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Vol. 13.   No 71
$2.50 Per Year
. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Crosse & Blackwell's Jellies
Jams and Condiments
All Fruits, Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach, Plum, Apricot, etc., Oro'sseft Blackwell's ftnest-Jthename is n guarantee of quaiity.   Put up In ilb. tins, 65 Cents
Made of Finest Seville Oranges, Crosse A Blackwell's
gi.o.ls. Purity is assured. These people loin out the
linest to be hnd.   Put up iii 7 lb. tins at One Dollar
('. A li. Best Malt Vinegar. This is something ymi
should look for purilv in. Put up in quart bottles to sell
at 35 Cents
Or Olive Oil for Salad Dressings, etc. Perfectly pure
Italian Oil, put up by Crosse A Blackwell in 10 ounce
holt Ies. ' 50 Cents
English Sou.' Pickle. Put up by Cross.. A Blackwell.
We have a fine assortment in Glass Bottles ... linest malt
vinegar, all slues. Finest Itali.iu Olives, Heal olives, no
imitation cheap goods, but the real thing put up by
Clnss.. A Blackwell in all size bottles,
We have any amount nf nil kinds of Class
Jars and other Preserve Jars. Crown Self
Sealing Glass Jars:
Pint Sizes at per dozen SI. 15
Quart Slsesat per dozen SI.40
Half Gallon Size at per dozen SI.75
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
*, ,7, ir. ,t. .t. .1*, ft, it, ,ti .1*. .1*. .1*..-.-. i'l1! iti iT. iTi iT. iTt iTi iTi .ti ,l*i 1*1*1 iTi
jltrrlll ill ill ill IV n* 14. 11,1 >A' IV Hl XB 'j.1 tp 4. 4* 4. 4.   " V '+' *+*'+'
In order to introduce, we will allow any  responsible
party to take on a 30-day trial one of our KOOKIZERS, and 9
** show that what we say about it is undeniable—that you can ty
ty cook vour food for hours without fire. T
1 ' t
T        This offer, and at a price of $7.50 each, only good for *jj*
A Thirty days. ty
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
1T1 A At At A, At At At its At A, At A, >i*i .'t'i At Ai Ai At At t't'i At At Am Ai
X "X" w *  X X X * X *V X V X * *  X * X X X X * * "X 'X
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots U7J x IIX), on .Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered—Cosh $96$ terms on balance.    PRICE--$2,450
Two-Storey   Dwelling,  plastered  and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 nil Second Street.     Cnsl. $1)50 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 60x100, near Cowan Block
PRICE   $850
At ll. M. Spruit's Karwell  Estate Olliee.
COWAN BLOCK.       -      -      -       THIRD STREET
Turf Association Meet Thursday
and Friday - Two Public
Half-Holidays—A Big Bunch
of Horses.
One ol the biggest nnd most important events of the year in Iteve sinke.
and one whicli will be perhaps most
popular among all the citizen", it
the Second Annual Meeting ..( lh.
Kevelstoke Turf Association, to b.
held tomorrow and Friday afternoons
011 tlie great race track. Horsemen
all over the province huve agreed that
the local track is one ui the linest iu
Canada and lor accommodation is almost sccuiid to none. A very conoid
eralile amount ol money Iiub been
spent cn this track, both last year and
this year, and tlie trustees and track
committee will spare neither pains nor
expense to so further improve it that
Revelstoke can boast ol the beet appointed course in the Dominion. As
an asset to the city, the race track
certainly is and it will be the aim of
the Turl Club to secure lhe best pos
sible racing which will be held under
thc strict rules ot the Association.
Considerable preparation hat been
made fur tlie meet this year, which
will be the lirst on the circuit, thus
giving Revelstoke the advantage of
having an aggregation of borses entirely new to encb other, which must
necessarily ensure good racing.
The Turl Club have-been levelling
the centre ol tlie truck ihis Bummer
an.l when seeded down with, grass it
will make an ideal recreation ground,
where athletic sports, ball games and
other events can be held. The grand
stands are completed and special
attention has beeu paid to afford
perfect shelter Irom rain and dust.
The stables have been remodelled and
ten additional ones have been erected
this year, making twenty large and
comfortable loose boxes. The roadway and drive to the main gates is
one of the finest in the Dominion,
there being a grand broad sweep approach nearly naif a mile in length
The track itself is over half a mile
in circumference, graded at each end,
and ol ample width to allow of plenty of
space foi irUting events. Water is
laid on from the city mains for use in
the stables and paddocks. It is tlie
intention of the Turf Club to lay out
a lawn in the grand stand paddock
which will connect witii the saddling
paddock and stables, as is the case in
all the large race tracks ol the world.
Tbe meet this year should prove in
every way successful as some of tlu
best horses on tl.e turf will take part
The citizens have responded handsomely to the subscription list and
$1,500 in prizes will be given for tlie
events. This purse is as high as any
offered in the province nnd speaks
well for the patronage of the public
nnd the interest taken in thi- king ol
nil sports. A number of horses are
now uu the ground traing previous to
tlie races. Armstrong A Culierell of
Vancouver, huve a Hue looking Lunch
ol runners, while Eniiiiett of Medicine
Hat, who has been training his trio
for the past month bus got his
horses in tbe pink of condition. Ed
McAhee ol Calgary, one ol the best
known hoi seme'' and jockeys from
coast to coast rough, in his tine
looking runne. yesterday. Mr. Mc-
Abee took part in the meet last year and
is conlident of lirst class sport. Okanagan and Kamloops horses are also
booked besides many cthers all more
or less prominent in the racing world.
Over tweuly-tive horses, all told will
compete this year and all are looking
for winners. Racing will begin at
1:30 p.m. sharp each cay, and as the
Mayor has declared two public half
holidays lor lhe occasion, merchants
as well as oilier citizens will have
ample time to take in all the events,
the holidays coniniencini at 12 noon.
The Independent Band has heen
engaged and will play on both afternoons on tbe track. In order lo
facilitate the transportation of visitors
and special..rs to the Race Track the
s. s. Ilevelstoke will make tripe to and
Irum tho city, starting frum tho landing ut tbe cut bunk behind the post
olliee, touching at lhe tleumboot
whan' and up to a landing at a point
convenient to the race truck. Busses
will also make periodical trips at
reduced rates.
It is expected that a large crowd
will be in town this week lor the
races, special reduced rates ol a lure
and one-third having been obtained
from (the C. P. K. Irom all adjacent
The following is the programme oi
1.—Trot and Pace $200 00
2:40 class, 3 in 5.
2.—Running Half Mile Dash. 125 00
3.—Running Hall Mile    85 00
Heats lor local horses.
Horses to have been in
Revelstoke Electoral district 60 days previous to
n.eetiug. Catch weights.
Divided $50, $25, $10.
1—Quarter Mile Dash    $200 00
3.—Hall Mile Pony  Race... $125 00
14}   hands   and   under,
Heats 2 in 3.
6.—Free for All Trot and Pace.$250 00
Iteuta 2 in ii.
7 —Five Eighth  Mile  Dash,
running  $150 00
8.   H......ii.s One Mile Dash..$250 00
0—Running Three- Quarter
Mile Consolation $100 00
for horses not having won
1st, or 2nd, nt meeting.
Divided, $50, $30, $20. '
Three to enter and start, hut nol
less than four  horses  to start where
third  money is given.   Unless other.
wise specilied all moneys to be divided
70 and 30 per cent.
Entries close at tl p. m this evening.
Horses colled sharp at 1 30 p.m.
each day.
The lollowlng forms thc Racing
A. MoRae President
A. V. Anderson Seoretary
Mi. Cowan Treasurer
A. ,1. McDonell, G S. McCar er, F
B. Lewis, II. Cunningham Morris,
.1. Abrahamson,
The s.s. Revelstoke will run hourly
trips Thursday and Friday from the
old Smeller Lnnding and ll.e whorl
opposite the Publio Schools lo lhe
lnnding near the Race Track. Tickets,
50c.   Children, 25c, good for return.
The beet horses in tlie West will
be Been in action nt tbe Race Truck
to-H orrow and Friday afternoon.
$1500 in purses have been put up
for the race meet this year.
Comfortable and ample oeconimo-
dution can be hod in the new double
grind stands, which afford protection
from wind, sun ond rain,
A. McRae, president ol the Revelstoke Turf Association, bus worked
hind to ensure the success of thin
year's meet.
Racing will start sharp at 1:30 p.m.
Thursday and Friday.
Many local horses will take part in
the local events, Borne Jof them being
fast runners.
Special busses will run tn and Irom
the Race Truck to all parts ol the city
carrying passengers at reduced lares.
Vancouver, Okanogan, Kamloops,
Golden, Medicine Hat and Calgary
horses wiil take part in the races
to-morrow and Friday afternoons.
Refreshments will be obtainable on
the Race Track grounds during the
Ed. McAbce and his famous horses
from Calgary, sre racing again this
Vancouver has Bent up a promising
looking bunch by Armstrong and
Emniett's Medicine Hot racers have
done good work on the track during
iheir past months' training.
Because ncetyline gas Ior the light
ing ol railway coaches is deemed
dangerous on account of its explosive
qualities, the Canadian Pacific Railway has determined to discontinue its
use. Tlie ocetyline gas plant at the
C.P lt yards on False Creek, in the
city of Vanoouver, is to be discarded
immediately and the manufacture of
PintEch gas started. The plant in
Vancouver will serve all the passenger coaches of Ihe railway on the
Pacilic division.
Mr. Albert C. Van Nest, of New
York, a member of the engineering
deportment of the Pintsch Compressing Company, hua arrived in Vancou
Asiatic Quarters Raided—Rioi
and Destruction-Japs and
Chinese Armed and Revenge
Their Attitude
Vancouver, Sept. 10—Two night
of rioting and destruction of properly
Imve left Vuncouverites with a new
sensation and have given the city
much iinilersii'iible notoriety. In the
European and Asiatic mind, as wl.ll
as in tlie Amerloan and Canadian,
this city lias, by the disgraceful lolly
of 11 few young men and boys, been
placed in the disorderly clans and today, loo, the Chinese and Japanese
quarters ore armed to the teeth and
burning with resentment of the treatment given them by a mob.
When the rioters got through with
Chinatown it looked like a wreck.
Every Chinese window wns broken.
Thousands ol dollorB worth of plate
glass lay in fragments; and then a
a start was made on Powell street,
where not a Japanese window was
spared. The mob respected the Japanese mission building, but allowed
no nuircy even to the little private
houses of Japanese residents. They
did not get oil' quite ^cot free, though,
Ihe Japanese being more 01 less armed
with clubs and bottles, which they
used with damaging ctt'ect on a few
As the mob surged through the
streets of the Asiatic quarters, it was
impossible for the police to tell who
threw Ihe stones that from time to
time hurled over ihe heads of the
crowds into the windows. All thc
police could do was to keep the mob
moving, and alter a while, to clear
Chinatown and keep it clear by putting a rope and a cordon of police
acroBB the end of Carroll street—opposite the Woods hotel. The fire
department was held in readiness all
night and was out on several false
alarms, but one engine was kept in
Ciiinatown lor emergencies.
Sunday night there was a great
change noticeable in the attitude ol
botli Chinese and Japanese. Both
were practically standing under arms
and both stated openly that there
would be bloodshed if any further attempt i.ere made on them by the
mob. The Chinese mostly kept in
doors, with all lights out in the fronts
of the buildings, but the Japs paraded
the streets and held a long conference
and the consul has forwarded partiei.
lars of the trouble to (he Japoneac
foreign olliee. Leading Japanese state
openly that it i< their intention to
organize for thei. own armel dulenes,
lhe city authorities being ,< denlly
powerless to save them (rom injury to
lile and property. Lost evening the
temper ol the Japanese was decidedly
ugly and the Chinese too are in no
inline of mind to stand any more
All stocks of firearms  iu  the  city
ver for the purpose ol arranging for, have beeu practically bought up by
tbe installation of the Pintsch plant the Asiatics and hundreds of knives
here. It is the intention to converr,! 1)llve a]so bee„ ao|d lly loonl firm8 to
the ncetyline tanks into Pintsch gns |Urn, the Orientals. Chinese stoiciBm
generators.    The   material  used .11 |mB gjven wlly to complete and angry
the   1......11f.1et1.ro  of   this gas  is a
relatively poor grade oil turned out
l.y the Standard Oil Company. This
oil is 11 medium between a poor iliumi-
na.it and a lubricating oil, but it is
exactly the material required to make
Pintsch gas. The Vanoouver plant
will be ready Ior operation liy the end
of the present month.
Ottawa, Sept. 10.—The greatest
rille match in the world's history took
place nt Rock Clitl'e rille range on
Saturday alternoon. Tlie American
team o.c winners of tlie Palma trophy,
but every other team competing exceeded the highest previous score.
Tlie conditions 01 the shoot were 15
shots each at 800, 1)00 and 1,000
yards, pussiblo score 225. The weather
conditions were ideal, there being
practically no wind and the light wai
Tbe Americans hud the ...I van luge
ol a special peep Bight, whioh is admirably suited for moderate weather,
'llieir ammunition was alio specially
prepared, every bullet being hand
made. The Canadians had intended
using King's Morton ammunition,
the some aa the liritish and Australian
teams, but being dissatisfied witii it
in the practices, they to-day lired
Kynoch make, and this probably now
accounts for their being in second
The Canadians have one consolation ob a result ol tho great shoot, in
that they heat the Americans by two
prints ot lhe 1,000 yard range, Three
ot the Americans made possibles at
800, but there were no others at subsequent ranges. The lull scores ot
the lour teams nre as follows:
800 1)00 1000
United Statei,690 673   54!)
Canadian 501)   564     -i-l
Australia ... 570  563    530
Great Britain.651   520    603
agitation. Domestic seivunts in
homes and club, [ailert to turn up lor
duty this morning. Sawmills are
minus their Chinese crews and the
M unci .1 inn cur cleaners and yard gongs
are discussing racial ructions in Canton alley and Shanghai Btreet.
