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 The Mail-
Vol 13.-No 32
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Your Boy's
The money yon spend for Hoy's Clothing
in just as good as any other money you spend,
and you may as well' spend it profitably.
clothing to spend it on.
The fabrics are all wool, fashionahle
patterns, double elbows, shoulder pads,
French facings, concave shoulders on (.'oats,
and double seats and  knees  on  Trousers.
Absolutely the BEST and STRONGEST garments made.
They cost the same as inferior garments, plus the trouble of
asking for " LION BRAND."
To fit any figure, at any figure.
B. C. Corsets, the acme of Corset
Short Tape Girdle Corsets.
Short Back Corsets for slender
Long Hip Corsets, strongly built
lor stout people.
Stout Ladies'   Corsets, all sizes
up to 36.
Nursing Corsels.
C. B. Hume & Co.. Ltd
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
Has arrived again and we are prepared for it, having just
received a full car of all kinds of Paints, Raw and Boiled Oil,
White Lead, Varnishes, Baplac, AlabaBtine, Agate Wall Finish
and Kalsomine.
We have also received two cars of Mixed Hardware, which $.
completes our stock and puts us in a position to supply all **
your Spring requirements in the Hardware line. 4*
Mail Orders receive prompt attention. x
Dealers in Hardware, Stovet and Tinware, Minen', Lumbermen'!
and Sawmill Supplies, eto,, Plumbing and Tinimithing.
Immigration Largely Increased
—Reforestration a Serious
William Whyte, second vice president ol the C, P. R., who is making a
tour of impection ol western lines,
states tttat the preient year will Iar
eurpaes any previoui year in the number ol immigrants locating in the weet
and in Britiah Columbia especially.
The stream baa eet in and their transportation ie a dillicult problom, every
train being thronged with tourists and
intending settlers. Tl.e influx ol
settlers to Saskatchewan and Alberta
ia making an unheard ot demand on
the lumber tiade in B. C. and thil
business sliould uesuimi immense dimension! during the year. ThoCPR,
ia deluged with applications (or care
by British Columbia lumbermen and
tl.o tusk ol accommodating them ii
viry lerioua.   lu connection with the
lumber industry, Ms. Whyte touched
on a subject that will loon likely engross attention ol lu.nbern.on throughout the province, namely, reforestra
tion, "Some effort should be made/'
he aaid, "at once in this direction,
with the tremendoue amount of timber whioh ia being cut in the province
annually it will not be a great time
belore the supply ia exhauated. Tim
ber ia one of the greateat reaourcea of
li. C. and I think the government
should take up the matter of conserv
ing it without delay, The supply may
seem inexhaustible now, but unless
something la done in thia direction
thore will aoon come a time when
there will bc very little lelt. Th.
subject of reforestration ia a serioua
ono and I lo k lor somo action in thia
direction before very long"
The C.I'.R. i» paying great attention
to Oriental trado development with
Canada, which development meant
immenie Imiiromtinciital trulli.'. both
In Which Fiiteen
Narrowly Escape Death-
Rotary Knocked off Track
and Lost.
The Golden Star of the 20th says:
The C. P. ll officials were kept busy
this week owing to an epidemic ol
slides in the vicinity of Golden. The
largest and probably the most destructive occurred 4(i milea west of hero,
and very nearly r-suited in lhe loss of
several lives.
It appears, Irom account! gathered
when the occurrence lumpen..!, that
the workmen were anid lously removing a previous one 300 feet long and
12 feet deep from a p int midway between No'a. 11 and 12 anuwslieds when
a warning cry of "slide" was shouted
from the lookout guide The warning
cun.e nun too soon, but not quite
sullicient to allow fifteen Japanese and
one white man to escape from being
caught und curried down with it. On
the Hrst slide both the snow plow and
rotary were working at either end of it,
the fo mer on the west lide and the
latter ou the east side. On being noli
tied of the coming of the second slide
the men immediately scattered in
eil her direction, some taking the 12
tunnel and the Ji.pane e contingent,
with Herb Cn-sidy and George Boyd
in the lend • accompanied by tlie
rotary, made lor cover to No. 11 shed.
Mr. Cussidy i.utile covet alright, but
not ao with Mr. Hoyd who waa caught
by ii large piece ol sn iw hurling him
a abort, distance down the hill. The
liftecn Japanese and the section mi...
were not so fortunate, but were completely trapped and carried down
with the rapidly moving slide on its
wild race, The slide, besides taking
the Japanese, also took a portion of
No. 11. shed and the rotary plow.
Upon finding the Japanese, carried
away, the remaining workingmen
hurrird to thc rescue of tbe entombed
men, .verlooking the section man at
the time, He was not mined until
about 15 minutes later, when a
renewed search waa made and the
missing men located two feet under
neath the -lide in a I.nii el and
suffocated .Lndition,
The rotary plow was completely
carried away, not even a trace ol it
having yet been found.
A number oi the men were taken
to Ihe hospital for slight repairs; n.ine
ol the men were aeveiely injured.
Tbe i.a. Revelstoke will in all probability, be brought up Irom her winter
quarters next week, to assist in tbe
repair of tbe breach in the wing dam.
Sh" will be used for towing scowl of
rock, etc.
Railway subsidies to the extent of
about $1,000,000 have been presented
to the Federal parliament. Among
the British Columbia lines are the
Nicola, Kami..ops & Similkameen Coal
,t Railway Company, from SpenceB'
Bridge In Nicola Lako, 47 iniles;
Midway & Vernon, Irom Midway to
Vernon. 15 mile,; Wellington to
Union Bay, 55 miles; Edmonton.
Yukon & Pacific, 50 iniles from Ed
F. Dillinger, railway expert, haB
be-n enmmisaioned to make a thorough investigation of tbe trallic con-
ditinna in Western Canada lor the
C.P.R. He will confer with H. A. K.
Drury, aasistant engineer to the railway commissioners.
The Great Northern Railroad has
decided to accept the two cent passenger fare and commodity rate schedule
passed bp the U. S legislature. The
other roadi will probably take similar
action, Both lawi go into effect May
Supt. Jamieaon, of the C. P. R., aayi
that the Sunday observance law will
make a difference of 15 percent, in the
mileage of the railway every month
and that it meani a lou of three days
in hauling goods across the continent.
The conditions at preient n ight be
bettered, but under the obiervance act
it will be much worse and will place
thii portion ol Britiih Columbia in a
very disadvantageous position in the
matter ol height fron. the eaat.
The Pacific mail ateamer Mongolia
ran aground on Monday near Mayeda
Lighthouse, in the Nayoke province,
Japan. The accident wae caueed by
the veeeel trying to avoid collision
with a eailing ship. Her position will
probably admit of her being safely
towed from the rocki. The Mongolia
hai a regiitered tonnage of 13,639.
Thia ia the second time within the
paet twelve months that ehe lias been
on the rocki.
A most liberal pension system (or
railroad men haa juet been put into
force by the 8anta Fe railway company. Thirty thouBand employee!
employee! have been made happy by
it, for they all look forward to being
retired on a lair competence if they
live to the age of 65. Unlike moat of
the systems adopted by other railroads
thii ii ao graded that the poorest paid
cmployeea get proportionately the
largest pensions and the high salaried
men cannot get more than $75 a
month. There are considerable more
thin 500,000 persona eligible to benefit
by tho various schemes upon attaining
the prescribed ago and the appropriations made annually bythevarioui
railroads (or pension purpoiei reach
an aggregate ol approximately $11,-
Probable Famine if Coal Strike
not Settled Soon
Camiaky, Alta., April 23.—Calgary
wholesalers aud  .........fuelun-rs when
interviewed regarding coal situation,
report it as most Beriotts. One prominent firm stated that if tbe railway coal
supply gave out and a tie-up resulted,
there would be a Ian.ine from Edmonton to MacLeod and Lethbridge. Tbey
wore sure the grocery supply on the
Calgary and Edmonton branch could
not last more than five days. The
wholesale booses here have large stocks
bui much ol it is perishable.
P. Burns & Co. ure shipping cattle
to Vi...cn.ver ae fast as possible, anticipating a tie up This is done at
great expense and results in great, loss
to Calgary in feed and supplies. A
two eeks' tie-up on the railroads
would put many linns out of business
it was reported.
Most manufacturing plants have not.
more than a week's supply of coal on
hnnd, and then must close, throwing
hundreds out of employment. The
city is well supplied for water works
and lighting plants.
During Struggle, Says Hon. R.
L. Borden.
Ottawa, April 23.—In the House
yesterday during n discussion on the
western coal strike and the situation
resulting therefrom iu which the western members called lor immediate
uction to prevent, the recurrence of
such a slate of ..Hairs as prevailed in
the west biat winter. Hon. R. L. Borden, leader of the Opposition declared
that if necessary the Government
Bhould take over thc operation of the
GuKi.PH, April 21—The Spring
assizes opened yesterday belore Mr,
Justice Riddell. In the manslaughter
charge against conductor Thompson
und engineer Reed, of the fruit special
whicli Collided with a pusaenrer train
mar Gounock last Septemtier, the
jury brought in a true bill.
Victoria April 23.—Atlarney-Gen-
.'inl Fulton lell down stairs at liis
boarding house yesterday morning
and broke a rib. He attended the
house most of the day hot in tlie eve
ning B-iwsertook charge ol his bills.
A special meetiugof the city council
was held on Saturday night with
Mayor Brown und Aid, Howson, Stone,
Abrahunison and Siwyer present. The
minutes of tlie last regular meeting
were adopted as read. Notice of the
special meeting read as follows:
"A miet.ing cal cd to reconsider and
finally puss and adopt the Sewerage
by-law, which received its third reading on April 12. To consider the
report of tbe Fire, Water and Light
committee, re consulting engineers,
purchase of new water tank and general business."
Communications were received (rom
Cliief of Police, reporting tire alarms
O. K—Filed.
From R. Gordon, su| erinteudent at
the power house, applying lor leave of
absence for two weeks.—Referred to
Fire, Water and Light committee to
report at next meeting,
From engineers giving prices for
making plans for new power plant.—
From provincial aecretary, acknowledging communication from council.
From Hon. R. McBride, acknowledging communication from council.
From resident! on Third street, applying for the conetruction uf ilde
walk.—Referred to Publio Worki
A notice wae handed to the council a
few minutee prior to the session,itating
that application would be mado to the
Supreme Court of British Columbia
Ior judge.uent against the by-law No.
97, recently passed Ior tl.e installation
ol an addition to the water and light
plant, on the grounds that it was
illegal, signed G. S. McCarter.
The matter was warmly dismissed
and it wai finally moved by Aid. Abra-
hamion and seconded by Aid. Howson,
that tho notice ol G. 8. MoCarter to
take proceedings to quash by-law No.
97, be referred to the city solicitor,
W. I. Briggs, with instructions to advise the council as soon as possible.—
The contention is that a by-law
muit not include two or more subjects
ol expenditure,
Moved Aid. Howson, seconded Aid,
Sawyer, that the report ot the Fire,
Water and Light committee ot April
18 be received and Hied —Carried.
Moved Aid. Sawyer, seconded Aid.
Howson, that lho by-law to provide
means ol ascertaining and determining what land and real property will
be benefitted by the construction ol n
aewerage syatem in the oity according
to the plana now in possession of the
council, be now reconsidered and
finally pasaed and adopted by the
council, and that the same be signed
by tho mayor and sealed with the seal
of the Corporation of the City of
The meeting then adjourned,
Port Blakely Lumber Factory
Did Damage Amounting ot
$750,000.—Fire Nowl Under
Phut Bi.ukely, April 24,—-Shortly
before midnight a hot box sot the
planer nf Hie Port Blakely Lumber
manufactory, the biggest on the coast
uud one of thc biggest in the world,
nil lire. Two hundred men, with
Iwen.y hoso were bard at work subduing the Humes all morning. Three
hundred workmen on the night shift
lied for their lives. The lire is now
under control. The damage is csti
mated at $750,000. Port Ulakely
houses wore saved,
Fraser  River  Improvements
Take up Large Sum.
Ottawa, April 20.—Appropriations
for British Columbia which pasted tbe
Houae yesterday were:
Claycquot. .vest coast ol Vancouver
Island, wharl, $2,000.
Courtney lliver, linprovcn ents,
'.'.-user River, ship canal improvements, to provide for full and final
settlement of T. F. Sinclair's claim lor
compensation for losses sustained in
connection willi the exploitation of hil
Pitt Itiver qu .rry l.y the Public Works
Department, 181)2 lo 1906, inclusive of
interest accrued at 5 per cent, on each
amount allowed by the deparliiient.il
Board of Arbitrators iu payment of the
quantity of el.me extracted in a fiscal
year, viz.: From the end of such year
up to the dale of payment, $14,000.
Fraser River .vhurvea, $10,000.
Fraser River, protection work at
Maisqui, the local government contributing un equal amount, $5,00').
Kootenny River, removal of boulders
Iron, channel between Kootenay
Landing and tho International boundary, $2,500.
Pitt River, siibsiti.tion of a two-
hundred-and-thirty-foot through truss
(or the original one-hundred-and-
thirty-two-foot truss of draw span on
the Canadian Pacific bridge, inclusive
of accessory wprks, re vote, $55,085,
Quatsiii.i, wharf on nortli Bide of
inlet, $1,500.
