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The Mail Herald 1907-07-27

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The Mail-Mepaia
iiM-— .. .
Vol. 13.-No 58
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We havo any amount of all kinds of Glass
Jars uml other Preserve Jars. Crown Sell'
Sealing Glass Jars:
Pint Sizes at por dozen  II.I •
Quart Sizes at per doaen •'■40
Half Gallon Slsse at per dozen SI.75
An extra lino line of Canvas Shoes, White
Heels, Lace Sides, Turn Soles, Cool and
Comfortable, at $3.00
A Beautiful White Canvas Shoe, with
Embroidered Too, Blucher cut, McKay
sown solos, all sizes at $3.00
A shipment uf elegant White Blouses, new
designs, handsome embroidery fronts, .some-
newer thun bus been shown hero this season
-to Heluil at 12.75
A lovely lino uf Wnsh Linen Belts, son... nil
white, others button trim.nod, others trimmed
with color. Just the thing to wear with
white dresses,  Tosollut  25c
Great assortment of Fancy Collars iu the
New Ribbon Collar, others in Fancy Chiffon,
others in the new Wash Collins, Thoy are
all lines that sell at 75c, $1.1X1, $1.25, Now
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
■i ty iJi tji iJi iJi iji iJi iJ iJ' IJ' 'J' 'J' 9 ty 9'+' 9'+' 9 9 9 9 w 91
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Starrett's
Mechanics' Tools. Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely.
Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, etc.
* Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments  in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Offices lor Rent Upstairs.
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, eto., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots Ifi! x 100, on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered -Cash $950, terms on balance.     PRICE   $2,450
Two-Storey   Dwelling,  plastered and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 on" Second Street.     Cash $050 and terms on balance.
One-Storey Dwelling, Lot 50x100, near Cowan Block
PRICE  $850
Would You Rather
Live, in Your Own
House than Pay Rent? Look at the Bargains
Offered by Real    II     ||     !!-_■■ m^Iam
A_cnt h, N. uoursier
To Albert Canyon.-Special
Events.—Cheap Fares
Tho C.I'.R. employees are holding
their annual summer picnio at Albert
Canyon this year on Saturday, Aug,
!l, A vory interesting programnio ol
events has heen drawn up, Including
baseball-, tug ol war and general racea,
etc. Round trip Ior adults $1.00.
Children, 50c. The train leaves at 9
a m., returning to Ilevelstoke at about
6 p. m. Tickets may he obtained
Irom  Then. VV.uim.in, J. McLeod, C.
D. Palmer, VV. Thomson, J. Gale, D,
E. .luokaoti, I'eter Hooley, A good
timo is assured all who come and
spend a day among the mountains.
. . «».♦ —.	
Mattresses, pillows and bed comforters at 0. B, Hume 4 Co's,
Stop Japanese Immigration-
Mrs. Thaw at Banff-Disastrous Blaze—Wheat Receipts
—Volcanic Eruptions,
Vakcooveb, July 27.—A call upon
the Liberal Government at Ottawa
to immediately take Btepa to curtail
Japanese immigration into British
Columbia was telegraphed last night
t:. Sir Wilfrid Laurier by tlie Liberal
Association ol Vancouver.
Cai.uauv, July 27.—There ia more
than ordinary excitement at Banff
over the arrival ol Mrs. Thaw and her
niotlier-iu law, Mrs. William Thaw,
who reached that place on Friday
night last, and have been resting in
the Dnioiis resort ever since.
Ottawa, July 27.—A disastrous fire
destroyed millions nl feet ol lu.nber Friday morning. It did at least $500,000
damage, and there is an unconfirmed
rumor to tbe effect that one man is
missing. The lire began in the property of the VV. C. Edwards concern,
ol which Senator Edwards is the chiel
paitner. Thia waa burned to tl.e
ground, also a planing mill factory,
some olliee buildings, the Canadian
library bureau building and much
lumber, which cannot be closely estimated. The loss to the Edwards concern will be $200,000, on which there
is $200,000 insurance.
Winnipeg!, July 27.—Sixty-nine
thousand buahela of wheat were mar
keted at C.P.B. points on Saturday as
compared with 31,000 bushels marketed on the corresponding date last year.
Sydnf.y, N.8.W., July 27.—Reports
Irom the Tonga Islands say that seven
columns ol volcanic eruptions were
visible at sea Ior two weeks recently,
trom the Island o! Tongatabu, within
an area of two miles.
spread, Trainmaster Bull r was one
ol the first men to view tho wreck,
Passengers who came in on the train,
last night say that there wore tools
lying beside the truck at the place ol
the acoident, and that there wore evidences that there hnd been new tiea
put into the truck the dny belore."
Vancouver, July 27.—The move
ment o! monied men toward Britiah
Columbia lor investment and permit
nent residence is illustrated by the
tact that Mr, Fred Jones, who waa
for some years cliief aaaiatant to Mr.
VV, Whyte, now second vice-president
ol the C.P.R., in the Winnipeg office
ot the company, lias decided to move
to British Columbia.
Mr. .lonea waa, until recently, interested in a lumbering concern at
Golden, and the sale ol Ihe property
to American capitalists, has placed a
large sun. ot money at the disposal ol
the original shareholders. It is reported that Mr, Jones' share in the
proceeds ol the sale amount to $225,-
000, which was paid him in cash,
Mr. Jones bus spent some time
touring this province and haa decided
to adopt British Columbia as his
luture province at atvearly date.
Good Engineer and Popular in
Railroad Circles
Concerning the death ol James S.
Graham which occurred recently the
Daily Nlissotilian says:
"James Graham was one of the
younger engineer ol the Rocky Mountain division, He wub "made" here.
He Hied lor five years cn the division,
under Mike Malone must ol the time,
though he hnd been with Engineer
James and others ot the older men
some ol the time. He wus a splendid
(ellow. His smile was perpetual nnd
was one ol bis characteristics and he
waa as good nn engineer aa he waa a
jovial man. A year and a hall ago hc
waa promoted and he went Irom Missoula to Helena. Alter a lew mouths
he returned to Missoula and he had
been running out ol here Irom that
He was not on the limited run regularly. Tuesday he took out the 1604
as au extra, and he was ordered Tuesday night to bring in No. 1 when the
regular power (ailed. It ia Baid that
his wile waa very uneaey about him
all Tuesday night and that she went
to headquarters yesterday morning to
learn where ho was.   He waa dead.
Tbe death ol Graham ie particularly
diatreaaiug. He waa one of the carelul men of the road and was reliable
and dependable in liis work. He was
popular witii his associates and his
family relations were particularly
pleasant. Hia widow baa the eympa-
thy ol a boat of Iriends.
Tlie ouly cauac tbat can be assigned
for the accident is that the rails
The mayor and city council sat hist
night at the meeting adjourned from
From T. E. L. Taylor oomplalning
that the dam ol the city water supply
had heen used as a bathing place, also
that he could furnish the names ul
twenty who had b:en seen indulging
in this practice. Mayor Brown aaid
that lie had taken steps to atop tlie
practice and would have warning
notices printed. The City Clerk was
instructed to communicate with Mr.
Taylor, asking him to furnish tlie
uumes of the offenders.
From the Kamloops government
agent inclosing au application for VV.
Puisiver one time residing in Rcvelstuke for admittance to the Old Mens'
Home. Puisiver waa sentenced Inst
year for a term of imprisonment at
Kamloopa Ior forgery. The counoil
did not feel justified iu accepting tlie
burden ol Puisiver who hud lived in
several other places sii.ee lie first- came
to l'.evelatoke. Ily signing tlio application it would mean that lhe cily
would have to pay 75 per cent ol hia
maintenance. The City Clerk wiib
instructed to inform tl.e Kamloops
government agent that the council
would not accept responsibility.
Prom tlie secretary of the Lord's
Day Alliance, requesting that tlie Sunday closing by-law be Btrictly enforced.
Tbe matter waa pussed over, the bylaw being read and the communication was linally filed.
From G. Lenibke, city electrician,
requesting an increase of salary. The
council lelt that they wero justified in
granting thia owing to ihe general
increase of civic employee's wages, and
because Mr. Lenibke had not bad a
rise in salary since lirst employed by
ihe city five years ago. The council
passed a resolution granting an increase of $10 per month.
The Health and By-Lnw committee
reported on the cn-e of Laforme's cow,
whicli was injured in the pound, und
snid that the poun I sh.ml.I l.e put in
better repair and divided into partitions where vicious animals could be
safely secured. Tho Public Works
Department were empowered to aot.
The by-law authorizing tit" borrowing oi money lur an auxiliary power
plant, passed l.y the people on Tuesday, was reoonsidered and finally
passed by the council. The tirade
By-Law was also passed and adopted.
The mooting then terminated,
A public meeting waa held on
Thursday evening in the Band Room
lor lhe purpose ol arranging preliminaries fur tlie coming celebrations on
Anti-Tubercolosis Society Will
Erect Home on Lovely Spot
at Kamloops Lake,
The famous Tranquille ranch, on
the north side of the eastern end ol
Kamloops lake, about nine miles Irom
Kainloups, has been definitely decided
upun as tlie site fur tbe Consumption
Sanitarium to he erected by the Antl-
Tuberculosis Society ol Britiah
Tlie property to be Hum acquired
has a frontage of one mile on Kamloops lake and the arable land, which
is of the very first vitality for general
agriculture and fruit raising amounts
to 275 aerea. Besides this there are
meadow lands of about 100 acres and
120 ncres of bench luuda. A twenty
yeur lense of 0,000 ncres of grazing
lands from lhe Dominion Government
at two cents per acre is also included.
The lower ranch produces all the
smaller fruits und has an orchard of
ten acres, which is one ol the most
famous in Canada, having distinguished itself by the receipt of hundreds of exhibition prizes Tlie place
is well stocked with cattle, lioraes and
sheep, which will yield an immediate
Tlie price to be paid for the property is $57,000, $25,000 cash and tbe
balance of $32,000 in seven yearB with
interest at 5 per cent. In the opinion
of tlie committee and the directors,
and many business men who have
been consulted, its intrinsic value as a
ranch is much greater than this, while
lor the purposes ol the society its
value ia practically inestimable and
h.irdly to be reckoned in dollars. The
luct that the land will all'urd occupation to patients to whom light,
outdoor work is ot the greatest benefit
and that lhe water supply Irom Tranquille creek, which Hows through the
property, is ample and ot tbe lirst
quality, weighed heavily in deciding
the directors.
Brakesman's   Legs  Severed
Under Car Wheels.
A terrible accident attended by fatal
results, occurred shortly before midnight on Thursday. J. McMillan,
brakesman, was on liis way home and
was crossing tlie yard, when tbe yard
engine, whicli wus switching, sent
down u suing of freight curs just as
MoMillan waa crossing the truck, the
foremost car striking him violently
aud knocking him down, tho wheels
passing over bulb Ins legs, one ol
which wns completely severed, the
other being terribly mangled and
banging by a lew shreds. Tbe unfortunate man was conveyed to the Iiob-
pilal, regaining consciousness only fnr
a abort time, and died early yesterday
morn ing.
Tlie deceased was a young man only
September 34, The meeting waa by 2H years ol ago, and very popular
no nieanB ns well attended and repre- amonget ,,i9 „B80ci„tC8| |lllving Leoll j„
Revelstoke for the paat year. The
1. 0. 0. P., ol whicli the deceased was
a member, at Suuimerside, Prince
Edward Island, where was his home,
took charge of thc funeral arrangements, holding a service in tl.e lodge
room early this morning and escorting tho body to tlie depot, accompanied
liy the local camp ol the C. VV. 0, VV.,
ol whicli deceased was a member,
whence it left for the eust for interment,     .
Headquarters for Tetley's   Teas
sentative us it should be, hut never-
thelesa some uselul work waa dono.
A. McR..B, as chairman ol last years
standing committee, took the chair,
and briefly stated the cause for whicli
the meeting had been convened, He
then declared that the old committee
were discharged and that tbe meeting
could decide as to tlie appointing of a
new executive. A. McRae was unanimously re-elected chairman, and 11.
Floyd secretary, the meeting approving of the manner in which these
gentlemen had handled tlie work last
A letter from the Turf Club wiib rend
stating that the club hud arranged to
come in on tlie Vernon and Kainloups
circuits about September 12 and 14,
but ivould co-operate with the gcnerul
management committee, il that body
thought lit, on Labor Day.
The question ot committees was
discussed and it was resolved to invite
representatives from the different
clubs and organizations in town to
attend another publio meeting lu be
lield Tuesday, July 30th, in fhe hnnd
room when committees for special
branches will lie appointed.
Tbe following were elected to represent the city on thc general management committee: C. Abrahamson, It.
Howaon and H. Cunninghan  Morris,
Tlie question of the recreation
ground repairs waa taken up, alsu
general preliminaries which were laid
over till Tuesday, the meeting then
No. 5 Company Receives Praise
at Inspection Drill.
Tlie inspection ol the local company
ol militia took placo in tlie drill hall
nn TucBday 23rd inst., under the'eom-
mnndot Captain H.A. Brown, The
inspecting ollicer, Captain Hughes ol
the Royal Canadian Engineers, altor
the mon had gune through a number
ol drills and the firing excrciscB, expressed himself i.b highly pleased, and
stated be was surprised at the excellent and soldier-like way the men
wore paraded. Ho said there werc
Bii .lit discrepancies which an inspecting ollioer ojuld see, but taking everything into consideration, it was the
smartest company he had ever inspected in B. C, and greatly redounded to tl.o ollicers and non-oommissioned officers who had brought the Oo.
up to its prosont state of efficiency,
Pouches, pears,  raspberries, straw-
Pure Grape Juice at Bews' Drug I berries and oranges, at C. B. Humo
Store, IA Co's,
A full lino of ihis.  Tho Finest Enamel Ware on the Market,
Soo Window.
Millie from IX XX Charcoal Ptalc. a guarantee on every article
that It won't rnsl under any conditions,    we hnvo xi good variety uf
Ihoso ({....ils.   Ask iu see theni.
