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The Mail Herald 1907-07-24

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The Mail
Vol. 13.-No 57
REVELSTOKE. B. 0. JULY 24 1907
, -      9
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
We have any amount nf all kinds of Glass
jars and other Preserve Jars, Crown Self
Sealing Glass Jars:
Pint Sizes ftt per down  tl.l 5
Quart Sizes ftt per dozen Sl.40
HilltGullon8lzo.lt per dozen W.T6
An extra, fine line of Canvas Shoes, While
Heels, Luce Sides, Turn Soles, Cool und
Comfortable, at W.00
A Beautiful While Cunv.us Shoe, with
Embroidered Toe, Blucher cut, McKay
sewn soles, all sizes at $3.00
A shipment of elegant White Blouses, new
designs, handsome embroidery fronts, some-
newer than has been Bhown here Ibis season
—to Retail at M.75
A lovely line of Wash Linen Hells, sume till
white, others hutton trimmed, others trimmed
with color, Just the thing to wear with
white dresses.   Tosell.it  25c
Great assortment of Fancy Collars in the
New Ribbon Collar, others in Fancy Ohlffon,
others in the new Wash Collars. They are
all lines that sell at 75c, $1.00, $1.25. Now
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
■V> ttt ■__. A A. A, A. At At At A* A. .t. A.
wi iti ill ij,' *V 'X  A   *  4* V V  ♦" *+*"+"
Sawmill Supplies, Belting, etc. Stanley's and Sterrett's
Mechanics' Tools. Simonds' and Shurly and Dietrich High
Grade Saws.   Garden Tools in great variely.
*.*        Paints and Oils, Kalsomine, eto.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Electrical Departments in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Convenient Offices for Rent Upstairs.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, eto., Plumbing and Tinsmithing.
Two-Storey Dwelling, Lots 874 x l"0' on Mackenzie Avenue,
plastered-Cash $050, terms on'balance. PRICE—$2,450
Two-Storey Dwelling, plastered and stone basement, Lots
75 x 100 on Second Strtet.     Cash $050 and terms on balance.
Two-Storey Dwelling, plastered, Lots 55x100, within 120 feet
of  Mackenzie Avenue.    Cash $050 and terms on balance,
PRICE $2,650
Would  You Rather
Live  in Your  Own
House than Pay Rent ?     Look  at  the   Bargains
£edAg«. H, H. Coursier
Two whole Blocks Entirely
Destroyed—Three Other fires
Started by Flying Embers
Loss Estimated at $100,000
Victoria, B. C, July 24.—A lire
which started in a blacksmith shop on
Store street yesterday was [aimed by a
hid. wind and got beyond control uf
the firemen. In the entire block
bounded by Sture, Chatham, Discovery and Douglas Btrcets, nearly all the
shucks were burnt over. The lire then
crossed Douglas street and hurn.d
licreely in tlie blnck opposite.
Shortly alter the first fire broke out
three others were reported, having
been caused by flying embers. One on
Discovery Btreet, above Douglas, got
away (rom the firemen and destroyed
tlie St, John's school end all the residences up to Blunchard street. Calvary Baptist church and St. John's
rectory were also destroyed.
The third fire started two blocks
further away on Quadra street in the
middle ol a thickly populated Bcction,
and with this outbreak the firemen
were unable io do anything,
At six o'clock last night the fire had
practically humid ttBelf out. A change
in the direction ol the wind saved St.
John's Church, but Calvary BaptiBt
Church waB burned to the ground.
The burnt areas are bounded on the
west by Store Btreet, on the south by
Discovery and Pioneer streets, and on
the north by Chatham and Green
streets, and extends to near Cook
streets, live blocks back from Store
A lew houses are still standing in
some ol the blocks but tbe fire made a
clean sweep o! two blocks. The loss
will not likely exceed $100,000.
WestKnotaiMT Uml llhtrlot, Dl.trlct.il llm-
i-l»t,.k.-. Il.C. -P.-ifc,- nutlet, llm. Rupert .villi,-....
Haggen, <>! KtivclHtoko, B.C., i.c.:..|iallon Iimur-
Alio.  ARullt, i.llrli.l*  tn  i,|.).i> for |ii-..nis,i,,ti ...
|...rcl»u.« tl.u lollowliiK i|..s.-.-ilH.il laml:- Com-
Kionclnx tt t post iil.nilif.1.... II... western i>li<iru nl
I'.ipor Arrow T,aktJ, fit  Unlllloi k I'l.l.lt, um. m.irk.
...t "It. W. IlAHtin'. .(.iitli.o»,l corner poat,"
-itiinti. nli'.til SI.chain., fro... tl.e .outlier., extremity uf Itaimnek I'.ilnl, I lii-in-i- ....rtl.... rli.il... to
tin- southern I.....ii.ls.v nl (leonic llnyit'. pre o.»,i
I lfin. I.Iiii.ii-o wenl ... enain. t" Hie iia,l*rn I........I.
»ry ol Lnt SI 1, thuncu .....th SO chain, to lliu .horn
of Upper Arrow I-ake, thenoe cut foll..wl..|, .hu
shure of Upper Arrow Uke tn place..(comtnoni-o-
l.i.nl, riinuiiiift... area of um acre., more or lo...
pHou July tilth, IW, lnp.it William, Usggen.
Following is the score sheet of July
200   M0   1110 Tni.il
SerKt.MaJorWhi.clor... , 811    80    M S.
I*..-.t a.i-m.  anu so
i*u. w. Savident  ei   n   si si
I'll.. K. Ilonnlsi...  a    IS    11) im
rto.Wm.Mnlvuri.ey...   1'J    *fi    tl SI
IV W. Missl    II     2.1     II .Vi
l'le.J. Hhurlma    l.l    10    I,. :»
Comb honey in 1 lb. s.p.ur.-s, (reel,
at 0. B. Hume A Co's,
Liner Hits  Iceberg in Mid
New York, July 23.—With more
than a thousand passengers on board,
the Kronprim Wilhelm, one of the
crack Atlantic liners of the Norlh
German Lloyd Line (leet, from Bremen
struck an immense iceberg while in
niidocean on her last voyage.
The steamship wns only slightly
damaged. She struck the berg a glancing blow and was running at reduced
speed at the time in a heavy log. Tlie
crash was enough to bring the steamship to a suJden stop, however, throwing the passengers to thc decks and
curing the most intense excitement.
Women in the steerage knelt on tlie
decks and piayed, while others screamed and tainted. The ship's ollicers did
their utmost to quiet the confusion,
but were ur able to do so (or Beveral
The collision occurred when the
vessel was practically in niidocean.
Captain Richter said that the iceberg
lay low in the water, which accounted
for the lact that the echo of the foghorn was not heard, something which
sailors always listen for in a log.
The vessel was delayed (or about
fifteen minutes. When she arrived at
her pier it waa Been that the paint on
the port bow was scraped off. The
Kronprin*'. Wilhelm is the first Bteam-
ship, it is said, that has struck an
iceberg and stayed aliout.
Railway Commission to Meet
in Vancouver—An Awful Revenge—Hon. Frank Oliver
Coming West.
Vancouver, July 24,—Communications were received in tl.o city yesterday afternoon to the effect that the
Railway Commission will sit in
Vanoouver on July 31 at 10:30 a.m.,
lor the ciinsi.U.rutii.ii uf various
questions affecting Vancouver.
Copenhagen, July 24. Grief stricken
by the receipt of a notification that
her services would not hc required
alter the end ol the ninntli, Mrs.
Nielaon, housekeeper (or a landowner
named Ulkaj.icr, uf Jutland, yesterday
hanged tliree of her employer's children as well us three of her own, and
then killed herself by hanging.
Ottawa, July 24.—Hou. Frank Oliver has left for the west. Ho will
spend some time in Winnipeg, Calgary nnd Edmonton and will afterwards visit British Columbia on mutters affecting departments.
Seattle, July 24. — Ollicial announcement of incrensu in lumber
nnd shingle rates between the r.icilic
cuiist and Chicago, St. l'u.il, KansiiB
City, Omaha and St Louis, was given
ont yesterday hy the Transcontinental
Great Northern bureau.
Vioturia, July 21.—The sockeye
run bus begun in earnest. Yesterday
Todds lifted nine thouiand sookeyes
and one thousand springs out ol tlie
Otter Point trap, and Findlay, Durham
A Brodie. estimate thero were twenty
thousand in their trnpB, although no
lilt was lake...
Victoria, July 24.—Historic Esquimau may again flourish, as apparently
the Britisli naval authorities promise
to again make it a naval base. The
announcement is made here that the
British have decided to store twenty-
five thousand tons |..I Cardiff smokeless coal ut Esquimau as a precautionary measure. The first two shipments
are already en route.
Thirty-one People Killed and
Seventy Injured.
SALEM, Mich., July 23.—Thirty-one
people are dead and more than seventy are injured, many ol theni serious-
ly, as the result ol a head-on collision
on Saturday between a l'cre Marquette
excursion train, hound Irnm Ionia to
Detroit, nnd a west-hound freight train
on a sharp ouive in a cut uf the l'cre
Marquette shops at Ionia and their
families to the Michigan metropolis,
tor their annual excursion, was run-
Passenger Steamer Collides
with Schooner in Fog—Goes
Down in Five Minutes—150
Lives Lost.
San Francisco, July 23.—Ab the
result nl a collision in a fog off Shelter
Buy, near Eureka, at midnight on
midnight on Sunday between the
passenger steamer Columbia, bound
from Son Fraiiolsoo tn 1'ortland, and
the steiini sell....ner San Pedro bound
from Eureka to San Francisco, 160
persons were drowned. The Columhia
curried buiiio 300 passengers and crew.
When thc cullision occurred all on
hoard tl.e Coluinbin, except the lookout and the ullicers on tlie bridge,
were asleep in their berths. The Culumbia was sle.in.ing nortli at an easy
rate having left Sun Francisco at noon
on Saturday. Suddenly, out of the
fog, loomed the dark hull of the San
Pedro, Bouth hound and evidently out
of her course. Whistles wero blown
and frantic efforts made by the helmsmen ol hath vessels to avert collison,
hut these wore of no avail. Thc San
Pedro struck the Columbia on the
port bow, tearing an immense hole in
her Bide, through which the water
poured in great volume. Alarms
Bounded through the passenger steamer, and the terrified passengers scrambled from their staterooniB and rushed
on deck in nn ell'ort to escape from
the doomed vessel, The Columhia
sank live minutes aller Bhe was struck,
anil the Ions of life was appalling. The
death list will reach 150. Every
womnn ia reported to have perished.
Captain Doran, muster ol the Columbia, stood by the steamer to the last,
and was among thoBe who were
A raft was launched with u number
of passengers on board.
The Columbia lies completely submerged in the deep waters o[ Shelter
Cove. The passengers were nearly all
oast people.
Good Class Coming into Canada
Ottawa, July 23.—"The striking
feature of British Immigration to Canada this year is thc comparative superiority ol the immigrants leaving
British porls, destined for the Dominion ns contrasted with those hound
fnr the United States," sayB J. Bruce
Walker, chief Canadian immigration
agent in Great Britain. Mr, Walker
came to Canada from London last
week on departmental bu-incss. He
was enthusiastic in describing the success attending the Canadian immigration propaganda in the mother
ning probably 50 miles per hour down country this year. Efforts arc being
a steep grade. It struck the lighter devoted chiefly, he said, to promoting
locomotive ol the freight train with immigration from rural England,
such terrific force as to turn the Scotland and Ireland,
freight engine completely around. The classes especially needed in
Both locomotives were wrecked, but Canada are those adapted to agricul-
only a few of the freight cars werc tural pursuits and acting under in-
smashed. Six cars of the passenger itructiuns from the department here,
train were piled upinaniass. Four the immigration agents in Great Bri-
ol the coaches remained on tlie track tain arc not- paying much attention to
undamaged, and were used to convey the cities but are devoting niuat ol
the dead  and injured to Ionia.   One! their energies to gel ting immigrants
W. J. Bowser Swore in Yesterday as Chief Commissioner
Victoria, July 23,-Mr. W. J, Bowser, M.L. A., is coming to Victoria
thia evening to be sworn in as Cliief
Commiasioner of Lands and Works in
the McBride cabinet. In the absence
ot the Lieutenant-Governor in the
eaat, tbe oatb will be administered hy
Chiel Justice Hunter. Mr. Bowser
will take olliee immediately.
The by-election at which Mr.
Buwscr will seek return at the hands
ol his constituents in Vancouver will
occur next week. Mr. W. M, McKay,
barrister, ol the firm ol McKay A
O'Brien, will be returning officer.
Victoria Liberals regard il as unlikely
that there will be any opposition to
Mr. Bowecr, lor his strength in the
Terminal City is well known and
appreciated here,
coach was entirely undamaged, two
were thrown crosswise on the traok
and lay Irom bank to bank five Ieet
above the rails. 01 the baggage car,
not enough remained to show where it
had been tossed. There were about 35
injured on each train. Late in the
day, the body of Corwan, head brake-
man ot the passenger train, was taken
out ol the wreck. Fireman Knowles
died en route to Detroit This swells
tl.e list ol dead to 30, witii a posaibili
ty that more bodies may lie lound in
tlie wreckage and that several of the
injured muy die.
Responsibility lor the wreck is placed upon the crew of the height train
hy ollieials of the road.
Ollieials, who arrived at tlie eccne
soon after it happened, obtained frum
the crew ol the freight train the orders
under which it was running, whicli
clearly show that the freight encroached upon the othcr train's running
The funeral of the Into JanicB Graham, son ot Mrs. T. J. Qraham, ol
Kamloops, took placo Monday alternoon in that city Kev. W. A, Calder
ol Revelstoke officiating. The deceased
who was only 25 yeara ol age, met his
death while on duty at Garrison, Montana, on thc 17th inst. The spreading ol a rail cauhed the locomotive to
turn turtle, poor Graham unfortunately going down beneath tho wreck.
llis fireman escaped unhurt. The
funeral was largely attended and was
under the auspices of the B. L. F. A F,
The family are well known in Revelstoke, owning property and residing I der the oountry iu the press ol other
here for many years. ' lands,
Irom the rural sections. Northern
and northwestern England are at
present furnishing thu largest supply,
English and Scotch immigration tu
Canada tliiB year to date, shows an increase ol over 60 por cent aB compared
with last year,
Speaking ol tl.e character ol the reports scut hack from Cauada tu Great
Britain by Immigrants, Mr. Walker
noted that the immigration ngenls
now rarely have tn reply tu the exaggerated statements ul hardship, etc,
made in letters to the press hy ilia
gruntled immigrants here. The next
mail from Canada usually brings a
letter Irom some fellow immigrant
refuting their mis statements and advertising the advantages uf Canada.
