brand
''lin or  or" Hams and Bacon, and Shamrock limn.I, Loaf l anl. a
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
llenler in Wood, Conl and Feed,
Tlione 71. House Phone 7
Green Vegetables
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Heel, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
21. Commencing m a post pianicl... the
aoi.tl.-wosl.-orierof I'.l.. H.7.K. and  ...urked
■E. Mf-llean'a south-east corner," ihenee an
-halns west, thenee su ehalm norlh, ihence Sl.
chaiua eaal, ihence 80 chains soulli lo point ol
'.-J. Commeneing at b post planted on the
south han. of tlordou Creek, about J*,.; miles
Irom the mou.h nnd marked "K, McHean's
nurih-eiit corner." II  an .-hains iouth,
thenee so chaina west, .hence w chains north,
thence au chaiua east tu point ol commencement
23. Commencing ut a post plantod on tho
sooth hank of (Jordon Creok, about 2 niilea
from tl.o moulh und murked "E McBeau's
south-wust comer." thonce HKI ehuins wosl,
tlience *U chuius uorth, tlience ItiO chains oust,
thenco 10 cliains south to poiut ol commence-
H. Commoncing at u post plunled on tho
south bank of Qordon Crook, about 24 mile,
from tho mooth and markod "E. Wclloau".
north-east coruor," thouco all chains south
(hence Sll chains wost, theuco 10 chains uorlh,
thenco 8! chains oasl lv puiut ol commeucemeut.
Datod May 2ud,10O7.
wodrnyD E. MeBEAN
Notice Is hereby given thai Ml .lavs after dale
I Inlend to apply to the chielCoininlsslnner ol
Undannd Works Inr pormla-ion to purchase
(he lollowlng descrihed lands In Norlh-easl
Kootenay Itiatrict:
1, Commencing at a post marked "W. I
Otto's norlh-easl corner," planted ou the Columbia Biver. about uu chains up s.ream Irom
Kinbasket Lake, thence west 160clialtiB, theuce
south 41. chaius, theuce eaal 160 chains, ihence
north 40 ohaina to poiut ol commencement.
Uated April 7th. 1907.
2, commencing at a post marked "HI. 1.
Olio's south-west comer," plained on Middle
Hlver, about su ehalna Iron, the mouth, thenee
uunh so chains, ihence easi so chains,
thence soulh so chalna, theuce wesl 80 ehains
lo p into, commencement.
Unied April 6th, 11HI7.
satap 27 W.J. OTTO
Certificate ,f Improvements.
Mascot Mineral Claim, situate in ll.e Hovel-
. aluko Mining llivi.ion of Weal iiuotenuy
Where locatod:~At lhu head of tho Middle
Suntli Furk of Downio Creek, adjoining
lhe Chief ol lhu Hills Mineral claim
Take notice Ihnl  I, It. Smith, F.M.C. No.
BUS; 12, acting us ageni for A.M. Clark, Free
.Miner's Cer..llie...e No. H8S.i!ll, intond, sixty
duys from date hereof, to apply lo the Mining
It,corner for n • ci-lilli.-.ilo of I.uprovciuculx,
or the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of
he above cluini.
And further lake limit., that notion, under
sooti.-n "17, must ho   commenced before the
isaunnce of such fi.rlitlcu.cof liiiiirovenieiiU.,
Dn.ed this 211.(1 duy ul May, A.D,, 11107.
wod my 211 It, SMITH.
And Wlii'icts such work Isn local
And VVhorcns under and by virtue
of the Municipal Clauses Act the
Council duly pnswd u By-law known
its the "Local Improvement Suwnge
By-law N... lis, 1007," being a By-law
to provide for the means of ascertaining and determining what lands or
real properly will ho benefited by
such Improvements and of ascertaining und detehninlug the proportion in
which the assessment Is to l... made on
the various portions of land or real
property so benefited.
Mayor t" cause auy number ..f deben-
in.■-. In be culled "Local Improve
n rn li ho.-iinve," .., i„. mod,,,
.■\.-.-..t.-il and i-s.i...l I...- such gum or
s.ini* n- in ty I,., required Im lhe pur-
rases aforementioned mil exceeding
however the sum of $09311.75, each of
he... .1 il,-.nm in,.* heing of the de-
oiuinalion i.f One Thousand Dnllara
■xcepl in the cose of .menf such do-
■u'.lllll(-.-.  vvlij. I.   in iy |,,.   |,„.  n lesser
mill If deeiuiKl requisite hv the snid
il.iy...-, and all of such debentures
shall he scaled will. il„. S(.n| „[ t|,e
Uorporutlon of the City of Revelstoke,
.nd signed by the May...- and t'le.k
il. The said debentures shall l,0
made payable in twenty years from
the day hereinafter mentioned for this
By-Law to|Uke effect, at tl.e office ..f
the Molsons Bank al Revelstoke,
ll. ('., aforesaid, which sui.i
placo of payment shall be designated by s.i.l debentures, and shall
have attached t.. ihem coupons for the
payment ..f Interest, ami the signature
tu the coupon! mny be either written,
printed, stamped nr lithographed.
7. The sui.i debenture! shall bear
Interest al the rate ..f Five per centum
per annum from the dale thereof,
which Interest shall he payable semiannually fit the offlce of the Molsons
Hank at Revelitoke aforesaid iu
lawful money of Canada,
11. It shall be lawful for lhe sai
Mayor to negotiate and sell tl.e said
debentures or any of them at a rate
l.elow par if he may deem ii necessary
to do so, .....1 to authorize the Treius-
tirer tu pay out of tbe sums so raised
by the sale of the said debenture! all
expenses connected with the preparation and lithographing of the deben.
lutes mid coupons, or any .lis.-..tint or
commission or other charges incidental to the sale of the suid deheutuies.