Willi Improved  Handles,   Ringer   Holders  and   Rim Bottom,
guaranteed not to leak, good material, well mado.
Headquarters for Tetley's Teas
Dwelling for Sale
Ya lu $1650 00
Sale Price. $1300 00
The above is a Six-It....mod liuuse in good locality
with Fifty feot frontage. Good Fen.-ing, Sheds, etc.
The owner does not live iu Revelstoke and enn-.
sequontly needs money,
Tho actual cash value is as stated above and S'loO
cannot be made easier than by buying this property,
We will loan you money to assist in the purchase,
We have for sale 00 acres uf choice land on Cranberry Crook, rear Arrowhead, suitable for Fruit and
Horticulture, A man nf enterprise can make u fine home
and .i splendid independence for himself .mil fninily on
this properly.
Price—$80 per acre on good terms.
Offices :—Molsons Bank BuiIding.     Telephone 31.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op. Union Hotel
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Branches In tie. Pruviueo, .tf Bln.iilol.il. Alborta, S;,-.....fl,..w.i.
British Colombia, Oulr.rio, (Juol.ec.
Capital Paid Up ....   (4,700,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       t4,7oo,ooo.oo
D. tt. Wii.kik, President; Hos. tt, Jakkkay, Vico-Presidenl.
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parte of Canada, United States and
Europe.  Special attention given to Collections,
Savings Department
Deposits received and Interest allowed at currentrate from date
of ..polling account, and compounded fuur tunes a yoar.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Window shades, lace and tapestry Crosec * Blackwell's veal ham,
curtains, curtain pules and fixtures go chicken, tongue and chicken breasts
to C. B. Hume 4 Co. I In glass jars, at C. B, Hume A Co's, Zhc flftatl4)evalb.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mubphy.      Haki'i." Fisher
,11.LAN A Kl.l.lnlT.
Ban m. .-' * !   -   - El
i:t.Yi:l.-|f ..:.:.*:• rKOI 1 UKE B. U.
r.K.iiii.u.v y' <yy_
.,„.,   ..    im ., ..-,..  Bask  Bu>ca,  Ravai
,,,-: .. ..,-.•.-■ ike,B.C.: Cranbrook,H.0.
Bjo, ■-'   M-.'M-.I.K.
........ ke, li. C.      Cnwrook U.l.
j '.:..* ti i.L.n iv, lBrims,
Babbistbrs, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
n.u. itobs i"H Molsons Bank
FirstStreet. Revelstoke, B.O.
As«av. ol all Ores. Sami-le; l.y mailor express
•' '   re ,..■ (.romt.talien.lon,
.   ml Moderate.
,.    ..,     .     .    .     Boi 132 Kaslo, U. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
;.Mino Suiveylng
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 108, Revelstoke,
; (Member   American   Institute   of
Mining Engineers),
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C,
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans nnd Blue
Print- of Land. Timber Limits, .Mine*,
Mill.-and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers,
tbe tltaiMberalb
" 1 would
■mm. .tl)' advise lliem Iur
- 1 would ■ - . earnestly auv.se mum ....
Iheir goal to order li.i* paper Io be punctually
served up, and tolas looked upon u.- .. partol
the lea equipage."—ADDISON.
The urgent need of a new jail in
Revelstoke, has never been so signally
demonstrsted than during the past
week or two, not because Revelstoke
contains more thun the average number ol vagrants or oi that peace disturbing element, hut because the jail,
or the tumble down shack that is an
apology (or ooc, ia absolutely unfitted
to bouse even a lew oi the toughs that
are to be lound in every community,
large or small. Rotten and unsanitary as the building is, still it has done
duty ever since Revelsloke waa a town
at all, and although representations to
the authorities have been frequently
made, especially ol late, there is never
a sign of any reparation. When the
list of police court charges, as is frequently the cn.-e is lengthy, the prisoners are herded in a few small cells,
unfit to retain an ordinary drunk, let
alone a criminal and only last week
when there were fourteen inmates, on
various charges, the jail was full ovor
aud above its legal capacity. Thnt
tbe building as a jail or luck-up is not
sale, and totally unlit to confine prisoners, desperate or otherwise, is shown
by tbe number ol escapes that have
been effected, aome in broad daylight,
aud the facilities whicli the building
atTord- i'or such.
1 be most glaring case occurred on
Thursday, when a man of desperate
character, loose and unlettered in the
jail r om, effected an escape through
a .entilat.-r in the Boor of
the eel c rrid ir, forced liis way
through ail obstructions and contrived
to get away altogether Irom the city.
If this state ol things ia ail..wed to gu
on, and tbe present jail to be still used
as a lock-up lur priaonera ol all classes
who can il they so teel inclined quietly
escape, and elude justice, then why
put the city to the expense ol helping
to support such an institution. Agi-
tation for a new jail has been made
and much talk done, but nothing else,
neither tbe government nor tbe city
making any direct move. We understand tbat the government intend
erecting a six cell luck-up at a coat of
|2,600, which eecma ridiculoualy low
lot a jail ul any use, and with limited
space the city will lie  no  better oil',
Whatever is tube dune, should he
done at once, and tlie sooner the
ptesent unsightly buildings are de
atn.yed and new unes erected the
better lor the city and the safer tor
the community. It is time that mure
eilicicnt methods were adopted for the
sale keening ol criminals and offenders
against the law and until auch have
been done, we cannot hope to atamp
out lhe criminal element which
creates hav,.c in our community and
exerts sinister Influences on Hit morals
vl tho city
The Fruit and Produce Exchange ol
B.C.,a new venture only recently
launched upon the commercial tide
has already made strides almost beyond expectations, uud inking into
consideration tlio difficulty in starting
such a proposition, tho promoters may
congratulate themselves on seeing thc
result ol their labors, sn eminently
successful. .Much depends on tbo
ability, energy and method ol the
secretary manager und in this oapaoity
Mr. Hi.gar has certainly ahowod
marked business ability and system.
Dr. Wade, ol the Kamloops Sentinel,
himaell a direotor of tho exchange,
aays in his columns:
"A Sentinel repiesentulivo paid a
visit lo the office of L. M. Hagar, the
energetic secretary manager of the B
0, Fruit and Produce Exchange at
Kevelstoke .... Saturday last and found
thai gentleman up to the eyes in work
receiving nrde; a for Iruit and fin in
produce (rom points within and without the province. The demand Ior
Lorries has been large and growers
huvo hnd no difficulty in pluciiig eve y
crate produced al gu.-d figures. The
den.uml fur farm produce has heen
larger thun wns :it lirst anticipated
and this department promises to l.o a
most important ono. The volume of
businesa dune during tl.e pnsl two
weeks is n practical lesson in llio value
of co-operation nnd when tbo annual
statement is prepared und published,
the public will he surprised ut lhe
enormous extent of tlie business being
handled by this central exchange.
"Mr. Hagar has devised a system tur
handling the husiness ol the Exchange
that is remarkable for its extreme
simplicity combined with thoroughness, Every detail is provided for und
with such .precision (loos the system
work uut that the volume of tfusinesa
done und the exact financial status of
the exchange can bu ascertainul at
uny time.
"The value ol the organization is
becoming widely recognised and several lucal exchanges that held aluol at
first are beginning to give sigua ol
awakening to a souse of what thoy are
missing It is not unlikely that next
aenson every local assooiation will have
thrown ils lot with the central body,
whicli will then handle the entire
output ol the province."
The paper and rubbish that is blowing around our streets these days, es
pecially in the vicinity of tlie poat
office, is an eye jsore to our citizens
nud the authorities should take steps
to remedy this. Nothing looks so unsightly and untidy as paper blowing
ahout, which not only being uf discredit to the city at large, ia moreover a source ot danger, frequently
causing horses to sliie and give trouble.
We say keep at cleaning our streets,
keep nt it bard, not only in regard to
paper and such truck, but also in
regard to cleaning up of back yards
and putting lho cily in a belter
sanitary condition.
Local Revelstoke
Social.st Party of Canada
Meet* Fir*, nml 'I'l". I lVe.lncs.lfty in .lie inoiuli
In Selkirk II ill. ..|ntairs, at 8 pan. Subject Ior
ai*,-.i-i,,ii ■■....,.....a,... ..f Capitalism. All
interesteil arc welcome
C. VV, C. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 220.
JIe.fi. Second .....1 fourth Weilnealnya in
each. ill,in Selkirk Hntl.   VlailiiiKWood-
meti curdlftlly invited nniti.-nd.
W. II. AIIMSTII.INII. ('..... .'on..
11. tf, EDWA11DS, Clork.
F. 0. E.
Tl... regular meetings ..ro held In tlio 8olklrk
Hull every tod nud4thTnosdny evening nts
o'clooir. Vfsltlngbrethren ar...-..r.l.ally luvlted.
II. A. IIU.IWN, l'.fif*...'.vr.
Kootenav Lodjce Nc. 15 A.F.4JA.JA.
*>* *
Tl... regular meet-
-^._3/«v;- •> Inga aro hold ln tht
,J/\ //'\ 'Tl .Mitf-.inie Temple,
*'.<.'; '   J.i.1 Fellows llf.il.o.i
„, /-'*. vjv-' ' the ll.inl .Mondaj ii.
Jl I : - &' , ,-..!.. -m-i. ....mlli ot I
■ L " '■ JQ'taiun. Vlsiiingbrcth-
"Ji*   rfi .«raS?l-sa' i*™   cordially  « '
->ar-"7/JP ren   cordially  wel
_    «iStSS—i« come
.-. A. I'lUtl'l'MI'lh SK.-.IKTA.IV.
SELKIRK LODiiE, NO  12, I, 0. 0. F.
Meets i..v...-y'1'liui-sil..v
avellhlg   In    Selkirk
WHall   nl   S   o'clock.
lVisltii.L' brethren cor-
- dialiy Invited to attend
li, THIMBI E, N.U.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. IS, Revolstoke, B. C.
Meets eveuv Wednesday,
1-X-.-..1 Third Wednesday ..1
SSmJ    .'..i-i. .....lllli, ill lln- ll.l.lloll..ws"
J     Hall   al    fc   o'clock,    Visiting
K.iiyl.ls are cordially invltod,
T.;\V. BBADSHAW, I'.l*.
li. II. BROUK, K. ..f II. A- S.
H.A. BROWN. Jl, o!F
Tlnii's Royal Orown kind-
made in Vanoouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing..reeasy with itshclp.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tolls what wo give for
Royal Crown Wrappers, Send
tor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
The l.cst Brick in the Province.
Well burnl Brick in huge or
Kiii.ill quantities at Reasonable
ENDERBY, b. c.
L-coriKiretod by Act cf Parliament*. 1835,
Wm. Molson Mai-1'Iiei..siin, Pics. S. II. Ewino, Vice-Pres,
Jajieb Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two branches In Canada and Agencies in all parts of lhe
Interest credited fuur times a year at current rales on Savings
Bank deposits, until fm ther nut ice,	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
\ Ma
" '    li'   M^A     '•■     *
Bring Your Purse
Along With You
tn ou.- Slore if yuu wanl to purchase
a New Carpet, Flno Oriental or Wilton rug, uu.tl Ing or linoleum and seo
how much furl hor its contents will
lnke yuu in purchasing than il will ul
any othei slore in the oily. Our
Spring styles aro  ready   for  your
Import direct from Country ol origin.
ni hi irr-i.ii—nn un —
'■ P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
h.rli Packers antl Dealer   in  Livo St'iL-k.   Markets in all the principal   Cities an.l
Towns uf Alberta, liritish uu.uralilu and tl.o Yukon.  Packers... tl.e Celebrated Brand
j   ' i.a er or" Hams and Bacon, nn.l Shamrock Braml, Leal Lard. >
Lt %*%***% «%%%V»%«*%%Vt*'%%%%%%'%Vl-tV«
r **%%*%•uut^tutunttntitutntvi
Fur Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagftns'iEtc.," Julit.
Hecre I'l.uiglis, Moliue Wngims, Cmmda Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet Jr., Garden Seeders mid Cultivators, Wl.eol-
Wright anil Blacksmith Work attended tu. Horse Shooing n
Specialty. 4
.     %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%VV%."%%%Vt%.'V»*V%%vi
Shows Increase of 11   Per
Cent over 1905
The report uf the provincial mineralogist, VV. F. Robertson, to the Minister of Mine--, f.r llie past year has
boon issued, li gives gratifying information regarding the year's production ol mineral, showing a greater
value having been derived Irom the
niines in l'JUli, than in any previous
year. The report Bays that the production (or the year 1906 was $24,080,.
.'.-Iti, which is 11.2 per cent greater
than that ol 1905; ill por cent greater
than in 1904;and 12.8 percent greater
th.n in 1903.
The tuliiiagi:   of   "re   mined in the
province, exclusive of coal, was this
past year 1,963,872 tun*, tons, -	
257,193 tons, ur lii per cent greater
thon in I1" 5,
Tho number of mines from which
shipments woro made in 1906 were
154; and ol these only 11 shipped uver
100 tuns each during the year, practically no change (ruin thc preoeeding
The value ol tin: total production of
the mines ol the province lor each
year Irom 1890 to 1906 shows that the
output has increased nearly tenfold,
and baa now re,..:l..-d a production f-.r
the past y.-ar valued at $24,980,545,
..r mure than double what it wna in
Ph.ee your orders for your
Harness..—Hand-make Bouts
and Fancy Leather Goods, . .
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management nf
Harry M. Lntosh,     ..if......  II - .-
mill- MEDICAL WATERS   I  Bal-
J    cyi.f; tie thi ■    *' curative in ihe
iv.aId.   A |- Tl .ct, natural rem  ly : i
.11  Nervous   ..-..I  Mu«cular   liseasea,
Liver, Kidi ey and Stomacl
and Metallic Poisoning,   A ■  re cun
foi   '"Thai  'I' red  Fe.. - - -    -
r.l..* .... ail boats and trains.  Two
urive and di art every day.
Telegra h common alion with all
marts   I   be world
Terms  $12 to (1!     i  •■ -ek,   Foi
furthei particul u
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrorji Lake. B. C
Jewelers and Opticians
Next ro Imperial Bank
Improperly fitted glasses are worse thun
no glasses and neglected eyes oflen means
lil inti ness.
