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Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use there is nothing so
wholesome and so pure as HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
Provincial   Library
of operation snd perfection
ts produced, ibis Machine
i.ssed— Phice: WuOOnish.
eridfr Publishing Co, Agents
Vol. 14.-N0 10
$2.50 Per Tear
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
A Few Facts About the Different
Kinds We Have at Present
Huntley   &   Palmer's
doubt the best made.
Biscuits are   without
We are the only direct importers from the
factories in town.
We always carry over 30 different varieties in
stock and one trial will convince you of their
excellent quality.
We also have Christie Brown's Biscuits of
all kinds.
Lemon Biscuits and Ginger Snaps in Barrels
— i2}4c. per lb.
We have Foley, Lock and Larsen's Biscuits
in packages at 12 Viz. or in bulk at 25c. per lb.
We not only carry first class brands of biscuits, but all our other lines of Groceries are
guaranteed and can be thoroughly relied upon.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
ran fsurU Ar-***fctc Dally.    Dreesmakln*, and Millinery Rooms, 2nd near
Young Folk Entertained at the
Lawson Ranch.
Mr. li. A. Lawson gave a Valentine
party to about thirty little ones of the
city last evening. At 7 o'clock two
double rigs, filled with as jolly a party
of youngsters as ever were gathered
together, left tbe city for Mr Dawson's
ranch, two and a half miles east. The
sleighing was perfect, the evening
bright and clear, and tbe young guests
ot Host Lawson were in splendid
health and voice, in fict so much
voice that during the drive through
the city, men and women were observed rushing to the front doors of their
bouses to see and hear the cause for
all the commotion on tbe streets of
this  otherwise   peaceful   city.     The
party reached the ranch residence before 8 o'clock where they were entertained for a couple of hours with
games and music. Mrs Lawson had
a tasty luncheon prepared for the little
ones who, after tbe drive and entertainment, were just ready for the
dainty thinks ol tbe table. At 10
o'clock the retum to tbe city was
made, where the youngsters were delivered safely nt their homes after one
of the most enjoyable outings of the
season and with their hearts full of
gratitude to their genial host.
St. Valentine.
Yesterday was St. Valentine's day,
a day of comedy and love, looked forward to by all youngsters, and also if
the truth was known by mature individuals. It brings remembrances of
childhood, of the love we held lor some
pretty little girl in pigtails and of the
terrible anger of 'Muggsy" Jones when
he received the "homely" valentine we
Bent him. Good old St. Val is accountable for mueb bappin ss in the
world, and helps bind humanity to tbe
good old maxim of "remember others."
The interest in Valentines is on the
increase than otherwise, the drug
stores reporting large sales both in
comic and convential designs.
H Great Cut in Enameko Mare A
For this week we are offering some great bargains in Stranksy Ware
and in some of our Best Lines of Blue Ware.
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles, No. 0, $2 00 Sale Price $1 25
Blue Enameled Tea Kettles, No. 8 $1.75 Sale Price $1 15
SloplPails, $2.50   Sale Price $1 90
Preserve Kettles $1.25  SalePiice    OOc
" '•      Preserve Kettles $1.00 .   Sale Price    80c
'• '*      Dippers 40c SalePiice
" "      Ewers, 75c       -Sale Price
Ewers, $175  Sale Price $1 30
Pie Plates, 85c  SalePiice    **-
" "      Pudding Pans, 45c Sale Price
" "      Pudding Pans, 50c Sale Price
" •'      Lipped Sauce Pans, $1 26 Sale Price
" "      Lipped Sauce Pans, 75c Sale Price
'*      Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1,00.  ..Sale Price
" "      Decorated Tea and Coffee Pots $1.25—Sale Price
Quite a ntimlier took advantage of our Sale of Nickle-Plated Ware
last week and are watching for our next Sale.
See Our South Window fur These Bargains.
Longboat Wins—Natal Act Disallowed— Krao Consolidated
—Fire Chief Dies—Money
Boston, Mass., Feb. 15.—Tom Longboat, the Indian long distance runner,
who is to represent Canada at the
Olympic games in London next summer, won the ten mile relay race at
the Park Squat e Coliseum last night,
defeating three men.
Ottawa, Feb. 15.—The Dominion
government baa disallowed the Immigration Act to which assent was given
ou Tuesday at Victoria. The first intention of the government, was to
allow the measure to stand, but the
elimination ol tbe clause limiting its
operation to immi rants with respect
to whom no .Dominion legislation had
been passed, brought it into direct
conflict with existing Dominion laws,
thus rendering it ultra vires
Spokane, Wash., Feb. 15 —Canadian, Montana and Spokane mining
men have reached a tentative agreement lor the consolidation will) a
capital of $2,000,000 of tbe Krao mine
with adjoining properties nt Ains-
worth, B C. The Krao company was
floated at Butte last year 1 it a capitalization of $600,000.
New Yokk, Feb. 15.—Deputy Chief
Charles W. Krugerg, known for many
years as "the grand old man of the
fire departmer t." lost his Hie yesterday
while lending his men in a desperate
fight against flames In Canal street.
Chicago, Feb. 15.—Reports gathered
from all sections yesterday show a
general return of prosperity over the
United States. Merchants have resumed buying and paying debts, Collections are better, factoi ies everywhere are resuming, hu Iding ma'erial
is in better demand and the steel
tr.ide, the real barometer, bis improved.    Money is again free.
Contest Will Take From Six to
Nine Months.
New York, Feb. 14 —Six automobiles started Irom the Times square at
11.15 a.m. yesterday on the race to I placer grouud in the Fraser River near
Pai is by the way ot Behring Straits. Lillooet have been bonded by a syn
The departure was witnessed by a! dicate of Boston capitalists. Tbe lirst
great throng of people and the racers . payment was made to-day by F. H.
were followed up Broadway by  several; Downs, their representative  who is in
Boston Capita. ,   uii
QrKSNEt, Feb 15,—Three  miles  of
Will the Provincial Government
Apply New Natal Act.
Vancouver, Feb. 14.—According to
advices just received iu the city, tbe
steamer Monteagle, due in Vancouver
on Feb. 22, has on board 200 Hindoos
who expect to land here. Their coming will be watched with more than
ordinary interest as it is understood
that the recent order-in-counoil of the
Dominion government does not apply
to them and that the local Dominion
government does not apply to them
and that the local Dominion immigration agent will not take any steps
to prevent their landing, provided
tbey come up to the usual requirements of that department.
Tbe interesting point is as to what
action may be taken by the provincial
government, now that tbe new Natal
aot is in force. Tbis aot clearly applies to the Hindoos and tbe question
of its application will become a live
Already the provincial police have
received instructions that they have
been appointed immigration ollicers to
carry out the provisions of the Natal
act and I heir duties will commence
with the first incoming vessel.
Natal Act in Force
Vancouver, Feb. 12.—The next Jap
or Hindu who breaks into tbe milk
and hooey pastures of British Columbia will have to be a past master ot
the English language. The Natal Act
of the Conservative Government of
this province, signed on Wednesday
by the Lieutenant-Governor is in lull
force and operation to-day, and its
provisions will be carried out to the
Copies cf the act full instructions
and regulations have been furnished
to every provincial constable in British
Columbia, and to-day the entire
border line of the province is a barrier
behind which no alien who is unable
to satisfy the officers tbat be ie entitled to enter the country may set
Every boat re.cliing British Colum-
hi,, from a forngn port and every
1 rmi entering the province isasnbject
to and will be inspected by the 111 mi"
gration officers, ^
hundred automobiles.
Three French cars, one German, one
Italian and one American started in
the race.
Estimates vsry as to the length of
time the race will require.     From six
tbe city, accompanied by a well known
mining expert, Mr. Percy Williams.
The ground was recently inspected
by Mr. Williams, who expressed his
ability of building a type of dredge
capable of handling   the   gravel   and
to nine months, it is   believed, will be saving the   gold.     Efforts   by   other
consumed.     All   the drivers are con- companies in the same vicinity in ihe
fident ol   reaching   their   destination past have been   unsuccessful.     It   is
through the fields of Alaska   and   Si- understood   that   the list dredge will
beria.     Steamers   will   transport the be in operation   early   this   summer,
Choice Building Plot, Second 8treet, 50 x 100 feet.     —$ 550
Corner on Third Street, 125 x 100 feet. - -$1400
Two Inside Lots Fifth Street, 60 x 100 feet. -      — 300
Two-Acre Blocks suitable lor Fruit, adjoining city
Per Acre - $100 and $160
Inter-Imperial News Agency
Vancouver, Feb. 14.—Mr. William
Skeene, Secretary of the Vancouver
Board ol Trade, haa received numerous
favorable replies to tbe resolution
passed by the Board advocating the
estarjl'shment of an Inter-Imperial
News Agenoy.
Amost them are notably tboee ol
Lord Strathcona and Sir Wilfrid Lau-
rier, both ol whom stated that the
matter is receiving their best consideration.
The London, (England) Chamber ol
Commerce received the proposed most
sympathetically and is quite willing
to give its co-operation in tbe matter,
The Chambers ol Commerce, repre
senting Bristol, Liverpool, Sheffield,
I,eioe«ter, Edinburgh and Dundee,
entered their emphatic approval of
the demands ot Canada (or such e
Japanese   Might Have   Sent
Toronto, Feb. 14—Speaking at tbe
Empire. club yesterday, Dr. G. R.
Parkin said the time will come when
Canadians will give freely their shire
towards the cost of protecting the empire, not because of Britain's need, hut
because people will be ashamed to enjoy British protection without psying
their share (or it.
Re said a lesson was recently given
in this coon try by the riots in Vancouver, when British subjects were
victims ot riots in China the subject
was discussed by Chinese and British
under the guns ol British war.hips,
and il Canada was led to herself the
Vancouver riots would hsve been
discus.ed under the guns of Japanese
men ol-war.
machines from San Francisco to  Val
dez, Alaska, and from   Nome  to  East
Cape, Siberia, across Behring Strait.
C. P. R. Staff Changes.
Winnipeg, Man., Feb. 14.—A number of changes of district superintendents of the Canadian Pacific railway
are announced, and one new superintendent is appointed The new appointment is tbat ol Allan Purvis,
formerly chief clerk to F. F. Busteed,
ot tbe Pacific division, whose head-J
quarters will be at Souris.
G. Erickson, superintendent at
Cranbrook, is transferred to tbe (ores-
try department ol the company. J.
Brownlee, superintendent at Moose
Jaw, succeeds Mr. Erickson at Cranbrook. J. G. Taylor, superintendent
at Fort William, goes to Moose Jaw to
succeed Mr. Brownlee. G. E. Graham
superintendent at Souris, is transferred to Fort William, and Allan Purvis,
ol Vancouver, goes to Souris to succeed Mr. Graham.
Tbe re-arrangement of duties Oy
which Mr. Driekwater resigns to become tbe company's accredited diplomat, to be succeeded as secretary hy
W. R. Baker, was formally approved
Mr. Drinkwater became senior assistant to the president, and Mr. Baker,
secretary and assistant to the president.
Winnipeg Refused Credit.
Winnipeg, Feb, 14.—It was learned
yesterdsy that banks have declined to
advance money to the city (or current
expenditures (or the present year. Tbe
amount required is $3.2..0,000, which
includes the overdraft of the Dank of
In view of the decision the city will
place debentures on the market at an
early date.
and that other similar devices will   be
utilized as fast as they can be  built.
Britain Insists on Inspection
Montreal, Feb. 14.—A special London cabin Bays Hon. Sidney Fisher's
declaration that the law preventing
the fraudulent marketing of apples
should be more strictly enforced i.-i ds
somewhat to mollify widespread dissatisfaction among the English importers at Liverpool and London.
" It is unquestionable,' an organ ot
British trade says: "that the practices
ut many Canadian exporters this
season have shaken confidence in
Canadian barrel-branding.
Mr. Ruddick's official explanation
that tliive:-i.ment. inspection is. only
incidental and very partial, and does
not after al! pretend 10 insure honesty
has come hb a complete surprise to
the trade. Trade journals ask why
then has there been all this diss at
Ottaws about -inspection which was
desoribed as a complete safeguard
against (raud of all kinds.
__ r
Chinese and Jap Children Separated From White Children.
Vancouver, Feb. 14.—A long contemplated change in connection with
the teaching of Orientals in public
scho Is has taken place in the Central
school, when all Orientals above the
age of sixteen were weeded i ut from
the other pupils and segregated iu an
apartment by themselves. There are
aboul forty of these, mostly Chinese
and ranging in age from between sixteen and twenty years. The policy of
keeping the old -r Oriental pupils
separate from the white children will
be followed from now 011 in the above
named school, which is, in fact, the
only local chool in which the question had reached the proportion of a
problem, more Chinese attending this
schi ol than any otherT)n account of
the proximity of the institution to the
Chinese quarter.
Provincial Jails Are Filled
Unless there is reformation among
the criminal classes or they betake
themselves to more sympathetic communities, it lookB as though the Provincial Government would soon have
to build more jails. The Provincial
jail at New Westminster is overcrowded and to-day fourteen prisoners
were transferred from that institution
to the jail at Victoria. With this
addition to the number of its occupants the Victoria jail will ho full.
It is possible that the Government
may order the re-npening of the jail at
Nanaimo. which has been closed for
some because of the lack of patronage.
Bourne Bros.
The Largest stock  and
will be found in our Store.
the   greatest variety
Just imported from England a shipment of
Lipton's celebrated Jams, Pickles, Vinegar, bottled
Fruits, Soups, Blanc Mange Powders, Teas, etc.
We also make special mention this week'of
guaranteed Pure Maple Syrup, in gallons, quarts,
and bottles. Maple Sugar, Buckwheat Flour in
Cartoons and Bags.
Huntley and Palmer and Christie's Biscuits,
Cadbury's, Webb's and Robertson's Chocolates.
Bourne Bros.
Coal on the market.
$9.00 per ton is the cheapest
They start fire as easily as dry wood and bust as long as hard coal.
Can be used in Furnaces, Cook Stoves, Heaters,  Self Feeders and
open grates.I
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
will*ftU your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
woiaone bank  building.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office)—Toronto, Ontario.
Brunches  Id the Provinces of Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Colombia, Ontario, Quebec.