Front Street, Revelsloke
Notice Is hereby given thai 00 days allcr dale I
Intend to apply to the Honoraliln, the Chief Km...
missioner of Landa and Wnrks Ior permission to
purchase the following described lands, ailualed
.... Upper Arrow Luke and described as follows:
Commencing at a poat planted 10 chains
norlh ol lho soulh-east coaner ol la.t MM, and
marked "J K. McLean's s. W. eorner poll,'*
Ihence nurlb 40 ehalm, thence easl 80 chain:
Ihenco soulh 40 ehains, llienco wesl 80 chains
to place ol commencement, conulnlng 320
Haled April lllth, 1907.
wod ap 17 I. K. McLKAN.
NOTICK li heraby Klmi thut CO daye after date
1 Intend to ii-i-ily tn the Hon. chief Com
mi-rtrtiiiunr of Land* end W»rka for permission to
iuiiTha.Hn the folhiwiiiK deiicribcd landi* in the
Went Ko.it enny libit iir t:
Com mon** hit; it u poal planted about s mile
north of loutti-eut cotner ol TIuiIht Limit Tiilfl
(ln'iice north Kii c)lftltu. weit ■•" chain**, ■nulli b(i
I'liiiiiiN, i'iinI 81' rliiiini to ("'in! nf conimt'lireniMlt.
CoiituInink mn .iciti more or It""
Uated May Uh, \w;.
wed may i WAUHKN ANDULWa.
Nolice Im hereby glveu thnt lu daya after duto
j intend io apply to the Chiof Commissioner of
Lands nnd Works (or a special license to out
and carry away timber from the following
described lands situated in Wu«t Kootenay,
Upper Arrow Uke dimrlet:
1. Comincncing at a pout planted on Lhe
north sideof I^on Creek, aboutfourmllofl from
the mouth, marked "K. N. Halloek's initial
pout," thence south in ehnins, thence cant Hi
clialns, thence noith Hi chains, thonco west, 80
chains, thonco south HI chain? tj place of
i Commencingat a post pluuted io chains
from the soutli side of Leon Creek and about
3H miles from the moulh, marked -'K. N. Hal-
lock's norlh-west corner post," thence BOUth 80
chains.thence cakI »t clialns. thence north 8il
clmins, thence west («i chains to place of coin*
3. Commencing at a post planted on lhc cast
sideof thc west fork of Leon Creek nnd about
•i miles from the Fork, niarked "E, N. Hallock's
north-west corner posi," thence south »i c)inlnn,
thenceeast 80 chains,thence norlli MchnliiH,
thence west 80 chains to place of commencement,
i, Comincncing at a post planted about 8
chains east of the south-wesl corner of Limit B
on the west Fork of Lron Creek, marked "K.
N. Hallock's north-west corner post," Ihenco
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chnlns, thenco
north SOchains, thence west 80 chains to place
of commencement,
o. Commencing at a post planted about Jl
chains cast of the -south-west cornerof Limit
So. 4, marked "K. N. Hallock's northwest cor
nor Mat, thence south SOchains, thence cast
Hi cnains. thence nnrth 80 chain*), thence west
80 chains to place of commencemeni,
ti. Commencing nt a post planted on lhc
south side of Uon Creek and about nine miles
from the mouth, where said creek empties Into
the Arrow Uke. marked *'K. N. HallocV's
north- west corner post," thencesouth 4behaiim,
thence ea>t 100 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence wot IftJ chains to place of commencement.
Dated April Wrd. 1007.
wed mr 1 K. N. HALLOCK
Notiee is hereby given lhat 30 days aflor date
I intend to apply lo the Ohief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for ft special license to cut
and carry away timber from tho following do-
scribed lands sitnnted in the Lillooet District,
13 Commenolng al a pnsl plnnted on the
\vi">t side of small stream running snutli and
tributary to the north fork of Noith Barrloro
Lake and abuut four mllen norlli from ihe
forks, marked "A. Mc-JonncU'a N. \V. corner
Limit No. 13, Fisher Creek Hlock, running UKI
chains south, 40 chains eas', UKi chains north,
4o t hains west io place of commencement
II. Commencing at a post plunted ou tho
west side of small stream running south and
tributary to norlh lork of North Barrloro Lake
and about four miles north from lorks marked
"A. McCoimoU's S. \V. corner Limit No. 14.
Fisher ('reck Hloek " running 10CI chains north,
40 chains east, 100 chains soulli, 40 chain" west
to place of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1007.
15. Commeueiug at a po4 planlcd one mllo
soulh from creek running H. w.from head of
Fisher Creek and abont three miles south-west
from lake al hend of Fishor Creek, marked "A.
McCouneir-i S, W. corner limit Mo. lo, Klsher
Creek Block," running Id" chains north, 40
chains oast, 100 cliains soulh, bl chains west Lo
place of coinmencement.
lil Commencing at a post planted one milu
south from creek running 8 W from heud of
Fisher" Creek, and about It miles H. VV, from
lako at bead of Fisher Creek, marked "A. McConnell's S. K. corner Limil N i. Hi, Fishor
Creek Block,running UKi chains north,40 chains
west, IHO chains south, 40 chains east to place of
IT. Commencing at a post planted on the
north side of Kimillstn'aie running s W, from
head of Fishor ('reck and aboul 3j iniles ti. W.
from Lake at head of Fisher Crouk.inarkod "A.
McCoimoU's N. K. eorner Limit No. 17, Fisher
('reek Hlock,'' miming Ul cliains south, 100
clmins wosl, 40 chains north, Uiu chains cast tn
placu of commencement,
Dated Maroh27th,lO07.
N'dlec is hereby given ihat U0 days afler date
I inteud to npply lo IheCltlef Commissioner of
Lands and Works lor a speclt'l license to eut
and carry away timber from the lollowlng
described lands nil uated on McDonald Creek,
I'pper Arrow Luke, West KoJtenay distriet:
1. Commencing at a post marked "VV, It.
Itcid's south-west corner post," situated i.ear a
beaver meadow, about 7 mile-i from the mouth
of McDonald l reek, theuce north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence wost 8U chuius tu puiut of commencement,
2, Coinineneilig at a post pluuted at the
south-west corner of No. 1, marked "VV. It.
Itcid's north-went corner post," Uience soutli
80clmins, thence oastlJOchains, Ihence norlh 8ii
chains, thence wosl 8i chains to point of commencement.