OTTAWA, Out, Sept. 11.—The following mesBi.ge was sent by Sir Wilfrid
Laurier to the Mayor  of  Vancouvci:
•'His Excellency the Governor-
General has learned witii the deepest
regret ol the indignities and cruelties
to whicli certain subjects uf tl.e Em
pcror of Japan, a friend and ally ol
llis Majesty the King, have keen tho
victims uud he hopes that peace will
be promptly restored nnd all lhc
Offenders punished. (Signed) Wilfrid
Winnii'Wi, Sept. 10,—President Sir
Thomas Shaughnessy ul the C.I'.R.
and a number ol the directors will
visit (lie west again at l he end ol the
month, on a tour ol inspection, The
construction ol the branch Iron. Kamloops to Edmonton by way ol the
Nortli Thompson river will be considered, and superintendent Marpole
of the cooat division nl the ruod is at
present gall..-.ing information whicli
will Im submitted to tliu president and
directors on their arrival in the west.
Tho construction ol this branch is
regarded un a mosl, important step,and
when completed it will undoubtedly
prove to to ono ol tl.e greatest and
most potent links in the western system of the road, It will penetrate a
couni ry rich beyod measure which has
hitherto remained undeveloped on
account of lack of railway facilities,
It is probable that tlie party of ollieials v ho aro to arrive in the weat in a
1,0711 few weeks will trnver-c as much ul the
1,(153 proposed route as is convenient while
1,680' they are in this country.
Who are in doubt as
to where they can best
obtain all kinds of up-
to-date SPORTING
GOODS should bear
in mind the fact that
wc carry a splendid
stock of high grade
sporting goods and
charge most moderately.
Give Us Your Order
For Groceries, we can fill it to your own satisfaction.
We will take as much care with it as if you were here
to watch us. Do not worry about the quality of the
goods we never keep anything but the best.
Bourne Bros.
$500 GASH
Buys New House finished with all modern
conveniences and ready for occupancy.
••■ ■■
Offices i— Molsons Bank Building.    "Telephone 31
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes. Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
St Op. I
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Rrnnohsa Id ths PiotIdcm ol Manitoba. Alberta, Sukstehemti,
Hritlah Colombia, OuUrlo, q*i»b—.
Oapltal Authorlied ...        610,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up -       -       -       •   •4,83o,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       t4,83o,ooo 00
D. lt. Wilkik, President 1 Hon, R, Jaffhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Buslneu Transacted.
Di fills auld available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest nil..wed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager. Z\k fl&aiUlbevalb.
Barristeks, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mirphy.      Haroiji Fisher
r.i.rf-l*.*!- licit"", Ko-
i.KVKI.-l'.K.f ISO TROI'l L.KK.III. I*.
C .-..lifi.u'- ,C.Bi.uorr,
Orncisi  iM'tiiui.  Bask Hlock, Ukvw.
'btoks, B.C.
Mon.-y lo loan.
i iffl,.. Renlstokl, H. 0.1 CranbrooV, B, 0,
Ot". 5. McC.lKTIK.
K. M    lIMill-'M. J. A. HAIIVKV,
Rareliteke, B. C,      CranrooK B,   .
J. M. So.: i l.I.H W,l Brings.
First Street. Revelsloke, B.C.
Awsr o! all'ire-.  Ssmflei by mall or express
receive prc-tnt,'. alttuiion.
T.-rmi Moderate.
Addmu     •     •    •     Box .3. Kaslo, B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue.
Box lllfl, Revelstoke.
Notary public, Etc.
Pbone.'     NEW DENVER, B.C      P.O.Box 10
(Member American Institute of
Mining Engineers),
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Kevelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Und, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers.
TEACHER of piano, vocal
harmony counterpoint, etc.
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
Tl'DlO-A.  Mrs. J. O   Hutchison's Con,
aught Arenue.
Cbe fltaiMberalb
"1 would . - . earnestly advise them tor
their k-ocrf to order thispaper to be punctually
serve.! up. and lo be looked upon as a part of
the tea quipage."-ADD180N.
BritiBh capital has lor the past
lummer been drifting into Canada,
the value and worth ol our Canadian
securities having been demonstrated
io materially- that many influential
meo representing English syndicates
are now oo the field looking into ond
sampling many enterprises, land ventures snd mining propositions. The
party ol British journalists who
recently toured Canada, will no doubt
take back reports ot a more or less
glowing nature, and rightly so, lor
there is no one who is more capable ol
judging conditions of lile, even though
he be tiaveliing in the height ul luxury himself, than a iournaliit. Ii we
wish to induce capital to invest in
Canada, we ihould make an effort to
get lome of the leading itock exchange
men ol London out here and by this
mean! wc- sha!! imprest the British
inveit-.r with the odvautagei ol
Canada Irom an investment stand
point Isr more than by bringing out
journalist-., or even banken.
'I'l.. vast majority ol investments in
listed MCurltiet ate mode on the advice "I brokers who o.e always on the
lookout lot ncuiitiei they con safely
recommend to client!. Banker! very
rarely toke the responsibility ol recommending investments in specified
securities. Tbey rcter the enquirers
to lome responsible firm ot broken.
Thus, il we can resell the brokers
we reach the men who really
control the investing public. These
men ore in no way inlliienced
by sentiment. The b.nd iBsue,or as
the caie moy lie, ii carefully icrutin-
ited and haa to stand strictly on its
merits and initrimio value, There
limit 1* taken into comidcralion another impoitant point, and that is the
character lor honest dealing ol the
men responsible Ior the floatation and
the country whence it emanates, l'lie
British Investor hai got tired and too
cautious ol issues ol defaulting South
American Republics, who never pay
their debit, and are .lisg.isi.il with
the itocki on the New York stock
exchange, which are subjected to io
many manipulations. In Canada
theie drawbacks do not exist, at least
not in inch a manner but  that  they
can be easily avoided, and now Ihoi
the growth and prosperity ol the
countiy is being recognized, Canadian
Securities ol a better class are boing
largely invested i...
Apropos of the eighth anniversary
of tl.e inoumbency ol the present
rector of St. Peter's church which
took place last Sunday, it is a fitting
lime to recall to notice the 'listing
ond beneficial effect that the church
as a whule has upon the city and
huw great a factor it is in moulding
tlie moral standard and principles of
ethics of the community. By tbe
word church we mean not one or
more individual denominations, but
the aggregation cl ohuroh goers,
united by o common ciu.se, striving,
though it may be through diU'eu-nt
methods end channels to attain the
same object. The church in Revelstoke has done her share in aiding
an.l furthering the interests ..( the
city ond in helping Io develop the
minds ol the citizens to so conduct
affairs in the developmental stage
which is so essential as s gro u.d
work in the ultimate building up ol a
ciiy where a moral standpoint should
be the aim, The church, in its collective seme seives to make good
lathers, good mothers, good children,
good housewives, good husbands aud
good citizens. The church in Western
Canada niUBt of necessity be carried
on on business lines, that is to soy
each and every member ol the congregations uf the respective denominations must help both with bis
pocket and also with liis inlluence to
carry on tho work and also in o spiritual sense to follow out the teachings
of increasing and extending tbe
Christian laitb. Co-opera tion in
church work is the keynote both aB
regards the means ol keeping the
church going and also in a higher
and deeper sense. The various denominations may disagree as to the
historical tacts and in church polity
and they may adopt different interpretations of the teachings ol Him,
tbe true Head, but upon all that is
essential to promote right living here
and fitness for whatever thc future
may hove in store lor humanity, they
are as one. Men ore just as much men
alter they identify themselves with
th.l church aa they were belore.
Religious toleration ia taught by the
evolution trom the past centuries
when disagreements and differences
were settled by might to the thorough
aod businesslike methods adopted
to-day, all brought about by an undercurrent ol religiouB leeling- The
church has made the British nation
the powerful lactor Bhe is, and we in
Canada, in Revelstoke, should look to
it that our individual churches as port
ol a great whole, are well supported
and sustained, Iree Irom reproach;
this being accomplished, no better or
more powerful factor will be lound In
the development of our nation and
the communities, such as we hove
here, who go to form it.
The filth Annual Nelson Fruit Fair
will be opened on Wednesday, Sept.
18th, at one o'clock, by Premier McBride and will continue lor tliree days,
The display of Iruit this year promises
to be larger than ever and will show
the immense possibilities of the
Kootenay district in this line. In the
amusement line u change from former
years bus been made by the Directors,
The Nat Reiss Carnival Company,
who carry several large and varied
acts, have been engaged to give two
lice performances doily in frout of the
grand stand. In addition to this they
will hove numerous other shows,
including a Ferris wheel. This
company has been playing at the
various loirs throughout the terrltorie.
ami comes highly recommended. The
prizes lor horse races bus been considerably increased thia year, the open
races will consist ol three-eighth mile,
puite *m.'>U; quarter mile, purse flii>;
half mile, purse 1200; besides, a quarter mile tor local horses. All races
will be run best two heots in three.
This year's iair has been made the
occasion to organise an Association ol
the Fire Chiefs in tlie different cities
in tlie Province, ond ... connection
with the organisation o Kir.-...en •
tournament hoi bean arranged cou
sisting ol ipeed races, wet tests, eto
for which large cosh prizes are being
given, together mtli a cup to be known
as " The Championship Cup ol th.
Pacific Coast' and whioh will hnve •,.
be won two yean hi nieces ion. A
number of entries have been made and
this part of the programme bids iair
to In o great drawing card.
i'lurn all Indications this year's lair
promises to outrival its predecessors
nut on ly in number ol entries but in
Cheap excursion ratlin have been
arranged on all transportation lines.
The intention oi oil those intending
to exhibit, ii called to the lact that
all entries muat be in the hands of tl.e
Secretary not later than Saturday,
Sept. lltli.
Revelstoke City Council .
McSorley BroB.,	
Ed. Corning	
..old Itoiige Lodge, No
1). ol L. K. A E	
B, ot L. E,, Division 1157	
Labor Day Committee, 1008
Kootenay Lodge, No, HON, I.
A. H, Fleishman, silver cup
* 200 (ID
60 00
60 00
60 00
r,o on
63 B6
:io oo
i..r Rel.iv race  60 00
F, Walsh Windsor Hotel.... 26 00
Ilolel Revelsloke  26 00
.1 Laughton, Union Hotel .. 26 00
Rev. Wine & Spirit Oo  26 00
Lawrence 11 nil mire -Co  tii 00
P. Burns* Cu  25 Oil
Enterprise Brewing Co  2ii 00
Maintenance of Way Employees—sub-crip' ion  ,    22 00
It. Howson* Co  16 00
0. B. Finnic- C., Ltd S 16 00
Fed. Unions, No. 28, Helpers,
Subscription ' 14 76
Carmen's Union, subscription Bt 05
Rev. Gen. Agencies, Ltd  10 00
Mason  A  Riscli Piano Co.
per C. V Jones  10 00
Bowman I umber Co  10 00
McLennan .<* Co  10 00
Reid & Young  10 00
McKinnon,*! Sutherland..,. 10 00
Wal'or Bews  10 00
lioin ic Bros  10 00
11. ,1.   Banbury,   Windsor
Restaurant  10 00
Knight A Devine.  HI 00
Crenman A Morrison  10 00
Hobson A Hell  10 00
Canada Drug,'. Book Co.... 10 00
Kincaid A Anderson  10 lit)
Hastings, D*yle & Alliim.. HI 00
H. Manning   HI 00
.1 Guy Barlv  10 00
.1 A. Stone, (Mental Hotel.. 10 00
Rov Smythe     10 00
Woolsey, l.e Foau.v & Co., Ld. 10 00
V B. Wells  10 00
Thomas Taylor, M.P.P  10 00
Blacksmiths' Union sub  7 00
Scott & Briggs  5 00
Mrs. McKitrick  5 00
Kurtz Cigar Cn  8 00
Dr. G. F. Curtis  5 00
E F Tucker  6 00
H.N  Cuursier  6 00
E. A. Haggen  5 00
(lilloniiv Elliott  5 00
.1,1.Woodrow  5 00
McPhail A Hornell   5 00
W.H.Pratt  5 00
W. A. Coburn   5 00
Robt. Caley, City Hotel... 5 00
Citv Restaurant  5 00
E. j, Bourne  5 00
Sibbald & Field  5 00
Red Cross Drug Store  5 00
Alirnhamson Bros  5 00
,1 Mclntyre* Son  5 00
A. Mcltae  5 00
11. McKinnon  4 50
VV. Smythe  3 50
R. 0. Patterson   2 50
C. Jones  2 50
1), Gallicano  2 00
A. Moddolini  1 00
Dr. J. W. Cross  5 00
Geo 8. McCarter, Bpecial p.
B.O.F G. Association.... 10 00
T. Kilpatrick, Bpecial  prize
locomotive  10 00
Grandstand, Sept. 2nd.... 35 25
Opera House Sept. 2  66 55
Local RcvclstCo
btic.aii.it Party of Canada
m,.i-i*- Pint nml Tliir.l .Vt'ilnoaday in the muulli
in Halkirk Utli,upstairs,all p.m. siiliJL.ftf.ir
.lUi-ii-iiin "..rraiii!>iiie..l ..I .'.niiliilistll. All
.ii.iTM*..-.! urn ivi-leui..*..
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, Ko. 229.
Meet, Second and I'-.-.n-ili Wednesdays in
until iniiiitli, in Soiktrk Ilnll.   Visiting Won!
muii cordially Invited l" attend.
W. II. AltMSTIION'll, Con. Coin.
.1   Mi-ISTYI.'K. Clerk.