S.ilm m Arm, Shuawap Like, wharf,
Woods and Long Lakes, Okanagan
district, opening boat channel between
these lakes, etc., $5,000
Further amount Ior sii'-y.uy steamer
for the Pacilic coast, $5*1,..--0,
J. R. M. Greenfield, Puitolllce inspector, salary increased lo the ... xi-
muni class.
Cranbro.ik, public building, $7,000.
Darcy leper station, quarters foi lepers, $3,000.
Nelson, public buildings, improvements, including fittings, etc., $1,000.
New Westminster, Drillhall, to provide Ior interest accrued at 8 per cent,
per annum, according to the terms of
contract entered inlo with David Bain
Ior the construction of building on
balances remaining, due on the final
estimates between March 25 and October 6,1896, date of last payment to
contractor, in full and final settlement
of all claims, $111.
Quesne), public building,$2,000.
Vernon, public building, $5,000.
Victoria, Postollice alternations,
Victoria, immigration building, inclusive ol aite, $26,000.
William Head, quarantine station,
launch, etc., additional amount,
Hevelslokc has mado repeated requests for a new provincial gaol. The
Premier himself lius been approached
eeveral times on the matter, ...id when
visiting here recently assured the different bodies who waited on him thut
the matter Bhould bo looked into und
something done in compliance with
tho lequests of tbo people, We still
have our old gaol, or au apology for
one and an evidence of tlio disgrace to
co.nni.in docency and humanity in
allowing su.-b a building to be in existence in Revelstoke at all was demonstrated last night, when the disgusting
and vile language ul a semi-intoxicated
prisoner, who wai confined in a cell
adjoining that ot a woman, could be
heard all down the street. Apart
Irom that publio sentiment is outraged and should rise up and take
steps to rectify this state of affaire.
Revelstoke and her position demand a
building Buitablc to the purpose, and
the old eyesore now in Uso should be
consigned to the ash heap.
Quaker Brand Canned Goods, Ashcroft Potatoes
and Vegetables, Wheat, Barley, Bran, Shorts, Chop
Feed, Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness, etc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
PRICE $600
Corner Lots are very scarce,
and to secure this site you musl
not delay.
Offices :—Molsons Bank Building.
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
y first St. Op. lion iei d
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Branches iu the Provinces nl Mauitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan.
British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Capital Paid Up ....   14,700,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       I4,7oo,ooo.oo
D. R. Wii.kik, President; Hon. R, JAFFRAY, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United Slates and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections,
Savings Department
Deposits received and Inteiest allowed at current rate from date
of opening account, and compounded four tunes a year.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Conference agrees to Creation
of New Department
London*, Kng., April 22.—The Colonial Conlerence hai unanimously
agreed to support the creation ol a
now permanent department ol the
Colonial olliee with an Independent
secretariate to deal with mutters ol
general Imperial interest, and alio
decided to hold Imperial Conferences
every four years, the new department
dealing with questions arising at intervals between thc conference!. A
central staff, whose duty will be to
deal with matters of Imperial defence
will alio be constituted and include
repreaptativce of all the self-govern-
Cauliflower, cabbage,  lettuce, car-
roll and onions.   C. II. Hume & Co.
Negro Found Dead-Face Badly
Battered and Bruised
Victoria, April 28.—Considerable
excitement hai been  created   in thii
neighborhood by the finding of the
body  ol  William  Tyrrell,  an  aged
I negro living  alone on   Spring Ridge,
I under circumstances   that   have a
[strong suspicion that Ibe man came
j to hii death by foul play.  Two arrests
have been made     The dead man wai
lying  face downwardi  in hii night.
clothes when found, and a stout club'
was gripped iii bis hand, ai though h/d
had   been defending himself agab/it
somebody.  Hia face wai badly braised
and .wollen. The one point! to direct
A new icoek of   Ideal Waterman's
Pens at Bews* Drug Store, Gbc fltaiMberalb.
Incltili. : p.-;m    a England, United Slat*.
.: 11 mado.
By the year [through i-u.-'.oilic..-]   12.60
Hall     "       " ■'           1.50
yti.irt.-r "
J JU   HtNllNG promptly executed a. reason.
lK-M-     .-':..   .- .1 - inptloni payable in nil
-. .-
m IRREsPOXDENCE Invited .... mattera ol
■   :■ --.    .   ■";.- ■ ■      M   IDF   I"   Kfli-
•-   KX-orripa.iie.1  bl   oul      .:
■' f -. f   I doo - >:;'> :.- mil
-   - -•: .-..-od flii'.h.   Con-,-       ■    ,
.     .....•■■
....   •
..--..- ai ■     I .     ..'II.*.
■-..'-      11*.
... ....    ,-...  I:.   ,;   nl
manner, Kev.-lsl. ke is well endowed
with natural road bull ling matorial
and the total c. st ol the work shuuld
not ne excessive 'I'l"' citizens -1
Revelstoke deserve com: endation im*
thc spirit of progress they display, us
evinced iy (In- Improvcme -is already
municipally owned niul ii is to be
hoped iln.t this desire for the welfare
..I our ..-ity wiil continue,
,ii.'its, Etc
1*1 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Murphy,
Harold Fisher
, il.I.AN ft ELLlOri".
Barristers, S-ilicitors, Etc.
i:l.VKI.s|...;.: isr ll'.ii'l I.VKI-: 11. (J,
F. c. Elliott,
Office* : IMI'KRIAL  Ha.vk Hlock,  Hkvkl
'stoke, B.C.
Money to loan.
Offices: Rerelitoke, B.C.; Cranbrook, B, C.
Geo. 3. McCautf.b,
A. M. 1'ISKlU.M,
Kcvei.-iokc, B. 0.
J. A. Hauvkv.
Cranbrook 11. 0.
J. M. Scott I.L.1) W, I. Brims.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
jsol1citors for molsons bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Asaays ol all Ore., Samples by mail or express
receive prompt attention.
Term, Moderate.
Aoop.E-a     ■     •    •    Box isi Kaslo, II. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sutveylng
McKenzie Avenue.
Box KJO, Revelstoke,
.Member   American    Institute
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Prints of Land. Timber Limits, Mines,
Mill* and Buildings prepared in shape
for submission to prospective investors
or purchasers.
Cbe fl&aiUlfoevalb
■■ 1 woul . . . earnestly a vi-Mlic-m for
their iocs! to or,:-: M.f- f .;.-.- in be |,.'[f.-n..iliy
aerved up. and to Oe ICKji... i upOD as a pan of
tht tea equipage."—Addison,
Several   municipal    improvement
propositions are now under oousidera
Aa the result of persistent effort, all
express companies opi rating in C.ui..-
i have b. en placed under the jurisdiction of the Board of Railway Commissioners. As a consequence, all laritf
for service within Canada must be
submitted and unproved before May
lit, 1907. Charge! affecting carriage
between Canada and any other country
must be submitted and approved
before July 1st. Many complaints
regarding this service have been made
and it devolves upon those who huve
..tiered iron, unfair conditions to file
tbeir objection*: ut once in order Ihnt
proper representation mny be mi'do I
the b .ar I.    Tbo rutoa which will be
opproved during the next few months
will  loi.bt romam operative lor..
c ...side-able ii......    It is accordingly
most important that .til the light
possible le thrown on the subject now
belore it is too lato, while thero is still
lime for action,
In these days, when the wealth cl
Canada ia phenomenal owing to western development, tl.e contributions of
nur mines and the development of
other of our magnificent resources,
which arc now attracting the eyes and
pockets of practically the whole world
to British Columbia, it is important
that every Canadian, especially every
young Canadian, should ask himself
seriously, what he is doing with liis
share of lhe genciul prosperity and
whether he is throwing it uway in
high living or carelessly letting it run
through his lingers in a thouiand and
one unnecessary little expenses, by
which it is lost to him forever. A few
dollars in a savings bank or in a safe
investment, or in a home, is ui good
seed us ever was sown. Out ot it grow
quickened energies, firmer courage,
more stalwart thought and hope, more
orderly citizenship, education for the
children and the independence that
lilt aimless, hopeless drudges up to
true manhood and true womanhood.
Bounty  on  Panthers Wolves
and Coyotes.
The lasl issue of the li. C. Gazette
givea ollicial notice! of tl.e following!
Uon. II. G, Young to be acting
Minister of Mines in the absence ol
Hon. R. Mcli.idc.
A proclamation is issued oxti ...ling
the close season for elk in the Kooteuay country until Muy 10,1909.
Notice is hereby given that ll bounty
of $7 .'.0 will be paid on every panther,
$.") ou every wolf and $2..'ill on every
coyote, killed north of tliu filth
parallel ol latitude, whioh parallel is
marked by Franooil Lnke und the
Neohaoo River, Such bounty will be
paid on a certificate of a justice of the
peace that such animal wns killed l.y
the person claiming the bounty and
iln.t ibe skin of such animal was produced to him, The government agent
or other official paying tin. bounty
shall pun I. it hole in the left ear of
the animal, the bole to bo not less
than -.in- quarter ..I un inch in diameter and any suoli liolo in any cur of
any skin shall disqualify any such
skin [rom bounty,
Survey Being Made for Electric
Railroad   Between  Vancouver and Boundary.
SUMAS, Wash., April 21!.—A report
has been given out this morning by a
prominent railway official, cm ecied
with tbe building ol the liritisb
Columbia's tram line between here
and Vancouver, that as soon ns the
route has been surveyed, engineers
will commence a. urvey between here
and Bellingham for an electric line to
be built Iron. Bellingham south. The
Sumas-Vancouver line will be permanently located this month, and
will run parallel to tbe Great Northern now under construction between
those two points. This new electric
road is a brunch of the C. P. R. iys.
ten., to meet the Harriman lines at
the boundary here.
Tariff Reform is a Dominant
Chicago, April 23—A dispatoh from
Omaha Bays the Democratic National
platform of 11108 of William Jennings
Bryan, who controls the convention
will not demand absolute Government
ownership ol railroads. This was
authoritatively announced yesterday
by James C. Dablman, national committeeman from Nebraska. The statement is in tbe nature of an official
announcement, for the reason that
Dahlmau is in close touch with Mr
Bryan, uml recently has been in c n-
ierer.ee with him over the plans and
policies of the forthcoming campaign,
From the same source it is state.l
that tariff reform will again become a
domicant feature of the platform,
Mr. Dablman suys the prominent
planks in Mr. Bryan's declaration of
That's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soup Factory west of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
wasbii.gareeasy with itshelp.
And the money saving is tbe
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Royal Orown Wrappers. Send
for it—Free—Also try tbe
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Fit-Reform Grey Worsted Suits
are novel in every respect.
The designs are the very latest
—the fabrics are durable—the
tailoring, masterly—the fit, perfect
—and the styles, irreproachable.
If one of your new spring suits
is to be a Worsted, it certainly
ought to be a Fit-Reform
><k>oo-o-o<xh><*m>o-o-o<*- ooooo-o ckx><
Look Well! Fee! Well!
1).. you enjoy that well diessed feeling? We all know what
il feels like to be hot, to be old, nr to be tired, und it is
Justus true that we all know what it feels like to be well
dressed, ll feels good, and it's good to feel good. You can
never be well d.-cssed if your clothes are not made by the
right mnke.-.
Got to know wc handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and yon will find what a pleasure and satisfaction it is tu be
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats  SIS, SI8, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, 120, & t28
Right Overcoats, up-to-date-Prices: SIS and $20
Special Trousers $5 and 16. a
Tailoring is our business.   We make a man look well        A
and he known it. Y
..Cressman  and Morrison.. 5
><KK><HK>0<H><KK><KK>0<H><H><) OOO?
McKinnon I Sutherland
t%"*A%t*H%n«Mivt-»«t'M%n4 %**•*%■%.% 1
Kit Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons'l Etc., Juhn
Doero Ploughs, Muliuo Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Plauot jr., Garden Seeders aud CultiTiitors, Wheelwright nnd Blacksmith Work attended to. Hor.-o Shoeing a
IncoriHirated by Acl cf Parliament, ISM,
Wm. M.II.W..N MAOPHBHBON, Pies. 8. H. EwiNO, Vlc-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manage.',
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Sixty-two bi'.tnhes in Omul-, mid  Ataini.u in all pi.'U o    the
Interest credited four limes a yeur.it current rales on Savings
Hank deposits, until further notice.
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
r. **%'V**%**%%*%*******rt'tUV%%V»*VV|l
f P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED. '
HEAD OFFICE: Calgary, Albkrta,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
('•>rk Packers and Denier   in Live Stock.   Markets in all .Mir principal Cities antl
Towns nf Alberta, liritish ummbia and the Yukon.  Packers of the CeUbratcd Brand
\   "Iui .Titur" Hams and Baecn, and Shamrock Brand, Leaf Lard. ^
tiou by the city council, either in their j principles will concern trust, and the
Ivanc ■   tagi     else in future, al- tariff state regulation, the railroad
..  igh not very far  distant,    Prob- ownership plank of course, being con-
ably ever)    ti   . -.-...  haa at heart the spiououa by ita absence.