3, Commenolng at a post planted at tbo
norlboiist corner of No. 'J, inarked "W. II.
Hind's north-west corner post," thonco south Stl
chains, thence casL Hi cliains, thence nnrth 80
chains, thenco west SO cliains to pointof commencement.
Dated May 25th, 10»7.
wed my '20
VV, it. HMD.
\JOTICE is hereby given Uml thirty days
1> alter date 1 Intend to unpiy tn tbo Chiof
Commissionerof Lauds and Works f*ir special
licenso to eut nud carry away timber rmm tho
following described lands situate tu Wost
Kooteuay district:
Commoneliig at ft pout planted at the muu b
ef Oanoo Hivor ami markod "E. Swllswr's
north cast corner post," tbenee west 80 ebains.
thonce soulh 80 ehniiis, Ihence oasl80 chains,
thouce norlh Hi chains lo thc point uf commencement.
Daled May ind, HJH7.
wod my at E. BWITZEH,
wed ap 24
Notice b hereby given Ihnt 60 days after date I
Inteml to apply In the llmi. Chief Commissioner
of Lands anu Works for permission to mindi-isc
the li'llitu in*,; descrihed IiiikIh In West Kooteuav
I) strict:
Cmnmencin** nt apost planled on the eastern
bank of the Columbia lllver ahoul * -(.mil h of a
mile below Priest Hapids iuul marked "K. It. W.'s
miiitii-east cornor," tlienci' north 1<I ehniiis, tlience
west 40 chains, theuce soulh 4<i chains to lliu hank
of the Columbia Hiver, thence hi a south-easterly
direction fullm*. int* tlie muiiiiiU-ringH of the Columbia Kiver to point of commencement, cmitaln-
hiK aliout 160 acres.
Dated March 60th, A.D„tlKi7.
wod will F. B. WELLS,
Hevclsluko Land District.
Districl of West Kootenay, H. C,
Take notice that E. Switifor, of Hen vermouth,
B. O,, occupation Prospector, Intends toapply
for a special limber licence over the following
described lands:-Situated in West ICootenay
Dislrict, H.C.
Commenolng at ft post planted at the mouth
of Canuo Kivor and marked "E. HwitzerV
north cast comer," thonce wost 80 cliains,
thonce soulh 80 chains, thenco cast 80 chains,
thonco north 80 chains to point of commence-
moilt, and containing ill i acres, more or loss.
Uated May 2nd. lfllff. wud my 21)
Notice ll hcieby glnn that 00 days after date 1
intend m apply to tbe llmi. lhe Chlel CmimiU
■inner of Latnli nnd tyoritl lor permission to imr*
chase tbe ddl-mina described lands In Went
Kooten*j district!
Cmmni* tiring at a post planted atthe north-west
cormr nl the Lime Kiln iM. running west40
chain-, thenca south 10 chains, thence east in
chsltm.thi-nrc nnrth 4o cliains to place of cob
Dun 'I March iM. iVul,
sat sp«       THOMAS BK1NNKU liCOTT,
Notice is hcruby given that Ilo days afler dale
I intend to make application to the Hon, Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission lo purchase the following described lands
situated in West Kooicnay district, on the west
shore of Cpper Arrow Lake opposite Nakusp,
Commencingat a postmarked "II. Nelson's
north-oast corner," thence wost 40 chains,
thenco south 80 ehains, tbenco cast 10 chains
more or less to lake shore, thenco north 80
chains following lako slioro lo pointof com
meneement, ooutaining 320 acres moro or less.
Datod this 2nd day o7 April, 1IKI7.
Norioc is hereby gi ven that 00 days after date
I Intend to make application to the Hon, Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fur permission to purchaso the following described lands
Hltualed In Wesl Kootonay district:
Commencing at a posl planted on tho wost
ahoro of Upper Arrow Uke opposite Nakusp,
It. C, and marked "F, Wilson's nouUi-misl
eorner," thenco west 40 ohains, thencu north 40
chains, thoncu east 40 chains more or loss to
lake shore, thence south In chains following
lake shore to point of commencement.
Dated this ind dayof April, 11)07,
sat ap 0 Harding Nelson, Agent.   I
In ll.o Kup.-e.ne Curt of liritlah Columbia,
In tl.o uiulier of ll.o Kautiu of John IC, Wood,
deceased, .....1 in the null ler ol the "Ollli.iul
Ad>.>inl*truli>i-*i Aol."
Take nutlco ll.nl l.y ...dm- nf Ili- Honor,!. ...
rorin, L. J., I..I..I.- lhe Illll. day uf May, IB07,1
waa anpiunicd uiliiii.iht.-uio>' of the (Minto of
.lohn li, Wood, dcccnac.l, uiul nil purlins Inning claims again*, ll.e auld eal.ito are horoby
reiiiiirod lo furnish same properly vcrllled to
n.e on or before ll.o SOthday u( Junu, IUH7.
Ami ull parlies Indebted to said cnlutu ure inquired Ui nay ll... uinuunl of ll.oir in.lcblo.lncss
lu .nc Iu.-tl.wllh.
Ollleiul Administrator.
llntc.1 tho iill. diy of Mny. HK.7.     w n.y 191
Ilevelstoke bind District,
Diatrict. of Woat Kooleiniy.
Tnk.i uotlco Unit Uuorgo II. CumphnU, of
Arrowhead, occupation Timbor Crulaer. Intends u. npplv Iur a speuial timber licence over
the following descrihed lau.li:-
Conxnuncing at u pnat plunled .... the soulli
side of U.l tMi about Ifi ohaini west uf Poplar
Crook, thonco west 2.1 chains, ll.e...... north ff.f
chain*, thence west 111. chains, thenoo south 11
olinlus, thence oimt. I.K. chain*, thence norlh 20
chains to point of cDiun.cnceuu.nl, and conlain-
ing IliO acroa. ...ore ...- Ies,,
And WhiMiuis in pin-simnco of the
i.ii.l By-litw the Oity EnKineer has
iiscertalni'il un.l determined tbe said
works nnd improvements und bus certified ns correct it plan or description
thereof, nnd h-.s mode tin estimate
..nil report of the expense or ..-..si
thereof, ..u.l has ascertained and determined and shown on suid plan und in
said reports what land (..- 1-....I property
will he Immediately benefited by the
proposed Improvements.
ind Whereas iu pursuance of the
said By-law thc City Clerk has ascertained and determined the proportion
in which tlio assessment is lo he made
..n tlie various portions uf laud in- real
property to bo benefited and has duly
made his report thereon to the Council and which report has been approved
of nnd adopted by the Council.