Our Optical Department is in charge o
Mr. M. S. Buslines, Kef.  D,, and posi
livclv guarantee satisfaction.
Ii has been proven ihal 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective ey
and it does not follow lhat because y
have good eyesight ihal your eyes arc not
Have your eyes attended to now and
«Tj save trouble and expense.
Central Hotel
Newlj built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveni.nces
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Speci I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market ..fiords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $1 a day,   Monthly rate,
W A N T K I)
■,-.., Victoria Hotel.
KIM tlum nil.
No dud fl.M
lying about
whon u»a u
 SOLD »V —
too. por paokot, or I paotKoto far Iio.
will laat a whola ••aun.
iv .it SALE AT 1 nsT The owner
Y     wlshll '       i-      '-.uke as
mon aa possible will sell entl.e stock
ii m-i M:- A. M..-1"... pp. Ite
Knox 1 hi    h,Sr    id Street
I .OR - VLE  1 nal oil l
Jl    three hi I-- h     - lie   he ip,
Applv  Mra,  M. Kitrick,   I ninn Ro
I 1111:   SAI 15   A   I.'." inul
|'     -   ter, ensl sii;.    Will -Miii...
-lln.    Vpply I,-.«-.-.-.I.    ll 11 Iware I
1111R SALE  G I work hm     fmm
1    Hi,, tn 1500 ll.-.., and a few gener-
.,1 purpose horses,   well hrn
would   make   good delivery teams.
Please lei me know youi .-■ i
I-l. A. Haggen, Revelstoke, li. U.
1 lOUND Gent's Gold Watch and
Ji    fob    SfiiiH- can he had by apply
nn. ,1! M mi,-Ilnn .i-n Office or Queen's
III,I.-I     M.  A,  IIAIII.IN'I.
I OST l.afli-'f' '".I'l lh i'.-i'-i. ho
I i tween Ihe Station and Second Ht,
Kinder please level, thiaoffllce,
miii RENT A few nicely furnished
J rooms on First Slreel, everything
new.   Apply Mail-Hkrami Office,
WANTED Bveryono having a
house tn sell ur rent to list ii
..villi u.o. I a... Hooded with enqulrloa
for hui.se properties.    Phone, .-all, nr
il.-.,|  rani wili. full desc.lptlon
mul p....-base price, or rent required,
I'i. A. Ifiiggou, Real K-flale .....I Inanr-
mice Agont. Rovlalnko, H. G,
AN'TKI)  A Wnitreas, apply ..I
Hotel Revelatoke.
ANTED   A    dining  i   girl.
Lelaml Hotel, Nakusp, $80 per
Queens ftotel
B.     irands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars,   Travellers to
Fi     l reeK will find excellent accommotlation at this
11 itel.
Under   New   Management.
ROBT    LAUGHTON,   Prop.,    REVELSTOKE,   B.   C,
F;r-t-':!.- accommodation for travellers
Beat brands of Wine», Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   FER   DAY
■James Evans
Doalors in Beef, Pork,  Mutton,
Poultry,  Pish   nnd   Game  In
Season,     llnlnra     promptly   attend.-d to,
First St. Revelstoke
All kinds of Green Vegetables ready fur thc Market.
l-'ii-sli local grown Strawberries $,i.'.i and J3.50 I'er
Kipe Gooseberries 10c.
Per Lb.
Front Street, Revelstoke
He               I
Ir              fl
ijo                I
r*                1\
1                  V*.
An ordinary ihoe alter (bt moadi't wear.
Foot-rites are aa tough and stubborn as mules. They'D resist aa
much strenuous, arduous wear and tear as a mule; keep on steadily
resisting them and come up smiling eveiy time. Why? Well, shoes
are about the worst adulterated things on the market and the Foot-
rite's not adulterated. It's a simple why.
Instead ol newfandangle, brittle, sieve-like, made-over-night hemlock
tanned sole leather, cut (rom the shoulders, neck and poorest places
in the hide, Foot-rite soles are made of tough, close-grained, wear-
fighting, water-shedding, old-fashioned oak tanned cowhide, cut
(rom the "butt" or linest part of the skin.
Instead of uppers (rom among the thousand varieties of cheap and
imitation calf that looks good, but don't wear, Foot-rites are made
of "Normal-Calf," a new and exclusively Foot-rite leather almost
as soft and aupple as the live calf a skin, and as unwearoutable as a
pine knot.
Instead of cloth trimmings, Foot-rites have leather instead of snap
insoles, which won't hold stitches, Foot-rites are oak tanned atock.
Instead of weak wood arch supports that don't support, Foot-rites
have steel; instead of cloth and paste box-toes, Foot-rite Un-
collapsable Box-Toes are made of atout, rebounding leather; instead
of cotton thread, silk is used in Foot-rites; and instead of saving
75 cents per pair on cheap labor, Foot-rites are made by the most
expeniive and skilled artisans obtainable.
Then there are a lot of special devices about Foot-rite construction
that help their stubborn wcarability, such as Tough Heels,Wrinkle-
less and Cracklcsi Vamps. Unwarpable Soles, elc.
Not hard to understand why Foot-rites ue the Longest Lived
shoes, is it ?
K you want $4.00 or $5.00 worth of sound, intrinsic shoe value
(or $4.00 or $5.00 ol your hard-gotten gold, call on the Foot-rile
retailer in your tg.wn. His name's below. Youi find him as honefi
and sincere as his shoe, and always obliging. His door swings
inward but never outward to find a more welcome store. .
Anywhere in America, Canada or Great Britain—$4.00 and
$5.00.  Every Pair Goodyear Welted.
THE Foot-rite'SHOE
boston  THE Foot-rite SHOE CO., MAKERS  Montscal
A Fool-rile alta a month.' weir.
McKinnon & Suthsrland^S^'
From France, Holland and
reliable varietiea at reasonable prices.
Fertilisers, Heo Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, eto.
Oldest eslahlish.'d nursery ot. the
mainland ul Il.C.   Catalogue Iree,
Mnnufactured for all clnnsoslof ImilditiK-.
All kiii'lH of huildlUB and plastering
f, MIIE,
fruit Uods
I havo many cni|iiirica (or
Fruit Landa Irom Winnipeg,
Tnrontu.ai.d Vancouver, Persona desiring to dispose ol
their holdings, large or small,
will do woll lo list them with
mi.. Correspondence aolicitod.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
Full line ol Oroceriea and Hairy
Produce, Men'a Supplies, Ktc,
Fresh atock ahvaya arriving at
lowest pricea.
FIRST STREET,  ■ my sutsusamt
5J    For Sale by the Crate
& $2.75 and $3.00 A CRATE I
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. Houae Phone
liter lli'ii'li, Animals, Ilinl'. Fl.li, |KI.-..
Animal lint!" Mnuntul.
I' I). Bos 31, ,   .
Htu.llo: Corner ol Ural Ht. ami Boyle A>.>.
Ue.el.tok., U.U.
I" I
■'* a
Deutschman Caves Should Attract a Large Number of
Visitors—Magnificent Scenic
No region offers a wider field for exploration than that around the glaciers
and valleys, mountain peaks and ra-
viius which nature h .a spread out in
majestic grandeur at Glacier; and within practically a few niilea from Revelstoke, some ol the moat marvellous
and magnificent scenery that can be
lound anywhere in tbe world, awaita
tlio visitor, who cannot tail to be impressed with tho sublimity ol Buch a
Biipcrb panorama. It ia not an much
ol Glacier itaell and the vicinity that
thia article will touch upon, but upon
an even moro wonderful work of
nature, far mote interesting and inspiring than tbe great lllocil.ewi.et
glacier or tbe sea ol anow capped
poaks that surround it. This wonder
of nature, ol but recent disc .very, are
tlio Deutsohman Oavea, aituated 2000
leet above the railway track. These
caves arc not like oilier cavea. They
aro hewn out ol marble by a glacial
Btreara charged with silica, whose
grinding action through countless
ages and thousands of centuries has
cut channels, vast caverns, weird and
myaterious passages which have not yet
been entered or iiiveatigated,aud which
perhapa may extend for many miles
No better instance ol water worn rock
can be seen than at these cavea, and
thc immensity of tbe work, the f.in-
taatic ehape8 carved aud worn out of
the solid marble, and above all the
contemplation of the centuries of
steady action to accomplieh suill re-
Bulta, all will appeal to even the most
unemotional. Cougar Creek, which
haa ita source in a glacial lake, fed by
mountain torrents, has for countless
ages gradually hewn out tbcac channels, appearing at intervals to the
light ot day and then disappearing
into the recesses of the earth, making
one final leap through its gloomy
canyon until it vanishes lor ever from
mortal eye, one ol tho loat rivers ol
Britiah Columbia.
The Bite of these caves is amid magnificent scenery overlooking the Illecillewaet Valley, bounded on the
north by Mt. Cheope, cut by the ailver
streaks of Bear Creek, Whistler and
Douglas Falls. To the north-weat the
Cougar glacier and field of ice and
snow, while to the eaBt Mt. Sir Donald
reara its smooth and aymmetrical
peak, looming 10,615 feet above sea
level, silently tempting those who can
come to him, while on all aides piling
to tlie clouds tbe glaciers aud peaks
ol a hundred mountains. To the
south-east lie Mts, Bonney, Glacier,
Crest and Rampart, and southward
Cougar mountain and Roas Peak rear
their shaggy summits to the heavens.
One remarkable feature is Point Look
Out, a narrow apear-like promontory
jutting over a precipice 2000 Ieet deep,
from where a magnificent view can be
obtained of the Cougar Valley, Tlie
Loop, Glacier, Rogera Pass and other
features of scenery.
In the Cougar basin where the caves
are located, tbe flora ia magnificent,
and aa Mr. Wheeler has described it
the "Botanist's Paradiae." But to
turn to the caves themselves, the discoverer, Charles Deutschman, has
made the entrances and difficult passages aa easy ot access as he can without detracting Irom the natural beauties ol the scene. Ladders and log
p'anka have been placed where necessary and every possible advantage
taken of natural bridges and ledges.
The main body ol the caves, and perhaps the most interesting are at present inaccessible to the average summer touriet owing to the fact ol tl.e
watere of Cougar Creek filling the
entrance and preventing any approach.
Mr, DeiitBchinaii intends to try and
turn the stream and so make the
main entrance fit lor anyone to go
down. It is in the big cave that the
Cougar Creek disappears for ever down
a lathomless abyss, and where some
of tho most wonderful freaks of nature
can te seen. How Iar these caves
extend is unknown, possibly the labyrinth of tortuous passages leads to a
vast underground lake. Mr, Deutschman as a guide is a wonderlul man,
enthuBiastio and willing, not only in
the caves which bear his name, but as
a host and genial compauion. The
writer has had personal experience of
this "Bcion ol the mountains," and
having spent a lew days witii him in
his lonely little cabin, full of specimens of mountain arts and crafts, has
lound him a wonderlul cook aa woll aB
au all round good fellow. Tu make
these ciivos as popular ae tlj.-y deserve
to be mado and suitable lor the tourist,
more money, much more money,
ah....id ho spent on then., iu Improving
tlio entrances, and in opening up new
In this natural park I he government, pusaoas one ol the marvels ol
naliiro and il properly preservod ami
Improved will prove one ul the great-
are nuw hull lhe wonders are not aeon
and it is tho duly ol the l.deral government to Bee that these caves receive a good handsome appropriation.
Easy ol access Irom Glacier, they
prove a splendid tourist al traction if
properly opened up. The trail fron.
Glacier ia good but far too steep the
laat three milea, which can be reduced
at low coat, for until more improvements are made to bring these natural
wondera belore tlie world, one of the
grandest and finest examples of na
tnre's handiwork will remain practically unknown to the travelling
Mention must be made ol the ..lien-
tion which tlie writer's party received
at the Glacier Houae, and at the hands
of G. 8. Flindt its genial manager, and
also to the kindness and consideration
accorded hy S. H. linker, guide and
livery proprietor. Mr. Baker baa a
large number nl saddle and pack
ponies, thoroughly lit for the work
which can be hired at very reasonable
rales lor any of the many trips round
Glacier. The trail to the cavea ia
easily followed, and mounted on the c
...re looted aniu.nla the tourist can
et joy the grandeur nf the ecene
through which he passes. Mr. Baker
was obliging and courteous in ths
extreme and all parties wishing to
...ako use of his horses will get every
satisfaction and attention.
munci onitu
Dr. James llonar, of London, Eng..
the newly appointed master of the
Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint, has
arrived in Ottawa Dr. Bonar is an
appointee ol the Imperial Government. The mint will hc opened before the close of the year
To Buy Property in and Around
Never Again will it be so low
I huve tor sale the following:—•
Out* Cottage, conior Charles and
Douglas Sl.—$8oo, easy tonus.
T.\o Houses, Third St.—$1,500
One House, eorner King; and
Fronl Sis.—$1,700.
One House on Douglas Sl.—$800.
Eight Acres just outside the City
Limits, suitable for fruit—$100 per
acre. Together wilh larger lota
of Fruit Lands near the Cily.
Also one 25 fool Iol suitable for
business sile on First Street, close
lo McKenzie Ave,
For lull particulars applv lo;-—•
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Rovelstoke Land District.
Distriet of West Kootonay.
Take notice that Henry Ambrose
Morris of Revolstoke, occupation Free
Miner, intends to apply for special
timber licences over the following
described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted 2
miles up the north-east fork of Five
Miie Creek, Big Bend, and inarked
"Henry Ambrose Morris' S.E. corner,"
thence north St) chains, thence west SO
chains, thence soulh Sll chains, thenoe
east 8(1 ohains to point of commencement and containing UU) aores mo.e
or loss.
2. Oommenclng at a post planted 2
miles up the north-east fork of Five
Mile {Creek, Big Bend, and niarked
"Henry Ambrose Morris'S.W.corner,"
thenco north 80 ohains, thence (east 80
chains, thonee south 81) chains, tlience
.vest 80 chains to point of commencement and containing Ull) acres more
or less.
