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 " Empire" Typewrite
For ease of operation and perfeetinu
in results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed.    Price, $00.00 Cash.
Interior Publishing Co,,   •   Agents
I New Wellington Coal
E. W. B   PAGET,   McKenzie Ave.
ir0Tinc,i«l Li':rary
Vol. 14.—No 99
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
\ye are sincere in our Thanks
to the  Public for  the tremendous Chrismas Trade of 1908.
May the Season's Greetings,
Prosperity and Happiness attend
You and Yours.
C. B. HUME & CO., Limited
Stores at Revelstoke and Arrowhead.
Greetings of 1909
We   extend to one
and all  A   Bright
and Prosperous
New Year.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Blanches or Agents al all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Hritain and United .States —London, England,
Lloyd's Bank, Md. Chicago —First National Bank, Corn Exchange
National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco —
Wells Fargo, Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Reveletoke Branoh—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
*"         NEW YEAR  GIFTS
For the Gents
Kings, Lockets, Cuff Links,
Watch   Charms   antl
Chains, etc.
Every article guaranteed.
For the Ladies
Kelt Slippers, in  all sizes
Side and   Back   Combs,
Purses, etc.
Fancy Hat Pins.
8oe my stock before buying elaewhere
MISS    iV.    M AHLEN
j                              Opposite Climax  Hnlel. Kirst Street.
P. Burns Old Building Gutted—
Fire Brigades do Splendid
Work-R. N. Doyle's Residence Saved.
One of tbe most disastrous iireB
that haa occurred for some time in
Kevelstoke took place last night
shortly before eight o'clock, resulting
in tbe total loss of the big building
owned by the P Burns Co. and occupied by the Mountain Supply Oo. The
first alarm was given by several persons who noticed heavy s.uoke issuiug
from the building, while a sudden
glare lighting up tbe sky gave anxious
evidence of a  blaze well   under way.
The fire evidently broke out in Ihe
ground lloor, an overheated stove
being responsible for the blaze, and
from what can be gathered the lire
was burning a considerable time before
tbe fact was noticed. As soon ns the
alarm was rung in to No. 2 brigade,
the fire boys promptly responded and
in spite of the intense cold succeeded
in getting to work in a remarkably
short time. By this time the fire
had gained a good bold on the building which was as dry as match wood
and at first il seemed as if tbe brigade
could control it before the Humes
spread through the whole building.
A sirong westerly wind was blowing
which fanned the ll.unes iuto a furnace and an alarm was rung in to No.
1 brigade, who turned out in a very
few minutes and gnl to woik.
Ch efa Foote mid Abrahamson directed tlieir chief efforts to saving the
residence of It N. Bo. le, w b.ch b"ii g
in clos-e proximity to tue burning
building, wan in extreme danger, and
while the brigade kept check on the
flames willing helpers hurriedly removed all the furnit ire and effects
Irom tbe house. In spite of a splendid water pressure and the well directed streams from several nozzles, tbe
flames swept through tbe building,
the roof and front structure falling in
with a terrible crash, sending showers
nf sparks and long tongues of flame
many yards into the air. The brigades
worked splendidly, although againBt
heavy odds, the intense cold, 20 below
zero being responsible for many cases
of frozen toes and fingers. As fast as
the water fell it froze and in tiie middle of the fierce furnace could be seeu
icicles hanging from the blackened
wood work.
The building contained a large
stock ol gonc-al _.ooils including several car loads of bay, rice and oats,
,the greedy fUmes licking up those
articles rapidly. About eleven o'clock
the building was a heap ol burning
ruins, the flames, in spite ol the concentrated streams of water, holding
tbeir own.
The Bight was n magnificent oue,
the glare being seen for miles round,
and as tbe fire ran through the structure the wood work* seemed to melt
into it. Early in the evening it was
realized that the building was doomed
for nothing could combat with such a
furnace, fed by inflammable material
and aided hy un icy gale that literally
forced tbe flames the entire length of
tbe building.     It  wns not until after
2 a.m. that the strenuous efforts of
the brigades ceased, the fire being
practically out except for tho inusses
of smouldering hay and tice tbst
seemed to defy the tons of water that
were poured unceasingly oo it.
Fighting file under such conditions
is hard, cruel work, jet both brigades
stood manfully to tlieir work, the
w»ter freezing on tbeir clotbes, their
hands num lied with cold as tboy held
the rigid hose. The work done was a
credit to I he city against ovcrwhelmiii
odds, and although the buildiug could
not be saved there was the satisfuc
tion in preventing the Doyle rcsidenci
from being destroyed. By il o'clock
thiB morning the wster was turned oH
and the brigades were called off, ii
being deemed safe to cease pouring
water on the ruins. The work of un
coupling tbe hose was perhaps one oi
the cruelist parts of the business, foi
the ice was caked io maises round
every joint. Fortunately no one bus
taiued any serious injury except loi
several of the brigade having frozei
hands and leet.
A groat feature ol the lire was tha
perfect haimony prevailed, every ma'
doing l.ia utmost to combat with thi
To Mayor Lindmark is due th
thanks and praise of all who took ps'
n last night's lire, for it was he wh
was responsible for keeping up the III
iring i ffiirts oi the Bremen, ciiuaing
liberal supply of hot Coffee uud  otbe
stimulants to be given round and ar | rt 011/101
ranging with the Windsor Hotel for »   OVllllUL
generous supper for all who wanted it.
Mr. Lindmark hy his thoughtful and
generous action during the lire iu eu-
couraging the men nnd  looking after
tlieir comfort worked as hard as any
one, and  bis actions cannot be ton
highly approved.   The Windsor Hotel
also did all tbey could to Burnish the
half frozed  men with warm beverages,
for  which'all  who  took part in the
fight wore vi ry grateful.
We understand tbat the damage
is by no means covered by Insurance,
Messrs. Kincaid .v Anderson issuing
the policies.
Uncalled for Delay in Completion Creates Discontent.
Considerable dissatisfaction is being
felt by   the   general   public  over the
fact that the   auxiliary   gas prodr.cer
machinery which was to havo ensured
the  city   continuous   light     in   all
wetttier, is still idle and that iu spite
of   the   heavy expense entailed in its
purchase, aB yet the  city  is no better
off.   Unfortunately when the contract
was  made  witb  the Canada Foundry
Co. for its purchase and erection, no
time  for   completion  was stipulu ed,
consequently   the   contractors    bave
practically done   as  tbey piease   aud
here we   are   without   a   certainty ol
light service with  this costly machiu
ery so lar  useless.   The citizens were
promised   that   the   auxiliary engine
sh old   be   in operation   by February
PJU8,  or   by   .nay at least.    Slackness
is   at ibe back  of it all and the good
neople ot Revelstoke  are clamoring to
»ee sume return for ihe enormous .tit..
;av*.     Auer  ihe experience ul   K.i...-
lo.ipa   a   is evident   ibai   ihe Cuu.id.i
Foiiudry Co.   do   uoi  Keep me Confidence of  ibe public in ihetr woik, ihe
producer of tuai city being practically
a white   elephaut   to the community
Wuile we do not wish to condemn our
own plant   or the  Foundry Co. before
we have   had a thorough test of  tbe
producer   installed   bere, yet   at   the
same   tinu  the uncalled for and outrageous delay in tbe completion of the
work and ita efficiency as an auxiliary
proved   can   not   be   allowed to j aas
uncnticized.     The  people   want  at
least some return for their money.
Severe Weather Prevents Full
Monday, Jan. 4, was to have been
the opening day for the schools for the
wi.iter term, but owing to tbe severity
of the weather and tne bKmuu-d thai
was blowing it was decided that the
children bhould not he compelled to
attend until the weather moderated.
As far as cun ba ascertained there will
be quite a number of new pupils this
term, but Until the schools have really
resumed their regular work anything
definite will not be available, Mr. Pollock has assumed bis duties as princi-
pnl, and in his hands there is no doubt
that the same success and harmonious
feelings that existed throughout every
class room will continue to prevail.
Mr. E. I). Colpitis ol Grimsby, Ont.,
has been appointed itsaistunt. principal
There bus been no other changes in
the personel of the teaching staff of
the Public School. In the High School
Mr. McLaurin is still principal, while
Mr. Leet has been appointed to succeed Mr. HI, K. Long, ol Qn'Appolle,
Sask. Elsewhere in this issue will he
found a list of promotions of pupils.
Edison Theatre
There will be no performance at the
tonight    nor   ou    Thursday
Edison tonight unr on
night. II the weather is favorable for
the electiic light service there will be
performances on Friday and Saturday
nights with an entire new programme,
11,000 feet will be shown and the
prices will be the same as for the past
two weeks.
Sergent-Mujor Gustavo Heiirich
School, of Fort McLeod, Alia., who
is expected to give one ot his great
lectures in the Y.M.C.A. on next
vlonday evening, and to address men
■ lily on Sunday afternoon at 4 o'ol ick,
#111 also speak in the Baptist Chi rch
m Sunday morning, and in thcMe.bo-
lisi Church in the evening. The
Sergt.-major has spent yitarH in A'rica
• ml can speak from a rich experlonOi
ib a soldier and traveller, am' an
hserver nl what bo saw in that great
nissisiiary field. Kvery one should
ee his wonderful display of ourio'
ud bear him speak,
List   of  Successful   Scholars
in the Recent Examinations
Arranged in Order of Merit
A Good Showing.
The following pupils ol tlie public
school have earned promotion as a
result of their work during the term
just closed. Names are arranged in
urder ol merit. Pupils whose names
are bracketed are r<]iutl in rank:
Junior Leaving Class to Senior
Leaving Ciuss.—L. Coursier, 0. Han-
son, M. Field, H. Joliiibon, L. Johnson, F. Lyttle, M. Young, L. McLeod.
Recommended — 1. Procunier, J.
Byrd, K. Dickey.
High Fourth Header to Junior
Leaving Class.—L, Moran, L. Steed
E, Johnson, T. Armstrong, G. Woodland, L. Lcc, J. Hay, C. Fromey.
Eecummenptd—C. McRae, C. Field,
E. Maclean.
Low Foiuth Render to High Fourth
Reader.—K. Simmonds, E. Blainey, S.
Dickey, M. Lindmark, L. Brock, K.
Slbbald, N. McLeod, M. Cathela.
Recommended — I Mitchell, M.
High Third Header to Lo.v Fourth
Header—E Cl.iy, J McEachern, M.
Fleetham, B. Haggen, M Abrahamson,
G. burridge, E McCarthy, E Fletcher,
M. Colarch, J. Mclutyre, 0 Roman,
P. Moran, H. Genua',, 11 Cooke, R
Doyle, VV. Maclean, M. Hack.