Sume of tlie letters sent to tlie British
rural prosa from Canada arc ridiculously false.
Mr. Walker instanced letters which
appeared tliis last spring telling nl
how immigrants had been chased
through streets ol Winnipeg hy wolves
and declaring that hundreds ot Englishmen had been found dead on the
prairieB in consequence ol tho severity
ol the winter. These frequent misstatements, frequently sent from Canada, libelling Canada, have been
Li-ought, tn the attention of the minister ol jmt ice and it iB probably that
legislation will be introduced at the
next session of parliament making it
a punishable offence to wilfully slan
Headquarters for  Tetley's   Teas
Headquarters  for Tetley's Teas
Dwelling for Sale
Value .... $1650 00
Sale Price. $1300 00
The above is a Six-It....in.'.1 Hnnse in guud locality
with Fifty reel frontage, Good Fencing, Sheds, etc.
The owner dues not live in Revelstoke unit consequently needs money.
The actual cash value Is as stated above and S'fiO
cannot be made easier thun by buying Ibis properly.
We will loan ynu money to assist in the purchase.
We have for'sate 00 acres of choice land on ('ran-
berry Creek, rear Arrowhead, suitable for Fruit and
Horticulture,   A man of enterprise can make a line home
splendid independence for himself and family on
und i
this property,
Price—$80 per acre
..i good terms
Officesi—Molsons Bank Bin.imm
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
fo. first St dp,
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Hriiii' Im   in lite Province.. ..I Uaoltobl, A!borl.i,8tt,katcli8W«n.
Hnl;M   i'mIiii,,!,!,.   (.!..,..;.,. (Jmbcc
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D, It, WlLKIB, President;
-     •4,700,000.00
Hun. li. Jaw-hay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parti of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to ('..lie.:lions.
Savings Department
Deposits received nnd Interns! allowed at .'unci rule from date
of opening account, and compounded four i iuiea a year.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
\ny kind ol perfume or toilet water: Condensed juniper ade in 30c. hot*
you may want, ask at the Canada lies, will make 6 gallons ol a delicious
Drug A Book Store for it. drink, at C. B. Hume 4 Co's. Che fflaiWbetalb.
1", l:l.lsiiKl. WKDKK8DA? am. BATUB
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Faient Office Agents
Practice before Railway
H.M'.l.l.li FlWEH
Cllis. MOBPHY,
Ban ten '.Sol   ■ ■   >
BKV. I-l ik. '-.- lif"l I I.AKK 11 i*.
I     Q   .     M. I     I*.  I'l;"'
the wheel and keep going; let ue h- Id j berries whicli have the worn ell'ect are
The small kind are
-,     I'l...   trouble  iB
Irawberry acids.   In-
they are physically
i.I.Il IT"US
Im -....: u.  Bum  I.i KJK,
'btokXi B. C,
.Moift-y lo
Offlce.  ::- ■       ■■■  '■ '
Uso, 8. SI CiBTEB,
A. M.  1'ISK.I.lM.
Revelsloke, B. C.
ik, li. 0,
J. A. Harvey,
. ran.ook 11, C,
J. M. -   tl l.l-.H
w. I, Brlggs,
lUiiiii.-rKHS, Solicitors, Etc,
Money to Loan
Bolicitoi s por Molsons Bank
First Street. Kevelstoke, B.O,
Assays ot all Ore:   Sample, bs manor express
I r :..;: itleotlou.
i -:,.> Moderate.
.    .     Bo)i 132 Ki-:....
B, C
J-"1 ■ , ,    , c
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
;.\|iin- Siuveying
McKenzie Avbnce,
L.iX 103,  REVEL8T0KK,
(Member American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Rkvki.sti.kic. 11. C.
.Mine Management, Examinations
and Reports.
Reports compiled, Plans and Blue
Print- of Land, Thnbei Li.nil*, Mines,
-Mills nnd Buildings prepared In shape
for submission to prospectiveinvesturs
or purchasers.
Cbc tl&ail-lDeralb
the destiny ol .> ir oi y firsl plaoo in
our lives, nnd very so,... the attainment
will be reached, Apathy in civic
affairs is only too evident in our midst
and this lamentable fact i- only alleviated by the few who gel out and work
for the good of the oommunity. Until
each and ovory citizen thoroughly understands whal devolves upon him or
hor as n citizen and aota up to their
obligation, thoro can never be that
solid unanimity ol purpose which is
jo essential lo tho well being ...id progress of u city.
1'he man who makes money in a
c immunity, has a duly to perform to
tha! cnini.iniiy. li may be that hi
has made his ...on.-y by his superior
business ability and that be would
have done ub well anywhere. That
does nos alter the ease. If his gifts
are great, his responsibility is equally
as great. No man was phiced on earth
Ior the sole purpose ol making money
and il"- man who haa this us his ideal
hid better never have l.ecu horn, for
inepite ol the allurements and fascination of .....king money, ihere is inuoll
that il cannot buy. It is not an nol
of charity, but the performance ol a
simple du'y for the man who has
made money to pass a little ol it on
for the benefit of the oommunity in
ivhioh he has made it, and which
maybe has he'ped him to mnke it,
even though he never expects to see a
dollar ol his contribution buck.
the largo  ones
usually   har.uli
ascribed to the
deed, (he lact
ill without cream or sugar, and nobody f If.ii'd .it more lhnn a dozen at
;i lime I'...::.- o Miles, the tennis
player, a: a vogotarian di tin, con-
linns the diuigei lo soma persons Iron. |
st-a-ib. nils lie says tbey contain
three acids, phusphorlo, sulphuric,
and silicic He believes that the last
.n.ni..I causes the truu'-le. In addition to Irritability, sutT.-icrs have
strawberry rash, and strawberry head-
Incorporated liy Acl cl 1'i.rli.. nrnt, is:.s.
Wm, M.u.sun Maitiikiimon, Piph, s. II. EwiNO, Vice-Pres.
J ,\ il KB Ei.i.iht, Gonci-.l M in ger,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
\geneif-  in  nil purls
Nothini; better than our "Speoial.
Local Rovolstoko
Socialist Party of Canada
M ,-i*i *. I- i.-.-*i nml Tl.lr.1 Woilniwlaj lull..
in Selkirk Ilnll, .ip»lnlr»,ul a li.nl.   Hnl
ili-i-n*-..... "Arruli.iiiiienl <.( I luntnlwin.
Interval-.1...... mli	
eet I'.r
*    All
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp No. 229.
i-i.n.l ...nl  I-'.,.nil. Wetllicstlaya in
li ... uniii.... Selkirk Hull.   Visiting Wuod-
iiii-niMi-ilifilly in i..-.I......I....I.
IV. li, AltMBTHONU. Con. Com,
II. IV, KlIWAltDS, Clerk.
F. 0. E.
The regular mootl..i.«. nro hold in tlio Si.ll.ii-t
Hull every Snd und lth Tuosdny ovo.iIuk ut 8
o'oloos, Vlaltlim brotbron nro curdtnlly luvitoil.
II. A. IIIUiWS. I'..i.s.u.:sr.
W. K. Mi-l,.U'.*lll.lS. Sir...;>'......
Sixty-two bi-.incl.es in Oi.na.hi and
I nl.>resi, credited four times n yenrut
llf.uk deposits, until further notice.
W. 11. PRATT, Manager,
of lhe
cn f  -rl  rules nn Stiv
B. C.
i\mgmxi\ You
loo... H nre If you wnnl. to puruhius.
. Ni'W.ti'put, Fine Oi'lentnl ui1 Willi... rug, limiting oi- linulcuu. .....I se.
bow llllleil fiu-llic- ils i-onlents will
lake ynu in p.u-.fl.iislng than it will ui
nny utl.e, aiuri' In the city, Ou
Spring styles nra ready for youi
-' 1 woulil . ■ . earnestly advise ihem Ior
their good tu order ::..- paper to bo punctually
eerrea up, end to be looked upon as a partol
the u-.i equipage."—AnnisoN.
The result ol ihe polling yesterday
for the bylaw authorizing the pledging the credit of the municipality at
large as security for the municipal debentures to be sold in order to install
an auxiliary power plant, was satisfactory, and ia a fair test ns to the
chaunel in which public opinion is
running in regard to this most important move un  lines of municipal
improvement.   The Revelstoke public,
knowing so well lhe facts uf the c..se
aud well aware of the condition under
which the city can raise money for
this great  work, have  shown  their
business ability and long sightednesi
in agreeing that the time lor additional
pjwer    and    light   machinery   has
arrived   aa    a    necessity    tu    the
city.   The inconvenience and drawback uf  dark  wintei   nights   without   lights  will   be   avoided,    an.l
a city that ia well lighted will create
a more favorable impression than one
in semi-darkness.   It will now only
but a -hurt time before the C. P, R.
has given its Jefinite answer accepting
the rate offered, vil.: i\: Ior power and
5c for light, which has been relerred
by Mr. Busteed to Mr. Cross at Winnipeg.   With the debentures sold and
the plant well under way and the- C,
P. R. aa first customer, the outlook is
very promising.   The lew who tried to
defeat tbe movement at the poll
who possibly have the least to do with
tne question, would probably opj u
any progressive scheme lor mere contrariness  and  allow the cily to jog
along anyhow,   It is gratifying to Bee
tbat Kevelstoke ia at last beginning
to awake to tne c ncepti in tbat ahe ii
on the eve ol a period ol prosperity
and that municipal development snd
progress ol such a nature will work
wondera in enlarging and enriching
our city.   The reduction ol light rate!
to the people has been promised, sn
that the people individually ss well aa
collectively will benefit by the scheme
Tne majority was an excellent one lor
the number of votes polled, and a good
test ol those who take interest in public matters.   The absence ol the citizens round lhe city hall during lhe
poll  counting  was  very  noticeable,
which sad feature denoted a strain ol
apathy running througli the people,
Although the opinion lus been voio. d
very little interest  was taken apart
Irom actual voting, and the sooner
Kevelstoke gets a huatle on, rubs the
Bleep out ot her eyes, and devotes her
interest and energy which Ijie city
development ought to arouse in her,
to pushing herself ahead, all parties
sects and circles pulling together, tho
better for  the community,   Let the
blood ol impulse, energy and enterprise be atirred in us; let ua put our
(boulder, each and every one ol ua, to
Sunday Target Shooting,
Revelstoke, July 22,1007
Editor Mail-II.;.:....).
Sin,—Will you allow me, ns ore of
Ihe Canadian militia, to make a few
remarks re Ihe letter of "Amiens," i»
ynur irsue of Wednesday last, nnd in
justification of Sunday target practice
I would lirst ask why thc crack .it
the rifle is in .re annoying than the
incessant and ear-piercing screams of
engine whistle*, and the distracting
sounds of the bell, which are 1.card
throughout the day nnd night?
Then I would point oul lhat Sunday
is the only day on whioh many ol us
workers can spare the time for tl.e
necessary practise of shunting, lo
qualify ub to protect onr citizens nnd
town; and should occasion arise, and
an enemy attack ua on a Sunday, I do
not think that "Amicus" would object
to our shooting, in church time or
otherwise. Many of ub, wIiobc work is
most arduous during the week, cheerfully forego our much needed exlra
hours in bed on Sunday morning to
try nnd mnke ourselvos proficient to
carry oul our obligations to king and
country, and it is only by constant
practice that we can hope lo do so.
Several of the most important battles
in South Africa wire (ought on Sunday, when, no doubt. "Amicus" was
enjoying his tea and toast in bed,
while we were face to face with death.
We indignantly deny that by shooting on Sunday we interfere with anyone's rights, Christian nr otherwise,
aud instead ol wishing to burl ami
annoy anybody, uur sole wish is to
bring our shooting up to the highest
possible standard, so that we may be
prepared to dele.id our beloved conn-
try in war, or compete, in times of
peice, with other cities, Io the honour
ol Revelstoke and our corps, li
"Amicus" will read the English papers
he will see that Private Fisher, ol the
militia, ia now competing for the
King's Prize at Bidley. and has ,. ready
won several prizes, and Fisher gained
his experience by shooting at (be
rtnge here at Revelatoke on Sundays.
'■Amicus'' wind' up bi.* in isl -
letter by what we consider a mean and
,.K1 contemptible remark about our C. 0.,
but we take it Irum whence it oomes,
and if "Amicus" i- Bticb a devout
Christian that his morality is shocked
I.;, the crack of a rillc why -I .-- he
hide hit. identity under a nom de
plurael Surely thia ie the »ay..
ooward attack- othora, but aB one ot
the militia, and a Sunday shooter, I
am proud to sign mv name,
CHABI.ES 0. Wm-.u.i K,
Koot t no V Lo.lKcNo. 15 A.F.& AM
ite, *<■:
vf*    -,   m*
i --"-A   -
*  &.
ifi. i
The regular mooting aro I..i.l in lh.
Masonic Ti'lnjilc
jrld Follows llulf.o.i
, the third Mondn) ii.
. -jiifl. ...i.nii.   at   .
1 pan. Visiting broth-
* ren  cordially  wel
- coitic
V. A, I'ltUllllNIKlti SllCRETAHY,
Meets every Ihursdt.}'
-    l1,-      iji) ""v evening  In   s'clkii-k
.V.Iii.K bi'i-tlirifii cor-
ilinlly in.iloi'. to at-
of   P.
3. C.
I-:. TitlllHi.K, S..*i
Oclt> Raiue Lodire, K.
Ho. 26, Revolstoke,
-I,. Third Wednesday nf
nil., in Ibe Oddfellows'
s o'clock. Visiting
nr.. cordially invito.!.
U. H. 111101% It.
.1 11. 4 S
Thui's Royal Crown kind-
made in Vanoouver—Largest
•snap Factory west of Winnipeg, liuuse cleaning and
washing are easy will, its help.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give for
Royal Crown Wrappers. Send
fur it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
direct from Country ol origin.
j *       BEVELSTOKE   B. O.