Dated July 8th, 1007,
3. Commencing at a post planted
about one-hall mile suuth of the southwest corner of No. 1 on the north-west
fork of Five Mile Creek, and inarkod
"Henry Ambrose Morris'N.E.corner,"
theuce south SO chains, thence .vest 80
chains, tlienee north 80 chains, thence
enst 80 cbaina to point of commencement, containing Oil) acres more or
4. Commencing at a post planted at
the north-east corner of No. 3 on the
north-west fork of Five Mile Creek,
uud uiarked "Henry Ambrose Morris'
S.E. corner," thenee north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence soutb 80
chains, tlience east 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing UIO
acres more or less.
5. Commencing at a post planted
about one-quarter of a mile north of
the north-west corner of No. 3, marked
•'Henry Ambrose Morris' N.E. corner."
thence south 80 chains, tlience wost 80
chaina, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or
0. Commencing at a post planted at
the nnrth-eaat corner of No. >">, uiarked
"Henry Ambrose Morri,' S.E. corner,"
thenco north 80 chains, tlience wosl 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, tlience
east 8(1 chains to point of commence*
ment, containing 010 acres more or
Dated July Oth, 1007.
7, Cominonoing at a pust planted
about 80 chains north of the ilorth-east
corner of Timber Limit No. 10507, and
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.E.
corner," thenct' south 80 chains, thenoe
west 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing (UO acres more
or lesB.
8. Commencing nt a post planted
at lhe north-o.tat corner of No. 7, and
markod "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.E.
corner,' thence west 100 chains.thence
north 40 chains, tlience east 100 ehains,
thence south -10 chains so point of commencement, containing 1140 acres more
or loss,
Dated July lllth, 1007.
0. Commenolng at a post planted at
the south-east corner of Timbor Limit
No, I0.'sl7, and marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.W. oorner," thonce
nnrtli 80 ohains, thence east 80 chains,
thonoo south SO chains, thonoo west 80
ohnins to point of commencement,
containing llio acres mora or loss.
10. Oommenclng at .1 post pluutod
nt iho.soulh-eusi cornor ol Mcintosh
P. It. one-hall mile oust ol Boyd's, and
marked ''Honry Ambrose Morris's.
W. oorner," ihonoe oaat 60 chains,
llionce suulh 40 ohains, Ihonee oasl 10
ohalna, Ihon.:.' nullI. UU ohains, Ihoneo
west 211 chains, Iheiioo nurth 10 ohaius,
thonoo west SO ebains, llionoo south UO
ehains to point uf .'..inuiouooiuont,
containing UIO acres inoro or less.
Dated July Uth, lii(>7.
sat jly 27   IIe.miv Amuiw.'.:-. Muhki--.
25c. to 50c. on the S
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREICHT to anv railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, A'berta and British Columbia,
Write for our Latest Prioe List, it is
mailed free on request.
We only handle the [best goods money
can buy, only goods of host ...ills, manu-
facturera and packers shipped.
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivery.
All CooUs Guaranteed or Money Refunded,
ll is n duly lo You, lo Your Family and
to your Pocket Hook lo investigile outplaces.
We do nol belong lo ll.e Jobbers' or
Retailors' Guild or Association or any
I rush
References : Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company in lhe City, or the
names of twenty thousand satisfied ens
Inmers in the lour provinces,
Write for Our Price List To-day.
Northwestern   Supply   House
230 and .'hi Stanley Slreel
Furniture,  Pianos, or Merchan-
dise,8toretl in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location.
Real Estate niul Insurance Agent
Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelatoke Laml District.
Dlstrictof Wnl Kootenay.
Take notice thut Oil alius K, Held, of Crnn-
brook) lui., occupation Druggist, Intends tu apply
forspeclal licenses over the following described
1, Com mencing at a post planted about nm
chains norlli from tlie moutli of Big Creek anil
ubout 811 chains westof Comaplix and marked
"Charles K. Iteld's y.K,cornerpost,"thenoe80
clmins west, theuce 8-i chains nortb, thenceJJO
chains east, tbence su chains soutli io poiut of
commencement, ami containing wo acres more or
il. Coinmeneing at a pust maiked ''Charles K
Keid's N. K. corner pust," plunled ulmut UK)
■■Imins iinrtli fmni the muulli uf Big Creek ami
about tin chains west uf Comaplix. tlience tin
chains west, tlience tin chains soutl, tlience SU
chuius east, tlience tin ehuins north tu (mint uf
commencement, and toi]taming wo acres more ur
;i. .Commencing at a post marked "Charles K
Keid's S.W, corner pust," planted ulmut ino chains
nmtli frmn   lln* mouth i'f   Big Creek anil ubuut 80
chains west of Comaplix, thence 80 (.'haius imrth,
thence ti1) chains eait, tlience So chains south,
tlience 80 chains west to pnint of commencement
ami containing WO acres more ur less,
4. Commencing at u post marked "Charles IC.
Keid's N. W. cunier post; plunted eh-ml 100
chaius uortb from tlie mouth of Big Creek and
about 80 chains west ul Comaplix, tlience south till
chains, tlience east SO chains.thence imrth sn
chains.thence west 80 chains to point of commencement, and cuntaining 610 acres more or less.
Dated July 18th, 1907.
sat jly 20 Nicholas Powers, Agent,
BovoUtoko Land District.
District of West Kooicnay.
Take notice that O, A. Freeman of Kaslo, H.
(',, occupation Miner, intends to apply for
special timber licences ovor tlie following described lands:
1, Commenc in if at a post plnnted on thc
north Sldo of Drift Crech, about 4 miles from
tho Lardeau Kiver, thenco west 10 chains,
thenco nortb 160 ohains, thenoo east 10 ohains,
thencesouth 100 ohains.
2. (.'onimcncing at a post planted on thc
norlh side of Drift Creek, about:! miles from
tho Lardeau Hivor, thence north 40 chains,
thenco east 100 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thenco west KiO chains.
'A Commencing at n post planted on the
north side of Drill Creek, about 2] mi.es from
tbe Lui-dtmu Kiver. thence west 40 chains,
thonco north Uio chains, thence cast 40 chains,
thenco south HW cliains.
Dated June loth, 1907.
sat Jly 13 O.A. FREEMAN*
Notice is liereliy given that CO days after date we
intend If apply tn the Hone Table Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to our-
chase the following described lauds in West
Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post plautod on the S. E.
cornerof Thunipsim pre-emption MB, marked
"Evans i Ogilvie's N. \V. corner imst," theuce
40 chains east, 40 chains south, 40 chains west,
40 chaius north to poiut uf cummeucement, containing U)0 acres moro or la35.
Dated May 25th, 190*7.
sat my 2j EVANS & OQILVIE
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Tako notice that Earl Stevens of Howser,
B. 0i| occupation Lumberman, intend* to apply
for special timber licences over the following
described lands:
1. Comincncing at a post planted on thc
north side of Drift Creek, about four miles
from the Lardeau Itiver; thonee east Wchains,
thence north Itin chains, thence went 40 chains,
thence hou th 180 ohalni,
i. Cummencing at a posl planted on the
norlh side of Drift Creek, nbout ,'l'i miles from
tlie Lardcan Kiver, tlience north 10chains,
t bctii '"■ i-a.-i Hin chains, thencesouth lo clmins,
thencu west ioo ohains.
Dated June loth, 1007.
Notice is hereby glveu that 00 days from dale
1 inteud iu apply tu the Honourable Ihe Chlel
Commissioner of Lauds and Works lor permission tu purcba.se the lullowiua descrihed
lands, situated al Oalena Bay, In West Koute.
nay district:
Commencing at a posl marked "W, 11. Keid's
south-east corner pust," and planted 40 chains
south from tha north-west cornerol C. Beck's
LutIni'A, thence west ii clialus, ihenee north
4tchains, thenceeast -JO chainB,ihence south
l.n Imm- to point ol commencement, and containing BO acres more or less.
Dated May and, 1W7.
sat my JS W. H, HEID
Hevelsluke Und Distriot
Dislricl nf Woal Kootenay,
Take notice thai Henry Ambrose Morris, of
Revelatoke, H.c. occupation Free Miner. in-
tends t^i applv for -i ial Umber licences over
the following descrilied hinds:—
1. Commencing at a post planted IU miles
from the moutli of the south fnrk of Downie
Creek, marked 'Henry Ambrose Morris'8. K corner post." thence west ioo chains, thonce nonh in
ehaiiis, ihence east 10) chains, Ihence smith 40
chains to point of commencement, containing iill)
acres more or less.
2. Commenci ig at a post planted ll, miles
from the mouth i'f the smith forkof Downie
Creek, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N. B. coiner post," thence west ioo chain), tlience soulb 40
chains, thence cast ion chains, thenee no
chains tu pnint of commencement, contaiuli
acres nmre nr less.
8. Commencing at a post planted 2* ,t miles from
ihe mouth of the south furk of Downlu Cnek,
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' H.B> corner nost/'
thence west 1 -in chains, theme norlh 40 eliains,
thonce east 100 cbaius, tlience south 40 chalna to
point of commenceinenttCuntainlng 040 acres more
or less.
i. Commencing nt a punt planted BJ<{j miles from
the month   nf  the soutli fork   of  Duwnie Creek,
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N, HUonier post,"
tbence west UU) chains, lhtn.%* suulh 40 eliains,
thenceeast 160 chains, tbenee nortn40 chains tn
point of commencement, containing wo acres
mure nr less,
6, Commencing ai a post planted BK miles up
frnm the moutli of the south fork nl Downie croek,
marked "Honry Ambrose Morris'S.K.eornorpoBt,
thenoe west 160 chains, ihence north40 cnains,
thenceeart 160 chains, thence south in ehains lo
point of commencement, containing tiloacies mon
or less.
Dated June 2M, IH.".
fl, dun aencing at a pnsl planted li!, miles up
from the mouth of the iouth fork of Downie croek
marked' Henry Ambrose Morris'N.B.corncrimst,'
thence wesl pill chains, thence smith-III eliains,
thenceeast I'M chains, thenee tmrlli IH ehains tu
pointof commencement,containing OlOacrosumre
ui* less,
7. Cummeuciug at u post pi lllled uu lhe smith
fork of Downie Creek abuul 41 miles [mm the
moutlli marked 'Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K corner pnst" thenee west lOo chains, thence uortli -10
chains, thenci! eust 100 chains, theuce 80Util 40
clialns tn puint of commencement, containing 040
acres nmre nr less.
ti. Commeneing at a post planted on the smith
fork of Downie Creek almut 41 miles from tlio
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.K, enrner post," theiice'west 100 chains, tlience suuth in
chains, thenee cast 100 chains, tlience nurlb 40
chains to point <>f commencement, contaiuiug olo
acres more or less,
0. Commencing at a post plantod on tho aoutb
fnrk nf Downie Creek, ubuut 0 miles from the
muuth,murked "Henry Ambrose Morris' S.K. enrner pust,' thenee west SO cbnins, theuce nnrth 80
chains, tbenee east 80 clmins, thenee south 80
eliains to point of commencement, containing oto
acres more orless,
10, Commencing at a post planted ou the south
fora uf Duwuie Creek about six miles from the
muuth. marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.K. corner post," tbence west 4(1 eliains, tlienee soutli 10U
chains, thence east 40 chains, tbence north too
ehains tu point uf commencement, containing cm
acres more or less.
Dated June 22ml, 1907.
Uevelsloki! Lund District,
District of West. Kootenay,
Tn!.** notice that Tom Sundt of Hovehdoke,
ocuupution Timher Cruiser, Intends to apply for
a spi "inl timlier licence over the following
deser bul lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted I' miles
south of the mouth of Smith Crook, and 160
chains westof the Columbia Kiver and marked
"T. .Sundt's S, E. cornor," llienee 80 chains
west, thenco 8o chains north, thence 80 chains
east, thenco 80 chains south Ut pniutof commoncomont, containing 010 ncres more or less,
•i, Cum in cueing at apost planled Itt miles
soutb of the mouth of Smith Creek, and Mt
chains west of ('olumbia Itiver and markod
"T, Stltidt's N K. coruer," tbence 8(1 chains
south, thonco 80 ohains west, thenee 80 clmins
north, thence 80 chains east to point uf commencement, containing lilo acres more or less.
.1. Commencing at u po.-t planted SJ miles
south of thc muni li uf Smith Creek, and Itt
clmins west of Hit* Columbin River and marked
"T, Sundt's S, E corner," thence west, Itin
chains, thence nortli 10 chains, (hence cast KK)
clmins, thence suuth 40chains lo point of commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
1, Commencing at u post pluuted fi*) miles
south of the mouth of Smith Crcokand 120
ehnins westof the Columbia Kiver and marked
"T. Sundt's N. K. oorner, thonco south lo
ehuins, thuncu west I iio chains, thonee norib 40
chains, thenco cast IDs chains lo point of commencement, containing 010 acres more or less.
5, Commencing ata post planlcd O's miles
south of thti moulh of Smith Creek, ami 2W
miles west of Columbia River, andmarked
"T. Sundt's S. K, corner," thence west IBO
chains, thonoo north 40 chains, tbence eost 100
chains, thence south lo chains to point of com
meneement, containing oio acres more or less.
ii. CummeiiciuK "'il lKHl planted 0!^ iniles
south uf the moulh uf Smith Creek and 'i miles
west of Columbia River, and marked "T,
Sundt's N, K, corner," ihence uouth to chains,
thence west IliO clmins, tbenco norlh 40 chains,
cast 100 ehaiiis tu pointof commencement,
containinglilli acres more or less.
7. Coinnieiiciiig al a noat planted 7 miles
south of the moulh of Smith Creek,andil
miles west of Columbia Kivor, and marked
"T. Sundt's N. K. corner." theuce west 80
chains, thenco soutb 80 chnius, thence cast80
chains, thence north 80 chains to point of commencement, containing Old acres more or less.
Dated June loth, 1007.
sat jly 0 TOM SUNDT.
i.aSd NO'I'HK.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days ufter date 1
ntend to apply to the Chief Commlssionur of
Unds and Worn for permlsilon to purchase ihe
following descrilied lands, situate in West Kuuteiiay District: .