Total $1261 55
13 Cosh if 100 00
22  90 00
24  65 40
30  136 35
30  10 00
1  344 20
2  55 00
6  212 00
2 Fleishman Cup... 60 00
9 Goods  13100
11 Cosh  67 60
Total ¥1201
Kenny M.-liae. Fancy float.. .$   II
C. Palmer, Oomlcal Bin	
.1. Russell, Trades Unions —
C. H. Hum.., Merchants	
W. Hews. Consolation	
Bowman L. (>>, Orchestra	
R.Tnpping, B.C. Fruit Growers
I.. E. Ca.-lyle. Locomotive	
Marshal, Fee for horse hire	
Railway fare, lacrosse team..
Hotel expenses.    "
Railway fare, foot ball team..
Hotel expenses,	
Medals -....I cup for relay race
Expenses of Tng-of-war 	
. Ity firemen * races
I'ifz.-* as per progi nnme
Extr i races on Sept. -int.
Labor for grounds       	
Material for preparing grounds
Independent Band       	
Mail-Herald, printing	
Lfivvu Tennis Cluh
Donation to Gun Club paid to
C.P.R, on account ol clubs noi
competing ....
Cosl of ci mica! rig     ........
Rfga for judges .nd
Rig for City Council
Hall rent for first meeting.
Goal nets for lacrosse team
!„ II, Co, lacrosse goal frames
it.-i.l ft Young, clowns caps
Taking p.iz..* to'i|..-!'. House
Exp. ...s ...i poslei -
i- !>•■ v. -;' ng
For minute bonk
I-,..- order book
Fnr telegrams
Postage on poster!
1' atogeon progi oi -
!i--iributing prngra.nmi
final posts fool ball team
-.Ilscell. us bills
Renl of i nmmittee Room
Publishing  reporl
!•', Mit.-hei, fi .-ti. im manager
I.', nn
HI 00
15 IHI
15 un
10 Ull
lu nn
in ihi
71 28
32 nu
To 00
12 HO
li."i INI
fill IN.
lo MO
To ui
112 ini
62 0
To 50
25 75
,-,. i,
.',1 (Nl
50 no
50 "I
27 25
12 00
10 25
7 25
ii ID
I 50
I 80
II  '.Nf
,  INI
m no
in ".-
I'otal     »1181 ,.,'.
Balance nn hand % Iini 00
Material on hand Inr next year's
sports to the amount ot $69 itored n
the Y.M.C.A.
A votf ot thanks was tendered to
Messrs, Thon..is Taylor, M I'.l'.. T
Kilpatrick, E.I. Co ning, W, W, F -l.er, Geo. H. MoCarter and R. X. Doyle,
who acted us judges, also In T K, L.
TayL.r, who relerncd the tng-of-war,
A. E. Kincaid, as clerk of events,
Athletic Association 'or useolgr. und",
0. B, Hume A Co., Ltd , for use ol
window to display prizes, alio t-i nl;
others who helped lo make tho dnv
one of enjoyment, either by subscription or help in nny way.
The balance is to be placed In the
l.ank in thc name of Joe. Callin, Treai
for the Labor Day sports, present
committee to handle lame until their
BIICCCBSors are appointed,  The present
committee* aro;   J. McLeod, T. Wad
man, Geo. Knapp, F. It Mitchell,.I.
Lyons, J, Porter, W. Smyths, J.
Runted, J, Callin,
Thesecretnry retains all papers in
connection with 1907 Labor Day
Choir mnn.
F. O. E.
TliflrrKiilurmoetlnKKiiralinlil in the Selkirk
Hull ovory 2nd and 41 li Tuasdny ovoninc nt 8
ii'clnca. VlBitltiRbrotbron ure cordially invited.
Koot.nav Lodffe No. 15 A.F.& AM,
Tlio regular meeting-, ii ri- hold in the
Mnt-oulo     Temple,
idd Fellow* Unll.on
tin-1 liinl MDinliij ii.
>,u'li montli nt J
p.m. Vinit ina broth
ren cordially wd
U. A. t'KUCUNIKU, Skckktary. __
Moots every Thursday
ovoning In Selkirk
Hall at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren cor*
ilinlly Tn vital to attend
I-:. TIHMlll.K, N.O.
Cold Range lodge, K. of P.,
No. 28, Revelstoke, B. C.
ux-ci.t Thin! Wu.lnus.iay ..I
each mimili, In thu Oddlellowl'
Hall nt 8 o'clock. Visiting
Knights ..ru unnlially invited.
Q. H. BROCK, K. of It. 4 8.
H. A. IIHOWN. Jl. of F
Deer Ilea ils, Animals, Write; Fish, jEtc.,
Aiiinml Riitfs Mounted,
P O. Box 31.
Studio;  Corner of First St. ami Boyle Ave.
RovehtokB, K. O.
The best Brick iii the Province.
Well burnt Brick In huge or
small quantities nt Reasonable
Manufactured for ull classeslof buildings
All kinds of building nud plastering
Full line of Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
FIRST STREET, ■ ouy restaurant
Place your orders for your
Harness.,—Sand-make Hoots
..ud Fancy Leather Goods. . .
To Buy Property In and Around
Never Again will it be so Low
I have lor sale the following.—
One Collage, corner Charles anil
Douglas Si. — SSoo, easy terms.
Two Houses, Third St.—Si,500
One House, enrner King and
Front Ss.    $1,700.
1 Ine House on Douglas Si.--$800.
Eighl Acres jusl outside the City
Limits, suitable for fruit—$100 per
acre. Together wilh larger lots
of Fruit Lands near ihe City.
Also one 25 foot loi suitable for
business site on First Street,  close
'■■ M Ke tie Ave,
For full particular* apply lo,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Memoer* nf both sexes wMi to ex«
change Cards, fend 2i cents lo Join ami
receive lj teney- handsome, imported
Host UardB and your name entered ou
list. au 14 lin
IO Haddon Bldg., Vancouver.
All kinds of Green Vegetables ready lor the Market.
Fresh local grown Strawberries $3.25 and $3.50 Per
Ripe Gooseberries 16c,
Per Lb.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Bif Bankrupt»
Rilles, Shotguns, Revolvers,
Pishing Turkic Tunis, Hunting .....I Outing Soils, Canoes,
Bouts, Typewriters nnd Olliee
Des.., Field.-mil Opera Glasses,
All nt less lhnn half price,
Write at iiiiiii. for liig list,
Nattwigownnk, N-11., ('anadii.
r, Mines,
fi Ink
I have many enquiries for
Fruit Lands from Winnipeg,
Toronto, and Vancouver. Persons desiring to dispose uf
their holdings, large or small,
will do well to list them with
*me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought,
Oash Prices Paia
F.  B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs
All Kinds of Light and H tavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Fred.
Phone 71. House  Phone
Revelsloke Land Dislricl.
District nf Weal Knntenay,
Take notice that I, Huhert Sim, nf
Hevelsluke, 1!, 0„ occupation, Llllll-
lieiniiin, Intends tn npply for a special
tinihei- licence over the "following des-
li-ihed l.iii.Is:
Commencing at a pnst planted nln.nl
20 chains lion, the southwest cornei- of
Timher Limit 1682 and 10127, and about
ilchalns west of thu west huiiudary
and marked "Rohert Sim's N. 15. Corner Posl," running wesl HO rhalns,
iheucesouth 80chains, thenee ensl SO
chains, ihenee norlh 81) chains to pluee
of beginning, ciniliilnlng IHO acres
more or less.
Dated this 8th day ol Augusl tlKll,
Robert Sim,
From France, Holland and
relit - - .-,. -,u reasonable nrloei
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, -"pray Pumpi
8] raying Material, Out Piowen etc
Oldest established nunery on the
mainland ol B.C.   Catalogue free.
Halcyon Hot Spring.s
i rider thr new msnsRemenl of
Karat Mcintosh,    oflWn House
'Mil*.; MEDICAL WATERS of Ilal-
j eyon aie lh'' iiiohI. ci.rnlive in the
world, A perfect, natunil remedy f...
nil Nsivous ntn) Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney .....I Stomach ailments
mid Metallic I'oiaoning.  A sure cure
for "That, Tired Feeling." Speeial
rates on nil bontt and tr.una, Two
malls strive and di ait every day.
Telegr.i h I'onimiiii atlon with nil
marls of She world.
Tkiimh $1*.: lo #IM (IM week. F.r
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lak: B, C
iln iln- mailer of James Crawfuid.
In the mul ler of I he "Official Administrator's Act."
TAKK NOTICK that hy order of
His Honor .1. A. Forin, ninde on lhc
l.'nh day of Augusl, IIHI7. I wiih up-
pointed adnilliisit'iitni of ihe estate of
said James Cruwfnid, deceased, and
all parlies having claims against the
-iml estate are hereby  required lo
i li ....... nnil erly verified  lo  me
mh hi lirfore llie 1*1. day nf Del..her,
11117.   Ami all parlies Indebted lo said
.-... ,1,. hereby required lo pay the
 ...i i.f iheir indebtedness to me
I'm 11.. villi.
Illl'll Mil   Allllllllisllflllll.
li, .-I ihe Will day ol Augusl, 1007.
James Evans
Dealers in Bed, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, FiBh and Gaino in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
FirstSt. Revelstoke
25c. to 50c. on the AS
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
Thai'- Royal Crown kind-
made in Viinc. uver—Largest
Soap Fin-lory wesi .J Winnipeg. House cleaning aud
washing are easy witii ite help.
And thc money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Itoyal Crown Wrappers. Send
lur it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
WE PAY FREIGHT to any railway slnlton
in Western On.ariO) Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Allien., .uui llriiisl. Columbia,
WH e for our latest Price list, ii is
mailed Iree on request.
We only handle llie besl goods money
cnn buy, only goods of besl mills, manufacturers and packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All Goods Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
It is ii duty to Vou, lo Vour Family and
to your Pocket Book lo Investigate our
We do nol belong lo Ilic Jobbers' or
Retailers' Guild or Association or nay
trusl. ' ;
Referenoes . Any Hank, Railway or
Express Company in lhc City, or .lie
names of twenty thousand satisfied customers in the lour provinces.
Write for Our Prioe list To-day.
Northwestern  Supply   House
230 and 261 Stanley Slreel
NELSON   fill  fall!
18, 19, 20, 1907
Larger and Better
Than Ever
Something Doing
Every Minute
Cheap Kxcursion Kates
On All Transportation
L   :i ii
For   Information   or
Prize List, Write
P. O. Box 95,
BELOW will be lound tlie names of some of the progressive firms in
Revelstoke who make this most popular and liberal offer: This elegant
library and handsome case will he given by vote to the Lodge, Society,
Church or School in Kevelstoke securing the largest number of votes in
the lollowing manner: The business men listed below will give wilh
EACH TEN CENT PURCHASE one vote. The contest begins Sept.
llth and ends Feb. 9th, 1908. A ballot box has heen placed in the Canada
Drug A Book Store where the votes ore to ba deposited. At the cloBe ol
the contest the church, school, society or lodge having the largest number ol votes will be awarded the library. Current accounts when promptly paid will be entitled to votes. Remember, votes oan only be secured by
trading with the merchants listed bolow, Eaoh week the Mail-Herald
will announce the standing of lhe contestant.
The library and case ore now on exhibition in the show window ol
C. II. Hume A Co.
Groceries,   Drygoods,    Crockery
Men's Furnishings, Roots and Shoes
House Furnishings,
Meats, Etc.
Fine Confectionery, Ice Cream, Etc.
Co-pons given on Hardware only
Cigars, Tobacco, etc.
Printers and Publishers.
.'■'.in.- 1- hereby (riven Uiiii BO dayi after
date -••'' iiiiM.'l Lo applj to the lion timchluf
l ornmiuioner ot l^ndnand Worlm.fnrKiiuulnl
ltd 11" to cui and carry nwny ilniln-i fnnn ttu:
following doacrtbod landa:
1 ofnmem Ing al ;i poal planted ai tiio north-
eaatcon t RptwH iii.'iiiliiiniii|i'H pro-omp-
Uon Ity Oil, wwt Kootonay imrki, nml
marked "Bin ",'",i Umber» ommny'd wjuih-
eait oomei \>n-i,' i honco north i'< ■ i>-unr .1 ih-m "
ffeal Ifli) chain* thenoe south 40 oliatlMi lhcnco
cui.. iwchaini to point of oommenoement.
Arrowhead, B.C., July Ith, ilf'7.
Ul |lj .1) Dili IH'.NI. I.I MliK.lt CO., 1,11>.
l(,-vi-.,l..k.. I.Klel l.l.lr.rl
lll.lrli-lnl IIi-i Ko'.l'-llrtj-.
TSkO ...til'-., lli.il 1, aii.i.ii llnlHrn nl riijilsr.
II.if, ue.!..|   Miner.   Illli'llil   In «|'|.l)- I'T
f.'-rinl,.lull ... |.iirnli«sii tb0f0lluWlD|d0ICnbSd
[Still I
i onusonslni. ... r |...,i i>l..nt.'.l.... Uu- north
Lln ..I ..." i .1 i,.:,.--.   ...]...in- ii.- i-Miii.,1
I'.ililnr, nuirli.-.l  "A    llan.oir, N.W, ,-..r...T,"
11...... '.'cn*. Iii .-I. ...as, tti. no"....... I. In ..l.nlas,
iiiiHii:.....-Ni to ohalni. Diiiiii-. tn.ni. i".i -
... ..'.III. l.l .'..lllllli...r.-lll'-..., Mil Ifillltall,Illll 10
im i, i, iii irl ..r li'mi,
llnl.'..-Jl.,1 .lull, IW,
||t| ■ « j   do you semi   your
1*/ H Y   Job Printing out
y * 111     of town when ynu
run get il done ill
your own town just, us easy?
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-clans in every respect.   All modem conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.BO psr Day, Spscl I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF YOUNG,        - Proprietor
Under  New  Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
Firet-chifl accommodation for travellers.