Oapital Authorized
Oapital Paid Up
Reaerve Fund
D. R. Wilkik, President
•    »*,860,000.00
Hon. R. J AFFRAY, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Draft s sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Bevelstoke Branoh, B. C—H. T. Jeffrey, Manager
Explosion Causes Panic.
Medicine Hat, Feb. 14.—A moving
picture machine in the Idle Hour
theatre blew up last night, when the
place was densely crowded. Fire broke
out and a panic ensued. Coats and
hats were lost in the wild rush for the
door and several ot the audience were
trampled upon, but all escaped serious
injury with the exception of the lessee,
Chsrles Nes-, whose hands wer.- h ir<
rihly burned, snd who is at pre-ent in
the hospitsl. The theater was gutted
hy the Haines
Everybody will benefit hy mir «ale
of Malta Vita, 10c per package, next
week only—C. B. Hume & Co,
Sees End of Panic
Victokia, Feb. 14.—That the peritd
of financial depression Is practically
over and that it has not shaken the
belief of English capitalists in the
advantages of investing in securities
on this side ni tbe Atlantie, is tho
declaration ol Sir Edger Vincent, of
London, England, one of the foremost
financiers ot Europe. Sir Edgar arrived iu Seattle yrsterday alter visiting San Francisco and Portland on
his toil'' 01 'he United States.
If vour cold and
we have a coliiihdr
you wonderluily.~C. R. Maodonald
Oi ukIi   keeps   on,
p which will   help
Field Notes.
From Our Own I 'orrcsDonrlcrit
The members of the Field Snowshoe
Club, had a very enjoyable tramp on
Tuesday evening. The party assembled at Mr. A. W. Clark's otlice aud
started 1 IT on thu trip just at 20k, tbe
evening being favorable, and tbe moon
light was perfect. Ibe party was lul
by Sidney Unwin and went up
Vobo road for a distance, then
onto the river Hats, then along the
river banks, through the trees and
hushes, climbing over logs and up
steep places back to tbe road again.
Ou tbe return the same route waa
followed. It is said that one ot tht
members thought bis snowshoes Urge
enough to allow bim to walk on the
water. We are sorry to say be was
mistaken and lhat he came borne
with a >»ir of wet feet. Not the least
enjoyable feature of the evening was
the repast of baked  beans,   etc.,   pro-
tided (or the club, at the borne of Mrs.
Jos III 11:. hn. There were in all
eighteen members on tbe tramp. Tbe
next will take place on Friday evening.
Miss McLennan, who haa been for
some time at the home ol her brother,
Mr. J. D. McLennan ol this place, has
returned to Vancouver, where she is
doing private nursing,
Mr. Fred Lavell and his sister   Mrs.
, .Stewart, who were here on the   occaa-
thei ion of the death of their   sister,   Mrs,
off C. W. Wykoff, have returned to  Winnipeg.
Mr. and Mrs. George Salmond, have
gone to live in Winnipeg.
Mrs. Owen ot tbe Mt. Stephen house
has not been well for some time and
hu gone to stay lor a time at the
Banff Sanitarium.
Mr. R. J. Murdock, after spending a
three weeks holiday at the coast, has
returned to bis work in tbe roundhouse.
Mr. T W.Taylor, elerk in 1. D.
Carlin A Co's. store, h.s returned Irom
Out irio where he was visiting his
London,   England.
LARGEST   SALE   OP   HIGH   GRADE   TEAS   AND   COFFEES   IN   THE   WORLD.       ANNUAL   SALES   $14,000,000.00
Hbe  iTDail-lbcralb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy.        Harold Fisher
Barrlftera,! sol c tors, Etc.
('. E. QlUAlt. J. (t. BU.IOTT,
Orricas :   Im -kiiia!.   Bank   Block,   Kkvei.-
• stoke, B.C.
Money to loan.
Offices: Revelstoke, Ii. C.l Cranbrook, B. C.
Ueo. 3. McCaktek,
4. M.  BlNKUAM, J. A.  HAKVEY,
Revelstoke, B. C.        Cranbrook, B. It.
J. M. Scott 1.L.D W. I. BriKirs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc,
Money to Loan
solicitors KiVn M0L8ON8 Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
ASSAYE    .t chemist
Assay   ol all Ores.   Pam)iles by mail or express
receive prompt attention.
Terms Moderate.
Addbess      •      •     -     Boxi.t! Kasi.o, B. C
will sure moan disaster. Altogether
too much is being made of the panic
idea. The present suspension of activities in so many lines has as little to
do with "panic" as it has with u hundred other factors in the economic
situation. The industrial organizition
of the world while it hits evolved on
simple principles is characterized by
a closeness of relation between its different partB that tbe disproportionate
advance of any one of these parts will
dislocate, to a certain extent, other
things. The prosperity of II. 0. 1ms
been too great for its ready oapital
and consequently the price of every
commodity bus risen. Such a state ol
things must of necessity soon rec
tify itself, but meanwhile, despond
ency and a too tight grip on the
almighty dollar will ly no means help
to relieve the situation, Extra work,
harder rustling and perseverance, with
a sanguine and cheerful countenance
will do more to eliminate the severity
of the situation than all the disgruntled grumbling of which we are capable. Don't jump at rush conclusions
in any matter, whether commercial,
financial, industrial 01 muni ipal and
learn those who arc winking out their
own plan ot action in our midst lo
carry out their ideas, which are all for
the best, unhampered by needloas in
terfereiico or criticism.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sm veying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 108, Revelstoke
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
STCDIO-At   Mrs.   J.   0.   Hutchison's   Con-
naught Avenue.
Mining, Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee xnd Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans. Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber,
B.  C.
Black 2ri
Watch ritT
The big black
plug chewing tobacco.
Cbe flDaiUlbevalo
TLere i- so xuch bad in the be-t nf OS,
Aa'i so moc-i g'Ksi in the worst of u-.
Tb.t it hardly lj.ho.iTes any of us.
To talk ab-itit the re-t of oa.
In these days of fast living and
strenuous conducting of our business
affairs, where the course of our career
is smooth and prosperity and good
tiri.ee follow in our path, we are all oi
ue too prone to ("rget the future, and
what might be, in our desire to make
the ni-ist of life and we give but little
heed to the warnings of those mho,
Ies. sanguine and buoyant, look into
the diitsnt future and fi rsscc tlie
ahad'iw ol calamity, of hard times and
privation. Tn preach hard times in
the days of prosperity would be considered the action of a crank or a
pessimist, yet bow few of us really lay
up store for   a   rainy   day, or for any
unexpected contingency that may-
arise to cause us to feel the pinch of
care. We most of us live up to oui
incomes, and many beyond them, and
it is only when times such as are upon
us now, th-it we stop to think of retrenching and in i" [um..dale ourselves
if possible to the circiimslancs. We
are apt however to look on the worst
side of things and to jump at conclusions, not knowing what to do or
how to think and this does ivin more
damage   tn   a   Community   than  the
commercial depression itself. Winn
times are dull there is all tho more
need ol our getting busy and showing
the "lull ire an- made of, (or if we
allow ourselves In succumb to gloomy
thoughts   aud   dull   ways, the  result
Wherever the largest crowds congregate it is there that the greatest
danger to human life lies and when
buildings arc erected that are specially
intended to be ueed for publio pur
poses, particular precautious should
be taken during construction to pro
vide facilities for easy and rapid exit,
without causing danger to a crowd
while using them. Some of the most
ghastly and fatal tragedies have occurred, attended with considerable loss of
life in all parts of tbe world from fires
breaking out in public places resulting in the panic of tbe audience foi-
lowed by the usual holocaust. Where
the public are assembled, very little
is ieqtiired to create a panic, and bucIi
being the case every precaution should
be taken to prevent massing at the
exits both of floors and galleries. In
theatres and halls each gallery should
have one or more exits both to outside
stairs and tire escapes, and correspon
dingly each section of the lloor plan,
so that crowdB cannot converge together in a niasB which invariably ends
in loss of life. Windows should not
be barred or wired und all doors should
open outwards, and exit signs placed
in prominent positions. Were these
precautions adopted there would be
fewer deaths and less chance uf the
terrible fatalities happening that have
of late told their own story Fire is
our greatest enemy in this city and
the owners of public hhlls and thosi
who rent them or otherwise draw i
crowd to them should be held respon
sible lor the safety of the public attend
ing them and should hj compelled
adopt every precaution against lire, or
other causes of panic, and so prevent
personal injury and possible loss i
Did She Do It ?
The following lias appeared in many
exchanges, but we can claim tu be in
possession of tlie original facts just as
they happened, us well ae the copy and
sketch of the window:
An incident at Windsor, Eng. Mrs
Marshall, a widow, went into the
laundry business, she had her sign
painted upon the shutters ol her
front window, like this
No.      1
Mrs. Mar        shall
All work
done.   Open
See specimens'
at 11 u'el oil
III tins mini.,-A
The next morning she went out to
see what caused a large crowd lo wall
in front of her window, she found tba
left hand shutter had been blown back
hy the wind and the sign hardly read
as she meant it sin,old, although n
accounted for the presence ol the
Fire Alarms.
Ml.   I   Mill..   MAI.I..
Box 1—Near Woodrow's butohershop
" 3—Near   E. A  Rradley's  ami \
T,   Edwards'   residence, 2ml
street, west.
"  •! — B.   A     Lawson'a  curuer, ii|,|,
Cowan  Hock.
■   -Call frum Fire Hall Nu 2
nu  2 mil. IIA I.I.
Box 2—Alarm a' Nn 2 Fire Kail
"  (i—Mrs. I,illlc's lesiili'iiee 2nd si  I,
" 8—Opposite  tl"'   lluiuiiii Ci.thnl n
Church, Mi'h'iii/i" .ive. W s| „
" 7_At Canada Drily corner,
" H—Opposite   <lu-1ii ii   rJouso in, |
Opera   House,  und   mil In,   ,
" 9—Revelstoke Club cornel,
Opera House
Messrs. Willis and Cosgrove, well
known to Revelstoke playgoers, have
bunked quite an exceptional attraction
at the opera house foi Wednesday,
Feb. 26th, in tlie person of Mr. Robert Qantbony, with it brilliant coin-
puny of supporter, including MisB
Hazel Stiminore, Miss Dorothy Fairfax, L.R.A.M. fur the pianoforte, Miss
Rose Manners, vocalist and Mr. Fred
Hewitt. This is the tirst time Mr.
Giintliony has had the pleasure of
appearing before the Revelstoke public
but bis name will be well known to
ma iy in this city, he having a world
wide reputation us an enterti,im r.
being an ever welcome favorite in several continents. Mr. Qantbony has
bud t .e honor of appearing before His
Majesty King Edward on several
Gus Hedstrum  Finds Pay Gold
in Quesnel River
We are in  nvi ipi       i  bi   ' from
Qua   Hedstrum    of     this   city    who
ia     now      ai      Quesnel,     Cai
in   connection   wi h    the   Dominion
Government   work    a-     Cotl  nwood
Can) m, Fraaer river,     lor.— nr,< to
an   article   in I
called    'Black   3a
while at Q ies
de.-.r.    d in  thi
,1'l'il       .:. . -
.i.i „
an old ; la. I
all over the
the - dgi
,  - i ..
an old pii ni lies
his I'll'
owing to nick ol " •
t.'-.k   Mi.   Hedstrum   up b
where he ; -i I black an
miller   ourrent .' half
a   gold pau full.     He *
quicksilver,   [ which an ai        I  ia al
left, out of i be sand,   After mat
I,,  washed it  thoroughly snd       thai
way   treated    aboul    tout     pc
unit I'l-r makin •   i    imalgs
a button  weighing 1110.18  betides a
great deal ni platlnu      rhioh in I    I
line strings it no p ins
.md which In- b   ' ''• mg
Ail 'Im t.lui'k sand h i • '-  n run before
through  boxes   with   riffles   ,
ven-'l   and   ninl''    current tnd     I i
color nl gold i« i Isible srii h   I
Remember out tale ol Mall i Vll •
will nn1 last one sreek al 10c ; -1
packftfi     C. B. Hume
C. W. O. W.
Mountain   View Oamp,  No. 229.
Meet* Second ami H'.-ui-i li Wodnn tlayB 111
eui'li iiii.u-.li. iii Selkirk Hull. Vlslun Womb
men cordially invltoil Lo attend.
IV, I). Alt.MSTKON'Ct, Con. Join.
.1   Mi INI Vl!!„  Clurk.
F. 0. E.
The regular meetings are held tn tlio (Selkirk
Hull every Tuesday evening at 8 o'cIock, Visit-
itii* brethren are cordially invited.
J   LESLIK, President,
w. b. Mclaughlin, seoebtabt.
Kootenay t#od«eNo« 15 A.F.&.A.M.
The regular meet*
i;ii-> art; held in the
Ma-uuic     Temple,
ataf-oulG temple
jdd Fellows B&UtOL
1 he third Monday tn
iaoh month ut 8
un. Visitingbreth
ren    cordially   wel
fKUCUNIER, Secretary,
SELKIRK  LODGE. NO   12. I. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursdnj
owning in Selkirk
Hall nt 8 o'clock
\ bdting brethren cm
dtally invited to attend
0. i.i.MHKK,  NG. J. MATHIB, SKC
Cold Range -.ads*-, K. of   P.,
No. 2G, Revolstoke, b. c.
ex   i.t I bird Wednesday of
.■-. .ii Lho Oddfellows'
H«      '■■    B   o'clock.     Visiting
cordially  ovl ted,
HE C  f.
R iCK. K. of  It. -ft 8
H.  \. BBOWN. M. of F
ll   Cl    "11   k.nil—
ui .•: -   :   .    ■, s|
:;.  ai-i of  IVinni-
11 use  cleaning  and
.•■■-.'-' |
• hi
Premium System
Is what v     ive toi
ppers   Bend
■ —Also    try    the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. t
- mi i.i
t • . ibofl
l •
' ' k  i.i.
I        '
•       flftlfll
-       •    . ,
n   WOODKOW  Ijfteste
'.vi,., can  eat  Manning's i i
ilm  ilonor.
ii      ,  .      i  .
IInd iu In'
i     '    . ■  illy In yum i'.