■' ■ .• city  - I le ised with tin ' *""
The statistician has been al work
Not iro N heroby given I hai 30 dnys nfter date
1 intond to apply to tho Ch!
il Works
owing  uentimei
-     :       Bide   '■'■ i If
1' m 	
town       tie i l8ai» |ll'd tbi-a tirai hi    is I gured i ul
is pre        t topi
afford  t .    ""  '•'• < -    ■  ■ ■> >■ .-' d   and divided
■.  *       > enl     70 yea
Landa and Works i'or a special licenso to cut
and enrry away timbor fnnn the following de*
Bcribod landH situated In tlio Lillooel District,
13 Commencing nl n posi p'nntcd on the
woat sldo of siiiaII stream running south nnd
iribul it*v tothe north fork o( S'oi hi riert
Lnko nnd aboul four miles :.- rth U w the
fnrk-. mnrked "A. McConncir*- N W ornor
Limil Nd. 13, KM er Cr i, riinnliigl6fl
..i I elinlns ea   .
lOchains wi sl to pim
u    Domini  eing  it n po*.
wesl ■ di    ti kii ui
rth I
,   . ■
- -   ,.
g 1
.    haim* east, Ifi
-    ■  .
Commei ■
head of
r Croek
.   .*
1   ■
■ ■
.   ■.
. ■   ■ ■     .
■        ■
j '
■ ."        .
Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wind, Coal and Peed,
Phone 7!. House Phone 7
Has n good stock of Groceries and
u line assortment of Japanese China.
Agent for Revelstoke Farming
Company, growers of nil kinds of
Farm Produce, Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Ymi.-  il       Bd
i'i   -   .ting
Ve.r- . .
Veara ii l(
"i mum dreiii .-
Ym,..- :;, : ureatii..
"...     -    *
'   - . -      f V com-
m.... ■     ■ .
On t   . r ,.,- •       IJd    the
work  *' thn i - - - .-
a tavii . pital        ted in I
additional horses, thei *■   n -••■
a*.I fted.    That .- the right way to
1   katit,   With town Improved I ,tal,^^^^_^^__
it ia ;i gi od di .1 .'• It is with a man     Inspired bj thei ■ flguri   *     mti
starting to impi *•- i.f-  wn pi pi tj -    - long prospector has tried
The macadamising oi the itreeti   al     s band it proportioning the yeara ol
lea-;  the main  ll iroughfares,   -... th. - pi   pector and fl ndi thai
make the need of doing something e'.-t- j during his 70 years cl life, be sp. nd
more apparent, and there- will be a
greater willingness among the citiseni
to keep up tl.e standard all round.
Thii ii certainly commendable, care
being exercised not to overburden the
town with  extravagant  expenditure
Mi   laraiwd streets  will eliminate
t    .   -r poteut dust nuisance and Ihe
merchant! and 'tore keepers, who arc
he chiel victims of this unpleasant
Ite ol ill .ire, will be willing to (up-
reasonable  scheme  for  the
. , provement of the city
■tru. W( i- a city, have passed the
sine/ embty ueny and there ia nothing prevenl the council from
installi.a rock cruiher plant, und ou
the com s sewerage scheme
to ta.:- ii; . iini question and
go into it Inthurough and ciTcctive
for g -..I luck
I-, ching mhil.-s
Packing cayuses
Hunting up '-fiyo-es
Cl.usiiig eayuiei out ol
camp ii
Eupoitulatingwithcayuaei 10
. I
■   -
■   -
-   I   '
.mi      • ant,   -
Nottt   libi '    ifter da'e
. i   .   i
. ■   Q|
le i i        . i   : ■ . - * ■
ciMiiiii'*ncni.' nt n post planted it I
cornur ol Ij    1*271, thence
l iom *   i '
:,.- n i chains to place of &
.11 *:.
Dated Man i
wed meh ■ U
Evans & Woodrow
i'f   rs in  Beef,  Pork,  Mutton,
Filh    an.l   Game   in
Sea Orden    promptly at-
I to.
First St. Revelstoke
11...    ng Houses
PRICE   $3,500
i ir particulars apply to
Nolice is hereby given thatfifldayn aftor date
Ili.tcnd toapply to the Hon. Chief Commto-
sioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands:
Sii uatod ibout two miles north of the mouth
of McDonald Croek. on the east nhorc of Upper
Arrow Lake, joining T. L. 6,915on tho southwest comer; running east <i0 chains, south 10
: chains, west ID cliains, north 10 chains to place
■' commencement,
Dated Mnrch IUi,10D7.
Lying about mines
I mining Clou'I have to
Hick (never)
Total 286
These figures seem t.j foot up too
many years, but everybody knows that
a prospector bin moro lives lhnn a
cat, If he didn't he would have been
extinct long ago.
Notice In hereby uirrn Hia.."]n.|Ay.AlW'lutel
 nil (....].;.I-. lull.. II r..bli. thu. -   ■}
iiti.-.iMii.-r... I i    .hi IVorka utr porinlsslun to
p. tin  -..  -    ■    ■..-....
..n I .i.i.'r A.ri.f. I.ik.   .n.i lie "-I :i - f-.ll..-.*.
I MilllH-ll'-ll.L'   lit   'i   ... .--t   |.!>...!.-!   10      .   .
....nl...(the Hi.iiili-'-nsf. ...filler ..I Loi  	
murk."I  ".I    K.   Mil,miii'. H   U. ... .r i,. - r |,o»t,
il.-...-.. in.nli in cl «, thonco em 10 chain.,
11.,-1,. (■ -..illll HI ill I. ill*, lli'-ll.-i- WOH. 1" 'Imi Mill.    plAOl   ..(    '■'.l.llll.'ll..'1'M'll',    I IIMIlll -     f.'ll
llllleil April I.ul., l'.W7.
wed ap 1? .1. K. M..I.KAN.
I.AM, Mllll I.
N'OTIOB l.l..-r.'i.y«iv.fiiiii!,i.«i.|,i-,. iftordatt
I ii I to apply i.. iln. lion  l'ho Chlol
ifi.inini**i',iinr nfl.iiii'f* nnil WnrkH I... ponnlHiion
to p.irchru.0 tho foli'mlm. ilsacrlbo.1 IiuhIh i.i Woit
Konltnty District:
Commonclna al:l post plantod about i.w.. mil...
,...«.. ol I,.il7lllll ....-in.r.- ..( N. K. Am. ..f Allow
Uko, thonco Honth Bodmin., owl w. ohnlni, north
iii'lifiin.,, ..-ifHtsii clialna tn pointol oomntflnco.
om.-i Marcli iitli.il>.;'.
»-o.l met, IS A, MOltl.IS
From 25 to 50   Per Cent
,   :r Grocery Bills
it rei     at I. wail wl   stall
prio. -      Hotel and boarding houii
keep.     : .rn en miners and loi -1 -
I it to tl air advantage to
M.      ,
to any        -      itation  in  British
Columbia   (Ve only handle I   t-clan
and    pure    goods.   We   guarantee
pri.ti.pl delivery    So order to.
nono 100 large.   Write   for our  pric
lilt,   IT  IS  FREE,   Be convinced
that yoo can -i ■■■ mo IS)
269-261 Stanl y 8t,, WINNIPEG, Man,
Nntitr is hereby Riven that 60 days after date I
iuieml u npply to the Honorable Ohief Commissioner nf Lands nnil Works for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Starting ata post marked "It. N. Henderson,"
planted uLilie north-west corner if L<-i m.:i mi tlio
east shore of Upper Arrow Lake, running east
chains,north .so chains, west ^0 clmiiis,tlience
along the lake slmre smitli to poiut of com
Dated l'eb,12th, 1017.
latmchZ B. N. HENDBBSON,
NOTICK Is hereby clven that60days nfter
dale] intend to apply lo the Hon, tho
i hlef Commissioner of land** and Works for
permission to purchase tlio following dewribed
lands, -iiiniii'ii in West Kootenay, on the west
shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
Conimenclng at, a post mnrked ",!,('. H.'s
north-easl cornor," planted at tho north*wost
cornerof Lot 114,thenco west 10 clmins more
or lew lo the north-east corner of Lui ;iiio9,
thencosouth hi chains, thenoe WBt in ebains
more nr lens io tin* wuth-we^t corner i>f Lot
III, thenoe north 40 clmins t-o poinl uf com-
Dated this ttrd day of Feb, 1007.
meh 9 sat By bis agents, J. Harlow.
Many are selecting their rancliei now, and, for a small deposit,
are having them reserved until tbey can arrange payment, thereby
getting all the advantage ol early purchasing and at the aame time
accommodating their finances. Our properly is a adler, and when
buying il you fail to see ... you may not buy to your best advantage.
of ravishing henuty, that rival
Nature in her choicest effects, you
can buy at HOWSON'S at very
low and reasonable prices, in spite
of tho fact that carpets cost more
elsewhere than over before owing
to differences between textile workers and manufacturers. We have
new and novel designs and effects,
showing the best and happiest
thoughts of designers and makers.
Notice Is hereby glten that within thirty days
from .iiii*'i Intend in apply to the Honorable
i hiel ' ommlSHloner of Lands and Wurkufora
iptH . il license tocut Mid vnrry nwny timbor frmn
■ as described lands, <dtuatnl In West
Kuotsnsj District
Bnclna at the north oait corner of Lot 8125.
thence north Jo chains, thonee west iw. cli dins,
■I. io i*i i.ii"  thenes east 160 ehains
1 ■ otnment eroenl
Is Unds  «'M pn, WW,
Notice Is hi»r*-l»*f jivt'B dial Wdsjs afler date
I in lend in Hi-ply io theCblef Comntisslonerof
■ ■*.:   '■'-■, - '<-r i spools! llconse to put
sad carry »wnr ^'ml,oi from the following
deirrlWd  isndu NiiustM  In Went. KooUnaJ
i, Beginning it a post about wi ohaini nortl
of t.ic- Halcyon Hot Hpringi and aboul inciniin*
from thi ike shore, and marked "K, K, Knll
im ■ -V, corner posC thence Wi (.Imins
north, thence ffl ehalm east, thenoo wt ohaina
moth, thenco 80 chains weit. tn poinl oi rum*
i iicginiiifitf at i\ post almut, i2'i ohains north
nf the Hall yon Hot Minings and nwrkud "K. K.
A cornor post," thonoc B0 chains
north, them*'! ho chains oast, thonoo 80 chains
onth thonce B0 chains west to point of ootfi'
iiH'iKi ment,
Hated March Wno, I0U7
wed mrohirf K.K. KCLI.MKIt
Mrn. H. J, lln tl)uryr \fanftgro«o.
First-Class Table,
Private    ining Boxes
Imn!" Dlnlngfooni for
lliut(|ii"K Hiipimrs, ntn.
Furn ished   ooms To Lei
Import direct from Country of origin.
Central Hotel
Newly   uilt.    First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Sped I Weekly Ratal,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $ i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Iiest brands 01 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG,        •        ■        Proprietor
Notice ii hereby riven tlmt w dny ufler dote I
intend to "i-ply Eo tha Chl6f Cmninlsshmor n(
[Anils and Works for pennl-wlun to iiiirrhnwihc
following described lands lu went «ni.i"im■■!'-.•
Commencing ata pent, planted on woit show nf
Upper Arrow hakft. at Sheiter Day, at the mintli-
eaat cornor nf i.m .hii, ti-r foilnwiiix ihe ioutli<
em boundary ol ut:sl i west ho chains, thcii'-o
soulh B0 chaini, Bast 80chains- north su ehnins to
pnlnl nf commencement.  Containing 040 acres.
I i Muri-li l'.'.ili, inn,
wed inch IU D. M> HAK.
Under  New  Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
First-oln8 accommodation lor travellers.
Best brands ol Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND  $150   PER   DAY
*l )■■<
\j.... \j. ...
Mountain Viow Camp. No. 220.
Met'.- Second .....I fourth Wednesdays in
.'...-I. montli, in Selkirk Hull. ViailinB Wood-
..'in cor.li.illj In riled lo ..Mend.
W. II. AllMSTIIONH. Con. Com.
II. w. KDWAHDS, Oli'ik.
F. 0   E
The rORiilnr mcetinifs nro hold In tho Solklrk
Hall erory Tuesday eveninn at 8 n oloc«. Visit-
ins brethren ure cordially'invited.
H  A. IIHOWN, Prrmdkkt.
Koot.nnv Lodge No. 15 AF, 4 AM.
The regular meeting, are held ln th.
Musculo Temple,
Jdd Kellows IIi.II.on
the third Monday In
each month at S
p.m. VtsitinKbreth-
rcn   cordially  wel
SELKIRK L0D0E. NO  12, 1.0.0. P.
Moets overy Thursdar
evening In Selkirk
.Hall at 8 o'clock,
1 Visiting brethren cordially Invited to it-
H. (.'. LAI'dHLlN, N.U.      J. MATHIE, Sue
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 18, Revelstoke, B, c.
ox-ept 'J'lilrd We.tnea.lay nl
esel. Miin.li. In llie oddlt'll....---
H..I1 at a o'clock, vislihiK
Kiiitfl,.* un- cordially  .iv.teil.
J. A. LESLIE, .*.('.
a. H. liHOCK, K. ol R, k S,
H. A. BROWN. M. ol F
liver llwiil*, Allium!*, Birds, Kish, Etc.,
Aiiinml lilies Mounted,
I* 0. llnx 81,
Stnili...  llorner nl First St. ftnil lloyle Are.
 Itcvelstoke, II. C.
Manufactured for all classeslof buildings
All kinds of building and plastering
Furniture, Pianos, or Merchandise, stored in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
Revelstoke, B. C.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.  B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Full line ol Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men'i Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
S*urtm Furniture!
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new niunngementjof
Harry McINTOSH,  Hoffman   House
THE MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfi'ct, nntuial remedy for
ali Ni-ivoiis snd Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all bonis and trains, Two
mails a. rive and depait every day,
Telegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
Terms- $12 to $18 per week.  For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv Lakt. B. C
No Seedlen Plumi; No Pitlen
Applet; No Coliless Corn,—juit old
reliable varietiei at reasonable pricei.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowcri, etc.