>y* ft-V-W^S \i%%i%i%i%%I%i%i%i%/%%Ai%*i%%W%*%%-VI
' °.   KURiMS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.  '
iiK.in oi.'|.*ii:e: Oamuhv, Ai.hkrta,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
i-rl. Packers ami Healer in Live Stuck. Market. In ..II llio principal Cities ..ml
mi ns i.f Alberta. British ...ii.iiil.ifi uml lhe Yukon. Packers nl tin. Celebrated llru.nl
' . or  ot" !l ....-■-....! 'li-u.-mlSliaiu -.fl. llr m.i, l,.uf ..... I.
*•**•/%%'%'« VVM^%%*%*%%*%»^»^*I^Vfs^-VW
x^ii-t,%t>'%%s. %^/v*^ev**%^"»vv*-vvi%^»'V%."VV%'«
\ For Agricultural Imploroonts. UnrrlngH Wagon "| Eto.,  John
* Dooro Ploughs. Molino Wagons- Canada Ciirrlngo (lomiiany's
? Bugglos, Plauot jr., Gar-Ion Sofidors and Cultivators, Wliool*
wrlght and Blaokamlth Work nttonded to,   Horso Shooing a
The besl Brick in the Province.
Well hiirnl Brick In huge or
small quantities al Be i unable
Ni xt ro Imperial Hank
Improperly fitted glasses are worse than
no glasses and neglected eyes often means
Our Opiieal Department is in charge o
Mr. M. S. Hastings, Kef. D., and positively guarantee satisfaction,
Il has heen proven thai 90 por cenl. of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and il does nol follow (hut because you
have gooil eyesighl thai your eyes are nol
Have your eyes attended to now and
save (rouble and expense,
Doer II. mi
i-   .
Central Hotel
Newly I lilt.    First-class in every reaped.   All modern oonvenimoep
Large Sample Room:'.
Rues SI.50 per Day. Sped I Weekly Rate*;,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same manag-emem
Fuil iff.
Produce   Men's Su]    iei   I *
Fresh ■
. wi -: pric
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
'1.'.'.    Rat2S$iaday.   Monthly rate.
Strawberry Acids are Said to
Affect the Temper,
Lo.vdox, July 28.—Hygienlsta who
delight in raising alarma against popular foods, arc now tilth ■/ a ;alnat
strawberries, These are accused of
having n bad effect upon the tempi ra
ol il.. ir eaters, who, it, is alleged, become sulky and irritable..('- - atlng
them, A hygionist is quoted as saying tb.it ladies ..re particularly susceptible in this respect. Borne ol thorn
will cat a pound or more ol strawberries at a time, and then become BO
morose that people arc glad to avoid
them. Tin.' lad is, Ihoy arc physically
ill without knowing it. They are Buffering from ibo Blrawborry disease, tho
symptoms ol which aro Blight diai-
ness, a desire to he alnne, and inl.dor-
IXIN.il!....\|   (Uill. WANTED
Apply Victoria H Lei,
,'fi!t HALE VT 1 (1ST  The
.-. k.   ia
ii   im-i    Mi-*   A.    \| i-i-ii.
■I.        '■!    ■
IOR   BALK   A   li'-ff
.S|...     \|.|'lf   1., .......  II ,. Iv
1-u.II H,\ l.l-.        -I ■
'    Ilii... I iim |hs„ and a few gnXiM
.,1 pi.rpoae hi i ies,  well bro
would   make   ;*'.".il  dellveiv  team*.,
|.],,.,. 1... .nc ki ow pnur requirement.
l-i. A. Haggen, Uevelsloki, B. C,
1 ,01 Mi  dent's Oohl   V\
|(    I*. I,   Sf.ii.M can i..- had by apply
ing iit.M III. IIriiai.Ii Office ..rl. -
Hotel,   M. A. li.MM I"*.:.
1,,-nli..*'   (if,1.1    Hi....-!.-.
.nnl J
finder pleaae leave nl thia nflh
rill I KK.S'I
I   1 IST
I j   tween Ihe Station .....I Second S!
\  few nicely furnished
First Htrnet, everythli -
new,   Apply Maii.-IIkuai.ii Office,
WANTED Everyone I...- Ing
house tn sell nr r'-nl, to list ii
villi li.e. I .-in (lnoded -villi enquiries
foi hou e properties. Phono, c ill, oi
drop ....j f. card with full timetIpllnn
...nl purchase price, nr rent required.
15, A, Kflggnu, li.-f.l Estate and Inait,-
.inc.- Agent, Revels! .ke, II. U
npply ni
Queens ftotel
Besl 1 Wines, Liquorsand Cigars,   Travellers to
■i< will find excellent accommodation at tliis
il net.
CHIEF   YOUNG, • -        Proprietor
End of day in ordinary fatiguing shod
You can't aland in one position live minutes without tiring. You can't
lie long in a plaster jacket wilhoul tiring. You can't ride many hours
in a train without tiring. And you can't walk any distance or stand
any time in hard, still, rigid, shapeless, ordinary shoes without tiring,
Why? Because anything that confines the muscles and hinders or
impedes freedom ol muscular action produces (aliguc. Want to
know how tiring your ordinary shoes are ? Well, just pull them off
after a strenuous day and note the soothing, relieving, refreshing
sensation that Creeps over the body.
Foot-rites are built with six ingenious devices to give the feet
absolute liberty of muscle action, viz:
With Plumb-Line Level Heel and Sole to keep heel and ball on
the precise level Natur. intended, which gives foot bottom freedom.
With Unwarpable Soles to insure the (eet lying free and Hat
instead of pinched and curled up.
With Toe-Freedom, Uncollapsable Box Toes to allow the toes
barefoot freedom.
With Hurtless Instep Seams and "Won't Blister" Hooks and Eyea
to promote freedom in the uppers,
With "Normal-Calf," almost as soft and supple a the calf s live skin,
to provide a pliant, yielding, freedom-feeling canopy over the feet.
And with Eaay Insides, famed exacdy the same size and shape
as the feet which inhabit them, to eliminate pinching, squeezing and
binding and give the foot muscles [ice, uncoulincd, natural action,
These insides are produced by Foot-rite Foot-Sculptuied Lasls.
The Foot-rite retailer in your town will prove the free muscle action
feature and consequent "Won't Tire You" improvement of Foot-
rites, if you'll call on him. You'll find his name below and his door
swinging inward but never outward to find a more welcome store.
Anywhere in America, Canada or Great Britain—$4.00 and
$5.00. Every pair Goodyear Welted.
THE Foot-rite SHOE
Borrow   THE Foot-rH* SHOE CO., MAKERS   Montrui.
End of d«y in "Won't Tie You" Foot-rites
McKinnon & Sutherland
Under   New   Management;
B,   C.
.- .'.   MM.    M
brands   of Wines,
' ig ira
$1   AND
or travellers
Spirits,   and
$160   PER   DAY
nt being questioned.
ANTED  A Waitress,
Hotel Iti'veH ike,
ANTED  A   dining room girl,
l.cl.iu.i II..Md, N.ikusp, $:in per
The straw* I month,
James Evans
Dealers iu   Beef,   Pork,   Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game In
Season, Orders promptly at>
tended to,
First St. Revelstoke
All kinds of Green Veget-
il.li- - ready for the Market,
Fresh local grown Strawberries $3,35 and $3,50 I'er
l rate,
Ripe Gooseberries 16c,
Per Lb,
Front Stat, Revelstoke
No SeedlesB Plums; No Pitless
Apples; No Coblesa Corn,—juat old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established  nursery ou   the
...inland of B.C.   dialogue Iree,
I'.S.—-If your lucal merchants do
not handle my bcciIb, send direct.
We prepay lilty packet*., assorted
varieties of garden seeds in fie. papers
(tested stock), to your nearest post
ollico lor $1.1)0, twenty packets Ior fillc,
trial collection.
fruit Lands
I have tunny enquiries (or
Fruit Lands from Winnipeg,
Toronto,and Vancouver. Persons desiring lo dispose of
their holdings, large or small,
will do well lo list theni with
me. Correspondence solicited.
Jas. I. Woodrow.
Haniilaoliired lor all oIossobIoI buildings
All kinds or bulldltw iuul -ilnaterhig
un. lorl ui; on.
I Strawberries  S
X For Sale by the Crate    Z
X $2.75 and $3.00 A CRATE Z
ilk y
JS -APPLY TO-       {J
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer in Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
f If   AVtlHiABLC
Mt. Victoria Park an Ideal
Spot-The Garden in the
Clouds-A Good Trail is
Cool and unpeopled ph.cos aro rare.
None lie uulsido Canada except those
too distant t..r summer vacation. Why
go In the Hookies to sp ml yuur hnrd
.iiine.l dollars? Why fritter sway
yuur inoomeon Ihocastcities? Why
leave your home city to aeelc ..fnr the
glories ol the chnse, tho thrill ot the
whirling reel, tlio coolness of the
sombre mountain ravine and the shade
of tbe mighty (..rest, when not hall a
dor.cn miles back behind the bills thnt
guard our cily lies spread uui in all its
grandeur, ns if nature l.ersell wns waiting l,.r lho supremo head, the arrival
ul mnn, ti rule over her, a vn-t natural
puk nf over 2,000 norea, a plateau ol
gently undulating land, carpeted with
Buli-on.ernld green, dotted .villiclumps
ut evergreen, .....1 here and there stnt. -
ly pines and llrs renting their noble
heads, casting shadows o'er the ragged
houlilsrs ul tlie ravines nnd affording
lustful Bln.de lor tho climber? Who,
after the toil'ul the lirst ascent, through
brush and uver crag cannot but marvel
ni lhc w ndertul panorama which tin-
Ii.lds itself hcloro him ns he casts him
self down on the gioen sward among
lhe pink and white heather, ou tlie
summit ol this beautiful plateau on
,Mt. Victoria and drink in tho pure air
ol the mountain. To the north cist
stretches out the valley of tl.o [llecillc
Wf.et Ilivor with lhe silver stn-.tk
glistening in its deep oanyou, rusliirg
in its mini course to ll.e Columbia; and
glistening in the sunlight tbe rugged
sister penks of Twin Butte rearing
thoir heavy sun.mils Io the clouds. To
the noith lie the headwaters of Eight
Mile Creek, where the scene is split up
into glaciers, deep ravines, high proof
pices, nnd lolly crags nnd peaks. Here
om be Been the beautilul Silver Tip
E.ills, one of the most magnifies;1
Rights in this region. Away in lhe
lmi'thivest rolls ihe mighty Columbia
visible for forty iniles winding its way
through (Ores', and canyon, To the
West the heavy timbered depths of the
.lonlon Pass look dim and mysterious
perpetual gloom having its abode on
the dark green slopes and abysmal
gullies- while to the south, in marked
contrast rise in majestic grandeur the
snow clad peaks ol Mt. Begbie, until
recently a virgin stronghold, untouched by the loot ot mau, and Mt. McArthur, lhe glaciers i car the summit
glistening in the rays ol the sun. lt
is indeed a soul inspiring picture and
all can be seen at our very doors. The
climber alter resting and filled with
the sublimity ot thc scone will expk.ro
this niiigniliceiit natural park which
is siluated on the shoulders of the
01ao-na-ooodin Range on Mt. Victoria
nt an altitude ol about 6000 leet ah.ve
tea level. Here is au ideal spot for
the summer camper, the heat ol the
valley by the altitude, where in 8-
qUitoea ..re unknown, and where ono
can ramble nnd walk fir miles over,
comparatively speaking, even country,
Here are specimens of all the Canadian
Horn, here ihe geologist mny find
ai-upe lur his calling, here enn lhc
sp.irlsm.iii show his prowess, and above
ail the beautiful supply ol water, the
"wnter whicli mnde Kevelstoke fnm
oinl" What more ideal spot could
be lound, go where you will, than thia
mountain park, within an hour ur ao
ol your city resideuce.
By spending a summer vacation
here In tliis natural garden, the expense of rail or bout is eliminated, nnd
the camper can lind up in this vas ■
park all the pleasures and attractions
which make life in the open air ao
dear to him. The city of Revelsloke
haa not yet realized what she possesses
almost in her midst, in this wonderful
region. Facilitate the ...cans of access
to the summit bring it into public
nolice nnd endeavor to mnke tliis spot
a centre of attraction tu resident and
visitor alike.
Another important point  and  one
which  is ul  interest not only to the
citizens ol Revelstoke, but to the whole
province, ono might say, and  that  ia
thnt game should  be  preserved  and
every facility given to the incrcaae  of
that most vahuiblo asset.    At present
cariboo are comparatively plentiful in
and around the hills  Immediately
behind tbe city  and  what  stronger
claim could wo hold out lor the preservation of game which ia bo near our
homes.     Thus   our   n.......lain   park
would have .. grand adilitiounl attraction. By preserving intact tl.o timber
on the area ol land lo be reserved lor
park purposes, tho wator supply to tho
city will always ho ample, which fact
speaks for itself. Active stops have
been taken hy tho Board ol Trade who
have approached tho Provincial government tur a grant to help construct
a trail up tho mountain, Tho city
council have agreed to put up ilullnr
fur dollar witii tho government tu
ca. ry nut thia wutk and now tho year
in drawing on aud nothing has been
I of i.tuncliug visitors, of establishing
tiiiothor mountain resort, llna matter
i ..bon1.1 he taken up,  nnd   tbat  soon.
I Tho construction ol a r.-ml would he
I nn cisy matter, litt'e excavating being
necessary, ami when accomplished—
behold the result !, our  ciiy   would
\ possess one of the linest natural parks
in tlie Dominion and one which would
prove a rare attraction to ReveUtoko's
already beautilul surroundings,
Even ns things are, the Canadian
highway hu-* enabled n British officer,
I.ieul.-Col. Burnley Campbell, to en-
circle lho globe in 10 days, lllj hours,
or just ilii dnys .....I a ball-hour less
than Jules Verne amazed his youthful
readers by imagining. Here is no
question of special trains or Btoiimers,
but the ordinary connections vin Quebec, Vancouver, Yokoha.ua, Vladivostok, nnd Moscow. Tho time table is
ns follows:
Mny 8 (7 211 p.m), left Liverpool.