Commencing at a post planted 40 chains
north of south east corner ol T, L. 7010, aud
marked "ICC.Morris's nurth-east cornerpost,"
thence pouth so chains, west so chains, north
HO chaius, cast 80 chains in point ol commencement,
Dsted June 0th, 1907,
ffedjunia H.c. MORRIS,
Notice li hereby rrlren thit 00 days after date 1
inteml to apply to the Honorable, tlie cbiel jCotn-
missioner <>f Lands and Wurks fm permission to
purchase the following descrilied lamia, situated
i I'pper Arrow l,»kf, DllUictof Wet KouU-nay:
Commencing nl a post planted atthe S. K.
corner uf Kulph Simpwin's application. Ihonce
W chains nortlna-lcrly following Ihu Uke
shore in (lalena Hay; thence north ttrhaltn.;
thu"co Noulhwesterl) loA chain-, paralleling
Uie shore; thonce south 90 chains to point of
commencement- ami containing 11! acres, nmre
or le**.
Dated Arruwbt'.wl. H. C„ June 1. wo;.
funMtti A. W. DICKINSON,
Agent fui Lamb-Wat-son Umber Cu , Ltd,
Kevelstoke Land District,
Distriet ol West Kuoteuay,
Take notice lhat Cus Kprlam Hedstromof
Kevelstoke, li, C, occupation Cruiser, Intends
tu apply fora special license over the lollowlng
described lands:
1. Commeuelng ul a post planted about one
mile up the north-east fork oi five Mile creek
and abuut two chuius west ul the trail. Hive
Mile Creek being live miles above Carnes
Creek, uud niarked "Uus Kprlam Hedstrom's
S. K. corner," tbeuce nurth 80 cbaius, thence
west 80 chains, (hence south 80 clialus, thenee
enst 80 chains lo point of commeneeueut, containing MO acres more or less,
2. Commencing al a post planlcd ulmut otic
mile up the iiurih-cnst forkol Five Mile creek
audBbooi lwo chains westof the trail, five
Mile Creek being live miles above carnes
Creek, and marked -uus Kprlam lledstroin'B
B, W. coruer," thence nnrlh tiO chain , thenee
east 8u chains, theme south 80 chains, tlience
west 80 chains to poiut uf commencement, nnd
containing otoacres mure or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted ahout one
mile up the north-east lurk of Five Mile Creek
and about two chuius westof the trail, rive
Mile Creek being live miles above Cirnes
creek, and marked "Uus Kprlam llcdslmm's
N, W. corner," tbenee soiiihtioebalns, ihenee
cast 80 chains, theuce nonh till chains, thetice
west 80 ebains to point of cuinuieuccineut, aud
containing 040 acres more or less.
4. Commencing ui a posi planted about ouo
mile up the north-east fork ol hve Mile Creek
aud abuut two cbaius west of lhe trail, I'lve
Mile Creek b.'ing live miles above Carnes
Cieck.aml marked "tins Kprlam Hedstrom's
N,E. corner," theuce south 80 chains, thenee
wesl tin chaius, thence north 80 chains, thetice
east 80 chains to point uf cummenceuient.atul
containing C40 acres mure or less,
Daled June 12th, IWfl.
wedjly lo     tils KPK1AM HKD8TUOM.
Cariboo Land District.
District of Cariboo, It, 0.
Take notice that I, W. T. Oke, of Kevulalotte,
B. C, occupation Miner, intend to apply for
special timber licences over the following de-milled lauds:
1. Commencing at a post planted about 8a
miles frmn the inuiiih of nance River and about 9
miles suuth uf Cranberry Lake, and marked "W,
T. (ike's north-east corner.' I hence soul h wi chains,
Iheuce west hi ehuins, tliuuco nortb hi chains,
ihence cast 80 chains to placo of commencement,
cuntaining 010 acres mure or less,
2. CoinmenClllg at a post iilanled about 2 mites
BOIltll of MOheUIIUII Kiver ailil joining Nu. 1 limit,
aud innrkeil "\V, T. Oke's uorth-east enrner,"
thence auulh sochains, tlienee west HO ehains,
: thence north Ml chains, Ihenee east HO chains tu
I puiut of commoncement, containing 610 acres mure
; in* less.
8. Commencing at a post planted about 2 mitei
from McLennan Kiver and joining No,i limit and
marked "\V. T. Oke's north-wesl eorner,', thence
east 100 chuius, thenee south 40 chains (hence
wesl KIO eliains, theu''c north 10 chains tu plnce uf
commencement, containing 010 acres more or lesa,
4. Commoncing at a post plauted about.: miles
from McLennan Kiver ami Joining No, 2 and No. :■>
limits and marked "W.T.wke's nurth-east curuer,"
Llienee smith 30 ohains, theuce west 80 chains.
thenee nortli 8(1 chains, thenee east 80 chains tu
point of commencement, containing 640 acres more
;',, Commencing at a posl planted about;; mib
south uf Cranberry Lake and mining No.l limit
on the soulh and niaiked "\V. '{', Oke's north-easl
eorner," Ihenee soulh ,*u chains, thence west HU
chains, (hence nortli B0 chains, Iheuce easltid
chains lo pi ice of commencement, containing MO
acres, muru orless,
0. Commonclng al a posi planted about 4 miles
Bouth of Cranberry Lake ami iotulntt No. fl limit
ou (lie wesl, and marked "\\\ *''. Oke's soulh-east
cornor," Llionre nest Sn claim, thenee north 80
chains, thouco east su chains, thenre soutli 80
chains io puiui ol com inoncemeut, containing 610
acres mure nrless,
7.   Commencing at a post planted ahOUt 4 miles
suuth uf Cranberry Uko and joining No. 6 llmll
-.u lho north-easl and marked "W. T. Oke's smith-
.■ast corner." llienee nesi Hu ehuins, thence north
HO chains, Iheuce east Mi cliains, Ihenee south 80
chains to point uf commencement, containing 010
acres mure or less.
Dated ,1 une 7th, 1007.
ti. Cominonoing at a post planted aliout, 8 miles
south of McLennan Kiver allll joining No 7 limit
and marked "W. T. Oke's southeast corner,'
thence north Mi chains, thence west tin chuius,
theuce south,vi chuius, Iheuce easl 80 chains tu
point nf commencement, containing 6-lu acres
more ur less,
1), Commencing at a post planted about 2 miles
south uf McLennan Kiver and joining No. 8 limit,
and maiked 'MV. T. Oke's north-east corner,"
thence south HO chains, thenee west 80 ehains,
Ihenee north 80 chains, ihenee east HO chains lo
point of commenoement, containing 040 acres more
oi less.
io, ( ommenclng at a pusl planted abuut. 2 miles
south uf McLennan Riverand joining No. 9 limit,
and inarked "W. T. Oke's south-east enrner,''
thenee west Kill chains, thence nurih 4(1 chains,
thouce easl 100 chains, thence south 4*1 chuius lo
puinl of com meneement, containing 040 acres more
orless. »
ll. Commencing at a post planted aboul 1 mile
smitli uf McLennan Kiver ami joining No-10 limit
ami maiked "W. T. Oko's north-east corner,"
iheuce south HO chains, tlience west HO eliains,
thonce north 80 chains, thence easl B0 chains to
place of commencement, containing fllO acres more
ur less.
Dated Juno JOth, 1007,
Vi. Cominonoing ut a pust planted about 8
miles frum Canoe Rivet* and ubuut *•/. miles
from mouth of river and marked "IV. T. Oke's
soulh-east eorner," them-e west HU eliains, thence
nurih Ml chains, tlienee east 80 ehuins, thenee
smith mi chaius tu point uf commencement, containing 040 acres mur> ur less.
18, Commencing at a post planted ahoul 2 miles
west of Canoe Kiver and joining No. IB limit and
marked "W. T. Oko's south-east corner," thenco
wust -o chains, Ihencu north HO eliuiiis, theuce easl
Mi chains, thence soutli 80 cliains lu place ul coin
meucemeut, containing 040 acres imire or less.
II. Commencing ut a post planted abuut I mile
west uf ('nunc Rivur and joining No. 18 limit ami
maiked *'W, T. Oke's south-west comer," thenee
nnrth 80 cliains, theii/e easl HO chains, thenee
souih Ml cliains, tlience west HO chains to puinl of
commencement, containing o-io acres more or less.
Dated Mine 14th. 1007.
weti jly8 WILLIAM T. OKK.
i:,m,.|,i...i,,' i.fin.i Diatrict,
Iil.trl.-t ..I Weal lv.........f..v.
T.ikn ...iiii-.,' Hint Oliarla. K. lloH ..I Cranlirook,
U.U., oacupatlnn Dranglit, IliUimli to n|.|.ly l«r n
■pacta! tlinliw lieu..*., over tlio lollowlng .lw.rliw.1
t'.imtiiciirlnit ul ii |ni-l innrkeil "Cl.tirl..*f K.
Ili.i.1 - HM.. ...-.f.-r poat," l-i I f. I."iil llll .-In."...
north nl a ....«t marked -ill'. IW, l>- Orr pre.
emotion," .....i abo.il >) mllo. ....m. ..I Camborne,
H.C, Ibenco ....rlIt mi chalna,tlienee «,>u.t aa
cliain., tltoice Mi.iitl. ai. i-liiiini., tliiinc.! wuhI au
chain, to point ..1 oommonoomonl, and i-onloinin.*
tin. iic.uH ...ore i.r lc.
Iliil.-.l.l.ily l.l.l., IBn;.
«at Jly 20 Nl.'h'.la.* I'm.™, An™! ■
Nnli.-i-1, ht.rel.y Kivun Ihnl li" .lays lifter .Into I
ioli'ml In apply t" llm I'l.iifl Uommlaaloncr nl
Landa and Worn f..r pormission i..|,.ir..|..w..ii.o
lollowinii deacribed landa, ulioatu in W.wt Kootonay -li*'ii.if . ,
Ciiamoncliiii nl a poal plantod III chain..
....rlh ..I wulli-eaat corner ol '1,1,. 7ulli ami
markeil "J. K. Jobnn.ii'a norlli-wcal crn.-r
poal," Ihonce oa.tai. ohalna,soulb sochains,
wosl ao <-l.ni.iR. nnrlh ao ohalna to poinl i.l
con. inc. iccniel) t.
Ilatc.l Jun.'llth, in;.
WOd Jun 19 J. B. JOHNSON,
NOTICK I. horoby Ulvon lh.it KI dnyanllor
ilalol luli-nd U. apply Id ll.o 11..... llio
Chlof I'oininMiinor uf Und. ami Worka Inr
pnrmiaalon tu purohaao tho lollowlng aosorllioa
landa, altuatu.1 In Woat Kootonay:
Commenci.... at .. poal plantd 20 ohalna
wcalnllllli.il Hay, marked ll. M. Ilae'anurth-
cut curuer poat/' thenci. aoulh ». chalna, weal
80 chalna, nnrlh ao rhalna, caat Wl ohalna lu
polul ol oom.noncoi.icut.
Daled June Slh, WA.    wJU    D.M. BAK,
Kevelstoke Land IMslrlct.
District of West Knntenay.
Take notice that A. M, Symons, of St. Leon,
IJ 0,, occupation M.ner, intends toapply lor
special limber licenses over the lollowiug
described lnndsi
1, I'l-iiiiiu'iiniij: rn a nos planled .it tho N.
\V corner of Lut H17J and about "iO chains west
of the middle fork nl Koslhall Creek, west of
I'pper Arrow Luke, und marked "A. M.Sy-
mons' S.E. corner," tbeuce uorth so chains,
theuce west 80 chains, thence south tiO chains,
Ihence east SO cliains to placoof commencemeni, antl containing lilO ncres more or less
2, Commencing at a post planted at tbe N,
W. corner of Lot tilifjam! about JO chains west
nf the middle fork of Foslhall Creek, west of
Cpper Arrow Lake, and marked "A, M. Hy.
mons1 B, W, corner," thence north 80 chains,
Iheuce easl K0 chains, thenee south 80 chains,
theuce west so chains to place of commencement) and coiitiiinini* om acres more or less
Dated June loth, 1907.
8. Commencing ntn post planted one mile
north ami Id chuius west of the N, W. coruer of
Lot8175 and un theeast bunk of lhe middle
lork of Fosthall Creek, west of Uppjr Arrow
Luke, and mnrked M.M.Symons' s K. corner,"
ihence nort i sochains, thence west HO clmins,
theuce south tiO chains, Iheuce east tiO ehalus
lo plnce ol commencement, and contaiuiug
Olo acres more or less,
4. ommenoiug at a post planted one mile
norlh and lo chuius westol the N W. cornerof
I.ul 8175 and on the east bank nf the middle
forkof Koslhall Creek, west uf Upper Arrow
lake, und marked ".t.M.sym ois ..V corner."
thence north  80 chains, then nsl HO ehaiiis,
thence south 80 chains*, thence noat 80 chains
to;.lace of com", eiiceuient, and containing
Olo acres more or less.
5. Commencing ni a nost planted on** mile
north and 7o ehalus enst of Lot8176 and one
mile eustof tbe east bank id the middle fork of
Foslhall Creek, west of Upper Arrow , uke ami
marked "A, M. Bymons' B, W. comer," Ihence
norlh SO chains, thence east SO chains, thenee
south 80 e.miiis, iheuce west HO chains to place
of commencement, and containing iill) acres
more or less,
Uated June 17th, 1007.
6. Commencing at apost planted at tho H,
W. corner ol i,J. 7886, and about do chains
west of tlie north fork of Fosthall Creek, 8
miles Irom the mouth oi thc north fork, west
of lhc Cpper Arrow Luke, and mnrked "A. M.
.Symons' N.K. corner," thence soulb tiO chains,
tbence west SO chains, ihence north SO chains,
theuce easi 80 chains tn place of commencement, containing Olo ncres more or less.