Oldest citahliiliftl nunery ou the
mainland ol B.C.   Catalogue Iree,
OMINHOIIIM ind IIIDH0U8II vancouv.r.i.o.
P.S.—II your local merchanti do
not handle my leeds, send direct.
We prepay Illty packets, aaiorted
varietiei ol garden feeds in 5c. paperi
(teited itock), to your nearest poit
office Ior 11.00, twenty packets lor 60o,,
trial collection.
Jrj days after dato I Intend to apply tothe
Chief Commissioner of Unds nnd Works for a
special license to cut and carry nway timber
from tho following doscribod lands ln the
lUscrlct of Went koetenay:
Commencing nt a post plauted at the southeast ci.rner post of Timbor Limit No. 7H.'i.
marked "J.M Kennedy's north-unstcornerpost"
thonco south 80 chains, thenco wust hi chains,
tlionco north 80 ohains, thence cast W) chains to
pnlnt of commenoomotit.
Dated Maroh mil. IMfi.
wed ap io      J, n. KENNEDY, Locator,
Notice Is horoby glvon that 00 dayi aftor date I
Intend tn npplv t« the llmi. Chlof Commissioner
uf Ltiniii' ana Wnrk** fur purmlssl-jti tu purchasu
the following described lands In Word Kimtetiay
D strictt
Commencing at a pest planttd un the eastern
bank of the Columbia Bluer abuut one-fourth nf a
mllo huhiw I'rli-Ni ({lipids and marked "F. M. W.'s
Riiiitn-eaHt oornor," tinmen imrth Hi chiiiim, thenco
west 40 ohains. thenco smith 40 chains tn the bank
uf tho Columbia Itiver. thence hi a siiiiLh-eastiirlv
directiun fulluwliii* tlio insanderlngH ef the Cob
umbla Kiver to point nf commeucemonl, containing about 160 news,
Notice Is hereby given thai 6" dnys after date I
Intend tn iiniily tn the Chief I'"iiimissinnur of
hands and Works for permlsslnn to purchasu the
following described hinds in the West Kuuteiiay
Commencing at a pint planted st the east bank
nf thu Cnliiiiiliiii River, about tliu head of 12-Milu
Hiffluand marked "1-'. K. D"s north-west corner,"
theuce ua4 20 clmins, tlience swim 60 chains,
thence west 2H chains to i he ' olumbia Biter,
thenco hi a nurtherlv direction following the
meanderingsof the Columbia River 80 ehains to
point of commencement, cuntaining about 100
Datud March -ilrd, A.D., 1907.
wed ap 10 F. R. BUTTON.
Notico Is hereby given thnt 30 days aftor date
I intend to apply ta the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and works for a special licence to cut
und carry away timbor from tho following
doscribod lands situate in Yale District:
211. Commencing at a post plnnted "10 chains
north of the nurth-east corner of T L+HMfiS and
uiarked "a. M. Hymens' B, K. corner post," thence
north -10 chains, thence west 100 cliains, thencu
south id chains, thenco east liiu chains to place of
El. Commencing at a pnst planted 10 chains
east of tho north-cast corner of No. 20, un the east
bank of the Shuswap Itiver, and marked "A. M,
Bynnna'S, ft corner pust, thence nurth-10 chains,
thunce west 160 chains, thencu smith 40 chains,
thenceeast 100 cliains to place of commencement,
22, Cummoncing at a post planted ll) chnlns
east of tho north-east curuer nf iio. 21, on the east
bunk of the Hlmswap Kim, nnd markud "A , M.
Hymuus' S. K. corner post." thencu north 40 chains,
theuce west 100 chains, thenco south 40 chains,
thencu east I flu chains to placu nf cummencement.
2:i, Commencing at a post planted at the northeast corner of No. 22, and marked "A. M. Symons'
H. K. comer pust," thunce north si) chains, thunce
west 80 chains, thenee south SO chains, thence cast
so chains to placu of commencement,
21. Commencing at a post planted at tho southeast cornor of No. iii uml marked "A. M. Symons
8. K- cornerpost," thenoe north id chains, thence
west KI chuius thunce south 80 chains, thenco east
S'l chains to place of commencement.
Dated 88rd March, 11)07.
wedaplO A. M, SYMONS.
Notice is hereby given tint 30 day ■ after date I
intend to apply to itie Chief Commissioner uf
Lands ami Work" for a special license to cut ami
carry away timber fruiti die following dencrihe.i
lands Bituated in tlw Osoyoo* division >f Vale
8. Commencing at a post marked "Harry
Mcintosh's N.E. corner post No. g," und planted
at the north-west corner of H. Mcintosh's Location No, 2, thunce south 8*1 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thouce east So
chains to point of commencement.
Dbted 7th March, 1007.
sat meh 23 ByG. K Brink. Agent.
Ing 111
Dated Maroh BOth, A,D„ HOT.
wsd ap 10
i: fi. WULLH,
Notice is hereby given that30 days afterdate
I intend to apply to the flonoranle the Chlel
Commissioner 0/ Lands and Works f.r special
llconse lo cut and carry away timber from tho
following described lands, situated ln District
ol West Kootonay, If. C.
Coinmeneing at a post planted 8 chains cast
of the 3'/t mile post ou the Hig Ledge wagon
road and at the S. B, corner of I'. L. 1)048, und
marked "a. M. Symons' N, E. cornor poit,"
thenco south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thencu north 80 chains, thence east, 81) ohains
to placo of commoncomont.
Dated March 20th, 1907.
wed mrch 21 A. M. SYMONS
Notice ls hereby given that 30 davs after dale
I intond toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for n special
licence to cut and carry away timbor from tho
following described lands, situate in West
Kootenay district:
1. Commencing at a post planted three
miles south ol Mosquito Lake, and ono mile
westof Mosquito Hivor, runnings*- chains east,
80 cliains south, sl) chains west, B0 chaius nurth
lo point of commencement.
2. Commencingat the north-weBt corner of
No 1, running south 80 chains, west 80 chains,
north 80 chains, east 80 chains lo point of
3. Commencing at thc north-west cornerof
No. 1, running west 80 chains, north 80 chains,
east 80 t'hains south 80 chainB to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at the north-west corner of
No.l, running north80 chains, 80chains east,
80 chalna south, 80 chains welt to pointof
5. commencing one mile north of N.W.
corner of No. 1, running north 80 chains, east
80 chains, south 80 ohaina, west 80 chains t*
pointof commencement.
6. Commencing oue mile north of N W.
corner of No. 1, runulng wesi 80 chains, north
ho chains, east 80 chains, s..uth 80 ehains to
point of commencemt.
7. Commencing at the south-west cornerof
No. 6, running 160 chains west, 40chains north,
160chains east. 40 chains south to pointof
8. Commencing at the 8. W, corner of .0.6,
running south 40 chains west 160 chains,
uorth 40 chains, cast 100 chains to point of
9. Commencing atthe 8, E, corner of No 8,
running 80 chains south, 80 chains west, 80
chains north, 80 chains east to point of com*
10. Commencing at the S. K. corner of No,
9, running soutb 160 chains, west 40 chains,
north 100 cba ns, east 40 chains to point ol
Locations Nos, 1 to 8, inclusive, arc re-locations of expired timber licenses Nos. 4808 to
487*, inclusive.
Dated March 18th, 1007.
wed inch 27 Thos. Abriel, Agent.
NotlfltS Is herety given that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commit
sioner of Lands and works for a special license
to eut and carry away timber from the following described lands situated in the Osoyoos
division, Yale District:
1. Commoncing at a post planted about
half a mile north of the north-oast cornerof
Sugar Lake aud almut 1 mile east of the Shuswap river, and marked "Hi Mcintosh's sooth-
west corner post No, 1." thence east ft) chains,
thonco north 80 chains.thence wostbi: chain-,
thenco south 80 ehnins to pointof commencement.
'i. Commencing nt a post planted at the
north-west coruer of Location No. I, and marked ' H. Mcintosh's south-west corner post No.
'L" thence east 80 chains, thence north mi chain.-,
thence wost KOchains, thenco south 80 ehuins to
poiut of com meneement.
Dated Uth March, 1907.
sat inch 22 Ry <i. K. Urink, Agout.
Notico is hereby given that 30 days after date I
Intend to apply to tne Hon. the Chief 1 'mimissi'ii
er of Lands ami Wurks for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following de*
scribed lauds in West Kootenay district;
Commencing nt a post planted on tho oast
shore of Upper Arrow Lake, ubout ono mile
south of Capo Horn, markod "A.C. Y., N. W.
cornor," thouco mailing oast 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, theuce wosl 80 chains, thenco
uorth SO chains to point of commencement.
Dated March 16th, 1907.
Hutmch23 A, C. YODEU, Locator.
Notico Is boreby given that 80 days nfter date
we iuiuiid toappij to the Huu, Chief Commissioner nf Landsaud Works fora spocial licence
to out and carry away timber frOm the follow*
iug described lauds situated in Lillooet di--
trict, B.C
1. Commencing at a post mnrkod "Lamb-
Watson Lumber Co, south-east corner post,"
planted at head of small creok 'i\i milos south
fnnn" Smoke House Creek, thouco north 60
chains, thenoe west SO chains, thouce smith Mi
chains, thenco oust 80 chains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a postmarked "Lamb-
Watson Lumber Co. nortn-wost coruor post,"
planted at head of small creok about Z\% miles
south from Smoke Houso Creok, tlience south
80 chaius, thouce east 80 ehuins, theuce uorth
80 chuius, thenco wost 80 chains to pointof
S, Commoncing at a post markod "Lamb-
Watson Lumber Co. south-west cornerpost/*
plautod ut Load of small croek about 'i\'t milos
south from Smoke Bouso Crook,thonco north 80
chains, theuco east 80 chains, thonce south 80
chains, thenco wost ht) chains to point of commencement.
4, Commonolng at a post marked "Lamb-
Wutson Lumbor Co. north-enst cornor post,'
plantod at hond of small crook about2J$ miles
south of Smoko House Crook, thonco south Nl
cliiiin-, tin-iic 1 we-i 80 chains, iheuce uorth 80
chains, thonco oust 80 chains to pointof commencement.
Dulod this 25tb day of March. 11)07,
Lamb-Watson Liimheii Co., Limited,
wod up 3
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days aflor date
I intend to apply tothe Chief Commis-doner of
binds and Works for a speciul license (0 cut
andcairy awny timber from the following described lands situated iu the Wost Kootonay
Commencing at a imst planted about 20 chains
west of Lut 3408, thouce '.II chains north, 20
chains oast, 00 chaius north, 80 chaius wust, 80
chaius south, uud 00 chaius east to puint of
Duied 12th March, 1907.
sat meh 23 R. F. PERRY.
Notice ls hereby given thut the partnership
heretofore existing between J. K. Hoblnson
and J, A. Lewis, all of Wigwam, B.C., has been
dissolved and all business will iu future be
carried on by J. A Lewis.
Datud this 16th day of March, 1907.
sat inch 28 J  A, LEWIS.
Notico ia horoby given thnt 10 day. after dule
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Land, and Work, lor a special licenso to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands situated in Wost Kootenay
Commencing at a pnst planted at nnrtl.-west
comer of Ti 'liter Oertl. No. IB.., and marked "M,
.ir.i.iy's comer post," thence 40 clialns imrtli,
tlience 160 cliains west, tlience .0 cliains snutli,
t)ience|160 cliains en.t to point of conuneixfe.uent.
Ii.itc.l Marc). 22ml, 1007.
sat mcli HO M, OllAOY, Locator.
•COMPANIES  AUT,  1881."
Canada: -.
Province ol British Columbia. \
No. 309. I
THIS IS TO CERTIFY thai the "British
Columbia Timbers'1 Limited, which on the Uth
day of December, 1IKI6, wns authorised and
licensed to carry on business within the Pro*
vince of British Columbia, is hereby authorised
and licensed to carry outoreffoctall or anyof
the additional objects of the Company to
which the legislative authority of the Ligisla*
ture ol British Columbia extends.
The head olllceol the company is situate at
tho City ot Montreal in the Province of Quebec.
The amount of the capital of the Company is
by au increase of capital of two hundred lln...,*-
nud dollars, uow three hundred thousand dollars, divided into three thousand shares of oue
hundred dollars each.
The head i.tll.'e of Ihe Company ln this
Province is situate on First Street, Revelstoke,
and William Irving Briggs, Hiirrister-Ht-lnw
whose address is the sumo. Is the attorney for
ibl Company.
Oiv.'.i .....ler my li.tinl and Soul ol Olilco at
Victoria, Proriu.'o ol British Columbia, this
Nineteenth day ol March, ouo thousand ..ino
hundred and seven.
Roglstrar ol Joint Stock Companies.
The additional objects for which tho Company haa Iteou established and liuceused are:-
ill. To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise, aud owu, build, maintain and utilize saw
mills, dams ln any streams aud rivers, booms
and boom privileges, on nny such rivers or
water-ways ou the property of the Company or
elsewhere, and to charge bourn charges in connection therewith, to croate construct, build
and operate wuter.powor.-t, hydraulic powers,
electric powers au.l instnl such plant nnd
mnchluery as may be nccossary for the gouera-
tion, production, develop nont, distribution
and manufacture of electricity and electrical
aud othor power, and croate light, heat aud
power, aud to use, sell or otherwise dispose of
electricity aud electric light, power and heat
for the purposes of tl.o Company and to buy,
soli or lease the said power as may be Incidental to the works aud objects of the Company on
the hinds of the Company:-provided always
that the rights un.l privileges h.roby cuulorred
...iiiii Iho company togeiiorateeloctrical mtergy
Ior light, he.lt and laiwor, who., exercised out-
side tne property of lhe Company, shall be subject to all provincial and municipal laws and
regulations In thnt behalf.