And Whereas notico signifying the
Council's intention to undertake such
Improvements nud ..f making tbe
assessment therefor has been published
and given as required by said By-law
and the Municipal Clauses Acl. niul no
petition bus been presented against
tho proposed Improvements.
"md Whereas $00,511,76 is the total
amount of the est of the said Improvements and is tlu-amount uf the
jrinclpal debt to be.cceatcd by this
And Whereas by sub-section 17 of
Section 230 of the Municipal Clauses
Act the Counoil is empowered in tbe
nnsc of by-laws passed for works payable by local assessment, in order in
facilitate tbe negol i.u ion of debentures
thereunder, to declare that the debt
or ..ny portion thereof is further guai •
anteed hy the Corporation at large.
And Whereas the total amount required to lie raised annually l.y special
rate per foot for paying the said debt
.iml inteiest thereon and for creating
a sinking fund for paying tho said
principal debt within 20 years, which
said debt is created on the security oi
the special rale as settled by this Bylaw, and on thai security only, and
further guaranteed hy the said Corporation nt large, is for inteiest
$1,075.68, .....I fur sinking fund
$3,703,88, making a total of $8,078.00,
And Whereas tlie total assessed
value uf the wh.de real property rateable under this By-law according to
the las. revised assessment roll is
And Whereas the Council is desirous
.I' passing a By-law for the purposes
TIIKiiDFOUKtho Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of
Hovelsti.ke enacts as follows:
1. That the said hereinbefore recited
estimates, plans an.l reports he
adopted and that the proposed improvements in constructing main and
.-.nn.uon sewers and the winks cm-
i.e.'led therewith through.mt the City
..I* Hevelsluke lie made, constructed
and carried out in accordance therewith,
llntc.1 May Illll, Illlli.
wed my '211
Applications will bc received up t.
noon of June 12th, lor thc position ot
Secretary-Manager of the Fruit &
Produce Exchange ol li. C, Ltd. Only
those with first class references and
commercial reference! need apply.
Addrc!-, W. J,Brandritli,Ladner, B.C.
Advertize in ll.e Maii.-1Ikhai.ii und
get tho Iiest result!,
2. That the land or real property
which is Immediately benefited l.v the
said Improvements shall he ih.it which
has been ascertained in the said plan.
and reports ol tho said City Engineer
and the shares or proportions In whicli
Un* said assessment Is to he made on
the various In.s or portion! of l..i-
lieuellied together Willi the uu....11.1
necessary In forin a sinking fund and
interesl shnll he as shewn l.y the report
of lhe said City Clerk which hinds or
real property and assess.... ni* are
hown In the Bald report ..I the said
City Clock and (In. suid lunils or real
property arid portion! of land or real
| property mentioned In said report i.f
- said Oity Clerk are hereby assessed
accordingly with the payment ..f the
amount as therein sei.mi opposite
oach said portion of bind or real pro-
perl y and lhe said report is hereby
adopted as the asses-iuent i-nllfni- the
purposes of ihis By-Law,
.'). The amount of tho speoial rate
assessed as aforesaid against each lot
or part of lot respectively shall bo
assessed, levied and collected ill each
yoar for 20 years after the passing of
this llv Law during which the debentures havelo run.
4. It shall be lawful for Iho Mayor
of the Corporation of the City ..f
Ilevelstoke to borrow upon the
security of the special rate hereby
Imposed and upon the credit »f the
debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, or bo.lv
...- bodiescorporate who may be willing
to advance the same, a mm n.t exceeding In the vv Iml.. the sum „(
$00,511,75 being the sum necessary for
tho work, and to cause all inch iunu
so raised or received In  he  i,„\,\  int,,
the hands ..f the Treasurer of the said
City for the purposes herein recited,
il. Fur the purpose ..f forming a
-i. king fund f..r the payment of the
snid debt ..ml the pay...ent ..f the
interest thereon al the rate aforesaid
its the same becomes due, there shall
he assessed and levied over and above
all other rates and charges the annual
sum of $8,078,(16 in each and every year
until lhe snid sum of $00,511.76 and
Interest Is fully by special rate per
foul frnntagp upon all the lan.l or real
property according to the respective
amounts hereinbefore recitod as set
forth in l he said report of tin-said City
(.'lork, such yearly rate to be assessed
and levied in each year al the same
time and in the same manner as
ordinary taxes are assessed and levied.
Ill, The anu.unt of the special rate
or frontage tax levied hereunder shall
he added t.. t'.e laxes for the financial
year in which such rale or frontage
tax is assessed and levied, antl such
Bpecl.il rate or frontage lax may be
e.if..iced au.l recovered in the same
manner and in every respect as ordinary land or real property City Taxes,
whether by lhe sale ..f tlio land ..." reai
property upun which the same attaches, or by registration, us a charge
upon such land or teal property, or
otherwise tw provided by the Municipal Clauses Act.
11. If lhe owner nf anv portion of
the said land or real property hereby
assessed shall desire to commute the
ipeclal assessment imposed hv .his
By-Law, he or she can do so by paying to the Treasurer of the Corporation, on or before the Fifth day of
December, 1007, the amount set opposite the real property, lots or purtlons
of lots mentioned in the seventh
column of the said report of the said
City Clerk.
12. Any amounts paid in commutation shall or may be invested according (.. tbe provisions relating to the
Investment »f the City Sinking Fund.
18, lt shall he lawful for the said
Corp..ration from time to time to
repurchase any or all of the said de-
henliu-esat such price or prices at or
below par ns shall be mutually agreed
11. The said debt as created by this
By-Law is herehy further guaranteed
hy the Corporation at large.