Best brandB of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150  PER   DAY
Di-Iii.-!.i| Wif.-t Kni.lv..ay.
apply f"
ll.e lo
n, ol
i. io
e Illll
li, I'., niiuii-,   i-
^I>ct-i,,l Umbel' lm iim' iini
..win.; described hinds i
1. Ci.liili.'.-t.i'ilig nl .1 post plaiii.il
......ij....i-l. i nolo ubove Ihe north fork
of F.,.1 Creek,.... .he llnl 111 liank, mul
uinrkeu "Andrew Kl.suu's S. E. 0..t-
lier." llieuce nul'lh 111 ch.li.it., llienee
« eal lOOchuiua, Ihenee mm.lb -II) chains,
theuce Sail  IOO   chains  lo point ol
eo......enith.enl,   nud e..'ll.lll.lllg llll)
acres more or less.
Daled Augusta) h, W07.
2. Co....net.eing ..lit poal planted
one .]...irl.-I-mile nlmve lite norlh lork
of Foil Creek on the n ..in hank .....I
uuu ked "Andrew Kl.still's 8. W. Col
ner," lbence nul'lh 80 chains! thenc.
east SO i Inn n>; I hence soulh 80 ehains
.lie...-.. wesl m chains, in point ol
..............'.'...eni and containing   (lib
l.i lea mole ol leSH,
Daied-Augusl 20th, 1007,
li. Conn...-nei.in al .. post plnuled
alio.ii one mile and  lliree-qii.triers
below lhe llllllll folk of Full Creek, ....
lhe imrlli bank, .md uiniked "Andrew
Kilson's .s.W. Corner," ihence uurill
80 ch.iiiib| llieuce ensi li)vll..Ina, ihenc..
Mi.ill.-10 t'linll.a, Ihe.iieei.8tl0 t-hilina,
tlienee south 81). Indus, theni-.1 weal II)
.Iliiiin, .licit r.h lliih...lis, ihenee
weal 111 chains lo |. I  ol   .'on....ence-
menl and coulaiuing OtOatres inure or
Dated August ah li. 1907.
Anki.kw KlTSON,
Itevelsl uke L'n
Distrirl ol Whi
Tike Notice
llv.le, ol Rev.-M
Timlier Cruiser,
spi ei .1 licence lu
f..!|.. . inir ,!,->,, ii.
il Di-trirl.
ll...    I.  Uliir'.N  I.
,.,,.-, II .'.. im , .1,1. ,i„
illelllls tulip,il.  lor  '
llll    lliil1.il    Mil   llll
d I:
up Ib
1 I
11 mil
N. W. Corne
.hains, I hem
nuriii SI) ehii
In pninl of c
•iiill at pus. planled nbuiil
e ....rih-oiisl fork of Gold
k,-,l -Cl...-. L. Hyde's
. Posl," Ihenee south 80
eeaHl SI) chains. Ihenee
ns, ihen.-e wesi so chains
.......,-........enl, .....I e..Il-
LII....... Land
District ..11.1
It  vel-.ok
,i in- , ,i.
i-hiI: ..
II  I!,
S|.   1..I,
I ilelllts
. i d land,-
lu the matter nf Archibald
In Ihe in-iller nf lhe "Official Admin-
Isl tutor's Act,"
TAJ' E NOTICE  by order of His
Ho......J. A, Fori.., made lhe 15th day
of   Augusl.   11)07,  I  wns   appointed
uilniiiiistiiiioi- ul  the  eslnle  of snid
Archibald Hrechin Squab-, deceased,
and all parlies having chums against
lhe said eslnle are hereby requlled lu
fun.ish Hi.i.e properly verified to n.e
.... or before lhe 1st. dnv of Oet,.ber,
11107.    And all parlies indebted to snid
eslnle are required tu pay lhe ain...lot
ut their indebtedness lo me forthwith.
oniei.il Administrator.
Dated the 27th day of Augusl,1907.
Cariboo Lund District.
Dislricl.ul Cmibiio.
Take Nolice thnl 11. McMahon, of
Revelstoke, li. 0„ intends lo apply for
ti special timlier license ovei the following ileserllieil land :
20. Coinnieiiciiig al a post plunled
nl. lhe Forks of Albiedn River, Norlh
Thompson, marked "H. McMahon's
S.W. Corner," llienee easl SO chains.
tbence smith SO chains, theuce west SO
chains* thenee nnrlh SO chnius to poiol
ul couiiuciiirtiiciil, CO0tl.ihi.lg OIO
.tires mure or leas.
Dated April Hllh, 11X17.
11. McMahon.
Ilevelstoke Laud District,
District of West Kootenay,
Take notice that Bowman Lumber Company,
Ltd., ol Kevelstoke, 11. C. occupation Lumbor
Manufacturers, iutends lo apply Ior a special
timber licence over tbe following described
Commencing ata tost planted on tbe sou.h
aide of northeast arm L pper Arrow Lake and
marked "bowman Lumber Company's N. K.
corner posl," thenee eas. SH clinins,thence soulli
SU chains, thence west su chains, Ihenee north
SO chain, lonoinlol coinmencement, and con
laining du acres, marc or less.
Dated Jul)- 111, 19.1!.
wag!   Ity Iheir Agent, Jehu U. McCarthy
taluliigOlOacres, nuir - less,
Dnled Augusl Slh, 10117.
2. Con.in.-iieiiig at a posl plnuled
ub....1 3 miles up llie norlh-e.isi folk of
(iol.Isl ream, ami marked "Ohas, L.
Hyde's N. E. Cornei- Post," I hence
south 80 ehaiiiH, theme wesl 80 chains,
Ihenee l:o..I. SO io.uus. Ihen.-e east 80
chains lo p..j..i of cuMim.-ucetiH-nt, nnd
eoiil.iiniiig Illll... res ...uu. or less.
Dated Augusl 8 h. imi7.
II, Ciiiineiiciug ill a posl planled
8 and n Imlf iniles up t ho north fnrk of
./..l.l*.re....., .....I I ...iie west of the
lllllll. fn.'lt, IIIHIked "('has. L. Hyde's
N.W. Cornel. Post," Ihenee east 80
ehains, Ihenee soulli SO .hains, Ihence
wesl Sll.hains, thenc u ..'111 SO chains
to point of .'...i.uie.i.-e.uent, .....I con
tabling OKI acres, .....re or less.
Dated Augusl Oil., IDH7.
1, Commencing at a post planted
aboul li and it half miles up the north
folk ofdol.lsiream .....I abuul I mile
wesi of the north link, markeil "('ha
I, Hyde's North-easl Cornel Post
lliei.ee south lOOchains, Ihence west
10 rlinins, I heme north 100 ehnins,
llienei, ensl 40 chainslo point of com*
iiieuieine.il, nud containing .010 acres,
more oi-less,
Dated August 0th, 1DJ7.
.'.. Commencing fit a post, planted
about8uud it hali miles up the nortli
fork of Cl.Isl i-e.in ...id aliout 1 mile
west of lhe north fork innrkeil "Chis.
L, Ilyde'sS. E. Corner Post," Ihence
north lOOchains, ihence west40chaius,
tlience soulh KKI chains Iheuce east 40
chains to point, of co...Meneement, and
containing 040 acres, nmre or less,
Dated August Dili, 1007.
0. Ooinuieiiclng at a pnst planled
about 1 mile up Camp Creek .iml about
Imlf a mile east of creek, Oamp Creek
being it tributary of (i..1.1st ream,
inarked "Chas. L. Hyde's S. W.
Corner," Ihenee nnrth SO ehains,
Iheneeeast SO.h.iins, lh.-i.ee south SO
ehains, Ihence west SI) ehains lu the
poinl of.........I'li.-eiuenl, ..n.i containing 01(1 acres, mure or less.
Dated Augusl 12th. 11)07.
7 Commencing at a post plained nboul
hall a mile from Columbia Itiver anil
ahoul 111 chains south of Downie
Creek, .....ked " Chas. L. Hyde's
S. W. ('orner." Ihence north 00chains,
I hence oust 40 chains, Ihenee norlh 40
chains, Ihenee easl 40 chains, llienee
soulh lOOchains, Ihence west 80 chains
... point of commcnccineiil, ,-tml cuntaining 010 acres mure or less.
Dated Augusl lliih, 1007,
weilaugSl Chas, L. Hyde.
As I have purchased a suitable
building I intend tu remain in the
city and open a fancy, dry good, dress
making and millinery business on
First street, opposite the Climax hotel.
Mrs. C. E. Spilsbury ol Vancouver will
have charge of the millinery department. A. Masi.es.
West Kootenay land District, District of Ilev-
elsloke, Il.C. Take notice tlmt l.upert William
Haggen, oi Kevelstoke, B.C., occupation Insurance* Audit, intends In apply fnr ffjtfr.uissii.il to
piireiil.se tlie fulluwing described laml:—Com-
mencing at a |. .st planted.... the western shore ol
Upper Arrow Lake, at Hn.nu.ck I't.lilt, nail marked -Tl- W. Hagaen's soUtb-eEUt eorner post,"
situate about 10 cosine from llie snutliera cxlre.il-
ity nf linlitioek Point, tlienee north IU eliains in
the southern boundary ul tleo.ge Hunts pre-emption, tiu-nce wesMU CbaillS tO llio eastern boundary of Let SU, tlienee aoutl, 30 chaini to the slime
ol Upper Amur Lake, tlienee eust following the
shore of Upper Arruw Uke lo place of eomiuel.ee.
...eul, i-onluu.g- an area ul 16u acres, mure or less.
Dateu July luth, 1HU7.   Kupeit Williams Hange...
In the Matter of Duncan McEachrsn
TAKE NOTICE that by order ol
His Honor J. A, Forin, made on the
20lh day of August, 1907, 1 was appointed Administrator of tlie estate
of said Duncan McEachreu, deceased,
and all parties having claims against
the said estate are hereby required to
furnish same properly verified lo me
on or before the 1st. day of October,
And ull parties indebted to said
estate are required to pay tlie amount
of their indebtedness to me forthwith.
Ollicial Administrator.
Dated this 31st day of Aug., 1007.
Revelsloke Land Districl.
Districl of Wesl Koulenny.
Take nolice Ihal The Smith Creek Mining and Development Company, duly
registered iu British Coluinbin anil engaged in placer gold mining, intends lo npply
for a special timber licence over the following described lands, fur Ihe purpose of
obtaining limbers I'or mining: purposes.
Commencing at a posl planled a distance of 1584 feel south from a point 011
Smith Creek, siluated 440 feel below the
mouth of Pot Hole Creek, and marked
"The Smilli Creek Mining nnd Developmenl Company's north-west comer post,"
thence soutb Ho chains, tbence east 80
chains, lhcuce nortb 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to lite point of commence
menl, nnd containing 640 acres, more or
Daled August Slh, 1907.
Tub Smiiii Crush Minini; anu DEVELOPMENT Company,
Per Frank 11. Gulfey,
wed aug 21 Manager and Agent.,
RevelitokeLsml Plilrlet.
District nl West Kooleuay.
Take .....l.e.l.n. Il..-I.iir.l lluvll. ol Ilevelstoke
B.C.,...-.-.ipnii'-u Saw lller, Intends tu apply lor
t special timber license over tbo following
described lauds:
Commencing » a pi.s. planted ahout one
mile below Huck Poinl, and about su ......lu,
Irum lhe east hank ol ihe Columhia Kivor. and
marked ■■Hlchi.nl Davis' snulli-east eoruer
pusl," lhe... 0 north IHOlihalns, thoneo west 10
chains, thenee ...nil. Illll ehalus, llienee cast iu
ehnins ... the pulut ul coi»muii.!C.nent, and
conlaining'... acres more or less.
Dated August Srd, IW.7,
wod tug 14 KilUUIID DAV1U,
Anyone wishing fancy work for
Christmas sliould leave their orders
now. Battenburg tea cloths, embroidered centre pieces, cushions of all
kinds, drawn thread work, hardanger,
etc,   All work guaranteed. •
Anyone wishing to Bee samples of
work can call at residence.
Mus. R. A. Ul'i'EB
Corporation  of the City  of
Tlie City Council requires the services ol a Power House Superintendent to take charge ol the Hydro-
Electric Plant. '1 he plant will shortly
be augmented by the addition ol a
dynamo [or the supply of Power, and
an auxiliary gas producer plant.
Salary $125 per moutli. Applications,
stating experience und accompanied
by references, to reach the undersigned by Friday, Sept. 20th, 1007.
City Clerk.
Revelstoke, II. C, Sept. 6th, 1007.
1. ('........-...-:..g  .1 .1 pi *i  planted
u'n 1I1.. .-fi.*i bauk of lhe ...nth fnrknl
Seymour River, al..-Ill H miles almve
ilu- lurk ul   lhe  same "11,.I  ubuut lil
n..le.  up   I*.-.....   SI.1.*.iap   Like,   ..nil
innrkeil "Andrew Kil-nu's S W Coiner," I hence uurlh 100 chains, lheme
east lOchains, I hence south 101 iliains,
Ihence ivesl -II) ehains lo pninl ul* 1 mil-
meneement, and i-i.oiuii.ing liiu -ur. s
Ilinl.' (.1- less.
Dated July 81st, 1007.
2. Commencing at a post planted
on lhe ensl hank uf ihe north fink of
Seymour River alio.ll lj utile* ..hnve
lhe furk of lhe Mini.- ami abuul 111
miles   lip   I'.on.   Sll.lstvi.p   Lake   anil
.....ked "An.ltew Kilson's S. E, Curlier," then.-e ....ill. HKI chains, Ibeuce
w.-sl   III .hains,  llienee    untilh    Hin
i-l...ius, lh. n.e easl 411 .hains lo poinl
..I'.'.....lue..........nl .....I cmilf.il.ing Illll
fli res tun. e til' 'ess.