Maiming (.ii.y Palace
Our jewelry represents tht- most
artistic expression of the goldsmith's
craft, eneh article an entirely, new
creation, fashionable to the highest
degree, that will appeal to your
Interest tlie moment you view it. Our
diamonds come direct from the cutters and nre sold to von at pleasing
prices for gems of such quality and
bounty. Pleased to have you sec theni
at any time.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum
are combined in our new designs in em pels. Our stock is
cemplete, and the colors rich
nnd effective, thedeslgnsartistic, nnd the " tout ensemble "
is striking nnd beautiful. We
have never shown sui.-h a wide
variety of patterns, and we
have never placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
R. HOWSOM 8r CO.'Y.    ^m^p^SS^SSSk
import direct from Country ot origin.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, ^Wagons Etc., Julin
Deere Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Pitt net jr.. Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheel-
Wright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Hor.-o Shnoiug a
HEAD OKKICK :   Cai.oakv,   Ai.hk.rt..
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Purl; Packers and Dealers iii Live Slock, Markets in all lhe priori
nnl Cities and Towns nf Alberta, British Columbia and lhe Yukon.
Parkers if the Celebrated Brand "Itnperiiti-r" Hams and Bacon,
mil "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lurd,
Central Hotel
Newly built       First-class in every respect,    All modern convenience!.
Large Sample Uoouqh.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's  Hotel, Trout Lake, under  same   management
.suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
I have i hoice
upland prairie hay
nnd Timothy, -ilsu
. ■ . i\ heal 'iiul
fei d to nilcr iii car
load lots.
I )i'li\ered pHies
given  un  reque it.
CAI O.AHY,   Alt.-,.
n rt ll IT   Miuinv,   nocTon  di
I   I I   kl        I       I,   pill "Don't   Ho    r.
I I I I ll I »•""■" illlyoiiMocciirlj
IJ U 11      I     .. i,,i . i„. i I,, aid ..I
"Flashlights nn Human Nature"
nu lniillli, ill--ii.... Iiei', in iiiuiK' .nnl l"i'i nln«"
I. in ivii.ii n.nii .it ii Doctor bill rlon'l like In
in inn' .. iiii mi mi fii, *"oonU: 'n'1 ni ii.i 11 si in i.
I. wi      ni hi l>   In liny «.. I nil  fur   |. . I Ige
III il'llls.
IIS last nith etraat, New YORK.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
lor the   I arm,  Garden,   Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable price*.
\o li re,   No Hcnie. No fumigation
iii damage stock.   No windy agents to
lanno) ynu.   Buy direct and k(,i  trees
nnd s b. ihni trrotv.
I'eltlli/ils, U,e Hupplil-K, iSplliy I'll m pH
Spraying Material, Out Floweri, flto,
rOldesI    I'Niiihlished    nuiMei'y   on   Ihe
mainland of It. ('.   Oatalogue free.
I .'i'i liiu.uses  mill  Heed  Hulls! a
VANCOUVER,      •     •      •     B. C.
i'."i ii'ii'i., Animal. BlrrU, ri-li, |Bto„
Mill VI Kl)
Animal    IllK-l MmillleiL
|> 0  Ilm St.
Mtiiilln:   Corntt nl lint Ht. ami ll'iyle Ays.
ltut.Utuk., b. C
Rcvelfltoko Latirl District-
UiHtricI of Wesi Kootenay.
Take notice that I, B. F. Beamy, of Poplar
Crook, B. (!., occupntion Profl»'eo.i>p, in lends lo
apply for a Rpectal licence to cut mid carry
away timber from the following described
1. CommonciiiK at a post plantod nbotit 200
feet on the north *ido of Poplar Creek, marked
"B. Y KearnyV mirth-coat con.er post." adjoin*
iiiKtho west boundary of 'limber Limit No.
tllti2, about, one mile went of the lirst smith
fork of Poplar Creek, thence west 80 dbains,
l.henro south So chains, tht n e runt Hit chains,
ihomo north xl) ehuiiih to point ot commencement, containing 010 apron more or Icrr.
2. CoinmoncitiB at a pout planted about 200
feet on the north side of Poplar Qreek, marked
'*B. Y. Kcamy'HRouth-east corner post- adjoin*
iiiK the west b- nmlery of Timber Limit No
\.V'2, about one mile west, of the film south
fork of Poplar Croek, tlience west 80 chains,
thenoe north 80 chains, tlience east bO chains,
theuoe NOUtli KM chain*- In point of commence
m 'tit, containing 61U acres more or loss.
.1. ("omnieneing at a post planted on the ea-t
hank of the Keooiid sout h fork of Poplar Creek,
about one milo up markod "H. Y Reamj■"*»
north eosi oorner post," theuce wesi 40 chaiiiK,
thence south 100 chains, thenoe east 4" chains,
thence north 160 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acre* more or loss.
4 Commencing at a post planted about- 4!i
miles westerly from the first south fork of Poplar Creek, marked 'B. F. Reamy's north-west
coiner post," ihence east 80 cnaius. thenco
south 80 chains, ihence west 80 chains, thenco
north 80 chains to point of commencement,
containing tun acres more or lesa.
5. Commenting at a post planted about 4Vi
miles westerly from the first, south fork of Poplar Creek, marked "It. K. Reamy's north-east
corner post." thence west 40 chains, thence
south 160 chains, thence easl 40 chaina, thenoe
norili 100 'hains to poiut of commencement,
containing tip) acres mere or less
(i. Coiiiioeneinti at a post planted about Ave
miles westerly from tho first south fork of Poplar Creek, marked "H. Y, Reamy's south-west
corner pool," thence east 100 chains, thence
north 10 chains, thence west 160 chains, thence
south 40 chains to point of commencement, con*
tabling 010 acre-' more or ies*..
Located 17th December, 1807.
wed jan l« B  F. KKAMY Locator.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, B. F. Beamy of Poplar,
11,C, occupation Prospector, iutend lo apply for
a special licence U* cut and carry away Umber
from tlie followiug described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
west bank of Itusty Creek, marked "B F.
Kearny's soui h-east comer post," about 3 miles
-outbeiiy from the Lardo river, bei.wuen Rapid
l rook and Tenderfoot Creek, adjoining Timber
limit   11250 running  west,   thence   wust  100
iiains. tlience north lo chains, theuce t ast 100
chains, theuce south 40 ehains to point of com*
meneemont, com tinini; 640acres more or less,
2. Commencing at a post planted on tlie west
bunk of Rusty Creek, marked "B. K. Iteamy's
north-east corner post," about 3 miles southerly
frum the Lardo river between Ropid Creek and
Tenderfoot Creek, theme west 160' chain*,
theuce south 40 ehains, thenco east 160 chains,
lbeuce north 4t) chains to point of commencement, containing 610acres more or less,
3. Commencing at a post planted on tho
west bank of Rusty Creek, marked "H. F.
Reamy's north-west corner post," about 3 miles
southerly from the Lardo river, between Rapid
Creek and Tenderfoot Croek, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west SO
chains, thence north 80 chains to point of commencement, containing (MO acres more or less.
Located loth Doioinbor, 1907.
wed jan 15 B. F. BEAMY, Locator.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice tllaS we, c. u. Woodward and B.
F. Iteamy. of Poplar. Creek. B. C, occupation
Prospectors, intend to apply for a special 11*
ccme to cut and iany away timber from the
following described lauds:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the west
bank of Poplar Creek, about A miles up, mark*
ed "C. O. woodrow and B. K. Kearny's south*
east corner post," running along O K. Re veil's
uorth boundary of No. 2 Timber Limit 1218U,
thence west HO chains, theuce north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thenco south 80 chains to
point of commencement, containing 640 acres
or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted ou the
west bank of Poplar Creek, about ii\, miles up,
marked "C. O. Woodrow and B. F. Heamy's
north-east corner post, thence west 80 chains
along (J. K. Re veils No. 2 Timber Limit 12180
suuth boundary, Ihence south bO chains, ihence
en-it 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to point
oi commencement, coniaiuing 610 acres more or
Located 18th December, 1007.
wed jan 15        C. O. WOODROW,
B. F. KKAMY, Locators.
Kevelstoke Land District.
Distrlet of West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, K. J.Paiks, of Arrowhead.
B.C.. lumberman, Intend to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described
Commencing at a post plante I at the south*
west comer of Timber . ltnft Ne. 11171, and
marked "K. J. Parks' north-east corner post "
theuce south 160 chains, thence west 40 chains,
theuce uorth 160 c' sins, iheneo eaat 40 chains
to point of commencement.
Dated Dec. 14th, 1U07.
| |wed jau 22 D. Dewar, Agent,
Revel-itoke bind District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice that w , the Lumb-Watson Lumber Company, Limited, of Arrowhead, B. C-,
occupation Lumbermen, intend to apply for
normission to lease ths followiug described
foreshore, being pan of toe foreshore of (jaletm
Bay, for logging purposes:
Commencing at u post scrtbod "Lamb-Watson
Lumber Co." plantod at tho 8. W.corner of
Lot 8407, theuce southwesterly following high-
water mark, a distance of UOchnius.
Dated this 80th day of October, 1W7.
Jau 1608 Ry o, B. N. Wllbie, Agent.
Itl-VI'lstllkll l.Hllll  lllBl I'll I.
Iilsirim of IViinl Knoli-nay.
Tako notion UialA-U. JoliiiHloiiof Poplar
Crook, occupation Merchant, Intend, to apulr
for a ne iiul licence lo cut ami furry away timber from I im following doat-rltotl Innils:
C'oiiinionrliiy at a poat plantod aboul i'i
inlli-s up Poplar (rrnk fiom Poplar townalle,
i-hIiIiik for lh« south-east oorner of Timber
Limit HUN), marked 'A, li. Johnston'* eolith-
weat oornor poat," Iheneo east SO chalna, thonoe
north Su chains, ihcnoe weet 80 chalna, thonee
hiiiiili so chains io polntof commencement,
containing SiO acres moro or leaa.
local, ll 181 ll Due, llrJT.
wul Jan li ll. V. Iteamy, Agent.
Kevelstoke Land Dl-trlct,
District of West Kootenay,
Tako notice that I. Donald Dewar of -Vrrnwhead,
occupation Crulier. Intend to apply for permission
to purchase the following described land*
CommeneiiiK at the south-west corner of Lot
5414, ..roup 1, in Maid distrlet, thence west SO
clialns, thence uorth K0 chains, thence west 20
(hains, thence suuth 40 chains, thence east 40
chains, theuce north 80 chains to point of com-
Dated .fan. Kith, 1908.
wad Jan a  DO MALI) DKWAK.
Certificate  of Improvements
HIk ll"i" Fraction Mineral Olaim, ilium,. |n
tho Trout I.uiii. Mining Division of Kootenay
Dlslrlnl.   Where .isiatcili—Pouliir Crock,
Tiikn naiici- Unit l.charlo-Julin .Minn Newton l'aillny, nf Niilaon. B.O.. Prne Jlini-i h ' i-i li
ll ntu >n MXW B, intend, sixty dnys from date
in-i'iiof, to apply lo ihi- Mining Raoorder lorn
< I'l-lllleiiii-"f lui|,rovi'iiii-iits. for lhe purpose nf
iiliinliiing a < Irown liraut nl the ubovii cfnlm.
Ami lurth. r lalie nollci'Unit action, Ullilnr
si- Hn,) -JT, inu.I bn i-iliiiiiiniitiiid before lho
I,-iiiiii. ,. nl sucl, Csrtlfll iiln o( InipriivomenlH,
l<ated this Dili day of January, A D., li.i-,
The Palace  Restaurant
$5.00     Board By Week    $5.00
Mackenzie Avenue.
Diamond Vale
Its heating and lasting qualities are most remarkable.    Burns as good coal should
$8.75 Per Ton Delivered
Incorporated by Act cf i'arliii.nent, lSto.
Wm. Molbon Macpherson, Pres. S. H. Ewing,.Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, Gem-ral Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-ttvo   branches  in   Canada   and   Agencies   in   all   parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on  Savings
Bank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Restauran' and Furnished Rooms
Meals from 25c. Up.
Seoond Street, • East End
Manufactured for ell classes of buildings
for sale io large or small .^entities
at the lowest price-; for cosh.
All klnda of building end plastering
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Cash Prices Faio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
First-Class Clover and Timothy Hay for sale. Also all
kinds of Garden Produce.
telephone 29.
Front Street,     Revelstoke
D raying
Stora? e
All Kinds of Light and H uavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
liupoi'iitl   lli'vi-liipiniinl    $460(10
Bunk of British Columbia  110 00
Nicola Coal and (Joke  100 00
('oliiiiiliiii Fruit nnd I,mul  100 00
Hewitt Mines  fi 00
Royal Cnlliiiri.-H  2ii
Charlns Dickens   1014
Great West Ixinn.
AIkiv.- subject to confirmation.
I'riispei-lii-ii-H   and   particulars   noil
willing any of   thess Coinpaiiiea on
McKcn.io Avenus, Kevelstoko.
To the Revelstoke Publie
We solicit your patronage
to Revelstoke's FIRST
Good work and satisfaction guaranteed.
Silk and Fancy Work Ironing a Specialty
Revelstoke Steam Laundry
SO MOW & JIM SAM, Props.
Open Day and
Special attention  given  to
Supper Parties A banquets
Meals, 25o.       Meal Tlokete, ts.so
OPPOSITE   Y.  M.   0.   A.
(Meals at all Hours
Everything Up-to-Date
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
Calgary Members Hold Annual
The Calgary nienibers of the Alpine
Club of Cunada, held their second
annual Re Union Dinner on Tuetday
February 11th. The gathering was
attended by 04 members of the club
aud who one of the moBt s-ii.t-i r-ful
gatherings of the kind ever held in tht
city. R. \V. Haggen, of Revelstoke,
was the only representative of H C.
A good menu was provided and the
toasts ol the King and the Alpine
Club of Canada, were drunk.
Mr.W.O. Hunt, tbe "Poet Laureate'^
of the club, recited a "Habitant"
poem descriptive of last summer's
camp in Paradise Valley.
The event of the evening was the
address of Mr. A. O Wheeler, who has
just returned from a trip to England
and Switzerland. Last year the club
received an invitation from the Alpine
Club, inviting them tu seuu lhe president or a representative to the Jubilee
dinner of the club, t> be held in London on December 17th. Mr. Wheeler
attended the dinner, aud left New
York iu time to reach London by the
15th. The dinner being a granti affair
The room was hung with mountain
views, the property of members of the
club. The arrangements of seats was
a great honor to the Alpine Club of
Canada, its representative being placed
iu the third seat to the left of the
president, the Bishop of Bristol. Prof.