I'll. To acquire by purchase, loase or otherwise ana* own, utiiito mineral rights, mineral
licenses .....I opnrntound dispose of the same In
whatever wny .....y bo lu the best interests uf
the Company ...id lo quarry or work Bu.-h mines
or minerals.... lauds so acquired, or on lauds
already acquired and., n whirl, sume lm fuund,
aud develop the sa.no uud tu uso, deal iu, sell,
barter, exchange or. Ilsimse of tl.e said lands
and tl.o products and by-prixlu.-ts therm.! (or
the honeltt of the company.
CD   To conslruet, ..wn, ...liin. .....1 maintain
ou the lauds of the Company suit. .!.... n.-nl
tralus ur railways or other menus ut locotni.ti....
fur the purposes ol transporting ,uch limber,
minaret, or other products derived from tl.e
said lands of the Company and whi, h may be
necessary or useful for the purposes of carry.ng
oul ou tl.e Compioy'. lnmls the objects of the
Company. w»l ip 10
Notice ii hereby given thut 30 dayi
Biter date I intend to apply to tbe
Cbiel Commissioner of Lands and
Worki Ior a ipecial licence to cut and
carry away timber from the following
described lands situate in Yale Districl:
9. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner o! Lot 2818,
and marked "A. M. Symons' N. W.
corner post," thence east 60 chainB,
thence south 80 chains, thence west
100 ohaini, more or less, to boundary
of Lot 2818, thence north-easterly
along said boundary to place of commencement.
10. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west corner of Timber
Limit 10468, and maiked "A. M. Symons' S. W, oorner post," thence
north 80 chains, thence cast 80 cliains,
thence south 80 chains, thenoe west
80 chains to place ol coinniencenict.
11. Commencing ut a post plunted
at the north-east corner ol Timber
Limit 10465, and niarked "A.M. Symons' 8. E. corner post," thence west
160 chains, thence north lOchains,
thence east ItiJ chains, thence south
40 chains to place cl commencement.
12. Commencing at a piut planted
at the south-east corner of Timber
Limit 10472, and niarked "A. M. Symons' 8. W. corner poBt," thence east
80 chains, thence nonh 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
80 ohaina to place of coinnieneiice-
13 Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west c.mer of Timber
Limit 10465, and marked "A. M. Symons' N. E. corner post," thence west
160 chains, thence south 40 chaini,
thence east 160 chains, thence north
40 chaini to place of coinmencement.
14. Commencing at a post plunted
one-half mile south of the north-west
corner of Timber Limit 10465, and
marked "A. M, Symons' N. E, corner
post," theuce west 160 chaini, thence
iouth 40 chainB, thence east 160
chains, thence north 40 chains to
place of commencement.
15. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west cornerof Timber
Limit 10473, and marked "A. M. Symoni' N. E. oorner post," thence west
160 chain,, thence south 40 chains,
thence eaBt 160 chains, thence north
40 chains to place of commencement.
16. Commencing at a post planted
20 chains east ot the north-west corner
nf A. M. Symons' No. 8 Timber Application, prior location, and marked "A
Sl. Symoni' 8. W. corner poit," thence
oast 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chaini, thence south
80 chains to place of commencement.
17. Commencing at a post planted
20 chaini east ol the north-weit corner
ol No. 16, and murked "A. M Symoni'
8. \V. coruer poit," Ihence east 80
chaini, thence norlh 80 chaini, thence
weit 80 chaini to place of commencement.
18. Commencing at a poit planted
20 chaini east ol the north-west corner
ol No. 17, and marked "A.M. Symons1
S. W. corner poit," thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 chaini, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains
to place of commencement.
19. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west oorner of Timber
Limit 10469, and marked "A. M. Symons' N. E. corner post," tlience wesl
60 chains.thence south 120 chains,
thence east 40 chains to boundary oi
Lot 2818, thence nortli easterly along
said boundary to the south-west corner ol Timber Limit 10469, thence
north 80 chaina to placed commenoement.
Dated March 9th, 1907.
sat inch 23 A. M. SYMONS.
Notice is heroby given that 80 days aftor date
I intend tu apply to the Hon. Chief CoiiiiiiIh-
tiloner of Lands and Works for a spocial 11-
cunco tociiL and carryaway timher from the
following described landa lying about two and
n half miles north of Halcyon Hut Springs on
tho Upp-i* Arrow bike, and about ono mile
from the shore, marked "J. Wallis Sherwins
north-east cui nor," running west in chains,
thencosouth 80 clmins. thouco cast Hi chains,
tlience north 80 ebains to point of commence*
Dated March 16th, 1007,
wodap 3 J. WALLI8 SHEUWIN.
L\\J\ IVI>
Notice Is heroby given t^ataudaysafffrdotp
I intend toapply lo ihechiuf Commissi ohm oi
lands and Works for as eclu license In cm
mid enrrv t in ber from the billowing dorcrlbed
lands situatod in the MUouel District, ll ■".:
7. Commoncing at a post planlcd on tho
north bank uf a small lako fll the bead of thu
west fork of Kisbcr Creek, tributary to Adams
Lake, and about, six miles from the north end
of Adams bike, marked "A. MoCoiineli'8S,WT,
cornur Fishor Crook Limit No 7," running 60
Hm ius north, 8(1 chains ca-t, 80 chains south, 8(1
chains west to point of commencement.
s. Commending at a post planted on the
north hunk of a small lako at head of west fork
Fishor Creek, tributary to Adams Luke, antl
about fix miles from the norlh end of Adams
Lake, marked "A. Mot onnoH'a N. W. corner
(fishor Creok Limit No. 8," running IOO chains
soulh, 10 chains cam, 101) chains nortli, in chains
west to point of commoncement.
9. Commencing at a post planted on the
norlh bank of u small lnko at head of west fork
of Kishcr Creek, tributary to Adams Lake and
nbout six miles from the nortb end of Adams
Luke, marked "A. Mo* oniioll's S, E. corner
Fishor Crufk Limit No. 9," running 80 chains
nuiii, 80 ehuins Wi at, 80 chuius soutli, 80 chains
uisUonlucn of commencement.
10. ('ominoncing at a post planted ou north
bank of a small lake at heuo of wesl fnrk of
Fishor Creek, tributary to Adams Lake aud
aboul, six miles from north ond of Adams Lako
marked "A, ^Council's N.E, cornor Fishor
Croek Limit Nu. lu," rumiiug 100 chains houl h,
10 chains west, 100 chains north, 10 chains east
to placo of comnionoomont.
11. Coinmeneing at apost planted ono milo
soulh from a small croek, running wost from
lake al head of wesl fork Fisher Creek, and
about H miles from said lake, marked "A, Mc-
ConnullHS. \V. cornor Fishor Creek Limit No.
II," running llio chains north, 10 cbnins oast, llio
chains south, 10 ehuins wosl lo placo of commencement.
12. i ommeiieing at a post planled near tho
bankof small urouk running soiith-wo-lfrom
like at head of Fishor Creek about 1% miles
from -aid lake, marked "A. McConnoll's N. E,
coiner Fishor Creek Limit No, 12,"running llio
chains south, lOchains west, 1IWchains uorlh,
lOchains eust to placo of commencement,
Dated March lllth, 1007.
wed inch 2! A, McCONNELL.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days from date
I intend to apply to the Honourable thc Chiel
Commissioner of' ands and Works for a special
license to cut and carry away timber Irom the
following described lands situated iu Wost
Kootenay district:
Coinmeneing ut a post planted 60 chains east of
the so,iih-ue*t corner of T. L. OliOO, and marked
"Thomas Kileen's north-easl comer," tlienco west
40 chains, thenco south it:n chains, theuce cast 40
chains,thenco norlli 100 chains to placu of corn-
Duted the 28th March, 1QU7.
wedap3 A. M. symons, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after dato I
intoml to apply to thu Chief Commissioner o(
Lauds and Horks furpt-rmiHsiuntu puichasethe
following described lnnds, situate in West Kootenay district!
Commencing at a pust plaated at the north-east
corner of J. lv JoIiihijii's application anil marked
"A- MePhadden's south-east corner post," tlience
north 80 chuius, tnuucu west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence eust 80 chains lo point of
commencement.   Containing Uiuacrus,
Dated llth March, 1907.
wed inch 13 A.^McPA^DDEN
Notice is hereby given thai 80 days after dato I
Intend to apply to the Cliief Commissioner of
Lands and Works fur permission to purchasu the
following described lands iu West Kooleuay district:
Commencing at apost planted at the south-wost
comer of Lot 2453, on the oast shore of Upper
Arrow Lakes, thence suuth 80 chains, thenco east
40 chains, thonce north 80 chains, thenco wost 40
chains to thu point of commencument. Containing
3JO acres more or less.
Dated March llth, 1907.
wudmchl3 . L. HAK.
Sixty days after date I intond to apply to the
Honorable thu Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase tho following
described lands, situated un Uppor Arrow Lako,
and more particularly doscribod us follows:
Beginning at thu south-west comer of Lot 1180,
at a post uiarked "O.B., N.W.U.P.," thence 80
chains cast, thi-iico 10 chains usrth, theuco 3U
clialns oast, thoncu 10 chains suidh, thunce 40
chains west, thencu 30 chains north to poiut ut
commoncomont, containing 'iw acres more ur less,
Dated February Hli, 11HJ7,
wed feb 13 Pur O. Sumner, Agent
NOTICE Is hcruby given that 60 days utter date
1 intend to apply to tlio Hon. Chief lorn
missionur of Lauds and Wurks for permission to
purchase the following described lands in the
■Aest Kuott-iiuy District, Galena Day, cast side uf
Upper Arrow Lake:
Commencing at a post planted at V. Maher's
suuth-east eorner and inarked "Bruce A. Lawson's
soiith-uast corner post," thence south 40 chains,
thencu west 40 chains, thence north 20 chains,
thonce east :'.') chains, thunce north tii chains,
tlience easi l'O chains iu point of cnmiuencumuiit,
and confining 120 acres more or less.
Datud Galena Day, tliis 27th February, IOO;.
fub 27 wed BUUUK A. LAWSON.
J OTICE is heroby givon that thirty days
_\ ultor date I iutond toapply to the Chief
Commissionerof Lauds and Works for special
license to cut aud curry away timbor from tho
following doscribod lauds situate iu West
Kooteuay district:
Commencing at a post planted on the west shore
of Upper Arrow hake, four miles north-west of
Nakusp, B.C., marked "It. A,'s N. K. corner,"
thence west 40 chains, thence south 160 chains,
thonce eust 40 chains more or less to the lake
shore, thence northerly Kill chains following tlie
lake shore to point of commencement.
Dated tho 2nd day of April, 1007.
sat ap 0 H. Nelson, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbat 60 days after date
1 Intend to npply to thc (hlef Commissioner of
Unds and Work* for permission to purchase
the following described landi:
Commencing at a post planted at the B W
corner ol T. Beech's pre-emption, marked
"Chas. Heck's 8. W. comer post," running oast
Do chaim-, tomb 'JO chains, wost 80 chains,
thenca north M chafns to point ol commence-
mem, comprising ioo acres more orless.
Daled Feb. 7th. 1907,
feb 11 sat CHAS, BECK.
Notice is heroby glvon thnt 30 days aftor date
I intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a spocial licenco
to cut and carry away timber from tho followiug doscribod lands, situatod in the Osoyoos
division of Yale distriot:
1, Commencing at a post planted about 22
chains north of the nortn branch of Ireland
Creek and about 2'i milos cast trom tbo N. E.
corner of .Section 26, Township No. 43, and on
tbe Bugar I ake trail, markud "11. Mcintosh'*-
S.W,corner post No. I," thunce north 40 chains,
thence esst 160 chains, thonce south 40 chaius,
thence west 160 chains to point of commoncement,
Dated 10th March, 1907.
3. Commencing at a post planted about
three chains north-eaatof the nortti-eastcorncr
of Bugar Lake aud about 24 clialus east of
the mouth of Sugar creek, marked "H Mcintosh's north-west corner post No, 8," thence
Bouth 80 chains, thouce east so chains, thence
north 80 chainB, thence wot so chains to point
of commeucemeut.
Dated 14th March, 1907.
wodap 8 liy (J. K. Brink, Agent
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date I
mti'inl tu apply to the Chief Commissionerof
Landsaud Works for permission to nurchase thu
following duscribud lauds, situate in West Kootenay district:
Cummencing at apost planted about 111 chains
soulh frointhi! south-west coiner of Lot No. 014*i
and markud *'.). V.. Johnson's soitth-unst curuer
post," tliuuco north 80 chaius, thenco wes
chains, thencu south 80 chains, thoncu c ist 80
chains to point of couiuiencement. Containing
Blu acres.
Dated llth March, 1007.
wed meh 13 J, K. JOHNSON.
Notice is hereby given thut (10 days after date I
Intend to upply to thu Chief Commhsinner of
Landsaud Works for permission to purchase lho
following described lands, situate in West Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post planted one chain east of
the M- W. corner of Lnt Jl-0, Uroup 1, and marked
"A. Johnson's s. W. comer post," theuce cast 80
chains, thenco north 80 chains, tliuuco west ,S0
chains, thencu south 80 ehuins to the pointof
commencement.  Containing 040 acres.