Recommended—A. McCarter M.
Low Phi d Render to High I'iiird
Reader—B. Dunn-Is, M Le., VV. Cut
in, P i. a npbeil, It. .Mule., L III i-k
iierg, H.Gibbous, l Gailu-auu, E. Mc-
.Vlah'iu, J MoE icherii. M Heuderso ,
E Gallicano, A  Watson, R. Frisuy.
Recommended—M. Procunier, E
Hanson, I. lirown, L. Pettipiece, L.
Picard, C. Corson, A. Young, J. Camozzi.
High Second Reader to Low Third
Reader, Division IV.—M. Brock, M.
Fleetham, K. Field, 0. Coursier, L
Mntz, C. Cormier, M. Parsons, L.
Daniels, T. Bain, V. Bell.
Recommended—T. Jackson, L. Anderson, M. Allen, F. Bourne.
Division V—A.McBryde, W Smythe,
P.   Stacsy,   W.  Leslie, H.   Jones, M.
Ringer,   H.   Gallicano,  J.  Maley,   1.
Henderson,   T.  Pugsley, E. Johnson,
0. Manning, S. Gallicano, J. Henderson, H. Hack, A, Pagdin.
Recommended—VV. McBryde.
Low Second Header to High Second
Header—L.   Abrahamson,    H.    Ann
Sirong,  M.  Sanderson, J.  Le Beau, E
"-•J.   S.   Pic.ird,   (VI. Robinson, G
We wish the Compliments
of the Season to our Fiiends
and thank them for their
liberal patronage We hope
that  all   will   experience " A
and  Prosperous   New
Groceries        Hardware
ti. Kielcln-
Call nnd sec onr January Bales ol
Jurtsins and Curtain Muslin, C. H
I nine & Co.
New  La:d Eggs at WoolBey &
iu,eux s.
A. Gallicano II. Cousins
Recommended—VV.   McMahon,   S
Camozzi, V. Robinson, E Ainslie,
High First Reader to Low Second
Header—K. Bradshaw, E. MacKinnon,
1, Campbell, J. Oreelman, C. Moran,
J. Young, DI. Smythe, T. Taylor, (Q,
Urqubart, P. Camozzi i, L, Rae, 0.
.Maclean, (L, Smith, G. Cocorochio),
VV. Cook, A. Robinson, E. Donaldson,
T. 51 organ.
Recommended—I. Mcltae.
Low First Reader to High First
Reader—A. Manning, N. Fleetham,
M Elliott, E. Bruce, A. McLean, M.
Armstrong, (H. Lyttle, R. Tapping),
L. .VI i ii gnu, I). Muddaloni, M. Mat/,,
VV. Fleming, J. Laing, L. Williams, Q,
Tomllnson, A. Jackson, I..Williamson,
VV. Henderson, D. Abrahumsoti, J.
Lonzo, J. Lauler.
High Second Primer to Low First
Header—M. Morris, 1. Clougb, J. Rub-
bins, M. Vlnreheiiiiii. M. Boin, A. Fill
tin, R, Calder, D. Johnson, J.Fletcher,
B. I.iiughlon, T, Morris, .1. Patrick, A.
Kraser, I, Amnio, L. Husselton, M.
C'lUghlin, M. Jolliffe, S. Lidy, S. Man-
ning, H. McCarter, (J. McBrydc, E.
Biokerton), L. Edwards, J Marcliesan.
Low Second Primer to High Second
Primer, Division VII.—O. Jackson, F.
Terry, li. Stone, D. McGregor, M.
Howson, (G. Barrle, L Maley) 0,
Wilson, (D. Hedstrom, A. Frisby), (0.
Holten, P. Olsen), J. Frisby, H. Goodwin, 0, liiirland, I). Crawford, R.
Stacey, I). McMiihon, G. Willard, J.
Pugsley, A. Leslie, J McCarty, W.
Liuigluii'l, II  Uallicuno)
Reonmuioiidid—N. McCarthy.
Division VIIL—F. Dunn, P. Lauzo,
VV. Luinh, II. Tomlinson, R. Ntchol,
M. Gallon, N, Picurtl, S. Turk, G,
Campbell, M. Johnson, J. Cishnto, P
Ringer, A. Smythe, P. Boin, W,Smith,
\l. Simmonds, A. Luudell, S. Mn
Malum,  Vi  Galllcano,  G.   Buck, G.
Ilruce,   I.   Kiniberlcy,   A. Corson, G
Grimes, I. H«y, VV. Clougb, A,Sutherland, H. Robinson,Q, Davis, J.Crillnn,
now is the timefofwy
|&   dot!: »S
MR. DRESSER:—Indeed, now is tiie time to buy ymir
clothes all the way through because the lines we wish to
close will get shorter every day from right now on uud
you cannot get as good u pick tomorrow as today.
You sec, we dou't order any more winter stock and
when we sell out what we have, wc Shall have no more,
but we dou't wish any leftovers and are therefore selling
out our winter slock of boy's overcoats ut theje prices:
$ S uu
it ¥ "> ".")
il  OSJ
(1 110
10 00
ii 50
8 00
5 T.'i
n i K)
ll UU
7 OU
I 60
8 UU
"      ii 7o
ll 00
li UU
III mi
••      0 50
12 00
'*      8 50
12 IKI
8 50
10 00
8 60
12 00
'•      8 50
12 00
8 50
12 («l
"      8 50
15 UU
"    10 50
12 00
"     8 50
15 mi
"    10 50
18 mi
"    12 50
aq oo
"    15 00
l untlliuoil iiii 1'auo VOW,
b. e. walker, Pre.idcm       Paid-up Capital,$10,000,000
alex. laird, Gen. Mgr       Reserve Fund,   -  6.000,000
Branches throughout Canada, am! in United States and England
I    a
Savings   Bank   Department
Deposits of tl and  upwards :• r-* received ami interest
allowed at current rate.-, and   paid twice   yearly,   Accounts
irmy be opened in the names oi two or nifue persons, *.*. ilhdraw-
al« m be made by any one oi tl.e number nr by lhe survivor,
___■•_.-___-«__-___ •W'T_»___.i'' THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. (..
Zbc fl&afMbcralb.
. ■. .
tit EVILS'] b S
i!rti's_".'i_»-«*i «_t__aB_?w (_J» iHuan
M      11    •
","  i A VV A
i i
■■I   t
01   purity
uty nl des
ul  tone  and
.Supreme and   Exchequer Court]
Agents,      Practice   in  Patent
Office    and   befoie    Railway
II ■..;.■] 0  FlSHKK.
/-* 11.1.AN k ELLIOTT
EarrUtei n, Solicitors >
AStl'IIHU 1  l..\KI   li   0.
.   I  . Kl.I.I,,, I
Kl ' i.i 11
OrriciS!   lssirKKiAi. Bank Ri ilium. Rkvbl
STOKB, It. I'.
M.   • y ;..   .,!..
: ■ -  Itevelitoke, D i
UK). S, M      IHTKH
V   M.   i    SlillAM.
Ftevi Istoke
J, M. Seotl l.L
i ranbrook, n  !'■
.1. .1. Hak\ iv.
Cranbrook, H. t'.
W. I. Briggs,
I is.,:ki-'is BS, SOLH 11 nits, K'l
.MnM- ',    T      i.i.AN
roils r it M ilsono Bank
First Street.
j )'iiil.KT SMITH
Reve sioke, B.U
vineiiil Laud Surveyor,
Mining Sui veyor
Mi Kekzie Avenue,
Hox 108, Revelstoke
I,   O.   F.
rt Mount Begbie, Ni .8461, moot- 2nd hu.:
ii, .M u lays In Oddfoilows Hall.noit toonora
House. Visiting brethren cordially invited tu
attend. , _
j.w. Qablaxd, C.B.
h. W, Edwards, R.S
C.   W.   O    W
Mountain View Camp, No. 229
Meets  Seoond anil  Kuurth  Wednesdays :
ach month. In Selkirk Hall,   Vieitln   Woo'
en cordiiUiy invited to attend,
W. D, ARMSTRONG.Con.com.
.1. MclKT- RE, Clerk.
F. O. E.
I TL- .--.-. .- it      ■ ■- are tin'M In ill" :
Hall  ever)* Tue-siny  evening   »t   K
V     ting hrothren are cordially invited.
■ 1     i.I-i.i K.  t'i::-HsKM .
w k. mclacchlin sbobei .uv
Kootenay Coder   No. 15, A  F. * A. M
The I", "mu  meet
tun    - re ueld_in_the
'"/   u i iloll.'-.s - Hall ou
 WL, tlio Hunt Jl ,'.! ! ■ I
r. ' . ■    *'»•■ id    month   ul    b
- -iwffill'' '"■ Visitingbreth-
* .~"-.f!fii:3AG> retl    cunlinllv   wel-
'      - 	
c. A  rii'Ji'l'Mt.i:. Skckbtarv.
SELKIRK LODGE No. 12, 1.0. O. V.
(••""^few Meel   i S-". Tim, .
» Rs    ^%__        ,    ,■   ..-,, .„    :|,,|
. Ball at DO'clook
 V -itiiiB bretlirer -i-t-
all; Invited lo ottouJ.
KMQHT, N'.G. I IS   MATHIE -'   .
Cold Range Lodge, K. uf Pi
No   26,   Revelstoko   ti. -.
______ Willi
At tlie
lead ol
tlie list ot" the 1 Hg]
in the 1 lotninion.
TheBe High Grado Pianos can be purchased on the monthly
payment plan. A payment of $10.00 will secure one of these
beautiful instruments in vour home. We are nlso agents for
theCHASE &  BAKER "and   ANGELUS Piano Players.
Call and see ihe New Designs
Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
are in the public interest, and to
give credit where credit is due and
give criticism where that is due.
No one can Iiud fault with that.
We have no bouquets to hand to
those who do not deserve them,and
ive have no niiul to sling at decent
people, but the blackmailer, the
hypocrite, the swindler and knocker
may possibly get what is coming to
We expect with each subsequent
issue to improve this paper to such
an extent thai each issue will be
looked forward to with interest by
our renders, not. because they expect il hi contain vile and lying
abuse oi its neighbors, but because
il will give the news of the city
an I dittrict in readable form.
Here'.- to you for 19091
of dispensing booze, and if they
arc to pay a license they should
have a monopoly of it and he protected. Drunks may very occasionally be seen on the streets, on
Sunday hut it does not follow that
they got their jag in the saloon.