Fay, president of the American Alpine
Club, occupied the third seat on the
right, Lord Aberstone and Sir Allred
Wells, one of the founders of the club,
sat next the president, and the delegates of tbe Russian and SwiBS Alpine
Clubs occupied the second seats.
There were 355 present at the  dinner
At the reception, six men who had
done exploring in the Caiadi -
Rockies, were standing in a group,
Dr. Norman Colley, Mr. H. M. Stut-
field, Mr. Hermann WoolBey, Rev. W.
S. Green, Piof. Fay and Mr.  Wheeler.
Mr. Whymper was there and sent
his regards to his Canadian friends.
The Scotch Alpine Club is very
much interested in tbe Canadian
R. ckies and a party from there is
coming out this summer.
During Christmas week Mr. Wheeler
went to Switzerland, and there joined
a rarty consisting of Mr. F. C. Bi-rgne,
Mr. Simons and Mr Stewart, M. P.
They ascended the valley of the Vispe-
too Saasfec, and on New Year's morning set out wilh their guides to cross
the Miscahel Range to Zermatt. Tin
trip had never been mide in winter
but Ihe parly expected to get through
alright. On the first day nut, while
ascending a ridge, Mr. Birgne, who
was last, after tbe others had got up
be started tn come up. Somehow be
mistook the (ootbolil and fell backwards, going over a two thousand foot
precipice. The others called to him
but got no response, and realized that
his fall must have been fatal, It was
getting dark and cold, and tbey bud
to push ou to the but where they
arrived at 8.30. Next morning at
daylight tbey set out to hunt for their
Comrade's remains, which were found
two days later.
Mr. Wheeler showed the members
of the Alpine Club of Canada a nun •
ber uf souvenirs of the London dinner.
The menus had specially designed
covers, representative of Alpine work.
He Ulan brought back several rare and
valuable books for tie club library.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Sat. Feb. I. Luke Erie.
Kl i. " 7, Empress Irel'd. Jan. 24
Fri. " 21. " Britain Feb. 7
Hat. " 211, Lk. Manitoba •• 12
Fri. Mch. 6,    Emp Ireland       "   21
Second Cabin Kmpresaea Lk, Boats
To Liverpool       *'« 7fi *.'l! 00
To Liverpool       «17 nil 111) 2.1
Cheap rail's to Atlantic Sealxuiril
points In I'linnivlinn with »team-
Sblp tickets
PlSSOnfiirs iHMiked Ui Norway
Sweden. Antwerp, Hamburg and
all oilier continental porta,
For fiirlhi'i-inform itloii applv to
T. W.Bradsbaw,    E. J. Coyle,
Local Sir Knights Uniform Rank
Wednesday last marked an epoch in
the history of Pythianism, not only
in Revelstoke but also in the whole of
tbe Interior of B. C, when Qold
Range Lodge No. 26, Knights of
Pythias, organized a Uniform Rank in
connection with the order. The idea
of bringing this about ha- been long
in the in mils of Ihe local lodge and
with the information and assistance
given by Mr. Skinner, of Grand Rapids,
Michigan, himself a major in the
uniform rank of his own city and also
on the general's staff of the United
Staiea, the lodge definitely decided to
go on with il and the necessary preliminaries were carried out on Wednesday at the close of the lodge session.
Neirly thirty charter members have
been enrolled and the company starts
out witb every prospects ol success,
since ths enthusiasm in the cause is
very strong. Tbe first officers were
ballntted on snd elected on Wednesday
with tbe following result:
Sir Knight Captain—J. B. Scott.
"       "      1st. Lieut—G. H. Brock.
"       "     2nd.    "   —T. W. Brad-
Sir Knight Tieasurer—H. Cunning
l am Morris.
Sir Knight Recorder—A    .1.   11■ .\•
"       "     Quart   (1st   Hory ) — It
Sir Knigh' Sentinel (2nd. 8 rg,)—
T, P. Smith
lhe legalia am] uniforms will arrin
in due courie.    The organisition of a
lisrial Uniform ltmk should give   cor.
sidei-ahle impetus to ilie   Knights   of
Pythias, which ord -r is wu,]il wide.
Swastikas and Friends in Successful " Bal Masque."
A successful and enjoyable Masquerade dance was held on Thursday uighi
in the Selkirk Hall, under the auspice-
of the Swastika Club nnd Merry-go
round Whist Club. Tlie cli.iriicter-
iatics of the evening were the thorough whola hearted enjoyment and
geniality felt by all present and the
all round sociability on the part of
each guest who came Laughter, joke,
and fun were rife, the amusement being greatly encbanced by the spice of
mystery and doubt as to who was who
behind the masks. The costumes were
of the most picturesque and original
character seen in Revelstoke, some
showing great skill and design.
The hull was crowded ami I be crowd
was happy which is the chief thin .
Dancing commenced at about i) 30 p.
tn, the Independent Band furnishing
the music. The following are tbe
Mrs. Urquliart, Queen Victoria
"     Squarebriggo, Colonial li- lie.
"     Purvis, Jap Lady.
"     T. Lawrence, Morning.
"     W. A. Foote. Dolly Vardeu.
"    Porter, Red I roan Nur-e.
"     Rae, Carmen.
"     W   M  Lawrence, J mo.
"     J! Lynns, Qtncn of llmrts.
"     H Ctinniiigb.ii) Morris, Red Sea
"      L). McDonald, Gri.ci.ui Lady.
"     T. W. Bradshaw, Milkmaid.
•'     Solloway, Mother Go ne.
"     R. Goid-m, Red Fe.itliur.
"     F. Stark, Nurse.
"     Keays; French Peasant.
'      Sturdy, College Si uduul.
Miss Corley, Italian Po.is.tnt.
'•     Heywood. Witch.
"     Campbell, Sunflower.
"    NcPh.iil, Liberty.
"     B ck, Sailor Girl.
"     M. Buck, Colonial Belle.
"      Brimacoriibe. Carnal ion.
"      Wait, Highland La-i-ie.
"     McFarlane, Spanish Dancer.
"     Dudgeon, Dumb Pease it
"      Fo .t,e, C'llonial i'ebe.
"     U-q ihsrt Ni'.'h-
Mr.   Latham, Turk.
"     D. McDonald, Turk.
"     H. Bows, Com .ier
"     Giililmil. II ie  i  per
"        Sunt I    Ci    'll.l
"     T  '
"     SI    .   .
'■     .1. I .I'n er Br    n
"     I'liiniiii, 11- ...
"      Hi'-se, Bu'Clier
"     T  Ltwrmi'ii , li
"    R. G irdon, K. ■   - -
"     Sturdy, Courtier,
"     Rie, Moils. Deschappelle.
"      Hornell, Robin  Hood
"     Squarehriggs, Jester.
"     W  M. Lawrence,  Dean of St.
"      Foote, Knight. [Marvels,
"      McEachern. Militiaman.
■'     Cunningham Morris, Chauffeur
"     R. N. Doyle, Soo Mow.
"     Keays, Lord Chesterfield.
"     Knight, Military Guard;
"     A. McPhail, Uncle Sam.
"     Peterson, George   Washington.
"     Qhurohill, American Soldier.
"     W. Peterson, Folly.
"     Lyons, Sandy McMush.
"      Barber, Militiaman.
"     Madden, Soldier.
"     A. Urquliart. Sailor.
"     R. H    Urquliart,   Irdian   Attendant.
,Mtiili amusement was caused by
the unmasking when the identities
weie revealed, and the niasqiiiinrlers
are to be complimented on their choice
of costuineB. An excellent supper was
provided. The supper dance music
was provided by Miss Muriel Buck
and Mr. Peterson.
The Swastika's and their co-sharers
in the masquerade, deserve much
oredit for their work, and not ono of
the guests wtio were present had any
thing but liiiiilii-.as!ic expressions nf
pleasure to offer to their hosts. The
first "Bal Marque" of the Swastika's
was a complete success and no belter
emblem could have been adopted than
the well known Swastika sign denoting friendship and Love, and may they
always like their emblem "fall i n
their feet,
Cariboo Und District.
Distriui nf Cariboo
Takenniioe that L NollMoKaohern of Bov*
t'l-tiikc, occupation Timber Cruiser, intend in
apply for spuuial timber Uoenoos over the following do crlbed lauds;
1. Commencing at, a pust plantod about 3
miles earn uf Dore Creole and about 0 miles
soutb of tfraeor Hirer and marked "Nell Mo*
Raoharn'd south-east corner," thenoe west 80
chains thenoe north 80 ohalns, thenoe eastsu
'•hnlos, thence south 80 ohalns to poini of com*
tnoDoumenti containing bio acres more or Iush.
2. Commencing ut a post planted about 3
miles oast of Don: Creek and ab ut 4U miloa
-u>uth of H'rnscr river ami marked Neil Mc
Racborn's south*west corner." thenoe easl w1
■hums, theuce north su ohalns,tbonoe west8u
-luiiiis, ihtMiee kouIIi SO i liaitiH to point of •otu
moncurueuCi conlai ri'iiK HI' acres inure or loss.
S. Commencing at a pout plantod aliout I
n Up uasl of Do/c reel, and uhuiii I] miles
soul1! of Fraaer rivor and marked "Nell Me-
Kacii'i'ti'is aouth west corner," tbonoe »east 8ti
chains, thenoe north bu chain-;, theuce westtiu
ohalns, thenoe Houth SO chain, to point of com*
mencement, oontaiuing 640 acres more or loss,
I. Commencing at a post- plumed about!
miles east of Doro Creek and about 11 mile*.
south of Fraaer rivor ami marked "Neil Mc
Kachorn'H north-west corner," thoncc south 40
chains, thence east. 180 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence went 100 chains to point of commencement, containing 010 acres more or loss.
5. Comuiencing at a post planted -about ;j
inilos oast of Doro Croek aud about 4 miles
Houth of Fraser river and marked 'Noil Mo-
Kachern's uorth west corner." tbenco south 40
ohalns, thenoe cast 160 chains, tbenoe north 4U
ohatns, thenoe west ioo ehains to poiut of commencemeut, containing 040 acres morn or loss.
0. Commencing at a post planted about.')
miles east of Doro Creek and about 4 miles
south of Frasor river ami marked "Neil Mc
ICachorn's south-west oornor," thenco north lu
iiliain**, tlieucu east 10J chains, thenoe aouth 4(J
chains, 1 hence west ilio chains to point of com-
tiu neeuionti, containing filU acres more or less.
Located Dec, 18th, 1907
7. Commencing at a uust planted about 2
miles west of Dore Creek aud about 4 miles
south of Fraser river and marked "Neil Mo*
Kaoherns south-west corner," theuce north 80
chains, Ihence east 80 chains, thoncc nouiIi ho
chains, thence weat 80 ohaiua to pomt of ixim
mouct-meut, containing 64u aoros mure or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted about 4
miles west of Dure Creek and about 3H miles
south of Fra.ier river and marked "Nell Mc
Kaeinrn > north-west comer," thence suuth 40
(mains, thence east, 160 chaius, thence north 40
chains, thence west Itio chaius to point oi commencement, containing IMo acres mure or Uss.
9. ommencing at a puat planted about 4
miles Wi si. uf Dore Creek and about. 3^ miles
south of Fraser river and mark, d "Null Mc-
tCaubern's south-west corner,' thenoo north 40
'.haul.-, ihtmce east 160 chains, theuce south 40
chaius, thence west 160 chains to point ul cum-
uieuceinent, oontaiuing 610 acres mure or leas,
10. Cummenciugat a pust plauted about 4
miles uf Dure Creek and about 3^ miles t-uutu
uf Fraser river and marked "Neil Mctuichuru'a
nun h-eaat corner," Ihence suuth 10 chains,
thenco wost 1G-j ohains, iheneo north 40 chains,
tbenoe east 16-' chains to point of comiuence-
menti containing (j4o acres more ur less.
II. Commencing at a poat planted about 4
miles west of Dore Creek aud about 3J^ miles
south ot Fraser river and marked "Neil Mc-
Eacherna souLh-oast corner," thence north 40
ohalns, thenoe weat 100 chains, thence bOUth 4u
chains, thence eawt 100 chants to point of coin-
uietn einenl, eontaiuing 64u acres more or less.
Located Lee  111th, Wu7.
VI. Commencing at a post planted about 3
miles west of Dore Creek and about 6 miles
BOUth of Fraser river and marked ".Nun Vle-
ICacbern's south-west coiner," theuce north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
ohalus, theuce west M) chains to poiut uf commencement, containing t^ti acres mute or lesn.
13. Commenclug at a post planted about 3
miles west or Dore Creek and about 6 miles.
south of Fr.iser river and marked.*-Nei! Mo-
ftacheru's south*east corner," thence uorth 80
chains, thenoe we. (** ohains. theuce south 80
chains, tlience east go chains tu point uf commencement, cohtuiulug 04o acres more or less.
14 Commenclug at a post piauto I . ht.ut. 4
miles west ot Lore Creea and a bo ,l j,, mUes
south uf eraser river and maraect "Nod .vlo-
Eaoheru's nurto-cust coruer," (houce wou; it 40
chains, thence wus. 160 chaius, thenco auithiu
ehaiiir, thenco east luu chains tupuiutof com
mencement, containing 64o acres mure or less.
15. CommeticiiiK at a post planted auout 4
miles west of Dure creek and about 5i miles
aouth of Frasor river and marked "Nail Mo*
Raohcru's south cast corner," theuce wost liiu
ohains, thenco north 40 chains, thence eastlu-J
cimins, theuce south 40 chaius to point ut1 com
nonoement* coutainiug 64u acres more or less.
lt> Commencing at a pust planted near .VI,.c
■ !.osh Creek auUauoui .ij miles south of Fraser
iverand marked * *>i .i JloKacher -i'm north*east
i tier." the ieo s uiu »i .nan,-., thonoo wont &u
mains, thenue nor uaucuaius, ihu loeeast 80
>- .ti.i.- io puiui ol ciiioiii uouui nt, containing
tile uu es iih.r.r ur .ens,
Lui-ateu Dec. Stiitb, iWi
17 Uumuieuutug at a pust plauted near the
Three Mile uuserve Line uu the uorth wide oi
Fraser river and lying north o- wimre the Uoat
river euiptie-i into the Fraser river, marked
"Neil M. Laciiorn's southwest coruer," thenue
east so ehaiiii-, thence north oO chains, theuce
west 8o chains, thunee south SO chaina io point
of cuinnieoeeiiieoL, containing 6lu acres mure
or less.