Mny In (il p.m.), ...rived Quebec
May 10(6 p.m.), left Quobeo.
May 14 (5 a.m.), arrived Vancouver.
May 14 (12 80 pim.), lelt Vancouver.
May 2(1 (ii a,in,), arrived Yokohama,
May 27 (7 p in ), left Yokohama.
May 28 (!) HO a...), arrived Tstifuga,
May 28 (C n.ni), lift Tsnruga.
May 80 (216 p.m.), arrived Vladivostok
May ilO (7 p.m ) left Vladivostok.
May ill, arrived Harbin,
June i, arrived Irkutsk.
June 10 (2 38 p.m.), arrived Moscow.
June 11) (li p.m.), left. Moscow.
June 11, left Warsaw.
Juno 12, left Berlin.
June 13, (II am) left Oslend.
June 13 (2.60 p.m.), arrived Dover.
The worst part of the journey was
the 14 .1 ys and nights on the noisy,
dusty, tliriy Trans-Siberian railway;
the best, that upon the Canadian Pacific system, on Atlantic, nnd Pacilic,
and across the continent — 'the magnificent steamers ol the Canadian Pacilic r.iilway" werc especially lo the
colonel's liking.—Canadian (inzettc.
Ill U 11 L.   I     UnihV     Revelatoke Und Distriot,
I   DUtrlot of W*c»l K....|.....y.
  Till... notloo that Honry Ambrose Morris, of
i Revelstoke, H.c. occupation Free Miner, in-
A SAVING OF :.,-ml.* in in.|.lv lor spoolnl timber licences ovor
tc      _.      cn ^L.      » the followli.it described landa:-
25c. to 50c. on the $
Your Grocery, Clothing
Drygoods and Shoe Bills
WE PAY FREIGHT to any railway station
in Western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberni and British Columbia,
Write for our Latest Price List, ii ia
mailed Iree on request.
We only handle thc^besl goods money
can buy, only goods of besl mills, manufacturers and packers shipped,
We make Prompt Shipments.
We absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivei/.
All Coods Guaranteed or Money R
ll is a duly lo You, lo Yonr Family .....I
to your Pocket Bonk to Invesligite on
We do nol belong lo lhe Jobbers' or
Retailers' liuil.l or Association or anv
References: Any Bank, Railway or
Express Company in the Cily, or llie
names of twenty thousand satisfied cus
tomers in the lour provinces.
Write for Our Price List To-day.
Northwestern   Supply   House
239 anil ..(.. Su...Icy Slreel
Furniture, Pianos, nr Merchan-
dipe,Btorctl in dry-well-built warehouse in convenient location.
E.  A.   HAGGEN,
Ileal Est.tteand Insurance Agent
Revelstoke, H. C.
1, Commencing at n post plantcil |U miles
from llie iiimtih of tlio soutn forkol Ihmnie
Creuk, innrkeil "Henry Anilirn.it' Morris' K. K. cor-
ner 1 L," ijienco wnsl ioo chains, lhe nnrtli lu
I chums, thence etui 161 ehalus, Ibeneu i-mithJO
clmins in point ol commencement, contniiihig lUU
acres more or loss.
2. Commenci i-*, at % posl nlp.nled lU miles
from iln* motiUi ol the south forkol Downlo
Creek, mnrkeil ''Henry Ambrose Morris* N. l<; cor*
in i post," Uience west iti'i cliains. tlience south-Ml
ih.mi-, thence tast leu (bain, thonce north iu
i chains to point of com meneement, containing (HO
{acres more or loss.
8. Commencing at a nosl planted iM miles from
the mouth nf the soutli fork nf Dofrnie Creok,
marked "Honry Ambrose Morris'S.K. coruor jioit,"
thenco west IW cltalns, theme n**rili -JU clialns,
theuce east 16U chains, tlionco soutlMO chains t<
point uf commencementiCoutaiiilng out acres more
ur lesB.
-i. ComiuoncInK nt a post planted BVti inllex from
the mouth of Uio soutli furk of Downlo Cruek,
tiiiirki'il •■ll«'in;, Ambrose Morris'N.K.cprnornou;
thence west 150 clialns, tlu-nce south 40 clialns,
thence east li>u cliains, thenco nortn 40 clialns ti
pnlnt m* coinmencement, containing iuu acrei
more or luss,
6, Commencing al a post planted lift milea ii]
fi on-, tin* mmilli ni tliu south furk uf Downie croek
marked "Henry Ambrose Morris1 B, B.< ir post,'
tin nee west lun ehains, thence north 40 chains
thence oiul Ilii chains, thence nontli 4u chains ti
puiui of commencement, containing OlOncros mon
Dated Ji Klst, ll 7.
d. Coin nenolng ata post planted BM miles in.
from the mouth ufthe iouth fork of Downlo crock
marked* Uenry AmbroseMorrls'N.K.cnrnurposI '
thouco wesl it'u chains, thence south 40 chains,
Uience oust luu chains, thencu north 40 chalimti
pnint of commencement, containing OJOacresmon
or less.
7, Commencing at a post phnted on tho south
furk nf Downio Creek nbout 4) miles fr llr
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris'8.15 cn
nor nost," thonce wost IHO chaius, thouco north m
chains, theucB east nw chains, thonco soutli 41
i'linins in point of commencement, containing uiu
acres mora ur less.
8, Commencing nl a posl plantotl on i ho smith
fork nf Downlo Crook n limit 41 miles from tlio
month, marked "Ueiiry Ambrose Morris* N.K. cor-
ner post," tlienco wosl luo rl ains, tbonco sontli lu
cliains, thonco cast 1(10 cliains, thenco north 40
chains tn pointof comiuoncomeut, containing Uu
acres moro or less,
u. Commencing nt a post pliiuiwl on the south
fnrk uf Downlo Creek, aliout 0 miles from the
mouth, mortal "Henry Ambrose Morrls*8, II. ciirner post," tbence wesl i-o clmins, thouro uortli hi
chains, thenco cast hii cliains, thonce south hi*
chains to pnint nf commencement, cuntaining 04U
acres more or luss,
10, ('nun nei iui nir at a post planted mi the south
fun* of Downlo Crook about six milos from the
mouth, marked "Henry Ambrose Morris' N.i; corner post," tlience west 41) cliains, thence su itli liiu
chains, thenca east 4ii chains, Ihonce north l«)
cliains in pnint nf commencement, containing 04u
acres more or less,
Datod June 8fml,1007.
diucciiti, omcim m vmm iiohm
10* por paok«. er 8 packet. f»r JSc
oil, .«■ t a who.* .mar.
Tenders Wanted
SEALED TENDERS will be received up to six o'clock Saturday evening, July 27th, 11KI7. for n building to
be erected on First Sli-eet.
l'lans nnd specifications mny be seen
it, the olliee of the undersigned.
Lowest or nnv tender nol necessarily
Tenders to he nddressod to A. Mc-
line, Hevelslokc, and marked "Tender."
To Buy Property in and Around
Never Again will it be so Low
I have for sale the following:—
One Cotlage, corner Charles and
Douglas St.—$800, easy terms.
Two Houses, Third Sl.—$1,500
One House, corner King and
Front Sis.- $1,700.
Otic House on Douglas St.—$800.
Light Acres jusl outside lho City
Limits, suilable for fruit—$100 per
acre. Together will, larger lots
of Fruil L.uuls nenr the City,
Also one 35 fool lot suitable for
business site on First Street, close
to McKenzie Ave.
For lull particulars npplv to;—
Revelstoke, B. C.
Place youi" orders for your
Harness..—Hand-make Hoots
und Fancy Leather Goods, . .
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
llAltllY  MulNT.lHlI,      Oilman   House
UVllH MEDICAL WATERS of Halcyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natutal remedy for
nil Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
nnd Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
t-iilen on all boats ami trains. Two
mails ni rive and di uit every day,
Telegra h eominun alinii with all
marts of ihe world.
TKIIMH   $11! lo $18 per week.   For
further particulars npply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arreto LaKt, V, C
Revolstoke Land Dhtrlct.
Dlstrictof West Kootonay.
Tako notice that Chailes B,RohI, of Cranbrook, B.C., occupation Druggist, In tends tn apply
fur speciul llcoimcs over tho following described
1. Commonclng nt a post planted about 100
chains nurth fnnn the mouth of Big ('ruck ami
aimii! su chains west ol Comaplix and marked
"Charles K. Roid's S.K. cornor post," tlience 80
chains west, thonce tu cliains north, thence 80
chains oast, l huuee 80 cliains south to point of
eommencoraont. nml containing 040 ucrus mure nr
2. Commencing at u post marked ''Charles K
It eld's N. Ki cornor poit," planted almut ju*i
cbnins north frnm the montli of Big Creek and
nbout UO ehains west uf Oouiapltx, thence so
chaius wost, thence w uliains -smith, tlienco 80
chains east, tlience SU chains north to point of
commencement, and containing two acres moie nr
ii. Commencing at a post marked "Charles I*.
Reld's S.ff. corner post," planted about lOOchains
north frum the tm-titli of liig Creok und about 80
ehnins wes; of Comaplix, theuce fell chains uurth,
theuce 8t> chains oast, tlience Sn chains snutli,
Ihonce an chains west to point of commencement
ami containing (Un acres nmre ur lens.
4. Commencing at a post markod "Charles E,
Uciil's N. W. cumer post,' planted shout 14>>
chains iiuttli frmn the moulh of Big Creek ami
■i imiii so ciniins wust of Coinaplix, tbence south 8u
chains, thence east 8U chains, thence north 80
ehains. thenee west SU chalna to point of cum-
meneement, and containing 640 acres more or less.
Dnted July 18th, 190".
sat Jly 20 Nicholas Powers. Agent,
RovoUtoke Land Distriot,
Distriot uf West Kooicnay,
Take notice that C, A. Freeman of Knslo. H.
(-,. occupation Miner, Intends to apply for
special timber licences over the following described lands;
1. Commencing/ at a post planleil on llie
north side of Drift Creek, about 1 miles from
thfl Lardeau River, thence wesl 10 chains,
thonco norlh IOO chains, thence cast in clmins,
thonco south 161 chains.
2, Commencing nt a post iilanled on the
uortli side of Drift Creek, about3miles from
the Lardeau River, thonco north lo chains,
thonco cast Uiu chains,thonco south tu chains,
thenee west lliu chains.
;t Commoncing al a post planted on the
norlh side of l)ri,t Creek, aboul 'ii nii.es from
lhe Liii'dcau Itiver. thonce west 10 chains,
llienco north Id" chains, thence east JO chains,
tlience sontli I lin chains.
DatcdJuno l-.iih.luu7.
sat jly 13 C. A. FRKKMAN
Notice is hereby given that unlay** after date we
intend U apply to the Hontrable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wurks fur permission to purchase the following described lands in Wust
Kootonay district;
Commencing at a post planted ou the S. E.
coruor of Thompson pro-omptiou ini, marked
"Evans A Ogilvie-s N, W. corner post," thenco
40 chains oast, 40 chains south, 4(1 chains wost,
in chaius north to point of <-otiiiiiQUCOin«ut, con*
tainlug ICO acres more or loss.
Dated May 25tb, 1901.
aat my t'i EVANS & OUILVIE
Revelstoke Laud Dislricl.,
Dislrict of Wosl Kootenny,
T ' ■ notice that Tom BurnU of Revelstoke,
occupation limber Cruiser, Intends to apply for
a sp-inl timbor licence over tho following
descr Ud laiuls:
1, Conimonoinfcat a post planted ll miles
soulli uf lhc inoulli of Smith Crock, and IBO
clmiiis west of tin; Columbia Rivermid marked
"T. Sundt's S, K. corner," thonco Su chains
west, tlienco 80 ohains nortli, thonco 80 clialns
east, thenco 80 ohains south to pointof commencement, containing 610 acres more or loss,
2, Cominonoing ai apost planted 14 milos
soulh of the mouth uf Smith Creek, uml SU
chains west uf Columbia Riverand mnrkeil
"T, Sundt's N- K. oorner," thenee SU chains
south, Lhoncc Hi chains wesi, thenee 81) chains
north, thonce $u chains east to point of commoncomont, containing 640 acres moro or less.
3, Commencing at a po-t planted 6J miles
south uf the mouth of Smith Creek, and 12U
chain- wesl of the Columbia Riverand marked
T. Sundt's S.  F.   corner," Ihence wenl Ifi!)
chains, thouce north IU cliains, thence cast ItiO
chains, theuce suulh 4u chains to point of commenoement, containing (140 acres more or less.
1. Commencing at a post plantod 6J milos
south of the mouth of Smith Crook and 120
ohains westof the Columbia River and marked
T, Sundt's N. B, corner." thc;iec south 10
chains, thence wost 160 chains, ihence north 40
chains, thence east Itin chains to point of commencemeni, containing 010 ncres more or less
5. Commencing at a pust planted t)!: miles
south of thc moulh of Smilli Creek, aud 2M
miles west of Columbia Itiver. andmarked
"T. Sundt's S. fi). corner," thenco west 100
cliains, tlience north 40 chains, thenoe east 100
chains, thence south 40 chains lo point of coin
mencomont, containing 640 acres more or luss.
ti, Coinineneilig ata post planted 0*^ miles
soulh of the inoulli of Smitli Creek and 2 miles
west of Columbia River, and marked "T,
Sundt's N. K, cornel'," tlience south lu cliains,
thence west ItiO cliains, iheuce north 40 chains,
east 100 chains tu puinl of commeucemeut,
containing dill acres more or less,
7, Coinmeneing at a post planted 7 miles
-outli of lhu muulli of Smith Crock,and2i
miles west uf Columbia River, and innrkeil
T. Sundt's N. K. eurner." Ihenco wesl 80
cliains, tlience south S'l chnius, tlienee eastSU
clmins, thenco nurth SU cliains to puinl uf commencement, cun taming G1U acres more or lens,
Dated Juno 15th, IM,
sat, jly ii TOM SUNDT.
Revelsloke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Karl Stevens of Huwser,
B. C„ occupation Lumberman. Intends to apply
fur special timber licence-over the following
described lands;
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
nortli side vf Drlfl Creek, about four miles
from tbe Lardeau River; Ihence easl IU chains,
tbclico uurth Iti'i chains, theuce wesl lu chains,
llienee south itin chaius.
i. Commencing at a post planted on the
north side of Drill Creek, alwut VA miles from
the Lardeau liner. Ihence north lu chains,
Llienee easl Kiu cliains, Llienee south lu chains,
thenco west Iti'i chains.