Daled July HM, 1IHI7,
3. ('..iiniii.111 ing al a pnsl planleil
on lhe ensl bank ol .he nnrlh furk ul
Se) liinlir River, hImi.II- IJ miles above
ll.e fork nl lhe same and abuut .'II
miles above SI...swap Lake, ....I
marked "Audiew Kitson's N.W. Cm-
ner," Iheiue m,ml 1. Sll chains, llieme
easl Sll >h iiii*-, 1 heiue iini'lh SI) eliains,
ihenee west su eliains lo point nf commencement uud .-in.laii.ing 010 litres
.....re nr less,
Dated July 81st, 1007,
4. Commeuelng at a pnst planled
un theeast hank of lhe nnrlh folk of
Seymour River, about IJ miles aliove
ihe forks of lhe same .....I abuut 84
miles up frmn Shuswap Lake, .mil
inarked "Andrew Kilson's S.W. Cur-
tier, iheuce norlh SI) cbnins, theme
east SOchaius. thence south 80 1 Iinins)
thenee wesl SO chains tn point of cone
mem-cm.ml and containing OIU acres
more oi- less.
Dated July81st, 1007,
5. Cuuiiiiencing at ;. post planted
on the ensl hank nf lhe nnrlh lurk of
Seymour River, alum. ...... half mil..
below Ihe fork of I he same, and ..hunt
21) miles up fro... 8l.usw.in Lake and
inarked "Andrew Kilsoits 6. E. Curlier," 1 hence iiurili Sll iliains, theme
ivesl SI).haii.s, Ibeuce sotllll 80 .hains,
thence enst 80 chains to pnlnt of commencement and containing 010 acres
more nr less.
Daled Augusl lied, 10117.
0. Coin...en. ing at a posl planleil on
the east, nenk uf lile norlh forkof Seymour River, aboul one half mile below
ll.e fork of tlie same and ahoul 20
niilea al.ove Shuswap Lake, and
marked "AndrewKitson's N.E. Coiner," llienee south 40 chains, inence
west 160chains, thence nurth lOchains,
ihence easi lOOchains lo point of commencement ...id coutnining Oil) 111 res
inoreoi- less.
Daled August Srd. 1007.
7.  Commencing .11 a post planted
Notice of Change in Sailings,
During the remainder of the season
ol 1007 lhe steamer " Revelstoke"
will make trips to Downie uud return
twice per week, leaving Rcvelstuke ou
Tuesdays and Fridays at 0 a.m., reselling Duwnie at 6 p.m. and leaving
Dowuie on Wednesdays and Saturdays
at 8 a.m. reaching Revelstoke at 11
a.m. Parties desiring to make this
trip over the finest scenic route in the
Interior will hud good accommodation
on hoard. Reduced rates to parties of
10 or more,
In the Mattel  of  Willi;.... ,1.   Elliot,
It. the mutter of the 'OiHcial Administrator's Ael."
TAKE NOTICE that by or.le. of
llis llii.iu. -J. A. Forin, made on the
loth day of Augusl, 111.17, I was up.
pointed administrator of the esi.it.. ..r
s..ill Willi .111 J. Elliott, deceased, and
nan Ies having claims against the
said eslnle are hereby required tu
furnish s.t.nc properly verified lo .....
nopr before the 1st. day uf October,
11)07, And nil parlies iml.'hied In saiii
estate lire hereby required lo pay ihe
amount of theli1 Indebtedness to me
fori h with,
oiiiinii Administrator.
Duted the 27lh day uf August, 11)07,
nn the west hank of lhe norlh fork of
Seymour River, about three miles
below lhe forkof Ihe same and about
20.J miles above Sbuswap Lake au.l
......ked '.'Andrew Kilsons 8. E. Corner," thence uorth 80 cliains, Ihence
west 80 chains, tlience suuth 80chains,
tbence east80 ciniins. in point of commencement ..ml containing 010 acres
moreor less.
Daled August 3rd, 1008.
8. Commencing at a pnsl planled
.... 1 he west bank of the nortl. fork of
Seymour River, about 24 and a half
miles above Shuswap Lake, and
maiked "Andrew Ki son's 8. E. Corner," Ihenee north 80 chains, Ihence
west 80 ehains, thenee south 80 ehains,
Ihence ensl SOchaius. tu puint nf coin-
meiii'.'ineuf and containing 010 acres
more or less.
Dated Augusl 3rd, 1007.
0. Coinmeneing .a a post planled
aliunt one mile eust ol lhe uorth fork
of Seyiuu.li-River, ou a tiibutary uf
lhe same abuul 21 miles up Irom
Shuswap Lake and inarked "Audiew
Kilson's S.W. Coiner." thenee nortli
40 chains, thence east 100 chains,
ll.ei.ee suuth -IU ehains, thence west
100 chains to point of commencement,
•in,I conlaining (ill) aires inure or less.
Dated August Olh, 1007.
10.   C. et.clng al a post plnuted
ahoul one mile e.iit uf lhe nurih fork
nf Seymour River, .... .1 tributary of
.he same, about 21 miles up from
Shustvu|i Lake, and marked "Andrew
Kilson's N.W. Corner," thence south
40 lhaius, thence easl 100 chains,
thenee 1...rlh 40 ehuins, Ihence west
lOOchains 10point of commencemeni,
and conl...ning Oil) ..ores more or less.
Daled August Olh. 1807.
wednugSl Andrew Kitson.
In the mutter uf Lewis Eyi-u Sleeves,
In the matter..f ihe "Ollicial Administrators Acl."
TAKE NOTICE that l.y order of
His Aotior J. A. Foiin, mndo the 15th
day ol August, KW7, I was appointed
Administrator af Lewis Eyru Steeves,
deceased, and .ill pai ties having claims
against lhe said estate are hereby
required to furnish name properly verb
li.dio u.c on or before the Isl. day of
October, 11)07. And nil parties Indebted
losald eitate ere required tu pay the
amount Of indebtedness lu me forth-
Oillc.il Administrator.
Dated the 27th day of Augusl, 11)07.
In the matter of William Thomas,
In the matter of the OlHci.il Administrator's Act."
TAKE NOTICE that by order of
His Honor J, A. Forin made the 16th
day of Augusl, 10117, 1 was appointed
administrator nf the eslnle of suid
William Thomas, deceased, and all
parties having claims against the aaid
estate are hereby required lo furnish
snmep.operly verified to me on or
before the 1st. dnv of October, 11)07.
And nil parlies indebted lo said estate
are required to pay lhc amount of
Iheir Indebtedness to me forthwith.
ueo. s. mi-carter,
OHIei.il Administrator.
D.ile.lihe27.h d.y ol Aug, 11)117,
Any iter-.... or pcrs..ni lound i-iittlng or ear.
r, Ing nwsv 1.1,1. f i,ff tl.e Cumspllx lownsile,
wltliiiui permission Iron, tl.e owner Hen,
Hewitt ll.i.l.vk, ..r his .ii-.-.it Chlel Young,
w.:i b, proseouted according lo law.
Paled il.., inili day ol Aug..!., .907.
nt-1 SUg II 2ui HEWITT B08TOCK.
1 ..ilu..1 I......I Di trlct.
Districl of Can bun.
Take ..Mil,,, [hm D. Mcintosh ol
Revelstoke, li.i'., occupation liluck.
smith, intends to apply tot* spocial llm.
her licences ovei- tlie following described liimls:
1. Commencing at .1 posi planted al
uppei crossing of Albredn Kiver, anil
.narked ..1). Mcintosh's S. E. eoruer,'
theuce west Sll chains, llienee north SI,
chains, theuce east SI) elinins. llieuce
soul h Sll chains to puint of commence*
nienl, containing OtO acres more or
2. Cn........neing nt a pnst planted
alongside 11. Sawyer's No. 2 posl, ami
marked "D, Mclnlosh's S. E. curuer,"
llienee West llll) chains, thenee norlli
■III chains, tlieuce east. Kill ebains,
thenee soulh 40 chains to p..iui ol
commencement, containing (110 acres
moreor less.
8, Commencing al .1 post planted
at lower crossing of Albredn Uiver,
markud "D, .Mclnlosh's N.E. cornei-,"
Ihence soulh 10(1 chains, thenee west
III ehuins, theuce  nurlb   100 elinins,
thence east 40 chains to place of commencement, coulaiuing till) iicith more
ot- less.
Dnled August Slh, HHI7.
Commonclng at it post planleil
at  ...null. ..I  Allu-cdu lllver irked
"D. Mcintosh's N. E, oorner," thence
west SO clmins, Ihence south Sll elinins,
ll,ence ensl SO ehaiiis, tin lice uorlh Sll
ehains, lo puilll ol colllinelieeiiielit,
containing 010 acres more nr less.
Dated Augusl (lib, 11107.
5. Oommenclng nl it post planled
2.1 miles ..ii..v.. Appcndl cinp, marked
"D. Mcintosh's 8. E. corner." llienee
west III chains, thence north 100 chains,
tlience easl III ehnins, Uience snutli 10(1
cliains to point of commencement,
conlaining 010 acres inure or less.
0, Oommenclng at it pusl plauted
alongside No. 5, marked "D. Mclnlosh's N. E. corner," thence west lo
chains, tbence south 100ohaius, thonc
east 40 chains, tlience north 180 chains
to point of commencement, containing
010 ueres more or less.
7. Commeuelng at a post planted
one-half mile above Apperall camp,
marked "D. Mcintosh's S. VV. corner,"
thence enst 40 chains, tbence norlh 10U
chains, ibeuce west 40 chains, Ihence
suulh 100 chains to point of commence-
nieut, containing UK) aores more or
Dated August 2nd, 1007.
S. Cummeuciug ut a post planled
one-half mile soulli of Apperall camp,
marked "D. Mcintosh's N.E, corner,"
tbence west SU chains, theuco soulb 80
chains, lliCftce east SO cnains, thence
noith 80 chains to point of commencement, containing OtO acres more or
0. Coniiuencing at n post planted
alongside No. 8, inarked "D, Mcintosh's S. E. coruer," llieuce west 80
chains, thence north SO chains, therce
east 80 chains, Ihence soutli SU cliains
lo point of commencement, coutnining
UIU acres more of less.
Dated August 1st, 1007.
10. Commencing ata posl planted
across river from Appet-all camp, and
marked "D. Mcintosh's N.W. corner,"
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, tlieuce west SO chains, thence
north 80 chains lo point of commencement, containing (HU acres mule or
Dated August Oth, 1007.
11. Commencing at a post planted
alongside No. 10, marked "D. Mcintosh's S.W. corner," thence east80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 cliains, tbence south SO chaius
10 pointof com meneement, cuntaining
04U acres mure or less,
12. Oommenclng nt a post planted
one-half mile below Bone Creek un
west bank of Thompson River, maiked "D, Mcintosh's S. E. corner,"
tlience nurlb SU clmins, thence west80
cliains, thence smith SO chains, tlieuce
east 80 clmiiis tu point of commencement, containing OKI acres more or
Dated August 1st, 1007.
13. Cummencing at a post planted
at inoulli ot Done Creek, marked "D,
Mcintosh's N. W. corner," thence
south 40 chaius, Ihence east 100 chains,
thence north 10 chains, thence wesl
Kill chaius to point of commencement,
conlaining UIU acres more or less.
Daled August 7lli, 1007.
14. Cummencing al .1 pusl planted
alongside of 8. McMahon's No. I post,
marked "D, Mcintosh's N.E. oorner,"
tbence west KK) clmiiis, thence suulh
4U chains, tlience east 100 chains,
thence nurih 40 chains in puiut of
commencement, containing 040 acres
more ot- less.
Dated August 1st, 1007.
15. Coinineneilig at a post planled
miles  lielow Hell  Roaring Creek,
marked "D. Mcintosh's S.W, corner,"
tbence east St) clmins, thencu north Sll
chains, tlienci. west SO chains, Ihence
south SO chains to point of commencement, containing 1110 acres more or
Dated August 7th, 11)07,
K), Coinineneilig al n post planted
at upper end ot Meadow, and marked
"D. Mclntnsh's S. E. coi'iicr," theuce
west SU chains, tlience norlh SOchuiiis,
tbence east 80 chains, lhcuce south Sl)
chains to point of commencement,
coulaiuing 010 acres nmre or less.
17 Com.i.e..eing al .1 post planleil
alongside of No. 10, ami markeil "II,
Mcintosh's N.E, coiner,'* Ihence soulh
SO chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence north SI) chains, theuce east SO
chains tu puiut of commencement,
OOUtalnlng OIO acres more or less.
18, Commenolng at a p. .si planted
back of Meadow, and marked "D,
Mcintosh's S, E,corner," thence west
80 chains, Ihence uorlh SO chains,
thence east 80 chains, llienee south SO
chaius to point, of commencement,
conlaining (ill) acres inure ur less,
10. Commencing at a poHt planled
one mile south of No. IS, marked "I).
Mclnlosh's N.E. coiner." I hence soulh
SO chains, thence west 80 ohaius,
thence north SO clmins, I hence east 80
chaina to point of commencement,
containing OIO acres moro or less,
20. Comineucing nt a pust planted
alongside of No. Ill, marked "D. Mclnlosh's S. E. corner," Ihence wesl 80
chains, thence 1101 lb HO cliains, thence
eust SO chains, thence smith 80 chains
to point of comiuciiccineiit, containing 010 acres more or Ichs.
Daled July 30th, 11)07.
21. Commencing at a post planted
2J miles below Blue River, on est
bank nf Thompson River, marked "D.
Mcintosh's S. W. collier," Ihence easl
SO chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence wes. 8U chains, thence south 80
ohains to point of commencemeiil,
contaiuiug Oil) acres more 01- less.
22. Cominonoing at a pnal planled
alongside of No. 21, marked "1>. Mclnlosh's N.W. coruer," lhcuce ciihI 80
chains, llienee south SU clmins, thence
west 80 chains, Iheuce north 80 clmins
010acres moh, til- less.