15, This By-Law shall cine into
force on the Second day of July, 1!»'7,
may bo cited as the " Locai Improvement Sewage Assessment By-Law No,
Head a lirst liinc thc 2lst dav of
May, 111(17. ,
Read a second time the 21st dav of
May, 1007,
Bead a third time, and passed, lhe
21st day of May, 1007, with the
iit1aui.no.is cunsent of the Council,
Reconsidered and linally passed and
adopted by the Coun-.il the
day of 1007.
City Ci.khk.
Take notico that the abovo is n true
copy ..f.-. By-Lam which is intended to
I..- finally passed and adopted by the
City Council for levying u frontage
i-aie I., pay for the construction of the
Improvement! therein mentioned and
thai the Assessment Roll as contained
In the report of tbo City Clerk, mentioned in the si.i.i By-Law, showing
tho rate and the lands or real property
linlileiopaythoia.no, togother witn
the names ..f Ihe owners thereof, is
now on file iu tbe office of the (ity
I'liikfinii Isopen for Inspection during office hours.
Tin- first silting „f  the c un of
Revision to revise tbe assessment will
be h.-l.l on Wednesday, June 12th, iwi
at the hour of 7.80 o'clock in the afternoon at ll.e Cily Hall, Hevelsluke, H.
C, for the purpose of hearing cum.
plaints against the assessment aa proposed by said By-Law, or the accuracy
of the frontage measurement or any
fihei-....... plaint which persons inter-
-sled may desire to make and which
l by law cognizable by the Court.
All .-0101.11111115 against lhe said
assessment musl be served upon the
City Clerk at least (8) eight daya prior
to the date of tbe first sitting of tha
Court of Reviiion,
Haled Mav 22, llkl?.
Oity Clerk.
Notice if* hereby given ihnl SO day. allcr dnlo
Inlend to apply u, lho Chief C0,„„,i*,|„npr „?
la.n.la and \\ orka or a special licence u, out
and . .rrv nw-ay timber rom the following
dc-cribed lands alHivc In Vale Dislricl:
It I .iinui.-iiciiig at a post planled ,| the
-...lli-cast corner ol No. 21, and markod "A. Nl.
S/moruTS, w, corner pwl," lheni-o north *1
C1.1111-, icii-c mat 80 ohalna, thonoo aouth so
ohalna. thonoo »e«i S3 ohalni to placo ol oom.
Dated »rd Mnrch, 1907.
Ties   tint]   Slippers  in
II1...1*. Oxfords,
, im. .....I black.
II...   New ('llllllll-
"Slai-tcigbt," are made
nature • funned  lust-*.
Ihey :...' stylish and dr.
IV    In.
I   this
and    gu.
IT I*- \ FEAT 'in i'l
|- FEET. WE (AN* Ud I'l
^EiD iSi Young
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke
*P    We arc Agents for the w
S famous    " International *V
Stock Food," *
*•£    I.ar-,'c stock kepi here, $
S     Write   for circular or *r
call and see it. W
f Canada Drug & Book Co, f
.1 II
•e al
.. gla..
ii try ill
A trial will eonvh.ee vuu
Ihey in-.-II... puiesl un.l besl
oi. the t.if.i-kcl. Try nur
I Hobson & Bell i
GrocerB, linkers.,- Confectioners
Pkait—At Revelst. ke, ll. ('.. May 27,
the wilt- ..i \V. II. Pratt, a daughter,
John Carlson, who was tnken
seriously ill hist week in the Oriental
Ilolel, and removed to the hospital
where he hns since been lingering,
suffering Irum cerebral disencos, died
early yesterday morning. The Itinera
took place this alternoon. The deceased had .. brother in town and
many Iriends. '
Messrs.  McPhnil  ..nil   A.   Horncll
i>.in. 45 .leg:..-*.
Local and General.
Wednesday,  May   29th.—For   21
hours—generally fine, cloudy, moder-,    . ,
,   i     ;  .      'i- .„„,„.,,■   7i ' wi   open  their new Bavoy ehe  ea
Btewesterly winds,    li-mp. inu.\   .1,         '      ,  . J,      .   .
.roomi and ice cream   parlors, just
completed ou .McKenzie avenue, on
  Saturday.   Thc new venture will no
'loiiht receive tlie patronage ol all
Ucvelstiiki- and shuuld prove a popular nud prufitable addition to the
city's husiness houses.
Evidently the firm ol Beneon &
Tucker have laitb in Revelitoke'a
luture, il their endeavor to arrange
their photo studio in lir.-t class shape
is any indication. They have enlarged
their operating room, operating light,
and added an up-to-date printing
room. Everything in evidence of petting out lirst class work in tlie short-
est possible time,
to re-
fir Wilfrid Laurier expect!
turn to Canada in August,
11. Manning will sell by public
auction complete lurnishingi ol a
Bnt-daas home June 20th. Particulars later.
Don't miss the May Festival; alter-
■ f tea and nil the dainties, Fish
pond I r ibe little i nes, Opera House
May 80th. Thursday afternoon, ad-
minion free,
May Pole, So Long Mary, Ribbon
Drill,... rus Irom Fans',instrumental
and -• cal selections, Opera House
May 30th. Evening admission 50c,
children 25c.
Horace Manning .has installed a
tine new 3-h p. gajoline engine lor
ice cream making. Revelstoke is
certainly getting up-to-date. Motor
. jiaes will he tlie next move, we hope!
The new organ recently purchased
by the Ladies' Guild of St. Peter's lor
the church Irom the cathedral- al
Calgary, arrived yesterday nud was
installed in tl.e church building.
Prol. I.ancereaux, a member ol the
Academy I Medicine, and one ol tin
greatest authontiei Tn France on
alcoholism, declares that the abuse pi
spirituous liquors is responsible for
.. new variety "f tuberculosis.