7. Commeneing nt a post, planted a( llie S.
W.cornerof T.L. 7:i40, and lOOchains west of
the norlh fork of Fosthnll Creek, and nbuut ;i
miles from the mmuh ol the norlli fork, west
nl I'pper Arrow 1 ake, and marked "A, M. Syinnns' 8, K, corner," thenee norlh 80 chains,
thence west tiO chains, Ihenco --outh HO chnius,
ihenee ensl tiO chains to placoof com meucemeut, aud containing tilu acres more or less,
8. Conimenclng at a post planted at the.s
W. eorner T. L.7888- nbout 40 chains wesl of tbo
norlli fork of Fosthall Creek, about 4 miles
from the mouth of the uorth fork, wot of
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A. M Symons'
8, K. coruer," thence west 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, theuce east so chains, thence
suiuh SO chains loplnccof commencement,
aud containing Oto acres more or less.
Hated June Kith, KHJ7.
Tako notice that I. John Wallls Sherwln, of
Winnipeg, Manitoba, iiitnnd lo npply fur u
special timber licence for llm following described lauds:
Commonclng at a post plantod at tho Soulh
West corner '1. L SOU.'!, inarked ",I,\V,H„ uorlh-
cast cornel," running wust SO chains, thenee
-smith 80 ohaius, thonce oust HO chnlns, and
theuco uorlh 80 chains lo lhc poinl of commencement,
Dated July lllth, 1007.
sat jly 20 J. WALLLS SHKIIWIN.
Nnllco la herehy itlvcl. thnl SO ilnya ofler
.Into wo intoml to ii|i|.(y to the lion, the Chief
(o.ii.iiM-innt'ii.f l....nl * fiitii worka, for apoolal
II... tocut and carry uway tin.her fro... lhu
full.iwlnit .loHci'lhe.l lamia:
Commonolng ai u noat pi.inio.1 ui tho north-
...ial corner of lt.ili.nl. Olondlniilnge nr..-oii.p.
Hon No, .111, Woal Kootonay Diatrict, .....I
mnrkod "Illk! Hed Lumber Company e BOUth.
caat oornor .mat," tiionoo norl I. III chalna.thoiiif.i
tvoal, IHI chalna, lhcnco aoull. Ill chalna, lhcnco
coal. UKI cluilna lu pulnl of if...n.n..ncc.u.».l.
Arrowhead, Il.C., July Ah, UNO".
Nil |lr HU        llm HiiMii LUHIIHII Cu., l.m
Kc\c] .I..!..- Land District.
District of Wesl Knolunay.
Tnke nut ice thut Rlthnrd Davis, Agent, uf
Kevelstoke, 11, C, occupation, saw mill tnuunuoi,
Intends to npply fnr a special timber licence over
lhe [ulluii ing described lands:
Commoncing at a post marked "north-west
eurner post." siluated about a quarter "[ u mile
below Five Mile Creok, mi the west bunk of the
Columbia Kiver, running east eighty chains,
tliuuco suuth elglity chiiiim, thence went eighty
ehains, thoncu norlh uighty chains tu the puinl nf
Dated July 17,1007.
Cariboo Land District.
0 -triet uf Cariboo.
Take noUce that SO duyn after datu K.CornloK
of Kevelstoke, occupation bulol man. tuloods
tu apply for a speoial limber licouse over the
billowing described lands:
l. Commouoing nt a post planted two miles
we-t of Cunoo river mul about W miles from
mouth, near Cranberry lake, aud marked 'E,
Coming's norlboast cornerpost No 1," thence
south 80 chain--, thence west SO chains, llienco
norlh 80 ehnins. ihencu oast SO chains to start-
in*.* point, couttifningO-lO acre.-- more or less,
Dated 7th of June, I'.nt7.
'i. Commencing at a im-t planted on wast
bunk of Canoe river, 83 mile-, from uiuuth.uud
marked "K. Coming's northwest curuer isi-t
No. 2," thence east 80 chains, theuce soutn t>'i
chains,   theuce wost 80 ehains, thouce north 80
cliains in Btarting point, containing om ncres
more or loss.
Dutod .'ith Juuo, 1907.
8, Commencing, ata |iost planted three miles
west of Cauuel rivor, Hit miles from mouth and
inarkod "li. Coming's northwest corner post
No. 8," thence east 80 chains, thenco south 80
chains, thenco wosl SO chains, theuco north 6H
chaius tn starling isiint, oontalaing (WO acres
moro or loss.
Dated 7th Juno, 1007.
I. Commonclug at a post plauted on west
bank nf Cauuu river, about83 milo-- from ninntli
.uml marked "E. Coming's northeast cornerpost
No.L theuco south 80 chains, thonce west 80
chains, tlionco north 80 chains, ihouco cant 80
clmins lu itarling point, cnutniuinK Woacros
uii»k nr loss.
Datod Bth June, 1007.
5. Commenolng nt a post plumed wo-t of
Cunoo river and87 miles from mouth, marked
"K. Cornlug's northeast *nrner pnst No. 5,"
ihoneo suulh sn chains, thence west 80 chains,
thonce imrth SO chains, thouco oast so chain- lu
starting poiut,contaimug040 acres mure or lus
Dated oth June, 1007,
il. Commencingat a post planted west <d
Canoe rivor, S"i miles from mouth, and marked
"li Coining's nort oust corner pu-t No, 8,"
thoncolomh wichaiiis, thonce wo-t ni chains,
(honco north SOohains, thonce oast SOohains to
starting poiu,t, ooutaluing 640 .eras moro or
Dated Till Juno, 1907.
7. Commeueiug at n pust plnuled wesi of
Cauoo, river una 83 miles from mouth, nud
marked "1-!. Corning'- northeast corner post
No. 7," thencosouth SOohains, thence we-t <>
chains, thence uortli 80 chains, tbeuce uast ho
ehnins to Btarting point, containing Olo acres
more or less.
Dated 7th Juno, 1007.
s, Commonolng at a post plant :d ilvo mllei
west of Cauoo rivor uud about 83 miles from
intinth and marked "hi. Coming's BOuthwest
eornor post No. ti," thonco norlh 80 chuius,
theuco oust- Sll chains, thouco south M)chains,
Ihouco wost SO clmins to starting point, containing 010 acres moro ur loss.
Datod 'uh Juno, 1900.
0, Commencing at a post planted wo.-t of
Cauoo river ami 83 miles from mouth, aud
markod l,E, Coming's southwest corner post
No. 9," thunce uorth 100 chain.-, thonce oust 40
chuius, thouco soulli UK) chains, thouce west 40
chuius to starting point, containing 'ito acres
or loss.
Dated iiii. luu.,  I it i'i.
10, Commencing at a post planted on wost
bank of Cauoo river uml about iti milos from
mouth und murked "li. Coming's southwest
curuer Nu. 10," thonco uorth till chains, Ihouco
oasl 80 chains, thence suulh SO chaiu--, thenco
wost 80 chains to starting point, cuntaining iilu
acres moro or less
Dated Juno 7th, 1907.
II. Commonolng ut u post planted west of
Cauoo Itiver and ubmil 85 miles from mouth
uud marked "K, Coming's southeast corner
post No. 11," thence west tin chains, thenee
uorlh 80 chains, thouco east SO chuius. thence
south SO ehuins to starting point, contalng (HO
acres more or loss.
Daled J una 8th, 1007.
12. Commeneing at a post plunled westof
(.'anoe River nboul.") miles, about. So miles from
niouil., marked "E, Coming's north-oast corner
post No. Yi," Uience south SO chains, Ihence
west SO chains, thence north tin chains, thence
eusl 80 uliains to starting puinl, containing 010
acres more or less.
Ll, Coinineneilig at a post planted west of
Cnnoe Riverand S-'i miles from mouth, inarked
"K. Coming's north-east corner post No. ya,'
thence souih SO chuiu, thence west tiO clmins,
theuco north 80 chains, tlienco easl SO chains tu
starting point, couUiiiiingOlOucres more or less,
II Commencing at a post planled I mile
west of Canoo Kiver and about83 miles from
mouth, nnd marked "10. Coming's north-west
corner post Nu. 11." thence cost SO chains,
thence somh 80 chains, Uience west SO chains,
tlience nurlb tiO chains to starling point, cuntaining 010 acres more ur less.
Ilnlcil .lime lllli, Km;,
wedjly:) KD. CORNING.
Revelsloke Land Dislricl.
District of Wesi Kootenay.
Take notice that G. K. Xorthey of
Camborne, B. C, occupation Logger,
intends lo apply for a special timber licence over the following described lands:
i, Commencing at a posi planted on
the east bank of Boyd ereek, about *■
eliains from creek ami aboul 3 miles trom
its mouth, marked "G, K. Norlhey's
iiorllicasl eorner post," iheuce west So
chains, ihence south So chains, thence
east So chains, Ilieucc north So chains lo
point of commencement!*
2. Commencing at a post planleil on
the west bank ol Boyd Creek, aboul 4
miles from its moulh, marked "G. R,
Norlhey's north-easl corner post,'' ihence
wesl 80 chains, tbence south So chains,
thence east 80 chains, tlience norlli So
chains lo poini ol commencement,
3. Commencing at a post planted on
lhe east bank of Boyd creek, aboul bo
chains from creek and about 5 miles Irom
ils moulh, inarked "G, K, Norlhey's
sonlb-east corner post,' thence north So
chains, tlience wesl So chains, ibeuce
soulli -So chains, Ibeuce easl So chains to
poini of eommenceinsnt,
4, Commencing al a post plantcil on
the easl bank ot Boyd creek, about 60
cliains from creek and aliout 5 miles Irom
its mouth, markeil "G. li. Norlhey's
soulh-wesl corner post," ihence norlh So
chains, theuce easi So chains, thence
soulh Su chains, thence west So eliains to
point of commencement,
Daled June 29th, 1907.
5, Commencing at a post pianlcd on
llie east bank of Boyd creek, aliout 30
cliains Irom creek ami aboul b miles from
its moulh, marked "G. R, Norlhey's
north-easl corner posl," thence west 40
chains, ihence south 160 chains, Ihence
east 40 chains, Ihence uorlh iuo ch tins to
poiat o\' commencement,
b, Commencing at it post planted on
the east bank of Boyd creek, about 30
cbnins from creek and aboul 6'4 miles
from its inoulli, maikcd "G, K. Norlhey's
north-wesl corner post.'' thence east 40
ehnins, ihence soutb 1O0 chains, thence
west 40 chains, theuce north 160 chains to
point o| commencement.
7. Commencing at a post planted on
Iho easl bank ol Boyd creek about 30
chains from creek and aboul s miles from
iis moutb, marked "ti. K. Norlhey's
uorth-west corner post,'' thence cast 80
chains, tlience south So ilnuiis, tlu-nce
wesl Ho chains, Iheniv north 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Daled Oth July, 1907.
wedjly 17      Per A. Mclnnes, tgenl.
Notico in hereby given that tin- undenhpied lias
ipph.'-i I- in- 11 'ut the Llentenant-Oorernor
iu Council under the provisions ui ih.- Rlrsn and
streams Act, to clear and remove obstructions
from Frisby Creek In the Dlstrictof Weit Kootenay, Hriliih Culumbia, frum a puint where it
empties Into tlm Columbia River to a point on
said croek uliuui 4 mites from lhe Colombia Kiur
and lu Constrict ami maintain houtni at or about
thu mouth of said creek ami iu lhe Culumbia
itiver adjacent thereto, and tu attach booms to
the Btioro  nf   Frisby Creek   ami  mud Columbia
Kivei at said points, for holding, sorting and do*
liTeiing logs ami timlier brought down said creek,
Tlio lands to ba uileciml by the said work are
Crown lands and the tolls that are proposed to be
charged are niieh ai may lie lined by a Judge of
tlie Cifunty Court of Went Kootenay.
Daled this Ifitli day of June, iim..
nedjnelU-OOd II   DliNNKI.I.V.
Lillooel l.f.ml UlalHct.
Districl ..l Lillooet,
Tiike notice that Alexandei McCrae
nf Revelstoke, Il.C, Prospector, intends to apply for .1 ipecial timber
lieeii v.-.  the f..II.living described
1. Commtfucing at n post planted
on the east bank ..f the south fork of
Seym..111- river about 1; miles south of
Ihe same and almut 'll\ miles up from
Sb...ii..j. lake andmarked "Alexander
McCraes N.W. corner," thence .-.isl 40
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
.....st 40 cliiiins, thencesouth Hi chains,
theuce wesl 80 chaius, thence north 411
chains to point of commencement and
containing 640 acres more...- less.
2. Commencing at a post planted
niitlie e.is. li.mk of the south fork of
Seymour rivei' about 2 miles south of
the same and about 22 miles up from
Shuswap lakeland marked "Alexander
McCraea X. Vv. corner," thence south
80 chains, thence east 80 chains, tlu-nce
north Su chains, tbence west SO .Imins
to pninl ..f commencement, and containing liin acres more or less.
:). Commencing at a post plnnted
i.n the .....*i bank of the south fork of
Seymour river about 8 miles soutli of
ili.. s.uni. aud about 23 miles up from
Shuswap lake and marked "Alexander
Al. .'.ill's X. E, corner," thence Bouth
80 chaius, ihence west 80 chains, tbence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
1.. pnint ul ....I.nn...c.-....-iiI, .mil con-
taining 040 acres more or less.
I. Commencing at a post plumed
about i mil.' cast of the south fork nt*
Seymour river, about -*i miles aoulh of
ll.B8.iuie ..n.i about 23 miles up Irom
Shuswap lake and marked "Alexander
McCraea N.W. corner," thenceeast
iOO chaine, ihence south lu clmins,
tbence w.-sl HW clmins, Ihence north
40chaiua to pointof commencement
and containing IWO acres more or less.
Dated June 26th, 1907,
.**.. Commencing .it :i post planted J
mile wc*. ..I* ihe west tmiik ot Seymour
river, about il miles up from Shuswup
Uk.-,..u.l marked "Alexander McCrae's
N.W. coiner,'' llienee south i'J chains,
ihence eust 160 chains, thence north
-111 cliains, llienee west HU) chains to
point of commencement, containing
(llll acres more or le.s.