24.   .' iiencing 11
aci 'i h river fi run (•
markeil "D, Mcintosh'
1 hence ensl S.l cliain--, llienrt
chains, Ihence wesl 80 chaii
:. post planled 1
se camp, and
S.W. corner,":,,
.ii-ihsii Rove.sl".
1 heni
south 80 chains li
menl, containing
|.4,1 111   111     I
llll) acres
Dated August 7lh, 1007,
24. Coinnieiiciiig nl ,1 nosl planled
ilt.ngsl.le of No, 23, uiarked "D. Mcintosh's N.W, curuer," thenco easi su
.■hams, thence south80chains, theuce
wesl SO cl.ili.18, llienee uortb Sll chains
I., point of commencement, contaiuiug
llll) acres more or le s,
25. Commencing at a pust planled
2 miles south of No. 'il, marked "D.
Mclntnsh's N, Vi. coiner," Ihen. ast
Stl chains, thence south SU ehnins,
ihence west SOchaius, thenco nnrlh Sll
eba'tis in point of cominoucement,
containing (HO acres mote or less.
Daled August 7th, IH07.
20. Commencing at .1 post planled
III chains from muuth of liig Slough;
marked "D. Mclnlosh's S. E mer,"
Ihenee wesl Sll chains, tbenee north SU
chains, Ihenco easl Sll chains, thenee
south sii chains 1.1 point of commencement,   containing 010 aores more or
,-ed aug
uly 201 Ii, 1007,
.',-.iilu.11 Land District.
Dislricl of Cariboo.
Tunc notice lhat S. MoMahon of
RevclsU.ko, Il.C, occupation Blacksmith, Intends to apply for special limber licences over tlie following described lands:
1. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted
lj miles above Bone Creek 11 nil 10
chains more or less from Thompson
Itiver, uiarked "S. McMahon's N. W.
.-...•ner," Ihence easl SO chains, tlience
south 80 chain's, Ihence wesl HII chains,
thence north SO ehuins to point of
commencement, containing UIO acros
more or less.
. 2. Commencing al a pest plantcil
alongside No, 1, marked "S. McMahon's S. W. corner." thence est SO
chains, llienee norlh HI)cliains, llienee
wesl HI) chains, tbence soulh HI) chains
to poinl of commencement, containing
OKI acres more or less.
3. Onmmenclug at .1 post planled
alongside of I). Mcintosh's No. 12,
marked "S. McMahon's N.E. conier,"
thence wesl, 80 chains, thence soulb HI)
chains, tlience east SO clmins, thence
north SO chains In point of commencement, containing (110 acres more or
4. Oommenclng at a post planted
at mouth of Thunder Creek, inarked
"S. McMahon's 8. E. comer," Ihence
west 100 clmins, lhcuce nortli 40
chains, thence east 100 clmins, llieuce
suulh it) chains to point of commencement, containing 010 acres inure or
Dated August 1st, 1007,
5. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted
alongside of If. McMahon's No. 0, and
marked "S. McMahon's N.W. corner,"
Ihence east 80 clmins, (hence south SO
clmins, Ibeuce wesl SI) chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of commence
ment, containing 010 acres moru or
0. Coniiuencing at a post planted
on west bank of Thompson River,
about 0 miles from Hell's Cute, marked "S.McMahon's N.E. corner," thence
west 40 chains, thence south 100
chaius, tlience east 40 chaius, tbence
north 100 chains to point of coni-
uienceuient, cuntaining 040 acres mure
or less.
Dated July 20th, 1007.
wed aug 21 S. McMAHON.
Lillooel Laud District.
Dislricl of Lillooet,
Take notice that Nels Thomas Edwards of Revelsloke, B, C, ciuiser,
intends 10 apply for special timber
licences over the following described
1 Commencing at a post marked
"Nels Tlu.mas Edwards snulli east
curuer posl,*'planled one mile east ol
Lm iiill).*),.... north fork ol Seyiuuur
River, ou easl side, Ihence north Sll
ehnins ihence west Sl) chain-, thetice
south SU ehains, Ihence easl Hil . niittis
It. point of loinnieiiceineiil, e....laining
010 acres more or less.
2.   Coniiuencing at n post marked
Nels Thomas Edwards' soutl. w.-si
cornerpost," planted one mile east, of
Lut 31)05, 011 north fork of Seymour
River, on cut, side, Ihence norlh 80
chains, Ihence east 80 chains, Ihence
south 81) chains, Ihence west 80 chains
tn poiut of commencement, cuntaining
Oil) acres nit" e or less,
Dated August lllth, 1007.
3 C...uinc..ring at a pusl marked
"Nels Thoioas Edwards soulli easl
enrner post," planlcd about 84 miles
east of ihe norlh fork of Seymour
River, nn south side of Deep Creek,
Ilienre norlh 100 chains, Ihence west
40 chains, Iheuce south IIU) chains,
llienee east 11) chains to pointof com-
nieneenienl, containing Oil) acres mill-.,
ur less,
I Commencing at a pusl marked
"Nels Thomas Edwards' souih-west
corner post," planted abont ilj miles
east of the uorlh fork of Seymour
lliver, 01. snutli side uf Deep Creek,
Ihenc.. nnrlh 100 chains, Ihence east 40
chains. I hence soulh KKI chains, Ihence
west-It) 1 h.litis in point of commencement,containing oio acres more or less.
Dated August 171 ll. 1007,
.ved aug 21 Locator,
('...il..... Laml District.
Di t.-iol of Caribou.
'lake ....lie-'   lliil   It- I1. Su . foi
III'., oeeup.Ii.. 11 Mill...in,
i..lends In apply lor 6| lal timher licences over llie following described
1. Ouinmuiieing at a post planted
one mile above upper crossing of Alined.. River marked "It. 11. Sawyer's
N.W. e -.-," .hence south80chains,
theuce cist SU chains. Ihence north80
chains, llieuce wesl HI) chains lo point
of commencement, 00mining OIU
acres ...on. or less.
Dnled August Slh, 1907.
2. Commencing at a pusl planted
on south boundary of Lot 0752, marked "It, 11. Sawyer's N. E. corner,"
Ihenee west SU chains. Uience south SU
chains, thence east 80 chains, thenc.
north80 chains to poini of commence
.nenl, containing 01" .-teres moro ...
3. ('..mm.-neing al a post plant.-.
alungsido N... 2, marked "R. H, Saw-
y.-.'s N. W. comer," Ihonce east HO
chains, Ihenee south HI) cliiiins, ihence
west Sll eh..ins, thenco north 80 ehuins
tn point of oommencemeni, cuntalutn
010 acres inure or less.
Dated Augusl Isl, 1007.
I. Commencing al a pnst plante
at 111..nth of Tint ild or Creek, inurko
"lt. II. Sawyer's N.W. eon..-.,'' thenc
east Sll ehains, thonce soutli 80 chain.
then •.- west Sll chains, Iheuce nnrlh SI)
chains io pniui of commencement,
euiii.-iiiiiiig mu acres more or less,
S. I'.iuiiiicnciiig at a post planted
1.1 ll.e mouth of Thunder Oreek, inarked "11. II. Sawyer's S. W. corner,"
thence cist SU elm.ns, llienee north 80
chaius, Iheuce west su chains, thence
snutli sii elinins in point of commencement, coutuining UIU acres moreor
(I, Com.iiencing at a posl planted
one utile above Meadows, ..ml marked
"It. II, Sawyer's N. E, corner," Ihence
snulli SI) cbnins, Ihence west SI) chains,
llienee nnrth SI) ciniins, thence easl SO
chains to point ..f commencement,
containing tilt) acres more or less.
Dated J uly 31st, 1007,
7. Coinnieiiciiig al a posl planted
helow .....uth of liig Slough, marked
"It. II. Sawyer's S.W. cornel-," Ihence
e.si 80 chains, tlienee north 80 chains,
thenee west SU clmins, thence south HU
chains to point of commencement,
conla,ning 1)10 acres more or less.
8, ('muni.-lieing at 11 post planted
alongside of No. 7, markeil "ll.ll.
Sawyer's N. W. corner," thence east
SU chains, llieuce soulh SU chains,
thencu west S.l chains, thence north SU
chains to point of commencement,
coulaiuing UH) acres moro or less.
0. Coinnieiiciiig at a post plauted
aboul. 3 miles above Hell's Calculi
Thompson River, marked "R. 11.
Sawyer's S.W. eorner," tbence east
Si chaius, Ihence north so chnius,
ihence west. 80 chains, tlience smith 80
clmins to puint of commencement,
containing 010 acres more or less.
10. Coinineneilig at 11 post planted
alongside of No. 0, niaiked "R. H,
Sawyer's N.W. corner," tlience east 80
clmins, lhcuce south 81) cliains, thence
west SOchaius, thence north 80 chains
to point of commencement, contaiuiug
OIU acres inoi-u or less.
Datod July 20lh, 11)07.
Wed aug 21 R. II. SAWYER.
Cariboo Lan.l Dislrict.
Dislricl of Cariboo.
Tatfe notice thai Harry Sawyer of Kevelstoke, H.C, inillm.in, Intends Ki apply
for permission to purclltiSQ the lollovvlug
described lands:
Commencing at a post planleil aliout
one mile above Blue Kiver, and marked
"H; Sawyer's N. W. corner," tlienee eait
So eliains, thence soulli 80 ebains, llienee
wesl 80 cliains, Ihence north So chains to
point ot commencement, contain'intf 640
acres more or less.
Dated July 30th, 1907.
wed ajf 21   I'er Donald Mcintosh, Agent.
Cariboo Land Dislricl.
Dislrict of Cariboo.
Take nolice that Donald Mcintosh of
Revelstoke, B. C, prospeoior, intends io
apply lor permission to purchase the following described land.
Commencing :u a posl planled aboul 2j
miles above Blue Itiver, niarked "D, Mclnlosh's S. E. corner," thence nortb no
elinins, llienco wesl 40 chains, thence
south 120 chains, tbence easl 40 chains to
point of commencement, containing 480
teres more or less.
Daled July 31st, 1907,
wed aug 21 D. McINTOSH,
Cariboo Land District,
District uf Cariboo,
Take notice that H. Sawyer of Revelstoke, B.C., occupation Milhnan,
intends to apply for special timber licences over the following described
1. Comincncing at a post planted
one mile above upper crossing of Alhreda River marked "11. .Sawyer's
N. E. corner," tbence south 80 chains,
lhcuce west 80 cliains, tbence norlh SU
chains, thence east 81) chains to point
of commencement, containing 010
acres inure or less,
. Oommenclng at a pnst planted
one-half mile beluw upper crossing of
Alhreda River, uiniked "It, Sawyer's
N. E. cornel'," Uience south 81) chains,
thence wesl SOchaius, tbenee noith SU
cliiiins, Uience enst SU chains lo poinl
of cummencement, containing Uiu
acres muro ur loss.
Duted Augusl Slh, 1007.
3. Commencing at a post planled
III chains fro... liig Slough camp, and
niarked "It. Sawyer's S.W. corner,"
thenee east 10 chains, thence north 10(1
cbnins, tbence wesl 111 chains, thence
south IIIU chains to poiul ofcoinuiencc-
... nt, coulaiuing UIU acres luure 01
■1.   ('......iiencing at apost planted
alongside Nu. 8, marked "ll Sawyer's
N.W, corner," tbence easi IU ehnins,
thenco Bi.lltll 100 chains, thenct wes!
lOchains, thencu 11..rth 100 chains to
point ol commencement, containing
tilt) acres more ur less.
Dated July 20th, 1007.
5. Comineucing ill a post planted
alongside of R. II.Sawyer's No. 0 posl,
marked "H. Sawyer's S.E. corner,"
the. north SU chains, thence west SO
chaius, lhcuce soulb SU chains, tlienc
east sii eh,-litis to point of commence*
men!, containing OIU  ncres   mole  or
D d July 31st, 1007.
II. Cumiiieneing ai 1 post plnuled
alungsido ul 1). Mcintosh's No. 20 post,
marked "II. Sawyer's N.E. cornor,"
Ihenee wesl III chains, thence south
llll) ehnins, thenc.. easl ll) chains,
Ihenee north IlKt chains to pointof
coninieueeiueni, containing 010acres
mure nrless.
7. Oommenclng at a pust plant...1
abnui SJ iniles above Hell's Date,
marked "H. Sawyer's S.W.corner,"
theuco east 80 chains, tlience north 80
eliains, Uience wesl 8(1 ehains, thenee
suulh 8(1 clmins lu pnint of commence-
nienl, containing uiu acres inoreor
8. Commencing nt a post planted
alongside of No. 7, and marked "H.
s.-iwyei's N.W. corner," Ihence ei.-l SO
chnius, thenee soulh 8(1 chains, Ihence
wesl 81) chains, thence north SU chains
I., point of commencement, containing
OH) acres mure i.r less.
Dated Julv 20th, 1IKI7.
wed aug 21 ll. SAWYER.
'm.i.,  Land '. Halt id.
Dial.'iui .-f .'.1 it	
In.     ii- kii  Ibat II-   M-M.tl.i f
Ilevelstoke, B.C.. intends in npply for
1 -  i.i. 1 licences 1.ier lb.- lollowlng des. ribed lands:
1. Com.uenciug at 11 posl planted
one .nil.- aliove upper crossing ot Alhreda River, marked "H. McMabuq's
S.E. curuer," thence we-l 80chains,
thence 1101 Hi 80 chnius, llieuce easl SIJ
chains, tbeuce soutb 80chains to point
of commencement, containing 1540
acres more or less.
2. ('......iiencing nl a post planted
one riiile almve upper crossing of Al-
hreda Kiver, markeil "11. McMahon's
S.W. corner.' thonce east 80 chains,
ihenee north 80 chains, Ihence nest SO
hains, tbence souih Su chains t.i point
of commenci..out,   containing   810
acres more or less.