Dated 12th March, 1007.
wed meh IS A.JOHNSON.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days af tur date 1
iiiti'inl to apply to thu Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for permission to purchasu the
following described lands, situate in Wust Koolu-
nay district:
Coin mencing at a post planted at the north-east
corner of A. Johnson's application and inarkod
"W. J- Eraser's S. E, cornur post," thencu north 80
chains, thencu wust 8(1 chums, tlienco south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to thu puint of coin
icencemuut.  Containing olo actus.
Dated mil March. 1007.
wed meh 18 W. J. FBASER.
Sixty days after datu I intend to apply to the
Honorable thu Cliief Commissionerof Liudsand
Wurks for permission to purchase the following
duscribud lands situated on Uppur Arrow Laku
and mure particularly duscribud as follows*.
Beginning at a posl planted ut tho north-east
cornerof Lot 3045 and marked "F F.F., N.W.CP,"
thencu 160 chains uust, thencu 40 chains south,
ihencu llkl chains west, thonce 40 chains uorth tu
point of commencement, 010 acres,
Datud Febiuary 8th, 1907.
wed fob 18 F. F. FULLMER,
Nolice Iti hereby given that within two
months from thc tirst publication hereof in tho
British Columbia Oiwuete, we Intend to apply
to the Hon. Chiof Commissionerof Lands and
Works for a special licence to cut and carry
awa&ggMkber from tho following descritcd
landYs'lluutod in West Kootenay disaicl:
1. Commencing at a post planted on tho
uorth bank of Johnson Creok and about three-
quarters of a milo from Fish Croek, marked
"D Mcintosh and Win. Hoyds S.W.corner
post," thenco norlh 40 cliains, thonco east 160
chains, lhcnco south 40 chains, thonco iu'si. bin
chains to thu point of commencement,
2 Commencing at a post pluutod on tho
north bank of Johnson Creok and about three-
quarters of u mile from Kish Creek, maikcd
**D. Mcintosh and Wm. Boyd's N. W. corner
post," thonco cast Itin chains, thouce south 10
chains, thenco west 160 chains, theuce north lo
chains to tlio point of commcuccmctil.
Losated March 7th. Ill »7.
wed inch 20 WM, HOYD, Locators.
llotice is heruby given that 61 days after date I
intend to apply to the Chni Culiimlssioliorof
Lauds and Works for puriuMnii to pureh-Wti thu
following described lauds in Wust Kooten-iy district:
Commencing at a post planted at the south* west
cornor of Lot 2111, east side of Upper Armw i.itln-
thence cast bO chains, south iti ehains, west 81!
chains, north 40 chains to point of commencement.
Containing 320 acres moro or less,
Dated iFnrcli 12th, 1907.
unit 111-.I118 H.C. MOUH1S.
Notice is hcruby glvun that 00 days after date 1
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lauds and Works for permission to purchasu thu
following doscribod lands in Wust Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted at thu N. |*;.
coruer of Lot 71'JO, on N. K. Arm nf Arrow Lukes,
thonco south 80 chains, east 8t) chains, north gn
chains, west 80 chains to poiut of commencement
Containing 640 acres.
Dated March llth, 1907.
wed inch 18 D. McPHADDKN,
Notice is horoby given that. 80 dnys aftor date
wo intend to apply to thoOlliof Commlsslonor of
Lands and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timbor from lhc following do-
scribed lands In West KooMiuy Dislrict:
1. Commonclng at a post planted at about
11 mile south-ouHi from tho B. EC, corner post of
IjoI 3605, markod "l>, Mcintosh and Win,
Boyd's N. E. cornor posl," thenco south 80
chains, Ihence west 80 chains, thoncu north mj
chains, thenco eust 80 chains to the point of
2. Commenolng at a post plunted on tho N.
E. cornor of No, 1, marked "D. .dclntosh and
Wm. Boyd's N, W, corner post," thonco oaat 80
chains, thencosouth 80 chains, thonco west80
chains, thonoo north 80 chains to tho point of
3. Commenolng at a post planted on tho N,
W. cornor of No. 2, marked "D. Mcintosh and
Wm. Hoyd's B. K. corner post," I honco wost 80
chains, tlienco north 80 chains, thenoo cast 80
chains, thonco south 80 chains to tho point of
Located March 16th, 1907,
aat meh 30 WM. BOYD.
Notico is hereby glvon that thirty dnys nrtm*
date we intend to apply to tho Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lauds end Works for license
to cut,and curry awav timber from the following doscribod lauds iu tho District or West
Kooteuay in the Province of British Columbia,
Commouciug at a post iduntod ut the N. E.
corner of Section 2, Twp, 'i'i, Range 27, wost of
the '.I b Meridian; thonco oint 10 chaius, thonco
south 120 chains, thonco west 80 chains, thouce
north 40 chuius, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Datod this 26th day of March. A. D. 1007.
wd m 21       BOWMAN LUMBER CO., LTD,
Notice is hereby given that 110 days after date I
Intend to npply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase the
following duscribud lands In Wust Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted about ouo mile
south from the S. E. corner of Lot 811. on shoru of
Upper Arrow Laku, thence wust 80 chains, soutli
80 chains, east 80 chains, north 80 (halns to point
of comineiicumont, Containing 040 acres.
Dated Murcli 12th, 1907.
wed inch lit L, A. M. M»KHls.
daya after dato I Intend toapply lo tin
Chlof Commissioner of Lands nnd Works fora
speoial liconso to cut and carry awny timbor
frmn the following described laiuls situated In
lho Osoyoos Division of Yulu Districl:
Commonolng at a post marked "J. B. Mack's
north easi corner," nlaulod about livo hundred
feet from the norlli bank of tho north fork of
Churry Creok, ubuut eight milos up lho crock,
running west 180 chains, thonoo south80chains,
(honco oust lo ohains, ihoneo north 40 chains,
Ihouco oust 80 ohains, thenco north 40 chnlns
to point of eommoucemont.
Dated March 7th, 1007,
wed mrch 27 J. U. MACKENZIE.
Notico Is hereby glveu that 60 days from dato
I Intend to apply to thc Honourable thu Cnlcf
Commissioner of Lands and Works for pormission to purchase the following described
lands, situated at Ualcna Bay, In YVoyt Knoteuay district!
Commencing at n post niarked "W, I-!, Keid's
south-east corner post," and planlcd 40 chains
south from tho uorth*woslcoruerof C. Heck's
Lot Ml, thenco west if) chains, thoncu north
40 chains, thenco easl 20 chains, thoncu snuth
'lOchains to pointof commencement, ami containing ho acres more or less,
Dated Maroh 22nd, 11)07.
iltapfl) w, R, RBID,
Noll.-., la lii-.i-liy .riven iiiiii :iii daya nf..-. dill
1 I ...cli.I to ,i.,],ly to tlm Ct.lol 1 Iiiiiiiii.mii .-.,.
i.i.ihIk 1111,1 Work, for .. hj.ui.Ib1 lleeiieu to ...it
.....I curry nwuy timbor from the lollon-iiiK
<l«Herlb(!il I.11..IM Klt.mtu.l it. Wuat Koolenay
Ciiiiiiiii'ii.'lii. al n |...Ht i.liu.ti'il 0.. ths eaat
bank ol Liun; Orook and ono ...lie north ..I
Downie (Jroek, and marked "K. MoBoan'l aoutl.
iv,-*. corner |.oat," thenee nortl. Itn. ehains,
Ihence caat 411 chaina, thoiiuo aoiuh Mo chalna,
thence weat IU chalna lo ll.e pointof com.
Ii.li-.l llll.*.ill. .lay (. April, 1907.
aaU|.*J k. MifllEAN.
Nolic.i is I eieby given thai thirty
days after .Ian-1 intend toapply to the
Chief Commissioner nl l.nuli and
VV.'rks lor a special license to cut uiul
carry uway timber Irom the lollowing
described lnnds in West Kootenny
1. Commencing at n post planted
nn the north bnnk of Home Creek,
aboul three miles and a quarter from
the I'oiumbia Kiver and marked "K
Mi-II fin's south east corner post,'
iliPiii'D 40 chains west; thence 20
claim north, thence 80 chains west
tlien.e 80 chains north, thence 40
cliains cast, thence 40 chains south
thence 40 chaini eait, tlience 20 chains
snulli, thence 40 chains east, thence
■10 chiius south to place of commencement.
Datad February 23rd, 1907.
2. Commencing at a post plnnted
on tho north bank ol Maloney Creek,
about (our miles and a half from the
Columbia Kiver, and niarked "K. Mc
Bean's Bnuth-eait comer post,' thence
80 eliains west, tlience X0 ehnins
nortli, thence 80 chains east, tlience
80 ehnins south to place of commencement,
3. Commencing at :. pust planted
on tho nortli bnnk ol Maloney Creek,
about live and a lu.ll miles Irom the
Columbin Kiver, and mnrked "E, McHean's south-east corner pott," thence
80 chains west, thence 80 chains nortli,
thence 80 chains cast, thence 80
chains soutli to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted
on the north bank of Maloney Creek,
about six and a half miles from the
Columbia Kiver, and marked "E. McBean's soutb-enst corner post," thence
80 cbnins north, thence 80 chains
west, theuce 80 chains south, thence
80 ehnitis east to point of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post planted
on the north b.uik ol Maloney Creek,
about seven miles from the Columbia
River, and mnrked "E. McBean's
north-west corner post,' ' thence 120
chains south, tlience 40 chains east,
tuence 80 chnius north, thence 40
chains east, thence 40 chains north,
thence 80 cliains west to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 27th, 1907.
6. Commeneing at a post planted
on the north bank ol Maloney Creek,
about seven and a half miles from the
Columbia River, and marked "E. McBean's soutb-enst corner post," tlience
40 chains west, thence 40 chaini north,
thence 40 chains west,thence 80 chains
north, thence 40 chains east, thence
40 chains south, thence 40 chain, east,
tlience 80 elinins south to point of
7. Commencing at a post planted
about one quarter ol a mile south of
Maloney Creek, and about three quarters of a milo from the Columbia
River, and mnrked "E. McBean's
south-east comer post," thence 80
chnius nortli, thence 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains south, thence 80
chaini east to point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted
about one quarter of a mile south of
Maloney Creek, and about one and
three quarter miles Irom the Columbia
River, and mnrked "E. McBean'i
south-east corner poat," thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chaius east, thence 80 chains
south to point ol commencement.
Dated 28th February, 1907.
9. Commencing at a post planted
at the south-east corner of T. L, 10458
nnd mnrked "E. McBean's south-west
cornerpost," thence 80 chains uorth,
thence 80 chains enst, tlience 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains nest to point
of commencement.
Dated March 1st, 1907.
10. Commencing at a poit plnnted
nt the north enst corner of T. L, 0610,
and mnrked "E. McBean's south-east
comer post," thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains west, tlience 80
cliains soulh, thence 80 cliains east to
point of commencement.
Date.) March 2nd, 1907.
11. Cn.........ieing at a pusl planted
on the north bank ol Mica Creek
abuut two and a quarter miles from
the Columbia  Kiver, and marked "E,
Bean's soutb-enst corner post,"
th nee 80 chains nortli, tiience 80
chuina west, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80 eliains east tj point of commencement.
12. Commencing nt a post planted
on the nortli bank of Mica Creek,
about two and'a quarter miles from
the Columbia Kiver, and marked "E.
McBean's south-west corner post,"
theuce 80 chains north, thence 80
chains east, thence 80 chains iouth
thence 80 chains west to point ol coinmencement.
13. Commencing at a post planted
on tho north bank of Mica Creek
aliout tliree and a quarter milei Irom
lhe Columbia Kiver, and marked "E
McBean's south-west corner post,"
thence 80 cliains north, thence 80
chaina oast, thence ,80 chain, south,
thence 80 chains west to point of commencement.
Dated March -lth, 1907.
14. Commencing at a poat planted
one quarter mile west nl the Columbia
Rivor, and one mile below Eight Mile
Creek, and marked "E. McBean's
nurtli-enst corner post," thence 80
elinins west, thence 80 ehains south,
thence XOchains east, tlience 80 chains
north to point of commencement,
15. Commenolng at a post plnnted
at the south-west comer ol T. L. 9702,
and marked "E, McBeau's south-east
comer post," tlience 80 ehaiiiH west,
thunce 80 chains nurth, thence 80
chains east, thence 80 ehuins soutli to
point ol commencement.
Dated March 6th, 1907.
16. Commenolng al a post planted
half a mile south ol Eight Mile Creek
and one mile Irum thc Columbia Kiv
er, and marked "E. McBean's snutli
east comer post," thence 40 chaini
west, thence 80 chains nnrth, thence
40 chains west, thence 40 chains nortli,
thence 80 chains enst, thence 120
chains south to point ol commence
17. Commencing at a post planted
one and a quarter miles weit of the
Columbia River, a quarter mile north
of Indian Creek, and maiked "E. Mc
Bean's south-east oornor poit," tbenc
north, thence ltfU clmins eaat, thence
10 cluini. 5 u h to point ..I commenc •
18. Commencing at a p.m plant." I
-.ne and a quarter miles west uf the
jolumbia R.ver and a quarter mi'e
iinrll. ol Indian Creek, and mark..I
"E. McBean'i north-.net corner p .si,"
ihenee west 100 chains, thence south
10 chains, tlu-nce east 160 chains,
thenee nortli 40 chains to point of
Dated March 0th, 11107.