Dated Juno 16th, \M,
Notice ;" hereby giveu that on days from dale
I Intend lo apply to the Honourable the CUef
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for per-
mlulou to purchaie the following described
lauds, silunieii at i.nilenn Hay, in West Koote-
nay distriet:
Commencing at a post marked "W, |{. Keid's
'""iili-.-n**'. corner post," ami planted in chnlns
suuth from ilu north* west corner of C. beck's
Lot 7o43, Ihencu west HO chains, thence north
I'. chains, thenceeast 20 chains, thenee south
40 ehalus to point ol cummeucement, ami containing su seres more ur less.
Daled May _.nd,lW7.
sAlmytf W. R. REID
Notice ii hereby given tbat 60 days after date 1
iiteml to apply'tu tlie chief Commlsslonor of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase the
foRtA-ing described lands, situate In West Kootenay Districl:
Coinmeneing al a post planted 40 chains
north of •outti east corner ofT, L, 7016, and
marked "H.C.Morris's north-east corner post,"
thenre south so chains, wen bu chains, north
80 chains, ■■«■•. &0 chains to point of commeucemeut.
Dated .luneGtli, 19U",
wed jun IJ Il.C, MOHItIS,
Notice Is hereby given that UO days afterdate I
Intend to applj to th.- EfonorablM, the Chief Mom-
missioner of Lands ami Works for permission to
purchase the following deacribed lands, idluated
mi I'pper Armw Lake, District of West Kootenay;
Commencing at a lwst planted at the S. K.
corner of Itaiph Simpson's application, tlience
litf chains northca-Urlj foiloiving the Lako
shore iu Qalcna Bar; Uience north 20 chains;
thenofl southwesterly 108 chain- paralleling
Uke shore; thenee MUth SO Chains lo point Of
commencement, and containing 117 acres, more
or ies-.
Dated Arrowhead, 11. C. June 1. WW.
Juuflsal A, W, DICKINSON,
Agent for Lamb-Watson Lumbor Co., Ltd,
Kevelstoke Land District.
Dislrict of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Gus Kprlam Hedstroraol
Ilevelstoke, ii, c„ occupation cruiser, Intends
to apply for ii special license over (he following
described lands:
1. Commeueiug nl a post planled about ono
mllo up the noriii-east fork ol five Mile Creek
and about two ehains- wesl of the trail, Five
Mile Creek being live miles above Carnes
Creek, and marked "Uus Itpriam Hedstrom's
B. K, corner," ihenee nurih 8U chuius, ihenee
west an chains, thenee south 8u chains, thenee
east su chaius to point uf coiumeiiceiueut, containing 040 acres more or less.
2. Commencing at a post phnted about one
mile up the north-east forkol Five Mile Creek
and about two chains westof Hie trail, Five
Mile creek being live ml.es above Carnes
Creek, and maiked ''UUS Kprlam Hedsirom's
B. W. corner," thence north 80 chain , thence
cast 8U chains, theme south 8U chaius, theuce
west suehalns io pointof cuuiiucuceniciil.aiul
containing 640 aores more or less.
:;. Commencing at a post planled about one
mile up the north-east tork ol Five Mile Creek
and ahout two chains westof the trail, Five
Mile Creek being live miles above Carnes
Creek, and mamed "lois Kprlam Hedstrom's
N, W. comer," thenee south SU chains, Iheuce
east 80 ehuins, Uience north SO chains, theuce
wesi SO ehains to pointof commencement, and
con lui ning titu acres more or less.
4. Commeueiug ai a post planted about one
mile up the nurih-eust fork ul Mvo Mile Creek
and about lwo chains wesl of the trail, Kivo
Mile Creek b.'ing live miles above Carnes
Cieok, and marked "OuBEprlam Hedstrom's
N.E. corner," (hence south 8U chains, tlienee
west sn chains, theuce north su chains, thenee
easl SO chains to pointol coiiniiciiccuieut.aiul
containing (iln acres more or less,
Dated .Ion,* L'lli. 1007.
wedjly lu     (il 8 Kl'UIAM RBDSTROM.
Carll I ml District,
District of Cariboo, Il.C.
'lal.i notl ■■ imt I. U'.T. oke, of Huvelslokp,
ll. c., nciitii.iiinn Miner, Intoml to apply for
special timlier licences over the inlhming doscrlh'
ed lands:
1. Commeneliiu nt a pust plantod ahnul 8fi
miles from the mouth af Canoo Kim md aboul "
inlli-s suuth uf Ci'i'inhcm Uke,and tuarki 1* \\,
•P. Oka's north-easl conn r," thencesouth80 ohaliw,
thunce nosl mi chains, Lliui north su chains,
theuce east 80 chains lo pluce <>f comiuonooment,
containing Bio acres moro or less,
2. Commencing at a post planted alwut 2 miles
Bouth of .McJ.ciiiiku Itiv.'i ami juluing No. 1 limit,
and marked "W. T, tike's north-east corner,"
thonce somh su chains, tlienco west su cliains.
tlience nortli su chains, thouco oast80 chains to
poinl of commencement, containing 610 acres more
ic Gorameuolnu at a pust plnntod almut 2 mllni
from McLennan lliver ami joining Ko, t limit ui i
marked "VV. T. Oko's north-west corner,', thonco
easl IliO eliains, (hence south 10 chain*-, thonce
wvsl inn chains, thonco north 40 chains in pi ice ol
commencement, containing 610 acres nmre or h t -.
4. Commoncing at a posl planted abuut 2 milos
fnnn McLennan River and lolnlng No, t and No.:.
limits and marked "W.T.ufio's uorth-oast conior,'
thonce south 90 eliains, ihence wesl SU chains,
thuncu north SU chains, thenci' east80 chains to
point of commencement, contalniiigjIMO acres moro
ii. Commencing at a pnst planlcd ahnnt 8 mlloi
smith of Cranlwry Lako and joining No. 1 limit
on lhu snulli ami marked "W, 'I1, oke'.-. north-easl
cornor," tlience south tn chains, thence west mi
clmins, thonco north su chains, thunce east80
chains lo place of communcumuiit, containing uiu
acres, mure ur less.
il. Commencing at a posl planted about I mlloi
s hofcrauburrj Lake ami iolnlmf No.ftllmll
un the WOSt, and markeil "W. T, Oke's hOlltll-COst
eurner," thonce wost 80 chains,thenco Mini
chains, thenco oast mi clialns, thonco south mi
uhalns to puint ut commencement, containing iilu
acres inure or luss.
7. Commonolng at a pud planted about 4 miles
souih of Cranberry Lake and luiiiing No, U limit
mi the north-easl ami markod "W. T. Oko's nuiilli*
oast conior," llienee vvusl Su clmins, Ihence inntli
B0 chains, tlienco east m. chains, tlionco south so
chains t.u point uf commencement,containing mu
acres mure or luss.
Dated J mm "Lii, 1907.
5. Commencing al a pnsl. planleil abuul 8 miles
south of McLennan Rivor ami joining No 7 limit,
und marked "W. T. Oke's south-east comer,"
thence nortli su chains, theuce west B0 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thonco east SU chains lu
pniui nf commencement, containing Oiu acres
moru or Inns.
11. Comtuencllig at a pust planted about 2 tulles
suuth of McLennan River ami joining No, B limit,
and marked ''W, T. Oke's nurth-oast corner,"
tlu-nce south Mi chains, thence west BU chains,
tlienc north HO chains, tlienco east si) chains to
pniui. of commencement, containing 610acres more
01 less.
in. 1 ommenclng ul a post planted almul 2 miles
suuth of McLennan River and joining No. ulimit,
ami markod "W. T. Oku's south-east cornor,"
thonco wost Itin ehnins, Lhulici th 4u chains,
tlienco east 100 chains, tbonco suuth 4U cliains to
pointof commencement, containing 640 acres more
or less,
11. Commencing at a post plantcil about 1 mile
south nf McLennan River ami joining No. lu limil
ami maiked  "W.   T.  Oke's  imrtli-uasL curlier,"
ihence suuth su chains, theuce west sn chains,
thetice imrth 80 chains, theuce east SO chains in
place uf commencement, containing oiOao/es more
or less,
Datod Juno 10lh,1007.
I:!. Commeueiug at a post planted about :i
miles frum Cauue River and almut BS miles
frum mouth of river and marked "IV. T. Oko's
south-oast eurner," Ihence wost Sll clmins, thencu
mirth HI chains, tlu:lieu unst 80 chains, thencu
suulh SO chains to point of commencement, contain ing UIU acres inure ur less.
18, Commencing at a pust planled almut .: miles
west of Canoe lliver andjoluingNo. IB limit and
marked "W. T. Oko's south-ease corner," thonco
wust Ml chains, thunce imrtli tin chains, thencu east
Ml chains, thencu .-.uuth HU chains to place uf cum-
meneement, containing 11-iu acres m< re or less.
11. Commencing at a pnsL planted aboul l mile
we.it of Canoe Kiver ami joining No, Hi limil ami
marked "W. T. oke's aouth*we-it comer," thence
nortli SU chains, Llieu-u cast BQ chains, Llienee
south St) chains, theuce west 8U chains to point of
uoinmencoment, containing two ucrus more ur less,
Dated  nue llth, 10U7.
wed jly a WILLIAM T. OKE.
Revolstoke Laud Dislricl.
District of We.-L Koutctiav.
Take notice that Charles K. Rek
B.CJ.I occupation Druggist, Intondi
special limber license uver tlie foil
Commencing at a post niarki
Keid's S.W. enrner posl," planlcd
uorlh of a pust marked "IV.I'.
omption," ami about 1J mile-' norl
B, C, thencu nurih hu chains,
chains, thence smith 8u chains,
.'hains to point uf commencement
64(1 acres moru or loss,
DatudJuly 10th, 1907.
sat jly 20 Nicholas i
nf Cranbrook,
to apply fora
'Wing described
'il "Charles K.
ain mt nil chains
1387, D. Urr pre-
li of Camliorne,
thonce oast su
Uience west 80
nud containing
nwers, Agent..
Notice is lierebv given that 00 days after dale 1
inlend to apply to the Chief Commissionerof
Lands and Works fnr pormission to purchasu Lhu
fullowing described lands, situate iu West Koote-
nay district:
Commencing at a posl planled 10chains
north of south-east corner nf T.L. 7iilti and
marked "J. K. Johnson's north-west comer
post," thence castuu chains, south 8U chains,
west 80 chains, north su chains to pointol
Dated June 6th, 1007.
wed jun 12 J. Ii. JOHNSON,
NOTICK is heroby glvon that 60 days aftor
date I inlenil lo apply to lhu Hon, the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
pormission Lo purchaho Lhe following described
lands, sit uated in West Kootenay:
Commencing at a posl planted '20 chains
westof IJlIinl Hay, marked D. V. Hue's northeast corner posl/' tlienee south SJ chains, west
60 chains, norlh sn chains, east 80 chains to
pniutof continence tn ent.
Dated j une 6th, 1907,     wjli    D. M, HA t,
Kevelstoke Land District.
District uf West Kootenay,
Take nolice that A. M, Symons.of 8t. LflOHi
Hi!,, occupation M.ner, Intends toapply for
special timber licenses over tbo following
described lmids:
1. Commencingat a pus planted At the N,
W. comer of Lut 8176 and aboul ',.0 chains wost
of ihe middle fork oi Koslhall Creek, west uf
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A. M.Sy.
moiis' S.E. cornur," thence north SU chains,
(hence west 8i> chaini., ihenee soulli 80 chains,
thenee east 80 chains lo placoof commencement, and containing 040 acres more or less
2. Commencing at a nost planted at the N,
\V, eorner of Lot 8176 aim aboufJU chains weBt
of the middle fork ol Fosthall Creek, west of
Upper Arrow Lake, and marked "A, M. Sy*
mons1 8. W, corner," thence north 8u chains,
theuce cast SO chains, theme south 81) chains,
thonco weBt 80 chains to placoof cuuimence
meut, ami containing tilu acres more or less
Dated Juuo lfith, 1007.
3. Commencing ata post planted one mile
nnrlh uud lu chains west of the N.W. corner of
Lnt 8I7.> and on the east bunk ol the middle
lork oi Fosthall Creek, west of Uppsr Arrow
Lake, and marked •A.M.Syraons' S K, corner,"
ihence norl i 8n chains, llienee west 8U ehains,
thunce south Bil cliains, thence east80 chains
to placo of commencement, and containing
640 acres more or less,
4. ommenoing at a post planted one mile
nortli and iu chains wesl of the N W. comer of
Lot 8175and ou tlie east bank uf (he middle
forkol Foslhall Cruek, wesi of Upper Arrow
Lake, and marked "A.M.Bynwns  . >i  corner,"
tbence uonh m chains, them ast 80 chains,
ihcnces-unh su chains, them-e  iest80 chal!
to,.lace ef com   cneeniont, and cuntaining
Oil acres more or less.
ii. Commeueiug at « posl planted one mllo
north and vu ehnins enst ol Lot 8176 and one
milo east ol the east bank of the middle foik of
Foslhall Creek, westof Upper Arrow . like and
marked "A.M. Symons1 6, w. corner," thence
north 80 chains, theuco east 80 chains, thonce
south SOc.ains. thence west su ehuins lo place
of commencement, and containing OIU m*rw
more or less.
Dated June 17th, KW7,
ti. Commencing at a post planted at tho N.
W. comer of ,.'. 7886, and nbuut iiu elinins
west of tbe nurih furk of Foslhall Creek, :i
miles from the mouth oi the norlh fork, wc-t
of the Upper Arrow I uke. and mnrkeil "A, M.
Svmons' N.K. cumer," ibeuce south 80chains,
Iheuce wesi su clmins, thence north su ehains.
tlience east 80 chains to place of nommonco-
ment, containing tilu acres more or less.