18, Commencing at a post plauted 3 miles
north of Frasur river aud lying north of where
Uoat river empties into braser river, marked
"Neil McKaehern's south-east corner," theuce
west 80 chains, theuce nuri.li ni chains, thence
cast eu chains, thence suuth 80 chaius to point
of commencement, coutainiug 610 aerea mure
ur less.
10. Commencing at a poat planted 3 miles
north of Fraser river and about 2 miles west of
Victoria Creek, matked "Neil MeKaeberu's
BOUtb-west corner," theuce east bu ehains,
thence north 80 ehaliiH, thence want 80 ehains,
thence aouth 80 ehains to point of • •nuiiience-
meot, < uutaiiiing (Jlo acres mure ur n -s.
2o. Commencing at a post planted 3] miles
hurth of Fraser river and about 2 miles west ol
Victoria Creek, marked "Neil MtiCacheru's
south-ea-t lurner," thence -vest 100 i liaiu»,
t bonce north to chaina, thence east Itio chains
Ltiem c s null in ''ii,mi's io point of commence
ment, I'outaintns tilo acres more or less.
Local nl Dee. Sflflt, Uhl",.
sat feb 1 NKII, MuKACHKHN.
Booming B. C. Rivers.
Ottawa, Fib. U—The Commons'
private bills oominlttee cut oldeffil a
bill to incoipurate the Wesip'ii Hii.rs
Improveuient eumpiny, mid another
to incorporate the Sliu.tvap A Thump.
son Rivers Boom company. The lirst
company is promoted by Shields' in-,
terests, and the latter company by
Lamb, Watson, Kodgera and Bowman
interests Both bills seek control ol
the booming of the Thompson and
Shuswap and ottier rivers in the vicinity of Kamloops. Shield*) offered to
Compromise and concede control of
-hnswap naters if lhe Western com
p ny we e given the Thompson river
waters, Duncan Ross nhjncted to
'i »    Th   bills will i* n up igain
Mottilnc bottsr mm our "Sptwtal.
Revelstoke hand District,
Dlhtrict of wot Kootenay.
'lake notice (hut I, (J A, Freeman, ol Kutflo,
\H\ "ccupaliuu Miner iuieu.ioaimlyf.irH
SpOe tl licence uver the followiug described
1. CotnmenolBH at a post planted on lhe
west Lank of Driit creek. H miles from ihe Lap
deau ''Ivor and about 2 in lie- north ensterh
from the N. K. corner of Lu'889, 0,1, thence
nest i-i chants, thenee north 100 ohalns, thence
east 4U chaina, thenee south lOOcbalns lo the
n 'iut oi commencement.
2. CoiiiiiieiifiiiK at a post planted uu the
west hank uf Drift Creek, 8 mfles frum the
I ardeau Kiveraud ahout2 miles north caaterlv
frum the N K. corner uf Lot 680. (i 1, thenee
east 40 chains, theuce north 160 ohains, thence
west 40chains, thence soutb 100 ohalns lu the
puint uf commencement.
3. Oommonolng at a post planted ou the
west hank of Drift Creek, 2'u rules from hardest- Hlver aud about P, miles norih easterly
from the N K. corner of Lot B8tf, U I. thenee
uorth lu cbaitih, ibeni't- cast loochxins, l.ieure
south 4o (ih. Ins, thenee west 160 ohatns to the
point uf commencement
4. i 'ommenolng at
ne.ti.nuii.it  Drift Creeki SU iollei from tbs
i.ardeuu Iver and about i1, mttw north eaai*
erly fro-", the N B, eornerof Lot »:»«, ii 1,
ihence suuth 40 ehains, thence ea*ti loo -haln**,
thenee north 40ehuins, tbonoe west Itio enMiUH
to me inu ni. of oomraenosntent*
6, comiucmduK '*i « l'<>st planted on tho
wesi hank id Pun Creek, 2 mlleH from the
Lard* au <lver aud kIjuui 1 mile iiArth ennterl)
from the N. K, eoruer oi Lot S3--. Q 1. theme
went 4o eliKlii--, ibunee north UO BO*Jni- thene
SMI 40 chillis, ibenee south 160 enainn to the
j.olni of eoinuieiicu'i utit.
Dated Dee. ItiHb, l'JOt.
wed Jan Xi C  S   ' RSEMAW,
Notice to Millmon.
Ten tiers will he iocp|v»*d liytlieun
<lci- Igi.rd ut> (<> thl« 21»h(l.iy uf Kcli.
19i;K.   foi tht:  puiehii-e   ol    ilu* CariiH'
Ufi*ek I'IiimIm-i- COi'i prouerty atBal-
nioii Ann, H. 0«s   OODslstlOgof a saw
mill with H, capacity of twelve to fifteen
thousand feel perduy, Everything ii
new and in first -olftfie condition having
been run only aliout three months.
Then*  is a  locomotive boiler86 h.u.j
I  li.ll. MxUM'liunipion Klij/inr; I K.ll.
Haw Frame and flttiiiKH; IB R.H. carriage with four blooki| 11 52 It. H. Hoe
Inverted tooth saw; l oatvduat conveyer with all fit i iok-h; 1 Kd^ur, 1 Hwlni^
Sum ; 1 Planfi': Blacksmith's tool81
OoOklng outfit; 2 teams hoi-Bef-;2sctts
harness) 2 wagons) 1 loKginK hIcIkIi
and all the Company's Interests in real
nr other propertv. partloulars of whijh
may bejobtained hy application to the
unneratgned. The btghesl or any ten*
di't* not neoe->sarily accepted,
J. W. MoOALLDM, Assignee,
i Salmon Arm, B. C.
Cariboo " and District,
District ui < ariboo
i.-k" notice that Alexander UcJiae !-■*
Kevelstoke, B. C„ occupation • rutser, fnuuds t<
apply f«»r a special timber license over Lhe (uilou
in,; described lands:
7. Commencing at a post planted "ii the left
bank of the Little Smoky river, about tlir-e mile.-
fr on it-* mouth aud marked "A M.L. B.W, corner,"
thence east Itio mains thence north to chains,
thence west 18 ■ chains, thenee -mith 4o chains to
point of commencement and containing 640 acres
mure or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the Little anioky river about three miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L S B. corner,'
thenee west \w chains, thence north 40 chains,
thenee east io*' chains, Lheiioe Bouth iu chains to
point of enmmenuement and containing oto acres
more or lens.
0, Commenolng at a post planted on the left
bunk of the Little Smoky river about three and
< no-half utiles from Its mouth and unused "A.M.
L. S.W, corner," tlieucu east io-' chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence west 180 chaina thine
aouth 40 chains tn point of commencement and
containing til" acres more or less.
10. Commencing at a pust planted on tbe right
bank of the Little Smoky river about three and
one-half miles irom its inottth and marked "A.M.
L. S.K, curuer," tlience west 160 chains, thenee
north 40 chains, thence east leu chains, Llieoct*
south io chains to point of commencement and
containing 04u acres more <>r less.
11. Commenolng at a post planted on tlie left
bank of the Little Bmoky river about four miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W. corner '
thence east so chaini thence north *>u chain*.,
tlience went 80 chains, tlience south SO chains to
point of commencement and ci>utaiuiui*$4uacre?
mure or loss.
12. Commencing at a post planted on tbu rictit
bank of the Little Smoky river al«»ut four mile-
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. s.K. corner,"
thenee nest .-" chains, theuce north HU chains,
Ibence east Su chains, thence south 80 chains to
puint of commeneement and containing ;04o acre*,
more or less.
Dated Dec. 17th, 1&07.
vs.  Commencing at » post planted on tbs left
bauk of the Little- Smuky river ttbout tire miles
from its mouth ami marked "A.M.L S.W.corner,"
tlience north So ehains, thenee east e>" chains
thenee south 80 chains, tlience Wwst oO chaini Ui
point of eomiueiicement are! containing64U acres
more or less.
14    Commencing at a post planted on the left
hank of Die Little Ktuoky river abuut *ix tulle*,
frum its mouth aud marked "A .M.L. N.W.cornST,
thenee suuth tin chains, thence east bu chaini-,
theuce north Bu chains, thenee west bo chains u>
point of commencement and containing S4o acre*.
more or loss.
15. Commencing at a post planted on the left
liank of the Little Hmoky river about stit miles
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"'
tlience north ou chains, thence east 80.hams,
theuce south 80 chains, thence west so chains to
point of commencement and containing 64u acres
more ur less.
It;. Commencing at a post planted un the right
hank of the Little Smoky liver about of re ii milt-.-
from its mouth and marked "A.M L. N.W corner,
tlience south 60 chains, theuce east sO chain-,
thence north So ehains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing 840 acres
uoreoe less
17 Commencing at a post planted otitherij-iit
bank of tlie Little Smoky river about seven nines
from its mouth and marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner,"
tbenco north bu chains, theuce east 80 chains,
tlieucu south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
point of commencement and containing &*u acres
more or less.
18. Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of tho Little Smoky rivor about eight mil*.--
from Its mouth and marked A.M.L. .S.W.corner,
thence south SO chains, thou e east 8 - chains,
thence uortb an chains, theuce west 80 chains l*d
point of comuit-iicement and coutVumiii)' o40 acres
mure or less.
Commencing it n cost planted on tne right
bank of the Lutie BmuK) r.Ver abuut elgla miles
from ti..- mouth aud msik-'ii    * M l ■** W.toruer,
,'in-e    U01   li   SO   Cl-     lueU  v   e LSt •", cllaillB,
.■■:■. l south  8--1 cha .*. i >eii «    a^-l   o   nam*) iu
lint of commence!)    i ■> ... u-'ii .» lung 04" acres
more or lens.
2u.   Commenaini; at i oo t ,1 mte i mi tlie r.^i
hauls   '   ijie   I        y    ,v.   asi -u. ut..« unies
fin n lUlll >-i!i< ami in rke.i '.» M L •.»*.« riier,
the l« h >u.n ou ctiuiiio, uiuucu ea»i c clum-.
nort.  -o chauis, tiieuvu ws at *o ehams to
p<iOil <>1   i'niUIUi.'111'l'IU' UL   aim , u .la.in 'K *•*    aOTSS
more or leas.
21. Commencing at a pusi pUntsd <>u the riglr.
bank of tne Little Smoky river about nine uim-
from its mouth and marked A M.... ti W.corQi r.
thence nortn au chains, theuce *•..-. do luiu-
tbeii .- n..iiut ,v chains, theuce w«st ducUuiusUj
point of commencement and cuui...n.u,, •-*.*, re.-.
more or lecS.
21.    luieni'iui- at a post planted ontherigin
bank ot ttie north fork of the Li tie ouiok^ rtVm
iiiuut one mde from the forks and iu.*.rK<M 'A >i
L. .-*-. W.corner,' thence east luu cuaius. theu**<
north  40 cbaius. tlience w«kt   ieo   bains, -u d h
SUUtll 1     Cha.ns   IO point   ol    * omuiem euielli  aud
cotitaiuiiiit S4u acre*, luorw or less.
23. Commencing at a post pl.tn.sd on the right
bank nf ihu Dunn fork ol tin Uu. am.s) riVrl
ahout olio mil. from the forks .n . ms.rt.eo A m
Lt. S K.rtuili'l,' tlieuce West ItjU cnaius, thelice
north i» chains, thenee east loo ci.ain.-.. tueuce
soutu 40 cbaius to puint of cuonjencetuent Ami
luiitaiiioij; 04O acres u<ore or less.
Datod Oct:. Hub. 1M07.
21. commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork of thu Little duioky river
about one-half mile from tne furkt and marked
'A.M.L S. W.corner," thence south SO chains,
theuce east si chains, theuce nurtb bu chains,
thence west 80 chains to poini uf commencement
and containing 640 acres more ur less
25 Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork of the Little Saoky river
about one-half mile from ttie forks and marked
"A.M.L. S. rt .curuer," lhonce north so chains,
thenee east bU chains, tueuce suttth SO chains
thence west SO chains to puint of eomni--iici-iu.il.
and containing ti4o acres more or less.
.ie.   Commencing at i post planted on the right
bam. of the east lork of tue Little iSinu-.y JflTtl
about one and one-hall miles from the fonts aiKl
marked "A M.L. N-W.corner," theuce south*
cbalnSi theuce east bu • hains, theuce iiurtli ou
chaius, thuiiie west bo chain*, tu point of cum*
luencemenc aiidcoutauuiu' oi■■ a. res more or less
27. CommcuciiiK at i p.>at piauto I ou the r.gtit
bank of tlie east fork of the Little Suiuky ttfei
about ons and une-half .rules irom tbs forki aim
marked   'AMI,.   S.'\ .coiner."   tlience   north  b-.
■hains, thane ■ east b" chains tueuce suuth ?.
•liam-., thence west so chauis to pomt ot com-
meuoemeut aud coiitaiufng oi i acres more or lea^.
;. Commencing at a post plautt-d ou the right
k of tbe easl lurk of the Little .*-m-isy nv»>i
in two ami oue-haU miles frum Uw forks ano
ked ' A.M.L. N.W.c.mier, thence south 4o
ciiaui* tin ttcu east lod chains, theuce north 4i
i-nains, theiico west it>j chains topotntol com-
mulicemoiit ..mi containing tWO acres more Of less.
iU Commencing at a post planted on tlie light
bank of the east fork OI the Little Smoky rn. r
about two an I niielulf mile.-) from the forks and
marked "A.M L. 8.W. corner,' thenee north 40
chains, thence eask lo<i cuams, thence south 4u
chains, theuce west   Irt*■ ehains   to point id cwui-
mencement ami containing Otu acres m ;■• or lass.
at). Commencing at a post planted t n the right
bank of the east fork of the Little Smokv rivel
about four and one-ball miles from ths forka and
marked 'A.M.L. N.W.corner." thenc* south UU
chaius, thence east 40 chains, thence north lull
chaius, thence west 4'* chains tu point of t*i rn-
Utencement and containing bio acres uwre or less
SI. Commencing at,a post planted on the right
bank of tbe east fork of the Little Mmokl nv«i
about four and otie-liaK miles fmui the foika and
marked "A.M.L. S. W. coiner, thenee north oo
■-bains, tbenoe east 80 chains, lbeuce south n*.