0, Commencing at a post'planted j
mile westof the west bank of Seymour
river, aliout il miles up lioin Shuswup
lake an.I marked "Alexander .McCrae's
S. W. corner," thence north 4n clmins,
llienee easl 11*0 chain", thenee south
40 chaina, Ihence wesl 1(10 chains lo
[...int of commencement ami containing 610 acres more or less.
7. Commencing at a post planted J
mile west of the wesl bank of Seymour
river, aliout 2li miles up from Shuswap
lake au.l marked "AlexanderMcCrae's
S. E. corner," thence north 40 chains,
Iheuce west 160 chains, thence south
■tn chains, thence east HW clmins lo
point of commencement, and containing OH! acres more or less.
8, Oommenclng at a p..si planled
ahoul J mil.- east of a second north
fork of s.-ym.i.n river, about — J miles
abovo Shuswap lake an.l about 2J
miles up lhe said fork an.) marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. \V. corner,1'
thenee north li*) chains, thence east
10 chains, thence soutli IOO cbaius,
ihence west 40 chains to point of commencement, and containing 610 acres
more or less.
ii. Commencing at a post planted
about J mile east of a second noith
fork ol Seymour river, about 22i miles
above Shuswap lake au.l about 21
miles up the said fork anil marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. E. corner,"
thenee nuiili 100 clmins, thence west
II) chains, then.-e south 160 chains,
then.-., east lu clmiiis lo (...int of commencement, and containing 610 acres
more or less.
Dated June 27th, 1807,
10.   Co.......'neing at a post planted
iiii the east hank of a second north
fork ..f Seymour liver, about 21.J miles
lip from Shuswap lake and about 4j
'miles up the said fork an.l marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. \V. corner,"
thenci. north 160 eliains, thenceeast 40
chains, thence south 100 chains, ihence
wesl III chains to point of commencement, and containing OW acres more
or less.
Dated July 1st, 1!K*7,
II. Commencing at a post planted
1| miles north of the Seymour river,
and aboul 11 miles above Shuswap
lake and marked "Alexander McOraes
S. YV. corner," ihence north SO chains,
tlience easl 80 chains, tlience south HU
chains, thenee wesl HI chains lo point
of enmmencement, and containing
640 acres more or less:
Dated Julv 0th, li*)7.
Certificate of Improvements.
Richmond Mineral Claim, situate In the Uov
olstoko Mining Division of Went Kootenay
Where located:—At Standard Basin, South
Fork of Downie Creek.
Take nolice that I, It. Stnilh. K.M.C. No.
B88712, acting a" agent for W, H. Willcox,
Krec Miner'-- Certificate No. B8SS80. intend,
sixty days frum date hereof, to apply to tho
Mining Recorder foraCcrtitlcateor Improve*
menu, for the purpo-K of obtaining a Crown
tinint of thc above claim.
And furl her take notice tbat action, undor
section 'Sl, mast be commenced before tho
i- nance nf snefa I'eriilicate of Improvement*,
Dated this 83rd day of May, A.I>. 1997,
wed my 29 R. SMITH.
Nutlco is hereby giren that 00 dan after date 1
inteml to ripply to the Uon. the Chief Oonmls-
■doner of i..uuu uml Work.i for permission to ■■ ,t
cIimq the following dcricrii-"d Und*-, iltuated on
(lalena Hay, Wont Kootenay district;
GoimninomB at a post planted j' ohains wutli
[mm theH,WT Cornur of im u.ho, and marked
"tleo.T.Newman's8. E, (orner Post," thence
norlh UUchaim*, tln-nre went SO cbalni, theace
lOUttl 40 Chains,   thencu   ffest tt  chain*,   thence
fiiuth io chains, thenoe oasl 40 chains iu[pUc  f
commencement, containing IN actes nmre or leu.
(1, T. NKWMAN,
Dated ftt Arrowhead, June IK, HW7.      »*dj5
Kevelstoke Und Distriot.
District ol West Kootenay,
lake nolice tlmt I, O, N. Dickenson of Kev*
elstoke, occupation Farmer, Inlend to apply
lor purii) Muii to purchaie the following de*
loflbed Uud:
Commencing »t a pott plauted at thos. E,
corner L TSI9.Q. 1, thence went 40 chains
ihence south 89 chains, theme ca-u 40 cbaius,
theme norlh So chains lo j-olut of euinmence*
menl wd containing noaorai more or less.
Dated May 16th, i_u7.
We.it Knoteuay Land District. District of Kev-
elstoke, B.O, Take notice that RupertWtllUn
Uaggen, of Ilevelstoke, H.C, occupation Inmir-
ince Agent, Intendi to apply for permission to
i" .i. in-.* the following described land: •Commencing at a pml plnnted uu tin* western «hnre of
Upper Arrow hake, at Bannock Point, und marked "It. W. Uareen'i south-east corner poit,"
sltoate abonl 10chains Irom the <.mithern extremity uf Bannock Point, thence nurth 40 chains to
thn southern boundary of Osorge Boyd's pre-erap*
iimi. tbence wtst to chaini to tin- eastern Bound*
ury of L"t Sll, thence south 80 chains to tliv ahori
of Upper Arrow Lake, thence east following the
-hure of Cpper Arrnw Like to place of commence*
ment, contains ai area of IftJ ftCres, more nr lens.
Dated July ft'th, 1907,   Rupert William* Haggen,
Certificate of Improvements,
M:.-.f<it Mii.CTiil Claim, situato !" Hli Ilevelstoke .Mining l.ivl.lon ul West Koolenax
Whero lornled:   At llio l.i-ft.1 ol  the Mldiilo
So...I.  lork ot Dowoie I'reok   adjoining
thc t'hlcf ol th. HilU Mineral Claim.
Tiiku nolice Ihal 1, II, Smith, K.M.C. No.
llllll acting if iiK'-nt for A.M. Clark, Froo
Minor, iv...ik-iiic No. B88981, Intend, aluy
day. Irom .lun- l.c.vof, io apply- to tbe Mining
lleoordor lor a I'ertlllcato ol improvement,.,
.. r lln- purpose ol oblalnlnf. a Crown Uriu.t of
in- above claim.
And further take notice thai action, under
Miction 57. most be   coiiuneneod before thu
i*-i..ini-eol inch Ceriiilca.oof Improvements,
linlod this »rd day of May, A.D., HW.
wod my 29 i(, SlUTH^ STOCK-TAKING SALE!
This is the Season of the year that we take an inventory of onr stock. We mean by
so doing that no odd lines in Our Summer Stock shall appear on Our Stock List. Our
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Grocers, Bakers & Cuntectioneis ,
Sturdy—On Sunday, July 21st, at
117 (.leorge St., Winnipeg, to Mr,
ninl Mr;. \V. A. sturdy, a son.
Saturday. July 27th, for 24 hours.—
Fi*. cloudy and sultry weather, light
westerly winds. Temp., Max. Hli degrees, lliu. oo* degrees
Local and General.
H. Longhead has received the contract for the school building alterations.
The Hume-Lawrence combination
delated tbe Cily last night i" a game
ol baseball by 9 run.- to 7.
The luneral sermon ot the late Jas,
MacMiilan will be preached in St.
Andrew's church to-morrow evening.
We regret to announce the sad
intelligence of the death ol the lather
ol T. W. Bradshaw, C. 1*. R, agent,
whicli   incurred last week at  Van
.'. C.S, Bennet, official photographer
o! the i'.l'.It   will  shortly visit the
I ■ itsebman Caves nearlioss Peak lot
tne purp -se ol taking a series ol tlnsh-
.....". pictures ol the caves' interior lor
Th. ...::.*   Aid  ol  St.    Andrew's
II -..ei, desire to express their thanks
to the members oi the Independent
Band ior their kind assistance at the
garden party on Thursday, the 18th
inst.    Mrs. Hugh Bruce, President,
Mrs. H. A. Brown, M. L. C, Crystal
Temple No. 3, Pythian Sisters ami
organu-.-r in Albert,., has been - .eci ss-
fui in organizing., ten pie in Edmonton, and will before her return to
town institute temples at Strathcona
and Calgary,
A partial eclipse ol the moon seen
under good conditions was observed
hereon Thursday night The eclipse
nas well defined and covered ag od
deal I the turlaoe of the moon. It
wis observed to " after nightfall and
could be clearly leen till lu p.inin , [||. lie. mired thii week at
Oalena  Bay, hxxi ■■■■ Uke,    A young
Englishma med Potter committed
i licid. i; -:■ tii - i- msell yesterday
„,, Cil.;*,. ;, ing lis ■ ■- I loi the rash
act, ,\ ;,.,- warden while climbing
over a rook on Thursda) dro| pi I bii
ibot gun, thi weap m being dil isrged
and blowing - fl the call ol hia leg
lie was taken to the Arrownead hospital where his wound! ■•'■- re dn -■- :
We are in receipt of a communication signed "Subscriber", touching on
the recent escape of a prisoner and
other city matters, Hcfore ive cnn
publish tl.e same in our correspondence columns, we would require ' Subscriber1' to disclose his or her name,
necessarily not lor publication but as
a guarantee of good faith,
Reports from Sqililax, a lew miles
west of .Notch Hill, slate that a locomotive attached to a work train collided with a hand car, on Sunday
evening, on which were Japanese
workmen, which resulted in two Japs
being killed and three injured. The
bodies were brought on to Revelstoke
und buried here.
The ollicers ot the Admins Biver
Lumber Co., Shuswap, B. C, were in
town yesterday. They are arranging
for the construction of a largi mill on
Liltlc Shuswap Lake shortly to he
erected. Timber is plentiful und rich
in that district and the erection of u
mill will greatly aid in tlie progress ol
the Shuswap Lake settlements.
Social and Personal
l-'. P. liulTy.oI Pittsburg, is in town.
11. Wallis, of Arrowhead, is in town
Mrs. C. II. I'aget lelt this week ior
a fortnight's visit to the coast.
The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of
Calgary, spent a lew days in town
this week.
Mrs. II. Cunningham Morris left
yesterday morning for Notch Hill to
join the Shuswap Lake camping party.
Mrs. R. C. Haws and Miss Limi
Haws are visiting in the city the
guests ol Mr and Mrs.T. E. I.. Tayl. r
11, J. Parhatn passed thn ugh on
Thursday fr.-m England en route lor
hia ranch at Vasseaux Lake Pentieton.
To Buy ii House.
To Rent a House.
TtrBuy Xice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
l-'.-fin. ourlown corrapoiidont
On Thursday evening the s. s. Rossland took a moonlight excursion to
Halcyon under the auspices of All
Saints church, Music for dancing
wos furnished by the Arrowhead
orchestra. A very enjoyable evening
was spent.
Mrs. Geo. Reid lelt on Sunday for
her home in Chicago.
Mrs McKay, who h.i? -pent some
time with her daughter, Mr-. C, Cl irk,
lias lelt to visit Iriends on the prairie.
Mr. and Mrs. Newman and family
are camping al Galena Bay,
G. Bridges is away on a holiday
Mi-s Thomson,  ol    Winnipeg,  is
visiting her bri ther, Mr. R. Th
II l.i sou,  : Vane, ivi     -  - ■
ing his v.n-.iif n with Mi I   m-
Man Sandbagged—His Partner
Mysteriously Disappears—
Foul Play Suggested-Prisoner Breaks Jail,
One ol the most important cases
arid at the same time one surrounded
with a certain air ot mystery is attracting the attention of policeNwid
public, alike and the cliain of events
whicli have followed in sequence from
tbe first act in thc drama, ull puint in
the same direction. Tho reason that
mention was not made ol tbe case in
columns of the Maii.-IIi'.uaiji lust issue
wus thnt we wished Ihe police to hnve
every cliancc of working up their evidence, which on Wednesday morning
wns cl.icily circumstantial nnd disjointed, and publicity at that time
would perhaps havejilelayed the ends nt
justice. Hut now that the case has been
iu court and the denouement whioh
followed made public property there
is no further need for secrecy. The
two men, Murphy and West, hnd
driven from tlie lower town on Saturday night in lhe Turnross had und
hud gut out nt the Union Hotel to
ptirclu.se some provisions for their
journey on No. 2 east that night.
Both men were under the influence of
liquor and as far as is known re-enter
eil the back to drive to tlie million.
Tlie driver, Lawrence, who has been
in Revelstoke but a short time nnd
bus a doubtful reputation, drove not
to the station but to tbe recreation
grounds nt tlie bottom of McKenzie
Avenue and stopped his horses. Tho
evidence, circumstantial mill otherwise shows thut he told his fare that
this wns the station. West got out
und was immediately hit on the head
with a heavy weapon, not hnrd enough
however to kill or even slim him, but
milking a misty wound. WeBt closed
witti his assailant, who eluded his
grasp and disappeared in thedaikncss,
The noise aroused Mr. llowson, who
came out and Lund West, and communicated with the residence of Police
Ollicer Terry. Just prior to tliiB Terry
had heard tlie hack drive by and later
on heard the sound ol u man run
ning down the avenue, When roused
by Howson he went up to the recreation ground uud found the buck tied
up. On making carelul examination
several shot were discovered in the
hack. Terry then hurried lo the
Union Hotel and lound the driver
looking around lor his rig declaring
that it had beeu stolen. His uctioiiB
being peculiar he waa arrested on
suspicion. Un being searched n set ol
if.l.-i- hair and beard wus discovered
on liis person. West stated that be
remembered noihing since leaving the
lower town until sandbagged and
culd nol say if Murphy had entered
tlie hack with l.i.... Both men had a
considerable sum ..I money on them.
The serious question as to what has
become ol Murphy is now occupying
the public mind and inquiries along
the line us far as liis destination
■ elicited no info, .nation. No
trace has been seen of him since entering the Union, and whether l.e was
Uiilereil before West was attacked
...,; -.. is an ..pen question, Tlie
.-. mm ;: ight up before Police
'.; .. •   tte Pinkbam on Wednesday,
his room, The plug and never.il shot
arc now in the possession of the police
being found in tlie hack. A peculiar
feature ol tbe ease is lhat C. Turnross
lelt the town on Monday night. Many
(nets which hnve u sinister look are
connected with this cuss und no ell'ort
or expense should be spared to bring
the fugitive to justice. It is now up
to the provi. ci 11 uml city authorities
to take active and immediate ste|is to
recapture thc prisoner, Lawrence, alius
McLauchlin alias Brandon, who being
at large and armed will he a hard nut
to crack, and the cilizens would be
quite billing to atand any share ol the
expense to aid iu bringing tin. prisoner
uguin to juit ice.