Tho police records show that there
arc, or were, other places where
they could get it. Therefore we
say we should impress on the extremists that they should keep out
of this tight, and they will command more respect than if they get
too busy.
1 he civic election; will be held
Oil lhu I-Ith instant and already
party elements in the city are very
busy pushing the claims of their
respective candidates,   Our opinion
moulll, tn
Kl)   RSDAV,
,\ ,. ,,,..■-,!■.,.- ..
.ddlull mis
icit.   visum
C ■ r■ *.:„ 11 _-    nvlt'   1,
KnigliU nr.
CNSDiOH 111 '• OHMS C. '
i,      i  K. uf K. A S
S  ii   i
il  V.
be flDaiMberalfc
The following editorial note of
the Vancouver World, the Liberal
paper of Vancouver, represents
j very accurately the general feeling
among the Liberals of the Province
with'reference to the new minister
of public works, the Honorable
Thomas Taylor of Hevelstoke:
The World says: "Considerable
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ satisfaction will be felt in political
s that the sooner that the oxtrem- oirciea throughout the province
im in the community are told generally over lhe appointment of
that they will iiiii be allowed to Mr. Thomas Taylor, M.P.P., Revel-
run the affairs of this city the bet- Btokej ,,, lhl, 1)o;ilioI1 of ixtinister of
ter it will be for nil concerned, works t|„. ,„,„. cabinet position
Die general business nun of this cre(lted by tho McBride govern-
ity who have some stake in the mon| |aat Bummer. The appoint-
. , ought i" have more to sny meat, which was foreshadowed in
n-oul the administration of civic lhe,e 0oiumns anc] was generally
fairs than any bunch of men who expccled, was finally decided on al
known temperance cranks or .. ,,.,,„„,., meeting ,,„ Saturday.
..own lawbreaker ITie average .. ,„ old ;l,,j ,.,„.,,,.,.„ ,, member
, ian in the stret i us his doubts as „, ,,.,. legislature, and an able ard
i"  whether  the      inlemei   ol   ihe ,.,;■„...,.   ,.,,....   whip|   \,,    -, ,.
''"''-    ;':" '    ;; :;' ' '■ '   :..- don.    excellenl '   er ice I
stand for too  much dictation nmn        .
and manufacturers, but in the best
interests of Un* wholi  province.
While wi- an ul opinion that
much can ye! be done to improve
the timber law- by giving greater
security of title and to meet new
conditions that are constantly
arising and formulate a policy
looking to the conservation of our
timber resources, we feel sure
that iill who ni'' interested in the
-access of thai important industry
will agree with u- in stating that
in Mr, Taylor they have a man
who will not cease his efforts to
bring aliout the legislation which
is necessary lo put our timber laws
in ihe same satisfactory condition
that our mining laws are in.
Mr. Taylor will be in charge of a
large spending department of the
government, and bis reputation for
absolute honesty ami intensity is a
safe guarantee lhat he will so conduct the affairs of his department
as to give no cause for criticism or
charges of favoritism.
Mr. Taylor has hosts of friends
all over Ibis province who will
hear with pleasure of his return
when he presents himself for reelection at an eai ly date.
Kdilnr Ma11.-Itri; \l.n-
Sut,—1 have hail my attention
drawn to an article in the lust issue
of Unit latest jouwalistio abortion,
the Observer, which makes the charge
Unit while 1 was secretary of the board
of police commissioners 1 omitted to
enter on the minute book a resolution
pas ed at the first meeting of the commissioners relative to ridding the town
of professional gamblers, etc. This is
a serious charge, and was made in the
first instance by a man who, while lie
is an ignorant man, ought to know
better, and is a charge which 1 do not
propose to let [insfl, because it is false.
The man who made it and the man
who published it are both oonlemptible
Hiirs, wbicli is an expression that the
Observer man evidently thinks peculiarly li b him, because he put the cap
on in his last issue.
To prove to your many readers that
what. I sny is true, I attach below a letter signed by Chief Bain and Commissioner Armstrong, both of whom were
ut the meeting at which the imaginary
resolution is stated to have been
Kevelstoke, B. C, Dec. 81, 1008,
G. S. McCarter, iisij.,
Revelstoke, B. C.
1)i:ak Si it,—We beg to state that
wo were present at the lirst meeting of
the Board of Police Commissioners
for 1908, which waa the only meeting
at which all tl
confidence and respeot are worth
having, and Unit I will be here continuing to enjoy that confidence nnd
respect long alter my detractors have
passed off the scene and ihe remembrance of (be Observer man will be
hki the reini'iiihruiice of a had dream.
Now let us hope that "Old Hot Air
Johnnie " will ho good.
Yours truly,
(.1. S. MCrAiiH.li.
Passes Quietly in Revelstoke—
Usual Customs Observed.
The year lOON has run its course
antl bus now vanished into the dim
shndiiwlaud nt the past. Like all
other years it has brought varied
fortunes to various people, places,
communities and countries, It is tbo
good fortune nf Kevelstoke to he able
to sny that its joys have far exceeded
its sorrows, and it leaves behind it a
oup overflowing witb promises ol ihe
good doiii(',8 for the year just dawned.
New Year's Day passed off very
quietly in this city, the weat her being
intensely cold.    Outdoor amusements
were greatly curtailed, although several sleigh parties were abroad, Skating
in the rink was the chief form of
amusement. There was the customary visiting in sochil circles, as well aB
to the hotel bins, and money was not
so scarce that il could not provide all
ol the cullers with the "wee drappie."
Sumptuous dinners were provided
at the lintels und restaurants, and the
evenings were given up to social talk
and old time yarns of Revelstoke's
cirly history, One feature of the day
was that few if any under the influence
were seen on the streeis, which speaks
well for the town where drunkenness
is supposed to he so prevalent. Noth
ing more oi importance can he chronicled, except Unit the New Year was
ushered in by the whole oity in various
ways and the general health was
toasted to the incoming year with
expressions and wishes lor prosperity
and peace.
l hem
,.ui ■,,,.
ii'  ■-
■ i ii-
• ,i! ns,
ill Usi,
VV i-    \   -.   . ;, .ANGARY -  1909
.   ■    the  opening of th
■ .' Thk M in -ii. rai ij once more
thanks thi  good .   of   Revel
stoke  foi   tii"  generouB patronage
exten li      I ..- :..     ist  years, and
at in  order to keep
sritl   ' ie .-.  wing importance
: Ist iki   the - of the
pany owning ihis ; aper have
led to ins an up-to-
■  | --■ ■ ne, al a cost
b i it $4,000,    I hie will
US to .--   •     largi r paper ami  fur-
thi    • -■- -     _e time
•■ irk   with -tm
greatei   es patch     nd «•■ hope that
e very lonf tin    i on-
:.- ;;, iv   • Istoke such that we
paper that wil   bi   .   re lit to the
c.;\   ai.■!  •      n snagemenl "f the
1 'ilii't changi - ind improvements
may ' e ex] ■•• te I shortly and it i.-.
Intendi I lo r i< this business in
Ibe inter sti >l thi -i ... hwder,
and business | eo| • of Kei Istoke,
tiie majontv of whom ars more oi
It-.-.- financially interested in its
lu order lo corn' i iny i umors
that are floating around as to the
future policy of thi.- paper. v.c wi-h
to state most emphatically that no
political party or politician—federal, provincial or municipal has
hi "triii.. on ' paper
noi   are thej ai
•trings "i . .
We in 11 . ..  - ue i facte aa
■ "  •■ Iiei   his town
s\    :   S I    : -. .   .
tht ■  whi -       ■
■ n open  on Sunday or m I
* ire   lie will  not allow 11 ■
• :    to   say   that   the) e|
open just as they  pleasi
decen    mid lie      >ursi   '      I
-:   uiti d to the couditi
■ten  cities and it will   -1
. ;
■ •     ,       " .
;■ ■- . I
...   lumber
present, and ih.it at that meetiug uo
resolution was passed, except such as
are ei tcred  in   Lhe minute hook kep
in tin city clerk's office.  The minutes
were iv itten down in tin   uo,,k  right
nd read over in the
I mi  three commissioners,
;  contains in entry of
ug   thai   took   place at
.  j if   the   lommissionera
yi m    nt   which we were
sent. ■   un ti uly
VV.  J.  Ail 'isiiio.Mi,
T. vv. Bain
• i        in    saying    that    the
':.. -i    men   will be
uj       ts. .ii Kevelsloke  in
■  latb ol  the Observer
ifter, but in order that
lave such matter"   ill the bands I • ike   use   i I   tbe   i.icts.   in
in me ii,um. riding
men  who  have the interests   I P' <•";''"'-           ' '    asked
cue financial wel   u M'-'- |;""   '''  -^^•''■"^ to em*
,'.,,.,,..., ie gentle*                 ictn in affidavits which tbey
heart than  to pern ,,....-
^^                   '    ' "■"'' ''h                                                 ive done,   II the Obsi rver man has
l frail carcass
... .        tnd admit he
fairs   ' i   be di ■■ ted   >y ai
■   ml that li ai •   to .     one
,* or thi other      Let
.      -   ittend to   their        ting
ber minded ci
Physical Department Gives Ex
cedent Display
The physical department of the Y
M. C. A. were at home on Friday
night of New Year and entertained a
large gathering ol their ftici.ds and
patrons. These New Year entertain
niehts by the Y. . C. A. are always
popular, an evidence of the pride taken
in the work ot the association by the
citizens. Every available apace nf
seating accommodation on the tloor of
the large gymnasium, tlie largest in
the west, was tilled by interested spec
talors, while the spacious galleries
:ommiasioners were: romi(i the building were crammed.
The programme was ol a varied
nature. Club swinging by seniors, followed by an excellent gymnastic exhibition on the horse and parallel
bars snd pyramids by the inter-
mediates made up the lirst part of the
programme, .vieiitiou must be made
"f the line display of mat diving by
the intermediates, where neck breaking nights were skillfully carried out
The Beniors gave a splendid exbihi
tion of vaulting horse work and
pyramids, while Messrs. Veith, Hope,
Lee and Norris did strong work on
the horizontal bar. Woodland, Lee
mid Williams gave a line performance
of special mat work, and Mr. Veith
brought a first class cntortaiumeut to
a close by a very effective display ol
illuminated club swinging. The visitors were afterwards regaled with refreshments, while a musical chorus
made a pleasant diversion in the programme, The visitors took keen interest iu the association building and
equipment, which are second to  none
•ur   who  fur
xercise   their   rights   and   ■ *:t in |a|[ ^ itics have repeated-1    Wlti' ' rest of the
lice men who will adopt a i in   his
:   le course  and  noi   ..... P"
. -   i,,   nt,   hanrllpri   bi    I nv pie- 'r":n   "'
r.,  De   nan ueo nj eie ,
.      .       ,    , Hid' : . oive It
■I ■ ■ . II  .