Chains, thSOCS west »u chains to point of commencement and containing mo acres more or less
Bi, Commencing at a post planted on the right
bank of the east fork of o> Little Smoky river
iin.nl. f"ur and one half miles frurn the forks and
marked 'A.M.L. .N.t.- corner,' thenee south ISO
chains, thence west io ■ hains. theuce norih leu
chains, thence east 4o chains to point uf emu
uiencemeul aud celltatiilug C4o MSN mors or less.
:c. Commeniing at a ]#t\l plante«l od the right
bank OI the east fork of the Dillle Smoky rust
about ti*e snd one Half miles from the lurks and
marked A.ML. n.W, currier, lbeuce DOftfa W
chains, theme east Hu chains, thence south s"
Chains, thenue vi,--I su chaius   U-   point   n   000
msnosmsnt anu eontafnUig si" anas more ur Isai
14, C'uismeiiciug «l a post proitsd on the right
bank of the sa«t fork of Little Sai iky rlfSt about
live and onndi-.lI islln ir-mi loo lurks Mul tuurKe-i
' A->l L. > ■ VV, loiiiei, ihence easl flu iliaius,
thsncfl south  ho  chaint, tie-noe   west   flu chains,
it.wiico north M' chaini to pomt of nontteaoeuHriil
aud coutainiug eto at res mure Ol less.
Jfi. Coinmenctng at a , .si planted M the right
bank of the rast fork of lhe LiiiIm smoky nv^i
ii.otii six ami one t.all miles Irom .he (otts auu
marked "A >i I, S.W. eo-ner,' ihence norih -
chains* thence east SO chains, Uieuce si.ui.ti -.
cuaius, tlience «est 80 ciams to Df-lBt of cu.i
tueiiseiueut aud co'itaiiiiiig S4o acres mure ur l*»s
SS. Cotumencing at a post planted uu the r|gb
btnkof the east lork of flu- l.ltile smoky river
about ■!* aud one half miles frum the lurks am.
marktil 'A.M.L. N.W corner' ihence east so
chains, them*- ■...utiiri-i chains, thence west so
chains, thence uortb 8U chains to point of com
uienrmnent and containing Oiu acres  more or lesa.
Dated Dec. iuih, iw7
87. i oinuu'iifiiii at a post plante^l on the right
bank of the east fork of the Little Bmoky rim
about seven and one half miles from ihe forks and
marked "A.M.L N.W. corner," tbeuce MUt sO
chains, thence suuth Be chaina, thence west so
chains, thence north Su chains w point of cum-
uieiicesient and containing **Q acre* more or less.
> i "ii.ttii'ii- \nn at a post ['i'lii'.-l on the right
bauk of lb" Salt fork of the Little Smoky river
about sev«u and one half tniles from tho (orki ami
marked "A.M-L. S.W.corner," theme north b>
ohalns, thenee east 80 chains, thence aouth H
i hams, thenee west BO chains to poiut of i qb
msnosmsnt and coatiinln*; 640 acres more or leaa.
.iy. Commencing at a post planted onthenirbt
bank of the n«i fork of the Little Smoky n.er
about eight and one-half milee frum the t ok- and
narked  "A,M.L,  N w corner,'   ibence  east BO
chains, thence .-outh **o chains,thence west80
e dins, thenci north o chaius to point of oora*
men tnant indi ■■ ...:.-'*■ .i •■ * more or lesa.
4 .   Common . ■_ ti     pus  plain     or theright
i.. ik uf   tiic   ea-;    folk ul  ii"- ■   l  -*   ---   k.> i ver
 ii eigln ai.ii "in■■ mil miles f- uu the i   k     nl
iuirke-1 "A M.L S-W, comer,' theuce no 80
.hams, thenci east8*1 ofa ins, Lb nee -,...n.. 80
chains, tbenoe wont Wtbauwto point »f eon*
me nee ment ai.o ooo a.na.g BiU a r. ■ more ur less*
41 Commrsneiiu at a po»i planted on tne rigut
hank of the vasi loik uf the Little Smoky rivev
i :■ .: nine ana one-hail miles from tike I -it- and
marke.i "A.M.L. > . W.corner," thence east SO
chains, t.:' t. *• south so chains, tbenoe ymt to
chains, then:e ninth au chains tu i-uuit uf eotu-
meiiet-iueat and containing 04U acrus more or less.
42. Commencing at a post planted uu the right
bank < f the cant fork of ibe Uttle Bmukjf river
aliout nine and otie-lialf miles from the lurk> aud
marked 'A.M.L. S.W corner,' thence north oO
Chains,   thence   east   &U   chains, theuce south 90
chains,  thence  -.est B0 chains to point of com-
uiciicemciit une loiitauiing oi" acree more ur less.
43. Commencing at a poat planted ou the right
bauk of Liu east lork ol the Little Smoky river
about ten and une-bait mllos lr.au tue furks and
marked  "A.M.L.  N.W-coruer,"  theuce east bo
nam-, thence south bu cbaius, ihence west &U
chains, tbencs north 80 cli*i«a to pomt of corn-
men, ement and C0UtAn*ting t>4o acres iiiore or leas.
44. ijommeticiiig at a post planted on the right
bank of t&o east fork ol tue Lutie aimoky river
t»i*uut ten find one-half miles irom the folks and
marked "A.M.L. S.W.corner," thence north SO
chains tbeuce eaat 80 chaius, thence south 80
chain*,, thence v*.et>t su cbams tupuiutof commencement and cuutaimng otu acres more er leue.
Dated Dec. BOtbj 1-AJ7.
16, Commencing at a post planted on lhe right
bank of lUe east furk ol the Little Smoky river
about eleveu and jtie-half miles frum the forks
ami marked 'A.M.L. S.W.corner," ihence north80
chains* thence east So chains, thence south so
cbams, ibence treat Su chains to point of commencement and containing 6«0 acres more or less.
48. Uommencing at a post planted uu the right
bauk of tlie east f..rk of the Little Smoky rirer
a I tout rtleveu and uuebalf miles frum the forks
and marked ' A.M L. N.W.corner," theuce east SO
chaius, tbeuce nuuth 8U chains, thence weat SO
chains, ; im!...:.' north bu chains lu point of commencement snd containing S4u acrea mure or less.
17. Commenaiug at a post plauted un the right
i'.ink of tbe easl lork of the Little Bmoky river
about twelve and oue-jalf miles from the forka
ami marked "A.M.L. N.W.curner," thence east 80
mains, thence south 80 chains, thence weat t»u
chaina. tlieucu north 80 chauis tu point of commencement and containing 840 acree more or lens.
to, Louiuieuciug at a post planted un the right
uanic uf the east tot k uf the Littlp Smoky river
abuut twelve and oue-hal! miles from the forks
and marked A.M.L. B (V turner," thence north
BOoualns, tlience east &u vijiius, thence south so
chains, tbenoe west so thainn  to point of com*
aieucemeut ami cuulaiuuig otu acres inure or less.
l • uuimeuciUK at a pust planted on lhe right
bank uf the easl lurk ut ttie Little MLoky river
aU-Ul thirteen and uiie-half miles ii.-m the furke
and markeil "A.M L. N.W.corner,' ihelice east :u
ciiaimt, thence suuth **u chains, theuce uest 80
Cbalttli theuce nurth bu cliaius to poult of cum
menosment aud c..iit.»m.n„ 040 acres mure ur less.
bo. t_omineociug at a p<»ab plauteu uu the right
bauk of tbe east lors ui Hie Liiut- smoky river
about thirteen and otie-b.ilt miles from the foi Its
ami marked 'A.M.L, .--*.w.corner," inence nurth
>j chams, tlience east mi chaius, thence south SO
chains, theuce west 80 chams tu puint of commencement and cuutammg ov acres more or leas,
i>l. Cuinmenoing at a pust plantetl on ihe right
bank of ihe east fork of tne Little Smoky river
about fourteen ondone*haU miles from the forks
and mat ked A.M.L N W.corner," thenoe eaat 80
Chains, thenoe south >■ chains, thence uest So
chains, theuce north su chains to point uf commeucement aud containing stu acres more or lese.
52. i "ttimeucnig at a post planted on the right
baiia of the east fork nf Uu- Little smoky river
about fourteen and one-tulf miles frum the foi u
and marked * A.M L, ri W.-:urner.' thence bultfa
ou chains, tbeuce east eO chaius, theuce soutu sO
c&ams, thence west iju chains to point uf >oie-
metti eineut and i u..!rtiiiiii„ b-io a^ren mure or u.>».
Dated Dei. (flat, is- 7.
Medjan jj Locator.
luu uoti e mat Lunay*. after date I Iutend
I*-upp'Jr Ui me t uiei Luiuuii.--iuuer nl Lauds
and Works tut iienu.-.*i".i io purcuaae tue lul*
luwiug UencnuuU mini.-:
Luuimeuciug at a pust planted at tbe uurth-
easi Cumer ot Lot '.*>'■> ti- 1, uu kfiso iliver,
lueuceuaaib otuins mure uc less tu wa*.i line
ul A A. MacKiuuuu's t-re-euipiiuu. lbeuce
.Miutnou cnaius, meure wes. 8 uLaiss muiiur
le»s u> eaat  liue ut Lul   .sou, li   1, tueuce nurtb
GO ' haiiiS tu pulUl of I'liuiiliBucs.neut.
LtK<t.ted this ju day ui *■ eu   iw*.
,4ii«ut Til lis   W   VtlLLlAslS. Locator.
ItevetsUike Lan I Dutnct.
uiM.ru tot '• eai nouieuay.
JL*ake uotice thai L J Dougal of Nakn&p
i -iptaiu. lunjua to appty lor i-eruausiua to pur*
cm -e tn i nolow lug iie&tribtj-j lands :
t uni'iieuciutf at a post planted at the N. W.
curuer ul Lul No. 6114, iuuu.iiK ouUlb M cusiUI,
tueu-j« weet -u cnaius, tueuce uurtn -u cuaius,
tueuce east ^Ucbaius to.puiui olcuuiuieucemeut.
Dated Dor. IVtn, 1SU7.
jan 4 sat D. lA-war, Ag*eut.
Revelstuke Land in-met.
IMstriclot West kooteuaV,
Take notice tbat 1, i. 11. Young,uf Comaplix,
huiel pruprletor, intend u> apply tu tbe chief
■ "iuini*-t.iiier ul Lauds and Works fur a ape*
c.al iitaoer licence tu cut aud carry away
timber trum tue lulluwiug described lauds:
1. t'ommeneiug at a poet planted and ad*
j.'iniugthe n>>rtn-east coruer ul Lot 1142. and
marked "J H.Young's soutb-*saat curuer posi,"
»ud Situated about ;4 mile n.-i .n-e.-*-t ot the
..i .nl uf me niu uf AI roW i ake, .inin e vierl 80
bains, tneuce  uurtu au cbaius, meuce east SO
ohalus,   tueuce   soutu   au   cba.ua   tu  puiuto.
> uuiuieuceaieut.  containing uio acres more or
2. Cummeucing at a i—i ■-.anted aud ad*
; 'tiling me uur.u-^asi cur.ier ol Lot i.*i.'aud
mar Ked ■ J.tl. X*OOttg s soottl-easi coruer,' aud
situated about i4 m.ie nuriu-val ul tue bead
• •i me arm  ul   .». .*.-..      ut ,   ii.eu-e  u  rto oO
uaius, tlience eaat so cb.iu.-i, locuce suatn -*
iiiillit, Uieuce weal au i imus i . i*uiut ut ivtll-
Uleuceiuelil, c«>inaiuiu-; i-tiaiTca tuuru or lesa.
Dated December stardi tsu*.
i-MijanJl    J. a. YOUNQ.
B F Beamy. M^ A. B. Nock aud O. F.
Hi'.i.oi.i.r to Whomsoever tuey may have
transferred their mierosts:
Take notice, that we. tbe underaigued co-
owners with you iu me tollowiug mineral
claims, viz.: Vivian's Luck No. 1. Vivian's
Look No. J. Vivian s Luck No. 3 Vivian's Luck
No. 4, Vivian's Luck Nu. fi. Vivian's Luck Nu. ti,
aod tne Silver ■ fown situated on Seat MJOQJl*
laiu. Laroeau Mining Diviaiou uf West Kootenay District of tbe Province of British Columbia, have duue the required work on the above
rueuiiuued unuoral claims fur the yeareudiuf
October L'.'tn, lia/7, in urdar to hold tho same
under Suction 2A of the Mineral Act.
And further take notice tbat if within sudays
frum the lirst publicmlionof tbis notice, you fell
ur refuse to cuntributeyour portion of such expenditure, together wul. i he oust of tbis advertisement, your mieres. in the said mineral
claims will ix-cun* the property uf the under
sigueo. under Section -Mi uf ihe Mineral Act.
Dntoi! at I'Hmborne, B.C , this 2lst day of
January, \'j>»
sat Jan 25 Co-Owners.
Kevelstoke Land District.
District uf West Kooteuar-
lake notice tbat I, K O.fllrsniM, of Nakusp,
tree Miner, intend to a-ply for special llren*
CM to cut timber (rum lbs following described
1, commencing at . just planted about 100
yards   froui   post uf   I.   .   li,Ha aud running
• uvh ISO chains, thence west 4u cbaius, thence
ti .ith lOOcbalnSi theuce east 4c chains to poiut
>'l uu luieni uuivUli
I. t.omu-eni'ing at a post planted ou the
north-we-d I uruer of Unit No, 1 aud running
Mt-st bu i 1...111B tbeuce u<ir b So chaius, ttience
seal M> chains, thence **outb 80 cbaius tu point
• I i-oinmeuremeuL
s    ' iiinii.-Miciiig at a pust planted on or near
tue 8. W  'corner uf '. I,  Nu, TtIO, aud run mug
- outh so   chains,  thenee easts  i balus, tbeuce
...nu so chains, theoce west so chains to point
I t-ummeuuemenl.
Dated  Dec. 14, 18U7.
4. ( ommeiiring at a poet planted on or near
the S.W. corner off L. No lu,--it!, and running
-ouih 1G0 chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
uorth luO chilus, theuce weat eu chains to
polntof commencement,
5. Commencing at a post plauted on or near
the H K, corner ot T. L. No. 10,941 and run*
mug west 40 chains, thence south ISO chains,
thence east 10 ehains, thence uorth 160 chains
to polnl ol comae ace ment.