19. Commencing at a post planted
iwo miles east of the Culumbia River,
luck of T. L. 9619 and inarked "E.
McBean's north-west corner poBt,"
t.ience40chains east, thence 20 chains
suuth, thence 120 chains enst, thence
10 chains aouth, thence 120 cliains
west, thence 20 chaina north, tlience
40 chains west, thence 40 chains nortli
to point of commencement.
Dnted March 7th, 1907.
20. Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank of the nortli fork of
Big Mouth Creek and about three-
,|iuirters nf a mile Irom the main creek
and inarked "E. McBean's south-west
crner poat," thenee 160 chains north,
ihence 10 chains east, thence 160
ohaini south, thence 40 chains west to
point of commencement.
21. Commencing at a post planted
on the eaat bank ol the north fork ot
Big Mouth Creek, about three quarters
of a mile frum the main creek, and
mnrked "E. McBean's south-east corner post," thence 160 chains north,
thence 40 cbnins west, thence 160
chains south, thence 40 chains east to
point ot commencement.
22. Commencing at a post planted
on tl.e north bank ol Big Mouth
Creek, about two and a quarter miles
above nortli fork, and niarked "E. McBean's north west coiner poat," thence
80 chains south, thence 20 chaina eaBt,
thence 80 chains Bouth,thence 40
chainB west, tlience 80 chains north,
thence 20 chainB west, thence 80 chains
north, thence 40 chains east to point
of commencement.
23. Commencing at a post planted
on the north bank of Big Mouth
Creek, about one quarter of a mile
above south fork, and marked "E. McBean's s* uth-weit corner post," thence
80 chains east, thence20 chains north,
thence 80 chains eait, thence 40 chaini
north, thence 80 chaini west, thence
20 chaini south, thence 80 chains
weit, thence 40 chains south to point
of commencement.
Dated March 12th, 1907.
24. Commencing at a post planted
on the south bank ol Big Mouth
Creek, about three aud a half miles
above south fork, and marked "E.
McBean'i north-east corner poit,"
thence 40 chaini west, thence 20
chains south, thence 40 chains weet,
tlience 20 chains south, thence 80
chains west, thence 40 chains south,
thence 80 chains east, thence 20 chaiua
nortli, thence 40 chaini east, thence
20 chaina north, thence 40 chains eaBt,
thence 40 chains north to point ol
25. Commencing at a poat planted
on the aouth bank of Big Mouth
Creek, about three and a half milei
above south fork, and marked "E. McHean's north-west corner post," thence
40 chain-: east, thence 20 cbaina north,
thence 40 chaina east, thence 80
chains south, thence 40 chains weBt,
thence 20 chains south, thence 40
cliains west, thence 80 chainB north to
point of coinmencement.
26. Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank ol a stream {coming
from the south, about four and three
quarter miles above iouth lork, and ■
arked "E. McBean's north-west corner PmSI," theuce 80 chains aouth,
thence 20 chains east, thence 80 chaina
south, thence 40 chains east, thence
80 chains north, thence 20 chains
west, thence 80 chains north, thence
40 cliains west to point of commencement.
27. Commeueiug at a poit planted
on the eust bank of a stream coming
from the south, about four and three
quarter miles above south fork, and
marked "E. McBean's south-west corner post," thence 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains
Bouth, thence 80 chuina west to point
of commencement. i
28. Commencing at a post planted
on the east bank of Big Mouth Creek,
about live and tliree quarter miles
above aouth lork, and niarked "E. McBean's south-west comer post," thence
80 chains north, thence 80 chains unit,
thence 80 chains south, thence 80
cnains west to point ol commencement.
29. Commencing al a post planted
on the east bank uf Big Mouth Creek,
about six and three quarter milei
above Bouth fork nnd marked "E. Mc-
Beun's louth-wcat corner post," thetice
160 chains north, thence 40 chains
east, thence 160 cliains soutli, thence
■III chains west to point of coinmencement.
30. Commeneing at a poat planted
about half a mile east of Big Mouth
(reek nnd ubout six and three quarter
miles above suuth lork, and marked
"E. MoBean'i south-west corner poBt,"
Ihence 160 cliains north, thence 40
chains east, tlience Itin chums smith,
thence 40 chains weat to point of commencement.
Dated 13th February, 1907.
31. Commencing at a post planted
one third mile west ul north fork of
Big Mouth Creek, and one quarter
mile norlli of main creek, and mnrked
"E. McBean's south-weatcorner poet,"
thence 160 chains eaet, thence 40
chaina north, thence 160 chaina weat,
thence 40 chains aouth lo point ot
52. Commencing at a post planted
ui the south hank ul Big Mouth
Creek, about three miles below north
fork, and marked "E. McBean's southwest comer poet," thence 40 chaina
north, thence 160 chaina east, thence
40 cliains iouth, thence 160 chaina
west to point of commencement.
Dated March llth, 1907.
wed inch 27 E. MeBEAN,
Nolice ia hereby gire>> that GO day. after data I
intend to f.|-l-l)  lo tl.e I lif-f (' lia-innrr i.(
l.ui.I- and M ..rk. foi | - ru.i--i-.n to nnrchuethi-
iojlowlni -!. - .ii- -I lfii.il, In We.t Kootona)- dl.-
t''.ii.n)en..inK nt a pel planted about one mile
Mat ol hot 7WC. "ii U.01I cf N. K. Arm of Arrow
Lake., thence .outh so chains, east 80 chains,
nnrtli!- chain., w.,t 80 chalna to point of cone
mencenient.   Containing Wl acre,.
I....-.I March lit.]. !-,>.;
wed inch li 11 MuliliW, An Invitation n
We cordially invite each lady in thc City to be with us and examine the hundreds
of pretty things we have gotten together for her approval and criticism. It was the old
story: Goods delayed by the C.P.R., being unable to get freight here in time. But our
stock was purchased from the best manufacturers in the Kast, before the last advance in some
lines, making our showing thc best and cheapest in the City.
"      LACES
"      GLOVES
"       Embroideried Linen
Waist Lengths
"       Embroideried Linen Costumes
"       Embroideried Muslin Costumes
"      Summer Underwear
Business Locals
Nothing better than Our "Special
Mnth balls and camphor at Bews
Drug Store,
Children's garden toola sul I at The
Canada Dr..;; Store.
F. esl. eggs ur c.lulled egg! in any
quantity.   C. B. Hume & Co.
Patronize Home Industry. Smoke
Reuelstoke Cigars.
Summer garden seeds at Bews'
Drug Store
Fresh garden un.l llowur seeds nt the
Cui.iuin Drug ,1 Buuk Sture.
California oranges, sweet and juicy,
in nil sizes.   C. li. llunie A Co.
Ladies' purses nnd bugs—a new line,
ul Bews' Dm-* Store.
See our stuck uf leather hund bugs,
Bulling nt *fl ....1 l|ll.50~.Ri"d Oruaa
D;ug S ore.
Cull ..ml see our sun.pies uf Mil n-
doi'iin, the new wall decoration.   C 1.1.
Ilnnie .t Cu.
bearing liwn mowers, rukes,
s. arlel, wire netting, rubber huse,
t Ilui.rue Bros.
.. .->>. «>.*. .♦. .♦. A A i**"*, A A ,T, ,-
TTXT "i 'X ijl> 'X' -X' H + w  '
We are Agents for the
famous " International
■ Stock Food."
Large stock kept here.
Write for circular or
call and see it.
■+- •♦■ •*■ ■♦• ■♦« '*fr' ■♦■ ■♦■ &* 'Tt .^. iTi .j*,
im wi wi iti iii 'X' lX' '4- 4-   " "  4* +
Wedniiday, April 2ith, for 24 houn.
—Fine, clear weather, cold night,
light, variable windi, cloudy. Temp,,
max., 65 degrees; min., 34 degreei.
Local and General.
Poitmaster McRae has let the contract for the additions to his residence
on Third Street.
Ardent fishermen have been out thia
week with rod and line, lome excellent
iport being goined at Greely Creek
and in pooli ol the Illecillewaet.
There will be a meeting of the lost-
ball club on Saturday at the Y. M C.
A., all interested in the game are invited to attend, tbe meeting will
commence at 8 p.m.
J. P. Kennedy, of Illecillewaet, will
begin the erection of a reiidence on
gecond Street, weat ol the public
acbool, f.bout the 1st of May, D, McCarthy has the contract.
A. McLein and J. Wrenn ol Golden
were in town thia week on a business
viiit to cloie the isle ol their mining
properties on Vermont Creek to the
Britiah American Mining Co.
A special train ltavea thia evening
lor Arrowhead, laking between 30 and
40 membera ol the local Masonic
Lodge, who are creating and inatall-
. ing a Maaonic Lodge in that town.
Lieut. Peary will make another daah
lor the Pole, Thia time he haa got
$200,(XJO lor the expedition. Tbat
aum should meet a good deal of ice,
and the invincible navigator may thia
time be successful.
Don't lorget the Y. M C. A. Gymnasium Exhibition m the Opera House
tomorrow night, A new and inter-
eiting entertainment. Come and lee
phyiical culture detnonitrated tomorrow by the Y. M.C A. boys.
Bv ipecial request the Cantata,
"Jephthah'i Daughter," which waa so
aucceialully produced last week at the
Opera Houae, under the direction ol
Mi,! Creighton, M. B., will be again
be ataged on Tuesday evening, April
Lacroaie men aay that the game
haa been scotched along the Crow by
the introduction ol provisional baseball. Clubs will be organized this
summer at 1'oaaland, Revelstoke,
Boundary and Cranbrook —.Nelson
Only a glunco nl our slock
nl* Groceries will encourage
you tn try them.
A tt'lal will convince vou
they are tho purest nnd best
on'the market. Try our
! Hobson &
J Grocers, Bakers & Confectioners
Eaton Hurllmt, Fine
Writing Papers, — 100
sheets for 50c. Stylish
Envelopes to match for
Hand  Hags, $1
Gilt Iiooki
price. 40c,,
a volume.
60c. and
"i Phm. B.
Druggiit and Stationer.
Mail ordera promptly attended
The Ladies' Guild, of Knox church,
will open tea rooms in the Lawrence
atore on Saturday afternoon and
evening. Ice cream and tea will be
The Grand Trunk Pacific fixed up
their first engine on I.Hke Superior
division on Monday and commenced
switching under their own steam.
Ollieials ol the road still affirm the
company will assist in .. oving the
crop ol 1907 to the lake Iront.
The chiel commissioner has brought
down a bill to amend the land act by
abolishing the classification of third
class land, which has been heretofore
sold at $1 per acre. Hereafter there
will be first class land at $5 por ncre
and second class at $2 50.
Statistics prepared by the immigration board at San Franciaco, U. S. A.,
are said to ahow that according to the
claims of all the ChineBe who swore
thit they are native born, every
Cnineie woman in the United States
mUBt have been tho mother of 38
The Kevelstoke Sawmill will resume
operations at the Utter end ol this
week nnd the management are look
ing forward to a busy season. Logs
arejbeginning to arrive and l.y the
time tlie first saw turns there will be
sullicient lo keep the mill running
F. E. Simpson, Grand Master ol the
1.0. O. F. was entertained on Monday
night by a special convention and
banijuet given by Selkirk Lodge N...
12. A large gathering of members
attended the meeting and a very able
and interesting address was given by
thc Grand Master.
The bill to create a department oi
mines has been read it third time in
the Federal House, with an amendment providing thnt the new department must be administered l.y the
head of one of the other departments,
thus shutting out the possibility ol
creating a new portfolio.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
has: purchased the entire issue of the
City of Kainloups Sewerage Loan. The
price paid was 09 which ia a very satisfactory figure considering the Itate
ol the money market nt the present
time. Nelson recently obiained on !)(i
for an issue uf live per cent bonds.
Kevelstoke is waking up trom her
winter sleep and general activity in
every line uf business is to be teen.
Real ..-at..:e is ohanging hands, home
property is much aought niter and
buiidingl are springing up here and
there. This augurs well lor the coming season an.l a protperOUl summer.
At the regular iimnthly meeting ol
The Pacific Loan Company, Limited,
the drawing went tu Alex. McCormick
ul Victoria, II. C, Mr. McCormick
is now entitled to a loan ol .11.000 at
less llian tWO per cent, lle has since
been offered tf 125 tin.ius (nr his cnn-
tract. For further particular! apply
to the company, 520 Pender Street,
Vancouver, 11. C.
We have much pleasure in i.l'ling
the Bulkley Pioneer to our exchange
list, a new publication ol much
promise and worth. Tl.e Pioneer is a
neat eight page pajier well printed,
illuatrate.l nud (ull uf news und inter-
eat. Mrs. K. Murrisnn Grout is the
editor, and the publication should ilu
wonders to help along one ol the
finest agricultural valleys in tl.e
\V, .1. Lightburne, who recently purchased the Newman Hall at Arrowhead, I having tl.e building .-r.-fiily
improved an.l enlarged. At the rear
a stage and drcsaing room*, arc being
erected. When completed the hall
will be one of tlie best piny houses
in thc district and will neat nbout 200.