Midof  m<   tbst i bad I * nearly un
'"■''•    l'"'1'   l   ' [Revels ridino i.    •
___________________________________________________________________________________ _______-_______________■! .     n
iii.ii Mr ,,,. c and re»|
•' iw Mr   large nun t ol   my  lellon  oititeos
publish  a daily 11 ••    from   crime during  tbe past|McBride that the compliment paid  sod  ps i        diet   »U    ss to
the   dis-
ies- if they deliver the good-.
I    irnin   'rune      ^^^^^^^^
.',-■:,      licerecord        I show j U3 ttmJ our member  and
end there is no  popular clamor for|tr;ot ,„■ iv.„  r1l
' ''• aenl and pub- ; ,,, t||(, west, while the work carried on
by the able ollicial staff is a  credit  to
the cily.
Enjoyable   Event   Opens   the
New Year
Om    i iin  iiiohi enjoyable and suo*
•   -       dances which have taken place
in Revelstoke Ioi a long time was held
;u  tbe drill hall on  New   Year's eve.
jerious change from ippreciated
oil-  that h'l e "*.. ted.    How-     \|,   h
■  si  no one would be Borry lo see
:! ii holelt i losed on Sunda   s ci epl
b  . i'-i-. but if tbe hotels ar-- to be
or  i  a cabinet m
- mm in   i  position to
el ■■'■• ii ne
nd   tbe  0 merver   man    btcause   it
. ■ . i, then let us close up the
i. eweriee .md the plai' • in the
I ii linn colony, where it is well
known thai li'inor ha.-, in the past
been Bold without license and at all
limes "I ile day and night. And
I.   lhe way, what have the License; lh(.  pRHt  ,„   (.,)tilil.   gat|g(ft0tory
Commissioners   been   busy   at all amendments to the provincial tim-
all  Ihey appear to i„r   )awa   Ml.   Taylor h„ , „ .,
to meet and renew prominent figure  and   bas gladly
given    his    lime   and   best   efforts
'    '; .. If   tl
:'.:   pari   ol   :n	
ire, and will be able to
assist in moulding .i policy which
fill        ; advantage   o tbe
lumbering   a   '  mining indu Iriei
of the pro. ii- -
In all the efforts put forward in
y 'iir'.'      About
!      •■    'loi.i:    is   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
l   ' n-i-     Why  have the; not silp-
ed tl .-.' I Bale ol liquor'
i.  .■•. are paj ing a good stiff
towards   procuring   such   amendments us wore considered to be in
nsetotbe city Ior tbo privilege'not only the interests of Investoi
couples   took   pari   in  the dancing.
Ibe   boyi of our l.r-t  line of defence
with.    It   ii-em.   to   emphasise   'lib ' |mv(; „gai„ |ir„Vcn themselves capable
... t-   nnl put masters in the art of
Between lifly and ai.vty
     irhi'cb   was   kept up until   the   New
wl"!' ' ' "'■   ...i, .•...-. several hours, old.   The ball
liseredited  win, sveiy wa, b«»utifully decorated for the oo*
one who knows bim. on    n,„  decorations  being of  a
1 must admit tbat I have met with milittry and patriotic obsraotor, taste
efalrmet t I luoeeti in ■ p ,,;:>. Mecut#d with evergreens, flags
fe*»ion snd u   ible to  pay lOOcenti „,„| ,,„,„„.„,  Rferytbing possiblswas
"'■  '•■'   ; "!    h" ""' I '"•  dons to make  tbs  'bine,, s  incoesi
time has   been   devoted   • skiij    ,..   „ ,„r  ,. „, u„.  ,,,„,  in lllt
some  people  here   pay  their   honstt   ,„,„   ,,„. ,„„,„. wrt, K,„„| „,„,  ,,,,,,,,
lin.   .VU'; loi,aid   mad" a capable floor
manager    We hops the II M   It. boys
di i some obscs without results
a< yet—and in no doing havo Inourrfd
ths   "nvy   and dislike ol  certain  cur«
who are barking h*  my heels nil tne
tune,  Imi.  I   have tl"  latlsfttOllon ol
knowing   that  I Still    hold   the   cnli
dence   and    respnot   ol    every    man,
woman and child iii Revelstoke whoso
will not lo op ths people waiting t
long i" lore giving t hem tuoh anothi i
opportunity of enjoying themselves.
Special   bargains  In   Carpets  and
Is'ngn at C  B. Hume A Co'l.
Alpine Club
Steps are being taken, acting upon
the suggestion ol Pros. A. 0, Wheeler,
F.R.G S., of tbo Alpine Club, tuor-
gani/.e a local Alpine Club in conjunction with the Alpine Club ol Canada.
The movement is creating consider
ahlo intcrc i and should hen great
help in furthering the advancement of
the Alpine Club, besides aldington
large extent thu work ot the Tourist
Association. A number of local Alpinists met with President Wheeler
this afternoon to eliscu»s preliminaries
and all who arc anxious to join oan
get application forms at 0, K. Maodonald's drug store,
Local Option News
A uiec ing of the local option league
was held on Monday evening The
resignation of tbe president, A. E,
Miller wits accepted with regret, und
R. Howson '.mis unanimously chosen
to fill the position.
A public meeting in the interests ol
the league will be held iu the Baptist
Church ou Friday, January 8lh,
at oight p. in., weather permitting.
A. E, Miller, E, M. Clay anil Kev. T.
VV. Hall will deliver addresses on the
question. In case ot the unavoidable
absence of any of tliese speakers, substitutes have beeu provided. The public are cordially invited to come and
hear the discussion of this very important subject,
—. .    . ^. .       ...
W. C. T. U.
A meeting of th • VV. 0, T. U. will
be held on Friday afternaon next at
3:30 o'olook in the Methodist church.
All members arc requested to he present.
Board of Trade.
The regular monthly meeting ol the
Board of Trade will be held tomorrow
night iu the city hall at .S o'clock.
Special to the Public.
From 10 a.m. to 2 pm, these slmri
days are the best Icnirs to h ive ball}
or group photos laken No objection
to cloudy weather during these hours
Experience ol more than 18 yeal'B, ii"t
a« travelling photographer, hut slat
binary iu Eastern cities has proven
this fully to tne. Studio open evciy
day in the year iu Revelstoke and lor
Kevelstoke people, " sec my special
E. P. Tuokeh, Photographer,
Dry Wood For Sale
Four-foot dry wood (or sale, apply ti
Joux LgOQRRWOOD, Taft, B. C.
Jap Orange's, Ifl per box; New Navel
Oranges, 75c, iillj and IUc. per dozen;
Lemons, 40c per dozen; Pineapples
7f>c each al 0. B  Hume A Co's.
Cut Flowers,
Wreaths, Bouquets
If you want Wreaths, Bouquets
Orossoa, elc.. made up froin the
choicest (lowers, by a fully i|iiali
lied urlistc at reasonable prices
send to
P.O.Box 146, Coldstream, Vernon, B.C.
Orders by telegram or letter receive our prompt attention, and
shipped carefully packed.
Don't forget the name of the linn.
They took 1st Special I'rizo at the
Vernon Show on the Kith Sept.
for the. best Floral and Horticultural Display.
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
I'Yi. Dec. iV l?p, of Brit.
Hai. Jan. 2  I.k. Manitoba
Fri.  .Ian. 8   Kmp. of Irel'd Dec. i">
I'Yi. .I.m. -:2   " Corslciin "  Jan.   8
.Allan l.iiuir. rliarlor'iil hj I'an. Car   It) I
Fri. .Inn, Iill   Fp. of licit,    .jau.  lu
Isi, Class ind, Class |rd, Class
$Mj (0   $4« 7,s M ;s
ist. I'lasH 2nd. Class 3rd, Class
$6j 00      $.|-i so   ' $j; 50
Other Laki Uiure —
2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$-15 00        $2; 50
Cheap rates to Atlantic Sflab uld
poiiitH   in connection  with   steamship tlokels
Passengers   booked    to   Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp,  lliuiiiiurg aiid
nil other continental ports.
Por further Information apply in
T. W. Bradshaw,    C.B. Foster,
Agent, A.G.P.A.
Revelstoke, B.O,    Vnncouver,B.O
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
iJash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
"V   S  p« f<\ P Kay
Tested stock, Heeds for
farm, garden or conservatory, Iiiiiii lhe best
growers in England,
France. Holland, the
U n i t od States, and
Canada. Fruil ami
Ornamental tree, small
fruits, home grown.
Fertilizers, bee supplies
spraying materials, cut
tiowers, etc.
140 Parvc Catalogue  Free
M.   J.    HENRY
Groan Housos mid Seed Houses
,}oio Westminster Road
Certificate of Improvements.
Kingston, .Maggie It, Tongue, Senator,
and Pit lock Fraction Mineral claims,
situate in the Lardeau-Mining; Division of West Kootenay District,
Where located On the western slope
of Lexington Mountain near Camborne, Ii. 0.
Take notice that I, F. li. film hbur-
gor, F.M.C. No. II, 211112:2, agent for the
United Kingston Gold Alines Limited
non-personal liability, Free Miner's
Certifloate No. H ili:f-l2, intend mxty
days from date hereof, to apply lo the
Mining Recorder for a (Vr.ilicute of
improvements, for lhe purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further take nolice thai act ion,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Oerilllcaie
of Improvements,
Dated Ibis 21st day of December,
A.D., 1008.
P. H. Hi.ix'iiiiKiniKit, Agent,
Certificate of Improvements
VVInslnw Mineral Claim, situate in tho
Trout   Luke -Mining'   Division  of
West Kootenay District,
Where   located;—At   bead   of Severn
Mile Creek, Trout Lake.
Taki ice lhal 1,0. II. N.  Wilkie,
luting aa agent lor Neil O'Doiuiell,
Special F.M.U, 8703; William fieniieli,
F.AI.O. No. HU.VS77; Bruce White, P.
M.C. HI 1.121; and P. II. .Murphy, P.M.
<:. 1422087; intend, sixty days Irom the
date hereof. In apply to the Mining
Iti-cordei for a Cerliticnlc of Improvements, l'or lhe purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grantor the above claim.
And further take nolice that action,
under Section 'Al, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
ol Improvements,
Dated this 20th day of Ootober, A.