0. Commencing at a pest planted ou or near
the B»W, corner ul Timber Limit Nu. KrOH. *ml
i unoiug suuth 40 chains theuce easl loo cue us,
theuce nort b 40 chains, tlience weat ISO uhelna
to point uf commencement.
Dated Dec. IB 1907.
7 ' "iiiii.rn log at a post planted on or near
'ii.'B S. corner of  Timber  Limit  Nu lb,'i«f,
nd runnlug north 40 chains, thence east ISf
riis.n- theuce south eo chains thence west leO
■ oaii.-. tu (Hitnt ol coiarnencemeat.
Dated Dec 10, )w;.
Ladies Blouses
Mens Suits
Sale Prices 500., 75c, $1, $1.50.
The.se Blouses consist of  Wrap-
perettes,   Lustres and Cashmeres.
Only   a   few   more of those Bargain Suits left.     Regular $14.50
Selling  at   prices  less than cost
now $10,00
of manufacture.
Ladies Underskirts
Only   15  more Silk Underskirts
Men's Odd Pants
I teavy    Working   Pants,   good
Selling at 50c. each.      $5 Morie
value    at    $3.00    now    $2.00.
Underskirts    selling    at   $2.75.
$3    Morie    Underskirts    selling
Heavy   Tweed   Pants  selling at
at $2.25.
Men's and Boys'
and Flannelette
Regular     15c.    and    18c,   lines
Selling at 12 Ac.
At Mill Prices
Cnini' nnd Inn- sii-nr delicious home
made cakes and PurlfrliousH rulls at
tin- Talent ten ut Mi'-. 1 \ tile' , K url li
S'.net, mi Kill'  18th.
An IS foot gasoline lann
insi.illi il nt. tin- lli-lli'vne
SioamouB, 1). McDonald,
This launch lias been in at J
Ol  glll'stH  10  llll)   Hllllllllll'.
A prize will lie awarded to the 1>. «t
ait nf last lines fur ilie Limericks nt
tlie Limerick Ten, nt the residence  uf
h lint- heon
Huh I nl
lied for u-o
»T. .♦. .-fr. .**. .**. .*K .*?. .*r. .T. .T. .▼. .*fr. *
< ■,, .1. •X' 'X  'J.' li' M.' 'X1 '4. "X    4>   4. I j.'
•§» FOR W
S Pure Drugs X
Careful Compounding *
S Prompt Delivery ¥
«$► GO TO <£
t  Canada Drugju- Book Co. Ltd. «|.
Kevelstoke, B. C. &
■f.     Mail Orders Promptly Filled     X,
»**-. .**« .*?. .-*-. .-*-. .-*-. .-**. .-j-. .-*-. .**-, .-t*. .-*-. .-t*.
■X1.4.' i±' 'X1 rX-vp-X' "X' 'X1' X* \J7-X- -4/
Weather Forecast
Saturday, Feb. 15.—Cloudy and
changeable, probable snow or sleet.
Temp, max., 44 degrees, inin. 35
. .
Local and General.
Thursday was the anniversary of
the birthday of Abraham Lincoln.
Look out for lemon pies and homemade Candy at the Talent Tea Feb.
Rowland is raising $500 for the
purpose uf backing a hockey team in
u game against Nelson.
J. C. Hutchison of tbe Steam
Laundry has engaged au assistant
skilled in silk ai.d fancy work ironing.
Don't totget the Knox Church tea
on Saturday afternoon next from 3 to
6, at the home of Mrs, W.M.Lawrence.
The Right Rev., the Lord Bishop of
the Diocese will preach at St. Peter's
church tomorrow at both services nnd
will also hold conrirmatiou.
A hospital for advanced tuberculosis
cas s is tu be established at a lower
level than Kamloops and will be built
at a point nearer the coast.
E. stokes, a   workman  engaged  un
the C. P  R. construction near   Field,
was severely burned and  injured   yesterday, uwing ton premature diecharge I
uf a blast.
Tbe Shirt Waist dance un Friday,
February 21, under the auspices uf
Fire Brigade No. 2, promises !o be a
great success Tbe dance will take
place in the Optia House.
A Limerick Tea will be held ' at the
residence of Mrs. C. J. Ainan, 2nd St.
•vest, on Tuesday, Feb. 18, under tbe
auspices of the Ladies' Guild of St.
Pater's.    Silver Coin admissfon.
We Learn as We Go
along. That is lhe reason this
grocery store serves you bolter
nnd bettor every day. Oomo and
see tin- result of our latest efforts
to supply yuti with tlm best ani-
ceries at less than the best
prices. If your visit dues not
result in at least n trial order,
ynu'11 be the first to withhold
your appreciation.
Hot Rolls and Bread
we serve every morning. Wo
work early and late to see to it
Hint ynu get. your bread fur any
meal in just tlie condition it
Bhould be. losing only the best
grades of flour and other ma
terials, il's nu wonder our products please.
Accident;    MONEY TO LOAN
Lit'.: 1.1 il
K I IN C All)
ts ^
Un C .1. Aman on Tuesday, Feb. 18,
iiniliii' ihe auspices uf tho Ladies'
Guild of St. Peter's Church.
A central Kansas editor Bays : ''We
ntti'iidcd church some time ago mul
listen-d to n very good sermon, us sermons go. Wi enjoyed the singing,
mul stood up witb the l> 0 hien .mil
sisters while they sung the good old
hymn. " Shall We Know Each Other
There '.' " While the hymn wns being
sung we glanced almut us and cnuiited
about a dozen members of the congregation whu du not speak to each . ther
when they meet on the street or elsewhere. Tbe thought, loourred to us,
why Bhould tbey 'know each other
there,' when they seemingly don't
know each other line?"
A iiiiiM|<ieinile skating cirnivul will
be held nt I lie rink nn Tiled')-, Feb
18, Races have been arranged and
will oumiiienoo sharp at 8 p. 111.
Gentlemen and ladies inc.es, and buys
races f ir handsome prizes. Ma.quer-
aders will go on the lee at  8 30  p.m
A grand march will lake place at il
p.m. The management bus Btated
th .t no children will be it1 lowed on the
ice during the grand march. Skat'
in costume, mc particularly re'pieited
to hand in tin ir names snd ch racters
written on a caul, at the dour, for
publication in ihe Mail. Herald
Doors open at 7 30.
Tbe tea   on   Saturday next. Feb. 22 ■     An interesting   iddross   wi 1   he   de-
given  by  Knox Church Auxiliary ai |livered   by  Rev. w  P.   Freeman,   to-
the   home   of   Mrs. W. M.Lawrence,  morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock   at   the
will   be   held  in  tbe afternoon only,! Y. M. C, A.   All men are invited.
from 3 to 6 o'clock.   Admission 25c.    |    A cnp of refre.hing ...   ,. .  .. K-no:
- lay nex
Messrs. Lembke   and   North   bavi
taken over the Edison Parlor Theatre
in the Selkirk Hall from Willis anil
Cosgrove, who had the hall on contract fur several months, and will open
on Monday night with a new and up-
to-date progrmnie.
In the ski running contests at Ross-
I land this week fur the B. C. Amateur
I championship, Noren obtained 1st
prize, and Sarki 2nd., Knudai n 3rd
and Iversun 3rd. The Canadian Am
1 nteur championship record for ski
j jumping was broken by T>>rgel .Vuren.
I who jumped 103 it. 8 inches, being Ibe
| lungest jump ever made in Canada,
Church   aftern    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
frum   3  to  6 if. the .';   i." ol Mrs. W
M.    Lawrence, will   <■:u • up       A
splendid musical pr gramme has been
arranged.    Admission 25c
J  Russel was conveyed to  thi
pital   this   morning    »uffi rii g   d   i
injuries sustained " tbe C P.R   shope
Thi- Injured   mai
hurt, dm sust ■.  ed seven   bruises  oi
the   face   and    bsly,    his     shun
being crushed.
The Santa Fe system is establishing
a bonus system for their engineers
aud firemen. The engine crews which
run their engines the greatest distance
with the least expense in the   way   of
fuel and repairs will be given increased I »»»', onampioo.uiy   recoru    .or   »k, i     T,)e Washington, D. C. bouse   com
pay in the way of a bonus. jumping was broken by    ,,rgel Noren,   nl|Ul,e   „„   C„,|HI|„  nM , „ ..,,.,, ,,
Pvthiai'   Temnles   are   beine insti-   7      J."1P edl08ft'8'n ^».\ '"'"I* '""   th- Chief Forest, r Pinchut   to   reeom
tuLVal Vai^ver .N>« ^sufimster< '""^ """P "" """* '" '   '" 1 end to the  ,se uf    „ ,
and Duncan,    bv   Grand   Chief   Mrs.      The senior league basket   ball  game   the passage    ll    S    bill    ippropriatil
Neave of Nansimo,.witb full  member- wm won by the  Uppererusters frum $260,000 for tbe taking ol a census
Deputy Grand Chief Mrs. H.A. the Shamrocks with a big soore.    The ■'■   the sUnding timber in the i nlU I
instituting   Road, and Ollice ami Shop teams play   States
X)DS,    Ver.|next Wednes.l ,y-u   postponed   nam.-!      ,-,,e |a,t 1N,„e „(   .,„.   B   ,     ,,;1/„lt,
I The Employed   boys   won   from   the LnU|n| tba following app-dntment.
'!"'     a- commissioner f il I da* Its
''*'"'    in   i he   Supreme  Ci nrl     Reveistook
I Electoral  District—C   H    Maodonald
Social and Personal
Mrs. K. B, Lewis pntertaii ed her
friends at cards on Thursday afternoon.
Dr. Morrison his returned from a
professional visit to Notch Hill and
Salmon Arm.
It. \V, Haggen is at Calgary attending the ex a mi nations for Topographical surveyors.
B. Armstrong and .1. Hooley have
been effecting smiie locomotive repairs
for the Columbia River Lumber Ca.
nl Ciiiliii.
Mrs. Howard Keays will receive ou
Weduesday next, afternoon and evening, and thereafter on every second
Friday of eacti month.
Rand Gibbons, manager of the
Gibbons Lumber Company, Pington
Creek, on A nuw Lakes, left on Thursday fur the const on a business visit.
W*. Barber, who has been visiting
his home nt Uuelph, Out, fur the past
few months where he bus been playing
hockey, has returned to the city.
The indies of tlie Guild of St. Peter's
church are givi-ig a Limerick Tea, on
Tuesday, Feb. 18th, consequently MrB
Coursier will nut be "at home" on
lhat dale.
Catholic.—Rev. Father R. Pecoul
O.M.I., pastor. Serviccseverv Sunday
at the following hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 10:80 a.m. High ,\ ass
land Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:30
p.m. Sunday School; 7:S0p.m. Rosary,
Instruction nnd Benediction.
St Andrew's Presbyterian—Rev.
W. C. Calder, pastor. Sunday, Feb. 16.
Services 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m., Sunday
School a.,d Pastor's Bible Class, 2.30
i p.m. Momine subject, "A Saving
Faith " Evening, "Compensation."
Young People's meeting Monday at 8
p. m, Prayer meeting Wednesday 8
p.m. Choir practice and teachers'
meeting Friday 8 p.m.
Kniix PbeSBYTEBIAM—J. R. Ruben-
son, B   D.,   minister.   Sunday'services
at    It   n ni   ami   730 p m.    Sunday
school   at   2:30.    Morning   subject—
! "The  Healing   Ministery   of   Jesus."
Al tl venii g service tbe pastor  will
Icontin ii tin series of sermons on The
:'   St.   John's   Gospel,
j for   tbe   third   subject,   "The
Sign   I   Christ's   Authority "     Good
moi     lasistid by the choir orchestra,
Our Father;   Tbe   Heavenly
I Land; Bow Down   Thine   Ear,     The
monthly    Literary   meeting   of   tin-
Young    People's   Society   on    Mon-
Igbt   at H o'olook.    Prayer meeting un Wednesdsy, and I'lmir practice
■I Friday i igbt      A cordial we'eome
is given to all the services.
ship*. ^^^^^^^^^^
Brown ol   Reie stoke,   is
the new Templet at    Kami
nun And K'elunns.
The    Arrowhead     Dramatic    Club
which I.as   recently   been    organized,
will present tbe domestio drama, "The
Chimney Corner." under the   auspices
if   the    Arrowhead     Lodge   No,   38,
Knights "I Pythias,  on   Wednesday,
Feb  10th, which ia the aiiiiivcrsi.iv nl
the Pythian Order.     The play will be
produced in    l.ightburnes. Hall   and B
sup|*T and dance will lake place alter j R ,iaI|„pr ajK,m|
the  perfurrnalice.
I   In  Ilu- grtliii'
Public Scliu
The sohoolboys put up
but were outweighed,
li   H    Commoxsi
I     i. r, .1.   .1.   Wi
iiiugiin, ill Arrowhi
I!    Dtyfii
:   , Ed
d, A M   8
,„ I,
ol St. Leon   H-'   Bprinp,
Forrest, of Albert Cenyi n
y ui'.
mil    Frul
Jno, Gosnell's
Simitiil Snap.
Danilaruii- Simp.
Listeiine Snap.
It'-siiiul Soap.
Ichthyul Soap.
Thymol Soap.
Oreolin Soap.
1711 While Kusc.
Colgate's l/« Prance Ruse.
Calvert s 'jt) per Cent. Carbolic.
Roger andGallel Perfumed,
Druggisi cv Statjoner
V.„, ■ .
A new device is being tried uu tin-
Lung Island Railru-.d The devios is
in Connection with the nignnl    system
nnd is the invention uf  a   Pittsburgh
man.      It is said  thnt a cartridge will
explode if an engineer should run past|    ,.\   i,.tter   mailed   In   New Orleans
nis calling it to   the long befure the civil war.reached l. I«a-
utteiitif.ii uf the men in the cab.   The I beth   Oarthwaite   al    Newark,   N  J
exploison will also record on an   imii-   yeiterday,   It. took more than 58      •
oator the fact that   an   engineer   has to deliver it. The date mark on it wei
neglected to observe a   danger   signal | *>.<.. 30, J8f4,   audit   will   never be
nd explanations will tie in order from
the man at fault.