Dated August Slh, 1007.
3. Commencing at a post plauted
nn the nnrth boundary nf Lot U7S2,
marked "II. McMahon'sN;W, comer,"
thonce east 80 chaius, tlience south su
chains, thence we-t SU chains, llienco
north so chains to point of commencement, containing uiu acres more or
Dated August Isl. 1007.
I. Com.uenciug at a post planted
ou wesi boundary ol It. 11. Sawyer's
No. S. .toil marked "11, McMahon's
S, K. eurner, thence west 80 cbaius,
iheuce ninth 80 ciiains, theuce oasl 80
chains. Lbence south 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 04U
acres 1111 .it-or Ies*.
S. Commencing at a pust plnuled
alongside of No. I. marked "11. McMahon's N.K. corner," thence suuth 811
ehaiiis, theuce west SU chains, thunce
north 80 chains, thence cast SU chaina
in poim oi cuintnencemout, containing
OIU acres more or Ies*.
II. Commencing at a posl planlcd
2 miles south of R. II. Sawyer's No. 8,
,-inil marked "11. McMahon's N. W.
corner," thence east su chains, ihence
north stl chains, ihence wesl SU chains,
Ihence soulh SU cliains lo point of
cummencement, containing uiu seres
more or Ies*.
Dated July 28th, 1007.
7. Commencing at a post planlcd
2 miles Bouth ..I Thunder Creek,.and
marked "II. McMahon's N.E. corner,"
thence west SU ehains, Ihence soulh SU
clmins, Ihence easl 80 chains, thence
north SU chains i., point of commencement, conlaining UIU acres more or
Dated August 1st, 1107.
wed aug 21 lb McMAHON.
l.llb.oet l.iio-l Plstri.fl.
Illslrlct ol l.llluoet.
Take notice that Audrew Kitson of
Uevelsloki-, H. I'., occupation Miner, Intends
toap|,ly li.r a sin-rlal umber lkei.se over the
loll.... iii.: described lands:
1. Commencing... a post planted al*. u two
miles north ol smoky House .'reek near the
north-wesl corner of T. L. oltsi and narked
"Andrew Kilson's N.E. corner," lhel.ee running south SU chains, theuce west sochains,
the...... uorlh nil clialus, tliciice east so chains
lo iKiliil ot i:o.nu.ei.cen]eut and containing 610
Botes moro or Ies,
g, Commenolng al t post pimiiMl nbom ...o
miles in.rlh ot the iiionlhof smoky House
Creek, near the norlb-We8l corner id 1. L. 816o
and marked "Andrew Kitson's 8, B, comer,"
thence ru.inluK north Wcliuln-. them-e we-t
su ehnins. .hence south so chains, tbeuce eait
su chums lo poim nl cDinmeucctnenl nml cu.i-
tiiiuin^ i.l.. acres more or less.
Hated July llh, 1907.
wed augl. ANDBEW KITSON,
Lillooet Land District.
District oi Lillooet,
Take notice Unit William I'ei'lstroni
of Revelstoke, B. C„ miner. Intends lo apply fot-(speciul mul er licences over tile following lies rfced
1 Commencing at a post in t-ked
''William P.-ilsttum's north-east ciirner post," plauted one iinlceusi of Un
8222, uu uortli lork of Seymour it.ver,
.... east side, thence suuln bU chains,
Ihence west SU chains, tiience north SU
chains, tbence east SU chnius lo point
..I cummeucemeut, coutalnlug Olu
acres more or less.
2 Commencing al a pnst marked
"William Perlstrom's north-west cornei- posl,'* planleil one mile eusl ul Lot
8323, on norlh fork ol Seymour river,
ou easl side, theoce south SO chains,
Uience easl SU chains, Uience nortl. SU
chains, tlience wesl 80 chains lu uoiut
of Lommencemet.t, conlaining
acres moru or less.
3 C...iini'ii...ig at a pust marked
"William Perislrniii's soulh-east coiner post," planted one mile east of Loi
S323, on n.nlli fork uf Seymour liver,
on east side, Iheuce north SU chains,
Uience west SOcbains, tbence soulh SU
chains, tbence e.isl SU chains to poinl
..f commencement, containing 010
acre* more or less.
4 Commencing at a pust marked
"William Perlstrom's soutb-west curuer p..st" planted one mile e.ist of Lot
8323, oo uorlh fork of Seymour river,
tbence norlh SU chains, thenceeast SU
cliains, thence south SIJ chains, thence
wesi SU cliains in poiulofcauuuei.ee-
...cn.,containing Uio acres more ur less
5 Commencing at a post marked
"William Perlstrom's south-east corner posi," planted one mile easl of Lot
8224, on in.rib lork of Seymour river,
.... east side, thence nortn S'l chains,
thence west 80chains, thence snuihS.)
chains, tbeuce east 80 chains io point
ut cou.uie...erne..1, contaiuiug 040
acres more ur less.
0 Coinineneilig nt a post marked
'-William Perlstrom's suuih-w est corner pus..'' plantod nne mile east ut Lut
S221,.. n noith forkof Seymour liver,
.....-isl side, theme ninth 80chnlns,
iheuceeastS) chains, thence suulh80
chums, llieuce west SUth.ius topoint
of cum meucemeut, coulaiuing 010
acres mure or less,
7^ Commencing .n « post maiked
"William  t'eiisir.i.n's south-easl corner   post,"   planted  nne mile e.ist nf
Lut S225, un  nurth fork of Seymour
river,  on easl side, Ihence north 80
chaius,  llieuce   wesl SU ehains, Uience
souih su chains, thence east80 chains
lo point uf i........ence.nenl, containing
Olu acres more ui l.-s.*.
8. Oommenclng at a posl marked
"William Peiis.i.Hu's south-wesl corner posl,' planted one mile eaat uf Lui
8225 .........in I..tk of Seymour river,
j .-I -i.le, I heue muili 811 chains,
Ihence east 80 chaini ihencesouth 80
chaius, ihence wesl 80chainslo point
..f   comuienceme.il, containing   oio
a. res ........ or less.
Dated August Klih, HKI7.
we.l aug 21  . Locator,
BtrksrsvllIeLsnd i.istrlct.
lnstrlel.il' annuo.
Take no.Ice thai.,.;... g, lledelrom, i.l Hev
elstoke, oceupniou Tlm ber Cruiser, latetnl to
apply lor a s|*tlal Umber l.i.use over tl.e lob
lowing d.scribe.1 land:
1. Commencing ut h post planted on Olscler
Creek and about two miles Irom [he mou.h o.
ulacier Creek au.I marked ' tins f„ HeilMrom's
southeast comer pusl." llienee uorlh st ebslni
tlience wesl su.-I.H.us, tl.et.ee south su i i.nli.s,
then.-e cast BO eliains io tbe point ol com-
mriieemeiii, and containing tilu acres more or
I. (,-ou.n.enclnn at a post planted en Ulseler
Creek ami about iwo mile. In.iii the aoulh ol
i,lacier (reek, aud m .rked "Uus E. Hedstrom's
suuth wesl cr ner poit," lbence uorth Kiel..Ins
then.-e east so chains, Ihenee south flOeli.lus.
theuce wesl -0 chains to thc point ol com-
meneement, and conialulug t,e acrei, more or
listed July Uth, ITO.
wed aug il UUS. E IIED8TKOM,
Hercletoke I-uid Uislrict.
liHtrictof ffMl KuoUhih)-.
Tnki' noli'*! ilmt we. Lnmb-Wat«ori Lumber
Co.. i.ul. oi Arrywhciul, oee u pillion Millown-
en, intend to ,*i*i ■> ror in inwiou to purt-hHgc
the fullowiiiK fle*cribc<l lund:
CommunttiiK »i u puH planUxl at tlio S.K.
corner uf l:.il|,ii Stininon'fl np|ilicftlloQ, Onlona
bay, thenoe north wi ehalttH, thenco out 40
I'li.iin-, iht'iiot) norlli 20 t-huin-, thonce mnlln
chains, thence south 20 chntiH more or lutw Ut
Osleoa Hn)'. tbenoe !touihwel■.l■Jrl)■ ulona north
horeof Ofilt'tm llay lo pointof oouiiiiuucouienL
Iifttulltrtl July, 1907.
Lamb-Watbon U'MherCo.. Ltd.,
wed aug 7 0, a N, Wilkio. Agent, Arrival of Ne
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Wednesday. Sept. 11, for 21 hours.—
Unsettled, cold, bright intervals,
squally, cl mdy with probable ruin.
Temp: Mas 71 degrees, Min. -18 degrees.
Local and General.
WANTED—Ten laborers—Bowman
Lumber Co's. Mills.
Watch lor further announcement
on Satmday ol the Y.M.C.A. Ladies
Auxiliary "at home.'' R. I. B. and
other special attractions.
Cold Range Lodge, Xo. 26, Knights
ol Pythias, are holding a special
initiation and centering of the third
rank this evening.
The famous Cliff House hotel, at
Ocean Beach, San Francisco, built by
Adilph ;utru, was burned to the
?rot.nd last Saturday evening.
Gospel meetings continue at the
Baptist Mission Hall on First street.
Come and bring a friend. Farewell
meeting at Opera House on Sunday
The house, on tbe Hansen lot, 2nd
S:.. purchased by the Baptist Mission
for a church site, has been sold to A.
F. Lundell and will be set up on
"lb .St.
During the thunderstorm whicli
pawed over tbe oity yestirday morning, several trees ou the western
shoulder of Mt. Victoria were struck
by lightning.
In tbe report ol the R. M. R. dance
and pi ite giving, on Thursday last,
mention ol the presentation of a bund-
some bouquet of llowers by the Cunipany to Mr:. H. A. Brown, was
Crystal Temple. No, 3, Pythian
Sisters, have arranged a special initiation ceremony to be followed by a
dance on Wednesday. Sept. 18 A
large number ol Art.....bead ladies will
take pari.
The "at home'' to be held under the
auspice, ol tlie Ijulies Auxiliary of the
'i M CA wil lake place in tlie Y. M
C, A par Ion on the afternoon and
evening --f Tuesday, Sept. 17th. li. I.
Band n. attendance.
A meeting ol ll.e Citizens' League
will be Inil in tlie City Hall touii-rrow
nigbt at S o'clock. The -objects
under discussion are "The Sunday
closing of hotel bars'' ami lh.- '-advisability of moving sporting houiei
from Front Street.''
io Vol. Carlylc	
.;, Yo), Kiiskin	
if. Vol. Hugo	
,.  Vol. Macaulay's Essays
3  Vol. Macaulay's Essays
dlf.ll Sheep)
Vol, Geo. Elliott     17.00
llls.ll sleep)
Druggist and Stationer.
Next Hume Block,
= j The Secretary ol the Spokane Falls.
Placer Co., who own valuable water
rights on Lardeau Greek, has written
that Trout Lake will have an electric j
plant established in a short time,
The company, he stated, have about
completed their plans tr put in a
plant not only to supply (lie town
ith light, but to supply power to the
mines—Trout Lake Mining  Review.
Last Sunday being the fifteenth
Sunday aber Trinity, was the eighth
anniversary ol the incumbency of the
Rev. C. A. Proeunier, at St Peter's.
The rector's sermon touching on this
wag listened to by a large congregation. He reviewed his past work
and the circumstances which led up
to his taking charge of St. Peter's and
the outlook lor the church.
It is announced tbat lhc lion. Mi.
Templeman, minister ol Inland Revenue and Mines, will be paving the
Kootenuys a visit shortly, devoting
some time to the Btudy of the requirements and resources uf this part of
the province with reference to his departmental wink us head ol the new-
mines department.
Ralph Simpson, ol Arrowhead, rescued two Japs yesterday alternoon in
the lake, who had capsized their
boatand had become exhausted Hearing cries tor help, Simpson bIiuI down
his shingle mill and with sonic ol the
men rushed to the rescue. The .lap-
when brought tc shore were neirly
nil in.
At a cabinet meeting at Ottawa .1
provision was mnde Iur the issue ol ;•
proclamation bringing iuto effect on
Sept. lUth, the organized courts ol tin-
provinces ol Saskatchewan and Alberta. Instead oi one supreme court
lor the two provinces there will be ,1
separate oouit for the Saskatchewan
and anoiher tor Alberta, composed iu
each case ol .1 chiei justice and three
puisne judges.
The Hoard of Trade lus received a
communication from Hon. W. Templeman replying to a letter sent by
the Board requesting the appropriation
of money for the ..on..-.lint.' 1 pie.
tion of the wing dam, nnd stating thai
he bad received a letter Iron) Q A
Keefer, Public Work, Engineer ii
which be -tut.-, that lie li   in com
municatioii    with  the   Depnrl m
with a view 1,1 procuring the lunds
neceiiaiy to c. ntinue and complete
the r rk this year,
The iouth Irain met with a mishap
at   18.10  lesterd.iy   alter 11.   neai
Greengllde, while making  for  Revel
Hoke.   It appears that lhe 1! mgi
one nf the wheels ol the leading truck
of the locomotive.  Mo, -171. broke
causing the engine to leave the r.iil-
anil pin.igh l.er way through the
ballast beside the track tearing up tl.e
I metals and rolling uver into the brush,
The engineer and fireman had a most
miraculous escape, getting clear ol the
engine juit aa she was toppling over,
I The tender remained on the track,
and no damage, otherwise than lo the
engine was done, except a box car
was badly crumple 1 up .11 collision
with the tender. N'o one on tl.e train
sustain..! injury, an.l only .1 lew were
aware ol the accident at the lirst. An
engine and oar were sent down from
Revelstoke to convey pasiengors and
baggage tn the depot, after which a
wrecking crew lelt lor the scene to
clear ll.e track. Thc line was clear.-.!
shortly before noon to day.