(■>., IlKJH.
oct81-60d 0. 13. N. WILKIE.
Take nolice that a silting of the
Court of Revision to hear and deter
mine any   complaints   or    tippoiiln
against the assessment Of rates or
frontage tax proposed to be levied
and imposed on the lauds or real properly affected under the provisions of
By-law Nn, 12,"), being known as
"Local Improvement Sidewalk Assessment Hylaw No. 125, 1000," will lie
held in Ihe Citv Hall nl the City of
ol'llevelstnke, on MONDAY, the 4lh
day of January, 1000, at tho hour of
h o'clock iu the afternoon,
A statement showing the land or
real properly liable lo pay lhe  assess
ment therefor nnd ihe names of the
owners thereof as far OS the same  can
be ascertained and the proposed assessment  and report   thereon of  the
Cily Clerk are now on file iu the office
of the City Clerk and open to inspection by all persons during office hours.
And further take notice Hint all notices of appeal shall be served on the
Clerk of the Municipal Council at leant
eight days prior to attcli Court of Revision.
Dated this I2lh December, lixis.
Cily Clerk,
Notice is hereby riven lhal pursuant Io
lho provision* ol CnaptCr 155 of the Statutes of Canada 7-S, Edward VII, Shuswap
and Thompson Rivei a l3oom Com pan j*
have ftled in the ollice of lhe Dominion
I.amis A#enl at Kamloops, 0,C., and in
lhe office ofThe Honourable the Minister
o( Public Works al Ottawa, OiNario, plans
.nul  specifications of certain booms and
other worki proposed lobe constructed
by said Company in, over and along the
Norlh Thompson Rivei in tlio Kamloops
Division ot Vato District in lhe Province
M' British Columbia ami thai on tin- 10th
Jay of February, iyog, al the hour of 1 1
o'clock in the forenoon, or so soon there*
.liter   as  lhe  application  can   be   heard,
Application will be made by the under*
signed tt' His Excellency lho Governor-
ln*Councll at Ottawai Onlario, for Iiii
approval lo be given toSUCh plans.
Dated this 4th day of December, 1908.
Shuswap and Thompson Rivers Boom
My Otto Lachmundj Secretary.
Dee. 9, Oo d
Kuciiiicntion ot Orown Grant
Wlioniiisi on the KKh dai ol November, lueii a
Cniwn (Iriuit wiih i-oimil 111 tin, iiiuiio nf Kroile'-
rk Wiislili.iiruii lur Lot 8117, Oronpl, Kimto-
rmy Diatrlot. That, i.vlsliiiirii Iius. sinc-o bmm
i. ■«!. t riiilur-oil slmwiuK Hint tht h- Id Frnilorc,'
Waauoauroe died on the 7th ol Ansoit, Iwt,
miniotiiiiu prior to tlm liBuanee of tlm unit!
Crown dram, rbot brMreement dated "ih
Autfiiil, IMS, tliOHiiiil fr.s.lori k W„,|,l,nu „0
n-.iKiiril iill 111- v-tnto, rliiht, tllln nliiro-t
rliiini ninl iIiiiiihiiiI wliiil-iii-vHr in tho -. ..I lnnil
*o Thiimii-s Bhanki MaFborwD,
notice li therefore horoiij- given In niirin-
no*of Beetlon Worths "Land Aot,' tlmt ii ii
tho liitmiti..ii tu canrol the siiki t'niwu Urnlit
i..-nod In  tho nnmo  nl   Fjederlok Wii^hlintirtlii
•ndlolwne u o In lie itead In the name of
Thome   nhunl, .M.-rs..,r ..,. throo in"ntl h frntn
thn date hereof nnleisgood osose li iEown t"
I liioi I 'i.|i'iii.-iin,iiri.f LiiniUaml Worktl,
Lands end W-rl-i TlepHrtmout,
Vletorle, ti, U, i.m Ootober, MUX,    uot l.err rr
Big Discount
I ~ *-^?J> ^s,'flA\i I; »1    -,i       M   "K
Cash Sales
Doyle & Allum, Ltd.
Capital - $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches     Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Dining Room Furniture is partio-
ularly essential, and iii view of
this biel we have selected a very
desirable linn of elegant and
artistic dining tables, chairs and
sideboards, An early inspection
should be made, ns the price sve
are iii-kiiig for euoh superior furniture ma lies tbem a moat desirable
tli i$> >|i iHi iMi iMi 't' ty 'I1 '!■ 'I' $ 'I' 'I' '3' 'fr 'fr fl $ 'X' '?' 'ft $
|   S.   MCMAHON   $
* I
.Ions  Dkrk
plows, bill row :■
wagons and
farm impli-
nii'iils of .-ill
made   and repaired.
Horse Shoeing
;i Spectatty
S All Orders Promptly Executed    -    First Class Work Guaranteed  £
$ FIRST   STREET   -   'PHONE  8T |j
Import direct from country ot origin.
REVELBTOKE'   3=1-  O.
Central Hotel
Newly built.       First-class iu every respect.     All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lako, under  smnc    management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
3\    ALBEET      STONE      PBsOP.
Queens ftotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.     Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
Defective Stove Pipe Leads to
Disastrous Fire
A defect in the stove pipe of Ml.
Ramsey's residence, near the skating
rink, on Wednesday evening, was responsible for a serious blaze wbicb
practically gutted the building, As
noon as the alarm was turned in No. 2
brigade promptly responded and arrived on the scene in tune to do good
work, although the lire bad gut a good
hold before the apparatus could be
employed, Unfortunately the nearest
hydrant was situated near the liquor
warehouse, consequently Bome little
delay was caused by the brigade
having to tnke tlieir hose such a long
iiistitnco. The damage in considerable
ami the house will have to be entirely
rebuilt. It is absolutely essential for
tlie safety of the city that sufflolent
hydrants be installed sei (hat every
portion can be easily at il quickly
served in case of an outbreak of lire.
Snow Cleaning Bylaw
At the laat speolal meeting ol the
city council a bylaw waa introduced
ami passed its three readings, which
oompels all those who have stores or
premises Ironting on cement sidewalks
to clean the sidewalk of all suow, ice,
sliisih und dirt, and providing also for
the removal ol same in case of default.
All clearing and cleaning must ho
done beforo noon each day, and no
pei son will be allowed to use a horse or
other beast of buielen on tin cement
walks foi the purpose of charing the
snow, ice and dirt away; no person
shall out or chip tbe cement while in
the process ol cleaning is going on.
Infractions of this bylaw will he pnu-
ished by a line of flUU, or iu default HO
days imprisonment.
Sacred Concert
The sacred concert iu the Methodist
Church on Sunday evening fully met
tho expectations of nil who weiv present ai the service. Invidious di.tnio-
inn » would be out of place where all
did mi well. Every numb . givei
in. chi ut some i.i.w leatuie in he
t> on ol sue ed -ong. T e one
Hilult ehoir seemed tu be   ■! Iluir best,
and rendered the solo-, duettsaud
anthems iu such a »aya»tn touch
the heiirls and delight the large audience- The singing by tbe congregation in three weli selected Ne* Veai
hymns was also very hearty, A shuit
senium w.is preached hy the pastor
Btiited to the passing of the old year
and the birth of the new.
Cut Flowers
Chrysanthemums, Carnations and
other Out Flowers supplied by J, T.
Bealby, Nelson, B.C., (!' 0, Box 897.)
W A N T E I)
powers of sale contained in a certain
mortgage which will be produced by
the undersigned (default having heen
inaele in payment of the moneys there
by secured) tenders will he received by
tbe undersigned up till lil o'clock noun
of the 21st (Ly of January, num. for
the purchase of the follow ing property,
namely, all and singular that parcel
or tract of land situate ill the City of
llevelsloke in the province of British
Columbia, deserlbed us the North
East half ill Inia numbers (land 10, In
Ulock (I, aci'oriliitg to a plan of pad Of
the said City of Bevelstoke approved
ami confirmed at Ottawa the 21*1 day
nl October, IH00, by Edoward   IVville,
-Surveyor General of I nhm I. nuts
and of record In   tlm   Department   of
the Interior together with any build
ings or Improvements the eon.
The mortgagee may refuse to accept,
the highest or any tender.
Daled at Hevelstoke, II. (!., this-llth
day of December, 1IKW.
Solicitors for tbe Mortgagee_
A. H. SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Meals, 25c.
MEAL TICKETS.  •   $ 500
Don't forget our cheap sale ou all
Fancy China and Glassware for the
month of January. Twenty-live pel
ceut. discount.   C. B. Hume it Co.
A public meeting is hereby convened
to tie held in the opera house on Tuesday, Jan. 12.1009, preliminary to the
Municipal Elections about to be held.
The meeting will commence at 8
o'clock sharp.
Ohas. K. Lindmark,
The Season's Greatest
Musical   Event
Revelstoke Opera House
Orchestra and Concert Company
The   most   unii|tie and   brilliant.
musical organisation in tbe world,
Special elaborate scenic andeleo-
trleal equipment,
Scats selling at 0, K. Macilnnald's
Di ug fi  Hook St01«,
Prices:   $1.00,  75c, 50c.
A    in hold,   Apply to Mail Ueiald
illi.e. tc
TiOli. SALE Airtight Heater, self
I' feeder, Price $13- Apply Ma.il-
IIkk.m.ii, dec o
|.ioi! SALE—One bedroom suite,
J* nls»i one three-quarter iron bed.
All in lirsl class condition. Can be
seen between 10 a.m. and 6 p.in. Address l\ 0, Hox 72(1.