A number of young people organized
;i snowsboe trudge on Wednesday
night, starting frum behind Fleming's
stable, climbing up tu the   eily   water
tsnks and continuing along ihe level
on the rifle range. The snnw wns. In
excellent condition.     While on  Ihe
ridge above the city, red (litres were
lit, the ruddy glow nllecting on the
mow milking a weird nnd striking
leene The tramp ended down thi
dopes behind Lung's brewery, ami ilm
party returned tn partake of coffee and
refreshments at the home of Mrs.
known    where    the    missive  hat been
since. The only explanation thai the
mailing authorities can give is thai I
probably slipped behind a sorting
The  Vancouver   Athletic.   Club   nre
holding the Amateur Championship
Boxing Tournament ol B, C under
the permission of the P, N. A., on
March 6th and 6th, The tournament
slni'iid tnke lirst place of any  on  the
CoAst,   IfzO iu trophies OS well ns   gold
medals fur ohampionthip nnd qualify.
Ing fur liiinls nre offered, We have
received a complimentary ring siii-
ticket, Entrlee from this section of
the provinoe am looked fur,
MKTHODin —Bev.T.W. Hall, puatnr
Services - Sunday aa follow. —
I'll i.n Sunday s^b" i and Bible
.in-- ii j 30 )■..• ming s. i vice tl 7 30
m Ing snbjeot, H ell Doing, end
\|..ruing subject, i i.nst Cleansing
i he Tempi, snd it- Lessons l"i V •"
Evening - ibjeel Missl mt Mission.
I Mhi    '.i' ■■ lb I-      Epworth
ICE  00   Monday    evening
Prsyer meeting on Wednesdaj even
.11br k'v ll - Magee will deliver en
iddi : i- daj i '.i" ing1 the 21st ,
in tin- I'hiirih    .n   Temperadcs   and
Moral lt"f inu        Mr   Magee is luuring
the province ol B. 0 In the interest.
of thsse great, lobjeoU, under tin-
direct n of the Conference ol the
Methodist church A very cordial
Invitation is extended to all tbe above
Revelstoke Rink makes Splendid Record at Golden.
The lnnil curlers returned on Thursday morning from G -Iden, and were
heartily weloumed and congratulated
by their brother curlers and the citizens generally nn their success They
speak warmly of the hospitality ex
tended to llieni by the residents of
Golden and report the bonspiel to
have been a complete success in every
particular. Pinkham's rink upheld
the honors for Bevelstoke snd besides
obtaining a lirst and second prlz.e, had
the distinction of winning the grand
aggregate pr;ze, which signifies that
they made the best record of any rink
attending lhe 'spiel, winning eight out
of ten games played. The winners in
tlie various competitions were as
Grand Challenge—I King, Golden;
2 Pinkham, Revelsloke; 3 Henderson,
Golden; 4 \\ ni'ieu, Gulden,
O'Brien T.opliy—1 Pinkham Revelstoke; 2 lli'iiilcrro". Golden; 8 McRae, Revelstoke; I Kl   i. Golden.
Columbia River Lu her Co, Trophy
—1 Walker, Calgary; 2 McLeod, Calgary; 3 Dainard, G il'en; I Gordon,
Consol.iti ui—1 Wmi'oii, Golden; 2
Galletly, BinlV; 3 Laniard, Golden; 4
Upper, Field.
Wedding Bells.
At Calgary on Wednesday, Feb. bth,
Miss Olivia James, who bus been head
milliner for Messrs. C B. Hume it Co
of this city fur some time paBt, was
uni'cd in the binds of h.ily matrimony
to Mr. Angus Clinic Robertson of
Winnipeg. The cciemony took place
in Knux Church, Rev. John A. Clark,
being the olliciatiug minister. Miss
Gertitnlc Duiilop, of Calgary, acted as
bride's maid, and the groom was tup-
ported by Alexander L. MacLean, barrister, of Winnipeg. The bride wort a
beautiful hand made Spanish lace
lobe over moire white silk gown, and
carried an ivory bound prayer book.
Her travelling costume was a brown
chiffon velvet, trimmed with American sable. Mr. and Mrs. Robertson
left Calgary on the evening train for
the sunny south where they will spend
their honeymoon. The Mail-Herald
joins the many friends of ihe bride in
Revelstoke in wishing the happy
couple a long and prosperous married
Debate in Knox uhurch.
Resolved: "That life on the prairies
is preferable to life in the mountains."
This subject is to be debated in Knox
church on Monday night by the
Young People's Society. The affirmative will be maintained hy Mr. Williamson, Miss I. Crawford, Mr. Ackninn,
while Mr. McLean, Miss MoKinney
and Mr. F. Young will uphold the
negative. All are invited. Admission
free but a c llectiun is taken.
The Growing West.
Apropos of the growth of new towns
in the west, a locomotive engineer
relates the following, says the Epworth
One day I was driving my engine
across the prairie when suddenly a
considerable town loomed up ahead
where nothing had showed up tbe day
"What town's this?" says I to my
li reman.
"Dunno," says Bill, "it wasn't here
when we went over the road yesterday."
Well, I slowed down,  and  dinctly
| we pulled into the station, where over
five hundred people were   wailing   ou
the iilatfoiin   to   see   the   first   train
Rome in.
The conductor came along up front
and says to rne:
"Jim, first thing we know we'll be
running by some important plane, Get
this town duwti on you list and I'll
put a biiikeiiiiin on the rear platform
tu watch out for town, thnt spring up
after t be train getH by I"
diRL To be Your Valentine. DONT
You be A Comic valentine-clothes
We have in utir stun-everything your body needs and we can make
it fit to live in.
We have some nice Lipht Weight Overcoats and Raincoats that we
are offering away below regulai- values.
This kind of weather requires good Footwear nnd we have the righl
kind. Box Calf or Oil Tanned Kip, leather lined, with waterproof soles,
and madeon lasts that will give you " foot comfort."
Nice Dog Skin or Mocha Gloves, some unlined and sonic with silk
lining. They are right weight for lhe warmer weather now approaching,
hut it' you want a wool tilled glove, we have them.
Probably you are going to some of tbe many dunces now in prospect.
If so you will want a nice dancing shoe, and we have them in many styles
—nice Dougola Kit! or the Dressy Patent Kid, and then we have all kinds
of Fancy Hosiery to wear with tt low shoe.
If you need a tie l'or dressy occasions, we have the white or black full
dress bows, as well its every needed shade in Four-in-llnnd*..
Our stock of Collars, Cuffs and Shirts of all kinds Is most complete,
and you will find our prices more than reasonable.
Get the habit of doing your buying at
If you are, the i|iiestinn of cost is
no doubt an important consideration.    Design  next.
Only selection of Cut Glass in town
EXPERIENCED Waitress vvnntml.
Apply CLIMAX HOTEL,.   .
lumps, 200. 000. TOO and
Pour gasoline
" 800 candle
TAKE NOTICE chat tha shareholders of the above uamed Company
have hy special resolution resolved to
change the name of tlie Company to
" Revelstoke Agricultural Society,
Limited," and intend to apply to the
Lieiitenant-Governorin-Council for an
Oilier changing the name accordingly.
Dated 11th January, 1006.
A. Y. Andkhhon,
jan. 8-3m. Secretary.
power, ail in good working oidei; wiH
light 100 feet build ing. Apply to Chief
Yuuiig. Cuiiiiiplix, B. C.
MARRIED COCKLE want position
in  hotel oi  on ranch—Apply to
Columbia Agencies Limited.
MATERNITY Cases taken  at   my
home or   otherwise.      For   particulars  apply Airs.  A.   E.   Bennison
Second St.. W.si, or P. O. Box 211.
lib. 12. lin
(JERVANT GIRL wanted for smal
IO    family.    Apply to Mrs. W. Bews.
TO LET—Room or room and board
for one or two gentlemen. All conveniences, telephone, etc. Apply to
Maii.-Hkuai.ii office.
MUSIC — Violin    and
taught.   Reasonable
Derhysbire,   3rd   Sir
Cowan Block,
terms.   3.
West,   near
fell 15 Bt
ANTED-Men and Women to
learn burlier trade, wages earh-
ed while learning, catalogue free.
Write Moler Bui her College, SOS Car-
rail St., Vancouver. B, C.
WANTED— Dressmaking by the
day, by a competent Dressmaker fi-oui tbs East. Apply to P. O.
Box 014. sat dec 7
Business Locals
li,n i l'i'    W, f
pn .tor Services ai 11
p in Sunday sohool
Morning   mbjeot,   "Tl
I- - i ir ui, 11 A.
ii in.   !■ ud   7 30
it   t:;<)   |i ui.
n   True   Mercy
Heut," Evening mbjeot, "Overcomers.'
B. Y. P U. meets M< nd .., el H p, ,„.
Prayer meeting Wedi etdsy at 8 p,tn,
Ht.   I'i ii.it s  Anoi.han — Rev.   C.   A.
Proounler. ma., rector Beptuages.
inin Sunday, Following i. a li-it ut
services —II a, m Matins nnd Litany
7 BO p in., Rveneong Sunday Sohool
2 80 p iu Tbe Bight Rev The Lord
Bishop ol the Dlooeso "ill preach at
both services and «iii hold confirmation ut the evening service,
Patronize   Home   Induttry.
Reveletoke Clgnrs
Water cress fresh in tislay—C. II.
Hume .v On
.ipratt's food fur animals and fowele
—all   kinds,   ask   for booklet at C  It.
. Ma.ilnriald's
Revelstoke Cigars Union Made Our
•rtfloiM The Union, and Maroa Vuelta
are ahead of nil others.
The nicest in  stationery  i»ith   in
boxes    nnd      tablets,    sold    at    0,     U.
Mncdn iiii Id'-
Large   supply    Ibis   week  of    tuivel
oranges, all the beet brands only 60c.
per dozen at 0. II    Hume it- Co.
Any person wanting lo start a hot
bed nf vegetables cun imw got the
fresh seed, at 0, R. Muedoiiiild's.
The Ladies' Aid uf tho Methodist
Church will hold a Talent Tea at the
home "f Mrs. Lvttln, Fourth Htreet,
on Tuesday, lreliriiaiy ISlll, from .'I to
li o'clock, p. in. Homo made cooking
of all kinds for sale.     Admission, 20c,'
lt«\ulst'iVe Isuiil llislrl.it.
District ot West Kiiotiiniiy.
'inki- notice that I. 0,1). woodrow of Toplar
II. C., oi'i'iilii.l ion l'rii-|.|.i:Uir, intend lo apply
for a apeclal liroiiun to cut and carry away tun
i*i-r from I lie fnllowiiiK described lauds:
('(►iiiiiii'iH'iiiK ut a post plantod aboul | of a
mile sum lii'i'i)' from tin-'.-; nillo board on tlie
t'.l'.H. ruilriiii'l adjoining Timber Mini! 11100
nn wesi boundary, and Die suuth lamndary nf
TluilHir Limit iii, iii.ii Inl "C. O. Woodrow'.
inuiii en ■! i inner post," Ihnnoo woal KOohalni,
Uienoe aoutb an ofiulns, timui-o eaat K" chain.,
iliiiiii'ii inn Hi B0 chains U point of Romiu.nce-
men:.. uiiiiilnitiK tan (turns inon, or lent.
ixsutiHi i.'ith peo, 10.17.
wis! Jim |J C. 0. WOODROW, l/ocalor.
Notice to Millmen.
Tenders will tie received by the un
deralgned up to the ifllth day of Kelt.
IOuH. fm the purchase of the Canoe
Creek Lumber Co.'s property at Salmon Arm, II. On consisting of a saw
mill wllb a capacity of twelve to fifteen
thousand feet per day. Everything is
new nnd in first -class condition having
been   run   only   about three  months.
There is n  locomotive boiler88 h.p.;
I I..II. 11x10 Champion Engine; 1 R.H.
Haw Frame and fittings; 1 H.R.H. car-
tinge with four blocksi a 52 R. II. Hoe
Inverted tooth saw; 1 sawdust conveyer Willi  nil  linings:! Edger, 1 Swing
Haw:  l  Planer] Blacksmiths tools;
Conking outfit; 2 teams horses; 2 setts
harnessi 2 wngon-; I logging sleigh
.in I nil lhe Company's interests in real
"i nt her property, particulars of which
may be'oblain'ea by application to the
undersigned. The highest or any tender not necessarily accepted!
J. W. McCALLCM, Assignee,
Salmon Arm, B. C.
WANTED—Small Furnished house
or Booms for housekeeping (or email
family of adults, central location.
Apply office MailHkrald.
client wilh $4,000 who want* a
good hotel man with like amount lu
join Inin in running a hotel. Apply
Columbia Agencies, Limited, '
WANTED All kinds of jobbing
work to do, cleaning snow from
roofs, le tiding furnaces, wood chopping, or any other general work.
Charges moderate. Anyone requiring
such wul k done please .Iron postcard
to K. llriininiiii, (leiu-iul Delivery, P.
O, Revelstoke.      feh 1 i*w
WANTED KNOWN-You can get
one of the host snaps to be bod
iu City house properly from us. Two
houses and 100 ft. front age to 2nd St.
all for 1*2,500 of which only $101X1 cash
is required -ind balance can remain on
mortgage.—Apply at once to Columbia
Agencies, Limited,
HEAI.KI) TENDERS, iddrwMdto the Pout-
r«*t.|*ad st Ottawa
the Ulth March. WW,
inusler (innoral,   will   M
until   Nimii,   on  Friday
for th. coii.ayanc. nf Hi
• niisis.il Contract for four ye.r», •. daacrlbad
bstwran propoMd atrMt L.tl.r Boi»i and th*
Kclstok* Pout Office,  from  th. I'
Gfloar.l's iileasur..
Print   '
rsesl.td tt Ottawa
Lb. Uth March, linn,
a Majesty's hUlll, on •
§ di     '
IM 1
ted notlcei conuiolng further Informs
tion ... to condition, of prtipos.d I 'tint r.ct may
be seeu  nnd blank   forms of Tender may lie
obtained at the P ml Office at Re.eWUike end
_ _K Dinecti
Slut J.nu.ry, lwj*.
 'ml Ullice l      	
■t tbe utflce uf tbe Post Office Inspector,
Uir's Ollice, V.ncouier, B.l",
Po;i OlliceTo»p
ftb j Iw for Iwi
JOHN R. 01
*s ls.pe.tur.
—- -V^..* s^.» .^n
'   4


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