On Friday evening in the Methodist
churcli, at B o'cl ck, ti..- Epworth
League and ladies -1 the church will
give a congregati n il « cial  evi ning,
ill th. :i.-:..!-:-   I tl 8 C ugn . tti :.
are invited to lake thii - pportunity ..I
laying farewell to iheir paitor,
'i'o Buy ll liuuse.
To Relit 11  Hulls...
Building l.nis
To Buy Nice
close in.
To Buy
Splendid Print
Kincaid & Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
I*. K. Diinlop, government boiler
inspector, wna in town last Saturday
making an inspection visit to (he local
llrmi that operate steam boilers. Mr.
Duulop is an old G. P. R. engineer
and   a  hoilcr   expert    well  known
throughout the whole ol the province lift in the Kootenay  Lake w is nearly
and  has  given  general  satisfaction jas great,
wherever hc has visil.d,   being   ll.or
oughly fitted lor the important  poll
which he now occupies.
Orders for cake and all home mnde
dainties at May Festival may lo lelt
with Mrs. 11. A. Lawson.
In lhe private chamber uf Chief
Justice llui-ler ycB'crtlity, David
Grant beoamo His Honor, the junior
County Cnutt Judge for Vancouver,
James A. Dale, who was sentenced
In death last week lor the murder of
Joseph Cell and another nt Carmi,
near .Greenwood, Inst Ootober, passed
ihrough here on Saturday night tor
Kamloops in charge ol Cousin-Ies
Black and Dinsmore. Dale will he
hanged at Kamloops on July I8ih.
There is good reason lo anticipate
dangoromly high water ... tlie Columbia and Kootenay rivers wiib the
lirsl spoil of continuous wur... wo.ither.
The Arrow Lakei weie rising within
the past lew dayi at the late ol twu'
feel every twenty-lour hours nnd the
Biliior Miii.-llifin.....
Sm : We hear much of Into nbout
new trails .....I ninny would fain
ast-cu.'l llouni Victori.i on a puck
hor.*... lint in i.or eagerness for tho
0.-w, mny we .mt he forgetting ihe old,
I I't.lor I., the Ionian trail.
F i a mile or so, lumber po. pie have
kind!} substituted .. pood wagon rond
I. r it, but hey. ml tlnit for another
n.i'o it is .Iill'. -lilt in locate lhe trail
at times and exceedingly dillicult
to follow il unless one |...s
Swings to soar ..hove live trunks
and hrmh. Now wo cannot liiul fault
with the gov.'rnn.eul f r selling our
forests; were it not 'or tin. large sums
ot money obtained Irom their sale
wh.,t .....uld tl..- treasury do? Nolle... ive eon.plan, ll.nt ll.e I.....Ler...en
ti*.. what Ihey bate b ughtj ace .iding
lu»lheir evidence ..I the recuiit omit-
iuis*iuii ihey need the money badly
enough, lint nre we wli,i nre lond of
a tramp ..ml especially loud ul lhe
scenery  ..u.l  sport  of  ll.e Canyon,
II ■ Ifwily and (Inuse Creeks, exceeding
our privileges when wo ask that the
trail In. at least kepi passable,
Wgaiiy Willie.
Uililor Mmi.-IIuii.vi.ii.
Dear Sir,—Fur tlio iiitnnnaiinii of
all concerned, under the new timber
Act, kindly publish lhe following-,
A post .-.[..ai-e-.i to l inches utnl
planted nn n.e to l.e inscribed thereon
thus, (James Jones's N, E, enrner
post); a written or printed nolice
posted on said post, ns follows;
I, intend to apply for a
Special Licence to cut timber upun..
 ncres ol lund, bounded as follows:—Com mencing   nt  this   post
N.E. 8., in W clmins;
.....chains; tbenee	
tlienco ihains, and su on.
(Name in lull)
Agent lur (Name in lull)
 illll   .
Any furl her writing, other than tbe
al...ve, is'..nly superllunus matter and
is confusing when advertising. Forms
ilber than poit notices, are obtainable ai the Government dllce, wbeic
all further information will l.e cheerfully supplied on request.
Govt. Agent,
[Post  Notices, pi inld un linen or
paper e.in be obtained at tlie Mail-
Hkhald olliee, Ciiv.l
mA//         we will
JkW/A            BE (LAD
|5 0^           TOSHOWVOU
WIT                 -THISSTYLE
~            AT0UH.STOI«~
Ladles in 1
and Straw
new slock lias arrived
from uu.
rtllets arc
district. Mr.
bus taken the
will I.ni.d tliis
own corrsponrionl.
still coming inlo tbe
Burrell, ..( Kelownn.
Kennedy Ranch and
 Social and Personal
One ol the prettiest sights witnei
iu   Revelsloke  i ir ...any ;. day w.
seen un  Mra. II A. Urown'i lawn yesterday alternoon, when the May Pole     L   f   Morris
dancore, who will appear at the Opera visiting in th city I is i   k
House tomorrow night in thai old
tunc [rolic, were grouped in front ol
Photographer Trueman'! cami ra, 1 lie
...aids luoked very charming in their
.lui..ty white dresies while the
youthful pages and knight- preiented
a gay appearance.
■- .
A. Winder, ol Winnipeg, has been
in (..wn lm the pail week orso atti nd
ing to the affairs ol the late John  E
Ai.mI,    who   ilic.l    recently.
deceased was.,   native ol   Black|
Lancashire, England, and nol .( 8c. t-
land us originally stated.    He .-.
k. : sportiman while in England ai i   \|... j,
Rev. T. W, Hall, well known to the played at the Cryita Palace in sevi  i
Metl dilt connection throughout B.C. league football  matcbei  in  one    I
hai been appointed to the paitoi *-      , ,    l.e waa        ■ • injured in the
the Metbodilt ohurch in  Revelitoke   bend indnevei rea  . ercd
■;, m .- ... lay   Mr,  Wo dm irtl.   will  tbecffeeti     \ reiidenl ol I ■
Miss  Maud   Hyatt paid a
r parents
Mrs. I*.  \  II iggi ■   ■   erl
i      -        ,
Mn. G -  M      *-     - *■'■   *
... -i   in Ik.