1. Coimneui-in.: st a post planted at the i,
w, comer of T.L, 7310, and lOOchains westof
ihe nurth lurk uf Fnstliall Creok, and about 8
miles from the mouth of lhe north fork, wesl
ol Upper Arrow I uke, ami uiarked "A. M. S;,-
mons' Bt E, comer," thence uorlh BO ehuins,
thence west K0 chains, thuncu south SO chnius,
tlience cast sn chuius to placoof commencement, and contaiuiug 640 acres more or less.
8. Commencing at a post planted at (he S
W. coruer T. L 7838, abuul in chains wesl of tlio
north fork of Fosthall Creek, about ■■ miles
from the mouth of the uortli fork.w-jluf
Uppur Arruw Lake, and marked "A.M Bymons'
S, E, corner," thencu west su chains, tlience
north BU chains, thenre east 8U chains, tlienee
south 80 ehains lu place of commencement
and containing Olu acres more or less.
Dated Juuo flub, 1907.
Take notice Lhat. I, John Wallls Shorwln, nf
Winnipeg, Manitoba, intend lo apply fora
special timber HOODOO for the following described lauds:
Commencing at a posl planted ul Mm Soulh
West corner 'I. L 8083, marked "J. W.H,, north*
oust cornel," running wost ,MI chains, Lliuneo
south sn cliains, thonoo oaat 8u chains, and
Llienco north 80 eliains in Dm-mini of com-
Haled July Kith, 1007.
Nolle.. i» i....-.!i.j- givon  Mllll. 1" .1.1,1* .111''I
iliit.i. wi. Intond toapply i» tlio Hon. ii.<- ri.i.-i
tJoiiiiiiisHlonifr ul Unda mul Worka, for Hiiifcliil
llci'iii... i.ju.it. uml carry away timbor from Uiu
.mIImii ini,. doaorlbod landa!
CommonotiiB ul a post plantod al lho north,
oast cornerol U..I..-.-I, <ll..n.lin..lni<> nro-omp-
llmi No, .III, \V.-»l, Kooicnay  lilsi.-ici, .....I
marked "1% Bond l,.....l..:r I'limpuiiy'.. Ui
cnsl. corne.- poat," thonoo nortl. HI cliiilll..llie..cc
wesl, lliil ohnins, lllOIICO mi.iIIi ll. chains, ll.cn.'e
easl, Hln ohnlns In ..oinl. nf e...n...o..oon.cnl.
Arrowhead, Il.C.,.Inly «tli. H«7.
sat jly 211        Ilm Musi. I..-.\.ni:u C..., l.m
Kevelstoke Land Dislricl.
District of Wesl Kootonay,
Take notice that Richard Davis, Ag'Uil, nf
KevetsLoku, 11, ('., nccupalioii, saw mill manager,
Intends to apply for a special timber licence uver
the following dosorlbed lands:
Commonolng at u post marked "north-wesl
corner pnst." situated almut a tpiarlur of a mile
bolow Five Mllo Croek, on the wust bank of the
Culumbia River, running east eighty chains,
i hwiici1 --"iii li eighty ehuins, thoncu wesl ulghty
ehains, thence imrtli uighty cliains to Lhu poinL nf
Mod July 17,1007*
1) trlct uf Cariboo.
Tako notico Hint 30 days after dnlo K.Cornlng
of KonUtuluii OHUiMtlnu hotol man, inicude
io apply for iiBiioolnl timbor llconao ou.t tiio
fidlowliigdoscribod laml-i:
1. Comuioucing at ajmsl planted two miles
Wosl of Cauoo rivor ami about Kmileafrom
mouth, uonr Crunborry lake, ami  rked  'E-
'Wniim's unriliim i. niriior post No 1, thenco
-milli SH cliain-, Llienco we-t Su chains, theuce
north Hn clmins, tbenco onst 80 rhnius to starting point, containing 640 ncres moro or less,
Dutod 7th or Juno, 1007.
_, Commeueiug ut it imsi plautod on wost
hank of Canoe rivor, 85 miles from mouth, and
murked "E. Coming's northwest cumer post
No. 2|" tbenee east 80 clmins thencu south su
clmins,  lhcnco WOSt 80 elinins, thenco ii'Tlli 80
chains to sturtiug point, containing 640 acres
moru or loss.
Dated-ill!-)unit, 1007.
3, Cominenoiug ntn post planted threo miles
west of Cauool rivor, sti miles from mouth and
murked "E. Coming's northwest corner isi.-t
No. 3," theuoe Oast 80 chains, thence south 80
chuius, tllOIICO wost 811 chain."-, theuce north Bo
ohaius io starting poiut, containing 640acres
muru or lOstf,
01111x17111.1111111, 11)07.
I. Cominonoing ut a posl planled ou wo-t
bauk of Cuuoe rivor. about 8-i milo- from mouth
and marked"E, t turning's northeast corner post
No. I," thonco south 80 chain.-', llienco we-t H)
chains, Ihonce north Sll chaius, thonco oa.-t 8-1
chains tu sterling point, containing 640 acres
moro or loss.
Dated ;>ili June, 1007,
,i, Commeueiug ni a post planted wost of
Cunoo river and 81 miles from mouth, marked
"E, Coming's northeast (omor pust No. '..'
tlionco south so chain.-, thenco wost 80 chains,
ihencu north NUehiiin--,, thunce oast80chains u>
starling puint,conl lining 610ucres more or loss
Haled ith June, 11107.
il. Commonclng at a post planted west of
Canoe river, Si iniles from mouth, ami inarked
"E Coining's nort uasl coruer post No. ti,"'
thonoo south 80 clmins, tbenco west so ohains,
theuco north 80 chains, ihouco oast su chains to
start lug point, contaiuiug nm _ores moru or
Dulod ;ih Juno, 1007,
7, Commeuelng ut u post planted west id
Caiiou, rivor ami Si miles from mouth, aud
markod "E. Corning':, nortliea.-l corner [sjst
No. 7," thouco south 80ohains, thenco west 'ii
chnius, ihouco north 80 chains, thencu east 80
ciniins lo starting poim, coutululng 640aores
moro or loss.
Dntod itli .Imm, 1001.
s, Coiniuouolug ut u post plant d flvo miles
wost of Cunoo river and about85 milos from
moulh and murked "E. Coming's Bouthwost
cornur post No. fij" theuco north 80chuius,
iheuco east su chains, thonco south bO chains,
ihoneo wust mi chains to starting point, contaiuiug 640 acres more or luss.
Dated ith Juno, HKM.
0. Commoncing nt a post plauted wost of
Cauoo rivor and ai miles Irom mouth, and
markud "Ji. Coming's Bouthwost comer posl
No, 0," Ihence nortli 100 ehuins, tbenee oost40
chains, Ihuncu soulh lliu ehuins, ihuime Wust 40
chuius to starting point, containing 640 acres
or loss.
Ii.ili:d7lh Juno  1007,
10, Commouciug at a post planted ouffeflt
bank of Cauoo river and about S3 milo.-. from
moulh uud markod "E- Corning'.- southwest
corner No, 10," thonce uorth so chain.-, thouco
ca-l su chain-., tbonco soulh 80 chain*-, Llienco
wosl sij chaius to starting point, containing 640
ncres moro or less
Datod Juuo lib, 1007.
II. Commonolng at a poat plantod west of
Canoe River and ubuut 83 miles from inuuLh
and inarked "K. Coming's south-east cornor
pust Nu. II," thonco west Nl ehains, tlience
not-lh SU chains, tllOIICO eusl BU chains, thence
iouth 80 chains (o sturtlng point, conlnlng 610
acres more ur less,
Daled June nth, 1007.
12, Commencing at a posl planted westof
Canoe Rivor about fi iniles, about 85 miles from
muuth, murked "K, Coming's north-east cornor
post Nu, 12," Iheuce south 80chains,tuonoo
wesi so chains, llienee nurth su chains, thenoo
east BU cliains to Hlarling poinl, containing 010
acres muru or less.
13, Cummencing at, it post planled west of
Canoo Itiver ami Ni miles from inouil), marked
"E. Coming's north-oant comer post Nu. 13,'
thonce souih 80 ohnli.8, thenco west 80 chaius,
tlience norlh su cliains. Llienco oast su chains lo
starling point, containing040aores mure or less,
11. Commonclug at a post planted 1 mile
west of Canoo River and uboui 85 miles from
moulh, ami marked "JS. Curnlug's north-west
corner pusl Nu. II." Lhcnco oast BU chains,
thenco aoulh 8U chains, theuoe west 80 chains,
Llienco norlli 80 chains io starling point, containing OW acres inure or less.
Dated .lun.' lltli, Khi,'.
wedjly:) ED. CORNINO.
Revelsloke Lund Dislricl.
District of West Kooicnay.
Take notice lhat G. K. Norlhey o\
Camborne, H. C, occupation Logger,
In I ends to npply for a special limber licence over lhe following described lands:
i. Commencing ul a post planted on
the easl bank of Hoyd creek, ubout 5
chains from creek and about ,1 miles from
its moulh, marked "G, K. Norlhey's
norlh*enst corner post," ihence we_t8o
chains, Iheuce snutli 80 chains, thenee
easl 80 chains, thence norlh 80 chains lo
point of com iienceiiienti-
_, Comincncing at a posl plained on
the west bank ol Hoyd Creek, aboul 4
miles from ils mouth, marked "ti. \\.
Norlhey's north-enst come r post," ihence
wesl 80 chains, iheuce aoulh 80 chains,
lln nee easl 80 chains, llienee north 80
cliiiins to poinl oi commencement.
3, Commencing al a posi planted on
llie east bank of Hoyd ereek, about 60
ciiains from creek ami about 5 miles Irom
its moulh, marked "li, K. Norlhey's
soulh-east corner post,' ihence nortli So
chains, llienee west 80 chains, ihence
snutli 80 chi ins, ihence easl 80 chains to
point of coiiimenceniant.
4, Commencing nl a posi planted on
the easl bank ol Hoyd creek, about Oo
chains from oreek and almut 5 miles Irom
its mouth, marked "ti. K. Norlhey's
.imlli-wesl corner posl," Ihence norlh So
chains, iheuce east 80 chains, thence
soulh 8u cliains, ihence west 80 chainslo
poinl of com nciicenienl.
Daled June jtjth, 11)07.
5, Coinineneilig at a posl planted on
lhe east hank o\^ Hoyd creek, aboul 30
chains Irom creek and about fi miles from
its moulh, markeil "ti, K. Norlhey's
iiorlli-rasl coiner posl," ihence west 40
chains, Ihence soulh 1O0 chains, thence
easl 40 i'liains, thence north 160 cbiins (0
poini of commencement.
(i, Commencing <'ii ft posi planted on
lhe east liank of Hoyd creek, aliout }Q
chains from creek and about Similes
from ils mouth, marked "ti. K. Norlhey's
north-west corner post." llienee east 40
chains, ihonce soulh 160 chains, theuce
wesl 40 chains, tlienee north 160 chains to
poinl of commencement,
7. Commencing ai a post planted oil
the east liiink ol Hoyd creek aboul 30
liains Irom creek and about 8 miles from
its mouth, marked "11, K, Nonhey's
llorlll-WCSl corner posl,'' ihence e.isi 80
chains, Ihence soulli 80 chains, thence
wesl 80 eliuiiis, theuce norlli 80 chains to
poim of commencement
Dated 6th July, 1907,
wed jly 17       Per A, .Mclnnes. agont.
Nollca I, liorobj. given ili..i tlie umlertljnio,! ha-
f...|.lii-il... lil. if.ii.-.ur Ihy l.ii'iili-iiiiii. ......iii.t
... Council under tho prm Ulotu. ..1 tlie II.ht* fiiul
si.i-.iiii* Act..-, clea. f.iul r.- n obttnictloni
Irom l.ii.l.i.'ti'1-k In tlie District ol «'.-». Koot*
nay, llriili.li Columbia, Irom a poln. M-here It
i-i..|.ll... h.i.. ll... Columbia lliver to a i ton
.iini crook about < mllea Inm. tbe Columbia Biver
1....1 it. cnii.-i riirt im-i maintain !».<><.>,... or about
.In ...I. ol *.,..I croek n...l In Ibo Columbia
Ilii... mljfiii-iii thereto, and to ...i.ich l» lo
tin- -.mi,' i.l ....I., I'.i-.-k .....I nld Columbia
lli.i'i-fi. *u.il....in.*,.... boldll.i, .urtli.. and de-
Ivorlni lun* fimi il.tii.i-r I........hi down - .i-l .-.p.k.
ll.o land, to be altected Ci u... uld work are
;...«.. Imiii. niul tin-1..11* ii.... are |..»i 11 bt
li.irge.l aro .ucli ... marbe BjntlbyaJu.ljeol
li.i. r„....ly Court ..I Wn*. Konlvnay.
I.....-1.1.... 'li-l.ii ..I Jun.., IW.
mfiljnif IDOUd II. II..NNi;l,l,Y.
Uisti-iel ..f Lillooet.
Tako notico that Alexander M.-C.:..-
..I* IteveUUike, B.C., Prospector, in-
teuila to apply Ior a special Umber
licenae uve. the following described
1. Commeuelng at a pt.*-t planted
ontbeeasl bank uf the south fork of
Seymour liver ahoul lj miles iouth of
ll.e .*:...... .....1 about 211 miles up from
Shuswap lake aud marked "Alexander
McCraes N.W. corner," Ihence east VI
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east lOchains, thencesouth 120chains,
thence wesl si chaius, thence north 40
chains tu point of commencement and
containing iilu aores more or less.
2. Commencing at a post planted
outheeost lunik of lhe southfo.kof
Heyu.o.ii- rivei* about 2 miles south uf
11... sani... anil about 22 miles up from
Shuswap Ink.•*•-....1 marked "Alexander
McCraes N. W. corner," thence smith
80 chains, tbence east so chalas, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains
to point of commencement, and con-
tabling iilu acres more or less,
■i   Uommenclng at .-. post planted
on the easl bank of ili.' soulb fork uf
Seymour river ahout 3 miles south of
ii..- *:...... ..it.I al...... 23 miles up from
Shuswap lake and marked "Alexander
McCrae's N. li. comer," thonce south
su chains, thence wesl 80 chains, tbence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chaiua
lo poinl of ..'. in...onceil.out, an.l containing 040 acres more or lo*-.