Underneath the singe, Mr. Lightburne
has fitted out largo and cimmodious
sample rooms, while on the ground
floor arrangements aro being made to
open up a store, in part ol the building. I). McCarthy of Kevelstoke has
the contract,
To Buy a House,
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kilki & Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
.'.irpota at Howaon's
-Jiiii opened up, eull
The ladies of Revelstoke are invited
to be present in the Y, M. C. A. build
on Thursday, April 25th, at 3 30 p. m.
to hear an address by the trmelling
Dr. Curtis, medic.il he.1th ollicer,
has quarantined the rooming house on
First street, one block from the Imperial bnnk. on account of two cases
of diphtheria having developed there.
A New York dairyman was find this
week in the United States Supreme
Court f 1,800, afler lining found guilty
of shipping skim-milk intu New York
city, where it wns sold to smnll dealers.
The dniryninu wai found guilty on 3(1
counts nnd find |50 on ench eh irge.
The program for the Gvmmstic
Exhibition tomorrow night is well
arranged. Mrs, Squarebriggs, Miss
Borden, and Mr. Arn.iin will ning.
Mr. Veith will swing Indian Club?.
Those having secured their reserved
seat tickets Imm the committee may
have them marked off the plan at tlie
Canada Drug ,(; Buuk Store.
A man named W. Zeety, while impersonating a signalman bound to the
railroad track by robbers, in a moving
picture representation ol a train
wrecking scene, was killed yesterday
near Croydon, Eng. The train ought
to have stopped but failed todoso
..wing to an emr in thc signalling
The unfortunate was c;t to pii ci *
A woman, wife of s section foreman
at Wigwam, was broughl   p   ist nighl
and placed in the Provincial Ga
a charge nf attempted  murde.    :'  ..:
Italian.    At present evidence is lack-
in.- as to the came of tl.e
though it is known   that the accused
poured the full  charje ol   . ihot gui   ,   ,    .
into her victim. The Italian, althougl
alive is in a precarious .-■ i mm -.
The May  number  ol  thi   Pacific
monthly   magaiine,    am.h.i;
: interesting  and  instructive  articles,
! contain a lengthy and very deaci   l ■
J articles on the possibilities ol h» -
ing the Columbia River at i - -
I Rapie? neat tbe international boui -
il.iry. The benefits lerived frnm thii
scheme for producing almost unlimited
|.. .i.-r nre well depicted and thil
■ ■ alone ihon d tarci the tale of
• liii - -..-.-ili-iit publication.
New line .-.
funiituru stun
aud m'c thou..
Revelstoke Cigars -Union Made-Our
Special, The Union, and Marca Vuelta
aro ahead of all others.
Go to C. B. Hume A- Co. tor wind nv
similes, wull paper, curtain poles and
Baseball, Lacrosse, Fuotbnll and
Tennis supplies, nil the new kinds sold
at the Canada Drug Store.
Prescriptions filled nt the Red Cross
Drug Sture with accuracy and delivered promptly.
We imve nn exceptionally fine line
of body carpets and rugs. Cull nnd
see them.   C. B. Hume & Co.
Wull paper season I Howson's furniture store is ihe place to see some
pretty designs,
Creamery butter in 1 ib. brcks and
lllb. and 28 Ib. boxes, just arrived
to dny.   C. B. Hume it Co.
Lawn grass seed, red uiul while
clover, timothy, onion sets, full line of
vegetable and flower seeds at Bourne
For first-class painting and paper,
hanging, go to L. A. MeOliinnJiHti, one
block easi of the Queen's hotel i. the
Luugl.eid Block.
Fancy Japanese and English China
cups and saucers, plates, elc. You
can always get the best at The Canada
Drug Store.
William Whyte, Bccond vice-president ul the C PR. and F. F. Busleed,
general superintendent of western
lines, stopped off the train this morning and paid u short visit to the Y. M
C. A, in which Mr. Whyte is keenly
interested. The president secretary
and so.nc ..f the directors accompanied
the visitors ..v.-r the building nnd
showed them tl.e gen.'ml scheme as to
huw the wurk was carried on. The
report for tin-yonr was read by E. M.
Cook, who also gave his visitor! .. li
statistics ns tothe liiifiiici.il statu, of
the iissuriitiuii.
Mr. Whyte evinced n.ficli interest
in the. work and the progress ul Ihe
instltuii n. u.f.l was well pleased with
the genf.nl equipment ol the nuililiug
nd the facilities fur reoreation nnd
amusement. He said he Celt Ibat the
work .lone l.y the institution was in
every way a credit, to Revelstoke and
did much to Improve the morals of the
young men of the town, Mr. Whyte
promised to do what he could in the
way of appropriation for the association  and left much  pleased with his
Combined with good wear is what wo look for in buying Shoes for this
Store, and this season we have succeeded in getting goods of this kind.
For Men, Women and Children
Tho now shapes and tlm now leathers nro here in great variety. If ynu
want to know the correct stylos, come in and sec the best and most complete
linos in the city, in lasts that will fit your feet and at prices that wiil fit
your poukctbonk. Leather is advancing rapidly and manufacturers keep
putting up their prices every little while, but our stock was bought early
last year, and you ci.nnot get better shoes for the money anywhere.
Beresford and McCready Shoes for Wen
Made ol ihe best leather, by the best workmen, in the host stylo, and
every pair guaranteed. We have Oxfords, llals ami Congress styles, in Vici
Kid, Box C.ilf, Velour Cnlf, Tan Calf, Chocolate Vici and Patent Leather.
Empress Shoe for Women
There may Iw n better Woman's Shoe at tbe price, but. wo do not know ot
it. Tboso wlm have worn tbo " EMPRESS "—ninl there nre many-
know li-rv good limy are, and how well thoy tit. We hnvo them in nil styles
nnd tbe prices range from $2,50 to $5.00.
Classic Shoes for Children
Don'l mike the mistake that bis doomed m.ny men and wom-n to tender
feet all thoir lives—the mistake of believing that all that is wanted in a
tiohoolshoois.streiigl.il. A chilli's font is tender and tbe bones are soft and
easily deformed. The shoe we. carry for children fits the foot and will not
chafe or hurt. They are not low-priced shoes With papir soles, but the best
we cnn get and cheap shoes in the end.
The -
I -
..ual meeting fur reorganize
lhe Revelitoke bawn Tennis
held Monday evening in the
The following ollicers were
Social and Personal
Mrs. F, Soamea left yesterday on i
villi 10 Ilii wt,
Mr*. i'Iii.s. Holten will nol   ■ •
on Friday next.
(!. S. McCarter has heen in Golden
ilu* week "ii legal buiinen
W. I, Briggs lelt on Saturday nighl
on a business trip to the - ut
Capt. and Mrs dure pilled through
this morning en route ior th« ith,
L. T. Morrli, ol Notoh lliil, letl thli
morning alter a slmrt vl.lt in the oity.
.1. Mclntyre, of Mclntyre ! - in
left last Monday for Notoh Hill on
Gen. Supt. Biistecd, of the western
Lines, p..ss..l through this morning
cn route lur the south.
Wm. Whyte, '2nd vice president uf
the C.P.R., passed through thli iiium-
ini, en route for thc cast,
W.F. Montieth, manager, and 3. n
Thompson, MO -troai., nl tl.o Canoe
Creek Lumber Co,, Salmon Arm, were
in the city on Saturday.
F. V, Simpson, Grand Muster nl the
I. 0, 0, l'\, mid editor ol lhc Cranbrook Herald, spent a lew (lays in
town this week, un.l led, lor his home
ycitcrday morning.
I—W, W. Foiter.
', i" Preiident—T. E, I,. Tu lor.
-,,.  ] mm-ui.t—('. li Siaions.
I. ei Hive Committee—C. R. Mac
d. pa      M.   I.   Halting!, Dr. W. II.
-   -     md.
ll decided that the membership
lee I - ....-.. ibould be $7 ai d Ior
• li.   • .     Ijist years' mi mbera may
ubtiin tie ■ •- Ii m the set .ry, and
■  playera wishing to join the
club are requested to band in their
applii aiion  Ior  n embenhip to any
I thi - .-■- ontlve
Marriage Licenses Issued
QKALKD TKNJ1KKS will bo received uptn
F) May (lth, 0 p.m., for thn ymrcliii*ii of tlio
Imslnosa unit Plant of tho HovoWtoko Steam
Laundry Company, Business avenges botwoon
SMI iinii-fiiiKiiiinni lily. Plnnt ooifiprUoa all m»*
chtnery, horso and waifon, etc, ami o le-half of
building now owned by tho Uevolritoke Steam
Laundry (,o Tho highest tondor notuecou*
Hardy accepted.
Addrosa all Lenders to
8cc*TrQfts. Revetotpko Steam Laundry I'o.
Notire |B horoby glvon that lhe copartnership heretofore suoawttr.B between the under-
■signed as Barbers, und«*r tbo linn name of
Morgan & Parson*, at, Itovelstoko, B.C., has
boon this day dissolved by mut.ua! consent, All
dohts duo lo the said partnership aro to hn paid
to J. A. Morgan, formerly ono of said llrm, and
all partnership debts to he paid by him, the
•uill j A. Morgan continuing on tho business.
Rovolstoko, B. C, April 8th, 1907.
JS, A. MOliaAN,
wodap 10 A. PAitSONS.
I >!'l],lll-:i' will estimate Iol- small
I.) house promptly, and provide
plans,   Applv this olliee.
I mil SALE-Huusn ...id Lot $1860'
I Lot 60 feet, liuuse live rooms,
Pari cash, hulance to suit, Apply this
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street     .... $2,000
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  1,700
Dwelling and Lots, Third Street  4,200
Lots on Second St., east ot McKenzie Ave., ench . .     260
Lots on Third St., east of McKenzie Ave.,' eaoh  .   , .200
Lots on Fourth St., east, of McKenzie Ave., each   , ,     176
Lots on Fifth St., east, of McKenzie Ave., each    .    , .150
1—2 and 5-acre Blocks suitable for fruit.
Sensations exist lor nur guidance.
They are nature'B warnings. Overworked eyes demand rest. Eyra lhat
lire easily call for help. Properly
a Ijusie.l gl.iss.B afford the only assistance possible. We ninkii a specialty
of relieving tired eye- nnd guarantee
Limited, ■
Next Imperial Bank,
tl*ti .*ti Ui it'i it*. t"t, a*!*, ,fti ,Ti il*, ,f i fii i't, ,t, i't, i't, ait, ,1*, ift, it. .i'i ,*l*i .1*. ,***, Ai
],ml! s.w,I,  278 acres, situated on
Salmon Ann near8leainous, $25
ii. i  fine.   Apply  13, A. Ili.i'i-isilt Cn.,
Victoria, II. ('.
I'.ASE  of    Furnished    Booming
liuuse I- room',) with [urnllnre,
fur sale cheap  paying Investment.—
Ipply Siiiiiai.ii Ai Kuan.
Shop    Miirl.ineiy  fn.
p, ui- plant if desired.
i  •. ■
a Mf-K.-n/i-.....
; .    M
ff.jtf. .fill, r.iw.us St.,ru.
AH    I*
Mai HIM-;
sale .he  .
Apply iu .1. Ti'nNK.ii, Penie, Sask,
[,I,AIN..ml Ornamental Plastering.
Artificial stone uf nny design I'm-
building pm poses, ('.....ent and con-
nrete work taken by contract ur day
work, Apply I.. .1, Wai.kkii and ,1.
Savidbht, Ki'veliloke, I'. 0.
W. M Lawrence
,\ few lines such as
elc, etc,
These goods will he sold
below cost,
Call and sec tlicin al
Bed Cross Drug Store
Mail Ofitari li...'i.iv.. Prompt AtUnllnii.
VV     ith,
Until, ('imiflplix.
$30  per
II* WTKD Kvc.y.u.e having
VV house to mil ni* rent tn Hit It
with ...e. I a... II.imleil wilh enquiries
for house proper I lei. Phone, cull, or
drop ii.ea ...i-.i wilh lull desi-ilpllon
ninl purchase price, "i- rent n-iiuite.l.
K. A. I'.iKK'-u. Bcul Eslille ..Ild IliSlll-
.....-.- Agent. Ilevelstuke. II. (!.
I Kilt SALE, iiii leaned land Two
I' small holism, furnished through-
nut,  Small'...,. containing two ruoini
.-.-..Is at $11.. ...nuth. Alsu '111 In vin.;
hcni nnd 'I cockeruli, .-l.l.-ken hiit.se
nnd wire fencing, only live ii.'hi.i..--.
.v.ilk In.... "inlion nn eait track. Will
he sold at ii bargain anownei'li leaving
Ilevelstoke, For further piirllculnr"
npplv in ,l. Oakland, at ll..i.s.... k
I.IOUND   A  geiilleniiin's   pearl   lie
'    pin.   Owner enn  lm v.- lhe same
l.y calling at Mis. Willis Armstrong'!
residence ..nd paying for this advertisement,
The King of all Cigars, for the
first time presented to you in
Revelstoke, is the KING EDWARD
7TH, Leader of Domestic Cigars
in Canada.
FOR HIRE—A comfortable, fast, 4 h.p. Gasoline
Launch, which will seat eight comfortably, and will
accommodate the tents and outfit of a party of
three, for an extended hunting or fishing trip, Lake
Shuswap has unrivalled fishing, and from the shores
of ils far reaching arms start many trails into some
of the finest big game country in 13. C.
TO LET -A four-room furnished Cottage, on the
shore of Lake Shuswap.    For particulars address,
I,. T,  MOUltlS,  NOTCH  IIII,I,
All in Eastern Costume, will be produced in tl.e
General Ailminion,-50c, Reserved Seati,—76c


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