M - Ha
M *-   Mcl   nm
within tl         - - ■■
. M
Mri   -
Empire Day, .May 24th, was spent
in holiday attire, the district turning
out ni niHisc on the Blind Uny beach
to epentl the day.    A varied and interesting programme  of  spoils   was
held during the alternoon,  boat and
...ii- races i irmed a specif.1 feature,
lite a large .......her of row- an.l  sail
.is are owned on lho bike, promin-
nt among which is the ii h.p, launch
.v. .ed by I.. T.   Morris.     Tea
ind  ■: ■ -i; inenti w.-re served  under
di   I  tl.e cotton  woods.    A
ce .md nipper in the new
• hall  brought  a vory pleasant day to
,     M        .M
I:..-   fishing   in   the hike has been
-   ...sou, the calches in ]
ng ai sl a record.
H. Cn       .1 ...    M rrii, ol   the
;  A    .  .•:>. ol   P.
I. ..:--. ki   were visitors
Hals and Bonnets
a nice lot in Sill.,
Muslin and Straw
Cloth and Leather
Short Coats
Long Coats,
Rain Coats
Ladies' Skirls in all
Misses' Skirts in I
and Serge
From $1.50 Up
$2.50 to $6
None better at tlie price
If you want something that will wear and look well, try " THE CLASSIC SHOE "
for Children—made by the people who devote their whole attention to producing (he best
possible for children.    We guarantee every pair.
Marriage Licenses Issued
Dwelling and Lot, SiiCOnd Street
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street   .
Dwelling and Lots, Third .Street ....
Lots'.in Second St., east of McKenzie Ave., each
Dots on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave.,, eacli   .
la.ls on Fourth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each
Lots on Fifth St., easl of McKenzfti Ave., each    .
1—2 and 5-acre Blocks suitable for fruit.
.    3KI
.   151)
reach a Ian evi . lerm ... b. I r. r. turn   over I
spool -,,
•■i- =
■   ..,-  -f.i     ...   Mr   \\ -. .1
st ..i that tt in Revelitoki
I oris
-.-  in a   Wl,
We hav.-  proven  by ex-
Excels bs a Medicine
Il is a  Blood  Purifier,
Tonicand Liver Regulator
FOR $1.00
Druggist and
AT :-
lln Daily Witneii, Muntri il, Hi.
"An •'..'. dingly ci erl oris
thai glv. n ... ii -• A.i Oallery on Wed-! tl -   -      i    -   c.eai
nesday night bj   M u   Enid   Minn   ■• cial    I good
poiicsied ol . i.-i.i.liiul nn./. .-soprano'ri
, iei ..-,,; fi charming itage p t ■   ■■ M   ■
Mils Martin ii oneol tl enn .1 po| u oand Mr.
Uingeri in the city,  an.l   u   w -  nm duel  •- M ■■    il    .nd  II   B. Kirk,
iitrprising on   VVedneiday   nighl   to  rending bj Mr  '       I in, reci
Hnd the Art Oallery i ipleiely filled tal I   i Ida Kerr, M -   '
hy alympathetlo audience.    All her nnd Mr. ll    I die p
..'... -,   .  the rendered  beautifully, oftho ilternoi i ev.
artiitic appreciation and tbe skilful  toover$60.
n-i- ol.. naturally sweet voice com
biniug to render the  pieces mosl
enjoyable.    At St. Andrew's churcli
il ihi l.aki Sell 'Mi- nl tins week.
uiqnel lo tbe Canadian
tem ii handed   it by the
* i   ,   . ree —
in bank, ri  and ftnnm
igl ■  ■   congratu ..*■
- upon  the   up«i
■ , ■   . -        ..--,. more
d    -  f the
.       .•   - en
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Sneolal.
New Copyright books at Bews'
Drug Slure.
Boneless Cooked Hani fresh in at
C. B. Hume & Co,
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Drop into the Savoy, McKenzie
Avenue un Saturday.
Insect Powder tor mosquitoa, at
Bews' Drug Store.
Huntley 4 Palmer's shortbread
biscuit! and all the .ither lancy
vurities, at C. B. Hume & Co's.
Revelstoke Cigars Union Made Our
Special, The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of all others.
Not too late to sprinkle yuur lawns
will, grass see.I. Hews' mixture ut
IOc. i'f pound in the best.
Ico cream, ice crcum lodas, lea,
coffee and icaion'i delicacies in the
Savoy elite rooms on Saturday,
So.... (hiug new, Huntley & Palmers
Fruit Cakes in one pound nml two
pound Inm-, ni 0, II. llunie & Co1!,
.... Monday, June 3rd,   Tick, t* 50c,
We are in receipt ol two excallenl
publications by the Canadian Pacific
Railway Company entitled ' ( hallongo
of the Mountain!," and "Fishing and
Shooting," beinq descriptive booklet!
ol the mountain scenery nnd attrac.
lions in I'm...dn, ami the wonderful
facilities for Bport and hunting which
hns iniifli the Dominion so popular nil
over the world. These hooks are profusely illustrated niul contain.... i...
- I'i ek'.- Bad Boy  attracted  i    i
crowd on Saturday ev.
.veil pleased with tho perlnr... nice,
Mr .Im Tayloi wai in town
I, Pu'iit'.--,' is enjoying a li
Vancouv ir
.1. n. MoOaghran is out on a hunting trip.
,\ number ol young people (rom
Revelst..I..• spent Victoria Duy 111
Three citnoeiarrived this week Iro...
.Mail Orders
3 al ilii* Store
I. attended
Kirk nnd .1. Pitblado
Mrs. Pitblado and   Mi.
mc.is.- slore of information r,f ovory Peterborough, Ont,, for ll, Smith, II
description lor tho use ..f louriiti and
sportsmen. Thoio publications shuulil
he ol great Interest .....I practical use
to all who visit Canada, depicting in
a lull yet condensed manner the win.-
tiers   ol   this   rich   Country,     These
booklets cnn hn bad oil receipt nl lour
cent! iu -tumps and mcntinniug the
Mail-Hebald, Revelstoke.