/ I OOD reliable business mini wanted
\ I to sell subdivision lotsatoneof
the most important Grand Trunk Pacific divisional points, Good eutiiluis-
siem allowed, References required.—
W. A. Campbell, Nanton Block, Winnipeg.
LUST -I! i seen Post Officii and Mc-
I'liad's ■ ■ - dunce, n fur - I'crsiun
l.uiib collar. Kinder please leave at
.Mail IIi._uu.ii.
rTTANTED   Bedrooms   lo let  for-
l V     nished, hoard il required, lerins
moderate.   Aoply A  Gain, 4lh street,
corner nf Mi Kenzle Ave.        ocl 21 lm
\TTANTED-A Hrst-rliiss Planernian
W uml fhst-dn.-s Edg irman. ;.Mus'
he first-class and able to look after
I heir own machine and turn out well
manufactured lumber, In replying
slate wages required, Address "K,
care of Mail Herald, Revelstoke,
Puolin not loo is hereby Klv<n to (.ho oleotorfl
ur tho Huinuipa Ity ol Ruveltitoko, tlmt I require Mm- picHinco of Lh' mild eloato - ai tho
i ny ci. ik - ••til■■<■. riiy Hall, MoKenme *vo-
nuc in th.' -1 id oity, on tne I nn day *>_ ,) mu
ary, H*9,mI Ii o'clock noon, fur thu purpnuu "f
.■i.*iii KperKoimto ronru ent hem In then unl-
■ ii.ul • iiiiiii il oh Miiyurni.d Aldermen,und lao
for ihu pui'i'O.iu »i ulucLlug ihreu Sehooll ru■-
The mode of nomination uf candidate!) h'ihII
bt* .i* fotiowtt:
The eaudldattw shall bo nominated in wri
lug; ilic h it ng shad be miIi-- iii"il hy i u
viMi-rs uf ihf uiuiii'i|i..iity ii- proi-om-r .'11
* tioHd' r, mid aboil i«- ii< bv- red loltu Ite in
iuk Officer ui any nun: hutweou tin dale ol Lhta
nutlet mul - p. in. ul the day of the nomination;
and in tho ov out of a full I ciuk uoi unwary such
pull will int opened on Thursday, the hit. daj
of January. 1809, In LheCt'y Clerk hoffice, In
the i Ity uf Itivclsiukc, and kepi opon betwoen
ibe hour of nun- o'clock In tbo forenoon and
ilu* hour of Heron o'clock in the afternoon, fur
taking aud recording the rotes uf the electors
of Hm. <aiii City, uf which ev. ry persou is hereby required to tako notloe and govern himself
Thn persona qualified to bo nominated for
and elected aa Mayor Khali bo such persoua .*-
are male Uritish subjects uf the lull ugo of
twenty-one yeara nnd aro notdisquallfiud under
any law, and havo been for tin* mx mouths
next preoedtng iho day of nomination tbe
registered owner in tbe Land KeKlstry Office ol
laud or real property iu tbe Oity of the assossed
valuu on tlie last Municipal Assessment Woll
Of One 'thousand Dollars or more over and
above any rogUtered judgment or charge, and
who are otherwise duly qualified aa municipal
'ibe persons qualified tu bo nominated for
and elected ns Aldermen .iliull be such persona
as are male British subjects of tho full ago ol
twenty one yeara andarenotdlsqualldod uuder
any law. and havo ''eon foi the six month?- n<ixl
preceding the day of nomination the registered
owner iu tlie Laud Registry Ollice, of laud or
real property in the City ui tho assessed value,
un the last Municipal Assessment Hull, ol i*iv<
Hundred Dollars or more over aud above any
registered judgment or ohargo, and wbo are
otherwise qualified as municipal voters,
The persons qualified to be nominated Cor
mm oleoma — ^>,.l;.i .Tnisteos shall be Bucb
persons a* are bquBeholaers and ooiun umu i,n
-'ili,iei!,-ol ilu: full iikc of twenty-one years and
otherwise qualified to vote at au eleotion oi
Sohool Trustees,
livery candidate nominated shall signify by
ii writing oocompau) lug tho nomiuatiou paper.
Ida consent lo suoh nomination! exoopi in case
such person be absent from tin- municipality
when such absence shall bo stated in the n nu-
uiuiun paper,
Kvery candidate nominated for Mayui or
Alderman shall, on or belore the huur ui two
p. iu. ui the day ul nomination, furnish the Ko-
turning Officer with h statement lu writing,
-peeiiying the laud or real property upon
wiucn tic qualifies.
Given under my band at Bovolatoko this 2nd
day ol January, i'Ju'J.
Itoturuing uttlcor,
Here's a Happy Couple
starting on the road to owning
property, and they'll be living
under their own roof, when
their friends will still be paying rent. We are offering tlieni
I bat within live years, will
double in value, (Ian do the
same by others, Best lots ill
vicinity, right along  the mod
to lmptoveraonts—Get on the
band wagon for Revelstoke.
Keal Mutate and Insurance Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that I Intend
io apply in ihe Superintendent of Pro*
vincbil Police for permission to transfer to Arthur Evana, of Beaton, B.C.,
the retail liquor license hold hy me in
eisp'-ct   of   the   premises   at  Beaton,
known ii- lhe Hotel Beaton.
Duted Dee. 81st, lims.
elecUO WM. BOYD.
All   kinds   of   new
Dm lets iu
Wah Chung, - Front St,
P, 0. Box, 2()(i.
Phone 2(',
Manufactured for all olassos ul building
for sale in targe or small quantities
ai iitu lowest prloea for cash,
All kinds ol buildlugaud plastering
Notice of Assignment
Notice Is hereby given that, pursuant in the "Creditors'Trust Deed Ad,
1901," and amend ng aels, William
Fleming of the City of Revelstoke in
the Province of British Columbia,
Livery Stable Keeper, did on the Hah
day oi December, 1908, assign ull his
personal estate, credits anil effects,
which may be sei/.ed and sold ttntlei
execution to Charles Holten of lue
said Oity of Kevelsloke, Brewer, for
the benelit of his creditors.
And nolice is hereby given thai a
meeting of the creditors ol' the Baid
Willi,uu Fleming will lie held in the
ollice of Glllan it Elliott., Lawrence
lllock, McKenzie Avenue, Hevelstoke,
B.C., on .Satuiday the 2nd day of Jan-
miry, 1008, at the hour uf 2.80 o'oli ck
in i he afternoon.
All persons having any claims
against the saiil William Fleming are
required to forward particulars of the
same duly verified, tu the assignee at
Revelstoke, ii. A, on ur before the
loth day of January, 19U9.
And iiiiiice is liei'i liy given that
aliei-lli.it dale, the ilssiguue Will proceed Ul di liiiiilii-llie proceeds ol llie
esL.ile, na.ing leg.iril only to tlio
claims of which lie slia.l have received I
nolice anil he will u.t be responsible
lor the assets, of any purt tiiereol >•'
distributed, to any p.is . oi pi 1113
ot .vliosic id-la ue sli.id mn l mn .,,..,- |
received noi ice.
Dated mis iBril duy 01 Deeuuiii      eli' 18.
feoiieiuus im Assignee
CUKlMK I'l'lu.N ill''  1,1c; l 1 I V
lil'   Kl',\ l-.i..-sil)i\l',,
Take notice lhal a sill ing ol' lhu
Court ol Hevision tu hunt* anil Ueler-
iniiii' any coiiijiliiluls or appeals
against the assessment uf rules or
frontage tax proponed to be ho ml und
imposed on tlie l.ttnls or real property
iili'ecled under lhe provisions of bylaw
No. 120, being known us "Local Improvements Boulevarding Assessment
liy-law No. 12C. 1000," will bo held in
the City Hall at the Cily uf llevelsloke
on Monday, the lib day of January,
r.HHI, al the hour of nine o'clock in the
A statement showing the land or
real property liable to pay the assessment therefor and the names of the
owners thereof as far OS the same can
be ascertained and theproposed assessment and report thereon of the City
Clerk arc now on lilc ill the ollice of
the Cily Clerk and open to inspection
by all persons during offlce hours,
And further take notice thai all
notices of appeal shull he served on
tbe Clerk of tlie Municipal Council at
least eight days prior to such Court of
Dated this 12th December, 10o«.
t'ily Clerk.
Revelstoke Land District.
West Kootenay,  ii. C.
Take Notice thai 00 days after date
I R. W. Lindsay of Camborne, li. I'.,
occupation, merchant, inteud to apply
ior permission to purchase the following descrilied lunils silu.'tted on Pish
River, Wesi Kootenay district.
Commencing at lhu north-east corner of A. D. .MacKay's pre-emption
No. 7,805 and marked "it. W, Lindsay's North-West Corner Post!" thence
S .Iiains to we-sL line of .MrKinnoii's
pre-emption; thence 50 ohoins south:!
tbenee 8 chuins east to MacKay's;
thence north oil chains to point of
coiiiinenceiiieiil, containing It) acres
11,ore or less:
Located Oot. loth, IIKW.
R. VV. Lindsay, Locator.
of John Smith,  lute  of   Malakwa,
in the Province of British Columbia,    Deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given  pursuant
io llie Trustees und  Executors Act,
lo all creditors of the estate to deliver
io the uuderslgued before tbe27th day
of  January,   (000,   full particulars of
claims, vciilied by Statutory  Declaration.   Alter such dale  the  Executor
will proceed to distribute  the assets
ace nding In law.
of Davie Chambers, Victoria. B.C.
Solicitors for the Executor,
Daled Ihis ITl.ti   duy   of   Deceiiielu,
A .D., 1008.
Notiee is hereby given that the
time for the reception of tenders for
Vernon, li, 0. Public Building has
heen extended to December 30ih,
Plans and specifications ure ulao lo
he seen at Victoria and Vancouver,
B.C. I'y Order,
Napoleon Tksbikb,
Department ol Publio Works,
Ottawa, Nov. 20th, 11)08.
Rovelitoke Land Dlatrict.
niiirini "f west Kootonay.
Take notice tiint I. C tt, lamb of Minneapolis, occupation mill owner. Intends to*
apply for permiaaion io purchase the following
i. aoribed bind
• ommenrtUg 'it a poit l'lnriied nt the inuth.
\ >at corner of Ioi 7641 and  aoribed*C. H
auib'a   hti.iib-en t  em-ner  pout.'  ihence   " !
uhalns north, tbeuce 90 chain* ■'      '   i-c -1
.'limns BOtlthi thonCC 80 eh mini i ■ *  ' ti. ;•    ill   .
oniMiPueoineni ami containing 10 u ^    more
0. B        Wllk.i .    LgUUt.
Dated November ^«tb, 1W8. 1
ruE puici:
So Clciir, So Shining and so Evident that ii
will glimmer through a   Blind   Man's   Eye
A Canadian  Made   .VritiniJ Machine
For case of oper ition and
peilection in the reimlta produced the " EMPIRE "
TYPEWRITER is unsurpassed.
The" EMPIRE" ernl odies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
iii"',i:! ilic e   . nc -.  dur
ability, visible    .iLing,   mini- '
mum of  noise   'n
make it   the   typewriter   par
rhe "EMPIRE"	
c ir" ■ ha ii  i ii
si-i'iu-,.    lien
io he cured Ior a l.-o	
al rung lines of simplicity lhal
are part, of the machine.
The C.P.R. began using the
EM I'I RIO Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The Sritish Government
" Frenoh Government
" Bank of Mc .treat,
" Merchants Sank of
■_..,-,. . _.i
oi •    ' ■'■ .:;-'i    li
The  Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us.