I. Commencing .tt .i post planted
about J mile east of the south fork of
Soymour river, about'! miles suiuh of
ilie same and about 2*1 miles up from
Shuswap lake and inarked "Alexander
McCraea N.W. corner," thence cast
liiu chains, thence suuth III chains.
thence west 1'H) chains, tbonco uorth
lu.fliiiiiis iu point ..I commencement
an.l coutatniug i.l" acres more or loss.
Dated June 20th, imi".
5, Commencing at a post planted*,
mile west of the west bank uf Seymour
rivei-, about il iniles up from Shuswap
lake,..ml marked "Alexander McCrae'B
N.W. corner," tbence south 40 chains,
ihence east l.m chains, thon.:.. nortb
Hi chains, thence west 100 elmins to
poiul uf commencement, cuntaining
llll) acres mure or loss.
0, Commencing at a post planted J
mile ivest uf tl.e ne.-t bank of Seymour
rivor, about 'il miles up from .shuswap
Ink.-fin.I marked "Alexander McCraea
S. W, corner," llionoo nnrth III chains,
tbence easl 100 chains, tbence south
IU chains, thonco west Mi ohains to
point of commencement an.l containing 040 acres mora or less.
7. Commencing at :i pust planted J
mile west of ll.e wesl bank of .Seyniuiir
liver, about 22 miles up from Shuswap
lnke and marked "AlexanderMcCraes
S. E, corner," thence north 40 chains,
ihonoe wesi ioo chains, thence south
lu chains, thenoo oust 100 chains to
point of commencement, aud containing UIO acres ii .oro or less.
8, Oommenclng nt a pust plnuled
about J mile east of a second north
fork of Seymour liver, about 22j milts
above Shuswup lako and about 21
miles up the sni.i fork and marked
"Alexander McCrae's S. VV. corner,"
tlienee nuiili 1.10 ohnins, thoneo oast
10 chains, thenco south lou ohnins,
tlience west In .-hains to puim uf commencement, and containing 010 acres
more or less,
II. Commencing at a pusl planled
nl.u.it J mile oast of a second noilh
furk ut' Soy...our river, about 22j miles
nhovo Shuswap lake and about 2J
mill's up the snid fork and marked
"Alexander Merino's S. li. oorner,"
Ihenee north IIU ehnins, thence wesl
III chains, thence south 100 chainB,
llienee east III chains to poiut of com-
i.,.-...-i-n..-:.., and containing OIU acres
more or Ies*.
Haled June 27th. 11*17.
10. Commenolng at a pnsl plnntod
un tho east bank of a soo.nnl norlh
fork of Seymour rivei-. about 21 j miles
up from Shuswap lake and nlK.ut IJ
iie.. up lho snid fork fii.'l uiniked
Uexander McCrae's S. W. cornor,"
theuce north l.m ehnins, thenceeast to
chains, thence -..ulh 100 chains, ihence
wesl 40 ehnins to puint of commencement, and containing (HO acres more
or less.
Daled July 1st, 1007.
11. Commencing at a post planted
1| miles north of the Seymour river,
and nboul 11 miles above Shuswap
Ink.- and u.ai k.-.I "Alexander McCraes
S, VV. corner." thence noith su ehnins,
Ihenco easl SO ehnins, thouoe south SU
ehnins, thenee west 80 ehains to puint
..I* coinmencement, and cuntaining
IHO acres mure or le.*.*:
Dated July Oth, H»i7.
wedjly 17   ALEXANDER McfHAE,
Certificate of Improvements.
Richmond Mineral claim, i-itu.ite in the Hev
olstoko Mining Division of Woat Kootenay
Where located:  At Standaid Basin, South
Kork of Downlo Creole,
Take notice Unit I. It. Smith, H.M.C. No.
BSS719, aoting a* utfent (ur W, ]]. W'illcox,
Krtr Minori Certlnoato No. B885S0. Intend,
ut.ty ilny* from dule hereof, lo tiiiply to Uiu
Mtomg Recorder for a Ccrtlfloate or Impiove-
iiiciit-, for tho purjiuM.' of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim,
And further lake notice Unit action, under
Roetion Sla musl bo commenced before the
Issuance of such Uortlfloato of Improvements)
Dated tld- 23rd day of .May, A.I>. IHU7.
wed my £8 K. SMITH.
RoTolstoksLand District.
Dlitrtct ol Weal Kootonay.
Take miiiie thnt l. Q, N. I'iekenion ol Hev.
elstoke, occupation Farmer, inn-ml io npply
[„r permlsilon l<> purchH^e ihe lollowluifde'
icrlbed land:
Commenci os m h im.i pUuted HitbeH. K,
cornel i. witQ, '. thoneo wost w obtiiu,
ibooeosouth80ebstnsi ihenco oait-ttobalnSi
Ihence north mj ehnmb lui-ointuf oommoooo*
in tn i mei r.-iiiuinlnu 820 acren tnore or less,
-.Vflj.-l.1   i.Kul'.'iK NuitWOuh, IMfKIVSOS,
Kotlee is heroby glreu thai OOtlari dterdatel
intend to npply in the Uon. tbe Chief rjonmts-
iunut nf Lands tniil U'urk< fur iiertiiiiiinii to pur-
jhaao the following deocribeil [»ndn( Miiu*ned on
Oalena Hay, Wosl Kootenay district;
Uoinuisiielng at a post planted W ehalm with
mn the 8, WT Corner ol Lot 6,140, snd markod
:.>ii.T. Neumnn'iS. K. Corner Posl,"   thence
irtb 60 ehaiiis, thonoo wenl SO cbalni, tbence
miii in chains, tbance »esl U chftbu  thence
„julhiw chains, thonoo east io chalas to [place ol
eiiiiuiieiiceiiit'iit, containing LOO scrsa more ur less.
Dated at Arrowhead, June lit, ISW7,      wed J &
KcvelMoku I.ho'1 District.
Dlnlrlet ol West Kootenay.
lnke notice thai 1, .Milun Hansen of Poplar,
ll.e,, ■■"'ii n*.:.ii. Miner, Intend lo apply Inr
permlsilon lo purchase the full-JwIiiKdescribed
luinmeiiclni* Ht a pu-i planted on the north
-..k- oi the Lardo Rivera opposite the town of
Poplar, mark-j'l "A, uanun'tl N.W. corner,"
tlieiice easl f; I'lmlni*, thence south 10 chain:*,
tlience went 4u eliaiua, thenc* nurth 10chaiua
to [Milnt ul couinT'iiceineiH, and containing 10
acres, nmre or less,
Dated 2nd Julr, 1007,
wed Jly lo
Certificate of Improvements.
Mattel Mineral Claim, .lliiale In lho Hovel.
-tuko Mining l.lvUiun ..I IVotl liooleimj.
Witn Iw-nU'df-AI the l.w.1 ol thu Middle
Bouth lork ..I Downie Creek, adjoining
tho Chlol oi lho IHU* Mineral Claim,
rake notico Ihal I. li. Smith, K.M.C. No,
Us-;.::, acting fi- ag.til for A. M. Clark, Kreo
Miner'. (i-rtitloak'  Nu.  B88K1,  inteml, sixty
l.i). frum dale la-n-of. to ii.-l-ly u. fl,.- Mining
Itteonlcr lor a 1'i-rtitlcftto ol Il.l|irorpmenlH,
,.r lha purpoM of olilninlng ft Crown Urn... ol
ho above flail...
And f.irili.fr take notice lhat action, under
...ft ion :i:. ...n-i bo  oonunpnoM l«foro the
isiuanooof luofa Cfftlflutsot loiprovoineots,
Hated lln- Uid day ul Ua)', A.I),, IM.
wod my 211 It, aMItU, BARGAIN
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Lieuta. 11. A. Br .wn and H.' Smith,
X Mi* ropany, H. M. R., hnvo boon
gazetted aecaptainB,
Th..- Independent Band will give an
open uir concert on Friday nighl Irom
the Mackenzie avenue band stand,
weather permitting.
Mr. and Mrs. H, Cunningham
Morris spent twu days this week at
Glacier,visiting the Cheops Caves, the
guests uf C, H. Deutschman,
lu the general aggregation at the
annual about at Calgary, Capt. H. A,
Brown obtained eleventh highest
place, a highly creditable performance,
Frank Cran.it ol Rovel.toke baa
-.-. n oni ol the fifteen bronze medals,
annually donated by tl.e Governor-
General lor the Urban Hig! school
eutran:e examinations,
The line new mill being ..ur.structeil
by tb. C m: nbia Kiver Lumber Co.,
..-. G ilden, is expected tu be com-
plet. . .. tw. ,-:. inths, I he ne i ...ill
will have a cut capaoity ol 176,000 It
per Jay.
Tl: igh thi kin loess ol Mr. Chas.
J, An .-.:. ibe pu lie achool museum
:- ,:, ■ .,: I a handsome pair ot
y.jung elephant's tusks and a tiger's
t th, all fi m. the Kiiuieriin region
i West.::. Africa.
We have been iuvort-.i with a cordial
invita . :': m the president and
i ... - ! tl Ottawa Press Club to
au... I tii i .:.. -.... II. .-'.(...iters at
Otta*. i : irii g the Summer Carnival
.' ily 27 *. .*. ig. ■'., lot whioh ive extend .-urn. ait cordial thanks, although
it.- unlikely that we shall be able to
A correspondent to the Mining Re-
view,Trout Laki. ■■■;•- thai in . reo. ;.t
conversation with VV. Whyte, 2nd
vice-president C.P.R. he stated he
wuuld be wry glad to see the link
: .Hi id :'.-.:.. An .whead to G. rrard
s ipplied, and it would be ol great
value to the C.P.B., ending at uno.
the troublesome navigation of the;
Columbia and tbe heavy grade ol the
>.,,; tip to Slocan railway.
The committee ol the  Labor  Day
eel ;..-,•.. -, -tending Irom lust year
i.,.t .:. M nday night to din ih
anangen enti lor the Labor Da) this
September, fhc present committee
1. .ve .■ I slai be I nk Iroi. lasl
year and ar. I a n ■ ti mp ran;; in
oil.ee iu ...:.:■ ' Hi ■ '• thi m .- menl
air. sl..- It waa decided to li Id a
public meeting t. mon . night in
the Hand i- im, • vet the I uatomi
bouse, at eight o'clock, and then ,-*
l ■ lie .pinion say ai to what they
wish t  !■■•'• '■■'■ thia year.
j Hobson & Bell j
j Grocers, linkers & Confootionors t
T. A. Stephens, a well known real
estate ageul at Edmonton, died suddenly ..... Sunday night.it his residence
Cooking Like, Edmonton. The deceased waa well known in business
circles hole.
The shingle mi 1 at Annis, lit ur
Sicamous, Lake Shuswap, whicli was
dismantled Bum.- time agn, is being
fitted up as ft sawmill, Tho machinery is on the ground and a Btah" ol
mon an* pulling things in shape loi
iis installation.
A speci.il meeting ol tlio Lord's Day
Alliance Executive wus held in tl.e
City Hall lust night. It wus decided
to nsk the Bonrd ul Trade to co-operate
in an effort to put a stop to the practice ot rifle-shooting on Sunday, nlso
to petition tlie City Council to enforce
thi Sunday closing by-law.
A thunderstorm ol exceptional
violence raged over tlie cily yesterday
evening, the Btorm centre travelling
round the mountaiiia and clearing
eastward. The lightning display was
extremely vivid. The operator al
Blation near Pallisor was struck und
severely burnt, tho station liuuse heing burned to the ground
Boys who indulge in the practice ol
bathing in the city water supply dam
shuuld luko warning ll.nt the city
authorities will deal very severely with
nny olfendor caught in tba act. Tliis
prsotico tins been curried .... thia
summer, and is disgusting in the extreme. The city has now t .ken st. pa
to clean the dam out thoroughly nnd
roplaoe the screen in front ol the
nutlet pipe.
Hee MeKiiinuii, well known in Rev-
elstoke uud equally well known in
railroad oiroles, haa purchased the
Revolstoke Cigar Store, on Maokenzie
Avenue, having tnken over
nosa formally on Monday inst. Mr,
MoKinnon is popular amongst thei
boys aud wiil no doubt make I
ture a good pf.yi.ig c inc. rn,   1* en
proprietor  intends to make exte - i
alterations and additions tf. his premi
ses, fitting them up in guud style and
doing everything  nee.-ssa-y  lor the
carrying on   ai ....  up-to-date cigar
store und pool ( .8.    The stand to
henceforward be lulled the McKinnon
Cigar .-tore.
COM].; AND SEE         A
KlHCiM & Anderson
GAINS IN COAST        |i
PROPERTIES           j
Kyi Ml Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
Morrison's simultane-jusly with their
introduction to the eastern public.
Cressman & Morris.n will upon In a
lew weeks one ol tho swe'.leat ladies
tailoring departments from cuast to
An Old   Man   Meets   Death
Under Locomotive,
A lui il accident occurred shortly
alter one o'clock yesterday alternoon,
ni Arrowhead, when okl Mr. Crawford
was knooked down by a locomotive
while croBsing the truck nnd instantly
killed. It appears that the deceased,
who ia a very old man wna walking
Blowly across the track when a yard
shunting engine which was backing
i.i.. Btruck the nld man, knocking him
.1 .wn, the wheels passing ovi. his
body, death being almost insl m-ane-
oua. It is suppoeed thai Mr. |'f:.-.ii..ril
did not hear the locom .nv.- bell or
else wn* too slow in fl.firing the
metals. The d. ci aai i waa well known
if, Revelstoke and throughout the
whole diatrict, snd owned a ranch
a this side -.I* A;-:-. -   -   :
Social and Personal
H.O. Pars .ns M I' P., al Golden, ia
if, town i   lay,
I    .-..--    lay: .;-    M P.P.,   lelt    for
Vi • : .i last night.
Mr- Mel., nnan is ms in  •■■
t tided visit to St, La on.
!,,-. p i ■- nwill I N iw West-
minster is flailing in the city.
Mr. aid Mr- I. A McDonell left
thia morning f r a visit t. .
.-, Phipps master mechanic C.P li.
f.i Vane, ivei ia In town today,
Mr. and Mrs. !•'. li. Lowis retti ned
this...- rning Irom a tour ol the Coaal
Federal Treasury Enricned by
Forty Thousand Dollars,
. .  :.. —
iri   len
.        i,   Up to a ii
teen :
■    -   ind   ...»