Ell.l   I'U
hludi, lelt, lor Los Angeles. Cnl, on K
visit to Mr. .Ins, Pitblado ...ul othor
Mr. nml Mrs. (lou,  Boyd attended
tin.   ilii.i.-.f   at   Boston  on Friday
A .I. li..iie effort   l.as  I.e.:..  begun
in tbe Interstate Cummeroe Com-
nion, to obtain  lor tho publio a
eduction In the rate ..( fa.e charged
"* i,y the Pullman C pany for In sleep.
ing cur icconimodatiun.    This is the
lirst time in the history ol  tl.e  com-
Jl:\vi;i.i;ns ANU Oi'iiciANS
Next to Iuprmal
Improperly fitted glasses are worse lhati
no glftHSGS ami neglected eyes ofteii mr.ins
Our Optical Dcpariimnii is in charge u
Mr. M. a, Hustings, Kef. I)., and positively guaruntuQ srilisfuction,
It has boon proven that (70 por cent, of
headaches aro caused by defective eyes
ami ii does nol follow that because 'you
bavo good eyesight that your eyes arc not
defect ive.
Have your eyes attended to now and
save trouble and expense.
Will be icceived up to May 31st Ior
the completion ol tbe painting ot the
outside ot Windsor Hotel.   Lowest, or
any lender nut necessarily accepted.
May 22, 1111)7.
,- ntr . -   --iii-   Ihe  de-
tl.   I    uineta and through the
branch banks it Iu ■ tans
: distributing and c.    - . .
■ i   .  .   but of placing
m .1 credit ol tif'- main
■   ■,,.,, i - , . i   be used hi
tl.e boil  --1 tntage.
"The superiority ol the lyitcrn over
on.-, i- -, i,.i mtly .-.oil. t..| bul il a
lin ..ml ilreis ihould como
It wnl be ii'-inoii-iri-.-.l in a striking
laihion that ought to teach us a
"Cfiiiiolii is justly proud and Or.n-
lid....i,... her banki, an I our loose.
jointed nnd e.iiinlierso....' system is ii
cause, ill continual dliiatislaotlon and
is likely to he one of humiliation
Whon put lo a severe lest "
llriihnni Wnlers, Hneiely  tail,  Sodas
und V.n.illa waters, in I'..*  packages,
at C. B. Hume A Co,
mm--.,.., that proceeding! have heen
broughl against the Pullman Company
and prom lies tu he of more than
ordinary importance.
It wai announced today that at
tin n . ularly monthly mooting ol tho
lsiar.1 of directors ol ll.e Erie Railway
the resignations ol Jamoi J ll.ll and
I) 0 Mills, which bad heen before the
board lor n long tin e, were accepted.
To fill the vacations James N. Illll,
ri. i- pre Idont ol the Northern I'ucilic,
.mil (igddii Mills were elected Mr,
ll.ll was also elected a ineu.lici ul lhe
executive committee to till the vacancy
oauiod   liy    Ihe    d'-ntli  "I  S.i el
Owing to tl... shortage '.I   eo..l
during the last year, and the inability
.il ilu- company  to cope with tbe
suualion, the Pacilic Cousl Ci.inp.i.iy
will import 28,0!i0 tons ol conl In in
Newcnsfle, Australia for iloinislic use
in Scuttle mul Portland The conl to
I... imported is known as tl.o Hepburn
and is nf.. very high grade, being lar
superior to the coal obtained from tlie
local mines,
Hot Weather
Iinil. Powder Talcum Powder
Knlh Npoiu'cs
Rubber Hath Nn.nigcs
lly-l... Talcum Powder
VioI.'I A in..nia
Pci'l'ii.ncd Toilet Soap
Citrate Magnesia
Health Snlh.e
S ".Iiinn  I'liosphale
A full supply always on hand
Red Cross Drug Store
Mnil Ordor,. Rornivn Prompt Attention
wanted A BUYER m
KiO acroi first-class FittiiT Land
ou Arrow Lake, 20 acres cleared,
15 acres now ready Ior crop —
Frame Dwelling (live room!,)
chicken homo and barn (h tiding
lour teams.) Plenty ol cord wood,
just two miles from town. An
ideal spot for poultry and a good
market where top prices are paid
lur nil kinds of v. gelahlcs, Iruit,
egga, etc.—Pkioe $4,000.
1 havo also large and smaller
acreage suitable Inr Iruit close to
market. For full particulars
apply to,—
l,*IOU NALK-27S acres, situated on
I' Salmon Ann near Nicainoiis, ff'Si
per acre. Apply K, A, Harris A Co ,
VlctOI'Ill, H.C.
FOR RENT—Furnished liuuse in
central locality,   Apply Box HI).
auspicci ol Knox Church
Ladles' Oulld
MAY   30,
l-lxl.il.iii.il. of Ladies' Culinary Ari.
Harness neatly repaired.
New harness ninde to order on the
shortest notice.
Al, kinds of Whips and Stable requisites kept iu stuck.
Logging ..ud Team Harness ..
Oppusile the Union Hotel
Six room house with
and modern plumbing,
Half no acre of garden, good fence.-
$1700,00, Easy terms. For further
particulars apply tn W. B. It..I.e. turn.
MACHINE   Shop   Maehineiy for
sale cheap, or plant if desired.
p, or
Apply to J. 'l'URNKn, Pense, Sask.
WANTED — Everyone  having a
house to sell or rent to list it
with me.   I am flooded with ......nines
fnr house properties.   Phone, call, ur
drop me a curd with full deseiiplion
and purchase price, or rent required.—
E. A. Hnggen, Renl Estate and Ins....
.nice Agent. Revelsloke, B, 0.
WORK WANTED-,],ip„,„.H,. hoys
want any position; adapted to
any work: have bad
hotel and house work,
max hotel.
experience in
Apbly at Oil-
ANTED--A   dining room girl,
Leland Hotel, Nakusp, $80 per
WANTED—At once .. Dininernoni
girl.  Apply Omental HOTEL,
r|!0 RENT—For one or two gentlemen, twu rooms In Central joca.
liun. Apply at Mail-Heiialu,


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