A Cfise of tliis description should
not be dropped until everything has
been done to probe into it, and I lie
people nuw look to ilic provincial and
city authorities to lose no time in
getting to work nnd locating the
prisoner. On going to press no word
hns been received and tlie man Law
rer.ee is et ill nt large. It will he in
teres!ing to note thut the prisoner ut
one time was a waiter in a local hotel
nnd wus lired fir breaking inlo the till.
Mrs   and   Miss   VI. ia hav. lence which was strong against
arrived Ir     ., o make •    prisoner being sufficient to war-
is irrest, snd he waa committed
Baby's Drug Store N 1- arc
carefully supplied al Bews'.
We bare special stocks ol
Talcum Powders, Nipples, Booth-
.. -, Feeders, and Foods, such as
baby requires,
First Quality and   Absolute
Fu-li.f.— M.Mili-li..ilivcfcaturcs
ol Bews' Baby Goods,
W. BEWS. m. a
Druggist and Btatil r.
Mail Orders promptly attended
to at Ibis Store.
their ho...-
f. Sul    rland        -    gar;    ■ -- in
town recent .gacq ...intances
isanl  I u ce  «is given ier
Miss Baynes,  ol M&lakv, i   wai  in
town a let lays I   .week
A man nam broiyjht
to ti..- hospital I     -.      - ...ig Irom
alenn Bay hav ..... ac. id. nl -      ih
-ii..self.    He ilinl -.-,.. alter arriving
Mrs, It. I.   Parks  snd   : ui.ily  are
.,-   , ......,.
numbi r ol our oitbseoi and what is
not approved ol by the majority, I
have ample pportunlty to obtain this
knowledge, and ... tresspassing on
your space am simply expressing the
,.,-.-- .,:' our citizens. I notice
yuur correspondent to this extent—
tw . wrongs do nol make a right, One
cannot but regret the whistling and
almosl .:-.: slant hall ringing ..1 thc
railway,    This I.own... foi ,   -      n
must be endured, The latter means a
long struggle with a powerful corporation, the former the in diate -ym-
|t..il.eti.: action oi a body -if mei., and
low at that, who Imve il in their power
in tun. awny Iron, a practice so repugnant to the oor.soiet.ee and feeling
of tho groat majority ol citizens.
Yours truly,
Preston's foot comfort, claimed to
l.i- cheap at -f 1.00 n box, only 25c, ut
liens'drug store.
Sunday Shooting.
KM  f M \!l.-!li..;..,..
."-in.—I can hardly believ. yi ur correspondent ie Sunday targei practice
v. .-■'- the minds ol ;i II res| eeting
men "l our militia corps. I again
make what I lei I to be a Iriendly and
a ffensive appeal to the better feeling
,;'iii.- men and commanding ofl   .
the corps, to do what is quite within 	
their power, to avoid whal they i I  [u j u„„u j u ■   .-    ..
' , First of Vessels of Weir Line to
know  to  bc  a great pain to n large
Sail From Seattle.
The lirsi ol iii-- nc line
ships to hs     Puget Bound  as oi
terminal ainl Austra
will arrive in Seattle  in
.ml ir..... that time on th.
monthly sailings to the Anl ,
wny ol   Vancouver, Victoria and San
I cisco.   The si rvice lms beon ...
tiugin.iteil   by  tl.u  Wt.ir   Litre   and
Frank Watorl se A Co, is thc H.-.tti.
agent,  Owing to tlie  withdraw *
the boats ol the Spreokels Line from
San Francisco to Australia, this sei
vice tins been organized.
Rovelstoke ClKi.rs Union Mndo Our
Special, Tho Union, and Mnron Vuolta
are ahead of all ethors.
MeNallys Maple Syrup In bottles
and tins, Ircsh in at (!. II. II....... AC,...
Do not fail in purchase some ol
Hews' 10 cent music, Two atlipB,
waltzes, solos, etc.
|.,r tri.,1 at tiie nexl .i-m/m".     Later in
■    .n going to the cells,
ppe. discovi ..-.I that the
soaped   .is  -lit  lieing
, -!,.rt. .,  - y i iwering bimsell through
i |,e .eni  .toi creeping .....ler tbe floor,
■    :  .-..I   .he  river  liank to llie
- ling near  Allan's
house, .".in re he disappeared ... the
buah    I l.e prisoner bad taken both
.   .ml meal wllh him.
it 2    lock while  *  i ele.
. rking  on  th.
Hi .: the printing,
- .... veiled ip|
ran pa«l thi    isyi i;    I bey in allei
.    .
...   .-..-I i;  n.eil   i .-in
.-   ■ .- r he
i. h ol tbe
south   ii i'-k.    The ii. -
iboul -.:■   ■   I irk brown
. .   implexii i.
i:. nei  Lawrence  -■'■ u    -
il n.i i .ok the same al - rn. -.
near M i --. • ranch,   Provii
 : east ail Thursday
.-.- fugitive a.nl ...m ,- :
..- alternoon -.
i; n.  Ci -    tsted   thai   Ihe
pi ...  --' I, .-. .lr..p ofl ' bi        I
on   No   1)1  and   lake  lo the wooill,
Coiiat.vl Ic Upper lelt Thunday nighl
f..r   that   point.     Lawrence lias I.......
wanted in Beattie lur several charges
an.l i* k.m.w.i I,., the p..lien there ns
'Slippery Slim."
The prisoner, while in Revelstoke,
r.i...n.-.1 at the bouse, ol 0, Turnross,
nml Kelly who bad worked  with  him
slated that ho had seen a weapon
there mado ol rubber pipe filled with
lead shot and plugged at ench end in
Catholic—Rev. Father R. Pecoul,
O.M.I,, pastor. Servicesevery Sunday
at the lollowing hours: 8 a.m. Communion Mass; 111:110 a.m. High Muss
..nil Sermon; 2 p.m. Baptisms; 2:110
p.m. Sunday School; 7:110p.m. Rosary,
Instruction nnd Benediction.
Methodist — Rov. T, W, Hall,
p.iBtor. Services at 11 o'clock a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. Prayer meeting and
lOpworth League united tor summer
months, on Wednesday ut 8 p. m.
Morning subjeot, "Conditions of Spiritual Power." In lhe evening thc lirat
ot a series of short aermoiiB on thc
tragedy of Job will be given l.y the
pastor.    All nre invited.
Knox I'kicsiiytki.ian—J. It. Robertson, li. A., 11.1)., minister. Mornii g
vice at 11 o'clock, subject, "Moses
in Hot Anger." Sunday bcIiooI nnd
pastor's llible class nt 2:110 p. m. Evening service at 7:30 p, in., subject,
Life in Relation to Society." Services dining the heat of summer short
uud blight with good music. Invocation anthem, "Our Father"; utt'ertory
anthem, "No, Not Despairingly,"
(Kedson); dismissal anthem, "Row
Down Thine Ear." All are welcome
and strangers specially invited.
St, Andrew's Presuytebiak—Rev.
W. C. Calder, pastor. Services 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school and
pustor'B Bible class 2:30 p.m. Morning, Lord's Supper; evening subject,
"Why Should 1 Not Be a Christian?"
Prayer moeting Wednesday evening
8 p. m.; young people's meeting Monday, 8 p. m.; choir practice and teachers' meeiing Friday, 8 p.m.
Baptist—Services as follows: Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; prayer
meeting Wednesday, 8 p. ui. Services
for the present will be held in the Sal
vation Army barracks. Everybody
invited and all will receive a very
hearty welcome.
St. Peter's Anglican—Trinity IX
Holy communion at 8 a. m.; matins
and lithany at 11 a, m. and evensong
at 7 30 p. in.; Sunday school 2:30 p.m
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Speoial.
Pure Bugar of milk in packages at
Bews' drug store.
For carpets, linoleums and wall
paper go to C. B. Hume A Co.
Patronize Home Industry, Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Orders lor preserving apricots taken
in any quantity, at C. B. Hume A Co
Marriage Licenses Issued
bii llial fl.. innlonlii I pro
I ..   iie -.mi.. y, Ln bo known iu
,   I'm. i  Tl ...... iy Imiii. j.  l.i.nil-
rihi   I..   ■ .-. . ..fn|iiitiy Inrorporatloi.
ii   Ami    ; ' ■   Id    null   power  li. l.i,ilii,
maintain   .n.l  up. i •'•   . .lllllll m.iikIp l.ii.'l.
,      .....     Vl.tl ....    li...,.., ill  liiiinifl.
■   uiu    i .mm it. ...... ■,,....■,.
..       ..    i.,.ni   if..ii,., -.i ...oi -"':■
, -. in lh i ...ui... ll.e Dlnrlel "1 N™
K.i.ileimj  hi Hi- I'm.vin. I llrl-.i.l.. ..liMni-ifi
. il.ln - ho certain firi'im-iilim f. ra.Hn.
i.   In in li II ipl.l< ". H.- Dhlrlcl ..I
-      .,,,..!.,..    '.. i,,,.,  ,„..,iu,.r.i nml fi,-liili.
mm. t.i n,.i..|i)i  lil-ti..' potior SS  Iff.'.'I- ilm I
I. I lo,   llm. |,iiiii.Mi-,,
.... ion... .1  '-■ -I »l.lpn,po».l ....Iwf.y'.r
.    ... follow.,  ii-ut ..«ni s pnlnt on
.in. k... tl.ol'ol..ini.l« Hi.-r n."i" 1." I".''"'
IV- I |lll..|.|>  in  IV...I Ki,..l,.,.,.y Dl.lrtOt, llienei.
 rlliwl)   i.ii-M.....  ..!....« tlio valley nl  tho
. .lu,n.u i Id,., I...I (...llll .... iirmmr III.- .....lltli >.f
l.n...,I ilii* -n.ii .lay nl July, IN),
il   . ITSOd I" .M.-i'.lliiV,
... s. M-.-AK1KII.
I'    Hot un.I cold l.iith, oto,   Apply
to Miih, Fusktham, 1st, Street, WeBt,
U- I
THURSDAY MORNING wc heg.in our Midsummer Sale and we intend to clear out fll our Summer
goods. We do not intend to carry over anything in goods
for Slimmer wear and you will find the prices offered very
enticing, although tlie good things will not lie in ilicsc lines
alone. Everyone knows that when ihis stoic oilers a cut
price it is a genuine money saver and we are not waiting
until the end of the season, but right at the time you need
the articles.    Below we i|tiote a few of the prices .
Muslin Underwear
Wc can show you a splendid assortment
V/Li-'J of Underwear that has been selling at
Mr A
wonderfully low prices, but now, with
isj\  lhe discount, you cannot afford to overlook these goods.    For ladies we have
Gowns, Corset Covers, Skirts and Drawers,  and for Misses and Children  we
t^i^lV have Gowns, Petticoats and Drawers.
20 Per Cent. Off Marked Prices.
Lawn and Silk Blouses
You know the beautiful lines wc have been selling
this season—nothing like them in town as we handle only
cxclusives. We have all sizes and all prices from goc. to
$6.oo at
Twenty Per Cent. Discount
Ladies' Melton Skirts
Ladies' Melton Skirts that sold for $3.00 to $3.75.
Now $2,50. Ladies' Tweed Skirts -all new this seasonal! the good colors.   They sold up to $6.00.   Now $3.50
Shirt Waist Suits
White Lawn at $5.00, Cream Lustre at $8 and $9,
Checked Ginghams and Chambrays at $5 and $6—at
25 per cent. ofl. Children's Wash Suits in Chambrays
and Checked Ginghams, all sizes from 4 to  18 years.—
25 Per Cent. Oft
Ladies' and Children's Hats
Children's Duck and Linen Tains.    Regular 35c
and 40c.    Now 25c.
Children's Muslin Hats at Half Price.
Children's Straw Sailors. -Were 30c. and 35c.   Now
Misses Chip Flops, all colors. Regular $2.00. Now
Ladies' Linen Hats, tlie new shapes, They sold at
75c. at d 90c.    Now only 50c.
Ladies' Ready-to-Wcar Hats, they arc all new and
sold from S3.50 to 8.00.   Your choice for $2.50.
All the Styles that Sold under $3.50, Now $1.25
Ladies', Boys' and Children's Hose
LADIES' BLAOK COTTON HOSE, good quality, all slues, 81
to 10.   Two puim for Hoc.
Hoys'Heavy Ribbed Cotton Hose.-Juat the goods to .stand
hi.r.1 wear.   Regular 30c. to IOc. per pair.   Now 25c. per pair,
Children's Luce Socks, Cream and Tan, si/,es -lj to 0, Regular
25c.   Now !l Pairs for 50c.
Wo have somo bargains In Oorsots in the celebrate! I'. 0, make
We have nol every size in every style, bul Ihere are all sizes ill llie
lut and selling ut 50c. per pair,
Willi iim* or two i-mv.s of Hemstitching—new and nobby 2 for
25 cents.
1'aiasols iu Silk uud Linen   all new this season - 25 per, ot, olf,
Nice Embroidery Silks
Wo ;..-.• llnl Roing In curry Oortlcelli Hilks ufler this Benson and
Intend clearing out tlie balance of our stock ns quickly as we cun,
We have Id.... an Floss, mil Fill, in nil shinies und while they Inst
ihey go nl 45c Per Dozen
Wo would like you to look nt tlio values we ure offering in
I'riiiiH, (iinuh.iiiix, Muslins, olc, ut 10 Cents Per Yard
Wo have at...lliei- Iol of VestingH, Fine Spot Muslins nnil Fancy
Wash Goods, thai sold at 80c, to 6uc. Wo have theni put iu one
lot nl 26 Cents Por Yard
Don'l miss this chance to get in at the start while the
assortments are good, We won't carry these goods over,
t*       Midsummer Sale       111


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