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
■_■___. -, i.• i, v.*» ,i:_^.-^ww*i..Jt>*^ jbh!*»*«
!? 1 ^ |j 3 *»<y
<4^>  -V,   ^,y!Ji.i,,f-l,     _J__,J__i..i  ..J....
i.l>    ,J»fc
All goods sold at cost and  under and  all   lines  placed   on  our Sal
must  go   legardless of cost.     Good staple seasonable goods
Ladies' Underskirts
si. Black
Just flounces for $ i ,oo
brck nn' ri ne si;
satin with  deep
ils   selling   at
llouiK'os   and
Flannelette Drawers
1 .s plain
4' ic. per
11ite-  drawers,
ir.  Sizes: i to
id years
We arc disposing of this seasonable
line ol goods at a 25 per cent,   discount.
These are this seasons best goods,
which sold at t6c. and i8c. per yard, now
selling at i -? 'Ac, per yard.
White undervests, regular  price  75c.
',",'. now 40c.  Sizes from 4 to 12 years
Heavy, wide width flannelettes,
iyic. a yard, now 7c per yard.
Odd   linos  and   remnants,  dress  goods,   furs, ..
mantles, child's wool jackets, child's head wear and
Must clear tliese lines to make room for new goods
oil' jackets, child's coats, Ladies'
nillinery  at your own price.
These prices are lor cash.
**nt mmmt^mmmmmmammmmK^Ki^i^mMcMmmmmmmm^MmmmmmnmammmBtntuum^
J£: To all our Customers and               ^»
..'*- -*&
fc Friends   wo   extend   the                _^»
■»- •-__*
S^ Season's Compliments.                   '^5
^ -%
^ Macdonald's £)rug a Book Jtore 2
As has been the custom in pust
years at the Christmas season, the
llevelatoke Club tbis Christmas past
disbursed over $100 in purchasing
Christmas cheer for tbe poor anil
needy ol the city. Tbe club 1ms bren
very liberal in its acts of charity, and
those who benefit by it cannot speak
too gratefully. Probably tbe little
girl referred to in tiie Observer as
wondering what the club was doing.
was anxiously awaiting tbe supply of
Christinas gift- from tbo generous
A. 0. Wheeler, president of ihe
Alpine Club, wne tendered a hampiet
last uight in the Y, ,M. 0, A. by tbe
local members of lhe club and their
friends. Owing to lho fuel tbat the
electric  lighting  scrvieo  wa9   nut  of
Weather Forecast
rbursday   Jan.   7.—For   2i hours:
Cold  aud  fair; probable continuance
• mpei iture; te np  max.   13 °
below zero; min. 22 -  below zero.
Local and General.
The cold snap is responsible for
several cases  of ''r sen I tigers, hands
and feet.
The carnival advertised for the 12th
instant has been postponed until
Friday, tbe loth
The gbonspiel   held  at  Golden an-
■ ly has been fixed foi :i date io the
. ■: ■■'eek in February,
lh' report of tbo anneal dinm r of
the   Kevelstoke   Independent     Uiim'
villi i*i   ...r iii v»\ir next   insole
Tbe Imperial Bank ol Cauad" has
leelared a dividend at tho rate ol 11
percent, per annum payabli on the
1st oi February     • ;t
nthly io. eting ol lhe
•   will tak    ;   ■;•' tumor-
:■■' .:';'   at -  i'cI ick in
W c aim to keep only tlie
beat in Groceries, A trial order
will be appreciated as we are
in save  you
convinced that we ci
Our Bread, Cakes and Pastry
arc made fresh every day, when
tired of your own baking, try
ours for a change, you will find
it very appetizing,
HOBSON & BELL, Grocers, Bakers
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Ollice on First Si., Opposite the Club
Runts Collected
Niitauy   I'l'l'.l.ll
To Charles F. Lindmark, Esq ,J
Mayor of tho City ol Kevelsloke.
Dcai' .Sir.—We, the undersigned, ratepayers of the City of Kevelstoke, bore-
by respectfully request you to allow
your name to be again placed in
nomination lor the ollice ol Mayor of
the city fur the ooming .year. We
appreciate the good work you have
begun iu the way ol permanent improvements, and believe it would be iu
the interest of tbe city if you would
undertake the c in pletion of the work
you bave begun, lu the event ot your
agreeing to our request, we pledge ourselves to use our utmost endeavors to
secure your return. And your petit-
liners will 8Vi r pray, etc.
■   Hall.
take :
- . .
Iii ed trains
n off I
and I el •
lei   I ■•: -■ '.viil please
•  '
S  . 1 and  - be;n„
utl   of January
Nice Five  roomed
House lor     $1,800
Mice   Six
House   fur
Houses at Reasonable
All kinds of  Insutv
Agents for the ccle-
KARN   Pianos and
Players.    Money   to
^tafc. -**■■■■
Kincaid  and  Anderson
onl tc-:ue, Insuranoe snd Financial Agents.     Money to Lorn.
VV. Cowan
IV. M. Lawrence
Walter Bews
E. A. Haggen
0. K. Macdonald
Geo. Knight
VV. A. Alldritt
VV. VV. Lefeaux
F. VV. Laing
H  N. Coursier
A. il. H. Slbbald
A.G. l'aget
J, A. Stone
I: I). Macdonald
W. Morrison
Vudrew Cowio
.1. I. Smith
K   A. Spring
It. H. Sawyer
li. .1.  Handbiiry
VV, A. Sturdy
C. Luudell
H. Armstrong, jr.
G. II. Brock
John Carmiohael
C. L. Austin
Jas. Fulton
H. Kempster
.). P. Forde
VV. A. Chambers
J. H. Armstrong
A   A. Brooker
1. H. Frets
.,!. P. Watson
It. II. Page
: H. R. Ackman
i F, B. Wells
R. Armstrong
l.'. 11   Palnn r
! .1. .1. .Smith
J  Smith
K   1.   Grimes
A     I-     Lur del I
'.    ..
I     \    I   ;.:■- .;,
'' • ■  -   .
J. I) Slbbald"
E. VV, B. Paget
T. E. L. Taylor
R. M. Hume
A Hobson
Iv. G. Mcltae
II. Laughead
H. C. Monis
DM. Rae
H. Manning
K. Squarehriggs
0. B. Pa gel
8. McMalion
A. .1. MeDonell
J. B, Crossman
1. Probyn
John Mclntyre
Wm. Morris
.1. A. Morgan
U.S.  Briegel
VV. J. VV. Brown
M. Anderson
A. Payne
-I. T. Telfer
,1. P. Hume
.las. Mathie
G. R. Hobbs
Wm. Thomson
.1. Morgan
W. G. Bradley
J, A. Maxwell
A   P. Sbaw
A, MeEaohern
J. Simpson
II. Mulholand
John Samson
I)   Brill
A    Greenwood
J. Wnlker
li. Walkden
c A, 11 irti
J. McGiunis
(i   Pel'rson
I ■.  Moln oil
I.   ' isbome
Mae Corlej
J. V. Mauley        J  R, Thornton
I). Gallicano Pedro Brueco
A. Blackboig Geo. Meiklejobn
.1. B, MoKenzie     8, Pesoatilli
Pedro Casciato.
In oomplianoo with the above
requisition 1 have decided to iigain
offer myself for nomination as Mayor
of this oity, and therefore respectfully
soUcit the public votes and Confidence,
You is Faithfully,
Guam. P, Likhmakk.
To tho electors of Revelstoke:
Ladies and Gentlemen—At the solic
itation of II large
I have, decided
candidale at the
to   bo   beld   on
number of electors
to  offer myself is a
approaching election
tne 1 li li Inst, for the
Owing A . -   '
11'.an i eing delayed i u Mi uda) uig] t    -
P Imatier   Sisters  who   were   to   i
■    i'veu   a   performance   in   thi        ■ . ..
a  ;i. use that night, were unal el      ling ad     --
.   ike the city  in   ;, iy n ..   A pi .       ....        . ,
•'   rni   g the same to McKu . here on Mouday, Jan. 11. mate! ..-.,-.
b cold.   ]
r next I Mrs, F. \|
', I 1ST—      :.. s    i .        sergi   -    I
-•.     i ne finder
■   •  erlai d
llrs    I   VI  Corley Mrs,  ',. I.,In,-..
N'orb rg
Curls  -,
Le ■
A    K
E, McKenzie
l   Woodland
I; Robinson
E Campbell
I), .lolinsnn
i ing   ■• :    t for the      nth
:'    ecember ol  the hospil    I ie neeu
banded in   Hospital days 508     pcra-
ti -      itdooi  patients  40; dress-
■ .s  134; index)      I   nts 39,
' ':■ I ;• ' igbt tl s Beavers and
<    th Stare   tt -.•■■   ball   teams
■ -•-   two   Uami  are i   w !:•_ fi r top
.   gui   .   tl is ,,i m is ex-
i ■ very fast one
V\ e are glad to beabli    . . ■-,   rt that
Ueet r   Wheeler,   son   ol   Mr. A. 0,
W heeler. F.B.0 3 VIpine  lame.
aking excellent very in the
spital from • -• vere »tt,.ck of
:. . boi I lever
I he .    Lai   i   I'    ncil
'■■■'■         ..*'. '.:.-;.      *:'e                 ■   i   .
nal 10    Kimtn r._.   as
■ : *rr »■ VV ard   Om    I   I   are
■ •■■-.-    • ■   reported   -■.; ; orting
.-.;. N! Leod ai   iajor.
■ • ;      •-..:-   utioi   ...-  passe I
l| t;
' I 'hat •;.'            '        ii the date ol
i    .'•     .. '      .'. '    .   . ith  ■     fan
; :     1909 lered and
i... .    ... -•■   • . md egisten -;.
rhe continued spell i f cold weather
liring tlie past week is rather reminiscent of old times in Revelstoke the
thermometer   hovering   around
-•i. li     f   ■-" '  and chiefly   below it.
.-•■a pei pie  are cl   i kling ovi r   • ■••
d ot the plun   e
All parent i and others interested in
schools   are invited ti   attei I
■  'i.M.c  A. on   Friday nigbt, Jan.
- at 8 o clock, it  being t he  occas
of a send off  to Mr A   E  Miller  ,, e
principal of the public school, who ia
leaving   Kevelstoke on  Monday  next
Macdonald  leads -   ;' Bhe
in   the   Provincial bouse ae
the fund
We extend to   one
und all   a Bright
und Prosperous
New   Year.