Ladies' Utility Rain Coat, strap
trimming to give new mandarin sleeve
effect. Plaited sleeve with cull', in
colors, Castor, Covert and Slate.—
Crtssmaii ji Morrison.
Ripe tomatoes, celery, green corn,
cabbage and cauliflower to-day at C
II. Hume A Co's.
To liny a lions.'.
To Kent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid nnd Anderson
Real Estato and Insurance Agts.
Social and Personal
Charles Deutschman, of the Cheops
Caves, wus in town thia week.
Miss Hardie left on Saturday lor a
holiday visit to thc coast.
Mrs. Aylmer returned from the
cast un Sun.lay.
Miss Hull returned from visiting in
the east on Monday.
Mn, Graham and family have left
lor Vancouver, where Dr. Gtalinm has
a practice.
Mr. ami Mrs. ll. Cunningham
Morris spent a week end at [ll.icier
House, .unking the part ascent ol the
grc.it. glacier.
Tl.e employees uf C. B. Hume A
Co., Ltd., held .t very pleasant - ciu
dini"-r 111 ihe parlor ol the Windsor
hotel last night. Mr and Mrs. C. B
Hume, Mr. and Mrs B I Laws
Miss Lawson and Mr. and Mrs K \i
il f       sing presenl
entertainmi nl - isle -      1
• -     by   Vin    H 10b .ry,   sit, ■
which .1 very pleas.ml ■■■-.-■
.!-. speec id singing     Much
credit is d ie I   Mrs. Hi    .
■■mm    .... - ■ :
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our -'Special
Mattresses   ,
. -
VI, Millard wi
Furniture Bto        i-   ■    itreet,  neil
. irpets, . . tl
:: 11 un.
Patronize  Homo   Industry,     8moko
Revolstoke Cigars.
R un 1 .   ■ , ,-    -. wherever
1 used    -  -   ige I   '    B  H->--..
... 1 -
Wf.it 1.1-  Millard—he   I
  , .   in ■ 1
..l.l stand.
Freestone Pea. he
I'm- preserving, :   1     e da     it C, I
llllllll- a   -
Neatly tailore I, I hap suil ol
blue stripe herring bone tergo —Cross-
... .11 i Morrison
Rovelstoko Cigars Union Mnde Our
Spocial, Tho Union, and Marca Vuelta
are ahead ol all others.
Aneiiii. Sii-- f Horses, U'ag-.i . nr.d
ll.irn.-s, at P. Burns' Stables nt 1.30
p.m., September Mth.
Special bargains in odd lots .,[ wall
paper at C, li. Hum . ft Co., Ltd.
We are showing the latest style. In
Beaver, Plush, Black Pony Back
brown Ilelgi.ui Pony, Brow., and
Blaok Crushed Plush, for ladles sl. .--
noata—Cress........ it- Morrison,
Wi.-.low Shades, regulation size or
rnadi: to order at (!. 0. Hume A Co.'l
Novelty cutaway   suit   in   ttiitninti
effect, from dark blue and green striped
material f.r   Indies — Crcsimsn A
Enterprise Brewing Company's
Cup Match,
1! .gl.i weather on Saturday was
taken advantage uf by ineinbots uf ti.-' j
Cricket Club, mid the presence uf the
many Sunday B.'hun. picnic parties o .'
and around the orickei ground, ad.lc .
Iilu and picturesque.ess tf. the ncilui- j
inl natural BUrroun.l1.1ga
Will, an ...any members present .1
dec sioji was made to play thc second,
imttoli for the silver cup Winning
Uie tuas, the oiiplaiu ui ihe "Pioneers'*
chose to put the ".New CIiUIUb" into
bin, and thc perfect l.nwling pitch
proved his choice to be wise, Maley
and B. urnu bowled throughout the
innings ami were able to get an
amount ol deadly work on ll.c hall,
lor, aided by good lidding, the whole
side ivo.o disposed ol for 27 runs.
Mnley taking 0 ami lloiiinc I wickets,
l'lie I p MUMS Were li llllo 7 .....I llllll
fi. Tho ' l'io..eo.e" in their li.st, innings sn, oil II, mainly through a
well pi yed Ili uy Brie', .Maley scoring
II, II unit! li in d "Mr, Extras" being
cicilifcd with 7 run-. Bowling honors
wen shared by Morris 4, EuttvhiotloS,
nud Goring II wickets. The Holding
uus quili us smart 11s that ol lhc
"Pionci r -."
In the second innings uf the "New
Chums," a great cliu.gc came over
tl.e gnme, and some splendid strokes
hy Darbyshire, and line iree batting
hy Junes, lloble and Hull, ran the
score up tu 7(1 in throe quarters of au
hour, tor only 6 wickets, Darbyshire
and Junes especially did brilliant work
and udded 40 runs during ihen- partnership, One player hiiiiiurously remarking that the 'Pioneers" could
hardly expect to win when even
Darby aud Juan" opposed them.
Ata quarter tu 6 Eutwhistlo declared
the innings c'used, and bud the am-
hitous hope of disposing ot tlie
'•Pioneers" nickels in their Bccond
innings, before stumps were drawn
at 0.10.
To everyonea suiprise, tbe effort almost succeeded, fur the innings was
just 11 procession to and Irom tbe
wicket of bats...Mil who cuuld do nothing will) tlie liick.y hiilis trundled up
uj Darbyshire and Lniwhistle. Time
was uln.ost up when Watson's wicket
tell, but ui Eutwhistle had three more
deliveries to complete his over, the
umpire decided hu Bhould bc allowed
to bowl then. Humphreys skied the
fourth bull lu Davis, but Eddie Edwards, the l,.st inai), was able tu bluck
the lust two bulls cf tne over.
lt was certainly disappointing to
tlie ".New Chums" to be robbed ol the
houor of winning hy lhat thief, time;
but each side being true sportsmen, it
was agreed lu call lhe .much 1. draw,
aud to play a decisive match on Saturday the Ulh inst.
The lidding ui lhc two elevens was
certainly good, clever catches being
made by Field. Bourne, Goblc, Webster and Davis. Davis, however, took
lirst honors, capturing Maley's hot
cuts iu each innings and cleverly bold-
iug 111 one baud, a hurricane bit by
B.jurne. C. Aman was the better of
the two wicket keepers, only i byes
being scored 111 the two innings while
he su.oil behind thc stumps. Interest
111 the game lo be played next Saturday is keen and the secretary is busy
whipping up members for both elevens.
The handsome cup is on view in J.
Guy barber's jewellery sure.
Results of Finals-Well Contested Matches.
Much interest was evinced un Satur-
daj --: thl ..... - ior the lawn teuuia
touruameot, anu a large number ul
ipectalus visited the courts during
...- lay. throughout the whole
tournament the events have been
keenly cunteated and some spli ndiJ
tennis ..,- pi .yed. Saturday
was .ro ideal day, tl.e light not being
f- ■ -t :..-, and in. spectators present
1 M,- --.-.. - fn- ll tbe hardest fought
ry ol Kevelstoke
     ..   ,i. mm "in lei.es.1-
,. - ...... icrved tbi  ladies supply.
,.) . , .tics, wn.cn were much
.-. ; im,   d.itora  and   players
SlltS       f ,.--,, tne .mala were:
-   ...  .ii.--  Hardie won
- "    •■       E
New Fall Styles at $3.50 to $10.00
Our New Styles for Fall a.e certainly far in advance
of anything yet shown. Exact copies and close
adoptation of recent Paris models—the new moss-
greens, the New Dark Blues, lhe new Golden
Browns, in all the new Fall shapes, materials
and trimmings. Made by experts in their line and
equal to any custom made at from one third to one
half less in price
We have opened a splendid showing of Table Cloths 53
and Napkins in matched sets. The clothes are 2 yards
x i'.i yards and 2 yards x 3 yards, and lhe designs are
'? very handsome, with border all around ihe cloth. The
napkins arc an exaei match. Linen Damask Towels
with fringed ends, make handsome stand covers.
White lied Spreads in Honey comb and Marseilles-
all sizes.
Nazareth Waists for Boys and Girls
If you have both boys and girls at home you'll be interested to know
that the Nazareth Waist is suited for both-—button it in the back for thc
girls; button it in front for the boys—and it will fit in both instances.
* There are over four million of these 1 ittle underw?ists sold every
year, and we've never handled anything of the character that was half
so satisfactory to child and parent.
Sizes i to ia Years
Marriage Licenses Issued
Iron,  ii- -  .. -   .  6 2   (1 .1
lined due -j. rlmg and
D Nairn «* id Ii un Mrs. Els md 0,
B .-.-■■ 111 i fi 1 '. li I.
.    1,   Sissona  won
Ir..... ... Nairn ■'■ B 7-6 6 -'
A line d ■< nnia was given
. and ■' ■
l'lie tou       L-nl  ..a- '-. . -i '•■■■ -
t, and iu.
1 ij
nohoviei in brine
ind   - thing  en-
,1       <
In order to secure one of our
In the centre of the Southernmost and Wannest valley In
B.C., West Kootenny, for
Sit) down   and  $10  per
month for 10 acres.
To p.-iv nil y.ur expenses and refund
[four laud and whole proposition
Is not exactly as we represent it.
V.,11 can ini.ke from $1011 to $700
p.-.- acre annually growing fruits
and market gardening. Every tract
iseiili.-i■ l.-v.-l or gently sloplnc
The soil is loan, with clay subsoil.
Free from ruck, Ample rainfall.
Fine healthy climate, Cool in summer. Zero weather in winter practically unknown. No early or late
frosl danger. Plenty of timber on
each trad for buildings, fences nnd
fuel. Each Irncl fronts on a road,
and evei y triicl within half-mile of
main lii f l(.II.     Title is p...-feci.
Wc own one-lll'ih of Ilu, good land
in the whole Koiilenay and make
these terms io lhatymi will he able
in I.-., mh ir sm-pi i is i'u mis Improving
v..nr land. We refer tu three of lhe
strringesl Hunk- in Canada. Wi-i|..
quick foi maps, etc., and testimonials of settlers al l-'.-.i.tvale
Nelson, ti. C.
It will damage yuur general
health na well ns ruin your eyes.
You can procure Ihe very best
glasses at Hastings, Doyle it Alluin,
Ltd , the opticians, and what is uf
equal importance, the glasses we
furnish will be made to Bait your
particular case—no guess work,
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
to our Slore if you want to purchase
n New Carpet, Finn Oriental or Wilton rug, matting or linoleum and sec
how much further its contents will
take you in purchasing than it will at
any other store in the city. Our
Spring styles are ready for your
I «.i:    U,K   Si '-Ml tesmi   I good
T i,i ibli   ■ i   .!,-,
■uply  to   RlCHARO
i ,- -   -.mill  I ".,   Ltd,
rnii HEN"]      ;- irnlshed  - i    unfnr-
f |    n!«ln .1  lc . ■ -.    ■ .1  Ibe Eastern
i   I'. R,   Apply to .1.
li.iMl i. sldence.
W. I il.- Mn! wants work by
lhc Ilny II- ..s.-w.f.k |.i.-l-i-
al.l... Applv I' tl. Bos KB, Revel
Hnke, ll.O.
WELL Kin i .vi Kit capable lady
rcipin, position as motheri
lmI p, useful companion or housekeeper.
C....I.I leach,   Apply Mai., IIkiiai,i.«
WANTED i',..,iifii.li. proposition
..p.... for reliable man acquaint-
cd among fruit growers nnd with
ability .... mle ,mnn, Pull ni part time,
Stale age, experlencH ami references,
HROWN BROS, CO., Nursbbymen,
l/i i... Brown's Nnrserjes, Out.
ll yii.u.g nimi hs .. purler in lintel
or..l.y kind nl work. Mil. (I. MANX,
Hevelsluke I'osl I Ulii e.
September 14th
at 1:30 pm.
Consisting ol Heavy Team nl llnrsc.
Fine Tea... ol Brown Mares.
I Si ts ol Harness,
Two Wagons, slightly used.
at I 30 p,.... Baturdsy, Bept, 14th,
Incorporated by Ae. cl Parliament, 1855.
HEAD OFFICE, -    ,      - MONTREAL.
Wm. Molson Macpuemon, Pres. 8. H. EwiNG, Vice-Pres.
Jamks Elliot, General Manager.
Capiat paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches In Canada and Agencies in all parts of the
Interest credited four limes a yenr at current rates on Savings
Hank deposits, until further notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
I-Ievewtoke, B. C.
Import direct from Country ol origin.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
l'..rk Packers find Dealer   In Live Stock.  Markets in all tho principal  Cities and
Towns nl All.i.rlu, llritisl. c.iu.nl.iii and tl.o Vukon.  I'ackors of the Celebrated Brand
A   'liner or" llama anil Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Loaf Lant, A
i% * inttwrnttuvnuHHiUMiM
ii.'si.iii.'f.i.i .....1 Furnished Itoou.B
Meals from 2f.c. Up.
Second Street, • East End
J*** «*i*M^%V%Ut'M%%««ttn**rt4««tiU1
Pol Agrlonltaral Implements. Carriages, Wagoas Etr.,|;.b.ln.
De.fre Ploughs, Molina Wagons, Canadu Carriage Company's
IhiKKios. Planet jr., Unrdeu Beoders ami Cultivators, Whoel-
wrichl .....I blacksmith Work attondod t... Horse Shooiug a
tTT ANTED—A gentleman Jif good
VV fninily and with University
qualifications desires pupils fur the
winler session. Modern languages,
music, English and mathematics
taught, Fees moderate. Highest
references and testimonials,
WANTED-Third or Fuuith Class
Engineer.    Apply   tu   John
Ki-uiNAOiiAN, Salmon Arm, B. 0,
WANTED - Dining  Itoom   Girl.
Waxes $80 per month.   Apply
Hotel Grand, Nakusp, 11, C, Sep 7 lm


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