.   .    i.     d record
-.ml.  eighl   *    ■-■  i, ".tribute a
.fll .-,.i"   .-    I...-   Federal
: port   leal
nighl '! ■ and
u  .       ight   over  -
,-r, most
ll ..      I
ir ad..   The Empreaa also brought
i  ,,.-■   :  - er passengers, .
n th.
ipaneai     'If.
.. -t .- ind i    ight, com] iq
Irom the Orient
Baby's Drug Store N 1   arc
carefully Bupplied al Bews',
We    I.nre    Bpccial   BtOOks   ul
Talcum Powders, Nipples, Booth-
ers, Feeders, and Foods, auch aa
baby requires,
Firsl Quality an.l Absulnie
uf Hew*' liil.v., .I..
W, BEWS, Phm. b.
Druggist and (".inti -..
Mall Or.lers promptly attended
to al this Store.
R. Tapping returned to the oity
yesterday alter an extended visit to
Alb. rta.
I-'. W. A> 1 in. r, li.....ininn Govern-
mi nl - i.-.f -... i, m i - im. luoking over
work at Bal  Arm and other points
....... Sutherland hai lell loi   Forgu-
boii and uill take charge ol the busi-
I,. -- iln H-. .lining the visit -.I .1. Mc
Kinin... to Rove
II you wore gui.it' to in.
location -.;■- at
your first step be to send lo
. i papers and study their advertisements ? In ii" other wny could
i ii put your finger su quickly on th.
pulse uf tho trado. Vou oan ti
...urn easily tlinn by walking through
f ■ :. whether It waa a live to., n
nr i, ih-.nl .,.io, .uui just wlm. forma ol
buaineaa were .... .al aotivo, And il
,-.,.. judge anothor town In thia .my,
Work Shows Decided Improvement Over Fomer Years.
The results ol the urban High
school entrance examinations were
announced on Saturday evening. The
examination ia conducted by the
provincial authorities, and the papers
an* marked in the olliee of the deputy
minister of education at Victoria.
Charlotte Armstrong ol Golden, B C.
passed lirat in the province with a
total'ol 798 marks, A Victoriu girl,
Norma VV. Spencer, of tbe South Park
si'lioul, pasted second with 791 marks.
Of tlie (i'20 candidates throughout the
province, 1)18 passed.
01 the 16 bronze medala annually
awarded by the Govei-iior-Cener.il, ten
were won l.y girls.
The wurk gener illy shows a decided
improvement over that ol former years.
Tlie total number of candidates in
Revelatoke centre were 22, 16 out ol
v, hil. passed.
Hevelstuko—Number of candidates,
29; passed, 15; Frank Gianat, 714;
Horace 0. Buck, 689; Edna M. Bruce,
080; Harriet E. Mclntyre, 683; Cbaa.
A. Proeunier, (il'.o; Robert G Lawrence,
060; Frank Tapping, 667: Francis VV.
Daniels, Iiiiii; .Iannis Patrick, 654;
Ilruce C. Cider, 040;Joseph A.Campbell,,109; Walter C. Urquhart, 606;
Merle Caldetf, 686; Rhotn 11. Johnson,
681; Emma Morgan, 577.
Arrowhead—Number ul candidates,
2; passed, 1; John P. JlcArthur.li-lO.
Yesterday's Polling Voices Public Opinion.
We ure nuw nearer the realization
if the auxiliary plant than we hnvo
over been before When thc by-law
was passed a short while ago it was
thought that the security of the waler
and light rates would have been sufficient, hut when the representatives
f the eastern firm whu had arranged
to purobase tl.e debentures visited
Revelatoke they decided that the security was insullicient and demanded
tho credit ot the municipality at large
a further pledge. To obtain this
and to save any further delay the city
council obtained permission by an
order-in-coiincil Irom the Lieutouanl-
Governor to nmoiiil the by-law with
the necessary addition. This was
done hut did not meet with the approval ol the debenture purchasers
who wished thnt lhe Ilevelstoke people
themselves should give their consent,
honco thc new by-law embracing both
securities. Now that the Revelatoke
people Imve cleared tbe way to the
ai Hiug of tbe debentures, the installation of thc power plant will very
shortly be entered upon, With the
C.P.R. a a good customers lor a stnrt
and with cheap power as a draw card
the venture shuuld commence smoothly. The polling of yesterday began
vory slowly and drageed along till tho
afternoon when things begun to
brighten up a little. At 7:110 p.m. the
poll wns declared ns follows:
For the By-law    92
Against the My-lnu"     11
Spoiled Ball ita      1
Total number ..I votes polled  101
Majority fur the By law    81
0. .1. Aman was returning ..nicer.
WiNMi'i.:. July 23—Officials ol the
Canadian Pacific Railway, who nro in
, ■ nch wiil. the double-tracking
pi ratious east ol th. city, suite tbat
lhe present Beaaon baa Leon entirely
; iv rable tn th.  wi rk in hand and
.gn -- :* being made at ull
■ _ the line.   It is computed
that by the time the frost pule an end
rk   :' the year, 300 miles ol
• .ck ■     be in use in the transpor-
tatioi    I thi      |- of 190" eastward to
.    -   '
i - - ; rtion oi the line will be in
.   it aecti ds, l.ut it will all
ise and will i-e ol  tho greatest
my in tl.e oper-
The !.,roe ol men
. ti  th.   present   time  is the
;est 11 al :,..-  ■      ngaged at any
... ot the work.
; any also stated
thai ii.'-' was no poailbllity, that tbe
iv .rk would be begun in connection
. double-tracking weat uf the
thi. ;..-.-■    k  double track  be-
tween this oity an i Portage la Prairie
.. -. .ii, , t... tb. c mpany
■mm. . but .t is expected
thai the ino wil have been built wesi
to the Portage l.y the (all ol 1908,
iltei  u possible it ia
, thi double track will
-   -., Brandon a...I
M   -'
Business Locals
Nothing Oottor than Our "Special
i ■ tii -.■.■:. ri al tb.
.... |i r tirabei cruis-
ndv ire ' -
Three Business Houses Broken
Into on Monday Night.
At a in to hour on Monday night
Borne person or persona wiili burglarious intent, br-.ko open an.l enteral
the premi os of Kineuid A Auderson,
Evans it VVondroiv and Morgan's
barber shop on First si root, lu oach
case an entrance w..s effected from tbe
rear the locks and door jambs being
broken and twisted.
lu Evans & Wi). drow a window
which hud previously, a month ago
been broken, and been boarded up,
wns wrenched open the lock ol tile
inner door being cracked and acattered
over the lloor.
In Morgan's barber shop, a fow
shaving Htr ps were missing. Nothing
ol any consequence waa tnken bo it ia
evident that the mi.rau.lera hud
achenies lor cracking the snfeaot the
different premis-s, hoping to discover
a carelessly shut combination! So lar
tbe niiscroan'B have not been discovered, but their days ol liberty will be
abort it they daro remain lung in
Revelsloke. The police on night duly
hnve u hnrd time keeping their eye on
tho whole of the town.
Plans Made for Extensive Development and Ore Handling.
Messrs. Wishaw, llonugh. Bellsmith
and Iilnek, of the Ohio Mines Develop
ment Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, in company with E. A Haggen, M. E., have
just Innde u thorough examination of
their properly on the Great Northern
Hill, Broadview mine. Tlie gentlemen were very pleased with the result
and plans were made to put in the
necessary plant and trams f.r the
economio handling ol the large bodies
olore opened up. In No. 3 level a
nice vein of clean ore was opened up
this week, giving values of 1 dollar in
gold and 149 oz. in silver.
Tlie match played on Saturday on
thc Gun Club grounds, resulted in a
win on the tirst innings for the Rest
of Club, hy 23 runs.
The ground chosen lor Ihe pitch
proved all in lavor ol the bowlers and
wickets in each team's innings lell
last. F. Hall, Ior the Rest of Club
being tho ouly batsman able to master
the bowling. Hia 18 not out, being
quite a pleaBant break in the procea-
sion of batsmen to and from the
wickets. J. Maley of the same eleven,
performed a feat by securing five C. P.
K. wickets for two runs, and R.
lirooker having the proud figures ol
two for two.
For the shops, A. Goring dismissed
5 for 23, and T. VVudman, F. Goble
and J. Darbyshire being couapicuous
l.y smart fielding.
Batting is tlie weak point ol the
players, and it is hoped members will
put in an appearance every practice
night ..ith the object ol bettel weild-
ing ot the willow.
labour day
At a meeting of  tho  retiring
•   (ieneral Management Committee
of  the above, held on the 22nd
inst., it was resolved :
"That a public meeting ol
those interested in this year's
celebration be convened to be
held In the Hnnd Room on
Thursduy, July 26th, 19011, at
8 p.m. fur the purpose of appointing new committees and
iillicoia, and taking preliminary stops to tirraugo a programme lor this yeur."
All Interested aro liereliy invited ia. ....-ei at the time and place
sbove mentioned,
A. McRAE, Chairman.
! Rifloa,   ammunition,    orthoptics,
.1. M. Morrison, nl tho firm ol C.reas ,peo|R| a]glit«, and all equipments for
man & Morrison, who lolt lor tin onal u.,,w,,n „niJ hunters—Tho Lawrence
lu.. weeks aguu nil buying  trip,  will ||..r<lwan. Cu.
visit tl.o leading American and Cana>
,li„n Inauloiia centres In soarch ol new Remember if ynu have sore fool o
Idoas In dress lor men and women and got a box ol our foot powdor it. will
it isaiilo to predict tlmt aula...... styles "m'-tlici" wonderfully—Canada Drug
willboahown   here at  Creaamnn  A Store.
Patroni/r. Home Industry. 8molte
Rouelatoko Cigars.
Htock md | ultry lo da, inseel p.
ili ra iny mak inada Drog Store.
den  lor  Brat class
,  next week at i
li.   II    -I
Ml   .V I.M    -   .;  M'l   fl.   MM'    drOJ   i..I'll!. \l.:Ki........ Cigar Btore, VloKenzie
lue,    Youi patronage is curd.ally
Rovolstoko Cigars   Union Made  Our
Spoolal, Tho Onion, ond Maroa Vuoltn
nro ohond ol all othors.
Hundred., ol   Victor   and Bnrlinnri
n lords to ohooao Irom at the Canada
Drug Store,
H.|,e tomatooa, ououmberB, pesohos,
plnma, raspberries, oranges, lomoni
iuul bananas, Iruah In at 0. It. Hume
it Uo'a.
Marriage Llconaoa Ihsuo.1
Don't forget that tlie Lawrence
Hardware Co., Ltd., uro prepared to
handle all kinds ol electric work,
liuuse wiring, installing chandeliers,
oto,  First class work guaranteed,
TO-MORROW MORNING we begin our Midsummer Sale and we intend to clear out ?ll our Summer
goods. We do not intend to carry over anything in goods
for Summer wear and you will find the prices offered very
enticing, although thc good things will not be in these lines
alone. Everyone knows that when this store oflers a cut
price it is a genuine money saver and we arc not waiting
until thc end of the season, but right at the time you need
the articles.    Below we quote a few of the prices .—
Muslin Underwear
We can show ynu a splendid assortment
T7L>| of Underwear that has been selling at
fvJn  wonderfully low prices, but now, with
[f\7J the discount, you cannot afford to overlook these goods.   For ladies we have
Gowns, Corset Covers, Skirts and Drawers,  and for Misses and Children we
»j.j\ have Gowns, Petticoats and Drawers.
20 Per Cent. Off Marked Prices.
Lawn and Silk Blouses
You know the beautiful lines we have been selling
this season- nothing like them in town as wc handle only
exclusives. We have all sizes and all prices from 90c to
$6.00 at
Twenty Per Cent. Discount
Melton Skirts
Ladies' Melton Skirts that sold for $3.00 to  $3.75.
Now $2,50. Ladies' Tweed Skirts -all new this season-
all the good colors.   They sold up to $6,00.   Now $3.50
Shirt Waist Suits
White Lawn at $5.00, Cream Lustre at $8 and $9,
Checked Ginghams and Chambrays at $5 and $6—at
25 per cent. oft. Children's Wash Suits in Chambrays
and Checked Ginghams, all sizes from 4 to  18 years.—
25 Per Cent. Oft
Ladies' and Children's Hats
Children's Duck and Linen Tarns. Reguiar 35c.
and 40c.    Now 25c.
Children's Muslin Hats at Half Price.
Children's Straw Sailors. -Were 30c. and 35c. Now
Misses Chip Flops, all colors. Regular $2.00. Now
Ladies' Linen Hats, the new shapes. They sold at
75c. ard 90c.   Now only 50c,
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Hats, they are all new and
sold from $3.50 to H.oo.    Your choice for $2.50.
All the Styles that Sold under $3.50, Now $1.25
Ladies', Boys' and Children's Hose
LADIES' BLACK COTTON HOSE, good ipiulity, all sizes, 8J
lo 10. Tw.. pairs for 250,
Hoys' Heavy Hibbcd Cotton Hose.—Just the goods to stand
hard wear.   Regular UOc. to IOc. pbr pair.   Now 25c, per pair.
Children's Lace Socks, Cream and Tan, sizes 14 tod. Kegular
25u.   Now II Pairs for 50c,
We have some bargains in Corsets In the celebrated P. 0, make
We have not every sl/.e in every style, but there are all sizes in the
hit and selling at .Vic. per pair.
With nno or two rows of Hemstitching—new und nobby—2 for
25 conts.
Parasola In Silk an.l Linen - all new this season - 25 per. ct. oft,
Nice Embroidery Silks
Wo aro nut going to carry Oortloelll Silks after this season and
inlend clearing out tho balance of our stook as quickly as we can.
We hnvo lluu.nn Klnss.mil Kilo in all shades and while they last
they go at 48c Per Dosen
We «..1.I.I like ynu to look at the values wu are nfterlug in
Prints, (iiiiuliiuiiH, Muslins, etc., at 10 Cents Per Yard
Wo hnve another lot of Vostlngs, Pine Spot Muslins and Pancy
Wash Goods, that sold at 80c. to Mo, We have then, put in one
l,,i nt 25 Csnts Per Yard
Don't miss this chance to get in at the start while the
assortments are good. We won't carry these goods over.
Midsummer Sale


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