.1. A
Smith Curtis met  the members
cal   libera,   asti oil ,..-.,
ifternoon •■     liscu -.  ility
f bringing out  a  iii. u  I lal
■ontest tbe election oi the I!
ray lor, M.l' P      It   nu deoidi d
u .   jip.   ition wi ild I"- n i
All   British  Columbia   is  rejo
iver the   magnificent   succes    if the
Kelowna   fruit  whioh .    prin -
dpal priz tl the ap] • ih il
-, ikane recently V\ • ■ , n that in
. Iditi oi '. tho tl nun , - . ' .n for
.!. C„ the special \,t\/i ,,i |60, offered
or tbe nursery that supplied the tn es
that produced the fruit, »a- awarded
• . M, J, Henry, nursery man ol Van
ouver,    Henry's stoek is always iir-*.
Ull and e.in always he relied on
In n plj  lo a communication n .1
• ■-., iiion passed by the city council
ently in eonneotion with the IJ •
minion Government poatoffloo build
iug in tlni oity and the suggest.io i
".ule by the council that ft plebioite
i taken on the site, the Deputy
Minister of Public Works nt Ottav
has stated that the department will do
everything p saible to decide upon a
te loi a building whioh will be suit
le to ti"-  resident! of Revelstoke,
i in repl) all . staled that  tho course
I ->' d  ol a  plebioite  was  unpro-
'elite.I lo the department.
Social and Personal
'•   d  i 3und»i
VIrs B i. -
I " .        -.Liy
i lis        ipokane
»tro •   . ,-|,ii»'
I id a
R A. Upp           ield   - . rititoi i.
i- increased   i
-.-i-sil.ly .-inc.-   i  ,.,  to hisfs
v   :    'l|   ■       ite  principal ol tbi
public school . id non
lo' returned fi im   the o	
Mrs ,■ uter i nte
Merry-go-round Whist  Club   I., -
ling   it   her   residenee     \
pleasant evening wan spi nl
A, E Miller, late  prinelpsl of the
public achool and now  school  inspec
tor,  leaves  on   Monday   for Vernon,
where  he wul make his headquarters!
Mr and Mrs II Cunningham Morris
returned on ids , fi un Shuswap
Lake, Noti h Hill where thej ...
I"'1 " -I" ndli     . e holidays  with   Mr,
and Mrs. I,   1    Morris.
Mrs.   George   8.   McCarter    was    at
home Tuesday afternoon to a large
nun ber ol Mends. Progressive wiust
wa« thn feature ol the afternoon.
Dainty refreshments with recherche
serving concluded a pleasing social
function.   .Mrs. a. v. Andorson,  Mrs
II. Alien and   Vlisf   Duncan were |,.i/„
Miss Ann, Spainrist
ihafer John Anderson
M:>  Pettipiece
ollice nl' Mayor of the cily for 1909.
I am no stranger to most ol you,
having previously Idled the offices of
Alderman and Mayor, anil I am therefore familiar with the details of clvlo
In the matter of public expenditure
I think that strict economy .should be
practiced for a time, and only those
works wbicb ate essential to lhe stife
guarding of the health of tho city and
ensuring an ample watersupply should
Ins undertaken for the present'
Our rale of assessment and our taxes
are growing at an mormons rate, and
If we are to induce ndople to come and
make their home hero wo must shorf
tbem lb.it. the cost of living is reasonable compared with other places,
I ain in favor of tt reasonable course
being adopted in the administration
of tlie law in onr city, and in partiou'
lar will do all In my power to see that
the law again I tne Bale of liquor on
Sundays i-, enforced, and will be governed by public sentiment in all such
mat let's and not by private views.
1 do not wish to he elected on false
promises or on promise's that canne*l
lie carried out, but I appeal lo till
classes of the citizens for their support
and if elected 1 will give a clean administration of the city's affairs that
will meet the views of the electors.
Yours respectfully,
John McLeod,
Municipal Election, 1909
To the Electors of Ward Two;
Ladles and Gentlemen—1 am again
placing my name before you as a candidate for the Aldermanlo Hoard, and
therefore offer my services as representative for Ward Two in the Council of 1909. If ie-i'lectcd, 1 will endeavor, as in the past, to perform the
duties pertaining to that offlce to the
best of my ability and therefore respectfully solicit your vote und inllti
once.        Yours faithfully,
11.   fl.  S.UVYKlt
An Apology
We must apologise, to our readers
for the delay in publishing this issue,
i,oi ...vi,,,- io me fact tbat I be electric
light service is out of business and
other complications, we were unable to
get to press yesterday (Wednesday; as
usual.   Our next is.-ue  will   probably
be on Monday,
Jan.   11,   instead   of
A few pails and jars ol Mince Meat,
left, 28 pound pails, $3,75; Iii pound
pails, $11 pure, Iresh and the best on
the market.    0. B. Huiue A  Co.
Corn on the cob, in gallon tins, at
sS.lc; Pure (loavu Jelly, 10c per bottle,
and all kinds of Maple Syrup in bottles
and cans at prices to suit your purse,
C   B  Hume .V- Co.
*** *'«AftAftAft.^AftAftAft&ft%&AftAftr^AftAftAftAftAftAftr%AftA^
*T- An
To all oiip
and Friends
we wish the
| .1. (il  Y   BARBER,
* .1 RWKIiEK.
,.,_.   —i .'.'. i ii* —t>_a__-B--____——__ai_—<^—_—___, tt __— i*..ii>i.'   '■. i m mi wmmKttmtmmm ___-i
[January Clearance Sale
We \v;tni to clear all winter fjoods before making our
inventory, and to do so we arc making great reductions in all
lines of winter goods, as well as many others. The coldest
part ol lhe winter is still before us, and this i.s an opportunity
to get the goods you require at substantial reductions.
Comforts and Blankets
I' idcrdowti Comforts regular $ii   do now $7 ^u
Heavy Comforts, with frill       " <s .so   "      5 50
Wool   filled  Comforts " S 5<-»    "       3 5°
Cotton  filled Comforts " 3 00    "       2 23
Blankets in 61b., ;lb. and Sib. weights at similar reductions.
Gowns and Underwear
25 per cent. o(( all Flannelette Gowns and Underwear.
We have a lot of children's night gowns that came in very
late, in striped, pink, blue and white. On these we arc
quoiing special prices.
Furs at One-third to One-half Off
What wc have remaining of our furs we have marked for
quick sales, in many cases at less than wholesale prices. If
you arc thinking of buying a fur it will pay you to come and
see us before buying elsewhere.
This store i.s full of good tilings at low prices.
McLennan & Co,
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
Pipes  in
and made
besi  and largi
Original   Mac's
expressly   for
st  Stock
ns by D.
of Cigars and
now  on   hand
K. McPherson.
Dry Cedar, 111 inch lengths, lull cold of l_iS cubic feet—$5.50  per  cord.
Dry Hemlock, Id inch lengths, full cord of 12S cubic feet—$7 per  con'..
Special quotations on four foot wood and on large
orders for stove wood of any length,
This conl is eijual lo any domestic soft coal on Ibe market, Nu
clinkers, and makes very littlu
$8.60 per ton
Manufactured from bard conl,
The best ami cheapest fuel on
tlm market. Free sample given
to any who have not. tried it.
$8.75 per ton
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Slock. Markets in iill the prlnci
pal Cities, and Towns of Alberta. British Columbia and the Yukon,
Packers of the Celebrated Brand " Imperator" Hams and Bacon'
and "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Laid. '
I oniinut'il from PaKO One.
J,   MoQregor,   L. Shaw, M. Drown, B.
Recommended —V. Andenon, VV.
Kill ton, A. Burridge, A. 1'age, 1). Kraser. T. Camozzi, M. Cuiuozzi, VV.
Blainey, J. McLeod, F. l'ugsley.
High Kirnl Primer to Low Secoud
Primer—U. Forde, W. Kai, H. Brad-
Bhaw, B, Scott, L. Lee, I). Hume, Gi
Hanson, I). McKenrnt, K. llrnnstroin,
II. Niched*, I. Calder, L. Briggs, F.
Oooke, D. Porta, A. Casbato, T. Blan-
toucbe, B. HuRsclton, IS. Moran, M.
McLeod, li. Sanderson, I'. Curveon, A
Low Kirst Primer to High Kr-I
Primer, Division IX—P. Skene, 0,
Casbato, M. Taylor, M. Lyttle, A. Cn
shato, II. MoDonald, F, Porta, M.
Goodwill, B. Kenwiird, VV. McRae, J,
Pugaley, It. Lawo, 0. Stone, J. Allen,
II. Curveon, M. McLuin,T. McGregor,
K. Bourne, F. Lewla, D, Laing, L
Goodwin, D. Bruce, li Fleming T.
Ilii'l  ucbe, M. Daiomi, T, Minoti
Reoom mended—L. Bongard.
Division X—0. Lundell, E.Tapplng,
II Bradshaw, ,\. Gooh, 0. Manning,
A -isi -, B.Neodham, M. McCleneghan,
A. Fleetham, 13. Hay, L. Fulton, J.
Goob.O, Field, G, Field, G. Porter, 0.
Jobm-on, N. Bruce, F. McDonald, L.
Hobson, L. Manning, 0. McKinnon,
D. Sniythe, D Garland, A, Daniels, M.
Goodwin, 0. Davis, A. Granetrom, F,
Watson, A. Lumb, C. Hanbury.
Mr. antl Mrs. H. N. Coursier entertained a large number of friends at
tbeir residence on New Year's eve.
ilic old time element was particularly
strong, and such gatherings tend to
greatly cement the boud of union between old timers as well as new
comers. Cards and other amusement.'
were carried on until midnight, when
the New Year was ushered in in tho
most appropriate fashion. Dancing
brought a most enjoyable evening to
r. close.
60   YEARS'
Trade Mark*
Anronn lending * nkntoh and description m»T
qiilcklr MWUIn our opinion free wlioiisnr __u
IriTentt— ...,  ,.,.
I mm itrlotlr nonddentfal.
iunt trm9. Oli
j^.-..._,.., .unu. imnuDUUA uu raieutv
auu hd^ oine« airfner fur iecurinir palonta.
pBtentii taken tbroueh Munr A Co. reoelri
tptciol notice, without 0har8e, in the      ™°«™
$:ieti:;jic Hmericam
A b«ntli"™elT Uluetralwl wunkly. Liirin-»t clr-
minrm cf arr ■ciouotio Joiu-tmi. _rerma tor
CmJu''. ' .75 .. your, pomaRO prepaid. Ssja tij
all neWBUoalon. '


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